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Shelter Hotels in Los Angeles, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.20

Address: 457 S Mariposa Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90020

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    Comments (143):

    1. J.C. O.
    I have traveled a lot and have stayed in hundreds of hotels. The Shelter Hotel provides a great basic room at a reasonable price. It is clean and comfortable. While there are no amenities, the price provides great value. You get a decent sized room with modern furniture, a modern bath, a comfortable bed and a tv with a 100 channels, and WiFi - nothing more, nothing less. And the staff is friendly and willing to take care of you!

    01/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Steve F.
    Keep in mind this review is based on the price paid for this place. For the money, I found this to be an incredible value. The Shelter (who named this place? )was still undergoing renovations as of the end of December of 09, so around the edges it was still a work in progress. The rooms are nicely appointed with kind of hip, trendy furniture. The staff, (everyone) was extremely friendly, and in a more genuine, and less corporate sort of way. Not a big complaint, but a close look around will show a lack of good construction finish work throughout...a minor complaint for sure. We really like the location, more in a high density residential area, yet really close to the Metro line. The area feels pretty safe, if you go several blocks to the west you will discover some beautiful homes that were built maybe around the 1920's or so. Our room was spotless. The fisheye tile in the bathrooms are pretty cool too. Hip, trendy, cool, of the beaten path, yet in the thick of things, makes The Shelter hard to beat in this $50-$100ish L.A. price range. The Shelter has not seen the last of me.

    07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. J E.
    This adventure was short lived to say the least. Upon pulling up, we quickly realized this was a renovated apartment building - In the middle of a bunch of ghetto apartment buildings. Ok. So willing and open-minded, we look for the lobby. Oh, it's on the 2nd floor says a very kind maintenance guy (we assume, he had no uniform or badge). So up we go to the "lobby" and there was: a card table, someone's leftover lunch in a bag on the floor, and a surly "receptionist" sprawled out like a homie at the desk. After a quick lecture about NOT smoking (and having to sign a $200 waiver if we did!) we went up the elevator through a BARE hallway ("minimal" if thats also your idea of prison), and open the door to what was supposed to be our beautifully designed room, to a musty blank chamber. For $100 a night. Great pics online, nice site, but DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Immediately left (still having to fork out $100 plus tax for cancelling our 3 night stay) and found a great room at the Comfort Inn on Highland. The Shelter owners should be convicted of fraud.

    02/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Bodhi S.
    It's a little unexpected to find this hotel in this neighborhood, but that's not a bad thing in my opinion.  It is just a few blocks from the Metro, which is a rarity in LA, allowing easy access to, say, downtown activities at Staples Center, or Hollywood/Vine shopping and star-gazing.

    The furniture is minimal-style, but tasteful, and though it was clear the entire place had been redone/renovated from its former self as a Days Inn, I too appreciated the quirkiness of it.  The price was right, and the service was fine too.

    I especially liked the iPod docking clock-stereo as a nice touch for some in-your-room partying.  Complimentary wifi, though a no-brainer amenity, is all too rare in today's hotels, and was very welcome for me during my stay at the Shelter.

    06/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Jac A.
    This place is a hell chamber!  So we check in to the reception (which is a card table in an empty room on the second floor) and the jive talkin receptionist has "no proof of our reservation" I showed him my confirmation from Orbitz with the Confirmation No. on it.   He then tells me to cancel the reservation with Orbitz and pay him directly!!  After listening to his steady stream of crap flowing I finally agreed to do it.  We chose this place because according to Orbitz they were pet friendly and allowed dogs.  We settled into our room..unpacked and hung our clothes up.  I recieved a phone call-it was Rick (the jivey receptionist) and he needed me "to come down and pay an extra $60 for the dogs".  I was caught off-guard.  I explained that Orbitz said that the place was pet friendly and so that is why I came there.  Rick then told me that if the dog was over 20 pounds it was $60 per dog.  I told him he was crazy to which he countered " then give me $50 man".  I told him I had to go and that I was running late because he couldn't find my reservation.
    I am getting out of the shower when I hear a loud pounding on our door. "LAPD You need to open this door right away and restrain your dogs NOW"  
    My girlfriend went outside and dealt with the cops...THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU PLAN ON HAVING TO DEAL WITH WHEN YOU SHELL OUT NEARLY A HUNDRED BUCKS TO STAY AT A HOTEL!   I mean this is Jerry Springer crap.  They had us over the barrell so we had to pay the money.  Orbitz is going to reimburse us plus give us a certificate and I believe they are going to drop The Shelter Hotel from their list.  These people are truly the scum of the earth.

    03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Bobby T.
    Aside from the ridiculously dumb name, this place is wonderful. Central enough to everything (you have to drive anywhere in LA anyway) with a great staff and all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. The interior design is rather elegant and it is easy to find rooms for $70-100 a night. No hidden fees (Free parking), BTW.

    01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Sharon F.
    I am between 3 and 4 stars on this one so let's say it's 3 1/2.   AFter the first night I would have said 4 but things went a little downhill from there.    I booked a 3 night stay (Thurs. to Sunday).   It was a no hassle check in-- friendly host, checked my name, and gave us those slip cards.    Was impressed by the size of the room and the bed.... perfect for recovering from a 6 hour flight.   Nice bathroom,  nice tv with sattlite and we were refreshed for the morning.   Walked 2 blocks to the local strip on Wilshire and grabbed some McDonalds coffee.   The strip mall also has a variety of restaurants and another coffee shop so it's convienient for cheap eats as well as exploring any type of Korean food you may want.    
    Paid  a little under $300 for 3 nights, which given it's L.A. and not a dump or in a shitty neighborhood, seems pretty reasonable to me.   HOwever, a weird issue arose with the parking.    When I awoke on Saturday,  I had been blocked in by another car who did not give their keys to the front desk.  WTF?     The hotel seems to get crowded on weekends and parking was sparse, I guess.    It's tight but managable to begin with, without being blocked in by an suv.    This caused my a bit of worry because god forbid we or anyone else had to catch a plane.    I asked the staff about this and the one guy was kind of glib and obnoxious, telling me that they cannot control whether or not people give them keys and to park on the street to be safe.   When sunday morning rolled around,  we were blocked in but the front desk guy had the key to move the vehicle.(he was the nice one who checked us in)  I guess what I am saying is that the parking system needs work.  I am glad it's free but they should address the key situation when you check in.    They simply put a sign up by the elevator.    
    Ok, so now that I have gotten that out of my system,   I would venture to say that I would stay here again.   It seems that they want to improve and are a work in progress.  The are building a lounge and gym.    
    The amenities are minimalist but little things like a towel rack or built in hair dryer would be helpful, perhaps a small fridge.   I felt safe and comfortable.    It is a great location-- near silverlake, downtown and a little further west, hollywood.    So, it's 3 and 1/2, almost 4 stars.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Meryl H.
    Very clean and attractive for the price!  Great location and super friendly staff.  Very accommodating!  Best value for the rate!

    22/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. casey a.
    This place was different.... but we liked it. The proximity to Staples center , food was awesome! we went down to see a Sharks NHL game . The manager was great , helped us with suggestions for transportation , night life and the area itself. He gave us his card with personal phone # and said to call if we needed anything , that was a huge factor on a 4 star rating!! That says a lot about this place and how it's run. The actual rooms are roomy and simple very simple , as you may have read in other reviews . The walls are thin. as long as you are not hiding top secret stuff i guess you are fine ! The location is great the price you can not beat, and free secure parking. we will be back next Hockey season and have already told friends of this little find. GO SHARKS!

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Florian V.
    The room have been remodeled very nicely and the bed is THE BEST!!! Same as what you find at the Ritz Carlton Hotels.

    But the building is old, and people slam, bang the doors all the time which is VERY annoying as it resonates everywhere in the building structure. Also if your neighbors are talking normally loud in their rooms, you can hear everything, so that adds up to a not so good overall quality rest and comfort.
    That's too bad.

    23/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Renee B.
    We stayed here for three days over Thanksgiving weekend and chose it for it's close proximity to the Garment District (shopping for wedding attire was the plan).  The rate was only $55 per night through American Airlines frequent flier website so, coupled with positive reviews here, we booked.

    It's about twenty minutes from the airport and parking (at this point) was free in the underground garage.  Close to lots of restaurants so no prob finding food.

    Room was, as described by others, minimal but comfortable.  No refrigerator though when I asked they brought me one.  Same for iron/ironing board -- none in the room but when I asked, they brought it up.  DirecTV so tons of channels, internet cord in the room and Ipod docking station on the alarm clock. Super comfy beds too.  

    It was missing small details like hooks for towels in the bathroom and boxes of tissue but maybe that is the style or perhaps a work in progress?  Side tables were dusty when I checked in and, while they replaced the main towels, I don't think the housekeeping ever replaced the bath mat towel.  Otherwise clean -- the floors are mainly hardwood and my bare feet never got dirty so that was a good sign to me that it was cleaned and maintained well (even with the dusty tables).

    Overall, no complaints -- we would definitely stay again and recommend it!

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Nick H.
    We checked in to maintenance men working in the lobby. We overlooked it and proceeded to our room, and attempted to use the shower. There was no water. We then heard banging on the pipes from above. We called the front desk (on the unlabeled phone, educated-guessing that the number was 0) who told us that the water would be on in a half hour. We then called hotels.com to cancel our reservation. When they called the hotel to verify our cancelation, the front desk told them it would be on in TWO hours. We canceled and left.

    20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. E D.
    Room is great for the price so close to downtown. no carpets a definite plus good times, will def be back here.  The pool in back is just about the coolest thing I've seen, Trying to get down to do a photo shoot near it, never seen concrete disintegrating like that into bright green water. And no its not for swimming.

    14/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Sam C.
    I love this place.  It is simple and in a great spot.  Close to dt LA and Hollywood in the center of Ktown.  Great beds, flat screen TVs, desk, and great bathrooms with the essentials.  The only thing I dislike is the water pressure in the shower.  It is in a great hotel that is save with free parking.  The best part of the hotel is the friendly staff.  You can also bring pets there!! Great place to stay in Downtown LA :)

    24/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Heidi G.
    This place is a diamond in the rough. I found it while driving around LA at midnight on a Monday night. You'd figure it'd be easy to find a hotel under $100 just to crash at till the morning....on a Monday.... this particular Monday, it was damn near impossible. Every hotel that wasn't the Ritz was booked solid and we weren't about to drop a few hundred dollars on a couple hours use. Soooo browsing around on Yelp and calling about a dozen hotels, we decided to look for one closer to the spa we're going to in the morning. I saw the pictures for this place and we called: Room available, double beds, non smoking, and complimentary parking all for $99 + tx. SOLD!

    Much to our surprise when we got here it was much nicer than I expected. Looks like the Shelter has been doing some remodeling, modern looking headboards, spotless sheets, style, it seems to have a dark brown theme to the place with the floors, headboards, and bathroom shelving all matched. Flat screen TV mounted on the wall, friendly front desk guy, you might ask why I didn't give it 5 stars. In all honesty, had I showered this afternoon before I got here, I would have, but as it turns out, I hadn't, thus requiring me to use their bath facilities before heading to bed. The shower was a little bit tricky, at first we thought it was because it was modern looking....and then we realized it was broken, and pieces were being pulled straight out of the wall.....shady. So I called the front desk, informed him about it so we didn't get charged, and then figured out how to turn the knobs just right to get the shower to run with hot water... The staff was nice about it, and I didn't push it as a big deal because we'll be out of here in a few hours, but still, sorry Shelter Hotel, just can't give you that last star.

    But seriously if you're thinking of booking into a Comfort Inn or Ramada, drop the extra $10-20 and stay in this place, I feel way more comfortable here, and don't have to worry about the boy that peed on the car next to mine while waiting on the Comfort Inn to tell us if they had a room or not.... just do yourself the favor and stay here :)

    Only other negative thing is they lack mini fridges/microwaves/ice machines. But there is a 7-11 two blocks away where you can just buy some ice. No complimentary breakfast but who ever likes the things they serve at those things anyways?

    05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. David S.
    Stayed at the Shelter LA for four nights in early January 2010.  

    After changing rooms a few times (almost left) because of hygiene issues in the beds we were finally given a room that appeared to have clean sheets.  Staff was very helpful and understanding about the issue.  Not a deterrent from returning though we will shop around.

    Hotel was in the last stages of the renovation when we stayed and some items appeared to still need some work (plumbing access still rough cut in wall).  Parking garage is not large enough to handle a car for all guests of the hotel if it was full and everyone had a car (spaces are not sized for larger cars).

    Comfortable bed, DirecTV, WiFi, climate control (temperature) wall HVAC and clean bathrooms were a plus though there was no chest or dresser for unpacking (suitcase open on the floor).  

    I would look back into this hotel if we are in the area again because of the location and price but no guarantee on a return stay..

