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Downtowner Inn in Bakersfield, CA


We are a boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Bakersfield.  We provide a Deluxe Continental Breakfast for our guests daily that include Belgian Waffles, hot and cold cereals, fresh seasonal fruit, assorted breads, pastries, muffins and much more.  Your comfort is our priority.  We can boast of a sparkling pool and spacious sundeck at the ground level and relaxing patio on our second floor.  We are pet friendly and have room for your four legged family member to take a wonderful run.  New ownership and management have taken The Historic Downtowner Inn & Suites to a new level of 'unique'.  While maintaining a classic retro look, we offer complimentary WiFi and cable in all our guest rooms.  Our capable staff is more than willing to tend to your every need.  Come and see us, we would love to have you as our guest!


Established in 1964.

The Historic Downtowner Inn & Suites was built in 1964.  We have tried to be a dutiful as possible in preserving this 'snapshot' in time while upgrading to all the modern convenience that you would find in your own home.  

The hotel was purchased in the summer of 2011 with new management implemented in February 2012.  It's reintroduction into the Bakersfield community has been met with much anticipation and favor.Corporations, big and small as well as the leisure traveler have been pleasantly surprised by this rare gem tucked away in the middle of the city.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 1301 Chester Ave, Bakersfield, CA, 93301
  • Mon: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Tue: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Wed: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Thu: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Fri: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sat: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sun: 6:00 am - 5:30 am

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Comments (27):

1. Annie M.
Great place to stay in Bakersfield, close to downtown and the Convention Center. My room was comfortable, clean, quiet and super cheap, with plenty of space and a king-sized bed. Amenities included a continental breakfast (which I slept through), swimming pool, cable tv, convenient parking and organic bath products. I found it to be very comfortable and the hotel staff to be very helpful (a real godsend for a first time Bakersfield visitor). A great place to make your hub whether you're in Bakersfield for business or pleasure. Oh, and Dewar's Ice Cream Shop (and a Starbucks) is right around the corner!

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Ed R.
The Downtowner Inn is not to be confused with Downtown Divorce or any other downers in Bakersfield. This place is conveniently located across the road from Aladdins Bail Bonds. It has a dodgy feel. The office is more like a bank tellers window, with the slot in the bottom.

It is a budget place, as long as you don't mind feeling down when in this town.

Bakersfield has a lovely looking downtown, with all the hedges looking correct and in the right spot, plus some nice palms. What is an "All America City"? It'd be a shame if it was only partial.

24/07/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Ryan F.
Not the best, But it's a good deal

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Huong B.
I received a gift certificate from Living Socials from my son for a stay at the Downtowner Inn and a spa treatment.  The spa treatment was awesome (Check out Tatyana's Spa Fusion, Tatyana is amazing}.   The stay at the hotel was a major disappointment.  Beside the fact that the hotel staff was very friendly and helpful, nothing at the hotel impresses me  or makes me want to come back.  Check-in was quick and efficient.  However, everything went downhill from there.  The staircase that leads to the rooms is dirty and musty.  Inside the room,  at first glance, it looks decent with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a new flat screen TV.  But at close inspection, a lot of things make me cringe.  The decorative pillows on the bed look dirty with stains (look like blood stains), the bed sheet has ink stains, the floor is dirty with several sticky spot on it, the bathroom has long black hair still stuck on the wall (I have short hair), there is no Kleenex box in the Kleenex box holder, the doors of the dresser are broken and wouldn't close.  Everything you touch feel sticky.
The free breakfast is passable.  Nothing to write home about.
Oh, and there is a constant presence of sketchy characters in the lobby.

31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Ted P.
OK, I'm giving them three stars, not on an absolute scale, but on a sliding scale that accounts for the value-pricing.  If you book here, you are probably booking for the convenient location and the low price - so don't expect high-priced accomodations.  It's only "A-OK" (as Yelp! defines three stars) taking the price into account.

The people who run the hotel all seemed very nice, good-hearted, and well-intentioned.  They provide a convenient breakfast in a nice lounge on the second floor.

For the price, you get what you pay for - and it is convenient and relatively comfortable.

