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Wyndham Harbour Lights in San Diego, CA

Wyndham Harbour Lights in San Diego, CA


Wyndham Harbour Lights assures you one of the best locations in the city, just off Fifth Avenue overlooking the famed Gaslamp Quarter.


As the world's largest developer and marketer of flexible, points-based vacation ownership products, Wyndham Vacation Ownership develops, markets and sells vacation ownership interests and provides consumer financing to owners through its four primary consumer brands, Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific and Shell Vacations Club.


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Rating: 4.04

Address: 911 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92101
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Comments (24):

1. Scott M.
Helpful and friendly staff.  Rooms were just ok, but resort is centrally located downtown affording quick access to tons of fun activities.

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Sean M.
Stayed here for two nights using my timeshare points and really enjoyed it. The room like large hotel rooms with a small kitchenette. Other than sleep we only spent a few hours a day in the unit and it was in the perfect location.

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Rhia R.
This place was a God send during this year's SDCC. Located on 5th Street, it was pretty much in the middle of the Gaslamp mayhem. Believe me, there was plenty! The bell staff was wonderful, and we made sure to tip them well for making several trips to store our luggage and items we purchased at the convention. The rooms are fully equipped with a kitchenette, seating area, and comfortable beds. I especially liked how their bathrooms were stocked with Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa products. Parking is a bit pricey at $29, but worth it. Not that you'll really need a car around here with everything being within walking distance. I would love to stay here again next year if given the opportunity. Very convenient and excellent location in downtown San Diego.

01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. A L.
Location wise, this place is PERFECT and smack in the middle of everything in the gaslamp district.  The westfield mall is easily within walking distance.  Inside the hotel, the kitchen is fully stocked from a blender to a toaster to every kind of glassware you could possibly need...times 4.  The reason for the 3 stars was the shower.  Part of the hotel experience for me, is the shower.  This showerhead was incredibly hard to use, and when i was finally able to turn it on, the water came down in a thin, fast stream of water.  I felt like i was getting shot...in my shower.

all in all, good accomodations, great location but really really really horrible parking ($29/night?!), and a bad shower.  meh! 3 stars

06/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Eric O.
Looked for a place to stay for my 21st birthday and came across the Wyndham. Sounded like it fit my needs with the size, kitchenette, and ideal price so I booked for two nights. Nicest staff I've ever encountered at a hotel, and not one person was unhelpful or rude. After chatting occasionally with a couple of the receptionists during my walk through the lobby, they each surprisingly sent up a birthday card and a bottle of wine, which went above and beyond any of my expectations. As others have mentioned, the only con is the $29/night parking, but it is fully valeted and secured structure. For $160/night, I will definitely be returning for any Gaslamp stay. Thank you Karen and Jessica for the great stay.

07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Shay W.
The hotel is downtown and close to everything. It is walking to distance to a lot of things and very close to the bus line. If you got a car, expect to pay over $30 a night so we opted out getting a car. The hotel was really nice. It was clean and comfortable. I was told it was noisy but I didn't hear any noise from the other rooms. I heard a little outside noise but it wasn't much. We had a full kitchen. The hotel also has a gym. My only complaints are the lack of amenities (pool, restaurant, etc.) and the pushy sales people in the lobby. The sales representatives were pushy and unfriendly. The other hotel staff (cleaning, front desk, host, valet, etc.) was all really nice. Had I not listen to the sales pitch, it would've been almost perfect. However, I got zoo tickets out of it. They said it would take 45 minutes but it took us 2 hours of me telling them no and them trying to convince me to upgrade. Our sale rep was nice, but his additional help from a manager and another sales rep really got on my nerves.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. BustA G.
Stayed here during Comic-Con 2010.  The hotel staff was ultra friendly and helpful.  Smooth check in and check out.  Beds are comfortable.  They have DVDs that you can rent at no charge.  The hotel was well maintained.   Parking in San Diego near the convention center is a premium.