    10/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Julie G.
    I guess for the price, it was ok.  We paid about $100 per nite.  The room was clean and the bed was comfortable but very spartan.  There is no decor.  Pretty much plain walls, no mirrors or artwork and a TV.  The courtyard view was just a square concrete box.  It looked more like a parking pad than a courtyard.  Not one plant or anything to make it look like home.  The front desk staff were wonderful.  That was nice.  Very helpful.  And there was free internet but we didn't use it.  The neighborhood is at least 5 blocks away from any decent food, and if you want something good besides Korean BBQ, then I suggest you stay elsewhere.  It wasn't awful, but we won't stay again.

    21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Jenna W.
    Only stayed one night, parking is difficult, Decent hotel, clean, I would have given more stars if my credit card info wasn't stolen my a staff member, seems like a problem here since another reviewer said the same thing! I only used my card for this hotel and all the purchases were made in the area so it was obviously somebody involved with this hotel that is stealing credit card info.  Luckily I caught it in time and didn't get too screwed over.

    07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. M D.
    Stayed 4/12/11.  We went to a concert at the Wiltern and stayed here because of proximity to the theater (walking distance), price, and location.  The building is in a residential neighborhood and looks like it was most likely apartments in a previous life.  Room had a nice feel, as other stated, modern and minimalist. Bed was super comfy.  Staff person was nice.  Walls seem to be insulated well as we did not hear other guests even though we did see some on the way in.  Nice flatscreen TV and clock/radio/ipod dock had good sound.  No ice or vending machines. No full length mirror. Great stay otherwise.

    11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Village T.
    Fantastic location-great price. Stay here for business every time I come to LA. perfectly located between downtown and Hollywood. Chic and funky all rolled into one. Staff courteous and the manager, Jason "gets it" they are all about satisfaction and return business. Free, secure parking, walking distance to good eats and amenities are quite comfortable. Be patient while they continue upgrades- everytime I come here it changes for the better, glad we found them in the beginning! Book ahead they are always busy with the traveler in "the know".

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Craig C.
    This hotel is a work in progress so I recommend staying away for awhile.  The hotel is basically an apartment building being converted.  After being checked in I went to my room and unpacked.  To my dismay there was no closet to hang my clothes!  Another basic feature in the bathroom that is taken for granted is a towel rack.  There is no place to hang your towel.  There is no box of tissue and no hair dryer.  They should rename this hotel Spartan Shelter.   At least the internet connection was working.   I am all for supporting small businesses but I felt kind of cheated checking into an incomplete hotel.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Maureen R.
    I'm giving 2 stars because they tried to give this place a modern look and the bed was comfy.  Otherwise this place is just one star.  The location is awful, a residential street with car alarms going off.  The walls had scuff marks all over them and the furniture is nicked.  There is no food or beverages at this hotel, not even vending machines.  The hallways smell really bad.  Oh and the wifi didn't work in my room to which they just responded "sorry".

    03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Travis B.
    I am on my first night of a 3 night stay here. Have only been here for about 3 hours and am already wishing I'd paid more to stay somewhere else.

    First problem is the hotel is obviously not complete. Wires hanging from the ceiling, rooms not completely furnished, "front desk" area is a mess, pool in shambles, the list goes on.

    Second problem is they have no ice machine or vending machine. The closest store is about 4 blocks but I doubt I would want to walk that after dark.

    The internet is slow. Slow in this case is being generous.

    This hotel has definite potential but they should not have opened until it was finished. They have a nice modernist vibe about, the beginnings of a nice decor in the rooms and a nice exterior with FREE parking and lots of street parking (2hr during the day). In a year or so this will hopefully be a great place to stay - until then: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

    15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Deirdre S.
    I stayed there on a Wed. night because I had a long meeting in the area and didn't want to drive back to the Hollywood Hills area.  The location was ideal for my meeting and getting to wok the next day.  I liked all the eateries on Sixth St.  It made me feel safe to walk about.  The bed is quite comfortable and had clean sheets and great pillows.  The bathroom is huge with a modern feeling.  The staff are polite, helpful, and welcoming.  I requested a hair dryer, alarm clock, soap, and the password for the internet, and they quickly accomodated me.  It would have been nice to have had a place to hang up my clothes for the next day.  Since I was only there one night, it wasn't a big deal.  My only other issues were the parking and the lack of a fridge.  The parking was quite tight.  Since my car is new, I was nervous it would get scratched.  (It didn't though.)  There are some rooms with fridges, but I didn't ask for one.  If I was staying more than one night, I would have requested one. Some other reviewers have compared it to a hostel.  It looked a bit like a hostel I stayed in in Wellington, NZ, which was one of the nicest hostels I have ever stayed in.  (I have visited hostels for over 20 years in Europe, Asia, N. America, Australia, and NZ.)  I have monthly meetings in Koreatown.  I would definitely stay here again.

    31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Arnold T.
    I stayed here on a business trip. The room was no frills. Small desk, nightables and bed. Nothing else. It was clean, however. No central air/heat. Didnt feel like a "rea" hotel. Residential neighborhood with no businesses nearby. Parking was a nightmare. Tons of double parking. They had to unbury my car in the morning and the morning clerk was not the most friendly and offered no help navigating out of the parking garage. Just sat in a car he had to move and watched me struggle trying to get out with little room. Could've at least helped me with how close I was to vehicle. Upon arrival, staff was very friendly and welcoming though. I struggled with leaving the review because of that and that only. Bed was comfortable and room was clean. No carpeting. Basically an apartment building converted into a "hotel". More like renting a room than a hotel room.

    06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. H A.
    Don't be deceived by the pictures.  This place is pretty dirty and not maintained very well.  

    Stains and cracking paint in the bathroom ceiling as well as a pretty filthy bathroom floor.  Scant furniture and some rooms didn't even have a closet or wardrobe.  My room couldn't shake a musty odor.   The shower water pressure was never stronger than a drizzle and the sink was quickly backed up.  

    I napped one afternoon, presumably when the maids were cleaning our floor.  Too bad because they never came back again.  

    The parking lot is full at night but you can double park if you leave the keys at the front desk.  Careful though.  One friend left his keys overnight and found major scuff marks under his front spoiler the next morning.  

    It's cheap.  You get what you pay for.  or not even that much.

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Roberto B.
    My wife and I, we were looking for a hotel close to downtown LA and close to it has some restaurants and cafes. We decided to book with Shelter Hotels. Overall, we had a good experience at Shelter Hotels. The only thing is that they are currently remodeling the location so some amenities were not available and you could see that they are working around the hotel. But we liked it's location as there are a bunch of cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and more. They have a little issue with the parking, but we were able to find parking before the lot got full. I think they should offer free breakfast and this will allow them to get more customers. But we were happy with our stay at Shelter Hotels and we will give them another try for sure.

    08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Mandy D.
    3.5 Stars

    We booked it for a night. The room was VERY spacious and simple. Comfy, clean beds, and comfy pillows. They could make the room a bit more homier. Compared to our room and my other friends that were staying in a different room, theirs had more useful things in it, a desk, an Ipod dock, and a bed bench. The walls are a bit thin and we could hear our neighbors door slam and the upstairs neighbor talking, but it wasn't too bad. The hall ways are quite narrow and quiet. The front desk still needs a bit more of a welcoming feel to it.

    * There's no hair dryer in the room, so ask the front desk. They are quite helpful and nice.
    * Park closest to the garage gate as possible. Yes, there are cars that "double park" at night, so if you plan to leave early like we did, plan ahead.

    What was missing in our room was the Ipod dock. If you don't have it in your room, be sure to tell the front desk. Fortunately, I told them before we left. The guy at the front desk said that someone probably must have stolen it and said it was a good thing I mentioned it, otherwise they would have charged me. -phew-

    The neighborhood seems safe, but when we stayed that night my other friends who were staying on the opposite side of the building happen to hear/see police searching around the area in the middle of the night. Freaky.

    18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Alexis V.
    After just finishing a two night stay at Shelter I would definitely recommend it to my more low key friends.

    The rooms are clean, nice, and contemporary (a full length mirror would have been nice), and the staff was as nice as all get out. While there are no hairdryers or irons in the rooms if you call the desk they will bring those things up in a hurry (very friendly). The bed is super comfy and reminiscent of the Roosevelt Hotel.

    At midnight management locks up the parking garage; however they provided us with a phone number that we could call at any hour to have the gate opened when we called it a night.

    Over all I would say that this place is a pretty good deal for $85.00 a night. Its cute, its comfortable, its friendly, the parking is free, the wifi is free, and they let you print stuff out in the lobby. The rooms may be a little sparse, but in such a great location who is going to be spending a lot of time in the room anyway?

    01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Dylan T.
    This place is amazing!!!!!!  It has turned into my secret getaway in L.
    A.  The staff is excellent and very accomodating.  The rooms are fantastic!!!  Even the darkwood paneling in the elevator is so attractive. It is so convenient to everything.  The train station is a few blocks away, there's a 7/11 on the next block over and a mulitude of dining options all within walking distance.  Definitely a great deal you won't regret!!!!!

    15/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Chain L.
    Newly remodeled including hardwood floors, flat screens and a modern sleek interior design. Its bound to rival many of the bigger 'hip hotels' in the area, more cost effective as well.

    Our stay was only $75 a night. Not bad at all for new years eve night.

    As previous yelpers have mentioned, comp wifi, and parking are available.

    Note: When coming back from the party at 3:00a.m there was no way to enter the building. All the doors were locked without access in. I had to hop the parking lot gate in order to get in. This tore my jeans btw, thanks to the lovely spikes they have at the top. Given this place is still under renovation I am being forgiving. If it weren't for this, I would give an extra star.

    Lastly, they could work on making the doors a bit more sound proof, so you don't hear others in the hallway.

    01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Patrick E.
    There was a king sized bed, a TV, a desk, a shower, free wi-fi and a crappy cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning. What more do you need? It was very simple and I loved it.

    Extra stars to the staff for being super accommodating for allowing a super early check-in at 10am and even a late check-out the next day.

    If there's anything wrong with this place, it's that the walls are a bit thin. My room was the first one off the elevator and I could hear every person's footsteps and mumbles of conversation as they passed. But it wasn't anything I couldn't get over very easily.

    21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Rachel F.
    Since I live in the greater Los Angeles area, I don't usually stay at hotels in LA.  However, I was enlisted to help my company work the gifting suite at an annual awards show at Nokia Theatre and I didn't feel like fighting traffic in the morning to get there.

    Booking last minute made it hard to find something within my allowed budget but a search on a couple of different booking sites pulled up Shelter hotel.  I decided to give it a shot.  If it was really terrible, I could always drive home.

    It's in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Koreatown, mostly apartment buildings.  The parking garage is pretty tiny but there were a few open spaces.  There's not much space in between cars to get your door open so good luck in you're working with a few extra pounds.

    The lobby/check in is on the first floor.  It's just a desk with a computer and you may or may not find someone sitting behind it.  There's a small waiting area and a computer for guests.  The rest of the floor was still under construction.

    I got my key and a parking pass and made my way to my room on the 3rd floor.  This is where the hotel resembles an apartment building.  Nothing special going on in the hallways and they wind around in a maze.  Kinda weird.

    I had an inside room that looked across a small poured concrete courtyard and into the room on the other side of the 3rd floor.  The room was nice.  Dark laminate floors and the furniture had clean lines.  The bathroom was really big but there wasn't much to see in there.  I noticed that there were several things that looked unfinished but nothing that really effected my stay.  It just said to me that don't pay attention to the details.

    There was no hairdryer in my room which I didn't find out until right before I needed to use it.  Fortunately, after calling downstairs, on was brought up within 2 minutes,

    This hotel definitely needs some more work but I would consider staying here again.

    11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Alena K.
    I love staying here because its SO EASY. Checking in takes 1 second with very polite and helpful staff, free parking right in the building, free wifi, lots of privacy, it feels like your own apartment building. For the price, the interior is fine, can't complain. If your in LA on business, this place is just what you need.

    09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Miguel V.
    I just got back from two stays here, one for about 4 nights and the other for a single night. I had two different rooms and got a good cross section of the experience here. The hotel photos are very accurate!

    Rooms: The rooms are very minimalist, but extremely clean! there is a table, chair, bed, tv, and two night stands. That is it for the furniture. Not a problem for me. No closet, but a place to hang many things. No iron or ironing board, but you can request one and they will bring it to you. There is an ipod deck/radio/alarm clock which is really cool. The beds were both comfy, but the first room faced the street and had some noise early (I had to be up early anyway).

    In each room, I had guests staying upstairs from me at times. This was extremely loud and sounded as though they were stomping around. I requested to be moved from my second room about ten minutes after check-in because of the noise and they told me that they could not, but would ask the guest to quiet down. This was effective enough, but I did get the feeling that I would not have been moved to another room either way because they said that this would require them re-cleaning the room.

    Both rooms had a square cut out of the dry wall that would lift up probably for access to the electrical work. The square was cut too long, so it did not close all the way and left me feeling that, if there were any creatures in the walls, they would have easy access to my room. There were none that I saw though, so have no fear! The bathroom was small, but adequate. My first room had a serious problem with the shower though as the nob was very loose and difficult to adjust heat temp. The heater/aircon was very effective and served its purpose well.

