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Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.62

Address: 700 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, CA, 90802

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    Comments (288):

    1. viviane s.
    amazing hotel, service, decor. the grounds are fabulous ans so affordable 40mn for LA. great lovers relaxed getaway.

    01/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Matt Y.
    This is a great hotel to go to for a getaway from the city. It is a true gem in Long Beach.  
    I usually get a room with a view of the bay.  The rooms are only 50 feet from the water with a view across the bay of downtown Long Beach and of the Queen Mary.  
    They have great patios to relax on and watch the firework shows on Fourth of July.
    It only takes 5 minutes to take a taxi ride to the restaurants and bars in downtown.
    The restaurant at the hotel isn't much to get excited about.  This hotel is all about LOCATION..LOCATION...LOCATION.

    13/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Cristina D.
    a great hotel very humble staff who are willing to help you with just about any thing they have a nice little bar in the  resturant area with very reasonable prices.The bay view room i stayed in was awesome i had a view of the harbor and in the distance you can see the pike and the lights of the ferris wheel it was really nice  i would totaly stay here again

    28/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Mitzi D.
    I love hidden gems.  This hotel is in the middle of a booming Long Beach harbor that most people get lost trying to get to. =) From experience I know this.  Its not the highest class of hotels but the amazing view from their ballroom or one of their ocean facing hotel rooms are worth every penny you spend here.  This is the perfect spot for a romantic weekend with downtown Long Beach a short cab or water taxi away!

    18/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Leslie M.
    I can see this being a good choice if you're leaving or returning from a cruise.  Or if you have lots of rug rats that need room to roam and scream.  But, if you're looking for a restful night, look elsewhere.  Very noisy and echoes like crazy in the "unique" 1950's architecture.

    13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Scott H.
    We recently held a company conference at the Hotel Maya.  The hotel definitely blurs the line between business and pleasure.  The three day event was a complete success on all levels. The food was outstanding. The hotel staff was friendly, helpful and always ready to meet any request we made.  And the accommodations and hotel grounds made the team from all over the country feel like they were at a vacation resort in the middle of a big city.   I highly suggest business and meeting planners look at this hotel for their company or clients.   Why stay at the other major hotels that all look the same and make you feel like you are in a stuffy hotel all the time when you can make the entire experience enjoyable.  The hotel set the stage for a great conference even before we began.  It truly is an unknown gem in Long Beach.   The downside is that it is not on the main coastal avenue of Long Beach, but that was also the biggest upside.  The team had panoramic views of the harbor and skyline and when we did have one offsite event, it only took 5-10 minutes to get to Ocean blvd.  Plus the Passport bus takes you for free.   I highly recommend the Hotel Maya for anyone that likes a boutique hotel at non-boutique hotel prices.  Also for those business travelers who want to break out of the typical hotel and actually enjoy the entire experience.

    16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Nikita m.
    Regardless of the outside appearance I decide to get in and enjoy my weekend. It was very surprising when I got into the room with "Bay view" that cost me $255 per night. I got a room with 10 small windows and not balcony with chairs. I called the lobby (that took a while) ,they answered that the room has a Bay view and hang up, not options offered.  I had travel to other places including Mexico and honestly this place needs  improvement.
    I called the lobby and nobody answered. It is true that a wedding celebration was happening  at the same time. They need more staff. I would not recommend this hotel to my professional colleagues.
    Forgot to mention the room's bar was locked. I am glad that I do not drink alcohol but coffee. The coffeemaker did not have filter, so end up looking for Starbucks.
    The second night we heard a bad fight from our room after a bad night with all the nice illumination that get into the room even with closed windows.
    The parking cost $15 /per night and there is nobody to take your luggage to your room or valet parking. I asked to a room for my disabled mother and I got a room with a regular tub. At least the room was clean, there was wireless Internet available, and TV--regular hotel.
    We decide to spent time in LA, Santa Monica and Pasadena.

    04/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Myra R.
    I had high hopes for this hotel because of the renovations made to the property but I was left disappointed.   My fiance and I had a one night stay this past weekend.  We zipped down here from LA in the early afternoon to get our money's worth for the one night stay.  We were given a room with a balcony facing the water which was lovely.  But the room itself started getting the stars knocked down from a potential 5 star review.  There was this moisture in the room.  My hair is usually a barometer for moisture when it starts to frizz.  And it definitely was frizzin'.  Other signs of moisture were the bed sheets and carpet were damp.  WTH?!  Don't get me wrong the room was aesthetically pleasing but the buts and bolts were not there.  And I nearly biffed it on the slippery bathroom floor.  Mind you we hadn't even used the facilities.  I think the next time we make a visit to Hotel Maya it will be just to have drinks and eats at the restaurant.

    16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Jason T.
    This place is great. the LOCATION IS PERFECT! Right out the window of your room, is the queen mary. It has a good view of long beach at night and there was so many lights!. The price is also a plus for me because of the view. The staff was really nice and room service was really quick. The room was great and had a lot of space for 2 people. The bathrooms were neat and clean. You always get a patio and a nice place to relax. I would recommend this hotel.

    28/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Mark F.
    This review covers the hotel as well as the restaurant, Fuego.  I had a great time at Maya.  There is a very nice vibe throughout the property, looking out over Long Beach harbor, with nice views of the Queen Mary, especially lit up at night.  The hotel has had a recent renovation, transforming it from an 80's style motel into a 21st century boutique hotel.  The rooms are really nicely done and the service is top notch, especially at the front desk:  welcoming, informative, patient.  The different buildings and the interior spaces on the way to the room are a bit too reminiscent of the old motel.  Oh and the soundproofing is not 100%.  I could hear a baby crying in the next room--not loudly but definitely audible.

    I had breakfast at Fuego, and the food was very good and the service was responsive, friendly, and top-notch overall..  But again I have a quibble:  luke-warm.  That was how the pancake arrived and how the coffee was served.  I didn't have time to send them back, so I tried to be stoic.  But I think coffee should be scalding and pancakes need to be warm enough to melt butter.  A pat of butter that doesn't even soften in between two pancakes is not going to cut it.

    But apart from these minor annoyances, this hotel is a great place to stay in Long Beach.

    11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Michele P.
    Last year, my husband and I purchased a two day package deal through Travelzoo and decided to spend our anniversary there.  We live in the Long Beach area and had never heard of the property.  All I can say is WOW!  This place is a hidden gem!  From the decor to the view from the room...this place is amazing!  The restaurant food was outstanding and the hotel staff were extremely friendly and attentive.  We were greeted with freshly baked cookies at the reception desk and arrived in our room to find a bottle of sparkling champagne.  The bathroom was so beautifully decorated that we remodeled ours at home in a similar style.  The pool cabanas were great and the place is very well kept.  For our anniversary this year, we revisited the property yet again and our stay was just as memorable as the first.  I would recommend this property if you are looking for a mini vacay at a reasonable cost.  Feels a lot like Mexico!

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Leigh N.
    This is a very cool hotel right on the Long Beach Harbor.  Just attended the Grand Opening Gala.  LOVED IT!

    12/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Clarence B.
    so... i was prepared to give this place a great review then the JACKHAMMER AT 8AM STARTED. what the fuck!!? you CANNOT have a construction crew run a fucking jackhammer at 8am no matter what hotel it is. people paid to go to sleep here. shit, i would almost say the is NO time that is appropriate to run a jackhammer on hotel grounds unless every guest have been given either: a) a warning and earplugs or b) a discount.

    before staying here, ask if they are still under construction.

    17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. m s.
    Our stay at Hotel Maya was an amazing experience.  They have so much to offer and great views.  As for getting lost on the way there, if you follow your GPS closely you shouldn't get lost, we didn't.  They have a hookah lounge at the hotel and are right next to the queen Mary.  I am definitely going back

    12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Susan B.
    Returned to the Maya for the first time since its move to the Hilton/Doubletree chain.  It still has the funky Joie de Vivre vibe - but I got a cookie instead of the nice JdV wine split upon arrival.  Still a nice change from the usual business hotel choices.

    23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Kiristen R.
    My friends and I stayed here over New Years. If I ever find myself in Long Beach again then I will definitely stay here again. The large name hotels were much more expensive and completely booked. Coast was definitely a good deal. The staff were very friendly. They were quick to bring extra towels, a sewing kit etc. The room was big and clean. The bed was comfy. The shower was hot. All important for me when staying at an hotel.

    A few minuses -- the hotel is separated into buildings...1, 2, 3, 4 . Which means you check into building 1 and hike it over to your building -- which would suck if it were raining. Also the elevator in my building was really tiny and old. It seemed safe but we had to pack it in. Guest parking is $10.

    I'd def stay here again.

    07/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Susie M.
    Just okay.  The hotel is modern and pretty with lots of spots tucked away to kick back.  The restaurant, Fuego, was great and we had the breakfast buffet which was fine.  Now for the rooms..disappointed.  Reserved an upgraded room (more $$) at hotels.com and ended up with a sliver of a room with barely a view on the 2nd floor.  So, being on the second floor got noise from the walkway and seating area outside our window, above and around.  The walls are super thin and the doors slam---bad combo in a hotel.  The bathroom was a little tiny.  No counter for people who share it makes it hard to really put anything away.  We were there for 4 days and it definitely got crowded.  The old a/c unit hanging on the wall made it hard to hear anything we were saying to each other.  Definitely didn't feel that it was worth the price. The staff was helpful and nice though and the grounds were maintained well--things were clean.

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Reagan W.
    Great view. Awesome rooms.

    05/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Susan H.
    What a wonderful experience we had at the Hotel Maya.  Our room was comfortable, the grounds are well kept, and the pool and spa area are beautiful.  This is a very romantic hotel in a great location, but what made it so special for us were the employees.  From Jackie, Hector, Alfonso and Linda in the restaurant, to Salvador and Cesar delivering food and drinks to our room, everyone we came in contact with made our stay so enjoyable.  And the food!!  We had some absolutely fabulous meals.  The seafood was incredible and we had a steak to die for.  Thank you everyone at the Maya for making our week so special.

    16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Kathy W.
    Attended a seminar here.  If you have accurate directions it is easy to find.  It truly is a hidden gem.  Parking was very easy, and the sales director met us at the door and gave us a brief tour of the facility.  Since I was here only for a few hours, I cannot critique the sleeping rooms other than to say they were spacious, very nicely decorated and well appointed including WiFi and an iPod/iPhone dock.  The hotel decor has a Latin theme that is beautiful.  The (complimentary) sangria was out of this world!  The pool was amazing as were the outdoor areas, especially the patio where you can enjoy Sunday brunch.  The location is spectacular, right on the water overlooking downtown Long Beach.  It would be an awesome place to hold a wedding and reception.  They also offer a complimentary shuttle to Long Beach and a watercraft to take you around the harbor.  The only disappointment was very inattentive service in the restaurant where we stopped for dessert after our seminar.  Our table was directly in the path of a very cold breeze from the open door and when we mentioned to our waiter that we'd like to move to another table if they couldn't close it, he vanished and we finally just got up and moved to another table.  It took a very long time for anyone to take our dessert order--with only a half-dozen choices how long does it take to make a decision?  Hopefully the service next time will be better.  I definitely will go back.

    16/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Carol M.
    Okay.. so here goes.. Do NOT spend your money here. It has it's good points and I will go through them but for the pricetag.. they SHOULD HAVE central air and heat! Really??? It was freezing when we finally got to bed, turned on the little wall heater.. to be woken up in the middle of the night to sweltering heat.. had to get up to turn it off.. um.... this is NOT a motel 6!! That being said.. they ALSO messed up the charge to the room. The girl at the front desk must have been really tired at 11 am when I checked out and asked her to charge parking to my card, because she charged the whole room to my card.. which was to go on my guys card (this was after she asked me "should I charge the room to this card" and I replied no, to the card on file for the reservation).  Not that it really matters but when your expecting a $19 charge (what you sign for) and you get a $325 one.. it's a little shocking! And after all that.. the charge is still pending on his card.. um.. four days later??  (I will say the lady working in accounting is fantastic!) Now I cannot say the entire staff is incompetent. If it wasn't for these two major details I would rate them much higher because the rest of the staff (minus front desk girl) was wonderful! We were there for a weeding in which I was a bridesmaid and they pulled the wedding off BEAUTIFULLY! (Their event planner is a wonderful woman) And there food is DELICIOUS! Especially breakfast!  The room was clean and as I said, my only complaint was the air.. which is a make or break for me. The staff was also kind enough to light a bonfire after hours for us wedding folk to hang around. Very sweet. So no.. I will not be staying here again.. wish I had walked the two steps to the Marriott next door.. but yes.. I would come here for an event or for lunch on the water because the food and servers are that good!

    30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Art H.
    I booked this hotel since the Doubletree in San Pedro was booked. Costs were the same, based on varous discounts. Alas, this is not the Doubletree. It felt older, smelled a bit older. Rooms are in different buildings, with ours a couple away from the registration lobby. Paid for parking. Didn't try the food menu. They had at least free, albeit slow wi-fi. The beds are above average, and the shower was not.

    23/08/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Liz K.
    This place was so cool! I havent really spent a lot of time in Long Beach but visiting Hotel Maya made me remember/realize how fun it is to hang out down there. The Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific are both really close to the hotel, as well as the Fisherman's Village. The view of these sights from the bar/outdoor patio at night is absolutely lovely!

    My friend was showing her art in a group art show that was held in the hotel on Earth Day. It was a cool show featuring lots of different artists and other cool handmade products. Unfortunately the show was supposed to be held outside on the patio but was moved indoors due to the threat of rain. Being in the hotel banquet room was definitely a vibe-killer. The patio would have bee much better suited to the event and it never did end up raining anyway. We checked out the art and then went to go check out the hotel. Well mainly just the patio and the bar.The bartender was totally weird and OCD and Im glad my boyfriend ordered the second round because I thought he was super weird. He poured the alcohol in counterclockwise motion every time and it weirded me out dude! The bar/restaurant also REEKED of seafood. Not so fresh seafood. Ifffff you catch my drift. I made a comment about it and the bartender quickly rebutted with "Someone just ordered the fresh fish." News flash, fish that smells like fish is not fresh. Yikes. Anyway, the drinks were strong, the service was good otherwise, the ambiance is really nice, and the location and view are really cool. It is off of a weird hard to find street but its nothing that a person of average intelligence couldnt figure out.  

    Oh! And they had a cool snack pantry by the front desk where I purchased some pretzels to satiate my craving for drunk munchies.  They had all kinds of tasty snacks for those craving a late night munchie or two.

    28/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Romanian Y.
    Hotel Maya is like being in an amazing resort in Cancun Mexico! My friends and I decided to go for the first time and have drinks for happy hour and we had the most delicious Sangrias.  This place is absoulutely GORGEOUS!

    18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Lisa M.
    Great hotel. Very clean. We booked a harbor view room and it didn't disappoint. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The General Manager even greeted us upon our arrival. The next day he invited us on a private catamaran tour but unfortunately we had other plans. We needed a refrigerator in our room (other than what was provided for the minibar) and they brought up one for our use. We had our little dog with us for this trip and the hotel does not even charge any pet fees. That's incredible this day in age. We ordered room service one night and it came promptly with the food items at the correct temperature. There were only two downsides to our stay at the Maya. 1) it was hard to find, we got lost and had to call for directions. 2) our toilet backed up one night. Other than that I would definitely stay here again. Would recommend you book a water view room.

    24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Robert P.
    I liked this hotel.  Rooms were new and I love the decor.  Pool and hot tube was nice, and grounds were clean and well kept.  Front desk was excellent.  The only thing I did not like was the resturant bar.  Our bartender was quick but she had no help.  Her manager was there and did not lend a helping hand. He did not even acknowledge the customers to assure them they'd be helped.  She seemed very irritated by him and I could understand why.  Maybe he needs some managing.

    28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Kristina S.
    Amazing hotel! Loved it small and personal, the people actually know your name here.

    26/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Berenice D.
    Stayed here 1 week ago. I must say its gorgeous. It is very cute. The downside is the rooms are purty small. They all have a valcony. We fortunately had one that faced the Queen Mary. It was nice. I checked out the restaurant but only for drinks. I paid $12 for Chimay on tab. haha. GOD I LOVE THAT BEER. The restaurant is very nice. Maybe next time i'll check out the food. The bartender was helpful and very polite.

    01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. James P.
    This is a hotel that not many people hear about because it's usually drowned out by the Queen Mary, Hyatt, and Westin Hotels. It's so close to the Queen Mary, people probably figure they would just rather stay on the Queen Mary than this place. I think a big negative for the Coast Hotel is probably the fact that there is nothing within walking distance from the property. You will need a car  to get downtown. Some people from out of town may not have a rental find taxis too expensive, and may not know about the "trolley".

    The Coast Hotel is that oddly shaped stucco building you see as you look out into the marina from the Hyatt. It's just to the west of the Queen Mary. To get there you need to take this strange little off ramp that goes by what is now an abandoned Japanese restaurant (you know, the one that you probably have a coupon for in your entertainment book). At the end of Queensway Drive (but not really the end) is the hotel. Not much to look at from the outside, but inside is really nice.

    The lobby is always very clean (probably due to very little foot traffic) and the sofas near the fireplace are so soft you have to fight off your desire to fall asleep in them.  Enjoy a drink outside as you sit near the water.  They've added parking gates so you need validation. There are few places (very few) in Long Beach where you can get this kind of scenery while you drink without fighting crowds or needing a reservation. Weekdays are great for hanging out here. You get great service, watch sports tv, and it's quiet. The rooms are average.

    Since the downtown area can be chaotic on the weekends, this hotel keeps you away from the crazy crowds but still close enough to the convention center an it's THE closest hotel to the Queen Mary without actually staying in the Queen Mary.  The 710 fwy on ramp is right there as well if you need it.

    Summer weekends can be wedding time here, but that happens with a lot of hotels. If you find yourself unable to score a reservation at the last minute for your buddies wedding or that business convention, check out the Coast.

    10/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Mark R.
    Good place to stay in long beach.

    02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Jenna G.
    I love this place..its a little hard to find because of the construction but the service,view and rooms r great and u can take the free bus across to the pike area and go out...also has great bar and restaurant for a date

    18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Alex T.
    Upon entering the place, I had a bit of confusing as to how to get in. Then I see an employee walk out of a small side glass door. I'm like "AhhhH! that is where the secret passage way is!" He tells me no, the door is this big chocolate block that spins. Ok, that's pretty cool, a spinning door. I dig. I walk in and there are kidney bean couches, pretty lights, a patio...and an EXCELLENT view of the pier!!!
    My friend from Texas visited and conveniently when he got up to the gate, it got stuck! we had to call the hotel/maintenance to come let us in. They got there in a jiffy. Got our parking validated and the lady at the desk asked if my friend and i were dating. why does everyone think that???
    anyhoo, I love the modern Spanish decor and the live band. Other Yelpers started dancing but I do not think the dancing ensued for no longer than 15 minutes. I don't even think i'd last that long.
    I will be back for another yelp event. Probably won't order the food (I have a separate review for the Fuego at the Maya). But the facility is great!

    06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. True C.
    The place is beautiful....if you can find it. It took us about 35 minutes and half a tank of gas until we finally made it to the hotel entrance. Even with GPS this place is impossible to locate. Very frustrating. We nearly drove off the ports of Long Beach. Minus one star for this.

    Other than the above- one of the most beautiful hotels I've had the chance to stay at. The rooms are very spacious and come equipped with a huge lcd screen, a cool ipod docking station, lots of towels and toiletries, and interesting furniture. The place itself has a very tribal feel to it. I think that's what they were going for hence the name.

    The only downside to our stay were the dingbat staff members at the front desk. They claimed that they were unable to locate our reservation and were not able to give us the advertised price on the website we initially booked through, told us we had to come back in the morning to sort it out blah blah blah. Basically gave us the run around when in reality the problem were the dingbat front desk workers who are clueless to the procedures of their job. Lucky them, it was not me who they spoke to at the time but my fiance who later told me what had happened at the desk.  I spoke with them the following day and had everything squared away.

    Beautiful place but be advised of the front desk workers. Don't let them give you the run around!

    24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Tina L.
    absolutely the best hotel i have ever stayed at!  

    even with a couple of minor "oh hell nahs!"  i still give this place 5 stars.

    con: it's like utterly impossible to find... 3 GPS navis, a google map print out with directions and several college graduates later... still COULD NOT find this hotel!!!  the navi kept saying to stay left on this one road, that i swear does not exist.. next thing you know we're at a dead, one way street, end.  uhhh WTF.... there were these toll booths/parking arm things that we finally drove through.... and into the cruise ship parking area.... mmmmmm kkkkk....  finally we saw bright lights and knew it must be the hotel.  ridics.

    and the front desk guy was kinda a douche.  he's like oh your rooms are to the left here... so we saw an elevator to the left and thought ok, this must be the way.  no... he failed to mention that when he said 'left" he meant the BUILDING to the left.  douche.

    pros: the decor
    -the high tech room: ipod/iphone docks, usb chargers, cordless phone (i thought this was pretty ballsy for a hotel)
    -the firm beds
    -the view

    i was sad i only got to spend one night here...

    26/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. T D.
    I absolutely love this Place!!!! I cannot say enough good things about Hotel Maya. The rooms overlooking the water are amazing the room service breakfast was very delicious. The restaurant Fuegos has excellent food and very accommodating to my restricted diet. The Pool is awsome they have these cabanas that are free of charge and they float in two feet of water very serene and peaceful. This is one of Long Beach's best resorts. I visit at least once every two weeks. If you live in Long Beach you have to go!!!

    26/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. K Z.
    This hotel is in a B+ location but, unfortunately, offers D- accomodations.  You know that old hotel smell you remember as a kid when your parents took you on the road for vacation?  No?  Well, you will be reminded here.  This place is a late 60's flash back group of low-rise buildings which I am sure has changed ownership a number of times.  They are now going with a somewhat tropical/Mayan theme and I am sure they have spent some money to improve the place but any amount of evening blue, green and red mood lighting against the building walls will not improve the basic problem.  It is a very tired property.  The carpets in our room was dirty.  The fake plastic plants did not add to the decor.  The bathroom is poorly lit and very dated in spite of the newer sink and faucet.  Toilet did not flush well.  We paid a LOT for our "deluxe" room (close to $400 after resort fees and taxes for a single night) and it is simply not worth it.  This place should be a tear down and they should start all over.  It is in a great location with good bay side views but this just will not make up for the physical condition and design of the apartment-complex-like hotel.  In the same area you are better off looking at the other big chains with much newer properties which are right across the water.  The restaurant Fuego is supposed to be quite good and, again, has a great view and large patio.  We were so disgusted with the property though that we had no interest in trying the restaurant.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Jay J.
    Love its unique design and decoration. Such a lovely place for some wedding pictures shoot. I love it from a standpoint of a wedding photographer.

    20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Meryl O.
    When my boyfriend and I stayed there one weekend, I found myself thinking, "Can I please live here?" The room is simply decorated (classy, not cluttered). We didn't pay for a room with an ocean view, but we still could still see the ocean. The bed made me a little sad to be returning to my own bed (and I really like my bed). We learned after that they were pet friendly (felt guilty about boarding my dog- he would have liked it there, too). The menu looked good, but we opted for margaritas and mojitos instead. Lastly, (I know this is silly) but I discovered my new best friend there: the Keunig Coffee Maker (makes single cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate). I went home, bought one, and am now in a state of caffeine happiness (okay, that review might be better elsewhere).

    23/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Jimbo K.
    Good bar. Nice landscaping but that is as far as it goes. Rooms just ok. Air conditioner blows hot air. No screens on the door so even if it's cool outside you can not leave the patio door open. Try the Residents Inn across the street. Wish i had.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Soleya V.
    I came here on a date with  a guy friend and i loved the view of the water from our room it was so beautiful but the food sucked thats why 4 stars

    16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Christina S.
    I was a vendor lemoderntrinket.com  for the Graffiti Beach Indie-Lux Pop up show on 5-8-10 that was held in the Jardin (garden like court yard). I split a booth with my friend I was selling my trinkets and she was selling her clip in hair pieces (hand colored) . First impression was this Hotel is beautiful.  It's a modern contemporary in design on the water with amazing views. So, the boyfriend had surprised me a few days prior asking if I would like to stay at Hotel Maya the evening after the show I was in. At this point I really didn't know much about the hotel never really looked at their site other than small images. I prefer boutique like hotels and not big chains. So, I said yes unsure of what it would be like I just thought it would be good to not have to unload my booth the same nite and relax and celebrate the completion of yet another show and all the hard work we put into it.

    There was a mix up in our room. The bf asked for a king size bed and was given a room with two queens. So, they fixed that problem and gave us a king size bed with an ocean view. We were in building two. NOTE... Building two does have a beautiful view and the patio is large enough to hold a party. We didn't but it was a nice patio with an awesome view of the bay and the Queen Mary. It was also overlooking Fuego their restaurant in which case Sunday morning we were awakened by the sounds of dishes being arranged and the staff.  So much for sleeping in. They were getting ready for brunch here. So, once brunch started we could hear the live band playing and dishes being placed in bins and the staff working. Not, my idea of sleeping in. So, whatever.. I am a light sleeper so oh well. I would just advise those who want to sleep in to avoid building two.  That is my only compliant. Other than that I love this place.

    The bathroom is nice and big.. They use Lather bath products which I am a big fan of the spa/shop Lather in Pasadena. The service was amazing.. A little slow at Fuego when we dinned here Saturday nite but other than that its perfect. The mini bar is stocked. So, if you are looking for a place to stay then this is it. The lounge area is beautiful all though we didn't get a chance to hit the pool which I was a little bummed because  I packed a bikini and was ready to swim. All around I like this place. Do take note that there is a $15 a day fee attached for parking to your bill.

    I asked out of curiosity what was the room rate. Our room was originally at $170 a nite (it;s the view that tags the price on) other than that it with the AAA discount it would of been $125.

    10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Mimi W.
    DO NOT!!!stay here. Terriable management, and service  And,Way over priced! For a 3 star at best hotel. Add tax and parking  $46.00 dollars to a room starting at over 200.00 a night, for a below avarage hotel. The design is great. Love the mid-century feel. that is all.The managment has it all wrong. One of our party booked 6 months in advance, willing to pay premium for "ocean" (harbor) view, 3nights. On check in for a wedding was told only 2 nights would be honored. As they were fully commited! Front desk stated  that on all their literature, on line or other wise it states that they can change your reservation at any time without notice. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not give them "ocean" views,as they were fully committed. Yet for 40.00 dollars more per night, they just "found an open room, with a "ocean"view.That is just the beggining. Was at the bar, poor bartender was working so hard, when manager came to us asked if we had been servered, then asked the next guest if they had been servered, then washed 2 glass's and walked away. Did not help the barteneder in any way except to wash 2 glass's. When we checked in onyl 1 person at the front desk during the busy check in time. She could not address anyone's needs or requests, or say hello at best.  She did not check our room rates  at check in, but happy to over charged us at check out. Wait till the end it gets worse. When I called to talk with front desk, they put me on hold, then said0 years. they will call me back , then hung up without even asking for my number!!!  Then there was the pool, on Saturday a "musician set up his sound system and his steel drum. I love steel drum having lived in the caribbean for over 10 years. the musician walked away leaving a loop of 1 song playing over and over again for over 45 min. We started to count how many times we herd that song. It was a bad joke "one more time". Talked to the poor server who could not touch the equipment to turn it off and had no idea where the  musician went. Again bad management. Sooo Do not spend good money to stay at a badly run hotel.

    04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Heather R.
    I stayed here last year, and had a fantastic time.  The reception staff is so-so, but the staff at the restaurant are helpful and knowledgable about the dishes.  Chef Jesse Perez served the finest meal I've ever tasted.  I passed along a compliment to the front desk, and hope he received it.

    The pool is beautiful, and there are lots of covered chairs in which you can relax, read, lounge, and gossip.  The pool is heated, and is tranquil, and nobody (at least not when I was there) was loud or boisterous.  This hotel attracts a decidedly peaceful crowd, and while the hotel host events, it's never out-of-control.  

    Bonus: the hotel is one of the stops on the Long Beach water taxi, which provides easy access to Long Beach sites and attractions.

    27/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Jai L.
    This place was so beautiful and so calm and peaceful you didn't even feel like you were in L.A.  There was no construction when I went and everything seemed to be in working condition, except for the occasional computer system malfunction  (more on that later).

    We booked a 1 king bed/balcony suite at $107/night (tax and other fees not included) . I requested a third floor which was granted. First floor and second floors don't appear to have much privacy, unless you like to keep your curtain drawn all day. Plus, the maid left our balcony door open one day- I suppose it was to air our the room since it was a muggy LA week when I visited, so it was a plus that our room was higher up.  We were a corner room so we didn't hear anything from our neighbors.

