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Best Western Plus Tree House in Mount Shasta, CA

Best Western Plus Tree House in Mount Shasta, CA


Best Western Plus Tree House is nestled at the gateway to Mt. Shasta, welcoming guests to this spectacular mountain resort area, which is surrounded by natural beauty, plenty of recreational activities and a stunning view of Mt. Shasta. The 14,161 foot face of Mt. Shasta does impress, as will the Shasta Trinity National Forest it is set in.

We are located in northern California, one hour north of Redding and one hour south of the Oregon border. It is within an easy drive of San Francisco, Sacramento and Portland for a weekend getaway or vacation in any season.

Mt. Shasta offers many activities for travelers looking to escape the hectic pace of daily life. Find yourself exploring through downtown shops, museums and art galleries. Visitors and locals alike pursue a limitless array of experiences here. It is the perfect place to get just enough snow for prime skiing conditions; the summer brings fishing, boating, mountain climbing and golfing.


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Rating: 3.71

Address: 111 Morgan Way, Mount Shasta, CA, 96067
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Comments (82):

1. Diana H.
Just spent 2 nights at this hotel (have stayed here on several occasions), but this was the first time I've had a room with a view of The Mountain. The front desk people were very friendly and even upgraded our room because we were very disappointed that the pool & spa were closed (being rennovated). Sitting in the spa was one of the things we were looking forward to. It was a nice room, not great, but we enjoyed it. The free breakfast is one of those "get what you pay for" meals. The eggs, etc., were slightly warm, so we asked if our meals could be warmed in the microwave. They accommodated us, but it still tasted awful. We ate elsewhere the next morning. I'd stay here again.

26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Lisa M.
Honest!  We were driving to LA and needed a place to stay for the night and the description in the AAA book sounded good.   The room was comfortable and clean.  I was rushing in the morning and forgot my favorite raincoat in the closet. They recovered it and sent it to me at no charge.  The coat arrived in around four days and was shipped priority mail.   I was so happy to get my coat back!  Other good things:  Alaskan Amber on tap and surprisingly good food in the restaurant, walking distance to Rays supermarket  and Round Table Pizza and the motel is right off the freeway.

27/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Jim F.
Lodge-like style that fits with the town and mountain. Very clean and comfortable with friendly, helpful staff. On the ground floor, I liked the two room doors, one to the outside (parking) and second door to the interior hallway. Quite good full breakfast buffet. Will definitely stay here when I come back to take another crack at the mountain (stormed out).

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Skip B.
Best breakfast eva! Rooms were clean and neat. Saff was very friendly and helpful.

01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Mike B.
We stayed here while traveling through Mt. Shasta. The room was much bigger than we expected and the breakfast was better than expected. Definitely recommended.

04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Jimmy L.
Not just another Best Western -- a rather more solid place (quite literally: the place was built in the 1970's with the beautiful local timber, including lots of exposed beams and custom touches on things like stairways, etc.), with its own restaurant, reasonably-large rooms, etc., and fantastic views of Mt Shasta just a few miles away. I've been staying here once or twice a year for nearly fifteen years (at least), and keep going back, mostly because of the location (right off I-5, and a few minutes easy walk from Mt Shasta's main street), but also because it's got more of the feel of a minor resort hotel than a plain old motel-just-off-the-freeway.

The restaurant used to be one of the only games around, but in the last decade it's been getting a lot of competition from hipper, smarter, healthier places in town; but it's still pretty good for breakfast (but get the real breakfast menu, not the icky buffet-style thing...).

One very minor complaint: the guest rooms have typical hotel-generic landscape art in them. Jeeez guys, you've got one of the most beautiful lanscapes on earth just outside, maybe you could put some nice photos or paintings of Mt Shasta, Castle Lake, etc., in the rooms? (And keep local artists happy by doing so...).

19/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Mike L.
Unique cabin type feel of the place in a beautiful area.
The rooms were clean and although the decor/bedding was dated it remained true to the woodsy feel of the place. The price is on the high side, I think we paid around $140/night for a single queen (maybe king?). At this price make absolutely sure that you use the breakfast/drink/dinner tickets they give you at check in.
I didn't get a chance to eat there but when I left in the morning the breakfast buffet looked and smelled very very good for a hotel breakfast. They had what appeared to be omelets etc, more than the norm...
I wouldn't necessarily call it a 4 star hotel but it was a 4 star stay. Mt. Shasta is beautiful and this is a great place to relax and stay while in town.

23/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Ricky O.
I've been staying at the Tree House four or five times a year for several years. I have always found the staff to be courteous, helpful and friendly. I never cease to get a chuckle concerning having to sign a "No Rowdy Parties" clause when I check-in. The room price includes a 15% restaurant discount, a complimentary cocktail, and a complimentary hot breakfast buffet. The bar is cozy and has, without a doubt, the most comfortable "at the bar" chairs. I have noticed that  the bartender never seems to be the same person from one visit to the next. However, they do seem to have a penchant for hiring attractive college-age women bartenders.  So, yet another reason for a middle-age man-on-the-road to rest his weary posterior in one of those cushy bar chairs. You can order from the restaurant menu in the bar.  Rather than be redundant I will simply say that "Jimmy L." is right-on with his description of the physical property.

I stay at many Best Westerns. This is one of their pricier locations, but it's also one of the three nicest I've stayed at in CA and OR. I definitely give them my recommendation. Additionally, if you've never stopped in the tiny town of Mt. Shasta you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

27/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. b h.
Stayed here June 3-5 2011. Not great. VERY noisy. The walls are so thin that you can hear everything in the rooms next to you so I woke up multiple times during the night.  Something in the bed linens made us itch also. I will not be returning to the Tree House Motor Inn.

10/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. V R.
This is most certainly the coolest Best Western at which I have ever stayed! The atmosphere is very "log cabin" or maybe "ski lodge," with wooden plank walls (NOT to be confused with wood paneling :)) and ceilings. Although it was kind of pricey (we paid $173 w/ taxes for one night, king bed), it FELT like a luxury hotel. Nice towels, very large room and bathroom, great shower, plenty of plump pillows and soft sheets. And the view -- amazing!

