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The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.04

Address: 900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (130):

1. Frank K.
First off, finding the entrance to this hotel is a little confusing. The address is listed as being on Olympic Blvd, but in reality it's on a small side street just behind the JW Marriott. The Marriott and the Ritz share the same building so the line separating the two gets a little lost.

The valet area is small as is the lobby area. Business travelers looking for a lobby with lots of seating and tables at which to meet up with colleagues or customers aren't going to find it here. However, the Marriott lobby is just down a short hallway and it has PLENTY of seats and meeting areas.

The first word that comes to mind in describing the staff is 'outstanding'. If you are staying here, your paying for premium facilities AND premium service. The Ritz delivers both in spades.

I stayed in a 'premium king' room. From the time I handed my keys to the valet, the service was on center stage. I gave the valet my keys and asked a few questions to acclimate myself to the area. Hebanswered these knowledgeably, then walked me to the registration area and introduced me by name to the front desk clerk. Ok, I know many of you are saying, 'I don't need that kind of ass kissing'. And if it ended there, you'd be right. But this was just the introduction...

The front desk staff have CLEARLY been trained to treat each and every customer with respect and to try and find ways to add value whenever possible. This last part is the key to the kingdom with and Ritz property. If all you do is go through the run of the mill steps to check in and get your keys, your missing out on a LOT of what you are paying for. These people want to help and have a lot of inside knowledge that enables them to add value, but THEY ARE NOT MIND READERS. So tell them exactly why you are in town, where you are from, and anything else on you local bucket list. If you take the time to drop your guard and tell them, you'll be amazed at what you'll find.

Example: My trip was planned around a meeting with the local rep for a big client and I already had tickets to the Clippers arranged ahead of time. I mentioned that I needed dinner reservations for that night, but that I wanted something unique and hip since the local rep was in his late thirtys. In a matter of seconds I had three suggestions and transportation options for each. Try doing that with a remote travel agent! I gave the go ahead and everything was set. I then asked if my customer happens to want to go out after the game, what were some options. Suggestions and multiple transportation options were there in seconds including a complimentary limo available within a limited travel distance. So if I needed to go to the music center after the game, I could have hooked it up and been the man with minimal effort. As it turned out, that wasn't necessary but it was more than nice to know that it and virtually anything else was ther at my disposal.

After setting things up, I decided relax in my room when I found a promotional piece in my room about the spa at the Ritz. On a whim, I called to see if I could bet a massage that afternoon. Luckily they had a opening for a stress relief neck and snhoulders massage for 30 minutes. I took it and to say I was impressed is an understatement. I've had many massages in many hotel spas but this 30 massage beat most if not all 60minute massages I've ever had. Yes it was a bit pricey but the quality was second to none. My advice is that if you have any time at all, take advantage of the spa services while you are there. You'll thank me later.

30/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Rick A.
Just a note to anyone unfortunate enough to have the Ritz Carlton make a mistake on their bill. They are all very polite and will happily "get started" on a refund for you, but that means 7-9 days of waiting. They say 5-7 but, as I was told by their Accounts department today "Saturday and Sunday don't count." (for who?), making my current wait 10 days, FYI. Meanwhile, you're abandoned to your devastated finances due to their screw up (in my case, it was a several hundred dollars overcharge for a meal) and you have to figure out whether to eat or pay rent while they give you days of excuses about software and how long that takes, as though that is your cross to bear. Everyone knows a charge can be refunded or even forwarded from the business' account. It's basic. But they deny such technology's existence. If you get in and out of the Ritz with no problems, more power to you. If they screw up, don't expect them to be in any kind of rush to fix it. And don't expect anything more than soothing, stonewalling platitudes when you try to get some satisfaction. They are not here to serve you. They're just doing the bare minimum and waiting for the software to take care of things. Pathetic.

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Murray M.
good service?  are you kidding me?  went for brunch on sunday and it was the worst most supercilious service ever.  besides the coffee sucked and was cold and everything was way over priced.  but the thing that hurt the most was that - it didn't felt more like a denny's than an eating establishment at a so-called luxury hotel.  yech.  and i never got to a room.

01/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Rita A.
The Ritz Carlton chain is known for their attentive customer service. This hotel totally lives up to their reputation. Need a taxi, it's there. Want to rent a car, they'll have one delivered. Want to know what the weather will be three weeks from Tuesday, they'll look it up for you.

30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Luke R.
Hey, its the Ritz. The rooms were well decorated and spacious enough. However, the Ritz is in the same building as the JW Marriot (because they are the same company), which has cheaper rooms and they are actually a bit bigger.

09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Cherry D.
What a beautiful hotel with great service.  My Junior League group had our Harvest Boutique Lunch in the fall their and it was a great experience.  The food was OK but the views of downtown LA was lovely.  I loved the contemporary design and the staff was great.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Alek K.
My partner and I got a romantic suite for my birthday.   Our room wasn't ready and they upgraded us immediately to an executive suite.  This was a gem.  On the 24th floor.  Right next to WP24.   It was a huge apartment like place.  Dining room, Living Room, 3 TV's, full of furniture.  Bedroom, closets, two bathrooms, huge tub.   Amazing!  Amazing!  Amazing!  The service was spectacular, the views unmatched in LA.  While we were waiting for our room we were invited to wait in the lobby of the JW Marriot and we waited for 25 minutes for our drinks, and they never came after we ordered.  That sucked.  One detail that I thought would have made it all more perfect was that the letter from the Manager of the hotel was addressed to Mr. & Mrs.   We are Mr. & Mr.   =-)
Carpaccio is also a miss on their menu.  I order it whenever I see it on any menu.  It is one of my favorite dishes ever.   Here, it wasn't very appetizing.  The beef looked off-color and there was too much going on with decorations of this dish.  But all else was an unforgettable experience.  Very gay-friendly.

06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Joanne D.
Hotel is really nice.  Great location if you are in the area.  I would have given it 4 stars but in all honestly our room was dirty.  The carpet needs to be shampooed  or something because it was looking a little grey.  The a/c kept making some wierd noise.  The bathroom was really nice but not sure about that shower head.  Room service was great.  They brought up everything we requested ice, water, extra toothbrush and they didn't lag or anything.

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Lauren P.
I had high hopes for the new downtown Ritz.

Rooms -  A little small, but great view and overall a cool look and nice design. The bathroom wall is see-through (just a note if you are with male and female co-worker friends and not your spouse/sig other.)

Service - Terrible and unapologetic. We had to call 5 times to get a bucket of ice and a wine opener. At one point, they just stopped picking up the line. We waited over 45 minutes and then left to go to dinner, because we gave up. It was ridiculous and not what I would expect from a top of the line hotel. I know this place is new, but still... It's the little things that kill.

Bar - we went to the bar in the lobby area of the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant. The service was utterly attrocious. It took hours (literally!) to get drinks, some dumplings and Sushi. We were told by the obviously backed-up bartenders to go sit back down with our friends because the drinks were going to take a while. Seriously? We did get to meet Wolfy, though and the food and view was awesome, so that's a definite positive... but the experience just dragged on and on and we were starving.

We spent a lot of money and had high expectations for the evening. This was the Ritz Carlton, afterall. We had better drink service at the ghetto dance club down the street.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Dr Nasa D.
the main lobster BLT is not on the menu but they will make you anything you ask

07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Marie r.
awesome service
very clean
true to ritz standards
amazing spa
only complain is the weird set of elevators to get to the fitness rooms and rooftop pool

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. V N.
Nice hotel.  Ok for Ritz Carlton standards.  Rooms are much nicer than the hotel itself, which is with a funny layout.  Service is excellent.

27/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. sandy s.
wow, where to begin...
first off, if you are expecting a traditional ritz carlton experience,
this hotel is not for you. do not stay here, you will absolutely
be disappointed.

stay here if you have an open mind, patience,  and if you have to stay in the downtown area. it is probably the best hotel in downtown l.a.,
but i would even consider giving the marriott a try, as there probably is not that much of a difference between the rc and the marriott at la live.

this rc at la live seems to be an experiment in a different type of ritz carlton...
and the jury is out if this experiment is going to be successful.
it seems they are attempting to emulate a more boutiquey hotel,
more modern, with a more laid back attitude.

the service is hit or miss.
when we arrived at 3:00, we waited until 4:00 to clean a room
which they said was the room we requested. well it was not, and we wished to change our room to a different room. they said it would be
about another hour & a half. when we came back around 5:30, the room was still not ready for us to occupy. it was almost 6:00 in the evening when we finally were able to go to the room!

i must mention, there was a bellman that was very helpful and did his best to help us get a room we were satisfied with. he had a good attitude and exemplified the ritz customer service. he was more helpful than the front desk staff who at times seemed a bit

also, the second day, our room was not cleaned by housekeeping
until 5:30 in the evening! unbelievable & unacceptable!
it looked like there was only one housekeeper cleaning
our entire floor!

as far as the rooms go, we paid extra for an executive room.
these type of rooms are located on the corners so they have 2x the views.
our room itself had a weird layout.
1/3 of the room's entire space (near the door) was unusable...
it's like we had our own 'foyer' upon entering the room.
the furnishings are ok, modern lines, nothing special.
the bathrooms are very nice, modern and spacious.
for the most part, the entire hotel & rooms are very clean.
(then again the hotel has only been open 3 months or so...)

the pool area has a strange design and layout.
it has nice furnishings, but a limited number of lounge chairs
(20ish) and the pool area loses the sun around 3:30
as it moves behind the tower for good.
if it is windy up there (the pool is located on 26), it is cold!

as far as the lobby, the rc has a postage stamp size of a lobby.
the adjoining marriott has a spacious lobby with areas to lounge
and have a drink.

the best thing about the rc, is WP24, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant located on 24. it has a stylish bar/lounge area with great views and very tasty small plates & sushi and offers a fine dining restaurant.

i probably will not be returning to the ritz at la live.
if you are local and looking for a relaxing place to spend
a special weekend, i would probably recommend looking elsewhere.

06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Kimberly M.
The Ritz at LA Live is an awesome hotel right in the center of all the action! Plus- it was fun to see the Golden State Warriors wandering around the hotel this past Friday and Saturday since they were playing the Lakers on Saturday night. The property is fabulous, especially the pool deck on the 26th floor.

WP 24 is opening today- so you need to check that out! Amazing views from the 24th floor!

