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Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego, CA

Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego, CA


Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites is ideally located on Shelter Island, San Diego's own Hawaiian Isle. This tropical resort-style San Diego hotel, framed by America's Cup Harbor and the San Diego Bay, offers breathtaking views of the hotel's private marina and downtown San Diego.


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Rating: 3.59

Address: 2303 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego, CA, 92106
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Comments (214):

1. P F.
pillow top beds turned over because they are so old, uncomfortable beds, old hard pillows, smelly rooms, helicopters going around the hotel all hours of the day and night, dirty, dusty rooms, broken light fixtures, jack hammers and construction both on the grounds and on the sidewalk in front, room a downgrade of the one we ordered, because the one we reserved was under renovation. Bike rentals quoted as available throughout our stay were not available throughout our stay. Large in room parties both upstairs and next door both Fri and Sat or our stay. HOnestly if you are looking for a stress vacation. Perfect! We booked under travelzoo for $85 a night and they charged us $95 and $105. This place is awful. Oh top it all off.... we were told to go to happy hour. waited 40 minutes to get waited on... and were told we had to hurry up and eat because the music was starting early tonight and when we left. The hostess yelled at us for still being in the now lounge! Every time we called the guest services  and bell desk they were rude and unhelpful. Oha dn the washer literally ripped several of our clothes to shreds!

27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Stephanie W.
This place is a DUMP! My husband and I stayed here this past weekend (actually we paid for 2 nights but left after the first night) and the rooms are terrible! Mold on the wallpaper in the bathroom, the A/C vent had black dust/grime hanging out of it, cob webs on the ceiling, the bedspread felt like it hadn't been washed in months, the room smelled damp....I could go on and on. If you have any sense of cleanliness do not stay here- you will be so disappointed. When my husband let the front desk know we were leaving after 1 night they apologized and said they will be starting a remodel soon. I hope so! So sad to give such a negative review!

09/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Shannon C.
The room was spacious. The bathroom was beautiful. Our room had a window facing beautiful trees and it was very cozy. The service staff were incredibly genuine. I would definitely book here again. The entire place was just beautiful. They accommodated a play pen for my daughter, it makes traveling easy when you don't have to bring that stuff. Overall, my family had an excellent time.

23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Deb N.
Stayed here in May for a work conference.  Supposedly a high end inn but I wasn't impressed.  It did have a venue for concerts with a lawn and stage on the property but none were playing during my stay.
Across the street from a water inlet and the back has a boat harbor.  Promenade is a nice walk.
Onsite restaurant yelp.com/biz/17gyI8ZYKYr…
Swimming pool and jacuzzi has a jungle feel to it
Lobby had free coffee and internet
Hotel paid for a cab to take me to the airport after the hotel shuttle driver left without me
Rooms are dark and small
Entrance doors to go the outside, not a hallway
Nothing really nearby, you need a car
Took around 20 minutes to check in with only one person working the desk
Shuttle driver didn't announce he was leaving and left without me.

07/08/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Lisa S.
Agree with Deb that the rooms were too small and dark -- not good for business travel.  Don't mind that the room was apartment/condo-style (room opens to the outside), but did mind that the entrance to my room faced the parking lot, not the interior of the property.

The convenience store has insufficient funds --more than once was told could not buy with cash when purchasing small-value items. What is up with that???

The complementary shuttle that was supposed to pick us up at the airport did not wait, and left us waiting for 30 minutes (we cabbed to the hotel at our own expense).

Check in took forever -- check out was smooth, but front desk was not accomodating when we asked them to hold our luggage while we grabbed a bite to eat down the street before heading to the airport.  Front desk told us to wait for the bellhop (we waited for 15 minutes).  When the bellhop didn't show, we asked another staff person to see what was going on -- they later told us the bellhop would return in 20 minutes!  Front desk didn't try to help us.  We ended up dragging our luggage to the restaurant a couple blocks away.

For the bad service and the small dark room, the price was too high (I paid a discounted rate of $149/night).

26/09/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Eddie L.
We always try and spend a few nights at Humphrey's every time we return to San Diego. The combination of the Tiki look of the place, and the Shelter Island locale makes you feel like you're truly on an island paradise right there in SD. Especially when you combine a stay there with a visit to the Tiki restaurant, The Bali Hai, which you can walk to if you're planning to have several Mai Tais. The grounds at Humphrey's are immaculate and filled with exotic plants and trees, and small bridges over ponds. The pool is OK and my one complaint with this place is that sometimes the pool area can look a little run down which doesn't make sense considering how nice the rest of the place is kept. The rooms are large and clean and ours had a small patio last time that although it was facing the pool area was somewhat private due to the plants and trees around it. It's also close to downtown SD, about a 10 minute drive.

17/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Ted A.
Stayed here during Comic-Con.  Found to be very nice.  I like the South Pacific architecture and the grounds are kept nicely.  Rooms are good sized and clean.  There is about a 47-inch flat panel HD TV with a good clear picture (which is more than I can say about the last Hyatt I stayed at.). The service was good.  When I had a problem with the sliding door there was someone there to fix just minutes after I called.  The pool and spa are nice, there are plenty of chaise lounges and chairs and a nice little bar with reasonable prices.  I didn't much care for the daily charge for parking as I expect free parking in outside of downtown but I would stay here again.

23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Caroline M.
Outdoor concerts are awesome here!  Beautiful setting.  Drinks cheap, and large!  Very relaxing.  Get shushed alot by the older crowd.  Always have the best time there though- even when the concert performance wasn't the best.  Go every year. Romantic- perfect for a date.

30/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Ms K.
I stayed here with my parents decades ago, when I was a kid.  I remembered it as a magical, tropical place. Recently I went back and it was EXACTLY the same - all renovated of course, but in the same Polynesian style.

There are lush gardens all around, large flame torches by the entrance, little walking paths throughout the grounds, real parrots, a heated outdoor pool, and the rooms are clean, nicely decorated and modern. The hotel is on Shelter Island and very close to the water/shoreline. There's a nice 1-mile (each way) paved path for running/walking/skating.

Check out the listings at Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay - an outdoor theater that's adjacent to the hotel. You might be able to catch Journey or even Frank Black.

Ask for a quiet, upper-level room facing the inside gardens, not the parking lot.

I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because the location is a little out of the way and also rooms facing the parking lot aren't great.

08/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Debi W.
I loved my stay here! It's not super fancy but it's clean and reasonably priced. The staff was SO friendly. My husband didn't get to come with me on my business trip this time but we are already planning another trip so he can stay there too! The pool and spa are great as well.

03/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. steven r.
I was never offered **any** upgrade, the staff was rude and I did use foul language-after my frustration with my poor treatment.  I should not have used foul language in retrospect, but even if I hadn't, I still would have left.  I mentioned from the get go to the staff-I had a car full of people and tons of stuff, so much that it would have been very difficult to take UPSTAIRS-what they should have done is offered to help.  They did not.

28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Vandana M.
I have stayed here twice for conferences. I didn't have to pay either time (ah, the perks of being a teacher! Yes, I'm being sarcastic), so I dunno how much bang you get for the buck, but the staff is super friendly and helpful, and the rooms are clean and everything.

I like the fact that it's on the water and you get the view.

My favorite thing is the koi pond with the parrot couple sitting above it. Today the pond inexplicably had what appeared to be a hard boiled egg at the bottom.

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Tania W.
*this review is for the catering/special events department only*

we had a 9:00am appointment last saturday with darla at humphrey's. she stressed that that was the only time she was available so i took it. saturday morning rolls around, we're out the door at the ungodly hour of 8:30am, we make it to the hotel and let the gal at the front desk know that we were there to see darla...

...then we waited.

and waited.

and waited.

still waiting....

yep, we waited some more.

the girl at the front desk left soon after we got there. there was no bell to ring for service, no phone to call for assistance and certainly no wedding coordinator in sight.

we waited until 9:35 and as we were leaving, the girl at the front desk reappeared and asked if we had been helped. i reminded her that she had been the one to help us when we got there and told her that darla never showed up. she said she would call her and i said not to bother.

half an hour later we got a phone call from darla as we were having breakfast. i let it go to voice mail as i was in no mood to speak to her. the message was full of hasty apologies about how she "thought" the appointment was at 10:00am and would we want to come back to tour the venue?

hmmm. let's think this one through...i started having visions of her forgetting what time our wedding is and not showing up, nothing is prepared, our wedding has been double booked, so on and so forth.

i'd say that if you are in the business of wedding and event coordination at your hotel, time is everything. forgetting what time your appointment with your prospective client is just doesn't bode well. so, no, we didn't want to go back and tour the venue.

my advice? stay away from this place if you are planning a wedding.

04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Melissa T.
Stayed here recently for a mini-vacation trip down to San Diego.  It's not located in the "hotel circle" that a lot of people refer to.  It's off on Shelter Island between Coronado Island and Point Loma.  It's down a quiet street, so it's relaxing and a good getaway.  But it's not as close as many other hotels are in relation to the Zoo, Gaslamp Quarter, La Jolla, etc.  But it's not terribly out of the way either.  You just need to drive around a bit more.  

They do have complimentary shuttles and continental breakfast in the mornings.  The rooms are definitely on the smaller side and a little dark.  I was in a room facing the parking lot on the first floor.  There is a small patio area, but it's not enclosed for privacy.  The one thing I didn't like was the curtains.  The dark decorative curtains didn't close, so it felt see through.  There is another set of curtains that do close, but they are the same color as the sheer, so it doesn't feel any different.

It wasn't packed hotel, so it was nice to get around.  Housekeeping did a fantastic job every morning.  They even went so far to move and organize my bathroom stuff neatly.

I didn't spent too much time at the hotel so I didn't get to explore the grounds too much.  This place is also known for their Concerts by the Sea.  The decoration of the hotel reminds me of Hawaii.  It doesn't look like there was much to do nearby the hotel.

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Sierra A.
My 3 friends and I stayed in a suite and we loved it. Comfy beds and pillows and the kitchen was very handy. The cost was ideal for our budget and the view out the window was beautiful. There is a TV in the living room and one in the bedroom- both large flat screen LGs. The bathroom was a good size and clean. Staff kept the grounds and room clean. The grounds are beautiful- lots of green foliage, ponds with koi and goldfish, parakeets- it was all beautiful. We would definitely stay here again. Shopping and dining is close and convenient.

01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Susan R.
Rooms were clean and nice but not spectacular. But the big draw to this hotel is the great location right on the harbor and the concerts on site. We went there to see Chris Cornell and we were impressed with the entire facility and the intimate setting with great views of the stage from every angle. There were many rooms with balconies facing the stage but we were told they were always reserved for the entertainers and their guests. We would have been willing to pay a premium for those rooms.

13/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Art C.
For the money, this is an awesome hotel.  Our room was super tiny, but comfortable.  The foot of the bed was no more than 5 feet from the door.

Everything was nice, nothing special, but it was clean.  The staff were very kind, and the housekeeping, WOW!  They really cleaned our room nicely, made me feel very comfortable.  They even went so far as to arrange our bathroom stuff (like toothbrushes and such) showing that they most likely wiped down the whole countertop.  They also threw away a lot of our trash that wasn't in the trash can.

All our more expensive items weren't missing or touched, and I felt very safe in that location.  Parking is pretty cramped, but it's not bad at all.

There's almost nothing to do near the hotel, unless you want to buy a Yacht =)  You'll have to get a car to go anywhere.

Free use of their computer with internet, I thought that was very nice as it let us check our flight information on our way out.

07/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Jeanae K.
I had a hotel party here, with ALOT of people, and security never came to my door...they actually said whats up to us! They are very cheap, and its really nice. It looks like it use to be a old apartment complex community because of the way its set up. I enjoyed my stay, the view, and the people that worked there were very nice and helpful. I was suppose to pay $225 but i only paid $139 for the presidential suite which is superrr nice! It has a big bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, 2 queen beds in a separate room, a living area with 2 pull out beds, two balconies and a kitchenette! its 1050 square ft. I would recommend this place to everyone!

04/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Stephanie C.
Humphrey's it lovely. The location is perfect!...tucked away on the marina away from the really busy, noisy, chaotic, part of san diego.  It's calm, quiet, and is like a little getaway.  It is only a 10 min drive from everything san diego has to offer!...the zoo, gaslampdistrict etc. and only about 15 min away from the big beaches.  The restuarant at Humphrey's has an amazing view of the marina, and the eggs benidict are to die for!...
We will be coming back!..

17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!!  We were upgraded to a Suite on the Harbor side (because of construction noise) and we were on our Honeymoon.  The Hotel is beautiful, lush withe lots of plants and beautiful scenery!  Ordered room service a couple times and my food was good (breakfast & chicken pesto sandwich), Hubby wasn't too happy with his TINY fried chicken (literally the size of a pidgeon) and then the contenintal breakfast was $9.50 for toast and orange juice.  The Man wasn't happy with the food but loved the hotel as well!  We hope to go on our Anniversary next year!  Hopefully the duck family will be there and come to the screen door in the mornings!!  The staff was super friendly and helpful too.  Overall a great experience!

14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Jake R.
Took my girl here for her 30th b-day booked a Jr suite and went to a concert. Staff was friendly and helpful. Room service was inexpensive and prompt. Had a great time

26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Keena E.
The suites were very nice, the atmosphere was great, we had a suite over looking the bay and the room was big and cozy.  Now, the reason why they did not get 4 or 5 stars, our welcome.  When I first booked this I mixed up credit cars and it got declined.  We cleared that up and the room was paid for a month in advance.  When I checked in I did NOT get a "Welcome!", I got, "Your card was declined!", I tried to explain the issue and said the room has already paid for, but the lady waved me off and said "you'll have to come in tomorrow and talk to the Reservations Manager".  She did not wanna hear me speak.  I know we also had to pay for parking, but she didn't even tell us she was holding $50 n my card for that.  The lady was barking at us, and just rambled where the room was and basically get the hell out.  I was annoyed for sure, but I wasn't gonna let it ruin my vacation.  So, I figured,  hey... I got the room, I've already paid, I'm not talking to any Manager, About what?  We stayed for 3 days had a great time, and had no problems, I don't know why the lady even brought it up.  Check out was smooth, and that person was nice.
Probably won't stay here again, just because We're from Vegas, we work at 5 star hotels, we know what service should be, even it's not 5 stars, a smile and warm welcome go a long way.

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Travis B.
We stayed in a standard suite here and it was great. The room had incredible architecture and laying there you could see it somewhere in Fiji instead of San Diego. The shuttle driver is the hardest working man in north america. He picked us up at the airport showed us the best places to eat, the best liquor store and just chatted us up in general. He was also our bellhop and humped our bags up a flight of stairs. We were staying here before going on a cruise and we almost didn't go because we were having such a great time. The bar on premises was really cool as well. A nice relaxed atmosphere where you can hear some body swaying blues.

14/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Anna V.
We got a room here for a super sweeeeeet deal on Priceline.  Unlike other yelpers, it took us 5 minutes to check in.  It was a breeze to find street parking too.

The location was great.

The rooms were so good for what we paid for.  And the huge LG flat screen made our wii-ing experience so much fun.

We will be back!!!

30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. eric s.
Nice place, but two main complaints.
One, I very specifically asked for a room as far away from the concert venue as possible. We brought our newborn, and quiet sleep is essential. We were given a room literally as close to the venue as possible, with no chance of changing rooms. It turns out the walls are pretty thick and it wasn't too loud, but just one request, and it wasn't granted.
Also, the maid took/threw away two souvenir plastic cups we got at the zoo and were using to drink water and cocktails out of. Kind of a bummer.
What I liked?
Beautiful grounds.
Great view.
Nice staff.
Clean room.
Great (and cheap!) room service!

09/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. karen c.
I am not sure if I like or dislike this hotel.

Convenient location with walking distance to close by restaurants and the dock. Super friendly customer service that welcomes you with warmth and explain patiently close by attractions, restaurants, and their own specials for the night. Great view that you can simply enjoy the night ocean view by staying in your room (of course depends which room you stayed at) instead of going out. Tropical decorated room with clean bed and small fridge and microwave is just everything I need after a day of activities.  Attractive and relaxing oasis in the center of the resort where you can walk leisurely in barefoot. And, one big big plus about this hotel is they have coupons for either free appetizers or discounts for nearby restaurants and they offer it to you openly instead of some hotels where you'll only get if you ask.

Now after you enjoy all those wonderful services above,  you are ready to call it a night and pass out till the sun comes up the next day. BUT NO! You cant! The room is still beautiful and there's no noise outside at all but the bed! The bed!! The pillows!! The sheet! Those devil sleeping tools woke me up constantly that I look even more tired the next day. Their pillow are probably those $10 each from Macys where as your head reclines, it sinks down and pushes the feather to one side. You can't turn easily when your pillow is out of proportion which can also cause soreness and pain on your neck. I'm guessing the bed and everything is 300 thread, which isn't a problem considering this isn't a 5-star hotel but the pillow, it's just a huge negative for this hotel.

My suggestion, bring your own pillow if you want to come here.

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Bob B.
I loved this place! It reminded me of the Polynesian Resort at Disney World.  It is right on the bay and has a pretty decent fine dining restaurant. There was a concert going on near our room but it was fine.  They have some great acts playing here during the summer and I am going back.  The room was large (mini-suite) and clean.  The place was fun is all I can say to sum it all up.  I also left my iPhone charger in the room.  I called a couple fo days later and they are maining it to me.  The staff was very friendly so all in all it was a good experience.

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Jim U.
Grounds were very nice and rooms were very nice, perhaps a little dark

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Kristin B.
Do not, do not, DO NOT  get married at Humphreys Half Moon in on Shelter Island in San Diego. My sister-in-law got married here this past weekend and it was a NIGHTMARE! The worst part - security told us he was going to "shut down" the reception and hour and a half early because we were being "too loud!"

We wanted room service for all of the girls on the morning of the wedding and it took 2 hours to get it with no apologies and multiple phone calls.

My in-laws booked their largest suite to use as a hospitality suite for all the guests to eat and drink at, and every night security came by to tell us to be quiet. When asked if there had been complaints they said, "no, we are just be pre-emptive." It even got to the point that the one security guy called the cops and had 8 (thats right 8!) cops come to "break-up" our party as well as three other wedding party get-togethers. They told family member who were from out of town to be quiet in their OWN rooms through the screen door during the day.

This place was absolutely ridiculous and I HIGHLY recommend that NO ONE use this resort. They hold concerts and weddings all the time yet we seemed to be the loudest party to ever step foot on that resort. Save your money and go to a place where they will accommodate you and your guests! I feel terrible for my in-laws who were embarrassed by all of the issues we encountered, especially since in was a destination wedding and everyone came from out of town!

29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. catherine l.
I went here on a mini vacay with family. When I first looked at the hotel online, I thought not another wannabe tropical resort style place. When I got there, I can honestly say that the pictures don't do this place justice!

We got there about an hour before check in, so we wandered the grounds just to check it out. The outside is actually really beautiful. Tall trees, flowers, even a mini bridge that crosses over a pond filled with HUGE fish. Can you say dinner? Kidding. The pool area is nice and has a mini bar. The bartender when I went was extremely nice and even told me happy birthday. Yes, at 25 I still get questioned and carded ALL the time. The inn had a mini putting green, too. Anyway, went to the front desk to check in where the concierge gave us a complimentary upgrade to a one bedroom suite-- score!

The room was aaaaaamazing!! It was a lot bigger than the one bedroom apartment I stayed at a few years back. The room had an abundance of mirrors. The kitchen was fully stocked with appliances (plates, utensils, pots & pans, even a blender). The living space had a huge round dining table and a couple sofa sleepers. Bathroom had a double sink. I could go on and on but really just don't feel like it, sorry. Right across the street from the inn there's a nice walking/jogging path that runs alongside the marina. There is a fitness room located on site but opted to jog along the path inside and take in the fresh air and scenery of the skyline instead.

