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Econo Lodge in Bakersfield, CA

Econo Lodge in Bakersfield, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.63

Address: 350 Oak Street, Bakersfield, CA, 93304
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

Address: 5200 Olive Tree Ct, Bakersfield, CA, 93308

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    Comments (8):

    1. Teresa H.
    We were going to Bakersfield to attend a family funeral and after HOURS on the road we finally arrived at 2am. The first couple of places we stopped were full so we just kept driving and found the Econo Lodge on Oak Street. The sign said rooms were $39.99 but when we checked in I was charged $60. Since I knew they were part of the Choice Hotel family I assumed it would be ok....boy was I wrong! We got two rooms and when we got to the assigned rooms we were in for a very unpleasant surprise. My room was so hot we had to leave the door open for 30 minutes with the non working air conditioner on full blast just to be able to breath. My son and his fiance were assigned the room next door and within minutes he was in my room telling me to come next door. He had started to unpack and when he opened the dresser drawer there was a Playboy magazine and a box. I just told him to throw them away as we were all exhausted and try to get some sleep. I returned to my room and my son came running to my room telling me to go back to his room. He opened the other drawer and there was a blow up sex doll in there along with used condoms. Talk about disgusting!!!! He took the magazine and the doll to the office and the man behind the counter told him there was nothing he could do unless we wanted to leave the hotel and then it would take several days to get a refund. It was now nearly 3am. I was so tired I just told my son to throw everything away and I would deal with it later. I went into the restroom in my room and the bathmat was obviously dirty and the shower had mold in it. Luckily I travel with my own towels. When we got back home I called the corporate customer service number. I filed a complaint and they informed me they would contact the hotel and they would contact me directly within 24 hours. I never heard from the hotel. I called the corporate number again two days later and told them that I had not been contacted. They told me the hotel had informed them that they had mailed me a letter and I should receive it in a few days. A week later I called the corporate office again and informed them that the hotel had still not contacted me. Two weeks later I received a copy of a letter that was supposed to have been mailed to me from the corporate office informing me that the hotel was sorry that I was not happy with the stay and asking me to please consider staying with them again!!! No refund, no explanation of why the rooms had not been cleaned....no help at all. This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at and I have traveled the world. I will never stay at an Econo Lodge again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Scott B.
    I've stayed in a lot of bad hotels and laughed them off, but this one! This one takes the cake! DO NOT stay or make a reservation here. Upon my arrival I saw multiple people using drugs and drinking outside the rooms. I called to cancel and the manager informed me he could not refund me my money. I wonder how many cancelations he gets and keeps the money. The choice family should be ashamed of having this property associated with their name. You've been warned, look elsewhere!

    20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Clint B.
    This hotel has seen better days (at least I hope it has). It's old and worn down. And, that's an understatement. The furniture was all banged up and the carpet looked so dirty I didn't want to walk barefoot. At least the paint  was relatively fresh. I checked in late (around 10ish) and during my short stay three light bulbs went out. I thought the daily rate of $43 was pretty cheap, but after spending one night there I felt like I was ripped off.

    18/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. J. H.
    Horrible place. Not even vending machine nor ice. Like to visit low class neighborhood, very dirty, lots of people with small kids- looks like they live here. Noise level very high. Unsafe parking. I won't come here ever...is that considered Choice hotel group

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Ricky N.
    Sleep on the cheap.  Clean room and bathroom.  Bed was comfortable and very clean.  AC worked great.  Ample water pressure.  Mini fridge in the room.

    TV doesn't have a remote, but who cares.

    Lobby guy was nice and polite.  Got me setup quick.  The bill seemed $8 higher but that could be all those taxes.

    Probably my pick again if staying over in Bakersfield.

    06/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Eva B.
    I will give two stars because the host was nice, the rooms were worn but tolerable with working hot high pressure shower, fridge, and fast internet speed.

    BUT... I did not feel safe

    Granted I've never lived or stayed in an area so ghetto.

    -gates over the lobby windows
    -pick up room key from the outside (pass through slit at bottom of window) front desk was locked.
    -soda vending machine looked like someone had attempted to break in for money
    -cracked window glass on one of the guest rooms
    -dodgy looking guests, eyes glazed over... it was near midnight

    I had booked through an express deal at priceline, which hasn't done me wrong until now.  I felt bad leaving my bf's car outside, I told him we could leave it was only money.  I haven't checked on it because I wouldn't go out by myself.  I've hidden my valuables in the room while I sleep, have most things packed and ready to go and considered sleeping fully clothed prepared for the next day.  I opted for my PJ's but my clothes are laid out and ready.

    If you like an inexpensive dive and can deal with a possibly tough crowd this place may be for you, but I would not stay here again and would not recommend it for the general crowd (especially if you have children.)

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Chido I.
    I booked a 1 night, non-smoking room a couple days before my stay. When I went to check in they said that even though I booked a non-smoking room, all they had available was a smoking room. For health reasons I didn't stay in the room but they CHARGED ME THE FULL AMOUNT! So I'm charged for a room I didn't stay in when the reason I couldn't stay there was because of the motel! I spent the next week calling them regarding the incident and about getting a refund but to no avail. The customer service was a few notches below TERRIBLE. Sleeping in your car is better than staying at or dealing with this motel.

    30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Amber B.
    The staff was very pleasant, clean and updated room. The only issue I had was the noise.

    The people next door and above us had people coming and going all night, very loud in the parking lot, screaming at the kids at 2 in the morning. I only stayed here as I was in town for a dart tournament at another hotel. I probably won't be staying here again unless nothing else is available!!!

    13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0