The good value and nice staff offset the issues that might otherwise detract from the stay, like the stray hairs in the tub, the sticky spots on the floor, the endless array of oddball characters hanging out in and in front of the lobby at odd hours.  I think that they have some residential units, not just the normal, traveling, transient hotel guests, so some of those people hanging around may have been residents or guests of those residents.  But the people hanging out around the hotel lobby definitely lends the hotel a weird vibe that you don't normally find at a vacation or business travel hotel - we saw several women hanging around wearing skin-tight, knit, hot-pants shorts and tight crop-topped spaghetti strap t-shirts talking on their cellphones with an odd grouping of guys hanging around apparently waiting for them (or supervising them?); we heard people sitting in the lobby crying on their telephones; there always seemed to be someone leaning on the counter and chatting in a familiar manner with the staff.

We had a nice weekend, but we aren't generally very high-maintenance people.

31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Millie B.
The Downtowner Inn in downtown Bakersfield is a surprisingly clean and nice joint.

Definitely can't judge this place by the looks of the outside, which is painfully outdated.  Once inside our room we were pleasantly surprised.  The bed was comfortable, with nice bedding.  The TV looked like the one I had as a kid in the 80s...we thought there was going to be a flatscreen in the room.  There was one in the public area...which also had bread and peanut butter which we took full advantage of as a late night snack :)

I fully recommend this place.  It is well worth it, for the price!

03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Kimberly M.
The hotel itself was clean and comfortable.  But....
We tried calling the front desk over a period of 3 hours several times from our room to find out the internet password but the phone rang and rang and rang.  I decided maybe 0 wasn't the correct number to reach the front desk so I called the main number from my cell phone and the clerk answered on the 2nd ring.  when she answered I asked what number I was to dial from the room phone to reach the front desk and she said "you are talking to the front desk" then she said "oooooohhhh - sorry, I was busy."  She gave me the password for the WiFi, which by the way, didn't work.
When we were checking in, I was reading the reviews on YELP and read that someone had booked and paid through a 3rd party yet they had been charged at checkout on their AMEX.  So when we checked out, we checked the statement and sure enough the did the same thing to us.  Fortunately we caught it before we left and got resolution.

20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Andrew M.
I travel all over the state of CA for business to the tune of 3 months out of town in hotel rooms per year. I stay in a lot of hotels. Here's my take on my 4-night stay at the Downtowner Inn last week.

There are better options around Bakersfield. The Downtowner Inn uses misleading advertising methods. Their brochure and website includes the following:
1- Soft feather matress (their misspelling): there is nothing soft or feathery about this mattress (correct spelling is mine!). In fact, a sleeping bag would have been more comfortable. After 4 nights, my back was destroyed and sore. If I hadn't brought my own pillows, I would have been driving to a store to buy new ones.
2- Peace and quiet: I know this can be a relative term, but despite asking for a quiet room, I was given a room that overlooked the busy road and train switching yard. All night long, cars and trains going back and forth. And these trains are not just passing through, they are pulling out, stopping (clank and clunks of hundreds of cars at once), and then switching sidings, etc. A constant stream of freight trains and Amtrak trains all day and night. The single pane windows aren't helpful at all.
3- Flat screen TV: No flat screen TV in my room. Just a 20 year old CRT TV. Since my laptop screen is bigger, I used it instead.
4- Exspansive shower (spell check, people!): Granted, I'm tall at 6'6", but the shower head was a scant 5'5" tall. There was no way I could comfortably shower. No expansive shower here.
5- Pool side with yard: If you're hoping to swim, please don't. The water is scummy, the area smells like cat pee, and the dead bees and wasps in the water are a good sign that its time to get out. Go back to your room and shower....oh wait. You're out of luck.
6- Air: The air conditioner doesn't work effectively at all, and there is no thermostat...on or off.
-Broken items: My room had every light switch broken, no fridge, door not working properly.
-Dirty sheets: upon getting to my room the sheets were stained. I immediately requested new ones. These were promptly delivered by housekeeping, but they handed them to me and left. I had to change the sheets myself. The dirty sheets were never picked up by the cleaning crew for the next 4 days. They just sat bundled up in a corner the whole stay.

The good:
- Wireless internet was included and had a reliable strong signal. I streamed Netflix most of the evening with no issues. That's unusual.
- Inexpensive. If you are trying to maximize profits and aren't going to be in the room very much anyway, this may be a great deal. If you need to spend any significant time in the room though, stay somewhere else and be more comfortable.
- Great blackout curtains. I slept in one morning and was never woken up by light coming in from outside. These are great curtains.