18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Kyle K.
So, this place was not bad. It got even better the second night when the rate was cut in half. The bed was comfortable and had all the amenities we needed include free wireless. The property is spectacularly landscaped but there is still the feel of being overused and a bit dated altho the rooms seemed recently remodeled. of course, the hot tub was always full of travelers. The location is a bit "busy" with all the boaters traffic and the restuarants nearby are so-so. The restaurant, altho we did not eat there, scores just OK on Yelp. When i return to SD, i probably won't stay here not because of the hotel but rather the area. There are many better in San Diego. Seeing a concert and then staying there is the way to go which really is the only reason we stayed there. i will say however that the ushers at the concert are total jackasses!

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Kimberly T.
I stayed here while attending a conference.  I would say that the hotel was probably about average for the price.  

The room was pretty small (if you sit on the edge of the bed, you can almost stick your feet out the front door...)  The rooms were very clean, but were also strongly perfumed with whatever they clean the room and linens with.   I had to open the patio door for quite awhile to get rid of the aroma.  

I have to agree with the other reviewer who commented on the sheer curtains on the windows and patio door (which faced the parking lot).   There was no way to close the heavier decorative drapes, and the wall around the patio isn't very high, so it didn't permit much privacy - especially when you are in the room at night with the lights on.  It also makes it impossible to close out the sunlight in the morning (fortunately, I had to get up early anyway!)

Also, if you are coming to San Diego without a car or if you want to be close to areas for sightseeing, this place may not be the best option for you.  Its pretty far away from everything (I couldn't even find any restaurants nearby that would deliver food to the hotel - other than pizza places), and there didn't seem to be much in the area within walking distance other than other hotels, yacht clubs, etc.  

On the plus side, staff was pretty friendly, and the views were nice.  The property was well maintained and nicely decorated.

08/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Roy S.
Great place to stay!
Before moving down here, my family would always stay here when we would come down for vacation. This place is absoulutely beautiful!

07/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Ed Z.
Oh, Yelp, would that you would add a "three and a half star" rating!  So many places seem to fit that.  This place is one.  I've been there 4 times before, so it's clearly good enough to return to for me.

As some have noted, the location is great.  It's an easy drive from here to the downtown area, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, etc.  That's a definite plus.

The rooms are fairly nice, though nothing awe-inspiring.  The beds are big and comfy.  The TV doesn't get too many channels, though.

The grounds are lovely and even if you get stuck with the cheaper "bay view" rooms the view isn't too bad.  

The prices aren't all that great normally, but if you stay once and get on their e-mail list, you can get notifications of some really good deals.

We ate breakfast at the restaurant once, and it was quite good, with reasonable prices.

Some negatives:  a) gotta normally pay $10 for parking; b) some of the rooms are a bit on the dark side; c) some of the rooms have lame sinks; d) the fitness room is REALLY small (though it does have a nice view of the marina).

As some have noted, you don't get 5-star luxury here, but all in all it's a reasonably nice place and a good place to stay if you want to be a San Diego tourist.

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. S T.
We stayed here this summer with a large group in the marina view suite.(1000 square feet)  It was a wonderfully large group of rooms, and our view of the marina and surrounding hills was lovely. The kitchen was fully equipped and recently redone, and the bathroom was great, too.  The dining room was large and included a spacious round table where one could fit 8-10 people.

We arrived for check-in and were told that we couldn't be processed due to a computer problem.  Our family group ranged in age from an infant to an elderly person and we had to wait for over an hour to check in to our room, but we were comfortable sitting in the lobby.  Lots of other people were in our same predicament, and the desk clerks handled all the impatient people very well. One guy had a little temper tantrum and even threw an object, but the clerk ignored it and that  non-reaction rather diffused the situation. Another guest simply picked up the launched object ( a paper cup), and deposited it in a trash bin.

Our inconvenience was compensated by free parking for two days ($40.00 saved...2 cars) and also we had $50.00 knocked off the bill for the room so we were satisfied.

We rated the place four stars instead of five due to the discomfort of the sofa beds and beds in the bedroom, but that's just taste. One of our party members loved the bed.

A trip to Humphreys will happen again--to us it's a hidden little gem, and next time we will enjoy a concert there!

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Shelley L.
This place is super-cool.  Reminds me of being in Hawaii with out the cost or plane trip.  Their pool is just absolutely fabulous!  The staff was very accommodating and when we found a crack in our closet door mirror that my young son kept trying to touch they immediately moved us to a different room.  We will go back here again for sure!

20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Steven F.
Great hotel for casual stay. Remodel is really nice. Love this location for a casual escape. WiFi is great throughoput the location. Nice walking path nearby and great views. Hidden treasure, with GREAT prices

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. kim p.
This is a terrific location with water harbor views and view of downtown. The facilities are nice, well-kept and clean. The large pool is nice because it's sheltered from winds by the hotel and palm trees (hot tub is nice too). Our room was nice -  we had 2nd floor with vaulted ceiling and ceiling fan.

A nice spot and we'd love to return.

10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Jonathan T.
This is a great place to hold a reunion/special occasion (in my case, it was a blowout milestone b-day par-tay for one of my bestest buds)
you order up the suite, which was pretty spacious and has ample kitchen, outdoor patio, and commons room chillin' space. (though an oven woulda been nice, all we got was a stovetop range).

locale can't be beat as point loma/shelter island is slightly off the SD beaten path, and has great views of downtown SD and sits right on top of the picturesque marina. some peeps complained about $10 parking in the lot--i don't know if it's the generally moribund economy or not, but i just rolled right up to the joint and easily found parking at one of the several open metered spaces on Shelter Island Dr. that were free for rest of the weekend.

Most participating partying peeps were locals, so we just used the suite space as a jumping off pre-party (and late nite slurry blurry after-party) for the adjacent Humphrey's restaurant/bar/lounge, which had some live band playing that nite. and it's also convenient for the famed champagne brunch the morning after, tho i have some serious gripes about the brunch (see accompanying review/rant).

as an angeleno staying in SD for the weekend, i was glad to have the extra space to crash in the main room of the suite, which has two pullout sofa beds. Tho having my bud's little critters jumping up and down on my head in the bed at 8am contributed to the day after pounding that lingered extra specially long well into the following evening.

ah, the perks of being every adorable tike's favorite uncle jonny.... :O}P

04/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Sam Z.
will not ever stay here again.and will not recommend this to anyone.  based on the pictures we thought our room for $150 a night would be well worth it, by getting a nice room,  think again. the room was basically the same as what you would get a motel 6, or worse. the day we arrived there was a tray of dirty empty plates right out side our room door and two days later the tray was still there. our bed sheets were wrinkled. gross! and the room smelled. we paid extra for the "garden view" pretty much all that was, was a little grassy area. then the walls were paper thin, we could hear EVERYTHING going on in the room next to us, and everything going on outside. it was not quite whatsoever. and the nine am jet plane wake up call was not a pleasant wake up call for vacation.  for the price of the room i would have thought we would get something nicer than this.

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
41. Cheesebucket T.
Overall stay was reall nice, I love the view from the dining.  We all had a great stay even though it was really noisy concert night.

13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Emily J.
I stayed here while in San Diego attending a conference.  The conference hotel (Kona Kai Resort) was booked so I reserved rooms here.  

Things I liked:
Beautiful, tropical-ish atmosphere
Free shuttle to and from the airport - only about 5 minutes away
Walking distance to a number of restaurants
Patios off of each guest room
Nice staff
AAA discount - midweek, not weekend

Things I didn't like:
Pillows - not comfy
Shuttle - At 1:15 I got in line at the front desk to ask about our 1 pm shuttle to the airport.  After 10 minutes I finally was able to speak to a staff person. Someone had switched out the sheets without transferring our pick up time.  I had allowed plenty of time otherwise this could have been much more frustrating.
Free wifi - Normally this would be a plus but while waiting for our shuttle I heard staff inform everyone on how to access free wifi.  They failed to mention this when I checked in so I paid for it. ($25 for three days)
Noise - I was on the ground floor and the ceiling was very creaky.  There were stairs right outside my room and those were very noisy as well.  When someone knocked on my neighbor's door at 5 am it sounded like they were knocking on my door.  Not sure how to remedy this situation but I don't like having to wear earplugs while staying at a hotel.

Overall, my stay was okay but I am not sure that I would stay here again.

09/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Joan S.
The grounds are really nice, but my problem was the noise. At around 2 am, there were people outside talking REALLY LOUD and it went on for about an hour.... I could also hear the people upstairs moving around.

When we checked out our room, we found spiders on towels and on the bed... good thing I checked first before going to bed...

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Lydia R.
About the ugliest rooms I've ever seen.   I'd give them a D grade, not even a C-.
The reviews that rated the rooms highly seem to be talking about suites, of which there are very few.   The regular rooms are small, low ceilings, ugly colors, claustrophobic and depressing.   We looked at several rooms, all equally bad, and ended up leaving and coming to The Bay Club a couple of doors down on the same street.   MUCH BETTER.
On the plus side, the young woman at the reception desk was very nice and the bellhop who showed us the rooms was super nice and helpful.

12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
45. Princess Kim R.
This review is strictly for the hotel, not the restaurant or the concert facilities.

So, my dear friend bought the room-and-dinner package for my brother and I for the Frankie Valli concert in June. I received the tickets, which clearly stated that I had that package, and also stated that I should call to make hotel reservations.

I called after hours and was told to call back the next day and speak to Melissa. I called, and she told me, "Oh, we get a list from Ticketmaster of all of the people who ordered that package, and it seems you're not on the list." She checked both my name and my friend's name, since he had ordered the package for me. I asked her what could be done about that, since I had the tickets and everything, and if I could just check in using my tickets. She said, "Um, well, you'll have to call Ticketmaster and see what they have to say about it. Well, good luck with that...?" GOOD LUCK WITH THAT? Honey, YOU are the one who gets paid to deal with reservations, and I'm the one with the tickets that say that I'm supposed to be lounging in your hotel. What's wrong with this picture?

I called Ticketmaster. The woman there was much more helpful. She saw that I had indeed ordered the package, and she called Humphrey's Ticketmaster box office herself to straighten things out. She clicked back over to me and told me that things should be taken care of, since she had spoken to them directly.

So, I called Melissa again. This time she told me that she was waiting to speak to their box office and confirm that I was a ticket holder. I was baffled. I said, "Um, Ticketmaster just spoke to your box office." She said, "Well, I have to wait and confirm. Can I give you a call back?" Eventually, she did confirm that I had a room, and she was nice enough about it, but it didn't really soothe my ruffled feathers over having to do the work myself when it was pretty much their problem.

The room-and-dinner packages state that they are good for two people only, and that no changes can be made. When they say two people, they aren't kidding, and you had better hope that you and the other person are pretty familiar with each other, 'cause there's only one bed! My brother and I stuck a pillow in the middle of the bed and didn't really mind sharing, but I could see how it could be awkward if you were with the wrong person. The rooms were small, but they were clean. They were a little on the dark side, like other reviewers have noted, but I didn't mind.

There are several restaurants within walking distance, and even really late at night, my brother and I felt pretty safe walking to the Denny's a few blocks away.

In retrospect, I'd only stay at this hotel if there was another fantastic performance I wanted to see (Can they resurrect Michael Jackson? Bring back Frankie Valli?), if the staff was more helpful with the reservations, or if they got involved with Clean The World ('cause I dig hotels that do good).

31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. roseanne k.
I stayed here for 3 days and overall I was happy. I was automatically given a room upgrade upon checking in. The room was spacious, the patio quite pretty and overall the hotel was quiet, which I LOVE.

The pool unfortunately closes overnight.

31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Chris T.
I stayed here for a friends wedding, during the 4th of july weekend, I choose this one from the wedding party's list of recommended hotels, and while this was not one of the cheapest choices it was the closest.  I figured in the very likely chance that I get sloshed at the wedding reception, I could just go and stumble back to my room and would avoid the time consuming and pricy task of leaving my car, taking a  cab ride to my hotel and another cab ride a day one later to pick up that car.

Overall the room accommodations seemed pretty basic, bed, tv, safe and shampoo, which for me was fine, I wasn't expecting 5 star resort hotel, and my whole purpose for being there was so I could attend a very close friend's wedding so I was happy to just be there.  Some reviews mentioned that the sheets were a bit on the rough side and the pilows weren't very comfy, granted I see merit in that criticism, it wasn't exactly my biggest issue as Im the type to sleep on the beach using my surfboard as a pillow... still that wasn't an viable option as I didn't want to get sand in my tux.  

This hotel had a beautiful lobby, and the little gardens spread throughout the hotel created a nice lush rainforest look, the place had little nooks that could made the place look like an island oasis.  There were a couple of beautiful spots that would work for fantastic photo ops, which I believe was one of the reasons why they choose this venue to begin with.  It is worth noting that this place does charge for parking, quite a bit actually about 10 bucks a night, but with in and out privileges.  I understand if you are limited in space like San Francisco, but really?  There was plenty of room in the lot and whether or not you are a hotel guest,  you pay the same as someone that doesn't have a room.  Felt you should at least give your guest some perks or incentives to stay here.  Then again, I shouldn't be surprised considering that I ended up going over to a neighboring hotel that my friend invited me to for a free breakfast that they GAVE to their guests.  

Despite a few of my complaints the biggest issue I had was the customer service at the front desk.  I arrived late a night for my check in after several delays on route, I got in at about 11:00 pm and was ready to just get my room key and rest.  I waited at the counter, watching some guy in the backroom, talking on the phone.  He signaled to me saying "one minute".... 15 minutes later, he finally gets off and starts to get me checked in, needless to say I was a little irritated, still I got my room key and went to my room to get some rest.

The next incident occurred the day of my friend's wedding, and they asked me to go to the front desk and set aside room keys for the groom's wedding party so they could get ready.  I intended to runout and do some errands and was going to leave my keys them under their name.  I ended up going to the lobby, with about 4 other couples a head of me, for about a half hour, I stood in this line.  I would normally be understanding if there was just one person, but they had at least 2 people behind the counter, a concierge at a side desk and one person in the back room.  Only one of those people were actually doing something with the customers, the others seemed content to either stare at thier computer screen or run around as if the backroom was on fire.  Not once did any of them even bother to acklowedge anyone in line.  It ended up taking so long, by the time I had them put the keys aside, the people I was leaving them for already came to the lobby.  I didn't want want them to wait in line so I pretty much asked for my keys back, to spare them from having to deal with these people.  What a massive waste of time.

I understand that the venue is beautiful and I can appreciate the architecture and landscaping that when into this place.  But the experience is spoiled if you have to take into account the price, the lack of a few services that they should provide their guest and most importantly their atrocious customer service.  If I need a place to stay in this area, I think Ill try my luck at another hotel next time.

05/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Tara C.
Cute place, good price!  I found Humphrey's at random, by using Priceline.  I was a little concerned about the whole music stage/noise issue, but I seriously slept like a rock during my stay last weekend!  The room was comfortable, with lots of counter space in the bathroom, a mini-fridge, and a private patio.  My only complaint was the cost of parking- $10 a night? Really?  I understand when it's a big, downtown hotel, but a little place like this?  They said there was free parking across the street but kinda warned me not to leave it parked in the same spot too long...  Hmm- that sounded sketchy so I went with hotel parking.  At least there was a security guard wandering around at night.  So all in all, not a bad spot for a little weekend stay, and I didn't even see the pool or live music stage.

24/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Tabitha W.
I had a very nice room with two beds.I really loved the view from my room.The bed was very comfy.There was a really easy to use coffee pot and microwave.I liked the room because it did not feel stuffy like most rooms.There was also alot of space. I do not like that there is no room service.My friend and I had gone out and came home starving and then you have no food.Also the worst is being thirsty and not even having bottle water in the room that you can drink and be charged for.Its horrible.I think I woke up at four am dying of thirst.They had a soda machine I had walked to that charges 2.00 for a soda.lol. Then the machine took all of my money except my last  dime ,it was like a bad commercial lol.My friend had lost our room key and I remember the guy at the front seemed to be annoyed.Instead of very friendly he seemed a bit grumpy and too serious but he did make us another key.I slept really well here .The ac works really good as well.They just really need room service or drinks and snacks in the room .Maybe some tylenol to like the andaz or hardrock has lol.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Jane A.
Humphrey's Half Moon Inn is a slice of Hawaii Heaven on the Mainland

I love this place. It has the relaxed "away from it all" feel of Hawaii along with beautiful tropical surroundings and comfortable accommodations. It reminds me of some of the smaller non-high rise places I have stayed in Hawaii like The Hawaiiana and Breakers in Waikiki only classier and without the plane trip.

This hotel is a great place to chill out for a few days. There are several nice restaurants in walking distance, amazing room service, a nice pool/hot tub area surrounded by tropical folliage and tikis and an adjacent concert venue. I have stayed here a couple of times on my anniversary and had the opportunity to listen to the concert from the comfort of the pool. Ah... this is living.

They have great specials running almost all of the time that include such perks as buy one get one dinner at their nice restaurant, or a "luau" pupu platter and 2 Mai Tais served in your room or pool side.

i highly recommend the 1st floor "premiere" rooms which have been remolded with modern tropical furnishings and linens.

I like it so much that I hate to stay anywhere else in San Diego.

To Humphrey's I say "Aloha and Mahalo".

05/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Jennifer L.
What a treat this hotel was!  My boyfriend and I stayed here for 3 days and we did not want to leave!  I picked up a sweet deal on priceline.com and to our surprise; the hotel upgraded us for free to a master suite on the marina!  

We were pleasantly greeted by a very kind front desk host who quickly checked us in and surprised us with the room upgrade.  We didn't think much about the upgrade until we entered our HUGE condo style of a room!  

Full kitchen, HUGE living room, massive patio over looking the marina, decent bathroom and a bedroom in the rear of the unit with another patio over looking a lush garden!  

This room was more like a house, not a hotel!  To boot, the pool was amazing, and the on-site amenities were worth their weight in gold..  Pool Bar, Putting Greens, ping Pong, Croquette, hot tub, on-site bar with live entertainment and an amazing happy hour!  They also offer free bikes to use!  

Everything about this place was home!  It was like being in Hawaii, but only 2 hours away from Los Angeles.  

We were so pleased with the hotel we never left the property!  The second night we even pulled the couches out and put them in front of the patio doors and slept with the doors open facing the marina!  What a great weekend!!!!  

We will be frequenting this hotel for many years to come!  

Thank you Humphreys for a local stay vacation that felt like we were thousands of miles away from home!!!!

18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Jason L.
I allowed the sig-o to arrange our lodging on our trip back to San Diego. This placed looked decent from online photos and Yelp reviews so I was pleased at the choice. This place is nice and secluded which I enjoyed since some parts of San Diego are a bit busy and noisy. I needed a bit of rest anyways since traveling East Coast to West Coast can tend to wear you out. Check in was easy and our room wasn't located that far from the lobby. They charge $10 a day for parking which was ok with me since we were able to park in front of our room. The grounds seemed well kept and there were nice views of the bay.

The room itself was an exploration of style over the last 30 years. The main bedroom looked like it was teleported from the late 1970s. The bathroom was much more modern and actually pretty nice. It was obvious it was recently updated. Apparently the free internet they have is also hails from the 1970s since it took me about 30 minutes to download an 8 MB song from iTunes. Nice plasma TV in the room which we didn't really use while here. The bed was decently comfortable. Air conditioning worked well and temperature adjustment wasn't an issue. One of the best things about the hotel is the nice views of the bay. Just be careful strolling around the bay since this place is a haven for creepy elderly people. There was one guy out there in his camper that looked like he might be gathering victims to be in Hostel 3. Another lady eyed my empty plastic water bottle greedily (I assume she was gathering bottles for recycling money). Luckily I can threaten people with just my eyes and she backed off.