The hotel charges $30 daily with in and out privileges.  The hotel is within reasonable walking distance of the convention center.   The hotel has free WiFi via AT&T which was sometimes spotty.

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Kunjan P.
For vacation my girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of my fathers time share. From the day we checked in to the day we checked out, we were treated with respect and well accommodated for. Rooms were spacious and clean. The only downside was that there was no pool. Overall a great location to stay.

22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Jay Y.
Beautiful resort, but more annoying sales people. Same thing all the time....YES I am sure I don't want to own my vacations.

11/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Chien S.
I have stayed here a few times with my girlfriends. The staff is always great, and the location is obviously bar-none since it's right where ALL THE ACTION is! Yes, the down side of staying here is the $29/night valet parking. However, the only other parking structure within walking distance is $17/entrance. There are a TON of great bars and clubs and restaurants all within walking distance, as well as a mall and other shopping.

Greatest part of this resort was when we stayed here for New Year's Eve 2010. My friends got DRUNK but we didn't have to worry about the drive because it was only a 2 block walk back to the resort from the club we were at.

16/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Jennifer R.
This hotel has a perfect location right in downtown, close to amazing restaurants. Our room was really nice and we didn't go to the timeshare meeting (a friend has a timeshare that's how we got the room) even though we were asked twice. I wish they had a pool at this hotel and parking was pricey at $30 a day. Valets were friendly as were employees at the front desk. I was suprised we didn't hear outside noise especially with the craziness of Comic Con. The bathrooms could use a ittle updating to match the rest of the unit.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Kelly M.
Beautiful hotel, nice rooms, plenty of amenities and a great location!  I can walk 3 mins to Macys, 6 mins to Nordstrom - ahhh!  CVS & Rite Aid are just 3 mins.  

The House of Blues is just a few doors down.  The hotel next door to it charges $39.00 to valet so $30 is almost a bargain.

The staff is very friendly.  I just love being a Wyndham owner!

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Dave H.
Spent a night at the Harbor Lights Resort. Modern light fixtures accented our room nicely, and we had a clear view of the Gaslamp District. At one end of the room, there was a roomy, dreamy soft, canopy bed. (There's a full mirror near the bed, for anyone who's into that.)

Besides the usual clean shower and electronic climate control (one should expect this from a Wyndham), you'll find a kitchen stocked with cups, cup holders, utensils, a stove, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, a blender, and fridge.

The stereo system and flat screen TV could easily satisfy any impromptu party. For guests that dip a bit much into the bottle, take advantage of the expanding couch, and the ceiling fan in case anyone feels that "it's getting hot in here".

Yes, this place can be expensive, unless you're sharing the bill amongst friends.

19/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Amber F.
So let me first say that I did not stay at this resort but was invited to a timeshare presentation here.  The presentation was as expected although we choose not to invest...The reason I am giving them 1 star is that we valeted our car there and when we retrieved it the entire interior reeked of marijuana.  Then to add insult to injury when we called the management to complain they reacted by saying "we are not saying that you are lying but no one else has complained".  My husband is in law enforcement and has to drive by drug sniffing dogs to get to work and I am 5 months pregnant, so this was a major issue for us and the way they handled it guarantees that I will never choose the Wyndham again for our vacations.

08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Cindy G.
the hotel was really nice. the rooms were a nice size and was decorated with a modern and fresh look. my only complaint about the room was that the toilet flushed too loudly and would wake up my baby. I really enjoyed the hotel and it's location. the only complaint about the hotel is the 30$ per day per car mandatory valet parking. sure you can find your own lot and park your car but parts of downtown SD is kinda sketchy -___-

