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Cow Hollow Motor Inn in San Francisco, CA

Cow Hollow Motor Inn in San Francisco, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.92

Address: 2190 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA, 94123

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    Comments (102):

    1. Andi T.
    I haven't actually slept here, but the in-laws stay here every year for their visit so it must be OK.  The suites feature full kitchens, fireplaces and comfy living rooms.  There's plenty of parking (and guest parking passes for us!), and everything seems to be clean and in order.  I'd recommend it to other visiting friends or family members.

    02/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. John S.
    I've stayed here twice, and found, given the hotel market in SF, it to be a very good value for the money. Rooms were comfortable and clean. I'll stay here again the next time I'm in SF.

    One word of caution....if at all possible, don't book a room facing Lombard Street. It gets very noisy in the early morning. I wished that I'd thought to bring earplugs!

    15/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Katie G.
    This place is really well hidden. It's located on Lombard, but the enterance I've used is on Chestnut right next to Noah's Bagels (can't think of the cross street). Anyway, my parents have stayed here and for $200 a night they got a massive suite (and they aren't the types that settle for shitty hotels). It looks like a "motor inn" but its hardly one of those. If you like having a kitchen and a huge space, and don't care about all the high maintenence hotel services, this is a great place to stay. Plus, its in a neighborhood rather than downtown, so much more quaint.

    23/10/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Greg R.
    I've stayed here on several occasions, mostly in the Motor Inn part, which is a pretty standard, clean, nice motel/hotel.  Has all the usuals, friendly staff, the parking garage underneath has plenty of parking except for weekends it can be a little crowded.   They give you a big gold room key, which makes you feel special, but don't lose it!  There's definitely a noticable difference between this family-owned place and any hotel chain at a comparative price.
     The Suites are really cool.  They have a seperate entrance.  Either on the bottom level of the parking garage or the street entrance on Chesnut.  They are spacious and very nice, although pretty standard decor and everything for the price.
       You are on the border of the Marina, so lots of overpriced shopping, too hip for you coffee shops, dive bars, drunken frat boys, sorority girls, and oblivious barbie dolls await you.  Lombard is loud, so don't get a room overlooking that street if you can.
     Aside from those negatives, it's a great place - pretty much the only hotel/motel I've stayed at in SF - have friends and relatives stay here rather than someplace in Fisherman's Wharf.

    07/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Y J.
    Stayed in a 2 bedroom 2 bath suite in July 2010. Great experience! The complimentary wine bottle was a nice touch... suite was excellently equipped - kitchen and furnishings, and we had a good time there. Free parking was an additional bonus, and the location was excellent for our family with 2 young kids (ages 4 and 1.5).

    16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Norman B.
    Very good price and parking.  However it's beginning to show its age.  Had to move room as the bath went "out of service" and new room has a sink plug that does not plug.  Minor but it accords with the decor which is slightly dreary and the lighting which is slightly dull.  BUT at $91/night with a room away from Lombard Street, this is good value with free parking and much better value than the nearby Hotel del Sol which is fun but VERY basic and cold.

    21/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. jean c.
    Thank you Yelpers for your reviews on the Cow Hollow, I trusted what you wrote.  Not a five star hotel; however, the location is great within walking distance to  neighborhoods full of wonderful restaurants, the accommodations were very clean, parking is free (with in and out priviledges and never had a problem finding a space), free wi-fi, friendly staff, close to public transportation and you cannot beat the price.  We stayed two nights and will come back again and again.

    23/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Lee M.
    My family stays here a few times a year when they come into town. I remember coming to the city and staying around Union Square, but damn is that a hassle and annoying. You get some 10x10 room with no space for your luggage. When it comes to food you are either going to pay at least $50 a person or end up eating at Lori's. Yeah, the Cow Hollow is a little out of the way, but that is the point. You get to experience more of the city. Big rooms (the suites are amazing) and better food...

    27/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Emile P.
    Three words: Parking, Clean, Cheap. The decor is typical of an older hotel, however that is what I was expecting. I would definitely come here again, and recommend it to others looking for a place in San Fran to lay their head and get free wi-fi.

    18/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Marty C.
    Just an additional note for those that like the Cow Hollow Motor Inn. If the "Hollow" is fully booked, the company has two 'sister' motor inns right down the street on Lombard that are equally as nice. They are the "Coventry Inn", and the "Chelsea Inn". All three are located only blocks apart. Same great price and value w/ similar amenities...in the same neighborhood. Check 'em out...and have a great time in "The City"...enjoy!!! Oh, and if by chance you're wondering... NO, I do not work for the Inns in any capacity. So there....hehehe    ~(_8^(l)  "doh..."

    05/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Erin M.
    My mama picked this one out. Mostly, she's a sucker for free parking. The check-in staff were nice and were agreeable enough to leave a key for my sorry little butt when I finally got over the hill from downtown. The room is definitely larger than your Union Square offerings and Moms even got a view of the Bay.

    Those are the positives, here's why it's a 3-star. Depending on the position of your room, road noise from Lombard is pretty loud. And, passing trucks would vibrate the 3rd floor room. I would prefer a hotel that doesn't prompt Mom to make comments about the $0.25 vibrating beds in the good ol' days. And, while things were clean, the place is showing its age a bit. When walking down the hallway, you can see a worn path to each room, the shower head was feisty and wouldn't stay in one position. Little things, but they add up.

    NOTE: There is a difference between the Cow Hollow Motor Inn and the Cow Hollow Suites. This review is for the Motor Inn.

    09/08/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Ahava Y.
    Thanks to all of the yelpers who helped us find this place. We got a big, clean king sized room for a very affordable price. Loved that parking was included. We are delighted that we are close to a ton of cute shops and restaurants. We have found our place to be when we are in SF. Strongly recommend. Great value decent quality.

    27/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Mike T.
    We got there on 12/2, checked in our room, one not on noisy Lombard Street, to discover that the bed was not made and that towels were on the bathroom floor. After going down to complain, spent no less than 20 minutes dealing with an unhelpful manager (the clerk was fine) as they tried to pawn two Lombard Street rooms off on us (which I said no to).  After that, I just said that we'll take our old room provided somebody cleaned it up but they said that it was impossible as the cleaning person had gone home for the day (it was 4 p.m.).  I asked if checkout was at noon, why wasn't the room ready by three o'clock.  They had no answer for that.   Finally, 30 minutes later, we were in our own room one with two double beds instead of the king bed (which is more expensive) than the one we reserved.  After that, it was kind of musty, but generally clean and an okay experience.  I MAY give them another chance, but am not so sure at this point.

    03/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Julie L.
    Since we're getting married at St. Mary's in Cow Hollow, we thought we'd try to find a decent place to send our out-of-towners that was decent but wouldn't break the bank for them.

    So we checked out a TON of places in the area. While I haven't stayed there personally, we did check out several of their rooms which not only were super clean, they were also really big. Plus there's free parking (great for many family members who are driving up from LA). While there's no lobby bar for people to convene, there are tons of wine bars and restaurants that people can walk to (my Uncle Jake will particularly enjoy dive bars such as Delaney's and Horse Shoe).

    The best part is it's shockingly reasonable ($90 - 100 range) - which is unheard of in SF. We looked at other motor lodges nearby in the same price range which were dumps.

    02/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Miinno N.
    Location, location, location.  With reasonable price and free parking. For SF, this is definitely a deal.  It is noisy as Lombard is a noisy street.  Not much view, either.  However, right by Chestnut street is great!  All the eatery and it is close to GG bridge and many things that is great about SF.  If anyone is interested in a better room, you may want to check its suites, which is a bit more upscale.  WiFi is slow and the TV we had did not carry ABC!!!