    They offer bike rentals and sports equipment rentals which is cool. I also hear the swimming pool is nice. I only regret that I didn't plan for any lounge time. The garden is very beautiful, and they have a fire pit that is lit up every night. Just past the garden is the restaurant Fuego, which is a must visit if you're living there. The seafood is absolutely delicious- very well cooked. The view doesn't hurt either. The only downer to Fuego was they were not fully prepped for the dessert menu.

    Back to the hotel- This is a green hotel- so there is water conservation and recycling bins- all great of course. The room is just happiness all over. The color are bright- green, blues, oranges, reds, yellows mixed with neutrals. They have down pillows and sheets. High speed internet is available in every room, as is a Sony Dream Machine and a Keurig Coffee Maker (I drank 4 cups- and they did NOT charge me). And of course- skip the snack bar unless your room turns into a Silent Hill scenario.  The view from the window is beautiful- we had trees and a corner view of the Queen Mary. Definitely make a request for your desired view (boats? garden? just water?).  Also, our corner suite had an amazing high ceiling- like 15-20ft at least.  I'm not sure whether that is a standard in every room- but it would be awesome if it were.  The staff were super friendly, and they waived my parking fees because a computer glitch charged my account incorrect parking fees.

    So about their computer system- apparently it is full of bugs and has a tendency to crash. When I called to confirm my booking, the first time, I was told their computer system was down and to call back in 1 hour. I called the following day, and was put on hold for  5 minutes b/c the lady could not find me in their system. When she picked up again, it was to tell me that their computer system was down, and she could not confirm anything and then some badly made up excuse about how Expedia reservations could never be confirmed anyway (huh?).  Luckily, when I arrived that evening, everything was seemed to be working.  

    About parking: very vague parking instructions. The bar coded parking ticket has to be validated at the front desk before you leave, and I don't understand why they don't just tell you when you check in. I'm use to paying for parking as I exit the parking lot (or going in), so it didn't occur to us until we were trying to exit the parking lot and we realized we had to pay for parking beforehand.  So we reverse, drive back to the lobby, and the front desk takes my parking ticket and charges my account for the four nights our car will be parked in their lot and imprints something onto the barcode. Why didn't they just do that during check-in?  Turns out, the barcoded ticket only worked twice getting in and once trying to get out- we ended up having to push for another ticket to get in, and the "Assistance" Button to get out. Which bring up another thing...so we can't get out of the parking lot b/c the barcode scanner is faulty and won't read our barcode. So we press the "Assistance" button on the machine, and some guy back in the hotel promptly remotely opens the gate for us. Why did we even bother to pay for the tickets and get it validated if we could have just pressed that button w/ no questions asked?  On the plus side, b/c of the computer system glitches, they ended up waiving all the parking fees anyway. (Thanks, Brian at the Front Desk!).

    One last downer- the a/c in the room was horrendously loud!!!  I mean LOUD!! You can absolutely throw ambiance out the window if you turn that monster on. Turn it only when you have to take a shower so you don't hear it. You'd think after investing all that money in making the hotel so nice, they would install better air conditioning systems.  I've stayed at Motel 6s with better a/c vents!

    Overall- the beauty of the rooms is awesome. And its kind of cool waking up the the sound a  steam boat honking in the morning...- especially w/ the morning mist and humidity..its like your on the Panama Canal.

    13/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Mica L.
    The hotel is very pretty with GREAT views.  If you stay here don't bother with a room that doesn't face the water.  First floor rooms are the best. The hotel is a little out of the way but there is a little shuttle and a water bus that can connect you to downtown Long Beach.
    The staff is so-so.  I was not impressed.

    We were there during construction.  IT IS RIDICULOUS!!!  The crew starts early and ends late.  That part sucked.

    20/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. Linda N.
    Booked this hotel for bf birthday and we both thought it was beautiful.  Booked a room with a balcony facing the water and it was really worth the extra costs. There is a free bus called passport C that takes you into downtown and the pike area which was nice. I do wish the place was more walkable but it was far from everything and we ended having to drive back when going out late since the bus stops running at 12 am. The overnight parking is not free! The bar was really overpriced. There is very nice scenic walk around e hotel with open fire place outdoors and torches that light the path. Room was comfy and nice.

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Rejina G.
    Stayed at this hotel for Valentines day. The decor was standard it somewhat reminded me of the Flinstones.  Check-in was an ease and they were very accommodating with a late check out.  The view is great. I had an ocean view and I stayed in a garden view room.  All and all it was cool.  Also they give u a complimentary cookie on check in and I will say that was one of the best cookies I have ever tasted. I seldomly contemplate driving back their to pick up a dozen :)

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Jen M.
    I live in Long Beach and went for Sunday brunch.  Brunch is terrific.  It is about $30 per person which includes a very nicely stocked and elegant buffet, mimosa, and entree.  You will be full from the buffet alone and they will package your entree to take home if you ask, or you can eat it there.  The buffet includes fresh fruit, gourmet and pasta salads, smoked salmon, cheeses, freshly baked bread, ceviche (3 types: mahe, crab, and shrimp), made to order taco bar, and a very nice dessert bar.  There is an excellent selection of entrees to choose from, approx 12. The entree portion is about half what you would expect if you were ordering off a regular menu, but still a very healthy portion.  Ingredients are quality. The service is great. The property is beautiful.  It is an indoor/outdoor venue with excellent live jazz music.  This is a great place to take a date or melt away a lazy Sunday.  Very classy, very beautiful!

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Casey O.
    This review is for the hotel bar. My friend and I had the WORST customer service at this bar. We ordered 2 rounds of happy hour drinks and guacamole with chips to go. Our drinks came quickly, but mine was wrong (eg I asked for no salt on the rim, with soda water to cut the sweetness, it came salted and super sweet). We drank the first round as is, but I went to approach the bartender to ask for the second round to be different. On my way to the bar I was given the guacamole, with out chips. As I came to talk to the bartender Linda, she was on her phone, kept texting, and didn't make eye contact. She seemed annoyed when I politely asked about the second round and the chips for the guacamole. She told me to tell my server, and had more attitude when I tried to explain that we had paid for the second round in advance. The only saving grace to this story was a server named Laura, who should be training the rest of the waitstaff on customer service and efficiency. Laura promptly put our second round in to go cups when we explained we were taking them away from the bar. She also kept checking on our chips for the guacamole (which wound up taking nearly 25 mins to get). Laura apologized profusely for the wait on the chips when we were finally ready, and offered us one more round to make up for our poor experience. The Mayan should hire more people like Laura, and honestly weed out people like Linda. A Hilton offshoot hotel should have better hiring and training practices.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. joe c.
    Stayed here over memorial day weekend was a very clean, and nice hotel with a great view for water front rooms, I would recommend building 2. The pool is pretty small but very nice and pool bar closes very early I think around 2pm, and recommend not eating at the hotel it is overpriced and no selection, plus there are other restaurants very close to the hotel that are much better priced and far better selection. They have bikes u can rent for $15 the entire day and also a free bus service that goes from the parking lot to downtown long beach. The comedy club is very close and worth going to, the queen Elizabeth is also right down the walk along the water and worth seeing. Parking is not free either maybe say you lost your ticket and ask front desk for a ticket that one is free.  Overall I would say the area is amazing and the hotel is nice but not 4 star worthy for it's price.

    18/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    51. Lola G.
    Overpriced! I Came back after doubletree took over from joi de vive and I'm amazed at prices and dissapointed with the service. Stayed for the weekend on two occasions with my husband for a little getaway as we do every year, so we have become very selective with hotels. Sure the hotel maya provides a cool Mayan ambience, very modern decor in rooms, keurig coffee, comfy beds, but suite with a shower/tub combo for those prices, cmon can we get some jet tubs please! The hotel should stop allowing parties outdoor, who wants to hear techno at 1am! Don't count on rest and relaxation, parking fees at $17 per night are ridiculous, no complimentary breakfast, the so called JR Suite is same and simple as all other rooms except for view. Pool was okay, the jacuzzi was broken and cold, it took maintenance forever to fix, the bar area was closed it was Saturday afternoon for goodness sake, on a good note Fuego restaurant was delicious and you will appreciate the free trolley to shoreline village and local joints. Also the staff needs to be re-trained in hospitality and courtesy for guests. Housekeeping and maintenance needs to be more timely with guests requests.

    30/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    52. Jeffrey S.
    This was the worst reservation experience I have ever had. First they couldnt find my friend's wedding listed. Then, I called  the concierge to book stand up paddle boards or jet skis.  Couldnt help.  After I found contact info on my own, they were fully booked. So I wanted to cancel the reservation.  When I called to cancel a week before my stay, they said no, it was non-refundable! When I made reservation, they did not inform me it was a "special rate" and non-cancellable.  Sure enough, I checked the small print of the confirmation they sent me by email, and there it was, non-cancellable.  This is absolutely despicable conduct. Please do not patronize this business.

    23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    53. Tony T.
    What can I say that has not already been posted?  This is truly a hidden gem in Long Beach. GREAT location off the water. Oceanview is the best. Great cookies at the front desk. Staff is friendly and helpful. Free Internet... $15 per day parking =(  The Fuego restaurant is tops and for the first time ever in a hotel, I ordered room service and it actually came to my room hot from the kitchen - wow that is a first. Please don't spread around too much about this hotel - some things just need to remain hidden for folks like us...=)

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Shannon G.
    We spent one night at Hotel Maya in late February. The room was spacious and clean, the staff was friendly. We didn't really check out the amenities - but I've got no complaints.

    Would definitely stay again.

    02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Grace B.
    We're back at Hotel Maya for my boyfriend's birthday and it's better than last time!  This is definitely our new favorite! the location and decor are perfect! Hopefully we'll get to have our wedding here!  Oh, and the front desk staff is incredible! amazing customer service!

    01/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Cecilia D.
    I stayed here for a wedding and even though I'm from Long Beach, it felt like I was away on vacation. The hotel is in a nice, quiet location with beautiful views. The service was wonderful and the food and margaritas are great! I enjoyed my stay and the wedding that was held here.

    However, I gave the hotel 4 stars instead of 5 only because the interior of the rooms and exterior of the buildings are a little outdated. Otherwise, the hotel is great...and they let you bring your dog!

    26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Martha S.
    We hed aTweetUp at Hotel Maya in March--it was great! Everyone at the Maya, particularly the DMark Leah, was so helpful! The location was perfect, the food and drinks were fantastic, and it was so great that the event could be dog-friendly.

    The Maya and Fuego helped us raise a ton of money and donations for our beneficiary, spcaLA. I was rally pleased with how everything turned out, and would definitely recommend the Maya for any events or getaways.

    21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. TJ K.
    This is a tough review to write.  The setting is great with views of Long Beach and Queen Mary.  Yet, although they just renovated it, I have to say the room was simply okay aesthetically and the lighting was awful.  The bed was very comfortable and bathroom fine.

    Unfortunately, the walls are very thin and I could hear my neighbors conversation about their finances and what they had for meals.  Also, it's a pet friendly hotel...which is fine.  But, I thought (as most hotels) they would have designated rooms/areas of the hotel for people with pets.  Apparently, that was the case.  There was a dog in the room next to me for the first two nights of my three night stay.  Each night I was awakened to the sounds of a single or double bark from a big dog at 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.  I made the suggestion upon my checkout that they: a) have designated rooms for pets, to which the reply was they're working on it, and b) let guests know if they're being placed in a room next to a pet, so the guest can say "yeah" or "nay" to that.

    So...if they get the pet thing figured out, I'd consider going back even if the walls are a bit thin.

    02/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Chris P.
    We didn't really like our stay here. The hotel is rather difficult to find. We used a few different apps on our phone and none of them worked for us. We found cutting through the Queen Mary parking lot easiest, but a hassle. Our room was a good size and had a private balcony with two chairs, but it was right across from the elevator and had no view.  I imagine this is because I got the room on Priceline and probably paid much less than everyone else.  The room had an odd sliding door to the bathroom that did not provide complete privacy. Parking was expensive. Charging guests to park is uncalled for, but I guess that is California for you.  The in and out gates never worked as they should.  There was quite a bit of hair in our bathroom, and there was leftover food in our mini-fridge. The playa areas were nice, and so was the pool, hot tub, and cabana area. The hotel was on the Long Beach Passport line which is a free bus to downtown. Next trip to LB, I would probably stay downtown instead.

    19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    60. Robert M.
    A beautiful hotel, inside and out, with a wonderful bar and restaurant area.  Very unique and one of a kind!

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Johnathon W.
    I am glad there is this type of energy going on in Long Beach.

    The check in area has a really cool modern feel to it. I have stayed at this hotel a few times. Here are my suggestions. If you can afford to opt for an ocean view room, do it. Its worth it. The hotel suites are tastefully decorated and styled. The bathrooms are clean and get the job done. The room has a flat screen television with tons of great cable channels.  The beds are comfortable and have a really great looking headboard.

    The pool and spa area with cabanas is beautiful with a view of the bay. I always order the room service and have breakfast delivered, its a little expensive for what you get but all in all its delicious.

    I would recommend this hotel, its location is kind of strange in proximity of any action in the city. I guess you could take a cab or something if you wanted to see anything else besides the queen mary.

    21/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Mathew B.
    This place was amazing, seriously one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. The grass, bushes, trees etc. are perfectly manicured. The pool and hot tub were always clean and sparkling. They have a phone for room service if you want drinks or food at the pool and the bar is closed. We got coconut mojitos and they were amazing!  The room was beautiful and we had a balcony with perfect views of the ocean. At night you can see long beach all lit up across the bay and its amazing. Also, it is a double tree hotel so you get their awesome cookies! We must have gotten cookies every night we stayed lol! Thank you hotel Maya! I absolutely recommend!

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Dana J.
    Thank you Hotel Maya for being a home away from home for my husband, doggie and myself!

    We had to move out of our house due to having our hardwood floors refinished and as luck would have it my husband had enough points to get us a 6 night stay at this fabulous property. They upgraded us to a fabulous room with balcony overlooking the marina with no trouble allowing my husband to marvel over every beautiful sunrise we encountered there every morning. The hotel was gracious enough to only charge us for one car for the daily parking since my husband and I both had cars, which was really wonderful! The restaurant there (Fuego) was absolutely fabulous and we ate there a few nights during our stay. The fitness room was pretty much empty and allowed me a wonderful, relaxed exercise session during my stay. The pool and jacuzzi area were really nice... I can only imagine how popular they are during the summer months. Oh yeah, the cookies every night were a bonus and greatly appreciated!

    I really felt like I was on vacation during my stay there up until about 7am each morning when I was reminded I still had to go to work, which was the only downside to this visit, but of course at no fault of the hotel! :)

    Highly recommend this place....love the rooms, love the staff and will definitely come back again the next time a home improvement project renders us homeless! :)

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Charlie S.
    I had an opportunity to stay at Maya Hotel during the past week for a business meeting which lasted for a whole week. My first impression was that the hotel was very nice and the staff was very friendly. My understanding was that the hotel was remodeled in a recent past and it did show.

    The room was big and nicely decorated. I got a room with the view of the harbor which was nice. The internet was free and sufficient for email and general browsing. However, I had a tough time trying to play videos from YouTube and other sources. The room was generally clean but there were some dirty spots on the carpet and areas that showed the age of the room.

    The bathroom was nice, although the water pressure could be somewhat stronger.

    I spent most of my time at the meeting (8 am to roughly 8 pm) so I am not able to comment on any facility that the hotel had to offer. The on site Fuego restaurant was nice, overlooking the beach front on the other side. It's on a pricey side but some of the food were terrific, while other were just okay. If you hit the busy time, the wait may be a little longer than you would like.

    During the week, the hotel was very quiet which was very nice.

    Okay these are what I did NOT like:

    1)  On Friday night, there seemed to be an event going on at the main building of the hotel. When I got back to the room, the room next door was extremely loud. Seemed like people were shouting (not talking) back and forth. That continued past midnight and roughly ended around 1 am. I noticed that the hotel did provide some earplugs but I did not use them because I was afraid that I would not hear my alarm in the following morning.

    2)  During my stay, I noticed that the bathroom door, which was made from glass, had some cracks on it. The door structure seemed solid and did not seem unstable. These cracks were not easily visualized, particularly when the door was open and lay against the wall. Given that there were no structural instability, I believed these were prior damages that were waiting for repair. I did not think too much about it. Imagine how many time we stayed at a hotel and noticed some minor damages. Given how busy the hotel was and the nature of the glass door, I thought the hotel may need to order this type of door and would probably fix it when the room was not occupied.

    A few days later, I came back to my room during the lunch break and found a repairman replacing the door. I thought... finally they fixed it. Next evening, I noticed a voicemail on the telephone. It was from the hotel manager, Ms. Courtney. It was a courtesy call to let me know that they had to replace the door which was broken during my stay and the cost was $360.00. The message was left for me on the day the door was fixed but I did not see it until the following evening which was Friday. I went to the hotel reception right away hoping that I could explain to the manager that it was a prior damage and I did not cause it. I spoke with Mr. Arturo V, the receptionist, who said that he would call Ms. Courtney who already left for the day.  Later on, I was told that the hotel needed to verify with housekeeping on Monday morning and someone would give me a call. However, Ms. Courtney already went ahead and charged my credit card that was on-file. I was extremely surprised and upset. I asked for any other manager who may be on-site or someone else that I might be able to talk to. I was told that there was no manager on-site during the weekend. Mr. Arturo V. said he would be off on Monday and Tuesday and I could call back to talk to him on Wednesday. I was even more confused. The only thing Mr. Arturo V kept saying was that he was sorry but there was nothing he could do to help. I ended up writing a letter to Ms. Courtney explaining the situation. I will call my credit card company to dispute the charge. Never had this happen to me before. I hope the credit card company is able to rectify this or start an investigation. I will call Ms. Courtney on Monday to follow-up on this and to see what she has to say.   I did put a post on their Facebook page about the problem and the post was deleted approximately 2 hours later.

    Will write more and adjust the rating accordingly.

    My lesson is that be careful in examining your room when you checked in a hotel. Funny enough I took some pictures when I got into the room on the first day but I just did not take any picture of the bathroom door. I do not wish this on anyone.

    Follow up 03/12/2012:
    Spoke with another manager today, Ms. Kristi A. who was more than helpful and understanding. She was able to rectify the situation and promised me a refund. I have changed my rating to reflect the this.

    Thank you Ms. Kristi.

    11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Caleb B.
    I do not "chill" in "The LBC" all that "often."

    However, I recently found an excuse to spend a night here with a beautiful woman.  We chose Hotel Maya, whose rooms are not rented by the hour, which fit, as my date not hourly.  

    I was told this place used to be a dump.  It's not anymore.  I'm not even sure if it's visually pleasing, but it's sure interesting.  Maya's Mayan theme isn't cheesey, but it's different, and good.  

    Fuego was a great dining experience as well.


    22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Maryellen C.
    very pleasantly surprised!  Quick one night visit and would have liked to stay longer.  Beautiful view of harbor and the Queen Mary from our room.  the pool looked very inviting. interesting menu at Fuego but only had drinks and appetizer on the patio overlooking the yachts.  spacious well-appointed room with balcony and nice bathroom. thin walls.  rather far from anything else in Long Beach.  Perfect for pre-cruise.

    05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Grant P.
    This is a lovely little hotel across the water from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  The room are well appointed both architecturally and technically with a view across the channel to Long Beach.  The only problem is getting to the hotel.  After going south on the bridge, go  west (yes, the opposite of the way you need) and follow the road.  I eventually double backs on itself and you find yourself at Maya.  Getting out is equally interesting, but I leave that as a surprise for you to discover.
    Again, nice, quiet little hotel.

    23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. L T.
    SAVE YOURSELF FROM TERRIBLE SERVICE while you still have a chance to walk away with your sanity... I am warning you!  I wish I had paid closer attention to all of the horrible reviews for this place, but I thought, "Well, that's not going to happen to me."  It turns out, I am not at all that special and was hit left and right with horrible customer service from people in the hospitality industry who do not view customers as guests, but cash cows.  They are not accommodating, fairly incompetent, and it is difficult to get anything resolved without going through 5 different people.  I will spare you the details of our horrific ordeal in trying to book our wedding ceremony and block of rooms, but I really do recommend that you think twice before staying at this place, especially for an important event.  Go next door to the Residence Inn (Marriott brand).  I am both a Hilton Honors Gold and Marriott Gold member.  This place does not deserve the Hilton brand and the experience here makes me want to revert back to 100% Marriott.

    17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    69. Erin N.
    Amazing service and a fun vibe! I would recommend margaritas on their outdoor patio overlooking the water. Also, Alfredo at the front desk was so nice. Ask for him if you need anything.

    22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Jeff L.
    Hotel Maya is a boutique style hotel that offer for the perfect local romantic get away. The Hotel offers one of the best views in Long Beach, a killer vibe and a relaxing environment with a pool, sand volley ball court, a waterfall and entertainment.

    AAA discount
    Early check in (if available)
    Late check out (if available)
    Free Internet
    All Flat screen TV's
    Private balconies
    Tasty restaurant with killer view
    Romantic settings
    The pool side cabanas were really neat
    Friendly staff

    Long Beach city sidewalk construction
    Locals fishing right outside your room
    Inside the hotel lobby and common areas were way too bright (seriously, fade the lights... total mood killer)
    The really cool looking fire pits were not working yet...
    3.00 cup of regular drip coffee (wtf?)

    This hotel has great potential... it will be awesome to see what they do with it. They will also be renting out beach cruisers, as soon as they figure out how to charge for it.

    Dim the lights and add some fire!

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Alan C.
    After one of the Yelp events in Long Beach, a lot of people came out to this hotel to hang out at the bar and mingle. I thought this place was great. The bar staff was awesome and the whole outside patio area has a spectacular view of Long Beach. Who knew Long Beach was such a beautiful city? I would come here again.

    This review was more for the bar and patio area. I have no idea about the actual hotel itself but from the pictures, it looks nice.

    13/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. darin c.
    The wife and I celebrated New Year's Eve in Long Beach and stayed at this former boutique hotel. The quasi-Latin theme was a nice change from the typical Hilton/Doubletree experience. Our room (all rooms?) featured a trapezoidal floorplan in keeping with the angular shapes of the building architecture. Other than the unique layout, our room was pretty much like a Hilton anywhere else.

    We had a nice view of the harbor and the Queen Mary (I think the other side of the hotel faces the cargo docks, so beware when booking). We stayed in a ground-floor room that had a semi-private patio with a vertical bar fence. The fence allows for a view while keeping people from straying over from the nearby walkway. I noticed that other rooms had patios that opened up to the public lawns (nicer for a party-type atmosphere, but also unobstructed view/access to your room.)

    One issue if you're a light sleeper: our room had an exterior wall that was lit with an alternating purple/blue "mood light." While the patio slider had a blackout curtain, the plantation shutters allowed enough of the colored light to spill into the room to be annoying.  

    One last "minor" point-- $15 for self-parking??!! I'm sure there is a reason...

    05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    73. Laura L.
    I stayed at Hotel Maya over Halloween weekend to help out with some Yelpy events in LA and Long Beach. Walking up to the hotel entrance, my first thought was - this might be a little too theme-y for me. But after a day there, I totally warmed up to the place. I was staying in building 4, which threw me at first because it's a little walk from the front desk. I guess that's the Colorado girl in me finally appreciating what it's like to live in moderate temperatures year round - you can have a hotel where you walk outside to get to your building. And that building turned out to be the best, 'cause I was a stone's throw from the pool, right next to the water, and just a short walk to the Queen Mary when I wanted some sunshine and exercise.

    The restaurant, Fuego, I would just have to say is okay - I stopped in my first day for brunch. Although I was the only person in the place, my huevos rancheros and potatoes came out sort of lukewarm, although tasty. But the view of the water is gorgeous. It seems like Hotel Maya has good events space, too - although the conference room is small, there's a beautiful outdoor setup (with a gorgeous chandelier) that would be ideal for a ceremony. Hopefully I'll get to stay here again on my next Long Beach visit!

    11/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Soleil D.
    So this review is based only on the bar area.

    I couldn't decide what to get from the drink menu-horchata (alcoholic) or caiprinha? The bartender said that the caiprinha was the best out of the two, he was wrong!!! So i'll definitely need to go back and try the alcoholic horchata because I've never had one!

    As far as the atmosphere goes this place is really pretty and has that cool element going for it. I'd recommend staying here if I were visiting Long Beach/OC area & I had cash to drop. Also, the patio area oh it's soooo relaxing & pretty.

    Parking is confusing! Just make sure to get validated!

    02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Mary Beth S.
    Bugs!  I believe because they allow dogs you can expect this.  I was bitten all night by Chiggers.  When I told the manager and asked for a new room he had no response, not even an I'm sorry.  Stay at your own risk.

    29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    76. Miki C.
    We hosted our wedding here on November 11th, 2011 and it was wonderful. This place is a hidden gem that many of our guests never even knew existed. Which is exciting since most of them have been to the Queen Mary countless times for school, and some have lived in Long Beach their entire lives.

    That being said, it's a little difficult to find. The easiest way to get to this hotel (for me) is to just drive through the Queen Mary parking lot, you don't have to pay anything since it will take no more than 2-3minutes to get out of the parking lot and the ticket is free for 30minutes. [Upon exiting the Queen Mary parking lot, turn right at the light and continue to the stop sign right in front of the Hotel Maya entrance]

    The best part about using this place as a wedding venue is that you can be waterfront and have a beautiful view of the Long Beach skyline, instead of being waterfront and having a wonderful view of the Oil Rigs off the Long Beach shoreline (which is not wonderful at all).

    We used the "Jardin de Palmeras Pavillion" for the ceremony location, and the "Miramar Ballroom" for the reception venue.

    Jardin de Palmeras Pavillion - While having the skyline in the background when you say your "I do"s be aware that there is a walkway between you and the water, that anyone can walk through. Anyone can stop and stare and ruin your photos because they cannot close off that walkway. No one walked by during our ceremony or the ceremony after ours but it is a possibility. Luckily this spot at the hotel has a great alternative, the waterfall. You'll know what I mean when you see it. love.

    Miramar Ballroom - SO. NICE. It's great because the windows allows the space to feel so open. Moreover, because there is a balcony/deck you can use, it's great for your guests since all that dancing can make the room a little hot and stuffy. People can hang out on the deck without having to leave the festivities because they can still watch the dance floor while they take a break in the fresh air.

    We were also comped a room since we had our wedding there, we got a really nice deluxe room that had a great view. Everyone we dealt with at the hotel was friendly and professional. I have nothing but love for this place.

    21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. C K.
    The check-in lobby was nice enough & trendy/hip. We reserved a room with a water view & when we got to our room, aside from a bit of the harbor view, we also saw all the people in the restaurant & at the bar making lots of noise. We trekked back to the lobby & asked for a different room. And they were very accommodating & gave us another room in a further away building. (Reason they got the 2 stars)

    The room itself was meh, the bed was ok, the bathroom was small but everything was clean. Sitting on the balcony, the view of the harbor was great but we were very distracted by the very loud air conditioning unit that was located there. We had to scream to each other & we were sitting right next to each other, less than a foot away!

    Overall, didn't expect a luxury hotel at this price point but at the same time didn't expect what we got. Will not go back.

    15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    78. Pepe L.
    Nice getaway, grass heaven for me!!!  If you are as pampered as I am, tell your mums to take you, they'd sure enjoy this place as well.  The view is really great, the room service and the grass!!!  What more could I ask for :D.

    10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Austin K.
    LOCATION: is great, your just minutes away from downtown long beach and also the queen mary is walking distance.

    SERVICE: Excellent. very laid back, positive, and helpful.

    HOTEL: amazing. from the moment I checked in i was just amazed with the presentation of the hotel.

    The only CON about this hotel is the restaurant.
    over priced and the food isnt that great i prefer just heading towards downtown

    09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Melanie G.
    My hubby and I stayed at Hotel Maya for the AOPA Aviation Summit at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend. The entire hotel has a contemporary Mexico theme to it. $26 mil in renovations and I believe it. The attention to detail at this hotel is immaculate, literally no stone left unturned.

    The room itself was pretty spacious and clean but the bathroom was on the small side.

    The hotel's Mexican restaurant Fuego opens up to a huge deck on the water where you can enjoy the amazing views. From the food, to the drink menu to the ambiance, there were zero letdowns.

    The city's transportation system puts a free shuttle at the Maya hotel every 10-15 mins which gets you to the whole downtown Long Beach/Aquarium/Convention Center vicinity, a mere 10 mins away max.  If ever in the area again, we will definitely stay at Maya without a doubt!

    14/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Annee T.
    We got lost looking for this place -- it's located right next to the Port of Long Beach. You have to drive through cargo ship container yards and vacant parking lots, but once you get to the hotel, you can't see any of this, thankfully. You only see the nice side of the harbor with small sailing boats and the waterfront skyline.