    Amenities: What amenities? They have free parking and lock the gate around 12, but if you call the front they will open it for you after that. They offer free wifi which is amazingly convenient. They have satellite TV with HBO which is also nice. And they give you free coffee in the room.

    Location: I love it. Very quiet neighborhood. One minor incident in which the police blocked off the street and looked like they were arresting a few cars full of people, possibly gang related as it looked like an entire gang unit of cops were present, but at least they are responsive. I never felt unsafe at all, but I am used to being in very diverse neighborhoods. two blocks away is the metro and a couple blocks in either direction is amazing foods from all over the world.

    Value: I got a great deal online ($60/night) so for me, it was absolutely great value. This is not the normal rate, however, so I am not sure that I would pay $100/night, but it would depend on the time of year. There are some hotels downtown for that price that I would probably rather stay in, but again, it depends on the time of year.

    All in all, i would stay here again if I could get the same value. It was clean and comfy, which is the biggest thing to me. I could care less about how much furniture I have as long as I have clean bedding and a nice room. The whole place was very recently remodeled, so I will give them some time to work out the kinks.

    20/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Evan S.
    I give these guys extremely high marks for what they have pulled off. Shelter is a centrally located hotel that is renovated in good taste, friendly, clean, unpretentious, comfortable and unbelievably budget (wallet that is).

    My room is big and well assembled (an Ikea bedroom model) and my gripes are few. This should be a best kept secret, but I want these guys to do well. Book it.


    - Put a hook on the bathroom door
    - Give me a place to put my soap in the shower
    - Ice ice baby (machine)


    - Clean
    - Nice design choices - nothing is patched over
    - Friendly and real; Jason is a great guy
    - You're smack in the middle of LA - everything is a 20 min drive
    - 4th floor view/light
    - Dependable internets
    - Stop reading, book it stupid

    28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Dakota R.
    I travel for a living, so my experience ranges from hostels to the Ritz.  The Shelter is a hybrid of sorts, feeling of a hostel with a few more amenities.  

    Pros:  inexpensive for the area, clean, really comfortable beds, newly remodeled rooms (very large) with sleek floors, bedding and bathroom touches.  Free Internet and it works well.  Also, staff is very friendly and there is free parking (hard to come by around here.  Pets are welcome as well, always a nice touch to offer.  In Korea town, lots of nearby, Asian restaurants.

    Cons:  No closet (traveling for business and was a bit shocked that I wasn't able to hang any suits other than over the chair and bookcase), no hair dryer, horrible toilet paper (when you travel a lot, this is a luxury you covet) that is so thin you use 1/3 of the roll practically each time (and no tissue, so the TP falls apart on your face when taking off make-up).  Loud, person upstairs I believe is just simply walking around but sounds like an elephant gallop, hallway noise very echoing and if facing the street, the windows do little to buffer the traffic.  Ear plugs are a must.  And as I mentioned, I love that there are pets allowed.  BUT, maybe have separate floors... little fido down the hall barked into the eve.

    I would recommend for a quick trip when you won't be in the room much, just bring your own dryer and TP!

    28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. Tina L.
    For 120 bucks, it is a good spot to crash in the middle of LA.

    18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Ainsley D.
    I booked this hotel last minute because it was close to a venue that we were seeing a concert at and wanted something within walking distance... and I loved it!

    You can tell upon arrival that this place is a fairly new establishment. I loved that everything was new and the receptionist was super friendly. The color scheme they have was awesome (outside: grey pink and black inside: grey black white and tan) and the beds were REALLLLLLY comfortable. The tub kind of sucked, but everything else was nice and acceptable.

    Prices were cheap (under $100) and there was free parking (woohoo!)

    I would definitely recommend Shelter Hotels.

    16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Nick R.
    I have been there for just two nights (08-29-2011) and it wasn't that bad as you might think after reading the previous reviews.

    Some facts:
    It's true, the parking garage isn't that bad big (I always had found a spot) but you are able to park your car just where it fits, second row etc. Leave your keys at the reception so they are able to move your car if another guest want's to leave the garage. I didn't mind leaving my keys there and it worked pretty well.

    The 1st floor belongs to the hotel administration, staff and reception. It seems that they are still not finished yet with their paintings so it might look like a construction.
    I always found a staff right in front of their desk so I had no troubles with them. They are very friendly and helpful to tourists.

    It smells a bit strange, don't know why or how to explain. Not that bad to leave the hotel but it still some strange smell.

    The rooms were great, compared to their pricing.
    Clean but from design maybe not really finished. They need some more ideas to make it more beautiful. Bathroom was great as well.
    What I have badly missed: A small fridge.

    The Hotel has a great location (Koreantown) and has most places to visit, to shop or eat in the closer area.
    I would stay again in this Hotel but only with their special offer which I had. WiFi is for free and fast.
    As a suggestion for the hotel: Work on your design finishing and put a small fridge into the rooms. Fix the AC blowing direction.

    30/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Erin M.
    I wrote a "tip" but that isn't enough.  They really need to get some security at this place before someone gets hurt.  The people who hang around this hotel are beyond shady.  When we checked in there were two prostitutes right outside, waiting for "Johns" to pull in.  ONe was barely wearing any clothes and they glared at me as if to say I was invading their territory.  We stayed anyway because my husband had a conference in the area.   The next morning I went outside to talk to my mother on the phone.  I saw drug baggies in the flower bed of the hotel and then a man who was twitching and shuffling around walked by, stopped and saw me, and decided to wait by the elevators.  I kept talking to my mom on the phone and watched him out of the corner of my eye.  He never went in the elevators as other people were coming and going.  After seeing him not go in the elevators as several people came out, I decided to go back up to my room.  When I got in,  he got in WITH ME.  I pressed the button for floor 1 and got the heck out.  Who knows what he was planning.   Now that I look back  I should have called the police but instead I called my husband out of his meeting and we got out of there.  STAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    42. Tom G.
    Stayed here 2 nights last week.  Needed a room for the night as LA is really expensive and I am cheap and had arrived with no reservations.  Sat in a coffee shop checking hotel options and ran across this hotel.   Booked for just a night but arrived and liked it so asked to be notified in case a room opened up for the next night.  Lucked out and got the same price of $109 for a Fri and Sat.  Free parking, which in LA is no small savings.

    Sparse hallways but my room was big, modern, very clean, simple but attractive furnishings. I liked the wood floors as you can tell they are clean.  King bed was extremely comfortable.  TV mounted on wall.  Yes, there was soap, shampoo and shower gel along with conditioner and moisturizer (really soap and shampoo would be enough or just soap.  I don't know why hotels bother with that other stuff  - most people  just pack personal preferences they want to use along those lines.  But free stuff is always fun to get.)  

    No problems parking at all and the hotel was full.  I got back about 11 both nights and there were spaces open.  

    I was next to elevator but heard no noise.  I looked at pool for future reference when it is renovated.  You are in a residential neighborhood in LA so there is an apt building next door but still will be fine to cool off.  If you want a fancy pool, check out the Hollywood Roosevelt (and remember to add in the Roosevelt's $33 parking charge.)

    Free internet, both wired and wifi in the rooms.  Wired is a bit faster if you are sitting at the room's desk.  Coffeemaker in room (Individual cup style) plus free coffee in lobby as well as pastries in the morning.  

    Staff (both at desk and maintenance) were very friendly and went out of  their way to be helpful and accommodating.  I would definitely stay here again.

    For a centrally located simple but attractive, clean place to stay , this hotel is a bargain.  For my other three nights in LA I was already booked at the Hollywood Hills Hotel (part of Magic Castle) which is also a hotel I like a lot and does have a great pool area but is $60 a night more after you add in the parking fee.

    30/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Maria A.
    We just stayed here this past Mother's Day weekend.  I usually stay at The Crescent hotel, but thought I would give this new hotel a try through a deal on Hotels.com .  I would say they still have quite a few kinks to work out.  

    We checked in and went to the 1st floor Reception desk which was also still under construction.  Noone was at the desk and we had to start our search to find a clerk.  They arrived, gave us our key, and directed us to our room via their computer system.  I would say he could have been more professional.

    Our room was clean, and had an old a/c system, but I'm not sure that it's up to par if you're going to stay in LA during 80-90 degree weather.  We were fairly comfortable since the temps were 60 - mid-70's, but I would say the A/C is definitely an air circulator vs. an air conditioner.

    There were no hooks on the bathroom walls even though the sign in the bathroom indicated there were.  We had no iPod in our room even though it was advertised as such.  No biggie, but there didn't seem to be a consistency running through every room.  The walls were thin, and I was woken up one night at about 4am by a tv viewing party next door.  The elevator is old, so you might have to wait a bit or use the stairway if they've locked it down.  

    And finally, the parking structure is not secured at night or during the day, which meant that when we went out on Saturday night and came back at midnight, all the spots were taken.  It's a one level parking structure, and there doesn't seem to be enough spots for all.  There was another car in the structure that night that quickly took the handicapped spot, but definitely did not seem to be a resident of the hotel since he kept his flashing lights on while parked.  We had to walk about 5 blocks back to the hotel after finding a spot.  Not ideal to walk in that neighborhood late at night and I would not recommend to someone staying there by themselves.

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    44. Anne C.
    I think for the price, what you get is decent. It IS very minimalist, but for that, the accommodations are nice and trendy.

    It was odd though, the first night I was there with my boyfriend, my card was charged 3 times of costs that were not even relevant to my bill estimated cost of the week. They were charges that added up to be $1500 total and when my boyfriend and I told the receptionists downstairs about this, they said they had no idea about those charges and couldn't see them in their own computers??? We waited a few days and the charges dropped from BOA acct and on the 2nd to last day I got charged aNOTHER $350 dollar amount which got dropped off too.

    They really need to work on their accounting and payment processes because obviously something is going on with their computer system!

    Other than that though, they were very friendly and accommodating - the only negative thing is that they did not have a mini-fridge in the rooms and I had just gotten a sudden surgery and needed icepacks constantly...it was annoying to have to go downstairs to the receptionist every few hours or so to put an icepack in their fridge..but at least they were friendly about it!

    There was free parking and the prices are good so your experience is really what you should expect for the prices: pretty average and chill and if you're low-key and don't need room service every day then this could be a good spot for you.

    30/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Amelia C.
    Shelter was great. Perfect location for those who want to be close buy don't like crowds or hustle. The bed was quite possibly the most comfortable thing I have ever slept in! Staff was great. Rooms are clean and minimal, which is to be expected for the price. My only wish was that they had ice and fresh milk for coffee.

    12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Christine A.
    I don't really have high expectations for hotels. As long as they are clean and comfortable I am good to go. At Shelter, I wasn't too comfortable, and the cleanliness was questionable.  

    Shelter Hotels' website looks awesome, looks like you will be staying in an ultra modern hotel and being very "LA".

    However, one should never judge a book by it's cover. It was a quiet neighborhood and the parking garage was small and cramped. Luckily we snagged the last spot ~11pm. You have to take the elevator up to the reception desk to check in, and then continue up to your room. The building appeared to be pretty old and run down. As we were walking from the elevator to our room, it seemed a bit sketchy with other slightly disheveled guests walking around the halls.

    When other reviews say "minimalistic" they aren't kidding. Hard wood floors are nice in theory, but it made everything seem cold and bare. Not the warm room you want to come back to after a long day out in the smog. The lamp cords were exposed and the walls had nail and screw holes in them. The door was a bit loose, I made sure a few times that it was locked.

    The bathroom was the nicest part of the room, with tile and a nice sink. Beware of the unusually high tub as I stubbed my toe while trying to get into the shower. Women, if you expect them to have a hair dryer for you, they dont.

    I definitely wouldn't stay here again, and I'm glad my friend was there with me because I would not have felt safe by myself.

    29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Vicki T.
    Needing a place to stay in DTLA for the weekend, I did some research and stumbled across Shelter Hotel.  Sold by the decent reviews, pricing, and pictures of the rooms, I decided to book with Shelter.

    During my stay, I had checked into two different rooms.  The initial room I was assigned to was fine, but the air conditioner wasn't working properly.  It didn't dawn on me until about 30 minutes later when I was frantically trying to decrease the temperature on the hot triple digit day.  We decided to ring up the front desk and inquire about the AC.  One of the fellas, Jason, was dear enough to come right up to check out the problem.  Realizing that the AC wasn't working properly, he generously offered either a discount on the room or a change of room.  Not wanting to bake for the rest of the weekend, I opted for the latter.

    A few minutes go by and Jason comes back to take us into another room down the hall.  MUCH better.  The room was a lot cooler and this time included the iPod dock.  Other than that, the rooms overall were very spacious.  I liked how the rooms offered a modern and simple vibe, equipped with dark wooden furniture and contrasting light shades of texture.  A couple of artwork or decor would have been a nice touch to further personalize the room.  My favorite part of the room would have to be the amazingly plush and comfortable bed.  Whenever I stay in hotels, it takes me a while to get adjusted to the bed because it feels starchy and not of like my own.  However, I didn't feel that way at Shelter - it was almost as if I was snoozing in my own adobe!

