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Motel 6 in Long Beach, CA

Motel 6 in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.64

Address: 1121 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA, 90806

    Address: 5665 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA, 90804

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      Comments (22):

      1. Chad F.
      Rough neighborhood. Definitely get an uneasy feeling just being in the parking lot. Beds cheap. Funny smell in room, so bring your own scented candle or whatever. Close to Long Beach airport and about 80 bucks all said and done.

      25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. Peter S.
      NO WIFI!
      Before you book this motel call and verify if the Wifi is fixed. As of Oct. 22 the "... router had been damaged in a storm. " They are "... working on it."

      23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      3. Angel R.
      Awsome the air conditioner was ice cold the room was up to date and clean the staff is super friendly and it's cheap what more can you ask for i will definitely be staying here any time i need a room and they are pet friendly awesome :-)

      13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      4. Allison E.
      I love the redesigned motel 6s. They are all modern now! The Corona location is a little dirty but it's still a great deal.

      16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      5. Veronica B.
      I ended up here because all three of my Extended Stay America choices were completely booked and because they allow dogs (at no charge). Not in the best part of town there were some unsavory characters loitering around in the parking lot which aggravated my dog which aggravated me. Long story short I got no sleep before my 7hr drive the next day. Not good. Also, the bed was uuum "firm" and I'm not sure whose hair that was on not one... not two... but THREE of my towels but I'm glad my OCD came in handy and I used my own personal towels. But hey its Motel 6 not the Bellagio you can't expect much.

      26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      6. Deeanna R.
      Looks are deceiving... The rooms are VERY NICE considering that its a motel. Very modern look. I liked that there was a mini fridge and a microwave because we are spending a few days here so we were able to get some drinks and snacks. The front desk woman was very nice. She told us about the CVS being near us and a park around the corner so we could take our dogs.  Yes the outside isn't all fancy but the rooms are great! A LOT better than the other Motel 6 we stayed at.

      03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      7. Evelyn G.
      I had never stayed at a Motel 6 before. Boyfriend and I found ourselves in Long Beach on Monday morning (9 or 10am) and decided to spend a full day and night away from home. Check in time is 3pm but the very nice lady (Lety) at the counter said there were rooms available and we checked in right away.

      We stayed in room 224. It was upstairs in the corner with the view of the neighboring IHOP parking lot and the back of some apartment complexes. The first thing we noticed was the the door was super hard to open. You had to press up against it and push it open. Once inside there were a couple of screws on the floor and we noticed the deadbolt was broken.

      The room itself was very simple. TV, 2 queen beds, phone, table with 2 chairs a sink outside of the bathroom and the tiny bathroom itself with a toilet and shower. There was also a microwave and mini fridge. No closets (but, who cares?) and no drawers.

      At first glance the room looked clean but once we got situated we were able to notice how unkempt certain things were. One of the pillow cases was visibly stained there were brown spots all over it. The a/c looked like it had never been cleaned. The counter surfaces and table were dirty as well. The shower curtain was pretty gross especially at the bottom. It looked to me like housekeeping only spent about 5 minutes in there and never actually CLEANED the room. How do you miss a couple of screws from a dangling deadbolt on your way out from "cleaning" the room?

      I give it 3 stars because of the price and the customer service. Shortly after our check in the phone rang and it was Lety from the desk asking how everything was in our room so far. At this point we had only noticed the broken deadbolt so I said "so far, so good". I mentioned the broken deadbolt to her and she said they would fix it. I told her we didn't need it right away but I wanted to let her know because I didn't want them to think we broke it or anything. They have free wifi (it didn't work very well though).

      Overall there were some positives to this place. The bed we slept in was comfortable. The fridge kept our water nice and cold. The a/c worked great, the TV had HBO and a bunch of other channels with HD which was nice. Oh, by the way this place is pet friendly! We didn't bring our cat but it's lovely to have that option.

      If you're looking for a cheap place to rest your head at night at this is it. If you don't come with high expectations you won't be disappointed.

      28/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      8. Bruce H.
      We recently stayed here while working in Long Beach. Reserved the room sight unseen. First, the guys in the office were great, they were extremely friendly and out-of-their-way helpful.
      The room was recently renovated in art-deco sort of way -- orange wall, black lacquer furniture, bamboo flooring. etc. The beds were way more comfortable then I would have thought upon first sight of them. Not too impressed with the outside looks of the place, but I wasn't sleeping outside! I felt safe and felt my vehicles were safe in the parking lot overnight which is saying something!
      If we work down that way again, I'll be staying here! The main drawback for me was the water pressure in the shower is somewhat lacking... a small complaint for all the pluses! This is by no means the Ritz, but for an relatively inexpensive night or two, it fills the bill!
      Oh, the room had a fridge and microwave which I rarely see in a motel 6 -- a definite plus!!

