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The Spa At Pebble Beach in Pebble Beach, CA

The Spa At Pebble Beach in Pebble Beach, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.20

Address: 1518 Cypress Dr, Pebble Beach, CA, 93953

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    Comments (49):

    1. kathy e.
    A+ Heaven

    06/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. t l.
    2 stars above any other spa experience i have enjoyed including Baden-Baden, Bavaria, Germany and Sonoma Mission Inn, California.  expensive but worth it.  staff is wonderful while 'not in your face or in your space.'  have already scheduled a return visit for my 40th!

    29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Russell S.
    first of all, this place is gorgeous! the setting is breathtaking and the building itself is an outstanding tribute to older California architecture. Someone personally shows you to the locker room and gives you a tour ( I think his name was Jason) and he was very friendly and informative. The locker room is incredible. There is beautiful black and white tile throughout, except for the jacuzzi room which was done in blues and golds. You really feel like you are at Hearst Castle with the vintage color and tile scheme. The massage was great, even though the therapist was a little chattier than I cared for. The only thing it really lacks is intimacy. The spa itself can cater to 50+ people at one time and you feel like part of the mass after awhile. Overall, though, I can't wait to go back there

    12/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Michele G.
    This place is seriously heaven on earth.  My friend and I arrive about an hour early for our services, my service was a facial.  Once we arrived we were shown our locker and got a tour of the the lounge and pre-spa activities.  I started out in the hot tub then headed to the dry sauna, after the dry sauna I went to the wet one :) After all that fun I took a shower, blew dry my hair and cuddled up in a blanket for 15 min reading magazines before my treatment.  I already felt like I had all the things I needed to make for a wonderful day.  I then was treated to a snack and was shown to my aesthetion for my facial which was top notch!  I would recommend this as a girls day out or with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  I can guarantee you will leave the Pebble Beach Spa feeling like a new person.

    28/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. K T.
    Staff and services are great. Facilities and emenities are 5 star. Beyond your service- there is plenyt to do- steam room, whirlpool-sun room makes for the perfect nap.  Don't skip the amazing 3 head shower! All of this makes me think i'm getting my money's worth!
    Would suggest to avoid going on "obvious peak times/days" if possible. Like any spa- it's hard to relax when there are a ton of people around you.
    The 18% tip is built into your cost..and you do pay for all of this up front before you appointment so that you don't have to hassle with it afterwards.

    27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Cindy P.
    Quilty admission, I collect spa treatments instead of trinkets when vacationing.  Spas I know and this one lives up to the Pebble Beach mystique.  We have visited the Lodge at least a couple times each year for the past 6-7 years.  In that time, I have accumulated a favorite massage therapist, nail technician and most recently hair stylist.  I admit this place has morphed into an addiction for me, so you are forewarned of the true price of visiting the Spa and should enter realizing that there is no twelve step program out.  The staff is courteous, soothing and attentive.  The facility is as lovely as possible when indoors while PB sits just out the front door.  The Spa is always immaculately clean and well equipped.  There is a lovely atrium waiting area that was the ultimate relaxation until they added the outdoor detached solarium room about three years ago.  Lounging, daydreaming, and  snoozing here next to the firepit is alone well worth a service charge.  I warn you do not plan to go here for one treatment with the intent of scooting out in an hour, you will be sucked into the addictive lull and realize much later that four hours have slipped by.  Inhalation, steam, sauna and showers are top notch - book early and often!

    25/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Darla G.
    This is a 5-star spa.  I will give the one reason why I could not rate it as such at the end of my 5-star review.

    The jacuzzi room, the steam room and the dry sauna were all superior in cleanliness and design.  The jacuzzi room  is decorated in neutral tones with sort of tuscan looking tile.  The water did not smell of chemicals and was hot upon entering.  

    The lighting is subdued throughout the spa, adding to the peaceful feel.

    A conservatory is upstairs and boasts comfy chairs and lounges all with lounging blankets.  Natural light floats in from above and one can even hear the birds talking from the outside grounds.  A spa menu is provided with interesting food choices.  Off the conservatory is a quiet room where one can enjoy the above ground fire ring that adds to the comfort.

    The shower rooms are wonderful with lots of towels, hair and body products and a shower head that almost simulates  being under a waterfall there is so much water that gushes out.  I felt extremely guilty considering Pebble Beach is on a peninsula that may soon be on water rationing.

    The massage rooms have gas fireplaces, a nice touch.  I'm not sure what the other treatment rooms are like.

    I had a deep tissue massage from Kara, and it was 50 minutes of wonder.  Deep tissue is not for everyone, but I always request the service as my profession leaves my back and neck in need of hard-core kneading.  Kara is professional and knows what she is doing.  This is the best massage service I've ever received.

    The locker room is furnished with lotion, brushes, hair dryers, curling irons, styling products, etc.  