    The rooms are clean and decorated with a kind of Latin-beachy flair -- lots of bright colors, but it works with the textured taupe walls so it's not overpowering. Huge-ass bed, and very comfy. The headboard is made of stones, though, so be careful when you're having sex...don't bump your head. Outside the landscaping makes use of pretty succulent plants in greens and deep maroon/purples, and there's a nice walkway along the harbor for strolling.

    The pool is indeed small, but nice. They have "floating cabanas" which was a source of mystery to me and my friend...we couldn't figure out what they meant by that. They are actually like, little covered docks with lounge chairs set out in a shallow pool of about 3 inches of water. It was so relaxing to lay out and look out on the the harbor beyond.

    There's also a free shuttle bus that stops at the hotel every 10 minutes or so to take you downtown/to the waterfront where all the restaurants and shops are. Nice, no driving.

    The only bad thing I can say about Hotel Maya is that sometimes it was quite noisy. I'm not sure if this is due to the location of my room (second building, second floor) or what. I was woken up early by slamming doors, people yelling, sounds like someone dropping a bunch of heavy boxes on the floor. I could faintly hear the neighbors watching TV through the walls. And, because cruise ships are near by, every so often you hear the loud bellowing from the ships' horns -- not at night, though, thankfully.

    But all in all, this was a really nice place to stay. If I ever return to Long Beach, I would stay here again. The location alone is enough to bring me back.

    29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Christopher Z.
    Hands down the best spot to host a wedding reception with a spectacular view!  Downside experience was paying $10 for valet after attending a wedding.  Congrats to Albert and Michelle!!!!

    01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Jason M.
    Beautiful location, just brought out fresh cookies when I checked in too.  I love this place, the setting, the decoration, and ambience.  I also loved the room, it was way comfortable and I had a wonderful sleep in the bed and sheets.  Very nice bed, best sleep in awhile.  

    So almost perfect except...
    1. Everything closed at 10:30pm!  It looked like a place for fun but it totally shut down at 10:30pm.  Bar, pool, grounds, etc.

    2. Nearly impossible to get to if coming from the West.  I had GPS, I am a great navigator, I can follow signs, and I could see the building - but I couldn't get to it!!! I kept driving around the docks, going over the bridges, etc.  UGGGG!!!  Signage and construction make it near possible.  PS - the Queen Mary docks nearby so there are many signs about Queen (it's on Queensway).  Not fun!!!

    Staff was wonderful.

    20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. Bryan P.
    I really liked this place. It was clean, classy, and had a pretty nice pool area that has a bar. I respect that we had to sign a "No Party Policy" but I guess by carrying an un-opened punch bowl to the front counter was probably asking for it! the parking lot was brutal with no parking but it is within walking distance to some of the bars. I would defiantly stay here again.

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. John H.
    My wife and I stayed here for on night for our one year anniversary and had a very nice experience.  Arturo at the front desk started us off right for this trip and many thanks to him for his great personality and for taking care of us during check in!  The water-side room was comfortable and had a really nice view.  The A/C system was a little dated but the rest of the room was just right.

    30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Irene T.
    Zero stars.  Well, the view is a 5 star view, but the hotel itself was crap.  The room stunk, the carpet was filthy, there's a popcorn ceiling (gross), the toilet backed up, the sink backed up, water and ice are on the first floor only...the walkways and handrails outside were disgustingly dirty.  I don't care if you're outdoors and near the water.  These walkways and rails should be cleaned daily, especially at over two hundred bucks a night.  And nineteen dollars to park?  Unbelievable!  Terrible.  Save your money.  Trust me.  This place stinks.  Literally.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    87. Kristin P.
    Since I just wrote a really long review of my near disaster of a cruise...I thought I'd review the Coast because we were forced to stay here while we waited for our ship to come.

    If we hadn't of been forced to stay here, I would never have known how awesome this place was! Seriously, the room was large, I think they all have balconies...we requested a view of the port, and were easily granted that wish when we told them we were on our Honeymoon...even though our wedding wasn't for another month ;).

    The staff at the desk, the staff at the buffet breakfast, the bellhops and the maids...everyone was so nice to us. I think it helped that they felt bad for us that we were on our "honeymoon" and were already supposed to be sailing the open seas...(see previous Carnival review if you want to know the whole story).

    All and all, I'd say this was probably one of the nicest hotels I have stayed in. And, the views are gorgeous! The marina was literally right outside our balcony door with a full view of The Queen Mary.

    Next time I go on a cruise I will probably stay here the night before for both the convenience factor and because the place kicks ass!

    21/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Emily C.
    If you are looking for a nice scenic view with good selection brunch food, this is the place to be. Love the open seating area with views of the Queen Mary! Brunch is really good at Fuego. Lots of variety of food plus a taco bar!  A glass of mimosa is given for each person! Great place for parties and gatherings!

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. A T.
    Stayed at Hotel Maya the night prior to leaving on a cruise from Long Beach. Proximity to the cruise port was the reason for choosing this hotel.

    Staff: A+
    Friendly and helpful, from the front desk to housekeeping to the person that drove us to the pier for our cruise.

    Beds were great, got an upgrade to a water view balcony which I highly recommend. Room was plenty big, nice shower. Keurig coffee machine in room was a big plus. CLEAN!

    Location: A
    Right on the water, great views, and so close to the Long Beach cruise terminal.

    Parking: D
    We chose the "park and cruise" package. However, for what the nightly rate is, you should not have to pay the $15.00 a day self parking. This is ridiculous and the only low mark of the property.

    Fitness room C-
    Not a treadmill to be found.

    Pool, food: n/a

    If you want to stay somewhere nice with your spouse/significant other or you want somewhere to stay before taking your cruise, this is a very nice choice.

    19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Ernesto S.
    Clean rooms and friendly staff. Nice view to the ocean one very room. I took my date for a weekend get away and we enjoyed every amenity they offered.

    14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Rebecca H.
    An open love letter to the Hotel Maya

    Dear Hotel Maya,

    After our time together the other day, I have to say, I have developed a bit of a crush. How can I not, after the great customer service, nice accommodations, and chic surroundings?  You wowed me with your floating cabanas, your hot tub and pool that overlook the Long Beach Bay area.  You wined me and dined me at the outdoor area of your hotel restaurant/bar, and I loved the beautiful view and fire pit.  And you appealed to playful side with your proximity to the water taxis that take me to the downtown Long Beach area.

    Oh Hotel Maya, I'm sad that you can only be my out of town love, but next time in So Cal I will be looking you up.

    Your not-so-secret admirer,


    04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Suze Q.
    I recently got married and I booked two nights here in two different rooms. The first night I stayed the night before my wedding with one of my bridesmaids. The second night I got a different room for my new husband and I to spend our wedding night.

    First night: At check-in the front desk was very nice. A man checked me in and gave me a yummy warm cookie. I was in Bldg 4. Now it should be noted that when I called to make the reservation I did book the 'cheapest room' they had; which was $189 per night (not really cheap). Hmmm..what to say about the room? The decor is cute, kinda cool. There was a bit of a musty smell, but that may be because we are next to the water and the balcony was right above the pool? I'm not sure. But the room seemed clean. Um, the location of the room was undesirable. The building is right next to the fence that separates the hotel property from the road and the docks. It was noisy. About every 30 minutes some really loud steaming hissing noise that lasted about 30-45 seconds would happen. And I could hear the noise from the pumps or something from the pool. I know I wanted the cheapest room, but for the price I still expected more. The next day I had planned to use the room to dress and get ready for my wedding day. In the morning (at 9:30), I went to the front desk to ask that housekeeping clean my room before noon. I was on my way to my hair appt and I would be back by noon. I let them know I was getting ready for my wedding and my photographer and make up person would be there by 1pm and we would be taking pictures in the room so I needed it spotless. The woman was very nice and assured me that it would be done. I got back from my hair appt late, 12:40, the room was still not cleaned at all! I only had 15 minutes to do the few things I was supposed to do before people started showing up and the room was still dirty?? I had no time to call to request housekeeping, again, so I had to clean it and make the beds myself! Housekeeping did not show up until 3:30pm and then they kept coming back every 15minutes even though I had late check out and we told them they weren't needed.

    As I said, I had booked a second, nicer room, for the wedding night. So at 3pm I went to check into the new room. It was on the 5th floor in Bldg 1, across the entire hotel from the Bldg 4. This room was pretty nice. High vaulted ceilings, no musty smell, nice and big and a gorgeous amazing view! I could see across the water my wedding being set up! Oh, and right below our balcony we could see a ceremony space set up for a wedding going on at the hotel. It looked very pretty. Anyhow, I still had to get finish getting ready in the first room. We were running late, of course. So, I needed to get my things and overnight bag to the new room from the old room. We called the front desk and requested a bellhop to please come and take these things to the new room for me; we were all late and still had a lot to do to finish getting ready. A half an hour later we called again. A half an hour after that no one had shown up yet!! (1 hour!)  So, my 8 months pregnant bridesmaid had to run across the entire parking lot with my bags to the new room! Then, the check out line was too long so we opted to do this over the phone while we were driving to the ceremony. It took about 15 minutes to get someone to actually help us with that. We were transferred 4 times. Why? I have no idea.

    The experience when you first check in is great but it seems communication and follow through are a problem here. Just hope you don't need anything after you check in or you'll likely be out of luck.

    I will say that after filling out the survey and conveying my dissatisfaction, I was contacted by email by the general manager. She apologized for the poor experience and offered the chance to 'make it up'. I am hoping that I can update my review to a more favorable rating in the future. Either way, I will post an update and the outcome.

    21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    93. Kate L.
    I am not sure why there are a bunch of 4 and 5 star reviews for this hotel.

    The location is really not great for being in downtown Long Beach.  I generally stay at the AVIA were everything is in walking distance and it is easy to find.  If I had not lived in Long Beach for 4 months, I am positive I would have gotten lost finding the hotel!

    Good thing though, there is a free shuttle that runs from the hotel to different spots in downtown.  I think that the shuttle stops at midnight, so at that point, a cab ride back would probably be fairly cheap.

    The room itself was decent.  It had been recently renovated however the air conditioning unit was horrible.  The room never really got cool, and when it clicked on, it sounded like a 747 was taking off.

    I probably won't stay here again, just spend the extra money for the AVIA.

    11/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    94. Sarah E.
    Came back here with another group of friends for dinner at the Fuego restaurant and definitely NOT disappointed!  I had a seafood dish which I would rate a 4/5 because it was fresh, delicious, but could be a bit more creative.  For dessert, we literally ordered everything and shared.  I can't remember everything we ordered, but I recall flan and ice cream, - point is - they were all GOOD :P  No complaints from anyone :)

    We had really good service for a group of about 10 and the waiters were very helpful in our selection of food/drinks.  We enjoyed a nice long full course dinner and enjoyed the attentiveness of the waiters without the annoyance of feeling rushed.  Some places make you feel like you need to eat and leave to make room for others, especially on crowded weekend nights.  

    Great food and service, try it before the secret is out & reservations will be impossible!

    19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Rio S.
    Great staff, enjoyed working with everyone there. Was very responsive to our needs for the weddings we've done. The place is very clean and you get the taste of paradise when there. I recommend this place for your wedding or any other special event. Enjoy your visit if you haven't been there yet.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Darnell H.
    Loved the Maya.  My wife and I booked a cruise and park package, and we couldn't have been happier with our stay here.  We were upgraded to a bay view balcony room, and the view over the harbor is fantastic.  Saturday night before our cruise, we spent a fantastic 5 hours in the hotel bar and restaurant called Fuego, sitting outside in the warm evening, watching the sunset over the Pacific, drinking excellent cocktails poured by friendly bartenders, and eating a fine dinner of spanish/mexican influenced food.  The entire staff at the Maya made us feel welcome and they appeared to be genuinely concerned that we had a fantastic experience.  Great job by the entire staff and management team...could not have been better!

    17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Carrie B.
    We really liked it. Cool atmosphere. Felt the room was clean. Heated pool with outside bar. Nice balcony off our room. Good room amenities with iPod player and kurog coffee maker. Since it a doubletree hotel u get the warm cookie at check in (just wish there was no nuts). Cons - as a guest it's $17 for parking. Would have been nice if they include it in the room charge. Close walking distance to the queen Mary and carnival cruise ports. Besides the queen Mary it is the closest hotel.

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Alex V.
    My husband chose to go to this hotel because we got a great deal on Travelzoo.com . The staff was great, everyone was very friendly however, there was a few things I didnt like about the hotel. #1 as soon as we opened the door at our room located in building 3, room smelled very dingy! The carpet wasn't cleaned, there was a pill and some plastic garbage sitting there, the room had no heater/AC so at night it was very cold. #2. The couch in our room was stained..ew! #3. The door is paper thin thick, you can hear everything going on outside. There was a cat that wouldn't shut up all night, drunk people that must've been hanging out outside our door. Things that I did like: The amazing doubletree cookies, the little convenience store near the lobby and the bike rental. I wouldn't return.

    28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    99. Kenneth F.
    Great place to sit and have cocktails with friends. Wonderful view of Long Beach and one of the few places on the water.
    Staff is very friendly and helpful.

    18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. faeren a.
    We had a great time at the Maya.  

    -Check in was easy.  
    -The room was a good price with $100 credit at the fab Fuego.  
    -The bed was just right.  
    -The pool is on the small side, but there weren't very many people so it was fine (seems like it would get crowded on busy weekends).  
    -We dug the decor...colorful but not overly kitsch.  

    My only problems were the location and parking fee.  
    1) We got lost getting there and we had 2 friends visit...both of whom got lost.  Believe their website when it says that many GPS directions are wrong.  
    2) The $15 a day parking fee seems excessive/petty for the prices of the rooms.  Does any guest NOT park there?  Just include it in the price of the room.

    Overall, we had a great 2 nights and loved the restaurant (reviewed separately).

    18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Gianna R.
    We haven't stayed here yet but after visiting it this weekend I can tell you that the hotel is beautiful and the staff is very friendly its a very modern pretty hotel that kinda makes you think you stepped out of la...

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Jeff H.
    Great spot weird location.

    Stayed there for business and GPS took me through the ticketed parking lot of the Queen Mary to get there.  Once I found it it is a gem, Great parking, lobby, people were still loud & happy at 11pm on a Wednesday.  Room was nice, well appointed, stylish, and there was a ground floor open balcony that opened up to the Harbor and some giant umbrella structure with twinkly lights (humboldt visitors, get this room) and a fire pit.  Bed was spectacular.  
    Played hookey Friday for the Grand Prix and the Shuttle took me right to the action, saving my $40 and the trouble and picked me up with literally no wait at all.  I did stop at the bar late thursday for a nitecap and although it was dead dead, it had a beautiful view, and they said it really humms on the weekend.

    If you can find it, the Maya is a great spot.

    17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. adeara b.
    My first visit...I will go back. Nice decor, rich colors, nice restrooms and very clean.  The restaurant is pricey and the music is wrong for the money, theme and atmosphere.  PLEASE no more sad song from the 80's and no hard rock!  The service for food at the pool bar was 2 to 4 hour wait so order early.  With those things fixed I would give a 5 star.

    06/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Karynne R.
    Had an absolutely wonderful stay here for Valentine's Weekend last month!  Got an AWESOME deal with Priceline for $55.00 a night!!!

    The property was just beautiful... and the staff was very friendly and accommodating.  The bed was very comfortable too!  The view was fabulous!

    The only reason I rated it 4 out of 5 stars was because I had called them prior to our visit to request something and they were very rude on the phone.  The bathroom sliding "door" does not close all the way and there was a gap-- so that was a bit uncomfortable, and the walls seemed pretty thin and it was quite noisy in the morning.  

    All in all I wouldn't mind staying there again!

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Bette S.
    I have stayed at this hotel twice and both times were wonderful. The location is beautiful -- right on the water close to the Queen Mary.  

    The rooms are beautiful, the restaurant is very good (Duke was especially great) the pool and floating cabanas are cool. The hotel is clean, relaxed and mellow.  The sheets are incredibly soft and they have great blow dryers! The people at the front desk are professional and courteous.  

    This hotel recently changed owners and I consequently had a problem customer service.  I have contacted customer service THREE times via telephone and email with a very simple and specific question and still no one has returned my call.  This is disappointing. Were it not for this I would have given 4 stars.

    26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. David A.
    I won this hotel on a bid from priceline at a very reasonable price and was instantly taken away by pictures of the property.

    Like the experience of-a-yelper, it is near impossible to drive to Hotel Maya on the first pass. Rather than be upset, view it as a rite of passage to this chic (on the border of boutique) hotel.

    Upon check in, delicious and fragrantly warm cookies were handed to us along with the room key. While I entertained the idea of feigning another check in to procure some additional cookies, I decided not to in the end. But the cookies are awesome.

    Our first room was in the tower nearby the road (South Harbor Scenic Dr) and overlooking the swimming pool. While the room looked awesome, I was hearing a bit too much noise for my taste as pretty much each visitor to the Queen Mary drove right next to the window. I called the front desk about changing rooms and we moved to a quieter location on the bottom floor. Still it took about 30 minutes for someone to come with our new keys, so customer service fell a little short there.

    All in all, it is a beautiful place and I would return for a getaway or if visiting the Queen Mary and/or Waterfront area.

    * An easy walk across the Queensway Bridge to the waterfront area of Long Beach
    * The cookies
    * Nobody kicked us out of the hot tub after hours
    *Great ambiance with nice landscaping and view
    *Cool looking restaurant (although we did not partake)

    * Customer service fell a little short
    * Parking was not included (at least when bought on Priceline)

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Dwayne F.
    Went here on family vacation. Upgraded room with a view. Mistake ... room with view was not really a good view. Hotel was booked and could not change rooms. Parking totally sucked ... we found out a wedding was going on and parking was nil. The room was ok nothing even special and the room felt humid or musty smell. The amount of money we could of found a much nicer place with out the headaches. The best part about this trip is the cookie they gave you when you checked in. OK not worth the $. Check out they wanted to charge me for parking. I asked to talk to the manager and i was in good mood turning to bad really quick. I just explained i am not paying for parking period. I have no problem paying for parking if parking was available. Rating a 3 and should be more like a 2. Also it was noisy like i said wedding was going on and full hotel.

    03/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    108. Hanieh A.
    Contemporary design, great outdoor lounge and restaurant,Hooka lounge on Fridays and Saturdays nights .

    02/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. N R.
    You want a staycation that is not so far away from Hollywood? Well, look no further. Hotel Maya is located in Long Beach by the Queen Mary and is only minutes away from LA proper.

    It is a modern and chic hotel that has staff that provides great service.

    The grounds are beautifully kept and maintained. The pool is gorgeous! A great place to relax, order a cold beverage and catch some rays. They also have a nice hot tub not to far away from the pool which is always nice to know they have around.

    They have a restaurant/bar/lounge called Fuego which served reallyl good drinks and appetizers. Price is reasonable and won't break the bank.

    If you don't want to spend all your time and money at the hotel grounds - you can easily drive to down town Long Beach to experience other restaurants and bars which is just about 10 minute drive from the hotel location.

    I don't re-call if I paid to park at the hotel. But if I did I am sure it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg.

    Overall experience was great. A good place to know if you are sick and would like a break away from LA without having to go too far.

    19/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Nadean D.
    We decided to head out of the nasty LA heat wave this past weekend - as a Hilton Diamond member, first checked Hilton at Huntington Beach.  The $400 per night immediately sent me fleeing!  When I saw this property for $110/night, I grabbed it and oh so glad I did!  I had been here a few years back for a luncheon (before it was a DoubleTree property) so I knew the exact location.  The rooms are spacious, clean, well-lit and with Keurig coffee makers. The pool isn't huge but the attendants were constantly replacing towels and walking through the lounge chairs checking on guests comfort.  With the turnover at the pools there were plenty of lounges.  This is now our go-to place when looking for a local, quick getaway!!!

    01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. Tom B.
    Finding this hotel is a bit cumbersome but once you're here you should enjoy it...a unique Doubletree (taken over from some other chain), it has a beautiful setting right on the water near the Queen Mary (if you have a water view room you should be able to see the lit up ship and the lights of the Harbor at night), the tiki motif is cute and the rooms airy and pleasant. A tasty buffet at the restaurant makes for a good morning, and they give you free LA Times and Wall Street Journals as well as the usual USA Today.  The pleasant staff is a plus too.

    27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    112. Chadej J.
    I attended an event at this hotel, and had an opportunity to attend a party in one of the rooms.  The staff was very friendly and super accommodating.  The grounds are well maintained, but seemed a bit disjointed.  The buildings aren't connected, so a guest could easily get lost. As for the room, it was clean, sufficiently decorated, quite spacious, but the walls are super thin.  A nice plus is all of the rooms come with a patio, and the ones on the backside overlook the Queen Mary and downtown Long Beach.  There is also outdoor seating, and fire pits that are often used to roast Marshmallows/Smores.  Lastly there is a small pier with a bench if you're a water lover like me.  The only complaint is the hotel can be a bit hard to find unless you have GPS.  Parking is not complimentary for guests, so if you're expecting guests, please make them aware of the cost for parking. There is no street parking in the area.

    20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Josh D.
    Sunday afternoon into a Monday. Wanted to take my girl and our three kids on a mini vacation. Great location to walk to local stuff and close to the Long Beach aquarium. Room was only $110 bucks plus tax per night.

    Upon arrival we noticed it was in kind of a weird location, but we found the hotel after a few minutes. Beautiful location. Upon check in not only did they upgrade us to an ocean view mini-suite for free, but they brought us fresh hot cookies. Kids loved them.

    The hotel grounds were perfect. Something you would expect to pay $500 a night for. The beds were fluffy, soft, nice. The room was nice. The view from our room was VERY nice.

    I have nothing but positive things to say about this hotel. I will be returning in the future. Everyone who worked at the hotel was so friendly, it just topped off how nice everything else was.

    If your in Los Angeles or Santa Clarita and want a quick getaway to a Hawaiian style hotel this is the place.

    Only thing negative I can say.... The room service sucked. Overpriced, got our order wrong, and didn't taste good. Do not order room service -- Just go out and check out the property and close by local stuff. If you wanna stay at the hotel eat at their restaurant "Fuego".

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Derek W.
    My wife and I cruise out of Long Beach at least 1 time per year, we are in our mid thirties and typically stay in 4 star or better hotels when we travel and as a travel agent I tend to be pretty picky.
    Last year we stayed at the Queen Mary and without going into a "Queen Mary Review" I'll just say that it was a disaster.
    This year there were 5 of us traveling and staying in 2 rooms pre cruise, we decided on the Hotel Maya because of its proximity to the cruise terminal, there is a Long Beach red line stop on property for free rides to the mall, Shorline Village and the Aquarium and a free van ride to the cruise terminal.
    We arrived late evening to a very friendly and helpful front desk clerk, we got into our rooms and were very pleased with the view and cleanliness.
    We ordered room service food for dinner that was very good and prompt then got a great nights sleep. In the morning all 5 of us went to breakfast at Fuego in the lobby and had a great breakfast on the patio with an incredible view. Try the chorizo, it was great!
    It was a great stay for about the same price as the Queen Mary with more going for it.
    We will be back.

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Arthur D.
    Currently staying at the Hotel Maya by Doubletree and relaxing on the balcony of this beautiful Friday morning before our cruise to Mexico.

    What a great hotel!  It was just recently remodeled and rebranded as a Doubletree November of last year and it still looks very nice and new.  Arrived very late last night after a long drive from the Bay Area.  The front desk was very courteous and assigned us a waterview room in building 4 (room 4208), which has a view of the Queen Mary, Carnival Paradise, and the docks for private boats and the swimming pool.  The room was exquisitely clean and very chic looking, designed in a paradise central american rain jungle style.  New furniture, Keurig coffee maker, WiFi and ethernet data line, flat panel TV, tiled shower, and warm brown tones adorn the room.  Had a very nice sleep that night.

    In the morning, due to my HHonors Platinum VIP, I was given 4 breakfast buffet vouchers at the hotel's restaurant, Fuego.  Buffet consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, ham steaks, oatmeal, cereal, pastries and breads, fruit, and unlimited OJ, coffee, apple juice, and milk.  It was very good and service by the restaurant staff was excellent.

    The grounds are beautiful and well maintained.  Numerous public areas with ample seating and fire pits for socializing  Pool area had plenty of ample lounge chairs and the fool was very nice, although was not able to use due to our short amount of time here.  Even has a hot tub, and I so do wish I was able to use that!  There are also basketball, beach volleyball, and bocce ball courts, and you can rent a bike for $25 all day as well!

    We will be checking out soon for the free shuttle to the cruise ship port, which looks like it's only a mile away.

    The only cons I can think of is the location of the hotel, more in the sense of trying to get there.  It is sort of confusing where you have to go through 3 automatic gates to get to the hotel.  Even with GPS I had to be very careful not to miss any turns.

    This is a hotel I will DEFINITELY was to come back to again when we are in the Long Beach area.  Hopefully I can enjoy the facilities much more next time!

    08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    116. Syniah M.
    Mini-Vacation in the LB-Yay!

    So keep in mind that I won a 2 night stay from an online auction and so I didn't pay full price- something like $200 per night. Would I pay $200 a night for this hotel? Hhmmm... if it was located on a beach I could actually swim in with crystal blue water and white sand...YES! Otherwise, $200 is a little pricey. Nonetheless, we truly enjoyed our 2 night stay here. The reception area is welcoming and modern in a nouveau Latino kind of way. The staff was great and let us have free, warm, delicious cookies every morning and NOT just when we checked in. If that's not great customer service then I don't know what is! The room was cute, nicely remodeled, and had a glorious view of the bay and Long Beach skyline.

    We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Fuego but I was a little disappointed with their lack of vegetarian options (yes, I'm one of those). Wishing not to starve that night, I switched to pescatarian mode (which I'm sure will appall any hard-core vegetarian reading this)  and  opted for the shrimp and crepe-YUMMY! The shrimp cocktail was pretty good too.

    All in all, it was a great stay and a great hotel. And it helped that we didn't pay full price.

    07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Kimberly R.
    This hotel is quite a hidden treasure. The grounds are gorgeus.Decor is updated. Cool touches everywhere. It is right on the water, beautiful walking/running path along the water and next to the Queen Mary. Harbour with boats docked outside and across the water.

    We had a water view room: lovely. The spa and pool area are nice. Spa is tucked away: quite romantic. Lots of tucked away nooks and crannies indoor and outdoor  to have a drink, chat, whatever... several outdoor fire pits... Lots of amenities. Walk to downtown Long Beach or there is a free shuttle. The aquarium is just over the bridge. Easy walk - I would take the shuttle if you have kids though....

    The only down side on my visit was the restaurant.  I have to say that I did complain..... and the restaurant manager was quite impressive. He brought a bottle of wine to my room himseft: was quite gracious and professional. I would try the restaurant again at my next visit becasue of him... . It has an awsome view on the patio, heaters, firepit... Total ambience... Romantic!  So, just know what you are getting.... You are getting ambience. Jury is still out reagarding the restaurant till my next visit....

    09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    118. Adriana R.
    Stayed here last 2 nights with a friend for her birthday, to celebrate 4th of July and see the Queen Mary fireworks. I love the quirkiness of the hotel and its Mayan interior style, however it gets 3 stars from me because in order to be on the premises for 4th of July you had to have a wristband and while at the pool they didn't allow you to walk out with drinks that you bought at the pool bar (silly? yes i think so too). However it has a great view for the fireworks, and the pool was clean and quaint.

    05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    119. Angie G.
    Hotel Maya is very reminiscent of a Hawaain resort.  It has a very laid back vibe with modern/contemporary decor.  It is a great "locals" spot!  My review is soley based on my experiences at FUEGO, the restaurant/bar right on the water.  We started going there a couple of months ago for the HOOKAH LOUNGE.  This was my first experience with HOOKAH and after going to FUEGO, I will not be going anywhere else for that....ever!!!  ASH is the hookah server.  He is so nice, personable, attentive and just an all around great guy!  The restaurant staff are also very nice and attentive.  We have had some of the food items like chips/salsa/guacamole and the hamburger.  Also ask for the "bread with dipping oil"...it is to die for!!!
    We hadn't been there for about a month and yesterday, out of the blue, ASH called and left my boyfriend a voicemail saying hello and it's been a while since he had seen us.  I was going to suggest hookah that same night anyway to my boyfriend, but since ASH called us, we definately wanted to go!  They also have a very cool private cabana that you can call ahead of time to reserve...but chances are it won't be available because my boyfriend and I will be occupying it!

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Lily L.
    I LOVE the decor and ambiance of the entire hotel: from the enormous wooden plate that's a swivel lobby door, to the fuschia highlights on the windows that shines through a luminescent pink against the walls, the Mayan arts influenced furniture and wall decors, the pink stones in the potted plants in the outdoors hallway, the other random fuschia accents on the buildings, and of course the marina view from the hotel room. The customer service was very friendly and helpful as expected. The only downside is that the hotel is a bit confusing to get to since it's secluded with the Marriot nearby on its own little strip of road next to the marina. And although pricier than your average hotel (of course since it's right next to the water), it's not so pricey compared to others around of the same standard and level.

