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Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, CA

Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, CA


Nestled on 12 acres in the Bel-Air Estates neighborhood of Los Angeles, the iconic Hotel Bel-Air is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and exclusive hotels in the world. Just opened after a two year transformation, this Spanish mission-style urban oasis wins a never-ending stream of praise for its faultless service, luxurious accommodations, and magical ambiance.

All newly renovated rooms and suites feature a new generation of design aesthetic and is reflected through different design themes from the glamorous decades of the 1930s, 40s and 50s conveyed in a fresh, youthful and elegant manner.

The famous restaurant, bar, catering and in-room dining services are managed by world-renowned Master Chef Wolfgang Puck with a menu featuring modern California cuisine with European and Mediterranean influences in a spectacular garden setting.


Established in 1946.

Hotel Bel-Air has been a hideaway for travelers for over 65 years. A visionary significant in the development of the area, Alphonso Bell created Bel-Air Estates in 1922. Bell acquired over 600 acres west of LA, naming his new purchase "Bel-Air."

In 1946, Joseph Drown purchased 18 acres, & the land offices, & began to create an elegant pastoral hotel hideaway. Drown hired architect Burton Schutt to convert the buildings & construct the 62 rooms of Hotel Bel-Air. Drown transformed the grounds into lush, beautiful gardens, adding Swan Lake to the picturesque front lawn. Drown also closed the Stone Canyon stables & built the sparkling swimming pool at the site of the original riding ring. 29 more rooms & suites were added in the early 1980's.

Hotel Bel-Air is now managed by the Dorchester Collection and is a favorite retreat among high profile global influencers, Hollywood stars & multi-generational world travelers.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.21

Address: 701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA, 90077

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    Comments (133):

    1. Mike C.
    This is Old L.A. at its best. It's no wonder the wealthiest and most famous of the world stay and dine here. The service, the quality, and the grounds are impeccable and down to earth.

    03/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. M.J. K.
    The hotel is beautiful. The rooms are spacious - make sure you get a room by the pool. They give out samples of Kiehl's products in the room, which is a bonus. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable - especially the staff at the pool. They are on the ball, professional, and extremely hard working. Their brunch menu is good, though the food was overly sauced and service was slow. It's also pricey - but it's hotel food so that's how much things are.

    02/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Sandy B.
    ah this place is ADORABLE! absolutely charming. the tea here is delicious, relaxing and the place is just picture perfect. service is quite nice. loves it.

    25/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Joane R.
    I have been here a couple times for dinner parties so I never stayed over at the hotel.  The salmon is amazing!!!!  Practically everything I ate was so delicious.  Oh and I can't forget about dessert!  The strawberry shortcake was deeeeelicious.  We went to the bar afterwards which was really nice.  The piano man was playing old songs and it was just a very laid back atmosphere.  A mixture of young and old people.  It's not that big so it can get really crowded.  Did I mention that the hotel has swans??  And the valet guys are really cute.  I definitely want to go back for tea.  Since I've only been there at night, it was kind of confusing to find.  There were so many forks in the road.  Finding my way back home isn't as hard; just keep going down.  Don't worry about what road you're on....just go down.

    12/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Seichan G.
    8/8/09 - This review is for the restaurant. I  had to say we were sorely disappointed with the food and attitudes from the other diners. The hotel ground and the restaurant themselves are beautiful. Very old Hollywood. Actually, the host and the servers were wonderful too. We went on a Saturday night and it looked like we were the only diners below 35 years old. Most diners were over 50 years old, which was ok, but there was one man there that basically told my partner that "we didn't belong in that place and to enjoy it while it lasted!!!" On top of that, the food was very disappointing. The appetizers were decent: I had tuna carpachio with green bean/crab salad - need more citrus. The dressing was a bit bland. My partner's appetizer,  the oxtail crusted halibut, was tasty but the fish was dry. The entree of scallop ($47) consisted of 3 scallops and a handful of pasta. The pasta was very bland. My entree of suckling pig which cost $38, was basically 2 small roulades of pork. It was super rich. I couldn't even finish one roulade. It tasted better when we combined the pork roulade with the pasta that my husband ordered. The Beverly HIlls hotel is much better for us. The food is more modern and the crowd are more diverse.

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. jen m.
    i haven't actually stayed at the hotel but i've seen the entire grounds and a few rooms there because my boyfriend's parents have stayed there a few times. so i can say with only slight hesitation, that this hotel is amazing. it's tucked away from the madness of LA and the grounds are just gorgeous. luscious green garden aplenty and very curteous staff. but don't forget that you are paying a ton of money for this, so in that regard, i would think it is 100% expected to be amazing for what you are spending.

    the restaurant is tasty but somewhat standard fare. the dinner menu consists of a lot of typical meat and fish dishes which are pretty good, but definitely overpriced. the lunch/brunch menu is also fairly standard. i will say that they serve up an excellent fruit plate. not just melons and grapes but strawberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, etc. a good quality fruit plate indeed.

    the atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy, especially if you are seated in one of the outdoor booths. they line the edge of the restaurant and there are so many cushions on the seat that you could probably fall asleep while eating.

    i am giving this place 4 stars because yes it is lovely but it is also pricey. and when it comes down to it, it's *really* worth the price you pay. but it is a nice luxury and most certainly a romantic place to take a loved one.

    09/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Ayelet I.
    I went to tea here and the setting for it could not have been nicer. They have the dining room set in the middle of their outdoor garden but enclosed to keep things from feeling like a picnic. It is the perfect place to experience a traditional tea service. The service by the staff was efficient, if detached, but the tea and food were excellent. The scones with cream were delish and the amount of food served generous for the two of us dining and drinking. What I still remember though is the beauty of the hotel's gardens and how relaxing a locale it would be to stay at if I somehow inherited a windfall.

    30/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Jason M.
    Good afternoon Mr. M., let us show you to your room Mr. M., would you like me to light the fireplace Mr. M., right away Mr. M...such is a stay at the Hotel Bel Air.  Quiet, lush, elegance, with people falling over themselves to serve you (and knowing to stay out of your way at the same time).

    All was not without missteps, though.  Our arrival was supposed to be followed by champagne and strawberries in the room, and that was even confirmed at check-in.  We waited, and waited, and finally I went back to the front desk and asked what was going on.  This is where the Hotel Bel Air shines, the service is always pleasant and always top notch.  They were very apologetic, asked if we wanted it in the room or in the bar, and told us to swing by before we headed to the bar and they would comp us some drinks.  We decided to have the champagne back in to the room.  Room service arrived with a fruit plate, iced tea, red wine, and some muffin thing.  Decidedly NOT champagne and strawberries.  We sent it back (the wine anyway, he left the iced tea and snacks), and finally we got our champagne and strawberries.  After sipping on that for a bit we stopped in to see our guy and he led us to the bar to get us a table and the waitress informed us the first two rounds were on them.  Can you say Basil Hayden's manhattans and Grey Goose pomegranate martinis?  We sure can, Mr. M.  

    The bar is exceptional.  It's an older crowd, a piano bar, and they supply the snacks: a trio of wasabi peas, some cheese cracker thing, and roasted, salted almonds.  We sampled the meza platter (pita with hummus, an eggplant dip, and tzatziki) and the mini burgers from the bar menu.  The mini burgers were good, and the fries that came with them were awesome.  The meza platter though was...lackluster.  The hummus was weird, the eggplant dip was flavorless, and the Great Greek has better tzatziki.  The service, as expected, is great though.  

    After returning to the room we found turndown service had come through and fixed up the room leaving us slippers, a mat to wipe our feet before climbing in bed, fresh towels, a tray of wardrobe maintenance items (lint brush, shoe shine bags, sewing kit), and left the Bose Wave CD player on with a CD of piano covers of show/movie tunes.  

    Room service was also great, promptly delivering great food.  The bagel with lox and creamcheese comes with a generous portion of lox.  The applewood smoked bacon was cooked to perfection.  The eggs benedict were good, although I'm not a benny connoiseur by any means so I'll leave out the superlatives.  

    For special get-aways it's hard to beat the elegance and service here.  Next time I'll be sure to spend time at the pool, it looked divine and I could feel stress fading away just by walking by.  The room itself was great, cozy robes to lounge around in, the softest towels I have used in any hotel ever, and a shower I didn't want to get out of.  Alas, I can't afford to live at the Hotel Bel Air, so it's buh-bye Mr. M.

    23/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Jennifer G.
    I would actually like to give 4 1/2 stars, but feel good with 5. From the moment we arrived the service was personal and high-touch. Our spa appointments were the best we'd ever experienced. I highly recommend the hot stone massage! We went a step further and booked our services in the Enclave. This is basically a suite with a patio and hubs and I could relax together while enjoying champagne. Our room was beautiful, roomy and clean. It took me a little while to get used to the automatic lights, even the toilet was automatic, with a seat warmer!  The area I would knock off 1/2 a star is for the restaurant. I would rather their focus be on the food, rather than the chef. The menu is eclectic and encourages you to try new things, but the prices are absolutely insane. Expensive is one thing, but these are just silly. The service is spot on, the wine menu is endless, but like the other reviewers note, the food is ok, good at best. Hubs and I would come back for another getaway, but would likely venture out for dinner.

    31/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Alexandra C.
    The hotel Bel Air is elegant, undisturbed, and is old Hollywood glamour at its finest. The hotel is set back from the hustle and bustle from the city, and that is what makes it so romantic and quaint. The grounds are what make it so alluring for me from the bridges, to the streams, the lush foliage everywhere...it really is a vision.

    23/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Hugo S.
    Absolutely the most romantic place to stay in Los Angeles, though the prices are indeed daunting.  My wife and I spent a brief pre-honeymoon weekend here and were in absolute bliss.  This is a hotel that understands the perfect blend of attention, discretion, charm, and beauty.  Our suite connected to the herb garden, where we could see growing what would soon be in and on our soups and salads. A slice of heaven.

    12/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Jeanette H.
    This is such a beautiful place. The food is heavenly, the setting is romantic, the service is perfect, the suites are amazing. Whether you go for dinner or to spend the night you will not be disappointed. Spoil yourself - the room service is to die for.

    02/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Karen B.
    the hotel is absolutely gorgeous... we had afternoon tea there for a friend's bday and it was nice. kinda pricey for what you get, but at least the champagne was all you can drink... the service was excellent and after tea, we walked around the grounds which was spectacular... after that, we went into the bar area and had a drink... it's very old hollywood and very secluded... valet your cars and let them know you were there for tea, it's free...

    25/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Dani N.
    This review is in regard to their restaurant only because I have not stayed at the hotel.

    Most graduations fall on Father's day weekend.  When my sister graduated from UCLA that meant we would be spending father's day in LA.  We went to this hotel for the brunch and we were very much impressed.  My sister accidentally made the wrong reservations and this was not the place we were suppose to be eating at, however, turned out to be perfect.  The restaurant was kind to the matter we would be a few minutes late and once we arrived were seated promptly.  Unlike most brunches we were actually served instead of buffet style... thank goodness.  The special menu had quite a selection and we all chose differently to share of course.  Our meal ended up lasting 3 hours with great food, service and company.  Our server was a very kind and gentle soul.  Our experience was unforgettable.

    Before leaving we took a quick walk through the gardens.  Breathtaking!   A beautiful place for a small and intimate wedding or party.

    15/07/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Anthony C.
    I only went for afternoon tea, but I have to say that I am quite impressed by their setting.  Afternoon tea can be both indoors and outdoors, but in the beginning of winter I would say outside was the better choice.  You can rarely go wrong with So. Cal. weather.  The service is what you would expect from a expensive hotel, the sandwiches were ok (not a big fan of tea sandwiches), and the desserts and tea were pretty good.   My main gripe with this place was the tea kettle was really ugly and did not fit the setting at all.  If you go make sure you try to get the booth seats if possible as it provides a better view of the hotel garden.  All in all not a bad place for afternoon tea, but not the best I have ever had.

