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Basque Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Basque Hotel in San Francisco, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.45

Address: 15 Romolo Pl, San Francisco, CA, 94133
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (11):

1. Alisson X.
the hotel is clean with friendly staff and it's affordable... in a great location!!! the bar downstairs (15 Romolo) is awesome too!

13/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Light Bulb J.
I went here on a Thursday night.  I was a little flustered when I walked in because someone wearing a top hat had just asked me if I worked at Roaring 20's.  I thought I was dressed classy, apparently I was dressed like a classy stripper?  Anyway.
Got here at 8pm, walked right up to the bar and got a seat.  I ordered a drink off the menu.  It took a really long time for the drink and I was sure that they had forgotten about me, but I was wrong.  Five to 10 minutes later, a drink arrived from heaven.  It was $11, but for the first time in my life it was not a YIKES moment.  It was minty, smooth, light, everything I could ask for in a drink.  It was a blackberry something or other I think, I don't remember.  This drink was as good as a drink I had in Las Vegas at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, which was the best drink I ever had.
The martini type thing I got tasted like asshole, but I've never had a martini and never will again.
They played all the bands I like:  Killers, Strokes, Interpol, etc.
Every male bartender made a show of the drinks they poured, shaking vigorously, straining, and tapping.  They all had mustaches.
Everyone was dressed alright in here.  Not trashy.  Not fancy.   Just nice enough for a nice night out.
I don't really know how easy it would be to get a drink if you didn't have a seat at the bar.
I will go back here.  Definitely.

05/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Bici G.
Just when you want a quiet place and get away from all the tourist traps in the area. Heres a romantic, sweet and cozy, serving the best drinks on the north side of Broadway.
Perfect place to get away from noisy bars, a place fro you and your secret lover..located in an alley..around the corner from the Hungry Eye, check it out.

09/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Daniel B.
I absolutely hate going out in North Beach, but when faced with that adversity I always try to guide my crew towards the Basque Hotel. I love the looks I get from from my friends who haven't been before there as we stroll by all the shady strip clubs and dip into the dark and foreboding alley where this the Hotel is located.

Inside it is cool, dark and feels classy without being at all pretentious. The bar itself is really nicely designed with snazzy cabinetry holding a strong assortment of liquors. The drinks are all pretty expensive, but the beer list is good so I can dig it.

This place gets way overcrowded, especially near the bar, so it can be hard to get a drink. But if you can snag a couch and aren't getting after it too hard then it works out pretty well.

20/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Natalie N.
Basque Hotel is a dark, music filled bar, just off Broadway in a secret little alley. Although usually it can fill up on the weekends, the line at the bar is never too long and the drinks are stiff. The jukebox is constantly on and if you are there long enough you may even get to hear the songs you play!

We have found a table to call home for a couple hours every time I have been there, which is nice for the gals out in stilettos!

26/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Michelle C.
Basque was the perfect addition to our fun filled night of bar hopping. I particularly like this place due to the wide variety of alcohol available that you don't find at most places. There were pre-gin dated alcohols and neat looking bottles. I guess I'm a sucker for marketing, but the fancy looking antique bottles made me want to go shopping on Etsy.

The bathroom was clean, floor wasn't sticky, and we were helped quickly. I will be back and don't plan on losing my ID on the next visit.

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Ryan P.
How can a bar so much in the middle of things be simultaneously so tucked away?   The Basque Hotel is one of the reasons this is such a beautiful, magical city.  

Up a steep alley, beneath a Neon sign that everyone misses, the Basque Hotel sits right above stripper spook central.  The space is ample, dark, and warm.  Reminiscient to a degree of a 19th century schoolhouse to children that drink booze with their milk.  

There's a small kitchen that serves drink-friendly small plates and pizzas.  The funnel cake borders on the sublime.  A High Life is two dollars.  

