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Company Info:

Rating: 3.72

Address: 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90015

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    Comments (251):

    1. Monica S.
    My friends and I got a loft here for a night for my friends birthday. Initially, walking into the room I was impressed, very spacious. Then after looking around some more, I became more and more let down. The view: brick wall, bummer. The toilet, wouldn't flush. Thank goodness my fiancé is quite the handy-man. He fixed it himself but although we got the toilet to flush, the toilet ran the whole night and it was pretty annoying. The shower, no door. That's fine if it was just my fiancé and I, but there were two other couples with us. There was a curtain provided in the shower, "Thank god" I initially thought...Until I tried to connect the loop to the hook and it was too short! What the heck, so pointless! So I was left with no choice than to threaten all my friends with their lives not to look my direction while I showered. The only good thing about staying here was that we had priority to the rooftop. Not as scenic as I had expected, like Perch, but I liked the vibe nonetheless and we managed to get a table right away. Their drinks were pretty strong and the service was attentive.

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. D. R.
    I will say the staff was very friendly and accommodating but  that was its only saving grace, otherwise I was not impressed.  Here is why...

    * Parking is a joke.  Your only choice is to valet where they charge $36 a night AND they severely curbed my custom wheels (which will cost $$$ to repair).  
    *We tried to grab a mid day snack but the downstairs restaurant and the rooftop bar don't serve food throughout the day.  The only place that serves food between lunch and dinner is the very small mezzanine area that was packed with no room to spare.  We finally ordered room service but it took over an hour to arrive.  
    *The Lobby, Coffee Bar, Restaurant layout is a mess.  It is a traffic jam trying to get through to each area.  The lobby line runs into the coffee line, the coffee line runs into the dining room line.  We tried to have a drink at the downstairs bar but the line for the rooftop bar runs right through the small seating area.
    *Our room was adequate in size (we had a "medium" )but not worth the price.  There was  no ventilation in the bathroom when we showered and it made the room very moist.  
    *We were on the 10th floor facing Broadway and the noise from the street below kept us up all night.  
    *The hotel was dirty, especially for only be open a month.  The floors, elevators, public bathrooms, etc... were dirty.  The elevators smelled of alcohol and had crushed beer cans on the floor.  

    We felt the DTLA Ace was trying too hard to be the "party" hotel than paying attention to the detail & quality of which we have come to expect from the Ace. We have stayed at the Palm Springs Ace many times however I don't foresee us returning to this Ace anytime soon.

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Kristin B.
    Our stay at the Ace was exceptional. It goes without saying that their rooms, amenities, food, etc. are always original and fantastic.  But what really made this hotel stay special was the service.  Every single person we met, from the valet to the front desk, to the servers at the bar, were so kind and accommodating.  Service at the Ace is as impeccable as at the Ritz, Four Seasons, etc. but obviously with a more informal vibe.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Carissa G.
    The Ace hotel is a great new spot! Food and drinks are delicious and the ambiance is very hip yet historic. Great addition to such an up and coming neighborhood without being invasive.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Rachel T.
    Stayed here a few weeks back and had such a lovely time!! We were joking around with the host and the door guy the first night and it was like we were just talking to friends, laughing and making jokes, talking about the hotels design. My favorite was breakfast at the restaurant. Rick served us and was witty and very attentive. His service stuck with me after i left! I also took a friend here for lunch for their birthday a few days back and Jarred served us. He was so great too!! Amazing staff, amazing food, amazingly beautiful atmosphere. I called to thank the manager after lunch (Autumn) and she was extremely sweet and gracious. I'm so impressed with what they have done here. Thanks Ace!! I will be back soon.

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Rachel E.
    Too bad these posts aren't time stamped. It's 3:21am and the hotel alarm has now gone off more than once forcing an evacuation. The first time I walked downstairs from floor 12. The stairs emptied to the street and there was no one out there to tell us it was a false alarm. I had to walk into the building to ask what was going on. There's only ONE functioning elevator (it's been like that my entire stay here.) Luckily, after waiting only ten minutes one genius suggested taking the express elevator to the roof and walking down to our floors. I'm also pretty sure the AC in my room does not work. Prior to this little shindig my friend and I deemed the hotel "murder chic." For those of you planning to stay here, the emphasis is on the "murder." Our first night here we were eating at the restaurant on the second floor. Some crazy dude came in, started yelling and then walked out. No one explained what had happened. I still don't know  what was going on. This is a bad game of clue and I want out. I am not a happy camper. I also just found out I have the least chic pajamas out of anyone staying at this hotel. Let's see here, I plan on never staying here again and recommend the same.

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Alex K.
    I stayed at the Ace on 9/9/14. I had a medical school interview the next morning so I went to bed early (around 11pm) in order to be well rested the next day. At 12:00 AM I was woken up by very, very loud noises of people partying, screaming, repeatedly singing "Happy Birthday," and running down the halls. I can sleep anywhere (it's one of my skills) but this was absurd. After laying in bed for 30 minutes waiting for the noises to calm down, I called the front desk. Because I was on the 6th floor, this noise was not coming from the rooftop bar but clearly someone's room. The front desk man was very unhelpful. He basically shrugged his shoulders saying he couldn't do much, that he would send security up to check it out but that I would probably just have to wait for it to be quiet. Nothing happened. I could see the noisy room, filled with people partying, from my window. I had to sleep with pillows over my face to muffle the sounds that did not dissipate for hours. Woke up the next day tired and not ready for my interview.

    13/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Quynh P.
    New rooms, but had a weird smell from the material they used sort of like a backdrop. Smells like particle board - gross. Cool rooftop bar. They charged me twice, not sure why but when i called them they said it was an accident because we booked through hotels.com the same day and they didn't see the charge? But how is this possible when they saw my reservation come through when i first got there? Anyway, probably wouldnt stay here again. Plus, you're better off at the JW Marriot down the street. More Its in a better location.

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Mitchell B.
    The service is some of the worst I have ever had.  I went there for a work even where we were able to spend 10k on drinks and food and we were told that some of the people arriving wouldn't be let in.  I understand there might have been a capacity issue, but you would think that the manager would have tried to make it a little bit of a priority instead we were told to take our business elsewhere.  It also seems ridiculous that you pay 8 dollars for a beer and they only have canned disgusting beer.  I asked for a pilsner on tap they said the taps haven't worked for months.  I then asked for a pale ale of some kind the guy handed me a modelo and said this is what we have.  I stress again that the customer service here is horrible!!! This is one of the new trendy hip hotels to go to, but I hope they fail miserably.  Customer service in a restaurant, bar or hotel should be their top priority.  They however made theirs the decor.

    30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Elle P.
    I came here for some friends' bday celebrations on a Sunday afternoon/evening. The hotel is next to Belasco's so from the outside it looks like the rest of DTLA, just concrete and cars.. kinda boring. But WHOA you walk inside and its kinda old-fashioned swanky! I really digged the art deco vibe. We didn't stay at the hotel but we did grab some tapas and drinks at their rooftop bar. The décor is like post-modern Native American/contemporary, very hipsterish but in a good way. The people were chill, service was prompt, and most importantly the drinks were delish! I ordered a James and Ginger and it was $10, not bad as their metal cups are taller than most places, but not quite as tall as a double. It was surprisingly sweet, but not too sweet. I let my date have a sip and he said he'd like it a little stiffer but I told him "that's what she said!" He was kinda right though cuz after killing that glass I wanted more! Overall we had a great time. Oh yeah parking was decent too, especially for LA. I think it was ~$7 in the self-parking lot next door.

    03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. leslie c.

    I really wanted to give this place a better rating but there were so many things that went bad I just couldn't.

    the first part I did not appreciate is the fact this one bartender was dismissing my friend and I. We arrived here at 8:30 on a Saturday night. The bar was not packed or crowded but there were a good amount of people ordering drinks. I walk up to the bar with my friend and I sat down. ( if there are seats at the bar you it means its not that packed)
    The bartender was busy with his orders and tells me ill be right with you. I see him make at least 6 drinks and he still doesn't take my order. He just keeps moving on to the next customer and I know for sure I was there before them.. It was just lame and stupid.. c'mon.. I was there 10 min before this other dude that got his order before mine. I don't know WHYYYY but he just didn't want to serve me...... luckily another bartender who probably just started his shift walked by and my friend was able to get his attention to place our drink order.... this was STRIKE ONE---

    second part that was annoying was that my friends could not get in because apparently after 9pm you need to be on a guestlist of some sort to get in.. where does it list or say that anywhere? My friend wanted to celebrate her birthday here and her and her party couldn't get in.. so my friend and I had to leave early and move on to the next location. ( also please note there was NO LINE OUTSIDE)  STRIKE 2----

    last part that was pretty hard to believe was when my friend and I got to the lobby after coming from the rooftop I asked the person out front about a guestlist etc to see exactly why my other friends couldn't get in ... The guy stated that after 9pm the ONLY way for people to get in for the rooftop is if you
    1. are a guest at the hotel or 2. if you know anyone that works at the Ace hotel to get you on a list. Honestly I think that is so stupid.. yes I understand if you are a guest at the hotel you should have access to the rooftop bar.. but the fact you have to know someone that works there is the only way to get in is pretty ridiculous. -- I would also understand if you have to contact the hotel to be on a list but that's not even a option... what irks me is that the fact you have to " know" someone who works there to be on the list ----I really feel like they are trying to be super exclusive for no reason... the standard in DT is a nicer hotel and has a nicer rooftop bar than this place and they don't even do that. ( AGAIN AT THIS POINT THERE IS STILL NO LINE OUTSIDE AND UPSTAIRS WAS NOT SUPER PACKED OR CROWDED )
    STRIKE 3-----

    This is why I really wanted to like this place but couldn't.

    12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Ron P.
    what a scene.... if you like that sort of thing - you will love the Ace but i am too old and been around the block one too many times to give this youngin the time of day

    23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Michele S.
    I only gave two stars because if you like to drink - this is the place to be.  A lot of bars - over the top trying hard to be different and trendy - leads to discomfort with beds the are barely off the ground. A blanket / bedspread that was stained and looked like something that you see on skid row.  Food and menu suck - choices are slim and seem to be off the wall.  I had a burger that tasted like fish because the chef probably grilled it on the same spot where the Salmon was.   Not a place to stay of you enjoy a variety of normal healthy food that isn't breakfast inspired.   Place is decorated in skid row homeless blankets.  Room gives you a creepy buggy type feeling.  Like some sort of dirty
    Heroin den.  A guitar and amp on the wall -seriously?    Way over the top trying to be cool and different with silly pencil kid type drawings.   I guess I'm just used to more class and someone is really honing on a specific crowed to gather at thus place...never again.  Most obnoxious ridiculously uncomfortable room with over the top trying to be cool - who was the designer ? Some insane manic depressive from the 60s?  The place is obviously underestimating the people who actually stay in hotels.  Yes the crazies of LA all the fake phonies trying to be anyone else but themselves will come here and think it's the greatest thing since Ben and jerry Food is greasy and gross.  Coffee nothing to care about.  Took 20 min to make one latte.   Thus is a place for the 20 something's thinking here they are someone really special.   Gross.   I felt like bed bugs would be crawling out of the mattress and the room looks like a college dorm in some sort of mental institution.   Roof top bar - who cares.  What's to see but smog and sit and drink over priced cocktails with a bunch of wannabes

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. . ..
    shabby chic. it's cool if that's your thing.

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. B A.
    Rooftop bar is excellent. Will def come back again

    19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Anita C.
    I gave them one star, but unfortunately I think the hotel deserves a 0.  Please know the low rating is for poor management practices, customer relations, and hotel hospitality.  
    I brought my friend here to have a bday breakfast.  We ate light downstairs and had a great waiter.  We ordered Avocado toast, sauteed mushrooms, and raw oysters.  The food was good.  We proceeded to check out the rooftop, and had a carnation drink.  That was also good.  Now for the unfortunate part.  
    We left the rooftop and upon exiting the elevator, there was an obstruction in my path.  A vintage, old school fan was parked to the right side of the elevator, and I of course ran right into it.  I started bleeding heavily from my knee and sat down on the stools right outside the elevator on the first floor.  Someone gave me a dinner napkin for the bleeding.  A couple of employees asked if I was ok and were just staring/lingering.  They thought I was going to leave eventually.  Too bad the fan sliced through my skin and I needed stitches.  My friend had to ASK for the manager and medic on staff.  Two men showed up, David, and the "General Manager" Tim L.  Come to find out David was not the medic, but security with a first aid box.  He was told to be medically attentive to me by prob his manager, but WITHOUT ANY Medical education/training?!  That is very ALARMING.  Good thing I had sense to ask before he proceeded.  (***Side note: David from security was the nicest and most attentive in this whole matter.  He's a nice young man, prob just following his manager's lead.)  I told them I wanted to get stitches, and then Tim L. left.  At least 15 mins. pasts and then I was given a piece of paper with a nearby hospital address, $10 cash, and called a yellow cab.  Never was I offered any water or ice as I sat bleeding and waiting.  I was a bit shocked they didn't call an ambulance for me, but hey that costs more than $10 right?
    I finally received the proper medical attention I deserved, and received stitches.  The first time in my life by the way.  Once I was back at the hotel, I was told to ask for the "General Manager" Tim L. to give him my hospital receipt and be reimbursed for my return taxi ride.  The hostess seemed confused, and someone else came.  Joshua K., from front desk came and received my paperwork.  Come to find out Tim L. is NOT the hotel General Manager, but the security manager.  Apparently the General Manager has Sun. and Mon. off.  What kind of establishment does not at least have an Asst. General Manager on site?!  What happens in the event someone really gets hurt at this hotel?  The staff are all young and beautiful.  But obviously lack experience, training, hotel hospitality skills, etc.  
    All in all, I was lied to by hotel employees, injured at this hotel, and handled in a very lengthy unconventional process.  I really hope nobody gets seriously hurt at this place.  Especially when it is "Sunday Funday" and you are trying to enjoy a friends bday celebration.  Oh and did I mention that I missed my GOD SON'S Baptism that was at 5pm?  Thanks Ace Hotel for that, and now having a SCAR on my knee for the rest of my life.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Jud M.
    Cool vibe! We didn't get to check out the roof top bar but I heard its great, and there was a line down the street at 10pm. We had drinks at the bar on the ground floor. Good drinks and easy to get in. This place seems to be getting more popular by the minute. Would come back to see what the upstairs bar is like.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Lili M.
    I went to Ace last Saturday night and was able to get in without much of a wait. Everyone who works there is very friendly and helpful and excited that people want to be there. I didn't get to see the hotel at all but I went to the rooftop bar and was really impressed with its layout.

    When you first get off the elevator you're in a semi-covered cabana-style area. There's lounge chairs and small tables and dim lighting. As you move through you come to the bar which is in the center of the space. It's got a sort of jungly vibe to it (I'm referring to the vine wall across from the bar) which is neat. The drink I ordered was really refreshing and flavorful and was served in a silver cup. I made my way towards the "pool" (its small) and that was the outdoors portion of the roof. It had a pretty good view and chairs to sit at and a few hightop tables to lean against.

    I had a great evening and was able to get in with a fairly large group. My advice would be to get there on the earlier side just to avoid a long wait in line but it's nice that there's no cover (unlike the Standard). Maybe that's coming but for now, take advantage of a free rooftop in downtown that serves bomb drinks!

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. java p.
    I did not get to eat at the restaurant but have to say that the rooftop bar is GREAT!  I had a Manhattan drink with coffee and it was very good. The atmosphere is unique and not too crowded on a Monday night. Great place to bring out of town guests and have a nice night out with friends. Weekends are probably a zoo so stick to M-Wed.

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Marie B.
    The rooftop bar was amazing the atmosphere is really low-key and nice with amazing view on downtown LA. I definitely recommend it for a drink during the weekend with friends.

    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. John H.
    Everyone here is very friendly and personable. Breakfast has been lovely. Even for just opening the staff had it pretty much together. I have been here 3 days in a row for various parties and such and have been pleased with it all. Hopefully it won't become douche central too quickly. Xoxo :)

    12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Salvatore M.
    I stayed at this hotel last weekend.  It was wonderful.  The entire staff was genuinely welcoming and helpful.  The clientele is mostly younger and -- excuse the expression -- hip.  Even the older ones looked hip.  Although I am an older man and don't look so hip,  I never felt out of place.  I really enjoyed being around all that energy.  There are really good vibes there.  I had a room with a terrace.  It was a bit small and was decorated in a loft style but with some old time, nostalgic touches.   Four windows provided a nice view and city feel.  The only complaint I have is the bed faced two windows and the TV was on the wall on the right.  So sitting up in bed and watching TV was a little awkward.  But there were enough pillows to work out a comfortable arrangement.  It wasn't a big deal for me since I was coming and going all weekend and didn't have much time to just lounge in bed watching TV.  I will stay there again.  I like being part of the continuing downtown LA gentrification.

    17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. David H.
    We were welcomed in by the bell boys Ramon and Kyle who greeted us like old friends! They could not have been more helpful and seemed to genuinely love their jobs which is quite refreshing these days. The room was awesome, very comfy bed and the roof top bar was very cool. We ate in the restaurant and were served by a very friendly Pete Campbell esque waiter called Timmy. Food was yummy. Over all we were really impressed by our stay, the staff were awesome and friendly and we loved the architecture of the hotel and the surrounding area, still a bit sketchy in places but very cool. Planning our next trip already! : )

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Anna D.
    I am into architecture. I have been in love with the now defunct old movie theaters on Broadway since forever. Kudos to Los Angeles Conservancy for opening them to public at least once a year through their "Last Seats" film tests. And now big kudos to Ace Hotel for occupying this gorgeous building and using it not only as a hotel, but art events too. I am very much looking forward to attending their events in the nearest future. So far, I loved the bars and the stunning marquee.

    06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Sam W.
    Thee oppressive number of hipsters in the bar wearing knit hat and drinking PBR was more than balanced out for us by TImothy, the bartender with the dazzling smile, witty repartee and exquisite mixology skills.  Seriously, he made us feel welcome and produced three GREAT drinks.  Prepare to tip him well - he deserves it.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Nathan B.
    Such a great addition to the DTLA community.  I came here last week for a friend's birthday, and we enjoyed dinner at LA Chapter and cocktails at the rooftop bar. The Ace has killed it once again!  The building architecture is amazing, and truly represents Los Angeles in its heyday.  The service here is top-notch, and the crowd is all here to have a good time and enjoy the night.  Drinks are great as well, and so is the food.  If you are downtown, check out the Ace. There's plenty of parking lots around that aren't too expensive, and there's also Acne, Aesop, and Tanner Goods across the street.  Good shopping, good food, good drinks, and good people, how much more do you need?!

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Ilga M.
    was celebrating my birthday last weekend while staying at the ACE HOTEL in downtown LA and the experience was BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!!

    had enjoyed already drinks at the rooftop bar last month and was CHARMED.... i have always loved downtown LA, going back to the early 90s when people thought i was crazy for being fascinated with downtown..... since the 'downtown revival' many precious old spots have gone and new ones have come. some very good, some bad, some ugly.

    ACE HOTEL LA is a SHINING EXAMPLE of what  DOWNTOWN RIVIVAL can look like:
    so CLASSY, like an old school grand hotel and LAID BACK at the same time.
    the doormen Lilo and Kyle and the concierge Josh could not have made me feel anymore welcome and taken care of.
    hospitality like this cannot be faked, but comes from the HEART.
    i ADORED my room... medium size with sweet BALCONY with view over broadway and the beautiful 'Eastern'.
    very much enjoyed the RECORD PLAYER and the VINYL collection in the room.  and the picture of mary pickford, america's original sweetheart and former owner of the movie palace.
    the food and service at the restaurant L.A. CHAPTER and room service was very INSPIRED, and again, me and my friends felt very well taken care of by all of the waitstaff.
    all in all, it warmed my heart to stay at the Ace HOTEL.  so refreshing in our corporate world. will be back any chance i can get.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. C Y.
    Had dinner here Saturday night with a group of 9 people.   Love this place!  Definitely what d-town needed badly!   We had great service in the restaurant, waitress was wonderful.   Wish I could have got her name, short black hair with glasses.  She so went out of her way for us.  It was my husbands b-day and I brought a cake and she hooked everyone up with ice cream.  Very thoughtful.  The rooftop was the bomb!  Really nice.  Everyone's food was great.  I'm a mega fan for sure of this place!

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Renuka V.
    Went to the Mezzanine Bar after attending matinee performance of LA Dance at the theatre next door yesterday. Liked the fact that you had to go through LA Chapter's restaurant to get to it which made it kinda hidden-esque. Although seats were all filled, there was nobody at the bar so could order easily. Had the Stumptown cold brew w cinnamon syrup tonic which was VERY GOOD. Even the bartender said that although it was non-alcoholic, it was his favourite drink on the menu! Liked the chilled out vibe and decor as well! And definitely prefer it to the upstairs rooftop bar!

    23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Nik H.
    They have the prettiest staff. Makes me feel like a queen

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Eva B.
    We stopped in for lunch at the restaurant and what a great spot it turned out to be! We felt like we were miles away from the bustle. Food was great and the wait staff was seriously amazing. They were attentive, had a great sense of humor and really helped to make our meal just that much more enjoyable. As a vegan, the Kale salad was the only option but it sure was tasty! Ricotta pancakes looked outrageous!

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Stephen J.
    I was up in LA for business and had booked Ace Hotel through the convention travel service. I've stayed (and love) Ace in Palm Springs and was really looking forward to checking out this new space. I really appreciate what this company does with old spaces and I've always thought that Broadway was ready for an amazing renaissance.
    I got to the hotel around 5pm for a 2 night stay (Jan 22). There's a small valet stand right on the street at the front of the hotel but it's not very obvious. I missed it the first time and had to go around the block. There's also a parking lot across the street but it's unguarded and is not affiliated with the hotel. Once someone behind the desk acknowledged me, check-in went fine. They're all friendly but seem to be preoccupied with I'm not sure what.
    My room was actually quite large. There was a beautiful double basin sink across one wall of the room. The beds were platforms and pretty comfortable for a platform bed. I'd rather not sleep so close to the ground, though. Nice linens and pendleton type blankets. The toilet/bath/shower was separate - with a sliding barn door to close it off. The bath/shower was really poorly designed. The tub sat above a tile platform (kind of like a lot of spa tubs). If it was only for bathing it would have been fine. However this was also a shower so there was nowhere for the water to go when it flowed between the inside edges of the tub and the tiled wall except onto the floor. This would have been ok I guess if there were floor drains. Instead it just kept going out into the bedroom and up against the walls of the bathroom. I anticipate a huge mold and mildew problem before long. The shower curtain looked like something from the 99 cent store. I can't believe this is the way this bathroom was meant to be.
    There's a pretty well stocked mini bar larger than normal bottles. Unfortunately there's only an ice machine on the 4th floor of the hotel. And it wasn't working. And apparently only one person in the hotel knows this. I first wandered my hallway looking. Then I called the desk and was told to find it on 4. When I got there it wasn't hooked up. I called back to the front desk after I got back to my room and they had someone send some up. It happened to be a guy that was in the elevator with me and he commented that he had almost said something to me when he saw I had an ice bucket since he knew the ice machine wasn't working. The next evening I called to the desk and asked about the ice machine. The person who answered said that as far as they knew the ice machine was working. After trekking back down to 4 I was once again disappointed. I called the desk again and another person answered, also unaware that the ice machine was broken but they'd let the engineer know. This person also offered to send up ice. almost an hour later it arrived via room service. I'm sure the waiter expected a tip, but I'm sorry. Talk to the hotel manager and have him tip you. Also, maybe someone should let the staff know that the ice machine hasn't been hooked up yet. Maybe let the guests know when they check in as well.
    Ate dinner both nights in the hotel restaurant. Sat at the bar. Food was very good. Lamb the first night. Burger the 2nd. Drinks the first night were meh. Ordered a special gin drink off the menu and was told they didn't have the ingredients. Asked the bartender to make something up. Got an unimaginative mix of gin and cucumber and soda. She made up for it later when she poured the wrong glass of wine for a waiter. It was the same as mine so she gave it to me.
    I went up to the pool one morning with my coffee. I was walking through the bar to get out there (the only way I could see). Some guy was lounging in a chair with his legs up browsing his laptop and told me they were closed. I mentioned I just wanted to go out to the pool. He shooed me away and told me it opened at 10.
    The valet was fairly efficient most of the time. I'd call down and the car was usually ready by the time I got downstairs. The last day was a bust. I had time to check out and my car still wasn't there. I don't think anyone got the message to get it. And then when it arrived it was at the end of a row of a dozen other cars and no one available to help lug my bags a block down the street. I already wasn't in the best of moods because I had just gotten the biggest shock when I was checking out. I've stayed at a dozen different hotels in DTLA. I've never had a parking charge so over the top. $36 per day + 10% tax so almost $40 a day to park. This is on top of all the tips I've been giving the valet every day.
    Needless to say Ace is not on my list of must-stays in LA. Give them a year and maybe the hotel will be finished and the staff will know what's going on. I'm sure the group of 40 somethings standing out front with their skateboards think it's a really cool place and will continue to stay there. I'll stick to Palm Springs.

