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Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, CA

Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, CA


With an unparalleled array of personalized service and graceful amenities, Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square is a private residence club that offers all the comforts of home with the elegance of Fairmont that today's discerning travelers have come to expect.

Overlooking the breathtaking waters of San Francisco Bay, Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square is a bold illustration of contemporary urban design in a landmark setting. Relish the best life has to offer, in a luxurious one-, two- or three-bredroom vacation rental home in the cornerstone of an intimate piazza dotted with high-end retail, fine-dining restaurants, artisan food markets and urban vineyard experiences.


Established in 2008.

Italian chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli's shop opened in the Square in 1893, quickly expanding along the block to include some of the city's most spectacular architecture. Now the address of Fairmont Heritage Place, the buildings` outside splendor is matched inside by Fairmont's legendary accommodations and hospitality.

Each luxury residence is blessed with lush city or bay views, airy open-concept living spaces and a welcoming fireplace Modern furnishings in all homes are enhanced with touches of the original building, such as exposed, original red-brick walls and hardwood floors.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.49

Address: 900 North Point, San Francisco, CA, 94109
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Comments (39):

1. Ken S.
Fantastic experience.  Beautiful room, unbelievable amenities, attentive staff.  Its expensive, no doubt, but for a special occasion, so long as the location (Ghiardelli Sq) works, THIS IS THE BEST PLACE IN SF TO STAY.

09/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Ann E.
We are one of those who are fortunate enough to own a share of a two bedroom condo. We love it...They have thought of everything  - it is state of the art in every way.  The views are  fantastic.....terrific restaurants all around....and if you want to stay in and have a lazy day, it is a wonderful place to do that.  A great place to bring business associates - they are impressed and think you are brilliant.  And your friends will love it too.  Best thing we have ever done - so far.

13/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Matt K.
Stayed in a 3-bedroom residence on 3 in a building named after a condiment. Received a very pleasant tour from Peter on check in. Noel (the house car driver) and other staff were welcoming, helpful, and courteous. The house car is currently a silver Escalade but I understand it used to be a Maserati when the property opened a couple years ago. The warm fire on the terrace overlooking Ghirardelli Square and the water was a welcomed alternative to a night out after an evening of walking around Alcatraz. Highest recommendation.

31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Wesley C.
Amazing accommodations!  It was a great experience all around.  The staff was extremely hospitable, especially the tall handsome bearded concierge with a warm and welcoming smile.  Very comfortable beds, had a wonderful stay.

03/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. German A.
I was there for a friends 40th Birthday party, out on a wonderful terrace over looking Sf bay. I was admiring the views and the suites; I didnt stay in one.
Here's the bad part-  I gave the valet my ticket, 15 min. went by and a bell hop comes and asks me what kind of car it was? After another 15 min. I tell  a different bell hop " You need to find my car!" He responds" I'm not suprised" and runs off. 45 minutes now and they obviously cant find my car. No explanation, nothing. Now Im fed up. It's been an hour since I first gave them the ticket and I tell them " You have 3 min. to find my car" when what pulls up out front ? My ride.

As I'm leaving an employee brings a bottle of white wine and some chocolates and an apology. Ok but how about my ten bucks I payed upon arrival? The bottle of wine had a post it note on it which read, Hold for Ms. Smith.  NIce touch guys. give away someone else's stuff to cover up you errors!!

01/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Jennifer C.
This was my first time staying here,it was wonderful.I joined to presidents club,they upgraded my room to a 3 bedroom unit,SWEET.Everybody was very helpful and extremely friendly.They had a great complimentary breakfast and the lady who served it was a very sweet person.I was so impressed with EVERYTHING.I will definitly be back.

21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Jennifer L.
In the lovely light of a fresh new day, I'll just back my review up with the facts for those that feel it necessary to dispute its validity.

15/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Matt L.
Man, this place is fantastic.  I was thinking about giving it a really crappy review so that no one would ever go and I could have it all to myself, but I decided against it.  This place is perfectly located, cleaner than anything I've ever lived in, surprisingly reasonable on cost, and for lack of a better word, I love it.  Flat screens, full kitchens, well decorated, free wi-fi, great bathrooms, comfortable living rooms, all so nice, new and clean.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Ken N.
LOL I'm just cracking up at Jennifer's review. Everything is absolutely top notch and true about this place.