    01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Norm D.
    My wife and I have stayed at the Cow Hollow several times over the past year while she has been receiving various medical treatments in the area. This past week was actual surgery that has now required a longer stay for me than my reservations permitted. The staff and GM have been kind enough to accommodate my needs despite having a full house during their busy season and most likely being able to have gotten a higher rate. So, great staff and very kind people.
    Besides the fact of the above, the hotels is great. Rooms are very comfortable, free (and plenty off it) parking is a major plus, numerous restaurants literally within a few hundred feet are great. The pork chops at Izzy's (an great old style SF restaurant) across the street are great! The neighborhood around the hotel is also great for evening walks, very comfortable, plenty of nice shops and some wonderful San Francisco residential architecture within a few blocks.

    20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. C M.
    This review is only for the quality of service my fiance and I received from the sales department.

    My fiance and I were looking to reserve a block of rooms for guests for our upcoming wedding. You would think that if you can guarantee at least 15-20 rooms will be booked for the weekend, the sales department could offer you some kind of discount on the room rate. That isn't unreasonable, is it? After initially contacting them, we didn't hear back from anyone for 1 week. Finally, we received a call back. The sales rep was rather curt and only offered us $120.00/night. Not much of a deal since the regular room rate is $130/night. But after talking it over, we agreed that the hotel fit our needs well (e.g., close proximity to the ceremony/reception site). When we called back to accept their offer, we were then quoted $130/night. When I questioned whether this was a discount at all, the sales rep told us that rooms are normally $140-150 that time of year. However, when we called the front desk to ask what the regular room rate is for that weekend, we were quoted $130 (also found the same price on-line).

    When we followed up with the sales department to resolve the discrepancy, they were unwilling to budge on their price one dime. I have never known of a hotel NOT to offer some kind of discount when you're reserving a large block of rooms! Is this anyway to do business!?! Admittedly, their rates aren't crazy expensive, but their services seemed shady and unprofessional. Despite their reputation for good customer service, our experience was anything but!

    11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Edward B.
    If you plan to stay on this side of town and aren't looking for too much flash, I would recommend Cow Hollow Motor Inn. It's too convenient to pass up.

    If you are looking to be poolside, spending a couple hours in the Spa for massage and pedicure, this isn't the place. It's pretty old-school and perfect for stumbling back to the room after dinner and a long night of drinking in the Marina.

    07/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Susie M.
    Good location... GROSS hotel.. Suites not too bad.   But, this hotel SMELLS.. I was scared to touch anything.

    26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Crystal P.
    No bells and whistle but a great bargain. The location is great, free parking is a huge perk in this part of town. I do suggest asking for a room on the backside and preferably on the 3rd floor, the street traffic on the weekends can be quite loud.

    12/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Stephanie A.
    I would NOT recommend this motel to anyone! :-(
    It's too bad because it's in a great location of the Marina, right by Fillmore St., next to all the bars.

    I was there last weekend.  To start off...when we walked into the room, it smelled like smoke and god knows what else...it was disgusting!
    They tried to bring in a deodorizer machine to help the situation...it didn't help at ALL!!  Let's just say we stayed out most of the night to avoid the room.  

    However, they did help us out of the final bill and gave us a discount.  But, my overall experience wasn't a pleasant one.  

    I learned my lesson...just stay at the bigger corporate hotels :-)

    31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. John M.
    I'll continue the drumroll: clean, cheap, free parking and wifi, with fun things in the neighborhood. I'm very pleased with my stay here.

    I walked around the corner to Yubu sushi and was very happy indeed. Tomorrow I'll hit the diner acrost the street for steak and eggs.  Yay!

    01/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Jill K.
    Such a pleasant surprise!!! Great value for a hotel in San Francisco and access to such a wonderful area! We did have a room off of Lombard St so no traffic noise. Can't say enough good things about this Inn.

    06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Danielle T.
    I heard about this through Yelp and went to check it out over the weekend
    since I couldn't find anything decent that is near Japantown.

    Once we got there, we were able to get a room right away (before check out!) and made sure it was a inner room instead of facing the street. Like the other reviewers the best thing about this place is the free parking and the wifi. On top of that, the location was perfect and there was a lot of cool restaurants and stores. Hopefully the prices don't go up once the weather changes.

    The biggest complaint is you can't make a reservation online. Hopefully they can get that part of the website fixed so it makes it easier

    20/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Terrance B.
    Clean, friendly, reasonable price, free parking, close to everything. I never stay anywhere else when I am in SF. There are also lots of small excellent restaurants within walking distance, primarily on Chestnut street.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Tess R.
    Clean.  Cheap (relatively).  Free Parking.  Good location.  

    You can't really get much better than that.... it's basic and comfortable and above all clean.  And they still use real metal keys!  

    Room 329 has a teeny view of the Golden Gate if you stand in the right spot on 1 foot, crane your neck and close one eye.  :)

    23/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Neice K.
    Third time this year staying at the Cow Hollow.  This was the best room yet, quieter, larger, end of hallway.  Some suggestions to make it a 5 star place, replace the towels with larger and softer versions PLEASE!!  Find TP rolls that actually roll not tear as you roll it off.  Finally, a customer service hint, when people check in let them know you can call them a cab only when they are in the lobby waiting, since it takes awhile to get a taxi on the weekends, guests need to know how to plan in advance.  Otherwise, this is a great location, good price, and fun neighborhood.

    12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Meredith M.
    The Cow Hollow Motor Inn was much better than I expected.  The room was big, clean, and cheap.  We even had a view of the bridge.  

    If I ever returned to SF I would definitley stay here again.

    19/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Nina M.
    If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive hotel with great location and don't need any amenities (room service, concierge...) then this is the perfect place.

    The pictures on the website are awful compared to what the rooms actually look like. The rooms are big and clean and comfortable and quiet. The only problem was that the water pressure in the shower was terrible. The location is amazing, especially if you don't want to be near union square. The parking is free. It is a bit expensive for what is essentially a motel, but that is unavoidable in San Francisco.

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Matt E.
    tempted to say this place sucks, so that I will have no problem booking a room in the future.

    But this place was a steal. Awesome location and a great rate. There was a slight funky odor in the hallway, but I chalked it up to SF hippies. The room was clean, odor-free and QUIET! Plus FREE PARKING!!!

    This is a place I will definitely stay in next time I'm in SF as long as the paking stays FREE!

    03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Trip C.
    Just an update - still loving the Cow Hollow Motor Inn!  We were in San Francisco this past weekend and as it's been awhile since we stayed at Cow Hollow, we were afraid that things might have changed.

    Not so!  Everything was just the same - clean, large room, courteous staff, well-priced, great location and free parking...can't beat that with a stick!  Cow Hollow Motor Inn is still our favorite place to stay when we're in the area.

    04/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Cheryl O.
    Again, 5 stars for its category. I have no idea what we could even pretend to complain about for this price. We had a nice big room again (suites were booked for Fleet Week but I got mine for next year, sucka). The room was big enough actually that we pushed the beds apart and inflated a double air mattress for the kids between them! ANNNNDDD and, there was still enough room for the kids to push each other back and forth on the luggage dolly (I know, I know...I'm not getting mother of the year) between the beds and the dresser- like 3 feet! AND free internet AND free parking. Are you freaking kidding me $130/night Fri/Sat $98 Sunday. REALLY. and walking distance to Marina Green for the show which is good since the taxis and buses were overrun with loony-toons who had no idea where they were trying to go anyway. Perfect if you want to save your $$ for other activities and have space and parking (oh, I said that already).

