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Handlery Union Square Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Handlery Union Square Hotel in San Francisco, CA


Providing excellent guest experiences with clean, comfortable rooms and warm guest service.


Established in 1948.

Harry Handlery purchased the Hotel Stewart, now Handlery Union Square Hotel in 1948. Now, 80 years after his first hotel purchase in 1928, he would be happy to know that a fourth generation Handlery is working full time, carrying on the tradition of warm personal service and attention to detail


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Rating: 3.46

Address: 351 Geary St, San Francisco, CA, 94102
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Comments (209):

1. Scott N.
This was our   4th stay at this hotel.  We enjoy the "new" side of the hotel or as some people refer to it as the LOUD side.  It has a lot of street noise, but we go to the city for the city life, so this is not an issue to us.  Ask for a room with a balcony and you can hang out and watch the people below.  The hotel is in a great location for public transportation and the shopping the city is known for.  The hotel staff have always been courteous to us.  Best of all is the on site restaurant that also does their room service.  The prices are slightly lower than other hotels, but what is amazing is the portion sizes. They're HUGE and the food is delicious.  Each time we stay at the hotel, we never leave the room.  We read, watch the view and order great food from room service.  This hotel is a great place for those that appreciate nicer places, but are on a budget yet don't want to stay in a dump.  You can't go wrong here.

15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Rachel R.
We decided to stay in the city for a fun weekend with the hubby and baby and our cousins and they're 2 kids. It was not so fun when we discovered the room. My cousin had booked the rooms and didn't realize the size of the beds until we walked into the room. Our fault. That was ok. To even get into the room, we had  to walk through the garage and into the employee area and use the service area. We saw a cockroach in the hallway and it was dead... We kind of laughed it off. But our complaints were about the room. First, the sheets smelled kind of funny. Then when we went to get some ice, my cousin discovered trash inside of it! He was disgusted and said "If they didn't bother cleaning or checking this, what else did they miss?" So we complained about that. It was stifling hot inside the room, so we had turned up the air conditioner, but realized it didn't work, even after we left ii on the whole day. We tried to open the window, but there was no screen and we had to close it, because there was a child that was running around in the room. After hitting up Union Square for some shopping, we came back and decided to call it a night. My cousin pulled back the bedsheets and comforter to put his 3 month old down and found an open safety pin! He was pissed so his wife and and I went downstairs to complain, only to be told that the manager wasn't around and to come back the next morning and submit the complaint. She did, and after she wrote down all of our complaints, they gave us a discount and we didn't have to pay for parking in their garage. 3 stars for the nice employees that helped us out and the staff that was very understanding.

09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. J J.
WHERE do these people that wrote these great reviews usually stay??? EKKK!!!  I feel for you if you thought it was nice!  OR maybe they got the rooms that looked like the ones they advertise???  Do they really have rooms that look like the ones in the pics? The ONLY reason it has 1 star is bc I have to click on something...

My Comment Card to them:

My stay at your hotel was horrible.  I called a few days before to arrange for a late check in at 2:00am.  When I arrived the lady handed my keys and I was off.  The hallway scared me but my biggest shock was when I opened the door!!!!  This was NOT the room I saw on the internet!!!!   I NEVER would choose something that was so dingy, dark, smelly and outdated!!  When I entered my room the temp was very hot.  I called down to ask abt the room and to change rooms to what was advertised. She quickly said no and there was nothing she could do.  After she said you were fully booked I figured I needed some help b/c the thermostat read 68 and wouldn't move in either direction.  It was probably around 88 degrees in the...very hot!  Security arrived...he messed with it and then told me just to open the window.  Seriously?  I don't think so!  I sweated and barely slept 5 hours and when I opened my eyes they focused on a crusty white stain on the fabric headboard.  I'm sure we can all guess what that may have been.   Totally grossed out I went to the bath room only to be greeted by a floor full of dirt, debris and pubic hairs.  Then I noticed a 2 foot stain of blue gel-like substance dried on the tiled back wall.  Does anyone clean your hotel?  The sink and countertop was also dirty, with rings of somesort.  It seems this room was not cleaned at all!!  I immediately made reservations at another hotel since the staff claims they are fully booked.  At the front desk I told the lady I needed another room and before I could even finish my sentence she said NO, they had nothing!  Most employees will look before they rudely cut you off with a no!  I told her the room was beyond filthy and needed to check out if they couldn't move me.  I asked for a manager since she wasn't helping any. She pointed to the man standing beside her so I took 1 step over.  I told the manager and he didn't look surprised.  Shocking, cause if I were him I would be very concerned.  Anyway, he printed up my bill and handed it to me.  The FULL charge was on there! I handed it back to him and said we needed to work on another number and that the filthy room I had for 5 hours wasn't deserving of full price!  I was shocked he didn't wipe the whole thing off the bat!  He said he would need "verification" before he could discount the room.  He sent someone up there and when he returned his reply was "it was everything you said it was" and tells me he could take 50 off....GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!!!  I said no and that he needed to AT LEAST split it with me.  He agreed.  I'm upset I was charged AT ALL...I never stayed at a place that was so darn dirty!  GROSS.

Last time I check false advertising is frowned upon......

I took my business to the Fairmont and for the SAME price.  It was lovely there.  Not 1 problem, except maybe housekeeping over there is very concerned about cleaning the room and they would call if you had the DND sign on the door.  Perfect 10!

11/06/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Lauren V.
a wonderful hotel with a wonderful staff.

My girlfriends and I got a suite here for a bachlorette party,and we were HOOKED UP on so many levels. Spacious rooms, great comfy beds,friendly staff. I just have nothing but amazing things to say

Love you Handlery

12/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. O'Shea J.
A much better experience than I expected.  Right in the middle of everything, a block from Union Square/Powell St.  Rooms are very clean.  Bathroom is narrow but long - just when you think it ends, there's more.  Walk in shower is nice, no need to climb into a bathtub.  Sink is a bit small especially if there's two of yall.  Fridge is available to keep that Patron on chill or, in our case, creampuffs, Gatorade and sushi.  Bed doesn't squeak.  Neither does the nice stretch window sofa.

15/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Jim H.
Great hotel. Rooms are nice and staff is excellent. The price is reasonable for a Union Square property.

31/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Tiffany T.
I booked the Handlery Hotel to stay at during the MacWorld Conference.  The hotel is located near Macy's on Geary St.  When I dropped my car off ($32 a day) I had to trek through the entire hotel to get to the lobby.  My keys were ready upon arrival and my room was on the 6th floor.  The room was relatively clean but had a wicked stale smell.  It was hard to breathe in the room, and even turning the temp down did nothing.  The thremostat only goes down to 68 degrees.  The bathroom was too small, the water pressure was crud although they were plentiful with the towels.  Although the Wi-Fi was free it was incredibly difficult to get online during the day. At one point I hiked back down to the lobby because that was the only place in the whole darn hotel that I could manage to get a signal.  Although the rates were decent for a last minute SF choice, I won't be returning anytime soon.

15/01/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Sharon F.
Although our stay was short :(, only 1 night, we thoroughly enjoyed the Handlery Union Square Hotel.  My mom, daughter and I were very comfortable in our room with two double beds.  The room and bathroom were immaculate.  The grout in the bathroom was bright white.   The staff and concierge were very friendly and helpful as was the parking attendant. The Daily Grill Restaurant at the hotel was very good.  We had a wonderful lunch when we arrived and our breakfast in the morning was equally as good.  Our breakfast waiter could have been a little more attentive. He never came by to ask how everything was and we  had to flag him down to get a coffee refill.  He seemed to either disappear or be talking over by the bar most of the time. However, that did not take away from how good everything tasted.   We will definitely stay at the Handlery again.

25/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Betty T.
I heart the Handlery.  Very nice hotel in the heart of Union Square.  Here's the story...we arrived early for check in, and we were assigned a room right away.  It was a very nice room and quite a nice size, only one problem 2 very large windows looking upon a very large wall.  Only wall.  I'm a little crazy, so this made me a little claustrophobic.  My heart kind of sunk in my stomach, I liked the room but I couldn't even see one speck of sky or anything at- there was about an inch of space between the window and the wall.  This is totally all on me and not the Handlery, if this didn't bother you I'm sure it would have been a very nice and quiet room to stay in.  The hotel has awesome flat screen tvs and I think the tv in this room was even bigger than the one in the room that we ended up staying in.  yep, you guessed it, I was difficult.
So the whole while that we are returning our rental car to the airport, I'm thinking about this room and how the window is so close to the wall and how can any air get in there and I'm already gasping for air, so when we get back my mom asks the guy at the desk, I really wish I knew his name because he was really, really nice, if we can change our room to something with a little more view.  He actually took us to a room to see if it would be acceptable.  It was right on the street and you could see Union Square from the window.  I thought this was great.  I felt like I could breathe again.  I was forever in his debt.  I'm a spoiled brat and proud and we sacrificed space for air, but whatever the room was big enough.  
San Francisco in July is kinda like New York in October, pretty much- despite this fact we made heavy use of the outdoor heated pool in the middle of the hotel courtyard.  It was great! It was like a giant bathtub! The only trouble was getting out and being unbelievably cold.  The kids loved it, and I think if we had not gone and done anything in San Francisco but stayed at the hotel all day long by the pool they would have been pleased as peaches...or plums.
It's a really quaint place full of twisty, maze-like hallways.  We were on the third floor and my kids and I took the stairs all the time and kept finding different staircases and new routes to get to the lobby.  It reminded me a lot of the 20s for some reason. The hotel has been around for a while, this part anyway, the dates escape me at the moment, the décor and design is very retro in an authentic way not a trying to be retro way.  I think actually, that the hotel is trying to be more on the modern side.  The crystal knobs on the bathroom and the closets reminded me of the apartment I lived in when I was 8 which I thought was kind of cool.  
Remember I begged for a room with a view?  They said it would be noisy....holy cow! And they call New York the city that never sleeps!  We were serenaded almost nightly by street performers.  One night my daughter and I went down to the corner for a listen and the drummer performing lit his drumsticks on fire!  Oh the fun to be had in Union Square.  I wouldn't recommend a room on the street unless you like to be awakened by the unholiest of garbage trucks at 1:30 in the morning, next time we stay here we are going to try and get one of those cool rooms that look on to the pool.  We all agreed that that would be the awesomest

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Johnnie T.
The weather was really bad over the weekend and I was without power.  So being that I can't go without heat, tv, cocktails or food I checked in to the Handlery.  The hotel is in a great location and I got a great deal online.  2 nights for $225 (including all taxes)!  Who could say no to that.  The staff was helpful and attentive.  The room was updated though a bit small.  I would definitely stay again especially with the good price.

07/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Neal D.
We really enjoyed our stay.  The room was not huge, but hey--it's right on Union Square!!  The trolley is 1-2 blocks away, and the double-decker tour buses stop RIGHT OUTSIDE the hotel on Geary.

12/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. sasoon m.
Honestly, I expected much more and was a bit disappointed.  Lets start at the top, we pull into the parking garage and the guy opens the door and gets the ball rolling.  He says do you need help with your bags?, to which I reply "No, its ok" thinking that well the lobby must be just through the doors there and we can manage.  WRONG.  We have to trek through the entire hotel, the outdoor pool area, down a flight of stairs to make it to the lobby.  At this point im kinda pissed, If the bellman knows this is the journey required and sees me and my gf with all our luggage, he shouldn't just ask if we want help he should INSIST on it.  Then comes the lovely hotel manager who informs me that my room for two comes equipped with a "double bed".  Im like wtf is a double...."ehh its a full size sir".  So your 3 star hotel thinks its ok to give me a full size for 2 people?  Even motel 6 gives me a queen without me even asking.  He then proceeds to blame it on Priceline and reluctantly agrees to give me a queen even though he admits they have vacancy's.  He got the last laugh, the room he gave us was right next to the loud service and guest elevators with a view of a concrete wall. The cherry on top is the $44.00 per night parking fee...i mean seriously?  Your gonna charge your own hotel guests nearly $50 to park there cars, especially when the garages all around the building charged $29.  Then the sprinkles on top was the fact that we took the car out of the garage and returned it about a full 24 hrs later ...so im thinking ok, 2 days worth of parking fees instead of 3.  Nope, the fee's start from the first day till you check out of the hotel...even though i was out of the parking garage for an entire day... i still paid $44 for some reason.  I hope this doesnt come off as petty, but honestly i dont give a F....I was pissed if you cant tell.  The room itself was alright, 3 star room about covers it.  Do yourself a favor, get out of the union square area....save money, immerse yourself into the city and be happy.

09/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Richard K.
My recent trip to San Francisco, ca I stayed at the Handlery hotel, I saw the reviews but decide to give a try, boy what a mistake I made the hotel looks good from the outside, but once you get to your room what a surprise, If you don't mine sleeping in a closet then stay here and the bathroom was so small it was difficult for  to go to the bathroom not to mention trying to take a shower, not only that the rooms are really stuffy and the air con doesn't work very well,it feels more like a fan then air con,and it is really noisy, people slamming there doors all hours of the day and night  kids running down the hallway, if you plan on staying here to save some money don't you will regret it ,don't be like me because that's what I did and it almost ruined our trip, my advice spend a little more and get a nicer,cleaner room so you can sleep at night, you won't regret it, but it's up to you if you want to waste your money on this place good luck to you.

23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Eddie L.
Excellent stay in the heart of downtown.  Would stay here again.

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Kate P.
I really liked this hotel.  Great location on Union Square, reasonable price, really clean and pretty inside.  We stayed in room 605 & it was super quiet.  I will definately return!

04/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Joanne T.
If you're looking for a great yet affordable place to stay, I recommend The Handlery Hotel. It's located in the heart of downtown SF with shopping and great food all within a walking distance. The club rooms are bigger and the balconies give you a city view room. I'm glad they had a seperate vanity mirror with light, because with a room full of girls getting ready to go out into the city, it is a definite must have and a plus for HH! Overall, great stay, friendly staff, good times!!

10/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Deb D.
We stayed here last weekend and went to the Giants game (thankfully, they won). The hotel was great; they had a bottle of champagne in one room and a bottle of wine in the other, along with a nice goodie basket for each room. The rooms were clean and the staff very helpful. Mind you we didn't stay in the room for any length of time, just to rest and sleep. Having the Daily Grill next door is a real plus. Would highly recommend this hotel!

01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Mark C.
Enjoyed the hotel. The room was larger, more modern, and more nicely appointed than some of the big names on Union Square, for the same or less cost. The staff was friendly and helpful. Great location for SF, easy walking to shopping and many nice restaurants. Convenient drop-off and parking, which is a definite plus around this often hectic area.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Jerry D.
Good location but rooms are old and small for the price. Definitely need to get a room at a discounted rate. You pay for a small heated pool that we certainly didn't need. Front staff were nice though. The only reason to stay here is the location. Horrible view.

25/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Elaine S.
Great hotel for the price.  I don't actually know what the price is because I booked a night here as part of a Travelocity package, but a round-trip flight from LAX to SF and one night at the hotel came to $236 after taxes and fees.  

When I checked in, the hotel staff asked if I preferred a view of the street or a quieter room with no view.  I chose the latter and was happy to have the choice (you can't have everything).  I got there very early, around 9:30am, and no rooms happened to be available yet -- Memorial Day weekend and all -- but they kept my bags.  When I came back for a room key, my bags were brought up to my room.  

I didn't spend much time at the hotel, but did see some people swim in the heated pool.  The room was very clean and nice, with plenty of towels (though not huge beach-sized ones).  They have a waypoint system for internet in the rooms, so I'm assuming there's some fee like $10/day, which is typical for hotel charged internet.  

I also stored my bags the next day and had hotel help getting me a cab.  

Staff was very friendly.  Food at the Daily Grill next door is pricey but good.  I'd stay here again.

28/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Molly G.
This place is a DUMP! Seriously. I realize all you really need is a bed, shower and lock on your door, but that is ALL their rooms offer. The only thing that saved them was their friendly reception desk/concierge team.

06/11/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Bill M.
Spent a eveing at the Handlery on the KGO package.  What a deal.  Who could believe staying at a hotel a short half block off Union Square and at the $139.00 price with free parking and 20% off in The Daily Grill.  Being greeted by Jon Handlery, the owner, when you checkin, was a treat.  The room and amenities were great.  Service was great from the valet, to bellhop, to front desk, to maids, to bartender and waitress in the Daily Greel.  Totaly enjoyed the workout room and the pool.  The pool was a major surpirse to find an outdoor pool in a downtown area.  Would I stay there again?  I plan to make it a getaway from Marin evening on a regular basis.

03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Leyna V.
What a unique little hotel! I am used to staying at chain hotels like Marriott when traveling (I heart Marriotts). The Handlery was a complete surprise. Cute little place with a cozy lobby with VERY friendly staff. We checked in on a Thursday (On new year's day) and got a room on the 4th floor, the room was a tad bit small than what i am used to and we did not have a view of anything. I called the front desk to see if i can change room and they said they were sold out for the night but i can certainly try back tomorrow morning. The following morning I did just that...and the friendly front desk lady was kind enough to move us while we were out and about, the bell desk took our luggage from our old room to our new so we did not have to do a thing. Our new room was a lot more roomy and has a view of the street which was nice. The beds were very comfortable with comfortable pillows and all. Throughout our stay the staff there were always friendly, the housekeepers always smiled and said hello everytime we see them. The have Daily Grill there which is a VERY good restaurant. This place is literally in the heart of Union Square....what a perfect location. A couple of minutes walk from Starbucks (which i adore...need my coffee!) I love this location and this hotel...its not a Marriott or Hilton or your fancy Ritz or Four Seasons so don't expect a whole lot but do expect excellent services as if you are in a 4-5 stars hotel. High five Handerly!

09/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Marisa O.
I love San Francisco. It is a beautiful city with many fine places to stay when you visit. The Handlery is a cute BOUTIQUE hotel. Boutique means small. It is small. The bathrooms are small, the room is small. My mom, my sister in law and I all stayed in one room with two double beds in it. It was fine. We didn't spend a lot of time in the room, but when we did, it was fine. They have room service, and clean accommodations. It's in a great location, and the staff is friendly. It's a great value! It's not a Marriott or a Westin, but it's not a Best Western, either. It's cute.

07/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Anne O.
Can you appreciate an old, historical hotel in San Francisco with a new twist?  Well, the Handlery is this kind of place, a nice boutique hotel right near one of the best shopping districts you'll find.  

Tonight I went to a small networking event at this fine establishment.  We met the owner, Jon, who told us the history behind the place...his grandfather was the original owner, passed down to his father and now to him.  Oh, and his daughter runs the front desk...so it's a family affair!  

We toured the facility, picking up slack.  The hotel is actually two hotels, or wings. The "historical" side and the "contemporary" side.  The historical side has rooms about 350 sf in size, with varied bed sizes: full, queen or king, and even some twins (they mentioned that they have many Japanese travelers who prefer this).  The bathrooms are small but have either a tub/shower combo or shower only.  This is because this side of the hotel used to be a boarding house, thus when they remodeled, the rooms are sort of odd angles and sizes--charming in my opinion.  Kind of like the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, Canada...but waaay smaller!

The "contemporary" side has rooms all the same size, about 450 sf, and consisent furnishing and layouts for king or double queen rooms.  They even have small balonies so you can sit outside and have a smoke, well, that is if you do that sort of thing.  I'd much rather have a drink and comment on the passersby below me.  

So, I would rate this a 3 star for now, until I have the chance to stay there.  I feel it will be a nice familial atmosphere...STAY TUNED!

15/03/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Dwayne A.
The Handlery Hotel took great care of my parents.  It was their first trip to the city, and indeed their first time vacationing in a major city, so I was a little nervous about how they would take it.

Turned out the Handlery was a great base of operations.  They said over and over again how happy they were to be staying there.