    22/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. c r.
    I was just taken to the Terrace restaurant for my  bday yesterday.  We would go every year until it closed for refurbishing.  The hotel is gorgeous as always and the service is amazing.  The 2 stars is for the new menu and food in the Terrace restaurant.  The bread they served was hard and tasteless...A long mini baguette that could break your teeth.  The menu was not exciting- usually I can't decide what to get.  There were some strange and unappetizing dishes- fried egg sandwich, mushroom pasta.  There were lots of seafood dishes which is a plus for seafood lovers.  My friend had shrimp appetizer to start and he enjoyed it- 2 large prawns.  He had the pasta with meat sauce and it tasted like they accidentally spilled too much salt in it.  I had organic chicken with brussel sprouts and fingerling potatoes.  The chicken was fine- the brussel sprouts tasted strange- like they took a butane torch and browned them with that.  The dessert menu is less than impressive.  I had an almond cake with side of sorbet- the combination of flavors did not work.   For $14.00 it was a joke.  We really miss the old menu from the Hotel.  It used to be amazing and the food was delicious- not sure why they changed it.

    03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. liz c.
    I have never stayed at the hotel, but had the pleasure of eating and drinking in its bar and restaurant.  This place is definitely a hidden gem.  The servers are courteous without being overbearing and the decor is classy and luxurious.  The bar room has the feel of an old school smoking room, without the smoke.  Despite being pricey, the atmosphere, well-made drinks and food are definitely worth it.  Great place to impress out of town guests or business associates.

    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Jerry L.
    Restaurant review not the hotel.

    My spouse and I enjoyed a wonderful evening here, fully paid by my brother in law for a special occassion.

    We sat at a table by the window overlooking the garden.
    The service was impeccable.  
    The food was very well prepared, tasty, but a tad rich for my palate.

    11/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Joseph C.
    Go to the bar for dinner.....great live piano, fantastic room, excellent food. It will close on October 1....hope it doesn't change much after the remodel.

    24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Hello K.
    Been here to eat quite a few times, and must say, it is gorgeous and such a relaxing environment to enjoy a meal in.  The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful.  Also, you don't have to valet, there's free parking right across the street (Stone Canyon Road).

    *Edit:  Do NOT go here for afternoon tea, it has gone WAY downhill!  It was $50 per person, and the food was a lot less in quantity, and much worse tasting from what it was before.  For that much money, I would expect better tasting food at least.  Plus, it took over an hour after being seated to get our meager portions.  Still a beautiful location, but just a warning if you are looking for a good afternoon tea place, this is not it!

    05/10/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Andrea B.
    Ugly, Ugly, Ugly!  My beloved Hotel Bel Air has been remodeled in a way thats taken all its charm, old Hollywood glamour, and rich history away.  The beautiful gardens are unrecognizable and clearly done by someone with no sense of color, or even what plants need shade and which ones need sun.  As a world traveler I could be in any country in any ubiquitous modern hotel.  The Bel Air's distinctive southern California architecture and style has been cruelly bastardized with no taste or quality of craftsmanship or sensitivity to what made it special.     It feels like a haphazard conglomeration of styles.  It's lost its luxury, deep abiding spiritual sense and continuity.   I hate it is an understatement.  But perhaps, a great meal from Wolfgang Puck will help----however this was also was not to be the case.    We came for brunch and ordered blintzes, French Toast and a couple of egg dishes.  No bread or rolls came to the table, so we also ordered a couple of additional side dishes including muffins.  With coffee and tea we spent over $170 with tip (no wine, liquor, etc.) for brunch for 3 of us.  If it had been out of this world that would have been one thing, but most of the food was mediocre or just overcooked or poorly seasoned.  A huge disappointment.    To add insult to injury, there is an $8 parking fee!  I've been a regular at the Bel Air for decades, and there was never ANY parking charge.  $8 is ridiculous, especially since there are no other options like selfparking.     I've eaten at the Hotel Bel Aire over a hundred times in the past years.   There is no need to return to the Bel Air in the future, I've had my last meal in a place that was once truly magical.

    21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Russel M.
    5 Stars for Ambience, 4 Stars for Food. Always a good place to entertain. Mon's are Corkage free if you like to bring wines.

    08/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Eli B.
    This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I am a hopeless romantic sucker, I know it. I've been taken in by the swans in the pools and the little bridges and the Marilyn Monroe Suite and the bungalows, and I have fallen for it all.
    That doesn't take away from the sheer beauty of the setting nor the fact that as soon as you check in they bring you a pot of tea and a couple perfect scones.

    The Bel Air is actually a bit run-down compared to the Peninsula, or the Four Seasons, or L'Ermitage. But it has a raffish charm all its own.
    The bar is hilarious: you will invariably see old men in pink jackets. I hear they've just redone the restaurant, but guess what, I always loved it.

    26/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Sarah E.
    I just went here with my husband. It has such a charming and cozy feel. You have to go on a beautiful night and sit outside. The food was was spectacular including the wine. The lobster salad appetizer was really nice and the pumpkin cheese cake for dessert is divine. Great service too.

    26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Jim W.
    What is not to like about this hotel?  They cater to your every whim and need.  I could go on and on, just read all the other reviews...they say it all...God, I love you Yelper's!!!!  More info later...
    OK...it is now later and I have a bit of time to continue...This hotel and restaurant is truly what "Hollywood" is all about!  From the moment the valet takes your car to entering into the lobby...Gracious, attentive, caring employees all...I was there to ck out a room that a good friend of mine had made reservations for and he was flying in to LA the next day...WELL...holy shit!  I have no idea what he is paying for this suite, but, it is more than I make in a month, I am sure!!!  Fabulous decor...vases filled with fresh flowers, high end sheets on the bed, a bathroom that my whole house could fit in, and sooooooo much more!  Needless to say, I gave it a thumbs up and called him ASAP to let him know.  He, being the nice guy that he is, said I should stay for dinner on him!  Not dressed right for this, I said no thank you.  Well, 2 days later, he called me and invited me to dinner here.  WOW!  WOW! WOW!  From beginning to end I was filled with amazement and wonder!  I was so excited about being "treated" that I had no idea of what I was really eating...WTF...between the different courses and different wines...I got absolutely "toasted"...(shame on me...dahhhhh).
    Not to mention the several Stoli's we had before dinner!  
    Well, fellow Yelper's...I apologize for my memory loss...Just know that I am sure it was spectacular and better than most "hotel food"!!!
    I hang my head in shame...
    (He did tell me, the next day, that I ate everything and my plate was spotless when done!)

    29/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. A. C.
    The Bar.

    This is, by far, the best romantic bar in LA - especially during the holidays. Guys; wear a collared shirt at least; this isn't your living room. The room itself is very comfortable and soothing; especially when the grand piano is being played. During the holidays especially, the room is twinkling and exudes comfort.

    You will pay for this elegance and comfort; so don't be surpised at the bill. But you'll get some nuts to munch on at your table.

    The hotel grounds are amazing as well; take a mini-stroll around them on the way back to the valet. Swans, creeks, hideaway... it just doesn't get any more romantic.

    It used to be a real challenge to find this hideaway; it's so easy to get lost either coming or going. But now, with GPS, it's easy to find. I'm not sure if that's good or bad!

    24/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Gee M.
    **I'm reviewing the Hotel Bel-Air Restaurant, not the hotel.

    I decided to go here for my birthday this year because it seemed lovely and I'd never actually been here. I arrived with high hopes and I was really excited to see the beautiful grounds and try the food that everyone I know raves about. I was very impressed. From the moment you drive up the beautiful, rustic pathway you feel relaxed and luxurious. The gardens are beautiful and there are fountains and swans spread throughout the hotel. The restaurant, like the rest of the hotel, is tres elegant. The service was impeccable, and no detail was overlooked.
    The food is very good. It's seasonal and very fresh, but there aren't any surprises here. It's not a creative, wow I've never tried that before type of restaurant. That being said, the traditional food they serve is VERY good.  
    Hotel Bel-Air is near perfection. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fabulous restaurant for a special occasion.

    29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. June C.
    Went to the restaurant for Valentine's Day one year and was an hour late for our reservation because of the hellish 405. We called the restaurant every 15min to make sure we didn't lose our reservation and were pleasantly surprised that they still had a table for us when we arrived (everyone else must have been stuck on the 405 too).
    Our steak was cooked perfectly and the attentiveness of the staff exceeded our expectations.

    With the beautiful hotel grounds and the swans, I would say that this is one of the most romantic restaurants in LA.

    FYI:  call 2 months in advance if you want to get reservations on a day like Valentine's Day (unless you like to eat dinner at 5 or 9)

    09/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Lindley E.
    Hanging with the over 50 set and don't know quite what to do with them? If they're anything like my mom, they'll love tea at Hotel Bel-Air, reportedly THE OPRAH's favorite place for...uh...swan watching while drinking tea next to Shirley MacLain?

    Tea at the hotel is an art. They really know how to stage a elegant -- and very expensive - "high tea". For the unitiated, 'high tea' is afternoon tea/snack service, typified by finger sandwiches and small pastry. But you know that. The finger sandwiches were really good -- smoked salmon and osetra (or sevruga?) caviar, roasted turkey breast with -um?- American (??!!) cheese, cucumber sandwiches (oops, definitely made a few hours before we were served). The sweet tray was less appealing - three kinds of small cookies, an unimpressive raspberry muffin, and some unbelievably great scones...with lemon zest and currants. The clotted cream and lemon curd were good...not quite heavenly but together they made the scones into something meal-worthy. I couldn't stop eating the scones.

    Tea selection is less impressive, but let's face it, you aren't going there for the tea. Decor is perfect for pretending to be more elegant than you really are or ever will be.

    Mom give it a thumbs up...now if only it were less than $39/person....

    12/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Karen K.
    This review is only for a particular dessert on their outdoor restaurant menu, which is the rum cake (I forget the actual name). It's a big, fluffly sponge cake drizzled with rum sauce and decorated with berries. The sponge cake, its name serves its purpose, sponges the rum sauce nicely. Yum......

    Oh, their bread basket is also nice, particularly the cheese sticks and olive bread.

    01/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. GAIL W.
    When I am here I know I couldn't have been that bad because I am now in Heaven.  Words will not describe this surreal experience.  I will not attempt.  Be good and book an enchanting stay at this "Heaven on Earth".

    21/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Jason S.
    Okay, first the story of how we found this place.

    My wife grew up eating really, really bad food. As in Denny's bad. I grew up as a bit of a food snob. As in, I didn't eat fast food from, like, age 11 to 23 or so. So, here's what we do. We turn it around. Every year on her birthday, we go to a great place to eat. Every year on my birthday, we go to a dive.

    When we started this, we did some of the normal LA haunts: Spago, Melisse, stuff like that. Then we discovered Hotel Bel-Air. And now we don't go anywhere else on her birthday.

    For her, it's the bread basket and the food.

    For me, it's the sommelier and the wine pairing dinners. Their sommelier is probably one of the best in LA. His suggestions have opened up entirely new wineries to me. Their partnership with Summerland wines is producing some really spectacular stuff.

    And the wine pairing dinners--this is how you avoid the heartstopping food and wine bills. Hotel Bel-Air holds regular wine pairing dinners, and they run from $125-150 typically per person. This is the screaming deal of the century in terms of great food and wine. We've done a lot of these dinners now--the most memorable being a Cain dinner with the winemaker, who tasted barrel futures, before moving on to the actual pairing dinner.

    This is an amazing place, full of class. Don't miss it.

    03/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Moye I.
    I'm sure the Hotel Bel Air earns their 5 stars for the food, location, history, poshness (is that a word?) and atmosphere, but if you're looking to host your wedding or event here, look elsewhere.

    I've been looking for a location for my sister's upcoming nuptials, and eagerly sought out the Hotel Bel Air as a possible place. And visiting the tiny 90-room hotel made me fall in love: an outdoor garden, the pink Spanish buildings, the swans who eat better organic food than me and the fact that the whole place was hidden away in the Bel Air hills.

