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El Tres Inn in Los Angeles, CA

El Tres Inn in Los Angeles, CA


An elegant discreet 3 suite Inn, tucked away above El Chavo Restaurant and Bar. We are a unique property, a "Bed and Beverage". Our large suites feature luxurious amenties, all the comforts of home and daily maid service. Visit our website at www.eltresinn.com to see the rooms and all of the features we offer.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.45

Address: 4439 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90027

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    Comments (11):

    1. Vanessa B.
    I had my wedding at El Tres Inn. The space is beautiful, funky, clean, and flexible about your needs. The beds are comfy and you get yummy pastries delivered to your room in the morning. As far as hotel rooms go, El Tres is a little pricey. As far as wedding venues go, El Tres is a bargain as long as you realize that weddings aren't their normal "thing" and you have to put some extra thought into logistics (i.e. rentals, who is in charge, parking). Our guests really enjoyed the awesome taco cart (like seriously, my Mexican family swooned over the el pastor) and kitschy decor which is all a far cry from cookie cutter wedding sites. I still dream of the green corn tamales provided by El Chavo downstairs.  If you cannot imagine your wedding in a bland hotel ballroom with the dreaded wedding chicken, take a peek at this site.

    11/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Eric G.
    Brilliant hotel concept. Go, now!

    07/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Adam F.
    My fiancée and I both have home-based businesses, and between our two home offices, two cats and two dogs, home-life can get a little, ahem, cramped. When I wanted to treat us to a night away, out on the town, but didn't want to stray very far, I'm so glad I remembered a sign for El Tres Inn from a past evening at El Chavo.

    A quick check on their website and I knew I found the perfect place to quickly check in, find someone to care for our animals for the night, put our iPhones on Airplane mode, and turn on our GMail auto-responders.

    It was the perfect in-town escape. Gina, the innkeeper, will make your feel completely cared for with all the personal touches- handwritten sweet notes, two wooden tokens for Margaritas downstairs at the bar, fresh pastries in a bag hanging on the doorknob in the morning, free WiFi, turntable stocked with the best vinyl from your parents era as well as the local scene, iPod speaker docks in the living room and bedroom, oversized flat-panel TVs, options like spa products and a porn box, and all the right finishing touches (lighting, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures that make you want to hire them as your interior designer).

    Parking is easy and included (just use the restaurant's lot), so much to do in walking distance (Vista theater, great restaurants, shops, etc), and they're on the up and up w/r/t what's going on locally and what to check out in the neighborhoods nearby (museums, music and arts festivals, farmers markets, etc). Anytime any family comes to visit from out of town, we are DEFINITELY putting them up at El Tres in the future. Why deal with Marriott or Best Western when this gem is in the hood? While El Tres is definitely not an inexpensive place to stay, it's not outrageous or overpriced. It's just not cheap either. I'd give it $$.5 if I could, but I'm going to round up to $$$. Also, FYI- they're an inn so no hotel tax!

    14/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Tony X.
    We had our wedding here back in September. If you are looking for something out of the norm, you found your spot. We decided from the start that we wanted a party, first and foremost. No full dinner service, no typical wedding BS. Just cocktail hour, live guitarist on the patio, and dancing. For food we offered a heavy app buffet with ceviche, tacos, beans and rice. Food was amazing. The wedding turned out elegant with a relaxed atmosphere and most importantly, fun. Guests were shocked when they arrived at the wedding and didn't have to look for a name card and tie themselves to a table for two hours. A wedding at El Tres is one of a kind, a whole new concept. Or as one guest put it, "you guys reinvented the typical wedding." From the start we knew the wedding was going to be a success. Compliments still haven't stopped coming, people absolutely loved this place and the style wedding they were capable of putting on for us. Budget wise, it was half the price overall, including rentals, compared to your standard banquet wedding.

    The staff was great all night. But the person that made it all possible was Gina, the event coordinator. She was in control from the start, explained everything thoroughly, and really made you feel like you had nothing to worry about. She has complete confidence in her events with good reason.

    25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Rey L.
    my friends had their wedding reception here. this was an amazing venue.

    granted it was a little difficult to initially find the place (the parking is on the back side, NOT the Sunset side), everything worked out great. the wedding reception occupied the top part, the salon, as well as the bottom patio area. my friends hired a guitarist for the beginning of the reception and they played on the balcony, overlooking the guests.

    the salon area was lit very romantically, all red and seductive for the party. they set up the DJ up there too. cocktail tables lined the walls for the guests to congregate at. there was a bar up top as well as the bottom where the buffet style appetizers were served.

    the wedding party booked the 3 suites that they offer at the inn. they had the run of the house pretty much. it worked out well. the staff here were very accomodating. pretty on top of things, clearing tables and serving up the drinks at the bar.

    overall, we were quite impressed with El Tres Inn. we would recommend to others looking for a venue for a simiar gathering.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Cyn C.
    I love this place! Our suite was amazing and comfortable! I felt completely at home and loved that the mini-fridge and bar were stocked when we arrived! We had no problems checking into our room (check-in with bartender in restaurant beneath the boutique hote) upon our late arrival!

    I love a place with personality and El Tres Inn blew me away with it's quirky decor and attention to detail!

    I will definitely stay here again!

    04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Callie K.
    extremely underwhelmed.