Needless to say, I was very happy about that.

They stayed in the Club section with the balconies.  They paid just under $200 a night, and I thought that was actually decent value for the nice comfy bed, sitting area with couch, balcony and clean well-appointed bathroom.  There was even a makeup mirror, which sent my mom through the roof, she loved it.

19/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Frederica S.
This is a really excellent hotel, which is about half a block from Union Square. (The front is next to Lefty O'Dou'ls.)   My husband and I have been staying here for half a dozen years or so & we usually stay in a corner room with a partial view of Union Square. I can walk out the front door & be in Macy's on Union Square in less than 5 minutes.  :-)  It is also close to my favorite theater, the San Francisco Playhouse, which is about 3 blocks on Sutter.  The Handlery is locally owned and managed; it does not have the big corporate atmosphere of some large hotels in San Francisco.  The staff, which includes the owner's gracious daughter, are very friendly.    I really like their restaurant and bar, the Daily Grill, where we can use our 20% off coupons and meet the locals.  It is the easiest hotel to access in San Francisco; 5th Street dead ends into the garage on O'Farrell.  You can't beat the Handlery for location and price!

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Dave H.
We stayed here for the final two nights of our honeymoon. Overall, it suited our needs ok, in that it was clean, decently located and rooms were large. However, the experience was marred on the last night, when a party of young women moved in to the room directly next to us and proceeded to loudly party until the wee hours of the morning. Walls are very thin, and my front desk request for ear plugs was met with the not incredibly helpful suggestion that Wal-greens would be open for another 20 minutes. We would probably consider this hotel again if nothing nicer was available at the price point of ~ $180.

21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. tim n.
The room was clean but small, what really shined was the staff. They will go out of their way to help you out.

31/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Allie A.
I stayed here last summer when a friend and I decided to take a little trip up to San Francisco.  We had a great stay.  The only thing I wasn't pleased with was the noise level late at night in our outside facing room.  The second day we requested a room change and I was extremely pleased that they were able to accommodate us without an issue, and to a room that was completely quiet!

This hotel has an awesome location, and extremely friendly, helpful staff.  The place was clean, and the rooms were nice.  Definitely a great place to stay for the money.  I have recommended it to several people, and am happy to return during my next trip out.

13/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Larissa R.
I visited the Handlery recently (for pleasure) for a week and a half. Overall, I found the Handlery a comfortable welcoming place to call my home during my visit.

From my initial greeting, I got the impression that the staff went out of its way to be friendly and accommodating to guests.

I soon found myself in my large king suite at the back of the hotel.

As for the room itself: it was well appointed and large. I'd venture to say that it was at least 350 sq feet, possibly more. It contained a king-sized bed, a couch, a chair, a desk (and chair), a vanity area, closet, and appropriately appointed bathroom.  The highlight of the room was the rather large flat-screened Samsung television, but it was perhaps the room's only real 'wow factor'.  Since I was staying at the Handlery for over a week, I definitely appreciated that I had a sitting area separate from my sleeping area, and I liked how well maintained and up-to-date all the fixtures were.

Some things that I would have liked to have seen in the room itself, though:

A more modern bathroom. While completely clean and maintained, nothing impressed me about the facility itself. A bigger spa-like bathtub would have bowled me over. The bathtub as it was reminded me of the one I had as a child in my parents' late-'80s new build. The shower head had a couple of different settings, which was nice, but nothing that made me want to linger during shower time in the 'I'm on holiday look at me taking a luxurious shower' kind of way.

A better refrigerator. Since I was at the Handlery for a somewhat extended period of time, I found myself not wanting to eat out three meals a day. While the room did have a mini fridge, it didn't hold things very well. And by this I mean, it didn't hold bottles at all. I had two bottles of Coke in there at one point, and every time I went to open the door, they fell out.

Better wifi.  Sure, it was free, but it was so slow that it was almost useless.  It was almost worse than my memories of 1996, sitting at my family computer and listening to the dial-up connection trying to contact my three remembered AOL local numbers on a loop for an hour before finally getting a connection.

And now on to the things I liked about the room (to leave you with a positive impression of the Handlery, as that is what I left with):

The complimentary bath products. I'd never heard of Lather before, but it was awesome.

The vanity mirror. It had three different lighting options!

The balcony.  I love a balcony.

The room's 'green' option. I got to opt to keep my bedding (rather than have it changed every day) and to reuse my towels as standard. Of course, if I wanted my bedding and towels changed, this wasn't a problem.

Of course, the other things I've already mentioned (esp the tv).

Overall, I give the Handlery a big thumbs up.

With the downtown location, you should be aware that you'll hear quite a lot of rowdy party-going noise going on on the sidewalks through your windows (even when they're shut), but ONLY on Friday and Saturday nights. I should know, as I arrived on a Saturday night, stayed through the next weekend, and left on a Tuesday. The rest of the week, the worst you'll hear is a bit of road traffic noise, which is minimal in the wee hours.

That reminds me. Towards the beginning of my stay (when I was still riddled with jet lag and falling asleep at 10pm), some douchebags checked into the room next to mine (not the Handlery's fault). You know the type: hire the room for one night so a bunch of dudes can party downtown and have a place to crash when they come stumbling in at 5am before heading to their respective homes in the suburbs of San Francisco... I just knew they were going to do something douchebaggy during their stay. And I was right. I woke up at one o'clock in the morning to the alarm going off next door. Well, I called the front desk, and the person there answered promptly and politely. I explained the situation; he apologised profusely; and within three minutes (I'm not exaggerating; this guy must have hauled it across the hotel and up six flights of stairs...) he entered the room quietly and turned off the alarm. I really appreciated the customer service at the Handlery at this moment.

I say that, but I really appreciated the customer service at the Handlery at every moment. My lasting impression of the place was its great customer service.

02/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. LM M.
I got free parking in San Francisco! Did I get your attention yet?

Well actually it was part of a package I booked on handlery.com/sf , which is a much better (and slightly cheaper) deal than booking it at some other travel website like hotels.com .

Don't let the exterior fool you, the hotel interior is nice and clean. And it's a block away from Union Square! And the staff is great. I felt sympathy for one of the staff who had to deal with some lady complaining that she had to walk to her room. WTF? I have mad respect for these employees because they kept it cool dealing with such patrons. And speaking of patrons, the customers at the Daily Grill didn't seem too nice either. However the servers were great and got a nice tip from me. I realize it's not Handlery's fault, but I'm taking off one star for ignorant tourist patrons who have barbarian staring problems. I swear, common courtesy should allow a 2 second staring rule before it's completely acceptable for someone to punch a gawker in the face.

Barbarian: (staring at LM)
LM: (punch to Barbarian's face)
Barbarian: What'd you do that for?
LM: Nothing personal, but you were staring at me impolitely with condascending eyes.
Barbarian: My apologies.
LM: Apology accepted.
(Both go on about their business like nothing happened)

11/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Tori E.
I have stayed here several times in the past few years and I love it. I discovered the place in 2006 because a friend of mine had worked there and recommended it for an overnight getaway in Sf with the ex Bf.
The first time we stayed we were in a room overlooking Johnny Foley's on O'Farrell Street. The room was standard hotel size but the linens and furniture were certainly nicer than I expected for the price we were paying.
The most recent time I stayed I was put in a much bigger room (for a MUCH higher price because it was Valentines Day Weekend) and the room was absolutely beautiful. This time we were on the Union Square side, and the room was quite large, with a sitting room as well as a bedroom. One night we didn't feel like going out so we laid around and ate room service, which was wayyyyy better than I expected. Pricy, of course, but delicious and prompt.
I will NEVER use the word noisy in a review of a San Francisco hotel. If you expect San Francisco to ever be NOT NOISY, you are crazy and have lost your mind. You will ALWAYS have street noise in SF. Its a fact.
I will stay here again and again for sure.

29/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Bob K.
Great location, inexpensive. Staffed by good people.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Jo C.
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Handlery for four nights on our recent vacation. We had been debating whether we should stay in Fisherman's Wharf area or Union Square. We were so happy with our decision to stay here! There are so many stores, restaurants, bars coffee shops and things to see/do in this area, especially at night, which was perfect for us. Upon check-in, we were struggling to find our side of the building (the hotel is actually two separate hotels combined in one, so potentially tricky to navigate) when a very friendly man who worked for the hotel approached us and asked if we needed help. He led us all the way up to our door - and it turned out he was the GM! We were both blown away but that gesture and it definitely set the tone for the fantastic service we received here. The concierge desk was very helpful in helping us plan our daily excursions and which modes of transportation to use. The rooms were great. The beds were a little uncomfortable, but nothing that would deter a future stay. Other than that we had absolutely NO complaints. We had a premium room with a nice contemporary design. It was large and a very comfortable fit for us. The vanity area was a DREAM for me getting ready in the mornings. The room was on O'Farrell and so needless to say there was a lot of street activity during the day and at night, but the second we closed out balcony door it was almost silent. The only thing we could hear were the fire trucks or police car sirens, but it didn't really phase us. We would definitely come back to the Handlery in the future!

21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Matthew P.
Terrible stay.  Was woken up at 7am by hotel protestors chanting "If we don't get no contract, you don't get no sleep".  Will NOT return.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
37. Bendice G.
We were lucky enought to get a 'premier' room, much more updated than the older rooms.  Our Internet was included, but we were paying a much higher price, so I would expect that!  It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. Its a nice place and all the staff were outstanding, but I would probably stay somewhere else next visit.

01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Eve L.
perfect location. right there in Union Square.  I loved our room, it was nice & clean and pretty.  I would stay here again when I  visit San Francisco again.

07/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. D J.
Club side is the only way to go here! Must get a room overlooking O'farrell st. so you can watch the crack heads and angry super aggressive pan handlers on the street while you sip drinks in the safety of your balcony above O'Farrell st. The internet has issues and the maids forget to replace things even when you tip them every day. Good location but I prefer Marriott and Hilton properties because I collect points and have Platinum/Gold Elite status so I get free room upgrades ect. Bellmen are cool here and very helpful. They need to put microwaves in the club side rooms since they have small refrigerators. just a suggestion.

18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Leesa G.
My husband and I stayed at the Handlery this past weekend for our wedding anniversary, it was also Mother's Day weekend so the hotel was booked solid.  We were very pleased with the hotel.  We had heard about it from the radio advertisements and stayed there not knowing what to expect.  
Our room was in the historic building.  It was decent size and very clean.  The bed was comfortable and the noise level was very minor.  We were very happy with our stay and would stay there again when traveling to San Francisco.

I didn't give them 5 stars because they do not offer wi-fi....well they offer it but you have to pay for it.  Couldn't give them 5 stars because of this, it is 2011...even the motel 6 has wi-fi.

09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Michelleywelley R.
We had an excellent stay!  The beds are heaven and the room smelled of brand new carpet.  We stayed on the "loud" side on the 6th floor.  It wasn't bad at all.  One night I woke up to a homeless man yelling outside at 3am.  We were there during the weekend and could hear the bands playing on the street and the steel drum guy.  My 5 year old daughter was fascinated by the noises and action overlooking the city streets.  The staff was so nice and I would stay here again no doubt!!  
My daughter enjoyed the pool in the early evenings and I enjoyed the sauna.  I like small hotels like this that aren't so well known and froothy.

27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Tom A.
A well-appointed hotel with no shortage of character.  On the upside it's within sight of Union Square; on the downside it's also within earshot of same.  Just a note: if they tell you at reception you really can't hear much from the 7th floor street-facing rooms, don't believe a word of it.  

See, part of the character of those rooms is this cool bay window of curved glass from the turn of the century or thereabouts.  And one thing about old single-glazed windows is you couldn't get a more complete soundprint of every goddamn thing going on in the street unless you were sleeping in an actual doorway.  Did I mention that bands set up and play on the corner every night?  I don't mean a couple guys with a fiddle and geetar.  I'm talking Zeppelin wannabes with Marshall stacks, wailing away until the popo show.  (Where do they even plug in??)  And what was up with that sorting violently through an entire dumpster of glass bottles at 3 AM?

But, you put that aside (hell, just stay out later than the bands play every night) and the Handlery's a right comfy place.  I thought I paid too much but there was a ginormous conference in town and I was lucky to get a room at all.

Better would have been to get a room facing the wicked pool courtyard.  That looks like some proper jet-age living.  I only happened on it because I tried to come into the Handlery through the OFarrell street garage, which was pure comedy.  I discovered the 7th floor on that side never meets the 7th floor on the Geary side.  It's really two separate hotels.  
Back down to the 2nd floor, up a hall, around in a giant circle, stairs to the 3rd floor, wander in amazement past the gorgeous poolyard, back down to 2nd floor... it's like a free trip to the Winchester House!

There's a Daily Grill attached to the lobby.  It was not cheap but the tastes lived up to the aroma, which is pretty high praise.

04/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Patrick K.
We really enjoyed our stay at the Handerly US Hotel.   It is an old building, in a very historic part of town, so you have to go into it with the expectation that this is classic San Francisco.  Once you set that expectation for yourself, you will be pleased with the building's old world charm and historic ambience.  The service is great, the rooms are decent (CLEAN!) and  you can't beat the location.  It is a very short 3 minute walk to BART, MUNI, and the trolley cars.  Some excellent eateries, coffee houses, and pubs are right around the hotel (I recommend the japanese food place and the irish pub on O'Farrell St!)  The one and only downside to the place is the fact that internet/WiFi is not free.  In this competitive, digital marketplace, I would expect a place like the Handerly to pop for the internet for its guests.  It wasn't really a deal-breaker, though.  I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Andrea B.
Went to the Fancy Food Show in January and this is where we stayed. The staff was pretty helpful and polite, never unprofessional.  It was small and nice. Fluffy pillows and comforters. Huge flatscreen TV. Really nice quite rom on a budget $153per night for two. It rained the ENTIRE trip, cold wind and rain, like 42degrees! They don't change linens unless requested. Which saves water & the environment(yaay!). The one major complaint, their wireless charge is $10 per 24hours. And because of our room location our signal was terrible. If you use their Biz center pc's it's like $5 per 5 minutes! It was nice to return to a cozy room after walking in the rain and walking around the convention center for hours. I would love to stay there again.

26/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
45. s k.
Great Location as far as accessibility. We LOVED our room... spacious, cozy, nice flatscreen tv, little balcony overlooking the pool. I loved the big comfy robes. Room was clean.
Cons? $38 for parking.... eek, although parking in sf is grossly overpriced anywhere. Noisy at night. Our room was even away from the street, but the soda/ice machine were SO loud we could hear them in the room. They also start vacuuming vacant rooms around 7. It was impossible to get a good night's rest. And in the streets around thr hotel, beware of the crazy, persistent homeless people after dark. One actually followed us into a restaurant!!!!

30/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Giorgio B.
Still a guest of this hotel, 2 more days to go. Hotel overall is nice, bellmen are very corteous and kind as well. Receptionists are half and half, there's a very nice girl with the pony tail, very helpful, and a very unhelpful and rude asian man that just because of him i would give the hotel 1 star. However, the hotel itself is not bad, a little old but very clean, rooms are average size, fridges in the room DONT WORK! We have medical products that need to be refrigerated and we encountered this problem, anyway the bellmen were nice to let us put our stuff in the kitchen fridge. Our room was very cozy and cute, the plus of this hotel is the position, right on geary nextto union square. We had a pretty good deal too cause we got it as a mistery hotel from bookit.com . They require a deposit at checkin of 50 dollars per night, if you have a credit card they just freeze it, if you dont then they take cash or debit and just give it back to you upon departure. Big NEGATIVE thing is that wifi is NOT Free!!! In 2011 most hotels have free wifi, not here!!!

05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Live F.
Old hotel and some rooms are hit and miss in terms of bed comfort and layout.  

The staff is quite friendly and customer-service oriented.

Rates can be very reasonable for the area, although if you have are looking to park overnight, garage prices can be a shocker (but on par with most garages in the area).

I was also surprised that they charge for Internet service ($10/day and service period ends daily at 2 PM, so if you happen to purchase at 1 PM, you will be shelling out another $10 at 3 PM for Internet service). One workaround is to get a room facing the street and you *might* just be able to get a free, if weak, unsecured wireless signal from across the street. The trade-off, of course, is that the street-facing rooms tend to be noiser, as I discovered. Switching to an "interior" room provided a much more blissful night's sleep, but also cut off access to the free Internet signal.

Best points about this hotel include the Daily Grill restaurant. Attentive staff serve reliable fair at tolerable prices, and the location...a block or two away from the drama of Union Square.

Overall, a solid three stars, but if you get an exceptional rate on the rooms, it makes the experience all the more enjoyable!

29/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
48. Brooke F.
I was pleasantly surprised with this hotel! Cute, private bathrooms, clean and decently priced! Great location, and very friendly. What more can you ask for?

02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Bonnie K.
Hubby and I came here in early Aug. 2012 for my Birthday. we did not know where to stay in SF in the downtown area.(we usually go to the wharf area) My husband heard of this hotel on KNBR. I booked online with Triple A.  A day before my stay, I could not find my reservation online, I called the hotel. They said it was there, whew. Then Denise helped me, I had mention also hearing of the hotel on KGO. She fixed me up with the KGO special, which gives you a bigger room on the premier side and parking included. Also 20% off the Restaurant *Daily Grill* Our Room overlooked Farrell st. The room is a good size, big King bed. It also has a small couch, chair, work table, ,big TV, fridge. Good size bathroom. If you have young kids or the type that has to go to bed early you may not want your balcony facing the street. People walking, talking all hours, horns honking. But I loved it exciting. Thinking how New York city would be with all the bustle and hustle. Once you closed the balcony door and drape it was mostly quiet. There was the daily night garbage trucks and delivery's. The hotel is so close to Union Square, you can walk around all those stores. Close to the trolley line, great location. I am telling everyone how great it was and I would stay there again. They really took care of us, being my Birthday we got a knock on the door. (or was it part of package?) and got some nice  goodies brought to us. The door man was great, he got us a cap when we went to see Beach Blanket Babylon (which is great, btw) We were  lucky the weather was great, for Aug. is SF. No Fog! Oh the Restaurant is very good. We had one dinner there and one breakfast.

15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Christine P.
we really enjoyed our stay at handlery hotel a few weeks ago.  

i wanted to surprise my fiance who was in town for my graduation.  he use to live in the city and had propose near union square so i was looking for something nearby.  i found handlery on several travel websites and the price was really affordable for my student loan budget.  i wasn't sure what to expect so i check it out first on yelp.  the first thing i noticed was that mr. handlery was responding to the reviews -- first mark that customer service might be sweet here.

i emailed the hotel to let them know that our stay was special and they responded right away that they received our message and noted the occasion.  and when we arrived, the service was just excellent from the bell desk to valet and front desk.  the room was great - comfortable bed and beding with modern flatscreens.

the building has the old charm of san francisco -- it has a small barber shop inside and an old postal service drop box that goes from floor to floor.  the location is great - we were right in the middle of union square and near so many other things.  

thank you very much for making our stay memorable!

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. L S.
Noisy!!! Maybe some of the other rooms are more quiet. We stayed Geary street side and not one of the four of us got a wink of sleep because of the yelling protesters that the front reception failed to warn us about that apparently had been protesting for weeks. Also, the general traffic noise and partying people screaming in the streets went on all night. The windows are so thin it's like having the window open so absolutely no noise barrier. We were traveling with two young kids so the sleep deprivation was even more difficult. My husband complained the next morning at check out and they took $50 off. They really should have comped the room IMO, especially since they made their money off us in our room service bill.  Who cares how comfortable the bed is if it's so noisy you can't sleep?? The ear plugs on the pillow should have been our first hint.
Older well maintained building
Nice linens
Sizable room - we stayed in a king suite
Daily Grill is the hotel restaurant and room service was great

Noise level in room unbearable from 5pm-4am
Single pane windows, don't block noise
Dirty windows which interfere with view of union square
No movies for rent
Pool is cold
No hot tub
Although I read on frommers the hotel is kid friendly, there is nothing kid friendly about it. There were no gifts on check in like crayons, etc like other kid friendly hotels.
Grumpy garage staff
Have to pay for WIFI

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Robert L.
This is a very nice hotel.  I would definitely stay at this hotel again.  The rooms are totally clean.  We got a very reasonable rate and the staff are totally cool.  

