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Hotel Palomar San Diego, a Kimpton Hotel in San Diego, CA

Hotel Palomar San Diego, a Kimpton Hotel in San Diego, CA


Our downtown boutique hotel gives you the ultimate urban retreat within easy reach of San Diego's gaslamp district and financial center. With high-end finishing and timeless sophistication, Hotel Palomar, a Kimpton Hotel is an ideal San Diego hotel for work or play. Highlights include the 3rd floor roof deck pool overlooking downtown San Diego with SummerSalt bar, complimentary hosted evening wine hour from 5pm - 6pm and morning coffee in the lobby, and Saltbox Restaurant.  In the mood for some pampering or in need of a little R&R?  Nature Spa by Jurlique is also on-site offering luxury services and packages.  Hotel Palomar is also pet-friendly, so no need to leave your furry friend at home. From deluxe guestrooms to spacious suites with living rooms to skyline views with balconies, Hotel Palomar welcomes you for business or pleasure.


Established in 2008.

Hotel Palomar San Diego opened in December of 2008 and with it, brought you the luxurious Nature Spa by Jurlique.  Hotel Palomar embodies Art in Motion, seen in the timeless sophistication and elegance throughout the hotel.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.65

Address: 1047 5th Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101
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Comments (279):

1. Maria D.
booked a girls spa day there for my birthday.  we were greeted with complementry spa cocktails and treat very well. it was a simple yet perfect day and the staff was great.  wish they had more amenities to enjoy, like a hot tub or steam room for free...but otherwise fun girls day and recommend it to anyone.

07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Isabelle E.
oliver is awesome. 5 stars for him, you go oliver.

12/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Jenna G.
We were able to go to the Se Spa twice. Both experiences were awesome.

The first time we had a couples massage with Jenny and Olivia. They were amazing and did an excellent job providing a great, relaxing experience.

The second visit we had the Puja Ritual with Lindsay and Olivia. They asked on multiple occasions if the they were giving the right amount of pressure, which was very comforting. The couples massage was awesome, just like the first. We enjoyed the heated tables, hot towels, and relaxing music. The soak after the couples massage was very peaceful. They supplied bath salts and started the bath as we finished our massages so it was nice and warm. Well worth the money! The steam shower is definitely a plus. The free valet parking is also a great perk!

Oliver, spa specialist, was a tremendous help. He eased my fears after reading a couple of the horrible reviews on Yelp. (He said most of the not so pleasant reviews are from spa week where they were overwhelmed with customers.) He emphasized the fabulous masseuses on staff and the incredible Puja ritual experience. He was sure that my boyfriend and I would love it. It was apparent that he loved his job and took pride in his work. He was very helpful, almost back bending to provide an excellent experience.

24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. nicole b.
I called the hotel back in February for an APT and they booked me for 11am apt.  Then the hotel manager called to confirm and said the reservation was for noon.  She refused to help me - basically called me a liar and then put me on hold and never came back....what a sweetie...nope

Skip this place and head to the Grand del Mar

02/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Reza M.
I stayed her last weekend for a Valentine's Day celebration weekend and it by far exceeded expectations.  I read the reviews and was wary going in, but the people that posted must be from out of town or don't really know San Diego.  First off, location is great.  Walking distance from the downtown bars (gas-lamp district) so you don't need to pay for a cab.  Yes, the valet is $28/night, but you have in and out privileges.  Which isn't too bad in downtown San Diego.  You walk into these cool looking doors and the inside is very modern chic.  The rooms feel like the updated rooms at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood if you've every stayed there.  The staff is very friendly and the bar is great.  They had a complimentary wine hour when we got there around 5pm.  The pool was closed but it was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the city (similar to the standard hotel in LA).  Sheets were amazingly comfortable and that's important.  The bed hugs you.  The bathroom had the overhead showerhead for a relaxing wash.  The rooms are a bit small, but a great view of the city.  Talking to the staff, originally the tower was suppose to be $1M condos, but was converted to the hotel.  After Kimpton took over the mgmt 6 months ago, the staff said business has been booming.  Rates were reasonable and overall had a great time.

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Amy Z.
Cool hotel, but probably one of the worst spas that I have visited.  My husband & I went here to celebrate my birthday & get a couples massage.  When we arrived, customer service was poor, we were not offered anything to drink or directed where to change, wait, etc.  The massage itself was BAD & even worse, my husband was required to pay them a 20% gratuity regardless of the quality.  Total cost of the day $400 for  poor service, bad massage.  Won't be going back.  Spend your hard-earned money elsewhere.

09/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Lisa T.
I felt like such a bum here. I had a couple's 60-minute swedish massage on Saturday, February 27th at 3:00PM.

I arrived at 2:30PM because some spas have you fill out some paperwork for them to document your services and build customer relationships. This place just checked you in, offered you an introductory beverage (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, either is delish), and set you in the waiting LOUNGE. It had about 4-5 cushioned long lounge chair, two queen or king-size cushioned bed with decorative pillows, and a private lounge in the corner that was closed off with sheer curtains. They also had iced water, hot tea, and two different kinds of nuts. It was very pleasant to lounge in there before your service, so I recommend coming in about 15-20 minutes early to enjoy the full environment.

At around 3:01, I was surprised that they hadn't come get us yet, so I thought maybe we had to go to them. They reassured us that our room was being prepared and our masseuses will be right with us. I had a male masseuse and the boy toy had a female masseuse. If you're uncomfortable with a male masseuse, let them know ahead of time. Our couples massage room was AMAZING. There's a couch with flowers & candles as a center piece, and a flat screen tv on the wall. It was separated with sheer curtains from our massage room, where there were two tables. Behind the tables, there was a jacuzzi lit with changing neon lights with candles on each side. They had a closet for us to use (where we can put our belongings, clothes, purse, shoes, etc.) with bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Apparently, after our 60-minute massage, we were allowed 20 minutes in the steam shower, where they had shaving gel with a razor, more shampoo, more conditioner, etc. They have a timer in the corner, so you don't go over your time. They provide shoes and a robe for you, and after you step into the shower, they lie towels on the floor for you. There's also a private bathroom for you to use while you're enjoying your massage.

I was fortunate enough to buy a groupon for this place. There's a mandatory 20% gratuity!

Final words:
I would come back. I would recommend to a friend. But without groupon, this place burned my wallet. Not for poor college students.

02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. joanna l.
i love this hotel but i don't love the spa.

i made an appointment for a pedicure on a saturday at 430pm.

i arrived at my appointment a few minutes early and was lead to their lounge to relax for a few minutes while they followed up with my person. a few minutes later, i was told that i'm "15 minutes early" and that my person wouldn't be ready for another 15-20 and if that's ok? sure i said! i'm not good at math but that's only about 5 min shy. however i checked my watch while she walked away and it was 425pm. i wasn't 15 minutes early??  what the heck? in the end i didn't get seen until 450pm. you bet my eyes were on the clock the whole time. she reassured me that i would still get my full hour. which i didn't of course. aside from the service and lack of apologies the facilities itself - is cute. but i'm all about customer service and this service isn't something i'd ever recommend to any of my girls.

26/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Susie S.
for se spa,
great spa, a gem in town. i have been to so many spas and definitely an addict, this place is a keeper. great ambience, products , service, professional, friendly, efficient, high end price though. it's such a retreat to go to. walk out a brand new person, totally fresh.

25/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Karen Y.
i cannot believe i waited this long to get a prenatal massage.  as i complained about swollen feet and hands and an aching back to our doula, she forwarded a groupon for a massage at the se spa to me.
the spa is quiet and beautiful.  the waiting room was a nice place to completely space out while waiting for my treatment to begin.  there are plenty of lounge chairs that would normally be very comfortable, but just couldn't lay back into the lounges in my condition.
the treatment rooms are nice, but very dark so it's hard to see where i am setting everything down.  bess was excellent at relieving tension in my back as well as the swelling in my ankles.  i was so relaxed that i nearly fell asleep a few times during my treatment.  after my treatment she started the steam room for me and i was allowed about 15 minutes to steam and shower.  the shower knobs are unlabeled, so it took me a while to figure out how to get it all to work.  there is quite a bit of water pressure from the ceiling spout to pour onto your back.
there are three reasons while i cannot give this place a 5 star rating though.  one is that their products smell odd to me.  the lotion is much too "herby" and had i known, i would have brought my own.  the second reason is that there is no place for me to sit in the shower and enjoy my steam.  other spas i have been to have a small stool if not a built in bench in the shower rooms.  
the last reason is the mandatory 20% gratuity that is added to my bill.  now, bess was wonderful and my experience was great; however, i just don't like being told i HAVE to tip 20%.  i like to think that i would have tipped that much as MY choice.  my experience at other spas always let me choose the tip.
i would come back again for another treatment though, just not on a regular basis.

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Kimberly C.
Last year I stumbled upon the Spaweek website and made an appointment at the Se Spa, as it seemed very enticing. Unfortunately I had to cancel at the last minute. This year I made it a point to try and make another appointment and stick with it.

They do validate for parking, which is a plus for downtown San Diego. I hadn't looked at the operation hours, so when I arrived early, they hadn't opened yet. But the front desk lady did show me to the relaxation room, which is really comfortable. I almost fell back asleep on their lounge chairs they have. The sweet and spicy peanuts they provided was awesome! So far so good. My masseuse came right on time to get me. She asked the customary questions as what areas I needed work in, which was back and feet due to my job and that I'm on my feet all day. I also specified I am more here for relaxation rather than therapeutic purposes.

So here I was, expecting a really relaxing massage. But what I received was not quite that. My masseuse seemed to have it in her mind to try and rub out all the kinks no matter what stood in her way. She would focus on certain parts in my muscle where it seemed as she was holding on and pinching for dear life, and slowly move down the muscle. That's how the whole massage pretty much was. As she was on my neck and shoulder area, it had me flinching at each touch and almost sigh of relief when she finally let go to move on to another spot until I realized "she's got to do that again to the other side." I felt like I was being grabbed by the scruff of my neck to be taken outside like a puppy who did wrong. I'm not a very flexible person, yet she did some stretch to my arms and legs that was a bit too much for me. She seemed to have forgotten that I had almost mentioned wanting work done on my feet, as must of the massage was for my back. I was actually happy when it was over, rather than the other way around. The massage did not flow smoothly at all.

It was a lot better after, as they have a private shower in the treatment room that included all amenities needed. She was nice enough to start the steam on in the shower before the massage, so it was pretty nice when I stepped in. I had read that some other people werent' so lucky about this. I took full advantage of using everything they had for use. At the end, I finally got to try their cucumber infused vodka shot that I was looking forward to which was really good.

Mediocre massage, mediocre tip. I definitely have had better. Luckily I was using the spaweek promotion, otherwise I really would have been unhappy if I paid the original price. I should have been more outspoken and asked her to please change the style, but I guess I'm too nice. I would've thought my flinching and little yelps of "ahh" would have been easier to pick up on. 3 stars for the decor and the amenities provided.

10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Chelsea R.
Gorgeously decorated with a wonderful friendly staff. It's so great to sip martinis and get pedicures, one of the best spa experiences I have had yet. Highly recommended for a day of pampering with your girlfriends!

24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. glory r.
The spa at Se' blows La Costa spa out of the water as far as treatments. The ambiance of the relaxation room is so relaxing. I love having your own private treatment room. The shower is equipped with your own steam room. And the rainfall shower head is to die for!!

My aesthetician's name is Maria Smith, she is AMAZING!! I've had her twice so far and each visit was even better than the last. She has a wonderful touch and her technique is absolutely soothing. She pays very close attention to detail. I will only book with Maria for facials from now on.

My massage therapist was Sha and she too was very accommodating and very in tuned to what type of body work I was needing. Again, it was SPECTACULAR!

I looovvveee the Spa at Se'! And after being pampered for a few hours at the spa, you should definitely head up to the pool area at "Siren" for fun under the sun with your favorite cocktail.

26/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Eva L.
I had a morroccan clay treatment and bamboo sugar exfoliation and both were spectacularly amazing. After I got a facial treatment and it rocked. I love The Se hotel. People are so nice and they don't over do the service like most other hotels.

04/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Chris C.
I went here because of the groupon deal (I go everywhere because of groupon deals!!), and the experience was very bad. Even though the spa looks very nice and luxurious, the most important thing is the service, which was a huge disappointment.

My girlfriend and I had massages, facials, and pedicures. We agreed the facial was good, but the massages and pedicures were both terrible. It really seemed like they were not even professional therapists or manicurists at all!!

The massage felt rushed and she moved around my body in a weird way that didn't flow, and also didn't spend any time at all on the areas I asked her to focus on. The pedicure was just plain sloppy!! I have no idea why I didn't get any foot massage or foot mask as advertised.

There are about a million day spas in S.D., so I would never bother going back to this one. Maybe it's true that spas in hotels don't try very hard because their clients are mostly tourists who won't return...?

27/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Allison C.
I chose the Se Spa as the location for my best friend's bachelorette party and am so happy I did! I had not visited the spa prior to that day and I was very pleasantly surprised. We were able to lounge in the relaxation area with mimosas and catered lunch before our spa services. The spa itself is beautiful and we all enjoyed our massages and pedicures. They also offer a 20% discount for groups of six or more. The response time to my phone calls and emails was a bit slow, but it was a small price to pay for such a perfect day!

19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Mary B.
I have been to a handful of day spa's  in San Diego and this is my favorite place for a massage. My boyfriend bought me a package for my birthday which I was complaining the whole ride because we don't have this kind of money to waste during the recession. I was in a pretty bad mood until I received my services =D. The massage was absolutely the best i've ever had. I cant recommend the facial muc but the massage was simply spectacular.

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Stacy G.
I will never stay here again. I am usually a Kimpton fan, but they have let this one go.  Arrived with husband and 5 year old son late yesterday afternoon.  Went straight to the pool which is not roof deck, but outside on the 4th floor. Bad city view and used condom near where I chose to grab a seat. Small rooms. Only mushy double beds in the room which is really not large enough for 2 adults. At 2am an awful noise was coming from outside. When my husband when to check what it was the front desk told him they had arranged to have some grease cleaned up from outside the hotel. This went on until 4 am. Also, no security in this hotel whatsoever and the neighborhood is dicey. We checked out first thing in the morning. The staff didn't even care why we left a day early. Unbelievable.   Oh and I should add that the glass bathroom door didn't close all the way and the light from the bathroom lit up the entire room. I had to use the light on my phone to use the bathroom during the night, so I wouldn't wake anyone up.

15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Megan B.
Spent time in the spa with 5 girlfriends for a bachelorette afternoon. I left thinking that I had just received the best customer service of my life from Oliver. He went above and beyond to make us comfortable, always adding in extra touches that made our lunch setup beautiful and making the bride feel special. I highly commend Oliver and I hope the management recognizes his excellent attention to detail and customer service.

25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Holly B.
Yeah. It seems like service is hit or miss. I had a facial that was fabulous and a really great pedicure then a good pedicure. I'm giving the 1 star because of the inconsistencies esp considering how much you pay. I've also had really friendly and thorough receptionists (I think her name was Hannah) and entitled jerk ones. My last experience with them was so unsavory that I'm not sure I'll return. It's worth a try if you're getting a discount. It has a beautiful decor and when it's great, it's fabulous. I will update if anything changes.

11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Kelly G.
My fiance and I booked the Valentine's day Package which included a spa service.  He and I are both VERY picky about our massages and honestly, I did not even want to get one, but a pedi/mani was out of the question as it was all booked up.

We went for our couples massage and the spa was gorgeous.  They treated us so nice from the minute we arrived.  They even knew our names when we arrived (apparently the front desk told them we had just checked in and were on our way down).  

We had a relaxing drink and hung out in the lounge until they were ready for us.

We got into the room and it was gorgeous!  The design was amazing, the beds were warm and cozy.  We both had discussions with our masseuse as to what we like in a massage.

Boy did they BOTH deliver.  I was a little worried for my fiance as his masseuse was a small woman so I figured he would not get the kind of deep tissue massage he wanted.....well, he DID, he said it was amazing and he was pleasantly surprised.

After our wonderful massages we got into the beautiful steam shower, put on our robes and sandals and went back to our gorgeous suite.

I would definitely recommend the Se Spa for a nice experience and just remember to be open from the beginning about what you do or do not want.

We will for sure be going back.

17/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Natasha W.
It was the 4th of July and my boyfriend and I thought we would spoil ourselves at a hotel downtown and watch the fireworks. We booked a room though the reservation line of Palomar and the man on the phone told us we were getting a suite on the top floor for $195.00.  I couldn't believe the price so I asked him again... "a suite?"  he confirmed and we thought the offer was too good to pass up.  We're San Diego locals and know our way around the city so we parked in an off site lot and walked 3 blocks to the hotel....(much cheaper than their absurd parking fees)  When we checked in we were informed that it was a normal room not a suite.  The only reason that I'm giving them 2 stars is because the staff was very appologetic about the mistake and gave us 2 drink vouchers.  When we went to our room it was litterally the tinest corner hotel room I have ever been in....you could barely walk around the bed.  I've had MRI's that felt less clostrophobic than this room.  We went downstairs and asked for a refund, returned our drink vouchers and left the hotel to go to The Grand that not only had a nicer larger room but it was less money!  I've stayed in wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better hotels in San Diego such as Loews and the Park Hyatt Aviara that are comparable in price and you get what you pay for.....If you like bulls**t modern decor that's overpriced and uncomfortable then stay here.

14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Teresa M.
I travel a lot and have always been a fan of Kimpton Hotels... when I heard a Palomar was opening in San Diego, it was the perfect excuse to take a weekend getaway out of LA. And...I was not disappointed. From the moment my friend and I arrived it was 5-star all the way.

The valets and doorman were great - and very helpful with directions when we needed them throughout our stay. Check-in was seamless...there were a few guests in line ahead of us, and the front desk staff made sure to acknowledge us immediately. They were professional and friendly- greeted us with smiles every time we left and came back. The room...AMAZING! Gorgeous and comfortable with huge windows and great views. Although I never saw the housekeeping staff, whenever we got back to the room it was as if we were checking in all over again...I wish that happened every time I left my house!!

In addition to the staff and service, the location is great too. Several places in walking distance and very easy freeway access.

Palomar gets 5-stars from me...if you haven't stayed at this property, I definitely recommend you do...you will not be disappointed.

22/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Johanna G.
My husband and I enjoyed our spa day! Nice atmosphere! Mens facial was great according to my husband. Massage was great! Love the fact that they turn on the steam shower for you so it's ready at the end of your massage! Only down side is the pricing, it's a bit pricey.

09/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Robyn I.
I LOVE this spa, but you have to be prepared for a few things, good and bad.

1) It is brilliantly appointed.  I mean, they spared no expense here.  Beautifully done and the room are beautiful, good-sized, and relaxing.  
2) You have your own little private suite with the shower and steam room built in.  That is really nice, but at the same time it ended up on my "not so good list" too, see below
3) Every esthetician and massage therapist has been fabulous so far.  
4) The tools and equipment they use are top of the line, again they spared no expense
5) I love the products they use
6) Their facials are some of the best I've had anywhere.  And I've had a lot of facials :)  

1) Shower and steam are in your room, so you have either 15 minutes before or after your treatment to use them.  It's nice to use after your treatment but sometimes I like to hang in the spa with friends and steam and relax together and you absolutely can't do that here.  
2) You can't get ready afterwards anywhere!  I mean, you are walking out of there with greasy hair and specs of masque crusted in your hair.  No joke... I have to kneel down to see the mirror that is actually a backsplash to the sink.  what were they thinking??  I'm sorry to say, but a person who gets facials is NOT the person who planned those rooms.  DUH.  the designer definitely went for style over function here.  Huge fat mistake.  Perhaps they were thinking only hotel guests would come here and in that case, sure, you can trek to your room right after.  But otherwise you are pretty screwed.
2) Prices are not cheap!  However, join their mailing list and they always send out coupons
3) The waiting room is nice, but it's not like that nice spa experience where you have a selection of 15 different organic herbal teas and fruit, it's a pot of tea and some nuts usually.  this is not really a complaint, I think we're just used to a certain type of spa and this is a bit different.  You are in your street clothes, you aren't padding around in a fluffy robe and slippers either, because you do everything in your little suite.

With all this said though, I love their treatments so much that this is my go-to spa even though I have to trek all the way downtown to get there and walk out with crusty greasy hair.  It is always a really great experience.

10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Alma W.
This place is gorgeous! I love the beautiful decor; it's modern and chic. The staff is professional and the ambiance was soooo relaxing! It's a little on the pricier side but during spa week, it's a steal! I'm not sure if they have a community steam room, but they do have steam shower in the room. Overall, excellent!

01/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Maria A.
If it weren't for the fancy schmancy and modern decor I would give this place one star. Just recently we had my girlfriends bday dinner there. There were about 12 of us and we were so excited to have a nice dinner and a couple of my friends had rooms there etc. It all went down hill after we decided to leave our hotel rooms. (by the way the rooms are REALLY small). The hotel sat us down...and we sat....and sat....and sat. OHHH there came our waiter! He took our drinks (after skipping a couple of people and walking away). And then we waited for our drinks...and waited...and waited. 45 minutes passed and i tried desperately to get a waiter..any waiter...to come by. finally i got a nice young lady and these were her words "...oh did you order a specialty drink?" "i think a couple of us ordered your pomegranate martinis, but that's all". "OHHH yeah...those take about 45 minutes!"
WHATTTT??? hahhaha this was absurd. Oh and i didnt add that we had brought our own bottles of wine for the table and they never even asked to come open them for us. We got 2 baskets of bread after 45min of sitting there. I proceeded to go up to the manager and he pretty much shoved me some bull shit and turned around. NOT what a manager is supposed to do.
We ended up getting one appetizer and decided NOT to eat or order any entrees. Their loss!
Then we went up the elevator to the roof top pool/bar. (we had already confirmed with the hotel who was coming/how many/ etc etc). We get to the door and the guy insists that we have a receipt from dinner!!!!!!! We had to go all the way back down to the concierge and complain for someone to finally let us in.
To say the least..it was all ridiculous and if it weren't for my great friends, the night would have been a bore.

11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Dima V.
After staying at the Holiday Inn on business, I've spent the weekend at the Hotel Palomar. Without a doubt, this is an incredibly gorgeous and brand-new property. Our room, 307, had floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall window, the bathroom was simply out of this world, and the size of the room with its sparse furnishings made it seem larger than it was. The only suggestions would be to add dining tables and chairs to the rooms. Everything else, including the staff, were just fantastic. I will be definitely coming back.

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Monica S.
My friend rented a suite for her b-day at the Palomar and I must say I was pretty impressed!  The suite was on the 19th floor and had a great view of downtown as well as the Coronado Bridge!  Windows everywhere!  I loved the dark hardwood floors and modern furniture!  Overall, the suite was very spacious and had a full kitchen, dining and lounge area so it was perfect for entertaining a large group of people!  We were totally rowdy and didn't have any complaints which leads me to think the rooms are pretty well insulated!

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Mike C.
This is an amazing property!  We had a party on the rooftop pool & lounge and it was incredible.  I'm surprised nobody ended up in the heated pool.  Drinks were flowing and all of the staff did an fantastic job.  Contact Lynn to book your party.

13/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Alene T.
A few months ago, we visited the Palomar and had a terrible experience. Despite this, we still accepted the manager's offer for a free night's stay, and this time, we were not disappointed. Since our last trip, the ridiculous pool parties with top-decibel noise levels have become a distant memory...clearly, they have realized that their brand should be equated with luxury, not trendy drunkards draped over pool cushions. Also, the suite we stayed in was clean, large and had a wrap-around balcony with beautiful views of downtown. Service was also impressive---it took very little time to get anything we asked for, including our car from valet, which we sent a text to retrieve! So I take back my nasty words and replace them with a quick thanks to Mark (the manager) for being diligent enough to bring a disgruntled customer back.

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Brenda F.
My husband and I booked a room here for 4 nights while we were visiting San Diego from the East Coast.  It was our first Palomar experience - and most likely our last.

The Pros:
- Comfortable Bed
- Convenient Location to Gaslamp District
- Parking.  Yes, parking was expensive ($38/night), but I liked that we had the ability to come and go as we pleased.
- Free Wi-Fi.  While I list this as a "pro", it is something I expect at hotels these days.

The Cons:
- The room was set-up for one person.  The bathroom had one hook, we had ONE glass, ONE bath mat and ONE bar of soap.
- Very small room.  My husband and I were tripping over ourselves and our
luggage.  I never unpacked because there were only three drawers and they were too small - why bother?
- It lacked general "hotel" ammenities that we are accustomed to; no coffee maker, no ice machine, and again, ONE glass for both of us. I was told to call room service for ice.  Since we were on our way out to sightsee for the day, we didn't bother.  
- NO PRIVACY.  I would not recommend this hotel to someone looking for a romantic weekend.  The set-up of the bathroom/toilet did not leave much to the imagination.  Even after being with my husband for 15 years, there are some things I prefer to keep a secret - bathroom noises being one of them.
- Rainhead shower makes a mess!  There is no curtain or door and water gets
everywhere.  With only one bathmat, it made the bathroom floor slippery.
- Loud.  The rooms are not carpeted, which stops sound from being absorbed. The
person above us wore high heels and we could hear her clip-clopping around.
- Room set-up. The beds are set-up so your head is against the hallway wall.  Around 1-3am, you hear the drunks getting off the elevators and talking in the hallway.
- Expensive Parking.  While I did find the parking to be convenient, $38/night is a bit steep.

03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Beth W.
Some friends and I booked a few rooms at the Palomar for Halloween weekend and overall, we had a great time.

First off, it must be noted that this hotel is definitely NOT a four and a half star establishment as advertised on hotels.com and other sites; its more like 3 and a half or 4 based on its location, service and amenities.

Earlier that morning, I called to confirm our check-in at 3 p.m. as stated on the hotel's website but I was told that check-in time was now at 4 p.m. I was definitely not pleased but I was running late anyway so it worked out.

The hotel is located just on the outskirts of the gaslamp district in what some may call the "seedier" part of town. Its right next to the U.S. Grant Hotel and the Yardhouse restaurant and bar. The hotel's signage consisted of a tacky white banner with the word "Palomar" printed on it in plain black script. Parking is valet only at the ridiculous rate of $36 per night. Expect to wait 20-40 minutes to get your car back upon check-out. The hotel's entrance is pretty easy to miss if it wasn't for the doorman up front holding the massive door open. The lobby area is small, which is typical of trendy botique hotels, but stylish and functional. The staff is young, dreadfully informal, in need of more training, yet eager to please. However, a couple of staff members that were directly on point were the front desk manager, Nicole, and the VIP host, Kyle. Nicole and Kyle went out of their way to ensure that my friends and I had a good time and their hospitality and professionalism definitely exceeded our expectations.

The rooms sizes are pretty random. One set of our friends stayed in a room that was only large enough to fit a king size bed whereas the rest of us stayed in rooms that fit two double beds comfortably with a lot to spare. The room decor is sleek and modern and the beds are very comfortable. The wood flooring had numerous deep scratches on it and there were a few areas around the beds that were not dusted. The mini-bar selections were so-so, the television was surprisingly small and one of the phones in our room didn't work. Our room was quiet, insulated sound well (given that my friends and I were pretty loud partying in our rooms after the Monster Bash and no one complained) but had a crappy view. Given that we booked several rooms at the hotel, we came to the conclusion that unless you pay for a room with a view you're not going to get one - not even a mediocre view.

The bathrooms are not as bad as people say, especially given that other establishments like the Keating Hotel put the open-air doorless shower directly in the bedroom. At least the bathroom at the Palomar is separated from the rest of the room by a sliding frosted glass door. Although you can't see through the glass, there are little one inch gaps on either side of the door which allow you to hear everything that's going on in there if you know what I mean. The bathroom is fairly large in size and the complimentary toiletries are small and generic, but if you happen to forget something like a toothbrush or contact lens solution, the hotel will provide it to you free of charge. The shower is fun. What does that mean exactly? The shower has a large waterfall-like head attached to the ceiling which feels pretty great, however, the water temperature is inconsistent and the shower has no door. This is somewhat of a problem because you end up splashing water all over the bathroom floor and it also gets pretty cold. The shower would be a thousand times better if they added a door to turn it into a steamer shower. That would be the height of luxury for a shower. Right now, the shower just looks unfinished.

