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Residence Inn San Diego Sorrento Mesa/Sorrento Valley in San Diego, CA

Residence Inn San Diego Sorrento Mesa/Sorrento Valley in San Diego, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.41

Address: 5995 Pacific Mesa Court, San Diego, CA, 92121

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    Comments (29):

    1. R K.
    I've been staying here for the last month as a 'extended-stay' resident (waiting to move into my permanent place). The staff is great and take deserved pride in whatever their roles are. I'm not sure if this is San Diego thing, but every staff member is really friendly and shoots salutations. They serve breakfast and dinner daily for 'free'. Breakfast is the same deal everyday with little variation. (Think dorm style -- which you can tire of quite quickly). Dinners have a more cycled schedule, but I've only had it once.  The rooms are clean and have a country-home motif. The beds and bedding are a warm hug after a long day.  The only bad tip is that its in Mira Mesa -- suburbia slash tech park.

    19/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Amanda M.
    Spacious rooms just a short drive from downtown.

    I was looking for a Marriott to stay at over the weekend for my friends' UCSD graduation and there was such a difference from the "free" stuff at this hotel compared to one at the Gaslamp. Check In/Out is always so fast and easy. Customer service is always fantastic.

    This hotel had free parking, internet, breakfast, etc. The Gaslamp Marriott required valet parking, no free internet, etc. Although this hotel is located in a dull tech park area, we saved so much money and it doesn't really make a difference NOT being located downtown since we'd only return to our hotel really late at night.

    Breakfast really surprised me! I had the scrambled eggs with salsa, green onions, jalapenos...they even have a wafflemaker! There was a cute patio seating area with comfy sofa chairs.

    Aaaand...I love Marriott beds. So comfortable.

    18/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Chris V.
    Just a few more things I forgot to mention...
    There is no pay per view and doesn't seem to be any other movie options like a DVD player or anything.
    Upon showering on the morning of my stay I discovered this hotel has very soft water. For some people that may be fine and I'm sure it lowers the hotel's maintenance bill for plumbing, but this is an absolute deal-killer for me. I do not like feeling slimy during and after showering. I would have to say that the soft water alone out weighs the beds and service in this hotel, so they lost a star from me.
    Also, the breakfast was just mediocre, bordering on blah. The eggs and toast and waffles were okay, I guess, but the potato/sausage thing and Canadian bacon were atrocious.

    01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Jimmy K.
    Customer service by Sasha makes everything alright.  The hotel is off the 805; a couple miles into a business district.  Kind of out of the way.  The night check in clerk was friendly and helpful (Jonathan).  We had a late check in, when we finally used the restroom plumbing, one of our restroom sinks and toilet backed up.  The other restroom and both showers were fine.  A service man quickly arrived and fixed the toilet, the sink was not addressed.  The breakfast buffet was enormous, varied and adequate.  After breakfast there was a problem with the living room television; a call to the front desk determined the service man would be in to work a couple hours later.  Sasha (front desk) determined that fresh baked cookies might be the answer.  She baked the cookies wrapped them in a box with gift wrap, prepared a card and delivered hot cookies to our room.  Awesome.  As she appeared at the door with cookies, our television mysteriously began to work.  Is this a coincidence?  I think not, I believe she somehow put a hex on our television in order to push the cookies.  The establishment overall was clean and relaxing.  We had time to enjoy a quality cigar and cocktail in the courtyard area.  Ice was not readily available in the buffet area, you had to ask for it.

    15/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Jen S.
    JANKY! I looked on the Marriot site and this place looked nice. Nice? No. First it smells weird in the room. Like a horrible burning lungs chemical smell. Awful. But first the staff...looked like it was their first day and would have rather been pulling there eye ball out. And can you tell me where something is or what you have at the hotel? What time is breakfast? Where is it? Where's the pool? Where's the sports court? If I wanted to read it on a piece paper, why am I paying for you to work here? I was handed a piece of paper that had times and places, and a map. Uh yeah and...? The map looks backward. And then one of the keys didn't work. Then the walk to the room on the 1970's green carpet. Enter room and wait for something to crawl out at you. The old furniture looked like it was sat on by everyone but my dog. So much so we didn't want to sit down on anything. And again the smell and nasty green carpet. Place is completely dated. When I initially looked at the pics on the website I thought it could be cute. Wrong! And really a queen bed with three tiny pillows? And again the smell. Chemicals are too much. Maybe to mask another smell? Anyways here's my recommendation...across the street is the Hyatt House. Stay there. Staff is friendly and the renovated rooms are gorgeous. Should've stayed there another night if it was possible. Good luck folks.  PS this was after 20 minutes inside this hotel.

