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Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA

Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA


The Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa has one of the most unique locations among San Diego hotels, nestled across the street from Mission Beach and just steps from the more relaxing, quiet strip of beach along Mission Bay.  Several well-known attractions are only a few miles away, including SeaWorld, the world famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and historic Old Town.

All 312 rooms at the tropical-themed resort have their own private balcony or patio.  Free Wi-Fi internet is included in every room, as well as complimentary coffee, robes, iHome for iPod, and a flat-screen television.  Non-smoking rooms and 24-hour room service are also available.

Guests can take advantage of the Catamaran's Resort Water Sports, which offers sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards for use in Mission Bay, the world's largest man-made aquatic park.

The Catamaran Spa, the only beachfront San Diego spa, offers an exotic menu of practices with marine and botanical elements inspired from the South Pacific.


Established in 1958.

the resort and its surrounding area was originally the summer estate of the Scripps family. Mrs. Scripps envisioned a simple yet elegant home, a place where the family could enjoy wonderful ocean breezes and comfortable starry nights. The family eventually abandoned their summer estate in late 1955, and it was sold. In 1958, Mr. William D. Evans acquired the property and commenced the construction of what would become the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa.

Initially the resort was a modest 82-room inn. The original décor was a Spanish motif. However, the Spanish decor did not create the type of atmosphere the Evans family was looking for. Mr. and Mrs. Evans wanted an atmosphere where the landscape was the epitome of beauty. They wanted the buildings to act as a frame around a picturesque landscape. After much deliberation, a tropical theme was decided upon as the main motif.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.82

Address: 3999 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92109

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    Comments (293):

    1. Miss J.
    I can't share much about the hotel aspects of this place because I didn't experience it. The BF took me there for a Sunday brunch this past weekend. The brunch was your average hotel buffet type - nothing fancy. The "typical buffet brunch" at Salty's at Alki is way better.  However, the difference is...hmmm, the location! Ha! When you enter the lobby of this establishment, the waterfall and the tropical feel of the place could actually transcend you to believe you're on a tropical island...on your vacation. We sat outside the patio overlooking the bay. There was a big group gathering at the tables planted on the grassy area which made it fun for people watching. To me, this place is about ambiance and the experience of it. I could give it 4*s because the weather was just right, the view of the bay was awesome, and most importantly, I was with my one and only companion - but I have to say 3 because the brunch service was not up to par. Yes, I know, it's a "buffet" ! It just took them for-eh-vah to acknowledge our presence and da*n it! I needed my Mimosas!!!

    26/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Sam L.
    I love this place when I'm looking for a place to stay in this area of San Diego. Beach front rooms, great running paths steps from your lanai. The whole place is done up tropical style... they even have dozen's of tropical birds throughout the property. Great place to come with kids. Pretty central to the attractions, etc in the area.

    06/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Lisa M.
    So I just went here this past weekend. When we first arrived I noticed the LACK of  attention/ response from the staff.
    It has this Polynesian feel with waterfalls/ tropical plants and trees. It was very cute. We had a studio and it was pretty old school. It was aight.  spacious but pretty out of date.
    The resorts sits on Mission Bay so after Brunch we rented some stuff and headed out to the bay. It was cool. I wish i had more time to layout.

    We also enjoyed there Spa. It was very very nice. I heard they remodeled the spa so it was very Modern with Asian accents. Loved my facial !!!

    29/08/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Audrey B.
    This is a review for the AMAZING spa at the Catamaran. The hotel itself seems nice enough, although the carpet is sort of cheesy floral, but the Spa is only a year old and is fabulous. Everything is new, the locker room is unbelievably luxurious and the massage that I had was terrific. The staff is friendly and calming - it was by far the most relaxing part of my weekend and a total lifesaver. If you go for a treatment you get to use the facilities for the entire day, which means access to their saunas, jacuzzi, etc. The prices were in line with other hotel spa prices, but not too bad overall for what you get. Definitely worth every penny!

    27/06/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Joel G.
    pros...if you want a place that feels like 1930's hawaii, this is the place to go.  it is near the beach, right across the street, and it has that lazy island feeling when you walk around.  palm trees, tiki torches, bamboo fencing, heated pools, and waterfalls too.  everybody that works there has their hawaiian shirt on and are very friendly too.  

    the room was good, it wasn't big but it wasn't small either.  the furnishing was typical hotel room.  we had a view of the pool and it was nice, and quiet too.  it is novemeber and people don't like swimming in the cold air, but the water was nice and warm.  i was there to get some CEU with my fellow freaks, opps i mean acupuncturists.  hey they even have a cool little arcade hidden away.  and all the games are free!

    cons...well the parking is ok, but the prices here are astramonical.   i am not paying to park here next time, just going with street parking next time.  remember when i told you 1930's hawaii, well that is how old the rooms and place looks.  don't get me wrong it is looking pretty hot for some 87 years, just kidding, but the place is quite dated and needs some remodeling to justify the price.  i do so enjoy being awoken with the melodic sound of the hot water pipes.  such a wonderful sound.

    22/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Jessica M.
    Good food, ok service.  I went to brunch on a sunday and I would not recommend the sushi at the brunch.   Everything else was ok.   It's affordable at $40/ person with all you can drink mimosas, but wont be going back anytime soon.

    13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. melanie p.
    I lived in PB for 4 years. I am very familiar with this hotel as I always brought visitors through it to see the grounds, have a drink, show them the koi and birds. Lovely. The front lawn is nice too. Bay view is great from the spa and restaurant as well. Very comfy. Now, I have moved away to LA, came back to stay in a room for a visit. The rate was super cheap, I thought, but now, I think it was appropriate. I paid 129. The first room we got had no coffee, kleenex or hot water in the shower. They also gave us 2 queens that seemed like twins. Our view out of the balcony was pleasant enough of the ducks and waterfall. We thought we'd try to stay in this room even though the beds were small and there was only lukewarm water, maybe they'd fix it in the morning. They didn't seem too concerned about it when we reported it in the morn. I called again and they sent maintenance. He said he turned up the heat and left. It was exactly the same. They did give us another room, so an hour later after re-packing and all that..we got a room with a king bed and an "ok" view but we had hot water.  The rooms are dated but you can't beat  the location or the grounds. They have  an arcade and nice pool-it's probably a great place for families. I'd give the place a 4 if we didn't  have all the problems with our first room Bed was just "ok".  Tv's are nice...oh the other thing that was wierd--I turned on the tv to see porn--lotsa nudity and sex! If I had a kid with me---I would be pretty pissed..so there were some strange issues with the channels one day too other than all the porn stuff(not a prude-it's just weird!)...don't know what's up with that! I did not expect that on the tv, especially when I didn't press on it for a free preview or consent to having a movie ---kinda strange! The hotel needs some work-but I still say, it's all about location.  Bar is great. happy hour great, food great and I also love the spa and if you can afford it, it's worth every penny.

    27/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Jen H.
    So the little family and I decide to make the catamaran the scene for our easter brunch because a.) we can walk across the street to it and b.) it included an egg hunt for the 2 year-old and even a little cruise on the bahia belle.
    So although the reservation process was a gigantic pain in the ass, it turned out to be a pretty successful, satisfying easter brunch experience.
    However, I must say that the 4th star has been revoked due to the following chain of events:
    1. I call 3 weeks in advance for reservations for myself, the husband, and 2 year-old. I was pleased.
    2. They call me to "confirm" my reservation a week later, at which point I ask if I can add to my party, which they said they could do. I was pleased.
    3. I get another call a few days later to confirm my reservation AGAIN. I'm a bit irritated. Praytell, how many confirmations are needed for brunch reservations?
    4. I call the next day to confirm, but am treated like complete dog dung by the sassy man on the phone who informs me that not only is my reservation NOT confirmed but my reservation is only for 3 and it is simply impossible to add to my party. I am pissed. He then proceeds to talk to me like he's doing a giant favor for even letting me keep my original reservation. I am on a mission now.
    5. I call the next day and speak to a manager. I try to avoid the whole "let me speak to the manager" line since I did my fair share of time in customer and food service. But I was fuming. The manager was extremely accomodating and understanding and fixed my reservation woes. This better be a freakin good brunch.

    Ok. So we get there and get seated with no problems. Our server was fantastic and kept the mimosas flowing like mimosas should flow. They had a gigantic conference room of 10 or so different "stations". And big props to the cheese station and roasted leg of lamb.We had a window seat so the view was gorgeous, and there were lots of people in fancy hats and stiletto heels to roll my eyes at. Cost a pretty penny at $50 per adult, but hey, it's easter and we all deserve a little shrimp cocktail to celebrate the coming of christ, right?

    Oh yes, the crew that took care of the kiddos easter egg hunt were FANTASTIC. They made sure that everyone, even the wee ones, found at least a few eggs. Even if it took them dropping them directly in front of thier feet. Didn't get to experience the bahia belle, naptime interrupted, but we were told we could use our tickets anytime. Yeehaw.

    25/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Laura W.
    My friend had her wedding here and it was amazing!  Beautiful beach front setting, and the food was fabulous.

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. S F.
    We went to the champagne brunch on sunday. It's at little pricey at $40/head but the buffet was very good. They even have a sushi section.  If you have a party of 6 or more, you can eat out on the lawn where the tables are set up. We still ate outside on the patio. Inside is the omelet station, along with the prime rib, breads, mini belgian waffles, fruits, pastas, meats...pretty much everything. I'm not a sushi for breakfast type of person, but it is there if you are into it. The waiter was a super surfer-dude-bro-man, which made it that much more entertaining. The omelets were a good size and tasted good enough for me to make a second trip. Probably not your 'every sunday" type of place, but I'd highly recommend it with a group of 6 or more. Definitely not what you'd expect to find in PB.

    29/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. J B.
    I went to the spa..totally luxurious. what a relaxing experience I had today.    the hotel atrium area is beautiful with the waterfall.  

    the spa locker room attendent, ashely gave me a tour showed me where was.  ashley was very nice, courteous and accomodating. the spa dressing area, hair make up area, and showers, jacuzzi whirpool were all wonderful.  

    the waiting room had cucumber water, very refreshing, hot tea, fresh fruit, granola.  everything was very clean.

    my facial was wonderful by niki. the best ever.

    20/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Chris C.
    Since I do a lot of traveling, someone thought it would be neat if I Yelp my hotel and eating at different hotels as I travel.  So my review is more from a business perspective than a vacation perspective.

    I arrived at the hotel and took me a couple of minutes to find parking.  Once I did I was able to park and check in.  The grounds here are absolutely gorgeous and the service here was very prompt.  I have to say that I was disappointed that I was charged $11 for parking.  That charge should be already built into the hotel bill.

    But they gave me direction to where to park inside their park structure and then went to my room.  I stayed at the tower and was on the side that faced the town, which was fine for me.  The elevator up to my room I have to admit made me nervous because it felt like an old 1970's elevator that hasn't been serviced in 30 years.  Got to my room.  The room had a nice feel to it but there are a couple of strikes to it.  The Internet Connect is just HORRIBLE.  They don't have wireless, which I'm fine with but the LAN connection is not on the desk but next to the TV.  Since the TV and desk are not next to each you have to run the cable across the main hall you walk in and out of.  The TV is set up in this weird angle so when you lay in bed you're not looking directly at it and have to shift yourself and lay diagonal if you want a head on view of the TV.

    The food service here is good.  They have two restaurants available and they are open late.  A big negative for me is their gift shop is closed at 8PM.  For the business traveler who sometimes comes in after 8 and may need to pick up something, this is huge.

    Overall, I'm sure this place is great for a resort especially since it's right on the beach, but for the business traveler, I would look elsewhere.

    20/11/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Chuck P.
    The best thing this place has going for it is location.  Right on the bay, and right across the street from the ocean.  The rooms are WAY overpriced, however, and then they hit you again if you want to park a car.  Nothing spectacular about the rooms, and fairly dingy in fact (maybe that should be expected from a property that caters to beach-goers?)  There was gum in the carpet and sunflower seed shells on the carpet when we checked in.  And a pool of yellow urine on the base of the toilet (near where the bolts afix the thing to the ground).  We cleaned the sunflower seeds ourselves, but the worst thing was, housekeeping came after night #1 and the urine was still there when they left!  But like I said, the location is nice.  And they have great happy hour prices in the bar.

    30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Thomas S.
    The key to understanding the Catamaran is to realize where you are. If you compare it to a resort in Hawaii, it comes up short. They don't have the attention to detail in the rooms and amenities, and by August there is an understandable dry feeling even to the watery walkways. The pool area is relatively small for the size of the property and so full of kids most of the time, it's impossible to swim -- I mean, you can get wet, but not head very far in the water. The hot-tub was very nice -- much warmer than many resorts. Staff were courteous throughout the property. The food is good but not great. The important thing is to think about their location -- they are on Mission Bay, and within two short blocks of the Pacific Ocean. They have a dock where you can rent sail boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and other small craft (but not a jet-ski), and get lessons for using most of this. You can rent boogie boards if you don't have your own and use these in the ocean if you don't mind shlepping stuff over, and when at the ocean (beach) there are lots of places for refreshments nearby. The ocean beach is well patrolled with lifeguards, and alternates between surfing and non-surfing sections. It's both safe and clean. The hotel hosts many weddings and special events so ask ahead of time if your potential room will have some competition for view and noise. Overall, a fabulous location, and a good value.

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Allison C.
    My husband and i went there for a tuesday night loua event, I was a bit dissapointed with the set up. To many tables foe the event and set up very bad, people could not get their food and back to their table with out running into people. food was great.

    23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Jen K.
    I can't say enough about the ambiance and service of this resort. The group planners (Melissa and Beth) are beyond fantastic. My husband and I had a blast and were treated like we were the only guests on property. The grounds are well maintained and serene. We had a bay front room with a balcony and there was a gigantic party right outside our room, but heard nothing with the door closed. The rooms aren't flawless, but they are absolutely clean and very well maintained. The pool was a bit crowded, but again - it was well maintained and a busy weekend. Our only disappointment was not having big, fluffy pool towels (small detail). We took the Bahia Belle to the Bahia resort and the boat was definitely a party boat due to the late hour. But FUN! Even the staff on board (having to deal with plenty of intoxicated people) were super friendly and courteous. This resort is in a great location and has a very good price point, even in summer months. The parking was inexpensive compared to neighboring properties. Within walking distance, you can get to tons of shops, restaurants, bars, taco shops, the beach, and more. We live in SD and both agreed we would frequent the Catamaran a few times a year for "grown up time" away from our kids and jobs. We have stayed at many 5 star resorts and were really impressed with how reasonable the Catamaran was comparatively - everything from bar prices to room service meals. We would highly recommend this for couples looking to get away or families looking to spend time together. If you like birds and wildlife, you will love how close you can get to some very impressive creatures.

    03/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Drew C.
    Next to the beach.

    12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Azzy D.
    Nice view. Cool birds. Great access to the beach and stores.

    11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. David Z.
    Room smells, definitely needs a renovation. Half the time the garage gates didn't work.

    12/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Tyler H.
    Amazing location! A short walk to the ocean and on the bay. My vacation was made so much better by not having to brave the cali highway system any time I wanted to go somewhere. The hotel was nice, the guys at the rentals place were helpful, I definitely had a good time here.

    04/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Deirdre M.
    I stayed here over the weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday and was really happy with it.  Since I was inviting quite a few people, I was looking for a hotel that had rooms spacious enough to party in. The Catamaran was offering a free upgrade to studio sized rooms if you booked a regular, and when I booked it, the cost of the room was only $99! Oh my goodness, so cheap.
    The room was awesome, 2 queen size beds, a pull-out couch, living room, nice bathroom, and full kitchen! It was a little dated and ugly, but where else can you get a full on kitchen in your room for that cheap? The best part about the room was the outside balcony that gave us an amazing view of Mission Bay. Apparently, the boat docked by the hotel is complimentary for hotel guests.
    Hotel staff was great, pointing out good restaurants and bars close by, calling us a cab, and providing complimentary umbrellas when it started to rain. The grounds were very tropical, with parrots out on perches near the lobby, scenic waterfalls, and a pond throughout the hotel.
    The only thing I didn't quite care for, was the fact that parking was $13. The whole parking setup was a bit confusing. Only one of the two parking garage gates would open, leading me to almost hit a car backing up. Another thing was the elevators in the tower, they took forever!
    I would definitely stay here again, maybe even sometime soon.

    08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. J M.
    They did a real good job for our work Summer party.  The location is the key thing here.  Plenty of private parking, which is key during the weekend summer months.  The food was not the best, but certainly decent.  The staff was very helpful and let us do our set up the way we wanted to.  From the perspective of someone organizing a party, they were very helpful and easy to work with.  It is a bit old, but that adds to the charm and as others have said it is all about the location.  They offered discount rates to our employees that wished to get a room for the rest of the weekend, which was a nice touch.  You can also drink on there private beach, which is a life saver.

    05/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. David S.
    Over all, this is a pretty nice resort.  I came for a business meeting and then the weekend.  

    The good:

    The rooms are very nice and spacious.  The view from the bay side of the tower is picture perfect.  The landscaping and views are amazing.  I found the staff to be very helpful and prompt.  Although pricey, the food is pretty good.  The business center had prices listed for time on the internet kiosks, but when I used them it was free.  Printing was free too.  This spot seems very popular to the locals as they were always here (weddings/boat rides/kayaking).

    The bad:

    Although the kitchenette has dated appliances, the rest of the room was better than average.  The internet access is decent, but not wireless, so you have a long cable attached to your computer you have to drag to wherever you are.  The maid service cleaned my room at about 3:00pm which seemed to interfere with any siestas I planned on taking.  One of the elevators has some ominous sounding issues going on.  The parking garage does not have an elevator.  This wasn't a problem as I always had a space on the 1st floor until Saturday when all the weddings filled up the garage and I had to park on the top floor.  The gift shop is expensive.  $4.60 for a Rockstar beverage.

    Although I have a long list of bad things, all of them were very minor to me.  I would definitely stay here again.

    30/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Joyce L.
    I came here for 4 days (stayed 3 nights) for a training conference about 2 months ago for my work and brought my husband along since it's in sunny and beautiful San Diego. We were both impressed by this hotel's efforts to make it feel so tropical and exotic with all the palm trees/tropical foliage and parrots/ducks/other "tropical" animals.

    However this hotel is old and it shows with the decor and facilities. We were given a room in the penthouse of the tower so we can't speak on what it would've been like to have stayed in one of the rooms in the lodges/cabins (was told it would've been nicer with a better view). The room we were given at first had a King sized bed in a really big space but looked empty and I was surprised that there wasn't even a mini fridge. Since we wanted the option of having a fridge, we asked for one to be delivered to our room and it was promptly done so (before we got back to the hotel after going out for dinner). Later on, I heard from my coworkers that they got rooms with kitchenettes and 2 double beds, so I went and asked the front desk about getting the same (since my coworkers and I should all be given the same type of room being the company is paying the same rate for all of us), esp. since I also wanted a microwave which the room didn't have.

    The gal at the front desk was a little hesitant at first but pretty quickly agreed to give me the room right next door which apparently has a kitchenette, 2 double beds and is overall larger and better and we'd still be on the penthouse floor.

    This second room was much better than the first room, we were much happier with it even if the room only had a "garden view" room and not an ocean view room (same as the first room we originally got) which is usually what they give to conference people paying government rate.

    The service overall was good and professional and the view and location couldn't be beat, although parts of Pacific Beach were kind of run-down and not so safe at night. Still we had a great time there (at least my husband did since he was on vacation and I was at a training conference). We wouldn't mind coming back again if it's for work and we aren't paying for it but otherwise, we'd stay more centrally in San Diego and find a better/newer hotel that's less expensive and comes with complimentary breakfast which this one didn't offer.

    3 stars is about what it deserves right now based on our one experience there for 3 nights total.

    13/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Odie O.
    The views are awesome spectacular, never realized how far u could see from not even that high up, will have to dig my pics up, the hotel room itself felt like Hawaii, a bit run down but a good price considering you get a full kitchen, the elevator was scary, kept jostling around and making weird noises, heard people say one got stuck so we avoided using that one. Nice to sit and have a coffee on the bay by the water.

    07/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Edward G.
    Beautiful grounds (check out the parrots, exotic waterfowl and gorgeous waterfalls and pools); helpful, friendly, courteous staff; marvelous views of the ocean, lagoon and mountains. The sound of breaking waves on the nearby beach is so nice to wake up to.  Good food in the restaurant also.

    06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Sarah T.
    (Please forgive if my review isn't on point... I am ill with what is possibly the flu but feels more like little tiny aliens have invaded my body and are screwing with every possible function they can get their greedy little hands on.)

    Prior to getting sick, I went here on Christmas Morning for the Champagne Brunch. To start good for them, free parking because it was Christmas (at least they weren't trying to cash in like a lot of people do on the holidays.) The exterior of the hotel was extremely outdated and I was nervous that it wasn't going to be very enjoyable, however when you walk through the front door there is a beautiful water fall and it's very tropical! It totally made up for the crappy exterior. We went up stairs and although we were about 15 minutes early (Our reservation was at 11:30) they seated us immediately. Our server's name was Carman and she was wonderful! She was friendly with out being over bearing, and even when things got really busy for her she did a good job at making sure we were well taken care of. Only once or twice did I find my glass of champagne empty and it was never for very long when it was.

    The ambiance was calm (especially since it was so busy in their.) and they had a guy playing Christmas music on the piano. They had everything set up on stations far enough apart that you didn't feel crowded when getting food and there was a good variety spread through out the banquet room. From scrambled eggs & sausage, ham & turkey, seafood, and a ton of different salads. Also a cheese station, veggie trays, fruit platters, and all sorts of pastries... Plus a Chocolate Fondue Fountain!!! (and an awesome dessert table with some yummy treats!)

    All of the food was good quality and tasted very good. The only serious issue was, if you didn't get it when they first changed the food out, it wasn't very hot. I know it's hard to keep a buffet line warm when it's on a hot plate, but for the price you pay... You deserve hot food. I was seated at a table where I could see most of the things I wanted to eat, so I'd just fill my plate when they changed out the food to get it while it was hot. But I'm sure I wasn't the only one to complain about the temperature of the food.

    We were there about 2 1/2 hours enjoying the Champagne and the food and it cost about $120 (tip included), but what was really neat was if you went to the buffet they were letting you go on the Bahia for a boat ride around the bay. It was a nice way to end our meal and enjoy our Christmas afternoon.

    It was a good time and we really enjoyed our Christmas morning at the Catamaran. The Brunch was very well organized and we had great service. -1 star for the temperature of the food.. Other than that, we had a great time!!

    27/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Ron D.
    Received a "certified" letter from the GM after writing to him and the Vice President regarding our aweful experience.  One would expect that since the letter was "certified", the contents would be worth something.  Instead of a coupon for a free nights stay, the letter simply contained an apology . . . just goes to show the type of IDIOTS that work at the Catamaran!  Minus 5 stars for their STUPIDITY!!!

    18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Marvin A.
    We booked our stay through travelocity, good value for the price.Our room was upgraded to studio room with full kitchen, it saved us money. but I was very disappointed when we got to our room though.Our reservation said GARDEN VIEW but it was ROOFTOP OF THE PARKING STRUCTURE VIEW. the parking structure is exactly across the tower.I called the reception immediately only to be told that for additional fee we can be moved to the other side of the tower and the reservation is correct bec Floors 1-4 is the garden view,5-8 city view and above would be ocean view. So I thought of just giving them 3 stars but we stayed here for 5 days and the resort is clean and beautiful and the staff are nice so we got pass the VIEW. We checked out ,got home then realized that we left the cable for our camera at the hotel, I called them, and within 1 hour Alicia from housekeeping resolved the problem, found the cable and shipped it to our home explaining the 4 stars.
    We will consider coming back.

    06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Enrique R.
    I have to say that I was very excited and looking forward to a great experience here, but it was far from it. The room was ok, it was well stocked. The really bad thing about the room was that there were ants roaming throughout, and the restroom also had many insects flying in it. For a hotel that makes itself up to be of high caliber, I have to say that I will think twice about coming hear again. Other wise, the hotel is ok and it centrally located close to many great restaurants and other locations.

    14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. Casey S.
    Not sure about the bad reviews on Yelp but we had an awesome time here in April 2012.  Flew in Friday afternoon for a getaway with the girlfriend and stayed until Sunday.  Hotel grounds were immaculate and many ornate and beautiful birds hanging around the common areas.  We had a 10th floor studio facing the bay and it was amazing.  Open the oversized sliding glass door and listen to the nearby waves crashing!  Nice room and kitchenette including oven, stove, fridge, freezer, dishes, bowls, etc.  Do yourself a favor and take a cab to the resort (saves the $13 per pay parking charge) and rent a couple of beach cruiser bikes.  There are plenty of bike paths littered with restaurants, bars, shops, whatever you could need.  The hotel bar was small but service was good and drinks were great.  We rode the complimentary stern-wheeler to the Bahia and spent an hour over there checking out the sea lions and singing karaoke (badly).  I can't comment on the food as we never ate at the Catamaran but it certainly looked good.  There were no silly charges on my bill at checkout, just taxes.  All the staff were very polite and we never waited for anything.  I would have given it 5 stars but, like most San Diego properties, the buildings do have that warmed-over 70's look.

