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Chateau Tivoli Bed & Breakfast Inn in San Francisco, CA

Chateau Tivoli Bed & Breakfast Inn in San Francisco, CA


We offer a generous continental breakfast M-F, as well as a champagne brunch on the weekends. Wine and cheese is served nightly. (All of this comes with the rate of your room!)


Established in 1983.

The Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast is a magnificently preserved part of San Francisco's rich history. Built in 1892 for lumber baron D.B. Jackson by British architect William Armitage, it has been home to many eclectic and illustrious personalities from the city's archives. Past inhabitants include Ernestine Kreling, the owner of the storied Tivoli Opera House and Bob Kaufman, the poet who inspired the term 'Beatnik'. The house at 1057 Steiner Street was restored to it's original Victorian splendor by Rodney Karr in the 1980s. The Shohet family has locally owned and operated the now Bed and Breakfast since 1997 and continues to keep its doors open so that all can share in the Tivoli's dynamic history and charm.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.70

Address: 1057 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA, 94115
  • Mon: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tue: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wed: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thu: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Fri: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sat: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sun: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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Comments (70):

1. Phil M.
My family used to own the Chateau Tivoli way back in the day( from 1898 to 1918).  Great Great Grandmama Ernestine Krelling who also ran the Tivoli Opera House with her husbands was quite the empowered woman of her day and knew how to run a tight ship.  Haven't stayed here yet but I used to visit when I was a kid and it is a beautiful part of San Francisco past and present.  For anyone looking to learn about the history of this great city, check it out and check out the SF Historical Society and Museum at SFhistory.org .

15/10/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Bonnie R.
My hubby and I used Chateau Tivoli for our wedding reception last weekend, and we (and all our guests) loved it. The building is unique, Victorian, ornate, and perfect for a less than traditional party. Our guests dressed up vintage, so the decor was perfect. The management was also super helpful in setting up furniture, food, etc. We didn't rent the whole B&B, though that's possible, just the downstairs for the afternoon. We had 75 people and the area still felt spacious. Afterward my husband and I spent the night in the honeymoon suite upstairs, which was also lovely. I can't recommend them enough.

02/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. alexis g.
a night away from home in my own neighborhood:
my mother came to visit recently and she got a room here. although it is literally RIGHT around the corner from my house i deiced to stay with her. and i am glad i did. the enrico caruso room was super quiet, beautiful and comfy. good breakfast too. i think i am only giving it four stars because i wish i had stayed longer.

18/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Marina N.
I had a lovely wedding ceremony here a few years ago. My family members stayed throughout the house for the entire weekend. There are some GORGEOUS rooms. It was the perfect set-up. The staff was extremely helpful with the setup and super friendly. We were able to use the kitchen to prep our own food for the guests and it was important to us that we didn't have to use their caterers. This place is a gem.

27/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Anita C.
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay here during the heat wave of '06. Interior and exterior decoration are awesome, music is a constant theme, the beds are comfortable, the smells are clean and pleasant, breakfast is bountiful and beautiful, with good-tasting bagels, and the rustic showers criticized by another reviewer are no shock to visitors from Paris. Stay flexible! The price was also right and the neighborhood not really daunting if you picked your streets. Staff were friendly and helpful and I hope to have a reason to see them again.

12/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Joe F.
Wife and I came here for an evening in the City...play, dinner, over-nighter. Simply, this a great place. Spacious room...unbelievable bed...perfect water pressure. It is without some modern conveniences...but that's what you should get in a Victorian B&B. I couldnt even tell you if there was a TV in the room...because, well, we were gettin busy...Exceeded expectations in every way.

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Valerie D.
This place is phenomenal!  When you stay here you are a guest in the most stunning Victorian mansion.  Everything was magnificent from the authentic parlor to the stained glass windows and giant wooden staircase.  We had a 4 poster bed and there were gorgeous murals painted on the high ceilings of our room.  The place is amazing and I almost can't believe that they actually let people pay such a reasonable price to sleep there!  Breakfast was served in the Victorian dining room and it was delicious.  Check out the website and if you like what you see then you will LOVE it in real life.  A totally unique experience and, if your special someone is into unique experiences/old victorian stuff/ has a great imagination . . . then this chateau would be unbelievably romantic.

29/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Betty C.
If you are ever staying in the San Francisco area and would like a wonderful place to stay - this is it!  It was like another part of the world, very quiet after a long day in the city.  The rooms are all decorated differently and with historical significance.  The management was so helpful and the breakfast was certainly the best I have ever had.  Would highly recommend this establishment.  The nicest thing was that there was no television, so you are forced to relax and read.  What a treat!!!

03/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Rachel M.
My husband and I stayed at the Chateau Tivoli for two nights in December for our 12th wedding anniversary.  We live in the South Bay, so this was a weekend getaway for us, a chance to see more of the city and be tourists for a few days.

Our room was on the third floor in the Jack London room, one of the smaller rooms with a shared bath, but that particular weekend we had the bath all to our selves anyway as there wasn't anyone staying in the other room.  The room itself was small and sparsely furnished but nice and simple without a TV for noise and distraction.  We don't require much, we weren't there to sit in our room anyway!  My favorite part was the bright and lovely turret room, a perfect place to curl up with a book and a cup of hot tea (always available downstairs).  The first night was cold and rainy outside and pretty cold inside the room as well.  It was much warmer out in the hall, so I think the heat just doesn't reach the room very well.  My other complaint is that the pillows were either to big or to flat and I had a hard time sleeping as a result, but maybe that's just me and I should bring my own pillow if I'm that picky!

The parlor downstairs is beautiful and cozy with plenty of seating, games, and even a couple of lovely old pianos.  We only grabbed a piece of cheese and a cracker on our way out the door one evening so I can't speak of the wine, but it was good brie!

The service was excellent at breakfast, we were there even a little early one day (weekend champagne brunches at 9 and 10) and they went ahead and offered to serve us.  Breakfast was great; spinach quiche one day and chiabatta french toast the next along with bacon, fruit, breads, granola, and yogurt.  Plus champagne/mimosas!  Yum!  They do ask if you're vegetarian when inquiring about meal times, though they didn't ask when we checked in and so we got bacon at breakfast the first day.  The second day we made sure to mention it to the cook and it was no problem!

It's in a great location, lots of pretty Victorians to look at, close to all the restaurants and shopping on Fillmore, and walking distance to downtown if you don't mind a little bit of a hike.  A few blocks you walk through on the way downtown are a little sketchy (the Tenderloin), but stay to the main streets and you'll be fine!  There are also plenty of buses around!

Overall, we had a great weekend and would definitely stay here again!

23/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Redd J.
This is the BEST place I've stayed at in San Francisco! I'm what you might call a "B&B" enthusiast and let me tell you, Chateau Tivoli I tip my hat. I stayed in the "Mark Twain" room -what a treat- and it was a total dream. The bed has a mirror on the top and the spacious room includes a secret tiny room in the corner and an outstanding view! Needless to say, while staying here I took full advantage of the cheese and wine time. I loved not only their stellar selection of both cheese and wine, but also meeting other patrons one of which was a Bull Texan who wore a single leather glove and knew far more about cheese than I. The staff was both beautiful AND very helpful,  they made me feel like family! I can not say enough about this place, if I could I would live here.

