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Vagabond Inn - Long Beach in Long Beach, CA

Vagabond Inn - Long Beach in Long Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.90

Address: 150 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, CA, 90802
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (39):

1. Christian G.
I only stayed here in hopes of getting a good night's sleep. There was a gay bar and restaurant in close proximity of the hotel and there was loud music coming from one of them.  This low frequency noise kept me awake for quite some time.  There was also a couple in the room next to me having lots of sex and judging from the sound of it, they seemed to be having a good time.  I think I finally fell asleep around 1 or 2 am, but my sleep was interrupted by traffic noise.  Aside from the bad sound dampening of this building, the room was clean and the bed somewhat comfortable.  I might have to wear earplugs if I decide to stay here again.

23/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Doug B.
The Vagabond is a good value for the price.  It's very often the cheapest aside from the ultra-sleazy death-'n'-prosties motel option.  I have found Vagabond Inn to be a reliable low-cost chain.

21/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. RUBY C.
It was 3 am in the morning, I finally got ready to take shower, then go to bed.  I walked in the shower found....  the shower isn't working...  which is a disaster...  Of course no one would check if the shower works or not when they first walk into a hotel room...  I was trying to call the front desk, found that they have no info on the phone (usually they have "front desk, please call xxx or "room service- please call xxxx...)  I used my past experience, dial "0", so I got the person on the front desk.  He came in, checked, told me, "oh!  the shower really doesn't work..."  Do you want to change the room?  "WHAT???  in fucking 3 am???  which I have to packed all my stuff & move to another room???  "  That's just unbelievable...  so I compromised...  "How about I shower in another room and come back?"  He's like, "ok,"  I said, " I want the full refund.  This is unbelievable..."  He said, "I have to talk to my manager..."  I swear.. I will want my full refund tomorrow.  The fucking manager better not tell me they won't give me shit back or even store the fucking credit.  This is the worst inn, motel whatever.. I've ever stayed.  Even though this is a chain motel, I WILL NOT BOOK OR STAY IN VAGABON INN anymore...  

Not only talking about the shower issue...  The room is so old.  The paint is gross..ugly different color touch up is everywhere....  The bed sucks, no blow dryer, iron, no shit!!!  The toilet & shower is dirty.  oh.  They have a safety box in the room...  that makes me feel worse..  so.. ur saying this room is insecure???  The other room where I took shower..  The room is full of the weed and cigarette's smell.  The bathroom floor cracked and old, the tub is even worse...  They put a mat on top of the tub, outside of the mat is dirty old black....  I took a very super quick shower and ran back to my room...  The room that the shower does not work...

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Bryan T.
Almost everyone has covered the basics you need to know about the Vagabond Inn already. It's functional and affordable. It's pet friendly at a reasonable rate of $10 extra a night, although they're not really pet friendly in much of the immediate block. The rooms we've seen here didn't come with a coffee maker or mini-fridge. The ice machine is only on the first floor. The elevator is barely handicapped accessible so if you're traveling with someone with mobility issues, I'd consider carefully. Walls are definitely paper-thin and lots of traffic noises. Overall, it's a quirky spot.

22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Denise R.
This was an OK place that will do in a pinch, but I think I'll be spending a little more money next time I go to Long Beach.  At first glance the room was OK.  Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have a problem with the noise.  We were on the first floor next to the entrance, and we found it very quiet.  

The bathroom was OK and clean with a decent shower.  I have sleep apnea and need to plug in a machine that I use while sleeping.  The outlet next to the bed was very loose and the plug wouldn't stay in so my husband called the front desk.  They said they would send someone to fix it, and they did while we were out, but all they did was tighten the switch plate and the plug still fell out so we had to purchase an extension cord to use another outlet.  Other lights in the room had flickering problems so I think that they have some major electrical problems.  I really was afraid of fire, so we unplugged everything while we stayed there.

By far the worse part was the absolutely disgusting nasty filthy curtains.  They were so bad that I just couldn't believe they didn't replace them or wash them.  I wouldn't even touch them.  So gross!!!

18/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Allison B.
I am no stranger to hotels as I travel often for work. However, my stay at the Vagabond Inn Long Beach was different. I was having construction work done at home and was displaced and for several weeks, becoming very familiar with the local hotels.

My first hotel stay was for about 12 days at the Vagabond Inn. My stays were coming out of pocket, so the Vagabond was desirable to me based on price along with the fact that it is located about 2 blocks from my office in Downtown Long Beach.