    Oh and I have stayed in the suites as well- prefer them when I can get them. Large, clean with a full kitchen and living room- kids don't have to entertain themselves by pushing luggage dolly (see above) around the room when we get a suite-BOOK WELL IN ADVANCE.

    11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Charlie G.
    Conveniently located in the Marina District.  Clean.  Cheap.  Free parking.  Free Wi-Fi.  A bowl of apples [Fujis - not those boring red ones] in the lobby.

    Right across the street from Izzy's steaks.  And around the corner from Noah's Bagels.  Lots of shopping & restaurants a block off Lombard on Chestnut.

    Cow Hollow is where I stay - unless I decide to pay a lot more to stay someplace else.

    09/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Myron S.
    Great price for room.  Plain but clean. TV is dated. Make sure and ask for inside room because of noise. Great location for good rest and shopping.

    07/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Cat A.
    We used to stay here all the time. We go to SF every 3 months. But this time it was aweful. Misty was rude, Sam was not at all helpful. We didnt get the handicap room we requested. The headboard was so sticky, that my hair, my pj's stuck to it while sitting up in bed to watch tv. The ice is so gross, time to clean the machine! I can deal with the 1970's furniture, but the mattress should be replace. You can feel every spring! Worst nights sleep ever. To top it all off, NO hot water in the morning! we were told they didnt know how long, a repair man was on the way. Hours later, it wont be fixed!!  Stephen the manager was able to get us a handicap room at the coventry to shower in. But thats a bit of a hassle, get dressed, pack up, drive to the coventry, and all with my mom up here for her post-op appointments. Will never ever stay at cow hollow again. We are sticking with Coventry or Chelsea.

    14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. Clayton M.
    Great hotel for the price range. At $98 a night on the weekend a block away from the Chestnut Street shopping I was a bit dubious at first, expecting something kind of scruffy, but my concerns were groundless. The staff is polite and professional, free parking and an immaculately clean room. We took a room in the interior of the hotel without a view. This was great for us since it was very quiet. No street noise at all... and if we want a view, San Francisco is not a city for staying in your hotel room. Highly recommended as the location is great for visiting the Marina district and easy access to mass transit.

    19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Michael R.
    Nothing Fancy but Cheap, Clean, free Parking & walking distance to Fisherman's Wharf

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Lance W.
    OK This is the biggest "on the Down Low Place" to stay at in SF.  Great location just behind Chesnutt street.......Nice shops, stores, food ect.

    There is FREE yes FREE parking!! Now we all know how much just parking is at nice Hotels in the CITY.  I've paid $20-40/day in previous trips.

    I stayed here on a couple of occations in the SUITS.   They are like small appartments with full kitchen/dining areas.  The regular rooms are more like a Motel would not highly recommend.  

    Only thing is very hard to get a room over weekend.  MUST plan months ahead.

    14/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Gabrielle D.
    Read the other reviews and I concur...
    This hotel is about location, location, location. It is a basic, clean and has free parking. Good location to getting around and had an array of restaurants within walking distance.
    Stayed this past weekend and it was a great spot to go the Union Street Fair (walking distance). We would come back again.

    06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Madi S.
    This was a great place to stay! The hotel is in great location with a super safe neighborhood that has tons of cute shops, delicious restaurants, and access to a lot of public transportation.  I was pleasantly surprised to find there was free wifi-it works great too! The parking is a little tight but if you find a spot stay there and just use the public transportation to get around. I stayed in a room facing away from lombard street which was very quiet. Overall this Hotel exceeded my expectations and is a cheap but quality place to stay when you are in San Francisco.

    26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Stephanie B.
    I think this place might be the best value in SF.  It is in the hip Marina neighborhood surrounded by great restaurants, shops and cafes.  Our weekend rates were $100/night for a spacious room with a king size bed.  It gets 4 stars instead of 5 because the decor and furniture are outdated (picture staying at someone's grandma's guest room) but who cares for that price?  The bed wasn't all that comfortable either but I still slept well. I recommend that you request an INTERIOR room, like I did, so that you are not on Lombard Street. I am a light sleeper and was surprised at how quiet it was.  All of this plus free underground parking!  I'm staying here again the next time I am in SF.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Jeanine Y.
    A clean, but unexceptional hotel, conveniently located to the Presidio and the Walt Disney Family Museum. The room was of a decent size and the bathroom was well-kept with good water pressure in the shower. Outside the room however, is where it begins to fall apart a little:  The corridors are poorly ventilated, with a musty odor about them. I would not have had so much time to notice this, perhaps, if my room had not been located right next to a broken elevator, causing me to have to walk all around the floor to the other elevator whenever I had to bring bags up/down. Although parking was included, not once, during my two-night stay, did I ever find any open spaces. To their credit, they did revert to stack parking at that point, but it was a little time-consuming to have to drive around both their garages before coming back to park in their driveway. The Internet was also spotty, almost to the point of being unusable, as the network would disappear for 5-10 minutes at a time...but it did have the benefit of being free.

    Ultimately, for the price, I give the room and the staff As, but the rest of the facility a C, bringing the rating to B-, C+ range. It would be hard to increase the parking, but if they could just fix their elevators and boost their Internet signal, this could be a strong property.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. Erin B.
    My boyfriend and I found this place on a whim. It was a Saturday afternoon in San Francisco and literally EVERY HOTEL on Lombard was booked. This place just so happened to have one room open on the top floor, so we snagged it before it was gone. The room we stayed in usually runs for about $300 a night with tax, but they let us reserve it for $165. Though we still thought it was still a bit pricey, once we saw our room, the complaints ceased. The room was beautiful, clean, and orderly. The beds and pillows were very comfortable and the sheets and blankets were very soft. The best part, you CANNOT beat the view for the price. You could see almost all of the city from our balcony window. Also, we didn't realize how lucky we were on getting a balcony, as only 12 rooms in the entire hotel have one.We loved the staff here and the location is one of the premier spots in San Francisco. 45 minute walk to the piers, minutes away from every kind of restaurant you can think of, tons of places to shop, and a nightlife you'd have to see to believe. Some of the amenities included are free wifi and free parking. Overall, a pleasant experience. We will be staying here again in our future visits.

    17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Uy T.
    Right in the Marina district, which is fairly close to everything
    Cheap. Half the price of a nearby Best Western
    Free Parking
    Decently spacious rooms

    Horrible linens. My IKEA stuff at home feels better.
    Hallways smell weird

    I found a free diet ginger ale next to the vending machine. Score!

    30/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Rob D.
    We had a fantastic stay at Cow Hollow Motor Inn. The hotel is older and lacks some services such as a big lobby or free breakfast but the room was spacious and very clean, the staff very friendly, the parking free (a big plus) and the location perfect. The neighborhood is safe and busy, with many restaurants and shops and the bus to the pier, Chinatown and downtown is a block away and was very convenient and a quick ride. We were a bit skeptical but chose Cow Hollow because of the free parking and the price. We would definitely go back again. It's not luxurious but what a pleasant stay!

    27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Pablo S.
    Yup! The beds are terrible. Other than that (which is about the only thing that really matters) the location of the hotel is probably the best area. Oh what's up with no wifi. Every place should have free wifi by now. Even the motels I've stated at have it

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. David C.
    I like this place exactly because it's a small, no frills hotel and it's located in an excellent dining mecca. plus its walking distance (20 minutes) to places like japantown. the folks are friendly and the traffic noise level is low. If you're not a snob, you'll appreciate the Cow Hollow Inn!

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Rick B.
    I really hate to write this review of the Cow Hollow, because we've been staying there since 1988 and it has always been a clean and comfortable place to stay, with great parking and easy access to the entire Marina area.  Over the years, I'm guessing we've stayed there at least 50 times and we've easily referred a dozen or so friends and relatives, who've also stayed at the Cow Hollow on various visits to SF.