      15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      9. Gwen F.
      Wow, Motel 6 really stepped their game up.
      When my friend told me where he stayed when he was in Long Beach I wasnt dreading going, buut I definitely wasnt excited either. My expectations were pretty low. I was impressed, borderline shocked, to see the quality of the rooms. I visited my friend on 3 separate occasions, so I have seen 3 different rooms.
      Theyve obviously been remodeled recently.. Nice wood floors, legitimately clean, good lighting, cute kind of retro color scheme, big flat screen LCD TVs, cable, free wifi. some rooms have fridges and/or microwaves...some dont, for no apparent reason [lol]. maybe a couple broke or something, idk. pet friendly, lots of space for parking, right next to an ihop and a buunch of stores. I was comfortable there - it's not noisy or raunchy or nasty. $50-60/night!

      I almost gave it 4 stars because 1 of the rooms didnt have a microwave.. or a fridge, i dont remember which. -because it is a sharp turn off a busy street into its parking lot.  -the vending machine selection is lame. -the cable is pretty old school.. not many channels and it takes forever for the channels to change and they dont come with info or a guide/menu. -their towels could be softer...lol.
      but all those things are realllly trivial. This motel6 is superior to motels in its class and makes for a pleasant stay.

      **beware the all 8 motel down the street! that place is fkn haggard D:

      29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      10. L J.
      A diamond in the rough.  This is the second time I've stayed at a Motel 6, the first being in San Diego, CA.  This Motel 6 isn't much to look at on the outside and it's located in a seedy area of Long Beach.  The first thing I noticed was the door was a bit hard to open and the room smelled like cleaner, which was a good sign letting me know that the room had been cleaned.  I was pleasantly surprised at the room itself as they had done some renovations.  My room had two queen beds, a small table with a chair and booth like seat, a flat screen TV, hangers on two small poles attached to the wall (no closet), a small bookshelf, a mini fridge, and a microwave.  There was also plenty of lighting in the room.  I love a well lit room.

      The only things lacking were toiletries (except for two mini soaps), a closet, and extra blankets.  If you forget your toiletries, there's a CVS within walking distance.  I picked up a candle at CVS to help get rid of the cleaner smell in the room.  Also, there is no clock in the room so you have to rely on your cell phone or pack a travel sized clock.  

      There were enough towels for two people and two mini soaps.  The water pressure in the shower was great, plenty of hot water.  The AC worked well but was a bit noisy and kind of hard to sleep to.  There are plenty of outlets in the room to charge all of your electronics.

      The front desk was very friendly and checked me in quickly.  When I called them later to have a water spill cleaned up, they showed up within 5 minutes with towels in hand.  They serve coffee from 7am-10am.  There is also a vending machine, washer/dryer, and ice machine.

      Another bonus- it's located right next door to the Loaded Kitchen, which used to be an IHOP.  

      This Motel 6 does not have an elevator so be sure to pack light or request a room on the lower level if you have heavy luggage.

      So overall, I would say that I enjoyed my room here and it was much better than the Motel 6 in San Diego!

      07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      11. K L.
      Ugh not sure why this place gets so many stars from people, this place is one of the worst I've stayed in and trust me I don't have high standards.  I just have one rule, be clean or at least give me the appearance of clean!

      On that note our first room (217) had a bed with dog/cat hair all over the sheets and pillow cases and what looked like either food stains or bodily fluids, your guess is as good as mine.  The bed covers all seemed to have cigarette burns in them, a nice decorative touch!   I wish i was kidding.  The room also had a broken/cracked mirror.   I called the front desk to get the sheets changed but of course "no one is here to change them."  I was offered new sheets but I would have to change them, which is fine but I wanted some kind of compensation which they didn't go for and instead offered a different room.  Ok fine ill take another room.

      Room 206 was slightly better, no visible pet hairs on sheets (well my daughter did see some but at this point we were tired and just wanted to sleep).  The bed covers also had cigarette burns/holes in them.  Im starting to think this is part of the room decor!  The ac was finicky as the controls would only sometimes work, you had to finesse the fan controls for the ac to kick in.   The mini-fridge had missing bars on the door so we couldnt put any drinks there.  The mini fridge and microwave did work though! Yay! :/

      The outside is kind of odd shaped and cramped.  If you drive a larger vehicle (anything bigger than a compact) then you will find the parking spots to be cramped.  Door dings anyone?  Watch out if you drive a rental.

