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Hilton Garden Inn San Diego/Rancho Bernardo in San Diego, CA

Hilton Garden Inn San Diego/Rancho Bernardo in San Diego, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.75

Address: 17240 Bernardo Ctr Dr, San Diego, CA, 92128

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    Comments (64):

    1. Vicki C.
    If I could give this place negative stars, I would.  :-(

    We needed a place to stay while visiting the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  This place was close and it's actually quite attractive with nice rooms.  However, that's where the compliments end.

    As I was waiting to check in, the man ahead of me was arguing with the staff because they did not have a room available for him even though he had a confirmed reservation.  They gave him the names of some other nearby hotels and suggested that he call them.  His response was, "no, I have a confirmed reservation here and I expect you to honor it or find me a room at another hotel."  Shouldn't the hotel have offered to do that without the customer insisting on it?  I didn't hear an apology from the hotel clerk either.

    Then it was my turn.  We had a confirmed reservation for a room with two beds for three people.  The hotel clerk said they had me down for a room with one bed and insisted that my memory was faulty until I went out to my car and brought my printed confirmation email inside.  Unfortunately, that didn't help, because they claimed to have no rooms available with two beds. I asked about a roll away bed, and they said all were in use.  Next, they offered to bring some extra comforters into the room so one person in our group of three could sleep on the floor.  This offer was made with a straight face and was not accompanied by an apology or discounted  room rate.  Well, I got ornery and insistent until miracle of miracles, a room with two beds was found.  Wow.  It takes ornery and nasty to get what should have been waiting for me in the first place.  They're damn liars too, because certainly that room was in their system all along.  I suspect they may have given me a room that was reserved by another group just to get rid of me.  

    Negative 10 stars.  Harumph!

    25/08/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Bob B.
    We had a large group stay here last week for a football game and we are all extremely pleased with our stay. The General Manager was very professional and accommodating and every single member of the staff at this hotel was awesome! They were all very friendly, helpful, flexible and accommodating. We stayed 5 nights and never had any problems or concerns. The rooms were large and comfortable and very clean. Breakfast, cookies and drinks at the bar were fantastic. But in the end it was the staff at this hotel that made this a great stay!

    11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. david s.
    Uncomfortable and extremely noisy hotel literally on the freeway. Ambivalent staff. Never again.

    17/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Chester V.
    This hotel was just wonderful. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. The room was spacious, clean and very comfortable to stay in. The hotel was only about 20 - 25 minutes away from the Wild Animal Park where we planned to visit. Definitely would recommend staying here.

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Jeff P.
    The Hilton Garden Inns are sort of the low end of the Hilton family of hotels.  Not at the same level as a Hampton Inn, but not as plush as the Doubletree or Homewood Suites (to say nothing of the Hiltons themselves.)  But the nice thing about the Garden Inns is that they each have a refrigerator and a microwave.  A nice touch if you have a hankering for a snack while doing some late night paperwork or web surfing.  The free internet access is also nice.  Shame this isn't standard at all hotels in America, but maybe soon.

    So what makes this Garden Inn different from the others, it's right off of Interstate 15.  That makes it convenient, but it also causes a problem.  If you have a room at the back of the hotel, well lets just say the road noise will be noticeable.  If you are a light sleeper, better make sure you get a room near the front.  This hotel also survived the recent wildfires in and around San Diego with little actual damage.  It does show some of that wear as the carpets and floors in the public areas could use a good scrubbing.

    One word of warning, they serve breakfast in the dining room and the only options seems to be for the breakfast buffet.  It was a rather rude shock when my simple bowl of oatmeal ended up costing me $11.80.  I like oatmeal and all, but it wasn't that tasty.

    12/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Kevin D.
    Funny, I have stayed here on four separate occasions, spending at least 5 nights each time. I stay at HGI's because they are consistent, the adjustable beds are amazing, the bedding and towels always thick and clean and their fitness equipment is always nice. The American Grill Restaurant is OK, better than average as far as hotel restaurants go. There is a 24-hour fitness across the parking lot, a Soup Plantation, Sushi place and a Mongolian grill all within 50 yards if the hotel isn't enough and you don't want to drive anywhere. The staff has always been pleasant to me and the breakfast crew is very attentive. Hotels... just like airplanes overbook. I suggest the next time one of you novice travelers takes a trip, make sure that you book your room with a "late arrival" status. If you are going to a wedding or other large party group, call early in the day to guarantee your room is what you expect, should you have too? Certainly not, but it sure beats sleeping on the floor doesn't it?

    Oh.. and ALWAYS carry a cloths pin to keep the curtains closed all the way.

    23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. kristen h.
    I was VERY pleased with this hotel and recommend it highly.  I am extremely sensitive about hotels-- cleanliness, staff, etc.  and found this one to be excellent.   The staff was very helpful and friendly. The rooms were VERY clean (they even regularly wash the bedspread douvets... I loved this). The pool was wonderful and they put out cookies in the lobby every day at five.  We really enjoyed this hotel and will go back anytime we are in the San Diego area again.

    25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Sarah H.
    This hotel was ok. The rooms are fine, nothing special, though the suite was disappointing. Our room was not ready an hour past when it was supposed to be, and they did nothing to compensate for this. The hot tub was also not working and the pool, while nice, was quite small. I wouldn't recommend it.

