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Sofitel Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA


Sofitel LA is the hottest Los Angeles hotel, with stunning interiors featuring French style and Hollywood glamour. Our 4-star Los Angeles hotel sits on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard, opposite the Beverly Center. Enjoy sleek Beverly Hillshotel rooms near world-famous Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, and Sunset Boulevard. New additions to this hotel include SIMON LA by Kerry Simon, STONE ROSE LOUNGE by Rande Gerber, and Le Spa at Sofitel.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.85

Address: 8555 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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    Comments (217):

    1. Trish P.
    I loved my stay at the Sofitel. The decor and service was really nice. I do find the rooms a little small but other than that it was a pleasant stay.  The location across the Beverly Center is ideal for the shopper in me.. Would come back here again..

    23/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Valentina D.
    Before I lived in Los Angeles, I would often stay at the Sofitel.  I always managed to snag a good deal, and then with my usual verbal panache I'd also manage to get an upgrade.  I liked the central location, the views of the Hollywood Hills, the good service, and the somewhat Frenchy charm of the hotel--not exactly Parisian, but kinda-sorta in a goofy, L.A. way.    The rooms were homey and sunny, and there were french doors leading out onto a pseudo-balcony.  The bathrooms had nice smelling products, and were clean and mold-free. The bed was comfortable, and the linens excellent.
    Now I live in L.A., and close to the Sofitel.  In fact, I pass it every morning on my way to work at the Big Brother Building at Whattsamatta U.   I'd  been watching the ongoing remodel of the hotel with growing horror and dismay.  And now it's....done? Who knows!  The hotel now has the fugliest, most alienating, most confusing, most Eurotrash-homing device-y entrance ever!  I mean, they could win a prize!  What the heckety heck have they done? What's going on?  What's with the glass, the chrome, the walls, the mirrors, the 70s facade? Why?  Your managment actually PAID someone to do that?
    You know, anticipating having to spend 8-9 hours with my slightly dysfunctional job family is enough; I don't need to be visually abused on my way to work as well.  I'll just say it: tear it down and start from scratch.  Decide whether you want to be in France or in Kazhakstan, decide on a style, and decide whether you want to actually attract rather than repel visitors. Right now I'm taking San Vincente to avoid seeing yet another Monstrous Egos Architectural Folly debacle.  If you wanted to remind me that we're not in Paris, anymore, baby, you've succeeded.  Now stop the cruelty.

    03/12/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Modemme X.
    OH MY GOD THE VIEW! Ok, I'll stop freaking out now. The view of the Hollywood Hills from our room was amazing - and double french doors to boot. The french doors are about the only "french" thing left at this newly remodeled hotel. Nice staff, fun bar ($18 sidecar, come again?), chatty doorman who used to live in NYC, he's seen it all. Huge flat screen TV in the room, I don't have a telly here in NYC so I indulged in, um, well the big thing on TV that weekend was Britney's shaved head. Whatever. I'm not missing much not having a TV am I? Anyway, loved the Sofitel, loved the view even more then the big fat fluffy bed and the smokey glass above the bed that allows you to see into the shower. Helloooo sexy...

    24/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Cindy W.
    I had the good fortune to be treated to a stay here.  My friends won a trip to the Emmy's from Australia and were given two rooms so I got one of them!  Yay for me!  

    The service is very good here - and they go out of their way to try and please you.  

    The room is not large but very sufficient.  They have a very nice LG HDTV, a nice desk to work on, the most comfortable bed and pillows, a Bose stereo, a wonderful waterfall shower, etc.  Amenities are plentiful.  

    When you get your car out of Valet - they have cold water waiting for you in the car for your journey, a nice touch.  

    The restaurant, Simon, served the best coffee I've ever had, as well as the best eggs benedict that I've eaten.  

    I'd stay here again, except for the price!  It was a nice treat though while it lasted.

    22/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. summer r.
    I loved The Sofitel. Great location, FANTASTIC BLOW YOUR MIND FRIENDLY SERVICE, huge bowls of cotton candy, frette linens, LG flat screens, fast delicious room service, relaxing sunny patio to eat your frosted flake encrusted french toast, chef kerry simon overseeing his restaurant, sexy bar scene....it just goes on and on. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

    04/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Kitty N.
    This is a really pretty hotel. We just came here for drinks, but it's quite lovely and very high end.

    19/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Heather R.
    We stayed at the Sofitel when we drove up to LA to eat at Simon LA because the Simon LA is in the Sofitel Hotel.  Also because we knew it'd be a late dinner and we wanted to drink and not drive 2.5 hours back to San Diego so we thought we'd stay the night...We took our teenage daughter and our dog with us on the trip...the Sofitel is a dog friendly hotel which is nice.

    So, we didn't know we'd be coming to LA for sure until about 7 days before hand, I had looked on line to see if I could reserve the Sofitel through any other booking sites to get a better deal, nope. I called the hotel's reservation line and they quoted me $379 for one night but I couldn't cancel our stay without paying fees...so I waited...big mistake...the price goes up higher and higher each day you decide to procrastinate until it reaches an insane rate...we ended up paying nearly $500 for our ONE night in this so-so hotel. And it was for a stay in the middle of the week - I was pissed.  I tried to tell them that I was quoted a hundred dollars less the day before to see if they would honor that rate but the lady basically said 'sorry - no can do'.  So I booked it...ugh.
    We could only get a room with either one king bed or two DOUBLE beds for our $500 per night rate. Because we had our kid with us a king bed was a no go, and they don't have roll away beds which is lame...So with our daughter in her double bed and me and my husband in our double it was not so great.  I don't think they like parties of more than two people in each room because they sure don't accommodate for it...
    The beds are covered head to toe in down feathers which I know some people might love but I'm totally allergic to dust mites which live in down feathers! I slept horribly between sneezes and sniffles... and I was pissed that we paid $479 to stay there.
    Our room was clean but quite small. It wasn't lux or worth the amount we had to spend to stay there.

    30/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Tania N.
    I enjoyed the Sofitel. The staff was courteous and efficient.  The valets were your typical valets, but in suits.  The rooms were really cool. The whole frosted mirror/window thing was fun and i really liked that it was central to everything. i'm used to driving by everything, but this time i was able to walk!

    15/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Todd F.
    I expect exceptional service from Sofitel and Sofitel LA delivers.

    This location is across from Beverly Center, within walking distance of West Hollywood, Melrose, Robertson. It's right on La Cienaga and Beverly so you can walk down the street to many restaurants. 3rd is a block away, so you can easy reach many nice cafes.

    Great location, nice views, modern interior, good eating, spectacular rooms, and exceptional service. What more could you ask for?

    09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Derek F.
    Didn't like the valet only parking. Didn't like the all black valet attire. Felt like I was about to be robbed or was at a funeral. The room was not bad. The bathroom I liked exvept the door had no lock and the shower was not fully enclosed ad the end so I always had to be conscious of not splashing water out on the floor.  The bed would have been very comfortable but it was not flat. The lump gave me a back sore the whold day after.  My view was the Beverly Center parking lot and Mens Macy's. I also felt the valet were just a little pretentious, maybe thats because I didn't roll up in a ferari. =)  Overall money not well spent here.

    19/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Paula B.
    My best friend booked this for my birthday and I was a bit worried as I had never heard of it. I just hoped for the best. Wow! What a great surprise it was! The room was very cozy and did not feel like a hotel which I liked. There were so many small details that I loved.  The bed had a down comforter and soft pillows. I slept like a baby! There is a great lounge just downstairs.  You can go shopping across the street and walk to nearby cafe's.  The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I loved the hotel and have told everyone about it! I can't wait to stay there again!

    31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Tracy D.
    The rooms are beautifully appointed and on clear days you can get a view of LA sprawling out below you and over the hills.  Service is attentive and unobtrusive.  

    It's so easy to valet your car here and then walk over to the Beverly Center to shop, or venture down to Rodeo.  For a city so attached to driving, the Sofitel makes it easy to explore on foot.

    13/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Karla D.
    Great hotel and location! Right across the street from the Beverly Center and not far from Sunset Blvd.! The lobby is really nice and the Staff is very friendly and helpful. Our room was nice and the bed was comfortable. I loved the large shower and it had all the amenities you need.I did not eat at the restaurant or get room service but we went to the Stonerose Lounge and loved it. The music was great and the crowd was mixed and not a lot of stuck up people. The drinks were pricey but I liked you could sit on the couches without having to buy a table. My only dislike is that there was not free Wi-Fi. I would definitely stay here again!

    18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. corey s.
    Comfortable beds and great food options.  This hotel is across from the Beverly Center and down the street from good sushi joints.  Hop in a cab or drive up to sunset or weho which will take a couple of minutes.  Very nice/modern vibe... Nice gym... Nice spa... Great staff!  LOVE this hotel.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. eats a.
    found a great deal on expedia, and it was worth every penny. service and rooms were 5 star. the design of the suites make the rooms feel very spacious, and a window from the beautiful shower right above the bed was fun :) definitely one of the most comfortable beds i've slept in...it's their signature thing.
    only drawbacks are no free wireless (clearly taking advantage of all of the doctors visiting cedars sinai across the street and their expense accounts), and the $30 valet parking. you can park for $9 a day at the lot kitty corner, and there is also a ton of free wifi around the area. great central location for anything in beverly hills and hollywood. i'll be back!

    31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Vanessa T.
    One word about the staff and service here....SUCKS!
    I've stayed in hotels all over the world...the service here was terrible!!!!
    My friends and I were so appalled by the service we decided to leave and not even stay the night.
    The Filipino guy running the Valet service was the only nice one around!  Kudos to him.

    16/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Lisa P.
    I don't usually stay in LA since I live in OC but stayed this weekend for a wedding.  The room was nice...nothing special but clean and the staff was friendly and attentive.  It was within walking distance to shopping and restaurants.

    05/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Mike K.
    While I am grateful that LA Sofitel gave me a huge break on the cost of a room because I needed to be near Cedars-Sinai, the hotel loses three stars for the thump-thump-thumping music that woke us up five floors above the disco. The room was beautiful, but it would have been so much nicer if we'd been able to sleep in it rather than having to go to the concierge to see if we could snag earplugs (and they didn't have any). I got a room there because I'd hoped to relax, and the room was about as far from relaxing as possible.

    16/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Kat C.
    I have to disagree with the previous reviews.

    We have stayed at the sofitel twice and I have found all of my stays to be super pleasant. The doormen and valet guys are speedy, friendly & helpful. The front desk people were polite and accommodating. Room service & housekeeping are quick to respond to any of our needs *toothbrushes, razor & shave cream... evian water w/ your turndown service*.. and the beds are uber comfortable. Quite often it's difficult to get a good night's rest in a hotel room, but we had no qualms. comfort to the max. hair dryer. bedroom slippers. bathrobes. frette linens. lg flat panel tv. i cant complain here, sofitel rocks.

    13/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Wes D.
    This is a nice hotel with good service. It is convenient to the Beverly Center shopping and to West Hollywood hangouts. Other parts of the surrounding neighborhood don't feel as nice. The exterior of the Sofitel building itself isn't as nice as I would have expected. I paid a Hotwire discounted rate rather than full price, so I got my money's worth.

    18/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Kate S.
    Tremendous hotel, friendly, helpful and professional staff...who could ask for anything more?!

    We needed a place to crash after the Flight of the Conchords concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  My sister found a smokin' deal on Hotwire and we booked immediately.  She had stayed before and loved it, so I knew it would be a great place.  Upon arrival I found that it greatly exceeded my expectations!  We left the car with the valet and stepped into the beautifully decorated modern lobby to check in.  The front desk staff was prompt and attentive, even sent up a bucket of ice for champagne a mere 30 seconds after we reached our room.  

    And the room?  THE ROOM!  Complimentary slippers and other amenities for which most hotels would charge, and the beds were so incredibly comfortable!  Great little lights on either side of the bed for some late-night reading.  A Bose iPod dock so you can rock out to your own tunes.  It freaked me out a bit to find that there was not only the obligatory toilet-adjacent telephone, but that the TV audio also blared from the ceiling, but also a cool feature for those that might not want to miss a minute of their favorite show.

    The doorman hailed us a cab in a snap, the valet was speedy with our car and the luggage, and the concierge was able to recommend a late-night diner within walking distance.  All in all, a fantastic experience.

    The only reason I gave 4 out of 5 stars was the parking.  Valet is pretty much the only option.  There are precious few street areas.  I get a little flustered with other people and my car...but that's my own hang-up.  

    I will definitely stay again the next time I'm in LA!

    01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Laleh E.
    We stayed at Sofitel for one evening during a roadtrip down to Southern California, and I was quite impressed by this place!!  Driving up to the hotel, we were greeted by valet parking and big smiles.  Inside the lobby, the ceilings are high, and more smiling faces happily checked us into our room, and offered us more information than we knew what to do with!  We noted some sweet art on the wall next to the spiral staircase, which kind of reminded us of Oakland.  (awesome)  

    The room itself was super-cute, and decked out with furnishings that I wouldn't mind having in my own living space.  When I pulled open the top drawer, I noticed that there was a catalog available, if you DID want to purchase anything you saw in the room!  It reminded me of an ikea slumber party.  Again, there was sweet art hanging in our room, and I loved the modern feeling I got . . . like I was in a rich/hip friend's loft or something.  

    Plus, we were across the street from Longs Drugs and a shopping center, both of which came in handy.

    P.S. The bed was so snuggly and comfortable.  It was hard to wake up.

    02/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. George H.
    Suite for a few days and relaxing in the spa was nice for a change.  Cant beat the 20-ish jet shower.  Staff/service was incredible and bar downstairs did not disappoint.  I'll be coming back for the shower alone.

    24/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Melanie D.
    This hotel is both luxurious and modern, and I was thrilled to use the Loccitane products in my guest room. I came in with my boyfriend from Boston, and I had the day to myself to enjoy the spa, pool and surrounding area. The receptionist at Le Spa was able to get me right in for a scrub and massage with Claire - wow! The pool is small but perfect albeit small oasis in the city. The service at the pool was outstanding - from the lunch recommendation (chop chop salad, half chicken sandwich and fresh fruit salad) to my glass of water that was refilled consistently before I even had a chance to ask. My boyfriend and I enjoyed a cocktail at the Stone Rose Lounge where the ambiance was romantic and lovely.

    My only disappointment was the coffee station in the morning. Everything else was outstanding, but on our way out, guests were able to enjoy complimentary coffee. The station was messy, poorly attended, and I, along with the five or six other guests trying to get a cup had to search through the hotel cabinets to find lids, creamer and cups - it was an unfortunate way to end the fabulous visit. That said, overall, I had an amazing experience at the Sofitel.

    10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. David D.
    I have had stayed at three US-based Sofitels: Bloomington, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois and the one I am going to write this review about which is located in Los Angeles, California.

    My stay at the Sofitel in Bloomington was back in the mid-90's on a rather unremarkable business trip. The one thing that stands out in my memory is how odd I thought it was for the front desk staff (who were obviously dyed-in-the-wool Midwesterners) to be speaking with an affected French accent.

    The Sofitel Water Tower in Chicago is a spectacularly beautiful building that comes to a knife's edge point. And they actually made good use of this unusual architecture. I know because the suite I had there was *IN* that narrow portion of the building and it was gorgeous and eminently functional.

    I moved from Northern California to Orange County at the end of 2006 and have stayed at the Sofitel Los Angeles more than half a dozen times since then. The reason being that I often spend my weekends in LA proper and the drive back to Newport Beach sucks after a night of partying. But I digress.

    From my first stay there, I have been tremendously impressed with this property. From the well laid out carriage-way, to the polite valets, bellmen and front desk staff to the lightning quick elevators. This hotel recently underwent a $40M renovation and it really shows.

    The lobby is very understated and elegant. Black marble and subdued lighting. That same sort of low-key elegance is evident in the rooms as well. I have been lucky enough to stay in both of their suites at either end of the top floor. Both boast gorgeous marble bathrooms with HUGE tubs and separate shower, outdoor patios with fireplaces and seating areas and voluminous sitting areas in addition to the spacious bedrooms. Both also have wide-screen high-def televisions in both the living area and bedroom and have gorgeous views of Sunset Blvd and the Hollywood hills.

    Those rooms are prohibitively expensive (even for someone like me who spends money like a drunken sailor) but their standard room is still a pleasure and a joy to behold. The beds are REALLY comfortable and the towels and linens are first rate.

    The room service is quite good, especially the hamburger and ham and cheese sandwich. Steer clear of the chicken soup which was surprisingly tasteless.

    I wasn't too impressed with Stone Rose despite the Rande Gerber connection. I am pretty spoiled when it comes to nightclubs and the one time I popped into Stone Rose it was WAY too crowded to be enjoyable.

    Simon:LA served an excellent breakfast the one time I managed to make it downstairs to eat in their dining room. I will have to try them for lunch or dinner sometime since a birthday dinner at Kerry Simon's other location in Las Vegas back in 2005 was outstanding.

    All in all, if you can afford it, the Sofitel LA is an exceptionally nice hotel. It is centrally located to Beverly Hills and just a short drive to the endless club and dining opportunities in Hollywood.

