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UCLA Tiverton House in Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Tiverton House in Los Angeles, CA


UCLA Tiverton House is a 100-room hotel designed to meet the needs of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center patients and their families.


Established in 1955.

UCLA Health has for more than half a century provided the best in health care and the latest in medical technology to the people of Los Angeles and the world. Comprising Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center; UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica; the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA; Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA; and the UCLA Medical Group, UCLA Health, with its wide-reaching system of primary care and specialty care offices throughout the region, is among the most comprehensive and advanced health care systems in the world.


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Rating: 3.85

Address: 900 Tiverton Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90095
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Comments (20):

1. Caroline S.
Sweet digs with an even sweeter staff.  Extra roll-away beds only $5/night!  Party in room 264!!!!

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Bill R.
While visiting LA this week I chose to pay $139/night for the proximity to UCLA where I was attending an information session/tour. I'm paranoid about bed bugs, and luckily there were none. However, the "hotel" if you can call it that, was lacking. Here's the good and bad:

Rooms were average size and generally clean (although I did find an empty Doritos bag in my bathroom). My bed had a mound in the middle (likely from two people sharing the bed). Front desk staff were UNFRIENDLY and IMPATIENT. Not cool for a hotel. Parking was very close and FREE-great plus. Location could not be beat for Westwood, restaurants, bars, cafes, and of course UCLA. I could hear people walking in the room above me. The continental breakfast was average, but the coffee was PATHETIC. They might have well been serving hot water with brown food coloring. is coffee really that hard to make?

I'd likely stay there again. Hotels in LA seem to be WAY overpriced for what one gets.

26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Janet S.
Serviceable lodgings when you need to be at UCLA.  Pleasantly surprised to have free parking.  Cute restaurants at nearby Westwood Village.

06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Letitia P.
One reason that I give Tiverton House 5 stars has nothing to do with standard hotel amenities, and everything to do with its specialized mission of serving guests with serious medical problems -- and their families, which often include children.
    Patients being treated at UCLA are advised that Tiverton House is a convenient place for them and their families to stay during treatment.  It is close enough to the hospital and to the adjacent 100, 200 and 300 medical buildings next to the Ronald Reagan Hospital that people in decent shape can easily walk to such facilities or even be rolled in wheelchairs
    Otherwise, a free shuttle picks up people from this hotel and others nearby and drops them at the medical plaza/hospital, and will also take people back to their lodgings as well.  Tiverton House also has a few wheelchairs that guets can -- and do! -- borrow to use as needed.
    There is good underground parking included in the extremely reasonable room cost, and, across the street, easily accessible by foot and wheelchair, are a Ralph's "Fresh Fare" and a Target, so that visitors can obtain anything they might need and have forgotten to bring from home.  There's a Denny's and other restaurants within walking distance, too.  In tiverton House itself, free coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available 24 hours a day, and there's a really great "continental breakfast" available from 6 to 10 a.m., that includes hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, cold cereal, pastries, bagels, milk, fruit, yogurt and more, and lots of nice spots, indoors and out, at which to eat it.
    There's a playroom for kids near the breakfast area, and there's also a computer room and library for guests to use.  You can see that the people who put this together and run it have thought about the guets they are serving, and what they might need for an extended or short stay; when a family is under stress, all these thoughtful touches make a huge difference.
    The staff, both behind the front desk and going about the hotel on their daily tasks, are thoughtful and often friendly, spontaneously greeting people in the hallways.  On the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, the hotel hosted a free Thanksgiving-type meal (with very good food) accompanied by a really wonderful three-piece musical ensemble that has played for Tiverton House at such events for many years (whose name is, I think, Urban Romance, but they didn't have a spare card, so I',\m not sure; sorry, musicians!).
    One of the things that makes this a special place is that so many of the people here are ill or here with ill loved ones, which seems to create a special bond among the guests (especially when one runs into the same people at both Tiverton House and the B2 level of Building 200, where people are getting various specialized radiation treatments, and their families can hang out in the waiting area and chat).  So hosting a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel itself was a really great idea that ties in with the bonds formed here.
    I want to be sure to acknowledge Tiverton House's General Manager, Peter Ji, and its Guest Programs Coordinanator, Janina Krupa, whose attention to keeping things running with all these nice details shows.  The staff supervised by these folks also deserves lots of credit as well -- but I won't try to list everyone by name, just by avocation -- the staff at Tiverton House.