I checked in on my lunch hour. The woman at the desk, Lety, was very nice and very accommodating. She set me up in a room on the second floor with a queen size bed and lots of space for my yoga mat. One of my friends came back with me one night and commented that the room was big enough to land a helicopter in it. Of course, being a total nerd, I was caught flying around my remote control helicopter by a housekeeping lady one day. Where she seemed puzzled at first, she ended up laughing.

The room was decent, of course, it was no Marriott.

A few days into my stay, I noticed that double the amount of the nightly stay was being deducted from my account every day. I confronted the manager, "Habib" (seriously, thats his name) and he said that they charge a deposit, which didn't make any sense to me as with larger hotels there is typically one charge made as a deposit. I opted to start paying cash. Around my 6th night, I noticed a small sign on the counter in the lobby that stated "10th Night Free." I asked the manager about it and he was rather harsh in saying that I did not qualify because I booked my hotel stays online. Apparently, he didn't like that I was high maintenance, asking for extra pillows and everything(ha ha).

The next day I asked my little friend Lety, and she hooked me up with a card to get my 10th night free. Booyah, Mr. Habib!

I was set to stay a total of 18 days, however after my brief run in with a large mouse that amazingly enough slid right under the door, I was done! The only mice I want to see wear clothes, white gloves and I have to pay 50 bucks to get hugs and picture from them (I love you Mickey!) It was about 11pm when Mickey's evil step-brother invaded my room, and I ran out of there like the place was on fire. The guy at the front desk told me that they just had the bottom floor fumigated because they are trying to keep the vending machines safe (er...what about your guests?!)

I checked out, not before being declined a refund for that night (because I had used the shower...lol) and made my way over to the brand new Best Western in the arts district of Long Beach where I had a lovely boutique experience (see review).

Liked -- The room I was in was really large. Also, its close to my office
Disliked -- Mice!
Stayed July 2008, traveled solo

02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Lindsay H.
NOTE: 3 stars for value/price based on expectation (keeping in mind this is far less than a 3-star hotel :)

I stayed at the Vagabond Inn solely because it was the cheapest place in Long Beach to crash after a night of drinking for my friend's birthday. I was expecting old peeling paint, cracked ceilings, dirty carpet, moldy bathrooms, and musty beds. Much to my surprise, however, the non-smoking room I stayed in was completely decent! The carpet seemed relatively new (I even walked barefoot, which is normally a no-no for me in hotels). The bathroom was spotless (shower/sink recently renovated) and the bed even seemed totally clean. It was seriously much more than I could have asked for for 55 bucks! (online price was cheaper than if I'd called).

Now, on the other hand, my friend's room was a smoking room. Apparently these rooms are much less well-kept. Her room was really dingy, with dirt/stains in the corners of the walls. The bathroom was somewhat scary, with what may have been mold creeping out from behind the mirror. And her shower- well, I wouldn't have touched it.

I'd stay at the Vagabond Inn again for sure (if another night of drinking in downtown should ever occur again), but if I'd been unlucky enough to get that smoking room my friend was stuck with, I'd think again.

I've heard of sexism, racism, and even ageism, but I hadn't ever thought there'd be smokerism.

03/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Zayna S.
I wish I could give this place ZERO stars and I don't care how nice and friendly the staff there is. Coming from somebody who used to live in Long Beach I should have KNOWN better than booking a room here but I was pinching pennies and $80 a night sounded pretty damn good. There's no way in hell I'd ever pay $80 (or anything more than $20) for a room like this. It was a non-smoking room that smelled like mold, looked like it had some crackhead living there, and was just completely filthy. There was actually BLOOD on the walls! Not to mention, I called 3 times before my check-in inquiring about a fridge and was told that they would have one there for me at $5/night. When I went to check in, there was NO fridge because I "never asked for one" and I'd have to wait until 7 a.m. the next day to get one but it was now $7/night. A couple hours later I asked the front desk again but there was a new guy there and he told me I'd have to wait until the morning but it was $10/night. Yes, parking is free but I didn't feel any safer parking my car in their "lot" than I would have parking it on the street in that part of town. Honestly, I could go on for days about this but the bottom line is you should just cough up any extra $20-$30 dollars and stay somewhere else unless you want to channel your inner Frank Gallagher and pretend you're on an episode of Shameless.

11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Archie G.
Welcome to the first and only episode of "Archie's Adventures at the Vagabond Inn."

