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Extended Stay America - Los Angeles - Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, CA

Extended Stay America - Los Angeles - Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, CA


Whether you're visiting for a few days, a month, or looking for an interim relocation or temporary housing solution, our studio suites feature living, dining and sleeping areas. All rooms feature plenty of work space, a fully-equipped kitchen, flat panel televisions with DVD players, as well as on-site guest laundry, wireless high-speed Internet access, pool, hot tub, fitness center, business center with printing capabilities, gourmet coffee bar served Monday thru Friday, and professionals who go out of their way to make you feel like you are at home.


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Rating: 2.04

Address: 4105 E. Willow St., Long Beach, CA, 90815
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
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Comments (24):

1. Alex F.
I booked a queen bed room a couple months ago. I walked in and they told me there giving me a double. I asked for manager no manager onsite. How do you not have someone in charge. BS. Call to book my room and they said i would have a queen. I canceled my room! Corporate and the manager will be hearing from me in Monday cause that's when he comes to work. Terrible front desk service.

01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Trisha Z.
I guess I am officially a Hotel snoob!  This place was really run down, it took close to five minutes for someone to come to the front desk and check us in.  The room experience was just that, an experience I would not like to have ever again.  There was a green recliner in the room that had a stain (looked like someone tried to clean it), but it was still very visable.  It just did not feel clean to me.  I was dissapointed as the cost made me believe we were getting quality.

21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Jon D.
Stay clear of this place. I would imagine that Motel 6 is a better price and at least a comparable or better maintained property.

With my reservation I had requested an upper floor but upon check-in I found that they had assigned me to the first floor.

This property is in desperate need of some upkeep. The room that I was assigned to had ants that that I kept finding on the kitchen countertop. There were no other rooms available but I was told that I would be put in the book to move the next day.

The next afternoon after what appeared to be much difficulty for the staff, I was moved to another room which was on an upper floor. I thought that this was going to be a good thing, however; when it came time for bed I found that the toilet seat had urine spots sprayed all over it! Too late for management to do anything since the office had closed for the evening.

At checkout I informed an overly uninterested desk clerk of these issues and asked that the manager be notified when she arrived. Needless to say, no apology was offered and I would not recommend this property to anyone!

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Gweneth L.
This hotel gets a big fat 0!! ZERO!!  Seriously, I do not know how they claim to stay in business and stay booked "so they say." I have traveled around the world and clock and this is the worst place ever..First they are FRAUDULENTS because they claim on their website that ALL rooms have been recently renovated and freshly painted. If chipped paint and mold ,dirt, dingy and stinking carpet is what you  call freshly renovated?? Then I do not want new! This is false ADVERTISING.
     Honestly, no one i believes cleans the place as someone had left their shoes under the bed prior to me.  My toddler, tripped and almost fell over them.  I complained to the staff and he did not seem to think it was a big deal.  (I guess they are use to piss poor customer service.)
    And to add insult to injury there's no kind of courtesies, they offer free  breakfast but the place smells bad like cigarettes and funky carpet, till I lost my appetite. No Thanks!  
    But get this: I saved the best for last: My toddler and I come in after spending the day at the beach on Saturday night and the receptionist at the front desk-Jacklyn tells me that the laundry has no clean face cloths or hand towels.  I go "Seriously"? Are you kidding, me...She points to the washing machine full of dirty laundry and says it will be at least another 30-45 minutes... I ask for the manager and conveninenty he's not there and will be back in the a.m.  Have you ever washed up with a kitchen towel to share with 2?  I was about to run over to the Court yart Marriott to ask them if they could loan their neighbor Extended Stay some towels? But my card, unfortunately had already been charged....and i wanted to deal with management.
    And of course, in the morning the front desk guy tells me the manager does not work weekends, how convenient, for all of us...Tells me he will take my telephone number for them to call.  They obviously have no intention on calling me, so I had to contact them and priceline does not want to deal with it.
     Partly, my fault for not checking reviews, but on the other hand, you should not LIE to the customer about you guarantee towels linens 7/24 and i showed him the print and then try to talk your way out of it, after charging my card...
    In any event, they have not heard the last of me...and NEVER EVER NEVER EVER will i go to this hole in the wall, dump.....Not even for FREE......

