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Travelodge LAX in Los Angeles, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.55

Address: 5547 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90045

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    Comments (29):

    1. deb C.
    The internet deal I booked was for a smoking room, gross but cheap. However, when I got there, I was magically issued a non smoking room. For 70 bucks a night, the room was totally satisfactory and the staff was very nice. The shuttle driver offered a ride to my conference, the office staff let me rummage through their first aid kit when I got mauled by a dog (Ok, just bit but it hurt and it was nasty. How does one get bit by a dog when at a conference at LAX? One just has to be named Deb C.) The continental breakfast lady didn't complain when I stocked my purse with Ay-ay-ay-aypples and banaynays either. Possibly the best part was being kept awake by 70 something year old partyers. The sound of old lady cackles and beer cans popping (WHAT? YOU CAN ONLY GET A 12 PACK? THAT'S OK, BRING IT OVAH!) made me oddly happy and gave me hope for the future.
    Too bad the Assistive Technologies conference is moving to San Diego, I was looking forward to coming back to this hotel.

    25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Loren P.
    My girlfriend and I are on a business trip for a few days, and for our first night we booked the Travelodge here on Century Blvd. (They accept pets.)

    The entrance: We walk in, we notify the lady attendant, "We have pets!" (a sign stated, 'let us know if you have pets.') She gets sidetracked so a gentleman takes over and gets us checked in.

    We go outside, get our bags, and our pooches, and as we're walking thru the lobby the gentleman exclaims, "You have dogs!" My girlfriend and I look at each other, then him... "Yah... we notified the lady of that." She had printed our paperwork so we figured it stated that. We end up spending another 5 minutes changing our paperwork,etc...

    The room: Not bad... typical room you would expect to find at a 3 star hotel. The pictures don't match though. lol

    Room Service: The menu they have exclaiming "Order Room Service Here!" doesn't work. The "restaurant codes" are no longer valid. Oh well - we grab the "Denny's" room service menu and call in a couple grilled chicken salads. I ask, "How long will that be?" Answer: "Ummm... you can pick up in 10 minutes."  I say, "We can PICK IT UP in 10 minutes?" Answer: "Yes, ma'am... we're a little short handed, so I need you to pick it up."  Well, when you've been driving 8 hours, you're hungry! So we went and picked it up... it was good to get out and walk around anyways - and our pooches enjoyed the walk too!

    I don't know if it's me or my lack of sleep so I'm a little sensitive, but I'm convinced the attendant in the lobby doesn't care for me. I've called him about 3 times for different things. (1. the username/password to get online 2. why doesn't room service work? lol  3. do they charge for getting online?)  Each time he answered short, and had a 'tone' in his voice. I'm not exaggerating... I know good customer service and I know "mediocre."  He seems 'bothered' by me.

    2 stars because the bed is BIG and our 2 cockapoos sprawl out like they're German Shepherds, so I appreciate the BIG bed.

    As for customer service, "two thumbs down."

    Here's to staying in West Hollywood tomorrow night! Look for our review on the "Santee Alleys" - we're hitting them tomorrow morning!

    07/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Stacy L.
    I was helping my best friend move to L.A. earlier this month and needed a reasonably priced hotel @ LAX.  I went on Expedia, Priceline, & Orbit looking for a hotel and ran across this one with some pretty good reviews.  I took my chances and booked.  The stay was great.  The room was great for the price ($70 p/night).  

    The hotel front desk personnel were friendly and always smiling.  The room itself was very clean.  It had a.c., a very clean bathroom & vanity.  This is a great hotel if you're looking for somewhere to lodge while away most of the day.  They serve a continental breakfast in the morning from 9-11 a.m., and get this, Denny's is even connected to the hotel (great if you want a quick, no frills meal, and if  you have kids).  There's a swimming pool, laundry facilities ($1 wash, $.75 dry), and fitness room.

    Very clean hotel, will keep them in mind next time I need a hotel near LAX.

    22/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Tiffany K.
    We stayed here based on some Internet reviews. I don't know what other folks thought, but I think it had something to do with staying at the "nicer" part of the Travelodge. I discovered it while on a trek for the ice machine - newer digs, it looks like there may even be a - gasp - elevator!

    Well, anyways, we requested a non-smoking room and were given a smoking room upon check in. Yuck. That lingering smoke smell got in all my clothes, except for the ones buried deep in my suitcase.

    We had to stay here because the flight we got (frequent flier points) made us stay at LAX for one night and then we could fly out the next morning. Silly me, I thought, "Eh, it's just one night - i can handle it". Never again! I would have paid an extra $50 to stay somewhere nicer.