30/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Melissa N.
My boyfriend and I chose this spot as our base for a weekend getaway from Oakland. What a beautiful, peaceful, and interesting place! It'd be perfect for anyone who likes a little something different, whimsical, and romantic. The building itself is eye-catching, with gorgeous gingerbread and turrets, and the downstairs common area is unbelievably lovely, with antique stained glass and glowing wood everywhere.
We stayed in the Aimee Crocker room. It's decorated in the Edwardian style and has the loveliest, most amazing wall- and ceiling-paper from Bradbury and Bradbury, which I am determined to use in my future dream house. The turret nook was the perfect place to curl up and read for a bit, the bed was comfy, and the bathroom was perfect and sparkling clean. (By the way, it was private and attached to our room; I believe only one of the second-floor rooms has a detached bathroom, despite what another reviewer said.)
Breakfast was yum; we had both the weekend and weekday breakfasts and both were just right, with many good options, and it was fun to chat with the other guests. Nico and the rest of the crew were great, too---Nico even showed us some of the other rooms before we left. I had a great time here and would love to come back!

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Eileen S.
I just returned from an incredibly relaxing stay at Chateau Tivoli. My husband took me to San Francisco for my 35th birthday and booked us a lovely room at this bed and breakfast. He knows how much I love Victorian architecture and Tivoli house is just beautiful. Our room, the Enrico Caruso, was clean and cozy and I just adored the decor. My husband and I both remarked at how well we slept while we stayed at Chateau Tivoli--it was just that relaxing! The hosts were very friendly and suggested a number of hot spots for us to visit while we were in San Fran. We took their advice and saw some wonderful sites around the city. I also have to say that the breakfast was delicious, with tasty, fresh foods and even champagne. As a little added bonus (I think partially for my birthday), we even had wine and cheese in the parlor one afternoon when we came back for a little rest before heading out for dinner. What a nice touch! I highly recommend Chateau Tivoli to anyone who's looking for beautiful, conveniently located accommodations. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay as much as we did.

08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Erin M.
My mom came to town last week and we both stayed in a two room suite at the Chateau Tivoli. We loved the spacious room, private street entrance and probably enjoyed the nightly wine and cheese a bit too much.

The staff was helpful for restaurant recommendations and quite pleasant, but not overbearing. Mom's definitely staying here for her next visit too!

01/05/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Jess L.
A wonderful bed and breakfast.  I love the complementary wine and cheese in the evening, and the breakfast was delicious also (bagels, lox, coffee, etc.)  Lovely decor.  The wireless is unreliable, so I was forced to just enjoy the neighborhood!

04/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Emily G.
I sent my future in-laws and relatives to the Chateau Tivoli to stay for the weekend of my wedding.  They took up almost all of the rooms there. They absolutely loved it.  They raved about how nice the rooms were.  The staff went out of their way to make them feel at home and to give insider recommendations on places to go in SF.  It was a great place for the family to hang out together and enjoy San Francisco. I highly recommend it!

17/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Caitlin P.
My band wanted a gorgeous location for a photoshoot, and we stumbled across the Chateau Tivoli's website on the internet. The pictures of the place looked incredible, and we arranged to come by one evening to take some pictures. The staff were incredibly gracious, and offered us full run of all of the unoccupied rooms, which were amazingly decorated. We literally all gasped when we entered the master suite and saw the beautiful armoire and canopy bed. As you can read below, the decor and the whole atmosphere is truly inspired, and gave our photos such great character (I posted one of us on the stairs). There is a wonderful parlor that has instruments and lush couches and sculputures and we ate all of the cheese. We all live in the city (and, yes, our resources are indeed limited), however we all agreed to come back and stay for a weekend just because we were having such a great time.

02/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Angela N.
I had the opportunity to tour this place as part of a history project i am working on.....all i can say is i wanted to move in.  So beautiful. So much history.  the names are labeled after some of the guests that have stayed there in the past.  Isadora Duncan immediately caught my eye.  Nico, the manager, graciously gave me a tour.  the colors, the furninture, he didn't have to tell me that this place has been authentically and painstakingly restored to the tee - you can feel it.  The beds are all four poster. They have wine and cheese in the afternoon.  Seriously, I will be going there for a mini vacation within San Francisco and recommending it to all of my out of town visitors.  Loved it.

26/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Bob M.
I had a great experience here. Beautiful rooms and very helpful staff made this a favorite for me, and I always recommend it to out-of-town guests, who have always been very happy with it too. I've stayed in several of the rooms, and I like the fact that each one has a unique feel.
Great brunch, and a nice selection of wines and cheeses if you're around in the early evening.
Thanks Chateau Tivoli!

14/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. simone l.
Your mom is in town and you want to impress the pants off her. This is where you stay.  When you finally become a mature adult,- okay, well when you finally have some money to spend- you ditch your studio and relax in style with your in town guest at this beautiful bed and breakfast. Decorated with amazing antiques and other quirky decor, the Chateau Tivoli is a warm and inviting place. After a day of sight seeing, drop by for  the wine and cheese happy hour while relaxing on a comfy  sofa.

Early morning risers are greeted with a delicious continental breakfast- try the house made granola. Weekend visitors are treated to a champagne brunch.

But best of all is the super friendly staff. They are all very helpful and and do all they can to ensure you are having a great visit. Which of course makes you look like the rock star to your very pleased out of towner- most likely mom.  And who doesn't want to impress her?

02/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Mike B.
The Chateau is an incredibly beautiful place and the hosts are friendly, helpful and gracious.  

My parents have stayed in the Aimee Crocker room which is like taking a step back in time - the historic integrity has been restored remarkably.  They thoroughly enjoyed their stay (and I did too - I joined them one night for wine and cheese downstairs) and will definitely be returning.  The one downside is that finding parking in the Alamo Square neighborhood can be a pain, but that's just the way it is in SF.

More important than the rooms and services for guests, the hosts give back to the community and that itself makes the Chateau worthy of support.  They regularly open their doors to non-profit events, and they've kept the Chateau full of life and a jewel of the neighborhood.

18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Diane T.
The Hubs and I stayed here for two nights earlier this month.  What a charming place!  The house is beautiful and the hosts are gracious and friendly.

I chose the Mark Twain suite when I booked because it's the only room with a king sized bed and it's on the top (3rd) floor of the house (I always seem to have an elephant in the room above me elsewise!).  It's an extremely spacious suite.  I'd guestimate the bedroom to be roughly 10x12 feet and the parlor about 16x20.  Whatever it really measures, there's plenty of room to move around.  This room isn't as luxurious (as far as the structural details like the type of floor, moldings, etc.) as some of the other rooms since it had originally been servant's quarters, but it has been decorated quite nicely with period furnishings.  The seating isn't the most comfortable in the world, but in reality, how long are you going to be sitting there anyway?  The bed is another story!  That mattress was one of the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on in a long time (more firm than soft).  My only complaint about the room is the height (or lack thereof) of the mirror in the bathroom over the sink.  It might work for you if you're 5'2'', but forget it if you're taller.  Can't really complain about that, though, as it can't be helped considering the layout of the plumbing and the angle of the wall.  Fortunately, there's a large mirror in the parlor and an outlet nearby you can use for the hair dryer.