I was lucky enough to grab a 2 bedroom luxury condo here for a night. Places like this are exactly why I cannot stay at cheap hotels anymore. I've been spoiled. They have everything you could possibly need to just move in. Flat screen TV's in every room. Full home theater. Full kitchen. Attached bathtub and shower. Full walk-in closets. Washer/dryer. Patio. Full EVERYTHING!

C'mon, they have a butler that will drive you to Safeway in a Maserati Quattroporte. Safeway guys! Freakin' Safeway in a freakin' Maserati!

Yes, you can buy partial ownership in these condos and if you can afford it, I'd like to be your friend as well.

03/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Kristina L.
Amazing!!! Staff is lovely, Peter, Jeremy and Spencer are really nice. :)

They have a wine and cheese tasting that's fun in the lounge area where you can spy on the shoppers at Ghiradelli Square while playing pool and sipping wine.

The 2 bedroom/2 bath was lovely. I'm DEFINITELY coming here for more occasions! I came for my bday. Had a dinner party and drinks after it was great.. the staff brought up my guests for me so I didn't have to keep going down which i really appreciated!! and they all were so attentive.

We rode in the Maserati too! :)

Super modern, nicely furnished, direct tv on huge flat screens, fully stocked kitchen necessities, it was just lovely!!!

It doesn't matter if you live in the city like I do.. or are coming to SF for vacation.. this is a must!!

and you can just walk down to have ice cream and cupcakes!!! (at Kara's and Ghiradelli Chocolate place)

29/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Guy V.
It was a good hotel but I was unhappy with the a/c system in my unit.. Also it was sold to me as a 3 bedroom unit but one of the bedrooms was also the second floor loft that then made it so we could never go out on the balcony.  

Service was very good.  Location is good but it's a bit loud at night due to the popularity of the downstairs venue's..

24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. SummerRoberts J.
Loved it! Stayed here over Christmas and it was great. Perfect for families with little kids. We had a 2 bedroom residence and it was huge, super clean, and very modern. Great location, had never been to san fran before and i found it super easy to get anywhere.
The fairmont heritage place was Just like having your own really nice apartment in San Francisco.

04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Salena M.
Loved Loved this place!  Would love to buy this place if I can.  We had the 2 bedroom residence that gave you a view of the bay where we slept upstairs and my in-laws and kids slept downstairs.  Just a perfect setup for big family stays.

The place is beautifully furnished and spacious - modern with all the amenities you need including free Wi-Fi so we can get on the internet from our laptops.  They also have a small laundry and dryer set with Tide detergent.

Place is so convenient to nearby attractions - Exploratorium, Cable Cars, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf.  They have "free" car shuttle service that takes you almost anywhere in San Francisco, extremely helpful if you want to go to a restaurant and parking is difficult on the streets.  I sort of wish they had an indoor swimming pool...just wishful thinking since my kids were itching to go to a pool during the summer.

I look forward to the breakfast downstairs - the fresh fruits - those blueberries were fat and sweet - my 6 year old daughter got spoiled on those big blueberries every day plus their scrumptious pastries.  They also offer bagels, cereal and hard boiled eggs.  The tea selection is fabulous.  I like coffee but their own specialty teas are divine to drink, particularly the Fairmount Organic Vanilla Orchid tea.

The beds were super comfy and we slept very well even on the first night. Kids appreciate the daily Ghiradhelli chocolates every day on their pillows.


01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Leah R.
Best place to stay in San Francisco!  We had the pleasure of staying in a 2 bedroom residence overlooking the square, and it exceeded our expectations.

Location - Excellent.  Walking distance to the wharf and piers.  Near a park and grocery stores. Near enough to walk to Union Square, but not recommended because of the hills..  (Yes, we're crazy and walked there pushing a baby stroller.)   Take the trolley instead which has pickup/drop-off points near both.  Only about a block away from Gary Danko.  Also great views from any of the terraces.  We especially loved taking some drinks up to mustard terrace and enjoying the view of Alcatraz while sitting next to the fire pit.

Residence - Modern and well kept.  Loved the decor.  I liked the tall windows and exposed brink everywhere that gave this place some real character.  The fireplace gave it a cozy feel.  And I was really impressed by the large kitchen and dining room that left a lot of room to cook up a good meal...  Lots of room in the entire place for me, my hubby and our baby. They had a crib, high chair, and baby bath products already set out for us when we arrived.  I liked the fact that they had a washer/dryer there in the residence in case we needed it too.  This place is bigger and better than a lot of 2br apartments in NYC.  I'd love it if this was my home.  Def gave me some inspiration on my next place.