    Overall, my experience at Shelter was fairly pleasant.  It was conveniently a few miles away from DTLA, the customer service was quick and friendly, and the room was decent enough for a short weekend stay.  

    *Parking is conveniently located in a garage below the hotel.  However, they close their garage around midnight.  If you plan to drive, simple call the number at the door and someone on site will come and let you in.  I suggest that if you plan to do some drinking in Ktown or in DTLA, then just hail a cab for convenience.

    03/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Lesley C.
    We were up in LA to see a show at the El Rey and just needed a place to stay for the night. This hotel is a converted apartment building and once you step off the elevator you can tell.

    About $100 for the night stay was fine with us. Centrally located in mid-city we could have easily seen a show at the Wiltern and stayed there too. The amazing comfortable king size bed (maybe even California king). Giant flat screen TV. Ipod doc alarm clock radio. The staff was super accommodating and friendly . Free bottled water in the lobby and oatmeal raisin cookies and coffee in the morning.

    No picture on the walls, no fridge in the room, no closets.

    So if you just need a place  to sleep for a quick visit this is a great choice!

    17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Elle J.
    Do NOT recommend. The room was dirty, and it feels like a hostel. No basic amenities are included! Not worth the price!!

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Mery N.
    What is everyone complaining about? I live in Las Vegas where the walk to your room is paved in gold and I'm not complaining. In Vegas everyone has to be on their fakest behavior upon your arrival. It was nice checking in with a guy who was wearing sunglasses and regular clothes. Don't let that description fool you though. I asked questions about how to get around and what the best spots are and he pulled up google maps and showed me street views and was more than willing to help.

    The room was lovely and completely different than what I was used to. It's located in Koreatown and is super close to Hollywood, downtown and all main tourist attractions. The area was sketchy according to some of you? I was walking around with my boyfriend at 11 at night and we saw a few hispanic and asian families walking around with their children. Real scary and hood. Make sure your guns are loaded.

    My only real problem with this place is the parking. It's hard finding a spot at night and the parking is really crammed. Then again that's LA for you so I can't bitch too much.

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Maarten D.
    Spacious, basic rooms, friendly people, free parking. Close to subway to downtown LA and good starting point for car trip to Hollywood or Beverly Hills.

    05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Alissa Z.

    Super clean - which is all that I need to be honest

    Did not have a blow dryer or iron in the room, but all we had to do was call the front desk and they were super prompt about bringing them both up to us.

    FREE PARKING!!! (this is a huge bonus)

    Swanky trendy feel, like I said, GREAT HOTEL FOR THE PRICE!!!

    Plus cable television - WINNING!!

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Cherri Y.
    This is, in my mind, the exact opposite of what you get from the other K-town hotels around the area.

    Usually you get:
    a lavish, nice-looking lobby with marble floors and fountains and a granite front desk.
    Shabby bedroom and bathroom.

    Shelter Hotels is:
    a meek lobby and meek-er garage door and elevator that feels quite eerie at night.
    Modern, sleek and squeaky clean interior of bedroom and bathroom. (The bed and pillows were REALLY comfortable.)

    In my opinion, I'd rather have the niceness be in the room I'm spending time and sleeping in, rather than have all the budget go to the extravagance of the front desk. What are you paying for?

    If you're like my dad, you'd rather have the trust-earning beautiful entrance. If you're like my mom or me, you'll be okay with what Shelter Hotels has to offer. Just don't expect too much, and then you'll be amazed. B)

    Though. I wouldn't go there alone.
    Free and fast wi-fi!

    08/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Taylor G.
    I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The rooms are very comfortable and minimalistic. Free wi-fi and super comfortable bed. Its a nice affordable place in an expensive city.

    My room was near the elevator on the top floor but that wasn't such a big deal. Its great if you are on a budget or if you have a gig in Downtown LA. Free parking and a nice hot shower, You get the basics and its nice.

    I'd stay here again.

    28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Theresa S.
    Nice hotel in Koreatown neighborhood, we chose this hotel because our daughter , who is in school in LA, lives five blocks away.  Convenient to  restaurants, coffee, and many locations.  Bed very comfortable, room clean everyday, quiet, and everyone who worked here were nice and friendly.   There is no hair dryer, iron or refrigerator, which we knew before we arrived and brought a small ice chest and rest of necessities.   Bathroom was fine for two people, shower pressure not great but that is always a hit or miss.  There is a parking garage.  There is a chance you need to double park but leave keys at desk and they took care of it.  Parking on street is very hard.  

    All in all, a great stay.  There are no bells and whistles but .comfortable, quiet, clean, convenient and cost effective especially for LA.

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Bella O.
    Went here a week ago for the first time. Read the other reviews and had some different comments.

    This place averages $100 a night which is prefect. The neighborhood/ location isn't the best if your use to Beverly Hills but it's also no where near the worst.

    It's true you have to give the office staff your keys at night if all the parking spots are taken but, I could tell the staff is amazing and super careful about parking due to how they left our car. Parking is also free, which is hard to find in Hollywood.

    The room itself has an apartment feel to it which makes it much more personal than a hotel. If this place could add a DVD player, fridge, and microwave; even if they had to up the price $25 a night; this hotel would be the best deal.

    The office staff also provides free water threw out the day as well as breakfast in the morning for FREE.

    Pets are also allowed with no addition charge.

    This is the only place I'll stay after my visit. Nothing is better than The Shelter Hotel.

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Courtney S.
    This place was great for the place. Smaller hotel in an old apartment complex. The rooms were done up nice, simple, big, and clean. Beds are great. This place looks sketchy on the outside but it is really pretty decent - don't judge a book by its cover is appropriate to describe this place. Free parking, which is great. Close to many big streets and sites which is very convenient. Would stay here again - staff was friendly as well. Gave us free water bottles and flagged us a cab. :)

    28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Brigitte P.
    I stayed at this hotel over the weekend and really appreciated the whole experience for the most part.  I have a puppy and their pet policy is that they accept pets free of charge so long as they don't destroy the room where I believe there is a $200 fee you must pay.  Good thing our puppy is behaved!  But a hotel that doesn't charge pets??  I had to check this place out.. I'm going to list the pro's and con's of the hotel during my experience:

    -Free for pets (not sure if there is a weight limit but mine is about 10 pounds)
    -Location is amazing, close to Melrose, Beverly Hills, Echo Park, Hollywood
    -Pricing is fairly decent
    -Free parking
    -Free wifi
    -Cupcakes and coffee for breakfast
    -Neighborhood feel which is perfect if you want to take your pet on a little walk with plenty of grassy areas.
    -Staff were all very nice and courteous

    -Parking - If you leave the hotel and come back after midnight you'll have to double park but if you leave your keys with the front desk they'll move it accordingly.
    -No closets to hang anything
    -No vending machines or ice machines
    -The desk in the room was super wobbly that I thought it was going to fall over.  Apparently they purchased from stores like West Elm where it's perfect for the home but not good for guests in and out of a hotel.. But everything is really nice
    -Pool is currently not finished and a bit of an eyesore if you have a view

    I hope all these things helped because they are usually key things I look for in a hotel..  I'd stay there again for the location and pet policy alone!

    01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Derek P.
    I needed a room to stay in that was pretty central to downtown LA for a night.  Booked about a month out, called the morning of to check in early which was great.  

    I had an average room, actually that was above the pool.  Which normally would have been great, but the pool was under construction and the work was extremely LOUD.  Wouldn't have been so bad, but I was studying. :(

    They give free wifi here and underground parking, which they close the gate at 1:00am, so you're car is safe.  If I'm in the area again and need a place to stay, I would consider as long as the pool is finished though

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Robin S.
    Hmm...the website is a little deceiving.  When I was walking inside to check in, another entering guest asked me "is this a hotel?". I was thinking the same thing - looks like an apartment community. There isn't one piece of artwork or color in the room and it could desperately use a fresh coat of paint from all the scuff marks.

    I was even more concerned when there was no hair dryer in the room, but they have one available downstairs you can borrow. They do have conditioner in your room which is a plus considering the last 5 CA hotels I've stayed in only had "conditioning shampoo".

    The elevator permit lists the place as a Days Inn, but it feels nothing like a Days Inn or any chain hotel. Walls are very thin and rooms are close together.

    Front desk service was fast and friendly. Good thing I didn't need to go anywhere in a hurry; my car was buried 4 cars deep in the garage. You can walk to good sushi or Korean food. Wish I would have remembered to buy a bottle of water there; you have no options for bottled water at the hotel.

    Would I stay here next CA trip? Nope, but there are definitely worse places.

    20/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Nicole E.
    Amazing value for the downtown LA location. The staff was very friendly and very helpful. Rooms were very minimalist, but clean and trendy. The bathrooms are nice. The king sized bed was very comfortable, and the hotel was quiet. Double-parked our car in the lot after returning late from seeing CIrque du Soleil Iris, left our keys with the front desk, and found our car nicely parked in a spot in the morning.

    Minus one star for not having a mini-fridge. However, the very kind front desk person gave us ice for our ice chest. Shelter Hotel truly provided great service all around. This was the absolute perfect no-frills accommodations for our short weekend in LA.

    08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Lee D.
    Stayed here to meet up with family in LA. Overall not disappointed for the price in this area, which could be upwards of $120 or so.

    A few hours before we were set to check in, I got a call from Jason, the manager, asking for my permission if he could transfer us to the Wilshire Hotel, a sister company, since we needed double beds and they only had king beds available and were overbooked. I obliged, but after reading the reviews for the Wilshire, I immediately called him back and said I'd rather keep the king room at the Shelter Hotel. Jason told me that wouldn't be a problem.

    When we checked in, a lovely man named Luis assisted us. He informed us that we were getting double beds, much to our relief. Check-in was fast and easy, and he gave us instructions on how their parking system works, which was: If you get to the garage and there are no more stalls available, just drive in, double-park, leave your keys with the concierge and they'll take care of it. True enough, when we got back that night, the whole garage was packed like sardines, so we left the keys downstairs and that morning, we found our car parked in a stall.

    As for the room: It's very spacious, although very basic. The dark hardwood floors are nice, and the beds comfy. However, we didn't find too many amenities in the room: no hairdryer (good thing we brought our own), no iron/ironing board, no pen or notepad (lol - I couldn't find any when I needed them!)...but they did have a small coffeemaker, an flatscreen TV with cable, the usual toiletries, and a cute little wardrobe with some drawers.

    I guess that's just how it is with boutique hotels - less is more!

    There was a really loud pooch next door, so I rang Luis to ask if he could transfer us to another room. But he said they were overbooked and had no other rooms available. Thankfully, by the time we got back that night, the doggie had calmed down...maybe the owner slipped him some Xanax :)

    We were also awakened by an annoying sound upstairs, like a child on a tricycle running around the entire room. Good thing we needed to get up anyway. But it went on the whole morning and the bad thing was the floors/walls were too thin you could virtually hear everything.

    However, the pros outweigh the cons - so if I ever need a place to stay in Koreatown again, I won't hesitate to book with them for a second time.

    18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Ramsey B.
    If there was an option to give negative stars, that's how low my rating would be.  
    Thus far, I've made 3 calls, spoke to "the manager" who promised to call me back, and didn't.  There has been nothing done except a cheap apology where the person of limited intelligence, "hotel manager" attempted to insult my accusation by calling me a liar and saying that I lost the shirt.  Let's define our terms, since this will now be a legal matter we need to be VERY careful with our definitions.  Do you know the difference between lost and stolen?  Because on the phone, you seemed to have blended the terms, which carry VERY different meanings, let me explain futher, so that you can understand more fully.  There is a difference between lost and stolen.  Lost is me leaving the shirt outside.  That's my fault.  Stolen is when I leave the shirt inside my hotel room and someone on your staff takes it without perhaps, I don't know, calling the person who left the shirt inside the room.    Ownership is pretty clear, since I was the last person in the room, that shirt is mine.  NOT YOURS.  My shirt was stolen by someone on YOUR staff.  I hope they enjoy it!  Because it WILL cost you.  Someone on your staff is a thief and a liar and you don't care enough to rectify the situation.  I will personally make sure you lose more than the $345.00 plus $50.00 alteration fee that I spent acquiring this piece of clothing.  The shirt cost more than the stay at your hotel, so to think I don't have the resources to deal with this situation, is a gross miscalculation on your part.  Also:  Your tone on the phone yesterday was a joke.  To think I could be intimidated by someone like YOU (limited intelligence, uneducated, rude) is laughable.  Seriously.  Tough talk.  HA!  I'm still willing to work with you, but I expect a new shirt purchased for me and mailed to me directly.  That is the only solution that I find acceptable.  100% replacement of the shirt that your staff stole from me while I was on vacation.  This situation will be your loss, overall, if you fail to act.

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. Cherie C.
    I was totally pleased.

