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Beach Plaza Hotel in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.30

Address: 2010 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA, 90803

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    Comments (27):

    1. Christina Y.
    Well......when you first walk into the room you think oh this isn't bad, nice size, two queen beds, two tv's...then you realize no A/C, no screens (and when we asked about screens and mention bugs the front desk guy says "that's the good thing about California there are hardly no bugs") I almost fell down laughing, I live in CA. OK so we get settled and leave for the afternoon. Come back later that night. My son was doing his homework, my mom was sleeping and I was laying on the other bed. Just before my son and I were about to go to sleep, there was this bug crawling on the bed, I want to say it was a bed bug, now I am not 100% for sure, but I am a property manager and have dealt with an infestation of bed bugs in one of my buildings and they are really hard to get rid of. We stayed the night, I couldn't fall asleep, got up in the morning and tried really hard to believe I was going crazy and it wasn't bed bugs. I googled bed bugs and swear the picture looked exactly the same as the bug crawling on my bed. By the end of the day I convinced my mom we shouldn't stay there Saturday night. I went to the office, turned in my keys and beach key and explained the problem (which the front guy said "I have not heard of that problem we get the building sprayed once a month for a $100") and left that night around 10:15PM....all I am saying is think twice before you stay there especially if it was bed bugs, you are able to bring them back to your home and then your home can become infested. I was at another hotel doing laundry until 2:00AM and I threw my suite case away because I did not want to bring bed bugs into my home.

    22/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. RD A.
    I stayed here on Feb. 21 after going to a party nearby. This place had a good location and decent reviews. It's right on the beach, next to a park, and close to many restaurants and shops. It's not super glamorous, so it seemed a bit pricey for an overnight stay. We ended up calling the place and got a better deal than if we had booked on-line on a travel website.

    If you stay in a room number higher than 220, you actually walk to the other side of the property and enter from the street/alley adjacent to the hotel. They give you a separate key to enter a gate that leads to the rooms.

    I stayed in room 205. The cool thing was that it had a separate mini-room that had a sofa (sofa bed maybe?). The bad thing was that the water that came out of the tub nozzle had a yellow tinge to it, probably from old pipes.

    27/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Chris S.
    This place was easily the worst place I've stayed in, by far. Hotel was booked on Expedia for a bit cheaper than walk-ins and pictures of the room was nothing dazzling but we were close to the beach, close enough to walk down to the water within 10 minutes. The plan was to go out for a friend's birthday bar hopping in Long Beach and take a taxi back and crash in the hotel. A total of 4 people were supposed to be staying in the hotel in two double sized beds separated by a wall. My girlfriend and I took a taxi back to the hotel around 2am to our room 207 no more than 20 minutes later the other couple arrived with two of their friend who offered to drive them back instead of letting them hop a taxi. Shortly after everyone made it back to the room we received a call from the front desk. "This is the front desk calling, there was a party in room 109 and I called the police to have them all removed. I'm also going to have them come up to your room and if there is more than 2 people still up there then you're ALL OUT. You signed a paper when you got here saying there is a limit to two people in this room". Visiting from LA I had no plans on going to jail or any type of run ins with the police. Neither the girlfriend nor myself was in any position to drive so me and girlfriend ended up sleeping the night at the other couple's friend's house so when the police arrived no one would be hauled off. while walking down stairs to the car to leave the little Asian man is at the bottom "Don't ever come back please do us that favor and never show up here again" I felt all racially  rejected but in a drunken state either keep walking or exchange words that would have inevitably ended  worse.

    So a night in a 2.5 hotel on a beach ended up a night in a South Gate apartment.

    After returning the next morning for our luggage and vehicle we tell the morning manager about last night's events and she had no knowledge of this. She apologized but the damage was done and the night was wasted (for us). Only thing she could offer was Danishes but even those couldn't remove the bitter taste left by the Beach Plaza Hotel. Fun Times...

    After returning to a more stable state we noticed a few things....

    The cops never showed up. Night manager may just needed to have some fun at customers expense.
    2 people for 2 double wide beds doesn't sound right. The morning manager said that room is meant for 4 people not 2. The line about the paper signed was all lies.
    Booking tickets through Expedia, they don't tell the hotel details about the room such as price we paid or number of people that will be in the room.
    Refund wasn't provided.