The pool deck is cool and their Saltbox restaurant is fantastic.

I would definitely stay here again but not for a while so that they could iron out details, and definitely not during a large event if my objective is to have some R&R.

10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. L. C.
If you want to stay in the Gas Lamp district (it's literally two blocks away from all the bars and restaurants you could want), you can not get better than The Palomar.  From the moment I called for a reservation, I was treated to A list service.  I'm a Southern Californian local but wanted to celebrate a special night with my boyfriend, so I booked at the Palomar, explaining the details of the occasion.  Not only did they upgrade my room to one with a beautiful view, but the manager, Lizzie, wrote a lovely hand written note and sent up champagne and cookies.  We got room service breakfast which was delicious (and delivered with flare!)  but there was some confusion about the total (I mistakenly ordered from the wrong menu) so upon check out they comped the whole meal.  It cost them some eggs and juice, but won them a BIG FAN!  The price is high yet competitive with other hotels of this calibur however the truly luxurious experience they provide is well worth it.  The Palomar definitely knows the importance of customer service. I can not recommend enough.  STAY HERE, YOU WILL LOVE IT!

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Debra K.
Nice room - love the wood floors and the beds were very comfy. The room was an odd shape (very long hallway from front door) and kind of dark, but overall very nice (great shower also).  Rooftop pool was a great place to hang out. Saltbox was a great restaurant - wonderful small plates. Staff was very attentive. No coffeepot in the room, but good coffee in the lobby. Overall, a great experience.

30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Kandace A.
This hotel was REALLY swank and I happen to bring in the New Years rooftop of this hotel as well!! i'd go again  and again!!

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Ashley L.
Agree that the little cocktail on arrival was a nice touch. The spa at Se has that relaxing "spa smell" that gets you right in the mood to relax. My husband and I had spa pedicures, which were great. We had a Groupon which worked well, except we didn't use the whole thing and were told that you don't get a further credit or anything. I get that this is the whole Groupon deal but still was kind of annoyed.

Anyway, head to the Se Spa to relax before heading up to the pool area for a cocktail and some sun. Perfect San Diego weekend event.

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Orlando Z.
Se Spa...

What an experience. Se Spa is fan-fucking-tastic. I made an appointment for a Foot Massage/Pedicure and Men's Facial and I was pleased with the results, sort of.

I walk into Se Hotel, which that in itself is soothing and relaxing. I go to the 3rd floor and walk into the Se Spa and I am greeted by Danielle at the front desk. She check's me in and gives me a special drink , your choice of liquor or virgin, I chose the nonalcoholic drink but it was too sweet so I just had water. Danielle walks me into the lounge area and I begin to enjoy my day at Se Spa. The decor is calm and there are only a few other people waiting. I actually did not mind waiting because the lounge is a pretty good place to relax.

Maria was my esthetician. She is superior! From the beginning, Maria gives me 5 star service. She explained the procedure and the amenities of the esthetician room. The esthetician room was like a private locker. I had my own steam shower, toilet, closet, and other amenities. Maria gave me 10 minutes to unwind on my own. I took a steam bath and was grateful for having those 10 minutes. The Men's Facial is great, Maria massaged my face and I felt extremely relaxed after she was finished. When I was done with the Facial, I was walked over to another lady, I can't recall her name, but she gave me a foot massage, she was OK. I felt that she was rushing the massage and I felt this way because of her energy and she was going very fast and I was on my way before I knew it.

Overall my experience was good. I will return for a facial, but not for a foot massage/pedicure. Go see Maria, she's great. This place is great for couples looking to have a relaxing and fun time. The only set back is that it's pricey, that's why I rate it at 4 stars and not 5.

23/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Anna V.
Simply breathtaking.

I made a reservation over the phone on a Friday, for a massage on Sunday.  I booked the Puja treatment for both me and my boyfriend.  I was informed that the Puja treatment is done at the Studio Sutra room.  And although the time I wanted was not available, they were able to accommodate us for a different time.

This spa is swanky, and frankly the best I've seen ever.  Upon approaching the front desk of the spa, you can choose between two beverages:  both are concoctions made with pomegranate but one is alcoholic and the other not.  

You are then led to a lounge area that was tons of lounging areas:  chaise lounges, low low platform beds with tons of sexy pillows.  Besides the beautiful contemporary furniture, they also have a little table where you can serve yourself tea, water, nuts, and chocolate.  Talk about being pampered!

We were led to the Studio Sutra about 10 minutes later, and we were blown away.  The Studio Sutra had two massage tables, a seating area, a steam room/shower room, toilet, bath amenities, AND it had it's own whirlpool tub!  I can't even begin to describe how high end everything inside there was.  All I can say is that I was very happy to part with my $310 for this treatment suited for a king (and queen. :)

I got the swedish massage, and bf got the deep tissue.  We were both quietly woken up after our massage to tell us we were ready for our soak.  They showed us two kinds of minerals we could put in our baths.  We were in spa heaven.  

I love this spa, and when I get extra $$$ again, I'm definitely booking us another treatment.

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Peter L.
Everything you would expect for a $250/night hotel.  Location was great.  We were walking distance to local restaurants and bars in Gas Lamp district.  Pet friendly was one of our reasons for staying here.  They did not charge us extra to bring our dog.  They even offered a doggie bowl and bed when we got settled in our room.  Free wine happy hour in the lobby and free tea/coffee in the morning.  Staff was friendly and very accommodating.  We were celebrating our Valentines Day here and they were able to coordinate a dozen red roses to be waiting in our room when we checked in,   Room was small but enough for the both of us.  Bathroom decor was very classy, walk in showers with a rain shower head no cheap hotel feel with curtains and a spout.  With AAA valet was 50% (came out to $18/day overnight).   Would come back, maybe try the restaurant, check out the gym or the happy hour next time.

14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. T S.
loved this place!  we stayed here last weekend for my sister's bachelorette party.  the rooms were ready an hour early, the bellmen were nice and efficient and the reception desk were friendly and efficient.  the decor in the rooms were trendy and fun.  though we didn't bring them, it's nice to know the rooms are dog friendly.

wish there was a hot tub with the pool!

Chuy was great--super friendly and very helpful both on check-in and check out.

27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. David A.
This Hotel, was so bad that it made me actually sign up on yelp to review them. From the start we had a horrible experience.

-We arrived at 3pm to check-in and waited to hours just to get our room, it wasn't just us, it was a lot of other people waiting as well because the housekeeping was behind on the rooms.  They did not compensate us for their issues.

-Parking $38.00 :(

-They lost our baggage and had to go down to find it and get it ourselves.

-Rooms are extremely small.

-Whatever you asked for on the phone it would take half our to receive.

Horrible, horrible experience. Definitely never again.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Patricia F.
Partied at this hotel room but did not stay overnight. I absolutely loved the hardwood floors, no dingy carpet here. I loved the decor and everything looked really clean. Would choose to stay her if i was spending the night in downtown SD.

29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Jen W.
I came back for spa week again and got another massage.  This time I had Tavi and she was really good. I told her my upper back and shoulders had a lot of tension and she did a great job getting into my problematic knots.  

You do only get 15 minutes to shower and get ready, but I told Tavi that I had plans after that and she set up one of the other bathrooms (not connected to a treatment room) for me with the tray of stuff to get ready with and a hair dryer.  I really did get 5 star treatment, even though I was getting a spa week deal.

24/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Louise G.
They are not that nice over the phone and the woman seemed like she wanted to get me off the phone quickly.  Nicer in person, but then it was a different person.

They were part of the Spa week so I got two 50 min. appointments for swedish massage for $50 each.  Pretty nice waiting area and the massage rooms are top notch. Nice warm blankets and comfy massage table.  

There was a shower inside the massage room which is pretty cool. Although I had to take a shower in the dark because the light didn't work.  My massage person went to check on it but couldn't make it work.  Also it was supposed to be a steam shower but that didn't work either and I was squinting because it was really dark. My husband said his massage person turned on the steam portion ahead a time for him, mind didn't bother.

The massage is pretty good. I never get really excellent massages at hotel spa because I think they figure you won't come back. She asked if the pressure was okay, I said I liked it firm, but she didn't adjust her pressure.

Also I had a 3pm appointment but it didn't start until 3:20pm after she came to get me at 3:15pm.  I almost never run into delays with spas.  They often tell you to come ahead of time too.   I told my massage person my appointment was late but she did not apologize.  Still I tipped her well because I think it's not her fault.

It was pretty nice at the spa finder price, but if I was paying full price I would not return here.  They told me over the phone it was an automatic 20% tip of the original price, but then they said I had the option to change it.  For a spa of this price range there were too many hic-ups to ignore.

13/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Maureen P.
i had my birthday here last fall, so i had booked a room upstairs and had bottle service at their rooftop lounge... best time i've had in a long time!  

at the time i was looking for a nice place, with good music that i could take over with all my friends... it's usually not crowded but seeing as my guestlist alone was 135 people, it was packed that night and we had a good time!

at the end of the night i had a cozy yet modern room to knock out in. the VIP host was helpful and even with a few problems here and there my birthday was a blast.

love this place.

07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Maria B.
I bought a package for 6 massages (Girls Day Out it was called) in their spa. We also decided to reserve  a couple of suites to celebrate my birthday at the same time. From the moment we walked in, we were treated like royalty. All of us were more than satisfied with the services we received in the spa and the ammenities there were perfect. When we went to check in they offered to upgrade our rooms without us even asking. They even had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us in our room because I had told them in advance it was a special occasion.The room was absolutely fabulous, very spacious, with the high-end appliances, feather down comforters & pillows, and an amazing view. Anytime we called down to the front desk for anything, they'd arrive immediately at our room happy to accommodate us. The staff was always polite and friendly. This hotel is was everything we expected and more.  Thank you Hotel Palomar for making it our most memorable Girls Day Out ever! We will be coming back for sure!!

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Leanne S.
Great location, except there are a lot of homeless people walking around in front of the hotel.  Service is good.  They have a free wine hour at 5.  Valet is a rip off (38 bucks a night ).  Bed is comfortable , rooms kinda small   If you stay here make sure you get a room with a balcony

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Elsa V.
Decent place but not a dump, but definitely not what you expect from a "supposedly" five start boutique hotel.  Our hotel room was not clean, it was small and it was very noisy. Another downside the internet isn't free as  yelp claims.

19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Laura H.
If only Yelp allowed me to give 10 stars, I would for the spa at Se Hotel. Never before has my body felt like it was literally going to melt in indescribable bliss until I had an Indian head and neck massage at Se recently.

From the moment I was checked in by the loveliest man who offered me a delicious-looking alcoholic beverage and told me I was pretty until I drove away and was wished a good day by the friendly valet, my experience at Se was a lesson in exceptional customer service.

On top of being made to feel like I was their one and only guest, my treatment was unbelievable. I get massages fairly regularly, so I wanted to try something different and went with the Indian head and neck massage.

And I'm so glad I did. It was, without a doubt, the best spa service I've ever had. Trust me when I say that there is no better physical feeling than hot oil being dripped along the hairline, my masseuse's hands running through my hair and using other techniques that left my body tingling the rest of the day. I wish I could remember her name because she is a must if you're going to go to the spa at Se.

Add to all of this a private shower and sauna. I could have sat in there for at least an hour, but I felt a bit rushed as my masseuse said she'd be back in 15 minutes. Oh well. Still an amazing amenity.

I came armed with a Groupon, so I got a mega-deal, but as someone who works in marketing, I can tell you that offering a great deal + excellent service = repeat customers. I will absolutely be back.

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. H T.
Se Spa was having a 2 for 1 special for hotel guests so we couldn't turn down the opportunity at their spa. It happened to be Spa Week in San Diego and so they were unfortunately all booked up when I called to make appointments. I mentioned that we were staying at the hotel and would only be there for a few days. I was placed on hold and magically, they agreed to fit us in the next morning for 60 minute massages.

We selected their unique, Vibe Massage which is a signature Swedish massage paired with personal sound therapy using harmonic resonance technology. There are speakers throughout the massage table so the music's sound vibrations resonate throughout your entire body. They claim that the tonality of the music blends with the work of the massage for new levels of relaxation. So we figured, why not, when else will we be able to get a vibe massage?

I'm so glad to have taken the leap of faith and gone with the vibe massage because it was amazing! (I'm boring so I typically just opt for the classic or relaxation massages).Each masseuse picks their own music so no two experiences will be alike. It was a really interesting experience to have the music's bass vibrating through my body.

*Great spa atmosphere
*Vibe massage! So cool!
*Guy at the front desk was really nice and hospitable
*My masseuse Mandy was awesome!
*Got a full 60 minute massage, not a minute cut short
*Steam showers
*There's no locker room but they do have a variety of products for you to use while getting ready
*They run great specials all the time - 50% off for Yelp users!

*The towel that you place your face on while getting the massage was a really rough texture
*No locker room, you use your massage room to shower and get ready
*They only give you 15 minutes to shower/get ready which is not enough time (you gotta move super fast!)

*20% gratuity is pre-added to original treatment price
*They validate your parking for free

Bottom line, I envy those of you who live in San Diego and can splurge whenever you want at Se!

28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. David L.
If I could give a 0 star rating I would do that. This place sucks.... I would rather stay in a motel 6 than here. Bad downtown location almost outside of gaslamp, homeless people all around the hotel, no parking, $36 for valet parking, hotel can be easily missed on this busy street, rooms are very small, and practically no view from our room. Not that I care but for the price we paid.... The worst is that they claim to be a 5 stars hotel. My girlfriend and I were planning on getting a nice place for NYE but this place ended up one of the worst hotel experience ever. They even made a mistake on my bill and I had to argue with them to remove the charge. Oh and one question: why would a 5 star hotel serve 2 buck chuck ( 2 dollar wine) for their happy hour?!? Why not Colt45 with that! Give me a fucking break!!!

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Hector R.
Great rooms, trendy hotel, pool bar is the best. If you wanna treat yourself right when staying in San Diego; Se is the way to go.
Extremely comfortable beds, good looking trendy rooms with Flat screen TV's.

05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Seena A.
I came to the Se Spa for the 2 for 1 special with some friends. We cam in desperate need of relaxing and we could not have been any happier or more relaxed when we left.

The Spa itself is beautiful and very modern. The employees are friendly and very enthusiastic about the spa.

each massage room has its own individual shower with a steam area. The shower was amazing.

I will definitely be going back to the Se Spa each time i visit San Diego.

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Jorge C.
Extremely disappointed!!! I didn't wasn't to believe the bad reviews on yelp but I should have. Once we were checked in we went up to our sir which we exPected to be amazing. We walked in and began to see the Lil care housekeeping took in the room. There was a chair that was broken, the lamp shade was missing a light bulb, the dishwasher had mold, the balcony had cigarette buds and Easter chocolate, and that was just the front rooms. The bedrooms television was not working, the handles to the sink were missing, the plastic around the bathroom was coming off, no televisions in the bathroom like they advertise. I'll just stop there because the list goes on. Once we spoke with the front desk, they gave us a couple free d drink vouchers and never followed up to make sure things were fixed. All in all just don't do it, spend your money elsewhere because if you stay here you will without a doubt be disappointed.

21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
56. Jannies B.
Had 2 massages here.  Here are the pros:

1. Relaxing and simple yet elegant  atmosphere
2. Love the "all suite" treatment room concept
3. Steam shower in the treatment rooms are awesome!

Sometimes they do not allow enough time for you to take a leisurely steam shower afterwards (I had only 15 minutes) due to booking another client too close to yours.

Overall they have experienced therapists!

Note: 20% gratuity automatically added on, and free validated parking

18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. jeanette f.
Spent a birthday spa day with 10 of my closest girlfriends yesterday. Wow! This spa is amazing! It's beautiful! The atmosphere, the relaxation room, the couple's suite...
I loved the shower sauna in the treatment room! The staff was so accommodating & friendly. The service was top notch. Irene gave me an awesome massage. Oliver was wonderful.
Will definitely be returning to Se Spa. I love love loved it!

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Tonya T.
We went to this very cool, well designed hotel for our one year anniversary and were not disappointed!!! Alyssa sent us a bottle of sparkling wine to get us started right, and we found all the staff to be extremely friendly and personable. Trendy, cool reasonably priced, I highly recommend this place. The only reason its a four star and not five was the weather, we couldn't go by the pool, but that was mothers natures fault...

14/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Michael L.
The location of the hotel is right in the middle of everything, on 5th and Broadway you have a lot of good restaurants, bars and places to go (the mall is 5 minutes aways) and the ferry to Cornado island is 10 minutes away (walking).
The hotel itself is pleasant, the rooms are clean and look "stylish" although the TV was kinda old (LCD though). I didn't really spend much time in the hotel, more like a place to spend the night.
I don't know why but Sprint doesn't have reception there, it really sucks when you have to leave your room to have a phone call (I have an iPhone 4S if it matters).
Also, the parking is kinda pricy - the hotel offers you $38 a day\night and you can leave and return to the same parking as many times you like (while paying only the $38).
The place across the street offeres $28 a day\night but you can't leave and come back as much as you like.
Also, around the hotel and the streets with restaurants you have a lot of homeless people.

Overall I would keep this hotel as an option but I would check a little more next time.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Michael W.
The staff is rude... I booked thru a 3rd party for 3 adults and they attempted to put me in a king bed dlx room... Ugh not that kind of party....got an upgrade room offer via email...but the room was no longer available.... LAME... They only received 2 stars bc it really stylish.... Oh we'll back to my sardine can size 400 sq ft room

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. A G.
It's a very modern hotel and was nicely done and decorated. Its centrally located so no need for a car if you're staying just in the area.  However, there were stains on the sheets and the rooms were very small.  Phone reception also sucks and it's not just my carrier.  I wouldn't stay here again even if it were way cheaper.

23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Ashley S.
Stayed at Hotel Palomar because a band I've been a fan of for a very long time had a concert at the House of Blues (next door!) and I didn't want to worry about getting home to Oceanside. It was so great, because I was able to bring my dog with me, no extra charge, and they greeted him by name, and provided us with bowls for food and water, and his very own dog bed that matched the decor of the room.
Those who are dog owners couldn't ask for a better dog-friendly hotel. Those who aren't dog owners, never fear: it's so clean. You wouldn't know it was dog-friendly except that there are people walking around with dogs.
The decor is beautiful, and the beds were extremely comfortable. The bathroom door is a little strange and awkward, but actually pretty typical for hotels with modern decor these days.
Valet parking at the hotel is $38/day but you can self-park across the street for $27 over 24 hours.
Pro tip: free wine cocktail hour in the lobby from 5-6. I always love that in a hotel.
The hotel is also located in Gaslamp, so some of the best bars and restaurants in SD are within easy walking distance. If you like gelato, definitely check out Chocolat (I think on 7th?) If it's 4 AM and you want a snack, there's a great little dinerish place called Brian's that is open 24 hrs. And if you want genuine Spanish food, look for La Gran Tapa.

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Kari E.
This hotel is lovely. I stayed on the 4th floor, which houses the pool. This was super convenient for me and my girlfriends. The bed was comfortable and the room looked nice and modern. The hotel staff went out of their way to help us with anything we asked for. Kudos to them! The shower doesn't have a door but it wasn't a messy problem. As for parking, self park across the street to save $10 a day and you'll get your car faster than the valets do.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Sean B.
Had a lower floor room facing the street and it was way too noisy. Rooms are fine; big enough with a modern style. I've stayed here before and liked it just fine but the street facing rooms suck.

The spa, however, was the best spa experience was the best I've ever had.  My wife and I had a couples massage from Tamara and Lindsey. Perfect.  When I called from my cell phone the next day Michele, the girl that answers the phone remembered my phone and called me by name.  Again, Perfect.

28/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Cosmo G.
We visited this hotel a few years ago when it was still called Se Hotel.
We had the opportunity to book a night here on 2/16/13 for a quick get away for our Anniversary.

We typically would stay at the W, but because of it's proximity to the Gaslamp, walking distance wise, we opted to get a hotel that was closer to the Gaslamp District.

Check in was easy, but was told that the pool was closed for a private event, a wedding. Bummer!

We asked if our room had a balcony, we were told it would cost us an extra $25 for the balcony. We chose the balcony room, we were given a 6th floor room, right above the pool area where the festivities were. Great! It would be noisy all night we thought. The room was nice, modern with wood floors and high ceilings.

At around 12:15 AM my husband decided to get two drinks from Saltbox as a night cap and bring it up to the room to enjoy our balcony with no lounge chairs or any chair to boot. 15 minutes later he came back empty handed and very upset.

Apparently, the bartender said they closed at 11:30 PM because it was slow. There were 6 more guests in the bar he was giving shots to. My husband informed him that he was a guest at the hotel but it fell on deaf ears. My husband called the front desk and the front desk just told him that they would make a note of it.

What bar closes at 11:30 PM on a Saturday night at the Gaslamp District? Clearly this is not the W Hotel or Hard Rock Hotel, but come on. We chose this hotel based on location and a promising lobby bar.

At check out  my husband informed the manager of his experience and was told that Saltbox was a separate entity but will note our experience.

21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Scott S.
I'm an elite Kimpton guest and this hotel is a great location, nice decor, true some rooms are small, but location wins and the wine hour will make you forget your room anyhow. Problem with hotel is the wifi is horrible and Verizon LTE is barely existent. If you need Internet and have Verizon, might need a different hotel.

26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. La A.
This spa is lacking in amenities.  No sauna or steam room. The shower is located inside the treatment room which is actually nice for getting ready. The waiting room was awkwardly brightly lit (instead of relaxing dim lighting).

I went for a Spa Week massage. It was decent. Nothing to write home about.

There are far better spas in SD. This is a skip.

03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Jessica O.
I really loved staying in a suite at the Palomar. We were up on the 16th floor with an incredible view of the city lights. The suite was pristine, modern and comfortable. Room service came promptly with extra glasses for champagne and were quick with the valet service. Inside of the elevators are stumps of trees, which are very interesting to look at. There is a lovely bar and lobby to relax in..also check out the gigantic swinging door at the entrance! Very nice place, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious experience in downtown San Diego!

11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Erin L.
The beds are amazing! Beautiful pool that gets sunny in the afternoon, free beer and wine hour, really what's not to love?

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Ehmandah R.
I love the Hotel Palomar!  The decor is swanky!

19/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Darlene B.
Went to the rooftop pool bar area on a Friday night, it was almost 11:30 pm, and there were barely any people there!! I mean the view and the decor is swanky and nice, but I don't understand where everybody was? lol. They have this cute dance floor and amazing lounge seats (I mean it's meant for a pool) and I just could not understand why anyone wasn't there. I mean kudos for no cover and good music...but it didn't add up. It had most of the ingredients for a good time. Didn't get to buy drinks here since I hit up Star Bar and Las Hadas a little before and they hook it up with drinks and good prices :)

29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. Britton J.
I loves me some Kimpton Hotels.

Long and short of this stay: the bf and I booked this one a couple of months ago for his birthday. A couple of days before I called ahead and asked for a bottle of wine to be placed in the room before we checked in. The woman who took my call said it was no problem and asked me what kind of wine he liked. We're on a sauvignon blanc kick lately so I asked for that.

She said no problem and seemed to be prepping to complete the call. "But wait!" I said. "He booked the room and I'd like to pay for this separately since it's a birthday surprise." Her response was amazing -- they'd leave the wine as their gift. Wowzers.

When we checked in, the awesome guy behind the counter shook the bf's hand, wished him a happy birthday and upgraded our room. Woo hoo! And in addition to the wine (a very nice bottle, btw), they gave us some delicious cookies. Score!

The pool was great and such a nice place to unwind after some unseasonably warm San Diego weather. We had some great cocktails at the Saltbox bar.

We'll definitely be back.

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Roxanne T.
We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Palomar.  Located at the Northern end of the Gaslamp, a nice property with a warm and friendly staff.  A short walk from Little Italy, waterfront and restaurants.  We'll be back!

04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Taylor G.
Love this hotel. Ask for a goldfish on check-in. A real, live fish.

16/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. bahram k.
very nice staff! great service! lack of parking choice, was a bit disappointing. wanted to give them 4 starts for that, but bc of their service im giving them 5 stars!

21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Brandon K.
The rooms were small but with dark hardwood floors. Room was advertised as having a view of the city: this can either be a great view or one of the backside of another building; we were stuck with the latter. Complementary wine hour every evening is nice. The location is also quite prime, right off of 5th street in the Gaslamp District.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. S A.
As usual, Kimpton delivers class & style. Enjoyed accommodations , awesome beds , friendly dogs ,  excellent service.. Johnson ..you truly made us feel at home!  We will be back as soon as possible with friends ..S & J .. Northern Cali...

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Elle F.
Generally, I like to give places the benefit of the doubt, but the customer service at this place is l-a-m-e.  Such a shame, really, because the hotel and the spa are beautiful and well appointed.

I cannot, however, comment on the quality of their services because my appointment didn't really materialize.  I booked a last minute brow wax on a Fourth of July Saturday and they had an opening (first red flag, maybe?).  My hubs and I were headed to a wedding in RB and we were on a tight schedule.  

I arrived about 5 minutes early for my appointment and was greated and offered a tea.  Then I was taken to this spa lounge where I waited for my esthetician.  I waited and waited and waited and waited.  Fifteen minutes after the start time of my appointment still no one came to great or meet me.  I walked up and went to the check in desk.  There stood 2 clueless people.  I asked when how much longer until my appointment started.  They told me that "R" was still with her last client.
Then they pointed to "R" who was chatting away with her client in the lobby about some bulls$%# and said that she should be done in a few minutes.  Oh, I see.  Brilliant.

A few minutes my ass.  Um, hell to the no, I didn't think it was appropriate to keep me waiting while "R" waxed poetic on the latest beauty tips.  Totally lame.  I politely told them, once again, that I was in a hurry and that I had didn't have time to wait any longer for "R" to finish her chat.  So, I decided to leave in order to make our event on time.

To make a long of short, I can't say a thing about their beauty services, but their customer services blows.  What a way to waste the feeling of being in a striking hotel.  I live around the corner and this relationship would have been ideal.

I feel an Adele moment coming on.  We could have had it all Se, but you blew it.  Boo hoo.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Fannie G.
Ah, Kimpton, you had me at Free Happy Hour.  Indeed, you had me a long long long time ago, but let's not go into detail about what an easy conquest I am.

Yes, it is true.  I discovered the Kimpton chain about 10 years ago and will readily admit that they won me over with cheap chic, free wine, and nifty little touches.  The hotels are a pretty cheeky, tongue-in-cheek trendy lot.  There is usually some kitsch involved, along with a swank bar, and a serviceable restaurant.  Palomar San Diego is really no exception.  

Things I loved:  the incredibly friendly reception and the welcome packages for my kids; the sleek decor and the spacious suite with the super large, zen-spa-like bath; the free WiFi; the terrific Happy Hour, which included both wine and a specialty cocktail (whiskey with hot cider - yum) and delicious apps; the games (chess, checkers, etc) my kids got to play during HH; the terrific live music at HH (the singer even sang Happy Birthday to my 7 year old daughter); the incredible Blueberry Lemon Ricotta pancakes with cassis syrup at Saltbox; the fab location in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Sure, there were a few hiccups.... valet was expensive and not very timely; even though we booked a suite to accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids, the sofa was not a pullout and we had to request a daybed.

At the end of the day, the Palomar is a Kimpton; funky vibe, cheap chic, good value.  I mean, I could stay at a W and pay more.... but that would just kind of make me dumb.  And I would have to pay for my wine from 5-6.  Yeah, like I said, dumb.