    Okay, so why only 4-stars?  Upon arriving and checking in at the front desk, an attendant escorts you around the locker room and spa areas.  Very nice, but after that I felt like she was on my heels the rest of the time.  I got to the spa before my scheduled appointment in order to de-stress and relax, but I felt very hurried and supervised with her right behind my every move.  I'm exaggerating, but none the less, this is how I felt.

    I would highly recommend The Spa at anyone wanting a massage.  I cannot comment on the other services.

    26/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Lisa B.
    The price pays for the overhead for all the fluff and puff you see; not at the powder station (although access to free tampons are nice LOL). There are two sitting rooms-one for a large group and one for a small group. Meaning, there was a loud and rowdy group of girls in the gorgeous atrium; but thank goodness there was a quiet, fire pit room with sugary limonada (I live in San Jose). My treatment was a thai herbal treatment. I felt like a volcano princess getting ready to be sacrificed. I would do it again; well..if I assumed that role again. This spa is practically an all-inclusive resort (and I am sure you could sleep in the treatment room). Food and pastries are available for order; you just have to drink your two mimosas outside of the full-service beauty salon. One of my favorite 'more bang for my buck' moments was the 'inhalation' room (insert deep breath here). Not sure what it really did, but it sure pricked up my senses while chomping on bananas. Oh; and let's not forget cute Olivia whom walked me outside to find the 18th hole to meet the other half. She even kissed me goodbye on the cheek. Now that's customer service-charm at its best (but that was probably b/c we bonded while I was there. Yes, I make friends with the housekeeping. That's how I roll.)

    22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Jackie M.
    the spa at pebble beach is one of the nicest spas i have been to.  the facilities are huge, and include showers, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzis, inhalation rooms, and a conservatory.  it's an absolute paradise.

    i came here with a couple of friends, and we soaked it up in the hot tub, bouced back and forth between the sauna and steam room, then we kicked back in the conservatory by the fire place, where they have nuts, fresh fruit, dried fruits, and chocolate for guests to munch on.  surrounded by trees, the atmosphere is so tranquil, and that day the clouds were silver and gray (my favorite kind of days).

    i got the botanical body smoother.  first they scrub you with sugar crystals, then you get to relax while they give you a foot massage as you're cocooned in hydrating botanicals.  $200 later your skin feels like a baby's bottom.  one of my friends got a massage, and the other got a facial.  they both loved it, and came out relaxed and rejeuvanated.  the locker room is fully stocked with really nice hair and skin products, as well as hair brushes, dryers, and styling products.

    25/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Kristen S.
    The Spa at Pebble Beach left me feeling very underwhelmed. My husband's family was in town visiting, so there was a total of 5 of us visiting the spa, so you could say we spent quite a bit of money there. I arrived about 40 minutes early with the rest of my party, the facilities are nice but rather small. The conservatory is very nice but the space could be better used in the locker room. The hot tub is very small, if it was busy I wouldn't want to be in such close quarters with strangers. I went to the conservatory about ten minutes early to wait for my therapist to pick me up for my first treatment which was to begin at 10, well no one came to get me until ten after ten at which point the therapist explained she was late to work that day, which is fine provided it doesn't cut my treatment short. Well after an uninspired massage (I think I might get better at massage envy) the treatment ends on time, so my 50 minute massage was about 30 minutes, for $140 is it wrong to assume I would get the full time? Well after the sub par massage it was time for my facial. The spa is a bit of a maze so I was led through the hallway and outside and then back in somewhere else I came to the esthetics's center. The beds you lay in for the facial are very nice and comfortable so this was a good start. The woman suggested a hydrating peel add on which I got, she explained she would put it on, it would burn a little and she would remove it after 4 minutes, well during this "4" minutes she preceded to make all sorts of noise around the room and what sounded like she was emptying the trash I would estimate the 4 minutes was more like 10. She also tried to up sell me on eyebrow waxing during the service which had I wanted I would have booked. There was no massage with the facial and I have had many many facials and this was the first time there was no massage. Most of the facial consisted of her putting something on my face letting it sit while she banged around the room. Again for the money spent I've had much much better, day spas have given me better treatment. After the lack luster treatments I joined the rest of my party who enjoyed their treatments from what it sounded like, though they are from Iowa and have limited luxury spa experience. I would like to email the spa manager to explain my disappointment but the resort lists no contact info other than a reservations phone number. I guess the close to $2000 we spent at the spa that day doesn't mean much. Long story short your money could be better spent elsewhere.

    16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Shiho F.
    I've had a spa treatment here in the past and although the facilities were nice and the service was friendly my massage was definitely unmemorable.  Unfortunate that is for sure.