anyhow, I'm docking points for their hustle on the timeshare otherwise it would have been five stars. I don't know how many times I had to say no to the "owner's update." this is basically where they bring you in to up sell you on your timeshare. I got the trial timeshare which already costed more than I wanted to pay so I just wanted to use up the points and waited for the terms of my contract to end. none the less, upon arrival, we checked in and then had a "second part" to our check in with this other guy that would not quit. I had been to an owner's update before which ended in an altercation with the sales lady and she had to be physically removed from the presentation table she sat us at so with now a 4 month old in tow, label me "uninterested." I explained this to the guy and he would not let up. I also told him that my baby had a poopy diaper and still on and on he went until basically I had to put my foot down and engage in a "I don't think so" staring contest with him while he begged me to go so he could get credits. I know it's their job but it really ruined the first night of our stay. from then on, we kind of just ran pass that table even if the sales person greeted us.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Rae Jo K.
Okay, I'll start with the bad since everything else was pretty fantastic.  The valet parking is friggin' expensive!!  It was more per day to park our car ($29...doesn't include tipping) than it cost to rent the thing!  I will say it was nice not having to worry about finding a place to park or having to walk to get our car especially since they are located in a very busy and popular part of town.  They also charge $0.35 per MINUTE to use their business center...  :/  I've never stayed anywhere that charged you to use their business center.  Charge for copies on the printer, sure.  Charge just to hop on a computer?  Little bit greedy I thought.

Other than that, the staff is amazing; very friendly, welcoming and helpful.  I had a package delivered there and found it in our room when we got home one night.  I totally forgot to tell them it was coming but they were proactive and made sure I got it.  I was impressed.  They will always try to upsell you but they have a pretty amazing product so I can't blame them.  My husband and I started with the Discovery package (a trial package) and purchased a regular membership while we were there.

The gym in the basement is a little small and could use a few more weights.  The free weights went from 10lb to 25lb.  If they got a set of 12lb and 15lb free weights it would have been PERFECT.  They had a couple treadmills, elliptical and weight machines as well as a steam room and a sauna, which we didn't get around to using.

We stayed in the one bedroom and it was great.  Very spacious and the whirlpool tub was a nice way to relax after a night out on the town.  Having a full kitchen helped reduce the cost of eating out and the dishwasher helped alleviate the annoyance of having to do dishes.  We also had a washer and dryer in our unit so we made sure to do a load before checking out.

The beginning of the week was great but as the weekend approached the loud-mouthed drunks came out so we had to turn a fan on to try to drown out the noise; totally understandable as you are in the middle of the party district.  What made it worth listening to drunks screaming at each other at night?  Not having to listen to someone's screaming brats.  I think the location reduced the amount families staying there.  Not once did we have to tolerate someone's screaming sprog running up and down the hallways...  LOVE!!

I totally recommend this location.  It's close to everything, has super nice accommodations and you really feel like they appreciate your business.

09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Melissa C.
It's is a super great location and I really like the modern decor. This is one of the best wyndham hotels that I've been to. Even though the rooms are smaller than some of their other locations, it worked perfectly for our need for a kitchen and being able to walk out your door and hit the best spots in the gas lamp district. Staff were super friendly and helpful. Stay on the back of building for quiter stay. Highly recommend and hope to be back soon.

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Lynnsey N.
I can't add what others haven't already said but this place is too good not to review. The hotel is located on what I would describe as an edge of the Gaslamp district. A good, walkable location to just about anywhere in Downtown San Diego. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff and clean rooms. Carol at the front desk helped me check in easily and without incident (they even had taken into account of my request I made about 6 weeks before my trip for a high room with a street view). I was then sent to concierge, Karina, who helped me get a feel of downtown, gave plenty of brochures and maps and even some coupons to nearby restaurants. Earnest offered to help me with my bags, although I needed no help, he remained friendly always greeting me when I came back from a day out. April, another concierge helped me with my car rental- which, at $40 wasn't the cheapest but the company picks you up and drops you off at Wyndham, you pay a little more for the conveinence. Another nice touch was the lemonade and cookies the staff had laid out in the evenings. A nice extra.
As for the room, I stayed in room 510, a studio suite that had plenty of room for at least 2 people, 4 might be crowded but is doable. Although the room is on the 5th floor, the noise of the street is very noticeable- had I not already read this on trip advisor and yelp, I would've been taken aback by the sheer amount of street noise that you hear. They do give you ear plugs if you need them, after the first night I was used to the noise and it didn't really bother me all that much.  There is a small balcony that you can walk out on- not much of a view though.  The bed came with plenty of pillows and overall the room was crisp and clean.