    But let me tell you: these event people are a bitch to work with. I could barely book an appointment to meet with someone and finally wrangled a time for the coming weekend--even though when my mother and I went, they barely seemed like a busy place. After a tour of the grounds and an explanation of the wedding process (no, not the process of a wedding at their hotel, but the general "you should look for a dress in two months" process), the manager promised to send me a proposal with the costs for the weekend we wanted. And so we waited.

    And waited.

    I emailed him, again and again. His brushed-off excuses? He was busy with Valentine's Day, so sorry.

    Finally, my sister was able to meet with him (after emailing his twice to book a time) and even then, he explained the general wedding process and his questions about our planning process made us seem like we were being interrogated for our income tax bracket. (Where else are you looking? Oh, the Ritz in Pasadena. [lie] Where do you live? Oh, the Hills. [semi-lie]) He promised us a breakdown of the costs. And three days later, we're still waiting. His excuse? The Oscars are coming up, so sorry!

    That's it. Hotel Bel Air, no thank you. Your delicious posh ambience has turned into snobbery and your lack of consideration for potential clients has made your hotel into the epitome of why I hate Bel Air.

    And seriously. Does bragging about how you feed your swans organic fresh romaine lettuce make a difference?? THEY'RE FAT AND UGLY AND I HOPE THEY GET EATEN BY COYOTES.

    **EDITED: I just have to update, for those who cared, that we finally heard from the guy....who only sent us a credit card authorization form with only an "approximate" total cost of a wedding. And spelled our names wrong. Yeah, no thanks.

    20/02/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Kelley Lee G.
    Hotel Bel Air is a true hidden gem. This hotel is nestled at the
    foothills of Bel Air alongside some amazing homes. The hotel is 14
    acres, but seems a lot smaller. HBA is very intimate and the service is
    amazing. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of planning and designing a
    wedding for one of my clients at HBA. From the moment you valet, to the front desk, the service is fab!

    Everyone in the hotel knows who is who and what is going on for the day. If you ask anyone from the gardener to the front desk, they can show you where everything is located.

    What more can I say about the food? All of the guests were impressed with the fine dining they had to offer for this wedding. Guests were treated to a Viennese style dessert station. I highly recommend dinning at this hotel. The service is A++++. If you are considering your next event at HBA, ask for Jenny or Jennifer S. They are superb!

    11/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Yelper X.
    At risk of sounding like a total LA b***h, but what the hell do you mean the Hotel Bel Air is CLOSED until 2011?!?! Where am I supposed to take my sister for her Birthday tea now?

    10/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Scottie M.

    Can't ask for a better hotel in LA, 5 stars all day.  

    Private and relaxing, the concierge takes care of you too

    Save it for special occassions or a special lady...will definitely not disappoint

    17/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Z P.
    It took me going to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant inside the "new" Bel Air to sign-on to all the changes (since the renovation) at this classic hotel, one we have enjoyed for generations. While we still miss the old-guard staff who have the Old-World experience and impeccable manners and memories of "remember-when's..." the new cuisine dissolves most of that -- and what a treat it is when Mr. Puck mingles with his guests and makes them feel right at home. The Bel Air is definitely BACK!

    24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Sean O.
    My friends got married here, and I must say they picked the right place.  The hotel and its grounds are beautiful.  Definitely a relic from LA's glamorous past.  The hotel consists of many different buildings connected by open air arcades and surrounded by lush gardens.  The Spanish architecture made it all the more charming.  

    They wedding ceremony was in the gazebo near the swan pond.  What a great location!  I can't even really describe it, but pictures can show it best!  (I'll post some later).  We had a luncheon afterwords on a private dining terrace.  The space was beautiful and the service was attentive and professional.  Their wedding planner, Jenny, was also great.  

    If you are looking for a hotel that is secluded and quiet, in a beautiful setting...this is the place!

    07/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Jennifer P.
    Need I say  more than  "Kept the prices...lost the charm"  The Bel Air in its previous incarnation was a respite from the 24 hour pose a thon that is LA.  But that was then.  Now it is just another overpriced watering ground swathed in gray...service was cursory at best.  We left wanting to free the swans so they could pursue better accommodations.

    25/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Food S.
    I was a regular at Hotel Bel Air before the long renovation. I must say I was literally counting the days until the grand re-opening. Unfortunately my friends and I were very disappointed.  
    The place has completely lost its regallness and charm.  The bar and piano area are cramped. The fireplace and piano are no longer central to the location.  Whomever remodeled this place had no idea what Hotel Bel Air was all about.  In contrast to the tiny bar, there are enormous bathrooms.  While I did not eat at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant, it was empty and frankly I think Wolfgang Puck is too commercial of a name for a distinctive hotel like Hotel Bel Air.
    Plus they had a bouncer at the door to the bar who was making sure it didn't get too crowded in there.  I'm sorry, but this is not a club.  He was nice in all fairness but it just took away from the unique nestled character of the old Hotel Bel-Air.
    Service staff was amateur.  One waiter completely bumped me without saying sorry so she could reach over to someone else then had her back to me again blocking me from being able to get my drink. A lady who worked there with an English accent was so rude I almost wanted to  leave.
    Will I go back? Maybe, who knows.  Am I excited anymore that Hotel Bel-Air has reopened: absolutely not.

    06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Jennifer C.
    Such a beautiful place! I agree with previous reviews, try to at least come once! Didn't stay at the hotel but had dinner here with my girlfriend.

    Service- Exceptional

    Ambiance- Very old money. Everything is beautiful but not trendy.

    Food- Pretty good, although it's not the food we came here for.

    I got the Char- it's oookkkkk, nothing to fuss over. The potato appetizers is delightful. I would pass on the sauteed mushrooms.

    My friend got the Rib and the beef is so tender. If you're a meat lover, try this.

    Drinks- Lychee martini is yummy here. I got a red, fogot the name but it's the only one on the list for a '97 red. This wine is amazing! Can't believe I forgot the name.

    A great place to treat friends, family, or yourself for brunch. Definitely come when it's still light out so you don't miss the beautiful landscape.

    19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Shani D.
    One word-AMAZING. I came here for dinner on my b-day with my family, we sat outside on the patio...Nancy Reagan sat at the table next to us...I'm so glad she came just to celebrate my birthday... =P
    The service was impeccable. I ordered the filet mignon. It was cooked medium rare to perfection. My parents ordered salmon and my boyfriend ordered the scallops...lets just say everyone's plate was wiped clean at the end of the meal. The dessert was immaculate. We walked through the hotel's gardens afterwards. Everything about this place is beautiful...very "old Hollywood." Pure perfection.

    17/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Richard M.
    Bel-Air. The name says it all. If you have the $$$$ then this is the place..!!! 50-150 guests are ideal. As you can see in my photos, the flower arrangements, exquisite dinners and the beautiful landscape are the finest that Bel-Air can offer. The selections and arrangements are lavishing top choice by meticulous brides.

    24/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Emily C.
    I have to update my review on this place.  I still give it five stars for its superb ambiance and service, but for the food I must dock three stars.  

    Previously, I had only visited Hotel Bel Air for its tea spread.  For that, I still give it five stars because a huge part of the tea experience is taking in the elegance of the tea room.  It's all about soaking in the opulence of the fine china and the fine silver, the matching teapots and tea cups.  And, when it comes to small tea sandwiches and desserts the kitchen really hits the mark.  That's why, when it comes to tea, I still highly recommend the place.  

    However, I would not recommend visiting the hotel for dining beyond the hours of 3 to 5 PM.  I visited Hotel Bel Air for dinner, and the food was just blech.  Before ordering, I noticed that all of the dishes were fairly expensive.  I expected each dish, then, to be de-de-delicious.  But, each and every plate was a complete disappointment.  Even the truffled mac and cheese seemed to be missing a certain something.  My plate of scallops was extremely bland, and the accompanying sauce tasted like plain tomato sauce out of the can.  Yuck.  For what we were paying for, the dishes were a HUGE, HUGE disappointment.  

    So, there... I really wanted to like the food, but really didn't like it AT ALL.  Thus, I would stay far, far away from actually dining at the restaurant.  If you want to visit its restaurant, just go for tea.

    19/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Mimi G.
    This place has always had a special place in my heart so naturally I was excited to return after the lengthy renovation.

    We went for breakfast and it was delicious!  The Huevos Rancheros were tasty and very fresh.  They use Lily's Organic eggs.  The almond brioche french toast with salted caramel creme fraiche was divine and heavenly.  A great little pairing with my perfect cappuccino. Oh and there was an electric guitarist sitting outside serenading diners during breakfast & lunch.  Now do you see why I love this place?

    I did take a look at the lunch menu and I will definitely return to try the burger.  

    We had a tour of the hotel: the new rooms were absolutely stunning, I CANNOT wait to go back and have drinks at the bar lounge, do tea time with m'ladies, and attend/host a party in the new ballroom.  I want to do it all!

    07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Los R.
    Fantastic service and great hotel. Great job in your reopening.

    02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Kelly H.
    I had dinner here with my husband and another couple. beautiful grounds. Definitely take a walk around before or after dinner.

    Great food, great staff and great wine list.

    10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Melody H.
    My friend had her birthday dinner at the restaurant in Hotel Bel-Aire. The service was amazing from beginning to end. The restaurant is very elegant and the crowd is older. The food is wonderful and prepared nicely. The wine list, or shall I say book, is like a novel...there are probably hundreds of wines to choose from...but the prices were marked up so much. It might be more worth it to bring your own wine and just pay for corkage, however, I'm not sure how much it costs

    For appetizers, we ordered 2 seafood plates - raw oysters, clams, crab, lobster, and giant prawns. I've never seen prawns so big in my life...they were the size of my hand! All the seafood was so fresh. Yum!

    My friend and I shared:
    - Diver scallops over cider glazed pork belly & red cabbage
    - 20 oz dry aged NY steak à la lyonnaise & cauliflower gratin (for 2 ppl)

    The scallops were a little too salty, but still good eaten w/ the pork belly and cabbage. The steak was cooked perfectly (medium-rare) and went really well w/ the cauliflower gratin. Even though I split the dish w/ my friend, there was still a lot of food.

    For dessert, we ordered the trio of creme brulee - almond, ginger & green tea. They ran out of green tea so we got 2 gingers instead. I thought this dessert was ok...I wasn't a big fan of the flavors. My friend did get a complimentary chocolate truffle mousse for her birthday, which was pretty good.

    The hotel itself is beautiful. Walking around outside was like walking in a garden. Flowers and trees filled the entire area and there were even swans in the pond! I can probably spend the all day there just walking around enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

    Be prepared to spend a lot of money of you decide to eat here. I had a nice experience and might consider coming back someday.

    10/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Pete G.
    As you turn off Sunset Blvd and onto Stone Canyon Dr., you enter into one of the most gorgeous enclaves in the entire Los Angeles area. And a short drive down this road takes you to one of the most private, luxurious retreat's on the entire West Coast. The Hotel Bel-Air is by far the most unassuming and tranquil work destinations I have the privilege of visiting from time to time. Everything from the Valet to the Front Desk to the Concierge to the Bar to the Housekeeping staff is first class in service and delivery.

    From the moment you pull into the hotel, you are greeted with a smile by the Valet service. These aren't your typical stoner types that peel out in your car as you walk away but they are more like ambassadors for this hotel.

    The Front Desk is a great group of accommodating individuals who see to it that you know exactly where your room is, make sure you get your newspaper of choice in the morning, and always accommodate your every request.

    The bar is simple elegance: great piano bar with an incredible selection of elixirs. From a '82 Rothschild or 30 year Macallan all the way to a Captain and Coke, they have got you covered. Just ask for Steve, every time I end up here, he takes great care of me and my guests.

    Concierge: Simply put, no request is too big or too small.

    Housekeeping: Sweetest group of ladies ever. From extra towels to turn down service, they handle everything with incredible grace and professionalism.