    I really really wish I could have stayed at El Tres when they first opened. I would have liked to have experienced the inn when every suite had a record player, when everything was working/functional, and when the staff would deliver local mexican pastries to your door the morning after your stay.

    sadly, El Tres has seen better days. our suite (uno) had records but no record player and blinds that didn't work which meant a very VERY dark suite where it was hard to even make out one another. everything from the door handle to the kitchen counter felt a little sticky and there was a major "after party" vibe, or more like, this is where you pass out after getting totally sh*tcanned downstairs.
    it was a total bummer as I had carefully selected El Tres to celebrate my birthday at.
    I am also usually a fan of the inn concept, and had a great experience at the Longman & Eagle in Chicago (another similar concept inn- several rooms above a restaurant/bar)  but where everything there seemed to work, nothing here went quite right.

    the good:
    + tokens are provided for complimentary margaritas at the downstairs bar
    + ideal silver lake location (walkable to lots of cute boutiques, coffee shops, & bars including 2 bars in the building!)
    + free parking for inn guests
    + possible celebrity sightings, we were lucky enough to sit next to one of my favorites at the bar :)
    + one of the biggest plasma TVs I've ever seen!

    the bad:
    - the customer service or lack of. we arrived 15 minutes early and were told there was nothing anyone could do, we could not check in until exactly 4 o' clock. and so we sat in the car, after a 4 hour drive, both having to pee, watching the minutes pass until it turned 4. awesome.
    - horrible lighting and broken blinds translates to we're paying over $200 to sleep in a cave.
    - no birthday recognition even though it was mentioned in our reservation. I wasn't expecting a free bottle of booze or anything (though wouldn't that have been nice!) but when they go as far as leaving a personalized welcome letter, it would have taken 2 seconds to add "oh, and happy birthday!"
    - the bedroom decor is kinda atrocious. hello horned cow skin chair/footstool combo?
    - no toiletries. at all.
    - no record player!
    - stained furniture = not sexy

    29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Karen S.
    it's all about the details! at el tres, you can tell a lot of thought went into designing the suites. cool art, an amazing selection of records, legitimately good movies you can watch for free, interesting books, and kitchy little mexican touches everywhere. i can't even begin to talk about all of the light fixtures...i swear there were several different ones in each room, and all glass! even the patio light appeared to be a hand blown piece. you feel as if you are in your very own little home in the middle of silverlake. then you can walk out of your front door and downstairs to have a a very strong margarita and an absurdly delicious green corn tamale!

    i'm pretty sure we had the entire place to ourselves on a sunday night, as we didn't even hear anyone in the other rooms. it was surprising because we were in town for a concert at the greek and there were a lot of other events going on as well. el tres is a definite hidden gem (it barely has any reviews on here). everyone else hailing a cab after the show was going to hollywood to probably stay in some overpriced high rise. we went back to the lounge off of el chavo and listened to the dj spin until i couldn't stomach another cocktail.

    originally we reserved suite uno as it was offered at a deeply discounted "rock & roll" rate because it is directly above the lounge that plays music until 1 am on thursdays and sundays. however, i got an e-mail a couple weeks prior to our arrival saying we had been upgraded to suite dos at no extra charge. i thought well sweet, we won't have to hear the music after all. boy was i wrong. suite dos, as well as suite uno is above the lounge. although i had originally booked a room i knew that was going to be loud, i think it is worth mentioning so that people know to stay in suite tres only if they want to sleep on. oh and yes, the music may end at 1am, but drunk people will continue to scream at the top of their lungs until well after.

    overall, our stay at el tres was really enjoyable. it is in a great location close to pretty much everything and the parking is free. i would say my only small complaints were the size of the bed (i really don't think it was a queen), the hot water pressure, lack of counter space in the bathroom, and the sad volume of the record player which couldn't even begin to compete with the music coming from the lounge below. if you are looking for a unique place to stay while in LA, come here...you won't regret it!

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Lissa J.
    I needed a place to stay while visiting my daughter in LA who lives in Los Feliz-Silverlake area. Hard lessons learned on previous visits that it is better to stay somewhere nearby than spend hours in LA traffic. Los Feliz Inn had been recommended but was booked. They recommended El Tres and I am so glad I took a chance on it. I stayed in the Uno notwithstanding the warnings about the loud music on some nights. It was amazing. Modern decor, clean, oversize shower, comfy king size bed, two great quality flat screen TVs, great location, free Wifi, friendly staff. As for the noise, yes I could hear it but I was so tired from a long day of travel, I fell asleep easily and slept great both nights. Highly recommend. Will def use it again on future visits. One warning - if you are not cool with stairs, you might have some difficulty. No stairs in the suite itself but since it is above a restaurant you will have to go up at least a half  flight of stairs (rear entry) or one full flight (front entry) to get there.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Mandy P.
    I have frequently stayed at El Tres and experienced all three of the suites. I have found that I'm happiest in a kitschy, leopard print sheet hotel! Booking is easy; though it might be hard to find dates for availability, and checking in and out is as simple as it comes. Just beware that Uno can get incredibly loud on the rock and roll nights; it's  a bit like sleeping on a train track for 4 hours, but if you stay out until after the DJ shuts down, who cares? The Silver Lake location is fantastic; it's great access to eclectic shops, restaurants, hiking, running, the Children's Hospital, and a million other things. I wouldn't really consider staying anywhere when I'm in town so long as they have room for me!

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Nicole W.
    Really, really loved this place. It has an old Mexico/day of the dead feel to it, which is right up my alley.  

    We stayed in the "Tres" suite, very homey and the attention to detail was astounding. Look at my pics already.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0