Highly recommend the Ritz and it is a great place to spend a weekend and see a game or show as well as a great place to stay on business!

12/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Camille W.
*** It is what it is and where it is:  Downtown LOS ANGELES / L.A. Live / Olympic & Figueroa***   Los Angeles Gentrification at its finest!   This is not the Ritz San Francisco, Chicago or New York.  Moreover, it is not the Ritz Half Moon Bay!!!  

Saw a great concert at CLUB NOKIA, hung out with (and dressed like) fancy-superficial~hipsters and sauntered back to my cozy Ritz room.

Great staff, great drinks, pretty good hotel food and not a bad room for downtown LA.

02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Andrew H.
looks can be deceiving.  looks great on the outside but beauty starts to fade once you get to know the interior of the hotel.  Check it out if you have cash to blow... otherwise, just save your money.

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Raymond H.
Nice hotel in downtown LA at LA Live.  Modern and clean.  Nice vibe. Great location!

12/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Ryan S.
Terrible service, mediocre rooms, and a dismal looking lobby. Booked a room here for my grandparents when they came to visit. They have ways been a fan of the Ritz, and have been regular patrons for years; booking rooms around the world. They stayed in this particular hotel for 4 days... For 1 of those, the beds/linens weren't replaced, and for 3 of those, the mini bar was not replenished. Furthermore, the receptionist was not attentive and seemed flat out rude to my grandmother each time she called in for a request.  Finally during check-out, I had to come upstairs and bring their luggage down myself, as their bellboy was nowhere to be found after 30 minutes. I have no problems paying a premium for a 5 star hotel - but I expect an experience reflective of the money I am spending. Gave it 2 stars because of the one valet who went out of his way to help us, and to apologize on behalf of the hotel during this 4 day ordeal.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. C J.
since jw marriot and ritz is connected ..
same review for both.

One star for location.

-1 star for the rudest prick of a valet worker
-239 stars for aftr having to deal with a %&#(*&)* valet worker, came back out to pick up our car and they bring back the wrong car ... we tell them this is not our car... then they tell us "no.. this is your car"
are u kidding me??!?!? i think i know my car better than you!!!!!!! -_-;;
then they say they made a mistake with the ticket...
bout 10 min lata they finally find my car and bring it out...

and i still have to pay $10/$15?! for having to be greeted by a cocky valet, you losing my car, accusing me of NOT knowing my OWN car?, and waiting 10+ min for u to find my car??!?!?!?!?!?!

I hope your managers read this.

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. David M.
All in all, I'd give it 4.5. I dig downtown LA, but there was some sort of basketball jammy jam going down at Staples which seriously encroached upon my nap time.  Our room was lovely, the staff seriously helpful, but w/ all of the goings on in the complex (aforementioned jammy jam, Katy Perry concert, etc....), I think we would have been just as happy at the DT Standard for less coin.  Extra points for the kick ass bar at the sky high pool, and for WP24, where they really took good care of us. No doubt a Ritz experience, and again, it's downtown LA!

18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Candice B.
My favorite bar to go to downtown!!!!! I only go to the upstairs bar, not a fan of the downstairs one.

06/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Tamara N.
There may not be enough superlatives to describe this oasis of calm and luxury.

Our rental car GPS guided us to the new JW Marriott, which, although nice, was a zoo.  A helpful front desk person explained that the Ritz was connected to the JW (Marriott owns both brands).  We were escorted down a long hallway to a much smaller, much quieter Ritz Carlton lobby.  

I am always impressed with the quality people Ritz hires.  They are unfailingly nice, smart and interesting.  

Because the hotel had just opened, we were the first guests to stay in our room.  While not especially large, the room was well laid out and luxurious.  An especially nice touch was the six-pack of caffeine-free Diet Coke that my husband drinks, but most hotels don't stock.  Someone, probably the amazing Kasey from the Dallas property, had made a notation on my husband's profile and, voila, there it was in Los Angeles.  

The club room was fabulous:  the view, the staff and the food.  

We had a great stay.  No doubt about it, the next time we're back in L.A., we'll be staying at the Ritz

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Isaac Z.
Great property.  Honed staff.  The location is excellent for Lakers/LA Live events.  And WP24 is perfectly located.

21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Ruth Z.
Well, i decided to investigate the RC and JW Mariott- in terms of their
restaurants....the lobby at the JW Mariott is HUGE and people were
waiting in lines to check in.  "Keven" at the bellhop desk was very
helpful in triying to get me to the RC, which I didnt find, until I asked
the girl in the gift shop-you have to wander thru glass doors, make
turns, etc and then you are in this postage stamp size lobby, as
people have already noted! Bizarre!  I wanted to tour the WOLFGANG
PUCK Restaurant, but decided I didint want to have to get out my 'credientials' and tell them I knew Wolf long before he became
WOLF- so I left, thinking I might return someday for a drink.   One
good thing: no one seemed to have an 'alergy' or difficulty dealing
with a "Senior: which I am sure is not the case at the 'new' W
in HOllywood, where the average age seems to be l5, well maybe
22.  But that is another story.

12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Paulina V.
I've stayed in the Ritz Carlton in D.C. before, and other very high end hotels. In a nut shell, I am not impressed. I expected more from a luxury hotel.

Not only did I have to call three times to get and extra robe, and tooth brush, the room was small for the steep price. If you are coming to LA, and want to stay at a roomier hotel check out the Hilton Checkers, or the Standard.

To add to this, the web site ( ritzcarlton.com/en/Prope… ) states that there is a TV in the bathroom, Ipod docking station, however there is none of these amenities.

Lastly, the shower was weird, there is this metal massager devise that can be rendered for alternative purposes. Yuck!

21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. April P.

I'll agree that this Ritz has some serious kinks to work out compared to other Ritz Carlton's I've stayed at.  I came here for a staycation with some of my girlfriends and my goal of leaving relaxed was achieved, so that's good.  Generally, I don't give a crap about the grandeur of the lobby, I want a room with a view, a comfortable bed and blended drinks by the pool.

so here's the deal...  

the pool
we came here for the pool.  because of the architecture of the hotel, the optimal time to enjoy the sun is from 11:00 AM - 3:20 PM.  the bar closes at 4:00 PM for a reason...there is NO sun and it gets cold.  the best spot at the pool is at the far end near the hot tub - it gets the most sun for the longest amount of time.  there definitely aren't a ton of lounge chairs, so if you don't get one, suck it up and lay a towel on the ground, there is plenty of room.  the drinks by the pool suck...the half full margarita in a dixie cup was weak  and the food takes FOREVER.  

the room
our room had a kick-awesome view of downtown and we overlooked the JW Marriott pool.  the bathroom was great, but be careful, you can see through the wall to the bathroom so just make sure you are comfortable with the people you are staying with :) there isn't ice on every floor, so we had to call for some.

great view...glad i got a super cheap rate on the room.

31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Patrick C.
Walking into the Ritz Carlton immediately one
is treated with dignity & respect...

The polite, friendly and charming staff go
out of their way to make sure that you are
enjoying yourself :)

We went here last night up the 24th floor
for a slice of heaven...

Our waitress was an angel & yes I'm in love with her haha...

I hope to make many more trips here...

------------------------- :D

it was really great to make it through the door of the lobby
since after not getting allowed into the W on Hollywood & Vine...
we got there around 845pm & they were only letting hot chicks in...

do being able to make it to the Ritz where they are so nice,
makes me fall in love with LA again and be a proud Angelino :)

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. John O.
I'm writing this review using the Ritz Carlton LA Live's poor Wi-Fi service that has me logging on and off due to it dropping (for $12.95 per day no less).

Let me start with the location. If you are not familiar with LA Live, it is a massive "entertainment" development next to the Staples Center. Lots of modern architecture and a "Times Square" look --- but no feel. During the day it is deserted and at night it is overrun by the Ghetto crowd (to be more descriptive would not be PC). The Ritz is on the 22 - 26 floors of two adjoined buildings that include a JW Marriott on the floors up to 21 and the Ritz Carlton Residences above the 26th floors (up to fifty something I think).

Having stayed at several Ritz Carlton's over the years (SF, St. Louis, Seoul, Atlanta, DC, etc.) I had a certain expectation. This Ritz isn't the "Ritz". Austere is an understatement. The rooms are very close in quality to the JW Marriott (including a cheap Panasonic flat screen that has picture quality on par with Vizio). The rooms are on the small side and if you face LA Live you get to see the roof of Staples Center. At least from the rooftop pool and fitness center you can see breathtaking views of the LA skyline.

A shocker when I first got to the hotel is that there really isn't a lobby at ground level. I expected to be whisked to an upper level with a real lobby (like the Four Seasons in SF). But no, just like the bland rooms, they have a bland lobby. They also have confusing elevators where I had to go to another set of elevators (I was on 22) to get to 26 where the pool is.

Let's get to the pool. After paying the price for staying at the Ritz, I expected to be able to lounge by the pool -- but with about 10 lounge chairs that wasn't possible. What they have are a lot of tables and couches for the crappy little bar. Since I couldn't lounge by the pool, we went to the bar where our biker chick bartender (tattooed bartender -- at the Ritz? Please) made me a $14 Pear Martini that she served in a plastic dixie cup --- no garnish, no straw, just a plastic cup 1/4 full with a crappy drink.

While the staff at check in was nice, I didn't really get that level of service anywhere else, let alone at the pool/bar where the employees talked more to each other or seemed to wander around aimlessly than provide the level of service you would expect at the Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz Carlton also has a Spa that it shares with the JW Marriott. The spa is tiny and the mens locker room had only two showers and a steam room --- no jacuzzi, no separate mens lounge, and since it is on the second floor, you can't go use the pool like at a lot of other nice hotel spas. While the services were good, the environment was not anything to try twice.

The one bright side to this disastrous stay is WP24 on the 24th floor. It is open to the public, so if you choose to stay at the Standard or other downtown LA hotel that has better reviews, you can still have a great dinner at Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant. I wrote a separate review of the restaurant.

Net/Net -- this ain't no Ritz.  If you are in the LA area and want to stay at a true 5 star hotel, I recommend the Four Seasons Westlake Village.  It is a beautiful hotel with incredibly luxurious rooms, an expansive spa with private swimming pool and service that puts the Ritz Carlton LA to SHAME (oh, and their weekend rates are cheaper than the Ritz).