Day 1 - The check in:

If my employer could send me on business trips with a tent and a bucket, they would. But labor laws do not allow this, so the next possible step up is to book me a 5-day stay at this "independently owned and operated" corporate chain hotel.

The Vagabond Inn is a dump. It's a weird combination of minimum modern day amenities, mixed with a lawless barren wasteland that encourages anarchy.  Welcome to Thunderdome!

Anyway, checking in was a scene out of the Bollywood Gone Wild. The décor was sort of western feel mixed with sprinkling of Indian knick knacks. The reservation was under my boss' name, but he missed his flight so the manager, Habib, made me pay with my own credit card. This lead to a billing confusion later when he charged the room to both my boss and me. Maybe he didn't think we would notice?

And maybe he didn't think we would notice the smell of the hotel, which was a weird mixture of someone dropping a bucket of soapy mop water on a dirty carpet. It was appalling. I never got used to it. I'd rather smell my own farts after a night of Indian food for dinner and a bucket of ice cream for dessert. Then again, my toots do sort of smell like roses.

Day 2 - The blow dryer blows up:

The following morning, after a lukewarm shower, I looked all over for a blow dryer. I called the front desk wondering where it might be. Apparently, I had to "check it out" from the front desk. So I checked out a hair dryer, an iron, and an ironing board. Please note that I wasn't required to fill anything out to take these items. If that's the case, why make your customers check out items informally from the front desk? Why not just leave them in the rooms?

I rushed back to my room and started to style my hair with a super old blow dryer that was probably used in 70's porn movies to style big wavy hair, mustaches, and muffs. It only worked from certain angles or it shut itself off. I kept trying my best to angle my wrist properly, but it became even more more frustrating. On the bright side, the blow dryer weighed so damn much, I was getting a decent arm workout.

Eventually, the blow dryer started spark and then it caught fire. Tons of smoke started to fill the room. I didn't want the fire alarm to go off and wake up the other residents, so I opened up all the doors and fanned down the smoke with the towel. I felt like a college student trying to keep his RA from discovering he is smoking (a variety of substances) in his dorm room. In the end, the smoke was too much and it filled the room completely. But the fire alarm never went off. Either the fire alarms don't work here or I got some really good practice at fanning smoke in college. It's probably a little of both.

After my near brush with fire induced baldness, I returned the defective blow dryer and asked for a different one. Habib did not believe me and tried to fix the hair dryer in front of me. I insisted it was fried and asked again for another one. He walked to the back and then returns with a wall mount hair dryer. What the hell? Why not just keep these things mounted in the bathroom?

In the end, the new hair dryer worked. I was so grateful that my beautiful hair did not catch fire that I brushed it 1,000 times before going to bed that night.

Day 3 - The maid made up her mind to do nothing:

A couple days had passed and the maid did not tidy up anything in the room beyond the bed. What does the maid do all day?

Day 4 - The mystery sounds from upstairs:

I did not sleep well last night. There were some crazy sounds coming from upstairs. Every two to three minutes there was a loud thud coming from the room right above me. I am not sure if it was eight intoxicated high school trying to build a human pyramid, ten meth addicts jumping around and fighting over the last hit of a pipe, or maybe two contestants from "The Biggest Loser" trying to make love.

Day 5 - The random female underwear in my room:

After finishing up my work early, I came home for a quick shower. I stepped in and notice a pair of green female underwear hanging from the shower head. Maybe when I was younger and I was a raging dipsomaniac, drinking the night way, and partying with hookers and blow, this might have made some sense to me. But I spent every night chatting with La Novia and watching movies like the "Craigslist Killer" on Lifetime. How the hell did the a random pair of panties end up on my shower head? Did the maid use my room for shady purposes?

Wait a sec. So that's what she does all day!

Anyway, I snapped a picture and marched downstairs to tell Habib of what I found. At first he accused me of lying. Then I showed him the picture. He then apologized and offered me ten percent off my stay. Are you kidding me?

How about I do you a favor, give you ten percent off this free Yelp review, and never return to your hell hole of a hotel?

