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Hotel Tomo in San Francisco, CA


Welcome to the Best Western Hotel Tomo, newly renovated and inspired by Japanese pop-culture. From the wall of televisions in our lobby to anime murals and glow-in-the-dark desk blotters in each guest room, this is a San Francisco experience like no other.

The Best Western Hotel Tomo has 125 guestrooms in an eight-story building. Guestrooms at the Best Western Hotel Tomo are not only roomy, cheerful and comfortable; they are J-pop works of art. Each room has its own identity through anime-style wall paintings and views of the city.


Established in 1975.

The hotel was originally built in 1975 and was operated by various companies over the years till becoming a Kimpton Hotel on the 11th of September, 2014.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.62

Address: 1800 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA, 94115

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    Comments (269):

    1. Dan Y.
    Maybe not the best hotel I've stayed in, but definitely the coolest. The owners didn't just redecorate the place they turned it into one big piece of Japanese pop culture. Everywhere you look there's some reminder of J-pop, yet the rooms still manage to be extremely comfortable. The platform bed in my room was very luxurious, the huge bedside lamps put out plenty of light to read by, and there was a flat screen TV that unfortunately only received local channels (and those were fuzzy). But who comes to SF to watch TV? The room also contained the basic amenities you expect in a mid-range hotel, fridge, coffee maker, etc, and a nice bathrobe. The room I had was in the rear, so quiet I kept the window open part of the night, until it got too cold. Never heard a footstep, a TV or a flush from any part of the building. No breakfast in the morning, but at this price (I paid around $105) you wouldn't expect it in San Francisco. Anyway, this neighborhood is jammed with great restaurants, all within a short walk. There is very limited free parking, otherwise use the Japan Center garage for $15 a night.

    04/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Bea N.
    the only bad thing i can say about hotel tomo is that the parking is expensive, otherwise, it was a joyous experience. my special gent and i stayed in one of the suites with a balcony and two queens--beds, that is. (no, we didn't sleep in separate beds, we needed two for jumping.) each room has its own mural, and the one in our room was awesome. the whole room was neat and charming and gave no real indication or feeling of being a best western. it is kitsch, affordable, and in a quiet area. triple a members--don't forget to take advantage of the discount! i highly recommend hotel tomo.

    20/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Liz D.
    fun place...did a San Francisco "staycation" - only did things in the neighborhood...cute boutique hotel ....no frills....recommend.....

    10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Elizabeth Y.
    This is one of my favorite hotels ever.  During a trip to SF I took with my hubby, we stayed at this other awful, dirty, disgusting, unbelievably gross hotel (which shall remain nameless).  It was so bad that I cried the night we got there.  After two nights of that crap, my hubby felt so bad that he booked one night at Tomo so that at least we could have one night at a clean hotel so that the trip wasn't a complete waste.  When we got to TOMO,  the lobby was clean and esthetically pleasing(in my opinion).  The concierge/check in people were also very helpful.  Our rooms were spacious, super clean, smelled nice and had nice toiletries--unlike some hotels that just give you cheap shampoo/conditioner, soap, lotion, etc. I liked the Japanese/modern theme. I can't say enough good stuff about this place and will be returning next time I'm in SF!

    21/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Brian B.
    This is such a great hotel. Really reasonable, a cool Japanime style--totally fitting for a Best Western. Wait, wtf? Best Western? The best part is really either Shabu Shabu or the fact that you can walk to the Filmore.

    26/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Jen T.
    This little joie de vivre hotel is so cute! Everything about the decor is anime-themed. Everything in the hotel room is so cute from the comforter to the chairs, the desk mat, art on the wall, painted walls and furniture.  It's in a great location even though we rented a car, it's within walking distance to public transportation and many sights nearby.  We thought we were going to have to pay $20/night for parking, but checking in on the weekend, we found ample parking on the streets and will continue to do so throughout the week.  The staff isn't the friendliest that I've seen in the hotel business, but they're very accomodating to your requests.  We stayed about 5 people to a room with a king-sized bed and a rollaway.  There are computers and a printer downstairs, the candy on the counter (Frootsie's!) are delicious and there is the stacks game downstairs!! The prizes are pretty cute too, though I'm still convinced this game is rigged at every location it's strategically placed in.  We booked through 1-800-Hotels if that helps anyone.

    26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Jen K.
    Colorfully cute decorated hotel makes for a surprising find in the Japantown area. I was able to check out one of the suites and i was impressed by how fun the room was. The huge 8x5 projector screen, the free Nintendo Wii to play with, all of the comfortable seating for your visiting guests, the anime-like wallpaper murals, and not to mention the sound-proof room. They don't have lots of amentities for their guests, but I don't think that takes away anything from enjoying your stay. Overall, it was a good experience.

    23/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Sunja G.
    This hotel is absolutely adorable!  My fiance and  I both really enjoyed our stay 2-night stay at Hotel Tomo.  The staff is very friendly and the rooms were perfectly clean.  We stayed on the 3rd floor I believe, and our window was very close to some sort of daycare or preschool.  In the mornings, we could hear children squealing and laughing since we stayed there during the week.  We've never had trouble with noise though, and since most hotels in San Francisco are like this, it didn't bother us at all.  But if you're a light sleeper or get irritated by street noises easily, try to get a room that's not so close to the school.  They offer free parking in their garage, but it fills up fairly quickly.  There's lots of cute shops, restaurants, purikura, salons, and even a karaoke bar all in walkable distance.

    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Elizabeth K.
    I enjoyed my recent stay at Hotel Tomo.  While not in the 'center of things' (staying here was my 2nd choice since my first choice hotel in North Beach was full), it's 2-3 blocks from Filmore which has lots of shops and restaurants and enjoyed going to the nearby Japanese shopping center as well.  Easy to get around on the bus which stops across the street and cablecar route on California not far.  My room was bright and beds comfortable, nice bathroom--not fancy but a great value for what they charge.  There was a significant discount for staying 3 days.  Overall I was very satisfied.  The hotel staff were all very nice and helpful.

    04/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Gail Q.
    The Hotel Tomo has everything we were looking for in a hotel: decent price (we paid about $90 a night for a regular king room), it's clean, it's cute, good location, Giant Robot teeshirt vending machine in the lobby... We didn't know we were looking for a Giant Robot teeshirt vending machine until we found it, but then we realized it was one of those things we had always been looking for, deep down inside. And I say that in part because the vending machine is actually friendlier than the live Giant Robot store employees. Zing! Wait, the hotel. Right.
    The staff was friendly, the parking was convenient but expensive until we realized that we were surrounded by plentiful street parking (yay), and even the (often stolen) "do not disturb" signs are cute. The wee little gym was just fine for our needs but would've been annoying if we HADN'T been the only people in there, monopolizing the 3 cardio machines and 8 dumbbells - but, HEY! Free gym! Overlooking a coffee shop and plaza for exciting people watching! Whee!
    I understand the assessment that the hotel's trying reeeeeeal hard with its fun colors, murals, wacky furnishings (fuzzy monolith in the lobby?), and general decor tricks to make you forget you're in a Best Western, but you know what? If EVERY Best Western was this clean and polished, with a slick, fun gimmick and such attention to detail, it WOULDN'T be a generally embarrassing place to stay.
    Additionally, I really love Japantown, not just for the general dorky white girl reasons (OMG KAWAII! OMG BOYS! OMG PHOTOSTICKERS!), but also because it's chill, safe, and you can trip and fall into a good restaurant.

    06/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Celester C.
    If it's part of the hotel, but not mentioned below, then we didn't do/see/go to it.

    ME: Budget minded traveler who visited SF for 4 days in the summer. I wanted a cheap place to stay without feeling like I was staying in a cheap place. It was me and 4 other people about my age (low to mid 20s). Our 5th person was sneaked in b/c of the 4 adult max

    PARKING: This is why they didn't get 5 stars. No parking was available the day we arrived. It seemed like they ALWAYS have this problem. To compensate, they let us park in the underground parking of the Japanese mall across the street about 2 blks away. Paid about the same price. Don't know about the in/out privileges b/c we didn't need it. But don't let this sway your decision about staying here too much...read on!

    LOCATION: Probably equidistant between Downtown SF and Golden Gate park. For transportation, all we used was public transportation, and the bus stop is right on the doorstep of the hotel, which is great! I mean bus service was adequate that you just step out and one will appear instantly. If you're used to metropolitan public transportation, you know what I'm talking about.

    ENVIRONMENT/SAFETY: Japantown is tiny. Not like Chinatown. Thus, it's not too touristy (i.e. there are some tourists, but not a lot like at the Wharf or anything). We didn't stay out too late and usually arrived at the hotel at about 9:30-10PMish and it seemed ok safetywise. We've even walked to the Ralph's in the summer dark, which is about 4 blks away and it was fine. Here's an idea of the perception of safety: When we were heading home one night, I saw a couple walking by themselves (w/out too many people around), and one of them was a hot blonde with a miniskirt. Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be walking with my hot, miniskirt-wearing girlfriend in the night by ourselves unless I felt like it was safe. Or unless I was Chuck Norris. But I'm not.

    OUR ROOM: We didn't have any of the special gamer rooms or anything, but we had the 2 queen bed room. Fortunately, they included the giant bean bag which was used by our 5th person to sleep in. The room was clean so no complaints in that dept. Everything was functional except for our iHome, but it wasn't that big of a deal to us. The LCD TV is nice, but it didn't have a DVD player. However, you could hook one up if you had the right cables (who brings those on trips?). The bathrooms are small, yes, but they worked for us. All 5 of us. Furnishings were correctly described as Ikea-like by one reviewer. Our carpet was cool though, b/c it was painted with a wood plank floor design, so it looked like a wood floor (duh)! But it's a carpet nonetheless, and it was good. And yes, there was a mural. We were always out before the cleaning people got there, so they never bothered us. Nights were quiet for us so we weren't really bothered or anything. As a budget minded traveler, this room was more than I was looking for so Great job Best Westerners!  

    THE CLINCHER(S): Now here are the reasons why this was more than mediocre for me:
    1) I was able to find a deal where if you stay there for 3 nights, you get the 4th night free. So our nightly rate was considerably lower than what you see on the websites. This was a promo done right after this hotel was renovated, so it was like a grand opening for the new J-pop theme. I don't know if this deal is still available, but it never hurts to check. You never know!
    2) Being the paranoid that I am, I thought we were gonna have a difficult time sneaking our 5th person in. If you're looking to sneak someone in, this hotel is pretty easy (but then again, we're not the partying type and we keep to ourselves). One of the ways we achieved this was that whenever we entered and exited the hotel, we always split up when we went in. So 2 of us would go in first, then 5 mins later, the other 3 would go in. We realized early on that the desk people don't even look up and see us. But we maintained it throughout our stay to fool the cameras if there were any. The other cool thing was that there's another entrance to the hotel through the restaurant, so we would mix it up a little in our methods of entry.

    Yes I know, I'm a dork. But hey, it helps if you're budget conscious.

    Overall, I'd come here again. All we really used the room for was to sleep since we were out sightseeing all the time. This hotel was satisfactory in that there were no inconveniences that occurred that would have prevented us from being effective visitors of the city. Hopefully this gives you enough insight to make a better decision on your place of stay.

    As for the shabu-shabu restaurant, I'll review that another time.

    26/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Laura B.
    Some of the people they have at the front desk at the Tomo are absolute idiots. My mother and brother stayed there over Christmas and my brother forgot his phone in the room when they checked out. My brother's friend from school went missing on the 27th, so it was important that I retrieve the phone to see if they boy had tried to contact my brother.
    When I went to the desk to ask for the phone, I told the woman at the front how they had stayed there and why I needed the phone and that my mother had called and told them that I'd be picking it up. The woman instantly started telling me how she couldn't give me the phone without some sort of written consent or unless I could tell her the name of the person my mother had spoken to. Now, I understand that there are certain precautions that must be taken in order to insure that the right person is retrieving lost items, but the woman didn't even give me a chance to describe the phone or tell her my mothers name or what room they'd stayed in. She just instantly began telling me I couldn't retrieve the items in a tone that was highly unappreciated, especially given the circumstances. This was a real emergency! There was a missing child, and the woman at the front desk acted as if it wasn't her problem and she didn't care. I don't know what part of "MISSING CHILD" doesn't sound urgent, but apparently it's not a concern to the Tomo staff.

    Neither me or my family will ever stay here again.

    28/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. D B.
    I've stayed here a few times, the first time I *loved* it...  the second time was a little more problematic.  We checked in and went to our room on the 8th floor (I think it was 8, top floor) and immediately fell for the view.  Then we noticed a low persistent humming buzzing noise.  Knowing there was NO way we could sleep with that noise, we asked to switch rooms.

    We were moved to a 2nd floor room facing the street.  I knew that I couldn't sleep right over the street -- and as my boyfriend was moving our rooms yet again, a car alarm went off underneath the window.  Yep.

    Finally, got another room in the interior of the 2nd floor.  It's not ideal, as the rather fun & rowdy restaurant is on that floor, but it was fine.  Throughout the management was extremely accommodating and helpful; they knocked off one night of parking charge from our bill.

    Overall, the place is fun, creatively decorated and a good value.  I'm not crazy about the parking garage charge.  I would definitely recommend asking for a room on the 6th or 7th floor.  Better view and much quieter.

    04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Sydney L.
    extremely friendly staff, sleep study center at top floor.  Top choice for Japaneses tourists.

    01/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. miriam b.
    Nothing special except close to Japantown, Pacific Heights and quick bus ride to Union Square.

    NOW June 2007 cartoonizing into an ANIME oriented hotel with published room rates of $139 plus hotel tax of...?

    MORE than Miyako Hotel ($109 until Sept. 07 remodeling completion projected completion date) on Post Street, because updated with wii box, iPod interface..but  WHYYYYY???

    Stay here after partaking of the heavy duty beef consuming and heavy duty drinking night at the Cafe Mum's restaurant at the height of conference and convention time for San Francisco.

    Best for middle of city  convenience for FORMALLY small spending-money  budget folks (i.e. travellers from  New Zealand).

    Parking and restaurant attached to Inn. Across from local bus system going to Union Square. $1.50 one way and ask for a "transfer" ticket.

    Managed by Joie De Vivre organization as of  2006.

    02/05/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Emily F.
    The player's suite here is totally out of control. The room itself was really nice with cute furniture and cute little touches here and there. The rooms are reasonably priced and definitely worth it. In a really nice area too.

    17/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Scott T.
    we stayed 2 nights and loved it,very clean rooms.very quiet area of the city,the mini mart across the street was great for waters&soda .65 cents each great to put in the mini fridge.was quiet at night but got a little loud around 8:00 in the morning with people leaving there rooms.will stay here again on our next trip!!!

    15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Dan C.
    The Miyako Inn is adequate. If you're travelling and just need a place to stay and not a full service hotel it's very convenient. Our room was booked through expedia and compared to other hotels in San Francisco the price was definitely right.

    An added bonus was the mini fridge in the room and the balcony. Ours was on the fifth floor and was extra large.

    07/08/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Jay B.
    Well hello awesome part of San Francisco - Japantown. I've been to San Francisco many times and haven't been to Japantown, but I must say, I quite like the vibe. It's quiet, compared to Nob Hill or SoMa. And right in the heart is the Hotel Tomo. As you walk in you first notice the funky couch and the 3 t.v.'s with Japanese Anime playing around the clock. The room was nice (except for the few stains on the floor which doesn't really bother me all that much) with a fun mural on the wall. The window had a bench seat and who doesn't love a beanbag chair! The beds are a little on the hard side and the sheets seemed a little low on the thread count but it was comfortable enough. I do like a soft bed. What I really loved was how quiet it was. With the exception of the 6:30 am garbage truck making noise, you didn't hear any traffic. And then if that's not enough, it's within walking distance to at least 10 sushi restaurants, noodle houses, tofu restaurant (who knew?) and 6 blocks from the Fillmore Center, Yoshi's and karaoke bars. And with MUNI and the bus system being as great as it is in this city, nothing is ever too far away.

    24/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. beverly w.
    Hotel Tomo is convenient to bus-lines and the Fillmore, is adorably appointed, and the staff was helpful and overall great. One annoyance: an advertised sake tasting hour that did not exist! They should update that so we don't wind up dissapointed. Location close to Japantown and its rocking mall with $1.50 stores and delicious sushi joints was unparralelled. If you are navigating SF sans vehicle (as well you should be, the public transport is pretty great and bus transfers work for hours) the location is pretty great, and the price is swell.

    21/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Dan W.
    We stayed here from 5/27-5/30/11. The wife attended a chamber music workshop during the day on Sat and Sun. The hotel is right across from Japan town and so while the workshop was going on at SF state, I could just walk over to Japan town and checkout Kinokunya and all the other stores in the mall. The Sundance Kabuki theater is close also but there was no time with all the things at Daisi and Itchi Kan to check out. No time or opportunity for boredom. The hotel room was very comfortable and most important- quiet. Maid service was great. Mum's was great for breakfast. There are also great spots for dining in Japantown.  Overall a great stay.

    04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Cindy K.
    -The room was comfortably sized.  Ours came with a fridge, kettle, safety deposit box, iPod player, robes, etc.  The flat-screen TV could have been bigger, but then again we didn't travel to San Francisco to stay in our hotel and watch TV.
    -Just as the reviewers before me have indicated, each room has a fun anime-style mural and nice views of the city.
    -If staying on a weekday, you might want to ask about a room that does not face West.  There is a day care center or some type of school on that side where the young children can be rambunctious.  It's a terrible situation when you're trying to sleep in from a late night and the noise of kids playing outside wakes you up.
    -Also be warned that this is a hotel that attracts families, meaning that you could be the neighbor of parents who don't know how to control their screaming and/or crying kids.  We didn't have this problem, but we observed this when walking down the hallways.

    -The mattress and pillows are firm, slightly better than average as far as sleeping goes.
    -Be warned of the wooden bed frame.  It sticks out and the corners are pretty sharp [check out the medium shots of their beds in the photo gallery].  My sister banged her shin against it once and it left a sizable mark (an unwanted memento of SF).

    -The bathroom was not big, but it got the job done.  No fan, so be sure to bring matches. It helps that the sink/vanity is split from the toilet/shower when you're staying with someone else.
    -Try to avoid using the square soap dish.  The damn thing made it near impossible to pick up wet soap.

    Customer service:
    -Everyone we encountered was friendly and eager to help.  We had some small problems communicating with one of the ESL guys at the front desk once (some things got sort of lost in translation), but we all were able to work through it.

    -You can easily get your shop on at the nearby stores of Japantown. The hotel is conveniently located just across the street from the outdoor Buchanan mall and a block away from the Japan Center. Be sure to visit japantownparking.com/Bus… for coupons.
    -Eastbound and westbound bus stops (2, 3, 4) are literally a few steps away.
    -As two twenty- and thirty-something year olds, my sister and I felt very safe walking back to our hotel late at night.

    -Affordable and reasonable.  We stayed in the summer with a Thursday check-in and Sunday check-out, and paid about $487 (after a AAA discount and after taxes) for a two-bed room.

    Overall review:
    -Recommended.  This is not the place to stay if you're looking for a romantic get-away (unless your idea of romance resembles a Nintendo game).  We had a nice stay at this clean, fun and funky hotel.   It is also a plus that the place is fairly newly renovated.  I'd be willing to stay at the Players' Suite the next time I'm in SF with a group of friends.

    -Other yelpers have complained about issues with parking, to which I'd respond:  Just don't drive; use public transportation.
    -Skip the vending machines.  Although a cool idea in theory, in practice you'll find a bigger selection and better prices of Japanese toys, shirts, paraphernalia, etc. at the actual Giant Robot store.
    -Bring a big bottle of water.  The hotel doesn't provide this for free (unless if you're way cheap and use melted ice from the ice machine), and you'll want to use water with the free tea and instant coffee.
    -Do take advantage of their complimentary happy hour if staying on a weekday.  Sake, anyone?
    -If you didn't bring your own laptop, you can ask to use the computers in the lobby for Internet service.  Talk to the front desk for a 20-minute use card (one per guest) free of charge.
    -If you forgot your razor, shaving cream, or toothbrush, ask the front desk for these, also free of charge.
    -Sign up for the Joe de Vivre Loyalty Club for special rewards joyoflifeclub.com .


    10/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Doug G.
    If my vacation had to be interrupted by two nights in the hospital at California Pacific Medical Center, there's no place I'd rather that my family stayed than Hotel Tomo. Not just because they were offered a discount as family of a CPMC patient, or that the nearby Japantown and Fillmore Street businesses provided for our every need and often our great delight, but also because this little gem of a Japanese style meets Best Western Hotel was just the place for them to relax while I was admitted, and for me to relax after being discharged. Child friendly - they play anime in the lobby and offer video games in the rooms - and magnificent murals in the rooms as well, this newly appointed property is a find for new and even frequent visitors to The City. Price, location, CLEANLINESS, and a unique approach will delight you too. These folks went above and beyond a few times during our short stay, and have guaranteed that we'll be back every time we visit SF.

    07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Jennifer L.
    I was surprised with a stay at the Hotel Tomo for my birthday this year and I loved it.  A totally fun room, decorated with plenty of light wood that was very Ikea-esque in design.  I loved the slated headboard, and the bed was comfy enough.  As was the beanbag which I drunkenly plopped down onto immediately upon entering the room.  At that point I sprung up and squeed over the fun mural and then promptly passed out.
    Luckily, the room was just as adorable in the sober (and slightly throbby) light of day.  They have paid attention to most details (their do not disturb signs are cute and gamer-esque; I may have one on the door to my room at home, but that would be a weird coincidence, huh?), but some areas didn't feel as cared for.  The lobby was fun even though I didn't win a prize (stupid, hard to figure out machine).
    I would absolutely stay here again - the prices are very reasonable, and have recommended it to friends looking to come visit the city.

    26/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Casey J.
    I had previously stayed here on a 2004 trip to see SFA (what else?) when it was called The Miyako Inn. Still owned by Best Western, but redone in Japanese pop culture theme, sooo cute! I was given a room with a lime green door and inside was a Pete Fowler-esque mural (how'd they know???). Quiet; opened up to the courtyard; powerful shower. Super close to the Fillmore for music and Japantown for shopping. So worth $150/nite, I will make this my hotel whenever I am in SF again!

    03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. zoe h.
    So the hotel is just adequate, as the previous reviewer says.  But the price is right, the location is great, and the staff has been wonderful to me both times I've stayed there.

    Located right in Japan town, you are surrounded by great food and shops, a short walk to the Fillmore shopping district, and a quick bus ride downtown.  Parking is only  $15/day with ins and outs and last time it didn't appear on my bill (probably not intentionally).  

    Jimmy is a hoot.  He works nights at the desks and is absolutely hysterical.  Last time we stayed there, the soda machine at our $1.50 and Jimmy handed it right back without hesitation.

    So the rooms are a little rundown, no pool, the restaurant is something left to be desired, but the hotel is great for travelers on a budget who want a nice, safe place to sleep, and a convenient central location.

    13/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Peter T.
    I needed an affordable hotel near my home for my niece, a high school senior visiting SF looking at colleges. She has virtually no experience in city living, so I wanted a place where she could feel safe without me going broke. The Tomo was perfect -- super-clean spacious room, friendly staff, incredibly innovative decor, a very decent view, and a late-night locked-lobby policy that made her (and her folks back east) rest easy. Add to that the sparkle of the Japan Center literally just across the street and she was quite happy with her stay. I'd definitely use this place again, for guests of any age and style.

    09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. H R.
    I just got back from the Tomo and I have mixed feelings.  Here are the pros and cons :

    Pros -  Location, location, location.  This place is in the best area!  It's two blocks from Filmore street and four blocks from the Kabuki spa.  The hotel itself is a bit run down.  The room is a good size for one, although if you get a king room for two, you may be a little cramped.  The bed is OK.  A little hard for my taste.  The bathroom and sink area is very basic but again clean.  Shower temp was great.  Very hot water.  Easy to get to this place from SFO.  Take BART to Embarcadero and hail a cab.  5 minute cab ride, 10 bucks.  The room was quiet, except for the occasional random person who forgets to use their "inside voice' at 2 am.  Free internet access for guests in lobby.

    Cons -
    Carpeting in room is FILTHY.  Stains everywhere.  Water pressure in shower not super strong.  A/C works, but you have to turn it on an hour before you actually want it to work so it has time to kick in.  

    May stay there again, but I prefer the Hotel Kabuki around the corner.  Pay a little more, but much more comfortable.

    03/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Gabe T.
    I stayed at this hotel this past Valentine's Day weekend and enjoyed my stay.

    One problem we had was that the room was a bit warm and took some time to get cool! Another problem, would be the fact that you can hear people in their rooms and people even passing by. Kind of took away from our privacy, but didn't kill it... The most sound comes from their big head boards they use with their beds ;)

    T.V. was a good size and we liked the iPod Dock station. Used it for music and to charge my phone!

    We didn't try the indoor restaurant, but it looked decent.

    What made our stay convenient was the parking garage they have, which gives you a sense of safety to your vehicle, though spaces are limited and usually fills up at night. Easily accessible, connected right to the hotel, which makes it also easy to monitor your car.