    05/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Peggy W.
    This theater venue was ornate, beautiful and amazing. My friend and I attended the "light up the blues" benefit last night and couldn't have been happier with the venue and the show. Would love to see more cool concerts here soon!

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Oliver B.
    Great food. I had the chapter breakfast with a side of chorizo and avocado and it was fantastic. Great service, well priced and generous portions.

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Ann K.
    I was lucky to get 3 rooms at the Ace Hotel on Grammy's weekend at very short notice for my sister's bachelorette party.  The hotel is gorgeous and maintains the old character and style of the original architecture.  The rooms were modern and classy.  The double queen rooms were spacious, while the large single room was pretty small.  The doorman and front desk staff were awesome - great casual customer-focused service!  The lobby is small, but there's a fun photo booth in there.

    Our only complaint was when we tried to get our group into the roofdeck bar.  The doorman was exceptionally rude and wouldn't let us in.  He refused to believe were were hotel guests, even though we had enough room keys to prove we were.  What bar/club turns away 11 pretty ladies glammed up for the flapper-style bachelorette party, expecially when they were guests at the hotel?  I complained to the front desk and received a call from the security manager, who apologized and offered to escort us back up to the bar.  But by then, we were all in our jammies and talking girl talk, so we declined.  I appreciated the follow-up, but not the original incident.

    The elevators are slow and the one ice machine in the building was broken.  Since the hotel just opened a few weeks ago, it felt like a few kinks in service and details need to be worked through, but all in all, it was a great weekend at the Ace.  

    And we loved the location in DTLA.  There were plenty of Uber drivers in the area and it was easy to get around without having to walk.

    Side note:  Peace Yoga Gallery is a block away from Ace.  If you're staying at the Ace and want to get your yoga on, check that place out.

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Jennifer G.
    I NEVER write yelp reviews unless I have an amazing experience. Well that was this past Sunday night. I've never been to the Ace Hotel and I've been meaning to see what all the fuss is about. I'm usually a wine drinker, but my friend suggested I get a cocktail. I asked the bartender (Meredith) to make me something that didn't taste too much like liquor. She was so sweet!! She just told me to "choose a spirit". I chose gin. Why not? I was feeling ballsy-it was Sunday night!! My drink was AH-mazing!! I think it had cucumber in it?? It didn't taste like liquor at ALL, I had 3! :) Meredith was extremely attentive and I never had to look for her, which is my biggest pet peeve when I go out.
    I can't wait to go back here, we sat by the rooftop pool which is small but has gorgeous views!!! I want to have my birthday here next month. And they had karaoke which is my favorite. All in all, a great night and I can't wait to go back! Five stars!

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. david k.
    Stayed overnight during a short stint in LA for business.

    Great atmosphere and ambiance. Very friendly and helpful staff.

    The cafe (LA Chapter) attached to the hotel in the lobby is delicious and has a respectively small menu; which I love since it's more specialized.

    The staff all the way down to the bellhops are all excellent making sure they answer all your questions as well as attend to your needs.

    I stayed in their 'Loft' sized room. It was comfortable and for it being a hotel in DTLA I couldn't really complain about its size especially at its price point; it was enough to comfortably fit 5 of my friends who hung out for a little after we went drinking at their awesome rooftop bar full of colorful people.

    This used to be the building for the movie studio United Artists and ACE did a good job renovating the place and re-decorating it with their flare. So, if you have any nostalgia and or affinity for that LA Noir feel mixed with some contemporary twists, and are in need of a relaxing place to hang out in DTLA I would strongly recommend this hotel to you.

    My only 2 complaints were that room service held my tray up against my door so that when I opened the door everything fell to the floor. It wasn't until their second trip did they bring a cart to carry everything. They also charged me for overnight parking when I used their valet service for only a couple of hours, but their superb customer service fixed that issue with me in less than a day.

    ...I will most likely be back

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Alison C.
    We stayed here for a staycation and we arrived at 6:30pm, our room wasn't ready :(  BUT, they gave us two drink vouchers while we waited!  Otherwise, love the aesthetics of the entire place.  Cute mezzanine area where we had coffee, hilarious sketches on the walls, and excellent service with our bags & the doormen.  After dinner, we went upstairs to the rooftop lounge.  It was designed to perfection and a great place to lounge.  Much more worth it to stay here than the generic hotels like the Ritz or Marriott.

    14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Fernando H.
    Really very cool. I'll have to be back to try the food but the drinks and the people were definitely worth the experience.

    29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Rick K.
    Stayed here on my Birthday (Jan 12th). Friendly welcome, nice staff. Portland/Seattle cool vibe. A few miss steps thou -No dinner served for hotel guests on our night here,  soft opening for friends only (not us)...spent my birthday dinner at the last minute down the street at a "paper napkin" place! At check out our bill included a $36 parking fee (nothing on web site about parking or what the fees were...Ouch Baby!! We'd try it again once they have their act better together. Perhaps a stay over after a concert.

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Embrey H.
    We visited the Ace Hotel this week, and fell in love! We are huge fans of the Palm Springs location, so were super excited when the LA location opened up.

    We stayed for two nights in one of their beautiful loft rooms (I think that's what it was, I don't remember the specific name, but it was GORG and really well sized). This was my daughters first vacation (she's two), and the Ace couldn't have made it more memorable. She (we) loved the pool up top, although small, it was the perfect size for her to swim and me not freak out because she's too far away from me. The food was good, I ordered room service the first night there, and I will say, the Ace in Palm Springs has insanely delicious food, and what I got didn't get me too excited. I got a grilled cheese with the soup of the day (leek I think?), fries and a side salad (hey man, I was hungry). The soup was yummy, and the sandwich good, but the side salad was SUPER salty. I could barely finish it. I give them a break since it's so new, the coffee is to die for, and everything else 100% made up for it.

    One thing I do want to point out is everyone who works there. They.were.amazing!

    So nice and welcoming, from the valet, to the ladies checking us in, the guys who helped us with our bags (we had too much stuff,...too...much...stuff), the people at the coffee shop EVERYONE was amazing. Kudos to you guys, you are what makes this place awesome. I wish I had gotten some names so I can do some shout out's, but alas, I didn't.

    The room itself was gorgeous, with a great tub (our daughter took at least three baths there every day), a guitar in the room (which my husband loved) and plenty of space for the three of us to be super comfortable. Clean, comfy, A++

    Thanks again, and we will definitely be back soon!

    21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Delilah M.
    My husband and I stayed here this past weekend for our anniversary.  We arrived early and they allowed us to check, yes!  The lady at the front desk was super nice and gave us information such as room service, bar locations, etc...  Our friends checked in at the same time and the gentleman who helped them handed the key over and said call us if you need anything.  Spotty service was the trend for the weekend.  We proceed to our room and there is a bottle of champagne with a note wishing us a happy anniversary, nice touch!  My husband and I arrive at our room and start looking around.  Open the mini fridge and there is a half eaten hamburger sitting in it.  Gross!  About 20 minutes pass, and there is a knock on the door.  A gentleman wants to check our mini bar, apparently that was not done before I room was given to us.  He was nice enough, but awkward.
    We go have lunch and drinks and return to our room later afternoon for a nap.  Around 6 PM I awake to use the restroom when I hear a quick knock, a beep and the door opens.  I am in the restroom and my husband is asleep on the bed not fully dressed.  He jumps up panicked, says something and the door closes.  Apparently they were checking rooms because the computers went down.  I call the front desk, feeling violated only to be told that I should put my do not disturb on my door.  Um, no, you need to train your staff better.  That pretty much ruined the vibe of the hotel for me for the weekend.  I understand things happen and it is a new hotel but things should be handled better when there is a guest complaint.
    Few notes:
    Room, the shower is open; the shower curtain is cheap and odd.  It hooks on awkwardly which does not allow for it to close completely.  This allows it to blow open, making you cold and sticking to your body.  The volume was off on the TV, you could hear no voices, only noise.  Our friend's room has the same issue.  The bathroom sink had a drainage issue.
    Rooftop bar, amazing!  Nice vibe, we went early enough so it was not crowded.  The waitresses were super nice and attentive.  
    Mezzanine, waitress was mediocre.  We were ready to leave and could not find her anywhere to pay our bill.
    Brunch downstairs, amazing!  Michael was our server and he was great.  Coffee and food were great.
    It is hard to tell who works at the hotel as there is no uniform or name tag.
    Overall, would not stay there again.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    43. Molly W.
    I thought this place was fine. It's a cool vibe and the coffee/food/rooftop bar is pretty awesome. The rooms are basic but they do the trick. If you need a lot of space, this is not the place for you.

    I was bummed about the service. The folks that checked me in at front were nice enough, but it ended there. Didn't find anyone particularly eager to answer questions and in fact, they seemed pretty irritated.

    It was fine, I'd maybe stay here again - but I'm not dying to book the next night.

    30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Njambi H.
    Came to the Ace with one of my girlfriends for a weekend getaway.  I had high expectations based on the reviews I saw as well as the website.  Needless to say they must have a great photographer because boy was I disappointed.  Let's talk about the good things first.  Beautiful downtown building,  nice cafe downstairs with delicious food and a nice waitress who served us.  Now on to the negatives.  The accommodations were so dorm like it was laughable.  Lucky my friend and I are close because the bathroom door was a sliding door that didn't give you a feeling of privacy, you could literally hear everything going on in the bathroom! The shower was nothing extravagant, and we had to ask for lotion because it's not something they automatically provide in the room.  The lotion took almost an hour to arrive to our room after requesting it twice.  There was barely enough space to walk around with our luggage. While the record player was a nice touch, they could have spent that money on making the room a little more comfortable, especially at the cost of $300 a night!

    The night we arrived we attended a concert at LA Live which ended around 11:30.  I called the front desk and spoke to Jason.  I asked him if the restaurant or rooftop bar was serving food.  He said the restaurant was closed and he said the rooftop bar didn't serve food but had appetizers. Ummmm huh? So I said ok, are they still serving appetizers? He said he didn't know and couldn't find out for me because there was no way for him to call upstairs. I explained that we were hotel guests trying to come back to the hotel and have a drink at the upstairs bar and possibly get some food and asked if there was any way he could reach someone upstairs.  Apparently it was too much trouble, his only solution was to offer us their 24 hour room service.  Sorry, not good enough, we ate somewhere else.

    Now on to the rooftop pool. Can it even be called that?? Seems like an oversized jacuzzi to me.  I dipped my feet in and it was really warm which surprised me because it was so hot outside.  Took about 20 minutes of us sitting around for our waitress to show up.  When she did show up she was very polite and nice. The "scene" was a little overwhelming considering how small of a space it was.  

    All in all I may come for a drink but it won't be my first choice.  Had high hopes for this new downtown hot spot but it unfortunately fell short.

    Also, they charge $40 a night for parking.  Park right across the street and it's $12.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Casey D.
    This place will blow your mind. Get lost in wonderland and have a blast......I did! Had amazing coffee and cocktails. The theatre is ridiculous!  Crazy big. I'm told that Charlie Chaplin has performed there. The food will take you on a flavor rollercoaster. It not just a meal it's an experience! It's going to be a hot spot for sure.

    06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. L L.
    Have not been to the bates motel.. oops, ace hotel, in a few months.. and I couldn't care less. Downtown has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth lately with this crowd it's been luring in.. young faces dying to be noticed all willing to sit around and talk to their phones rather than amongst themselves. unfortunately, this is what I encounter whilst at the Ace Hotel, especially at the rooftop Pool. Sure, it's an alluring vibe, no doubt. good looking people everywhere.... when they keep their mouths shut. But who wants that? This review is on the establishment, I promise you... and the establishment is bringing in a less than desirable crowd. No thank you. I don't want a bunch of twenty-two year old girls with more work than my aunt Jane who look like their pushing thirty next to me talking about lord knows what while I'm trying to enjoy myself... I'll go to a nice dark and quiet lounge with lots and lots of whiskey.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Evelyn C.
    loved the rooftop bar maybe even more than perch, my friend stayed in the rooms here, its very modern and looks like they have a recycle theme, walls kind of looked like some sort of cork/cardboard mix?  Very cozy and cute!

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Alex S.
    Great ambiance - good downtown vibe and great coffee and food.  Really would go here a lot more often if I lived in downtown but also worth making the trip for

    19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Kimberley C.
    Okay, Okay,  When I give a 5 star to a hotel of this "genre" it is simply because I am grading them within their own class.  A boutique hotel with kitschy chic.  You would not be comparing apples to apples if you are comparing this hotel experience with the Penninsula Hotels or the Four Seasons. Keeping within its "class", this hotel is one of the best boutique hotels to hit Los Angeles in a long long time.   We have the Viceroy Hotels, the Standard Hotels and several other 3 or 4 star very adorable boutique hotels around the area and I love them all BUT, this ACE hotel is exactly what DTLA desperately needed.  The Standard was becoming too staid...lacking class.  The food and the cocktails on the rooftop of the Standard downtown left a lot to be desired.

    Went to the Ace Hotel downtown for the 1st time this last Saturday and I drove around the block 3 times before I saw the sign HOTEL in lights and the valet stand.  It's very difficult to see....they keep it obscure on purpose.... mmmmm the more mystery the better.   So I valeted my car for $7.00 which didn't suck since I would have had to park my car myself at the closest parking lot which would have also cost $7.00.... sooooo WTF.  Just park the damn thing.  I was excited to see the place so I ran to the door as fast as I could to open it and VOILA!  There I was in the beautiful rustic art deco-"ish" brasserie like restaurant. Downstairs seating was totally full so I went upstairs....there is a very cool bar up there as well.  I believe the ACE has around 6 or 7 separate bars with a different cocktail menu for each bar.  They don't serve the same menu in every place.  How odd but cool.    Ordered one of those BEE GEES cocktails and then took my glass and went over to the elevator that takes non-guests up to the roof.   The roof is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  There is even a small pool up there as well.   There is more than one bar to get drinks from and I settled quite comfortable in one of those hammock seats and just watched people wander back and forth.   What an Odd Assortment of Human Beings here.   There is a particular style here but it is tough to describe.   And the crowd changes depending on what time of the day.  The next day, Sunday,  my BF & I chose to have a late late lunch (around 3pm) @ their restaurant which I believe its called "the LA Chapter".   We barely got there in time but luckily after a 30 minute wait.... well actually 20 min wait....we were sitting down already.  So exciting!  I loved the energy and the ambiance of the place.  This hotel is ALIVE with all kinds of creative professionals.  I'm not talking about an artsy fartsy crowd here but something more professional.  Creatives that have a definite direction in their lives.... not just aimless souls.   It's a good thing I wasn't starving hungry because it took us 45 minutes to get our food.  Under normal circumstances and if it had been some other restaurant I would make a scene over the lateness of our food and ask to speak to the manager, but I was in a good mood, enjoying watching people and all their crazy hairstyles, crazy clothes and funny conversations.

    SERVICE:         Excellent (the kitchen is slow, not the waiters)
    FOOD:              Very Good   (gotta try the bagel & lox)
    CROWD:           Urban Hipsters - SHODDY Chic  (don't bother to dress up)
    AMBIANCE:      Lively, yet chilled, conversational noise level VERY loud, bring ear             plugs.  The noise level is almost as bad as Bottega Louie's.,  It must be those 30 foot ceilings.
    Male to Female Ratio:   5 guys to 3 girls as a general rule

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Emily S.
    I have been here four times now since they opened and my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. We love going out and getting a casual drink and this place is completely for just that.
    They have a bar at the top level of the diner and also a roof top bar that has an amazing skyline view of the roof top. Along with the great view is basically 3 different sections of the upstairs bar. They have a lounging area which then connects into the bar, then followed by the bar is the pool lounging area, where you can see the great view and the Jesus saves sign.
    My boyfriend and I go to the bar above the diner usually because they have great service there. The cocktails are also very good and they have different levels of how strong your drink is according to top to bottom on the menu.
    All the employees are friendly, outgoing and look like thy enjoy their job. One of the employees Heather recognizes us each time we come in and asks how we are doing. It's the little things. Overall my boyfriend and I are becoming regulars and enjoy hanging out and getting a drink at the Ace Hotel.

    24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Erin M.
    Love it! Stayed at this hotel as a guest for an overnight trip several weeks ago.  The hotel itself is beautiful and unique. Staff is fun and charming.  I had funny postive interactions with everyone and they were all helpful without exception.  I missed having a lobby to people-watch in but many other sight and sounds to partake.  Rooftop pool even thorugh v. small was good for relaxing and enjoying the views.  Guitar in room was perfectly tuned.  If you order room service, try the rice pudding - it is amazingness in a bowl.

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Samantha J.
    As Portland natives we love Stumptown coffee, so a trip to The Ace Hotel coffee bar was in order!!  A busy Friday night didn't seem to matter to a helpful new barista.. I believe his name was Mason.  He was wonderfully friendly and made us feel welcome.  The coffee exceeded our expectations plus a bar of chocolate was perfect, all making for a great experience.  We will definitely plan a stay at The Ace on our next trip to LA!!

    01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Caroline S.
    Ok so I woke up this morning from my weekend stay at the new DTLA Ace Hotel with only about 4 hours of total rest from my whole weekend stay and this was not due to my own choice.  I want to start off saying that we love Ace Palm Springs and stay there all the time so we were excited to try the new one in LA.

    We arrived on Friday and got there pretty early for check in and were able to get checked ok.  Nice young lady gave us two drink tickets because we let her know it was our wedding anniversary so that was a nice start. Unfortunately I cannot say that continued upwards as far as our overall experience.

    Got to our 10th floor "medium" room, the size of a shoe box, with hardly any place to even put a suitcase. Ok I get it. Old building re-done so I can hang for the experience.  We were right under the Jesus Saves sign on corner in the back of hotel so cool view at least.  I can say that I do not love the open concept for the toilet. Very awkward bed and tv placement as well.

    We first tried to grab lunch at the hotel and got turned away because they were not taking any more walk-ins before dinner.  I too, like other reviewers thought it was so strange that they turn away hotel guests but fine, we just went down to Umami Burger and got first class service for snacks and drinks.  

    We wanted to check out the rooftop bar so we headed back early happy hour time knowing it would probably be packed soon and by the time we left for dinner it was hoppin! This bar is really a beautiful sunset place and great to hit before the rif-raf makes it's way there.

    After dinner and arriving back at hotel, I am surely not expecting to get the best nights rest as I started to hear the partiers down below waiting in line for the rooftop bar but I was really happy I was at least 10 stories up because any lower I would have been crying.  By the time the bar closes I am excited to get a few hours rest but, oh I shortly realize we are so lucky to have the room that has a huge deck a couple stories below so they too were doing their fair share of loud partying.  By the time we finally get to sleep we were woken up very early by the cranes and construction going on just behind the hotel.

    Hoping this is all circumstantial we continue to just try to have a good time.  Decided to try the restaurant again and got immediate seating so that was nice but the one thing I can say is that the hostess should be directed to pay attention more to people coming in the hotel door first rather than the front door because you are automatically at a disadvantage walking in from the hotel doorway in that she won't see you because her back is turned from that direction and more facing the street entrance. Just a suggestion.

    Sitting down at my table I was so unpleasantly blinded by the sun shining on the gold tables reflecting on my face that I had to just lay out my napkin to avoid this but very surprised by this design flaw, especially by Ace because they think of it all.  This is where my experience started to not go so well. We waited for a whole hour for our food. The food was just good, not horrible, not fantastic.

    We left for the day on our activities and came back from walking all over DTLA so we were beat. Ready for possibly a good night rest and start with what I hoped to be a steaming hot shower.  The showers are HORRIBLE!!! The concrete floor design around the shower plus the draft from the old windows made it so cold and the shower head streams down in one area with no possible adjustments. Nothing like the awesome showers in Palm Springs. So no hot shower, maybe I can get some rest now, nope, that did not happen and actually worse than the night before. Still partiers going to the rooftop bar, partiers out on their deck below and now we are so blessed to have a party right next door to us. Ok I can't complain about partying at the Ace because I get that is part of the attraction BUT by the time 2:45 am comes and it sounds like there are 20 people right next door, I decide to call "security", WHAT A JOKE!!!! They send up the young black gentleman that mans the elevators and I am watching him across the hall basically just negotiating with these people with absolutely no authority. Knowing that this did absolutely nothing and there are still a lot of people in this room, I call again and security comes again only to STILL allow about 10 people in the room left to party. The front desk said he would give us free breakfast for the hassle but they still continued to party until around 3:30am.  I knew it would do no good to call again so I just hoped they would stop soon. Thankfully by 4 am I was finally able to get to sleep for a few hours.  

    My husband complained when we check out and was able to get $100 off so that is the ONLY reason this is 3 stars because in my mind it was 2 stars when I was planning to write about my experience there. Overall very disappointed! Not worth the hype

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Meex B.
    Feels like you're staying at your friends house (it's just cleaner, they make you a delicious burger at 1 am and deliver it, and have a bunch of cool friends over they & you've never met) basically the people working here are relatable casual people you'd be friends with and the vibe is comfortable not stuffy like most hotels.

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Jill E.
    There's no lobby to wait for your friends in and you can't work the elevator if you don't have a room key. Their showers also flood the bathroom and you find the carpet soaked when you get out.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Scott K.
    Went last night to see a band called Wunder Wunder that I had previously seen at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Wunder Wunder has the best album of 2014, 'Everything Infinite, ' and I would go to see them play anywhere. I actually like the Ace Hotels and their rather swanky accommodations. This hotel features a beautiful rooftop bar with a swimming pool and cushy seating. The sound in the room was also quite good and I very much enjoyed the band's set. However,  this is now the second incident that I've had regarding the purchasing of soft drinks. The first of the Ace Hotels charged me $5.74 for a peach Kearns juice that I only ordered because I was having a bout of hypoglycemia. This is ridiculous and I told the person working the cash register that I would have been better off pouring a container of sugar down my throat then paying almost $6 for a can of juice. Last night, I ordered a Virgin Mary, another non alcoholic drink and paid $8.00. What am I, on a fucking airplane? There should be some financial benefit to ordering non-alcoholic drinks but at the Ace Hotel the benefit of ordering non alcoholic drinks is possibly having to declare bankruptcy immediately afterward. This was supposed to be a free show but between the $15 valet parking or should I say the enforced $15 valet parking, the $8 Virgin Mary and a $13 plate of hummus with 4 slices of pita bread, the free show quickly became a $36 violation.  Cut the crap with the prices or I'll be forced to see Wunder Wunder at the bowling alley where they played just four nights before. I would much rather give my money to the band, as the two members look like they're dying of starvation and it's probably the result of having played at too many Ace Hotels and incurring their oppulent costs.

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Bronte Y.
    I didn't stay at the hotel, but I saw Lykke Li perform at the theater. It was the most beautiful venue I've ever been to for any type of event. Everything was so breathtaking and it felt like a dreamland almost

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Kristina P.
    Nice outdoor patio.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Brian E.
    Great space and views - cant wait to go back for drinks and views again

    24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. So D.
    Had an excellent lunch here, good coffee, good bloody mary's, good cocktails, good food.  Staff was friendly and service prompt, and this being the type of place that could easily give you too much attitude.

    Like all Ace hotels, design is outstanding, energy is high, was a great place to spend a saturday afternoon.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Julie M.
    The Ace was our home base when we got married in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, as we are living in Chicago.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful staff, who were all exceptionally accommodating, thoughtful and extremely helpful to us no matter what their role was at the hotel.

    Everyone we encountered went out of their way to make us feel at home, to make sure we got the best room, to congratulate us and ask us how everything went.  It was just really refreshing.

    Good service is rare these days, and it was not lost on us.

