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Royal Inn Motel Long Beach in Long Beach, CA

Royal Inn Motel Long Beach in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.42

Address: 2040 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA, 90804
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Comments (12):

1. Borracha J.
i have to give this place a surprisingly good review. after reading the ONLY review for this place (sorry for that guy ={ ) and was a little hesitant to stay here, i bit the bullet. for a frame of reference, i'm young, low maintenance, with a bf and we both live with our parents so anything with a clean bed and privacy will do. im not from around LB, but this motel was the closest to a show i went to, and didnt want to drive the hour back home, so we stayed here, and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean and remodeled my room was! room 204. which also had a mini fridge, and big comfy bed, gold framed art, clean carpet, nice restroom. very low budget las vegas. so so neighborhood but this place did the job. about 80 bucks with tax for a saturday night.

20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. J M.
The room itself was very nice, but I reserved a non smoking room and it smelled like people had been puffing away in there for years and then the maid took away the ashtray and emptied a bottle of air freshener in it right before I got there. Also it's in a really shady neighborhood. And I mean REALLY shady, not just a little bit shady, which is what I hadn't understood when I booked it.

My first clue was that there's no lobby or office. There's just a window (made of what looks like bulletproof glass with a little slot at the bottom to put money through) under a neon "office" light, with signs saying things like "no drug use on the premises" and "no prostitution" all around it. This does not instill confidence in those who are on the wrong side of the bulletproof glass! Then I noticed that there are bars on the owner's apartment windows. Evidently, bars are necessary for his family's wellbeing in that neighborhood, but there are no bars on any of the hotel room windows! Naturally, I felt perfectly safe staying there, alone, while shady characters roamed the streets outside (outside my bar-less window!) and loud noises cut through the night. No! It was horrible. I had pre-paid online for two nights (no refunds!) but I ended up just sucking up the cost & going to q travelogue for the second night.

The owner's wife did very kindly give me two free water bottles and a packet of cookies that came in handy when I was starving and holed up in my room, afraid to venture out into the did-I-mention-SHADY neighborhood that night (well, it was also raining, and I had erroneously assumed it that SoCal is a different, sunny part of CA completely unlike SF and left my umbrella behind)..

To be totally fair, I think if I'd been with my boyfriend and nobody had smoked up the room, it would've been a great deal. But, as a woman travelling by herself, it was scary. And the bed was super uncomfortable.

19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Terri R.
I stayed here last time I went to Long beach to see the Dalai Lama.  It is in a shady neighborhood.  But I walked out at nite to get a snack at the corner store and I was okay.  You just have to be super careful.  My rental car was fine parked overnight, the room I had was fairly clean. I lived in Long Beach before, so I knew that it was in the hood before I booked it.  There are worse areas of Long Beach. I felt safe there in the motel. When I didn't have the rental car (before I picked it up and after I dropped it off) public transit was very accessible because there is a central bus stop a block away. If I had more money I would stay at the Marriott, but since I am on a working girl budget I chose this place.  And it's ok.  I like that they give you bottled water.  That was really nice.  And the woman at the window stood and waited with me when I was waiting for my taxi to the airport, and it was really early.  So they are super kind people! If you are a girl traveling alone I would advise you to get there before dark if you can, I got there about midnite.  I was fine. I would probably stay again.

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Ming W.
1.  Discrimination of guest for quality of room and told lies.
2.  AC turns off by itself constantly
3.  Lied to by owner
4.  Hot water stops after 5 minutes
5.  Fixtures falling apart

If you are reading this, I hope that this review will allow you to make the right decision about patronizing this business.  I will be as objective as possible; no frivolous complaint about any aspects that "comes with the territory" for the kind of service that a kind/class of business provides.I know that this is a 1-star class motel, but what I experienced shouldn't happen to anyone.The following addresses the above:

