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Hotel Triton, a Kimpton Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Hotel Triton, a Kimpton Hotel in San Francisco, CA


Each Kimpton hotel has a distinct personality and a soul of its own--a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, art, literature, food, and architecture to name a few. Each unique story promises you adventure and delightful surprises while offering the familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

The story of Hotel Triton is Pop Culture.

Sprung from the imaginations of San Francisco artisans, Hotel Triton was created to be an experience full of whimsy, fun, and inspiration... POP goes the Triton.

At Hotel Triton we aim to be colorful playground for everything pop. We are an ardent supporter of the local arts community by serving as a showcase for emerging artists--when you visit, check out our rotating gallery of art on the Mezzanine Level.

True to Pop Culture, we are ever-evolving and changing. Although you'll always experience the same friendly & efficient service each time you stay, no two visits are alike. We hope you visit soon to what surprises we have in store.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.90

Address: 342 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94108

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    Comments (269):

    1. andria p.
    Ive had the pleasure to stay at the triton a few times, I think the staff is kinda hot & helpful.  The wine happy hour is a good boost to start out any evening.  The electic decor is refreshing and creates a playful atmosphere.

    02/04/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Juan M.
    The Location is perfect, reasonable walking distance to many locations, was able to just valet the car and had no need to pull it out until check out. The free happy hour and cookies were also nice. The room was tiny, but cute, cannot complain for the price I paid. Staff was very polite, when I told them I had just proposed to my fiancee the staff congratulated me and not two minutes after I got back to my room did they surprise us with a free bottle of wine, chocolates, and a free rubber ducky. Kudos points for them. Will definitely return again.

    02/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Angie c.
    you know things are gonna be okay when you walk into a lobby and are handed a glass of wine. I stayed at this hotel when I had friends in town and I have to say it did good for San Francisco. Not only do they have a free wine hour, but also fresh baked cookies in the evening, and good coffee in the morning. you can also get this package deal, we chose "girls gone wild" which comes with a free basket of goodies along the lines of tarot cards and all the fixin's for a bloody mary. not only that, even the elevators are amazing with weird blue and pink lighting which makes you want to dance around and pretend like youre in a club....or at least it makes me want to do that. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

    26/08/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. David K.
    Worth paying up for the suites. The Wyland Suite is a bit tacky - lots of dolphins,  90's-ish prints - but it is big and quiet and has a nice saltwater aquarium. The hotel staff is mostly friendly and they have some knowledge of SF.

    29/07/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Margaret M.
    I was all set to stay here--excited even since my husband and I love short over-night trips into the city and are trying to plan one.  The reservation process was extremely impersonal with a woman named Gale and she left me with very little desire to spend a romantic night at their establishment.  She was professional enough, however, and I decided to grin and bare the process and reserve a room.  At the end of the reservation process she couldn't tell me where the hotel was in proximity to the Regency Center so she had to transfer me to the front desk with the question. But since that took so long I forgot completely what I was going to ask (my bad, I know) and the lady at the front desk hung up on me very abruptly as I was apologizing (she was extremely cold and impatient).  This left me with the most negative impression of their customer service.  Why on earth would I want to enter a building that has already treated me so rudely? I canceled my reservation. Bummer.

    30/11/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Tanger T.
    Cute little boutique hotel near Union Square however the regular rooms are a little tired and small (but the size is typical of SF hotels).  Great little complimentary wine and beer hour.  If you're going to spend the money for a regular room, might as well add a little more for their celebrity rooms designed by the likes of Jerry Garcia, Anthony Keidis, and Woody Harrelson.

    01/03/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Tin-Tin M.
    This is a very different kind of hotel. It doesn't have any feeling of formality at all. Instead, it is very friendly, modern and quirky. First of all, it is in a great location. Next door is Cafe de la Presse. It is also right outside the gate to Chinatown so there are TONS of tourists taking pics in front of it, which can be annoying when they ignore traffic rules to get "the perfect shot" in front of the gate. Street parking is nearly impossible and hotel parking is expensive. But that's the bad news. The good news: (1) sometimes they have hot fresh cookies at the front desk; (2) they have cool elevator music that puts me in the mood for the bustle of downtown; (3) they have aveda products in the bathroom; and (4) although the rooms are small, they are cozy and I felt like I was staying at a quirky friend's apartment. They have a nice little lounge with a fireplace, too, and sometimes free wine and tarot reading.

    20/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Jihyun K.
    A great little boutique hotel.  I've had friends stay here before and the rooms are really well decorated.  Clean, modern hotel in a great location.  The Jerry Garcia room is the only one I've been in.  They also have a beer & wine hour every day for hotel guests.  I'm a big fan of boutique hotels, and I'm a big fan of the Triton Hotel.

    23/08/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Jen G.
    This hotel is absolutely wonderful! I loved the different look of the hotel. Its unique look was a nice change because staring at white walls with cheesy paintings, like every other hotel, can get boring. It's in an excellent location and it's just a few blocks from a major MUNI station. The employees were incredibly helpful and super nice. They offer a complimentary wine and beer hour at 5 pm, which is something you don't see at most hotels. The restaurant next door (Cafe de la Presse) does Triton's room service and it's extremely tasty! I would highly recommend staying at this hotel. I'm definitely going to stay at the Triton whenever I travel to San Francisco.

    02/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Megan G.
    The window was too small & it was too hot here.  The room was interesting and small.  The lobby is larger and interesting still.  I think that it seemed too hot and too small because I was drunk?  it's a "funky" (out of town relatives?) place to stay for a bit.

    23/02/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Lucas M.
    I first came here to stay while trying to fins a place in the city.  The staff is great, the rooms are a bit tiny, but the price was pretty reasonable and I was able to use the business center for free when I needed it.  Centrally located near Union Square and the Financial District, the biggest drawback is parking, which is $30/day. Don't miss their wine happy hour from 5-6--yum!

    06/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Summit S.
    This is a cool little boutique hotel brought to you by the Kimpton Family of Hotels. I mention that because then you can go to their website and find sister hotels of the same caliber in other cities.  The staff is friendly and cool, though I did get a half a dozen knocks in the morning because I smart enough to locate their camouflaged do not disturb sign.  The rooms aren't huge but are surprisingly a decent size.  The beds are comfy.   Had a northwest corner room with views of the street below (nothing exciting).  Free WiFi is cool.  The TV was small and outdated.  The decor could use a face lift.  The blue light in the elevators is cool at first but gets old really quick.  They have a complimentary wine happy hour which is kind of cool, though I never tried it.  Parking was a whopping $38+tip.  It's probably not the best place to stay if you're driving in.  The location is quite central, and in my opinion, pretty safe..its further away from the Tenderloin.  You are right next to Chinatown and Union Square.   Market Street and Embarcadero is pretty close.  Nob Hill and North Beach are within walking distance.  Also close to BART, MUNI and Cable Cars.  Plus the building and rooms have some old charm.  I'd stay here again.

    16/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Fawn M.
    I've stayed in countless hotels in SF that allege to be 'boutique', or 'modern', or what have you, but Triton takes the cake.  SO cute, SO hip, and SUCH great service will keep me going back consistently, and keep me from wasting my time, as I have, trying out various hotels in this 'genre' only to find myself wishing that I had stayed at Triton.  It's incredibly affordable, (especially if you book it through orbitz, expedia, priceline, or the like), in a super convenient location, there are complimentary wine/beer hours in the evening, and the rooms are perfectly modern.  Highly recommended!

    26/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Thadd L.
    The rooms are itsy-bitsy.  I don't find a terrific amount of value in the rooms here, there is some cool stuff here. The free wine is cool, the rooms are just too small.  There is better value all over this union square area.

    06/02/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Kane N.
    My room was small and stuffy... I kept needing to turn the air on just to keep it from NOT being stuffy as there was NO ventilation or cross-draft.  On the upside, the bed was super-comfy and the wi-fi was perfect, but I didn't LOVE it here.  It seemed like everyone was trying to hard... too hard to be nice, too hard to be cool, too hard to be whatever...

    09/05/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. john r.
    i've stayed here twice.  once for fun, once for work and fun, totaling about 10 days.    

    i like a few things about this place.  one, the interior design is really funky, and so are the features.  you'll randomly find fresh baked cookies in the lobby, the staff is upbeat and funny, a less unique perk is the wine/beer at ~6pm or whatever, etc.     there's a iHome by your bed, wireless is included because so is the water and a/c and lights, you know?  it's just essential.  

    the minibar is ok and actually kind of useful cause the financial district can be super dead on a weekday evening.

    if/when i return to SF and need to stay downtown, i would always consider returning here.  while some may shy away from the boutique feel, i kind of like the ease of staying here.   oh, and they were playing the Pet Shop Boys when i was checking in.  come on, great stuff!

    13/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Deb H.
    Terrible experience here, would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The hotel has one floor alledgedly dedicated to organic rooms -- organic sheets, towels, and mattresses. We reserved one of these rooms ("eco-king premiere") and made sure when we checked in that we were getting an organic room. (My boyfriend is very sensitive to petrochemicals and harsh detergents.) We were told we were getting an organic room. When we got in, it was clear it was not organic. When they finally moved us (after a lengthy, attitudinal conversation with the desk manager) to an organic room, we checked the sheets and towels, and not only were they NOT organic, they were not even 100% cotton!
    Both rooms we saw were tiny, cramped, and full of very large furniture. The carpeting in the lobby, hallways, and stairs was very worn, and the elevator was dark and very slow.
    I lived in New York for years so the small rooms didn't bother me that much, but the fact that the staff misled us about the accommodations was really frustrating. Did they think we just wouldn't notice the difference between organic and non-organic? Trust me, the feel of 200-thread count, 55% polyester sheets is a dead giveaway.  I would really worry about someone with serious allergies who stays at this hotel specifically because of the "organic" promise.

    ** P.S. A week after I stayed at this hotel, I wrote the manager and the parent company, Kimpton Hotels, about my experience. I promptly received a very nice note from the hotel manager who apologized profusely and assured me that they will look into why the organic room wasn't organic. This acknowledgement made me feel alot better about this place, though I would recommend anyone who wants to stay in an organic room to doublecheck with the desk staff before arriving (and then check the room once you get in!).

    28/08/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Anita L.
    Definitely small rooms, but the decor itself is good enough for me! Really great unique furniture all around the lobby and in the rooms make it a special place to stay.

    12/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Matthew C.
    Really sweet unique boutique hotel, right at the mouth of China town. Very colorful and nice. They let me check in early because I had to decorate the room with orchids before a special night, and it all just looked great. The room may be a bit small, but totally full of character and warmth. I would recommend this place to anyone. -Matt

    08/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. David G.
    Funky and comfortable.  The staff was very friendly, room kind of small but quiet and the bed was comfortable.  Great location.  The wine happy hour was fun.  Yes, the decor in the rooms is eccentric but all-in-all a very comfortable and convenient place to spend a very pleasant night.

    17/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Pixie S.
    The location is wonderful, the decor is interesting, and the staff is friendly and, for the most part, very helpful.  The whole hotel is, however, a little shabby and could use some serious work.  I love Kimpton Hotels but this is not their best.

    25/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Nicole T.
    Great Gem just off Union Square and right at the entrance to China Town, the decor is a little of beat but really fun! My husband and I rolled in the SF on our way home from Napa (1st Anniversary long weekend) and decided to spend the night in SF. We saw a good rate for the Triton Hotel, but when we called central reservations we were quoted and even better rate....I'm talking screaming deal!! Once we arrived we decided to join the Kimptons Preferred Member's Club (no fee) and were immediately upgraded to an awesome suite!!! The room was clean, comfortable and spacious...the staff were very accomodating! We checked out several rooms before booking, the basic rooms are pretty small and if I had paid full price for a basic queen probably would have been bummed - but we ended up have a great over night stay! Will definitely be back and will for sure visit other Kimpton Hotels.

    15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Andrea U.
    My parents and sisters stayed here about a year ago and have mixed feelings about it.  They all agreed that the funky vibe was cool, but the cramped quarters of their hotel room made for a slightly uncomfortable stay.  Luckily, the location can't be beat, so they ended up spending more time exploring San Francisco than being cooped up indoors.

    13/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Christin A.
    Phenomenal boutique hotel w/amazing charm.  LOVE IT

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. shannon e t.
    we're currently staying in the sweet suite, a häagen-dazs inspired room in the hotel triton. the hardwood floors and spacious room are more than we were expecting for our last minute extended business trip, but things worked out in our favour thanks to the company's deal with the hotel who had all regular rooms filled for the weekend.

    the sweet suite is equipped with chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche candles [available for purchase, of course], which leave the room smelling quite tasty. also available for purchase are the ice cream contents of the mini-fridge. naturally, the häagen-dazs suite comes complete with häagen-dazs.

    i have two complaints. the bathroom is poorly lit, especially the shower and mirror areas. also, the windows don't open, which is indescribably frustrating when a parade of zombies is passing by and you can't chime in with an undead moan of your own.  

    otherwise, hotel triton has the perfect location [right outside chinatown and within walking distance of the cable cars, moma, etc], the restaurant that provides room service is delicious, and the staff is all super-polite.

    18/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Bill W.
    for $89 midweek and just $35 to park, this small hotel in a safe neighborhood is a good buy.  it's not perhaps as hip as it wants to be (not as hip as say the W) but it's not as pretentious either.

    excellent location.

    my room was TINY compared to the ones in the photos.. but hey it's san francisco, you just sleep in your room.  

    perfectly satisfactory hotel.  the "cool" factor (eg, zebra blankets) seemed a bit forced.  but fine.

    30/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Heather R.
    Just went to Hotel Triton over the weekend with a Bachelorette Party. we had a blast. the staff was helpful and friendly. Only complaint was that when we arrived on Friday at 4pm our room were not ready. We had to wait for about an hour, but they made it up to us by giving us a bottle of Champagne. There was win in the lounge every night from 5-6, which was pretty cool too. I would stay again!

    02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Mark T.
    I have stayed here twice with family and friends and would definitely recommend it to friends, and plan to stay there again in future!  The decor is very interesting and cool, and so are the staff.  Romeo and Evan (a dog and his boy) are kind and courteous and completely professional.  The lobby is a great place to chill, and the rooms are very comfortable.  (They are not enormous, but are larger than the Sir Francis Drake to my certain knowledge, and at least as large as the Nikko.)  The price is actually quite good considering the quality and the location. This hotel is walking distance from Union Square, Chinatown, Cafe de la Presse, Cafe Claude, Irish Bank and the Whiskey Shop.

    24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Maritess Z.
    Since the 90s I thought this was a cool hotel. Um..it's the 21st Century now, I really think they should change up their decor. Think of Pee Wee's Playhouse but an entire hotel. Great location, great service, but it really needs an update. 4 stars for the service and the location and the 100% dedication to the 80's, no matter how wrong I think it is.

    02/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Bryan C.
    Went to the Hotel Triton for my anniversary. The room was very cool, the staff were excellent, and the wine hour was a great welcome to our stay. The location was perfect, it's right next to Union Square so we could easily get to all of our destinations around the city. With the YELP discount, the king-size room was only $160 after taxes, so it's a great deal!

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Rose A.
    I had a great stay at this hotel last Friday night, we were celebrating a best friends 31st birthday and all 4 girls were in for a night out on the town! The valet was nice and helped us with all our bags, the girls up front were fast at checking us in and even wished my friend a happy birthday once I notified them of the occasion. The bathrooms are clean and up to date unlike most old San Francisco hotels that are older. We had a room facing Grant/Bush with a great view on the 6th floor. There is a wine bar next door, Starbucks across the street, sushi across the street and a little Euro cafe on the other side next door. The hotel provided an Ipod dock and speakers for us, flat screen tvs and some really comfy robes, there was also a little fridge in all the rooms. Overall a great-great hotel choice, and because all the shops and bars were so close I see myself staying here again. Thank You Triton staff

    01/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Spidey P.
    The Hotel Triton is Great!   Great location and nice wine reception downstairs.   The decor is unique and what can you say about Romeo the dog; but that he is the dog every owner would love to have.    The guy with the cool cap is so friendly and personable and so are the valets.   We loved staying here are all was fine.    All except the female desk clerk...who was very attractive, but cold, distant and pretty unfriendly - she seemed out of place working here because everyone else was great.   I say this also because I asked her if  could make reservations for the following week while I was checking out.   She quoted me a high price and I asked if there was anything lower - she said no, that they were pretty full.    I later checked On Line and found a MUCH BETTER deal and price that she quoted (I had seen this price on a well know site - not price line), so she lied to me.    I am staying there next week in spite of this  because I enjoyed it and I simply ignore her and focus and all the other positive, friendly staff.   She may have had a bad day, but I would say she is not good for business...even here.

    04/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Katie S.
    I really want to love the Triton.  My parents have stayed here a couple of times and I stayed once before I moved to the city.  I'm drawn in by their packages, which always seem fun, but aren't really that great of a deal.  When I stayed here I got the "Girls Gone Wild" package (courtesy of my mom, who booked the room).  It came with some random treats including a trucker hat, a camera, and champagne.  Also, I'm kind of a closet Rent freak so I've always wanted to stay in their Rent room.  

    My main issue is that the last time we stayed here their valet lost my car for a good hour.  They insisted they'd already brought it out, but when I started crying (thinking it had been stolen) they realized we weren't kidding and went to look again.  Turns out they'd attached our car's valet number to a different room.  Scary, and not the best way to end a vacation.

