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Company Info:

Rating: 3.14

Address: 4241 Chester Ln, Bakersfield, CA, 93309

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    Comments (14):

    1. Wade S.
    While the rooms are sizable for a family and pets, there are many problems with this property. Housekeeping staff is terrible. We asked for an early check-in. Front desk employee "laughed"at us. We waited and checked in at the appropriate time, Our room was still not ready; in fact we found the maid in the room, watching TV. Had no interest in hurrying up. We were there on business, so had to quickly change clothes and go back out. Even though room was not ready and we were hurrying out, housekeeping called us and told us we needed to get out of the room as soon as possible because the staff was "waiting on us". When we returned to the room later, no towels and no soap and toilet had been "used". Next day, wet towels strewn about the room. Repeated complaints to manager yielded a "sympathetic ear", but no options or offers to "do" anything about it, as if the manager was in fear of the housekeeping staff.  

    Amenities left much to be desired. Internet was sporadic at best. Refrigerator's placement in the room was such that you couldn't open the door all the way because of hotel room front door.

    Property itself is not bad, and you can bring pets.  But they need a staffing overhaul, top to bottom.

    02/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Victoria N.
    Great room with a full kitchen, couch, comfortable bed, flat screen tv. Free goodies like popcorn for the microwave, coffee brewer in the room. The shower was high, adjustable and good pressure. They should add a bar to use when entering and exiting the tub.

    The breakfast had eggs, pancakes, you name it. Staff were very friendly. Got an excellent price on Priceline. Also had a nice pool with a barbeque area and a sports court. Also lots of dining choices nearby, many within walking distance.

    08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Jennie C.
    I recently stayed at the Residence Inn with my family. We arrived 30 minutes prior to the 3 pm check in time and the front desk staff were kind enough to permit an early check in. I'm not sure if we were given the opportunity to check in early because we had an infant that we wanted to put down for a nap, but we definitely didn't have an experience like the previous reviewer mentioned regarding check in.

    With that said, the ground floor king studio room was clean and the bed was comfortable. Breakfast was hearty and Monday-Wednesday they offer a dinner meal as well.

    I will definitely come back to this Residence Inn.

    20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Niyati S.
    IF you are looking for a short term stay, this hotel would probably be fine. It is nice.

    However, if you plan on staying long term, have business needs, want proper internet, have special food needs, expect the gym to be properly stocked with towels or water or want to use the fire place.. forget it.. head down to the hilton.

    The Residence Inn is located on California Avenue whereas the hilton equivalent property is located in Southwest bakersfield (nicer area) right across from the Marketplace. Sure it is a little pricier but if you can get a good deal stay at the hilton for long term stays.

    I am a vegetarian and i asked the front desk manager as well as a few associates multiple times, if they could accommodate me and have something vegetarian during their cocktail hours. The answer was sure we will try. In the 3 months of extended stay, they had veggie patties maybe 4 times and spring rolls 1 time. The rest of the times, it was me and my diet coke / wine. When they did have veggie patties, i saw at least 5 other people that were staying there, ask for the veggie food.

    Their breakfast and cocktail hour times listed in the welcome book and actual time are very different. They have cut the timing down. Furthermore, when the breakfast is supposed to end at 9, but by word of mouth ends at 830, by 825 usually the cleaning crew has started cleaning. On several instances, the housekeeping staff refuses to even make coffee if it runs out because its very close to closing time. BTW HIlton has 24 hour coffee service in their lobby area.

    Their internet service is at best spotty.. They have no wireless in the rooms, which the hilton does. Even their wired connection has horrible connectivity.

    The fireplaces in the rooms are for show only, as they don't have any wood or amenities for actual use.

    The cleaning crew is a whole different story.. When they clean the rooms ( and having stayed here, we called them only once a week to conserve on water by not requesting change of towels and linens) they would be in and out in 5 minutes. They rarely restocked the lotions, shampoos, coffee etc. Sometimes they would forget to empty out the trash. In our entire stay, they have vacuumed the room once. Additionally, the monthly menu hanging on the fridge was 3 months old because apparently the guests are supposed to go pick up the new ones every month.

    And if you call the front desk to ask, their response is always, come get it.  

    Additionally, they have no business center. All the documents that need to be faxed or copied have to be handed to the front desk person, who will go ahead and work on it for you in their internal room. Also, their computers dont open the PDF format and a few other basic formats. So if you need to print something you have to use the managers office and his computer. The 2 weeks i tried to use their printer, it was either out of ink or paper. I finally resorted to buying myself a new printer for my stay.