    30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Starlight M.
    This is a review of the Catamaran Sunday Brunch, not the hotel itself.

    First of all - plan on spending a bit more and being surrounded by people who think they're pretty cool for spending $45 a head for brunch. Once you get over that, grab a seat outside, and let the champagne brunching begin!!!

    I LOVE brunch here. The food ranges from freshly made sushi, crab legs, peeled shrimp, smoked salmon, prime rib, an omelet bar, all the eggs benedict you can put in your face, sausage, waffles, fruits, cheese plates, assorted entree type dealies, a fresh fajita bar outside with bunches of salsas, fresh tortillas and seared tuna upon request, and pretty much all the magnificent little finger style desserts you can get your paws on. Really? The food quality and selection makes the price worth it when coupled with wine glasses full of champagne/mimosas.

    The service has usually been absolutely fantastic. We're regulars, and usually have the same woman who kicks some amazing ass, and there's this busy as hell busboy(man) who keeps the empty plates out of sight. That being said, the last time we went, our server could have given a shit about whether or not we had silverware. So - grain of salt to be had.

    Go ahead and park in the lot or parking garage, and bring in your parking pass to have it validated at the restaurant to park for free!

    I prefer to show up looking somewhat hungover and a bit haggard to stand out from the "we're so La Jolla look at our fake boobs" and "my frat son just graduated" crowd, but that is my rebellion at the self-righteous crowd that appears when something costs more than most people find reasonable. Even though, after having it, you will find it reasonable and maybe even develop some smug facial expression of your own.

    Sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, or sit inside and enjoy the harp player (who is quite chatty if you happen to strike up a conversation). Either way, come hungry with a designated driver, and have at it. Yay for Sundays.

    EDIT: One more thing - after brunch one day, my lovah and I wanted to go to a movie showing nearby but needed directions. On the way out, we stopped by the concierge desk where they printed us out directions off mapquest for us. Isn't that lovely?

    30/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Marie G.
    This hotel is old...I figured out it was old when I mentioned it to my 74 year old father-in-law...and was regaled with his bachelor navy boy day stories of hitting the bar and entertainment here.

    That and the fact that the place really does show it's age, I do like this hotel. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful (but I'm so used to seeing front desk (say, the Renaissance Ilikai, Parc 55, Moana Surfrider) do their best to get me a great room with the best view that I was slightly disappointed in my room assignment), the grounds are a sight and fun to wander, and I love the quirky amenities such as the video arcade (with free play), the exotic birds near the lobby, and the steaming pool. Where else would you be able to swim in an outdoor pool at the coast in November (Location aside, it's 62 degrees outside).

    The rooms vary, we're in the 200 bldg, so they're smaller but face the pool which is very nice. I've heard nightmares about the tower's elevators in the past. The rooms, aside from the old rug and out dated TV and bathtub, are fine. I saw my husband's friend's "bayfront" room, if you have the $$, splurge for those, much bigger (with a sitting room and mini bar area and a great view of mission bay. They need to work on revamping the plumbing in this section to make sure the section doesn't shudder with the early morning HOT WATER RUSH.

    My husband and I stayed for Pacific Symposium so he could gather his CEUs and bond with his fellow Acupunturists. You can easily walk to Ralphs, Starbucks, World Famous, Tony Romas, the Mission, Denny's, Gringos, etc from here. If you REALLY LIKE WALKING (I'm from SD, so that is NOT ME) then walk up to Garnet and enjoy all of the joints there. I didn't bother eating at the hotel, prices are high, and checking out the other symposium visitors plates, not much of a meal....Parking...check out Bayard St. and save yourself $$.

    I may indulge in the manicure/pedicure at the Catamaran Spa, but massage...c'mon, I married a practitioner of traditional chinese medicine, I'm taken care of. :)

    09/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Ellie N.
    This review is strictly for the luau.  If you're a tourist to San Diego, it probably would be fun.  If you're a San Diego resident yearning for an authentic Hawaiian luau and thinking you're going to do this after work, you may be a bit disappointed.  First of all, unless you are staying at the Catamaran, the price is too steep ($58 v.s. $35 for adult, $25 v.s. $15 for kids under 12).  So If you're attending as a family be prepared to lighten your pocketbook.  Also to be able to get one of the seats fairly close to the stage, it would be advantageous to already be there before  6 pm rather than trying to get there in your car caught in rush hour traffic elsewhere in the county at 5:00.  

    When buying tickets online, there is no information on parking and absolutely no signs for luau parking once you get there, so if necessary, drop off your passengers at the front of the hotel, then park in the hotel guest lot/parking garage and walk back.  Parking is free if you attend the luau.  We didn't walk around the grounds beforehand, but the venue for the immediate vicinity of the luau was OK, close but not really on the water, surrounded by hotel rooms and a few small tiki torches.  The lei greeting is a 69¢ polyester lei from Oriental Trading Company.  There were literally hundreds of people packed in, with very long tables radiating out from the stage on one end of the grass, so some of the dessert tables had much better seats than many of the guests.  When the show started, probably half of the guests got up and stood closer to the stage in order to see.  I did so as well, carrying one of the fold-up chairs with me, so that my 83 year old mother could see and not have to stand.  (For $58 I would rather have watched the show from my table, as we did miss the part of the show that started while we were still eating.)  I would have configured the seating arrangement much differently in order to accommodate so many guests more equitably.  

    That said, the food overall was not disappointing--the kahlua pork and glazed salmon were excellent and very moist, the chicken and salads good, the "kids buffet" was open to all and in fact enjoyed by many adults since it added Hawaiian pizza and coconut chicken nuggets to the menu.  You did not have to wait in the food line very long at all--that part was very well planned.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The band and singers were top-notch and the dancers excellent.  Overall we had fun but wouldn't go again for that price. As a tip however, there were a few people who didn't pay to eat but watched the entire show for free from the walkway on the hotel grounds that ran adjacent to the luau.  They, in fact, had better view of the stage than many of the paying guests.  That, I would do.

    08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Laura H.
    So I went here for brunch on Easter Sunday, which should tell you something about the review I'm about to give. My birthday just happened to fall on Easter and I've always wanted to try the brunch at the Catamaran, so we made sure to make reservations well in advance. We even arrived early, but we were still seated at one of these massive wedding-slash-cruise ship buffet tables, which made me extremely unhappy. Why, Catamaran people,  would you think I want to be squeezed in between two strangers? Also, I wish someone would have been responsible for crowd control. There had to have been at least ten kids to every one adult. The fear was real.

    Fortunately for the Catamaran, their food was excellent and they kept the champagne a-flowing. Seriously, our waiter was on TOP of our champagne refills. That's reason enough to fork over the $40-something per person, right?

    Other than the bubbly, the massive dessert stations were delish, as were many of the entrees. They had some super yummy breakfast items. I also liked how they had a kids section - you better believe I had 1 (OK, 2) pigs-in-a-blanket!

    25/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Anil S.
    Quite expensive. The Best Western across the street has better views of the Ocean. The place has ridiculous fees for parking your car in their parking area overnight. How lame is it that they expect you to stay overnight but will charge your car parking fee? If you want to use their good spa, again, it's a daily fee. Much better options exist in the area other than this overpriced, poor quality hotel.

    08/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Jennifer A.
    This resort hotel is right on the Mission Bay.  They offer studios, rooms, and suites with a view of the bay or of their wonderful gardens and ponds.      They offer water sports on the bay and a full service spa and salon.

    I went here for my boyfriend's medical school spring formal so I saw their outside gardens, view of the bay, and one of their banquet halls.

    The food was great.  A bit, hotel-ish, but nonetheless tasty.  Grilled salmon and chicken, steamed veggies, and potatoes.  Great dinner salad with gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts.  Yum.  Great, great cheesecake.

    Can't really give it five stars until I actually stay there.  But from what I've seen it seems great!

    02/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Darlani M.
    This USED to be an awesome hotel but if I'm going to spend ~$300/night, there ought to be a bottle opener in the room, NO holes in the bedspread, & no cheapy dry-cleaner hangers in the closet! Grounds are beautiful but rooms are old, musty, & very MEDIOCRE.

    11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Eric M.
    I'm more of a trespasser than a hotel guest.  As a local I definitely take my out of town friends to the bar and order lava flows against the mission bay backdrop.  A walk through the lobby and quick visit to the talking parrots is a great touch and transports you to a tropical paradise.  If I didn't live within blocks, I'd be tempted to stay here, added bonus, a short walk away you can find most of the staff next door at La Playa Taco Shop for some carne asada fries.  Great location, friendly staff, great views/ambience, and how can you beat free access to wild animals!

    27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Leslie C.
    i love this place. everything was great. the view, the staff, the gardens, the rooms, the restaurant. i will be returning every year! if the rating had 10 stars i would give it! thanks for everything!

    01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Nick G.
    I stayed here near the end of October for about 7 days. In total, my stay was satisfying, but not excellent. The rooms are sufficient for the most part (a little old, but clean) Some of the rooms have a gorgeous view of the ocean, but only if you get the right room. The hotel grounds are lush and inviting, and do give you a sense of the tropics. (as much as is possible for mission beach). The staff was pleasant and helpful. I'd skip the restaurant at the hotel, but the hotel bar had some decent happy hour deals. The best part of the hotel was definitely its location. Mission Bay is steps away and there is a host of water activities available near the hotel.
    All in all, not a shabby place to stay in Mission Beach if you get the right price.

    25/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Isabelle N.
    I had my wedding reception at the Catamaran's back lawn.  I had a tiny wedding with just parents, siblings and 2 close friends.  Sylvia was amazing.  I didn't have much to work with since I was trying to keep it small but she was incredibly accommodating and set up all of my table settings beautifully.  I really couldn't have imagined a better wedding.  Just as an added note, the food was very good.  I would highly recommend working with Sylvia.

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. AKA A.
    4 Stars for the location and the Beach behind the hotel. Great place for a wedding. Beautiful views. The Hotel itself was about a 3.5 star and the food was about 2.5. But over all. . . . we had an amazing time at a friends wedding that was held there. I would hold a party there but maybe get the food from somewhere else.

    26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Linnea B.
    A Paradise in Pacific Beach!  We were lucky enough to have a view room from the tower overlooking Mission Bay and the Ocean.  We could sit on our balcony and listen to the music below...on Friday night, it was Hawaiian music during the on-site Luau...while sipping our wine before venturing forth to walk the boardwalk in search of our evening meal.  I am even a local, and the Catamaran makes me feel like a pampered guest in my own city.  

    The occasion of my staying here was hosting a conference, but as a theory in my "Living Life to the Fullest" philosophy, I think one should pretend to be a tourist in their own city from time to time.  It's fun!

    19/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Sarah Y.
    I spent my post-graduation trip in San Diego at the Catamaran.  Great location, beautiful surroundings, overall great experience.

    06/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Pops F.
    First, if you think the Catamaran is expensive, then your average accommodation is a Travelodge, or maybe you're booking during a peak week.  The lure of this place is that its reasonably inexpensive for San Diego, the staff tries hard, and they keep the place well-maintained.  If they keep it up for another 50 years, the place will be a certified antique.

    My take on it is that whoever owns this place realizes that no matter how much cash they pour into the facility, it's still going to look like a big cinderblock tower surrounded by some low-slung 60's motel-like things in a great Mission Beach location strandling the bay and beach.  So they've concentrated on a couple decent touches (42" LCD TV in my room, at least, and nice gardens).  That's in stark contrast to our stove, which is the same age as the building.  If you're tall, they have the mini-me showers.  Not sure who in the 60's thought that people over 5'4" don't wash their hair, but this is one of those places, and the bathrooms in the tower haven't had a major plumbing upgrade, apparently.

    The staff has been very friendly and provided good service during our stay.  This certainly isn't a place where the staff is going to stick their nose in the air.  They seem to genuinely want you to have a nice vacation, and that's the best one can ask for.

    We got 2 rooms (studio upgrades) and it was -- even with $13 parking -- a better and more reliable experience than renting a condo on the beach side of Mission Blvd.  The beds in the studios aren't queens -- they are doubles.  I think you can get 2 queens, but if you "upgrade" to the studio with the kitchenette (better appointed than the average kitchen, save the ancient 18" stove), we definitely got 2 doubles, and neither is new.

    Overall, an OK value for the money.  It's clean, the decor is dated but not awful, and the staff is friendly.  I wouldn't come here for a romantic weekend, but I would come with kids.  The pool and hot-tub are large, and the beach is just across the (busy) road.

    14/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Jeff B.
    - I've never been in a hotel without hot water. Repair man came to fix it at night. In the morning it was cold again.

    - Room service says it is open until 11pm. That's not the case. Better get your order in before 10, or else they close.

    - After leaving, I found out they put 2 separate charges on my card.  One for $229 and another for $405.  Their explanation was they put a deposit down on the room and I exceeded that deposit with the hotel restaurant so they needed to add more money.  I have never seen a hotel do that.  It's been 2 days since I left the hotel and those charges have not been reimbursed even thought they said it would be the next day.

    27/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    48. Marie B.
    We didn't stay at the resort but we rented a 16' hobie cat. It was a lot of fun, and easy to rent! Bring towels because unless your staying you can't use theirs. Very casual staff...would have given it 5 stats but they didn't rig the main sail block properly. Luckily my boyfriend has his own boat so he's familiar but the ropes kept on getting tangled and that could have been very frustrating for someone without a lot of experience.

    08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Chris R.
    Went in May and I was able to take advantage of off season rates. To do this go to hotel website click reservations then in the bottom of the page click packages then off season special.  This hotel has all the amenities a four star should but the rooms could use a remodel.  Nice but a little dated.  I would stay again.

    29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. ashley p.
    This place is awesome! Our view was amazing. We could see both the bay and the ocean. It is located within walking distance of both. The property is beautiful. There is a pond that runs throughout that includes huge fish, tons of ducks (babies too!), and fun birds that hang out in the courtyard and say hello when you walk by. Also, they give you free tickets to the Bahia Belle as part of your stay. This is definitely the best place in the area to stay.

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Angelo S.
    Wow...I came here with my lady friend for her Bday. We were think about Miami but, I lived in SD in 2000 and was sure this was the place 2 let off some stress. Service was good. Price's was great. The view of Mission Bay crazy very few people on it. Rooms are OK, that is why I did not give it a 5, but who stays in doors in SD. The Garden outside of the room sick. The Amenities are great.I'm still checking into them, we been on the town so much. I will be back for sure.    Nice place 4 a honeymoon at a good rate. Stressless from the start.

    14/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Keli K.
    Beautiful setting, right on the bay and very quiet!  Amazing this place is in PB.  The ducks that walk around are awesome to watch, and the parrots are pretty entertaining.  The view from the room was amazing, but one downside was the shower drained very slowly.  Overall it was a great stay!

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Lyndsay W.
    I have not stayed in the hotel, but the Catamaran Spa is FANTASTIC.  Fairly new, very beautiful and well appointed, I dream about it every night.  

    Seriously.  Fantastic.

    The massage therapists were very nice and the massage that I received the morning of our wedding was perfect.  I spent the morning relaxing and enjoying the calming atmosphere.

    I can not wait to go back to the spa next time I am in San Diego.  


    05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Metis B.
    We dock every other Saturday and sit down to breakfast at the Catamaran Restaurant. Service is amazing especially if you get Hector! And the food is so ridiculously reasonable $12 for an omelet with bay shrimp, avacado or really any 4 items you like. And the bloody mary's are perfect- spicy and they hit the spot.

    Of course the one parking that's missing from Yelp is Dock: check

    30/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Richelle P.
    We took a mini vacation to enjoy what San Diego has to offer. Our suite overlooking the bay was incredible! The hotel staff is 5 star all the way providing friendly, professional and accomodating service. It was such a treat to enjoy all of the amenities in a lush, tropical setting.

    If you haven't been to the brunch on Sunday you are missing out! The chef's prepared delicious food, amazing views to enjoy the outdoor seating with bay views and sunshine.  Our server Kimberly was fantastic and we never had an empty mimosa.

    07/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Sarah B.
    My mother and I are SO overwhelmed with the Awesomeness of this Resort. Partly because the first night of our vacation was spent in "Hotel Hell" one block away from this heavenly place.
    We are nearing the end of our 2 night/3 day stay here and we are sad to leave. The atmosphere is like Hawaii... lush tropical plants everywhere, parrots, ducks, little rivers and lakes, indoor waterfalls... .
    We even did the Luau last night that is put on June-September every Friday night. Price is MUCH lower for hotel guests... all you can eat hawaiian yumminess and an hour long show with dancers and a fire eater/thrower! We got great seats an enjoyed every minute.
    Looking forward to bringing hubby and kiddos here soon... they would have a blast!
    Atoll Restaurant inside the hotel rocks too... GREAT service, excellent breakfast. Met up with my cousin here (she is a local) and stole bites of her carmalized banana pancakes.... YUM.
    A++ from myself and my mother from this heavenly hideaway called the Catamaran Resort.... We will be back, you can count on it :)

    14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. M C.
    We just returned from another fabulous stay at the Catamaran. Every time I leave this place, I vow to return as soon as possible.  We had a garden-view room (I book this type of room every time and have never been disappointed) . The grounds are lush and green with tropical plants and tons of palm trees; there are winding waterways throughout the grounds and tons of ducks (all kinds) that call this place home. The location of the hotel is fabulous, set right on the bay and just across the street from the beach.

    I'm not sure what planet my fellow Catamaran reviewers are from, but I would NEVER refer to this place as "old" or "low budget"... WTF??? The rooms were very nice, as always. The bathrooms have natural stone counter tops, the linens are plush and the rooms have been updated with HD TVs. The rooms are always very clean and I've never been disappointed here.  

    During our stay, we had a three separate (local) friends join us at the hotel. They were all equally impressed with the lovely grounds and fabulous pool and overall feeling of the grounds.  The pool is awesome, it's surrounded by palm trees which blocks the wind on breezy days. There is pool-side cocktail and food service and always tons of pool towels available for the guests. Oh, and the bar is very nice, too. They have great happy hour from 4-7.

    We paid $159 per night and feel that this was a steal considering that I just saved us airfare to Hawaii... because when at the Catamaran, I feel like I'm in the tropics.

    I could go on and on about this place... in summation: STAY HERE.

    16/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Miranda D.
    Really nice place. Comfortable beds, nice pool area, tropical feel to it, and had ducks and parrots.

    16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Denise B.
    Ok it's not as slick and sexy as Tower 23, that is a given.  

    BUT the hotel is still holding a special place in my heart.  It has an island vacation feel with foliage and greenery everywhere, a waterfall and pond in the lobby, and two story lodge type buildings.  Also there are on site parrots that talk to you, ducks and swans walking on the pathway as you are on your way to your room, and almost every room as an incredible view of the bay.  

    Not only that, each room has it's own little porch/balcony area, either overlooking the bay, or the common areas in the hotel and the ponds.  The rooms are clean and neat, and come with flat screen TVs.  Though the decor as said earlier maybe could use some updating, I guess it kinda goes with the island-y vibe so to change it would be taking away from the hotel's ambiance.  

    I would say that one thing I would try to avoid is staying in the Tower building, I like the little bungalow type rooms alot better.  The tower elevator is kinda old and rickety, and the rooms were not as clean and nice as the bungalow rooms.  

    Service is pretty good, everything we called for we got within minutes, and the room service food was actually pretty good: go for the shrimp quesadilla or the burger or the fruit plate.  Also one of the girls staying with us in our room said the fries were excellent and yummy.  

    The hotel has a decent restaurant and bar, where I've had many good memorable nights and a great champagne brunch on the bayside which if I remember correctly, included for $30, all you can eat brunch and unlimited champagne.  

    Prices were reasonable, it's within walking distance to a ton of activities, and a block from the beach.  If you are looking for a nicer hotel that doesn't have the word MOTEL in it's name, isn't dirty and is relatively modern, then this is perfect!

    10/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Katie H.
    we only stayed for two nights, but left very happy and definitely will return.  it is within a few blocks of central pb, grant and garnet, and all the fun.  it is also within about 2 blocks from the beach.  it is a big and beautiful property, and we didn't get to really explore more than our room, the courtyard, and the lobby.  the courtyard is a big garden with koi ponds and birds!  they have an open air enclosure with tropical birds who talk to you!  they were so cute.  the customer service at the front desk, concierge, and taxi service were happy to go above and beyond for us.  the price was typical of nicer downtown sf hotels, so even though it was pricey for pb, we were happy to pay it.  definitely worth the $, especially since most pb hotels are not too nice.  i'm 30.  i like nice, clean, cushy hotels.  sorry.  not really.  they were promoting a new year 2013 party on the beach, and we were genuinely sad we couldn't come back for it.  definitely stay here!!!

    11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Drew W.
    I came here for my honeymoon and stayed in a bayside suite. The room was very nice and the view was even better. The scenery all around the hotel is very peaceful and tropical. The only reason I leave 4/5 instead of 5/5 is that we had to wait an hour to get into our room that we made reservations for more than a month beforehand. Other than that one issue, everything else was great.

    08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Nick T.
    I like this place. Been here for drinks, a wedding and even spent the night once.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Randall G.
    We went in search of something very light and cheesecake after burgers in Pacific Beach and found the Atoll restaurant in the Catamaran Resort hotel.  The food was surprisingly good.  I had the green salad, which was small but fresh and tasty and included a variety of interesting tidbits.  The blue cheese dressing was better than I expected.  My companion enjoyed the cream of mushroom soup, and we both liked the flakey bread.

    The mango cheesecake was interesting: we first encountered a mound of canned mango chunks in heavy syrup: great if we wanted a sugar overdose.  Next was a layer of graham crumbs with shredded coconut.  Also not so nice.  But, the actual cheesecake was terrific: creamy, smooth, mango-rich, and wonderfully, surprisingly, amazingly,  just the right sweetness!  What a delight to find dessert that isn't oversweet, where the actual flavors of the ingredients are allowed to stand, unhidden and unashamed.  The plate had little drizzles of perfect vanilla drips and chocolate sauce drops.

    The prices are high, but this is a hotel restaurant.  The server, Brad, was very nice.

    01/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. Nicki Z.
    The grounds of the hotel are absolutely beautiful, but hotel room was a little outdated for the price we paid.  Staff was friendly and the event that was held in their ballroom was awesome! We will definitely consider staying again, just not during a peak time =)

    23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Bev M.
    I like this place. We found a deal for $99 a night online. Very clean large room, nice large private balcony with palm trees views. It reminded me of being in Hawaii. Mission Beach is just 500 feet away. Mission Bay is next to the hotel. I had a nice run along the beach early in the morning. We went there during spring break, so there were alot of young loud drunk college kids everywhere. But we still like this hotel and plan to stay there again. The Resort manager was a little rude when we checked in so thats why I'm not giving it a 5 star rating.There was a little taco shop next to it that had awesome food! Very short walk to everything.

    18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Kris H.
    Good hotel! Fun environment with the Hawaiian theme and Luau... One negative was the Mini Fridge that was advertised wasn't there.... The Tower Hotel room front door and sliding glass door slammed really loud and echoed...

    23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Tina C.
    For the last 3 years I have planned our company holiday party at the Catamaran. I highly recommend having a party here because the price per person was more reasonable than many hotels around town. The service was not only wonderful but if anything was needed the staff was right there to help out.

    I won't lie to you the rooms are outdated. However, the hotel itself is pleasant.  There is a nice quaint bar to the right of the lobby and the Sunday brunch is excellent.  Big plump shrimp and I had to do a double take when I saw the crab legs.  Yummy!  I love crab legs and these were big crab legs.  

    Directly in back of the hotel resembles a Luau. You can walk in the sand among the tiki torches. If you walk out on the pier you can also catch the Bahia Belle for a small fee that takes you around the bay.

    I didn't have any bad experiences with checking in, parking, or hotel staff.  Everyone was quite nice.  I hope I can get back here one day so I can eat some of those crab legs.

    06/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Saraa B.
    Pretty tropical paradise! Fun spot to sit and order dinner or drinks/appetizers close to the water and people watch.. From now until September there is Jazz on the grass from 5-7 (my dad's the solo guitarist) and you get free cheese/fruits/hummus appetizers w/bread & there's a lil swap meet going on in the grass.. Cute vendors there~I bought a cuuuuuuuuute ring there :)

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. tony c.
    very nice facility with friendly staff!  we are having a great experience here.  you can easily walk out to the bay and walk or swim in the water, or enjoy their nice big pool and spa.  a few macaws hang out in the courtyard and say hi to you as you pass by or flirt with some of the ladyfolk.  there are some really interesting varieties of duck that walk around the facility as well!

    great ambiance, great experience.  i just wish you didn't have to pay $13 a day for parking!  as a guest, you should at least get a discount.