    There's even a bus stop right outside the hotel which makes getting around very convenient. For our stay at this hotel, we never had to drive ourselves. It was easy to get to Fisherman's Warf and around the Union Square vicinity. Also, the front desk can call you cab if you wish to use one...

    Tomo has many restaurants around it and is only a block away from the Community Center (Japanese mini mall), which has some cool shops and desert places. Try the crepes there!

    Overall, good safe location. Would stay again...

    17/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Joanna H.
    Very Affordable! Clean! Fun! Quiet! and if you are lucky to stay up on the last floors you get some very nice views of San Francisco. The Fatboy (Bean bag) was great I would have stuffed it in my suitcase if I could. My only complaint was the WiFi. The Signal was very weak and it was slow like being on dial up. Oh, and Cafe Mums a little over priced and the menu is kinda dull but the place is cute. Other than that, Hotel Tomo was awesome! It was definitely a home away from home... and the Hotel lobby smells like Shabu Shabu! Loved it.

    13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Eric W.
    So, I've never actually stayed here, but I did go to the Grand Opening party =D.  Our friend (who works there) needed people to sit around and demo the Nintendo Wii room to other onlookers.

    First of all, the normal rooms are nice. They're fairly large, well lit, and nicely designed.  It's apparent that they've tried fairly hard to make you think that you're staying somewhere less embarrassing than Best Western.  Everything looks modern and clean with the exception of the very 70's-ish stairwells which were obviously not given a face lift with the rest of the hotel.  

    So yea, you might be thinking "WTF is a Nintendo Wii room?" Well, you can stay in a room with a 10 foot projector and a nintendo wii or a PS3 if you enjoy paying a butload of money for that kind of thing.  There are bean bag chairs, a circular bed and some other stuff (although the tub of free ramune drinks was probably only for the party =( ).

    The Hotel is right across the street from Japan Town, which is convenient...(only a block away from delicious Spam Musubi at May's Cafe! YAY!) and it's near the 38 geary so getting downtown is easy too.

    17/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Naomi N.
    We stayed during the cherry blossom festival weekend so we got stuck dealing with the noise of men setting up the booths and stage along the side street of our 2nd floor connecting rooms.
    As mentioned before, the air conditioning unit was very tempermental...only worked when it wanted to.
    One could also hear the doors to every room slam shut, vibrating the entire floor! They really should do something about THAT!
    That weekend they also had some diplomacy seminar for men going on the 2nd floor...these guys would come out along the hallway and consult each other on who knows what! This went on ALL day and night! We had to call hotel security one night at 1030p so to usher these men away from the guest rooms! There should have been ground rules set for these people before the seminar started.
    Three stars were given for cleanliness, location and free wi fi. Also, the water pressure was not bad and we were able to check in early.
    If not for the room temperature, we would stay there again...maybe on another floor this time!

    19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. Renee D.
    Excellent location. This place is acutually a Best Western, but you'd never know it. The yellow and white, and very Japanese anime decor def. gives this place a neat atmosphere. The bed was super comfy, and they also provided you with this enormous pillow/futon thing for lounging on the floor. The lobby is super cute, with an giant couch like thing that everyone seems to gravitate to. And it's great for a hangover, as you wait in the lobby for your party to join you. One neat fact - in the lobby there's this sign for some sleep disorder center. It turns out that one of the floors in the hotel is dedicated to people who come from the SF University hospital (or something like that) to come and sleep the night when it's hectic in the hospital. There is also Mum's home of Shabu Shabu on the 1st floor - which has a great happy hour, and a decent breakfast. I would def. come back to this place if ever back again in SF.

    10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Kristinamarie S.
    I went here for my 22nd birthday. It is on the edge of japan town. I'll be honest not a whole lot happening in Japan-town but it was a decent room for a decent price. I like the lobby. You really do feel like you are in the heart of japan. A massive big "couch" if you would call it that with interesting carpet like print. Also a massive yellow pillow im sure everyone and their mom gets on because it looks that addicting. If you didn't try and rape it...you wouldn't be normal? lol. I also loved the Japanese couch and fun looking chairs. If your a hotel guest you can also use the computers downstairs for free. They have cool vending machines to buy shirts and stuff.

    I would recommend this hotel but know it is pretty far from fun market street area. Cab ride to and from with tip about $20. Maybe better to sat in the Market area more things to do and you can just walk around.

    Good staff...although we dealt with them momentarily.

    01/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Aesah L.
    I read the great reviews on Hotel Tomo so I was pretty excited about staying here. It's a decent place in a fantastic location right across the street from Nihonmachi. The lobby is minimalist with a great mural and the same goes for our room. Cute wood plank-looking carpets. All in all, exactly as described, but I guess the feeling I got was it is a Best Western that's been dressed up. We had a better experience at the Petite Auberge in Nob Hill.

    17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Diana C.
    The interior of this place is great.  I felt like I was in a fun house rather than a hotel.

    In-room carpets that look like wood floor panels are also awesome.

    The Fatboys in the room are cool but impractical.

    The HDTV-capable flat panel in-room was also pretty freaking great, except for the fact that I wasn't prepared for it otherwise I would've brought some converter cables for my laptop and watched some movies or something.  Local TV looks like crap on the screen b/c they aren't HD.

    Front desk service was on and off.  I'm sorry but the old Japanese man, probably the hotel owner, was a bit impatient and hasty.

    Free parking in their garage = SCORE, except it was full about half the time I tried.  Then you are shafted to the second garage about a block away, AND you have to pay $36 a night.  I was given wrong information about having to pay for parking in that second garage so I was a little upset about that.

    No printers = Meh.

    Oh yeah.  And the first room I was assigned to was right next to smokers, apparently, even though the entire hotel is non-smoking.  It completely seeped under the doorways into my room so I had to move to another room.  Luckily the new room was on the other side of the hotel, so I no longer had to deal with loud talking or smoke.

    Everything is new though so it was great to come back to after a long day of house huntin'.

    23/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Kiley M.
    On the spur of the moment, I decided to book a room at this hotel for a quick weekend up north. The Best Western site made it look 'hip' with the anime influences, but as long as it was clean and well-maintained I didn't really mind. The afternoon I arrived it drizzled a bit, and I nearly slipped down the slippery steps (oops!) to the entrance. The lobby was small but packed on one side with a round sofa, three plasma tellies on the wall showing anime (natch) and misc films, a vending machine that wasn't filled with soda, and a table on the right with 2 computers for browsing. Checking in was easy and fast, but I did have to wait a bit while the room was cleaned. Checking in time is 3:00 pm, and I arrived a few minutes after the hour.

    The fourth-floor room I had was stylish. A large mural of a bridge and a deer decorated the wall in the style of flat pop. The curtains hid a seating alcove that overlooked Sutter, allowing me to sit and people watch, or take lovely pictures of the view. My room was sans the wii, or PS3 but there was an iPod dock/alarm clock and a Nintendo controller to play tv games with. I was hoping to use the Internet connection, but it wasn't compatible with my DS Opera browser. Ditto the iPod dock with my Zen Vision. Ah, but that's probably more my fault than anything else :p

    Funny thing is that the bathroom is tiny. A cramped shower near the toilet, but the room had a separate washbasin with excellent lighting. There's an icebucket but no mention anywhere of the whereabouts of the machine. A quick call to housekeeping led to the discovery that it's on the 5th floor, where I also found the UCSF sleep disorder tech room. I wonder what's the story behind that one.

    There's a bus stop for the lines 2, 3, and 4 across the hotel and the 38L on Geary and Laguna a few blocks down. Checking out was just as easy, and the receptionist helpfully assisted other guests with calling shuttles, cabs, or tour buses. The hotel is an affordable place to stay in a nice neighbourhood, away from the throngs.

    22/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Jenny W.
    I've always been a fan of joie de vivre hotels. They have a bunch in SF and chose to stay at Hotel Tomo based on the character. I thought this hotel was absolutely adorable. I loved the feel of the place and the decor was a nice touch. The location was great as well, right across the street from Japantown. The place is pretty much no-frills, the beds were reasonably comfy too. I would stay here again.

    09/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. Piper R.
    This is hotel is not worth anyone's time or money. The beds have bugs in them, the staff is rude, and the rooms are very loud. The air conditioning and coffee machines do not work, and this hotel does not cater to hospital patients the way they rave about. Staff is SO unhelpful. Save your energy and money and stay some where else!

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Daniel M.

    Promo photos on the jdv hospitality web site pretty much cover the design improvements.  

    It's an old building, so some of the infrastructure and equipment is dated.

    Would have been nice to have the cute stuffed toy or anime magazines in the room.  

    Channel lineup on the hdtv was paltry.  Nothing in hd.  And no Japanese programming.  

    Highlights included a huge fatboy bean bag chair, an alarm clock with ipod docking station, wi-fi in every room, a down comforter hidden in a linen drawer, and an attentive staff who immediately changed my room, even at 11:30 at night, when I asked to be moved away from a thunderous ice machine (see dated infrastructure comment above).  But none of these features is particularly "j-pop."

    20/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Nobu K.
    It was this morning 6:43 AM.
    I was driving down on Geary Blvd to my office, East Bay.
    From Richmond district.
    I thought I can make it, keep my ass tight, hold on.
    But I felt something leaking out a little.
    My eyes became like bullet, I got goose-pimples.
    I said,"I got to go!".
    But where?, and how?
    I really wanted to become a Dog.
    A Bull Dog.
    But I had an idea.
    Instead of becoming a Japanese bull dog to poop on the sidewalk.
    I went to the Miyako Inn!
    I have never stay here before.
    But ,
    I tell you this.
    They have a clean always open bathroom.
    I don't know how many times I was saved by here.
    like this morning.
    Thank God.
    It was a close one.
    Yabakatta, Hontoni.

    I don't care that Miyako Inn is owned by Best Western or Korean.
    As long as you keep the same old clean bathroom that always opens,
    Miyako Inn gets my 5 stars.

    By the way,
    Cafe Mums will be re-open today.

    15/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Samantha M.
    Pretty much the cutest hotel ever.... and it is a Best Western! Whooda thunk? Anyway, loved this place. Great location, all you can eat shabu-shabu at the restaurant downstairs, and anime on the walls in your room. Perfect!

    10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Ai M.
    A refrigerator and a Fatboy bean bag is included with the room.  I loved the window seat.  The bathroom is dark and depressing until you get used to it.  The curtains, lamps, and toiletries are nice.  The TV could be better.

    08/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Tiff ..
    First, FYI, for any of you lovebirds planning a SF trip, the room we stayed was far from romantic, with their sinister cartoon mural and fluorescent lights.

    Lost reservation:
    My bf + I booked online at Joie de Vivre ( jdvhotels.com ) and the front desk took 40 minutes to find our reservation.  

    WEEEEEEEIIIIIIRRRRD night staff:  
    The manager, apparently suffering from a major migraine attack, talked to us the entire time in a singsong voice, with her hand covering her right eye and her face contorted into a smile-grimace.  

    The lobotomized graveyard-shift desk guy made no eye contact whatsoever when we went downstairs to request an extra pillow (because he wasn't picking up the phone.  It was ringing when we were down there too).  When he delivered our pillow to our room 20 minutes later, his head was down, gaze averted.  He just silently stuck out his arm and broke into a dead sprint all the way down the hall afterward.

    20/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. k. l.
    Hotel Tomo is perfectly OK, but it bills itself ias a 3 1/2 star boutique hotel. It's simply not.

    *There's no room service.
    *The beds are, shall we say, basic.
    *The fitness room is pretty grim.
    *During a rainy spell, they don't even have umbrellas for purchase, must less to borrow.
    *Calls to the front desk to call for a cab ring and ring and ring. . .
    *It's impossibly far away from anywhere you really want to be in San Francisco. Unless you just want to eat sushi.

    There's nothing wrong with Tomo, it's just not good, and there's really no reason to ever want to stay there.

    09/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    46. Ian M.
    This is a fantastic hotel that I always love staying at.  It's a lot of fun to run around.  The rooms are clean and have recently been remodeled and repainted with fun murals.  It's also not the most expensive thing int he world, so it's nice on the budget.

    Now, the reason that this hotel gets only 4 stars and not 5 is that it utterly fails in parking.  ~20 spaces for at least 100 rooms?  FAIL!  It's always a nightmare to get parking and I'm always scared about coming in late because I never know if there'll be a space open.

    27/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Nina T.
    I wish I would of have had a better experience.  Stayed on the 1st floor.  Our heater didn't work in the dead of winter, when we told the staff they said..."You have to turn on the AC fan all the way up so the heat will get sucked out of the vents." Who wants to turn on the AC fan when it's already 50 degrees? Also, the smell from he restaurant was so overwhelming in the morning it made me a little sick to my stomach, the bathrooms weren't very nice either.  It's a fairly inexpensive hotel, but I've stay in hotels that were much nicer but for the same price.

    I was kind of sucked in to staying here because of the neat murals on the walls and the decor, but it was very underwhelming when I saw it in person.  If you are looking for a unique experience, look into a place like hotel des artes.  It's around the same price, but I had a much better experience.

    19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Glenn B.
    Great price, clean very clean in a quite area

    07/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Yee-Shing W.
    Had a great experience here over Memorial Day weekend. It's a cute little hotel in the heart of Japan-town and in the heart of Pacific Heights. Convenient to everything and a 20-30 min walk to the Financial District/Union Square. You would've never known it was a Best Western Hotel!

    Consistent with its name, the rooms are all Japanese themed. The beds aren't the most comfortable but considering everything else in the room was great, it's not a huge deal. We stayed on the top (8th) floor and had gorgeous views of the city.

    Best part: FREE INTERNET in the rooms (wireless or you can ask for an Ethernet cord at the front desk)

    Worst part: $20/day for garage parking BUT you can go in and out so it's not terrible.

    I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is visiting SF. It's located in Pacific Heights so it's a short walk to all the cute restaurants and shops in the area.

    02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Yoshiko M.
    Good price (AAA rate $139 for a double queen; $154 for a large deluxe double queen).  Fun location (J-town, a short bus ride from Union Square).  Playful, clean decor (adult-ish anime murals).  Decent restaurant.

    Quick internet service (check!).  Friendly, efficient staff (check!).  Polite housekeeping staff who clean well and do NOT knock on your door at 8:00 a.m. about cleaning your room (check!).  Plenty of towels (check!).  Lots to do in immediate area (check!).

    The bathrooms are small, and the room still has the skeleton of the 1960ish Best Western whitebread motel it used to be.  But the re-do is a mostly successful re-invention.

    Your inner mama tip:  Join the Joie de Vivre Hotel club -- you will get to choose what free amenity you want.

    Joie de Vivre runs a number of themed boutique hotels in the City.  With the exception of the Bijou, I pretty much like them all.   This is their newest addition.

    08/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Leanna L.
    Interesting option for a hotel.  

    Decided to shack up here for a night with my out-of-town visitor since it was cheap, in a safer part of the city, and looked interesting from the website.

    The room itself was pretty cool.  Modern style, while feeling like I was in a Super Mario Brothers video game.  The bed was big and comfortable but I was still wary of the cleanliness of the sheets.  (Although I do have a slight phobia of sharing beddings with thousands of other people, since I'm sure they don't sterilize the sheets between visitors...)

    All-in-all... pretty good for the price, and area.  But search a little more and their higher-class sister hotel (Hotel Kabuki) is only a block away, and is only about $20 more per night.

    02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Derrick E.
    the walls are thin... parking is 20 bucks a day but i was not able to park in the structure anyway because it was always full.  I always found parking on the street but just needed to get up before 10 am to move it in the garage. Saved me 60 bucks in parking though.  Affordable and location is near everything.

    14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Mumble B.
    This hotel is a really great value in the city at only $150 a night. It's clean, quiet and centrally located in Japantown. The staff was friendly and helpful. We stayed in a Deluxe King room that offered a comfortable (on the firm side) king bed, desk space, a small dining area and an alcove window seat that overlooked Japantown. We had a great view of the Pagoda and of the area's shopping and restaurants. This place is very visually interesting with giant, anime murals on the walls and on the ceiling of the lobby. I really enjoyed my stay there.

    06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Jessica K.
    Cute hotel! It seems kinda janky on the outside, but once you get inside, it's really cute :) It's located in the heart of Japantown and is very convenient if your in the area. The hallways are colorful with all the doors painted different colors and the rooms are really cute inside. They all have different paintings on the walls so it's kind of cool. Almost feels like your in Japan for a second, until you look out the window. :)

    25/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Zoe T.
    Tomo oregato mr.roboto! TOMO!

    J-Pop. Wicked. Cool. Well, at least made me feel cool.

    I like places, people and all things that make me feel hip and cool. So I liked this place.

    Felt like I was entering IKEA (and BTW I am a big IKEA fan, so this rocked). Crisp, bright, funky rooms. Great murals on the wall, IPOD dock. I seriously didn't feel like I was in a hotel. I kind of loathe hotels.

    That's about it. I'd recommend it if you want an out of the ordinary, decent priced (for the bay area) hotel in a cool little area, close to all needs a traveler would want.

    23/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Possofazer P.
    This was a great hotel. It was affordable and clean.  However, it is not a luxury hotel - but it is not a dump either.  This is a great mid range option.  It doesn't have the bells and whistles of some luxury hotels, so if that is what you are used to - don't stay here.

    However, the room is spacious and the hotel is clean.  When I stayed it looked as if it was mostly families and younger travelers (20's ish).  The decor is great and has a nice anime touch, without being tacky.  The front desk staff was great and responsive.  

    The light in the bathroom is lowly lit and dim, but it's not as if you can't see or anything.  The sink is outside of the bathroom, if that makes a difference.  The light over the sink is nice and bright, so even though the bathroom light is dim, the sink light is good for shaving/makeup/etc.  The room also has a mini fridge, which is a nice touch and free internet access, which is great.  It was a tad slow, but it was good enough for emails, etc.  I saw computers in the lobby, but didn't try them, as I had my own computer.

    I found the hotel quiet.  I know some people said it was noisy, but I didn't experience that at all.  

    I went to the restaurant on site for breakfast, which was ok.  I wouldn't suggest it.  It was decent food, but you can get better food at one of the many nearby shops and restaurants for the same price.  

    I liked the location, in Japantown.  It was quiet and felt safe.  The hotel appears to be set in a more residential location, so there are great restaurants and cute boutique shops around and a more "local" vibe.  It is also close to the public transportation lines, so getting around is easy.  The only thing is that it is somewhat far from the tourist areas (but for me, I see that as a plus) but nothing a simple bus ride can't solve.  

    I personally like seeing how the locals live when I go to a new place.  This hotel is in the ritzy Pacific Heights area.  A few blocks (and one big hill) away are some awesome mansions and great local parks.  Even that said, walking around I didn't feel a stuffy or arrogant attitude y walking around and going into the shops.

    All in all, I would stay here again.  The "cons" weren't enough to dissuade my from stying at this cute little gem again.

    23/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Amber F.
    Stayed here this past weekend with my husband, and it was a very pleasant experience.  The J-pop decor was entertaining and different.  We had a room with 2 queens and a balcony, a very tiny balcony, but eh, it was still a little fresh air.

    We had booked on Travelocity, so I had the printout with all the information, and even some notes scribbled down, I had been burned by the Travelocity in the past, but for some reason I still book with them... hmm... moving on.  The gentleman at the front desk just asked for our name, found the reservation, took a credit card and we were off with the keys, it was super quick and pleasant.  

    Our room was average size, with the modern/Ikea/minimalist decor, and a giant mural on one wall, very cool.  So, we had our take out we'd collected at the Ferry Building earlier in the day, picnic time, I click on the TV, it doesn't work, ok, the remote doesn't work.  Called down to the front desk and in 5 minutes a man came and fixed it in a matter of minutes, points for efficiency.

    Basically, we had really great service, check in/out was easy, just a few things that bothered us.  Noisy.  Super noisy at night, not sure if it was just the nights we stayed or if it's always like that.  It must have been from 11pm until 3am we heard drunken girls screaming and singing, banging around, running down the hallway, and who knows what else.  The night staff didn't seem too concerned.  That was kind of an issue, but eh, it looks like a hip and fun hotel, and it was the weekend, who am I to rain on their parade.

    The bed, it was comfy, kind of springy, but they did provide extra blankets and pillows in the drawers of the dresser.  So I was cozy and happy.

    The bathroom, small, very small, decent water pressure in the shower, and a bathrobe, kinda cheap and crappy, but it's still a Best Western...

    The balcony provided for good people watching, looking to the right you could see through the Buchanan courtyard to the Peace Plaza.

    The location of the hotel is cool, parking sucked, because we ended up parking at the mall and having to hoof it 2 blocks, but it's really just two blocks, so whatever, I'm not THAT lazy... wait if I'm writing about it maybe I am...  anyhoo, love Japantown, shops and crepes mmm..

    We didn't try Mum's, boiled meat just isn't my thing.  

    Overall, a great stay.  Now, here's the main reason I'm not giving them 5 stars, it was just an ordinary hotel, nothing super-amazing-fantastic, but it was better than average.  On to the financials.  I'm reconciling the credit card bill when I get home and notice that there are two charges from Hotel Tomo on my card.  Wait... travelocity already charged my card, and they should only have charged me for the deposit for the room, but they'd charged me again for the room.  I called to have this fixed and was told no one could help me and call back tomorrow.  Called back, and still no one could help me.  Basically, lots of phone tag and I may have to just handle the dispute with the bank.  Needless to say I'm irritated...  I'll update this review when I finally get my resolution.


    I got my money charged back to my credit card, yes!!!! Victory is mine!

    OK so I'm satisfied with the outcome, wish it hadn't had happened but at least they made it right.

    One more thing I forgot to mention, Travelocity said that the wireless internet was down.  But we thought we'd ask anyway, and they said it was working, we were able to connect twice and then only for a couple minutes, not sure if anyone else has had this issue?  So, I'm considering the internet connection down...

    08/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Mark S.
    I don't care what anyone else says, Hotel Tomo had to be one of the highlights of my recent trip to San Francisco. Thanks to fellow Yelpers for helping find this gem. We needed to stay at a place in the city, that was affordable, that wasn't a dump, and in a good neighborhood. The Hotel Tomo fit nicely into this category.

    From check in to check out the staff and their service was sensational. As a whole, the staff really made us feel welcomed at the hotel. The people at the front desk helped us with whatever we needed with sincerity and professonalism, whether is was giving us directions to the alternate parking or getting us a cab. One of the bellmen in particular stood out, Jimmy, who helped us take our bags up to our room was very cordial and personable and even led me to the microwave in their staff lounge when I needed to heat something up. I cannot say enough about the service at this place.

    As for our room itself, it was pretty good size and quality for the price we paid. The look of the room fit with the theme of the hotel and the location--Japan. One wall in our room was covered by an anime sort of mural, and just the overall style hinted to this theme as well. We had a nice king bed that was ok to sleep in. Some of the other amenities that we appreciated were the small refrigerator with freezer, nice widescreen flatpanel television, and free WIFI! You don't know how much you appreciate the Internet until you have to purchase it at hotels that make you pay for it. Having access to free WIFI provided by the hotel was such a relief.

    The one semi-negative thing I had about Hotel Tomo was that they have very little parking at the hotel as for the three nights we stayed there, we never once parked at the hotel. They do have alternate parking at a garage that is about one to two blocks away which actually worked out better as that had a cheaper rate than at the hotel. In the end it really worked out ok as we saved a little bit of money and got to explore a little bit of the neighborhood (which is pretty safe) and found a row of Japantown eateries. So in the end it didn't turn out to be a negative at all.

    I don't know what else to say other than the fact that this place is cool to stay at because of the decor and has great service and quality.

    01/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. SHANNON A.
    I wanted to do some shopping in Japantown on the weekend before the Justice concert and got a good price here.  The hotel price for a double queen room is 159$ and I found it on travelocity for 110$.  Parking is an additional 20$.

    The hotels in the joiedevivre chain offer a price match guarantee with an additional 10% discount.  After submitting my claim I didn't hear from the hotel for a few days and had to call to get the price adjusted.  If you join the joiedevivre hotel group you get some wine on your first visit and a choice of a newspaper.  We got the wine but not the newspaper.  I'd rather drink than read anyway.

    I had requested a quiet room and ours was really quiet.  The place is clean, cool, across the street from Japantown and about a 20 minute walk to downtown.  I'd stay here again.

    01/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Nicole G.
    Hotel Tomo is a Japanime pop hotel, perfectly suited to its surroundings.  Modern and hip, its rooms are bright and happy with an Ikea-like simplicity.

    After wandering around and seeing its loud murals, Nintendo Wii room and Giant Robot vending machine, I couldn't believe it used to be the old Best Western.

    A tip -- check out Mum's House of Shabu Shabu inside the hotel.   You'll want to get the all-you-can-eat (and drink!) special for $40.  Delish.