The hotel has a very run down and dirty feel to it. There are people living at the hotel with pets and animals, and the location is sketchy (you are surrounded by 5-6 bail bonds places). Despite the claims that you can walk places, there's no way I would have walked around the area. The hotel is located a couple miles away from some abundant food options, and the freeway is conveniently located. My recommendation is to stay here if budget is your primary focus. Otherwise, there are better options at similar price ranges available in Bakersfield.

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Jesse R.
I was incredibly surprised with this hotel when I stayed. At first looks from the outside, you wouldn't imagine this hotel being so clean and nice inside. The customer service was friendly. For the low price, and what you get, it's one heck of a deal. Clean rooms, completely equipped with what you need, a really good breakfast better than at the "chain" hotels. And you are in downtown Bakersfield close to everything. I def recommend anyone in the area to stay here.

26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Anthony W.
We called on a Saturday before the 2012 CIF State Wrestling championships and needed room for 9.  A big sporting weekend, when a lot of rooms have been booked for a year out.  We needed 3 nights and would be checking in late Thursday.  Natalie said she would work with us and see what she could do.  She called me back within a few hours and gave us a few options.  The one we chose was (2) of their newly acquired Villas just across the street from the Hotel.

On weekends like this, we don't need anything fancy.  After a long day of wrestling we need a place to sleep and shower.  We got SO much more than that!  Their Villas are essentially HUGE one bedroom apartments with all the comforts of home.  Now when I hear "historic" (like most folks) I think "old".  Make no mistake, the building itself is not new, but they are newly remodeled and furnished well including new kitchen appliances and flat screen televisions!

Probably their biggest asset is the staff!  They all were SUPER accommodating!  When one of our group hard car trouble and had to cancel, they were understanding.  When we needed additional towels, trash bags, etc. they were there in an instant.  When we had a few hours between rounds and had to feed a dozen hungry teenagers and coaches, they provided us with a grill and came to ask the kids how there tournament was going.  All the while asking if they could do more!

The location is EASY walking distance to Rabobank, the aquatic center and most of downtown.  Dewar's Ice Cream is right in the backyard and anything else we needed (gas, groceries, etc.) was all within a few block up or down Chester.

We will certainly go there again and encourage anyone attending an event at the Rabobank or participating in a weekend tournament to do the same.

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Nancy M.
oookay. so i got home after my trip and noticed that the Hotel was billing be twice for my stay. once directly and another time through orbitz. i called them several times. each time i talked to 2 girls-including Stephanie, the original stonned attendant- and while they each said they would do something about it, im sure they just went back to hanging out and drinking beer with their friends in the lobby. i also emailed several times and never heard back.  I finally had to submit a fraud claim through Amex and since the hotel wouldnt reply to them, AMEX refunded me the excess amount i was charged.

So, while this hotel was a great deal...just beware that youre check-in person isnt too stonned to function.

11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Brenda A.
This place is busted. If you know me and you know what's good for you, don't stay here when your in Bakersfield.

13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Allie W.
This place is complete shit.

I know thats a strong statement, but there was not ONE redeeming factor for this hotel, and had I not arrived late at night after a 2 hour trek up there I would have left... as it was I considered sleeping in my car but was a bit concerned that not even my car was safe.

We arrived after a Living Social voucher and checked in around 11pm because we had a function to attend beforehand. We arrived and weren't allowed into the main lobby and had to check in through the window slot (the woman didn't bother to check our IDs, our voucher, or anything... good to know anyone could have claimed the room) but the best part of waiting outside in a sketchy neighborhood to check in is getting to watch mini cockroaches climbing up the wall INSIDE.

If the neighborhood werent so sketchy I would have slept in the car. As it was I took anything in the car I considered mildly valuable into the room with me.

Then we got into the room, where a family (?) was sitting right outside the elevator. Kids were dressed for bed but just sitting there and the man asked us where room 236 was. The hotel did happen to have numbers that went in a logical fashion so I'm not even sure what was happening with that situation.

The room was disgusting. Furniture was cracked, the bed was rock solid and cheap. My original feeling of unease in the elevator only increased (having a sketchy family outside your door will do that). We immediately locked and bolted the door. Neither of us bothered to shower since that looked like it had last been cleaned when the hotel was originally erected. We went to sleep and had every intention of going back home the next day and simply losing the money on the second night.