      Seems to be that some people stay here who work as contractors (saw a few work trucks here), they just want a place to sleep.  Sleep would be good right now accept for the douchebags who took the room next door and decided that 3 AM was a good time to blast music.  Woke me up and decided to write this review.  ::forehead smack::

      We were gonna stay three nights but after tonight we're pulling out early.

      One star for being a cheap place to sleep.  Dont be fooled by the other good reviews and high ratings.

      14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      12. Sonny S.
      Ok soo it's been remodeled, has a flat screen and a modern but cheap decor.. The only thing that it really has is the fridge and microwave but the prostitutes outside and the cramped parking lot and the cigarette burns in the sheets and pillowcases are a big flop! The motel 6 up the street does not have a microwave and fridge and its cleaner with better people and its in a good area :) and the parking lot is not cramped and there's no working girls lol you'll feel safe and secure and it's a bit cheaper than this place also there's something wrong with this hotel idk call me crazy but things dont really work out well at this prostitute motel, it has a bad vibe to it and its depressing and my wife agrees! Soo travel up the street pass the traffic circle and you'll be happier, safer, and you'll have a really clean room with very friendly helpful staff :)

      17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      13. Rebecca M.
      We recently stayed here because of the proximity to the Long Beach Convention Center (2 miles). It was advertised as an updated location, and I stayed in a beautiful updated Motel 6 in Newport Beach in June.

      The guy working the front desk (Eduardo) was friendly, inviting, and helpful. However, I was overall disappointed by my stay. The location seemed overall seedy. The room was not as clean as it should have been. When we arrived my daughter bathed and was put in pajamas. She is still crawling and within 5 minutes her fresh pajamas were disgusting.

      I'm giving 2 stars because the staff was great, but I would not recommend this location because of the dirty room and the seediness of the location

      03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      14. Bobby W.
      Typical "PATEL MOTEL" Walked into lobby, overwhelmed by strong smell of curry. A young african american man was sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper. The Indian clerks talked about him as if I couldn't hear them, "What is he waiting for? Do you know what he is waiting for?"  I fnally said, "Why don't you ASK HIM?" The clerk looked at me as if I was insane. The guy was not a bum, and maybe you can try "HOW MAY I HELP YOU".

      "Updated room" equates to a small lcdtv and paint on the walls. Bathrooms are moldy, the faux wood floors are peeling and dirty. My towels and sheets had not been cleaned, and you can tell the rooms are barely cleaned. As a black person, when I walked into the lobby they stared at me as if I interrupted their curry potluck, and before saying hi, hello, can I help you, goodday,  the first words out of their mouths were "CHECK INS NOT TILL 3"- It was 2:45pm, and I dont mind waiting, but have some manners.

      I was disapointed wth the room, I did have to kill a bug, and there are huge gaps in the door. Also DO NOT GET A DOWNSTAIRS ROOM- You will hear the floor creaking all night and you can hear everyones TVs going all night since THEIR MOUNTED DIRECTLY TO THE WALL BEHIND YOUR BED! DOH! The old Indian man they have working a s a housekeeper stared me down each time I left the room, never waving or saying hi, just a cold stare. I always give the benefit of the doubt, but if you see its a PATEL MOTEL - run. They are unclean and they run these hotels on shoestring budgets. It's embarrassing really.. Oh did I mention, this location is horrible. Not the neighborhood itself, but the fact that a hotel can be in the middle of long beach and not have anything in walking distance- unless you want little caesars crappy pizza. Overall, stay here at your own risk. You have been warned.

      PS Wifi: most Motel 6's charge an extra $3 for wifi- this one has the $3 built in to the room (most expensive location within 25 miles)- so take that how you will.

      14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      15. Anabel R.
      This place is...not good. I don't want to say horrible, but it was close.
      Right when entering the room smelled horrendous. Good thing I had a bottle of febreeze with disinfectant. I used the whole bottle and the smell was barely covered.
      The beds were rock hard, and the comforter had stains on them. And they were paper thin. The remote control didn't work. We had to call the front desk several times to have someone come check it out. Two hours later, someone finally came. Turns out you have to have ALL the lights off to be able to change the channel. Also, the fridge did not work. And the shower looked gross. I had to shower with sandals on.
      The last thing was that, check out is at 11, but at 10:45 the front desk person had already knocked in our door to tell us it's check out time.
      Also, the area did look a little scary. The parking lot very cramped.
      Only good things were the direct tv in the room, and the small restaurant right next to it, The Loaded Kitchen. Which was delicious and very inexpensive!!

      So, beware with with this place.