I was very thankful, too, that they quickly mailed my forgetten phone charger to me. Great service!

I would give it five stars, but the restaurant that's in the hotel doesn't deliver room service -- you have to go pick up your own tray (plus no condiments and plastic flatware downgrade the whole experience). Boooo! To be a truly top-notch hotel, they need to change that.

I highly recommend this hotel.

28/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Michael B.
wish we could stay longer

25/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. David H.
I did not stay in the hotel but I did eat in the restaurant.  The staff did not have a real good feel, the staff was not attentive to our needs.  They had to ask when we wanted things and didn't seem to want to watch for when we were finishing up one dish to bring the next.  The food was alright but not really great.  The staff also did not show really any initiative or were not intuitive.

08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Lana B.
We stayed at this hotel for almost a week.  It looked very nice online and when we arrived, we were happy with the way everything looked.  Slowly during our stay there, little problems kept coming up.  
The worst issue of all was the noise early in the morning before 6am, sometimes 5am.  The hotel's parking lot gets full of construction work trucks in the early afternoon and they start revving their engines before 6am.  Not the way you want to wake up when you're on vacation.
We were looking forward to breakfasts at the hotel; however it just wasn't that great so we ended up eating our own breakfast in the room instead.  There are 2 kinds of scrambled eggs, but neither one had salt and were too cold.  The coffee was a major disappointment.  It tasted like water with some coloring in it.  Even tea tasted stronger.  There are some other items that were not so bad though, variety of fruits, yogurts, cereals, bacon and sausage and potatoes.  We didn't try the potatoes at all, so can't speak for that.  I don't like sausage, so didn't try it, but bacon was good.
We ate dinner at the hotel one evening.  The service was not very friendly.  The food was ok, but nothing special, and a bit overpriced for the value you get.
The pool was a good size and heated, not too crowded.  Our 2 young kids really enjoyed swimming there.  The smell of chlorine was overwhelming one day and next day not so bad, not sure why.  The hot tub is pertty big too.  We didn't get any rashes.
Housekeeping was just ok, sort of hit and miss.  Some days they did a good job, other days our beds were just thrown together, old towels were not picked up and new towels were just thrown in quickly.  It would have been nice to get a new bar of soap during our stay.  We also found somebody's shoe under one of the beds and I'm pretty sure it's still there.
The first couple of nights we were very cold with thin blankets, and then without us asking they gave us warmer newer blankets.  This was a nice surprise.  However, the weather got warmer, so we didn't even need the warmer blankets any more.   We had to use the A/C, which was very noisy and started making strange clicking sounds that woke us up in the middle of the night.  
Reception area was also just ok.  They were pleasant, but not overly helpful.  I was shocked that they knew nothing about Lassen and had no information about it.  It's a major National Park only 2 hrs drive from there.  They also didn't have too many flyers and information for places to visit.  I was glad to have my own book "Northern California, Fun with the Family" and of course Yelp is always helpful.  
Overall, the hotel could use some decor updates, especially with carpets and wall decor.  And please remove the sign that says "Wait to be seated" for the dining room, if you just want people to walk in and sit anywhere.
The city of Mount Shasta is a strange place.  It looks like it was once a fun place, but now there are many empty stores or just really weird ones.  Lots of hippy, new age stuff, crystals, gems, tattoos, piercings, matted hair, bearded backpackers.  It's hard to find a good restaurant or a coffee shop, and you can pretty much forget about any kind of shopping.  Skip Vivify, it's not worth it.  And if you stumble into the Coffee Connection place, they will ignore you until you make the line in front of the register.  People really take their time there and are not overly friendly.
On the other hand, the nature is fantastic... absolutely beautiful, so all the weirdness and lack of hospitality is worth it.  Mt Shasta, Lake Siskiyou, lavander field just north of there, McCloud river waterfalls, Lassen... all the beautiful places you must go see!

03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Yoshi M.
While on vacation, my wife and I decided to stop here. The staff was great, they were very friendly, and the restaraunt that is part of the lodge was really great. The breakfast was pretty good.

When arriving in our room however, the "non smoking" room smelled very much like smoke. Very heavily. This was rather disappointing, but we persevered. Other than that, it wasn't bad at all.

16/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Pamela W.
Really good service from Melissa at the front desk.
Room #339 has vaulted ceilings, king bed, and great view of Mt. Shasta from the couch.  Thanks!

01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. L B.
Crappy rip off. Beds are so uncomfortable, the staff is so rude and unaccommodating. The breakfast was an absolute abhor, having to wait 20 minutes to seat yourself for stale potatoes?  Soooo not worth the price per evening.

15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Liju G.
Great location right off the freeway and in town. Large room with a great view of Mt Shasta. Loved the breakfast buffet. More than adequate parking!

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Stephen Y.
Ordered hamburger and fish & chips. hamburger was really good, fish & chips were shockingly fresh. better than food than the most Monterey Wharf food. Price was average. Overall a great value. Note: Staying at the best western at same location, ordered to pick up, delivery 18% surcharge. Worth walking down to the restaurant.

21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Jenn G.
Decent hotel for the price, though the front desk staff seems to have collective brain damage. They (multiple people) neglected to mention that the exterior doors to the rooms don't open, because the new weatherstripping apparently causes them to stick.  So we got to learn the hard way with the two of us trying to use brute force to open the damn door, not realizing there was another way to access the cool air conditioning that was taunting us in the late August heat.  

The free breakfast isn't the value it claims to be, unless you're a fan of bad coffee and the rewarmed egg & potatoes thing.    I am not.

Otherwise the room was fine, the cable TV included Comedy Central, and they allow pets (for an extra fee).  The central proximity to 'downtown' Shasta was a bonus.

14/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Chris P.
Recently had a solid two nights at the tree house on a business trip to meetings in Mt. Shasta. The room was perfectly adequate for what I paid but the real bonus was the awesome bartender. She was totally on it both nights I rolled in with the bosses and on the second night played  a crucial role in a switch and change on one of the bosses. We slid some horrendous well whiskey in place of his ordered Johnny Walker on the rocks and pulled it off without a hitch.

I only hope I can find hotels in the future that will help me to put the guy's "refined" palate to the test again.