    25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Jory S.
    Go to the spa! Their spa is amazing... I love how friendly their staff is.  

    Robes, spa slippers, a relaxation lounge stocked with fruits and teas... mmmmmmm....heaven. (Who knew Heaven was in PB? Weird.)

    The massage I had was so relaxing- I think I fell asleep and farted; I was (maybe too?) comfortable. They put the (mASSage) "table" in comforTABLE. (Get it, get it?). That was bad, sorry.

    I like how you can chill all day at that place for the price of one massage. There are saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools. Oh, and while you're there- take the shower. They style you out with anything you could ever need for, and after, a shower: fresh razors, lotions, hair dryers, Q-Tips, hairspray, deodrant.

    God I love this place.... (ppphhhhtttttt....fart.)

    13/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Hollan M.

    Palm Trees? Roasted Pig? Hula Skirts?

    Catamaran's Summertime Luau is the next best thing to takin' a trip over to Hawaii.

    Sorry I waited so long to attend this special summertime event.  It met and exceeded all of my expectations.  Our lil' family and some friends had such a wonderful time.  Nice memories.

    We were greeted by beautiful, tan, and young hula girls and guys with lei's.  Then, there were complimentary Mai Tai's.  Next, a place to take a commemorative photo.  Hawaiian styled music in the background performed live.  Fresh air.  Blue sky.  Palm Trees. Beach and bay views.

    Then, entertainment.  A visual trip through Polynesia with fabulous music, drums, and dancers.  Many different costumes, too.  My three-year old got on stage with other kiddo's to learn to hula!  AND birthday girl friend got on stage when the audience sang Happy Birthday.

    Yeow, buffet.  D'lish!  Plentiful.

    Now, it's dark.  Nice stars.  Entertainment continues.  AND SeaWorld's fireworks could be viewed and enjoyed!

    Cannot wait to make this an annual tradition in our family!


    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Nancy H.
    Great location and ambiance. Ate at the outdoor patio of the restaurant looking out at the bay, then walked across the street to the ocean and boardwalk.  Our room did not overlook the bay, but had a balcony overlooking a pond, which was also delightful, and quite a bit less expensive. The room was large, with 2 queen beds and double sinks. It was a bit tired, but clean and nice. Generally comfortable, although the bed was a bit hard on my back (my adult daughter who was with me found her bed just fine, so it might just be my aging back.)  Staff was very helpful. I would definitely recommend, and hope to get back next year.  Very affordable -- but I think we were a bit lucky, having high-season weather (mid-to high 80s) at off-season prices.

    06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Maygan C.
    Just got back staying 1 night at Catamaran hotel.
    We got the  bay front room. LOVE IT :)
    1) Bahia Belle boat ride is FREE for hotel guest
    but it doesn't run everyday, there is a web site for schedule
    2) parrot show run @ 3pm
    we didn't watch the show... but a plus for kid
    3) bay front suite has more privacy than bay front room
    the suite has some front lawn area (15 feet) before you hit the running trail, the running trail is all pubic area
    4) we all enjoy the FIREWORK from sea world at night, right in front of our room
    5) WORLD FAMOUS is a good eat happy hour
    MON- half off app. 4-11pm BAR only
    TUE-shrimp  taco $1.25 4-7pm
    WED lobster taco $1.50 4-7pm
    parking is very limited but if you stay at the hotel, it is just across the street.save parking
    6) book at hotel website save more if you want more than the basic tower room. we paid $189 for bay front room (no kitchen) canal in 48 hours no fee
    7) $13 self parking or $17 valet parking

    if its helpful, let me know
    ENJOY !!

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Jeff K.
    I was expecting way more from this place.  I went to the Luau but didn't stay at the resort.  It's a nice resort from what I saw.  They offered rooms that had a nice bay view with easy access to the beach.  Island themed of course.  It looked like they even had bird shows with an aviary in between the lobby and the parking structure.  

    As for the Luau.  The food was really disappointing.  Especially for the price you pay.  Admittedly the best thing they had was the Kahlua pork.  Everything else was just there.  They had a whole roasted Kahlua pig that I wanted to dig into but I think it was more for decoration than anything else.  It might have been plastic!  No one ate it.  The Desserts were good.  I was expecting a lot more as far as the quality of food goes.  Another complaint was that the seating was a huge mess.  People didn't know where to sit cause all the tables said  reserved.  A guy eventually popped his head in to seat everyone; mainly because a lot of people started getting pissed.  A friend went with us, who had been to Hawaii, said he had gone to better Luau's.  

    The entertainment was good though.  They had a show that presented different Island cultures and traditional dances.  The best were the fire dancers.  Tight.  I wanna do that.  I just don't wanna get burned.  Well, It looks like I'll have to go to Hawaii and experience the real deal.  I'll let all you yelpers know how that goes.

    09/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    75. mike b.
    Lot's of fun Great location.  Right off the beach.  A must stay.

    03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. Kathi B.
    We love coming here for appetizers and wine. It is a good date place and you can sit outside by the Koi in a tropical setting if you prefer. We sat outside overlooking the beach and watched a waterside wedding. I was betting on a chiffon wedding gown and was correct! The perfect choice for a beach wedding.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. Jacob W.
    Very split rating:  for us, a 3.  For many others here right now, I imagine a 4.  Here's why:

    The pluses:  there's no getting around the great location, macro and micro.  The hotel itself is very nicely situated where Pacific Beach and Mission Beach come together.  It's a block from the actual ocean beaches, but it fronts Mission Bay directly.  Very central, easy walking and driving options.  INSIDE, a marvelous job has been done with the landscaping.  Almost Hyatt-esque, with a long, winding "creek" filled with koi, catfish, multiple breeds of ducks and other fowl, lush plants, and educational signs everywhere.  Nice swimming pool.  Perfectly decent (and NOT prohibitive) hotel bar and restaurant.  Free internet.  In these regards, the Catamaran is more than I expected.

    Unfortunately...we also learned that there are a chunk of rooms that are really below-par compared to the rest of the place.  They are NOT priced or categorized separately.  First, take a good look at the property map.  See the "tower" in the middle?  Turns out it's a 12-story block of concrete right in the middle of the otherwise Eden-like, 2-story garden-fronting units that make up the rest of the place.  

    The rooms inside that tower are fine...even nice...as long as you're not on the 3rd or 4th floor facing north!  Then, it turns out that your "garden view" consists ENTIRELY of the concrete parking garage.  That's it.  AWFUL.  All of our efforts to improve our lot failed.  And it doesn't seem to have mattered that we made our reservations quite awhile ago, and are staying for a full four nights.

    Also awful is the fact that no cold water comes out of any of the faucets in our room.  San Diego tap water is bad enough, but to have to drink it hot is just too much for this vacationer.

    And so...on this stay, we're definitely seeing the warts at the Catamaran.  But it's a pretty good place otherwise.

    31/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    78. Jennifer M.
    The staff is perfectly nice. No complaints there. Many kuddos!  However the hotel is outdated and for the same price I could have (and should have) stayed at a hotel that is more my style. I ordered a desert from the bar and the description was one thing and I got something completely different.  I was very disappointed. I am not a big drinker so the bar does not appeal to me. I feel that the 4 and 5 star reviews we saw on this and other websites are totally overrated.  My hotel phone does not even look clean.  But the staff here is very very nice!

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    79. Amanda G.
    The rooms here are nice, but a tad pricey.
    Unfortunately, on the last morning of our stay there was a sewage problem. The staff  handled it fairly well in our case.
    We were immediately offered another room to shower in, and our checkout time was extended. They waived our parking charge, and  refunded one night's stay.
    I would probably stay here again. The location is great, and it's a nice hotel.

    23/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Felicia M.
    Let me start with the positives. The location is awesome - right on the bay with affordable water sports, great biking trail and ample chairs and umbrellas. There are ducks, koi fish and exotic birds galore. And, yes, it does feel like going to a Hawaiian resort - albeit a 1960's one. The staff for the most part was very nice and the food, especially the brunch, was great. It was very relaxed and many families brought coolers, food, etc. with them to their rooms and to the beach. Now for the not so positive. The rooms with kitchenettes are in "the tower" where it gets very crowded waiting for the elevator. It was common to see a line of 10 or more people waiting to get on. There is a parking structure (with very small spaces) and it's next to the tower -- but there are no elevators in the parking structure and the way it's designed, even if you park on the first level you have to go up and down steps to exit. Definitely not convenient if traveling with small kids or bikes or other items to enjoy at the beach. Also on the downside, the rooms seriously need upgrading. We had a room with 2 beds -- and they were doubles, not queens, which make a difference when traveling with a family. Decent refrigerator, stove was ancient. Bathroom was tiny and was more out of a Motel 6 than a resort hotel. We had to go out and buy toiletries because they were so bad. When we arrived and went through check-in and dealing with parking/unloading, I was pretty unhappy, but after a day or two at the beautiful bay beach, we began to understand this place's charm.

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    81. Naka A.
    I liked this hotel. We had an amazing view from our room and the staff was amazing. Sure, it's a bit on the pricey side, but when you come during the summer when they have fireworks every night, it's pretty awesome! Clean rooms and no issues with the bathroom (thank God!)

    01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Avi M.
    This was my 4th or 5th time staying with the wonderful people at the Catamaran Hotel. Every time has been eventful but the folks here continue to make it right. I have stayed alone, with a GF, and with my 5 year old twins. the time before last I visited with GF and we had plans to enjoy cocktails, live music, and dancing aboard the Bahia Bell. The bell is a large paddle boat that runs back and forth form the Bahia and Catamaran until 1am nightly during the summer. To our surprise, the gangway leading to the boat collapsed and people fell into the water (Luckily,we were in the restaurant waiting to board.) The boat was not going to do anymore trips and we were a little disappointed. We were able to find other things to do but we really came down to ride the Bell.
    While checking out I mentioned our disappointment and the manager, on his own, offered to comp our rooms. Pretty stand up if you ask me.

    The hotel is a beautiful place with a tropical feel to it. The views from the 22ed floor are breath tacking. The prices are more than fair compared to places I have stayed.

    Check it out if you get a chance. It's like leaving the country without the expense associated with long distance vacations.

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Carolyn S.
    Their location is lovely. I'll give them that.

    I attended a wedding here recently. We also came in for dinner and drinks several times last summer. I've yet to book a room here.

    The wedding was actually extremely nice. Nicer than I expected given the fact that it was help at The Catamaran. The ceremony itself was held outside on the lawn, with an appetizers and drinks cocktail hour immediately following.

    We attended the reception ibn a sizeable ballroom overlooking the bay. Quite nice.

    Service is the one area I would fault The Catamaran for most. None of the times that we've been in for dinner or for drinks were we particularly wowed by the service. Many of the staff seemed less than knowledgeable about the menu. None of the staff we encountered were particularly obliging.

    The lobby is pretty...with a koi pond running through it. The grounds outside are also fun to walk through. Lot's of wild ducks & koi.

    29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Al A.
    This place is very popular for folks getting hitched.

    The bay views are heart warming and romantic. From the big ballroom with the large bay windows to the grassy area outside, everyone gets a great view.

    The hotel itself is already showing it's age but you can't get past the great location and the views. That makes up for it.

    After the wedding reception and you're still in a party mood....you have your choice of numerous water holes & clubs down the street which make Pacific Beach so popular.

    18/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Marty B.
    I would have to say this was one of the better, more relaxing places I've stayed at in the 25yrs I've been traveling. Nice clean rooms, great staff. The view of the bay from my room was outstanding. The only complaint was the section I was staying in did not have an elevator so we had to carry all our bags up the stairs. It wasn't to bad. The staff stopped and helped with getting them up to my room. Love the place and look forward to going back.

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Tamara Z.
    Had my engagement party here.
    Amber did an excellent job getting it together and figuring out what we wanted on such a short notice.

    Excellent food, the room was beautiful and the view of the bay was amazing. Great place and very good pricing, which was surprising since the hotel is pricey.

    01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Chrissy S.
    Spacious rooms, clean, friendly staff, affordable, close to beach. We booked sight unseen and would DEFINETELY stay again!

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Linda M.
    My bridal party surprised me with a suite for the weekend.  It was comfortable and had a fantastic view of PB and the ocean.  The room was dated and the decor was a little cheesy, but the staff were so friendly and fun.  I would stay here again, but I would not recommend the "booze cruise" to it's sister hotel.  It was a dull experience on a tired boat.

    30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Steven S.
    My room was very big, comfortable, quality, and clean. The landscaping is done well, my room had a backdoor with a view of a little koi pond. My room didn't have a beach view, but I spent all day by Mission beach (which is 3 minutes walking away) so having a view wasn't highly important to me. They even give you a complimentary large boat ride across the bay that had a fun live band.

    Very nice place, had a great time, I will stay here next time visiting San Diego.

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Nancy C.
    Let me start off by saying that the customer service at the Catmaran restaurant was amazing!! Very friendly, humble and accomodating.

    The breakfast was delicious. I ordered the all American breakfast. They also have a breakfast buffet for $14.50 which is not that bad.

    The dinner was a bit pricey though, therefore minus one star for being overpriced.

    The resort overall was amazing. I would definitely come back here again. They have a lot of palm trees with ponds of fish, ducks and turtles. They also have an area of birds. Our room was very nice, we had a king sized bed with a lounge area, coffee maker, fridge and double-sinks!

    The pool/jacuzzi was very nice as well. They close at 10pm every night. They also provide you with beach towels when you get to the pool, so you don't need to pack your own beach towel if this will be your first time at this resort.

    23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Robin C.
    The hotel was nice enough but we had a room that was directly next to the birds.  I have 2 small children who still take naps during the day and it was IMPOSSIBLE for them to sleep with all the noise and chatter from the birds. We asked to be moved but the only other room they had was in the tower and we had specifically asked to be in a room facing the bay with the grass so the kids could play outside.  The birds noise truly ruined our weekend.  They did buy us dinner and gave us a discount on the room but I wish they would have mentioned how loud the birds are.  No amount of money made up for dealing with 2 small kids without naps.

    The shower was also a nightmare, the water went from boiling hot to cold in a instant.  I would not stay here again but the staff seemed friendly enough and food was just okay and overpriced.  Bar staff seemed stressed and overwhelmed all the time.

    05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    92. Jessica L.
    I was here 2 days for a conference.

    Overall I thought it was nice - the tropical vibe only comes off as marginally cheesy (namely pineapple couches and chairs all over). But the parrots and macaws, waterfall and staff were all nice.

    In general I thought there conference spaces were just right for the smallish group we were. Also, wifi was readily available with passwords.

    My room was not so good - very very loud near the pool and street. My colleagues who were in the Tower said it was quiet there.

    As expected the hotel restaurant was just ok. food was pretty good but staff there was seriously lacking.

    I wish I had tried the spa or enjoyed the private beach more, overall a nice space in Mission Bay.

    27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. richie e.
    I feel like the only Yelper getting the dish on a venue's event staff.  Kinda enjoying my niche tho =P

    Pluses: They got animals, ponds, and a nice peace of beach front real estate.  I was so ready to give this place stars because the h'orderves they brought out were top notch.  They seriously killed the Se hotel on that one.  Jumbo coconut shrimp was amazing.

    WTF: Catering manager was all up in our business! I thought she was a representative of one of the organizations but she works for the hotel.  If we are the ones hiring your services then don't fucking lecture me about being "inappropriate" .  Did you lecture the rest of the staff about eating before the guests? NO SO STFU.  You know if you're trying to present this hoity toity air about yourself at least hook it up with simultaneous serving.    

    Why did you book a wedding reception right next to our ballroom? They could have used the other half of the hallway instead.  Did you just want to give them the balcony view?  Why did you open our doors 20 mins early to seat dinner guests? To move our people out of the way of the wedding? WHEN DID YOU BECOME THE EVENT PLANNER? You hampered out silent auction by moving everyone inside early!

    Why are your spotlights not connected to a light switch? Having to bust out a ladder to turn them on is FAIL.  We needed both lights! Why didn't you clean the lamp you gave us before putting it on stage? Why did you create a tripping hazard on stage?  

    Why did you take my personal property to house keeping? It was us who ordered the tea and had it right next to our registration table.  Why didn't you move it to the rest of our stuff? *face palm* Then you had to be all "my staff is too busy to help you" THAT WAS YOUR BAD ASS HAT! GEEZ

    20/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    94. John A.
    nice hotel environment but i didn't have a fridge to keep my beers and drinks cold.. who doesn't give you a fridge?

    30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Ryan T.
    Location is wonderful.  Room was small, bathroom even smaller and overall accommodations were below expectations.  

    Check in was great as small gifts were given to our kids and staff was very helpful.  Pool and mission bay were great.  Only downside of pool was that they were constantly out of towels.

    Would return for the location and hope for a better room.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Anita B.
    We stayed on the 10th fl in a suite in the tower and had an amazing view of the pacific.  Our room was in good shape, plenty of outlets, and comfy beds. We have been to many fancier hotels but for the price and location Catamaran was great!  we walked to some breakfast spots and ate on the boards at World Famous and had drinks at La Haina.  Easy drive up to La Jolla which is amazing!  Drinks from the inside bar were strong ; o  the kids liked the pool and hot tub.  Drove 15 mins downtown for some fancier meals.  You can walk to Ralphs for groceries

    The grounds as mentioned are truly beautiful!

    21/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Tara N.
    We came here for a conference, and had a nice experience. Food was excellent, staff was nice, rooms were spacious though outdated. The grounds were nice and the beach is absolutely beautiful. Worth a trip!

    15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Kristin O.
    Our stay started off bad, from the valet to the front desk. I reserved my room online(their website). I  call and ask for an early check in, but tell her I don't want to end up overlooking the parking lot! So we get there, The valet says we need to check in before he can take our car. Doesn't offer to take our luggage(this is a resort?) So after standing in line for 10 minutes with our luggage we get our room.

    We were upgraded to the tower studio, which the front desk failed to tell me was two double beds. I reserved a king. I'm on a vacation without my children and I get a room with 2 beds! And to top it off, We're over looking the parking lot!
    After 3 phone calls to the front desk, who explained to me that I "requested" a king bed. Where as I had to explain to them that when I pay $300 a night I expect to get what I requested! Shortly after we were moved to the bay side and had an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW, but  I have to say this was the only positive thing about the hotel beside the Sunday brunch.

    The Sunday brunch was exceptional! I only wish I was more hungry, and we could have sat outside(I guess outside is reservation only). It was on the pricey side $39.99 for 1. But I would definitely go back with a group and be sure to make a reservation.

    Now the bar....HORRIBLE!! My husband sat down a few minutes before me, no one had approached him. I sat down, and still no one approached us. Several of the staff looked at us. I was thinking "what is going on here?! Then 2 women sit down at table next to us, and immediately are approached and given drink menu's! We had to actually stop the waitress and ask for service. She seemed apologetic, but she had looked our way earlier and did nothing. We order our drinks and waited about 10 min for them to come! At that point I had to get the hell out of there! We took our drinks to our room and enjoyed our beautiful view.

    After this very lengthy review, I have to say. I would not stay here again...ever. It seems like a nice place for families. But I guess I was expecting a four star resort experience for the price but got the 2 star.

    08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    99. Steve B.
    If you want to be central to the action in Pacific Beach this is the place. Waking distance to the beach and the bay, all of the restaurants, bars, and shops as well. The views from the tower are great, parking is easy, on site restaurants are good, lots of activities to choose from. The rooms are simple and clean, plenty of space. You don't spend much more time in the room other than to sleep. The beds are good. I would come back!

    20/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Casey B.
    Booking my wedding with Kristin Akerman in catering has been amazing. She is the best and finding solutions for every issue that has come up. She is very responsive and has been a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to the big event this month.

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. SC Girl O.
    I had a great time at this resort.  We were lucky enough to have an ocean view which I think made a huge difference in my experience.  The stay was great.  The rooms are clean, not 5 star but comfortable.  The bar is cool, the late night appetizers outside by the fire pits was fun.  We also got tickets to the Bahia which is the boat that takes you around the bay in the evenings.  My one complaint was that the restaurant breakfast menu was dreadfully boring but I would definitely stay here again!

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Dave N.
    Great hotel overall..fairly priced.

    Stayed here NYE and the 1/1 and was satisfied overall with my stay. Rooms were nice and clean and it cost me $200 for NYE and $150 for New Year's Day.

    View from my room was great and the view from the restaurant was even better (overlooking the pacific).  Staff was all extremely friendly and accommodating (we're not difficult by any means, but they had no problem following any request that we had).  

    No complaints really...everything was what I expected and I enjoyed my stay. Given your many options in the PB area, you could do a lot worse than the Catamaran.

    05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Andrew S.
    I had a so-so experience staying at the Catamaran resort recently. They were nice enough to upgrade the room for us to some sort of very large suite, but the organization of the room was quite odd--the bedroom was next to a very thin door which allowed a lot of noise into the room and the floor plan was just kind of odd. Still it was really nice to have a kitchen stocked with wine glasses and flatware. I was somewhat horrified that there were pee pee stains on our toilet though. Also, they tried to charge us for a dining charge that we did not incur. So all these little oddities prevented me from giving more than 3 stars.

    One redeeming feature is the spa, which was really nice.

    The macaws located near the check-in area say a bunch of funny stuff, so don't miss out on them when they do a feeding in the AM!

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    104. Scott F.
    Me and my wife just got married her last week and we couldn't have pictured a better wedding. Tracy Amernick helped us with putting on a fantastic day to remember for the rest of are life's. When looking at all the venues price was are main concern. I thought there was no way I would be able to afford a wedding here. But my mom called and luckily spoke with Tracy and arraigned a meeting. I was thinking of doing a wedding myself and hire a bunch of people. After realizing that we only had a couple of months to plan it would be crazy. So we met with Tracy she was very nice and easy to deal with. She never got frustrated and was all smiles the whole way through. She helped us work are budget on food and drinks and planned the whole event perfectly. The wedding was awesome and a room was fantastic even had a fresh fruit and cheese basket. Thank you Catamaran and especially thanks to Tracy Amernick the wedding coordinator.

    06/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    105. A S.
    Wow!  What a spot.  We had a 12th floor - water facing mini suite.  Absolutely gorgeous.   Pricey, but worth it.  We are beach people so spent quite a bit of time on their beach.  Got up early, scoped out, claimed, and placed towels on the beach chairs (a necessity) and ate lovely breakfasts on their veranda.  Following that we returned to our chairs and vegged on the beach for hours.   We rented small power boats, sail boats, and paddle boards.  Had a ball.  We stopped by the pool one afternoon but it was crazy full of people.   We used their valet service so parking was not an issue.

    28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Jenn H.
    The Catamaran was a great escape from the summer heat of Vegas!  The staff was  great and very helpful.  The happy hour appetizer specials at the Atoll were great and had a nice view of the Bay. Their private beach had excellent wait staff. All the staff at the resort were extremely friendly. The torch lighting ceremony was lots of fun, but we unfortunately weren't there for the luau. Lots of families and activities and only 3 blocks from Garnet St in Pacific Beach! Overall a great experience!

    26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Leslie B.
    Review for brunch:

    If you happen to be looking for somewhere to go for Mother's Day or to impress the out-of-towners, this is it!

    This is a full buffet brunch and you can practically sit on the boardwalk.  Our table was on the grass inches from the boardwalk on beautiful Sunday morning, with a clear blue sky.  We watched roller-bladers and dog-walkers while chatting over the bottomless mimosas.

    Inside, there is a large buffet which is displayed well, readily replenished and fresher than most all-you-can-eat fare.  My picks were the fresh seafood table and the fresh fruit table.  Seafood included some sushi, lox, fresh oysers on the half-shell, mussels, shrimp and several types of fish.  The fruit was a fresh and plentiful dispay of strawberries, melons, pineapple, kiwi, various citrus, mango and papaya.

    There were all of the typical stations, such as meat carving, omelet, and waffle stations which I did not try.  There were the usual hot plates of various egg and meat dishes which looked typical.  The only thing I was disappointed with was dessert.
    They even grill carne asada outside next to the guy playing hula music.
    Service was friendly and my champagne glass was rarely empty.  It is a bit on the pricey side, but I had to keep in mind all the oysters I ate and all the champagne I drank (approx. $45).

    Keep in mind, parking is free with validation!

    12/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Jonathan S.
    Attended a wedding here and the resort was very nice as were the rooms (mine had a view of the bay).  When on the property you forget that you're in PB as there are so many trees and parrots.  Great time and very reasonably priced.