      28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      16. Dyana S.
      Needed a place for a night was looking for something near the aquarium and this was the only decent one we found. Upon arriving it looked a bit sketchy and a guy asked if we wanted weed while walking towards our room, but I'm from vegas so I'm used to it, not a game changer for me. Rooms were nice, had all so many cable channels, including HBO, which is so nice! Bathroom was extremely small figured we would have gotten something I bit bigger for what we paid for. Overall it's an ok place if you stay just for a night

      04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      17. Armida C.
      This place is awful! Door to bathroom doesn't even close. Bed is so uncomfortable. The molding is falling off. Floors dirty. Shower totally sucks. Parking is horrendous! Creepy people loitering in the parking lot and standing in doorways. If I could give a minus star I would. I will never ever stay here ever again!

      12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      18. Lindsey D.
      Never again!

      We needed a place to stay in Long Beach because we were taking a cruise the next day. We decided on this one due to price. DONT. spend a few extra dollars and stay at a safe motel!

      First of all this place is not in a good area. Any one telling you otherwise is false. When we pulled up at 10pm on a Wednesday night, sketchy people were gathered in the parking lot and I think one guy was OD-ing? He was making all sorts of erratic motions and it was scary.

      Establishments all around here have bullet proof windows and bars. People will stare you down.

      The rooms were, yes, upgraded. That was certainly a plus, however NOT CLEAN AT ALL.

      floors were especially filthy. I took off my shoes and had on a pair of clean white socks. I went to the restroom and back to the bed, and my socks were black.

      The bathroom door doesn't even shut.

      I kept hearing weird things all night and people shouting. Then the overwhelming smell of marijuana made me sick.

      Oh and the bed? Might as well sleep on the dirty floor. It's hard as a rock.

      Stay farrrrr away from this unsafe filth hole.

      28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      19. Cassandra O.
      My girls and I stayed here once we finally arrived to long beach, most of the hotels were sold out in the area. When we got there I expected some cheap dirty hotel, but instead we checked in to our two queen bed room and the floors were all "wood" everything was really nice and up to date. We had an issue with our TV but then that was fixed pretty fast. The bathroom and closet area was very nice.
         The guy at the counter was awesome, very nice and social. I stayed here with my two dogs, no extra pet deposit...everything included which is nice because that can get very pricey. The area wasn't too bad and the guests staying in the hotel were not ghetto, which I assumed at first.(Proven Wrong)
         I would recommend staying here whether you have animals or not, not too expensive, well kept rooms, awesome customer service!

      15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      20. Margo S.
      We came in late at night to check in after a long drive. When we checked into our room that was supposed to be a "non-smoking" room we could barely breathe because it was as if someone just smoked an entire pack of cigarettes in our room five minutes prior to arrival. After changing rooms there was thick layers of dust everywhere. After walking around the room for 5 minutes the bottom of our socks were black from the dust. We saw rat droppings on the floor by the bathroom and when I opened the "new" bar of soap there were 2 bugs inside the wrapper. My daughter and I were afraid to touch the outer blanket all night due to the filth so we were cold all night. Also, the remote control didn't work so we only had the choice of one channel that was already on. The channel couldn't even be changed directly from the TV so we ended up just turning it off. I would never stay or recommend this place again. I would rate this below a "one star" but this system doesn't allow me to...

      18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      21. Timberly M.

      Do NOT stay here! Anyone who posted more than one star on a review for this place is seriously lying just to get this places ratings up.

      I stayed 2 nights because I was in desperate need of a room but I wish I never have. The first night I noticed roaches everywhere! I the refrigerator, in the bathroom & the room wreaked like urine & cigarette smoke. I noticed that the door key did not work what so ever, but not until the next day, so for a whole night I slept with an unlocked room door.

      The front desk moved me into another room, just as filthy. I pulled the sheets down and there were black little curly hairs everywhere inside the sheets alone with stains. The bathroom shower didn't work, and once again infested with cockroaches!!!

      And they charged over 100 dollars a night! This place is a freaking rip off!! And traumatizing! It's so filthy disgusting I would have rather slept in my car.

      Don't stay here unless you want to waste your money & be utterly appalled by how disgusting a place can actually be.

      21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      22. Josh W.
      We chose this motel after our original motel underbooked our stay. I was a bit worried about this place because of some of the other reviews from people. I didn't have a problem getting the room and everything was fine upon arriving. The room was like described. As with most hotel/motels, the towels weren't really big enough and at first there weren't enough. We asked for more and were able to get plenty for the rest of our 5 night stay. The room was cleaned everyday and the beds made. We had to wait a few minutes for someone to come so that we could check out, but it was very early in the morning. Overall, not a bad experience.

      03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0