14/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Scott D.
This place was top notch with included buffet breakfast and indoor pool and spa. Very hard to go wrong especially with a view of the gorgeous mt shasta that we recently conquered.

What a way to celebrate a two day successful assent to the top of mount shasta in a ton of snow and ice with cramp ons, ice axes and the whole bit. Right on!

26/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Diva M.
The room is OK, it's clean but the air conditioner was very noisy and did not make the room cold. The front desk personnel were not very friendly.  For $150 a night, I had a better service in The Bellagio Las Vegas. What a rip off!!!

When my family and I went for the buffet breakfast we had to wait for 12 minutes to SEAT OURSELVES. The servers saw us standing there, but NOBODY was telling us where to seat. After we sat ourselves a staff said "we're very busy today, we're short staffed" My family and I were VERY DISAPPOINTED!  The food was mediocre. They serve cold sausage, scrambled egg, dried out potatoes (yuck) etc. I even overheard a lady eating breakfast asking the staff if she could bring an apple to her room and the staff replied "sure you can have anything you want but don't take the chaffing dish we'll use it again tomorrow" WTF!!! Is this how they treat their HOTEL GUESTS???!!!! WTF!!!

The only good about this place is the LOCATION, it's just off the freeway.

I don't recommend this place at all.

18/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Megan L.
Although I have not had a bad experience while staying in the hotel, their food service is a complete other story.
To celebrate a family event, I took my mom and brothers out to "the nicest dinner in town" which is not much of a selection out in Mt Shasta. We ordered the spinach artichoke dip which tasted like pesto that had been left out in the sun, uuk! Then, our main course of prime rib was more fat than meat. Worst of all was when it was time to pay, I gave the waitress $60 and my credit card. The idiot waitress took my card, charged the whole amount and tried to pocket the $60 as a tip! Really? A $60 tip on a $100 meal? Hmmm, I think not. When I called the manager to speak about it, he was rude and unhelpful, he said he could reverse the charges for me and give me a credit, but then explained he would have assumed the same thing she did....all I can say is if you have low tolerance for STUPID, don't dine here! Infact I can't tell you a safe place to dine in Mt Shasta with exception to Strings which will be closing and moving to Yreka soon. Thank god I live in the city and don't have to deal with service and people this bad on a weekly basis! If you stay in Shasta on vacation, I strongly reccomend a vacation rental with a kitchen! Almost everytime I have had food poisening it was from some "place" in this city! Beware!!!
Oh, and the comment below about the chlorine issue is true. My boyfriend also broke out in hives after a dip in the hot tub. We just skipped ER.

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Suzanne M.
Beautiful inside. Nice indoor pool and hot tub. Good breakfast. The only problem is we didn't have wifi in our room at the far end of the hotel.

07/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Gwen C.
Great accommodations! The hotel is currently undergoing renovations, and looks like it will be even nicer when they're finished. It is very aesthetically pleasing already, with a very woodsy, high-end cabin feel to it. The beds and pillows are quite comfortable, and each room has a very nice, large TV with great cable service (even had HBO!). We really enjoyed the free hot breakfast, and were surprised when it wasn't just the standard muffins and juice that most hotels offer for their complimentary breakfast. There were eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, as well as a wide variety of cereals and pastries. The food was all fresh, well-cooked, and delicious! We hadn't planned on staying in Mt Shasta at all, but a broken-down car left us no choice. We're very grateful that there was a place like this to stay!

03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Jann G.
Pluses: VERY comfortable bed, VERY nice courtyard., VERY good pet policy (only $15). VERY nice HDTV ... -- however, channels displayed were NOT in HD -- so we just plugged in iPhone to it and did not care -- preferring to watch iTunes movies instead.

Negatives: VERY expensive ($165+ during June), VERY dirty windows, VERY thin walls (and doors), VERY loud A/C/Heating.  VERY dated decor.

So, I don't even know where to start.  I love the PLUS idea of the Best Western properties -- and always stay at them when possible... however, this hotel just did not match a couple of the things I would expect when dealing with a "Plus-sed property"

Riiinnngggg --- Hey Best Western Treehouse:  the 1970's called.  They want their decor back!  Sometimes this kind of decor is seen as simple and minimalistic -- with the browns and golds and the patterns.  But many times (when done wrong) it is simply dated.

Yes, there is a table in the room, and WOW, it has a built-in multiple outlet strip -- useful -- , but NO, it is NOT a desk.  It is a table -- as in a table to eat at.  the PLUS moniker states you will get a desk.  Small difference maybe, but they ARE different heights and you work better at a desk.  There IS what amounts to a surprise screwed into the wall above the nightstand:  another mutli-outlet strip.  As ugly as it sounds -- and it is ugly -- it is handy.  Thanks!

Yes, there is High-Speed internet, so working and playing on the net is not that bad...but the load balancing between the internet WiFi hubs are bad.  It is simply 3 different WiFi access points in the different buildings and it is low-speed WiFi, so from what I can tell you are limited NOT by the actual internet speed but by the access point you are on. They are 9-year old technology and cheap (very cheap) ... and I would've expected better from the Best Western.

The walls are VERY thin.  At 10pm we were just getting ready to fall asleep when we heard LOUD grinding/vibrating in the walls.  Jumping out of bed we ran to the door  (thinking it was an alarm of some kind) only to find out that the sound was rattling of pipes in the walls -- and water rushing through pipes -- when the people in the room next to me was taking (not one, but TWO) showers at 10pm. That would've been fine except you could hear the water, sink and toilet in use as well.

Also, do remember that the water can change temperature at the drop of a hat -- when you are in the shower.  I played a game of dancing to the rear and front of the shower to wash, rinse and finally jump out of the shower.  I am guessing other people were using cold water in the sink or flushing the toilet nearby.

Oh, two entry doors in the room.  One on the front -- from the hall, one toward the rear -- to the courtyard.  Only thing?  4 locks, deadbolts and chains on each door.  Safety maybe -- but overkill.  just indicate on ONE lock which way to turn it in order to keep it locked...please!  It kept me guessing -- so i just locked them all (i think) used the chain and went to bed.