    26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Adrinna B.
    My husband and I got a Travelzoo deal and went to Hotel Maya for three days two nights for our anniversary. We were not disappointed. Started with a free chocolate cookie for each of us upon check in, and went from there.  It's a super-chic little place, with many spaces that you can relax in, read, chat, or just take in the view of the harbor.  Our room was a harbor view room overlooking the pool, and was tastefully decorated. The bed was pretty comfy and we had our own deck to hang out on. We could see the Queen Mary from our room, which was pretty cool.  In the evening we went to the Hotel restaurant, which had some good veggie options, and was good. Afterward we walked around the property and hung out at the fire pits which were very romantic and perfect on a cold December evening. During the day we visited Downtown, and there is a free shuttle that will take you from the hotel to Downtown which was really nice. Overall a great little place that made our anniversary very special.

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. tony z.
    First the downside, which for me was actually an upside: it's very near to the docks... at night the not so distant slamming of containers may keep you up. Me? Put me to sleep like a baby. Not much around here... the QM yes, the Reefs restaurant, but not much else. You can walk to downtown Long Beach though in like 10-15 minutes max.

    Upside: the decor is really cool. The rooms spacious, clean and well appointed. The beds were super comfy. Restaurant food was very good. Breakfast buffet was decent, the coffee quite good, the views from the dining terrace are 5 star.

    The pool area is really neat, and it's really a lap pool but the kids can have fun nonetheless.

    I would suggest the mgmt needs a bit better grounds security at night... our kids saw some sketchy character smoking something in the pool bathroom, and some other 'locals' who didn't look like guests messing up the pool a bit.

    Bottom line, we'd go back again. Very convenient for Long Beach Gran Prix.

    17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. Pat F.
    First of all, its RARE that I review hotels being the big foodie that I am... However, if you're looking for a place to stay in the Long Beach area, give this place a try! Being a Doubletree/Hilton affiliated Hotel, we were skeptical about staying here but it was located very close to where we had to go the following day. Let me tell you something. This was one of the nicest places we've stayed at. It's location is literally within a 1/4 mile from the Queen Mary! We had a bayside view looking across the water to the newly developed Long Beach waterfront! Their breakfast buffet was delicious! We were only there for an overnight stay checking in at 10:30pm and checking out at 8:00am, but wish were were able to enjoy many more of the hotel's amenities and proximity to the Long Beach tourist attractions. We will return back without a doubt to stay at Hotel Maya!!!

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Corey D.
    Great view of the bay. Room was big and spacious. Bed was wonderful. Blacony had a view of the bay and of the Queen Mary. Wasnt too packed, was nice and relaxing.

    18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Deena I.
    Let me get this out of my system first: this place is my new favorite hotel!

    This was my first visit to Long Beach, CA. We chose this hotel last minute over the Queen Mary Hotel, and boy am I glad we did!

    Despite it being extremely difficult to locate, the hotel is in a secluded area with a lot of charm. Everything about this hotel is charming and adorable. Obviously from the name of the hotel, the whole place is Mayan-themed from the hotel lobby to the room number signs to the bathroom.

    The check-in process was smooth. There were plenty of employees at the front desk, so no line to wait in. All of the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. Since it is a Hilton operated Double Tree hotel, we got the famous "The Cookie" upon check in. The cookies were still warm - I think it's such a great touch to your arrival at the hotel!

    We were in building 2 which was just to the right of the lobby building. I was surprised and excited to find out we were upgraded to a water view room with a patio. Our room was very spacious with adorable interior decorations. Every little thing in the room had the Mayan touch, which I found very creative. Our room faced the water, an absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous view, and conveniently by the Fuego grill & bar. After enjoying our warm cookies on the patio, we went down to Fuego to have appetizers and drinks. Their signature margarita was delicious, the fish tacos we had were also great. Our waitress was very friendly - we ended up having her during dinner also, it was great!

    After a nap and a trip up to Redondo Beach, we went back to Fuego for dinner. My meal (chicken breast w/chorizo risotto) wasn't good at all unfortunately, but my companion's carnitas were awesome! The home made guac was also delicious; it seemed like everyone there had a plate of it with chips.

    The parking is self-parking, $15 per night with free in and out privileges. Fairly reasonable.

    This isn't the Ritz or a Waldorf, but most definitely one of the most creative and charming hotels I've stayed at (and trust me, I've stayed at a lot of them). I'll definitely be back here if the chance arises and will be recommending it to friends!

    08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Catherine M.
    I had such a great time at the Hotel Maya. I honestly felt myself glowing and smiling the whole time. It being my vacation was probably the main reason why I was so excited but I truly felt like I was at a resort. I felt everywhere I turned there was another nook that offered a comfortable place to relax.

    I absolutely loved the landscape architecture, the architecture of the buildings, and the interior design of the rooms and other spaces. Can you tell by the amount of photos I posted?

    I stayed in a room with a king size bed, balcony & view of the bay. I loved the details of everything from the wallpaper in the bathroom, to the stones on the headboard, to the artwork on the walls, to the ipod stereo. In fact, on my way home I made a stop at Gilroy and bought the very same entertainment device.

    My favorite area was the pool area. There were plenty of lounge chairs & tables perfect for hanging out with friends for the day. I enjoyed the cabanas or "mini lounges" as I like to call them, which had lounge chairs, and a table surrounded with huge drapes for slight privacy. They were across from the pool and you would walk through a shallow area of water to get to it. At the end of the row of these was a hot tub which unfortunately was not hot. =( Though it was disappointing I resorted to the pool which was a fine substitute because it was heated. There were also a couple of showers outside near the pool area as well inside a private bathroom. My regrets with the pool area are: not checking it out sooner & realizing it was way nicer than the dirty beach, and not saying anything to staff about the hot tub.

    Though there were little things I wish could be improved, they were minute in comparison to everything that was offered. The gazebo, garden, and lobby were also pretty.

    Yes I would definitely stay here again and recommend this place to others. The service was great and whenever I had a question/issue everyone was so helpful & friendly.  Definitely check out the website.

    13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Matt H.
    It really is a lovely looking hotel, they spent a lot on a recent renovation to make it look good, if only they had spent what was required to upgrade the important things, the place would be lovely.  The location is great as well.  Across the bay from the heart of Long Beach, there is a great view of the skyline without all the hustle and bustle of the down town area.

    But my problems started with trying to make a reservation.  Sites like Expedia are great, but I always prefer to book direct, I think it is better for me, and better for the hotel.  Well, the hotel's reservation line was 'busy,' so I left a message and never received a call back.  Later in the day, I checked on line and called the Joie de Vivre group booking line.  In spite of the claim of the "Best available rates guaranteed when you book here", the internet rates were quite a bit higher than Expedia's and over the phone I was very curtly told that they could not, or would not, match Expedia's price, so I booked through them.  Of course, this was after waiting on hold for 20 minutes to speak to one of the Joie de Vivre agents.

    On arrival, I was given a room with 2 queens instead of a king for my fiancée and I.  Once again, the staff was unable or unwilling to move me to a room with a king bed.  Once inside the room and already ready for bed, I discovered that the air conditioning was anemic at best.  Running on high all night, I felt like we were in the Queen Mary's engine room across the bay.  It was loud and never cooled the room even to the pleasant temperature of the outside air.  We hoped to get a restful night's sleep, but that was impossible with the stifling air.

    The final shock came at daybreak, when the rising sun bathed our room in light which could not be blocked out.  Our east facing room had 2 banks of windows, the lower with shutters, but the upper naked to the sky.  So we got a 6:00 wake up call, though we did not want one.  The blazing sun accompanied the hot air which the air conditioning never managed to cool.

    Adding insult to injury, at checkout I asked if anyone had stayed in that room and if they had complained about the air conditioning.  With a cavalier attitude attuned with a hotel that doesn't rely on repeat guests, I was told that they did an amazing job with the renovation, but left the old air conditioning units in place.  No real concern, no attempt to turn a customer's opinion around, I was given virtually a shrug as I walked out.  I left the hotel into a lovely July day, the morning temperature quite a bit cooler than the room's.

    20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    128. Kylee M.
    Excellent, excellent place for the price. The decor and service were great.

    The location is not ideal if you are working at the convention center. The free busses are advertised as running every 10 to 15 minutes, but in actuality, it's 15 to 20 minutes during the day and less frequent at night and early mornings.

    I would absolutely stay there again, even working at the convention center.

    17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Chris P.
    What a gem of a hotel!  Arturo at the front desk had me at "hello."  More precisely, when he was able to hustle up a room for us at the last second in a moment of panic as we realized we'd actually booked for the following weekend, I was won.  Did I mention that this happened to be the weekend of the Long Beach Marathon when most of the city is booked up?  So huge plus there.  The bell staff was also fantastic and very helpful.

    The rooms and grounds are well kept, and I'm utterly wild for the mid-century Mayan vibe.  Our room was pristine, large, well-appointed, and super cute.  The in-room media dock lets you connect just about any device to the television or bedside speakers.  It didn't hurt that we were on the ground floor with a view of the lagoon and a patio.

    While we were only in for the evening and barely had a chance to sample all the property had to offer, I am absolutely in love with the pool and location.  You get the feel of being in a tropical resort right on the beach because of the hotel's layout and proximity to the lagoon.  The next time hubby and I need an easy weekend getaway from L.A., this will be our new go-to.

    09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Cliff R.
    Nice hotel.  A little bit dated.  But this is Maya decor in 2012.  So what's dated?  Great views.  A nice Restuarant.  If you sit outside the view is spectacular.  Long Beach and the Queen Mary over a calm harbor view.  I just cannot complain about the accommodations.

    It is a little hike to other restaurants and attractions.  But if you have a car, this is a great place to base your sightseeing from.

    No complaints!

    09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Justine M.
    Overall, I was not impressed by the Hotel Maya. I stayed here the night before my wedding on the carnival cruise ship. I stayed at The Westin in Long Beach the night before that. Hands down, my experience at the Westin was far more superior.
    I had a welcome reception scheduled in the Maya restaurant reserved that afternoon at 3. I asked for early check in ahead of time and was told I'd have to call back the morning of. I called twice that day and was told that I would not be able to check in early. It seemed like they couldn't have cared less that I was brining a very large group, 60+ people, to their restaurant that evening, they were not going to go out of their way for me.
    I ended up getting my room at 2:30, enough time to run to my room and unload the car MYSELF (where were the baggage guys!?)and back to the restaurant. The carpet in the room was red and just seemed gross. The door to the bathroom was a joke. Absolutely no privacy, you could see right through it since it is glass and you could see right around the sides because it was a slider. The view from our balcony was nice, I'll give it that, but the decor overall was not my cup of tea. My friends and I were up early getting ready for the wedding and house keeping tried to come in and clean the room, it wasn't even 9 am! The service at the restaurant was atrocious, but that's a whole separate review.
    I left my car at the hotel for 7 days while I cruised. My mother in law checked my keys into the front desk due to another chaotic situation and left specific instructions for the hotel staff and told them I'd be there to pick them up in one week. Well when I went to pick them up they were no where to be found! Just what you need 350 miles from home. After 25 minutes and several phone calls they were found in some random employees box in an envelope that had very explicit instructions for it to be placed in "Liz's box". Apparently the other staff members can't read or listen since that is not where they were. If I return to Long Beach I will stay at the Westin where my car was valeted, my car was unloaded by the attendants, luggage brought to my room and set up on the suitcase stands! And then he took it all back to the car when we checked out. Sick part is I paid $150 for my room at the Westin and a whopping $300 for my room at the Maya!

    19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    132. Becky Q.
    It's a really beautiful setting with very helpful and friendly staff that will go above and beyond to make your stay at the hotel a special one.

    22/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. GMoney N.
    This is the email that was sent.. this is only the FIRST part of my hotel experience with them. i was still dealing with the hotel 10 days after i departed. Trying with no success to retrieve left behind items, that magically disappeared the day after i departed i called and spoke to the HOUSEKEEPING /lost and found. STEP IT UP MAYA!
    Greg is the Manger, he took care of me. listened to my problems and resolved them thank you  Greg.

    To: Kristi Allen
    General Manager

    This email is to let you know that I am very unhappy with my recent stay at The Maya.  My fiancé and I had reservations for September 2nd - 3rd.  We arrived on Sunday an hour after check-in time and were promised that our room would be ready within 10 minutes and they'd call us; we ended up waiting over 30 minutes and we ourselves had to remind them before we were taken to a room.  As soon as we got in our room we noticed it was really stuffy inside, but we decided to wait a few minutes for the room to cool.  We had planned to spend a romantic dinner that night at Fuego and while my fiancé was getting ready in the bathroom she saw two cockroaches on the ceiling.  She called me and I managed to trap one of them in a bathroom cup.  We called the front desk and they said they'd send someone.  We decided to leave and didn't even go to the restaurant because we were so disgusted.  Downstairs we let the employee at the front desk know that we wouldn't be in the room and also told him that our air conditioner was still not working.  This employee was very rude and treated our complaints with little concern.  When I informed him that the roach I trapped had escaped before we left the room his response was, " so did it just grow superpowers?" This smart alack remark was unnecessary (as if a cockroach slipping through cracks is unheard of) and I felt like he was accusing me of making the whole thing up; he said it must have been water bugs ( like that would have been any better) and just treated the matter very indifferently.  He never followed us up with any information about the roaches or the air conditioner (we ended up sleeping with the screen door open).  The next day we decided to just brush it off and enjoy our last morning there.  We to the pool and noticed the beautiful cabanas.  We saw a sign that said "cabana rentals on weekends" and there was no sign making exceptions for the labor day holiday so we sat there believing it was free.  We went to get drinks at the bar.  Immediately after ordering the bartender said he couldn't make it because he was out of one the ingredients, which was ridiculous since it was still morning.  We ordered chips and salsa and he said he would have to go back to the kitchen(he didn't even have he most basic hint on the menu) and he said he'd bring it to us.  When we told him we were at the cabanas he told us we had to pay  for them.  We told him there was no sign that said we had to pay and he spoke to us like we were idiots, saying "there is a sign, look again", and pretty much told us to leave the cabana and made us feel very unwelcome.  So we left and since there were no more shady places left to sit and we were already pretty upset, we decided to get our money back for the chips and salsa.  He had already been gone over 10 minutes and when he came back (and he still didn't have the chips yet) I told him I wanted a refund.  He said he couldn't do it and only gave me my money back after I asked to see the manager and he spoke to him.  Overall I am very disappointed with my experience here.  This was supposed to be a relaxing getaway celebrating my engagement, but I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone.  I cannot believe this hotel is part of the Hilton chain.  The service, the rooms, everything was a disappointment. I would hate to relate my experiences to trip TripAdvisor  Yelp or any website without informing you . Please contact me as soon as possible.

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    134. Anthony T.
    I came here for a wedding a few weeks ago and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk was I blown away. This hotel was all kinds of sweet with its modern chic design.  And this was only the front of the hotel. I walked to the back area and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk was I blown away again. Right smack dab on the water and across the way was the Downtown Long Beach skyline. I was like "Fuuuuuuuuuuck." and then I saw the hotel patios and kinda caught a glimpse of the inside and was like "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" again.

    The only complaint: the place is like a fucking maze on the inside. I coulda sworn I was stuck in this weird labyrinth of halls where I'm pretty sure I passed myself at least twice. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. Lisa N.
    I am giving the Hotel Maya a five star review mostly because of the service I recieved while I stayed there.
    First Bill at the fron desk greeted me in a welcoming and friendly mannor that made me feel so comfortable. I got my room and the bell hop took me to my room. My room had a awesome view of the swimming pool and part of the water. I could lay in the bed and watch the traffic on the water. I had gone to the the bar and Daniel was my bartender, I dont recall the other name of the other bartender but they were both very attentive. Daniel had to go and find my favorite wine and had no problems getting me what I wanted. His service with me was exactly what I need in a Hilton Hotel.
    The next morning i was running late and called the front desk. Francisco got my car out of Valet and brought to my room... Talk about great customer service.  I had such a great time that I will be going back there. I felt welcomed and pampered.
    Thanks so much.

    15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. nick g.
    This is for the patio/ bar area.

    The harbor lights and bridge are beautiful. The bar is classy and stylish. I was a little bummed that they stopped serving food so early (a little after 9:30).


    I loved sitting on the patio, talking to my friends. And you will too. But not with my friends. Unless you go with my friends, then you will. You should know my friends. They're good people.

    Do you want to be my friend?

    10/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. William W.
    If I were basing the review only on the location and the view: 5 stars.

    But the service: 1 star.

    The location is great, although it is a bit hard to find, we managed to drive by the hotel 3 times before finally finding the entrance. The room was nice, it was huge, had a nice bed and a great view. It did smell a bit and the Air Conditioning was horrendously loud.

    The pool was nice too.

    Now, on to the service, it was terrible from top to bottom, but here's a few highlights.

    1. There was only decaf in the room coffee bar.
    2. The maids never cleaned our room.
    3. The service in the restaurant was insanely slow.
    4. You practically had to tackle someone to get a towel at the pool.

    This could be a great hotel, but they really need to step up their service, because it's terrible.

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    138. Shereen R.
    Hubby and i decided to spend the weekend in LBC after our cruise and chose Hotel Maya for its sweeping views and proximity to the water. We had an awesome stay, to say the least.

    Our room was spacious. Full-length mirror, executive desk, decent bathroom, and a balcony with a view. Now, due to the shape of the buildings, every room comes with a view. What view you get depends on how much moola your'e willing to fork over. We had a lovely view of the main building, which actually wasn't bad because the "Hotel Maya" signage wasn't offensive to the eyes. The "coffee maker" was a single-cup Keurig machine. Different from your run-of-the-mill $10 hotel fixture. The beds and more importantly, the pillows, were uber comfy. Great for passing out on after a fun-filled, crazy day up in LA.

    Here's what we liked:
    + spacious rooms
    + shwanky cabanas by the pool
    + outdoor firepit and cozy seating
    + friendly and welcoming front desk staff

    Cannot comment on Fuego or the other amenities here (e.g., the tennis courts). But what we did get to experience, we greatly enjoyed.

    18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    139. Junior D.
    Well needed weekend getaway from Chicago and I am glad I came to Hotel Maya...

    From the moment you walk in the Lobby  you feel very comfortable and just seems very loungy and beautiful ... Very nice decor.. They didnt have a problem accomodating us when we requested to switch our room near the pool..

    The beds were super comfortable and I was really digging the IPOD radio in the room.digging the WIFI...not digging the sliding washroom door.. the gym was a tad bit small but I was the only one in there early in the morning so I can care less. And the Maintenance guys and room service ladies were nice and friendly.

    Walked right out my room and there was this beautiful pool.. and across from the pool were the floating cabanas.. which were awesome and the jacuzzi.. We had a spectacular view of the Queen Elizabeth and the grounds are very well maintained and you can pretty much take a good picture anywhere.. We did!

    The only thing I didnt like is that its not walking distance to anything and the bar is too pricey and the rude bartender that changed up the happy hour menu on us..

    Also shuttle service was provided for us to the airport for a small fee..

    28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Steve C.
    Very difficult to find and kind of outdated looking.  However, if you want a nice hotel that is close the the cruise terminal, this is it.

    01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    141. Vanessa R.
    Attention ladies looking for a wedding venue:
    Below is the quote I received from the Catering Director for a 2013 FRIDAY Wedding. To sum it up, the minimum that must be spent at this hotel is $17K, doesn't matter if you have a guest list of 50 or 150. $10K is required to book the ballroom. (Rate is before service charge & tax)
    The good is that the $17K will include the ceremony + reception rentals (tables & linen), dinner, one hour soft bar, cake, parking for your guests, and a nice view of the marina.
    The bad is that, well $17K is the minimum, so if you want to host the bar for longer than the cocktail hour, if you want to open up a cash bar, if you want to give your guests dinner options, you will have to pay more. Several other venues will include a soft bar for at least 3 hours and give your guests dinner options for the same rate. Also, "Changing Rooms are not provided."  Bummer. Oh, and just noticed, no aisle runner, no day of coordinator, no hotel usher to move seating and flowers from ceremony to reception...hmmm.
    I will be checking this place out soon and hopefully I find more positives than negatives. However, based on some of the previous reviews, I am expecting "so-so" service. As a bride; you want to be treated with SPECTACULAR customer service. Especially when you are about to drop $17K+ of your hard earned money on one night. I would love a hassle free day. But, we shall see...
    I'll update once I get more information.
    Ceremony Fee for Friday at 6pm = $1,500.00 plus 20% service charges and 8.75% tax or $1,957.50
    Ballroom Rental for Friday at 6pm = $1,500.00 plus 20% service charges and 8.75% tax or $1,957.50
    Food and Beverage Minimum for Miramar Ballroom = $10,000 plus 20% service charges and 8.75% tax or $13,050.00

    $16,965.00 Total

    08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    142. Tara H.
    I would not recommend staying here again.  We stayed one night and that one night was to long...  My husband is a Hilton Diamond Club member, so when we checked in/out, they did provided us with warm soft chocolate chip cookies, good!!!  Now hold on - I used the restroom (handicap stall) in the lobby, as I was sitting on the toilet, I looked up in the ceiling and there was NO tile there.  It was open.  You could see the pipes, wires, etc...OMG!  I felt someone was looking at me, creepy...

    Our room was suppose to be a suite, but it looked like a small standard with two double beds.  The Carpet; dirty.  The bathroom; very small, two people wouldn't be able to stand in there.  The bathroom door wouldn't lock.  Behind the toilet, the tile boards from the wall was coming off.

    Pictures sure can fool you...

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    143. John W.
    Yeah, we have all lived in the places we have lived for a while, right?  Not much new to see or do, right?  So we go to other cities and waste gas and time searching for places, right?  I'm wrong on all accounts.

    Maya Hotel was the recent CMYE location that I attended as my first CMYE ever.  The CMYE was amazing, but that is in another review.  This place was REALLY special.  I mean, I will be bringing dates here at night just to sit on the patio area and share a bottle of wine in the future... it's that good.

    There is a view at night of the bridge all lit up.  I included a pic and apologize that it's not that great of quality, but you get my idea.  It also has a great view of the Queen Marry which is like a block away.  Again. very cool at night.

    The location is a little tough to find as my GPS had me going in circles.  Just know that it is right off the Harbor Scenic Route where the little bridge passes over and behind the Reef restaurant. Follow the little road that heads toward the water for the route there.

    The staff here was fantastic - and I do mean that.  Everything was clean, spotless actually, and well put together.  It really is a cozy place to bring your SO for a night out dining under the stars or sipping wine indoors while viewing a beautiful landscape and ocean front.

    Sure, there are a few good places in LB to bring a date and see the ocean.  However, when you are ready to spend a couple extra dollars to have the mood just right and "savor the flavor", this is your go-to-spot.

    Enjoy and make sure to Yelp it.  This place deserves more stars IMO...

    06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Bruce S.
    I'd like to offer another side to the reviews, that of other professionals.  As an entertainment and production company that does hundreds of events every year, I can tell you our staff loves doing them at the Hotel Maya for two main reasons.  First, the staff is incomparable.  No matter what time of day or night, every person from the concierge to the janitor to the waitstaff is willing to help us out, point us in the right direction, give us the correct answer and if they don't know it, find out.  They are always pleasant to work with.  We have never, ever heard, "It's not my job."  The second is the setting and the grounds.  The weather is almost always perfect, particularly for outdoor events, never too hot, never too cold.  And if there is ever any down time, the views, the ocean breeze and the hotel itself offer a wonderful retreat.  We look forward to the next one...and the next...and the next...

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Chi H.
    Hotel Maya was nice when my husband and I stayed here for one night.  Like most reviewers here, I got lost 2 or 3 times, upon arrival and when going out for meals, etc. before we found our way to the hotel.  Kinda out of the way and with the roads splitting into so many directions, I could have ended up in San Pedro if I hadn't lived in Long Beach almost 10 yrs ago and could still figure things out.  I got booked here through Priceline and was hoping for the Hyatt.  I'm surprised that they're in the same category.  I've stayed at the Hyatt, a nice room with it's glorious view of the harbor, Shoreline Village and the Pike being a hop, skip, and a jump away, (literally) and no way is this Hotel Maya and the Hyatt at the same level.  At least we got a super good deal on Maya.  

    Note to self:  spend that extra money.

    Anyway, back to Maya.  The room was nice.  Originally, they were going to put us on the ground floor, but I requested for a room in a higher floor.  Ended up in 4th floor, nice!  To the reviewer below, you should have asked for a higher floor!  At check in, we received those deeeeeelicious chocolate chip cookies that were still warm. They were gone within 5 minutes after we stepped into our room.  The rooms were nice, I mean, clean and chic.  I went the cheap route and didn't want to upgrade to a bay view room, but still, we had a nice view with some obstruction.  

    To describe my stay, here is a list of positives:
    -modern, clean
    -nicely appointed
    -maid service was great
    -staff was polite
    -grounds are maintained
    -room has balcony, great for staring out into the water, especially at night
    -yummy cookie

    -the unit to turn on the heater/ac is loud as heck, we're talking OLD and rumbling.
    -the door to your room slams LOUD, and you'll hear your neighbors slamming their doors all night long (they do supply earplugs).  My husband did not sleep well.  
    -out of the way, had to drive to the Pike to pay another $8 for parking, grrrr.
    -Fuego was overpriced, but then again, it is a hotel and I guess the view is worth it, especially if you're having dinner here (we only had coffee here).

    I'm not gonna list the parking fee of $17/nt a negative because that's pretty much every hotel in the area

    I would probably stay here again, just not my first or second choice.

    28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    146. cassina Q.
    I never even knew this hotel existed!! It's pretty hidden which I liked...the views of the harbor and the city was beautiful. Everything about the decor of this place was beautiful. The couches, the lounge feel...the lighting....there was a patio that looked like that's where they would hold wedding ceremonies...beatiful view...if I was to ever get married again, it'd be here lol. The patio/bar area where the Yelp event took place also had a great view, really spacious, the staff were all pretty good, the bartender Alex was attentive...very nice.

    All around this hotel was really nice, hidden gem in LB for sure.....cool place to escape for a weekend.

    06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Christopher S.
    My husband and I enjoyed a great dinner at the restaurant at Hotel Maya. The views are spectacular and we were seated in a prime location with happy hour prices. Most of all, we were extremely impressed by the service we received from Julia J. She was always attentive to our needs and made our overall experience very enjoyable. We will most definitely return again.

    04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    148. Gabi M.
    After spending Cinco de Mayo at The Maya, I was impressed enough to book my two night stay for this past week... but perhaps I should've investigated a bit further during my initial visit.  The actual rooms are not in the main building.  They are spread out.  There are four buldings, and I was in building 1.

    Aside from being in a ground floor room (which I'm not a huge fan of), the room was nice enough.  I had a king bed, good sized desk with outlets nearby, adequate bathroom, and even a patio.  And as a bonus, The Maya threw in a roommate for me... a big fat spider!

    My first night there, I drank the two bottles of water from the mini-bar, and they were never replenished - I had to put in a special request twice more to get additional bottles of water.  The room service menu is extremely limited but I did order breakfast both mornings I was there... and both mornings, the order came wrong.  The first time my "egg white" omelette came with egg yolk.  The second morning my wheat toast arrived as white toast.  Come on guys!

    I managed a visit to the tiny gym when I was there - their two treadmills, one bike, and one elyptical machine were enough to give me the sweat I desired, but just a heads up that the fitness room is on the small side!

    Upon check-in and check-out, I didn't feel like the front desk staff was that sincere or warm.  When I told them about the spider, they barely flinched and when I requested a final bill that included my mini-bar charges, I felt like I was putting them out.  All of that being said, I will be generous as usual with my star rating and I'm going to rate the Maya three stars.  But, I'll likely stay elsewhere next visit to Long Beach.

    03/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    149. Summer B.
    We met with Doug, director of catering and event services, to view the property and learn about the menus for a perspective wedding..  The tour began congenially, we were shown the variety of ceremony sites and ballrooms.  But once we saw the venue site, Doug handed us a folder, said look this over and think about it and call me if you have any questions.  Sitting down to go over the packages was NOT an option at that point (which is what has happened at every other venue we have been to). He turned on his heels, did not bother to shake hands to say good bye, and suddenly there were were, alone on a balcony!  Certainly not a warm or friendly impression.

    07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    150. Paul P.
    I was on the 3rd floor of building 4 grouped with 3 other guys for a conference. The rooms are roomy, and the buildings are along a marina in the Long Beach harbor.

    Since we only slept in the rooms and didn't really get to enjoy all the amenities the hotel had to offer I can't really say much about it. I live fairly close to Long Beach and I have a been there, done that mentality so its hard for me to give this hotel a fair review.