    Did I mention the avocado toast at Chapter? :)

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Karena H.
    Beautiful Space and Great Service. My gf and I came for breakfast. We ordered the Moroccan omlette and the waffle. Both sounded delicious, but the omlette lacked salt and the waffle's banana puree concoction was confusing. Our service however was excellent. Jared, our server, did a great job.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. David M.
    I stopped in for 1 drink at the bar, 15 mins later I wanted to leave and the manager wouldn't give me my car from valet, because of a possible drunk driving on my behalf. I was so mad. As I started to lose my buzz waiting in the lobby and started to notice that the staff is amazing,nice,caring,led by manger Josh whom was trying to protect his hotel and his customer (me) I enjoyed my time here and will come back. shrimp cocktail was amazing.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Gina F.
    Would have been a 4.5 of 5 in Sochi

    I LOVE the ACE in Palm Springs.  The ACE in #DTLA not so much.  We stayed in room 719.  Avoid this room, unless you are an exhibitionist and/or masochist.   The glass, see-through shower is in the middle of the room.  I know that probably doesn't make sense to you.  Why would anyone design a glass shower in the middle of a room, without even bothering to frost the glass to give a modicum of privacy? The shower entrance does feature a cloth-like strip of fabric, which as far as I can tell is only there to billow at you or would be perfect for waving a white flag of surrender.  In my mind, this shower was built by the Red Cross for survivors of a post-apocalyptic disaster.  Or it was built in Sochi.  The bigger problem than having a see-through shower in the middle of the room is that the door to the room opens to the hallway with a direct view of the see-through shower.  Good news: the toilet was enclosed by four walls.  Unfortunately all four walls were painted in high-gloss black paint (as were the elevators) with a bright florescent light to blind you.  I assume they were going for Guantanamo Interrogation Room Chic. Nailed it.  The sink stopper wasn't properly installed, I had to wedge a piece of plastic to keep it up so the sink would properly drain.  The bed is basically a glorified futon.  And the wooden slats it rests on invite your toes to jam into them--I had to wrap towels around them to create padding.  The roof deck wading pool/spa is amazing.  However, on Friday night the staff decided to kick everyone, including hotel guests, out before the 2am closing time, "because management decided to close now."  They were extraordinarily rude about it. Will they address any of these issues?  Probably not because the hipster paradise they created on the roof can justify all the cut corners and attitude problem among the staff.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    65. Jose D.
    I visited Saturday afternoon for the first time The Ace Hotel rooftop location in downtown Los Angeles with a big group of local friends. The rooftop Ace Hotel has over priced craft cocktails, the pool size is very small, a big pick nip table right in front of the pool which is bigger than the pool, a few lounge chairs on the sides. The views are nothing spectacular. They have a Dj that plays background music, the dance floor section? It's a joke. Recently La Times writer Jonathan Gold rated their  "L.A. Chapter in downtown's Ace Hotel seems to be at its best when it's busiest, as the scene is often more memorable than the cuisine." What is the worst thing about The Ace Hotel rooftop? THE CREEPY MANAGER standing next to us and watching us, they are over staff, and they looked stress out. Living in downtown LA we have many options and better spots..may be people love The Ace Hotel rooftop place when they are intoxicated....

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Lauren M.
    Hello Hipster Ville! Definitely looks/feels like an episode of Portlandia is being filmed 24/7. Cool haircuts, mustaches, tattoos, and suspenders. I have not tried the food because the menu is overpriced in my opinion. I go there for coffee almost everyday. Stumptown is one of my favorite coffee places! The coffee is SO good! Most people don't know they have a pool and bar on the top floor that is open to anyone. So go up there and check it out! I'm originally from Portland so I love the vibe here. It's definitely a fun spot and it's nice to see businesses like this, coming to DTLA.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Jen R.
    I paid $200 a night for a room with a bathroom where you can't even shut the door all the way.  I am staying with my boyfriend and the bathroom has a sliding door, no lock and a 1/2" gap that you can watch tv through if you are on the toilet. No fan either. Basically what I'm getting at is you can hear everything that goes on in there so I hope you are ok with that. I am not. The hot water in the shower doesn't get very hot.   The main reason I chose this hotel was because it looked like it had a nice ambiance and pretty pool area. I'm still looking for the pool. There is basically a huge hot tub on the roof but I would not call it a pool. I read a lot about this hotel being sound proof. Sure you don't hear anyone in the room next to you but you will hear honking horns and sirens.If I were a hipper cooler person maybe I would like this hotel. it costs $38 to park your car here per day. I'm so bummed I picked this hotel. The staff is very friendly and helpful. This hotel is not for me.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    68. Miriam D.
    This for the rooftop bar. Okay people who are angry about lines and such: welcome to any sweet bar in any city. So shut it.

    I love this place. I've been twice, once on a Sunday and it was crowded, and once on a weekday evening when it was quieter. Both experiences were absolutely LOVELY. I love the choice of seating from inside at the bar to dipping your feet in the pool to the veranda-covered area. The pool is small - don't expect to swim - but so perfect for taking a short dip or letting your feet soak or sunbathing. The bartenders and waitresses are all super friendly and knowledgeable (especially about their wine - such a good selection and the bartenders know what to recommend which is a tough task). The food is also phenomenal. Highly, highly recommend the AB&J and the spicy chickpeas. Go at sunset, it's so beautiful. There's nothing like reminding you to love LA then this calming experience above the city. Okay, so maybe it's not always calming, and it's more hopping or whatever the cool kids say and harder to get a seat, but again, so is every bar, and it's all about keeping your eyes peeled and this one is worth it. If you really hate lines, just plan ahead about when to go. (Hint: get there earlier, like 7, and stay the night.) This is hands-down my new I-love-LA spot, and I'm a former New Yorker. Oh, and PS, it's not hipster-town. I mean there are hipsters, but they don't dominate, which rocks.

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Painted Lady X.
    Rooftop bar: where to see and be seen (for now). As a guest I was not a huge fan of the weekend crowds but that's what I get for staying at a new hotspot on a weekend. The cocktails are good with fresh ingredients and proper mixologists behind the bar but it takes bloody ages to get served. On a quieter night there were at least 2 bartenders and a bar-back and only 10-20 visible people scattered throughout. Still took 10 minutes to get a drink with no queue but speed of service is not why we're drinking here is it?

    Rooms: clean, compact, minimal by design.
    Beds: so goddamn comfy.
    Pillows: I almost stole one.

    Room service: 9/10 (they messed up about 1/3 of my orders over a week but they are so damn nice that I don't really care.) It's fast and when the restaurant or rooftop are too much, it's the perfect cure. Please note, THEY DO NOT AUTO-CHARGE GRATUITY ON ROOM SERVICE so remember tip those lovely kids.

    The minibar: reasonably priced for a hotel mini bar, esp liquor ($30 for a small bottle of absolut, I expected higher).The beer at $8 a can? Exactly what I expected.

    Overall ambiance: nouveau goth. Joy Division quietly plays in the background on the mezzanine level and when you walk around the black hallways, you'll quickly see what I mean.

    Staff: attentive, friendly and keen to please (but they won't kiss your ass).

    I'll be back.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Virginia P.
    By far the best hotel restaurant I've ever experienced. Absolutely phenomenal food and drink, and the rooms are gorgeous. Old architecture avoids that sterile, modern vibe, and the grit of downtown is mild enough for the hipster crowd to handle. The rooftop bar is decent, although the service up there wasn't as good as in the restaurant.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Tom S.
    We stayed for just one night, so that we could enjoy a weekend with our kids, who live in DTLA. Overall, we were very pleased with the experience.

    We had a "medium", which is actually a fairly small room. However, the clever design of the room makes up for some space restrictions. There's plenty of storage space as well. We were so glad the room was virtually sound proof, since DTLA can be extremely noisy in the middle of the night.

    Staff, in particular Josh, was excellent. All around, everyone was very friendly and helpful.

    The pool isn't really a pool; it's more like a big jacuzzi. But the rooftop is very nice, and first thing in the morning, before 8am, you can have it all to yourself.

    We had breakfast at Chapter One. The egg dishes were great, if a bit expensive. I had the steak salad, which was more like a bread salad. There was a nice piece of steak, perfectly cooked, next to a big pile of bread with a tiny amount of lettus and some tomato. We asked the server about this, and she told us it was "bread salad." Haha, this is not how it read on the menu, and no one in their right mind would pay $19 for a "bread salad." She did bring us a bowl of real salad to make up for this; I just mention this in hopes they will fix this particular item on the menu.

    Parking is always a problem in DTLA. If you don't need in and out privileges, you can use a lot and probably get away with less than $25 for overnight parking. We needed in and out, so the best option for us was $36 per day - ouch!

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Paul L.
    This review is for rooftop bar @ The Ace.  Cool, cool, cool.   Great vibe, great view.  DTLA has really transformed.  I just had a cocktail to check out the Ace.  Didn't eat anything.  I remember LA from the 80's when the only reason you were there at night was to score drugs.  Now it's hip and cool.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Arus M.
    So gross. I found gum on my "clean" napkin. I will never come back to eat here. However, the manager was real nice about it.  Tried to give me free stuff but I was too grossed out.

    12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    74. Cameron M.
    Great ambiance great views great drinks service was a tad slow but it was crowded no real food but great tapas type stuff it's perfect for a romantic date highly recommend it

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    75. Nells X.
    I'm pretty well traveled, so I have had the experience of staying in some, (best Bobby Moynihan SNL character Anthony Crispino voice) "PRETTY DECENT" spots over the years!  I also used to live in LA, so I know well the pitfalls associated with the standard LA service and hospitality scene.  

    I will admit that I was a skeptic, it took some convincing from one of my girls for me to stay here last weekend.  My hotel selections swing from Phillipe Stark Hotels to the Copacabana Palace and lots in between, so as my wife says, I can be a tad persnickety about my surroundings.  That said, the Ace Hotel is solid.  

    You have to visit the Ace with this thought in mind, it is "young LA."  By this I mean, the vibe resembles some of what you may be familiar with if you have history with the city, but it is far less pretentious, less plastic and doesn't take itself so seriously.  if you have spent any time on the west side of the city, you know the insult it is to call someone or something "Hollywood," yet it's the norm.  No matter what they do for a living, everyone on the west is more important than you, more likely to flake, and less interested in doing their job unless there is something extra in it for them.  It's crazy, but that's the culture.

    The Ace actually allows you a glimpse of LA culture that is very different from the typical.  Don't get me wrong, it is high traffic, with lots going on, but the vibe is great.  But, it is not over priced and ridiculous in an effort to make itself cool.  

    All of the people I met there were laid-back and chill.  The hotel staff actually engages patrons, and are ready to help.  A big plus for me was that I actually spoke with people who were LA natives, born and raised, talk about unusual!  

    The rooms were comfortable, I stayed in medium on the third floor.  With the metal stairs right outside of my window, it got pretty loud a few times when they were moving things around outside, so sleeping in might present a challenge based on room location.  

    The in-house restaurant is great, I'll expand on that in the restaurant review and the rooftop bar is certainly worth a visit.

    I'd stay again, no question.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Amy M.
    I recently stayed at the Ace overnight for a quick business trip to LA. It's great to have a new option downtown, and so close to all the showrooms at market too. For the location and amenities, I would definitely stay at the Ace again.

    The staff was friendly, the rooftop bar was pretty cool for a drink (and the view), and we did have some good drinks and tapas-style appetizers at the bar on the mezzanine level as well. The room was clean and definitely unique, although there was also a bit of a smell too...maybe just the last bit of the old building mustiness? It is great that they preserved so much of the old UA building's history though, so I really can't complain that much.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Claudio M.
    I stayed here in one of their "Loft" rooms for nine nights last month.

    Maybe it was just my room but there was very little natural light coming in. It had a set of large windows but they faced inside and didn't get much light. So, it was a rather dark room. Aside from that, the room was nice and really big. The bed was very mediocre. I work in LA and also stay at the SLS and the London and their beds are far superior.

    My first night was dead quiet. It was great. From then on, the music from the rooftop came in through the windows and made it pretty unpleasant. I called the front desk and was told they could offer some earplugs. Not much help. But I learned that if I kept the AC Fan on all night it would drown out the noise. So that seemed to be the fix. Not ideal but a fix.

    Room service - I thought the meals were decent. Not great. Not horrible. The coffee bar in the lobby is a nice touch.

    It does feel as if things are still being ironed out with this being their first year open. For example nearly every time I called the valet it would go unanswered until the front desk answered it. Or if I called Room Service, it would ring enough times for someone in a different area to answer it. So the service side is so-so. It's also younger people (20s) working here so while they're nice enough, they do lack a certain level of attentiveness and professionalism that you'll find at places like the London/SLS.

    All that said, I do plan on staying here again and hoping these things get better. It's a great location. There are plenty of places to eat that are walking distance which is a big deal since it saves you from having to hop in a car. Is it hipster? I don't even know what that word means anymore...Every hotel has it's own tone/scene and this one skews younger.

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    78. C D.
    If you are looking for ultra posh accommodations, this hotel isn't for you. The rooms have a cool, industrial feel - I loved it. I think the biggest draw has to be the rooftop bar and as a guest, you can avoid the line and bring three friends. It was great on the Friday night I went. The only con is the water in the bathroom - the sink didn't drain fast and the shower was never hot hot. I haven't tried the food, but it looked good.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Lisa S.
    The room cost $300 per night and it is decorated with reinforced cardboard walls, secured with square-head screws and leather washers.  Primo. View of a parking lot. There's no art on the walls-shower is fully exposed.  Feels like a prison.  We tried to cancel our second night because it was such horrible vibes in the room but unless you cancel 24hours in advance, you have to pay the price of the room.  Also 375mL of Jameson from the minibar cost $38.  The vibe is urban shawshank chic.  Pool is nice but small

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    80. Savanna F.
    I visited the ace hotel on a Sunday where it wasn't quite as crowded as it usually gets. I was able to actually sit at the bar and have a conversation with the bartender who was very nice, friendly and was able to give us a little history on the Ace. The view from the rooftop is breathtaking enough to give five stars so I could see why there is long lines and people angry that they don't get in. This has to be one of the best rooftop bars I have been to the drinks are amazing and the garnishments just give it that extra on top. I had the wing wing cocktail that was delish and had a Moroccan taste . I love the fact that I was able to sit down with my friend and enjoy a drink while sitting on a pillowed sitting area and being able to see the city and it's beauty below us . I highly recommend going to this place the ambience was amazing ! As a local it gives the perfect representation of the Los Angeles night life and experience

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. James J.
    Restaurant on the ground floor is open and pleasant. Staff is low-key. Rooftop bar must be seen -- a blend of the modern and gothic. You halfway expect a cape superhero to fly on in for a martini.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Andrea P.
    I waited a few days to write this review because I was trying to see if I would feel like the hotel was any better after a couple days away, however, it still sucks. Our check in time was at 3 o'clock, we got there and our room wasn't ready, so we waited. No problem...I don't mind waiting. 20 minutes later we were told our pillowcases were being ironed, which is funny because we don't need that kind of stuff but we thought okay well whatever, that must be what they do here. Cool! So, We finally get up to our room and the sheets are a wrinkled mess and the pillow cases are wet....gross. I don't care about the ironing but don't lie to me about it. We stayed here with two kids and it was noisy throughout the night with people hollering throughout the night. The toilet ran all night long and when the air kicked on it sounded like someone was knocking on the door. The rooms are very minimally furnished. They don't even have a coffee maker... This place ended up costing us $350 for one night. I have stayed in four and a half star resorts in Hawaii for less than that a night and trust me this is no four and a half star resort. In order to get to the pool you have to go through the bar, which is annoying when you have 13-year-old girls with you and creepy people sitting at the bar. To top it all off, we went to their restaurant to get a snack and they charge 10.00 for a candy bar!?!?!? Seriously?? Are we guaranteed a golden ticket with that?? Ridiculous. The only reason it's getting a 2 star is because the valet guys were amazing and so accommodating. The guy at the front desk was a total a-hole. There was a gal working there with bright red lipstick that was cool, though. Other then that... Thumbs down.

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    83. J V.
    This is a decent hotel with a fun rooftop mini-pool but be warned: the rooms are ridiculously small. Paying $350 for a room that must be 100 sq ft at best is ludicrous. The staff is nice enough. Also you can avoid the $36 valet parking by leaving your car overnight at 808 Olive. Don't condone their prices and stay at the good ole' Standard instead. Or even The Figueroa.
    PS: a friend of ours got kicked out of the pool area for splashing around too hard.

    14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Elton W.
    The rooms here are spartan. I don't get what's worth $300 a night at all.  The walls look like raw sheetrock or some other unfinished building material.  The "door" to your room's bathroom is a sliding door (like in a barn), and doesn't offer a ton of privacy.  The building itself is super cool, but I don't care for the rooms at all.  The rooftop bar is an epic douchefest from the future, like the final days of Rome, but with hipsters -- and you can join it with your room key and you don't have to wait in the ridiculous line.  Good luck spotting the staff members, because they blend right in with the hipsters going to the bar.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    85. Lauren G.
    I had a terrible first go at the DTLA Ace but went back for another go last weekend. This stay was so much better than my previous experience. The room was clean, check in was efficient and the restaurant was great. We spent time at the rooftop bar which was fun and had great drinks. I work in corporate events and the roof top bar is a great downtown location for an outdoor event.

    The GM Jason went out of his way to make this a comfortable stay  which was greatly appreciated. I'll be back again for certain.

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Seth G.
    The brand new Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, built in the renovated United Artists Building originally designed by Mary Pickford, is a stunner... or at least the parts I was able to see on the busy Saturday night when I visited. The line for the rooftop bar was ludicrously long so we skipped it and just grabbed drinks at the main bar/ restaurant space near the lobby. The overwhelmed but super nice hipster bartenders made some very good cocktails in the awesome art-deco space. We wandered around what we were allowed to see in the hotel, which was basically just the very cool and very Ace-y lobby.

    The staff said we couldn't see the rooms without a guest key, which was reasonable as letting the thronging crowds wander around the hallways would have gotten a bit out of hand. I'm definitely interested in seeing the rooftop bar on a less busy weeknight and possibly staying in one of the rooms... and I can't wait to check out the converted movie palace that will function as a live music venue. (Speaking of which, does anybody have an extra ticket or two for Spiritualized on Valentine's Day?? Anyone? Hello?)

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Fatima D.
    My girlfriend's and I stayed at the Ace this past weekend for a friend's bachlorette party.  First things first, I have to commend the very friendly and helpful staff!  From the guys at the door, to the front desk, to the folks at the bar; everyone was super attentive and easy going.  I used to work at the Ritz Carlton, so I know that a lot has gone into ensuring the staff are all on the same page about providing great customer service.  Unlike the Ritz though, the vibe is much more easy going and not so stuffy.  :)

    The rooms were nice overall, especially the rooms facing the street.  The rooms not facing the street aren't as spacious (at least the room I stayed in) and there's a view of the wall of the building next store.  That's just something to be aware of since the rate doesn't go down if you book the smaller room without the view.  Also, the bathrooms aren't exactly sound proof...so be sure you're rooming with someone you're okay with hearing you toot!  ;D  Other than that, beds are comfy, rooms are clean, vibe is chill, and there's nice little treats, like a record player and records!

    Lastly, this is a major hypster hub.  No judgement either way, just something to be aware of if you like that vibe or not.  

    All in all I would stay here again and definitely have a drink at the rooftop bar with an awesome view--I'd just be sure to ask for a room with a view!  :)

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Christina M.
    The Moroccan omelet was insane! It was uniquely delicious! Never had eggs prepared that way.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Kent M.
    Really coo upstairs bar.  Better go while it's still new because this place is gonna be hard to get into in a while.  I don't mean they'll charge cover or anything, but it's gonna be popular.  Oh, I didn't like one of the inside bars.  They had all these chains and hooks hanging from the roof.  A little too "torture chamber" for my liking.  Anyway, a good place to go for a drink or two, but it can add up pretty quickly.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Kimi L.
    came to show the roof bar to my bestie and ended up at the cafe enjoying a delicious flavorful breakfast. we had the organic oatmeal with walnuts banana melted butter and a wonderful syrup that was divine....the Moroccan scramble with hummus and cilantro over goat mince, atop a buttered sour dough bread and roasted tomatoes ummmmmm . The servers and bar staff are friendly intelligent and respectful...altogether a great morning at the Ace.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. David L.
    What a pleasant surprise!! Came here on a recommendation and what a pay off!! This is a great bar with an even better view!! I came for the coffee and stayed for the style. The only down side and the reason I give 4* is there was no good outdoor heating. Yes this is California but it gets cold once that amazing sun set end. A big recommendation!!

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Evan L.
    Honestly, much better than I even expected. Not quite that hipster Ace that we had been accustomed to in Palm Springs - more grown-up, industrial, a real gem in downtown LA. Extremely friendly service from the valet to the front desk to the Bellmen. As of the time of this review, the top few floors are not finished and dinner is not available in the restaurant. Other than that, everything was very unique - be prepared to stay in what feels like a refurbished office building, because that's exactly what it is. Really, really fun addition to the burgeoning Angeleno downtown.

    17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Janki P.
    I came to Ace rooftop bar two weeks after it opened on a Friday night. Located on Broadway there is a parking structure across the street from there for I believe $6 or $10, reading other reviews there are cheaper spots BUT you have to arrive early for those. The entrance to the rooftop is outside on the corner right side, you can't miss the doorman or line. Once you get in and go up enjoy the beautiful décor and ambiance. It's a great place to grab a drink with friends!

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Madison A.
    Went to the new Ace hotel in LA for lunch today to check what all the fuss was about.
    my Full report:
    Decor was amazingly beautiful! Art Deco meets New York in the 40's. Loved it. The building is in this old theatre so it has that timeless appeal of theatre culture.  The food was decent. Most of the same menu as 5Leaves in Brooklyn, which is awesome! However the staff, well they all had this insanely cool "urban outfitters in Williamsburg  Bedford ave 2010" vibe. Upon entering we were bombarded with sleeved tattoos and flipped trucker hats with long unwashed hair. It was hilarious.  I couldn't stop watching everyone. So overall come for the food, stay for the show :)

    20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Jay S.
    Overrated, overhyped.

    I stayed here for 4 days and 3 nights. I found the staff to be super cool, friendly and generally helpful. I didn't have any "bad" experiences  here. This isn't an angry review; I just think, if we're being fair, this hotel isn't anything special. This place is $400/night for a regular ro and I've been more wowed by hotels that cost half as much.


    The decor is just okay. Everything seems old but not in a quaint or artsy or charming way, just old. There's nothing fun or exciting or unique in the rooms. The bathrooms have no furnishings, art, fan or ventilation; it's just a closet with a toilet. There are no cool products in the room for you to enjoy and later take home but, to be fair, the products they do have (shampoo, conditioner and body wash--all of which are bolted to the wall) are supposedly really good. The mini bar is legit; it's well-stocked with things you actually want.

    The beds are amazing for sleep and for play. They're huge and very comfortable. The TV is setup perfect for lazy watching, but the one time we tried to use it to explore guest services, we found that "interactive" system didn't actually work. The radio in the room is louder than most hotels, which was dope because we could actually pre-party in here and not have to crowd around some janky alarm clock wishing we could literally "turn up." The walls are concrete, so you can be as loud as you want. The rooms are tiny but fit more people than you'd expected because of the bench seating running along the window.


    Decor here is also very plain and uninspired. I get the look they're going for, but there is no color anywhere; just all brown everything. The elevators are slow and rattle a little too much. There's only one ice machine and it's on the 4th floor in this laundry room that's lightweight creepy. The rooftop bar is great. It has multiple interesting seating areas and a huge hot tub. I wish I'd spent more time there.


    The food is good but it's never, ever anything close to hot when they bring it to your room. We ordered something like 10 meals between us so I feel pretty confident saying that. I'd stick with ordering things that still taste good when they're lukewarm or cold; the cold grilled cheese sandwich we got was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. We would've sent it back if that didn't mean waiting 30-45 minutes for another one. They often overlooked details about our meal (like giving us ice water when we asked for no ice) and forgot to bring us condiments we asked for. I never complained, but I wasn't impressed.


    The staff was great. I enjoyed talking to them and can tell you almost all of their names, but I think the attitude towards service here is a little too lax. It's like they forget that this an expensive hotel in downtown LA. You don't feel pampered or catered to or, for lack of a better word, serviced here at all. I'd say that's more of a management issue because everyone here seems eager to please; they might just need more direction and supervision about details. The slow elevators probably don't help. People will sometimes just disappear for a while and nobody knows where they went lol. You can usually find someone to track them down but, again, at $400/night every post should be manned at all times. Hire another person if you need to. The one exception might be the valets. Those dudes are on it. They move fast, they're friendly and they ask if you need your car before you even get a chance to say anything.