Great location too.

21/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Brett H.
Should be called the Haterly.  As in "Welcome to the Haterly.  We hate you".  Stayed here when my company was throwing a party across the street.  Right from getting off the elevator, my friends and I got hounded by the security/head minister of killjoy lady.  Not acting up or talking loudly but kojak asked us if we "had a problem" while getting off their ricketty, smelly elevator.  Sorry you look just like an overweight version of the wicked witch of the west and want to hate the world but give us a break.

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. Me H.
Gay boyfriend #1 (GBF#1) and I were planning a vacation not sure where we wanted to go so we went to Expedia to find ideas.  Expedia had a great deal on this hotel (airfare and petite hotel rooms for five nights for only $680.00 pp, we couldn't beat that.)  I reviewed their reviews, yelps reviews, trip advisor reviews and the bedbug registry, they all seem favorable so I booked the hotel.

Like their website says it does feel some what like a European boutique hotel but it's not it's a hotel in San Francisco.  When we went to check in one of our petite rooms had been upgraded to a King room, I took that of course and left GBF#1 with the petite room which he stated was small but not that small and still nice.  My room was very roomy and comfortable.  The first thing I check when I get to my hotel room is the bathroom I look for hair on the floor/in the tub/shower/sink, I next look for dirty/grim/mold in the shower tub area, this bathroom passed the Mitzie bathroom test I was OK to unpack.

If you like your bed on the hard side you'll love the Handlery beds they are pretty firm and so are the pillows but the sheets and blankets were soft and I had no issues sleeping but I did request a 'quiet' room so that might have helped.  The towels in the bathroom need some work, they are very rough and tiny I like a big soft towel when I get out of the shower and I did not find one here not a big nor a soft towel; for a hotel of it's caliber I think it could invest in some bigger and better towels.  Also they ask you to reuse your towels to help the hotel be green and stuff so I hung my towels but they still brought me new towels so guess what I used the new ones hoping they might be bigger and softer but was disappointed every time.  Oh well.

If you're looking for a clean nice hotel in the center of Union Square the Handlery is a great pick, it's one block from the Powell St Cable Car line and right on Geary where I learned the 38 runs all night in case you feel up to a dive bar crawl in the Tenderloin the 38 can get you there and back safely, trust me on this one.

A small note the hotel is currently under construction, I'm not sure which floors because I was not impacted but they do have a sign in the lobby and the concierge isn't the greatest we asked for breakfast suggestions and he sent up off to Lori's Diner which I refused to eat at.  But the rest of the staff were all very friendly and helpful oh and another thing check out isn't until noon so you don't have to rush to check out after you experienced your first SF DYL.

27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Joyce O.
half of this hotel is remodeled.. the other half still fashionably classic?

u leave your car in the parking garage with an attendant, and make ur way up to the main floor [which is technically NOT the main floor.  it's actually the main floor to take you to the floor that takes you past the pool, down the stairs.. through the hall[s] to the check in lobby.  it's a freak labyrinth.  

so your dumped off on this floor and the elevator basically splits the newer remodeled side from the older classic side.  unfortunately, we were staying no the more classic side.. while friends of ours enjoyed the luxuries of the remodeled side.  bigger rooms, nicer views out their windows..  [my review would've probably been better if we had stayed on the newer side.]

anyway,  first off.. the hallways:  DARK.  scary.  a little more lighting?  the space between the doors seems non existent.  1 1/2 people can fit in the hallway walkway.  it's crazy.. and i'm claustrophobic.. so walking through the halls drunk made me throw up.  it was just so narrow.  

the room.  SMALL.  there wasn't much space at all.. and our view outside the window was of a scary staircase and brick wall.   i've stayed in a couple of sf hotels.. and most views are like this.. but there was a wire screen on the window.. it was weird.  i love to be able to open the windows.. and i actually could in this room.. but dared not too.  

the bathroom:  bleh.  i really wish they'd put rugs in hotel bathrooms.
the floor just looked old and in need of some fresh tile.

the plus:  linens were clean..
the room was clean.  

i'd stay here again, but probably request to stay in the newer part of the hotel.. because............... i got a peek at those rooms.. and overall, a better breathing experience.

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
56. Jen L.
Last time I stayed here I gave then 2 stars and decided to give this hotel another chance. I was about to give this place 4 stars but then recently even with certain confusion the customer service is off the charts horrible. Last time never experienced that. That was the reason I gave it an extra star because even with the out dated and run down room it still had friendly service. I would have stayed at a star wood or priority hotel which is my favorite but did not want to invest 400 a night so decided to down grade because of the convention and give it a second chance....... There was no bellman to even help me with my bags or waiting outside I tipped the cab driver an extra 10 to walk it to the door and be helpful. I had to confront them to be courteous enough to do their job. Too bad I would have given them twice the tip if they knew how to work.I WILL CONTINUE BUT DO NOT STAY HERE THE WORST HOTEL IN SAN FRANCISCO AND THE WORST EVER!!!!!! RUDE RUDE RUDE .... Never have I ever.... It is worth the extra 100 a night NOT to stay here I just love shopping and fashion and would rather invest it in clothes..... Guess customer service over fashion!!!! learned my lesson........ BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE...... This place doesn't even deserve any stars.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
57. George E.
0 for 2 on the wake-up call.  Make sure you set a backup alarm.  Taxis out front only want to take you if you are going to the airport.  Street noises from Union Square can keep you up at night.  Get a room in the Club section in the back if you want a quieter room.

06/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. Marissa D.
I recently booked 2 rooms here for a girl's night out and birthday party....loved, loved, loved the location!!! Walking distance to everything and awesome hospitality!! Rooms were huge for SF...and the price was almost too perfect!! I got an awesome deal from their reservation representative and had 20% off all the food (and alcohol) at their amazing restaurant, the Daily Grill and parking was included. Everyone was sooo nice and I will defintately stay here again and all the 8 girls in my party agreed as well. Solid 5 for location and best bang for your buck in SF!

19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Alrick M.
I cannot believe I paid such good money for what I got at the Handlery.  First off, I should've paid attention to the name.  I mean, who's heard of the Handlery Union Square Hotel.  I figured, since it has Union Square in the name, it's right across the street from the Westin Hotel and it also costs more than the Westin Hotel that it would be just as good, if not, better.  This was definitely not the case.

Just picture this:  Imagine an apartment building built in 1950 and converted into a "motel."  I kid you not, I could smell the asbestos as I walked through the halls.  Please keep in mind that it costs $40 dollars to park/per day.   That alone, is reason enough to leave and find another hotel.  The lobby of this motel looked better than the rooms.  I would prefer to stay in the lobby than my room.  How sad is that?  I would not recommend anybody to stay at this motel.  You're better off staying in your vehicle, at least you won't die of lead poisoning!

15/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Chris H.
Stayed here this past weekend, in honor of my husband's birthday.  We were on the KGO Package, which is a great deal.  The parking is free, there is an automatic  room upgrade and 20% off at the Bar and Grill downstairs.  The room was quite spacious.  Had a wonderful balcony, where we could see the sunset and the San Francisco Skyline.  Service was impeccable.  Everyone was courteous, helpful and friendly.  Would go back in a heartbeat..

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Deven B.
I stayed at this hotel because I needed a last minute, cheap room downtown. Honestly, for the price I got it at, I thought it was gonna be a cesspool.

The hotel was surprisingly nice: new carpets, clean, tasteful furniture, centrally located. And while I can't attest to the comfort of the beds since I fell asleep on a couch in front of the elevator from a long night of drunken debauchery, they did look cozy. Did I mention there's a Jack in the box open all night across the street - for those hungry party animals who neglect their good eating habits in the wee morning hours.

On the downside the rooms were a bit on the small side, something to be expected in a historic building. The lobby, likewise was small but still looked inviting.


27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Eva L.
excellent service and amenities; rooms are spacious and very comfortable. Great dining nearby, short cab rides to SF Moma, middling walk to Moscone center. Best benefit - rooms are quiet and relaxing.

01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Eric H.
We stayed at the Handlery recently for a weekend in SF. found the staff to be very helpful and friendly, the Hotel is a little old, but nicely furnished, and the restaurant is great.  We booked thru the KGO package which got us free parking and 20% off at the restaurant, a very good deal.  We liked it so much we have already book another stay around Christmas.

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Amanda R.
My mom and I got a deal for the Handlery online. I've stayed at several hotels in SF and this was one of both of our favorites. The rooms, while a little small, where decorated tastefully and the beds were very comfortable. Everything was very clean and updated. The location is wonderful, close to shopping and some great places to eat (try Santorini). We got the parking at a discounted rate but even at its normal rate it's very reasonable and I felt comfortable leaving my car there.

The best part about this hotel, however, was by far the staff. From the moment we drove up they were helpful, kind, and friendly. They were quick to insist on taking our bags and the valet was fast and nice. There was a small mistake on our bill and they fell over themselves to apologize and quickly fixed it. They joked with us, helped us find a fabulous wine bar and were overall a stellar group to work with. Also, the bartender, Ken, was fabulous. Friendly, funny and effecient, he was the highlight of one particular night for my mom and I. Ask for him, talk to him, he's wonderful!

I definitely recommed this hotel and plan on staying here again in the future!

22/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Hannah K.
The bellman, front desk worker and even the cleaning man was extremely friendly and helpful. I rented the garden suite for my birthday party and asked the bellman to help me bring loads of beer cases and whatnot. He laughed, but was glad to help. I'm glad I got the suite because I'm not sure how nice the regular rooms would have been. All in all I give 4 stars mostly because of the nice service and convenient location of being right in the middle of downtown.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Nikki M.
Brought my sister and her son up for the weekend to do the tourist thing in the City. Picked a centralized hotel and it was close to what we wanted to have access to.

Staff was great. Hotel was quiet and well situated. They handled our request for a room change (we needed two double beds instead of one) with no complaint.

I just wish they were either more disabled friendly.. I had issues with locating the parking lot and navigating the stairs due to a physical handicap because the handicap elevator didn't work.

My only real complaint is that when I woke up in the morning, I had little red bites all over my calves.. Very weird.

14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. Max M.
The ratio of positive features to dollars spent is the primary reason why we rated this as 5 stars. Just to be clear, it is not a super-fancy 5-star resort, but the worthiness of the hotel = 5.

PROS: they let us check in early (hours early), the location was awesome and we had a great view of Union Square, there was a cool fridge in the room, everyone on the staff was really friendly and helpful, the room was clean

CONS: the internet was pretty slow (and we had to pay for it), some people might think the room was small (we stayed there comfortably for a week - though we love each other)

Overall, definitely worth the price and probably the best deal near Union Square. We will stay there again the next time that we visit SanFran.

21/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Leticia S.
Having stayed at the Handlery this weekend was not a pleasant stay for my boyfriend & I. I have to say that the lady at the front desk was quite not much helpful when we checked in; she asked " how much are you looking to spend on a room?" don't think that was a proper way to greet us. We really didn't care how much we just needed a room to stay, so we paid for the room and proceeded to our room. To our surprise ( and the amount we spent ) Super small room , no bath tub, leaking ceiling fan, the view had piping & other guest rooms; and when we called to ask for someone to check out the leak they said they would have someone check it out in the morning. Not only that but we asked the lady at the customer service if they had any other room with a tub and nice view we where willing to spend extra (already spend 280), she said "no we don't"
Following morning we went to check out at the front desk (different lady in the morning). We picked up conversation with this lady & to our surprise she mentioned how they were 10 rooms shy of being sold out. Such bad customer service if I do say so myself. Never had I stayed at an expensive hotel & gotten such bad service. This is one hotel I don't plan on staying at again

26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
69. Carey M.
Great location, nice room with balcony looking over O'Farrell St.  Luckily we were located right off the  garage elevators so we did not have to use the bellman to take our luggage up.  Otherwise, you have to schlep your luggage down 25 steps or so to get to the lobby once you park in the garage or go to your room if located on Geary St. Union Square is right there so we barhopped around the area.  Too much fun! Now the Daily Grill restaurant that the Handlery recommends is another story.  Way overpriced and food quality is poor.  my husband had the waffle for 11.95 and told the waitress it was overdone and did not eat 3/4 of it.  She apologized but never took any discount off the bill. And the bill was 52.00!!!!!  I had eggs benedict and orange juice, my husband had a waffle and a side of bacon (5.00). Ridiculous.  Just around the corner is Loris diner that was much better.

08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Kristen K.
I love this hotel... Last year I stayed in the rooftop garden suite (not to mention got a great deal on their website, I think I paid somewhere around $300, haven't seen the price that low since then). The rooftop patio is amazing!  The room had a lovely wet bar area and large flat planet tv mounted on the wall...so nice! I had about 20 ppl over to have drinks and snacks before heading out to my birthday party at Ruby Skye(btw great proximity to nightlife). I set up candles outside and it was gorgeous! What a great space for a small gathering. The staff was also very courteous. I saw that some people said in their reviews that they trekked through the whole building with their luggage to find the lobby...my bf dropped me and the luggage off in front before taking the car to valet, I recommend this.

Only cons: The room decor (bedding, carpet, draperies) is a bit dated in this room, my friends stayed in standard rooms and I preferred their decor. Also, I wish the room had a king size bed instead of a queen.

I will absolutely stay here again and I definitely want to check out the San Francisco Suite if I can find a good deal!

30/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Pami H.
My husband and I had a romantic getaway recently, after staying here for 4 days 3 nights I'm in love with this place.   Not only is the location perfect right on Union Square across the street to my favorite store H & M but the service was excellent as well. Our room was clean and our view was great. The Valet guys were awesome too with directions and getting us where we needed to go.

They said the pool was heated but trust me it wasn't that weekend at all and the weather for San Fran was in the 50's-60's...Brrrr....But we didn't spend our time in the hotel at all we were out and about all day and night in San Fran.

Union Square outside your door, J-town 1-2 miles down, Chinatown close by, and Pier 39 after taking bus route 30 you'll be there in no time. Close to great food and lots of restaurants.  Tad's Steakhouse was a great fine and delicious food all around within walking distance. Try Boudin's if your on the Pier...

All in all, I love San Francisco and would definitely stay here again and it's sisters company down in San Diego. So go and enjoy yourself!

25/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. J K.
We stayed at this hotel two years ago and had no issues what so ever.  We really enjoyed our stay and the people working here.  This time was very different....

We came in at 1000pm after flying from LA.  When we checked in the desk person said "sign here..sign here...here are your keys goodbye"  We went up to our room with no issue but quickly realized the next day that the hotel charged 175 dollars onto my boyfriends debit card.  I called the front desk and they said that they charged $50 a night IN CASE you use room service.  I didn't know that this hotel could tell the future.  We were obviously upset since no one told us about it when we checked in.  Beware of hidden charges at this hotel, I wouldn't be surprised if I was charged for the 4 extra hangers I needed for this room.  There is always at least one elevator broken and our A/C didn't work.

After all of this, we will not be staying here again.

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
73. Lauren J.
I have stayed here twice. This time around was even better than I remember. The location makes this place perfect!! Right of Union Square.

The rooms were bigger than I remembered last time. There is a sizable walk in closet which really helped with space.

The bathroom is tiny, but so are most in hotels in big cities.

The bed was comfy and it had a nice flat screen TV.

The best part, the room was $129 night. Everything else close to Union Square was way more than that.

BOTTOM LINE: Great place to stay, awesome  location and good price.

24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Shannon D.
Awesome location in Union Square, the nicest concierge I have ever met. Gave us great recommendations and told us the areas to stay away from. Updated Modern hotel in an old, creaky, musky building. I loved it. Modern, nicely designed rooms with wonderful neutral decor. We chose to stay on the street side rooms with the soothing downtown noises and amazing view of Union Square. Wonderful restaurant adjoined to the hotel, great food. What a blast. Found a great deal through TravelZoo, even the Front desk clerk was amazed at the low rate we received for two nights.

28/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Robb C.
We stayed in room 854 which is the room on the roof with a private patio. Absolutely awesome room. We could live there. Service is super. Hotel is a great place. We'll be back.

02/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Anna H.
Great hotel, great service, great location - just bring ear plugs.

I stayed at this hotel last week for a business conference.  It had prime location, I was able to walk everywhere - never needed a taxi.  

The room was large, comfortable and clean.  There was a separate vanity which was nice for getting ready with only one bathroom.

The staff were great and very helpful, they recommended great restaurants, and touristy places to visit.

The one downfall was the noise.  We had an outside room that faced Union Square which was nice to people watch but not so nice when trying to sleep.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Dave R.

- Location is EXCELLENT. Close to BART, cable cars, buses, Union Square. Cabs all over the place. Tons of little places to eat around the area. Location almost makes this hotel worth the price. Almost.


- Expensive for what you get. This is a no-frills hotel. Pool, workout room are below-average. Rooms are basic. I'd guess that the most dramatic improvement they've made to their rooms in the last 20 years are hi-def TVs which may or may not broadcast in hi-def. Rooms in the front of the hotel are apparently noisy, but we got woken up by construction at 5:30am staying in the back of the hotel, too.  

I'll add that Mr. Handlery did a nice job recognizing that we were there for our anniversary, surprising us with champagne and snacks, as well as free wifi. Wish it had been a little cheaper, but we weren't in San Francisco to stay in the room, we were there to see the city, and the hotel did the trick. Just wish it were a little less pricey.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. cmonk e.
* nice and clean

* Friendly and helpful front desk and concierge

** Awesome LOCATION..couldn't be better.

I really have no complaints about this hotel, just don't feel that it's worth five stars. Nothing over the top wow but definitely enjoyed my stay here.

Would recommend especially for the location

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Bill B.
I can only review the hotel as a conference venue, but in that capacity it is excellent. After 2 mediocre previous years at another venue, the annual training program I coordinate is almost certainly here to stay. The Union Square meeting room has a very professional feel and good acoustics. Vang (the sales agent we worked through) and the rest of the staff were all outstanding, responding to questions and requests quickly, efficiently, and with a smile. Catering was handled effortlessly and the quality was admirable. Costs are extremely reasonable, particularly given the hotel's location less than a block from Union Square.

If you want a warm, convenient, and economical meeting space in the downtown area, I strongly recommend the Handlery Hotel.

19/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Heather P.
My husband and I recently stayed here.  The rooms were nice and modern.  The beds were comfy.  The layout of the hotel was awkward.  You have to come off the elevator go by the pool down a flight of stairs and down an elevator to get to the lobby.  It was not  and easy task when hauling luggage.  I guess that is expected in a building in a major city on a crowded block.  It is an easy walk to restaurants, and of course, shopping at Union Square.  Parking was nearly $50, but that is for 24 hours.  Get an inside room because if you get an outside room, you are kept awake ALL night long by drummers in the street.  I will probably never stay there again due to the fact that there are VERY aggressive homeless people on every corner and it gets even worse at night.  They will damn near grab your wallet out of your hand.  It was horrible.  I did not feel safe at all.  Wifi was free but only for 24 hours.