26/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Casey A.
I have stayed at the Palomar before and have had good experiences there, which is why when visiting San Diego one weekend I chose to stay at the Palomar again.

Everything during my check in process was standard, the room was small, but nice. Very contemporary which I enjoy.

When I arrived in the room I noticed the AC did not work. Since I had been travelling from Houston, TX in the middle of the summer I was very unhappy about this. I called down to the Front Desk and they sent up an engineer to look at it. He let me know that it was fixed and would start kicking in. By the time we were done getting ready to go out, the room was actually warmer than it had been when the engineer was in the room. As we were walking out to go to dinner I stopped by the front desk to let them know it still wasn't working. The front desk agent was nice and offered to switch my room. I said I would love to switch rooms if he thinks the AC could not be fixed. He then radioed the engineer to ask if he thought it would be able to be rectified and the engineer said yes.

Once we got back into our room at 1am the AC still was not working. I called down to the front desk and they offered us a new room which we accepted. A few minutes later there was a knock on our door and an associate handed me a set of new room keys without a word- there was no information on our new room number, there was no offer of assisting us with our luggage- NOTHING and mind you this is now 1:30am. I was pretty disturbed by this experience and immediately called the front desk expressing frustration and disappointment. The agent let me know that she would send someone up to assist us. A few minutes later the same associate who had visited before along with a security guard showed up at our room. I questioned why there was a security guard and the other associate proceeded to accuse me of "cussing" him out. I was pretty surprised since I didn't have one verbal interaction with him aside from him just handing me my room keys. When I questioned his lying he became very verbal with me and so I asked them both to leave and that we would just handle our luggage ourselves. Once we got to the new room the new keys did not work therefore we had to go down to the front desk with all our luggage and in our pajamas to get another set of keys- I was MORTIFIED by this. When I arrived to the front desk, I questioned if she purposefully deactivated the room keys and she said she did. I asked her what the purpose of that was and she did not respond, she just handed me a new set of keys to the same room.

I have stayed at hundreds of hotels all around the world and I have NEVER been treated so poorly and so disrespectfully. I felt like they were accusing us of doing something wrong which was not the case, I just simply wanted a new room with AC and some assistance with luggage- pretty standard requests if you ask me.

Like I said before, I have stayed at the Palomar in San Diego before and have had good experiences there, but after this incident I will never stay there again.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
81. Maria C.
I've stayed at Kimptons all over the country and this one was...hm... meh, well, not quite as romantic as I expected.

I had 2 free nights through the Kimpton in Touch program and have stayed at the Solamar, so I decided to take BF to the Palomar for a change.  I assumed that the Palomar would be as nice as the Solamar and the other Palomars that I have enjoye... not quite :-(   The room was pretty small, like, New York small (though i think my room there was bigger?) .  There seemed to be a lot of noise - I could actually hear the elevator ding, as well as neighbors' voices.   Not what I'm used to with Kimptons.  

The thing that was most awkward was the bathroom -  the sliding door was barely a door - just a glass sliding thing that barely provided any privacy.  Even if you're with someone and you have an intimate relationship, there are some things you don't want to share.  Like bathroom noises.   We had to make a pact that we would put two pillows over our head when the other went to the bathroom.  I actually went to the restaurant bathroom at one point, on a Saturday morning... and the bathroom was actually dirty, with towels all over the floor.

Service was nice, property was nice (except the bathroom) but lackluster compared to the other Palomar and Kimpton properties.

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Sharon T.
The hotel is centrally located to the GasLamp eateries and bars . Additionally, for the adventurous it is within walking distance to Balboa Park and the trendy South Park area. The hotel staff were fantastic! They were attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.
The wine tasting was a hit, especially the watermelon and strawberry Sangria-yum!
A big "thumbs up" to Leo the manager, who provided helpful information on the local area and made the hotel stay memorable.

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Maureen M.
This is my favorite hotel in California. I am a huge Kimpton fan and stay exclusively at their hotels if possible when I travel. The hotel Palomar is by far the best. Splurge for one of their "flats". I recommend the Coronado. The views and 2 private balconies will blow you away!!!!

06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Jessica R.
My sister and I decided to do an afternoon at the Se spa. I decided to splurge on the body fusion treatment. We both had Groupons so we saved a little bit of money. The spa itself is beautiful and very relaxing. Every treatment room has a shower. My treatment was very good.  Staff overall very nice.

I have two complaints. We went on a Saturday at the end of May. The summer pool party was underway and I believe the pool is right above the spa. I could hear the music right through the ceiling which made it very very difficult to completely relax and enjoy the tranquility of the spa. I put up with it but I do think that they should notify guests when booking that the pool thing is going on and you will be able to hear the music clearly in the spa. My second complaint is that they overcharged me. I did not realize this until several days later when I was actually getting ready to post a review on here and I noticed some else mention that they were overcharged. I called the spa and they offered to refund me what I was overcharged including the difference in the gratuity. No hassle and they were apologetic.

All in all it was a good experience but I don't think I would pay full price on a weekend over the summer. If I wanted to party I would join the people upstairs.

02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Thomas A.
wow i think there are more roaches at the pool then people so nasty! i killed two and we seen like seven of them right after we ate ... i stomped on one and put it in a napkin and brought it to the bar tender to show her .... and her nasty ass and we was that we are in down town san diego .... what does that mean !? i would never eat or stay at this nice cover up of a roach motel ... p's i'd rather stay at a ez 8 hotel iv never seen a roach there .... sad to see such a nice place be run by rude and nasty people ... thank you for your time now call pest control please ... what's next rats...!?

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
86. Exquisite C.
The Kimpton Group of Hotels is my choice of accommodation when traveling.
Each hotel has a unique personality, and the staff are beyond professional.
if you are looking for the 5 star service, and want to feel like an Elitist, while surrounded by modern chic design visit anyone of their hotels, you will not be disappointed!

01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Connor L.
This was a great birthday treat that I shared with one of my best friends for our birthdays.  We were greeted by a very friendly and handsome concierge in the lobby who directed our party of 3 to the spa.  We took the elevator to the spa and upon stepping from the elevator felt as if we were transported.  The glass and dark wood hallway led us to spa's front desk where a great young man welcomed us, checked us in, and had us escorted to a waiting area that was super fun.  There were separated areas with chairs/Ottomans and side tables, a huge shag rug and two large loungers.  In addition there were flavoured citrus waters, teas and other healthy snacks laid out.  I almost didn't want to be called to my appointment...almost.
My massage therapist came out to fetch me.  We walked past all of this beautiful artwork on our way to the room which was as luxurious as the rest of the spa.  She pointed out the accoutrements of the room: robes, towels, toiletries, and oh yes steam shower.  Yes, you read that right: steam shower.  
I'm not much for massages but when I do partake I prefer them to be more along the lines of sports massages; lots of stretching and acupressure.  It can be a bit intense and pleasurable pain.  That being said I did point out problem areas to the therapist which she did address but some of the body movements didn't seem right.  I had to call her on a few of them because they downright hurt.  I had to question her level of experience and skill.  For the most part the service was enjoyed.  The tranquillity of the experience was so wonderful and needed.  I am looking forward to returning to Hotel Palomar when I'm home for a visit and bringing friends.

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Hazel Q.
The Hotel Palomar is a pretty new spot in SD. And it's not too far from The Solamar, another Kimpton property. I've stayed at the Palomar in SF too, and while they're both enjoyable, I think I prefer the one in SF.

Overall it's a nice place to stay. The staff is super friendly and very eager to please. I do appreciate the hardwood floors in the rooms. It makes them seem altogether cleaner.

A couple of things this one doesn't have that I think are good things to know before booking a hotel: no tubs and no full length mirrors. With that said, the bathroom is pretty nice and the room is very chic.

Maybe it's because they are still relatively new, but calling to ask for things takes forever and a day. The first one was a replacement for the Grey Goose bottle we opened from the minibar.

"A replacement?" you ask? Yes. To replace the bottle we opened that was filled with water. At first I thought, "My tolerance hasn't become THAT high, has it?" Nope. It was more than definitely filled with water. We waited about 15 minutes and then had to leave, so no Grey Goose for us.

The second time was when I asked for toothpaste and waited about 20 minutes... then called again and it finally arrived after another 20 minutes. Yeah, they could definitely use some work on that.

But, the friendliness of the staff is definitely appreciated. However, something about Solamar strikes my fancy a bit more than this new Palomar.

09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Amber F.
This place is beautiful, has a great view, a great location, and the staff is courteous and kind. HOWEVER, we booked our stay online and were never informed that our rate had changed. Even at check-out, no one let us know there would be additional charges. The charge just suddenly appeared on my account and I had to call to find out what it was for. Also, parking is insanely expensive. The lot across the street is a cheaper, but still very pricey and a bit more "sketchy" option. It's a great hotel, just be prepared to spend quite a bit more than what you pay for your room.

29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Brittany C.
Please keep in mind this stay was back in January of 2012.

My wife and I were heading out to San Diego for a little vacation. We had not even booked our hotel yet. On the way out there we booked a stay at the Palomar.

When we arrived, we valeted our car and walked inside. It looked awesome! Everyone was really friendly at the front desk. Our check in was smooth so we headed up to our room.

Once, we got here we were just blown away. It was a little small but we did not mind. The bed was super comfy. Rainfall shower head. Overall, awesome room!!

We began getting ready for our evening and realized we forgot our hair straightener. We called the front desk and someone was able to bring one up to us. Never had we experienced this in a hotel.

On our way out, we stopped by the front desk and they gave us directions on how to get to our restaurant.

Our stay ended the next day. We were able to TEXT the valet to get our car! Check out was just as smooth. We grabbed coffees on the way out!

I would stay here again! Great people great hotel!

04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. J C.
Sucks!!!  the worst nightmare ever!!!  

1.   Not enough water volume for shower.  the shower head LOOKS chic but not well- functional at all!  The running water is so so so little.  You can hardly wash face, no mention shower or shampoo.  
2.   Bathroom floor has "BROWN STAIN" .  I didn't know that's SSSSShit? or some other stuff.
3.   The front desk service is terrible

After all of these, the room cost $190 per night.   I would give 0 star if there is an option

21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
92. Diana Jeanne N.
My boyfriend got the King deluxe room and it was perfect for us! I loved our room. The view wasn't great, but who cares. Our bed was so comfy and they use goose feathers! I slept like a baby here. I was satisfied here, and I enjoyed the free wi-fi thanks to the concierge for the tip she gave me! The shower head is lovely, it's like rain water from the ceiling. Definitely gonna check in here next time I am coming back to SD because it's right where gaslamp is and it's right next door to the house of blues.

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Kenny Y.
As with all Kimpton Hotels, Love it!

Hotel is swanky and hip, love everything about it.  Here are some things that stand out to me:

- Pet Friendly - my GF's french bulldog can appreciate that! (free treats as well)
- Free Wine and Appetizer Hour
- Text messaging system for valet
- Great Location, walk to restaurants and shops
- Hardwood Floors in room (never had that before)
- Service - Everyone is super friendly and accommodating
- Modern, Clean, Chic Decor
- Free Coffee and Tea in the mornings
- Free Wifi

- $30 for parking a night...
- Right in downtown, I could hear sirens and drunkards at 3 AM
- Bed is a little bit on the soft side (back aches)
- TV had some issues and had to be serviced twice

I stayed here for a 5 day real estate conference and was very pleased.  I was able to do the 10 minute walk down to the Hyatt everyday... there's so much life and activity around the hotel that you can always find something to do.

Like all other Kimpton hotels, the service here is amazing and I will definitely recommend this and any other Kimpton hotel to you!

27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Olivia P.
Love the hotel Palomar & especially the summer salt pool bar! We had such a great time here last summer great atmosphere and people! Especially our amazing bartender Kevin! He was the only bartender we needed! We can't wait to go back and visit Thanks HP for hiring such a great bartender!

17/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Kelly S.
I have stayed at this hotel many times.  I just love it.  The staff is incredibly helpful  and the location can't be beat.  The food is delicious, the ambiance is cool, the beverages are tasty, the rooms are clean and a great size.  It will definitely be my go to stay-cation in SD.  I love the pool area too.  Food, drinks, sun IN the gas lamp?  Can't be beat.....

29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Promise N.
Overall happy with my stay here.

I checked in on a weekend for a little vacation and was immediately impressed with the friendly staff and sultry/trendy lobby.

To valet overnight was $39 which shocked me at first, but made sense considering we were in downtown San Diego.

My room was small, but it was expected. All surfaces (floors, sink, shower, bedding, etc.) seemed to be of good quality, and the design was simple and classic.

The SummerSalt Pool Lounge was impressive. There was a bar with amazing drinks and they let you take your beverages poolside. The crowd was totally young and trendy- almost reminiscent of the Ace in Palm Springs. For a moment I was worried I accidentally booked a party hotel, but as I looked around a bit more I realized that everyone was very relaxed and at ease- even a little quiet just sunning and enjoying themselves. This is not a place that people bring ice chests full of beers to despite the party potential and admittance with cover fee.

At 5:00 there was supposedly a free wine and beer hour which I didn't partake in, but on the way out I saw a group of people in the lobby enjoying the festivities.

When I returned around 9pm there were people partying and having a good time in the restaurant and bar downstairs, but the hotel was very quiet, and I had amazing sleep.

Before I checked out I looked at their spa packages and regretted not booking something- the prices were more than reasonable!

I would definitely stay here again!

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Eileen C.
Sigh. Hotel Palomar. I've been putting off this review hoping you would improve upon acquaintance but that's clearly not going to be the case.

The first stay introduced dusty corners in the room and aloof staff. Really, very minor offenses. The second, a small blood stain on the duvet (I know, right. EW) and a fully staffed front desk of 3 people who still kept me waiting for several minutes before assistance with check-in. I'm not sure if my expectations are unreasonable....i mean,awaiting on a single frantic clerk is entirely forgivable. But three able bodied individuals looking down at invisible screens and avoiding eye contact? I call that excessive. And they didn't advise me of the hosted reception or Raid the Minibar perk.... I really hate having to wrangle out my freebies.

I'm still not entirely sold on the partial glass door to the shower. Basically, it's a partition halfway down the length of the shower which means the water splish-splashes EVERYWHERE and thoroughly soaks the tiled floor. It's also quite drafty in there. And forget about forgoing a hair-washing with the waterfall shower... It's a veritable requirement even if you're jumping in for a quick rinse. But at the very least, shower caps are included with the tray of amenities.

Park at the garage across the street to save $8 on overnight parking ($36 hotel rate, $28 public rate).

Free wifi  and pet friendly, pet beds and bowls uppin request.

01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Tom S.
I stay hotels all over the US for business and I can honestly say, last night's stay was one of worst EVER!  The room was incredibly small, bad layout and their bathroom makes you watch to person in the bathroom because it is in front of the bed.  Front desk staff was nice enough but one of the big attractions is supposed to be the pool on the fourth floor with a bar.  We were sitting on a chair basking up some sun and a security guard came over and told us we have to leave because the entire area was closed for a private party!  This is a public area in the hotel we paid a bunch if money to stay in and we could not use it.  

I was just very disappointed with the stay.  Also the decor was nice enough but the whole place just seemed dark.

19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
99. Klein N.
I have to say that this hotel was top notch world class service. I was in San Diego for 2 weeks for work and I usually stay at a Marriott or Hilton but I decided I would to try something different. I stayed at the Palomar in San Diego for two full weeks and I have nothing but great things to say about this hotel. I worked with Nick at reservations since not only did I stay at the guest room during the duration of my stay but I also had the opportunity to stay at one of the flats for 3 nights (Harbor View Flat).  The location of the hotel is perfect! Right in the middle of downtown walking distance to gaslamp and the horton plaza. The hotel decor and ambiance was perfect for my taste. It was so chic and contemporary and it was up my alley in regards to design and decor. Dark hard wood floors and dimmed lighting made it so chic. The staff was so friendly and accommodating including Johnson who I believe is the front desk manager. When I moved into the Flat for 3 nights he sent me a bottle of champagne and made it so personal. It was a great gesture on behalf of the hotel. Also, the night before my departure, Nick at reservations sent me another bottle of pinot grigio and made sure that I was happy during my stay. I love this hotel and now I am a fan of the kimpton and definitely part of the  'in circle.' Since I travel to SD for work often, I am definitely coming back to this hotel for sure. Mark if you are reading this review please tell your staff to keep up the great service because I was very happy for the two weeks I was at the Palomar. I will definitely be returning in the future for business or pleasure.  From the guys at the valet to the front desk to the housekeeping service I have to say this review deserves more than 5 stars!

12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. sara p.
I really like the Kimpton hotel chain, but this was less then stellar. We received a email for a great deal for the Palomar and booked 2 nights over the Labor Day weekend. This offer came with $25 credit per day to use at the hotel.
The woman who checked us in was less then friendly, but did acknowledged our credit and also the $10 mini bar credit every in-touch member can use.
We came with our dog and Kimpton hotels are always great with accommodating the pooch.
We ordered $60 in room service and took $6 chips and a $4 soda. At checkout we had no credits and was told no manager was on duty so they had to charge us the full amount and they would credit it later, which they did. However they also charge me for the mini bar items we took AND stuff we didn't, another phone call and then a email worked it out, but really to I want to spent that much time fixing something that should have been already taken care of.

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Sami J.
We arrived a lunch time and was starving so we went into the restaurant which I suppose is really a bar. Let me tell you, the food was the worst I ever had. The lobster was spoiled, the salad was bland. Every aspect of the meal was a complete failure.

What is worse is I wrote to management detailing my food review in hopes that they could improve; I never hear back.  

The only savior on this trip was an amazing expensive massage at the spa.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
102. Jason H.
The Kimpton hotels are basically all awesome and you cannot really go wrong booking there. Frankly, your time is work something and why spend hours sifting through a lot of options, when you can just go to Kimpton and get a great hotel and a reasonable price. Stop wasting your time, dude!

Dog friendly and free wine happy hour (OK, the wine is not fantastic, but it's fine, and they often add a specialty cocktail or Sangria which is cool).

This location is not as good, I think, as their other local hotel "Solamar" (great idea, by the way guys to name hotels so confusingly close within blocks of each other...ugh...I've showed up at the wrong hotel before because of the confusion!). Palomar is just not as fun a neighborhood, despite it's proximity to Solamar, which again, I liked a little better.

The bar and pool here are very cool, but close a little early (another minor negative) relative to Solamar. Also, the decor is pretty modern or almost 60/70s-retro, can't figure out which, and the rooms are just not quite as awesome as other Kimptons where i have stayed, thus the 4- and not 5-star rating.

Still, both hotels are great and I'd stay in either again for sure...in fact I will soon.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. J A.
A lot has been said - downtown San Diego weirdness (club kids, homeless),  $$$ parking hassle, small but nice rooms, pet friendly (very seriously pet friendly)...

Hotels in SD are competitive. There are LOTS of choices:

* Palomar has terrible views below 9th or 10th floor.
* Pool is cold/out of sun.
* Shower is TERRIBLE. I get the move to eco, and am supportive. But the dribbling lukewarm water was ridiculous. First staff member approached said, "we have problems when there is low occupancy. We try to stack people in columns, but if you get up early you might get a cold shower. Supposedly the whole system is being replaced. We'll have an engineer look at your room to see if there's anything we can do."



That night the shower was the same. Again complained (now 1/2 our trip is dominated by a crap shower in a faux chi-chi bathroom). This time staff seem surprised that it wasn't fixed and put someone on it. Next shower was passable, but I'd dump the attempt at a rainfall shower and stick to basics.

* Stuck up staff
As we were checking in, front desk are chatting to one another and mention that there will be construction on the pool. We ask, "is it going to be open?" - incredulous because the pool was one of the main reasons we chose the hotel. "No" is the answer. And then, "it's going to be 65 tomorrow anyway."

Say no more.

05/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
104. Andrea C.
I gave it four stars because of hotel amenities.  Boutique hotel and it allows pets but you couldn't tell.  The rooms were clean and well appointed with a well stocked mini bar and fridge but touch anything and you will pay the price. However, there is a nice happy hour every night that allows you to sample the latest wines.  The banquet staff were really excellent, meeting our every need with promptness and good will. Shouts out to Mario, Manny, Mark  and the curly haired kid in banquet services.  The front desk is another story.  I get that its a boutique hotel but I like my staff to look a little more professional so wasn't crazy about the lack of a consistent uniform.  Also I requested a room change which was handled with no problem but she neglected to tell me it was a handicap accessible room with a bench in the shower.  Not cool.  Also more than one guest from my meeting had an issue with their bill because a print out was never provided at check out so a couple of issues with charges came up after the fact.  Omission of information at the time of service is definitely a customer service issue. But enough with the negative let's talk about the lovely pool with a cabana bar hidden on the 4th floor.  A must go spot in warmer weather.  the hotel is on the edge of gaslamp district as are several other hotels so you are in good company.

28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Rishi S.
My wife and I loved this hotel.  This was my first Kimpton experience, and they know how to treat customers.  When we checked in, they gave us a comp card for $10  worth of in-room items and a luggage tag.  At 5pm, they had an event where you could get free red wine, white wine, sangria, or beer with flatbread pizza to snack on.  I grabbed a couple and took them back to the room to enjoy.  The room was comfortable, but nothing exceptional.  We really liked the rainfall shower head.  We had free wifi for multiple devices since we were Kimpton members (free to signup).  The staff was attentive, and every employee, regardless of their level or role, greeted us throughout the day.  They granted us super late check-out (1pm) because my wife was still at her spa appointment (per my wife, Se Spa is to die for...I reviewed that place as well).

10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Katherine K.
We always stay at The Hotel Palomar when in San Diego.  The staff is very friendly and the rooms are AMAZING!  We recently got married downtown and of course booked The Palomar for us and our guests.  Nichole and Michele went put of their way to make our stay extra special!  We thank you so much!!

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Jeffrey L.
Despite its location near what seems to be a sketchy area of Downtown San Diego (near the Gas Lamp District) near the metro station where many hobos seems to hang out....the Hotel Palomar is actually one of the more newer best looking buildings in this area. The House of Blues is right next door, as well as a Ross, CVS, Rite Aid, Subway, and 711 all within the same block radius of the Hotel. And that's just mentioning a few stores. As soon as we pulled up to the Hotel the staff was really great and friendly.

The Hotel doesn't have parking, but it does offer Valet Parking ($35) overnight in a "secure" location. The "bell-hop" helped us with our luggage up to our room, and check-in was a breeze! One of my favorite security features of this hotel was that you actually need to use your room keycard to use elevator! This prevents any "unwanted" people out of the upper floors. Talk about techy. We were given a room on the 13th floor that was also built to be "accessible" friendly. The bathroom was very spacious and modern with an overhead shower, however, it was a glass sliding door that if not closed a certain way will allow the other guests in your room to see you doing your business! So be prepared to feel very comfortable with your friends, family, or whoever you being with you! They will hear everything that happens in there! As for the rest of the room, the beds are super comfortable and clean! Four super soft and supportive pillows to each bed, so even your head will get a peaceful rest. Hardwood floors, beautiful furniture, minibar, and a great selection of TV programming. Of course with a Hotel like this be prepared to pay a few extra bucks for room service and anything you take from the minibar ($4 chips! $6 water!)

Hotel Palomar offers everything a guest may need only a phone call away. They have a few item that will be given to you complimentary (I.e. forgot your toothpaste? They give it to you for free! Even a charger for your phone if you forgot it!) Of course if they need to go out and get it from somewhere out of the hotel expect to be charged.

Overall, I would have to say this was one hotel trip that was indeed worth it.

30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Margaret M.
This is a really great spa, but I will warn you it's pricey.

I came in with a Travelzoo coupon for BOGO 90 minute salon services and opted for the 90 minute deep tissue massage and a 90 minute facial.

My appointment was at 10am, and so I arrived at 9:40am because I like to relax a little before my treatments. Unfortunately no one was there and the entire place was dark, so I sat and waited in the hallway. At about 9:55 someone arrived and let me in. Unfortunately, because I was there when they were opening up I missed out on the ambiance of all of the candles, soft music, water and tea. It actually kind of ruined my pretreatment experience because as I sat there "relaxing" before my massage they were setting up the water, hot tea, lighting candles etc which typically doesn't make much noise but in a dead quiet room it wasn't so relaxing.

Luckily my massage therapist soon came to get me, and I was immediately relaxed by her demeanor. Once inside the room she showed me the steam shower, my robe and where to hang my things. The room was on the smaller side, but nicely done with all of the fine ammenities.

The massage itself was one of the best I have ever had, because there were so many little extras including; cucumbers on my eyes, warm towels placed on me after a body part was finished with the massage, a warm head towel wrap for my hair and a movable bed which positions you perfectly. In addition the therapist used just the right amount of pressure, not too much lotions and best of all she didn't talk to me! She as phenomenal! If I could rate just her it would be 5 stars.

Post massage I enjoyed a long shower, which BTW is life changing, and then my massage therapist walked be back to the relaxation room to wait for my facial therapist. This unfortunately is where the three stars comes from. After waiting about 15-20 minutes the facial therapist came to get me, which bothered me because I hate waiting. The facial itself was really nice, although I did think that she rubbed a little too fast on some parts and the short hard pulses to my temples were less than favorable. I did appreciate her knowledge of the products, adhering to my sensitive skin and nut free requests and her taking the time to suggest ways to keep my skin healthy. My biggest complaint though was that my 90 minute service was more like 60 minutes...because she was late in getting me she cut my service short?! I think not...but what can you do? Argue with her about it...that would have totally ruined my relaxation, so I for once let it go. I will say though that it left a bad taste in my mouth and was not a good way to end the visit.

Another mark against this spa is the fact that I had to wait another 10 minutes for a staff member to come up to the front so that I could pay. Again, I hate waiting.

My last complaint is that they are a little pricey....almost $300 after the 50% off coupon!! That seems a bit steep to me, but at the end of the day it was worth it because I did get 3 hours of quiet time away from work and life and left completely refreshed!

21/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Jerrel T.
Really a great place to be whether you are staying here or spending time in the bar. Very modern and top of line everything. I would recommend to anyone!

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Marie J.
The Hotel Palomar is average to below average for a Kimpton hotel. While I didn't have a negative experience at the Palomar, in the future I will be staying at the Hotel Solamar a few blocks away as I have had a wonderful experience there each time I've stayed.

Most of the Palomar's rooms are smaller than average. I was first put in a tiny corner room (1411) and asked to be moved. They moved me to what they assured me was a "much bigger" room (1205) that was perfectly adequate but still not as large as I would have expected based on prior experience at Kimptons and the pictures on the Palomar's website.

Another thing to note is that the rooms do not have tubs. They have a lovely rainforest shower (which means that the faucet is mounted to the ceiling) with a glass partition that covers half of the shower. This tends to make the entire bathroom somewhat wet but perhaps that is supposed to be part of the rainforest ambience.

The room service menu is not as extensive as the Solamar. The scallop entree, which seems to be a staple at Kimpton restaurants, was mouthwatering as usual but at the Solamar it is available through room service while at the Palomar it is not. The Palomar's late night menu is also severely restricted: no hot food at all.

All of the staff that I encountered at the Palomar were friendly and professional. The bellman, Chewy, made an especially good impression on me.

Bottom line: The Palomar is a nice hotel but the Solamar is much nicer.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
111. Polly B.
After my 1st stay, I wrote a glowing review of the hotel, w?@ few minor issues.  After my 2nd stay let me state why I will never stay there again, unless it's free which, apparently , even after being comped, they will not honor.

I am in San Diego on business every 90 days and, while I don't need a 5 star hotel for just one night, if it's at the right price,  I'll take it.  The second time we checked in, with reservations I would like to add, after driving  almost 100 miles, I introduced myself to the desk clerk, who happened incidentally to be a manager, of my name, we had reservations, could he please pull up that reservation for us, and could he please directly point me toward the Ladies' Room as I'd been on the road for 2 hours with no break and it was necessary.  The desk manager looked me up and down as if I was extremely undesirable and only grudgingly informed me the bathroom was on the 2nd floor.  Had this unprofessional, rude, judgmental moron not answered any sooner, I would have just peed on the lobby floor.  Apparently, in March, after a long drive, it is not ACCEPTABLE to this manager that I present myself, clean and scrubbed but in a baseball cap and shorts, to check into their hotel.  It only got worse.