In summary this place was adequate but not exceptionally special. A solid 3.5 stars and worth a stay if you are interested in this particular area of San Diego. No major problems but you won't be wowed either.

07/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. April H.
Arrived for my kids spring break and was checked in super quick.  Room was exactly as described and almost looked newly redone.  Was a beautiful room with a great view.    Got the Junior suite and was perfect.  Parking was real close to our room and very accessible.    Pool was great and even for March weather pool temp was good for the kids to still enjoy.  Will for sure me staying here again, hopefully soon.

27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Elizabeth F.
We just had a great 4 nights at Humphrey's. The front desk was very accomodating in changing in our room, when we tried everything (including the maintanence and housekeeping) to get rid of a terrible smell from the bathroom. We spent one night in the room hoping the smell would go away, but no such luck. The lack of 5 stars is due to the lack of cleaning of the room. I will never walk barefoot in a hotel room again!

The e-standby option to upgrade rooms was a wonderful way to enjoy our stay in a room we would usually not be able to afford. The Junior waterview suite had such a welcoming and relaxing view of the beautiful tropic-like folage and marina that gives Humphrey's its Hawaiian style atmosphere. The room was comfortable and decorated in a attractive modern style, large bathroom, 2 large flat screen TVs (one facing the comfortable king size bed and one in the living room area facing the sofa). The pool was refreshing at just the right temperature and the hot tub was awesome! The location can't be bet, just minutes drive from all the major attractions in San Diego, but yet the quiet and beauty of being right by the bay.
Would definitely recommend!

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Laurel T.
Humphreys is a beautiful hotel on Shelter Island. Their rates are reasonable for the location and the vibe is tropical.

They also have a concert venue on site that gets some pretty killer acts during the summer. Anyways, I am reviewing the marina at Humphreys Half Moon Inn.

This is the spot to be when one of your favorite acts happens to be booked at the generally pricey but not too great of acoustics at Humphreys' stage. The trick is to make friends with a boat owner, have them invite you to their boat and enjoy the concert at the docks, eating and drinking whatever you care to bring. You can't see the band but you can hear the music and you can dance your little heart out on the dock.

Most recently, my boat owning friend lent us her slip for the evening so we could check out the Gipsy Kings. Vino, cheese, chocolate under the stars in the San Diego Bay with the boat rocking just a little bit with the tide listening to Bamboleo...heaven!

20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Michael M.
My friend has a boat here. This place is fairly secure. bathrooms are really clean. Everyone that has a boat here is always friendly and willing to help out a fellow sailor.

27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Stefani S.
Very nice rooms.  Check in was fast and easy.  Very friendly staff.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Caitlin S.
Fantastic. Everything from the rooms to the bar to the concerts. It's never anything but amazing. I work in the area and still come here for an escape, even just to pass thru and walk my dog. The service and staff are just great!

20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Elise A.
Had a great experience at Humphreys on our first visit to San Diego! Booked through Travelzoo, so we got an incredible rate (especially for the week prior to Labor Day). Manager sent a comp bottle of champagne to our room since I'd mentioned our anniversary at the time of booking - REALLY nice touch! Rooms are very clean and spacious, and the grounds are gorgeous.  The pool and hot tub are framed by a koi pond and gardens. Very peaceful and well-maintained.  I wasn't sure what to expect since the outside isn't exactly beautiful (no common entry area or elevators - more like a motel) but we were pleasantly surprised by how nice everything was. Restaurant is gorgeous and serves a reasonably-priced, delicious breakfast. We would definitely return here on our next visit.

14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Russ C.
This is my 6th visit to San Diego since May, both business & pleasure.  I always stay at Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites due to its excellent proximity to the airport, the
I-5 & I-8.  It's very quiet on Shelter Island in the Pt. Loma area and I just love the tropical "Hawaii Vibe" I have when I come to Humphreys.  The landscaping is lush and perfectly groomed. A pair of Parrots are looking over the gorgeous Koi pond.   When I checked in after a long day of driving I was greeted by the cheerful smiling faces of Chelsea, April and Rhonda S. (Senior Sales Manager).  It's always that way here, customer service is outstanding.  A few tiny things needed to be repaired in my room, light bulb, etc., each was done within 15 minutes.  This trip I started each day with laps in the huge pool and ended two of the evenings with concerts by the bay in the hotel venue outdoor amphitheater.  I recommend Humphreys highly.  Russ C., Carefree, AZ.

28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Sally L.
We had a wonderful time at Humphrey's!   We checked in early and were able to be upgraded to a suite for no extra charge.  The room was nicely appointed with 2 large televisions, a couch, private shaded patio with a view of the music stage & appeared recently remodeled.  All this with the fun "tiki" theme make it a great place to stay.

12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. David L.
I am writing this review as I stay here so my truly terrible experience is fresh in my mind. If you are looking for peace and quiet, DON'T COME HERE. The walls are thin so you can hear everyone in the rooms around you... And a mid-day nap? Lol, don't even think about it. There have been drums playing across the street for the last 2 hours. For nearly $300/night, this is a joke of a place... I wouldn't stay here again if I was paid! How embarrassing to surprise my girlfriend with this garbage.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
63. Lindsay C.
I'm a San Diego native and have always wanted to stay at Humphreys because I love their bar (has a great happy hour) and their brunch.  My husband and I stayed here about a year ago in October and the weather was perfect.  The staff was nice, and I got a suite that overlooked the bay which was nice.  That aisde, it's not really worth the money to stay here.  What made our experience nice was that we had a great view, perfect weather and the pool was pretty empty which made it relaxing.  They did not have their pool bar open which I was disappointed about.  I was able to get a really good room rate so it was worth the stay, but their normal prices are a bit high for what you get.  They also need to update their hotel--if I were coming in from out of town to stay here I wouldn't be that impressed.  I probably won't stay here again but will continue to go back to the lounge and brunch they have.

14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Melissa B.
Call this a "3+" review. We got a great package deal for an off-season deal with an upgrade to a Jr Suite. This made our stay at Humphreys a great value. We enjoyed a view of the bay from our Second story room. The jr suites are kind of a strange, long, angular configuration. You could hear the staff slam open and close the security doors at the end of the halls so a middle room may be advised. I think this was especially loud since the beds were right by the door. Still, not a big deal.

I would recommend this hotel for a good value option right on the marina. The room was clean, relatively quiet, and the hotel has beautiful grounds.

31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. David W.
We really enjoyed our stay at Humphreys Half Moon Inn. Our Premiere Renovated King Room was very clean and spacious and very reasonably priced. Loved the fact that WiFi was free and there was an in-room safe.

While there, we enjoyed music from some of the free concerts they offer at Humphrey's Back Room. In fact one band in particular - Subliminal trip, was absolutely fantastic.

Would definitely stay again. In fact thinking that the next time they have an artist performing in their "concert by the bay" arena, which is located in the center of property, that we will book an upper room with patio that looks down on concert venue.

All in all, a very cool place.

27/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Ron O.
You'd think I'd know better by now, huh?

In the six years The Boyfriend and I have been together, we have learned one lesson; if he plans things, they tend to be spectacularly successful. If I plan things, they tend to be disasters.

I planned our anniversary stay at Humphreys.

From the moment we arrived to find there was no porter to carry the bags from the car, to the discovery that there were 2 weddings and a convention going on in the place, things just went from bad to worse.

The "junior suite" - the only option available when I booked over the telephone - was a grim, narrow room on the first floor just off the public entrance to "Humphrey's Concert Bowl". Furnished in what can only be described as Early Yard Sale, it featured a couple of hastily mounted flat screen TVs and a bed lumpier than your Aunt Bernice's lap. While advertised online as having a balcony overlooking the marina, this ghastly little cell instead boasted a view of the parking lot; the only way to actually SEE the Marina was to stand up and peer over the trucks and cars lined up directly beside our patio doors.

I had arranged for an "artisanal cheese plate" to be delivered to the room as a surprise for My Beloved; we found it wrapped in cellophane and stuck in the back of the mini bar fridge. I'm hardly a cheese snob, but while a few slices of cheddar and a handful of walnuts might be considered "artistic" in some circles, we couldn't really enjoy it in any event, as there was neither cracker nor bread provided....

We returned to the Front Desk, hoping at the very least to move to a part of the hotel that didn't allow non-stop vehicle exhaust to billow in through the windows, but was informed by the pleasant and apologetic young lady that the place was sold out for the weekend and while we could move four doors along the hallway to a similar room, they had nothing else available. Price was not an object, I should note; I offered to pay an upgrade fee, but the place was full.

To make amends, she offered us two free cocktails at the Bar. Now I will admit free booze can go a long way toward making me a happy boy, but in this case, when we finally found the Lounge/Restaurant (stuck in a flat, hideous box at the far end of the admittedly otherwise lovely Polynesian-themed property) the House Band From Hell was in full swing playing cover versions of songs that shouldn't have been written in the first place.

Being a Saturday afternoon, the "joint was jumpin'" with pale out-of-towners scarfing down chicken wings and jugs of beer; while one is always pleased to see people having fun, the window rattling volume of the music wasn't conducive to the sort of romantic atmosphere we were hoping to find. We decided to try the Pool Bar but discovered it was closed because of the weddings and wasn't to reopen until the following Tuesday. Fortunately, a sweet young Bartendress took pity on us and provided two deliriously potent Mai Tais; these helped the pain considerably.

I can't comment on the quality of the food or service at Humphreys, as the rest of the weekend was spent as far away from this gulag as possible, enjoying the various charms of San Diego about which I shall post on other pages - most of these were planned by The Aforementioned Boyfriend and were completely enjoyable.

However, suffice it to say that while the hotel property itself is charming, with lush landscape and a reasonably sized pool heated to a comfortable temperature , one should beware of weddings, conventions and anything which bills itself as a "junior" something or other.

And in future, I shall let The Boyfriend arrange EVERYTHING.

04/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
67. Enrique G.
We stayed here for our 6 year wedding anniversary, the place is fantastic!!! Everything about the place is very relaxing, all of the flowers and the views from the marina are awesome! Our room was a standard size room with a King Bed and even though I was considering upgrading to a suite because we needed a crib for our daughter, this room was perfect! We had a room that was right outside of the pool, and that would've been great had the pool been open, they are refurbishing the pool and it looks like they will be opening it pretty soon. We wouldn't have gotten in anyway as the weather was too cold for us to be in there, but at least now we know which room to ask for when we decide to come back. Just walking around the grounds makes you feel like you're somewhere else, literally a tropical paradise just  hours from LA!!!! We booked the Drive to Hawaii trip and I felt that it was worth it, the food platter alone that comes with it is amazing!!

Pros: - Microwave and fridge in room, the fridge is a small one but still it gets the job done.
- Really close to everything, went to balboa park and it only took about 10 minutes!
-Views of the  marina were awesome!
-Parking was super close, $10 bucks a night is well worth it to have your car 20 steps from where you are staying.
-the Koi fish in their little water feature was great for keeping the kid busy, so thank you for that.
and of course FREE WIFI!!!!

- we stayed there two nights and no one came to clean our room at all, we were gone all day on Saturday, and no one came by to make up the room at all????
-The bathroom door wouldn't lock, which really isn't a big deal...but still it just didn't work.
- The bathroom was great, however, the shower didn't work properly, anytime you wanted to switch it from bath to the shower the lever would get stuck and half the water came out from the bottom and the other half from the top, also not a big deal but still just something i noticed.
-they have these sensor light that are designed to save energy which I'm totally cool with, but the thing kept turning on all night yes...all night long..., i was beginning to think that the room was haunted...hahaha
-in the drive to Hawaii package it mentioned something about a complimentary 2 hour bike ride? nothing was ever mentioned to me about a bike ride??? i did get everything else, the food, and the two mai-tai's, which were awesome, also i thought it mentioned something about flowers, not a big deal but still i thought it was part of the package.

All in all this place was great, the pro's outweighed the cons by far, this is a great place to get away, even if its just for a few nights, even the baby had a good time..I highly recommend this place and we will try to come back in the summer time when the weather permits us getting in the pool!!! Check this place out if you get a chance!

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Humphrey J.
Pricey but worth it. It's really nice how you can hear the concerts by the pool. The rooms were clean, the staff was friendly.
We had our wedding here and every one of our guests is looking forward to returning to Humphrey's Half Moon Inn on their next visit to San Diego.
We loved the free bike service!

02/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Dwynn W.
The rooms are small....but REALLY cool! And they have a pool that is actually 9ft deep!!! Where does that happen anymore? We will be there again soon!

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Natalie C.
This place is amazing! Perfect location right in between DT and the beach. They were having some sort of deal online so I got 3 nights for only $420 with taxes, can't beat that!!!! We had the suite which was huge! Marina view, 2 queen beds, full on apt. size, full kitchen minus a stove (only a microwave) with a huge patio. The entire wall was basically a window with the two sliding glass doors made a great view!  The only thing I would complain about is getting in there. There is no bell boy to bring your things to your room and there's stairs so that part was hard since we had a bunch of booze and food etc. But overall, great place!

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Katherine C.
The rooms here are very nice at a reasonable rate. Gardens beautiful, pool and hot tub great and location very easy to everything. A very pleasant surprise and a place I'd come back to.

06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Felicia T.
Concierge was friendly, and we got a room by the parking lot, so that was convenient.

The actual room is cozy, very warm, though not small. Every room has a little patio area, and it would have been nice had the weather was permitting. But nevetheless, you have the option to lay out. Room came with nice coffee area, plenty of cabinets, plasma TV (limited channels though), microwave (this is a rarity, and ive stayed in plenty of hotels), comfy bed and very elegant, simple yet modern bathrooms. yes nice bathrooms get me. This one came with good hair dryer (con air, and not the tiny generic wall ones), plenty of  towels, Qtip and cotton balls. But there was no Conditioner. I've never been to a hotel that doesn't give conditioner. For this alone, minus 1/2 star.

Finally, the price. I understand its by the marina. But we didn't get any ocean view, so i would have liked it had it been cheaper. I was there for a wedding, so with the wedding discount, it was $179/ night (plus parking $10, resort fee and San Diego tourism fee (NO JOKE), it got to around $200). I found this to be rather pricey already. Imagine not getting the wedding discount- the room rate is $279-$349 a weekend night (according to their website).

But all in all, for the price, and the happy occasion and the ease of checking in and out, it was a good experience altogether.

13/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Leanne H.
What a fabulous hotel! beautifully renovated and a great pool. Plush Polynesian-esk fell , very comfy beds! was far more luxurious than the website made it out to be. I highly recommend!!!
The front desk staff was stellar. Special note to the very awesome agent Nikki, the manager Patrick & Gen, all were very accommodating. I will definitely make this my hotel every time I visit San Diego, if just for the wonderful customer service I received from them!

My only beef was the TV accommodations (pretty poor selection of channels for an HDTV) and one of the front desk (night) agents, Maria, was horrible. She wasn't all that friendly and seemed a bit put out working in hospitality, she was totally lacking any form of it. She seemed a bit snotty.

But her attitude didn't deter me from giving this place what it deserves, 5 stars, the overall experience was superb.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Jackie S.
My girlfriend and I had a great stay this weekend at Humphrey's. Check in was a breeze and we were onto our room within 5 minutes. We wanted to find someplace that was romantic for Valentine's Day Weekend and this place definitely fit the bill. It has great views of the water with little benches where you can sit out and enjoy the view. The landscaping here is very well maintained and creates a great environment. It was very peaceful all weekend, we didn't really hear a lot of noise from neighboring rooms at all. The beds were a little on the hard side but not too bad, no mini bar but it did have a fridge and a microwave which was great. Our room had a big walk in shower and updated bathroom vanity.

There were a couple draw backs such as, room service and continental breakfast were very expensive (10 dollars for a juice and pastry...?) and the lamp in our room was broken so we had to get up every time we wanted to switch the lights on or off.

The location of the hotel is great also, it wasn't a far drive to Balboa Park, Hillcrest and the Gaslamp. You can take a two minute walk up past the hotel and catch a great view of the San Diego Skyline. There are several great date restaurants within a mile of the hotel too. Overall, we were pretty happy with our stay for the price we paid!

13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Neil F.
This is my first YELP review, and I partially anticipated writing one prior to my vacation in San Deigo for two reasons; first, because I use YELP often and felt it was about time I give back, but secondly because I had read reviews on this hotel that ran the gamut from great to terrible.  Below, you'll find our experience at this hotel, and it may not match yours--however, I would like to point out a few items of particular significance.  I traveled to San Diego with my fiance.

We arrived 3pm on Thursday when we should have arrived at 7pm on Wednesday, thanks to Spirit Airlines (worst airline in existence, for real).  That said, there was nothing I could do about waiving the first night's stay--so I didn't even try.  We arrived to our room, and despite requesting 1 King bed, we were given two queen beds.  After a short discussion,  we didn't bother asking for a room with a King bed as my logic determined they probably gave away our "original" room to another customer on account of our later than anticipated arrival.  That said, it was no skin off our backs.  The room was very nicely appointed: flat screen TV (maybe 42"?) coffee maker (coffee wasn't the best..), fridge, microwave, iron/ironing board.  Basically, what you'd expect at a hotel, in my experience.  Beds were very soft with several pillows.  We had a second floor room overlooking the pool, which was very serene.

Allow me to rant, here, as I read reviews that complained about the "noise of the pool."  First off, it wasn't loud.  Secondly, and partially the reason I'm finally contributing to this site, the expectation level of some people I read here is quite outrageous.  If you're looking to be pampered and have lofty expectations--that usually comes with a price.  Market pricing would indicate the product you will receive, pay more, get more--simple economics.  That said, the high ceilings with wooden beams, wooden shutters, and well done tile work in the bathroom made it feel nothing short of a 4-star (not 5) hotel.  So, my comment to those who are bothered by the "noise of the pool" or the "didn't know there was a concert going on" would render me to say their lack of research was the issue--not the hotel.

We went to the restaurant for Happy Hour on Thursday evening and had the quesadilla and buffalo wings.  Both were better than "normal" bar food.  I had a few vodka martinis that were on-par with what I'd expect, as we watched the band for the night set-up.  Drinks/apps between 5-7pm were both half price.  They began performing at 7pm sharp and I was impressed with their ability.  The woman of the band sang an Adele song that could have been Adele herself singing--phenomenal.  The band was local--Breez'n.  After several more cocktails and dancing we left with a $67 tab (and we drank quite a bit).  It was nice to see the Baby Boomer generation on the dance floor, as well...we're 28 and were by far the youngest there.  No big deal.  

We ordered room service for breakfast on Friday morning from a provided menu, whereby, you can designate the time you'd like our order to arrive.  We were woken up to a phone call 5 mins prior to the requested time informing us the food was on its way.  It arrived, hot, fresh, and delicious.  No doubt the food is excellent at this hotel.

The next day we needed a car--so I had the (future) wife call the front desk.  They, without hesitation, arranged for Enterprise to come pick us up, gave us a 10% discount (which I later found was in our "passport" booklet--but they automatically applied it without asking), and waived the parking fee for the resort since the car was effectively not "under our control" as of 8pm that night.  Very hassle-free and accommodating.

Saturday, our flight left SAN at 320pm which put us in a bit of a bind as to what we were going to do between check-out and airport (12pm is normal check-out).  So, we called the front desk and asked for a 1pm check-out--granted.  After reviewing our timing, we realized we didn't want to get to the airport until 215pm, so when we went to get our cab (which they organized for us) to tour SD around 9am we personally asked Gen at the front desk to extend our check-out to 2pm.  She obliged--again, without question.  We also, confirmed our shuttle to SAN @ 2pm with the driver of the shuttle, and she reprogrammed our key so we wouldn't run into issues; citing that on account of our late arrival she was happy to accommodate.