    Next time you are looking for a relaxing few days in LA (yeah, I said LA), check out this hotel. You will not want to leave.

    14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Nick S.
    This review is on the hotel itself, not the restaurant.

    I took my girlfriend here for her birthday to spend the night. I had reserved a Garden Deluxe Suite but knew I wanted to try and upgrade when I got there (I had been told on the phone that if they have rooms available they will usually give you an upgrade of one level for free if you ask).

    Of course the upgrade I wanted was like 3 levels (LOL) to the Grand Deluxe room (a one of a kind room).

    From the moment I got there it was like I had stepped out of Los Angeles and into another world - a serene, peaceful world where everyone caters to your every need.

    Upon check in I asked for the upgraded room (the three level upgrade), and they told me if I paid for one room better they would then upgrade me the other two levels to the room I wanted (basically I had to pay $1,000 for a $2,200 room). I gladly agreed and they told me the room wasn't ready yet (it was 10:00am and check -in is 3:00) - they said go to breakfast and they would get it ready...

    After breakfast I came back and they told me bad news...the room it turned out was having it's bathroom window replaced and I couldn't have it...SO THEY UPGRADED ME AGAIN to "The Swan Suite".

    THIS ROOM WAS AMAZING. French doors off the living room and the bedroom that opened to a private patio that must have been 40ft x 20ft with a table outside that sat 10 easily, a few chaise lounges, a fountain - it was unbelievable.   The private entrance was even enclosed in a white picket fence!

    Now just a note on the service - in room massages, 24 hour room service (breakfast, lunch, or dinner at anytime), heck I even forgot to shine my shoes so I called the front desk at 6:40pm and asked them if they could have my shoes shined and get them back to me in 20 minutes - they said no problem - it was complimentary - and within 2 minutes someone was at my door picking up my shoes.

    Everywhere we went in this hotel they knew my name "Oh good morning Mr. S", etc.

    Another example of their service - my girlfriend really wanted to play the piano - so I asked the front desk if they had a piano on the grounds she she could play for awhile. They checked and let us into one of their conference areas that had a grand piano and told her she could play until her hearts content.


    My review will never ever do this hotel, it's beauty, it's serenity, it's service, it's one-of-a-kind feel justice - I am not wordsmith enough to aptly describe a magical paradise where they cater to you hand and foot.  So I will just say:

    If you are looking for a beautiful retreat to an A-list secluded paradise where you get treated like royalty this is the place to go in Los Angeles. I LOVE it so much.

    02/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Susan Z.
    The rooms are quite contemporary and were done in good taste. The plantings are pretty and the service is a bit robotic. The biggest downside to staying here is the food which is limited in selection, terribly prepared and over priced to boot.

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Kate N.
    This restaurant will always be special to me because it is where my husband took me for dinner on the day he proposed!

    It is a beautiful restaurant with elegant settings and wonderful wait staff. The food was above and beyond what we had hoped for and there were some fine wines to choose from. The staff even surprised us with a dessert with Congratulations written on the plate in chocolate sauce. Our waiter told us that the table we were seated at was the table Ronald and Nancy Reagan always booked.....some fun little trivia : )

    I would highly recommend this restaurant for any special occassion.....dress up and have fun! I would also highly recommend having a pre or post dinner drink at the champagne bar which is next to the restaurant in the same building. It is a very romantic dimly lit setting with a fireplace and a pianist.

    16/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Jessica D.
    I recently had brunch at the Hotel Bel-Air with a group of friends.  The quality of service, food and atmosphere was fantastic.  I was especially impressed with the remodel: elegant and minimalist without being cold and unwelcoming.  We also had a drink by the fire in the piano lounge.  The entire experience was absolutely lovely.  The only think I would warn people about are the prices.  The menu had no prices listed and it was a mandatory three courses.  I just wanted a small bite and a mimosa with friends, but my meal was almost $150 with tip.  I will say it was worth every penny, but I just wasn't expecting that.

    23/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Courtney P.
    PLEASE NOTE: The pics posted on this site of high tea are PRE RENOVATION. THEY ARE NOT DOING HIGH TEA NOW which used to be my favorite thing at the hotel. The current restaurant is a travesty.

    Read these reviews thoroughly, everything is either 5 star for the hotel or 1 star for the dining. The restaurant and staff need a complete overhaul- food is terrible and the staff is beyond rude. Absolutely unacceptable for a luxury property.

    ALSO- Since i posted my review and tweeted to the hotel, they have removed the High Tea from their website, but never offered an apology or any comment to me. For a $$$$ highest of high end properties, the customer service here is unbelievable.

    09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Derek C.
    My girlfriend and I stayed here for her birthday in the summer of 2012 and I surprised her by proposing. It was a great experience all around. Big thanks to the staff here. We enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant as well.

    16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. CJ J.
    First Afternoon Tea Experience (first of many to come).

    Hotel Bel Air was WONDERFUL!

    Very boojee, girlie, frilly, and cute. I wanted to take my girlfriend for afternoon tea at a nice place, came across Hotel Bel Air, so decided to come here.

    Why not 5 stars when I loved it so much? I thought it was a bit pricey, but other than that it was OH TOO CUTE.

    Drive up through the pretty neighborhood, get to the hotel with lots of older rich looking people waiting to get their Bentleys, valet my Honda (LOL), and walk on the bridge to the front of the hotel. Make a right to go to the restaurant, check in on the left, and get escorted to our seats. They even pulled out our chairs, placed our napkins on our laps, and let us have a few minutes to chill before starting the tea. I don't know if I felt like a rich lady or a 5 year old but it was too cute.

    My girlfriend chose Earl Grey tea which I went with because I know NOTHING about tea. It was good and reminded me a bit of coffee. I put a little Splenda in it to sweeten but it sweeten it a bit too much. My girlfriend says "you can add milk too" and I was SO EXCITED! Seriously? I can add milk to my tea? NICE! *blush*

    The little sandwiches came and they were so cute! [See picture in the photo section]. There were four little sandwiches: curried chicken, cucumber, salmon and caviar, and egg salad. The salmon with caviar was SO good. I want more of the salmon next time! Then came the tiered tower with scones, Devonshire crme, lemon jam thingy, cookies, cakes, fruit tart, clair, and a chocolate dipped strawberry. I don't particularly like scones but the ones here were SO good. They were soft and just perfect, especially with the crme and lemon stuff on top. WOW. I already know I am SO going to crave this soon.

    With the tea, sandwiches, and scones I was so stuffed but I had to try a bit of cake. We had a little bit and took the rest home. Everything was very good and cute! The booths were cute, surrounding areas were cute, and you can go to the garden areas and walk around. It's so beautiful with the little fountains, water fall, stream, and lake. There was a wedding being set up in the garden and in another area and it was so beautiful. Definitely a potential spot for my wedding in the future.

    ** Cute booths.
    ** Great scones, Devonshire crme, and lemon stuff.
    ** Great service.
    ** Beautiful place as a whole. [See pictures]
    ** Restrooms had the cabana doors and hand towels instead of paper towels. Cute!
    ** About $60 - $65 per person with tax and tip.


    07/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Caroline C.
    What a beautiful hotel... the food was great. And the hotel room was just WONDERFUL. Perfect for business and pleasure!

    11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Olga d.
    My husband and I will not return after reading the reviews about the "new" Bel Air. We have been fortunate to enjoy the "old" Hotel Bel Air. Shame sometimes Corporations just over do the remodeling and deprive the once so original and truly historical place of its charm and beauty.
    I wonder who makes these descisions that its time to chose the "new" look? People who can afford to go there will probably not anymore...if the Bel Air has to wait 20-30 years for the next generation to grow up afford and like going there they will have "thin" years coming. Ce la vie...la vie en rose.

    02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    59. Ashley W.
    My boyfriend and I went to try The Restaurant after watching the musical Wicked at the Pantages Theater.

    We both shared the prime rib and I must say that it was amazing. I would also like to note that the service was the best I've ever experienced. Throughout the dining time, we had approximately four different waiters approach us if we had any other needs. Our water glasses never went empty and the man who served the bread kept returning after we were done.

    The restaurant is a really hidden, secluded, romantic place you can take your date to. There was absolutely no crowd, no loud groups of people, and all the space you need to enjoy each other's company.

    07/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Don B.
    We spent several hours at the Hotel Bel-Air experiencing both lunch at "Wolfgang Puck at the Bel-Air" and evening drinks in the "Bar".  Overall, the new Bel-Air has retained much of the beautiful landscaping and the overall appearance of a boutique hotel set in an elegant neighborhood, but some of the "upgrades" have come off as the look of any luxury hotel . . . dumbed-down to simply "cool and chic".  The most startling change is the outdoor area by the Bar which appears to try to look "clubish" but is completely out of place in this refined setting.  The outdoor Bar decor is out of place along with the white walls that conflict with the general "Bel-Air-Pink" color scheme.  The Bar has been completely redone in a modern theme.  The old warmth is completely gone and this could be a "cool" lounge in any luxury hotel in the world.  The new Lobby Lounge is well done, casual elegance, and a tribute to the architect s and designers.  Overall, it is sad that the Hotel Bel-Air, that we've enjoyed for decades, has gone way-too-far in its "redo".  Many of the improvements make sense but particularly the indoor and outdoor Bar area fail miserably to retain the splendor, ambiance and intimacy of the old Bel-Air.
    Lunch at Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel-Air was fine.  Yes, dammed with faint praise.  The food was good and the service was very good but the price for a modest lunch for three with no alcohol at $140 was not worth the price . . . but that was what we had expected, so neither impressed nor disappointed.  We certainly would not return for the dining experience.
    We returned to the Bar in the evening and were surprised that when we walked in, "open seating" was not an option . . . a hostess decided where we could sit . . . completely unlike the way the old Bar operated.  The service was congenial and as a minor bright spot, they regularly use Fever Tree Tonic Water for their gin and tonics!

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Tony Y. Jr. Y.
    The Hotel Bel-Air Restaurant is memorable for all the right reasons.  My, my, my this restaurant exemplifies the true meaning of fine dining.  I was taken here for my birthday and this was a rather enjoyable experience.  If you want a tranquil environment with great food, a fabulous ambiance, and unparalleled service, well make your reservation at this restaurant.  During our entire meal, which was brunch, we were graced with the presence of soft music being played by a harpist.  Our waiter was like none other, as he catered to our every need, as did the servers.  Dissatisfaction doesn't exist here.  To date, this has been my best dining experience, as everything was perfect, and how often does one get that from a restaurant.  The Hotel Bel-Air Restaurant, and The Hotel Bel-Air itself, is an oasis of serenity.

    19/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Mary A.
    Top notch place a billion star. Truly an oasis, a hidden Gem & away from the ordernary hotel's & life. Secluded, great scenary & decor. Stayed here for 3 nights just for the hell of it me & my friends like to relax & try new hotels in LA that we haven'. We though t since we live here mind as well spend our money on mini VACAS since our parents won't let us go far lol.

    Our room was cute with a fire place next to the bed a private patio nice bathroom his & her sinks, & a comfy bed. We ate at the restaurant for dinner. FOOD is elegant & expensive be prepared to pay $$ I ordered the bouillabaisse & let me tell u I don't like FISH, but I love seafood & white fish (BUT not stinky fish like salmon or anything)

    This was the best bouillabaisse ever that I had. I have been to the south of france twice & at every freaking restaurant had ordered that it WAS STINKY & NASTY.
    California & hotel bel air knows how to make a non stinky very elegant bouillabaisse.
    I LOVE It!

    22/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Lynn F.
    I have lived in Los Angeles most of my life and Hotel Bel Air has always been my favorite place in the city, hands down. I eagerly awaited its reopening. Eeegads, I am very upset by its conversion into a nondescript and boring modern looking hotel. The only reason I gave it  one star is that, thank God, they didn't pour concrete into the swan pond. Shame on the designer who did not understand its old world opulence and gorgeousness. This beautiful gem, that was once the shining jewel of Los Angeles looks like any old run of the mill hotel now. I hate it, I won't be back. In Europe they treasure their beautiful historical buildings. Here...not so much. "Progress" has not been a friend of Hotel Bel Air. RIP, old friend of many decades...