My husband and I, who rarely drink, decided to go into the bar after such a long drive and avail ourselves of one cocktail.  There was a LARGE chalk signed advertisement directly outside of the bar advertising Happy Hour drinks for $5.00.  I asked the bartender for a Happy Hour martini at the $5.00 price, whatever it was.  He then told me they don't see any drinks for $5 and began to argue with me.  I told him to go look at the large, chalked, handwritten stand outside which advertised $5 drinks.  Rather than agreeing with me and honoring their street advertisement in colored chalk which attempted to get EVERYONE'S attention as they walked by, he had a barback bring the sign in.  At that point, I told the bartender to just make me a martini.  I was expecting a well martini.  What I received was a bill for $15 for one drink because he decided to upgrade without my knowledge.  It doesn't end there.

Twice now, the clock in our room has not been functional and we have had to call for service.  Upon reviewing our credit card bill, my husband and I both see a charge that is equal to the valet parking charge that was included in our package.  When I called to ask what the charge was, I was told, very curtly and rudely, that we had consumed this bottle of wine from the refrigerator which was literally one glass for which they charged $25 and we had been charged for it for drinking it.  I informed the woman on the other end of the phone neither I nor my husband rink red wine so this was a complete mistake.  In fact, because this happens all the time to guests, I actually take inventory and take pictures of the honor bar before check out just for this purpose.  I filed a very strong written complaint against the employees of the hotel and how we were treated.  

Think it doesn't get any worse?  It does.  I received a reply from some manager saying the usual sorry, and he then forwarded it to his manager, PATTY HANSEN, who I am absolutely calling out for being a complete fake and liar.  She sent me an email saying they would comp a room & the parking next time I made reservations & even include $50 toward meals.  A month or so later, I contacted her directly, as she asked me to do, to make reservations.  The night I needed to stay she said she could not accommodate us as the hotel was "filling up."  Did she not think I had not checked their hotel's vacancy rate before I called her?  Filling up means you still have vacancies.  Filled up, means we have no rooms.  I was told they were "filling up" and could not be accommodated.  I sent an email to someone else who again said they were "filling up" and could not accommodate me.  When I emailed them back stating I was an unsatisfied guest who had been personally invited back, I heard nothing from them & still have heard nothing from them.  One would think in the "HOSPITALITY BUSINESS" you would MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE  of people who have been abused and unsatisfied.  My complaints weren't unfounded & not nit-picky.  I wasn't complaining about towels, I was complaining about being overcharged for everything & being treated like a 2nd class citizen.  I may have showed up in a baseball cap & shorts, but I left the lobby the next morning in my business suit heading for court to prosecute a case in probate court.  Looks are deceiving, but apparently they don't take that into consideration.  To this day, I am still waiting for them to contact me to apologize for blowing me off.  I don't care about the comped room, I jdon't like being treated like idiot &being lied to & placated when they have ZERO INTENTION OF DOING SO.  Don't waste your time or money & don't believe a word they say.  I am the calmest person in the world & still was treated like crap.

15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. Too Risk Y.
The hotel upon first glance looks great, hip, modern...but the devil is in the details. The room was dirty. The faux suede furniture in my "upgraded" room looks like the couches at a frat house....crumbs and smears of food still on the couch, unidentified stains, ugggh! The rest of the room was dusty and the frig and front of the mini bar area  was sticky with finger prints, uggh! The leather fronted desks and TV stand are all scratched up with finger prints and obvious nail marks from people scratching tomopen the drawers. The bedding is nice, the bathroom is big although no counter  space , only an ultra mod trough style sink with no counter. Upon check in, neither TV worked, engineering was called and  had to come and reboot both. i travel alot for work and Palomar isnt  terrible, just needs some TLC. The one thing travelers NEVER want to be reminded of is that other people (dirty ) people have stayed in their room. Unfortunately, this room was a constant reminder. Might be an OK spot for a drunken girls or guys night in the gaslamp.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
113. Mikey P.
Quick break down of why it's 4 stars...

Room: King suite and 2 queen bed rooms

Pros: Awesome view, 2 tvs, modern bathroom, nicely decor., lots of free stuff =P, excellent customer service, the rooms look pretty big, free HBO, dog friendly, there was a free cocktail happy hour on sunday..

Cons: couch could be cleaner, needs free wireless internet, feather pillow kinda too soft and needs to be firmer, big door in the front was kinda confusing to push or pull for people,

Other amenities: Awesome heated pool, awesome bar by the pool, there's a gym that's good for cardio, there's a CVS and Rite Aid right outside so if you needs things like water, gatorade, liquor, Chapstick, etc...

Other random facts: there's a 13th floor, the pool is awesome but opens from 8AM to 8PM... no more night lounge pool, valet parking is expensive but that's downtown...park on 6th st and 7th st... there's a parking garage there, close to little italy, balboa park, gaslamp, east village, coronado island...

27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Jocelyn B.
Went to hotel Palomar to go to club SE for my friends going away... Elevators were down when we got there. Asked about taking the stairs and were told by maintenance that the stairs were only for emergencies...what?!
Club SE is on the roof of the hotel...pretty nice and no dress code (except no flipflops). TOO cold some friends on an October night...even with a heater in our private cabana!

3 lemon drop shots=$30+tip :(

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
115. Andrew C.
I'm not trying to claim any cheesy foreshadowing occurred as if we were watching some weak ass M Night Shyamalan movie, but about seven or eight years ago I snapped a photo of the under-construction skeleton of this building while walking around downtown San Diego. And then I stayed here. WOWOWOWOWOWOW.... Who cares.

After a stint as another hotel, the building eventually became the home of Kimpton's Hotel Palomar. When I stayed it was so new that there was a large banner hanging from the front of the building. No permanent hotel sign in sight.

The property is definitely modern. Clean lines. Dark metals and woods, open showers...etc. It looks like any condo in the Gaslamp where you'd pay way too much for way too little square footage. Beds are quite comfortable and if you fall asleep with the curtains pulled back chances are you won't need your alarm clock. The amount of light flooding in will wake you up consistently around 6:30am.

I had a chance to see some of the other rooms as well. My room was the standard king. I saw a corner suite with a balcony that wrapped around the corner of the building overlooking the pool. The suites on the higher floors offered great views of the Coronado Bridge and had more than enough space for a party.

If you want a view, you need to be on the 10th floor or above. Anything below that stares straight at a parking garage across the street.

Strangely they put the pool on the north side of the building where it was consistently cold despite sunshine all trip. They turn on the propane heaters, in the middle of the day, to take the edge off.

The hotel is in walking distance of everything. I forgot how touristy San Diego's downtown is. I'm from there, lived there for 22 years before moving and didn't give much thought to why no one (aside from club people) ever went down there to party. I guess if you get away from 4th and 5th you're better off, but still.

All in all, it's a decent hotel with some strange quirks that are probably worked out by the time I'm writing this. Enjoy some wine in the lobby from 5 to 6pm nightly. Order a whiskey sour from the cool attached bar (saltbox) and be surprised by the garnish. Enjoy the crazy unisex bathrooms on the M floor.

Just know that you're downtown so you're subject to all the issues of "living" downtown. Crazies walking by. Trash trucks and restaurant grease traps lending wild odors into the rooms above...etc. Is what it is.

20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
116. C H.
Modern, beautiful, pet friendly, great staff and great prices.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. La B.
Overall, it's a nice hotel in a great location, but the bathroom, dog options and parking threw it off for me.

The Room
The room was well-designed but not very functional. There is no coffee maker or microwave in the room. There are snacks, but they are expensive ($7 for M & Ms? Really?) I appreciated the laminate floors since we brought our 100 pound dog. I did not appreciate the fact that the bathroom had no tub, had no shower door (my butt was cold but my front was okay) and the bathroom door was frosted glass on rollers that left an 1.5 inch gap where the hinges should have been that allowed my dog to watch me on the toilet. Not cool.

Dog Friendly
I was happy that they took the dog with no complaints. As soon as they saw him they welcomed him with hugs and treats. There is no extra fee for having a dog in the room. The challenge was that there is no place to walk him in the hotel. No grassy patch in the front or back. No garden. We had to walk him near the bums near the trolley line. We didn't have any trouble, but it wasn't the situation I had hoped for.

The Parking
Parking was $30 a day. Um ... that's a bit ridiculous. I guess that's standard for hotels in the Gaslamp, but that's not standard for me. Parking meters are free after 6pm and before 7am. I found street parking. I only had to pay for parking one day. It was $12 at the Ace lot across the street and around the corner. It's a minute walk and waaaaay cheaper.

Overall, the experience was okay. I don't think we'll be staying there anytime soon.

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Tess R.
I'm a fan of Kimpton hotels, and when I found out that our office in SD was 1/2 block from the Hotel Palomar, I was psyched. Since I'm there once a month, I've had the chance to stay in many different rooms, from small to freakin' huge, and I've been able to get to know the staff more than if I was staying at a larger property.

I think the wine hour is great, the quirky Kimpton perks are fun (goldfish for your room? no prob), the place is dog friendly, the rental bikes are a neat amenity, and the decor is modern but not over the top. I love being able to walk to work, dinner, and even go for a run down to the water or up to Balboa Park. The gym is small but well fitted out, and I haven't seen more than 2 other people in there at a time. The pool is small (not great for lap swimming) but refreshing. It is a morning-pool as the shadows start to creep in during the afternoon.

The hotel restaurant is surprisingly good... the menu changes seasonally and even room service is decent (if you're on an expense account or per diem). Plus, there's a ton of decent restaurants within walking distance in the Gaslamp.

I've never experienced the problems that other reviewers have brought up - the worst issue I've had is that the TV doesn't get the CW so I couldn't watch my trashy model show. My brain cells are probably grateful for that anyways. It can be loud outside, but I've yet to stay in a hotel in any downtown that didn't have "ambiance" (read: drunks yelling and honking at 2 AM). And sunlight does tend to come in floor-to-ceiling windows in San Diego (altho when I'm there for work I do tend to get up at 6 AM). I'm not refuting reviewer's complaints - everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm just saying that after staying in probably 7 different rooms, on multiple floors, different sides of the hotel - I haven't had problems. My favorite was the over the top suite, with a full kitchen and dining room. Unfortunately it overlooked my office...)

A solid choice in downtown San Diego - I recommend it - and look for me the lobby during wine hour!

04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Judy S.
I didn't stay but was here to visit a friend that was on the 15th floor.  When I got there a few minutes before 6 there seem to be some sort of party going on.... I assuming some sort of free drinks reception for guests.  I found my way around all the partying peeps to the elevator, on my way up there were many drunk people, some w/ pets.  Interesting decor on the elevator walls.  Once I got to the room, I noticed it was very small but very nice.  Large windows that overlooked the gaslamp lights.  Modern & clean.  I used the bathroom once & noticed the faucet was struggling when I turned it on to wash my hands... I was only there for a bit so I can't say much about service but the hotel is very modern for sure so if you like that I guess this is the place for you.  It was a bit too artsy for me.

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Michele W.
My husband and I came to San Diego for a few days of vacation and decided to stay at the Palomar a Kimpton hotel. I booked it thru Hotels.com not realizing the room only had a shower and no tub. We needed a tub so we spoke to Daliah at the front desk and she found a room for us and upgraded our. Eric helped to move us with a cheerful demeanor. It was a a great room and Hassel free! Thank you Deliah and Eric!!!!

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Shawnie N.
This review is related specifically to private dinner events I've organized on the Palomar's pool deck.

Over the years, for my job, I've hosted 3-4 events here. One was strictly a happy hour on the pool deck for a very small group. 2-3 others were cocktail receptions followed by sit-down, buffet style dinner for up to 100 people.
All of the events I've done here were absolutely fabulous, to quote Edina Monsoon.

Here is why:
-the catering/sales folks I've worked with (there have been some minor staffing changes) were wonderful. Always attentive, from our initial inquiry emails to the day of the events. They're always willing to knock off a few bucks here or there or add little bonuses. These folks work hard to gain your loyalty and to wow you.
-the food: DEEELISH!! From the tray-passed appetizers during cocktail hour to the amazing carved pork station during our buffet, NOTHING disappointed.
-service: the waitstaff and serving staff during my events have always been great. Friendly, relaxed, anxious to please. have never had an attitudinal, slow person help me during events.
-atmosphere: even during a particularly chilly late February evening, our pool deck happy hour was comfortable with heat lamps. Love the pool deck - a recent remodel has only made things more chic and Bargrooves-like. The private room off the pool deck is perfect for a private party - comfortable and spacious.
Jacqueline, who hosts private happy hours for clients, is a doll.
Overall - LOVE hosting events at the Palomar!

17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Janet T.
If you're looking for a upscale, modern yet clean hotel then this ones for you! This was the first hotel I've ever stayed at that had nice dark hardwood floors. The hotel is located right in downtown San Diego and just a block away from the gaslamp district which is great if you're staggering on your way back to your room.

Hotel's swanky, modern and very clean which is distinctive by their lobby. The rooms were pretty spacious with nice bathrooms and an all white room with white leather headboards, which was a nice touch. Get a king size bed which are huge and comfy!

The only unpropitious thing was the pool, which was tiny, unembellished and disappointing. The upside was that it was rooftop and there was a bar which made it easy to grab drinks while laying in the sun.

20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Scott W.
The ups (lots):
- Fantastic staff, including Allison
- Great ambiance (lobby, pool, rooms)
- Beds = A+
- Room service is muy rapido

The downs
- Parking is $38 per day.  Even coming from SF, this is bananas.  I'd pay $25.  They say they're competitive with SD, but they should reevaluate what other 4-star properties are charging in SD, Denver, SF and LA.

- Filtered water in the gym
- Infused water during the day in the lobby
- House of Blues is next door
- DJ on Sunday afternoons by the pool
- In room fridges to keep your stuff cold

14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Kathleen S.
Big Letdown -

When we travel we always select what we anticipate are "high-end" hotels; we were very disappointed with this hotel.  When we arrived, we were initially told by the first desk clerk who waited on us that we could switch to a room with a king size bed (rather than two double beds). But our clerk was having problems getting his computer to work. Then the clerk next to him came over and told us (after working for a while on our reservation with the computer) that we were stuck with the two double beds and we could not change to the room with the king size bed.  After we got to our room, the view was terrible; it overlooked the back of the building, over its pipes and heating unit.  

The lighting is terrible in these rooms - it is so dark you can't see anything!  At the desk, we didn't even have a wastebasket nearby.  In fact, there was only one in the entire room and that was in the bathroom.  There was also no refrigerator in our room.

In addition, the sliding glass door to our bathroom would not shut all the way and the shower only had glass half way around it - there was no door to it.  It was very unnerving when you took a shower.

To top it off . . . there was no bar soap or drinking glasses (for those individuals who take medication) in the bathroom; we had to call down to the front desk to ask for these items. Also, there was no coffeemaker in the room.  Apparently, the hotel serves coffee down in the lobby each morning until 10:00 AM, but if you are not a morning person and don't wish to leave your room, you are out of luck. However, this hotel advertises a deluxe restaurant that appears to serve three meals a day. Yet, this was not the case.  My spouse had to go into the hotel's bar (where there was one employee), and follow him into the kitchen where the worker brewed a cup of coffee for him; he then had to bring it up to our room.

Overall, we were very unhappy with this hotel.  The location was decent, but that is about the only thing it had going for it.  We can find plenty of nice hotels on Fifth Avenue in the future without all the aggravation this hotel provided to us.  It definitely does not deserve the star rating it advertises.  We will not stay at this place again (or any of the other hotels in its chain which are similar in nature).

13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
125. Patrick G.
The hotel has been nicely upgraded. When we arrived to check in, there was only one person working the front desk. Was in line with 5 other people. You would think during Memorial Day weekend they would be sufficiently staffed. After waiting in line for over 30 wasted minutes we get checked in. It was a guys weekend, and we get to our room and it had one bed when we ordered two. Had a nice view on 10th floor. We had to back down, wait in line again and informed them our room was not what we ordered. They finally got us, our room but it was on the 4th floor and the view was that of walls and air conditioning units that weren't quiet. Disappointed. On a positive note, the pool area was nice but the drinks were a bit overpriced ($13 for a Moscow mule), but it was a holiday weekend. The night pool party was nice but the security staff was a joke. Hotel guests get in for no charge and we were told to just bring our key card. We wait in line, show them our room key and they said we need to see your Id. My friends and I are in our 40's. it would have been fine if they would have had any customer service skills but were rude about it. Earlier in the night we did have dinner and drinks at Salt Box which is the bar on site. It was really good and highly recommend it. Not sure I would return.

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
126. Anya V.
After reading other reviews today, I wish I would have read them sooner.  My friends & I attended a pool party there Saturday May 24th.  After trying to cash out my bar bill for just my husband & I and it being about 200 bucks, I questioned the bartender?  I knew for a fact we did not drink that much and asked him what was on it.  Every time I went up he stated I was the only one with a V for a last name, anyone could have put their drinks on my tab.  It did get packed & I think I was over charged actually I know I was.  After just saying forget it and paying $197.00 including tip.  Palomar was trying to charge my card again for $131 more dollars.  When I called them to ask and explain to her about the charges that I think were incorrect, she said we could go through the bar bill.  After her reading it, I knew it was incorrect, but they didn't offer to resolve the issue or even get my service back.  My back credited back the $131 but I am out of luck on the $197 bar tab.  I am bummed & upset and will not return back to the Hotel Palomar..

29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
127. Kevin B.
HELLLOOO Hotel Palomar!

Wasnt really expecting too much when we booked here for one night. But, I am happy to report that this place is one of the most accommodating places I have stayed!  

Loved the huge door to get in. lol I mean, its wood, it's about 10 feet wide and swivels open. The door is a cool twist that lets you know you are in for a different stay than most other hotels.

Staff: Very friendly, maybe a bit too friendly? Idk, I wasn't bothered by it, but they seemed just a bit too peppy. *shrugs*

They did have a phone charger for me to use at no additional charge, which was totally cool since the Omni charges for every little detail.

Room was uber modern, very clean and I have no real complaints!

Good job Palomar!!

11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Melissa S.
My husband, daughter, and I stayed at the Palomar for 6 days....it was wonderful!! The room was spacious, and the bathroom was incredible. Oh! And Michael-who is absolutely AMAZING upgraded us to a suite!! Michael is the nicest man ever!!!!! (We miss you!!) He was so sweet, funny, and accommodating. If you stay at the Palomar I hope you get to interact with him! The pool was nice; pretty warm, but make sure there aren't any events going on or you won't be able to hang out there for very long. That's one downside about this place, but if you check in with them and go during the free times then it's no problem. The location is great. You're withing walking distance to the gas lamp without having to hear the crazy screaming while you're trying to sleep. One thing I will have to say is that the room could use better dusting, but whatever. It was still phenomenal! The adjacent streets are full of homeless folks so if you're new to San Diego-be warned, but that has nothing to do with the hotel. Also, parking is pricey so we parked in the garage directly infront of the hotel and saved about $100. Overall it was a fantastic stay and if we visit San Diego again we will definitely stay at the Palomar. Thanks again Michael!!!!!!

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Arutyun t.
The location of the hotel is near the center of the gaslamp district but there were bums everywhere. Our stay was almost ruined by the sheer disgustingness of our room. The towels were dirty and had black marks on it, the couches had crumbs and stains all over it, and finally the comforter was half yellow with disgusting yellow patches and stains all over it. The worst part was that we discovered it after sleeping in the bed the first night. The only reason this review didn't get a 1 was because of the helpful staff, especially Joe. He was very responsive and got us into an upgraded room immediately. He made sure we were happy with the new room and profusely apologized for all of the trouble. Probably won't stay here in the future though.

24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
130. Kara P.
I have had 4 fantastic separate visits here:
1. Couples massage- eh hello ? Brangelina for an hour?
2. Pedicure- Did it last for 3 weeks ? Yep.
3. Massage- again the private shower ?
4. Eyebrow wax- which includes the chocolate almonds, tea, & valet parking, & welcome cocktail, too ?

You know it's a great spa when you have have consistent service on separate occasions.  I generally do not like hotel spas because I have this theory that business is dependent on tourists so the employees are not as good as a stand alone spa.  They have proved me wrong.  

Water pressure in the showers will make you hate your shower when you get home.  Also, the water is hot the second you turn it on.  No need to stick your finely pedicured feet to do the temperature test.

If they have your email, you get hooked up with the special offers which make it an over the top value.  Generally, they have unique welcome seasonal cocktail libations with a virgin option.  YOU MUST GET A COUPLES MASSAGE ! IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM.  

I can not even imagine what the water bill is like here.

24/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Valerie V.
This is one of the finest "older San Diego" hotel's it has all the outer looks of the original San diego feel...but all the rooms and lobby are remodeled.  The staff is the best you can find. The Manager Mark Van Cooney...The Best of the best....the front desk well Neechelle is outstanding...and Ana our house keeper perfect!!!! We enjoyed they were "dog friendly" not that we have one, but the ones that were there too cute and happy!! The Wine & Cheese hour wonderful, and the complimentary coffee, tea, Hot Apple cider with cinnamon sticks and hot coco with lil marshmellows.....WOW it was so nice. It was just so nice and family friendly and by family i mean they make you feel like your part of the Hotel Palomar Family.....just was awesome!!!

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Bob E.
Went here last weekend. Reserved one of the top floor penthouse suites, and it had an amazing view, comfortable beds, and awesome steam-rain showers.

I love the ambiance of this hotel along with the relatively cheap price for what you get. I think they have a decent bar downstairs, and, while I didn't like most of the offerings on their restaurant menu, they had decently prepared food, but drinks and food aren't important factors when you're in this hotel - the ambiance and the comfort are.

06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
133. Scott C.
Checked in 03/23/13-03/24/13

PROS: Friendly staff. Walking distance to most places in gaslamp. Dog Friendly. Free Wi-Fi for the person who booked the room.

CONS: Bathroom door lacks privacy and you can be seen through large gaps showering or using the toilet. No bathroom shower door so water gets all over . TV did not work. No fridge in the room. Bathroom did not have ventilation. Inflated prices on snacks and drinks inside the room. $38 + parking fee for overnight. Large windows that oversee the city were very dirty, it made a beautiful view not so beautiful.

24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
134. Andrew ß.
5 star

Pets stay free

Hardwood floors in the rooms

Great pool on the 4th floor

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. Dea K.
I truly had high expectations for this hotel, considering the price and location.  It was supposed to be a fun weekend with the girls but the experience at the hotel certainly put a downer on the whole trip.  

1.  Rooms were not ready 1 hour after actual check-in time (Not good when you're coming back from a mud run and are filthy head-to-toe and looking like a homeless person).  

2.  Unable to use the pool on day #1 because of a wedding.

3.  Able to use the pool on day #2 but only if we were willing to participate in a "pirate themed" pool party filled with drunken college kids.  However the "good" part of it is that we could get in for free because we were staying at the hotel.  Score!!  Our next option was to go to one of the sister hotels which was about 6 blocks away :)

4.  Bathroom doors have no privacy (sliding glass door that's a little bit too small for the actual door frame) and no ventilation in the bathrooms...joy!

5. Room layouts and design just don't make sense and are inconvenient (TV in particular).  One of our rooms felt like a dungeon - very little natural light.   The entire hotel is super dark and the hotel unisex bathroom felt like going into a tomb.  The entire hotel felt like the design team was trying a little too hard but didn't quite get there.  

6. They were nice enough to comp our valet parking ($39 per night) and give us 4 drink coupons at the hotel bar for the inconveniences....with slight attitude of course.  

However, my girls and I had enough after one night, leaving a night early.  San Diego was definitely not keeping it classy on this trip...

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
136. Astra H.
This hotel is walking distance to all the cool bars, chic restaurants and lounges.
Smaller scale hotel (which I personally love, not like the Hilton or anything)
The roof top has a pool/lounge are and a bar. My boyfriend and I had a few drinks there before we started our night.
The valet guy was super cool, he told us of all the local restaurants that he thought we would like... LOVED the one he suggested.
Palomar hotel has this wine/beer our where everything is free as long as you are staying there. YAH I totally took advantage and drank up the sangria and tried a few new beers.
I was only supposed to stay for one night but we had so much fun that we did a last minute second night. They were super cool and let us stay another night without any hastle and gave us an even better deal.

All in all next time in in SD, I will definitely be staying here : )

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. E B.
With two kids in college getting together some $ for a 30th wedding anniversary is easier said then done.  I love Kimpton hotels and San Diego is just far enough to make it seem like a get-away.  I called reservations and let them know about our anniversary and requested a balcony.  Just before our mini vacation my husband had a death in the family and i called to see if i could upgrade for a little more $ and a little more cush knowing that he could use a real break and a little extra TLC.  The Palomar pulled out all of the stops for us, they upgraded us to a suite (at no extra charge) with a huge wrap around balcony and it seemed like every time we walked thru the lobby we were being handed at 15% off coupon for the restaurant or free wine in the bar for having checked in late and missing the free wine hour.  The only thing that I would mention is that the furnishings are looking a little worn out and could use a little updating.  Thanks Palomar for a much needed respite from a tough week.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Charlotte T.
Hello everyone,

So I chose to stay at the Palomar for a pretty special weekend we'd planned in San Diego. We were celebrating both my boyfriend's birthday, and our one year anniversary. I booked the trip over the phone and from the outset, the Palomar staff was amazing. The girl spent a good 15 minutes with me on the phone being friendly, asking questions and really going out of her way to ensure that we had the best room for our needs. We ended up going with "The Hipster" package, which offered some local beers and sunglasses along with the room.

Once we got there, it was better than I ever could have wanted. First off, the room was gorgeous - clean, spacious and very modern.

My boyfriend is a huge horror fan, which was a detail I'd mentioned in passing when booking the trip over the phone. In fact, we'd planned on watching a bunch of scary movies we'd brought that evening. Not only had the staff remembered this, they decorated the entire room Halloween themed - put a skull poster in the window, set out a cauldron filled with caramel popcorn, a dish of candy corn, a little pumpkin, a fake plastic rat and a bucket with local pumpkin brews in it. The cherry on top was a hand-written note telling us to enjoy the treats with our movie night, and to have a great anniversary!!! We were overjoyed at how sweet and personalized it felt. I had no idea they'd go through such trouble - I'd thought the girl was just making small talk on the phone.

We noticed our room didn't have a DVD player, which I'd had the impression it would, so we went to ask the front desk about it, since it was a big part of our horror night. The girls were so sweet and said that no room had DVD players, but they comped us with a movie from their purchasable selection anyway. To our surprise, we then realized there was a free wine tasting! GG for free wine. :)

Later that night we went to eat dinner at the hotel's restaurant. The food was exquisite, and the bartender was incredible as well. He was really nice and spent a good deal of time answering our questions and suggesting drinks we'd both enjoy. We then went for a night swim. When returning to our room, we realized we'd had yet another visit from the amazing hotel staff - they'd snuck in whilst we were away and brought a lovely white vanilla bean birthday cake topped with pomegranate seeds and left two sparkling bottles of water! They included another note as well, wishing my boyfriend a wonderful birthday. He was speechless and we ate the treats in bed giggling and shaking our heads.

To Astrid and the rest of the hotel staff: you guys made our trip better than I ever, ever could have expected. Not only were all the basics in place: clean room, beautiful decor, good location, great service - but you guys really made us feel special beyond what any hotel has ever been for us before. I'd recommend this hotel to ANYONE and will certainly be a customer for life. Thank you so much.

30/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
139. SoCalFoodies F.
Very Nice Hotel ! Great area too.
Staff member Johnson is a great guy and lots of help.
(He should be a manager actually)

Rooms are nice and big and clean.
The Balcony rooms are especially nice.