23/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Elyn Z.
For medical visitors to UCLA the Tiverton House is  very special.  It is special not because it is luxurious but because it will provide what you need at a very reasonable price.  You are in excellent proximity to UCLA medical facilities. Within just several block is the Jules Stein Eye Instit. and Ronald Reagan Med. Center. I did not require transportation to Ronald Reagan Med. Center but another person told me that late at night she was provided with transportation so she could visit her husband at the hospital. Priceless.  The rooms are not luxurious in any sense, feels a bit more like upgraded dorm rooms but still for the reasonable rate, you have a safe, clean and decent quality room and amenities. The common areas were clean and comfortable.  The self-serve breakfast was good. There is a computer room with two computers that is open 24/7. A few rooms have a kitchenette and there is a common kitchen on the first floor.  Also you are one block from a large grocery store.

24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. P H.
This hotel provides basic lodging for those who must stay in close proximity to the UCLA campus. It is located right across the street from the ucla med center and offers unequaled access to those facilities. It is a bit institutional feeling at times UCLA runs it, afterall), but the staff is friendly, helpful and engaging. The common areas strike me as period pieces from the 60's, but they are airy and comfortable with attention to architectural detail. The continental breakfast is good, including a variety of the standard fare plus great fresh fruit in surprising variety. The parking is easy and free - in an integrated garage requiring the room card for ingress.

Alternate places within the same neighborhood include the Hilgard House, a charming little hotel, and the W Hotel for big spenders. The rooms at the W are quite small, however, and if you stay At the Hilgard House or Tiverton House, you can walk into the W like you own it and have your free coffee in it's big trendy common areas.

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Betsy R.
I stayed at the Tiverton long-term (over a month) and had a very above-satisfactory experience.

The staff are helpful and friendly, especially the maid service. +
It's clean, spacious, lots of windows and smells fresh. I moved rooms a couple times (I was there during graduation at UCLA so it was a pretty full house) and never came across anything dirty or icky. +
There are outdoor areas to chill and relax. +
The breakfast buffet is pretty awesome. Lots of cereals and baked goods to choose from, plus juices, several gourmet coffees, and all that jazz. +
There are also snack machines, even some fancier ones that have sandwiches and burritos for a few bucks, in case you get the munchies in the middle of the night. +
Perfect location. Right on the skirt edge of rush-rush Westwood, you're just steps away from the hotbed of shops, eateries and all the excitement of LA. Screw the snack machines, hit up Taco Bell or Yogurtland at 12 AM! +
Strawberry candies at the front desk, and free hot coffee, several flavors, 24/7. +
It's the most decent affordable hotel in such a good part of town. +
Easy WiFi! +

It's hard for me to find things wrong with it, because my stay was so comfortable all things considered.
I guess I would say, it would be cool if they had hot eggs, sausage and a waffle maker at breakfast. -
(Jeez am I a greedy brat or what.)

OH and, the mini fridge? Didn't really work. It was barely cold, yet the freezer was a complete frozen-over hunk of ice. So it was essentially un-usable. Balls. -

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Rene T.
question: how many colleges/universities have their own hospitals....with their own hotels....next to a ralphs (that was oddly specific)??? one, i tell you, ONE! and that university would be UCLA whose hospital, the UCLA Medical Center, administers the UCLA tiverton house.

price was really decent considering hotels in the surrounding area and all the amenities that you get. as others have mentioned, the free parking and the location are some of the few positives about the venue. and since they're a non-profit auxiliary service, your hotel stay is not assessed a hotel tax so the price they quote is inclusive of everything.

now for some cautionary notes: you have to have business at the UCLA medical center (if you don't have a doctor's appointment in the medical center, this is your chance to sign up for a clinical trial at the medical center at which UCLA researchers compensate you for being a human guinea pig at which you would then qualify for a stay in the hotel!) OR you have to have a UCLA affiliation (probably the only perk i get as an alumni after paying up the nose in tuition...).

overall, great hotel if you have biznazz at UCLA. and since i'm getting old and don't know anyone at the university and i've finally outgrown the whole couch surfing thing at random friends' floors, this is a good place to stay without breaking the bank.

25/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Tabitha E.
I stayed here in May 2010 for doctors appointments at UCLA medical center. The rooms were clean, though a bit small for a two full bed one, but fine enough. It was quiet too. The prices weren't astronimical.