    However, although I have no major complaints about this hotel I do have a couple annoyances with it.

    1. Is they charge for parking
    2. The separate buildings is a bit of an inconvenience for conference attendees as our friends end up in different buildings. It's also an inconvenience to go out of our way to check out.

    No big deal though. They still get a 4.

    12/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Jennifer H.
    It's too bad that we have to leave at least 1 star because this place...especially the hookah bar sucks! They make a habit of breaking California state law by taxing you for alcohol! That's right folks ...against the law..we can see what the ABC says about this.....then when i mentioned it to the guy he was totally defensive, told me i don't know i am talking about and proceeded to add his tip in...for a party of 2 by the way...then added tax to that!,,,  Buyer beware especially when utilizing a living Social deal...they separate all of "those people " and put you all in a special sections that's way away from everyone else...which means...the service is even worse!

    This place is a joke......nice view...from what I could see of it with the rest of the lepers....

    Do Not Go...you will be sorry...

    10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    152. J C.
    This was a very nice hotel. The rooms were very clean, very modern. The style was a little on the funky side, but really cool. Beautiful location right on the harbor in Long Beach.

    I did ding them a star though, because of the noise and light from outside the room. I was in building 4 and outside there is some kind of pump that whistles about every twenty minutes or so. Also, slamming doors in the building echoes all around and actually shakes the entire building. Sadly, a lot of people aren't too conscientious about that sort of thing. As for light, the blackout curtains are too far away from the wall to black out light from outside. This wouldn't normally be an issue but they have the hotel lit up with lights that change color every few minutes. So it was a little tough not to stare at the ceiling and watch it go from red to blue to green over and over. I finally was able to go to sleep after throwing a blanket up there and turning the fan on.

    All in all, I would definitely recommend.

    08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Stephen P.
    I booked this hotel on expedia for a romantic weekend getaway for my girlfriend and myself.

    This would've been a great hotel to murder her at, but unfortunately that was not my agenda.

    First off, $17 a day to park. I'm sorry, am I in New York? Long Beach isn't even really LA, it's notoriously the most "economical" (low-income) area in the greater Los Angeles area. Oh, also it's next to the queen mary (which isn't even a great place to get drunk anymore) and it's a real pain in the ass to get to because when you exit the parking garage you can go "downtown" (aka through a ton of construction) or you can get on the 710N which takes you exactly out of Long Beach...so why stay there?

    Second, the bell hop was a really nice guy and I feel really bad for writing this because HE AND ONLY HE was really helpful.

    Otherwise I got to the front desk and was a little put off by the $17 a day parking fee (which is posted online at the very bottom of their ad, so it's "your fault" for not seeing it). I very passive aggressively asked the guy working at the counter about the parking fee (at least I'm honest) and he was extremely rude about it.

    I get it, you work at a hotel. Enough 'tude.

    Either way, it was like every question or detail I wanted confirmation on (like how to get to my hotel room, can I smoke on the balcony, is the pool open at night) was like me stomping on his pets because he was about as friendly as I was at the end of the conversation.

    I went to the room, which was small, had an obstructed view (when I specifically requested a good view/balcony 7 days ahead of time and they said they would "surely accommodate" me on the phone). Also, it was really pretty watching them dig up sewage in the bay during my stay. Thanks City of Long Beach!

    I could honestly keep complaining for days.

    This is THE FIRST PLACE I'VE EVER CHECKED IN/CHECKED OUT. God's to honest truth. I never send food back. I never check in / check out. I just don't want hotel/restaurant karma to get at me.

    But after the poor service here I could not feel comfortable staying another minute.

    So I stayed at the Hyatt Pike (Avilla?/Aquarium Dr.) and it was much nicer, only $10 more a night, they were EXTREMELY friendly, and really understanding and helpful.


    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    154. Joe C.
    Hotel desk employees weren't nice, this hotel is too expensive for how small and boring the hotel is. Parking fee is also expensive. Nothing special here, better to stay at the Queen Mary a block away.

    08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    155. L. B.
    A few years ago, when the hotel was still The Coast Hotel, I had spent a week there in an amazing room with a balcony and a view.  The rooms were clean, well maintained, and tastefully decorated (for a hotel that is).  

    I ended up in Long Beach again and thought booking Hotel Maya was a good idea based on my previous stay at The Coast Hotel.  The hotel Maya couldnt have been more different.  My room had a balcony, that was completely obstructed with trees and was hiding the buildings very loud HVAC.  I couldnt even have the balcony door open because of the noise and while I booked a garden view as opposed to an ocean view I do not consider trees/HVAC a garden.  There really shouldnt have even been a balcony in the room.

    The room decor was tacky, dark and everything was dusty.  The carpets were dirty and the room was furnished in such cheap, dark furniture.  

    I am allergic to down so I went into the closet for a down alternative pillow only to find another feather pillow.  I had to pull the pillow case off the pillow to investigate if it was down and as I did that huge puffs of dust were coming off the pillow.  It took me 2 phone calls to the front desk and an hour and a half for house keeping to bring me a down alternative pillow.  

    I would not recommend staying at this hotel.  While the grounds are nice, and the location is great, I will not be staying here again.

    08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    156. Janelle C.
    + Pet friendly
    + Running trail along the bay
    + Downtown shuttle
    + Maintained property

    - Echoey building, no sound buffering
    - Thin walls
    - Minimal customer service
    - Daily parking fee

    I wanted to like this place. I like the location and that they are pet friendly.
    However, I did not enjoy my stay. I stayed in building #1 and was awaken by people yelling through the hallway on the upper floors IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!

    By the way their building is shaped every little peep, door slam, or yell travels from from the "source" and travels throughout the building to YOUR room--- in my case, my room... with my door closed.

    The second day I woke up to the neighbors on the other side of the wall. The woman was whining about how bored she was and her friend wasn't waking up.
    My gosh... I felt like I was in a freshman dorm!

    I did appreciate their downtown shuttle and their trail along the bay.

    The next time I'm in LB I'll try the Renaissance or the Hilton Business Center.

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    157. Terri N.
    Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service!  Don't waste your time, there are plenty of great hotels that are customer focused in the surrounding area!

    12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    158. Celeste L.
    I LOVE this place ;-) It's such a chic boutique hotel and so many areas that are photo worthy! The rooms are definitely amazing and the amenities just matches it!

    23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    159. Courtney D.
    Very pleasantly surprised by this gem.  Changed our plans last minute and ditched the Westin for this oceanside hotel and I'm so glad we did.  Warm cookies at check in, awesome rooms with most overlooking the water, spectacular pool, fire pits, private beach and hooka pipes, too!  Our kids lived in the pool while we relaxed and the Smore kits to use in the fire pits at night was their favorite.  Sits right on the bay with city views.  Reasonably priced with great service and a cool vibe.  Will definitely be back.

    14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Andrew F.
    We had our wedding here 3-9-12 and it was awesome.  

    The back drop was beautiful, the food was very good, and the rooms were nice.  Doug Preston was our coordinator and he did a very good job from start to finish for us.  

    It was far from perfect - the staff (front desk) was pretty rude, and my mom's room had a roach problem - just to name a few issues - but the Maya didn't run from the mistakes, stepped up and made it right by us.  It was a crazy day, but our crazy day.  

    My best advice for anyone wanting to have the Maya host their wedding is to not work with Eileen Dinh and instead request Doug Preston right away.  Also give them as little to do as far as "little extras" as possible - in other words keep it simple as they tend to be flaky.  If you're the type of person who can just go with the flow, anything goes, no pressure - the Maya is perfect.  For anyone requiring coordination or pins their hopes on the Maya following through on their promises, I might look somewhere else.  

    Overall, a great party because it was ours.

    18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Stuart H.
    The view is lovely. The restaurant is nice. The decor of the room is nice in building one. Each room has a balcony which is nice and unique for hotels.
    The flavor of the food needs work- especially room and pool service food. Staff is very nice. It's trying to be updated but just isn't there yet- and they have had time. Paint the buildings, get the cost adjusted to meet what it is. It not a 4 star resort. It's 2 at best. No need to charge $17 for parking and $20.00 for eggs, bacon and bread in the AM.
    Hardwood floors would be a plus for cleanliness and more open feeling. The walls are paper thin. Asked the people in the next room to be less loud and they said they weren't being loud. Continued until morning.

    23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    162. Daisy D.
    I was very excited to find a JDV hotel in Long Beach so of course we were going to stay there when we were in town. After getting ourselves turned around in the right direction, we easily found the hotel.

    Check in was a breeze. We mentioned I was a Joy of Life member and they were going to upgrade our room (as usual), but the desk clerk advised us against it saying we had originally picked a room with a better view. The room was spacious and had a sliding glass door that opened onto a beautiful view of the water and the Queen Mary wasn't too far away. My fiance ventured to the bar one night and raved about the bartenders, but we unfortunately didn't make it back.

    Two not-so-hot items: the distance & housekeeping. Seeing that most of our time was spent on the other side of the bridge, the hotel wasn't the most convenient option for us; however, when we're there for only us, it will be perfect. The day of checkout housekeeping showed up at 8 AM. I've never had housekeeping show up at 8 AM, even in much bigger hotels in New York. It's one thing to knock, but when you hear someone in the room, that's where you stop; you don't open the door.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    163. Toni A.
    Stayed here last month and had a really nice time. The room was nice, with tall ceilings and a great balcony.

    Checking in was very easy and everyone was quite nice. They are pet friendly; they do carge $50 per pet but to me it was a small price to pay to be able to have my dog with me.

    At check in they gave us warm cookies which was nice and although I did not eat there, Fuego, the restaurant looked super hip with a good menu. The grounds were very nice, the pool area had cabanas as well as a snack bar/booze bar.

    I would for sure stay here again and I would recommend to others anytime. The only issue I had was that after booking my room at full rate I realized that alot of other reviewers got the same type of room for quite a bit cheaper.

    I wouldn't call this a luxury hotel, just a cool hip place.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    164. Patty H.
    rooms were clean, blankets, pillows, towels all soft & comfy...the staff was very welcoming & nice. The elevators & hallways were clean as well...will surely consider the HOTEL MAYA for a return stay :)

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    165. Suzanne M.
    I can only echo those people who wrote reviews about the substandard experience we had at the Hotel Maya.

    I have no complaints about the staff.  They were accommodating and pleasant. However, paying over $250.00 a night for a room which smelled rankly, had a bed headboard made of pebbles (hardly comfortable if you wanted to sit up in bed), an HVAC system which was so loud at it's "quiet" mode you had to raise your voice to be heard clearly, and very little soundproofing was not at all what I expected or hoped for.  Our harbor view was partially blocked, so if you intend to stay make sure to request a view from one of the higher floors.

    I would neither stay here again, or recommend it to anyone.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    166. sindee s.
    ONE STAR for the uktimate in tackiness. Had wedding guests spending a few nights there. when we dropped off welcome bags for front desk to give them when they checked in, we were charged  $5.00 per bag. NO OTHER hotel charged for this acdommodation!!!

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    167. Samantha T.
    I came here for my husband's co-worker's wedding.  I really like this little boutique hotel.  The decor is nice and it's right next to the water.  The food was also not bad and the reception was on the 2nd floor with an open balcony, so it has a nice view.

    18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Abby F.
    You'll have to read my husband's review for the gory details. His review is from 4/18/2012 under Andrew F.

    We had our wedding at Hotel Maya and it was definitely a memorable weekend and planning process.

    We initially "worked" with Eileen Dinh on the planning. As far as showing us the property and getting us inked in a contract, Eileen did great. The place doesn't need much selling if it's beachside ambiance you are looking for! After that, we had to be the squeaky wheel.

    I refuse to make excuses that Eileen and her staff were in the throes of the traditional summertime wedding season while we were trying to plan our spring (March) wedding. A wedding is a wedding, and the couple is going to need the staff's attention, no matter what time of year.

    We were able to iron out the details after working with the hotel manager, Doug Preston. The weekend went well, with some "hitches" (see Andrew's review and my review of Rossmoor Pastries for detail!).

    Overall, Hotel Maya is a great spot to get married and host your out of town guests for a weekend. You do not feel like you're in Long Beach, it feels like more of a destination wedding. Our guests had a great time at the pool, bar, restaurant, walking the path to Queen Mary and riding the red bus into downtown.

    However - with your wedding details, even if you planned them out with the hotel staff, I suggest you hire a planner or coordinator to manage the interactions with hotel staff. Either a pro or a close friend or relative who doesn't mind being a control freak and wielding a clipboard!

    If budget is freaking you out, hire the planner and save on photography. The place photographs easily and VERY WELL!

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    169. Katherine N.
    This review is for the catering/wedding department. I reached out to Hotel Maya to talk about possibly having my wedding ceremony and reception here. I emailed them and got a response back pretty quickly which is good. I planned out a day to come out there to view the venue and go over details of their wedding packages. The originally lady that emailed me said she wouldn't be in that day but her counterpart would be able to assist. So I got there, and asked for Crystal Kelly and told them I had an appointment with her, 3:30pm. The front desk person called her office and no answer. She told me she must be wrapping up with her previous clients. So, I thought that was ok. Give her a few minutes. 15 minutes later, I ask the front desk girl again. Still nothing. Another 15-20 minutes later....nothing. I'm getting irritated and the front desk girl sees it. So she calls Crystal Kelly again, and I see that she picks up her phone. They're on the phone for a while, writing down notes. She gets off the phone with her and tells me "ok we're going to have someone show you the ceremony and reception sites first, and by the time we're done, Crystal Kelly will be ready". I don't like the sound of that but at this point, I'll take it. The Front desk lady then asks a MAINTENANCE worker to show us around. I turn around and he's there pouring water into the small drinking fountain and says "I can't, i'm busy". RIGHT in front of us. She then proceeds to the back and asks the front desk manager to assist us. So she comes out and apologizes and says that she can take us around to see the sites but cannot answer many detailed questions about the wedding packages, since she is not the caterer. The front desk manager was nice and tried her best to help us while showing us around. We came back from our tour, and Crystal Kelly was STILL not available. This is over an hour after our appointment time. Very ridiculous. Didn't even give us the courtesy to come out for 1 minute and apologize or acknowledge us. HORRIBLE. Even til this day, no email or anything to apologize. If this is how they treat people before their wedding, I can't imagine how they treat people when they go into contract with them. I've read other wedding reviews here and many seem like they had an awful or sub par experience. I'm actually glad that it didn't go further into planning.

    18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    170. Ricardo P.
    My family from the San Francisco bay area and I have previously stayed here in the past but this was the best visit. On two different days we had family and friends come down to the Maya Hotel and soak in the sun. We had a great time at the pool and since they have 2 small boys the wading section around the cabanas at the pool were a huge hit for them. We played bocce ball on their new court. Enjoyed the beach area with fire pits at night and the views of Long Beach were fantastic. This location really makes you feel like you are on a vacation. I should have taken advantage of the tennis court and gym!!! All in all this hotel is what our City of Long Beach needs. I still think that it is a hidden gem and kind of want to keep it that way but that would not be fair for other visitors and Long Beach residents. It was a great time and I would highly recommend this hotel. Enjoy!

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Reo Z.
    Not worth the money. Our room had a moldy smell to it. The pictures were much nicer than the actual room. Pool was pretty lame. Plus the front office manager "Fernando" needs to learn a thing or two about hospitality. Save your money and go elsewhere.

    16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    172. Michelle P.
    Purpose: leisure weekend stay with mother visiting from norcal

    - Rooms: unique little rooms
    - Atmosphere: great ambiance and amazing view of the harbor
    - Breakfast: free buffet breakfast at their restaurant Fuego for rewards members
    - Location: walking distance from the Queen Mary

    - Price: I think it's worth the points; but more on the expensive side if booking with $$.

    - Rooms: located outside (it was quite windy during my stay, so this was a little inconvenient.) My room had a dirty/stained towel.
    - Location: hard to navigate to if you're not familiar with the area. (Not their fault...)
    - AC/Heater: quite loud.
    - Parking: expensive

    Overall: for those who want to splurge a little, I would recommend the hotel for it's overall experience: great ambience, good staff, decent rooms. Otherwise, for the budget conscious, there's the Marriott Residence Inn nearby that I had a great experience with as well.

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    173. Brett R.
    What an AMAZING experience! We bought a special through Living Social for a weekend of kid-free enjoyment. Probably one of the BEST get-a-ways I have ever had.

    It all started with Jonathan, our bag guy, bell-hop, tour guide extraordinaire!.  After checking in he guided us to a prime parking spot near our building. He grabbed the bags and away we went, the entire time extolling the virtues of the Maya Hotel. When we got to the room, he cranked up the AC and gave us a rundown on our room, and all the adventures that awaited, as evidenced by our prime bay view. By the time Jonathan was done, I felt like we were regulars. The best customer service I have ever received.

    Food was good, the sangria and margs were GREAT and we had a great time at the pool. I'll be back!

    22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Bray O.
    This hotel has a view that can't be denied the queen Mary from the pool side ocean breeze Get away right in your city you world never imagine, my friend had a sweet there and invited me while he was staying there and i had a blast ,parking is secured restaurant or you can order to your room bar there is excellent bartenders are swell there and for the most part the only people there are the ones staying there ,they also have  cabanas in the sand so you can relax or tan I will be coming back to this hotel....

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Shawna D.
    We loved this hotel.Our room was really clean and we had a great view of the marina. The manager was nice and gave us an upgrade because all the pool cabana's had already been rented out for a wedding. The hotel,dinning, and pool all have a very Latin feel. We liked the music at the pool and the bar tender was nice enough to put the Tour De France on the TV for us. Turns out we didn't need a cabana anyway as all the lounge chairs overlook the pool.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    176. Itsa C.
    Here is a copied and pasted review that I submitted to Hotel Maya.

    In short: nice location (tricky to find, though), parking issues, exorbitantly expensive restaurant costs, poor room A/C, and burnt cookies; good service overall.

    1. Fix your parking card system so that it doesn't take me having to make extra trips to the front desk to get my parking pass validated. In the two days that I stayed at the Maya Hotel, I had SEVERAL instances where it took me several attempts to get in and out of the parking lot with the parking pass/ room card. Or, I had to get a parking pass and go to the front desk to get a new parking card/room card. This was a a particularly frustrating hassle, considering Hotel Maya charges a whopping $17 per day to park at the hotel!

    1a. the cookies that you served us were certainly warm. However, they were either over-baked, or they were stored in too-hot conditions because the cookies were dry and semi-burnt. Please serve fresh and soft cookies.

    2. The heating/cooling system is inefficient because it takes a couple of hours for the room to reach the desired temperature. Replace the heating/cooling system.

    3. Your restaurant menu prices are RIDICULOUS because you audaciously charge $20 for a breakfast buffet. Let's be real: unless you eat at least two full plates of breakfast foods (which I certainly cannot), you will be overcharged for a breakfast by at least $10. It's eggs, bacon, and hash browns you're serving, which I would argue is NOT FINE DINING and DOES NOT WARRANT $20 per plate.

    4. The refrigerator in our hotel room was not in working order. However, your maintenance staff timely responded by bringing us another refrigerator for us to use.

    5. All of your staff were very helpful, courteous and professional. Fix the above listed problems and you will surely increase your amount of happy hotel guests.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    177. Heather M.
    Beeaaauuuutiful property! Excellent service by staff (Andrew-Front desk & Hector- drove the golf cart), convenient shuttle service to downtown restaurants, and beautiful views of the ocean. I would recommend for a romantic getaway, or just a relaxing weekend with friends or family. I love this property and will definitely be back soon!

    09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    178. Laurie P.
    The Maya Hotel rooms were "re-habed" about 3 years ago and sport a desert/amazon type of theme.  
    The hotel is older, and the rooms were built so that door opening and entrance meet at a slight angle, which gives a bit of an architectural interest to the room, but makes entering into the room with a wheelchair or child's stroller a challenge.  Even entering the room with a large suitcase is difficult.  You can't simply enter into the room; you have to maneuver into the room.  The elevator is also quite small and difficult to use for wheelchairs, children strollers, or large suitcases.  I was reassured several times by the front desk that a regular room was easily accessible by a wheelchair, and while "accessible", it was a clear struggle to get into both the elevator and the room.  
    It gets worse inside the rooms.  The bathroom is quite small.  There is a huge sink, but absolutely no counters.  Electrical appliances, such as hairdryers, have to get rested inside a wet sink.  How safe is that?  
    The bathroom door was a rolling wood-trimmed frosted plexiglass panel, which provided no privacy  

    The room we rented had filthy carpets, the sink backed up, the minibar refrigerator did not cool, and the toilet barely flushed.   The hotel was prompt sending service people up for repairs, but REALLY?  Why is the Maya renting trashed out rooms to begin with?
    The hotel supplies a single-serve Keurig style coffee maker with 4 servings of coffee.  Extra cups of coffee are $1 each, and breakfasts run $18-$22/person.  
    This was my first stay at the Maya, and I'm comparing it to the Marriott's Residence Inn, on Queensway in Long Beach, where I stayed last year.  In contrast, the Marriott is spotlessly clean, easily accessible, and even provides a lovely complimentary breakfast and free happy hour appetizers.  I also have to talk about the cleanliness.  Nothing is grosser that opening a hotel room, and seeing stained and brown carpets at the Maya.  You really don't want to step bare-foot on these carpets.  In contrast, the Marriott was spotless, and the carpets appeared freshly clean.  The Maya charges over $200 a night, the Marriot about $170 a night.  There is no comparison and the Maya loses on all bases.  Save yourself the heartache and book at the Marriot and forget the Maya.  The Maya "looks  cool", but it's a balding head with a bad comb-over job.
    I am not pleased writing this review.  I spent a pretty penny staying there three nights, and it was not a good experience.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    179. Donna S.
    4.5 stars. Was looking for a little Staycation and  I was very pleasantly surprised with this little gem of a hotel. I won this 3.5 star hotel through a bid on Priceline and was thrilled since it was an upgrade of the 2.5 I had actually bid on, so this was an added nice surprise. I read the reviews on Yelp about the difficulty of actually getting to this hotel. How everyone could SEE the hotel, but they could not GET to the hotel. I warned my driver who "pshawed" this silliness and insisted it was NOT a problem.  So we drove by the hotel like twice. We could SEE the hotel, but...well, you get it.  Upon arrival, I was so charmed by this whole Mayan theme. It is so cozy, pretty, and chic.  They have cool little hookah areas with a Moroccan theme also yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… .  A restaurant and bar right on the water. I guess I have never been to a DoubleTree before, since this whole welcome cookie thing was new to me. I am not a cookie person, so I wasn't particularly thrilled. The desk person offered me an extra cookie and I refused. Later at the room , I took a bite and really liked it and slunk back down for my extra cookie yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… .

    Our room was nice and clean with cute shutters that reminded me of Hawaii yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… . There was a lovely balcony overlooking the water with cute lounge chairs and tablehttp://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/pjORSKuKBhh7O-­ybfb011Q?select=yb3gwjWyFioXDE2Vj7qzng .  I didn't waste any time breaking out the cheese and wine and enjoying the view.

    We made it in time for the ghost tour on the Queen Mary, so we were able to just walk on over and have a few drinks on the Queen while we waited for tour. The next morning, the Fuego bar was within stumbling distance and made Bloody Mary's "to-go" so I could take them back to my little balcony. They were pricey at $11.25 each yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… . I guess next time, I would make my own.  They still hit the spot, and staring across the bay at Parker's Lighthouse, I figured Parker's is where I would spend my Happy Hour yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… . So after a dip in the pool , there is a free bus service that pulls up right in the parking lot of Maya hotel every 10 minutes or so and drives you right across the bay to the Parker's, the beach area, Aquarium, farmer's market, and several other stops. I would definitely stay here again. Worth the priceline deals.

    Other perks: *free wifi and ipod docking
    *firepits and nice little cubbys to relax in around the grounds yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR…
    *volleyball and bocce ball
    *cool floating cabanas you could rent by the pool yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… .
    *hair dryer for use in bathroom

    A few cons: *Air conditioner was super loud and you could not sit on your balcony if it was on.
    *$15 a day parking
    *Bathroom door was a sliding door that didn't really close and had big gaps. (didn't bother me, but it might bother someone)
    *Fridge was super tiny and not very cold at all. barely held my wine and cheese and my chard was warm the next day yelp.com/biz_photos/pjOR… .

    23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    180. Daphney B.
    Beautiful location overlooking Long Beach's coast. I attended a wedding here this past weekend and had a good time.

    I usually do not go for the chicken at hotel weddings in fear that I get rubbery-gue, but I was pleasantly surprised when the chicken was the better meal choice of the night. My fish was good, but not as good as the steak or chicken. Don't forget to take some risotto on your fork and clean-up the sauce that lines your plate-that's the real deal.

    Here's the thing, I got hijacked on the parking. No one informed me that there was a discount for those attending the wedding so compared to the $17 all day rate it said on a sign, I valeted for $10 flat fee (+tip) and later it was announced that parking for the wedding was $8. Eh, whatevs. I just wish I knew these things beforehand.

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    181. Debbie C.
    This place is gorgeous! The pool is warm enough to swim in year round, and the jacuzzi is nice too.  There are cabanas and lots of lounge chairs for nonswimmers.  
    I loved that there were fire pits throughout the outdoor parts of the resort.  The lobby looks like a great place to relax with a long book.  
    Our room was facing the water and had a great view.  I ordered the Fuego Omelet to my room and it arrived within 15 minutes, and it was delicious and large enough to share.
    Our package included bike rentals for 2 hours, even though we only really needed one.  It's so close to the Queen Mary, which was really nice.  We just got home and I already want to go back!

    28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    182. Sierra R.
    This place is so amazing! Took my bf here for his birthday and it was magical and perfect. The scenery is jaw dropping, the air is clean, the service is on point, rooms are purrrrrrrfect ;).

    Tip: go to their restaurant and have food and drinks. The view is a must see, so romantic and unforgettable. Ugh, can't wait to stay here again :/

    01/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    183. Allie M.
    This was our last stop during our SoCal vacation. We were upgraded to a more upscale room which was a nice surprise. The fruit water at the check in desk was refreshing and I enjoyed it! Once we got to our room it was very clean. I liked the robes they offered and the Keurig in the room. The view was beautiful!

    13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. Bryce I.
    Our wedding experience: The venue and day of event was amazing (12/21). The problem Sergio and I had was with the managers and communication. We planned this only six months before the date. Simona Mitroi (fled to a hotel somewhere to the east) was very poor with communication. She wouldn't return emails for weeks (we have all the proof), when she did, she would minimize any of our questions/concerns or problems we had, just said she's been so busy for the excuse. She would fail to answer questions asked of her specifically when we sent her emails a week or two earlier (big things like venue room changes, costs, she struggled with flexibility and minor costs, managers should have more autonomy to make some decisions on their own). We would have even been fine with a "swamped today boys, got your message, will call you tomorrow for follow-up." We never even got that. By no means was my husband or myself groomzillas, I just believe if you have questions, a catering person/manager should respond at least a couple of days after asked, instead we were ignore. It was so bad at one point we wanted to call it off, only Linda our wedding coordinator greatly helped us with this (without a coordinator, we would have dumped them). I know Maya managers were overwhelmed with high caseloads back then, but that's not our fault. After Simona left, Kayse Funez took over. Kayse struggled with returning emails and communicating in general, too, although she improved in the end finishing on a fairly good note. The day of event was wonderful, just make sure you stay on top of them with requests, communication, emails (which is sad in itself, you shouldn't have to do that, do they want the business?) As for the room, the heater the first night wasn't working, very cold, complained and they gave us a new one for our second night which was much better. Good luck!

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    185. Jonathan Z.
    I only have good things to say about Hotel Maya.  The parking was plentiful and the overall look of the Hotel Maya at night was gorgeous.



    Our room was on the bottom floor, which is normally a downer, but our patio had a clear view of LBC, the water and the Queen Mary.  You can't really beat that.  The beds were comfortable, the rooms were large, and the bathroom was very clean.  This is exactly what I am looking for in a home away from home.

    26/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    186. S R.
    My daughter got married at The Hotel Maya June 9th of this year.  The Maya was very accommodating to us and all of our guests upon arrival and throughout our weekend stay!  The wedding director was wonderful and all of the Staff were amazing.  Also, thanks to the chefs at Fuego the food was a hit with all of our guests!  

    I would definitely recommend The Hotel Maya and Fuego.  

    And thank you Simona for making the process so easy for us! We enjoyed working with you.