    No fake French accents here. This place is a class act from start to finish. Plus, I almost forgot... They allow pets which is a deal-breaker for me since I always travel with my French Bulldog.

    20/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Annie P.
    I love to stay at a fancy hotel- and this is IT.
    Sofitel has a really amazing staff, great atmosphere and fancy rooms.
    My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that the rooms are a bit small and there there is a bit of a snobby vibe here, but hey...its LA.

    Stay here, go shop at the Beverly Center and have a blast!
    Very impressive hotel.

    05/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. GAIL W.
    This is one of the most cloud like beds in a hotel I have ever floated on.  Very "Hip" vibe  with a great lounge.  Water closet was super chic and had great little toiletries.  Loved it!

    21/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Marcus W.
    I stayed here last week for 5 days. I had the best stay yet and really appreciate the hard working staff. I will absolutely be making recommendations to business clients. This is where they need to stay in LA! We had a great dinner followed by an amazing lounge visit as well as the valet were very helpful. My business clients also commented on how well the entire establishment was decorated. Thanks Sofitel LA for a great time!

    17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. RafiQ S.
    I really enjoy staying here. The service is superb. Friendly staff - and GAY FRIENDLY!!!

    The room is simple, yet "Zen" like. The bathroom is a sanctuary.

    And talked about down comforters and pillows, the bed is like sleeping in the clouds. You will find yourself sleeping in before you even realize it.

    Centrally located, and a very nice bar in the lobby area.

    24/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Yasmine H.
    Their spa is INCREDIBLE! I had a really nice day there (got to work out too!) and had the best facial EVER. It's the anti-aging facial, and I kid you not, it felt like it had removed 8-10 years off my face. I looked so radiant, and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I am recommending this facial to everyone! I will never go anywhere else again.

    Go early, work out and enjoy their nice showers. The locker rooms are small, but other than that it's a pretty awesome experience.

    P.S. I had an amazing facialist named Vanessa

    12/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Holly L.
    my brothers credit card was used here without authorization by a FEMALE and this was while he was in jail so there was no way he used it. when i called the hotel to get some answers they just gave me the run around and pretty much said anyone who could help me was "off for the day" i find this ridiculous a big bag of lies. and when i asked if they could go back on the security cameras at the time it was used they said that it wasnt possible. needless to say i think this hotel and their staff is pathetic. if i could id give this place no stars

    18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    32. Judy L.
    This is my second time here. The rooms are pretty nice and comfortable. A few things I like:

    - Foyer - Provides some distance between your bed and the hallway. It's a nice little entryway into your room.
    - Bathroom - Just plain quirky with the frosted glass window you can turn on/off for privacy. Also funny that they have television speaker with a volume knob by the toilet. (Hello??? Are we in the TV capital or what?)
    - Comfy bed - super cozy

    - Ask for a room facing the Hollywood hills rather than the Beverly Center. The view is WAY better of the hill.

    02/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Corinne M.
    I got this room for a really great price for a business trip for one night.

    The staff was really professional and helpful, the room was beautiful, and the location was great for visiting the different locations I needed to be in: Hollywood, downtown and Santa Monica.

    11/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Jill L.
    We typically stay in 4 or 5 star hotels. This is billed as a 4 star, but it is really a 3. Yeah, sure, the usual amenities are present (valet only parking, helpful concierge, spa,etc), but the restaurant and room were nothing special. Shower heads are so low that only pubescents would find them useful, beds were not all that comfortable, latches and other hardware in the room were broken and we had to request that they replenish fresh towels. Additionally, they refused to honor our room request for a King bed and gave us 2 doubles instead, citing the fact that we had booked through a 3rd party (since when does that matter?) and that they were fully booked (some celebs still there left over from the Grammy awards), which, we suspect, was the REAL reason we were bumped from our desired and booked room. Hotel restaurant charges 18% gratuity no matter the size of your party, which only guarantees that service will be so-so. Will stay elsewhere next time.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Mikel T.
    I live relatively close to a Hotel Sofitel here in the Bay Area, so I had an idea of the stature and level of accommodation that the chain offers. When planning a recent trip to LA and deciding from a list of hotels that included: The Mondrian, The Standard, The BH Hilton, we decided that the newly $40 M renovated Sofitel would be our choice for the long weekend.

    Part of the decision came down to the central proximity to lots of places, the vibe of the hotel(decidedly euro inspired), and most notably the recent renovation.

    Upon arriving, the entire staff was gracious and accommodating. This was to be a continued theme throughout our stay! From the front desk to the waiters by the pool, top notch customer service abounded.

    A few notes of interest:
    The pool: Small, with 3 small cabanas with flat screens in each. Not reservable, so get down to the pool early and enjoy the privacy/comfort that the Cabanas provide.

    The Gym/Spa: The gym was a very pleasant surprise. They had one of the best selections of machines/free weights I have ever seen in a hotel. It seemed like I had the entire gym to myself most of the time!

    Overall, I was very satisfied with our accommodations. There were a couple of small things that held me back from giving a 5 Star rating, but if the scale holds true, only the BEST should receive 5 stars. I would definitely recommend the Sofitel LA to anyone traveling to LA!

    20/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Jernita P.
    Lovely Ambience I enjoyed my time there.

    02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Michael C.
    On the whole, this hotel was very nice.

    Beautiful decor, friendly and helpful staff, and a good location should you be doing business or having fun in Hollywood.

    The TVs in the rooms are nice as is the waterfall shower head.

    The only thing that could have worked out better for me was the view from the room.  Every morning when I opened up the curtains, I was greeted to a wonderful view of the Beverly Center, an unfortunate testament to the perils of bad design.

    Added bonus...the breakfast at the Simon LA restaurant downstairs was excellent.  So you don't even have to leave the hotel to get a really good breakfast.

    26/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Kelly K.
    For the bed alone? 5 stars! I stayed here for a week and snuggling into that soft down mattress and down comforter was just as lovely on day 6 as it was on day 1. Even the linens were almost creamy in texture. Mmmm....

    Decor is modern and minimalist - which I like for the weird reason that embellished decorations always attract dust and funk in crevices that housekeeping doesn't notice.

    Service. Lovely! All the perks that you would expect from a luxury hotel. Thoughtful touches like complementary Evians, grabbing an umbrella for you at the slight suggestion of rain, helpful with the luggage (and not in an aggressive mercenary way, they genuinely seem to want to help!), etc. etc. When the staff saw that I was staying for a week and would be busy with training most of the time, they changed my room to a location (without prompting mind you!) where there would be less bustle and noise so I could rest well at night.

    Location: Right across from the Beverly Center, it was easy access to food and whatever random items may be needed when away from home.  I'm not sure what sightseeing locations Sofitel may be close to, but I could see the Hollywood sign from my room. I don't know how scenic that is though, since I could also see a "NUDE" sign glowing attractively in that vicinity. Like most places in LA, glamor and seediness are never too far apart I suppose.

    My big regret is that I didn't get to try the bar/lounge downstairs! It looks pretty cute and there were always random minor celebrity sightings. i.e. Mr. Jay (from American's Next Top Model), Amber from Clueless, and American Idol contestants. I never get to see famous (or even semi famous) people so you Yelpers can roll your eyes as this but I was rather impressed!

    Parking: Valet only, $29 a day.

    26/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Josephine Z.
    From the moment we pulled up to valet and until we checked out, we received nothing but phenomenol serice.
    Fantastic location.
    Modern and refreshing decor.
    The rooms were SMALL. for the price that was paid.

    PROS: Flat screen TV's. Speaker in the bathroom that allows you to listen to whatever you're watching on TV. Plush down-comforters and pillows. Decent closet-space.

    If you're sharing a room, be sure to FOG the window in the bathroom. Allow me to explain - when we first arrived to the room, I had to use the bathroom badly. I went inside and did my thing, but realized there was a window in the shower that opened up to the bedroom area. OH CRAP - they could see me using the toilet! EEEEK!

    What sick prick was the interior designer?

    Thankfully, my guests were admiring the view outside the other windows instead of the view in the bathroom.

    FYI - the gray button by the door inside the bathroom will FOG that window. Be courteous and FOG the window before showering, going #1 or #2...unless you're into exhibitionism.

    29/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Jeff L.
    I attended an event there recently and it was exceptional. Overflowing food and drinks and great atmosphere. This is the place to have an event if you are near Beverly Hills!

    06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. mitra s.
    We just had our second stay at a Sofitel this week. The first one was in Paris and we liked it so much we decided to join the Sofitel club and find ones in every city we tend to go to. This one in L.A. was not a disappointment at all. We got a one bedroom suite with a beautiful bathroom that had a large walk in shower as well as an oversized soaking tub. Everyone was very professional and curteous from the moment we were greeted until we pulled out of the driveway on the last day. The hotel was very clean and well appointed. Our room had a king sized bed with high end sheets and blankets. The towels were of good quality in the bathroom with a couple really nice washcloths with pockets for your hand. We had three tv's in the room. One in the living room, one in the bedroom and a little one set in the wall for watching while in the tub. We had bought some bottles of wine and beer and were perplexed when we realized the mini fridge was already full of thinigs that you get charged for the minute you touch them so we called down to ask if all those items could be removed but they showed up within minutes with an extra mini fridge for us! The two times we ordered from room service it arrived within 10 minutes (admittedly, it was only coffee but still, super quick and hot).
    Our only complaints (and these are really minor) was that we didn't get a turn down service the second night and we missed having the complimentary bottles of water. Also, in the mornings there is coffee available in the lobby but no tea and I can't really handle coffee. As I said, pretty minor details but these kinds of things are what set a hotel apart from being five star in my reivews.
    All in all, we will definately be staying here again and at other Sofitels in the world.

    25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Christie X.
    When my sister and her gfs came into town, we opted to be close to everything and stayed at the Hotel Sofitel this past weekend.  It was a great room with all the amenities a girl would want/need:  feather bed, three TVs, a comfy couch, walk in shower, walk in closet and great smelling shampoos and conditioners.  

    Unfortunately the person who answered the room service phone at 2am was on crack b/c we ordered two sausage and mushroom pizzas and what did we get instead of mozzarella cheese?   BLEU CHEESE, I KID YOU NOT.  I don't know what possesses a person to use bleu cheese on a pizza, but it was by far, the nastiest pizza I've ever had.  But when you're buzzed, hungry and tired, complaining about food and returning it to the kitchen at 2am isn't something you're fully conscious of at the time.  Besides, I thought it was the bleu cheese that I dipped the pizza into (that alone is worth complaining about, too.  We asked for RANCH DRESSING, NOT BLEU CHEESE).  It wasn't until the next morning that I realized they actually MADE the pizza WITH bleu cheese.  DISGUSTING!  I guess my warning to you is - be very specific about what you order if you're going to call room service.  

    Oh yeah, the girls noticed an offensive odor in the lobby of the hotel.  Odd b/c this alert bloodhound didn't notice anything, but the others did?  Be aware, just in case.

    09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. krissy S.
    The bed is comfortable and our room offered ceiling to floor windows with views of Hollywood and downtown LA. The pool area was deserted without a wait staff to serve drinks and food.  We walked to the front desk to place our order of food and drinks.  This should not be done at a hotel of this caliber.

    Also, this is embarrassing to note but should be shared.  The previous guest left our room closet with a repugnant foot odor.  Rather than offering to relocate our room they gave it a few febreze sprays.  Which did not help. We were not able to hang our close and kept the door shut.  This is a four star hotel with a two star service.

    They do have a fun night club.

    19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    44. Stacy C.
    The room was a little stark, but clean (except for a funky stain on the carpet--ewwww). We had a crappy view of La Cienega and Bloomies, but we weren't in the room long enough to care that much.

    The workout facility is top-notch. I didn't try the spa, although they gave us a $25 coupon when we arrived.

    We ate dinner at Simon LA. That was probably the least enjoyable part of the stay. I just wasn't impressed. The service was slow and inattentive and the food was eh.

    All things considered, it's a nice hotel in a prime location. You'll pay those lofty Beverly Hills prices, but I found a fairly good deal on Hotels.com .

    15/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Colleen L.
    If you like a hotel that leans towards dark, modern, cool, chic, then this will likely fit the bill. Here for a 3 day workshop, I must say they remodeled & I was impressed. If you have slippery heels, watch out. The floors are super slick. I am not one for their choice of music in the lobby, but then maybe again, that is just me getting older.

    The doormen were friendly, helpful & went out of their way for a coworker whose back they noticed was not up to par. One of the doormen sprang to action & rang the elevator for him. Even though we were told the parking would not be validated, they did validate without blinking an eye.

    Perhaps they changed chefs since the last time I was here. I do not recall the meals being so deliciously fresh. Breakfast started off with breakfast potatoes, eggs (the latter of which smell makes me nauseous, but that's just me) , cereals such as granola, assorted toasts, danish pastries, yogurt & fresh fruit, yay for raspberries, blackberries & blueberries beside the usual pineapple, watermelon & cantaloupe. It made starting the work day so pleasant, especially with the unlimited Voss sparkling or still waters.

    Being a vegetarian, I informed the waiter Waldo in advance & he asked the chef to prepare lunch for me. I was so fortunate to have a specially made HOT grilled veggie platter that was fabulous, with portobello mushrooms, yellow & green sliced zucchini. Not too oily, salty or too deeply marinated, seasoned perfectly.

    This was in addition to the regular lunches, of 2 types of salads, a pasta, entree & a soup. One day they had a vegetarian corn chowder. It was a little on the salty side. Other days they had corn dogs (not veggie unfortunately), quartered grill cheese sandwiches & french fries. For some reason, they have difficulty serving really HOT food. I did remember this from years ago too.

    The plethora of desserts were too many to describe other than mini cheesecakes, lemon bars, cookies, mousse type desserts, brownies & then the afternoon snacks. These consisted of pink cotton candy, caramel corn, cookies, deep fried musketeers, twinkies & a pink coconut ball with a chocolate cake in the inside.

    It is a good thing that they had a video game there, with all those tempting calories. I had a ball, learning to play Wii tennis. I felt bad when I accidently slammed my opponent (a guy) on his arm with my remote control. I truly did not see him. One of my fingers hurt afterwards too for about a hour.

    The 2nd floor conference room's bathroom sinks automatically dispensed only cold water to wash our hands with. Also sometimes the toilet's automatic flushers did not work automatically & needed a button pressed.

    I checked out the downstairs spa. There were more ESSIE nail polishes there than I have ever seen anywhere. Right @ the entrance to the spa, there was a man who sat & looked rather bored. They had some French testers which he did not mind that I used a few drops of, as my hands were parched & it brought some relief. It was dark & quiet in the cavernous spa. Kind of spooky, no one was in there.

    The gym had more light, it contained a decent weight room & the treadmills looked state of the art with private TV's attached. There was a huge basket of fresh fruit there too.

    Overall a wonderful 3 day workshop. I would not mind coming here again, for work that is.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Sovannary S.
    I can't say much for the rooms or service, but I went to a VMA after party at this hotel and I can't say I was ever dissapointed. This place is for the rich folks, so yeah I felt really out of place. But this hotel is BEAUTIFUL. The lounge is gourgeous and the outdoor lounge is indescribable. There's a fire place and a bunch of cabanas you can hang out in. Fancy fancy fancy!

    16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Julie B.
    I am so thrilled with this hotel!!  I stayed here two nights, while assisting my BFF with her new born at Cedars Sinai.  The hotel is "cushy" and lovely.  The staff is more than helpful, the servers (Ferrari and Amber) were just amazing!  I highly recommend the endive salad.  Definitely a re-do for the next time we are in LA!

    26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Liz K.
    Sexy and chic decor.  Love pulling up and having everything taken care of the minute you step out of the car- the staff is attentive and the rooms are nice.  The first thing I did was jump on the white fluff of a bed... it's sooo soft.   Our room had a nice view of the Hollywood sign up on the hill.  The showers are also kinda cool with the waterfall-style showerheads.

    They have a lovely lounge downstairs called The Stone Rose which is a great spot for drinks.

    13/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Vicki Y.
    Everything about the process of booking this hotel was SO PAINFUL.  As I wanted to book using the AAA rate, I called the hotel's main line.  The guy who answered transfered me to Central Reservations, which rang several times before a machine picked up with this oh-so-easy-to-understand messge:

    "Thank you for calling Sofitel.  Our online reservations are now available 24 hours a day by calling [insert 800 number here].  We are pleased to announce that our North American office will be open from 8am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday, etc etc"

    Hung up, called the 800 number . . . it rang multiple times, then . . . . I got the same message again!!  Called the front desk @ the hotel, explained the situation to the same guy . . . who assured me that reservations was 24 hours . . . . after a few more cycles i gave up & called the front desk again.  I explained the situation and he basically told me the front desk CAN'T ACCESS THE RESERVATION SYSTEM!!  so, i would have to just get booked into a room upon arrival . . . . AHHHHHHH

    so, when i got to the hotel, i went up to the front desk and asked about the discounted rates . . . only to be told that for discounted special rates, bookings needed to be made in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i almost lost it at that point . .. . pointedly turned to my friend and said "forget it, should i just go somewhere else?"  

    this would have been a 1-star, except the front desk manager was actually quite contrite & accomodating about the whole thing, booking me into an upgraded room at a very reasonable rate, so +1 star for that

    28/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. InfodivaMLIS B.
    I liked the French Country side feel to my room, from the petite fleurs wall paper to the French Milled Lavender soap and toiletries. Mon Dieu!