    Another frustrating thing is that they rarely ever call you to let you know. On one instance a friend dropped off a packet for me, she called me 5 hours later to find out if i got it. I called the front desk and they said - o ya there is something here for you. The usual protocol is they put on a red light on your phone so that you know of the package.

    This happened 2 other times where USPS and fedex delivered packages and i called them and they said we haven't received anything yet. I called the appropriate agency with the tracking number and sure enough it had been delivered 2 hours prior and was signed for by someone at the front desk.

    One more thing, when we first asked for a 2 bedroom suite, without looking the guest services person said we don't have any. Once that individual left the front desk, I asked another guy and he looked it up and was able to give me options for rooms.

    When we asked the first lady at the front desk to show us rooms (before check-ins begin) she responded we have no rooms available to show to you. Come back tomorrow. Being a guest at the hotel, I would have hoped that if they didnt have rooms available and considering we were long term guests they would have showed a little more initiative to keep us happy.

    Overall it has been a very frustrating stay because of the laxadasical attitude. It is a decent hotel and I wish we would have done some homework because the hilton in SW Bakersield was much more pleasant to deal with and if i got a redo, i would definitely pick them.

    08/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Kat B.
    this review is more geared towards our customer service experience, which in turn made our experience as a whole amazing.

    my family had two rooms there last weekend for one night, and we were in bakersfield for a wedding. chelsea - i actually just called the front desk for the name of the african american girl just to double check  i had the right person.. i dont know why i thought her name was danielle - checked us in late at night, was incredibly courteous and helpful and when we called for an extra blanket at after 11pm, she asked security to run us up one (because housekeeping was gone for the day).

    my sister, her boyfriend, my little brother, my husband, and i all shared a 2 bedroom suite, which was actually really nice - a lot nicer than my 1 bedroom apartment in the bay area - and we were actually kind of sad that we only stayed there one night. there  the only downside to the room was they didnt offer wifi. they did have free wired internet though, and the fact that internet was free at all is always a good thing.

    the breakfast the next morning was actually the best selection of a free continental breakfast I've ever seen.

    I call down and ask for late check out, the gentleman at the desk offers me 1pm, great!

    heres where the drama happens

    i pulled out the iron and the ironing board from the closet to iron my dress for the wedding. my sister made a face at my dress, so i went and changed to my back up dress. i did not use the iron. my sisters boyfriend also needed to use the iron. he ironed his slacks with no issue, but when he ironed his shirt and sprayed some water out onto it, this horrible brown residue came from beneath the iron. stained all over his white dress shirt. this is 2 hours before we have to leave for the wedding.

    in typical man fashion, the boyfriend decides to put his shirt into the sink while we try to create a plan of action to head to the mall to get him a new shirt.

    it occurs to me - since i used to work at a crowne plaza- i should take the shirt to the front desk to see if they can help us with this, and at the very least to give them the iron so they can remove it from the room

    I was greeted by Eric, who was immediately concerned about our shirt. he first offered a discount on our room, which i wasnt really a fan of because my family was paying for the room and the shirt belonged to the boyfriend. I then looked at the shirt tag and see that its Jos A. Bank - easily an $80-130 dress shirt and I'm a bit horrified. I explain this to Eric, he says unfortunately they cant give back cash out of their drawer, but he can give the boyfriend comp marriott rewards points.

    Then, Eric offers to rush the shirt over to housekeeping, and says "well lets see what they can do, and please send the boyfriend down so we can chat with him"

    I go back to the room and i get a phone call about 10 minutes later from Eric. Good news - housekeeping got the stains out and she will have the shirt dried and ironed for us in less than 30 minutes, and will deliver the shirt to our room. Awesome! we head off to the mall to pick up other last minute needs for the wedding - one item included a shirt for my husband.

    its one of those situations where you literally hve an hour to do 500 things and the mall is 10 minutes away

    anyhow, the boyfriend returns to the hotel and his shirt is perfect. husband is rushing to get his new clothes on, and we are already late. its 1pm, we are supposed to be at the wedding at 1:30 even though it officially starts at 2, and the house is 30 minutes away according to google maps.

    husbands shirt is new shirt creased - as in he looks like a giant box. we dont have an iron! I go down to the front desk again and ask them if they could iron the shirt or provide us another iron, and we would gladly pay for the shirt to be starched and ironed.