    17/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Dara D.
    I love Hotel Tomo and JDV hotels.  Front desk staff is so helpful, so willing to go out of their way to make your stay the best it can be.  They say "yes" when many other hotels has said "no".  Great location.  Bus stop is right across the street and will take you downtown or you can walk two block to Fillmore street which has lots of great shops, restaurants and nightlife. We really enjoyed Fillmore street, way less touristly than downtown.  Large rooms, nice showers with endless hot water, flat screen tvs and parking was fairly easy.  They have a parking lot, there is another lot across the street and they have street parking if you are lucky enough to find a spot.  Check out Hotel Tomo for sure!

    30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Kat H.
    I loved this place. Clean, updated rooms and close to everything! Good selection of movies on the TV or you could walk to the theater down the street. The video gaming room is only available during the week unfortunately.

    The only negative thing was that I could hear the teenage slumber party next door through the thin doors at 1am. My light knock on the wall promptly ended their giggling.

    They are currently offering a California resident special so the rate is discounted--only available online.

    23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Lindsey M.
    Cute, clean affordable.  Good part of town.  I probably wouldn't go back after finding the marine memorial hotel...

    12/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. Joe W.
    A really, really great hotel.

    When we arrived the lobby immediately caught our attention, it was very hip, in an anime kind of way.  The front desk staff was helpful, and quick, getting us checked in in no time.

    The room was very clean, amazingly so for a hotel.  It was also as interestingly decorated as the rest of Hotel Tomo.  The bed was comfortable, and when I called for an extra pillow, the housekeeping woman was completely adorable -- I have never felt like anyone was happy to make me comfortable at a hotel before staying here at the Tomo.

    On TV there were Japanese channels, which were fun to watch and the surrounding neighborhood was clean, safe, and lots of fun to explore - it also yielded good sushi.

    We at Mum's inside the hotel for breakfast, and it was also good (another review).

    All in all, I plan on coming back to the Tomo and another another night to get more of a feel for Japantown and the hotel itself.  It was a lot of fun and I imagine with more time I would have enjoyed myself even more.

    17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Tiffany M.
    This hotel was awful! The decor was so depressing. There was a mural of a shadowy girl that was about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. So awful.
    The Parking we were told was included and it was $20 dollars a day!! They dont have a hot tub or a pool, and the rooms were soo gross..the "deluxe balcony" was dirty and felt like it was gonna fall out underneath us. The service was rude. I will never go here again.

    The bedding was so uncomfortable the blankets were scratchy and the sheets must have been a minus 300 thread count. All around just a bad stay especially for a best western.

    But on the bright i got engaged while in san fran!!! :)

    13/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. siutou s.
    This cute little hotel is conveniently close to Japan town and is within walking distance of lots of bakery cafe's and restaurants.  It was kind of like an ad for Ikea furniture, but it was fun and clean.  They say they are anime themed, but they only really have 3 TVs playing the same episodes non-stop in the lobby.  My only complaint is the some of the staff were not very friendly - and I didn't get my 'Joie de Vivre' complementary beverage (when you join the points club they are supposed to give you a beverage choice when you arrive).  Internet was free though!  Ask for a room on the top floor that doesn't overlook the playground, or so I hear (I got that).  AAA discount got us rooms at $150/night.

    Don't pay for parking at the hotel!  There is a cheaper garage across the street (under the Union Bank) that has in/out privileges for $15 in comparison to the hotel's $22/night rate.  The garage may not have an attendant between the hours of 2am-5am or something, but check their site: japantownparking.com/Rat…

    09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Mae O.
    We rented the Player's Suite for a birthday party and it was perfect.  Staff were so helpful and on top of things.  This is the type of boutique hotel that makes you want to go to a boutique vs. a large hotel.  Very personalized.  They did a great job making everything in this hotel feel cute and clean, but not too fancy and pretentious.  We live in SF so know a lot of the hotels, and I would definitely recommend this place if you have family come in to town that you want to house in the area.  The rooms are light and bright.  We LOVED the breakfast, as you could get standard french toast/pancakes but also get Japanese breakfast with udon and onigiri.  A great experience and I would highly recommend.

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. R F.
    its not as bad as i thought it would be.  i was expecting motel-ish look because its best western but it wasn't bad.  the price is kinda expensive but i was told thats how it is because of the location.their parking garage was full so we parked at the japan center garage which was better cause i think its cheaper there.  too bad they don't have pool.  i like pools.  they have free wifi... although its not that important to me since i have my iphone and i can just use 3g.  i MIGHT come back.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Jay D.
    Usually I stay with family or friends when returning to the city, but I had to be at a meeting at 6:30 A.M. nearby, so staying at a hotel seemed the best. The Hotel Miyako was booked, oops, I meant the Kabuki *rolls eyes*, so I had to find plan B. Enter Hotel Tomo.

    Where else can you stay with trippy anime murals on the walls, simple furnishings, clean rooms, and room to roam in your room (it wasn't a closet) in SF for right around $100 bucks?!? Plus, cool lady up front gave best friend free parking while visiting! This place is great. Too bad I didn't get more time there--just sleep and go.

    So busy with work, I didn't get to go to Asakichi or Paper Tree either. *frown* Not that it's the hotel's fault.

    Pssst. Little secret. Book through the Best Western site, not the JDV site and you'll save$$$$$.

    03/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Mike M.
    A great hotel if you want to stay in a quiet neighborhood but close enough to downtown. A very unique style and clean rooms.

    I had a room on the 3rd floor overlooking Sutter Street, and the noise wasn't bad considering the A/C was broken so the window was open through the duration. Bus routes were very convenient with routes to downtown across the street, and routes to Fisherman's Wharf just a few blocks away. The staff was very friendly with daily messages asking if there was anything they could do to make the stay more enjoyable. Prices were very reasonable for a 3-star, although got a bit steep on the weekend. I didn't get a chance to try out the restaurant, though they have free sake tastings on Tuesday through Thursday nights. Worked for me, I would expect the same for you!

    25/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Annette D.
    We booked early through an online travel agent, and got an incredible rate for our three night stay. Had no problems checking in, a staffer even engaged my little ones while we we're waiting. The next day we had to let her know how much he liked the beds.

    The room was clean (very) and comfortable. It is the best place we have ever stayed with the children. Plenty of things to keep them entertained in the room.

    The hotel is in a great location. $10 by cab will get you anywhere in the city.

    If your looking for luxury and pampering, maybe not the place for you... but if your a family looking to feel safe and comfortable, and not killing your entire travel budget then Hotel Tomo can't be beat.

    10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Ingrid G.
    What can I say that hasn't been said about Tomo? Oh yeah: request a room on the the 8th floor. The city views are spectacular!  We were in room 801. The rooms on the other side have small balconies, but they don't have the wonderful views.

    Convenient to the #2 bus that will take you downtown. Free and unproblematic wireless Internet. Nice TV. Clean and comfortable rooms. Walking distance from the cute Fillmore district.  Affordable. What's not to love?

    14/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Anjali B.
    To put it bluntly, I got a room here with my ex after we were broken up so we could fffffffornicate really loudly without his 3 roomies hearing. I also wanted to have fun on a vacation that I was shelling out a ton of money on for no apparent reason anyway, and damn do I love me some Japantown! I stayed for 3 nights, the room and bed were clean, fun, and comfortable, and I loved the murals. Wi-fi was dodgy, but I got it if I sat by the door. The bathroom was a little small and dark, but it was nice to sit in the tub. I think all of the pretty colors and furniture in this hotel distracted me from the fact that my life was a living hell. There was enough room in the fridge to house my 3 days of binge eating. The staff was really nice, and there was chewy candy on the concierge desk. BONUS.

    31/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    74. Misty S.
    Hello, so me and a couple of grlfrnds stay at Hotel Tomo based on the location. We were there for a concert at The Fillmore and our stay was very memorable but not in a good way...we got to our room farely late around 12:30, 1am and we are on the 8th floor so we wanted to check out our view...it was nice however we decided to leave the sliding glass door open with the curtain open so we can still view outside and as I was attempting to turn on the TV (weird energy saving prcs btw) all the sudden we heard a 'swoosh' noise and BAM I was hit in the back with a HUGE sharp pain and fell on the bed.  Come to find out the next a.m. (after searching the floor) I was shot be a pellet gun!  My cousin and friends checked my back and I had a HUGE welt on my back, mind you I had my thick peacoat on too!  What would have happened if it hit my eye?!?! My cousin and I went to the FD immediately and the FD agent didn't seem 'worried' in any way and all he said was to call 911 if it happened again...AGAIN?? Really, we weren't offered anything at all.  In the end the location of the hotel really won't matter from here on out, I will not go back and will absolutely will not recommend this property. BEWARE!!

    11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    75. Eric K.
    I picked this hotel due to a discount provided to SFSU students. The price was comparable at the time to discount rates at Parc 55 and the Westin, but I thought it'd be fun to try an unconventional hotel at $93/night.

    We arrived after a crowded and difficult trek via Muni. The front desk staff wasn't the happiest hotel staff I've seen, but the check-in process went relatively smoothly.

    We got the 8th floor, which provided us a great view of the surrounding cityscape. We were able to snap photos during the daytime of the many churches in the area for the comfort of our own room.

    The TV is crap, unfortunately. It looks great but the channels are terrible and the programming isn't worth watching.

    The lack of power plugs (2 free ones in the entire room) means that laptops and cell phones and cameras are forced to fight for space.

    The room is unconventional and fun and was worth seeing, but the small and dark bathroom put a damper on the ambience.

    The bed was comfortable, but nothing great. Only two pillows are given and they're very soft, which you may or may not like.

    Overall, a pleasant stay but the front desk staff is pretty useless and the hotel isn't in the most convenient location if you want to get to Golden Gate Park or the Haight, for instance.


    Rubric: 5 = Mindblowing 4 = Excellent 3 = I see the charm 2 = Disappointing 1 = Never again

    23/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. r. k.
    We decided to try this place when we found a special rate on hotel.com . We found the room very clean, the beds comfortable, and liked it even more because we can actually open the windows to get fresh air. The staff was very helpful when the Keurig wouldn't  operate because the front desk forgot to tell us that we had to insert the room card to activate the electricity in the room (which was located next to the light switch at the door entrance). The hotel location was close to public transportation and made it very easy to travel to the Ferry station.
    The best part of our stay was that a hotel guest found our car keys in the lobby and turned it in to the front desk and held it until we discovered our keys were missing.
    We enjoyed our one night and will consider returning to Tomo on our next trip to San Francisco.

    19/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Amy C.
    This hotel is super cute! I had no idea what to expect. The service was great and everything was conveniently located and walking distance. We were having trouble with the keys though.. had to get new keys like everyday... but they were apologetic.. so thats cool!

    17/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Ken V.
    Tomo is branded as a Joie de Vivre hotel, but it has plenty of Best Western in it.  Not that that's bad.  Just you have different expectations with the different names.
    As for this hotel, we were attending a show on Fillmore, and this was very close and convenient.  Our room wasn't as "anime" as what they show on the website, but it was still contemporary enough to appeal to hipsters.  What I really liked was the service--the check in/check out went flawlessly, and everybody was very friendly and willing to help you however they could.  A big 5 stars for this.
    But, as numerous other people have mentioned, the noise in here is pretty bad.  The doors slam if you don't hold them, and your neighbors do hear it.  God forbid you have a social gathering, because they'll hear that too.  We all have differing noise tolerances, but the slamming doors knocked my rating down a bit.
    Still, if you want/need to stay in Japantown, this is right across the street from all the shops and super-convenient.  It's the best option for staying in this area, in my opinion.

    31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    79. Lauren V.
    when my sister booked this hotel, I was really skeptical of how good it could possibly be. With our personal economy being the way it is (we're college student broke again)  we needed a cheap option.

    Ive stayed at Hotel Kabuki before and had my heart on staying there again. That hotel is also cool and is a hard act to follow if you're in to Japanese culture.

    Hotel Tomo is anime themed.
    The 12 year-old in me just had a sexual release.

    This place is, what i think, a decent size boutique hotel. Not on par with major chain hotels but not a motel either. We had a car and parked in their ground level parking garage. Its SMALL. Theres only a few open spaces at a time. Parking per day is $20.  Lets not pretend that this wasnt a bit of a turn off.  
    The lobby, however, was cute. Bright and colorful. It reminds me of legos. Yellow legos. They have TVs in the lobby playing anime and this cool mossy couch thing and chairs to hang out on. Theres also computers in the lobby with internet and a vending machine selling $38 T-shirts. That stood out to me.

    The room was pretty cute as well (you'll be saying "cute" a lot here, too) The walls have anime graphics on them (not like a famous anime characters so i think "graphics" is a better term) the room is like a standard hotel room in term of amenities and size. The furniture fits the theme. It is, as others have said, like being in an Ikea.  No mini bar, or "honor bar", just a mini fridge. Bathroom's kinda small, so if you have  lot of guests over later (we did) you might have to take turns. Im nit picking.

    My favorite little quirky item was the doorknob "do not disturb" sign. It looks like a pacman theme, one side reads "earning sleep credits (do not disturb)"....little things like that make my day.

    I actually ate at the shabu-shabu place here.  forget what it was called, but we ate simply for convenience. It was after 12 noon on a sunday and it was DEAD. Its a shame cuz its decorated cute up there, too.
    The food was somewhat bland even for shabu-shabu (shabu has a delicate flavor) i think the beef was sub-par. I shouldve been a little more wary of the "all-you-can-eat" promotion they kept nudging at us. The waiters were alright, the price for 3 A.Y.C.E., not so good.

    All in all, this is a great little hotel. Not the hilton, but who wants the hilton when your hotel is so damn cute (and cheap to boot) ?

    12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. June P.
    Clean, Fun, Cute, across the street from Japan Mall, pretty much center of everything.
    The last time I stayed at San Francisco I was disgusted because the place we stayed at was small and dirty, but this time we did the research and found Hotel Tomo, and it was amazing and Clean. From now on when I visit i'm going to stay at the Tomo, its a cute Anime theme hotel and not far from anything. I esp. love how the rooms are clean and simple.

    01/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. LuLu M.
    We stayed here unexpectedly after a night of drinking at Yoshi's and thankfully they had a room available at the last minute. However, I didn't love that there was no parking for us (too many cars) and quite honestly, the Japananimation on the walls freaked me out in the middle of the night when I woke up! Probably won't be coming back unless I have to :-)

    17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    82. Melissa W.
    Reasonable prices and lots of street parking makes this place so great! It is decorated really cute and the staff is very friendly.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Jonathan T.
    Definitely would stay at this place again.  Affordable, family friendly and central location make this an ideal hotel to stay in SF.  Japanese anime themed hotel is pretty cool.  Great coffee maker in the room, thinking about buying one for my office.
    Don't pay for the $25 in parking, there's plenty of 2 hr parking in the area for free and metered parking for quick stops.

    24/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. Lana K.
    My bf and I stayed here last weekend for two nights. We loved it.
    Yes, the murals on the wall are a little weird but you're out of the hotel most the time right?
    It had a nice king size bed, a good tv, they have little Ipod speakers, and the room is pretty spacey.
    The negatives are: not enough light in the shower, and ice machine is only on the 5th floor.
    What's also great is the location because its right across from Japan Town and cabs are always around to get a ride. It's also right near Fillmore if you want to walk around and look at cute stores.
    Yes, it is very modern and very Japanese but if you need a cheap and nice place to stay hotel Tomo it is!

    02/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Jbot S.
    Not bad.
    Maybe my expectations were too high.
    Essentially this is a best western with cheap designer deco in an anime style.

    Centrally located
    Big Room
    Comfy bed

    Thin walls
    Early morning catering noise
    The restaurant's horrible food*

    The prices shouldve been about 30 dollars cheaper for what we received and the restaurant was awful.
    We ordered the basic breakfast and were the first patrons in at around 8 ish. The bacon and hashbrowns were pre cooked and at least 3-8 hours old. The hashbrowns tasted like stale shredded potato chips.
    Id avoid this specifically because San Francisco is an amazing restaurant city.
    If you want good breakfast, try Beanbag Crepery on divisadero or Ton Kiang (dimsum) on geary.

    15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    86. Brian P.
    This is a terrific boutique hotel in the heart of Japantown in San Francisco. It's a budget experience, but still pricey (because it's SFO). However, they really nailed it in all the areas that count. The rooms are terrific fun, tricked out with everything an urbanite needs to feel comfortable away from home (internet, a shabu-shabu place, and a pod coffee-maker). The staff are welcoming, and the hotel is neatly kept. The place feels like it's right in the middle of transitioning from a Best Western (what it was?) to a JDV hotel. Some of the rooms haven't yet been converted. The hotel is on bus lines 2 and 3, which provide direct service to Market and downtown. I'd definitely return, but the price shouldn't exceed $199 per night. Still, a great experience!

    24/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Ennie T.
    good place to stay for a couple of nights

    the artwork on the walls are actually wallpaper but still pretty to look at.
    funky decor and furniture.

    pricy but what isn't in sf?

    the hallways looked kinda gloomy (probably bc of the grey walls)

    small bathroom and the walls are thin.

    the lady at the front desk is really pleasant. the other guys are just quick and don't really say much

    31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Angela V.
    Awesome. The best hotel option for the money. I love the japanese pop culture theme. I still can't believe this is/was Best Western. It's exactly how it looks in the pictures with that one decorated wall, ikea furniture & ipod clock. But still has the bland bathroom of a motel.

    It's like the little japanese sister hotel to Hotel Kabuki & is literally the next block behind it in Japan Town. There's also a shabu-shabu downstairs which was kinda empty but VERY friendly. I will definitely stay here again.

    25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Danny F.
    Awesome room. Even if your not a fan of Anime or Japanese themes, you'll probably appreciate the spacious room, bathrobes, and ipod docks. The artfully painted walls in the room were an awesome touch.

    From here I walked to as far as Pier 39 to the East and to the Jazz district directly to the west.

    I did have to call them cause I didn't have the bathrobes at first, cable was out, and ipod dock was broken. They brought everything up eventually, but besides the cable, those things are usually not included in a room for the same rate.

    19/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Jenny E.
    I am utterly disappointed with my stay here. Me and my friend stayed here the weekend of the outside lands festival. Of course most hotels and motels were booked by the time I made my arrangements. However I choose the Hotel Tomo because of the good to great reviews below. The price was very steep (200 a night) but I overlooked that because I figured the hotel would meet my expectations. We arrive after a 7 hr drive from LA only to find a measly parking structure that fits around 20 cars.  The staff was adequate at best (and that's being generous).  By the second day the parking was booked and I had to pay an extra fee to park in a structure down the street. Just a terrible experience overall. The only thing that saved the weekend was the amazing Outside Lands Festival.

    07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    91. David P.
    Pluses: excellent location right in the middle of Japantown.  Cute interesting room designs.  LCD televisions.  Clean.  Beds are a little firm, but it actually gave me a pretty restful sleep.  Not terribly pricey at $124.27 (after taxes) for one night, and we made the reservation the same day we stayed.

    Negatives: No free parking (we used the Japan Center Garage around the corner for $16).  No complimentary breakfast.  We had several small issues such as the first room had a weird noise coming from the minifridge which sounded like a loud aquarium, so we requested a change of room which they quickly obliged us.  The second room had a slightly malfunctioning shower tap that was difficult to get warm water out of (which was terrible considering we were visiting San Francisco in the middle of a cold December).  It took a few minutes, but we finally got it to work.

    Overall: probably would have rated this 4 stars if we didn't have our issues regarding the fridge noise/shower tap.  I don't like to complain, but they were really irritating as we were exhausted from driving all day coming up Route 1 from San Simeon.  The nightshift staff at the front desk was accommodating and let us switch rooms immediately without any fuss.  The dayshift staff didn't seem quite as friendly, however.  I do think this hotel was ok, but I don't plan to return anytime soon.

    15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    92. Saul M.
    This is a Best Western Hotel Japanese Anime Style, if you are ever in San Francisco, you have to stay here.  Its really fun and unusual.  Spacious and clean, free wi-fi, and its in a really nice and safe place ( In JapanTown in front of the plaza).  This place has really good rates too!  Oh and your room includes a keurig coffee maker and an ihome!

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Chrissy L.
    If Hello Kitty and all her friends came to to San Francisco, they would stay at Hotel Tomo!

    Anime on the walls, faux wood carpet flooring, a bean bag chair in the room! This place is cool.

    05/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Tina M.
    My boyfriend and I always stay at this hotel when we're in SF.
    Good location, quiet and safe place also very clean and the most important thing it has Heater and AC!!
    Japanese theme in every room :)
    Price is ok I wish it could be a little cheaper some nights.
    parking is not included just like most of hotels in SF but we've been lucky I guess. We always find plenty of street parking.
    Free internet as well in the room.

    12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Carol R.
    Awesome little hotel in Japantown and you would never ever know this was a Best Western! Super cool Japanese Anime theme rooms. Their service is THE BEST hotel (or maybe it's a motel) service I have ever experienced...with two courtesy calls to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed, a nice letter from the hospitality manager strategically placed on our bed by housekeeping AND free tootsie roll midges at the concierge!! What more do you want out of life?!?!

    09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Pam S.
    Great comfy clean room with light furniture.
    The hotel is in a great location in Japantown.
    Close to public transit and many restaurants.
    The Staff is very friendly and accomodating!
    Will definitely go back!

    27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Christine S.
    My husband, son and I stayed at this hotel over Christmas to visit our daughter.  We LOVED this hotel.  We had two queen beds and our room had all the basics...room safe, hair dryer, mini fridge, upgraded Keurig coffee maker...the flat screen TV was a nice size which was great for all the football games that were on, the beds were super comfy with clean and generous bedding and the decor was anime, cute and different than any other place else we've stayed.  I agree with other yelpers, price and quality ratio was excellent.  I also appreciated the gym on the 4th floor, Precor brand treadmill, elliptical and bike.  Awesome quality equipment in a clean room with enough windows to see SF skyline.  One small suggestion for the hotel...would be nice if you could keep a supply of hand towels in the gym and a hamper for when we're done with them.  The restaurant on the 1st floor had good food and a bar with fun cocktails.  This hotel is located in the middle of Japantown and it was so nice to not have vagrants lining the streets or anyone hitting us up for $.  There is hotel parking and parking meters outside.  There is also a little mall across the street with additional restaurants and shops.  We caught the muni right across the street and took it to Union Square to go shopping...it was soooo easy.  Hotel and restaurant staff were nice and accommodating.  We will definitely stay here again!

    12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Amber W.
    Stayed again for 5 nights last week. Had a room with a king bed that was spotless and had a cool window seat. This hotel is suspiciously quiet even though it was full for at least 2 of the nights I was there.

    Wholeheartedly recommend Hotel Tomo for its value, location, service, comfortable beds and quiet rooms!

    20/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Wahine J.
    I cannot rave enough about Hotel Tomo's friendly & helpful staff! They offered local tips, maps, prompt service... the front desk manager called just to check in with us the first night to see if we needed anything! They even sent a vase up to my room when they noticed I was carrying a bouquet with me!! GREAT location in SF Japantown surrounded by cherry blossoms, with numerous shops, delicious restaurants & sights all around.

    Our rooms were clean, AND the entire hotel runs on eco-friendly standards! From organic toiletries to apppliances/lights that shut off when no one is in the room... they also have free wifi IN your room (can be a rarity- even nowadays!)

    I highly recommend this modern, eco-friendly, affordable hotel to ANYONE staying in SF. I loved them and I will definitely be back (soon!)

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Hotel Tomo!!

    17/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Emily M.
    I always stay at Hotel Tomo when I visit San Francisco. I love that it's located in Japantown and I especially love the modern, design-oriented decor. I appreciate the simplicity of this hotel as I'm not one for gaudy upholstery and minibars.

    There is a refrigerator in the room as well as an ipod docking station/alarm clock, both of which I miss when staying in other cities. Wireless internet is free but is extremely weak on the top floors. Ask for an ethernet cable at the front desk and you'll be in good shape.

    14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Kori S.
    I don't know - for the price, it's 2.5-3 for me. My fiance and I stayed here while apartment shopping and it's not like I regret it but was I impressed - not so much.

    Location is pretty good - right in the heart of NihonMachi although, in all honesty, Jtown has been on the wane for years. Not much is there and tourists, be advised that you're really close to the projects.

    But it's also really close to Pac Heights which is super safe and infinitely cute with a number of cool shops and delicioso restaurants.

    The hotel itself is older and a little rundown. Decor is cute and kitschy but still, kind of old and the walls are super thin. Lighting is not great in the rooms either so even though I was confident everything seemed clean, the atmosphere still felt dingy.

    Onsite restaurant was nice - okay Japanese food at decent price and it was nice that we didn't have to venture anywhere far to get it (at this point, we were tenderfooted LA'ians that drove everywhere).

    Staff was fine but we didn't have too much interaction with them - we're easy like Sunday morning and really made no demands beyond check in and check out.

    Overall, I didn't not like Hotel Tomo... but I don't think I'd stay there again. I think I'd check out Serrano Hotel instead - it's a Kimpton property and even though, yes it's on the edge of the Loin, it feels more upscale at the same price (and they offer Aveda toiletries!).