The very best thing about the Basque Hotel is that tourists won't find it.  Douchebags won't bother.  It's a good crowd.  They know what to find on the jukebox.  The bartenders are no-nonsense.  You don't find this sort of thing in North Beach.  Go there, but don't tell anyone.

28/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Anthony E.
I have not had Sangria this good since I lived in Spain.  I felt nostalgic as hell just drinking it.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Jacob K.
July 13 of this year will mark the 13-year anniversary of my first trip to a strip club on my 18th birthday.  My friends picked me up and presented me with a 6-pack of Tequiza, which I chugged in the back seat while going over the Golden Gate Bridge.  We had to stop somewhere in the Marina so I could get out of the car and throw up, but then it was off to North Beach to go to the Hungry I.  My memory of that evening is admittedly hazy, but I think I was somewhere between titillated and terrified (I was very shy back then).  If only had I known that there was one of the best (i.e. one of the only passable) bars in all of North Beach just around the corner!  And although I wouldn't have been old enough to get in legally, I feel like when I went last night, there were a lot of underage kids there.  Or maybe I just feel really old when I walk into a bar and everybody is 21 to 23.  

But no matter.  The beer was good, the jukebox was aight, and the french fries were among the best I've ever tasted.  They apparently also have something called a "bunny burger" (my vegan friends were endlessly singing its praises) and a "bloody burger" (made with actual dead bunny...well, not really, but we can dream, can't we?).  

I'm not gonna lie--if I hadn't been completely piss-ass wasted by the time I got to the bar last night, I'm not sure I'd be 5-starring it today.  But I was and I am.  So there.  In your face, yelpers looking for an honest review!  Sheeeiiiitt.

03/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Leilani C.
I've been staying at the Basque Hotel for almost a year now while I'm looking for a apartment somewhere in San Francisco. I'd checked online for the best residential hotels in North Beach and the Basque Hotel came in among the top five for cleanliness and reasonable prices for both weekly and monthly. So based on that info and because I also had a positive review of my friend's stay there, I'd booked a room last April, for one month.
The  room had a nice big closet & a nice comfortable double bed and even though it was on the first floor above the restaurant, it was far back away from the street, that it was very quiet, even during the hours before 2am! There's a sink in the room but the 2 "water closets" are down the hall, next to the shower room. There's also a big bathroom, that contains both a toilet, sink and shower around the corner. There's no real kitchen, just a microwave located in a little nook but since there's plenty of inexpensive restaurants close by, I didn't mind.
I stayed there for one month and after 21/2 months away, came back in July 2013.
This time, I feel like my room is a bit smaller and the closet is just big enough to hang my clothes in but I have a nice double sized bed, so I don't mind. I'm still on the first floor but now I'm right above the restaurant. It's a big more noisy but usually pretty quiet by midnight. If you've read any reviews of the restaurant/bar, 15 ROMOLO, that's shares the building with the hotel, you'd know that most of the clientele are folks who like nice quiet out of the way places that serve good food and good drinks or aren't the rowdy, frat boys types who hang out on Broadway, staring at the girls at the topless bars.

Right now, I think there's only a handful of people who are living here more or less permanently besides me, but even with the comings and goings of the mostly European tourists, 99% of the time, you feel like you're the only one who's actually living here, as you don't have a lot of foot traffic in the hallways or on the stairs. So if you're a student or a telecomute worker, this is definitely a good place to study or work in.

So if you're looking for a reasonably priced place to stay for a couple of days or while you're apartment hunting, this is it! It's located in beautiful North Beach, surrounded by lots of good restaurants, it's within walking distance to the Financial District and Chinatown and close to several Muni bus stops, so if you don't have a car, it's perfect!

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Richard C.
The Basque Hotel is a large hotel with a lot of character, but it is ready for some updating and maintenance. It is large, up to date, and very clean. Definitely check it out for a great workout. There is also an indoor pool and hot tub. The rooms are very average, check in was quick, and housekeeping was pretty reliable.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0