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. John G.
    Fd staff was not very welcoming.

    I tried to check in with a tall curly haired guy at typical check in time and room was not ready. Not sure why it wouldn't be but no biggie because I have to go somewhere. I should say it took him a good amount of time to tell me that without making any kind of conversation the first couple if minutes (awkward silence) and didn't make any eye contact with me.

    I come back at night to have an African american lady check me in. Doesn't seem to be interested in being at work as it was a dull check in. I stand for five minutes with awkward silence the entire time. She gives me my keys and circles on the map my room. I walk towards the front door only to realize I'm not sure where to go. I turn to my aunt and mention I'm not sure where to go (loud enough for the fd staff to hear me). I quickly glance at the fd staff and they dont gesture me where to go. I should have asked but it would've been nice if they could have guided me where to go. I ended up walking around a couple of minutes before I found my room.

    Only reason I'm giving two stars is because the bed was clean at least. The fork I was going to use in the room didn't look clean so I ended up not eating my left over dinner. Yes, I could have cleaned it myself but I was kind of over this hotel at that point.

    10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Honest A.
    Good location, usually less cost than la jolla location, but you get more room n free parking.  Staff are dull as per other comments and not engaged in service, but atleast they are not rude.

    28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Satie Q.
    I felt like Marriot tricked me into staying here when I was looking for a room in San Diego as this is not really the San Diego a tourist thinks of, but it was a great experience.  the room was very nice, very clean.  the staff was super friendly and helpful.  the breakfast area well organized and delicious.  I especially liked that there was a sort of wall separating the food area from the seating area as it made it feel more organized and without everyone getting in each others way trying to get their food.  I recommend this place and the very nice remodeling

    08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Sean D.
    The first time we stayed here (August, 2012) we had a wonderful stay!

    Housekeeping and the Front Desk were on top of their game, making us feel happy to be there and proving to us that we picked the right hotel to stay at. There was nothing that we were left wanting because they provided everything that we needed... even before we realized that we needed it!

    The room was large, open with a nice clean, fresh smell to it. The kitchen was fully stocked with everything we needed. The bed was clean and comfortable... Our entire stay was very relaxing!

    Before we had arrived, we received an email from Jonathon (at The Residence Inn), assuring us that our stay would be comfortable and relaxing. He wasn't lying.

    Everything went so well, that our day-trip to San Diego for September turned into an overnighter because of  Jonathon and everyone at Residence Inn.

    We had stayed at other Residence Inns (in other cities), but Sorrento Mesa was by far the BEST!

    The hotel may be a little off the beaten path, but it still very close to Old Towne, Down Town and all of the 'touristy' locations.

    We have decided that this hotel will be the ONLY hotel that we stay at when we are in San Diego!

    Thanks jonathon!

    04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Stephen D.
    Absolutely horrible!!!! The front desk man named James did not know what he was doing and really did not care about the customers. The issued us a room upon check in and when we saw that the room we requested was in a hallway that smelled, we asked if we could move rooms. James immediatly responded that there was no rooms available. I was curious becasue he did not even check his system... I called the Marriot in La Jolla and they had an opening. At this point, I did not care if I lost my money to this place, I just wanted to leave. Before I left, I requested to speak to the manager and she had a confused look on her face. She told me that they can move my room no problem and they had a few openings. When she looked to James and questioned why he didn't address this, he rolled his eyes and turn around away to the hall. I asked how long has he worked there and was told he worked there for 3 years. Buyer beware!!! GO AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!

    12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Ward A.
    Excellent home away from home stay. The staff is quite friendly and always helpfull. The rooms have been remodeled and is very clean. Complimentary breakfast and dinner. The dinner server is always smiling and doing a great job at keeping the dinning area clean. Great comfy stay.

    16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Bill V.
    The Sorrento Valley Residence Inn is a wonderful place to stay for the business man.  I have now stayed there 8 weeks straight.  I come back each week, even though there are alternatives near by, because the hotel is so nice.  As a business traveler, I look for a comfortable feel to a hotel, with good beds and showers, and a quiet environment.  This place fits well.