    Service was horrible matched the rooms, best thing about this place was being so close to the beach but then again you don't have to book a room to see the ocean.

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Linny H.
    This place is location, location, location! It's right on the edge of the cliff with an amazing view of its namesake and of course, its street namesake! It's easy to find, right on Ocean and Cherry (actually end of Cherry!)

    This hotel has been around for awhile and the interior plus furniture shows a bit wear and tear. But! By no means, is it some sleazy by the hour hooker haven! Take a break from the big name hotels and try this out.

    If you're an out of town visitor to Long Beach, it's perfect for you! Want some culture? The Long Beach Art Museum is the down the street. Need some O2? The grassy park is across the street. The sun, surf and sand are feets away!

    21/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Sonya M.
    Story time:

    It's a Saturday night, 7 to 8 years ago.  It's late.  We're boozy.  We shouldn't be driving all the way home so we decide it's in our best interest to stay the night in Long Beach.

    We drive by the Beach Plaza Hotel and there's a vacancy.  $35!  Wow, you can't beat that.  Sign the paperwork and up to the room we go.

    Took us about 3 minutes to open the door.  The key was kinda stuck, so we just dead-bolted it from the inside.  Then we see the room.  Four beds.  2 queens, 1 twin, and a cot.  Have you ever seen a room with four beds?  Was it for an orgy?  Why in hell would a hotel have four beds, unless there were some crazy drug influenced sex acts happening in this room.

    The bathroom rotten and moldy.  The faucet needed some WD-40.  The windows had those cranking handle on a hinge.  

    And cockroaches.  Lots of them.

    So we laid on one sheet for a few hours until we were sober enough to drive home.  

    Since moving to Long Beach I've heard some creepy crazy stories of this hotel.  I'll spare you the details.

    I guess this place has been cleaned up since some movie was shot there, but I don't trust it for a second.

    10/10/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Shelly S.
    Not too bad.  

    The Beach Plaza Hotel is a decent bargin hotel right on the beach.  Perfect for our rowdy GIRLS WEEKEND!  Our room which was used only for getting ready, drinking, and sleeping was all we needed.  There was even a mini fridge to keep the booze cold.

    If your looking for a good price and nothing fancy......this is your party hotel!

    26/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Eric S.
    This place would have been acceptable, considering it was not expensive, if it were not for the incredibly rude man who runs it. I think it was the owner. He was constantly harassing our kids and threatening to kick us out if we didn't stay in our rooms. Not once was there a feeling of being welcome after we drove 10 hours. For being such an old and run down hotel you would think they would try to be hospitable and make guests feel wanted. Some people should not work with the public. If you make the mistake of staying here, do yourself a favor and avoid dealing with the man who runs it. He is devoid of any social graces. Plus an added bonus, bugs!  Good luck.

    14/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Vanderbird V.
    After hearing wonderful things about the customer service at this place we decided to book a room for the weekend, I used to live in Long beach so I knew where exactly this hotel was an that also came into consideration because there's no other hotel (more like motel) that has this view and at this price. So the star I am giving them it's because the location, but that's where it ends.
    The rooms need an upgrade very bad. looks like the furniture and bed have been there for 50 years. Very old and faded.
    Plus our room had a door to the next room (like some hotels) but you could hear the people's conversations next door as if they were sitting next to you and that was very annoying.
    THE WORST WAS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! well we had great customer service when we checked in, the woman at the front desk was very nice but that night we went out and we had our friends drop us off at the hotel. I guess we were too loud when we were saying goodbye (which only took us like 4 minutes) and the night attendant came out and SCOLED us like if we were children. We went to our room and just tried to forget about it and decided we were going to complain about that guy to the day shift people at the front desk (we thought it was just that rotten apple) but nooooo, next day the other guy at front desk comes out to us and tells us that we are not to have more people in our room? WE NEVER HAD ANYBODY IN OUR ROOM! and he was very rude and wouldnt listen to us. He could have asked but he just assumed and accused us.
    I dont know maybe because we are two women in our 30's we are not treated equal or they are HOmophobic or both but that was really lame.