    23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. Janna L.
    This hotel is not cheap - I asked a taxi driver at one point in the evening where the best place to stay in Long Beach and the answer was, "The Westin".
    We arrived the night before our cruise at this Port as this is recommended in case of any flight delays etc. Understandable. But make no mistake, this is NOT a cheap hotel. We understand that this is Cali but, wow! You can be the judge if you stay here if you get what you pay for. The reviews seem to be 50/50.
    From the outside the hotel looks nice, cool colours, appears to be hip, fun and well maintained grounds. LOVED the huge wooden door at the front entering the lobby.
    We checked in, met a friendly and polite clerk ,Bill, who handed over a couple of warm cookies that he stated were pretty famous. Nice touch. He offered to have our bags brought over to building 4 where we were staying (furthest one away but totally walk-able) and Edwin the bell-hop did not take long at all to bring our suitcases by. He came in and offered info about the hotel and Long Beach. He was very nice and even offered to shuttle us over to the nearby restaurant off -grounds where we had resos. Nice! Saved on cab fare for the way there - way back, different story as he was tied up with other guests apparently but we were appreciative of him nonetheless.
    Housekeeping - forget about it, they never came by with a few items we asked for and ended up giving up on them.
    The rugs in the rooms really need to GO. esp. as I later found out that this is a pet friendly hotel. ICK. Bring socks. I swear as I sit here in this fabric hotel chair too, I am feeling pretty itchy. I LOVE pets but am not a huge fan of hotels of this nature. The room was clean enough otherwise.
    Bring candles as it does smell musty.
    The balcony was large and loved seeing the ocean from our room even though none was promised. You could see the fire pits on the property, they shut down at 10pm.
    In-room safe did not work.
    Coffee maker in room as well as hairdryer. No fridge for our room.
    Ladies, NO counter space for your toiletries in the washroom. So annoying.
    Hot water had run out by the time we needed to rush to get ready for dinner and this was at 830pm. It was later mentioned to hotel staff who stated they had never heard such a statement. Right...
    Tub - tiny.
    There was a wedding going on but apparently they put all these guests in building 2. Great news as we appreciate quiet.
    Bottled water would have been a really nice touch to the room.
    Long Beach at night - not much going on. The restaurant here at the hotel looks decent but it too is $$$$. We did not try it. Apparently every Sunday they have a nice brunch for $30 a person but it is said include fresh seafood. (shrimp, lobster) Staff said they see dolphins every 2 weeks or so from the patio.
    I did love the free wireless in the rooms.
    The Mayan theme throughout the restaurant was neat. Has a young vibe to it. I would not want to be here during say, Spring Break.

    That is about it. Would not give this hotel more than 3 stars and we have not even had any major negative issues.

    If ever I came back here to stay I would check out the Westin esp. if it was comparable in price.

    12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    188. Janene M.
    I always stay here during the Freedom Writer events and they always treat us like rock stars. There is always a wedding there on the weekend because the space is suitable and gorgeous.

    03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. Jeff C.
    I recently wrapped up a 17 night stay a the Maya. I first stayed here last Sept. and enjoyed it so much it was a must do for my next trip to Long Beach.
    The staff is VERY friendly and accommodating. The outdoor dining is awesome! If you like to dine at sunrise or sunset the view is spectacular!! The waterfront area where the Maya is located is absolutely breath taking!
    Speaking of food.. Fuego serves EXCELLENT food!! Even the buffet breakfast is exceptional!
    If you visit the bar I recommend you ask Alex for some of his famous Sangria, it's VERY good!
    If you enjoy hangin by the pool then you'll love the Maya's pool area. They have very nice lounge chairs and cabanas! There is also a bar and couch/fire pit area. While I was there on Saturday's there was a guy who played steel pan and guitar by the pool, it was very cool!
    Looking forward to my next visit back to Long Beach so I can relax at the Maya!!

    05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. Lily A.
    Hotel Maya....latin theme...hmmm...this could become really cheesy is what I thought before arriving. However, upon driving into the hotel I was pleasantly surprised! It was very contemporary and right up my alley.

    What I liked:
    - The decor of the whole hotel is very nice. Great lighting and tasteful decorations.
    - Attached restaurant Fuego was delish.
    - Location is right on the bay, great views
    - Cabanas in the pool area (free during the off season, starting at $150 during the Summertime)
    - Super spacious room ... huge! Nice decorations too.
    - Super duper comfy bed and pillows
    - Nice tall showers where the shower head actually goes above my Sasquatch's head
    - Outdoor fireplace/giant umbrella area is a nice place to chill with a glass of wine and cuddle up by the firepit
    - Walking distance to the Queen Mary
    -Complimentary "Passport" bus to The Pike area.
    -Plenty of parking

    What I did not like:
    - The popcorn ceiling in the room.
    - The carpet looked a bit warn and old
    - The bathroom was very small, especially compared to the room.
    - Even though we prepaid on priceline.com and when I checked out they told me I was already paid up and no charges were made, they still charged us for the room and we had to call so they can take the charge off.

    Overall, The Maya gets 4 wonderful stars from me. I would definitely do another "stay"cation in lovely Long Beach.

    02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    191. Will C.
    Good value for money. Dated exteriors but interiors updated and very clean. Fuego restauant was pleasant and great view but food just average, and pricey. Parking is $20, which lowers the value somewhat.

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Carson W.
    Best hotel stay i've ever had. gorgeous views, the fugeo restaraunt is modern with an authentic mexican twist. Theres really nothing you cant love about the place. its got a big resort like atmosphere where you can take long walks along the coast. I relaxed in the hot tub for a few hours while enjoying the view of the long beach city line. The room i had was the best room in the hotel, top floor corner room with an oversized balcony over looking the ocean and city. Perfect atmosphere ultra romantic. Its like being in a whole other world without having to go too far. I live in oc and this place was about a 30 minute drive to paradise. Ultra nice check in at the desk. Place was great for kids too as i saw families, couples, and alot of foriengers on vacation. I actually met a girl from france, and another woman from arizona in the hot tub. im not gonna lie they were both sexy. Anyways i also hit up their bar in the morning and night and every where i went the service was friendly and top notch. Also got the munchies late at night and a nice man was able to open the pantry for us where everything costed like a dollar. it was pretty amazing how cheap everything was and convenient as well. Id love to return sometime but for now im looking to stay in hollywood. i'll let you guys know how that goes

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    193. Jimmy K.
    As good as it gets.

    Dynamite 5

    *Fast friendly service.

    *Easy parking.

    *Decent price for the room, depending on the day/night (you get what you pay for: Expect to get a sh*tty room if you're a cheapskate).

    *Got a room with a nice view of the Queen Mary =D

    *Complimentary chocolate chip cookies =D

    *Quiet room =D

    *Sweet looking bathroom.

    *Comfortable bed =D

    *Nice looking decor.

    Closing Thoughts: Leave your kids at home for this one.

    11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    194. Kimberly R.
    Let's start with thin walls. I went for a birthday celebration and had to keep down the noise because the walls were paper thin. The rooms also had a burnt linen smell. All the towels and bedding smelled horrible like they were over cooked. This hotel is far from luxurious if that what your looking for please do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. There was no fridge or microwave. I was surprised they had a nice coffee maker but that doesn't make up for all the other flaws.
    1 star is for the view and the patio attached to the room. The other star is for the service at the restaurant. The drinks were great and the waitress was awesome.
    Oh and I can't forget about the high ass parking of 19 bucks a night.
    Needless to say this is not a good place to stay if you want privacy or quiet.

    20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    195. Hubert L.
    Clean,Nice and the price is reasonable(it was $108+ parking $20).

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Giles A.
    I have stayed at this hotel many times going back to when it was a Coast Hotel. I have always loved the location and the large balconies. However my past two visits have really changed my opinion. On every visit I request a quiet room and in the past they have always been very accommodating. On the second to last visit I was put in a room with an adjoining door next to a couple blasting music and loudly celebrating being a couple. No problem, these things can happen. I went back to registration and asked for a quieter room with no adjoining door. I was placed in a room right next to the restaurant and bar balcony. Since it was late I just put up with it. Fast forward to yesterday, June 8, 2014. Again I requested a quiet room and reminded them at check in. The girl was very nice and assured me it was. Where did they put me? On the second floor right next to the bar again. I paid for a view and got a view of the restaurant and bar balcony while listening to loud music and people till 2:00 A.M. The music stopped earlier but the noise literally continued until they closed. Then it started up again early the next morning, really the same morning, as they set up for breakfast. I think I got three hours sleep the whole night and it basically ruined my plans for the next day. I paid over three hundred dollars for this night when you add parking and I just can't justify ever doing it again if this is their idea of a quiet room. They also took out the minibar so I didn't even have that to help me sleep. Oh well, that would have just added to the cost anyway.

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    197. Scott C.
    So originally I posted a very negative review because we had some issues and nobody bothered following through.  After a week Fernando contacted me and credited us a room and was also very friendly.  A special thank you to Denise too for how friendly she was.  I believe she may have had the clout to do anything though. The hotel is beautiful and I swear the room service is to die for.  I'm not being snobby at all but I didn't need their money and it wasn't the point.  I stay in hotels often and in fact the weekend before paid 1300 a night in vegas.  Thank again maya hotel for making your wrongs right. I wish I could put a five star review here but I try to be honest in my reviews.  Great value even at full price!!! I will go back for sure now.  They have awesome sitting area that are gorgeous and romantic too.  ...a satisfied customer now!!!

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Allison B.
    Oh Doubletree, oh Doubletree!  You always exceed my more extravagant expectations.  Hotel Maya is one of the many reasons I love you.  Oh, lest not forget those magical cookies.

    Mmmm, cookies.

    I scored Hotel Maya off Priceline for a measly 64 bucks.  I remember staying here several years ago, and was actually a bit worried at the dated experienced I received last time.  But let me tell you, the 24 million dollar remodel did Hotel Maya wonderful!

    Check in was easy and quick.  The property was huge, so the clerk gave me a little map to find my way to the room.  Unfortunately, the fabulous decor of the lobby had my attention and I ended up forgetting the map and then getting lost on my way.

    The surrounding areas are beautiful!  The grass is so green!  I passed by a Hooka area and several small gathering spots, perfect for weddings or events.  

    I finally made it to my room, 3303.  The buildings look like little tiki huts or pods or something.  All the doors are on the inside of the building and there is an atrium in the center.  At night the atrium is lit up and gorgeous!

    I opened the door to my room and was taken back by the quaint beauty of it all.  The curtains wear drawn so I saw the view of Downtown Long Beach and of the bay.  I toured the room entirely before settling in.  The bathroom was by far my favorite amenity.  The wall paper is this burnt orange color with ornamental designs on them.  Simple basin and tub and all the signature toiletries.

    The bed, soooo soft.  I slept like a baby until the cruise ship's horn blasted and woke me up.  Hotel Maya provides ear plugs, but I didnt utilize them in that I was afraid of not hearing my alarm.

    When I checked out, the front  desk clerk gave me a small bag of Doubletree cookies to take home with me.  

    This was one of my best business trips because Hotel Maya has so much going for it!  Beautiful Hotel at an exceptional value!

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Tee H.
    Hotel itself has nice grounds, can't beat location to water and views of long beach.  Very apparent that the hotel itself is old and the rooms are as basic as it comes, but they try to cover it up with modern looking lamps, curtains ect. however when you use the shower or the outdated AC, you can tell it's old.  As another yelper mentioned, you shouldn't pay over 80 or I would say 100 for it.....

    Service is ok, not friendly or genuine at all, just the kind of staff you can feel they are just at their jobs....lacking a sense of pride.  The place I felt this the most was the front desk.....I get that front desk agents have to complete things on their screens, look up other things and may not be ready to check in the next person when there is a line, but to not recognize that there is a long line, one agent is helping a person and 2 others are staring at their screens as the line builds.  I have never seen anything like it, no " we will be right with you" just a nervous, keep looking down at our screens and maybe they wont tell we are incompetent and not properly trained on customer service 101.  I guess it is not their fault.  Just make sure you do not get Aubrey at the front desk!  She was the worse when I asked for an explanation as to why there was no customer recognition for the scene all of us in the lobby had to see....she was short with me and clearly showed her lack of ability to control the stress of her job.  

    As a wedding planner, I believe that how you get treated at a hotel is just as important as the decor and comfort of the room.  How am I supposed to comfortably set up room blocks with a hotel that clearly can't manage a customer friendly check in process with anything over 2 people in line.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    200. Miranda G.
    This is my favorite hotel. Its like a mini getaway. They have wonderful costumer service, and make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. If you ask they upgrade you to a water view. Its nice to sit on the balcony and watch the events going on. And breakfast is wonderful.

    24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    201. Alison E.
    We stayed at Hotel Maya over Labor Day weekend... Just one night.  When we arrived, the desk clerk said the room was not ready which is understandable, we were early. While talking to the desk clerk I mentioned that I DID NOT want to use the credit card I originally booked the room with and  wanted to use another.  She was very nice and said it would be no problem switching the credit card.  It was at that time my boyfriend handed her his credit card to use.  She took it, handed it back and told us they would call us when the room was ready.  In the meantime, we could hang out at the pool if we would like to.  She also said that "Shirley" had already checked in.  I told her that I didn't know a Shirley and that we were the only ones staying in the room.  She looked a bit puzzled and said she would fix it.
        We walked around for a little while and then decided to get a beer at the hotel bar, Fuego.  The bar wasn't busy at all.  There was one couple to the right of us and about 4 guys standing to the left of us.  We stood there for FIFTEEN MINUTES as I held a $20 dollar bill in my hand showing that we were paying customers.  No one ever even acknowledged us for FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!  "?"  
        After a couple hours we thought we'd check to see if the room was ready.  I spoke to another desk clerk.  I can't remember his name but I believe it started with a "D" so we'll go with that.  D was very nice.  As we were checking in, I reiterated that I DID NOT want to use the original credit card the room was booked on and  I'd like to switch cards.  Again, my boyfriend handed D his credit card.  D said that "Shirley" had already checked in.  I repeated myself from earlier and said I did not know a Shirley and we were the only two people staying in the room.  D looked a bit perplexed and I explained to him that I had already told another desk clerk the same thing two hours earlier... Who is Shirley?  D looked at me and said he'd be right back.  About five minutes later, D reappeared.  It was at that time we learned who Shirley was.... Apparently they gave Shirley my room.  D apologized and said he'd set us up in another room.  After a while we were all set.  We got a room and D said all the charges were moved to the other credit card.  
        We got to the room and for the price, we thought it would have been a bit more updated.  The bathroom door was just a little sliding door with a big gap.  If you want any privacy in the bathroom, go somewhere else.  But it wasn't a huge deal.  Unfortunately, there was a concert going on about a block away.  The music was SOOOO loud I had to turn the TV up.  The hotel left a note in the room.  Because of all the activities going on that weekend, if you would like a room in a quieter area of the hotel, please call and they will try to accommodate.   I called and it rang and rang and rang.  No one picked up the phone.  I called the restaurant and had them transfer me, no one answered again.  I finally called directly from my cell phone and I got an answer. All that to find out they couldn't accommodate us because they were booked.  So we had to deal with the VERY LOUD music.  For over $300 for the night we had a room that was middle of the road and we couldn't even hear the TV because of the concert.  I just wish they would have said something.
        When it was time to check out, I called to confirm check out time.  (again, I had to use my cell phone and call directly because no one was answering when I dialed "0".)    The notice in the room said check out was at 1200 noon.  When I called the desk they said check out was at 1100 and we were already over.  I had to tell them there was a note in the room that said check out is at noon.  I asked to be extended an hour because neither one of us got sleep due to the loud music... they accommodated
       So here we are, a week later and the charges are STILL on the credit card that I told them not once, but twice that I DID NOT want to use that card.  They charged my boyfriends credit card $71 dollars.  I think that was for room service and the highly overpriced parking fee.  They just couldn't get it right.  
        I'd call and talk to someone about changing the charges for a THIRD time however, I'm in fear that they'll just screw it up again, so I'll just have to deal with it.  
        All in all, it wasn't the best experience.  With the long, unnecessary wait at the bar for one beer, the double debacle at the front desk, giving my room to "Shirley",  coupled with the loud music and the complete screw up on the credit cards, along with reading other reviews on this hotel, I wouldn't recommend staying here.  it sure is a nice view, but that's it.

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    202. Jenn C.
    Best hotel of my life.

    I cannot even describe how beautiful this hotel was.  the view was gorgeous, the bed was fluffy and soft, the customer service was amazing, AND they have a free shuttle service from the hotel to the harbor.

    I've been to a healthy share of hotels that are bad and good, but for some reason.. this was my favorite.

    Maybe it was because it wasn't a normal hotel with its marble floors, huge flower centerpiece, automatic sliding doors, and skyscraper-like architecture.  I loved that it had a modern mayan theme to it and they offered a running trail that gives the best view.  They also have beach volleyball available, as well as tennis courts so you can kiss the gym good-bye.  Don't worry though, the gym wasn't too great to start with... its super tiny.

    Come here if you want something different.

    the only complaint i had is that its really hard to find...  if you've never been to Long Beach before.. drive slowly.  ignore the honks behind you... it's better to be considered a bad driver instead of circling the area a billion times trying to find your hotel.

    14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. Annette D.
    Sooo... I've been a bad yelper and not yelped in a while. I think this may just make my review of the Maya a good representation of what really matters, and what you may remember a few months later.

    Over All:

    We were VERY happy with our stay at the Maya, and will certainly stay again. We booked a special park and sail package and could not have been happier.

    We found the hotel with ease thanks to Siri, and found check in to be RIDICULOUSLY easy, and (as we arrived fairly late) it was a extra special treat to have warm chocolate chip cookies as a welcome!

    We found our room, clean and well appointed. The water pressure was fantastic, and the towels were plush. Our room had a great balcony over looking the pool. We found this to be worth the $ upgrade as it provided us the opportunity to have a beer on the balcony while the little ones were in Disney Channel heaven after the long days drive. We all found the beds comfortable.

    The hotel property is really nice too, little floating cabanas at the pool, fire pits, and volleyball courts. there are also great little tucked away corners (perhaps where they hold wedding ceremonies?) which make for great photo opportunities.  

    The conference center was helpful, we were able to use a printer and get that one last piece of documentation which I failed to print before leaving home.

    It's not walkable to Long Beach it's self, so breakfast for us meant a drive. The front desk was helpful in suggesting their onsite restaurant for coffee and pastry's, though the menu we peeked at was far beyond the price point I am willing to pay even for exceptional baked goods.

    02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Cherry M.
    My boyfriend and I checked in at this hotel and stayed for about a week. We definitely had a great experience! Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly and welcoming staff that offered us chocolate chip cookies! Already off to a great start. The hotel itself is beautiful.
    The lobby and lounge area as well as hookah lounge is a great place to hang out because of the huge fireplace, lively colored curtains and tall ceilings that make you feel at ease and somewhere other than Long Beach. There is also a scenic view of the marina if you want to take an afternoon walk or hang out at one of the fire pits the hotel has. What I enjoyed most about this hotel was the Mayan inspired theme. We stayed on the third floor with a balcony and the room was so cute! Headboard had stones on it! If that doesn't scream out Hotel Maya then I don't know what does. Our room was super clean, sheets were soft, and pillows fluffy just the way I like it! Housekeeping was definitely on it, as they woke us up almost every morning haha. If you're looking for a little getaway I definitely recommend this place. It's probably the best Doubletree by Hilton just yet!

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    205. Laura F.
    I was impressed with the Hotel Maya. The location, of course, is excellent. There's a great view and it's convenient to many restaurants and attractions via the bus. Our room was spacious and architecturally interesting with a soaring high ceiling, tastefully decorated, and well-appointed. The only problem I faced was that the hair dryer was a little weak, and when I called the front desk to inquire about a new one they brought one up within minutes. The bed was very comfortable as well.

    We enjoyed the pool and the cabanas, which are free for weekday use. I can't say that the chair cushions in the cabanas were the cleanest...they probably weren't dirty-dirty, but I felt compelled to put a towel down before using them.

    02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. Jennifer J.
    I would give them 5-stars BUT....I did NOT like: 1) how room service ends at 11pm, especially if this hotel is in an isolated area with nothing nearby, 2) the maid barged into our hotel room at 9 AM after 1 knock????! 3) EVERY bathroom in a hotel needs a fan, otherwise the shower turns into a complete steam room. =oP

    Otherwise, great location, beautiful lobby, and great staff at the front desk check-in counter. I love how they give you fresh cookies right out of the oven!

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    207. Dolores P.
    We booked a room here to celebrate a wonderful moment in our lives earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay. I love the cool vibe and relaxed atmosphere here - not to mention the friendly staff! We had already had dinner, but we went up for a drink at  Fuego.  Then we took our S'Mores kit down to the fire pits on the beach outside the hotel - so fun and relaxing (but bring some napkins!)  Our room was very clean and comfortable and we had a lovely view of the water. We left feeling happy and refreshed. We'll be back!

    18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    208. Expressionary E.
    Hotel Maya is not your typical hotel, even though its a Double Tree by Hilton. The Hotel is nicely decorated with bright colors and amazing views of the harbor. I love the miami feel that this hotel embodies.This Hotel is great for weddings and celebrations. Their Miramar Ballroom has a 180 degree view with sliding doors that open up to a gorgeous patio. Jardin is another space that a lot of couples love for ceremonies or cocktail hour since it has two options. At Jardin couples can choose the stunning harbor view as their backdrop or a cascading waterfall, either option is gorgeous.

    If you are in search of a space that is not like any other this is the one for you especially because of all the fun photo opportunities and stunning harbor views.

    09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    209. Jeremy G.
    The best thing about this venue is the location, it backs onto the water and has a lovely view. The Fuego eatery has a fantastic view and there is also a sandy area with a fire pit.

    I was slightly alarmed by the layout of this property, it had a very "motel" like feel. I suppose it's a hallmark of some Double Tree hotels where you can access the rooms directly from the parking lot. (I stayed at one in Mt. Laurel, NJ some years ago which was the same) It had a sightly unsafe feel about it and I heard a bunch of people milling around outside who didn't appear to be guests. My room was also on the ground floor and it felt odd and a little unnerving to see people walking past your bedroom.

    The state of the room was so so, as is the case with so many hotels there was nothing offensive but at the same time there was nothing exceptional either about the room.

    I would have given this location 3 stars but I unfortunately left a shirt in the room and called them to have housekeeping pick it up so that someone could mail it back to me. Despite two calls I found no one returned my call or seemed to take my request seriously.

    In all my recent Hilton stays I'm noticing that the quality has really gone down hill, the properties are old, beat up and often in dire need of refurbishment or in some cases demolition. Hopefully their Private Equity owners will sell it on to someone who is prepared to invest in the brand rather than squeezing the profit lemon so much that it falls apart.

    16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    210. shawn c.
    Great view of the harbor, downtown and next to Queen Mary.  The pool is super arm and the jacuzzi is hot with great jets. They also have a full outside area on the bay and beach set up with fire pits, outdoor lounges and chairs. Beach volleyball courts are set up on North side of property. They also have a shuttle that runs until 12pm that takes you downtown. The staff are well trained and very friendly and rooms come with free wi-fi. Rooms are nicely decorated with a Mayan, beach feel. Long Beach is Up and Coming.

    19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Jake K.
    Stayed here for 4 nights in November 2014 for business and had a wonderful experience! The staff was extremely courteous and enjoyed everything the hotel had to offer. The room was everything I needed and was pleasantly surprised to have a large patio and greats views of the water and cityscape of Long Beach! The grounds also had firepits, pool, hot tub and an excellent restaurant on site that has amazing views and can open up a whole wall to the outside. Highly recommend getting the breakfast there and tried the salmon for dinner which was excellent and well worth the price. There was a wedding reception there one night but did not bother my stay due to the hotel being split up into multiple buildings. Was hoping more things were in walking distance but it's just a short drive to downtown Long Beach plus they have a shuttle guests can use. No complaints throughout my stay and highly recommended!

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    212. Patricia A.
    I got to say the View of Fiego is Gorgeous and the food is somewhat decent. As far as the drinks, well not impressed.. I have gone several of times and have heldback from writting a review due to the fact that it could have been a specific chief or the bartender that was there those times in which both were not a 5 Star standard. Although I must say after going so many times it still the same O story.. The service is good but not excellent. The best part of the whole thing I could honestly say is the Hookah Lounge with Ash.. He is amazing and gives you great service and of course the Breathtaking View..  These are the two reason we continue to go back and we always have a great time regardless of the food and drinks. When we are there we just try to stick with beer. It's the safest bet!~ :)

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    213. Diana K.
    WOW!  The Hotel Maya is amazing!!!!  

    My friend and I stayed there a couple of nights this week and could not be more impressed.  From check-in to check-out it was more than we could have expected.  

    The grounds were lovely with lots of places to sit and relax.  The pool was lovely and relaxing... the drinks were good (and expensive), the restaurant was outstanding and the view/location is the best in Long Beach.

    If the only complaints is that the lighting in the bathroom was not strong enough... that says everything about our experience!  

    Can't wait to go back.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    214. Jeanne K.
    We had our wedding ceremony at the Hotel Maya in August at the Esplanade Area. Our wedding was very simple and basic, with only 15 guests. We just wanted a beautiful, comfortable setting and that's exactly what we got. The price was much cheaper than I thought it would be, considering it is a Double tree Hotel.  We got a 4 hour time slot for setup to clean up.  I liaised with Lisa Duncan for planning purposes and she was always quick to return emails and phone calls. The setup was just as we discussed and everything went beautifully. Our photographer said the hotel was a photographers dream because of all the different settings, textures, and designs that he could utilize in our pictures. We were very glad we chose the Esplanade area because of the shade.  Also, they provided a water cooler and glasses which was something I wouldn't have thought of while planning.  It was very nicely setup and blended right into the decor.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    215. Marc M.
    I know its a little out of the way, but almost every time i come to Long Beach, i stay at the Hotel Maya. The view across the water is amazing, the service is great and it feels like you are at a resort rather than just 5 minutes from downtown. I usually sit by the pool under one of the little shelters on a chaise lounge, and work from there. Cant get much better than that.

    The rooms are large but somewhat outdated. However, they are clean and the beds are comfortable and that is most important to me.

    Now that it is a Doubletree, you get the delicious chocolate chip cookies and they have opened a new well equipped (for a hotel) gym.

    The restaurant Fuego, deserves a separate review but make sure to order the ceviche sampler...awesome.

    17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Tim A.
    Just talked with Andrew at the front desk, and he was able to give me all kinds of great information about things to do. You can tell he loves his job! We will be going kayaking, biking, and sailing. thanks  Andrew. He also set me up with Cynthia at the restaurant for reservations. She was Awesome!  Thanks Hotel Maya!

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    217. Erik A.
    Not a bad place... it's conveniently located next to the Queen Mary, which is why we chose it. But for $265 a night, the rooms could be alot cleaner. Our first room wreaked of smoke. Hotel staff was prompt and courteous. We were quickly moved to another room. But the carpet is terribly dirty and there are dust bunnies along the baseboards and in all the corners. The room could use a deep cleaning about once a week. Amenities were nice, beds were comfortable enough.

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    218. Shawna P.
    We stayed at the Maya Hotel before and after our cruise to Mexico.  We had arrived very early and went to ask the front desk clerk if it would be okay to leave our luggage at the bell desk until our room was ready.  She promptly notified us that they had our room ready for us, and we could go relax!  She gave us a warm chocolate chip cookie as well!  

    The rooms were very clean and the décor was simple but welcoming.  The hotel has many areas designed to sit and just relax and read, or have a chat with a friend.  Several areas boast fire pits along with beautiful views of the city.  

    The hotel's restaurant, Fuego, has some great Mexican inspired food choices.  I recommend getting reservations if you plan on eating there on a Friday or Saturday as the place fills up quickly.  

    My overall impression of the hotel was fantastic.  This hotel is in a great location if you are planning on catching a cruise.  The walk to the port is half a mile, but the hotel staff is more than happy to shuttle you to your port of call and pick you up.  The staff is super friendly, informative and helpful.  The hotel is on the older side, but it has been updated and nicely decorated.  

    I would recommend this hotel to anyone!

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    219. Melinda Y.
    Can I give zero stars?  Other than the view, the hotel doesn't have much going for it.

    Booking on the phone was a bit of a hassle because the booking agents didn't seem to know what was going on.  It was a frustrating experience.  When I called and reference a LivingSocial deal, they told me I had to call this one dude, who was already out for the day.    The next morning when I tried to get a hold of him, I got his voicemail, which he never did return my call.  UGH, why is a simple task like booking using a voucher so damn difficult???  The entire process was exasperating.

    Because we had to move up our trip due to scheduling conflicts, I didn't realize that the voucher wasn't good until a week later!  I knew they won't honor the deal but how about honoring my PAID value?  NOPE!  That's some sucky customer service!  I don't know who the manager was but he was a rigid jerkface.  The hotel front desk girl went to ask for me.  Letting me use my paid value was the reasonable thing to do.  It was an honest misunderstanding that we paid dearly for.  The trip started out horribly.  I hated the hotel from that moment on.

    The hotel was overrated.  The rooms had odd angles.  For some reason, we have a adjoining door to the next room.  I could hear their conversations very clearly as they seem to be partying it up with a big group...or they were drunk as hell belligerent.  I had to sleep with earplugs.  That's just lovely.