    06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Kobe B.
    The cook-to-order breakfast each morning was delicious and the entire hotel staff was friendly and accomodating during our stay. The complimentary breakfast, free internet, microwave/fridge in the room, and USA Today paper each weekday morning were all nice extras that would not be included with other hotels in this price range.

    17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Jason L.
    After a very long day of traveling from the East Coast we found ourselves in urgent need of a hotel room late on a Friday night (we had planned on staying elsewhere but things didn't work out). Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you have to deal with it, and this was one of those times. We hit up Yelp and looked for hotels near where we were. We called the La Quinta Inn which was apparently all booked up. Either there was a Poodle Grooming Convention near Rancho Bernardo or the lady was lying to me. I tried to call the Courtyard in Rancho Bernardo but no one picked up. Apparently they don't like making money from desperate travelers. We also called a Holiday Inn Express who told us it would be $298 for the night. I have never been in a Holiday Inn Express in my entire life that was worth that much money unless Alexander Skarsgård was waiting in the room and there was hot tub involved.

    Our saving grace was finding this Hilton Garden Inn for only $109/night. The lady at the checkin was effusively nice and was even kind enough to ask me a few questions about my North Carolina roots (she saw my license). The room was adequate. The bathroom was clean. The wireless was fast enough for browsing. The bed was a tad too firm but since I was bone tired it didn't matter. I got my $109 worth. For the security conscious there were two armed guards in the lobby at night. For anyone looking for a value hotel room in this area this would be the place to come.

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Stacy B.
    A little water pressure in the shower would be nice...it would also help if the sink didn't clog up every time I brushed my teeth.

    Bring your own soap, theirs dries the s**t out of your face!

    05/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Marc A.
    Hotel was better then I expected. Parking was ample. Check in was quick. Room was spacious enough for two people. Room was clean. What surprised me was how delicious the breakfast was and it's buffet. For a one nighter for this hotel, I'd recommend staying here. Situated on a hill in Rancho Bernardo. There's a several restaurants around the hotel too.

    PRICE: A
    FOOD: A ( great breakfast buffet )

    15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Bernard A.
    I stayed there with my girlfriend recently and after reading a few reviews and looking how close the place was to the animal safari park. Now one other review said to try the cookies at the food court. So naturally i did. The cookies are amazing! You have to try the cookies. Our waiter and helper for the breakfast, i believe his name was daniel, i may be wrong or it maybe misspelled but he was there with a younger girl on sunday morning, And they were very friendly. I will deffinatly be returning and recommending again.

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Elle H.
    I stayed here this past weekend as part of a 2-day event happening in one of their conference rooms.  It was only ok.  
    Additionally, it appeared that 3-4 youth soccer teams were staying in the hotel... which made for a loud evening of fighting sleep since the teens were running through the halls after 10 pm.  
    On the first night of our stay, the on-site restaurant was rented out for a private event and we were given the option of sitting in the bar, which was overflowing into tables in the lobby.  Because of the crowd, the bartender was super busy and clearly not very happy about it.  They needed more hands on deck.  
    On the second night, once again, the Grille was unavailable ("closed for the weekend" - although the posted signs read that it was supposed to be open on the weekends), so we sat in the bar again.  This time the bartender (a different individual) was much more friendly.  Just wish we could have sat in the restaurant, away from the loud teenagers and coaches.  
    On a positive note, the sleeping room was comfortable and clean, the front desk staff was friendly and the breakfast was tasty.  Because of those last few items I give this hotel 3 stars.  When in the area for a similar event I may stay at a different hotel.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Mandy M.
    I stayed one night at this Hilton Garden Inn while on vacation with a friend in southern California. Earlier in my trip--the business portion of my trip--I stayed at two, much fancier hotels that cost $200-$300/night. And yet, I have to tell you, the bed and pillows at the Hilton Garden Inn, and the shower/water pressure was the best I experienced!

    I chose this hotel based primarily on price and location. I booked my stay through American Express's travel service online. It was my first stay at a Hilton Garden Inn.

    I was a little worried (but figured I could stand it for one night) when I saw a notation during the booking process that the hotel was undergoing some renovations during the time I'd be there. But happily, I didn't hear any construction noise, nor did I experience any inconvenience while there.

    The front desk staff was exceedingly friendly and welcoming. I don't know if our room had recently been redone, but everything inside it seemed nearly brand new, and I thought I could smell just a hint of fresh paint.

    As I said before, the bed and pillows were great, and the water pressure in the shower was excellent. Based on my experience here, I will absolutely stay at another Hilton Garden Inn.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Bonnie D.
    I wish I could give this hotel more than five stars!  I visit San Diego regularly and have tried a dozen different hotels and this is the one for me.  Why?  I loved that I could adjust the firmness / softness of the bed, there were many comfortable pillows, the toiletries in the bathroom were wonderful, the room had a microwave; fridge and coffee maker, wireless internet access and parking were free and best of all there was a comfortable reading chair with a footstool!  I really loved this hotel.  My room on the third floor was quiet, my room was clean and the staff was friendly and accommodating.  If you're hungry there is room service (starting at 5pm), a Souplantation across the street and a Coco's just down the road.  To the other reviewers:  there are blackout curtains on the window.  They are behind the sheers so you just have to look for them.  I can't wait to go back!

    19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Stevo J.
    I don't know why this place has such a low ranking on yelp. I find the staff to be extremely helpful, responsive and friendly. The breakfast is good. The rooms are clean. Free wi-fi and parking. Free passes to 24-hour fitness across the street and an ok gym on-site. It's pretty busy early during the work week (rooms are always booked), but I always seem to get my specific room requests (I prefer to stay in the same room as I stay here M-Th).