Only negative was a small thing. ... Euro shower with no door and a rain shower that always rains on you head. Not good for a girl that wants to keep her head dry.

Parking fees are so high in the downtown area too

Love the FREE wine happy hour !
(and great location)

We will be back !!

26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Mac M.
I would definitely not recommend this hotel. Their customer service is horrible, they do not accommodate their guests, and they make you pay entry for the pool when you are staying at the hotel! We also accidentally left some clothes in our hotel room and called the next day. Hotel service informed us that they couldn't help us and that the clothes were no where to be found. I have never had such a horrible experience at a hotel. Definitely do not stay here.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
141. John R.
I went here for a sponsored event.  I used to come here when this used to be the old se hotel.  Kimpton hasnt changed much but the hotel is very nice.  I cant speak for the rooms but the pool, bar, and lounge area on the 4th fllor is a nice relaxing area for corporate events.  They had a dj there and not too loud to socialize over the music.  The pool likes nice to relax during the day as well.

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Doug P.
I stayed at the Palomar last weekend and had a great experience.   The hotel has a well kept modern, yet cozy design to it. The lobby couches are huge and comfy, welcoming you to stay and relax on them.   The staff is incredibly personable and professional. I checked in at 11PM on a Thursday night and they informed me each night they have a 1 hour wine happy hour in the lobby for guests.  Since I came in late, the slipped me a card for a free glass of the house wine at the bar... right then I knew I would like this place! Throughout the entire stay, the staff was so attentive and helpful, I cannot say enough about them.
    The rooms have an equally modern design as the hotel lobby. My room has a spacious kingsize bed with a beautiful dark wood finish to the floors and furniture. The bathroom had more of a waterfall shower head with a really open feel to it, and the room staff kept things very well kept.
     I prefer to run outside, so I cannot comment on the gym, and I was a little too busy to explore their rooftop bar. The hotel itself is right in the Gaslamp district with countless restaurants and bars within walking distance.  This is a definite plus for foodies and late night bar people
  I highly recommend this hotel!!

08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Roscoe M.
Admittedly, I probably enjoy the excitement of finding the "right" hotel almost as much as actually staying in a hotel.  So, when planning our recent trip to San Diego, my eyes were glazed over in a shopper's fog with all the bargain hunting and hotel comparisons when I stumbled upon the website for the Hotel Palomar...and the fog lifted.  What a cool boutique hotel!  And with the free loyalty program, you get some sweet perks to, uh, sweeten the deal.

When I booked online, it asked if we would be celebrating anything on our trip.  As a matter of fact, we were celebrating a birthday, so I made note of that.  Upon arrival at the hotel, we were impressed by the HUGE doors (think trendy bank vault) and the modern look of the hotel.  At check in the front desk staff immediately wished a happy birthday and told us that they were upgrading our room.  The room wasn't quite ready (we arrived before check-in), so they took our bags and gave us free cocktail coupons (one of the aforementioned perks of the loyalty program).

After getting the call that the room was ready, we came back and received our room keys from the front desk.  We were prepared to lug our bags up to the room when the staff informed us that our bags were already in the room.  In addition, we got a FURTHER upgrade to a King Suite!  The King Suite was fantastic.  Not only were we blown away by the hip decor and the size (2 bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, balcony with skyline view), but we also noticed a small bottle of red wine with a birthday card.  It was such a nice touch.  The staff went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for to make our trip feel special.

The room was fantastic, the heated pool was great, the staff was outstanding, and we really enjoyed the drinks and cocktails at the Saltbox Lounge (the Old Fashioned was one of the best I've had). There was a free wine happy hour each day in the lobby and free coffee and hot chocolate in the lobby in the morning.  I highly recommend the Hotel Palomar would suggest joining the Kimpton InTouch loyalty program.

26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. Kristin B.
I've been torn as to how I want to review my Sè Spa experience.

I've never gotten a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, waxed, a massage, etc.  I'm just a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to those things, so this spa experience was actually my first.

Several months ago Groupon.com sold $125 Sè Spa gift certificates at a discount, and I snatched up a few.  Eventually, my boyfriend and I decided on a 120-minute Puja Ritual couples massage to celebrate our 2 year anniversary yesterday.  Making our reservations wasn't particularly easy or convenient:  it took about 24 hours to do.  During business hours one day in mid-April nobody seemed to want to pick up the phone, and we couldn't get the spa's voicemail service--just ringing and ringing.  Frustrating, and the hotel's front desk was less than helpful.  Once we did get through the gentleman who took our spa reservations was very nice and told us what to expect before, during, and after our appointment.

Yesterday we arrived half an hour early to our 11AM appointment to enjoy the relaxation room.  We were offered what was described as a ritual shot of lemonade and cucumber-infused vodka and escorted into the beautiful relaxation room where we enjoyed hot tea and 2 types of delicious sugar-coated nuts.

I have such mixed feelings about my massage.  Our female masseuses were great, totally friendly and professional.  It's just that I didn't get up from my message exclaiming, "Wow, I feel fantastic!" and at no point during the message did I feel the need to moan or proclaim how good a particular technique felt.  The wow factor just wasn't there for me.  

One thing I found to be very off-setting (and so did my boyfriend, I later learned) was that about 1/3 into our massage the tranquil music in our room stopped.  All I know is that after that I became very aware of noises and voices in surrounding rooms, my stomach growling, the movement of our masseuses' feet across the hardwood floor, and my boyfriend's beanbag eye mask falling to the floor followed by "Oops!" from him (which resulted in my having a minor case of the giggles).

It's unfortunate that we couldn't use the soaking tub and steam shower as much as we would have liked; we only had the room for 30 minutes after our massages, and about 10 of those minutes were spent searching the closets, cabinets, and rooms for a mirror.  Ladies, listen up:  THERE'S NO VANITY MIRROR IN THE COUPLES MASSAGE SUITE!  Your lower face, neck, and scalp get rubbed down with oil during the Puja Ritual massage, and then you're faced with the dilemma of how to make yourself presentable without the use of a mirror.  I mentioned this inconvenience while we were paying our bill, and it was clear that the lack of a mirror is not an uncommon complaint.

Speaking of our bill, we were initially overcharged.  Seems to me the Sè Spa pulled a bait-and-switch move:  they sold hundreds (if not thousands) of Groupons...and then apparently shortly thereafter decided to significantly increase prices on various services!  My boyfriend explained that we booked our appointment prior to the price increase and, after a bit of discussion, was charged the lower price.

I can't complete this review without mentioning the required gratuity--the 20% required gratuity!  The Sè Spa is quite expensive, so 20% of any of their services isn't chump change.  Just something to keep in mind.

All-in-all a decent experience, but thanks only to Groupon.  Some of the services offered at Sè Spa are priced reasonably, but I can't justify paying full price plus gratuity for the vast majority of them.

03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
145. Katie B.
As zeee Duchess of Hotel Palomar I feel I need to doth some reviewing its way. I have stayed there twice now and have really had no issues whatsoever (except for an unfortunate payment situation but that was remedied pretty expeditiously). The location is right in the middle of Downtown making all things fun extremely accessible. The beds are quite comfy and they even brought me up a lovely cheese spread since I happen to be in the room during my birthday. Their complimentary wine in the early evening and coffee and hot chocolate bar in the morning (a nod to its new Kimpton roots) is a pretty sweet perk, too.

I can't tell if I enjoy the Palomar or the Solamar more, but for now I will prob continue to hit up the Palomar since its more smack dab in the middle of things. Though, I do love the tubs available at Solamar. Such a conundrum!

21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. A P.
First off, I LOVE Kimpton hotels...they're unique, fun and make for a great traveling experience (I'm an event planner so I stay in ALOT of hotel brands), My boyfriend suprised me by booking this hotel for my birthday weekend. The standard room is nice and has a feel of an apartment with the wood floors. Service was excellent and all the staff, from the front desk, to the valet, to the bar staff was SO nice and friendly.

The best part was we got a call in our room that they had something to bring up, a gift. I got a balloon, beer/water/sodas, chocolate covered strawberries and an amazing cupcake since it was my birthday. When my boyfriend made the reservation it asks online if you're celebrating...and they take note of it. Was such a surprise and a special touch!

5-6pm wine hour is a perk! (And they had local beer too)

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Martha K.
The good: Hotel Palomar is new, clean, hip, with great views from upper floors.  Nice bar. Great ambience, and front desk staff are friendly and helpful. It is priced reasonably.  Guests get animal-print robes.  The shower is one of those heavenly, partially enclosed versions with a big shower head that "rains" on the bather.  The bed is fabulous and the pillows perfect.  The pool deck is gorgeous.  

The less good: The hotel can't help that it's in a "transitional" neighborhood.  The Gaslamp District is touristy, but it is also sketchy. Also: you will be charged for internet.

The really less good: I called the concierge the morning before we arrived and left a message asking for recommendations for a local hair salon.  We checked in around 4:00 p.m. By early evening I'd heard nothing so I asked at the front desk, who told me the concierge desk is closed on Mondays.  This is not noted in the recording you get when you call, so the guest can only surmise that he or she has been ignored. The clerk jotted down a couple of salon names for me but couldn't offer any real feedback on them.  Early Tuesday evening the concierge called to respond, but as we were checking out the next day, it was too late.  

More: The room has a Keurig coffeemaker (good!  So do I!), but only decaf options. This had to be remedied by a visit to the front desk.  The bathroom amenities included no shampoo - another call to the front desk.  Our suite had a large balcony (good) but the bird droppings haven't been cleaned in some time, and the potted plants separating our section of the balcony from the neighbor's look like they have been dead since the Clinton Administration.  

Bottom line: OK, but not great.  

POST-SCRIPT: The GM of this hotel reached out to me to discuss these concerns and handled them with professionalism and concern.  He genuinely wants this to be a first-rate hotel and is doing his best to attend to the crucial details that separate the good from the great.  I do expect to give the Palomar another try and will amend this review when that happens.  Five stars for follow-up.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
148. Elmer V.
This hotel is located in a great location. The only downside to that is that they don't have parking. Anyhow, the staff members are very courteous and professional. They pay attention to the smallest details and make sure they accommodate you to the best of their ability.  I will definitely  be booking all my future stays in San Diego at this hotel.

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Fernanda L.
My friends and I were in a suite and it was very very nice and very clean. Its got your fridge, microwave, sink, etc etc. It has an amazing downtown view and the pool while its not very big, is very cool.
The bed was extra comfy and there's lots of closet space.
Overall a ver satisfying experience
They have rad surfboards as decor in the lobby. Made me wanna steal all three of them.

P.S Saltbox is in the hotel so go check that out!

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Victoria E.
Gorgeous hotel with the most accommodating employees. They let me do late check out, gave me great advice on restaurants and were all around so wonderful. The guys at the valet stand were so nice and let me leave my car out front for twenty minutes while I ran in to the hotel. The door guy was great and so polite and the front desk was fantastic!

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Cv D.
The staff could not have been better or nicer.  We brought our pet, Atticus, who was welcomed with pats and toys.  Nice room and clean.  Great flatbreads at the restaurant.  Can't wait to see them again.

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. Kailey S.
Great location in downtown San Diego.  Walking distance from House of Blues, Gaslamp District, Horton Plaza and the bay.

The rooms a pretty modern and nice looking.  The downside is that the bathroom door is a frosted glass door that slides in front of the door frame when you close it.  I didn't feel completely comfortable not being totally closed off from the room when I was using the bathroom.

Another downside is that when we booked the room we reserved a room with two beds.  The told us they didn't have any when we arrived and after some arguing we had to purchase another room for a greater price than the first one.  We were not happy about that.  At least give us the discounted price for your mistake.

23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Courtney K.
I love Kimpton Hotels so when I was looking for a spot to crash on St. Patty's Day weekend after the Epic Beer Festival, Hotel Palomar was an easy choice for me.  This was my first stay here and I'm honestly not sure I'd come back again, which is sad to say since I'm a huge Kimpton fan.  Here is why I sadly can't give this hotel more stars.

-Fun boutique hotel with a swank interior and hip exterior
-Great staff
-Classy environment
-Clean throughout
-Comfy beds and fun, animal print robes for lounging
-Although the hotel was sold out it never seemed busy
-It has a great restaurant in the hotel lobby, Saltbox
-Beautiful finishes throughout the hotel and in the room
-Hosted wine hour and morning coffee station
-Big towels in the bathroom (a quirky think to appreciate, I know)
-Quiet hotel, even the room was quiet despite being 3 floors above one of the most bustling intersections in downtown San Diego

-The bathroom door is a sliding glass panel which doesn't seal off the bathroom from the room so you get all of the bathroom noise, steam, etc. leaking into the room. Not much privacy.
-Speaking of privacy, the rainhead shower is neat but there isn't a door on the shower and I'm sorry to say that one is definitely needed.  With all of the water pressure the water does splash outside of the shower and that leaves for a wet floor.  If you take a long shower (10 minutes-ish), be ready to mop up the floor.
-We only got one bar of soap so we had to keep transferring it from the sink to the shower. And there wasn't a bath mat which was an issue because of the shower door, or lack thereof, issue.
-There was only one hook in the bathroom and a second would have been nice
-The rooms have hardwood floors which is probably a good think for a pet friendly hotel.  However, you could see where the bed had scratched the floor over time and it was a big unsightly.
-TV was a little small given the distance from the bed.

I think if I was younger I wouldn't care about the flaws of the bathroom but being in my mid-30s I value practicality and privacy.  If you stay in the room by yourself, then I think you can overlook the shortcomings of the bathroom.  Although the ascetics get a 5, I can only give the functionality a 2.

Other nice features of the hotel are the pool, spa and fitness center.  Sadly the day I stayed here the marine layer was closing in on the pool but the fourth-floor location and pool side bar would definitely be a fun way to unwind after a strenuous day of shopping, eating and drinking.

I will not let the quirks of Hotel Palomar deter me from other Kimpton stays but I think the next time I'm looking for a place to crash in the Gaslamp I will stay somewhere else.

18/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
154. Lily L.
Good location. 1 block for main gas lamp vibe. Staff is nice. Rooms are TINY. Think New York City size. Right next to a 711 store which means alots of bums close by.

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Kent D.
The spa facility was small but had a very comfy and beautiful waiting lounge with refreshments and snacks. The treatment rooms were fully furnished with a private lounging area, dual massage beds, an infinity jacuzzi tub & steam bath. The massage I had was not the best, but it was very relaxing...and my masseuse was very pleasant and friendly.
Overall, I enjoyed my spa experience, it just would have been nicer to have more facilities in the spa: like a communal jacuzzi, steam rooms, saunas, pools, meditation lounges etc.

11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Christine S.
I had a great stay.  The front desk staff very friendly and helpful.  I love the modern ans swanky decor.  Most of all when I called room service after being out late, they didn't exactly have what I was looking for so I ask if there was  Mexican Food close by, and the guy, Alfredo went and got it for me.  Talk about above and beyond!!!
Best service ever

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Ana M.
I love Kimpton hotels. They feel special. The service is great, I love the daily wine happy hour and how dog-friendly they are. The Palomar San Diego is equally great. It is a beautiful hotel, and the pool area is bomb. The employees here were all awesome- from the restaurant staff to the room service to the front door guys. I loved them. However, I wish the location was better. The gaslamp district is pretty touristy, and it gets LOUD on weekends. The House of Blues is next door and people apparently like to scream while they listen to the shows there. But that's forgivable- I would ask for a room on a higher floor next time.

Other little things:
- I wouldn't want to share a room with someone I wasn't super tight with, since the door separating the bathroom from the bedroom is just a sliding frosted glass door... so not much privacy.
- The shower area is great, but some water can spray onto the bathroom floor, which can be a bit messy.
-There were communication issues between the TV and the remote.

Bottom line- Next time in San Diego, I will definitely be seeking this place again.

12/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Julia M.
My husband and I stay at Hotel Palomar everytime we come to San Diego - probably about 5 times now. Every time we have stayed, from the moment we arrive, the staff are just amazing. Courteous, professional and most of all, they all just seem so darn happy! It must be a great company to work for or they have a great boss, but I love being at a hotel (that you are paying for) and getting great service with a smile :-)

The hotel itself feels quite hip... Once you enter through the big giant asian style entry doorway and into the beautiful modern lobby, you are met by the friendly warm staff at the reception. In the past, there has never been a wait to check in of more than a couple of minutes. I've also noticed that in the mornings right by the reception desk they have self serve coffee and some light refreshments to grab if you are on the go. In winter, there is hot cocoa and marshmallows as well. And in the summer fruit infused water.

The pool area is not huge... but we have never had an issue with finding seating and/or lounge chair. The pool is always heated to lovely temperature. And the tunes playing poolside are chill and set a good vibe. Also - last time I was there, they had an amazing chef poolside creating food right at the bar. Super fresh and absolutely delish - I'm not sure if they always have that as it happened to be a weekend and the hotel seemed busy. But if they don't, they should - it was ah-mazing!

We have stayed in both the regular rooms and also been upgraded to one of the 2 bedroom penthouses on a couple of occasions. The penthouse is obviously amazing but regardless of what room you are in, the beds are SO comfortable. For me - that is my #1... and lying on these beds is like lying on a cloud in heaven. You are guaranteed a great nights sleep.

Overall this is one of our favorite SD  hotels  From beginning to end, our stays are always relaxing and enjoyable and the customer service is fantastic. We looooove it here and we will be back!

22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Tasheena B.
Came here for a friend's wedding in the pool area.  I chose not to stay here due to the insane "special wedding" price and the absolutely absurd parking costs!  For the amount my friends paid for their wedding I'd hope they would at least cut the parking fee in half!

I saw a friends room and it was nice but nothing special.  The penthouse was reserved for the bride and groom.  Penthouse was very nice but again, nothing too spectacular.  I don't think I'd ever spend the money to stay here...

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Dora E.
Where do I start?

1. Only king beds are available. Despite your calling the front desk in advance to tell them that you are travelling with people you cannot share a bed with because of awkwardness, they will tell you that the rooms with queen beds are "booked MONTHS ahead of time" and are unavailable. This happens after you book a non-refundable reservation.

2. The cot that they provide to the person who cannot share a bed with you is discolored and extremely uncomfortable.

3. There are huge dust balls on the floor in the bathroom.

4. The rooms are tiny. I have stayed in bigger, roomier rooms in midtown Manhattan.

5. Despite their advertising that WiFi is free, it is only free to their loyalty rewards members. If you are not a member, it is not free.

6. There is no on-site parking. The only overnight parking available is their valet parking, which is $39 per night, plus tips any time you need your car. I would recommend that you add at least $39 to your daily hotel budget and book at another hotel with free onsite parking.

7. BEWARE: The neighborhood is not safe!!!! I am someone who has lived in Brooklyn, NY for a long time, so for me to be afraid of walking around in this neighborhood says a lot. There are so many vagrants and prostitutes out on the streets during the day. While my heart breaks for the less fortunate, I did not feel safe taking my one-year-old child out for a walk in his stroller. We had to get in the car and drive somewhere else to spend time during the day.

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
161. James K.
The absolute best hotel I've ever visited! Every one of the staff members was super nice and helpful. The view is incredible. Very quiet at night. We got free continental breakfast every morning. The shower pours straight down from the ceiling, which feels like warm rain. The area is full of delicious restaurants to try. We'll come here again and again.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
162. S C.
I consider myself a pretty tough critic of hotels and the service, I have read many mixed reviews on this place and was a bit apprehensive prior to my stay because of the mixed reviews.  
I stayed for 3 nights and would have extended my trip of the hotel hadn't been sold out for a convention.  I really can't say enough good things about the hotel, staff and restaurant.  I am deeply confused about all the negativity I have read on here.  
This hotel totally lived up to the Kimpton class A quality name.  
Staff were all amazingly nice and super friendly.  Hotel rate was very reasonable and there are so many different discounts online that it is easy to find the best deal to fit your personal needs.  
My dog couldn't have been happier and gotten more love and attention BUT be forewarned they do not have bed for larger dogs, mine is medium size and they tried to offer me a decorative bed pillow for a dog bed which does not work for my 50lb dog.  If your dog needs a bed and is not a tiny dog bring the bed from home.  
The only other disappointment is that they claim they have 24 hour room service but what is available after 10pm is totally limited so make sure to make your own arrangements for late night food needs because Saltbox is great but when it closes you are pretty much SOL here.
Only other complaint is the room had an amazing balcony but there was no furniture on it so it was impossible to enjoy it.  That was a major league bummer.
Texting the valets for your car is one of the coolest things I have seen.  
Room was amazing!  I want that bathroom.  Loved the large tub with the view of the city!!! That was one of the best things ever!!!
Bed was super comfy!  Loved the animal print Kimpton standard robes but these seemed less worn than the other hotels which was a nicer feel and softer.  
Happy hour selection was not too good but it is free and supposedly rotates weekly so I guess I was on an off week.  
I really can't say enough good things about Palomar and the staff and service.  The bellman who helped me check out even asked me if I had gotten all of my chargers.  That was super impressive!  
Love the hotel and all of the staff.  Can't wait to return and enjoy the bathtub and rest of the hotel.  This place can spoil a person with the great facilities, amazing bend over backwards for you staff, free fitness center, free coffee in the am, free happy hour in the evening and amazing restaurant.  
I have stayed in a lot of what seemed highly over rated hotels in downtown San Diego and this one is simply AMAZING!!!

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Brenda H.
This place is a bit on the pricey side, but the gorgeous decor and endless amenities make this place worth every penny!

Location: The heart of the party, next to all the local eateries, bars and clubs and about a block away from Horton Plaza

Service and Amenities: Great friendly receptionist, pet-friendly, hosted wine hour between 5-6pm everyday (serves wine, sangria, beer from local breweries and small snacks) with live music. They also have a rooftop pool (kinda small) and bar with lounge chairs and cabanas for sunbathing, a gym and spa.

Room Amenities: The room was a bit small (standard size for a boutique hotel especially in downtown) but absolutely stunning and beautifully decorated. The bathroom had a sliding track door, glass enclosed walk-in, with overhead shower and modern dropped sink.  Amenities included: soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, phone chargers !?!?! (if you forgot to bring it, just call the front desk and they will bring it to you). Fully stocked mini-fridge, snacks, Kurig coffee.

My only complaint :The bed was a little soft, and the sharp edges on the bed frame can be a real pain (walked into it several times, went home with bruises as a souvenir). Sliding bathroom door leaves no room for privacy and the shower is set for one temperature only, luke warm, so forget about having a hot shower.

Noise: The windows do a very poor job at filtering outdoor sounds. Heard the AC unit and sirens all night long, wee!

Parking: Valet parking only! They run on a texting system so if you need your car or anything in it, they will run there and bring it to you. You can also text them while you're in your room, that way you don't have to stand around outside to wait for your vehicle to arrive.

20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Alyssa P.
I honestly wasn't very impressed with this hotel. The hospitality definitely did not match the fanciness it seemed they were aiming for. The rooms seemed more like condos turned hotel rooms. The views of the San Diego harbor and Petco Park were great though, and I like the steamer in the shower.

Only complaint is ALL their throw pillows had some sort of stain or spill on it...very nasty. Also the room was not ready when they said it would be and we had to wait about 2 hours. While we waited we went up to the pool lounge to order a couple appetizers. We waited about an hour before saying anything. The bartender said he saw the food being plated. We wait another 30 minutes and ask again, he said they lost the ticket....wtf? After that ordeal it only took 15 minutes for the food to come out...

This place could use some better service! I also agree with Eileen C., park at the garage across the street to save some $!

07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
165. Jennifer B.
Very fun hotel. The rooms are a little small and the shower doesn't have a door (very weird) but the pool is very upbeat and fun. The spa was awesome and the staff was very attentive. The hotels location is perfect for those wanting to be in the middle of the action in the Gaslamp District.

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
166. Gustavo S.
I checked into hotel palomar this week before leaving town for an extended period of time.

Upon check in the staff greeted me with a friendly and professional attitude. They explained any questioned about the property I had and gave me a quick breakdown of where different amenities were located.

The staff upgraded my room to a king suite and it was spectacular. It was much more then I expected. The suite even had a half bathroom for me to have friends over! The view of the city was just perfect and the bed was so comfy! Is hard to find a hotel that has a separate bathtub and stand up shower. I loved the room and would love to come back and enjoy it

I was made to feel very welcome and important the smiles from everyone was genuine and sincere

At 5 o clock I went down to the lobby for the complimentary wine hour and enjoyed the live music that is provided on Tuesday, I was even able to meet and chat to an other guest in the hotel

The staff is amazing and I can't say thank you enough to Neachelle who helped arrange my stay and  to all the staff who wished me a safe journey and warm wishes.

The valet even remembered me and greeted me by name every time


21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. Samar N.
I generally love Kimptin hotels, they are funky and unique. My first time here was no exception, the staff was nice and the room comfortable. Therefore I was looking forward to my second stay here. What a disappointment!

The friend we were going with had booked the room on hotwire specifically requesting 2 beds. When we got to the hotel Chris at the front desk checked us in and we went up to our room. We got in and realized it's a king. We went downstairs and let Chris at the front desk know we had specifically booked a double. He basically said to bad you told hot wire that and we don't guarantee those rooms to them, I don't have any call hot wire and deal with them. He was a bit condescending and rude.

We went back up to our room and called Hotwire, they confirmed that it was supposed to be a double and reached out to the hotel. The hotel pretty much told them the same thing, too bad! We then asked hot wire to see if the hotel can bring up a roll away for us; the front desk manager said that they had "ran out" of rollaways. What kind of hotel runs out of rollaways? Additionally, if you fail to deliver for a client, shouldn't you at least try to be a bit accommodating? Apparently not at the Hotel Palomar, take what you're given here and deal with it because they don't really care.

Beyond this, the room they had put us in was HORRIBLE! It was tiny and shoved in a corner with the smallest window I have ever seen in a hotel room. It was a tiny window in the corner and the room was dark and crammed.

I realized that hotels are not huge fans of websites like hotwire or Priceline because they get paid less on those rooms then they do on a full price room, but what they fail to realize is that if they could book al their rooms at full price they wouldn't have any need for these sites. They are obviously using them for a reason. Additionally, if you provide a good experience for these clients they are more likely to stay with you another time at full price in the future.
We had Hotwire refund us the room and went and booked a room at the Westin down the street. I will not be back this hotel.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
168. Nick B.
This is a super nice hotel for the price. A great place to stay in San Diego if you enjoy the finer things but don't want to go all out on your budget. Just watch out--they billed me for a few things extra that I never consented to.

Rooms are awesome. Love the animal print robes. A lot people are complaining about the bathroom, well guess what, that's called modern styling...if you want a bathroom with a normal door try the Motel 6. Pool is nice and the free beer/wine happy hour every day is a plus. I didn't try Saltbox (their restaurant) because SD has tons of amazing restaurants so why bother.

The valet is a little pricey ($39/day) and they charged me for some extra stuff I didn't use like "chocolate banana snacks." ? Only toddlers and monkeys eat bananas and I am neither. I would stay here again however I'll probably try out the Andaz next time I'm in SD...

13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Conrad S.
Nice room. Good customer service.  We got a suite and the suite was beautiful and roomy.  From the living room, to the balcony, to the kitchen (with full fridge), to the bathroom, to the bedroom.... It was all very nice and tastefully decorated and laid out.   Had a great view of the entire city.  The evening view was awesome.  Room could be a tad cleaner. Windows were really dirty.  Because of the hardwood floors, you think they would provide complementary slippers or something.  We took some time to enjoy the pool  The pool area was nice and spacious.  There was limited lounge chairs.  It would of been nice to have a little more lounge chairs around the pool.  Luckily, we must of chose a day that the pool area was not so busy so we were able to claim a couple of chairs.   The hotel had a small fitness center that we used during our stay.  Small with limited equipment but it worked out fine.  The hotel has a restaurant which was nice for an evening when we didn't feel like venturing too far for a bite to eat.   Overall, my experience was positive and I am a fan of Kimpton Hotels.  I have yet to have bad experience at any Kimpton Hotel.  Lets hope they have the same quality of amenities and customer service at other properties.  Thanks Hotel Palomar  San Diego!