    02/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    102. Sandra O.
    A group of us stayed here for my brother-in-law's 30th birthday. I found it on hotels.com and the price was less than $100 for the night. For a weekend trip to San Francisco that's really good. We only stayed one night. I have no complaints about our stay or the room and would stay here again if needed. Another couple in our group didn't have as much luck. The heater in their room didn't work properly and it became unbearably hot in the middle of the night. Also, they were on the first floor, which is actually ground level, and could see people walking by on the street.

    03/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Jason M.
    Holy cow is this place LOUD. They assured us room 104 was quiet...they must be deaf. A fine Best Western with J-pop aesthetics and paper-thin walls.

    03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    104. Karen L.
    It was clean, quirky.  Stumbled back here after a night of karaoke at the Playground (right across the street.)  They lock the doors, but don't rattle them violently like the drunk idiot you are, there is someone at the front desk who will open them for you and won't be happy if you break their glass doors.

    Affordable (6 people in a room came out to $20 each, the weekend we went.)  Close to everything Japantown.  Would come here again if I have another rager of a night at The Playground.

    16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    105. gwynnie p.
    The grups were in the area recently for a wedding and needed a hotel for one night in town. My first choice would be the Seal Rock Inn-for price and convenience to our place, but they have a min. 2 night stay on weekends.

    Tomo was a good alternative and a Saturday night stay for $164 seemed reasonable. Good amenities, spacious room with 2 Queen beds and a nice view. Japantown is a fun place that most tourists probably don't get to, close to Fillmore too...I'd stash the 'rents away here again for sure and recommend it to others.

    26/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Mella M.
    If you're ever in a need of a place to stay in San Francisco, I would highly recommend Hotel Tomo. The Hotel offers bargain-rate rooms  without compromising quality. The contemporary and minimalist designs can define the style of the space. It's also located in the convenience of Japantown, where there are restaurants, shop, and other attractions within walking distance. Hotel Tomo is definitely a hidden gem!

    15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Michele W.
    -funky, modern japanese inspired decor inside and out.-- i espeically dig the "hardwood floors" in the rooms.
    - beanbag in our room!!  
    -close to so much awesome FOOD, and sights and sounds.
    -realtively safe neighboorhood to walk in at night.
    -parking is pretty good in the surrounding neighborhoods-- this goes esp if you do'nt want to pay $20 for night parking in thier little lot.--however, they do say that its free durning the da)  down the block you can park in the Japantown center parking lot for 24 hour time periods and have it only cost $16 (but no ins and outs)
    - cute little nook for sitting in the morning sun and people watch
    -they give you 2 differnet down pillows-- frim and soft!
    -FREE WIFI (too bad i forgot my computer!) and free internet on the computers downstaris.

    -the room was a bit too warm when we got there, and we had to open hte window to cool it down. it appears to be that thier thermostat is set at 75 all the time regardless of what you set it to.
    -the bathroom was a bit dark..maybe they need to reposition the light
    -sheets were pretty low grade and strachy.  really doens't complement the comfy mattresses and pillows.
    -no pool
    -the only ice machine is on the 5th floor.
    -if you come in after certian hours, the lobby is locked. you will have to knock to get let in, and depending on who is working, it might take awhile.

    if you are adverse to anything cute, funky, and asiany, then don't come here, if not, the large shagg sofa in the lobby welcomes you!

    19/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Michelle S.
    Stayed here for my girlfriend's birthday. It's cute, but it isn't like the "anime" hotel that they advertise. The most anime they get is their lobby, haha. However, I still liked it's simplicity. No drugs or prostitutes hanging out around here, so that's good. Great customer service, great distance from japan town. And their wifi was fine for me. I will probably come back if I decide to stay at sf again. Minus 2 stars for loud air system, that thing bangs! And thin walls, you could hear the room over o: so to be polite I left the tv on at a low volume. The wallpaper gave me nightmares, it was silhouetted figures. How creepy is that? But, overall, nice stay.

    31/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    109. Allen N.
    Cool little hotel right in the heart of Japan Town. Lodging is affordable and the beds are really comfy!

    28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    110. Lizzie C.
    We stayed here for our four year anniversary vacation! We got a great deal on hotels.com and they even honored the bidding price when we stayed an extra night. It is super clean and the beds are comfortable. It's nice to be walking all day in San Francisco and fall asleep on a comfortable, clean bed! The room were nice and big! The decoration is super cute! Wish all hotels were like this! They even have free basic wifi!

    18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. Karen O.
    cute in look, but that mask can't help cover a very mediocre hotel.  no parking spots when we checked in, the air conditioning didn't work so it was 72 degrees the whole night, no actual drinking glasses (just paper coffee cups), and a ticking sound in the wall likely from messed up plumbing.

    very disappointing as the look of the place is so cute, and the location is great.

    01/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    112. Larobin D.
    I stayed here for 4 nights (early Dec 2010).  

    Pros: spacious room and bathroom, courteous staff, comfortable bed, and overall a pleasant experience.  Good location in terms of safety and if you like Japanese food, there are a lot of restaurants nearby.
    It was a pleasant experience overall :)  The housekeeping staff may not know how to clean but they can read english, they did provide me extra sugar, cream etc.  

    I found a dried boeger in the bathroom next to the toilet paper and this made me wonder how detailed the housekeeping staff in terms of cleaning. The curtains were broken, there were stains on the carpet etc
    Since I was on the 2nd floor I could hear everything above me, like the shower and people talking.  No fresh coffee, instant only...

    Would I stay here again? Probably not :) Only because there are so many other hotels in SF...However I would recommend staying here if you have waited last minute and all the other 3-4 star hotels are overbooked or overpriced.

    The moral of the story (for me anyways) always book well in advance, especially if you are using Expedia.

    05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    113. Angela W.
    4 stars for Hotel Tomo. The 5th star belongs to  Geraldo!!!!!!!!

    My kids love this place and this was our 2nd visit back. 1st visit was a few pre-yelp years ago. Just like last time, this visit was to celebrate the birthday of my favorite gamer. He loves this place because it has On Demand Nintendo and Movies. We like it because it is smack dap in the middle of Japantown and is clean, cheap and kawaii. Well, okay it isn't always cheap by my definition, but we got a killer deal from JDV-Chip Picks.  (2 nights @ $80/night, 2 days of $20/parking, 1 movie, 1 hour of Nintendo and taxes =$253)  

    What really made this trip so 5 star special was Geraldo's amazing customer service. When we checked in we immediately went to hit up the On Demand Nintendo and couldn't get it to work. Geraldo got it to work. Then, the TV began buzzing loudly, so we called Geraldo and he immediately offered to move us and give us an hour the next day in the cool ass Gamer's Suite, a 9 year olds dream come true. The new rooms Nintendo worked just fine and we really thought the chance to play in the Gamer's Suite was super special. Thank you Geraldo for making this a great trip for the birthday boy!

    (note: The hotel has a wide range of rates and often imposes a 2 night minimum. For deals like the one we got sign up for Chip's Pick at jdvhotels.com/specials/h… ;utm_campaign=handcraftedholidays#key=data[­PackagesHome]&val=1&deal=0 )

    06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Amy S.
    Cute, pretty fun idea for a theme hotel but it was older and pretty far away from a lot of places I had to go. I didn't like the art in my room, it was depressing and looked like a girl was about to jump off a bridge.  That seems kinda funny but it really bugged me.  The bed seemed to trigger every sore muscle on my body after hiking around SF it was ok but not my idea of comfy.  The sheets are super slippery. : /
    The room was very clean though and I liked have the Kuerig to make coffee. The decor was minimalist and not as cute as in the photos all white bedding.  It was a very quiet hotel so I slept well although if you have a room facing the inner courtyard you will hear children at a daycare in the morning.  This review is totally unorganized like me so sorry if I am jumping all over the place. The best part for me was being in Japan town there is some really great food to be found and I wasted WAY to much time at the shopping mall.  Overall its a good place and I would consider a stay there again some day.

    16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    115. Kate M.
    Hotel Tomo was cute. It seemed a little run down, but it fit our needs just fine. My family and I stayed here 6 nights. The hotel staff was friendly and called twice to make sure everything was ok with our room. It was basically a typical hotel with some anime flair here and there. It is located in a quiet and safe part of the city and is right next to a Japanese mall which was cool. It is also close to Fillmore street which is a great shopping and eating area. The gym was tiny but fit my needs fine.

    26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. Aki W.
    I simply cannot say enough good stuff about this place. The value is really good for what you pay for. The staff is super friendly and they just bend over backwards to may your stay the best. They moved me to a room away from the elevator because they new I had to sleep during the day. The location is close to the Filmore area as well as Japantown. The manager is great- she was willing to beat the price I saw online- and worked to help me get a great rate on my return trip. I love Hotel Tomo

    01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    117. Keira B.
    Much better than our first hotel in San fran. Cute. Near lots of delisious sushi places. Do not come here if you want to pre-party in room. Fairly strict. Clean. Friendly staff. $25 for overnight parking but first come. So you could potentially stay there with no where to park, kind of lame.

    06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Danny W.
    Cute and cozy hotel in Japantown.  Clean, spacious rooms, free wifi all at the right price.  Accessible to major bus lines and a $10-15 cab ride from popular areas of the city.  Really quiet neighbourhood, but close to restaurants and bars on Fillmore.  Vending machines were sold out of most items.  No major problems whatsoever, would stay again.

    12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Archie L.
    We had a good stay at this themed hotel in Japantown.  The decor is pleasant to the eyes, but the interior was a bit dark.  Even their elevators had robots stenciled on its walls.  The bathroom was even darker.  In fact, we didn't even bothered bathing or showering in there.  I noticed there were ongoing maintenance to the building on the 8th floor, but they weren't too distracting.  Being on the 8th floor, I had a great view of the city.  They provided exceptional wifi service and security (by most hotels' standard).

    02/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    120. Ti V.
    I stayed one night with a few friends for the first time, and it was a pretty okay stay. The Queen room was really spacious with unique pop-culture painting on the wall and pop colors for the furniture. Comes with frig and coffee maker. The flat screen is also big and enjoyable (no HDMI cable included, so bring your own if you want to hook up laptop). The Wi-Fi is free but kind of slow. The beds were comfy, but the sheets were a little hot. We had to open the window/door to let some air in. It is also convenient location-wise, only a block away from Jtown Plaza. The only downside is that the price is pretty expensive - $270 per night, not sure if the price depends on the season. Parking was also $25 per night. Overall, it's not the most affordable, but it has nice services.

    27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Ashley F.
    My fiancé and I quite recently (last week) stayed at the Tomo for six nights while he was visiting from Victoria, B.C. Overall our experience was pleasant, but I will admit there were several cons, which vastly outweighed the pros.

    Admittedly the decor is kitschy and cute (and a massive plus if you are into minimalist Japanese interiour design, or anime 'culture'), but overall I was quite underwhelmed by the experience.

    To be nice, I will start with the pros:

    - Fantastic location

    I love Japantown anyway, but I was shocked at how many small markets, shops and restaurants in the area that I was completely unaware of before staying as long as we did.

    - Friendly hotel staff

    Always willing to answer questions, extremely personable.

    - Hilariously adorable decor

    With the small downside of the huge stick on 'murals' in the rooms. They're cool and all, but a little over the top in my personal opinion.

    - Very comfortable beds

    This is highly objective of course, but I found our bed quite comfortable. I sleep on a fairly firm mattress at home, so I absolutely loved it. My fiancé agreed.

    Here comes the twirling carnival of cons:

    - EXTREMELY noisy

    We stayed on the first floor, which I still cannot wrap my head around. One would assume that the longer a guest is slated to stay, the more likely it is that they would get a room in a slightly less well-trafficked area, but perhaps I am wrong. Regardless, the door was not terribly far from the door for the in-house restaurant, and of course people coming in and out constantly was quite frequent. Also the other patrons on our floor were not the most considerate. I do not blame this on the hotel or their staff, but I do find it odd that we were placed so close to the restaurant /hotel entrance when we were staying for so long. (If you are planning on staying in this hotel, I would highly suggest that you request a room on floor 3 or higher, if you are able.)

    - No room service

    As I said, they do have a restaurant on the first floor, but the opening hours were fairly erratic. I don't know how the food actually was, as we were never actually able to go in.

    - Ice machine was on floor three

    I'm not really sure what to make of this in general. As I said before, we were on the first floor. There was no ice machine on floors one or two, and we had to go up to floor three to find one. It isn't the end of the world, but it was a bit odd, as this is not a thing I had experienced previously anywhere else than motels.

    - Wireless internet has little or no connectivity

    Granted it IS free, but I was pretty shocked that I had issues loading something as simple as gmail or entirely text-based forums on my laptop (I was running an extremely new Lenovo PC laptop. My fiancé, who has a macbook pro, had the same problem). We were able to obtain a data cable from the front desk in order to get it to work at all, and even then the connection was still miserably slow. For a hotel that is trying to be so very cosmopolitan and geeky, I felt this was a massive faux pas.

    - (I REALLY hate to say this, because I realise their job is far from the glam) Housekeeping staff seems a bit lacking

    The first two days we were there, we woke up a bit too late to have our room refreshed. This was fine, but the next few days we made a specific effort to be out of the room by at least 11am, and even then it seemed like all that really occurred regularly was that the towels were swapped out for new ones, and the bed was made. They did not replace our complimentary toiletries but once, and the same goes for tea.

    - Wooden platform which the bed sits on sticks out entirely too far

    We were staying in one of the basic rooms, with a king sized bed. I banged the dickens out of my shin on the wooden platform approximately three times, and still have the extremely painful bruises to show for it.

    - Dual purpose in-room heater marked ONLY as 'air conditioner'

    For the first four days of our stay, we froze. It has been extremely cold in San Francisco for a few weeks now, and as we were on the first floor, it was even colder. We did not know that the knob marked 'air conditioner' also served as a heater until we finally asked for a second blanket at the front desk. Granted, we should have tried it, but this seems like information which would have been intelligent to impart to guests upon check-in, particularly because it was so chilly outside.

    19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    122. Kat C.
    WHO KNEW?!

    I was recommended by my friend  (JMak, you did it again!) to check this place out for NYE 2008/2009.  Although they changed their policy to 2 night min. for NYE, their website had this awesome breakfast promotion for a 2 queen room for $156 and for 1 nt.!!  The room was simple, yet FUN and awesome...LOVE the sitting area by the window (curtains even close it off...!!  But outsiders can see you making out if that's what you decided to do.. :P ... not that I used it for this reason... )  

    No room service BUT there's plenty of places to eat (take-out) as it's conveniently located near Peace Plaza/the mall/Playground!!  I loved how they had extra pillows and a goose-feathered down throw in the drawers.  (so comfy)

    Extremely friendly staff!  They don't allow early check in but when I got there at 1:30, they checked to see if any rooms were available and let me check in anyways.  Super chill, too.  

    They also have a "no party policy," which requires the person reserving the room(s) to sign this form...making you fully responsible for paying $200 extra on top of the amount you paid for the room(s) if they catch you being too noisy or having more than 4 guests in your room.  (also, getting you kicked out)  Considering Hansther C.'s bad experience, I think they're making great efforts to fix this (recurring) problem.  

    GIVE this place a try...esp if they have special promo's!  Our breakfast promo came with 4 coupons for Mum's restaurant downstairs (please see review for that....so baad.... T.T) ... but the deal was awesome.  

    Thanks, Tomo, for a great experience!

    02/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Shane S.
    Stayed here for a few days while attending a conference at Moscone. It was decent without too much pro or con. The area it is in is actually quite nice.

    All the staff was extremely nice and helpful. If for anything, this could be a four for that. The rooms were decent, but it came across as a bit cheesey but they were working with what they had. The commute to Moscone was do-able, but I wouldn't recommend it (or I wouldn't mark down the hotel here for it).

    Some learnings if you stay here:

    - Finding a place to get a non-alcoholic beverage after 6 is not real easy. There is a little grocery next to the hotel, go there and stock up on your incidental stuff.

    - Don't get a low floor!!! I had luke-warm showers and a pretty chilly one on my last day. In a nice way I mentioned the cold shower upon checkout and they discounted my room (wasn't at all necessary, but very nice gesture). Reason being is that the boiler is on the top, get a high floor room here.

    - There is a convienent and easy to use bus right across the street to get into Union Square. Fare is 2 dollars, so bring some ones.

    Overall, decent and compared to other non-luxurious 5 stars, this was fine. Even though I rate it 3 stars, I would stay there again.

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    124. Carlos P.
    Super cute and affordable hotel away from the hustle and bustle of Union Square. Conveniently located in the heart of Japantown, I had no trouble at all getting around.

    After a quick check in, we opened the door to our room on the 7th floor and were very happy. Not only did we have a great view but our room was pretty spacious and super clean.

    We loved the funky mural that's on one of the walls and the minimal yet interesting Japanese art was pretty cool. Our bed was super comfortable and turn down service is quick and precise.

    The bathrooms are nothing to write home about but considering it used to be a Best Western, the place is in pretty good condition.

    All in all, we enjoyed our stay here. It's a great location, a great and comfortable room and the price is right. You can't go wrong with that!

    08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Thomas R.
    Very comfortable room but....

    1. shower barely got warm after running for fifteen minutes, two days in a row.

    2. if you use the Do Not Disturb sign on your door, the housekeeper will just call you and ask if you want your room cleaned. That is a disturbance if you're using the sign so you can sleep, esp. since the phone is on the desk and not next to the bed.

    3. there's a day care next door. if you plan to sleep past 8AM on a weekday and your room is close to it, you will be woken up by dozens of screaming toddlers.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    126. Jodie J.
    Stayed in SF for one night to see the symphony, and found this hotel through a great Travelzoo deal.  Apparently, it is a former Best Western turned boutique by Joie de Vivre hotel group.  Accomodating staff, although we mainly kept to ourselves and didn't ask for much more than some extra towels.  The iPod iHome player in our room was broken and the staff was not able to fix or replace it during our stay, so that kind of sucked.  Bathroom lighting was rather dark, but it was bearable.  Furniture and styling of the room definitely helps take you out of this cave-feeling former B.W. and it's spacious enough for a short stay for 2 people in the king bedroom option.
    Located in Japantown conveniently off geary.
    Wtih taxes, the room + parking for 24 hours totaled $120...so it's worth it.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Beau R.
    Once again I find myself at the stylish Hotel Tomo.  I was excited to find out I was going to be staying here again.  Hotel Tomo has rad Japanese-Modern decor.  The rooms have cool murals on the walls with killer decor throughout the room.

    Awesome rooms
    Comfortable beds
    Helpful staff
    Bean Bags in the room?

    14/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. hk k.
    I stayed at Hotel Tomo three nights for my work-related trip and would definitely stay here again. First of all, the location is excellent. The hotel is located in the heart of Japantown, which is a great combination of interesting and safe. The restaurants and shops are plenty and good: definitely worth exploring. It is also blocks away from the stylish Filmore street where you can find excellent restaurants, bars and upscale boutiques. BART and many of the areas' most popular tourist attractions are a short bus ride away.

    Second, Hotel Tomo has large, clean rooms. The king-bed room that I stayed in was large enough to accommodate two adults comfortably and came with a good-size bathroom (unlike those tiny little ones found in many of the SF hotels), plenty of workspace, and FREE in-room wifi (for which many other hotels charge an exorbitant fee). The room was clean when I checked in. On one of the days of my stay, the maid did a sloppy job of cleaning it, but it was good the rest of the time. The decor of the room and the hotel is fun and quirky. If you are a fan of anime/manga, you will love it. If you prefer a more "traditional" hotel decor, you might feel a bit puzzled at staying at a room that is decorated like a bedroom of a Japanese teenager. I personally liked it. Although I am far from a teenager by decades, it was nice to stay in a room that felt more like a bedroom in a home than an impersonal/bland hotel room, especially when it had all the comforts of a hotel.

    Third, the value is great. It was cheaper than the B&B (as lovely in a vintage-sort of way as it was) I stayed at in my last trip! The restaurant in the hotel serves both "American" and Japanese breakfast options at a reasonable price (I enjoyed the Japanese option, which was excellent).

    Fourth, the staff at the hotel were efficient and attentive. To me, this is important.

    One tip: Although the hotel offers parking ($25 plus parking tax), you can park your car at the nearby Japan Center parking lot for much cheaper ($19, including the tax). I didn't find out about this until the last day, but now you know!

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Ariza S.
    I thought this hotel was adorable, had a kick ass location and was really affordable. The staff impressed me from the beginning. First off we were allowed to check in early for no extra charge, allowed to use their front desk computers so we didn't have to pay for access in the lobby and one gentleman even made my boyfriend and I some hot tea very late one night while telling us a story about his adventure picking berries.

    Japan town was right down the street literally so we got to walk to restaurants, festivals that were going on and little cafes. Our room was clean, had a nice mural, an ipod radio and giant grey uncomfortable bean bag. It was super hard. The TV wasn't so great and had only 5-8 channels? The lighting was also kind of wierd, I think our bathroom light was do dim I had to do my makeup somewhere else. Lucky we were so busy sight seeing we didn't have to spend to much time in our rooms. The hotel does offer a happy hour special with sake tastings and free play on a nintendo wii. We missed that but wished we could have checked it out!

    Even the vending machine in the lobby was cool. My boyfriend is really into the DIY kidrobot toys and japanese anime so he was thrilled that they vending machine had japanese vinyl toys, shirts and anime comic books instead of snacks. What a find!

    18/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Tony d.
    Super clean!!! Great staff! The staff had some great suggestions for local restaurants. The room (6th floor) was great. Roomy and very clean. The bed was very comfortable. I'll be back.

    31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Hana P.
    We stayed at this hotel because it was in the MIchelin Guide. The hotel is a good price, but you get what you pay for. The rooms look like they haven't been renovated since the 70s and the murals on the wall are extremely creepy. The carpet also had multiple stains and they didn't even have a minibar! The walls are thin and every morning at 5:30 we were woken up by a truck delivering linens. In addition, I think they must have (at least I hope) been renovating at the time because the wall paper in the hall on our floor was ripped and made it feel like we were staying in an abandoned building. It felt even more like an abandoned building because the ac/heating didn't work and we could only crack the window open about 3 inches which wasn't enough to cool the room. I woke up in a sweat every night.

    29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    132. Lee Ann K.
    I stay here every year in March when I travel to SF for the Asian Intl Film Fest.  I love Hotel Tomo.  The front desk is very friendly, the rates are great, and the rooms are adorable and clean.  They offer different teas in the rooms, and if it's raining you can borrow an umbrella from the front desk.  the only problem is some of the drunk  young folks late on the weekends, but if you're drunk too, it's not big deal. :-)  And if you're jonesing for  late night drink, there's a liquor store 2 blocks down that closes at 2AM!

    OH - one bad thing, their wi fi SUCKS

    07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Tuana B.
    Nice, safe place in the city, helpful front desk, clean anime themed rooms and nice TVs. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Joshua B.
    My girlfriend and I had a great stay at Hotel Tomo!  The hotel is in a quiet and safe neighborhood in San Francisco (Japantown) and the hotel staff is great.  We felt welcomed the moment we entered the hotel and love the vibrant colors that decorate the lobby.  The rooms were clean and large and the price was right in our budget.  Their parking fees are reasonable too... a lot better than the majority of San Fran hotels.  We are huge JDV fans and we will definitely stay here again.

    10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Loucid I.
    - Newly remodeled
    - Clean
    - Anime themes (if you're into that)
    - Courteous staff
    - Convenient location

    - Standard small bathroom
    - Window opens only a quarter way
    - Very limited parking

    This is located in the heart of JapanTown and is very convenient to nearby shopping centers. If you're into the whole Anime geeky decor then you will surely not be disappointed. However, even if you're not into that kinda stuff the hotel is still kept nice and clean. Don't expect any ritzy Vegas room but a nice cozy decor to make you feel like you're in your own room. The staff was very courteous and was speedy at getting us accommodated. Just downstairs is also a popular AYCE & AYCD Shabu Shabu so you'd might want to check that out while you're there. The parking was full most of the time but we just parked at the shopping mall structure just 1 block away. Overall we enjoyed our stay here and wouldn't mind staying again if we're ever back in the area!

    17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Christine G.
    Four of us stayed in two rooms on New years day 2012. The front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms are so stylish and extremely clean. The area is very quiet and clean. It was a great value and we look forward to staying there again. We've recommend it to many people.

    14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    137. David P.
    Great hotel! At first I balked at the price of $219 per night, but my experience here was very much worth it.

    The room was spacious and had lots of extra touches that many hotels wouldn't have at this price, including:
    -Large flat Screen TV
    -Large bay windows and extra bedding provided at no charge (no sir, I would NEVER have extra guests spend the night!)
    -Free WiFi
    -Cool Japanese murals on the wall

    The bathroom was standard, water pressure of the shower was a bit low but nothing worth complaining about.

    Service here was very pleasant. I could see that the staff definitely seemed overworked and were perhaps a bit too good at "multi-tasking", which could easily be confused with semi-ignoring those waiting in line. However, all my requests (cab, storing luggage before check-in) were fulfilled quickly and courteously.

