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Albergo Hotel Verona in San Francisco, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.00

Address: 317 Leavenworth St, San Francisco, CA, 94102

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    1. Roland A.
    Hotel Verona Albergo? Verona Hotel Albergo? Hotel Albergo Verona? Oh shucks, let's call it Albergo Hotel Verona. Nevermind that albergo means hotel in Italian anyway.

    Stayed here during my very first trip to The City, a college friend and I decided that Long Beach might not be too happening over Christmas. True enough, the scene around the Verona was happening.

    An iron fence in front of the hotel entry? Oh well, probably some historic thing they can't remove. Parking one block down in a bunker like structure with more wooden pillars than parking spaces? No worries, except that one had to walk that one back to the hotel through the TL at night, and a few years ago it was a bit seedier after all.

    I remember us always parking the car on a spot marked "Excelsior Management" - hey, the hotel ones were full and we felt pretty excelsioristic - and sneaking up the driveway to hear if any drug dealing or other shenanigans would happen behind the roll gate. One evening a guy was relieving himself so we kindly waited for him and were thankful that he had not followed us through the gate. The good side of things: all leftover food we brought with us and put on a trashcan was gone in less than five minutes.

    The hotel was actually not too bad, rooms that were small but not too small, the heat would work (we're talking December, remember) and the bathroom was clean. TV was not happening, I remember watching the Rose Parade in a bad hail storm while calling my grandma for her birthday.

    The staff was friendly, free coffee and donuts over at the store next door = continental breakfast.

    I actually dug the place so I brought my parents and my sis along the next time I was in town. My mom was mildly sceptical of the whole thing. Well, rather mightily sceptical, especially after I told her not to engage in eye contact with anybody and after seeing two cops checking a guy spread out against their car. But my dad liked the donuts. He has a sweet tooth for that stuff. My sis thought it was a great adventure.

    Yeah. So, if you're in for an inexpensive adventure, give the Hotel Albergo Verona Albergo Hotel a try. You don't want to watch TV anyway. And Naan & Curry is across the street, too! Erm, not anymore actually. But the one on O'Farrell isn't too far away.

    11/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0