When will hotels learn that frequent replacement of the Air Conditioning/Heating units can be the number one money savers they can do? The one-piece in-wall unit was loud and -- frankly -- ugly.  Keep it new and up to date and it will save you money in the long run.  Replace the ones that are loud and you will have more people come back. Not to mention that loud A/C units generally mean un-efficient compressors!

NOT that they seem to have to worry about any of these negatives as they were fully-booked both the night before my stay and the night of my stay.  I think that, in this case, the beauty of the surroundings tend to offset the lower quality of the hotel.  -- or they do in many people's minds.

25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. nicky f.
Again this review is for the lounge and mainly for the management. I don't appreciate, while having a cocktail, the bartender is being abused by getting called a cun*  by loud, obnoxious, drunk Pacific Power employees. Not to mention the trail of vomit one of them left while returning to his room. This is uncalled for in my book. How come the management didn't handle this situation?  I understand Siskiyou County is in a state of emergency and the Pacific Power guys need to take a load off at the end of the day; but that doesn't give them the right to be obnoxious fools. And why were they?  Because the management didn't step in and do their job in my opinion. 5 stars for the bartender and negative stars for the management!

26/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Rob J.
Complete dump, was probably nice in the 70's when they bought the furniture
Dirty, old, horrible food. It was to cold to sleep in the car, so I wrapped up in my own blanket and slept on the old dirty bed.

10/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Lisa P.
This hotel was OK -- not great, not horrible.  It had everything we needed except breakfast.  Don't be fooled by the fact that they say they offer a complimentary breakfast.  Two out of the four mornings we were there, they ran out of food.  How hard is it to set up an additional waffle maker or put out extra yogurt or breads when you know you are sold out and are going to have a crowd at breakfast? Very poorly managed. Go to the Black Bear Diner instead.

Room was fine.  Plenty of space for our family of 3. Comfortable beds. Toilet ran really slow and we had to call for maintenance twice in 4 days. Staff pleasant. Housekeeping hit or miss.  Good wifi. Nice view.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Erin M.
Great place for our family for two nights in late February.  Beds were very comfortable and bathroom was sparkling clean.  The fridge and microwave in our room were helpful for keeping the kids fueled, and it was great that there are a couple of small areas on the hotel premises where the kids could play in the snow.  The hotel feels nice inside because it looks authentically rustic for such a big place.

The free breakfast offered plenty of quantity which is good, but the quality wasn't great.  Since it was included in the cost of the room, the food was plentiful, and the dining room had views of snowy trees, I would say it was A-OK.  The kids loved the fresh waffles (they have an area where you make them yourself using these big waffle irons) and we enjoyed tons of coffee.  

Our dinner experience at the hotel was weird.  Basically, they don't offer room service but you can order food from the restaurant and then they call you when it's ready for pick-up.  But when I got there to pick up the food, everything was on real (re: heavy) plates and all four meals and associated beverages were loaded onto one humongous tray!  It was so wide, heavy, and awkward in shape.  Let's just say that it was a stressful long walk involving ramps, stairs, and long corridors and in the end the whipped cream on the kids' hot chocolate and some of the soup didn't make it back to our room (it sloshed out, drenching me and the tray).  They forgot the silverware, too, which meant I had to go back to get it.

The indoor swimming pool is awesome and added another dimension to our first family snow trip.  The water is cool but not cold, the room is warm, and the pool is in perfect condition.  We had so much fun playing in the pool after spending the day playing in the snow.

We'd go back but probably skip meals at the restaurant (except for free breakfast).

22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Krista B.
Nice hotel to stay when coming to Shasta.  There are only a few rooms that have views  of Mt. Shasta, which was disappointing for me, since I was hoping I could just look right outside and see the mountain.  

The staff was very friendly and accommodating.  They appeared very efficient with everything. After 5 hrs on the road, the staff helped us relax from providing us with a Pack and Play for our baby to opening our bottle of wine:)   The hotel is very accessible to downtown and other areas in the Shasta vicinity.  

The beds were very comfortable and they had a lovely waterfall and grass courtyard right outside our room; which was great for my very active 9 month old. They also have a great area to let your dogs run around.  

The interior of the hotel could use some updating.  It has a 70 -80's log cabin look. It is kinda of unique in its own way, but could use some life.  Our room did have a mildew/mold smell, but it was not overwhelming.  The water pressure was great and the bathtub had a safety mat that was perfect for baby.  I definitely recommend this place!!

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. R J.
Really cannot find anything negative to say about this hotel.  The people were very friendly, the food was good, the rooms were clean, plenty of parking, view was great...naturally if one is looking for gourmet dining, a Best Western would not be on the Zagat list, but given it's an inexpensive hotel, I'd say it's really good.

29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Lynne F.
Loved this place the last four days! Great prices, great amenities, great service! Price of $124 a night ( includes tax) also includes a full breakfast with sausages, fruit, yogurt, bacon, eggs, waffles, etc. I even made a peanut butter sandwich every day and took an apple or orange foe my lunch! We were hiking for four days, so the hot tub and pool at the end of a long day of boulder climbing was wonderful! The staff is really nice and very helpful. This is the nicest Best Western I have stayed in. Don't forget to leave the maid tips and the staff in the restaurant after breakfast. They work hard and get minimum wage! Will go again for sure!

24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Chris M.
When you hear the name Best Western, there's always a collective grumble. However, this Best Western, has been the BEST one I've ever been to.

My company was the host of a motorcycle ride with CEOs, VPs and other high-level people of trucking companies across the United States (50-60 people in total). We had some concerns whether or not this hotel would  meet the standards of some riders, since they are people who are used to staying at four and five star hotels.

Brian, the hotel manager, was fantastic to work with. Our group arrived very staggered (some had gotten lost on the motorcycle ride), and he had his staff on top of helping them with luggage. The staff also walked outside, where most of our riders were trying to get their luggage, with hors d'oeuvres and kept our riders very happy.

Dinner was fantastic and I heard tons of compliments on the freshness of the salmon. Apparently it was caught the same day and it tasted amazing. Again, these riders were people who dine at restaurants with Michelin stars, so they were very impressed.

We had evening entertainment consisting of fire dancers and Brian went above and beyond to make sure our AV guy had the perfect lighting for them, just short of shutting down power to the entire hotel.