29/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Michael L.
The history of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel originates with The Ritz-Carlton, Boston. The standards of service, dining and facilities of this Boston landmark serve as a standard for all Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts worldwide. The legacy of The Ritz-Carlton, Boston begins with the celebrated hotelier Cesar Ritz, the "king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings." His philosophy of service and innovations redefined the luxury hotel experience in his management of The Ritz-Carlton in London. The Ritz-Carlton, Boston revolutionized hospitality in America by creating luxury in a hotel setting:

* Private bath in each guest room
* Lighter fabrics in the guest room to allow for more thorough washing
* White tie and apron uniforms for the wait staff, black tie for the Maitre d' and morning suits for all other staff, conducive to a formal, professional appearance
* Extensive fresh flowers throughout the public areas
* A la carte dining, providing choices for diners
* Gourmet cuisine, utilizing the genius and cooking methods of Auguste Escoffier
* Intimate, smaller lobbies for a more personalized guest experience

The Ritz-Carlton is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles that ascends above the city. It offers a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere, refined service and sweeping views at every turn. Just blocks from Los Angeles landmarks, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, STAPLES Center, MOCA, and The Museum of Contemporary Art. This Los Angeles five-star hotel's luxury accommodations and exclusive amenities offer an urban retreat from which to enjoy the city's dynamic surroundings and numerous cultural opportunities. The property features 100,000 square feet of flexible meeting and event space and serves as the headquarter hotel for the Los Angeles Convention Center. The JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE shares space with The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles, and The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE in a distinctive 54-story tower designed by Gensler. The Ritz-Carlton also features an award-winning WP24 restaurant, lounge from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, spa with nine luxurious treatment rooms, outdoor rooftop heated swimming pool and jacuzzi with panoramic city and mountain views, spacious Fitness Center, and Wi-Fi access in all public areas. Overall, my stay here was amazing! They had superb service with all the luxury I could soak in. This place is also conveniently located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, so you can adventure off really close. Furthermore, if you want to live like a king or queen, then this hotel is your kingdom.

04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Jane C.
Ok, let me just say, that yes, you're 'Rit-zy' whatevah...

but my girls and i went to the first floor to grab a drink, and we met a superiorly rude cocktail waitress named Melinda who looked annoyed when we asked for menus. She continued on by rudely asking us for our drivers' license and ask for one of our credit cards even after we said we didn't want to start a tab.

Before we finished our drinks, she comes over and says, 'Are we done here?!' and bust out the receipt charged on my card! Not classy at all.

You're a thumbs down, baby. Whip that staff into shape!

07/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Sergio D.

02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Jackson P.
On your next trip to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, stop by ahead of time at the adjacent Ritz Carlton lounge or restaurant. The views are spectacular and the service and attention by the restaurant staff is outstanding. The restaurant manager went out of her way to be helpful and accommodating of all of our last minute needs. My girlfriend and I were extremely impressed. The restaurant manager even was extremely helpful with a minor medical problem that arose. Again the service in that regard was also outstanding. I highly recommend a visit there before or after you see a performance at the Staples Center.

28/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Steph J.
Whats not to like about the Ritz, anywhere?

Outstanding service, always nice and friendly staff, very accommodating.. Clean beyond belief.

Easy walk to Staples Center, which is why I stayed here. Valet was a piece of cake, no issues for me like others have had.

I will definitely be back.

26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Bob Q.
This building was created PRIMARILY with the residencial crowd in mind.. NOT hotel patrons.

The hotel rooms only occupy 5 floors of the entire building. Room quality is decent but it doesn't have the feel of other Ritz Carlton hotels. The lobby is unimpressive and they're clearly still working out the kinks.

I think the only reason to stay here instead of the Marriott would be a more private hotel experience but I'd rather be where the action is. They do have very nice coffee machines in the room.

04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Ericka G.
Hotel is a hotel is a hotel...that pretty sums it up.  The Ritz aesthetically offers everything you think it should, I mean it the Ritz-Carlton for pete's sake. But I have to say the customer service needs a major upgrade.  I almost felt like the staff thought themselves to be at a higher social standing because they worked at the Ritz. But meanwhile you're their to serve me, that's right little ol me.  I wont say my visit was horrible I would say it was just OK. would I come here again? Sure I liked the location of the hotel.

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Chris P.
A beautiful, clean property with staff who try hard to take care of every need. Rooms are spacious and feature modern spa-like decor with luxurious amenities and panoramic views of LA. The bathrooms have an over-sized whirlpool tub and shower with a rain shower head, but the sink counter space is a little cramped. TV built into the bathroom mirror is a nice touch.

Valet parking was swift and reliable unlike other reviews here.

Many rooms require taking one elevator to floor 22, then transferring to another elevator to reach floors 23 and higher. A little inconvenient, but not a big deal.

Room service breakfast was late, missing an item, and costly.  The WP24 restaurant lounge has spectacular day and night views, but also offers only average value ($15/glass for average wine, relatively small portions - the $18 rainbow roll left me wondering where the other half was).

The location, as others have said, is a mixed bag. If you are in town for a business conference or an event at Staples or Nokia, it's fine. Other than that, I'd go elsewhere because freeway access is often quite difficult; the downtown section of I-110 between I-101 and I-10 is usually extremely congested, night and day.  I would definitely return on business; for pleasure I'd probably pick the west side, Century City, or Beverly Hills.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Jamie W.
Hubby and I were really excited to stay at this property after seeing a news clip about the hotel when it first opened a few months ago. We needed a place to stay since we were going to a show at The Greek (not close by but that's not the point) and like to enjoy a few drinks without all the hassle of a DUI.

Got a great AAA price - 233 for the night + taxes which is $25 less than the Expedia/hotel website price. $233 for a Ritz hotel is a freakin' deal.

We were allowed at 12pm early check in without any problem. The front desk gals were friendly and courteous. The valet was $38 which is a little steep but it is the Ritz after all.

This Ritz isn't your typical property but still has the same luxury feel and impeccable service. Bottom line, it's a city hotel/residence and not a resort. That may be why some people have given this place less than stellar reviews.

As for the hotel, the room was very nice. A little small (remember this is a downtown hotel and not a resort) but very modern and beautifully furnished with great amenities. I'm on my way out to buy one one those Nespresso machines right now.

The pool was great but one minor design flaw meant that once the sun goes behind the building (around 3:30pm on this particular day), that's it for the warm weather. With the high rise wind factor it gets pretty chilly. The poolside bar is a nice and welcome touch.

I did get the feeling that the hotel's occupancy rate was on the low side. Hubby and I had the whole pool to ourselves on our morning of checkout and it didn't seem like there were a lot of people in the public areas. Not that I'm complaining but it would be nice to see their numbers up.

So, initially I was going to give this Ritz 4 stars but one significant event occurred giving it that 5th star. We realized somewhere around 1am that we were without contact lens fluid. I've spent many a morning peeling glued on contact lenses out of my eyes (doesn't really bug me) but hubby really needs it. We asked the front desk if they had an open sundry shop or access to it. They didn't think that they had any contact fluid so they sent someone out (at 1am) to get it for us. Wow. That's remarkable service.

As for location, there are tons of places to eat in the direct vicinity (steer clear of LA Market in the Marriott) but there aren't any shops or convenience stores.

In the end though we will definitely keep the Ritz in mind for future visits. For a five star hotel at 3.5 star prices you really can't go wrong.

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Kelly L.
This place has kicked it up a notch recently, in a good way. Down at LA Live, right by Marriott, breathtaking views of the city. The bathrooms are great, tubs were made for dreamy soaking. The have nespresso coffee makers in room, and usually offer a glass of champagne upon checkin. The pool is something else, on the roof, cabanas, etc., pricy drinks but otherwise great. Everything you would expect from the ritz, definitely worth the price.

29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Eggster S.
Great experience, the staff on the club level were first class and treated us like VIP's.  If traveling to LA this hotel is where you will want to stay, location is perfect with many restaurants and bars at the doorstep with great views from all rooms.  
I'll be back,

26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Bob R.
I live downtown and I go t a lot of the great restaurants and bars.  The Ritz Carlton bar has a beautiful view.   The food in the bar is from WP24 and it's great.  Here's the problem.  The service here is horrible.  The servers are very inattentive and I always tip 20-25% and last night we came in and had to ask the hostess if there was a busboy or server that could clean a booth for us because every empty both had dirty dishes and dirty glasses!  No one came over to us so we went back to the hostess.  She was nice.  Here's were the service falls apart.  Can we have two glasses of water-had to ask again.  Asked for the check sure-never came-had to go to the bar.  This is not 5 star service.  Management-please train your staff!

02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Lisa C.
Heaven in the middle of downtown LA! I stayed on one of the higher floors with a breathtaking view of downtown and the Staples Center. The spa had just opened the day before, so everything was sparkling new. I wish it were warmer because sitting poolside would have been fun.

And, what else would anyone expect from the Ritz but first rate service? Everyone calls you by name, somehow knew it was my birthday - I felt like royalty during my stay.

16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Alicia M.
Came here on a "stay"cation with my friend.  I sort of thought the Ritz would be a little more upscale and would have better customer service.

I probably should of went to Catalina or anywhere instead of staying in LA because this hotel was nothing special.  :(

26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Mary L.
Ritz in the city with modern architecture.  You will get what you expect at this caliber for hotel.  I had a work function here on the private pool deck but there wasn't much of a view.  You had to go through 3 separate elevators to get there which made it seem fancy but then, logistically, it seems silly.

12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Ken B.
I recently stayed at Ritz LA for a short trip. My experience was pretty good. I had couple issues at the room with some of the items but room service was took care of it promptly. The view from my room was excellent. The entrance might be little confusing because part of the hotel is Marriott so be careful.

I've heard great things about WP24 so I'll be there eating next time definitely.

I also like their location because it is close to everything. it was 8:00am in the morning and I had to go somewhere close. They kindly offered me their limo service which was a perfect solution.

I would definitely stay there again for my next trips to LA.

09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Trevin G.
Wow...Amazing hotel, amazing service and amazing experience! Our new local getaway destination!

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Mike M.
A wonderful high end hotel & residence.  We stayed for 3 days & 2 nights and every time we entered and left we were greeted, by name, by the doormen & front desk staff.  Our room was on the 24th floor (the same floor as WP 24) with a grand view of North Hollywood.  It was a great experience that made us want to consider becoming permanent residents.
This is going to be the place we stay at whenever we are in Los Angeles.