    We had a ground floor room and although it opens up to the street, there are security bars to keep out the riff raff. It kind of makes you feel like you are in prison once you step outside your door.

    Also I counted no less than three dead cockroaches in our bathroom. I know, you're thinking, "Well! At least they were dead!". But still...

    The place was being renovated or repaired, so there were areas that were closed off with yellow tape and the pool was not available. Mind you, it was mid-winter, but what if we had our hearts set on swimming? Just playing devil's advocate.

    I must admit that it was nice having the continental breakfast right outside our door. No kidding, it was right outside our door. I woke up to the sound of people having conversations about traveling in South America and sipping coffee right outside the sliding glass door a few feet from our bed.

    If you have to stay here, try to get a room on the newer side. I swear, it looked like an adjunct to the current digs.

    Also, there is a "sex shop" right next door for your erotica needs. My six year old pointed it out from the LAX shuttle.

    21/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Ral L.
    Chose this place based on price, proximity to airport, and free shuttle.
    Arrived at LAX after a long overseas flight, took an hour to get through LAX, and then outside to red zone for shuttle pick-up. waited 5min (max) for the shuttle.
    Check in was busy but efficient.  The desk-clerk did acknowledge the note I had included in my reservation about needing a quiet room (to combat jet-lag) and gave me a room at the very rear of the hotel away from the street and airport runways - this was nice - but would prove to be a mixed blessing.
    The hotel is a real 1950's architectural blast from the past... somehow very LA and very cool if you appreciate these nostalgic things.
    The room itself was fine - old building, but clean, very standard, king bed, comfortable.  There was a faint smell of insecticide (?!? - but I guess that is better than the alternative!).
    The breakfast in the morning is simple but adequate.  Coffee and juice machines, yoghurt, fruit, bagels and bread for toasting, and a pancake machine... all very American.
    The main annoyance that I experienced was that my electronic key-card did not work twice... (remember the room at the back!) each time requiring me to walk all the way back to the office to get the card reinitialised (with waiting at the desk while others checked-in). Not a huge problem, but annoying and a situation that should be easily fixed.
    All in all the Travelodge LAX is an inexpensive and fully acceptable hotel near the airport.  You get what you pay for, so don't expect 5*, ...but it is good value, especially compared to the over exuberant costs of the other places nearby.

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. leslie a.
    First, this hotel location is oddly listed in as "South Gate" -- but it's the Travelodge near Lax.

    I attend business conferences in the bigger hotels near here, and was sick of having to pay a $140/night "discount rate" and then another 15 bucks for internet, and 20 for breakfast. I noticed this Travelodge when trying to find a cheaper nearby alternative, and am glad I did.

    This is not a fancy highrise kind of place. It was built in 1953, when LAX was just an airfield across the road and this was the first place to stay. Apparently people like Roy Rogers & Dale Evans and Howard Hughes used to stay here.

    You'll find basic but comfortable and clean rooms. The old part faces with sliding doors onto the pool area, which has mature palms and trees. There is a newer section in the back, so make sure to ask for a poolside room.

    TV has HBO and on-demand options, the wireless is fast and free, and the people at the desk have been helpful each time I've been here. There is a Denny's attached to the hotel, which is superconvenient (though sadly, closed for renovations this week), and a small gift shop with sodas, water and candy.

    Breakfast is adequate for a freebie -- bagels and cereal and fruit and juice. I've had better, and I've had far worse, but it's free. There's fast food close by, too, and places that deliver.

    So now instead of paying 175 a night, I pay 75 a night and walk the block to my meetings every day. I much prefer it to being stuck inside a fancy hotel for days. Free shuttle to and from LAX every half hour, too. I'm definitely a fan of this place.

    30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Karen G.
    Clean room Big comfy bed, beautiful gardens nice pool very basic but very friendly atmosphere. A GEM, I will be back

    24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Susan F.
    This was a great hotel, close to LAX with a nice breakfast and good location when traveling.  We stayed here prior to my daughter's graduation from UCLA.  The staff was friendly and the rooms were clean, quiet and convenient.  The breakfast was good and the prices of the rooms were more reasonable than those closer to Westwood.  We were with a  group and it was a good way to go.  It was also very close to the rental car locations and that was a big plus.  It also had a shuttle to the airport, which was great for us, so our group could split up and still be able to get from the airport to the hotel without a rental car.  I would highly recommend this Travelodge!