My friend had read reviews of the waffle bar being amazing, so she awoke with a optimism more than I could muster after sleeping all night concerned that someone was going to break in or that my things were going to contract bed bugs. The "waffle bar" is a make your own waffle iron (which I normally love) with your option of berries congealed from sitting out all day or half assed scrambled/hardboiled egg combo thing? Either option looked like you could have a nice free serving of food poisoning though!

We ate in our rooms since we were still concerned about the creepy people, and were going to go try to explore Bakersfield until another mini-roach crawled onto the bed (from god knows where) and we gave up. We packed up so fast and made reservations at the Padre Hotel, courtesy of the free wi-fi (arriving at the Padre was like the difference between Hell and Heaven when we got there) and left. The staff didnt bother to ask why we were leaving... seems like this is something that happens a lot.

How this shithole remains in business is anyones guess, although I would imagine that the hookers of Bakersfield keep this motel afloat since no one in their right mind would stay there.

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Las Vegas L.
This hotel fucken sucks, I checked in on Thursday , I was going to stay till Friday I'm not going to. First of all they put us in a room next to the breakfast area we had to switch, second room they put us in had a broken window and all the cold was coming in, we moved to a third room which had a broken heater and no a.c , no remote for the T.V and the phone was not working so we had to go downstairs to complain they gave us a remote that we had to program, and we had no microwaves husband had to go get another one from a different room per front desk! We a only had two towels , for 2 adults and 1 child , DO not stay here it's horrible old and smelly!

20/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Darius A.
Absolutely horrible place, carpets in halls and rooms were dingy. I'm not a snob in the slightest. Entered my room, pulled the sheets back and discovered other people's hair in the bed. Pretty scary to think about housekeeping not changing the linen between guests. I assume they do a cursory check and if they feel they can get away with a fluff and lift of objects visible to the eye at a glance, they're mistaken. Bottom line, don't spend your cash here is not worth it.

29/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Shelley S.
I was so upset with YELP after staying in this motel last summer. I write very few reviews for any site and this is the first time I've written a negative one. They ran a $75 voucher deal for a room here. We were looking for a cheap night on the first leg of our trip, since we were spending a lot to stay in Yosemite, etc. I agree with others that the ad and pictures were totally deceiving. The only positive thing was the nice young lady who tried to accommodate us. I suspect she gets a lot of surprised guests that she has to deal with. Its Bakersfield, so I wasn't expecting anything more than an older motel along the lines of Motel 6 or a little less. I checked it out on the map, but missed that it is right by the train tracks.

We were exhausted and just wanted to get our room and figure out dinner. We grew a little concerned when we came down the street and saw that the area didn't look very safe. But, we reassured ourselves that it was offered on Yelp, so it was probably fine. We found out that they mix hotel guests with month-to-month renters who were otherwise in a bad way. I didn't know this was allowed. (Later, we ran into one such older man who was drunk and seemed possibly homeless, when we took the elevator. The employee who rode up with us told us not to worry, he was harmless.) After our experience, I worried about elderly couples or women who might have also bought this voucher, not realizing what they were getting into.

After winding our way up the stairs and through some of the darker halls, we found out our key did not work. I had to wind my way back down the halls and downstairs to get a new key. The clerk came up and tried it, found the lock was broken, and went back to find me another room and key. We got that taken care of and got into our new room. It was very old and gave you an uncomfortable feeling since it was pretty run down. We discovered that a microwave that was supposed to be included and would be needed to make dinner, was not in our room. We called downstairs and they said they would try to find one and bring it over. But, they couldn't find one and since we were right by the breakfast area, they said we could use that one. After getting through dinner, we resigned ourselves to tough it out and chocked it up to not enough research into the motel. But, when we went to bed at 10:00, an argument between a man and woman began above us. There was no way we would be able to get to sleep and we began to worry for the woman's safety and whether a gun might appear and shots come through the ceiling down on our bed, so we finally called the front desk. They promised to take care of it, but then we worried there could be repercussions from upstairs. So, we did something we'd never done before, no matter how loud hotel/motel guests had been. We called another hotel nearby, Hampton Inn and asked if they had a room at 10:30 at night. They did and said they could take us right away. We explained our situation and they even gave us a price break. They asked us what motel we were coming from and when we told them, they said they have received quite a few calls from there. So, we weren't the only ones who had been duped. When we called the Downtowner front desk to tell the clerk we were sorry, but we would be checking out immediately, she agreed not to charge us and would try canceling our voucher, in hopes we would get our money back. We never did get our money back from YELP and I had no voucher to show as proof when the refund never came. Do as others have also recommended and DO NOT get a room here. The best efforts of the employees could not make up for bad shape this place is in.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Tara S.
I honestly wish I could just put zero stars. This is by far the worst hotel I have ever seen. It is absolutely disgusting. Everything is filthy. I get that it's old and whatnot but the smell is terrible! You just feel dirty walking in the room. The pictures the hotel uses as advertisement are nothing like what the room actually looks like. There is no flat screen tv, the countertops in the bathroom have burns on them, everything is old and rusty. A lot of old hotels have a lot of charm. This one is not one of them. So gross! We stopped here to get a little sleep on a long drive but can't do that because the room next to has a bunch of loud people at 2am. This was the biggest waste of money we have ever spent. Never ever, ever stay here. You will instantly regret it, it's a nightmare!