    18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. V V.
    Absolutely Fabulous. What a chic hidden treasure. With lush landscaping, ponds and swans, this new and improved Bel Air hotel is modern but cozy. The bar and outdoor restaurant terrace remind me of something you would find on a tropical island, right here in our own backyard. Restrooms were amazingly decorated and very clean. Food was typical upscale. Staff was friendly enough, no complaints. Great lunch or summer dinner spot!

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Laura G.
    The newly reopened restaurant has some things to work on, but I have to say that the food was decadent.  The restaurant is extremely pricey (you can easily spend $400 for two people) & the portions are very small, but the food was quite tasty!  The service staff needs some training and the decor was probably better before the hotel remodeled.

    02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Anne B.
    I use to go to Hotel Bel-Air regularly, and I was married there in 2003.  I was so excited about the remodel and planned on celebrating my 10th anniversary there.  I went shortly after the re-opening and I was beyond disappointed.  The grounds and exterior have the same charm, but the interiors are now very contemporary.  While beautiful, the interiors are cold and uncomfortable in contrast to the grounds and exterior.  Our food and service was terrible, but I figured that was because it was too soon after the re-opening and they had not yet worked out the problems, so I decided to give it a second chance, and the food and service was awful again.

    27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. Anna P.
    the atmosphere is gorgeous, very intimate and elegant.  the food and drinks are fantastic.
    i once spent the whole day here.
    nuff said.

    17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Betty C.
    I have heard such amazing things about Hotel Bel Air's afternoon tea over the years and have been wanting to try it so I finally took my mom there for her birthday on Saturday.  Hotel Bel Air is nestled in Bel Air, getting there requires you to make all kinds of turns and swerves but I guess that is what is also appealing about the place, the secludedness.

    Service: Top notch, from the moment we got to the valet to our entire time at afternoon tea, every member of the staff was friendly, helpful, and attentive.

    Afternoon tea: Now, if I'm paying $48 a person for afternoon tea, there should be some kind of expectation there. My expectation was to be completely wowed and blown away.  The only other place where I've paid about the same was the Willard Intercontinental in DC and that was a fabulous experience all around.  I must say I was a little disappointed in the afternoon tea here at the Hotel Bel Air.  It was served in the garden terrace where you could normally overlook the garden.  However, on the day we arrived, they put up these clear canopy drapes (forecast to rain later that evening) which blocked the view of the garden.  

    Onto the food, they only gave us a few savories, just 3 tea sandwiches, which wasn't filling nor exceptionally displayed.  Our afternoon tea set came with mini scones, assortment of desserts, and cookies. My mom commented on the fact that there was only one of each dessert and they were so small that they weren't really made to share.  I didn't eat the cookies but she also said that it tasted store bought and not home-made.  For $120 after tax/tip for 2 ppl, I really expected a fantastic unforgettable experience but I really didn't get that at the Hotel Bel Air.  I actually had a much better time at the Penninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills when I had afternoon tea there.

    I wish I could have given it a better review and I really wanted to but unfortunately, it didn't meet my expectation.

    07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Ben S.
    My generous girlfriend was very excited to treat me to New Year's Day brunch here; Me, I'm always of one mind about places like this--BORING!  Now, I do understand the standing and place in LA's society and history that Hotel Bel-Air deserves and enjoys, but let me just propose that there are a few kinks that need attending to here after their Re-Grand-Opening:  the service was grievously slow; from getting seated even though we had a reservation and the restaurant was quite empty at Noon;  to a nauseating, wafting sewar drainpipe odor which persisted as we brunched and finally, to painfully waiting for our check to arrive-- I couldn't wait to escape.  This place is for old, privileged folks who can appreciate a slow, meandering stroll to take in the Swans which are so graceful...  But, for those of us under 40, I much more love Cecconies in WeHo, The Perch, Far Bar, ironically, WP24 all downtown, Sunset Tower also in WeHo and even the W in Hollywood.  These places have what I call...A PULSE.  A VIBE.  An indescribable ingredient which makes you want to hang out, enjoy, converse, imbibe.  Not, PLEASE GET ME OUT HERE, I'M DYING--literally.

    However, if you do find yourself snagged in a well-intentioned, romantic plan to go here, then I highly recommend the Crab-Cake appetizer and the Angel Hair Pasta with Lobster and Scallops.  Truly, the best pasta dish I have ever sampled!
    But, afterwards, you may need to do what I did which was find a sophisticated cock-tail anywhere else to shake off the barnacles from being docked in our booth for so long...

    02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    70. Bobby J.
    Hotel Bel-Air now reopened with a 'Wofgang Puck'. It is sad for what once was such a beautiful hotel hide away.

    10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    71. Navid S.
    I had not visited this beautiful hotel since its renovation.  Nestled in the hills north of West Los Angeles, in the very exclusive Bel Air, this most romantic hotel is perfect for a weekend getaway, or a wonderful lunch.  Beware, it is VERY expensive for a lunch, but the staff is SUPER polite, and courteous and the atmosphere is fantastic.  Take a peak at the wine list for the $2850 Chateau Lafite and the other $4000 wine!

    28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Abbey R.
    This little hotel is so hidden away nobody even knows where it is. You have to go up up into the neighborhood hills to find it.  

    The entire place has just finished a major facelift so everything is absolutely perfectly new. Why, oh why would you go anywhere else.  

    There is a wonderful bar which I think is frequented more by the neighborhood than the guests. The drinks are pricey but talk about rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. I am quite sure this must be where many of the Hollywood deals are sealed.

    Strolling the grounds is one of the most romantic dates in Los Angeles. There is a little path over a small bridge that takes you under the entry bridge to the stone grottol.  This little bench area is a perfect place to cuddle up and whisper in your lovers ear.  Once, I spied a young man asking a girl to marry her on the bridge. Rumor has it this happens all of the time.

    Service is sublime, owned by the same company as the Beverly Hills Hotel.  If you have an American Express Platinum card take advantage of the complimentary room upgrade and late check out.  

    Think I will go check in now.

    12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Aya O.
    Just beautiful and perfect.

    My man (well, now he is ex) took me to the restaurant
    for my birthday.

    So romantic, great food, wonderful service.

    Yes, pricy.

    Worth it.

    08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Oz T.
    Clearly making a mistake and writing a wrong date for reservation (past night) and not making it right with an update offer is not understandable.  Hostess talking to a guest should follow up to make sure clerks handle the guest reservations correctly and provide confirmation number right away. When a mistake is brought to your attention do not have the guest waiting for hours, offer an update and expedite check in and confirm satisfaction. Such a nice place, too bad reservation desk needs work. Not a happy stay.

    09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. Davis A.
    Took my wife for a weekend getaway and treat her after she'd had to work almost non-stop for a month.
    The hotel is stunning.  The grounds, the staff, everything is just beautiful and peaceful.
    The only reason I'm doing 4 instead of 5 stars is that I find it ridiculously overpriced.  Nobody should be paying the kind of money they're asking for a sleeping room.
    However, wife loved it and we got to stroll, relax and reconnect!

    02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Emily B.
    Finally made it to dinner here after the remodel...after much anticipation.

    The remodel is definitely modernized and beautiful.  They have a lot of heaters set up as the dining room is an open floor plan that looks a bit like you are inside, a bit like you are on a patio.  Especially, impressive are the heated floors, specifically noticeable for women wearing open toed shoes!

    The food was very nice albeit small portions for high prices.  One thing that was visibly missing in all of our entrees (four at our table) fresh vegetables.

    I think that WP's other high-end restaurants are much better (i.e. Spago's, WP 24).  I do not think I need to rush back but I will look forward to returning for lunch or trying out the bar, instead.

    18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Monica W.
    We attended our friends wedding couple of weekends ago at hotel bel air. It was my first time here and I must say this place is superb. Not only was it a beautiful venue, but the service.. Omg the service was one of the best I've experienced! I just had a baby and this was our first time out of the house without our son. Since I'm nursing I was a little nervous about the logistics of having to pump during the event. I asked one of our waitress if the bathroom had an outlet as I needed to pump, she went and found me a private room. Not only did she walk me to the room while holding my stuff (since I was in heels), she set a timer and came back to help me with my dress as I asked. Then she even took my stuff out to the valet to put in our car so we don't have to worry about it. I was amazed. Wish I would've gotten her name. But honestly everyone there was all very nice and helpful. 5 star indeed!

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Clara B.
    Loved having drinks on Christmas eve at the bar by Andrew, he made some kick ass drinks, wow and they bring the glazier in too, really cool shaped ice and yummy:  Help save the bees cocktail.  They have done a great job on the remodel,

    The staff is friendly and kind and we loved the atmosphere....

    27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Dioneia K.
    This hotel is beautiful. Great service, outstanding in room breakfast. The only problem is the technology in the room. By the time we figure it out how to use it, it was time to check out. Over all is a great place for a romantic getaway.

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Angelie D.
    Another fine dining experience. This hotel is like a diamond in the rough! The setting is so peaceful and serene. Its hidden in the small hills of LA. The parking is limited to valet but you can park on the street if you don't want to pay. I've been here twice, both last year. Very intimidating at first since I'm not use to having 3 forks, 3 spoons, and 3 kinds of glass already set on the table. Very bougie!!

    This is the first restaurant that I've gone to who had someone specifically there to tell you about the wine and serve them to you. I believe they are called sommeliers. He was sooo good and he picked the perfect wine for me to have with my meal!

    The soup they were serving was some kind of ox tail soup w quail eggs. Good! The appetizer we got was the best smoked salmon I've ever tasted!!!! My meal of course was great, can't go wrong with the lamb! The only thing that didn't stand out to me was the dessert but then again I was too full to even enjoy it! =)

    This is definately a place to take your mother out for her bday! Pricey but that's what fine dining is all about!

    04/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Kat R.
    i have been here for dinner 3 times, and once for lunchtime. I was impressed every single time. Our dinners were mostly fixed menus, but I do recall having a grilled cheese for lunch, and it was the best grilled cheese sandwhich I have ever tried. The hotel itself is also beautiful and the service is one of the best I've had. Dessert never fails to impress either.

    06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Susie L.
    We've been going to the Hotel Bel-Air for years. Started our romance there and got married there too.  It was always our most favorite place to go, for lunch, brunch, dinner and to celebrate every special occasion. Rang in 2000 there.  And then... they remodeled - why why why?  Okay so you want to remodel - I get it, but to butcher it and suck out every ounce of what made the Bel Air special is... well a crime. But still we went back for a couple of special occasions, birthdays.  The decor is so bland - but I have to say the food was excellent.  But the room, so cold and uninviting.  It's now my birthday again and my husband asked - Bel- Air?  I replied "wouldn't dare" it's ruined and if we want Wolfgang's food we can go to Spago, not that I love that remodel either - but it's better.

    18/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    83. Sunset M.
    My wife and I stayed here for our 15th wedding anniversary.  

    We had a terrific time and were very happy with the hotel and staff.  The grounds and rooms are terrific - nice combination of old-school Hollywood and new-school comforts.  Service was outstanding in every respect - and in a familiar and friendly way, not in a saccharin way.

    Also, since they knew it was our anniversary, they sent champagne and fruit to our room, put rose petals on the bed...just a lot of very classy touches.

    Overall, a top-shelf, relaxing getaway.  We will definitely visit again.

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Jackie B.
    Re-opened today after two years. I had the pleasure of touring part of the facilities with a client a week ago. It looks to be everything it was but with a sparkling new finish. The banquet staff was dressed in their best for training, very classy. The event space seats 180 and has a min. 45k food and beverage minimum+ service fee and sales tax. The perimeter of the ceiling features led color changing lights.