As for the rooms, I was expecting your usual average, dreary Best Western room. I was completely surprised. My room was big and had a slanted wood ceiling, making me really feel like I was out in the woods. I had a balcony that had a fantastic view of Mt. Shasta. If you've never seen the sun peek over Mt. Shasta in the morning, it's a sight to see.

I'm not a big five star review person, as I try and give them out to places that truly are over the top. But this hotel and its staff was fantastic. For a hotel in Mt. Shasta, pretty far away from any significant population, it was absolutely phenomenal. If you ever are having an event and end up in Mt. Shasta, this is THE place to have it.

13/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Kellie C.
Took a spontaneous road trip to Mount Shasta to see the eclipse. Stopped here afterward and luckily we got the last room available. It did seem a bit overpriced for just a basic room, but it did include free breakfast. The bar downstairs was nice and the dinner we ordered from room service was good also.

27/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Tina W.
Great hotel and service. More amenities than "typical" Best Western including hot breakfast buffet, bar & grill, and indoor pool/spa.  Staff was very friendly and accommodating.

14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. nan r.
Pleasant, helpful front desk w/ clean, quiet and roomy suites.  The kitchens even have dishwashers, 2 burner stoves and normal sized refrigerators.  This is a good place to stop when you're traveling up and down Hwy 5.  The front desk recommended Porter's restaurant downtown for dinner and it was very good.

05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Sherwood R.
We have been staying here often since it opened in the 1970's. The inn is well maintained and regularly upgraded to make it nicer for guests. The extensive use of wood used at the inn came from the original owners own sawmill. We feel it is very attractive.
The service is usually top-notch. The inn's staff have been here for many years and are friendly and helpful.
On this last visit we were disappointed with our restaurant dinner on our first night. We know from past experiences with Mt. Shasta restaurants that chefs are difficult to find and keep. That may have been the case now. The food was okay, but did not match the quality we've come to expect of the Tree House. We mentioned our feelings to the staff, and hope that proper action will be taken. We ate dinner our next night and the food was much improved; a man a table away told the server he had an excellent tasting steak. Maybe the night before was the chef's night off? The servers both nights were cherry and attentive. We feel the included breakfast is quite satisfactory. There are many choices of foods to select from at the buffet. For a small city to have a gem inn like the Tree House is wonderful. We remain big fans!

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Joseph J.
So my experience here was dismal though not personally offensive.  We let 2 rooms for a weekend and on arrival were given 2 dark, dank, smelly, and I believe windowless rooms.  After asking for alternatives--none were available--we bowed out.  Yuk.  Try the cabins at the Mount Shasta Golf Course on Lake Sis--clean, contemporary, beautiful, and peaceful.  Huge difference in accomodations for a tiny to no difference in price.

29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Bryan L.
Everything was amazing. 4 stars because there were a few hairs here and there in our room. Other than that it was a perfect stay. Will stay here again for sure.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Roumelia D.
We were caught in a snow storm on our way from Woodland, Ca. to Portland. It was 10:00 pm.  We yelped for a close hotel and we found this gem. Our family of 5 got the last room. We had an awesome room with microwave and fridge. And free breakfast buffet which the kids loved!!!... Thank you to the staff member who helped us when our minivan got stuck in the snow when we tried to find parking... Highly recommend this place!!!

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Matt C.
Walks like a motel, smells like a motel, it is a motel...

Checked in after reading the reviews thinking I might have found a gem. EXACTLY what you would expect from a Best Western. Average or below. Tried to charge me a 150 rate for drop in in November. Got a better rate. Got to room, outside door didn't work. Had to go around. Very average room, seemed clean. Windows dirty. Heating/Cooling system sounded like a jet going off and would turn on and off 15 times per hour. While watching TV, I had to keep turning up and turning down the TV per the heat. Kept me awake all night.

Went to the included breakfast. Holy Moly was it atrocious..  Brick hard Waffles, slimy eggs, some sort of egg casserole, bad coffee. Awful.. got a plate. Took one bite and walked over to Black Bear Diner.. Why even bother offering B-Fast.

People working there seemed nice.

01/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Cody A.
BEST Hotel i  have ever stayed out. This includes the rooms, designs, culture of the place itself, ammenities, staff, food, the pools, and the views!!!!! This buidling is huge and can easily fit a thousand or more people. It's a beautiful throughout inside and out and i've been coming here for many, many years. This hotel includes a breakfast, lunch and dinner lounge, a front desk area with a fireplace, computer or two, office chairs/desks and comfy couches with a bar! The hallways are long and quiet and smell awesome-except for the smoking rooms.

The pool is HUGE. Biggest hotel pool i have ever seen. Unfortunately its only 5-6 feet deep at the very most, but the hot tub is also pretty big.

I love the rooms too! they come with their own little wood carved trees or bears on the wall and theres always something nice about each room-a view, the amount of space, etc.

I couldnt be happier with this hotel. This is my favorite and i could never see myself loving another. Getting a view of shasta with your room is pure amazing.

You're close to downtown, the shops, the store and Rite Aid. Even close to Lake Siskiyou.

Every night and morning you can hear the train passing by and it really fits in with the town!


23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Tracy Q.
My husband and I stayed here for one night last weekend...actually we left at 9:30 PM Very unhappy!!  The hotel was over loaded with kids form a ski team that were running up and the halls..Once they started door bell ditching us that was the final straw. When I went up to the front desk to get my money back. One of the fathers stood laughing with all of the children. As I was arguing with him for doing nothing to control the kids he started yelling at me. I pushed him aside to get to the front as he yelled "assault!" telling management that he wanted the police called.  The entire staff looked at me like the entire argument was my fault. The story about what has happen has grown in the minds of all the staff and the father of one of the kids.  The story today seems to be I slapped him, hit him in his "broken arm" (no cast or brace was worn) threw a pen at his face and my husband has hit him now too!
We told the hotel that we were leaving and the next day the charged my credit card! The general Manager "BRIAN" who refused to give me his last name or the name of his Superior wouldn't listen to my side of the story and went on to tell me that I was "clearly unstable and a Psycho"  If this is any inclination as to how he runs his business I would take myself down town to stay at the 1 star hotels any day!
Good luck!