    08/04/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Amanda R.
    This hotel has a lot going for it. Good location, decent prices (I got a deal through priceline name your own price - $75 a night!), and an identity all it's own. The rooms, yes, were tiny, even by a boutique hotel's standards. They were decorated well, however, with quality furnishings and great little touches. However, usually my favorite part of boutique hotels are their staff. They tend to go above and beyond, especially compared to chain hotels. This staff didn't impress me. They were short from the moment we walked in, a little snobby about explaining valet parking, and not warm in the least. Our bed had just 2 pillows on it, which is fine, however my boyfriend and I both sleep wtih two. I called down for one and asked for more to be sent up and the man asked, "So one more pillow?" and I repeated that we needed two more. He responded, "...I'll send one pillow up." The deal we got was great, and the hotel served it's function. However, in the future I'll be staying at the Handlery if I'm in the market for a boutique hotel in SF. (as a PS, there was one fellow who was serving wine at the complimentary wine evening who was wonderful, all smiles and friendly converstation, I didn't grab his name, but the other staff will do well to follow his lead in the future).

    31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. eileen m.
    Love this snazzy hotel and its friendly and cordial staff. Especially the tall platinum blond fellow-he is a super sweetheart! The maids were great and we loved our room-a little noisy but not too bad facing the street. They have a Wii in the lobby, happy hour, LG TVs, and free Wifi in the room if you can figure it out. Will return for sure!

    30/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Betsy Y.
    A small hotel, but adorable rooms. Not all the rooms in this hotel are decorated the same. They all have special themes, and each theme is very unique and special. I don't know what the theme of our room was, but the design was adorable. It was a decent small room for two. Good service. A very comfortable stay and conveniently near Chinatown and Powell.

    30/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Juliette S.
    Conveniently located for tourists, to be sure.  I stayed here for about a week when I had a good out of town friend visiting, and I have to say it was pretty nice.

    The rooms are a bit on the small side, but similarly - why would you come to San Francisco to stay in your room all the time?  While it wasn't huge by any means, it was certainly enough for two people.  It's within easy walking distance to BART, and it's right across the street from the gate to Chinatown and is just a block or two off Union Square.  There's a Starbucks (yeah yeah, shoot me, okay?) across the street.

    The place tries *very* hard to be funky.  It's a little stifling at times (does -everything- have to be askew and angular or neon coloured?) but it's fun if you don't find yourself irritated by that sort of thing.  The lobby frequently plays the Smiths or the Cure.  They have freshly baked cookies throughout the day, fresh apples, and there's free wine for an hour or two in the late afternoons/early evenings.

    There are two elevators; one is blue neon, the other is pink.  By day three or four, this gets a bit overwhelming, but I imagine most people staying at a hotel won't be rolling out of bed to go to work at 5 in the morning.

    Staff was extremely friendly, and upon my friend's departure (he got the service where they drive you to SFO) they were happy to, at no cost, detour to drop me off at my street in the Mission.  They were fine with us delaying check-out by an hour or two, and even after we did they let him check luggage with them so he didn't have to lug it around for the rest of his last day here.  Very cool.

    The place is quirky without being full of itself, and with its central location and fair price it's a good bet for visitors from out of the City.

    07/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Walerz B.
    I stayed at the Triton Hotel over June 20th weekend.  I like that the hotel is right in front of the China Town gate and is super close to shopping in the Powell and Union Square areas.  Being pet friendly is also a nice bonus.  The building is a little old so of course the rooms and especially the elevator is a bit on the small side unless you get one of their suites.  I booked a king room and it was a bit on the small side but it was comfortable and kitschy.  I also booked one of the celebrity suites and we were lucky to get the Haagen Das suite.  That means:  FREE ICE CREAM!  NICE!  And they restock it everyday and if there's a certain flavor that you enjoy, you can request it.  They have complimentary tea and coffee for breakfast, cookies in the afternoon/ evening and also wine and cheese (don't quote me on the cheese part though).  I was never in the hotel at those certain times so I can't give you any reviews on that.  The front desk was really nice.  It could be luck, or they might always be that courteous.  There was a problem with my bill (they charged me an extra car for valet) but they fixed it right then and there.  All in all, for a fun time I'd stay at the Triton Hotel again.  It's unique with their bold colors (purple, gold, green).  Each rooms are fun and quirky and unique.  I had a good experience.

    Pros:  Eco-friendly, pet friendly rooms.  Unique and fun hotel.  Friendly front desk employees.  Close to China Town and shopping/ restaurants.  Free wi-fi.  Complimentary drinks and cookies.

    Cons:  Small and hot elevators, tiny rooms for the price.

    24/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Maggie K.
    My daughter and I have been staying at the Triton since the mid-90's during forays to the City.  It's close to Union Square, the theatre district, Chinatown, and North Beach.

    The rooms we've had were very nice in the non-smoking, organic floors.    The beds comfortable, the rooms clean and enough room for the both of us to get gussied up before theatre.

    15/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Allen M.
    My wife and I stayed here on our first wedding anniversary.  The staff is very pleasant and our room was very nice.  We didnt shell out the big bucks to get one of their "designer" rooms, but we were very happy with what we got.  What we thought was excellent was the happy hour down in the lobby for hotel guests.  There was an assortment of wine, beers and sodas available as well as a Tarot card reader and a Massage Therapist giving massages!!!  Who'd a thought about a massage in the lobby of a hotel!!!  All we had to do was tip the massage guy and the tarot card lady.
    If you are coming to the city and want to stay in a cool funky/chic hotel, then make this place a priority!!!!

    28/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Rachel B.
    Ok. They get the 5 stars for one room and one night of stay but it impressed me so much 7 years ago that I still think about it.

    Even though I don't "dig" Wyland, I absolutely LOVED the Wyland room. It feels like you are walking inside the ocean. There are really cool saltwater aquariums and the bed... the bed is crazy monkey! It feels like a great big puff ball!

    I was lucky and had a great travel arranger for a company trip (thanks Brian!) and he got me this room.

    Since I only stayed one night and didn't have to deal with the staff really at all I have no idea how the service is.

    But, if you want a fun experience stay in the Wyland room.

    29/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Nahum M.
    This place gets four stars from me because the location is incredible.  I got a view  of the chinatown gate and Coit Tower.  It has a really friendly staff and is flanked by a  cool wine bar I didn't go into and a great french cafe that I did (Mocha was probably 10 million times better here than the SBUX that I avoided across the street).

    The room had some nice touches, but the only fridge you get is loaded with their crap and no room for yours.  I think you can take the fire escape to the roof (I was going to try that but got side tracked).  We were loud late and noone complained.  I felt like they tried a little too hard to be cool but they pulled it off.   If I stay in the city again this would be VERY high on the list of joints to check out.

    30/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. RJ G.
    The manager contacted me the very next day. We discussed customer expectations and experiences, and he accommodated us in a way that is expected of customer service. Thank you once again!

    26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Anika K.
    I am such a fan. Where the Palomar costs twice as much and is ten times as noisy, the Triton is a bargain for both.

    Granted, it's downtown SF so isn't exactly quiet... but you can roll out the door into Chinatown (if you're inclined to roll up hills, that is), or down to union square. Can't beat the location.

    The staff is great, and the gym is surprisingly huge (though a little spooky, with the black decor and underground location). Who needs a big room? I just need my cookie fix at 3 and 8, and fresh apples all day long. I'm a cheap date, I know.

    18/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. puck f.
    i hate walking, so proximity to bart was great.

    staff was adorable, of course - down to the michael jackson vigil in the lobby.

    negatively, i moved from a single room to a double mid-stay, and oddly enough i'm pretty sure the double was smaller, or the same size with two beds crammed in.  a room the size of my previous tenderloin studio does not a double queen make.

    07/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Desiree Y.
    my birthday present was this rad room. I loved the location. The bed was really comfy. The staff was friendly. I missed the wine hour :(. Also slept pass coffee. Nice hotel though!

    08/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Bryce S.
    For some unclear reason we've gravitated towards hotels like the Triton which is part of the Kimpton group ( kimptonhotels.com ). The designs and decor are a fresh respite from stodgy good-evening-ladies-and-gentlemen hotels. Arguably the style is a little loud and tries hard to be cool (whatever the hell THAT means), and I can imagine someone 30 years from now will look back at the lobby and laugh.

    Out of the various Kimpton hotels, Triton rooms were a bit on the smaller side. Not unlivable, but small enough to remind you that square footage is expensive in SF. We stayed on the 7th floor, facing away from the street and didn't have much of a view. So what, though? You're steps away from Chinatown gate!

    - Reasonably priced for the location
    - Funky decor
    - Free coffee in the AM and wine tastings in the PM

    - Not for people who grumble about small rooms
    - Older building so the walls and floors might be thin, watch out if you have noisy upstairs neigbors

    01/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Kimberly H.
    I spent a week here in Dec. 2006 and loved it.  It has small rooms, but mine was not quite as small as other reviewers have alluded to.  Plus,  how much time do you really spend in your hotel, anyway?  It was about the size of my first apartment and had better furniture.  Plus, the central location of this hotel was great (walking distance to North Beach, the financial district and right next to the China Town arch).

    The decor reminded me of the circus a bit--a lot of bright colors and triangles--but I found it more fun than obnoxious.  I heartily agree that it definitely borders on trying too hard, but it's a clean place and that's big to me.

    Important to me (I totally forgot shampoo for a business trip) is the aveda minis they give you in the bathroom.  They just smelled so nice and didn't leave a weird filmy feeling on my skin.  The towels were fluffy, the bed comfortable, bath tub clean, and comfy pillows.  I had an issue with their "wireless" internet that meant I had to use a wire, but the staff was very prompt with bringing me a network cable and very apologetic that my room wasn't wireless.

    Their room service is from the restaurant downstairs and was super expensive for not so awesome food.  There are a ton of really good places to eat within a block of the hotel, so try them first.

    13/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Nikki c.
    I was here for a bachelorette party with several of my friends, and we enjoyed our stay.  We drove in and parked with valet, then cabbed around SF for a night of debauchery.  This is a great starting point for exploring various parts of SF.  The room was on the small side, but we still managed to get dolled up and pre-party in comfort.

    02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Jeff W.
    The fantastic location, funky decor and usual friendly/helpful/professional Kimpton staff were not quite enough to offset the size of the room.  I know this is SF and everything is expensive, but $269/night for a tiny (2 full-size beds) room was a bit much.

    We've stayed in many a Kimpton while traveling with our kids and have never had an issue with room-size.  I know, I know, this is SF.  It would have been nice if when making the reservation for 2 adults and 2 kids (both under 12) we could have somehow been informed that this would be a VERY tight fit at the Hotel Triton.  We tried to upgrade to a suite but they were all sold out (this is SF).  A room like this would have been tight even for a romantic weekend getaway.

    I'll always prefer a Kimpton over another choice but the Triton is not a place to take the kids unless you have a suite or two rooms.   This being SF and all, that will add up very quickly.

    11/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Christopher O.
    At first glance, I was totally in awe over how "hip" this hotel was. The sleek, modern look of the place and its location are probably the best things about it. There's free coffee in the morning and cookies in the evening, which is a nice touch, but for the price, you should be getting a full breakfast.

    Of course, a breakfast would necessitate space - something that's at a premium in this hotel. The rooms are pretty small ("efficient" might be the better word). Even the suite I stayed in was no bigger than a traditional room at the major hotel chains. On top of that, the staff wasn't entirely helpful - tthey were hard-pressed to make ANY recommendations about places to eat in the neighborhood on the two nights I asked them.

    I wasn't particularly thrilled by my experience here, but the hotel was the only part of my trip to San Francisco that did not result in a travel nightmare, so I'll give them credit for that.

    25/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Phil M.
    I love the location.  The cozy lobby with the fireplace and a guitar player on a drizzly day.  Comfy bed.  Right down the street from the Tunnel Top.  Right up the street from Union Station.  Right across the street from Chinatown.

    22/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. rOBERT l.
    Have stayed at the Triton Holel a couple of times.What I liked about it was it is a very down to earth and friendly place to stay.The employees
    are above other Hotels in Frisco.Very friendly and helpful.
    Many entertainers stay there so that tells you some thing. Very clean
    and I will stay there every time I visit San Frincisco. It's worth your trying.
    If they are booked and not available. Suggest you lock for another Kimpton  owned Hotel, because you'll know you'll be treated right.
    The Kimpton has all * rated Hotels Thew Triton is the lowest but if you wish to pay more they have some.

    24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Matt R.
    Great hotel at a reasonable price with a friendly staff.

    Be sure to avoid rooms facing Bush St. because you will be awake early in the AM and annoyed all day by the bellboy at  hotel across the street who uses a very loud whistle to hail cabs every 10 minutes.

    It should be illegal to stand on the street and blow a whistle.  If you need a cab, call a cab.  Or put a light on.  Don't make the whole neighborhood listen to a damn whistle.

    27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. David C.
    As good as it gets for the price.  Location is great.  Rooms are nice but smallish as you might expect for a "boutiquey" joint.  Enjoy your stay in San Francisco!!

    07/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. stephen a.
    I could not be happier with Hotel Triton and its enthusiastic staff.
    Great location, great amenities, especially the cookies, the iHome dock in each room, and hassle-free Wireless internet.  The bed was suuuuper comfortable. I wanted to live there.
    The staff here went above and beyond to make my stay exceptional. I valet-parked my car because I arrived at rush hour and just didn't want to deal with public parking garages. They not only let me leave the car in valet for most of the day after I checked out (so I could enjoy a walk about the city), but they offered to bring the car up, put my luggage into it, and take it back to the parking garage, all with a smile.
    That's the kind of service that will ensure a repeat visit and enthusiastic referrals.

    29/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Ben L.
    While visiting SF for a graduate school interview, the recruits were housed at Hotel Triton.  During the day, someone had broken into our seventh floor window and stole my laptop.  Amongst the other recruits, cameras, other laptops, and money was stolen.  A bunch of the recruits went to the manager to complain that someone broke into our rooms...and they tried their best to make it seem that we were at fault.  They refused to call the police for us (we had to do it!).  In addition, they said that since the rooms had an electronic key, the only people that went into the rooms were cleaning staff.  

    Once the police arrived, they found that someone broke through the sixth floor fire escape, climbed up the escape to the seventh floor ledge to break into every room that was accessible to the ledge and stole stuff.  

    The manager was uncooperative...and they refused to reimburse all of us.  It took almost 6 months to finally get reimbursement after we ended up going to the owners of the hotel (whom just so happened to go to my church) and complaining about their staff.  

    It was such a difficult process and they were uncooperative and made false statements about our character....we were PhD candidates for Biochemistry at UCSF.  

    While I don't believe there anything seriously wrong with the hotel, there is a flaw on the 7th floor, facing the street (where the ledge is located).  I think the rooms are unique and fun, but one must be careful for their safety as the staff do not stop strangers coming in and out of the hotel entrance.

    08/02/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    58. Danielle F.
    Fantastically fun, unique hotel in a perfect location!  You can get to any spot in downtown San Francisco easily from the Triton.  The staff is so pleasant and helpful, Kimpton ought to be commended for such a great chain and wonderful employees.  That said, it's not for everyone, if you are a stuffy businessman this may not be the place for you.  It's funky, but in a young, vibrant good way.  MOST COMFORTABLE BED EVER in a hotel that I have stayed at.   They have a fun happy hour in the lobby with wine, and coffee in the morning, very nice complimentary touch in such a pricey town.  The cafe next door is great for room service or if you need a snack.  Kimpton is THE chain!

    23/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Robert W.
    Stayed in the Triton Suite for an anniversary weekend.  The place is funky, but in a good way.  Standout service from Bell Captains Evan and Joe.  They really made us feel welcome.  In our experience Kimpton Hotels always have a little more character, as opposed to the larger, high-end chains.  Triton is a good location and a good value...

    02/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. erin b.
    We stayed here for my friends bachelorette party and we totally loved it.  The rooms and the lobby are really nice and clean and colorful.  The staff is incredibly nice. They have a free wine and champagne happy hour which basically the best thing ever and was perfect for the pre-party.  We mentioned to them it was our friends bach party, so they then sent a bottle of champagne to our room with a sweet note when we were getting ready, which made us love them even more.  The only problem was the beds are a little small (they were doubles but seemed a little smaller than a double) but everything else in the hotel was so awesome this was easily forgiven.  I would definitely stay here again and will recommend it to people for sure!

    26/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Shirley W.
    the room was bigger than i thought it would be, but the bathroom was tiny and you had to hold down the handle to flush the toilet properly.   everything was a tad worn and dingy but hey it was cheap.  the ice machine was broken and you had to call the front desk if you needed ice.  a few times we had to call and ask again cause they forgot.  
    parking was ridiculously expensive, but we just parked across the street in the sutter stockton garage which was MUCH cheaper.  they give tiny aveda products (soap, shampoo, conditioner) here, which is a bonus cause they work great.

    the best part about kimpton hotels is that they are dog friendly for no additional charge!  so we were able to bring our furbaby with us on vacation. :)

    02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Kai K.
    I've stayed at the Triton dozens of times over the past 10+ yrs.  

    When it opened, the hotel's concept was quirky and very, very unique.  Since then, however, this type of playful/artsy hotel has been often immitated... yet this is the original.  What I enjoy about the Triton (and all the Kimpton hotels, for that matter) is that they're DECIDEDLY NOT the bland Hyatt/Hilton/Marritott corporate schlock with their faux antiques and pretensions.