28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
81. Malissa D.
We stayed here at the Handlery this past weekend for Mother's Day; our first visit to this hotel. When I originally booked the room, I booked it as a "Mystery Deal", and was SUPER nervous about where we were actually gonna be staying. Even still, I went with it and was pleasantly surprised when I went on the Handlery web site after learning where our night would be spent. (It was a deal too good to pass up, and since it was a last minute idea, it seemed like a good one.) I'm glad that we did! There were definite pros and cons:

The cons:
-The room was tiny. Small. Itty bitty. "Cozy"...lol. Normally this wouldn't be THAT big a deal, but we booked a double bed room because we had our 3 kids with us - our 5 month old, 3 year old, and 15 year old. So it felt like we were all on top of each other the entire time. This was fine for the first 30 minutes of our stay. Not so much beyond that.
-There was no view what-so-ever, unless you like looking at the brick wall across the way from you. Honestly, though, this wasn't that big a deal.

-The service was FANTASTIC, from Valet, to Front Desk, to House Keeping. These folks know how to go above and beyond to make you happy and comfortable, and besides that, they are PLEASANT people, which seem like a dying breed these days. 5 stars for the service.
-The entire hotel SMELLS good. It might be kinda strange, but I'm big on smell, and there was such a soft, fragrant smell to this place that I actually commented to my husband several times. There was no industrial clean or stuffiness that sometimes comes with large hotels.
-LOCATION!!! If we could give this place 10 stars for location, we would. Anything and everything is either within a few (if that) blocks walk, or a quick 3 minute drive, at most. Hubby already said that for this reason alone, we WILL be back! (We'll just have to be sure to request a "bigger" room!)
-There's a fridge in the room - always an appreciated plus.
-There's also a fitness room, a barber shop, a pool (small, outdoor), a business center, restaurant and lounge...none of which we indulged in, but cool that they're there.
-Noon check out is always a bonus!

We'll be back, just more careful of the room that we book. :)

09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Robert M.
A true gem of a spot in the perfect location for all SF travelers.

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Lisa N.
For the location & price, it's a pretty good deal.  For the luxury of a hotel, not so much.  The nice Samsung LCD was probably the best part of the room in my opinion, but sadly the channels weren't even HD.  The bathrooms are small.  The bed & pillows are not as comfy as I had hoped for after a long drive.  I really missed my bed & pillows from home.  The front desk was very pleasant including the garage people.  I actually prefer Hotel Frank across the street to this place.

19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Julian C.
This place is for sure the best bang for your buck in regards to hotels in downtown sf. Stayed here nye night and the hotel was surprisingly classy. the pool area looks outdated, but the rooms are well decorated. I've paid higher prices for less appealing rooms in the city. I did run into a problem with the valet garage parking though, my girl friend had our room key and she was in the room while i was parking the car. The guy didn't believe I was staying in the hotel and told me to wait a minute while he called the front desk, which was understandable.. but he got off the phone and said the front desk said there were no guests under my name at the hotel. Finally called the front desk and got everything sorted out. Also their doorman is rude. But the room and the price left such an impression on me, I couldn't help but give them 4 stars.

23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Caitlin O.
Is there any way to leave zero stars? No? Oh, okay. Well, I haven't even been here a full night, and I am listening to a bunch of construction workers make sexist jokes and pound on things right outside my window. It's alright because I am blasting the antiquated excuse of a fan system. Oh wait! It's 1:20 pm, you checked in two hours ago, got some lunch and came back for a nap. Fire alarm goes off. Awake from your nap in a panic, run down to the lobby, where the staff is standing behind the desk. Nothing is actually on fire? It's a drill? Thanks for being so great and telling me that when I checked in, guys!

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
86. Katie T.
Like a lot of the reviews have said, it looks amazing on the outside. We booked it with a deal through Expedia.

When we got inside our room, it was small, but hey aren't here to hang out in all day. The plumbing was messed up and we called housekeeping. I have never dealt with ruder house keeper in my life. She was complaining and had an attitude. She had to call a contractor; no big deal. We were gone for a number of hour and they left their tools there. They were not clean tools. We dropped off some of our stuff and went out to eat and it was clean.

Besides that issue; it was great.  The location is great. ALL the great shopping is around the corner and the public transportation hub is around the corner.

02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. Jaime V.
I've stayed here before but tonight was the most disappointing stay at any hotel I've ever had. $250 per night including valet parking. For this price you expect valet not park your own car and get a parking attendant that yells at you. The front desk could not find our reservations, were very rude to us and wasted almost a half hour and made us miss dinner which was the main reason we came to the city. So much for a perfect getaway from the daily grind. With this experience I'd think you'd be better off staying at a hostel. There is also parking near by half a block away for only $22 dollars all day. And the Westin hotel where my wife stayed at not to long ago for only $178 with union square view is across the street. I should have listened to her. Stay away from this place unless it's the last resort in the city. Oh yeah we just tried the TV and it doesn't work. I shouldn't  be wasting my time reviewing this hotel. Our loss hope it helps you decide on a peaceful stay somewhere else.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
88. Harsha R.
First thought on entering the room. Wow, the room is small. But then I suppose this hotel is not located in a suburban city in Utah but is in downtown San Francisco, where space is a premium.

Second thought on entering the room. Wow, it's hot in here. My room was on the 7th floor and November in SF was much warmer than I anticipated. So there was absolutely no need to turn on the heat and keep the room at 80. No one (customer/business/environment) really is a winner in abusing the HVAC systems. So please try to keep it optimal. The room took a really really long time to cool down and it wasn't until the early hours of the morning when I felt the need to turn off the AC.

The bed was kind of weird. Something kept pricking me in the wrong places. At one point of time, I had to turn my sheets over just to make sure it wasn't an attack of the bugs. Luckily, it wasn't and whatever it was, didn't bother me for long. The huge one hour jet lag in transitioning from MDT to PDT had its say!

All in all, a 3-star experience and the Handlery is probably worth considering if you want to stay close to the heart of SF.

05/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Sam M.
I stayed at this hotel in Summer 2010 for a few nights. The hotel itself was pretty nice for the price and its star rating. Staff was friendly, check-in quick, pool seemed clean and not too busy, and there were plenty of ice and vending machines on each floor.

I originally booked a standard room, but for $30 a night plus taxes I was able to upgrade to one of the bigger rooms with a balcony.

The bigger rooms only come with a King bed I was told (at least the balcony units), but the staff is more than happy to provide a portable bed if you request, and I did not get charged for this...

The room had a big bathroom, a nice desk are, and a living room area with a sofa, love seat, and a coffee table. The balcony was not big, but it can hold 3-4 chairs and a small table if you can get a hold of the additional chairs, or pull out the love seat. There are two chairs and a table on the balcony, as well as an ashtray they provided (no smoking in any of their rooms, balcony is fine).

Parking is expensive, but I suggest parking at one of the other private parking houses nearby (i.e. across from the Hilton) as you will save about 40-60% off the Hotel price.

Internet access is available. Wifi was free in the more expensive rooms, I simply got a password for a Wifi Network and was able to connect multiple devices (big plus here if you are used to having to pay $12.99 for the laptop, and another $12.99 for your travel mates laptops, or iPad or whatever).

Note on the internet: I am not sure if it is still the same, however I had a friend staying in a standard room for one of the nights, and when we went down to the lobby to inquire about getting him online, they also provided a free password (mentioning it would cost something though).

Again not sure of the price of the internet if you do have to pay, but I remember it being reasonable (as they mentioned how much it would have been).

Recommended for: Clean rooms, large rooms, available with balcony, friendly staff, and overall hotel cleanness. Location is very central!

02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Jordan A.
I was allowed a late check-out by the hotel; but instead they decided to disable my room-key and remove my bags. Even after bringing up my issues with management they completely lied about the situation, saying they offered to swap my room in which they did not. The employees here are nothing but liars and I will make darn sure American Express gives me the refund I deserve for such disrespect.

26/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
91. Darius P.
The Handlery is in an old, probably historic, building but is a completely remodeled and updated hotel. It's one of the cleanest i've stayed in. Like a restaurant, I judge the cleanliness of a hotel by the cleanliness of their public restrooms. Theirs were immaculate. You could literally eat off the floors (I'd advise against it though). The staff was friendly and very helpful. If a view is important to you, make sure you make arrangements for a room with one. Most views are of the adjacent rooms (Hitchcock Rear Window-like). Only complaint (if I can call it a complaint) is I asked for a queen bed and was put in a room with two twins. I appreciated the bigger room but I kept feeling like I was going to roll of the bed. Overall, I was very satisfied. They have a pool and sauna which I did not use but they were there, along with a fitness center. The attached restaurant - Daily Grind - is quite pricey but the food is top quality. Location-wise, it's one of the most central locations with many attractions and meeting spaces within walking distance; others were a quick ride in a cab, the Muni or the Bart. The Handlery in Union Square is literally in the heart of San Francisco (aka tourist trap). The prices for everything get progressively cheaper the further away you get. Dining suggestions: Daily Grind, The House in Chinatown. For a quick yet decadent dessert, go to Beard Papa in the food court at Westfields Shopping Center at Powell & Market.

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Noah V.
This hotel's location is about as good as it gets!

Stayed here for two nights in April for our anniversary weekend in the bay area. After searching high and low online for the best rates, we got a Historic King room for a great rate off Travelzoo with the added benefit of half off on parking (paid 19, regularly 38). SF hotels charge an exorbitant amount on parking (like $50+) and I wasn't too keen on keeping my car in a garage without in and out privileges so 19 bucks a night was a steal.

Like i said, the location is OUTSTANDING. It's block is catty-corner from  union square where you'll find lots of shopping (if that's your cup of tea.) Very close by though, you'll find a Walgreens, a liquor store, and a good number of cheap eats. Two blocks down is the Powell-Market stop where you'll find the turnaround for the cable cars and a ticket booth to get your Muni passports. The Market and 5th stop for the historic streetcars is also nearby where you can catch the F line to go down to the wharf/port building/alcatraz tours etc.

Big-ups to the front desk though for checking us in early at 1 since we came into the city earlier than expected. Keep an eye out for Ken Jeong's doppleganger, Jeffrey (you know, the asian gangster in The Hangover). The front desk was very courteous though and extremely helpful. Jeffrey even gave us a transit map and helped us plan which lines to take to get where we were going.

The room was quite small but I exactly what I was expecting. Very cozy though and has some modern touches--a nice surprise since the hallways were quite old and dingy. Bathroom was especially small and unless you're a family of stick figures, there's no way it can accomodate more than one person in there. The bed was comfortable but they're pretty stingy on the pillows. Oh, and +1 for the 40" LCD.

The a/c though....that's a different story. After a long day out in the city, I love coming back to a nice cool room. Except ours wasn't even though I left the thermostat at 68. It was unusually hot in SF that weekend and our room was sweltering when we came back at 10pm. I phone downstairs and the front desk offered either for someone to come up and look at it or a fan. A fan? No thanks, send someone up. The gentleman came up, took a look at it and said there's nothing he could do. Waited for 10 minutes after he left but no call for a resolution. I was mildly irritated to say the least. I phoned back down and she put me on hold. When she finally came back on, she said they're moving us and the bellhop will be up shortly with our new keys.

Lo and behold, we get upgraded to the top floor in one of their suites. It looks about the same as our old room except three times the size with a Murphy bed, a walk-in closet and a bigger bathroom.....score! I didn't find a shoe polisher and bathrobes like what the site said but that was a non-issue.

If there's one thing this hotel needs though it's a new A/C. The one in our room took a while to get going and we had to open the windows to help cool the room down. And the noise! Sounds like an exhaust fan for a warehouse.  -1

As far as street noise though, I didn't mind it. People: this is a hotel right smack in the middle of one of the most densely populated cities in the US. If you want a nice quiet weekend, go to Monterey or Carmel.
Sure, being in the military, I've slept in the worst of them, but my girlfriend had no problems with the noise level, and our room overlooked the corner of Geary and O'Farrell.

Overall, I don't think I could've had a better stay (for the price) in San Francisco than the Handlery. I would definitely stay here again.

08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Doug F.
This is not a good hotel for business travel.  One is the internet is not billed on the same invoice as the room, so you need to get a separate receipt from your credit card if you plan to get reimbursed for your internet access- HUGELY inconvenient!  The other non-business-friendly aspect of this hotel- no workout room!  Geez.  This is California, isn't everyone here supposed to be health conscious?? :)

Other than that it is cheap, location is good, staff seemed pleasant.    I saw other reviews that the rooms are small, the hallways are dark, narrow, and offensive odors permeate the hotel- yeah, there is a smell in here like something is dead.   My closet is extremely small- if you have to hang coats or a suit may have trouble fitting, although they managed to fit a safe in it- go figure.  The sink setup is small- virtually no counter space and it is outside the bathroom - ok for me, but I am guessing most women who want to spread out their goodies when they unpack will be disappointed.  The bed linens look clean and nice- just checked in today so haven't slept in the bed yet.  I have an inside room so no view but it is quiet- I am ok with that, for a work trip I would rather trade the view for silence.

My bad for not checking on the exercise room beforehand- I thought most hotels just offer this now?   They have some deal with another gym nearby, but you have to walk a block or two, pay $10 - it is rainy and 50s outside, I didn't pack sweats and a raincoat to go work out!

05/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
94. Kimi L.
No good !!! Nice and clean . But i had no shower !!! The water was working but when i turned it on it sounded like an airplane taking off . It was so bad it was shaking the whole floor . I get nice rooms to take a shower in the morning and go to my business meetings . Not to sleep and have no  shower before a very important meeting !! They tried to fix it sent a guy up he worked on it for 15 min or more and could not get it to stop making that sound that the whole floor could hear and feel .  When I called the front desk again to let them know it just does not work and i need a shower they acted like it was no big deal that I was inconvenienced !! They did offer me a $20 discount after many calls to the front desk and then going down to the front desk and talking to them . ! But $20 is nothing compared to taking the shower in the morning in a room I payed $200 for . I don't want $20 I want a shower before my business meeting !   I do not recommend staying here !! The villa Florence is around the corner and they have better service and the rooms are 3 times bigger !! Same price if not better really !! They are so  very nice and there showers work !!! Big bathrooms with nice tubs !!

24/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
95. Rex R.
I am giving this hotel 4 stars mostly because of the location. It is close to all the shops and there are also plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from.  This is definitely the right place for those of you who don't have a car and will rely on walking and mass transit, the cable car & bart are both located down the street.  I noticed that there is also an abundance of taxis.  Also noted is the parking garage with valet.

As for the hotel room, I stayed in a double queen room that wasn't bad but was rather noisy for a couple of reasons: the elevator shaft was next to our room and the room also faced the street. But other then the noise, I really can't complain about this hotel.  It was clean, close to everything I needed and relatively cheap compared to the other higher end hotels in San Fran.

16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Erica R.
Absolutely loved my stay here! Highly recommended! From the staff to the room .. Service was excellent! I will definitely be back. Can't wait!

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Stacey H.
A solid three stars.

Stayed here this past weekend to partake in all the holiday festivities SF has to offer. The Handlery is a hop, skip and a jump to Union Square so the location is perfect.

When we first pulled up, we unloaded our luggage and brought it into the lobby as there were no bellmen to help. Apparently, they stay inside and if they see you through the window, they come out to help. No big deal, but on busy Geary Street, a little assistance would have been nice.

Check-in was smooth. No line and our reservation was accurate. We were directed to drive around to the back of the property to the parking garage. After checking our car into the garage, we were told to access the hotel through the elevator. What we weren't told is the elevator only accesses one tower of the hotel and of course, it wasn't the one we were staying in. What you have to do is exit the elevator on the second floor, walk outside past the pool and then follow the signs to the other side of the hotel. Wouldn't have minded so much if someone would have just told us.

Room was clean but tiny. We were only staying for one night so it wasn't a big deal. Bed was not incredibly comfortable but was decent and again, was clean. Hotel is a little older and could probably use some updating in terms of decor, but was charming nonetheless.

Lots of street noise which is not the hotel's fault, but next time I would definitely bring earplugs as this is not a high-rise hotel, so if it's noisy, you're in the thick of it.

Staff was pleasant. Check-out was easy. Price was right. Would consider staying here again under the right circumstances.

06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Phuoc L.
The Handlery Hotel, located right in the smack of Union Square across the street from Macy's is a very conveniently located hotel. I would actually give it a 3.5 as the place is alright, I've been in hotels that felt much more comfortable with a better layout, but in it's defense, this place is pretty darn old.

The staff, I must say, are very very nice. Upon check in, I received $5 starbucks giftcards for each night I was there, along with free wifi and free passes to a nearby gym - Very awesome perks! Though I don't think everyone gets this, only company-booked stays I believe.

The location is by far the hotel's greatest asset. I loooooovvvveeed going downstairs and having at least 100+ options of food in less than a mile vicinity. Awesomeness. In fact, I tried so many restaurants in that area and could review them because I ate there when I stayed at this hotel!!

Lastly, I was here during the winter time and was about to walk out to Union Square, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy all the Christmas Season spirit, it was quite magical. I wouldn't mind staying here again, but because I will probably have to come back from work later on this year, no need to overstay my welcome.

Overall, I would recommend this hotel! Especially if you haven't been to SF or Union Square that often.

16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Jessica M.
Love this place! Definitely going to be staying here again!  My family and I stayed here for the Giants Parade.  We only stayed for one night, but very pleased nonetheless.  The staff was friendly, the room was very clean, the bed was extremely comfy, we had a nice street view and they gave complimentary snacks and bottled water. The location is awesome; so close to all the places I love to shop!  Other reviews said that if you have a room that faces the street, it's extremely noisy.  I did heed the caution, however, the noise wasn't bothersome at all.  It didn't even seem to bother my 8 month old light sleeper.  It is a little expensive.  I suppose that's what you pay for location and convenience.  It did help that we mentioned KNBR.  We got 20% off at The Daily Grill and free parking.  We'll be staying here again soon.

06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Cat M.
Nice Hotel. They upgraded our room and didn't charge us for a bottle of wine for our anniversary. Front Desk was nice. Took several hours to have the wine brought to the room. We had to call twice. We would stay again. Only disappointment was the adjacent bar, we were never able to have a drink because it was packed every night.

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Ant B.
I stayed here for four days and must say that it was very convenient. You are by the shops and stores and near the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are trying to stay near the Marina, this is not the hotel for you.

I had a one bedroom which was was very tight quarters for me (tall!!!) Everything was clean and efficient. There are creeks here and there but other than that not too much noise. It is right next to the Daily Grill which is a plus after a long day. The price also cannot be beat. Go to bookit to get a deal...(MYSTERY!!!!)

And just a heads up....Internet is $5 for 20 minutes so come prepared.

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. Tak-seng L.
Came here in 07 and stayed in a Premier King room.  I recall feeling a little disappointed with the place but for the price and location (Union Square and right next to a ton of stuff) we figured we'd come back.  They've definitely spiced things up a bit and we really like our room.  Upgraded from a tube tv to a flat screen (dig it) but sadly they don't have any movie channels or any on demand service.  Good number of cable channels though so I got caught up on MSNBC and we learned how fireworks are made. ;)

Anyway, the room decor is much nicer, nice love seat and chair along with a frig and our room had a balcony (you'll need to request this ahead of time but even then it's not guaranteed...found that out at check-in) which is awesome for my smoking-self.  Now, we've been coming to SF in July and the weather is really great but a touch on the cooler side.  If you want a balcony and would like to be able to sit out there for a few comfortably you may want to go for one on the pool side and on floor 3 or 4.  You'll be sheltered from most of the wind.

Room service is good with yummy desserts from the Daily Grill downstairs (the carrot cake was super good!).  We didn't hop in the pool but it is heated and there's plenty of seating all around.  Again, the smokers are welcome there and during the high point of the day you can get some sun but since the pool is in the middle of the building it's limited.  Wifi is free if you're in the Premier side of the hotel.  Otherwise you have to pay for it.  You'll need a card with the code on it and it's mobile/Apple product friendly.