    I can cook in my own room, as the kitchenette is very well organized.  Groceries can be had a few miles up the road. But why cook, when every morning a very nice breakfast is offered in the nicely designed breakfast room.  A wide variety of breakfast foods are available.  

    Two staff members have been particular helpful to me.  Maria, at the front desk has been both helpful to see that my expectations are well met, and very friendly as well.  you see, she is, like me, from Texas, and Texas Friendly is a real thing!

    But I have come to know a very special man that serves the dinner area most nights.  Jawad is one of the most happy and friendly guys you could want to meet.  He loves his work, and it shows.  He sincerely makes each guest feel personally welcomed and served.  He takes special interest in children staying at the hotel, making them special foods and making them feel welcome.  Jawad brings a smile to all guests at his place.  Jawad always looks for me when I arrive in the evening.  We have conversation, and he makes special treats for me too.

    I really appreciate Jawad, Maria, and the staff at this fine hotel.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Desdemona X.
    Got a two-room suite with kitchen, 2bath, and 3 flat screen TVs, 2 of which weren't receiving all channels.  Upon arrival, it was clear they did a sloppy job of cleaning the room as there was someone's popcorn on the floor next to the chair by the fireplace.   There was a stained towel in the bathroom, a stain on one of the pillow cases, and the breakfast experience was chaos.   To top it off, were notified by a note under the door that hey were going to replace the parking lot so we were awakened by jack hammering and related construction noise between 5-6 a.m. Not worth it.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Richard C.
    Once they have your credit card, they think they can charge you for whatever they want after you check out.
    You will know that this place is on the lower level of Residence Inns as soon as you walk into their antiquated lobby.  The longterm stay hotel that sports a small kitchenette is rundown, the sourroundings are not well kept, the rooms (compared to most other Residence Inns) are quite a bit smaller and much, much older and shows severe signs of age and disrepair.  Worst yet is their staff, who are unbeliveably as incompetent as they are uncaring, with their general manager an outright fraudster.

    On the day were were scheduled to check-out, they tested the fire alarms without first notifying any of the guests.  Since I had scheduled a conference call, the alarm sirens reverberated through all of the hall and inside the rooms causing a needless raucous and the collective ire of all the business guests.  What was the manager's response to the outcry?  Their front desk personnel alternated from just hanging up, to unapologetically summoning us to the front desk.  When we called again, after over 15 minutes of eardrum busting alarms, the front desk  personnel said that they were "going to put out notice"s under each of the guestroom doors, but admitted they never got around to doing so.  This excuse made no sense, since they apparently remembered enought to slip our bill under the door in the evening.  

    They enticed us with just a $20 upcharge for bringing in our two very small dogs instead of the $100 a day pet fee most Marriott locations charge, but don't be suckered in because their intent is to get a hold of your credit card.  After we checked out, we found that they secretly charged us $250 for supposedly missing items that we did not take, including "decorative pillows, place settings and a plastic bag that had sheets for the sofa bed."  WTF? Since we never took or even used anything in the room other than staying there overnight so my wife could attend a follow-up medical appointment, we  were shocked when we saw the charge come through on our credit card.  Immediately calling the hotel did nothing.  Leaving a message for their General Manager named KIT BUTLER, (what is Kit short for anyway when the name is for a man?), resulted in the most condescending and smug message from a person that claims to work for the hospitality industry, who went on to accuse my wife and I of taking $250 worth of pillows.  When I called back to try to get him on the line, he ducked our phone calls and never called back.  As a Silver Elite member, I had to resort to filing a formal complaint with Corporate Marriott and dispute the charge with our credit card company.

    Do yourself a favor and don't let the people who operate this hotel get their hands on your credit card, or else you will also fall victim to their scam.  RUN AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL!

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Jill S.
    Have stayed here a few times and love it more each time I return. The breakfast buffet is fresh and creative. The front desk staff, kitchen staff, and room attendants are always pleasant. Seriously, the people make the stay worth it! Hope everyone enjoys the resort as much as we do.

    08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Nicole S.
    We had a wonderful suite and great variety breakfast. Staff was friendly and very helpful! Especially as I left all my jewelry in the bedside table drawer. Everything was kept for me in the safe for pick up by my daughter. What a relief. We will definitely be back!