    We've always stayed in the regular part of the inn, but ever since they opened the suites we wanted to stay in one of them.  Last week we finally got our chance and booked a suite on the 2nd floor above Chestnut street.

    It was a disaster.

    First, the "suite" looked like it hadn't been updated since 1935 and it basically smelled like it, too.  Though it may have been clean, it just didn't feel like it.  In terms of size, the one bedroom suite was spacious.  But the appointments (if you can call them that) were old, tired and worn out.  The bathroom was the same as those in the regular part of the inn and the bedroom had a flat panel tv that was smaller than my IPad.

    But I could have overlooked all of this, because I love the location of the Cow Hollow and its access to a great and vibrant neighborhood.

    The real problem started at about 4:45 AM on Friday morning.

    My wife and I were awaken at that early hour by the sound of a trash truck, picking-up garbage from the stores below our window on Chestnut Street.  Then came the street cleaner, delivery trucks, more trash trucks, more delivery trucks, buses and every conceivable vehicle one can imagine.  They honked, gunned their engines, stopped, started, operated their lift gates, beeped, buzzed, banged and clanged in an endless parade of sleep-busting sound.  We closed the cheap and flimsy windows in desperation, but to no avail.  The blast of sound was enough to wake the dead and it never stopped.

    I called the front desk to tell them we just couldn't take it and the response was "gee, no one EVER complains about noise in the suites".  

    Maybe everyone who stays in the Cow Hollow Suites is used to being vibrated out of bed at 4:45 AM by an endless cacophony of street noise.  We don't fit into that category, which is why we checked-out and headed for the 31st floor of the Westin near Union Square.    

    And sadly, we're done with the Cow Hollow.  For us it is the end of a long and happy relationship, with many fond memories of visits to San Francisco in general and the Marina in particular.

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    49. Phoenix A.
    Brought to you via the Cow Hollow Inn and their free WiFi!!!

    This is my 3rd or 4rth time staying here and I love it for a place that you just want to toss your luggage into and go run amok in the City.  It's not schmancy, but it's clean and kind of grandma homey.

    There are boutiques and restaurants BAM right there and there's a cool view of Pacific Heights if you are facing Lombard.

    i don't see myself staying in any other hotel when I come to the City.  I'd rather blow my money elsewhere since the Cow Hollow has all that I need.

    Okay, my mom and aunt think there are snakes in the dresser drawers...good gawd!

    03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Justin S.
    We really enjoyed staying at this hotel! We were first greeted by a very friendly staff member named Gio; he was eager to recommend great local eateries and bus routes. Make sure to give him a hard time about those Giants... (Padres RULE!)

    The room decor is a little dated (if you care about that kind of thing) but most importantly it was clean. Even though the exterior of the building is full of scaffolding, we didn't hear any noise from the remodeling. However, we did hear a little noise seeping in from the hallways, but nothing excessive. There is free parking, which was a major plus! And overall, it was a great price... very affordable for San Francisco! The location is very centrally located, which made it very easy to explore the city. We will definitely stay here again if we are ever back in town.

    28/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Lily D.
    I stayed in the hotel section.  It is by no means glamorous, but it suits my needs very well.  I like it so much, in fact, I almost didn't want to write a review about it...

    -Free wifi
    -Free parking
    -Clean (not new, but clean)
    -Near a great neighborhood with a range of good restaurants to choose from at the end of a long work day
    -Never felt uncomfortable walking around the neighborhood - even when it was later in the evening

    -Well, it's on Lombard - which is a highway with lots of traffic

    I've stayed here twice and hope to go back again!

    01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Frieda K.
    Overall I thought it was an alright experience. The staff are very friendly and the room was clean, though dated for sure.
    I had a room off of the busy street which was helpful as it kept the noise level down.
    The prices are pretty reasonable and good for the area, and I'm glad that there was free wifi :)
    Major gripe: the bed was ROCK hard, and I mean ROCK !!! Woke up each morning sore, sore and more sore. I told the front desk about it and they said they would let the manager know that it may be time for some new mattresses :) I hope the management team listens to that, but without raising prices.
    Also hotel stay does come with one parking spot with is very helpful.
    I don't know that I would stay here again thou unless i brought my own egg-crate to soften that mattress. Definitely no bells and whistles, no frills place, but a good price and clean which for the city is very important.

    24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. S P.
    Before I lived in SF, I would stay here quiet frequently, but my last stay was disgusting.

    The room was extremely dirty. There was a weird... uh... white stain on the bed sheets; there was a smear of... petroleum jelly on the headboard. (that's what it looked like anyway, who knows what it was...)


    30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Camille K.
    Wonderful location with great access to bus stops (we used public transportation for the majority of this visit). Being able to park the car in the covered garage and not worry about it was super convenient. Also, there is a nice little shopping area just around the corner and down the street (on Chestnut) that's fun to walk through and browse in. The staff at the hotel were all very nice and helpful.

    The room and bathroom were very clean, and we had a great view of a part of the city out our window. The heater works really well, which was important for us on a rainy weekend.

    The off-season price is pretty good: $82 on weekdays, and $112 on Fri/Sat night.
    You do have to pay for a refrigerator in the room, though: $5 per night. Be sure to plug it in before assuming it's broken - they often leave the plug out to conserve energy, I've heard. We had to plug ours in, which really is not an inconvenience at all.

    I've been to this hotel a few times over the years, and enjoy it every time.
    Definitely would be happy to come back again soon!

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Steve L.
    Stayed at Cow Hollow Inn in September, 2011, in order to be as comfortably close to The Marina district and The Presideo for a work assignment.

    Clean, yes. Expensive, no (less than $140.00 per night). And, as other yelpers currently have noted: free parking, free wifi (but VERY VERY slow), attentive staff - yes. Walking distance to a number of dining spots and retailers, yes - especially on Chestnut Street: APPLE, Walgreens, delis and dining spots! We particularly liked ALL STAR Doughuts (24/7) for coffee and pastries each morning, LUCA Deli and Noah's.

    Again, not a Ritz Carlton but still a fine find. Just try to get a room that DOES NOT overlook Lombard Street due to traffic noise.

    04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Robert C.
    Five of us stayed recently at the Cow Hollow Suites.  The rooms were big, clean, and comfortable with large flat screen tv's in both bedrooms and the living room.  The kitchen was well stocked.  The location is fantastic if a bit loud at night.  The staff were all friendly and helpful.  The only things that were missing... swimming pool and room service :)

    If you are taking your family to SF, you should check availability for this place!

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Ron B.
    Do not bother to answer the reservation survey questions regarding room choice, they really do not care. I am in a room on Lombard and I mean on Lombard. The only way to get closer is to grab a pillow and sleep on the curb. Those air show earplugs are going to come in handy. The part that is unforgivable is when I checked in I asked and the employee told me the room was in the back off of the street, (she did not seem to know where the rooms were located.) After going to the room, I immediately asked to move I was told by the snooty guy at the front, that they could not help me, not even tomorrow. I would have checked out but a convention was occupying most of the rooms in town and I had to be there.

    The optimum question is would you return, "NO, Hell no!

    10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    58. Sarah M.
    Best value for money hotel I've stayed in this side of the Atlantic!
    Great location (the #22 and #24 buses stop quite nearby) and the price was most definitely right! $98 for Friday/Saturday and only $82 on Sunday!

    The room itself was wonderful - king-size bed, ample storage, black out curtains, adjustable heating & air conditioning (very quiet unit!), wonderful water pressure on the shower and the room had a radio alarm that worked great- it woke me up every morning straight away, without being too jarring on the senses.
    The hair dryer was as powerful as my own at home! That never happens in hotels!