    Definitely sign up for HHONORS and see if your company has a fast-track to gold status.

    The rates are also good - make sure to use your corporate rate as they seem to accommodate many companies plans. If your company doesn't have a plan, talk to someone on the sales staff who can get a rate for you.

    20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Julie N.
    I stay at a lot of Hilton or Hilton Garden Inn hotels, and this one is nicer and bigger than most other HGI's. Again, cleanliness is a must for a constant traveler like myself and it definitely met my cleanliness standard.

    The front desk is attentive. We stayed there for two weeks for business, and during that time, the business center was closed for maybe half the time, either due to carpet cleaning or some machines were down. I just needed to use the fax machine/xerox machine to run off a million copies every other day and the front desk took care of it all for me, no charge.

    Not a lot of restaurants within close vicinity--some, and not the best. Soup Plantation is probably the best option and I love that my gym was so close (24 hour), though, we ended up driving to other locations for dinner most nights.

    If you're passing thru town or staying for awhile, this is a good location that will meet your needs.

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Leslie P.
    Average price for an average room. It was pretty clean for a hotel. The breakfast buffet was not good. I tried the waffle and bagels, and both were bad. The best thing were the grapes. The waiter on the first day wasn't as friendly as the waitress on the second morning. Good thing breakfast was free because I had vouchers.

    24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Jake K.
    After reading the previous reviews, I was bracing myself for disappointment but was glad to find that I wasn't.  We came in late as a part of a wedding party and was glad to get a room away from the stairs and elevators.

    First, I had to call to ask for forgiveness and change my reservation without penalty (a few hours before check-in) because I was stuck in traffic on the beltway due to Obama's commencement speech at the Naval Academy (for all the reasons I don't like the man's positions, this delay from his cult following certainly didn't help).  The lady listened to my reasons and offered to change the room reservation for a next-day check in with no penalty.  Thankfully, we made our flight (scraping in before they closed the doors) and away we went.

    When we arrived, I was expecting to not have a room available but the lady remembered my voice and got us checked in within minutes flat.  No muss, no fuss.  Now, having stayed in Hampton Inns and other Hilton hotels of varying degrees, the hotel gets a par for the course - a clean and comfortable room for less than $100.

    The breakfast buffet wasn't bad - while I wasn't ambushed with $11.80 oatmeal (perhaps, read the menu?) The Wife and I went down and gorged on waffles, omelets, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cereal, muffins, and yes, oatmeal before going back to the room for some more rest.

    The workout facility is spartan but does the trick - you have several cardio machines in good repair and some dumbells.  No freeweights but if you want that, well, go to Gold's Gym, right?  Otherwise, the hotel is convenient enough to the highway and you can get to downtown San Diego in less than 30 minutes (without traffic).

    23/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Tres B.
    Crisp clean and serviceable. Very attentive front desk, solid delicious breakfast.

    The parking lot is peculiar and the only draw back was the big party with screaming children that prevented me from sleeping for several hours. That's an architectural issue. The courtyard pool concept is not so great for business travelers when families commingle.

    06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Shannon B.
    We had a fantastic stay at this Hilton Garden Inn.  The staff is friendly and attentive.  Mike (at the front desk) was so friendly to all of us and really made our children feel special. He offered them little treats almost every time we saw him. Our room was clean and comfortable and the price was great. When we can't stay at the beach on our San Diego vacations I really like staying in nice neighborhood hotels. This was perfect for us.

    13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Scott R.
    Clean hotel - great parking - the room was nice and comfortable and the staff was friendly.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Cindy C.
    Nice and clean property.  Staff at the Front Desk was friendly.  The room was nice and clean.  I stayed here because I was visiting the Safari Park and Zoo.  It is the closest Hilton to the Safari Park, just about a 15 minute drive, very convenient just off the freeway.  Mike checked us out and he was super nice and friendly, just the way every FD Agent should be :)  I really enjoyed my stay and will return when in the area.

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Kat K.
    - Nice lobby
    - Clean rooms
    - Decent location to Lake Poway
    - Flat screen TV inside room
    - Right off the 15 freeway
    - Comp internet
    - Free parking

    - Mildewy bathroom
    - Windows don't have blackout curtains so I ended up waking up at 5:30am (butt-crack of dawn)
    - Flat screen TV used the wrong aspect ratio and couldn't handle the correct aspect ratio
    - Pillows hurt my neck..

    Are these rooms supposed to have sleep number beds? I didn't see the adjusting remote anywhere and ended up sleeping on a rock-hard bed :(

    05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Lauren M.
    Wonderful last minute place to stay. Rates weren't bad and everything was clean and new. They were extremely professional for the 2 am check in. Would definitely come here again.

    20/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Karen R.
    Great quiet location, about 30 minutes from downtown San Diego.  There is a Souplantation across the parking lot which is fantastic in my book.  The rooms are super roomy but the bathrooms are very small.  HGI has refrigerators and microwaves which is always nice.  I would recommend having plastic utensils in the room though.  It makes it nicer.  The wi-fi worked great and there was underground parking which was free.  This is a nice little hotel.