1.  I had a two-night reservation through Hotwire.com . It's 95 deg., 75% humidity here in the LBC. I've been moving items into storage and between apts. and showed up a bit sweaty in t-shirt and jeans and tired looking.I stated to the owner that I have a reservation.It didn't show up on his computer even after an hour that the reservation  was made.He called Hotwire and was told that I did have one and he momentarily thinks about the room to give me.I asked for a non-smoking room and he said that THIS WAS THE LAST ROOM AVAILABLE, which happens to be a smoking room.I've been in hotels/motels all over Long Beach for the last month while looking for an apt.; it took this long because a prop. mgmt. company named Ernst and Haas dropped the ball on an apt. that I was approved for. In short, I'm very familiar with motels from 1 star to 4 stars.I'm realistic about what a 1 star provides; a bed, hot water shower, and air conditioning.I don't care what the room looks like because it is a 1 star.But when I realized the AC was only a tad bit cooler than the fan after 1 HOUR OF OPERATION while sweat is dripping from my forehead, I called Hotwire to switch me to another motel.They told me that they couldn't do anything (BS) but the rep. said that the owner of the motel CAN SWITCH ME TO ANOTHER ROOM!
   So the owner judged me and put me in one of the most problematic rooms possible.I cleaned hotel rooms years ago and know the deal.The owners/desk person in MOTELS know which room has problems and puts people in them accordingly.
2.  As mentioned before, the AC doesn't stay on.Later on, after tinkering with the AC unit, I discovered that when the cold air stops, I have to switch the setting to "OFF", then turn it back on to HIGH-COOL.This owner is so frugal with business expenses that he won't spend a small amount of revenue to maintain one of the most important  basic services.I was told by a motel owner in Long Beach that motels in SoCal make good money because people who really need a room without a reservation, lack of internet access or understanding of its utilization, and last minute needs, ALL come to a motel.The kicker is no new MOTELS are allowed by LB due to its "low rent/seedy" reputation.Thus the existing ones have a psuedo monopoly.Plus owners live on the premises and saves on personal mortgage.Therefore, it is egregiously bad business to not hire a tech for a reasonable fee in this recession for a basic service for a guest?This owner doesn't care.
3.  The AC vent grills are covered in dust and small unknown debris.Realize that mites/gnats and their eggs can be in all of this and blown out when it is turned on.
    Due to lack of time and reasonable rates during this summer vacation season, I had no choice but to stay.I did not want to move to another room after being lied to and after I told Hotwire about all of this, he then became friendly when seeing me.
4.  When I showered, the hot water cools to the point of cold discomfort after 5 minutes, even after the cold water is completely OFF.
5.  When trying to hang 1 pair of pants and a bath towel on the rack, one end fell off the wall.Who knows how many guests mickey-mouse "fixed" it by forcing the screws back into the wall?

I hope that my experience will allow you to avoid anything similar.This isn't a trivial bad experience, it reveals the owner's attitude toward his guests.When discrimination happens to one, it is highly probable that it will be repeated. Word of caution: Hotwire may advertise "special rates" for 1-star hotels that are so low that they supposedly can't reveal which hotel it is.(BS again) If you take it like I did, you may get this hotel.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Kari E.
Booked thru priceline for 58 bucks - I dont know what all the other folks are complaining about, maybe the rooms vary, but ours (rm 203) was fine.  Nothing fancy but clean, no bugs, mini fridge, microwave, queen bed, table and chairs, and tv.  The guy working the desk was cordial, the other guests were nice, most of the first floor is long-term folks who dont park there so the lot was empty.  The air worked, water worked, it's an older building so sure it wasn't the prettiest place ever, but I'd go back to it.  

For folks not from LA - hotels here dont have to be fancy because tourists are gonna come here and pay anyway. It is kind of a culture shock when youre used to mid-western pristineness but, everything is dirtier and more expensive here.  

The neighborhood also isnt bad at all.  Cambodians are notoriously nice people and exercise this foreign concept called ethics in their stores. (Seriously, i head a headache and went to get asprin, the old man said "oh no.  we wont sell that here. Have you heard what it does to your innards?" Ha.)  it was a decent mix of folks and everyone, unlike most of the rest of LA, would smile or say hello.  8 blocks from Alex's bar, 12 blocks from the beach, can't beat it for under $60.

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Grace O.
This motel was good for exactly what we expected. Paying $53/night (through hotels.com ) we didn't expect much.

What we got was a very basic room with a queen sized bed, small table, two chairs, a mini-fridge and a microwave.  It was kinda cramped, but it's ok. When we first walked into our room there was an overpowering baby-powder-chemical smell that was pretty unpleasant, but after a half an hour of blasting the AC it was pretty much gone.