    The Yelp reviews prepped me for the scant amenities.  The lobby was under construction, and there was no pool access. But I was there for meetings and to socialize with friends, so I spent little time in the hotel.

    The king bed was new and quite comfortable.  The TV was mounted to the wall, with the Direct TV console behind it (made changing the channel impossible by remote unless you were to the left of the TV).  The only other furniture were two bedside stands with tiny shelves, as well as a desk and chair.  There was no closet (though a recessed area will hopefully become one), no dresser, not even a luggage stand.  We kept our luggage on the floor in the vast empty area.  Otherwise, the room was stylish and modern and new.  (Side note to owners: matte paint looks cool, but invest in gloss or semi-gloss--suitcases and other guest items left our walls looking pretty scuffed despite recent renovation.)

    The recessed lighting is really bright, so we used the bedside table lamps.  It was nice to be able to open our windows in the nice weather.

    The bathroom was nice. It was pretty, and the tub is deep enough for soaking. There was a brief water pressure issue, but otherwise it was okay.

    Other than what I've mentioned, there was little else in the room.  One tiny hook in the bathroom--no towel rack on the wall.  No tissues in the room.  Only the mirror above the sink.  I remember to bring my own blowdryer, but I had to do it without a mirror since my bf used the shower after I did.

    All that said, the free parking, clean room, good location, and ridiculously low rate made this place a win.

    24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Lu R.
    Good place for adult stay in LA at a surprisingly low price.
    Not touristy or fancy, just basic and practical.
    I plan to return.

    Clean and good-sized room with comfortable king-sized bed, decent linens
    Wood-style floor (much nicer than standard-issue hotel carpet)
    Modern bathroom with strong shower
    Stylish, minimalist furnishings (including free-standing full-length mirror)
    Uncluttered (if you need an amenity that's not in place, staff will provide)
    Adequate lighting (overhead and bedside)
    Own thermostat-controlled heating cooling unit that works well and is pretty quiet
    Windows that you can open (only moderate city traffic noise)
    Courteous, efficient, accommodating front desk staff
    Free parking at ground level of building
    Reasonably pleasant, safe, convenient neighborhood location (access to freeways, but can also avoid them and use surface streets to visit Koreatown restaurants, LACMA, Dodger Stadium, etc.)

    Blank walls (no art to complement the decor)
    Just one clothes hook in bathroom, with no towel bars (and no clothes hangers)
    Windows need cleaning

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. Blanca D.
    This is  a horrible place!  avoid it at all cost!   this is not a Hotel but a cheap ass Motel!  for the price you are better of at any 6 Motel.

    Dirty all over!   no place to hung anything,  Horrible customer services,  horrible parking!

    16/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. Joseph W.
    My girlfriend and I were new to LA looking for a place to rent and stayed at the Shelter not knowing what to expect. They were in the middle of some construction and alot of work and renovation was going on. Jason and the staff were amazing and super cool. My van would not fit in their parking structure so they let us park in the loading garage which was really nice and secure for our stuff. The room was modern, clean and had all we needed.
    I would stay again any time.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Renier D.
    It was pretty much what I expected from the websites and Yelp reviews. Modern, simple, and walking distance to a fare amount of dining options. For the price it was just fine, nothing fancy, it kind of had a european feel to it. Not for those who prefer less urban and more traditional hotel experiences.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Denise L.
    Stayed here a few years ago, and this was central and cheap. It seems it used to be an apartment complex converted into a hotel. It looks simple and posh inside, and the rooms are clean with a 32" flat screen. Furniture and everything in the room is modern, but as you walk from the elevator to your room, definitley feels like you're in an old apartment. Service was great from the staff, they even give you toiletries in a little Shelter bag, which I still reuse after these years. Free wifi and underground parking as well.

    28/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. M K.
    Ok, my friend picked this place out so I had no idea what to expect. The front looks ok but it's not obvious how to find the front desk - park in the garage and take the elevator up a floor. You step off the elevator and you see a couch straight ahead. Then off to the left kind of around a corner is a small desk with a man sitting behind it. This is not like a standard hotel desk. It's more like a desk I would have at my home office. I tell him we need to check-in.

    Everything about it up until now was just a little sketchy and I mean everything. We went up and looked at the room before bringing any stuff upstairs.

    The rooms were sparse which was fine. The bed was comfy. The bathroom a little odd. The two towels were almost scratchy. The water pressure wasn't great. There was NO place to put soap or shampoo in the shower. There are no clocks in the room which doesn't bother me but it does bother my friend.

    There's no place to hang anything. The morning coffee was as bad as anything I'd ever smelled.

    The garage fills up at night and you have to double park then leave your keys at the front desk. Again, it seemed kind of sketchy. They shuffle cars around all morning/night to make due with such a small garage. Oh and when we got there at night we had to figure out how to get back in the garage. They failed to tell us we needed to call the desk which we did fairly quickly but it would have been nice to have this explained.

    It's fine if you need a clean bed to sleep in. It was quiet too. But just be prepared for all these other little things.

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    71. Nancee L.
    Here are the facts for our stay:
    - There is only one elevator and it is very small, shaky and slow
    - The bathroom was clean and updated but there was no hot water for the entire night
    - The bed linens appeared to be dirty so we slept in our clothing
    - At night there did not appear to be any security in the hotel or parking lot (which opens to the street)
    - We left the hotel the minute it was light out so that we would not need to be there a minute longer

    It felt more like a European youth hostel than a hotel.

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    72. Angelo R.
    Stayed here in Dec 2011. This is a no frills little hotel in Korean town area of Los Angeles.  Its about 2 blocks from Wilshire and a block from numerous hole in the wall but freakin good asian restaurants. Rooms are renovated and modern (see my pics) with very minimal furniture. My room was about 500sf with king size comfy bed and still has so much space to move around. Here are some tips when staying at the hotel:

    1)  No Ice machine...but I didn't need cause I was out every night! I bought some cold beer & wine from 3 major supermarkets (Vons w/ Starbucks, Rite Aid, etc) around the corner.
    2)  No hotel restaurant - don't need it cause the hotel is close to all inexpensive, mom and pop asian restaurants...filipino, chinese, korean bbq, vietnamese, thai.
    3)  Limited parking - double park in the hotel garage if no avail space and leave the keys with 24 security...but there's also free street parking.  At night, I took cabs cause its about 2 blocks from Wilshire blvd which takes you straight to Santa Monica Blvd, Rodeo Drive, Melrose, etc...about 10-15 min away.
    4)  No hair dryer / iron - just ask the front desk and housekeeping will drop them off to your room.  Again, this is a no frills hotel.
    5)  No gym - Who needs it when you're on vacation but luckily, there are 2 LA Fitness gyms nearby....go to the Hollywood Blvd location, its a block from Chinese theater.
    6)  Tip the housekeeping - they clean your room every day!

    I will definitely stay here again on my next trip this June!

    08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Christine A.
    We stayed here this past weekend mainly because it was close to Universal Studios Hollywood.

    Pet friendly! Brought our 15-lb dog with us and had no problems. King-size bed was surprisingly really comfortable and they gave us more than enough pillows. AC worked very well. Free WiFi. Quick service -- check-in and check-out both took less than a minute. Mcdonald's and other Korean food joints are right down the street if you need a quick bite to eat. TV in room. Great price for the location. Free parking in garage.

    No basic amenities except shampoo, about 5 hangers, and a cheap coffee maker. I'm sure if you ask the front desk they can get other stuff for you but when packing, don't assume this hotel has your basic stuff (no hairdryer, no iron, no mini-fridge, no vending machines, no pen/notepad). There is only 1 bathroom mirror in the whole room! Not good if you're getting ready for a day/night out with a group of people. They have free parking but the parking garage is quite small, so they have to take your keys and double park all the cars. We were out at Universal Studios until 2 AM and came home and the parking garage was closed so we spent 40 minutes trying to find street parking.

    Overall, a pretty good visit. We aren't high maintenance so we were happy to be with our pooch, an AC-unit, and a comfy bed!

    03/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Lee P.
    Downtown location, just off Wilshire. Check.
    Free covered parking, secure.  Check.
    Reasonably clean room. Check.
    Comfy king bed. Check
    Spartan furnishings, no frills for a reasonable $100.  Check.
    No damn soap in the shower or sink??? For 2 days? Fail

    That cost a star.  Is shampoo the new 'bath gel'?  Guess so.  The first day, I thought it might be oversight, but I see it's the same today as well.  Should I have to ask?  I'm glad that they saved the cost and went green on the no soap non-option, but they included a tube of 'moisturizer' in addition to the conditioner, neither of which are of much use to most and something that those who do care bring their own particular faves.  Glad to see the cost and functional priorities are both in perspective here.  Smooth skin and silky hair on a body reeking of B.O.  -Is that the Nouveau LA Chic?

    So, a clean, safe, economical LA stay, but don't forget to BYO your own soap!

    30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. Stephanie T.
    Great hotel.  Excellent customer service.  Free wifi.  I loved the hard wood floors and modern style of my room.  Pretty comfortable bed and pillows.  It was a pretty quiet neighborhood.  The hotel was pretty close to restaurants and shopping.  I was able to walk to a wal-greens and restaurants pretty easily.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. jennifer c.
    I enjoyed my stay. They brought me a glass of wine and a bottle of water to my room. They had a blow dryer in my room. They also brought me a ice bucket . The room is huge and the bed is comfy. If u sleep with a thin pillow u need to bring ur own. So the water pressure in the shower isn't the greatest. The free wifi and parking is nice. I would stay again but I would hope to pay a lil cheaper next time.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. steven t.
    Stayed there early October 2013 for a week, very nice rooms with exceptional beds, great bathrooms. Clean as a whistle. Staff very professional. Location is right in the middle of prone koreatown, prices are very reasonable...cannot go wrong.

    17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Jenni I.
    This is no 4-star hotel, but it's what I expected for the price. It was clean, conveniently close to downtown (at least by taxi), and it was big enough for five Asians girls (who had an air bed!!)

    There is one queen sized bed and a very spacious bathroom. It looked great but that bathtub is a freaking hazard! No slip guards and no pole if you fall (which I did!!). It's like they're waiting for a lawsuit...

    Air conditioning worked great :) service was awesome (my expectations were low but they brought us everything we wanted! Even extra blankets and pillows at 3AM). It was kinda weird that we had to call someone to open the gate to let us in though! I understand it was late but when a creepy guy is standing outside of the hotel in his boxers walking his dogs at 3AM.... I want to get inside fast!

    Overall a good experience sans what I mentioned here.

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Trista L.
    AWFUL!!!!! Hotel, this particular location looked more like a dorm room, parking is ok and VERY limited. The "front desk" was not welcoming at all, saying this hotel is basic is going far, my house has more then this hotel for $119/per night, absolutely not!!!!!!! I would never go here again!

    03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    80. Art A.
    I stayed here again and stayed on the fourth floor this time. The room was much bigger than the last. Bed was also more comfy without all the creaks. I think the last one was overused during the "abuse". I would say that this is the nicer part of Korea town bordering hollywood. And the front desk dude quoted $99 before tax. Total was $112 with free "kinda slow" wifi. Super great deal for the price. Worthy of a 4 star but not quite    a 5 star resort. Overall i would mosdef stay here again. I come to LA from south OC for business and this place is perfect for me. Im not here for vacation but this place will do if you wana save money on lodging and use your $ for shopping and sightseeing, dining. Overall a nice place for a nice price...

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Rebecca B.
    Stayed here for 1 night in January. This place is great if you are just looking for an inexpensive place to stay the night. Definitely not they type of hotel that you can spend all day hanging out in. I was nervous to leave my keys at the front desk but nothing happened and there is no way for them to expand their parking.

    We got a room on the 4th floor so it was nice to not hear people walking above us at any time during the night. The walls are really thin though, I was woken up in the morning by the sound of the person next doors alarm. The sheets were kinda clean, the tv worked intermittently and the wifi was good. The bathroom did not have a hairdryer (we were told that ahead of time) and the floors had a little hair ball left over from the previous person staying in the room... so that was gross.

    When checking out of the hotel, the front desk was left empty and we had to wait for about 20 minutes until someone showed up. While wandering around, we discovered that they had a pool! Which I was told was brand new, but still we weren't informed there was a pool when booking the room.

    Definitely bring your own towels and maybe a blanket if you can. The towels were really small and not many of them and the blankets still made me a little cautious. For the price, I wasn't expecting a 5 star resort. So I guess it was actually pretty good for less than $100. I would come back here because it was a safe place to stay for just the night.

    13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Remy L.
    My German Shepherd and I love this place. Clean, modern, COMFY beds, and it's close to Hollywood. Perfectly affordable spot!

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Justice S.
    This hotel is clean and it has free wifi and secure parking. Unfortunately the room we were given did NOT have any sort of clothing storage. No closets, no dresser, no iron, not even a hair dryer. The front desk clerk also had tons of attitude from the moment we checked in. When I asked him was it normal for the rooms to not have anywhere to store clothes, his response was curt "some have them, some don't". My advice would be to spend only a night or 2 if you are passing thru the area as we are( road tripping from SF to SD).