    During my most recent stay the room service from Café de la Presse was actually decent!  Amazing!  The room service had long been the weakest aspect of staying at the Triton.

    The location is really ideal... close to much of the fun stuff, yet not at the crowded cross-roads themselves.

    06/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Carolyn W.
    I stay here often when I'm in San Francisco. The location is conveniently near the Montgomery and Powell BART stations, and it's also near Union Square and Chinatown. The staff is friendly, and there are chocolate chip cookies, wine, and tarot card readings in the lobby in the afternoons!

    The hotel is an old building that has been refurbished to be hip and funky. The rooms are smallish, but I don't mind because I feel like I'm in "authentic" San Francisco (as operated by the Kimpton hotel chain). But, because the rooms are refurbished, certain aspects to the hotel feel old-fashioned like inadequate number of electrical outlets. Also, I think they must have shoehorned in bathrooms into the rooms so there is no bathtub. Beds are comfy, lots of towels, and Aveda toiletries.

    16/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. A To The C.
    I've stayed in a majority of the boutique hotels in the Union Square area, and I must admit I always try to come back to the hotel Triton. As a weekly SF visitor I enjoy staying where it's convenient, but away from the crowds and noise of Union Square. The Triton makes me feel like I'm home again. The location is convenient to to Starbucks, Walgreens, and a ton of chic stores. I love not having to fight the crowds down by Powell & Market.

    The beds are clean and comfy, the wifi is free, the staff is friendly, and their is a wine bar next door. Call me crazy, but I'm sold :)

    11/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Peter V.
    Very fun, very nice people, great atmosphere. Thank you Triton!

    04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. Jesse R.
    This is a really posh hotel in the heart of the shopping district and edge of Chinatown.  All kinds of great retail and restaurants are steps away.  The Montgomery St. MUNI and BART station is a five-minute walk away, so its very convenient to access the rest of the city.  A walk to Fisherman's Wharf / Embarcadero is only a thirty-minute walk away.  The hotel itself is so cool, great funky design and very friendly staff.  I recommend using the "Do Not Disturb" signs because the housekeeping staff tend to start work pretty early around 9 or 10, so if you like sleeping in make note of that.  The complimentary before-dinner hot toddies and wine hour is very nice, and the staff are all very pleasant.  I would definitely stay here again, and they tend to have some good deals on Expedia and a Yelp discount!

    11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. nikki b.
    Very chic boutique hotel - unique decor and interior design.  Rooms are quite cramped though, but the high rating goes towards its awesome location and great customer service.

    12/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Robert F.
    Great little boutique hotel with a central location...you can walk anywhere in the city from here.  Rooms are small but you shouldn't be spending much time in your room in San Francisco anyway.  Staff was attentive and a little quirky which was nice since we appreciate people who actually have a personality.  Will definitely go back!

    30/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. marisa b.
    checked into this hotel as it's a recommended kimpton hotel per my company. the lobby, rooms & elevator look like dr. seuss threw up all over it, a mix match of every pattern, color & texture...egad. hot water from my bathroom sink was running all night. hotel staff came up and banged on it a few times and said they would call the plumber tomorrow. then i ran into a big a** cockroach running across my shower curtain. when i called the front desk they kinda chuckled and said that they were booked for the evening so changing rooms was not an option however they would send someone up to dispose of it. the only reason i didn't give it one star was because half the staff was actually decent while the other half could have cared less. i will not be visiting this hotel again and have also informed my company that this should not be listed as a preferred hotel while on bidness.

    19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    70. Kathy K.
    Saw rate for room at Hotels.com for $159.  Called hotel and was quoted $189.  They offered to match Hotels.com for $159, but room had one bed only.  Website offered room for $179.  Needed two beds, rate was $209. Asked for Yelp discount, they said that was Yelp discount for two beds.  Asked what the "rack rate" was  originally, they didn't have a posted "rack rate."  Sounds suspicious to me.  Didn't book...seems like rates have  gone way up!

    27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Ryder M.
    An excellent value and one of the cheapest rooms you will find in sf near Union Square. Friendly service, small but funky room with some old house smell though, cool lobby, good location across the street from China Town gates. Recommended

    27/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Jacob R.
    Awesomely friendly staff, but in a city full of great hotels, this one really falls short.

    First room I was put in had a distinctively i've-had-the-same-shag-carpet-for-12-years smell, as did the second room.  The rooms themselves are definitely funky, but poorly laid out with bad lighting.

    Valet service was deplorable - I think they must outsource to a provider, but regardless this is the first impression that many guests have of a place and when the valet just stares at you when you drive up it sends the wrong message.

    I'm not normally down on hotels, but this one needs an overhaul.

    04/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    73. Lily N.
    This hotel is very reasonably priced, but you get more for your money than most hotels in SF. Staff is absolutely amazing, they have been going out of their way to accommodate us with every little thing. The staff was aware that this was our delayed honeymoon trip and when we got to our room a bottle of champagne with 2 glasses and chocolates were waiting for us. We were also upgraded to a room with a beautiful view.  Room is very clean and nicely decorated. It's a little small, but for couples it's perfect. The only negative thing is the cost of parking at $40 a night, but the good outweighs all minor setbacks. We will be back!

    19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. sheri c.
    I love Hotel Triton...I have stayed here many times and just spent 4 night during Christmas with my boyfriend... It couldn't be more perfect, they are so friendly and accommodating!  I prefer boutique hotels and will always choose a Kimpton property when possible.  We received an amazing rate that actually included parking (normally $38 a night!) and wifi.  When we got to our room, they left a pair of fuzzy socks and chocolates for us.  I love the decor, the beds are super comfy and the location can't be beat!  We walked everywhere and had easy access to public transportation when we wanted to venture out.  I will DEFINITELY be back and highly recommend this hip, campy hotel!!

    02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. James C.
    Stayed in the hotel triton for a week and a half while traveling to San Francisco on business.  Great experience.  The staff was very helpful and the rooms were very clean.  The fitness center was small and kind of gross though.  Over all a 4 out of 5 for my over all enjoyment of the stay.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Brent A.
    I must say this review is extremely biased because I stayed in the Kathy Griffin suite for free.  When I walked in, the staff was nice, but once I gave them my name, their attitude improved ten-fold.  They introduced themselves, took my bags, and should genuine interest in my well-being.  I'm not sure what the computer said, but apparently it was something good.  

    I told them I was fine with taking my bags myself, but they still tried to offer again.  They then told me their would be wine hour soon.  So, I decided to go upstairs, relax and come back down for the wine.  The elevator ride up was a little interesting because one elevator was lit with blue lights and the other was lit with red ones.

    I was surprised the suite was a little smaller than I expected, but it was nice.  The view wasn't anything spectacular, but I'm assuming it was one of the better views from the hotel.  The suite had a nice bathroom, seating area, and extremely comfortable bed.  If you want to see a video of it, I uploaded it to YouTube. youtube.com/watch?v=vsau…

    When I was going back down to the wine hour, one of the staff members asked how I liked the suite.  I naturally responded, "It's okay."  To which his face contorted into puzzlement, "Oh? Is there anything wrong with it?"  "No, no.  It's good, thanks."  After we shared banter, I told him I was going down to have some wine.  He asked if I liked champagne--who doesn't?

    While I was sitting down there having a glass, he walked back up to me, and asked when time I would like a bottle sent up.  "What?"  "We'd like to send up a bottle of champagne, on the house, whenever you'd like it."  "Oh?  Great!  How about around 10 when RENT is over?"  "It'll be ready and chilled for you."  Well, after I got back, they had indeed sent up a bottle of Saint-Hilaire, delicious!

    The staff was great!  They then helped me try to find a good restaurant.  I didn't take their advice because I was walking, but I figured I'd go sometime later.

    The next day, they told me it would take about 30-45 minutes to get my car, so I called ahead of time to have them bring it forward.  Well, after getting down there, I realized they were short-staffed and it would take longer.  It took way too long to bring it around--90 minutes!  I really should have made some sort of complaint and have them not charge me for the parking, but I figured the champagne semi made up for it.

    This is a pretty unique hotel, and I'd recommend staying, then again who wouldn't when you have service like that?  :-)

    19/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Ryan P.
    Rooms a little small, but the staff was really friendly and very helpful plus free wine everyday at 5!

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    78. Tonya N.
    Fab hotel in the heart of downtown San Fran.  Excellent location! Very clean and stylish hotel.  They have cookies and free drinks...  Friendly staff. No complaints :)

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. David B.
    Very nice staff and service. Free coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon. Great location on the edge of Union Square, China town and Financial District

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. May J.
    It's a small place but it was close proximity to everywhere we needed to go.  I love the fact that its a boutique hotel.  Has a lot of character.  I would definitely stay here again!

    22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. jay c.
    I stayed 1 night in the king room and 1 night in the Haagen dazs suite!
    (wouldve stayed both nights there but it was booked 1 night i wanted)

    the haagen dazs suite was amazing! it wasnt a huge suite but its bigger than a reg room and decked out in haagen dazs everything!
    Right when you walk in you smell ice cream! and of course the freezer filled with ice cream and ice cream bars. annnd its unlimited just simply give them a ring and theyll send up more! and
    you could ask for more flavors.
    annd that day was 420 so it was the perfect room! haha

    The front desk service was amazing & personable!
    use ur triple a card for discount on ur room!
    also loved the wine and beer hour at the lobby!

    29/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. George G.
    Coolest boutique hotel in San Francisco! Great service, funky aquarium theme.

    09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Josh H.
    At the Triton for a conference and they were booked to capacity.  They still managed to move me to a larger room (at a cost) when our Zen Den was decidedly too small and smelled funky.  I think they must be having a problem with their plumbing as there is a strong counter-odor in the hotel (like too much air freshener trying to cover up something).  Regardless -- I always love staying at the Triton (4th time).  They give excellent recommendations on places to eat, it feels homey and boutiquish and they always have very interesting guests there that you can meet during their wine/happy hour.  

    I am told that the hotel will be remodeling over the next 12 months -- which can always cause some havoc - so I would recommend asking about that before you book.  Also - make sure you get a queen or a king room.  Others are really small (which I've heard is true of many hotels in S.F.).  Location is great, right next to China town and 3 blocks to union square, and muni and Bart stops on Market.  The slightly peculiar odor is the main reason I don't give it 5 stars.

    17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. D K.
    Comfortable bed, nice having a mini bar, ac unit helps smooth out the city sounds (4am trash trucks woke me up a few nights), nice shower, cool decor, wine tastings in the early evenings, excellent location, next to a good coffee shop if you are too late for the free morning coffee, easy valet service, helpful staff, pretty decent wifi coverage and even though I was across from the elevator it wasn't loud.

    20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Alison M.
    For just over $100 per night we had a spacious room with an IPod dock, flat screen tv, comfy bed and wifi, not to mention the complimentary wine happy hour every day, fresh baked cookies in the afternoon, coffee in the morning, and a bowl of fruit stocked next to the elevator. The service was wonderfully friendly and helpful, and the location is fantastic. The decor is pretty funky, but not obnoxious. How can one not love a hotel that plays reggae in the lobby one day and 80s college rock the next? And it's pet friendly, so you might get a little puppy love in the elevator.
    For the rate that we paid I can't imagine anything better!

    03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. G M.
    Hotel Triton is somewhere I had been wanting to stay for a while and fortunately, a business trip came up that would cover the cost. Yay!

    The hotel is on the south edge of China Town on the corner or Bush & Grant. Great location, easy access to taxis and public transport.

    The lobby is very cool with an eclectic mix of furnishings and color.

    I was upgraded from I don't know what to a king size bed on the 7th floor on the Bush side of the bldg. My co-worker was in a "daybed" on the 3rd floor on the Grant side. He said there was quite a bit of street noise and had a hard time sleeping through it. My room seemed to workout pretty nicely. No street noise, but I did turn on the fan for some "white noise".

    The room was pretty modest in size, but very quaintly decorated. I loved it. The bathroom needs some shelving/wall storage next to the sink. The bathroom is small and counter space is minimal, so shelving would have helped. Towels are great - plentiful and fluffy. The TV is pretty small. Someone in another review mentioned a flat screen TV being a good addition and I agree. The honor bar had some good stuff in it, but high prices as typical for something like that.

    The business center is a desk next to the check-in counter. Very fast and nice computer though - at $5.99 for 15 minutes of internet time. Doooh....

    In the morning, there is complimentary coffe/tea in the lobby. No food. Early evenings is a happy hour, but I could never make it back in time to make it. Bummer.

    I love San Francisco and if you wanna taste of the funky side, I suggest this hotel. My teenage daughter would love it. I would return again....if I can afford it. ;-)

    16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. R. W.
    I would probably give this place a lower rating if it hadn't been so (comparatively) affordable. I've stayed at a bunch of Kimpton hotels, and while one was surprisingly low-cost (I paid about $165/night). But: It also had some problems.

    I was bummed out that there was no in-room coffee maker, which I think is pretty much baseline in any boutique/business hotel these days. Maybe it was an oversight. I was also seriously annoyed that the shower fixture was messed up, and had to be delicately coaxed and cajoled to get the water temperature right (I think I spent more time on that than I did taking an actual shower). Finally, I was ticked off that the front desk "suggested" I use their car service when I asked at checkout how hard it would be to get a cab to the airport. As I stood there waiting for several minutes for their car to arrive, about ten cabs went by. The car service was about $10 more than the cab in had been; they didn't take credit cards; and the door handle was broken. Classy! I hope the Triton folks got a kickback (maybe they can use it to buy a coffee maker for the room I was in).

    So those are the complaints.

    The upside is the rooms were clean, everything else worked just fine, the staff was very nice (apart from that car service "tip"). And it is a very, very convenient location.

    And as noted, pretty inexpensive.

    07/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    88. Megan M.
    We are currently staying here. What a poor experience. We booked our rooms through Expedia and are repeatedly being treated like second class deferring to the booking with Expedia every time we speak to someone. They put us in what they called an upgrade to a king, but the room ended up being next to the ice vending machine which goes off regularly. The sheets are short about a foot from the end of the bed exposing the nasty mattress pad as well as the mattress. Also who knew- we were just informed by the snotty front desk girl that our booking thru EXPEDIA did not include breakfast!

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    89. Kristie P.
    Stayed here a couple of weeks ago during my first trip to SF.  The hotel is located in the Financial District directly across from Chinatown and down the hill from North Beach. The staff was always super friendly and ready to help.  Complimentary wine was served between 5 and 7 each evening in the lobby and there was a tarot card reader on site.  We won a free bottle of wine after drawing a rubber duckie from their pond one evening. The room (corner king) was a tad smaller than I was expecting and there was no blanket on the bed which I found to be a bit weird but the room was clean and stocked with aveda bath products.  There was also a basket full of munchies and though they were overpriced, it was nice to have them there just in case.  Overall a good value.

    13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Mo A.
    I really liked this place. The location is awesome. We took a cab and cost me a little under $50 from the airport with tip. It's right in front of China Town, right across a Starbucks, right next door to an awesome cafe/restaurant (Cafe De La Presse) and near a lot of the shops. The room was small but good for a couple. Shower, no tub, really clean bathroom. Older carpet but who cares, looked clean. A/C in the room and 2 winsdows that you can slide up a little. Flat screen TV and my fave was the in room mini bar, I like raiding that on my midnight munchy time. Wifi is free, just gotta sign up. REALLY nice staff, I mean REALLY nice, gosh, they couldn't have been more helpful and I usually think everyone working at hotels is useless. They printed my boarding pass for free, they called a town car for me to go to the airport ($50+$10 tip) and they have free coffee/tea in the AM and between 5-6pm wine and sangria. There is a cool little gym as well.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Charles D.
    The Hotel Triton is fantastic!!! My new husband and I recently stayed here when we got married in San Francisco. We stayed in the Sweet Suit a room dedicated to ice cream. Although the in room ice cream freezer was broken they were always quick to respond and bring up more a useful situation when 18 friends and family drop by after the ceremony.      

    The rooms were clean and comfortable. Not large but not too expensive considering you are in downtown San Francisco.  

    We were supposed to married in Saint Mary's square but as it was raining we needed to change venues quick. The staff at the hotel rented us the imagination station an adorable room with fanciful mermaid murals... perfect!

    I will forever be grateful to the staff at the Hotel Triton for making my wedding easy and wonderful.

    03/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Nhi T.
    Stayed here 1 night during a visit to the city. Great location next to the Financial District, Union Square, Chinatown, BART and buses.

    I loved the fresh baked cookies upon arrival! And the evening wine reception was nice too. The decor was different. I liked it though. And the room was a bit small. No views. And a little more on the city bustle noise side. But I really liked having the iPod deck there to use in the room =) And the rooms have free wifi, which I thought was OK (there's a log-in system, but you basically just have to click a button to get on, but it was still a little annoying). I'd stay again only if I can get a great rate. Employees here are really nice. And were especially nice when I somehow got myself lost and stranded on the morning of check out and got back really late for check out, but wasn't charged additional fees although most places I know probably would have.

    19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Jaime P.
    I think this would be an appropriate 400th review, don't you think?

    I spent the night out in the city with a girl friend of mine for our 10 year high school reunion, she Pricelined this room for $90, in the city that's a steal!

    Both her and I were impressed with the swankyness of this joint, definitely an ecclecticly decorated place and super boutiquey (is that even a word?).  

    Staff was super friendly and I loved the plate of cookies they had at the front desk.  My friend and I fully utilized their wine hour as well. The standard rooms themselves are pretty small, you can tell this hotel has been around for awhile, but they had done major rennovations to the place.  The bathroom can literally only hold one person at a time, but that wasn't a problem for her and I as we only wanted the room as somewhere to crash for the night.