The biggest downfall was their wifi was weak in my room, I had to go to down the hall to the cafeteria/dining room place to have any signal, which was just a hassle and annoyance than anything else.

The printing room was also a nice feature that took care of what could have been bad (needed to print out my schedule among other things). The small breakfast was convienient as well.

This is the first place I call when needing to stay the night for UCLA medical center.

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Adam Z.
The price in unbeatable in the area and it's very convenient  if you are visiting someone in the UCLA medical center or college. The rooms are clean but pretty basic. for the price you get a lot of amenities such as free secured parking, wifi, computer center, work out room, play room with wii's, community kitchens, basic free continental breakfast, and a library.  The front desk people seemed very nice. coffee is available downstairs very late, maybe all night. it's Seattle's best and seemed pretty good to me.

13/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Kenneth R.
Tiverton House is a kind of university guest house -- it certainly doesn't live on the same planet as the W Hotel around the corner.  Prices are low (I infer, though my hosts are paying directly).  My room is spacious and full of light.  The free underground parking is a huge plus.

I found the personnel to be totally pleasant and friendly.  The people who come around to clean rooms are especially nice.

The free Wifi (UCLA_WEB) is tricky because it likes to play with browsers but turns away other kinds of packets.  My Macintosh Mail App cannot reach the outside world via UCLA_WEB; to get mail into Mail, I have to use my phone as a portable WiFi hotspot.

The free (i.e., included) continental breakfast is pretty pathetic.  There's a huge bowl of way-overcooked hard boiled eggs, for example.  (One of my friends, who opted for the W this time around, described them as "hundred-year-old eggs".)  On the other hand, you don't have to eat the breakfast: you can go around the corner to Espresso Profeta, for example.

In the lobby area, you can get copies of the NY Times and some brewed coffee when you wake up.  The coffee ain't great, but it's very welcome.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Wendy M.
Everyone who stays at the Tiverton usually have a connection to the UCLA hospital or university.  There are a lot of family members of patients or individuals in outpatient services.  With that kind clientele, don't you think that the staff would be sensitive to the difficult situations that their customers are going through? NOPE!  Not at Tiverton.

My dad has been in the hospital battling cancer for the past six months.  After long, difficult days in the hospital, I have come back to the hotel to be treated rudely by the front desk staff.  They were short with me.... not accommodating at all, even though I had previous reservations set up through their manager.  The staff members would literally argue with me!  If this hotel wasn't so close to the hospital and gave reasonable rates for family members of patients, I would NEVER stay here again.  

These front desk staff members need to be let go or seriously retrained in customer service!  Hopefully they can make some changes, because this is very unlike UCLA.  We have had a wonderful experience with the hospital and university, but NOT this hotel.

06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Mack T.
The staff here could not be nicer.....where they found all these great people amazes me.Location fabulous....walk to everything.

Only  issue is they need to replace the mattresses and pillows......they are lumpy and worn out.  With new ones the place is a perfect 5.

17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Julienne G.
Many people stay here because they have a family member in the UCLA hospital and just need some peace and quiet in a safe place.  They have it dialed in here and you can tell they have put a lot of thought into making worried families feel comfortable.   The continental breakfast was good and available from 6:30 to 10 am for those of us with crazy schedules.

Do not expect mints on the pillow.  It's basic and sometimes the left and right panels of the drapes don't match.  It is a comfortable place with a friendly staff and a good amount of amenities like laundry, a small gym, play area, free parking, library and plenty of places to sit and relax inside and outdoors.

It's a short 10 minute walk to the hospital in a very safe area of LA.  I was there just shy of a week and walked back and forth at all hours (there's a shuttle but I'm a city kid).

There is a Ralphs (grocery), Target, Trader Joes and Rite Aid down the street and lots of places to eat within easy walking distance.  

The price is very reasonable and they aren't subject to taxes and fees so you aren't hit with the extra $30 a night charge.

I am glad they are there, and while I hope I don't have to stay there again, (because it means someone I love is sick)  I will in a second because they do their best to provide a home away from home.

18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Lillian F.
I only stayed at this hotel for one night before I started my Continent tour. Both the lobby and my room were modern and clean. I didn't really get a chance to explore the area around, but from what I saw it didn't look like there was much. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The beds are extremely comfortable. The hotel is a bit cost, but if you don't mind spending a bit of money on a room, I would highly recommend this hotel.