    04/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Jonathan D.
    Great ambience and service.  Highly recommended if you have some extra time at the resort

    25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Deirdre R.
    I really wanted to love my experience here. Pebble Beach is a spectacular setting and the Spa facilities are beautiful and well maintained. I booked a makeup application appointment here to treat myself as a bridesmaid. I arrived with the Bride and another bridesmaid and we were greeted with professionalism and warmth. It's clear that they have they have the logistics of accommodating a lot of guests arriving for a variety of services down to a science.
    My appointment started a half hour after the girls so I watched the beginning parts of their appointments. The Brides up- do seemed to be going well as she had already had a consultation with her stylist. The other bridesmaid threw her stylist for a loop when she wanted to diffuse her curly hair and keep it curly (GASP- according to the stylist everyone with curly hair wants it to be straightened). A 15 minute search for a diffuser ensued. The stylist clearly had minimal experience with curly hair and the bridesmaid ended up giving her step by step instructions on how to dry it and what products to use. The final 'look' turned out pretty well but when you are paying the big bucks to have your hair done, you don't want to be the one doing the work.

    I was escorted to another area to have my makeup done. It was a counter set up in the gift shop which I found a little odd. The spa has so many different areas that are relaxing and quiet. I was hoping that by paying for a service I would be in more of a 'spa' environment. The woman was very nice, professional and listened to my ideas. I didn't take a look in the mirror until almost the end when she asked me to curl my own eyelashes....and I was a little shocked by what I saw. The foundation and blush looked pretty good but not much different than the look I achieve on my own everyday. But the eye shadow was poorly blended and there was a noticeable gap between my lash line and the eyeliner....which in my opinion is makeup 101. I also noticed right away that the 'cat eye' (extending the liner out from the eye) was totally uneven. One side was much longer than the other. I asked to have the shadow evened and blended and for the liner to be fixed. To her credit she was very gracious and got to work making some adjustments. Unfortunately she stared using makeup remover and then reapplying color over the corrected spots that were still wet. What resulted was very uneven color.

    Just as these changes were being made the other two girls appeared ready to go. I didn't want to make the bride wait so I said I was satisfied and asked to purchase the lipstick she used. Well, they were sold out of the lipstick and the other color that was closest. This was disappointing and in a rush I ended up with a color I'll never wear again, just because I wanted something that I could reapply. That is an honest mistake that could happen to anyone but I wish she had picked a product that I could take home with me.

    I have no doubt in my mind that if I had time the makeup artist would have worked with me until I was completely happy. Also, a manager came up and asked about my service and I lied and said it was great just so that I could be on my way. I'm sure given their obvious efforts towards customer satisfaction I would not have left with what I felt to be an unprofessional makeup application. Overall I got the sense that the makeup artist was inexperienced, not bad. I could tell she was very hesitant to pull on my eyelids or get too close to my face which is what you have to do for the best results.

    The Bride had gotten a manicure pedicure and massages the day before and she raved about both services - as do they other people here on Yelp. I would definitely like to come back to Pebble Beach and take advantage of the spa facilities and try another service - but I would not recommend makeup application here.

    23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Oceandria X.
    This is heaven.  Worth Every Cent.   Favorites: Rina for any service and Ari for Sports Bodywork.

    21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Janelle R.
    I took my mom here for a birthday present. We arrived in plenty of time to relax in their wonderful relaxation room and drink their yummy water. The therapist came to take my mom to her room but my therapist never came. Having worked at a local spa I know how some treatments can run behind so I waited. And waited. And waited. I wasn't about to go traipsing downstairs in nothing but a robe to the front desk to ask where my therapist was- 1. I was afraid I'd miss her and 2. Uh, no. About 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time a staff member came up to get another woman for her treatment. After explaining how long I had been sitting there and asking what went wrong she called the front desk and said that my treatment was not on the books- as if it had been cancelled.
    A few minutes later a woman (who was not dressed as a therapist and I can only assume she worked in the office) came and brought me to a room which no one was using. The massage was wonderful and I commend them on fixing the problem as soon as they knew about it. However, I was not given any discount towards a future visit or any form of apology that I would have expected.
    Since my mom was done 45 minutes earlier than I was we were not able to enjoy their other amenities such as the steam room or the hot tub.
    The facilities are beautiful and the showers are amazing however.

    02/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Emm C.
    Had a wonderful massage by a woman who has worked there for abt a decade. She was awesome friendly and knowledgeable.

    14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Kari A.
    Ok, pedicure. The massage was whimsy and lack luster. The polish on 4 toes chipped after 4 days. I'd expect much more from an expensive pedicure. Nail tech  seemed distracted and cold.

    21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Ariana G.
    This spa is truly remarkable! My spa treatments included a body wrap, 80-minute Swedish massage, and a facial. Each of my treatments were exquisite, the facility is absolutely gorgeous, and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

    10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Kay F.
    LOVE. My mom used to take me here a lot. I am always the youngest in the crowd of spa patrons. So relaxing, and so perfect that your surroundings are equally as beautiful.

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Jennifer Y.
    Worst mani/pedi I have had in my entire life. Not only was it $90, very overpriced, she did a horrible job. She did not cut my cuticles, did not massage my hands or feet, and used old dry nail polish which was messy and bubbled up! I took it off immediately after I left!