    For what we paid, considering we were staying in the city, we got what we paid for.   Also I wouldn't recommend parking here, it was $38 a night!  If your a bay area local, I highly recommend just taking BART to the city and cabbing it around wherever you need to go.

    Next time I have to stay out in the city, I might consider upgrading to one of their theme suites which seemed uber cool not to mention they have hot tubs!

    02/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Brett T.
    My girlfriend and I spent 5 nights at the Hotel Triton in early December 2011.  We loved the place.   To start things off right, we received a complimentary upgrade to a king room on arrival.  The room, like the hotel, was funky and colorful, with a comfortable bed.   The wine and hot toddies at 5:00 each afternoon was a nice touch, and the coffee and tea in the morning were both excellent.  They even had hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  Finally, the location of the hotel couldn't be better.  It's right at the entrance to Chinatown, and therefore just a quick walk to North Beach.  It's also very close to Union Square shopping.  We'll absolutely be back to the Triton.

    27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    95. Steve B.
    Stayed here 4 times over the last year on business.
    Each time i stayed in a tiny tiny room..not really fun..
    the crappy view each and every time didnt help
    the garbage trucks picking up each morning/crak of dawn didnt help
    i dont need cookies

    yeah the staff is young and fun, but honestly., i am not looking to make friends, they were however moderately helpful

    pfeh, if it wasnt cheap and ultra convenient, i'd a not bothered - but not after the last time - there are better

    22/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    96. Virgil W.
    Let me start off by saying if I could live there I would.  This hotel was extremely comfortable, huge king size beds, a flat screen television, welcoming staff, and had awesome decor.  I stayed  there merely for a total of eight hours, because I didn't want to travel all the way home, and I was sleepy, they were very accommodating and a gave me a really nice deal.  This hotel is a gem and I highly recommend it if your looking for a place and not wanting to pay $400 a night in San Francisco.

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. April A.
    The Good:
    -The location of the hotel is good. It's right outside of china town and only a few blocks away from Union Square. We pretty much walked everywhere from this location.
    -Coffee and Tea in the morning were of good quality.
    - I liked that the decor of the hotel was fun and unusual.
    - Our rooms were always very clean, as were the sheets.
    - Had a good amount of tv channels and free wi-fi

    The Bad:
    `It smelled a bit musky, and we had to run the AC all night long so it wouldn't be stuffy. The AC was moderately loud. I could sleep with it.
    - It really bugged me the way the bed was made. Everything pretty much consisted of flat sheets. The mattress was covered by one, but you could still see the actual mattress. There was no cover to protect in case of bed bugs.
    It was flatsheet on the mattress, then a  flatsheet to lie under, then the plain duvet that you just buy at a store ( white), and then another flat sheet on top. I was being careful not to lie directly under the duvet.
    - Bathroom had no ventilation that was working, so I showered with the door open. This would have been an issue had  I stayed with someone else.
    -Bed was comfortable when I lay in it by myself, but not so much with a partner.

    The Maybe it Bothers you
    - bath tub was deep, so had to be careful stepping out
    - sink is in the bedroom
    - room is small and not much space around the beds.

    Overall it was a neutral/goodish stay, but I think next time we will just try something else.

    31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. K G.
    We went on Labor Day weekend and they were price gouging. Boo. We paid over $300 (30% less than booking directly through Triton). If you have never been to SF this is a good hotel purely for the location. Otherwise, it is just ok. The funky decor is very 1996 jester feeling. The rooms are quite small and worn. Our bathroom door had to be closed to fit on the toilet. Nice but casual staff. Eh. I wouldn't come back.

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    99. Tony H.
    Great stay. Bed was a little to firm for my taste. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Would return.

    04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Angela M.
    1. PRIME location: Right smack next to Chinatown. Meaning as soon as you exit the hotel, Chinatown is to your right approximately 50 feet. Walk a few more blocks and you're amidst Union Sq.
    2. Creative, funky decor. Very hipster-esque, much different than most Kimptom hotels.
    3. Good, friendly, and prompt service!!!!! Can't beat that.
    4. Complimentary wine every day at 5. Awesome.
    5. Rooms were a bit smaller than what I'm used to. But nothing TOO much to complain about.

    Overall excellent experience of Hotel Triton. Definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone visiting the beautiful city of SF!!

    21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Rachel S.
    First off, big props to Travel Zoo for the great $109 deal.

    When I was first looking for hotels in SF, I spent a lot of time looking at the crack houses in Tenderloin. For $30 more a night, our location was WONDERFUL and our room had all the accommodations  & safety a person would want out of a hotel.

    I joined the Kimpton In Touch program and we received free upgrades, free cookies, and free wine-tasting! Actually, we never ended up going to the wine tasting BUT STILL!

    I really appreciated that when I was piss drunk at 3 AM on a Thursday and called guest services to see if they knew any delivery places, the guy who helped me gave off the impression that he enjoyed his job, as he was so nice and had a great sense of humor.

    I hope I can make it back to San Francisco in the future. If so, I know where I'll stay. For real.

    19/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. sarah F.
    Just okay.
    Stayed there this week (jan 2010) for a business trip. Ended up with a small room w king sized bed. Room was large enough to walk around the bed with ease but that was about it. Hotel has good kitch factor, staff is friendly, and internet is free. All great items for sure. However, hotel needs a bit of a paint job and carpet cleanings to really restore it back to where it was.

    I used to stay here all the time about 5 years ago.. lost a bit of luster since then. If you're looking for a utilitarian hotel with a fun factor it's great. If you're looking for a business polish, this aint it.

    22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Brock H.
    I really have no complaints about this hotel whatsoever. My girlfriend and I stayed here after reading the reviews on Yelp and really enjoyed our stay. It is located right at the China town entrance which makes it convenient.

    Service was really nice and they always had our car pulled around within 5 minutes. Their rooms are clean and updated. Will stay there again next time we are in town.

    21/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Pam G.
    Our experience here started out great. Valet parking (included in our room rate), wine and cheese were being served when we checked in so they brought us a glass of wine while we were checking in. The decor was so fun both in the lobby and in our room. The location is great and the staff was awesome. The problems started once we tried to go to sleep. It is NOISY NOISY NOISY outside. We hardly got any sleep at all because of the constant sounds of large vehicles backing up (BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP) and loud crashing of whatever it was they were doing (maybe emptying dumpsters?) Based on the other reviews here there must be some quieter rooms, so if you are going to stay here I would request one of those unless you are a very sound sleeper. I won't go back.

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    105. emeril l.
    This place is fun and funky.  The decor is *loud* and punchy and makes me smile.  I'll be back!

    The rooms are small but so nicely appointed, you won't notice that much.  Right near Chinatown and some great shopping!

    05/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Pearl H.
    This is such a cute, funky, totally cheesy but hip boutique hotel smack in the middle of what I consider the best that SF has to offer really.  It's a block away from Chinatown, and a couple blocks to Union Square, a bus ride away to the SF Park and surrounding districts, and a hop skip and a jump down to Ghiradelli Square and all the seafood goodness!

    We had a double bed room with a funky, blue/gold/red/beige decor, it was like old hollywood cheesy meets new modern hippy.  They have Kathy Griffin wakeup call it's rather hilarious, and I love me some Kathy Griffin, she cracks me up! (but kind of annoying to wake up to) haha!

    The hotel lobby is also super cheesy with these big rounded couches around a fireplace with crazy designed carpetting that you would see in a retro 40s-70s and even 80s movie.

    The week I was there was also coinciding with St. Patrick's Day, and DUDE there was an Irish Pub in the back alley behind the hotel, kind of sketchy but on St. Patty's starting at 7am! I kid you not, they were BLASTING SEAN PAUL (dude Sean Paul is Irish?!) haha! And there were people drinking starting at the butt crack of dawn through to about 11pmEST. It was crazy!!!!

    I didn't myself take part in the festivities, but I'm sure if you do you'd have a great time!

    Anyway, if you're not looking for a lot of frills, but location, and a hip vibe, check it out. To be honest I don't know how pricey it is or isn't cause I got a hookup, and NO I can't give you one! Haha!

    Enjoy your stay in SF!

    04/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Alexandra D.
    I have very fond memories of Hotel Triton. I stayed here on my first business trip ever to San Francisco, before I ever moved here. I was thrilled to have the iHome in my room so I could listen to my music. The interior design was great as well, original, with a sense of humor.
    The location is handy, close to Union Square and China Town Gate but still not very noisy. They offer coffee in the lobby in the morning.
    I wish they would have offered breakfast but one quickly learns about Posh Bagel around the corner :)

    12/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Toiletfighter M.
    Cool rooms, friendly and courteous staff and good location to all that is touristy in the city. Sam the doorman/valet is great, a real nice guy. I've stayed in many hotels in San Francisco for both work and play and this one ranks highly with me.

    16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Chris B.
    Stayed here on a long weekend in San Fran.  First time visiting the area and we were recommended to check out this hotel.  The prices were reasonable (think it was through hotels.com or similar).  

    The location was perfect.  Close to touristy areas, right nextdoor to Chinatown, easy walk to bus lines, trolley stops, train, etc.  Very, very convenient.  

    Service was very friendly and very helpful.  Check in and out was a breeze, despite them being busy both times.  

    The decor is funky and fun, hard to describe but definitely fits the idea of "boutique hotel"  We really enjoyed it.  Like someone else said, it is definitely a "loud" decor - perfect way to say it, which may not be for everyone.  Also, they had very random movies playing on a flat screen in the lobby downstairs - one day Napoleon Dynamite, the next The Little Mermaid.  Love it.

    The room was tiny, but what do you really expect in a big city like this.  I love big cozy rooms, and this was definitely not.  That being said, I knew about it ahead of time and it was absolutely fine.

    Complimentary wine hour at 5pm was a very nice touch.  I really like that about the Kimpton band hotels.  

    All in all, we would definitely return.  Location can't be beat, price is reasonable and service with a smile.

    30/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. M. H.
    You can't beat the location of this hotel. It's four blocks away from Union Square and right across the street from the beautiful gated entrance to Chinatown (the best part of Chinatown!). You have a ton of great cafes and restaurants to choose from within a radius of two blocks. Moreover, the area is safe, even at night, so walking alone is not a problem.

    The decor is modern, funky, and high-energy. The only thing that could have been improved was the room size - but hey, the location and service are well worth the money. Highly recommended for an authentic San Francisco experience.

    15/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. melissa m.
    Nothing went smoothly here. I arrived and they had gotten "confused by the notes" on the reservation and thus had a room with two doubles instead of the requested king. Then we got locked out of our room and had to have new keys made every day. On the final night my boss arrived back to his room and found a dirty fork in the middle of his bed. When he asked if someone had been in his room, the explanation was that the housekeeper must have eaten lunch there. It was simply not the polished, service-oriented experience that I expect from Kimpton, and I would not stay in this property again. There are many nicer, more spacious options in San Francisco.

    16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    112. Kristen F.
    We stayed here on our honeymoon up the west coast.  The staff was really awesome, they upgraded us to the Jerry Garcia Suite and left us a bottle of champagne, chocolates and a signed card.  There is a photo of "Old" Jerry sitting on the same bed (at least the same head board) with his signature sealed behind plexiglass on the wall.  It was an interesting way to be introduced to SF.  The price for parking is the one of reasons they didn't get 5 stars.  It is almost $40 a day parking. They kinda have you captive on that one since SF is not an easy city to park you car. The building is old, but they have done a good job trying to keep it up to date.

    04/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Bonnie H.
    Quaint. Eccentric. Free wine.

    I could end my review right there, but luckily, there are many more descriptions to be afforded to this fun boutique hotel!

    Firstly, I was amazed that I was able to book our one-night stay for UNDER $300, AFTER taxes, on New Year's Eve in San Francisco! Secondly, I was even more astounded that there were ANY 3-star and above hotels left in Union Square just 2 weeks prior to NYE. And lastly, I was most pleased that just a few hours AFTER I booked our stay, the price for our Zen Den room had shot up by $127! Huzzah!

    So many factors contributed to picking Hotel Triton as both our New Year's Eve and 2-year anniversary destination. In no particular order, they were:

    *Kimpton's InTouch Loyalty Program - free to sign up for, and upon doing so, automatically getting free wi-fi in your room and a $10 mini-bar credit during your stay, in addition to accumulating points toward a complimentary stay.
    *Animal print bathrobes - no further explanation needed.
    *Free wine happy hour - again, no further explanation needed.
    *Centrality of location - heart of Union Square and RIGHT ACROSS the gates into Chinatown.
    *Price point - I thought for sure because of the lateness of my booking, I'd have to pay a minimum of $299 for a decent 3-star and above hotel before taxes, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
    *AAA discount - the package we picked also included free valet parking, which saved us around $40!
    *Quirky/kitschy decor - like a previous Yelper had described: as if King Triton & Dr. Seuss had a funky lovechild together.
    *Themed celebrity suites - like a Haagen-Dazs room where you get a cabinet filled with UNLIMITED ICE CREAM; we didn't stay in the "Sweet Suite," but the fact that Hotel Triton even had it made me think it was my kind of place!
    *Complimentary hot chocolate/coffee/tea in the morning - loved that they included hot chocolate in addition to the normal coffee/tea selection!
    *Glowing previous Yelp reviews - because of all you beautiful, insightful people, I anticipated the crazy furniture and decorations, found out about the free wine reception AND figured out a way to finagle a complimentary bottle upon our arrival!

    WOW! Now that I'm reviewing all these flabbergasting benefits, I see that it was a no-brainer to stay here! Normally, my husband is the planner of these things, but since he had been plagued with a zillion hours of overtime (508 hours total in 2011, to be exact), I took on the responsibility of organizing our entire trip, which is something I usually shirk away from. He was SO impressed with my selection that the moment we got into our room, he said he planned to return!

    These were the things that exceeded my expectations:

    *Valet was SUPER fast. Previous reviews said it took longer than the quoted 15-20 minutes, so I anticipated this especially on NYE, but both times we wanted our car, they beat us there. I'd say it was no more than 5 minutes.
    *Hot chocolate was the BEST I'd ever had. It was free and by no means had to be delicious, but it certainly was. There were myriad of condiments, including marshmallows, nutmeg, more chocolate powder, etc., but honestly, I thought it was already perfectly cinnamon-y.
    *They made us feel special about our anniversary. The elevators are literally right next to the check-in, and in the brief few seconds after we got our room keys and before the elevator arrived, the guy in front managed to ask us for the reason we were staying...and when we got into our room, not 1 minute later there was a knock on our door, and we were given a comp bottle of wine and a note that said, "Happy Anniversary!"
    *InTouch's member profile remembered my preferences. On the questionnaire I filled out, I said that I was happiest when I was on a high floor - and that is EXACTLY what I got. We were given room 706, which was the top floor of the Hotel Triton.
    *Bed linens had animal print. Nothing tacky, actually, but I loved that the subtle pattern gave the room a little extra flare.

    Things that made me somewhat sad (but not enough to seriously prevent me from loving my stay):

    *I never saw the cookies mentioned in previous Yelp reviews. Boo.
    *We didn't have hot toddies during the wine reception, but maybe because it was NYE, they were substituted for champagne, which was still awesome.
    *Bathroom wasn't immaculate. This might be the biggest problem, in my book. I'm not saying it wasn't thoroughly cleaned, but if there's one thing I hate, it's small, hexagonal tiles. I know this is totally a personal opinion, but I always feel like that pattern makes ANY floor space look dingy. And also, I don't mind cracks and general imperfections in the main room, but if there's anything that makes the bathroom look less than 100% pristine, I'm mentally bothered about the hygiene of the space. However, I totally accept that I'm probably being nit-picky.

    Overall, Hotel Triton was LOVELY and UNIQUE and I wish I could write more, but I'm out of space! Book your stay today!

    15/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Roy K.
    Ok first thing, i didnt stay there.........

    But i had to give this place 4 stars just for their staff in the front.

    We just had dinner at Swell, which is down the street from there and its great! but we couldn't find a cab near there so we walked down towards the hotel triton.

    We saw a cab there, but it was taken, then the guy at the stand called the bellhop and then he ran out to corner of bush and grant, and blew his whistle and got us a cab.

    man both of those guys didnt need to do any of that but we were really impressed with how reactive they were when they found out we needed a cab.
    WOW. Thanks again to the guys that were up in front on the nite of 1/4/10
    I hope management sees this! These two were great!

    05/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. A W.
    Great hotel that was conveniently located within steps of Union Square and Chinatown. I had blocked off a number of rooms for our wedding weekend and the staff was very easy to deal with and all were friendly. I booked the Haagen Daz Suite and it comes with FREE ice cream (5 pints and 3 bars) which my nieces and nephews loved!
    Also, they provide coffee and juice in the mornings and have a pretty fun wine hour.

    25/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. Nicole F.
    Wow does good photography on their Web site make a difference!  The rooms in the photos look a bit small, but man when we got there-the rooms are TINY!  And the bathrooms- you can barely turn around in them!  Although the rooms are mini size, it does kind of makes you feel like you're not staying at a hotel, and instead visiting a friend in their cozy SF apartment.

    The staff is very friendly and personable and whole hotel has a very hip and swanky vibe about it.  Groovy lobby with eye popping decor and animal print pillows and robes in the rooms!  Great location with Union Square just a few steps outside the building.  Plus free wine, Aveda bath products and a very reasonable nightly rate.  Yay!