    22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Silvia W.
    This review is only for the sales coordinator Shannon S. We had a wedding block there for July 13 and she was so helpful and so efficient! After dealing with the terrible sales people at the Marriott, working with a competent person was a breath of fresh air. She sent me emails seconds after promising them on the phone and responded to all my emails and calls within an hour, sometimes within minutes. The price was decent and they provided two shuttles to and from my reception for my guests at no charge.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Mark D.
    Hotel might be off the beaten path (meaning it isn't on the main road) but this property is very clean with a nice setting...  Amenities sit around this hotel with a fitness center and restaurants just across the parking lot.   The service at the hotel is very courteous and willing to help out with issues that arise.  

    The Hilton Garden Inn Grill and Bar have new menu items on their list and I have tried the Grand Garden Quesadilla.  The fire roasted veggies are fresh tasting, along with the salsa which is warm with out being really hot, the jalapenos on the side are a nice garnish, the chipotle sour cream that is on the top adds a little heat while the avocado cools it as well. Over all I would say that this is a good meal, however it is listed as an appetizer on the menu. So if your looking for a lighter side meal and your at Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego, might look at their grill here at the Hilton Garden Inn.

    Have read other reviews about this hotel and I will comment on them with the following comments.

    Hard Bed - The beds are a "dial a comfort" style bed where there is a dial at the head of the bed on each side for you to be able to dial in what is comfy to you.  It is under the fitted sheet and under the flap.  Easy to adjust if you know where to look.  

    Mildewy bathrooms - The rooms that I have stayed in at this hotel have always been clean and fresh.  

    Internet - It is complimentary and it acts complimentary.  Download rates are fair and upload is also, don't expect to be able to use it for a HD conference call with out a hick up or two, but email and mild surfing are good.

    Fridge and Microwave in the room are very nice add ons.

    10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Lynn N.
    The staff is amazing, particularly Mike. So kind, friendly, helpful, greeting. I travel daily/weekly so I am very used to hotel checkin, staff, etc. This group is well trained and well managed and they are obviously proud of their property and their work. Good breakfast. Lovely neighborhood. Super convenient.
    I'd DEFINITELY stay here again.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Andrew G.
    Well having just stayed at the Hilton Tower Bridge in London, I want to give this place a ding for not being a grand hotel next to the Thames river.

    But instead I give this one 5 stars for friendly staff, excellent breakfast with made to order omelets, free coffee, cookies and wifi, and comfy quiet clean rooms with up to date features -- and free wifi!

    Didn't get that in London.

    Not much of a view, but free parking and lots of coffee and food choices in the area...worth the stay!

    21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Jolene H.
    I'm about to jump off the roof of the place because of the screaming children at the pool- and it's not just one or two but what seems like a million crammed in one pool. My hope for some chill pool time was shattered!!!!! Even my ipod couldn't block out the noise. The pool area is just too small. And I had to ask for clean towels.

    In all fairness, it wasn't exactly the hotels fault that some children's sports teams all booked at the same time as our stay. It was, however, the hotel's fault that my bed felt like a slab of concrete. Even the pillows felt like rocks. I don't even know how you can make a bed that hard! It felt worse than a carpeted floor. That grouped with my husband and I having to pull, yank, twist, and sweat, just to get the shower to work made my stay not so wonderful.

    We did go back to the jacuzzi right before closing time (closes at 10pm) and all the children had left. Phew. I'm not sure why anyone would even stay this far away from San Diego. The room was booked for us by my husband's company because it was close to an awards dinner we were headed to the next day. I wouldn't suggest that anyone stay here unless there is something specific they're staying near - it's in the middle of nowhere.

    A few positives - the room was clean and very quiet in the middle of the night!!! Also, free wi-fi in room!

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Ben C.
    5 stars - within the context of the price.

    The cookies are top notch by the way.

    The hotel itself has a pool, a terrible mini-gym, jacuzzi, and is clean. The staff are awesome. The staff are so wonderful and friendly it almost feels like a bed and breakfast.

    The cookies are really killer. They go fast.

    I come here to visit family. It's really affordable. Great central location. You can't beat the price or those damn cookies.

    Yeah, the gym is lacking. I bring a bike and march it through the lobby. No one tells me to get lost or to stop sweating on the cookies. No one points and laughs at me in my spandex, shoving cooking into my mouth. If you're looking for luxury - go elsewhere! If you're looking for an awesome value and good cookies, go no further.

    01/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Ezzy C.
    It's a quiet place where you can relax. Although, the highway is near and you can definitely see it from there, you can't hear it.  It is nice and big. The bed is soft and luxurious. The staff is accommodating, they had easily handled our queries. Although, a proper garage is lacking, and it was a bit of a let down that they didn't offer any complimentary breakfast. This hotel is not pet friendly either.  There is a happy hour everyday, where free snacks and beverages are offered to the guests.

    05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Lindsey H.
    I got a hand written note from the hotel manager thanking me for my business when I checked in. Definitely an above and beyond move.

    The Hilton Garden Inn in Rancho Bernardo is in a beautiful neighborhood in Rancho Bernardo. Super close to vineyards, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the beaches in Oceanside. Lots of quality well-maintained sidewalks in the neighborhood for a morning run.