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Chris S.
    I came here with family to visit some family and I didn't think that this place was bad at all. The lobby was nicely designed with tropical plants and a big waterfall emptying into a koi pond. The hotel grounds are very pretty with water fowl bumping along the sideways and parrots out on display. The room itself was nice and clean and I couldn't point out any faults with it. The pool area was also nicely set up. I only ordered up room service one time (a breakfast quesadilla), this was a pretty awesome breakfast then what I was expecting. I never really partook in any beach activities but you can tell they had a nice set up. All in all I would recommend this resort for anyone staying in this area.

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Ashley B.
    I stayed at this resort for a music conference.  I was instantly intrigued by the lobby... they really play into the 'resort' feel.  Lots of rocks and water... beautiful fish, ducks, even Macaws!  All taken very good care of, of course.  The pool is lovely, but the HUGE hot tub was the kicker for me.  Right next to the hot tub, there is a pool room with a pool table and various arcade games.  This would have been fun, but even though this was a private resort, they charged for both the pool table (per GAME) and the arcade, I decided my time was better spent at the beach totally off of the resort grounds.

    The location is great.  You get both views of Mission Bay and Pacific Beach.  Loved that.

    The kitchens were small, but useful.  I made a delicious breakfast one morning- thanks to the stove/oven/toaster/fridge in our room!  The bathroom was small, but I saw really lovely bathrooms in other rooms.  The elevator in the tower takes a LONG time when there's an event at the resort and everyone needs to get to the same place at the same time.  This didn't bother me- I was on the 2nd floor and would rather take the stairs anyhow- but my friends on the 12th floor were, understandably, a bit peeved.

    Aside from little things here and there, I really had a lovely time.  They keep their grounds impeccable, their location is fantastic, and the staff isn't eager, but certainly amenable.

    21/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    111. L P.
    Excellent location.  Can't beat it.  Fabulous beach.  Beautiful setting.  Kids loved it.

    However, we were disappointed with the room.  Our "studio overlooking the garden" was on the second floor of a tower overlooking the parking garage.  There were some palm trees in between (thank goodness).  The website is quite deceptive in this regard.  BEWARE.

    The staff was nice enough.  Not super nice.

    25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    112. Russel I.
    The luau is a most during the summertime! A little expensive for native San Diegans but well worth it. The kids had a blast and the food was good. The setting and beach views were phenomenal and entertainment was great! The hotel staff is very accommodating and great resort. Always check for deals but a great must stay in San Diego!

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Rod H.
    This review is about their wedding and Catering services.  

    At the recommendation of a close friend, we decided to have our wedding ceremony on the south lawn of the Catamaran Hotel and we had them cater our reception at the Villa on the Bay (a private residence) a few doors down.  All I can say is it all went perfect.  Tracey was great and helped with the planning and had everything ready for our big event.  Unfortunately, she was traveling on business on the day of the wedding but Christine took over and they didn't miss a beat.  The setting was absolutely beautiful.  They set up the sound system and refreshment table (which was very nice as it was an unusually hot day on the Bay.  

    Then came the reception.  Wow!  Absolutely amazing.  Beautiful set up, flawless execution and fantastic food and service.  Dave, the Banquet captain was a rock star! Extremely attentive and did not miss a beat.  Everyone had a great time and our guests are still talking about the event.

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Christiane D.
    This review is based soley on the main bar attached to the lobby, near the fountain.  

    The Catamaran Hotel provides it's patrons a great little bar that not only has strong, decently priced drinks, but a fun atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends.  Not only can you hang out with friends in the main bar area, but you have the whole outside sit down area as well as a few casual seating areas located inside by the fountain/koi pond.  We joined some friends and their son there on Saturday and it was nice because, as parents, they have a place to enjoy beverages and snacks but also their son has a spot where he can run around or relax that doesn't affect anyone else.

    The staff was really friendly and the prices were too over the top for a hotel.  What's more, is the Bahia Belle boat leaves from out back, so you have time to have a few drinks before you board the ship and enjoy live entertainment, a wonderful view of the bay & (if late enough) a nice fireworks show.

    30/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. JP P.
    Great happy hour from 3-6.  Good place to feel like your on vacations without having to feel you in PB.  The salmon dinner is a go to.  The bar mix is pretty good, they also have great seasonal local beers.

    17/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. James H.
    You can't beat the location, but you can beat the hotel. Rooms are spacious yet antiquated with uncomfortable mattresses and single-pane glass doors, which are very apparent when you stay next to the parking garage.

    14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Shanah C.
    LOVE this hotel!! Closest thing to Hawaii you can find on the mainland! Makes me homesick = ( Haven't stayed here as a guest, but attended their "Luau" which they have every friday night during the summer. Took a girlfriend who has never been to Hawaii OR been to a Luau, so she really enjoyed herself! The entertainment is provided by "Pride of Polynesia" which is a local group that does traditional dances and island entertainment. The food for the Luau was good (presentation of the pig was nice) and for $58 per adult for all you can eat and a 1.5 hr show, I thought it was a great time! Nothing compared to a TRADITIONAL luau in the islands, but as close as can be expected.

    09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    118. Carlos A.
    Good location but not 4 star as they advertise. very friendly staff

    19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    119. Hazel Q.
    I was really hovering between two and three stars here, but it comes down to this simple statement:

    The only goddamn accessible power outlet in the entire hotel room was in the bathroom. (I didn't want to hurt your eyes, but imagine that all in caps and in an angry Lewis Black voice.)

    Sure, there were upsides... like... Oh! I think the hotel grounds were pretty nicely kept up. And parking is a breeze.

    But the downsides, oh the downsides. One of my main peeves in a hotel room: old scratchy bedding. Blarg. The WORST. Shower only, no tub - and it's kinda grimy.

    And the worst - they have free wifi. Normally that'd be a huge plus, but it's a big giant cocktease when there are no accessible freaking plugins near the desk, or the bed, or anywhere other than the bathroom.

    02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    120. Mandie L.
    A very well earned 5 stars!
    I come to the Rock 105.3 Boo Ball here every year. So when I wanted to do a Birthday suprise for the boyfriend I looked at the Catamaran.
    I booked one night stay at one of the Bay front rooms. It was a great room for surprisingly well priced! Looked right out on to the bay and pier. Nice grass area right out front, so we could walk out our door to the beach bay, the coffee shop, pier, bar, restaurants everything!
    I am from San Diego, and we are both currently living in Pacific Beach. The Catamaran is a great choice for a staycation spot! It doesn't even feel like we were in PB at all (but if you wanted that feeling you could too). Great pools, exotic birds, tropical waterfalls all made the ambiance amazing. It was also great because the night we were there, there was a wine tasting event!
    So where they earned 5 stars from me is this situation:
    I was trying to step up the room with wine, beer, food, and a cake before he got there. So I of course put everything is "durable" Trader Joes bags and started to walk to my room, arms full! My little pup Bean was following behind faithfully. About halfway there, the bottom of one of the bags falls out and two beer bottles shattered. How embarrassing!! Thankfully, one of the wait staff (I want to say his name was Daniel I hope?? A real credit to the Catamaran) came over and rescued me. Him and another employee helped me pick  everything up and take it to my room and then cleaned up my mess. They were so great. Thanks again guys!
    One of the best parts is they accept dogs! Got to have my little FurBaby with us at the restaurant, in the room, out at the beach. Was great!
    The only thing I didn't like was the amount of children; Catamaran caters a lot to family's and kids. Arcade, etc.

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Mar L.
    On a summer vacation many years ago, I stayed at this place. I was sold just from reading and looking at the website. It looked like paradise!

    In the pictures on their website they had a room looking out through a sliding door where it opened to the Koi pond/garden. I booked a room with the Koi pond/garden view and was looking forward to a relaxing stay.

    Imagine my surprise when I checked-in and went to my room. Since the room was located on the second floor, I was treated with the wonderful view of the tree trunks of two palm trees! Where was the koi pond view??? Also, it was quite noisy since the room was located near the swimming pool.

    Went back to the front desk and complained and they switched me to another room. It was still a second floor room but much quieter and the balcony overlooked the koi pond/garden. Not exactly what I had envisioned but it was better than the first room.

    I also wanted a king-sized bed but the best they could offer was a room with two queen-sized beds. Not going very well. And for some reason the beddings made me itch and I was uncomfortable having the blankets over me. Wool blankets? really? For a luxury-type hotel?

    The grounds are kept clean and well-groomed and the hotel is right next to the bay. They have a very nice and pleasing lobby that gives you impression of a luxury hotel.

    For the price I paid, I expected more from this place and sad to say I've had better stays at Courtyard/Fairfield/Marriott.

    11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    122. Kristen M.
    Came here for a family vaycay and was hoping for at least a decent hotel.

    Why is it 2 stars? Here are the DIRTS:

    Room #1 - 400 building
    -Lighting was dim
    -Bathroom door DID NOT LOCK at all
    -Sliding door to patio was UNLOCKED when entering the room (someone can just break in or walk in for this matter)
    -A light switch that did not turn anything on/off (it's still a mystery)
    -Woke up the next morning and found ANTS trailing along the nook area (and there was no food around!)
    -Bathroom shower had a buildup of mildew

    Because of that we changed rooms for the next night..... and I thought it would be better..........................

    Room #2 - Big building, 11th floor
    -Sliding door to balcony was already broken and didn't really close well.
    -Since it rained that night, the carpet by the balcony sliding door was WET
    -Television remote had no batteries

    So what was great about the place?
    -Bigger building had a nice view of the ocean and surrounding areas
    -Cute ducks and koi fish in the lake to give a resort feel
    -Pretty macaws and parrots by the lobby

    I think that's pretty much it.

    Would I stay here again? Sorry probably not.

    24/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    123. Vuitton P.
    They offers the best massage in their spa.

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Liz G.
    I love this place! I got a deal on Travel Ticker to stay here for $99. per night, and it made the trip even better! I got to stay in one of their towers which over looked the bay and the ocean! It was rad! Our room had a balcony and it was so romantic. If you are a hotel guest you get a complimentary ticket to their evening cruise on the bay- that was fun. I got to rent kayaks on the bay and beach cruisers on the hotel property. Everything about my trip was fantastic! Oh! I can't forget about the employee at the front desk who checked me in, and helped with all of the accomodations- Nicole. She was super cool! Thank you Nicole!

    I plan to come back here again even if I don't have a discounted rate.

    03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Sarah S.
    Recently stayed at the Catamaran Resort with my husband and three kids.
    From the moment we arrived the staff was very helpful and friendly. The grounds of the hotel are very green and lush. Nice restaurant for breakfast. Nice pool. Lovely beach access both on the bay side and the ocean side. Just a block from the hotel entrance is a beautiful strand filled with tons of restaurants and shops. Behind the hotel is a lovely beach with lots of activities and snack shack. Great walking and bike riding paths around the bay.

    The room was really spacious with kitchen. It was really a great spot for our vacation. Would definitely return next time in SD.

    13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Clarissa C.
    I stayed here with my hubby for my b-day weekend. Totally forgot we had stayed at Catamaran years ago for a friend's wedding! I gotta say, it wasn't all that. There were nice things about the grounds. As far as the room goes, it was...uh, well, read on.

    ROOM: 7th Floor by elevator in Tower. Bed cover looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a few years. Same with drapes. Floor had burn holes and something that looked like blood or chocolate. Balcony was nice. The view was kinda nice. We could catch a glimpse of the beach and we had a perfect view of the parking lot.

    BATHROOM: Leaky shower, wouldn't ever completely turn off. Someone had not flushed well. There was still tp in the toilet. Also bowl looked like there were turd stains. I think it was just an over-used old toilet bowl with a chipped finish. No fan in bathroom. Hair dryer did not work.

    HIGHLIGHT: Cool looking ducks in in Koi pond.

    BAR: Actually that was pretty decent. Since we got to hotel 20 minutes before check-in and our room wasn't ready, so we headed to the bar. I had a Nutty Irishman and hubby had Rum and Coke. Drinks were good. Waitstaff friendly and attentive.

    SPA: If you want to get a treatment, be sure to book ahead of time. I wanted to get something, anything for my birthday, and the lady at the front desk said they were booked until Tuesday.

    PARKING: Valet $17/day; self-parking $14/day. Attendants very nice.

    LOCATION: Good, near lots of shops and walking distance to different restaurants.

    I've had so many better hotel experiences. For the price, I think I'll be checking out other hotels the next time I stay in San Diego...

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    127. Brad O.
    What happened? This place used to be nice, but now it's nothing more than a horrible spring break atmosphere (in December?) and run down rooms.

    I've stayed here before and had a wonderful time, but this time we were greeted to a number of issues. First, we were pleasantly offered a free upgrade to a suite since we paid $300 a night for the same room that was apparently offered at $99 this weekend. We had a beautiful view of the top of two palm trees and occasionally a view of the bay. The view wasn't that bad and trees grow after all, but kind of a disappointment when all you have to look at is a 1970's decorated room with a kitchenette out of the 60's. Two nice flat screens were great, but we never turned them on.

    The size of the suite is very nice, but the decor is old and the sliding doors are extremely noisy. Just be warned that when you open your sliding door on the patio everyone within 5 rooms up, down and sideways will hear it. Sounds like a freight train running through your room.

    Don't drink the water though - a 1/2 liter bottle of Dasani water is in your room for a mere $5. Come on, $5 for a bottle of water is downright greed.

    Issue one, the plumbing. Well, not sure how to describe this, but when you turn on either sink you only get scalding hot water out of it - in the hot or cold positions. When you take a shower you get alternating ice cold and scalding. No "warm" and no warning. The access panel in the ceiling was painted over layers of rust to the point that it was about 1 inch thick.

    Issue two, guests screaming between rooms and from the ground to the tower ALL NIGHT LONG. So loud it was like they were in your room. After midnight a call to the front desk where David answered I was greeted with "well, it is the weekend, what do you expect?" Maybe we should have joined the group of screaming people inviting everyone to go skinny dipping at 3AM.

    At the pool and spa it was quiet for the most part. The place was fairly clean with a few used towels laying around and no staff seen over the several hours spent there. The bar at the pool wasn't open due to winter and the game room was a bit odd with a couple of people hanging out and acting strange.

    The last time I stayed here it seemed like a resort - this time it seemed like we were in the middle of a "gone wild" spring break video. The guests this weekend were mostly NY Giants fans on a weekend special deal which may explain the rowdy crowd.

    Be warned on the parking structure, the majority of the spaces in the garage are just barely as wide as a compact car so take a rental or park up a few floors to avoid dings or being blocked in.

    For the price this was a total waste of money. I won't be staying there again. The best western on the beach was cheaper and nicer looking without the amenities. If you don't need a spa treatment or overpriced cocktails it may be worth a try. Lots of hot spots on the beach if you need a drink on the beach.

    The biggest issue was that the staff treated it like there was no issue. No help on the extreme noise, no apology for the lack of decent water and no attempt to fix the rates to match the current offered price. We booked on their website.

    12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    128. Tom D.
    Great convienent location in Mission Beach. Our room was right on the bay and had a great view of the Sea World fireworks. Room was updated and modern although a bit dusty so makes me question houskeeping's thouroughness.

    Reception greeted us and was efficient getting us checked in

    Room Service was prompt and friendly, as was all staff.

    The lounge had reasonably priced food and drinks.

    We rented a car part of our trip and used buses and taxis/town cars for the rest. All convienent to arrange from resort.

    Lot's of food in the area, Sea World close by, and of course the Pacific Ocean beaches across the street.

    Great location and value.

    17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Stephanie M.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! We found it when looking for travel deals to San Diego and decided to give it a shot, and we are so glad we did.

    The rooms are slightly outdated but everything seemed to be functioning fine and I think that part of the charm is the 1960s tiki resort atmosphere. The hotel overall feels just like a Mexican resort with the pool, hot tub, parrot habitat (yes, you can stop by for a conversation with the parrots on your way to the lobby) and general resort vibe. Great gym with very modern equipment, too. It is also right on the beach, so in addition to having somewhere else to sun yourself other than the pool and being able to eat breakfast outside overlooking the water, you can easily walk a few steps to rent a boat or surfboard and play in the ocean. The downside to being in Pacific Beach is it is a $30 cab ride or easy 20 minute drive downtown, but the tradeoff is worth it to feel like you're staying in a true beach/resort town. Plus, there is more than enough to see and do within walking distance.

    The hotel also offered some neat perks, for example happy hour with cheap drinks and half price appies in the lounge from 4-7pm. We also got a $40/day breakfast credit with our hotel booking and so were able to enjoy mimosas with breakfast every day without splurging too much. (The breakfasts were amazing and always nicely presented, too - there was no skimping on quality or quantity.) Finally, they offer a boat cruise around the bay which leaves hourly every night from 7pm to midnight and gave each of us one free pass for that.

    The best part of the resort was definitely the helpful and friendly staff. They had great recommendations as to where to eat, drink and explore, and provided perfect directions to wherever we needed to go. Based on location, atmosphere and the super friendly and helpful staff, we would definitely return.

    14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. sterrn s.
    I want to thank the following people who made our stay enjoyable:

    Mick: for helping us with our luggages.

    Roberto: for repairing the airconditiog  in the room.

    Olivia: one of the Cleanliness managers who made sure our rooms get cleaned...

    I like the location, the place and the room..

    22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Shelley I.
    Awesome hotel! Really gorgeous grounds with lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery to enjoy. We paid for a Bay View room and I'm so glad we did. The view is spectacular and it's literally footsteps away from the sand. The hotel is conveniently located near lots of restaurants and shops. It's just a short freeway drive away from other major attractions in San Diego. Only con to this hotel is the parking structure is far away from the Bay View rooms. Will definitely stay at this hotel again. Highly recommend!

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Russ B.
    Great location right between Mission and Pacific beach, plenty to do and places to visit/eat.  The campus is tropical in nature with ducks, parrots and macquaws.  Love the campus here.

    Rooms were a tad dated, but certainly clean and still appealing.  (Nice new LG tv in room).  Sheets were the SOFTEST and most comfortable I've ever been in while traveling, and I do that a bit.  A huge plus.  

    Bath towels in room could have been nicer/softer/larger.  

    Had a nice evening with my fiance in the Moray's pub area while Sean D. there was courteous, polite, and quick with a joke.  A very nice atmosphere and great cocktails by the bartender.

    30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. christy k.
    The Hotel was o.k. But the gym could have been open later for people that really want to work out. They close it at 9:00 pm.
    The room service for dinner was terrible. I get better tasting food at Denny's, and the veggies and bread and coffee was not worth 41.95 + tip $6, I know I must be cheap, but I want quality if I'm paying $48 for that. I started going to places like Ralph's 2 blocks away to get better food. No room service after 10 or 11 pm depending on how they feel that day. The hotel was fine enough to sleep in, but for the lack of luxury it was too pricey at 150+ a day and no good food available or open gym, etc.

    When you have found luxury hotels in Europe that give you your own private pool in your own yard at $135 a night, you begin to compare these things.

    I would go back at a better rate because it is on a bayside beach (not on the ocean) photo is misleading, although it is still very quaint.

    Cleaning staff is friendly if you can speak more than english, and know how to ask for towels or soap, etc... Good thing I do.
    Front desk is friendly.

    The bar needs a make-over. Very little could change so much.

    I would return if I found a better rate than $150 a night.

    25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    134. Rudy C.
    The room price was a fiasco. The room smelled disgusting because it was close the the pond pumps and filter room. They have the nerve to charge extra for parking each day. I had a security guard greet me as "What's up, man." I expect much more from a so-called resort.
    The animals around the resort were cute and well cared for, though. Oh and it was a nice, heated pool.
    I honestly feel cheated and regret going there.

    15/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    135. Laura P.
    We just hosted our management team here and had a great experience.  We would highly recommend them.  They worked within our budget and treated us like royalty.  The room was awesome, with beautiful views over Mission Bay.  They accommodated all of our little requests graciously.  When the weather turned nice our second day, they even moved our entire lunch event and set it up out on the lawn so we could enjoy the sunshine.  It was really convenient for our out-of-town managers to be able to stay right there at the resort.  Jim and Amber were wonderful to work with.

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Carole G.
    This is a 2-star place pretending to be a 5-star place but would really only get 3-4 stars if it was good.

    My experience here was less than great. We arrived to find the valets in heavy, private conversation with one another and received no welcome greeting other than a, "You can't leave your car parked there; I'm going to have it towed!," shouted at our backs as we walked in the front door. Nice reception!

    Then, we were put in the wrong room in a crappy place for all of the money it cost and it was plenty. And when I say wrong, I mean we got two double beds instead of the king I reserved and so when I called to ask for a room change, I got an argument about what you do and don't get when you make a reservation. They did change our room and the new one was much nicer but still never worth the prices here, IMHO.

    Staff was not very friendly; most would look down to the ground and avoid eye contact if they passed you on the grounds. Our room was not cleaned in the morning the next day until very late in the day. I had to call the housekeeping staff who really never understood what I was trying to say.

    Had several meals in the restaurant which were just good, not great, but priced 3 times more than they should be for what they were.

    In order to really be of the caliber that this place pretends to be they need to up their game A LOT. They need to upgrade their carpets and rooms, provide robes for their clients and nicer products to use, train the staff in proper customer relations and drop the elitist attitude. I still wouldn't be back however; there are plenty of nice places to stay in Mission Beach.

    Written in my travelogue: Thumbs down for a horrible, overpriced experience. Nicest thing here was the duck pond to be honest and I can see that everyday at home.

    13/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    137. Rachel R.
    I used them as the venue for my wedding. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the staff was friendly. However here were some problems I ran into.

    1. There was no mirror in my bridal 'get ready' room. When i asked for one from the front desk I was given the run-around and saying they can't do anything, i would have to talk to banquet...etc. C'mon guys, this should be common sense to put a mirror in a room where people are getting ready for a wedding. Not to mention, when I ask for one, just find one, dont make me talk to 5 different people on my wedding day.

    2. I asked to speak with the Planner who was working on my wedding at least 3-4 times through the course of the morning just to answer a few questions I had. I said whenever she was free to come down (I knew she was probably busy) for a moment, or give me a call. Needless to say, I didn't see her till HOURS later. Sort of frustrating when I'm already frazzled.

    3. They didn't decorate the honeymoon suite. No flowers, no champagne. This was sort of a bummer.

    4. We had to stop our music/ stop our wedding because of this hawaiian show they were having. I didn't get notice about this until the day of. They included us in the show, which was fun but frustrating when Im paying for a DJ that I don't get to use for all the time I paid for.

    5. One of the main dishes I wanted to include in the buffet dinner was MIA, and it was one of my favorite ones too :(

    6. The front desk was always CLUELESS with anything going on. They didn't know I had my rehearsal going on, so people who were lost on where to go were wondering around aimlessly with no help.

    BUT all things aside, it was a great time. The whole process working with Amber was enjoyable. I think they just need to fix these few things to make the wedding run a bit more smoothly and make the couple feel a bit more special.

    06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    138. Dana M.
    Loved staying at this place!  We were looking for a hotel on the beach that wasn't outrageously expensive and found it here.  We stayed for 3 nights and got a special package where breakfast was included.
    The breakfast in the Atoll restaurant was overall very good (alot better than continental breakfasts), and would have cost us a good $40-50 without the package, so it was well worth it!    

    I asked for a room as close to the beach (Mission Bay) as possible and that's exactly what they gave us, the closest one to the beach.  All of the staff at the front desk were very nice and attentive and treat you like they really appreciate you, which really isn't a feeling you can find alot of places anymore.  The room was perfect size for my husband and I, and was clean and comfortable.  Not the most updated room in the world, but it was still very nice.  It overlooked the Bay and walked right out to the beach and boardwalk area.

    They have a lot of nice activities around, such as renting sailboats and cocktail boat cruise, which they gave us free passes to go on.  But we didn't get to experience all of that, because I had a sprained ankle.  Looked like fun though!

    The atmosphere of the hotel is so great with all of the wildlife (birds, ducks, koi ponds, waterfall, tropical plants) and I love how they provide a safe haven for all of these creatures :)  Every time we walked past all of these plants and animals I saw something new and interesting!  And they were all so cute!

    Had a massage at their spa and the spa is really nice! They have an outdoor hot tub for spa users only that overlooks the bay and a nice fitness center, wonderful and relaxing spa facilities and the massage therapist did a great job with my deep tissue massage.  I even got a 20$ coupon!

    They also have a nice lounge that has a lot of outside seating overlooking the water and you can get great drinks and appetizers there (go during happy hour from 3-6 to get better prices), I think they are open until midnight!  Food was really good, I suggest the pulled pork sliders for sure!

    Oh, and it is only a block away from the ocean and boardwalk with lots of cute shops/restaurants on that side.  I love being able to walk a short distance to the ocean but still be in this serene place right across the way.  The beach on mission bay was really nice as well because it wasn't half as busy as the one on the ocean.

    We would love to go back to this place again!

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. Georgeann G.
    I would have probably given this place 3 stars if it wasn't for the baby ducks. They have baby ducks swimming around! How can you give anything less than 4 stars to baby ducks!?