    22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Anon A.
    Stayed here after 2 weeks of staying at various vacation homes in Hawaii.  This hotel was awesome AND affordable.  Not a speck of dirt in our room.  Very quiet at night.  Huge bed, free HBO and WiFi.  Free shuttle.  Extremely well run place.  Cool Hollywood actor history and a friendly resident cat.

    06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Mandy M.
    Me and my friend stayed here because we were on a budget and this was the cheapest place. When I arrived the guy at the front desk seen we were very tired from traveling and booked our room to us right away. The room was nice but under the blanket the bed had crumbs and dirt on the sheet under! It was gross. Also when I walked to the convenient  store the maintenance guy kept staring at me so I stared back and he just kept staring.  After I got out of the convenient store he stared again! I stared back then when I passed him a little right after he started walking in my direction. I turned a corner he turned a corner. Then another corner and another. Finally I ran  and lost him. Don't know if it was a coincidence but I wouldn't go walking alone around here if you're a girl! Overall it was pretty bad. The guy at the counter is nice, maintenance is shady, bed had crumbs on it , parking sucks and is really tight spots and is usually packed. You should spend the extra money and get a nice hotel it'll be worth it don't be cheap like me!

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Chryl C.
    I chose this hotel due to the price and free parking and I must say I was very pleased with my stay. We came down for Thanksgiving weekend our rooms were ready upon arrival and the staff was friendly. Being close to the airport I heard no noise. I would definitely stay here again.

    03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. PJ L.
    I feel like giving this place 1 star so that nobody ever stays there because so many times I try to stay, they are sold out.  Great place.  Very retro.

    13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Cameron H.
    My wife and I needed a room near lax with shuttle service. Based on a few reviews we were concerned but decided to try it. We were pleasantly surprised. The room was clean, the staff was knowledgable and helpful, and even the landscaping is nice. Overall a great place to stay for the price.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Patrick S.
    I needed a room for the entire day in LAX, after arriving from Honolulu at 6 am and wasn't departing again until 11 pm that night.  I didn't even realize hotels offered day rates. But, found the Travelodge LAX for $54.95 a day. They accepted my reservation at the early arrival, although their website states that rooms are available from 9 am to 8 pm.    

    The audio recording that was playing while on the hotel shuttle mentioned that the hotel is a vintage 1950s hotel.  I was very impressed!

    As I was walking around the pool to my room, sure enough, the property looked like a glamorous, vintage hotel from the 50s with a nice pool.

    The bed was extremely comfortable, as was the couch, There's room service and delivery from a Persian and Italian restaurant.  And the in-room coffee!  It looked like it would be super week coffee.  But, the flavor was rich and definitely not like cheap hotel coffee.  There's also a flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a free continental breakfast.  

    The service was impeccable from the moment I spoke with Lynn in reservations, to the van driver and check in/out staff.

    I will definitely be staying here again.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Deva S.
    I attended a 3 day conference at the Westin and needed somewhere to stay that wasn't as pricey. Booked a hotel down the street which was a big mistake! So I had to find somewhere else quickly- and found the Travelodge.  What a beautiful place! The grounds are beautifully maintained, may I even say lovingly cared for, there even was a lush plant cascading down the wall in our room.  Upstairs by the pool, I got to work out on the sunny balcony (in January- ah LA) waiting out the traffic and it was just quiet and wonderful. The staff are super friendly and helpful, the Denny's was great (and I don't eat at Denny's usually) they even have a small sports bar serving reasonable drinks. Way better than Westin prices!  I would highly recommend this place to stay if you ned somewhere by the airport. Not he only thing I might recommend are earplugs, as you are right by the airport.  But you'd need them at the Hilton too. Never all, the room was quiet and clean.  Thanks everyone, see you again in March!

    22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Doug A.
    A good low cost option near LAX.  If I were being reimbursed, I would probably go a bit more upscale.  Don't expect the Ritz, but it is a good value, and a decent location. We stayed here one night to meet relatives we were meeting at LAX the following morning.

    If we would have realized how far the walk to the room was (last building in the back) we might have found a different location to park (some spots are in front and some seem be through a closed gate - the desk didn't really say since there were several spots in front).

    The room was a bit dark, but clean. The staff were generally nice. The breakfast was adequate.  The price was very good.  We were thinking about using the Hotel Tonight App (and book on the drive from Northern California), but decided to have a reservation in a known location.

    I wish we were as happy with dinner at the Denny's (cold soup and velvetta like quesadillas) next door as we were with the hotel.