Service - Friendly and professional.  They got us everything, from air freshener and extra chocolates to reservations on the tour to Alcatraz and an suv to the airport with a car seat in it.  The house suv was also a plus.  They even offered to follow us to the car rental place so that we didn't have to walk back to the hotel.  Some nights they had 2 suvs roaming the city to take people out.  

Other pros: Inclusive daily continental breakfast wasn't the typical continental you get at other hotels either.  There is a nice array of well stocked hard boiled eggs, hot toast/bagels, pastries, fresh fruit and juices.  You really don't need much more.  And the hot coffee and teas that are constantly stocked throughout the day in the pool room were  good touches.  The wine and cheese hour was also nicely laid out.  We'll be back here on our next trip to SF...

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Lina L.
Great accommodations. Have stayed here a few times in the residence apartments, which are always immaculately clean, well-equipped, and I've been lucky enough to get GREAT views! Huge 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom, full kitchen/living, washer/dryer, right in Ghirardelli Square. Perfect place to have guests that don't know the city well.

Staff is attentive and delightful, there's complimentary Escalade house car service 2 miles anywhere, free valet of 2 cars, unlimited complimentary Ghirardelli chocolate squares, delicious complimentary breakfast, cocktail hour with local wine, cheese, and fruit every afternoon from 4-5pm.

28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Alex N.
Now this is my kind of hotel.  Unfortunately, it's not really a hotel, but residence available for timeshare purchase.  Since not all rooms had been bought, they operate them like a hotel.  The entrance is not grand, but perfectly spacious and welcoming.  A bellman is always there and the concierge is just to left as you enter.  Our unit's decor was elegant and contemporary, with just the right touches.  A near full kitchen and wash dryer add convenience.  The best part was the balcony, which overlooked the Square.  

The rest of the property was equally perfect.  The Mustard Deck affords you views of Alcatraz and the Bay.  At night, you could sit by the fire pits and sip on wine while taking in the sights and sounds of the Square and the Bay.

While this place might not have the elegance of a Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons, but I found that the amenities and service here were absolutely perfect.  The house car service is first-come-first-serve, but they will drop-off and pick-up anywhere in a 2 mile radius.  This was helpful especially when we had dinner reservations for which we were running a little late.

We'll definitely be back.  We might even purchase one.

10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Daniel C.
Stayed here recently and it was amazing. It was very spacious to host for a party and the living area was extremely clean and well decorated. Only thing that didn't go well during the stay was the power went out in the neighborhood, not Fairmont's fault, and only certain area's had power in the unit. Aside from that, it's a beautiful hotel and I would definitely stay here again.

05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Vanessa B.
Love staying here while in the city.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Jocelyn L.

Was invited to a Blue Angels Viewing Party here a month ago. The hotel is rustic and beautiful and the patio was...amazing. Great views of the Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and the catered food was yummy.

31/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Andrew K.
We stayed here through Exclusive Resorts. Our two-bedroom apartment was beautiful - right under the big illuminated iconic sign - with a direct view of THE ROCK/Alcatraz. We were treated very nicely. The decor was beautiful - in a somewhat superficial way. Some of the appointments in the room could have been nicer. I wish the Continental breakfast wasn't so Continental.
I stayed in the Tahoe Exclusive Resort location at the Ritz resort and it was far far nicer. I know SF is more expensive, but still - couldn't compare.

21/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Colleen M.
This is how I want to live.
Amazing rooms, amazing location, amazing place for a party/get together, and well... I want my future condo to look just like the room I stayed in.

And I'll live happily ever after. The end.

25/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Lindsey H.
Beautiful hotel in a beautiful location. The water-facing view rooms have amazing views of the Golden Gate, the Marina, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and Marin County. You can use the hotel car service to get to and from dinner. Hotel staff are the most friendly helpful I've ever experienced, including ordering late night pizzas. The two bedroom rooms in the Cocoa building are beautifully decorated in various shades of browns and metallics, and are incredibly spacious for the convenient urban central location.

11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Faye V.
They are selling the units - so we were quite lucky to score a room before they were all sold. It was our girls weekend, and we couldn't ask for more.

It's the nature of the city for traffic to make things difficult. Be prepared to jump out and get your luggage together. Once we were inside, it was like walking into a set of a Design Star Makeover Challenge and the designer won.  The style is simple, contemporary and elegant. Although you can see some wear and tear on the floor rugs, it's still commendable at how clean they keep everything.