28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
45. AMC J.
Pros:  Clean, decent sized rooms, comfy beds, nice staff and awesome free breakfast on the weekends.  The pool was great, perfect temp and not overly chlorinated.  Plus they had plenty of extra towels down there and even a shower for rinsing off.
Cons:  Food was terribly overpriced in the restaurant/lounge and they charged us an extra $6 because we mentioned we were splitting one of our items.
While you are in Mt. Shasta, visit the Veterans club for happy hour.   Drinks were like $2.50 and beers were $1.50.  Very vintage inside with awesome artwork like a nudie pinup girl painted on the ceiling.

23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Susie V.
clean, reasonable prices, and walking distance to some great breakfast spots.
loved the huge tree in the lobby, coolest Best Western that I have ever been too;)

04/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Melissa T.
This Best Western is pretty decent. For a reasonble price, you get awesome views, good service and what was hands-down the best pool/spa combo of all the similarly priced hotels I stayed in on a recent trip. No seriously, their pool and spa rocked my crippled (I have an injury that requires water to do PT and relieve the aches) world well above and beyond that of 4 others I sampled in the same trip.

Anyhow, the staff here are extremely accomodating and sweet. The continental breakfast is average. The grounds are pretty nice for a Best Western. The view is great. The only real negative is that the walls are PAPER THIN (eew) and the interior decor of the rooms is pretty utilitarian. Overall, we were pleased and would come back.

06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Kay B.
Family has come here for 35 years on the way to Oregon!  Still just the same:  dog friendly, cold pool 78 degrees , super noisy air conditioning
...some things never change but we still love to stop over here!

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Mike M.
This restaurant would be amazing if they simplified the menu.  I took a chance and ordered the duck breast with a red wine and blue berry reduction sauce.  What arrived was less than 3 oz of duck meat with 10 oz of fat smothered in a sauce that only insulted the flavor of the duck.  I complained to the waiter, who was literally one day into his new job and dashed back into the kitchen for advice.  He returned with little to offer, just a sweaty forehead, a shrug of the shoulders and a 20% discount.  
The restaurant had only one other patron, scary considering it was a Saturday night and the restaurant manager was long gone after teaching the young man how to open our bottle of wine.  

Breakfast was incredibly disappointing.  They offer a hot buffet with scrambled eggs, waffle station, country style potatoes, fatty meats, fruit and sugar cereals.  The potatoes were horrible, rock hard and inedible.  However, the breakfast is free with the room and one can't expect much.

02/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Johnna S.
For the rate this Tree House Inn gets an audible groan.

The view is good but not out of their windows-they're filthy. I spent most of the trip wondering how people could let their windows get so filthy rather than sighing over the remarkable views of this mountain I came to show my dear FIL.

And the room! The room was not what I'd call clean and for 150+ a night y'all need to shut your mouth and install an elevator or some employee to haul my shit up and down these stairs. With my baby. This is just nonsense.

But the front desk didn't piss me off.

Yes this leg was a bust but maybe we'll get luckier next time.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
51. Dawn G.
Good experience on two separate occasions with this friendly, cozy motel

Staff is VERY helpful and most live locally and are super willing to chat with you about their lovely town and things to do and see.

Rooms are clean and spacious and our nights were quiet - we slept well each time.

Easy to get to from the highway and the main blvd. of mount shasta is a very quick drive or nice walk away - nice central location

Breakfast is included and it's one of the better complimentary ones I've had. Full breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, pastries, waffles etc - and it's good.  

This is our go to place to stay here in Shasta, I would highly recommend.

17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Cassandra R.
Great surprise. We were taking a trip up from So Cal up to Seattle, and Mt. Shasta was about halfway there, so we decided to stop there and just get whatever hotel we saw. We picked the Best Western, and I'm glad we did! We got the suite for some reason (not charged extra), and it was so huge! It had an amazing view of Mount Shasta.

12/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Erika S.
Awesome family-friendly place to stay.  Great deal and great location!

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Isaac H.
This hotel is the best hotel in Mount Shasta. I love that this hotel has it's own restaurant.

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Zach H.
Very nice best western, if a little expensive. Surprisingly quiet for being right next to the freeway, though!

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. M.D. C.
Great hotel and accommodations as far as the room and front desk service. I took the rating down a star because the in-house bar and grill, Cooper's, does not have good food. The all-you-can-eat breakfast bar is excellent with fresh food and lots of variety; they just can't do any other meals. Not a problem- there's plenty of quaint eats in town.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Jo-Ann D.
We were at the same wedding as Amy, but on the groom's side.  Anything that has been written about beds and furniture before doesn't mean anything as of this writing, because they were in the process of changing ALL of both the day we arrived.  Our room was just fine though we didn't have a view.  Everybody from desk to bar to restaurant was friendly and accommodating. We decided to add an extra day and they were able to add this on without any problems.  The room was very clean and we were restocked with toiletries every day..
 Breakfast was fine, though some bacon would be good ;}.   They had a good selection of cooked as well as cold foods.  Endless supply of juices and hot drinks..  The Cooper's Bar & Grill was good ,too.  The bartenders & staff went out of their way to accommodate late night requests. There's a magnificent view of the mountain from the restaurant/breakfast room.  Not cheap but very reasonable, we had a fine time here.  We will come back and recommend this to our family & friends !!

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Jan L.
We were at Coopers at the Tree House on Thursday 3-20-14 four ladies from my office went for lunch.  I must say I was surprised it was very good, I had crab cakes which were very tasty.  One gal ordered their spinach salad with feta cheese and they were out of cheese which makes that salad.  They had really no other cheese for the salad except Parm which is not nearly as good.  Now  Coopers is only walking distance from Rays and they could of sent someone there to purchase Feta and made her happy.  Yes they would of paid more but for the customer it would of been worth it.  Other than that it was good food.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Erin O.
Not as glowing as my previous reviews. I must have had small luggage in the past. This time, I showed up with a suitcase packed for  full week in California and I realized for the first time there is no elevator to 2nd floor rooms! (At least not in the wing we stayed in.) Plus, the price just seemed elevated as compared to the past (over $200) and for that, I want a more up-to-date room. I'd still return, but try to book in advance and get a price deal and bring small bags, you will have to carry them upstairs.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Lew A.
Under the dignified presence of Mount Shasta rests this fine hotel, with well-maintained rooms that are clean, roomy & stocked with large screen tvs, coffee pots & other fine hotel stuff.