    12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Starla E.
    This place was great loved it didn't have any complaints to say was very happy. Slept great,  my family and i really were happy after the trip we took

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Karla S.
    They let me check in earlier than scheduled. It was close to the airport and the staff was very friendly. If you have the pool option chose it. I'm in the back but no complaints.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Christa R.
    I work in Los Angeles and stay at Travel Lodge LAX at least every other week.  I usually stay 2 to 3 nights.  I have to say I LOVE this hotel!! I am a single lady and I feel so safe! The staff are all so friendly and the rooms are large and the beds are the best!! I always book a king size bedroom by the pool thru hotels.com and it works out perfect!! The grounds are so beautiful and beautifully maintained!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL!!

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Julie g.

    The LAX travel lodge is a cozy motel that provides all the amenities of home. The hotel is surrounded inside and out of lush plants and foliage all marked by name and well manicured and cared for. It's a lovely motel and maid service and maids were wonderful. However, we stayed 28 days due to our move and it was a difficult period for us due to the fact that we were moving. Also our 2 year old baby has type 1 diabetes so we need a hotel that had the amenities of home like a fridge for her insulin. Aside from a few nice people at the front desk, two sisters another lady and man I believe was the front desk manager that was always very kind the rest of the staff was not very nice and treated us like staying and paying the obscene amount of money we did was a bad thing and they didn't go out of their way to be hospitable or hardly even nice. Even the manager in the office who did comp our pet fee for two weeks and the parking fee a few times, It was like pulling teeth! Geez you think they would offer knowing how long we were there and when we had to come back for two more weeks at the end they wouldn't comp us any fees or try and accommodate us in anyway and were rude. In particular one taller man at the front desk was always very rude and couldn't even be nice and say thank u for spending 4,000 at their hotel. We were very clean, kept to ourselves and our dogs were quiet. When I asked if there was a rewards program to take advantage of the amount of money we spent there they said no when in fact their was and we took advantage of it to stay the extra 2 weeks we needed until our move. When you stay somewhere so long and spend so much you expect a little more from the staff at a hotel, but we didn't even receive the courtesy that an overnight guest would receive. The security however was always nice and actually did go out of their way and always said hello when you walked by and helped with parking. A lovely hotel and if they replaced the manager and some of the staff this hotel would be a gem and probably be booked every night, because people would recommend it and come back and stay. Unfortunately we spent a gross amount of money here and were treated like us staying was a hassle and a big inconvenience. You would think on the few nights they were full that us giving them a guaranteed sold room for 28 days would certainly out weight those few nights they could have made an extra 35 dollars! I have actually worked in the hotel business and stayed at quite a few hotels for business and never ever have I stayed at a place that treated you like this hotel did! I would love to give them 5 stars, but in the hotel business courtesy and customer service is everything yes everything, so 3 stars it is. I will post this on as many travel sites as possible and hopefully the will make the staff changes necessary to make this a 10 star hotel, because that's all it would take! It's hard when the manager that hires and trains the staff is a jerk that sets the standard in this hotel. There motto is treat guests like pests so they leave!! Be in another business if you want to be a jerk to people, don't bring an entire hotel down!!!

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. LJ L.
    I can't say anything bad about this garden oasis lodge.
    Boy what I surprised we received!  We were greeted with flowers everywhere!
    We stayed two nights for a conference at the Crown Plaza - walking distance even for this old out of shape broad.
    For $99 bucks to include parking, wi-fi and breakfast with two double beds - it was just what we needed.  
    The continental breakfast had fresh waffle machines, boiled eggs, english muffin, bread and bagels to toast, fresh fruits, cereal, yogurt, cream cheese, coffee, decaf, hot water, juice and milk.  Along with a clean and efficient Breakfast room.  The only thing that was not cool in 2014 - paper plates and plastic silverware.  Save our precious planet - invest in some inexpensive silverware.  The life of plastic is decades for the 5 mins they get used.
    The room was tidy and clean - no bath tub.
    Walk around all the grounds - there are three full time gardeners who are very proud of their work.  It was a joy to see from this gardener.

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. P B.
    Our flight from maui got in around midnight and our flight back to Austin left at 6 the next morning so we did not stay long. It was definitely a vintage hotel. Very well maintained and very clean an comfortable room. It's about a mile from the airport and there shuttle runs 24/7 every 1/2 hour. There pick up was within 10 minutes of my call and the ride back was right in time. My only suggestion would be to call hotel direct if you need to. There central reservation system is a joke...India. Tried to get me a room for almost twice the price I was looking at on my laptop. Called the hotel direct and all was good. There are a few restaurants close by as well. Would try this one again.