15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Deborah P.
This evening I dined with a friend at "WP24" this evening.  It is very much over rated!  The room has no buzz/ambiance ~ the portions are massive and you are locked into a fixed price menu.
Even if you go ravenous you cannot consume all of the food.  

Our waiter asked if there was anything we were allergic to in terms of food for the small bites portion - my friend relayed her food allergies~ I commented, I don't eat beef.

He snapped ~ right, your allergic to beef!  

I said, no, but it doesn't agree with me.

He served it anyway - our first dish served was beef?

We both agreed we will NEVER go back, it was highly disappointing in terms of energy, decor is bad Las Vegas and the waiter was out of turn!

The only plus was the fabulous view.  Perhaps some appetizers/cocktails in the lounge to enjoy the view is the way to go?

The food is quite tasty.

23/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Teresa C.
This is not a resort style Ritz, so get that mentality out of your head right away. When you realize this is more of a business clientele hotel, you'll appreciate its modern amenities and services a bit more.

The club lounge access is wonderfully relaxing and great for when you just want a drink, a bit to eat or somewhere to sit and read the morning paper. There's 5 different food changes (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner munchies and after dinner dessert) which the lounge concierges bring out as well as unlimited minibar drinks, fresh juices, coffee, cocoa, cappicinno machine, basic alcohol drinks, wine, champagne etc. They keep three fresh wedges of cheese out with crackers and preserved fruit as well as a very cute sweets bar right by the entrance. We really liked the macaroons.

We were in a junior suite which includes a lovely office alcove. The view from the 23 floor was great and it made me warm inside watching the traffic on the freeway below as I sipped my Nessoresso coffee. (The coffeemaker comes with 3 different flavor capsules.) Or maybe it was just the coffee. Hm.

The tub is in the same area as the shower, meaning you shower with the rain style shower (wonderful) and then step right into the tub to soak with your complimentary green tea bath salts. Try the bath robes, nice and fluffy.

Room service prices are actually pretty decent and they have a pet menu for your (under 20lbs) lady's best friend. Pups loved it. Even have a pet bed!

Service was a little slow in the afternoon but always polite and friendly. They also offer complimentary shoe shining and there's a hot tub and pool upstairs on the 26th floor with cabanas and pool side bar. (Didn't get a chance to try that, maybe next time.)

Great place for a staycation in LA!

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Brandon S.
I had previously stayed at the new JW, so I was looking forward to the opening of the new Ritz.  We had a rough day getting there, because of delayed flights and lost luggage.  The staff at the Ritz did everything possible to help make it a great night.  From the moment we walked in they were offering up assistance with a variety of things.  They offered to have the hotel car take us to a shop so my wife could buy clothes to wear out that evening.

The service is excellent.  It is very personal.  It is defintely a diferent level of service than even the top chain hotels.  Everyone uses your name when speaking to you.  If they can not help you, they will find someone that can.  There are also a ton of employees.  You will never struggle to find one.

The rooms are very nice.  The level of detail is excellent.  Of course I was impressed with the simple things I look for in every hotel stay.  The room had a nice flat screen hi def tv, an iPod dock/charging station, a flat screen television built into the bathroom mirror, and a nice seating area.  The bathroom has a great design.  The bath and shower area is spacious.  We had a nice view of LA Live, Nokia Theater and the Staples Center.

This is definetely at the high end of the hotel spectrum.  I would recomend it though for special occasions or even just for treating yourself to a nice night away from home.

30/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Jennifer N.
Being it one of the newer properties in the downtown area, The Ritz Carlton at LA Live is a solid choice for anyone look to retreat in comfort. It is levels above the JW Marriott at LA Live (Yes, both Ritz & JW are both Marriott brands) but the JW in the same building feels like it will get dated fast.

The Ritz on other the hand transforms the rooms into something that will rival any other downtown properties. Service is top notch, being offered champagne upon arrival and a full personal rundown of the property from the managers at the front desk upon arrival; they want to make you feel like you a being taking care of with primo service.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon and were greeted promptly and offered an upgrade to access the Club Level Lounge for an extra $70. This included complimentary food and drink on their 23rd floor from 7am-10pm both days I was there, including alcohol, so decided it was worth it. This was definitely the highlight of the stay. The staff was wonderful, basically accommodating of any drink orders. The food was delicious and offered a decent variety for being complimentary. My only complaint is that it is specifically noted that anyone desiring to use cell phones should kindly leave the lounge to take the call, however this was not "enforced" and there were a couple of disruptive cell phone users.

The pool on the 26th floor was nice, clean and had comfortable lounge options. I was surprised that the bar closed around 5pm, though the area was open until 10pm.

I don't see this as a destination retreat, more of a high class urban hotel for those attending events in the immediate area. It's a little pricey but if you have to choose between JW and the Ritz, the Ritz wins hands down for high end comfort & personal service.

06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. troy v.
honestly... where else would you wanna stay? theres a taco truck right across the street with a yard house right next door...

05/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Ani M.
I loved my stay here. They have the friendliest staff who will get you anything you need when you need it with a smile. But what else would you expect from the Ritz?

28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Natalie E.
I absolutely love the RITZ! I was excited to see it was going to open in LA and anticipated its arrival for SEVERAL months! From the gorgeous rooms, trendy lounge, great restaurant with amazing views (WP24) to their SPA!! I have been to MANY spas ranging from UPSCALE to the lower end $20/hour massages, and i have to say the Ritz Carlton's Spa was the best ever. The lay out was very nice and relaxing, the decor was modern and sleek and their service was superb. I got the sports massage and WOW i was amazed!! Worth every penny, i would pay double for that massage and am looking forward to going back soon!

07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. PaulSEGAL ..
It's a RItz!
They are NOT reviewing the RITZ Carlton hotel!
Hello PEOPLE...
They are reviewing the attached J.W. MARRIOTT
This is a small wonderful place.
I would NOT stay next store as the JW is 10 tiomes BIGGER! and it lacks all personalization.

17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. David R.
Excellent stay. The staff were gracious, the property spotlessly clean and the design of the rooms was contemporary and tasteful. If you are looking for a luxurious, quiet and well located oasis in downtown - this is it.

Extra credit to the WP24 restaurant. The hostess seated us past the last call and our server and manager were in no rush to see us out. What a beautiful view....

Highly recommended!

10/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Frank R.
I think 5 stars and Ritz Carlton go hand in hand. The club level lounge in this place is spectacular. We had an incredible weekend staying at the Ritz, eating in the club level lounge, hanging out in LA Live, and seeing the Clippers win. I wish it was a little more affordable here, because I would love to treat myself more often. Sad to say, this is proably my last Ritz stay for a while.

21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Elnaz S.
What a beautiful place. VERY expensive .. We went to go look at a place here and got a brochure .. Always wanted to live there... Very small for what you get in value ... But it's worth it if u have a few million to throw away

30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Kelly W.
When in LA we will be hard-pressed to stay anywhere else but the Ritz by LA Live.  The staff was amazing, very gracious, very helpful and always thankful when receiving tips, etc.  I paid extra to have the club lounge access - which we had never done - and we will always request that going forward.  The food/appetizers were amazing for the afternoon social "hour" (from 5-8pm).  This could literally be dinner the selection and taste is so good.  We had seared ahi, curry steak bites, 4-cheese ravioli, and a nice selection of cheese and other tidbits.  The wine selection is also very good - and the 2 martinis I had were excellent.  Can't say enough about Jorge and the club lounge!
We had massages in the spa and that was just so-so.  A great steam room (which is complimentary with your room stay), but the massage was not a good massage - the body scrub was great.  I requested my shoulder/neck area be worked on and she barely gave any pressure to any parts at all - just basically a lotion rub in.  The hotel room was comfortable and the bathroom was very nice/nice bath amenities and a great mirror tv that the kids loved.  We will be back next time we have an event at Staples.

12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Kimberley C.
Thankfully I have an update to my sad, sad story.

I vented my displeasure to one of the managers of the hotel and they were immediately taken aback by the treatment I had received.  And rightly so!

Roel Ciubal (Food and Beverage Events coordinator) fixed the situation at hand, while I was having a bite of sushi at WP24.  In fact they comped a drink or two for the lack of service and disrespect that had shown to me earlier.

I believe another woman (of a higher level in management was involved ....by the name of "Bree"???  I can't remember exactly.  But this unnecessary incident was quickly resolved by people who can "think quickly on their feet" and have the power to fix situations such as these.

I was finally shown the pool area and since it was 8pm at night by this time,....I did not disturb any guests at all in their "natural habitat" and I was able to see what the general idea was up there and my assessment is YES,  its a cool place to have an event but it might get shady early..... like around 3pm or even before.   There are a lot of buildings around that can restrict direct sunlight and if you want to make a judgement about how the sun will make an impact on your party you really need to spend an afternoon there, before making a decision.

Thanks Ritz Carlton for finally being smart about your treatment of potential customers.

13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Marina P.
Royal- GOrgeous- Perfect

05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Guillermo O.
I love the place i always have a good time  here

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Sue P.
Just what I needed.  I got the 80 minute Signature massage from Gina. Amazing!  She worked wonders and allowed me to completely relax.  She also didn't comment on my extremely tight shoulders, thank you.  If you find yourself at the Ritz in L.A. Live, setup an appointment with Gina!

03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Jeremy S.
My room was nicely appointed, seemed brand spanking new, and had a great view. There isn't all that much around the hotel if you get out and walk (plenty of touristy spots however), but that's pretty much the story in LA... don't forget your car! Service was far from polished... at one point I asked a question of a front desk staffer (I had just returned to the hotel) and she snidely assumed I wasn't a hotel guest. In another snafu I ordered food by the pool and it never arrived (though I stuck around for an hour). Also annoying was how the pool bar staff never left the bar so you couldn't order poolside, not sure why that'd be the case. While the potential to be a solid hotel is there, they've got a lot of work to do...

27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
64. Don D.
Its the Ritz Carlton. The name says it all. The Los Angeles Ritz Carlton is one my favorites as it has the most modern amenities. The food is great, the service unbelievable, and nights sleep tranquil. While service is good, they dont go above and beyond to make it personable. I'd recommend it as a stay, but for the price, you dont get the most of your money.