    Rooms start at about $675 per night. The lobby is an intimate boutique feel surrounding a fire hearth. Check in to the hotel on an ipad. This is a must visit, swans and all.

    Read more Los Angeles Reviews as well as shopping/fashion, dog rescue and party planning on my blog- rescuelashelters.wordpre…

    14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. S M.
    What a shame to take down this one time classic hotel!!  If there was less then one star, they would get it for what they did with the decor!!

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    86. RiceMom L.
    We've enjoyed an annual lunch in the terrace over the years, and this was our first visit after the refurbishing. Loved the decor! I disagree with critics below---- NOT tacky deco but consummate contemporary SoCal casual elegance! Sunday brunch menu offered wide variety of choices within 3 course prix fixe. Outstanding beet salad with truly complex sauce garnishes/ drizzles on starters & entrees. Sweet perfect bass on pea puree. Jidori chicken was best chicken of my life---moist meat with crisp fried skin with goat cheese between skin & meat.  Couldn't resist dessert trio--- my highest compliment is that it was at the level if Michel Richard. And be sure to take home your Danish basket if you're too full--- it's absolutely superb. Only criticism is price of coffee..... $8 !?!?  Gouging is tacky & should be beneath this place!  Service was flawless. Setting gorgeous tropical Hollywood & worth at least a half hour stroll.

    01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Sarah R.
    So I know this is a review about the hotel, but I am going to tell you about the bar.  Wowza!  Seriously love the place.  I love the way it looks.  I love the way it feels.  It's very cozy to me but without the country bumkin feel and with all the elegance.  

    Certainly a big part of that is Allen and his darling sidekick Lucas.  Allen was a class act from the get go.   Allen and Lucas created a warm and entertaining space for my ladies night out. Of course there was a fancy pants drink menu with all the bells and whistles for me to peruse. I asked him to make me something delicious, fruity, and beautiful and he delivered!  

    We had such a great time, it was decided that we would become regulars...

    Just sayin'  :)

    23/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Nadia V.
    I was lucky enough to book a suite for my boo's celebration.

    This place is absolutely AMAZING!

    Had a bottle of Champagne and cake to compliment his celebration! It was perfect!

    I walked around the property and i just kept thinking.... "i want to get married here, someone please marry me!". Its an escape, its perfection, its a beautiful resort.

    This is by far the best hotel in LA, PERIOD. The design, the technology, EVERYTHING!

    We dined at Wolfgang Puck for brunch and it was by far one of the best dinning experiences I've ever had. The food was great. I cant wait to come back. I think we both found 'our' place to come and escape, celebrate, enjoy, and have romance in :)

    I will be back in a year :) Hopefully ....

    15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Todd G.
    Amazing!  Loved this place before the renovation and love it more after the renovation.  We spent a weekend celebrating our Anniversary here, like we have several times in the past, and couldn't have picked a better resort.  The service was excellent as the staff was very nice.  The room was beautiful and the food was very good.  The bar still has great character of old Hollywood and had live music.

    We had heated floors in the bathroom, set breakfast room service up via the ipad and could control the room temp, lighting, music, etc all via an in-room smart phone touch screen in every room.  Total convenience and simple to use.  Didn't want to leave and get back to reality.  Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for our weekend getaway.  Our favorite place!  Oh yea, recommend the burger in the bar and the short ribs at Wolfgang Puck.

    15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. M R.
    Such a nice place!
    Pleasant, upscale and food was delicious. Will come back for sure.

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Karla N.
    Another favorite of mine... Such a beautiful place. Great jazz music and ambience. Can't wait to go back.

    06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Kiera D.
    SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm going to cry. I love this hotel! Every little detail is perfect. Go see the swans.

    01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Pat M.
    This hotel is beautiful.  However, as a professional classical musician - who provides ceremony music - I have refused to work there for several years.  We are treated with a total lack of respect and expected to jump hoops in order to work there.  The requirement to leave our expensive instruments (violins, cellos, harps, etc) along with our driver's license - then park our car at the top of the parking structure and walk the long distance back to the north gate and then walk around the back of the hotel to the front and down to Swan Lake is ridiculous.  There are steps right by the valet entrance that leads down to Swan Lake.  There is no reason that any "servant" shouldn't be allowed to use this passage to the ceremony site.  It doesn't surprise me at all to read the negative reviews on this owner's treatment of mankind.  This hotel was on my "tour" for out of town guests.  We often enjoyed a lunch or a drink while enjoying the beauty of the grounds.  Never again!

    19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    94. Dallas M.
    An oasis. Very secluded and romantic. You feel like you're on your own special island.

    12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    95. Elizabeth R.
    I had my wedding at Hotel Bel Air last summer. The experience of planning a wedding with them was great. Tiffany, the catering director, is extremely professional and on top of things. She really puts you at ease because you can tell she is super smart and a hard worker. The venue itself is just gorgeous as you would expect. The food at the tasting was exactly what they served at the wedding, it was just spectacular. The tasting was so organized and delightful, they really cater to your every need. The wedding cakes tasted unbelievable, definitely the best tasting wedding cake I have ever had. The decoration of the cake was kind of boring though...I kind of wish I went with an outside vendor for that, but the cake was seriously so delicious and unique tasting so I guess it evens out. We also did a plated dessert in addition to the cake and it was seriously to die for it was so delicious and beautiful. My favorite course had to be the artichoke risotto...it was perfectly al dente and scrumptious which I know is very hard to do for a huge crowd. We ran into a bit of an issue during the cocktail hour, many people didn't even have a server come up to them and offer food because many of our guests knew where the waiters were coming and posted up...we were told ahead of time that this would not be possible because they would change up their ways of getting to the guests. They ended up giving us a discount on the cocktail hour food due to their mistake. We had the Swan Lake Suite for getting ready and the wedding night which was an upgrade from the lowest level suite they include at no cost (the lowest level suite would have been way too small). The room was fabulous and so comfortable for my 9 bridesmaids, mom and mother in law to get ready in. There were two issues with the room: the shower door doesn't prevent water from leaking out all over the bathroom floor and the technology in the room is way way too confusing, I wanted to play an iPod and they sent a few different people to figure it out and they couldn't do it...super annoying.  Around lunchtime I was planning on getting a few orders of room service hummus, cheese, and fruit etc. Tiffany came in and suggested I order mini tea sandwiches, cheese and fruit I said okay without knowing the price...$600. Crazy crazy crazy, and not only that they were terrible! The white fish sandwiches were actually so fishy they were inedible. The other sandwiches were good. Also, there was not enough food to go around and my sister ended up ordering a sandwich for herself because there wasn't enough. The food was presented beautifully and my bridesmaids seemed to like it, but I was pretty annoyed. I should have said something that day, but I didn't want to seem like a bridezilla. Luckily the food at the wedding was amazing so I wasn't too pissed off. But I would have appreciated a heads up at the cost before ordering it, I didn't think to ask because she was so nonchalant about suggesting it. I had a 3 course lunch at Bouchon in Beverly Hills the day before for my bridesmaids for the same cost and the food was sublime. Despite the minor hiccups during the day everything went smoothly and my guests were amazed with how beautiful the property was. Our guests said it was the best wedding food they had ever had. If I could do it all over again I would definitely choose Hotel Bel Air.

    21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Simona F.
    Love this place. From the valet to your waiter, everyone is friendly and professional. Food is OK and not something to write home about but I come here for the atmosphere plus it makes for a fun neighborhood hangout.

    20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Neesey O.
    We had a wonderful evening last night at the newly renovated Bel Air Hotel.  The atmosphere, ambience & food were all amazing.  
    What has prompted me to write a review is the fact that we were so well taken care of because our order with the Restaurant was delayed considerably. (We were sitting in the Bar in a very comfortable seat so we decided to order from the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant & have it delivered over).  
    Our Waitress Nicole went out of her way to ensure we were compensated for the inconvenience of having to wait so long.   We hadn't even complained, in fact we just enquired as to why it was taking so long.  
    This was handled so professionally & classy & we were very very appreciative.  We can't wait to go back.  
    In addition, the food was excellent especially the hazelnut dessert.
    Thank you to all the Staff we encountered.

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. David A.
    one of my favorite places in Los Angles area.  Amazing

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Enjella L.

    Intimate Setting

    Kudos to the winter wonderland feel which is so very hard to find in SoCal.
    Avec or sans white Christmas lights, it will definitely transport you into a romantic evening.
    Cozy feel and charming quaint with an old world feel. I definitely didn't feel like I was in  LA.  Because of all the ivy, it walks like a maze.  There are a lot of private dining rooms. One of which I was in. Inside, I felt like I was in someone's nice living/dining room having a nice dinner (rather than at a hotel) with a fireplace and warm candles lit everywhere.

    The front desk reception and the private dining rooms all have low ceilings. This is probably why I felt like I was in someone's home rather than at a hotel. Except for the bar area, which is outside so you don't get as much of a claustrophobic feel.  The private dining rooms do not have their own bathroom so you will have to step out and use the one near the outside bar seating area.

    I thought the service and the food to be good, but not great.
    The wild mushroom soup, however, is exquisite, (and I'm not even a soup girl).  Very rich and pungently striking flavor.
    The sea bass - been there, done that one too many times.  So when I I try a new place, I want to give the new place the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, there was  nothing exceptional about it.  In fact, I've had much better sea bass.
    Apple tartin dessert - don't bother, although the accompanying scoop of vanilla ice cream is top notch.

    Peep the pix.

    Final note: I'd come here for the ambiance and company more so than the food. Moreover, I was recently told that the brunch here is $$$$ for subpar food and service.)

    Private, romantic, intimate setting.  This is where you want to see somebody long time.  

    Parking - valet (no charge, just tip)

    Location - on a windy road, easy to miss.

    20/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Karyn T.
    My wonderful husband took me here for Valentine's Day Lunch and it was the best meal we've had in a long time. While I had the crab cakes appetizer and Jidori chicken entree, it's the latter that still leaves an exquisite taste in my mouth. I have never had a seared/roasted splayed chicken taste so refined and well worth the $$$$ this experience cost. The skin was crunchy and the meat melted in my mouth like butter, both succulently savory with a hint of sweetness that I'll remember for years to come. Admittedly, I typically never eat the skin or fat of any meat because of the texture and the calories, but on this lovely day I savored it all and gave myself a free pass on culinary guilt--my v-day gift to myself. Bravo WP @ HB! You have outdone yourselves today!

    Also worth the mention, our waiter was one of the best we've had in a long time. Her personal style, warm and jovial nature paired the comfy yet elegant air of the hotel/restaurant wonderfully. Though keep in mind you will pay for this exquisite experience. If I remember the waitresses name is will update this post. She was the sweetest ever.

    p.s. The entree so piqued my interest that I have been searching the internet to find a Jidori chicken recipe that I can prepare for my family at home. Considering that Jidori is a type of chicken and not a style of preparation, I would love to have the recipe if they would ever be so gracious. While there are other restaurants in the LA area that offer Jidori chicken with "posted" recipes online, this is the one I would like to revisit before trying another. I think we'll be back for Sunday brunch.

    The photo someone posted of the Jidori chicken is dead on. As if the photo wasnt delectable enough it actually taste better than it looks. The only reason why I didn't take my own photo was because I had already devoured half it before the thought occurred. Enjoy!

    25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Tim L.
    The hotel underwent an extensive remodel a few years ago.  Ever since then, it is a sad shell of its former self.  What once was, in my opinion, the best hotel in LA is now inconvenient, silly, and out of touch.  Not content to be a tasteful and relaxed, the new managers/owners have attempted to inject 'modern conveniences.'  So, now everything that can be controlled via ipad or itable or i-whatever, is.  The result is confusing, tedious, and most of all, not relaxing.  The restaurant is long on pretension and ritual, but short on...well everything else.  (The food is mediocrity embodied).

    Are the grounds beautiful?  Yes.  Is it a wonderful place to have tea?  Yes.  But at 800$/night (give or take), that, to me, is the minimum you should expect.  The Bel-Air once approached perfection.  Now, it barely reaches adequate.