So, there you have it.  We happen to be relatively flexible people and I'm sure some things that happened wouldn't sit well with those Yelpers our there that want to be waited on hand and foot.  But allow me to say, that if you're looking for a nice view of the bay, some B+ local band entertainment, a well appointed room that isn't a typical hotel, and an accommodating staff then Humphrey's is for you.

15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Hayes W.
Humphreys is my go-to hotel in San Diego. This was obvious when I showed up this time and was upgraded to a luxury suite for free, because I was a returning customer. The staff is extremely friendly and Bill the bellhop is super knowledgable about the area. My one complaint, and the one reason I'm not giving 5 stars, is the noise level. I felt like we could hear everything going on out in the halls. Other than that, great place!!

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. j j.
Defective motion sensors turn on the lights all night long. Hookers roam the halls knocking on every door. Noisy plumbing, uncomfortable bed. Why would you even consider staying here

17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
78. Danielle E.
Just got back home from the most unromantic anniversary mini vacay to San Diego thanks to Humphrey's. The hubby and I love visiting Shelter Island so we can have dinner and get totally hammered at Bali Hai... staying close by we can just stumble back instead of worrying about a DUI. We have stayed at 3 other hotels on Shelter Island and have really enjoyed them all. We did however always dream of staying at Humphrey's because it looks so amazing from the outside but it was always over budget. Since it was our anniversary we decided to go crazy and stay there. There was so much wrong with our stay that I think I will have to make a list.

1. Made our room reservations weeks in advance and booked at a rate of $144.00 a night for a garden view room, seemed like a sweet off season deal. However, the morning before we left I checked Humphrey's website and saw that they were having a deal on the same room for $84.00 a night and their website says best price guaranteed... well we called up and asked them to honor the better rate and they basically told us to shove it... Since our room was not refundable since it was less than 24 hours before our stay we had to just deal... STRIKE 1...

2. Upon arrival check in seemed easy enough and the lady at the front desk upgraded us to a Junior Suite... turned out to be a huge downgrade!

3. The "Suite" was dark and depressing, you walk in and the foot of the bed is literally 5 feet from the door and right next to the bathroom door yuck.. there was also no window in this part of the room so it was like a depressing dark cave (the lighting was horrible) The bathroom was dated and the shower SUCKED the water kept turning from hot to cold, the plumbing in my 1940's apartment is better. You could also hear the water constantly running to the other rooms while in the bed so fucking noisy! The room had only sheer curtains which provided no privacy as it faced directly into the parking lot... there were blackout curtains but they were bolted to the ceiling so you can't close them ok what the f is that about??? The walls were paper then and every noise from the parking lot, other rooms and the house keepers drove us nuts. Another HUGE major flaw with the place was the rock hard worn out bed with the even more rock hard pillows, both my hubby and I's backs are killing us after our really awful night of trying to sleep... see 4 on the list.... The towels were so ratty and falling apart there were strings hanging off of them.

4. OK the absolute worst part of our stay at this "luxury" hotel where I get more luxury at Motel 6. They had a fucking wedding with a really loud band going on right outside our room. The lady that checked us in did not inform us of this or give us the option of staying in a different part of the hotel. I think we were given that "upgrade" to that junior suite is because someone who got there before us told the desk person to shove it and move them into a quieter room. We were told there were no other available rooms. The wedding was super loud and they played the worst horrible bad wedding music ever well past 11pm on a Sunday night. I called the front desk to complain and the lady basically again told me to shove it.  We could hardly have a romantic evening in our hotel room with all that horrible cover band rock going on.... we had planned on getting up early and going to the Wild Animal Park which I had already purchased tickets for, and yes we got up early because the bed was hard as a rock and we couldn't sleep anyways but we were so tired from lack of sleep that we skipped the park and headed home early. So yeah wasted theme park tickets and a shortened long awaited vacation, thanks Humphrey's.

5. The lady that checked us out was nice and when I complained again she did give me a partial refund. However, I will still never ever stay here again because I would have rather just paid for a nice room and enjoyed my vacation that we were looking forward to for months... we never get to go out of town grrrrrrrr.... so she was the only one at this hotel that had any sympathy to how bad we got screwed so one star for her.

In conclusion.. DON"T STAY HERE try the Kona Kai or Best Western, they are much much nicer and less expensive.

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
79. Brad T.
The location is excellent with plenty to do around the area and I'm sure it is very convenient for the patrons of the concert venue, but the facilities seemed a bit outdated.  Not that it wasn't nice, but comparing it to Paradise Point in Mission Beach, Humphrey's Half Moon needs a bit of a face lift.  I might have given it a lower rating if I had paid the full $250, but I recieved a deal on a hotel website I frequent.

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Viginia H.
This was my first hotel experience ever. I must say this was a pretty nice hotel in San Diego. The employee's we're very nice and quick. We were upgraded from the premium king bed to the room with the view of the marina. We tried looking for free parking but we decided not to since it was only $10 for parking and plus we got to park right in front of the hotel so we didn't have to walk too far. YAY. I loved everything about the hotel room : very clean, tv with HBO and a game system, the VIEW of the marina, the sink, small microwave and fridge, huge mirrors, soft mattress and pillows, plenty of towels, etc. There's also a pool and Jacuzzi but we didn't get to swim. The only problem I had with this hotel was that the sheets had this strong scent that made me cringe a little.

29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. nathan c.
Service Service! My girlfriend and I decided to have a little staycation to wind down the long 4th of July weekend. We grabbed a room online and headed over for some R&R. Andy at the front desk was  very polite and set us up with our reservation no problem and he even recommended a local bar to grab some drinks and a bite. we went to are room and felt that it just wasn't up to par for a one night stay to spoil ourselves. We returned to Andy at the front desk and asked about a possible upgrade with a view. He said "I'll set you up in the room I would want". He gave us a great room with a view over the bay and seemed happy to do it. The room was a spacious layout, super comfy bed and all the little amenities you need in a room. Very nice pool in the center of everything and good size outdoor jacuzzi with a pool bar next to it all. We are already planning our next staycation here with some friends. Thanks Andy.

12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Janet K.
I'd give this between three and four stars if I could.

Best for: families, people wanting to stay away from downtown. Leisure travel value for the money was very good (but I do not expect free breakfast or parking when I travel for personal reasons).

I'm primarily a business traveler. Business travelers will be annoyed by the lack of attention from the bell stand and the front desk. Leisure travelers paying between $130-180/night (our rates for a one br suite and two king rooms) probably won't care as much.

The value for the place was very good. Updated, clean, comfortable rooms. Clearly recently remodeled. Free wifi. Microwave and beverage frig in every room, with more in the suite. In fact, the suite provided enough room for a family of four, plus three other people to hang out. It did, however, have ants in the kitchen. (Room 324, Humphreys, if you're exterminating).

I used the very small fitness center (smaller than a hotel room, elliptical, treadmill, bike, TV, weights) overlooking the marina one night. You can easily walk or run along Shelter Island or in the nearby neighborhood. The beach is steps away.

Grounds are pretty and tropical, pool and jacuzzi looked nice, but we didn't use them.

The restaurant was good - very good food and excellent service - but I would have liked a family-style casual restaurant to bridge between the white tablecloths and the bar and concert venue attached to it.

If you have an early flight don't count on the shuttle. It doesn't operate until 7 am. Good news is that the front desk will call you a cab and it is less than 10 minutes to get to the airport.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
83. Brian B.
Generally had a pretty good experience at Humphrey's.  The last time I stayed there, though, was not so great.  Cool things about Humphrey's: the location, they let you borrow bikes for free, the atmosphere is great, and it has a cool stage area and great pools.  Overall, having stayed at Humphrey's a couple of times, I'd still recommend it.  It's a fun/cool place.

22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Jessica B.
1 week of family relaxation. We are a family of 4. Our room had 2 King Beds, mini fridge & microwave. Slider that opened to a quaint patio and lush gardens. We ate breakfast every day at the restaurant, had room service twice, Poolside cocktail service  for Mom & Dad. .the service was great!  We used the pool every day....it was well kept,  clean pool towels were plentiful. Feel good about recommending Humphreys and would stay again.

08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Emily C.
We were bumped up to a 900 sq foot suite right on the harbor for a small upgrade fee. Totally worth it! Friendly staff, free parking (with the deal we found online), free live blues the night we stayed there, and a surprisingly quiet place to stay close to the city. Great food within walking distance too, and that's a huge plus. I'd go back, for sure!

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Mike P.
We had our wedding at Humphreys 1/18, and it was a great experience.  Most of our family stayed at the hotel and had great things to say about it, especially about the views and the pool.  Everyone liked the lush greenery that is in the interior too.  Darla handled our wedding coordination and it went seamlessly, even when we cobbled together the last minute plans about how my guy working the iPod would know when to start playing music for people walking down the aisle.  The ceremony site and reception were exactly how we wanted, including some odds and ends that we requested, and the wait staff at the reception had exemplary customer service.  After thinking more about the whole night and the role Humphreys played, I bumped them from 4 stars up to 5 stars.  Here are some additional things I thought of: -The food at the reception was fantastic.  It was just as good as it was at the tasting.  -The price was great - it beat out Tom Hamms, Catamaran, and a couple other places I can't think of right now.  

We (and our guests) ended up being super satisfied, and I can't think of anything we would have changed.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Ana B.
Great place to have a family get together, everything is walking distance and the views are amazing. Has that small island feel. I wouldn't recommend this for younger people looking to have a fun time unless you boat. Easy access to Point Loma/Coronado/off the highway. I had an excellent suite newly remodeled. Front desk ladies were sweet, I mentioned that we were celebrating a friends birthday and they sent over some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (what a great surprise!) I will definitely stay here again. If your taking the kids to SEA WORLD/ SAN DIEGO ZOO/LEGOLAND, stay here, it costs the same as it would if you stayed closer to these attractions but much much more bang for your buck and nicer stay. This island has a tiki feel to it.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Vero M.
We stayed here for 3 nights. There was an online deal to buy 2 nights, get the 3rd free. Our room was on the bottom floor right in front of the pool. We had a little patio with 2 chairs and a table. The room location was awesome. Even when the pool is packed, it was never loud in the room. On the Saturday night we stayed, there was a concert. Sitting on the patio enjoying the dusk and music with a drink was so nice. Our room was comfortable and had tv, wifi, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, and a safe if you need one. The bathroom was cool, everything was clean. The pillows we so comfortable, I didn't want to leave the room. The landscape is gorgeous.  The bar is fun. I will, and can't wait, to stay here again.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Janae L.
I booked the resort on Orbitz when I booked a team members' flight on Alaska.  We had three rooms for the team.  The resort itself is really nice.  

We knew ahead of time about the concerts (Gipsy Kings and Chicago) so we just hung out by the pool and listened.   What was unexpected was the wedding on-site on Friday night.  The microphone was so loud that you could hear the speakers all around the venue.  There was no escaping it.  Our idea of lounging and relaxing after three long work days was hindered.  

Parking was $10 a night and the staff was great about moving finding parking for us if the concert goers had taken them all.  I did think  the resort fee of $9.95 a day per room was excessive and would have liked to see a break for booking multiple rooms.

I would stay there again but would try to get a room on the opposite end from the concert venue due to the loud wedding noise accommodations on the same end.  That did take a bit of the "shine" off but was still much better than staying at hotel circle where the conference was.

05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Helen S.
Stayed here for Valentine's day with the boyfriend; my birthday is the next day so I wanted something with a view, on the water, a balcony and tropical themed. I am polynesian, ALWAYS miss the islands and I attended a Keali'i Reichel concert here a few years back never forgetting admiring the atmosphere and rooms with their balconies facing the concert venue wishing I was in one. This year I booked it! Got a junior suite on the first floor, raised patio facing the stage and parking literally 200 feet from our door. Also found the rooms on sale on their website! Got an even a cheaper rate than AAA had to offer.

Check-in was quick, the room was lovely--a bit snug but perfect for 2 people; maybe 4 maximum. Nice big flatscreen, comfy bed with dimmer lights and sliding wooden paneled doors that separate the room from the living & bathroom. Bathroom was clean, well lit and stocked; sink area is also a bit snug (a girl needs room for hair & make-up prep!) but overall, I loved it and was very satisfied. Grounds are covered in tropical plants and maintained all day, even woke early in the morning to drink mimosas on the patio & watched a family of ducks hanging out on the venue grass :) Patio is also lined with hibiscus bushes too so we couldn't see the neighbors on their patio & likewise. It was exactly what I was looking for; romantic and fun. I'm watching now to find out when a fav artist of mine will be here to do this all over again!

04/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Michelle N.
Boyfriend surprised me with a weekend get away in SD.  Humphrey's half moon was beautiful.  Not too expensive, not too cheap.  It was just right.  The tiki feel was really cute.  The pool is huge and the place also comes with a hot tub.  We didn't go in, but still looked decent.  If you get a chance to walk the grounds, there's a pond with some fishies and some parrots that like to scream at you.  It's a great place to crash when visiting the SD area!

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Rob M.
Really enjoyed our stay, only one night but will be back. Room was great, comfortable bed and very nice view of tropical gardens. Friendly staff. Only negative was the $10 parking charge, loads of street parking if you don't want hand over another $10 to Humphrey's.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Teresa L.
I thought about giving the hotel 3 stars for a couple of reasons.  The bathroom door almost made me lose my mind.  It was a very heavy wooden door that was supposed to slide open.  It was very beat up and dirty.  There was no track, so it opened on carpet. If you don't mind using the bathroom with the door open, don't worry about it.

There is no elevator, so climbing several flights of stairs with heavy luggage might present a problem for some people.

If you don't like music, you should probably ask for a room on the side of the hotel that isn't next to the stage.

Having said that, the hotel is really cool and in a gorgeous area.  The landscaping is awesome.  The hotel has a 70's island feel to it.  The rooms aren't fancy, but they are equipped with a small kitchen area that includes a sink and refrigerator.  

I would love to stay at this hotel again.  It has a lot of character.  The internet is free and good and uncovered parking is $10.

24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Carrie B.
Super nice hotel near Sea World and Zoo. Kid friendly, great service and awesome pool. They give you a coupon book upon check in with buy one get one free on drinks at the pool bar and dinner st the restaurant, super friendly, clean rooms with great bathrooms, some rooms over look the pool with balcony's

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Tiffany H.
Love this place. We've spent 4 nights here and I'd definitely stay again. The location can't be beat. You feel somewhat removed from the chaos of the city - can see it across the bay and feel like you're off somewhere like a smaller town. But it takes about 7 minutes to drive to the airport and not much longer to get down to Seaport Village area or Balboa Park or Old Town. It was also really convenient for Cabrillo National Park and Ocean Beach (if you're here on a Wednesday - go hit the Farmer's Market that afternoon/evening!). Lots of restaurants within walking distance (including a muffin place that makes for an easy, fast breakfast).

Others have mentioned it, but I'll reiterate - the grounds are beautiful. Upon check-in, my daughter just kept squealing, "I LOVE SAN DIEGO!" We hadn't really gotten her a beach experience on this trip, so today, we walked right across the street to the little beach there. She really just wanted to build a sand castle, and it worked out perfectly. Can also borrow (free!) bikes to ride the island, but we didn't get around to this. There are several little sitting areas around the grounds.

We got a junior suite that looks right over the concert venue (none while we have been here, though they're clearly setting up for a wedding reception tomorrow night, with the wedding itself set up on the putting green) and the marina, with a little glimpse of the pool area to our right. The pool area is fantastic - includes a hot tub and a ping pong table. Our balcony is tiny and odd-shaped, but my husband and I have spent every evening on it, drinking wine, looking down on the parrots right below us.

The room itself is fine - two nice-size TVs (though the one on the swing-arm by the "bedroom" part of the room seems to not show about half the channels). It has an awkwardly-shaped bathroom - the single sink is in a triangle space, so you really can't share the area. Bed is comfy and my daughter's liked the couch-bed too. One night we just hit a market in Little Italy for bread/dipping oil and cheeses and have used it for appetizers or dinner on following nights, sitting out on the balcony - been good to have the mini-fridge and microwave. Free wifi is always a nice bonus!

Would highly recommend this place to anyone! ETA: when my husband told them about the TV problem on check-out (in a purely - "we didn't really care, but others might, so we're telling you" kind of way), they comped our parking fee.

29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Danielle S.
This hotel is nasty.  Dont let the gorgeous landscaping fool you. The bathrooms are OLD and the beds are HARD!!  I wiped the floor with one of towels and the towel was black when I was done. Not to mention the little curly hair that was left behind in the shower. GROSS.  We told the front desk and they just said they were sorry and charged us for the whole amount. DONT STAY HERE

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
97. Sara V.
I didn't stay here..... more so visited my in-law's when in town for a wedding.

The property is dated. I expected Jack Tripper to come around the corner any moment.

The staff is warm and welcome and their pool bar is AWESOME. Try the drink with coconut tequila - heaven.

The grounds are well kept and the rooms are clean.

For the price, it's not worth what you get in my opinion.

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Rich S.
Nice facility, grounds, rooms and location! I would have given it a better rating if the front desk staff were more accommodating. Awakened by drunken Iranian neighbor singing and banging on drum at 1:00 am doesn't help either.

23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Christina B.
Our family stayed here for two nights and had a very nice experience. We were upgraded upon arrival. The room was spacious and clean. Check in and check out were fast and seamless. Definately reccomend. The location is great as well. Also, we had breakfast at the Hotel and it was very good. The view of the Marina is also nice.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Janet C.
Stayed at Humphreys for three nights for a little getaway weekend. Got a great deal through Hotels.com , which made it extra sweet.

The room was a standard King Bed, clean and comfy. Plenty of pillows; extras in the closet.

- Microwave/Fridge in room
- Jacuzzi & Pool (that we never tried because it was rainy, but still, a plus!)
- Bar at Humphrey's Backstage Live, we heard some great music and did some dancing. :) Drinks aren't that expensive, either.
- Attentive housekeeping, plenty of towels, supplies at all times
- Well-kept property
- Friendly, prompt staff, to include room service
- Close to all of downtown SD, some cute eateries within walking distance around. Close to Sea World, Balboa Park, Seaport Village and all those downtown attractions.

- Walls are somewhat thin, you can hear clattering of people dropping things; coughing.
- TV dropped out on the third night; cable tv issues that were beyond the hotel's control.

Not too many cons, really, overall it was a pleasant stay; definitelya great value. I would stay here again.

23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Erica N.
More than 30 of our guests stayed at this hotel two weeks ago for our wedding reception, which was held just across the parking lot at the Bali Hai Restaurant. We could not have made a better decision on the whole setup. We toured a couple of other hotels nearby and Humphrey's was the best. The hotel is beautifully maintained and was perfect for all of our guests, including families. The layout completely lends itself to hanging out with friends and family. Unlike a downtown location, it's simple to get in and out of and the parking is free. The staff was wonderful all around. The Sales office gave us a fantastic special wedding rate. Our guests loved the fact that we made things so easy.

Finally, this review would not be complete without an acknowledgment of the club/restaurant. We ended up there at the end of the night and wow, who knew? Live band, packed nightclub. We were expecting a lonely hotel bar. It turned into a really amazing after party!

We came back the next day to watch the Superbowl and had a chance to enjoy the happy hour food -- definitely a step up from the usual hot wings. Thank you, Humphrey's! We were able to spend quality time together with our dearest out-of-town family and friends, who were all treated well. You can't put a price tag on that. Our weekend was a total success in no small part to you guys.