Other than that, the staff has been pretty cool and helpful.  Oh!  The valet is 38 a night with unlimited in and out.  If you rented a car like we did (we found we paid less for renting it 10 days rather than the five we needed it for) then you'll want to take them up on this.  However, you don't really need a car in SF if you're physically fine and without limitations.  Public and walking is all you need to do because it's actually not that huge.  The only reason we did it is because we're going to head into wine country in a few days and stay in Palo Alto so we can attend a conference.  Just made the most sense....

Anyway, I'm rambling...so that's about it.  You should be happy here and if you aren't, well, I don't know...good luck with that...? ;)

08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Wendy B.
I've stayed in MANY San Francisco hotels over the years, and I have to say that the Handlery is definitely on the bottom 25%, right down there with the Warwick that had hookers fighting outside my window or the time that I reserved a two bedroom-two bathroom suite at Club Quarters and was given a queen bed with a pullout couch in the regular room instead.

First, when I checked in, they told me that they were putting me in a petite room with a double bed. I innocently asked if any rooms with king beds were available. They informed me that there was a king room, but it was on the street side of the hotel. No problem, I like hearing the ding ding of the cable cars and I don't mind a little traffic noise. What she neglected to tell me was that there was a twice-daily protest happening on the street, every day at 4 pm and 7 am, where people with bullhorns and drums would be chanting about the Hotel Frank's poor labor practices. That's right, every day for an hour, I was treated to the protest chants literally right outside my window. It wasn't until my abrupt 7 am wakeup to "San Francisco should be aware/Hotel Frank Is Unfair!" that I noticed a very small postcard on a table in the hotel room, notifying guests that there were protesters with drums, and offering ear plugs as a convenience. Again, not the Handlery's fault, but this should have been mentioned explicitly when I agreed to take the room, especially since it was clear that I thought the desk clerk only meant typical street noise.

The other downside was a general skimpiness about the facility. The hotel sheets didn't entirely cover the bed. The doorman was never around to open the doors. There were only two towels in the bathroom. When I called for room service, they didn't know who was calling (most hotels have some kind of caller id so that when I make an internal call, they can address by name).  You have to pay for the wifi and then it's not all that speedy. There was a general griminess to the place, as though it hasn't been updated in many many years. These tiny little differences really set the experience apart from the similarly priced Hilton on O'Farrell or the Westin across Geary (granted that one would run slightly more).  

I hate reviews where the people say "I won't be back!" and stomp off in a huff. There's no huff for me, but I can honestly say that I would only stay here again if every other reasonable hotel was booked. Don't be fooled by the word "boutique". If you want a boutique experience, try The Orchard Garden on the other side of Union Square and don't worry about the riffraff of the Tenderloin lapping at the door.

25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
104. Claudia and Andrew H.
To be honest I've never stayed at a hotel that wasn't a chain. And what a breath of fresh air it was! This building is from either the late 1800's or the early 1900's, of course renovated. The room we got was really small, but cozy. Also, the room we got faced the back of the building so there was no view, except for the wall of the other building, but i liked this because that meant we could leave the curtains wide open the whole time without worrying anyone would see us. The doors to the bathroom and closet looked like they were original from when the building opened, and the closet door was really skinny and cute. It was weird, but the bed did not have a comforter cover on. Just sheets and one blanket folded at the end of the bed. Not to worry, more blankets and pillows in the closet.

Don't know how much a room usually costs since we got a really good deal on travelocity and booked it with our flight. The hotel is half a block away (if that) from union square and the trolley. The BART and the bus transportation are only about three to four blocks away. Perfect for taking the BART from the airport and just walking those few blocks which is what we did.

We did not get room service so we did not try their food, but everyone at the front desk was very nice and the concierge was very helpful. Also we were so busy that we never got to go in the pool. I can't wait to go back to San Francisco and stay at the Handlery.

P.S. Around the block from the hotel is a bar called The Gold Dust with an old western feel to it.

03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Allison D.
The atmosphere of the whole place is very friendly, warm, and welcoming as well as safe. The whole staff is very diverse, and seem genuinely happy to greet you and help you. The hotel is literally located in the heart of San Francisco, and shopping and dining of all sorts are every which way you look. The minifridge was really nice to have and the cadence was pleasing as well.

I'm trying to think of any negatives of the place, but I have no complaints other than very small petty things such as wishing the televisions had Pay-Per-View movies or that our beds were nicer. (We woke up every morning with a stiff back).

Other than the above, I recommend ! The location is to-die-for.

25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Ned H.
HEADLINE: Great location with proximity to Union Square, terrific concierge, decent value, but ... oh ... some of the pitfalls ... demand an inside room!

Recently had an all-day business meeting here and headed up from San Jose the afternoon before to attend a business dinner in the evening.

Check-in around 4:00 PM was absolutely painless ... no probs here.

I had a business dinner at Farallon this evening and brought six bottles of wine with me for my out-of-town business associates to enjoy. I walked over to the concierge and asked him if he could chill the three bottles of Rombauer Chard in the carrying case and I'd be by before 7:00 PM to pick them up. My man, despite coming off his shift at 6:00 PM, told me 'no problem' ... he'd have Housekeeping take care of it, along with storing the three bottles of Round Pond Cab in the case as well ... I just had to ask the Front Desk, they'd take care of everything at pick-up. Thank you, sir!!!

I head up to my room on the third floor. It is indeed non-smoking ... many thanks for that, and a sign appears on the desk alerting all offenders that a $250 charge will be levied if one does smoke in the room ... Nice Touch!!!

The room, however, is somewhat spartan ... a king bed, a small desk, a small sitting chair, a Samsung 48" hung on the wall over the self-service bar, the closet ... very tiny, as is the bathroom.

A single window, capable of being opened, overlooked Geary and directly at the St. Francis Hotel across the street.

Unpacked and chilled a bit before dinner.

Came down around 6:45 to retrieve my wine at the Front Desk and whilst trying to explain to one gentlemen about the process, another young gentleman appeared with my six bottles of wine, having overhead my conversation, with the Chards nicely chilled. Perfect! ... one star earned here, if not two!

I met my compatriots in the lobby and began heading over to the restaurant. The gentlemen at the Front Desk asked us where we were heading to and, upon mentioning Farallon, advised us that we could get there most easily just walking through the St. Francis to get to Post Street ... it'd be directly across the street ... very helpful!

Dinner and wine were both sublime ... but that's another review!

Getting back into my room, I got ready for bed. Tried to lower the temp in the room, but the thermostat is either permanently turned off, or something else ... could not in any way adjust the temp or the fan ... it was rather warm all night ... but I guess better than freezing cold.

In trying to get to sleep ... well, having an exterior room three floors above Geary was simply a tragic mistake in planning on my part.

Garbage trucks picked up their dumpsters with gusto until about 3:00 AM ... I hear every one of them with their reverse beepers a-blaring and dumpsters a-crashing.

Halfway down the street there are several indigents, regaling passers by with hoots and hollers and expletives. Just as I begin to nod off their salutations ricochet off my ear drums. They finally succumb to whatever they are imbibing, or are told to move on by the local constabulary, around 3:30 AM

So, needless to say, with the alarm and wake up call set for 6:00 AM, there was precious little sleep to be had.

Wake up call WAS delivered promptly at 6:00 AM ... excellent ... thank you!

Unfortunately, the shower button on the tub's faucet was inoperable ... despite pushing several dozen times, not a drop could be cajoled from the shower head. Gave myself my first sponge bath in a long time ... and shampooing was a unique adventure. I don't think I've used a tub faucet for rinsing since I was six.

Meeting facilities on the first floor for our all-day meeting were spartan but efficient. Projector worked, HVAC worked as well, pssst ... you need to dial 8 on the Polycom to get outside ... ;-))

Food was brought in for breakfast and lunch from the Daily Grill and it was very good.

Scrambled eggs, breakfast meats, muffins and coffee were all very good. Lunch even better with salads and warm chicken and fish offerings ... and the most sinful-looking chocolate layer cake I have seen in a while.

One last note, in checking out before my meeting around 6:45AM, I had to wait a pretty long time to get to the desk: one person manning it and having to deal with phone calls as well.  Interesting tidbit ... in overhearing the attendant, she told one caller that they'd have to call back for reservations because their Reservations Department opened at 7:00 AM ... what's that all about? You don't take reservations 24 / 7??

Anyways ... an uneven experience, summing to two stars. It might have been three if I had specifically reserved and received an interior room to get away from the street noise ... it's not like I benefited from a spectacular view from a higher-floored room.

But many thanks for handling my wine request ... kudos for executing on that!

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
107. Linda W.
My boyfriend and I decided to get a hotel room in the city to celebrate our Anniversary weekend. We decided to go with the Handlery hotel because we got a great deal for being a AAA member.

We got our car valeted at the parking garage located under the hotel. We checked in with no hassle. They were nice enough to upgrade our room for free. Our room was spacious and clean. My boyfriend was impressed with the bed linen and the flat screen TV. The bathroom was huge.

Only thing I could complain about it, we had a horrible view of some pipes and other guest's windows.

Other than that, we had a great stay. We were in the heart of Union Square and it was perfect. =)

18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Kat H.
Stayed here as part of the Teatro Zinzanni overnight stay package. What a fantastic location - and you can't beat the price considering where it is. This historic hotel has small rooms, but they are very cozy and have every amenity.

We stayed in the historic wing in a king size room and it was very comfortable. The bathroom was PRISTINELY clean and we slept well on the plush bedding.

Matt Musselman, a front desk manager, is very personable and entertaining. He made checking in quite fun and enjoyable!

A great bargain for someplace in the City right in the midst of the best shopping areas.

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Chelsea H.
The location of this hotel is really great.  I love the area and the shopping is top notch It can be pricey, but there is a nice variety if you keep walking to Westfield Mall. Also, the walk to the touristy Pier 39 area isn't really that bad (I love a good walk).  

My group got a pretty good rate for the room, so I can't complain too much that they gave our room away and replaced it with different beds.  It worked out in the end and the front desk was very accommodating.  The front desk also sent up paper plates within 5 minutes of us calling. They really were the super-stars of this hotel.  

I did park my car in their garage and 3 out of the 4 attendees I met were quite rude, but what does one expect? Car came back not dinged and okay, so that's fine if they want to have an attitude.  :)  The cost was on the higher end ($38 a night), but the convenience of being so close to the car was worth it.  

Overall, it was a good hotel, especially for the discounted rate we paid.

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Julie C.
My husband and I stayed in the Premier King room while celebrating our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary last week.  The room was very nice and also had a balcony that opened up to O'Farrell St.  It was very nice to be able to sit on the balcony and watch the rest of city go about their day.  The street noise was not that bad at all, we even slept with our balcony sliding glass door open.  This hotel is in the perfect location and within walking distance to many tourist interests .. Wesfield Mall, Union Square, Chinatown.

21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. Katrina N.
Tatty and sad. They have updated areas but the rooms are tired and we were in a deluxe!!!
Heat would not work right, they tried to fix. Staff was good but property just couldn't do it.
Restaurant very good but pricey

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
112. Elaine T.
Great location. With the KGO package - great price large room with balcony, free parking.
Just off Union Square, easy walking to everything.
Great staff. Lovely breakfast at the Daily Grill.
In room coffee/tea, fridge, safe, snacks and water provided. Ipod/phone music player, flat screen tv. robes, iron etc.
Comfy beds and linen.
Nice pool, sauna, fitness room, business area.
Brought earplugs, as I knew it would be noisy from the street, so perfect.
Great stay.

12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Sara W.
We stayed here for our wedding anniversary. The hotel room was clean and well kept. The hotel grounds were clean as well. I understand that San Francisco is an expensive place to stay, but for what we payed, I feel like there should have been some more amenities. (ie. wine and cheese hour, restaurant/ bar specials for guests staying in the hotel, etc.). We purchased the breakfast and free internet package. I would not recommend this as it does not apply to room service and you only get three choices for breakfast. The one day we did go to the restaurant to redeem one of our breakfast vouchers, the service was less than awesome. I understand that the restaurant is full of people essentially not paying for their breakfast and the tips are probably not amazing, but at least be friendly! When I made the reservation I prefaced that it was our anniversary and no member of the staff made efforts to go above and beyond in any way to make our stay more special. In fact, I ordered room service as a surprise for my husband on our anniversary for dinner in our room. I made it very clear to the manager that the food should be delivered at 6:30 pm in order to pull off the surprise. I placed the order at noon. Our food arrived at 6:50 and the surprise was on me! I also asked that they spare no expense in making it as romantic as possible, they place a candle on the plate next to the creme brûlée. Gee thanks.
Overall, the hotel was just fine but the room service/ restaurant needs a little fine tuning.

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
114. Julie M.
Stayed here for four days on the company dime, and had no problems at all. All the hospitality folks were friendly, the place was clean, the housekeeping staff efficient, and the room service quick and tasty.  Wifi is 9.95/day - par for the course, but still disappointing; it wasn't particularly fast, either.

Conveniently located, for sure, with lots of fancy & not-fancy-but-really-tasty restaurants within quick walking distance.

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Zndiz Z.
Set up a group stay for 16 people in four rooms to take some little girls to see Wicked.  Everyone I spoke to on the phone, from reservations to front desk to the concierge was patient and helpful.  

Upon arrival, check-in was quick and easy, parking around the corner was free (part of a package deal), and we had rec'd 3 room upgrades to the newer wing.  When the front desk realized that the 4th room had not been upgraded (that party had not yet arrived) she upgraded it immediately for free.  Two of our four rooms were connecting, which was what we asked for, and although the other two rooms did not connect, they were at least close by.  All staff was wonderful and helpful.  Definitely recommend!

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. John P.
First of all the location is one thing I like because it's located by Union Square.

Service is okay with the check-in wait with the front desk clerk. She was nice and friendly. The wait for the check in was like 5 minutes with other people in front of us.

The room was pretty small but it did the job for us. The room was clean and well lit up. We had 2 queen beds, 36" flat screen(i think), small frigde and a closet with a small safe box.

The bathroom was super small which had sink with hairdryer, toilet and a walk in shower instead of a tub. You can fully open the window that didn't have safety window net which was a bit scary because we were on the fourth floor.

Checking out was really simple because you can check out through the phone.

I don't have anything bad to say about the Handlery Hotel except the elevators take forever.

For the price and location. I would definitely stay here again if I was going to spend the night again in San Francisco.

10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Matthew H.
Location to downtown SF and the BART is excellent. Lots of neighborhood attractions. Even my room was cool. Good bed.

But some injustices I cannot let stand man...

Having to pay for Wi-Fi or even lobby computers in the business center is antiquated. I have stayed in run down traveling business suites in Ontario that even covered the bill on this item. This frustrated me so much I actually accepted the charge just to right this review. Mere steps from the front desk!

The water pressure in the room was pathetic. One would think that with all the postings throughout the hotel lobby and in the rooms about the collective effort to conserve energy and resources that proficient utilities would be available. Being green doesn't have to suck people. I could barely get the shampoo out of my hair thus tripling the time I spent in the shower......using excessive amounts of water.


Soapy in SF

16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
118. Anna S.

(the pos)
+Look for deals on third party sites such as bookit.com for a better deal than what the hotel charges, otherwise it's not so worthwhile to stay here.
+ Bookit.com deal in July, included two complimentary drink coupons for the Daily Grill downstairs and a historic double double room + tax totaled $147. We did not redeem the comp drink coupons, so I can't review the validity of the coupons, but I am sure it works just fine.
+Concierge and front desk were friendly in suggesting restaurants to dine at. They provided a map as well, so ask for one if they don't offer one!
+While the exterior appearance of the room and halls are quite historic, the beds, tv, decor of the room are rather modern.
+The bedroom & bathroom were clean.
+We were in a room on the 2nd floor and when we opened the windows, we were able to step outside to a fire escape balcony with a fire escape ladder. Well, we weren't supposed to step outside, but I kind of did for kicks. I was able to get a view of the Union Square so why not! My girl friends were frettin' saying "BECAREFUL OH MY GOODNESS ANNA." Watching out for my safety, thank you! but as heavy as I might be, I wouldn't  cause the ledge to dilapidate, dang it! Point is, incase of a fire, we would've been able to just hope out immediately.
+PARKING is by the 24 hour $38, you pull in to the garage, someone takes your keys and you say goodbye to your car as it gets driven away hastily. Whenever you need your car, you give them your parking voucher, and they hastily drive it out.

(the neg)
-The rooms are pretty darn small, but spacious enough for two people.
-Our door did not shut unless we TUGGED on it and heard it go BOOM & KACHINK.
-The bathroom lock was broken and the door couldn't shut all the way, but if you're willing to stay in the same hotel room with someone, I guess a crack in the bathroom door and some trust would not matter.
-It's true that they charge $50 to the credit card for no apparent reason, as though having your credit card number is not enough. We had to call to get it credited, maybe it's automatic?
-There is a small pool, but no hot tub! Lame, it's SF, cold nights, come on.
-The hallways are a tad freaky teaky and remind me of being on the Titanic, with the stairs, carpeting, pipes, and dim lighting.
-The elevator is whack. Slow and mechanically challenged. Take the stairs, faster.

Just a few notes:
1) There is a slight, maybe confusing, walk from the lobby to the parking garage. Not so accessible for disabled guests.
2) The hotel address is on Geary, but the parking garage is on the opposite side so when youre on Geary and you pass the hotel to your left,  turn LEFT ON MASON then LEFT ON O'FARRELL and you will see the Handlery Parking Garage Entrance .
3) For your information, a historic double double includes two full sized beds, not intended for 2 people per bed unless you guys are tiny or wanna sleep as a complete unit.

Have heaps of fun if you decide to stay here!

28/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Sheryce S.
I enjoyed our stay at the Handlery.  Yes, the rooms are a bit small, but you are in downtown SF...all rooms are small.  The location of this hotel is perfect though; within a half-block of Union Square.  We also got a fairly good deal (by SF standards) on bookit.com .  Lots of charm, with little space.  If the price was right, I'd stay again.  Remember, you have to pay for parking too.  Not sure how much the hotel charges, but we opted to park in a private garage up the street.  What's also cool, is this hotel has two different, separate entrances:  one on Geary and the other on O'Farrell.  And if you want to park at the hotel, you have to enter on the O'Farrell side.  Watch out for the one-way streets!

24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Frances T.
I think the secret is out that Handlery Hotel is a gemini. It's two-faced. It has a "good side" and an "ugly side."

Notice I did not say it has a "bad side." That's because the rooms are not bad! If you want a bad room, try lodging in New York.

The rooms on the "ugly side" are spacious and clean, but it has a tiny bathroom and a f*cked up view (which isn't a view at all.) You'll most likely end up on this side if you are a bargainist and booked your hotel on something like Priceline or Expedia or got some sort of special discount rate. FAIR ENOUGH... Hotels in San Francisco (especially in the heart of Union Square) are goddamn expensive. -____-

Just because you end up on this side, does not mean you have a horrible room. It's actually still quite nice! Fyi, I was on this side and I do enjoy my 4star hotels that feel luxurious, but for the price I paid ($162 on NYE), I felt like I got my money's worth (considering that every other hotel was charging $250+ for NYE.)

The real problem is the bathroom. You'll either get a tiny bathroom with a tub shower or a much roomier bathroom with a tiny shower (comparable to the showers in cruise ships where you barely have enough room to pick up the soap if you drop it on the ground.)

My advice: Don't look outside and don't drop the soap.

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
121. Christal M.
Stayed here one night before continuing on to Napa the next day, but I wish I could've stayed longer!

It's located right smack dab in the middle of Union Square.  I couldn't have asked for a better location.  The hotel is walking distance to an abundance of dining options and shopping destinations.   San Francisco Centre Mall and the three story Forever 21 are only a couple blocks away.  It's also within stumbling distance of some bars and clubs which is always a plus.

