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Long Beach Convention Center Travelodge in Long Beach, CA


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Company Info:

Rating: 1.97

Address: 80 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA, 90802

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    Comments (31):

    1. Alie C.
    so me and my fiance we heading to long beach to catch a cruise. on  jan 7th 2013 we were in Bakersfield visiting some family  a few days before. 2 days before we were going to arrive in long beach my fiance called the travelodge on long beach to make sure he still had his reservation as he had booked the hotel in the summer months in advance. he did not have a confirmation number on him and could not find one he called and the person he spoke to had no reservation under his name at all he even gave his phone number and nothing came up. thinking that he may have booked at a different travelodge nearby he called the 1800 number and they also told him nothing could be found under his name or number. we ended up finding a last minute once in a lifetime deal at a hyatt. we get back from our vacation and his  credit card statement comes in and there is a charge for travelodge in long beach on atlantic ave for  a one night stay on the 8th of jan,  now how could have been charged if both local hotel and the 1800 number had no info in the system for him. so he called the 1800 number and the person on the other end said to just pay the bill. you want us to pay a bill for a stay we never had their, our reservation was suposed to be for the 6th of january a sunday the 8th was a tuesday and we were on the cruise in the islands at that point.  we got charged for a stay plus parking which is bs how could you not have his info in the system but yet charge his cc that he had on file when he booked the room in the summer. your customer service people are very unprofessional and rude.  we will never again book something at your hotel if you are going to loose reservations and they us to assume we did not have a room and had to look elsewhere to find out when we come back that we got charged for a stay we did not take.

    beware to people who want to book months in advance for this hotel chain they will claim your reservation was lost in the system and then you will go make other arrangement's you will come back from vacation and find out you were charged for a room and a reservation they lost in the system.

    26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. L F.
    I did not expect much from this hotel, but I got less. My first impression was that I didn't want to take my shoes off and walk barefoot, because the carpet looked dirty. The room also smelled - dank, like it had been wet sometime. (After the AC was on for a while it got better.) The closed pool is the size of a postage stamp. We had registered for three people, but every night there were only two sets of towels. The keys did not work when we returned the second might- no explanation why. The hotel pillows were tiny and flat, and worse, they would not give us extra pillows. The tv was fuzzy - the opposite of HD. No breakfast options at the hotel or very close. Parking spaces are VERY narrow.  The wifi was very slow, IF you could connect st all.  On the upside, it was less expensive than some.  Try somewhere else!!!

    19/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Jax L.
    if you are on a budget, this place is NOT for you.
    if you are coming here because of the location, don't expect much.

    the only good about this location, is the location.
    its walking distance to the pike, the beach, bars, etc etc

    parking is free, but very limited, if you come back late, you're probably going to need to park on the streets.

    for the price we paid, it was not worth it at all, we will not be returning.
    its about $90-120/night, but everything is old and out of date,
    overall, its clean, but everything looks like its from the '70s.
    oh, and don't be lazy, don't use the elevator, its creepy and they are due for a checking.

    31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Chris V.
    Showed up to find no parking for my car. So ok it was the weekend but I reserved the room over a month ahead of time. The guy @ the front desk told me that people in other rooms brought more then 1 car & there was nothing he could do about it.  Strike one! As he checked me in he remarked about how I paid to much for the room. But gave me no discount after saying that. Strike two. Now it's time to leave there is plenty of parking now mind you. I go to check out & I ask him if I can leave my car here while I got get breakfast down the street. He tells me no because he is afraid of having a no empty spots for customers checking in.  So after that I say fine & ask where I might find a public parking spot? Strike three! He of course not helping me once during this whole trip doesn't know. F.y.I I found one not even a block away after leaving there. It was the worst place I ever stayed.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Marcas E.
    I been staying here every year for pride great rates and friendly staff.