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. James R.
Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I wish 0 stars was possible. My group had a convention at the Rabobank Center but the Marriott was totally booked, so I booked here because of its proximity. BIG MISTAKE. Though it's only about five blocks from the Rabobank, this hotel represents the entire "opposite side of the tracks" and is located in the scenic "Department of Justice" district with Sheriff's Office, Public Defender's Building, Superior Court, and Bakersfield PD.

Check in was easy. I walk up the creaking stairs and open the door to my room. While I set my bag down on the bed, I hear the door begin to open and a couple walk in. What? Turns out the front desk had just given another couple keys to the same room. So, within five minutes, I know someone else has my room keys. The toilet is low flush and the buttons situated underneath the counter; super inconvenient. 1 towel on the rack that I assume is to be shared between the two queen "beds" (beds that were more like cardboard than anything else protected by an old ratty white bed sheet with a vomit-brown bedspread with visible stains). I go to iron my shirt I'll need later the following day, and I find the iron doesn't work. Need to hide your valuables? There's a safe at the front desk! Good luck enjoying peace of mind.

Hesitant to leave anything in my room, I return later in the night with the other guy who'll sharing the room to find out there are no screens on the windows. Lucky for us, we're afforded a "walk-out" window into a courtyard where we're kept awake by what I can only assume to be prostitutes based on the conversations throughout the night. Wake up the following morning to find our shower doesn't work and are forced to wash using the sink. God knows I wouldn't risk the diseases floating in that tub after our experiences the prior day.

I go down to the front desk to complain and ask to be moved and comped for the first night based on our horrible experience only to be met by a dismissive and particularly rude employee who seemed like he'd only have cared if I brought him a donut for his troubles. Frustrated and without any help, I was forced to get on with my event.

Returning at noon, I complain to the front desk about the mounting issues and thankfully was greeted by a more sympathetic employee who moved us to a newer room on the third floor (above our "spacious courtyard.") Our new room only had one bed and a couch, and being midnight when we finally returned that evening we didn't feel like burdening the front desk with any more guest "trifles."

Hopefully if you've read this far I've convinced you to stay ANYWHERE else but here. In short, this was the most miserable hotel experience I've ever suffered through, not the least which included uncomfortable beds, insufficient room amenities, frequent worry for your safety and belongings, rude staff, sketchy hotel surroundings, thin walls and loud "long-term" guests (from what I'd imagine), and broken or out-dated appliances.


21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Rainer D.
A total dive! Filthy, torn, dirty sheets and curtains; dark, smelly and disgusting. Filled with druggies and homeless people! Staff tries to be helpful, but seem to be embarrassed themselves. After inspecting several room options we chose to leave and go to another, lower priced, but cleaner motel (EZ 8), but I am still awaiting my refund which was supposed to be issued 4 days ago.

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Cindy G.
I checked into the Downtowner after purchasing a Living Social deal for a two night stay in a standard king room.
For the price that I paid for the two nights, I wasn't expecting a 5-star experience, but was expecting a decent midscale hotel. On multiple points, this hotel did not deliver.
Let's start with the check in...
Check in itself was not bad at all.  It was pretty quick and the guy who helped me out was pretty nice. I liked that I wasn't asked to put a credit card down along with my voucher. There are several reviews here recounting stories of being charged twice, so I was glad to not have to worry about that.