    Yes, the rooms are a bit outdated and they definitely up charge for the great location, but the grounds are gorgeous, the staff is friendly, and there are freaking baby ducks.  Also, once you get past the $400/night room charge, which is just obnoxious, everything else is pretty reasonably priced. I don't think you're going to get much cheaper than $400/night for a hotel on the beach in San Diego anyway, so you might as well stay where they have baby ducks.

    One thing I'd suggest that I wish we would have done is call ahead to get a more detailed description of the rooms. We booked a "Studio Suite with Bay View" thinking it would be large with a nice view. It was definitely large. Our room ended up having a  full kitchen (complete with a full size refrigerator, stove, and sink) which I guess is nice, but we didn't really need it. I barely need a full kitchen in my apartment. It also only came with two queen beds, which we didn't realize until we checked in and they were already full.  So yeah, unless you need a full size kitchen on your vacation, you could probably save some money and get a more appropriate room by not selecting the "Studio Suite".  Definitely get the view though, because that was totally worth it.

    I'll admit I was a little worried after reading some reviews that we would regret staying here, but it ended up being a great time. I'd stay here again, just maybe in a different room and maybe just for the baby ducks.

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. B. N.
    I had high hopes coming to this hotel as it was recommended to me by a friend.

    Let's start with the good things:
    1) It's across the street from Mission Beach and has it's own private bay in the back.
    2) There are a lot of small eateries in walking distance.
    3) The staff is polite.

    The bad:
    1) The rooms are outdated.  I mean, the AC/heating unit is really pathetic.  If you are going to charge your guests $200 nights or more, it's really time to get that ungraded.  Also, the room decor needs a face lift.
    2) The room had a bad musky smell that was hard to ignore.
    3) It's loud!  I mean, I understand that other guests can be loud but the pipes made a loud belch throughout the night and the walls are thin.
    4) The area surrounding the hotel (not the hotel itself)  is kind of trashy.  

    You are paying for the wonderful location, not a luxury hotel.  If you are interested in being a beach bum, this place is perfect for you.

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    141. Suzanne S.
    This is a great place full of pluses for a reasonable price. We were there midweek just before Memorial Day with our four-year-old, and it was a perfect place from which to explore the area.  

    The staff were genuinely helpful, going the extra mile in helping us figure out how to get where we were going or where to get a salad on the way back from the zoo (the kind of place I wouldn't expect a concierge to recommend because it was just a neighborhood café, but it was absolutely perfect).

    We loved the birds and the ducks, especially all the ducklings. The pool was great, very spacious.  The beach is right there, with a great path for walking, biking, etc.The torch lighting on the walkways, all the vegetation, and the giant koi in the ponds were all really nice touches.

    We had a "studio" with kitchen. more like a kitchenette really, with dated appliances and bare-bones supplies, but since we weren't going to cook dinner or anything, it was just fine.

    I looked for different deals online and then called the hotel to see what they had.  They actually gave me the groupon rate direct from the hotel, which included breakfast in the mornings.  That ended up being such a nice perk.  They have a great kids' menu ($5 gets them a huge serving of pancakes, juice, and cocoa/milk), and we really enjoyed the American breakfast, which was generous and kept us going for hours (plus perfectly done bacon is always a treat). The gym is cool in that the treadmills and Stairmasters are under an awning partially outdoors facing the ocean.

    It was easy to get to destinations (the zoo, Old Town). Grocery store is just a couple blocks away.

    Everyone at the place seemed like a pro and was very family-friendly as well. We will be back!

    25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Danny W.
    I bounced around to a few parties on NYE, but ended up spending the majority of the big night at the Catamaran for the Vavi party. I didn't go to this shindig last year, but after reading the reviews it was obvious that the organizers felt they needed to step up they're game. I got to hand it to them they put together a pretty spectacular event this go around. It seemed all of the problems that I read about the previous year were not only solved, but one-upped.

    The Catamarans staff was ultra friendly and poured drinks not only with an Irish elbow, but with an Irish elbow that had been dislocated in a downward angle. Thanks to their heavy pours I'm making an addition to the urban dictionary todescribe how I've felt the past few days. I had a thrangover (three day hangover)

    Aside from the friendly staff the rooms were cozy and comfortable. I didn't actually sleep in the bed just had a few after-party cocktails in a buddies room.

    The location of this property is one of the main selling points. It's right on Mission Bay and during the day is a spectacular place to go for a jog/ bike ride and enjoy San Diego for one of it's greatest perks--the weather!

    I'm going to have to come back for a little stay-cation to give a full analysis, but from what I experienced I'm a fan!

    04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Jesse K.
    The good:
    - great location
    - upgraded to bay view room for free
    - room was spacious and bed was fairly comfortable
    - the tropical gardens and koi pond were very well kept

    The Bad:
    - $13 dollars a day for parking
    - room was bare and old, fridge made loud buzzing sounds at night and toilet barely flushed.
    - hot tub was not hot (advertised as 102, actually in the 90's..). I do not mind kids, but when kids can swim under water in the hot tub comfortably and for an extended period of time, it's not hot enough...
    - terrible service at the bar/patio, we were ignored 3 times as a waitress serviced the couple literally 4 feet from us. Had to get up and and request service. Food was sub par and expensive.
    - received two tickets for the Bahia Belle old fashion ship ride. We went on the last run at 11 pm. The DJ refused song requests (from us and other guests) and said he could not play songs with expletives. Im fairly certain he just wanted to sit there on his phone and let the music play from a playlist instead of actually work since the next song contained 3 expletives.... When my girlfriend tried to order a "shooter", the bartender pretended like he didn't know what that was. Two seconds later he made two shooters for these girls who he had been supplying drinks to, free of charge, which infuriated me and my girlfriend. Next to the bar, one of the employees was grinding with one of the girls. Incredibly unprofessional and the worst experience ever. We were stuck on the boat til it came back to the hotel..

    If we had not left our room, i suppose i would give this place 2-3 stars. unfortunately the services provided on the grounds are just as important, and these services sucked. We will never be coming back to this half-star hotel and I will be sure to warn off family, friends, and coworkers. Go with a different place...

    03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    144. Robert P.
    Mothers day brunch on the grass is great. Make sure you are outside. Great view of the bay.

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Joe D.
    this is tied for my favorite place in the world...beautiful. the bay view rooms are mere feet from the bay itself, the tropical theme of the grounds feels like you are in a dream. rent a bike and explore the bay area, come back for late night cocktails in the breeze, wake up to a fantastic (if pricey) sunday brunch. been here twice and both are totally unforgettable times in my life.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    146. Johnnie M.
    Hotel grounds, phenomenal. Hotel room, nice. Gym, great. Bar, awful.

    19/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    147. Daphney B.
    My girlfriends and I attended the Vavi NYE party and decided to be responsible by staying the night.

    Whether it was a "Can I get you a bellboy?" to a passing "Hello, enjoy your visit." the staff was amazingly friendly and acknowledged us throughout the visit. I saw them around all the time too-definitely a very active resort/hotel.

    There were two full beds and a sofa pullout bed, plus plenty of floor space to fit more friends. Everything was clean and arranged well. We were in the tower-close to the parking garage & close to the lobby. I would recommend taking the stairs down and the elevator up because there was a longer wait with only one elevator on the side we were on. So they may need to upgrade the stove, but the fact that there was a fridge & sink (aka mini kitchen) is a win! No going back-n-forth for ice or filling the tub with ice. (C'mon, we've all done it!) Cold drinks, in the room, easy.

    The location is great-easy access to lots of PB. We had post-NYE brunch in the hotel, so look for my review on Atoll Restaurant.

    Next time, I am trying the spa...

    03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    148. Gretchen F.
    Location is perfect! The rooms are spacious and the people are very friendly and accommodating. Free wifi and parking is only $13. The resort is right on the water so it's very easy to go walking. Beautiful! Great vacation spot with a 14 month old. The rooms have sink and mini fridge.

    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    149. Cat T.
    Best brunch in San Diego! Never ending mimosas and delicious food!!

    11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Chris O.
    A little pissed that they "attempted" to put us in the highest traffic room...

    Directly above the entrance to the tower...
    Across from the elevators....
    Next to the stair case...
    On the 2nd floor...
    With single pain windows...

    AH HELL NO! We kindly requested another room and the first girl was like... It's going to cost you at least $75 per night to upgrade... Really... so that's how it's going to be!?!? Girl number 2 trumped #1 and gave us a free upgrade to the room across the hall.

    Okay, fair enough, that knocked out 3 of the 4 issues I had previously.

    Overall the place was REASONABLE. That is why I gave them 1 extra star.

    OH SNAP!!!

    Let me not forget that the shower was TOTALLY LAME! Scortching hot one second and ice cold the next!!! It was an emotional disaster and I wanted nothing more than to curl up like the Crying Game in the shower.


    24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    151. Amy S.
    Oh, Catamaran... We attempted to spend $ at your restaurant- but your sister hotel, the Bahia couldn't be bothered to notify guests waiting to take the cruise to your hotel that they had switched boats and would only be running hourly.  My family had planned to take the cruise to your hotel, eat a celebratory dinner in your restaurant for our final night in San Diego.  Instead, my family got to stand around for over 30 mins with many other families until a Bahia hotel staff member decided to come yell that the boat was late and if we wanted to ride, it would have to be a nonstop round trip.  How convenient for THEM, that our choices for our hungry family would be the boat snack bar or THEIR restaurant!  Yeah, I think NOT.  Instead I left with disappointed kids and chose to spend our money elsewhere.  Sorry we didn't get the chance to visit you.

    05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    152. Anton T.
    Champagne brunch:

    Fairly average buffet-style champagne brunch for the type of location (relatively higher-end, water-front, tourist resort) and, thus, the price range.

    Of course there was plenty of appetizing food; however, little of it was extraordinary.


    Strawberries with Grand Marnier sauce on top of bread pudding. This dessert was the most delicious dish during the entire brunch. Despite being quite pleasant, the sauce was cooked with green peppercorns, which although some recipes call for this, I found it slightly unappetizing and had to dig out all of the little peppercorns.

    Another plus about the location is the fact that it is on the shore of the bay. This presents one with the option to take a dip in the bay to cool down from the heat and take a slight break from the brunch before going back for more. I gladly obliged to take advantage of the proximity of the bay and went in for a quick swim.

    The rest:

    As mentioned, the rest of the food was fine, however, missing anything special.

    Common for such brunch establishments, there was a plethora of seafood including, shrimp, oysters, crab, and various nigiri.    

    Slight gripe with the oysters: too big. Bit of an issue with the crab: too small.

    Overall, dessert and proximity to water were delightful, albeit the non-dessert food was just somewhat average.

    24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    153. Nan Y.
    Beautiful hotel ! This place is gorgeous and the perfect escape for even san diegans :) they have almost every type of watersport in the backyard and it feels like a tropical paradise in the hotel :)

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Lemur G.
    This review is for the bar.  We ended up here after a nice bike ride on the bay, on a beautiful sunny San Diego afternoon.  Jarrett was tending, and was super friendly.  He made my greyhound just perfectly, and was quick to place the little cup of peanut snacks in front of us!

    The bar is directly off the bayside boardwalk, up the path a bit.  It's got a giant salt water aquarium behind the bar with a ton of beautiful fish.  Only problem is the TV in the bar doesn't have great quality.

    We parked our bikes next to one of the trees on the property, and were only slightly concerned that we didn't have our lock with us.  No worries, because the bikes were still there after a couple hours!  Beautiful property, great service, and no bike theives!  

    I'm coming back... maybe even this week!

    31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    155. T S.
    This review is just for their Mother's Day Brunch--overpriced and  pretty shotty.

    I know that Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year and therefore, the worst day to eat out.  But i was only one of three mothers in our party so i was overruled.

    The brunch champagne brunch was about $60/person.  i really wished i liked champagne, at least i could have gotten my money's worth.

    the place was packed in like sardines--they seated everyone at those long tables.  pretty unclassy for such an expensive meal.  on top of it, all of the tableclothes were too big and just dragged on the floor.  definitely look half-assed.

    the food selection was just OK, nothing too spectacular or tasty.

    on top of the $60 pp, there was an auto-grat.  that's pretty bs to auto-grat on a buffet.  our server was really good, but come on!

    $400 for 6 people for brunch.  that's just stupid for a buffet.

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    156. Candy P.
    This is a very nice resort, a great stay-cation if you live in the area as well. You are so  close to the beach or stay at the pool and drink margaritas :-)  room was spacious although not as described, was disappointed that we did not have a couch in our suite as that is what I thought I was getting. Cooked the entire weekend and kitchen was stocked with utensils except cleaning items, which was taken care of by staff. Parking was $13 a night per vehicle, probably the first time I paid for parking while staying at a hotel/resort. They did offer free drink cruise tickets with the room (although the tickets say they expired on 12/31/12.

    02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    157. Melissa V.
    Great location. Luau was nice. Wouldve been better if my room was in a 2 story building. Felt like a cheap hotel in the tower. No mini fridge like the website said there would be. Bathroom floors looked worn and dirty. Bahia belle cruise was nice. Wish it wouldve lasted a little longer. Felt like our dancing was cut short. Dont be fooled by the beach chairs. They are limited and available for the public which means by the time you go they are gone. Bring your own chair/towels if u wanna lounge by the bay. And expect a bunch of noisy splashing kids if u hang out by the pool.

    09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    158. Farnaz S.
    Love the green area and restaurants. Spa is amazingly calming& you'll be back in no time. Addictive

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    159. Gabi M.
    Great location.  Not so great overall experience. I recently stayed two nights at this hotel and was completely underwhelmed.  The place needs a major face lift.  The carpet, comforters, bathrooms, etc.. are old and seem grungy.  There are no screen doors on the balcony and we accidentally let some killer mosquitos into the room.  It's now almost a full week later and my nasty bites are still noticeable.

    The staff was friendly enough but nothing about this hotel blew me away other than its central location in Mission Beach.  Oh, and it has a decent fitness room / spa but with the water so close, we ended up going for a long walk outside... (the weather was a huge perk when we were there!)

    I'll gladly spend a few more dollars to stay somewhere nicer next time.

    02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    160. Louis V.
    Attended a Christmas party last night.  The food was great . Usually at a big event the food is not always warm and not great. I had a salmon that was beyond delicious and the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Service was good. Would highly
    recommend for catered events.

    02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Amy K.
    One word: Amber.

    Wow, Amber Kelly was one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. My husband and I got married at the Catamaran Aug 4, 2013, and we couldnt have dreamed of a better wedding, or people to plan it with. Amber was amazing from start to finish. She offered us great bang for our buck, and was all around a marvolous person. I dont know how to describe her other than a true blessing. Jarrad and I were planning our wedding in 5 months from the other side of the country. We only had to fly in to check out venues (this was the 3rd one we looked at and knew when we walked in and met Amber this was the place for us) and for a tasting a few months later. We had been in communication with Amber over every little detail, she gave us great recommendations for vendors, food, and EVERYTHING. I am a control freak and a planner, and let me tell you this woman is good at what she does. Even down to the wedding day ready to walk down the aisle she was attaching planters to my heels so I wouldnt sink in the lawn!

    I cant say enough about this hotel, and the staff. The people are so friendly, the food is so great, the atmosphere is like being in a tropical island but where English is the first language and they have indoor plumbing. We will definetely be back for anniversaries, or just when in town visiting family for a drink of the patio.

    Thank you again!
    Amazing job.

    Amy and Jarrad

    21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Jess C.
    I agree with the other Yelpers that The Catamaran is more about location than the actual venue. It's close enough to walk to the beach and a walkable distance to the bars in PB.

    I've stayed here many times and the last time I stayed I realized its becoming outdated. The rooms are not terribly nice or up to date but they are clean. A suite that opens up to the bayside can be fun, however, as you can step right out onto the grass to throw a ball, play volleyball or even kayak.

    Everytime I stay, I see a small wedding ceremony hosted here as well. There are nicer hotels on the Mission Bay side, but if you want to be close to PB, this will do just fine.

    24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    163. Jen K.
    Location, location, location.

    Just returned from three nights in one of their bayfront rooms.  We were just steps from the sand and scenic Mission Bay.  Even better, the resort is only two blocks from the ocean, bars and restaurants along Pacific Beach, five minutes from Sea World and ten minutes from downtown San Diego.  

    So you have the choice of jogging, biking or kayaking in the relative calm of the bay, or kicking it up a notch and taking in the vibrant beach scene.  Last year we stayed in Laguna Beach on the ocean and while I loved hearing the sounds of the ocean waves, I preferred the Mission Bay location and proximity to San Diego fun while getting a dose of the tropics.  We didn't do a bed & breakfast package so we walked to breakfast every morning (The Mission and The Eggery were good choices).  

    The resort grounds have a Polynesian theme and it is mature landscaping that is well maintained.  Tiki before it became tacky.  There are lots of birds and ponds and a waterfall in the lobby.  

    The rooms and pool show their age since this resort has been around for a long time.  Which means the layout of the buildings, rooms and pool are nice and were probably considered fancy back in the day, but don't expect a plush 5-star resort experience.  The rooms are comfortable and I was happy that they seem well constructed and insulated (no noise from the neighbors), but the décor isn't sexy.  

    The concierge, front desk and maintenance staff were all very quick to respond to our requests and employees would give you a warm greeting as you walked around the property.  We didn't eat on site, but we did rent a kayak and also took the Mission Bay boat cruise (booze cruise) that is complimentary for guests.  The kayak rental was easy and I thought the rate was reasonable.  The cruise is thoroughly blah unless you go with a group of friends and entertain yourselves, but hey, it's free.  

    I would highly recommend this place for the outstanding location and friendly staff.  As long as you aren't expecting The Ritz, it is a great place.

    19/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    164. Roseann S.
    SO here is my updated review. I originally wanted to review the spa and didn't realize that I placed a review of the spa on the actual hotel link, oh well..so here's my review.

    My husband and I got an amazing deal through our Aunt that works here. We had the 12th floor tower room suite for 3 days. We considered this our stay-cation!

    The view was GORGEOUS. We had the view of the bay and you can literally see Seaworld from where we were staying. Who wouldn't be amazed looking at this view, literally breathtaking!

    We had a king sized bed, walk-in closet, 1 full bath, a large living room area with pull out bed, and a full kitchen. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the toilet. IT flushed very slow. We at one time called maintenance because it overflowed and we didn't even use it yet. The stove also needed to be updated. Looked like a stove from the 60's. Self parking was $13.00 a night and valet parking was $17.00 a night. We decided for self parking because we are always leaving and wanting to explore more of SD.

    The pool and jacuzzi were great. My son loved the Jacuzzi. He stayed in there longer than the pool. The pool was heated but for some reason when we went in there, the pool seemed very cold. maybe it was just me but i just went ahead and jumped in so i wont get too cold.

    The staff at the Catamaran Resort Hotel were very accommodating. They sent us what we needed in sufficient time. We didn't have to wait too long for extra towels, shampoo, conditioner and the maintenance.

    The lobby area and walkways were very beautiful. This hotel really reminded me of Hawaii. Now I want to go back.

    28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    165. Lewis S.
    My GF & I stayed there on a recent weekend...we truly enjoyed the facility & staff very much! Our room was nice, clean, comfortable & even had a small kitchenette (However, the icebox was not working) The attractive tropical gardens and soothing waterways amid the pathways had various exotic ducks and small birds swimming & feeding in them, which delighted us. The pool was large and very nice. The Atoll Restaurant featured a great Sunday buffet. The gym had equipment on the patio over looking Mission Bay. We received free passes to ride the Bahia Belle, an old-fashioned steam boat, across the bay...the large vessel had a DJ so we danced aboard. This beautiful location has it's own white sand beach & small pier. I would highly recommend the Catamaran to all my friends!!!

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    166. Nathan T.
    First stay, but not our last.  Awesome location, friendly staff, family friendly amenities.  Great find!

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Todd J.
    It is hard to give one rating for Catamaran-- the location is absolutely amazing on the bay and close to the ocean.  The rates are what you might expect for this type of location, but the staff is not trained for service in the way other places in this price range are (they don't know answers to the most basic questions about there services).  There is a lot of Competition from nearby Restaurants and Water sports rentals so their rates are in line with other resorts.  
    I would consider one of the hundreds of home rentals in the area next time, but given the nice pool/Jacuzzi I would probably come back if the rates are reasonable.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Sharon S.
    Came here for a wedding last weekend and had the most awesome Sunday brunch ever! The hotel has a very Hawaiian type feel.
    The buffet was absolutely delicious! They had everything you can imagine there! I had prime rib to oysters to mini waffles to tiramisu!
    Although I no longer live in San Diego, I will hopefully be back for the buffet brunch one day!

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. OC Foodie O.
    What a nice venue for a family vacation. Just what you would expect from valet drive in hto registration. Don't go to the Moray Bar.  It has a plague of rude staff that will be the demise of this quaint resort.  Customer service is a problem with the entire staff. Having been in the customer service business for 27 years, the Morays staff has a attitudinal issue that spreads beyond one-two individuals. What a disappointing experience at a nice location.

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    170. Aya M.
    Very romantic resort .. Amazing beautiful garden it's old but great.. The only bad thing about it the laude air conditioner ... Other than that is perfect ... Small cute room with comfy bed and amazing view...if we came back to San Diago we will definitely staying here again.

    26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Annette G.
    I just got married here over this last weekend, and I was just AMAZED by the staff!!  Never have I felt so taken care of.  Sylvia, our catering sales manager, did a fantastic job helping to coordinate everything and helping me to stay within budget.  Our banquet captain at the event, Ralph, was fantastic and took excellent care of us.  The catering staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating.

    The reservation staff were also able to get me into a honeymoon room early so that I could get dressed without having to run into the groom before the wedding!

    After the wedding, my husband and I got up to a room that, while it had been decorated a little by my bridesmaids, also had had our gifts placed throughout the room by the staff, as well as a really lovely presentation of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.  Those extra touches of effort just put the cherry on top of my day.  It was so, so nice.

    Everyone at the Catamaran was lovely and helpful.  They made my wedding a seamless, wonderful experience, and I'm so glad my husband and I chose that venue for our event.  While the grounds are fantastic, it was really the people who made the event absolutely amazing.

    22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    172. Neo R.
    Lunch at the Atoll, in front of Mission Bay beach looking at the lush green soft grass.Seating is shaded nd service is pretty fast.Tried their Mojito was not that happy.Too much teqila and very strong I like it more as a relaxing drink. The lunch menu has not much to choose from only salad, wraps,sandwiches and burgers.But the quantity and dressing are gud and freash.I had the chicken burger with fries.Not something that ai was expecting to have to eat at a resort :p . Burgers are burgers plain lettuce.patty.tomatos.and sauce what elae to say.
    Portions are good and pricing is ok not worth though. But healthy.

    12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    173. Lost B.
    I'm sorry. Just because you charge $100.00 for a facial it does not make you a resort.

    The cost of the rooms is not justified and you might as well be staying at a Motel 6.They look like they are from the 70's.

    The room service is laughable and totally over priced.

    The bed was small.

    The bathroom was small.

    The place is old and dated. I came up in the elevator with a woman who I suspected was a street walker and her John.

    I am not a regular it just so happened I had to stay here a couple of days while attending on some business.

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    174. L T.
    I was at the hotel attending a reunion event and was so sad to see it had gone down hill so much.  It's been several years since I'd been there and the bar still looks the same! yikes... bartenders were friendly and attentive which was probably the highlight; but the bar was obviously busy and understaffed/not kept clean throughout the day.

    When we pulled up to Valet, I asked where our event was - it took some time but we figured it out - when I asked where that ballroom was, it took a minute for him to figure it out - - maybe he was new??? i hope.

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    175. Kim R.
    1. Vavi sponsored NYE Beach Party= lots of good looking young 20's/30's something's looking to grab a  smooch at midnight
    2. All inclusive drinks with ticket= long bar lines and some sloppy messes at the end of the night
    3. 4 rooms + outside to choose where you dance and canoodle= room to breathe/grind/ring in the New Year
    4. Party favors provided= that means beads and hats (nothing scandalous people- I knew you were thinking something unsavory)
    5. Views of the bay with the lights of SeaWorld twinkling off in the distance= great ambiance, and very nice hotel.
    6. Streamlined check in & free coat check= quick to get to the booze!
    Overall a really fun time, highly recommended for brining in the New Year in style!
    Happy 2013!

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    176. Rachel L.
    Loved the birds and fish and grounds. Great location. The room was really the only downside. On the 6th floor in the Tower, we heard every conversation from the sidewalk and every alarm from the garage. The carpet was covered in stains and blue candle wax (especially not great with a crawling baby). If you want to be farther from the elevator, go for a larger # (650 was right across from it; 655 was further down the hall)

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    177. Britt H.
    beautiful resort!