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Brian R.
Stayed on 7/23, right next to bay. Beautiful landscape and comfortable room. Fair price for top of tourist season. Had a Lexus sponsored concert playing at the hotel and security guard came up to me at pool and asked if I and guest wanted to attend. Nice gesture, nice staff, great hotel.  Will not find a more picturesque place. Great for a morning or evening stroll. Lovely  place

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Jenn C.
Really cute hotel. Definitely has a lush Polynesian-esque feel, as described by LH.  I came here for an event, so I got special rates. We stayed here for $109 a night, I believe. Otherwise, I'm not sure how good of a deal it is.

The grounds are really charming. The architecture is unique. I had a really great time at Libertopia here; it was the perfect location.

25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Kari M.
I have to say I had an ok experience here at Humphreys. The room sizes are really good. 2 queens and plenty of extra space. But there were some other issues that down-graded my experience.

Big rooms
Grounds - just beautiful to walk around. Love the tiki torches. Made a new duck friend.
Concerts - if you were to stay here during the concert season, you will here them from your room, without a doubt.
Room service - 5 stars here. Really good.
Free wifi

My sister blew a fuse by using the hair dryer, which, in turn, caused the lights to go off in my parents room (next door).
The outlet in my parents bathroom didn't work. They sent someone to fix it and it was never resolved.
Not enough outlets. To plug in my computer, I had to unplug the lamp or tv. Not smart.
Concerts - yes, I know this is in the Pro category, but it is also a Con if you're trying to sleep.
Parking - We had to park far away from our room because the parking lot was over-crowded with concert goers. It was ridiculous!

Overall, for the price, an OK value. Would I stay here again? If they get everything in working condition, yes.

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. aj b.
We stayed there for one night and had a suite with the beautiful views! Loved the place! Rooms are clean, bedding was fantastic, views were incredible and grounds are very pretty! Front desk staff can be better. Customer service needs improvement, I know it's fixable, that's why Im giving this hotel 5 stars :)

Highly recommend staying there, but get the suite. Grab a glass of wine and a food at their restaurant. Happy Hour was great, chopped greek salad was huge and tasty!

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Marina M.
We stayed here for 4 days during the beginning of Comic Con week 2013 and was surprisingly not as busy as i thought it would be.  
Yes there were a few cobwebs on the ceiling, and yes there is some wear if you look closely (in a beachy resort salt and wind type of wear and tear which is kinda sweet).  The place is very well maintained.  The grounds were absolutely stunning.  There is no inch of space left without a tropical burst of flowers and foliage.  Much kudos to the landscaping staff.  It felt very much like a Hawaii vibe.  Parrots and koi included.
The staff went out of their way to provide the best service and everyone you pass greet and say hi with a genuine smile (you dont get that in snobby minnesota).  
We booked the most inexpensive room and got the one closest to the front desk which got a bit of extra traffic so the patio was not as private.  We did not care, because the most outstanding part is they found us the room ready 8 hours earlier from check in! (our plane landed at 10am) for no extra charge.  That is unbelievable service and very much appreciated.  
One small complaint was the TV did not get very clear service, but with the amazing pool and hot tub, plus the beach across the street, there really is no need for tv time.  
The "town" area past the island was easily walkable for restaurants and supplies.  Billy and the free shuttle back and forth from the air port was top notch service with local recommendations, including bus stop info nearby.
The $9.99 per night resort fee was a surprise since it was not included in our vacation package, but they comped one night for us no problem.
All in all, Humphrey's is a total gem.  Don't change a thing and don't raise prices.  Stay Classy!

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Earl S.
Hotels in San Diego are expensive, at least compared to Santa Clara. So, taking that into consideration I give Humphreys a solid 3 stars. It's fairly priced for what it is and where it is. I really like the location because it's not too crowded and offers good access routes to other parts of San Diego.

The outside of the hotel is obviously old, somewhat dilapidated but kept up reasonably well for its age. The room interiors are much fresher and while not particularly large they have everything one needs and then some. The landscaping must be a handful, but it's maintained very well. The pool area works well, but towel stocking was a problem when I was there.

Overall I would probably stay at Humphreys again.

18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Amy B.
We went to Humphereys to celebrate a birthday and also to see the Gavin DeGraw / Colbie Caillat concert. The hotel staff brought us a complimentary bottle of champagne and that was the start to our great stay! We loved the pool, especially the cabana so we could have some drinks poolside. The staff was really friendly and personable, which made the stay special.

The atmosphere was the best thing about the hotel. They have all sorts of tropical flowers and the landscaping is amazing! I felt like I was on a tropical getaway!

Def recommend this place. Parking is $10 at the hotel, but we parked across the way at Bali Hai and walked our bags across to the hotel.

06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Robert M.
First the good : Nice location. Now the bad : Price. Oh, I got a decent price on Priceline, but what they fail to mention booking through them or the hotel itself, is that when you get there you are notified of a $10 a day parking fee, and $9.95 a day "resort fee", that covers wifi, and a neat little coupon book for their restaurant. What. Ever. The location is not on top of other places, so you are going to be driving there, so the parking fee is a scam. Why should I pay for parking? The 100+ I paid a night should cover that. And your little coupon book to your restaurant doesn't make me feel warm and giddy about the extra $9. 95 either. Yes, for this area those fees are old hat, but they need to stop. I paid you for the hotel, it should include everything. Period.  And the loud mouthed employee yelling at someone on the phone at the lobby desk didn't help with the charm factor, either.

06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
110. Jeni R.
We stayed in a suite, which was nice and clean but the walls were paper thin.

My review is mainly about the management and customer service. I spoke with the female manager (curly hair,  kinda chubby) and I swear she was so unprofessional and had the worst attitude. She was not helpful at all and was nothing but rude.

Suggestion: hire a new manager.

14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
111. M G.
I booked this on Priceline (3.5 star for $110/night king bed, upgrade to two queens is $20/night additional. Normal price is only about $10/night more) so it was a bit lucky that they put me at this wonderful location. Humphreys is right on the bay on Shelter Island. It has a Hawaiian feel due to the water, the palm trees and more. It has a great bar/lounge with live music. A great get away unique from other SD hotels. The lobby is nothing more that a registration desk. The rooms are nice, bathroom is average, nice balcony most with great views-remember to ask for one.
The pool was big and had a jacuzzi. They also have an outdoor theatre with concerts in the summer. I'm coming back and bringing friends for that!
Housekeeping was a little lame knocking on several people's doors who had do not disturb signs including us. But I barely complained and April from the front desk reduced my bill. That is how you make it right! Thanks April! Definitely recommend this place for a romantic weekend.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Jordan V.
This review is not based on the hotel but one front desk worker (Celine). I have never felt so disrespected in my life by anyone and I came here on vacation. Took my boyfriend to San Diego for his birthday. We bought a deal on Groupon here and after an almost two hour drive from OC we couldnt wait to check in and just get settled. Right when we got to the hotel their was an issue. We booked the hotel for April 1st but apparently we made the mistake booking for April 2nd.. UhOh .... So what now? Celine told us to call groupon and ask if they can switch the days since we booked through them. Totally understandable, so we called. We got to the hotel at around early 3ish that day. Groupon was closed.. Wtheck? So we freaked out not knowing what to do. We asked her what she could do for us since we're already here and groupon is closed. She did nothing to help us... My boyfriend came up to her and asked her for help. Nothing.. she did absolutely nothing.... Ignored us an left us to figure this on our own.... She also helped other guest right in front of us while we were trying to talk to her to help us figure this out. We asked if we could speak to someone to help us with this and she replied "their just going to tell you the same thing i am"..... Look i understand we probably made the mistake But to not help a guest when help is being ask? We paid to stay here and groupon was closed? What more could we do now? As a guest I cant believe we were treated this way... We asked a male bell boy if we could speak to manager and he replied to us "Shes in a meeting (.) Period"... After one final straw I came up and asked her is their anything you can do. SHE FINALLY GIVES US A ROOM. What a relief... But why wasnt this done 40minutes ago???.... She wasted our time and put us in such a horrible mood.... I couldnt stand looking at her horrendous face after all the waste she put us through. She did not care about us at all and treated us like we were unwanted. I would never recommend anyone to come here after such a horrible experience we went through. I directly asked for her name just so I can write this review. Never coming back and I hope karma hits you back missy! The hotel itself is okay. Nothing bad but also nothing great.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
113. Lindsey S.
Thank you so much Humphreys for your beautiful venue and all of your help, time and support!! We were so lucky to work with such wonderful people, and we are so grateful for Sarah helping make our  beautiful Wedding day complete!! They have been such a joy to work with and I am beyond amazed at what wonderful service they provide! Everyone was so helpful with all of my questions/emails for the past year! :) All of our guests kept telling us how beautiful the hotel was and amazed at all of the accommodations!!  Humphreys is an unbelievable place to stay and we definitely will be returning, as well as several of our guests!!

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Angelo B.
-First of all, the rooms (and bed) are very nice. I did stay in one of the renovated rooms, but we were very impressed.
-Service was nice.
-Parking was only $10
-Good location: close to seaworld
-free wifi

-rooms can be a little noisy at times from outside (we were near the pool)
-parking spots are a little on the tight side, but not too bad. I was a little scared of getting dinged
-when we checked in to our room, the left over room service was still waiting outside the door from the prior occupant!! And it was still there the next morning! I guess the cleaning crew does not take care of this, but whoever does really needs to pick up the leftovers more often

I WILL stay here again when in the area.

17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Don P.
For the price, it is a very nice place to stay. Just be sure there isn't a concert on a day you stay because room rates increase. Pool is large and very nice. Very large pool with area for kids and deeper area adults may want to hang out in. Beautiful location with great views. Four or five miles from Sea World and Whale Watching. Mission Beach and Ocean Beach close. Very convenient to get to any of these places.

20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Steve G.
I LOVE HUMPHREY'S HALF MOON INN & SUITES! And I have for 25 years!

Whenever I am in San Diego, it's the place I stay, and I am never disappointed.

You can usually find a very attractive deal on their website. My wife and stayed for our 25th Anniversary for 4 nights, and we paid roughly $74 per night.

BUT... You **CANNOT** put a value on the view of San Diego Harbor, and the Point Loma Marina. You are locked right in between the two! PRICELESS!

There are many good to great restaurants within a short walk. Humphrey's night club has a good Happy Hour with live entertainment.

The property is Polynesian themed, as are the rooms. The rooms are rather spacious, and well appointed.

This year I hope to stay here when there is a good artist performing! I think is would be bad ass to see a great concert in a small venue, and walk a few feet to my room! How decadent!

Our deal included FREE Parking and Wifi! Additional bonus points for that.

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Kim R.
We just got back from a long weekend stay at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn. Our stay in San Diego was great, we couldn't have asked for better, or sunnier weather! I booked our trip on Hotels.com so we had airfare and the hotel included. We stayed in a standard room with a king bed. I wished we would have had a patio overlooking the pool, but our patio overlooked the parking lot. It was still semi-private and had a nice wall dividing it from the parking lot and plenty of plants to separate it from the other patios.

We stayed on a concert weekend, but the music was not too loud. The parking lot does get really crowded, but we were still able to find a spot. Parking is $10 a night.

The hotel has a really neat atmosphere and it feels like you are in Hawaii. The pool area is particularly neat and has tons of plants and foliage. My only complaint is that the walls in our room were very thin and we could hear pretty much everything in the rooms next to and above us. One night, the people above us were so loud they woke us up at midnight. Thankfully, the hotel was very apologetic and offered us a $50 credit on hotel services and free parking for the three days we were there.

I really enjoyed the location of this hotel on Shelter Island. It is easy to get to all of the main attractions, but it is not in the heart of downtown so it is much quieter and more relaxing. Plus, it is really neat to be on the marina and able to look at all of the big boats.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Stephen J.
I stayed for three nights.  First night, our room was not made after I returned to the room.  When I called the front desk to complain, they had a lady clean our room.  The lady asked that she only replace the towels.  When I asked her to make the bed, she complained that it was not her responsibility.  I called the next morning to complain to management but my call fell on deaf years.  I never received a phone call from the hotel management.  Truly a disappointing experience.

18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
119. Kurt K.
Save yourself some money and stay at the Island Palms down the street. Humphreys do their best to take care of the hotel property but it is so dated. I hate hotels that nickel and dime you. They have both a resort fee and a parking fee. I was awakened at 650 am on Sunday morning to hotel staff dragging furniture across the pool deck. I asked for a 1pm checkout instead of 12 noon and was refused. Nothing special about this place unless you are coming for their concerts and do not want to drink and drive. For the amount of money they charge, you have much better options in San Diego.

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
120. Arlene C.
My husband and I booked a lil getaway trip at the beginning of June 2013 and we saw the pictures here, we totally both fell in love. I requested a room down stairs because I was 7 months prego at the time, so it was harder for me to go up and down the stairs (but we also had our beach cruisers).
Well, they did not have my room. I bitched and they were super nice, they gave us a 1 bedroom suite instead of our regular suite (still on the 2nd floor- felt bad for my hubby to carry bikes up & down) plus they sent us a cheese and fruit platter to our room for the trouble and even gave us free parking.
We loved how peaceful it was and how pretty. Our balcony was overlooking the marina! Breath taking.
We will definitely come back again when it is easier for me to ride my bike :-)
We checked in on a Saturday and checked out on a Monday.

09/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Samantha B.
This hotel has the worst customer service i have ever experienced.  They have concerts throughout the weekend, and the guest services such as laundry and gym are  not available during their concerts.  The hotel charges almost $10.00 per night for these amenities that are closed to guests most Thursdays through Sundays during their concert season.  The hotel does not tell you the amenities aren't available, and when I asked what other options there were, I was told I could use their sister property down the street.  That is not the convenience I am paying for and would expect at this type of property.  I am very disappointed and while I have stayed at Humphrey's during previous visits to San Diego, I will not stay at this hotel again.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. April D.
My husband surprised me a few months back with a concert, dinner, and room package from Humphreys. We've stayed in the area before (Best Western Plus) about a year ago. We actually thought it might've been the same hotel after seeing pictures,  they looked very similar with a tropical theme; then realized they are just really close. The package was a great idea because we never had to the leave the property. We had a basic room which was a tad small compared to our room at Best Western. Had a non private patio (the patio is open to the walkway) which faced the pool. Everything worked and was clean. The price was decent. Even though our room was near the soda and ice machines and walk way, noise wasn't an issue at night. We never got room service, so I can't comment.
All staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. The pool and hot tub were large and the whole pool area was very nice, we took a swim and soak after the concert which was great.
If I had to stay in the area again and wasn't going to a concert a Humphreys I would stay at The Best Western. Not to say I wouldn't stay at Humphreys again.

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
123. Yasir K.
Deserves 4.5 !... Great spectacular location by the bay... Clean.. Nice staff... But expensive parking 17 $ !! The room is like u r under a sunk ship.. Very comfy clean n many rooms r by the pool which is WAW ! Free wifi... Ur car will be 10 feet to ur room ( couldn't find it in Hiltons n average other ones ) ! ... Very affordable for a great city in dreamy San Diego ( loved every minute)

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. SamGabby P.
This inn was recommended by a friend of ours. When we arrived we were given a room that smelled of urine inside the closet. We didnt appreciate that they lied and gave us an upstairs room when i asked for lower lever (we had 3 bicyles with us). They then moved us to a lower level room. When we entered the room on the floor there was crumbs and rotting food under the rooms chair. As well as a band aid on the night table. So disgusting. The worst part was the roach that we encountered crawling on the wall. The beds were probably 50 years old with squeaking disturbing sqeeks each tine you moved. We then had noisy people smoking near our room( we booked non smoking) and loud kids running up and down our rooms aisle. The inn had been holding a wedding at their stage near our room. Never stay here if youre seeking something relaxing. The staff was rude as well. I spoke to the manager named Dawn Sanders she didnt care what so ever about what i had to say. She was plain rude with me and i didnt appreciate her disgusting tone. I also had to pay for a dog sitter because this inn did not allow pets. I was angry to see that people still brought their pets. The staff did not care. DO NO STAY AT THIS INN DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. Will never be staying here again. Pure disgust.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
125. Jorge R.
Only stay here if you're Caucasian. Our neighbors yelled out derogatory comments about Mexicans and somehow we get kicked out. Police arrived at our suite, banging on the door, we were all asleep. Neighbors complained we were "making too much noise". Police realized we were all asleep but unfortunately could not intervene. The front desk was no help. Told us "if you people learned to be quiet this wouldn't be happening!" It's 3am and we're at Denny's trying to find a room. Half moon inn? More like half assed inn!

09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
126. Jeffrey M.
My wife and I had such a great time during our first stay at Humphreys that we decided to book our wedding hotel here. I am so thankful we did!

Humphreys is a real treasure of hotel and a hidden treasure on Shelter Island. BY FAR, it beats any big name hotel chain, especially if you're looking for a place with charm and personality. It's tropical setting is great for families and kids looking for a getaway not too far from home. The well manicured and colorful flora served as the perfect backdrop for our wedding pictures. Our room was comfortable and spacious with the latest amenities. Our guests were very pleased with the service and the nearby entertainment. Humphreys Backstage Live is next door with excellent cover bands and great drinks, only walking distance away.

The hotel staff went out of there way to make our wedding weekend extra special. Sarah Stinson, our contact and coordinator, was a great help to have. She even left us champagne and chocolate strawberries for our us to enjoy! Thank you Sarah!

Humphreys left us with so many great memories and we are so thankful to have them a part of our big day. Thank you to Humphreys and all the staff we came across during our wedding! We can't wait to stay here again soon!

31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Scott W.
I just wanted to take a moment to compliment Chelsea at the front desk.  She knows the value of great customer service and went beyond the call to enhance our reservation beyond its original limitations.  After dealing with the phone reservations staff to a scripted but less than satisfactory end, Chelsea stepped up and made our stay truly wonderful.

This is our favorite local getaway.  We spend 3 to 4 nights a year here.  We usually come for the concerts and spend the night to awaken in this beautiful setting - then check out their bikes and ride off island for breakfast at one of the local joints.  

And we always recommend this spot to our out-of-town visitors. It's a local gem!

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Gina H.
Love this place...soo beautiful..the staff is awesome..we came to celebrate our 36th wedding Anniversary and were treated so well..thank you to the whole staff!!!!

28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Lisa Frances F.
Stayed here in October, pre-cruise. Beautiful location, extremely accommodating staff, great food at the on-site restaurant and great entertainment, too. They kept my car safe for the 2.5 weeks we were gone, provided shuttle service to the cruise ports. Just fabulous!

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Briana R.
I wish I could give 3.5 stars....

Their telephone customer service is terrible. I called twice, and spoke to different people, and each time, both girls were AWFUL. I wanted to cancel my reservation as soon as I made it, all because of the attitude the girl in reservations gave me. Then, I had a question right before our stay, and that girl was awful too. Had it not been a birthday gift for my boyfriend, I probably would have canceled just because of those two.

However, once we arrived, I was really happy with the hotel itself. The grounds are beautiful, and meticulously kept. The woman at the front desk was nice, and let us check in 10 minutes early. She gave us a map and explained everything, as well as a coupon for 20% off at the restaurant. We got the Premiere King (room 158) with no view. I think we got a great room though. We were able to park right in front of our room. We had a private-ish patio right outside a sliding door. There was a fridge and microwave in a little kitchen area. It was pretty quiet. You could hear the neighbors opening and closing their doors, but that was about it. The room was clean. The bed was ok. I have a fantastic bed at home, so I might be a little bit spoiled...

The pool was heated, and they had a decent sized Jacuzzi. I think the Jacuzzi could have used a cleaning, there were lots of bubbles, and it smelled like it had too much chlorine. It was pleasant enough though.  I would stay there again, because the hotel was really nice, but somebody needs to do something about the people they have answering the phones in reservations. They almost lost business because of the rude/unhelpful people they have employed.

We ate at the restaurant too, happy hour was a fantastic deal! I'll do a review on that too.