The staff that greeted us was incredible - simply courteous. Our room wasn't quite ready, but they were apologetic and we didn't mind too much. The room was a fantastic 2-bedroom in Mustard Terrace. The biggest perk? Our patio spanned the whole second floor with the gazebo, overlooking Ghirardelli Square, right over the mermaid fountains. In addition, Alcatraz was a our view and the piers were a walk away.

The unit had high ceilings, fully furnished kitchen, surround sound, and exposed brick. We felt like small-time celebrities. They have free breakfast for the guests, an extensive DVD library and a nice lounge. There are fireplaces and great seating areas everywhere. We lost hot water for some hours in the morning. It through a wrench in our plans, but the unit was so comfortable, we didn't mind staying in.

Bottom line - if you have the budget to treat yourself to an urban getaway, this is one of the best places to go. You'll feel right at home.

01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Jessica C.
Located in a really nice area where you can see out into the water and if you walk a little further down to the water you can see the Golden Gate Bridge .

The place itself is pretty with a lot of small shops in the square as well as the chocolate store when you can buy food .
Everything's always a little too sweet for me I always have to share .

Not much else to it though I always thought it would be more "amazing"

But it's a cute place  to go and one of those touristy places in sf

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Jacqueline A.
My car is ghetto, I admit it. However, the valet giving me attitude because of my car is a bit much. You do not own the street and all the parking on it, sorry. If a space is metered it belongs to the citizenry in general.

On my last stay the valet essentially told some asshole in a Mercedes it was OK to steal my spot and nearly run my friend over because of the cost differentials of our respective cars.

I was there first and I was aggressive enough to still get the spot, and unlike the Mercedes asshole I didn't care if my car get keyed when I left it there, haha. The perks of having a beater.

What the valet apparently didn't realize is that we was also staying at your hotel.

I will never stay at this Fairmont again. Such primitive classicism isn't really acceptable. Do you morons know how many techhead billionaires drive Civics from 1995? :P

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Ryan S.
Wow! Wow! Wow! I got the opportunity to stay at this wonderful hotel after bidding on it at a United Way auction. My wife is due to have our first child in 6 weeks so this was our "baby moon". They did not disappoint! The service was top notch, the rooms breath taking! I know what item I am bidding on every year!!!  By the way we stayed in room 402, we highly recommend it, as the views are stunning!

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Heather D.
This is a beautiful property, as you would expect with a Fairmont, with comfortable, well appointed rooms. As great as the facility is, the staff is even better. The front desk, bell men, butlers, housekeeping were all first rate.

I'm not a fan of touristy locations. And I have always stayed far away from this area, I'll admit I was a little worried the location would be crowded & noisy, but not so. The big crowds are closer to Fisherman's Wharf & the street in front of the hotel was actually not busy at all. The shops in the square are closed by 8 & there were no issues with noise, even in our room overlooking the fire pit in the square. The location is convenient to the cable cars & public transit. The residences are in fantastic shape, very clean & convenient. I'm not one to cook on vacation, but if you are so inclined, the kitchen is certainly adequate. A light continental breakfast is offered each morning & the afternoon wine & cheese was a nice touch.

A huge plus for us was the house car that will take you within 2 miles of the hotel. This was particularly nice during peak times in public transit. We called after dinner & were picked up within 15-20 minutes & driven back to the front door. I would definitely stay here again anytime again!

13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Mark N Marie H.
One of the better hotels to stay in San Francisco. Right down the street from Gary Danko. Will follow up with more information.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Michael G.
The properties location can't make up for a lack luster ambiance and service. Not much more to report except that the brand suffers from a "weaker link" in their collection of otherwise pleasantly refreshing and relaxing horses in their stable.

Our friends will be visiting again soon and we will update this review in a few months.

29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Petie R.
If you are looking for the perfect location, this is it. The Fairmonts high standard does not let down a weary traveler.  Amenities abound, and the bay view is spectacular. You will feel it's worth every cent and more.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Cipora H.
This hotel is well appointed. The rooms are modern and more than comfortable. My family has stayed here a couple of times. However the front desk service has completely deteriorated and not at all what I expect from a Fairmont hotel. I will not quickly forget the surly, pedantic attitude with which I was greeted.

28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. Emily W.
This place was perfect.  Breakfast was exactly what you need to get the day started. Loved wine and cheese hour!