Paid a little more for a Premier room on the newer side of the hotel.  It was on the second floor facing the pool, so we didn't get much street noise at all.  The room itself was spacious and nicely decorated in relaxing brown tones.  The shoe shining machine in the room was a surprising feature to find, but cool nonetheless.  I appreciated the complimentary bottled water!  So few things in hotel rooms are free these days.  It was also nice of them to have complimentary mouth wash, toothpaste, and toothbrush already available in the bathroom, in case we forgot to bring them.

The staff was welcoming and quickly checked us in and out.  The only downside is the pricey $38 parking fee.  We opted to pick up our rental car the following day because of it.  But if you're only planning on staying in the area, you don't really need a car anyway as there is plenty of public transportation available.

16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Michelle V.
My sister and I were staying at the Handlery because we were in town to celebrate my birthday and my mother had made us reservations there as a surprise. She and many others in my family have stayed there over the years for both business and pleasure, and I'd heard good things. And if it were only a question of the quality of the room and the convenient location, I might say good things as well.

However, this hotel is staffed with some of the most intensely rude individuals I have ever encountered. Absolutely nothing makes me more furious than bad customer service, and the Handlery has it in droves.

First, there was a mistake with our reservation, about which the front desk clerk (I believe his name was Franklin) was completely unapologetic. He behaved as if we were a great incovenience to him and implied that we were stupid for thinking that a printed-out confirmation was actually worth anything. He did, however, helpfully suggest that our mother could sort the whole thing out by popping over from Texas to speak to him personally.

After we finally got a room, with much hemming and hawing from Franklin as to whether we could afford it, no bellhops came forward to help with our bags. We ended up lugging them through the labyrinthine layout of the hotel ourselves and we eventually found our room on our own. We were never acknowledged by any of the numerous staff we encountered along the way. It was like we were invisible, except when a maid asked us to move while she crammed a huge vacuum into the elevator with us. Even the operator was rude when my sister and I called to ask about room service.

We opted to have dinner at the Hilton before the party instead, since their staff have mastered basic manners and customer service.

What a magical birthday. Thanks, Handlery!

29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
123. Mama J.
The hubby and I stayed here last week for our anniversary. My MIL swears by this place so we decided to splurge. We booked the room plus parking package which was roughly $470 for two nights-eek.

The hotel is perfectly located, close to Union Square (could see it from our room) and shopping. Right on the cable car line. But it is a pretty basic hotel. Nothing fancy..bathroom was pretty small and we got a city view room. No microwave or refrigerator...just basic. Parking is weird-around the block and then you have to unload and carry all your stuff up the elevators, through the pool area, down some stairs into the main side of the building. Elevators are old and one on the right gets stuck alot. :(

Breakfast next door was blah so glad it was free...

Overall is was average to me. I think this hotel relies on location, location, location...

16/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
124. Kate J.
Such lovely staff and great facilities. The outdoor pool is small but perfectly formed and the rooms are great. It's a shame there are no food facilities on site but the hotel is linked to a decent (but expensive) restaurant next door so it's not too bad. Rooms are fully equipped with everything you need down to iPhone docs and automatic shoe shiner! For a 3 star hotel this is pretty darnn good. If you're looking for comfortable, friendly, easy and clean then this is the place. If you're looking for glossy and posh and sleek however, it's probably not for you.

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Jack L.
Excellent service from moment we pulled into the parking garage until the time we left. We are local and came into the City for my Fiancee's birthday. The pleasant guy at the front desk asked if we were there for a special occasion and I told him it was a birthday. 5 minutes after we got to our room a bucket of champagne on ice arrived.  Every person that we encountered at this hotel had something nice to say. Our room was great and we had a wonderful weekend. I will definitely stay here again.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Liam M.
Spent a few nights here this week as I was in town for work, awesome hotel!  Right off Union Square, this is a great location for vacationers or business trips, as you are in the heart of downtown.  The staff was super friendly and helpful, the rooms were big & spacious, and thankfully I did not encounter any obnoxious guests, always a plus.  I did have a slight issue using the shower, the water was usually too hot for my liking, and trying to cool it down was not very successful.  There are a ton of hotels in the area, this one had a cool style about it, looking forward to returning.

18/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Brian B.
After the Hotels President responded to my Yelp!, I felt obligated to write this update and give them one more star just for the customer service aspect.

The hotel has a VERY nice bar attached to it with amazing happy hour specials, and surprisingly good food.

Also, since we used my Fiancés government I.D., we were able to get one free breakfast voucher. Where this doesn't seem like a lot, it was a nice gesture.

I will consider staying here again, and had Jon not written me personally, I wouldn't feel that way. WTG Jon, you're customer service speaks loud and clear.

12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Lisa S.

I didn't have any crawling on my person (that I know of), so there are no exclamation marks, but this was out of control.  I've stayed in hotels, motels, all kinds of establishments around the country, in Latin America, in Southeast Asia even, and I've never had roaches in my room!

We checked in at around 1am.  While brushing my teeth, I saw a mini roach running around the shower floor.  I figured it was an old building, and I was grossed out about it, but I let it go.  I turned on the shower and it ran down the drain.  However, while I was getting into bed, the boyfriend was in the bathroom cleaning up, and he saw an even BIGGER one crawling on the wall, and subsequently on the bath towels.  !!!  Gross!  We were in a petite room on the second floor, btw.

I called the front desk and asked if this was normal for the hotel.  They said absolutely not, and they sent a bellhop to take us to another room, and we were given vouchers for one free breakfast downstairs.  

Our second room was much bigger and nicer, with a little living room area.  Everything seemed fine, so we went to sleep.  In the morning, I was in the shower.  When I looked up, I saw a MASSIVE COCKROACH crawling around the corner by the ceiling!!!!!!  It was GINORMOUS!!!!  I jumped out of the shower, and the boyfriend caught the roach in a towel.  He squeezed it and squeezed it and stepped on it, and in the end, it still wasn't dead.

I called down to the front desk AGAIN, after calling Expedia.  Two managers were sent up.  We showed them the roach, and they took it away. They asked what they could do to rectify the situation.  We asked for a discount on the room, but they weren't willing to do that.  Instead, they moved us to the 7th floor to an even larger room.  We didn't necessarily want that, since we were sightseeing all day and didn't need a super big room, but they didn't want to budge on the discount.  They also gave us a free dinner, but we already had dinner plans for our weekend, which was lame.  We would have rather had the money.  Fail.  In the end we got really tired Sunday night, and we ended up eating from the hotel, so we used it afterall.  Still, a discount on the rom would have been much more appreciated.

There were no more roach sightings for the remainder of our stay.  The room was spacious, but we didn't have any robes or any of the upper amenities.  Also, a room right on Geary is not the best, as the windows are paper thin, and we had trouble sleeping on Saturday night due to all the music, yellings, and screaming downstairs on the street.  I actually asked the boyfriend to check to see if the windows were open, it was that loud.

It wasn't the worst stay ever, but we had to change rooms twice, our last room still wasn't completely satisfactory, and we would have rather had a discount.  Next time we visit the Bay Area we'll choose another hotel.  :/

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Tia D.
Location location location!!!
I was very pleased with my recent 2 night stay at the handlery hotel.
I asked for a very quiet room and this is exactly what I got! They was only 2 double bed available and I really wanted a king or queen size bed but it was a last minute reservation during a very busy week end in the city so I was still happy to have a room available.
The bedding is impeccable, great quality, very comfortable. Everything was ultra clean, linen crispy fresh, pillows so fluffy and comfy.. I am highly allergic to dust and I didn't encounter any issue on that level.
The bathroom was too small for my taste but I was pleased that everything was up to date and super clean as well.
The staff was extremely accommodating. They honored each ones if my request in a very timely fashion.
Great restaurant and bar downstairs but waayyyyyy to busy, I didnt have a reservation. .. No problem,  I got my delicious meal delivered to my room in less than 30 minuts on a Saturday night!
The location is the best in the city, near everything, very safe.
I would recommend it to tourists and poeple here on business as well.
10% discount at macy's with your stay... Score Hahaha!!!
Will stay again! Hope I can get a king bed next time.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention... this is a green hotel,  yep... extra star for that.
Keep up the good work Handlery hotel!

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Doug I.
Only stayed one night, mid week, so I didn't get a full experience at the Handlery - but overall, had a great time.  The hotel is in a great location (right by Union Square).  The service was good - each employee I spoke to was very helpful and friendly.  

The room was clean and a decent size for a hotel in SF.  We used the KNBR package, which got us the room, parking and 20% off the Daily Grill (which we didn't get to try though).  I don't think they advertise the KNBR package on their website, so you probably have to call for it.

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Devon G.

I have stayed here before and the service has been tolerable.  During my previous stay I actually mentioned that I would be returning the next week and asked whether or not I could leave a few snacks, balloons, etc. in the reserved suite for my husband's birthday.  (I would be switching from my single room to a suite for the following two nights.)  I was assured this would be fine and to make sure and notify the Front Desk.  

When I went downstairs to check out of my single room and to request my bags and husband's surprise birthday decorations/treats be placed in the suite I was told this was not possible.  I was told that I would have to fill out the "paperwork" for the suite.  What they should have said is that they wanted a credit card on file to officially check me in (which I was not prepared to do).  Trying to be understanding I asked if the concierge could place the items in the suite when my husband and his friends checked in and was again told no.  WTF IS A CONCIERGE FOR???  

In addition to ruining the surprise I was trying to prepare for my husband, the Front Desk also began assisting the woman behind me in line after she called for the bell man to come retrieve my bags...how about you finish with one client sufficiently before assisting the next?

When the bell man, I believe Victor was his name, came to take my bags he gave me attitude.  Unbelievable.  Sorry I interrupted him from standing around!  As if things weren't bad enough in the morning it got worse when I returned from my work event at Neiman Marcus.  I asked the same bell man to please grab my bags so I could actually get settled in the suite.  (My husband and friends had actually checked in at this point and were on an Alcatraz Tour.)  As I stood at the elevator per his request he actually came down the hallway wheeling other clients' bags!  I had had enough and just took the elevator up...he could figure out what my room number was on his own.  

Keep in mind the internet is not free meaning this is not ideal for business purposes.  And the bathrooms here are completely out of date and disgusting.  

Do not stay here.  There are many other hotels near Union Square that far surpass Handlery in value and for the same price.

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
132. Tani H.
We absolutely love this hotel.

It is walking distance to the Curran theater, the restaurant on-site is pretty darn good, the KNBR special is a price that can't be beat for it's Union Square location.  Love love love this place!

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Samira G.
I attended an event at the Moscone Center.  This hotel is within walking distance.  it was absolutely wonderful!  I loved everything about it.  From the indoor pool, which I didn't get to try, to the Daily Grill next door - everything was amazing.  The food was great.  Service was impeccable.  Did I mention there was a Dr. Seuss Gallery on one side and a Salvador Dali Gallery on the other?  My only little issue was that I paid for a Queen bed.  I didn't notice, until later, that they gave me a Full and charged me for the Queen.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
134. Elyn Z.
My husband and I stayed at The Handlery in SF on Union Square in April 2012.  Our  check in was handled by Matthew MacLean.  On that day there was an issue with credit cards clearing and a number of people had issues with their cards so there was a bit of a  wait at check in. Matthew was very courteous throughout the check in process.

Shortly after getting into our room, we noticed that there were no curtains to darken the room, just slatted window blinds. As we did not think this would darken the room adequately for sleep, we requested another room.  Matthew and his supervisor (D. Santos) worked to find us a room that would fit our needs. After a few rooms that didn't work (near the elevator, or with a connecting door to the next room), we finally found the right room.  It was an upgrade but we were not charged anything additional.  It was a great room, very clean, updated and quiet.  Throughout this whole process Matthew was friendly and professional. Matthew said that he wanted to be sure that we enjoyed our stay at The Handlery, and he certainly went the extra mile to ensure that we found a  suitable room.  

We will be staying at The Handlery on our next trip to SF

24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. Jennifer S.
I really enjoyed my stay here. The hotel and the hotel room offered old world SF charm. From the archways to the crystal door knobs. The room I was in was small but very clean and offered a nice view of the pool and city skyline. Also, the whole place was really quiet which was wonderful. The only thing I didn't like was that the blinds didn't block out all the sun light in the morning.

All the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. And our room included valet parking, a major plus in the city. The hotel is located in a great area. It is right in the heart of restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping. Also, we went to the Orpheum Theater while we were there and it was only a 15 minute walk.

This hotel is great and I really recommend it.

21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Terra M.
I  have stayed at the Handlery many times, both for business and pleasure (convenient to both downtown and Union Square), and will gladly return many times in the future. I have stayed in the historic rooms as well as the updated larger rooms and enjoy them both, although they are quite different. The bathrooms in the historic rooms are definitely ready for an update, but the rest of room has been updated and is modern enough for my taste. The rooms facing the main streets rather an alley ways are much preferred. The fitness room is convenient with modern treadmills and shared flat screen TV's, but is very basic. Other than 3 treadmills, two ellipticals, and a full set of dumbbells, don't expect much more. This is plenty for me to get a decent workout in while traveling though.

The room service is from the Daily Grill, which is quite excellent...and convenient for breakfast in bed. The restaurant is downstairs and is also a great place to relax at the end of the long day when you return "home" to the Handlery.

Best part about the Handlery: Right across the street from Foleys Irish Pub and down the street from Macy's! What else do you need?

18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Joel A.
This hotel is great.  It's clean the rooms are nice and it's a great location and it has a heated pool.  The staff are great too.  The beautiful girl I'm banging likes the decor and the location close to shopping.  I will definitely stay here again and again.  They also gave us an extended checkout which is great.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
138. N B.
I stayed in this hotel about two months back and am finally getting the chance to write this review.

We got the room through one of those booking sites that doesn't tell you the name of the hotel before you do the booking. We stayed in a petite room which honestly wasn't that small, and frankly I would happily stay in a room that size in the future if I could save a buck doing so. The sauna was well appreciated, but unfortunately the door didn't close all the way and the max temp felt considerably lower than it could have been (I was told later one that this was fixed after my initial unedited comment. Thanks for the good customer service). Continental breakfast would have been nice or at least a breakfast that wasn't 13+ dollars a plate.... ouch. The lemon water in the lobby was a nice touch and well appreciated. The workout room was very nice and I could see myself using it if I had the time.

I took a star off because I have stayed in slightly nicer hotels for that price range ($125-200 per night). The location was absolutely fantastic, so that is probably why the price to value ratio seemed a little out of whack for me.

29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Huntington B.
Just got back and if I could give 3 1/2 stars that would be most appropriate. The location is awesome. We enjoyed having a room with a balcony. Good for the teenager to escape to. Because we love big cities, we didn't mind the thin windows but if you don't like city noise, this is not the place for you. Housekeeping was excellent. Other staff was very friendly our first night there then not so much. When leaving we made sure to have extra money for the valet assuming he would help load luggage when he brought our car. He didn't even offer. Strange. Overall we would stay here again if we could get a good deal like we did for this trip.

19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
140. Catheria S.
The decor fits San Francisco's culture so well. The petite crown moldings, crystal door knobs, the lock on the bathroom door, even the windows. Everything reminded me of a Victorian home.

I only stayed one night and didn't utilize the concierge nor the front desk so I can't say much about the service. But a bunch of my friends and I were really loud in their tiny lobby late night and the front desk people didn't seem to mind.

I must stay at the Handlery in San Diego.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Heather L.
I stayed here for my company's Holiday Party, which wasn't actually onsite, but up the street and my company put us up here and paid our parking for the evening. I would never stay here again.
I'll just preface by saying that I have a 1 year old and this was my first night away from him ever, so I was very excited to spend the time with my husband especially at a place with such a great reputation and unfortunately I felt very let down. Perhaps my expectations were too high.
The hotel experienced an above average amount of people parking in their garage for the day/evening and we spent 2 hours waiting in line, in traffic, in the car on the street just to get into the hotel parking garage. 2 hours to go about 1/2 a mile from the front of the hotel entrance to the parking garage around the corner. They were completely full and only letting 1 car in after 1 car would exit, which was not a constant stream. The staff was apologetic, and they did offer us breakfast for the inconvenience, but I don't understand what kind of hotel doesn't reserve enough parking for guests of their hotel that has already been paid for.
To top it off, we were told it was because of "people like us" who were having events off site, but parking at the hotel. Just what everyone checking in for the night wants to hear, that its our own fault for having to wait 2 hours. I finally got out of the car and walked the block to check in because we were going to be late to our event. When I finally found my way to the lobby, which the parking attendant was nice enough to let me find on my own, I was given my room key and told where to find my room. As I struggled away from the front desk, back to where I came from, with 2 bags, a large coat slung over my arm, and now a bottle of wine in hand (a gift from the company for our stay) I wasn't asked if I needed help at all. I don't know if an elevator back to the area where my room was located existed, I was told to take the stairs, with all of my stuff. And again, no offer for help, or even mention of it, I honestly figured they just didn't have anyone on staff to assist until the next day when I saw someone assisting a couple with their bags. Perhaps I should've spoken up.
While my experience wasn't a great one, the room was very nice, and clean. The restaurant onsite was very good, and had a great bar at night. And I know that many of my colleagues didn't have the same experience that I did. A co-worker of mine stays there every year for an annual shopping trip with friends and has always raved.
Judging by my experience alone, I couldn't recommend staying there.

09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
142. Jimmy H.
Great location and at a decent price. We recently stayed here because we wanted to be centrally located since we were zipping around the city that day and the location was perfect for that. Everyone who works here was really nice and the KNBR package was just what we needed since we wanted to park the car and the discount at the Daily Grill was an excellent treat as well.

As for the actual sleeping accommodations, that where this place lost a star for me. We asked for a quiet room and they did give us that, couldn't hear a thing which was fantastic. The problem is they just have normal blinds on the windows, and since we requested a quiet room we kind of got a room with an alley view. Not complaining, since it was what I asked for, but unfortunately the entire building on the other side of the alley had it's lights on all night. This wouldn't be a problem (aside from the huge waste of electricity as it seemed like nobody was in the building) except the shafts of light cut right through the spaces between the blinds making it hard to fall asleep as well as occasionally causing mid-night wake ups with a shaft of light hitting you right in the eyes because you rolled over onto the wrong spot.

So while I liked most of what this hotel had to offer and thought the service was wonderful, I just couldn't get a great night's sleep. I will doubtfully book again unless I hear they've installed blackout curtains in  their rooms like most hotels seem to have, especially ones in the city. Everything else about the hotel was great though, so if you are not as light a sleeper, you will probably do fine.

03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
143. Gina L.
I booked a room for my friend's birthday mainly because it was featured on Vessel's website, where you get a discount if you are on the club's guest list.  Well, why not, as I was in a rush and couldn't be bothered searching through Hotels.com .

The location is perfect.  It's pretty much in the middle of Union Square, and only a few minutes walking distance to Vessel.

You valet your car in the rear of the hotel, but then it gets kind of confusing once you try to find your way to the front desk.  I wasn't aware that the hotel is separated into two buildings.  You have the walk through the back building (where valet is connected) through the pool area.  The elevators are also a bit confusing, as it says the lobby is located on the second floor, but once you exit on the second floor, you realize that you have to walk down the stairs (and no, not just a couple steps).  I'm in six inch heels, and thank God I wasn't carrying luggage.

Now, back to the part about not realizing that there are two separate buildings.  I got confused when I went up the elevators in the valet tower (later on in the night) and could not find my room.  So... make sure you're going up the right elevators or you're going to freak out like I did for a minute or two.

The room was small but cute.  I realized that it was an older hotel, but I found it very cozy.  The bathroom, however, was the smallest I've ever been in in a hotel.  Tiny shower (luckily I was just spending the night), and once you close the door, you're pretty much stuck!  There is barely enough room for you to open the door back up and slip out at the same time.