04/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Esther Z.
Iewl! If you compare it to the price it's ok, but still in every hotel/ inn you would expect a bit more hygiene. The guy at the reception probably doesn't mean to be so slow, but at check out it took forever to do all the payments.
My friends had a room with a bath which looked it hadn't been cleaned in ages: it was taped (!!) together with ducktape, full of holes and scratches and to disgusting to step in to it with bare feet (or even take a shower in it at all).
When we came downstairs by elevator we saw a cock-roach and some other creepy insects in the hallway. (luckily not in the room)
The breakfast is very basic: same croissant, cinnamon rolls, juices, fruit, coffee and tea.
As I mentioned already: comparing to the price it's ok, but if you can afford to pay a bit extra if definitely would.

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Steve F.
If I were on vacation, I'd spend more to stay at a nicer place, but for being displaced due to termite fumigation, price was a big factor and based on that, this was not a bad place at all to stay at.  The rates were comparable to all the other motels in the area, and actually, among the cheapest. You can't expect 4 star quality at motel prices.

The carpet was kind of gross to walk on barefoot because it had this slippery, greasy feel to it, so I kept my socks on, except when I went to sleep at night after that.  The bathroom could use some cosmetic upgrading, but everything worked and I had no qualms about taking a shower.  The furniture is standard motel type.  The floors do creak, and often I was able to hear the upstairs lodger walking, and I'm sure the downstairs lodger could hear me walking around.

They have a limited continental breakfast, coffee, juices, some fruit, danishes and croissants, which served its purposes if you only want coffee, juice and a bite to eat - and that's a plus for me because sometimes that's all I want. To go out to a coffeehouse, or a diner just to have coffee and a bite to eat would put you back at least $7 with tip, so even though the breakfast here isn't worth $7, that's how much extra it would have probably cost if I stayed at a place with no breakfast,  unless you want to walk a block down to 7-11, or two blocks down to subway - and that would still be about $3.

As for the location, although the area has gotten a lot better over the last 10 years, I still would avoid walk around aimlessly after 10 at night around here if I could help it, but it is less than one mile away from Pine Avenue and all the upscale hotels that would charge you $100 more per night. Another bonus with this location is that you are close to a lot of quality restaurants that are reasonably priced.

So, it's not a place to indulge, it is what you pay for, but I still found value in the price - which for me was less than $60 excluding tax for a one bed room.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Mike S.
OMG let me tell you about this place..
i would never recommend it to anyone and me myself will never stay here...we called this hotel to see if they had rooms they said only 1 room left and you have to booked online..well we did and arrived to hotel a hour later after booking to find out yes we were booked but we had to wait a hour longer to check in.. so we finally checked in we was given a room that had a musky smell and the bathroom had windows on top..well one of the windows were broken and cover with cardboard...usually places put plastic...the blankets had burned wholes and didn't feel clean...i saw a bed bug on my luggage (we don't have bed bug at home so it didn't travel with us.) also the sheets had light stains on it..when taking a shower the bottom of the tub was felling up with water....
After finally getting to sleep we was woken up by the loud people from the apartments next door around 8am having an arguement and breaking glass..i asked the guy at the front desk to call the police and he said this is normal for the neighbors to be loud...
i will never never never stay at this crappy motel again..they give all Vagabond Inn a bad name.

01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Jackie F.
Pro: Next to the beach, ish. Free parking. Free wifi

Con: Might as well sleep on the streets of Long Beach. GHETTO.

The staff at nite was quite nice, given there were random folks wondering thru the parking lot at 1 am. The room was a complete disaster, black mold in the bathroom, punched holes in the dry wall and bathroom doors, uneven front door, and useless curtains. The ghetto rhyme that went into the wee hours was an issue, since the ghetto was RIGHT behind the room, separated by on drunken alley of homeless folks screaming and yelling. This was quite nice compared to the random hoodlums running up and down the 2nd story hall way, screaming and yelling and tugging on people's door handle, which may just come off by the quality and condition of the door at this point. I was waken up by the dump trucks in the morning around 7 am, turns out the alley was full of garbage cans and it took about 20 minutes get rid all of the trash, quite a nice sound to hear in the morning - heavy machinery. Well, at least I didn't die overnite. So, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Jessica S.
I stayed here for one night while visiting my husband who was at Seal Beach for the week.  I picked this place because it was the only one in the area that was less than $100, and it was only $10 for my dogs to stay in the room with me vs. $75 at the other hotels.

The room wasn't impressive.  It was clean, but it definitely needed some updating.  The service was okay, I didn't have any problem with it.  Although, I did find it odd that for a "pet-friendly" hotel..they did not offer a designated area for my dogs to do their business.  All around the outskirts of the hotel there were signs for "no pet waste" or something of that sort.  I had to walk a couple of blocks down to some residential area to let my dogs use the bathroom.  It was tricky because I was not willing to walk that far at night in an area like Long Beach.