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Stephanie L.
    This place is great if you know what to expect- not perfect for everyone, but if you enjoy a frugal yet fun vacation, you're in for a great deal. Scenes from the movie Blow were shot at this hotel! We've now stayed twice (both times for the Grand Prix) and would return for that event or just to be back by the ocean again. Coming back to Phoenix is always rough after a stay in Long Beach.

    It was surprisingly quiet this year- the man at the front desk explained they had some flooding in the first floor rooms from the rains earlier this year and are in the process of remodeling all. This was a blessing during the crowded weekend because the parking lot barely holds enough cars.


    Location: This is one of few Long Beach oceanfront hotels- you can get a key to the gate and walk downstairs to the sand, right along a main walking/bike path. There are at least half a dozen wild beach cats that play and sleep in the shade. If you drive a few miles east, there's Belmont Shore (fun shopping/dining area) and then further down Highway 1/PCH, with a Whole Foods/Trader Joes that's good for groceries.

    Neighborhood: Safe enough to walk around- adjacent to two parks, several cafes and a coffeehouse just a few blocks away. Walking distance from downtown/The Pike. The Passport bus stop is right out front. Always a lot of people in the park and out walking dogs.

    Price: ~$100 for a room with a kitchenette. Most of the other places to stay in the area (and all of the oceanside ones near downtown) are much more upscale. We came for the Grand Prix and the prices weren't marked up ridiculously! The cable tv selection is decent but not great, and there wasn't any breakfast the last time we stayed. The prices for non-kitchenette rooms are lower, but I'd rather save money by having a place to store leftovers or cook a quick breakfast.

    Old-School: There's no A/C here, just a lot of screen windows on both sides of the room to let in that wonderful ocean breeze. The shower faucet is the kind where hot and cold are separate, and you can get that perfect steamy temperature..good water pressure too.

    Cons- (although more wordy, of less importance than the Pros):

    Rooms: These rooms leave a lot left to be desired- a remodel would help, but there's enough to do in the area that you don't really need to plan on spending a lot of time in the room. Unlike other reviewers, we've stayed twice and had no problems with cleanliness. The furnishings are old, the floors are mysteriously bumpy. The doors stick and don't close all the way, the TV is old and nailed to the dresser. I really wish I had a second pillow. The shower had peeling paint and wasn't very bright. There was only one outlet in the kitchenette, so we had to unplug the refrigerator to use the microwave- but it's part of the charm. Our bed was made every day, we got fresh towels, and the trash was gone. Sheets were changed every day as far as I could tell.

    Noise/Light: The walls are thin and there are some gaps in the doors- expect to hear people walking by, doors closing, and sometimes noise in other rooms. The curtains are thin, but a quick walk to the Rite Aid down the street and a sleep mask later, problem solved.

    Summary: Plan ahead, bring an extra pillow/earplugs/sleep mask or whatever you desire, and grab some groceries if you get a kitchenette. The attractions in the area far exceed what downfalls this hotel has due to its age. I'll continue to stay here regardless of a remodel, although I hope if they go through with it the prices stay low.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Carrie W.
    we picked this place because it said it had a jacuzzi... actually, the pool just has what my friend called a "VIP section" - a tiny seating area separated from the rest of the pool by a wall.  The jacuzzi was no warmer than the rest of the pool.  The carpets in the room were gross and the bedspreads were old and lord knows what they'd seen.  The walls are also very thin.  On the plus side, it sure is right on the beach.

    03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Jimmy C.
    Wow! I'm on night 2 of 3, and am not looking forward to tonight or tomorrow! The VERY dated room I can live with, but the cold shower in the morning is a tough one. I just called the front desk to ask if the water heater can be turned up a bit so I dont freeze while showering, and I was told "I'm sure there is a way, but I dont know how. Try again tomorrow?". I then asked about the "cable" tv, as I only get 3 channels in my room. Again, try tomorrow, sounds like a maintenance issue. To add to the fun, the wifi doesn't work (I'm going to go out on a limb and guess a maintenance problem). Do yourself a favor and find another place to stay!