    The bed was comfortable and large, the bedding was soft and caressing.

    The lobby has a rustic feel to it. There is ample space for groups of friends to meet.

    I especially liked the concierge who gave me excellent and very scenic directions to the Getty. I took a non- Freeway route that rocked.

    I used the Valet to park my rental, which was okay most of the time. In the Evenings and weekends, the workers are fielding cars for dinner and bar guests, so it gets alittle hectic.

    I really liked the location. In the morning, I was able to go to the Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and supermarket across the street.  
    The neighborhood was very safe to me. I would definitely stay here on my next trip to the City of Angels.

    02/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Miranda M.
    For my birthday (April), my boyfriend took me on a trip. The soonest we could get away was Thanksgiving week/weekend (4 nights). He planned most of the trip, and chose this place for us to stay based on it's location (across from the Beverly Center was perfect for Black Friday) and its balance of luxury and price. And the style suit him, and in turn, me, as I tend to enjoy his taste.

    SERVICE!!! :D
    I want to start of by saying this place has some of the best customer service I've ever seen in my life. The bar, spa, restaurant, room service, doormen, concierge, front desk and everyone else we encountered couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. We told the front desk guy, Paul, upon checking in why we were there, and after we returned from brunch (at Toast and recommended by the concierge, delicious, serving breakfast well into the afternoon, and close by) we found a a small box of quality chocolates and a note addressed to Mr. and Mrs. my-boyfriend's-last-name (slightly awkward, but whatev) saying that they knew we were here on a special occasion and so glad we chose them to stay with.

    We stayed in some sort of special suite on the 9th floor (room 921 if you want to call and find out what kind) and it was great. My boyfriend was under the impression we'd have a balcony, but instead we found a tiny little... smoking deck? I don't even know what to call it, and it wasn't accessible b/c the glass doors didn't open. The view was great, it was of the hills where the movie stars live, I forget what you call it. The shower was super fancy. We're talking a place to sit down/have sex, two rain-falling ceiling mounted shower heads and a total of 4 extra jets, just in case you're not wet enough. There were 2 flat screen TVs, one in the living room area and one in the bedroom. A Bose alarm clock with iPod hookup, and another regular Bose stereo in the living room. The phones in the room were cordless, for added convenience. The bed was soft like a cloud. And if it's too soft, you can order a harder foam pillow for no charge.

    We never had to call our own cab, because at all hours there are doormen outside to quickly do that for you. And the best part is, there's a heating lamp to stand next to while you wait those few moments for the cab to pull up. Couldn't ask for more.

    LE SPA
    I had a massage at the spa and it was exactly what I was expecting. There's separate areas for men and women, and a special accessible locker room for the handicapable. (In fact, the whole hotel is very accessible.) The masseuse wasn't too chatty, and the room was intoxicatingly relaxing. And no Enya! :) They also have this nice little private waiting area. My only complaint is that after your spa treatment you have to walk through the lobby to get back to your room. Why not have that special little elevator in the spa area go directly to all the floors?

    There's this fantastic canopied outdoor area that's part of the restaurant during the day, but turns into a bar at night. It looks better at night because of the gorgeous lighting, and the tacky albeit useful plastic that surrounds it is less noticeable. We had brunch there one day and I wasn't able to finish my lobster benedict, and to this day it saddens me because it was so amazing. I don't even like eggs benedict, but I had a feeling about this one, and boy was I right. When we had some wine at the bar one night, we enjoyed cuddling on the comfy couch and people watching. There's also this neat firepit out there as well as many heat lamps. And an interesting cocktail menu, which always scores points with me. The indoor area of the bar is a sexy red, with many interesting couches and a very cool looking bar.

    There were only a couple of small things I didn't like about this place which held it back from a 5 star rating:
    - No free WiFi! I'm coming to terms with the fact that fancy-fu places just don't tend to offer this, but it's still infuriating.
    - No jacuzzi. Not out-of-order or closed, just non-existant. Since it was November, the rooftop outdoor pool was unfortunately of little use to us, and we were really hoping for a jacuzzi.

    Something to note: this place has a contemporary, modern feel with a touch of masculinity that's hard not to notice. Probably not the very best place for a girls' night out type vacation, but very fitting for some bros vacationing together, or business men. Some specific examples aside for the overall feel of the modern, clean line decor would be: the Hermes soaps in the room smelling noticeably masculine, a tie rack in the closet, a men's section on the spa menu, very fancy shower but no bathtub, and the robe and slippers swallowing me whole (and I'm far from short). Personally, I didn't mind any of this, I just think it's worth mentioning b/c it's something that separates this hotel from others.

    If I was one to do the same thing twice, I would definitely stay here again.

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Michael O.
    My wife and I stayed mid-April 2010 for 4 nights, and had a wonderful experience staying at the hotel. We booked with Hotwire, and you never know the hotel until after you pay. We picked a 4 1/2 star hotel, and ended up with the Sofitel. We sent a request for a quiet non-smoking room with a king-size bed, and we got exactly what we asked for! The staff was very professional and courteous no matter whom we were dealing with (front desk, valet, cleaning staff, etc.). Overall this felt like a 5 star hotel for a 3 star price.

    We extensively used the valet parking where we received a red carpet treatment every time. We only had a chance to dine in the restaurant for breakfast on one occasion, and the food & service were outstanding. The room was very modern in design, clean, and quiet.

    The experience was outstanding, and we would not hesitate to return to this hotel.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Ellen R.
    Am not impressed. When we checked at 5:00 pm and we wanted a snack and some water so we asked if there was a gift shop or snack bar.  We were told that there's a Rite-Aid a block away, but nothing in the hotel.   They give us two key cards. We go into the elevator and the only way you can use the elevator is to insert the key card and press the floor. My husband puts the card in and nothing happens. We had to use the other key card to finally get going. Since we still wanted that snack my husband he ordered room service. When he called he was giving the person an order and the girl kept calling him Mr. Brown and my husband had to correct her a couple of times. He orders a tuna sandwich, a couple of bottles of water and an edemami appetizer. That was $50 worth of food! My husband starts to eat and finds out its a warm tuna sandwich, not what he was expecting. He eats half and leaves the rest. He decides to take a nap, we have dinner reservations at 9:45 so he's asleep on the bed and I'm watching TV. At 8:00 p.m. there's a knock at the door. I get up to answer and the housekeeper has already opened the door and is walking in. She said she's here with complementary water. It was weird.

    15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Charles L.
    i can only review the valet.

    i came here for an amazon aws event a few months ago and it took close to 40 minutes for the valet to get the car out of the carpark. granted, my car is slammmmmmed to the ground, but obviously the valet was aware of this AND told me they wouldn't try to put it into the garage since there were speedbumps. they had to back the car out of the garage entrance. i think most people would be intelligent enough to understand that speed bumps + a low ass car don't mix, but this distinction was lost on the parking staff here. i think i'll find street parking next time.

    13/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Juan C.
    I've stayed here a number of times now. It is hands down the best hotel. Excellent service, the most comfortable beds and exquisite bathroom.

    Of course, all of this comes at a price. The rooms are also on the smaller side though most all rooms have a view and some sort of French windows.

    The Stone Rose lounge is extremely cool with a nice outside area that has heat lamps and a fire pit.

    Simon LA is a great restaurant contained within. Have had room service a number of times. Breakfast is awesome though predictably over-expensive. Lunch and
    Dinner is disappointing.

    08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Gene D.
    It's nice to come back to the old neighborhood and stay at this former Ma Maison marquee property.  With the Beverly Center across the street, it's easy to pick up all the items I always forget during trips.

    Rooms are spacious enough and the baths are generously sized too.

    I usually sleep well in hotels but the beds here are especially nice.

    The spa is next door but you have to exit main lobby and walk up the driveway a bit in order to get there. I am not sure if it's being redesigned for better ingress and egress. A possibility.

    I find the staff friendly and european, which is an oxymoron at times. Here, it is a standard and all have welcomed me during stays.

    The range for this establishment is about the same as Bel Age, Sunset Tower and Chateau Marmont. I really like how it's located near those important streets that can cut you across the westside, San Vicente Blvd. and Burton Way!

    24/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Ramon L.
    Highly recommend this place!  Very modern and great style.  I think the best thing about this place is the service.  Everyone from check in desk, restaurant, bar, room service....EVERYONE was extremely well trained.  I guess if you're a nice hotel in Beverly Hills you better be.  Anyways, great rooms.  They had a nice pool area just not a huge one.  The have a great bar called Simon which has an awesome outdoor area.  Perfect for warm LA nights.  The location is good too...shopping and food everywhere! I was too busy to bring my pooches but they're pet friendly too...they even had a room service menu for animals!

    13/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Virginia Z.
    Amazing food in their restaurant, I ordered room service and the filet mignon is to die for. The service here is also spot on, anytime I needed something they were there to help.

    03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Michelle C.
    This is by far the best hotel I've ever stayed ... They're hospitality and room service were exceptional.  The food served was impeccable with much attention to detail.

    My favorite part of the room was the bathroom... the most phenomenal shower I've ever encountered in a hotel, surpassing even the 35th floor suite in the Venetian.  There was a glass window between the bathroom and the bedroom that overlooked the bed... and with the flip of a switch it became frosted. The showerhead itself was a good foot in diameter! uhm.. AWESOME.

    The bed was absolutely comfortable.. the kind that you just sink into but feel supported by. The lounge/bar downstairs is also pretty sweet.  Beverly Center is right across the street making any last minute items easily accesible.

    The only semi-negative thing that I encountered was the size of the room.  It was very, quaint. Then again - I was just there to sleep and shower.. I didn't need to fit an army of friends inside.  This would be an ideal place for a couple.

    It might have been because they had just completed a facelift on the place, but I also managed a sweet deal on the room for the night.

    Overall, it was a pleasure and I will definitely stay there again.

    17/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Chad R.
    I would have to agree the staff at the front is over-kill, certainly is over-kill when it still takes 20 minutes to get the car from valet.

    Rooms are OK, nothing spectacular. Price was decent.

    Certainly redirect the staff in other locations to make the hotel move more smoothly.

    28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Jeff S.
    I've been staying here since the hotel opened a few years back. I've stayed most recently in a standard room with a view of the hills. Interesting shape-triangular room was so clean I would have eaten off the rug. It is a bit small and the bathroom rocks but didnt have a tub. I LOVED THE KING BED.  I've also stayed in their opera suite with the outside balcony  with the awesome soaking tub in the bathroom and thats well priced too. Simon is always delicious and Stone Rose is a great drinking spot for semi trendy to older crowd.  Some of the valets have personality and the front desk staff are easy to deal with.

    10/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Amy M.
    I stayed at Sofitel for a next day meeting at Cedars-Sinai.  Having traveled to LA a number of times for work, this is definitely my favorite hotel in terms of location.  It's close to everything I want to do while in town.  Minutes away from pretty good shopping on 3rd/Robertson, and a number of good restaurants within the same proximity.

    Additionally, the rooms themselves are pretty posh.  The bed is excellent, the fixtures are nice, the set up is intuitive and the bathroom steam shower is such a nice touch after traveling.  

    Yet--I ran into one of the hotel's main issues, and one I had never seen given the location of the rooms I had stayed on prior trips.  This trip, I stayed on the beverly boulevard side.  BIG MISTAKE.  It sounds like the LA 500 is taking place immediately adjacent to your room.  Seriously, every DB with a big engine was racing down Beverly last night. And due to the French doors out to the balcony, I heard every single one of those jokers drive by. If I hadn't been so exhausted, I would have asked them to move me around 3 am.  Seriously, the noise level on that side is Terrible.

    Otherwise, the staff and the hotel itself was lovely.  However, I would not stay there again if I had to say on that side of the hotel.  It was ridiculous.

    20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Julie M.
    The hotel is beautiful and the staff is friendly, but when you're in the room you can expect the level of privacy you'd experience in a freshman dorm room.  I flew in from Hawaii an wanted to take a nap the first afternoon, however I was interrupted FIVE times by staff wanting in the room to replace air filters, replenish mini bar, bring bottled water, etc.  Then my room phone kept ringing but when I answered it no one was there.  I did ask the engineer who came to look at the air filter about the phone ad he said "it's a new system and doesn't work too well".  Perfect.  The second/last night I was there, I was jolted out of bed at 11pm by the sound of someone putting their key in my door (and I might add a working key), followed by them attempting to open the door.  1) it's 11pm, 2) there's a do not disturb sign on the door, 3) no one even attempted to announce they were hotel staff.  If I hadn't had the dead bolt on I would have had two complete strange men right there with me in my hotel room.  They fumbled around with some excuse about checking the lock, but this is definitely UNACCEPTABLE.

    Your hotel needs to look into its operations and find a way to do maintenance on our rooms when they're not occupied, and consolidate the number of times/day your staff enters the room.  It's beyond ridiculous how often they're banging on my door.  I also might add, the staff needs to learn how to close doors without just letting them slam behind them when they're on guest floors.  The constant slamming of rather heavy doors is careless and very annoying.

    Sorry to say it but I won't stay there again.  I got zero rest and this trip was all about a little R&R.

    16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. Lisa C.
    Pretty swank hotel right near Beverly Center shopping and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Very accomodating, new-ish, nice bathroom with l'Occitane products.  Location is the clincher, really.  But the Frenchy/Hollywood atmosphere is great too.

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Julie S.
    Very nice, clean hotel. Great location near the Beverly Center. Rooms had nice amenities, the shower was amazing (rain shower head above you!). Loved the turn down service and bottles of complimentary water. Grabbed a drink in the Stone Rose Lounge and they make a good strawberry mojito!
    Great, chic decor in the lobby, would definately stay here again!

    26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. tracy m.
    I have stayed here four times since this post and absolutely love it!! They have specials so check on line. I also book on Quickbook.com which has cheaper rates. I saved over $100 a night for four nights at Sofitel last month by booking on Quickbook.

    I love it here. The staff is helpful and friendly. The hotel is clean and not noisy like most LA hotels. The bed ensemble, I found out, is for sale. The first $4000 extra dollars I have, I am buying it!!!  I am an insomniac but can fall asleep and stay asleep all night when I am in this bed. It's a combination of the mattress, feather bed, pillows and French fancy bed linens.

    01/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. David G.
    A good friend was throwing her 30th birthday bash on a Saturday night in LA.  Instead of driving back to SD at 2am, we opted to stay the night at the Sofitel, relax by the pool (and sightsee a little) on Sunday morning, and drive home at our leisure.  

    The single best part of this hotel is the location.  It's across the street from the Beverly Center, an easy walk to all the shopping and restaurants on Melrose Ave and Santa Monica Blvd, and a quick drive to just about everywhere else.  Of course, keeping your car here overnight requires paying an obscene fee for valet parking and in/out privileges, but that's LA for you.  Part of dealing with this city is deciphering the arcane parking rules and fees, so it's very tempting to simply give up and have somebody else do the work for you.

    The room was gorgeous.  We had a pair of double beds in our room, and the whole space was clean and spacious.  The bedding was really sumptuous, with thick feather pillows and comforter.  (But, as Heather R. mentioned below, this could be a problem for those with allergies.)  There was also a brand-new flat-screen tv, which you could listen to through the speakers in the shower ceiling.  (I kid you not.  Have you ever had the experience of listening to Keith Olbermann while conditioning?  I have, and I'll never be the same person again.)

    One downside: the pool is a big disappointment.  For a hotel this massive, the pool is miniscule, with only a handful of places for guests to sit.  The only places to get shade are the handful of cabanas, which are always filled with people.  The whole pool area is separate from the rest of the hotel and feels very tacked on.  It was a let-down, especially given how hot it was this past weekend.

    This is a solid choice of accommodations if you're staying in the area.  However, there are plenty of alternatives in LA that have more unique character and lower prices.  I'm probably going to those check those out the next time I make an overnight visit to the City of Angels.

    02/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Francesca Y.
    Had an excellent meal and met a celebrity in the lounge...life is good!

    13/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Andy K.
    Stayed for the night last night. Great service and lovely room, really helpful friendly staff. Arrived late and got room service, food wasn't stunning but alright. Didn't seem like it was freshly prepared. Nice fries though, they had rosemary or something on... 100% recommend this hotel!

    30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Stan L.
    4.5 stars... great location.. stylish interior.. the rooms were clean and well furnished.. plush king bed.. room service was prompt and breakfast was pretty tasty albeit pricy..

    the only negative is the toilet paper.. it's like sandpaper.. but i guess you can always use one of their soft white towels if you're really in a bind =)

    24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Mr. Pleco S.
    Really very nice hotel and great staff.  Room was great and water pressure of the showerhead was the strongest I've ever encountered.  The only thing I found, enigmatically, is that most of the hotel's exterior looks cheap and tired (half-assed design!).  I would certainly stay here again.

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. elle t.
    Great location, nice hotel.

