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Rose Bowl Motel in Los Angeles, CA

Rose Bowl Motel in Los Angeles, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 1533 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90041

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    Comments (16):

    1. Amy C.
    Too bad I can't give a zero star!

    This place is sick.

    My friend and I wanted to take a quick LA trip when I was still living in San Diego.  We were thinking that we'll have enough energy to drive back after a few drinks.  Nope!  After a few drinks, she was dead tired and at that time, I didn't know how to work a manual, so we decided to post up at this shi*T hole motel.  It's about the same price as motel 8, but probably crappier.  YUCK.  The room was tiny, only large enough to fit a queen sized bed.  It smelled and the blanket had a hard stain on it.  EWWWWW.  It was white and it was hard.  EWWWW.  


    Don't stay here.

    For $50, go on priceline and try to find something better.

    18/01/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Manesh R.
    I stayed at the Rose Bowl Motel over the President's day long weekend.
    The room was clean with Flat panel TV & close to lot of good restaurants, & the Rose Bowl.

    The folks at the front desk were super friendly, and courteous.

    Worth the money!

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Bill P.
    For the price and the wonderful location it is a great deal. The room has a flat screen and a king size bed. It is really funny as you get up there must be grandpa, the grandson, and the rest of the family sweeping every bit of dust in the place. The owners are so sweet that you want to hug them!

    30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Hector A.
    Koo motel for $50. Dont complain cuz it this n that! Bitch u payin 50 dollaz! Dont expect a 5 start hotel lol

    14/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Rom D.
    A great place for this price.
    This guys will really do there best to make sure you'll have a nice stay.

    Good location with different places to eat just few minutes walking distance.

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Richard K.
    I wish I could give negative stars... Do not book a room here unless you have a backup plan!!! On second thought, save yourself the trouble and go with the backup plan.
    Our experience with this establishment was very short, and not by our choice. We made reservations for a Saturday night about three weeks prior to our trip to LA. At that time, "David", the person who took our reservation over the phone, asked for a credit card number and casually asked what time we would be arriving that day. We told him we'd be there around 4pm. "Great, it's all set!", we thought...
    We arrived at 4:30pm that day and went to the reception desk to check in. The person just nonchalantly replied "Oh we gave your room away." WHAT? We thought we misunderstood him because of his accent and asked him to repeat what he said. "We gave your room away." WHAT??? WHY??? "Because you're late." He gave our room away because we arrived 30 minutes later than we estimated? He says we told him 3PM, not 4PM. OK, even if he truly misheard us, who gives away a room after 90 minutes??? What was the point of taking our credit card number? In case we didn't show up AND they didn't have anyone to give away our room to? We asked if there were any other rooms available and were told, "No". After some heated words from us, he looked over at the older guy standing next to him as if to say, "What shall I do?". The older guy just shrugged his shoulders (translation: "Tough luck...", I guess). So I yelled that I was going to write a scathing review of this place on Yelp. At that point, he picked up the phone and said, "OK, wait..." or something thereabouts - we had trouble understanding him throughout the conversation. It seemed like he wanted to try to figure out what he could do to appease us (what could he do if all his rooms were full? And why did he only show any interest in our complaints after I mentioned Yelp?). We told him to forget it - there was no way we were going to give him a penny for anything. We ended up at a chain hotel down the street - a little more expensive, but clean, quiet, and an efficient receptionist.

    25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Stephen M.
    I booked this hotel for a short weekend trip to LA. Based on pictures, reviews and the location on the map, I was completely comfortable with my booking and looked forward to checking in a little late in the evening.

    Upon arrival, we were offered water and then given a (real) key to our room, which we found to be immaculately clean and well proportioned. The bathroom was retro and the bed was big and comfortable, while there was a nice flatscreen TV, a fridge and a microwave. The property in whole is tiny, but very very well maintained. It looked like there was enough space for one car per room, not much more. The hotel may have had a seedy past cuz there were a LOT of mirrors on the wall across from the bed, but hey, it's cool. Get your freak on, Los Angelinos.

    The owners are friendly and outgoing and I can't say anything bad about them. They seem really eager to please and obviously take great pride in their property.

    The hotel is quite close to The 2 and The 134 Freeways, located across from a Trader Joe's and within walking distance to tons of cute eateries. This hotel is much closer to "The Valley" than it is to downtown LA, no doubt.

    I should note that I booked this hotel on priceline, who was an agent for booking dot com, where there are WAY more reviews, and not one of them is a one-star review. So, look around and you'll be pleased.

