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Lone Oak Lounge in Bakersfield, CA

Lone Oak Lounge in Bakersfield, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.57

Address: 10612 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA, 93312

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    Comments (7):

    1. D N.
    This place usually isn't too good. It's totally the spot where you just roll the dice and go in. I've seen huge groups of girls in there to absolutely nothing. It is a totally mixed crowd from 21 year olds to grandmas. I usually peek my head in have one drink and see whats going on. It's like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you are going to get. It is located in Rosedale so sometimes a good crowd does roll in...if you want to take that chance.

    12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Martini Dave R.
    It's so close to our Rosedale homes yet in all the years I've come to Kern, I've rarely gone to Lone Oak except with friends late night. Sorry I hadn't gone more often!

    I can only speak for the daytime hours since I have rare memories of the few nights I've been there. Nice little place with an enclosed smoking patio. Wonderful to step in out of the summer heat and enjoy a drink. Day Timer's are happy and glad to see ya and every bartender I've met has been superb! Prices, service and decor are all ok by me!

    It's rare that we're in Kern anymore but Lone Oak's gonna be a welcomed stop for me now!

    30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. S R.
    This place is as bad as it gets! Not only is the bartender a drug addict tweaker that goes by either Marissa/Crystal depending on her mood, but they stole our credit card information and she gave herself a $100 tip! DO NOT GO HERE. Ive even heard of people being drugged when they order drinks...beyond bad. We made the mistake of stopping here ONE TIME. Thankfully, our last.

    01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Dave W.
    Came into Bakersfield for a friends memorial and remembered the Loan Oak Motel from when I lived here and had a local business.  Back then the motel was small quiet, family run and awesome. BUT the motel has since been purchased by some (-insert  nationality well known for buying any and every motel) "New Owners"  and as to be expected the new owners are terrible.  The rooms are getting shabby and the owners have absolutely no idea how to deal with customers i.e. --= rude as hell.  I would never go to the motel again. Ever! So do yourself a favor and avoid the Lone Oak Motel as the "New Owners" have no clue how to run a business or treat a customer.  

    BUT attached to the motel is the Lone Oak Lounge, a small non dscript place you'd never notice if you were just passing by. But since I was staying there I stuck my head in earlier in the day and was greeted by a pretty and sweet young female bartender who welcomed me in, served me a good drink and invited me back later in the evening. Later, after the memorial, - a hard and heavy event, I needed to blow off some steam, so I wandered down to the lounge and was pretty damn surprised. Never thought that such a small unassuming club would wind up and let loose like this one was . The place was rockin. And as soon as I entered I was reminded of what I missed about Bakersfield. it's not the most beautiful place in the world, but there are damn good people there and I was reminded of this as soon as I stepped in to the Lone Oak. As I entered I almost bumped into a very large man that I've never seen before.  This guy looked at me , smiled, shook my hand and said "welcome".  The guy did not even work there.  Felt like I was in the twilight zone not being used to "friendly" people. But there I was.  A good mix of people, old, young, and everyone friendly and havng a good time. Quite a few nice looking  woman too which was nice.  The band kept things interesting and kept everyone dancing.  I've got to say, had I not been in such a heavy mood from the event earlier in the day, I would have stayed the whole night here and would have had a damn good time I'm sure

    The Lone Oak Lounge was everything the motel was not.  It was friendly and fun and regardless of what anyone else says about this place,  it's a place anyone can go to and have a good time.  The staff are great and  it just felt good.

    Thanks Bakersfield.

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. McKenzie S.
    Lone Oak...you are definitely in a class all your own. I've been here way too many times than I'd like to admit, and unfortunately cannot remember enough to detail them for a review... until now.

    I recently went on Hawaiian night for a friends birthday (well, after her birthday dinner). The place is small and dark. Great lighting if you're a 50+ year old cougar looking for a kill. It's the place where the aging bro's go and the recently divorced or still single ladies hangout. It's something you just have to see for yourself.

    The drinks were downright terrible. I have a hard time paying anything more than $2 for a bottle of beer, so I tried some EASY mixed drinks. Vodka collins is easy enough...but tasted like Mix and no vodka. I tried again, this time Vodka and soda. Still nasty and no vodka. This lady was seriously light on liquor. I'm not sure if she didn't think I'd notice or what, finally I asked for a Long Island. Still weak. Oh well, at least I wasn't paying.

    My advice go to hang out and bring the BIG purse and smuggle in your own beer into the back room.

    07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. T H.
    Oh joy! Yet another Douchebag Containment Zone.... High priced drinks that don't taste good, rude servers who act like they are doing you a HUGE favor by serving you, and the most awful bouncers I've ever seen. This place is seriously ROUGH- and I'm someone who usually enjoys a good, slightly creepy looking dive bar. I got the impression I was at seriously risk for being either roofied, robbed, beaten (all three maybe) and did not feel safe at all in this place. Maybe it was just the shady looking clientele, but there was definitely a very bad vibe to this place. Eew.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Mimi J.
    I stopped in here last Friday night with a couple of friends and - I'm totally amazed to be saying this - didn't have too horrible a time.  

    We'd already been dancing at another bar for a couple of hours, then hit Starbucks and just weren't ready to turn in yet.  We were right down the street from the Lone Oak and decided on a whim to drop in to listen to music for a little while.  There were several large men acting as security at the door, but they just smiled at us and nodded as we walked by.  The bar itself is kind of dark and the area close to the bar and the band is small.  The dance floor is smaller still, but there is another room, better lit, where people were playing billiards and some type of punching bag game.  

    The clientele was kind of a mixed bag.  There were rednecks, cowboys, cougars, aging bro's, and even some people one of my friends identified as gang members 'dressed nicely.'  My group being college educated professional women rounded out the group to include just about everyone in Bakersfield.  Everybody seemed to be playing nicely with each other; The band, I believe their name was Nightlife or something like that, was playing music that was surprisingly danceable so we brought our dance shoes in from the car and decided to stay for awhile.

    The music was good, the floor was small but danceable, and the mixed drinks were cheap, so we stayed for a couple of hours.

    I'm not planning a return trip anytime soon, but at least I know that it's not as scary as I thought it would be.

    06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0