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Zachary C.
The UCLA Tiverton House is a classic hotel. The public areas are well done and classy. The guest rooms could use a refresh as they start to show the hotels age. Everything is clean - no worries there. It's just some of the bathroom fixtures are dated and the rooms soft goods could be modernized while paying respect to the legacy that is the UCLA Tiverton House.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Christine C.
I hear this place is hard to make reservations.  I have made a couple and without issue.  This place is SUPER convenient for anything near UCLA.  My dad was having surgery there so I decided to book accommodations here.  The people answering the phone could be hit or miss but most of the time they were okay sometimes they were stellar and super accommodating and helpful.  

Driving into the small driveway, I had given them a call and instead of making me go in to get a gate key, the lady on the phone told me to just drive up to the gate and she'd let me in- so convenient!  

When I went to the front desk I thought the lady there was the same one who I had just spoken to on the phone with but when I asked if it was her, the lady just gave me a black stare.  She was not helpful and had no customer service skills.  Didn't bother looking at her name because I didn't want to look at her, again!  lol

They offer free coffee/tea 24 hours (I think) and breakfast in the morning.  They will even call the UCLA shuttle for you if you need!  
Very convenient location and the rooms are super affordable!  The room itself is nothing great, but it is a place to sleep at night!

I'd come back if need be.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Rob D.
What I was looking for a hotel to stay close to UCLA I found the Tiverton House and was satisfied with our stay.  Located right on the outskirts of the campus and just a tad east of Westwood village the price of this hotel can't be beat.  We stayed in the double double room (two queen size beds) on the top floor.  

The overall feel to the hotel was that of a hospital.  The decor is rather stagnant and old.  Our room was a bit small.  The "game room" was a room w/ a Foosball table and a broken miniature basketball hoop.  The continental breakfast was above-average actually and not too shabby.  The best part about staying at the Tiverton House is that there's free parking.  Trust me, free parking in the Westwood area is like striking gold.  

For the price and considering the location it was a great value.  Overall I'd probably stay here again.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Carrie L.
The UCLA Tiverton House is a great place to stay and is very close to both the UCLA campus and Westwood Village. We have stayed a couple of times now and have another stay planned in June. The staff has always been friendly, the price is affordable, especially considering the area and location, they have free parking, breakfast is included, you can use their fitness center and there are nice, quiet places to sit and enjoy a good book.

14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Emma T.
Wow, I once worked here I think it is a wonderful place for people that are ill or have family with a long stay or is from another country here waiting to have surgery. Those were the good old days,  I still have my tips, and gifts from around the world, I kept them for memories of the wonderful people I met there, and to the ones that passed on.

I love helping others so when I worked there so many years ago I gave the residents my all and I understand they are still giving the same type of service to this day.

BTW, they did close at one time to renovate the hotel and make it even better!

I noticed that people are giving them some low reviews, let me tell you about the UCLA Tiverton House, it was put there for the patients and their families to have a hotel near by when they come to this country or from another state and have an affordable hotel to stay.

Please keep in mind that the people that stay there are hurting in some way and UCLA put this hotel there to ease the burden on them.

They have a community kitchen (I just loved this and had a chance to meet people from all over the world and assist them with ordering food from stores from their countries and showing them how the equipment in the kitchen worked).

It was like traveling around the world eating at peoples houses, as I was invited to eat with many of the residents and learned that there is no difference in a person that has Cancer in Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Japan, China or the US, hurt is hurt.
I made many friends there.

They also have a workout room, a laundry room, a library and a lot of other amenities that 4 Diamond hotels DO NOT PROVIDE.

These services alone deserve more than 5 stars as they make it as comfortable for the guests as possible and affordable (whom ever thought of this kind of hotel was very detailed and must have been a loving, caring person)

It is a one of a kind hotel, they are not competing with the W, DUH, they are not trying to be a 4 Diamond Hotel for celebrities, they are in business to help people in need, DUH, SMH, GTFO

I for one totally get it as a  2 time cancer survivor and a lady that lost all of her sisters (4) to Breast Cancer and many other family members and friends, I think there should be a Tiverton House near every hospital.

Keep in mind that people fly in from all over the world to stay there, they are not only sick or hurting, but in a Foreign country, I don't think they are necessarily looking for Luxury.

It was an honor to work there and help others and meet such wonderful people, I am very Happy to know that the UCLA Triverton House is still doing the same for people today (providing a loving caring enviorment for those in need)

May God continue to bless this hotel and I pray that it never close.

22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0