    Two vending machines and ice machines were on each floor too.
    The soaps and shampoo smelt wonderful and were locally handmade.

    There were a few down sides to the amenities though - the coffee maker. Oh god. Soooooooo slooooooooow. When I need coffee, I really need it.
    It took 15 minutes to drip brew 4 five ounce cups. The coffee itself was surprisingly alright- a sachet of Wolfgang Puck's medium roast. I could not figure out the origin of the coffee, though I gathered it was a blend.

    Despite claiming all rooms had high speed wi-fi, ours was terribly slow and kept disconnecting every 3 minutes. Not very good for tourists who need to find directions!

    The only other down side were the two elevators. They juddered a lot and it took forever to open and close the doors. I was slightly uncomfortable each time, I must admit..

    The room attendants did a great job each day - very clean and dust free.

    If you are a light sleeper, I'd highly recommend requesting a third floor room, either in the interior of the hotel or, at least not facing Lombard Street.

    My husband and I only dealt with staff to check in and out, but they seemed pleasant enough and they didn't mind that we checked in 2 hours early.

    I'd definitely stay there again though, despite my minor gripes.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Julie M.

    *good location
    *24h reception
    *huge hotel indoor parking lot
    *rooms (smaller room is king bed)
    *clean / non smelly
    *ice/drinks machines on every floor


    *slow reception service
    *only one car allowed by room
    *smell coming from chestnut side restaurant if you leave windows open at night
    *bathrooms don't always have a window and no special vent in them

    23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Gourmet G.
    The ambiance and service at this family-owned and operated non-smoking property are definitely more in keeping with a first-class hotel than a budget motel. Given my studio limits the number of people I can host at any one time, I rented a two-bedroom suite here for a Christmas party for thirty-plus guests a few years ago. Much like an upscale apartment, it boasted hardwood floors, Oriental rugs, exquisite antique furnishings, a marble wood-burning fireplace in the huge living room, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Vacationing families will find these are an ideal alternative to bunking in a single room. A separate building houses nicely decorated, larger-than-average hotel-style rooms. You're within walking distance of everything Chestnut Street has to offer, and there's free covered parking under the building. Standard room rates start at $89, suites begin at $225.

    06/11/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Nicole F.
    If I could give this hotel negative stars, I would. Our actual stay at this hotel was great, until the last 5 minutes when we decided to put our belongings in our car and walk to get a cup of coffee before we . Not even 5 minutes later our car window was busted in, 2 computers and an IPad all gone. Mind you, all of these items were not in plain sight. Which to us shows that someone was may have been waiting in the structure for this exact scenario to play out. I don't blame the hotel for us losing our belongings, however I do blame them for telling us that their security cameras which were pointed directly at our vehicle mysteriously stopped working during the exact time the break in happened. They proceeded to tell us that they don't record any of their footage and then back pedaled saying they lost the footage. The way the staff acted was extremely unprofessional with the exception of the janitor who kindly helped get the glass out of my vehicle. If you would like a false sense of security with the claims of "secure parking" and video recording footage of your car for you to view while checking in at the office, stay here. If you don't feel like dealing with shady people and a potentially expensive theft, don't.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. J. Austin H.
    TL;DR: Avoid due to gross incompetence. Otherwise fairly clean. Overpriced.

    So myself and several co-workers got stuck here for a few days while in town for work related things. With one exception, I'd rate this place zero stars if I could.

    That one exception? Cleanliness. This hotel is pretty clean. I did have a few minor issues, but they could be chalked up to basic human error.

    Unfortunately the good things I can say end there. We had a huge slew of problems with this hotel. The person at our office responsible for arranging the rooms had already worked out some form of payment arrangement (I'm not aware of, nor do I care about, the details), yet when I showed up to check in, they tried to charge me for over $800 bucks for 3 days. This place is maybe a $75/night kind of place quite honestly, though this was during a major conference in San Francisco so I believe all local hotels jacked up the price for that week.

    So here I was, fresh off the plane from halfway across the continent, have to go to bed soon so I can get up for work, I have a set budget available to spend and now I'm being told, "hey we want $800+ bucks before you can have your room THAT'S ALREADY PAID FOR." I called our administrator who said that it was already paid for, and who offered to give them a credit card number over the phone. Then the real trouble started.

    Me: Will you guys take a credit card number if I give it to you?
    Front desk guy: We don't take credit cards over the phone. She can fax it or e-mail it.
    Me: Fax? We put a freaking BUS on Mars two years ago, and you want to use a fracking fax machine?
    FDG: Well she could email it.
    Me: Email a credit card number!? Are you batsh*t crazy? You NEVER email credit card information because it's insecure and a real easy target for theft.

    So, biiiiiig warning to everyone: If these guys are dumb enough to accept credit cards by email, but not by voice...well, you do the math.

    I would up paying for the first night myself, wiping my entire budget for the trip. The next day our administrator crawled up their rear end and fixed the problem of the room being paid for. However, then I had to get the hotel to remove the debit card authorization (I don't use credit cards so they authorized my debit card, which basically "traps" the money so you can't use it). Dealing with the same front desk guy was a nightmare. While he was polite and professional, he was definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He gave me some complete BS story about how the manager at his hotel had to talk to a manager at my bank, blah blah blah. None of that was necessary and I knew it, so after arguing for 10 minutes I finally got him to just remove the authorization on his end and let that be it. Once that was done, I contacted my bank. They wanted to see proof that the authorization was removed, so I had to go BACK down to the office. Then began another exchange...

    Me: Can you guys print off a statement or something that shows the authorization removed on my card?
    Front Desk Guy: Uhhh, no I don't think so.
    Me: Seriously, you can't just print off SOMETHING - ANYTHING - that shows you guys have cancelled the authorization on my debit card?
    FDG: Uhh...let me go talk to *unintelligible*

    I wait a few minutes, and some lady comes out.

    Me: Hi, I just need you guys to print off something, anything at all, that shows that you've cancelled the authorization on my debit card.
    Her: I think I can do that, hold on.

    I wait about 5 minutes. She then goes to the printer, I wait another 5 minutes, she comes back, does something, and then goes back to the printer. I could hear what was going on the whole time, and my conclusion is that she didn't know how to use a printer.

    Eventually it got figured out. All she could do was take a screenshot of some app on her computer and print that off. Had the Windows start button on there and everything.

    Once that got settled, I was able to snap a photo of the authorization release (it didn't have my actual card on it, just internal banking numbers showing the transaction IDs and such) and emailed it to the bank, who released the funds immediately.

    So, their billing screwup ended up costing me several hundred dollars in the short term, and several hours of lost time trying to untie the mess.

    Oh, and the wifi? Didn't work at all. Totally broken, management's best suggestion was "call tech support". I build things like yelp for a living - I don't need tech support, I need working internet, which the management was too stupid to provide.

    Overall, if you have NO other choice, you can stay here and get away with it, but definitely look around before going he

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    63. Rickie J.
    I loved the Marina/Cow Hollow neighbourhood last time I was in San Francisco so chose the same area this time. And I chose well!
    We had a huge room (I think 339) that looked out to the Golden Gate bridge from the bed.
    Talking of which, the bed was customary huge by UK standards (Usual hotel by US standards) and there's plenty of space to store. A good size desk, lots of drawers - a rarity in hotel rooms - plus some hanging space. The bathroom was plentiful with thankfully a bath and shower - you need both for a week long stay!
    There's an ice machine and drinks machine on this floor and the lift takes you straight to the car park on the ground floor, same as the reception,
    The service was great each time I needed anything, especially a bath plug at 7.15 in the morning!
    It's located opposite a diner (good for malt milkshakes) but there are many, many eateries around the Chestnut Street area. Plus supermarkets, banks, shops and a couple of cinemas. Like I say, perfect location (on the bus route straight downtown, via Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach) and just great value.
    Did I say you can see the bridge from the room?