The blonde lady at the front desk wasn't the nicest.  When I went up to her for information, she looked at me and my friend like we were streetwalkers.  Yes, it's a Friday night, and we are going out (shocker).  And you're also featured on a nightclub's website, sooo...?  The way she addressed me with, "......uhh can I help you?" came off like she thought I was lost.  K thanks.

Anyway, my stay wasn't horrible, but I think next time I'll stay at the Parc 55 like I usually do.  I did love the express check-out when you just sign the bill and stick it in a box in the lobby.

14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
144. Patrick F.
The staff was nice, the location was great, all in all I can't really complain. I think I was in town a weekend with a big conference, because the price was insane (more insane than usual for an SF hotel) but that was the case with all hotels that weekend. The room itself was clean and spacious.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
145. Penny G.
Good hotel, good location, good price.  Our room was nice - not too small, but not huge.  

The location is the best part of this place - right in the middle of everything, easy access to buses, trains, shopping, food.

The beds were fine - nothing awful, but definitely not the best I've slept in.The free wi-fi was a bit slow - but it was free! So there you go.

Room service is a reasonable price (at least, it seemed that way after getting room service in Manhattan), and everyone is nice and friendly.

The pool is a nice touch - heated and kept clean. Kids loved it.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Kelly B.
Terrific location and the room was spacious and well appointed.  Lefty's right next door for budget friendly food and drink-or the Daily Grill for a great steak in house.
The staff were exceptional and I will definitely stay here again.
Also, the upgraded rooms have a balcony-so if you are a smoker-here's your place.

24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. John K.
The owner invited us back again and we had a great stay! Our room didn't suffer from AC problems and we stayed in an identical room as our first visit. The treats in the room were a homerun.

05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Janet T.
I'm a fan of the Handlery.  Although it's not a stick-out-of-the-crowd hotel in one of the most bustling big cities in the US, I'd say that the Handlery feels like a Christmas wonderland.  The rooms are clean with sufficient space.  A refrigerator is made available, big screen tv, couch with table.  House-cleaning is frequent.  It's a cozy, moderately-sized hotel, a few rooms with balconies.  They have a conference room and the Daily Grill next door which has addicting mini chicken pot pies.  I'm happy whenever there is a fitness center.  Their heated pool is also a plus.  Their hotel barber another star.  Free wifi & business center for when I need to print documents stat.  Baby-sitting & dog-friendly, too?  Wine in freshly-scooped ice upon arrival for another thumbs up (I'm about to run out of thumbs).  Because we're in a big city, traffic will always get in the way.  Luckily, pulling into the garage and handing the keys over to valet is pretty easy--as long as you're a guest there.  It's nicely situated in Union Square (but I don't recall hearing any loud traffic) with plenty of food (downtown/chinatown/tenderloin) within walking distance.  As per other reviewers, if you pay the price, you'll get something nice :)  All-in-all, the Handlery keeps it pretty professional and well-maintained from what I've experienced.  I'd recommend it for small families & business people visiting SF.

18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Annette L.
I was looking forward to out trip to San Francisco and unlike my friends who kept saying they just wanted a place to "store their stuff", I wanted a comfortable location to return for peace and rest after a long day of exploring the city. The Handlery is everything I wanted: close to the Powell st Muni, Cable Car, Bart and shopping. It is clean, the rooms are a good size, the bathroom is clean and plenty of space. The front desk made our early check-in stress free. I highly recommend this hotel and the restaurant next door - filet mignon was fantastic!

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. Zinnia S.
We ended up here because the place we usually stay in SF (north of Union Square, right next to Chinatown) had a plumbing problem and their building was flooded so they made arrangements for us to stay at the Handlery Union Square Hotel.  It actually ended up working out great for us because the Handlery is closer to where we needed to be that night - within a few blocks easy walking distance actually!

Getting to & from the parking garage and the lobby is a bit of a maze because the garage entrance is on the back side of the building off O'Farrell and the lobby is at the front of the building off of Geary.  The circuitous route didn't really bother any of us but it *is* pretty remarkable.

There was a bit of a wait at check-in (and not quite enough seating in the central lobby area for the number of people who were there at the time) but check-out was really quick & both times service was friendly & personable.

Valet parking was pricey ($42 + tax per car) but the valets were speedy & great with the unlimited ins & outs - we only stayed one night but we were in & out of the garage three times within the first 6 hours.  And we felt like the cars were safe there - nothing got stolen or broken into - always a plus!  

The rooms were clean & comfortable & quiet.  We had three historic double rooms with two double beds in each room & they were able to put us in three rooms right next to each other on the fifth floor.  

Wish we'd had time to take advantage of the pool - it looked like a nice pool. We did take advantage of the complimentary coffee in the rooms. All three rooms also had mini-fridges & large flat screen TVs.

If we can afford it & if for some reason our regular place in SF is not available, I'd be happy to stay here again!

To the older blonde lady who was also waiting for an elevator when we were headed up to our room for the first time:  Did someone piss in your coffee?  Or do you always look like you're smelling something bad & you just can't help it that your face looks like that?  In any case, it was very clear to us you wanted nothing more than for us to disappear from 'your' hotel so we let you have an elevator all to yourself & waited for the next one.  You might want to consider that all sorts of people stay in all kinds of places and everyone has just as much right to be there as you.

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
151. Alexis S.
We booked this hotel last minute and got a pretty good rate (thanks mostly to a AAA discount!)

We were told there was a $250 deposit for our little dog and a one time fee of $25. Upon checkout we were charged $25 for each night we stayed -- kind of disappointing to be blind sided with an extra fee!

We arrived late and filled out the menu to leave on the door for room service delivery. When we woke up, the menu was still there :( Not the end of the world, but we were happy we checked! The food from the restaurant is the room service menu which is great -- the food is good. I would have enjoyed the food even more if I had gotten clean flatware with it. Food caked on the fork/knife was not really very appetizing...

Finally, upon checkout we learned that the credit card we made the reservation under was somehow not on file. We provided a different card for incidentals and were told it would get worked out and they would find the record of the reservation. The incidentals card got charged with all the room taxes, the parking fee, the pet fee and the room service fee. A few hours later we got a call saying the reservation credit card could not be found, so they would be charging the room and taxes to the incidentals card. Only, we had already paid the taxes, so we were going to be charged for that twice! The first credit card we provided (for the reservations) then ALSO got charged and a portion of the charges then had to be reversed off the incidentals card. It was way too confusing and a major hassle. To have major mix ups like that with something so important as credit card information was extremely discouraging. The gentleman at the front desk was very apologetic which is appreciated, however it was still a major hassle.

Also, just a heads up that this is a hotel with vending machines for waters, etc. by the elevator and there is no "mini bar" or anything resembling it in the room. Neither a pro nor a con for many, just good to know.
The valet is on the back side of the hotel, not the address provided. Also good to know.

PROS: Good location if you want shopping, lots of restaurants and people watching.
Very walkable location
For Union Square the room was very quiet (with the windows down)
Fast Room Service (within 15 mins of ordering)
Pet friendly
Friendly staff

Major checkout confusion/unclear about charges (this is a MAJOR con as it's financial!)
Food came fast but with dirty utensils. Yuck!
The bathtub is TINY -- only suitable for bathing a child (the bathroom is about the size of a matchbox too!)

I wouldn't recommend this as a great place to stay, however if you're just in town for business and need a place to rest your head this is as good as anywhere. Just careful with those credit cards!!

30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
152. Megan P.
How has this place not been condemned?!

The doormen completely ignore you and the many bags you are carrying when you arrive.  The woman at the front desk is all one word answers and snippy attitude.  When does the customer service come in?

The creepy men who sit with their heads out of their bedroom windows, smoking, leering and cat calling does not add any desperately needed appeal.

At first seeing one of the cleaning staff through a window, sitting on the bed and talking on her phone was (in a twisted, what the f@ck kind of way) slightly amusing.  They work hard, right?  However, when we came back to our room and found it had not been cleaned (only the bed "made") for the second time our amusement turned to disgust.  The dirty towels we had left on the floor had hung back up and the cleaning staff had brought someone else's dirty glass into our room and left it in our bathroom sink.

One star for the gentleman at the front desk who sent us a bottle of champagne when we told him how we had found our room.  

Avoid! There are many other hotels in the area.

10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
153. Gary R.
I'm a little befuddled by some of the harsh commentary from other reviewers. I'm pleased to profess that I LOVED my stay at the Handlery.

We checked in on a Friday late afternoon and was greeted by Shirley, the front desk attendant. Shirley was an absolute sweetheart. She made us feel welcomed and exuded a genuine sense of hospitality that I very much appreciated. Shirley is definitely an asset to this establishment and I'll always remember her as standing out as an exemplary representative of the hotel.

We stayed at the Handlery for two (2) nights and booked one of the "Historic Rooms." Admittedly, I was initially a little apprehensive about booking one of the older rooms in the hotel, especially since they had recently incorprated a "Premier" section in the hotel that showcased rooms with newly updated furnishings, etc. My anxiety was soon dispelled once we opened the door to our room; it was cute, spacious, and had a classy feel. Classy in the sense that it betrayed an old-San Francisco charm that I fell in love with. The room and bathroom were spotless. All of the accessories were functional. The bed was comfortable. Really, there's not much more that I could have expected or desired.

On our first day at the hotel, I readily took advantage of the Handlery's fitness room. It's not only equipped with standard gym equipment, but it's also immensely clean and stocked with clean towels, water, and television. LOVED it.

Parking was a breeze. Valet is relatively swift. There is a daily parking fee, but that is standard at any hotel in the city.

On future trips to SF, I won't hesitate to book accomodations at the Handlery. It's a no brainer for me. You, fellow Yelpers, should also consider it if you are looking for a great, affordable hotel in the downtown area.

29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Joel V.
I heard about the HANDLERY UNION SQUARE HOTEL on a commercial on KNBR, actually I hear the ad all the time. My wife and I were doing a little staycation this weekend, and we wanted to stay somewhere central in SF. Union Square is always a solid option. We got the KNBR package - which is upgraded room with balcony, 20% at the Daily Grill and free valet parking ($44 a day savings!!!).

When we first parked and were sent through a labyrinth of elevators and stairs to get to the lobby, looking into a strangely placed barber shop - I was thinking "Uh oh." But when we checked into our Deluxe King room, in the "new side" of the hotel - I was really happy. Rooms in the city are usually tiny, and they NEVER have a balcony. The Handlery was a decent sized room, and the balcony was a nice bonus. We had lunch one day on the balcony overlooking the pool.

Overall, it's central location is great. We checked in on a Friday, and never even used our car again. We walked to the Embarcadero, we walked to AT&T Park and we walked a mile east to breakfast on Polk. I'd definitely come back to the Handlery.

My one gripe for a hotel that tries so hard to please their guests... how about some two ply toilet paper? That stuff in the john was weak.

4.25 stars.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
155. Sharon I.
This is quite a find. Okay, so it's not the Ritz, but it is a fraction of the price of the Ritz and has everything: wifi, good parking, good location, workout room, great staff, close to the convention center and BART. Plus, it is clean and comfortable with fresh air. We'll definitely will stay here again.

25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Elaine Z.
We picked this hotel even though there were a few bad reviews and the reviews were WRONG! What a nice place! Our room is very nice, clean and the bed is SO comfy! Had one problem with our remote which was fixed within 5 minutes. Great atmosphere and with the Daily Grill right next door, there's everything you need right here!

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Michelle C.
This is the second time I have stayed at the Handlery Hotel in San Francisco, and just like my first experience it was fantastic.

Check in was easy and service was great. All the staff were very helpful and just overall nice. That's what I love about this hotel. People are actually genuinely nice. I had a conversation with one of the workers to find out that they were originally from my hometown.

The hotel is always clean and rooms are a good size. I plan on staying at this hotel whenever I am in the San Francisco area.

Thanks to the Handlery Staff for a great stay!

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Benjamin K.
When i got the bill i realized that they had charged me $250 for smoking in the room even though we had not. I informed the manager that we had not smoked in the room and there must be some mistake but my plea fell on deaf ears. They told me i would have to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

I almost had them swap me out of the room they put me in when I first checked in because there was a bad smell (not smoke, maybe some cleaning agent) but i didn't want to make a fuss. I plan on disputing the charges, it is completely ridiculous! I am not used to being falsely accused by hotel managers.  

Here's an update, they refunded my money.

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
159. Ros M.
Bad service inside this hotel from people who make you wait 15 minutes while they go into a back room to ask their boss about your reservation. Loud, obnoxious drunkards in groups standing right outside. I know, many can argue that dirty drunkards are everywhere in SF. But for some reason during the weekend I was there, they were playing drums outside of the Handlery for money and making nasty comments at us when we asked them to hurry up so we could sleep. Front desk says "he will only be playing for 30 more minutes, dont worry". But he played random songs on a loud box radio with speakers all night after the drumming! Surely, if this is your only profession... you have plenty of time to practice and get better at it somewhere else? And the music couldnt have been worse. A blind cat could play better drums.

Whatever you do, dont book any of the Historic rooms unless you are prepared for tiny, hobbit sized rooms with a view of the vents and pipes outside. The stairs that lead to the upper floors wouldnt fit a person older than 12. Historic apprently means dusty here, and the rooms could be compared to a common attic with fluffy bedding. Tiny elevators also, so if you have more than one bag, 2 people can barely fit-- meaning more wait time for you in the loud lobby, filled with the sounds of a child pretending to know how to play drums. Dont even get me started on the $42 per night fake valet service on the other side of the hotel. Safe to say we wont be going back. NOT really a 4 star hotel at all.

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
160. Ashley B.
Awesome location close to union square but will jack up the prices your going to pay $50 for overnight parking they will charge your credit card and extra $200 credit even if you don't use it. It's way to expensive for what you get, total joke!!!!! Don't stay here!!!!!

12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
161. Kristina c.

We stayed there last week, 7/12/12.. original reservation was for three nights but we left after one when I awoke to a beet red bed bug on my bed! Beside it were blood stains (more evidence of bed bugs) and my body was itchy.  24 hours later, my face, neck and arms were covered in bites. Today, one week later, I still have welts, bites and rashes that are painfully itchy.

Do not stay here.

Plus, the rooms are old and tiny, so is the bathroom.

11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
162. Stiv A.
Good, solid hotel in the Union Square part of SF. Close to shopping (high end), food and drink. Their in house restaurant/bar is a Daily Grill, which is decent.

Rooms are a decent size (especially for SF). Clean, well appointed and fairly quiet for a big city.

Rates are bit pricey (low-mid 200's), so try to find a deal online and book well in advance.

26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
163. I M.
I recently stayed here for three nights with my young adult daughter and loved it. The location is centrally perfect. The room was clean and quiet. The price was excellent given the location.  Breakfast at the  Daily Grill was convenient.  Staff were friendly. Nothing to change.  I already referred friends to the hotel. Looking forward to returning in the future.

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Jack A.
Need a pool to hang out at on those precious sunny San Francisco days? The Handlery has you covered. No room, no problem! Just walk right through the lobby, hook a right, make a left, walk past the weight room/sauna area and up the stairs to one of the greatest discoveries in Union Square. (must be noted that the Handlery probably doesn't want non-guests abusing the power of the pool so lets try to keep this secret on the DL)

25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. Raquel C.
NOISY. SMELLS LIKE OLD PEOPLE. CREEPY HALLWAYS & ROOMS. It sounded like I was sleeping in the middle of the street. We thought the window was open when we were getting to bed. It wasn't. The walls to the outside are PAPER THIN. Funny thing is they leave earplugs on the nightstands. YOU WILL NEED THEM. The room smelled like a creepy nursing home. I had to wash every piece of clothing I brought (even ones I didn't wear) because of the disturbing smell. VERY outdated decor and etc. The room was very spacious and the location is very convenient. I would not recommend this hotel nor stay here again because if the insane noisiness.

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
166. Rebecca O.
Pretty cool old building. Not the cleanest place but not awful. Parking is expensive (but is union square so it should be expected) and over all its decent ... If you plan to hang out in your room most of the time then maybe not the best place. But for a shower and a place to sleep its OK. :)

14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
167. Stephanie C.
Our stay at the Handlery marked the second trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco for both my husband and myself. We made the decision to stay here after researching locations and deciding on a more tourist-friendly location since we were visiting with two friends that had not yet experienced San Francisco.

This hotel was not overly-amazing, but it was not disappointing either. During our stay, the hotel was relatively quite (we visited during the last week of May). We did not experience any frustrating wait times and members of our party of 4 took advantage of both the pool and the gym (which is small, but has a few machines to get a good work-out in).

The hotel is in a very touristy area, so you will find many stores close-by for shopping, as well as easy access to the cable car and subway systems. I would recommend researching the time of year you are visiting because we only had the chance to ride the cable cars once during our entire trip since they were so incredibly crowded. Since the hotel is in Union Square, many of the area tours (Wine Country, Muir Woods, etc) will pick you up only a block or two from your hotel, which is very nice and convenient.

At night, the area can feel a little too loud and crowded, you will see many street performers and of course lots of homeless men and women asking for a hand-out. We were out late most nights, so it did get a bit frustrating getting back to our hotel and navigating through the crowd.

The hotel rooms were clean, but the actual hotel itself felt a little old and worn-in. The rooms were an average size, but had a separate toilet/shower room from the sink area, so I had plenty of space to get ready in the mornings while my husband showered. The room had a nice sitting area with two chairs and a small table, as well as a desk, which is great since we both bring our work with us everywhere.

All in all, our stay here was fairly average with no huge upsets or anything overly exciting. I probably would not stay here again myself as the location was not what I prefer (we like to look for more local restaurants and hang-outs) but for first time visitors to the San Francisco area, this might be a nice spot to stay because of the central location.

Just a note, we booked our trip through the Handlery and their prices were lower directly through the hotel than all of the major travel websites. Our rate averaged $225 a night for a room with two queen beds.

01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
168. Marlon P.
I really enjoyed my stay at the Handlery last year during the GDC conference. The hotel was clean and located in a very nice area walking distance to many restaurants and bars.

The hotel restaurant was very nice as well!

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Greg B.
Stayed at this hotel for a marketing convention. The only good thing is the proximity to Union Square and to the Hilton, where the convention was held.

Rooms were $265/night; parking about $45/night.  I ended up in a run down room near the pool, the elevator and ice machine.  The front desk wasn't overly nice or welcoming.  Getting to rooms is a maze.

Overall, the hotel is old.  Peeling paint, old fixtures ... Although some updating in the rooms.  I wouldn't come back.  It was paid for by my company which is why I ended up there.  I prefer the Drake, which is where I've stayed before.

23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
170. Joey B.
Stayed here one night. AMAZING location, right next to Union Square where you can catch a cable car, hop on/hop off yours, taxi, and all the shopping you could ask for, oh and a hop, skip, and jump away from the BART (a few blocks). Customer service was pretty hit or miss, on average it was good though. Bell hops are more friendly than behind the deskers. Wi-Fi was great throughout hotel. The small "heated" pool was fun to jump into and sooth the joints with after the walks on the rolling hills of San Francisco. As far as the room, it was the weak point of the hotel. The rooms were small and the shower felt like an old man peeing on you (not much water pressure). The bed was comfortable and had a great night sleep in it. I would recommend this hotel if your looking for a cheaper union square hotel.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Addison M.
I recently stayed here for 3 nights and had a good experience. Location is great, right next to all of the shopping. The front desk and people that work there were very friendly. We had our 2 dogs with us and they were very friendly with them. They do charge $25 per pet per night, which to me seems extreme. So we ended up spending $150 just to have our dogs with us. Also, the rooms are average, bathrooms are small. But overall it was a good experience and I would stay here again.