    I enjoyed my stay here quite a bit, other than the cold room service and the drab decor, and had a lot of fun. Would I pay $400/night to stay here again? Nope. I'll stay somewhere that feels special and just stop by here to visit the rooftop bar. Good times, Ace Hotel, but you're not quite as top-shelf as the hype led me to believe you were.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Tammi H.
    Let me start by saying this place has great potential. Hotel is beautiful, rooms are great and restaurant in lobby has a wonderful eclectic menu.
    But then there is also the 'but'. On arrival at 2:50 our room was not ready, she told us it would be another 15 minutes and took my cell number and that was that.... She was totally unformed and rude. The bell hop informed us they could hold our luggage and we could go have a drink if we wanted upstairs, they would get us up there. We took him up on that offer and went upstairs for a drink. At 3:45 still no phone call so we went downstairs and asked if our room was ready yet.... Again they are just rude and pompous for the most part at the front desk. No reason for never calling and letting us know the room was ready. She gave us our key and we went to our room. We were freshening up when all of a sudden someone just walked in our room... Mind u it was a male and we were two females in the room. He told us he was still getting the room ready and no one gave the ok for the room to be ready so he had no idea someone was in there yet. So again bad on the front desk.
    Ok fine... I really still wanted to give this place the benefit of the doubt. But now we also dead bolted and chained the door anytime we were in our room. It gets worse from there.... Pool area is way too small and they have music there after 6 so forget about enjoying that, it gets packed and they clear away most chairs. Then they provide you with a record player in room but a shitty selection of records and a shittier selection to choose from at the desk... They had like 6 at the desk that u could exchange one of the ones in your room for... Nothing good. The technician had to come up to room and hook up player due to someone previously messing with wires and it was all hooked up incorrectly....., this should be done at every room clean. Then the main light in room did not work so we had to use lamps the whole time. It gets better..... Local construction is going on everywhere so forget about sleep. Second day we could not enjoy pool area at all due to a private party that we were not informed ahead of time about and it was not on there calendar. So pool area was closed until 11 pm that night.
    My opinion on this place is they all need better training and a better attitude. Also they should be keeping their guests informed. And when questioned about things you just get an attitude from them. They all are just clueless and have no customer experience.
    I will not be returning here anytime soon.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    97. Rene G.
    I sit here in the Ace writing this so I have to say that I love the location, decor ambience etc. I live a few blocks away and come here often. My story.

    The service started out as bumpy as it can get. Apathetic server cold fries, no flatware, no napkins, nada. Fries are cold. Send them back and they got dumped into the oil again and are now soaked in oil. Still no flatware etc.

    Go to bartender and order a drink. I ask him to send it to the table. Ok he says. 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes and no drink. Check with waiter along the way, still nothing. Back to bartender. "Hey there. Drink I ordered 30 minutes ago?" He. "It's coming" A few minutes later he walks over and slams drink on table and says "here you go."

    At this point I ask for manager from our server Tommy who picks it up right away and brings us a comp beverage.

    Autumn then comes out and turns the whole thing around. She is congenial, understanding talkative chill and totally hooks it up. I have to give Tommy our server and Autumn the best review because they really made it come together. Thank you guys!

    What would have been terrible service turned into the professionally managed situation that I wish all managers would do.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Linsey S.
    Another great addition to downtown LA nightlife!! Although there are already a few great rooftop bars in downtown, the Ace Hotel rooftop offers a truly unique ambience. It's a nice blend between the Standard & Perch, with a more grown up, cozy feel. Perfect for a date spot, or a night out with a few friends, but I wouldn't recommend going with a large group. The view is beautiful, and with the crown on top of the building, the olive tree lit up with christmas lights, and the glowing 'Jesus Saves' sign, there are plenty of 'artsy instagramming' opportunities.

    24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    99. Shelly I.
    Had brunch here with a friend of mine OMG It was fantastic! We shared the ricotta pancakes with berries and bacon WOW EPIC!!! And we also had the mediterranean omelette which was spicy and good ....the combo of these two dishes was sooo good! We sat outside on the patio ....The service was prompt and friendly and the prices were fair...We'll be back again for sure ;)

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Clara B.
    Delicious buckwheat waffles with blueberries my favorite.  I can't wait to experience dinner there which starts tonight!  The rooftop is really special with amazing views and great relaxing atmosphere, lovely design as well.

    The staff is friendly and helpful.  Just love Downtown LA especially since Broadway is starting to show off it's beauty and great architecture, also they have an amazing theater, so must go see some great performances!

    Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles opens in the historic United Artists building in Downtown LA. Built in 1927 for the maverick film studio, the ornate, storied theatre and tower stand as monuments to a group of seminal American artists pushing out on their own, and anchors the Broadway Theater District's modern renaissance. United Artists co-founder Mary Pickford's love for the ornate detail and stone spires of Spanish castles and cathedrals is manifest at the theatre. It's a true temple of the arts. The mixture of reverent awe and irreverent independence is right up our alley -- this is the kind of project we dream of.

    We partnered with Commune Design to breathe life back into the historic site. While the theatre's original design was a lush interpretation of the Spanish Gothic style, the tower's facade hid a minimalist poured concrete structure. Therein lies the basis for the concept at Ace Hotel's newest home: the marriage between decadence and democracy, between 1920's Hollywood glamour and modern minimalism, is informed by a finely tuned ear toward the Broadway Theatre District's latest revival -- a modern renaissance we're proud to be a part of.

    Inspired by the idea of artist as independent producer, Mary Pickford -- darling of the silent era -- left Adolph Zuker and Paramount Pictures to realize her dream, joined by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks. They turned to architect C. Howard Crane to build the United Artists Theatre and adjacent tower, which first served as offices for Texaco.
    The movie palaces built in the 1920's and 30's ware marked not just by luxury and elegance, but by architects gone a shade or two rogue. The United Artists Theatre offers equal parts classic style, functionality -- the advent of "talkies" called for the rapid development of modern acoustics -- and a surrender to the glitz and excess of Hollywood. Sweeping design features and minute, delicate details combine to define the golden age of cinema.

    We're opening our doors in the heart of the ongoing Broadway renaissance. In the last decade, Downtown Los Angeles has seen an undeniable resurgence of the creative spirit that first arrived nearly a century ago with the United Artists founders. This time around, change started small - tenants moved into creative lofts and offices, party-goers found their way to underground events, and diners in search of the next new thing found it at restaurants like Alma, Bäco Mercat, Bar Amá, Orsa and Winston, or at the newly-renovated Grand Central Market. MOCA continues to curate world-class modern art exhibits and events, and Broad Museum joins the neighborhood next year.

    Many of Broadway's historic theatres are coming back to life alongside us, and the historic core of the area is gaining popularity as a walking neighborhood -- a rare thing to find in the sprawl of the city. And with the arrival of Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles comes retailers that value the sense of community and dedication to forward-thinking design that we too hold dear -- Acne Studios, Aesop, Kinfolk Studios, and Tanner Goods, among others, are moving into the retail outlets at the intersection of Broadway and 9th at the turn of the new year, and we can't wait to call them our neighbors.

    Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles offers visitors to the area a friendly place to gather -- a hub for creatives, innovators, artists and entrepreneurs to meet, work, catch up, and to radiate energy outward into the evolving and vibrant neighborhood outside.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. lilian c.
    Music sucked! Mambo from a white Jewish on a Friday night...and for the second time they've ripped us off at the valet stand. The first time, I caught it and was able to be reimbursed and this second time they once again didn't validate, over charged and then started doing mental math, trying to confuse us and justify their prices. Very overrated and annoying!

    22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    102. Jennifer P.
    Made our business trip a lot more fun! Have stayed in Ace Hotels before with really small rooms, so was hesitant to stay here with a colleague, but we got a huge corner room with tons of space & cool design. Location was ideal for our business trip. Restaurant & bar lively. The black soap in the bathroom was kinda' weird and there was no body lotion. Otherwise, awesome stay. And Stumptown coffee in lobby is so yummy!

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Jessie M.
    Even with broken elevators, my stay here was lovely. The service was great and they were incredibly apologetic about the elevator situation. They gave us free drinks and knocked off a huge portion of our bill. I can imagine day time on the rooftop and by the pool will get more crowded as we get into summer, but Saturday it was just right. We ended up checking it out at night as well and weren't that into it, definitely prefer daytime lounging. For lunch with had one of their sorpressata sandwiches and a few drinks, the Amazing Frozen Drink was bitterberry that day and it was awesome (and pretty strong). As for the room our favorite part were the robes. So comfy.

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Daniel R.
    Here's the story:  I stayed during the very first weekend the property was open and like any endeavor, nothing will be perfect from the beginning. What was perfect however, and has remained so on my many returns, is the level of detailed excellence with which the staff has treated me.

    Beth is the front office manager, and is without hesitation a human example of brilliance under pressure, grace, and humor. If you have anything bad to say about her, I will fight you.

    Josh is another wonderfully kind, professional, and caring individual, always going above and beyond to make my experience second to none. Anyone with a negative impression of him isn't walking around with a firm grasp on reality.

    This isn't a hotel. It's an experience. It's a moment. It's a special place that will create lasting and inspiring memories. Every detail has been thought out, hand picked, and made unique. The people behind the desk, behind the counters, and behind the scenes, have my unimpeachable respect, admiration, and gratitude.

    If you want your life to be better, go spend some time at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.  If something goes wrong, that's fine, it happens, say something. But be a nice person, you'll make some friends.

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    105. Diana M.
    Loved my "Saturday Funday" here.  Great food and rooftop bar.

    I do not recommend the slushie machine for any drinks -- Tasted like a bottle of cough syrup but outside of that the staff was super friendly and helpful. The style (as always) was top notch for this place.  

    Looking fwd to crashing here one night and seeing what the rooms are all about.

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. S K.
    Its been a long 3 months.  After all the holidays and birthdays, I'm ready to live in my bathrobe for next 2 months.

    My last celebratory mission was The Man's birthday, including our dear friends' birthday, The Attorney, husband to The Chef.  So, The Chef and I planned to knock off both birthdays together.  We planned a party for Friday then for us to stay a night at The Ace on Saturday.  Luckily, it all went swimmingly.

    First off, I appreciate that The Ace hired mostly local faces.  People that have been living and / or working downtown previously.  Smart move.  Every person I had encountered were all so helpful and truly just "nice".  We had a lil bit of a problem at check in for our friends room.  It took FOREVER to get one!  But, this is their opening and there are still kinks that need to be worked out.  Which is always the case for any new business.

    Ok....  Let's get to the things that matter...

    The Ace is a boutique hotel, so don't expect huge rooms, but do expect creative spaces done with clever touches.  The first thing that came to mind was, rustic, modern americana.  The building itself is historic and I'm glad to see they didn't f*ck with that too much.  I have to admit,  the rooftop is not my scene.  It's not their fault.  hotel bar / club scene has never been my flavor.  What I did enjoy is the mezzanine bar and the cafe on the first floor.  We had a wonderful time just sitting outside on the sidewalk patio, sipping on our Bloody Marys.  The food at the cafe was also delicious.  Much better than most hotel foods.  I see myself here for brunch often.

    Downtown is surprisingly very limited when it comes to hotels.  Your options are minimal.  You have The Standard, which I wish would burn to the ground or hotels that haven't been updated since Reagan was governor.  I will for sure recommend Ace to everyone visiting our neighborhood.

    Ok... Bathrobe on... I'll see you in a couple of months, folks.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Kalinda V.
    I stayed here with my fiance this past Saturday night.  Checking in was chaotic -- the lobby is extremely small and there was no one there helping the flow of the line and directing people to open counters.

    We got a large room which was...fine.  The bathroom was completely open -- shower and sink are right next to the bed and only the water closet had a door.  Kind of a bummer not only for privacy but if you don't want to disturb the other person in the room if they're sleeping or on a phone call.  The TVs boast a hi-tech navigation system allowing you to pick between radio, movies and local channels.  It froze several times.

    In the evening we wanted to check out the rooftop bar and there was a long line outside the hotel by like 8 PM.  We asked around to see if we had priority access because we were guests.  We were told the bar was at capacity but then kept nosing around until we realized we could go up on our own through the guest elevator.

    We got there and the patio around the pool on the roof was almost empty!  What a joke, they were clearly trying to play some kind of studio 54 game.

    In the morning we went down to the restaurant at 10 AM to get breakfast.  We were told that the wait list for breakfast was closed because there were too many people waiting.  I could not believe that at 10 AM I was turned away from having breakfast at the hotel where I paid to be a guest!  Absolutely ridiculous.  We decided to check out immediately, and I expressed my disappointment about the restaurant to a very nice woman at the desk who said she would look into it but then could ultimately do nothing about it.  I should've have asked for money off my bill and in retrospect think it would have been classier if she had offered to do something more.

    This place still has a lot of kinks to work out -- if you're thinking of staying overnight here think again and wait six to twelve months...

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    108. Lionel M.
    The food was blah, but the location is stellar. Great spot for people-watching in DTLA. The staff is a little aloof, and the rooftop not much to write home about, but it's a decent spot to take friends from out of town. Especially if you want to seem, like, "cool", or whatever.

    11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    109. J L.
    Really awesome staff! I spent my birthday weekend here and they really made me feel special. They upgraded my room to a medium one and left a cute surprise- black and white cookie AND cold beer on the table (who does that?!).

    From the lady at the front desk who kindly told me my card didn't work to the valet guys who were so smiley to the two workers who came to our room to help us find our remote to the other worker who brought up a corkscrew- no snobbery, just plain niceness and hospitable enthusiasm. I guess its no surprise that the only rude people were some other guests who might be over compensating for i won't even try to guess what. I can't forget our server at LA chapter who was so cute and funny. The food is pricey, but its quality. Best soft scrambled eggs ever.

    The upstairs bar area and pool is kind of small, but cozy. I really enjoyed the Kentucky Mai Tai. I wish I had one right now. The music and scene is not really for me, but we had fun anyways. I'm already thinking about another get away for another special occasion.....

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Will F.
    Ace hotel is a good rooftop option downtown. Older and a bit more refined crowd than the Standard. Definitely lower key. Good drinks and service. Hot in the sun during the Summer. Good DTLA after work drinks. Saw Alec Baldwin there so it's got that going for it. If you find yourself in the pool it's prolly time to go home.

    06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Jerry Terrence O.
    This is a very cool hotel, actually the coolest, very hip new hotel DT!
    Ate there today after the trade show

    24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. Brent S.
    Just got back from a week in LA at the Fabulous Ace Hotel.

    To Evan,Ramone, Allegra, Rick and all the staff, you folks are the creme of the crop. I hope I spelled your names right.

    -Valet parking staff is attentive. Use it and not the surrounding lots.
    -Ramone' was our bell man. I don't usually go for the bell man thing but he will give you every bit of useful information you could ask for with a smile and care for your things. Make sure to ask him about the remote for the TV. You need to be an IT genius to use the thing but Ramone' will walk you through it.
    -The rooms are very industrial. Frankly not my style, but that's just personal preference on my part. The only reason I didn't give Ace 5 stars is that the bed is a platform and very low. I'm 6'6" with a bad hip. It was a circus getting in and out of bed. My girl had her fair share of laughs watching me.The linens, pillows, and the blankets are very well done.  I like the blackout shades as I most nights I don't get up until the sun is starting to rise. The mini bar is well stocked and fairly priced.
    -I loved the showers! At my height it's a rare treat to not have to lean under the shower head. Well done Ace! Water pressure is perfect and the appointments are very good. Bar soap as an alternative to body wash would be a nice alternative.
    -Front desk including Allegra and the entire staff made sure our privacy was protected and I can't says thanks so much! We were checked in and out in minutes.
    -Evan and his staff have a hit on their hands with the roof deck bar area. Stay away on Saturday night. The entire hipster/poser crowd in LA thinks this is the place to be. Too many rolled up jeans, plaid shirts, and "man hair pony tails turned into buns" for my taste. The DJ was great the first night, but too many douches in the crowd sent me to bed earlier than I would have preferred. The drinks are extremely fairly priced for a place like this! The selections are wide, and while I don't do "Specialty cocktails", the lady does and enjoyed every one she tried. I spent my time on off hours and was treated very well by everyone. Never got to use the pool as the crowds and or browsers were a little out of my comfort zone. Not the hotels fault for being so good.
    -Housekeeping was great and at your service to my odd schedule. Never a rush! They will provide any extras you request with no complaints. Tip the housekeeper!
    -The restaurant downstairs was great for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Rick was our server many times and was top notch. I'm in the restaurant business in the east and would steal him away at any time. Ask for him when you're there. The restaurant itself is too cramped outside but there is such a demand for seats, I understand. I can tell you in 30 years in the restaurant/bar/club business, the very best scrambled eggs I've ever had {worldwide}, were the ones I had at Ace Hotel in LA. Go ahead and try different dishes for breakfast/brunch, but at least one time have the simple two egg breakfast, scrambled of course, with potato cake and bacon.
    -The hidden treat is right next to the Ace Hotel. There is a little taco place right next to the parking lot. Some of the best tacos I've ever had, and I've had 'em all over the world.

    If I was in charge the only things would change are:
    -Beds are too low.
    -A bar soap option would be nice.
    -Figure out a small breakfast/brunch menu for the roof deck. The space is too nice to not use it weekend mornings.
    -The individual hip vibe as uniform is confusing. One of the front doormen looked like a homeless person where I come from. I don't want them to look like a Hyatt, but something that let me know they were an Ace Hotel employee would have been nice.
    -Better control of the roof area. As a hotel guest, I watched multiple folks come to the pool with a back pack. They would slip into the restrooms and come out in bathing suits and camp out for the afternoon. My easy afternoon nap turned into folks doing selfies, pouring drinks out of coolers in their backpacks and a not so relaxing afternoon of giggles and bad language. I'm not a prude by any means, but I paid to be there and they didn't.

    All in all.....The Ace Hotel is MY hotel when in LA anymore!

    See all you folks for the LA Poker Classic! I want the same room!

    Thank you to all the staff for a great experience!

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Annie B.
    We stayed here in December as we were looking for a great location to enjoy the sights and sound of LA on our Honeymoon. We couldn't really fault it, the bed was enormous, the room was clean and although it was a little rough around the edges it served its purpose adequately. We asked for an room upgrade at check in and it was not a problem. The down sides were a poor breakfast that was massively over priced and no kettle/drinks bar in the room. If you intend on seeing LA  and all that it has to offer this hotel offers a great location at a great price and after all you probably wont be spending much time in any hotel so save your money and spend it in the shops!!!

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    114. Style S.
    My first visit was the beautiful theater to see the screening of the final episode of Empire. I returned to visit the rooftop to meet friends. What a great spot for a Saturday day party. The ambiance is superb with breath taking sunset views, DJ background music and excellent food and service. I highly recommend day to evening visit with friends. #FunDay Saturday!

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. S P.
    So we live in DT and checked in for a stay vacation on a saturday night.
    First off-, great looking place, love the design all around.

    This happened to have been the infamous/pouring rain weekend and when we arrived at 3pm, the computers were down and they couldn't check anyone in. They comped us for drinks at the Upstairs bar, and said they would call when the computers came back up. Bartender Johnny was very cool, made delicious drinks, including a very satisfactory bartender's choice.

    Two hours later, I found out from a fellow guest riding the elevator that they were finally checking people in. Our call didn't' come- somewhat understandable considering how crazed they must be at the lobby. They placed us in a medium room facing the street- good view. Bed was comfy and room layout was cozy and sweet.

    We came back down for our double confirmed 6:15 reservation at LA Chapter, but were told they couldn't find our reservation. We showed them the email confirmation, then glanced around the dining room - four empty two-tops. So? What's the wait about? And yet we waited.. another 40 minutes they sat us down. Serving staff thereon were quick and efficient. Mussels were tasty, but our fish entres were not on the same level. The black cod in particular, was a weird mix of buttery and vinegary, kind of like... bile soup? It's disappointing considering the quality of restaurants nearby.

    So we headed back upstair for another round of drinks. There was a female bartender instead of Johnny and my boyfriend asked for the bartender's choice with a loose description of what was in the earlier one. He also mentioned he wasn't clear that he might have left out one of the ingredients. The reaction of the girl bartender took us by surprised - shrieking "how am I supposed to know what to make you if I don't have any idea what the ingredients are?!".  Girl got points for throwing down serious attitude.
    We admit it was frustrating thing for her to do the guess work, but there has GOT to be a better way to handle a customer other than shriek and blurt out "NOW do you still want me to make that drink or something else".  

    (Breath). Overall, good looking hotel with very spotty service. Some staff members were genuinely wonderful and down to earth, then mix in the other half--- ill-trained and hired mainly because they complemented the cool vibe of the place (Even if some of that pouting and aloofness is to be expected with a hipster joint )
    While checking out, we were billed, but were not asked if we needed a digital receipt. I understand we can all log in online and check our credit card purchases but that was just plain... lazy.

    The hotel has a steady stream of hip clientele coming in to check out the place. But they have got to step things up a couple notches before they can expect long-term repeat visits.

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    116. Kristen M.
    As a local downtown resident the Rooftop bar is awesome! I come here to have a cocktail and enjoy the sun. Great place for meeting friends.
    Downstairs restaurant is pricey and doesn't offer many options.
    Just go to the bar upstairs.

    22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Jessica E.
    Hotel guests beware: on a recent trip, my boyfriend and I had just checked in to our room and were enjoying some...let's say, intimate moments, when we heard a soft knock on the door, followed by SOMEONE OPENING THE DOOR. A woman's voice issued a quick apology and then the door closed.

    Though it seemed comical at first, it was actually a pretty serious breech of our privacy and trust. Would you stay in a hotel where mistakes like that are made? To make matters worse, when we called the hotel manager (Josh) to inform him of the situation and request remuneration, he dealt with it in a really unprofessional way. He said he'd look into the security aspects and call me back with more information. Not only did he never call back, but he only offered to comp us brunch and put a bottle of champagne in our room. In our minds it would have been far more appropriate to offer a comped night of our four-night stay. Then with no warning, a guy showed up to test the keys to our room. I was already rattled by the first unexpected visitor; I was not happy that he sent someone up without bothering to call and let us know.

    The hotel itself is fine if you like being in the middle of a scene at all times. I personally wouldn't return.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    118. Thanh-Thanh N.
    For rooftop bar:

    Definitely a must try if you like rooftop bars, and who doesnt? Having formerly been a theater, Ace Hotel naturally has a charming vibe. I went here on the 2nd day it opened and again 3 days later, and each time I could see it growing in popularity. What I love about this place is that it has a lot of room, which I'm guessing is for it's future guests staying in the hotel. But both times I went, I had no problem findng a place to sit for a 4-5 people group of friends.The drinks were a little big higher priced than Perch, even tho perch has a more stuck up feel, I think it was 7$ for a pabst while at Perch you could get a craft beer for around the same price, so get the good cocktails! I had a bartender, I think because it was so new that he literally spent 15 minutes making my old fashion, which I didn't mind because it looks like he used a lot of alcohol ;).

    There is parking across the street for cheap, so no need to try to find cheaper parking garages and speed walk through the shady streets of dtla.

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Dirk C.
    My 1st review on Yelp ever, and I am proud it is for the ACE Hotel Downtown Los Angeles!  My caveat here: I am NOT an employee of this hotel or have any professional affiliation with the property.  I felt that this property was as good as place as any to finally sign up for Yelp and to leave the appropriate review.

    I have been fortunate enough to experience everything this hotel has to offer from staying several nights at the property, to the amazing food at LA Chapter, to being a part of the grand opening of The Theatre at the ACE Hotel for the Spiritualized concert on Saturday, February 15th and finally the nightlife on the Rooftop Bar!

    My biggest impression of this hotel is the outstanding staff and management.  While I can understand how some guest may feel a bit intimidated by the "hipness" of the hotel, I can assure you that every single employee I have interacted with from the Front Desk to the Valet, from the awesome, music-loving employees of The Coffee Shop at LA Chapter (Tim) to the Security Team, from the talented and cool Bartenders on the Rooftop Bar (Matt) (and the Mezzanine Bar) to the GM (Jason) himself....everyone has made me and my friends welcome at The ACE!!!!  

    The ACE Hotel is NOT your typical chain property.  Do not come expecting a Marriott, a Starwood, a Hyatt, etc.  Do expect and embrace the quirkiness of the art, the music, the coziness of the rooms (I mean, they have vinyl record players with a killer collection of records...in my room at least) and most of all, come to embrace the people who work there!  It may be hard to identify the employees because none of them wear "uniforms", but trust me, they will pick up that YOU are a guest of the ACE Hotel and will treat you accordingly.