    26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Crazy Bernie S.
    The kind of place a shopping cart lady dreams of getting if the right sap drives by and gives her a c note. Then again, if all you had to your name is a c note,you'd want to do the right thing and buy some crack and sleep in the alley. This joint is old, like older than me. Upside is newer mattresses and new small plasma tvs. Sheets are old, worn, and have all the little balls on them. No, not mine, the little balls that form on sheets when the population of southeast asia, mexico, and europe have all laid on them one by one. I was looking to sleep cheap the one night i had to be in town for a furniture show at the convention center. I feel like kneeling bedside and praying for no bed bugs but i dont want to get stuck to the carpet and be humiliated when the firemen show up to cut me off of it. Pay up and get a heavenly bed at the westin.

    01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Linda D.
    We needed a home away from home for about a week as we were visiting our new grandson for the first time. This Travelodge is an older one, but well-kept. The property is immaculate and so are the rooms! A bit dated but don't let that deter you from making a reservation. Customer service is awesome and housekeeping is one of the best I've seen, even in 5-star hotels. The rates are very reasonable and the hotel is located near many restaurants and various shops.

    We found the best rates for this hotel on Hotels.com .

    05/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Gina H.
    This place got the job done but wow. Really not impressed guys.

    Got a recommendation to stay here by a colleague because we had to stay in LBC one night before crusing and didn't wanna stay in and I quote "Snoop Dogg's Hood," so we came here instead. The cab dropped us off here and in the front it was only like 8 pm or so when we showed up but um, why was the front door locked as gas stations do in the hood when there is no entry allowed because of fear of getting robbed, etc.? And why is there no accessible way to get your big ol luggage up their steep ol stair. Um, wow.

    So this is even before checking in. We saw the dude inside the hotel staring back at us and tried to check in after wrestling our bag up the steep stair. Okay so I guess he saw our struggle and let us in. Uh thanks?!?

    We check in and I notice the "lobby" is the size of my hallway at home. No such thing as breakfast here. We did know that ahead of time and expected at least a microwave as we brought breakfast with us to the hotel but no such luck there either. The explanation was that, apparently someone else screwed that one up for the rest of us. I could sorta picture a person running down the street with an ol microwave tucked under their arm with hopes of selling big on craigslist. YEA RIGHT. Get microwaves travelodge LBC.

    Sheesh. The only thing I was happy with was the fact that they gave free Caress body wash and lotion and a razor for free but there was no body soap (regular) or anything but hand soap for my boyfriend. WOW. At least it was only for one night. The tv had a few channels but at that pont we were exhausted and fell asleep. The lighting was horrible, and the room was a good size so there are not all bads here. Randomly the next morning as we tried to eat our cold breakfast but couldn't my boyfriend noticed a random lock on a random door next to the window. We unlocked it not knowing what to expect and lo and behold it was a balcony, small, but a balcony! What a nice surprise!

    Oh yea, random: they give you takeout menus because there isnt a place around to eat but the charges to deliver are ridiculous. Better off eating before you get here like we did. Just don't expect to warm things up. You can however cool things down in the fridge.

    For the amount of money we spent (over 100 dollars with AAA discount) it wasn't worth it. We weren't in the hood and its close to the cruise terminal but if I came back, I would stay at another hotel.

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Chelsea R.
    This place is absolutely disgusting. I had booked a room here for the ISSE show this past weekend and i was so disappointed. The room was a smoking room when i had asked for non-smoking there was blood stains on the box frame cover along with other kinds of stains. The shutters on the window had 2 fingerprints of blood of them and the sealing also had blood on it as well. The carpet infront of the bathroom door was damp all weekend, the carpets were sticky, the counter was stained with a bunch of stains. I was very very disturbed by this room. I also had booked the hotel under my name and credit card and my friend had arrived before me and checked in under her name. That is not ok. Someone or anyone could have checked into my room since they just let anyone check in. Not the mention the guy at the front desk had all of his friends in there with beer on the counter the day we arrived. I am just very very upset that i had payed 494$ for a weekend in a really shitty hotel! DO NOT STAY HERE!!! The room number was 375 if anyone else has stayed there or is going too.

    28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Archie G.
    This review is written by the evil Archie G., a lush, loquacious lothario who is constantly on the run from the law:

    During my work related trip Long Beach, this is where I stayed for a few days. As much as I grateful for having a decent place to stay since I work for a company secretly wishes they could send me on business trips with a portable tent, air mattress, bucket of water and some soap; I was not impressed.