    15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    178. Angela T.
    This review is primarily for the grounds and conference center as I did not stay here overnight. Came for the UCSD brain tumor conference, I absolutely loved the location, one block from the beach, several coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance. The grounds were well manicured, Hawaiian themed, with pretty plants everywhere (sorry in a girl) and a nice stream going through the walkway, there were all kinds of birds taking advantage of this great setup. If I were a bird I totally set up shop here, this is the life. Anyways onto the conference room, it kinda reminded me of a hunting lodge with the steepled ceilings and large chandeliers, but it was large enough so you don't feel cramped, a little too warm, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Fantastic view from here, so when you need to stretch your legs you can walk out, check out the ocean and come back in.

    Next time I will give the rooms a try, for $129 a night and $13 for parking, this is a good deal for San Diego area, especially this close to the beach. Ok onto mimosas.

    21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Linet O.
    My girlfriends and I came here for a relaxing weekend getaway and pretty much everything went wrong. We had booked our rooms Friday-Sunday. We got there SUPER late due to traffic, when we went to check in we were told that we had booked the rooms Saturday-Sunday, either way they were nice enough to give us a room. We are happy and thankful that they accommodated us, but the room they gave us was just a mess. First of all, it was completely separate from their actual hotel. We walked in and it looked like a jail cell. the bathroom was tiny and dirty, the beds were twin size and incredibly uncomfortable. My friend found what looked to be a bed bug on her pillow, we had VERY loud neighbors and when we called the front desk to complain (it was 3:00AM and we were VERY tired), they just gave us attitude and took them forever to send someone up to actually take care of this issue. We went back to the front desk and complained and luckily the manager was incredibly sweet and helpful. she switched out our rooms, gave us a complimentary breakfast. Overall the situation was fixed. I wouldn't stay here ever again, mainly because the hotel doesn't look anything like how it looks on their website. The rooms are very old looking and they desperately need to renovate. While I am thankful they accommodated us the hotel itself was just a mess. Our relaxing weekend getaway was anything but relaxing.

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    180. Tyler S.
    Great location...awful customer service. My parents traveled from Boston and stayed at the Catamaran for a week long stay. Although they loved the price, location and view from their room, they were sure to let me know that no one was friendly or inviting whatsoever. I encountered first hand an extremely rude waitress at the restaurant.

    What good is a great hotel with crappy service? Not worth it...check out Paradise Point for a much better experience and staff.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    181. Cyndi J.
    Okay, If you like to bike, skate or just walk...I highly recommend you do one of these things while heading over to the Catamaran. Then take a break and stop in at the bar, which over looks the bay and has outdoor seating! Grab a drink and an appetizer.  And be prepared, cause the appetizer menu is just fantastic.  
    The grounds are beautiful and it's pet friendly too!
    I love this place for our walks and bike rides!

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    182. Marian C.
    Really enjoyed our stay. We got a studio room that had a very functional small kitchen. The view was spectacular we were facing the bay with ocean views. Hotel is nice and big. Pool and jacuzzis were clean and nice. Plenty of clean towels. Staff was very nice. The only reason I didn't give a full 5 stars was because during our 2 night stay we had to CALL the front for maid service. Our trash cans were full and we had no clean towels and we paid about $250 a night. Going without maid service is completely unacceptable.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Brianna B.
    We stayed here for 4 days and all of us absolutely loved it. First of all, the grounds are very well-kept and very tropical (it was just like a hotel I stayed at in Costa Rica): there's a waterfall with koi in the lobby, a small pond with more koi and some ducks, well-kept green grass, beautiful jungly/tropical trees, and 5 beautiful parrots that they put out in a little are sometime in the morning and take them back inside in the afternoon. Secondly, it's location couldn't be better- it's in short walking distance from many well-known Mission Bay restaurants, including World Famous and the Firehouse. We had a room with a porch right on the grass by the bay and I highly recommend it- there's great people-watching, you're right across from the beach, and you can see a lot of the events that the hotel puts on right outside your room.
    The bay was tons of fun and you can rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and several sailboats on their dock for ok prices. However, if you walk around the cove to the right of the dock, there's the Mission Bay Sportscenter that has plenty of these items and more to rent and for cheaper prices.
    The pool was fun as well and warm but not too warm, and the hot tub was big and a good temperature as well. There's a poolside bar that offers lots of choices, including snacks, drinks, and burgers, though they're pricey.
    The only things that held this place back from being 5 stars was that there was something on the floor in our room when we checked in and their food options are not good and very pricey, along with having very slow service. This doesn't really matter, however, if you eat out for the meals in one of the many delicious and unique restaurants of Mission Bay(:

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Dan H.
    Almost a 5 star because of my $129 rate (+$13 self park) but a definite 4 starer regardless.

    Great smiling staff: check
    Nicely manicured grounds: check
    Recent remodel (central tower): check
    3 species of exotic ducks roaming about: check
    Accessible via bicycle w/o going through the lobby: check
    So effing quiet (room 161, end of hall, ground floor): check
    Frikken flock of talking parrots complete with name tags: check
    For $129 with bay frontage, and 1 block from the ocean? Cmon! Steal.

    29/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Dan S.
    This place is an amazing deal for the money.  We stayed 3 nights for $145 dollars as part of a package deal through bookit.com .  That means the room came out to about $50 a night.  And for that price it was a fantastic deal.

    The lobby is super cool and we loved the waterfall and fish pond.  Sets a great tone.  We stayed in the tower so i can't speak as to any other room.  The room was nice and clean.  We didn't plan on spending much time there besides sleeping.  Is it a little dated?  Sure.  the bathroom can definitely use some updating.  But if you are expecting the Ritz Carlton at this price you're nuts.  The place has a great location walkable to PB and many great restaurants.  Its just a short drive to la jolla as well.  its only about 30 mins to the airport, zoo, etc.

    negatives - resturant is ehh, price of parking (but that seems to be standard in SD), kids in the hot tub.

    going for vaca, a couple of recommendations:
    1. Oscar's mexican seafood - best tacos period.
    2. isabella's cantina - great breakfast
    3. san diego whale watch - fun for the whole family.

    23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    186. Tia T.
    We are a family of 3, the hubster, myself and a "do it myself" 4 year old.
    We stayed here for 3 nights beginning on a Monday and leaving on Thursday.
    We checked in and I graciously asked if there was anyway I could get an upgrade to a bay view and they quickly complied and gave us a room in the tower! I was truly grateful. We checked in quickly and parked next to the tower.
    Our room was comfy, a little dated and needed some TLC like, the toaster was broken (but we didn't even have a toaster in the other room so beggars can't be choosers) and the balcony door looked like it was duct taped along the edge and then removed. It wasn't unsafe just unsightly.
    Our room was much bigger than I had thought in the videos online.

    We could hear the people open their windows up and downstairs but not enough to bother us much. We slept soundly on the 5th floor all 3 nights.
    The room had a fridge and stove! That was nice since we were able to make breakfast in the morning. There was the usual amenities, safe, robes, coffee maker and flat screen TV.

    We would just roll out of bed, take the elevator down and walk about 200 feet to the bay! It was great.

    We wanted to ride the Bahia Belle boat but they don't run daily in March, only on Thursdays.

    The heater and AC worked fine in our room.

    Room Service was quick and friendly. We ordered pizza (a large is really large! About a 12 inches. The wings were tasty and hot.) and breakfast (banana pancakes, fruit loops and american breakfast, all good tasting).

    For the number of days we were there, we didn't interact with tons of staff but the ones we did meet were nice and friendly.
    I would stay again.

    30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    187. Debbie S.
    Great location and lovely place to stay. We were here for five nights and enjoyed the beach and pool almost every day. It was convenient for all of our vacation activities and had plenty for the kids to do during our down time. We even went to the luau on Friday night and everyone had a great time. Wish the pool was open a little later. We got back just around closing (10pm) each night and were only able to get a swim in two nights.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Richa J.
    I came here for their summer luau event. I had a great time, but they did overbook it. It was a little crowded and they were running out of food by the end.

    Nice entertainment and nice atmosphere.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. John S.
    One of my favorite places, but the rooms need to be remodeled...

    05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    190. Elizabeth K.
    Outstanding! We were treated wonderfully and had a memorable vacation. Little snafu at check-in resulted in management giving us a huge discount!  

    My husband and I celebrated our three year anniversary here in November. We brought along our daughter, 2, and our dog. The location for a toddler and pet were great - it took me a long time to find a place that offered both that wasn't off the charts expensive either. We wanted to visit Sea World but wanted to be close to the ocean and to fun things to do.

    Now for the slight drama! We didn't have our email confirmation printed out. On that email, our three night stay was listed at different rates each night. When I went to check in, the lobby staff showed me on a little screen what looked right as the total for the three nights. I made a mistake to ask her if it included AAA discount. I wasn't sure if it had been adjusted already. She and another hotel clerk when back and forth for 10 minutes discussing rates, discounts and when all was said and done, she said that it already included it. When she turned the little screen back to me to show me the rate, low and behold it was all the same rate for the three nights AND they were all quite a bit higher.

    I thought the 2 hour drive had seriously made me go nuts. Hadn't I just read a different amount before?! Worst part, neither clerk believed me. She said that I had to get my print out email confirmation to adjust the rate. I was so pissed.

    Two hours later, after getting everyone settled, we found the business office and we printed out our confirmation. At this point, we were on our way to dinner and the line at reception was out the door. I spotted someone who looked like the manager at the desk and asked him if he could help. And boy did he ever! I wish I could remember his name after all this time. He was super kind and I just wanted him to know that his computer system messed up my reservation. He came back with a HUGE discount every night.

    We had wine and cheese in our room when we arrived so it wasn't that big of a deal. It was just knowing that management took my little concern very seriously. If you are looking for a beautiful location, wonderful staff (so long as you have your print out), superior customer service from management, fun nightlife and family friendly (sea world close!!), then look no further.

    WE CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT AGAIN! Thank you Catamaran :)!

    08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Pamela F.
    Been coming here for 15 years, have never had a bad trip -- and after taking the kids here nearly every spring break and summer vacation it has become the family favorite.

    Located right on Mission Bay and across the street from the best body-surfing beach on the California Coast (warm waters, moderate wave action), a three-mile long boardwalk running around the Mission Beach peninsula provides great access to family biking, rollerblading, skateboarding and water sports.

    Our kids love the exotic parrots on the Hawaii tropical grounds (meandering streams, waterfall in the tiki style lobby) and serene pool deck.

    Our favorite rooms (and on 30+ trips we've tried them all) are the tower rooms. They're efficiency kitchen style with two queen beds and a sleep sofa plus patio or deck. If traveling with small folk, it's great to have a refrigerator for storing juices and milk, and a small range for mac/cheese, grilled cheese and the many things little kids find comforting on a trip.

    Don't miss it!

    17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Jeff G.
    Went here for the champagne brunch. Very nice and will be returning. The mimosas are a perfect mix of oj and champagne and the food selection has something for everyone. I was leery to try sushi on a buffet, but I was surprised with how fresh and tasty it was. One thing to take note, the omelet station is adjacent to the carving station. Didn't notice that until the end but there was so many other options, I didn't miss the eggs. Can't wait to return.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    193. HJ H.
    Stop by here after weekend jogging or rollerblading. Nice view, good drinks. but slow service.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    194. Courtney M.
    Wow its been a while since i've written a review... woops! Life just gets crazy I guess!

    I stayed here for two nights when surprising the boy, and it was fantastic. We had a great room, bay view with a big balcony. Trust me, my eyes widened a LOT when walking into the room and seeing what was in front of me! I would suggest paying that little bit extra to have such a gorgeous view in the mornings. I didn't eat brunch there at all but I hear its amazing... And I love breakfast so I wish I tried it. Walking around the resort is just stunning as well... you feel like you're in a jungle, but yet the bay is right there! Best of both worlds! The hot tub is huge so its nice to feel like you don't have to eavesdrop on everyones conversation... Did i say eavesdrop? I meant "try to ignore"...

    We also had bathrobes in the closet which I didn't notice until our last morning, so check in there when you get in! I dont know about you but I feel way classier with a hotel bathrobe on. Just something about it I guess..!!

    I will definitely come back to this gorgeous resort and make sure to try that breakfast. Check it out!

    11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    195. Eric J.
    Came here for a mothers day brunch. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the dining room floor on the second level has an amazing view of mission bay.
    The attention to detail is appropriate for the price, and thwy have a koi pond in the atrium. The buffet spread was excellent.

    They also have a pier that goes out to mission bay. Eating lunch here with this view really wants to make one go out and enjoy the bay.

    However, parking was a nightmare when I came, possibly because of the excellent weather and the fact that it was mothers day weekend. Skateboarders and bicycles were weaving in and out between cars as we looked for parking. The number 8 bus stops off by here. Was definitely looking for alternative options to get here.

    Don't know if the Mother's Day brunch I ate there is any different than their typical fare, but it was decent. Pretty pricy, but I can't think of any reason why I would come here on my own except for a large event.

    11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Jennifer I.
    Just returned from a fantastic visit to the Catamaran. We had a room in the tower, overlooking the bay. Perfect, will request that next time too. All kids of activities available. We rented kayaks, paddle boards, bikes and a fun cat. The beach on the bay side is much less crowded than the traditional beach side. We also had lunch on the beach, food provided by the restaurant, thru the snack shack. Each and every employee we encountered was friendly and made us feel welcome. We walked to lots of nearby restaurants and enjoyed the local life. Our room could have used a facelift, the rooms are older and in need of some updates. However, they were very comfortable and kept very clean and neat. Booked a studio and never used the kitchen. Too much good food so close, who wants to cook in a room! Am looking forward to returning soon. Thanks Catamaran for a spectacular and perfect family vacation!

    15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Quinn M.
    The sunset cocktails near the boardwalk side of this hotel is great.  It's usually easy to find an open table, and the food/drinks are next level.

    My dad came in town and stayed at the hotel.  He said the booking process was easy and intuitive, and his stay was great.

    Yasmin served us by the bay.  She was an excellent server and lots of fun / had a great personality.  Made the experience better, even took my dad's weird comments in stride! :)  Couldn't ask for a better spot to sit and cocktail.  Will have my visiting family stay here always.

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    198. Chrissie L.
    My husband and I had our wedding here a couple weeks ago and everything was perfect!  Sylvia helped us out with planning for months in advance.  She was always quick to respond to calls or emails, and offered so much help.  The food was delicious.  The staff was super friendly and even helped us take down an elaborate persian wedding spread that we had set up on the lawn for our ceremony.  The cocktail hour was out on a balcony overlooking the bay just before sunset.  The ballroom for the reception was stunning with a large window that looked out over the bay as well.  And the guest room they gave us was a large suite with an amazing view of the bay.  Their staff had even set up our room with romantic music, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Everything was so beautiful and so perfect.  We couldn't have asked for a better venue for our wedding.  Also, our many out-of-town guests commented that they loved that there was so much to do in the Mission Beach/Pacific Beach area.  I highly recommend Catamaran for weddings or events.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Marlo S.
    We went last August: 2013.
    WHERE TO STAY: Apparently not in the Tower, by recent reviews. We had a room overlooking the bay & that was perfect. We watched the Luau & Seaworld fireworks from our balcony. The noise level really petered out between 8:00 and 9:30PM; being in a top-story room, during the last week of summer, probably helped as well. If you routinely have a problem in hotels due to noise, consider wearing earplugs and get a packable noisemaker, like a Sleep Sound. Noisy hotel rooms are the worst, and you never know if you'll be stuck in one, so we bring ours in the suitcase every trip.) Our room was clean and well-appointed; no complaints. My in-laws did need to switch rooms when theirs had a strong chemical smell - but the hotel comped 75% of the cost of that night for having to switch.  
    WHAT TO DO, AT THE RESORT: The activities on-site were for younger kids than ours; ours (7 & 10) enjoyed playing on the beach once they got used to the cold water. I'd asked about snorkling, but water temps would make that impossible without a wetsuit; there's also not much in the bay but seaweed. We rented kayaks and paddle boards right there at the beach. CAUTION if you take out either: If the wind's moving you away from the resort, paddling will seem easy and you'll want to explore, but the way back will turn into a super-hard workout, during which if you ever stop paddling, you'll be moving in the wrong direction. Otherwise being out on the bay was really cool. The beach in front of the hotel is public and umbrellas/chairs are free but first-come-first-serve. Some are put out every day, but if they're all taken, make sure to find the right employee.
    The kids - & we - really enjoyed having the beautiful fish and parrots to discover while at the hotel. The whole atmosphere was very kid-friendly.
    Yoga on the beach was free - and very well done, though the sun made it kind of hot by the end of the hour.
    FOOD, AT THE RESORT: Was just fine. Nothing was ever wrong with our food. The ceviche at the grill by the pool was very good - in fact, everything we had by the pool was prepared quickly and very well. However, as others have mentioned, there are service problems at The Atoll: Slow service for breakfast on the first day; one of our party's order completely forgotten the second day.  The Atoll can be completely avoided; more on that later.
    The outside bar area - the lounge - was cozy and fun to sit around the couches with the blue fire pits for warming in the center. [Note to hotel: PLEASE help your waitresses and change your bar menu at long last to what's actually currently available.]
    Also very much enjoyed the hotel's Family S'more Night & being able to see SeaWorld's 9PM fireworks from our room's balcony. The Luau was quite an experience; definitely worth it. Go early to get a seat close to the entertainers, or let your kids go watch with the other children in front when the time comes. The fire dancers made quite an impression on ours and probably tied Legoland as their favorite part of the vacation. In-laws said the food was even better than at the luau during their recent Hawaiian trip.
    FOOD, OUTSIDE THE RESORT: The ceviche at PB Ale House (721 Grand Avenue between Mission and the seawall) was even better than the pool's, and they have great burgers. It's a brewery. Try the Vanilla Framboise or Whitewash Wheat - fantastic.  Heard good things about The Green Flash, but didn't get the chance to eat there. We ended up every day, sometimes twice, at the World Famous at the corner of Pacific Beach and Ocean Blvd. (the seawall), a short walk from the hotel, for their amazing food and fantastic service.
    TO DO, OUTSIDE THE RESORT: Very, very easy to get to the beach: One block.
    Turn left at the sea wall to walk; turn right to walk, eat, or shop.
    Turning left yields very long, nice walk down the boardwalk to the roller coaster/Belmont Park: You'll pass a row of beach homes - all kinds of architecture - to your left, a cute community of little alleyways and street signs named after beach towns from around the US and around the world (Santa Barbara, Rockaway, Niantic, Liverpool ...). Great in the morning before the sun really gets hot or the boardwalk really gets crowded.  Turn right to eat at World Famous.
    LEGOLAND: Should be a separate review, but must say if you're going to go, be sure to bring either a bathing suit to change into temporarily, or another set of dry clothes. Enough of the rides involve so much water that you'll be super uncomfortable if you don't.
    USS MIDWAY MUSEUM: Well worth a visit. Get there early and allow yourself plenty of time. The kids will love it as much as you do. There are simulator rides inside the ship they'll want to do, & an interesting kids' questionnaire. Nearby Top of The Market, within walking distance, is huge. Plenty of room for lines of tourists looking for good, fresh seafood.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Sherley I.
    I love the Catamaran!  We come every year for my dad's work/family retreat and the service is always great and it is like a home away from home (I wish!).  I also love that I still get to go to my dad's retreats even though I'm a grown ass woman that doesn't live at home (wonder if his company has a yelp page??).  

    Service is always great, they let us get really drunk at the bar and they make a mean mai tai!  

    Love it!

    25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    201. Jeff D.
    I was playing the piano for Easter Brunch ...best to date!! My partner went to the bar and was served by Christy (sp) and Giovani , they are wonderful people!!  They should be given a point or star cause they put customer service first!! Thank so much!!!

    26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    202. D H.
    Our family of 4 stayed for 5 nights in early June and had a fabulous time. We loved the lush grounds and the gorgeous birds they care for, having a kitchen in our room (top floor of the tower looking north to La Jolla), and being able to walk to the beach. The pool was fabulous in the late afternoon before dinner. We also enjoyed stand up paddle boarding on the Bay, which is just steps from the hotel. If you live an active lifestyle and want to continue that while on vacation, the Catamaran is perfect for you!

    We will definitely return, the Catamaran is a place I want to bring my children back to year after year. The location is absolutely perfect, we didn't even have to get in our car  most days, only when we went to the Zoo or Sea World!

    03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. Scott W.
    Our house got flooded and we needed to go stay in a hotel for a few days while the damages were being fixed.  So we decided to try out the Catamaran.  For the few days that we were their we were treated well the entire time.  The room was great and the grounds were pretty awesome, with the bird sanctuaries and duck ponds all over.   We had a great time.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    204. Bridget P.
    I had my wedding here in March. While there are so many great places in San Diego, one of the main reasons I chose the Catamaran was the coordinator Amber. She was one of the few people we met with that was truly organized and knowledgeable.  The banquet rooms are sizable and some have water views. The views in the tower are unbelievable. The biggest downside there is the rooms are dated. If that doesn't bother you then this is one of the best places to stay in San Diego.  There is a great ferry boat that takes you to another hotel and there is usually music and dancing. I am am so happy with my choice of the Catamaran as a wedding venue!

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Julianna M.
    This place is awesome! I love coming here during the day with friends! They have a great happy hour. The outside patio area is very relaxing and so beautiful! I recommend a Mai tai and papas bravas! They are delicious!!!

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    206. Kelly S.
    Absolutely love the outside bar area. Probably the best atmosphere around! They have the best view of the bay and the greatest scenery around! They also have a wonderful happy hour that can't be beat! This place is great!

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    207. Jas P.
    Nice place, enjoyed time spent would recommend.  Had a very nice breeze will be back soon.

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. John T.
    Spent 4 nights in the first week of June 2014.  Great room, gorgeous grounds with all the tropical plantings, great beach, fun recreation facilities (e.g., sailboat rentals), excellent staff.  Stayed in the Tower 9th floor which offeted a spectacular view of the ocean. Food, drinks, and service were great.  Two minor complaints: 1. Tower elevators too slow and 2. Need elevators or ramps to make going from parking garage with luggage easier.  Should have used the Bellman.  Can't wait to go again.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    209. Kat B.
    Brunch is wonderful!!! Special shout outs to Greg and Cheyne for making today's celebration so wonderful! We will be back due to their time to care and give great service!! Thank you!!!!

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    210. Miriam C.
    My husband and I just spent our weekend anniversary at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa. We visit San Diego quite often, but this time we were looking for a more resort like experience... and we found it.
    The front desk staff is extremely friendly and professional. They even made a hand written card to wish us a Happy Anniversary. The card and champagne with chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for us in the room when we got there. They definitively set the mood for a very nice weekend. We found a very good rate and our room was on the top floor of the tower with a very nice view of the beach, the pier and all the way to La Jolla. We enjoyed it very much.
    The room was big, except for the bathroom that was tight, but not bad. The rooms are dated, but very clean. There were a couple of odd things, like only one nightstand and the TV on the side of the bed instead of in front, but nothing major.
    We were also looking for a location where we could walk to cafes, the beach, etc and forget about the car. This is definitively the perfect hotel for that.
    The grounds are beautiful as well. They brought back very nice memories of our trip to Hawaii.  
    We will be definitively add The Catamaran to our list of favorite places in San Diego.

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    211. Michelle B.
    Beautiful resort! We stayed in bayview studio room on the 10th floor for our 15th anniversary! So amazing! Huge windows and sliding door with patio overlooking the beautiful mission bay and ocean. Gorgeous views and so romantic. We loved eating breakfast on the patio and dessert at night overlooking the bay. Slept with the curtains open as the view was so gorgeous and we didn't want to miss it! Beautiful beach to walk on, bikes and boats to rent. Enjoyed a night out on the catamaran boat ride looking up at the stars and cruising the bay. Resort grounds are beautiful with palm trees and tranquility. I would give 5 stars if they updated it some. Rooms are a bit outdated.

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    212. Matt M.
    We were looking for a place to stay for a 2-day getaway in San Diego. We ended up choosing Catamaran because it was close to both the bay and the ocean and had a pool.  We weren't disappointed! Friendly staff, clean rooms, nice pool, and they have a spa (which we didn't go to, but if that's what you're looking for, it's there). We were surprised to see that this resort is very family friendly, which didn't bother us at all, but if you are looking for a very quite pool area and child-free atmosphere, then this probably isn't the hotel for you. If you are a family looking for a nice place, then this hotel is perfect! Our room opened up right to the bay, which is where we spent most of our time, and it was great! There is a rental area right there where you can rent paddle boards, kayaks, etc.  We will definitely be returning in the future!

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    213. Julie V.
    Beautiful entrance, beautiful lobby, beautiful  ground floor... THAT'S IT !!! As we walked into the room we were disgusted by the smell.
    The furniture, restroom, carpet was all out of date. Didn't feel clean. The restroom look like a restroom from the 80's.
    just not a good place to stay. For the price you are better off going to some sort of Hilton or something.