    10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Char C.
    Unfortunately, I still feel the same about my experience. I would however like to send out an update that the manager did contact us and provided us with the discount that we were quoted. Thank you so much for following up with us.

    06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. David H.
    Just do it! (at least once)

    25/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Christine T.
    I had a couples massage here with my boy friend and had a wonderful experience. Both of our masseurs were very through and experienced. We both felt so relaxed when the 50-minutes was up.

    The facilities were clean and impeccably attended to. I loved the sanctuary outside of the conservatory with citrus flavored water and ginger lemonade to sit snuggled in a blanket by the fire pit. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone that would like to splurge on themselves.

    18/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. mellisa t.
    My favorite spa.
    I feel a little addicted to the Spa.

    21/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Linda L.
    OMFG!!! I'm just going to leave it at that!!!

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. G K.
    I don't give 5 stars easily, but this no question for me.

    My husband and friends had set a golf tee time for Spanish Bay yesterday, but he really wanted me to golf with him, but I had sustained an injury to my fingers and could not play for a while. Still, he wanted me to be there with him.  So he booked me a spa day at The Spa at Pebble Beach.  At first, I was concerned about the cost, which is very pricy, but now I know it is worth every penny.

    I arrived 1 hour before my scheduled massage and was shown to the ladies locker room immediately.  The hostess showed me around in all the amenities; hot tub, sauna, steam room, shower, makeup room, and they even have a aroma cleansing room.  Then they show me the waiting area and the Conservatory.  First impression is the place is clean,service is impeccable, and friendly.  I use the hot tube for 20 min then went to the cleansing room to cool off.  It was so amazing. It's a room that is designed to be noise free and slightly chill to cool you off.  Then I went to the waiting room and it is designed with lots of comfy couches and lots of cool lemon water for you to drink.  Then my massus greeted me in the lobby and took me into the massage room.

    She asked some questions about any injuries, how I like my massage, how often I have massages...etc.  Then my session started.  It was wonderful. I had the Hole in one package so it has a 80 min massage + reflexology....I was in heaven.

    After the session, she encourage that I use the conservatory if I had time.  So I did and it was amazing. The conservatory is a large glass room with chairs+ottomans that is situated around a large fire pit in the middle of the room.  There was no smoke. The room was warm and inviting.  I sat there and relaxed while reading all kinds of magazines.  I was sorry to go, but my husband's tee time was coming to a close so I had to shower and get back to Spanish Bay.

    The showers were large.   The shower is equipped with 2 jet heads and rain drop shower head. fully equipped with shower gels, facial cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, and you are provided with shaving necessities. I got ready and the hostess arranged for a shuttle to take me back to Spanish Bay.

    I highly recommend this for everyone who likes to be pampered.

    06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Jen T.
    I think this is what heaven is.

    I booked a half day at the spa, the package was called Walk in the Forest. It included a citrus scrub, the signature pebble stone massage and a 50 minute facial.

    The facilities are impeccable. The facility is fully decked out with jacuzzi, wet and dry sauna, showers, and vanity areas filled wtih nice hair dryers, curling irons and styling products. My favorite tho has to be the showers. It was a big rain head that had such amazing water pressure. I really felt relaxed in the shower. The shower was one of my favorite parts of the facility.

    So onto my actual services. I loved getting the scrub. You are in this "wet room". They have all sorts of shower/water heads in this room. They scrub you down, then rinse you off with this bar that had like 5 water heads on it across your body. It is so relaxing, something about laying down while water is rained on your body and someone washing you. Plus my skin was like silk afterward. The pebble massage was a hot stone massage and it was very good. The thing is I get massaged at least once a week, so its not as special. Finally I finished with a nice facial. I old the facialist nothing extreme, just a relaxing one and she complied so not much of extractions.

    Overall, a wonder 4+ hours I was there at the spa. If my man comes back for golf, he will know where to find me.

    05/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Erica F.
    I went to the Spa on a recent trip to Carmel.  We were lucky enough to have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather so the group arrived an hour or so before anyone's first appointment and some of us took walks all around the coastal area surrounding the resort.  In around 5 minutes, you can walk up to the famous Pebble Beach golf course's 18th hole right from the spa.  The Spa's grounds & architecture are beautiful.  There is a little pool area with comfy cushioned lounge chairs where you can also relax to kill time.  

    Pleasant staff, relaxing environment (duh).  Even the locker/shower room is super nice - classy wooden doors on the lockers, and all the toiletries you need.   The shower has a giant "rainforest" shower head as well as two side showerheads.  Towels & robes are plush, soft, and luxurious.

    If you have a treatment scheduled, you can freely use all the services adjacent to the locker room such as the dry sauna, the steam room, jacuzzi, and the aromatherapy room.  I took advantage of all after my manicure.   (The day use fee, if you have no other treatments scheduled, is $40.)