There was a HUGE mirror on the wall right by the bed that kinda freaked us out. I don't know if we've watched too many movies or not, but my husband and I looked up how to test whether it was a creepy two-way mirror hahaha. It was all good, just a regular mirror. But you always gotta check, yea? :P

The bathroom was a good-size. I would highly suggest you bring your own shampoo!! They give you a tiny packet of shampoo that creates no lather or anything. Bring your own soap too.

Check-out time is at 10:30am, which was a bit on the early side...

09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Julie K.
Excellent hotel. Just here for one night. Very clean and colorful sheets. Room was nice. Refrigerator and microwave free internet.  Across the street from food. Few miles from the Long Beach Pier. Didn't have my birth certificate so they let me receive a fax at no charge. I'd definitely stay here again. Great room for not that much.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Allison S.
I figured going in this place was going to be interesting. All my husband and I wanted was a place to sleep and shower while we visited friends and family in the Long Beach area. We found this place offered a queen room for about $53 a night. I also noticed they had a yelp offer if you stayed two nights you got 10% off! Even better!

Check-in was at 1pm on Saturday, but we didn't get there till about 5pm. The "office" really is not an "office", but a window much like a bank. I asked about the Yelp deal and the woman told me I had to stay the two nights first in order to get the deal. Even though she had taken my card and already charged it for the two nights. I'm already figuring it's not going to happen. Then she informs me of a $5 refundable room key charge.

We wondered over to our room which was located on the bottom floor. First impression was that it was the tiniest motel room I've ever seen! But it had the queen size bed, flat screen, fridge, and microwave. Upon the inspection of the bathroom (of course after we had already brought everything in) was that there was a puddle on the floor behind the toilet and it was leaking. I also noticed ants running along the side of the bathtub. So I quickly walked back to the "office"  and requested a different room. lol It must happen all the time cause she just gave me the key to the room next door. It ended up being the handicapped room which was fine with us cause the bathroom was bigger and had a take down spray hose. The bad thing was that the bed was a full and there was no microwave.

Overall I got what I paid for. It was fairly quiet and I didn't feel threatened by the neighborhood. Of course they had no clue what I was talking about when I returned my key Monday morning and wanted to use the Yelp check-in deal. So if you decide to stay here don't count on using that deal! The place is a bit odd and the room was cramped, but for $53 a night your not going to find much better.

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Raquel L.

I'm writing this review at nearly 4AM  in my hotel room terrified. The reason this hotel is so cheap is because it is in a bad neighborhood. Not worth it. I was just awoken by police outside the building shouting come out with your hands up... this lasted about half an hour before it ended.

Stay downtown or near campus in Long Beach. The reason this place feels particularly unsafe is because THE DOOR TO MY ROOM DID NOT LOCK. They had to give me a deadbolt key after I had to prove to them that the door opened if you just pushed a little bit.

31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Mark C.
OMG - should have left running when I saw the Crack-Ho with all her front teeth missing waiting behind me with her John to check in for the hour.

Anyway, it was late, I was tired and I only needed to be there for the night since Catalina island was my next stop.

The hotel on the outside was a throwback to nasty but typical roadside hotels of the 70's. Cinder block construction and musty smells. On the inside it was clean but overpowering with bleach; I guess that could be considered a positive aspect for this place.

Even though the walls seemed thick, I was subjected to the sounds of amorous moaning and a fake orgasm most likely from the toothless skank I saw earlier. I guess he bought her for the entire night cause I had to listen to this repertoire over and over and over till almost morning - someone got their money's worth.

Morning could not come early enough, check out at 7:00am.  Never again.

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Jared B.
I booked a room on hotel.com and when I arrived to the hotel, the extremely rude manager(?) said there were no vacancies.  Luckily I went through hotels.com because the motel refused to refund the charge to my card.  Well good for them, they got money for nothing.   Hotels.com refunded the money to me instead and agreed with me that that was bad business for the motel to refuse a refund.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Troylynn L.
Management very pleasant and understanding. My stay was comfortable and cozy, my room was very clean and I  felt safe. I would recommend anyone to frequent this establishment. The rates were very reasonable and fair.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0