    21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Heather T.
    Expedia had a great rate so I decided to book two nights at the Hotel Triton. I've walked past it several times on the way to and from Chinatown and always wanted to check it out, I'm glad I did!  The room was small but it had really creative art on the walls and the most COMFORTABLE bed EVER!!!

    The hotel is about 4 blocks from a BART station and right across the street from the entrance to Chinatown. It's an AWESOME location. I felt safe staying alone and it was also really quiet at night (especially the fact that my room faced the street).

    The best part of the stay was the complimentary wine reception from 5 - 7pm. They had really really good wine and everyone just mingled around the lobby (artfully decorated with a really awesome fireplace!). They even had a tarot card reader there!

    This is a really special hotel that caters to the young & hip (but not  the annoyingly trendy douchebag types!). The concierge and receptionists were really friendly and down-to-earth. I felt really at-home here!

    03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. Brittney G.
    I decided to book a room in San Francisco for my boyfriend and I. We live here, but I wanted to play tourist for a night, so I used the YLP discount to get a room for a really great deal. Hard to beat, really, for the location.

    We came right around 4 and checked into the really groovy looking lobby. The decor is whimsical, if not a little outdated, but it's cute. We went to our Zen Room through dizzying hallways to find a leopard print bed. Not bad! The room was small, but there was a decent view.

    Overall, we had a great time. But there were some clear areas for improvement:

    The fabric bed frame was stained.
    One tiny bar of soap for both hand and body.
    No shower cap.
    Just two towels.
    Things looked a little dingy.

    But! There was a really great wine service from 5-6 in the lobby, wherein the wine filler guy keeps your glass full for the full hour. And the bed was realllly comfy. And there was a robe for lounging.

    All in all, a fine location. If you are vacationing at home like the boy and I did, this is a good value.

    31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Andrea L.
    This was my first time visiting San Francisco and the next time I go I will make sure that I can stay at Hotel Triton for at least two nights! As you walk out of the doors you have the gates of China Town staring you right in the face, which was just one perk of this hotel. We were travelling with our dog and all the other hotels I was looking at wanted to charge up to $85 per night! That's insane. As other people have said, they are not dog tolerant, but are so accommodating to dogs and owners it's amazing. We had a corner room so did not have the noise issues and though the bathrooms were small I thought they were really well laid out (there was even a bigger bathtub than the one at our house).
    The service was excellent. Any questions we had were very politely answered and they were all very knowledgeable about the city (this seems obvious, but trust me it can be a rarity).
    The decor is colorful and funky, but in a very stylish way.
    Even though it's an 11 hour drive, I would go back next weekend!

    10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Mimi L.
    Of course we picked to spend a weekend in SF when the US Open and Mac Conference was in town.Which meant that all the hotel prices were jacked up and the crap hotels that had a one star sold for five star prices. Somehow somewhere we found a deal at the Hotel Triton for a reasonable price. I was excited because the hotel was a Kimpton hotel, it was near Union Square, and I was excited to see the whacky decorated hotel. Whacky it was. The lobby looked like the 70's decided to drop a load in the middle of the room. Even though it was ugly it had this cool vibe to it. The room was small but it was San Francisco. The room smelled old but looked pretty cool. It had a lot of old elements but made into a hip-ster ish way. The hotel was near the Bart which made transportation convenient. However, it was difficult to catch a cab. Overall it was a great hotel an enjoyed my stay. Oh yea, they had C.O Bigelow bath products. I say this because I know girls care about crap like this. You can almost win me over with fancy bath products and a decent bathroom.

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Sara J.
    We frequently go to San Francisco because it is a short flight away and usually stay at a Kimpton hotel. This was our first visit to the Triton and we loved the colorful and unusual decor from the moment we entered the lobby. What a refreshing change of pace from traditional hotel decor.  We were greeted by a friendly group of people at the check-in desk as well as a very happy and frisky dog, Romeo.  

    The rooms are great, very modern decor and the beds are very comfortable. They offer complimentary coffee in the morning as well as wine in the evening.  The location is great. Right across from the gates to Chinatown and a few blocks from Union Square.  Very convenient if you are in town to do some shopping.

    Tawny at the front desk is especially helpful. So if you need anything just ask her!

    03/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Dave S.
    Awesome hotel!

    Very, very helpful and friendly staff. Very cool vibe and decor. Very clean. Not priced too bad for such a cool, nice place.

    Excellent location next to Chinatown, Union Square and the financial district. Super easy to walk everywhere, or jump a cable car or BART. Lots of excellent food all around. Great shopping. Perfect location.

    Definitely my go to hotel in Frisco now.

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. Rebecca R.
    What a cute little hotel! I was very happy with my stay. The decorations were really nice and artistic, everything was very clean, the staff extremely friendly and helpful, and the Aveda products were a great touch. I got a king bed room for just myself and it was perfect. The bathtub was HUGE and a perfect tub for a soak, the shower head had a great flow, not weak or misty like some hotels.  My room overlooked the street and the noise was never a problem for me (except from the Irish bar next door, but it was a celebration following the St. Patty's Day parade so I just had to let it go...). I couldn't figure out the iPod deck and the front desk sent someone up to help me. He was really nice and didn't make me feel like a total idiot about it. Haha.

    The Hotel Triton is the perfect choice for a clean, affordable, interesting, and well-appointed room in SF near all the transportation you could need. And being RIGHT at the gates of Chinatown truly is pretty darn cool. I'd stay here again if I needed a room in the City, for sure.

    23/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Kevin L.
    From the moment the valet greets you as you pull up to the moment he hands you back the keys after you check out, this hotel is top notch. Service is accommodating, attentive and personalized. I have stayed here over 30 times, each stay lasting one week. Each time, I feel like royalty. The location is perfect - just outside the gate to Chinatown, and one block from Union Square.

    The rooms, while small. are lavish and well-appointed. The staff go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.

    I thoroughly enjoy each and every visit, and very much look forward to my next visit.

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Christina F.
    I really liked this place. We came here for Saras birthday a while back, got the King Triton Suite (aka The Gay Mermaid Room) and the Hagen Das Suite. Both were decorated really cool, and the Hagen Das had massive quantities of free ice cream. There is FREE wine in the evening. Its a really great location too This is a great place for those who want some kitschy funk, without giving up the luxury of a good clean room.

    One complaint. Asked for foam pillows in lieu of allergy causing feather. "Sorry we're out".

    13/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Katie A.
    I'm adding a star b/c I was delivered a toothbrush and toothpaste within 3 minutes of calling down to the front desk.

    Plus, I slept wonderfully on both nights. I will be staying here again if I need a hotel in downtown SF.

    21/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Candi K.
    I love it here! Triton is a boutique hotel with artistic flair everywhere!  So charming!

    The lobby is beautiful, and colorful as was the room, although the room is quite small. The service was FANTASTIC...  the happy hour wine and cookies at check in were both too good to be free (but they were!)
    The location is killer.
    The room was clean.
    If your looking for something a little special for your San Fran hotel stay, this is it.

    17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Monica G.
    This is a pretty awesome hotel. Located within walking distance to Union Square, the Financial District and at the foot of China Town.  Conveniently located near the BART and easy access to multiple bus lines. You couldn't ask for a more centralized locale.

    The decor is fun, kind of Alice and Wonderland-ish. The staff is super friendly and cool.  They let us check in early and were very accomodating when I requested if the two rooms we booked be on the same floor.  The music they played was also awesome.  The rooms are cozy.  Typical size for a boutique hotel in an old refurbished building.  Most importantly the rooms were clean.

    We really enjoy the complimentary tea and coffee in the morning, complimentary refreshments in the late afternoon and the complimentary wine hour in the evening.  

    Only downside is the parking...$38 a night.  Yikes!  But pretty typical to most of the fees charged by other hotels in the area.

    I will definitely be staying here again and recommend you do so too.

    09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Melissa S.
    Very convenient location, super friendly staff and very accomodating.
    However, the place is a very old hotel that got a facelift and the Kimpton name.
    Its smells a little musty, the trash truck comes at 6am and wakes you up as its located next to an alley.
    Bring earplugs.
    Enjoy coffee and tea in the am and wine in the pm. Cute dog in lobby.  Prbbably wont stay again.

    15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. B M.
    Loved this hotel.  The decor is awesome, the location was great, and more than anything the staff was amazing!  The rooms were clean and nicely furnished.  Everyone at the hotel was extremely helpful  and gave us good options for dining and local nightlife.  

    The hotel staff goes above and beyond  making their guests feel comfortable and appreciated. We were there for a bachelorette party weekend.  While speaking with Dave, a hotel staff member, we mentioned the purpose of our  visit.  Shortly after, we received a complimentary bottle of champagne sent to our room in honor of the bride to be.  It was definitely appreciated!  

    Overall, this hotel and their staff are awesome.  I will definitely be staying there again and will recommend it to anyone traveling to San Francisco.

    16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Tiffany K.
    Quirky, boutique-style hotel in the heart of SF. Love how I can either go to Chinatown or Union Square or anywhere, really.

    Where else can you  hear the Cure in the elevator or Kruder & Dorfmeister in the lobby? They are "pet-friendly", but probably only for dogs. Didn't see anyone with a ferret or a cat or snake or anything like that however.

    I stayed in a room with two double beds facing the street. If you do get a room street-side, try to stay on the upper levels which are a bit quieter. The room itself was on the small side, but done well. Sink was separate from toilet/shower/bath.

    (For parking, try the garage across the road. I think it is the Sutter Stockton garage. If you get in after 5:00 pm, you pay $8 and have to leave by 8:00 am. Currently for the shopping season, if you have four people in your car, you get two hours free parking. )

    Service was friendly and helpful! From 5:00 - 6:00 they have wine service downstairs, in the winter, you can get hot toddies. Oh yes please. I had one with a cinnamon stick that really hit the spot. However, I had to point out that it should be hot, so then they dragged out one of those hot beverage dispensers to heat up the toddies. There's no way I would be drinking mine room temp.

    There isn't a coffee maker in the room, but you can go downstairs from 7:00 am (on weekends at least) and help yourself to coffee and sit in front of the fireplace.

    Thanks Paul C. for the advice to sign up for Kimpton Rewards!

    08/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Edge B.
    Worse hotel stay ever! 2AM the hotel across the way decided to pressure wash the alley! there is a 4 stroke engine screaming for the past hour. This is the 3rd night I can't sleep! I had to call and yell at the night manager to get him to muster enough balls to complain and then it stopped 5 minutes later. The other nights involved dumpster trucks dumping trash cans and backing up "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" Never ever stay at the Triton hotel in san francisco unless you want to Stay up all night listening to trucks and pressure washers. The windows and walls might as well not exist! I feel like someone sleeping in a box on the street. At least if I lived in a box on the street, I could move my box to a quieter location!

    06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. Sarah C.
    Great hotel with very, very, very good service.  I liked the decor (though it IS loud and definitely not for everyone) and really liked its proximity to good restaurants/shopping.  The beds were fabulous too, which is very important to me when I'm traveling.... they were ultra comfortable! I really can't say enough how great the service there was, they were very professional without being "snooty".  They were genuinely friendly and helpful.

    The only thing I did not like is that they did not tell us that the deposit charge was $300.  It is standard hotel practice to charge your card upon check-in, and subtract mini-bar and damages etc.. and then refund the rest, but they did not tell us the amount, causing a "WTF? Did we break something?" moment when we saw the charge.  Also, we have been back 2 business-days, and they have not refunded it yet.... this is not a reason not to go, but just a heads-up about the charge, be sure to ask the amount so you don't get surprised.

    25/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Tracy O.
    The good:

    The place was actually relatively cheap (especially with a Yelp discount!), they allowed me to check in super early, and managed to upgrade me to a corner room with a king bed (albeit on the 2nd floor). The bed was really comfy, I loved the comforter, the tub was deeper than normal, and overall, the room was fairly comfortable and quiet.

    The bad:

    Yes, I stayed at this hotel on the same evening as an unusual cold snap. But apparently it's been "so nice lately" that the heaters haven't been run or tested, and during this cold snap, everyone was running their heaters and "overloaded" their system. Meaning, on an unusually cold night, the heater didn't work at all. My room was freezing, especially in the morning, making for a very unpleasant wakeup call. Downstairs, apparently they were inundated with complaints, and when I checked out, I got profuse apologies but nothing actionable. This may sound a little selfish, but I spent a freezing night in your hotel, I'm very unhappy, at least give me a discount. But no, only apologies and a "come back again" (which I won't).

    It's a nice enough and cheap hotel, but avoid like the plague during those months where you actually need a heater (you know, like during winter).

    08/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    135. Trust But Verify 1.
    Hotel Triton is an amazing find...especially if you're traveling with pets!

    After deciding that we wanted to include our "kid" (5.5 lb lap dog) in our weekend getaway, we made reservations at the Triton.

    The instant that we pulled up to the curb a bellman greeted us and offered to unload our luggage and doggy support gear.  Within minutes of stepping into our room, he had arrived with our bags and made arrangements with the valet to park our car.  He even filled the ice bucket!

    The room itself was wonderful...cozy, clean and comfortable.  The towels and linens were spotless, and there were no pet odors in the room.  To our surprise, the corner desk held a greeting card for our "kid" along with dog food, treats and bowls.

    Hotel Triton is one of only a few places that has ever "made" our vacation.  Thanks everyone!

    03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Pablo E.
    This is a good value for their non posted rates.  Our rooms was very clean, we stayed on the 5th floor, which was a very quiet floor.  tastefully decorated.

    lots of little perks like free coffee, free arnold palmers, and free wine at 5.  close to the fidi too.

    very friendly staff too.  it is a good place to stay if you are local and need a place to stay in the FiDi for whatever reason.

    was staying there while my place got painted, and bathroom redone.

    11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    137. Christina B.
    I was sold on this hotel upon looking at the pictures of the funky interior online, but it was even better in person! The lobby is so colorful and unique, and when we checked in they were having a free "wine hour" for hotel guests. Damn, I've heard of complimentary breakfast or pillow mints but complimentary wine takes the cake, friends.

    Our concierge warned us upon checking in that the room we reserved (Zen Den) was a bit "cozy" and usually for business travelers traveling alone... I promptly inquired if it was a twin bed, and it was a double, so I didn't really care. The room was very small, but it made up for it with its fun personality and decor.

    Maybe when I'm rich and able to spend some big bucks I'll reserve one of the larger rooms at the Triton, but for now our tiny room and free wine was just fine for me!

    09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. Mary P.
    This hotel was very cute and colorful like the pictures online were like. The room was smaller than I had imagined but it was perfectly fine for just me and my boyfriend. The interior design was nice and modern but you can tell the building was old by the piping and such. The water was yellowish both in the tub and in the toilet. Room service was fast with requests and so was the front desk. I liked how there were free white chocolate macadamia cookies and chocolate chip cookies during the day in the lobby with water and coffee! Valet is super expensive..$40 a night we stayed 2 nights so that was easily almost $100 just to park our car at this hotel. The location was GREAT for tourists because it is in the heart of san francisco and a few blocks away from the bus and trolley stations. If we look out the window we see union station and chinatown so 4 stars for location!. Overall it was a comfortable experience nothing too amazing or too bad.

    26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Vi Y.
    Hotels don't count in the $200 date day budget....at least that's the new rule since I'm now over my budget.  

    I found Hotel Triton through Travelzoo for $79/night.  What the fine print didn't include was parking was $38, and all of the other parking spots in the area was $30. :(  

    Check in was a breeze, and being a Kimpton member, you get to raid the fully stocked snack bar for 2 items adding up to $10 (though a beer is already $7).  The hotel is nice and clean.  Our flat screen tv wasn't working when we got there, so we called down and someone came up within 10 minutes.  The bed was really cute, with zebra prints that matched my lingerie...*rawr*!  

    Compared to the Clift Hotel for the same price though, I'd rather stay at the Clift.

    10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    140. Frederick C.
    I stayed here for two weeks due to company travel.  I didn't have to pay, and I don't know what they would have charged me, but I did have a pleasant stay.  I was on the top floor, so there wasn't much street noise.  The room was clean, the bed was very comfortable - very nice linens, etc.  Lots of extras - free Haagen Daaz Ice cream by the pint delivered to your room, etc.  Rooms are on the small side - not unusual in San Francisco.  But lots of extras - ironing board and hair dryer and robes in the room, etc.  I would stay here again.  Very convenient location to Union Square, Chinatown, BART system and Cable Cars.  Very friendly and helpful staff.  No effort on their part to nickel and dime the guests - on the contrary - things for which you would expect to pay extra are free.

    31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. Erin B.
    This was such a good experience and I am so glad I came here! My sister convinced me that we should spend a night in San Francisco and have a girls' night.  When we arrived at Hotel Triton, the valet and concierge were so welcoming, polite, and took care of us immediately!  The concierge asked if we like "white wine or red wine" and then we both had a glass of red wine upon our arrival to check in. The hotel staff was very helpful and courteous, they even allow dogs (no weight limit, no extra fee-definitely bringing Fido next time!), and their hotel is very nicely decorated. It's bright, but chic, and trendy, but comfortable.  The rooms were excellent, beds in great condition-it was right in the heart of Union Square/Chinatown edge, so we were able to walk to a great French restaurant and then out and about for after dinner beverages,  but it was so quiet at night-I had a wonderful sleep!  I will definitely be back-the offer a great AAA rate (I think it was $180 a night-well worth it compared to what else you may get in San Fran for 180/nite) and have specials on Priceline (where I initially found out about them, and free wifi to guests that sign up with their rewards program (also free).  Go check it out if you are looking for a great place in the heart of San Francisco!