The morning buffet is comps, and includes some delicious sausage & bacon, along with fine country fried taters, herbed scrambled eggs among other tasty morning buffet goodies.

Really enjoyed my stay here.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Sonia A.
There are few times in life when you can get perfect surroundings, perfect hotel, and perfect customer service topped with a perfect price.  The touch of excellence included well kept clean setting throughout, indoor pool/spa, fitness center, restaurant/bar w/ room service, and bountiful breakfast.     The only complaint I have is that I had to leave.  Stop by and create your own memorable experience!

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Ted B.
I've stayed in this hotel several times, which is always clean, pleasant, with a friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere. Best hotel in Shasta, hands down. Most notably is Keri in the breakfast section. She is so personable and friendly, providing the best customer service in the entire establishment. 5 stars to you Keri, keep up the amazing work!

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Gautam A.
We stayed here for one night on the July 4th weekend. We got here around 3:15 pm while the check in time was 3:00 pm. We had travelled as a family with kids. We approached the lobby and the attendant said "oh your room is not ready, and we are at 100% occupancy, we will take another 30 mins to get it ready". So she called the housekeeping staff and asked to clean up the room and to inform her as soon as the room was clean. Ok, so we took a stroll and came back in about 35 minutes. Still not ready. Took another stroll and came back around 4:15, still not ready. There was not an apology from the staff for the wait. I saw like 5 other guests come in and get a room while we waited in boredom with tired kids. Around 4:45, we were called and given the room key. Again, not a hint of an apology for the delay. I would say the staff need a re-training on being polite.

We go to room and the housekeeping is just about leaving the room. The room smells of a strong perfume/cleaner odor. We had to keep the door open for about 45 minutes before we could occupy the room. The room was ok on the inside. Everything looked old, guess can't complain considering the age of the hotel. The only air flow comes from a wall unit which is very noisy. The bed was not very comfortable.

The location of this hotel is excellent. The hotel also looks very clean from the outside. The lobby, the bar and the breakfast area looks very well kept and rustic to match the Shasta experience. The view of Mt Shasta is awesome from the lobby. The breakfast is excellent. Oh, they have a Tesla supercharger in the parking lot.

I would recommend this hotel for the location and family friendly nature. Hope you don't experience the same check in delay !

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
64. Jenny D.
This is a great lodge style hotel.  Big comfortable clean rooms.  We only heard our neighbors once when they took a late shower, otherwise it was pretty quiet.  Big indoor pool and hot tub with shower and extra towels.  Nice breakfast included in the price of the room with an amazing view of Mt. Shasta.  Our room also had a mini fridge, microwave, flat screen, new furniture, and excellent bedding.  We will be back, hopefully for a longer stay next time.

16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Rony J.
Excellent hotel to stay. Very friendly staff. Clean rooms, indoor pool which is a plus. Breakfast and restaurant in the hotel also very good.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Kevin N.
For a 3 star hotel, it is excellent. The theme here is a cabin-like inn. Each room comes with a microwave, A/c + heater, fridge, double vanities, closet, and simple basics you could think of. Need mugs? ask the people at the front desk. Instant hot water in showers and sink. Very clean overall. I love how they're trying to go green which is a bonus for a 3 star inn.

Wifi is FREE and so is parking.

The staff here is very friendly and helpful.

Love the fact that there is a complimentary breakfast buffet from 6 am to 10 am (obviously, have to pay for your rooms). The breakfast is actually elaborate such as make-your-own waffles, better ingredients and homemade quality.

Check out is at 12 PM.

Better than the other types of "inn" in Mt. Shasta area.

The only downsides are no elevators -- but you can request a first floor level with easy outdoor access, and there is no way you can avoid the morning rush of a running train when you're sleeping.

29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Kristi N.
Stayed here as they have Tesla Super Charger in parking lot which we needed. Hotel is lodge looking that's kind of cute and rooms are a little run down, but it was clean. Bed wasn't great and the only air flow comes from in-wall unit that would cycle on every 15 minutes and would scare me out of sleep... Even with earplugs in!  Finally had to unplug the whole damn thing come 2am! TV looked newish but had fuzzy reception and sound. Breakfast is included that was decent enough.  We ate dinner in the bar to get away from kiddos and turned out tastier than we expected.

We would stay here again.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Mike S.
The nicest place to stay if you ever end up in Shasta, The locals are sometimes scary. The food there was actually good.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Stefan L.
This Best Western is connected to the restaurant (I'll describe later) and has a woodsy look on the exterior and interior.  This helps to put you into the Mount Shasta mood, which if you have the right room, you could see from your porch.  The place is clean and rooms are well appointed. The staff is attentive, friendly and efficient. The common areas were tidy and well appointed.  

GRIPE: The air conditioner is not the quietest model installed in the rooms. In fact, these were really noisy. Tried to sleep without them on and the room got really hot and stuffy. Tried to just sleep with the window open and still just too warm but finally slept with the "white noise" of the air conditioner.

The area itself is rather interesting. We ususally go out for walks in the evening. There's a strip mall with a grocery store, DMV office, pizza place, another restaurant that I don't care for and a movie theater.  Not too much there, so the highlight of our walk is going to the Rite Aid across the street (Yikes, were we bord or what?)

Overall, it was a fine stay minus a star for the air conditioner.  Best Western is a nice brand and this place is no exception.

10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. C B.
Super Clean Hotel!! Rooms were very nice and really clean.  Great view of Mt Shasta. Restaurant breakfast was really good and nice variety!! Pool was cold and spa was too hot but really clean and good setup right next to the bar. Just ask them to put your drink in a To go cup and you are set. Friendly staff and hotel is within walking distance to grocery store and other food options.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Jamie D.
My husband and I have now stayed here four or five times and it is very consistent.  Always quiet, always clean, always comfortable.  It's now our go-to when we're traveling on I-5.