Tip: sign up for the concierge lounge. You'll thank me.

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Debi S.
If there is a heaven - it looks like the Ritz in LA.  Thank you Ritz Carlton for getting me a room at the last minute due to a screw up with my res at the adjoining JW Marriott. I did not have a car and had nowhere else to go plus had at least 4-5 hours of work ahead of me.

The room, the service, the 23rd floor lounge - all 5+++ stars.  Especially the service - case in point:  I did not get in until around 8 or 9pm and knew I was going to be working very late and needing to print.  The Club Lounge closes at 10 but the front desk assured me that they would help get my docs printed.  At somewhere around 11, I was finally ready to print and called down to the front desk.  I emailed my doc to them, requested 2 copies.  In about 10 minutes, a super nice bellman knocked on my door with 2 copies printed, in color, paper clipped and in a nice envelope.  That is SERVICE.  

The room was amazing!!  I could live in that bathroom.  The bed was like a cloud and the amenities are fantastic.

The food in the lounge (especially breakfast) was fantastic and the people working in the lounge were wonderful.  I felt very pampered.

I know I cannot go back on my company dime but I'm going to try to get back there with my hubby.  Would be a super special treat.

09/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Amelia A.
Honestly, if you're going to drop Ritz cash, go to a better Ritz or just go the adjoining Marriott because they're basically the same. The Ritz lobby is ridiculously small and not luxurious.  I felt like I was at the Holiday Inn---not a good first impression. The rooms ARE luxurious and the room service is great, however, the rest of the employees seem to have a serious bug up their asses. Also, no ice machine on my floor? Also, no coffee in my room? No complimentary breakfast? 300 dollars a night for this? All I got was toiletries. No way. I get better treatment at the Best Western. I suggest going to the Dana Point Ritz Carlton if you're in CA.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
67. Yanti S.
I'm a fan of RITZ wherever I'm at... pretty view pretty ambiance.  Love it

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Brian M.

Nice rooms, great views, but overall my favorite was the rooftop pool
located on the 26th floor with an incredible view of the city. Can't imagine
what it feels like to go for a dip and sunbathe on a gorgeous summer
day...maybe a little bit of heaven? Next time for sure!

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Zoë M.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
This place was sublime, a little piece of heaven!

We had been in an RV for 9 days driving to LA and had to get the metro from Carson.  This metro journey was the most unsafe I have ever felt in my life and I would not recommend doing it.  I would rather have spent $70 on a taxi and will do next time!!

The reception we received was above anything I have ever had.  We were given water as we waited and the man on reception was so helpful.  Our room was beautiful - the bedding was so fresh and soft and smelt amazing!  The soaps and lotions in the room were of wonderful quality (as one might expect staying here and paying those prices - luckily we used our Marriott points).

There is a roof-top swimming pool which we went to and I remained wrapped up in my beautiful dressing gown and slippers as it was a little breezy but sunny.

There is a spa with a steam room which can be used for free as well as a relaxation room where you can drink tea and lay back in relaxed silence.

The only downfall was in the bathroom at the swimming pool - an unkind person had used the bathroom and left an awful mess in there without flushing and I was nearly sick.  (this is where my 5th star was removed for the review)

For a special occasions, or if you have enough money to stay here generally, I would whole-heartedly recommend you to stay at the Ritz-Carlton.  Absolutely wonderful!

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Stephen T.
This hotel is the BOMB - the suites are HUGE and have everything you need to live the life of the NEW LA.  ONE problem - the people at the front desk are sort of annoying.  They don't know there sh_t.  Heck, they don't know the new neighborhood either.  Don't ask them for directions or suggestions.  You are better to wing it and Yelp it.

The Club Room is the best one and has the best food and beverages available all day long.  If you are going to do a night in LA or Weekend for a Game, a Show or event.  This is the place to stay.

05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. eco chic a.
Had a spa day, courtesy of my sweet friend.  The Spa at Ritz Carlton was very nice, modern, and the staff was exceptional.  Our aesthetician Tiffany, is one of the we've ever had!  She made our skins look so amazing.  Very happy with our results weeks and even months after.  

The eucalyptus steam was was a good size and absolute heaven.  Locker room & relaxation area was small and quaint...just the way we like it.  Looking forward to booking our next facial.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. R O.
Terrible service, terrible selection, bartender spilling drink all over the bar, no food being served. At least they had a tv..

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
73. bahram k.
Really awsome service, truely a five star hotel. We went for new year to restaurant. The view is one of the few places in la that u can actually see the city . Pricy of course, but it's worth the package.

10/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Luona Z.
Good place to live becoz it is quite safe surround and live really near the staples center! Try spa and coffee!

06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. K K.
The only reason they get any stars is because of the view. We had a suite and 10 friends at the pool. They wouldn't open the bar. And it was over 45 minutes before anyone came up to get a food/drink order. (that was after we asked). Management saw no urgency in any of this .  I'm so hungry and thirsty.  Worst ever. Never return.


23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
76. Sarah P.
This glowing review is for the spa: what an amazing experience! I had just moved over to LA, and in desperate need of a manicure. I was easily able to get an appointment, and was certainly a wonderful experience. Upon arrival, I was greeted In the most pleasant demeanor, and offered a glass of champagne or Pelligrino. The manicure room is gorgeous, and has a peaceful, serene , oasis-like feel to it. My manicurist was incredibly thorough as well as friendly. After  the manicure, she gave me a lovely tour of the relaxation areas, which are not only beautiful in design, but quiet and calm. Upon check- out, I had a lovely conversation wih the ladies at reception, and they provided me with some eminence product samples to try before my next future facial! The whole company from top to bottom is friendly, professional, helpful, and all within an environment that you will never want to leave. Finally, they offered me a special "local" list of services for people who reside in Los Angeles. Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next visit! Thank you!

23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Kathryn L.
Couldn't be happier.  Lovely spacious room.  Everyone is super-friendly and attentive.  My only complaint is that I could not find a plug near the desk for my ipad.  Other than that, it was delightful.

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Lacie M.
So the rooms are nice and all but its the amenities I fell in love with. They have state of the art Gym equipment, in this gym they even offer baby green apples in this gorgeous vase , along with jasmine scented refrigerated towels, complimentary ear phones and vogue magazines and omg so much more .. The pool is amazing but the view is breathtaking I absolutely will be coming back ..

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. C W.
It's the Ritz...what's not to love!

I'm so happy with my stay here. Every staff person knows my name. The rooms are comfortable and exquisite: deep soaking tub, TV in bathroom mirror, Nespresso coffee. I only wish I could have stayed longer than only one night!  

I upgraded to have access to the concierge lounge, which was well worth it. Amazing drinks, food, view, and service. I couldn't make up my mind so the bartender gave me all 3 cocktails!  

The pool was pretty much empty as it's primarily a business hotel rather than a resort.

The weekend I stayed there it was during award season and one of the huge events was being held next door at the theater. There were a lot of celebrities staying at the hotel and a lot of activity; however, the hotel staff was still 100% attentive and treated ME like a celebrity.

My favorite surprise: on my way out to dinner I asked the front desk if they had any bubble bath available in housekeeping. They said they'd take care of me. When I returned to my room later that evening, someone had delivered a special bath milk, salts, and candles to me room...at no charge. They go above and beyond.

I'll be thrilled to stay here again.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Michelle K.
The bed, the bed, the bed.

Bed of clouds.  The shower is awesome.  I love that it has the tub inside and that it's a nice large shower.  The amenities of course are nice.  I love that there is a towel with slippers already laid out.  Since we both always lay a towel down on the floor.

Definitely a fan and hope to be back sooner than later.

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Ashley D.
One of the most gorgeous hotels I had the pleasure of staying at. I was here for a conference and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to have part of it here. My room was beautiful and had an amazing view of the city. The service was phenomenal and the atmosphere was fantastic to be around. The meeting rooms were quite spacious and the ballroom was so beautiful. I can't wait to stay there again!

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Katja V.
This hotel is totes amaze if you are in town only for an event at LA Live or a Laker Game. After all, Kobe Bryant actually resides in the residence part of the hotel. But otherwise, it's so far away from West Hollywood, and anywhere else in LA that you would want to go that it's almost inconvenient. Nothing is going on downtown LA, especially since the edison stopped being cool more than two years ago.

If you are staying here, check out the rooftop pool. So amazing that I invited a few of my  friends over for a party. The staff is great, so nice and accommodating...thank you LA Ritz!

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Jen M.
Amazing view from my room. Friendly staff. Very clean rooms what more can you ask for?

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Theresa K.
I have not stayed at the hotel rooms, only the apartment on the 29th floor. The apartments are far from having flaws, very upscale, quality appliances. My best friend and his fiancee have moved in and I'm always over there hanging out with them. Can't give you a full opinion on the residential life because I am not living there.

The lobby & concierge desk are always on time & do more than you asked for. Always been greeted by my name as I enter the lobby, they really connect with the residences & make sure you feel like royalty everyday.

Breathe-taking views day & night. The residences levels are very quiet due to not having a lot of residence so you don't hear all the hustle & noise from the nightlife in LA.

Just an elevator ride down, you can enjoy GLANCE WINE BAR & MIXING ROOM LOUNGE which is always filled with upbeat tourists & LA residence enjoying the DJ & drinks.

Overall, I love being around the Ritz Carlton because the crowd is fun and classy.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Nicky M.
This place sets the bar for hospitality. Occasionally you might get a rude parking attendant but other then that its VIP services all the way.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Deidre M.
This review is only regarding the bar/lounge downstairs I have not stayed in the rooms here.

I come to LA Live often and I didn't realize this bar was here until recently!

I met some friends for drinks and to watch the Dodgers play. What a nice bar! The staff are ALL very nice and accommodating! I ordered some wine (Malbec) delicious! And some cheesecake with berries. I was not disappointed! I asked for some lemon zest and the waitress went all the way to the hotel kitchen to get some FRESH lemon zest for me!!

Great service. Nice place to people watch and chill.

My friend got the shrimp and some lamb that smelled and looked yummy! He tore it up before I could get a bite so I'm pretty sure it was good!!

Great place to grab a drink and hangout with friends or co-workers. Maybe a first date, if you're just meeting for drinks.

They have large LOW couches so don't wear a dress that's too short!

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Geoff D.
Stayed in a ginormous room on one of the residence floors -- literally a couple of bedrooms and several other who-knows-what-for rooms. Actually so big, I'd rather have a regular room for a business trip. Could be great for several friends staying together.