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Jamie M.
    Hotel is literally in the best placement for restaurants! Simply take a bus to fishermen's wharf, in fact we took it all over town! Parking is free, the hotel is perfect, and the staff were great! I LOVED this hotel and will definitely stay again!!

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Joe H.
    We stayed here for 4 nights.  During that time the TV signal was on and off I complained to the front desk - all they said was we will refer the problem to the manager.  We changed rooms on the last day - same problem. Wow.  It felt like they did not care about the problem.

    27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    66. Amanda W.
    was a little sketch but we were having trouble finding a decent place to stay. the price wasn't too bad and yelp comments made me feel a little better. the parking is free and the rooms are extremely clean. front desk was amazingly helpful. and you couldn't beat the price for the awesome location. overall very happy .

    14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Sammy A.
    Good service, super clean room, super comfortable bed, OK priced for the area.  Parking was not good, but this is San Francisco, what is.  Tons of stuff within walking distance. I'll be back for sure.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Tim H.
    Found myself in the marina needing a last-minute hotel, and picked this spot based on reviews.  Worked really well - room was simple and clean. It faced Lombard St, but sound insulation was good and the traffic noise didn't keep me awake.  The people at the front desk were friendly and helpful. Great location.  Best of all - parking included and pretty darn cheap!

    Only downside - it took me a while to navigate the elevators and find my room.  I guess there are a couple different parts of the hotel.  Put up some signs!  Otherwise, very happy with my experience.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Lesley B.
    LOVE THIS HOTEL but here's why it's not 4 or more stars. The bed.....the bed was awful. Other yelpers mentioned how dated the decor is, and it is but who cares....other than SLEEPING, how much time is really spent in a hotel while visiting such a great city like San Francisco? We had a great room, top floor, view of the city, even a little balcony. I've never seen a hotel so clean, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the security.  You need a room key to enter the elevator/stairs lobby. Staff is extremely courteous.

    Whether you're on a long drive, long flight or just dippin in for a weekend, a comfortable sleep is important when outside your own comfy cloud at home. This place should make the investment in new mattresses for the rooms...sleeping on springs is NOT desirable anywhere.
    We'll stay there again...i'll give 'em more stars when there's new beds. Thanks!

    17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. Kathleen C.
    We recently got married in San Francisco and booked rooms and Suites at the Cow Hollow. They were wonderful, terrific location and terrific rates. Super accommodating with adjacent suites for a catered reception. Our guests were delighted and will return. The manager Steven was great and helpful.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. D J.
    This was my first time staying here, and I have to say, I will most likely be back.

    -Very friendly and accommodating staff- they provided me with restaurant recommendations, a map of the area, and a local magazine, and offered to help book a cab or recommend a breakfast spot
    -There is a parking garage with complimentary parking for you or for a guest
    -Free Wifi with good signal strength
    -Amazing location, right in the Marina on Lombard street, walking distance to plenty of places to eat, drink, etc
    -Lovely views of the city
    -Reasonable prices
    -Large rooms

    -Outdated tv & furniture
    -hallways smell a little funky

    19/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Stephen M.
    We had a great stay at the CHMI this week.

    As the name implies, this property is a motor inn.  Think Red Roof inn (the remodeled Red Roof Inn).  Don't think Holiday Inn.  Check-in was quick and easy.  They actually let us check in an hour early.

    Our room was on the third floor, Lombard side.  If you're staying on the street side, I would highly recommend bringing earplugs.  Even with the windows closed, it sounds like the windows are open. PRO TIP:  I would recommend bringing earplugs when you travel anywhere, just in case.

    Accomdations were simple.  Some dated decor, but it didn't bother me.  The wifi was strong for our entire stay.  While staying on the Lombard side means more noise, it also means great city views.

    The location is great.  As mentioned earlier, you're a block south of Chestnut Street which has a bunch of great shops and food options.  You're about a mile west of Ghiradelli Square, and about three miles east of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    I'll stay here again!

    02/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Gilbert S.
    Recently renovated motel is a great choice on lombard street. Clean, convenient, and close to the major tourist attractions in San Francisco. Free parking is priceless while looking for a place to stay in this city, so this is a major plus! Great area for walks to many restaurants near by.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Christopher O.
    This place is super cool! Clean rooms, good looking rooms, downstairs parking, and cheap prices!

    I took a spontaneous trip to San Francisco, so no reservations were made to any hotels. After calling about 10 hotels, I called this one. Luckily they had 1 room available so I rushed over and booked it. The price is more than fair, room with a tv, decent view, and queen sized bed came out to about $70! This place is a level or 2 above motel 6, and yet was about the same price as a motel 6!

    This hotel is super close to lots of good restaurants and bars, so this is a plus. We walked about 20 feet and were already surrounded by about 5 good looking places to eat. Location is definitely a plus!

    Staff is pretty friendly and efficient, they checked me in quick and were friendly about asking them questions of nearby areas to go see. Will definitely go back if I'm ever in the area again!

    19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Kim F.
    My husband has stayed here dozens of times and I have stayed too. The rooms are comfortable, quiet and in a great location to some great neighborhood restaurants.

    The front office is always really pleasant and has recently gone above and beyond. A couple of weeks I accidentally cancelled the wrong reservation. They not only found my husband and son a room at 9:30 at night in a packed hotel but they also forgave my mistake since we are long time customers.

    Great value, nice rooms and helpful staff!

    16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Karen G.
    Chose the Cow Hollow Motor Inn and Suites as my home away from home whilst in San Francisco, travelling alone for 2 days before I joined with a group.

    Firstly, in terms of location this is a fabulous choice for travellers who do not have a car. It's a 15 - 30 minute (simple!) walk to Fisherman's Wharf, and you can take the #28 (if memory serves me correctly), bus from outside the doorstep of the hotel directly to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a few minutes drive away. The neighbourhood is also extremely clean and safe; I had no issue walking alone at night when returning from my adventuring.

    In terms of the rooms, mine was a spacious king room that faced the Interior of the hotel. No view of the Golden Gate, but quiet as it faces away from Lombard Street. The staff had no problem accomodating this request (which I made when reserving a room). Very clean and quiet. The mattress could have been more comfortable (it's no Hilton or Westin mattress), but if you've done San Fran right, you'll be too exhausted by the end of the day to notice.

    The best thing? All this for the price: $80 - $100 a night can't be beat in SF. I will certaintly be a guest here again the next time I'm in town.

    **Tip: You can't hail a cab from Lombard Street (it's illegal for them to stop). Ask the concierge to call you a cab and give yourself plenty of time. It will take about 20 - 30 minutes to arrive as Cow Hollow is a bit out of the ways from downtown where most cabs are hovering.

    **Tip P.S. Hungry? Try Mel's Diner across the road. Fantastic food in a cute diner setting that will adequately fuel your travels.

    21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Johanna M.
    What I liked about this place was that the front desk was super helpful! They provided us with breakfast options, suggested some great places. Everything was very clean and way better than the other place we stayed at. It was a little pricey, but we were ready for a nice and clean place after a very bad experience at Knight/Aloha Inn. We paid about $90-$120 per night in the first weekend of February.