    Booked on Hotwire, got a room on the Penthouse floor, except it was by the elevator, so it was probably the noisiest room location (with all the penthouse partiers).  

    The bathroom sink smelled like mildew, but other than that, our room was clean.

    Valet and door staff was friendly but I also got a 'money hungry' vibe.  They would count the tip right in front of me as I pulled my car out of the driveway.  Yes, I only tipped $2-3 as Valet is Mandatory and I had to use my car a lot.... but are you expecting $100/hour salary when you went to valet school in Beverly Hills?  Perhaps!!!  I actually don't know the full list of valet tipping etiquette but their reactions really made me really confused and frustrated.  This annoyed me most.

    Also slightly irritating was that I got charged $1 for making a phone call on their phone system.  This was because my internet was not working and I called Guest Services, where they forwarded my call to their Internet vendor.  I told them this was the case and that I shouldn't be responsible for this... the response I get was a condescending, "Okay I'll take it off, it was just a dollar."   Yes, it was just a dollar, but a dollar you're not getting out of me!!

    Would I stay here again?  Maybe if I had to bring my dogs, since it seems to be complimentary.

    21/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    73. Erica L.
    This hotel is beautifully decorated.  The service is really amazing. Every single person who helped us over our stay was very friendly, said hello and gave a genuine smile, and on two separate occasions even remembered details about us and our stay.  I am giving it four stars for two reasons: most of the rooms are facing Beverly Boulevard, which is noisy.  Although I told reservations that I would like a quiet room, even on the 9th floor they're kinda loud.  Also, the room was dirty when we checked it, which wasn't the biggest deal because they let us check in around noon and then comped our breakfast, and I understand mistakes sometimes happen.  But what really got me was how dirty the curtains were.  They were caked with dark grey dust, even after they cleaned the room.  Seriously, it was bad.  And for the price of the rooms at this hotel, I kinda think details like that shouldn't be ignored.

    27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. emily c.
    We enjoyed our stay last weekend at the Sofitel in LA.  The room and bed were comfortable, the design and decor were totally our style.  The price was right -- we stayed with a wedding block for $199/night.  The hotel staff was very friendly and always helpful.
    It was interesting going to visit our friends whose hotel room was on a different floor from our room.  When entering the elevator, you have to swipe your room key and it will only take you to YOUR floor.  In order to visit a friend on a different floor, we had to go down to the concierge, they had to call up to our friend's room and give us permission to go up the elevator, then we got back in the elevator with the concierge swiping a master key and pressing the floor's button for us.  A little bit of an ordeal just to meet up with a friend during the day.  Other than that, definitely a nice hotel in a great location!

    18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Hanna H.
    The hotel is trendy and nice but for the price it is definitely not worth it.  The rooms are pretty small but clean.  However, you have to pay for wi-fi!

    And we asked for extra towels since we used some at the pool (the pool also was out of towels).. and they never came!  Then on day of checkout, at like 8am some worker barges in the room without even knocking because he said someone was trying to check out of the room for us.  Talk about a rude awakening.

    There was some fashion show event happening on Sat night.. and there was some weird girl wandering the halls and being pretentious asking "are YOU going to the fashion show?"  I thought it might have been a marketing gimmick.. but either way, she was pretty rude.

    The location makes it awesome.  Right across the street from Bev Center and walking distance to lots of bars/restaurants.  Pet-friendly and no extra charge!

    18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Walt L.
    Fantastic hotel centrally located to all the hot spots in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. My room on the 6th was nice and cozy with an awesome view of a strip club right down the street! Flashing pink neon sign...Well, it is L.A.

    Anyhow, the concierge service was awesome and very helpful, front desk, valet and cleaning folks were very nice.

    If you do decide to stay, an average room goes for about $265/night. If you call the hotel to book your stay, see if there's any business credits they can apply. They gave me $50 off a night. This definitely helped because there's no street parking or self parking, only valet. The daily valet charge is $29.

    28/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. E G.
    A charming hotel in West Hollywood.  Clean, modern and the enthusiastic staff will have me coming back.  While I wasnt completed enamored with my amazing view of floors 3 and 4 of the beverly center parking lot or the awkwardly situated tiny second floor pool the great location (on La Cienega and Beverly Blvd. near Melrose, Robertson, etc.) and quiet average sized rooms made my stay here pleasant.

    Would definitely stay here again (just request a better view next time..)

    31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. C K.
    Work has me travelling a lot and staying in a wide range of hotels so I speaketh of what I knoweth. At a certain age (and if you can afford it) you outgrow the crashing on a buddy's couch or staying at a Ramada. I chose the Sofitel based on location and some solid reviews. However, I was not prepared for what I found in this gem. Sleek, professional, hip...it was a perfect overnight that allowed me to break from the work and take advantage of their oustanding gym (I am not kidding... one of the best hotel gyms I have ever seen), spa and nice urban pool area. Walking distance to everywhere and solid concierge service. I inquired about needing a quiet place to do some work and sit at the bar with wireless. She directed me to The Capital Grill and it was perfect. THey know their customers. This is my new LA hotel.

    16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Marlo G.
    I remember back in the day when this place didn't look like it does now!  The Hard Rock was still at the Beverly Center where the Captial Grille sits;  Jerry's Famous Deli still had good food & service with a red logo and phones on the table.

    So lucky me, here I am in Kim Kardashian's and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's LA at the Sofitel!  Well, well, well.  I was rather surprised, but shouldn't have been given the aforementioned as the barometer of LA.

    All style and no substance, Sofitel LA is a beautiful facility in a great location.  Unfortunately, the beds are horrible---no box spring is used; just a mattress with a feather top.  We spoke with several staff members who just shrugged their shoulders and insisted they'd never heard of dissatisfaction with their beds---another reason the Sofitel lacks.  

    While comparable 4.5 star, 4 diamond hotels would attempt to satiate their dissatisfied visitors with a complimentary something or other, the Sofitel LA did nothing---not even as little as to make a note in our file so in the event anything was reported once more, they could see and perhaps make an accomodation.

    We asked to have a note put in our file as we didn't want to be disturbed; we were told to put the do not disturb sign on our door--"that once they see that sign, they won't touch it."  We received several knocks on our door and were asked "What time can (I) clean your room?"  Another day, the do not disturb sign was removed.

    With perhaps the best stocked fitness center of all the hotels in LA, the gym is filled with trainers and their clients who impede you from focusing on your work out as they're busy posing and chatting each other up.  The fitness center is kept at a warm temperature making it very easy to work up a sweat---just show up and you'll begin sweating.  That being said, it's difficult to get a satisfying workout in such an environment.

    Another reason Sofitel LA lacks stars---lack of light in the rooms!

    I was so excited to have outwitted Hotwire.com and got a great rate!  (Google around and you'll see how Hotwire's description and location of hotels will give you clues as to the properties they're selling).  Had the stay not been fully paid for up front, I would've checked out immediately!

    28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    80. tiffany b.
    Great location, comfy and clean room, & awesome customer service... more like 4 1/2 stars. Room was cozy but definitely comfortable for my husband and I. Bed was fine, firm mattress with a featherbed on top of it. Bathroom was nice, awesome rain shower, and window looking into the room from the shower (yes, there is a fogger if you want privacy).

    Pool was nice, went 3 days in a row... wish it was bigger since there's only about 10? lounge-type chairs to lay out on. They do serve cocktails and food which is always nice. Up the stairs from the pool are loungers and tables/chairs to hang out and get some sun at as well.

    Location was perfect! My husband and I took a nice 7 or 8 minute walk to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Starbucks is right across the street of you prefer). We went shopping right after on Robertson and ate lunch at The Ivy. Also right across the street from the hotel is the Beverly Center (Macy's & Bloomingdales) and CVS. We didn't go to either but it was nice to have them so close just in case we forgot something.

    The Stone Rose Lounge was a nice after-dinner place to grab a couple drinks before heading to bed. Outdoor area has cabanas with fire pits so it was a nice place to hang out at.

    All the workers were nice and friendly! All in all a wonderful stay... we'll definitely we coming back!

    27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. M W.
    A few girlfriends and I decided to take a mini vacation to LA for the weekend and booked a room at Sofitel. We stayed for 3 nights and it was about $200/night.

    I was a bit overwelmed by the amount of staff they had when we first pulled up in front of the hotel- there were so many of them! 3 of them opened our doors, 2 of them carried our bags, 1 opened the hotel front door, 2 greeted us at the lobby and another walked us to the front desk to check in.

    The hotel was very simple and modern. The rooms were OK in size and the hotel itself isnt too big or overcrowded. I loved the pool and the different variety of snacks and drinks they had available. Location is the best! Beverly Hills Shopping Center and AVS are literally across the street along with many restaurants as well (CPK, Johnny Rockets, PF Changs).

    26/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Sherri C.
    The rooms are decent sized and the bed is very comfy; hubby and I had no complaints except for the extra dry air and super tiny "balconies."  The Sofitel LA is elegant without being stuffy, and the staff were all really nice.  For the price, we would probably try to stay somewhere else next time, but for a quick weekend trip to visit relatives and hang out in Hollywood / Beverly Hills, this was perfect.  We had a small group lunch in the restaurant on the hotel premises (to be reviewed separately) and walked along Melrose Ave one day.  Nous avons un grand temps ici!

    09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Nick H.
    The Sofitel is known for their French-inspired style and service.  The Sofitel LA delivers great hospitality and their facilities are fresh and modern.  I enjoyed the gym at the spa - great equipment and never too crowded.  The views of Beverly Hills are quite a treat.  The room service was high-quality and delivered with kindness.

    I would definitely stay here again.  Close to the best parts of LA.

    04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. Mr. O.
    Nice older European style hotel located in an industrial section of Beverly Hills near the Beverly Center, Cedars of Sinai Hospital and every little designer shop you can imagine. The hotel is not anywhere close to Rodeo Drive for walking or any other landmarks worth visiting by foot or private car.

    Room service is good if  you don't order warm to hot food. Maid and porter service good. The concierge was an idiot, but that's my fault for waiting until the last minute to try and get into the Magic Castle. The Magic Castle will charge you a cancellation fee even is you made reservation five minutes earlier. They really magicians at taking your money without you know it.

    The valet parking is mandatory and the valets are a pain every time you pick up or drop your car with them. I don't like people opening my doors and looking desperate.

    I will not stay here again because I would rather go back to the Beverly Hills Hotel I stayed in a few years ago. A much better place to be, but it VERY expensive.

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    85. Katie H.
    I stayed with my husband and some friends at this hotel for his birthday on a Saturday night.  Aside from the great location, lovely staff, champagne upon check-in, the Sofitel has that extra special something.  It almost feels like your every need is anticipated.  When we arrived, the front office staff asked where we were from.  I offhandendly explained that we live near, but booked the night for my husband's bday.  A few hours later, a plate with a chocolate dessert and "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate sauce arrived, along with a note from Florina (guest service expert).  Fab!  When we checked out, we had been double charged for valet, but it was fixed promptly.  Overall, a great stay.  It was surely expensive, but you are getting your money's worth.

    19/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Cara S.
    Rooms are beautiful! Such friendly people working here too. I WOULD LOVE TO SHAKE THE HAND OF WHO DESIGNED AND DECORATED THIS HOTEL! The rooms are AMAZING!! The bed is so comfy you never want to get out. The decor is tasteful and elegant. The bathroom is out of this world. Rain on ceiling shower head! LOVE IT!!!
    The rooms were beyond clean. Room service was FAST and was yummy!!! The french toast is a MUST!!!!
    If you need a Taxi, no problem they will have one for you in seconds! It is a place I will stay at again and would highly highly suggest to stay at!!!

    You also get a discount and a free service at their spa upon check in!!


    10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Grace Y.
    Lobby staff was very attentive and knew the surrounding businesses very well, as they should! However, the two sides outside of the hotel they commissioned to private enterprises are painted with VERY disturbing subliminal messages. Namely, that all attractive women should all be housewives (housewive withcake baking props with no brand to be seen anywhere in sight) and that a girl is only attractive when she is good looking, surrounded by oppulance, and acting stupid/drunk (painting of a woman in evening gown standing on top of a fancy table topped with a chandlier with one shoe off). So this is the sell-out vibe of the whole area, including the hotel. It's all shiny but I feel nothing. Rooms felt slightly oppressive, perhaps the low ceilings slightly high beds.

    04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    88. Justin P.
    This is a very convenient and super clean Hotel. The shower is amazing! They even have speakers in the bathroom so you can listen to the television program. The bed was very fluffy and comfortable. The TV was a little hard to work, looks like the same thing they use at the Hilton chains.  Overall, I think its a bit expensive for what you get, but key card access in the elevator is like something from the 80's, but I like the Security it gives you.  Can't beat the area, the mall is right across the street and they have many restaurants near by.

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Amy G.
    Oui, darling. The Sofitel is sexy, and, for the next two days, we're sleeping together.

    I love it! Great digs, gorgeous design, and a delish restaurant on the ground floor. Amazing service and great conference space. I recommend to everyone! If you've got the money and the time, book here.

    Great location, too. Some awesome shopping is merely feet away, and conveniences such as CVS, fast food, and highways just down the street.

    Good stuff!

    28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. Emerson N.
    I've never been disappointed the handful of times I've stayed here.  The rooms have always been well kept.  One of their rooms even allows you to watch the television located in the bedroom while taking a shower.  The beds and beddings are always comfy.  The location is convenient.  It's within walking distance to a shopping center.  

    From the room service to the parking attendant to the front desk, everyone has always been very friendly.  Speaking of room service, they have a great menu.  The mac and cheese drizzled with truffle oil is delectable.  

    The only negative I have is their gym looks out to a courtyard.  There's nothing much to see.  On the other hand, they do offer an array of equipment.

    17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Benjamin C.
    Checkout out the newly branded bar for NYE with a few friends. Loved the vibe and the live music was great. The bar was packed so we were waiting a bit for drinks but one time, the manager noticed us waiting and offered to grab drinks for my party. She comp'd the drinks and that single handily ensured I will be back to this spot. The only thing that I would suggest is improving the patio area. It seemed a bit odd with awkward table service and a mini bar.

    10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Karl H.
    I've visited a number of Sofitel locations and the experience is predictably exquisite. I remember watching snow fall in Montréal over Rue Sherbrooke, sipping a cloudberry float with a selection of delicate risottos. I recall the sinuous marble interior of the Manhattan lobby, bustling with the intense yet seductive notes of global francophonie.

    The Los Angeles location, unfortunately, delivers the steak without the sizzle. It has a beautiful interior, with dark corridors overlooked by legendary Hollywood photos. The Stone Rose Lounge has a lean contemporary look with private cabanas outside. Yet, it doesn't have that glow I've come to associate with the brand.

    Despite being Sofitel A|Club members, my parents had to practically beg for a complimentary cocktail. In every other location we've visited, it appeared immediately in the room or at the bar, as if by magic. The suite itself was awkwardly angled, with strange ceiling dimensions that made it feel confining. I know this is an architectural problem, but why?

    On the plus side, it's in walking distance from The Bazaar and has a panoramic view of the hills. But it seems to me they've traded comfort and reliability for flash. Certain sections of the hotel reminded me of Las Vegas lounges, overdone and empty. Ce n'est pas un hôtel français.

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    93. Matt L.
    Stayed here a couple times over the past two years, and both times my stay was pretty consistent.

    Comfortable bed
    Nice bath products
    Great Gym (probably one of the best hotel gyms I've ever been to)
    Upscale feel
    Breakfast at Simon was great (the hash browns!

    Standard Rooms are small
    Parking is expensive
    Got King Bed instead of 2 Doubles, so slightly inconvenient for the 3 of us

    Overall nice hotel. But nothing really wowed me about my stay, which is why I went with a 4* instead of 5. Would probably give it a 4.5 if I could.

    11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Susan B.
    One star for the wooden plank with a nice fluffy duvet on top that is called a bed in this hotel.
    One star for $29 a day for valet parking.
    One star for being awake until 2:30 a.m. listening to disco music five floors below me.
    One star for the screaming guests in the hallway at 3:00... okay, that one is not their fault.

    On a positive note: great location for shopping and easy access to all parts of LA. The wonderful L'Occitane bath products, amply supplied, were another nice touch. They also have a nice, efficent staff... so I am giving them two stars overall.

    The search continues for a decent, fairly priced LA-area hotel with a comfortable bed in a great location. Does that exist?

    27/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    95. Ronnie C.
    I love the food and drinks that they serve here. Great service. Place is awesome.

    30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Cindy W.
    Why I won't be staying at this Sofitel again:

    1)  I don't like being charged an extra $30 dollars for requesting a room with double beds
    2)  I don't like paying another extra $30 for overnight parking
    3)  I don't like being woken up by housekeeping's insistent knocking on my door at 8:30am on a Sunday morning
    4)  I don't like being woken up again by the same housekeeper 45 minutes later
    5)  I don't like being woken up yet again 30 minutes after that by the minibar stocker

    Too many surprises of the bad variety during my stay.  Definitely won't be back.

    31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    97. Luke M.
    The Sofitel is a nice place but our experience was bad.  

    They were told that we were three people.  We were told our room had a King and a fold out sofa bed.  It didn't.  