Terrible views given location from my corner of building, but I think that's primarily downtown LA's fault.

Typical high end Ritz service, which was great.

Nice surprise on breakfast menu and pricing: $16 for fruit plate, granola parfait orange juice and pot of coffee. Better than similar one I paid $50 for in NY the previous week.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Danielle B.
This is for my drink only.  I ordered the usual suspect, a mojito, and felt that it was lacking in several areas.  I would stick with wine or beer.  You can't beat the view, that in itself deserves 5 stars.

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Mary T.
I stayed at a junior suite with the Hollywood sign view for a day. Got there at 9am thinking we'd catch a movie and hang around LA Live till our 4pm check in...lucky us... we were able to start using the room right away! The Valet was easy to find and there were a lot of staff ready to welcome us in. There were couches and tables outside the valet to wait for your car which was very nice. The front receptionist Alex was awesome! He was so polite, helpful, and respectful. We usually get people that don't respect us b/c we look young. The guy that helped us into our room...I think his name was Marcus, was very polite and professional. He gave us a tour of our room. We payed for the Club Lounge Access and were able to use it right away. I have only positive things to say about the Club Lounge. The staff are always welcoming and helpful. The food is healthy and really good! I was able to take drinks and cookies back to my room. It was like our kitchen and living room.
The room was bigger than I expected with a living room area and a room that was an office. The bathroom had a tv in the mirror. There was a complementary nespresso machine. Complementary water bottles and you can request more if u want to. The roof top pool was beautiful though the weather was cold when I was there. When I left I was a bit sad but it was an unforgettable stay.
I would love to come back at least once a year since I live locally.

09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Candace L.
Honestly! The parking service was beyond horrific last night! and I expect much more from a "Ritz" than pulling up for an event at their hotel where the parking attendant has the driveway coned off. I explained to him I was here for an event and asked if they were taking cars still, as the streets surrounding the hotel were in complete disarray, I'm sure due to events at all other venues - he proceeded to ask and then ignore me before shouting out  "they ain't going to let you park here" Unreal!

It's the Ritz for crying out loud, if they are employing people who are incapable of speaking proper English and are not courteous, I wouldn't dare give them my business! They are hosting a black tie affair and expect their guest to park in surrounding lots that are full and walk here?!?!? Ummm, NO!

He should have offered to park my car elsewhere and dealt with it,  they need a better policy for their lack of parking spaces, perhaps another lot with a shuttle to/from for guest. Completely unacceptable and a terrible reflection on what one might assume is a fairly decent hotel.

24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Ryan C.
Very nice hotel with exceptional location, views, pool, and gym.  Service was lacking for the price.  Concierge did not answer the phone; it just rang and rang.  After 10 minutes of trying to call down to the front desk, I was told that I was 5 minutes too late for the service I was requesting.  Couldn't help but wonder if this was deliberate.  I was torn between 2 and 3 stars, and gave the hotel the benefit of the doubt.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
92. Crystal K.
From the breathtaking views, to the plush robe everything here says Los Angeles luxury. The staff here is incredibly polite. Oddly, you can't forget their names, as four of the staffers are named Alex!

We were greeted with a glass of champagne to celebrate our time there. On the rooftop, the bartender boasted about the garden they are tending to provide patrons with the freshest ingredients. I had a delicious mojito where the mint was definitely the star if the show. The only downfall there though was the little bugs that accompany the fresh produce.

Our room was spacious and offered all the comforts this creature could ask for. My favorite part of the room? The bathroom! My husband and I are very tall, so we appreciated the overhead shower head and the extra long tub. As platinum members, we got to enjoy the awesomely stocked cooler at no charge.

Fabulous time. Thanks Ritz ;)

01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Kristy N.
Wonderful people, and service. They have everything in CLOSE walking distance for food and entertainment. I really like the staff here.

26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Desiree M.
Fancy hotel in downtown Los Angeles. $$$ are to be expected. Gorgeous hotel. The ballrooms are extravagant. Went to a wedding reception this past weekend and what a blast! The servers were on top of everything, very helpful and inviting. The food was so delicious and beautiful, I've never had sea bass and decided to try a bite- I'm at the Ritz Carlton in downtown LA, it's worth a bite right? Soo delicious. Our room was also very beautiful, great view of the city, room service was on top of their game, as well- very prompt and eager to help. Staff really step up their hospitality. Great experience at the Ritz!

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Winnie L.
Is Club Lounge access worth the extra $$?

Hotel websites never give enough info about club access to make the decision, so I'm here to help.  Since the amenities are exclusive to Club guests only, it warrants its own yelp listing.  Unlucky for check-in addicts, Yelp delisted the Lounge listing but not the Spa one.  I guess no one can mobile check-in there.

The Club Lounge, located on the 23rd floor, is open Mon-Sun from 7am-10pm

Swipe your keycard for access and open the pearly gates to gluttony.  First off: a foyer with a wall of candy and a table of sweets (macaroons, cookies) right in your face.  The reception/concierge desk is at the end of this table.  They don't care how much you take.

To the right: small reading area and business center (2 computers & printer)

To the left: Self-serve wine station and food/beverage station.  Small tables and comfy chairs. Flatscreens. Free wi-fi all around.  

The views were similar to those from our 24th floor executive suite (complimentary upgrade) living room , facing west:  the 10-fwy, Hollywood sign and the lively 110-fwy below.

As soon as you sit down, someone quickly takes your drink order.  If you like champagne, each flute comes with a raspberry (while supplies last).

Throughout the day, there are 5 Food & Beverage Presentations, a fancy way to say 5 meals served:

Breakfast: 7-11am
Mid-Day Meal: 12-2pm
Afternoon Snack: 2-4pm
Hors d'oeuvres & Cocktails: 5-8pm
Desserts & Cordials: 8-10pm

During our stay, we had the Mid-Day Meal, Hors d'oeuvres and Desserts.  We were too full after room-service breakfast and we swam during Afternoon Snack.

The food station is constantly replenished so it's always as if you're getting first dibs.  Restaurant quality food, great variety and beautiful presentation. Everything is light bites but you can get full.

The beverage station consists of Art of Tea brand tea bags*, automatic espresso machine, bottled juice, soda, Pellegrino, beer, wine, etc.
*Art of Tea is $6 a cup if from RC room service. These retail at $12.95 for 15 sachets in stores.  (The tea bags in the guest room are from Mighty Leaf brand)

At Mid-Day Meal, the food served was Californian/Contemporary American featuring sliders, antipasto, soup du jour (e.g. French onion), etc.  I imagine the menu changes.

At Hors d'oeuvres & Cocktails, there was a daily theme station (e.g. olive bar from the Mediterranean region and baklava varieties) with the chef providing origin intros, and a Cocktail du jour cart (e.g. Ouzo, a Greek cocktail).

At Desserts & Cordials, the lights don't dim as I would expect, but it's perfect if you hate bars and dark places at night. Their small dessert bites resemble that of a reputable Vegas buffet and a chocolate dipping station was included.

Common sense rules to keep the lounge classy and enjoyable by all:
-"Appropriate attire" and footwear required
-No wet swimwear or robes
-No unattended kids
-No mobile use
I can dig this

So, is the Club Lounge access worth it?

The $50-double occupancy-AYCE fee will take you further for all your food and wine/beer/internet needs than any options in the hotel or in Downtown LA.  Here are some prices from room service for comparison
-American Breakfast: $21
-Waffle (in singular, not plural) with berries: $14
-Domestic beer: $7, $8 imports
-Turkey Sandwich w/ side: $15
-Burger: $17
-Pot of Illy coffee: $9
-Soda is $4, juices $5-6
-Desserts: $9
-Glass of Champagne, Brut, Ritz: $13*
-Merlot, Ferrari-Carano, Sonoma County is $13*
*exactly the same as served in the lounge

Can you see yourself easily "making money" by going to town on at least one of these food/bev presentations?

The lounge also gives you a place to stretch out if you're cooped up in your room (poor you, getting cabin fever at the Ritz) or need to get away from the people in your room.  You can also print docs, be social or people-watch, access free wi-fi, or gawk at the great views if your room is facing the "wrong" direction of downtown.

My only complaint is that Verizon 3G was not great up there but the free wi-fi fixes that.

If you're at this Ritz and don't plan on leaving the hotel at all, then Club Lounge access is definitely great and nice to have for at least one day out of your entire stay, but LA Live/downtown/the Greater Los Angeles has tons to offer too.

22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Karl K.
Classy environment, nightmare parking, average food.
Parking - what do you get when you combine a clippers game, a concert, and a corporate dinner? An absolute cluster$&@%
It took an hour to circle the property and get into the parking area. They needed some major traffic control.  We actually saw passengers get out of their car because they couldn't stand waiting any longer.  (Hint: take Georgia road!)

Ambiance - once we finally got inside, it was all class, as expected. The dining tables were well appointed with Christmas-themed poinsettia centerpieces.

Food - points for presentation, deductions for uneven execution (well, really the main course)

Salad: field greens with candied walnuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, with a vinaigrette dressing.

Soup: this was the highlight of the meal. We each got a crock of creamy butternut squash soup, with a baked phyllo dough crust on top. At first, I thought this was chicken pot pie, but was pleasantly surprised when I broke through the flaky crust. I found myself sneaking in a spoon (or three) of her soup when she wasn't looking.

Main course: Pot roast in a red wine reduction, herbed grilled shrimp, on a bed of mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus tips. This looks & sounds more appetizing than it actually was. The pot roast was not properly seasoned, and tough as nails.  The shrimp was the opposite - it was exceedingly salty. Good thing the Pinot noir was at the ready.

Dessert: a flight of creme brûlée, fruit tart, and a peanut-chocolate pastry.  A good end to the evening.

Overall, a three-star experience.

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Samantha C.
They greet you by your name when you walk in and they escort you to your room. Overall, really great service; I can't complain about that.

For a Ritz however, the rooms are just okay. I mean, I've stayed at nicer JW Marriotts. Rooms are beige and sophisticated.