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Ellen P.
I've stayed at this hotel a number of times and my experience has been stellar each time.  Comfortable, clean rooms with very modern decor.  Friendly, accommodating staff.  If you get one of the suites on the 10th or 11th floors the views are amazing.  Pretty nice pool with cabanas available.  Great location in the Gaslamp.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Danielle P.
GREAT location in Downtown San Diego and really wonderful staff.  Very clean gym and the rooms are really nice.  LOVE the happy hour in the lobby and so nice that they have bicycles for guests to use!

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Jenn B.
My issue was handled by Mark and I was refunded the money spent during my poor stay at the Palomar. I still prefer the Solamar better...

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
173. Meesh D.
Awesome 2 day stay in the Coronado Penthouse.  Amazing room, and great service at this hotel.  Food was fabulous in the downstairs and upstairs restaurants.  Staff was amazing!  Great door service, valet, and overall service.  Would definitely return.  Just wish the outdoor pool bar would have been open and hopping.  Instead we had to go to the Radisson roof top bar.   That was a bummer!  We were there Friday Aug 22 and Sat. 23.  Summer evening the pool area should be fun and raging. Gave us a late check out when one of the 4 of us was sick. We loved our stay.

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
174. Mary K.
I've never felt compelled to write a yelp review for anything, ever, but I had such a great time at palomar I just had to share.

First off, I was a bit weary from reading some of the reviews on here regarding the room size and missing shower door resulting in a flooded bathroom. In response to that, the room was quite spacious compared to most hotels and for the shower, unless your whaling your arms around like a mad man in there, you'll be fine.

The service was amazing; we arrived at 3 (check in was listed at 4pm) so I was expecting the whole "We're sorry ma'am but I can't check you in yet because blah blah blah" like I get at every hotel, and I've traveled quite a bit. Total check in time? 5 minutes! WHAT?! So quick and easy. Everyone of the staff members were so kind it was refreshing.

Mind you, you can text the valet service your ticket number and they'll have your car waiting when you get down. Very nice touch.

Great location. Clean room. Excellent service. What more can you ask for?

Only downside I can think of was a suspicious stain on our bed cover (yikes) and the complimentary coffee in the lobby. You might wanna skip that and head to Starbucks down the block.

13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Jon S.
The nicest Kimpton hotel I've ever stayed at (which is really saying something).  I knew I was not staying at an ordinary hotel when I entered through the gigantic revolving wooden door.  I was upgraded to one of their flat suite and wow, I have never stayed in such amazing accommodations (I will let the pictures do the talking).  There was also a balcony with a sliding floor to ceiling door with a great view towards the bay.  

I don't expect to stay in such tremendous accommodations (even as an Inner Circle member) so I am very thankful I was able to experience this hotel.  Per usual with the Kimpton brand, the staff was excellent.

04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. MS C.
Lovely room, Bloody pillows.  

I asked for foam pillows, because I am allergic to feathers.  I received three foam pillows with no cases on them, and one of the pillows had old, dried blood on it, like somebody had a nosebleed or something.  Thing is, if the case was on it, when it arrived, I would never have known it was bloody like that.  Makes me want to bring my own pillows to a hotel.  My grandma used to do that back in the day.  I used to think she was kinda crazy.  Now I see why.  Sorry Grandma!

22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
177. winnie p.
5 stars for the staff.
4 stars for the hotel.
1 star for the neighborhood.
Let me elaborate.
Best front desk and valet people ever. Love me, love my dog. My pooch was  treated like a superstar, especially by Johnson, so huge bonus points there.
Room was spacious and quiet. Could have been a little more welcoming....no extras.
Loved the complimentary morning coffee, maybe throw in some pastries next time ?:)
Happy Hour =fab!!
The hood....yikes!! I'm from Venice, CA, so am used to vagrancy but this area is really sketchy, all day long but especially after the sun goes down. Public urination, fights. panhandling ,prostitution. Definitely not a place to bring the kids! We made sure we were back in our room by 8 every night.

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Lucky 1.
I really really wanted to love this hotel. I was booked into a suite. It was very choppy and completely useless. The floor was covered with dust bunnies. The floor length drapes were stained,  the hems were torn and dragging. The dust on the ledge around the bathtub was at least a month old. It did have an incredible view but the glass windows had not been cleaned in ages. They need to learn to the clean and refill the coffee bar and snack table.
My suggestion is a complete "Do-Over" in the house keeping department and a closer eye on management.
Other than that, how was the play Mr. Lincoln?

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
179. Q T.
Revision after further experience:

The hotel is beautiful
The rooms are nice and stylish
What food and drinks I had were tasty
The noise was minimal
The pool area was nice
In room dining was quick

The shower temp fluctuated
The AC dripped but was fixed the following day
Valet is very pricey and slow (granted there was construction)

This place has a lot of potential but unfortunately there were issues with management and how they handled situations regarding concerns on VIP client(s) among other things that were handled poorly by front desk and then the following morning by front desk management.

07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
180. Joshua F.
Let me start off this review by saying the 2 stars is not due to the employees being unfriendly nor the lack of upscale accommodations.

Key points to take away if you do not want to read too far into this review:

1. Wait time to check into the room was too long, to be generous.
2. Valet parking is a bit pricey but I understand we pay a higher price for a prime downtown location.
3. Sales Manager, Tamara Shelton, as well as Bartender/Mixologist Leo where both outstanding.

My wife and I chose Hotel Palomar based on the research we had done previous to booking, reviews from Yelp and hotels.com played a role in our decision. We booked our stay here as a mini vacation, a nice little getaway following my return home from deployment earlier that day. Unfortunately, our experience was sub-par and very different from what we were expecting based on the reviews and price.


My wife and I were looking at hotels to spend an evening or two to celebrate and have a night or two on the town. After browsing the internet I found the Hotel Palomar and it seemed like a wonderful place. Outstanding views, LGBT friendly, Eco-friendly, pet friendly, modern, and all said a great establishment. I contacted Ms. Shelton via the contact us page and let her know my wife and I were thinking of staying at the hotel and possibly a spa treatment the following day. She was more than helpful letting me know about the current specials as well as holding a room for us and booking a spa treatment for the following day. During my last correspondence with Ms. Shelton I let her know we might not be able to arrive early due to military schedules changing, but there was a chance we'd like an early check in. Everything was wonderful so far.

Arrival: Approximately 1:30 PM

Upon arrival the hotel looked beautiful; friendly valets came to greet us and notified us we could text early when we wanted the car back so we wouldn't have to wait. Awesome feature, not sure if it's a current industry standard but we appreciated it. We then found our way to the front desk to check in, where we were told that our loft (The Coronado) wasn't ready but it should be soon. What my wife and I took away from that was we should have our room in about an hour or so. Thinking we had a bit of time to spend before we went up to the room we headed over to the Saltbox Restaurant & Bar were we had excellent service, drink, and food. After an hour and a half with no text or call that our room was ready, I left the bar to ask if there was any update. The front desk staff then informed me it would be at least another two hours before the room was ready because they needed to buff the floors. We were then shown the Balboa Loft to see if we wanted to stay the night there instead. The loft itself was nice, but we wanted a special view for our special evening and the Balboa didn't do that for us. We headed back down stairs where we were handed a couple drink coupons to tie us over in the bar. Over the next two hours we got a few drinks and headed up to the pool for a bit, and after spending about an hour or so up there headed back down to the Saltbox.

Call/Check In: Approximately 5:30 PM

Near 5:30 PM, one and a half hours after normal check in time, we received a call from the front desk that our loft was ready. We get our key, get checked in and headed up! As we got settled in I realized our bags were not there, after waiting I would think they would have been delivered to the room, but I was done with the whole matter. I ran downstairs and requested the bags and they were promptly brought up to our loft. While I Was grabbing the bags my wife discovered a kind, hand written note from Ms. Shelton as well as a bottle of wine and chocolate strawberries in the fridge; it was a nice touch. The room itself was nice, my wife informed me that some of the kitchen drawers seemed like they weren't mounted properly, but being as we weren't planning on using the kitchen this stay it wasn't a large concern for us. We enjoyed our evening out on the town and turned in for the night.

Morning : 7:30 AM

We had a very pleasant morning and enjoyed our view. We ordered room service for breakfast; polite, quick, efficient, and delicious. We then checked out around 10:30 AM to head over to the mall for a little while since we had scheduled massages for 3:15 PM. The front desk was nice enough to hold our bags until our massages were completed, which was nice. That concluded our stay with the Hotel Palomar, a review on the spa is on the way.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
181. Todd M.
Where to begin?  We have had the occasion to stay at this hotel a couple of times now, and it just keeps on getting better.

The staff went that extra mile to make the experience a memorable one and for us it certainly appreciated.

With so many hotels competing for your dollar, and only so much you can do to a hotel room, it all boils down to customer service, and the management team at the Hotel Palomar San Diego has realized that.  

Staff was courteous and friendly, from the concierge to the front desk staff.

I highly recommend this Hotel when you are in San Diego.

Thank you.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Chris H.
We had a staycation and booked a room here. Decently priced for location and amenities. Wine Happy Hour was awesome (5-6pm). My friend checked in late and they gave her a coupon for a free drink since she missed happy hour (nice!).

Beds were comfy and staff was nice. Also enjoyed the complimentary wine and tea in the morning. The pool area is super relaxing. Just wish the bar was open or had better service during the day.  Walking distance to everything downtown.

Would definitely stay here again for a staycation or recommend to any out-of towners.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Jim L.
I am writing a follow up on my review earlier. After expressing my concerns about the service I recieved i got a call from the coproate office expressing their concern about how my problem was handeled. They took care of my probolem quickly. Thank you for caring. :-)

I cant believe how bad this hotel's custoemr service is. I booked a room on 5-9-2014 for what I thought was on 6-20-2014. Two minutes after I booked the room I realized that I booked it on the wrong day. I called the hotel 30 seconds after this to tell them what happened. When I spoke to the reservation rep he told that I had to talk to my credit card company. At that time the credit card company was closed. I contacted them first thing the following morning and they contacted the hotle and the Manager said that I could not change the reservation and or cancel it. They knew that I made a mistake and they still charged me. I own a business and knowing that a customer made a simple mistake I would have rescheduled the room stay. At the end of the day I paid $285 for a night stay there and I cant stay. :-( Horrible customer service. Keep in mind that if you have a problem here they may not care.

Jim Lopez


09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
184. Chloe H.
I was impressed with Hotel Palomar during my 4 night stay in San Diego. My sister booked the place, and the rates were reasonable for the downtown area. The staff is courteous without stepping into the annoying fake customer service rep territory. The location is convenient and I was able to walk easily to all the places I wanted to visit. The rooms were ample in size; in all honesty, the hotel was just a place for me to sleep and not hang about...so I really didn't care much for size. The beds were super comfortable, although I am a side sleeper and the pillows were made more for back sleepers. No big deal.

The hotel has a bar on the ground floor and a restaurant on the mezzanine level. Both were intimate and the staff was overall kind and laid back. But I have separate reviews for those.

As far as the area goes; yes, I do agree the views are less than desirable. The surrounding neighborhood has quite a few homeless people out at night, but none were near the hotel entrance. And again, I was at the hotel to mainly get a good sleep, not for the views or to hang about the room all day or night. Neighborhood sounds were within reason, perhaps quieter than in the busier part of the Gaslamp Quarter.

23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
185. Darci Y.
This hotel was amazing.  We were upgraded to a suite, which was very trendy, had comfort and sophistication.  The view was breath taking as the sun was setting and rising.  

The staff was very friendly and spoke highly of each other.  They had a complimentary wine tasting hour and the hotel is pet friendly.

I would highly recommend staying there and make sure to visit the restaurant attached, SaltBox.  It was phenomenal!

The only issue I had was the overnight parking fee... I know it's standard but $40 for your car to have a parking spot seems a bit high...especially when you're paying so much already.

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
186. Alyson W.
It's 6:55am and I'm anxiously awaiting checking out of the Palomar Hotel this morning. Why am I awake so early? Is it because I can hear all the traffic and vagrants from the street? Is it because my room is right next to the elevator? Possibly both.  I suppose I had a bad taste in my mouth from this hotel since before we even checked in. We flew here from NYC, so after a long flight we were really hoping to get a possible early check-in so we could just sit down and relax. I called the hotel to ask about this.  They told me that my room was not available yet, and that they would call me as soon as it was. Great, I'll be looking forward to that call. I completely understand that you can't always check-in early. What I didn't like, is that no one ever called me. After wandering San Diego in our rental car for nearly 3 hours and having the staple San Diego burrito I was really exhausted and tried the hotel again. This time, they told me my room was ready. Thanks for doing what you told me you'd do Palomar.
Next, is it even worth discussing that the parking is 39 dollars a night? To add insult to injury, the hotel next door has a sign out that says parking is only 30 dollars a night. And also, there is a public parking garage that I could probably assume was half the price right across the street. We debated using it, because of the price, and also- it takes forever for the valet to get your car!!! We were told that the Palomar Hotel is "green" and that if we had a hybrid it would only cost 20 dollars. The Palomar Hotel calling itself green is funny because as I sit up all night listening to the street traffic and the elevator, I look down at the pool deck  and watch the fluorescent lights of the pool and walls change color. Maybe if they shut the lights off at the pool deck they could drop the cost of our valet charges and offset their carbon footprint a bit more? It's cool though Palomar- I know saying you are a "green" hotel makes you feel cool.
What about that pool deck you ask?  When we checked into the hotel, the girl at the front desk told us our room number and mentioned to us that it was overlooking the pool deck- as if this was a selling point.  Maybe this would be nice- except the windows of this place are filthy.  So my view of the pool deck was far from impressive. I was told there would be live entertainment Thursday through Sunday. Awesome! Except there wasn't any. After we settled into our room we went down to the pool deck to relax- but instead watched them set up for a private party that they kicked us out of the pool area for later. Seriously? Literally had people setting up stages and lights around us. Didn't even acknowledge we were there, just worked around us till we were so put off that we left- which didn't much matter anyway because they were kicking us out in 5 minutes due to their exclusive party. So what is your business Palomar? Are you a hotel or a venue? Because that was BS. Who is your real customer? What am I paying for?
Our room was grimey and used. Obviously someone had a dog in here because they scratched at the sides of the bathroom door. The only chair in our room was FILTHY. Stains all over. All of the furniture was scratched and worn.  The rooms are tiny.
The staff was fairly nonexistent. Not that they weren't there- they were everywhere. They just barely acknowledged us. Where is the hospitality? We are guests in your home for 4 nights and we could barely get a hello. I stood in front of a doorman, obviously looking at a map trying to figure out how to get to our restaurant and he just stood there. Ugh. I could go on and on.  I pretty much agree with most of the negative reviews on here (so it would be almost redundant to mention how off putting their "hip" bathroom doors are....Listening to your fiancé use the bathroom after 3 days of Mexican food seemed pretty cool to whoever designed this place) I love staying at nice hotels. I make my decisions on where to stay from Tablet Hotels recommendations, and I'll be sure to make them aware as well. This is a hotel of try-hards, that are completely missing the mark. I'll never come back.

18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
187. Gabriel P.
Stayed here for one night this past Saturday and had a blast! After being greeted at the curb by a friendly bell hop, we got settled in our room. Went down to the bar and met the coolest and most personal bartender named Leo. Stayed and chatted through the shift with not only him, but fun and interesting bar patrons as well. It was a quick trip, but a fun and comfortable one for sure. Thanks again Leo for being the star of our trip! We'll be back!!!

30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Sheryl R.
Stayed for one night. The staff were very friendly. Loved the decor in the lobby and the room. Didnt get to experience the dining area since we already had different plans while we were there. Only thing I would complain about is the cleanliness of the room. The drapes were a bit dusty and  the sheets we had had noticeable stains. I don't think the price is worth it.
Would I stay here again? - it probably wouldn't be my first choice unless they have a great deal going on.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
189. Rip C.
Went to a pool event at this hotel and was ejected after 20 minutes because my sandal slipped on the wet concrete. So when I walked back up to the bar the bartender said he couldn't serve me. I asked, "how about a water?" Next thing the security escorted me out.  Will not be returning to this venue.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
190. KyraAnne G.
I was really excited to go on a weekend getaway here because I'd heard good things about Kimpton Hotels but it ended up being a somewhat awkward experience. 20 minutes after settling in, I was walked in on 100% naked! It was awfully embarrassing but no one ever tried to make up for it. I was hoping for a free meal or a free drink at least after they got so far with me :P
The hotel itself was nice and trendy - clearly targeted to hipsters. The happy hour was good. However, the room was small and the hallways reeked of pot, probably also due to the hipster clientele. The pool area was pretty cool and I wish I'd brought my bikini.

Alert: The bathroom door here is just a slab of glass that doesn't close entirely. You can hear EVERYTHING on the other side of the door and see a shadow through it. It was a cool idea but I would've preferred some privacy.

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
191. Manny K.
DO NOT STAY HERE,  we made the mistake, and I don't want you to. I booked the hotel for a vacation in San Diego, a place I have never been to before. When we checked in to our room we found a large stain which appeared to be blood. After we complained about it, the manager changed our room and then had the audacity to accuse us of creating the stain and offered us the ultimatum of paying $25 for the Duvet cover, or leaving the hotel.

After getting nowhere we left the hotel. Neither the manger, general manger or anybody on the staff will admit that their housekeeping is subpar, however after further investigation I found that they have had many similar occurrences where they have shown a complete lack of care for the hotel guest.

Here are the direct quotes from other hotel guests who have found stains that looked like blood as well.

Tripadvisor Review by awwwyea206 on July 19th, 2012

"-linens, although were nice, had blood stains on the comforter"
Yelp Review by user MS C. Los Angeles 5/22/2012
"Lovely room, Bloody pillows.  

I asked for foam pillows, because I am allergic to feathers.  I received three foam pillows with no cases on them, and one of the pillows had old, dried blood on it, like somebody had a nosebleed or something. " 

Yelp Review by User Eileen C. 5/12/2012

"The second, a small blood stain on the duvet (I know, right. EW)"
hotels.com Verified Guest Review by Phil Nov, 2012

I hope this deters you from visiting the hotel and having to deal with what is clearly a management that works in the hospitality industry, but does not understand what the meaning of hospitality is.

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
192. Victor A.
Wow, what an amazing night. From the minute you walk through the giant front door, you can feel the week's stress melt away. The staff was all very helpful and pleasant. They took care of my  dinner reservations and showed me up to possibly the best view of San Diego. To sum it up, we had a great night on the town and will definitely be back here again soon.

22/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Elizabeth B.
I really wanted to love this hotel. We came for a night get away from LA to party in Gaslamp. Location was on the border of sketch town, but just don't go that direction when you leave and you're ok! Stayed in room 613, which was infested with ants, I bumped into the young lady that checked me in on my way to the Wine hour, and told her we had ants, she promptly said she would send up housekeeping.

When we got back from dinner, tipsy at this point, our intention was to get ready and head out for a night on the town. As soon as I returned, I noticed the ants had decided to get a jump on the evening and must have invited all their friends back to my room. Needless to say, housekeeping never made it up, nor resolved the problem when I called to tell them it was still an issue. I wasnt going to waste my evening on ensuring housekeeping made it up to get rid of ants. I came to party.

All in all, the pool DJ was on point, the Wine hour was a cool perk, valet was $39, my sheets were ripped, and I slept with ants. Won't be coming back...

13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
194. Maridel A.
Always a great time to have parties at Hotel Palomar. Been here a few times for Birthdays, bachelorette, Super Bowl, one night stands (haha Jk) & more Birthdays!! Beautiful view of San Diego!

19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
195. Jason B.
beautiful property.

great check in experience

very trendy

the front door - unless i saw the wrong one - is an architectural FAILURE and obnoxious. i couldn't think of a more appropriate word than obnoxious

fyi the floor of the room is hardwood just fyi

shower was overhead shower head which was powerful

i dont think in room dining was available 24/7 but its ok bc no one should be eating after 8pm anyways per human stomachs

we found street parking two blocks north

did not try any of the dining options

would stay again but i did it through hotwire which claims its a 4.5 but i would need to check more carefully but definitely a 4 star easily

gorgeous rooms

02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
196. Richard G.
Meh. This is an "upscale" and "trendy" hotel on the outskirts of the Gas Lamp District. I found it to be nice enough, but overrated and overpriced.

It has a very small footprint in a very dense neighborhood. They have no parking lot and they charge $39 a day for valet parking. When they retrieve your car, be prepared for a LONG wait of 20 minutes or more every time.  

The front door to the hotel is a huge steel looking door, like you would find on a warehouse. The valet opens it for you, but this setup just screams BARRICADE. Inside, the lobby is very small and not grand or impressive. I found it understated and BLAH, boring.

The skyline room w/ King size bed was  just over 300 sq ft and small. With the furnishings it felt cramped and crowded.  They provide most of the usual in-room amenities, BUT no coffee maker. At $320 a night, they can provide a freaking coffee maker. Now, I know these "trendy" places like to offer coffee in the lobby (what this place called their "living room"),  but I find that to be inconvenient and frankly kind of cheap.  The other thing that bothered me was that Internet access was not included and cost  $12 a day. So -- $320 for the room, $39 for valet parking, and $12 for Internet and it all begins to add up fast for 300 sq ft of just OK space.

The other consideration is that this hotel is near the Gas Lamp and a light-rail train station and is next to the House of Blues. I stayed on the 13th floor and all night long I heard trains, sirens and the sound of people shouting on the street.

Having said all that, I guess overall, if you know the neighborhood and what to expect, and money is not a serious concern, than this place is good enough, but  honestly, for the same price you can do better in this part of town.

21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
197. Ryan H.
We stayed here overnight for a company party and to be fair the staff was friendly. However, when we got there, our luggage was taken by the staff/bellhop and left in the lobby while we went up to our room. We were running late and waited in our room wondering when we would get our luggage. I thought the bellhop usually goes up with you and your luggage, no?

Anyways, the reason why this hotel is getting only one star is the fact that the heater did not work. It just shot out cold air and we were freezing. It was late at night and so we just turned it off. We were still freezing but it was better than having the broken heater on.

Secondly, the design of the bathroom was a turn off. I just hate when there are no doors on the bathroom that fully clothes. We had a frosted glass sliding door that left huge gaps on each side. I'm sorry, but when I need to go number two, I like my privacy!

Inside the restroom, picture a standing shower area (no tub) with only half of the shower area covered with glass wall. The other half was open. Therefore, when you take a shower the chance of water ending up on the bathroom floor is high. Yes a puddle of water collected after my shower and hers.

08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
198. Les L.
The best thing about the Hotel Palomar is its location near Gaslamp, San Diego.  We were staying in San Diego the weekend of the Holiday Bowl (tear, Bruins) and decided to stay Downtown.  The location was prime: close to a trolley station, walking distance to both Gaslamp and Little Italy, and nearby to Horton Plaza.

The room itself was a little meh.  It was small and the interior rooms not with street/City views are atrocious.  The 4th floor, in particular, is cave-like with little natural light because of the obstructions of nearby buildings.  The non-flat screen TV was placed in a very illogical location exactly 90 degrees from the bed and the remote had a range of approximately 1.5 feet.  The TV was also on the desk so good luck trying to sit and use the desk.  

The bathroom was quite nice, a lot of natural stones and woods and a rain-style shower head.  In true Kimpton style, there was no door to the shower, just a partial glass wall which was woefully insufficient to keep water in and off the floor.  The toiletries were lovely and Italian with Peter Thomas Roth soap.  Also, the opaque sliding glass door separating the sleeping area from the bathroom provided a visual block between the rooms but certainly not to noise or smell, if you get my drift.

There were other quirky things I liked, like the zebra and leopard print bathrobes, the ability to actually store things in the fridge, complimentary daily HH in the lobby, coffee and hot chocolate in the AMs, and that hipster vibe all Kimpton hotels give off.  But, based on rooms alone, I was less than impressed.  I might return if I was willing to shell out more a City view room because the location is so ideal.

21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
199. Denise H.
I had never been to a Kimpton Hotel before and was pleasantly surprised.  The interior decorations were incredible with amazing detail to the little things.  This is a great venue for any holiday party and the spa is very nice.  I had the best massage o my life with Patricia.  There are some reviews complaining about the bathroom, but we just asked for extra soap an towels ad the problem was fixed.  They also installed new TV's while we were there, but honestly why would you want to waste time watching TV when there is so much to do in the hotel.  Even if you just want to relax.  Pool area and restaurants were very good.
We will definitely be returning for another stay cation

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
200. Ryan C.
First time checking in at this hotel.  It's nice and trendy. The staff were friendly and very accommodating. Their pool lounge on the 4th floor is very nice too. I'd definitely come back here soon.

16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
201. Jim G.
Great hotel but I wish I had researched the location better. I'll go with the bad first. This hotel is an area with a lot of clubs and restaurants but also a lot of panhandlers. Apparently this is normal in downtown San Diego but I didn't know this area was so gritty. I'd recommend walking in a group at night or otherwise be dropped off right in front of the hotel. Even during the day time there were enough crazy people walking around to make me want to leave the area for better parts of the city.
With the bad location out of the way, the rest of the hotel was actually very nice.  Dark hardwood floors and a 'rain' shower were the best parts of the room. The bed and pillows were very comfortable. Despite the many clubs nearby, I never heard any of that noise in my room. The pool was heated slightly so it wasn't freezing which was nice. The pool area itself was good but they could have used more lounge chairs. I ate breakfast twice in the restaurant and both meals were better than expected, though not cheap. The valets were also very helpful in hailing taxis for me. All in all I really enjoyed this hotel but the location was just not at all what I expected. I would probably try to stay in a different part of the city next time.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
202. Nicole A.
I visited Hotel Palomar during a conference, but did not stay at the hotel.

PROS: The staff are friendly. The hotel is beautifully decorated. The food is better than most hotels I've stayed at. Nice outdoor pool area (although I found a dead roach under my chair during lunch)!

CONS: What the heck is up with the wifi and  cell service?! It's like they block everything out just to charge you to use their wifi service! My carrier has a store across the street and I had NO service inside the hotel. Completely ridiculous in downtown San Diego.

I wouldn't pay to stay here.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. Holly S.
Excellent customer service from the staff this weekend!  Dallas and Alyssa and Vanessa all rocked!  They even brought us a bottle of wine when we checked in because they said we were nice!  How cool! The decor and room was very nice and beds were super comfy!  Great location / close to gas lamp and we could walk to Petco for the game. The pool party was ok -maybe a little young crowd for us but still fun!   Would definitely come back.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. L C.
I love all kimpton hotels, and this one does not disappoint. Awesome rooms (our suite was perfect for a family -- it even had bunk beds for the little ones!) and the staff here goes out of their way to make sure everything is perfect.  The spa is amazing, free coffee & wine, great restaurant, all around this is a great hotel.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
205. Sharon C.
A very nice hotel in a great location. The valet service was $38. You can text your ticket number to them a few minutes in advance so you wouldn't have toToo bad I didn't notice public parking right across the street.

21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
206. Stephanie W.
Everything was fantastic! I had a surprise trip planned for my fiancés 30th birthday. I reserved a room online & a spa package! I got in a little early and they were accommodating letting me use all the amenities before check in! Whenever it was time to check in they let me know they upgraded my room to a suite because of the celebration! It was beautiful! Everything was awesome! I will be back again!

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. Abby P.
My boyfriend and I came here for our first vacation together. All of the staff was so kind and welcoming! We were a little out of place because it was a nicer hotel than either of us would stay at, but everyone made us feel so comfortable! Chuy the bellman and Karen at the spa really made the trip for me! If you go, visit their spa! Truly amazing service and products. I'm sad to leave!