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Jennifer G.
Wish I had read the reviews before staying here! Terrible. First thing we see when we walk in is a big fat stain on the counter. Nice. I was expecting a cock roach to jump out at me the whole time I was there. Never staying at an Extended Stay again that's for sure.

08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Welcome to the I.
Giving it a 2.5 stars because we got a super deal at hotwires.com so the place was cheap and it did the job.

Pros:  Close to the freeway, good location, had all the kitchen essentials

Cons:  Super tiny tv w/ volume restrictions, poor reception for the tv, not so comfortable bed that squeaks ALOT.

But since we roamed all over Long Beach, we weren't in the room all that much

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Alvina S.
Would not stay at another again if all are like this one. People who work they are very rude from night shift to day shift. Rooms are not  renovated as they website states.
Very poor customer service.  One more thing... Why would you have to check out a hair dryer  at the front desk... Only to be told they are all checked out. No stars

19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Korye L.
Beds are horrible resulting in bad sleep and sore backs. They need to buy NEW BEDS! Also, they provide no hangers and no shampoo.

In my opinion, they should buy new beds, provide shampoo and hangers. Then it would be a much nicer hotel.

07/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Dana F.
Once again, I wish I had the no stars option, but, not meant to be. I tried to review this hotel on Expedia after receiving an e-mail from them asking for my feedback, but evidently they don't post your review if it's not flattering so I'll do it here instead.
Beginning with the horrible lady (using the term loosely, mind you) who checked my in to the dirty, run-down environment and the questionable looking fellow "guests" to the smoke-filled room and TV reception that was non-existent...then I called for a wake-up call and the front desk never answered, so I went downstairs to request one and was again greeted by someone who obviously never went through any type of customer service training, let alone, just basic knowledge or practice of common courtesy, and was informed that they "don't do that stuff"...reminded me of what one would think of if imagining a "crack hotel"....need I say more...

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Dl F.
You get what you pay for...the only good thing about this place is the front desk clerk's who were very nice...if it wasn't for the hospitality we probably would have cancelled on the spot....the bed is hard & squeekie...the bed itself is not comfortable at all, th pillows are even worse and the blankets look & feel old.... it smells like cigarettes...even on the floors where there isn't suppose to be smoking allowed.... the hotel needs to be updated...we felt dirty after staying here....i would not recommend this place...

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Casey J.
My mom booked this hotel... I would've checked Yelp first. But our options were limited because we needed a dog-friendly hotel while our house got fumigated.

The beds squeaked every time you moved even slightly. And not little squeaks. Long, loud squeaks. I was sharing a room with my mom, so when I came home late from school or work, I couldn't even sit down on the bed without waking her up.

Also, the room did not smell clean. It smelled like old grease, like a dirty fast food restaurant might.

There was no shampoo in the shower, so plan ahead and bring your own.

When we checked in, the guy rummaged around looking for an envelope to put our key in, asked another guy who said that they were completely out, and that Guy #1 would have to 'order them from corporate." I mean, how does a hotel run out of something they need for daily operations?? Ridiculous.

There were also dead termite bodies on the floor of the bathroom and windowsill.

On the plus side... the A/C worked.

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Aytekin T.
i give them a zero. i have found bedbug in my room. Stay away from this hotel dont ruin your night, money and vacation. Very bad experience!!!!!!! I stay in hotels on my business trip most of the year. i had a terrible experience in this hotel.

19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Joy L.
I am only giving this 2 stars, instead of 1, solely for the fact that we had a clean room absent of any bugs.

This hotel proclaims that its "niche" is long-term business travelers. They forget to mention that it's also long-term itinerants, as well. We had to stay here while our place was being fumigated and it was set up by our landlord, otherwise I don't think we would have chosen this place. The hotel from the outside seemed clean, newly painted, and had ample parking. When you walk into the lobby, you are greeted by friendly staff. The employee promptly checked me in and explained to me that b/c they are geared towards the long-term business traveler, they do not offer any house keeping services unless you stay for 8 days or more. Also, there are no shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, toothbrushes/toothpastes in the room, but they offer you some when you check in. The shampoos are generic so don't expect Aveda or anything.  