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. David K.
    The best feature of this hotel is its location.  Directly across the street from the entrance to Chinatown, within a very short walk to Union Square (the major shopping district of San Francisco), and very walkable to the Financial District.

    The Hotel Triton is a boutique hotel and part of the Kimpton hotel chain.

    Hotel rooms are smaller than average.  The hotel is in a busy part of town so you are likely to hear the sounds of city life through the hotel windows.  

    Despite the age of the hotel, the staff maintains the hotel well.  Seems to be fairly clean.  The front desk staff was very friendly.  Hotel did not have a restaurant but there are plenty nearby.  Only valet parking available at the hotel but there is a very large city run garage (Sutter/Stockton garage) with a reasonable overnight rate about a block away from the hotel.

    In the Union Square area, I prefer the Hyatt and the Hilton.  But would go back to Hotel Triton again if there are no rooms available (or the rates are very high) at the other two hotels.

    27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    143. Eugene F.
    My friend and her fiancee were getting married at The Cliff House, and arranged for the Hotel Triton for a block of rooms to be reserved at a special rate for out-of-town guests and the like for the wedding.  Not wanting to have to deal with driving back-and-forth between the South Bay and San Francisco for the rehearsal and the actual wedding, we decided to take-up the opportunity to have a getaway in the city and stayed at the Hotel Triton.  

    The rooms are whimsical, and not all that big, but sizable still for the City.  Our hotel room had a view of the gate to Chinatown and it was actually quite nice.  The World Cup was still going on, and the pub around the corner was showing the game, and we would often hear the rumblings and cheers from the game from our hotel room.  

    The front desk people were very nice, and stored my luggage since I showed-up a little bit before noon so that I could meet-up with friends for lunch.  Eric was really nice to deal with and let me know when I could anticipate my room being ready so that I could plan accordingly.

    Only drawback is that valet parking is, well, an arm and a leg.  I know it's the city, but it was $37/night for parking, but with in and out privileges. which I guess isn't all that bad.  I just wanted to bitch that it was really expensive.  ;-)

    Overall, the Hotel Triton is a great place to stay.  It's convenience to multiple tourist areas make it an ideal place to stay.

    30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Gina S.
    Love this Kimpton property!  The decor is hip and funky.  The rooms are a little cramped, but it is San Francisco so it didn't bother me too much.  I loved the 5pm hosted wine hour they offer...many guests hung out in the lobby and it was great talking with other guests.  We got some great tips from a few locals that were staying there as a "stay-cation".  The hotel is in a perfect location, walking distance to Union Square, Chinatown, etc.  We plan on going to SF again and will stay at Hotel Triton!

    31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. Danie B.
    There are pros and cons with this hotel.

    It's an inexpensive hotel in San Francisco
    Location is great.  The hotel is by the mouth of China town.  You're pretty much in Union square.  Stores are walking distance.
    The decor is very nice.  I actually want to copy them.
    The staff is very friendly and attentive.
    Starbucks literally across the street.  Cafe right next door.


    If your room is on the lower floors of the hotel, it is difficult to sleep because you can hear the noise of the traffic and the pedestrians.
    The room has nice decor but the hotel itself is pretty old.  ie. The bathrooms do not have ventilation system, the room smells funny, the drainage system in the shower is slow.  (As I showered I got puddles up to my ankle and had to turn off the water and wait.)  


    It's not a nightmare hotel but I won't come back.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    146. Melissa W.
    Loved this hotel!! Stayed here for my 30th bday and was not disappointed. First off the staff is great, probably the friendliest and most helpful of any hotel i've ever been to. The decor is very funky/cool/artsy. The rooms clean with awesome local art. I noticed a lot of yelp complaints that the rooms were small, yes they were small, but what hotel in the city doesn't have small rooms? Get real people, it's SF. Whaddya expect?!? Anyhoo, ordered the breakfast each morning for $1 more (web special) and they delivered us yummy muffins, orange juice and a  water each morning.
    Definitely recommend. STELLAR.

    28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Kristen Z.
    We recently stayed in San Francisco and chose the Hotel Triton because it didn't look like a run-of-the-mill hotel that looked like it could be located in any city.  As a San Fran first-timer, the location seemed to be pretty central to a lot of the things we did.  Anything that wasn't walking distance was a fairly quick bus, cab or train ride away.  Definitely quirky decor which I really liked, wine hour in the evenings and coffee in the mornings were a nice touch.  We also liked that it was pet friendly (even though we left our pets in Wisconsin :).  Right across the street from the Chinatown entrance, close to Union Square, excellent high-end shopping within a couple of blocks in various directions.  The rooms are small - but it's the city and you probably won't spend much time there anyway - but nice.  Overall, I think we'd book again next time we're in town.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Ben G.
    I've stayed at the Hotel Triton probably three or four times, and will again this fall for a convention.  Each time I've stayed there it's been for a convention, and it's been for a stretch of 4 days.  With each stay I'm reminded why the Triton (and, to a greater extent, Kimpton hotels in general) is a preferred stay.

    Kimpton has done a nice job of retrofitting an older hotel to a "boutique" hotel ("boutiqe" is code for "small rooms sparsely decorated").  But the rooms work, and they're comfortable, and the location is almost perfect; not in the middle of all the chaos, but not far from it.  Great, underrated restaurants nearby.

    24/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Hoa T.
    So I've been here for a 3 nights now and absolutely love the place.

    My company booked the creative zone meeting room on Thursday and I must say it's the most unique meeting room I've ever been in.  Cool artwork, a glitter wall, cute outdoor patio, small restroom inside.. definitely not your normal stuffy meeting space.

    My guest room (zen room) was on the small side but still oozed hipness. Cool zebra print platform bed, aveda products, unique art, whimsical light fixtures... nothing matches and I love it!

    The star here though really is the staff.  They are all extremely friendly, genuine, and welcoming.  The complimentary wine served in the evening was actually good.. and they will serve you as much as you want.

    FYI -
    Overnight parking is $38/night.
    The Triton is a pet friendly hotel and there is an adorable resident dog - Romeo.
    If you are not already a Kimpton member, sign up! Nice perks when you check in.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Eden O.
    note this review is based solely on the front desk service. this is why.

    so i land at SFO at 10pm, I'm on the second leg of a work trip, I'm exhausted. i get to the hotel and cannot WAIT to crash onto the bed. i step up to the front desk. Scott "The Dude" was at the front desk that night. I say my name...he looks up and tells me that they had unfortunately had some maintenance issues and no more rooms were available. However within seconds he let me know that they had another hotel room available and would pay for a cab there.

    he let me know it was over in fisherman's wharf which is pretty far from my office, i explained the situation. within a minute he called another hotel that happened to be across the street from my office.

    i was scurried into a cab (fare paid for) checked into another hotel (with the room comped)

    that is what i call great customer service. thanks guys.

    30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    151. Christine K.
    Great location and great price considering the location. One of the few hotels you can get a room for less than $200 that isn't a dump.

    My room was small but very nice and comfortable with a great view of the gateway to Chinatown. Lovely bathroom with Aveda products, score!

    Would have loved to check out their little happy hour if I had been staying in the hotel longer but was really only there to sleep.

    It was pouring when I left the hotel to head to the Orpheum for West Side Story but the doorman bravely went out into it to hail me a cab. Too bad the cabbie he hailed was a complete moron and had NO IDEA what the Orpheum was, let alone where it was. Seriously?

    07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    152. Jason Y.
    nice little boutique hotel in the heart of the city.  it had the most comfortable bed i've ever slept on in a hotel!  Great location, a bit on the small side, but a very nice room with neat decor, perfect for san fran!

    literally walking distance from anywhere you want to go.  its probably a nicer hotel for a better price than they usual big boys in the city.  would definitely stay there again.  free wine happy hour included doesn't help either!

    22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Bobcat S.
    Cool lobby, small rooms good prices.  Friendly staff.  Oh and great location.

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    154. Grace Y.
    I didn't actually stay at this hotel, but I got to take a look all around it. I did a photoshoot for a photographer and he had talked to the management about having us walk around and take pictures and the staff was cool with us walking all around and lounging on their stuff. It was pretty nice and the decor inside is awesome.

    Their elevators have cool lights in them and the furniture is funky. I like it!

    The location is pretty good too, right smack dab in the heart of all the touristy stuff in San Francisco, within walking distance to all the shopping ;) If I needed a hotel to stay at in SF, I'd definitely put this at the top of my list!

    23/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    155. Bill O.
    Hotel Triton is a very eccentric hotel based at the gates of Chinatown.  It's eclectic nature was the perfect scene for my wife and I to spend our wedding night, and many years later, it made sense to return to the scene of the crime for our anniversary.

    In many ways, it hasn't changed.  Still VERY eclectic, and very SF chic.  We got a great room with an HD TV, and by SF standards, it was roomy and quiet.  The bed was VERY comfortable, and had tons of pillows.

    Quick access to everything centered near Union Square, and obviously, Chinatown.

    It IS showing it's age, however.  The tub was chipped, the paint in the bathrooms is looking beat, and the elevators are slow....REALLY slow.  And even by SF standards, $40/night for parking is a crime.

    That said, great staff (thanks Chase!), and we enjoyed our stay, and yes, we'll return for the next major anniversary.

    12/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    156. Pinky And The B.
    I Choose this  hotel because it looked whimsical and also for the location. I stayed at Embassy suites with a group of girlfriends near the airport and then onto the city at the Triton with my husband several years ago. My husband did not like the hotel as much as I I did.  I am more into the vibe of the place. I really liked it. As New Yorkers we don't care if a hotel is noisy I prefer that over a hotel that is too quiet. But what happened here was not white noise. It was a few years ago so if management is reading this it was several years ago . There was some incident of an unknown nature where someone in the hotel called the police. It is not the hotels fault. It sounded like a domestic dispute and it was in the middle of the night. The walls seemed like they were paper thin. So we heard everything. Just putting that out there if that is important to you. The staff was super friendly and helpful and even apologetic about the noise so it does not happen often. The rooms were kind of small. The best thing about the hotel besides the quirky vibe was the location it is right at the entrance of China Town. San Fransisco's China Town is nice and clean not filthy like ours so it is a plus.
    All in all I liked the hotel it is clean, great location, friendly service, funky Just a fun place to stay. Has a great San Fransisco feel!

    10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    157. Matt R.
    I'm a Kimpton guy and this is one of the best I've been to.

    this hotel is awesome and the people that work there are super helpful too.
    Close to China town and a ton of great shopping.
    Staff is knowledgeable and polite.
    Valet is super fast- but expensive (stand for the city though).

    My rate was $97 a night! Can't beat that rate anywhere.

    09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Melissa B.
    Customer service at this hotel is top notch!  You don't often find an establishment with a staff that seems to genuinely care about their customers.  I was more than impressed with the staff at Hotel Triton.  They made my first trip to San Francisco very enjoyable and provided recommendations for places to visit , eat, and people watch.  The location is also great, right across from the gates to Chinatown.  If you register for their free customer rewards program you get a free $10 raid the mini bar card and free wireless Internet - Score!  Leopard print robes, fancy toiletries, free wine....how can you not love this place?  When I returned home, I filled out their on line survey and the manager even took the time to send me a personalized email thanking me for the comments.  Do yourself a favor and check out Hotel Triton - I'm glad I did.

    26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    159. Michael G.
    Great room! Decor is colorful and fun. Though my room was small, it was comfortable and well thought out. Wireless was super fast and desk was actually useable. Great for business or pleasure!

    04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Pippi L.
    Pretty enjoyable.  I had a quiet room, smallish, but comfy cozy.  I checked the bedding/mattress, no creepy bugs, and I swear Romeo the dog sniffed my luggage several times to make sure I wasn't a vector.  Nice high ceilings, decent bathroom, good hot water, deep tub.

    If I wasn't 7 months pregnant and stuck there for a class, I'd have been a lot happier.  I explored Chinatown a little, wandered around Union Square, and shopped a bit, but everything was pretty much closed around 7 PM except high end restaurants and high end bars.  I can't drink right now, but I dug the neighborhood vibe for the after hours mellowness.

    Bonus: the Triton accepts the state rate, so if you have to be in SF for business, sign up for the klimpton honors program and you can have free wifi and a decent room to snug up in when you're too tired to think.

    Cons: I had my eyes open for roaches all week, and saw not a one.  Until today in the shower.  A medium sized one was on the wall, I thought it was a cricket.    But they were apologetic and no worries.  Still a very comfy hotel!

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Stephanie G.
    Hotel Triton :)
    Beyond the funky decor is a solid hotel with professional staff and great location!
    The lobby is well funky, comfy and fun. Bright, cheerful and during my stay was home to a tarot card reader(for$20). They have warm cookies, lemonade, coffee and tea in the morning and even wine at night.

    Our room was not terribly big but not so small that I was uncomfortable or disappointed. The bed was great and they offer your choice of pillows. The decor was fun. I was hoping for a little more funky but it was neat. Tv, mini bar :) I love mini bars. I know you pay in this case $3.50 for a coke but I don't care :) Yes like I read in another review I as able to hear a bit of noise from the street on the third floor but didn't disturb even my afternoon nap.
    Bathroom small. A closet toilet w a tub. However a deep tub and good water pressure are worth their weight in gold to me. Everything was clean and soft. So for me the size was forgivable. The leopard print bathrobe was cute too.

    Having never been to San Francisco and spending my first day alone I have to personally thank Joe at the desk. Working his concierge magic setting up tours,recommending local business, and giving directions to the girl with no direction at all. Super friendly and professional from the desk to the housekeeping.

    Signing up for their reward program gave info on discounts and even specials like rembrusments for things like having a checked bag at the airport, or going out for drinks in the neiborhood. Worth checking out. They have a health club, yoga bags with mats and bands so you don't have to pack yours, in room spa all that but I didn't bother I was on vacation :)

    Would I go back? In a heart beat.

    25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Kymberli C.
    A hotel with a dog employee? ROMEO!! He is so adorable.  He was working the Valet and also followed us up to our room with our luggage cart.  Everyone here is very friendly.  They greeted us with glasses of wine while we were checking in.  The rooms are a little on the small side though.  Only big enough for the two full sized beds and that was about it.  The bathroom is also very cramped.  The check in area is beautifully decorated with a colorful painting and cute furniture.  The location of the hotel is also great, it's in the financial district and near chinatown and not too far walk from union square.  Next door on one side is Cafe De La Presse and a wine bar on the other side.

    26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Carol Y.
    Sure, Triton would live here... if he were gay lovers with Dr. Seuss and they decided to move to San Francisco.  

    Very unique under-the-sea themed furniture and decor make this place an interesting sight to behold.  I had a friend from out of town staying here a couple of years back and when I first entered the lobby I thought, "Oh my God, seriously?  Am I in Vegas?"  It was bright, colorful, and shiny with actual Dr. Seuss books in the lobby.  They even had a tarot card reader with a table set up right there in the lobby for desperate moments of uncertainty.  Sweet.  

    The guestroom went along with the theme, though slightly less extreme.  We noticed immediately that the clock on the nightstand had an ipod dock, which was a very nice touch for a hotel to provide.  We listened to music all night long.

    29/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Stacy A.
    I absolutely love this hotel!!! Top 3 things are 1) The staff is AMAZING! 2) Very trendy decor 3) great location near Chinatown Union Square and the Moscone Center.  Air conditioners work great and the room is clean. The beds and pillows are super comfortable.  I am on day 4 of an 8 day trip for a work conference and I will stay here again.

    29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Monika K.
    hip cool hotel right by the gates of chinatown. prime location
    small rooms with a comfy bed, kinda had an euro feel to it to me for some reason
    free wine reception and coffee in am, room service from french cafe nxt door.
    I am def sold on the kimpton hotel chain.

    21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Zoe M.
    I love the Hotel Triton. The staff is super friendly and the funky ambience is pure SF. When traveling I prefer to stay at local style hotels to get a flavor for the city. The Triton does not disappoint. From the complimentary wine hour to the fresh baked cookies the staff makes every attempt to make your stay joyful.  I love the Triton!

    16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Mikki T.
    I used to live in the city and have been back to visit numerous times and have stayed at multiple hotels, no big deal.

    The rooms at the Triton are small and cozy but that's kind of expected given the layout and structure of the buildings.

    The location is very convenient for downtown attractions, if you know where you're at and where you're going. People who aren't familiar with the city might say otherwise.

    I had to give the Triton a 5 star due to their exceptional customer service and careful attention to their guests.

    My friends and I booked a room through Orbitz and ended up needing an extra night. We booked another room through the hotel (seeing as there were no significant discounts through Orbitz) and the staff was very efficient about switching over our belongings to the new room when the time came.

    After switching rooms it seemed as though we left behind a massive amount of personal belongings (that's what happens when you pack hung over). Our belongings were brought back to us and multiple members of the staff inquired to ensure we received them.

    Overall, the staff was what made the difference in comparison to other hotels. They were efficient, professional, and knowledgable.

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Charla A.
    LOVED IT!! It made me feel like such an Urbanite staying here. Very nice staff, cute dr. seuss-like furniture, it's definitely a hotel to try if you're looking to stay in the Union Square area.

    PRIME! It's located right across an American Apparel, literally adjacent to Chinatown, and walking distance to all the hottest places to shop. Quick tip for parking: dish out $40 for 24 hour valet parking services... you'll be saving yourself stress from the SF traffic.