    I have been reading all of the reviews on Yelp for this location, and I must say, the extremely negative ones only focus on one single gripe that the reviewer or their friend could not get past the long line to go to the roof.  To that I say, try again on another nite.  LA should be thanking the ACE Hotel for returning business and crowds to the run-down part of the Broadway district.  Eventually, as the area re-defines itself, the ACE will be able to say they lead the charge.  I would much rather spend my nite partying at the ACE Hotel and the Rooftop Bar than anywhere in Hollywood!  

    Some of the other gripes on Yelp are purely opening month issues being worked through.  You cannot expect to open a brand new business, much less a hotel, without the quirks that come along with the job.  People complaining are nitpicking here.  

    Finally, I must at least comment about The Theatre at the ACE.  The ACE Theatre (aka the United Artists Theatre) was originally built in 1927.  To see it open now, in all of its beautiful glory, with one of the best sound systems in LA, is joyous!  Anyone who attended the Spiritualized gig on one of two nights, were treated to the concert of a lifetime.  As we left in awe of that night, it was made even better by retreating back to the hotel for a night of partying and socializing before retiring to our rooms.  

    The efforts put into renewing the energy of a long dead Los Angeles landmark have paid off for ACE.  Spend some time really looking at the incredible hand drawn pencil art that adorns the walls all over the hotel.  The attention this hotel deserves is absolutely in the details.

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Nils D.
    This is a review purely of the coffee bar.

    I stopped by last week between meetings for a coffee break and to do some work and grabbed a quick coffee and a cookie. I got served by Ben who said he was from Seattle who made a killer coffee. We ended up chatting about the records he was playing as I'm a bit of a collector. It was a really good experience compared to most of the blank and boring baristas around town. The coffee was really nice and the atmosphere and conversation great.

    I've been to the rest of the hotel and didn't like it so much (like the rooftop is a bit pretentious) but i wanted to write this specific review for the coffee bar because it was a stand out experience for me.

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Heywood J.
    I thought the staff was really nice and friendly.  We weren't out late and we didn't use the bar or restaurant, but the bellhops, front desk staff, and housekeeping folks were all really friendly and accommodating.  And it's dog friendly for a $25 up charge but they send you a dog bed, bowls, and a chew toy.  That was a nice touch and we appreciated it.

    The hotel though, what's the deal??  It felt like a really forced attempt at being hip and trendy.  And for the price??  The hotel has a hostel feel with a Four Seasons price tag.  The room felt like a basement that a teenager tried to turn into a hangout for him and his buddies to play xbox in.  I can't imagine this place will last long in it's current state, it's too expensive in a shitty neighborhood with forgettable investor-made character.  My recommendation is to stay at a fancy place for the same price or avoid.

    Again though, nice employees. I don't want to hate on them.  If the place was $150/night I'd probably give it 4 stars as expectations would be a lot lower.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    122. JaimieLauren F.
    great view phenomenal cocktails and kid friendly

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Rob D.
    After a clipper game, 8 beers, jack and tequila, and another one in the win column one is not so inclined to drive back to the whitt. this is why i had arranged a bike taxi that was a no show.  on to the ace hotel i go. for $229/night you get a small sized room that is revamped to today's modern trendy style. cement walls, sliding bathroom door that does not completely close, dark wood interior, and a view of a brick wall. stocked fridg was one of the best assortments ive seen. mentos, chips, a tall boy bud light, and bottle of jack all in one venue is crazy. robe was cool and i propped it immediately. tv is ok at best with limited channels and as usual with hotels just stupid navigation. i did like the internet radio.

    the roof bar and pool are very cool and great people watching territory. the la chapter eatery is  very good and worth going to even if your not staying the night. room service was fast and best $14 grilled cheese. what i really appreciated was the friendliness. everyone i talked to or stumbled into was sooo friendly. in a day of grumpies this is way cool to see. cool, friendly, young folk at their best. i would stay here again...even sober.

    TIP: overnight parking is $40!!! after tax. stop by curb, leave your bags, and go park one block down for like $10 overnight.

    16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. J B.
    Never stayed at a hostel, but I would imagine it to be something like this hotel.  2 stars are for the staff, very nice and accommodating, but the hotel itself is miserable, rooms are small, cramped, and unfinished.  Paying over $300 a night for a room sparsely furnished with IKEA is not my idea of a "cool" hotel.  Room service for 2 scrambled eggs as soon as they open was a 45 min wait, hotel restaurant does not serve breakfast until 7 am, complete inconvenience for an early riser or when you gave to get the office early.  Windows do not block noise, I could hear people's convo on the street while in bed windows shut.  Awful experience, nothing like the Ace in Palm Springs.  Save your $ and stay at a real hotel...

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    125. Hung-Hei Y.
    My wife and I stayed here last month and really enjoyed our time there. Rooms have industrial modern look with some original finishes. Decor and furniture is quite nice. Get a terrace as they have a nice view of the downtown area. Upstairs bar and pool area is a nice little place to hang out. Will be checking out the restored theatre for an event later this month.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Helene S.
    This is a great boutique hotel in  the expanding down town LA area.
    Staff was so friendly, casual but professional. The rooms are a bit small but really creatively designed.  The beds are great, bathroom  is cool.
    The rooftop bar is great for either an apperetivo during sunset after a day of shopping or a late night drink with music and fun people.
    It's like entering ground zero for hipsters this place, hotel, bar and the restaurant in the entrance area.
    They serve great food and the people watching is just memorizing !
    This place is all about design details and they've made it look great

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Vivian P.
    Oh, how I love the Ace!!!!

    The staff is so cute and hip, but also So Nice!  Super Helpful!  Thanks Lindsay, Ramon, Chantal, the super nice pool guy who moved that boulder-heavy umbrella every day, and every other person who helped, there were many!  The sweetest rooftop pool, my legs are bronze and look thinner.  My dog Jasper had a great time - Ace provided sheepskin bed, bowls, toys!  Plus lots of love from staff and guests.  Food dee-lishus and healthy, with good options for bikini time.

    Building 1927 and gorgeous.  Loved walking around, looking at historic buildings in slo-mo.  One thing, wish they had a little area of fake grass for dog business, it took suburbanite Jasper 3 days to understand that concrete is the new grass.

    Just loved the atmosphere.  Also cool entertainment at night on rooftop - free and exclusive to guests when I was there.

    The prices are Great too, esp considering the ultra hip factor.  Once I ordered two club sodas with splash of cranberry on rooftop.  Bill was $2.17.  What!!!!??  love love

    Will return!  Already can't wait.  Next time, I want to try on a quinceanera gown at one of the nearby shops.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Jennifer S.
    i mean. got a room for the weekend.  dudes are so hot.  amiright?!

    01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Katherine B.
    This coffee is soooo good. One of the best cappuccinos I've ever had in my whole life. The food is really whatever though, it's sometimes even less than that. Prime example is the Moroccan scramble, supposedly one of their amazing items. Stacked with inedible cilantro, whipped flavorless egg, some whatever sausage, and a piece of sourdough, it's like yeah this is pretty good if I made it, which I can easily, but really not worth $15. That's an expensive dish to just be ok, bread and eggs? That's a really high markup for anything with essentially eggs and toast right? Service is good, building is beautiful, location is cool. I'm not hating on them that hard, the ambiance is nice, i love going here, but after several food attempts I'm done,  just going for coffee.

    03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. stephanie s.
    Absolutely blown away by the design of this place!

    However, I had a rather odd experience at the bar last friday night that I do have to mention. It was my first time attending Ace, and was unfamiliar with the drink menu. I asked what fruits where in the Amazing Frozen drink, to which the bartender told me "coconut and lime" Perfect, because I am allergic to oranges and raspberries.

    However, when the drink was served to me, it was obvious by the pink color that there was something else inside. The bartender told me there are raspberry liquor in the drink....

    I told him I was allergic and asked if they could remake without the raspberries, instead of making something else that is similar, he told me "It's only a little bit. it's fine for you."

    I am HIGHLY allergic to raspberries. And was bummed by the response. He then made me a drink of his recommendation which was nothing like a fun, fruity drink that I really wanted, it was also much smaller, but the same price of $13. For my first experience...I was a little more than upset about it.

    Again, however, the vibe, pool and music did make up for my drink mistake.

    14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    131. Bre'auna S.
    This was a great hotel! I live in the area and was here just for a friend!
     Yea the rooms were decorated really different but it was unique

    But one thing that I LOVED were the staff! They were amazing!
    But the "pool" was just and over sized jacuzzi
    But everyone in the pool area was nice

    Btw they only have 1 IPA. Not great for beer lovers

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. H M.
    I debated between 3 and 4 stars. The hotel and the staff-absolutely 5 stars. The music at the rooftop lounge, a solid 2 at best. I'm actually sitting here and have been told the music would get better because they didn't want to "blow (our) load too early". It never got better and then they switched DJ's. It still sucks. The guy has been playing the same beat song for 2 1/2 hours and even repeats of the same song. Just straight reggae beats. He does this terrible siren between each song (I guess that's how we actually know it's a different song). I mean, even the ace staff suggests we go somewhere else. We would if our friend didn't just run into her old friend and they're catching up.

    ACE, you really need to do better with booking the right DJ/vibe for this awesome setting. Otherwise it's a waste of a great evening rooftop scene. #superdisappointing

    17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Maria F.
    Do not stay here! Very bad service. Nothing but problems. Paid a lot for a room for my bday and was treated very badly I wanted to cancel that night and get another hotel! Now I have been charged for things I didn't even use. Very disappointed. Waste of a lot of money.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    134. Cobra Commander C.
    So the hipster claimed another spot in downtown. The ace hotel. Rooms are small from what I have seen from my friends stay. What really sucks is the inhouse restaurant.
    Table of 5 shoved in a table that barely holds 4. And even if the restaurant was empty there were no tables to be able accommodate any larger tables . The food was let yourse hipster interesting mixture Bistro food truck and random concoctions .. It was good not great price was okay portions are small because is hipster drinks are good once again good because hipsters make good drinks dollars which is common for that kind of place I would recommended if it was at maybe you and another person going but definitely not a group place. I will not be going back anytime soon

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    135. Sara T.
    This place is FUN and trendy.  It is so fun during the day, and its fun at night.  It's really clean and the seating is set up in a very romantic way, especially outside.  The servers and bartenders are so nice, and the view is not as good as Perch but better than the Standard.  I love the cocktails here, they have a delicious mint margarita that totally tastes like a mojito and I always want to devour them.  The crowd is pretty cool and everyone kind of minds their own business and leaves each other alone. The music is always good every time I have gone, and although it gets really packed, I find it can be a good place to get your evening started if you're having a downtown LA kidn of night.  The bartenders are nice but damn the drinks are expensive.  You can't just be cool to go here, you gotta have money too.


    03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Karen F.
    Visited the rooftop bar on a Thursday. It was packed!! There's indoor and outdoor space with a pool and lots of tables. Front door man was kind enough to let us in without being on the list.

    The bartender lady sucked at making a Moscow mule but I wasn't mad cuz the other waiter kindly helped make another. Drinks are pricey around $12-$14.

    Nice view of dtla. Comparable to the standard and perch.

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Jorge F.
    Super handsome, smart and chic down to the last detail... except for room soundproofing. Seems they forgot that noise can also come from the room on top! But don't worry: how good you sleep only depends on how self conscious your upper neighbor is! Mine wasn't, which explains why I'm writing this at 4:00 in the morning. As cool as having bare concrete floors may seem, it wasn't a good idea. The person moving around upstairs isn't in high heels or anything, but sounds like he/she was walking inside my head! Apart from that, which in a hotel is instrumental, the upstairs bar is simply amazing. The cocktail list is short and tries too hard to sound exotic and well thought out. The good part is it delivers! There's the neighbor again. I'm sure he's not even slightly aware of how much noise he's making. Ace hotel: consider carpeting the rooms!! The great experience at the bar last night and the room design get the 3 stars.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    138. Joyce J.
    OMG....delish!!!! So yummy great service!!!
    Loved the roof top bar ... Just soooo fun!!
    Definitely going back!!!

    18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. Lisa K.
    This is way overdue. I stayed here one night for my 30th birthday weekend 7/6-7/7 and had the most amazing experience. I had read other reviews and was a little intimidated but I decided to get off Yelp and just do it....and I had a blast. First, everyone from the valet to the bell hop to the desk staff and our waitress at the rooftop bar were so nice! The drinks were interesting and made well. The rooms are funky and had amazing a/c. I loved the toiletries but was bummed they weren't mini so I could take them home. We had a nice room in the corner that perfectly accommodated 4 people. The well placed taco truck outside was nice after several rounds of cocktails. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday and I'm definitely looking forward to some staycations in the future!

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    140. Viet L.
    I'm a fan.  It was my first time staying at an ACE HOTEL.  It was worth the stay.  The hotel is cool and hip.  The hospitality was great, friendly, and helpful. They gave us two (2) free drink tickets, so that was pretty awesome of them.  The roof-top was cool.   It had a full bar, a DJ, lounging area, small pool, and small dance floor.  They also have Stumptown Coffee shop. I love Stumptown Coffee so good!

    The only down size was the rooms were a little small but it wasn't bad. I guess it's their style. I like that they had robes and the bed was comfy.  All in all, I recommend this ACE Hotel.  It's pet friendly, close by to Standard Hotel, Bottege Louie and other restaurants and bars.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. Ane U.
    what can I say about this place. it's up the street from me. good food, good drinks, good views. and historic!

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. M B.
    I went to the rooftop on a Sunday afternoon around 4pm. Amazing DJs, really fun vibe. Low-key, intimate space for our group to chill. Delicious, strong drinks and very interesting appetizers and light bites. Great view -- perfect DTLA venue and crowd for anyone missing NYC and the hipster scene.

    Follow Up: I also went back after 11pm on a Saturday night and had no problem getting back up to the rooftop. The view of the City's twinkling lights is unbelievable. We didn't have a place to sit and chill like the previously described Sunday Funday, but the vibe was super-fun and the drinks were flowing nonetheless.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Maria P.
    What a great hotel and I'm not just saying that because of the hype or since it's super new. The atmosphere was super cool!

    My friends and I went for Sunday brunch and walked in to find out there was an hour wait to be seated. But we weren't disappointed because the hostess said we could sit upstairs in the mezzanine just above/overlooking the restaurant where we could order food along with drinks.

    We decided to ditch writing our name down and go to the mezzanine. This was a very good decision! It seriously felt like a lounge open during the day with a beautiful bar and a very attentive waiter. Each of us ordered the carnation (drink) which was so well presented and delicious! For breakfast I ordered the avocado toast which was so deliciously sprinkled with Aleppo pepper and all I had to do was squirt my lemon! The food my friends ordered also looked good.

    After we finished our meal, we wanted to check out the rooftop bar and so we did. I loved it up there! The crowd was very chill and the music was great for a Sunday afternoon. The only thing that could have been better was the size of the pool but it's not like we were swimming, but still it was tiny.

    Overall, great experience, food, service and crowd. I am looking forward to coming back and actually staying at the hotel to enjoy lovely downtown!

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Christian N.
    So nice.  My best bud and I stayed at the loft  (about 750 sf I think) room for two nights over the weekend after partying at the Standard Downtown for NYE and NYDay.  The wall of windows with views of downtown buildings gives you a warm fuzzy feeling during sunset and evening.  The interior of the room was a combo of 1930's glamour Hollywood and Sunset Blvd 1960's Rock and Roll.  The Rudy's Barbershop bath products smell so good.  We tried a few licks of the guitar that came with the room.  My friends love the room and we partied all night with room service at 3 am.  The roof bar is awesome too.  Nothing is better than getting drinks there and going back to the room afterwards to crash.  Here is to LA and can't wait to stay there again.

    06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Arthur A.
    The location is close to downtown shopping which we walked and felt safe even at night. I thought the train noise would bother me, but not a problem.

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Arshag D.
    This review is based solely on the location, because we didn't have a chance to try a drink or any food.  Space is quite limited so I would suggest you would arrive early.

    I have seen much better (and more unique) in DTLA.

    Seems like an okay place, but I'll need to return to try the food and give a more solid review.

    Would I return?  Most likely not.

    14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    147. Natalie P.
    My husband and I stayed here for 3 nights in June and loved it!
    We had dinner at the restaurant, and breakfast at the cafe. Both were great! Staff was very kind, and accommodating.
    In attempt to let all of our friends know how great it was I recently wrote a blog post review. nataliepoe.com/the-ace-h…
    Looking forward to visiting the other locations!

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    148. Heather M.
    I hope this is helpful!

    We booked here for my birthday night, on Sat. We invited about 15 friends to meet us around the pool at 5-ish. With parking we spent almost exactly $300.

    First of all, the staff is very nice, however the rooms are SMAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!! TIIIIIIINY! I think the building used to be, along with other things, the old Texaco building, which means the rooms were meant to be OFFICES, NOT HOTEL ROOMS! There wasn't even room enough to walk all the way around the king size bed. The bed was LITERALLY touching the back wall of the room. So that was a bit of a shock. i mean, for $300!!!

    The pool -- which i use that term LOOSELY because it is TIIIIIIINY. We ended up calling it the POOLCUZZI, was PACKED with hipsters of the bridge-n-tunnel sort. kinda douche-y element, but we still had fun swimming in the slightly murky water - GULP!

    The restaurant was decent. I order a cake from the resident pastry chef. They had a $2/person cake charge, so I figured it would be worth paying the $82 for a cake that served 12-20.  Sadly, I wish I would've brought my own cake and forked (heh heh) over the $30 cutting change that I would've incurred. It was rather dry and not that that tasty.

    So, all in all, if you are booking a similar type deal, I would suggest perhaps Hotel Figaroa for less $ and more space.

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    149. Tracy N.
    Great staff, but the facilities and amenities just aren't that great.

    rooms are small, and the shower curtain is rice bag material flapping in the wind while the shower head rains darts onto you. And the fountain on the roof is definitely not an infinity pool (as previously described) ... maybe i misheard and they meant to say 'kiddy pool.'

    in any case, it's a great place for brunch. I would definitely come back to see a show or grab a drink. the crowd is young and hip, and sometimes celebrities stay there including Fred Armisen - though he may have just been doing research for his show.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    150. Shaiyanne D.
    the ace hotel has definitely changed my perspective on los angeles .. for the better. i lived in la for three years and lost all hope in decent people + overall character in a city (i have a very love hate relationship with la haha bare with me :]). i had so much fun this past trip largely thanks to the accommodations at the ace. everyone was so pleasant and helpful and the rooftop bar was the perfect way to end the hard work days with a chill crowd and reasonably priced drinks. i stayed on the 13th floor with great views of dtla. yeah my room was small but it was the details and finishing touches that i really appreciated. i'll def be staying here for all future trips to la.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    151. Jennifer K.
    My husband and I stayed at the Ace for about a week and a half while our condo was being renovated down the street.  So by the end of our time there, we got really comfortable and felt almost like residents. Overall, it was a great experience for reasons below.

    Staff: Everyone we encountered was supremely sweet and accommodating.  From the front desk (Charlene) to the guys that helped with our bags (Lilo) to all the valet guys, everyone was very pleasant and friendly! We never encountered any rude behavior as others may have stated so I find that strange! (The coffee guy was questionably 'tudey, but don't let one bad apple ruin the bunch..! The rest are great!)

    The first night we were there, we were in room on the 10th floor-a large with terrace. The shower/tub combo was built a bit absurdly where there was a gap along the outside/wall partition so that all the water flowed to the floor...anyway, we had water everywhere so I mentioned it the next day and we were immediately upgraded to a suite (thanks lindsay!). The room was amazing--will post pictures.

    The rooms: besides that weird tub situation, we loved our rooms. We ended up moving once more to a regular king size room but the "boutique" size didn't really bother us.  All of their products are amazing, they have a stocked shelf with vinyl and a record player, but most importantly I loved the bed! Low frame design and the most comfortable mattress! We had great sleeps on that bed and are even considering getting one for our home! Probably a breaking point for me for hotels--clean comfortable beds. Yes, the ace definitely scores.

    Dog friendly: This is super important as our dog is like our child--Yes we are those people. Rupert was welcomed with a comfy large dog bed, plenty of treats, and bowls for food/water.  He loved his stay as well.

    Location: there is just so much to do in that area right now.  Even though we are locals, we don't live in downtown so being in the center of the city for a couple of weeks was really exciting. I loved being able to step out and get a cup of coffee at il cafe, walk to the last bookstore, and grab a slice of pizza from two boots.  Great!

    The husband and I actually got to hotel hop so the ace wasn't the only place we stayed at. But among the 3 in downtown, we loved the ace by far the most.  Modern, friendly, hip, and central. Non "touristy" compared to others closeby near staples/la live (more locals at least). It's a bit pricey but compared to the same $$$ hotels, it's the best.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Jemma C.
    My favourite Ace to date. A friendlier, more comfortable vibe than its NYC outpost. Easy checkin, great room, delicious restaurant, super music on its roof top, great wait staff throughout, excellent cocktails too! Reasonable rates. Speedy and friendly valet... I've no negatives here except location. Insanely uncool of me to admit this but I don't love DT LA and found myself spending 90% of my time in uber trying to get out of it. Otherwise no faults. LOVE it.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Tameka H.
    Review for rooftop bar/lounge only.

    Came here last Friday upon a Google search for a rooftop lounge. This is a hidden gem in downtown LA. At 1st I was a lil apprehensive when I found out it was on south Broadway but I was like "fucc it, I'm a G I'm gonna swing thru and see what it do". Glad I did.

    1st- park on the same street but at the next block for $5 (near the lil pizza stand). I can't remember what there price was I just knew I wasn't having it.
    Secondly...they did have a lil bullshyt line but at most we were in it for 5 minutes.
    3rd take the elevator to the top and you have arrived.

    It was SUPER CRAKIN up there. It's kind of split in two. One side has couches with a DJ, fireplace and a view of downtown. Walk thru the center where the bar is (bomb drinks by the way) to get to the other side where there is a mini pool and other plush lounge chairs and still a view of downtown facing Staple Center.

    It is an old school hotel because I mean, really... who has ever heard of this place. I would like to know the history behind it though. Anywho, come check it out but keep it on the hush ;-)

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Joel Y.
    To be fair, I have waited over a week to write this review to be less emotional about the review, however I will admit this was by far one of the worst hotel experiences I have ever experienced in the world- yes, world. Let me explain to you why.

    The room has been decorated nicely and I was fine with the size, however I find it comical that I paid over $300+ for a room that uses Ikea furnishings- yes, Ikea. When I am paying a premium price for accommodations, I expect top notch furnishings, not something a college kid would use. The hotel claims that they have no Ikea furnishings, but please check the ironing board. Yes, I am detailed and check. The fact that the manager doesn't even know that they have such furnishings again shows me a lack of attention to detail.

    There were no amenity kits such as a tooth brush, shaving cream, razor, etc. anywhere to be found. If they were available upon request, perhaps it was the lack of service or mention however it was nowhere to be found. I had to run downstairs across the street to get some last minute items.

    The elevators are slower than death.  There are a total of 3 lifts however while we stayed on the 8th floor (not that high) it took a minimum of 10 minutes each time we needed to get downstairs. Unacceptable.

    Here is the real reason to my 1 star review- the RIDICULOUS and EXTREMELY RUDE staff which resulted me to leave in the middle of the night because of the "manager".  I was attending a wedding with friends and we had booked a block of rooms. After the celebration, we decided to head to the 2nd floor for a night cap, where I was told by security that I was cut off. By no means was I starting or instigating any type of drama nor was I bumping into furnishings, etc. so I felt that this was uncalled for.  15 minutes later, after a friend purchased a beer for me, I was asked to leave. When I asked to speak to the manager stating that I am a guest of the hotel, I was not causing trouble here, he gave me an aloof answer and did NOTHING to provide or indicate he was apologetic. Being irate and asking if I was rational amongst my other friends, I decided to leave this hotel out of principle. I didn't want to spend another minute in a hotel that does not respect their guests whatsoever.

    This is how you treat your hotel guests? I get better service at a fast food restaurant.

    In summary, I will NEVER recommend this hotel chain to ANYONE around the world. I will make sure that my network will know and hear this story, as I think this is a pathetic waste of money and truly a rip off. As a paying customer, I do not deserve a 2nd class treatment from your staff.