This was my first stay at a Vagabond Inn, I will probably not come back again if I had a choice.

31/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Eric H.
So after reading most of the reviews (a lot of bad stories) I was pretty worried about staying here. Call my friends and I lucky but, we survived the evening. Stayed here overnight before heading to our Carnival cruise. Yes its a cheap place to stay and yes you get what you pay for. It looks like they have remodeled some of the rooms and left others alone. I had a pretty good nights sleep where friends on another floor slept terribly. Curtains are disgusting (everyone has stated this), linens are very cheap and mine wreaked of bleach, and there was a lot of partying throughout the building. It was raining quite a bit so maybe a lot of the chaos and trouble the place usually brings was "washed out" (?)
So...gotta say my stay wasn't that bad. It served its purpose for the evening. I wont ever stay there again though. Spend the extra 60-70 bucks for a better motel.

26/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Matt C.
Sex...  without it, you would not be reading this review right now.

We slept in an uncomfortable bed, and heard people above us having a rambunctious time together through the paper thin walls (for additional info re this subject please see Christian G.'s review - people seem to really enjoy having sex at this establishment).

The bathroom was borderline scary, the room kind of had a musty smell to it, and the continental breakfast was something to be desired...  I was thinking to myself def a 1 star...

But the staff here were so nice, like super nice, really friendly people.  In addition, they are pet friendly.  Good location, reasonably priced...  I had to upgrade the overall rating to 3 stars, (2.5 if yelp had that option).

A suitable crash pad for one night only, I would not recommend more than one night.

26/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Michael W.
Wow. I've stayed at many hotels in my time, but this has to be the WORST experience that I've ever had. Checking in, I knew what I was getting myself into (cursing silently at my company for booking this hotel).

1. Internet sucks. I literally got one bar of internet and it went in and out every 15 minutes.

2. Loud occupants, thin walls. I got woken up at 3am because people were loud and playing drinking games. I could literally hear everything that they were saying.

3. Breakfast. HAH. More like bananas and over sweetened fake juice.

Never again. Never again.

25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Marcia S.
We stayed here recently for the Long Beach Marathon. Great location near the start and finish lines. They allow pets for $10 which was a huge plus for us.  Elevator was convenient and rightfully placed.  The front desk staff were polite and responsive.  We checked out one night early without penalty.  Within walking distance of Roscoes Chicken and Waffles and a Vons.  Otherwise, not a good choice for a hotel. It's in dire need of remodeling, and there is mold and mysterious staining everywhere. There was hair in the bed. The toilet leaked all night. Burning smell when heater used.  The bolt lock for the adjoining room was unlocked and the condition of the door so bad that it could not even be locked! Thank goodness I had my guard dog!  It's in the ghetto and there were security/police on our floor at 1am on walkie talkies.  Poor water pressure and cheaply maintained plumbing. Our sink's knobs both said HOT, lol! No iron in the room. Smell of marijuana.

Now the PARKING!! Not enough.  The owner told us to park at Chevron. Chevron owner said we had to come back in an hour and then sign a liability form. Forget that, we waited back at Vagabond for some sucker to leave which happened. In the morning, all cars are blocked in valet style. I feel bad for the staff here. They must deal with unhappy patrons every weekend.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Shannen W.
I really like this Inn. It was run down but the staff was friendly & easy going and it was two blocks from the beach!!

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Jeff C.
Vagabond Inn Long Beach, might as well be a tent. Hard lumpy beds, worn linens, towels that smell like cigarette smoke and room service, well that's what the hooker called herself knocking on my door at 1 am.