    02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    84. Minita B.
    Some bug bite hotel. I am staying now, I booked 5 nights, got bite on the 3rd night . So many excuse saying call back hotel .com, the front dest lady is so rude.. DO NOT book this.. Expensive and bite, super simple in the room . Don't even have hair dryer ! However, the manger is so nice to help with the bite thing.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    85. Ian F.
    This review is about my september 2014 stay at this hotel...i chose this hotel because of some good comments from some other yelpers...no issue or complaints while we where staying but the problem came after 3 weeks of checking out...receiving the credit card bill, the same credit card that we used to check in to the Hotel we found out that some one from California has been using our credit card account... (amazon) 2 transaction. ..and even to take a yellow cab taxi ride TWICE one week after of checking out the first thing i did is called the bank and had them investigate the fraud...The only time we used our credit card in California is to Check in to the Hotel and never again for the remaining days of our trip... from what i remember the front desk people took our card number manually...not the best way...and for the management if one of  your employee or someone  else got a hold of my card information dont you think that is very irresponsible on your side because of the mishandling of all the paper work..you  should pay more attention to your people...so Yelpers be ware check your credit card transactions  after checking out at this place...you never know..

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    86. Kelsee I.
    One Word: DISGUSTING!

    Things you should know
    - Photos on their site make this hotel look way nicer than it is
    - Dirty, Dirty, Dirty (see my photos)
    - Bed Bugs
    - Elevator that might stop working at any time and drop you to your death
    - Parking garage is not secure, anybody can open by driving up to
    - You may have to give your key to the hotel if there are no spaces because there is double parking
    - Noisy. Dogs and construction wake you up
    - Flip flops in the shower probably a good idea
    - They have a pool...but it's empty and under construction
    - Great branding, terrible hotel

    Maybe this hotel was nice at one point, but it is falling apart now. I will never stay at this place ever again. I know $100 isn't a lot for a hotel in L.A., but I know I can find better hotels in the same price range easily.

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    87. Audrey C.
    Pretty nice hotel, view isn't that great.  But the beds are comfy.  The rooms have the bare minimum.  You have to ask for an ironing board and iron. But very convenient to walk around Ktown.

    There's also free parking, which is cool.

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    88. Suzanne C.
    Very convenient location in a residential neighborhood off Normandie and Wilshire Blvd. Minimal decor, both in the rooms and the lobby. Made it feel more like a friend's spare room than a hotel room.

    Pluses: very comfortable bed, windows that open, big bathroom, big tv, wifi, quiet. Loved the floors!

    Minuses: only one bedside lamp, a fitted sheet that wasn't very fitted (but wasn't really a problem), could have used a mini-fridge in the room...

    But for $100/night (thank you, hotels.com !) none of those things bothered me, as the comfort and convenience outweighed my minor complaints. We'd definitely stay here again.

    02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Kendra E.
    Free internet, free parking. Complimentary coffee/tea and baked goods every morning. A flat screen tv.

    ...In L.A.?!?? For $99 per night on a weekend?? You've got to be kidding me. This is such a GREAT deal.

    Right smack dab in the heart of Korea town lies Shelter Hotel. A renovated place with cheap furniture. Air conditioning is available. No carpet - just hardwood floors.

    Be aware of the lack of amenities. No hair dryer, no ice machine, and sometimes no closet. I booked 2 rooms and one of the rooms didn't have a closet. That same room also had a huge hole and a slightly broken door. However, I wasn't charged for those pre-existing damages.

    Keep in mind that there is street parking but it's VERY limited. So, if you're planning on having a group of friends stay with you, you'll have a tough time trying to find a parking spot after 5pm.

    Ceilings are pretty thin. You can hear housekeeping vacuum upstairs during the day. I'm not sure of the walls but I couldn't hear anything through them. However, from the hallways you can somewhat hear people in their rooms.

    The ground floor is the parking garage. You take the elevator to the first floor where you find yourself arrive at the lobby. Check in is easy and fast. You can request parking passes but that doesn't mean you have a guaranteed spot. You may have to double park but you can leave your keys with the front desk. It's sort of like valet at a nicer hotel (but not?). My rooms were located on the third floor. Pretty spacious king bedrooms. Again, we had tv's and was able to hook up a PS3. The rooms were clean and we had NO signs of bed bugs.

    Overall, if you're looking for a cheap place that's central to all of L.A. and has free internet & parking, then this place is for you. My friends and I didn't spend much time in the hotel anyway. It was more of a place to just sleep for the night after exploring L.A. Perfect for my group friends.

    11/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Miss K.
    Stayed here in 2010 for a few nights. Nice quiet place. Had recently been renovated (they may have still been working on some of the rooms, not sure). Parking. I think free coffee and maybe donuts or something.
    Clean. Comfy rooms. Decent water pressure. Not too hot, not too cold...just right. Quiet. Can't remember if there was wifi or not.

    22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Carrie O.
    Stayed there on Halloween night because we were seeing a show at The Shrine and it's only 5 miles away. Room was clean and minimalist. The bed was super comfy and you can't beat the underground FREE parking that you don't find at other hotels. A coat of paint would go a long way to sprucing up the room. Even though I paid for my room ahead of time, they still wanted a $100 deposit which I thought was strange because they don't offer any amenities like room-service or a mini-bar. They let me slide without leaving a deposit which I thought was nice.

    No closet, no mini-fridge and no ice-maker but those weren't deal breakers. I would stay here again if I were in the area. Great bed and good price.

    04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. John R.
    BED BUG WARNING!  I stayed there in late May of 2014,  unfortunately, I didn't realize they were bed bug bites until several days later.
    I saw in the reviews that someone also reported bed bugs from early 2014.  Management knew about this and they apparently haven't corrected the issue.  WTF.


    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    93. Jason P.
    Recently a friend was coming to town with her two small dogs, and asked for a recommendation for a smart  boutique style hotel they all might be comfortable staying in. I was a little for want of a good answer, so I phoned a friend who's taste and opinion I value. Well, they told me about The Shelter Hotels over in Korea Town. Just so happens I had a client who had moved to that area, and I was currently rather "up" on it. I liked the idea of the dog-friendly environment, but thought to reserve final judgement until a quick visit of my own could take place. They could not have been nicer or more professional there, and gave me all the time I needed to have a glance at their swell digs...I was impressed, and went ahead and had my friend book in there. All went smashingly, and let me say, for an elevated experience with discreet, hands off management, and a bustling yet fetching neighborhood, (a great one in which to walk dogs!) you would be hard pressed to find anything  that comes close for the money.
    I'm all about this place, and intend to stay there next month when my place is being fumigated.
    It's just great.

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Bob S.
    I've stayed at the Shelter about a 1/2 dozen times.

    - Inexpensive
    - Relatively modern (it was opened/renovated only a few years ago -- but yes, as another reviewer noted it's a converted apartment building in the midst of a neighborhood full of apartment buildings).
    - Free parking
    - Central location really close to downtown LA and to Hollywood
    - Staff is friendly

    - Their housekeeping/maintenance staff really need to step it up.  I wouldn't call it "dirty" but on a couple of occasions the floors haven't felt clean enough to walk on barefoot, and over time the cleanliness seems to be gradually headed downhill.
    - Pretty bare-bones rooms -- no closet in some of them! On the plus side, their bare-bones rooms are preferable to other 2/3-start hotels that have dusty/dirty old outdated furniture.
    - No amenities on premises (pool or other facilities)
    - No decent restaurants, shops, or anything to do within walking distance

    All-in-all it's been decent enough to secure some repeat business from me when I just need an inexpensive place to stay, but not a great choice for family or vacation travelers.

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    95. Tara S.
    A rather smart four star right in the heart of Shelter Hotels . Seems to have had a very good remodel, super atrium checking/lobby area. The check in staff were efficient and helpful. The hotel room are very smart, large for downtown with huge washroom. We found a super little eatery just across the street but of course the hotel offer the standard fare but a little pricy. If you are on vacation, there a hop on hop bus stop right across the street. You have four blocks to walk, no more then ten minutes to get to the metro on 7th street, this can get you to Hollywood within 20 minutes. Really can't fault this hotel.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Josh C.
    This trendy hipster spot is populated by terribly rude employees. The underwhelming post modern decor intends on providing a unique, homely experience, but it ends up making the accommodations seem bare bones. No ice or mini-fridge so no place for leftovers or ice cubs for a drink/soda. The gent at the front desk was terribly mean and even at one point told us that we could "leave through the garage or out the window, our choice". Coming in later in the evening involves paging the front desk staff and they were not very accommodating.  I would not suggest staying at this hotel, there are many other alternatives in the area for not terribly much more.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    97. Paige R.
    Very minimal hotel but comfy beds. It was clean with good linens and tv. The walls are a tad thin and the nieborhood a little so - so but I would stay here again . Great location for doing stuff in north valley.

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. Sterling A.
    THE ROOM:***
    Spacious king bed, clean room and quiet.  This hotel is a converted apartment building.  For the price and proximity to downtown it is worth a repeat visit.  Three stars but a potential four.

    While on vacation in California we decided to head south form Big Sur to LA.  Once we got phone reception we called a few hotels near the down town area to check rates. This place offered us a room for $120.  We made the reservation, but I thought it was weird they did not ask for a card.  At midnight I call the front desk to open the gate for underground parking.  The lot is smaller and fits about 25 cars and once the spots are taken you must double park and surrender the keys at the front desk.

    Once we were welcomed they found no record of our reservation.  I made the conclusion that the lonely auditor was incompetent, over worked or simply forgot about us.  I was upset, but they did have a room and he gave me the keys right away.  Though he seemed a bit over worked he kept it together.  A French couple tried to cut in front at the check in counter but the concierge asked him to wait.

    In my travels I have seen nut sacks cut at check in time.  If you are at a hotel please be courteous and wait for your turn to check in.

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    99. Michael R.
    For the price you just can't beat it. I had a great view of the city, a very clean and new room. It was kept simple, but sometimes simple is best. It was $112 with tax. Everything else around is $150 and up. Don't waste your time on other places when you can just go here!

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Michelle H.
    I'm a local and LA native. I stayed here while my house was being fumigated. This is the only place ill stay in now. The location, price and cleanliness won me over. They r pet friendly as well which is awesome. The decor is minimal and chic--very ikea. The staff was very helpful and nice. I loved this hotel. It definitely has an apartment feel to it.

    If you are traveling to Los Angeles for whatever reason. Take it from an LA native--shelter hotel is the best deal. It is close to Hollywood, downtown, the metro station, and not to mention it's located in koreatown; making your dining options limitless.

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Melissa Y.
    Hip budget hotel.  For what you pay ($99 per night) you get everything you need in a great location.  There's free wifi, AC, big comfy bed, and a decent sized bathroom. It's not really the kind of place you want to hang out all day in - no pool or bar and the ambiance is iffy - but it's the perfect place to stay if you're here to check out the city.  We stay here every Halloween for KCRW's Masquerade Ball and it totally beats waiting forever and cabbing both ways from Venice.  Make sure to get a room on the Mariposa or 5th street side so you're not right next to the apartment buildings behind the hotel.  Another thing to keep in mind is that they don't have closets here.

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Pascal S.
    Good Location! Minimalistic but with pay tv and plenty of space in the room. Hardwood floors in the rooms and it's a central place!!

    Contra is the parking garage gate which closes around 11pm. They should use IR controls for that and hand them out to the customers!

    Area is safe - in my eyes - even though they are lots of homeless people begging around.

    100 bugs a night, can't beat the price.

    18/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Thomas N.
    I chose this hotel because It was more central to my girlfriend and I's weekend vacation. It was recommended by Yelp but the rates on the Yelp website did not match those that were over the phone and could not be booked through Yelp's website. We got here at 1 AM. There was no street parking. We stopped in front of the parking gate and it didn't open. I went inside to check in and they opened the gate for us to pull the car in. There are 4 floors on this hotel. We were on the third floor. Door required a little push to open.

    Main room:
    The room was nice a big with a king sized bed. There was a small 32" TV mounted to the wall with a Directv box on the back. However, the cables to the tv were not tied up and hung loose. TV wasn't level but was close. The main lights from the light switch are really bright. Brighter then outside lighting. The lamps provide decent lighting. They also provided a clock dock for your iPhone (4S and previous with the 30 pin connector). The pillows were small and 4 were provided. They were not comfortable at all. Also found a hair on the pillow when we arrived. There was a small closet and coffee maker provided. However, no microwave or refrigerator. Wifi was free.

    Bathroom is small. There were not enough towels provided. I had to go ask for a hair dryer for my girlfriend when I was initially told that there was a hair dryer in the room.

    If you come back late or need to leave early in the morning, cars will be double parked. And if you are lucky, they will leave the key at the front desk. We had to double park one of the nights. Which sucked because we had to empty the entire car just to be safe. Someone did move the car when we left the next day.