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    102. Missing F.
    I am not sure if me and the good reviewers came to the same place. I am surprised this place has so many good reviews. Me and my mom came here last Christmas. Service was slow. The place was beautiful in the hallways and such but the rooms didn't even match. Food was mediocre, overcooked and boring. Was the same stuff you'd find at TCF or even the groceries from Ralph's and Whole Foods. Plus, for $20 a salad that was something we could of just done at home. Pasta was oily! They tried to be nice by giving us cake, but that was bland and dry. It's seen better days.

    Bathrooms were clean. Parking was ample, from what I could see. Otherwise, not worth it.

    12/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    103. Rl B.
    Totally Amazing! the restaurant and hotel are unbelievable - like being transported to the french countryside for the night. The food was great, the service perfect.
    we all actually just wanted to move in and stay. Even the restrooms felt like a spa vacation.
    We're definitetly going back, but next time for at least a long weekend
    What a great spot, still being in town, but feeling like your on vacation.

    13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Jerry G.
    Expensive cocktails.  But they have to pay for the swan's somehow.

    31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Josh H.
    I am shocked that the bel air would be so off.  My wife had a ladies dinner for about 10 ladies and it was a  set menu. The dinner was at 7pm on a school night well it wasn't over till after 11 pm. Two of the ladies  had to leave early but still had to pay for the food they never got. I lady told the waiter she had a very serous peanut allergy that she could not have peanuts and no walnuts. Well salad came and my wife said i think walnuts are in that showed to the waiter who insisted no that was not a walnut. My wife reached into the salad and pulled out a few walnuts. No one at the restaurant seemed to care.  It took so long food was wrong some never came. I call the next day to give them a chance to call the host and make it up. They told me how sorry they were and that they would call but as usual nothing no call no letter no follow up. its shocking that they care so little.

    08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    106. Possum D.
    Born and raised in Los Angeles, my go to hotel has always been the Beverly Hills Hotel, until now. My fiance and I just had an anniversary and decided to spend a few nights at the Bel-Air. Even thought I just got home, and live a few miles away, I want to go back. The staff is the best in the business. The hotel rooms are adorable, clean, spacious. When we got to our room, we had champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and diet cokes (our favorite) waiting for us. They are all about the details.

    01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Jessica S.
    Do you love bread?  Because I love bread.  This bread completes me.  Actually, there are 3 kinds of amazing breads here: soft pretzel (OMG), French (sourdough? Not sure, but that CRUST), and olive (the most olive-packed olive-y olive bread, so good!!!  I love olives).  

    The WINE.

    Best salad I've ever had in my life.

    The PASTA.  Something with mushrooms, in a shape I had never seen before.  I asked what the name of the shape of the pasta was, they told me and I forgot.  But I asked what it meant in English, and they said "rolled up bed sheets."  I really like that!  AND I really like that they could answer my question when I asked.  They know their stuff!

    Great service.

    The bathroom decor is incredible, I may or may not have have had a little bathroom photoshoot with my sister in there when no one else was in there...

    I told them in advance that I was vegan and they were extremely accommodating, they asked if I wanted something prepared from fresh vegetables on hand, or if I wanted the pasta that was already on the menu.

    This place is so good you just have to come here, I can't even describe it well, I just describe it in fragments because nothing I can say would do it justice.  

    I can't wait to come back here.  Can I live here?  Please?

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    108. Hanie B.
    The scenery of this place is amazing. Valet parking. Great staff. Good service. They treat U like a star. Very romantic.

    17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Lauren T.
    Hotel Bel-Air what have you done?  I wish they never went under a renovation!

    LOL, I really don't care, but the new decor now looks similar to the styling of the W Hotel.  Elegant yet modern which is nice but Hotel Bel-Air has lost its charm.  For that, I must say that I don't agree with the new look of the hotel.  The hotel made a bad decision in revamping their look.  It was fine the way it was or perhaps they should have used another designer.  The old look was more rustic, regal, and felt like a hideaway from all the chaos in Los Angeles.  Now, it just looks like any other upscale resort, there is no more character or personality to the Hotel Bel Air that sets them apart from the rest of the hotels in the area.  It's a shame.

    Other than that and for those who have not been, Hotel Bel-Air still is a beautiful property.  Many celebrities stay here while visiting.  The staff is friendly as before and the food is great.  They've opened up the outdoor dining and have added a few more accents to the place including a teeny tiny boutique.  

    I am glad they did not change the swan pond/creek at the entrance of the hotel.  If you get a chance, take a stroll around their garden, it is very relaxing and picturesque.

    17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    110. Jeff M.
    Came to the Hotel for the Thanksgiving with the girlfriend and stayed for a few nights. Too see the new remodeled Hotel. This place is very beautiful....

    The Hotel staffs are nice and friendly. The rooms are beautiful, there were a few hick ups but the staffs were fast to address the issues. Everything in the room is High Tech so be sure to ask them how to work things. But everything is controlled by the touch screen on the phone.

    P.S. I'm sorry but this place looks NOTHING like the W. This place has class and elegant in its décor

    28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. Rem R.
    I had my first run in with the Hotel Bel Air yesterday. I was attending a Private Grammy Concert at the L.A. Convention Center and the Bel Air was the meeting ground to be shuttled in.

    The Bel Air Hotel which is nestled into a residential district of Bel Air to the point you would never know a Hotel has space to be there, but it does. We arrived at the Bel Air and were met curb side by a great staff. Everyone working at the Bel Air seemed committed to excellence.

    The Staff at the Bel Air was top notch. The grounds of the Bel Air were spectacular. No matter the direction you walk the preconceived notions you have of what a luxury Hotel should be and meet and surpassed.  The vibe I had walking around the grounds was peace and tranquility. The sound of water flowing, foundations, candles everywhere you looked. It was pretty amazing.

    I did not have time to check out the rooms but will be back on Sunday for the real Grammy event.

    11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. Michelle G.
    My fiance proposed to me by the beautiful swan lake! Our stay at the Hotel Bel Air was magical - staff went above and beyond for us. We didn't want to leave... Look forward to celebrating anniversary's to come at your hotel! Love Love Love

    24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Ishtar Y.
    Loved everything about this place.

    The service as expected was amazing, everyone was super pro and made me feel like I was at home!

    Talk about romantic , the whole atmosphere is "let's make babies nowww!!!" during the day you can stroll through the arched walkways with beauganvillia vines, walk through the lush landscaped lawns that of course include the most romantic of animals, the regal swan..

    At night the dimly lit walkways areaccentuated by glowing torches . Everyone working here has a low key relaxed vibe.  Definite plus!

    Bars here all have a solid bartender..the wolfgangpuck restaurant here is a must if you have someone special to treat or impress. I recommend the big cabana seating,, very intimate and you can snuggle up as your sipping your wine haha..

    The pool tho it closes a bit early is very classic Bel air/ Hollywoodesque,.

    And I haven't even mentioned the rooms.. I literally want to steal all the furniture and kidnap the designer ,, it's very modern, but classic semi French  design.. Furniture as mentioned iis gorgeous,.. Tufted lienen sofas, with amazing glass tables that look and feel vintage, but you know theyre brand spanking new,  loved the Top of the line square television,....Yes an ultra cool tres chic square flat screen tv... Which I now want... High ceilings...which makes it feel more house then hotel room... Amazingly comfy and spacious room... Oh and an awesome patio ... Home away from home!!

    Feels like another world tucked into Bel air!

    Great experience,, really unforgettable,,:)

    15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Vicki H.
    This is truly a wonderful place to go for a drink or dinner with Wolfgang Puck.  This is my Favorite Hotel in the City.  And I will tell you why, when you step inside you feel like you are out of the country somewhere so fab!!!
    I love the dining on the patio and then having a night cap in the bar.  Summer is almost over so go enjoy that patio before it gets to cold (although they have heaters outside).

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Farah N.
    One of the best hotels I ever stayed if not the best ! The hotel has a beautiful outdoor garden that creates a magical ambience.

    31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    116. Shradha A.
    Visited for food and drinks at the The Bar & Lounge. Service was stellar -- the person we were dining with mentioned how she didn't keep leftovers for her dog because the pasta was so good, and what did our server do? She went and packed a dog biscuit for her to take home!!

    But okay, I'm getting ahead of myself -- my drinks were really fresh (with cucumber and basil) and well mixed! The pasta that is hand-rolled each morning, cooked with mushrooms, truly was delicious. The live piano was great and everyone from the front desk staff to valet to bar were so friendly and unpretentious!

    I did hear a lot of complaints about the decor and that's the only 1 star missing here -- the glass tables did look kind of cheap. Do visit the Ladies' Room as it was gorgeous with a dressing table et al.

    13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Carlos C.
    Best hotel in LA. Awesome service, great food and the best staff!! Weather was great and the rooms impeccable!!  From the beds to the tech in the rooms. A bit expensive, but worth every penny!!

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. M H.
    One of my favourite spots in LA.
    Everything tastes amazing and you can't get a better atmosphere. Wine selection is great and I love how there is live music late at night by the bar. Very romantic.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Tim M.
    Don't have enough stars here.  The property, the great staff, and of course the jazz bar.  I spent a week here, saw perfection everyday, and joked that I got a glimpse of heaven.  The place is still understated but elegant, less is more, where I won't bore you with all the surprise accolades.  Find out for yourself and I promise you won't be disappointed.

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Pilar M.
    I've been observing the manager. He spent more than half hour at the table with three beautiful women but never check with us if we were satisfied. What are we? Chopped liver?

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. John R.
    I had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Bel-Air for a few nights in the Fall and it was a wonderful experience. I doubt many will consult Yelp with making the ultimate lodging decision, if such a decision can be demoted to that, but for those I offer the following. The Hotel Bel Air, for its modern amenities and high-profile trappings, remains "old-world" in many senses. The grounds are quiet and lush, offering privacy and warmth rather than sparkle and flash.

    The hotel is close to Sunset and the West Side but quietly reserved in the hills of Bel Air, between Brentwood and Beverly. The hotel consists of several Spanish and Mediterranean/Santa Barbara styled buildings on a sprawling property, up a hill and surrounding small ponds and creeks. The grounds are well-nurtured and it shows, with every bit of soil just brimming in palms, ferns, and roses. The English-style gardens are beautiful and bountiful and there are walk areas and fountains, benches, and various staircases or elevators to tiny areas with separate suites, throughout the site's grounds.

    Rooms are spacious and well-appointed here. There is a great variety of room-types and amenities offered, and room location can influence this. Many rooms have working fireplaces, some jacuzzi tubs, some outdoor pools, French doors, etc. Rooms are absolutely world-class in terms of comfort and amenities, but where this is most apparent, is in the level of personal service. They truly go the extra mile to make your requests come true, and they are discreet. They will offer their services liberally and every guest should oblige, and follow with gratuity. The food and drink offered at the Bel-Air are above-board but with the inflated prices, one should venture into the area to find LA's best. You're paying for room service or ambience, and it's worth it to some degree. The room though, that's worth it all the way.  


    31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Albert G.
    I have stayed here for over 40 years and when I saw the changes I was furious. I pouted and with hangdog face furiously reported my displeasure to Miss Manners concierge Gwen who calmed me way down. "Everything has changed from your younger days. Corporate takeovers have changed the landscape and how we in hospitality do business. This is the new Bel-air. Hope you learn to like it." I walked away reconstituted and "with it." Estelle at the outdoor restaurant is better than the younger Joan Rivers. She ought to be in show business,
    Lissethe Sierra gave me the best manicure I ever had. She is an artist. Book now for Christmas, she is one lady in demand. Food so-so and valets are a joke. Call and book my room. Tell 'me the world's biggest bitch sent you. Still one of the best in the world.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Nine S.
    Since renovating and reopening Hotel Bel-Air a few years back, I've been here on numerous occasions to enjoy their extraordinarily crafted cocktails, delicious coffee, or tasty dinner entrees (including their simple, yet tasty Caesar salad and fresh margarita pizzas) at The Bar and Lounge with black grand piano, and strolling around the beautiful hotel grounds, stream pond, and gardens.