    The manicure itself is probably the best I ever received.  I actually paid for the 'mini manicure' which is supposed to take 25 mins.  Rebecca, the aesthetician, was very sweet and focused in her work.  The mini-mani includes the cuticle treatment/trimming, nail shaping, and polish (basically they leave out the hand & forearm massage).  Well, I don't know how they expect all that mess to be done in 25 mins.  Mine ended up being more like 45 but Rebecca didn't rush through to get my mani finished.   BTW, mini-mani costs $48 including tip.  

    And... the true test of quality:  it's been 6 days since my mani and the polish has NOT chipped except in one teeny corner of my left pinkie!

    Good stuff, if I'm up in the area again and wish to indulge, I'm so there.

    20/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. T C.
    I go to the Pebble beach spa at least once a year for a business event. This is truly how a spa experience should go. It's a comfortable, soothing environment with plenty of staff around to help you.

    I have had massages and facials there and every time it has been a great experience. The massage therapists are very professional and create a calming environment for your massage.The estheticians are very knowledgable and are very good at customizing your facial to go with your skins needs.

    The only con is that this is very pricey spa as it is at Pebble Beach! But if you can afford it you won't be disappointed.

    16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. V P.
    Its nice ...

    30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Lindsey G.
    The Good:
    Red Flower Ritual- It is a combination of a body scrub and massage.  The treatment was wonderful. The scents that they use are nice and not overpowering. And the scrub left my skin feeling silky smooth.  Bonus that the spa has new technology and you are able to be showered off while laying down.  I went with the expectation that this wouldn't be quite as relaxing as a massage which was accurate. But it is still relaxing and you feel like you have accomplished something at the end. (Who doesn't like getting scrubbed down like a baby?!)  The amenities in the locker room seemed nice and the products offered were top notch.

    The Bad:
    I was given a quick tour but was never shown where the highly talked about conservatory was.  I wandered  around a bit before asking another spa patron where to find it.  After I located it and laid down to relax with a magazine, I realized I wasn't sure if they would know to find me for my appointment. After going back and forth in my head, I  finally asked another spa patron who informed me that they would.  Not a huge deal, but also makes it a little bit harder to relax when you are worrying about details like this.

    The Ugly:
    After finishing my treatment I went back to the locker room to quickly check my phone.  I was approached by an attendant who let me know the spa would be closing early  (in 30 minutes!) because it was slow.  I have to say, I was shocked!  I had just shelled out $270 for a treatment (which was wonderful) but I had planned on hanging out at the spa, enjoying all the amenities and getting ready for my dinner there.  Obviously with only 30 minutes notice I wasn't even able to properly shower off and get ready for dinner (I had to attend with my hair in a wet bun).  Not to mention this left me with no time to enjoy any of the fabulous amenities the spa had to offer.  When I was told this there were still at least 2 other woman in the locker room area.  I think it is one thing to close a business if there is no one there, but if paying customers are still present, I do not feel like you should close a business early.  It was a disappointing end to what would have been a wonderful experience.

    13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. K R.
    I'm an avid yelp reader, and despite fleeting thoughts of writing reviews never really felt inclined until now.

    I get it. It's the Spa at Pebble Beach. Treatments are bound to be more expensive than your local standby. But, I had a mani/pedi TWO days ago and 4 of my fingernails are already chipped. Normally I wouldn't feel the need to complain on an online forum, but for $140 plus tip, I'm disappointed to say the least. I could do my own nails and have them last longer.

    09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. NerdyJ K.
    They never contacted me regarding my bad treatment despite completing a comment card in the spa and posting a review online.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Shawna K.
    It's hard to write a review, when you're still in a spa coma
    My senses are still dulled from the amazing room aroma

    From the picturesque entrance to the sanctuary room and fire pit
    and of course in my facial how she extracted every zit!

    I fell in love with it all, from the gym to help me get fit
    and the cocktails with my mani was definiltey a hit

    The amenities were over the top galore
    I wanted all the services and kept ordering more

    The staff is very friendly and knows all their stuff
    You feel so relaxed, it was hard to get off my duff

    Already looking forward to my next visit here
    My credit card bill will be the only thing I fear!

    09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Sarah L.
    Absolutely fabulous experience. The personnel were top notch. The entire Pebble Beach resort was fabulous!!

    The only reason I did not give it a perfect 5 stars was that no one was on-hand to greet us when we first came in.  There were 4 of us, and each of us looked around for a couple of minutes before we were finally greeted.  After that, it was perfect.

    The round lounge with the gi-normous firepit was my favorite. :)

    02/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Hailulu M.
    The amenities are very nice yet the service for a pedicure is mediocre. I could of gone somewhere half as expensive and my feet would of felt like a million bucks after. It's a hit and miss with the staff. My lady was fairly new so she looked a bit clueless.