12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Danny S.
Stumbled across this place while searching a suite for 2 families to stay in.  Not easy to do in the middle of S.F.  We were going to give up and stay at the Embassey Suites near the airport, until this gem turned up.  The place consists of approx 50 suites that are mostly owned by fractional owners (1/10 of a year ownership).  They do have some units that they make available for hotel rooms.  These are all suites (1-3 bedrooms) with full kitchens.  We were fortunate enough to get placed in the Clock Tower Suite (2 bedroom and 3 bath).  We had a wonderful time.  Just know that you will definitely pay the price for the level of service and amenities this place offers.  Here is my detailed review.
Locations:  As other people have mentioned, this is a perfect location for those wanting to experience S.F.  Initially we thought it was close to the Square, when we pulled up, we realized that it WAS the Square.  We pulled up to the curb and valeted our 2 vans (front door is easy to miss.  Not a big sign but right at the corner.  The stairs right outside our room led us directly into the Square.  We were a short walk to eateries including the famous Ghiradelli cafe.  We were a 5 min walk from the cable car starting point.  And about a 15 min walk to Pier 39.  We felt that we were in the center of the action.
Checkin:  We were greeted right away and I went straight up and was checked in within 2-3 mins.  The room was ready earlier than our 4pm checkin.  The front desk lady immediately led us straight to the room.  
Room:  This room was fantastic.  Apparently its a favorite of Clint Eastwood and is on sale currently.  Its over 1600 sqft and has an upstairs den with the most amazing view of fisherman's wharf and the bay.  The upstairs patio led to the rooftop.  We could look down at the square and just people watch.  The bathrooms were all perfectly appointed with nice bathroom amenities.  There was music playing from the nice entertainment system.  The kitchen had all of the pots, pans, cups, utensils, and appliances that you could dream of.  Everything you need for an extended stay.  There was also a platter full of Ghirardelli chocolate.  I just wished the room had a bay view from the kitchen.  
Service:  I thought that for the most part, it was phenomenal.  There were times when things were either forgotten (crib that was requested took 6 hrs to get there, in room dining menu took about 3-4 request to finally arrive, etc.) or delayed.  However, as a whole, I thought everyone was really really helpful.  For my stay, I had the concierge on speed dial.  We used them to order a bottle of wine.  We used them for dinner recommendations.  And most of all, we used them to help coordinate the house car.  This was one of the best amenities that this hotel has.  I believe that there are 2 Escalade (6 pass max) that are there for use.  We called for a pick up from Pier 39 and they arrived in 15 mins.  We also requested a pick up from Union square and that took about 20-30mins.  But remember, you pay for what you get.  Ordering the bottle of wine cost $5 for delivery and then a fee of about $13 for "butler service".  So instead of ordering food (and paying $25 delivery), we just ordered for pick up and I ran downstairs to get it myself.  Valet parking is also $57 a night.  Just beware.  
Other Amenities:  We really appreciate the complimentary internet and breakfast.  The lounge is small but we were able to find tables without problems.  Plus if you wanted to take the food back to the room, they will give you a platter to carry it.  There was a decent selection of pastries and bread.  There was fresh squeezed orange juice and hot croissants and breakfast burritos.  We were there for only 1 night so the meal was sufficient, however, not sure if they change it up daily. Otherwise it could get boring.  I don't believe there is a pool or work out facility.  There was a really nice patio (w/fire and chairs) to just relax and enjoy S.F.
Complaints (not alot but here goes...)
-  In our room, there was not a lot of info about the hotel.  No in room dining guide, no explanation of the amenities.  Maybe because this room was not one of their typical "hotel" rooms...thus I was lost most of the time
-  No lobby bar.  You have to go across to the Pub or McCormick's

The hotel was wonderful and "kid" friendly.  No one gave us any awkward stares or problems. I believe if we could afford it, I would love to come back and spend more time here.   You definitely get what you pay for.

05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Anne V.
If I can take this hotel anywhere I travel, I would! This is my dream hotel! We booked a 2 bed/2.5 bath suite and were amazed at how attentive and friendly everyone at this place was. The entire suite was beautiful and modern. It came with all updated appliances (dishwasher, stove, microwave, fridge, and wine cooler) and an ipad for your use. We also had a fireplace and lots of movies to choose from. Plus, they will deliver you popcorn if you should stay in and watch a movie! How's that for service?

We also loved the terrace where you can unwind and get a great view of Fisherman's Wharf and the beautiful San Francisco sunset. One of my guests who came to visit us also was amazed by the place. He has worked at other hotels before and was amazed by the suite and staff - all very professional and made you feel at home. I cannot wait to return!

