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Extended Stay America - Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA

Extended Stay America - Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA


Whether you're visiting for a few days, a month, or looking for an interim relocation or temporary housing solution, our studio suites feature living, dining and sleeping areas. All rooms feature plenty of work space, a fully-equipped kitchen, flat panel televisions with DVD players, as well as on-site guest laundry, wireless high-speed Internet access, pool, hot tub, fitness center, business center with printing capabilities, gourmet coffee bar served Monday thru Friday, and professionals who go out of their way to make you feel like you are at home.


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Rating: 2.60

Address: 3600 Chester Lane, Bakersfield, CA, 93309

    Address: 3318 California Ave., Bakersfield, CA, 93304
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    Comments (15):

    1. Doe G.
    If I could give negative stars, I would.  I travel often and my agents make my housing arrangements for me so I did not chose this nightmare of a hotel. When I arrived, exhausted, I had to pay a 150 pet deposit. This seems fair if my 3 pound dog could do 150 dollars worth of damage, but he can't. If the 150 bucks were used to clean the carpets, maybe. But the carpets in the hallways and rooms like a mechanics convention was held here. Black, filthy stains everywhere.  On the 3rd night, I went down to the desk to ask for an extra pillow to put behind my head when I sit in bed and work and the guy at the front desk said No, you have enough pillows. You can't get extras. ???? Really? I have NEVER heard of this in the 5 years that I have traveled.  The first weekend here some family took a huge bag of dirty diapers and pizza boxes and left it by the side door where most people enter. It sat there stinking for THREE days!  Every medical traveler I meet in the elevator or hallways agrees..this is the filthiest, rudest, hotel ever! I will never stay here again.  I have some pictures that I will try to post later.

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Jennifer B.
    Great, safe, clean hotel with suites.

    25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Tam B.
    Our room smelled 1 night like old cheese and the next night like spoiled fruit from the garbage disposal and we didn't even use anything in the kitchen. We were also told to have a split room suite and it ended up being just a double bed tiny room and they never gave us fresh towels or anything. So much for staying on the weekend for a wedding. For $120 you would think you'd get a better deal. Won't come back.

    14/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Lisa K.
    This is the nicest Extended Stay I've been at and Ive been at alot since I'm a Travel Nurse. The people at the front desk have been very helpful and accommodating. And yes I got an extra pillow when requested. The place is very clean, yes a few spots on the hallway carpet but my room was very comfortable and clean .A big plus is this is the fastest Internet I've seen in a hotel. I took off one star because the ceilings must be very thin I could hear every step of a very active family above me.

    06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Sara H.
    TERRIBLE room! $100 in Bakersfield shouldn't feel like I'm ina really economy hotel. I was glad we had a bedroom for my infant son to go to sleep. But this is not a nice hotel.

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Duh-Ron P.
    Horrible nasty place to stay.  I didn't stay here by choice, company booked the room.  The reclining chair in my room was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in a hotel room.  The arm rests were worn down so much that the pleather was gone and the foam underneath was exposed.  Not only was is gross, and ugly, but there appeared to be a blood stain.  I'm no csi, but looks like blood to me (check out the photos I added). Don't know how they let that nasty chair remain in the room for so long.  That chair obviously took time to ware down to its current condition.  Besides the possible health risks of staying here, service is terrible.  If you need check out before 7 am, there is no qualified staff to run the front desk.  I needed a receipt for work expenses.  The lady at the front told me "sorry I can not print you a receipt, I work in the laundry room.  They will email u a receipt later today."   Their idea of a hot complementary breakfast is coffee, and a cereal bar that you can put in the microwave for 10 seconds.  Everything about this place is gross

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Timothy c.
    The second floor smelled like death!

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Joe C.
    This place is more of a 1 to 2 star hotel. I get to the room turn on the AC, lay down and in a couple minutes the jump out bed in a panic. The room was filling up with smoke coming out of the ac. The manager says it happens cause they get dirty. Maintenance us suppose to clean them out. He said its normal. Then the next night one of the light fixtures kept sparking. You could hear the wires shorting out.
    They half a roll of toilet paper when i checked in and they dont leave extra rolls like most hotels nor will hskpg bring any up. You need to go to the front desk for a new one. This review seems like whst i would expect at a 1 star hotel but they claim to be 2 1/2. This is by far not even a high 1 star. The doors had patches of paint everywhere. Carpet was torn and filthy by the elevator.
    I think thats enough to give you an idea.

    19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. T F.
    Arrival - easy...Juanita (at the front desk) was pleasant.  I arrived a day earlier.  Luckily for me thru my third party I was able to book another night because the rate was a little high.  After I got that straightened out, I checked in. The next morning, they had me check out then back in.  It was painless. We kept the same room.

    The room - clean....the kitchen area was not stocked thought.  So I bought an electric skillet to cook breakfast for my kid. But the space was clean.  I'm not sure how you acquire dishes and pots to borrow from the hotel. I bought my own stuff.

    I didn't sleep well. Bed not comfy....the pillows were almost flat..and the blanket was super thin.

    We got bit....my guess bed bugs or fleas...my foot it itchy from the bite....

    I also found it strange there was only one trash can. Not in the bathroom. Just the kitchen area....

    I didn't like the AC unit...it was either too hot or too cold. We can open the window which is good because I like fresh air.  The ice maker scared us during the night!! But the ice is cool.  No after taste to it in your drinks.

    Location - decent central location...close walking distance to Barnes and Noble, Mimi's....but do not eat at Tony's pizza... (Ew....)

    There are some sketchy folks walking around so be sure to lock you doors and belongings in the car...

    The only thing missing is a pool!!!

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Lauri N.
    This place is disgusting. Never stay here. The rooms smell rancid. The pillows are horrible. The chairs are worn. The staff isn't helpful. Do yourself a favor and book someplace else.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Christine B.
    This place is soooo nice. High class remodel for a very reasonable price. I love the kitchette, one bedroom suite and quiet hotel. Would definitely recommend. Don't judge by the neighborhood.

    13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Mahmoud D.
    Miserable experience.

    We came into Bakersfield and called to confirm that there were rooms available through a third party.  

    We arrived to the hotel exhausted and we made note of the sign in front of the hotel saying "rooms available."

    However, the attendent had a different opinion. Once she saw our faces, she said in the rudest manner "No rooms available. " No manners at all. We told her we were directed to come here because there were rooms available which we confirmed by reading the sign in the front of the hotel.  Boy,  that really made her mad. After quite a bit of unnecessary arguing, we called the third party and booked it through them in front of her. Still, she made up that the fax machine want working. We waited over 20 minutes of her doing nothing, asked her to check the fax, called the third party again, showed her the room confirmation email,  and she pursued in her attitude.  

    She wasn't in any kind of uniform, she didn't know to user the computer, and she didn't seem to care if guests stayed there or not. Worst experience!

    The room was not cheap but the service was.  The room is your average room, but is old, cheap, over-used, not especially clean.

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Adeel M.
    This hotel has been remodeled and is quite nice. The furnishings are new and the kitchenettes have been updated. Probably the nicest extended stay I've ever stayed at. Next time I'm in the area, will definitely be staying here!

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Candee E.
    I booked this through Hotwire  for $49, I was very skeptical after reading reviews. However, this is a great hotel for the price. Remodeled and CLEAN rooms, clean hotel, friendly staff and great value!!

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Laura C.
    Looks newly renovated and is comfortable. The staff was friendly to us. Mostly everything was good, I just had to come and say that in spite of what the description says, there is no pool nor hot tub at this location.

    So no swimming of you're staying here, but the bathtub is sweet and may satisfy the urge.

    17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0