    19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Leslie H.
    ubber nice and one of the best resort spas I've been to (and I always visit spas in any resort we stay at).  I tried a new service (for me).  Microdermabrasion.  Great altho pricey.  Pedicure was by far the best I've ever had.  Can't beat being offered champagne and lounging on a new massage chair.  Great staff and helpful at getting you to your next location as the spa is spread out and challenging to get around without getting lost.  Great experience and my second time at PBSpa.

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Cassandra E.
    All I scheduled here was a sports massage and the craniosacral balancing. I spent about four hours though just enjoying all the spa amneties...From their sanctuary area with a fire pit, to the conservatory with hot tea and snacks available, to the hot tub and steam rooms. This is by far one of the cleanest spas I have ever been to.. and the maid staff were very impressive! As soon as I got into the Jacuzzi in the ladies room, the staff was there to put a towel down for me when I got out!

    The massage I got from Roger was strong. He gave me a great deep tissue massage and seemed to be very experienced and know exactly what he was doing. Typically I don't like it when the masseur constantly tries to strike up a conversation while you're trying to relax, and he was not like this at all. That makes the massage all that much better!

    I was very curious about the craniosacral balancing, so I decided to give it a try... It was very different, like no experience I've ever had before... The whole goal of this balancing is to get the fluids from your brain flowing better down your spine. I must say he did something good, because I have felt great after and feel a tremendous amount of tension in my neck and shoulders area that has been released.

    22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Lori K.
    After spending a day here, I'm really not sure if there's another spa that comes close to being as luxurious and relaxing.  For a while, I thought Burke Williams was that place, but as soon as I stepped into the Spa at Pebble Beach, I knew I was in for something very special.  

    The amenities here are amazing.  My favorite was the sanctuary room, which is honestly one of the most relaxing places I've ever seen.  The room is surrounded windows, which allow you to gaze out at the peaceful surroundings.  The fire pit is centrally located in the room and surrounded by comfy lounge chairs complete with cozy blankets and magazines.  What a way to relax!  The rest of the facility is loaded with other relaxing amenities, such as the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, outdoor heated pool, and relaxing sitting areas.  There are refreshment stations scattered around the facility with water, iced tea, and fruit.  The locker room is clean and spacious.  The women's make-up room has everything you'll need to get ready after your treatment.  The shower rooms are clean and complete with shampoo, conditioner,  etc.

    The services I had were amazing.  My massage was super relaxing and my facial left my skin smooth and glowing.  Both my massage therapist and esthetician were fantastic.  Although, I can't say that the services alone were totally worth the heft price.  Yes, all services here are very pricey, but if you just remind yourself where you are, it may seem a little more justifiable.

    So, if you're looking to splurge on a day of pampering, look not further.  The Spa at Pebble Beach is the place for you!

    30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Desiree B.
    Hands down the best spa experience I have ever had.

    It has been years since my visit and I still rave about it. I had a massage, manicure, and lavender pedicure.

    The staff was attentive and professional. They had just switched over to a new nail polish line and I really wanted a specific color from the old line. The girl doing my nails went and searched the facility and produced the desired color.

    The surroundings were beautiful. My only regret was scheduling all three services on the same day. If I could go back I would have spread them out for three days we were staying at the resort.

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Carole R.
    I just had a facial by MARLA!  WONDERFUL experience!  Please ask for her!  You will not be disappointed!

    10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Darcie P.
    Pebble Beach Spa is wonderful. It is pure luxury and relaxation. The service is excellent. The staff really takes care of your every want and need. I loved the goodie bag they gave you in your locker with goodies you may need to beautify after your treatment. They have amazing showers and everything you could need to make yourself presentable after your treatments. I recommend having plenty of time to relax before and after your treatments. My girlfriend and I spent the day there for our annual girls spa weekend. They have a little cafe with salads, soups and smoothies if you get hungry, it is a $21 salad but this is Pebble Beach. I enjoyed my day very much and would highly recommend this spa. It is pricey, but worth it. Every employee there really provides excellent customer service. I feel everyone went above and beyond to take care of our every want and need.
    The only compliant I have is not with the spa but with the people that attend it. There is a room with a fire pit that is a quiet room. There is a sign that says " please be quiet in this room" most people respected this and were quiet. I was there with my girlfriend and we respected the no talking rule. Some women could not control themselves and had to whisper talk. This was very annoying. When you whisper in a totally silent room it is very noticable. Please have some manners and refrain from whisper talking in the quiet room. Its so rude. I do not care how much money you have, it makes you look low class and like you have no manners when you disrespect everyone else. The only thing that ruined my exsperance was the whisper talking women, besides for that everything and everyone was perfect.

    08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Carly K.
    boyfriend golf day = girlfriend spa day :)

    This place is as amazing as it gets! From the time I arrived 'til when I left, all the staff was so pleasant and helpful.  I was afraid of such a high-end spa having a more uptight and formal atmosphere, but it was very laid-back and it was easy to relax.

