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Belmont Shore Inn Motel in Long Beach, CA

Belmont Shore Inn Motel in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.25

Address: 3946 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA, 90803

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    Comments (4):

    1. Keely N.
    I also did not stay at this motel.  My experience is only a phone call.  And what a phone call.  I should preface by saying the man who answered had trouble both speaking and understanding English.  And the whole conversation was puncuated with loooooong silences on his end...

    I asked for rates for Friday and Saturday night.  "$50 per night" was the answer.  What about taxes?  "$50 total."  I highly doubt it.  Well, can I book Friday and Saturday night for next weekend?  "Next Friday, at 11 AM, you call."  Ummm, no I would like to make the reservation now.  "What if there's no rooms on Friday?"  Well, gosh that's my concern buddy, but I'm glad you're worried about it too.  Can I please talk to someone else?  "No, no one else."  Alrighty then, since you are not letting me reserve a room at your motel, I will be calling another location - thank you.

    The energy I put into that conversation was worth a Klondike Bar.

    08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Brooke G.
    This place makes a hellhole look tantilizing!Literally! PLEASE SEE THE PICS I POSTED!!!
    Well....let me just say I am ashamed to even review this craphole... disgraceful, infested (saw bugs and spiders in our room), disgusting place. This is the place you see in movies that you really didn't think existed. Like the drug, guns and illegal sex trades action movies where walls are shot out, doors are kicked in and dead whores are found under your bed or stuffed in a closet. Look, I am not a total princess, I am not super high maintenance, I of course love the finer things in life, however, if I met a homeless person and they looked like they needed a place to stay and actually had the option to stay here...I would direct them to the nearest bus-stop bench.

    The reason we were traumatized by this hell holed, dastardly so-called "establishment" was because we drove to the marine stadium, brought our beach cruzers and had a very fun filled day of boat racing and of course copious amounts of booze. We knew we were staying down in the area and planned to hit up 2nd street on the bikes and then ride to a local hotel, pick our truck up the next day, grab a greasy bfast to cure our hangovers and then head home, we figured it would be cheaper than a DUI so a hotel was our ONLY option. UGH, since the boat races we came for were so popular, everything in the area was sold out, found this craphole on Yelp and read the shitty reviews but they seemed to be stemmed from communication issues and the location was perfect. We called, I seriously have no idea what the guy that answered the phone said because it was definitely in a different language. We show up, he was rude and very weird. He tells us they don't take American Express, which is just ironic and totally awesome that the barn door you talk to the fool through has a HUGE amex sticker on it....hmmm.
    We get our key, go to our room, even intoxicated we are not staying here, no way in hell. Well, then we went and ate dinner at Nicks on 2nd, hit up a couple of bars and then tried to figure out our next game plan....our game plan sucked because we had no awesome alternative plan up our sleeve. Our friend got a room next to us and was tempted to hit up this sketchy bar named something like 354/354 & go home with a random chick, he didn't care if she was a porky, prostitute or man at this point because it was that bad.

    We get back to the room, the light in the bathroom doesn't work, so I peed in the dark, rippped the disgusting comforter off  the bed and attempt to lay down, but there is serious ruckus outside our door that doesn't deadbolt and looks like it's been kicked in for a raid or by a pissed off pimp aprox 15 times...this year...we go outside, there is two deranged, wasted veterans that both had mental medical discharges (they seriously showed us their army and navy cards so it was legit), and yes I of course thank them for serving our country but beyond that, they were fighting and I was seriously afraid for my life. We pretended we were there for an "operation" and needed them to quiet down or it could blow our cover, the wasted vets bought it and shut-up.

    Upon trying to sleep, my boyfriend and I opted to not take off our shoes, pants, tops or even my sweatshirt, (even though the room was boiling hot and we were afraid to open the window as there is no screens)...aaaaand the floor fan, well someone took their anger out on it prior to our visit and beyond that, the outlets didn't work so it was pointless I guess. We slept on top of the sheets, got bit on our ankles from god knows what and in the morning when some daylight came through and I could see in the bathroom, I then discovered a HUGE spider, and a giant clump of black hair in the tub. We obviously weren't planning on showering there, pointless...we needed to disinfect our bodies with simple green upon arriving home regardless.

    Upon opening a busted up cigarette burned nightstand drawer I discover needles and another drawer had a tooth...seriously, I can't even make this up. There was a story on the wall some chick named Desiree wrote, sounded like a suicide note or a drug driven bender, which was probably very convenient for her seeing there was a 1970's, beaten up gas stove in the kitchen area so you can cook your meth...I mean, totally convenient and awesome right??? Holy cow, FML.

    The comical part was the "top ten reasons not to stay here" list. One of the reasons said "no free porn" well glad they have their priorities straight, lol.

    I hope this review helps save someone the waste of time, the horrible unstayable conditions and save their sanity, I'm not sure everyone gets out of that place alive. I will update if I end up with head lice, crabs, body rashes etc and I hope and wish (even my worst enemy) that I save you all from staying here.

    FINAL NOTE.... I have no idea how this place has not been boarded up, condemned, burnt to the ground or burried in concrete yet....I am calling county.

    04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Tristan K.
    That Asian D-hole charged my card and took 175 bucks. He said "no no decline you no stay here" I check my bank account and it said -175 at belmont inn. His little mind couldn't comprehend  he took my money. The crack head down stairs was more intelligent than him. Besides it smelt like ass. Don't waist your time or money. Nicer to sleep in the back of jack in the box.
    The guy doesn't even speak English and he hates America

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Josh C.
    Okay, so I didn't actually end up staying the night here, but that is perhaps as pertinent to the review as anything.  Looking for a cheap place in the Belmont area of Long Beach, I stopped by to check out what the Belmont Shore Inn had to offer.  Answer: not a whole lot.  The gentleman in the office/cleaning-supply room showed me a room on the second floor before I agreed to anything.  It was reminiscent of the kind of place that you stay for 5 or 6 dollars a night when you're in your early 20s on a budget trip to Central America.  Totally sparse, cheap bed, dirty (though to be fair, not filthy) bathroom, old TV.  On the up side, there was a small kitchen in the hotel unit, which would be convenient for a longer stay.  But frankly, I think you would need to be desperate to stay here for very long... or at all.  

    What would be best is a total (and I mean total) overhaul of the motel, because what is there now does not do the location justice.  It is cheap, but if you're not totally wed to being in this area you can get a much cleaner room for the same price not so far away.

    13/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0