    Super friendly staff, clean facilities, and nightly cookies in the lobby. Everything I want from an affordable hotel.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Veronica G.
    On first impression, the hotel was really nice. Everything looked really clean, they offered beverages to whoever was in the lobby, and the rooms had very high ceilings and had a welcoming vibe.
    I only have three, very minor complaints.
    1) I may have gotten athlete's foot from my room because it's been about four days since I stayed there and I haven't been barefoot anywhere else.
    2) The only blinds that can open and close are sheer, so if you're like me and get woken up by light, this will be an issue. I suggest bringing something to cover your eyes with.
    3) The bathroom door will not stay open for safety reasons. This is the least bothersome for me because we propped it open with an ironing board. The bathroom had no vents or air circulation so it felt much like a sauna, and if you're trying to put on your makeup or do your hair for a wedding like I was, it was very frustrating.
    Overall though, my complaints are minor and I give it 4 stars.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Trudy T.
    I've stayed in hundreds of hotels, my standards are quite high, and I found this to be a remarkably positive hotel experience. I stayed a week this time and this was my second stay at this location. I find it a stunning value and my only hesitation in giving a 5-star review is that I'm letting out my wonderful secret.

    This was/is a particularly difficult time for me. I was there to arrange care for my elderly mother. While there, the need for long-term care became a need for hospice care. I credit the management and staff of this Hilton Garden Inn for providing a beautiful welcoming respite at the end of each hard day --exactly the support I needed to achieve the best possible care outcomes in a seemingly impossible situation.

    My room was sparkling clean, fresh, and contemporary, with a window that opened wide, an overstuffed chair and ottoman, desk & task chair, nespresso coffee maker, microwave, mini-fridge, comfy bed with a clean white duvet, good TV, and excellent lighting.

    The lobby has an atrium feel with plenty of comfortable inviting seating and always either iced fruit water or coffee and blueberry oat squares. The adjoining lounge area is also inviting but cozier including fireside wingback seating and a curvy bar/counter. As a woman traveling alone, I found both the lobby and the lounge pleasant place to have a coffee or glass of wine and work on my laptop without any unwanted hotel bar vibe.

    Breakfast is a generous varied buffet plus cooked to order omelets, hot fresh biscuits, crisp bacon, and more from the friendly chefs in the lovely well-appointed restaurant or on the terrance.

    All of these features are excellent but it is the staff that makes the Hilton Garden Inn exceptional. Professional, gracious, proactive in their genuinely caring actions. I never had a single negative interaction. I wish I could remember more of names but will offer a shoutout to Mike at the front desk --extraordinarily attentive to every comfort, Sabina --a stunningly thoughtful superpro, and Daniel --for exceptional service at breakfast. Thank you!

    I look forward to returning to my now un-secret oasis. I hope to try the lovely pool and spa and the fitness room next time.

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Tiffany S.
    The room wasnt anything special. We didnt have to pay forbour room this trip (family event) but needless to I would never pay to stay in this hotel. Its so crazy. The toilet handle was broken.  The AC barely worked. The light broke while we were there. Bed coverings were miserable.  One night and it was terrible. Not a fan of this hilton.

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    39. Lisa M.
    This is our second stay in 3 months and we really like this place. The rates are very reasonable and the staff is extremely polite and helpful. It's not a luxury hotel but it's an excellent value. The hotel is clean and the rooms are spacious. The breakfast was also a very good value. There are a lot of families here right now with tons of preteens but the rooms do a good blocking out kid noise. Excellent location for hoping on and off the freeway, nearby, but no noise. It's made exploring the area really easy.

    I was really surprised by their low Yelp rating but the negative ones seem to be from 2 years. I guess things have changed here.

    24/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Gem S.
    I'm a big fan of hotels with little amenities that make my life a little easier (i.e., mini-fridge, microwave, strong A/C unit, free wifi, flat screen tv).  This place had just the thing, on top of free parking, which happened to be a garage, shielding my car from the blazing sun.  It's conveniently located near the freeway and there is a pool, jacuzzi, and a fitness center as well.  The room was nice and clean and guest services were prompt with our requests (i.e. more towels, toilet paper, etc.).  Would most likely stay here again if the price is right.

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Danny M.
    We planned a 100th birthday celebration for my Aunt.  We chose this spot for its proximity to the Catholic church (across the parking lot) and the Casa de las Campanas where my Aunt resides.  Family came in from all over the country and stayed here.  Everyone was delighted with the rooms, the convenience, and most of all the staff who were marvelously accommodating to all the family needs, especially those with small children.  Everyone loved the pool and the convenience of the breakfast.  It was lovely having a late night drink in the bar.  
    I am especially grateful to the event staff who made the planning of this affair so easy and worry free.  The servers at the dinner were friendly and flexible.   I think they enjoyed the party as much as we did, and we so appreciated their help and enthusiasm.  It was a memorable event thanks very much to the Hilton staff.

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Lyn P.
    Stayed here for a wedding - there were two wedding parties in the hotel for the weekend and I was expecting a cluster but the hotel staff were great and were super accommodating. Nothing atypical about the experience - standard rooms, fridge,  free internet, free breakfast with your Diamond/Gold HH coupons.

    Location in north SD is convenient to Rancho Bernardo businesses and Ramona (which is where the wedding I attended was held). I'd definitely recommend to anyone needing to stay in this area.

    08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. Erik P.
    The hotel seems clean. Not great but clean. The staff where ok. Not really friendly but not hostile. The experience got worse as we got to our room. They advertise these great beds that can go from hard to soft. Ours was a brick. Hard and horrible to sleep on. With pillows that have no substance so your head falls straight into the bed. The shower was off, it actually fell off once and had horrible pressure.