01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Kimmy G.
All I want to do is live here. I came with a friend of mine for a much needed break from a long work week.  Every single person that works here is friendly and helpful.  The rooms here are beautiful and have some great city views (we could see the Hollywood sign from our room).  The Spa the rooftop pool....both amazing.  What better way to spend a day than getting massages and laying out by the pool?  This locations has a gorgeous spa.  The steam room is the nicest I have ever seen.  The staff is attentive without hovering.  During our stay we ate at WP24, LA Market Place, and ordered In Room Dinning.  We weren't disappointed in a meal.  You must stay here if you are in LA.  It's a must.  Oh and the showers in the room...I am pretty much in love.

18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Dave K.
In a word, weird.

As you drive up, from a distance, you see this huge, beautiful building.  Then you arrive at the supposed address (900 W Olympic Blvd) and are told "this the JW Marriott, the Ritz is over on Georgia."  LA-traffic-willing, 10-15 minutes later you get over the entrance on Georgia and find the world's smallest Ritz Carlton lobby.  One small check-in desk, with one person behind it --  for a 54-story hotel?

Then you get in the elevators and see only four or five buttons:  22, 23, 24, 25 (and maybe 26).  If, like me, you get off on the 24th floor, you arrive in an elevator lobby with an entrance to lounge/restaurant on the right and an unlabeled door on the left.  If you slide your room key into the slot on the unlabeled door, you arrive in a regular looking hotel corridor.

What's going on?  There are two drivers for all this strangeness:  (1) the Ritz Carlton is both a hotel and residence and appears to be about 90% residence, and (2) the Ritz Carlton and the JW Marriott are together in one three-part building with a shared-ish and very nice lobby that is actually the JW Marriott but which features bars/restaurants listed on the Ritz website.  Confused?  Me, too.

The first thing that springs to mind is -- in the event of a price difference, stay at the JW Marriott.  Same lobby, same access to the Ritz's very nice WP lounge/restaurant on 24.  Same access to the cool rooftop pool.  Nicer lobby that you don't need to walk through a odd corridor to access.  More life.  Probably cheaper to boot.

That said, the Ritz has some great features, the best of which is the club room, which is the best executive club floor lounge that I've visited in a long time.  It's very large, it has great views.  It's not crowded.  It has a wonderful spread of food and drink.  And the service is Ritz quality.  In one sense, don't bother staying here if you're not going to buy club-level access; just stay at the Marriott instead.

The other nice perk is they have a nice S500 Mercedes limo that, if available, will take you anywhere for free within a 3 mile radius.

The room service was pricey and average.  Total bill for a chicken Caesar salad with iced tea with $45 and they forgot the lemon for the iced tea and failed to put the dressing on the side, as I'd asked.  (Given the dead simplicity of the order, I'm tempted to say:  "other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?")  Moreover the quality of the food was only so-so.  The chicken had a fishy taste to it.  

Overall net:  the club floor aside, if you're considering staying here, think hard about staying at the JW Marriott instead.

23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
100. Gina J.
Swanky McSwankerson, this place is beautiful!

The husband and I were lucky enough to stay here on someone else's dime, which would really be the only reason we'd be staying someplace THIS upscale.  The service is very impressive.  The room we had was on the 25th floor, and had a great view of downtown.  The room has a very modern feel, with frosted glass separating the bathroom and the bedroom.  

The fitness center was also impressive with bottled waters and towels at every machine, TVs for each cardio machine, and free headphones.

The pool may be the only thing I wasn't WOWed by.  It was much smaller than I was expecting, but the view from the roof is incredible.  The service at the pool was very helpful.  They even had sunscreen and baby swimming diapers available there!

27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Martha B.
Very friendly staff. Well appointed rooms. Reasonably good food. Los Angeles  is not my favorite area but this is a very good option of you need to be there.

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Mike B.
This hotel is super clean. Great location. Room was perfect. Nice city view
I would definitely stay here again

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Thad C.
The service and quality are always top-notch.  But it lacks the Ritz Carlton touch found all over the world.  Not many restaurants, incredibly congested for commuters- I prefer the westside if you're comparing prices..... you'd get more value from the surrounding areas and LA weather. This building would be marvelous for it's vast space in a congested city like Hong Kong but in LA, travelers are advised to stay closer to the beach.

26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. Antwan M.
This large, comfortable hotel has all the amenities.  yes, but a very comfortable room with frig and coffee maker. Spacious meeting rooms and nearby take out places for lattes, sandwiches, etc. Best of all, a short walk to the  and the new art under construction. I always stay here when I'm in LA for opera!

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Knight S.
So I have a friend who lives here. The 29th floor and above is residential, and my gosh, how amazing. What a wonderful location, great walkability, and amazing views of downtown.. I was super jealous my friend got to live here.

The lobby to the hotel is a super cool area, it's clearly a high class place. Most men are walking around in suits. I felt dramatically under-dressed in my normal clothing lol.

12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Amanda L.
I love their lounge on the top floor - very cool and a spectacular view of the city. As with all Ritz-Carltons, the service is amazing. Very great drink menu. Also, the apps in the lounge are OUSTANDING. I mean, seriously. I would go back just for the apps. Very chill, very beautiful, very great service. Good date spot.

Also? The valet at the Ritz is only $10, which is amazing for a 5 star hotel, IMO.

28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Nicole S.
My first visit to the Ritz in Los Angeles was in 2010. I was not impressed with the customer service at that time, and I was actually very disappointed because I expected so much more. I guess they were still working out the kinks because the Hotel had just opened. My family and I went back in September 2014 to celebrate my sons 12th birthday at Dodgers stadium and to enjoy a few nights at the Ritz. The hotel staff saw us all dressed in our Dodger gear when we checked in.  The next morning they made a point to ask us how the game was. They also left a personal birthday card with cookies and soda for my son in our room.  The staff always smiled, called us by name in passing, and went above and beyond. If every business treated people this way, I'd think I died and went to heaven! My kids loved all the unlimited treats, snacks and even the poolside Popsicles! I loved the poolside bloody Mary's! Thank you Ritz LA for an amazing time. We will be back!

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Rem R.
I had a business meeting here at the Ritz Carlton prior to heading over to the Staples Center to watch a Kings game. Upon arriving at the Ritz I was first met by the Valet staff that was exceptional. It was raining heavily and the Valet staff had umbrellas laid available for as many people that needed them.

As I walked towards the doors to head into the lobby the valet staff once again was on the ball and opened the door for me. Upon walking into the lobby you can immediately tell that you were now entering a state of luxury.

The Ritz Carlton had a business meeting center just adjacent to the lobby which made the meeting I had scheduled much easier to conduct. After the meeting was over we were up to my client's room. When I walked in the door I was shocked with the size of the room & the view, the view was amazing.

We stayed in my client's room for about a half an hour when we decided to walk over to the residence portion of the Ritz Carlton. I am not sure about other Ritz Carlton but this location is broken down in between a Hotel & a Residence. The residences at the Ritz were quite fancy, everything looked amazing but not for me even if I had the money to purchase one I wouldn't.

Prior to leaving for Staples I walked around a bit and was pleasantly surprised to find several restaurants (including a Wolfgang Puck), several watering holes (Bars), several spas, an outdoor pool & Jacuzzi on the 26th floor.

My tour of the Ritz was over and now it was time to go enjoy some hockey. Upon walking out the doors the staff once again was on the ball. The staff asked every guest leaving if they would like to borrow an umbrella, I had thought ahead and did not need once but several members of my party did.

If I was given a free room to stay here I most certainly would not turn it down but I am a simple guy with simple needs and would much rather enjoying the comfort of a 'no tell' Motel close to the beach than a fancy Hotel in the middle of Downtown.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Dominique M.
Bar at the bottom was lively and great to enjoy the music..

Great crowd and clipper fans :)

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Hiep N.
Every single person that works here is friendly and helpful. The service was phenomenal and the atmosphere was fantastic to be around.

The rooms here are beautiful and have great city views.  The bed was like a cloud and the amenities are fantastic.

Even before you check in they do whatever they can to make your stay perfect.
When I arrived, checkin offered me champagne or bottled water.

For convenience, they have a house S550 to take you anywhere within a 3 mile radius. I didn't take advantage of it, but it was nice that they offered it.

The hotel is located in Downtown LA, which is only convenient if you're going to the Staples Center, LA Live/Nokia Theatre, The Forum, or Convention Center. Otherwise, it's at least a 20 minute drive to the West Side where everything else is.

01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Gina Z.
Nothing was accomplished. They denied the incident and would not allow me to see the footage of the parking activity for that day unless I got a court order.
What are they hiding???

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. Sandy J.
My husband and I, along with our little one is here celebrating our 10th anniversary. We decided to splurge, as this would normally be a bit higher prices then we would pay for a hotel.

Before arrival, the wonderful Guest Relations manger, Mariana, emailed me and we exchanged a few emails about our stay. I had mentioned in my emails that it would be wonderful if there was anything they can do to help it be memorable, I would so appreciate it.

Upon our arrival, the staff already knew who we were. We were greeted by the GM, Samantha, Mariana and our Bellman Jesse. It was quite a welcome!

Then Samantha started the check in process, we had asked if it were possible to have early checkin (normally 4pm), we arrived just before noon. It won't be guaranteed, but we got it. Yay! The checked us in informing us they had a surprise for us! 1. we received an extra ticket for our daughter for free to the Grammy Museum (our hotel package came with two), 2. the UPGRADED us to the executive suite. The room is bigger then our house. Beautiful with the city view. Amazing!! And they had a rollaway already ready for our daughter!! 3. They added Club level access. This meant food and drinks pretty much all day, plus the view of the other side of Downtown. We watched to sunset and sunrise. Beautiful.

Two other wonderful things him addition to the above. 1. Our Bellman Jesse had remembered that our daughter liked popcorn, so he found us in the Club room and brought her popcorn!! Who does that?!!! 2. when we came back from the very awesome rooftop pool and jacuzzi, Marianna with the staff, left us two plates of desserts with hand written notes. I thought that was such a sweet touch to end our anniversary day and delicious too!

We, obviously, recommend this hotel. The staff, the food, location and accommodations are all wonderful. My daughter declared we should come back every anniversary and we might just do that!!


13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Neen J.
If you have the chance to visit the spa at this hotel within LALive you will love it! get a divine massage from Dalesha Rogers, I have had so many massages in my career but this is one of the best I have ever had. Loved it so much I booked two within the week. It is a luscious and tranquil spa, allow extra time to enjoy the retreat area, sip on flavored tea, and lounge around. You will be so glad you did.