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. Lindsay M.
I spent seven nights at Hotel Palomar, and they were great. The room was nice and the location is awesome. The front desk was very friendly (especially Joe) and gave us great food and bar recommendations. The pool was nice and we definitely enjoyed the free happy hour.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
209. Joseph B.
This was, by far, one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. My girlfriend and I got this hotel for comic-con, and we are not the usual hotel client; meaning that we aren't in the same social class. However, not only was the staff extremely nice, they treated us like we were no different. The rooms, bar, and pool were something you would find in a movie. Additionally, this hotel is perfectly located in the downtown gaslamp district. You can find over a dozen restaurants and bars within walking distance. My only issue would be the bathrooms. The bathroom door was a sliding door and looked awesome from the outside, but it was not made to close all the way. It made it kind of awkward when one of us had to go to the bathroom... Nevertheless, don't let this fact draw you away from the hotel. Everything about it is exceptional, and we would stay there again in a heartbeat!

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
210. Regina P.
Staff and security were rude and degrading, and charged me $300 in cleaning fees when I didnt even spend the night in my room. They refused to give me copies of what I signed when I checked in, as well.  I will never stay there again, nor will I ever support any events held there. My friends and I had our holiday ruined by their "hospitality".

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
211. Tim M.
Went here for  my wife's Bday saturday night. Staff was really friendly. Hotel room was small (it's the city, what do you expect) but nice. Only complaint is there was a small dinner plate size piece of paint hanging from the ceiling of our room. Thought that was odd as it seems like something that could be fixed pretty easily. They gave us a free round of drinks at the bar for her Bday as well as room service dropped off a cake and bottle of champagne we brought . They had good complimentary coffee the next morning. Overall a cool spot.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
212. Maresa M.
We wanted a last minute getaway.. To be fair here. I was mostly annoyed that we had to go to their other property to enjoy the pool since it seemed that the outdoor space was booked for private events.. Which wouldn't have been that bad except it was $39 to park already and then we got charged additional parking at the solamar.. Eh.. Kinda defeated the whole point- but I will say the staff for the most part was kind and courteous..the room looked great- until you started to look closer...

Having worked in the industry I do the good ol 'toilet test'- sit on the toiled and look around and see what you see.. Chipped tiles and floor.. Rough edges around the door drain quasi broken.. Stains... Eh.. I get it's a pet friendly hotel but there was a weird odor in the room.. (Guessing our room at one point had been pet friendly- that smell.. Ugh)

Would I have paid the normal rate for this room? Probably not- my discounted rate sure- I'll play... But if you are going to charge so much.. It's all the little touches that make a boutique property special and when the details are rough.. It doesn't justify the cost.

I will say the food was great and I'd really look at trying to stay another time to see if it gets any better.. Or if it is what it is...

I will say it's a great location etc- but worth the price.. Not so sure..

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
213. Alfred K.
Our visit started off great. We were greeted by the valet attendants and concierge who took our luggage to our room. The hotel has a nice decor and feel to it. As a frequent Kimpton hotel visitor throughout the country, I was pretty excited.

We upgraded our room to a very nice suite on the 17th floor, the Coronado Luxury Loft... I have to admit, I was sold. The views were spectacular. We had views of the Gas Lamp District, Petco Park, Coronado Bridge, and the bay. It does not get any better than this.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Rose B.
Stayed here just for the night with my sister in law (we were in town for a show). First thing I noticed was the door to the restroom was a huge frosted glass door and the sliders it sat on created a gap, so no privacy to go pee or . Not very good when ur sharing a room and it's by the entryway. Anyway rest of the room was nice, service ok, Except their downstairs bar closed at 11:45. That area is in is kind of ruff too. Lots of thuggish people walking around. Overall it was not too bad but not great. Parking $40 a nite added to ur bill. Parking for $5 across the street.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
215. Chris D.
This a really nice quirky boutique hotel. It's super cool & modern with lost of nice little touches. The room and bathroom where luxury however they where a little on the small side.

The staff were friendly, though there knowledge of local entertainment was found severely lacking. We were sent to a place called El Camino which apparently goes off on a Sunday, only to find it was actually closed.

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
216. Elena M.
Stayed for four nights. Wonderful experience: friendly and accomodating staff, nice big rooms, great selection of food if you opt for room service, cute swimming pool, free wine and tasty sangria in the lobby during happy hour. The location is great, walking distance from many restaurants and lounges, short drive from the zoo and old town. Overall an A+ experience!

09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
217. Gail D.
This is the only chain Hotel I will stay at.  I stayed at the one in Philadelphia and was blown away. I'm here at the Palomar in San Diego and again, the atmosphere, decor, service and price can't be beat!!! It's like staying at the best most avante hotel in New York at an affordable price.  These people have a sense of humor and are so personable. Checking in early was not a hassle.  The hotel restaurants are some of the best meals we've had and my husband is a chef.  We love Kimpton Hotels.  I'd love to stay here for a week.  I don't want to go home.  My son is in the Navy here and I'm so excited there's  a Kimpton Hotel for us to stay at.
Nicole at the front desk is amazing and was so gracious at recommending great places to go, she even put up with my cranky husband.  LOVE THIS HOTEL!!!!

02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
218. Sonya B.
This is the WORST hotel I have ever been to!  A small group of friends and I got a suite - paid over $400 for an event. Almost immediately after our arrival we had 6 security guards telling us we had too many people in the room. Apparently the max is 4 and we had 10 or so. They stood and waited until the room was empty and did a walk around to ensure we obeyed. We ended up getting evicted at 8:30 pm and they kept out money and even tried to charge more for cleaning fees - $700 total! Never stay here!!!

06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
219. Amabelle D.
I went to an event at this hotel. And first and foremost, the event space is small. My group and I realized that before we left the event, but the security said it would be cool if we left. We had wrist bands it would be fine.
We came back and they were at capacity. I didn't mind having to wait in line again for people to leave, but they were trying to make us pay AGAIN to get back in. I didn't want that. One of the security guards was being hostile with me, but another asked me what my issue was. I told him, "look, I don't care if I have to wait an hour in another line. I'm just not paying twice to get into an event I already paid for." He told me his hands were tied and he couldn't do anything. So I walked back around to the general line and told my friend what happened. In the middle of the story the security says, "we were coming back around to tell you, you didn't have to pay cover, but now we have to escort you out."
I never said anything to them at that point. I was trying to tell my friend a story and they escorted me out. NEVER stay at this hotel or pay this hotel money for any event. It's not worth your money.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
220. Jean L.
I was initially very disappointed at this hotel.  I had stayed at the other Kimpton hotel in San Diego, Hotel Solomar and had booked a larger room there before.  I booked a room with Expedia at Hotel Palomar and expected something comparable.  Although the room was clean, it was SO small.

After going downstairs for the free happy hour (beer, wine, whiskey), we decided to ask for an upgrade.  The front desk kindly showed us to a larger corner suite and boy oh boy were we not disappointed.  There was a separated living room, 1.5 bathrooms, a large master, and a huge patio.
The good: they had an extensive list of things you could ask for complimentary (floss, hair straightener, phone charger..etc., I posted a photo of the list); the huge balcony that wrapped around the corner unit; the large bathroom; the extra half bath
the bad: the tub was dirty (there was hair from 3 differnet hair color individuals); the couches were stained; the bed was lopsided and my back ached the next morning

however, all in all, i had a great time.

15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
221. Brittany W.
A modern upscale hotel in the heart of the Gaslamp District - perfect for people in their 20s & 30s who want to be only steps away from the Gaslamp bar scene.

Complimentary coffee and wine.
With complimentary coffee in the mornings and complimentary wine (5-6PM) daily, Palomar (Kimpton chain) know how to make it's guests feel welcome.

Customer experience is fantastic.
It was my bf's bday and we were in the lobby for some wine. Mike the Concierge was super friendly, and offered us a complimentary bottle of wine! We were so impressed by the gesture and the hospitality provided - way to go above and beyond for your guests!

Room & Board is 8/10.
Lobby and rooms are modern - love the high ceilings. We stayed in a Skyline View with a Queen - it's a touch cramped and non-actually have a beautiful skyline view.

(3) 4-star+ Yelp spots attached at the hip.
You're in bar central when you're staying at Palomar, but what's even better is that you have some of the highest rated places right at your feet.  The rooftop bar & pool, Saltbox and House of Blues are all attached to the Palomar.

And yes, I would stay there again.

24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
222. Natalie K.
So I just realized that I started to review this hotel about a year ago and never finished.  I think the info is still worth getting out there, so...

I stayed 5 nights recently on a business trip after finding out that the Solamar (sister hotel, closer to the convention center) was full.  The additional walk and seclusion are kind of my style anyway, so I was pretty happy to be about .7 miles from the rest of the conference-goers.  (And importantly, there were government rates available for this hotel!!  WOOT!)

I was greeted by very friendly staff who had my room ready for early check-in.  There are always beverages in the lobby, from water with fruit floating in it to hot chocolate to whiskey and cider.  This was really a nice touch, especially after a long day of work.  

I ordered roomservice, which was tasty, except I realized all of a sudden that there was no table in my room.  A very large desk where my laptop was recharging, but no table....I feel like I probably got assigned to one of those rooms that's the ugly duckling of my floor.  The layout just didn't add up.  For example, no table to eat roomservice on, you couldn't really see the TV from the bed given the angle, etc.  Not a big deal, but not as comfy as it could have been.

I actually had wonderful service here, at the desk, at the bar (which had some creative beverages), and even when I opted to get a manicure in the hotel spa (very luxe).  I let the staff know about some of the issues with my room when I checked out, and the manager apologized.  I would stay in this hotel again, but maybe I would speak up about the room on the first night.

The bed itself, and the shower, were pretty grand.  Sleek, modern, and comfortable.  Good location overall, but a little farther away than the others.  Hospitable and stylish.

08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
223. LK W.
I checked-in on Tuesday, a couple days before Thanksgiving.  I booked their Skyline View room which was well appointed, spacious, a large balcony with seating and a view of the city.  I was shocked to find this 5 star hotel at a rate of less than $150!  I didn't know that Thanksgiving is a slow time for most of the hotels so any hotel In this area during the week of Thanksgiving is extremely inexpensive.  The U.S. Grant, another 5 star hotel, on the next street over (across from  the Horton Shopping Plaza) also was less than $150 a night.  I do have to note that the rooms are extremely dry.  I requested a humidifier which is one of the many complimentary amenities you can have brought to the room.  However, the humidifier is a cheap Vic's (think vapor rub) brand that not only was it ineffective for this size room it also leaked all over the place.  Hopefully that will be the only hiccup with my stay here.

27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
224. Missy D.
So glad I ended up at this hotel! It was exactly what I was after. Beautiful rooms, included with yoga mat, and the bed was to die for, I could have spent days in there!

Great location, tons of epic restaurants around and easy to navigate. And the valet guys, Lee and Aron were awesome! They took definitely took care of me and were always willing to give directions if need be.

Pool was nice, didn't get a lot of sun, but still was arm enough to lie by it, especially being a Canadian.

They have free wine every night in the lobby and different types of water and coffee in the mornings.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
225. Amy E.
If I could, I would rate this place a 0! My boyfriend runs a record label called Soulection and we held a pool party here on Sunday (this was Soulections second event at this same venue). The security is the biggest batch of deuchecanoes you will ever encounter. As the girlfriend of the man who held this event for the second time here and who brought this hotel nothing but money and exposure, i could not believe how rude the security was to me and to my boyfriends mother. When I arrived I went to the front of the line and explained I was there with my boyfriend whose event this was, and was told I was "not special" and to get in line. I didn't mind waiting in line but he was a major asshole. There was no need for his attitude. When I got in I was not allowed backstage. This is my family's business. When I used the restroom, the security guard was waiting outside for me and escorted me out. At the end, I went backstage to get my bag and the same guard spotted me and was literally charging at me like a bull when the artists intervened to tell him to leave me alone. Then allllll of a sudden he's all "oh ok ok". Like I hadn't told the asshole over and over. And at the end of the night when my boyfriend and I were leaving they wouldn't even validate my boyfriends parking! After bringing them all the money and attention!! Super rude, ungrateful! And no hospitality whatsoever.

Oh and I should mention, the bar won't even give you a cup of water! You must pay for "bottle water only".

Soulection holds plenty of events at tons of venues. Never has security been such assholes. I suggest you assholes find new jobs or go flip burgers since you hate your lives so much.

Do not give this place your money or time.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
226. Buster G.
This place is awesome for relaxing and party if you want love the rooms they are first class and everyone that works here seems to be happy with there jobs

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
227. Kevin W.
Went for a pool party. Rude bar staff. Could their security look less enthused to be there,? Not only did they look unhappy to be there? They totally missed a group of kids passing out ecstasy in plain sight. Did I mention they have a ton of security? The most infuriating thing was after spending $30 a pop for a ticket and  $80 at the bar (airport prices with a weak pour I might add),  I ask the bartender for water to which she replys, "do you want a cup or bottle?" I reply, " a cup will do just fine." She replys, "sorry sir we only serve water in a bottle!" Then why'd she ask if I wanted a cup?! No I don't want to pay $5 for a kiddie size bottle of water.

I'm pretty sure denying someone a glass of water is illegal for a bar/restaurant. Super lame after dropping over $100.


24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
228. Steven B.
Excellent downtown hotel. This is my second visit here and generally like the Kimpton chain of hotels and the Palomar follows suit. The pool area is pleasant but not a party scene and if anything the hotel is relaxing and a nice place after working or traveling. The rooms are spacious and views are great of the city.

The neighborhood is not in the thick of the Gaslamp, but still offers options close by for food. The hotel's restaurant Saltbox was good, but not great. And for the few weekdays I was there, it was generally dead. Regardless, it's convenient that it's just downstairs for days you don't feel like going out. I do wish it's team was a little different, however. Just a few more healthy/lighter options would be nice. I found myself adjusting what was available on the menu. "Can we change that to salmon on my salad?" To which the server/chef were thankfully accommodating.

The hotel room was clean and I liked the personal note upon check-in welcoming for my stay. That said, there was a little wear-and-tear starting to show in my particular room: 1) The toilet would inconsistently decide to run in the middle of the night. Jiggling the handle fixed the problem, but it did wake me up two nights. 2) The comforter was a little worn at the edge of the bed, probably from luggage being dragged across it over time or people just sitting there watching TV, getting dressed, whatever. 3) The front door was beat up by the lock. It almost looked like someone had a bit of a struggle getting into their room one night! Not sure, but fun to think about the crazy stuff these rooms have likely seen! :-)

Overall, the Palomar is a great hotel. The staff was amazing courteous and living up to the standard Kimpton boasts about. And if anything, my brief interaction with guests in the morning for coffee, elevators or the evening wine tasting would  indicate everyone seemed very happy and enjoying their stay here as well. If downtown makes sense for you to stay in while visiting San Diego, I'd recommend this hotel to friends.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
229. Jack T.
My apologies as I mixed up the names. Joe is the employee who checked me in and was extremely helpful during my entire visit. Ernesto was also awesome and made great recommendations of the surrounding area! Thanks again!

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
230. Cheyenne S.
I loved my stay at the hotel palomar. It was clean, gorgeous, friendly, and well priced!  I went to town for my birthday weekend a couple weeks ago and they were extremely helpful. The whole staff was super friendly! The greeted us happily everytime we passed. They had complimentary wine hour which was amazing. The restaurant was delicious with amazing and attentive service and great deals for brunch. The front dest was extremely helpful and quick when it came to things like towels, ice, and directions around town. They had great recommendations even when we got in from partying at 2am. The bar tender even got me on a guest lost at one of the clubs down there!! For my birthday the hotel gave me complimentary drink cards and hand wrote me a birthday card which they had sent to my room with a gift from the manager. Oh and the pool was gorgeous (we didnt get in due to cold weather but it sas warm too). The bathroom was spacious with great light for getting dressed and the beds were comfy.

Overall I loved my stay! Im super pleased and impressed!


16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
231. Paul B.
I recently stayed here for the second time and, wow, both times stand out as two of my best hotel experiences.  The rooms are fantastic, the location is downtown & central, the staff are fun and friendly, and the pool.....

Highly recommend.  

Tip:  grab one of the bikes in the lobby and go for a cruise along the water for a relaxing evening.

12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
232. Susannah L.
This place is a piece of shit! If I can rate this place a zero star I would totally give it! They are not doing their job and are just trying to get money from people. Whatever they says before we book the hotel is completely different from what they says after you paid for their rooms!!! Changed their policy?! Yea tell us that before we gave you the $$$$$$$!!!!! Bad staff and got treated the worst way on a Friday night. The front desk person told me he refused to call the manager because he doesn't want to bother him on a Friday night?! Well if you can solve our problems, then we won't need his help!!!!
Never coming to this place ever ever again!!! There are so many other hotels on this street that actually knows how to do business right! Bye!

02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
233. SD D.
Great spa experience, the manager Courtney was super helpful and the front desk lady was friendly, too.  I have high standards when it comes to massages, I had a excellent therapeutic massage with Eric, so be sure to request him.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
234. Sharon N.
We stayed here 5 nights for the 2014 San Diego Marathon. Overnight parking was $39/per day. We pre-paid $40 for the pool party then was told at the door:- it was free for the hotel guests but since we already paid it was not refundable! Many other pre-paid hotel guests standing there next to us rolled our eyes wondered why they didn't make that clear on their website? we all mistakenly pre-paid and now was told non-refundable? When we checked out we were charged an additional $125 housekeeping fee. Asked the front office person what's the housekeeping fee for, he said "because we found some wine spilled on the bed sheets, and we couldn't get rid of the stains,we had to charge you".

We travelled the world, I ran at least 5 international Marathons a year, so far have never been charged for spilling wine on the sheets! It was obviously an accident we wouldn't have intentionally spilling wine on the sheets just to cause damage. The charge was not communicated or explained to us prior to checked out, the additional $125 just sneakily added to the total bill. I asked the check out staff if the hotel expects us to pay for the damaged sheets at least I should have the rights to own the damaged items. Where are the stained sheets? He said "we didn't keep them. we only have pictures" I said "how do you expecting to charge your guests for $125 without any communication and without the damaged items you claimed we stained?" He went away and spoke to the manager and came back informed us that they would waive/remove the charge from the bill.

Seriously if Kimpton Hotels wish to charge for stained sheets, as a courtesy it should be communicated to all hotel guests in writing when guests checking in:- something like the "no smoking in the room" and + "There will be a charge for spilling wine, juice or ketchup on the sheets or napkins, etc" and perhaps charge another additional fee and recommending the hotel guests to pre-purchase a "plastic cover" for the bed to protect the bed sheets getting stained!

Come on! Accidents happen, it was not nice to find hidden charges like this. This will be our last visit to the Kimpton Hotels. We will not recommend this hotel for the above unpleasant experience.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
235. Ling C.
Excellent location in downtown San Diego. Our first time visiting and I'm so glad we stayed here as it was within walking distance to the main buses/trolley lines that took us to the main touristy areas: the zoo, Balboa Park and Broadway Pier for Coronado Beach. It's also within walking distance to some pretty great restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter as well as the night scene - so perfect!

Other perks:
- walking distance to Doughnut Bar (yummy doughnut place in San Diego, but the wait is horrendous), Broadway Pier (~20 minutes)  
- offers free bikes 24/7 for hotel guests use (great perk if you're looking to bike to nearby locations (e.g. Seaport Village, Broadway Pier, Balboa Park)
- ~12 minute drive from the San Diego airport
- Complimentary wine (in the evening) and  tea, water and coffee throughout the day
- Concierge and hotel service was great and the rooms (though small) were comfortable and clean

Downside is if you have a car, valet parking is ~$40/night which is nuts but there's plenty of street parking and garages (if you're willing to wake up early and move your car). All in all, would definitely come here to stay again!

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
236. Lisa B.
I went to a concert there last summer and the staff was rude all around. I prefer a luxury experience that doesn't stop at interior decor.

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
237. Omar B.
Positive : Friendly, Close to all bars.

Negative : Pet Friendly, Overpriced, They don't give what they offer, Small rooms, no breakfast included, you have to pay for WIFI, beds are super hard, sheets and not as advertised.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
238. Benjamin C.
Friendly staff, beautiful rooms, and spacious showers. I came to spend one night here and even with my ridiculous requests the staff was kind and accommodating. I would definitely stay here again.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
239. David S.
I've stayed here a few times, like this place.

Only problem I have with it is check in is 4pm which is a bit later than other hotels, and from what I've seen they don't usally have you room available any earlier.

the location can be a bit loud as well, but the rooms are very comfortable.

Pool is fun as well

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
240. C C.
I am always impressed with the Kimpton Hotels, but this was my least favorite. The staff and service were friendly and really lovely. The products and rain shower were awesome.No complaints there, but the hotel feels outdated and cold. Heavy and dark. The pool's edge was grimy too. Our baby's knees were black from crawling around in the shallow section. Gross!
I prefer it's sister, Hotel Solamar down the street. We bring our dogs and the Solamar is better for the pups. They have a grass patch outside with bags. Just concrete and homeless outside the Palomar.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
241. William N.

My friends and I stayed at the Palomar 9/16/2014.

We had recently left Cabo San Lucas after a hurricane, and we needed somewhere to stay. I called the Hard Rock San Diego first and they wanted to charge me $400 FOR A NORMAL ROOM ON A TUESDAY, YES, A TUESDAY, YES, A NORMAL ROOM. After asking them multiple times if they offered AAA discounts, Costco discounts, or cheaper rates online, they insisted it was still going to be $400. Then, joking around, I asked if they offer a "Hurricane Survivor" discount, and of course they answer was NO!!!

I then called the Palomar Hotel and they offered me a suite for $288, yes, a suite, full kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, balcony, THE WORKS!!!

They were very accommodating and truly wanted our business, unlike The Hard Rock.

I have always been pretty loyal to the Hard Rock, but now my loyalty has changed to the Palomar in San Diego.

Customer service was great, the restaurant downstairs was nice, and the doormen were very informational when it came to asking them where certain restaurants were, and they always opened their huge giant door when we walked in.

All in all, I highly recommend the Palomar Hotel San Diego over the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.

I am also going to post this review on the Hard Rocks Yelp page.

Moreover, I stayed at the Hard Rock Palm Springs later this week, and had a bad experience as well, that review is soon to come.


22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
242. Carrie D.
I am a big fan of Kimpton Hotels, and the Hotel Palomar did not disappoint.

My parter-in-crime Brian V. and I decided to get out of town for a last minute getaway to San Diego. I was able to get an amazing last-minute rate at Hotel Palomar through the Kimpton website.

The amazing signature Kimpton customer service experience began as soon as we drove up to the valet station. Two valets immediately ran to our car, opened our doors, and gave us all the information about parking at the hotel. OK, it is $39 a night to valet, which does sting a bit...but it is not entirely out of line for hotel valet in that area of San Diego. You do get in and out privileges and they have a phone number to text for your car so you don't have to wait. There is a public lot right across the street which costs $29 a day, but you do not get in and out privileges.

Once we dropped off the car, a smiling Kimpton employee opened the hotel door for us and we were on our way into the hotel. By the way, the front door to the hotel is comically large...literally more like a wall than a door. That being said, it is a super cool door!

We walked through the beautiful lobby to the reception desk where we were greeted enthusiastically by the desk staff. Vanessa checked us in, and she was genuinely warm, welcoming, friendly, and super helpful. In fact, every single member of the staff we encountered during our stay was amazing! We discovered that our hotel room door did not lock when closed and reported it to the front desk before going out for a short walk. When we returned 2 hours later it was completely fixed...in fact, the front desk staff flagged us down to tell us it was fixed and apologize again for the problem. Fabulous customer service!

We enjoyed cocktails and snacks (both for happy hour and a nightcap) at the hotel restaurant Saltbox, which I will review separately. The cocktails were awesome and the bartenders were very friendly! The snacks were also quite yummy!

Our room was very comfortable! The bed was like a puffy marshmallow cocoon of delicious comfort! The bathroom had large counters and a big shower with a rainfall shower head. The room had a wood floor..which I prefer over the usual hotel room carpet! The only thing we did not like about the room was the placement of the TV...which was off to the side of the room, to the right side of the bed, which made it very awkward to watch TV from the bed.

The hotel room was very quiet, and we both had a great night's sleep. We sent a check for our car from the room prior to checking out. Check out was quick and effortless, and our car was waiting as promised at the valet when we exited (through the comically large front door) the hotel.

From beginning to end, our stay was relaxing and enjoyable. As always, we were wowed by the level of customer service and the beautiful accommodations...simply perfect!

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
243. Bill W.
Stayed for 3 nights in May.  Very nice interiors for the price - it felt like a hotel that should have been twice the price.

People rave about the rainfall shower or whatever its called, but it was very low-flow and I didn't like it.

They have free drinks and wine in the lobby during happy hour, which I guess is a plus (I didn't have a chance to partake).

I don't know San Diego well but the location felt borderline sketchy - not unsafe, just borderline.  10 minutes walk to "downtown."

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Laura M.
This is a pretty nice hotel in a good location. Stayed for 2 nights in November.

There was construction happening on the top floors which they had a sign up about at the check in desk, with ear plugs provided in room. There wasn't really any noise at night though so it was fine.

The bathroom in our room was a little weird with a sliding door that doesn't fully meet the sides, leaving about an inch gap on either side - it pretty much means you can hear everything going on in there, so make sure you're close enough friends with anyone else staying in your room.

The pool area was nice, the bar was closed for the season however I can imagine it would be a great spot in Summer.

Wine hour is a great idea and I would definitely choose Kimpton properties again for this feature in particular.

Everything in the area is walkable (Balboa park and the zoo, Petco Park, train station).

Would stay again!

03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
245. Nikk G.
If you are in the true electronic music scene and like the sound of DJ Tennis, Collette and other tech house, techno, and deep house DJs, then this is probably the closest thing to the Standard Pool parties that you will get in SD.
I always have an amazing time at this place and the vibe is always light, fun and bouncing.

I'm sure the hotel part is probably ok too. .....


19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
246. Timothy L.
This was my first time staying in Downtown San Diego. The first thing I learned: overnight parking is not convenient - I'm from Chicago, so I shouldn't be surprised. Even with the $40/night valet charge, I was mildly annoyed but can understand the "market" of downtown parking. After I got over that, I was met with friendly valet, bell and front desk staff. The room was on the small side, but clean and had everything you could need.

I appreciate modern decor, however, I get frustrated when it interferes with utility. The restaurant/lobby bathroom was so confusing...and one should not be "confused" when it comes to the bathroom. Those of you who have been here, you know what I mean - I could have went in the trough-like sink and not even know the difference.

The bar and bartenders are a gem. If I lived in San Diego, I would be a regular. I forgot the bartender's name, but he was a true mixologist. After he got to know everyone at the bar, he started to make custom made drinks and was spot on each time. By the end of the night, everyone was tasting each other's drinks. Such a fun night!

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
247. Nette B.
What an amazing experience at a Kimpton Hotel.  

The hotel rooms can be costly but worth it.  I had a corner room with two balconies.  One was overlooking Coronado Bridge and Downtown Gaslamp and the other was facing East.  We had a full kitchen and dinning room table along with the bedroom being separate and in the corner away from everything.  Nice hard wood floors and it was pretty sound proof.  

NOTE:  Do not eat anything in the mini bar or be ready to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Overall, this place is a great place to stay. It's clean and located right next door to the House of Blues and walking distance to nearby clubs and bars.  During the warmer season there's a pool where you can chill at too.  The events at the pool are always fun.

11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
248. Cindy L.
This hotel seems to be much more concerned with making money and security power trips than making sure its customers are satisfied. The rooms are very nice but unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time in ours due to high security kicking us out. Some friends and I booked a room for a pool party last Saturday and although we are all responsible adults in our 30s and 40s, they kicked us out of the room almost immediately stating that only 4 people could be in the room at a time. Then they proceeded to wait outside the door until we left. We were very tame in the room so I'm not sure how they justified kicking us out. Not to mention the room above us had at least 10 people on their balcony. There's no way these rooms were made for only 4 people at a time.