    Cons: No Amenties, smaller rooms

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Beth L.
    One of the nicest places we have stayed in San Francisco. Our room was large and well appointed. Nice big TV and our city view room was pleasant and sunny. The street noise practically disappeared with the window shut. Best of all was the kindness of the staff. My husband was ill and put up the Do Not Disturb sign for about half a day. He got a call from the front desk expressing concern, a concern related to him by housekeeping. The concierge offered to get help or medication and encouraged us to call him for any help we needed. I have never had a hotel so thoughtful.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Patrick R.
    It was 94 degrees in SF when we stayed here but was happy to find they had AC! Clean, great rates, free parking, perfect spot to launch into the Marina for sight seeing, bike rental and restaurants. The hallways were a little musty but room with internet was more than I expected. Will stay here again and recommend to others.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Cory V.
    No complaints here. Great location, great price and great hotel. Room was clean, service was nice and friendly and probably best of all the parking is free. My girlfriend and I enjoyed being able to walk to the local bars and restaurants nearby and really made use of it's great location. I'd definitely stay here again and recommend it to anybody who wants to be immersed in the San Fran feel.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Roanna Z.
    Just a warning:
    Cow Hollow Motor Inn needs so much work at this time, it's best to choose their sister hotel just up the street. Chelsea Motor Inn. I was always comfortable there. Had very pleasant experiences, which is why we wanted to return, but to no avail.

    Our room at the Cow Hollow was in front. I entered, took my shoes off and immediately walked through a large wet area on the rug in front of the dresser. Wet socks are not pleasant. I threw some towels down and wondered ... what was that? Dog pee?  

    Lead pane windows lose their charm when they don't shut tight, thus exposing the occupants to the endless traffic sounds that only slow between 3 & 4 am, when it picks up again with a vibrating clunk and chunk of the big wheeler trucks that use that route. They need to replace those windows with double pane. It's an almost constant bombardment that can be heard even with the use of ear plugs.  
    Then there's the plumbing, which likes to hold hostage what you wish to flush away.
    Thirdly, the beds were hard and the sheets rough. Also, who charges for a fridge? The room price is not cheap, as the quality would indicate.  

    When I spoke with the front desk woman about these issues she was brisk, borderline rude with us and offered no apology.

    This was a really unfortunate choice, as we only had a couple of days in SF this trip.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    82. Georgina A.
    Bad customer service rude personal not helpful
    Our Family stayed in two rooms that are super dated. And any request we had to front desk was denied.   They need to review their personal Marina.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    83. Sharon R.
    The room was adequate.  I reserved the room on my debit card. For some reason the inn asked the bank to hold the amount for the room three times. This did not clear off of my bank account five days later.  Speaking with the management of the inn did not help. I kept hearing over and over the reasons why the bank holds the money. The big question is why did they authorize three payments for one night?!!!?

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    84. Nicole W.
    Great place for the price. Clean and comfortable, with secure free parking. Great location. A bit of street noise filters in.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Yoona L.
    Great location, Friendly staffs, FREE PARKING in SF?!!! I'll be back again next SF trip;)

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Jacquie N.
    Same as most other reviews. A little bit dated in a cool San Fran way. Loved opening up the windows. Was picked for the free parking. Happy with the level of cleanness. Had good to great customer service. Was super happy with the restaurant selection just out the door. Had a blast just exploring the streets in all directions.

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Adrian R.
    Stayed Sat. Night. First off they have parking and they let us come early before check in so we could park and go shopping. Once we did check in , our room was in the back side. No traffic noise at all, one of the quietest rooms I've ever stayed at. The room was so clean and comfy, best of all soft fluffy feathers pillows!  Bathroom was roomy and very clean too. Would recommend and defiantly stay there again. The price was even better then some of the older hotels in the neighborhood. (Where I have stayed before).

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Nikki M.
    Best place to stay in the city. Wonderful neighborhood. Large, clean rooms, free parking and so many places are within walking distance. We have been coming here for years and have stayed in both the rooms and the amazing suites. It is just the best. And the updated rooms look great!

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Michael S.
    Ok, I don't leave a lot of Yelp reviews, but I told the front desk clerk "Stephan" that I would.... Wow, what a deal. Super inexpensive, convenient location, crazy friendly staff and very clean. What else can you ask for? My girlfriend and I landed in the morning and called the hotel to ask if we could check in early (10am). They said no problem. We were pleasantly surprised at the size of the room and bathroom. This hotel obviously cares about cleanliness, because it was spotless. If you need a great place to stay, I highly recommend the cow hollow motor inn.

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. Shelby B.
    We used to stay in SOMA, but the move out to the Marina is a great one for my family.  You cannot beat this location nor price.  The rooms were very clean, not modern, not fancy, but clean and comfortable.  If you're looking for a hip boutique hotel with a spa and extras, keep looking.  But, if you need a place to lay your head near restaurants, shops, and easy transportation then this is it.  But don't tell too many people. ;-)

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Chris S.
    So... Before I even realized this happened, I was going to leave a 5 star review. Unfortunately, right after I had left, I was so relaxed from staying at this wonderful hotel that I left my $500 dollar leather jacket in the closet! I was driving back down to LA and before I had even realized I left it. The front Desk woman (Sabrina) called alerting me I had left it there and that it was already in a box to be shipped! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just got it today in the mail, and now to leave the review.

    I did massive amounts of research before surprising my girlfriend on a quick little get away to SF. I had seen some pictures and this place looked dated, but, I looked more into it and saw that they had just recently renovated the entire property. I looked at the rooms, and honestly, they could compete with any hotel in SF. So I made the reservations from 2/24-2/26.

    Upon arrival I was greeted by friendly front desk staff, and was so happy to see that what I read about free parking was true! No where in SF has free parking apparently, so this was definitely a bonus. I was a LITTLE dis-satisfied with my room as I had no view, but I didn't spend much time in there for it to matter. It was a quiet, very large, and what seemed to be very clean room. (We all know hotels aren't the cleanest, but this place I didn't feel "gross"). The décor was beautiful, classy colors, and atop the dresser sat a large Samsung flatscreen TV with a great selection of channels. The room also had free Wi-Fi!

    The location of this establishment is ideal. 2 miles from the famous Lombard curvy hill, 2 miles from Golden Gate bridge, 3 miles from Golden Gate Park, and 2 miles from Fisherman's wharf. It's a tourists dream, and I would say this is a hidden gem in San Francisco. I HIGHLY recommend to anybody thinking of travelling and who reads this review.The prices are reasonable and affordable, parking is free in an underground garage that is EASILY accessible, and you are close to the main attractions of SF. Really, what else can you ask for?

    There really isn't much more to say other than I really felt at home in this place, and my girlfriend did too which is most important. It exceeded both of our expectations, and them being honest about my expensive leather jacket without me even noticing was the cherry on top. Thanks again Cow Hollow Inn, I do plan on returning in the future.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Noel T.
    Needed to find a hotel that was cheap and clean for one night as my son had a doctors appointment at UCSF.  My room was $121 for 2 double beds. They just finished remodeling the entire place in  June.

    Place is very clean
    Staff was really nice and professional.
    Great local places to eat only blocks away.
    Street noise wasn't loud at night.

    Only negative was the walls are a bit thin. Heard our neighbors whole conversation but didn't last to long. We had an adjoining room. Not sure every room is the case.

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Helen P.
    When visiting SF with my family, we would stay at this motor inn as a child. It seem to look the same expect for the updated room decor. I remember the street noise and so I came ready with my foam earplugs. So it's a toss up- earplugs or free parking. The location is great and we liked being able to walk to our favorite coffee house. They have lots of parking underground with safety elevator access doors. The clerk at the front desk was very attentive and overall it was a nice experience to stay at this place again. The room seemed well maintained and big for a city that is known to have smaller hotel rooms. We stayed on the second floor in front of the tall tress and this seemed to have absorbed some of the noise level. The hallways and room had a nice clean scent and linen was excellent.