    08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Kathryn H.
    This place is not getting 4 stars because of it's decor or amenities. Mainly just location and it has everything you need! A kitchen in your room, right next to the beach and close to where I wanted to be, which is the gay prie festival/parade. You wake up and there is the parade! You walk 20 minutes and there is the festival. Go back to the hotel and you walk another 20 minutes and there is the gay nightlife! It's perfect for this event. This year will be my 3rd year and I look forward to it!

    03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. David F.
    We stayed at this hotel last Sunday night. We didn't choose it ourselves, it was included as part of a speaker fee for a workshop my wife gave that day. From the description, it sounded great! *Beach* yes! *Plaza* wow, sounds like a ritzy hotel in NYC! And then, *Hotel*. Well, it's a small motel, and I'm sure it must have seen better days. But, it's on a bluff overlooking the ocean, so it couldn't be that bad, right?

    When we arrived, we were given a choice between a slightly larger room, or one that's quieter. We opted for quiet. We knew we needed a good night's sleep as we had to get up early for an important meeting.

    We got to the room and couldn't get our laptops to see their WiFi routers. The manager said we should be able to, but that since this room was the furthest away from the router, maybe that was the problem. He said we could change rooms to the larger one (pretty sure he used the word "deluxe" in his description).

    The new room was slightly larger, but much closer to the main highway, and also across from the office. This became more of a problem while we were trying to get to sleep. The room itself was pretty sad. The bathroom was worse, with grime in the grout, cracked tiles, and a build-up of dirt behind the sink. (One plus... when we got home, our own 35 year old bathrooms looked MUCH better than they had in a long time!)

    We finally fell asleep, even though the traffic roaring by was pretty intense, and we could hear every footfall and floorboard creek from the people in the room above us.

    Then, at around 12:30 AM, we were startled awake when someone rammed into our door with a boom. We then heard them messing around with the lock and, "These locks never work right." I figured it was someone coming home late and had the wrong room, so I yelled through the door, "You have the wrong room!" I then heard them, amazed, "There's someone in there!"

    It took a while to burn off the adrenaline, and we were just about falling asleep when we heard someone banging on the door, police style, with their fist. I was starting to phone the manager to complain when we realized it WAS the manager. He yelled through the closed door, "What's your last name? We don't have any record of anyone being in this room. Do you have a receipt?"

    We quickly realized that the first manager never told the rest of the staff that we had changed rooms and we yelled back our explanation through the door. He kind of apologized (I don't remember one, my wife says he did), and that was that.

    Upon checking out, there was yet a different manager at the front desk, one with a cheery smile and friendly greeting. So they have at least one person working there who's nice.

    Ok, people make mistakes. The first manager failed to record the room change. The second failed to give us the benefit of the doubt and treated us like we were squatters who had broken into the room. Both failed to adequately apologize for their errors. I've never had anything like this happen at any other hotel, or motel. Pretty shoddy management. Had to vent. (I probably would not have felt like venting if they had followed up with a note.)

    16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. T. G.
    I recently booked a room at the Beach Plaza Hotel for an out-of-town relative visiting the area for a week.  I originally had requested for just a room with one queen size bed at a discounted price through another website and was pleasantly surprised that the hotel upgraded the room to one with a living room and kitchenette at no additional cost because the other rooms were full.  The room along with the kitchen were very clean and near the pool.  My relative was very pleased with this upgrade and enjoyed cooking some meals on the stove and having a full refrigerator to store some leftover meals.

    The manager was very cordial and helpful and said my out-of-town guest was a delight to have at the hotel.  My relative was also happy that guests of the hotel had private access to the beach for a morning jog or evening stroll.

    The only drawback to this place if one wants to consider these as such is as another Yelper stated is that there are no air conditioners in the rooms (but is it really a requirement if your room is right on the beach?).  Also, the carpets will eventually need an upgrade some time in the future, but really, that's not here nor there.

    This isn't the Ritz Carlton, but for being the only hotel right on the sand, the Beach Plaza Hotel affords a great view and accessibility to the ocean and is fairly decent for the price.  I recommend this place for those looking for a great view at an economical price.