    It's one of those hotels where you feel like you can walk barefoot around the room. (not that I suggest it, though). The room felt clean, bathrooms were spotless, and they even provided toiletries by Aveda! upscale, mannn.

    Nicest staff, ever. I had forgotten to print out event tickets, and they offered to print it on site. No need to hit up the Kinko's, woop woop!
    - Forget cotton buds? A make up mirror? Fashion tape? They have it there for you! Call up the front desk to request even a curling iron!

    I suuuper recommend this hotel when coming to the city! Wish we took advantage of their unlimited wine happy hour :( however, there was coffee and tea service in the morning :)

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Carmen H.
    Just stayed here this past weekend for a girls trip.  Had a WONDERFUL experience at this hotel.  It is in a great location, has FABULOUS staff, it's clean, great Aveda products, wine happy hour, coffee and tea in the morning.  Our room was a little small for the 3 of us and we had a little mix up with our check in but the staff was on it immediately and accommodated us.  I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

    I want to give a personal shout out to the evening front desk staffer, Tawny.  SHE ROCKS!!!!  She was sooo helpful and we fell in love with her!  If in San Francisco, stay here!  It is close to great restaurants, bars, shopping and China town.

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    170. Kristen G.
    This cute boutique hotel was great. Check-in was a breeze, and I was quickly in a room that was adorable. The space was at a minimum but I prefer it that way. A clean and cute bed, a desk, a nice bench for luggage and a nice size tv awaited me. The bathroom was tiny but clean. The bath products are by Bigelow & Co. There's a chalk board in the room which was a nice touch to make it personalized for each guest. No central heat and air, but the wall unit sufficed just fine. The front desk staff was friendly but didn't have too many recommendations for restaurants. Lastly, I would give 5 stars except for the lack of a wake up call that I requested. I scheduled one and never received a call. So set a back up alarm to not miss your flight, but other than that one faux pas it was a great experience.

    23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    171. Rob N.
    3.5 stars, if I could give them.

    Triton's an OK hotel, conveniently located.  It's clean, the staff are friendly, and it's an affordable lodging option in a pretty prime location.  The financial district, Union Square, Nob Hill, Chinatown, and SOMA are all a half-dozen blocks in any direction.

    I ended up in a queen room on the courtyard side of the building, which was great noise-wise, but the only sunlight you get in your room on that side of the building's at high noon, so things are a little dim and dreary.  The furniture and paint are showing a little wear and tear, but not so much that I'd call it dingy.  The place is due for a refresh, though.

    A few room issues: the toilet had a slow drippy leak in the valve that was annoying unless the bathroom door was kept shut.  The original alarm clock in the room was DOA, and the replacement looked like it had been attacked by weasels, with half of the buttons not working and a flickering backlight on the clock display.  The room had a small auxiliary closet with a door that wouldn't latch, and the room's main door didn't latch unless you consciously pushed it.

    Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, and apples next to the elevators all day are appealing little touches.  The lobby is comfortable, and a good place to sip that complementary coffee while reading the morning's paper.  Very convenient to BART and MUNI trains (two blocks down, two over) and all sorts of shopping and food.

    Would I stay here again?  I'd give it another chance if the price were right, and I got some advice from the staff on a better room location.  With a room facing some sort of daylight, and some of the worn edges addressed, I could see giving the Triton that fourth full star.

    05/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    172. Lindsey B.
    I'm a HUGE fan of Kimpton hotels.  (we don't have any in Las Vegas, which is such a bummer!)

    After staying at The Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf (which was hella nice and great location for our first trip to San Fran) we decided to stay in a different part of the city.

    Hotel Triton is located in Union Square, right outside of Chinatown.

    The location is PERFECTION!!!!!

    Amazing stores around the corner: Hermes, Prada, Tory Burch, Northface, Tiffany's, Cartier... you get the idea.

    The hotel is decorated in funky, artsy colors and is dog friendly!

    We were able to get a corner room on the 6th floor (619) and had a nice view of chinatown and the city.  It's a smaller room, as it's a smaller hotel, but again, it's clean and the location is fabulous!

    I would definitely stay here again, with no issues!

    They have a wine hour with some hot toddy's (for FREE!).  It's always nice to have a cocktail in the afternoon :)

    They have a computer in the lobby with a printer so you can print your boarding pass.  Very nice!

    Once again, Kimpton hotels, you made me very happy!

    23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Stitchy M.
    I've recommended this hotel many times to friends & associates because most all travel with their pets.  Not only is Hotel Triton very pet friendly, it's super fun, super swanky & hip to boot, with a killer location.  When I say they are very pet friendly, I mean it.  They just don't TOLERATE pets, they warmly welcome them.  

    It was my friend's birthday and we wanted to get away from the beach for awhile, so I knew exactly what to do.  I booked us (and his dog) a "Pet Pampering Package" room at Hotel Triton.  From the minute we arrived until the minute we left, we received excellent customer service.  Actually, even after we checked out, we received amazing customer service.  I forgot my favorite jacket and a couture sweater there.  I inquired about it after I arrived home. The staff searched the hotel & within 15 minutes, found the pieces & called me back.    

    Ihad dresses for the weekend overnighted from NYC directly to the hotel, and when I called to ensure they arrived, they told me right away without even having to put me on hold that they safely arrived.

    When we arrived, Vilen checked us in.  All the front desk knew the name of my friend's dog.  It felt to us like they were really looking forward to her arriving (us pet parents eat that shit up!)  Vilen was so friendly & really cool.  He assisted us all night long with where to go get a drink... getting us a cab etc.  

    My friend is very particular, and Vilen got us in the most perfect room & even sent up a birthday present from the bar!  When we arrived from our night out, Tawny warmly welcomed us back.  I crashed in the most COMFORTABLE bed (omg).  My friend was dealing with family drama, so he was up most the night... going out for a smoke & on his cell phone, so he got to know the night staff pretty well and only had wonderful things to say about them.  Despite his complaining about me packing 1 suitcase full of shoes & 1 suitcase full of makeup + his family drama, he ended up having the best birthday ever.  Thank you, Hotel Triton!!

    01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Yi Z.
    Fantastic Value ($119 for a double twin room, woo hoo! Do NOT touch the "intimacy pack" at the minibar.  Two condoms will set you back about $15.)

    Fabulous Location (3 blocks to Union Square, 5 minutes from Montgomery BART Station, right across from the Chinatown gate.)

    Friendly Staff (Well...most of them were nice - except the guy that made a "comment" about USC.)

    Free Stuff (Unfortunately I missed wine hour, but I had a free Vitamin Water and cheesy cookies waiting for me when I got to my room.)

    Funky Decor (We had a normal room, but they have "Organic" rooms - so San Francisco.)

    Are you catching on? I just realized that a lot of words start with F.  Overall, a Fun place to stay.

    07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    175. Paul C.
    Third stay at the Triton in three years - and it gets better ever time.  My wife signed up for "Kimpton InTouch" and we got a free room upgrade, two free items from the mini bar, plus a $1continental breakfast bag delivered to our door in the morning.  They had us draw a duckie from the pond and we won free Häagen-Dazs to boot.  The lobby had a huge plate of perfect apples, and complimentary wine flowed in the evening as well as coffee the next morning. The New York Times was delivered in the morning.  

    Cute, friendly, comfortable, clean, and great location all at a very reasonable price - what more could you ask for?

    11/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Caro S.
    Great specials!! This hotel is conveniently located near Union Square and is at the foot of Chinatown.

    The hotel room was on the smaller side, but honestly that is pretty standard in SF. What I liked the most was the cute decor in the lobby and in the rooms. They even had iPod Alarm clock docs "slow jam time"!

    Overall, this was a great place to crash for the night. The prices are reasonable, the rooms are clean and cute, and the location is great.

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    177. Jennifer B.
    What a fun little hotel!  The decor is definitely quirky, which definitely makes it stand out from the mass of hotels in the area.  

    The location is fantastic!  It's so close to everything.  Public transportation is basically at the door step.  China town is 10 steps away.  Shopping in Union Square is right around the corner and everything else is so easy to get to.  
    The staff are SO incredibly nice and accommodating.  I was running the S.F. marathon and they aloud us late check out (free of charge) so that I could take a post marathon shower.  Maybe it was my charm??  
    Onto the important stuff, the room!! Our room was small and they managed to squeeze a queen bed in there!!  To be fair, I don't expect much from S.F. hotels in the size department.  But, fair warning!!  The room was super clean and also had the cute funky decor. We were lucky enough to get a room facing away from the business that is Union Square / China Town.
    The price seems on par for the location.    

    Overall, we had a fantastic experience and will recommend this hotel

    14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    178. Christina H.
    This place is interesting. $40 for Valet parking. They TAX YOU!!! Its crazy! The mini bar is a joke. Skittles $4.50 really. Hahahaha. It is in a great location though. The beds are comfortable. The rooms are in need of repair. in our room there was water damage where the molding for the wall meets the carpet.  Crazy. The only thing I can say is good for this place is the wine hour between 5-6pm. Location. And comfortable beds.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    179. Terri B.
    My sons one year anniversary with his girlfriend was coming up and he asked me if I could get him a hotel room in the city.  I love his girlfriend so of course I said yes.  It was October and I found a great deal at the Triton.  Some special and I got a room at an incredible price.

    They loved the hotel, they are in their early 20s and they loved the location, the funky art, the room, and they went next door to the french bistro to eat - twice - and they loved that as well.  The service was good, the people at the front desk were very friendly, it was casual and elegant at the same time.  

    I usually use the Hilton in the Union Square (mostly because under 21 can check in) but decided to do something different and my son was glad I did.

    Oh.. and did I say this was dog friendly.. nope, forgot, but yes your pooch can stay here and is very very welcome!

    22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    180. Eric P.
    This was simply the best hotel experience I have ever had in San Francisco, and that includes my wedding night. The hotel is located close to everything, the decor is unique and uplifting, and the rooms are convenient and comfortable.

    But it's the staff that puts this place over the top. While checking in, we mentioned offhandedly to Mary "Coco Chanel" (the staff all have alter egos) that we were there for our anniversary. Then we went out for lunch. When we returned, "Coco" had left in our room a bottle of champagne on ice, a box of truffles and a handwritten note congratulating us on 17 years of marriage. This was not part of some "romance package" and it was not something tacked onto our bill. This was completely about fantastic customer service and friendliness. We were blown away.

    We will definitely stay there again.

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    181. Vanessa L.
    I had a blast at the Hotel Triton and they treated my two little pups like royalty!  From their friendly faces to their awesome restaurant recommendations, this hotel was amazing and I would highly recommend it to pet owners!

    p.s. it's a kimpton hotel which means your pets stay for free! :)

    26/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    182. Heather D.
    This hotel has so many wonderful things going for it: the staff is ah-mazing!  The location is totally central.  But the rooms are incredibly dated.  The have a weird musky smell to them and are really, really small (and we had a suite).  There is hardly any storage space, especially in the bathroom so we had to leave all our essentials in our ditty bags for the week because there was no place to lay everything out. We had kids sleeping on a pullout in our room and when the couch pulled out, it was very hard to move around the room.

    With all that said, the staff make this hotel simply fantastic.  They go above an beyond to make your stay perfect.  And the lobby always has fun things happening like Tarot readings, wine and cheese every afternoon, Wii dance for the kids and movies streaming through the day. It's a very fun atmosphere here at The Triton.  I only wish they would update their rooms to make it simply perfect.

    23/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Tammy C.
    A friend of mine stayed here and in the middle of the night, she was woken up to a man in her room. The man was on his way out with a rolly. And when she woke up, the door just shut behind him and he was gone. She called the front desk immediately and the front desk apologized and said maybe there was a mix up in the door card keys. But she thought she had locked the dead bolt so how did the man get in her room? This tells me the hotel has a very sloppy security process.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    184. Mihir P.
    I do like the vibe of Kimpton Hotels - from decor, personality of staff, and the intangibles. But in the end it's about the overall stay. Many of the fixtures are outdated (as in American Standard from the 80's) - toilet had to be flushed 2-3 times which wastes water. Shower had low pressure.

    Room was cozy/cramped and it was hard to make room for the ironing board. Also the sink and mirror is outside the bathroom which is good but also is a pain if your room mate is brushing teeth or drying hair and you're trying to sleep.

    I wanted to give 3 stars but rounded up to 4 since their is a wine happy hour and complimentary coffee and tea in the mornings

    06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Scott M.
    So far, it's my favorite Kimpton Hotel. It's funky, fresh and fun. The room is cramped but it's quiet and the bed is comfy. The halls smell like one of those old SF flats you had long ago with 2 or 3  roomates and the living room was converted into bedroom. You know what i am talking about...ah the memories.

    They have free wine at wine hour, I got a $10 raid the mini bar card and I won a free bottle of water upon checkin. Not a bad deal.

    07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    186. Jack M.
    I first came to the Triton around 1993. So, it was the first thought, when returning to S.F. Close to China Town and the farmer's market. Though, this time a fatal mistake. I have stayed at, at least two other Kimpton Hotels. One on Market Square S.F. The other in Washington D.C. Both great experiences. Until I returned a couple weeks ago, when my family returned to the Triton. I was put in a super deluxe room with my family on an alley, and all night long one dumpster after another were slammed like gun shots. When I complained, they offered me a glass of wine, which every stranger was offered. One bright light was a young women who offered advice on where to eat. Bonus. Beside that, there was not an offer of a change of room or any other constellation prize or other wise. Best to look elsewhere. Sorry, but our experience was far from the norm. Good news, we drove from wine country to S.D. and every other hotel experience was far better. Don't bother wasting time, money or disappointment. Try the Westin. They will treat you like the first customer that walked thru there doors. Final say. I'll give the Triton, what they gave to me. Poor service and little advice how to make it better. I live in Denver. You have a lot to live up to, if you ever think you may be a Monaco. Think before you buy. Remember you pay with ur feet people. Less than favorable...

    17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    187. Liana G.
    It's a quirky hotel and the old building has its charm and isn't exactly all new and pristine so I can't give it 5 stars but would stay here again and would recommend it to anyone traveling with pets. They are SUPER pet friendly and greet dogs with treats and a water bowl at the door. They don't have a pet fee and offer a dog bed, bowls and bottle water for free. They also treat humans nice with free amenities like phone chargers, fashion tape, curling iron, toothpaste and much much more.

    The hotel is unique with crazy wallpaper, leopard print bathrobes, and an interesting snack bar. The front desk was very nice and even remembered my dogs name. The hotel is also centrally located a few blocks from union square and right near china town. There is also a park a few blocks away to take your dog.

    This was the BEST dog friendly hotel. No size limit and really all animals are welcome. They also have a great frequent visitor membership with free wifi, snack bar discount and a free stay after 10 visits at any if the Kimpton hotels (all pet friendly).

    01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    188. Some D.
    I have no idea why this place is rated as highly as it is. My first impression was bad. Riding in a cab up Grant you see all these high end retail shops and think the hotel is going to be swank until you get to the front of the hotel and see the dirty sign and the cheap tacky decor and lobby furniture. When they remodeled this place they must have had a small budget because they just painted over everything in a rush without removing the moudings. There are paint overruns everywhere they didn't mask properly, like when they repaint motel 6 rooms. All the furniture is cheap and tacky. They didn't bother updating the elevators and they sound like they're going to break any moment. I've been in a few 100yo remodeled buildings in the SF area and this one is pretty bad. It belongs in the tenderloin. But why are they charging so much? Is it for the tacky hipster decor?

    Lastly, the place smelled like mildew. As soon as I got off on my floor I noticed the smell and it got worse in my room. I'm not sure what the smell is exactly but it reminds me of musty mildew smell. Others on yelp have mentioned it but when I complained to Scott the manager he told me "that's how 100yo buildings smell". Well, I've been in quite a few 100yo buildings in SF and they don't smell like this unless they've had some fat sweaty hipster living in them.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    189. Quyen P.
    This hotels makes me feel..different, definitely in a good way!
    First the customer service is just top notch. They made me feel welcome from the moment I checked in to checked out.  It is definitely a smaller Kimpton hotel but very intimate, charming, and elegant. The room is small but quite clean, and daily service is just excellent. By signing up to be Kimpton member, you get $10 bar credit per day which I used towards bottle water and soft drinks, and free internet which of course I use everyday on my lab top. Also, free organic coffee and teas every morning for guests and free wine every afternoon till 7 pm.
    What a great hotel! I felt like home while staying there, and got sad when we actually left ( stayed there for 7 days for saleforce conference).

    Will definitely come back or try other Kimpton hotels around the world.

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. K R.
    My husband and I stayed here on our first visit to San Fran. Staff is friendly, great location, rooms are clean and we liked the decor.
    When we arrived, they upgraded our room (without us even asking) and we were moved up to the seventh floor.
    The rooms are small but you're in the city and not paying top dollar for a room so it was expected.
    Another plus for us was our room was so quiet. We had the AC on when we were in the room and slept through the night without hearing a thing.
    My only two complaints were that our AC didn't work too great and the room was a bit muggy. Also, you have to pay to watch tv. I don't know if that's typical in San Francisco but that was a first for me. Usually there's basic cable available. We were out and about all day long but we like to watch a little tv before we fall asleep.
    Those things weren't deal breakers though and we would definitely stay here again.

    22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    191. Jing C.
    Stayed here for a business trip and loved it!  

    Quirky decor, super nice staff and a freshly baked cookie hour!