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. M G.
Before I even pulled in the parking lot I knew this was a bad idea. Stayed one night with my boyfriend and his parents at the suggestion of his brother (also staying here) who was getting married the next day. No big deal, one night. A lot better than the people who get stuck here for multiple days.
There's a safe in the room, but I would have felt better if the entire room was a vault. At least I wasn't closest to the door, I would have had time to leap out the window to my death while everyone else got stabbed. It would be better than dying in this disgusting hotel.
I took the fastest shower of my life and forgot to rinse soap out of my ears because standing on the petri dish bathmat was a terrifying experience for my feet. Instead of re-grouting between tiles there's just been a decades long build-up of varying colors of caulk. The faucet for the sink was great if you like the charming, rustic look. Oh wait no, rustED, not rustIC.
We pulled the top comforter off to reveal the holey blanket underneath. The sheets were mildly stained and I think I would have rather slept in a bed of fire.
No iron in the room was fun since we were going to a WEDDING the next day, at least the garment bag kept things nice and neat.
As others have said, the "breakfast" was apples, bruised bananas, and packaged danish. Don't even bother saying you have a continental breakfast, just tell me "We'll give you some shit in the morning, if you survive..."
The neighborhood IN FRONT of the hotel is decent, the streets are cute and there's lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. We drove around BEHIND the hotel (just once, I assure you) and it was District 9 back there, yeesh. I'm glad our room had a view of the Chevron instead of that nightmare.
There's two good things I can say: One, the sheets and towels were clearly washed in gallons of bleach and that's comforting to me. Two, the mattress was so lacking in structural integrity that I could sleep on my stomach without squishing my boobs.
Oh, and I only had to stay one night. There is a God!

27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Sean M.
I stayed at this property the night of February 6, 2014... This was the most digusting hotel stay I've ever experienced, seriously Motel 6 is better than this dump. Not only was the sink in the bathroom clogged and filled with stinky fetid water, the power outlets in the room (and for the record, there were NONE readily accessible I had te rearrange furniture to find an outlet) did NOT WORK. The room, 228, smelled of mildew and stale cigarette smoke. The entire second floor of this property stunk of marijuana smoke. The curtains in 228 were filthy and looked as though there was dried blood smeared on them. The furniture was definitely not suitable, the nightstand were covered in stickers that had been scrapped off. And to top it all off I kept getting bit by something in this room/bed There is no way that this room was suitable for rental and it definitely was not at all worth the 100 dollars it cost. I am asking that vagabond inn. Give me a refund for the wasted nights stay. There is no way this was worth that amount of money and if you don't believe me about the conditions of this room, I've got plenty of pictures to share!

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Brian W.
Old smelly rooms that are in need of a makeover. You can't beat the price for the location though. On a side note, my key card somehow got deactivated and when I notified them at the front desk they just handed me a random one from a basket full of cards that I assume was a universal card used by housekeeping! How safe can that be??

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Antoinette H.
This was supposed to be a non-smoking room...it was marked as a non-smoking room.  As soon as we entered the hallway I was hit in the face with the smell of smoke.  There were cigarette burns in the blanket...I couldn't use it so I froze to death for the two nights that I had to stay here.

Gross unknown stains on the curtains.  The bathroom was disgusting...we were afraid to even use it...only number ones please.

The bed was itchy!!  

Somebody kept rattling the doorknob.  I shot straight up in bed a few times waiting to do battle.  I kept thinking that with our luck the door would open and we would have been done for.  

The continental breakfast was a joke!  Fruit flies were buzzing around the muffins.  The only safe thing to eat were the bananas.  

We will never ever stay at any Vagabond Inn ever!  This location needs to be torn down and rebuilt...even if they did that I would still be leery about this place.  I still have the smell of cigarette smoke on myself.   I had to stay here because the Comfort Inn was all booked up.  We still needed a few more days in Long Beach...thank God the Comfort Inn now has a vacancy.

This was a cheap motel and I should have known better but I really had no choice.  No stars!!!!!  

They even had the nerve to e-mail me a survey which I happily filled out.  The catharsis led me to create this Yelp account.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Tasha M.
First room vs toilet that kept running every 30 seconds.  Stains all over.

Second room.  Stains on everything.  Looked like someone sat on toiled and puked on opposite wall.  Blood specks on shower.  

Told front desk.  Guy just said ok.  :/

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Ant's M.
Worst "inn" ever! Mold in shower, stained sheets, downstairs neighbor annoying and pounding on walls below. Club music radiating thru windows all night.

Skip it... Not worth the $80!

02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Dan W.
I stayed here for 3 nights.  The good thing about this hotel is it locations.  It's about a 15 minute walk to the convention center and all the hot spots on pine.  There is a bus that runs about ever half hour that can take you to pine street.  The price was good.  I paid $79 a night for the weekend.  

I known that this hotel was going to be a dive.  It was hoping it would be a least like a Motel 6. I was wrong. When I check in, the city had closed the poor for health violations.  (Later that day, I saw the pool man working  it.)

I found the staff to be freindly ( felt sorry for them, Having work at such a horrarable hotel). All the maids where very welcoming, alway saying hi to the quests.