    In fact, I luv this place so much that we spent our most recent NYE celebration here - enjoying the music, with a wildly fun NYE countdown inside the stunning decorated Bar and Lounge, after having dinner and enjoying cocktails ALL night long in a plush couch booth table in the corner, next to the fireplace. It was truly a lovely festive celebration.

    I absolutely LUV their Amaretto Sours with their frosty creamy egg white topping, poured into a deep rounded glass cup, over an giant chunk of cut iceberg. Very exquisite, classy presentation, and even tastier than it looks! Sooo yummy, especially because I ONLY drink wine or champagne (everyone knows this about me!) versus hard alcohol or liquors. That truly says a lot about breaking my own rules only at Hotel Bel-Air's Bar and Lounge. During the day, we always like to sit outside to enjoy the plush grounds and views.

    The coffees are always served in a French press. They serve courtesy trays of olives, chips, and a delicious nut mix. Very addicting snacks... and their outstanding fluffy hot souffles, definitely worth the wait time!

    The homey hotel grounds are so romantic and serene. You feel very secluded and it is so fun to explore and enjoy the ducks and gorgeous elegant swans swim in the stream.

    You can valet park for $8 with validation, or find street parking near the residences.

    Absolutely, it's my favorite bar and lounge due to the fond experience - the superbly divine cocktails, upscale setting, regal decor, romantic ambience, friendly service, and understated modern elegance.

    26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Greg B.
    Driving up to the Hotel Bel Air all I could think over and over again was "where did the fresh Prince live?"

    You pull into the Bel-Air and as you get out of your car and walk across the bridge below you you see the beautiful little pond and the swans and you just know you're in a magical place. We checked in for a long weekend-the Bel-Air was offering the third night free if you stayed two nights there. We decided to splurge and got a very nice canyon view room which the hotel upgraded when they learned that I was doing something special for my wife.  So they got big points before I even showed up.

    The suite that they gave us had floor-to-ceiling glass doors the constituted two of the walls of the room that opened up onto a private porch with a dining area and inground hot tub and a fireplace outside.  Totally elegant. And totally private.  

    The service was impeccable from start to finish.  staff were always attentive to our needs--took care of things that we didn't even ask for--I just absolutely loved every minute of it. The hotel has a great restaurant  by Wolfgang Puck.

    You just can't go around here people.

    16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Lydia L.
    Still feel in LOVE with this hotel. I got married 15 years ago and haven't been back to this hotel ever since. The restaurant got updated but glad to see some area are still the same. Just lovely.  Totally bring back my memories with their new twist.

    06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Jeff H.
    I'm a long time frequent guest at the Bel Air. I've been staying there since the early 1960s when I first stayed there with my parents. Almost everything about this hotel has been delicious, soothing, fun and restful, until now.

    In spite of my happy memories and great fondness for staying there,  I will not stay another night in this hotel until the current owner, the Sultan of Brunei, rescinds  Sharia law in his country.  Sharia law in Brunei  means gay men there can soon be stoned to death and women there can be publicly flogged.

    I have always enjoyed staying at the Hotel Bel Air, but I cannot morally justify enriching a foreign ruler who allows these barbaric laws.

    04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. R Z.
    The best hotel in Los Angeles, probably North America, and quite possibly the entire world. A marvel to any luxury traveler with an eye for detail. They didn't miss anything. Sometimes when I'm here, I play a little game with myself where I try to find fault with some aspect of the the hotel and I can't do it. It's on the pricey side (but no more than any other luxury brand) and it's totally worth every penny. If you're looking for tranquility in the big city, world class service in the most luxurious and peaceful setting imaginable, then you've come to the right place.

    I'd recommend this place as the perfect venue for an incredible date, to pop the question, to have the wedding at, or to go on your honeymoon at. I think you get my drift- it's one of the most elegant and romantic spots in the world. Everything here is world class.

    The food is incredible. Honestly, they do room service so well here, that I often prefer to dine in than go out to some of my favorite restaurant in LA. It's kind of a funny thing, but the Hotel Bel Air may be home to the best Huevos Rancheros in the world (honorable mention for the steak frittes.) They also have an amazing bar area with one of the best bloody mary's I've ever had.

    The rooms are really the masterpieces of the structural part of the hotel though. From almost any point in the room you can control the temperature, the lights (there are such convenient settings for them too,) or order any of the services the hotel has to offer. They miss no details, right down to the heated bathroom floors in winter. I'd invite anyone who's reconsidering a remodel of their home to come stay here for a couple of nights to take notes on features you might not have thought of, but will instantly recognize as perfection.

    And the real masterpiece is the service. My only warning is that once you've been treated this well, you may not feel like anywhere else really lives up. For an incredibly busy person, this is the place for you. I have them unpack and pack my bags upon arrival and departure (they do about ten times a better job than I could and in a fraction of the time.) The concierge desk here rivals that of any in the world. Just tell them what you're interested in, and they'll supply you with an insiders itinerary for whatever it is you fancy. I saw them handling the medical needs of a guest so well yesterday that I secretly wished that they working in my doctors office when I got back home. They got me into an impossible restaurant within an hour of my asking and I can tell you from experience that doing these kinds of things is the norm out here.

    Lastly, I know there's some controversy with the owner of this hotel, but after I thought about boycotting this place it occurred to me that I would most definitely not be doing any real damage to this man on the other side of the world who's worth 20 billion dollars. Instead, I would be hurting the people I've come to value most in this city. I'd imagine the people who are really suffering are the employees of this hotel, who are probably losing their jobs wholesale from this boycott thing. They're genuinely some of the most intelligent, empathetic, knowledgeable, and caring people in this city. So I am still very happy to stay here, because I'm for supporting them. I can understand the other perspective, and it's certainly valid, this is just my two cents.

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Nicholas T.
    The first thing I had to do, after returning from the Hotel Bel-Air, was write this review; I will follow up with a letter to the hotel Manager!

    YES - the hotel is rather expensive - but I honestly think the price is worthy of the service and accommodations - people that complain about price, without staying, shouldn't be allowed to review - and if you complain about not being treated, literally, like a King or Pop Princess...re-think your review, please.

    I guess over the years I have come to expect the best from hotels when they call themselves five star - few actually live up to that rating, especially in the United States.  My stay was 100% relaxation - and it was possible to not think about work at all!

    Upon arrival at the valet, I was greeted by a full staff of valets; bags out and showing me the way to the hotel reception, as if I've never been (they don't assume, they just lend a hand).  After an early morning of flying, a nice, honestly delivered, greeting was pleasant.

    Across the historic bridge, past the swans, I was in a Garden of Eden; and it smelled amazing.  Check-in was a breeze; thanks to Nicole, "we've been expecting you!"  

    I was early, so while my room was waiting a clean-up approval, I headed to Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air; AMAZING!  One of the best Huevos Rancheros I have ever had!  Not only did it look amazing, but tasted great and seemed healthier than normal.  First class service at this restaurant; real team work...and this was at 11AM, not busy dinner hours where you'd expect this service.  The entire staff there was on their game and should be commended!

    Finishing up, I received a call that the room was ready - I was greeted at reception by a bellman and he showed me to my room; a very nice Canyon Suite.  After a tour of the room, and some basic instructions on how to use the advanced gadgets, I was ready to do nothing over the next few days.  A knock on the door...and a lovely arrangement of various oranges from the gardens was delivered - along with a bottle of water, I lounged at the patio spa overlooking the grounds - complete quietness (aside from some construction nearby - this is one of two frustrations, but not enough to give a negative feedback).

    The bar staff at The Bar & Lounge was also to be complimented; personable & friendly - they never let you down.  I spent a few hours here!  The spa is also worthy of a visit - you can lose track of time (which is the point) here.  Something about three letter words that make you forget your troubles...SPA...BAR...

    The bad...this time...the neighborhood construction...someone has to build those massive mansions - it seemed to start early on Saturday morning.  Also, twice my room key did not work - it was free and clear of any demagnification - I was meeting someone and had to drop off some personal items in my room  my card didn't work so I called the reception - I gave up waiting after ten minutes - no big deal - I got another card in the time.  Also, I called a few times about a constant noise coming from what must have been the pump to the spa in my patio - all I wanted to know was if it turns off...it woke me several times...until I finally fell asleep.  The service here is top notch...I was surprised this was never addressed or at the least, someone tell me it's typical and won't shut off - I think I'd opt not to have the spa and get uninterrupted sleep.  

    OK - complaints over.

    The staff is fantastic; friendly - if you are approaching them in a corridor, they step to the side and greet you - that's classy...I felt like the President!

    Very little is wrong with this hotel...and I will be back and HIGHLY recommend it for a spoiled get-away!

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. . ..
    I come here a lot to get away.

    The fireplace draws a lot of very interesting people. I've met dignitaries, diplomats, hot housewives, rock stars, movie people, and ordinary rich people. All, great talk.

    The bar makes a killer Old Fashioned.

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. Melanie D.
    I did not stay overnight, but I was there for a presentation. The grounds are beautiful. There is a feeling of serenity and peacefulness as you stroll the gardens. Their signature swans floating on the water are so graceful.

    The lunch buffet served had a variety of dishes and was quite delicious. Afterward, as we walked passed Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, we saw Wolfgang being seated in a quiet nook to dine.

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful, even the valets. Valet parking costs $15.

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Sundari K.
    Before its renovations, the staff, food, drinks and ambiance were well-above the luxury standards in LA. Any day, any night, any time. I've been a regular patron for over a decade now, but the last 3 visits have left me believing luxury has truly lost its luster at the once-esteemed Hotel Bel-Air. Sloppy service, long wait times, and simply rude management have left me sour-graping here. They take reservations, they don't take reservations, make up your damn mind or hire staff who can keep it straight. I don't even want to quibble over the once complimentary valet that now leaves you stranded in your Givenchy booties for over 10 minutes in the 62F weather at night. In LA, that's FREEZING!

    I so want to love it for its old world charm and the simple way it used to make me feel like a princess when I walked over the idyllic bridge. Now, I'm treated like an evil stepsister, who's fussing over her red sauce pasta. Please bring back Antonio and all that came with the truly decadent experience. I beg off you, HBA management...

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    132. Kimberley C.
    Where the REAL moneyed people go.  Wish I could say I'm in the same league, however, sadly.... I'm not.  Top 1% stay here or rather the top 0.005%.

    Classy, understated, families with children that look & act just like their parents with proper manners and the "right" brand name clothing.

    The minute you walk through the covered entrance, past the pond, the fish, the swans and into the hotel, you feel a sense of peace sweep through your mind/soul.  I let out a BIG sigh..... as I let all the stress leave my body.

    This hotel has one of the most beautiful lobbies I've ever seen.  It's understated, classy, all neutral tones and it absolutely compels you to just SIT in the lobby for hours.... meditating.

    The hotel staff is very attentive to your every need.  At $450/nite for the basic room you will find, that by the end of your stay, you are re-charged, happier, healthier and ready to go back into the real world.  It's absolutely worth EVERY penny.

    I'm not sure if Bang & Olufsen TV's are in every room in the hotel but it was in ours. Since I'm an electronics addict, it was so much fun watching TV and listening to music through that system.  Very very cool.  

    The mini bar is well stocked.  There are little touches everywhere that remind you constantly that you are staying in one of THE state-of-the-art hotels in all of the west coast.  

    Just a quick note about the food situation at this hotel.  It's just average.  Not great, like it should be.  The food is a great disappointment to me.

    Take a taxi and go to Melisse in Santa Monica or Il Pastaio Restaurant in Beverly HIlls.  Both are amazing!

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Cruz A.
    Fabulous Stay. Rooms were very clean and quiet , bed was comfortable , great view of Downtown area. Staff in every Dept of hotel were very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend this hotel for your next stay in CA . We will be back.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0