    The location is decent. It's near some decent escape routes and there is a Subway across the street for some cheap eats. The outside of this place looks a little shady. It's run down and the pool is dirty. There is a semi abandoned Mexican restaurant next door. Overall, it seems like the perfect setting to set up a drug deal, have an affair, or find a prostitute or two or five.

    As for the inside of my room, it was spacious, so there is definitely room to party a bit and maybe have a foursome. Remember, three "twos" can make a six. However, I advise you to bring some air mattresses as the carpet is filthy. So either the ladies sleep on the air mattresses or you send them home. The last thing you want is for your ladies to catch a rash from floor and blame you for it somehow, especially if you were nice enough to use a rubber. While the room does offer a mini fridge, it lacked a closet. So if you're trying to stash a body until you can figure out a way to dispose of it, this may not be the best place to stay.

    Apparently, the big selling point of this joint is that it offers free Wi-Fi. The front desk guy said it so proudly, as he made me fill out some paperwork. Well, the Wi-Fi is dirt slow. I might as well be signing on to the Internet with a 56K modem. I secretly wanted to stab the front desk guy with my Subway straw, but other than offering me a free portal to the days where it took 25 minutes to hear "You've got mail!" - he wasn't that bad of guy and didn't deserve such a tragic end.

    Honestly, I didn't have time to do anything. I was in a rush.

    25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Trevor D.
    Went on a cruise and needed a place to stay a night and also cheap parking during the cruise. Some places did have complimentary parking but the price was more than this place. The only reason we chose this place was for the price and the parking, if you are looking for quality, cleanliness, comfortable, safety, or anything else that can give your mind any positive thoughts, look somewhere else.

    2 stars because it satisfy what I was looking for.

    21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Federico G.
    Worst Experience ever!!! the place itself is dirty and it smells bad, the pool, is the worst pool I've ever seen in a hotel.
    The service was horrible, i stayed there for one night, checkout was at 11 am, we went out for drinks and dinner the night before, forgot to set an alarm and i was awaken by a rude guy from the front desk saying that if i wasn't out of the room in 15 minutes he will call THE POLICE! this is the first time something like this happens to us, so i packed our stuff and went to check out. I was charged $20 late check out fee (45 min. late) witch is not a problem, but when i asked ABRAHAM (front desk guy) why would he call the police, he responded: Well since you didn't answer the door i thought you guys were on drugs so i was going to call the police! we were going to stay an extra day but decided to go a different hotel, and obviously this guy is "on drugs" because that all he thinks about it!
    STAY AWAY from this place, Abraham is lucky i don't have the time to talk to my lawyers about this...

    22/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Lauren R.
    This is actually the first review I've done for Yelp. I've started other ones but I've never actually sat down to finish them. So, be prepared, Yelp, Lauren has finally arrived.

    I came up to Long Beach from San Diego to go to the ISA festival yesterday at the Queen Mary. So, my friend and I drove up Friday night to beat the rush. We live in San Diego and the trip takes about an hour and a half to two hours so I booked the reservation an hour or so before we left. Now, here's the thing, I've worked in the hotel biz briefly before and reservations mean a lot. And if you're working in a place that has a website to do booking, don't you think you'd check it at least once every hour to see if anyone new has come along? It's the weekend, people! And people like deals.

    Anyway. The trip up was okay but I was tired, having been on my feet for eight hours at my job and all I really wanted to do was get my hotel room, eat a little something, and get some sleep. We pulled in a little before 11pm and we didn't get into our room until after 11:30. This was because the gentleman at the desk hadn't updated his reservation list. Now, maybe I should've been more prepared and actually printed out my reservation number instead of having it on my phone, but he even told me that he needed the documentation on his side.

    I tried to get him to swing us a better deal on getting two beds. I had originally booked just one and to be honest, I was needing some personal space. Unfortunately, even after haggling and the promise of a cheaper rate for two beds, the guy still charged me full price. At this point though, all I wanted was to get out of the claustrophobia lobby and get into the room.