    Every evening...there were events at the hotel.  The last night was so crazy that we had difficulty finding parking when we returned from dinner.  Not a single open parking spot.  I had to stalk a lady whom we caught on her way to her car!  We weren't guaranteed a spot despite paying for parking.  Stupid hotel.

    Let's just say that every single thing at the hotel was costly.  $17/day parking.  $14 for pancakes!  Their entire breakfast menu.  WTF?!

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    220. Alej B.
    We had our wedding at the Hotel Maya last month and it was just everything we were expecting it to be. We had the ceremony on the Playa and the reception in the Luna Solstice room. It was very romantic to have the ceremony on the manmade beach with views of the marina, the Queen Mary and the Downtown Long Beach and the reception room a short walk away. The food and the cake were exquisite, the staff was great and every little detail was just perfect.

    Lisa Duncan, the Hotel Maya event director, was just amazing, she was always very professional and fantastic attitude, she answered every single question and every last minute change promptly and made us feel very comfortable with the Hotel. She also made sure that the Hotel delivered every single detail as we discussed. It was really fantastic to work with her.

    Stephanie Yamamoto, our Hotel Maya wedding coordinator, was our guiding light throughout the whole planning process, she has a lot of experience and has a lot of great ideas and suggestions. For a small fee she can manage the reception and it was totally worth it. She and her assistant were amazing, they set up the reception area beautifully, they coordinated everything with all the vendors, they made sure that everything went smoothly and that all our guests had a great time and that we should just relax and enjoy our big day. She went far and beyond even making sure that we had drinks to be able to toast with our guests at all times.

    There was a small misunderstanding at the end but the Hotel Maya was prompt to fix it and make things right. So, all in all, the Hotel Maya was a great decision and we are extremely thankful to everyone that helped us celebrate our wedding and making it a such as special and a memorable day.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    221. Sue M.
    Hotel Maya has gone to the dogs, literally.  Everyone we saw at check in and heading to our room had a dog.  Our room smelled like dog.  I am allergic to dogs, so I called the front desk and requested a pet-free room.  I was told the hotel is "pet-friendly" and no rooms are kept aside as pet-free.  The property is lovely, the staff friendly and helpful; but if you have allergies, or don't like being awakened by barking dogs at 6 am, find another hotel.

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    222. George H.
    Nice hotel, with gorgeous views. The restaurant was inconsistently delicious, but a highly motivated and helpful wait staff made up for it.
    Their home made salsa is life changing, tequila selection is arguably the most extensive I've ever seen.
    Parking at $15 a day I thought was kind of a joke considering this side of the bridge is empty.

    05/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    223. Trent B.
    Love the restaurant Fuego for business lunches.  Has the best views in the city and great for entertaining out of town clients.  Service is always good, weather is unbeatable.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    224. Dylan H.
    It wasn't the worst, but it certainly wasn't the best. The parking lot was pretty hard to navigate and it took forever to figure out how to get out of the stupid gate thing. The hotel itself wasn't horribly bad, just our room smelled like ass and cigarettes. We got the room for a really good deal because we are Hilton HHonors gold members. If I were to pay full price for the room, I would be pretty freaking pissed. It's oddly shaped, and just isn't worth  over 200 dollars a night.

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    225. Freshta M.
    I came here for my friend's wedding last night! It is an artsy hotel with a cute venue overlooking the harbor. Perfect @ sunset! The wedding was in the ballroom and cocktail room upstairs on the second floor and of course was decorated absolutely stunning! The reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because the AC was on too low and the bride had some minor technical issues .....
    The serving staff was super friendly and professional.
    They have bonfire pits outside and a very nice patio for smoking.

    I woud def want to get a room here sometime for the weekend!

    01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. John C.
    Need body wash in the shower , rooms do not smell fresh, No Sauna or steam room, pool house is closed at 10pm , employees speak Spanish to each other in front of you. No fun activities at all just the pool in the morning, pillows are extremely uncomfortable, dog due
    due out on the grass , dogs all over , people walking by from outside and use the pool , grown_ ups making out in side the jacuzzi in front of kids and security shows no intentions to stop them . $23 for 1day parking , security totally unarmed so do not depend on protection from the security guards.

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    227. Mahy K.
    Hotel lobby: gorgeous set up, I really like the middle eastern theme. It exceeds my expectations compared to the rest of the hotel.

    Hotel rooms: old and smelly. For that room you shouldn't pay over 80$ a night.

    Fuego: food sucks and it's overpriced. The menu is also very limited. Wish there were more appetizer items priced in the 7-12$ range so I have stuff to snack on while I'm drinking or smoking my hookah.

    The reason I come: the bar(wish it would stay open longer) and the hookah run by Ash. What an amazing guy! He really takes care of us every time we visit Fuego. His hookahs are amazing and coupled with the ocean view.. I couldn't be happier. I wish they would play some music! Alex the bartender is also awesome :)

    I'll keep coming as long as the ocean is there and Ash keeps supplying the hookahs.

    If the menu was better cooked and better priced, and the place had a bit more energy, I would give the place 5 stars.

    23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    228. Michael E.
    This is a great oasis in the middle of a big city.  I didn't even know this hotel existed.  I felt like I was in South America.

    25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Britt R.
    We just returned from our second stay at hotel Maya and are on a staycation "high" from how amazing it was!  We were greeted by a warm chocolate chip cookie in the chic lobby area.  The buildings are fun and funky, aesthetically pleasing with couches and mirrors and colors all over the place.  The view alone from the room was worth it.  We stayed in the second building and had a view of the Queen Mary: all decorated for Christmas.  We also got to lounge by the fire pit outside in the sand, drinking wine.  Not a bad evening at all.

    The room has a little single serve Keureg for coffee in the morning, you can have up to 4 free cups a day.  We looked at the lunch menu for Fuego, and although it sounded good, I was not willing to pay 20+ bucks for a salad.  

    The Long Beach Passport is a free bus that has a stop right in front of the hotel and will go to the aquarium and downtown, so it is pretty nice not having to drive anywhere.  I heard in the summer they have the aqua taxis that will go all the way over to seal beach area.  
    All in all, we are sad it is over, but we are looking forward to our next visit to Hotel Maya!

    01/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    230. Carol L.
    Cool, funky little hotel in Long Beach.  Love the unique vibe and decor.  Restaurant has amazing views.  Really, the only negative is that it sits on a little island right off downtown.  It does have the free red bus transportation, but does make getting into downtown more inconvenient than if you were just there.  Still, if that isn't the main objective, then I'd totally stay here and enjoy the room, property and view!

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    231. Lauren C.
    We got married here in October. The venue itself is AMAZING and if I had to do it over again, I would get married here every time! We had our ceremony in Jardin de Palmeras and the reception in the Miramar ballroom. These are the best locations and not just because I got married there :) It is pricey, but if you can afford it, it is worth it for the view and atmosphere. The reception staff was great and we had an incredible wedding!

    There were a few hiccups, but that happens with all events. Our original event coordinator, Sharon, was suddenly no longer working there and we never really found out what happened. We were provided with another coordinator, Crystal, who at first appeared to be very organized and helpful. However, she was more disorganized and not responsive as we originally hoped. She is very sweet, but would often forget what we talked about or provide misinformation. We had an incredible month-of coordinator (see my review for Mad Love Events) who took care of everything and I think if we didn't have her, we would have been much more stressed.

    The other small thing was the check-in staff was not that helpful or accommodating. Mind you, we had a good portion of the hotel booked with our guests, but they could not accommodate that we wanted our two getting ready rooms next to each other, even though I called more than a month ahead of time to request. When I called they said they "couldn't guarantee it," but it doesn't seem like an unreasonable request. My mother-in-law also made personalized welcome bags, which she paid $5 a bag to be delivered, but they only delivered them on Friday, when only a few guests arrived. When she went to inquire about why they weren't delivered the staff said they guest were supposed to pick them up at the front desk, but how the heck would they know they were there, since it is a surprise??? The bags did get delivered but not until after the wedding. Boo.

    If the hotel was not so awesome with great views, atmosphere, and food, I would have given lower stars, but those qualities are so incredibly redeeming that it is worth the few hiccups!

    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    232. Kajun M.
    If there was a zero star rating, this place would get one.  I cannot believe this place is part of Hilton, it's disgusting!

    11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    233. D. A.
    Decent hotel but don't order room service... Food is mediocre and well overpriced, and when the kitchen asked me if I wanted fruit, they didn't say that there was an extra charge for it (like $8 for a small portion of fruit).  Terrible business practices.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    234. Faye G.
    Stayed here for 4 nights sightseeing with our family. Lovely lobby but let down by surly and unhelpful staff. Our rooms were fine but our daughter's room was a much lower standard of decor and size. The bathrooms all needed updating and our bathroom door wouldn't shut properly. We didn't bother complaining because of the dreadful attitude of the desk staff. Location was excellent. Beds were comfortable. This hotel could be so much better if staff adopted a friendly and helpful manner. Windows were filthy with no soundproofing.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    235. Jewelz C.
    Beautiful hotel! Stayed here cinco de mayo weekend after watching the mayweather paqiao  fight with my boyfriend. We had a beautiful suite over looking the water. Very romantic. Great location with lots of stuff to do in the area. I would recommend this resort to everyone!

    05/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. Catherine N.
    This used to be our hangout for margaritas and happy hour since we are locals. This is likely going to change for us and all of our friends and neighbors who also live in downtown Long Beach. Went here for a CARE to Dine dinner on Thursday, and we spent approx $800 on drinks, a few entrees and a few apps.. Not only are the food/bev prices really high, but the real kicker came as we were pulling out of the parking lot. They apparently recently installed a parking booth and attendant. We used to be able to go to Fuego, spend a few hours spending a lot of money on food and drinks and then validating and pulling out without a charge. This time, we were there for 3 hours (again spending an insane amount of food/bev) and had to pay $25 for parking!! This isn't downtown LA, and we weren't staying overnight. How can they justify making guests go from paying $2 for a 2-hour validation straight to the $25 maximum day rate beyond 2 hours?! Seriously?! Sorry but if this doesn't change, they are going to lose a lot of regular, local patrons who will pay $800 for dinner more than once.

    26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    237. Dawn M.
    Not at all as described on the website. The ocean view is lovely but the access to the rooms is not secure. The hotel is older and has gone through renovation but it is still just a motel with ocean views and a new coat of paint. I checked in went to my room and immediately turned around and checked out. As a woman traveling alone, I did not feel safe at this hotel. Anyone could have walked up from the parking lot, the "boardwalk", the adjacent Queen Mary tourist area, etc. to access the rooms in my building.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    238. Alex M.
    Cool hotel. Grounds are beautiful. Denise was AWESOME! She made my special occasion very memorable.

    30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    239. meaghan r.
    As a frequent traveler to Long Beach, Hotel Maya has become my #1 go to place to stay! It is a fun and unique atmosphere unlike other hotels in the area! Staff is always great and very helpful! Fuego is an added plus to the hotel-great food and fun nightlife when you need to relax! I will be back and continue to recommend the hotel to others!

    28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    240. Thao V.
    Went here for a wedding. Food was average.  I got the chicken and my boyfriend got steak. The sides - squash, asparagus, & mash potatoes tasted better than my chicken! I was told that the chicken was moist, but mine small, dry, and tiny! My boyfriend's steak was decent.. We asked for A1 sauce which always makes steak taste better.

    The location has a good view for a wedding in Long Beach. It's across the water from the Long Beach Lighthouse and The Pike. It was peaceful and the Rainbow Harbor lights came out at night.

    Open bar. Who doesn't like open bar?! The waiters were okay... They could've been more attentive.

    Most guest have to pay $19 for parking if they're not staying overnight in the hotel.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    241. Rhea B.
    My husband and I hosted our wedding reception at Hotel Maya, and it was a grueling experience.  The actual day of the wedding was more or less perfect, but the year long process getting there was extremely difficult, and I would not want another engaged couple to go through what we did without being informed of what I experienced.  I can't imagine we're the only newlyweds to have experienced this.

    A bad indication: we never worked with the same social catering director throughout the year, so I always felt disconnected with the venue.  If you do decide to have your wedding here, I believe it's absolutely necessary to hire a wedding coordinator if you wish to keep your sanity.  Hotel Maya gave me the impression that they constantly host events, so they just chug them out and on to the next; as long as I had my final head count and payment, they were happy.  They do not go above and beyond; mediocre is their standard.  No genuine customer service at all.

    The Miramar Ballroom was perfect (only after we had to correct the setup, even though I had given a detailed floor plan...*sigh*).  We had approximately 140 guests, so it was a snug fit.  It was a daytime reception, and the view of Downtown Long Beach during that sunny day was so beautiful.  From what I've been told by my guests, the servers were friendly and the food was great.  The patio in the Miramar Ballroom is the best feature - with the bar and couches, our guests could socialize and enjoy the amazing water/Downtown view.  

    Despite having our beautiful wedding reception here,  I can promise I never want to go back.  There are just too many bad experiences with the customer service to name...so traumatized.  The worst one you ask?  Well... for instance, when I checked out of our hotel room, I asked for an invoice, and the front desk told me it wasn't necessary because all charges were taken care of.  I did not have to pay for the hotel stay, parking ($21/night), or the room service I had ordered.  I even asked her again to check and she confirmed there were no charges.  I figured it Hotel Maya's way of showing hospitality after they had locked me and my now husband out of our hotel room the day of our wedding (another one of many horrible experiences).

    Silly me to think they could show hospitality.  NOPE!  A week later I saw on my bill that I was charged, and when  I informed the social catering director of this blunder...they apologized for the mistake, but I was supposed to be given an invoice.  

    Good luck if you plan your wedding here.  Get a wedding coordinator!!! ;)

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    242. Tracy S.
    First off I want to add a pre-cursor for this review...

    I booked this hotel last minute from Hotwire.  It was a completely random choice ( chosen by Hotwire ) and was booked and paid for literally the night before my stay.

    I wanted to spend a bit of a local "staycation" with my girlfriend to celebrate Valentine's Day early.  Hotels in the Long Beach area were all astronomically expensive.. seemingly for the whole week ( Valentine's Day was Friday.. two days after our stay, so the high prices absolutely astounded me ).

    Left with no options but to pay for a ridiculously inflated hotel rate, or book with a budget site like Hotwire, I chose the latter.

    Now, when it comes to booking through Hotwire I would definitely say that I am pretty familiar and experienced with them.  When I book through Hotwire I expect many things off the bat:
    1- No Bed Choice.
    2- The darkest, dingiest and smelliest room in the hotel
    3- No accommodation whatsoever
    4- A nasty attitude because "we booked the cheap rates".

    Let me tell you something about Hotel Maya:
    NONE of the aforementioned negative experiences booking through Hotwire took place.  The staff here completely changed my perspective about how hotel staff can treat a Hotwire customer.

    I was greeted with a warm smile as we walked up to the front desk to check in.  We were helped by a girl named Harim, who I want to single out as being one of the most pleasant and amazing hospitality staff I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    The usual proceedings took place, but then, oddly enough she asked me for my bed preference.  This is something I'm not used to from Hotwire bookings, as we are usually stuck with "run of the house" ( however many beds they please ) and I chose a King.  Then, Harim offered me a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to an Ocean View room with Balcony for a really low rate.  I graciously accepted, once again astonished that I was offered this at all.  Already my expectations for my experience were met and exceeded.

    I mentioned to Harim that we were celebrating our Valentine's Day early, and she excused herself and hurried off.  She came back in a minute or so with a big smile on her face and a box, telling me that it was a do-it-yourself S'more kit, that we could enjoy by the fire.  She also gave us a Valentine's Day chocolate and some delicious cookies.  Free gifts are things I am typically not accustomed to receiving, Hotwire rate or not.  Already our stay was off on the right foot, as Harim went above and beyond any Hotel staff I've ever worked with in the past.

    The entire staff had big smiles on their faces.  This was absolutely one of the friendliest staffs I have ever seen in any establishment, ever.

    Once we got to the room I called the front desk to request a late checkout.  I was expecting to be denied my request ( remember... Hotwire. ) but Harim graciously granted my preferred check out time, without hesitation.  Things were really looking great.

    Now that I am done raving about the service, a little review on the property itself.

    As you pull up to Hotel Maya, you don't expect much.  The access road is rutted and filled with potholes, and it runs along side the 710 entrance.  A small, unassuming sign points the way to the front building.

    As you pull up to the lobby and main building you're greeted with colorful, modern and very chic decor.  The hotel looks fresh, and lively.  The lobby is small but comfortable and modern.  

    The grounds from the parking lot are nothing special.  The buildings look modern, but small.  It wasn't until we entered our room, that Hotel Maya REALLY took my breath away.

    The room had a high ceiling, big, comfortable bed and a very cool little restroom.  The balcony had two very comfortable lounge chairs and a small table between.  It was the view that really amazed.

    I gazed out into the Marina and was staring face to face with the Queen Mary.  Off to my left was Shoreline Village, and of course, Long Beach itself and the Pike.  All creating a beautiful city scape that I could gaze at from any position on my Patio.  Below us was a scenic walk and a sandy lounge area with two fire pits and big, comfy couches.  

    The setting was absolute paradise.  I really could not have asked for a more perfect view or room.  

    We dined at the on-site restaurant Fuego that evening.  Without divulging too much info on it ( I will leave a review on that restaurant's page ) I will just say that it was EXCELLENT.

    The fire pits by the harbor were amazing, and added that beautiful touch of romance to end off a perfect evening.

    Hotel Maya met and FAR exceeded all of my expectations.  Harim really made our stay special, and I recommend anyone who stays here to ask for her to help you out.  This was as perfect as perfect gets in Long Beach, a little slice of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the City.  And the VIEWS.  Beautiful by day but unforgettable by night.  


    14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    243. Mike S.
    This rating is based on one experience that I can see repeating again and again.....
    Chocolate-espresso Martini overlooking the water on the terrace---I may try to break a guiness record on my next visit assuming I don't have to work for the next two days.

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    244. Joe I.
    Location is nice, but huge dead roaches in the room,  closing the pool area early, restaurant was to open at 6am we got there at 6:10am said they were running late and would not open until 7am. The worst thing was going to the pool 10 min before closing just to see the area, when my son and I got there we were accosted by Victor a security guard  (more like a gang member) who said the pool area is closed. When I pointed out the sign that said it closed a 10pm me asked for my name! I got very concerned about his ability to find out my personal info! My son was scared so we left the pool area immediately never to return for the duration if our stay.
    I will never stay here again! Don't need to fear for my safety from the staff. There are many nice hotels in the area, I would choose a different one!

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    245. Patrick S.
    Stayed here on a whim...thought it sounded good and it was reasonably priced...I am anxious to go back again when we can stay a bit longer. I like the vibe and it has a Hookah lounge...how cool is that?

    The deck area is great and the pool area looked relaxing and spacious as well...I had a harbor facing room with a deck...if I had nothing to do it would have been perfect to just chill and enjoy the morning sun...


    06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    246. Niloufar G.
    My husband and I decided to do a staycation in Long Beach and stayed at this hotel.
    The location is hidden but that's the great part! It's on the water facing the harbor and queen Mary. When you are at this hotel you feel like you are totally on vacation, a new place with gorgeous water views!

    The hotel itself is dog friendly and we liked that as we could bring our dog. Our dog loved it there! Plenty of places to walk around and enjoy it.

    The decor of the hotel is super nice with Mayan influence and a touch of modern. Loved it.

    This hotel is super cool because there several spots with fire pits where you can make s'mores , relax or enjoy the hookah they offer. Yeah and also the Resturant is super nice with great food and amazing view!  
    The rooms are not a total big deal. We had a king bed room with water views. The view was great. The room is nothing special but it's clean, and spacious.

    I gave on my 4 stars because I was hoping the rooms would compliment the wow factor of the whole feel of the hotel itself.

    We will stay here again for sure!

    If you are looking for a little weekend getaway and want to feel you are not at home totally recommend this boutique hotel!!

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    247. K H.
    The Maya is not the place to stay if you want to have a romantic stay or celebrate a sweet anniversary.
    The idea was to complete the weekend celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary after attending another wedding at a nice hotel with a view.
    Instead we paid in advance of knowing for a room on the top floor for a view of the main building and all of it air conditioning units and the side of the adjoining buildings.  When the balcony doors were open all you could hear was the sound of the units.

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    248. Julie F.
    Love this place.  Happy Hour is dangerous to a person's waistline.  The enchiladas zomg good!  Love the hookah lounge.  Didn't even know they had one. Decor is awesome. Clean establishment.  Exceptional customer service from Victor (he's not a server, not the manager). Jerry is also really awesome. Alfonso knows the menu and directed us to the best choices.

    20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    249. Jason L.
    My favorite hotel to stay at in Long Beach. Perfect location, right next to the queen Mary and rainbow harbor

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    250. Tony D.
    When my spouse and I started looking for a venue for our wedding, we knew exactly what we wanted. We knew we wanted it to be in Downtown Long Beach because that's where our first kiss was, we knew that we wanted it to be at a hotel because it would make it so much easier for everyone traveling in (about 1/2 the guests), and we knew we wanted somewhere beautiful that would look amazing on the day of our wedding. When we found the Hotel Maya, we knew we found everything we were looking for.

    From the beginning we were absolutely in love with this place. I started e-mail communication with them and they were awesome to deal with right away. I am a big e-mail person and I mostly communicated with Crystal Kelly Olivares, the Senior Catering Manager, and Stephanie Bondoc, the Senior Sales Manager. Both of them were awesome! Crystal was super friendly, helpful, and detailed, which I LOVE, and Stephanie was very helpful with setting up a room-block. An added element to all of this was that we would not be meeting any of these people or seeing this venue until the month of our wedding!

    We are a same-sex couple but we live in Texas, so we knew this was going to have to be an out-of-state affair. I did extensive research on tons of wedding sites, on Yelp, everywhere, and knew that I was going to have to be really comfortable with all the decisions I made because we were not going to be able to travel out to California until 3/1/14, with our wedding just a few weeks later on 3/23/14. Throughout the entire process, both Crystal and Stephanie made us feel at ease and made sure that I was good with everything.

    When the big day actually came, I was in awe of how beautiful everything was. Our outdoor ceremony site, The Jardin de Palmeras, was perfect, everything had been set up exactly as we had talked about. The upstairs reception room, MiraMar, was done to perfection, and the staff was amazing! Our wedding was perfect, in huge part due to the Maya. Thank you Maya staff for everything!

    08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    251. Alison G.
    Why does it only get 3.5 stars. Is it because it is not within the crowd area? I am not sure..

    I had a great stay. I was just there got business for two nights that's it but I love the room decoration really I liked it very much. Simple but cozy. The hotel looks chic as well. I did make new friends at the bar downstairs they were just really nice people that's all I can say

    16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    252. George B.
    Everyone year my friends and I come down to Long Beach from the Bay Area for a car show, this is the third year in a row we have came down and stayed at this hotel. The previous years we paid $150/night and unfortunately this year it was bumped up to just around $210/night. This was the first year I wasn't very impressed by the hotel.

    Our hotel was nice as always although several times I asked for towels for the room and it took nearly 30-45 minutes to get the towels. If they told me that I would of walked down and got them myself but they said it would be a few minutes.

    Also our AC unit was broken in our room which sucked because it was a hot night both nights and we didn't realize it was broken until late at night the first night and didn't want to move rooms after everyone had gotten settled in. Our bathroom door was also broken and was super hard to get opened.

    The staff was very friendly and the rooms were nice and clean.

    Upon checkout I expressed my disappointment with the room and hotel service and didn't receive much of an apology or anything to try and gain my business next year. If I am paying $210 a night I expect a working AC or at least a genuine apology, which I did not get. Especially since my crew booked 5 rooms at the hotel for two nights each...

    I will have to reconsider coming here next year especially since they dramatically increased the pricing.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    253. Garett G.
    Stayed here for a wedding and loved it. Beautiful scenery and views from the hotel and ballroom. Very friendly and attentive staff. They also have fresh warm cookies at the front desk which is a nice touch. There is a good view of the harbor, also.

    The only reason I gave a four out of five star rating to this hotel is because the front desk is difficult to find, it is very difficult to park, especially when an event is going on, and the guest services people were not very good about answering the phones.

    I would definitely recommend this hotel and venue to people. In the end, I was very pleased with my stay here.

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    254. Jorge F.
    The Maya has a great location. The views are great, all the garden areas are very well kept. The problem is actually inside the rooms. They're tired. It looks like the last time they redid them was the early 00's. That might not be a fact. It just feels that way. There was a slight but ever-present smell of ... smoke? Mold? Just plain old-carpet odor? The walls are thin and the windows and balcony doors aren't soundproofed at all. You have to trust your luck to be put in a room on buildings 3 or 4 so you can actually get some sleep, as the property is big on weddings and these can go on until very, very late. The pool area is fantastic and the outdoors hot tub very relaxing. If it were for the outdoors areas (the playa, Restaurant terrace, pool and gardens) the property would get more stars. As a hotel, well, I wouldn't stay here again.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    255. Lloyd S.
    My family of three stayed at the Maya this past weekend after a short trip to the Aquarium. We usually stay at the Long Beach Hilton but wanted something closer to the water and "different". Boy are we glad we went here!

    The second we drove up to the front door, literally, to check in the bell staff were opening our doors, very attentive and very complimentary of our car. The attention did not stop there either. As we waited to check in they told us where the restaurant, bar and pool were and told us they would drive our 12 year old to the pool so she didn't have to walk (she's a kid....we made her walk).

    The pool area is very very nice and the bar there is fantastic. There are even some cabanas if you want to have a group of family and friends in a reserved area (have to pay though). I got the feeling they were trying to make the pool something you would find at a Vegas strip hotel and it works!

    The rooms were the only non-5 star aspect. I would give them a 3.5 - 4 but not because they weren't clean. We got a room on the water with a balcony and a fantastic view of the bay, downtown and Shoreline village. We liked the room a lot, it just needs some updated furniture to match the rest of the hotel. But we didn't check in to stay in the room and only used it when the day was done and it was time to sleep.

    The bar and restaurant we fantastic. The food was great, but the service was unbelievable. Even with a wedding party downstairs we were treated like friends....like we stay at the hotel all the time. But the kicker.....after dinner we planned on walking to the Queen Mary and our waiter asked if we would like a night cap sent to our room! When we said yes and agreed on a time of 9pm he was there within one or two minutes of nine!!!

    We will definitely be back at this hotel before this summer is out. And for the Toyota Grand Prix it may become my hotel of choice over the Hilton.

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    256. John S.
    We stayed for 3 nights and enjoyed our stay.  We stayed at the Maya because of a wedding.  Not sure I would have picked this location to stay in LB.  The isolation across the bay from downtown has it's advantages but it is not convenient for doing other things.

    The hotel can be a challenge to find.  Coming from LA there is construction near the piers so my navigation had some challenges.  Coming from downtown Long Beach over the bridge is not any easier.  Located towards the Queen Mary but you better make that quick right turn where the little sign is posted.  We ended up at the Queen Mary twice where our only option was to take a ticket to enter the lot and explain to the gate attendant our mistake.

    A free city bus passes by the hotel very frequently to the marina area across the bay.  An aqua bus also makes a stop at the hotel.

    The hotel rooms are very dated and a bit tired.  The AC units are incredibly loud both in the room and on the balcony. This is clearly a 1960's place with the AC unit on the floor.   We had an ocean view room.  The view was great.

    WiFi is free.

    The pool area is very nice and clean.  The pool area is open most of the day and night and is well staffed.

    The food at Fuego is pricey but is VERY GOOD and worth the money.  The Cubano Sandwich is outstanding.  The Mahi-Mahi Ceviche is delicious.  When the restaurant is booked near capacity they offer a $22 buffet breakfast which was great.  Eating out on the patio deck was great.

    The restaurant wait staff was very pleasant and professional.  In fact everyone was pleasant and professional.

    Parking for hotel guests is $21 which is ridiculous for a location outside of a downtown area.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    257. Melonie R.
    Hotel Maya is conveniently located next to The Reef restaurant across the way and not too far from the Queen Mary. I haven't tried the hotel's restaurant Fuego yet but a date was able to convince hotel staff to allow us to enjoy a private balcony view of the water. We both indulged in mixed drinks and totally relaxed on the cushioned lounge furniture under the stars.

    Wait staff were professional and friendly, The hotel makes for an excellent getaway spot or wedding venue and comes complete with walking paths right by the water that lead to various attractions in the immediate surrounding area.

    Only complaint was the noise level on the large patio deck area close by us which offers hookahs and cabana style lounge seating. Weekends the patio area tends to attract large groups of people which can get boisterous. Overall, it's a great spot to relax and enjoy ocean breezes and spectacular views.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    258. B M.
    Kristi ~ I have travelled to many places around the world and most often choose boutique hotels for the unique experience; however, your comment is without much though for the true state of your hotel.  I would believe that some time ago it may have won an award or two but it would not win any today.