First off, the key that i got to my first room didn't work. I thought I was going crazy when I wasn't able to get the elevator to work with the key, but it was confirmed when I couldn't get into my room.
After waiting about 10 minutes for them to swap my key out up in front, I finally got into my room.

The first room was a disaster. The floor was dirty, the cabinet was broken, the clock was missing a faceplate, the windows were dirty, and there were questionable stains on the bed linens. Really, that's about all I should have to say... but it didn't stop there.

After debating for a minute on whether to let them try to fix it or just ask for my money then and there, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.
After the second trip downstairs, I showed the guy some pictures I snapped (which I've posted for your viewing displeasure). He moved us over into the suite on the same floor and promised a 10% refund on my voucher.

On first look, this room looked better than the first. But on closer inspection, it was just as bad. The tub in the bathroom was dirty and black, the windows to the courtyard were dirty, the curtains were stained, the mini fridge was dirty, and worst of all, I found a lot of stray hairs all over the bed linens! The comforter, the sheets, the blanket, the pillows... short black hairs everywhere!

By this point, I decided to just suck it up and deal with it, so I put my own blankets down.

Other things I can speak to:
-Room service did NOT make up the room as requested in the morning on the second day.
-They did not send up towels as requested after I told them the room was still dirty.
-The pool has a lot of debris and doesn't look ok to swim in.
-The courtyard has a lot of bird poop.
-The ice machine on the second floor didn't work.

My only good experience here was having waffles as part of the continental breakfast.

Skip this run down bunk motel when in the Bakersfield area. It seems like they're working on improvements, but they've got a looooooooong way to go. I wish I had just asked for a refund and stayed elsewhere for those two nights...

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Ryan C.
First off! Let me say... I have stayed at many, almost every, motel on Bakersfield, CA. And, this hotel by far is friendlier and welcoming! Much more than ALL others! It is clean, they do not bug your guests. I live here temporarily and LOVE IT!
Ryan Cook!

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Veronica S.
Bottom line, stay away. This place is filthy.

Positive - The pool looked clean.

We checked into our room on Saturday, December 27. First impression was that the staff, who may also be the owners as we found out it is family and friend owned, were very friendly. While we were standing, waiting to check in, a gentleman told the woman at the front desk that he had to move a refrigerator into one room and a TV into the other room and that he needed to patch a hole in the wall in another room.

On our way to the room, we were disgusted by the filthy carpets on the stairs, in the hallways and in the rooms. The curtains were stained as was the chair in our room. I refused to sit on it. At first glance the comforters appeared to be clean, but on closer inspection it looked like someone shook out their dust rag over the top of the bed. I pulled back the covers and the sheets seemed to be clean. I was glad I thought to bring my own pillow although their pillows looked fine.

A/C - blowed warm air, but it kept us warm overnight as we slept with the window open to let the foul odor escape. The window did not have a screen on it. Our family who was in the room next door froze all night because they only had a sheet and a thin blanket on their beds. We should have told them to turn on the A/C.

The bathroom - looked as though the tile on the floor and the bathtub area had been updated, but not cleaned. The tub/shower tile had mildew on it. The tub faucet did not shut off completely and the know to turn the shower on had a hole in it. The counter had cigarette burns as well as a hole in it. A plus - there was a hairdryer in the bathroom.

The remote did not work for the TV, but we were able to turn it on and change channels with the buttons on the side of the TV. We did not have a refrigerator, but there was a hole/space in the cabinet for one.

The only positive thing about breakfast was that the smell of scrambled eggs wafting through the halls helped the rooms to smell better. There wasn't any creamer for the coffee, but there is a walk-up/drive-thru Starbucks across the street. The eggs were in a container without any heating device below it to keep them warm. The chairs in the dining area were stained.

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Mike J.
Called at the last minute thinking I couldn't find a cheap room for some out of town family, ya know the kind, you know em well enough to invite them over but not well enough that you want them using your bathroom.

Anyway, I called with about 5 minutes to spare and not only did they have a room for them but also was referred online to get a cheaper rate. That made me happy in my wallet and they were happy that they got a comfortable clean room and my wife was happy that my relatives weren't crowding up our apartment.

Anywho, I would recommend this hotel for folks in Bakersfield. Great price and an enjoyable experience.