    IF YOU ARE MANAGEMENT: here is a tip: train your staff better and perhaps have them attend customer service classes because you have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.


    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    155. Krista J.
    Ace Hotel rocked my world!  From beginning to end it was an experience to remember!

    My boyfriend and I walked In to Kate at the front desk. She was personable, friendly, helpful and really made  us feel at home immediately! Taylor was there to take our bags immediately and answered all our annoying little questions and was also extremely friendly.

    Next, dinner! We had a bottle of champagne we needed chilled for dessert an hour before our reservation, and Luke was there to take care of it for us no problem! Again he was super accommodating and went over the top to help us out in anyway we needed! Food was fantastic and our server was awesome!

    Pan to next morning! Amazing coffee, and such a delightful guy delivered the room service! Just the kind of person you want to see first thing in the morning!

    Overall fantastic over the top amazing experience! Please everyone come here, you won't regret it!!!

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    156. Maple N.
    Beautiful views of South Park, Ritz Carlton, the Staples Center and the Downtown skyline.  Los Angeles is a beautiful place and now we have a new rooftop bar to enjoy
    DTLA city life.  The theater is gorgeous and it is definitely worth it to check out.  There's so much to look at and enjoy in the theater.  This building has so much history and it's exciting that it is now open again for people to enjoy.

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    157. Kimberly E.
    LA chapter is a great addition to the Ace family.  Brunch downstairs is great. Food, coffee, drinks and ambiance is fabulous! Then head upstairs for a cocktail on the roof. Loveee the decor. The pool is hilarious and micro sized, but worth checking out! Don't miss out on this new spot in DTLA

    25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Abraham M.
    Don't ever have a company party here. Wife and I stayed here after our company party and our parking went from $7 to $40 for staying 2hrs after our company party concluded. What business punishes you for staying at their establishment? My bar tab was 2 times that amount but the unforeseen charge will let you know they can careless about customers. Guys are obviously taking advantage of the parking situation, pocketing the some of that money and for sure got a deal with Ace Hotel Management. Terrible experience.

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    159. Kandice C.
    The Rooftop | Clusterf-ck of beautiful people and awkwardly misplaced out-of-towners, but generally everyone is too cool to care about anything here. Insecure eyes darting around the room behind really ironic sunglasses, scanning every single passerby with a laser-like harshness--don't be alarmed, everyone exists purely for the sport of people watching in this place. Soft lights, gentle foliage, and the concrete sprawl of an urban mecca for you to take in at your leisure from all angles. Drinks are expectedly overpriced, vibes are undoubtedly chill... it's always a good time at the Ace.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    160. Cameron C.
    This is a review of the loft style room, the rooftop bar, and the café on the first floor.

    The Good:
    Very unique style hotel
    For all you vinyl-loving hipsters, yes the room has records to play and listen
    Staff was kind and helpful
    Rooftop bar was awesome, two different seating areas with a good crowd.
    The Café had a good selection of food, good to try at least once, preferably in the morning
    Good for couples, as the room is designed for a getaway

    The Bad:
    As stated above, the rooms are not good for large parties if you all decide to pass out drunk on the floor.
    The shower/bath area needs to be reworked/redesigned. How it was constructed is very odd. Upon walking in, it is an open style shower and bath, such that if you were showering you could peer over and see someone using the sink with no means of censoring. Yes, you could be caught naked in the shower with your best friend yakking or urinating into the sink...
    The bathroom door also needs to just be junked. It is a huge wooden panel you push to close. Neat? Not really. It is unpractical and annoying. I think this hotel does not like doors.
    The metalwork is very old and was becoming tarnished.

    I gave this 4/5 stars even though my bad list makes it appear much worse than it really is. I enjoyed this place for what it is and its approach to a more fashionable styled stay (I guess?). Yes, there are better places out there but you should give this place a shot.

    Tip: There is a taco place right outside that is open 24/7. Go there if you get the late night munchies.

    17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Dee O.
    1 star purely for the rude person on the phone.
    I called yesterday to see if there would be a wait for the rooftop bar at around 9:30pm and he talked to me like I was stupid, saying uhhh yeah. Then I asked him how long the wait would be and he was like uhhhhh depends. And that was it. It's like I'm sorry I'm unaware of the crowd situation there but why the hell do you think I'm calling to ask you then? Or at least answer more politely instead of one word answers with long awkward silences after.

    Is this the person that is assigned to answer phone calls?

    I think my 1 year old nephew could do a better job..

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    162. Larry C.
    Okay so Wednesday this place started a list at 8:30pm and wouldn't let anyone in afterwards, including my friend. Its cool to pull the Hollywood red rope thing on a Friday but Wednesday... Wednesday and no exception for one person!  Yes I'm upset and yes I well within the confines of my ability spread the word as far as possible.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    163. Sally K.
    So I'm originally from Portland, and I absolutely LOVED everything about this place. The vibe. The atmosphere. The staff. The food. The drinks.

    On my visit to LA, my friend took me here for brunch- and it was probably one of my favorite spots during the trip. Breakfast was absolutely delicious. Our waiter was super friendly as well.

    After brunch, we went to the rooftop bar/lounge and gosh, I wish I lived in LA to go here on a daily basis. Loved the city view and the cocktails were on point as well. I just wish I had enough time to go back during the night and enjoy the night scene!

    18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Jan C.
    I really hate this place.

    Parking around here is a nightmare. Good luck getting a meter with all the restrictions around the hotel. Oh and add the street layout adds a few minutes getting here every time.

    This place is like a hipster cockroach hotel. The staff have no uniforms. I tried to do lunch here and not only was my reservation lost but it took me a while to find someone willing to admit they were an employee to learn that.

    I left.

    Came around a second time to try an ice cream pop up.

    No signs to get to their rooftop. Employee looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked so I asked if there was a posted sign I missed....nope. Unmarked elevator on the other side of the floor.

    So the ice cream? Soft serve. 6 dollars. Nope nope nope.

    11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    165. Elyse K.
    My boyfriend and I stopped by on a Thursday night to enjoy the downtown night sky, with a cocktail. We had planned to stay for just one but we were having a great time posted up at the bar. Our bartender, Didi was so friendly and funny but more importantly a true pro. Somehow she managed through the chaos of customers while at the same time still making sure we were taken care of. The rooftop bar can be quite a circus and it's nice to know that the service is on point. We'll be back and will make sure to seek out Didi for a friendly face.

    25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    166. Angela A.
    This review is based on Night Life/Bar.
    If you want to come to the Ace Hotel for libations, enter through door 921, the next door restaurant. Take the elevator up to the roof top and you have a decent view of Cal-Mart and the fashion district of DTLA.

    Plenty of seats & tables for you and your friends to chit chat, 1 bar, and a small pool aka giant tub of 4ft swimming water. The outdoor decor is a cool, modern, minimal, muted, Santa Fe-ish, Joshua Tree, desert feel against the Art Deco architecture of the building. And the bar has more of an industrial-modern feel to it - serving Old Fashioned's by the draft.

    The music is provided by a CD/playlist rather than a DJ, so there's no promotion to start a dance party but depending on the amount of liquor you've drank could cause some body rolling to go down. And if you're too wasted to go home, just check into one of the rooms. Vacancy permitting of course.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    167. Nina Y.
    My boyfriend and I recently stayed at Ace Hotel on a short trip down to San Diego. Ace was everything we could have hoped for during our one night stay. The front desk was friendly and prompt and our room was pretty cool with brass fixtures and good quality toiletries. The bed was situated very differently from any other hotel I have stayed at, directly facing the wall which also had a flat screen TV. We quickly got used to the difference and found that we really enjoyed lounging in bed watching tv!

    We had a comfortable and unique experience at Ace and would love to come again! Maybe next time we'll get a chance to use the photobooth and check out the bar!

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Flora H.
    Okay. I know that the Ace Hotel is supposed to be all trendy and hip and cool and all but I just didn't enjoy myself there.  

    The first time that I went it was their first weekend open.  There weren't many people there, we had a couple drinks and the space looked cool, so we decided to check it out again later.

    Fast forward to later. We had some friends in town attending a wedding in the theater (the first one ever) and all staying at the Ace, and they asked us to come meet them for a drink.  I was starving, so we went to the bar on the second floor to get some food before going to the roof. Super limited menu and all I could get was a grilled cheese. It was super greasy and overpriced. Oh well.  There was nowhere at all to sit and we kind of awkwardly stood and ate, then headed over to the elevator to go upstairs and meet up with our friends. It was like Fort Knox. There was a huge line of hipsters outside to go up to the roof and we kept being sent inside to outside to inside to outside, each time explaining that we had about 100 friends staying at the hotel including ones that were having their wedding there and each time being sent to someone else. Finally after about 30 minutes of this nonsense, we ran into some of those friends who were able to take us up with them. Thank god! They said they were going to stop by their room and meet us on the roof. No problem, right? Nope, there was a problem. At the door of the bar upstairs, they asked our room #. Seriously? So, we had to find more friends to come get us.

    Finally inside I was thinking this place must be awesome... but it really wasn't. The middle part where a large bar is was super crowded so we either had to go by the pool (to the right) or to another outdoor patio (to the left). There was weird music and a weird vibe on one side, so we stayed on the other side most of the night, where there wasn't any seating and we were just kind of standing around.

    Not at all impressed with this space, nor with the crowd, nor with the attitude.

    Sidenote: About every person staying there made it a point to tell us how bad their rooms were. So they fail as a hotel as well.

    12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    169. Douglas L.
    Just been to the bar at the top.

    Key thing is that for whiskey pours they do double pours. Got a double pour of red breast 21. For 31. Tipped the bartender big!

    Beautiful venue. Typically hot women everywhere but I am here on a Tuesday night so kinda got my dick in my hand.  Haha

    Got in easy on the off night.  It's a great date spot. Tell ur date to bring her bikini ; )

    25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    170. Howard Y.
    I had brunch here with my wife and friends. I immediately did not feel cool enough for the vibe they (purposefully) got going on with the hipster crowd. However, it is a place to be seen - so that is truly the main reason why you'd brunch, drink, or stay here.

    This review is for the brunch in the lobby floor. Food is only okay; however the alcoholic drinks are fantastic. Expect dishes ranging from $15-$20. I ordered the steak salad $24 w/ half an avocado $4. For a $30 salad, I should have expected a far better cut of steak and more lettuce.

    Did I mention the $10 drinks are good and the place has cool people? All and all, a nice way to pass time though this hotel is not targeted toward me (I am a person that likes in-n-out, racer 5 beer, and bacon).

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    171. Stephan P.
    For the room price, this is an amazingly subpar experience. The place looks like a barely refurbished homeless shelter; drab color scheme, cheap-looking decor, depressing gym. The decor is utilitarian and not very comfortable. The place is noisy (from the concert noise in the theater downstairs, to the construction across the street, to the loud guests, to the doors slamming in the morning when the maids are cleaning). This seems more like an excuse to have people party on the rooftop and the bar. Save your money and go somewhere else with a real personality.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    172. Wendy F.
    Nice and hip...too hip where at this point it lost its charm due to the fake "LA" people you see here. If you book a room, sleep is thrown out the door unless you too are one of those obnoxious drunks hanging out on the street past 3 am. By all means avoid this hotel if you plan on sleeping.

    We were hanging out by the pool and I couldn't resist but to notice all the wannabe hipsters. To the wanna be LA crowd, if you are going to pop pills and exchange other drugs, do it in the privacy of your own room or in the bathroom not where everyone can see you. Makes the hotel look like a dump with that kind of people. Simple observation. Wouldn't book another expensive weekend here.

    Room decor, comfy bed & drinks are great but the nuisance from the intoxicated hipsters ruins the hotels good vibe.

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    173. Taleen B.
    I like this place!!!! They were kind of packed
    But the food was decent. The drinks were Delicious!!! The rooftop wasn't that big I expected it to be bigger. The atmosphere was hipsters and young kids due to the hotel. Will definitely go back!!!

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. A. I.
    BF & I stayed here again over the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Guess who pulls through yet again with incredible service and CHAMPAGNE IN THE ROOM WAITING FOR US-- LINDSAY!!!!!!! :) AMAZING HUMAN. AMAZING HOTEL.

    27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Maribel G.
    Their rooftop bar is very nice, it feels cozy, and the drinks are good. The view is also nice but there are other rooftop bars in LA with better views. Overall satisfied and would definitely go there again :)

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    176. John F.
    Grrrr...this place is annoying. No rhyme or reason for when you have to be on a "list" or not. 2 out of the 10x I've been here there has been this mysterious list that you could have been on if you just knew to call ahead.
    Dear Ace hotel, fuck you. Yours isn't the best rooftop bar in downtown LA and the fake velvet rope is the opoosite what makes downtown so cool.
    No more. I think I will spend my money elsewhere.

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    177. Leslie C.
    I loved my stay here. The staff at the front and valet were friendly and on top of things. They told me about some of the history of the building and the first United Artist theater, with which they are hoping to expand the number of shows. The building is beautiful inside and out.

    The room is comfy with AC/heat control which is nice. The bed was comfy (lower than usual for many but comfort is more important to me than height). There is a great selection of in-room snacks and drinks in and out of the fridge. There is a small closet to hang some of your clothes (all I needed). They also provide high quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash unique to their hotel.

    The only reason I take one star away is because it is little pricey and parking is $$ (expected for downtown). I would really like to give it 4.5 stars, and I would love to stay there again with someone else paying for it... ha!

    Restaurant is great too, and I reviewed that separately (LA Chapter).

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    178. Emilynn J.
    I'm here right now at the Ace Hotel for my friends bday and I had the worst waitress!
    Her name is Rebecca, she was not only very rude, she also was a horrible server!
    She got our order wrong numerous amounts of times, and she also forgot to bring us certain orders.

    She also snapped at me when I asked for her to take a photo of me and my friends and I've never been talked to like that before from a server. I just wanted to have a fun memorable time for my girlfriend and now I have to remember this day consisted with a horrible and rude server!

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    179. Frances T.
    Great decor! Love the feel of the place. Bathroom cooper knobs were my fav.
    A few knocks about the place:
    Bed was squeaky
    Bathroom wasn't insulated well. So if someone's taking a dump, you'll most likely hear their grunts.
    Creepy bathroom decals.
    Pool area was filled with a bunch of people who were just partying. What if you didn't want to party but take a nice swim?
    Pool was extremely small. Maybe it's just a jacuzzi?
    One nights stay is too pricey.
    Only valet parking! If not next door is an all night lot, which costs a whopping 25 bucks! Seriously?
    For our anniversary gift all they gave us was complementary drinks...I think they could do better than that.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    180. Ryan P.
    I have been meaning to write this review for about 9 months, but it still seems necessary. We, my girlfriend and myself, stayed here in mid February for a barista competition, we stayed for a three nights. I would also like to mention that I have stayed at both the Portland Ace and the Seattle Ace several times each, without an issue.

    On the nights we stayed at Ace LA, we got very little sleep. The rooftop bar takes over the entire hotel, people are in the halls running around, having very loud screaming sex at 3 am, giant parties on their verandas, etc. All the things that you hope don't happen when you're at a popular hotel.

    We tried to rectify this with the night management every single night, but they just said 'we'll take care of it' and nothing happened. We moved rooms after the first night when we were located off the elevators, where a couple was having sex on the floor by our room door amongst a thousand other loud people partying in rooms all over the place. But still, the next night, the veranda room directly below us had a huge party that ended around 2:45, and still management didn't really do anything. The following night, some extremely loud neighbors having sex again, and I mean LOUD, like at the top of your lungs loud. They still didn't follow through.

    On the last day, I kept myself composed and told them how bad they treated us. They apologized and took 20% off my bill. Wow, what a treat that was. After I got home I sent a detailed email to the Assistant Front Office Manager, her name is Lindsay McCarthy, explaining how bad my stay was. I still paid for my hotel room, but a ton of apologies. She promised that she would send me a free  voucher for a stay at any Ace Hotel, but didn't follow through, just like every other person at that hotel.

    The basic function of a hotel is to provide you with a good nights sleep, and they cannot even perform this basic function. I have no clue as to why they cannot have a nice hotel, and not a party pad. I just had a friend stay at Ace LA for a night, and had an extremely similar experience.

    I would suggest that you stay anywhere else but here, ANYWHERE ELSE.

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    181. Char B.
    If you light up a cigarette outside on the patio, you will get kicked out. NO WARNING. They will be complete assholes and escort you out.

    AND the music is terrible. So go somewhere else.

    27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    182. Christine C.
    I came here on a Friday night and will say that this hotel is very nice and has an interesting decor, so I would highly recommend a visit. However, the rooftop is not very large nor spacious so there isnt really much space to do anything else, but stand around and drink. I would definitely recommend coming here on a nice afternoon to enjoy the view and relax.

    31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    183. Blair F.
    Not bad. Amazing views, good dranks, good snacks & valet. Service was pretty good too.

    31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. Romey G.
    I'm an LA girl, I can never get enough of my city. I attended the roof top event this past Friday and enjoyed the warm night, my cold drinks and my company. I would definitely attend again another night/occasion.

    Note to all: NOT a hipster but it is a hipster place. Still had fun though.

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    185. Sunghi B.
    My husband and I wanted to have a staycation and chose the Ace Hotel for the cool vibe and the upstairs pool.  We were not disappointed.  We arrived early to spend extra time at the pool before our room was ready but when we arrived, they offered us our room early!  We checked in, unloaded our things in the room and went straight up to the rooftop pool.  Although the pool area is small, we were lucky enough to get a couple of chairs.  We ordered food and drinks and lounged all day.  It was perfect!  We had dinner reservations but we ended up canceling.  We grabbed a light dinner downstairs at the hotel restaurant and was very impressed with everything we ordered.

    Overall, the service was friendly, the atmosphere was laid back and the food and drinks were delicious.  We would do it again.  The only downfall is that the rooftop pool area is very small.  You have to arrive early to grab chairs.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    186. Beth V.
    I've been looking forward to this hotel's opening for years! Yes, YEARS! I'm a big fan of the Ace hotel chain, so I am slightly swayed in my opinion of comparing it to other hotels. I would choose this chain over other chains in a heartbeat.

    With that said, my fantastic one night stay at the Ace Hotel DTLA was everything I dreamed and more. The rooms are stripped down and minimal modern spaces, efficiently-planned and updated. The in-room showers are Bauhaus-style steel encased windows. I stayed in a medium room on the 5th floor,  and the room was the perfect size for two people. We had a large desk, record player, records, radio with aux cable, a locally-sourced mini bar, and all of the normal amenities of an American hotel room.

    The hotel itself is a wonderful place to explore. So many perfectly created functional details with a nod to Rudolph Schindler: the mezzanine, the rooftop bar, the lobby, the restaurant, and even the halls & gym. I felt like I was in a cutting edge space, mixed with the Spanish Gothic history of the building. What a remarkable setting. I can't wait to go back!

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. Jemina B.
    Beautiful Structure and awesome location in DTLA! Great Atmosphere and Drinks! I specially like the fact that you can either hang out on the 1st floor or the Rooftop and best of all there is no cover charge! A must try

    04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. J B.
    Last week my youngest rockstar and I dropped into the Ace Hotel to eat at LA Chapter. We weren't even hungry, but we absolutely knew we needed something special...just a taste...and downtown LA sounded perfect.
    First of all, it was the kind of ambiance I love...like a little bistro in Paris...Vienna...you know, totally chic. The ambiance can make or break a place... and in the case of LA Chapter...the food was great too.
    It was packed. But we started off with a Manhattan and an Amaretto Sour which were perfectly executed... and Charred Shishito Peppers and Aged Gouda Gougers (which you never see on a menu and I adore them!), a Rocket Arugula and Fennel salad, and the Roasted Kabocha Squash Agnolotti. Wow. Not too much - just right and delicious. Sigh. Next time I'm ordering a dessert!
    Anyway - afterwards we took the elevator up to the roof and it was to die for. Fireplaces...cool intimate areas...that's a next time thing to do too.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. Jay G.
    Updating as I stayed at the hotel this past Saturday night. I checked in at around 2am with Sirius and was thrilled that their pet fee was only $25/night. Water bowl and bed for him? No problem.

    It was an unexpected stay --just needed time away from home (enough said) and the Ace was close. Check in was easy and although the room was certainly on the small side, it had everything I needed. Very well planned use of space. I was definitely impressed with that. I also love the industrial style they preserved with the exposed concrete. Leaving the high arches/ceilings in tact was great --it makes a small space feel open as opposed to claustrophobic. Nice work there.

    The one complaint: I know it was a Saturday... or rather early Sunday morning, so I did think the rate for what amounted to a 12 hour stay was on the high side... when all was said and done (including my breakfast) I was at almost $350, with $250-ish being for the room. I'm assuming no one is really checking in at that hour so there was a bit of sticker shock just given the last min. stop in at such a late hour, but hey, it is what it is.

    A note to those traveling with friends: depending on your room, be comfortable seeing your traveling companion naked. In many cases this is a plus, but the shower looked in to the bedroom, so if you're one who needs a lot of privacy, it's something to keep in mind. Since I'm okay with the dog staring intently at me (aka judging me for not going to the gym more often) I had no issues.

    Great brunch spot and night spot... but you can read more about that in my previous review. :)

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    190. Pam C.
    I am nice not snarky like I used to be. I've got dancing legs. Kiss me! I love our local businesses!

    22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Michael S.
    This is the second Ace Hotel I've been too. The first was the Ace in Portland on my honeymoon with my wife. We live in Santa Barbara and when we heard that Ace LA was opening we were so stoked.

    But after having stayed at Ace Portland we had big expectations for Ace LA. I'd love to say that Ace LA Lived up to our expectations and did not disappoint.

    We got an amazing dinner then went up to the roof top bar and pool afterwards and relaxed with a pretty awesome crowd.

    In the morning we enjoyed some amazing coffee and muffins from the espresso bar down stairs.

    If you want to stay here do it! Don't listen to all the hipster-bashing people that left lame reviews. Ace never disappoints.

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    192. Marina Z.
    This was precisely what I had expected from what I have heard of Ace hotels. This particular Ace took on the spirit of old Hollywood while having the decor and amenities of new Sweden. Old world hotel architecture mixed with new world sweatpants-level-of-comfort bathrobes, Pendleton blanket and toilet paper on leather rope. I was taking notes for my own apartment the entire time.
    The bed, you might ask? Clean white movie-like sheets and just-fluffed pillows the giant chambray body pillow that prevented any headboard to head contact. Why didn't I think of that?! I did wish there was a charger station or at least an outlet by my side. I'm obviously one of those horrible people who practically sleeps with their phone under their pillow. And so I assumed this was a purposeful absence and a gentle nudge toward a healthy phone to human relationship.
    Although we stayed in a small room, it felt roomy due in part to the color design and to the open format when it comes to the toilet and the shower. A roomy room. I'm not sure I like having no door and all glass walls in my shower but it was definitely a sexy concept with a view from the bed area;). I'm learning here, bear with me.
    It was a perfect post-Valentine's day, night of sleep with check out at noon (sweet!). Valet parking was complementary, quick and beyond convenient in downtown LA.
    I wish I could stay at Ace every time I'm traveling but alas it's more of a special night kind of deal for now ;).

    19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    193. William W.
    Cool hotel in the bowels of Downtown Los Angeles.  Just stayed for one night but had a great time. Staff was friendly (with the lone exception of the guy who brought us room service), Upstairs Bar was cool, good drinks and great vibe. Dinner in the restaurant was awesome (with more great drinks) and the room service breakfast was fantastic (service aside). Would definitely stay here again.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    194. Anne A.
    I read about the opening of Ace Hotel in DTLA and was excited to go in check it out to see how they restored the building!

    After attending a Yelp tasting, I was looking for a place to make my trip to DTLA more worthwhile.  

    I walked in to check the place out. Quite smaller than what I imagined.  I just recently had a lunch at the Ace in Palm Springs, so it was interesting to look at what they've done to this architecturally significant building.

    Self-parking at $6 was easy directly across the street where I was also able to check out a Banksy in the lot.

    I walked into the restaurant which was packed with your typical stylish, hipster clientele you would find at an Ace Hotel.  I ordered a bottle of cold brewed coffee from the Stumptown coffee counter and made my way up to the Mezzanine bar to enjoy my coffee and read some of the reading material I brought.  

    I loved the music they played and the entire vibe of the place. Uber-cool vibe, yet EVERYONE was kind and friendly. Well-trained staff and did not exude an "I'm cooler than you attitude I expected."  The Ace definitely has created a team of professionals who are hospitable and well-trained. I even accidentally spilled my cup of coffee on their beautiful animal skin rug and the bartender rushed over to clean it up without any attitude and a smile.  At that moment, I was in-love (yes, I said it), in love with this Ace.