    Women's water experience was interesting (20 min of strong jacuzzi jet tub then10 ft tall shower with mosaic fish and golden waterfall, definitely once in lifetime) but I wouldn't really recommend it.  

    Pebble massage was an amazing hot stone massage that truly soothed me to the core.  Highly highly highly recommend.

    Be sure to get there at least 30 min early before any services to enjoy the Spa's other amenities - the jacuzzi is Grecian beauty, sauna is wonderful, steam room and inhalation room was lovely as well. I didn't get much time to enjoy the conservatory as it was pretty crowded, but it looked wonderful.  The locker room and facilities were all spotless and comfortable, it's unreal.

    Prices may be high, but do it! It's a wonderful and memorable indulgence for anyone :)

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Kristen R.
    I have been to the Spa at Pebble Beach about 5 times now, and was yet again reminded how amazing it is during my visit last week.  When you arrive, it is honestly like you are entering another world! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful, and the facilities are always immaculate.

    It is nice to know that no matter how much time goes by between visits, you know what to expect as everything is always perfect.  I have had a massage from Jerry twice now, and highly recommend him if you have the choice!

    Thank you so much for making a quick 2 day trip to Monterey such an enjoyable and relaxing experience!

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Ed T.
    love to be pampered! a lilttle bit smaller than i like, but the service was awesome

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Kim T.
    So I'll just put it out there that I'm not a fancy kind of gal. I really had my reservations about spending all damn day in my robe. At a spa. With a bunch of turned-up-nose-people I didn't know, paying astronomical amounts for services they probably got weekly.

    But. I fell in love. Immediately. It wasn't a gradual love affair. It was love at first sight and then every moment that I stayed, was another check mark that inked the deal.

    From the time you drive into the lush, green, serene grounds, you are enveloped in the beauty that is Pebble Beach. You walk in the door to a tour of the facilities, and given your own locker and cozy robe and slippers for the day. You don't need to bring anything, because you either have it in the fully stocked showers and changing area, or in your locker. They have wonderful, quality hair products (even flat irons and blow dryers) to use at the end of your day. The entire facilities are immaculate and there are people cleaning up every two seconds.

    Where do you start in this maze of relaxation? Start at opening,at 8:30 am. It doesn't matter what time your appointment is for, just get there early. And stay until they close. You have an outdoor 82 degree pool, an indoor hot tub, a sauna, an inhalation room, a steam room, an indoor firepit room, a salon, the sanctuary room, and, and, and. Every corner you turn there are fresh towels, blankets, cucumber water, iced tea, fresh made fruit bars, snacks, fruit and smiling faces to cater to your every whim. It's ridiculous really. But, with paying for at least one service, it is your reality for the day.

    My friends have gotten luxurious massages here, but I can only speak for the pedicure, which I think is around $80 and is the best hour long pedicure you'll have. They will bring you mimosas or beer while you're in the massage chair as well. When your done, you can walk a few feet to the patio and wait for your toes to dry while you check out the scenery.

    The next time I make the trek to Monterey, I will come back and try the Water Experience, which I've heard is a 16-shower-head kind of magical bathtub for 30 minutes. Sign me up. Before I had even had an hour in the books, I had a girls weekend planned out in my head and the texts sent out by the end of day.

    I got back to reality, Sacramento. I searched for somewhere similar. I'm fairly certain that the kind of heaven found at The Spa at Pebble Beach does not exist anywhere but Monterey.

    22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Ryan P.
    Great PEBBLE BEACH SPA of relaxation

    I LOVE, LOVE this place!  It almost goes without saying that I LOVE to get a massage!  Foot, back, whole body, head, neck, and if I get an AWESOME person that will massage my earlobes toward the end I would need to be pried off the table or go around petitioning other guests to sale one of their ankle biters for another hour of ear lobe magic!  Who doesn't love a massage.  Ok maybe those that don't like to be touched but THAT AIN'T ME!  

    I was here with a REALLY AWESOME FRIEND that moved back up here about 2 years ago now!  I miss Mrs. JV.  She had a rough couple of years and is MY HERO because she handled everything with such GRACE while NOT pulling out her hair or being committed to the funny farm.  On top of that she has Looney-Tune ME as a friend which is enough to send anyone over the edge and I had my own fun (NOT) life events and cried on her shoulder via IM, text msg, emails, and phone calls.  She is truly Wonder Women in my eyes.  So I came up for a visit and we decided we both needed to go to the spa and chill-ax!  You know turn off your brain, and mobile phones in an effort to reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate so you can get back out there on the roller coaster of life and do it all over again...cuz let's face it that is what being an adult is all about...work and responsibility!  NO 3 month SUMMER vacay doing NOTHING, up all night and sleep all day, no 2 weeks off for Christmas, no one week off for Thanksgiving, oh and NO FRICKIN getting a half-day every Friday cause your boss has a meeting.  WHAT, WHAT!  Unheard of in the REAL WORLD!  Ya'll kids need a FRICKIN reality check!