    The hotel is right in the heart of Japantown, as you might have guessed from the name. The neighborhood was relatively quiet and very safe. Convenient to the many restaurants of Lower Pac Heights and Fillmore. An $8 cab ride to downtown and the Mission.

    I booked this place through a discount with Travelocityincentives.com and will definitely be back!

    03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. terra p.
    A cute and fun hotel. I absolutely love Japantown, so the location was perfect - walking distance to delicious ramen and other yummies, without the crazy crowds of downtown. Bus stops are a short walk away, so Union Square and other places are easily accessible. Rooms were clean and pleasant, the cool murals and bean bag chair were a nice touch, plus the Keurig coffee machine with complimentary coffee made my husband very happy. The front desk can also arrange shuttles to SFO for $16, which was super convenient since BART did not run early enough to catch our flight. I was worried about noise since we got a room right next to an elevator, but it wasn't a problem.

    However, wireless internet was abysmal, I couldn't even connect. The computers in the lobby were pretty slow, but usable. Not a big deal though, after all I didn't come to SF to spend time glued to a computer. Printing was free though.

    20/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Seth T.
    Cute hotel in the heart of San Fran's Japantown. Funky decor, nice staff, and convenient (albeit a little pricey) parking. Didn't try the restaurant, but it looked good and smelled great. Close location to lots of food and shopping within walking distance.

    If you're looking for something reasonable, near Filmore and not too far from downtown, Tomo! is great.

    They even have video game setups, so if you want to stay in, you're good to go.

    10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. christina d.
    Cute hotel, but still pretty basic. Hotel description a little deceiving. Slightly disappointed, but the kids liked it.  The little reading nook was the best part of the room. No beanbag chair and no cute stuffed animal on the bed. those were just for show in the pictures.

    The movies for purchase weren't working, but the front desk gave a discount on the room. No Disney channel, but 4 channels of HBO. Screen
    quality wasn't that great.

    The front desk customer service is great and very accommodating. When we checked in the person up front was super friendly and helpful.

    All in all, dependent on the price, I would stay here again.

    03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    141. Crazy Bernie S.
    Stayed here one night to see Graham Parker perform at the nearby Fillmore.  Crazy anime themed rooms.  Felt like I should have brought my entire pokemon collection.

    15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Evelyn T.
    Why can't more hotels be like Hotel Tomo? Tomo is part of the joie de vivre chain of hotels. When I walked into the hotel, I noticed they had three screens playing anime: Inuyasha, Ranma and a third one I wasn't familiar with but Tom T. knew. When I entered our room,  I noticed there was a Frette bathrobe with the Hotel Tomo logo embroidered on it. Very good sign and I enjoyed the room. The walls were painted with an intriguing cartoon, the bed was comfy. Everything was neat and clean.

    The wifi was problematic and I ended up using the computer terminals Tomo had in the lobby. I think for a normal laptop setup the in-room wifi might work. The bathroom lighting is dim for my taste but I think they're doing that for energy conservation.

    The location is great because it's very close to lots of shops and restaurants in Japan Town. There are also some Korean restaurants in the area. Staff is helpful and pleasant. It's a cute place to stay and I thought the price was reasonable.

    27/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Priscilla H.
    I booked a weekend here as a gift to my bf because he likes Japanese everything. At $240/night after taxes, it hit my upper price limit for a place like this, but it was comparable to other places I looked at.

    The location is perfect if you plan on just sticking around Japantown. It's near major bus lines, but it's a 30 minute walk to BART and about a $10 taxi to other parts of town. Since we intended to stick around the hotel, it was great for us.

    Good food, interesting stores, and karaoke bars just a hop away. And when we got tired of that, we walked a couple of blocks to Fillmore for cute cafes, restaurants, and upscale shops to browse.

    It seems like a lot of folks have had trouble with the hotel staff, but they were very nice and friendly to us. We got a late checkout with no problem. The lobby was fun and inviting. Our room was colorful and clean, a lot of natural light. The computers in the lobby were terrible, but the wifi worked fine. The gym is sparse, but I was happy they even had a gym. One treadmill, one elliptical, one cycle, and hand weights.

    We would definitely stay here again, especially if we could get a cheaper price.

    20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Clinton L.
    What a funky place to stay!  Right in the middle of Japantown, so it fittingly has anime paintings and art everywhere, and they play old anime and Japanese shows on TVs in the lobby.  Good location and pretty good prices.

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. wade m.
    This is just fine for a hotel. I liked the murals and clean lines of the furniture in the room. The colorful lobby was also a nice touch. The desk checkout staff wasn't particularly friendly, but he got the job done efficiently and without a hitch. We were booked in a room close to Mum's, which I thought would be a problem with noise. We barely heard any noise from the noisy bar, though as we were checking out we detected a strong smell of fish - must have been a delivery day.
    Our room also had a sliding door out into a courtyard area. We didn't venture out, but there was intriguing wooden structure there - maybe they're building something...?
    Overall a fine stay and great if you want a simple, no-nonsense, but unique hotel. The location, of course, makes all the difference - so much to walk to and visit in this area!

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    146. Jen K.
    Although I had decided to head up to the city for New Years of course we all waited too long to book a room, so we tried Hotel Tomo.  Hotel Tomo was reasonably priced for 2 beds and was super clean.  The staff is hit or miss, I'm laughing at Bella Rosa's post because YES there is a control freak chick!  However when I checked out, they allowed me to store my car there for the day with no extra charge.  I'd definitely go here again.

    Yay's: clean rooms with decent amount of space, reasonable paid parking attached, in a great safe area, walking distance from great stuff. Funky cute rooms, perfect for Japantown.

    Nay's: staff is 'aight.

    22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Joann G.
    not as cool as it looks on the website. Very minimal Japanese anime which the kids were really looking forward to. Front desk was not as friendly as I had hoped. And the worst part was that we had to pay an extra $25 for parking and here was no parking available in the hotel garage so they sent us to one a few blocks away. There was a big hole in my towel. :/

    Pros: Beds were comfy, Keurig coffee maker, flat screen tv

    12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Rachel M.
    Great rate, great location, rooms very clean and spacious.  There was some noise from people opening and closing their doors, but for the rate and location you can't complain.  Parking is 1st come 1st served and when I first arrived I was told there were none which was an issue as I had a night out planned and needed the car parked overnight.  I was able to leave the car parked at the front curb while I went up to my room, by the time I came back down to move the car (about 10 mins) a spot had opened up, so my problem was solved.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Nish N.
    I am really impressed with the makeover of the Hotel Tomo (now a Joi de Vivre property). All the rooms are decked out with J-Pop sensibilites, gorgeous manga in each room, clean design. I mean this isn't meant to be the epitome of hotel luxuriousness, but something playful, perhaps for the young and urban traveler.

    Now, if they had an anime-inspired bar, you'd find me here more often. The location is prime if you're wanting to be near Japantown (like for a film festival at the Sundance Kabuki) or in town for a show at the Fillmore, or the soon to be opened Yoshi's, even.

    If you do stay, make sure to ask about the 2 gaming suites, complete with PS3 and Wii, bean bags, and a 6-foot LCD projection screen!

    13/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Gary H.
    I just noticed a preponderance of the word "fun" and all its fun synonyms that somehow injected itself repeatedly in my writing tonight. please forgive me!

    Every time I come to the city I stake out a different neighborhood and really get into the unique vibe, walk-ability, and the neato experiences only offered in the distinctly quirky neighborhoods of SF.

    I've stayed near...

    - The Marina, fun like Safeway. (boring as white bread;  white as the cocaine snorted by these French girls in the adjacent stall, "Oui?" "mmm... oiu!")

    - Union Square (Like the name of this area, you are square and not fun if you stay here. It's okay though if you have no real taste and are on the corporate coin)

    - South of Market (Do not fuck with the Asian kids running the 7-11 near the Marriott. They ensure no one jacks their store; and they'd rather destroy their own product rather than let you amp it)

    - Fisherman's Wharf (Pristine, pseudo posh, wannabe aquatic themed, yet the decor seemingly is from a 50%-70% sale at Ikea. The Wharf is not fun in the day and somehow - and I did not know how it was possible - gets less fun when the sun goes down!)

    - Now Japantown; Stayed here @ Hoteru TOMO for 4 nights, would not hesitate to stay again. They have really earned my business; this Japanese Pop Culture boutique. I'm not even going to mention the art murals; other reviews totally do and yall be literate right :)

    1. Keurig coffee maker in room! With pods! and Good Coffee!! Total smile! For once I did not wake up, dejected with how my mornings begin as I make a beeline to the nearest source of caffeine SANS brushing teeth AVEC pain. Yeah it's called addiction. STFU ;//

    2. Awesome boutique staff, as every single GSA play multiple roles at the front desk, as concierge, and just exude grace with professionalism, crossed with an attitude reserved for good friends.

    3. Neat, clean, quiet (with one exception, which I will detail later*) location! I do not seek out those ultra tourist attractions, rather seeking out local interests and elicit those "When in Rome/..." moments. For some reason I do not see Japantown as being particularly fake and soulless, so hokey like Chinatown or the Wharf. That being said, Japanese or Korean food abound next to the hotel!

    Japantown is residential and "real" SF IMO with nice elderly people roaming the daytime. After dark, there's nothing to fear, and being able to walk around at night without worry is such freedom. You are still in a big metro though so use common sense and in SF it's common for block to get SKETCHY HELLA quick.

    I must also mention the hotel's inhouse restaurant: Mum's Shabu Shabu AYCE downstairs ;] which is an AWESOME restaurant. By AWESOME I mean there is an option for ALL YOU CAN DRINK. No, not Coca Cola. LOL

    - Jtown is walkable to Fillmore for shopping, up a few hills a few blocks and you're eating super delicious CHEAP ethnic foods in the Tenderloin, ya know sort of close to Market and those Westfield thrills yall want so much.    

    4. The cost is around $150/night. A total deal. Call them direct. No need to get gouged by the global reservation sites.

    I am actually apprehensive about spreading all this information. But I need to contribute, as Yelp is savior and made me cancel my room elsewhere so I could come here. If you're looking for something quintessentially SF and omg unique yet still delivers a great hotel package, just come!!

    *Apparently there is a preschool next to the Hotel and there might be some difficulty sleeping in if you are a light sleeper. Around 9:30AM to 10:30 then around 12, the kids have recess outside. Luckily I had earplugs. Otherwise I would have requested a room change. The more you know...

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Christine M.
    So I really cant review a stay at this hotel but you know when they say to call for pricing for hotel stay in the players suite its goin to be pricey.... $650 for one nite...hmmm I rather go to vegas for that price...what are they offering besides being able to play video games on a big screen...I guess I will never know...$ 105 for a regular room...

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    152. Elle V.
    At check-in, due to a change of plans we asked to change our 4-night reservation to 3 nights, and they did not charge a cancellation fee because we booked though them, not through a third party. At $235 a night, it was expensive but this is in the city during spring break season  and it was comparable to other rates we found at the time.

    The location is convenient. We walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop and rode (with transfer) to the California Academy of the Sciences. We also walked to shops and restaurants in Nihonmachi (Japantown). The drive to Fisherman's Wharf is about 10 minutes, but we took a few extra minutes to go down Lombard Street, which was right on our way.

    The parking is tricky. You pay $33 a night for parking in the garage under the hotel, it is added to your room bill. If the lot is full, the front desk will tell you where to go for overflow parking and they won't charge you for that night's parking at the hotel, but you will have to pay at the overflow place. Remember to let the front desk know so they won't charge you for that night.

    Platform bed with supportive mattress is comfortable.

    A couple of nits to pick:
    - The room temperature was not predictable in very warm weather that people said was unseasonal. If the room was hot, we just opened the sliding door and let the cool wind come in. If it was cold, just put on a jacket.
    - The one-handled shower faucet was really tight. Not a problem for us, but it might have been if someone had carpal tunnel or an injured hand/wrist.

    11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Stacy Y.
    Dear Derek,

    I'm very sorry you thought that we considered your Hotel as a "place to party." Frankly, not once did we consider your quaint Japanese themed lodging to be anything of the sort for it reminded me of staying over at my grandparents' house.

    I'm also sorry that you feel so negatively about my negative experience. It is my goal to get across to future patrons that this kind of undeserved mistreatment can even happen at supposedly professional businesses, like your establishment, and that we could be blamed for something we haven't done.

    I'm sorry that we booked this room trusting that four tourists -- mind you, three females and one man, wouldn't have to wander the streets of San Francisco in the wee hours of the morning. I'm sorry we were trusting that after shelling out hundreds of dollars, we would be able to get some shut eye in a warm, four-cornered room, and not worry about the dangers of the streets.

    It's unfortunate that you were misinformed that we were supposedly partying loudly in the room until 4am. I assure you -- your late night attendant told us in the lobby that this was supposed to be a quiet hotel, and we took heed of that. I'm sorry that you believe that there were three requests made, when we hadn't even received ONE warning before we were threatened with the ultimatum of eviction or the police being called, in which both occurred.

    I'm sorry that I had to write a review that reflects your hotel in a negative light, and I'm sorry that you have to be the one responsible for actions committed by a staff member who wasn't very responsible that night. I'm sorry you're in the position where you have to weigh the odds, and figure out what happened because you weren't there, and I'm most sorry that you decided to go against your own patrons.

    I'm also sorry to have found that we would be kicked out into the streets after finding out that all of the vacancies in SF were taken because of a convention in town. I'm also sorry to even fathom the possibility that maybe, just maybe your night attendant Peter knew of this. I'm also extremely sorry that SF's finest police officers had to spend hours of their valuable time trying to help us find room & board because your staff member refused to even converse with us, let alone, work with the police officers to come up with a compromise. Zero eye contact was made, and numerous attempts to talk to him went ignored. Blatantly. As a customer, I deserved more respect. No wait -- as a man to a woman, I deserved more respect.

    We were told by your night attendant, who mind you wouldn't even make eye contact with us or explain to us thoroughly what was going on, to leave at around 2am.

    I'm sorry that you felt that your hotel's intentions were good, but I'm sorry to inform you that your hotel staff member's intentions were certainly not. I'm not a mind reader.but what happened that night was a result of your staff member's irrational overreaction.  

    Never in the customer service industry have I witnessed a manager blame his customers for the way they felt, bearing no responsibility for what had happened, and turning it around to defend an action that was clearly violating our rights as consumers.  I'm also sorry to my company and myself that we will remember this experience not for its potential novelty, but for the humiliation, shock, and a bit of trauma.

    I'm sorry that your hotel felt the absolute necessity to kick out three female tourists and a man in the wee hours of the morning onto the streets of SF. Not only is it unheard of, but it's almost wrong... don't you think?

    And if you had the slightest courtesy in considering the customer's experience rather than blindly defend the misguided actions of your staff, then perhaps we wouldn't be so up in arms, angry and disappointed. Your female manager was very accommodating, and I commend her for hearing our side of the story, and understanding us.

    I apologize this couldn't have been a more pleasant exchange. I'm sorry that as the manager of a hotel in a tourist city, you will find any reason to win at the risk of losing past and potential customers.

    PS: I have a question if it's not too much of a trouble for you to answer. Derek, is this the first time you have ever had a complaint about Peter? You and I both know the answer to that. So perhaps instead of blindly taking the word of your staff member, you could maybe give your customers a bit of leeway, and try to see from their perspective, and realize we wouldn't just be making up things for the entertainment purpose of it all. Just maybe, next time, you can take your customers' concerns seriously.

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    154. Tessa C.
    Stayed here during a short business trip to SF.  I wanted something unique, but at a reasonable price for traveling on a client's bill.  Hotel Tomo was great.  Loved the beautiful modern Anime inspired decor.  

    Designers will appreciate this hotel.  Boontje curtains. Artemide Tolemeo lamp.  Fatboy beanbag chair.  Nice full sized in room mural + a tasteful piece of artwork.  Interior design of the rooms is fresh and modern.

    A little bit off beaten path, but buses are nearby.  Quiet neighborhood when I stayed there.

    Looked like there is a nice shabu shabu restaurant inside the hotel on 1st floor, but didn't have a chance to go.

    09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    155. Brian W.
    We recently booked our stay in San Francisco at this hotel located in Japantown. The hotel is close to many Japanese restaurants so it's not difficult to find what you're looking for within walking distance. The hotel's decor will instantly catch your eye and the mural in our room had a nice anime feel to it.

    I'd say my only complaint about the hotel was the lack of air conditioning. A ceiling fan in the room would have been nice. Perhaps our unit was busted but we didn't have time to complain, nor did we want to move our luggage to another room.

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    156. Krzy K.
    I travel 100% of the time for work. I normally stay in Hiltons/Marriots/Hyatts, but those properties in this city are either too far from where I'm working or too expensive. I chose to stay at the Hotel Tomo and I'm glad I did. The rooms are nice a spacious. Everything is always clean. Towels are tiny and not of great quality but its not a deal breaker. The staff is great. Many of them are super helpful and kind and courteous. Only after a few stays they greet me by name when I come in and leave.

    Gym is not great.. not at all, but at least they have water.

    Room Doors are heavy and don't have a door stopper to slow down the swing so you can here the doors slam when people are leaving their rooms. Its annoying at times, esp late at night, but its not too big of a deal.

    I would stay again.

    25/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    157. Catherine S.
    This place is LOUD! The first floor rooms, which are the same floor as the bar/ restaurant (DO request another floor), feature screaming, door slamming and inebriated patrons coming and going late into the night. Yuck!

    27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    158. Ryan A.
    Located in Japantown in the heart of SF, this hotel is anime themed. I stayed here for 1-night, exploring SF with my gf.  Expect to pay $25/nt for parking.  The first room they placed us in was actually kind of gross. Holes in the sheets, red (who know what) stains on the blanket, situated next to the guest services office--I was not please.  In addition, the hotel is simply a Best Western that been repainted. (I recommend Best Western Plus, a great chain that I've stayed in for work and leisure; this was a sad exception).  After complaining to the manager, we were then placed in a better room.  

    Overall, I wouldn't stay here again.

    10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    159. D L.
    Hotel Tomo will appeal to you if you:

    - are a low maintenance traveler and do not need a full-service hotel with all the bells and whistles
    - do not require high-end luxury and endless pampering
    - have a light-hearted view of the world and appreciate a low-key, off-beat feel
    - don't mind trading off some amenities for a better price to value ratio
    - want to be in a neighborhood that feels safe to walk around in

    - no hand-held shower massage; bathtub shower (not a stall shower); some noisy doors slamming; could not figure out how to turn on the heater; some mildewy smell; the food at the restaurant did not appeal to me

    - Keurig coffee in the room; in-room safe; small fridge; free wireless Internet; very friendly and helpful staff; convenient parking underneath with easy access to the lobby and elevators ($25/night)

    Mr. Manager: Where did you get the night stand tables?  the ones with a single drawer on the front, and an open shelf on the sides?  It would be perfect as a coffee table in my small living room!  I'm serious... please let me know!

    Overall, a pleasant stay, and if i am ever in the neighborhood for business again, i would return to Hotel Tomo since i'm low maintenance and don't mind walking the neighborhood to find something to eat.

    23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    160. J G.

    The good: Cute rooms, quiet for the city, good price, and very reasonable parking $25).  Nice walkable neighborhood (Japantown).  Staff is always friendly.

    The bad:  non-existent wireless internet much of the time (totally unreliable).  Fridge is room temp.  Rooms are always too hot, and cooling system does nothing.

    I have stayed here 4 times and both the positives and negatives are consistent.

    13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    161. Englands E.
    Worst experience I've had in San Francisco. Don't be fooled by the cool decor...it's all non-original, wall paper, duplicated across all the standard rooms. Didn't make it to the hotel restaurant but I hope they are managed by different staff. Gill the office manager seemed to care but apparently had no control over our botched reservation for day 2 at the hotel. Honestly the mess up was the best possible scenario. Don't stay at this hotel...there are many much better options in the area.

    14/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    162. Robert S.
    This is a decent place to stay.  Reasonable prices can be found on the internet in many places.

    A few words of caution.  If you don't book through Best Western or directly they wont honor Best Western Points.  Not a big deal.

    Rooms are good size.  Four adults stayed comfortably for two nights.

    Parking is roughly $23 a night, including in and out capabilities.  It can get full fast, but street parking wasn't really hard to come by when we came in late after a full day of sight seeing.

    Rooms were very clean.  Internet worked just fine (we only used it after 10 PM)

    Didn't try the restaurant downstairs.  Japan town is just across the street.

    Would I go back?  Yep, probably will this year.
    Would I recommend to a friend?  Sure!  But I would let them know it's not really within walking distance of anything except Japan Town.

    12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Kara O.
    Clean room, keurig coffee in room, close to everything and very friendly staff.  The only reason why I wouldn't stay here again is to experience another area of SF.  I recommend it.  I am only withholding one star because I wasn't absolutely blown away or pleasantly surprised - we just got what we expected, a nice, clean hotel room at a nice hotel.

    05/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    164. Sherri K.
    Oh San Francisco, I am torn. You are so beautiful and unique, yet sometimes overwhelming with your insistence that everyone choke down what is so fantastic about you. Yes, your streets are curvy and steep, but not so fun to drag bags up and down. After one long day's journey to reach you only to be greeted by people who thought themselves far more interesting than they actually were - the highlight of your city was my sweet little refuge, Hotel Tomo.

    Just like in the pictures, a charming, modern rendition of Japanese pop culture. Great wall art in the rooms. Simple design. Clean and vibrant.
    I love my little room which overlooks the streets of Pacific Heights/ Japantown, quiet and respectful - this hotel called to me and I'm so glad. Sushi within walking distance (everywhere).
    The staff here was cool cool (yes 2 thumbs up - so 2 "cool" call-outs) and even honored the fare I saw online even though I had reserved under another(higher) fare, just to secure the room beforehand. Top notch.
    Oh! Free Wifi, and there's a rad beanbag chair where I could watch my flat plasma, if I was in my room longer than 5 minutes, but I won't be.

    21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    165. Kevin J.
    I enjoyed my time here. Free wi-fi, a desk to work from, ipod dock, a balcony or little nook to enjoy the window street view.

    When you leave here, go eat ramen, go eat curry, go eat fish, go drink sake and Kirin beer. Enjoy Japantown. For brunch, walk 3 or 4 blocks up fillmore for some great choices.

    02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Peter K.
    Hotel Tomo attempts to attract newcomers by portraying a kick-butt anime themed hotel.  Looking at the pictures from their website, it does appear to have that cool factor, BUT instead of blowing your mind away with innovation, the place just seems cheesy (-1).  After getting past the anime fail, the place delivers a comfortable stay.

    The rooms were nice and big.  We had balcony rooms which we took advantage of during the sunny mornings.(+1)  Their restaurant, Mums (a Shabu-Shabu place) was great for a hangover cure  (+1).  The staff was friendly (with the exception of the late night crew.)  Oh, but the gym really shouldn't be called a gym.  Its more like a closet with very few machines (-1).

    If I'm ever in Japantown to visit, I may try Tomo again, but I'd probably go with the other Joie de Vivre place first (Hotel Kabuki)

    13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    167. Jon M.
    A sweet little spot decently priced in the heart of Japantown.  Twenty-dollar parking is pretty nice, too.  Within walking distance of The Filmore, plenty of restaurants, quaint shops and more.

    We enjoyed the one-cup coffee maker, safe, LG HDTV (though the lack of an HD signal was sorta whack), and the quirky feel of the place.

    Around one-hundred fifty bucks gets you a really nice room with a really nice story to tell.  We'll definitely consider this for our next SF trip.

    17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Bella Rosa A.
    This place is quirky and cool, and a pretty good deal for a hotel in the city.  Don't be swayed by the lady at the front desk who seems a little hardcore/control-freakish.  She's mostly harmless and still pretty helpful.  The hallways make you think you're in a New York City apartment complex and the rooms are pretty funky.  The carpet looks like wood flooring and all the fixtures or modern, i.e: unstained wood, white and metal.  
    We had a pretty great view of the city, and the king size bed was amazing.

    We had a great stay here for Valentines Day.  The restaurant- Mums - was one of the best parts.  We only had drinks here, but they were pretty awesome and delicious and the ambiance was great.  The restaurant was packed so that's a good sign.

    15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Maureen C.
    Caveat: I didn't want to stay here.

    That said - 3 stars ain't bad for a place you had passed over initially!

    I had booked their sister hotel - Galleria Park Hotel - downtown.  However, there was a huge conference that week, they didn't have a great planning department, and they overbooked.  Very kindly, they paid our taxi fair over to Hotel Tomo, and here we are.

    So, a bit less cosmopolitan, and a lot more anime.  However, I fell in love with the location (who doesn't love Pac Heights?!).  The staff, though not necessarily the smartest in town, were very friendly; the hotel was clean, vibrant colours made you smile despite yourself, and the cute Japanese kids playing with tin cans outside @ 8am were almost [almost] too cute.

    Beds were rock hard - I'm flirting with 30 (aka, undergrads, still very young), and my hip hurt when I woke up.

    Gist - ok; but there are too many hotels that I prefer.

    15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    170. Kosmo Z.
    The location is great, but the room is very plain and not anything special. Perhaps I was expecting too much after seeing their website. The wallpapers had nothing to do with "Japan".