    I even asked where the restaurant was and the restaurant host walked me to bathroom instead of just pointing me to the direction.

    I can't wait to attend a concert as the revamped United Artist's theater and possible spend the night at the hotel fora staycation and further enjoy the welcoming hospitality here at the hotel.  They also have a restaurant and bar i will try next during my next visit.

    A highly recommended place for a local to hangout to people watch and enjoy the uber-trendy, artsy crowd, stylish vibe of the hotel.  I also recommend taking a walk up Broadway to admire the buildings towering above you if you're like a me, a casual fan of history and architecture.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    195. Nicole Y.
    Only a review for the rooftop bar...lovely city views completed by artisan cocktails really make for a wonderful evening.  Our group was able to get a corner couch area as we arrived early enough to snag it.  This allowed us to relax without having to stand or get bumped around.  The DJ was great and the music was never cumbersome where communication could not continue.  To be honest, even for a weekend, the bar never seemed overly crowded, with the exception of waiting for a drink.  While the drinks amaze, the wait does not.  I understand fine cocktails take time to craft...but geez, hire more than two bartenders for a Saturday evening.  We waited upwards of 30 minutes in line one time which seems unreasonable, even for a busy place.

    A completely beautiful place for sure, and easy parking across the street.  A great place year-round for open air drinks.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. derek w.
    Wow it seems as if I'm not the only person having problems with the security / bouncers in this place for no apparent reasons.

    The Ace Hotel roof top is a place I love to frequent, to entertain guest from out of town or even a business meeting, and a place I always recommend to others when I'm asked for a great place to drink. Now my opinion has utterly changed

    I came out from the men's restroom around 1:05 am and tripped on a cup, Then I was approached by a bouncer, 6' tall wearing all black framed glasses with a adamant tone of voice and said:

    Bouncer - "You kicked the cup, and you need to pick it up"
    Me -  I apologized and said " I'm sorry, but it was an accident, I didn't see the cup on the floor"

    He did not give me any slack after I apologized a number of times and tried to reason with him.

    The cup on the floor should have been attended to by workers / management / bouncers... but definitely not patrons.

    Me - I said "No, I shouldn't need to pick it up, it was an accident, besides it isn't my cup"

    So he said "  If you don't pick it up, You need to leave"  Then I came to the realization that he was just "power tripping".

    So I escorted myself to the elevator.

    These events never should of happened and the bouncer should have had some kind of decorum. Whoever hired this gentleman obviously does not monitor the way he treats their customers. I'm a business owner, and would never tolerate my employees treating cash paying customers this way, It's a wonder they are still in business.

    27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    197. Trisha W.
    It's possibly the best hotel in downtown Los Angeles. All around good vibes at the Ace Hotel. I love the bar upstairs on the roof, it's intimate, and the DJ plays a mix of good music that's anything but top 40's. This rooftop bar is the best I've been to in Los Angeles. There's no shortage of stunning views, classic architecture, and contemporary modifications on the interior designs.

    If you want to maximize your roof top bar experience I recommend arriving around 5 pm to enjoy the views and get that soft dreamy lighting everywhere. There's a Jacuzzi which I'm sure people use in the summer time, it's warm, not hot... if it's cold outside, it's probably not such a good idea to go in. Also I'd bring something warm because it is pretty breezy and cold at night.

    Parking is a little limited because.. it's downtown Los Angeles. They offer valet, which gives you the first three hours for seven dollars. The surrounding streets are a little shady so I think valeting your car might be the best option.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    198. Mike S.
    Absolutely loved this place. We stayed at the Ace in Palm Springs once just because it happened to be where we could find a room and fell in love with the aesthetic, so when my band had a show in Downtown LA and I needed to find a hotel nearby we were thrilled to see that there was an Ace.

    The staff was super friendly, the front door guy not only helped get all of my guitars and gear up to my room but when we noticed the mini-fridge wouldn't fit any of the stuff we brought with he tracked down a bunch of ice to fill one of the sinks for us.

    The reading materials that came with the room, the in-room shampoo and body wash, the valet staff, everything about this place was top notch. We did room service a few times and not only was the food amazing (they have a "Hanger Steak" for fucks sake) but the staff delivering it were the nicest people.

    Full disclosure - never hit up the rooftop bar but I believe there's a separate yelp listing for that and people's issues there shouldn't have an impact on the hotel proper.

    Will definitely stay there again if we play near Downtown LA.

    03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Kelly J.
    I was very excited to check out the Ace Hotel. The architecture of the building is pretty amazing and  the renovation was an improvement in the public areas of the hotel. However, I wasn't the slightest big blown away by the aesthetics in the end result.

    It also didn't take long for the excitement to wane in the way of hospitality. We arrived between 7:30-8:00 on a Saturday night. It was packed with young hipsters! The restaurant was full, the upstairs mezzanine bar also full, the rooftop bar area also full. We managed to squeeze into table near the pool, where there was no service whatsoever. You have to go the the bar and if you're lucky, you're acknowledged first with attitude and then with a drink. A few of us were hungry and were told we were out of luck and two weeks too early. They didn't have a permit to serve food yet. We asked if something could possibly be sent up from the restaurant. Um...no, no it cannot be. Disappointing. So much so that we left and went elsewhere to get food and drinks.

    Later that evening, we meandered back since two of our group were staying in the hotel and we were parked there. We thought we might try for a nightcap, but at every turn were rudely told 'we're at capacity'.

    Our friends invited us up to the room to check it out and see what was in the mini bar. Most new hotels these days, particularly boutique hotels, the rooms are getting smaller and smaller. The room here was ridiculous. To say that it looked unfinished is a vast understatement. Hipster minimalist bullshit. Exposed concrete ceiling, sheetrock panels halfway up the walls, cheap furniture, a shelf under the windows that is supposed to serve as a dresser. The bathroom is open, the shower tiny and while new, there are already cracks the entire length of the concrete floor and some attempted shoddy patchwork near the toilet. A flat screen in the middle of wall above the bed and a too bright lamp with exposed wires and cords. This is $250 a night? Again, ridiculous.

    03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    200. Jules B.
    The vibe at The Association in DTLA wasn't happening this past Saturday night so my date and I, then decided to walk on over to the Ace Hotel and check it out.

    There is a line to have drinks at the rooftop of the Ace Hotel, but my date seem to be cognizant of how our time is precious and shouldn't be spent waiting in line... So we bypassed the line with our friend, U.S President Andrew Jackson and headed to the rooftop bar of the Ace Hotel with minimal difficulty.

    Bar area has industrial type of decor and it was incredibly hot in the covered bar area.  There were only 3 bartenders that evening, so it was a little slow getting our drinks and prove to be a little bit of a let down as my date's Moscow mule came in a coffee-like mug, rather than one of those cute tin cups and my drink seemed to be more juice than booze.

    A DJ was spinning, people dancing, fire place burning, amazing view of DTLA at night, feels less pretentious than Perch... I'd go here again :)

    01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    201. Trice H.
    This is like a hipsters paradise. This review is mainly for the rooftop bar. It's basically trendy and hipster. The music is loud so you can only hear each other if you're sitting close or yelling. The music isn't that great. Don't really expect dancing here. Really a place for friends to congregate and people watch. The drinks are always good. In fact, I've had the best drink ever made at Ace. Told the bartender the type of alcohol I wanted and he made something up that didn't disappoint.

    The food options on the roof are minimal and subpar. I'd suggest eating before or after you leave. I would suggest going here during the daytime in order to take in the views and have drinks with friends. Otherwise, there are better rooftop bars for night fun.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    202. Allison R.
    The worst service ever! Our waitress was dismissive and rude. Everything was so slow. Our waitress never checked on our table, we had to get up and walk downstairs to get someone to bring us the check.

    The food also wasn't that good for how much money we spent. I ordered the Ravioli. It wasn't filled with anything, and it was under seasoned.

    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    203. Adrienne D.
    This is a swanky new addition to DTLA- it has the hipster vibe the Ace Hotel is known for combined with an unbeatable rooftop view. I met up with a friend here for a drink on a spring afternoon and we headed up to the rooftop lounge area. It wasn't busy and we had the sweeping views of downtown (including the art deco Eastern building) all to ourselves, not to mention the pool, fireplace, and varied lounge chairs. Bougainvillea peeks out of the windows and gives a bit of a wild, untamed touch when you look out to see the skyscrapers and bustle of downtown.

    I tried the pink grapefruit drink (name escapes me at the moment!) which was in a small tumbler- slightly bitter but intriguing- it had a nice bite to it. They have several cocktails that aren't your run of the mill hotel bar offering- I'd love to try the coconut one next time. The wait staff was attentive and asked us if we needed anything else and offered us chilled water as well while we chatted.

    This would be an ideal spot for a chill afternoon cocktail with friends, a hip business meeting, or even a casual day date. I'm sure the hipster quotient increases at nightfall.

    For parking, I went around the corner and found a $5 lot- the prices around the Ace range from $4 to $9 it seems.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    204. Jon T.
    The Ace Hotel in LA was such a pleasant surprise. I've stayed at the Ace in Portland before, and while I looked the non-traditional approach, it was a little rough around the edges and lacked amenities. The Ace in LA has polished off those edges and equipped the hotel with everything you'll need to enjoy your stay.

    First off, roof top pool by day, rooftop jacuzzi by night. This is such a lovely amenity, with a view to the city and a bar nearby to keep your thirst quenched. The Ace LA also has a restaurant on another floor, and still retains the enticing aroma of stumptown coffee. And surprisingly, there is also a fitness center in the hotel! I didn't know this ahead of time, but would definitely have taken advantage of it if I did.

    The only downside, for me, is that when staying downtown I feel disconnected from the places I actually visit in LA. I spend most of time either in Echo Park/Silver, Hollywood, or West Hollywood. Staying at an airbnb in Echo Park is oftentimes more convenient in this respect, but you don't always know what to expect when going that route.

    Should I go back for business or leisure, the Ace LA will definitely be on the top of my list for accommodations.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    205. Tracee A.
    This review is for the Rooftop bar only! I loved it. The view is amazing, and the decor is so cute. Its like a hidden treasure DTLA. I personally loved the avocado toast. It was so light and refreshing.  
    Overall this place was awesome and I will definitely be back.

    13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. Jose F.
    This is a definite hotspot in LA so much to do and see here. The scenery, the vibe, the eats. I like this spot a lot. I will keep coming back. You can hang out on the first floor or on the roof. No cover charge to hang out on the roof. Pool lots of space for mingling and hanging out. They have a fire place to sit by on the chilly nights (like if LA has a lot of those) A must visit in my opinion.

    See ya on the roof!

    30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Diana D.
    I have to say hands down they have amazing service, walked in from brunch with a few friends with no reservations and Emily was great, friendly, courteous and got us a table quick, it was our first time there so we had no idea what to try and their recommendations were delicious! Thank you Emily and the entire staff. We will definitely be going back! Oh and rooftop was awesome as well.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    208. Ursula G.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here last month as part of my Christmas present and absolutely loved it. The staff when we checked in was so helpful and nice. I've stayed at the ACE in Palm Springs and was excited to stay at the LA one. Our room was awesome, the bed was extremely comfortable, we wanted to stay there and sleep the day away - because you just melted into the mattress. We enjoyed the cute details like the music sheets and industrial feel of the room. They have a nice gym, the rooftop bar has cool views and it is centrally located so you can walk or uber to places to eat or drink. My only small gripe is that their photo booth wasn't working one night and the lady working the front desk - was a complete bitch about it. She was the only rude person we dealt with during our stay. The machine says the pictures will come out in 5 minutes, after waiting for 10, we asked her if it worked and she said - that it wasn't instant and we needed to wait. She then got off her shift and left, and we waited another 10 - 15 minutes and no picture ever came out. The guy that was working after her seemed clueless about what to do, and at this point we were sick of waiting and being lied to, so we lost out on $5 and didn't get our picture after all.

    30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    209. Kathleen L.
    Came here with a couple of friends recently and it was a blast. It wasn't too crowded so there was ample seating and space to move around. It felt very lavish and laid back -- like hanging out at Beyonce's (I'm guessing).

    Oh I should mention that the hotel has two floors. The bottom floor is whatever, and the roof top is where its at. Cozy seating, poolside chillin, a DJ, a bar, and a nice view of downtown.

    They've got a lot of liquor to choose from and a nice collection of cocktails. I was excited to see that they served COFFEE. Do you know how rare it is to find coffee at a bar? And I always need it so bad! Alcohol makes you sleepy, coffee picks you back up. And don't give me that Red Bull nonsense. As if Red Bull is comparable to a nice cup of coffee -- phooey!

    I'll definitely be coming here more, and taking visitors here so they think I'm hip with it.

    21/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    210. Hieu H.
    Stepping into the Ace Hotel is like stepping into the Twilight Zone into an alternate universe where everyone is a hipster with their skinny jeans and ironic facial hair.  

    Besides the fact that it's hipster central, the building itself is a historical landmark.  I can't help but wonder about how many souls have walked through the hallways and pushed the elevator buttons.  The rooms felt like a bomb shelter from the 1970s.  The walls are covered with a layer of cardboard and the toilet is located literally in a closet - and I totally freaked out from claustrophobia.  The bedding was this itchy felt-like material and not at all comfortable and there's no privacy when you're taking a shower.  

    The rooftop area did have spectacular views of the downtown skyline and reminded me of how much I adored my beloved city of angels...too bad Sundays are Hipster karaoke night, but thank goodness the pool area blocked out the off-key singing.  

    Next time I'm staying downtown, I'll be staying at the Standard.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    211. Erwin E.
    I made reservations for a room after purchasing tickets to watch Blood Orange at the adjacent theater. I never stayed in a hotel in DTLA for vacation since I live in the Los Angeles area, but I thought it would be a great idea so we don't have to worry about driving anywhere afterwards.  

    This was my first Ace Hotel stay so I didn't really know what to expect, especially the hipster staff. The staff was friendly and accommodating and checking into the room was hassle-free. The design of the building was pretty amazing and totally fit the feel for vibe of everything going on.

    Our room was small but really felt cozy. I was geeking out over seeing my name on the television greeting. There was a record player and a few vinyls included which was pretty awesome, but if you want a better selection, I recommend you bring some from home. The manuscript paper and personalized stationary was a good touch. For those with colored hair, they have Davines hair products, which is sulfate free. The whole room gave off an LA vibe, from the interior design to the bathrobes (probably the softest bathrobes I've ever been in). I opted for a room with a terrace and turned out to be a great idea. We were able to hang out on the terrace and "enjoy the view." The room was overlooking South Broadway and we were facing the Eastern Columbia building to add to the LA magic.

    After the concert we went to the rooftop bar and we ordered a couple of drinks and sat outside next to the pool. The pool was literally a little square in the ground with water, but there was a lot of space around the pool for laying out.

    Our bed was so comfortable and the pillows were nice and soft. Waking up to a view of Los Angeles made this one of the most memorable experiences ever. I would definitely come back here if the occasion called for it.

    -1 star for not adding the extra pillows I requested & for having an ice machine in a random part of the hotel (in the gym).

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    212. Hanae K.
    Came here to watch the original Tron movie hosted by cinespia. They had a dj inside and free classic game arcades in the lobby!!!

    The theatre is GORGEOUS. I love LA buildings where they look plain from the outside but you feel like you stepped into a different world inside.

    Everywhere you walk, the interior is covered in spanish gothic-style.
    The theatre is spacious and clean.

    Afterwards, make sure to check out the rooftop bar (enter through the restaurant next door).

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Sammie J.
    We didn't stay at the hotel, only got drinks and food.  First impression was very different than we expected.  The restaurant looks like a 50s diner that would serve shakes and patty melts.  If you enter from the hotel, you don't even realize there is a bar.  The menu was a lot more sophisticated than the place looks.  However, what we had was ok, not great.  We were excited about the grilled octopus, but the chef must have weakened taste buds because the Olive tapenade was so strong it completely over powered the delicate octopus.  Other items were ok, nothing I'd crave to have again.

    The roof top bar area was nice.  They had live music.  It was very crowded on a Sunday evening.  The crowd was extremely young and hipsterish.

    This is a place I would stop by if I was in the area, but I won't be making a special trip up there again.

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    214. Yunia L.
    Get there early to enjoy a lovely rooftop spot. It may not have the hype of perch and the standard but i loved it here. It wasn't too congested and the drinks were STRONG and at a reasonable price...If you love tequila you must venture over and definitely stand while drinking your cocktail...I was sitting and stop up and realized the hard way how strong two drinks were (good and bad outcomes)

    Oh and stop by the delicious taco stand up the street from it -- sooo bomb!

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. Corinne A.
    Can we please stop exhausting the word "hipster" to describe this place?

    Let's try using other vocabulary: the staff are all young, attractive, and exceptionally friendly, conversational, and helpful. They even gave us a bottle of wine and a handwritten note in our room for my husband's and my anniversary. The rooms are uniquely designed with a tactile urban industrial vibe (concrete ceiling, fiberboard lined walls) and stocked with crafty details like Pendleton blankets, handmade soap, stamped stationery, and boxing/hoodie robes. Exploring all these goods makes checking into an Ace all the more exciting. Our King-sized bed faced out two large windows overlooking the LA skyline, which made for some really fun photos in the morning. The rooftop lounge area is really beautifully decorated with rustic Equipale pigskin chairs, reclaimed wood tables, and Navajo-patterened textiles galore.

    Despite all the great things about Ace Hotel itself, it's the crowd the location draws that are annoyingly "hipster." And I'm not talking the harmless well-dressed patrons with stylish haircuts. I'm talking about the obnoxious locals who get blasted drunk on the rooftop and then come yelling into their one-night-stay rooms at 2 in the morning; or the rude girls in the elevator who give you a pretentious stare when you ask if it's going up or down.

    I've stayed at the Ace in Seattle and visited the one in New York. Both of which I loved and highly recommend (I even met another guest in the lobby of Ace Seattle who I ended up staying in touch with and crashed with in New York). If it weren't for the people who hang out at Ace DTLA, I'd add this chapter to my recommended list as well. But LA people suck, and this is why we can't have nice things.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Jason T.
    I am a huge fan of this hotel and have stayed here multiple times since it opened.

    In the landscape of hotels in LA, this one is unique. Well designed in the masculine, chic way that Ace's are known for, it has subtle nods to the history of the neighborhood and thoughtful touches and accents throughout. It feels slightly more elevated than other Ace branches, with a really amazing, reliable, attentive staff, stellar valet, wifi and basic comforts. For that reason, I am a fan of it for business trips. I also love the beds, the cool loft style rooms and rad vinyl in your room!

    I also love how the "scene" there is relaxed. The rooftop bar always has cool DJs, chill programing and a cool crowd, but it doesn't matter if you are in a tee shirt or dressed up. Compare that to other great hotels of LA such as Chateau where you always feel like you aren't dressed right. In a way, the Ace DTLA feels like you are in NYC.

    The food there is great too. The coffee bar is solid with Stumptown coffee and great snacks and treats. The restaurant is also great as a branch of NYC's Five Leaves. And lastly there is a really cool kiosk called Moon Juice that has great juices, tonics etc.

    Lastly, if you haven't stayed downtown, its a really cool new way to look at LA. the architecture and history gives you a totally different perspective on LA and there is so much to appreciate. There are also some of the best restaurants and shops to check out within walking distance. Again, something that is unheard of with most LA hotels.

    I have found some great restaurants nearby, including Umami Burger across the street, Sugar Fish and Kazu Nor for amazing sushi, Bar Ama for awesome Mexican and many more. There is also a great coffee spot 2 blocks away, that i can't remember the name of. There is also a dope farmers market with tons of great vendors within walking distance too.

    And definitely walk down Broadway and check out all the old neon, peak into the building where they filmed Blade Runner. Oh, and go workout at the old school classic LA Athletic Club a few blocks away.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    217. Diana W.
    Visited since first month of its opening when it was ridiculously packed. Weekend bar great for summer, spring, fall or just warm weather nights (its freezing if otherwise).

    Im finally getting to my 2014 check ins! It was a hot bar early 2014, but pretty much died down near end of 2014. Just a closed in rooftop bar, don't expect too much but an open air lounge. Plenty of seats everywhere with very small pool Jacuzzi area.

    Places to check out in dtla. You have to pass through the restaurant to get to the rooftop lounge bar. Drinks are okay and not heavy at the hand.

    Parking: Don't, just lyft or uber here haha

    05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    218. Mika D.
    Went here a few Sundays ago for rooftop drinks after having brunch at Escala. We've already been here before for a holiday party so we figured we'd come back and hang out on the rooftop. The staff was rude to us and asking if we were guests. One of the Ace Hotel's employees approached us and asked my boyfriend and our group to leave through the back door exit. So where would that leave us?! To take a long flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator? No thanks! (Jerkoff)

    Didn't think that this hotel rooftop bar was only exclusive to hotel guests; I asked before visiting the Ace Hotel and the GM was graciously kind enough to invite us to sit and enjoy a drink on him. So I don't know why there was any miscommunication.

    I don't think I'd come back here again.

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    219. Blah Blah A.
    I absolutely love the ace hotel! The restaurant is a perfect place to kick back and enjoy a beer! I really recommend having lunch downstairs ( the burger and kale salad is amazing ) and moving up to the rooftop for a drink! Love love love this hotel ! Amazing carefree vibe! No bouje shit in here

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    220. Shannon R.
    This review is for the rooftop bar.

    Living in LA, we love eating and drinking outside.  It's the payoff for dealing with smog and traffic and high taxes - dining al fresco any time of year.  We also are currently obsessed with turning Downtown LA into a hub of nightlife, as if to prove to other cities that we're a real city too, damnit.  Both of these things have culminated in the age of the rooftop bar, the novelty being you get to drink outside amongst some of our better architecture, high above the pee scented streets.  It's pretty cool.

    If you like festive blended drinks, ask about their special.  It can be hit or miss, but I had a blue pina colada that left me with an inability to feel my face.  One drink, and I was done.  I spent the rest of the night raving about what a bargain it was, "It usually takes me 3 drinks to not feel my face!!"  Don't worry, I had a responsible person taking me home, and you should too if you're getting a blended concoction.

    We sat on beach chairs by the pool, tried to avoid staring at the couple making out like they were in a music video, and enjoyed looking at the little people below us.  Parking is the typical Downtown pain in the butt, you'll probably have to stand in line before going in, and it's kind of a scene.  It's not a bar I typically suggest, but I have some friends who love it so I'm sure I'll be back.

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    221. Sarah H.
    I did not stay in the hotel, but my boyfriend and I came here for an intimate Coldplay concert.

    Prior to the concert, we wandered around the lobby, admiring the architecture and decor. The place is so beautiful! The one flaw in the decor is the excessive amount of very small mirrors placed throughout the lobby; so in addition to the dim lighting, photos needed to be taken with flash and would result with many glares and a poor-quality photo. I'm guessing this is a tactic for the venue to retain its intimate ambiance and mysteriously elite status, by not having a multitude of photos online for anyone to see. We did not get any drinks, unlike most people, so I cannot review the quality of the drinks.

    The small concert arena seems to have been carefully thought-out prior to construction. The rows are narrow, so that literally everyone in the audience has a center-stage view. However, this is not so great for those in the rows toward the back of the theater, they are simply too far from the stage to make out more than figures on the stage. I got that view prior to seating, and fortunately once seated, we were a bit closer so we had a nice view.

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    222. Victoria E.
    I find this place very intimate. Even if I'm sitting by another group of people, I think the ambiance makes the place feel not as crowded as it actually is. It's a great place to hang out  with some friends and have a drink with a nice view of dtla. Drinks can be pricey, but for a nice view I'm cool with it.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Michael M.
    This place is awesome.  Food is always good. Good atmosphere.  Glad it is near my house.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    224. Jennifer C. L.
    I've been here several times now and this place seems to be consistently a recent buzzed about location as of this past year.

    I came here to celebrate a birthday party of 8 a few months back on their roof top restaurant and had a great time to celebrate a special occasion.

    Reservations MUST be made ahead of time as getting access to the rooftop is very difficult otherwise.

    The food is really delish even at the other restaurant downstairs on the street level.

    I am pretty sure I'll be back here soon.

    23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    225. Taranika E.
    The ACE Hotel is truly a diamond in the ruff. It's off the beat and path, but worth a night spent on the rooftop just before sunset. You will enjoy a 360 degree city view of Downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills.