There's a nice wine and cheese event every evening for the guests which I found to be quite pleasant.  The wine (the red anyway; didn't try the white) was very drinkable and the cheese was good.  So many places put out crap and think they're doing something nice for you.  This was actually something very nice.

Breakfast during the week is a continental breakfast.  I understand that they do more of a brunch on the weekends.  The weekday breakfast consists of good bagels and lox with the trimmings (cream cheese, capers, onion, lemon), toast, pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee, and tea.  There might have been something else.  I was really glad to see the bagels and lox.  I don't really like cereal and am not a pastry and coffee kind of person.

All-in-all it we had a pleasant stay.  I would definitely stay here again.

BTW - The first night we were here, someone (don't know if it was a guest or one of the staff) turned on the heat, at least to the floor we were on.  I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely roasting.  I solved the problem by closing the vents in the room and opening a window in the parlor (it was delightfully chilly outside).  Problem solved.  The second night, the heat didn't come on so I suspect a guest must have fiddled with the control in the hallway.  I meant to ask one of the staff about it but forgot.

21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Rosie T.

This is a cool little place located in a slightly questionable neighborhood. So, you can read all the descriptive stuff about the bed & breakfast; it's all good and all true.

The rooms are very pleasant and comfortable... however it's very creepy here. I came here with 3 other girlfriends on a weekend trip. Between the 4 of us only 3 were brave enough to stay here. The 4th person's room was the Isadora Duncan room. Its a beautiful room with a fireplace. BUT, just outside of the room are black and pictures of entertainers, landmarks and taxidermy. So, our friend left in the middle of the night and went to a modern hotel.

Factoid: Isadora Duncan died in a horrific accident. Her body scarf that was wrapped around her neck was blowing in the wind and was caught in the spoke of the back wheel of the convertible that she was in.

The Chateau was once a home for girls and ran by nuns. I consider myself "aware" of energy. There is energy there, not necessarily angry or upset but just energy.

Fun little creepy place but we won't be coming back.

23/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Jes L.
This has to be the best bnb I've ever stayed in! After staying at a modest bnb the day before, it was definitely a pleasant surprise to discover how lovely we found this place to be. When we arrived we were immediately greeted by the innkeeper into the lobby. He was really nice and informative. The decor was like going into an episode of antiques roadshow. It was quite nice. We arrived just in time for happy hour which started at 4pm in their common area, filled with the oldest camera and fun sculptures. We stayed in the Enrico Caruso room which doesn't look like much in the website pic. So the moment we stepped into the room we both said, "oh wow!" 4 poster bed, with a private bathroom and more antique furnishings. We stayed out late so unfortunately we didn't have breakfast, but another incentive for us was that it was mostly vegetarian.

We absolutely loved staying here! We only we could have stayed longer.

26/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. John B.
Chateau Tivoli is more than a place to stay...it is an experience. The ambiance, charm and character of the place is matched (actually surpassed) by the folks who manage it and your stay here will be one to remember. The neighborhood has improved dramatically and we felt comfortable walking around at night and going to Alamo Square in the morning (just two blocks south) to read the paper and take in the views which are spectacular. While this is a very romantic place for couples, it also caters to many single guests as well so you won't feel like the lone ranger if you come here by yourself. You will just feel lucky. The bed was firm and comfortable while the towels and linens were industrial quality.  Hey, they still worked fine and the bath water was hot in the morning. What more can you ask for...the place seems just like home. If you are fond of older architecture and decorating, this place is a treasure chest with  art nouveau throughout the down stairs, consistent to the time the home was built. The wall papering and wordwork is a marvel just to observe and appreciate.

If you want a real San Francisco experience this is the place.The location is right in the center of SF and a short walk or bus ride away from just about anyplace you care to go. We hit North Beach, SOMA, Union Square and Golden Gate Park with little effort. The breakfast and wine/cheese reception are top notch and easily worth $50, making your room more economical. It is very, very quiet inside with very little street noise noticed. Parking was better than imagined during the 3pm check-in and we only had to move the car once for the street sweeping. And the coffee is GREAT!

We include a special thanks to Meredith and Nico for making our stay so wonderful and we plan to return soon.

15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Sharon M.
Simply lovely and truly unique. In a word of trendy 'boutique' hotels, this is a refreshing turn. Enjoy the romance and decor!

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Ebisawa H.
Sensei thinks this is very classy B&B. This is perfect for a couple from last 20's to as high as people can travel independently also require stair- master skill.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Alice K.
My parents had a great time at chateau tivoli they came to town to vist me and I didn't have any room. We look on yelp and decided for them to say at the hotel, they told me the people were friendly and the employee were nice that you for my family having a good time.

06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Meredith A.
Accommodating and helpful, appreciated the flexibility of the staff and personalized service.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Lily Y.
I've got to say I found this place by reading other reviews on yelp, and I'm glad that I did. It's about 10 minutes walking distance to Japantown, and 20min bus ride to the Golden Gate Park. The bus stop was also just a block away from the hotel! The location is pretty convenient and quiet at night.
Okay, so about the Inn..hmm it's pretty cozy inside with many antique decorations (I liked it) and some board games, and chess to play! They also have stuffed deer (not the toys you give kids) that may be a little intimidating for some. Originally, I had booked a room for three nights for the Joanne that has a shared bathroom, but upon arrival the house keeper said we had been upgraded to the Isadora Duncan room with separate bathroom (nice!!)  The room was very clean, and the bed was so comfy after sightseeing all day.
The stay includes breakfast, which I would say was pretty normal, cereal, bread, fruit. They also serve wine and cheese from 4-6! I really enjoyed this part of my stay because I was able to try different wines and also meet Nico, the manager.
Overall service was really good, the people there were really nice, and I truly enjoyed my stay there.

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Vidya H.
i recently spent a night with my boyfriend here, celebrating his 4oth birthday. this place is amazing! we had the mark twain suite, and felt like kings up there with all that space to ourselves. the victorian charm of the place is not outdated or frumpy, it is classy and tastefully done. there are gorgeous chandaliers and furniture. it has so much character, and in a way that still feels totally classy. the rooms are resonably priced, the suites being more expensive, but wow it was worth it. our bed had a mirrored ceiling which was awesome, and the lounge area of the suite was so spacious and private. the staff are so friendly and helpful, and every aspect of the stay was great. only thing i would love is some eggs at the weekday breakfast....(i dont eat carbs and continential breakfasts dont suit me so well). otherwise, such a perfect, romantic and fun stay.

27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. J B.
My wife and I had the most wonderful time at the Chateau Tivoli.  

Our experience began when I booked the Joaquin Miller Room via the Chateau's website.  The website made the process very easy and I even received a personal email from the Inn Keeper confirming our reservation.  

Upon arrival, the Inn Keeper, Jonathan, happily welcomed us and immediately read the look on my face by directing me to the quaint, clean bathroom located in the living room.  Afterwards, Jonathan gave us a tour of the Chateau and showed us to our room.  While touring the Chateau, we were constantly impressed with the intricate architecture and attention to detail throughout the entire house.  Not only is the Chateau a beautiful piece of art, it is also gave us a warm comfortable feeling and made us feel right at home.  I must admit, due to the historic architecture of the Chateau, at times I felt as if I was a character in the game Clue

After putting our bags in the room, we ventured downstairs to partake in the wine and cheese reception in the living room.  As always, Jonathan was  on top of his game, quickly replacing the empty bottles of wine and mingling with the guests.  