    Please understand that when customers take the time to comment on their stay it is for other potential customers and the hotel - in that; read where you can make improvements to your facility that does not change the past award winning style as the rooms are not clean and the amenities are tired

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    259. Ashley G.
    We checked in pretty late on Sunday and was first put in a room in the fourth building overlooking the highway and a dirt field. We were told we would be overlooking the water. It was a not so pretty view. We also had two double beds in our room and we wanted at least a queen. Maybe it was because we booked on Hotwire we got shitty rooms? We called the front desk and they were happy to move us. We got moved to the second building with a king bed and a beautiful view. Much better than the last room.

    The room itself had a Hawaiian theme,, and felt like a resort. Loved the balcony. The bed was nice and comfy. The air conditioner was very loud and old, but I liked it. It blocked out all hallway noise, (especially being right next to the elevator) so I always had a great sleep.

    The room was pretty clean, minus the few flaws of dirt on the wall and a bit of dust, but I have certainly been in worse hotels to have appreciation for this room.

    I really wish I could have relaxed more at the premises of the hotel, (we mostly traveled to L.A. while here). At night they had a beautiful fire pit going with the option to roast marshmallows and make smores. The view was beautiful on the water with lots of seating to relax all day.

    Very close to a lot of the attraction in long beach!

    The restaurant/bar at the hotel was also nice with half price drinks between 4-6. We had an awesome time watching the sunset over drinks on the patio.

    Definitely would stay at this hotel again. Plus you cannot forget the complimentary warm chocolate chip cookies you get upon arrival and checkout! Delish! ;)

    21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    260. C SmithWatts S.
    Wow,  as a professional Event Planner and doing wedding well over  20 years the staff was accommodating,  and service of the wedding on April 4 was excellent.  Food was  delicious, service was pleasant and profession and management team  help in anyway- to even hanging drapery and lanterns.   LEADERSHIP in ACTION....  Lisa Duncan - ROCK!!!   Congrats to  Krisiti Allen - General Manager you have an awesome team !!!!

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    261. Carey A.
    Stay over Easter weekend for one night with family (2+2), we were in 4408 Building 4, Flr. 4 room 8.  It was a great corner room with  view of the Queen Mary and cruise ships.  The balcony is nice and has two chairs and one small table.  Sun is harsh on this side for late afternoon, but worth it for the sunset vista.  Restaurant was ok nothing to write home about.  The breakfast buffet was part of our package, the cooked food served buffet style was over cooked and the scrambled eggs where grey on the bottom side.  Just weird, we stuck to bagels, cereal, fruit and baked goods.  Staff was nice enough from restaurant to lobby check in to room maids.  Again nothing to write home about.  Do recommend Bldg. 4 if you have kids cause it over looks the pool and bar area.  Great at night to sit on balcony and watch the passerby.  There are bikes to rent and a gym.  The various bar and lounges looked good but we did not partake.  The grounds have a pathway that connects the buildings next to the harbor area.  There are very nice sand with fire pit and sofas to relax on with a view of the Queen Mary.  A group had brought fixings for S'mores which looked like fun.  Room was nicely decorated for beach living.  Bathroom was nice but really not loving the sliding barn doors hotels seem to be switching too.  There is no real privacy with those doors.  Didn't use TV much.  Pool was nice and the cabanas were great.  We arrived later in the day so utilized the cabana for free.  Kids loved the pool and the pond area between pool and cabanas was fun to wade in.  Didn't use Jacuzzi.  Over all the though was good hotel for a short stay in Long Beach or overnight especially with kids.  Liked the funkiness of the decor throughout.
    P.S. the best event of the stay was the Formula E race thru the streets of Long Beach.  What a great event and a look into the future.

    Carey A.

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    262. Scrabble T.
    We booked a room for one night here so we could crash after our friends' wedding at the Reef.  It is very close to the Reef and very walkable, although there are stairs along the way.

    First the positives:  The view was nice, and a few things in the room (such as the headboard and mirror) looked updated.  The room was open to the walkway outside, which might be bad for a single woman sleeping alone, but was kind of fun for my husband and I.  

    Concerns:  The room smelled strongly like dirty feet.  I cannot emphasize enough that the smell was intense and horrible.  You know how you can get used to some smells and not notice them after a while? This never happened; THAT is how bad the dirty foot smell was.

    The air conditioning did not work and it was 80 degrees that day.  The floor was so dirty that it marked things that fell onto it.  The wall was cracked in places, and you could see the bugs inside crawling around.  There were loud party-people screeching and guffawing outside all night long and into the wee hours of the morning, and we could hear every word of their conversation due to our proximity to the walkway and the fact that the walls are paper thin.  My husband and I also woke up with some suspicious bug bites that we didn't have before going to bed.  

    To add insult to injury, when we checked out, we asked if there had been any additional charges.  They replied "no."  We asked them to make sure.  They assured us we had no extra charges.  When we got home and checked out our emailed receipt, there was a large extra charge from the pool bar (which was crazy, as we hadn't even been to the pool).  When we called about it, we were repeatedly put on hold, hung up on, and eventually they just stopped answering.  We finally got someone to talk to us by calling a different department, but still no resolution for the bogus charge.  

    Bottom line, the location is great, but this hotel would greatly benefit from renovations to help cleanliness (such as carpet removal, mattress changes/fixing the wall to get rid of bugs, etc.) and customer comfort (such as fixing the air conditioning, using double-paned glass to reduce noise from outside, etc.).  This hotel might also benefit from better customer service... particularly in the area of sneaky charges added on in the hopes they won't be noticed.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    263. Maria H.
    I can see why Hotel Maya has such a low rating. The price for what the hotel ACTUALLY IS is not such a good deal. But in my case, Hotel Maya was a pleasant surprise!

    I had to make a last minute trip to LA to pick my sister up from college. I booked a hotel through Priceline literally the night before I had to be there. Honestly, I just booked something random. I booked Hotel Maya for a measly ~$100/night for 3 nights, not including the $21 daily parking fee. I did not look up any ratings or reviews. Whatevs, I was going to tough this trip out.

    When I got there, I stumbled upon what looks like a small resort. Nicely decorated to have a resort feel. Tons of foliage and ambient lighting.

    The amenities were honestly stupendous for this price.
    - Outdoor pool with cabanas
    - Basketball court
    - Tennis court
    - Gym
    - Bike/running trail by the water
    - Outdoor lounge areas (beautiful)
    - Refrigerator upon request, drink chiller in room by default
    - Sony iPod dock, GREAT sound (makes the place feel so much homier)
    - Keurig machine

    - Outdoor hookah bar by the harbor
    - Ferry bus stop that is basically in the hotel to take you to the other side of the LB pier
    - Restaurants
    - $21/night parking

    The front desk people were helpful. Even though I booked through Priceline, they still treated me like a regular guest. Offered us FREE cookies (warm and everything!) They were nothing but sweet to us.

    House keeping were also really nice. I left them a small tip the first night, and they left me extra towels, extra bottles of shampoos and lotions, and some bottles of water.

    I got a pricing of $100/night for 3 nights during the weekend for the beginning of summer. I got the balcony room on the 2nd to the highest floor facing the water. At that price, I think I've got a steal!

    From what I have read, people are paying closer to $250/night for the room that I got. I would see why this would be an upsetting place for that kind of price. The hotel looks really nice, but the room itself was a bit grimy, honestly. The Keurig machine was dusty, the carpet felt like people have brought sand in and they can't get it out of the carpet.

    OVERALL, for my pricing, it was a good and relaxing stay. For a much bigger price tag, the outside of the hotel is certainly one of the better ones that I have seen. With that said, it does not excuse their rooms at all. They add a lot of nice decor, colors, knickknacks, but it doesn't excuse their lack of cleanliness.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    264. Ana D.
    Thank you for taking time responding to my review. I love animals especially dog or puppy. They are adorable. If they are service animal, it's ok but those dogs were from the guy who stay at the boat by your hotel.
    As regards to dinning area, it was a white toy breed with lots of furs.

    Since my last review, I noticed a lot of improvements which includes addition towels area, friendly staff by the pool. He did his job really well. He keep the place real clean and I appreciate lots of towels. Thumbs up.
    Front desk and bell man were awesome. My kids love those toys the bell gave us.

    14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    265. Sugar B.
    If you're looking for a quiet, peaceful place to relax. This is not it. This property is big on weddings and events. Here is another big one: Next door - if there is a concert, there will be extremely loud music that can go on until late night hours. You can hear the loud speakers even at a mile away.

    Beautiful Marina scenery
    Cool Mayan decor
    Small gym
    Free shuttle to and from the other side of the Pier
    on site bar and restaurant (over priced)

    But... how can you enjoy all that with all the noise going on? If you decide to book a room here and want the Marina View, get a room on the top floor, the bottom floor is distracted by people constantly passing by while you try to enjoy the view. I would not stay here again.

    $22 per night for parking (hard to find parking during special events)
    Rude, inconsiderate front office staff
    Front office staff is not good at picking up the phones
    Dirty room with dirty carpet and bugs
    Toilet is slow to flush
    Broken mini refrigerator

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    266. Jude K.
    I was in long beach for two days this week for work. The first night I needed somewhere to stay which my boss had settled for me- one night at Hotel Maya. just 8 minutes from the convention center area which is very convenient. However, although there was a very very very long wait to get me and my boyfriend checked in due to confusion and what not, it seemed as THOUGH it was made up for the minute i finally stepped into our room. It was very nice and cozy.I was exhausted and so a nice bath and the big bed was very enjoyable to me.

    However, the first bed I got into with my boyfriend, a tiny bug that LOOKED like a bed bug (although we were unsure) crept up on us out of nowhere onto our pillow. GROSS. We weren't sure if it was a tic or what, but we needed to sleep, so we just got into the other "fresh" bed and went to sleep. I wokeup with two huge bites on my face, and 3-4 massive bites on my arm. Anytime I'm bit by ANYTHING, they swell up A LOT. And are so painful. This hotel is misleading as all hell. Not only was I bit but my boyfriend too! on his chest area. The room was also so hard to fall asleep in. Walls are super thin so you literally here everything from neighbors to the ice machine all night. Do NOT go here whatsoever. As convenient as it may be in terms of distance, it is plain out UNACCEPTABLE that this happened, and I am reporting to them AND their local health department!!!! I'm still disgusted.

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    267. Anahit K.
    I stayed here for a night at $257 (incl. tax & parking) in a balcony view room.

    First room -- no view, just the balcony. the room looked very old & run-down. Cleaners had left cleaning supplies & mops lying around. Called the font desk & changed the room.

    2nd room - supposedly this was newly renovated. I did not see much of a difference other then pergo flooring. The view was OK.

    Pros: The hotel lobby was beautiful with Mayan style. Staff are friendly & accommodating. Has a restaurant on site.

    Cons: Very old hotel, needs major renovation. Extremely loud staff and/or guests. The hotel has fire pits & a small "beach", but even on a Saturday, the fire is turned off early at around 10. Pool & jacuzzi close early as well. Parking is too pricey. WiFi was horribly slow.

    I would not stay longer then a night in this hotel. That said, I enjoyed the one night.

    23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    268. Jeff K.
    Hotel was renovated but the oldness remains. Very nice decor, but what's lacking:
    Beds are uncomfortable, our room had a messed up door with parts not sealing correctly, no screen door for outside patio and the chair in the room had a ripped cushion. For a 250+ dollar a night room it was very disappointing. We told the front desk and they moved us to another room (inconvenient) and didn't offer any other solution to make us happy.

    *also our last night we went to the restaurant and their system was down so they wouldn't seat us, the gift shop ran out of beer, and the room service took 45 minutes for 2 drinks. Again, for the price we paid, very disappointing.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    269. James H.
    A resort close to home?  Absolutely....

    We took a 3 day "stay"cation at this nondescript property and felt like we were hundreds of miles from home. It truly looks like nothing special upon arrival however, once you enter the property the surprises begin to emerge. The entire property overlooks the Queen Mary Bay and Downtown Long Beach, including their restaurant with a wonderful indoor and very large outdoor area, a fire pit area with comfortable outdoor seating and beautiful pool.

    The rooms were spacious and comfortable with everything you could need to make your stay perfect!  We had a ground floor room with a patio and an unobstructed view of a breathtaking sunrise every morning!

    The ONE and only thing that keeps us from rating this property "FIVE" stars is the window A/C and heating units that are extremely noisy and do not work very well.

    We will be back?  You bet your sweet ass we will and we will be bringing friends with us again!  What a great time!.....

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    270. Jen F.
    I was a little scared after reading some of these reviews, but once we made it to the hotel I was nothing but impressed.  I attended a wedding here over the weekend and stayed for two nights.  The wedding was beautiful and they have a really gorgeous outdoor event space.  

    Now about the hotel itself.  We had a balcony room on the 3rd floor with a harbor view.  I loved the balcony and the view was really pretty.  When we called for more towels, they were brought up in literally minutes.  The staff at the front desk was very friendly and helpful.  The pool is really nice and also has great views.  

    My only complaint is that the air conditioner units are really old and loud.  

    We had a really lovely weekend here and all of the wedding guests were really pleased with the hotel and accommodations.  

    Tip: Put the hotel name into your GPS rather than the address.  The GPS lead us to the Queen Mary, where we had to go into the parking lot and take a ticket and go all the way around to explain to the parking attendant.  I'm sure this happens all the time, as it is easy to miss.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    271. Mike S.
    There's a lot to like about this hotel - very cool layout and decor both in the outside areas of the property and the rooms, and beautiful views.  

    However, a couple things ruined it.  One was that even though most of the room was updated and nice, the carpet looks about 40 years old and is disgusting, dirty and smelly.  I tried to wear socks while walking around the room, and the bottoms of my white socks turned black just from walking on the carpet.  And the "dirty feet" smell was terrible.

    I was going to give 3 stars based on that, but then after checking out and getting my folio emailed to me, there was a bogus charge from the hotel pool bar, which we never even visited (in fact, we didn't order any food or drinks at all during our stay).  I called the hotel and for 30 minutes was put on hold, transferred, put on hold, and hung up on.  I eventually called reservations because the hotel stopped answering the phone, and after speaking to a supervisor I have a pending dispute (so it's not even resolved yet).  Very shady, and a terrible way for a hotel to try to get repeat guests.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    272. Star E.
    My Freedom Writer Foundation "Empowerment Symposium" was hosted by the Hotel Maya, so this was the second time I was totally BLESSED to be staying at this hotel--more like a resort! ALL the staff from checking in to maintenance to food service and house keeping were attentive and polite and helpful.
    There were several weddings along with our event but my room was on the far side of the first "tower" so the only real noise I encountered was a fog horn!
    My room was clean and the decor throughout was a bit exotic (Well I am from New England!) and comfortable. Everywhere outdoors and indoors were large sitting places and fire pits for small group relaxing. It's a pretty gentile walk to the Queen Mary and across the Rainbow Bridge to Long Beach. I am amazed at how different experiences guests perceive.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    273. Sean M.
    I wanted to take my Dad and his wife, visiting from the cold east part of the country, for a proper So. Cal weekend.  I cashed in some Hilton Honors points for two rooms at Hotel Maya.

    I was a little concerned given some of the hot and cold reviews here on Yelp but figured I'd give it a chance.  Glad we did.  We had a great stay and everyone from my Dad to our two kids had a wonderful time.  Here are the particulars.

    1.  This is a Doubletree by Hilton Property.  While it is a bit of a different set-up - it markets itself as a boutique resort and rooms are separated into four different free standing buildings - it's still a Doubletree so if you are a Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond member you'll get complimentary room upgrades, free breakfast, free bottles of water in your room, etc.
    2.  Yes - it is an older property - but they appear to be in the middle of a renovation.  Both of our rooms seemed to have been recently redone with modern furnishings and decor.  There was none of the "mildew" or "feet" smell other reviewers have complained of and the carpets were clean.  The only sign of the hotel's age was the antiquated heat / air wall unit which I'm guessing is probably on this list of things they are replacing.

    3.  As other reviewers have noted, the view is amazing and the property has private beaches and gas fire pits, chairs and loungers.  You can reserve private cabanas around the pool or hookah lounge if you wish.  It's a really beautiful and relaxing place to hang out and your little ones will love the small, private beaches.

    4.  If you have a bottom floor, water facing room (we did), you have your own patio that leads right onto the private beach area.

    5.  We had the breakfast buffet in the Fuego restaurant.  It was fine and typical of other Doubltree breakfast buffets - so - better than the "free" breakfast offered by other chains but nothing that's going to blow your socks off.  Lots of people complaining about the service in the restaurant but ours was great.  Very attentive staff and no one's coffee, water or tea ever went empty.  

    6.  Property is within walking distance of the Queen Mary and all of the attractions there.  A free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes will take you across the water to downtown Long Beach, Shoreline Village, the aquarium and other spots.

    7.  Our $22 parking was comped.   Now sure why but it was a nice touch.  Other properties I've stayed at will occasionally dole out goodies like that if you're a Hilton Honors member.

    So - I would come back again.  We had a great time.  The property and the view are wonderful and they treated us great.  Hope this review helps you in your decision.

    30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    274. Christy R.
    Updated nicely, great views, several fire pits, nice pool, within walking distance to Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific. Feels tropical. Would definitely stay here again.

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    275. Shanel W.
    I did not stay here but our family reserved the outdoor lounge between buildings two and three from 7p-10p. For my cousin's sweet 16. It was a gorgeous night! The scenery is beautiful and it was right in front of the water and the lights from the harbor made it even more amazing.
    Plenty of seating and two nice fire pits.
    The only reason why this did not get that fith star is because the outdoor surround speakers weren't working. So there was no music available to us as we were told was available to use.  Luckily my cousin brought her iPod deck. We got a little sounds, but nothing like if we had it connected to the outdoor surround sound to dance!
    Anyhow I would like to throw a gathering there and even stay at the hotel someday soon.
    Overall it was worth it :)

    14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    276. Leslie B.
    This year, we chose to stay at the Hotel Maya (Hilton/Doubletree)  on our annual trip to the Queen Mary for the Ink 'N' Iron Festival.  Short of staying on the Queen Mary, this is the closest hotel to the event.  From the outside, it looks amazing.  The architecture is pretty unusual, they have an attractive pool area, and there is a "playa" area at the waterfront with fire pits.
    The hotel lobby is impressive, with a modern flair and beanbag chairs.  It is next to a hookah lounge, which I was really excited about.  We chose a room with a balcony overlooking the "playa" and the waterfront.  The views of the Marina and the Queen Mary were stunning at sunset.  Other than the view, the hotel room itself was pretty much average.  The bathroom and tub were tiny.  There was no counter to put on my makeup, and no extra area to do hair an makeup outside of the hotel room.  I did appreciate the refrigerator to chill our champagne and the Keurig machine to make my coffee.  
    Maid service was ok.  They took our glasses, leaving us to drink champagne out of coffee cups.  I did not care for the room service, as in order to get breakfast before 11 AM (we had to head out early) we had to order form a very limited and more expensive menu.  Regular room service starts at 11.  They also got our order wrong, though the server was very friendly about it.
    The worst thing about the hotel was the noise from other rooms.  At night we heard drunks fighting and in the day we heard kids screaming....kind of puts a damper on a peaceful getaway.
    The pool area closes early, so I did not get to check it out, but it is located near the waterfront and seemed to be really popular.
    All in all, I would stay there for the view and the proximity to our event (the reasons for my 3 stars), but not one of the nicest hotels I've stayed at.

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    277. Lori W.
    We had an amazing stay at Hotel Maya during a conference in Long Beach. The conference was downtown so it was a short drive to the sessions. You can also take a free shuttle. The customer service of the staff more than made up for the fact that we had to drive into the meeting. Everyone we encountered from the front staff to the restaurant staff was very accommodating to everything that we needed. They even had a refrigerator delivered to my room when I didn't finish my dinner one night in the restaurant. They have a hot tub and a nicely decorated pool as well as fire pits along the harbor. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone traveling in the Long Beach area.

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    278. Guile o.
    I came here for brunch on Sunday with my friends and enjoy the time there until we had to pay..I am not sure why but the manager did not seem to like us and inform us that we can not pay by card and we had to leave.. I mean we all had money, but who carries $300 daily.. At least inform us you do not take credit cards or ATM cards prior to us ordering and finish our food and drinks. Food was okay but pricey and a pitcher of beer for 27 bucks is a little much.

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    279. Heather L.
    As chain hotels go - you can usually have an expectation of certain standards. The Hotel Maya is a Hilton Hotel. I have stayed here a twice for business purposes. Both times I have found my rooms to be clean and comfortable. The front desk has always been friendly and  willing to help with car and transportation arrangements. The Fuego restaurant and bar serves good food and decent portions - especially for breakfast!. Being from California I would not "vacation" in Long Beach, but would certainly recommend this hotel for business or someone looking for a place to stay in the area.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    280. Mike R.
    My wife and Celebrated Our 5th year anniversary at Maya and really enjoyed the rooms and decor of the entire resort. We purchased the entertainers package and was very well worth it. Very close to all the hot spots in Long Beach. We went Kayaking, to jazz clubs, and golfing all in one day. Very fun weekend. Fernando at the front office gave us super VIP treatment. We will definitely return to the Maya. Room 3504 had a great view.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    281. Lisa S.
    This hotel has a view of Long Beach that is atypical and quite beautiful. It's nice to see all the lights of downtown, the Pike, and the buildings along Ocean from a different vantage point.

    I've been here twice - once to the bar for HH and another time for an event. The stools outside, facing the water, are great. You can watch the boats and people as well. On that particular day, there was a group paddleboarding.

    The night event was great as well; however, the bartender was very sour looking and standoffish, and the restroom wouldn't lock. Seeing as it was one room, it made for some interesting conversation, anxiety, and female teamwork. Lol

    20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    282. Alana W.
    I stayed here recently for the Freedom Writer Teacher Institute as well as once a few years ago. I could not have asked for a more beautiful place to stay. As soon as you walk in, the lobby and comfy seating area catches your eye. They give you a warm cookie upon arrival, and there is fruit-infused water for the taking.

    The rooms are nice and open with modern touches. Some have balconies. They say rooms have either a view of the garden or the water, although mine was mostly parking lot. Each room has a Keurig, which I thought was a nice touch.

    We were in the ballrooms almost every day for the conference, and they were pretty and functional. They provided us with a coffee/tea station throughout the week which was nice, although I wish the coffee had been a little stronger and that there had been some flavored creamers other than just straight half and half (I know, I'm picky with my coffee).

    We were provided with vouchers to use at the breakfast buffet at Fuego each morning, and they brought us a buffet-style lunch two or three days also. The food was solid and you can't beat the view. Sitting outside looking out over the water was a great way to start each day, while a dip in the pool or hot tub and a visit to one of the fire pits was the perfect way to end each night.

    We had been warned that drinks at the bar could get pricey so we came prepared with our own drinks, which the staff did not seem to mind. They did shoot us lots of glares as we would often stay out at the fire pit until 1 or 2am (they turn off the fire at 10pm) and weren't the nicest to us in those moments, but I guess that's to be expected. They also kicked us out of the hot tub at 10:00 on the dot although we weren't being loud or rowdy. I felt like they could have given us a little wiggle room.

    The hotel seems to be a popular wedding destination, as there were three weddings during our short stay. The hookah bar area is really cool, but we thought it was a little pricey so we didn't try it out.

    I should also note, we arrived early so some of us had to wait a bit for our rooms, but they did give me a late checkout on the last day.  Overall, I would definitely recommend Hotel Maya to anyone!  Just get ready for some side-eye if you like to stay up late.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    283. Sandeep S.
    great hotel for wedding events

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    284. Mimi L.
    A weekend getaway at a waterfront hotel in long beach, but it felt like I was in Miami! I loved the Latin American style, so exotic and different, can't believe this is actually a doubletree hotel by Hilton?! We came to know of this hotel because sister and her bf are the members of the boat club at this hotel, glad we decided to come here to hang! The lobby, restaurant and bar areas are in one building, the guest rooms are in seperate buildings, we got a king room facing ocean with balcony, the room was small but very open with amazing views, we could see the Queen Mary in a great distance!

    We reserved a cabana at the pool, the waterfront pool area was extremely nice, fun yet still relaxing and low key. The cabanas are above a small pool, we put plastic chairs in the water, it was so much fun to sit in the water, ordered a few drinks and some food, drinks were tasty but not very strong, the food was fairly delicious, I liked the chips and salsa, the BBQ chicken salad is sister's favorite. We really enjoyed the pool time for the entire afternoon, our server was so attentive and friendly, great service! The bar closes at 6, but hotel guests can still stay till late.

    After dinner, we just hung around at the restaurant bar and hookah lounge. The waterfront night views were so beautiful and romantic, we loved it!

    They don't have late night room service, but hotel guests can order delivery from a pizza restaurant, or get some snacks at the convenient store at the lobby. We got late check out the next day which was a must for me! It was a little noisy and loud in the morning, because of the dogs barking and children screaming, other than that, we had a good night sleep with a bit of ocean breeze.

    This hotel is a great choice for a romantic getaway! Pool times during the day, lots of restaurants and bars nearby, as well as attractions like Queen Mary and Aquarium! Beautiful hotel with one of the nicest waterfront pools, what more you can ask for a lovely weekend!

    Ps. Overnight hotel guest parking $21, the rates are more expensive than other doubletree hotels, $245 for Saturday night.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    285. Vanessa O.
    Hookah at this place is amazing we were able to reserve a party of 20 for a birthday celebration through Ash!! Can I say in a few words breathtaking view and amazing experience. Food, Drinks, Hookah and a great service. We will continue to come here for our future events.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    286. J Loves Food L.
    I am writing a review as a wedding photographer.  I shot a wedding here in Fall 2014.

    Their staff are really efficient and sweet.  They are very proactive about offering their help to get me through the most stressful part of the day--including making sure that I have water to drink and letting me know exactly where the bride and groom will be hanging out after the ceremony.

    The hotel itself is very well kept, and the ceremony outdoor is beautiful under the outdoor chandelier and the backdrop of the ocean and palm trees.    The groom walks out from the glass door in the room behind where everybody's seated, and the bride comes on the path next to the water.   It's actually a really long path and it's good for photography as we get two different kinds of lighting situation when she makes that turn to the aisle.

    The food was great and the staff are super attentive even for the vendors.  We normally don't have a lot of time to eat, but they made sure to bring us freshly prepared food with a 5 minute notice whenever we had time to sit down to eat.   My crew had 2 videographers, 2 photographers and 2 attendants for the photo booth, so it' really nice of them to cater to our un-synchronized downtime.

    I really like this hotel!   Definitely highly recommend.

    Oh some tips:
    1. When you get here for the first time, it can be a little confusing where you're supposed to park.   They have a few hotel buildings and you need to know which building number it is.  I remember the labels are not huge or obvious.

    2. End of the night--parking costs $20 and I'm not sure which one is the official policy: the front desk people said they didn't validate, but when I got to the payment gate and told the attendant I was a vendor, he let me go for free.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    287. Amy L.
    One of the best views of Long Beach!

    I've been here a handful of times, mostly for business meetings in the evenings. The Maya seems to have ample amounts of large ballrooms for meetings, presentations, etc. Its always nice to grab a quick drink at the restaurant first, enjoy the view, then scurry up to the meeting room. The food served has always been pretty good, and I can't really complain when the food is free :). I've had the salmon and chicken mole on two different accounts here and both were quite tasty. The chicken mole with white rice was my favorite! there was also a chocolate cake provided for dessert and I had a few bites, but it was pretty sweet (and you don't catch me saying that often).

    I have eaten at the restaurant by the water "Fuego". While this restaurant boasts its beautiful views, when I came here last for dinner, the food was just par. Nothing that really stood out for me or made me want to come back for more. The drinks were just ok...So really the only times I've been back have been for my business meetings. Wiling to give it another chance, should the opportunity arise!

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    288. MB Y.
    I got married here on September 27, 2014 and have no regrets in picking this property. This was for the Batino & Youngman Wedding.
    Crystal Kelly Olivares was my Catering Manager and they provided my wedding coordinator Stephanie Yamamoto Johnson and Holly.
    They worked well as a team and satisfied all my requests and needs.
    According to my guests, from their appetizers which I picked; rock lobster medallions and beef churasco and the main meal of grilled lemon chicken with mushroom risotto and grilled veggies were superb in taste!
    My wedding coordinator, Stephanie and Holly were both so personable, patient and since I am a first time bride gave me suggestions that were very helpful to me.
    Holly was assisting me all the way on my wedding day and was always with a smile.
    Crystal my catering manager is the best as she worked with myself and my groom from the start meeting our needs.
    I had my Ceremony and Reception here and I could not ask for more as they are
    located across the Long Beach harbor and it was perfect weather and great scenery for our wedding pictures too.
    That is why I give this property 5 STARS!

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0