When I got up to my room, I was expecting a horror based on the terrible reviews here. To my surprise, it was clean and cool, as the A/C was blasting. There is a mini-kitchen in each suite that is equipped with a full sized fridge, small sink, small electric stove, as well as some dishes and pots/pans in the cupboard. The room was a reasonable size, comparable to any other hotel room. OUrs was a queen sized bed although it looked more like a full to me. The bed itself is pretty firm, and they do have feather pillows. The comforter was a little pointless as it was pretty flimsy. There is a flat screen tv that is about a 30 inch, kinda tiny, but at least it worked. There are random channels to choose from with no rhyme or reason. At least we got reception. Free wi-fi is offered, which was the nicest part about staying here. However, it is slower than a snail, unless you pay extra for the higher speed internet. Who would want to do that, anyways, when you can get it for free?  Many of the lamps in the room did not work. In fact, only 3 of the 5 lamps in our room actually turned on. ANd yes, I did check to see that they were plugged in.

The bathroom was well-stocked with towels that are your typical cheap, thin and scratchy ass towels. I was just happy that they were clean. Everything worked-the sink, toilet, and bathtub, so can't complain there. They offer a bar of soap in the room, which I guess is generous of them.

Keep in mind that the walls and floors are really thin, as with most hotels. However, b/c you can cook full-on meals in your hotel room, the smells will seep through to other rooms. Our first night, someone was cooking a rank-ass meal and it stunk up our room for hours. Gross. The walls are so thin that you can hear your next door neighbor's vibrating iphone at 4am. sheesh.

They do offer a "grab and go" breakfast which consists of a coffee/tea/hot water bar in the lobby with oatmeal, oatmeal bars, old apples and oranges. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Overall, I would never choose to spend over $100/night at a place like this when there are so many better hotels to choose from. I think the residence inn next door probably fares better, if you're in this neighborhood. it's a marriott hotel, and marriotts are pretty consistent.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Jason A.
The bed was rough.  This isn't quite a slummy place, but it wasn't really great either.  Maybe I've come to expect more from other locations, but this one in particular had problems.  The bathroom was dirty.  The AC would not run and once we had it running it would turn only once every hour or more when we had the air turned all the way down (it wasn't cold in the room).  There wasn't much noise otherwise.  Stay here if you are okay with all the above.

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Mike S.
Well, they completely renovated in April, and everything is all new. You could tell the mattresses were new, because they still had the plastic on them. Why you'd wrap the concrete slabs that they assured us were mattresses in plastic to start with, I don't know, but, hey, it wasn't the floor. (Which, I'm guessing, would have been more comfortable.)

So, when trying to wash off the memories of the night spent sleeping on the concrete mattress, you get to discover two things: 1) There's about as much water pressure as you get during the Chinese Water Torture, and 2) they don't provide shampoo or conditioner. (Hey, they give you a bar of soap! They're not total savages.)

Not a fan.

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Andrea W.
I can not relate to the other reviewers on this hotel- I'm sorry they didn't enjoy themselves, but I'm here havin a great time!

The traffic getting in from SF was horrible, so I ended up rolling in around 2 am. Jaclyn was working the front desk and was sooo sweet about me showing up at such an ungodly hour. She offered me popcorn, she offered me coffee, she was extremely helpful answering all of my questions and she was really funny! I love great customer service.

My room is very clean and really nice looking! I've never been at an extended stay motel before and was excited about all the extra stuff that comes with it; giant fridge, stovetop. It's like a little apartment.

Free wifi and continental breakfast. Parking seems good. Would (and will) definitely stay again!

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Alexander G.
Great value and clean room. Only drawback is the breakfast, I really don't like oatmeal without milk.. And no bread. However they had coffee, chocolate, fruit, bars and a selection of teas.
The room was clean and more nice than expected. The ac worked fine, but was a bit loud.
Overall, great value for your buck and can be recommended.