    31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Joshua H.
    Cheap and the staff are friendly. I've stayed here three times now for a variety of reasons and it was exactly what I expected for what I paid for; a room with AC, a TV and Wifi. I'm not much of a TV watcher so I can't really comment on the cable but the wifi was fine and the bed was alright. Depending on the room, you'll get a firm or soft mattress. I think the firmer ones are in the smokers rooms though (not sure if that's for all of the rooms, but that's just been my experience). If I need a cheap place in LA to spend a few nights this is where I'll be coming from now on.

    11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Jeni I.
    The front desk was so nice, it's cute place and the bed is firm, with clean tho old sheets. Trader Joes across the street. But, oh they really need help in several areas, and I *have* paid $60 a night for better. You'll be saving yourself a *lot* of headache if you spend a little more for a nicer hotel in the area.

    Bring slippers or socks, because the carpet is VERY dirty. I'm fine and pretty tough with things like camping and such, rarely have problem with allergies, but I was very congested at this motel. Not sure why. Floor?

    Also, I asked if we could have a quiet room. We later discovered they put the loudest lady imaginable right next door to us, TV full blast all day and partying like it's 1999 with some guys. It's 2013 folks. Let's save up for a better place to stay.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Aimee L.
    Alright. Okay price. They charge you when you get there, not after you leave. Walking distance to Trader Joe's, various coffee breakfast and lunch spots.
    I stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights. I was holed up in the room most of the days, probably more than most, so keep that in mind.

    Upon walking in the room was clean, had an odd smell that went away after leaving the window open a while.

    Cable was better at night, hardly worked during the day. Flatscreen TV.
    FREE WIFI- Worked great.. no issues there.

    Queen sized bed was firm and comfy. Shower water was nice and hot. And the room had a nice sized fridge and microwave. They have blowdryers at the front desk.

    Pastries, muffins, cereal, juice, milk, coffee was offered as their continental Breakfast from 7-9.

    It's right across the street from an Elementary, so daytime is LOUD and full of kids yelling and screaming. "Neener neener neener" Along with the cars.. lots of cars. It felt almost too dangerous to cross the street, while the nearest crosswalk was a block or so away from the Trader Joe's.

    At night there was the most obnoxious construction going on.

    Neighbors are so close you can hang out with them with your door closed. You get to smoke if they are smoking too.

    One day I had my window open and the guy working that day asked if he could come in to put a chair in my room. I said No, I'll just take it cause there is no room for it. They he proceeded to talk to me through my open window, offering me no privacy whatsoever.

    Cable was better at night, hardly worked during the day.
    FREE WIFI- Worked great.. no issues there. m and comfy. Shower water was nice and hot. And the room had a nice sized fridge and microwave. They have blowdryers at the front desk.

    Pastries, muffins, cereal, juice, milk, coffee was offered as their continental Breakfast from 7-9.

    I probably won't go back ever again.. I'll try another motel in eagle rock.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Evelyn G.
    I thought this place was really cute . We stayed here one night . its like a little house .I felt the mattress it was very firm but it was comfortable .

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Morticia H.
    Stayed here one night to escape a loud party. It's cheap and for good reason: The sheets are a thin polyester/cotton blend and the room had a weird smell. The mattress was very firm...like overstretched trampoline firm, and the pillows were too small and too soft. (I read in other reviews that the mattresses vary from room to room. It might be worth requesting a room with a softer mattress if that's what you want--and extra pillows.) The included "breakfast" consisted of instant just-add-water (or rockview milk) kind of stuff as well as long-shelf-life prepackaged pastries (but why would one settle for that when Cyndi's diner is right across the street! The place is a cute, route 66 era motel (love the neon), clean and the south-asian guy at the desk is super nice. I would go back there to escape a loud party again.

    23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Goerge G.
    Service was very annoying. Stayed here on 11-9-14 and the rooms had a weird smell. Check out is at 11:00am, at 11:08am the Indian man started knocking very loudly on the door asking me to open the door immediately. His English was not the best so we had trouble communicating as he kept asking me to "open the door right now". That was very unprofessional in my opinion. Then he tried keeping my deposit for me being 15 minutes late to check out. Would not go back again.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Samantha S.
    Stayed here one night while I was on location doing a photo shoot.  The place was easy and cheap.  Parking was safe close to the room.  The couple who ran the spot were so nice they gave my girlfriend a needle and thread to sew a tear in her blouse.  Thanks Rose Bowl Motel.

    04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Mark L.
    They don't change the sheets or pillow cases between guests' visits (gross bad hygiene) . The shower is pretty dark and the bed is really hard. I come to LA once a month for business but I won't be back here.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Kenny D.
    Loved it here.

    Room was quiet. Parking is 2 feet from my door so I see my car at all times.

    The couple running the joint are very nice and very accommodating. They actually let me check-in a whole 2 hours before the official check-in time--at no extra charge.

    Will definitely stay here again!!

    02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0