    Dimmers for the can lights in the room
    Provide either: microwave or refrigerator
    More towels
    Tissue box
    Wire manage cables for tv.

    Would I stay here again? Probably not. However, pricing here does beat the rest.

    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    104. Candice V.
    Super minimalist (with a borderline hipster feel) but what more do you need for a short stay in LA when most of your other options are overpriced and/or over the top? The room had everything I needed, including one of the comfiest beds of my life. The wifi was great, I had no issues checking in or checking out, and the free underground parking was a nice bonus. I did have to double park and leave my car key at the front desk at night, but hey, there is literally no way for them to expand their parking area and my car was still safe so I'm not gonna complain.

    I do agree with other reviewers though that this place could use a fresh coat of paint. There were some nicks and scuffs on the walls and furniture in my room that obviously affected my stay in no way whatsoever but could be easily taken care of in an effort to spruce this place up. The floors were also a bit dusty - not sure if I was in a room that hadn't been used in a while?

    Regardless, I'll be back when I need an overnight stay in the area! Great location and little-to-no hassle experience.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Effie J.
    I live locally but ended up staying here while work was being done on our house. Shelter is a great affordable place located in Koreatown -- if you don't know Koreatown you should, because it's a very exciting, interesting place to explore. (The gentleman at the front desk had great food suggestions nearby and one can always peruse the many many article Jonathan Gold has written on Ktown food for some ideas as well -- they're legion.) The hotel is in an older building that has been updated and renovated, so there are some oddities in the structure, but I personally found that interesting. Basically, it's like a budget option to the Ace Hotel, but without stinting on clean simple style or on the amenities that really matter: very comfortable king-size beds, cleanliness, nice storage options, nicely appointed bathrooms and workable layout. I found it quiet -- not a lot of noise from other rooms. Some occasional street noise, but hey, you're in Los Angeles not Kansas :) There's free parking underground with easy access. It was too cold for me to use it, but they have a great pool and there's a nice pingpong/game room as well. The hotel is also very pet friendly and accommodating -- overall customer service was outstanding. I was extremely happy with my stay and it was nice to discover a option in Los Angeles that I can recommend to family and friends when they visit.

    20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    106. Kat P.
    I'm very iffy on this one.

    - cheap
    - nice staff
    - ok room
    - secure...FREE parking (if you can find a spot)

    - no amenities (no pool, no blow dryer, etc.)
    - more of a motel than hotel (a hotel to me has interior facing rooms while motels have exterior facing rooms. my room was exterior facing)
    - stains on curtains
    - window unit. no centralized air/heat
    - sketchy neighborhood (Koreatown)

    Considering I got this hotel for $120 on NYE when all the other hotels were $300+, it's a decent deal. Had other rooms been available on NYE for $200, I would have paid the money for a nicer place.

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    107. David S.
    I put my parents up here when they were visiting. They're not super-picky, so were fine with it. I'd stay there if price were my main concern.

    Rooms/halls were clean, tasteful, and looked recently updated.

    A few concerns:
    - Elevator directly from street/garage to rooms without going through the lobby.
    - No closet or dresser/luggage stand. We were told other rooms did have them.
    - No towel bars.
    - Fire doors on guest floors not on automatic closers (so they would close in a fire). That's probably grandfathered (code-compliant), but I still don't like to see that.

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    108. Miss M.
    Just wondering if anyone knows if this place has monthly or weekly rates? My cousin is looking for a temporary place to live and I wonder if this is a good idea, as I will be forking over the cash. Please, someone, let me know from either personal experience of first hand knowledge. Thanks again.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    109. Theresa N.
    Can't beat it for the price. It's a work in progress, the pool is now in and the back finished, you can get ice by calling the desk, there is free underground parking and they'll take care of the moving of the car if you need to double park. Our room was clean and comfortable, wood floors instead of suspect carpets. and a clean white bed spread. I usually remove the spread first thing in a hotel room no matter how expensive, I think this is the first one I've ever felt comfortable sitting on!
    Lots of good restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Room modern and spare looking and quite comfortable. staff were friendly and helpful, free wifi. close to downtown, two blocks off Wilshire.  Koreatown seems safe, lots happening, much better than I expected given the reviews. I'd definitely stay there again.  It has an indie vibe and I like that.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Sarah K.
    Pros: This place was inexpensive, the staff was nice and the bed was comfortable. Parking was free which is a big plus in LA.
    Cons: The floors were so dirty, and the bathroom baseboards were gross! As others have mentioned, no amenities but that didn't bother me with the price. The dirt however was a big problem. Won't be staying here again!

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    111. Jun I.
    The room was disgusting.. I don't think they actually clean the room. I think they only pick up garbage and remake bed... I don't recommend to anyone..

    23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    112. Jillian Mae K.
    I've stayed at this hotel twice now and both times I was pretty satisfied. But, both stays were for 1-2 nights only. In that sense, the room was great- comfy bed, clean bathroom, and if you needed things like an iron or other toiletries all you had to do was call the front desk. But if you're going to stay in LA for longer than a weekend, it might be more convenient to try a hotel with more amenities.

    Can't say the room was dirty when we got there, but it could be because we got in RIGHT after they were done cleaning (we checked in earlier than 3). But the first time we stayed the room was fine then. Free gated parking is a plus too, but the spots are pretty tight...so if you suck at parking that might be a problem haha.

    Other than that though I really can't complain. Decent price for what you get, really helpful staff, and it's in ktown, where there's a whole bunch of stuff to do around the area. But, like I said, if you're looking for something more upscale/accommodating this might not be for you. But I'll be coming back for my next LA getaway for sure!

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Lani A.
    Free secure parking, clean rooms, fast service but it was kinda bare and the cleaning lady was trying to come in when I was taking down our luggage. I had to make a few trips, my boyfriend was still in the room and it was a rather annoying. Past that it was whatever, not the worst but not the best.

    25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    114. Athena E.
    I stayed here in summer of 2013 and the experience was really nice. This hotel is great for traveling with dogs. At that time it was $100.00 per night and everything seemed really modern and ikea chic. I recently stayed there again, January 2015 and was bummed to find that the price is now $130.00 per night and the rooms a little bit more run down from a year and a half ago. It was still nice and peaceful but my biggest problem was the way the room smelled the most recent stay. It was like burnt plastic. When I woke up I was coughing like crazy and my throat was really sore. The ventilation of the room was extremely poor and really affected my respiratory system. I don't think I will be going back after waking up feeling really sick and combined with the price increase, I just don't feel as enthused about this hotel as I had during my first stay.

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    115. Annie G.
    Just OK for a one night stay. For your money I'd recommend staying in one of the many similarly-priced airbnb places that dot the city and have way more to offer in terms of comfort and convenience.

    We've stayed in a half-dozen airbnbs around LA that absolutely crush this hotel in terms of amenities for the same price.

    Bed: Best part of the stay. Comfortable, clean.
    A/C: Nice and cold.
    Bathroom: functional and modern-ish.
    Parking: it exists!

    Wifi: Go elsewhere if you have work to do or need internet at post-1995 speeds.
    Rooms: depressing in an almost-unidentifiable way. Weird layout, no logical use of space, no closet, fridge, iron, hairdryer. Coffee machine with one coffee pouch and powdered creamer is on the sad side.
    Front desk: Are you kidding me? Are we being punked? We must be getting punked. See other reviews for specifics on this guy. We laughed it off, but this guy's manners are in need of some help. Maybe the poor guy just needs a vacation.
    Parking: double parked cars in a tiny garage negates the positivity of having parking.

    If it says anything about our stay, we booked two nights and only stayed one. Had to get out of there.

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    116. Jon H.
    Great weekday stay-cay. I booked this stay inline through Expedia. Shelter came up when I refined my search to include pet friendly and accessible bathrooms. Let me explain; my girlfriend really wanted to take a long, hot bath. Accessible can often mean larger, and in this case it did. Big, step-up tub. The room was big as well. Other pluses included the free parking and Wi-Fi, and the aforementioned pet-friendly (with no additional charge or deposit). The staff was great as well. In fact I can only think of a single negative- there are no fridges or mini-fridges. I bought ice and a styrofoam cooler a few blocks away at 7-11. Close to tons of restaurants and bars, and at under 100 bucks, we will be back, dog and all, very soon.

    27/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Robin S.
    I totally don't understand why there are so many 2- and 3 star ratings. For the price, this hotel is WAY beyond what you get for the equally value priced chains. I love that the parking is free (rare in L.A .... parking fees can be a major "gotcha" on Priceline and Orbitz deals). The rooms are very clean and although spare, they look cool in a minimalist type of way.  There was no breakfast but the desk clerk gave me a delicious pastry that that his father often makes for the guests, so you may get lucky and book when the same morning receptionist is working!

    25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. David K.
    For those who said the area was super sketchy and dangerous must also be afraid of their own shadow lol. The hotel is in walking distance to countless eateries(mostly Korean food) and a Starbucks. The hotel itself was also close to Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hollywood and just a 30 min drive(in bumper to bumper traffic on a Sunday) to The Santa Monica Pier. The overall cleanliness of the hotel was ok maybe subpar and yes the walls are very thin BUT for $99 a night in LA where gas is $4.17 for regular it's like a sore one, u can't  beat it.

    28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Jeff B.
    There's nothing wrong with this hotel. The rooms are large and clean. The front desk is as helpful as can be and extremely accommodating.
    The bathroom was clean, the beds were super comfortable and the sheets soft as can be.
    Bonus for secure FREE parking and a decent neighborhood.
    The ONLY bummer is the free WiFI. It's pretty bad. If you're doing anything other than email, you better hope your phone has a tethering plan.

    17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Erica T.
    If I could give it 0 stars, I would.

    Let it be known that this place is labeled as a 3 star hotel and I booked this place through Expedia. Expedia's hotel ratings are based on guest comments which are the following: Quality, style, comfort, personalized service.

    1. This place used to be an apartment that turned into a hotel.

    2. Everything is dirty, the orange/brown suede couch next to the front desk was disgustingly dirty, I wouldn't sit on it cause I would be afraid of catching something. Also, it looks like they don't wash their rugs, stains everywhere!

    3. Walked into our "hotel" room, no suitcase holder, no chairs to sit on, all hardwood floors. It lacked the "home away from home" feel like other hotels.

    4. My bf and I went to LA with another couple, they called to tell me to check our bed for bugs or hairs because they found blonde hair under the sheets. I went to check for hairs, but did not check thoroughly because when I came back to our hotel around 10pm at night, at the foot of the bed were dead ants and some other things (my bf says they are insect droppings or just small dirt particles). We also noticed yellow stains in the center of the bed. We called the front desk and they stated that they do not have 24 hour housekeeping and can only provide us more sheets, but we would have to change the sheets ourselves.

    5. Sheets came and I attempted to change the sheets, but once I removed all the sheets, I was so disgusted with the mattress (it looked like a mattress they picked up from the side of the road and brought it into the hotel room) that I just kept the original sheets on the bed, didn't use the blanket and instead piled on the new sheets they gave us on top of all the other sheets. Since it was already late at night, there was nowhere else to go. My bf and I couldn't sleep that night. He didn't move from his spot on the bed and I did not move either. We also left the lights on throughout the night so if anything touched me, I was able to see what it was.

    6. BF went downstairs to tell the front desk our experience. They apologized and let us change rooms. Ok, thanks.. you couldn't do that the night before?!

    7. We get to our "new" room and the shower head is broken. I couldn't adjust the head to my height and had to crouch under the shower head to get clean. Ok, it wasn't that bad for me.. but picture my bf, a 6'3" guy trying to take a shower! He kept hitting his head trying to rinse his head and face. Then there is the tub sprout that would hit his shins.

    8. When I took a shower, the hot water = cold and the cold water = hot! It was ridiculous! Also, there was no way to really turn off the water. If you don't move the handle to the right place, you are unable to shut the water off! My bf even took a shower knowing this information and still had to take a cold shower cause they ran out of hot water! A "HOTEL" running out of hot water?!? P.S. you will also be bathing with ants crawling around!

    9. I was unable to sleep the whole time at this hotel because the walls were so thin! I can hear the people above walking around and my friends' heard a couple getting it on, taking a break, getting it on again, and then heading to take a shower in their room.

    10. After loading our luggage into the car, the guys went upstairs to check out. 5 mins later they came back and I had asked if they got the first night comp'd (like the manager had promised us). They said no, the manager isn't in today and we also didn't get a copy of the invoice. My gf and I went to the front desk where we met Jessica. Now let me tell you, this girl had no hotel management experience. She was very rude, had a snotty attitude, and was very disrespectful to us. She stated the hotel has a policy of not providing a copy of the invoice regarding our stay and when I asked her again she stated that only the hotel can provide you a copy.... UMM WHAT?! Excuse me, you are the hotel!. Jessica then responds with, "I mean, hotels can't give you an invoice." Can you please check your system to see if the manager noted anything regarding our rooms. She didn't even touch the computer and said "sorry, nothing is in our system. You will need to contact the manager about what he said to you." I then said "Ok, can you pick up your phone and contact him so he can relay the message to you to handle while he is gone." Jessica responds with "sorry, he is in a meeting and I can't call." Then changed her response to "he is out of town..." then changed her response again to "he can't answer his phone."