    17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    214. John D.
    I was not super impressed with this place. My room smelled like mildew.  

    The location and overall grounds and meeting rooms are fine, but the building and especially the rooms seem a bit old and definitely in need of refurbishing.

    The parking was convenient and plentiful, but they charge $13. a day extra for it.

    Lots of restaurants and bars nearby within walking distance, but be aware that the surrounding areas away from the beach and Mission Bay seems a bit grungy with homeless and druggies around.

    There is a Ralph's about 3 blocks away so if your room has a fridge/microwave, you can pick up groceries.

    If I got a good deal, I might consider staying here again, but I would hope for a room in better condition.

    19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    215. Autumn H.
    Location is PRIME!!! Walking distance to the beach and bay doesn't get better. Room was a little outdated but we had a suite over looking the bay so it doesn't beat that. Food was actually really good! I have stayed at many nice resort where the food is less then impressive but I was really happy with all our bar food choices. My son got his hand stuck in the vending machine (don't ask) so that night they brought a plate of HOT delicious chocolate chip cookies. Things like that will send me back. The cookies are so good we spent $20 ordering more the next day at the pool. Seriously so good! they need another pool as it gets business but the facilities are so fun for the kids,

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Jessica B.
    We stayed in the "tower" facing the water. Let me just say that that was worth it's weight right there. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm coming from Seattle so maybe I'm just easy to please, but waking up to floor-to-ceiling windows with palm trees and the beach in view is just great!

    They have parrots and fancy ducks in residence and small, jungle-like paved paths leading from one part of the hotel to another.

    The rooms are very nice. Nothing modern or crazy new, but comfortable and clean. The carpet was a little worn in places, but I got the best sleep I've had in years on that giant king sized bed! It was a lovely room and lovely resort very close to the beach.

    21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    217. Rosemary T.
    Where should I start...

    1. For $$$$ this is not the place you would want to spend your money staying!!! Some of the rooms smells moldy and are in desperate need for renovation. Most of the rooms here are "OLD"!!!

    2. Paid $250 including tax and resort fee (got this price only because they booked the wrong hotel for me - usually $350 not including tax and resort fee) for a bay front view room. The room was nice; however, I did not even get to enjoy view in the morning at all!   All morning, I was busy moving things to my friends room to take a shower and get ready for the conference that was taking place there. We had to check out at 12:00, so by the time I finished getting ready and moving everything, it made absolutely no sense to go back to the room. I wish I get to "actually" enjoy and use the room that I paid for!

    3. Got room service for breakfast, but the fruit came with mold on it! I was almost done with my breakfast when I saw the fruit and that completely ruined my appetite. I stopped eating after that. I tried to ignore the fact, but I couldn't. It makes me wonder how gross the kitchen is if they can over look something as simple as the fruits that they put on your plate?  Their food must not been store correctly or clean correctly or fresh at all!!!

    4. Don't expect to get a hot shower here cause the hot waters here are not hot.

    5. This hotel NEED RENOVATION BADLY!!!!!!!!!  Everything needs to updated. I hope they take this down season to really take the time to renovate all the room. This place is right next to the bay, so it's a perfect get away place. However, if it's this bad of a condition, no one will be coming back any time soon!

    Tip: If you plan on spending $350 a night for a hotel; take this money and look for one in La Jolla where it's not old and nasty like this.

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    218. Nina K.
    I think the room depends on where they put you. We ended up in a room that is basically part of a motor lodge except I got to pay $13 per night to park my own car.  The rooms are completely outdated.  The ceiling and cold air return are literally black with soot. The bathroom floors are beyond being able to be clean and the air conditioning drips on the rug.

    They start knocking on your door at 8 a.m. to clean the room and then never get to it.

    The food at the restaurant was very good which is a shocker to me, but I found a lot worse in San Diego and I found the people very nice.  They keep asking for feedback on the hotel, but they don't seem to be doing anything with it.

    The place is filthy!  I'm thinking the Best Western across the street would be a better bet and probably cheaper!

    07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    219. Mimi B.
    Awesome location. Let's start with that. 1 block to beach. Just cross Mission Bay Drive and ur there. Pretty good views. I think you can see some part of the Ocean wherever you are.

    Hotel and rooms are quite old and could use some work. I didn't feel like they were dirty though. And I am pretty picky.

    Guest services was great. Housekeeping kind pleasant and wonderful. They were also receptive to my requests.

    Friends ate at the restaurant and liked it. I had a drink at the outdoor bar. It was FREEZING in SD when we went but they had a little fire outside at each table and it was warm.

    The bed was very comfortable. Room was quiet.

    Parking - self is actually better and easier than valet if you stay in the tower. I did the self-parking.

    Friends used the fitness center. They liked it. I didn't see it.

    Ralphs and CVS nearby should you need anything.

    Overall, I'd stay again for the conference. Can't really say much bad. Just know it's not luxury and not updated but had everything I needed. For the price, I think everything was right.

    28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    220. Lupita L.
    Not my absolute favorite place ever. We did get a room right next to the beach which was nice but the bed kinda smelled. Not the best ever

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    221. Ashley R.
    SUNDAY BRUNCH!! Went here for a girls birthday celebration. Very good! I'm going back for the Belgium waffles lol All you drink mimosas :)) Right by the water, it was beautiful. The resort has a real tropical feel which I loved! Bringing the man next time :)

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    222. Angie T.
    My five year old daughter and I recently stayed here for one night and I was impressed with the place.  First off, the grounds are absolutely stunning.  It has a very lush tropical feel with beautiful exotic birds and many koi ponds.  We had a room in the tower and as you can see from my photos the view is to die for.  I would definitely stay here again!

    18/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Brandon T.
    I had a room on the top floor overlooking the city which still offered a very scenic view both day and night especially allowing a beautiful view of sunset vistas over the pacific peer seen from our balcony. I would stay here again however the room was lacking some basic features like a fridge

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    224. Big Mama's M.
    This review is for the happy hour on the patio only.

    Met a couple of friends for "the best happy hour in PB" last weekend...what a joke. I've lived in San Diego my entire life and have never been here except the last six months, I've visited twice. Once for work and once for pleasure.

    It is centrally located and if you are from the mid-west or something cold and rainy, then this place must seem like heaven. But the happy hour is lame, the carpets smell stinky and wet and the customer service from almost all the staff we met was "I am only tolerating you" at best.

    The patio has a couple of large flat screens so we were able to watch a bit of football and the young girl helping us was very sweet but clearly overwhelmed by the crowd and her responsibilities. The food was absolutely forgettable and NOTHING to come back for...my Mai Tai on the other hand was excellent but it would've been nice to have something delish to munch one.

    The chicken quesadilla was disgusting and ugly, the calamari was bland, the chicken wings looked leftover and frozen, and the potato skins were possibly some of THE worst I've ever had.

    One star for our lovely server who tried hard and was tipped well, the view of the bay and that's about it.

    16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    225. Ms. B.
    This is a fine resort. I was here for an overnight to celebrate a friends birthday. Since it was around spring break- there were many families and young (maybe college age) kids. The day we were here, there was also a wedding. I think this is a fantastic place for families or young people. They had the booze cruises (which we did not go on) that led to many many drunk people at the resort towards the evening (compiled with the wedding). We spent time by the pool in the day. It was very crowded. Got a fine drink - Mai Tai and my friend Vodka Club Soda. A bit pricey for the size but it was fine. We were in the "tower" in a studio. It did seem like it needs to be updated. A little "worn" looking. The shower sounded like a jack hammer if you turned the warm water to high.  Had a good dinner at the restaurant and sat outside. We did not go to the spa as the prices just seemed way too high. It was "fine" for an overnight. I think a family and young group would really enjoy it.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    226. Sarah R.
    Great location, superb grounds and outdoor dining.  Loved the beach and all amenities like umbrellas, paddle boards, towels provided.

    However, for the price you pay, the rooms are really pretty subpar.  They need a major remodel/update to justify their pricing.  I stay at a lot of hotels, and they definitely are below average for their price point.  New carpet, wallpaper bathroom tile, upholstery...

    I have been here a few times and will come back, however.  All of the rest of the resort is awesome, especially with kids.

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    227. Karen W.
    We were deciding on a few different hotels to stay at for a weekend work conference and thought the Catamaran would provide good rooms and a very convenient location.  The resort itself is beautiful, lush, and tropic.  The rooms, another story.  We booked a hotel+airline rate on Travelocity which apparently means you get stuck with the cheap @ss room none of the staff care about.    Upon using the shower, the water would constantly and noisily drip from the shower head, despite many repeated attempts from me and my husband to fix it.  We called maintenance, who seemed to fix the problem and the drip, only to find out that the loud dripping noise was back the next time we used the shower.  

    Our room came with a mini fridge, which was nice.  What wasn't so nice was coming into our room to find that the cabinet the fridge was housed in was so old that the hinges separated from the door (see photo).  We also noticed that the toilet lever was not completely attached, and just hanging out at an odd angle from the toilet (photo also included).  

    I've stayed at quite a few hotels in different price ranges, and sadly, although the hotel itself might be nice, the room they gave us was one of the worst maintained I've ever been in.  We were hoping to find a nice room to get some rest after a long day of meetings, but instead we found the hotel room equivalent of The Money Pit.  If we stay at a hotel in San Diego again, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    228. Peter J.
    A great place to stay!!!!  Just got back from a family reunion here. Not everyone that was visiting here stayed at the Catamaran because some of the gang live in the general area. So, we arrived Wednesday night. I arrived with my parents, then we checked into the room. The women that greeted us at the front desk, I forgot here name, but she's from Germany, so I had to tell her about my friend back home from Germany. There's a couple more ladies that were very helpful at the front desk: a lovely Asian woman named Janine, she was very helpful;and also Kristen, I had to talk to her about Dumb and Dumber since Dumb and Dumber takes place in Colorado, where she's from.

    The food we had that night from the BBQ buffet was great!!!  I didn't speak to the chef, again, the food was excellent!!!  Vegetables, burgers. There was also a really tasty fruit cobbler that I enjoyed very, very much.  I'm jumping around here with this reveiw
    Our bellman, when we first arrived Mikko, did a total, super, great job balancing all the stuff that was in my dad's car to take to the room, and, as far as I know, nothing fell prior to getting the stuff to our hotel room, and, yesterday when we left, John, the bellman wanted to make sure we had everything before leaving the room, always a good idea. The maid did a great job, her English was minimal, I told her we are messy, and many people here, she nodded, and just did her job, which was great. This is a family resort, which also means that there are kids here, and kids will make noise, that's pretty much why I'm not giving this resort five stars, otherwise I would for sure.

    We also enjoyed talking to John the security guard, and he let us know pretty much what I mentioned above, about ten pm is when it should be quiet time, time to settle down. I also really like looking at the birds, great colors, and the birds are somewhat loud. This is just a beautiful resort. Fireworks are going off across the way at Seaworld.

    How could I forget? Well, we had a problem with the a/c in the room, wasn't working properly first night, fortunately that got taken care of. My folks were hot the first night.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Joe A.
    Really a 2.5

    The property is nice.  Location is great!
    Rooms $$$$ stayed beachfront and our room was in dire need of a remodel and stunk like mildew

    Staff was not of a rofessional resore

    Pool no better than a best western

    Would not reccomend

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    230. Ruth P.
    Love this place- gorgeous and great food and service! The grounds are beautiful and we love the ponds with the fish on the grounds we stayed in building 400 and had a beautiful room that overlooks the pond. Room is large and great for family. It's close to the pool and the bay! Housekeeping is wonderful, they are fast! I would recommended this place to anyone.

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    231. SD N.
    If you live in San Diego you have to at least once try the amazing brunch on the bay here.  The buffet is gigantic with tons of great food and unlimited mimosas and champagne.  The price is acceptable for what you get.  They also give you a bay cruise which is included.  I love coming here when it is nice out because you can eat brunch and then paddle board or kayak or cruise on the bay.  Parking is in their lot and I have never had a problem.  The hotel has a tropical feel and the staff are great.  I give it 4 stars because I had a rude staff member at the front brunch desk when I came in for brunch on Xmas eve and a bartender at the outdoor bar that was highly unprofessional that same day, but everything else has been great and I have been coming here for years.

    I just went back there for the "regular" Sunday Brunch.  I normally go on holidays.  It was so great.  Blanca gave us a table outside right on the bay with gorgeous views.  The new manager came out and introduced himself and was very nice.  The server made sure my mimosa was constantly full.  The food was plentiful and yummy.  We even got to watch a couple of 40 years renew their vows.  It was so sweet.  I will be back.

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    232. S. B.
    Wonderful 2 night stay here. For our 25th anniversary they upgraded us to a beautiful room in the tower on the 8th floor over looking mission bay. In our room they had a tray with chocolate covered strawberries & champagne! Our view was amazing. All the staff was polite & helpful. The grounds here are wonderful. They have ponds with Coy fish & ducks. We also got to see their assortment of beautiful birds. Definitely want to stay here again! Sad to have to check out soon.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    233. Sandy G.
    Ended up a rainy day, so unable to sit outside.  The service was pretty good although they took my silverware and I had a hard time getting another set.  Good selection of food.  No breakfast potatoes.  Restaurant is a bit run down looking.  Needs a bit of a facelift.  And there were old potatoes from who knows when under my table.  Not as clean as it should be.  Leg of lamb was outstanding.  Overall, I would come back, but for $50 a person they should sharpen it up a bit.

    08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    234. Michelle K.
    I had my wedding here last weekend and was so pleased with the venue and staff! I worked with catering & sales manager, Amber, and she was absolutely fantastic in helping plan my wedding. Amber was very easy going, and answered any and all questions I had throughout the entire planning process.

    I stayed at the Catamaran in one of the bay front suits a few days prior to the wedding and had a terrific view of the bay. Our room was right on the grass, so we were able to walk right out the patio and on the beach. As the Catamaran has it's own beach, were took advantage of the beach chairs and umbrellas out front, and brought out cocktails from the bar to relax. We also rented the motorized raft and enjoyed that out on the water for an hour.

    The Catamaran is a perfect location that makes you feel like you're not in San Diego, with the Koi pond and waterfall when you walk in, and the birds just outside the doors heading to your room. It is also a great area to go for a run, and then walk across the street to either Mission or Pacific Beach- Pacific Beach Ale house has great happy hour!

    There were also plenty of events going on the grass, whether it was Sunday brunch, weddings, or even graduation events; there is always something going on. The Catamaran staff definitely know how to set up and break down events. My mom was even able to get tables and chairs for my bridal shower the day before the wedding; all thanks to Amber!

    We definitely plan to come back for our anniversary next year!

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    235. Mary H.
    This is a great resort for adults/children and anyone who wants a wonderful spa experience.  Sandra at front desk was extremely helpful to us and recommended a slightly different room than we had booked.  Rooms are immaculate and service great.  the grounds are wonderful and you almost don't need to leave the property, but then you'd miss the great restaurants nearby!

    22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. Tessa W.
    Beautiful hotel! Loved our room and loved the view of the bay!!!!!!! We were on the 12th floor. Loved being that high up! The ladies at the front desk, the bellhop and the guy who valeted our car were all super friendly and helpful!

    One bad thing--- the Bahia Belle is a JOKE!!!!!!!! Waited an hour on the dock in the cold behind a group of about 15 kids smoking pot only to be told that the people already aboard the boat don't have to get off...and for each person that does get off, 1 new person is allowed on. So my boyfriend and I waited an hour to be told the boat is at max capacity and were turned away!!!! I really wish I would have gotten the name of the man that spoke to us because he was SO rude! I told him nicely that a sign should have been posted, or they should AT LEAST explain on their website that the Bahia Belle fills up early and not all paying guests are guaranteed a spot he said, "Well sorry but that's policy." And walked away! He could have at least been nice about it! He said that he would be able to refund anyone who purchased a Groupon to get on the boat. But too bad he couldn't refund the hour of my life I had just wasted...

    24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    237. John V.
    Great place.  I highly recommend this resort for someone's stay in San Diego.  Great bay-side location that is also very close to the ocean.  As an owner of a cafe in the area, these guys treat their guests very well!  We hear great compliments from our guests, and my family has even stayed there as well.

    A true beach resort!

    24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    238. Richelle L.
    This is a follow up to the Catamaran's response to my review.  After I booked through American Express, I contacted The Catamaran directly to make sure that their system reflected the room type we reserved, and it did. When we checked in, the system still showed the correct room type, but as I mentioned in my previous review, it took three attempts before we were given the correct room.   Why should booking through American Express equal not getting what we paid for?

    03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    239. Jody B.
    Went here to visit friends who were staying in a suite and took them out sightseeing.  When we returned, we used my friend's room key to get into the parking lot.  When I tried to leave the parking lot 2 hours later, they told me I had to either go find my friend and get her key (it was 9:00 at night, I had 2 little kids with me and her room was on the other side of the hotel) or pay them $25 to leave the lot.  That is what they charge you if you lose your ticket....problem is I didn't get a ticket because I was with my friend who had a key!!!   I asked to talk to the manager and to even drive to the lobby they said they had to hold onto my license!!!  Then the manager, Jeff Malloy, was the rudest ever.  I asked if I could just pay the normal ticket fee for the 2 hours I was there, which is $8, and he refused. I told him I had just spent $60 on dinner in their overpriced restaurant too!  Finally after arguing with him for 10 minutes he said he would let me pay $11 to leave. I felt like I was being held hostage!!  It took me 20 minutes just to leave their parking lot/hotel!  NEVER will I recommend this place to anyone again.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    240. Joyce S.
    Second time staying here, beautiful landscaping. Rooms comfortable and great relaxed service!! Wish they would put fans in the bathrooms and bigger beds in double but other than that I would highly recommend

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    241. Catalina H.
    Although the hotel has a very impressive lobby making you feel like you are in a relaxed tropical setting, it only takes you a few moments to realize there's an unpleasant smell. The rooms are your average hotel from so your definitely paying for the location. The rooms were clean, but the shower was not clean. Not good to see snot from who knows who  on the shower curtin......The viewer from the beach was amazing.

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    242. Jennifer O.
    We have stayed here every summer for the past 6 years.  We love it for so many reasons. The rooms by the bay, free ferry rides, free movies on the beach, a great pool and jacuzzi, luaus and parties, the koi pond, the ducks, the macaws, the multiple bars and restaurants, and just a very festive atmosphere all the time.  You also can't beat the location...steps from the bay, and one block to the beach!

    15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    243. Anne C.
    A room on the penthouse floor for my birthday. So much fun, gorgeous views, excellent service, great room service, PERFECT location. I definitely recommend!

    23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    244. Elizabeth M.
    There's just no other way to describe this place--it's cute and kitschy and the moment you walk in, the in-lobby waterfall and Hawaiian theme helps you instantly transition into vacation mode and put tropical drinks by the bay on your to-do list.

    For fitness and beach buffs, the resort is perfectly situated. It sits bayfront, giving guests easy access to the running/biking/rollerskating path that winds quite a few miles around Mission Bay. Or, exit through the front door, and you're walking distance to all the bars and restaurants the area has to offer, and literally across the street from the beach, which has its own, well-populated running and bike path. The hotel's location was perfect if you're looking to experience the local scene. There's even a boat cruise of the bay (though unfortunately it was rained out while I was there).

    Inside the hotel, there were plenty of amenities as well. Perhaps most notable was the wildlife, which if you aren't relaxed yet, will take you the rest of the way. First, walk by the display of tropical birds, then discover the multicolored mandarin ducks, lounging in ponds that snake around the property, including right outside my room's back patio. The wildlife will let you get unfathomably close. At one point, two ducks came right up to the railing of my patio. I think they would probably have walked in the room had I left the screen door open.

    The room wasn't luxurious--toiletries and mattress could use an upgrade to compare to the corporate hotels--but the room had everything one would want or expect, including a few thoughtful conveniences like bathrobes and Qtips and a guide to local channels. Likewise, all of the place's restaurants all offered the same (overpriced) menu, but the local beers they had on tap were good. Housekeeping did a shockingly good job on my room too.

    But it's the laidback, don't-take-yourself-too-seriously vibe that makes this place a good vacation destination. Unlike most, this resort has a sense of humor and a sense of calm (did I mention the zen garden?).

    Given the chance, I would definitely return.

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    245. Joe C.
    We ate at the main restaurant here at the Catamaran
    awesome setting, tropical.
    Calamari really good, just too poo little sauce with it.
    Cabernet wine- excellent
    Mai Tai , really good, so much better than Bali Hai
    Cesar salad , it was good but, incredibly SMALL portion, worth about $2
    Crab Cakes really good, very small portion)
    Carrot cake, tooooo sweet mostly icing
    service - really good
    Location- excellent

    Hotel itself, so pretty, "Tropical"

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    246. Cache C.
    Great place to be on a hot sunny day and the atmosphere is excellent. But, the prices are a little high for my taste.

    11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    247. Holland P.
    My boyfriend and I were visiting and we stayed at their sister hotel called the Bahia. We got a 20% discount on any spa treatment over at the catamaran. We wanted to try something new so we just called, asked a few questions, and decided why not let's try it.
    And ooooh my gosh I'm very very glad we did!!!!!!!
    I have never had a spa treatment or anything like that ever so maybe me being new it helps with the good review but the catamaran spa is relaxing beyond belief.

    My boyfriend and I did the couples massage so here's what we think... The couples massage is a 50 minute massage in the same room as your significant other.

    SERVICE: the front desk girls were nice, helped us with any questions. Then we were sent someone to escort us into the locker rooms.

    LOCKER ROOMS: But it's not your typical gym locker room or anything like that. It's very very clean from the start. I loved the set up! Buddhas and relaxing music everywhere. There was a section where you put your clothes in and change into a robe, then fancy showers, a room with mirrors with COMPLIMENTARY deodorant, hair spray and moose, brushes/combs, hair ties. Then a sana, steam room, with towels everywhere just in case. There was hardly anyone in there and no noise at all. I felt spoiled from the start.
    RELAXATION ROOM: after you're done getting into your robe, getting comfortable, you go into this quiet, dimmed light room. Once again relaxing music* there was complimentary teas, apples oranges, and flavored water. Then comfortable lounge chairs with little canopies over them for more personal quiet time. We were told that our personal masseuse  would meet us in the room. So my boyfriend and I say there for not too long at all and enjoyed our cup of tea.

    MASSEUSE: right away they were very pleasant. They introduced themselves and shook our hands. Very friendly. Then we followed them into this very very clean room. *relaxing music again! Haha. Then they explained to us step by step what they wanted us to do. They asked a few questions regarding our period all body aches and if we were looking to relax or would like a more rough massage.

    I went twice to this spa, got the couples massage twice, felt incredibly relaxed each time and loved every second of it. Each girl was really great at massaging and did their job perfectly!!!
    I'm in love with this place. We did this because we had nothing else to do and I'm glad we did. I swear even if you have a ton of plans, cancel one of them and come here!!! You'll come out a new person :) I promise!!!! Gosh now I wanna go back again so bad haha

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    248. J F.
    I have filmed several weddings here from bridal prep to ceremony to reception. This venue truly is a resort! The rooms in the tower have excellent view of the bay. The landscaping and lush vegetation within the resort itself have a Polynesian feel to it which made filming easier. The ceremony area on the lawn backs up to the beach and has Mission Bay as a nice backdrop. Since it backs up to the bay, this venue is also very scenic at night as well. Instead of just facing a pitch black ocean, you have a beautiful backdrop with the properties reflecting off the water. The staff was extremely helpful. jfvideography

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    249. Lo R.
    Lovely place, i will def recommend and be coming back my self.

    i came by this place with my fiancé and her friend. after a day of surfing and laying out on the beach we decided we wanted to finish the day with a drink. we came here and def enjoyed ourselves.
    the waitresses are kinda all over the place, but if you get one......finally, they are sweet and very pleasing.

    all we had were cocktails, which were tasty. But the atmosphere is what made me happy. this place is a resort and you def feel like you are "away" somewhere. they have their own private beach, which is nice. and the way the breeze blows you can't help but smile and feel like your on vacation.

    i will be back as a guest instead of just for drinks!

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    250. Dani S.
    Meh hotel, great location!

    We came here for the weekend for a quick stay-cation and got a room in the tower. The property is obviously dated, with not so clean carpets that I felt uncomfortable walking without my shoes. The bathroom was still of the 80's era, and the white tiled floors had lots of cracks in it.

    The check-in desk staff was not very knowledgeable or extremely helpful. Self parking is free for hotel guests but you need to make sure the front desk give you a blue parking pass for each car, otherwise the parking attendant will give you HELL when you try to leave, which is what happened to me. This guy had MAJOR attitude.

    The only thing good about this place is the location, it's walking distance to alot of bars in PB, and it backs up against the bay where you can rent paddleboards and pedal-boats. There are also some cute ducks in the pond on the property to entertain the kids.

    Food here is terrible, and so is the service. Totally not worth the $350/night we paid.