24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Johnnie G.
I stayed here just for night so I wouldn't have to drive back Los Angeles since I had to back in long beach the next day at 8 am. So as soon as I walked in I thought WOW nice can't wait. Got there at 4:30 pm when check in is at 3 the room not ready (if you check in before they charge you 25 for an early check in) crazy. I asked the front desk if there was a bathroom in the lobby she said no only in the rooms and I really had to go she told me I could go to a restaurant WOW. Did not like front desk much. Also room was not fully equipped. No coffee maker no fire alarm and not all of the plates and spoons were in the room also no towel rags soap or toilet paper. Breakfast what a freaking joke only good thing about this hotel was the free WiFi. Don't waste time stay at the Marriott which was next door.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Nanelle P.
The night front seat girl was super nice and helpful. Onto the hotel - found a long stand of hair after folding down the bed cover, the parking lot in the back felt unsafe with no lights on the side of the building. They leave one 3/4 used toilet paper roll left for four people to use. No remote for the TV. One of the bed lamps switches was completely unusable since the cord was apart from the plug. Geez.......at least the room felt room and a desk to sit at.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Paula H.
We always stay at this particular hotel as we travel to Long Beach often. Check in is always easy. This time we were greeted by Sadie (an asset to the extended stay family) she is very nice and helpful and her customer service is impeccable. She remembered we were here last time due to a death in the family and asked how the whole family was doing, which shows that she is a very caring individual and not just "at work". Sadie went above and beyond to make sure we were very pleased and comfortable and in the room we requested for certain needs in our family. We also interacted with Rachel (first time seeing her here). She was very professional (in a good way). Rachel had a lot on her plate as she was extremely busy. The lobby was full and the phones were ringing, from our observation she is great at multi-tasking. We had a few requests and she made us feel important by fulfilling them almost immediately. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, muffins, fresh fruit and oatmeal. The hotel was very clean inside and out. Parking lot well lit with plenty of parking on all sides. Great overall experience for the price.

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Lolita B.
I enjoyed this place...but it was after coming off a 7 day cruise.

We arrived at 9 am & had nothing to do. The receptionist, super sweet, suggested several things for my husband & I to do from morning to night time. They kept our luggage safe while we were out exploring.

When we got in our room we got a call to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. The room was very large. Although it was a "non-smoking" floor the stench of smoke was very strong in the hallway but not so much in the bedroom.

The room was freshly renovated. Bathroom was clean, bed was clean, kitchen was clean. The bed sheets were very thin though. I love being eaten by fluffy sheets and those sheets were paper thin.

Overall, service was great. The room was good for me after getting off a stuffy cruise ship, with small & hard bed, & teeny tiny bathroom/shower.

Oh, & I only stayed for one night so that's why my rating may be better than others.

23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Mark Michael Z.
I stayed a little longer than a week. Room is nice. Had a full kitchen to use with utensils. The front desk receptionists are wonderful. They have enough parking and they are close to the freeway so its easy to travel to and from the hotel.

One drawback i see is that they only clean the room and change towels once a week. And when they do they dont clean everything. They dont include the dishes.

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Kanya M.
OMG do not come here!!! I found 4 cockroaches in my room and some outside!! I can't believe it. I can't even sleep. The lobby people are so unprofessional. It's so dirty!!! Do not stay here

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Always-a-Lady -.
I have stayed at this hotel and at ESA locations in Anaheim and other cities on several occasions and cannot complain. Rooms are clean and modern, front desk staff helpful, plenty of parking.
LOCATION: The area in Long Beach where this motel is located is completely safe and just a few minutes away from shopping, restaurants, medical facilities, and attractions.
AMENITIES: I like that there is a laundry room, vending machines, free breakfast, and a kitchen in each room. Dishes, pans, and utensils can be requested at the front desk. They will give you whatever you need, including clean sheets and towels, extra pillows and blankets.
PRICE: They're not cheap but they are not as expensive as the Marriott either.
FOR WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: Fully accessible, spacious rooms with large bathrooms featuring a roll in shower or bathtub. Beds are comfy and level with most wheelchairs for ease of transfer. I cannot say that for the Marriott next door. The beds there are much too high, while the couch hide-a-beds are too low :(
If I have one downside to report, it is only that there are not enough cable channels on TV.  Otherwise, this hotel that offers everything you'll need in a clean and safe environment. To each his own...

20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0