    What it had instead of a fold out sofa bed was a 12-square-foot window from the shower into the bedroom!  

    We don't think they really considered whether that room met our needs!  

    There was a switch that at least fogged up the window, but we still had to shower with the lights really low!

    And the cleaning lady woke us up at 9 o'clock.  And the hotel was hosting some high school graduation event...and I got eye-fucked by horny teenage girls faking Aussie accents!


    15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    98. Katie N.
    Thoroughly enjoyed our stay here with our four year old daughters. We ended up changing our reservation to a suite on penthouse floor to allow for the kids to have their own sleeping room. All employees were kind and helpful 100%. We had a refrigerator added to our room at no charge, the turn down service was a nice touch. Don't be surprised when you see the bill, $37/nt for the valet, but they were prompt and helpful at every exchange. Location is perfect: close to everything for food and shopping, good driving distance for daytime getaways.

    10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Knapweed L.
    This Sofitel is chic! The hotel is petite but stylishly decorated - French base with Hollywood flair, feels boutiquey. Love the classic movie star posters and contemporary public furniture.

    The room is clean and bright, not that big but cozy. Bose radio/i-dock. L' occitane bath products - would be even better if there's a nice tub...

    Great location, right across Beverly Center - convenient for shopping. Easy walk to adjacent Beverly Commons as well (which has CVS and couple casual restaurants and coffee shops).

    Very pleasant stay.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Audrey N.
    Gorgeous hotel, next to everything, wonderful service, why not stay here! ;)

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Amy L.
    The bed sucks you in and you never want to leave! I've never slept so well in a hotel bed before, I must find out what their secret is. :)

    12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Tracy R.
    This is the only place I stay when I travel on business to LA.

    Located right across the street from the Beverly Center so it's close to shopping and that's always a plus.  I can just cross the street whenever I'm bored and go walk around the mall.  The street is sometimes pretty dirty, with the bus stop on the corner, I did see a turned over trashcan by the bus stop once which wasn't appealing.

    As for the hotel, the rooms are very nice and the decor of the lobby very beautiful.  The gym is small but nicely decorated.  I've never gone when it was warm enough to visit the pool.

    The best room has a window in the bathroom allowing you to watch television while you shower.  The window has a fogger that will make the glass opaque for privacy.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. . ..
    valet is $12, and they only take cash which is suspicious, but whatever.

    points for being able to smoke cigars outdoors next to riviera 31.

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Carlos A.
    This review is about my stay back in 2006. The wife and I attended the music awards...well we won the trip and they put us up at the Sofitel for 4 days. Anyways the place is very contemporary if that's your style and if you keep your head on a swivel you'll spot some A listers and others of Hollywood fame. I personally wouldn't stay her if it were my choice and that's not due to the service or atmosphere because they DO take care of their patrons, it's just the whole French, modern feel isn't me. If it's your style I HIGHLY recommend. I can say this they make you feel like a celebrity no matter what walk of life you come from. For instance! They held a huge Comedy Central after party at the lounge there and I was dressed straight street not even casual chic and as I waited in the line everyone was looking at me like "go back to the ghetto" or "you don't belong her" look and they made sure I knew that that's how they wanted me to feel. So I guess the doorman recognized me from staying at the hotel and whistled me to the front of the line and gave me a bottle and let me in...all this while everyone is flashing this guy hundred dollar bills just to get in... I won and that will be something I'll never forget because the boy from the hood got to rub elbows with Hollywoods best.

    12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Sara V.
    The hotel itself is gorgeous - ultra chic, modern, hip, trendy (and even more of those fun words). The rooms? They were upscale, clean, and sleek, but they didn't match the trendiness of the hotel. I was expecting the room to match the vibe of the Sofitel. No biggie though. They were lovely nonetheless.

    The staff is attentive to your every need, always smiling, and they always make sure to go the extra mile (Hi Dustin!).

    The gym is AWESOME. OMG. The best hotel gym I've ever stepped foot in.

    One thing to note: BEWARE OF VALET/BELLHOP STAFF.

    I pre-scheduled a shuttle to take me to LAX (as I always do). The shuttle was due to pick me up between 10-10:15AM. I'm anal about being early/on time, so I was downstairs in the lobby at 9:45AM.

    At 10A, I step outside. The Valet/Bellhop guys ask if I want a cab. I reply no, that I had booked a shuttle. They tell me that the shuttle came 20 minutes prior and left when they didn't see me. I was confused. I've used this shuttle service before and they ALWAYS call upon arrival. In addition, I was waiting in the lobby and didn't see anything (unless I'd just missed it when I got down there). I asked them if they were 100% positive it was for me. They kept saying it did come, they asked for me, and took off. They then asked if I wanted a cab to the airport (which is $50 more than the pre-paid shuttle I'd booked). I said absolutely not, it's way too expensive.

    I was shocked. This shuttle service is never early, they always come in the window selected, and they'll call if they don't see you. I've used them countless times. Needless to say, I was a bit annoyed at the shuttle driver.

    I immediately call up said shuttle service to raise havoc/ask for another shuttle. When I speak with the operator, they tell me that the shuttle didn't come to get me at the time Valet claimed they did. They told me my shuttle would arrive in 2 minutes. And sure enough, 2 minutes later.... my shuttle arrived.... within my pre-scheduled pick up window.

    I know all hotels have kick back's with the cabbie's, but this is the first time I'd seen it. I was appalled.

    Just beware..... don't trust them if they claim your ride never showed. They're probably on their way. I'm just glad I called my shuttle!

    16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Tony L.
    This hotel is conveniently located in West Hollywood which was the main factor for our decision in staying here.

    Driving up to the main entrance, we were promptly greeted by valet staff and was immediately escorted to the main lobby.  Walking in, the decor instantly reminded me of the W in San Francisco, being very modern and chic.  The designers did a pretty good job with all of the details in the furniture and structural designs, at least with the lobby area.

    The Stone Rose lounge/restaurant is located to the right side as soon as you walk in, and we hardly had a chance to check it out, except for a quick peek inside.  The place looked pretty cool for happy hour.

    There was nothing spectacular about the rooms, pretty standard if you ask me.  However, guest services was kind enough to upgrade us to a better suite free of charge, mostly thanks to one of my friend's "negotiating" skills.  I did notice that the bathrooms were quite nice, especially the tub fit with jet-ski's.  Everything was very clean and organized.

    The pool was pretty nice, although relatively small.  They have cabanas and towels for the guests, but other than that, it was your standard pool.

    In general, the staff was very friendly and helpful, I didn't really have any complaints.  If anything, the location is what really attracted us to this hotel but will probably look elsewhere when we consider lodging accommodations next time, especially when comparing rates.

    09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Kislev A.
    Here for the One Water Conference. Didn't stay in a room and didnt have a wedding.

    Sound System - Very Good
    Room comfort and accoustics - Very Good
    Room decor - Very Good
    Breakfast (listed below) - Very good
        Assorted  mini-muffins
        Chocolate Croissants
        Regular Croissants
        Rolls and butter
        Organic strawberry Yogurt
        Homemade granola
        Assorted fruits (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, pineapple, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries)
        Regular coffee, Decaf, Tea and water
    Lunch - Very Good
        tortilla soup
        corn chowder
        southwest beef wrap
        chicken ceasar sald wrap
        vegetarian panini (especially good)
        beet  and greens salad
        cucumber and candied walnuts and greens salad
    snack three types of brownies, two types of cookies
    staff - VERY GOOD

    28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    108. Robin S.
    I think this is a great hotel, the hotel staff was very attentive and meet all of my needs. It's nice to know that they will do what I ask, and fast. They made my birthday extra special.

    04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Jenny N.
    Stayed here for a few days during our trip to LA, and the experience was great. From the moment you pull up to the front, several staff members assist you immediately. They were attentive, professional, and patient each time they fetched our car for us.


    -Comfortable beds
    -iPod dock
    -Speakers in the bathroom so you can hear the TV


    -Free bottled water whenever they clean your room
    -The Beverly Center is right across the street
    -CVS Pharmacy is walking distance across the street
    -Cedars Sinai Medical Center is walking distance
    -Bathrooms are clean and spacious


    -Small-ish rooms
    -No jacuzzi at the hotel
    -Parking is pricey per day but is included in your bill at the end of your stay

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Gabi M.
    Sofitel LA was home sweet home for me for three nights last week, and yes, I'm a fan!

    The highlights:
    1. Convenient location right across the street from the Beverly Center and walking distance to a CVS and Coffee Bean too.
    2. Extremely friendly valet, doormen, front desk, and housekeeping staff.
    3. Clean rooms with high end bathroom amenities and quality towels!
    4. Speakers in the bathroom!
    5. Complimentary bottles of water in the rooms.
    6. Incredible fitness room, especially for a hotel.
    7. LeSpa at Sofitel is pretty fabulous too!
    8. Room service is not ridiculously priced and the breakfast I had was healthy, tasty, and filling.
    9. @SofitelLA and @SimonLA_Sofitel are on it with their tweeting. Kudos social media peeps!
    10. Easy to catch a cab.

    The lowlights:
    1. Concierge was a tad bit snotty.
    2. European style bed = a fitted sheet and a comforter; no middle sheet.  (I admit, the bed was comfortable but when I called to tell them I was missing a sheet, they said "that's because it's made European style.  We can add a sheet per your request however."  I responded, that "yes - that would be great," but i never did see a middle sheet.

    I may be being a little nitpicky with the lowlights above... I'd definitely return to Sofitel LA and/or any Sofitel for that matter!

    10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Krista C.
    I love this hotel.  It has a French-Hollywood theme, is centered in a prime location and the service is very accommodating.  As soon as we arrived, they asked us what the occasion was and I explained it was my boyfriend's birthday and we were there for a staycation and night on the town.  They immediately upgraded our hotel room and served us with several different flavors of macaroons.  The hotel is very nice, the beds are extremely comfortable and they have a bar that gets pretty packed as well.  The only complaint I have, is that the pool is pretty small and nothing special. I would definitely stay here again!

    01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    112. Courtney E.
    The Stone Rose Lounge is so great on Saturday nights...
    They had great music...and the Mai Tai I had was GREAT!
    It was a nice night to sit outside, and they have "fire" lamps, so it was nice and toasty. You can also sit around the fire-pit that they have outside as well.

    The french fry sampler looked wonderful. I plan to order that next time I go!

    16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Clara B.
    Delicious drinks and enjoyed relaxing on the heated patio with lovely atmosphere.  In fact the patio has inspired me to improve my patio setting with some modern furniture, just need to find a great heater next..

    I highly recommend Sofitel, the staff was friendly and we got to see two lovely rooms as well, one a suite with a huge balcony, would love to stay there when they have a special rate.

    Enjoyed having sushi dinner around the corner at Sushi on LaCienega and then back to Sofitel....

    14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Matthew S.
    My partner and I love this hotel!  We love it so much that this is the only place we stay when we're in LA.  The best parts are that it's French, so that automaticly makes it fabulous, at least in my mind.  Also, Sofitel allows dogs and is overall very pet friendly, which is important to me b/c my baby needs to come with me if I'm down there longer than 2 days.  And lastly, it's right across from the Beverly Center!!!!  We stayed here last weekend and didn't know that Macy's Men's was having a one day sale, but we scored!

    Also, valet is only $33/day with unlimited in/out privelages.  I love LA!

    24/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Kymberley P.
    I am a Snob, I want VALUE, We have money but don't want to waste it,  I have stayed in Motel 6 for $40 and Private $3,000 a night hotels, I love Luxury and convenience. Male and Female traveling Cousins presents some challenges traveling together - needing separate beds and privacy in our rooms.

    We paid $400  for a "superior room"  .  If you want to spend a boat load of money to drop your head after shopping then yes the location is great. Be being a So Cal native... the location is so so.

    The room was SMALL, No open windows for fresh air, very claustrophobic, No in room coffee, SMALL TV,  The beds were not firm they were HARD, like bunkies and yes they had feather beds on top but they didn't fit, they were about 6 inches too short,

    EVERYTHING was additional cost, Wi-fi was additional cost $15 for the day, Coffee $17,

    The decor was so so, I was under impressed after seeing the pics online, the trim was falling off the window, although the lobby and downstairs is beautiful and luxurious, maybe they could spend some effort in the actual rooms?

    On the plus side, the real down comforters were awesome, the Staff was Amazing, if we had to wait for anything we got little cakes.

    I just think there are better hotels in the area for the dollar, maybe they put us in this room because we had our dogs? maybe it's the crappy room?  The did offer us an upgrade when we came but it only had one bed and that wasn't an option for us.

    Anything but luxury or convenient in my eyes.

    06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    116. Laura S.
    Came here for food and been here for the stone rose... Very chic and classy. Very Hollywood.

    The decor is beautiful.

    Parking: valet

    25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Beck H.
    My second time staying there.  This time was with my wife and kid. They took incredibly good care of us, especially the manager Stephan.  They went out of their way to make our week stay very comfortable.  Stephan even sent a teddy bear to our room for our kid on our second night there.

    Room service food could be a bit better, but still giving 5 stars for how well they took care of us.

    26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. Frank r.
    Nice hotel, apart from the cockroaches enjoying the pool area.

    I stayed her for business and after a long day of work, nothing sounded better than a dip in the pool. I got to the pool around 9PM, and the area was a mess. People had left towels, drinks, and whatever all over the place. I looked around for a clean/dry place for my stuff, and found an area in the far corner. I made my way over there only to find about a dozen cockroaches climbing the walls. No swim for me.

    I went back to my room and called the front desk. The manager quickly called me back and apologized. He offered a room credit or bar credit, so I opted for the bar credit. I quickly changed and headed downstairs.  Once I got to the lounge, I was turned away, as my shorts and tee shirt weren't up to their friday night standards. This didn't bother me, as long as I could get a couple of drinks, and sit on the patio, or the area outside of the bar.  These tables were full of empty glasses, but I did find one that worked for me.

    Today, I checked out, only to find my credit was never applied. The person at the desk was able to remove the charges without any issues.

    Overall, this is a nice hotel. I've stayed here a few times. The roaches have soured my opinion though, so I don't view myself as returning.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    119. Cailin A.
    Spent 24 hours here for our wedding anniversary, and my birthday. Probably the best, or at least one of the top 3, stays in a hotel ever. Interesting snazzy boutique-style decor. Excellent service in the restaurant, and at check in & check out. Hip bar. Excellent breakfast buffet (omelettes made to order, freshly squeezed OJ, fresh decent quality fruit, nice croissants; there were other options too). Had a massage in the spa which was excellent. Free bottle of Champagne in the room for our anniversary, and other perks.

    Free wifi. Parking is expensive though ($37).

    We've stayed at a variety of 4 and 5 star hotels around the world, this is the best
    we've seen in the LA area.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Lindsey D.
    Being in the hotel industry, it takes a lot to truly impress me. However, Sofitel sure set the standard, and is absolutely my new favorite place to stay in LA!
    The service is amazing, staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the property overall is exceptional.
    I loved my spacious room with a lot of natural light and great views of the Hollywood hills. And the bed, I don't even know where to start with the bed. Honestly this could be the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in and I've already been on their SoBoutique.com site to order my own. It's a heaven of soft linens and fluffiness that will make it incredibly difficult to get up!

    What I loved about the room though is the little things... I never found myself searching for items, complaining about lighting, wishing they had an outlet by the bed, or any of the other random things that can make a hotel stay frustrating. The room is well-appointed and everything is right as it should be!

    If you are a gym-buff, this hotel has an extensive fitness center as well. It is large, with a wide variety of state-of-the-art new equipment. I wouldn't doubt that they even sell a limited number of memberships since it appeared that there were a couple trainers with their clients there.

    The staff overall is incredible throughout. You can tell they are all well-trained and also quite happy with their roles at Sofitel. What I loved was that I never had to seek out anyone to ask a question... they always approached me first. I was warmly greeted by numerous people every time I entered the lobby, and they genuinly wanted to make sure I had everything I needed.

    The LOCATION is also perfect at this property! A great mall is right across the street, with numerous other dining options all within walking distance. However, I had the pleasure of dining in the hotel lounge and highly advise it. Great wine list, wonderful caesar kale salad and chicken roulade. More friendly staff and a comfortable embiance, which was especially nice for a solo-traveler like myself.  

    Thank you Sofitel for a PERFECT experience... see you soon!

    10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Bianca W.
    Partied here. It was ok, but its all about the vibe of the people. Bunch of stuck up L.A. wankers(I'm from L.A. and not a wanker so I can say that).

    Prob won't go back. idk.

    08/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    122. Nik T.
    I have never stayed at a more lovely hotel! Firstly, it's beauuuutiful! You don't have to be a sucker for modern decor to appreciate the magnifique of this entire building. The bed was one of the most amazing beds I have ever slept in. A king, plush and cozy. The glass bathroom stall - super sexy of you have a certain kind of company.. The staff were all extremely professional and attentive. The pool is tiny but still, there's one. The Stone Rose Lounge was in full effect and is frequented by "folk". At the time I was there, Britney Spears was actually staying at the hotel.  Crazy! The brunch at the hotel restaurant was not cheap, but it was wonderful sitting outdoors under sunshine..