After a few comfortable minutes enjoying wine, cheese and socializing, Jonathan told us that he wanted to show us a particular room...after leading us up the stairs and into the Aimee Crocker room, he asked us if we liked it.  We promptly responded yes and he quickly replied, " Good, because this is where you'll be staying tonight!"  Are you kidding me????  Just like that, Jonathan stunned us by upgrading our room!  Needless to say, the rest of our time at the Chateau was wonderful.  Breakfast in the morning was wonderfully prepared and delicious (French toast, chicken apple sausage and fruit) and the other guests were a pleasure to talk to.

Without a doubt, I definitely recommend this place and plan on staying here again in the near future.

01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Jamila B.
My boyfriend surprised me by reserving the Crocker room on my birthday (we were spending several days exploring SF). It was GORGEOUS! The room itself has an amazing ornate ceiling with custom-made paper and crazy intricate molding. There is a spacious closet, and a very clean bathroom. The bathroom has a beautiful stained glass door (still opaque, don't worry!) -- simple but pretty and clean. The bed -- it's my dream bed. It's a stunning four poster canopy bed with charming breezy curtains on three of four sides. This room is on the corner of the house, so there is a rounded nook that is in what looks like a castle turret from the outside. Just so gorgeous, cozy, and homey.

The downstairs and outside of the house are the real centerpiece, though -- this has to be the prettiest Painted Lady in San Francisco! The first floor is full of gorgeous antiques and lots of nooks to relax, play chess, listen to the antique radio, etc. Walking distance from lots of great restaurants, mostly located on Haynes. Alamo Square (a gorgeous hilly park) is a few blocks away, great for a walk, walking the dog, a sweet view of the skyline/bay, etc.

The brunch on Saturday AM was delicious spinach quiche, fruit, granola, various breads and bagels, coffee/tea, and mimosas! It was yummy and filling, and it was fun to chat with the other guests. Actually it was a full house and a very mixed crowd of all ages. We explored the building after eating and it seemed like every space, even the kitchen, was full of the same intricate detail and molding that the Crocker room had. So beautiful!

LOVED IT. Would definitely go back!

27/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. D'oh S.
My son and grandson stayed here. Breathtaking beauty, charming hosts.  They have wine and cheese in the magnificent front room in the afternoon.
I highly recommend this place above and beyond any hotel.  The staff is most helpful, and the luxurious accomodations
Make for a wonderful stay.  5 stars!!  

I live in SF, and am thinking of staying there some night just for the authentic victorian ambiance., and the delightful breakfast.

16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Fern H.
A wonderful unique spot.  We have stayed multiple times, fun to try a different room each time. Convenient location, the #5 bus takes you everywhere. Staff are friendly and accommodating.

08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Shradha K.
Chateau Chateau... you make my dream come true..

Seriously, it is true. When i first walked into Chateau two years ago.. i was stunned by its beautiful decor and its grand parlour. The woodwork on the stairs and the pillars, the ancient camera and statues, furnitures.. oh my god... all this existed right here in san francisco.. it was like walking from one world to another world.. and then I had a dream... dream of getting married here at the tivoli.. if only.. if only..

Two years later my dream has come true.. On July 6th, when I tied my knot to Mr. Metro KC, Chateau was my home away from home. All my family from Nepal as well as from the east coast.. all moved in two days earlier.. and chateau became our wedding house..

Throughout this stay, we had great service from all the staff. The manager Monnica as well as all the stafff Nico, Merideth, Johnnathan, Ines were super great. They had to put up with crazy nepalese people, who forgot that we were in a hotel, and ran up and down the house, switched rooms, and left the room really really messy. But the staff always had a friendly face, and were VERY VERY Coopreating. Trust me, my family??? I wouldn't keep them in my house, and Monnica and Nico let me keep in their Chateau. Thanks so much to both of you..

Well the story doesn't end here.. at the full dining reception.. with flowers all over the lobby, the place looked beautifull, the huge gourmet kitchen was perfect for heating up things.. and you know we were short of help.. and guess what, both Nico and Monnica, and also their brother (who doesn't even work at  the tiv) jumped into help.. can you believe it? well I still can't believe it.

So, Chateau Tivoli is a perfect place to get married and to hold your reception, if you have your guest list for 80-90. It wouldn't break your bank either.

For me getting married at Chateau was getting married at home, home away from home. Thanks to all the staff at the tiv from both of us. Thanks for helping our day be so memorable.

29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. rachel l.
What a lovely charming place!  My husband and I spent our 4th anniversary here two weeks ago.  Wine, cheese, and fruit-the radio tuned to KDFC, sitting in the comfy parlor listening to Chopin while kicking back with a book-aahhh, the life!
The weekend buffet brunch was heaven.  The weekday breakfast is quite substantial as well-smoked salmon, toast, muffins, bagels, granola and yogurt-mmmm.
The house is beautifully restored and the staff is so gracious and helpful.  It's nice to have no TV, no phones-an oasis of peace right here in San Francisco.  Like all victorians, I found the room a bit dark, but the bed was very comfortable and the room was well-appointed.
I would definitely stay again.

04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Janine L.
This is the perfect spot for a wedding with your 75 nearest n dearest, especially if about 20+ are from out of town.
We bought out the place for Friday and Saturday, so had plenty of time to visit with our out of town family, and host the wedding and reception on Saturday.
Highly recommended!

17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Keiko W.
I just love this hotel.
when my family visited me,I got a room for them.  
So beautiful about everything ,the building, antique furniture, breakfast...etc.
make me feel like in a fairy tail. and my parents,aunt,and sister were very very happy staying in there. 5 months later now, they still keep talking about Tivoli,how great place & services they have.
we also had a small party in the dinning room for my wedding rehearsal dinner. We had a elegant & wonderful dinner party.
I recommend Chateau Tivoli to people visit San Francisco.It will be a memorable unique stay. so many hotel chains are in SF, but i think they are a little boring .Every where in the world they are almost same...don't  you want to stay in a nice & unique place?

25/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Erin M.
We stayed at Chateau Tivoli earlier this week based on the yelp reviews. While the Inn was beautiful and the rooms were super cute, we left quite disappointed. We would give the house and rooms 4 stars. However, the breakfast was a major disappointment. It was continental style with store bought breads, dry cereal and soft boiled eggs. For that kind of breakfast, we could have stayed at any basic hotel for less. For the price we paid for this B&B, we should have been given a fresh home cooked breakfast. Since this is the only reason we chose a B&B, we will not be going back.

27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Sherri S.
Enjoyed a recent two night stay in the Lillie Langtry suite in the basement of this lovely, fascinating old Painted Lady.  The inn is safe, quiet and immaculate.  Weekday breakfast is a very simple, continental style meal, with a selection of breads and cereals, juice and coffee.  Complimentary wine and cheese pairings in the afternoon consists of medium priced, California wines with a nice selection of cheeses.