    Aside from the creepy elevator that I probably didn't really need to take, the rest of my experience has been great. Sure, it's a little loud but the building is old so it's to be expected. The housekeeping staff are fantastic, a simple nice conversation elicited more towels than we could've ever asked for along with very pleasant and quick conversation.

    Over-all, for the budget price I should've gotten, this place isn't so bad. For a weekend if you want just one bed, it'll run you around 160$ after the hotel fees. I almost spent 200$ when promised around 180$ so I'm a little miffed. Regardless, if I need to stay here, everyone (even the people at the desk, despite them gypping me out of some money) was nice enough to get me to come back.

    And besides, the delivery food that I've had the past two nights has been so good, I actually contemplated moving to Long Beach. LB, you've done it again.

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. E. U.
    I stayed here twice over the summer, and it's decent! My friends and I went on a cruise and didn't want to drive home drunk, so we stayed here instead.
    The first time, there were 5 of us. We figured 4 of us can share 2 Queens and 1 person can sleep on the floor, we would figure it out & make it work. Turns out our room had 3 beds! Score! The only downside of this room was the A/C didn't fully work. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, well close to 100 degrees, but the A/C didn't "throw". If you wanted to feel it, you had to stand right next to it.
    The second time we stayed, we were in the room right next to our last one. The A/C worked wonderfully, but there were only 2 beds. It was better though because in the bathroom was the toilet & shower, but the sink was outside! It was so much easier for everyone to get ready over the mirrors.
    I don't understand why people make a huge deal about the pool. If you want a lap pool, go to a rec center. When my friends and I went, it was empty. Trees provided shade & we were able to chill & talk privately. There's a gate separating the parking lot & the pool, but unless you get right up next to it, there's nothing to worry about. Sure, the deepest is about 4 1/2 and it's small, but this isn't some Embassy Suites or Radisson.
    Check-in and check-out were so quick and easy. Get key, give back key. Thanks to Jesse!

    DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR! Don't be lazy, take the stairs. Elevator is tiny and creepy. Makes too many creaking sounds.

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Susan S.
    The fact that this place even has a single star is a shock in itself. My room coompletely wreeks of cigarettes, the room, the bathroom, the sheets. I wanted to vomit. I called for a different room, and all they could offer was to "come up and spray the room". Are you kidding me!?!?!!!? Now it smells like I'm diving inside if a Pier One bath salt. I cannot even believe that I paid over $100/night for this place. I am so embarrassed to go to a conference tomorrow because now I SMELL LIKE CIGARETTES!!'

    19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Kris R.
    Disappointment at every angle!

    Our keys for room 236 worked once...then stopped working. Then the MOD told us the door didn't work right...really?!? I feel so much more secure now!

    The clientele is sketch, to say the least. There are long term residents who will watch you from their room as you walk down the hallways.

    There was a giant pile of old linens that always seems to make movement sounds when we walked by.

    And then there was the room, a non smoking gem that was clearly smoked in for many times before.

    When the roach ran across the room, it was time for me to pack it up. Bottom line, its a price too good to be true.

    Avoid 236 and 237!

    07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Debra B.
    Stay here 3 nights, and never again.  Checked in and wanted to freshen up a bit and found NO washcloths, just hand towels.  Went to front desk and they were out of washcloths. Are you kidding me!  Housekeeping came and brought me 3 more hand towels since they were out.  Really?

    Carpet was smelly, bathroom/tub was filthy brown AND

    Next morning while getting ready for the day there was a HUGE COCKROACH  crawling up the wall.  Told the front desk and he did not seemed surprised.  Later in the day the manager offered to change rooms but no discount for having to share my room with cockroaches.

    Complained to Travelodge management and the manager callled me an apologized and then told me that they have to spray the rooms frequently for bugs.  So they spray one room and drive the bugs into the room next door, real smart.  

    Wanted to tell me that my stay next time would be better.  Now do I really want to subject myself to smelly, dirty, cockroach infested rooms?  NOPE.

    The price for the room was way overpriced and for a few dollars more you can get a much better room and travel experience.  Stay away.