    23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. G O.
    I never go on and write reviews, but I had to for this place. It has such a fresh crisp vintage feel. The staff was friendly and helpful and made us feel welcome. Waking up listening to the waves was something we didn't expect! It was so close to everything we needed to  visit. There was plenty of parking, something we are not used to living in downtown L.A. The rooms were clean and the beds were comfortable. We will definitely be returning. We love the beach front without the pretentious snoots!

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Rocco K.
    Well the decor is very old. And the inside reminds me of an old apartment in somewhere like Pittsburgh with no frills and plain white walls once you enter the room. But its clean and spacious and the price is right.  

    The room we were given for $70 had a decent sized kitchen / dining room, with a fridge. It had a surprisingly large living room with a couch and a TV, a small but clean bathroom and a large king size bed in its own bedroom off from the living room.  This was larger than the majority of 1 bedroom apartments I have been in on the East Coast. We had a pool right outside of our door and out of the other door (sliding glass padio doors) there was a little covered walk way with a porch and some plastic chairs to sit on, enjoy a beer and feel the breeze.

    Its all in the expectations to me. The "beach" didn't have any waves, probably due to the large boats not far off the coast, and  I probably wouldn't swim there, but the view was nice. There were still plenty of  nice plam trees, birds , sand and a breeze. The area was clean. I had some tequilla with visiting neighbors and relaxed on the patio.

    Oh yeah part of the movie "Blow" was filmed here.

    27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Angela J.
    Ok First, I have never written a hotel review before but our experience was so bad, I felt like I had a responsibility to others to warn them.  Second, Yelp made me give this place at least a star.  It does not deserve it.
    I called and booked a room with a bed in the living room and one in the bedroom so our kids could sleep separately from my husband and I.  The woman said we have an ocean view and the photos online looked ok.  I booked it at $140, so I expected something.
    We checked in with some scummy looking guy who was only half helpful while he answered the phone, made calls and talked to staff or friends or whoever they were.
    Our ocean view turned out to be that our front door was 3 feet away from the edge of the pool (not gated, but the actual edge). The tv in the room was broken, the bedroom light went our halfway through the night, the fridge didnt keep anything cold.  The bathroom was FILTHY.  the tub was mostly large patches where the enamel had peeled off and the metal was rusting.  There were urine stains on the side of the toilet that I only noticed as I was brushing my teeth at the sink.
    I was really hot and my husband wanted to keep the front door open for some much needed air flow and a crazy drugged out woman stuck her head in and started talking to us while blowing her cigarette smoke in our room.  (this facility claims to be non-smoking but everyone I saw was standing at their doors with cigarettes).  We finally had to close the door so she would go away.
    The front room had those slatted glass that open like shutters and I was afraid someone was going to come in and rob us in the night.  There were all kinds of seedy people out all night long and they were all close enough for me to hear full conversations while we were in the bed "sleeping".  The noise wasn't all that kept us up.  There was a huge dip in the bed and I actually got a large bruise on my hip from sleeping on my side in that bed.
    The whole experience reminded me of a really bad and not-funny version of European Vacation.
    I only touched on a few things that really bothered me.  Believe me there were more.  I really hoped for the opportunity to give them feedback when we checked out but the asian guy at the counter took our room key and said thanks and walked away.  I dont think he cared at all about how our stay was.  
    For this experience, I would have been mad to pay $60.  I cant believe they think their hotel (which really should be a motel) can sleep at night charging people a 4 star price for a 1 star room.

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. John S.
    We rented two rooms. One for my sister and I, and one for our parents.

    In the room for my sister and I, the water had a terrible smell to it, and came out cloudy for nearly half an hour when we first used it.

    One of our Televisions was non-functional, and both were so old that they didn't even have VGA jacks to put something useful on them.

    Our parents room was horrendous, though. In one of the dresser drawers, there was a box of moldy pizza. Practically the whole thing had turned green! There was leftover fecal matter on the toilet seat, the water smelled terrible.

    The only thing that looked clean in the entire area was the pool.

    All told, there are better, cheaper, and cleaner places in the area.