This inn is a remarkable find.  You get the flavor of old San Francisco well within reach of the average traveler.  Location is fine since SF's public transit system is so well developed.

Very pleased with my visit.  I will definitely rebook on future visits to SF.

14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Robert A.
In 1989 I bought a first edition of "The Painted Ladies" - a book about the San Francisco Victorians that were being restored. There is an entry in "The Painted Ladies" on the Chateau Tivoli, recently restored and just prior to becoming a B&B. For 20+ years I have carried the book around the world with me to remind me of my native San Francisco and its beautiful Victorians. I have at various times over the past 20 years walked past the CT when walking through the Western Addition. If it is possible to stalk a house, then I am guilty.

This past weekend, my boy friend and I had the opportunity to stay at the Chateau Tivoli. Most obsessions end badly, this one, ended perfectly! We arrived in time for the Wine & Cheese. Sitting in the front parlor amongst all the Victorian furnishings, my boy friend said I looked more comfortable and at ease there than in my own home.

The Inn Keeper, Nico, was helpful and amicable without being saccharin. You can tell he loves the house and enjoys meeting the guests. Upon arrival he gave us a tour of the house and as many of the guest rooms as he could that were open. Beautiful! Just stunningly beautiful.

My BF and I were craving sushi and Nico recommended "Tsunami" on Broderick and Fulton (please see review for Tsunami). He even made reservations for us.

We stayed in the Aimee Crocker room.

Accommodations: it seems that unless you get a suite, your bathroom comes with only a shower. As we were going to be at The Chateau for not even 12 hours, we did not splurge this time. Still, our bedroom was comfortable and despite being surrounded by all the antiques, it was all very cozy. It seems every chair in the Chateau is designed for a person to comfortably curl-up in. My BF found our bed to be on the soft side - I thought it perfect.

The Chateau keeps extra blankets in a wardrobe down the hall and unless one is staying there during a heat wave, I would suggest grabbing an extra blanket. It is a Victorian and thus, does not heat like a modern house. I have lived in Victorian era buildings most my adult life, so extra layers of clothing or blankets are just the norm to me. But I think others might not be used to how cool it can get.

We did not get a chance to partake in the brunch offered at the house. It smelled yummy though.

Will I come back? In a heart beat! I want to stay longer and in one of the suites. I am already plotting ways for a an anniversary gift to send my parents there.

24/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Lorelei H.
I stayed at the Chateau Tivoli for two nights, during my wedding. The staff was incredibly attentive to our needs, and checked in with us throughout the day. My little brother (who typically does not care for these things) was amazed by the architecture and decor, stating he would definitely stay here again just for the experience. The food was fantastic, and the weekend brunch was a great end to my wedding weekend.

30/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Brandi H.
Just stayed here for two nights in the Mark Twain suite. Was very sad to leave and really didn't want to. The staff was great and everything went well, they let us check in early. I do want to say that we had originally reserved the Isadora Duncan room but they called the day before to ask if we would accept an upgrade. Of course! I'm sure the Isadora would have been wonderful but we definitely felt like royalty in the Mark Twain. Everything was just perfect.  Beautiful architecture and furniture. Really a great little gem. We are already looking forward to our next stay here!!

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Kari J.
We wanted our wedding to celebrate San Francisco and also give our out of town guests the feeling of old SF.  We booked the entire Chateau Tivoli for the weekend of our wedding for our close family to stay in, and held a cocktail party rehearsal dinner for about 60 people in the foyer/parlor the night before our wedding. The guests LOVED the cocktail party and it really gave them a taste of the historical side of San Francisco, since our wedding was in a much more modern venue.  

The staff at the Tivoli was super! The manager, Niko, was calm and caring, professional, and on point.  He was flexible with our catering choices, and also throughout the weekend when we were having flowers delivered, or other wedding guests stop by. Also they provide a wine and cheese reception in the afternoons which our guests loved!

As for the guest rooms, I saw all of them as we were touring the place. Some of the more expensive rooms are exquisitely appointed.  The only drawback to some of the rooms is that the beds are old-timey and if you have folks who are tall or need more space, a full or queen might not cut it.  Also, in keeping with the tradition of the place, they don't have TVs in the rooms, which I think is totally appropriate. This was fine for everyone except one aunt and uncle who preferred more modern accommodations.  Their loss!

We stayed in the Mark Twain suite and the natural light in there was amazing for getting my makeup and hair done before the wedding.  The only slightly creepy thing is that some of the photos look like little girls from "The Ring" and it is an old house, so there is a bit of creaking and whatnot.  I just put the photos in a drawer during our stay.  I thought the closet was haunted because it opened by itself but my husband thinks it was a draft.  Either way, it adds to the experience.  

I highly recommend Chateau Tivoli for a fun overnight experience or a special occasion!

13/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Stephanie G.
We came here for the last night of our "honeymoon in our back yard." We had booked the Enrico Caruso room, but were welcomed by the innkeeper with glasses of wine and upgraded to the Mark Twain suite. Oh, what a room.

One of my favorite things about bed and breakfasts is that each room is unique, and this is no exception. We spent much of the time we were here exploring the common areas (don't miss the kitchen!) and feeling like we were getting to stay in a museum - we even invited our piano aficionado friend to come look at their organ and piano pieces. We were a little late checking out because we were able to peek into the rooms that were being cleaned.

It was a wonderful way to end our honeymoon, even if we didn't find Narnia.

02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Nariman S.
I had a family member staying there. An absolutely wonderful experience. Very hospitable staff combined with an authentic Victorian decor.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Veronica S.
This was a real treasure, with lots of charm to it. However, there were some areas that could be improved, especially since it's pretty expensive to stay here. Weekday stays begin at $100 for a shared restroom, or $140 for your own restroom.

Having your own restroom is not too different than the shared restroom to be honest, because you need to use another door to enter. It's not within your bedroom, which is pretty inconvenient in the middle of the night to wake up since you need to open two different doors. Also it's just a pain to always lock the private bathroom, too. If I knew the set up like this, I probably would have gone for the shared restroom (especially because I didn't feel comfortable leaving any of my stuff in there anyway even though it was private because it was a separate room across the hall from the bedroom).

The living room and dining areas are really cute and original, which I love.

For the wine and cheese hour, just be ready for some really gross, cheap wine. It wasn't drinkable for me (at least the red). The cheeses and crackers were pretty good, though.

The breakfast was decent, but nothing too amazing. Especially on weekday stays, they don't provide anything cooked. Just the necessities : toast/breads & bagels, jams & cream cheese, seasonal fruits, yogurt, cereal.  I was really expecting some kind of eggs or scrambled eggs at least, but the kitchen doesn't actually "cook" anything for the weekday stays, which I found to be unfortunate since it's not dramatically cheaper on weekdays.

Would I stay here again ? Maybe. But I'm not sure how much of a value I thought this place truly had to offer overall. It's also not close to many happening areas with the exception of Safeway, Yoshi's Jazz and a few other restaurants about 5 blocks away.

Chateau Tivoli is a gorgeous bed&breakfast, I just think SF might offer better comfort in hotels at better prices, too. I loved the charm this place had to offer, but I'm not sure how "comfortable" it was.