    Anyway we get here and are immediately greeted with a smile and check in.  My schedule had been cray-cray so I didn't have time to call and make an appt for a massage but was going to just enjoy the facilities for $45.  Not bad, but they had a few openings and I had moola that was itching to get out of my pocket and leap across the counter into the cash reg.  I was quite happy.  We both had Classic massages 30 mins apart which was perfect.  JV had an 80 min while I had a 50 min. Classic Massage just means you get to customize your massage to whatever you want.  More back, shoulders, neck, feet, more pressure, switch to sports massage, etc.  

    We got a nice tour to the facilities and where everything was.  This placed reminded me of Burke Williams but on a bigger more posh "Turn down for WHAT" scale, because they also have a lodge you can stay in as well as, golf, tennis courts, pool, restaurants, etc for lodge guest to enjoy!  Can you FRICKIN imagine a week of NO thinking about what to eat, work, kids, roof is leaking and needs fixing, mowing the lawn, paying bills, getting up early for work, what am I going to wear to work, sitting in traffic, or any other daily brain activity but instead being massaged into submission by magic hands, getting a facial, mani/pedi, going to the salon and relaxing to the point you could probably forget how to breathe.  OMG!  This place is the MOTHER LOAD of RELAXATION!

    You are provided with a robe and slippers and can go commando or wear a bathing suit.  For the most part men and women are separated EXCEPT in the Conservatory where you wait for your massage or can just chill-ax with a mag or book, while sippin' on some cold water or tea and snackin' on fruit cut or whole, and mini date and nut bread.  They even had gluten free bites and hot tea.  The Conservatory has blankets on each chair and there is even a quiet room which for RYAN (that would be ME) and my mouth all mighty, tongue everlasting at times is NOT so good!  So I just avoided that room! Ha-ha!  

    Both the women and men areas have a whirlpool Jacuzzi, showers, restrooms, dry and wet sauna, sinks, vanity areas  with hair products, soap, lotion, lockers for your crap with key, deodorant, cotton swabs, comb, brush, towels are everywhere you look and they also supply you with a toothbrush and toothpaste and other little odds and end you might need.  Whoa momma that was a mouth full!  All you need to bring is yourself and money to get in!

    All the attendants SUPER DUPER NICE and AVALIABLE to assist you and ALWAYS asked if you needed anything!  SMILES were all over to be had!  NO AZZHOLE needed to be told to shut the "F" up and lower their voice which was GREAT!  Everyone there KNEW how to act and didn't ACK (and I do mean ACK) a fool!  This is NOT the place for it!  Only library voices and NO ONE whispering loud enough you could hear them across the room.  Everyone was SOO NICE none of that PRETENTIOUS crap either!

    They even have an AWESOME boutique that you can shop in before, during, or after that is right across from the front desk.  They sale my FAV Brazilian shoes which if you have not tried them your missing out!  SUPER WONDERFUL!  I even snagged a pair to take home!  LOVE Brazilian shoes...rrrr-cha-cha, cha!

    I will FOR SURE be back!  I'm IN LOVE!

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Tina M.
    The Hot Stone Massage and Spa Pedicure I received were top notch!

    To begin with my pedicure I got the full treatment. Hot neck roll, amazing massage, good exfoliating and of course beautiful tootsies. I would certainly recommend Claudia to anyone.

    My Hot Stone massage was nothing short of amazing as well. The centering of my Yin/Yang left me feeling like I'm floating on air once I peeled myself off the table.
    I highly recommend this massage choice. The stones are just a medium of which the massage is done with and the smooth oiled stone felt wonderful on all my knots and sore muscles.

    We also took advantage of lunch at the Spa.  Beautiful outdoor seating and delicious food. The entire facility is well maintained and has every amenity that you could wish for. I especially like the atrium to sit and read in.

    Thank you to everyone that made this day special!

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Kristyl M.
    Spent two days at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Had an amazing time. My husband and son went golfing, so I booked a 70 min Pebble hot stone massage. At check in I was greeted by a friendly woman named Socorro. She confirmed my spa appointment, and explained all the amenities in the spa. She let me know that there was a automatic 20% gratuity that would be added to the service. I was already aware of this and had no problem with it at all! The staff works hard to take care of us and I'm happy to oblige. My spa attendant was helpful and friendly. I changed into my robe and had some cucumber water while I waited for my therapist. Danielle was my massage therapist. She was so sweet and friendly. I really liked her. She has the best attitude and positive energy about her. She was so excited to start my massage. Her pressure was amazing and she told me to let her know if I needed more or less pressure at anytime? The hot stones just made me melt. I didn't want to leave! If I ever visit Pebble again I will be back! The spa facilities were really nice. I enjoyed and utilized everything!

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0