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    171. Gregor Z.
    The hotel is in a very good neiborough with the bus stop on front of the entrance. Rooms are spacious but you can easily hear the loud outside of the street. The gym is easy and not really furnished but still. That japan style is only on the hotel pictures and it does not really have the feeling they are addressing.

    23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    172. Tina M.
    I stayed here while attending a scientific conference in downtown SF. I mainly wanted to stay in this area as I used to live here and was somewhat familiar with the area. Hotel Tomo in the ads looked amazing and it was a little underwhelming when I arrived. It is a renovated old hotel and still retains some of those "old hotel" features. HOWEVER, their amenities are very very good and the style is still very cute. It is very well maintained, i.e. very clean, and the staff was very nice and helpful. The price is just right for the quality and I think I'll be coming here again, next time I'm in SF. I also must give them extra props for having really great toiletries. They used a brand called Lather which I have never heard before but fell in love with using. It is priced about the same and seems about the same quality as Bliss Spa toiletries (if you are familiar with those products). That made the hotel seem a bit fancier by having good quality products.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    173. Kathy R.
    This hotel is in the heart of Japantown and close to several public transit lines. the hotel meshes perfectly with the neighborhood vibe.There are things to explore right out of your front door! It's nice that it's not on a busy street so it is not as stressful as staying in one of the majors downtown. The room was clean, and service was good. the rooms can get a little pricey but the atmosphere and location are worth the extra cash. I would absolutely stay here again!

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Asuka N.
    We were in town for a quick weekend trip to SF, and I didn't think it made much sense to pay Financial Market/Union Square prices given the short period of time. So we ended up at Hotel Tomo for a little more than $150/night for 3 nights - a pretty solid deal overall. The anime / Japanese theme is appropriate given the Japantown location, but it wasn't necessarily anything special to me. If anything, it was a way of avoiding having to repaint the place and dressing up the decor. The front desk staff was helpful, and the rest of the room's amenities - a good-sized TV, nicely done wooden furniture and bedframe - were greatly appreciated. The bathroom is indicative of the older nature of the place (toilets and showers were a bit on the older side), and the doors can slam on you a bit. Another downside is that if you're on the 1st floor and you're an early sleeper, the dinner parties that can go down at Mums (the shabu shabu joint in the hotel) can get pretty loud once everyone is loaded on sake. Another issue is that although hotel parking is advertised here, it is a very small parking lot (it has maybe 25 spaces total) that I believe is shared with other places (if the ticket is correct). It's $28 a night, but in the end I had to park on the street for 2 out of the 3 nights. Not necessarily a bad thing since it was cheaper, but parking can be a major pain in SF, and the last thing I can imagine some people wanting to do is climb hills in the morning to get to wherever they parked.

    All in all, it's a decently priced hotel in a nice, quiet spot in the city that's a little away from the main hubbub but is centrally located if you have a car to get around. It also doesn't hurt that mochi heaven (aka Benkyodo) is across the street...nothing like grabbing fresh mochi first thing in the morning. I could see myself staying here again.

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    175. Amanda R.
    I stayed at Hotel Tomo for two nights in October 2011.  Perhaps it was an off week for the hotel. Either way, I wasn't impressed, especially given the rates.

    Check-in was a breeze, and I found the front desk staff to be very helpful throughout my visit. The location is great. Japantown is a quiet neighborhood populated with many great restaurants.

    The hotel itself is a bit shabby. The halls are brightly painted and reminded me of my freshman dorm. The walls are paper thin. You can hear people banging around all day and night.

    The AC didn't work in my room, and I got the impression that this was a hotel-wide issue. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem in mid-October; however, the city was in the midst of unusually warm weather. The first night was MISERABLE. The temperature dropped the next day, so the rest of my stay was rather comfortable.

    I never did figure out how to make the television work. This really wasn't a huge deal for me, as I was in town on business and didn't have much time for TV. Had I been on vacation with my husband, no TV would have been a deal breaker. He must have TV. I imagine this is true for most men.

    The furniture looked and felt like cheap IKEA knockoffs. There was a hole and questionable stain on the sheets. The artwork creeped me out a bit. Of course, I realize that some people love Anime. I don't.

    The Wi-Fi connection was just about non-existent. It was unreliable and very, very slow. I wound up working from a Starbucks a few blocks from the hotel.

    The housekeeper barged right into my room one morning, despite the "do not disturb" sign that I hung on the doorknob.

    Overall, I would not recommend this hotel to a friend. You can stay in nicer places for the price in San Francisco. If my employer hadn't pre-paid my stay, I would have probably checked out after the first night.

    26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    176. Eve K.
    Crazy decor hotel that makes me feel like I'm really in Japan. 3.6 stars

    Cost to worth it ratio: 3 (under $200)

    - Not your parent's best western: newly remodeled from being just an everyday bit run down chain hotel to one with it's own persona.
    - Decor: with a predominant bright colors (yellow being the main one), to it's Japanese logo used freely, to paper lanterns, to a computer monitor looking tv on a desk, topping it all off with an impressive but unexpected anime-like mural painting, it screams Japanese. Guess it is fitting being in Japantown and all. ;-) Pics: yelp.com/biz_photos/XVnj…
    - Japantown option: only one other hotel is an option and that's on the more upscale end. Nice being across the street from so many authentic Japanese restaurants as well as only a few blocks away from my friend's party pad and trendy Fillmore spots. ;-)
    Lowlights (my flip side to highlights):
    - Parking lot: glad they have one, but it's super small and you may end up going to the overflow japan center down the street. Also used to be free and now it's $20+tax
    - Bathroom is a bit dark

    Glad to see the upgrades and we'll be back when we need a place to crash in that neighborhood.

    03/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    177. Debi B.
    I love the decor, very cute, hip and modern but the room seemed worn and a little old. We parked in the hotel parking at $30/night. Check in was quick and friendly, seems the hotel has patients from UCSF staying there for testing, I think for sleep studies. I liked the room decor, but the furniture was worn out, the little nook near the window is cute but the bench was dirty and torn, as were the curtains. Big points for the Keurig in the room though!! Beds were comfy enough, slept ok but walls are thin and if you are street level you will get lots of noise, we were at 3rd floor and could hear people outside. Hotel has a great location and I would be happy to stay here again but wouldn't pay full price (Priceline). I thought this would be a more modern newer hotel, was a bit disappointed but overall it is a cute hotel and we had a nice comfortable stay.

    03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    178. Rho T.
    Players Suite.   2 queen beds.  1 circular bed.  8x5 foot LCD screen.  Sound Proof Walls.


    and a ton of Guests.

    For my birthday.

    Lots of Asian snacks.
    a.k.a. my friends and I.
    No but really, lots of Asian edibles.

    By now you should be intrigued.

    Intrigued because you can play the Wii (that the hotel provides) and sing Karaoke Steven Tyler style and dance til the cows come home and hotel security or the popo's won't barge the doors down and kick you out because they.can't.hear.you.

    Intrigued because you can play (or make) your own movies, finally sleep (or do what you will) on a circular shaped bed, laugh, scream and holler until your voice gets raspy and hotel security or the popo's won't barge the doors down and kick you out because they.can't.hear.you.

    The players suite is all kinds of perfect and all kinds of illegal-legal at the same time.

    Asian snacks not included.  You must bring your own.  If you need help though, inquire within.  Not the hotel.  Me.

    30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Julie A.
    This is definitely a great place to stay in a wonderful location at a great price. The front desk personnel are very curteous and accomodating (for $125-160 a night, they give top-notch service). The hotel decor was so whimsical and perfect for the Japanese pop culture / video game / anime / manga fanatic.

    They even have a restaurant downstairs that opens really early for breakfast and has a bar that is open until late night hours. Their wireless internet is free and very reliable. They also have a safe in each room so if you have a laptop or other valuables, you can safely store it in the room. Let me also add that there is already an iron and ironing board, so don't worry about packing one like I did. Lol.

    In addition, the location was very convenient. Not only was it right across the street from Japantown -- Bus Lines 2, 3, 4 pass through the bus stop across the street and 4 blocks north (beware of the hills!!!) is another bus stop (Bus Line 1) that takes you a few blocks away from the Ferry Building.

    The area is pretty safe and quiet. A lot of the restaurants in Japantown stay open so there is still plenty to do late at night. However, I do want to add that almost every night I did hear sirens in the distance. But I'm not sure how close by they were.

    There were only a few down sides. The walls were not always thick enough (a light-sleeper friend of mine woke up to the sounds of people next door) and he was allergic to the goose down in the pillows. We came in after a night out and there wasn't any water available in the vending machine.

    Also, the lighting in the room was a bit too dim for my liking, and I couldn't find the switch to turn the heater on. (Did my room even have a heater? Lol. I should have called the front desk.)  And if you have leftovers, I don't know how you would warm it up. My room didn't have a microwave.

    Other than that, my stay here was great, and I'd still highly recommend this hotel (with a warning for the light-sleepers Lol). For the price, convenience, and location, you can't find a better place to stay in the City.

    24/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    180. Carolyn T.
    Great location,friendly staff (got early check in...score). Has a ikea artsy vibe....and I digs that!!!! My lazy butt would have liked room service but there are plenty of spots in the area to grab a bite....your wallet will thank you.....room service fees are a bitch. Plus the area is safe so walking to get a night snack is not a problem.
    oh one thing...do not use the stairs!!!! We thought we would add a few years on to our lives by using the stairs to buy some water and we got locked in lol. Thank God the cleaning staff propped open the top floor....or you guys would be missing this damn review lol

    06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    181. Jensine G.
    First of all, I love its location since it's about two blocks away from all the main stores in japantown.

    The room was really nice and comfy. I loved the bench placed by the window. Water pressure was perfect. Room was clean. Internet was cool. And beds were really comfortable. Everybody that works at the front desk were really friendly and helpful.

    Btw, they only have a small parking garage. So, might wanna check in early if you want to secure a spot for your car.

    04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. Gwen W.
    It was in a good location and the rooms were adorable. I probably won't stay here again because our room was pretty pricy and we didn't even have hot water. We had been in the car for hours and when we got to our room all I wanted to do was take a nice shower before going out. Instead I took a cold one. We tried calling the front desk multiple times and no one answered plus we went to the desk to see why the hot water was out and no one was there so we couldn't even get a new room or a refund so we could go somewhere else.

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    183. Bryan B.
    Yes. Just. Yes. I came to San Francisco to have surgery and stayed here for 7 days with two friends to recover. This place is right across Japantown (you can see it out your window), quiet, clean, and delightfully bright.

    I got a special UCSF rate at 107.00 + tax per night, booked my room, and was given one on the third floor. We had two queen beds, a mini-fridge, 26" LCD TV, a desk, a table, and nice Japanese mural on the wall. It looks like a kid's hotel but it still manages to be classy and cool. I'm a big kid, I preferred this.

    Parking is $20 + tax with in and out privileges but there's street parking to park your car overnight. It's two hour parking from 8am-8pm so you can technically park your car overnight and won't have to move it until 10am. If this sentence confused you, read it again.

    CLEANING LADIES ARE SO NICE, I HAVE TO STRESS THIS SO MUCH. I mean, granted, I was drugged up on Percocet but they were delightful, smiley, chatty, and super accommodating.

    Slight glitch in our stay in the form of a leak by the sink, but they fixed it by moving us to a bigger room. A+ for that. Beds are comfortable, pillows are squishy, and I'd stay here again in a heartbeat.

    29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. Becky Z.
    Awesome location! Friendly staff! It's right by Japan town and also Fillmore street is really great. The bus is easy to catch around here as well. I would definitely stay here again!

    19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Sylvia L.
    I stayed three nights, asked for a view and got it. Room was new, clean, fresh. The restaurant is small and very busy in the evenings.  Unusual Shabu dining.  The car parking is a night mare.  Cost is $29 a night  +  a $4  parking TAX.  The small basement is not a garage unless you drive a Mini Cooper or a golf cart.  Can barely open car door to get out.  Very limited 'spaces' for entire hotel.  The over flow underground parking is two tiny blocks away, actually a walk through Buchanan Plaza. I parked there two nights and loved it.  Huge.  Easy parking. One night I paid $9 and second night was $12.  Hotel Kabuki uses this lot for their cars. If you have a car, stay at Hotel Kabuki.

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    186. Daria G.
    Very cute. But (bit but)
    -soooo noisy. you can here people in the next room sneezing and you share water with everyone so you hear whenever someone turns water or flushes the toilet.
    -parking lot is dirty. it smells like human not so good smells. And it is supposed to be watched over ($29 a day you would think they would keep it up)
    - horrible wi-fi. I had to work from the room via my laptop and connection kept dropping every couple of minutes. Let's just say was not a very productive week for me and frustrating.
    -dirty tiny tub and bathroom and the window bench had suspicious stains. Oh and you cannot really turn around in the bathroom area.
    -they have a fridge but no microwave. So cold leftovers.
    I should stop here. For how much money it costs i expected soooo much more

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    187. Yessenia O.
    The lobby is awesome. So colorful and clean AND NEAT. We were
    in SF for 3 nights and booked Tomo for 109 a night. The receptionist
    was friendly, we got there early so they kept our luggage while we
    walked around Japantown. The mall down the street is pretty great,
    the neighborhood is quiet too!

    The decor is pretty cool! The bed is soft however, I'm a crazy sleeper and
    everytime I moved the bed squeaked. So if you're planning on cozzing up next to
    your lover, you might not be able to ;(

    The housekeeper was sweet and we tipped her and she left us a sweet note.

    We also got a late check out (1:00pm).

    I will stay here again!

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Karen W.
    Hotel Tomo is so cute. I stayed here with Andrew J. last October during our trip to SF. Each room here is anime-themed--there are vibrant murals on the walls, and adorable desks, etc. Here is our mural: media4.px.yelpcdn.com/bp… .

    There are also interesting pieces of art around the walls, and the decor is Japanese style...clean and simple, perfect in Japantown. The lobby has some cute Japanese stuff too, including those crazy vending machines with t-shirts. For some reason UCSF has a sleep lab here--I wonder how sleeping in a Japan-esque environment affects research results!

    Last, the curtains are awesome and block out all signs of daylight.

    19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. Ray R.
    I dont have that much good to say about this place...

    I liked the theme throughout the hotel, and its in a good location with off street parking. However, even though the room was nice, it was the noisiest place we've ever stayed. I dont know if its because our room was on the first floor in front of the elevator, our wall being shared with the resteraunt next door, or both, but you could hear EVERYTHING that was going on outside and around you, especially heavy traffic. I particularly didnt like that there was food left over in our mini fridge (not from us), or that the resteraunt staff was m.i.a. when at least 4 other guests were waiting an unreasonable amount of time to order breakfast the next morning. Since I couldnt get service in the resteraunt, I literally stopped at each floor (since 3 of their employees didnt know which one it was), to find ONE vending machine. WITH NO DRINKS.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    190. Andy M.
    As far as hotels go, this one is pretty awesome. Great location and great prices.

    Here's the reason for 3 stars instead of 5:

    We were in our room getting ready to leave, but I realized we were going to be a little longer, so I put the "do not disturb" sign on our door. About 3 minutes later we received a knock from the housekeeping lady. I answered and she said something along the lines of "you don't want me to clean?" and I explained that we'd be leaving soon.

    When we finally did leave about 15 minutes later, I found her down the hall and told her we had left.

    We returned to the hotel about 2 hours later and went right up to our room....where we found our room door OPEN. I don't mean kinda open, or just not closed all the way, I mean propped completely open using a door stopper the housekeepers use.

    Luckily, nothing was stolen and the frontdesk person was appalled. We did not demand or receive any compensation for this incident, as I didn't believe we were owed any since nothing was stolen, but still, this is something you should definitely keep in mine when staying here.

    Use the safe.

    11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    191. Jade H.
    My boyfriend & I have stayed here 3 times & loved it every single time! The price is great for a clean hotel in San Francisco. It's funky & comfortable, & Japantown is a nice area. I definitely highly recommend it!

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Daniel K.
    Of course, the whole concept of an anime themed hotel immediately caught our attention. Well done Tomo. Great hotel located in the heart of Japantown surrounded by some good eats and bars, close to Muni public transportation. For $150/night, we were pretty satisfied with our stay here. We had a room on the seventh floor with a great view of the city.

    Beds were comfy, room was clean, free WiFi (but sadly painfully slow), tasteful decorations/murals. Actually, you gotta try the instant coffee! I was really impressed by the quality of it for being instant, thank you for starting my day off right :D It was also raining during our stay and the front desk was more than happy to loan us an umbrella. Great service!

    Overall, would have no qualms staying at this place again. Parking is a little annoying though. It woulda been $25/night to park there. Thank goodness we didn't have a car.

    09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    193. Amina H.
    We stayed here for a week . I love this hotel . The staff is really friendly . Free internet in your room . The food

    26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    194. Peter B.
    I'll return to Tomo on my next vacation in San Fran. Camilla and I stayed here on a two night get-away because she saw their website and loves Manga and Anime.
    The good: The room was affordable for a get-away weekend. Located in a neighborhood I'd never been to but very much enjoyed. The staff were friendly, helpful, and quickly responsive. The place is clean and attractive. The electricity, air, plumbing, and other items in the room all worked. The computers in the lobby are free for the first 20 minutes. The WIFI in the room worked perfectly. I read a lot of reviews and the room was exactly what I expected it to be.
    Nice room features: We choose a Tomo King. The window is a little alcove you can sit in and enjoy the sunrise and sip coffee from the kurig machine in the room. Fun decor - my GF loves Manga and Anime. The view was nice (not a postcard skyline, but not an alley either - just an interesting neighborhood with trees and birds).
    Other concerns: This is not a luxury boutique hotel, rather it's a cleverly decorated, well run, off-the-beaten-path, Best Western Hotel with a really fun theme. Keep your expectations in check. Also noticed some door-slamming noise in the morning.
    Japan Town is my new favorite neighborhood in SF. I've been to the city many times before but never bothered to try Japan Town. It offers great food, night-life, conveniences, and an escape from heavily travelled tourist traps.
    The location is great if you want to try SF's Muni bus system or like walking. Union Sq. is a 25 minute walk. Golden Gate Bridge is a 35 minute bus ride on the #2 and switch to #28, $2 bus ride.
    The slot in the wall next to the light switch: Stick your key in there, it turns the power on the room and when you leave you know where your key is. Also it conserves energy when you're away because it automatically shuts off the lights.

    27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    195. Dan N.
    Cheap, adorable, and fun! AAA discount too- they upgraded our room because they were out of the cheapest ones.. and charged me the same price. The room was really awesome and modern. Very minimalist with anime influenced art/decor. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

    Love the huge blow up Lucky Cat and the Giant Robot vending machine in the lobby. Lots of karaoke places to go to and ramen all over the place. You have to pay for parking nightly, which was kind of a bummer. Located in kind of a so-so area. The Japan stuff is fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not exactly in the center of everything. My boyfriend was going insane because his favorite toy store (Super 7) was around the corner.

    23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Patti C.
    Manager quickly took care of a refund, just be sure to get a confirmation number when you cancel.

    17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Lindsay D.
    I come to SF for business a couple times a month and Hotel Tomo is my home away from home.  The staff are the best part- all excellent, helpful, friendly people.  The rooms are quite large for SF standards, as well as clean and comfortable.  It's a really nice location too.  Lots of restaurants within walking distance (Japantown and Fillmore St) and a really nice MUNI line right on the corner to go downtown.

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Leticia P.
    Excellent price/quality ratio.
    They made this building that could easily be boring and tired and made it cute, fun and fresh!
    Beds are firm and great, sheets white and very clean. Overall the room was very clean all around; and spacious.
    Service was great and the restaurant on the first floor is very yummy.
    Free wi-fi in the room
    $25 a day for parking
    Don't expect crazy amenities as this is not a fancy hotel. But I'd stay here again and recommend it

    11/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Cee B.
    Lovely little place, but I did expect more of the rooms, which were pretty basic for the price.  Absolutely adored the artwork in my room and the overall ambiance of the hotel. Very friendly lobby staff!

    04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    200. Mike W.
    Clean, easy, comfortable room.  Ours had a balcony, which was nice.  Staff was friendly.  Def a good spot to lay your head.

    15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. Computer J.
    A nice change of hotel pace, in a good location.

    Booking: Look into reserving via their website. They offer discounts for multiple nights and other packages. Travelocity and the like tend to not be the cheapest option.

    Front Desk: Helpful and pleasant. I had to ship a package and they held it for me no problems. Same with delayed baggage that was delivered. No qualms here.

    Room: I booked a deluxe king. Comfortable bed, a ton of pillows. Rooms come with a safe, mini-fridge, and keurig coffee. Ample storage and surface space. Our room also had a small round table with two chairs which was great for setting up laptops and eating. The artwork coupled with furniture choices defiantly make a nice cozy departure from the bland contemporary style of generic hotels. We had a rainy week and this room was perfect to relax and spend some time in.

    A few areas that were bothersome were some bad outlets and a shower head that spit water from not being properly secured. Also card keys would deactivate randomly, not placed anywhere near phones either.

    Parking: This is the biggest problem. Their garage is small, no hourly, and $25 daily. It also fills frequently, parking on weekends is sheer luck. The nice solution is the Japan town garage that's $3 cheaper for daily, offers overnight, and always had space. It's only a 5 minute walk away.

    Location: If you have a car, it's great. Close enough to the places you'll want to be, the mall is a nice option for bad weather and needing to stretch your legs. Movie theaters and restaurants (of a great variety) are all around you.  Those places are all walkable. Places of attraction on a grander scale, you'd need to walk a mile to a Bart stop.

    What keeps this short of five stars is a disconnect between its online presentation and its reality. Aside from the nice lobby and room artwork, it does just enough to seem pop culture Japanese and that's the end. No good place to hang out, no late night offerings. Looped anime demos in the lobby and some half hearted vending machines. Being hotel Kabuki's trendier, cheaper solution it seemed to be birthed out of effort, and then simply maintained. You get what you pay for, and I greatly appreciated the change in flavor from your standard hotel, but after a week I wondered if the extra steps to push it into amazing were really that hard to take.

    05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    202. David F.
    I stayed here with my girlfriend over NYE. We originally booked via Kayak at Hotel Carlton but were bumped to Hotel Tomo. When we checked in, they had us in the wrong room (2 Queens instead of 1 King). After minimal protest, the receptionist upgraded us to the 7th floor with a great city view.

    The room was clean and as the pictures show, had a one-wall mural decorated in anime. I was fairly pleased with the hotel and staff. The parking was $25/night and a bit tight. If the lot is full, you are able to park in a different garage a block or so away. Overall, I was pretty happy with the hotel, especially since we booked at the last minute.

    06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. S D.
    Hotel was nice, rooms were clean, staff was slow but friendly. Parking was a bit high.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    204. Marlon T.
    My Tomo Hotel experience was awesome! I would highly recommend this place. Everything about the experience was smooth and interesting. It's very close to everything in Japantown (obviously).

    My room was on the top floor and the front desk was professional and polite.
    You have to insert your room key in a slot near the light switches in your room to turn on the TV and desk lamp. That was new/weird.

    Great place, great quality, great service, great price (but read below)!

    I do have to take off 1 star though for this reason:
    When I was checking out I had lots of random taxes added onto my bill:
    Occupancy Tax - $14.56
    SF Tourism District Assessment - $1.04
    CA Tourism Assessment - $0.07
    Donation - $1
    What the heck...

    I don't know why I didn't inquire further about these--I could have possibly not paid these random fees. What the heck. I mean, I paid ~$100 on the website but I'm still getting charged more for no reason?

    24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    205. Eric B.
    Modern, clean little hotel in the heart of Japantown; nothing super fancy, but perfectly nice.  One block from a particularly great sushi place (see: review for Kiss Seafood) and an equally good breakfast joint (see: review for Sweet Maple).  Friendly staff and easy in/out guest garage parking.  We didn't eat in the shabu-shabu bar/grill in the hotel itself, but on a Saturday night, it smelled great and was jumping.  Free Wi-Fi.

    03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. Tanya D.
    So this hotel isn't EEK-worthy, but I didn't quite enjoy my stay as much as I would have liked.

    The decor: our room wasn't AS trendy as advertised. Looked like a regular motel with a few colorful items and a mural - a mural where it looked like somebody was going to jump off a bridge. Bathroom was completely lackluster in decor.

    The service: this room was pretty chilly and neither we nor the maintenance guy could get the heater to work. (No heater in a SF apt? Really?) So they said they would bring a heater around ... which they didn't .... any of the days we were there. Yikes!

    Parking: you're already paying a chunk of money for a drab and cold hotel room and then they don't comp the $25/day parking? Yikes x 2!! I mean, we could've scouted out a spot to park our car, but when you're out and about while visiting, it's not the most feasible of options.

    The location is nice and not even that noisy, which is decent. And we had no rude service ... it was just a whole lotta money for not the most impressive say.

    28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    207. Amy M.
    The location is good and safe and the room was clean though nothing fancy.