    29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Melonie R.
    Spent 2 summer days and nights in Long Beach at Travelodge- - room 241.. The midweek room rate was $79 plus tax came to around $90 per night. The room was nicely decorated with a super comfortable king bed. Awesome big flat screen TV with tons of cable channels. Customer service was fast and courteous. Only complaint, I asked for a later check out time and they gave me 30 minutes only with no charge.. C'mon Travelodge, loosen up a little. If in the area I'd definitely check them out again.

    09/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Dr. Niama W.
    Initially, I was pleased with the room, but not with the staff or the internet service. The internet kept going out in my room; I checked in on a Sunday at 4 p.m. and by Monday night I had called their WiFi Technical Support THREE TIMES.

    The person I spoke with, a female, at WiFi Technical Support was NOT helpful. When I became upset because my internet was still not working, she claimed she didn't know what to do other than to reboot the router, which had already been done twice. I was understandably upset.

    Imagine my frost when the front desk called me after I hung up with her to inform me that they were trying to help me, but I was yelling at them, and that was not acceptable.

    I hit the roof. I am 50 years old WITH THE GREY HAIR TO PROVE IT, and everyone I had dealt with was under 30. I receive poor service and I am reprimanded for yelling? Oh I was INCENSED.

    Once I moved to the new room, however, things began to change (at no cost to me by the way; and it was a better room). First of all, the front desk person actually came up to my room, a Mr. Sean Garcia, and literally helped my friend (whom I had called) move me to the new room AFTER 9 P.M. ON A MONDAY NIGHT. He loaded my belongings on the cart just like he was a bell person and I had no money to tip him! He was both kind and apologetic.  I was astounded.

    On Sunday, when I had to check out, a Mr. Jesse Moynahan was working the front desk. He remembered me from the night before, and when I told him my friend was coming to pick me up but could not arrive until 1:30, he said, "no problem" and allowed me to stay in the room, delightedly watching LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, until my friend arrived.

    In addition, Mr. Moynahan took the majority of my million and one bags and belongings down to the lobby FOR ME so that when my friend arrived he just had to put them in his car. Once again, I had no money to tip Mr. Moynahan, but he never even mentioned a tip.

    Both Mr. Moynahan and Mr. Garcia, with their kindness, caring, and willingness to move my multiple belongings for me exhibited the epitome of customer service. They are to be applauded, in my book, and awarded merit pay by the institution that is Travelodge. It is rare to witness such respectful assistance from young people in their twenties; I was delighted.

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Niama L. Williams

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Brandon C.
    It was just ok. The only thing this place has going for it is that the beds are somewhat comfy. That's it. No microwave, cracked sinks, the shower sucks, the ac hardly works.
    Called down to ask if they had a microwave downstairs that we could use for the stuff we had in the freezer (which was horrid) and they told us "no, we don't. Not for guests.) what utter bullshit. For $125/night, no microwave, and a crap staff? Wow. Would not recommend at all to anyone staying in the long beach area.

    26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Robert D.
    I stayed at the Travelodge for 10 days. The room was nice and clean, and the front desk staff was very helpful. It's also very close to many places to eat and get coffee/tea. For the price (1/2 of other local hotels) it's very hard to beat.

    The only downside for me was the Internet. I chose this hotel due to the free wifi. I stayed two rooms away from the lobby and could never get online. Despite the very valiant efforts of the front desk staff, it never worked when I was in my room.

    If you're looking for a very affordable place to stay in the area and just need a place to sleep, this is it.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Palmer K.
    Yikes! Run. Tranny hookers and meth heads run the halls. It's just gross. Cockroaches in the rooms. Not sure the sheets were changed and when I called for clean sheets, I was made to come and get at the front desk.
    Wi-fi signal was terrible.
    Spend the extra 10 bucks and stay at the Best Western just across the street.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Sal D.
    The is not the most amazing hotel, but its a great value, after taxes and charges I paid about $80.00 for a Saturday night during the Ink and Iron festival. Check-in was at 3 pm, I called and they let me check in at 1:45 pm which really made things more convenient for us. To top it off check out was at 11 am, we were running late, they gave us a call and said not problem they would switch our check out to 11:30.