    29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Iris J.
    This is not a fancy schmancy hotel by any stretch of the imagination!  Get that out of  your heads or move around.  But for those of us who just wanted an economical "spot" to relax and be RIGHT ON the water - it's perfect!  It encourages you to move around the neighborhood, go for walks on the beach or walk through the park directly across the street, walk to the store instead of drive, etc..  For a large family, such as mine, it was absolutely perfect.  We opted for the two bedroom apartment - one bedroom with king bed, the other with two queens and the living room had two let out sofas.  PERFECT!  If you want to laze around instead of rushing to restaurants or if you want to save money, there is the kitchen in this apartment, so we made a WalMart stop for munchies, thus avoiding the hungry morning rush out the door.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere, again I stress, not fancy at all.  There is a laundry facility on site to get all of your dirty/ sandy clothing clean for your trip home.  The key does suck.  And the only thing is that I had my disabled son with me and we had to struggle to walk him up and down the stairs as all they had for us was an upstairs apartment and there are no handicap entrances or elevators.  But we all worked it out and it was worth every penny.  I will definitely be doing it again soon!

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Jennifer C.
    Well besides the spiders, screaming running children and the lack of parking ...I say all around this place was a shitty hotel. The stairs to the beach collected as much trash as it did homeless people and the staff had about as much respect for the residents as they did for their jobs ...our room was rarely cleaned and often ignored ..a jacuzzi would have been nice if it wasn't the same temp. As the pool and the paint coming off the walls was the icing on this disaster of a cake ..location seems to be the only upside to the hell hole of a hotel , that is if you don't have to park 15 blocks away because of the disregard for resident parking ..alright I'm done , fuck this place.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Maria G.
    Rooms were clean, nice view of the ocean, and a very friendly staff. Not giving it a 5 because the fridge was acting up and no microwave. But will deff. return.

    25/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Dominic C.
    If you're ok with simply "not terrible" then you might be ok with this hotel. It's old and not very well maintained. There is no AC, but luckily the night I stayed was cool. The carpet had many stains, the outlet by the work table in the room didn't work, so I had to run my laptop on battery, the curtains were cheap, not room darkening, the sofa in the room was from the 80s (dusty rose and gray swirl patterned) and threadbare. One of the overhead light fixtures was just two exposed CFL bulbs with a pull string. There were two remotes on top of the old CRT television and neither worked until I eventually figured out that the TV was unplugged. I had to unplug the coffee maker to plug it in. The furniture was old and worn. In one of the drawers of the dresser the paint at the bottom was completely flaking off. The shower doors stuck and there was no mirror in the bathroom. The hotel sits right against Ocean Blvd, a busy street, so there was a fair amount of constant traffic noise. Add to that the lot next to the hotel, which is shown on the map as a park, is under construction and the jackhammering began at 7am. On the plus side, the bed was comfortable enough, the hotel is right on the ocean and walkable to a few restaurants and watering holes. I wouldn't stay here again.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Alicia R.
    I would never suggest staying at this hotel to anyone, not even my worst enemy. The service at the front was a joke. My party and I called in advance to check on a few minor details (parking etc) and the story completely changed once we were already there and had paid. I wish I had read some of these other reviews before wasting my time. Long story short my party and I did not end up staying at this "hotel". Save yourself some heartache. I would however highly suggest the Long Beach Marriott. The customer service there was amazing and comparable in price. They were not right on the beach but honestly the beach at the plaza "hotel" was tiny, and very dirty, with very sketchy characters at night (from the 30 minutes I spent down there trying to find better lodging).

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Melissa M.
    Please take my advice and stay elsewhere!  Motel 6 is the Ritz-Carlton in comparison to this hole!

    We had to stay here on a whims notice due to building maintenance going on in our apartment complex and boyyy would I have rather slept in my car!

    * Walls are paper thin- we were kept awake by the inconsiderate a**holes upstairs partying & WORST OF ALL - HAVING SEX!

    * Decor, carpet, bed- FILTHY- I will post pictures that will speak for themselves.  Put it like this- I showered with my shoes on, and checked out at 5am hours before I had to be at work because I'd rather sleep in my office then stay another minute in this can.

    PROS: n/a

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Leah D.
    Great location and (compared to nearby options) inexpensive pricing are the selling points here. The rooms are aging and not well maintained. There is a pool but it's ridiculously tiny. The wi-fi they promise barely works. No AC in our room either. No screens on any of the windows.