    Overall, never coming back here again! We paid about $130 a night (including tax).... If you are smart, spend an extra $20 a night and go somewhere else! This has been the worst hotel experience I have EVER HAD (and I have been to a lot).

    Since we checked out (Monday 8/11/14)... we have called the manager 5 times and emailed him once... still no response.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    121. Heather R.
    The customer service and all of the yesses is why I give this place 5 stars!  Cute minimalist design, free parking.  Very accommodating!

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Ray L.
    This building looks like a converted apartment, especially given the location. In any case, that doesn't really matter. This place is more of a bare bones no frills motel than hotel. Admittedly, I don't quite know the formal distinction between the two, but suffice it to say that this place doesn't have much by way of amenities.

    No iron.
    No blow dryer.
    No vending machine.
    No ice machines.

    The rooms have a modern look along with the bathrooms, but the completely bare white walls are kind of depressing. The wood floors are really dirty as I discovered walking barefoot on them.

    Basically, good if you're just looking for a bed and tv. If you're looking for even basic amenities, try somewhere else.

    20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    123. summer t.
    Very satisfied. Nice clean and modern rooms, hardwood floors, free wifi, free hbo and free secure parking. Easy uber ride to west Hollywood where we had our event. Friendly staff. Couldn't beat the price.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Billy B.
    I'll give this place 3 stars, despite not having stayed there.  Part of this is my fault, as I should have researched the place prior.

    Very, very basic room.  No closet, no towels.  Just very minimal.  Now, i was on a trip for 7 days and planned to stay here for 2 days.  This was not an option.

    Ended up talking to the front desk and they refunded our money immediately.  No questions asked.  I was very thankful for that.  I even accidentally insulted the guy at the front desk when I mentioned I didn't feel comfortable in the area - he shrugged it off (Ronan? Roman?).  

    So it's not their fault that my expectations were incorrect.  Was pleased with how they handled me.

    If you're a low maintenance kind of person, and really just need a place for location - then this is a good spot.

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    125. Stone J.
    This was a great little hotel. You could tell the staff cared a lot about creating a positive experience. The rooms are minimalistic in a trendy way. Overall, I had a great night sleep, appreciated the free Wi-Fi and liked knowing my car was secure/not going to get broken into. I definitely plan on staying here again. The affordability of this hotel coupled with all the above make it a great location.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Mike A.
    We needed a place for one night, did not care about fancy and so we chose this hotel based upon reviews. There is no branding in this hotel so you cannot just look around the room and remember the name of the hotel, that is kind of nice and kind of inconvenient. If we had to do another overnight stay in downtown LA we would pick this place again.

    Free secure parking in a nice neighborhood
    Rooms have fire sprinklers
    Downtown close to businesses
    Price was reasonable
    Clean large room

    Very basic amenities
    No continental breakfast
    No tissues in room
    Dimly lit and No signage in hallways which are very confusing
    Emergency exits stairs are at the far end of the floor next to the other exit which is an elevator

    01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    127. Maribelle G.
    I booked a one-night stay to be in close proximity to LAX for an early flight the next morning.  Chose to stay here based on the 3-star rating coupled with the positive reviews here, but felt I was chancing a bad stay given the negative ones. The rate I paid on Orbitz was $116 (incl txs & fees), reasonable for my purpose/budget.  Checked-in later than expected at 10pm and checked-out early the next morning at 5:30am.

    The hotel's location & parking are its best features--convenient & easily accessible. Entrance to the hotel is only through the garage elevator (or stairwell), which felt odd & uninviting.  Although the lobby seemed welcoming and the front desk agents (both evening & morning) were friendly, that's where the hospitality ended.  

    My room was on the 2nd floor and upon exiting the elevator, I immediately felt ill at ease--dimly-lit, dingy, crisscrossing hallways without signage to show direction of room numbers.  The room was a king, facing the center outdoor space and into other rooms; however, the view was not a factor for this stay.  

    A spacious room by most standards, had a studio apartment feel, with a flat screen (incl Direct TV) mounted to wall.  Both nightstands had scratched off surfaces which made them seem dirty; matching empty, dusty shelf unit placed under the TV, purpose unknown.  Several recessed ceiling lights provided harsh lighting, not at all relaxing, and lamps on nightstand were too weak to light the room.  Unfortunately, the bright overhead lights led to the discovery of hair on one of the bed pillows.  The bed itself was comfortable enough, but the linen seemed worn-out and, at this point, even unclean.  I was reminded of the negative reviews and feared cleanliness was in fact an issue.  The bathroom appeared clean offering basic toiletries and towels.

    If you need a place for a short 1- or 2- night stay offering a rate around $100/nt, then this hotel will probably suffice.  Again, if only for the location and ease-of-access parking while you're out-n-about and NOT spending time in your room or on property!

    23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    128. Joseph Y.
    Price- not bad for a three stars hotel
    Location- center of ktown. Close to many restaurant.
    Free parking- if the parking lot is full, u can double park can leave your key at front desk.

    Staff- the receptionist is rude rude rude. He doesn't give a f to the customers.
    Dirty- they don't really clean the room after check out. You san still see the mess left from the previous.

    Overall, it's not bad if you are just looking for a place to take a shower and sleep. Just don't expect too much and don't be fooled by their fancy webpage and their photos.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    129. Calvin H.
    Basic hotel in a convenient location pretty much sums up this place.

    You get:
    - White walls
    - Bed with plain white sheets
    - Desk
    - Dresser
    - Bathroom

    The rooms aren't super clean nor are they dirty. The windows and walls seem a little thin and you can hear crazy people yelling on the street. But if you haven't figured out how to set the time on the alarm clock I suppose it's a good wake up call.

    The parking is a pleasant surprise as it's free. That's pretty uncommon for the area. However be aware that it's a small underground garage that won't fit all the cars of the hotel occupants. Once all the spots are filled up you're required to double park and leave your keys at the front desk. So either be comfortable with that or don't come back to the hotel too late at night.

    Randomly, the Shelter Hotel logo is very similar to the Burberry logo.

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Delay P.
    I stayed here for a week and it was awesome! Staff was really friendly, rooms nice and clean and best of all so close to everything! Loved it and will be back.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Selina P.
    I've stayed at the Shelter Hotel a couple times while staying in LA.  The price is great for the location.  Yes there is no blow dryer, iron, vending machine, or ice machines...but you get free parking.  Enough said.  The room itself is very bare and minimal, but I found the bed to be very comfortable.  One thing I do have to complain about is that there was no closet.  Good thing I brought my clothes on a hanger since there was none in the room, let alone anywhere to hang them.  I ended up hanging it on the back of the tv monitor.

    For $99 + tax, you can't find a better deal for the location.  It's located right in ktown with restaurants and bars within walking distance.  Did I mention the free gated parking???  I found the service to be very efficient and accommodating.  Definitely an improvement from my first stay here.  If you're looking for a high end luxury hotel, this is not for you.  But for a good price and location, free parking, and comfortable bed, I would recommend this place.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Nava T.
    A star is still overate.
    There was a cockroach in my bathroom! Whenever I returned to my room at night, a guest across the way had a dog that would kept on barking (inside the room). Very annoying. When I was leaving, my car was blocked. The hotel attendant didnt do anything about it. He told me to call the tow truck myself...and point to the number on the wall... ?!?! I stuck for almost an hour until the other driver came back to move the car. I ended up missing my flight at LAX. I was pissed. It was a terrible business trip experience of the year...so far.

    Stayed April 2015

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. Brandy G.
    We needed a room in LA for a night unexpectedly and found the Shelter Boutique Hotel. The price was outstanding and the service was great. The rooms are modern bright and clean. The property is well maintained and there are lots of restaurants near by. We walked up a few blocks and had a delicious Korean BBQ dinner!! I almost forgot to mention Free Parking which is unheard of in LA I've paid up to 40 a night for hotel parking in LA!! would recommend Shelter to any  traveler.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. Michael N.
    Pretty nice budget hotel in the Korea Town section of Los Angeles.  Located on a seemingly quiet residential street, you are only a few blocks from a ton of good korean food options and bars.

    As for the rooms, they are very minimalist but also pretty large.  We ended up getting two queen beds and the room had a lot of extra space to spread out.  Overall the room was clean and quiet.  As for the rest of the hotel, I though the pool area and the game room area was a bit dirty.  If they put just a little TLC into the pool area it would definitely be a great place to hang out in.  There were also a lot of flies out there... weird.

    On a positive note, this hotel does have free parking underneath and will even let you double park in if you come back late.  Of course you need to leave your keys with them, but it sure beats hunting for parking in this area.  It appears to be at a premium.  

    I would stay here again if I happened to find myself in this area.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. Gonzalo G.
    Perfect location and awesome rooms...minimalist decor...maximum quality for the rates...highly recommend...

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Alex K.
    Fuck this place!  The staff is rude and cold mannered. And I swear its loud as hell. If you want to sleep at all don't book this place.  The walls  thin as hell.I swear you can hear everyone in the hall way. I rather would sleep in the rain under a bridge at a skid row shelter than this place.  Wait is that this place is called the shelter hotel.  Is the shelter for the deaf?
    I regret booking this place.  Don't do it. Trust me I've stayed in plenty of hotels this place sucks.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    137. Michael S.
    This place needs so much work. Its trying really hard to be nice, but the room was dirty and I felt like there was a dead body in the bed before I got there. Great attempt at a rehab (bright colors, ghetto Vegas themes), but it's not worth the price you way. 5 more minutes of cleaning the room before the next person would have brought an extra star.

    27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    138. Tina Roberts R.
    We were very pleased staying there! I highly recommend! We arrived at 2:30AM after a long drive from San Francisco and the staff member at the front desk was very accommodating. He answered right away when we called to let him know we were at the gate. He opened it and was very pleasant to meet. The lobby is very welcoming. The room was basic but clean. I'm extremely picky and I felt very comfortable staying there. The bed and bedding were very comfortable. They do not have a microwave in the room but you can request one if needed. We found this out after but it's good to know for the future. The hotel is located is good walking distance to shops. We took public transportation and it was very easy to get back to the hotel. Thumbs up from us and we will be back when we visit LA again!

    28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. K. S.
    Clean. Ok for the price and location. Very helpful underneath parking. Very simple. People upstairs sounded like circus elephants. otherwise decent. Smelled a little like new paint.  
    Street sides can be a bit loud but I turned on the ac and that drowned out noise.

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    140. Alicia V.
    Needed a place for one night while working at the Grammys, and this place was actually perfect. It is EXTREMELY affordable, WITH FREE PARKING! That's a rarity. Also, free wifi, but we couldn't seem to connect to it. But it didn't matter, we weren't even there. Just needed to sleep.

    The walls were a little bare for my taste. Could use at least one photo or something hanging up, but the bed was comfy and everything was clean

    The biggest highlight though for me is that I was able to bring my puppy, FOR FREE! No pet fees! Yay! And I love that everything was hard floors in case he had an accident.

    Would definitely stay here again if I needed something quick.

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. Kathy L.
    We stayed here for 2 nights. Rooms were allllriiiight, the gentleman that checked us in on the first night was not very friendly although everyone after him was very kind.
    -Free parking
    -Restaurants are of walking distance (2 blocks away)

    -Walls are SUPER thin
    -No ice machine but they will offer a bowl of ice at no charge, you just have to go to the front desk
    -Hallways smell like stale cigarettes

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    142. Jessica W.
    Stayed here after an event in the Silver Lake area.

    Rooms were decent sized and clean.  Walls were pretty thin and you could hear the sound of people talking through the walls. You can double park or park behind other cars in the lot, just leave your keys at the front so they can move your car if someone behind you needs to get out.

    Black guy who checked people in was not very friendly. I watched as he was not very helpful to an older gentleman who didn't speak very much English. He was asking for his passport and the guy couldn't understand him and all he could do was say passport louder and less patiently.

    Wouldn't stay here if I had other options or if I had time to book an Airbnb.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    143. Anu C.
    This is a go to spot! Very nice and clean with free parking which is always a huge plus since finding parking in LA is horrible and tedious. The train station is near (walking distance). There's a lot of places to eat at, hardly any cafe's though. The room has a/c and it's not loud, I had a nice view as well. I can't complain about anything honestly this place is affordable and just fine. Stayed here with my boyfriend for one week.

    free parking
    near avis rental
    near dtla  
    good location
    no one bothers you and you hardly ever see anyone else around the hotel
    safe area  
    4 floors
    bathroom sink counter top
    the room is spacious clean and simple
    nice tv with good cable
    free wifi (that works and is reliable) -trust me, i took my online midterm of 2 hours whilst using the complementary wifi (lol)
    complimentary coffee in room
    desk area
    simple and easy to check in and out

    if i really want to be one of those people who likes to complaint about everything i'll just say the shower head pressure wasnt as good lol

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0