    So we where there for our first night out in 6 months with out the kids. The lady at the desk was aware of this when we checked in. We stayed out late that night and the next morning we are woken up at 8am by the garbage truck. Well they can not change that they could have put us on the other side of the building so that did not happen.

    Finally at check out they never asked me how my stay was so I volunteer that the bed was like a rock even after we played with there dial. Instead of appoligizing they just say oh some customer love them and some hate them... why would you have a product that so many people complain about??

    Stay here at your own risk. There are better places in the area.

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Blake B.
    We booked a block of rooms here for our wedding and had a great experience. Convenient to freeways and very reasonable pricing. Hotel was clean and there was delicious ice water with lemon available in the lobby. I would definitely recommend this hotel to others.

    02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. vector Z.
    Very affordable way to see San Diego! This hotel is in a great location. It is situated close enough to I-15 to be able to hop on the freeway and be in downtown San Diego in less than 30 minutes. You won't pay for parking, it's quiet to allow you to sleep in, and it's an economical way to explore the entire area if you have a car. There are several restaurants a stone's throw away- Mongolian BBQ, Souplantation, and a Baron's health market down the block. The morning coffee is quite tasty too! Oh... And free wi-fi!

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Lisa B.
    Stayed here in October and it was a horrible experience ! I let the Hilton corp office know about they could care less. I won't stay at a Hilton owned hotel ever again.
    Although the hotel was clean, it is obviously intended for business travelers only and not families with children. They have no clue how to handle kids, especially ones with special needs. I was also traveling with someone using a type of wheelchair (post surgery non weight barring) again Clueless! They need to read up on ADA there. So  disappointed, expected so much more from a Hilton establishment. Management was not accommodating and rude. They also made a mistake in overcharging my credit card buy a few hundred dollars and said oh sorry but we can't reverse the charges until you check out.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Leslie T.
    We came here from Texas for a wedding and stayed at a block of rooms here. Great service, very friendly and clean. We accidentally left behind a google tablet and Casey and Stephanie were awesome and held on to it until we could come back and get it.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Misty H.
    We booked a room here for our Anniversary weekend and it was the best hotel experience we've EVER had!

    Upon check-in, the front desk gave us 2 complimentary breakfast coupons for celebrating our anniversary. We were both pleasantly surprised by that! Check-in was quick and easy. They also gave us 2 complimentary water bottles.

    Our room was at the very back end of the hotel so we had a really really long walk, but we didn't mind the excercise. We were able to park close to our room afterwards, which was convenient.

    We used the complimentary breakfast coupons the following morning and the selection was EXCELLENT! They had everything from fruit, waffles, eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausage to build your own fresh to order omelettes. It was so great that we ate breakfast there every morning during our stay.

    Our room was perfectly clean the bed was extremely comfortable. At the top of the mattress on each side, if you pull open the patch, you can adjust the mattress settings to your comfort level. We also had a mini fridge, blow dryer and all the usual great amenities.

    If we're in the area, we will DEFINITELY stay here again.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Cindy L.
    Not much around Rancho Bernardo, but a good place to stay for work travel. The rooms are very spacious equipped with a microwave, fridge, and coffee maker. I love that the pillows were very firm. The bathroom is nothing special but you do get Bath&Body Works toiletries. Free WiFi (average speeds) and easy parking is helpful.

    Their breakfast buffet is prettttttty nice. $11.95 pp or complimentary if you book with a corporate code. Made to order eggs/omelettes, hash brown, sausages are the highlights. They also have the usual spread: bagels, cereals, oatmeal, fruit, juice, waffle maker, etc...

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Bradley P.
    It's a Hilton so I knew what to expect going into the stay. It was just a quick one night stand here for a friend's wedding.  

    Hilton - clean rooms, friendly service,  yada yada yada.
    To my surprise, upon arrival at 11 am, they already had a room ready for me. The front desk associate was more than welcoming and friendly.  He made me feel valued as a customer and appreciated my business.  

    Got into the room and it was nice and clean.  Just your basic hotel room, but that's what I meant when I said it's a Hilton.  

    Had some friends over to my room for a pre party cocktail or two as we waited for the cab to take us to the wedding.  The cab never showed so we got really pressed for time. We all went downstairs (6 of us) and asked the front desk associate if they could call the cab company again. I told her timing was important as we were getting dangerously close to missing the wedding. She went above and beyond when she had us driven to and from the wedding by the hotel. She made our night by getting us to the wedding. Then the icing on the cake was when she was there to pick us all up after the wedding was over.

    They really took care of us as customers and went well above the call of duty to make sure we had an amazing experience.  The hotel speaks for itself but the extra effort the hotel associates showed made this a 5 star experience.

    Thank you Hilton Garden Inn, I will stay here again if I'm in the area. To the Yelp Reader - if you haven't already picked up that they have impeccable service here, I would highly recommend this hotel because of their customer service.

    27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Sarah T.
    This was our second time staying here. Previously we stayed here when our friends got married at the Wild Animal Park and had a decent experience, so when we were going to be in the area for our anniversary we thought of this place again.

    The whole place has a nice feel. Very clean, and modern look. When we arrived to check in at 4, we found that our room was not ready, and we had to wait in the lobby for 20 min before we could go up, even though checkin starts at 3. I'll be honest I was a bit upset at that. While the staff was nice and apologetic, I saw many others waiting in the lobby as well, which made me wonder what was going on.