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. David C.
Go to Handlery at your own risk!  I recently utilized the Handlery parking facility for an evening of dining in San Francisco in the Union Square area. When we parked the car we were told the cost would be $15 dollars for the evening and we went off to dinner.  When we returned at 12:05 to the garage to pick up the car we were informed that the cost would be $50 cash only to get our car back because we were 5 minutes past midnight. Total rip off!! and not what their signage said. $50 was the 24 hour rate, not the 6 hour and five minute rate. When I contacted the Handlery Supervisor the next day to complain she said she would look into the situation and get back to me. She never called back!  If you go to the Handlery and get ripped off.... You have been warned!

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
173. Suzette W.
Not even one picture depicts the way our room looked. All the picture are nice and it appears to be spacious...not true. The room was small, especially the bathroom. The bed was too soft and lumpy. We thought the room was to be $159.00 per night however because of an event in town the rate was raised to over $300.00! Parking is additional :-(  This is the second time we stayed here and both time a the elevator was not working, We had to use the service elevator!

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Madoka P.
Great location, right in Union Square. Getting from the parking to the lobby is kind of a maze. The room was clean and roomy, nothing fancy. Love the free wi-fi. The price was good considering the location. I really appreciate the kama'aina discount. That made it that much more affordable. Parking was $47 per night which is pricey, but then again, it's San Francisco. I will definitely come back!

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Allie K.
The Good:
-LOCATION. Great central location across the street from Union Square and the large Macy's. Walgreen's and a plethora of shopping and eating places in very close proximity.
-PRICE. Reasonably priced given the location.
-ROOM. Very spacious. Came with a mini-fridge. Antique/classic feel but not too fancy.
-STAFF. Very friendly and willing to help.
The Bad:
-AMENITIES. TV was located in a weird place, diagonal of the two beds instead of directly in front.
-BATHROOM. Small sink and overall small bathroom. Minor electrical issues (bathroom lights went out) one night.
-WIFI. Only one guest (per room) allowed use per day.
Definitely an older hotel with wooden floorboards that creek a elevator that is slow compared to the ones in more modern hotels. More of a cozy/comfortable type of hotel.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Jill T.
Surprised to see any negative reviews of this hotel.  My husband and I had a great experience in our 2 day stay.  Room was larger than I expected considering its downtown San Francisco and very nice.  Especially liked the large flat screen TV and free WiFi.  Room was comfortable, very clean and nicely appointed-Coffee, Ironing board, nice pillows on the bed. Room was also very quiet which I liked, knew I had neighbors but didn't hear them.  Close to everything you want to go to and in a relatively safe feeling neighborhood though when you leave the hotel venturing right-towards union square rather than left towards creepyville is better.

Discovered the concierge knew everything about how to get everywhere in town so I hit him up for directions, bus schedules, train schedules and "What's the best was to get to pier 33 -Alcatraz".  Definitely take advantage of that.  Highly recommend this hotel.

05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
177. Olivia C.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Handlerey. The location is great. Close to union square and a five minute walk to the BART, Muni and bus stations, making it easy to get around and explore the city. The hotel staff were friendly and helpful and the room was clean. The place is a bit old and I found the air con to be quite noisy but apart from that, a great place to stay!

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Linda S.
Handlery Hotel is an older hotel but located in a great location right off Union Square and across the street from The Westin St. Francis Hotel. We paid $417 including all taxes and fees.  The hotel is just 3 blocks from the BART Powell Street station - so walking to the hotel was not a problem. The rooms are painted, very clean and updated. The beds were comfortable. They have a heated pool. The hotel was really quiet. The queen room we had was spacious, and the staff was courteous. They provided free WiFi.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. Dean J.
We booked this room for after a friend's birthday party. The room and view was great but the staff was unprofessional, inconsiderate and unreasonable.

After running around the city all night we got back to the room a little late, 4 am, and was surprised to hear a knock on the door within the first few minutes of getting back. Antwon "security" was at the door in a messy, unbuttoned shirt with no indication of being a employee and told us to turn off the music. Mind you we had just got back, had not played music since 7pm before dinner and were getting ready for bed so we were didn't appreciate being disturbed.

We went down to the lobby clear the situation up. Gienna at the front desk seemed to be hostile from the beginning got her employees rallied up and forced us to pack up the room at 4:40am.

The staff was an unprofessional group of young kids. Do not recommend annyone stays here.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
180. Steve L.
I'm not a huge fan of hotels; although, is anyone? That said, I'm extremely pleased with the Handlery - it's about everything I could ask for in a hotel.

Quiet? Absolutely. The room is almost vault-like with how quiet it is. I've never heard a peep from any of our neighbors. Win.

Clean? Yep. Hotel rooms skeeve me out, but the room was clean and well kept. Appears to have been updated for the most part.

Comfy? Yessir. The bed is comfortable - not too firm, not too soft. Little bear would be happy.

Amenities? I LOVE me a room with a functional balcony. Our room overlooks the courtyard/pool area, which is fantastic. Very enjoyable especially with the nice weather here in SFO. Free wifi? Yep! I didn't use the workout room; it looks a little sparse... but why run on a dreadmill when you have such an awesome city to explore by running shoe?

Location? Solid. Easy to get to via the BART, and fairly easy to get to-and-from by foot or trolley. 2-miles in any direction is easy to walk and will land you almost anywhere imaginable.

Staff? Fantastic. Nothing but good experiences with everyone.

If you're looking for a solid hotel, this place will fit the bill.

28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Xiao L.
It's a 3 star hotel and nothing more. If you are expecting more go elsewhere and pay more. Depending on which side of hotel you stay the noise level will vary. The Geary side is the old side and very very noise since close to union square park where live musical events takes place until 10pm almost every day. Then From 10pm to 3AM you hear drunk bar patrons or irate homeless people yelling and talking. ..then from 3am to 5am....you hear noise from street cleaners. hotel provide fresh ear plugs. First few days was tolerable but eventually it really became bothersome. Ofarrell street side is the renovated side but costs more since modern anemeties and bigger rooms. This side maybe noisy as well. Historic side Interior was big dirty from years of wear and tear. Beds were clean and comfortable. Fortunately, No bed bugs. Dont use decorative bed covers and pillows. R They rarely wash it. Always had Clean towels. No extras like microwave or iron. Bathroom was tiny. You need to enter the bathroom first then stand behind door to close it. Not much room to move around. Thin walls so you can hear neighbors talking. We found used dirty bandaide with blood stains in ice bucket! Never used it during our stay and washed all cups with hot water before use. The room had a funny smell. Perhaps from the AC but unsure. Turned off AC and room was still cool due to cold SF weather. Daily Grill was ok. Staff was accommodating. Found orange rubbery thing in bread so requested another. Dishes were bit pricy but used 20% off coupon which expires on your last day of stay at hotel. Concierge was attentive and asked if needed taxi. Taxi readily available outside hotel during the day. For early morning and late night's betters to call and prescheduled pickup. recommend arrow checkers taxi or desoto cab. They showed up on time and dispatch was courteous for afternoon pickup. Public transportation very accessible so no need a car rental. Parking is hard to find and expensive. Hotel is along the cable car and bus routes. Restaurants and stores every where. China town is few blocks north. Great location for visitors.  Get citypass for unlimited muni rides for all bus , cable cars but not rail.  Rail is not part of Muni.  SF Citypass has discounted passes to some attractions like the ferry ride and aquarium at pier 39.  You save about 70%.  Use SF Tripvisor and Quicky app to get around SF.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
182. Haley A.
First night here and I'm sitting in my room writing this - I think that explains it all. They let us check in early which was great and all staff has been curteous. However, the room is old, really old. My husband even compared it to a homeless hotel. The room we received is smaller then what was advertised (their website online said it was 300 ft) which is why I paid more for the room. The room we were given is no more than 225 square feet and looks as though they put a queen sized bed in one of their smallest rooms. I called the front desk requesting that we be moved to the room we booked (and our paying for). The front desk clerk called back about 10 minutes later saying that she talked to the manager and that we were given the room we requested. I even went back to the website and I can clearly see that we were given the cheapest room.

We then figured we would just check out in the morning and go somewhere else but now the are telling us we have to give them 72 hours advance notice (even though the confirmation email says 24 hours). So we have to stay here an additional two nights. The bed is comfortable, staff is nice but I would never stay here again especially for $200/night.

*PS the desk clerk did say they have two different buildings one is considered "historic" and is the run down one. The other is supposedly nicer but is around $250/night.

13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
183. Michelle L.
My colleague and I were in town last week for a conference and had an awesome stay here! We stayed in one of the "Historic" rooms, which has this really classic, rich feel to it.

Everyone at the front desk and at the door was nothing but gracious and polite to us, opening doors and all that jazz. I'm sure the front desk people hated me for losing/having to replace my magnetized door keys so often, but they definitely hid it well.

Words to the wise:

1. I don't know what the set up of the other rooms is like, but I wouldn't recommend staying in a Historic room if you're a reasonably large person; the bathroom is very cute, but TINY, and it's possible to get stuck/wedged in between the door and the wall when you're trying to leave the bathroom because of the radius of door/dimensions of the bathroom!

2. Wifi ain't free! It's kind of lame that you have to pay, but as far as I can tell it's a onetime fee because the code didn't change the entire time we were there.

3. Bring earplugs if you're not a heavy sleeper. The location is GREAT, but an (excellent) street band set up shop outside our window every night. We liked it, but it's not for everyone, for sure...

07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Ohem J.
The Handlery is a very convenient location if you wanna achieve the San Fran experience!! This hotel is Clean, has  Friendly & knowledgeable staff, and was comfortable to call "home" for a week!!
Will stay here again! Pay the extra and stay in the Premium Rooms.. It's worth it!

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Brian P.
I've never stayed at this hotel, mind you, however I lived in the area for quite some time. Always thought this old, historic gem just needed some TLC.  Today, as I passed I realized the outside of this building is still in need of a good power wash and new paint job.  Hmmm.

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
186. Sue C.
Just checked in. We did have to wait for our room because we wanted a street view and it was well worth the wait. Plus we killed time at Lefty O'Douls so not a bad deal after all. We are on the O'Farrell side which is very nice. Lots of people watching on the balcony. Very very reasonably priced and parking is only $47. (I know. Right? Where else but SF would one be grateful for $47 parking? Well maybe NYC.). Updates later!

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
187. G B.
Hotel was ok. And just ok. Room smelt very dirty and it was very small. We had two beds and a tv. Bed was comfortable and the staff was nice. I would not come back here if I was on vacation. I stayed here strictly for work.

06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
188. Ginger C.
I'm happy to report that Mr. John Handlery himself has offered to rectified the situation and show complete hospitality or a full refund. Very appreciative he has apologized and taken care of the matter personally.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
189. Nikki R.
My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon and everyone was awesome. We were welcomed with opened arms our room had a nice bucket with ice & champagne, a letter greeting us to the hotel, and a room that was on the top floor. The employees were always willing to help in anyway possible. We will be coming back again & I will recommend this hotel to anyone & everyone.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. Dan H.
Stop #11 was Monday morning and the place we would be spending the rest of our vacation.  After looking online for a bit we decided that the Handlery Union Square Hotel would be that place.  Right in the heart of Union Square, it was fairly close to the rest of the sights we planned on seeing.

The room was very nice.  Just like it looked in the pictures we saw before we booked this hotel.  The staff was very friendly.  We utilized the concierge a few times for food recommendations.  I made a half assed attempt to go swimming (they have an outdoor heated pool) one afternoon, but it had gotten a bit chilly out and the pool wasn't as warm as I hoped it would be.

We were able to check in much earlier than we anticipated and they also held our bags for us the day we checked out so we didn't have to lug them around as our flight out wasn't until the evening.  All things you would expect from a hotel, but not all of them come through like that.

A nice experience indeed.

24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. Gelina A.
Charming hotel, very nice & spacious room (considering it's in SF), amazing location & delicious room service.  This was the cherry on top of the cake for my bday celebration.  Will definitely return!

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
192. Beach G.
Great location at Union square. Libby updated since last visit. Room AC temp control did not work...always at 72. We were in the "historic" part of the hotel. Fine room no noise issues quick elevators. Super location in sf

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
193. Mark C.
Pretty good hotel. It's located in a pretty good spot in the city. However, parking is pretty bad. It costs around $42 a night for hotel guests as opposed to $45 a night for non guests... Not really a good discount for a hotel guest... However, the hotel attendants were pretty nice.

11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
194. Anthony R.
The Handlery is a hidden gem! There is something here for both types of hotel-goers. By that I mean if you're the type of traveler who prefers to stay in, there are awesome amenities in the hotel, including a nice bar & grill, solid fitness center, a barber shop and even a Dr. Seuss art exhibit with original pieces! And if you're the type who likes to go out, its a great location in Union Square, there is plenty around and the valets are happy to help you get transportation. Plus free wifi & parking? Sold.

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Ann K.
I attended a trade show at moscone center and stayed at this hotel for several days. the hotel location is great and in walking distance to moscone center. The staff is nice. The hotel accepts packaging I sent in with no extra charges like Hilton. the breakfast at daily grill next door is good. the location is awesome for shopping.

The hotel needs to get upgrade on their lighting in hallway and ac system. my colleagues and I are sensitive to dust. our rooms are dusty even after we dusted off ourselves. the old ac system causes that. my room is quiet and dark because it has no view and super creepy. my colleague'S room was on 4th floor and faced the street but it was noisy and very small. I walked past a single room the size of walk-in closet. The hallway is like a haunted house in those psycho movie. i hope the hotel will just brighten it up. the bathroom has not renovated for decades. if you plan to book rooms for a business trip, it is better to increase the hotel budget a bit more to over $200. I will try other hotel next time.

28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
196. Monique B.
Great location right off Union Square. Definitely walking distance to the Powell Street station. The rooms are painted, very clean and updated. We paid $236 + tax on hotel.com for a room on a Saturday night in July. Parking is $47 + tax.

They could improve on their service. We pulled up in front of the hotel at the unloading zone and waited for the valet. We found out later the parking is behind the hotel on O'Farrell. They should put a sign out and email incoming guests where to go.  We called the front desk to ask about the valet - they weren't super helpful on the phone. They should have valet out front of the hotel, or better prepare guests as to where they should access parking.        

They have a cool pool deck and heated pool. The rooms do not have bath tubs, or jacuzzi tubs. The mattresses could be better. We could feel the springs. Also, they don't use real mattress pads that go around the mattress. Instead, they literally had a pad on the bed- we could feel it shifting underneath us. The hotel was really quiet. We stayed at the Hotel Donatello a few years ago, and it was sooo loud. I really couldn't believe how quiet it was in our room. The queen room we had was spacious, and the staff was courteous.

When I say the hotel is updated I mean that all of the furniture, draperies and paint is new. The baseboards, closet doors, and handles, as well as the bathroom doors are the old ones from the early 1900's. They have the crystal handles on the doors. It has the same feel as the Inn at the Opera. The floors in the hallway squeak under the carpet. The rooms do have central AC. It feels like an independent hotel, rather than a Holiday Inn or Marriott.  It's a nice clean hotel, but definitely not luxurious.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
197. shannon m.
Great location for Union Square and very nice bellhops. Had a room in the historic part, two beds, and was very pleased with the size and layout.

There's a parking garage (extra$), small gym, outdoor pool, and a sauna. Very nice for a smaller hotel.

I will stay again if I can find a package deal.

21/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Sam V.
Stayed here August 2013, cost about 180 plus 42 for parking.  Ok.

Valet service was good and allowed in and out.  For this side,  rooms were old but not pathetic.  there was a perfume odor that never went away. Elevators slow  and shook  bit.  Shower very small..   beds  good.  close to  union  square and  better area  than  two  blocks East.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
199. Allison T.
I would have given them 3.5 stars if it were possible.

1) Close to everything (just off of Union Square)
2) Clean
3) Friendly helpful staff
4) Free Wifi

1) Paper thin walls (you can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in the rooms around you)
2) The room smelled musty
3) In need of a little face lift

Overall it's an affordable good options, but if you are a light sleeper forget it.

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
200. Katherine D.
My business unfortunately has a corporate account with this hotel which is why I am stuck staying here for the night. But I will never stay here again, even if I have to pay out of my own pocket. This hotel is DIRTY. There is a dried gum on the carpet, the hairdryer in the bathroom is broken and I'm pretty sure the room is not clean because there is a full garbage can in the bathroom that definitely did not come from me. So revolted. I am going to attempt to fall asleep tonight trying not to think about bedbugs or the last person who stayed in this room and did God knows what in the bed.

I am not a hotel diva and I'm perfectly fine staying in in a low to mid range hotel as long as it is clean. This hotel is not.

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
201. Audrey C.
Very conveniently located hotel in the heart of Union Square.  You can walk to so many places from there, especially if you want to bar hop around the area.
Parking is in the back of the hotel, vs the front.  Valet is $47/day with in and out privileges.

The hotel isn't the nicest, but it's in a prime location and is a historic building.  But the rooms have been remodeled and it's decent.  I would def stay here again for its convenience.

Oh yeah, there's free wi-fi for all your devices and a mini fridge!

To me, it'd be a 3star hotel, but for its convenience and price, I gave it an extra star.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
202. Mason M.
This is a typical old building in San Francisco. It's a bit of a maze getting from the parking garage past the pool to another building and to the front desk, but aside from a couple broken fixtures, this hotel is clean and comfortable. I especially liked the separate sitting/TV area in our room.

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. Eric M.
Solid hotel. Completely FREE and decent Wi-Fi. In room shoe shiner (not kidding) plus a balcony, free toothbrush & toothpaste, and plenty of outlets next to the bed (built into the lamps) - even the coffee machine is better than most hotels. So, really, everything you'd want in a hotel!

14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
204. Amber H.
This is a great location in San Francisco for most adventures. RIght in the heart of union square, next to the trolley stop, and near the convention center.
The hotel is old but clean. There are two sections and I was in the historic section. The room  was a good size. They provide earplugs for anyone who is not used to the city life. I did not find the room noisy at all. The bed was comfortable. They provided free WiFi.
The staff were friendly. There was a small pool but it was too cold for swimming while I was there. The price on Hotel.com was more reasonable than the regular rates.

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
205. myra f.
Love staying at the Handerly. Staff extremely helpful. Rooms always clean. Historic side rooms are small. Pool area nice. Left O'Douls right near buy great coffee and food. Location perfect.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
206. GianPierro D.
I just spent a couple of nights there last week and it was very nice. The Handlery is conveniently located next to Union Square. Did I mention that the parking is included? In San Francisco, parking overnight can run up to 70 bucks per night. There is a heated pool, gym, restaurant, hair salon etc... I read in some of the reviews that some people complained about the furniture. Well, I don't feel that way and everything is very clean. The staff is also very helpful and dedicated in making anyone's stay as pleasant as possible. I am definitely going back!!!

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. Kat S.
Spend a few nights here. Location is prime!  Within walking distance of union square.  Staff is excellent here, very friendly.  I would come back.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. YS W.
Decent hotel. Good location.

However, their wi-fi is highly unstable and extremely slow. Not what I expected for the price

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
209. senora T.
Visiting family in the Bay Area. Stayed at this hotel. Got it from hotel.com . Thought I purchased a suite with a separate bedroom as we have a 3 year old. Came to find out we were wrong. However, Denna was very helpful. We explained that we have a 3 year old who sleeps at 8:30 pm. And we need a separate living room. Denna was frustrated along with me. She helped. Bedroom kind of separate but there was no door. She was apologetic about the inconvenience. We got the upgrade for free. Thanks Denna.

The place has a pool. It was heated. We tried it. It was heated.

The hotel is not brand new and probably needs upgrades. But it was decent. Clean, in the middle of union square, kids friendly, good staff. My 4 star was specifically for Denna.

We will definitely return but will call the hotel directly.

28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0