02/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Dana C.
It truly doesn't get much better!  Nestled in the heart of San Francisco lies a beautiful and quaint B&B called, Chateau Tivoli.  What a delight!
The building is beautifully restored without losing any of it's historical charm.  The service is top notch.  Attentive, yet not stuffy.  We felt relaxed and free to roam the inn during our stay.  The kitchen even has a refrigerator that is available to guests to store their personal cravings.  
We loved one particular staff member, Josh.  You know business... keep the customer happy and all is good.  Well, that is true to an extent.  Our interaction with Josh made our stay so much more enjoyable and relaxed.  We were not just another customer.  You could tell that he truly cared how we were doing, he truly wanted to be of help when it came to suggestions of what to do and where to visit in the city and he made us feel truly welcome.  
Outside, the winds had chilled the San Francisco air... but inside, the inn was warm and inviting.  We were invited to enjoy the inn's wine and cheese from 4-6.  There was a variety of red and white wines, various delicious cheeses, crackers, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.  It was a wonderful way to spend a chilly evening cozied up in the inn's warm living room before heading out for dinner.
We had the best experience visiting San Francisco and we have raved about Chateau Tivoli to our friends since our return home!  Josh truly made our experience at the Chateau the best!  Thank you Chateau Tivoli and thank you, Josh!  We loved everything and we hope to be back soon!!!

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Gabe R.
As a caveat - this should be a 4.5 star review, but unfortunately, yelp doesn't have that option.

I did NOT expect this place when my boss made my hotel reservations for a quick overnight business trip - he told me it was close to the civic center and so I expected a quick little motel with a small breakfast in the morning. And boy was I wrong.

The building is beautiful, located right on the corner of steiner and golden gate.
Elegant would be the best word I can think of to describe it.

Parking is a bit of a pain after 6, especially with the insanely inconsistent schedule of street sweeping in the area, but that isn't the hotel's fault!

The staff was wonderfully helpful, especially Meredith. Everyone on yelp has gushed about her, and it is extremely well-deserved praise. She is engaging, friendly, and goes spectacularly above and beyond anything I could have expected. I checked in on a tuesday night, where they have a wine and cheese night for guests, but I told her ahead of time that I would be in around 7, and the wine and cheese event ended at 6. Her solution: Prepare a cheese, cracker, and walnut plate for me to hold until I got there, along with an entire bottle of wine!! Seriously, I was blown away. (I was saying alone, so i traded the unopened bottle of wine for an open bottle with just a glass left in it, but the thought was extremely unexpected). The evening manager (who's name I unfortunately do not remember) then helped my bring the huge platter up to my room! I felt bad even taking it because I couldn't finish even half of the platter they prepared!

The breakfast was also phenomenal - my boss told me to expect a continental breakfast, but instead there was lox and bagels, cream cheese, bread, a big bowl of yogurt, granola, individually-sized fruit plates, coffee, juice, etc, and that is just what was out when I came down at 8am when breakfast started - Meredith was still putting out new things even as I was leaving!

I paid like $132 for the night, so I have no idea how they turned a profit on my stay with such a big building in SF!

The area the hotel is in is a quiet residential area, though there are alot of shops and restaurants on Fillimore, only about half a mile from the hotel.

The hotel doesn't have TVs in the room, but they do have plenty fast wifi, so netflix/hulu/amazon prime work great.

The ONLY criticism I can level is this - I stayed in the Jack London room on the 3rd floor (the room came with a freaking parlour!!), and the bed was as hard as a rock. I sleep on a memory foam mattress at home, so that was very uncomfortable, but thats about it.

30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Lisa V.
Located amidst the historic "painted ladies", the Tivoli is an absolutely gorgeous example of the kind of San Francisco architecture out of towners look forward to seeing.  

We stayed in the Enrico Caruso room which was on the second floor and includes a private bath. The shower was the only "modern" looking upgrade in the room which I actually really appreciated (having stayed in other "Victorian" mansion style B&Bs and dealing with attempts to stay true to original fixtures can be a little awkward at times!).

The hosts were genuine, informative, and helpful-- all the qualities of a good B&B host! There is a champagne brunch on weekends and more of continental style breakfast laid out Mon-Fri mornings.  The location of this inn is, as we quickly realized, pretty optimal and centralized for the average visitor.

I've taken a star away for a couple of smallish reasons:
A) we were not told about the "street parking only" situation ahead of time (nor is it posted anywhere on their website. I suppose we ought to take partial responsibility for our sheer naivete going to San Francisco after all!! But that was a bit frustrating figuring it out on our own and with our midsize rental car (we won't make THAT mistake again!).  And B), the bed & pillows were bizarrely uncomfortable. Although both the hubby and I slept, we were also both exhausted each morning from the tossing and turning!

15/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Working M.
Ambiance, intrigue, location, service, decor; all top notch. Spent two wonderful nights here with my lady some time ago and have been meaning to relay our outstanding experience. San Francisco is my hometown, and short of staying with family, Chateau Tivoli is as good as it gets.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. S S.
Don't know what the big deal is with this place but it is definitely overrated. I picked this to stay close to family and it was the only one close to my cousin's house. I would have preferred a regular hotel but this is all I could find. First of all IT IS LOUD! You hear everything...cars, buses, all traffic, your neighbors snoring, coughing, talking, walking, etc. bc of this be prepared to constantly whisper bc the walls are paper thin so there is zero privacy. Second of all do not come out of the hotel's gate and take a left on golden gate bc it is the ghetto (tenderloin). My cousin warned us about this but we forgot. We made this mistake and were literally walking in the middle of drug deals. Third of all pls remember that there is no tv, no "check in", it was literally give me your credit card and wait here, no elevator, no help with your bags, iron with no ironing board, no way to ask anyone how to get a cab or directions. Also, breakfast is with strangers and there is no where else to sit except with them at a big table. Not really my thing and especially not with a b&b crowd.  We were in the Caruso room and at night if the hallway light is on, your room is like sunshine. For us this place was just meh...but it depends on what you're looking for.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Tiernan E.
I stayed in the Lola Montez Suite at the Chateau Tivoli for 4 nights with a group of friends. Chateau Tivoli gave us every reason to come back and I will certainly be staying here on any future visits. When we arrived, it was just before 4 so we had enough time to get settled and then head upstairs for a lovely spread of cheese and some wine. The champagne breakfast included a delicious quiche as well as yogurt and fresh fruit, among other things. The continental breakfast had typical bread items and yogurt, but also had alternating lox and cream cheese and meat and cheese to adorn with.

Our room was both comfortable and affordable. (For 4 of us, it ended up at about $60 each per night. Well worth it!) We did not have any issues with noise, and having the separate entrance (unique to the Lola Montez) was quite nice.

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Natalie N.
My best friend was getting married and she was looking for the perfect place to stay the night before and day of the wedding. She was kind enough to let me stay with her in the Luisa Tetrazzini Suite the night of the rehearsal dinner. It was HUGE. This room is the perfect place to have a gaggle of girls getting ready before the wedding began. It's also the perfect place to have your photographer come and take photos due to all the details in the ceiling, furniture., floor, etc. This particular room had a large seating area, with lots of natural light and a large shower.