    Our room was nice, with a King bed. I personally liked the fancy firm mattress, but the pillows were a bit too soft for my taste. Overall still comfortable. My husband and I got our dessert at a nearby restaurant to go and brought it back to the room. We ordered a bottle of champagne to go with it which was decent, and came quickly.

    The best part of our stay was when we awoke the next morning, under our door was a handwritten apology for the delayed check in and two coupons for complementary breakfast! I appreciated that so much. It was unexpected and unasked for, which made it that much better. Many places will give a coupon or something when you complain, but it says a lot for a place to take ownership proactively!

    I would certainly come back again.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Rebecca P.
    I'm still in search of a hotel that has a sound-proof door so I can't hear the noisy people rambling as they walk down the hall excitedly past my room in the late night or early morning. With such a door, a place like this that is clean and has great service, would get 5 stars in my book. But, it doesn't (and lacks free breakfast, but I expected this), so this place only gets 4 stars. As for the positive, they are a nice hotel with free and easy parking and a sleepy location, which I like these days. And, they have very friendly folks at the front desk and a happy hour from 5p-7pm each day, which includes a bowl of free apples and some free "cookies" (which ironically make a better breakfast snack, as they are more like Nutrigrain bars than cookies). The rooms are also quite nice and impeccably clean and reasonably spacious.

    Bottom line: You get what you expect from a Hilton through and through.

    02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Ruth R.
    I booked last minute due to our house being flooded. It was nice and clean. The staff was friendly. The pool was a good size pool, and it had a BBQ. Which was nice, because sometimes I get tired of eating out. The lobby was very pretty and relaxing. It is a good place to hang out and have a glass of wine.
    The only thing that I had to complain about that breakfast was not included. As much as the room is breakfast should have been included. I have stayed at hotels nicer and cheaper that included breakfast. That is why I only stayed one night. When you have kids you need a place that includes breakfast.
    I would recommend this place. That was the only little hiccup I had.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Lauren M.
    Stayed here last week for 4 nights and it was the best 4 nights I've had in a long time!  From check in to check out, I was greatly pleased with the service.  Mike at the front desk was extremely helpful and friendly and gave us bottled water and little apple juice boxes for my son.  Our room was also ready ahead of time so we were able to check in a little early.  Another worker (didn't get his name) gave us a referral to a Japanese restaurant up the street, where we ended up eating at twice last week.  I loved the underground parking and felt more secure with the locked gate.  Room was close to the elevator which was an added plus.  Had their breakfast buffet ($11.95/adult) on one of the days and that was excellent!  More than enough choices and very tasty!  Especially liked the waffles.  Everything was just so good!  Totally pleased with our stay and highly recommend them.

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Milton H.
    This hotel has it all in terms of practicality and standards. Everything you need for a business trip or even a downtown stay in San Diego, CA  is in or near this hotel. The location is convenient for visiting museums, art, sports, and entertainment venues. This is a big hotel and has an ambiance of "vastness." The rotating bar and the steakhouse restaurant at the top are more intimate spaces with great food and great cocktails and a wonderful view that will ignite an appreciation for the city San Diego, CA.

    18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Mike A.
    Most people that I work with choose to stay at the RBI down the street when they come into RB for a trip. Not me. I stayed there once. It was alright but I didn't think it was really anything special. One of its selling points is that it is in the middle of a golf course.

    This is not useful to me. I am on a work trip. Also I don't play golf. So unless there is some cosmic value to being around a golf course, I don't think that really matters.

    Anyway, this is about the HGI, not the RBI, OK? OK.

    Breakfast is decent. Rooms are fine. Parking is generally convenient.

    Here's a tip. If you stay here because it is very close to the 24 Hour Fitness, just know that the entrance is on the opposite side of the building. Yeah, you have to walk around. Which is fine, if you're like, "well I'm going to the GYM so it's cool if I have to WALK to get in there."

    You're one of those people. Got it. Well, the door is about 20 feet lower in elevation than where you'll stand on the back end of the building. Good luck, Rambo.

    Also, a day pass is $10 but if you tell them you're staying at the HGI - which, by the way, why else would you be willing to pay basically a MONTH'S MEMBERSHIP to go there if you weren't staying at the hotel - they will charge you just $8.

    I go to a real gym where they charge like $20 for a guest pass, so this seemed fine to me. Also, work paid for it. Also, health. Holler.

    04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Carlos A.
    My stay was very disappointed, My reservation was for a non smoking room but the room that I got smell very bad, also it was not clean enough. I always chose this Hotel brand, but this time it was not a right desition.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    58. Celia T.

    Wow, one thing after another from the front desk our family received nothing but trouble during our entire stay. The only person who listened and cared was the general manager, who didn't return to work until Monday, when we checked out so we were completely out of luck during our stay.

    I actually read another review of this happening to another person, so BE CAREFUL! IT HAPPENS!!! I have never paid for a more expensive room, and have been given a lower tier room 1. without being notified about it 2. they lied saying they didn't recieve my reservation, EVEN THOUGH I HAD CALLED!

    I had booked a Junior suite room with a pull out bed in February and were set to check in last weekend. We got caught up and didn't get to the hotel until 3AM. When we did, the hubs went and got our room no problems right? Of course when we get to the room, it was a KING bed ONLY! Man, we were so tired at that time we were going to just let it go, but we had paid for the room with points we had saved for a long time and we paid extra just to get the suite so that our daughters can sleep there and we didn't get it!