The only drawbacks I could find are these:
The street noise
maid service took my towels and garbage but did not replace towels or garbage/recycle bags.
The timeshare promo- I'm an owner, I don't need to go through the same speil of how I can "buy up". I'm satisfied with what I have. When I got to the timeshare meeting, I was told by the "head guy" that he wouldn't waste my time since I was already an owner. Before the "official" meeting got underway, he had to leave and left me with a guy who did the exact opposite of what the first guy said he would do. The guy tried to "sell up" basically and wouldn't take no for an answer. My phone alarm went off after the allotted hour and I was done! I got the gift card offered but none of my questions were answered.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Stephanie K.
Excellent! We checked in fast and friendly. On our way to our room we were greeted by a guy named Troy who works at the resort. He was the nicest and most friendly guy I have ever met!

This is in the Gaslamp district which is within walking distance of anything you want to do or eat. I highly recommend Cafe 21 and Döner!

The room was small but very nicely laid out and the bed was comfortable. It is a noisy area since it is on the main drag but we are military so the noise didn't bother is at all.

The staff was awesome, and everyone was really nice. We did the update for the timeshare owners and it was really informative and I'm glad we did it.

17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Charlotte M.
Clean everything you could want in a room and you can walk to everything :)

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Anastacio D.
This was my first time at this property on a 4 night stay with my family.   We were greeted with staff that were friendly at first.  The rooms are smaller than other Wyndham sister properties.  The Concierge was friendly at check in offering information and eager to sign us up for an update.  The next day after the update session (we didnt buy) he avoided eye contact and didn't greet anymore.   As an owner I was disappointed and was made to feel unwelcome.   The nicest staff there were the valet.   The hotel is walking distance to hundreds of restaurants and shops.  The downtown feels safe and clean.  We visited the zoo and sea world and had a blast.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Nikk G.
Amazing hotel, clean, comfy, beautiful rooms with very modern design. It is a bit pricey, but not really compared to the rest in the immediate area.


When you check in to the room,

because it is someone's life mission in the lobby to call you just early enough to wake you up to tell you they have, and I quote, "A Great Deal for You!!"

This guy is hell bent on selling you a time share with Wyndham and doesn't take no for an answer.
This is why I have deducted one star from this otherwise kick ass hotel.

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Fred P.
Awesome Wyndham resort property in the heart of downtown San Diego. Seems to be fully booked year round because of the beautiful weather. I'm very impressed and super glad to be a VIP Platinum Wyndham Owner of one of the best resort properties in California.
Staff is responsive and accommodations are impeccable.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Melanie M.
we bought our timeshare in the late '90's and have been  happy owners ever since. we have upgraded our membership 4 different times, and plan on upgrading again.  (I'm a VIP Gold Member)

we have stayed in several Wyndham resort locations, including Las Vegas, Branson, Santa Barbara, and Orlando. The Harbour Lights location is by far my favorite. It has been one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had. We were in the heart of Downtown San Diego, the resort itself was so glamorous, we felt like movie stars!  We flew in so we didn't have to worry about parking. Everything you could want to see or do is within walking distance. One thing  I  didn't like was not having a washer and dryer in my room. That is one of my favorite things about owning timeshare. Going home with clean laundry is priceless. They do have a laundry facility at this location, but it is not in the room, so you have to sit there with your laundry on your  vacation. That was the worst part.

If you want to feel like a movie star for a week, this is the place to be! And don't be afraid of the update appointment, we have had to say no a few times over the years, but we have never regretted the upgrades we did make! We are not rich people, and we would not have been able to go to the places we have been to without Wyndham (It was Fairafield when we bought!). Our kids have had some of the best experiences of their lives on these vacations...even though they werent invited to this last one!!!  Good luck!

19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0