    The reason why I wouldn't stay here again is because I was on the first floor right next to the restaurant, and the walls are paper thin.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    208. David H.
    First the good: room was relatively spacious. The bed was firm and comfortable with nice linen. Curtain closed tight and made the room dark for sleeping. Nice coffee maker. Large flatscreen TV. Nice cutesy furnishings with sufficient storage options.

    Nice, friendly and helpful personnel at front desk.

    Close to bus lines.

    The bad: noisy. Hum from some kind of machinery next-door. Kids playing outside. You can hear everything that goes on in the corridor. Clicks from the air conditioning system. Noise from the room above dropping stuff on the floor. Wifi is included but painfully slow.

    23/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    209. Jen K.
    Hotel Tomo!

    Make sure you include the exclamation point. It makes all the difference in the world. I booked this hotel for a short trip to San Francisco because: (a) I had some Best Western money to burn, (b) I'm a sucker for anime and all things Japanese, and (c) I couldn't stop giggling while browsing the photos.

    It worked out quite well, but I probably wouldn't stay here again, since there are too many other interesting neighborhoods and more luxurious hotels to experience in the city. This property also had a couple of odd quirks (home to the UCSF Sleep Disorders Center?!?) that left me scratching my head.

    On the positive side, I'm both a Best Western and Joie de Vivre member and this hotel gives you points/benefits in both programs. Score! The pricing was a little better booking through the Best Western website, so shop around. Just make sure they have all your numbers on file to reap the maximum rewards.

    What looked ridiculously cute and whimsical in the photos wasn't quite as enjoyable as a guest. The hotel is older and the walls and doors are scuffed and worn and the bathroom is nothing special. The mattresses are firm, so it came off more as a spruced up budget hotel, rather than a boutique or luxury property. I didn't have a problem with noise (as others reported) since my room had a double door, so I was insulated from hallway noise. The gym is sad.

    The location was good if you are looking for a quieter, neighborhood feel. It is a block from the Japan Center mall and two blocks from Fillmore's music scene and some really nice cafes and restaurants. On my last visit, I stayed at the Hotel Nikko in Union Square and loved being in the middle of bars, restaurants, shops and the general insanity of that part of town. Japantown is pretty quiet, especially at night, but it was an easy $2 Muni bus ride to and from Union Square (24 hrs/day).

    My experience with the staff was mixed. It started off fine after a little effort and then they were incredibly friendly upon my departure. Perhaps they were happy to see me go? They did allow me to check-in early and arranged for my airport shuttle and that all went pretty smoothly.

    Sometimes it is nice to stay in a part of town where you see more locals than tourists. So if you are just there to catch a show at the Fillmore or don't mind a little transportation getting around town, this may be a decent choice if the price is right. If your main focus is easy access to a variety of nightlife (stumbling home) or a luxurious getaway, I would direct you elsewhere.

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    210. Karen T.
    Quirky hotel with a fun location!

    I bid on a gift card for a free night at this hotel at a school auction. I was excited about a different kind of adventure in SF, as I've been to the city many times, but never to the Japantown area.  After a bit of trouble booking a reservation with the gift card, the manager, Gil took care of things for me.

    The hotel is quirky to say the least and stays true to its anime theme throughout. The rooms, beds, and linens are clean and comfortable, but not luxurious.  The location is awesome!  We walked to the nearby Japantown mall for shopping and dinner, over to Polk Street to a wine bar, and also to Upper Fillmore area for breakfast.  Lots of great places within walking distance.

    I see several complaints about charging for parking, but that is typical for SF.  I was happy they had their own lot!  The free wifi was nice.

    Service could stand some improvement.  We were left standing at the front desk on more than one occasion when we had questions about nearby restaurants, etc. one time, the front desk attendant saw us and walked away without a word.  Plumbing and heater in our room made noises.

    09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    211. Christopher M.
    Hotel Tomo is cute enough, but not nearly the quirky anime-mashup hotel their website would have you believe. We had a quaint and spacious room, with a nice comfy bed. But it was not funky enough. The Anime/Game theme wears off quickly, and ultimately it's a retrofitted Best Western.

    They do have some videogames but they are just SNES, nothing you couldn't find in some other similarly rated hotels. Unless you are craving some pay-to-play Mario Kart nostalgia, you wouldn't even know the games are available.

    Other amenities include a mini fridge, flat screen TV, and cable, but no HDMI, so the image isn't as crisp as it could be. There's a strong Wi-fi signal, but for whatever reason it is slowww. If you feel inclined they also have a mini gym available, with a treadmill, elliptical, and free weights.

    What they do have goin for them is it's pleasant location. They are about a 10 min car/cab ride away from just about everything. Japantown is right outside your door, and there's some cool stuff to check out within walking distance.

    Overnight parking is $25 a night - if you can get it. Compared to other hotels, it's not the most expensive, but they only have so many cramped spots, and if you come in late, expect to park elsewhere (Japan Center parking is around the corner).

    What we found confusing was their energy saving policy. We couldn't get the room's thermostat working, so the temp got pretty freezing one night. Apparently there was a slot or swipe pad, or something-or-other that activated the room's amenities with a swipe of your room key. But we never noticed it, and everything aside from the thermostat worked just fine. I'm sure that swipe thing is there, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what it looks like.

    Fortunately when we described our experience to management, they were very accommodating to our situation and resolved everything nicely. But I wish we understood how the process worked more clearly in the first place.

    20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    212. Laura L.
    This hotel is super kawaii! The lobby is big and has a not to soft bedlike couch to lounge in while watching one of the 3 tvs in front of it. It also has 2 computers and a printer. They had a gym but I didn't bother checking it out.

    I was able to stay on the top floor and had a pretty good view without paying for upgrade fees. The room itself was cutely decorated and full of Ikea like furniture, I loved it. The bed was very noisey but soft and clean which was more important to me. The window opens up in case you need fresh air. Their restroom lacked cuteness but everything in it worked and was clean.

    The key operated thermostat was weird for a split second but I liked it. No problems activating or deactivating it. The tv was a good size but I didn't turn it on. The fridge worked and so did it's freezer. The Keurig coffee maker was great even though it was Tullys coffee :\

    The only bad things about this hotel are the paper thin walls and the constant door slamming. The doors have self-closing hinges but somehow they still slam shut. Overall I enjoyed my stay and would book here again without hesiation ^_^

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Natalie E.
    On our way up to Humboldt county recently, we decided to stop in San Francisco for a night and by chance I stumbled upon Hotel Tomo. A Japanese anime themed hotel looked interesting and fun so I thought why not. I had seen another reviewers mention that their parking garage fills up quickly and since we got into the city at around 7pm, I didn't even bother trying to park in their garage. I went straight for the Japan Center parking just a few blocks away. If you mind walking, this would probably annoy you having to park two or three blocks away, but we didn't mind. The lobby of the hotel is super cute and the front desk staff was courteous and professional. The room was lovely and simple and the art on the wall very interesting. We liked it. I also appreciated the fact that they are trying to save electricity by having the guest use their room key to turn on the lights. This will probably annoy some, but I didn't mind one bit. The room had a very large LG tv, a Keurig coffee maker which was fun since I had never used one before, and a mini fridge. We only stayed one night, but all in all, a pleasant experience, but nothing really too special or out of this world. Simple, interesting, and Hotel Tomo did it's job.

    03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. Michelle D.
    This hotel and it's theme were ok. There was a miscommunication in the reservation and I had to share a king sized bed with two other people. The Internet was free, but it was slow and rarely worked. The location is convenient since it is right next to SF Japantown but I do not think I would stay here again because the walls are very thin.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    215. Sarah S.
    This was my second stay at a Joie de Vivre hotel, and it was excellent. I was in San Francisco for a few days and needed a place to stay in the Pacific Heights area. Hotel Tomo is in the Lower Pacific Heights/Japantown area and pretty convenient to bus stops. The neighborhood is very safe and there are also several restaurants in the surrounding area.

    The staff/theme is what makes this place so great. The hotel has a Japanese (anime?) type theme, with different artwork in everyroom. The room is spacious, spotless, and has plenty of outlets and space to work. I was new to the area and the staff was very willing to provide directions, bus routes, call cabs, etc. I also had to fax about 30 or so papers throughout the trip to various people and they were also able to do that for me.

    I would definitely stay here again. It's an excellent value for the money. This is technically a Best Western, but it's a boutique all the way.

    18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    216. Denni P.
    Cool place, i would stay here again, located in San Francisco's Japantown this hotel is comfortable and very close to bus stop that takes you to Union Square if needed.

    Not your typical Best Western, this Japanese Anime inspired hotel (according to them) is very unique.  They've done a great job to re-create what otherwise be a 70's style build hotel to have this modern edge in a great location, at a great price.

    A few blocks away is the lower Pacific Heights neighbourhood which has trendy cafes and great shopping, away from the touristy Union Square area.  

    Check this place out, the place is on budget, clean, friendly and in a great location for the off beat traveller.

    Bon Voyage!

    22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    217. Tanya G.
    Hotel Tomo is fantastic! I stayed here twice in the last year. If memory serves, it was low $100s per night for a king bed. Very, very clean hotel, comfortable bed, clean linens, great staff and located in Japantown within walking distance to many great eating places. Each room has a fun anime mural on one of the walls, making it a very unique place to stay. Would very highly recommend!

    08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    218. Ryan S.
    I stayed here for GaymerX and really enjoyed it.  The room was actually pretty big and had plenty of room which I was not expecting.  The elevators were quick and the staff was attentive and friendly.  When we had an issue with our shower knob they sent someone up right away to fix it so we were out the door and on time for the event we wanted to get to.

    Though two weird things about the hotel: some rooms have a rather depressing looking mural where a girl is crying.  Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't right next to one of the beds so, while pretty cool and an awesome touch to the room, it was a bit awkward to have such a sad scene in an otherwise happy hotel.  That and you need your keycard in order to turn on the air conditioning and some electronics.  For our room it was needed for the AC, TV, desk lamp, refrigerator, and  coffee machine though a friend down the hall got his TV to work without a keycard in the slot.  It wasn't a huge deal, just seemed inconsistent.

    The location is also great- especially if you love Japantown.  Everything there is within walking distance and the stops for the bus to take you toward the mall isn't too far.  There is also parking at the hotel though it is more expensive and smaller than the Japantown garage.  If you want to save a few bucks and not worry about getting a space, park there.

    Overall I'd totally come back.  I really enjoyed my stay and found the hotel to be fun and comfortable.  There's also free Wifi!

    17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    219. Christina W.
    My experience with Hotel Tomo is as a photographer. In June, I photographed a bride getting ready here. The rooms are amazing and have the most beautiful window light! The parking was easy also, just under the hotel. As a vendor, I really appreciated that there were restrooms in the lobby!
    The hotel is located in an area that isn't too busy; perfect for a bride to get ready!

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    220. Paris S.
    This hotel is lovely. The staff is so kind. Especially the manager Gill, who after some mix ups with my reservation (long story short), made the absolute best of a very bad situation. 5 star, ritz Carlton-esque service. The hotel is in a central location. It's a very quiet area, but a short cab ride to any action you could want. I parked a block away in the public garage, as their lot was full and it was about half the price too. Beds were comfortable. Room was clean. Enjoyed all the appointments. It's a fun hotel with an energetic vibe, but also nice and quiet at night. I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    221. Melanie R.
    We were excited to stay at another theme hotel, especially an artsy, anime-themed one. It was our anniversary weekend and we wanted to celebrate with something different.

    The hotel was cute and decorated with bright colors and distinctive japanese graphic art. I loved the mural on our hotel wall, though I was hoping for a more distinctive painting. The view from the bay window in our room on the third floor was pretty nice. The bed was comfortable and our room had all the amenities minus a microwave, which we didn't need but is always nice.

    They let us park for practically free in their guest parking lot, though they made us enter through the exit side so as to deter others from parking.

    Plus, bonus, their checkout time isn't until 12 pm, so we had extra time to spend at brunch in the morning.

    It was a nice hotel stay that I will recommend to others who also like to frequent themed hotels.

    04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    222. Jeffrey A.
    The girlfriend and I had stayed in San Francisco for my birthday weekend this year. A friend of a friend works for Joie de Vivre hotels, and we were able to get a good rate at the Hotel Tomo. Hotel Tomo was clean and the less than $300 a night price wasn't too bad considering SF. This hotel is located in Japantown and has an Anime theme in their rooms. It was a nice, funky stay. Not great, but certainly not bad, by any stretch.

    -Great Staff. Everyone that we dealt with at this hotel was pleasant.
    -Clean rooms w/free Wi-Fi, fridge, comfortable bed, and a desk

    -Unavoidable, but still a con is the parking in this city. $29 parking fee per day.
    -No microwave in the rooms.
    We enjoyed my stay and mini vacation in San Francisco.

    13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    223. Diane J.
    Before we even made it there, the hotel reservation staff were amazing. I spoke to Shannon to make the reservation and agreed on the price. Room was booked for two nights. Yea! Late that night my husband found the hotel for a cheaper price. He took a screenshot in case the link wasn't active in the morning. Of course it wasn't but we had the screenshot for a site I had never heard of. I called back and spoke to Renee who honored the lower price. It saved us $98 on a two night stay! I was so pleased, I asked to speak to her supervisor so I could let them know how wonderful it was and her name was Siobhan. Well, to be honest, I was so blown away by her name (which is also my youngest daughter's name) but I did manage to give a big thanks to both of those helpful women.

    We were able to get a parking spot! They are tight spaces and $29 a night but fair for the area. Not much room to move around down there so good luck if you have an SUV.

    Check in was quick and easy. Wi-fi is free and works really well. Staff were very friendly and helpful! We were told about leaving the room key by the door in our room so you can operate the TV, AC, etc. so we just left one there the whole trip.

    We enjoyed the room and hotel decor. Everyone thought it was cute! Room was very clean BUT they left someone's food in the fridge which we had to throw away. Eww

    There is a Keurg maching in the room with 2 regular and 2 decaf.  The second night we got some tea too. There is an in room safe (which we used) and an iron (which we didn't). There was enough closet space and plenty of drawers for all your stuff.

    The shampoo smelled weird (mint) but worked well enough that I almost didn't use conditioner. Shower was wonderful and water is hot. Full tub too!

    We didn't have a "Do Not Disturb" sign so the maid tried to come in while we were still getting ready. I'm sure the last guest took it because when I saw one on another door they are cute. I recommend the cleaning crew check for those and replace them, oh yeah and look in the fridge!

    The beds were fine, but the pillows were great. Pillow snob here! There are two for each person and oh so comfortable. The mattresses are a bit far from the headboards so the pillows tend to fall in there. Try as I might, I could not move the mattress up anymore to avoid this.

    All in all we really enjoyed the hotel. The kids loved the huge TV and desk in the room. I think there were a couple of computers in the lobby for guest to use. The hotel had vending machines around. They were doing some remodeling (no noise though) so there were no ice machines working in the hotel. After another guest and I were looking, I called the front desk and they said just to come on down. Really nice and helpful but I wouldn't have minded that being mentioned at check in. In their defense, I think they expected them to be plugged in again already.

    We stayed two nights and I can't complain about any noise, it was all fairly quite. Almost no street noise either. For a family of four it was a great stay. There isn't a lot to do close by but it is quite. Oh, I highly recommend you check out the store nearby called Daiso. Everything is a bargain. Oh, and when visiting San Francisco, please remember to bring your own bags EVERYWHERE or you will be charged about 20 cents per bag.

    18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    224. Brandy M.
    I stayed at HotelTomo last Thursday during a spontaneous trip to San Francisco. I needed a place to stay on short notice and found a great deal online. HotelTomo is located in Japantown, San Francisco. First of all, I have to say that Japantown is seriously underrated. Usually people want to check out Chinatown while visiting San Francisco. I like Japantown so much more! It's a lot cleaner and quieter than Chinatown. Definitely make sure to visit Japan Center (a block away from HotelTomo) and shop in all the neat little stores. Daiso is a great place to buy Japanese items (everything is $1.50). I purchased a ton of little goodies (candy, stationary, bath and beauty products) to take back for friends and family. Oh, and make sure to order a "Happy Face" crepe at Belly Good. They are adorable and so delicious! Yes, I took a photo of my crepe and Instagram-ed it.  Don't judge me.

    Aside from Japantown, HotelTomo is a short walk from Alamo Square (the lovely park where the iconic Victorian houses are lined up - aka "Postcard Row" - a MUST SEE if you're visiting San Francisco for the first time) and yes, even the Full House house is nearby (you can find that on Broderick Street and take a million photos like I did).

    HotelTomo is a small, yet adorable boutique hotel. Super "kawaii". It isn't luxurious by any means, but it's clean and very affordable. The location is quiet, and after staying in Union Square the night before, I certainly appreciated the silence. The employees at HotelTomo were courteous and I was so pleased they offer free Wi-Fi for guests. The beds were comfortable, and the complimentary bath products in the room are from LATHER, one of my favorite bath product lines. Thumbs up, HotelTomo!

    Miso happy I stayed at HotelTomo!! You will be too.

    12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    225. Kurt C.
    I really enjoyed this hotel. The decor was fun - Japanese pop art themed, so mostly anime with some interesting (and often depressing) murals and robots. The colors were bright and lively. The staff was very friendly with us during our one night stay. I got a great deal on Hotels.com though, so I wouldn't have stayed here at regular price.

    They have "eco" rooms so you have to put your card in a little slot by the door to get the air/heater to work. I couldn't find it at first, but it was there! You have to put the card in horizontally, so it sticks out of the wall. Our slot was back lit green, I just thought it was part of the light switch...

    They also have free wired and wireless internet in the rooms plus a pretty big TV.

    We did get the "joy" of being on the first floor. I highly suggest you request a room higher up to avoid noises from the street. It wasn't that bad, but if you are turning in before 11pm, it will be a noisy night. Also, there is a parking garage right next to the front door, but it has very few spots and costs $33 a night. Again, I never would have stayed here on my own, but with my discounts from Hotels.com , it only cost $50 for a night (including parking!)

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. Susie C.
    Hotel Tomo is located in Japantown. It is kind of away from the main attractions of San Fran, but catching a cab, public tran, or renting a car will be able to get you around. We stayed here for 5 nights. It is Japanese anime oriented. It meets what  you need in a hotel. One thing I do dislike about this hotel is that the walls are very thin. We could hear our neighbors every night and we can hear the people talking in the hallways with doors slamming. We can also hear the cars passing by outside the window.

    The cleaning staff are nice - they always make our room clean and provide us with extra towels when we don't need them. TV is NOT HD..back to antenna based. Our fridge made lots of humming noise over night. The bed and pillow weren't comfortable - I had a hard time sleeping.

    If you can find residential street parking and can get up early (by 8am) everyday to move your car, save yourself some money and park on the streets. We did that every night and saved $30/night (Tomo's parking rate per night).

    They offer free wi-fi too!

    This hotel was one of the cheapest rates we found in San Fran. It was an okay stay.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    227. Nobody M.
    I'm sitting in my cute, $550 a night room listening to children SCREAMING. No it's not a horror movie, it's some sort of preschool that's right outside the single paned window. Yes, single paned! I thought trying to get work done here on Hotel Tomo's extremely poor internet connection was difficult, but trying to concentrate while working remotely during an Oracle World visit is impossible with 5 year old animals screaming "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME" while pounding the heaviest objects they can find into the noisiest objects on their playground.

    Add to that construction going on on the 3rd floor (and no service elevators) and room doors that slam shut with herculean force (and sound) and, well, it's hell.

    In short, you can't sleep, can't work, and can't even wipe your butt because the single-ply, turns-grey-in-water-recycled toilet paper will give you a bad case of dingleberries, if you know what I mean.  

    I've stayed at lots of other Joie de Vivre hotels in the Bay Area and have never had a problem, but definitely will think twice about it in the future.

    26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    228. Melina A.
    one of the WORST hotels, unless you don't mind FLEAS in your bed. Not very clean, but they have free (cheap) wine in the evenings i guess they are trying to make up for something. The art and location is only two good things about this hotel.

    15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    229. Terri R.
    The boyfriend and I spent a lovely long weekend visiting our favorite city and Hotel Tomo was our base.  A Yelp find, we couldn't have asked for a better location, where mostly every place we wanted to visit was an average 2 mile walk from the hotel.  We only used the rental car to have dinner with friends in Livermore; the rest of the time we hoofed it, exploring the city on foot.  Located in the heart of Japantown, I'd recommend requesting a higher floor (we were on the 7th) because we didn't have a problem with noise as referenced in other reviews of the place.  The staff was always friendly and helpful, there's free Wi-Fi, USA Today newspapers in the lobby, and I even sent a fax free of charge.  The rooms all have an anime theme to them, which gives the place a fun, funky feel that goes with Japantown.  Wood accents finish off the room and it was just a nice place to come back to after walking for miles.  If you want to stay some place clean, kitschy, and close to a plethora of fabulous food choices right in the neighborhood, consider staying at Hotel Tomo--arigato!!

    06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    230. Demi B.
    Great hotel for seeing shows at the Fillmore. Great for the Cherry Blossom festival each year.

    The restaurant is mostly shabu shabu BUT we had some good shrimp fried rice and sides. We didn't get the shabu shabu and we regret it... Like most places in San Fran (space being limited) the restaurant was VERY small for what you might think of a hotel restaurant. BUT it was just fine.

    The anime theme is fun. The beds were soooo comfortable. Free wifi. Lots of great places to eat in every direction.

    Parking was $25 per day and it was great just to leave the car there and walk around.

    When in south San Fran we will stay here again.

    15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    231. Angelina R.
    The hotel was so impressive - old and beautiful; very comfortable room and bed; wonderful restaurant; accomodating staff. Highly recommend it! Hotel Tomo amazing.

    14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    232. Christie A.
    This place is in the heart of Japan town and the prices are reasonable. The room was clean, modern and had a great view. We were within walking distance of a Japanese mall and many Japanese nom noms. Parking is attached to the building which is nice. Check in and out was a breeze.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    233. Jojo H.
    they charge $29 per night for hotel guests to park their car overnight. This is unheard of but it could have been a sf thing.

    I've traveled all around the states, Europe and UK. it's the first time ever i had to pay to park. We paid enough for parking everywhere else we go so we decided to park our car on the streets and pay the meters. Quite inconvenient because we have to get up early in the morning to feed the meters.

    Other than the parking, everything else is alright about this hotel. Though the room smells like mildew when you first walk in. The sheets are clean but we found a stained towel. Didn't even bother to exchange it, just set it aside and make sure we don't use it. haha

    there's a small fridge in the room, no microwave though. standard tv and coffee maker. and ONE charger outlet. we had to unplug our radio clock so we can charge two deceives at the same time.

    great location, plenty of restaurants to choose from (mostly japanese duh, and a few korean and chinese) there's also a Daiso about 5 mins walk away.

    We paid $130 after tips and tax per weekday night.

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    234. Nora M.
    The front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. The housekeeping was not quite as thorough as they could have been and the general state of our room seemed a bit worn. But over all clean and comfortable. Location was great. Right near Filmore Street where we could choose from many different restaurants and shops. My roommate enjoyed the complimentary wine they serve in the evening. For the rate we paid being in San Fran, I'd stay again!

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    235. Nigel M.
    My new favorite hotel in SF!! Although the other Kimptons (and most definitely the Nikko) are significantly "posher", I found the Hotel Tomo terrific value and oddly charming for the following reasons:

    1) Great location opposite the Japantown mall and 2 blocks from hipster Fillmore.
    2) Reasonable self-parking in the building
    3) Selection of Japanese whiskey in the bar
    4) Lively shabu-shabu restaurant
    5) "Kawaii" decor
    6) Interesting clientele (mix of japanese business people and euro tourists)
    7) Did I say selection of Japanese whiskey in the bar?

    Only downside is the bus ride to BART if you don't have a car or don't Uber

    19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. T I.
    Extremely RUDE Hotel. I won two nights at hotel Tomo through my company and with their permission I gave it to my parents. I got a call from my parents telling me that the receptionist was going to charge them $800 on their credit cards. I asked them to hand the phone to the person (named Ed) and they did so. The man was extremely rude to me. I have not had such unpleasant conversation with anyone in a long time. He was rude, he hung up on me and all I was doing was to explain to them that the reservation was under my companies name and I was giving him information so he could do his research. I was respectful, calm and patient. But the guy was rude beyond imagining!

    Obviously, I regret sending my parents to this awful hotel and I regret winning this gift from my company as it created such unpleasant morning for me. And upset my parents.

    I also will not ever want to go to this hotel and I will do my best to broadcast this awful experience through all channels of social media.

    Ed does not deserve a customer service job. If you want to be in business, get rid of him and start training employees to be respectful. That's the least service that you can provide to anyone.

    18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    237. Maey P.
    This hotel does a very good job at photographing its room. It did have a great location in the center of Japantown, but that was where is succeeded. On the 2nd floor the, not so appetizing, smells from the kitchen below, filled the halls.
    Beds were comfortable.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    238. Mary N.
    Pro:  Clean hotel in a good location.

    Con:  Thin walls, very loud when people are opening/closing doors and talking in the hallways in the middle of the night.