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. J P.
    Overall pretty good place...especially if you're doing business with Qualcomm.  Rooms were nice.  Free breakfast was your standard microwaved fare.  Mangers reception had food which was ok.  Rooms were clean and pretty nice.  The fan in the bathroom sounded like a jet engine...so that wasn't ok.

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Keith M.
    The hotel itself is fine - not 5 star, but doesnt claim to be. I travel all the time, this time relocation and it does the job well - clean room, nice breakfast (included), good facilities.

    Standout is Jawad - 12 out of 10!!!! the breakfast server, slash bbq cook on resident nights. He is simply amazing. Hard working, super positive, friendly and helpful. Service that's way above and beyond even a Ritz Carlton standout. I hope they value and appreciate his service, customer centricity, and exceptional feeling of excellence he portrays day in, day out. He alone would make me come back for another stay! Awesome, thanks for everything Jawad !!!

    Do you have a Mr Marriott award? If so, that's a no brainer.....

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Daphaney S.
    My stay at this Residence started off pleasant the first day.  Food was good and Jawud the only HARD WORKING EMPLOYEE in the place! I came based on the reviews.  
    When I arrived I noticed that this property is not as clean and well kept as the others I visited.  The outside grass, shrubs was not well kept.  The luggage carts are old and rusted.  The backside where the fireplace, basketball/tennis courts was dirty.  Overall it seemed as if this property did not have enough employees to keep the property up.  

    I went inside and waited several minutes before anyone assisted me.  The front counter staff are not present to greet the guest.  I stayed three (3) days and I observed that the staff remains in the back office more than servicing the front desk.  I was in a two bedroom w/full kitchen..great for 5-6 people.  Unfortunately I noticed a "blood stain" on the mattress.  This is something horrible I NEVER experienced in any hotel.  I was leaving for a few hours and told (Martiza) at the front desk about the mattress and explained I will come back for housekeeping to deal with it and told her not to enter my room until I come back because I left my ill husband in the room to rest.  When I came back to tell my husband about the mattress, housekeeping had already entered my room without my permission and woke my husband up and switch out the mattress.  I was FURIOUS!  How dare them go against my wishes, invade our privacy, and disrespect us all together.  When I returned to the desk to talk with Martiza, she said she told the managers about the mattress and they still insisted to go into my room without my permission!  When I spoke to the General Manager Kit Butler, he told me it is their job to act on the situation immediately then apologize and offer food from their market or points!  REALLY!  He was totally missing the point.  First of all, what gave them the right to violate my rights as a guest in the Residence Inn.  He was not sincere and fact he had the worst customer service as a manager I ever seen!  I don't even have a customer card to redeem points in the first place.  I asked for corporate number and by this time the rest of my family heard and seen what was going on (Mom, sister and brother) was very upset with the whole ordeal.  We spoke to Linda in Customer care who said she spoke with the GM and decided he said it is nothing more for him to do.  I asked her, did she understand that it was dealing with staff that was disrespectful and how it's unsanitary to discover blood on the mattress. Linda begins yelling at me stating I assuming that she is taking the GM side.  I asked to speak with her manager.  Then Susan the manager in Customer Care heard the story from both sides and since the Martiza was not there to explain the TRUTH (not to enter my room) about our conversation because she left work already at 4:30pm she couldn't complete the investigation.  Susan promised to call at me 11:30am the next morning after talking to Martiza but the next morning at 11:30 she never called.  I called her at 12pm and I was in front of Martiza.  When I explained to Martiza that the Supervisor Susan needed to speak to her but the GM said she left work at 4:30pm.  Martiza said that was not true, she left work at 7:00pm!! Wow!  Not only is Kit disrespectful he is also dishonest!  Susan asked to speak to Kit, then we seen him walk out the door with his family (lady with a baby) and totally ignore me and my family, Martiza after she told him Susan was on the phone.  I had enough!  I will deal with this on a higher level!  Totally unacceptable behavior on all level!  WORST SERVICE EVER!  Beware!

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Truda P.
    We normally stay down the street at the Days Inn by Carlson when the bf is in town  but we decided we wanted more of a suite this time than just a hotel room. We stayed at the Residence Inn in Hotel Circle before and was not very impressed but this location caters more to the business professional than the tourist.

    The room had a full size fridge and stove but did seem to be lacking for pots, pans and plates,. The plates were salad plates really. - If I am cooking dinner I want a dinner plate. We called the front desk and requested some more pans/a baking sheet  to cook with and they were brought to us fairly quickly.