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Amy M.
Came up here for a wedding over this past weekend. The rooms had just got all new furniture, so I'm not sure what it looked like before, but we were very pleased with the hotel room! Very comfortable bed and pillows and also very clean which is a deal breaker!

The hot breakfast was free and extremely impressive for it being complimentary! Eggs, sausage, waffles, biscuits and gravy, the whole 9!

The staff was extremely helpful and nice. I could not say enough about this hotel, and would stay here again in a heartbeat!

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Gregory B.
Wow. By far one of the best Best Westerns we have ever stayed. Just the building itself is an impressive piece.  The room was nice and clean. The food in the Motel was far above expectations.

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Dee F.
Best Best Western I've stayed in.  Very clean and great view of Mt Shasta.  Complimentary breakfast is not the normal bagel, waffle, or cereal other hotels offer.  It's scramble eggs, country potatoes, ham, sausages, and more.  Pet friendly!!

29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Samantha K.
I have no complaints about our stay here. I needed a dog friendly hotel room as I was driving through, and I wanted to hike around Mt Shasta so we decided to stay here. There are indoor and outdoor entrances from all bottom floor rooms which was nice. The beds were comfy and the TV had a good selection of channels to relax to. The AC unit was a little noisy but this didn't bother me at all. Also they gave us coupons for the diner area. The food at the tree house restaurant was delicious (we had a wedge salad and the fish and chips with sweet potato fries). And the free breakfast was good as well. Lots of grassy areas for your pet to do their business, no bags though so remember to bring your own! And they only charged $20/pet/night which I thought was reasonable! (Don't know if this changes with the seasons however) all in all is definitely stay again!

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Kent B.
The staff are friendly and courteous and do their jobs well.  The rooms are clean and the beds are comfortable.

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Diana R.
After staying in a sub standard inn the night before, this Best Western was like winning the lottery.
The room was beautiful, w a beautiful view of the mountain. Everything was neat and clean. The pool and hot tub were fantastic!
We had dinner in the bar area. It was delicious and our waitress was so nice. The breakfast in the morning was yummy.
Family mbr was having to stay in the hospital, this place made it a ton easier to relax while we had to wait out a short stay for him.
Thank you!

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Chelsea C.
We come here whenever our favorite bartender is working, Ali W. She makes our dining experience so much better. She is always so sweet and helpful and we make sure to eat in the bar when we see her working. The cedar plank salmon with jalapeño glaze is the best!! Super flavorful and beautiful presentation. Ali is actually the one who recommended it to me so I have that to thank her for too.

14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Tiggy F.
I enjoyed our stay here (on yet another SF to Seattle road trip). The place is nice and clean and does have amazing views of Shasta. They take dogs, the staff is friendly, and the rooms well appointed for the price range.  I was a bit disappointed to learn that my "mountain view" room was on the first floor -- but as soon as I expressed this, the staff moved me to a third floor room (I really didn't want a mountain view that also included the building in front of me).  The balcony and view were lovely and the rooms have a bit of a ski lodge vibe which made it much better than most stops along this stretch of I5.  The town is cute - a bit western, a bit rundown (but not scarily so), and the clientele is a mix of I5 travelers, hikers and outdoorsy types, and other dog owners.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Meg H.
Great for families, pool and spa are fantastic, we got a great room for our family of 5 with an extra bedroom. Many sections of the hotel have no elevators. Complimentary breakfast.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. Erin R.
The rooms are not worth the high cost.  They're clean and comfortable but especially irritating to be on the second floor with a lot of luggage and no elevator.  None.  Unbelievable. No one to help with the luggage either.  
The real complaint comes with the resteraunt that's attached.  
This resteraunt is not kid friendly.  Odd being that it's part of a hotel. The prices are a bit high but it may be that they're charging for the bad attitude of the staff. My sons meal was not prepared as described in the menu. We had asked them to make sure there's as little sauce on the chicken as possible.  It was described in the menu as a "glaze" it came dripping with sauce.  Literally soupy.  He didn't like it but they said "that's the way it's served". They refused to do anything to fix it and refused to take it back. Jerks.  I ordered him something else so he wouldn't go hungry and paid for both.  
The staff is trained to trick you into ordering an expensive add on salad. "And which salad would you like with that?" Then they give suggestions.  The bill comes and you discover the added charge.  On another occasion there was a very, very, very loud large group.  Very disruptive to the tranquilness of the usual ambiance there.  The server refused to ask them to be a bit quiter.  I mean people shouting to other people from opposite ends of the table.  I know they are paying customers but this isn't a pizza joint and they made no attempt to quiet them.  I was told "what am I supposed to do about it, maybe you could go to rite aid and get ear plugs?"  She said it smiling.  Hmmm
I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because the ambiance is nice with a great view of the mountain.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. Mallie M.
Rooms are cramped and could do without the big square chair as well as the enormous entertainment center. Most everyone I saw staying here was of the 'fit outdoor' type and aren't all that likely to use the TV. The walls are thin but I didn't hear much, other than my neighbor's 6:15 alarm going off for 20 minutes after they (must have) checked out. Grumble.

Bed is comfy, room is clean. I like the fridge and microwave. Shower has good water pressure. Staff is friendly and helpful.

About the "free" breakfast. It isn't free. It is included in the upcharged cost of the room. And...free comes at a cost. I think if you have a family with small children you will love it, and your kids will have someone to play with. It was a very energetic playground in there. Kids running around, screaming (mostly with joy). Etc. Singles, childless couples, and anyone with a gourmet bent: you will be happier seeking breakfast elsewhere.

I'm a regular business traveler so I am familiar with above said breakfast and wasn't particularly surprised or disappointed. I have noise canceling headphones and (fortunately) I don't eat waffles (keep reading).

I  recommend the hotel make a couple of changes.
1. You need two more waffle irons. The current wait to start a waffle is 6 people in line which is at least 18 minutes. To start a waffle. The families were really in to those waffles and it's too hard for them to make a child wait for that long.

2. You need to MOVE the waffle irons to another spot rather than in that congested corner. I recommend swapping the cottage cheese and canned peaches to the corner and put the waffle irons, yes plural, to that spot by the windows.

I would stay here again, keeping the breakfast and the lack of room space in mind. Everything else is great.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0