    But really, Beach Plaza Hotel, your main problem is your neighbors. Don't give me that shocked look. I'm talking about the pack of people that camp out RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HOTEL and party loudly ALL NIGHT LONG. Literally ten or fifteen feet from our window and balcony. Happened to my in-laws when they stayed here; happened to us once when we rented the beach facing suite on a lark, once some other weekend plans fell through.

    The next-door party zone in the public park is a garden variety homeless encampment with a rogues gallery of fifteen to twenty people, raging until the wee hours of the morning, climbing up and down the bluff to use the bathrooms, maybe engaging a little light prostitution from the beach path passerby (anyone who stops at the bathrooms on the beach path past posted hours is almost certainly looking for a, erm, 'transaction' of some sort). I got to see the sordid side of Long Beach on full display from my balcony all night. From what I observed of both the staff and the cops, the number of fucks given about this state of affairs very nearly approaches zero, and the scene we experienced is a common one.

    So, if you're looking for a relaxing beachside hotel to stay in, keep looking. But, if you absolutely want to rent a room on the beach, and need a cheaper option than the nearby hotels, that's what Beach Plaza Hotel is for. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    It's worth noting that the daytime view from the balcony suite in back was beautiful. That happens regardless of the staff, so, yeah, golf clap.

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Megan S.
    I am a musician; I've stayed in some pretty questionable hotels in the past, and though this one was not the worst, it was definitely one of the dirtiest.

    Thankfully the sheets and towels looked and smelled relatively clean, with minimal stains and wear and tear, however the cleanliness stopped there.

    It looked like the hotel staff had just forgotten to clean our room (and perhaps over several guests in a row). There was lots of hair on the bathroom floor, food stains all over the kitchen, blobs of goo on the cabinets in the living room.

    We had other band members in another suite all together. Their room was actually worse. It smelled terrible and was just as dirty, if not more so. The band stayed all of 15 minutes before relocating to another hotel.

    I braved the night, however, and subsequently woke with some questionable bug bites on my torso and legs. (I had check for bed bugs the best I could before turning out the lights that night, and these bites really could have been from other critters, but I'm not convinced I am in the clear.)

    I don't mind a hotel being old or out of date, but I also don't want to feel like I can't sit down on the furniture without sitting in filth.

    I know running a business is hard and I would never want to slam anyone; this is just an honest account of my experience.

    My suggestion is to look at another hotel if you care about cleanliness.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Michelle M.
    This Inn is amazing in terms of service, cost, cleanliness, private keyed beach access, laundry facility, guest parking, location, variety of room types including 1 bedroom apartments with full kitchens, privacy, amenities such as a swimming pool right outside your door if you like and their is daily maid service, extremely reasonable weekly rates even during peak season etc.

    I stayed here for two months while looking for permanent housing here in Long Beach because they have fully furnished one bedroom apartments with actual spacious living rooms, separate bedroom with king sized bed, plenty of windows and fresh air, kitchen dining area, tons of closet spaces, full bathrooms with tub, private gated entry directly off the street (making it look like you are not in a hotel to guests), no security camera's watching your every move, the apartments are modestly furnished, and all for less than $90 per night without even having to pre-register. I just showed up during the peak of the summer and I had an apartment with no credit check, no first and last months deposit, no waiting for approval etc. They didn't ask me to leave if the hotel booked up either from time to time. I was given priority and treated with respect and as a valued guest by the young and professional staff. 5 stars too to Robert the late night manager who is always fun to get up and go talk to on a tossing and turning in bed night.

    I recommend this place to folks who are relocating to Long Beach as the location is smack dab in the middle of everything which is the best that LB has to offer. Public Transportation is right in front of the hotel. There is coffee and donuts each morning and parks and beach only footsteps from your front door.

    If you don't get a room that suits your tastes, just go back to the front desk and let them know what you are looking for. If you want to upgrade your room, just make it known because there is such a variety of accomodations. Such as, newly remodeled studio and one bedroom apartments, jacuzzi rooms, basic rooms, rooms or apartments with beach views, some with balconies, some with full kitchens, some with king beds's in living room and bedroom's and it goes on and on.

    21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0