The room was a spacious suite with a huge balcony and cost $400. That'd be $100 a person plus another $100 for the pool party, which was $25 a person. Drinks at the pool bar are $10-15 there. Tell me, who has that kind of money? Certainly, not the type of crowds they are trying to attract with world-class DJ acts.

Then we went down to the party and were told our purses were too big bring in. Only very small purses were allowed. To a pool party, really? We brought them back up to the room where security was still standing outside the door waiting to make sure we didn't stand around. There, they gave my friend a very offensive comment. They laughed and told her to "cover up; this is a family establishment."  She was wearing a bikini at a POOL PARTY! When we got back down from the room, the event was at capacity so they clearly oversold the event and would not let us back in until numbers were down. This took about 20 minutes.  There were also outrageous lines for the bathroom. This wouldn't have happened if we were allowed to use the room that we paid for overlooking the pool party. And after the event was over, we were evicted from our room for pretty much no reason.  

Oh yeah, and we were told to tell a secret word for a special surprise at check-in, which we never got. But...no surprise there. We'll be sure to leave the pretentiousness to downtown suckers next time. The Lafayette Hotel hosts fab hotel pool parties with much more reasonable prices and a laid back vibe.

05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
249. Crystal G.
Loved this place! Edgy. Sophisticated. Unique. And dog friendly! Nicely located and friendly staff! Definitely will book here again!

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
250. Scene K.
NEvER again! Went there for an event at the pool. Was a $35 cover fee. When I arrived at the pool I was asked to CHECK my PURSE at the front desk! After the inconvenience of taking the elevator back to the front desk, I was told I had to pay to check my purse! What an insult to injury!

After checking my purse and finally entering the party I ordered a few drinks. I asked for a glass of water and was told they only sell bottled water. WTF how is this even legal?! You're serving people mass amount of alcohol and NOT giving them water???

In addition, our friends had purchased a SUIT and had to pay extra for admission into the pool party and were only admitted a VERY stict 4person per room. There was a security guard at the floor entrance enforcing this!

This place had HORRIBLE SERVICE. Daniel at the front desk was a nightmare! WORST SERVICE EVER!!

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
251. Dan J.
I was  very pleased with the my stay. When we arrived we valet parked for 30$ a day you might find cheaper but it seems a majority of hotels charge the same. Valet was friendly, efficient and courteous.

The hotel lobby was  modern and spacious. They have a while we were checking in they had free wine tasting.  
The room had a nice sized bathroom with a rain shower. The decor was contemporary. The only suggestion would be to move the tv from the desk to the empty wall facing the bed. If you don't get a room with a view make sure you keep the blinds closed you will be facing a neighboring building that's right on top of you.

The bellman were quick with our luggage in and out. Even though I think it was a manager that helped us on the arrival. If not either way the were extremely observant.I mentioned my wife and I were there on our honeymoon he had a bottle of champagne and a nice card sent to the room complementary it was a nice touch.  

We were there only one night, but location is prime. Tons of surrounding bars , walking distance to petco and a block from Horton plaza mall. While down there check out "the field "Irish pub amazing burgers.
The stay acceded any other hotel we stayed at on the trip and definitely would stay again.

09/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
252. Jonny M.
I stay at Kimpton Hotels all over the place as I'm a big fan of their quality, customer service, rewards program and most of all - the fact they are super dog friendly. That aside, this review is about the Palomar in which I recently stayed while in San Diego. I really enjoyed the experience outlined below. I will definitely use this location as one of my go-to destinations.

Very friendly and outgoing staff from valet to front desk to housekeeping. They truly make you feel welcomed every time you walk in the door.
Rooms are nicely appointed and very comfortable.
What a location! Perfectly placed w/in the GasLamp District and one block away from Petco Park and tons of bars, restaurants and coffee houses.
My corner room had the absolute best views of the city and ball field.
The adjoining restaurant is excellent both in service and taste/quality
Love the Kimpton touches including morning coffee and evening wine.
Pool deck is perfectly situated with plenty of seating around pool and outdoor lounge.
Very cozy setting overall.

Bathrooms need more bright lighting - very dark in the shower.
Need better soundproofing as walls and doorways allow much of the noise in to the room.
Valet parking is all thats offered - and at a very hefty $42/night which is very overpriced for a city this size. They only charge $15 for day parking so not sure what justifies jumping another $27 just for overnight. I would look for free street parking right in front of the hotel (except during street cleaning nights).
Fitness Center is a bit too small for a hotel this size IMO.

26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
253. David G.
I'm writing this review while still checked in to the hotel. After an emergency trip to San Diego, I needed a place to stay for the night. I've stayed at the Palomar on Wilshire in LA several times, and have always been more than satisfied with the quality Kimpton has on offer, having felt my money was well spent. Not here.

This has to be the worst $300 room I've EVER stayed in, and I've traveled much more than the average 26 year old. For starters, I was kept up the entire night by doors opening and closing in the hallway. I'm not sure if this was due to poor sound proofing, partying guests who were coming and going all night, or both. I slept no more than 2 hours at a time without being woken up.

This constant disturbance really brought my attention to the absolute trash quality of the bed they expect me to sleep on; offering the same firmness on the edges as other high-quality hotel beds I've come to enjoy, only with a spine bending pit throughout the center. Needless to say, from 11 pm to 9 am, I managed about 6 hours of constantly interrupted sleep.

The one positive? There's free coffee downstairs until 11 am, so at least I have enough energy to get the hell out of this place and move on with my day. I was really looking forward to feeling rested for the big day ahead. Alas, $300 for a hazy head and a jacked up back.

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
254. Mariangeles C.
This place gets 5 stars all the way from me!

The service here is immaculate. The front desk and all other staff I came in contact with were so nice and make you feel appreciate. Anytime we needed anything they were there to help us out. Whether that was ice , directions , or suggestions of stuff to do , they were there for us. I almost didnt want to leave , it was so pleasant. Our room was very cute, spacious, and cozy as well. We had a nice view of SD from our hotel. The bathroom was huge and great to get ready in. Loved the shower head how it is suspended from the cieling. The bed was so comfortable also.

The next time I come to SD, I am def staying here !

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
255. Hans M.
This is an absolutely fantastic hotel.  It's really chic and cool.  However, besides the awesome wine hour , trendy design and central location, what makes the hotel especially great is the really friendly staff.  Mike, the concierge and jack of all trades was especially helpful.  The guy makes you feel like he is the inn keeper at a bed and breakfast.  Always takes time to talk to the guests, find out their interests and do small un-requested favors.  We thought we were special before we realized he is just really nice to everyone!  Definitely stay there.  

The only negative we had was that the night manager is a bit of a jerk. Thankfully- you can avoid interacting with him.

05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
256. Jenelle B.
AHHHHHH!! I can't believe I haven't written a review of this place yet. Jeez I'm slacking because this place warrants praise...

First off when you arrive you instantly get a sense that your at a trendy hotel. Very modern decor, it looks upscale for hipsters. Check in was a breeze! Took all but 5 mins and I was even upgraded no hassle. We were greeted with alcoholic beverages and upon hearing it was my bf's birthday we were given a whole pitcher of belvedere vodka! So generous!!

Also this is the first place I've seen a woman valet. She's amazing! Very attentive and made sure that all our needs were executed flawlessly ! The valet price is like 20 per entry or per night so keep that in mind

Our room was breathtaking. 2 bathrooms, a common area, huge bedroom and a balcony overlooking the pool. Everything was in great condition! My favorite part was the master bathroom. A huge soaking tub and a luxurious glass shower with a rainfall shower head. The bathroom also had a separate area with a door to use the toilet because the section between the bathroom and bedroom didn't have a door (so probably not ideal for sharing with someone your not comfy seeing you naked).

The view in the morning was lovely waking up to the beautiful downtown scenery was a major plus of having the balcony! Nice addition worth the extra money.

Overall one of my favorite hotels in SD. Great service. Nice distance to the Gaslamp night life and it was really nice!

Loooooved it!

Also this has been the only place I've encountered a female valet attendant and she was amazing! She made sure we were well taken care of and executed all our desires flawlessly.  Parking is about $39 per night but they will take care of you. Also you can just send them a text and your car will miraculously be there when you get down :P

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. Dave W.
This is a beautiful hotel with lots of beautiful decor throughout. So why the 2 stars? Well... first off, this is suppose to be a luxury hotel with ample shops and nightlife all around. I've been to luxury hotels such as The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey and Laguna Niguel, or the Waldorf Astoria and this doesn't fit the bill. Meaning, I'm paying $300 a night I would expect the accommodations to be on par.

I'm in my small, quaint, and completely remodeled room and you can hear EVERYTHING adjacent to the room. Like people having a normal conversation in the next room, people walking through the halls, doors opening and closing, elevators opening, and people having sex in the other room. I definitely felt like I was in a Motel 6 at this point. Luckily I drank so much that I passed out and didn't have to deal with it throughout the night.

So... if you're here just for a room overnight without spending any time at the hotel and have $300+ to burn, go for it. The rooms look great and you'll get great views, but that's about it. It's right smack in the heart/edge of Downtown without being in the slums.

If you want to pre-party, hit up CVS across the trolly tracks on the right as you exit the hotel and it's only 1 block away. The shopping, eateries, and nightlife is down on 5th, left as you exit the hotel.

One last thing, overnight valet parking is $40 and valet parking for the night is $12. May the odds ever be in your favor that you don't hear what I've heard on my overnight stay.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
258. Katrina S.
Such a fantastic place to stay! Great rooms, pool, restaurant, and lounges.  

On a personal note: The staff was incredible- made my daughter feel so special. We were there for a cheer competition and they had a huge poster waiting for her and personalized card. When we got settled in, another staff member brought up a special welcome gift of fresh berries and water for the kids and soft blankie for the dog.  I mean it doesn't get better...but wait; when I walked in from taking the dog for a potty break, another staff member had a glass of wine waiting for me, as it was "wine reception" hour.  In the morning, the SaltBox Restaurant offered a wide range of breakfast options and all food was delicious: pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, lattes, mimosas, mmmm. As we walked out to competition, the friendly staff was there to wish good luck and upon our return, everyone was congratulatory and genuinely happy for us.

Pros: The convention center/concourse is very close, the trolley and public transportation is super close, Gaslamp is a block away!

Such a great weekend, would recommend this place to anyone.  

Thanks, Palomar Staff

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
259. Catherine C.
Pros: staff is very friendly and do their jobs well. Location is great (right in Gaslamp District). Decor is modern and lovely.

Cons: rooms are tiny. Bathroom doors slide shut, and do not actually close all the way. Shower is open which looks neat but water leaks all over the floor (no bathtub). Valet is $40 a night. "Rooms with a view" have no view whatsoever.

This hotel is 3 star, but I've bumped down to 2 because of the price of rooms- the cost of staying here is frankly too high and is entirely unwarranted.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
260. Natalie C.
Great boutique chic rooms and close to the Gaslamp fun and can't get a better location than next door if you are planning to hit up the House of Blues. Highly recommend.

Hallway carpet should be steam cleaned .... Some stains

23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
261. Mimi L.
We stayed at this beautiful hotel in the heart of Gaslamp again, the experience this time was the same pleasant and satisfying. The staffs were so accommodating, the suite was big with nice views, everything was just great!

The same valet and luggage assistance lady as last time, she was always friendly and smiling the entire time, the front desk lady was so nice too, she loved my Burberry skirt, how cute! She called spa to ask if they had any bubble bath for me, so sweet! They provide a whole bunch of to go beverage mixers along with the complimentary water at hotel lobby, that is very thoughtful for hotel guests. They upgraded our skyline one bedroom suite to corner suite with a large balcony, right on top of the pool area, much better views than last time, too bad the pool was closed for the season, otherwise we would have had more fun.

This is a good sized hotel with everything, Saltbox dining restaurant and bar on site, a small art exhibition in the lobby, luxury spa with lots of services, the couples hot tub 30 minutes for $50 is a great choice, nice pool area with bar and lounge. Great location with lots of hotels, restaurants and bars nearby, House of Blues is just next door, convenient stores all around. Gaslamp is very small, we could just walk everywhere from hotel Palomar, it's actually faster than driving, and parkings can be hard to find at times.

Our skyline corner suite was so nice, spacious living room with a guest powder room, in bedroom mini lounge with snacks (the chips were so good) and refreshments, fully stocked mini refrigerator, animal print bath robes, huge bathroom with luxury amenities, big soaking tub, separate shower and restroom, I just didn't like the sink, it looked modern and sleek, but there was nowhere to put my things, it was a bad design in my opinion. The king bed was so comfy, the pillows were OK, seems hubby and I never care for hotel pillows too much. Overall I loved our one bedroom suite, 900sf was big enough for a small afterparty! The rates starting at around $250 on most weekend nights.

This is really a perfect hotel for a short weekend getaway, very relaxing. They have free wine reception at 6 in the evening each night, the wine was tasty, loved the grapes in my white. It was packed at hotel lobby, ppl were chatting and sipping on wines, what a wonderful way to start a lovely Saturday night!

I really loved our mini vacation here, this is definitely our number 1 choice of hotel stay in Gaslamp!

Ps. Hybrid cars overnight parking is $20 instead of $39. Text in advance to have car pulled in the front. The luggage assistance for checking out can be very very slow at times, be patient! And this hotel is pet friendly! Room service closes at 12am.

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
262. Rozie J.
I hate writing this review because I really think the service and staff were wonderful.  From the friendly front desk personnel (who greeted me by name) to Edward, our bellman, people were very warm and gracious.

The hotel itself is nicely appointed and the complimentary breakfast and cocktail hour are wonderful bonuses.  

Unfortunately, what has left the most lasting impression is walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night, turning on the light and seeing at least 4 silverfish scampering across the floor....I can only imagine how many more were hiding in the corners.  In my lifetime, I have stayed at everything from low brow motels to fancypants five star resorts.  I have NEVER seen bugs like that in a room.  Ever.

Didn't complain to management because I didn't think it was worth it considering I will never be able to stay here again with that visual burned into my mind.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
263. Alexa P.
stayed at the Palomar this past week just for a girls night and we loved it!! The valet guys were awesome quick service! We walked in (4/23) and were greeted by Nelson and another gentleman with glasses  (sorry forgot his name!) and they told us all the awesome places to go and eat, Nelson even upgraded us and we loved the room! (Thank you!) the room was beautiful so was the view! Awesome balcony over looking the pool area and the awesome buildings of the gaslamp district! We ordered room service they were super fast and polite food was ok but we did order right before the kitchen closed unknowingly! We got the burger and a cinnamon roll(total drunkie food!) The room was spotless and couldn't ask for a better one! When we checked out(4/24) we were greeted by once again Nelson(love this guy) and he asked about our stay and where we ate and wished us well, we will definitely be back! Thanks so much Palomar!

30/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
264. Hamid M.

The hotel arranged to have two limo buses sent to my home to pick me and my guest up to celebrate my 27th birthday.  Me and about 40 guest including my aunt, cousins, co workers, friends etc boarded the buses and went to the hotel.  Credit card was provided and a bottle and table was set up.  At some point issues came up and multiple large bouncers jumped on me, im only 5'10 175 lbs, I was not physical in any way and I have zero history of any issues like this in the past. It seems like to me  these guys just like to fight!  I ended up with a serious concussion, spent the night in the hospital and I am still deal with the pain and damages from their actions.  My friends and loved ones saw me taken out of the hotel covered in blood on an ambulance stretcher.  It seems like instead of talking through issues and finding resolutions they resort to physical attacks.  Check out the video below:


Their lack of concern for my well being and persistent avoidance of this situation is disgusting.

24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
265. Rachel M.
Sometimes I battle with my inner-(selfish)self as to whether or not I want to review my favorite places or selfishly keep them to myself, this is one of those places.

Hotel Palomar is chic, clean and perfectly located in the gaslamp district. It is priced very reasonably, the staff is extremely friendly and accommodating and the rooms are clean, modern and comfortable. But the best part, they are DOG FRIENDLY! They will welcome your pooch with open arms at no extra charge.

They have complementary coffee in the morning, complementary cucumber or strawberry waters in the day and they host a wine happy hour in the evenings.

Value, Value, Value. I love this hotel!

09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
266. Ronald K.
Hidden gem....it was our first time here and upon entering it was very classy entrance. With a hip vibe... music playing while you wait makes it nice. Although I had no wait at all. Staff was very attentive. Special thanks to Nick the Manager took very good care of us. Thanks Hotel P looking forward to our next stay!

Ron K

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
267. Juliana C.
Beyond gorgeous hotel on 5th Ave downtown.  I came here for an event called Moonlight Chic benefiting Dress for Success San Diego. It was hosted at the rooftop pool and lounge area. Dress for Success SD is such a great cause, and it was my first time attending an event of theirs.

Everything about the evening was perfect. Upon arrival at the hotel, I knew this place was an upscale, luxury hotel with all the modern interior finishes I love seeing. The rooftop pool and lounge was open, plenty of seating, clean lines, and a simple design.

Beautiful hotel, great for a staycation!

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
268. Cindy M.
Don't waste your money - stay elsewhere! We will never stay here again. The staff was very kind and helpful, but that was about the only nice thing about this hotel. It seemed like they tried very hard to be an upscale hotel, but was actually quite "cheap," which was shocking for a Kimpton regular guest. It's dimly lit throughout with lounge-type music blasting all throughout the day. You'll find thin walls throughout and it sounded like the people in adjacent rooms were actually in our room. If you care for conversation over drinks, look elsewhere, because the hotel bar is loaded with young partiers, while the music blasts and it's nearly impossible to hear someone yelling across the table. Valet parking was a disorganized disaster; we waited over 10 mins. to park early-afternoon Saturday and waited more than 20 minutes for our car (and texted prior to pick-up) mid-morning Sunday.

We moved to the Hotel La Jolla (Kimpton) and it was a complete 180 - what I'd expect from Kimpton.

24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
269. Aldo G.
we got a great deal on Expedia's Hotwire like section (where you don't know what you'll get in advance - except the hotel category and hotel's location).

Very pleased with this property. Location is excellent with many shopping, dining and entertainment options near by.

On arrival we were received by two friendly young ladies.  They noticed that I was travelling with my 17 year old daughter and they were kind to give us a nice upgrade (not normal but it was between Christmas & New Year so hotel was pretty empty).

Nice gym although a few of the cardio machines were out of order. Still they had more than one machine of each so it was not an issue during our stay. Maybe if the hotel would have been crowded, it would have been a problem.

The heated pool looked very nice and clean but the weather outside was cold during our visit, so it was not used by us much except for a quick dip after the workout.

In the morning they had free coffee station in the lobby. The coffee was muy bueno.

Room: comfy very large Kind size bed, amazing very large sized rain shower (no bathtub which I don't care for). Our room/suite had huge balcony that gave us an amazing view of the San Diego's skyline. There was one HD TV with nice HD signals with lots of channels in the bedroom. Our upgraded room also had a separate living room with its own TV,  sofa, lounge chair and a stocked fridge ( but I am a cheapo so I just bought some drinks at the 7/11 next door and stuck them on the fridge).

This is a very stylish chic property. They have a wine reception in the early evening for free. There is at least one free bike that you can take out on loan.  Only saw one so not so good for us. But a nice touch to have.

Staff was very nice, friendly and helpful.

Be prepared; parking is something like $40/day.  This is typical of the area and you do get in an out privileges. We knew this in advance so no issue there.

We both liked the Hotel Palomar a lot. I would go back to that hotel anytime.

Dinning Tip: If you like Sushi, check out Ogawashi just right as you exit the hotel. Make sure to go before 7pm and take advantage of the happy hour price specials in sushi. Many other dine options around too; just use Yelp search nearby and you'll find more amazing dine in options all within 10 min walking or less.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
270. richard f.
Great hotel

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
271. Pilley A.
Stayed here for my first time and was offered a free upgrade from a basic 1 king room to a one bedroom with a full kitchen, living and dining area. Needless to say, I loved my stay here. It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it with the amenities and just how close it is to everything! The staff is very friendly, from my experience at least. Loved the views our room had, and again, perfect location. Very contemporary deco with awesome features in the room like the rainforest shower head. Again, loved my experience there and will definitely be going back.

17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
272. Jaime A.
If I could give 0 stars I would! Decors was modern,but for $300 the rooms were Tiney, and you can hear the people next door talking clear as day, as well as walking in hall, paper thin walls!!no service at the pool( which was one amenity that was the reason we went to this hotel) we had To go down to bar and get food and cocktails.

AMBER the bartender was very rude! I was expressing my disappointment with the hotel to a friend and she kept making noises and rolling her eyes! We wanted a bottle of wine instead of paying$10 a glass and was denied! Also only one drink per person so we could not bring our friends a drink back UP to pool!

After I was asking front desk for bartenders name and she was very reluctant to give it, she just kept saying we already know your not happy! Last time I checked if I want To make  a formal complaint I have that right!

Next we came back from a night out and went up not more then 10 min security was knocking on door asking us to keep it down. That was not the issue, we got in bed after that. 5 min he was back which we were laughing because we in bed. He also did say he did say he did not hear anything either  just doing his job!' Next front desk called and said they were calling police police for us to leave! We just went back to bed 30 minutes later the police were knocking on the door which they also told us they had come up to the room 2 different times and did not hear anything either!!!

We gathered are stuff with no issue then went around the corner to the Marriott where the customer service was impeccable, the rooms were huge and we were treated like we should be treated as customers!

I truly believe they knew they were wrong and treated us horrable and wanted excuse for there actions so they kicked us out!

Best part is the  report from security guard and police saved us and disputed charges and got all money back!!!'


09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
273. Jean V.
Correction: I mistook this hotel for another one I ventured it during the same time.

Very nice looking hotel, swanky bar and beautiful rooftop pool lounge.

07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
274. Laura B.
Hotel Palomar in San Diego is the first Kimpton hotel I've ever stayed at and I'm sure the brand is overall really solid. I know exactly what kind of hotel they're aiming to be and I bet on most days the Palomar would easily rank a 5 star review. However, I can't bring myself to give them such a high score when my stay was during a renovation period. There is nothing more heart-stopping when you wheel your suitcase into a new hotel room than to see a notice on your desk warning of "noise during construction" and that you should "keep your curtains closed" lest construction workers be able to see into your room. The accompanying pair of earplugs with the note was a nice touch, but super anxiety-inducing.

So how was my stay? Fine. I was there for work, I got up around 5:00 AM every morning and missed the construction entirely. Did I hear other people in the lobby complaining about noise during the day? Yep. By the pool? Yep. In the awesome cocktail bar The Saltbox attached to the hotel? Yep. But it didn't impact me at all. The only issue I had, in my otherwise pristine hotel room, was that the hot water in the shower was sporadic. Internet was fine, the bed was perfect, and the hotel staff was engaging and helpful. I hope to be able to come back to San Diego (for pleasure, not business) and stay again when their renovations are complete.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
275. Diane E.
This review is for the Spa.  I booked a facial for Spa Week and had my appointment this morning.

5 Stars for my Esthetician...she was great.  The reason for the 3 star overall rating was the underhanded way the spa receptionist rips clients off.  When I was checking out, she asked me if I wanted to put a 20% tip on the card that I was using.  Ummm...a little presumptuous, but I usually tip about 20%, so fine.  So for a $50 facial, with tip, she tried to charge me $75!  That's a 50% tip!!! She said "oh, we calculate the tip on the full amount."  I said: "No! I tip on the amount that I paid!" I still ended up leaving a $15 tip which was 30% of the amount that I paid for the facial.  It really left a bad taste in my mouth.  And despite getting another $50 coupon for a future facial, I doubt I'll go back.

And unlike other spas, they clearly cater to guests staying at the hotel.  They had no shower or locker room and I was forced to return home to shower and change before I could go anywhere else today. No love for the locals!!

The hotel did offer me free valet parking up to 3 hours for using the spa.  While I was waiting for my car to be brought up, two gals in front of me -- who I had seen at the spa -- were a little taken aback when they were charged $20 for the valet parking.  I mentioned to them that the Spa should have validated their parking...for free!  They were grateful and went back into the hotel to get the validation...and save themselves $20.


19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
276. Nicole B.
Excellent service.  From the time we arrived the service has been excellent. Everyone was attentive to our needs and accommodating. While in line to check in there was an older man at the counter that needed assistance understanding the maps that are given out to assist customers to find restaurants and shopping areas etc. The concierge guided the man to a nearby desk and went over the map and answered additional questions that he had. Once up to the counter the desk clerk mentioned that we had missed the complimentary wine given daily and gave my mom and I a wine voucher that could be taken to the attached restaurant called Saltbox.

Once inside the room I was impressed with the decor and layout. Inside of the closet were two animal print robes, a yoga mat, and an umbrella. How cool is that!!! The only thing missing for a girl like me was a magnifying mirror attached to the wall in the restroom to assist in putting on makeup (Minor).

Shortly after looking over the room the bell hop arrived with our luggage. Jordan was such a sweetheart. He was well spoken and gave several ideas as to restaurants and shopping in the area.

Waking up in the morning I was reminded that complimentary tea, coffee and a newspapers were available in the lobby; such a pleasant addition to the service offered at this hotel.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
277. Kelsey J.
I booked this hotel this past weekend because my friend and I were in town for the Padres game. We booked through Priceline and it said that this hotel was a 4 1/2 star hotel.

The front desk staff were very friendly and allowed us to check in early at 12 PM. They also had fruit infused water in the lobby. The lobby is very pretty, modern and Asian inspired.

We stayed in a king suite room and it was just okay. The beds were probably the most comfortable bed I've ever experienced at a hotel. The set up of our room was a little strange the TV was located on the desk towards window, usually the TV sits in front of the bed so you can watch it as you sleep. I like the fact that there's a full-length mirror in the hallway of the room, it gave me a good place to do my make up before going out. The bathroom was a little small and I didn't like that there was no door to the shower. Overall it was a good location in downtown San Diego right at the top of 5th avenue. But I didn't think it was 4 1/2 stars great... I would stay here again but I prefer hotels with more amenities and better outdoor pools.

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
278. Tony U.
My girlfriend and I have stayed at the Palomar San Diego numerous times in the past couple years and have always been pleased with the service and accommodations.   We have stayed in the standard rooms and the suites and have only considered Hotel Palomar for our stays in San Diego.   This has changed recently after our stay in February.  

   We always use the valet service at a cost of ~$30/day without issue.  During our stays we will typically leave/return to the hotel daily and tip the drivers an additional $20 for each exchange.   With the daily cost billed to my room, there is an expectation of excellent service and with my additional tip I expect an even higher level of care for my vehicle.  After checking out of our room on February 22nd, we left and immediately got gas for our return trip to Las Vegas.   As I was pumping,  I noticed large scratches on the rear driver side wheel that appeared to be curb rash.   We take excellent care when driving our vehicle and I am 100% certain the damage was not there when dropping off our car the evening before.     So, I called the front desk to report the problem who then routed me to the valet manager on duty.   Since the valet service is contracted (as most hotels are) she provided me the details to the claims manage, Peneli Sanponil at LAZ Parking.  

From the beginning of our conversation she seemed very uninterested in my claim and gave me the impression that nothing was going to be done.   The repair was VERY minor and less than $150 to fix.   She asked me to drive around town to get quotes for the repairs and take multiple pictures; all of which I did.   Within 3 days of emailing her the claim form a letter was mailed to me denying the claim!  I assumed this had to be a mistake so I called and requested the situation be escalated which she said she would.  Another week later I receive essentially the same form letter denying the claim.  After reviewing the text, it seems like pretty standard practice for them to just fill in the make/model of the vehicle and the claimants name on a form letter denying the claim.

I understand that the valet service is contracted but they are representing Kimpton and their service is a direct reflection on the brand.  We are extremely disappointed in how this problem was handled and will NEVER allow them to park our vehicle again and frankly may not return to the hotel.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
279. Bella V.
Why would I stay here? Of course because of the best concierge in the world... Mike is the man that makes the difference.
You walk in and if you are lucky you are greeted by Mike at the front desk and he can help you with any recommendations that you may need during your stay!
The hotel is very chic and eclectic. But the staff is what makes this place

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0