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    251. Jack R.
    When we first got to the hotel the grounds are beautiful . When checking in the staff was very nice and helpful . When we checked out the room we were not happy . The room was small and outdated , yes it had a flat screen tv but it needed some work. The bed sheets were stained and there was hair on the pillow . I went down to the front desk and talked to Tara , I told here we were not happy and she took care of us . She upgraded us to a suite and covered the $100 extra. The suite was bigger and clean but was still very outdated. Overall the hotel is a good place if you are going to be by the water and don't care about decor or size......

    04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    252. Mark D.
    Beautiful resort in the Mission Beach area of San Diego within walking distance to the ocean and numerous restaurants. We stayed in one of the water front suites with a beautiful view of Mission Bay from the room and balcony.

    As you enter the lobby, you are immediately taken away from the life you left behind and immediately immersed into a tropical setting with waterfall, tropical flowers and fish. The daily displayed tropical birds as you head out the lobby to your room are very colorful and talkative. Overall, the staff was all excellent and extremely helpful. A safer way to travel down to the Gas Lamp area for the evening is via a private car right in front of the hotel arranged by the valet ($35 each way).

    The property offers several alcoves and private areas to relax and a secluded pool area with full service. The private beach has first come, first serve lounge chairs for resort guests. In the evening, you are welcome aboard the party boat ride across the Bay but very difficult to get on even as a guest (free if a guest of the hotel)...numerous drunk kids crowding the dock and the boat.

    Nice bar area with large fish tank above bar but service can be slow due to crowds inside and out. The mai tai was delicious and had some kick to it but, overall, prices were a tad high.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    253. Lisa Z.
    I loved it here.  Can I live here?
    But seriously folks... it's a tropical resort with a private beach right on Mission Bay.
    There are macaws, a cockatoo, parrots, koi ponds, ducks (Mandarin and Wood Ducks too), ample parking structure that accomodated our kayak.  
    Comfortable 2 queen bed room with kitchenette.  Decent sized bathroom.  Balcony with ocean view.
    What's not to love?  We got a deal on Groupon and I would *SO* do this again.
    Had one snarky bartendress one night in the hotel bar, who butted into a private conversation about  use of the "F bomb," which was ridiculous, considering we're all adults and no one was fighting about anything, in fact, no one complained, except her... and her delicate sensibilities.... (here's a tip - don't work in a bar!)
    but otherwise, a perfect trip.  Loved it.

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    254. Elizabeth O.
    While the grounds are well-kept and very pretty, the rooms were sub-par and customer service was AWFUL.

    I was part of a wedding party this weekend, which took place at the hotel, and arrived after long travels to a room with two VERY small beds, a broken - filthy - rusted air conditioner that wouldn't turn on and broken patio door that wouldn't open.This overlooked a parking garage where a loud generator ran all night.

    After a hot and stuffy night in separate beds, my fiancé' called the front desk and asked to be relocated, and they told him a flat out "no". " I called back and was told we could be switched after noon, but we'd have to bring our own baggage to the front desk to be put in storage, then return in the afternoon to bring our baggage to the new room.

    We got a call around noon that the new room was ready. We ended up having to carry our own baggage through four levels of stairs, because the elevators were out. They were out much of the weekend in the 13 floor building.

    After all that effort, we were placed in yet another room with two tiny beds. At least the air worked in the second room, but... ugh.

    I'd maybe visit the grounds and restaurant here, but stay elsewhere. Accommodations were not good -- and our service was just plain rude and terrible.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    255. Tanya L.
    Just hosted a bachelorette party last weekend here. Staff was very nice and accommodating for us frenzy of girls. There was lots to do in little time so I'm glad we were able to check in when our room was ready around noon.

    Parking is an additional $13. We stayed in the tower rooms and front desk told me to drive around to the parking structure to park. I thought that meant our rooms were really far from the lobby but the walk was less than 4 minutes! Park anywhere because the resort itself isn't huge.

    It did have an awesome view and right on the water. I found a Facebook coupon before booking and got 15% off.  I paid around $280 per room on a Saturday after taxes and fees. Each room had a small kitchen which was super handy; appliances were ancient though, my food took 3 minutes to get warm in the microwave. Overall great experience, don't forget the spa! Best reason to book with them!

    04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    256. Kris A.
    The service and brunch here has gone downhill fast.  My wife and I went to brunch on Mother's Day - we immediately noticed that several of the more popular items have been cut from the brunch menu - sushi, chocolate fountain etc.  This would be easier to understand if they hadn't raised the prices consistently each year.

    Other service highlights included:

    - the server trying to "sneak" the included gratuity by us, hoping that we would double-tip her.  I am fine with leaving more than the included gratuity, but not when someone neglects to present an itemized receipt and doesn't mention that she has added gratuity.

    - the valet parker asking if I wanted change back for the $20 dollar bill I gave him.  When I responded yes, he followed with "How much would you like back?".  I don't know, how about the amount you owe me?  (I still tipped him, but him assuming a 100% gratuity was a little alarming).

    When I was working in the service industry (which I did for more than 15 years), I would have been fired for things like this.  Is anyone training these people?

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    257. Kathy D.
    We booked via Hotels.com . Check-in was easy & the reception lady was pleasant & said they upgraded our room. We had a 2nd floor room with a great bay view. The room is slightly dated but comfortable. The gardens provide a pleasant atmosphere.
    Don't order a piña cold as from the bar, it was terrible. Dinner at Atoll was pleasant as it was a warm evening & we sat outside. Slightly disappointed by the fried green tomatoes but we're not in the Southeast.
    Overall good experience.

    03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    258. Selina P.
    Beautiful property just steps from the beach.  I came with a group of friends for a birthday celebration.  Parking is really convenient if you are a guest at the hotel, although the spaces are really tight.  I noticed a lot of the larger cars were double-parked in the parking structure for the hotel.  

    Walking into the lobby, I felt like I was in Hawaii.  The grounds were also very tropical with the tiki posts, lush greenery, and pond.  The pond had what I believe to be koi fish in it and the were ducks roaming about the grounds.  The room we stayed in was very clean and each had a kitchenette in them.  Since it was for a birthday celebration, my friend was greeted with a basket of fresh fruit and cheese...Yah!

    Overall, I had a great time staying at the Catamaran Resort.  The location was very convenient to the beach and nightlife of SD.

    19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    259. Rowena T.
    We rented a beach house down the road for a summer staycation and decided to check out the Catamaran website for possible fun things to do at the hotel.  I was amazed by their summer activities, most of which is free and open to the public.  For example, on Mondays & Wednesdays the hotel presents Movies by the Bay.  Tonight our family enjoyed "How to Train your Dragon".  On Tuesdays and Fridays the hotel hosts a luau.  On Wednesdays and Saturdays they have yoga on the lawn.  Too much fun stuff!  Great hotel for tourists AND locals!

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    260. Kathi N.
    Stopped in for dessert - looking for some chocolate. Had the brownie and ice cream. It was okay but a little on the sweet side for me. 3 stars for the atmosphere. The quiet, calm bay side is a refreshing change from Pacific Beach. Will definitely be back for dinner or drinks.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    261. Mindy N.
    Great luau in San Diego! Made us feel like we were back in Hawaii for the evening! The entertainment was really great! The food was good as well, all around good experience!

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    262. Jessica M.
    A beautiful resort!  Kyle at the front desk was very helpful and went above and beyond to ensure our stay was amazing! The beach, birds, fish and duck ponds were amazing!!!!! We will come back for sure!

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    263. Katie M.
    We stayed here a few months back, absolutely loved it. It has a very beautiful and unique setting. The staff was beyond welcoming. We went to Sea World and Legoland, but we could have easily spent the whole day at the resort. Lots to do.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    264. Jay W.
    Stayed her for three nights, one of the best service I've experience. Took advantage of the SPA for two days and they did a fabulous job. Also the food was great, great location, a block from the beach.

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    265. Merrill F.
    First off, if you're looking for the hotel experience in Pacific Beach, this is the place to stay. We stay there every year because we can seem to get our act together to find a place a year or two in advance. The Catamaran always seems to have rooms available although if you wait too long into the season, if that is going to be hard.

    There are a lot of houses and places to rent so, again if you're looking for the hotel experience, this is the place to stay. They have lots of amenities, pool, hot tub, Luau twice a week, movie night on the beach, etc. Lots of stuff to do with the kids. They have the bay one side, right up against the hotel, and the ocean two blocks on the other side. Walking distance to some great restaurants (Woody's and World Famous) that will give you a great experience of Pacific Beach.

    We've stayed in the Tower and in the little bay front rooms in the lower buildings (I don't know what they call them). If you can afford it, the bay front rooms are much nicer. By the way, don't expect much in the way of Internet so if you are planning on doing any work or watching on your device, forget it. Terrible WiFi. They do have a premium service but we didn't try it because I am dead set against charging you to death. They also charged $18 a day for self parking this time which I thought was ridiculous given their room prices.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    266. Spencer B.
    Very nice hotel in a great location. They are doing some renovations currently but I'm sure it will be beautiful. The Catamaran has plenty of space for all of your event needs and requirements.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    267. Susan B.
    My husband and I stayed here for his 50th birthday.  I called ahead to see if we could check in early since we were just staying the one night and wanted to make the most of our stay.  The lady at the front desk was so nice, she took my cell number and called us when our room was ready around 2:00pm.  Once we arrived we were told we had been upgraded from a standard queen room with a garden view to a king suite on the 12th floor of the tower.  We were thrilled!! We had two balconies facing Sail Bay and Pacific beach.  We could also see Downtown and the Coronado Bridge.

    Our room was very clean and spacious and thankfully the A/C was working well (San Diego was having unseasonably hot weather).  The grounds are very pretty and tropical, we really felt like we were on a tropical vacation.  The lobby is open, airy with a nice water feature and was very similar looking to a resort we stayed in on Oahu. The resort is on beautiful Sail Bay and the ocean is just a quick walk across the street. As a native San Diegan I can tell you that the location can't be beat.

    We decided to try Moray's Lounge for Happy Hour.  The drinks were good and well priced. We sat out on the patio and it was just beautiful with a cool breeze.  After a busy day we went to our room and ordered room service.  We each ordered a sandwich which were very good plus for my husbands birthday they brought free chips and salsa and two Coronas and a personalized birthday card signed by the staff. Very nice touch. The next morning we ate breakfast at the Atoll Restaurant. They had a good selection of dishes and very good coffee!!

    We would definitely recommend staying here.  It was obvious to us that making the customer happy is their number one priority. We have found ourselves a new "staycation" destination right in our back yard.  We can't wait to return.

    11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    268. Leanna S.
    I still have no wedding ring because the maid stole my ring. Terrible terrible experience.

    11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    269. Jack M.
    The staff at The Catamaran were very nice especially Mrs.Machado at the front desk.  Check couldn't have been much smoother.  We informed her that it was our 25the wedding anniversary and she had complimentary champagne and strawberries waiting in our room.
    We had a very romantic weekend !

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    270. Patrick V.
    I just finished a 3 night stay for a business trip from 11/30 to 12/2 and stayed in Tower room 455.  What a great room!  

    This front desk girl told me it was a partial ocean view but I had  clear view of the water and I could see the lights from Sea World!  i kept the big sliding glass door open for my whole stay (even during the rainy days).  I agree with some previous reviews in 2 areas.  1. The room was dated but very clean. 2. I opened my closet and someone left their underwear on the top shelf. (I didn't complain at the time but just a note for housekeeping.

    Overall, I truly enjoyed this hotel and I hope to return with my family soon.

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    271. Lilly M.
    My boyfriend and I really enjoyed out stay at the Catamaran. The scenery from our double-bed bay view room was breathtaking and the room was bigger than expected! I love that these rooms come with a kitchenette and oven, full fridge, microwave and dishes and silverware to use. The location is PERFECT for a beach experience: walking distance to all kinds of restaurants, bars and shopping and a 20 minute drive to Balboa Park or the Gaslamp district.

    The only thing disappointing was the maid service, they removed 4 pillows from our room when they cleaned it which we found odd and kind of off putting...also they charge $17/day for parking. Bad service at the bar. Otherwise, we had a great experience and wish we stayed here longer!

    24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    272. Ryan J.
    My wife and I love this place!!! A great place to get away for a romantic vacation.

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    273. Amy G.
    We had a great time here.  The staff was really friendly and nice and the facility is immaculate.  

    Yoga class was great and they even let my 8 year old daughter join in, which was nice.  

    Restaurant had a great vibe, food was pretty good, a little pricey.

    Rooms were a little outdated but clean none the less.

    Great options for beach sports on the bay, activities were fun with the movie night, birds, cruise on the bay.  

    Would recommend it and would stay here again.

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    274. Michael C.
    We haven't stayed here, but we came over for the water and for the restaurant. Mission Bay is so much better than Mission or Pacific Beach. The servers are great, and they're really easy to talk with. Best place to stay in the area. My family has already agreed we'll stay here every time we come to San Diego in the future.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    275. Tom M.
    Been almost 10 years since I've stayed here last.  Property is older.  Grounds are fantastic. Staff is excellent.  There is only so much you can do with the aged rooms.  They are clean...just dated for the lack of a better term. Views are amazing and if you are into the PB scene....you can't get much closer unless you sleep on Garnett.

    06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    276. Jackie F.
    Mother's Da Brunch 2015 - Blanca was able to get us an outside table. Tamya was our waiter and she was absolutely amazing. 2 of our party of 8 were flying in from the east coast and were an hour late. No problem. The champagne flowed and the food was amazing. Really like the new decor, fabulous food, great atmosphere and best of all the service. All 3 moms had a fabulous day thanks to Blanca, Tanya and all the rest of the staff. Thank you for a memorable day!!!!

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    277. Maxine S.
    Where do I begin? It's always difficult to find a good venue for the Christmas holidays, especially if you want something really nice and memorable for your colleagues. I'm extremely thankful that the staff at the Catamaran were there to help me!

    I was in search of a venue to host our company holiday party this past December. I wanted it to be someplace nice and that had the staff capacity to take care of everything for me. I didn't want to decorate or worry about the set up...I just wanted everyone to come to a really nice place and enjoy the evening...hassle free.

    I remembered that my Aunt, Elisy Buggs, worked for the Catamaran Resort and so I asked her if she could refer me to the Catering Manager. She connected me with Sharon Nelson and we hit it off right from the start.

    Sharon and her team were gracious to work with me on all of my needs. She was able to accommodate me with the budget that I had, she took care of the paperwork in a timely manner, and provided me with a tour of the place since it was my first time being there. The service that I received was outstanding! Sharon was extremely down-to-earth and it was a pleasure working with her! I'm definitely going to be utilizing this venue again!

    On the night of our event, Sharon personally came up to see how we were doing and introduced me to the Banquet Captain, Ralph Siwundhla. Ralph was awesome! We needed a bowl for our raffle tickets, and he came to the rescue! He brought a really nice bowl for us to use as well as brought additional bowls for our sock donations that we were also having that evening. He even had the staff change my microphone stand because he overheard me saying that it seemed crooked. Ralph and his entire crew of servers were kind and very flexible with our schedule for that evening. I'm very impressed with their professionalism and hospitality.

    As a bonus, Sharon also provided me with a complimentary ticket for a one-night stay at the Catamaran in which I added it to the items that we were raffling off that evening. Everyone had a fabulous time! The food was absolutely delicious, the desserts were SO good, and the venue itself was stunning!

    Thank you Elisy, Sharon, Ralph and the rest of the Catamaran staff for all that you did to make this a success! We will be seeing you all again in the near future!

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    278. Evan K.
    Great location! There are tons of things to do and eat. You can play and hang out on the beach towards the bay or walk a few blocks and experience the ocean. This leaves tons of options for activities and dining.

    This is a family resort so the pool is usually dominated by kids. There are also a ton of weddings here as well.

    The rooms arent anything special but they are comfortable. The room we were in didnt have a mini fridge though.

    The only weird thing was their scrutiny over beach towels. We had to check out and check back in our beach towels.

    Ill do a review about Atoll later but I must say I was a bit disapointed by the hotels selection of beer. At the pool its only bud light and shock top...at Atoll...nasty beer (they were out of the stone pale ale). That being said ralphs is just a few blocks away!

    12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    279. Paul J.
    I knew that this was a 50 year old property and I was paying $144 per night which included full breakfasts for 2 - so my expectations weren't very high. Boy was I surprised.

    The Catamaran is a BEAUTIFUL, WELL KEPT property - and the service/staff was just OUTSTANDING!

    My ONLY criticism, and it is minor, is that the lounge chairs at the Jacuzzi were VERY uncomfortable.

    27/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    280. Nick D.
    The Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa is awesome. What makes it so great is your right on the bay next to the ocean. The bay is just amazing, clean beach with beautiful water plenty of activities.
    The hotel has tons of great concepts added to it which is great for children. They have ducks ponds, fish, waterfalls.
    The food is really great Sunday brunch was excellent but a bit pricy for $50 per person.
    The location of the hotel is excellent. Lots of activities close by and the hotel provides discounted rates to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and many other places.
    We stayed in the towers. It's best to call and reserve early. The tower has rooms that face the bay which is awesome if you want to hang out on your balcony in the evenings.

    The service and staff is the best I have seen so far at any resort. They seem like the happiest bunch which makes the stay so much better for guests.

    Oh ya awesome bar too. They have seasonal beers on tap which is cool.

    One issue I do see to be wrong is the 18 to 23 parking per day. Who charges 18 for self parking?

    All the way around this place really is a great hotel resort.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    281. Crystal R.
    I enjoyed staying in a waterfront room with a balcony. The spa experience was really nice, especially the facial with Shannon!

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    282. Adam S.
    Ballin' it up at the Catamaran! What a great place to have any sort of function or party. Located in PB with the beach just one block away, this really is the place to start the party, head out and then wrap it up back here (if you're staying the night). I have been here a few times for parties and each time was great. The customer service is good and the entire resort is very neat and welcoming. The only issue I have is the prices for everything here, it's a very much overpriced even with having a great experience. Overall, if you're looking to go out in style in PB and/or want to stay at a great resort, Catamaran is the place to go. If there's a big time event featured at this place, it's most likely going to be a blast so check it out!

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    283. Tracey W.
    Brother got married here this weekend and it was beyond fabulous.

    From drinks at the bar, to a beach wedding, to an amazing reception, and even crashing another wedding... This place was fabulous.  

    The rooms were small, and yeah, this place is expensive, but whatever... You know what you are getting when you book this place, and what you are getting is location.

    My only complaint is that when I called to book a room a month in advance of the wedding, they were already completely sold out/booked, which really killed my already-written pickup line of, "I have a room right upstairs".  So yeah, book far in advance.

    Oh... And they have talking birds.  Yeah.  Motel 6 may have left the light on for me, but I saw no talking birds.

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    284. Carmen V.
    Wonderful place for any business meeting!
    I haven't s overnight, so this review is focused in event gathering solutions. I went today for a luncheon and awards recognition for women in the engineering field. Even if parking was an issue, the man conducting the traffic at the door did it very effectively, and he had to deal with many cars going in and out during a hot day in beautiful Mission Bay. I found the parking situation to be a burden and i guess there were too many events happening at the same time. Our event took place in the second floor and the room was perfect for the purpose, nice carpet (i always pay attention to the flooring and good A/C and acoustics. The view from the balcony was spectacular. The ladies at the reception, fast and efficient. Luscious tropical plants at the entrance. Great place for medium size conferences.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    285. Ashley L.
    WOW. The Catamaran... what a beautiful hotel. As soon as you step into the lobby you are surrounded by a euphoric rainforest feel. With a gorgeous waterfall and a koi pond, surrounded by greenery you can literally smell jungle. Once you step outside on the hotel grounds the colors instantly hit you. I seriously felt like i could breath even better with all the trees and plants.
    With exotic birds, ducks, plants, and ponds you are transported to a tropical destination. Our hotel room was on the 7th floor overlooking the Mission Bay and the Ocean. We couldnt have asked for better. The beds were so comfortable as well.
    After staying at the Catamaran it will be hard to stay anywhere else when coming to San Diego. I highly reccomend this place.

    16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    286. Ed M.
    Catamaran Resort is a first class facility, a wonderful result of time and vision which cannot be replicated.  Their Mission Bay Park location is a fully enclosed bay off the San Diego coast.  Watersports of every kind is available at their private pier.  The resort has full fitness as well as pampering facilities for facials and massages.  And most difficult to find, this resort is right in the midst of a small neighborhood downtown area which has a number of breakfast and dinner places.  You are not at all captive to the place to eat.  Yet it is right on the beach and the Tower has great sunset sunrise views.

    The most remarkable aspect of the Catamaran is the "grounds".  They have a one of a kind  water way which runs from the lobby to the outside courtyard, with little waterfalls.  This is populated by a flock of mandarin ducks, owned by the hotel, and some native wood ducks and other species who simply came and squatted . (See the American wood duck for example)  There is also a large group of Asian carp which were donated.  Some pictures are posted here.  I know of no other hotel or resort with these unique aspects.  Repeat, this is UNIQUE!

    The rooms are spacious and comfortable, but could use a little upgrading to get a five star.  Given a choice, I'm rather glad they choose to not cut back on the maintenance of their wonderful grounds.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    287. Jack D.
    The reservations and check-in were flawless. There is plenty of parking (yes, on Mission Beach) and the room is spotless.

    This is an older property, with a "tropical theme" adopted in the late 1950s, so be ready for a little kitsch. That said, they are totally working with what they have and are doing an awesome job.

    Two things that did get old are 1) their kitchy wayfinding signs (pseudo Polyneisan) that make you wander all over the property, and 2) that their management apparently instructs all the employees to stop, look you in the eye, and say hello. It takes a lot of time and is a distraction.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    288. Cathy D.
    We Are Back. This is a very Beautiful Resort on a fantastic beach Location!!! Plenty of sports activities. You can rent bicycles, boards, canoes/paddles. The grounds are Tropical with koi ponds and waterfalls. You get a little bit of Hawaii here in this Hawaiian theme Resort Hotel. We have always had great friendly service here and Our room ready and clean on arrival. I can't say enough about the Hotels Great Beach Location.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    289. Chang L.
    Had the pleasure of visiting the Catamaran today for a work function, so I cannot speak for staying at the resort. The resort itself was not easy to find, if you miss the small sign you will have to do a u-turn on Mission. The parking was free with validation, $10 for valet for the event.

    The hotel itself was very charming. Judging by the carpet it's gotta be at least a decade old, and they've maintained it quite well. The lobby is a little stuffy but I like the fountain with foliage inside, it reminds me of Vegas+ the Del. I like the interesting decor, but the best part is the view. The view of mission bay from outside the conference call was awesome, I bet you can get some pretty nice rooms here.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    290. valerie m.
    Loving the new outdoor bar area. New couch area to chill when it's gorgeous out and in SD when isn't it?? They changed the seating on the patio and it seems more open. I can't recall just how it's changed but it's so much nicer now!

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    291. Sylvan L.
    Checked in today, wonderful service - the front desk ladies took some time to find us a great room with a fantastic view. Room was clean and well appointed.

    A character property to be sure but very charming and a great location with direct access to the bay beach and only a two minute walk to Pacific Beach.

    Good prices in the restaurant, nice fitness facility but why would you want to be indoors? We're looking forward to our few days here and exploring the area. Great value for the price and would certainly recommend.

    12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    292. Alexx M.
    I absolutely hate to give this place a bad review but I have to.
    I love nearby and thought this would be the perfect place for my parents to stay when they came in town. The location of the hotel gets 5 star but the staff is awful. The only good staff member we came across was Chris in the restaurant.
    1- we check in and right away had to move rooms because the room had an awful mildew smell that even the bell man was grossed out by
    2- the first breakfast gave my mom the worst stomach sickness for the first afternoon- night of the trip. She couldn't eat a full meal the rest of the time
    3- the cleaning staff was just starting to clean the room at 5 pm after we had been out all day and we're headed back to the room to relax for a bit
    4- we were walking by the hotel and tried to walk through the "delivery gate" instead of walking the extra 4-5 blocks to get to the main entrance and was stopped by a male cleaning guy saying we couldn't come through there. It was extremely rude. Literally shut the gate on us and made my old mom walk literally a half a mile to get to the main entrance.

    Overall, awesome location .... Awful experience with staff... Rude, slow, and unaccommodating  ... And watch what u eat at the restaurant I guess ?
    Bad experience. Really disappointed.

    21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    293. Erik P.
    Resort is Amazing with quick check-in and they accommodate you with earlier check in (1PM) . The staff is very nice, on point , and always there to help with a smile.

    Location of hotel is amazing with onsite bike rentals, bar, restaurant,  beach rentals, and other great amenities listed that I  wasn't  able to take advantage of. You can walk across the street, and be in the famous Mission Beach, or walk around the hotel and be in the private bay area of the resort.

    The rooms are a lil dated and can use a facelift but they keep them clean, good size, and provide all the things you need.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0