I walked into my room and it smelled like cegarattes.  The room was old and outdated.
The drapes had holes in them.  I was told that they just put a new bed in that room that afternoon.  I found the bed to be very comfortable.  

The bathroom is very small.  They placed the toilet between the wall and sink vanity,    I would say you have maybe a 30 inch of cleariness.   I'm a big boy ( 300 pounds) and I could barely fit.  I have to be honest,  I did see a cockroach in the bathroom once.  

The Parking is very bad, but free..  They boxed in my car every night.   The parking around the hotel is just as bad.  Good luck if you can find any street parking.

Over all, If you can avoid this hotel, I would.

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Gabe E.
Great location. Just ran Long Beach Marathon  and this is where I stayed. Rooms could have been a little cleaner. Staff was awesome. Area could be intimidating but close to a lot places to eat and things to do.

30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Stephanie C.
Bar hopping on Pine street for my bday so I figured we would be to wasted to drive back to L.A.  Booked the cheapest and closest hotel to Pine street that I could find. I decided to read the reviews after and needless to say...I was scared. Even my bf asked me why I didn't read the review before I booked...ooops. So he arrived at the hotel before I did cause I had to  work late. I asked him how it was and braced myself...."it's not bad, I dunno what people are talking about". Obviously I requested pictures and to my surprise he was right. When I got there I saw the ice machine was broken. I called the front desk  asking for ice. They told me they were gonna send someone to the store and to call back. Ten minutes later they called me that they had ice at the front desk. My bf went and came back with ice. Problem solved!
So overall Yeah it's no five star hotel but the room is spacious,  flat screen TV, comfy enough bed, staff is nice oh and checkout is at  12...that's a plus after a night of drinking. Want a place to sleep for the nighht then stay here. If your looking for something fancy then stay at the Hilton.

26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. George M.
Well. This is my own fault. I went for cheap. That'll teach me. Folks, don't let those nice pictures on all those travel sites fool you. This place is threadbare.  The carpeting is badly worn.  The TV requires a degree in engineering to get more than two channels ( Spanish language.....OLA!!) There is a cantina across the street which has loud thumping music 'til 1am, and folks hang out after closing in the lighted alcove at the Vagabond,  smoking and carrying on all night. Which, considering that the manager must live on premises,  and right next to that alcove, is annoying, to say the least.  But, hey, I went cheap 'cuz I in town for a great event and not planning on spending the important part of the day here. Oh, if you are larger than a five year old,  don't plan on using your in-room facilities.  Save it for wherever you're going.
Anyway.  Fellow travelers beware.  The nice picture is a facade,  taken on a good day. Be better than me. Spend some extra cash and get some sleep!

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Betty R.
NOPE. Never again. Awful experience and service from the get-go.

Bf and I spent this weekend in Long Beach and decided to stay at this Vagabond Inn. Sigh, we should have gone to Rodeway Inn like the last time.

I booked our hotel room online for 1 king bed non smoking and when we checked in, the guy at the front said "oh im sorry, we are all over booked" Um, what? but I had already booked my room? This didn't make much sense to me but in the end had to go with a room with 2 beds for $10 more a night because we were tired and I cannot understand a single word this guy was saying to us due to his heavy accent.

Anyway, we go to our room..and it was clean..at least. The bathroom could use a makeover; there were cracks, moldy spots, everything that people have already mention on here. The place is squeaky as hell too, but it can't be helped.

Our first night, my bf and I were just relaxing and I got up to go to the bathroom. I was looking out and out of the corner of my eye I see a small round thing just scurry over to the room....um, wtf was that? I told my bf and he started searching for this thing I just saw. Moments later, while I was standing in the bathroom, I saw it again! and this time it scurried to the door and vanished! Most likely a small mouse or a huge bug I have no idea but it freaked me out. Not good.

And today was check out day. We got a rude awakening when the phone rang at 9am. We did not ask for a wake-up call. Simply RUDE. Not only do they complicate our booking, but also sounded like they wanted us to get the fuck out as well. We simply took our time getting ready, and when we went to the front desk to return our cards, no one was there. Being the fact that  their check out time is at 11am, you would think that someone will be there to greet the guests.
Whatever, we dropped off the cards and left, we didn't care anymore because apparently they don't either.

The only good service we received was from the housekeepers. Kudos to them.

Other than that, I would stay away

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. MüsTard C.