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Yeji M.
You get what you pay for.
Great location but room is stinky..
Floors, carpets, bed sheets, chairs are all stained. Not recommend...

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Jeff P.
I have stayed in some pretty bad hotels before, but this was the worst BY FAR!
We arrived at 11:30pm after driving for 6 hours and I was exhausted.  I booked the hotel through Hotels.com , I have always had really good luck using them but they shouldn't have hotels like this on their site.  The lobby was dirty with filthy carpets and the person at the front desk was rude (I just assumed he was having a bad day so I let it go).  The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was dried up blood on the table in the room.  Then looking at the floor there was a large blood stain on the carpet, I cannot believe that CSI doesn't clean up after an investigation.  The security lock on the door was broken off; it looked like something bad went down in that room.  There was one chair in the room that was extremely dirty, the curtains were dirty too.  Our room was against the courtyard, but for what I can assume was for security purposes the sliding door had screws in it to keep the door closed.  I was too tired to find another place to stay so we just went to sleep.  The room got really cold so I got up to turn the heat on but there was no thermostat, only air conditioning.  In the morning all I wanted to do was to take a shower and get out of this horrible place.  The problem was the shower did not work!  A bath was out of the question too because there was no stop for the bathtub drain.
Hotels.com should remove this place from their site, unless they are targeting their market for druggies, pimps and whores!

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. K V.
Oh my goodness..... NEVER..... EVER..... NOT EVEN TO MY ENEMY would I recommend this place!!! There's only an elivator to get up to the rooms and that alone seems like it's about to break down. When getting off the elivator on out floor, the first step and every step after that, THE FLOORS CREEK!!!! All the way to our room including the room floors... Super super creepy qnd anmoying. You can even hear the the other surrounding rooms floor creek in every step too!!
After reading some of thr reviews..... I realized I'M IN THE ROOM WITH THE STAINS on the table and carpet and the chair that is CLEARLY super warn, is STILL IN HERE....!!! The curtains don't even close all the way!!!
Beyond glad we WILL NOT be here long. This place should not be recommended on ANY site that has been reputable for good deals on GOOD, NICE hotels... this is a shit whole!!!

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Bill B.
Before coming here you have to ask yourself several questions:

How comfortable am I in a room that technically may be clean, but by appearances seems questionable?

How comfortable am I with appliances that do not work?

Am I comfortable walking stairs?

How much money do I really need to save?

My experiences were fine at the historical downtown inn. It was an incredible opportunity for personal growth within my own life. It brings together a group of very interesting individuals, from all walks of life. There were out of town nurses working at the hospital, oil field workers, oil field businessmen, elderly calling it home, young families who had settled in for extended stays, and a network of friends that would spend social time outside the entrance. A couple nights they looked like they had a fun little bbq going on. While all that is said, it was a little intimidating at first.

There were a number of characters that roamed the premise that looked rather intimidating, but once getting to know them they were nice and would greet me every time I came in. So while I found it a great opportunity to put some horrible judgments to rest, and open up to the reality of looking within people as opposed to their exterior presence, if you are on a family vacation this may not be an attraction you are looking for.

The facilities were what you pay for. Seemed dirty and rundown and a lot of things seemed broken, but that's why the price is so low. The A/C worked fine in my room. The fridge was mediocre and I had a microwave in the room. The bed seemed clean but there were some green ink stains on the comforter. To get ice you would have to go to the front desk and they would run out of ice towards the morning. I don't want to go too much more in-depth just realize you are paying for a situation that is going to be manageable, but you are not going to be "pleasantly surprised" by anything besides the staff being incredibly nice.

The front staff is the most peculiar part of the entire place. They are incredibly kind and helpful. They really helped me with any questions I had about the area and were easily able to answer any other questions I had. I even had several problems with my room and they resolved all of them very quickly. There was a mild mix up with some charges on my credit card but they manager was extremely helpful and eventually was able to work it out with my bank.

So again, you are getting what you pay for. It seemed a lot of the guests here were using the facilities for long term stays. Everyone I encountered seemed to treat it like their home and they were happy to have a nice and peaceful place to stay.
For my buddies who could handle themselves I would say go for it, the price is right; for everyone else I would say pay more for another place. The surrounding area is not very nice and that just increases the chance for a bad situation to occur.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0