    I ask about how long it will take, Eric calls over to housekeeping, a little worried because it was their lunch time, but gets someone on the phone and asks if they can rush iron a shirt for us. Chelsea literally jogs out from the front desk with our shirt, and as she jogs away tells us she will deliver the shirt to our room

    i go back to the room, nervous about the time, trying to get husband ready, and its now 115 and im freaking out.

    husband and i walk back to housekeeping, maybe we can catch the shirt before someone walks it back to the front desk.

    theres chelsea!! waiting for our shirt to be finished! wow.

    my only regret is we had literally 0 cash on us to tip everyone - husband got his hair cut that morning and used all of his cash for that

    I'm not so sure about the other reviews that are upset with the customer service, but this is by far some of the best, most accommodating and thoughtful customer service i have ever received anywhere. my parents always stay at this residence inn when they visit family in bakersfield, but i had no idea why they always chose this hotel. now i do!

    Thank you Chelsea and Eric!

    29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Liz L.
    Comfy place to stay. Definitely a repeat. But they need non-stick pans so I can cook my meals! That's the whole point of having a mini kitchen. Well..hopefully they will improve :)

    22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Pamela R.
    This hotel is so-so.  It is situated across from a small shopping center that had a Hobby Lobby, a small grocery store, movie theater and such.  We were in town just to check out the town since my husband and I had never been to Bakersfield.  So we visited on a lark.  This hotel offers a breakfast in the morning and a "Manager's mingle" in the evening which we did not partake.  

    The hotel itself reminded me of an apartment complex.  Our front door opened to the outside.  It was fine. The suite was spacious with a small kitchen, living area and a separate bedroom with attached bathroom.  It was clean and comfortable.  We had no problems with noise from either outside or our neighbors.  The bed was VERY comfortable and the pillows were great.  Unfortunately my husband got sick and we spent most of the four days actually in the room.  We were VERY thankful to have a small apartment for him to rest in.

    The down side is that, although the room came complete with cookware such as pots and pans, they were of such poor quality that I could not scramble an egg in the pan.  They were dented and scratched and would not sit flat on the electric stove top. So we pretty much just ate fast food and microwave stuff (or Chinese take out).  There was no oven. Maybe next time I visit a Residence Inn I will bring my own cooking supplies.  Another strange thing was that housekeeping does not come to your room everyday.  I called our second day and asked why housekeeping did not take care of our room.  I was told that they only take care of the rooms 2 to 3 times a week.  I did not like that at all.  Housekeeping visited us once on our four day stay.  All in all it was just okay.  We didn't see much of Bakersfield and when we got home my husband had a miraculous recovery.  We think that the air was so bad that his lungs could not handle it.  We won't be back.

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. L 2.
    Noisy. Noisy. Gotta love the air conditioners outside the bedroom windows, the bums trash picking the dumpsters and the sound from upstairs of kids out of control

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Kristee B.
    We stayed here for a weekend and brought our dog with us.
    It was pretty clean and the towels and linens had a strong bleach odor which I don't care for, but at least they're clean.
    What I LOVE is that they have a full 12 cup coffee maker in the kitchen, BUT they provide those little premeasured filter packs, those are not strong enough, so I would recommend bringing your own coffee and filters. They have a modest breakfast buffet starting at 7am, with COFFEE, scrambled eggs, waffles etc...
    We had a lower level studio suite, which was nice except for the occasions when the smokers would stand outside by our window puffing away on those nasty cancer sticks!
    I don't care for Bakersfield, but I HAVE to visit here once a month and when I do I stay here at The Residence Inn.

    23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Dina S.
    It seems as if this is an older property. They need to update the furniture. I'm not sure if the mattresses have been updated but it just wasn't as comfy as the usual Marriott mattresses and it had an odor that reminded me of insecticide or funky bleach. Other than that, the two bedroom suite was nice. A lot of square footage and a nice size kitchen. Updated granite style counter tops, stainless appliances. Decent stainless steel pots and pans. We stayed for a couple of days and I might stay again for the kitchen. One thing, I requested some extra dish detergent from our housekeeper and she told me she would bring it at the end of her shift but never showed up again... not the worst thing to happen but definitely a bit of a pain. The room was quiet. The fireplace was wood burning which is strange to me considering I see gas fireplaces mostly in hotels. Carpet seemed clean. Depending on price and perks I may choose this hotel again.