    20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    239. Ryan B.
    This was our homebase for GaymerX (shoutout to my peeps in and visiting Tomo420!) and as a hotelier myself, I was duly impressed with what they had to offer.

    The lobby was small, but clean and check in was efficient, which surprised me, as Tomo was one of the two host hotels for GaymerX. I thought it would be much busier. I was quickly helped and found my room right away. Right in front of the elevator. Oh, lucky me.

    Actually, what I thought would be noisy from foot traffic was not noisy at all! Two queen beds with a cozy little nook that looked out over Japantown. Very clean and unusually spacious. The anime-inspired motifs were not as prominent as the website made it seem, but that was probably a good thing as there was plenty of that elsewhere.

    As I have said in other hotel reviews, after working in Las Vegas you learn the value of simplicity, and the hotel couldn't have appreciated that value more. I don't mean in a cheap, half-hindquartered way. I mean in a "doesn't-need-to-be-flashy-to-be-nice" kind of way.

    The staff was very polite and helpful (although the night auditor creeped me out a bit, but he was still helpful). I actually would have considered a fifth star if someone had mentioned at check-in that you need to leave a key in the slot near the door to activate the thermostat, as the room did get pretty hot pretty quickly.

    All in all, a very good stay to add to a great convention.

    15/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    240. Lucy D.
    If you're looking for more a retro vibe hotel in Japantown, then try Hotel Tomo.  


    Cleanliness: The beds and furnishings are dust free.

    Convience: If you want to spend a night in Japantown, this is one of the hotels is literally across from Kintetsu Mall and Japan Center. Instead of having to drive around Japantown, you can walk across and the other Japanese boutiques and restaurants that are close by.  

    Parking: The package I got came with parking, which wasn't bad. It's self parking, so it's first come first serve.


    Theme: The animation/game theme just didn't fit my taste in hotels. Although the paintings on every room wall are absolutely unique, I know that this hotel would be perfect for others.

    Amenities: Definitely limited amenities and room service options. My boyfriend and I were hungry around 9pm and found that most restaurants and convenient stores nearby were closed and the hotel itself didn't have their own kitchen to order food.

    19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    241. Jen C.
    I stayed here again and liked it even more. The room is clean and nice. The neighborhood is chill and such. a refreshing change from the craziness of Union Square where some of the other Kimptons are. The staff is friendly and helped me get transportation to the airport.  A good place to stay.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    242. Sam H.
    Charming little hotel in an upcoming area. If you're looking for a no frills, safe and clean hotel in central San Francisco then the Tomo is right for you.
    It's brand new and managed to standards of the Kimpton group.
    I enjoy it when everything else is too expensive in the city.

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    243. Brent H.
    Quiet, clean, nice part of town. The bed wasn't very comfortable, but everything else was great so I didn't really care. The sheets and pillows were soft. The room is modern and seems new. It was a good size. The shower wasn't fancy but the water is instantly hot and had good water pressure. The hotel is anime themed but wasn't cheesy like I expected. I would stay here again. We chose this hotel because of the reviews and it was close to the Fillmore. The front desk was friendly. My husband and I stayed three nights.

    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    244. Kellie S.
    I stayed here for three nights the first week of January and it was a major disappointment. This place is NOT up to Kimpton hotel standards. It was dirty and in need of a refurbishment in many places. I asked specifically for a quiet room and PAID EXTRA when I booked to get a balcony. I was sent to a dark smelly room on the FIRST FLOOR with a street level patio that is boxed in with wood like a cage or a jail cell, just a cold box no sunshine, plus it was filled with old cigarette butts and was smoky from the neighboring room. Speaking of the neighboring room, I was kept up all night by the sound of their sliding door opening so they could smoke in the cold jail cell outside my door. I also got the thrill of hearing people coming and going from the restaurant and the staff constantly opening the large hallway doors to gain access to their break room and to top it off all the street noise too. So why the heck did I ask for a quiet room? I guess it was to piss off the front desk man checking me in and have him make it even by giving me the shittiest room possible.  The room I reserved was described to have a balcony, NOT a Street level smoke filled jail cell. When I asked the front desk why I WAS NOT GIVEN THE BALCONY I RESERVED AND PAID EXTRA FOR, I was simply told, "oh we don't have any". I call bullshit.

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    245. Kim K.
    We stayed here for 3 nights and I found Hotel Tomo to be just ok. The location is pretty good - bus routes right outside the main door and a quick ride to downtown. The room was spacious, clean, and cutely decorated. The bathroom was fine (not modernized at all though), the bed was pretty comfy, and the TV was big. The gym was a good size and clean. The staff was very nice and willing to answer any questions we had.

    Some gripes:
    - The electricity is all operated with your room card. If you don't leave the room card in the slot near the door, the lights won't work and the fridge turns off. I get conserving energy but this is stupid. We had to leave one card in the room at all times and rig up a note so that the maids wouldn't remove it as we had food in the fridge and didn't want it to turn off.
    - The Tomo parking lot was constantly full which was annoying. We had to park in the Japantown garage which was close enough but kind of a pain with 4 suitcases to lug.
    - The price was a little higher than it should have been and there were a few sneaky hidden fees.
    - There is no on-site laundry. Being that we were passing through San Fran on a road trip, we really needed to do laundry. We had to haul everything down to a laundromat on foot which was a pain.

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    246. Elisa D.
    Amazing! The female bartender, Mana, will make your night so much better! She is obsessed with Hamsters. Yes those fluffy, but strong hamsters. There is a hamster cocktail list and shot punch card. If you are staying at the cute hotel or stopping in for a drink, you have to ask her about her hamster.

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    247. DirKandCy G.

    *PARKING - Space is VERY limited and hard to park, you need to circle around the whole block just to find a spot., which is to be expected of San Francisco.

    *PRICE - Price is better compared to other hotels of same rating and quality.

    *STAFF - Friendly staff!

    *QUALITY - The hotel room is very clean.  They have a Japan-esque and anime ambiance to it. Bright colors make it even more livelier. Will go back if given the chance. However, need MORE amenities in the bathroom such as slippers and toothbrushes.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Priscilla M.
    Stayed here for Valentine's Day. I was beyond impressed with this hotel. The room was very nice and well taken care of. The service was great and the employees are professional. The location is perfect! You're in the middle of everything. I would definitely stay here again.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    249. William Q.
    The hotel commodities are satisfactory but their customer service is complete garbage and this place is sketchy as hell.
    Within 2 hours of parking in their "secure"  underground parking garage, my passenger side window  smashed and my car was broken into.
    Also, the staff will STEAL from you, my girlfriend had her antique camera STOLEN out of our ROOM.
    If you choose to stay here, be aware that this place is SHADY!!! Do not let the positive reviews sway you.
    Decent room, horrible staff and experience.

    23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    250. Harry M.
    I found a room here on Priceline and thought it was a good deal. I booked for a Sunday night. I had no idea it was an anime themed hotel or anything like that. I based my decision on price and that the location was more or less center of the city so I thought it would be good as far as getting around. The room I stayed in was on the 4th floor. I was told the hotel was being renovated from the top floor down. My room had not been renovated yet so I'm curious as to how the new rooms look like. My particular room was nice. Good enough for me. Coffee maker, iron, hair dryer, safe, Plasma tv, clock with iPhone dock, and even an umbrella were provided. I thought that was pretty cool. The amenities were great. The bed was comfy the room was clean. I'm not a big anime guy but the room did have a huge mural of....I don't even know what but it was anime lol. Overall it's an interesting idea for a hotel. If the price stays around what it was per night ($109-$139) then it's pretty good. BUT...the problem I have is the $35 a day for parking in their lot. That should be against the law lol. That totally killed it for me. I was forced to do it only because I had nowhere else to park really. So that was the catch for the well priced well equipped room I guess

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    251. Howard B.
    I actually liked the Tomo a lot. Very well maintained, rooms are clean and comfortable, particularly the platform beds. Decent bath and shower, nice views of Japantown, though not the most scenic place, it is authentic middle SF.

    I also did not mind the anime theme as it is not overdone, and rather clever. I especially thought that the spartan lobby is very creatively done. I stayed 3 nights and had no complaints, and the rates, while at SF levels, are not exorbitant.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    252. Jackie M.
    Loved this place. Super kid friendly. Great mini gym. Fun decor. A window seat was the perfect bed for our little girl. Queen beds comfortable. Great location.

    19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    253. Judy S.
    First off let me say I got the best sleep of my life in this hotel. So good I am going to call the hotel and find out what mattress and pillows they use. Nicely located right outside Japantown and the interior did not disappoint. Very cool concept, art, decoration, and furniture. Should expect nothing less from a Joie de Vivre hotel. Large bathrooms, kureg machine right by bed, full body mirror, huge tv, EVERYTHING you could need they had in the room. No hotel will be good enough for me after staying here. I will make sure to try and stay at other Joie de Vivre hotels from here on out.

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    254. Stephanie M.
    If at all possible, I like to stay in Kimpton properties when I travel in the US. They tend to be unique places to stay at a good value (as long as you are diligent about searching for deals) and they treat their members well. We've stayed at the Hotel Argonaut in the past, which is another SF Kimpton property, but it is in the touristy Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood, and accordingly expensive. Hotel Tomo is a bit off the beaten path in Japantown, but the neighborhood is central to the rest of the city. There was a decent amount of free street parking nearby, which we utilized rather than paying close to $30 a night for their lot.

    The check-in process was fast and simple, as it usually is at Kimptons. I love the decor in the lobby & throughout the hotel - animated murals everywhere, even in the elevators. The room itself was spacious and clean and with a nice view. The bed was comfortable, if a bit harder than what I am accustomed to, and I slept very well. The one downside was that there was no minibar to "raid", a Kimpton perk that members usually have at other properties. We were walking distance to many shops and restaurants, as well as the Fillmore, where we went to see a show.

    We only stayed for one night, so we didn't get to try out the free wine hour or the attached restaurant. But we really liked the hotel, and can definitely see ourselves staying here again next time we are in San Francisco.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    255. Mel C.
    The girlfriend and I had this San Francisco trip planned for quite some time now.  We booked our flights, booked our car, and were left wondering where to book our hotel. So guess where we looked first?  That's right, good ol' Yelp.  Location and price was a priority.  But we also didn't want to stay at a dump.  Hotel Tomo was clean, not too far from our bookmarks, and the $300 a night price wasn't too bad considering everything out here was a grip.  We were not disappointed with our stay.  This hotel is located in Japan Town and has a Anime theme in their rooms.  If you enjoy walking to your destinations in SF, then give Japan Town's Hotel Tomo a shot.  Believe me, nothing is more than 2 miles away.

    -Great Staff.  Everyone that we dealt with at this hotel has been pleasant.  We even had a personal hand written note waiting for us in our rooms.  
    -Location:  About 2 miles from the Embarcadero.  Less than 1 mile from bunch of gems in SF.
    -Quick and easy check in and check out
    -Clean rooms w/free wifi, fridge, comfortable bed, and a desk
    -Mums Restaurant (Shabu Shabu):  We didn't get the opportunity to eat here, but it's an option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  By the looks of this restaurant, it's good enough to be busy.
    -Keurig Coffee
    -Little gym with a treadmill, bike, crossramp, light free weights, and a few exercise balls.
    -A Joie de Vivre Hotel.  I'm a fan of their hotels after staying here.  

    -Unavoidable, but still a con is the parking in this city.  $29 parking fee per day.  However, the staff here was nice enough to drop one day's parking for me.  
    -No microwave in the rooms.  Not a true con since we never had to use one.  Can be a con for other people that must have a microwave.
    -On a busy street.  From 9 AM - 5 PM, the noise can be an issue.  The hotel even knows this and informs their guest about this.  This wasn't a con for us since we stayed on one of the higher floors. Noise level where we were at was minimal.
    -Receiving a hotel confirmation was like pulling teeth. I booked this hotel a month in advance and called them multiple times to get a confirmation sent to my e-mail address so I can print. I got nothing until about 5 days prior to my stay.  

    Overall, I enjoyed my stay and loved my mini vacation in San Francisco.  I've never stayed in Japan Town until now.  I have no regrets and would suggest Hotel Tomo to anyone looking for somewhere convenient, clean, and with a staff who has customer service as their priority.

    Less Than A Mile Away:  
    -1300 On Fillmore: yelp.com/biz/1300-on-fil…

    -Sweet Maple: yelp.com/biz/sweet-maple…

    -Fillmore Bakeshop:   yelp.com/biz/fillmore-ba…

    -Belly Good Cafe & Crepes:   yelp.com/biz/belly-good-…

    -St. Dominics Catholic Church: yelp.com/biz/st-dominics…

    -AMC Van Ness: yelp.com/biz/amc-van-nes…

    -Cafe Murano: yelp.com/biz/cafe-murano…

    -24 Hour Fitness:   yelp.com/biz/24-hour-fit…

    -Super Mira Market:   yelp.com/biz/super-mira-…

    YELP PERSONAL CHALLENGE 2013 - (458/500)

    09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    256. Karlie T.
    Just checked into the hotel, the staff was very nice and friendly for their customer service I am giving four stars. When we arrived we unloaded our car and had to park in a different parking garage as their parking garage was full. They were nice enough to give us a map to locate it however we ended up paying $23.00 extra. Once we walked back to the hotel we came up to our room and everything looked cleaned, there is coffee, a mini fridge, tv, an alarm clock. The beds looked clean and tidy, one thing I did not like we're the floors, I do not think they vacuumed as there is dog kibble on the floor and we did not bring a dog. Overall for the night I felt like this was a decent choice! Would I recommend this hotel to a friend, possibly if they are looking for an inexpensive stay. Would I stay here again.. not sure!

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    257. Leigh W.
    Was back and forth on whether to give this place 3 or 4 stars but decided on 3 because of several reasons. First, I was scared to walk in anything but my shoes in my room. The carpet was very worn with noticeable stains. Second, the bathroom area was very small and hard to maneuver around. Third, although the Japanese art and decor was interesting/fashionable for this hotel everything else seemed outdated.

    Would I return to this hotel? Yes!! The bed was very comfortable and the sheets were clean/fresh to smell. They have a happy hour in the lobby that serves free adult beverages. Everyone that was at the front desk was always very nice and helpful when we had questions. And the location was good if your looking for something quiet and out of the chaos of the city.

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    258. Rebekah N.
    Do not stay here. Despite being labeled a kimpton hotel, this is essentially a poorly run, funky smelly, motel. The customer service was terrible as the host was unpleasant and unhelpful. In fact one evening while I was sitting in the "lounge" ( which is essentially two dingy chairs covered in dust in a very tiny space near the construction) waiting for a cab the concierge was repeatedly burping quite loudly while his coworker laughed.  Cannot imagine more unprofessional conduct.

    Then there's the construction. It's going on in the entire building. So from around 8am until 7pm be ready for very loud construction noise , which sounds so loud it feels like it's coming from your own room. Don't count on sleeping in or taking in any naps. This place should be shut down while construction is ongoing. Unacceptable.

    Finally the hotel has a strong weird smell, almost fishy. Not my idea of luxury. overall a terrible experience and incredibly overpriced!

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    259. Christopher S.
    What a disappointment. I'm a huge fan of Kimpton hotels and always stay at the Palomar whenever I visit SF. I decided to change it up on my most recent visit and thought staying in Japantown would be a great change of pace. Knowing it was a Kimpton, I wasn't worried.

    Unfortunately, I was mistaken - the Tomo is a cool idea but it feels more like a motel with a fresh coat of paint and some Ikea furniture. I suspect that this was an independent hotel and that the Kimpton company bought them out at some point (as opposed to it being a "Kimpton-from-the-start" place), as the overall "fit and finish" really wasn't up to snuff. It didn't help that there was a large stain on my room's rug (really?).

    To their credit, I asked to be transferred to the Palomar (which was, as always, great) after my first night and they did so without issue.

    11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    260. Randi B.
    We picked Hotel Tomo for our trip to SF because it is about 3 blocks from my friend's apartment. The rates were affordable, $130 a night for a room with a KIng bed. We didn't have a car on this trip so we didn't need to worry about valet ($29/night).

    These are the times I wish Yelp had 1/2 star ratings, because I would like to give this place 3.5 stars.


    Location - Perfect for what we needed. Also within walking distance of lots of restaurants. The little Japan Town area across the street from the hotel is cute. This seems like a pretty quiet street, we never saw too much traffic driving by.

    Decor - This is an "amine" hotel. Our room wasn't too crazy, definitely had a Japanese vibe, with one large mural of a girl crying and birds flying with mail in their mouths. Random, but interesting.

    Room - Spacious enough. I liked that the window opened to let in a breeze. There was a Keurig machine we could use. I liked that the sink was outside the shower/toilet area. Makes it easier for two people to get ready at the same time. I also really liked the Lather products provided. They smelled great, I think I may even purchase some of my own.

    Wifi - FREE!

    Added bonus, which we did not take advantage of - There is a Shabu Shabu restaurant and bar on the first floor. Never had a chance to eat there, but it smelled delicious!


    We got an email around 8:30 AM on Friday that we could check in online. Like a flight I guess. Because of that email, we thought our room was ready - isn't that what checking in means? So we got to the hotel around 10 and were basically laughed at for thinking we could check in so early. Luckily my friend does live close, so we just went and hung out at her apartment until our room was ready. Why send that email if you don't mean it?

    The bed was awful! It was like sleeping on a pile of wood. I honestly didn't know anybody made beds that hard. I am very sensitive with beds, due to my back issues, so I always read reviews before booking a hotel. Almost every review talks about how comfy the bed is. So maybe the beds are different in other rooms? I don't know, but I found it ridiculous that they could expect people to sleep on that bed. My BF said it felt like being in a sleeping bag on the floor of the forest on a camping trip. That being said, the bedding and pillows were very comfy, it was just a terrible mattress.

    Would I choose to stay here again? If I knew the bed was better, yes. It really was a perfect location for visiting my friend and everything else was nice. But that bed was a major fail.

    17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    261. Elvis A.
    Ambiance: Decent
    Room: Decent
    Service/Concierge: Not used
    Parking: N/A
    Location: Good
    This was a last ditch effort to find a half decent room in the city at reasonable price. A huge conference and with the Bay area seeing the resurgence that almost rivals the dot com rush one can forget about reasonably priced accommodation. So with all the options exhausted this place is a decent find a reasonable area. It is not your tourist and business central area by any means but is very decent IMO. Located in one of my fav part of the city Japan town this place is quite accessible with a bus service right at one's door step. There is also a regular reasonably price shuttle to the airport though you are picked up first and dropped up last from what I was told.
    Room was decent though the overly colored Manga on the wall was not to my liking. Good options of toiletries.  Also a free drink if one is a Kimpton member in the cafe/pub downstairs.  Most importantly the bed was comfy and I didn't see any bugs. If you know way around the city you would appreciate the proximity to where local go and the quaint nature of this neighborhood.
    3 Stars for the hotel with a half star bump for the price value proposition.

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    262. Laurice F.
    Really great hotel in a really great location! You're walking distance to tons of yummy-looking restaurants and shops! It's in Little Tokyo so its J-Pop/Anime theme was very fitting.

    The staff was really nice and accommodating. I booked a room for my baby and myself separately from my mother-in-law and aunt (we were all traveling to SF together for a wedding shower). They were able to assign us connecting rooms which was super helpful when it came to baby care! It's not a big hotel so it doesn't feel like everything is far from reach. Our rooms were spacious, there's free Wi-Fi and I felt that it was pretty quiet.

    On the 1st floor is Mum's restaurant which specializes in shabu shabu, but we tried other things (like breakfast) and were totally satisfied.

    Parking was always full so we ended up parking our car in another lot, which was cheaper anyway. We needed to print out our boarding passes and the lobby was equipped with computers and a printer to do just that!

    We enjoyed our stay here and would recommend it and return!

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    263. Shannon P.
    Paying $250 for one night and we walk into the room to find it has a handicap shower, which is a handheld nozzle attached to the wall 3 feet off the ground. So I can either squat and shampoo or sit on the handicap bench and get sprayed in the face. Not exactly relaxing vacation material. Asked to be moved and apparently they are full tonight, even though I haven't seen another soul in the place. Paying this much money to be surprised by a ridiculous shower like that is unacceptable. You need to let customers know when they are booking a handicap room

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    264. Anthony I.
    Dated, needs a refresh and a cleaning. By no means up to the Kimpton standards that I am used to. My room was definitely in need of  a refresh and a good scrub, the fixtures were old, the air barely worked, the window barely closed, there were stains on the carpet, not even an open plug to plug my laptop in. DO NOT STAY HERE. For the price, I felt really ripped off.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    265. Kristen M.
    I can't thank Hotel Tomo staff & Kimpton enough to express my deep gratitude for the kindness they showed my family during a tough week of staying in SF to be close to my mom in the ICU at nearby CPMC. Beyond a clean room only a few blocks from the hospital and a delightful hotel. Their consideration and fairness went beyond expectation.
    This is the 2nd time I've experienced outstanding customer service from a Kimpton hotel. They will definitely be at the top of my list for future hotel stays.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    266. Matthew L.
    What am I thankful for this year? Kimpton Hotels for treating Karma Rewards/Inner Circle members so well! Stayed here last night and since I woke up today on Thanksgiving Day, my review shall be in the spirit of Thanksgiving...

    Hotel Tomo is the newest member of the Kimpton chain in SF, and because it's new there is a lot of potential a this hotel with some kinks that they need to iron out. One of the managers had sent me a welcome email prior to my stay and had also informed me about the recent liquor license and upcoming minibar addition to hotel rooms (which meant no Raid the Minibar amenity), and confirmed that a welcome amenity had been prepped and arranged.  All was good since the hotel provided good communication.

    As my 12th Kimpton hotel I stayed at this year (it'll be my last Kimpton hotel I will be staying at this year), I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  The anime theme was cute, festive, and lighthearted.  Beds were comfy but the pillows were sort of high and fluffy/puffy, which made my neck kind of hurt in the morning. Although, in general from all my different Kimpton stays, I think Kimpton hotel pillows are all like this.

    The bath amenities were from Lather, which smelled really good.  My friend who traveled with me also liked them a lot too... So much that she took the toiletries home with her too!  Wish there was a minibar to raid (since it's fun!), but in substitution, they did offer minibar items to guests at check-in.

    Of note, I attended wine hour at Hotel Tomo!   Popped my wine hour cherry at Hotel Tomo. While I have visited and stayed at many Kimptons in the past, I never attended a wine hour until my most recent stay yesterday. Red? White? Whatever floats your boat. I had white while my friend had red.  Both wines were quite good. I'm glad that I was able to attend a wine hour before this year closes to an end.  

    Overall I had a good stay at Hotel Tomo, although I would have probably enjoyed my stay even more all the upgrades/additions put into place (I believe it's January 2015). In the future, if I have the opportunity to stay here again, I am confident that Hotel Tomo will meet or exceed my expectations as they continue to make improvements to their facility.  Four stars!

    27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    267. Trecey C.
    Hotel Tomo was recommended to me by a friend who raved about the Japanese/Anime theme. When i arrived to the hotel I was underwhelmed and actually felt that it favored a hotel that would be found at like a standard kid friendly disney resort. There wasn't enough included in the decor/and or rooms that really catered to the idea of staying in this fun and crazy Japanime style hotel. The arcade games were dated and the wallpaper although cool didn't really "POP" and that sort of made me feel like the place looked cheap.

    Hotel Tomo is quaint and does fulfill the purpose of having somewhere to go to lay your head while you are on the road - but not much else IMO. Hotel Tomo also isn't very close to the main part of San Francisco ( which I can't complain about because I didn't really do all my research ) but if this is important to you make sure to look up the location prior to booking the room. I didn't utilize room service, but just based on the general look and feel of the hotel, I feel safe in assuming that it wouldn't have been anything that would warrant my giving the hotel another star on the rating.

    Other than what I just mentioned there isn't really much for me to complain about. The customer service was exceptional, check in and check out was a breeze! The rooms themselves were standard, bed was big and comfy - but not anything to rave about.

    I would stay at this hotel again if I had to, but more than likely I would look for another place to stay. Also, if the Japanese allure is what is drawing you to the place, I wouldn't be expecting too much.

    Thank you!

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    268. Sarah R.
    Visited SF on honeymoon with newly wed husband. We had a bit of a strange intro to the place as the guy who was trying to check out in front of us wanted a refund and the clerk on the desk was super rude and ignoring him/interrupting him.

    I have to admit I was quite disappointed with the first room we were given - it was on the ground floor. There was no cool view and I was worried about having doors or windows open.

    We swapped rooms with little bother and got a really nice room with a great view. We ended up not spending much time in the hotel but it was adequate for our stay in the end.

    06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    269. rhina D.
    I have to say for last minute .....awesome hotel loft. That's why im giving it a five star...

    The hotel is being remodel so the photos on yelp don't do justices.
    We got a new room, really nice,clean,white walls,new flat screen TVs, comfortable bed and new bathroom...
    I have to say that for being under renovation the hotel looks good...I'm sure when they are done it's going to be an amazing upscale loft.
    The only thing I wasn't wow was the restaurant it needs to be remodel and the appearance it's not the best but the lunch was good.

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0