29/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Kitty K.
It's a well maintain property that got Hawaiian flares.of the grounds nicely planted flower beds plants even grass lawn area can play croquet and for weddings. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi in the center of the resort. Walk to the other side thetes the famous concert by the Bay very intimate lawn area ...walk a bit over there is restaurant and bar which also has Awesome bands performs classic rocks and jazz blues.:...wonderful setting .

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
132. Chame P.
Stayed here for one night with the fam and it was very nice.  We had a Groupon deal for a 2 Queen sized beds for $115 (doesn't include the $10 per night parking).  The place had a tropical Hawaiian atmosphere and even our room seemed like a Hawaiian bungalow.  The pool was large and clean and there is a Jacuzzi right next to it.  The staff seemed friendly.  There is a little golf area as well and a concert area where you can get half off on drinks and appetizers during happy hour.  The only issue I had during our stay was some noise outside that sounded like they were moving heavy items or equipment, which lasted awhile.  We tried the Hunphreys Restaurant, which overlooked the harbor, for breakfast and found it decent for the price.  Overall, it was a pleasant, short stay.

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Brad A.
I've stayed here a couple times now. It's a very clean hotel with nice amenties and location. It's also very affordable for what you get. The pool setting is relaxing and there is a nice large hot tub. The area is  peaceful and relaxing but is just a short drive from many attractions. Last but not least the view from across the bay is amazing!

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Michele D.
Went back to Humphreys.  I am no longer a San Diego resident but I needed a good hotel that is in a good locale.  Loved our room and the view.  Had no problem with the service.  Everyone was super nice.  We did call the front desk that our room wasn't clean by mid afternoon.  And it was cleaned immediately after we called.  Since we were going to a variety of places it is easy to get on the 5 and the 8.  This is a good place to stay for a visit if you are a San Diego native.

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Erika H.
Wow I'm in disbelief that people actually run a business like this !!!! I was inquiring about having my 30th bday party here, but was directed back and forth and just ignored time after time! The manager would go on vacation 2x a month and not get back to me until I would call and catch him on the phone!!!  He did try to reach me through phone but wasn't a good time so I let him know I would call him back on Monday, I called and no answer I left a voicemail and sent him 3 emails. That was my last straw, why would I book a place for one of my most memorable moments when they can't even return a phone call. It's disappointing I really loved this venue, not anymore and would never recommend this place.

21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
136. Sonnia P.
I didn't know there was paradise in San Diego! :)

The atmosphere / surroundings make you feel like you're in a resort... Location, OMG ... right across from the Marina where you can see beautiful lights from Downtown, and the hotel is beautiful!

Love the service, love the decor, love the atmosphere, cleanliness and location!

I used a combination of Trulia and Yelp to find one of the best-rated hotels in a safe area in San Diego, and this place really met expectations.

This place is more a 'family-type' hotel, so if you're looking for a romantic, no-kids type of stay, you probably wont want to stay here - we had 2 teens with us, so it didn't bother us.

Our welcome to the hotel was so warm...  Stars for all the staff - from the front desk receptionist (Sheila) to the bell desk (didn't catch his name, but he was super friendly and helpful), to room service, and housekeeping! They make sure to give a follow-up call to ensure that housekeeping delivered what you requested. I like that :)

Passed my clean inspection!  :) ... I ALWAYS take all the sheets off of hotel beds to see how clean they keep it under the sheets. These beds were spotless - pure white :) PASS!

Coming back to the hotel room after long days, we were greeted with a spotless room that had towels and top blankets folded into bows; so cute... nice touch :)

The ONLY reasons I'm not rating this piece of paradise with 5 stars are because of the thin walls and paid parking ($10/day).

We stayed in a lower unit and could hear pitter-patters of kids in the upper unit. You can also hear people talking if they pass by your sliding / patio door.

We didn't mind the noise too much because we are familiar with 'apartment-style living'; that's exactly how it was; so if you're familiar / ok with that, you probably wouldn't mind the noise either. You can always ask for a room upstairs too.

All-in-all a great stay with great staff and great standards / procedures. Thank you to everyone at Humphrey's for making our stay fabulous! Keep up the good work!

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. San N.
Service - Very friendly

Parking - $10/per day with in and out privileges. Private lot.

Additional Charges - $10/per day resort fee mandatory.   Includes free wifi, bike rentals, etc.

Room - We were upgraded to the marina view suite and it was wonderful!  The rooms are slightly outdated but still provides all the comfort you would want.  A full kitchenette, gorgeous view of the bay with your own private balcony, robes, safe, two huge flat screen tv's, lots of pillows, firm beds, and walking distances to bars and restaurants.  The suite is huge with a separate vanity area, double sinks, pocket doors to separate the living space from the sleeping quarters, sofa beds.

Cons - Robes are small, toiletries are cheap, shower water pressure is bad and you can hear people in the other rooms.

24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Christine S.
The first time we stayed here it was great but fast forward a year later not a good experience whatsoever .  I walked in and noticed our mattress sinking severely in the middle, and it had backache written all over it.  This place was so noisy throughout the night and during the day.  It was overpriced when they added everything in like resort fee, parking fee and don't forget the 25.00 resort fee.  For two nights it cost $560. My thoughts.......we spent $559 too much for this crummy place.  I will never stay here again.  Front desk girl not pleasant. She was bent out of shape when we didn't want to use the credit card and wanted to pay strictly with cash. She stated that we had to use our credit card and insisted that was the only form of payment that they accept.  Miraculously, she accepted the cash, when I said that's what we have and we will go some place else if need be.  
Stay somewhere else that people appreciate you coming to their hotel and don't treat you like you are a second class citizen.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
139. Z S.
We stayed here for one night after purchasing a Hotel Tonight voucher. Front desk was extremely helpful, nice, and fast.

Large Pool and Jacuzzi.
Free wifi.
Large modern TV in the room.
Horrible lumpy/sloped bed. The creeks every time you move.
Thin walls. I could hear the tourist getting up for the parks at the crack of dawn yelling at their kids.
Great blow dryer (standard kind/ not the little wall ones) / Body Works toiletries
Parking was only $10.
Very walk-able to restaurants and shops.

Our room was nice. What made it only okay, was the fact that there was a little swipe of something brown by the handle of the toilet. Now I do not have scientific proof of what it was, but I can only narrow down to one likely source. Also there was little starts of mold in the shower at the ceiling. I should have said something to get switched but  I was hardly in that room at all. I'm almost certain we would have gotten switched right away.

Pool area was nice! A lot of kids, even up until 11:00pm which was not that enjoyable. The other guest were very friendly and from all over. We were going to go to the restaurant/backstage live they have here but didn't make it before closing.

Overall I might stay here again.

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
140. Cris C.
This hotel is racist !!! I was discriminated against just because of the color of my skin. I served my country for 11yrs , protected my country just to return and be treated awful just because I am not white !!! This hotel is horrible !! I make and earn more money than some of the people staying there and still I was not accepted into this hotel . Just because they think I could afford it?? The douche at the from desk makes minimum and treated me like crap !!! F you !!! And f you San Diego!!!! Guess my sacrifice was worth it !!! I hate you !!! No one stay here !!! They hate military people, they hate

09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
141. Claudia S.
I recently had a 60th Birthday Bash and I have to say... what a great venue to host a milestone birthday and have friends from out of town enjoy their stay. All my friends who were guests, including myself had awesome rooms and the ambience couldn't be more perfect! The food both catered and in the restaurant was great and the staff in general do everything to make you feel special. This is a great place to have a party or just come and enjoy San Diego

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
142. jenny h.
I wanted to like Humphreys so much more than I did.  The property is gorgeous and its location near our wedding reception venue (Bali Hai) couldn't be beat.

The view.  We stayed in a Grand Marina View suite and our view was awesome.  We sat out on our patio and enjoyed a drink with the cool breeze and it was amazing.

The kitchen with full sized fridge, giant dining table (great for wedding hair and make-up set-up!), couches (not very comfortable, but provided ample sitting), an abundance of closet space.

The noise, OH MY GAWD THE NOISE.  Considering we paid a good amount of money to stay there 4 nights, I would think that would buy us a little bit of peace and quiet.  However, there was an adjoining bedroom and you could hear E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  Literally, everything.  I could sit on the couch 10-15 feet away from the adjoining door and transcribe conversations occurring in that room.  Even better was the argument we awoke to going on in another room the night of our wedding (lovely way to kickstart the marriage!) with the man shouting the F-bomb every few seconds.

The room also needed some TLC; the towel rack above the toilet and the shower curtain rod were both hanging halfway off.  The light above the shower was ringed with rust.  And the beams in the ceiling of the living room looked like they were once painted white, pressure-washed off to have the natural "rustic" look, but like somebody half-assed it in the hard-to-reach areas because there were many MANY obvious areas where white paint remained.  The room was also poorly lit; the living room/dining area were fine as they faced the marina but everywhere else was really dim.

Last but not least, the smell.  It smelled like skunk.  It went away whenever we left the sliding glass doors open (which because of the weather we did anytime we were in the room).  However, if we left for any extended period of time, the smell inevitably returned.  I originally thought the neighbors in the adjoining room were smoking some really bad weed and reported that to the front desk but because it persisted I think a skunk may have violated that room at some point.

I will disclaim that I didn't bother reporting much of this to the hotel; I could tell there really wasn't any point - there was another wedding the night before ours, as well as the final concert of the season, and the hotel was packed.  I did complain about a constantly-barking dog though, and they took care of it as quickly as they could.

10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
143. D L.
I recently spent 3 nights at the resort with my wife and kids. We had a great time. Seemed like a slow period.  It wasn't too crowded or noisy...Although I must admit the walls are pretty thin. You can easily hear your neighbors if they raise their voices.

The kids enjoyed the pool.  Its nicely laid out and a cool spot to chill. The pool side bar and food service was nice too. The fitness center is very small, but adequate. Most days we had it to ourselves.

We rented their largest suite and appreciated the extra room. It provided nice views of the marina and the privacy we sought.

My only knock on the place is the maintenance.  You can easily spot needed repairs in the rooms and on the common grounds. Also, the resort is a little off the beaten path. As such, just about every restaurant and store near by closes at 900 or 1000 so plan to go into the city if you want something to do after 1000 (aside from the hotel's bar which I really can't comment on )  

All in all, we'd go again.

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
144. Cesar A.
I booked the first night through an app called Hotel Tonight. Excellent price! Excellent service and excellent room. I was immediately upgraded and we loved our stay.  They even had free bike rentals, so we went cruising. Very clean and toddler friendly! We stayed an extra night and they matched the price!!

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Carin H.
Found this place at the last minute.. Grounds are gorgeous, staff is gracious, food is amazing in the restaurant, and prices are affordable.  Bringing my entire family back soon!!

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. Jessica M.
Let me first start off by saying that I had some issues that where outside of Humphreys control that immediately tested my emotions.

With that being said... I had my wedding here on August 2nd 2014. Unfortunately it rained.. in the middle of summer, in San Diego, and it was supposed to be entirely outside. The day of wedding coordinator that was provided by Humphreys did her best to try and find solutions to the fact that we had to move everything inside. However; she spent over an hour not only trying to get ahold of the catering manager but the general manager and once she was able to get a hold of one of them they gave her some grief about moving my 150 guest count into a room that was supposed to comfortably fit 140. They also did not want me to utilize the unoccupied room next to it as cocktail hour. Thankfully I have a strong willed mother in law that got this accomplished.
During the reception the wait staff either refused to serve my guests water or told them they had to personally ask for it because we are in a drought. Maybe this is something they should do in their restaurant rather than at a $20k wedding? I was also pissed because I was told over a year before the wedding that a certain block of rooms would be unable to be reserved because they do not use them during concert season, I find this funny because as I was about to walk down the isle there were plenty of rooms being used. I have 3 disabled family members that could have used these rooms rather than hike across the hotel grounds to get to their room. Last but not least I had to fight with these people because they wanted to charge me for renting their string lighting and umbrella to go over the cake despite the fact that we never used these services. Yes it was in the contract but we never used these! We were also given the wrong beef.
I was so disappointed in Humphreys. If I wanted mediocre service and difficult people I would have gone somewhere else.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
147. Karen T.
Came out to visit daughter after her deployment. Got stranded due to Sandy Super Storm. They accommodated us   & comped an upgrade. Rooms are spacious, clean & comfy. Views are lovely, with safe, relaxing evening strolls.
I can't wait to come back!

28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Erica S.
My experience at Humphrey's was nothing but positive. When you book online, you never really know what you'll get because even crappy hotels can post great pictures. This place doesn't disappoint. The rooms are clean and pretty. The location is great and the staff is friendly. Most importantly, the views are beautiful! Our patio door faced directly onto the marina. We booked through Hotwire and ended up with one bed rather than two. The hotel staff did their best to accommodate. They even moved our luggage for us. I feel fortunate to have found this place.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Isabella R.
I am still here and I had to take a moment to write a review.  This place is so lovely, from the hotel, to the restaurant, the concert venue, the masseuse and to the room service!  I just had 5 star room service!  How often does that happen??  My meal (shrimp skewers, short ribs with lemon cheesecake for dessert) was so fantastic, I stopped mid-dessert, to write this review.

The pool bar is a lot of fun (okay, it really depends on the bartender...today's guy kinda was meh but it's still a pool bar next to a fab pool).
Pina Coladas in the sun!  YAY!

The concert venue is great, the dinner tickets are a great deal.  Service in the restaurant and bar are great!  (Thanks Dale, for letting my friend do yoga in the middle of the room - long story, involved a LOT of champagne! And you really look 30ish!)

My last night here, Jill gave me a fabulous massage (and she let me book a 7 pm appt!) and then I came back to my room for a great meal.  Could not ask for a better holiday!

I've stayed here 7 times.  I'm positive there will be an 8th!

p.s.  I unknowingly left my sliding door unlocked and took off for the day.  Nice to come back and find everything where it was. (um, I don't recommend this - but I wanted to point it out)

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. Lily O.
Loved it!! Stayed here for 1 night and luckily there was a concert that night so we got to watch it from our balcony. Room was beautiful, clean, and modern. We really enjoyed the pool and the poolside bar. The grounds are lush and green...everything about this place was adorable. Staff was very helpful and nice. Would definately stay here again! Loved the view, the room, and the pool!!!

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Tessa D.
When we arrived, it looked great! When we got into our room, it looked run down in some areas, such as the bathroom door having splatter and scratch marks all over it, the toilet lid being the wrong sized cover (not covering the top), the shower not draining, the bathroom door not closing because it and it's side wall latch were beat up. Also, the walls are very thin. When I asked to change rooms because of the room condition, they said that I was actually "up graded" to a better room, but agreed to put me in a new room. The new room was fine, they comped the unexpected 9.95 per night hotel fee. All and all, the original room had a nice king bed, but not worth the hassle or feel of the room and the second switched room felt nice and looked kept up. However, I would not come back.

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
152. c c.
Nice location but needs major updates. The screens are broken and torn. Chipped paint and wallpaper throughout . Needs new carpet. Exterior is dirty. Crumbs on kitchen floor and stovetop dirty. They need to address these issue.

31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Melissa M.
Great view, beautiful grounds and clean spacious room.  Our first visit, won't be the last.  Great customer service!  Perfect place for young kids- from parrots to ducklings my kids loved it.

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. William M.
Great Service from the front desk staff. Would recommend to anyone for a short stay. Nice salt water swimming pool.

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Bill H.
Great concert venue. Outside rooms off the parking lot can be noisy on concert nights. The room was small and kind of dirty. The bed was old and hard. The foam pillows lumpy. The plumbing fixtures on both sinks were loose and about to fall off. Nice pool except for the hand towels they provide to dry off. Room service very slow. The dinner in the restaurant was tasty and generous. The staff were all pretty nice. I think The sleeping rooms need a general cleaning and update. Would only stay after a concert to avoid long drive home.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
156. Richard C.
By far the worst hotel I have stayed in a very long time. The entire facility is in desperate need of a tear down and rebuild from scratch. Even the refurbished rooms are horrible. Rock hard beds, bathroom sink sewer smell from pee trap, rock hard sofa, air conditioner broke (got repaired thou), walls paper thin so you hear everything, and a musty smell throughout the entire hotel. For this price there are way better options in the immediate area. Also note that there is a $14 per nite parking charge and a $9.95 resort fee charge which is ridiculous for this area. Internet service is horrible and workout facility has very few machines. Only redeeming feature was the Sunday brunch, come for the brunch but stay somewhere else.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
157. David V.
Our family enjoyed and appreciated the location and the inspirational architecture.  This stay in paradise  without the a tighty sum usually associated with having to fly out to Waikiki. Was in fact a delightful stay. Quite convenient and close to the San Diego airport for an over night stay. Staff on all levels were respectful and honest. Environmental services turned an item left behind at the hotel.  The gymnasium was nicely located facing the Marina. However, space is a factor. Gym/ workout cardio barre consisted of a cross fit apparatus, one treadmill an elliptical and a cycle station. The swimming pool is extremely wide and long accompanied with a Jacuzzi and a bar adjacent to. We decided to order from Miguel's Mexican Restaurant. Located only Yachts away from the Half moon. The food was delicious! Our stay was satisfying. Great place for families!

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Crislyn M.
My son and I have always made a yearly trip to Humphreys every January and my whole family typically stays here in the summer.  

Last year they were having problems with the heater in their pool.  I inquired several times at the front desk and was actually told there was no problem with the heater and/or that the pool would be warmed up more by that evening, the following day etc.  Not until checking out did someone finally admit to be that the heater wasn't functioning and hadn't been the whole time.

The heated pool is an important component (the most important to my family) of our winter holiday.  If someone had admitted that it wouldn't be fixed during our stay then we could have elsewhere.  When I emailed the manager about this issue after we checked out she truly could have cared less.

We always had a great time here prior to this experience so this is very sad.

15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
159. Jennifer W.
We coordinated our guests to stay here for a family event. Sarah, sales manager, provided us with a flyer for the guest, which made the booking easy.  She provided me with a final guest booking list so that I could make and deliver custom welcome bags.  They were even able to accommodate an early arrival on a holiday weekend.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
160. Brian K.
This was very disappointing. I heard good things about this place and booked a room for one night. The room are definitely in need of renovations.

I think this hotel exists as a secondary factor with the primary focus being on the concert venue.

We had a bottom floor room and it was noisy; we could hear people walking around upstairs.

Tip: 2-hour bike rental is included with your room.

$10/day parking is a bit excessive. Bay Club Hotel (same neighborhood, same hotel class) charges $5.

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
161. Nathan T.
Had a great weekend stay here. First off important to mention that it was a non-concert weekend.  That makes a huge difference on price and your ability to get upgrades.  

We stayed in a junior suite and ordered the aloha package.  The suite was nice as it had a okay bay view and and extra TV and sitting area.  Was hoping the bathroom was going to be a bit larger and fancier.

TVs were large probably 50" and all everything in the room functioned properly.  Note: the AC turns off if the sliding door is open.

Pool area is nice, but would have preferred to have the bar open.  I suppose it makes it easier to sneak in drinks that way.  There are menus and phones there for pool service.

The grand platter which came with the aloha package was good but not great.  Note: it takes 1.5 to 2hrs notice to have the platter ready so plan ahead.  Tons of cookies and fruit.  Chicken okay, beef good.  Still worth the package.

Great weekend.  thank you for the hospitality.  I would stay here again for a non-concert weekend.  Room prices are just too high for concert nights.