    So when we first got to our room everything seemed pretty average nothing really special, not to be picky but the room had a bit of a odd odor. Luckily regarding the odor they is a Vons a block over so we picked up a candle and some champagne. The location of the hotel was very convenient walking distance from many bars and restaurants, we walked to Sevilla it was about .4 miles away. There is a little Mexican restaurant located in the hotel, which is awkwardly next the pool which is 3 1/2 feet deep.

    What I really liked about this place was the little stuff, like the free toothpaste, the iron, blow dryer, the WIFI (which for some reason I used the next hotel's WIFI) and the flexibility on the check-in/check-out.

    14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Isaiah V.
    Don't stay at this hotel! EVER!!!! The nonsmoking rooms smelled like cigarettes for some reason and I found some blood stains on the shower head. It was really disgusting! So, if you're looking for a cheap hotel, avoid this one!

    07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. andrew c.
    I used a buy two, get a percentage off your room deal and it wasn't bad.

    Unfortunately, after my first nights stay, I was checked out of my room unknowingly. This sucks when you are coming home from a conference at 1130 at night and there are sketchy people in the lot and you just want to get into your room.

    And then you discover the keycard doesn't work...because they checked you out thinking you were only there for ONE night! Um, hello? the deal was for two nights and I even said I'm here for TWO nights when I checked in.

    The guy at the front desk was like "Oh yeah, you checked in like, two days ago right?" to which I responded "no...last night. You saw me check in last night"

    I mean, the room wasn't TERRIBLE. but the hallways are straight up from a horror movie...

    15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Taz Z.
    Staff were friendly, located near many restaurants and attractions. Room was ok clean, but graffiti on phone, nightstand, and mirror.   Wall had holes stuffed with toilet paper  (creepy).  Parking lot is small with tight spaces.  TV didn't work.  This place needs a refurbishing.

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. Jack F.
    This place is so bad Hotels dot com should be embarrassed to offer rooms here. The service is of a 3rd world country and the rooms are so filthy a crack dealer wouldn't stay here. The owners couldn't care less if you are happy or not and Hotels dot com will not protect you from the rip off. Never use Hotels dot com or any other middle booking agent. You can get the same rates by simply calling the hotels direct.

    Our room had a hypodermic needle between the sheets on one bed and the fire alarm was missing until we found it between the mattress of the second bed. There was hair on the sheets, incense burns on the bathroom walls, dirty and dingy tub, a lamp that had electrical wires from another fixture spliced onto it. The room was over all disgusting and dirty beyond belief. And I have pictures of everything!

    This hotel is frequented by drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes, vagrants, and transients. The hallways look like they belong in a prison. The balconies on the rooms are easily accessible by the balcony next to it so security form room to room is very poor.

    Stay at a larger corporate hotel with strict policies and procedures. The Holiday Inn at Redondo is a little farther away but it's a world of difference.

    By the way Hotels dot com would not let me review this hotel honestly so I had to come here and Google places to make sure other people know the truth about this dump. The other reviews here that seem somewhat decent must be fake and paid for by the hotel owner. Either that or those people are not from the US.  DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

    28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Dina D.
    Staff friendly and room was pretty clean but the place is noisy! Walls are thin and I could hear everything going on outside. I paid WAY to much for this place. Won't stay again.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Cindy G.
    I stayed there last weekend it was the most worst hotel I have every stayed in. the wallpaper was falling off the walls, the furniture was broken and the management was rude I will never stay a Travelodge again

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    30. Anthony R.
    To be fair, the place was cheap (not in general, but in comparison to neighboring facilities) and just about the only thing available on a busy weekend.   That's the last decent thing I can say. The room smelled like smoke, booze, and dead hookers. I sat down on a chair located on the balcony and it collapsed, sending me sprawling (I'm not overweight)

    The TV did not work. And, as of this review (day two) has not been fixed.  I'm not sure if hot water is something available at higher end hotels.......might explain why none is available here. :-(  

    I had to step over a sleeping homeless dude to get in the elevator.

    Good luck trying to find a cup of coffee in this joint, too.

    Honestly, I think I've been in worse jails.

    13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    31. Prizila V.
    Stayed for 2 Nights. It was a last minute booking so I was ok with a Smoking Room. Overall the room was fine. Very loud and people screaming.

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0