    The bed was not queen size..it was odd smaller than a queen but bigger than a full. We were already settled in for the week and too lazy to really care about the bed and the room was in a really good location for parking etc.

    The pool closes early and opens late. No hot tub before work at this location but there is a nice outdoor sitting area with a fireplace right by the pool area as well as a tennis/basketball court - oh and a ping pong table too.  

    The breakfast caters to more of the Asian clientele - lets just say they have a BIG bowl of kimchi and all the dried seaweed you could want available to go with that huge cooker of steamed rice. The other breakfast fair was so so. OK, not great but passable. We didn't have dinner here, we cooked in our room. (May try a night or two next month) There is a Vons grocery store a couple miles down the road. We did borrow the grill one night tho and through some steaks on. Good sized clean grill.

    This location also allows dogs and has several doggie potty bag stations around the property.

    Overall was please by the cleanliness of the place and the friendly staff.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Tim Griffen K.
    Our family had tenting in our complex and we had to get a room here at this location. The Location is kind of tricky to find but worth the effort. Pricing seemed to be in line with most our room was prepaid. Great appearance and the staff was quick to check us in early as we had our pets with us. Room was very clean and quiet. All staff were professional and friendly. Great amenities the basketball was my two boys favorite. The meals were amazing great breakfast and then BBQ for dinner with free beer and wine. The servers were exceptional especially Jerod. He kept the beer flowing and was amazing at his job. Very relaxing stay indeed. Thank you for everything, including a late checkout.

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Christopher C.
    Pretty standard and decent Residence Inn.  Rooms were clean and comfortable. Free weekday dinners and breakfast is standard and very nice and generous; thank you.  Free parking is abundant, and the location is well maintained.  Big fan of this hotel chain.

    On the negative side, I found the locations difficult and surrounded by confusing streets and long traffic signals which are on timers verses sensors.  Not really their fault, but this location is pretty inconvenient as it is a bit off the highway and far from pretty much anything.  Also, the staff at the front desk was totally clueless when it came to giving directions to their location; they also, as mentioned by other reviewers, do not sit at the front desk and it took the gal working the Wednesday Night Shift (with a first name matching a country) at least 5 minutes to assist me at 930PM and I was alone standing there, no bell, nothing.  Additionally, while I am on the reasons I am going 4-stars instead of 5-stars, they should place some doggy bag dispensers around the location as traveling dog walkers sometimes need a reminder to clean up after their dogs; stay on the path to avoid dog bombs in the grass.

    15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Mary O.
    The hotel room was really nice and everything was clean.   The service was great when we checked in and they were constantly bringing out food to keep the breakfast bar stocked.

    06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Santo P.

    We stayed here on Thursday night and called to make sure they would not book our room since we would be arriving late. Aside from the phone ringing a dozen times or more before an associate picked up the person that answered was nice. Our issue with this place has been mentioned in previous reviews and it has to do with the "mysterious smell" which is repulsive! Whatever it is I woke up with a sore throat which was inconvenient since I had to do very major presentation while I was in San Diego. The staff associates here are pleasant but the place needs to be leveled and redone from scratch. Smells like some things died in the walls. Horrid!!

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Pete S.
    This Residence Inn is located at the end of a Cul De Sac, on a hill, way tucked away, in an industrial area, across from some Qualcomm offices. Really odd location. Parking is abundant here. I chose this Residence Inn because they were one of the few Residence Inns that had 2 bedrooms. 2 freaking bedrooms in a hotel and to boot, 2 bathrooms.

    I don't know about you, I never stayed in any hotel that had 2 bathrooms. You know most of the time, we all stash our overnight bag on the counter and plug away your shaver, hair dryer, all that stuff in the bathroom. Now with 2 bathrooms, it's like you don't even think about it. Even the bathroom itself, it is abnormally big. I believe the total size is 750 sq. feet.

    Now this place has TV galore. Our room had 3 TVs, one in each room including the living room. If you go downstairs, there are these study room pods and there are 2 rooms , each with their own TV. Of course for breakfast, there was a TV there as well.

    So if you like to watch TV in an oversized room, this could be the place for you.

    Oh, there's 2 wings to this hotel. Since we had a 2 bedroom, we were not in the main wing where the breakfast and the check in was. There was a basketball/tennis court which we didn't use.