    29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Sarang Y.

    Shared a room with my friends and the beds were full size (not queens). Although I have to admit the quality of the beds were quite nice. Also another highlight of this hotel is their gym which is in amazing condition and has all the equipment you need. It's at least dog friendly! It didn't cost us a dime to have him in the room which is extremely rare. It's last perk is it's location. It's right in front of Bev Center (shopping) and close to a lot of good restaurants and bars (you can walk to the Roger Room).  Unfortunately, rest of the amenities were not 5 star quality though. The pools were small and packed and towel service was horrible (in the end there was still no towels!).

    24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    124. B B.
    I'm greatly impressed with this place. The last time a hotel made me feel so important was on my Honeymoon at the Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman Islands (which reminds me I should probably write a review for them) back in 2012. I always look for the first impression, and William M. at the front desk offered stellar service. First of all, I was already having doubts about this place bc I was fortunate enough to book it through a third party site at a crazy discounted rate and I thought that would translate in to mediocre service from the hotel once they receive knowledge of this. I'm not super rich but I'll always pay for good service and that's probably why Sofitel is a 4.5 star hotel, expensive rate for good service. William, however, with this knowledge, did not show any slack in 5 star hospitality and in fact went beyond my expectations. I anticipated a basement room because of the price I paid, but no, William had other plans. He asked if there was a special occasion and My wife told him it's our two year wedding anniversary. BAM! He provided a room upgrade from the basement to the 9th floor with a view and complimentary champagne. I was like bro we're only here for one night since we don't want to drive back after the Bruno Mars concert and he said that he wanted it to be a memorable 2nd yr anniversary and walked us all the way to the elevator... Get outta here right! No, but he did! Really cool dude. God's blessings on you bro and making my wife and I feel like royalty, even just for a day.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. James D.
    Good location for LA partying.  The lounge is a cool hang.  I like the France / Hollywood mash-up.  Having been in South of France recently it was a good trip down memory lane.

    02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Charlie M.
    We have stayed here twice and you basically pay for what you get! The hotel is in a great location in the middle of everything, it is very modern and stylish, and the beds are amazing. There isn't really anything that wow'd me but there really isn't a reason there should be. When we stayed our second time they gave us the wifi password for no charge without even asking, and a lower than advertised online price for the room without asking!

    Only complaint is the $25-35/night parking.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Vicky C.
    Stayed here a night before my friend's wedding.  The staff are friendly, super professional, and the hotel is really chic and clean.  No complaints here!!!

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Ethan R.
    I haven't had the opportunity to stay at the hotel overnight, but ate at the restaurant and it was amazing. Great food, and so tender. You can tell they take their time to perfect every single meal. The chefs here are probably A+ grade chefs.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Jane R.
    This hotel captured my heart.  Over the past few years, my roommate and I have taken several trips to Los Angeles and we've made this hotel our home away from home.

    The staff is always accommodating and the location could not be better.  It is located on restaurant row - STK, Spanish Kitchen, Jose Andres, and Koi.  I can sometimes be picky when critiquing hotels, but the Sofitel far exceeds all expectations.  

    OH! And the best part of Sofitel? THE DREAMY CLOUD BEDS!  After my first stay at the Sofitel, I went home and refreshed my bed to match the bed I slept in at the Sofitel.  These mattresses are heavenly.  I like to refer to them as "cloud beds."  Your entire body aligns itself during your sleep, and pressure points? They are non-existant.  The mattresses exhibit a virtual sense of zero gravity.  The sheets are soft and the pillows offer the perfect amount of support for your neck.

    The bathroom is modern and the rooms are very european-esque, with a perfect balance of minimalism and coziness.  : )

    I highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills district - whether it be for business or pleasure!

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. Michael M.
    Very nice hotel with outstanding and helpful staff.  Is it as posh as the Peninsula? Of course not.   But it's still a solid 4 stars and can be had at a good rate.  I think the rooms should be 4.5 stars.  Very nice indeed

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Janice P.
    Whatever you do, don't have an event here!

    The Sofitel Hotel does not follow its contracts. The company I work for had an event here recently. Was not allowed to do a walk through prior to the event. Even though contract states double occupancy they gave guests twin size blow up mattresses! I kid you not. No discount. Promised concession for the "inconvenience" then failed to deliver anything. Their lunch buffet made guests sick. Their invoice was riddled with extra padded charges for banquet items not received. And even though they received prepayment for all of our guests' hotel stay the hotel also charged each guest again then told guests the co I work for didn't pay the bill.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    132. Nancy T.
    This is truly a beautiful hotel!!! It is conveniently located right across the street from the Beverly Center and boasts a stunning view of the city from the other side of the hotel. The inside of the hotel is really chic, modern, and French-inspired. In fact, most of their staff even speaks French! There is definitely an exclusivity factor at this place, which makes it seem all the more awesome. In fact, we spotted the current American Idol contestants here recently!

    The rooms are simple, but very clean. They have a huge variety of cable channels to watch. I really love the bathrooms, especially the gigantic shower heads, as they feel like rain is coming down on your head. They only use L'Occitane products, so you definitely feel like you're living in luxury here! The staff is also really nice and very accommodating.

    We walked around the entire hotel, but it doesn't seem like there's much to do. The spa is quite small, although it's nice (see my separate review on LeSpa at Sofitel).  The pool is nice, but it's really tiny. I like the fact that there are little enclaves right next to the pool with comfy couches and tv's, so you can relax in between swims. Unfortunately, we didn't bring gym clothes, but they seriously have the most amazing gym I've ever seen in a hotel...they even have kettlebells, weighted bars, and purified drinking water! Super amazing!

    Unfortunately, this place will cost ya. They charge $33.00 per day for valet parking, although it is unlimited. Also, they definitely try to charge you in any way they possibly can, so be careful. As with any other fancy hotel, the staff is always trying to get tipped and will do anything to offer their services, in the hopes that you'll reward them with some cash.

    But...overall, I think this place is still worth it! It will always hold a very sentimental value to me because my fiance took me there right after we got engaged! Also, they allowed him to put my favorite macaroons in the hotel room and decorated the room in rose petals for us in advance! Of course, it still cost him...but it was beautiful nonetheless ;) You can't put a price on LOVE!

    15/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Sonj H.
    Nice, swanky bar area, I was there for an event. Fun entertainment, great vibe. Pretty hotel. magnificent photography! nice wine/ appetizers.  I enjoyed it. acoustics tough. I was annoyed at the waitress who did not bring me a wine list when I asked, then when I gave up and asked for a glass did not give me a price ($23 for one glass of wine). I was also frustrated that the valet was not taking credit cards and I got dinged $5 to use their ATM AND ended up paying valet for a friend because it was getting late and she was so confused by the same issue.

    27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Sally N.
    Super cute bar and lounge! My boyfriend and I always have a good time here. The outdoor cabanas are cozy and intimate, the bartenders are fun and friendly, the drinks are strong, and the overall vibe here is comfortable and chill. Nothing pretentious about this place. I will definitely be back!!!

    18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Olga M.
    If I could leave "0" stars, I totally would, and here's why...
    I stayed here for 2 nights back in August for FadeIn Pitch Fest. The accommodations were superb, and hotel was super gorgeous BUT hotel's administration or to be more precise accounting department are CROOKS. I prepaid 2 nights stay through the FadeIn Pitch Festival organizers and received a discounted rate. Upon checking out from Sofitel, I was presented a bill only for the room tax which was expected. But about 2 months later, I've noticed a charge on my CC made by Sofitel for the amount of 1 night stay. Then I received an email from Sofitel's accounting saying that festival organizer's paid them only 50% of the balance due for the festival's attendees accommodations, and after multiple failed attempts of retrieving the rest of the money from festival organizers, Sofitel didn't have any other option but charge every attendee's CC for the balance due. WTH???!!!! I have not received a single e-mail/call from Sofitel regarding this matter PRIOR they decided it was OK to charge my CC without my authorization. Tried calling their accounting 5 times - NO RESPONSE or CALL BACK. It's really not my problem who owed whom money, but they had NO RIGHT to charge my CC! If they had some misunderstanding with festival organizer's, they should have taken them to court. Now, myself and a few dozens of other attendees have to deal with all this BS and waste our time explaining what happened to  CC companies to get our money back. GREAT WAY to DO BUSINESS, Sofitel!!!

    13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    136. Marisa Z.
    This review is for the bar only.

     I don't find myself rubbing elbows in this neck of the woods often, but at the request of a friend, we made the trek. After a short walk through the lobby we found our way to the bar. The bar staff was not overly friendly, considering the percentage of tips i'm sure they make off the overly priced, and underwhelming weak cocktails. I did however love that there is ample outdoor seating in a very well done, modern and comfortable setting. We had a few cocktails while seating on the lovely patio, soaking up the last of the summer night heat. It was quiet, intimate and provided a great place to talk and catch up.

     I would love to plan an overnight getaway for me and the fella here, just so I can venture around and see what else the hotel has to offer. We were fortunate enough to preview our friends room, I liked the decor. Subtle, soothing, and seemingly a very comfortable and quiet room.

    The decor of the restaurant was very modern, from what I saw while on my way to the bathroom. I wonder what the food is like? If it would be worth the price and if i would feel full afterwards?

     I also wondered what kind of deal they would have for a future soiree I'm planning. I think this would make for a lovely spot to hold a gathering, either professional or pleasurable.

    13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    137. Jerry P.
    Visiting town and loved this hotel. Very clean and fancy rooms. Great customer service. All the staff has been very friendly and helpful. Brian at the front desk was great. We will be back very soon!

    11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Todd P.
    Top notch service and attention paid  !!

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. Alex C.
    First, I wait for 40 minutes after I order food because the server went off to user her phone in some corner while my food waited in the kitchen to be brought out cold. Then, Sofitel overcharged my credit card.  They automatically added a 20 % tip to my bill without asking me.  Then they charged another 20% on top of that after I went home. For one person.  usually they only charge you if you have a group of people and there's much service. But I only had 2 drinks and a meal and they charged me the additional fee for practically no service.  I had to go ask to get my food and then bring it to where I was sitting myself.  This review will stand until they rectify the situation.  My receipt says "Jennifer" on it, but i'm not sure who it was that overcharged me and/or made me wait so long for my food

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    140. Carrie S.
    I had a fantastic stay here.

    Excellent service.

    Rooms are spacious, clean, have great views, and the shower is huge.  They also have great amenities in the room, like robes and slippers, cotton balls and nail files, and bottles of water.

    The restaurant is very good.  I ate their twice for breakfast, and ordered room service.  They have healthy choices available, with calorie counts.  I love that.

    Amazing fitness room for a hotel.  Nicer than the one I work out at at home!

    Great location.  In the middle of everything, and easily walkable (in my opinion).

    Cab ride was about $60.00 including tip from LAX.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Kara B.
    Went a couple weeks ago and used my card at the bar.  Why did the server overcharge my credit card? Several of my friends checked their cards and noticed the same thing. Management never bothered to call me back when I called to report it.  Definitely not worth a return trip.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    142. Carole S.
    Really nice hotel. Stylish and clean, my two must-haves. Great service from the valet crew and front desk. I did have a small service issue with the concierge, but not a deal breaker. She was definitely the weak link in the chain, however.

    One weird thing that is a deal breaker... I screwed up the booking and ended up in a king room with my mom- not terrible, but apparently, if you are in a king, you have no interest in privacy. A large glass window over the bed looks into the shower and straight to the toilet! Yes, you've read that right. If this is a concern for you, call first to see if all of the rooms are that way. Bizarre!

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Belle L.
    I attended a 1-day conference.  My disappointment lies in the lack of fluidity in service.  It was a mess and staff acted like their heads were cut-off.  The lunch service was highly inefficient.  One of the conference rooms needed more chairs, Sofitel staff said to add more chairs, and didn't bother coming back.

    Ladies Room -- 3 stalls for 2 big conference rooms.  Line around the block!  Clean.  Quickly restocked.  Unfortunately the hand towels were filled with falling off fibers that easily attaches to clothing.

    Lobby Staff are well-informed, courteous with a speedy service.

    08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    144. Bryan Z.
    Wonderful stay.  Sofitel is definitely a beautiful hotel with exceptional service and attention to detail.  The smallest of details such as walking you from reception to the elevator and a no-hassle late checkout are the little things that are so highly appreciated.  The value for the room was great and we will be back!

    Only complaint is there is construction going on next door and despite being eight floors up we still couldn't have the windows open in the morning more than a few minutes because of the noise.

    Overall though, extremely happy with our stay and really "wow'd" by the service.

    14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Kimberly O.
    The front desk attendee Daniel, was absolutely amazing to my husband and I! He selected a room that was magnificent, spacious, with a great view of L.A. and the Hollywood sign. All of my needs and expectations were met in a prompt and kind manner. The housekeeper named Cruz (not sure on spelling), really went above and beyond in assuring that our room was well kept and cleaned.  The room service for breakfast was also prompt and wonderful, which was perfect since my morning schedule started very early. Thank you Sofitel!

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    146. Lisa C.
    My puppy and I needed a place to stay while our building was being fumigated. We retreated to the Sofitel Los Angeles and had a great mini-vacation!

    Here are just a few highlights:
    - Location, location, location: shopping mall, high-end boutiques, drugstore, and upscale restaurants all within walking distance
    - Champagne and macaroons upon check-in
    - Excellent outdoor dining space, even pleasant in the evening with heat lamps
    - Spacious shower with excellent water pressure; Comfy feather bed
    - Fresh air!! The room was equipped with air conditioning / heat and the windowed opened up for fresh air which is often lacking in large hotels
    - From valet, to in-room dining, to the restaurant, fabulous service all the way around!

    08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Kena M.
    Love this hotel brand... The Sunday live band was awesome.. The shots are so small that I can stick it in my eye ball.. ugh.. But I loved the vibe and the mature crowd...

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    148. Robert B.
    A nice room.  Three stars only because the bartender (Saturday night about 4:30pm) needs to get some lessons in talking with patrons.  When asking for the cocktail list (after waiting 10 minutes at an empty bar), he literally threw down the coasters and said "how about  hello first."   Unfortunately that was enough to get us back on future stays to the SLS.

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    149. Cathleen F.
    My new favorite hotel in LA! The staff, from Valet to Front Desk to restaurant servers, know what they're doing, and they perform their jobs cheerfully, and competently. A hotel with employees who care...seems so simple, but it's increasingly rare. They must have an awesome training program.

    The bed...sooooo comfy, it's the feather bed you're lying on...you drown in comfort.  My nap, which I thought would be for an hour, turned into three!

    Breakfast guests are greeted by a "shot" of smoothie and a small presentation of a miniature baguette and mini croissants. Nice touch!

    And what a plus, you can walk across the street to Macy's/Bloomingdales!  Bonjour!

    08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Linh T.
    Came here for a conference and it was a beautiful venue. (Also loved that it's across from the Beverly center!) The service was amazing and so was all the food. Because I live in LA, I don't see why I would stay here but on my next travels if Sofitel was an option, I would def pick it- I love quality boutique hotels.

    07/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Cindy T.
    We stayed here on our recent trip to SoCal. We had our frenchie, Ninja, with us and they told us there were no extra fees for having a dog, which was awesome!! They even sent dog bowls up to our room. But I wish they had a designated area to take your dog to relieve themselves.

    This hotel is small, but trendy. The hotel is super clean and well kept. The staff were really friendly as well. Our room was really nice, too! The bathroom was amazing, I could not get enough of the ceiling shower head. I need one of those!! Overall, great stay and we would stay here again.

    Plus, this hotel is a mile or so from Milk, which could be dangerous. We went there twice in one day. It's that dangerous.

    12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Pradipta S.
    Nice place to stay, but parking charges are really steep.

    04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    153. Tatianna A.
    Truly an amazing experience, very european, with minimal but unique attention to details.

    this review is for Esterel the Restaurant:
    Esterel is a breath of fresh air in today's pretentious LA lifestyle, the food is just PERFECT and it melts in your mouth in a way that you will never forget. I am comparing this restaurant with some of the best restaurant I've been in SF, likes of Bix, Le Jardiniere, etc.

    Christophe the manager is one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable persons I have interacted in LA, which speaks to the quality of the hotel and staff. I highly recommend anyone from local LA nightlife explores to far away guest to do not miss Sofitel Hotel and all that it has to offer.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Kyle T.
    Would give this place zero stars if possible. Sure, its a posh nice looking hotel but for the most part, the customer service is absolutely terrible. Dont forget about that gorgeous view of a mall escalator across the street. Everyone is a nightmare to deal with. Like most Beverly Hills hotels, theres a definitely aire of "we're better than our customers", but hey, that comes with the territory. Beware of visting the lounge, they may place a random hold on your account for more than the dollar amount of your actual tab and they will do this without warning. Upon calling them for an explaination, you will be continuously passed from person to person until finally reaching the voicemail for Arlene in the accounting department, but dont get too excited, she wont check her messages and call you back so you'll have to continuously try her the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. Now if you happened to find a rabbits foot tied to a four leaf clover that day, you might be lucky enough to actually get her to answer the phone. What she'll tell you is that you have to wait 3 to 5 business days for the charge to clear, but wait, its already been 7 business days so then she'll tell you that she cant find the charge, that is of course until your bank faxes her proof of the charge, but that wont be enough either so she'll need another 2 days to call a direct number to the bank to confirm...overall, just avoid this place at all costs. sure, it has a nice lobby, but thats about where the allure ends.