    Patrons of the ACE Hotel are a swanky crew of urban hipsters. There is so much diversity that anyone could easily fit in and enjoy the DJ mixing beats, the fashionistas sipping signature cocktails and the staff blending into the scene. I love the staff uniforms. They are a combinations of evergreen colored khakis cuffed ankle length with black and white stripe tops. Totally approachable. Utterly street chic.

    The seating arrangement has a secret garden feel with crafted wood bench, tables and lounge chairs. Feel free to pack your swimwear there is a medium sized wading pool to lazy and enjoy.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. Janel A.
    Stayed at this hotel over the weekend and it's awesome. The staff at the front desk is very friendly and helpful. The hotel has a photo booth ($5 per pic) which was totally awesome! So cool vintage black and white pics.

    The rooms are funky - in a good way. So much character. We stayed in a medium room which was still very small so I can just imagine the small rooms being oh so tiny. The bathroom shower / sink area was very small and the toilet was in a separate part of the room which took a little getting used to but was fine. The way they disguised it was very unique. Loved the architectural look of the room. And the bathrooms are very pretty marble/copper /subway tile combo. The bed was comfy the pillows not so much.

    The overall hotel was amazing! Loved every. little. detail. The restaurant LA Chapter was very good for dinner and the drinks were very tasty. Great Moscow Mule! The upstairs bar had gorgeous views at night and was very crowded on Friday night. A fun hangout but get there early if you want a seat or table.

    Can't wait to stay at Ace again!

    03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    227. Elizabeth V.
    $10 drinks in tall glasses (God bless bartenders who over pour) on the rooftop with a delicious view.  Hot tub patio, second patio with tables and couches, and interior room off the elevator landing with a huge bar counter and cute dark nooks for cuddling. I fell asleep on a patio chair at 1 am. Getting old is not for quitters.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    228. Michael H.
    This review comes in 2 parts. The first being my experience at the restaurant at ground level, and the second being my experience at the rooftop bar. Both were really great on separate occasions, but after my last visit, everything started to make sense. Ace Hotel reinforces Los Angeles's cultural identity and embodies the heart of the city's downtown area. It's an amazing place.

    Since I'm only limited to 5001 characters per review, hopefully what I write will suffice.

    1. The food is by far better than average. I was absolutely surprised by the amount of detail invested into each dish. I had ordered the Half Dozen Freshly Shucked Oysters, Hamachi Crudo, Squid Ink Pasta with Uni? (Don't know the exact name, but that was basically it), and Grilled Lamb Steak. My response to the food is listed in the order of the dishes stated.

    The Oysters tasted like the f*cking ocean. The oysters are naturally seasoned by the salt water. Clean taste, and the lemon cuts any heaviness you might "think" you'll experience when eating the oysters. Very buttery.

    The Hamachi is very basic like every other Hamachi dish, but the textures that follow after every bite makes you wonder if these flavors/textures could be reenacted with any other cuts of fish. Why Hamachi? People wouldn't know the difference unless they actually knew the difference. The Hamachi trend is fading out.

    Squid ink pasta topped with Uni? OF COURSE! Why the f*ck not? Not only did the dish look bad as f*ck, the flavors were surprising light. The layering of ingredients create of simple dish with complex flavors. It was beautifully presented.

    The Grilled Lamb Steak was delicious, but like any other meat dish, it wasn't beyond anything you ever had. I destroyed everything on the plate, and then I remembered I forgot to take a photo, A good try, but not something I would order again.

    2. The rooftop bar has grown on me. It's probably because every night there is always a different group of people. Some days you have the button-ups hanging out, models walking in (or people who try to be), actors and Oscar winners sitting across from each other. Everybody there is beautiful. The drinks are nice too. The only thing I dislike about the bar is their premixed Old-Fashioned cocktail.

    Overall, the place is great. You can catch me at the Ace any day or night (as long as my wallet can keep up).

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Carol L.
    2.5 stars, mainly because the actual place and atmosphere was great... however the line and 40+ min wait to get in... was not the biz. oh and the worst vodka tonic we've ever tasted... was from here last night.

    One of things I dislike the most... is waiting. That's why I can't do Disneyland, LA traffic, and Boiling Crab... ok.. maybe Boiling Crab I can do... :P but anyways, you get my point.
    Regardless of how nice a place is, having to stand in a ridiculous line for too long of a time just supa kills my buzz. Especially when you see tons of people leaving, but bouncers still only letting 2-4 people in every like 15/20mins....  yuck.

    But yeah, ended up waiting in line for 40ish mins and by the time our my friends and I got in... we were just tired... grumpy... and not feeling it. Lols but overall, yes I do like the actual place, had a very cool secret rooftop hide-out type vibe going on that was nice. Plenty of seating areas, a cool outside little poolside, and yeah, not bad.  

    But based off of last night's experience, probably don't care to come back any time soon... Maybe in a month or so. AND will definitely stop by wayyyyyyy earlier before that fake line starts building up!

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    230. Daniel B.
    Is it hip?  Yes.   Is it nice?  No.  

    There's lots to like about the Ace Hotel.     The attention to detail is superb.   From the hand drawings of LA scenes like Angelyne and Pumping Iron-era Arnold on the walls to the classic golden-era stories of the building captured eloquently in the printed material in the rooms.  

    The people who hang out there waiting in line for the rooftop bar infuriate me.  Picture rich suburban children with daddy's credit card wearing momentary costumes.   The 'before' image for a future walk of shame.  

    Hell.  Maybe I'm just getting old.  

    Let's be honest.  The Ace is authentically non-authentic.    

    Also.  It's full of cliches.  Almost to the point of being caricaturishly hipster cheesy.  

    All of the staff are beautiful.   There are beards and funky rings.    That part is fine.

    But the hangers say "Let's Hang".  Come on

    Instead of a notepad in the rooms, there is blank sheet music script.    There is poetry on the walls.    You have to hang your shower curtain yourself because you're too cool to have someone hang it for you.    It's a bit overdone.

    But that's not the thing that really gets me.   It's that it's legitimately NOT a very nice place.    This would be fine if they were charging budget hostel prices,  but they're not.   For several hundred dollars a night, you don't expect the asbestos-chic motif.

    Maybe it's become hip to be charging four star prices and delivering on two star quality?

    Whatever dude.   I'm going to drown myself in the bathtub with seven dollar bottles of water and cold-pressed juice from obscure fruits.

    Oh wait.  There is no bathtub.  

    I'm going to call room service and order an acoustic guitar.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    231. Katrina P.
    Unpretentious cool rooftop bar and well appointed downstairs restaurant and bar. I highly recommend asking for the bartenders favourite cocktail for a nice surprise.

    Frequent free parties and great music.

    06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    232. Meaghan P.
    The hotel is beautiful and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.

    The room was a bit small for the price and we had a great view of a large dirt pile. But everything else was smooth and perfect. Walking distance to L.A. Live. Great restaurant/ room service. Soft bed. It definitely suited our needs.

    13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    233. Oskar W.
    I love design and architecture - both interior and exterior. I was in no doubt when looking for a hotel in Los Angeles, I of course had to stay at the newly opened Ace Hotel in Downtown LA - and I do not regret that. Wow, my family and I were inspired during the whole stay. A lot of beautiful people are walking in and out in the lobby, creating a buzzing, cool and very local atmosphere. With that said, we did not feel discomfort by the staff. They were extremely friendly, but still very professional.

    Our room was great. Large and very comfortable, with a beautiful and stunning view of the LA skyline. The bed was one of the best we have ever experienced, and a lot of small details were located - not only in our room, but also - throughout the whole hotel. The bathroom was great too. The bath - with soap products from Rudy's - was amazing.
    We experienced a water flood from the room above us. This caused some of our clothes to be wet, but the hotel dealed with that perfectly. We got a new room, just one floor beneath. Our clothes were cleaned the same evening, while we were treated with a great dinner at their restaurant L.A. Chapter - on their bill with no limit. What a treatment.

    The restaurant L.A. Chapter was a truly delicious experience. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - everything was amazingly good and priced pretty valuable too.

    Another worthy thing: Do yourself a favor and book a tour to the beautiful theatre. It is breathtaking.

    The hotel have some minor flaws, but it is not enough to put the hotel down: The rooftop is closed for everyone under 21 years old every night from 7:30 pm. As paying hotel guests this is a big problem, as a clear view of the skyline at night would have been appreciated a lot by the whole family. I really cannot understand the US alcohols rules. You are allowed to drive and have guns, but alcohol is a real sin here? Rules are rules - and we of course respect them at the most, but why are we not allowed to just sit in the lounge, relaxing, WITHOUT the 18 year old (the son) drinking any alcohol?
    We also found the hotel parking on the expensive side - 40 US$ a day.

    All this said, everyone in the family fell in love with Ace Hotel DTLA. Design, architecture, details, food - everything was perfect.

    22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    234. Joanna W.

    inattentive and emotion-less bartenders who won't offer us the menu. Seriously?

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    235. Jordan B.
    It is a must to go to the top bar for cocktails! The view of LA is absolutely incredible and it was well worth the price of drinks. They have an abundant amount of different types of alcohols and you can go from cheap liquor store expensive liquors.
    There isn't a very big list of things to eat, which is why I gave it 4 stars. Bring a jacket on nights when it's going to be chilly too.

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. Jennifer K.
    Pretty sweet rooftop bar. Nice view of downtown LA. Great place to grab some drinks with friends on the weekend. Like the diverse crowd here so great to people watch and meet new people. Have not stayed at the hotel but looks like a cool place to stay for out of towners.

    21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    237. J J.
    I love this bar!  I disagree with other reviewers who prefer the view from other downtown LA rooftop bars.  The view is beautiful.  And I prefer the Ace hotel rooftop bar because (1) the drinks are fantastic and (2) the crowd has got an edgier vibe.  I have only been to the hotel during the afternoon, but every time, I have had a wonderful time.  The last time I went, I had a drink with fresh grapefruit juice (I forget the name) that was fantastic.  I also saw a couple sitting next to us order an avocado toast that looked delicious.

    Awesome bar!  Great drinks!  Wonderful view!  Five stars!

    11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    238. Kelsie H.
    I stayed one night at the Ace Hotel, and for me, it was anticlimactic. I'd heard about the unique experience offered here and thought it'd be worthwhile to lay down the cash (and expensive parking fees- $36 per night).

    The restaurants (rooftop bar and the restaurant on the ground floor) were fantastic. Good food and drinks- very unique- both with great views and vibes. I went to the bar around midnight on a Saturday night and although it was crowded and chaotic, the music was good and it wasn't so crowded you couldn't find a space to chill.

    This hotel lacks a large lobby. So there isn't a great community space for hotel guests only. It feels cramped rather than spacious for the most part. The room had a great view...of mostly construction, but what do you expect when you're in DTLA? It was cool in that it had a record player, marble counter tops in for the sink- it was just funky 70's all around with the color scheme. That unique decor was fun, but I couldn't help feeling like the rooms were halfway completed.

    I thought the hotel staff was extremely friendly! I loved everyone I got to chat with. The  room card keys are tricky- because they are disabled close to your time of checkout. We went back to our room around 20 minutes before checkout to grab our bags and couldn't get back in our room! It took us about 15 minutes to go downstairs to the lobby, wait in line and get it figured out. Weird. Waste of time on everyone's part, especially if you are in a hurry. Oh, well.

    I love the history behind the place and the cool ambience; however, it feels like it would be better to just eat at the restaurants and enjoy those rather than pay the full price to stay in a room. Not worth it, especially with the pretty penny for overnight parking. If you are coming from far out-of-town, though, and want to try something different, this place could be a fun experience.

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    239. Nicole W.
    OK let me first start with saying, this hotel is very cool, very trendy, very "hip" (I hate that word, but I don't know what else to use to describe coolness) VERY LA. It is super cool, it's an old building (1920's Spanish-Gothic) that has been restored.  When we pulled up the the valet, we were greeted by Lelo, very cool guy, laid back, just dressed in chucks and jeans. He took our bags up to the room and showed us around our room and told us some cool stuff about the hotel. I felt bad because at the second we didn't have cash to tip, but he just told us it was totally cool and went about his business. We left him a tip in an envelope later, so don't think we are a$$holes.

    The little diner downstairs was really good, we went to the bar and had some hand crafted cocktails, which were a modern spin on old-fashioned drinks. I loved the bar area, it was eclectic with a lot of fresh spices, herbs and ingredients on open display right on top of the bar. I forgot the bartender's name but she was really sweet.

    Next thing I really loved: we got room service for breakfast. They cook a mean grilled cheese with fries, YUM, and I ordered the avocado toast with 2 over easy eggs on the side. YUM YUM YUM. It's so simple and so amazing. There was a ton of avocado on top of grainy toast, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. This was a perfect breakfast!

    Some of the things that were meh: ok. The price. We got a medium room with a terrace. It was at most 500 square feet for $500. It looks like a NY loft inside, with concrete ceilings and huge windows. The terrace was cool, but it was basically just the same fire escape balcony from back in the day with a new deck installed - but you could see through the planks and I am scared of heights. Safe to say we didn't spend much time out there. It was just straight up scary.

    Next meh: the rooftop is super trendy, hipsters everywhere. Like, super-hip hipsters. Don't go up here if you are over 40 and you aren't dressed right. You will get dirty looks. Also, don't go up here thinking you are going to go in the pool either. You are wrong, sir. It is tiny, and DUH, nobody goes IN the pool. You just sit around it and get looked at while you talk about your previous night or how your flight from London got super delayed last week.

    Next to last meh: we asked for late checkout (normal checkout it 11am). We got late check out till 1, which was cool, but the entire time after 11am the housekeeping kept just coming in the room, as if they weren't checking the checkout times. They were nice about it and apologetic but gees people, what if we were getting freaky? Come on.

    Last meh: when we were checking out, we decided to go to the horribly overpriced boutique and score some merch. We knew it was overpriced, but we love LA and saw some cool designs. I "made the mistake" of asking the guy at the front desk if they had these shorts in my size. Sensing his annoyance, I asked if I could just look through the drawers and and grab my size. He didn't say anything and proceeded past me to the back to get some keys to unlock the drawer..."What size," he asked, not even looking up at me. I paid my $108 and left.  Maybe they were just busy but GEES, d*ck. I didn't catch his name.

    Anyways, it's expensive and very trendy. Like I said, if you are over 40 and basically not cool, don't come here... go somewhere else.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    240. Eric E.
    My girlfriend and I stayed at the Ace Hotel for a stop in Los Angeles as part of a long road trip to Seattle.  We were moving to Seattle, so our car was packed full of additional clothes and other items we would need once we arrived in Seattle until the remainder of our goods (which were separate) arrived at our new home, as well bags of food for the road trip.  After our first night at the hotel, we retrieved our car from the valet and after driving a few blocks we discovered that one of the boxes of food in the car appeared to have been chewed through by a mouse or some other rodent.  We pulled over and found similar holes in other bags and boxes of food, as well as mouse droppings throughout the back seat and trunk.  It was apparent that while in the valet's care, rodents had somehow gotten into the car, perhaps through a window or door left open, and wreaked havoc.

    While angry and disgusted, it was likely an unintentional mistake and we expected that the hotel staff would do everything in their power to remedy the situation, especially given the cost of the stay of the hotel.  Instead, we received a completely disgraceful response from unapologetic staff.  In their mind, no one at the hotel could make such a mistake and was impossible for such a thing to happen while the care was in their care.  Since we had been spending a lot of time in the car, we did not see any evidence of mice until the valet returned the car to us, so we are certain the rodents  got into the car while parked at the hotel.  Since we couldn't prove this, hotel management did not believe that they were anyway responsible.  If I had known that we would need to provide evidence that our car was free of mouse feces prior to dropping the car off with the valet, I would have chosen a different hotel.

    Management was generally condescending and rude, and made it known they were annoyed that we were taking up space in front of the hotel to unpack and clean the car.  The only assistance they provided was giving us several large trash bags to put our belongings in and a bellhop to move the stuff  to our room as quickly as possible to prevent questions from onlookers.  We were forced to spend much of our stay in LA cleaning up after the mess they caused.  First, we spent nearly $200.00 to have the inside of the car vacuumed, shampooed, and disinfected.  We  then spent most of the afternoon cleaning and disinfecting all the items that were in the car.  We were forced to throw out a number of items that were soiled as well as most of the food that had been packed in the car.  We had to have all the clothes that were in the car sent out to a laundry service for cleaning.  The laundry service subsequently lost half of our clothes.  While that's not the hotel's fault, it was an additional inconvenience that resulted from the their actions.  Finally, we bought several mouse traps to ensure that there were not more mice trapped in the car.  We did, in fact, catch one and have been hoping no more remain.

    Despite completely ruining our stay in Los Angeles, creating a mess which cost us money out of our pockets to fix, we were charged full-price for our two night stay.  After some disputing, we were able to get the charge for parking removed.

    Overall management and hotel staff were unapologetic, refused to take any responsibility and accountability for their actions, and offered little assistance in cleaning up the mess they created.

    In terms of the room, upon arrival to the room before unpacking anything, we found 2 hairballs on the floor near the bed and sink.

    Extremely disappointing experience all around.

    09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    241. Rebecca P.
    Enter at 921 S. Broadway, as the elevators off the lobby of the main entrance is for hotel guests only. Once you get to the permitted elevator, take it up to "R" (roof) and enjoy the view of the skyline and an interesting mix of areas to sit or stand or dance while imbibing your drink--including by the rooftop pool (which is very small and looks more like a jacuzzi, but is a great place to actually have a conversation versus the rest of the loud venue).

    Bottom line: Interesting building--decent enough place to have a drink or hang out, but probably most interesting to see in the daytime given the building's history.

    22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    242. Allister D.
    I think this place is legit. First off, there's no entrance fee which is a huge plus. Fourteen floors later you're up on a busy rooftop with lots of people sipping and chatting; basically having a time of their lives. There is a live DJ who plays light music which creates this LA nightlife: bright lights, tall sky scrapers, medium volume lounge music, people dressed and having a good time, bubbly pool flowing, etc.

    I just wish the rooftop wasn't so closed or gated. If the rooftop patio was open, I totally think it'd be a point better because the view is breathtaking.

    I think The Ace rooftop is great and has a much better vibe than The Standard. I'll totally be coming back to grab drinks here with some friends and talk the night away.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    243. Cheryl R.
    So my friend who lives down the street from the Ace highly recommended this hotel to me. This place was most definitely out of my element but in a good way.

    I booked the terrace room in advance because who ever I spoke with told me I better because it was last to be picked. The room was very different almost like a mini studio apartment . The Terrance did not have a table or chairs. My first night of sleep was very light due to the heavy construction across the street.
    After moving rooms 3 times the problem was resolved and I slept well in Room 616 . A fun loft that was very "70's show" hipster chic themed.

    The staff in this hotel are awesome. Lots of laughs from a few valet guys too! Beth the manager made our stay much more comfortable and I thank her for that!

    Room service is great and fast. Food in the restaurant was really good too. All the mixology cocktails were strong and delicious in all bars. Get the Kentucky Mai tai !

    The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5, the 3 room changes were exhausting. Do not book a Terrence room until construction is over. ( which we heard it was 1.5-3 years away from staff ) jack hammering is not fun to be woken up to!

    But with that said, we really liked everything else !

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    244. Ginger P.
    We've eaten here a bunch. My husband stayed in the hotel for about a month before we moved to LA.

    So, we came back as locals for dinner a couple nights recently. They've just recently updated their cocktail list, but they hadn't launched it yet when I was last there. They were waiting till after Florence and the Machine played next door.

    Arugula salad with fennel and poppy seed -- Good
    Spring pea ravioli -- Good, and you can add the extra sauce to the salad, which is on the dry side
    Burger (the classic, not the house special) -- Good

    Matcha semifredo -- I've seen this dessert popping up on menus everywhere; it's having a moment. But I told the server, this presentation could win Iron Chef, and she was so genuinely flattered by the compliment. It was very sweet, and she was a really good server, too, btw. I remember there was a lot going on with it, some meringue wafers and cream.

    The biggest let down was the last time we were there, the mussels weren't cooked adequately. Few of them even opened. The duck pate was lackluster.

    It seems like the menu is under review, but the Ace is still a fun dinner spot. Gotta go back for drinks.

    17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    245. Emilia P.
    Loved it! Simple, clean, amazing style. The food and service at the restaurant where amazing. Rooftop lounge is the best. People are helpful and friendly. Very retro cool. I was surprised with all the little details and people. Will be back!

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    246. Isaac C.
    The flare with keeping the 1927 theme of the building while mixing a present day hipster vibe is evident and well welcomed to patrons.

    Be sure to check out LA Chapter (restaurant) and the rooftop when staying. If time permits attend one of the events hosted by Ace. There's also a lot to do around the area.

    I give Ace Hotel my stamp of approval to visit when in dtla.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    247. Jen R.
    This review is based on my visits to the rooftop bar only, and NOT the hotel.

    Just like the other popular bars in downtown, you do have to wait in a fairly long line to get inside. The line itself is not too long; however, the time it takes for the bouncers to check your ID and let you in is longer than it really should be.

    Once you go inside, you take an elevator to go to the rooftop bar. The atmosphere is good and the venue is pretty big. I, personally, prefer the ace hotel compared to the Perch because 1) Ace hotel is alot bigger 2) the line is shorter at ace hotel 3) ace hotel has alot of sitting areas available. I LOVE the last part about ace hotel. It's not too hard to find seats, I especially love sitting/lounging outside by the pool area where they have lounging chairs, while admiring the beautiful downtown view with my favorite drink in my hand.

    One downside is that you cannot smoke at the rooftop, so you have to go all the way downstairs if you want to take a smoke break.

    Other than that, Ace Hotel is a must-stop on a night of bar hopping in downtown.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Shelia D.
    Looking for Sunday options? Check this hip rooftop bar and you won't be disappointed.

    Ace hotel roof top has quickly become a favorite pick for people who are looking for good, light, food and amazing drinks. They have a full bar for vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum lovers. They have a very healthy selection of food that will only leave you wanting  more.

    My personal favorite drink to order from here is either the Moscow Mule or the Amazing Frozen Drink, which is a mixture of frozen coconut mix with vodka.

    Another favorite choice of mine is their avocado toast. It's super healthy and light. It is wheat toast with guacamole on top garnished with different greens. Their shrimp dish is another popular choice. It is full of flavor and again, very healthy.

    Try this place out if you're in the area. Or better yet, make a trip out there if you live far and you won't regret it.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    249. Caitlin F.
    It's all happening.
    We hunted the cool.
    Cold, but I wore a tank.
    Was feeling like a fool.

    Don't worry, they have blankets.
    They also have rosé.
    And pick the seats next to the fire.
    The flames they dance and play.

    Cool hunting we did.
    The peoples are hip.
    Denim and flannel
    And Modelo to sip.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    250. Wendy L.
    "This is the biggest hot tub I've ever seen!" exclaimed my friend when we checked out the roof of the hotel. Alas, that was the pool so the pool was either the smallest pool we'd ever seen or the biggest hot tub - just depends on if you're a glass is half-empty or half-full kind of person.

    We had a girls weekend in LA and wanted to check out the downtown scene that everybody has been talking about...and wanted to find a cool hotel if we were going to be in downtown. This hotel is probably best for people who are going to enjoy the rooftop bar scene.

    - I found the rooms to be roomy but this could be relative to my expectations (which were low) and the fact that I'm using staying in hotels in NYC. The rooms are kind of oddly configured - my bed was facing the TV with the foot of the bed against the wall with the TV on it while my friend's bed was facing the windows so that she was looking at the head of my bed.
    - Hotel service was friendly from the valet parking guys to the people at registration.
    - It's very convenient that they have that delicious coffee shop and restaurant in the lobby. On Mother's Day, they also had a pop-up flower shop to help all of those last-minute shoppers out.  

    - Pool. We had hoped for a cool rooftop pool scene where we could lounge around for the day. Luckily it was too cold because we would have been disappointed. There are only ~8 lounge chairs and some bench seating and the pool is really tiny.
    - Noise. The rooftop bar is a serious scene which also means that there is some serious noise. You'll hear the music until the wee hours of the night so it's best to bring earplugs (or join the party).
    - The elevators are quite slow so leave plenty of time to get downstairs (or upstairs). There are only two elevators that serve the entire hotel (excluding rooftop bar patrons who use a separate elevator).

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    251. Sweet Vanilla S.
    i adore this place for their roof top!

    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock!

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0