A lot of guests stayed here as well so I got to look at many rooms. The Mark Twain is one of my favorites! It also was really lavish and large. The rooms on the bottom floor (economy suites) are made to look like a cave, and really crazy, but in a great way.

Lastly, the champagne breakfast Saturday morning. It was totally delicious. They brought out these egg quiche dishes for each of us, bacon, fruit, toast, and more. It was the perfect meal! They also have tea out all day and wine and cheese at night.

The place might be haunted (some creepy old pictures adorn the walls) but I loved its charm!

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. April D.
This B 'n' B is stunning. The entry is breathtaking; decorated in complete period fineries. The rooms are cozy and lovely at the least even ranging up to utterly exquisite.  The staff has been thorough beyond belief helping with all our needs from carrying luggage,  preparing delicious brunch, wine and cheese every evening, and even upgrading our room! One staff member, Nico even gave us great ideas day to day as to what is happening in the local area.

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Gourmet G.
Built as a private home in 1892, the massive corner building, located not far from Alamo Square, underwent a number of incarnations - including a home for single women and a Jewish cultural center - before it was restored and opened as a bed-and-breakfast in 1989. The property's Victorian architecture is complemented by ornate furnishings from the estates of Charles De Gaulle, J. Paul Getty, and the Vanderbilts. Rooms - some with shared bath - are named after luminaries like Isadora Duncan and Jack London, and each has its own distinct style. Amenities include a clock radio, direct dial telephone, hair dryer, and iron and ironing board, but no television. There are four two-bedroom suites, one with a kitchenette and dining room. Wireless high-speed Internet access is available on the premises. Rates - which range from $99 - 265.00 - include morning pastries and coffee in the dining room, and wine and cheese in the double parlor in the evening.

06/09/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Mrs. M.
I cannot speak highly enough about Chateau Tivoli. My husband and I are here on our honeymoon and chose the Isador Duncan room becuase it is one of the rooms with its own private bathroom. If you love old Victorian houses and history as much as my husband do, Chateau Tivoli is a must. Aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye but most of they offer wonderful customer service. On my second day here, Meredith was able to set me up for a chic reasonable haircut and even made the appointment for me. When we informed her on our third day that Alcatraz Island was closed due to the government shutdown she took the time to recommend places to visit as well as called a cab for us to get there. Meredith made our stay feel as if we were staying with close family or friends.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. David C.
Other than an annual vacation, my wife and I like to escape the bonds of responsibility three or four times a year and take off to a getaway where we can lay projects aside and just relax.  No phone -- no doorbell -- no agenda -- no TV -- no interruptions.

This weekend, we headed for San Francisco, one of our favorite idyllic hideaways.  This time, we chose the Chateau Tivoli B&B located at the corner of Golden Gate and Steiner as our destination, and what an unusually romantic and magnificent destination it is.

Built in 1892, the Chateau Tivoli was first described as a "Painted Lady" in Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen's book, The Painted Ladies Revisited.  Painted Ladies, by their definition, is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details -- Chateau Tivoli has seventeen different colors and in 1989 was described in Pomada/Larsen's book as the " ... greatest painted lady in the world!"

Daniel B. Jackson originally commissioned the construction of Chateau Tivoli, completed in 1892.  Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson died in 1898 and his widow sold the home to Mrs. Ernestine Kreling, owner of the famous Tivoli Opera House (at the corner of Mason and Eddy Streets) destroyed by fire in the aftermath of the 1906 quake.

The mansion was sold in 1917 to the Emanu-El Sisterhood and used as a home for single girls (I think this means unwed mothers).  The home was a center of Yiddish culture until 1961.

The year 1961 began the building's demise when its' interior was compartmentalized and subsequently became a rooming house comprised of  inexpensive and seedy apartments.

In 1975, psychologist Jack Painter, purchased the property and set up a "Center for Release and Integration" in the residence with an unusual curriculum including "rebirthing" and "pelvic release."  So much for the era of Flower Children.  I think there was a bit much LSD.

In 1985, Rodney Karr and William Gersbach purchased the property and in six years, transformed it to its' original glory and splendor.  Wow!

We spent the night in the Aimee Crocker room.  A giant four-poster bed occupies the middle of the room.  A wonderful turret round with sitting area occupies a corner of the room which is covered in antique wall paper.  The bathroom door is inset with stained glass.

In the evening, hors doeuvres and wine are served.  We were meeting our friends for dinner and the B&B staff invited them in and welcomed them to partake of the wine and appetizers.

In the morning, a full sit-down breakfast is offered.  Check out is not until noon and the staff encouraged us to stay as long as we liked.

17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Ben M.
Tivoli is worth the 5 stars. Tivoli definitely falls in the "Taj Mahal" class of B&Bs!

Here's why:
1. It's a classic Victorian mansion throughout, impeccably decorated. I mean no detail is left to chance. A feast for the senses.

2. The room we had was elegant, clean, and comfortable.

3. The manager, Meredith is very helpful, engaging, and friendly. She helped us with maps and ideas for our later trip north and took a good bit of time on this even though busy with the mornings duties.

4. They. Had. Smoked. Salmon. For. Breakfast. This is a small detail, but I am a smoked salmon fanatic. In addition to muesli, fruit, bagels, and other good foods, they had salmon with cream cheese, capers, and red onions. No detail left to chance. Well done.

5. Good grief this place is beautiful!

6. Good neighborhood. Away from anything scary in the city. Wife and I felt very safe. (this is a hokey point, but I'm pretty much a country guy, bums and sketchy surroundings, not a fan)

Not to be missed. At all. Thanks Meredith!!

16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Linda K.
This place is such a gem!

I wanted to take my in-laws (who are visiting the U.S. for the first time) on a nice family trip to San Francisco and our lodging was one of their favorite parts of the whole trip!

Once you arrive, press the doorbell located on Steiner St. (it was a bit confusing for us to find the front door) and someone will come out to open the gate and welcome you in. We reserved the Lillie Langtry suite in the basement with two rooms, a small common area, and a bathroom. The shower was pretty small but luckily the four of us are pretty small as well. The room was clean, beautiful, and had it's own door out to the street.

Upstairs, they serve breakfast buffet style from 8am-10am on weekdays at the main dining table. We heard breakfast is a bit fancier on the weekends (with mimosas!) but we were happy with the spread on our Monday morning as well. There was an assortment of breads & bagels with butter, jam, peanut butter, and cream cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, granola, fruit, vegetarian quiche, smoked salmon with red onions, lemon and capers, cereal, milk, coffee, and orange juice. We ate to our heart's content, chatted with some other guests at the table, and then went back downstairs to pack up and check out before 12pm.

The people/service was super friendly, the place is just so eclectic and gorgeous, and I would definitely want to come back to try out all the different rooms when I'm back in San Francisco!

***One thing to note, the place does not have their own parking. However, from our three attempts at parking when coming back from an outing, we always found a spot within two blocks of the chateau.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Molly N.
I've stayed here twice now, once on New Year's Eve, once for a night of my honeymoon, and I have to say that both times I have been overwhelmed with how beautiful and classy this place is. The decor is incredible and you should make sure to leave yourself time to explore the place if you stay here. It's historic and there are so many things to see in it. My photographer sister came by to pick me up for dinner and she freaked out when we grabbed the car keys from my room and lamented that she didn't have her SLR on her to document the place!