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Andrea R.
    I had to laugh when I signed into the wireless network and it said something like, "come stay at one of LA's nicest hotels". Ummmm, I think they left part of the description out. It could have been worse, but wasn't nice. It wasn't very clean. There was quite a bit of mold in the bathroom. I'll post pics for sure.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Sonya L.
    Looks sketchy driving in but it was actually nice on the inside. Definitely an older hotel but it was clean with a nice courtyard. No elevators.  The only downside was that the traffic and airplanes were really loud and I needed ear plugs.

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Bobby K.
    I probably have never written a review on a hotel, that's located in Los Angeles, because of course, this is my hometown, but I had the opportunity to stay at the Travelodge LAX this month.  Let me correct that--not stay, but utilize the room for a few hours.  

    They have a deal where if you pay roughly $60 plus tax (about $10) total being about $70, you can use a room as a "day-use" for a few hours, which is what I did.  You have to check out by 8PM.

    I used the room after work because I work in the area, and attended a work holiday party down the street.  I didn't want to drive all the way home because of the traffic and commute.  I know $70 might sound steep for just a few hours, but for me, I didn't want to bother any of my colleagues

    So I checked in the late afternoon, and had to walk thru a maze just to get to the room. It's quite an awkward laid-out floor plan--but managed my way to the room.

    The first thing I noticed about the room is that it's a very dark room--just 2 lamps, and light shining from the bathroom area.  Overall, I'd need more light to see and actually not feel I'm living in the dark.

    In terms of the quality of the room, I'd say it was quite adequately fine--I mean it's not the best for sure, but for what the price was at, it had all the necessary items needed for me to get ready.  A shower that was clean without any mildew or mold, a bed that was ok enough to take a short nap, and the carpet on the floor was not dirty, from what I could tell.  Again, the lighting in the bathroom could've been more well lit.  

    Parking was fine--ample parking out front, by the Denny's.  

    In terms of security, the area is kind of rough, especially late night, so I probably wouldn't feel safe staying there overnight, but that's from my knowledge of the area.  

    Feel free to check out my pics attached to this review.

    Overall, it was fine for my necessary use.  

    Overall grade:  A

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Venita J.
    Very good for overnight ~
    We use this place if we need to stay overnight in Los Angeles. This time we stayed in the Greg Morris room. The hotel is a straight shot to LAX, they offer a gift shop, Denny's, on site and parking. The room was very quiet. We will return ~

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Mr. N.
    Have you ever wondered what 1950 smells like? I haven't, but at least now I know.

    Anyway, our travel lodge experience started at the airport. We went over to the hotel and concierge shuttle waiting area and called the hotel to send the shuttle. It'll be 15 minutes, OK. So we wait close to half an hour and we call again. It's coming. After seeing the Sheraton or Hilton shuttle drive past 20 times, it starts to get sickening, but eventually the shuttle rolls in. We quickly run to it to see that it is almost full. There weren't any handlebars on the bus or empty seats, as it was full, but we jammed ourselves in and stood in the isle as we didn't want to wait another hour. Whatever, you know what they say, don't judge a hotel on its shuttle. So, as we rode on the shuttle, the driver starts to play a CD with a voice speaking that went something like this. "you are now going to a vintage 1950s hotel. You may sleep in the same room as [a bunch of dead guys names].  Anyway, so we get to the hotel, and go to our room. It's old, smells, is rusty, but the pillows were good, the wifi was fast, and they were clean. The faucets though we're the type you'd find in a gas station. At least the toilet had a paper band on it, saying its sparkling clean for my protection.The breakfast isn't the greatest, but it works. I wouldn't recommend this place though

    31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Scotty M.
    Well maintained with nice gardens and clean rooms. Old place so bit retro, no lifts if that matters

    It's a good inexpensive stop over place for folks going in and out of LA

    Has everything you need.

    12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Tim S.
    For 89 a night you cannot beat this place , its honestly better then hotels I've paid 120+ for in LA

    Rooms are cleaned well and well kept has WiFi a nice pool very nice greenery all around as well as two gardens that are very relaxing, they have a continental breakfast with waffles, a fee types of bangles English muffins, and bread as well ass fruits drinks hardboiled eggs and yogurts and they replenish everything frequently

    The staff is very nice as well, its honestly a nice little setup

    I def enjoyed my stay here best bang for your buck!!!

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0