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Tim R.
This place is a hidden gem; right on SD bay and shelter island from the moment I checked in I thought it was a nice property with great front desk service.  However after staying here my experience as a Customer couldn't be better; The rooms are top notch, the bathrooms are very clean, the beds are the most comfortable beds I've stayed in and that includes the 5 diamond resorts I've stayed in.  The best 90 dollars a night I've ever spent on a hotel.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. James G.
I never post anything on yelp good or bad, but I have to post this because I never felt so welcomed in all my life.  So me and my friend came here from San Francisco had nothing booked and came across this inn. Gen the girl at the front desk was awesome, she was so out going, friendly and very helpful to us on her arrival.  I can't praise Gen to the highest degree and her boss should be privileged to have her working in his/her organization.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
164. Jimmy D.
Me and my family stood here one night cause we went to sea world the next day. This place was awesome.I'm really into the Hawaiian typical theme and I loved this place. I will most certainly stay here again.The place is aged but they keep it up really nice. Our room was near the concert venue entrance. I woukd love to come see a concert here with a belcony room facing the concert stage.I thought that was cool. The pool is old school but awesome.The only complaint I have is that something I think in the walls like the plumbing keep making a loud noise at night.I got scared cause it sounded like someone would fling our room door handle.From the moment we opened our room door I was impressed. .. my style 100%... Thanks Humphreys. .. we'll be back soon.

13/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Kevin E.
This place in my opinion is poorly maintained.  A prior review mentioned that it looked straight out of a bad 1970 Hawaii movie.  I had to laugh because I agree.  Staff is nice.   You are dinged with both a $10 and $15 per night resort and parking fee.  I am glad we are only staying here one night.  To me the room smells funny.  You can always heat something in the microwave to override  the smell.  I feel bad leaving such a review, but want others to have a realistic expectation.  The $10 daily resort fee does include a free 2 hour bicycle rental, but says you have to stay on property.  I am used to riding  a bit further and it was also raining.  My fiancé just asked why the microwave was blinking like Poltergeist.  I had to laugh and told her I would add that to the review.  She said the microwave did heat up well.  Room service was quick.  The gym while small had several machines including a tread mill, bike and elliptical trainer and was clean.  There are a couple of bars and restaurants within walking distance of resort.  I did see a new set of windows and a sliding glass door being installed somewhere as we were leaving so perhaps they are starting to renovate the place.  My fiancé also informed me the room  before the above fees was a little more than $100 so for the price we paid it was okay.

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
166. Angela C.
I got a good deal from Hotels.com I can't really complain. The room I got was nice and clean. The marina was beautiful and close to downtown San Diego. I had a great vacation!

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. Petros M.
Room was clean, aside from that nothing made my experience worth the buck.  Their pics online are deceptive since the only rooms viewing the bay are their suits which are quiet pricy.

At the time of our stay, they also were going through a beautification/remodeling phase which they did post signs for , yet were very annoyingly loud with air hoses around their pool area and dust.  

Again not worth the price tag even if discounted through groupon..

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
168. Erin K.
I really loved this little gem found in San Diego. We booked late on a Sunday and got a great deal on a place right on the water. We went to the restaurant and bar for dinner and enjoyed some live music. Overall the place had a ton of character and is somewhere I will definitely return. The staff was great and the location was wonderful. It was probably a little pricey (restaurant, parking, etc.), but it wasn't anything I wouldn't expect right on the water in San Diego.

Do it! It was great!

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Jeffj22 J.
And Im FROM HAWAII...AWESOM place. Simular to Hilton Hawaiian Village on a intimate scale. front desk were promt and sharp. Our suite harbor view was great, overlooking the stage, I could imagine, a birds eye view in my robe, watching Paul McCartney (well not sure about the robe but that would be unique), oh also, what a deal, they had a deal purchase a monogrammed robe for only $25 ! Our room was GREAT, clean, the dark wood shutters, very tropical. we had room service dinner nice, they called us asked too see if were ready then they were there in 2 minutes...HOT food yum, menu was actually reasonable. pool mid feb was warm, jacuzzi clean an HOT, yum. everywhere you go the staff is "aloha" friendly. Dawn Sanders, guest relations was very attentive, If your a ceo etc, its always good to make contact with managment before hand and let them know you look forward to your stay, they make sure its a perfect stay. also know where your going, this place is a Tahitian style CASUAL luxery, there are NO ten foot tall stilletto vegas art. Humpreys is a GEM. restaurant and club are FUNNNN. another REALLLLLLLY cool thing is in front across the street is San Deigo Bay, military ships...sail boats....LOTS of action for fun viewing. We cant wait to go back. Mahalo HHM

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Phoenix Rising R.
The room was beautiful at the hotel. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The grounds were stunning. We must have called the front desk 5 times asking different things and they were always friendly and helpful.

I had booked a stay for my boyfriend and I that was really special. We don't get away often and this was a real big deal. We were beyond excited and couldn't be happier with the accommodations for the deal we got. The first night we ate at the hotel. The food was amazing. We made a bonfire down on the small beach on the island and talked about all we would do the next day. As we were only here from phoenix 2 nights and heading back the next day. So a long 6 hour ride back.
About 8 hours later our visit changed. I was struck with the worst case of food poisoning anyone can imagine. I had eaten nothing earlier in the day that would cause this. I was a hair away from having to go to the hospital. I was in bed the entire day and night. I was able to get up only that night in time for another fire. But our trip was over and we spent it with me violently ill with my head in the toilet our whole trip. A call to the restaurant to let them know yielded nothing. I guess we weren't really expecting much but no one seemed to care that our trip had been ruined by food poisoning from their restaurant. They did comp us on an oj and crackers which was very nice.

We tried to figure something out. I thought well let's see if we can extend another night. I should be recovered enough to recoup and give us the day we missed. Sadly the hotel was completely booked.
What should have been one of the best vacations of our lives was somewhat hampered by a very unfortunate occasion.

Everyone at the hotel was nice up until checkout. When Amanda asked how my stay was and I told her she was pretty discourteous. She said she hasn't heard of anyone else having this and it must just be the flu. I assure you it was not. And she felt that saying at least I didn't have to FLY back to phoenix was somehow a conciliation. Yes a 12 hour car ride (total) to get food poisoning and then have to foot the bill for what should have been an amazing trip. Yes at least there's that (insert sarcasm). I had initially written out a much nicer review and had every intention of returning. But after checkout I'm not sure. I may just return to my usual hotel on the island. This was my first stay at the Half Moon. I come here once or twice a year and have been for years and had been staying elsewhere but I got a groupon and decided on somewhere new. The good news is I will have time to hit the beach before my return to the desert.

08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
171. Keila N.
Humphreys is positioned by the harbor at the end of Shelter Island.  The exterior looked humble, but the interior is completely modern with a flat panel tv and a designer grade bathroom.

Parking is $10.  I've noticed that San Diego's parking rates can be a bit pricey.

We enjoyed staying here.  It wasn't elaborate, but it was quaint.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. Amy S.
The only place I stay while in San Diego. I was upgraded to a jr suite and loved every luxurious moment. I have had rooms with some broken things in them previously, but I told the front desk. Hopefully they were fixed. Beware though, the concert nazi's will prevent you from taking peeks if you haven't paid for the package. My room faced the stage and I was told I couldn't watch from my doorway. Also got scolded for going down to the concert bar for a drink even though it was 20 steps from my room.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Bruce S.
Humphreys is a large motel trying to pass itself off as a resort. Asking the front desk where to obtain water or snacks resulted in referrals to Another hotel. The restaurant was booked for a private party (so I can't rate it), but the lounge next to it served nothing edible, though it did sport loud post-disco music spun by a DJ. I asked for a handicapped accessible room; I had to walk up "only" 10 steps to reach my door. The sheets were clean and the bed comfortable, but the toiletries came from either a gas station or Best Western. The wifi is free -- providing you pay a $9.95 daily "resort" fee. Stay at the other hotel their front desk keeps referencing.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Lauren G.
this hotel is awesome except for the front desk check in girl and the room cleaning aspect. It would receive five stars if she weren't so unpleasant. The other staff around the grounds and from room service are great.

We upgraded to a suite and were very happy that we did. With a toddler and an infant it was necessary to have a bigger room. The suite has two queen beds, a sofa bed and a kitchen with plenty of space for the pack-n-play.

I booked this room using hotels.com and would very much recommend it. I paid $110/night with a $60/night upgrade fee. Everything is basically average in the room. Balcony is very nice with two sliding doors. The surroundings are really where this place is better then the rest. It is right on the water and very tropical feeling.

Big problem with this place is the 'maids' or room cleaning staff. We were out all day from 8-4 and they didn't clean our room. We  came back to get ready for the night. Before we left I had to call both nights to have them clean. Apparently when they clean that doesn't mean plates or cups or counters. The room was basically half cleaned! As we walked through the grounds I also noticed other rooms had room service items outside waiting to be picked up for more then a few hours. We got room service the first night and they still hadn't moved/ cleaned it by the time we left three days later!

We had a great time and will be back. Hopefully by then they will get more pleasant front desk staff

03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. Lauryn C.
What a perfect hidden gem! Hands down best place I have ever stayed at. At first we went up to the front desk to ask the lady what her rates were because we had found it on Expedia to be $89 a night. Well she quickly told was her rate was $109 but would be glad to match the rate! Her customer service skills were on point.  She informed us of the different amenities on property including a Resturant, pool, workout room, and music hall. Which she explained the events and was very knowledgable about all these. We also received a booklet with coupons that included surrounding restaurants, marine activity, and such.
When we got to the room it was beautiful like having your own little getaway. The room was medium size perfect for 2 people, big tv, clean and up to date furnishings. After settling in we decided to go ask the front desk what they recommended for dinner. We had a bottle of wine that needed to be uncorked and we went down the bar and they uncorked for us. After that we visited the front desk for recommendations on dinner. They gave us a free appetizer for a local oyster bar right down the street. It was absolutely wonderful! Everytime I visit San Diego this is where I will be staying!

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Jon T.
Great architecture, like all the Tiki's on the grounds, staff was very nice, bed was the worst concrete Flintstone mattress I've ever slept on, do not get an adjoining room, I could hear the people next to us talking all night long. Great location close to the Bali- Hai but I will not be back.

28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
177. Mindy G.
My husband and I have stayed here a few times. When looking for a hotel this trip we looked on Yelp for reviews of places that were closer to the zoo. I looked at reviews for Humphreys and was surprised to see negative reviews at all. We opted to stay here again and had a great experience.

The price was fantastic. When my husband booked the room he was quoted a price higher than a hotel search engine. The representative matched the lower price. Our room was clean and inviting. The bed was extremely comfortable. My husband especially loved the shower. It had a tall shower head and great water pressure. There was plenty of room for our son's pack and play.

The following morning we walked the gorgeous grounds. Our son enjoyed the birds and fish. We saw kids enjoying the pool and the Ping pong table. As we drove off we watched a cute family enjoy the complementary bikes.

29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
178. Thomas B.
I love this hotel. My wife and I live in San Diego and often will have a staycation at Humphreys. The staff is always so friendly to us. Joe at the front desk was extremely helpful for our last visit. As well, Dawn was able to accommodate all of my wife's and I requests. We've stayed in a variety of rooms and all have been great!  

We will continue to make this place our little getaway when we need some relaxation!

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
179. T V.
This place was nice for an older motel-type two story setting. Room was large and comfortable with a balcony to walk out and catch a glimpse of the ships going by in the bay and helicopters flying by. Outdoor concert venue for frequent show nights. Walking distance to several restaurants. Nice pool. Family game areas like a putting green and pingpong. Marina location and excelent price! $110 per night!

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
180. Letty M.
Came here last week for a night stay.  First we were given a not so clean corner room that looked so creepy.  After we complained, the front desk immediately gave us a much better room facing the water.  Room was clean and very spacious.  We loved being able to walk to lounge and to dinner.  Only reason why I give it 3 stars is because hotel is under construction.  The lounge was great and manager was so kind to give us drinks on the house since it was almost closing time.  Most likely will return, but when construction is over and during summer.

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
181. Georgia P.
Oh, Humphreys - or Humpies, wink wink - I want to love you.  
The good:
-Views of the bay and marina are amazing
-The concert venue is so unique: intimate, with a beautiful setting
-The grounds have a Polynesian flair, complete with parrots, that I would call "kitchy" except they've been perfectly updated
-the fun tiki torches burning at the entrance
-spacious suites
-robes in the rooms

The bad:
-it can be very noisy, especially on concert nights
-attention to detail can be a little lacking, such as a chipped frame in my room and trash, like water bottles, etc., left out on the stairways too long

Both of the above are forgivable, but the real reason for the three stars is the tiny, thin pool towels! Imagine getting out of the pool, ready to dry off, and being handed something barely bigger than a hand towel! Forget wrapping it around your waist, instead you will be awkwardly holding it while looking for something else to dry off with. Seriously, Humphreys, replace the towels!

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
182. Faraaz Z.
If you do your research, you can get a decent room here for around 160 bucks. My girlfriend's parents were coming into town for Turkey Day, so we looked around and really liked this place but figured it was over their budget of under $200 a night. Not only did they get lucky with the price, but they were also upgraded into a suite which had a living room, kitchen, and a pool view balcony with harbor view patio. It was beautiful but the holiday weekend did bring lots of children who could often be heard late into the night or early morning.

Shelter Island is a neat area that offers great views of Point Loma and downtown across the bay. Humphrey's Half Moon Inn and Suites offers luxurious rooms with many mature trees and amenities. Nearby, you can walk to Umi Sushi which is delicious or pick up take-out from Pacific Coast Chinese. I would highly recommend this unique stay if you're coming into San Diego but are in the mood for something outside of downtown or the Pacific coast.

03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Larissa J.
I have only been to Humphrey's twice (well once really) the first time I was there I was in the water next to the venue in a kayak listening to Erykah Badu and  Janelle Monae croon their little hearts out so I wasn't inside the venue, I was beside it.

The next time I went to Humphrey's was last weekend for a wedding, and while the venue was large and had access to the stage not sure that the views were what I was expecting - all you see is boats and boats and boats - no bay view, no ocean view just boats - so if you are a fisherman, get married here - if you would like to hear waves crashing or the view of the bay (as I would have) do not get married here.

I can't really say much else about the venue because it was a nice event though the food was subpar but the drinks were delicious (how can you go wrong pouring a draft beer!)

10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
184. Tami M.
The property is beautiful, however, our room had a patio that faced the parking lot with a nice view of a mobile storage unit and really close to the bar and restaurant.
Our room faced the parking lot had a nice view of a mobile storage container. We heard cars coming and going, car alarms, lights shinning thru the sliding glass door and inebriated people walking by most of the night which made us close the sliding door locking out the fresh air and the window covering closing out everything else.

The room was small but clean.  At check in I asked for a room that does not face the parking lot and I was told that all the rooms that face the other way are all suites.

So if you want a nice room facing the marina or interior of the property you have to stay in a suite a 2 to 3 times the price of a room. I can't say I would go out of my way to stay here again unless I could afford $200.00+ dollars a night for a suite if even then.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
185. Kristy M.
The room decor is very nice clean and simple. Loved the shutters :) The only con is the room is a little worn. The ambiance is very tropical :) Loved the view from window of the pet macaws,pool, tropical foliage, marina and Humphrey's concert stage if you are in bldg A,B,or C. Room service was great! Delivery man was very nice and social! Pizza and Salad were great! Beds were comfy, and shower was bathroom amenities were great too. I checked and they said they wash the throws on the bed for new guests.  They even had cotton balls and q-tips ;) also you get a good deal through the zoo :)

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
186. Cindy S.
Bad choice, will never stay here again. Arrived at around 1 pm, room was not ready so we asked if there was a room that was. We were told for an "upgrade fee" of $20 we could have a room that looked out onto the interior grounds and since that room was ready we took it. Got to the room, it was so dark because it was in a corner and looked out onto a patio that was overgrown with tropical plants so there was very little natural light. In addition, there was hair all over the toilet, one of the bathroom lights was burnt out and the dresser drawer would not stay shut, it kept opening up when we tried to close it. Oh, and the cable TV didn't work. There was no signal for the HD channels. We went back to the front desk and requested to be moved to the room we had originally booked for $20 less. An hour later our room was ready and it turned out to be exactly the same as the "upgraded" room only with a view of the parking lot and more natural light. Rooms are very ugly with not enough electrical outlets. TV still didn't work but that was fixed later. You can sit out on the patio but you can't see anything because the barrier is so high.
The worst part is the $9.95 "resort fee" they charge you against your will so you can have painfully slow wi-fi (about 1.5 Mbps download) and a booklet with a bunch of worthless coupons to use at their restaurant and bar. (A ploy to get more money out of you.) You also get access to their "exercise room" which is without a doubt the worst I have ever seen. There were exactly four pieces of cardio equipment but nothing else. No weights, mats, couldn't even do a body weight workout as there was no room. Also, they charge $14 a day for parking. Factor this extra $24 into the cost of your room when you book. In room coffee is the only option unless you want to walk about one mile to the closest Starbucks. They do have a large swimming pool which was rather nice, however, when we were there they were doing room renovations so while we were sitting at the relaxing pool, we listened to hammering and sawing all afternoon.
I will give credit to their front desk staff though. I did voice my dissatisfaction to them regarding our experience and my objection to the resort fee and they graciously removed not only the "resort fee" but also our daily parking fee.

06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
187. David P.
Beautiful grounds great location staff is very friendly enjoyed our stay there the rooms are a little dated 19 seventies look still didn't take away from the Aviance

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
188. J T.
I called a week ahead to request a king bed, upon arrival I was informed that was not available.. ok fine. After we got our room key and managed to find the 1 parking spot left on the property, we hiked across to the other side of the property luggage in tow, up flights of stairs, to find our room. Except it wasn't our room. As in the room they assigned us was currently occupied by someone else. Imagine my surprise when I open the door to find another families belongings strewn across the bed. I could have had a new iPad...

So we hiked back down to the lobby, let the front desk know, and was given another room. I expressed my concern for safety, what if someone else was given the key to my room? Would they be able to close the door and walk away or would I return to all my stuff missing? Luckily for them, no one was in the room at the time - or they would have had TWO unhappy customers at their desk. I'm not sure if those people ever found out what happened. Anyways, the new room had to have been their disaster recovery room - or the only one left, because it was positioned right in front of the concert venue with balcony views. They also comped the parking and resort fees, which they then tried charging us for upon checkout.

Sidenote, their maps and property path, suck. We followed the path that went to our room but it was blocked off and the whole thing was just an annoying nightmare just trying to find our room.

Overall it was a messy stay as far as the staff was concerned. Room was decent though. Concert would have been a cool perk if we were into the group that was performing, otherwise it's just really loud.

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
189. Alexis E.
Prior to staying here, I read many mixed reviews, so I was a little skeptical in booking. Despite the negative reviews, I decided to give it a shot since 1) the concert I was going for was here, and 2) it was on the cheaper side. Check-in started at 4pm, and when we arrived it was 3pm. We did a pre-check in to let them know we arrived. Since the room wasn't ready yet, the nice gentleman at the counter gave us a pool key in the meantime and let us pay for the parking pass (which was $10). Not too pricy compared to other hotels I've been to, though I know starting May 1, the parking pass goes up to $14.

We walked around and the premises of the hotel itself was nice and, in my opinion, well kept. The pool area is gated with surrounding Palm trees and shrubbery. They even had a little koi pond with some parrots resting on a branch above it.

Once it reached 4, we walked back to check in. The lady asked if we were here for the concert, gave us a map with our room circled and directed us to the right way. The room itself (room 215) was DIRECTLY in front of the concert venue! When we walked in, it was not what I expected at all. Apparently, try had discreetly upgraded us to a premium room. It had a giant comfortable king size bed, a living area with tiny half kitchen nook and two TV's.

The best part? Perfect balcony seats looking out to Dallas Green practicing for the concert later that night. We got our own private show.

The only negatives that I found was that the walls are rather thin, so you can hear people outside and I'm sure they can hear you. Other than that, the service was excellent, the room was amazing, and I'd stay here again.