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Janna L.
    I do not want to write this.. but I am living it...
    Everyone has a reason to be here at the Residence Inn. Our new house is not ready for move-in for a week or so and our lease ended at our last place. Enter this hotel living.
    I thought it would be ok attached to the Marriott name. Not so much.
    What I do like - all staff we have encountered here have been very friendly.
    The beds are very comfortable. Shower is OK.
    The rooms are set up well so that if you have someone else in the other bedroom, you each have your space.
    The room has 3 TVs so no fighting over channels! Takes forever to change channels though and control volume. Remotes are crap.
    The bad... and the reason for low star rating. Our unit is filthy. We checked in and there is so much that looks like it has not been cleaned in over a year.
    IE the appliances. Not even wiped down before our stay. I did this myself. The door/peephole area. Disgusting. I wiped this down. I draw the line at having to clean the filthy blinds in the kitchen, I refuse to even look at them. They need to be deep cleaned or exchanged! I should not have to clean here. My standards are not super high, just want a clean room! It is just lacking big time in the cleanliness/sanitary dept.
    We called yesterday to the front desk to drop the hint in asking if they are supposed to wipe down the appliances. (We had walked in here with streaks of food coming down the fronts of all of them). They said, yes, of course they clean that. Uh-uh, I am thinking if housekeeping is this sloppy, I should just do it all myself. And get a room rebate. And these employees need serious retraining.
    I also think there should be more places for garbage disposal on the property. We asked but I am still not sure if there is a dumpster here for our use.
    As for how safe this area is - it is iffy. We have walked around at 10pm for exercise and there are a few creepers about.
    Now, the worst thing apart from the dirt and grime here is the construction of the building. We have "heavy walkers" above us and I swear they are so loud it cannot be normal heavy walking. Security had to be notified last night at 1am as it sounded like there was a huge fight above us. A brawl mixed with heavy steps mixed with moving furniture for hours. How are we supposed to get any sleep?
    I think we are stuck here for the week and likely our lovely neighbors above will remain too over the week. This seems to be a hotel for long term stays hence the Residence term.
    Lord help me! It has not even been 24 hours!
    UPDATE 2 days later - the stomping/ritualistic dancing/fighting above us continues.
    I invite the owner or the GM to come and live here for a week and we will take his house in exchange!
    We are exhausted. Cannot get another room, not even our company rate for this room as the hotel is at capacity. Ridiculous.
    Checked out the gym tonight. It literally fits 5 people.
    We have not asked for housekeeping services at all any day - just asked for fresh towels so saving the hotel money that way. We are even taking out our own garbage.
    As usual when it is a bad review, the hotel management will contact us as soon as we have checked out apologizing for our horrible stay and please give them another chance - blah, blah. We need action now! This place is unlivable and we stay out of our room as much as possible! Sad huh? $229 a night for living under a WWF zone!

    28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Elle S.
    I have spent many, many nights at this hotel over many short stays.
    It is quiet and I like the staff. It also helps me build up Marriott Rewards.

    What I like:
    The room has a nice open layout. This could be annoying if you bring along kids, but great for 1-2 people (get the 2 bedroom option and there will be 2 doors between you & your lovely little monsters). There is also a nice little kitchen with a fridge for leftovers. I have never really cooked in these kitchens so I can't speak to that aspect. I have used to oven to make toast and the microwave for leftovers. There is also a pitcher in the fridge so I always have cold water available.

    There is a washing machine, pool, printer, and gym on-site.

    It is quiet. You don't hear your neighbors blarring television, you don't hear doors slamming, you don't hear traffic. Sometimes, if your room is too close to the fire pit, you will hear drunk idiots being... well, loud idiots.

    The staff are nice.

    Breakfast is available in the lobby every morning and there are a variety of different dishes so you can mix it up. There is also a manager's dinner/snack time thing Monday through Wednesday evenings. I usually go to a restaurant, but sometimes it's nice to grab a snack after the gym or a beer/wine.

    What I don't like:
    The gym is quite small. We've fit 4 people in there before, but it was kind of like playing musical chairs, dancing around, trying to guess what the others want so you can all get your workout done.

    There are not any good food options nearby. I have to drive to get to decent food at night.

    The area is a little rough at night. I've walked to the corner store for a candy bar and had a bunch of creepy men staring me down - yuck!

    Overall, this is my preferred place to stay in Bakersfield. I'll ocassionally mix it up for the sake of variety and go somewhere else.

    04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Lucia L.
    Started off bad. Walked in and waited to get checked in at the front desk and was greeted with a rude, "yes? How can I help" like I was in the wrong place. As soon as I walked into the room it smelt like someone had been smoking. I double checked if my room was supposed to be non smoking and there was a sign outside my door to confirm that it was. The smell did not go away as long as I stayed. Yuck. Not impressed. Oh yeah, can't forget about the squealing showers. Really annoying.

    01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Devin O.
    The service and attention to detail this hotel provides is unmatched! My family and I have been guests on multiple occasions and I would certainly recommend them! My home away from home!

    26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0