    Hubs went downstairs to ask and the two night front desk agents pretty much said, "Sorry we don't have it available, you didn't call to confirm, do you want free breakfast?". Flabbergasted. We called our agents and the hotel ARGUED with them, told them they could not help us and did not offer ANY remedy except for a room with a balcony the next day. We crammed the four of us into one bed when we paid or an extra sofa bed :-(


    The silverlining came in that the hotel manager had the time to speak with us and talk about this. However, it really was quite a horrible experience but we made the best of it.

    Other from the service,  the place seems well kept, the housekeeping was helpful and the breakfast is a great addition. Proceed with caution!

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    59. P. Karin H.
    It took us about 20 mins to check in because they couldn't  find our reservation. At this point, I was frustrated at the clerk and my husband for not having his account #. So it turns out to be that they spelled my husband's name all wrong! Basic american name... People! FYI: For all government employees make sure your tax exempt form is filled out during the check in. There is only one person who gets to approve it. So to avoid delays... Have it ready!! overall, the staff gave us 2 breakfast vouchers for their trouble. I thought it was very nice of her.
    Nice accommodations. Great staff. Great location for access throughout San Diego area. Meals are available in-house, and nearby restaurant options are also available.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Lindsay B.
    We really enjoyed our overall experience at the Hilton Garden Inn. The staff was so welcoming and helpful at the front desk- from check in, to food recommendations, to a speedy check out process.

    Our room was great- super clean- comfortable bed- and we saw several others with the double bed set up- and those looked great too.

    We also ate breakfast one day at the hotel- it was delicious, and they had the friendliest gentlemen I've met in a restaurant working in the kitchen. It appeared that they loved where they working. All of the food was great, and our server was great too.

    This hotel also has one of those little shops where you can get a snack or a beverage- a bit pricey- but not crazy- and I love being able to get something on the fly if I need, or pick up a toothbrush if I forget one.

    The hotel itself is beautiful- had several lovely outside areas- and a great pool. We would definitely stay here again if we were in the area.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. William S.
    A recent work trip brought me here.  First, at checkin,  it was really nice to be offered bottled water, 2 of them on top of that.  And the checkin lady adds,  "Come down for water whenever you want"   The place is a Hilton, so the bed was kush komfortable.  The hotel smelled fresh, new carpeting with ambience of browns, flowers and earth....comfy but not my style.  I think this brand does not work well for Hilton chain unless you're a grandma who loves flowers..... no offense.

    Breakfast was a nice nice layout and at $13.99 sans tip was not bad.   The buffet was tasty fresh, decent selection of DIY toast, waffles, buffet breakfast standards like eggs, sausage perfectly crisp bacon (very nice).  The rest you'd see at a continental breakfast spread.  There is an omelet bar and didn't partake b/c was needing to go to work.  I would come back for the nice bed and proximity to client site.

    Tips:  Free Parking, Free Wifi, restos around and 24 Hr Fitness is literally around the corner.

    Visits: 1

    12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Les N.
    I stayed here for 1 night in an accessible room.  I did not enjoy it, and would have rather saved some money and went for a budget hotel.

    First, the door and walls are very thin. We arrived late, around 2am, and went to bed almost right away.  Several other people were on their way down the hall to the room, and they were not yelling but it sounded like they were in my room!  Really bad soundproofing.

    Second, I requested an accessible room because my boyfriend uses a wheelchair.  Everything was up high - the cabinets, the TV, the bathroom mirror, the sink.  And the bathroom door was HEAVY and closed behind you on a spring. Very poorly thought out, it seemed like they just threw a few grab bars on a regular room.

    We asked the front desk for a hand-mirror, so my boyfriend could at least get ready.  But nobody brought one and the front desk never followed up.  We were in a rush so we just did our best in the morning to get ready.

    Lastly, the accessible room was on the 2nd floor in the farthest back of the hotel through a lot of carpet.  It took forever to wheel through all of that... why make an accessible room in such an inaccessible place?

    The only good thing, the bed was comfortable and I did not have trouble sleeping.

    19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    63. Yulia V.
    We were staying at this hotel for 4 nights with kids hockey team. It's a very modern and clean hotel. Reception people are very polite! They provided complimentary bottled water for us at the check in (I hate 5$ hotel-bottled-water) so I was really pleasantly surprised. They also have complimentary cookies, coffee, apples in the lobby.
    Free breakfast we got as a team was simple but pretty good: baked potatoes, pastries, cereal, sausages, omelette and fruits.
    The only problem we had here was noisy toilet at our room. It was constantly flushing water. So annoying. But it was fixed in no time after I complained about it.
    Also, they don't mind big groups of hockey parents hanging out in lobby every night with our own drinks purchased outside, which is nice.
    Microwave and mini fridge in the room are good bonuses also.
    Would definitely stay here again.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Blake R.
    I was in San Diego for a basketball tournament and my team captain booked the rooms so I really wasn't expecting much.
    This place was great, the room we had was super spacious and everything was super clean. The staff was very polite and helpful. The breakfast cooks were hella funny and everything we ordered from them was perfect. The morning buffet is $13.99 and you can get a breakfast burrito, or chicken fried steak, along with the regular breakfast items. They also had plenty of juices on hand and plenty of fresh fruit to eat with my French toast.
    There is a parking garage down stairs that is secure and covered. He laundry room was an unexpected bonus to wash some stinky jerseys.  
    I can't wait to be in that area again and I have a new respect for Hilton garden inn.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0