The breakfast is spectacular on the weekends, but on the weekdays is just okay. Don't get me wrong - it's way better than a mid-range hotel continental breakfast - but it's pretty much a selection of breads, bagels, and fruit. There is smoked salmon if you're into that. On the weekend, though, there is quiche or frittata, and a whole host of other delicious options.

My only disappointment is that the wines they serve for their wine and cheese hour are not good at all. The cheese platter is awesome, but the wines are bottom shelf grocery store wines. Be that as it may, it's nice to have wine and cheese waiting for you when you check in!

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Diandra S.
The only bad thing I have to say about this place is that, unfortunately, I was only able to stay one night! If my vacation wasn't continuing in Napa Valley, I would have definitely extended my stay!!

This bed and breakfast is right on the corner of Steiner and Golden gate. And let me tell you it is a gem. I spent weeks looking for the perfect place to stay for one night in San Fran and my friends and I were worried because all the reviews for every place mentioned bums or hookers or bed bugs or bad neighborhoods. And then I came across this.

I went with my boyfriend and another couple. Out flight arrived after 10pm so we didn't have anyone to greet us at the door but they did leave us specific instructions on how to access the key that was left for us and to enter the building. Once we entered we saw the decor and our minds were blown.

There were antique style decorations everywhere!! It really gave the common areas some character. Quickly we made our way downstairs into the basement where our room was, the Lillie Langtry room. It's located in what would be the basement with 2 bedrooms and a common area with a couch and a small bathroom.

One of the rooms barely had walking room but we only needed to sleep so it didn't bother me much. We also had our own entrance to the street. The next morning we skipped the breakfast because we had plans to meet with friends. But we did get to see the house during the day and some of the other rooms while they were being cleaned. Each room had a specific decor and they were all so beautiful. And once outside the look and colors of the building just complete the whole picture.

It truly is the best place I could have chosen to stay even for the one night. My next trip to San Fran will definitely begin with me booking my room here before even getting my flights. I don't think I would ever stay anywhere else. And next time I'll stay for breakfast. Promise!!

16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Sadie S.
For those who like hotels that offer different experiences is a good option. This is an old hotel, with many details in its architecture and decoration. Is located in central San Francisco and has large, comfortable room.Chateau Tivoli Bed & Breakfast Inn is good.

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Molly R.
Stayed here over Valentines weekend and it was lovely.

The staff is amazing, very helpful and friendly, and they clearly take pride in their work and the house. Just walking in you'll be transported back into time.

I found this b&b on Yelp and seriously couldn't have been more pleased. I will be staying here again, no doubt. :)

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Jolene H.
I was hesitant to stay at a bed and breakfast because I'm terrified of horror stories but I'm glad we spent our week here. I visited San Francisco and stayed here during the America's Cup in September. This quaint b&b was centralized and felt very safe.

The service was excellent. The wine they served was all right, but I did appreciate the cheese & crackers. I also really enjoyed the mimosas. I believe my husband and my in laws had a champagne bottle to ourselves. Shhh.

Nicholas L. was a wonderful host and we felt very welcomed when we arrived. He knew we were checking in and even addressed us by name. Whenever we had a question about where to go and what to do, he suggested some amazing places. He even recommended an Ethiopian restaurant, Sheba Lounge, which we all enjoyed.

Overall, this bed and breakfast was delightful and I would definitely recommend staying here.

01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Guy T.
Great option in SF.

Good location, beautiful decor, friendly staff, nice rooms, good breakfast, wine and cheese in the evening. A winning combo.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Hera K.
Stayed here for my birthday for 2 nights, we stayed in the Lillie rooms downstairs. It was wonderful. The ambience here is just magical, the chateau is beautiful you feel like you're living in that era. Also Meredith was excellent! She is super nice and helpful, you don't see that a lot lately unfortunately. Overall, amazing experience, will definitely visit again in another room.

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Fabiola G.
First time bed and breakfast experience. Stayed in mid Nov.
The Victorian style home is going take your breath away and it only gets better inside. The inn keeper was very sweet accommodated our late admission. Kudos to the interior decorator. Truly, a Victorian time capsule. We stayed in the Duncan room and shared a bath. The house was full of visitors but we didn't hear anyone from our room great for privacy. The bed part exceeded our expectations however the breakfast part not so much. The continental breakfast was yummy but we were expecting a hot meal. However, I would still rate our stay a 5 the ambience won us over.

20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Sara A.
I'm not sure how this place has had 60 something 5 star reviews but I'm going to have to break this chain of perfect reviews for this establishment. The positives: The gate keeper was extremely accommodating and the price tag wasn't too bad even for the best room in the establishment- the Luisa Tetrazzini suite. The room was spacious.

The entire place was kind of creepy tho. There was no place to pull up and drop off our luggage easily. Walking down the stairs in my heals to go out for some drinks on valentine's day night I felt like we were going to get scolded because each step we took down the stairs majorly creaked. I was kind of afraid to set my stuff down anywhere because it felt like such an old place. I like vintage everything but not when it feels like everything is dusty and old.

The lighting was awful for doing any makeup whatsoever and two if the lights in the bathroom were burnt out. I couldn't really do much about it because the gatekeeper had gone home. It was overall an interesting experience and we made the most of it:)

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Natasha D.
Chateau Tivoli is an absolute gem! I'm generally not into chain hotels and wanted to stay somewhere that was more unique. This charming bed and breakfast/Victorian mansion was the perfect option. It was built in 1892 (Mark Twain once stayed here!), and features lots of vintage everything - velvet tufted couches, chandeliers, taxidermy, and then some. If you like more modern spots with TVs and room service, this inn may not be for you (although they DO have wifi). But if you're a history aficionado or a nostalgic soul, keep reading!

My best friend and I stayed here this past weekend and we both loved it. Check-in was super simple (we signed in, gave our credit card, and were promptly given our room keys). After setting down our stuff in the room (be forewarned: there is no bellman), we were just in time for the inn's wine and cheese time (4-6 daily). I can't comment on the wine since I didn't drink any, but the cheese was delicious. It was a great start.

We stayed in the Joaquin Miller room, on the third floor. It was super cozy and comfortable - very quaint. I also loved that it was nice and toasty during the night, since I get cold pretty easily. The only thing I disliked was the bathroom situation. If you stay in either the Joaquin Miller or Jack London room, you must share a bathroom with the neighboring room. The sharing wasn't a problem at all (I never once saw the other guests), but it's a bathtub only, with a vintage detachable shower head (it isn't hands free - it's sort of like washing yourself with a hose). I wish I'd read about this more closely before booking - it seems all of the other rooms have private bathrooms with a legitimate shower. It wasn't awful, just a minor thing. If they installed in a hands-free shower head, it'd be perfect!

Breakfast was delicious both days (they have a champagne breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - I believe they only offer a continental breakfast during the week). Saturday was French toast; Sunday was quiche. You sit and eat at a large dining room table (underneath a massive chandelier) with the other hotel guests, which is fun. The inn is only a few blocks away from Alamo Square, the Painted Ladies, and Japan Town, so the location is nice as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at Chateau Tivoli and would love to return. I highly recommend it!

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0