My partner and I stayed here and had a very nice conversation with a nice fella who just got done playing tricks on a guy named John.

Playful young guy.

02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Mike K.
The hotel  was in bad shape the beds are like sleeping on plywood the owner does not speak English for a wake up call 4 am

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Crystal J.
The rooms are dirty and poorly remodled. Look out for the toilet in room 215... you practically have a large part of a poorly cut granite counter in your lap. Stains all over the room and ceilings and mold in the shower grouting and shower head. Some plug sockets do not work. Ask for a room on the ally side. The noise from the Chinese buffet/night club will keep you up till 2am or so.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
35. Sean M.
It's an odd place to be sure, but it depends on your personality.  If you're retentive and can't find the humor in a weird hotel room, keep moving.  My room is a king room that is clean and comfortable.  The staff is very friendly.  Whoever did the remodeling in the room tried but needs a little more practice.  For the rate, it's not a luxury property.  Reviewing a property like this like that is just delusional.  It is, however, a great location and comfortable for the price.  Not sure why you would expect a vegas style buffet with your rate here, but it's not.  Grab some coffee and cereal or fruit and head on out.   My room has an eclectic mix of furnishings and a room in the corner with nothing in it but a metal table, and I've been telling people about it and laughing ever since I checked in.  Stay here again?  Yeah, I would.

03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Monica E.
This is a pretty small hotel situated on a corner and next door neighbors with what appears to be lots of apartment complexes.

Here are the cons:

The walls are thin. I could hear my neighbor taking a shower and flushing the toilet. Good times!

The bathroom in my room made zero sense. Zero sense at all. It's tiny with no shelf space. Scratch that -- negative shelf space. It's like a black hole! You have to cancel out other surfaces, like the actual sink and rim of the bathtub, to make room for your toiletries. And the floor slopes slightly. Like, um... what? Made me wonder if there was a sinkhole developing. And who was the brilliant mind who installed the curved shower curtain rod. Those things were designed to create space, lest you install the mounting posts in the middle of the shower wall! That, then, negates the extra space. I kept bumping my head on the curtains whilst trying to wash my hair.

The towels are teeny weeny. Like they sewed together two hand cloths and called it a day.

The parking lot is tiny with too many spaces for "compact cars." Goodness, there is a joke about Lilliputians in here somewhere. Jonathan Swift would be proud. But, yes, seriously, did the builder think everyone renting space here would be driving a Mazda Miata? Of course, the lot is full of minivans and family sedans.

WIFI is slow. S...l...o...w....

The hotel is in desperate need of an upgrade. Here, you have this gorgeous, modern carpeting flanked by sparkly popcorn ceiling and floral curtains. Floral curtains?! Nothing matches. Nothing makes sense.

I can sum up the pros quickly:

Location. You are within walking distance of the beach and so, so close to downtown Long Beach, Cal State and Los Angeles.

The cost is low -- ticket price was $80 through Hotel.com . Also, the staff was exceedingly accommodating. I got an early check in and late checkout without extra fees!

It's pet friendly! The charge to have your pet on site is $10 daily, which is less than most other hotels.

So, the verdict:

This place is great for budget travelers who could care less -- who *do* care less -- about luxury travel. If you want a cheap, easy getaway and don't bother with the aforementioned cons, then you will likely find this place fitting.

If, however, you are accustomed to a step up from your typical Best Western or Marriott, you will likely be miserable, and I repeat, miserable here.

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Brian R.
What else is there to say about The 'Ol Vagabond. It's affordable, but it will cost you when you have flashbacks of the horrendous bathrooms and mysterious smells. It's dirty, TV didn't really work, no hair dryer and the smell? The horror. The horror.

Location is good. Price is low. So that's nice?

I'm only writing this review because I felt two stars was too high. According to my girlfriend "This is the worst hotel I've ever been to, or even seen in a horror movie."

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. David B.
The room smelled bad, the shower didn't work, and worst of all I got little bug bites all over my legs. So bad, I had to sleep on top of the blankets with my clothes on! Not sure if it was bed bugs or flea bites! Never staying here again!

Stayed here on the Saturday before Easter. Good location to the bars and nightclubs at least.

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Lynn B.
Very clean! Reasonable price. Great location. Good breakfast. Bed, comfortable. Friendly and helpful desk person.

OK, it's dated, and they need better towels and at least a couple of shelves in the bathroom; however, for us, clean at a reasonable price are most important.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0