    Breakfast is narrow here. They served rice for some reason because I don't know why, I was looking for either miso soup or some kind of stir fry to go along with it. Instead I just had eggs and hot sauce to pair up. Starts at 7am on weekends.

    I was able to get this place for around $200 after AAA discount.  It was a fair price for the area.

    BTW, this place is really close to Green Flash
    but not a lot of good eats near by. So make sure you eat up a little bit prior to getting some booze.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Warren C.
    Quiet Residence Inn that could probably be annexed by the Qualcomm campus. You're well within walking distance to most Qualcomm builds I would guess. Rooms were clean, quiet, and well-kept. The staff was quick and friendly.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Cydney B.
    My friend and I stayed here while we were moving her from Philly to San Diego. After a very long trip (2900 miles in 8 days), we landed in this hotel. The hotel was really really plush and the room seemed more like a high-end apartment than a hotel. It was beautifully appointed, well-stocked, with a fantastically comfortable bed. Tess (Jess?) provided expert, flawless housekeeping services. While we were there, we had some difficulty with our room "key" because it wouldn't register and maintenance had to do some work on it. Not a problem at all, but the lovely Maritza Arredondo, Guest Service Representative, sent us a fabulous gift basket to make up for it. Not necessary, but definitely most appreciated. Will definitely stay here again -- and recommend it to others -- 5 stars in all respects.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Rebecca W.
    Here's the deal, my husband and 2 children stayed here for 6 days.

    The first 2 days were great!!
    Rooms and carpet were clean, staff was friendly and housekeeping kept the room spectacular.
    Starting the third day everything went downhill  FAST..
    After spending the whole day outside we expect to come back to a clean room by 4:00 (typically rooms are cleaned before 2-3) well not here, one day housekeeping didn't come until around 5:00 because they were "busy" and obviously understaffed.. Considering the parking lot was full we understood the housekeeping being late, although we came back to our room around 8:00 and housekeeping came, they left 2 bath towels (one from the day before) 2 was clothes and 1 hand towel... For a two bedroom suite sleeping 4 people.  Housekeeping did NOT VACUUM for 2 days, left coffee in pot and grounds in machine for 3 days. Mirrors looked like they were wiped with a dirty towel or not wiped at all. Bed linens were not changed daily, ( card is left in room to be left on bed for linens to be kept in conservation for water) this card had never been left out, because of the children and dogs running around the room, linens and towels need to be changed daily. Not to mention, one day the towels did not smell fresh (I could've sworn housekeeping ran out of towels and threw floor towels into the dryer and refilled then for the rooms, one towel smelled clean, and a few others smelled like someone was laying out in the sun (burned skin smell))

    The last night staying here we get back from dinner and head straight to the hot tub where my family was in and out, literally because the chlorine was soo strong you could smell it when you exited the building.
    High chlorine levels are need in pools with lots of families because of the children who are taught it's okay to pee in the pool. ( during the visit here a 3yo girl tells her dad, "mommy says I can go pee in the pool" the father knew I heard, and took the children I raise for the bathroom)

    Front desk wasn't too intent on making. Sure housekeeping did their job, as the room was not up to standards (this is obvious to gold-former platinum members. I say former platinum members because Marriott is continuing to have service issues, and the staff is becoming almost entirely non English speaking, which isn't a huge deal, but when the front desk doesn't handle issues with housekeeping and you are left to that, obviously problems will arise.

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Tiffany N.
    Bonus points for: free parking, two separate rooms, two bathrooms, and complimentary breakfast buffet every morning.

    My friends and I stayed here for our weekend trip. It was a wonderful room with two separate bathrooms and bedrooms, full fridge kitchen, stove, the works! It was nice because we were traveling with a baby.

    Everything in the building is accessible with a room key. Really nice touch and added security Parking is ample and close to the entrances. On top of that, it's free! Hard to come by at hotels nowadays.

    They have a pool, hot tub and basketball/tennis court. Pool wasn't heated but temperature was ok. The hot tub was nice and warm, but overdone with chlorine. The smell was too much!

    We took advantage of the complimentary breakfast buffet every morning! It was something a little different each day which was nice. Comes with juice, coffee, cereal, toast, bagels, eggs, etc, etc.

    Enjoyed my stay and would love to come back here when I visit again.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0