    UPDATE: over the past day the accounting department has bumped it up a notch and helped with this issue. CRIS LUNA IS A SUPERSTAR and deserves to be in some form of upper management or administration. Thank you for your effort Cris.

    One star added for the effort but still only 2 stars for the overall experience & process.

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    155. Judy K.
    Service. Service. Service. This is what i think is most important in a hotel and sofitel delivered- from phones to bellman, valet, room service- they were great.
    Hotel n rooms are beautiful n clean. Bar and restaurant are great too. There isnt any other option w food, and i agree, pool isnt that great but i wasnt really looking for a pool resort nor bunch of eateries, just a great room for 3 nights w great service.

    07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    156. Derrick C.
    Years ago I use to love the bar / restaurant downstairs.  I went recently and the new atmosphere is great.  The bar service is slow and the overpriced $17 drinks are mediocre.  The bartenders just don't care.  Valet is slow.  Slow. Poor. Service. I see why Tiger fell in love with a waitress there.  He waited forever for his drink.

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    157. Kelsey C.
    Everything that glitters...comes to Sofitel's bar apparently. The girls were dressed to kill and the guys were dressed to impress. It's a little loud and crowded inside, but outside is pretty and a lot quieter so you can still have your chill night too. There's plenty of seating outside, and if you're out to party, this is just a very pretty place to be. Not sure I was pretty enough to be there, but that's more of a comment on how great everyone else looked.

    07/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    158. Heather s.
    We stayed here one night on a road trip from the Bay Area to San Diego.  It's a pricey hotel ($310/night pre-tax for a regular king) but comparable to many upscale LA hotels.  The location in West Hollywood is good - it's across the street from the Beverly Center (and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center).  Valet parking was unfortunately an additional $37/night, but at least they were quick to bring up the car when you called down for it.  Service was excellent as you would expect from an upscale hotel.  

    The decor had a vintage glamour and everything was clean and well-kept.  The rooms were comfortable and the bed/pillows were amazingly cozy.  A nice bowl of fresh fruit welcomed us.  The bathroom was clean, with a nice roomy glass enclosed shower.  There were robes and slippers and nice toiletries.  The fitness center on the first floor was quite spacious and well-equipped for a hotel - we even saw a personal trainer and signs for classes, perhaps locals also frequent the gym?  

    Would definitely stay here again.

    30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    159. Anne-Marie F.
    We had reserved the Hollywood Hills View Suite since there were three adults staying in the room. Upon arrival, we not only did not have a  Hills view, but also had a sofa bed with no mattress.  I immediately called the front desk and requested a roll a way.  Upon arriving back late that evening, we had an inflatable mattress lying on the floor.  When my adult son sat on it, it completely deflated, and he ended up sleeping on the floor.  The next morning I went on their website and figured out we had the Beverly Center View and not the Hills view.  When I inquired at the front desk, they informed me that they had been overbooked and apologized.  I pressed them on the price difference and did receive a $45 credit, but it REALLY bothers me that I was not informed of this information upon check-in.  It feels like the Sofitel was hoping I wouldn't notice the price difference.  It also really bothers me that I requested a room for three, and only two were accommodated.  A blow up mattress should never be acceptable when a suite has been booked that should have had a functional sofa bed.  Too bad...the hotel itself is really beautiful.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    160. DRN G.
    This review is just for the spa. A friend of  mine booked me a massage and I really needed it bc I was really stressed! The reception desk was sooooo nice ! I'd give the service there 5 stars! I forgot my wallet and Crystal paid my valet for me! So nice! My 3 stars is for the massage. She was really really nice I'll give her that, but the massage just wasn't good.  I'm a massage therapist myself and I could not relax bc her pacing was so fast. And at the end the room was a mess. Towels were everywhere and it just wasn't tidy. Again sweet lady just not good work.

    18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    161. Tracy M.
    Excellent hotel, great location and wonderful staff.  I would definitely stay again.  Hotel had great amenities, including spa, gym, pool.  We enjoyed the food in the restaurant which turns into a lounge in the evening.  The Beverly shopping center is located directly across the sheet for shopping and dining as well.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    162. LaShawn O.
    Enjoyed myself for Sangria Sundays! I love that there is an outdoor area for me to enjoy my cigar. The live music is also cool. I wish that the there was more to the Sunday bar menu but other then that I enjoyed myself.

    26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    163. Darren K.
    dan at the front desk !!! You are the man. I came in for 24 hours, a quick biz trip. Room was fantastic, got the upgrade to a suite.

    Love the hotel and will be back!

    Great location
    Awesome bed
    Huge suite
    Valet parking - they had my car waiting for me!

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Elias C.
    Staff was very nice , and helpful. Suit they gave me was amazing, with excellent views. Decor was top notch. All out experience was a 5..

    02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Melissa T H.
    We absolutely enjoyed our staycation here.  I'd recommend it anytime.  Plus they offered a really great package online,  so while it's normally pricey, hubby scored a fabulous deal on hotels dot com.

    Everything was truly enjoyable:  Wish I could give it a 4.5 stars.
    + the valet were friendly and professional
    + the lobby decor was modern yet vintage with awesome old hollywood glamour
    + the check in was lovely, the front desk offered to sign us up for the hotel program
    + our room decor balanced modern comfort with luxurious appointments
    + bath products were refreshing and not too feminine nor too masculine in scents
    + our room had a view of the Hollywood sign
    + it was a super comfy bed, with soft duvet cover and sheets
    + they gave us complimentary spring water upon request

    Why not a 5 star rating?  Little things that are pretty miniscule, but I reserve 5 stars for perfection...
    - My husband had sweetly ordered me a fruit smoothie to be delivered to me at the spa where I was getting a manicure and massage.  However, the server came to the spa, seemed unsure, and asked me: "Did you order a smoothie?"  I said no; because I didn't.  Then he looked at the bill and said my last name.  So I was confused:  Was it for my hubby or for me?  I sent the server to find my hubby... The server went away, came back, still didn't seem to know.  It took awhile for it all to get settled; and finally, the spa receptionist cleared it up.   however, the whole thing had interrupted my relaxing arm massage!  And I had to wait to get a straw to drink my smoothie.  It was a little funny, but there shouldn't have been any confusion.
    -There was no recognition that this was a special occasion for us.  Not that I expected chocolate or flowers or anything, but then again, I've been to other properties that would have made us feel extra special.  

    Like I said, a tiny thing, but then again, I don't give 5 stars unless its earned.  
    Having said that, I really truly enjoyed this stay! Solid 4.5 stars!!!

    28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Win L.
    Excellent service where everyone knows your name!  I love this hotel and will make it my regular when I'm in town.  We were selected as "customer of the day" and were upgraded to a suite for the night, which we obviously really appreciated considering we didn't hold any status with this chain.  The suites provide Hermes products that smelled awesome. Our little dog was treated like royalty with doggy biscuits and Evian water.  There are no additional costs for having a puppy and the staff genuinely loved animals.  We were also greeted by name whenever we came and went - this takes alot of effort considering how many shifts and customers are involved but we appreciated the effort to make us feel welcome. This hotel is also in a good location and was clearly recently renovated as well.

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Wanda T.
    This hotel is gorgeous!

    I recently came here for my work mixer and the ambiance was super classy.
    When you walk in, the valet greeted us in such a polite manner and even welcomed us through the door.

    When you enter you already feel like a million bucks! I have been to the SIFOTEL in the Philippines and let me just say SIFOTEL is consistently beautiful! I went with a group of girls and you know we love taking pictures, I loved the fact that the cute blonde manager with the cute accent offered to take pictures for us! Staff was awesome and the service was top notch.

    They showed us to the ballroom that our event took place and I absolutely loved the decorations and the theme of the room. Because this is a french hotel, they had beautiful red walls which complimented the black and white portraits they used for wall art. I loved the classy grand piano in the middle as well as the glass chandler that made the room SEXAAAY!!!

    They do have a full bar as well as the most elegant outside canopy seatings. They have fire places as well as comfy cushions on the outside sofas!

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Amy M.
    Super overpriced snacks sold in meeting room bar. $3 for granola bar or chips. $5 for regular bottled water. Total rip-off.

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    169. David P.
    The level of incompetence found at this hotel was conspicuous and startling.

    My sister and I stayed at the Sofitel last night. The doormen who met us were extremely awkward, mumbling through their sentences and fumbling our bags. The room was small and hot. The amenities were shockingly minimal.

    However, the worst part of our stay came after we left. I realized I left my expensive Bose headphones in my room, so we quickly called the hotel - an hour after we left - to let them know that the headphones were laying underneath the TV stand. The man in charge of the lost and found - Andrew - made an inexcusable, inefficient, unprofessional production out of this very easy task: all he had to do was knock on the door of the guest who was apparently now occupying our room and ask him/her if they had found anything. After two phone calls, Andrew kept assuring us that there was someone in the room and he couldn't just barge in. We asked if housekeeping could politely knock on the door. He said they couldn't knock if there was a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. We asked if there was - he DIDN'T KNOW IF THERE WAS OR NOT.

    We come to find out - 12 HOURS LATER - there was actually no guest occupying our former room. Andrew was just too lazy to do his job. Plain and simple.

    Sofitel Manager - Andrew should be reprimanded and/or fired immediately for not only being unhelpful but lying to us about what was actually going on.

    We won't be staying here again. And now I'm out $140 for headphones that probably could have been recovered if Andrew had taken 5 minutes to check the room when we asked him to, 12 hours ago.

    A complete nightmare.

    11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    170. Nuran D.
    HORRIBLE!!  My experience with two bartenders in the downstairs bar was terrible.  I cannot believe people like that get jobs in nice hotels.  Lazy and unprofessional, I spoke to manager and he seemed to rush me to the point, kind of seemed like he did not care.  They seem to have some type of snobby attitude...but everyone else was nice and cordial.

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    171. Jose F.
    I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to Reggie, Rudy and the Security team for their top of the line customer service and professionalism.

    I left a high valued item at the hotel and they were kind enough to arrange a personal delivery of the item to my home.

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    172. Nathan P.
    The Sofitel hotel is extravagant, glamorous, and up-scale. The service is top-notch, accommodating, and up-to-par (If you're a guest here)

    I was a vendor over here and I tried numerous times to get a parking validation. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get free parking here. I hate having to pay for expenses when on a job. They also did not assist me into getting a table for my equipment, nor any clean water....

    I guess this is not a review upon being a guest here, but their service should be outstanding to ANYONE regardless!

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    173. Sherri C.
    We booked Sofitel BH to stay the night in LA after a friends wedding. The hotel is beautiful and luxurious. The service was great, no complaints. The room was clean and very nice. What I loved most was that the bed was so fluffy and comfortable, that I literally sank into the bed and was engulfed in the sheets/comforter!

    The Sofitel also has a great bar/lounge downstairs. After the wedding, some of the guests came over and we had an "after party" out in the patio lounge area. The large patio was to nice hangout in, plenty of couches and tables to sit at. The service was really good; the food and drinks always came out fast, and they were always replenished in time for the next drink. ;)

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Daniel Y.
    I stayed here for one night with a king size bed. I thought the room was really nice. The bed was really comfortable. The shower had a waterfall shower head which was nice. The room came with a keurig which was great for the morning. Also, we got placed on the 9th floor which had bay windows which opened. I would request a room at the top. Lastly, the staff was very nice and helpful.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Danielle E.
    Great spa to come for a massage and lay by the pool and have drinks. Very quiet pool that is not too crowded. Great place to read a book.

    17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Nick S.
    Sofitel has probably become my favorite upscale hotel in the BH area.  It's in an eclectic neighborhood with the beverly center across the street, and the Largo around the corner.  Which along with the crass comedy, you can enjoy amazing sushi across the street, the best cocktails in LA at the Roger Room, or a not so classy lap dance from one of the girls behind the neon sign you're sure to see.
    Back to Sofitel, they pull out all the stops without feeling like you're breaking the bank.  The Riviera bar has great seeting for meeting with clients or getting some work done, as well as a cozy patio complete with cabana's for lounging in the amazing LA climate.  
    They do an amazing job putting on events (the LABJ 100 fastest growing companies event was a hit - as was the young professionals mixer the same night).  But also have great rooms, views, valet, and the food is nothing to scoff at.
    I highly recommend Sofitel. In BH, it's the definitely my favorite.

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    177. Natasha L.
    My entire experience was less than 1 star. The staff was rude! Front desk had an attitude, my room was not clean, the sheets had a residue on them, and bathroom had urine in toilet. I was shocked. Stay away. There's plenty of other choices out there.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    178. Kimlai Y.
    What a sexy lounge & hotel. I was here for a networking event and was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere. From the second I pulled into the hotel parking lot I got the Sofitel vibe. The valet was super nice and accommodating. The hotel concierge was extremely helpful in showing me where I needed to go for the event and basically gave me a layout of the first floor. The bartenders were fun & friendly.

    From the front entrance to the lounge area there are comfy couches & chairs lining the walls. The ambiance was dark, cozy but with a comfortable non pretentious feel. There was also a large outdoor patio area with chairs & tables and a restaurant located right past the lounge area.

    I always get a bit anxious when it comes to figuring out parking in LA. Your options are to valet $$$ at the hotel, park across the street $$ at the mall, street parking $ (there will be a bit of a walk involved & you must read the parking sign rules) or you can park behind the hotel-no charge but super limited.

    14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Theresa B.
    I spent several nights at the Sofitel in October of this year for work. I was in a suite which was very comfortable. The bed was absolutely heavenly! It was quiet and the service and staff were friendly and helpful. They called my by name when I came to the desk and I was really impressed until the clerk pointed out that I had my name badge on! Still, it was a nice touch.

    The gym is fantastic!  Large and with diverse and well-maintained cardio equipment,  weight machines and free weights. Perhaps they could get a few fans in, though.  It did get  pretty warm in the cardio area. The pool is very small but I didn't have the opportunity to use it anyway. The restaurant atmosphere was beautiful;  the food was just OK with a limited menu and a very over-priced breakfast.  There are plenty of fabulous restaurants close by as well.

    All in all, the location is great and the staff is very accommodating and overall I loved my stay here.

    28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    180. Catherine H.
    This review is just for the pool.

    We came to the pool after we had brunch. Its a small pool area considering how big this hotel is.

    Im not aware of the services provided here at the pool but there was no one to take our drink orders, We had to call in to the front to place anything we wanted and when we did have someone come down, I felt like he wasn't experience (at no fault of his own) in being a waiter. Perhaps he was just a worker there and they were maybe short staffed? I'm not sure but he knew nothing of the drink menu, he kept getting mixed up and having to call up front for prices.

    A couple next to us ordered two mojitos and we got two cokes. The front desk told us that our drinks would be 4 dollars each. cool ok...

    When our drinks came, our bill came out to be 14 dollars which didn't add up in my head. Well they charge a delivery fee and gratuity is added to the total.

    The couple next to us with the two mojitos ended up paying 35 dollars! I was completely shocked. They ended up asking how much a pitcher would be and it only costed 28 dollars! talk about a confusing price menu! urhg.. I was annoyed for them!

    So, my overall experience with this hotel (restaurant and pool ) were very eh...

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    181. Monica G.
    I stayed at the hotel because a family member was having surgery at Cedar Sinai which is virtually across the street from the hotel.  We had an emergency change of plans last minute which resulted in me having to move my hotel stay a few days which was a tremendous hassle until Stephanie stepped in and took care of me.  The hotel lobby itself and the gym amenities are top notch.  The person who greets you upon walking in was very sweet and accommodating but the younger blond guy who checked me in was snobbish and hurried. The rooms are just kind of average.  We stayed in a Luxury Room with the view of Beverly Blvd. and its pretty small and non descriptive.  The bed is super comfortable and the rain shower as well as the toiletries are wonderful.  If you do not put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door, housekeeping will come around at 8:30am.  My biggest disappointment of the hotel is the service that we received while having a late night meal at the bar after spending 15 hours at the hospital.  The server ( I think her name might have been Barbara) had a sour face, didn't take our order right and just kept saying "I am sorry about that".  She messed up one of our orders completely which resulted in my friend eating his expensive dinner after the rest of us already cleaned our plates.  This is kind of unfortunate because when you are spending $20 something on a piece of meat sitting at a bar at 11pm at night when there are only 4 other people in the entire place then I want a more approachable server and less mistakes.  Other than that, Sofitel is a pricey but comfortable option (which is a favorite with foreigners based on my observation) in a good location.  If you can afford it, go for it.
    Tip:  Free morning coffee/tea in front of restaurant.

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    182. Emily C.

    We came for a girls night out and they were nothing but nice here. The hotel staff were very professional all-around, which was really fitting to the atmosphere. I was a bit distracted by everything but it is a very nice space in the lobby/bar area.