P.s. Room service was delicious as well. We ordered two of the chicken and goat cheese sandwiches and a creme brûlée with berries!

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
190. David W.
I just brought my wife here for a recent "stay-cation". The building and grounds were ok, but didn't feel special in any way. The staff at the front desk and around the pool also were ok, but again weren't presenting a vibe that felt special in any way. It seemed like they were just doing a job, and it was another day, and I was another guest. They did have some complimentary bikes that you could borrow to get around the area, which I thought was a cool perk for a beach city hotel.

Overall, nothing was bad but nothing was great. For a similar experience, I would probably choose somewhere in Mission Valley for half the price.

07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
191. Jennifer H.
Don't do it. Rundown, noisy, overpriced. Stay anywhere else. I would recommend many places in SD over this, La Quinta in Old Town included.
I was charged 9.95 per day as a" resort fee," 10 per day to park my car, and a mandatory 25 per day hold  for  "room amenities." There is nothing you could possibly charge to this place except a phone call and who doesn't use their cell??!!
I read lots of good reviews on this place which is why I wanted to try it but they must be from homeless people because my room's curtains have holes, no soundproofing so you hear everyome walk by, peeling wallpaper, tv reception is fuzzy on most channels, the air system constantly clanks even when turned off, the tub is leaning, the beds are hard old and springy, And the wall outside is also leaning.
And did I mention when I checked in I was told I had been given an "upgrade?"
This place has seen better days.

15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
192. Kayleena S.
Easy to find and plenty of parking.  Just had an outdoor work event in the evening. The sunset is gorgeous and the location is unbeatable.  Large and clean bathrooms. Good venue for companies.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
193. Fatima K.
Nice cute place. Modern Spacious rooms with mini fridge and free coffee. Updated appliances and energy friendly, a nice green inn.
We asked for a crib they had it not just a pack n play like other places.

Everything was nice and great deal w a Groupon BUT we had hair on our shower walls and we called room service to ask them to clean it and they didn't apologize or anything. In fact no one ever showed up to clean it!
I would've given this place a solid 4 stars maybe even 5 bc the view was gorgeous but the housekeeping staff pissed me off. Oh I forgot to mention that the housekeeping staff came knocking at the door BEFORE checkout time! I have a baby it was not the nicest manner to wake up guests.

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
194. Alexander T.
My wife and I moved our boat to a slip on the harbor and found this lovely restaurant with live music. Our server, Gina, was awesome. Very knowledgeable about the menu and super friendly! Will be returning when we sail back through San Diego.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Angela A.
Get a suite it's worth it!!  We bought a concert package for Christina Perri (excellent show).  The package included a suite, dinner and VIP seating (meet and greet included).  So this package gave us a stay at he Half Moon Inn, I am so sad that we haven't done this before.  It was a great way to enjoy a couple days with my husband.

The staff here are warm and very inviting.  The grounds are gorgeous and there is a large spacious pool area with a bar.  Our room was huge, we could have easily stayed there for a month and felt right at home.  It even had a full kitchen and a separate dressing area.  I am going to guess that it was at least 1000 sq ft of living space.  We had two deck areas to enjoy, one over looking the garden and another (not attached to our room) available to us for watching the sun set over the boats in the marina.

Very comfortable accommodations and we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast in bed the following morning.

The only negative is that this is an older hotel and the decorations reflect it.  I think in trying to stay with a Polynesian theme they have neglected to update the decor.  The bathrooms are updated and lovely, but the furnishings, colors, etc need a little help.  But trust me the decor will not keep me from coming back again.  Definitely want to do this package every time we come for a concert at Humphrey's.

Warning for those who are not coming for a concert.  Concerts go on until 10-11pm which means whether you want to or not you WILL be listening to the music.  So if you expect to be tucked into your bed and fall asleep by 9pm, make sure there aren't any concerts planned during your stay.

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
196. Mark Z.
I like the place clean rooms great location. No problems with the staff. Stop in for breakfast and enjoyed it.
Great for catching  a concert walking distance from your room.
The Rush on Roosevelt

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
197. Jayne M.
I do makeup all over this city and frequent many of these hotels over and over. I've stayed here as well on my wedding night. I had the biggest suite they have and it was an amazing room. Perfect for my wedding day.
When I've worked here The guests always have positive things to say about the stay too.
The views are amazing in the rooms that face the bay.
It could use a good remodel soon though so it's up to standards with the other surrounding hotels.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
198. Candice T.
I enjoyed staying here for four nights. They cleaned our room everyday with fresh new towels. The only thing I didn't like about this place is the parking fee which is $14 per night.

The room we got had a perfect view of the ocean and downtown. I love how it was very close to downtown and we only had to pay$1 for parking when we walked around Gaslamp. I also love the fact that there were several restaurants around the island and several grocery stores as well.

I love the fact that our room included a microwave which we enjoyed a lot. On our first day, we went grocery shopping at Ralph's and we just heated up the food if we got hungry. There are also vending machines located on the ground floor but it's too expensive ($2 bottle of water) when we can just go to a grocery store.

I wouldn't mind staying here again. It's a great location. Close to downtown, sea world, Tijuana...

05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
199. Victoria J.
Beautiful place! Loved the tropical theme. Nice pond inside. Nice size heated pool & hot tub. Beautiful location. Friendly staff & comfortable rooms with patios/balconies. Definitely recommend the place & definitely will be returning.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
200. Michael A.
We stayed at this hotel from 11/22-11/30. On our last day we discovered our room was infested with bed bugs after finding bites and rashes all over our bodies. Both beds and headboards were covered when we looked closely under everything.

They did refund our entire bill.  The staff was very nice and other than the bed bugs, the facility was very well maintained.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
201. Mary R.
We love this place and will be back!  Front desk staff was very helpful.  We arrived early,  so we went to eat.  They worked behind the scenes to get our room ready early,  then gave us a courtesy call to let us know we could check in.  Reminds of the Polynesian Village at Disney World.

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
202. Kathryn W.
Booked the room for $99.24 via the internet"internet room charge"..Then was charged an additional "Room occupancy tax" of $10.42...Then an additional charge for "Passport Fee" of $9.95...When I called to question the additional fees I spoke with a rather rude front desk clerk who told me that it was these were part of the "resort" fee. When I tried to clarify this by asking aren't the "passport fee" and the "room occupancy fee" the same as the room charge, i was put on hold for over 7 minutes and she refused to clarify my questions...of course no manager on duty..left a message, but never got a call back..
I would never stay there again...room was dark, very poor lighting and smells musty...

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
203. Sabrina D.
Let me preface this review by saying that I definitely did my research before booking my stay here. I read the reviews regarding the noise level due to the concert venue, and I made sure there wasn't an event the night I booked my stay. As a result, I had a nice, peaceful time here.

The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The grounds are gorgeous and well-maintained. I definitely enjoyed the view from Humphrey's as well.

Our room was large and clean. I didn't hear any noise permeating from other rooms, and that's always something I appreciate at hotels. We were right by the pool area, which was beautiful; we enjoyed going in for dip. We hardly saw any other guests here, but that's probably because it was a Tuesday/Wednesday.

There was just a few details that were less than perfect. One, our television didn't work. This was a small detail, because this was a mini-vacation and neither my boyfriend or I particularly care for television, but he would have liked to watch something while he waited for me to get ready to go out that night. Second, we put up the do not disturb tag before bed, since we wanted to sleep in (we went to a show at the San Diego House of Blues and were out very late), and the cleaning staff still knocked on the door and woke us up in the morning. This was just a mild annoyance at best though.

As a whole, we quite enjoyed our stay here, and would definitely consider coming back.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Kara K.
We had a company event here last night.  I love the outdoor space and the fact you are outside- just feels so refreshing!  The service is good, there are plenty of bathrooms for the amount of people and the bar line goes fast.  

I think of you are going to have an even this place is pretty great!

10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
205. Rock G.
What a dive!
This place is straight out of a bad 1970's Hawaiian movie.
Our room was run down, dirty, dark, depressing, and all around disappointing. Gouges in the wall. Mirror was discolored. Bathroom faucet was loose and wobbled. Shower head sprayed water from the threads at the arm. 1/2 inch gap at bottom of entry door. And it doesn't stop there. It went on, and on.
Only benefit is the concert venue is right there. However, in the future, I'll be driving to the venue from another location.
The only reason I gave this place 2 stars was because, after I brought my disgust and disappointment to the attention of the staff, they were more than apologetic and made it right. Rooms were horrible. Front desk staff were sympathetic.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
206. Kelly V.
I stayed here many years ago and it was a wonderful experience.  When I saw a Groupon come up, I snatched it up since we were having trouble deciding where to stay.  A day or two before we left, I started reading some of the reviews and got a bit nervous.  

However, I am pleased to say that it's pretty much exactly what I remember.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful.  We have a view of the greenbelt and aside from random people walking by (there may have been a post-shower oopsie), it's a nice view.  I highly recommend getting an upstairs room because if you're on the lower level, it sounds like elephants live above you.  

It is an older property but I think it's holding up well.  Our room is clean and comfortable.  The bathroom is nice although feels a bit crowded.  Having a pocket door would alleviate some of that.  And there is a working EMPTY fridge - that always wins points with me.  

The major downsides are this: it's $14 per day for parking.  When I'm somewhere like Seattle or the Bay area, that type of thing is a given.  Here, it feels like a gouge.  And, the walls are unfortunately thin and the rooms may not be the best spot in which to practice your slam poetry.    

Those things aside, it's comfortable and a great spot at as a home-base for your SoCal adventures.

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
207. Sean M.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. Great staff, clean rooms, comfortable beds, plenty of pillows, very pretty tropical trees and atmosphere.

They're located only a couple minute walk to the beach. You're even able to rent bikes for 2 hours per day for free! We used them to take a ride by the beach and go around the entire island, definitely a blast.

Price for the location and what you get is very fair. I paid $460 for 2 nights 3 days. They also charge $14/day for parking and $10/day per restore fee.

Would definitely be down to stay here again.
It's within walking distance to a couple restaurants. You really don't need a car once you arrive... More than enough to do just by walking around the island

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Courtney D.
Terrible experience. The staff doesn't care and the hotel shows it! Poorly maintained grounds and the room was like a cave. I've seen better maintained properties at Motel 6! It took over 4 hours to be given a room after we arrived to check in. It ruined my birthday weekend and we honestly just wanted to leave and go home. Do yourself a favor, stay at a marriott, Hyatt or Hilton property so you can at least have some consistency and decent customer service!

02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
209. Stacey W.
I'm probably just spoiled from big casino hotels dirt cheap with a players card, but I was a little disappointed. Would I stay again at a cheaper time of year? Maybe?

On the upside, it has some charm to the grounds.  Bike rentals, nice view, not far from San Diego hotspots but not trapped in the congestion of it all. The staff was friendly. Quick, coutious check in. She highlighted hrs and amenities to us. Parking was easy. The outdoor stage is probably awesome for some ex A list acts.  Room was clean. It had a comfy bed and pillows,  iron,  blow dryer, coffee maker, fridge, microwave.

The downside....it was a small room. One queen bed. The decor was gross in bed area. Bathroom ok but hideous wood ceiling and ugly picture.

I dont think the other hotels on Shelter Island would be much different. Size wise they all looked the same. I figure if the service is good and the room is clean, youre doing ok. Its a 3.5 if you ask me but I'll round up this time.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
210. Rick S.
I like Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites.

It's a solid place, and as an odd bonus, the night we were staying, Tori Amos was playing a concert there, and our room happened to be in the 300's area of I think Building G, which placed our room and outdoor patio right backstage of the concert, so we had a complete crisp audio concert in the comfort of our own private stadium club box called our room and patio to enjoy.

I can see where this can be a huge benefit for anyone who wants to enjoy live music, but also a detriment to those who may not like the artist playing, since it's unavoidable noise pollution or ambient sound, depending on your perspective.  To that point as well, even if you leave the entire Humphrey's location and walked up Shelter Island Drive to go eat at night, you can hear the sound of the concert from outdoors in the neighboring community.

The area of Shelter Island is only about 5 miles, or about a 2 hour walk  (or maybe 5-15 min drive depending on traffic) away from Downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp area, so secluded yet close in proximity.    

The rooms were nice.  We had:

1) A full sized kitchen with a refrigerator / freezer, microwave, stove and sink, with storage areas.

2) A nice sized living room with a couch and other seats

3) A 2 bed bedroom, with access entry/exit to the outdoor patio

4) Parking is good, it's outdoor, not covered, and costs $20 ('tho if you book online at the right time through the right source, you can get it for 1/2 off for $10 per day).  I'm still not 100% comfortable and accustomed to having to pay to park where I reside and in one breath feel it should just be rolled into the overall room rate so you don't feel it's nickle n' dimed a la carte, much like places that charge "resort fees" or for WiFi, etc. amenities.

5) The staff were friendly and accommodating.  Nice first impressions when walking through the front door and good lasting impressions when exiting to check out and depart.

The only oddities to the room were the living room floor was a bit sooty, where it wasn't or didn't seemed vacuumed, so left the socks with a bit of a dirty look at the bottoms.  It made me a bit uncomfortable to lounge and lay on the carpeted floor in the living room.  The lighting system is odd going from the bedroom to the bathroom where they're automatically turned on, sort of startling, and I think are for safety/convenience as well as energy saving.

The marina area is nice, and the room we had, had a great scenic view.

I only wish I was able to explore the amenities and grounds a bit more than just using it as a place to rest n' sleep.  

I'd look forward to coming here again and feel it's a nice option as a place to stay with good rates when traveling to San Diego.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
211. Shalini G.
I stay here once or twice a year...
every year for the evening that Dave Koz plays here...and occasionally for a holiday party.
i am very lucky that I always have been able to secure a room overlooking the concerts AND a fabulous view of the harbor.  This way i can bring my kids with me and they are in the comfort of the hotel room.

as far as the room itself goes...
it a nice room...nothing super exciting (other than the view).  Housekeeping is very helpful as far as bringing me extra towels/pillows etc...

the beds are comfy.  
there is a mini bar in the rooms i have stayed in (fridge, countertop with coffee maker etc....) i keep the fridge stocked with wine for myself and drinks and snacks for the kids.

the rooms are quite old but not gross old...just old...still very comfortable and clean.  

no complaints here

i think overnight parking was $14..
wifi throughout (they give you an individual password that expires after you have left)
pool is fabulous: my kids say it's their favorite  hotel pool ever..mostly because it is old school and the deep end is 9 feet! you don't see that anymore...most pools are shallow at both ends.  

see you next summer humphrey's

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
212. Archibald P.
Had a ridiculously AMAZING time at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites! This place will forever be etched in my memory! My gal and I were going to be staying at a few different locations throughout SoCal over the end of summer and I wanted to be close to Point Loma and other San Diego hot-spots, but still far enough "down the road" to where we would feel a bit "tucked away" from the crowds... annnnnd of course, to be close to water/marina as well as have some pretty stuff to look at on the grounds during our stay.

Well, needless to say, being the review-hound that I am, we looked at a few locations in the San Diego area. Everything from waterfront resorts and spas to the midrange and semi-swanky redone 60's motels, etc... we decided on staying at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites for a few reasons:

- When I emailed the concierge, I received a direct reply, almost immediately, which showed they not only valued their customers, but were prompt with service
- The reply included a ton of info, and a brief walk-through of the local scene, everything from dining and the bars, to fishing/whalewatching, sightseeing tours (like the Seal), etc...
- The pricing was "just right" - it was slightly more than the refurnished swanky hipster-ridden motels, but priced far better than the big-name, 30 story hotels across the water... the same ones that didn't have time to respond to my email until I'd already booked our stay here.
- When I called to ask about parking and the best check-in time, I wasn't treated like another guest and stuck on hold. They did it with Aloha.
- Same goes for when we arrived. Christina at the front desk was pleasant, sweet, and went out of our way to make our trip extra special and for us to feel like welcome guests of the hotel, not simply another number.

Now to the hotel and grounds -

Gorgeous! Love that it's attached to the marina... Amazing pictures taken here. Loved the rooms - our suite was clean and absolutely spotless. Perfect little setup with a bed tucked away in a separate room and a super-clean bathroom and shower, along with updated furnishings, fresh linens and pretty robes (see pics). The staff knew the weekend was important to us and went out of their way to make us feel at home and like we didn't have to worry about a thing. We spent a lot of time on the balcony, overlooking the beach/harbor and it was quiet when we wanted to go to bed. Pretty foliage, a gorgeous grounds, nice bar area with great happy-hour specials and appiez plus live music made for an awesome stay. We also were in perfect walking distance to Point Loma Sportfishing and some of the awesome mom & pop's seafood spots on the backside of the docks there, which made our day :)

Would definitely return. My advice is: if you have special needs or want something in advance, it's best to contact them using their website and ask for the concierge, as this is what we did and we were NOT disappointed.

*I added a few photos from our stay, will definitely return to Humphrey's Half Moon anytime we're in San Diego or Point Loma!

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Mikenmaryann M.
Visited December 2014

This was a last minute getaway for a week.  It was a pleasant week spent at Humphreys.  It was the week before Christmas the hubby and I had nothing to do so we decided to put our bikes on the rack and head south to ride a few bike trails in San Diego.  We stayed in a one bedroom marina view room with a full kitchen which we enjoy so we can cook our own breakfast before we get on our bikes.  It had a small deck just outside the door with a table and four chairs.  Off the living area and bedroom were two sliding glass doors that opened up onto a nice deck.  The bathroom was large with a tub/shower combo and two sinks.  It had a dressing area with two closets.  As I mentioned it was a one bedroom, but the wall that separate the bedroom from the living area had a door that was a sliding door which was almost half the wall, if that makes sense, it was a huge sliding door.  It didn't bother us.  It all had a tropical 'Hawaiian..ish' theme.  It's not a Hilton by any means, but it's clean and neat.  

My husband was so happy when he found out there was a nightclub at the resort.  We are in our early 50's (51&52).  We're both in good shape and enjoy dancing.  It's rare to find a club that has cover bands play 80's music.  When I first walked in I had to laugh.  I felt as if I was at a high school reunion.  My husband was overjoyed to be able to take me out on the dance floor and get our groove on.  I have to admit it was fun.  

We didn't use the pool, spa or fitness equipment or try the restaurant on site so we can't give any helpful information.  There is a Vons down the road you can buy your essentials at.  

We were fortunate to watch the annual Christmas boat parade.  Throughout the week we road our bikes to Cabrillo, Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, Old Town and a few other trails.  We love spending a few weeks in the San Diego area during the year.  We're happy to have discovered Shelter Island it was a wonderful area and Humphreys was a great place to rest and relax at the end of the day.

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
214. Jaime W.
My husband and I just got back from our stay here and it was a great hotel. It's quiet, it's clean and if you squint you think you are in an exotic location. Yes there is a fee for parking and yes there is a "passport" fee but 99% of all hotels now have added fees to your bill that are called resort taxes and a lot of hotels do charge for parking. Maybe people complained because they point this out to you on their website and when you check in and it's not hidden in your bill at checkout. Check in time is at 4 - which is also stated on their website so if you plan to arrive early you might want to let them know. Again, not something to complain about because you are notified of this. We went to the zoo before so a 4pm check in worked out perfectly. Just a few other things:
1. They are remodeling and upgrading, when it's done it will be awesome. We didn't hear a single construction noise. A lot of hotels in San Diego are currently being remodeled or are next to a construction zone, so it's kind of unavoidable. The only noise we heard was a military plane fly over around 8am.
2. The pool is open until 11pm
3. Parking is $14, a lot of hotels charge $30 and up (especially downtown). We parked right outside our room, very convenient.
4. The room we had was small but the hotel was built in the 50's, I don't know why people need gigantic rooms anyway.
5. Fastest and easiest check in ever.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0