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. michelle b.
This place is incredible! We went to San Francisco for a lowkey bachelorette party and we wanted to stay at a hotel where we would feel pampered. Definitely chose the right place!! Every staff member was completely courteous and accommodating. Never once did we encounter anyone that didn't have a smile on their face.

The residences are fantastic! Clean spacious rooms, full kitchen, living room, washer/dryer. Everything you need!

They have a complimentary car service available which we certainly utilized throughout our stay.

You also get a complimentary continental breakfast daily. There are some reviews on here complaining about the breakfast not being up to par. The breakfast was great! There was coffee, teas, juices, cereal, breakfast burritos or sandwiches, pastries, oatmeal and fruits. Not much else needed.

The location is perfect and the views amazing. I can't recommend this place enough! We had such an amazing weekend and can't wait to come back! Thank you to the manager, Clay, for the tour and taking care of us. Also thank you to staff members Gio, Dean, Dustin, Matthew and Diogo for driving us around, bringing us more blankets, being totally adorable and putting up with us 7 girls!!

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Francesco M.
Awesome place! I went there with my family (my wife and my little kid) and it was just perfect. Really nice apartment and the view and location are just the best!
I definitely recommend this place!

08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Pete F.
Heritage Place is in the backside of Ghirardelli Square and consists of all suites, up to 3 bedrooms.  The property is managed by the famous Fairmont Hotel chain and is used for their fractional ownership program.  However, units are also available for booking by the public.

As you might expect from a Fairmont property, the amenities and services are high end, as are the prices.  Besides living in luxury, you're in prime location, just upstairs from the Ghirardelli chocolate store (the private patio overlooks the Ghirardelli promenade), a block from Fisherman's Wharf, 20 minutes stroll from the Ferry Building and their fabulous farmers market and a short jog or ride to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The property provides a nice continental breakfast, with a few hot items along with fresh fruit, breads and cereals.  The quality is comparable to those offered by middle-tier hotel chains (so not high-end).  They also offer a happy hour which consists of only cheese and cracker and some wine selection.  For some reason, they don't even offer nonalcoholic drinks or even offer bottle water that you'll find in any concierge lounge.

As for other amenities, the hotel offers a complimentary private car to anywhere within a 2 mile radius.  That might not sound like very far but it does cover most of the city given how small it is.  They also have complimentary bikes (with helmets) for that must ride across the bridge and an extensive DVD selection that the wife took advantage of.  Another nice benefit is the washer and dryer in each unit.  Very handy with 2 boys.

The service is what you might expect.  Very professional yet personable. No snootiness detected.  

We really enjoyed our stay at the Fairmont Heritage Place.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Karen K.
We have stayed at this beautiful hotel once but even though it's super pricey and upscale I highly recommend it.  Why?

1) it's pretty inside
2) centrally located at Ghirardelli Square
3) views are amazing
4) go outside for a nice walk or run
5) buffet breakfast is great
6) your car is valet parked
7) customer service is excellent

Now are these enough reasons?  I booked a one bedroom suite but because they weren't too booked they upgraded us to a two bedroom suite!!! Sweet!

This place is so elegantly designed that you think you need to go home and renovate your home.  Our room was like a 2 bedroom apartment. The kitchen could have seated 6 people easily. This contemporary suite has a fireplace, ipod, and 2 separate bathrooms. One bathroom with shower only while the master has a deep soaking tub & a gorgeous shower. We both slept so well.

The sad part was we had to check out the next day & leave this memorable place. We walked around the wharf and didn't realize how we had been in this area before. I know the next time we stay we will make it two-nighter for maybe a special occasion. We love to go to Fort Mason for their off the grid events as Fort Mason is walkable distance away.

Hmm we may just do this soon again!

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Susie O.
Great service makes all the difference.

Our recent stay was a fantastic one. The concierge staff on duty this time around offered the type of friendly and professional service that was missing from our previous experience.

The rooms are gorgeous, with a full kitchen, beautiful glass shower and plush beds. As other posters have mentioned, valet is included, as well as a service car which takes you to any location within a 2 mile radius.  

A great business, to me, is defined by how well they treat their customers. The Fairmont Heritage has proven that they sincerely care about their guests' experiences.

Thanks to the GM, we are huge fans of this beautiful hotel and look forward to coming back again when we're in the area.

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0