    The bar was one of the better ones I've been to since it's one of the few places where you pay a lot for strong drinks (Worth it!). Bartenders are nice and there was a DJ spinning on a Friday night. Some of the tables were a bit awkward since you sink into a cushion and have your drink on a cushion-table hybrid of sorts.

    Restroom for this area is in the restaurant and a bit of a trek.

    Come here with some good company and sip on some stiff drinks and you're set for a good night.

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Timoteo K.
    I've stayed at most of the hotels in the west Hollywood/Beverly Hills area and this is my hands down favorite. The staff are extremely friendly and attentive to my needs from the front desk to housekeeping. I planned a special weekend to celebrate an anniversary and the concierge was great setting up a limo to pick me & my partner up at LAX and bring us to the hotel. The driver was great. Friendly and knew a route that bypassed traffic. The room was clean with a great view of the Hollywood hills. The bed is very soft and comfy. And the bathroom is my favorite of the many hotel bathrooms I've stayed in in my travels. Big, good lighting, nice rain shower head. The only negative to the room was the a/c vent directly over the bed. I suggest turning it off at night. It can get to be much.

    Overall I reco this hotel for quality service, great in house restaurant and spa, good room service food, great views, nice outside area to lounge and great location in between Beverly Hills/west Hollywood and downtown.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. Veken G.
    its great place to take your GF for a relax night and chill...its classy

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    185. Pooya B.
    Do not be fooled by the artsy lobby, go go dancers and trendy drinks - because the sofitel bar/lounge makes pyramid schemes look reputable. I went here to celebrate an engagement with some friends and bought a few drinks - when I checked my credit card statement later on, the bar found it necessary to charge an extra 'fee' in addition to the generous tip I had provided. After confronting the management about the issue, there was no solid explanation. Sound shady? Yes. I expected more ethical business practices from a supposedly high end beverly hills lounge. Most definitely avoiding this place in the future.

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    186. R R.
    Can you imagine that a personal expensive item was STOLEN from my room, and no one in the management feels that this is something irregular? That this is something that needs to be address?
    I have a been a Sofitel guest for years. From Rio Brasil to London, Paris and Berlin, from Shanghai to Chicago, hundreds of nights spent with them for work and for pleasure. Never again, unfortunately.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    187. Sophia D.
    I've been staying here for serval years every-time I come to LA. I just love this hotel. Clean, well kept, great food, great location and the staff is amazing. Customer service is wonderful. There's a lot of great hotels in the Los Angeles area but I just love the vibe at Sofitel and honestly their customer service is what keeps me coming back.

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Pegaita L.

    When I lived in DC I attended business dinners and networking mixers at the Sofitel all of the time. I finally attended on here in LA for the first time on Saturday. Here is the breakdown:

    - The wait at the bar was entirely too long. Although we had a waitress for our table, she only came by once so we had to go to the bar.
    - They gave my friends their bill at the table and while they were about to settle their tab, one already got an alert from her bank notifying her that the whole amount had been charged to her card.
    - Whatever you put as a tip on your receipt is not adhered to. Apparently everyone I know was charged 20% but they didn't know until they checked their bank accounts the next day. Is this legal for a party of 1?
    - Two of my friends were charged twice on their credit cards. Same amount.

    I will pass on any event there again.


    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    189. STEPHANY L.
    Do not use the Valet service! They are thief!

    I had mu money stolen from my car. The management did not take any responsibility and directed me different direction. It has been such a frustrating experience. I am very disappointed at this hotel.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    190. Stacey L.
    I visited California for the week of July 4th and stayed at Sofitel with my boyfriend.

    Customer Service: A+++, amazing! Staff members were extremely attentive and very helpful. Everyone was so polite and nice.

    Valet: 24/7 - kind of pricey though. $37.50 a day, I think but you were able to come in and out as you pleased but the guys working valet were extremely nice.

    Room: Bed was extremely comfortable, my boyfriend and I slept like a baby. I had requested a room with a bathtub and I stayed in a King Luxury Suite - it was nice, kind of small for the price that I paid considering how pricey the hotel is, itself but overall it was nice I cannot compliment the room clean-up service because my boyfriend I went out a lot and every time we came back, our room was clean! For example, our clothes would be all over the floor, and they laid it out on our bed or chair for us which was very nice of them.

    Pool: Kind of small....so not exactly the best but passable if you just want to lounge.

    Gym: Small gym but will be able to get your workouts done, I was little upset with their squat bar....it had assistance and I usually do freeweights but obviously wasn't a big deal.

    Location: You're right across the street from the Beverly Center so you're able to shop a little if you'd like and CVS is also around the block that is open 24/7 that is very convenient for people who need to pick up something.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Andrew K.
    A nice modern hotel with good service in a great location (near Beverly Center and Cedar-Sinai) and a strong reputation. Hosted an event here too and they were easy to work with. Room was smallish. It's a winner!

    28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. L M.
    I gave the one star not for the hotel itself, but for items being stolen from me. I stayed at the hotel and the service was great...but 2 items were stolen from my me. When I contacted the hotel it seemed as if no one wanted to take responsibility. I was transferred from one person to another to another. Finally I was asked to file a claim, only to know that a stupid letter was sent claiming no responsibility of my stolen items.
    Is this the type of treatment and accountability you would expect to get at such a high end several star place...??

    30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    193. Jeannette G.
    Not really pedestrian friendly.  Accessing the Sofitel is difficult if you are not valeting your car.  Inevitably, if you are going through Beverly Blvd. you will have to watch out for cars pulling in to valet.

    I was at the Sofitel for a party planning vendor event.  I must admit their lobby is quite beautiful and their staff was quite helpful in directing me to where I need to go.

    However, their conference/meeting spaces are quite small.  And, well, that is probably right especially since not much conferencing events go on at this hotel, perhaps.

    18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    194. Christophe F.
    Great location, friendly staff and good amenities.

    Having stayed at the  Sofitel Heathrow, the expectations coming to this location were huge. While I love the location and the hotel in general, there were minor details that wouldn't let me score it a perfect five stars.

    The good: excellent location. Close to everything you need within walking distance. Wonderful & sofisticated décor. Friendly staff. Decent amenities (including swimming pool, gym, spa, a restaurant).

    The small (bad) details: the room I picked has a beautiful view of the Hollywood sign and hills... Too bad for all the dirt in window! The swimming pool is tiny... really tiny and didn't seem to be heated. Small things around the room that needed more detail: one robe and slippers (we're a couple...), one lamp not working, flimsy cable (signal keeps cutting off).

    All in all though this is an amazing staff and if you let go of the  small things you'll truly enjoy it. I'm sure the staff will do everything in their power to accommodate your requests and the  location is really something else.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    195. Andy L.
    Stayed there for four nights.  Service was great.  Very convenient location.

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Mai A.
    Stayed here for 4 nights from 2 June 2014 to 6 June 2014 and I do not regret it for a second.

    Firstly, the service is great.  The staff members are professional, friendly and helpful.  We were greeted with smiles every time we entered and left the hotel.  The valet staff were accommodating and efficent in getting the car out for us.  The $37 daily valet charge is a bit steep but this is actually slightly cheaper than other hotels in the area and even some with a lower star rating than the Sofitel.  Given the level of service and the general price of owning and driving a car in LA, I think its reasonable to assume that this would be a cross to bear.  We were only here for 4 nights so this isn't a deal breaker in my humble opinion.

    We stayed in room 519. The room was clean when we arrived and stayed that way until we left.  In fact, every time we came back the room smelled great and looked spotless.

    The Sofitel is in a prime location.  Its walking distance to the Beverly Hills Centre as well as a fair sized CVS and Target, which is very convenient if you've forgotten something you need and also for proud shopaholics to get in a quick shopping spree in between activities.  15-20 minute driving distance from Hollywood & Sunset Blvd (with light traffic).

    If you're like me and spend hours pouring over hotel reviews before making a choice, take it from a fellow obsessive compulsive traveller, this is a great hotel to stay at.  Might not be the cheapest hotel but well worth every cent!!

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Dria S.
    This was my first stay Ina Sofitel hotel. My boss made our reservations and recommended the hotel. From the first step I made onto the property I was treated like royalty! The valet and doormen were very kind and attentive. The front desk staff were very professional yet sociable. The check in process was super simple and quick.

    Now on to the appearance of the hotel. Breathtaking!!!! The lobby is super modern and clean. My room was immaculate. I can't stop thinking about the bed. It had a down mattress topper and down comforter. It literally felt like I was sleeping on a fluffy white cloud.

    The showers had a rain style shower head. The restroom is outfitted with Lanvin bath gels lotions etc. Their were bath sheets in the restroom. You're given a natural exfoliate and slippers.

    Each evening your room is turned down and your slippers are places On a mat at the side of your bed. Evian water is left on the nightstand.

    I could go on but I won't lol stay there and you'll see the luxury firsthand!

    26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    198. Puzant C.
    2014 YELP 365 CHALLENGE - 111/365

    Beautiful hotel in a great area. Valet was a little expensive but they were prompt and friendly. Guy who directed us in the lobby was very professional too.

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. Rebecca F.
    Expensive drinks of course, but they have live music which makes it worth it. I went on a Friday night, and I think they have live music every week. It was a Gypsy Kings tribute band, and a live flamenco dancer was there, which was fun to watch. I'd go back again for the music. The drinks were expensive, but good (except for the sangria) - they try lots of different alcohols with the cocktails.

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Luis P.
    The rooms are a little dated but very functional. As a diamond member I had access tot he executive lounge which is well serviced but very busy at the main dining times. The lobby area is extremely busy but the hotel is organised for this.

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    201. Don W.
    The level of service we have recieved at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has been incredible.  Bryan Robinson at the front desk is a shining example of true customer service. He went above and beyond on several occasions to help make our stay perfect. Tha concierge was also very helpful. We will be back to stay here when in LA.

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    202. Raye H.
    Loved this place! The rooms were clean, the service was great, and the color scheme was adorable. Yummy breakfast downstairs that went until 10 AM . Great location.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    203. Carol K.
    While I still do love this place, my recent visit left a couple of things to be desired so an update is warranted.

    The staff is still gracious and welcoming.  I always feel like I am at a much more expensive hotel in Europe with all of the "Bon Jour" greetings be it in person or on the phone.  The beds are super comfortable with duvets and lovely pillows.  And the bathroom amenities are full sized and smell amazing.

    On this visit, thogh, they fell down in the coffee and room service department.  I really wish they would just put coffee in the rooms.  But since that is not to be, room service seems like the logical choice.  The problem occurs when your schedule and the room service schedule do not coincide.

    I was unable to get any coffee on my early morning exit although they did suggest I come down and get some outside of the restaurant.  Eh- not so much- as I was still in my jammies and wanted to drink it while I got ready.  Same holds true for the eggs I wanted  So it was a nearby McD's that got my business on the way to the airport.

    The other thing that surprised me on this visit was the lack of attention to detail that housekeeping gave to my room.  I called and asked for fresh towels to be brought up while I was out at dinner and yet none arrived.  They did come the second time I called but again- something was off slightly on this visit versus the other times I have stayed here.

    And if you go- stop in the bar and say hi to Ferrari the bartender.  He makes a great martini and is just a great person to have on the other side of the bar.  He is so affable and funny, I was tempted to offer him the stool next to me but then who is going to make my drink??

    Great hotel in a great location in one of my favorite parts of LA.

    14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Mychael C.
    This is only my first stay but the staff at the Sofitel, mainly Brian have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and at home.

    From the painless upgrade to a penthouse suite to the complimentary chocolate strawberries and bottle of champagne.

    The price was the best I found in all of LA as well. Especially for a 4 1/2 star hotel.

    Bravo Sofitel, Bravo.

    25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    205. Dave Q.
    Nice lobby. Cool looking art in entrance. Service is really good and people are polite. Rooms have a window from the shower looking out to the bedroom- pretty neat! Right across the street from the mall which has good walking access

    Rooms are pretty quiet even though it sits on Beverly Boulevard with lots of traffic

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. Aaron M.
    This hotel is great :) a massive step up from the last one we were in. Great amenities, friendly service and a sweet gym. Something about this hotel gives the guest a feeling of grandeur (ballin').

    Things I loved
    - The gym was phenom. Seriously well equipped. I did a full workout, no need to improvise on any movements.. All of the machines were modern and the free weights got really heavy.
    - The breakfast buffet was another outstanding aspect of the hotel, I had two x 3 egg omelettes, lots of Turkey bacon, a few sausages and a bowl of fruit. Also tried my first American pressed/filtered coffee. Yummm!
    - The rooms are super modern, very comfortable beds with a huge shower.
    - The room is equipped with Lan Vin toiletries #classy
    - The staff are all very well trained - they are the jewel in this hotels crown -

    Things I didn't love
    - The bar was shut by 1am, I guess this isn't a huge issue. Just would have loved a beer after dinner

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Wes D.
    Stayed here on my first visit to Cali and i was wow'd! beautiful, clean, views are awesome and the location is perfect. how cool too, the concierge was from one town over where i live in Jersey. not that it matters for my review, but that just made my stay that much more fun! she was a sweetheart!

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. Jack K.
    Very nice hotel.
    I think it is one of the better sofitels in the world. The staff is professional and everything is clean and new . Very pleased with the service and unbelievable location in the heart of Hollywood / Beverly Hills area .

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    209. Kat V.
    Gorgeous hotel.  No smoking at all.  The bathroom in the room was sleek in design. But, there were flaws in the design.  Lack of a shower curtain allowed the water to splatter on the bathroom floor.  I loved how they use the Lanvin products in the bathroom.  The smell (Amber Orange if I recall correctly) was heavenly.  One of the closet doors when opened hit the main door to the room.  I am a clean freak & would think that in a nice hotel like this that everything would be super clean.  Not so.  I found dust on top of the TV.  YUCK!  Great location.  Right across from Beverly Center & close to public transportation (on the DASH Fairfax stop).  Sooo many great places to eat nearby.

    03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    210. A Adam S.
    Love the euro chic feel of the hotel. Many staff members are fluent in French.

    The location of the hotel could not be any more ideal for the out of town visitor.

    Also as a local tend to frequently stay here because of hotel accommodation and central proximity to many nearby attractions.

    Also have stayed at the hotel for the New Year's Eve events and have booked the presidential suite often. The suite has one of the best balconies overviewing the Hollywood hills.

    21/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Mike S.
    Simply the best.
    I travel a lot. And usually stay at 5 star hotels (Ritz..etc). I stayed this time at Sofitel due to its location. I was shocked with the level of service, a true 6+ star service.
    It's like having your own team. Get out of the car, and smiling people greet you and come to help. Wait in line for front desk, and they offer you a high end sweets or snacks.
    Great modern and clean rooms.
    One of the best bars and restaurants in Beverly Hills. Amazing high end spa.
    I would give it more stars if I could.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    212. Shay S.
    1/17-1/18 S.E.X. EXPO

    I came here for a great first time Expo that was the Best and had a Great outcome.

    This Hotel had an Amazing setup for their Lounge that is downstairs with a Piano in the center.

    I would return here on a Romantic event.

    The Valet parking people need HELP!

    31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    213. Jeff P.
    Not too sure about the rooms, but reserving the Sofitel boardrooms for a meeting is a total treat. Recently I reserved the Wilshire room, where I was able to order a basic continental breakfast with fruit, croissants, smoothies, coffee, muffins, etc.

    Also we asked for pencils. Sadly they were out, so someone from the hotel left to pick us up PENCILS from god knows where, and brought them to us neatly sharpened. Overall a very friendly staff that is willing to go the extra mile.

    Furthermore the location is fantastic. the street on Beverly might be a bit loud, but it's so close to the Beverly Center and Beverly Connection. Not to mention lots of nearby bars and my personal favorite the Largo.

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. John H.
    Great location, decent price (for LA). Room was very small - and sort of an awkward configuration. Bathroom was good, nice shower and a cool glass into the bedroom that 'tints' white with the flip of the switch. The common areas, bar etc. need a renovation. It feels very dated, though not 'run down' maybe not fully maintained.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. Iris E.
    Very nice hotel
    Staff excellent
    Rooms spacious
    Buffet breakfast excellent
    Would stay there again
    Not worth 5 stars when you can stay here

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    216. Mitchell G.
    Reserved Luxury Room Online. Show up, check-in fine. Get to room #1. Above loud club downstairs so I ask to move. "No Problem." We get bumped to nicer room. 5/5

    Got some room service around 3 am. Tasty, good. Pricey but room service so no complaints. 5/5

    $40 Valet. Let that sink in. Without tip. $40. Best part is, you pay a dollar for every minute you wait! 0/5

    -took 40 minutes to valet car-

    Everything else about this hotel is fantastic except that valet service. If that doesn't bother you, stay in this chic, modern hotel with amazing guest services.

    28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    217. Patricia P.
    This Hotel is fantastic. I can for sure say that is one of the nicest hotels I have been. Much better than the W Hotel and The Standard LA.
    Service is superb, Concierge and Front desk a 10. The restaurant staff is so caring ( I had surgery ) and they all were so concerned and caring with me.
    Room Service is impeccable they clean your room twice and the Evian waters are super cute. Thank you Sofitel for a great stay.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0