10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Neera P.
My stay here was great. The hotel staff was very friendly and accommodating. The views are awesome. Definitely recommend visiting the pool.

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Ted K.
We stayed for a night while at a conference, the service was amazing as is to be expected from the Ritz. Room was clean and very spacious. Take advantage of eating at their breakfast in the clubhouse lounge- food was excellent and you have absolutely gorgeous views of LA. Same from the rooftop pool-catch a sunrise/sunset here! Very conveniently located to the Staples Center if you want to catch a game or to the conference center if you are there for an event like we were. Also many restaurants nearby- we particularly enjoyed the short walk down to 7th street where they had many independent restaurant choices to chose from. Would recommend to anyone.

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Melissa S.
The Ritz during the holidays is decorated spectacularly! We came to have a drink at WP 24 on the 24th floor of the Ritz. We got there early around 7pm and there was lots of open seating left. Although it was REALLY loud so we couldn't really carry on a conversation, the view was amazing. To top it off we sat near a TV playing the Charger/Niner game (the Chargers gave me a heart attack...and a WIN) .

We ordered one drink each and the Chinese donuts. Amazing!

Also we took the train from Culver City, this is right in LA Live so the Pico stop is one block away. Really convienet and is great not to worry about parking.

Come for the food and the view. Not a place to come to have a conversation! We'll be back!

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Ryosuke K.
Environment: Awesome downtown LA location. Right in the middle of downtowns safest area. Doesn't get much better in dtla.

Views: Every club lounge room is from the 22-26th (correct me if I'm wrong) floor. And considering LA must have one of the shortest skylines out of most metropolitan areas in the US, the view is phenomenal.

Price: Expensive! But unlike a lot of other places in LA you are getting your money's worth. Don't spend money at some boutique hotel in Beverly HIlls and come here instead. Unless you want to be on the beach in Santa Monica.

Occasion: Came here for Christmas Eve and Day with my girlfriend. They catered our every need here and the club lounge was amazing! Such nice people here.

Overall: I am definitely impressed and looking forward to coming back. If you're going to stay here remember to splurge on a couple tickets to the Staples Center across the street. Go Lakers!

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Donna H.
This was a surprise for us ladies, the boys knew we were staying here. Sneaky, sneaky.

The Ritz held up to what I imagined it'd be. There are only 100-ish rooms so the staff really pays attention and remembers you.

We had club access and Darius is our new hero. All of the staff remembered our names and schoomzed any time we were in there. I know this is their job but they sure didn't act like they were being forced. The overall environment reminded me of a cruise.

I mean, if the club didn't have what you wanted or needed, just ask. The coffee machine was on the fritz so Darius brought us 2 mochas and man were they delish! He made them for us, special :-)

I really don't need to go on - it's the M-effing Ritz. This place was legit. It's not stuffy, I really felt welcomed.

Spa, roof top pool, "gift shop" (more of a boutique), gym ... It's connected to a JW so if you need something more - head to the first floor.

07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Ada L.
I love the modern decors, the spacious rooms, and the rooftop pool, and have enjoyed a lot the complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries upon arrival; however, service is at best up to par for such upscale hotel.  The housekeepers are nice but the front desk and valet staff is just A-OK.  Complimentary breakfast at the L.A. Market for 2 adults per day is alright; one may apply the food credits toward room service (breakfast only) but the unused food credits cannot be rolled over to the next day.  In brief, this Ritz-Carlton is just not as impressive as I thought it would be.

24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Jasmine P.
Beautiful view! The bed was extremly comfortable. Parking pricey but once agian the view! It was amazing!  The food ... I didn't really enjoy but the view was nice lol...

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Tanda M.
Amazing! Im not sure I have any other words! This place is beautiful! They are welcoming. They have LOTS of high priced products to try and/or purchase in the waiting area to browse. The lounge, the spa, the locker room, the service rooms, everywhere...its gorgeous! I got a great gift from my hubby and they were more than accommodating. They even were nice about it when I had to change my appointment at the last minute due to an accident on the road and traffic. High end. Luxury. Perfect. The manager of the spa, Korry (I think thats her name) is awesome!

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. Rich H.
After some back and forth emailing - the management at Ritz-Carlton in LA did address my concerns.  They also provided me with a complimentary stay when I recently came back for a few nights.  This experience was much better.

As for the rooms - they are certainly very nice.  But lack enough outlets for someone who uses multiple devices.  The fitness center is actually worse than that in the neighboring JW Marriott in that the equipment is old and that it is small.  Surprising for such a high end hotel.

Overall I plan to stay there again - their handling of my car is a big factor in me coming back.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Sherryl J.
Post game drinks

I wanna be rich.  Services amazing. Attention to detail,  impeccable.

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Adrian L.
The hotel is clean. The concierge list of business meetings was not updated nor correct.   The valet parking is a joke.  Once you drop your car off they take it to a basement 4 floors down.  It was a struggle to locate my car to leave.  Parking is basically $40.  When you stay after 2 hours.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
125. Kenia M.
Very exclusive and outstanding upscale service.  Meets my expectations every time. My favorite hotel hands down and the roof top pool for guests only has the best views overlooking downtown LA. You get what you pay for and at the Ritz you will definitely feel like a VIP. Excellent!.

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Adrienne M.
*Review of customer service and second-hand spa services*

My husband has never worked in the field a day in his life, never nailed wood, never painted a wall or sanded anything, never even used a hammer (that I know of). As a matter of fact, I'm probably more versed in building materials and power tools than he is based on my hands on experience at HD. Clearly, being handy IS NOT one of the many reasons why I married him. Nevertheless, these factors have not prevented his hands from consistently being cracked and calloused. His nails always look as though he's been playing in motor oil. I've given him manis and made him go to nail salons, only for him to have jagged nails the next day. And please don't let me get on his face and beard. Rough and tuff comes to mind, but he swears he uses oil to hydrate.

Needless to say, he is a man's man. No umbrella in a rain storm, doesn't wear a jacket and refuses pedicures, and if I attempt to talk about plucking his unibrow, he'll likely stop talking to me.

Knowing this, I still booked spa services for him at RC (I just lol'd). That's right, facial, mani, and massage. I initially reserved the services online, then realized I sent the confirmation to his email address (it was supposed to be a surprise). So, I immediately called RC and connected with the spa. They were courteous and accommodating, and able to redirect the confirmation email to me (they don't automatically make appointments online, they have to make sure time slots are available). I couldn't go down to the facility to sign papers, but they were able to provide me with a secure way to make the payment.

My husband, "Babe, why didn't you just get me a pair of shoes?"

Me, "Well babe, you can purchase your own pair of shoes, but what you won't do is get yourself spa services."

He arrived early and stayed all day, he said the facility was very clean and the customer service was 5 star. The ladies were very accommodating and didn't rush through his services. I thought that it was a nice touch that they allowed him to chill out between services, during which he fully took advantage of his time with drinks and bar snacks. Afterwards he enjoyed a relaxing shower and sat out in the relaxation room.

Him, "Babe, you were right. Now I know why women take "mental health days" and spa days. I need this experience."

Me: "I know..."

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Jara Neriza M.
Customer service at it's finest.

The Good: upon checking in I was greeted by the GM warmly, a little small talk but none too cloying. He then set up my room key and called the bellperson to help me with my luggage.

I was greeted by a personalized letter in the room and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries in 3 different kinds, milk chocolate, white and strawberry

I stayed by my lonesome and their Executive Suite is huge! You get a full sized den with entertainment center and an office space. A wet bar. A walk in closet. And a spacious bathroom and tub complete with bath salts and bubble bath. Oh and of course the TV embedded on the bathroom mirror. In case you want to watch the football game while brushing your teeth. :)

I checked in around 6pm and it was nice that my bed was already turned down by Anna complete with another chocolate bar and forecasted weather for the next day. Little details that I love, Ritz had down to a tee.

Their lounge access has an amazing offering of small bites. Their breakfast included a variety of fresh juices. Eggs, bacon, cereal, fresh fruit and breakfast potatoes. There was also cookies and pastries to choose from. Their hors d'oeuvres had sliders, a mini salad plate a selection of red and white wine. The attendants in the lounge are very attentive and helpful. Requests were always personalized to my liking like if I wanted whip cream on my hot coco and what kind dairy I prefer with it. I had skipped their dessert and midday snack so I can't really comment on it. Beverages are free except for cocktails.

Check out was a breeze and valet service was prompt and courteous.

The Bad: for an ultra lux hotel their lobby is almost non existent. No they don't share a lobby/concierge with JW.  

WiFi isn't free.

The Ugly: None really. I mean it's the simple concept of you get what you pay for.

It was a wonderful experience

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. Adam M.
This place is horrible. I needed backup to come make the TV work. They have sheer curtains so u cannot block the sun out of the room. I get the place is basically all windows but don't u feel people may want to keep light out of the room? The only good thing was the bartender down stairs and the bed. Besides that this place is trash. Horrible service, horrible hotel and 100% will never be back. The Standard, is close by and I swear they are way better.

We ordered breakfast... Same story, it was terrible. The potatoes were cold the was bacon under cooked. I don't mind paying $95 on breakfast for two, but could u at least give us a decent amount of cold potatoes. My plate was stacked with them and my girl probably had 4 pieces on her plate ... This can't be life!

28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Jeremy S.
The Ritz in DTLA is an absolutely outstanding establishment in a nearly perfect location especially
If you're watching a game or going to the nearby Nokia Theater. The Ritz is located right in the heart of LA Live and is connected to the JW Marriott which offers pretty much twice the bars to drink at and twice the restaurants to dine at, can't complain about that. I have stayed at this particular location a couple of times and have never really had a bad experience. The service is impeccable, the rooms are large and well appointed and the design is very modern and upscale. Being a platinum member really gets you the great upgraded rooms and views that you will really get your attention and they tend to treat you like royalty, which is equally cool. Overall, this is a great Ritz in an awesome location.

Modern amenities
Valet service
Available upgrades
Proximity to Staples Center & Nokia Theater
Nearby dog park

Nearby restaurants close early
Similar amenities to the lesser expensive JW

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. A R.
From beginning to end it was a wonderful experience and a great stay at this Ritz property. My husband and I have stayed at several Ritz Carlton hotels around the world and although this wasn't the best, it was very nice.

The Spa is great and you MUST dine at WP24!

07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0