    12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Ruthe L.
    We stayed at Cow Hollow Motor Inn while in town during the Christmas holiday. Our main reason for staying was the free parking, which is a premium in the city, but were very happy with the hotel overall. Rooms are large (another premium), with space to move around easily. Bathroom was nice and big as well. Hotel staff were pleasant to work with and allowed us to check in early, which was extremely helpful. We didn't hear anyone in the other rooms around us, or in the hall, which was nice. Our room faced Lombard, though, so if you are not a fan of whooshing traffic sounds you could ask them for a room that faces a different direction.

    The neighborhood was nice, with bus stops being around the corner on Chestnut and many wonderful restaurants in walking distance. We were also able to walk down to the piers, Ghirardelli, Fisherman's Wharf without issue, and even walked up Lombard to the crooked sectiond (warning, if you are in poor health this is strenuous and not recommended). Overall, we had a great stay.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Vikki V.
    We love it here. You can't beat the location.  Room is very clean and comfortable. Due to Spring Break, the only room left was one facing Lombard. Honestly, the noise was not bad and the view of the hills is amazing. Yes, you can hear the traffic, so if you're looking for quiet, get a room away from the street. Being on the 3rd floor helps.  At the recommendation of the front desk, we strolled to Presidio and up the steps on Lyon to Broadway and back at sunset after a great dinner at Pacific Catch (would definitely recommend it!), met a few locals and saw amazing views. A great first night in SF.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Mesquite L.
    We like the Cow Hollow for several reasons; 1) lots of quaint restaurants and bars in the immediate area, 2) free parking, 3) you can catch the 30 bus on Chestnut and take it to Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, Union Square and the ballpark, 4)you can catch the 28 bus on Lombard and take it into the Presidio, to the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, etc..  

    I read other reviews and yes, the front desk has bad days.  We all do.....

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Pierina D.
    This is the best hidden jewel in san francisco.  I always stay in the one bedroom suite.  Clean, comfortable full kitchen...I could live here full time.  The beds are so comfortable and you are walking distance to some of the best restaurants on Chestnut.
    Doesn't get any better than this!  The people who work here are simply the nicest and help with any questions.  Plus FREE parking....Awesome awesome!!!!!

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Sarah S.
    Funny name but great gem in SF.  Great prices and great location.  Customer service is excellent.  I will definitely stay here again.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Dale S.
    The staff here is friendly and helpful. The price is good and free parking something not found in San Francisco. Rooms are large comfortable beds and it is clean. Lombard street is a little noisy but all the nice little eating places all around make up for that. We were here for business but next time we go to San Francisco to have fun we will be staying here.
    We had Sabrina as our hostess and she was very helpful and gave great Customer Service

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Stephanie V.
    I can't think of one reason why I wouldn't give Cow Hollow Motor Inn a solid five star review.

    I stayed 2/14-2/16/2015, which means a lot of hotels were going to be busy because of Valentine's Day and President's Day. I found this hotel through Trip Advisor and noticed a lot of mixed reviews. Before actually booking the hotel I researched a lot through other websites. Eventually, I came to a conclusion that ever since the hotel's renovation their ratings have gone up. Plus, the location is amazing! It's off of Chestnut and Lombard, which has TONS of amazing restaurants! Not only that, but from our hotel we were able to take MUNI buses to ALL our destinations without a single hassle. For both nights with a king bed it was around $225. We also asked for a refrigerator towards the end of the first night, which is $5 per night, so in the end it was around $235. It might seem a bit expensive at first, but we really didn't want to stay at a hostel-like hotel, we wanted our own restroom and a room with enough room.

    Let's start with my actual stay.

    Our travel bus arrived in San Francisco around 7am and I knew check in time was until 4pm. The day before I called the front desk asking if we were able to drop off our luggage and they said yes. So once we were dropped off at the Cal Train station, we took a MUNI bus and were dropped off a block away from our hotel. We arrived around 7:35am, once we got to the front desk the employee said we were able to check in early since there was a room ready! Check in at 7:35am? Yes! Our room was on the third floor facing Lombard street, the view was absolutely beautiful.

    Bed was really comfortable
    AC was able to cool or warm up room within seconds
    TV had plenty of channel options
    Many drawers for storage
    Ironing board and about 8-10 hangers
    Plenty of towels
    They provided shampoo, conditioner, make up remover, soap, and shower cap.

    We left pretty much all day and once we returned we had some drinks and food that needed refrigeration. Front desk was able to send a refrigerator within 10mins without a hassle. I think the only issue we really had was the shower. The shower did have warm and cold water, but it took a while to get it at the perfect temperature.

    I noticed a lot of reviews complained about the rooms being noisy, especially the ones facing Lombard st. We did not have this issue at all. I'm not a heavy sleeper and the noise was not an issue at all. If you think you're an extremely light sleeper, bring ear plugs just in case. Day 2 was just as great.

    Overall our stay was wonderful. Good pricing, comfortable rooms, plenty of room for what you pay for, great service, and the location was absolutely perfect. Call ahead and see of you're able to check in beforehand!

    24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Christopher B.
    I really enjoyed staying here while in town for a job interview. The location is great. Literally just outside the door and one block north boast every kind of shop, restaurant,  bar, movie theater, and bar you could want. Its a great neighborhood for happy hour. The room was really clean, although the decor was old fashion but not worn out. Had no issues with the linens or towels smelling like your typical hotel. My room was on the south side of the building (room 309) just above Lombard St so if you are a lite sleeper you may want to ask for a room Steiner St. or the north side of the hotel. Wifi was pretty good  and included for free. This is a great hotel if you are looking for free parking. If the main level is full they also have underground parking you can access from Steiner St. Very friendly staff. Hotel may be too far for many to walk to the Wharf (maybe 1.5 - 2 miles) or GGB (about 2.5 miles to the GGB lookout park). Area felt really safe at night.

    One warning about the rooms for those with children, and drunk adults. The windows are NOT child proof or drunk adult proof, at least on the south side of the building facing the street. If you lean on the window and its not held shut with the handles, you may be picking yourself or your child up from the sidewalk below. They provide an amazing view of the city, but just be cautious leaving them open with smaller children.

    If you want a hotel for a decent price (mine was $129 for a weekday room with king bed) and a safe neighborhood, then Cow Hollow Motor Inn is a great option. It's my go to hotel on the north side from now on.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Lesley C.
    I absolutely cannot believe what you get here for the cost. We are on our third night here, and I sincerely doubt we will ever stay anywhere else in SF. The total cost for three nights, with tax, was just over $300. For that incredibly low price, this hotel also offers FREE PARKING and WIFI. (Head exploding) And good WiFi, at that. They have a few different networks guests share that you can choose from. See how much other hotels in SF ask for if you need daily parking. It's ridiculous. And they also charge more for rooms in general.

    Not only that, the hotel is clean, in a safe area, and central enough to transportation if you don't have a car to get around the city. I was also really blown away by the food options (and high quality of those options) in the area. I really loved that you can feel like you're not a tourist in this neighborhood.

    We were on the "first" floor (really the second since the parking lot is the first), on the Fillmore side but toward the front of the hotel, still facing Lombard out our windows, and had some noise from Lombard, but not so much we couldn't sleep. Next time we are here, I plan to ask for a Lombard-facing room, upper level, to have a view of the hill.

    There are only two things I would have changed, one of which I just realized we could have: a refrigerator. I didn't know you could ask for one for a small extra charge. We just used our cooler, but it would have been easier with a fridge. Next time!

    The other is an issue I have at most hotels: crappy, smooshy pillows. So uncomfortable! But I'll take it for all the things that made me happy about this "motor inn" (totally on par with most hotels).

    19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0