    03/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. April S.
    Well, I know where I will be going to stay next time I'm in San Francisco. I have to say that this is the best place I have stayed in San Francisco. From the front desk staff to the size of our king room, I was impressed with every little detail.

    First, if you go, join the Klimpton inTouch thingie. You get free WiFi (normally charge for it) and a $10 credit on the mini bar. Totally worth it. Also, the best prices I could find were on the Hotel Triton site itself. My friends were shocked we paid so little for a hotel in such a perfect location.

    The lobby is awesome and will distract you when you first come in. They are dog friendly and keep a jar of treats by the door. We got in early and they gladly held our bags and put us in the direction of some good food nearby.

    I have stayed in boutique hotels before and expected a tiny, tiny room. Last time I stayed at a different hotel and there was barely room for me to move around the bed. Our king room had plenty of room to do yoga by the bed and a desk so we could use our computer to plan our days. I was really surprised by the size. I guess anyone who has not stayed at a boutique hotel might find it small, but really do you need the space? We were only in our room to shower, sleep and plan our days. The bed was really comfortable and I loved all the Aveda products in the bathroom.

    I would recommend getting a room up higher in the hotel. We did and I think it really helped with the street noise. The location is amazing. I could peek out my window and see the gates of Chinatown. Plus, it was easy to get everywhere due to the nearby BART station and multiple nearby MUNI stops.

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    193. Tri V.
    We stayed at theTriton Hotel, San Fransisco for 3 nights to celebrate our 34th anniversary. We were glad that we booked the hotel directly instead of going through another website. We were surprised that it was less expensive this way.

    We loved this hotel; we loved the decor that made it fun. To our surprise, the hotel gave us a free room upgrade, a bottle of champagne, and a $10 "raid the mini bar" coupon to celebrate the occasion.

    What made it special staying here were the little details: free newspaper at the room door every morning, wine get-together every afternoon, free cookies, free fruit scented water all day, and free wifi. The hotel was clean and large ; the staff was friendly. Can't remember the young lady's name who checked us in; she dressed perfectly fit in with the hotel decor; she always had a smile on her face. The ac was a little noisy though. But the weather was so nice that we did not need to turn on the ac at all.

    Great location, near the China Town entrance, the Italian town, bars, restaurants, and Fisherman's Warf.

    We will definitely stay there again when we are in SF.

    17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    194. Elif F.
    The location is lovely, the beds however...not so great.  I was sucked into the horribly over used mattress that had a whole in the middle.  Not so comfortable.  The little awesome restaurant right next door was alright, pricey, and they dried to do French, the service was really abysmal.  Hi, you didn't even listen to take my full order and then you disappear so that I can't ask for anything like, oh I don't know, cutlery to actually eat my now cold breakfast...thanks.

    You look good, but that is about it.....

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    195. Lauren P.
    Friendly staff. Free wine. Free minibar stuff. Leopard print robes. Sweet smelling shampoos & lotions. And a never-ending "Stuff I forgot" list.

    I [heart] Kimpton.

    This is my second stay at a Kimpton Hotel and so far my experiences are still awesome. They have some of the friendliest and most helpful staff. I generally stay at some other big-box hotel chain, but for a change we went the boutique hotel route and stayed at the Triton. I'm so glad we did. In fact, I may never go back to the same old boring room everywhere I go.

    When it comes down to it, I need a comfortable bed to sleep in, a clean bathroom to get ready in, and sometimes those extra things that the airlines insist make me a terrorist (you know, like my hairspray). Kimpton's got this "Forget it? We've got it." list of stuff that is SO right for women. FULL SIZE hair dryers. Curling irons. Straightening irons! Nail clippers! USB chargers!! zomg I'm in heaven.

    Then when you stay at a Kimpton you get the same awesome help from the people who work there with the unique personality/charm of a boutique hotel. Freaking love this place...did I say that yet?

    They even appeared to be family friendly, which is unusual in San Francisco I've been told. Most hotels get that snobby attitude, but Kimpton stays laid back. There's wine hour (which sometimes include sangria) and there's even cookie time. The latter means less to me as he did inform me they aren't gluten-free cookies. There is a doggie bowl & treats and I even saw a few pups running around the hotel while I was there.

    And I guess the prices are about average for the city. I think with all the extra perks though, the Triton should easily sweep the other hotels around San Francisco. By far it's up there as the best in Union Square!

    Oh, you may be asking, why not 5 stars? Well, I had some small issues with my stay. I didn't receive a yoga mat when I checked in (like the reservation requested & I previously confirmed before I arrived) but I didn't do much to ensure that it did get to my room. Also, and this isn't really Triton's fault, the rooms are so small! But to their defense, the Triton does a great job in utilizing the space as best as possible. I wish they had a real curtain or something on the bathroom window though...the light from there woke me up early! At least I didn't suffer too much from jetlag, right?

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Gourmet G.
    With its bizarre decor and slightly too relaxed attitude, this definitely is not the place for conservative parents or maiden aunts, and even the uber-hip might think it tries a little too hard to be trendy. After all, how cool is a hotel that claims it is? Smallish rooms offer all the usual high-end amenities found in Kimpton properties, but they're decorated in styles that many will find far more discomfiting than relaxing. There's a complimentary wine party with tarot card readings and chair massages every evening  and a DJ on Friday nights, coffee and tea is served every morning in the lobby, and freshly baked cookies are available in the afternoon. An on-site 24-hour workout facility will appeal to the exercise-obsessed, and corporate types will appreciate the complimentary morning Town Car service throughout the Financial District. The location is prime, and if you manage to get one of the on-line Hot Date Rates of only $109, you may be willing to overlook the truly unsettling ambiance of your room.

    15/09/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    197. Joel Z.
    Booked a same day reservation driving up from Orange County. I had initially chose it due to its location & pet friendly policy. Having a larger dog is usually a struggle with hotels, but they were more than happy to welcome our pup & even greeted us with treats. As others mention, rooms are a little small, but given that you are in the city & for the price I thought it was fair.

    13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Natalia K.
    Fun hotel with very interesting, bright, funky decor. If you're a fan of new, unique discoveries, this place is a gem.

    Like others have said, the LOCATION is absolutely perfect. You're right across the street from the entrance to Chinatown; a short 3-block walk from Union Square, Market St. and all the shopping; a 5-6 block walk to SFMOMA, Moscone, and other conference centers; and right in the middle of a bunch of great restaurants and bars.

    The staff is very friendly, although we had a couple of dumb hiccups because our reservations were booked through Hotel Planner. I'd booked 3 rooms for a business conference, and each person had to present the confirmation or get me, even though their names were on the rooms.

    One of the best parts is the hotel dog -- Romeo. He's a bundle of joy, especially on a late evening in the lobby.

    Tip:  ask for a room on one of the higher floors. We were on the 2nd floor and had a terrible time getting to sleep because of all the street noise. And if we tried to sleep in late, we were woken up by the construction right outside.

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. Laura S.
    Hotel Triton - I really liked this hotel. I found this from yelp and thought, why not give it a shot!

    I got a special deal (the yelp deal) that gave me the room for the weekend (Friday & Saturday night) for $89/night for a queen size bed. I thought sweet. The total was $205 for the whole weekend. To make matters better, I called to request a room with a view but queen rooms do not have a view, so she felt bad for me and upgraded me to a King size room. (Also, I am a Kimpton In Touch member - become one)

    So that was awesome. I made reservations a month in advanced.

    So I got there and the lobby was adorable. I loved the colors and it just looked so trendy. It was also pet friendly, so I'm considering bringing my pet rabbit here one day.

    We came in and checked in and everyone was friendly. She told me about complimentary wine (evenings), breakfast (didn't make it bc I slept in), hot chocolate (afternoon) and Wii fi in the room.

    Score! So went to the room and here is the downside of hotels in SF, they are small. Unless you get a big room that has a living room attached. But I liked it because I like it was small, flashy and quaint.

    FYI: The bathtub is high, so really lift your leg or else you'll hit it and it hurts.

    The bed is comfy and you get a set of pillows that are soft. I just like the design.

    Was going to call a cab to Pier 39 but the front desk guy told me I could save money by going on the trolley. The guy saved me $16! The trolley is really close (3-4 blocks) so you have access to a lot of places.

    The location of the hotel is close to everything. You're right next to Chinatown which I went for souvenirs (cheap!) and for the Golden Gate Bakery. You're close to the Union Square shopping (score!), and you're close to the trolley that takes you everywhere.

    Got to have some of the complimentary hot chocolate, sweetness.

    Had the free wine and warm peanuts. It was nice just to rest in their trendy stylish lounge.

    The great thing about Hotel Triton too is... the free printing of your boarding passes. I had to check in for my flight and print out the passes and they did it for me! Free. Awesome service.

    Also, we told them a day in advanced we needed shuttle service back to SFO and they did it costing us $15 each.

    I'd go back.

    01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    200. James Z.
    I'm a loyal Kimpton customer. As much as I had a pretty flawless stay here, I'm giving this hotel 4.5 out of 5 solely because the rooms were a bit small and the bathroom was a little uncomfortable. Granted, I know the hotel's infrastructure is old and they rehabbed it, but for a room that is supposed to comfortably fit two, it wasn't really happenin' for us. The bathtub and commode are in one room while the narrow sink area is outside. At least for my roommate and me, it was hard to get ready with the sink away in another room from the bathtub.

    The customer service was good for the most part. The front desk and concierge were friendly and helpful. We drove from LA and parked our car at the hotel. When I needed the car, it took a long time to get the car. Disclaimer: It was 1:30 AM on a Saturday. Nevertheless, it didn't come out for probably 30 minutes. Front Desk explained there is only one guy on deck at that hour, but that seemed a little long especially since no one was picking up cars at that time.

    The fitness center was small, but did it's job of having the proper equipment. The rooms were well-appointed, overall. I thought the location was also perfect... adjacent to Chinatown and in Union Square. I was able to move around from SoMa or the Embarcadero and back in good time. Compared to other Kimptons I've stayed at (especially the more "top-of-the-line Kimptons" like Hotel Monaco or Palomar), this one was great, but not excellent. However, for the decent price and the location, it was a 4.5 star experience!

    21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    201. Eric K.
    We stayed at Hotel Triton while visiting San Francisco for 5 days and had an awesome stay there.  To start, everyone at the front desk was very friendly, welcoming, and helpful.  They also informed us that complimentary coffee is available in the mornings and complimentary wine in the early evenings.  We took advantage of both, and so did a lot of other hotel minglers.  Because of the free morning jolt of caffeine provided at Hotel Triton, the Starbucks across the street didn't get a lot of our business like I had anticipated.  It was also nice to come back from a long day of walking/sightseeing and find a tall glass of wine waiting for us.  

    The lobby, elevators, hallways, and rooms are very clean and decorated with modern furniture and accents.  The rooms aren't huge, but they have all of the necessary ingredients to provide a little home away from home.  The building may look (and is probably) old, but the rooms are all updated.  

    Best of all, Hotel Triton was conveniently located for everything that we wanted to do.  Chinatown was right outside our door, the major Union Square shopping district was right down the street, the BART train to and from the airport was only a few blocks away, and everything else was just a walk, cable car, streetcar, bus, or train stop away.  

    I would definitely recommend the Hotel Triton to anyone thinking about visiting the San Francisco area.  It's a great value; in a great safe, location; and provides exceptional service and rooms.

    04/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    202. Courtney G.
    Pros: location is practically at the front steps of Chinatown and also very close to Powell. The decor is very funky, I enjoyed the chalk board in my room! Food was quick and yummy. Clean and comfortable.

    Cons: small rooms, overpriced for what you get, and not very friendly. The front desk made sure to make me aware that "50 other people were requesting the same thing I was".

    I checked out and found a new place that was bigger and had better prices even closer to Powell street!

    22/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    203. Miss M.
    I loved my time at the Triton! Awesome service, very relaxing and in a great location - very close to transport in San Francisco.  I will definitely stay here again!

    Loved the in room gym equipment to work out with and Romeo their doggie concierge!

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    204. Karlie M.
    I stayed at the Hotel Triton with my husband for four nights in June 2010.  It was our first time to the city, so I wasn't sure how the location would be, but it was great. The hotel is right across the street from the Chinatown gate, and within walking distance to all kinds of bus stops.

    As soon as I walked into the lobby, I was pretty certain I'd made a good choice. The decorations are bright and fun, but not tacky. The lobby is large and has a nice seating area and TV (which they played the World Cup games on, which was nice). We checked in at about 11pm, and the young man at the front desk was very nice and upbeat. In fact, every time we walked by the front desk, whoever was there would always say hello or welcome back, and seemed quite genuine. We also ordered a cab the night before we checked out, and the young man who did that for us was also very helpful and friendly. Check out was a breeze and only took about 30 seconds.

    When I made my reservation, I signed up to be a Kimpton In Touch member (free), which gave us free internet access and a $10 gift card for the mini-bar that came with a note from the manager. Nice touch. We booked directly through the hotel website and got the "Stay 3 and save" deal, which saves you 30% if you stay 3 nights or more. This put us at $135 a night. I thought this was a good deal.

    We were in room 721, a Deluxe Room with a queen bed. The mattress was soft, the blanket was dreamy and the pillows were feather (can be foam on request). I almost always have trouble sleeping, even at home, and I slept great in that bed. The room had two closets, a desk, a nice looking flat screen TV, dresser and mini-bar. The bathroom had a shower/tub combo and nice Aveda soaps. Another nice touch is the artwork by local artists in the room.

    I really liked the atmosphere and design of this hotel.

    I would definitely stay here again. The only real reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5 is that they don't have breakfast. I would have given 4.5 if I could. There is a café next door that we went to twice that you can also order room service from (more expensive than physically going into the restaurant, so we just went in), and there are tons of places in the area. They do offer coffee and juice in the morning, and I grabbed an apple from a bowl of them once or twice for the road. There is also a wine hour daily at 5pm, but we were never around for it.

    23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. J R.
    This is a fantastic hotel.  The location is perfect.  The staff is pleasant and helpful.  We love the quirky and funky decor.  Our room is nice sized.  We have stayed at many boutique hotels in San Francisco that were the same size or smaller.  In addition to wine, they served hot toddies during the reception hour.  Very nice experience and if you catch the hotel at a good rate, definitely a top choice.

    24/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    206. Amy D.
    Bottom line: I would not stay here again.

    There are some pros to this hotel: very friendly and helpful staff, location, and the complimentary wine hour.

    The furniture/decorations/wallpaper are bold and kitschy but I think it may be there to distract you from everything else. When we entered our room we were overwhelmed by a powerful odor of mold/decay. We turned up our window AC unit hoping that would blow it out - but it did not. A previous guest must have spilled a coke all over the TV remote because all of the buttons stuck making it quite a chore to change the volume or channel. The bathroom: it looked cute but if you looked closely you could see that tiles were missing or chipped, the grout was filthy and it was overall rundown. The sink vanity has no drawers or shelves so if you can't fit everything on the counter (which you can't) then you have to put it on the floor. The worst part though was that the bathtub drained very slowly. By the end of a shower I was standing in a couple inches of water. Then when we showered the next time the bathtub floor was like a skating rink from all of the residue left behind.

    Lastly - the food at Cafe de la Presse was also sub par.

    22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    207. Aire B.
    I loved this hotel from the moment I walked in to the lobby! I have to say I was a little surprised to see how old the rooms were once I made it upstairs, but mine had been recently redecorated so after being in there for a few moments I kind of forgot. :)

    Every staff member that I encountered was so kind and helpful. I loved the area of town that is is located in as well!

    A nice little surprise, the guest relations girl left a bottle of red wine in my room one night.

    02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. Maren H.
    Just stayed here on a business trip. Loved the location, the price and thought the kitchy colorful scheme was funky and kinda fun.  The staff was very helpful, when I needed documents printed I just emailed it to the front desk and they had them waiting for me at the front desk. They would have even run them to my room if I needed them. Nice!  The only real downside for me is the super expensive food and the showers are hard to get warm...  but overall I say a good place to come... it's a funky spot.

    24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    209. Loren C.
    Staff was nice and prompt, the location was also great, but overpriced for what we got.
    We received a full when we had requested a queen. When questioned about this the staff responded that the queens in the hotel are smaller compared to others. We also didn't hear the complimentary breakfast cart come knocking on our door in the morning so we were basically told we missed out.
    The room was pretty standard.

    25/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    210. Casey L.
    I have never before stayed at a hotel with staff as friendly as Hotel Triton's staff! We stayed here for one night on our anniversary. The staff surprised us by upgrading our room the the fantastic Haagen Dazs suite (where you get unlimited ice cream!) and also had a very nice card and bottle of champagne for us. They were very helpful in finding restaurants and places to go.

    The hotel was very welcoming and provided lots of comps for their guests: There were warm cookies on a counter next to the water for guests, there are a couple of free bikes that guests can check out for the day on a first come, first serve basis, there is wine tasting, and morning tea and coffee.

    It was a fun trip and I would stay here again.

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Garett W.
    Hated it! My cashmere sweater became missing after the maid's visit, and I came down with pink eye immediately after having a massage in one of their private massage rooms! The massage therapist they recommended was weird too. My trip was cut short needless to say. It's not hip, it's scummy.

    28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    212. Eric B.
    I had a dream the other day; I was living in a spacious, stylish studio in a vintage building in the heart of San Francisco, from where I ate and drank my way through the city, draining all the cocktails and seashells that washed into my wake.  At the end of my dream, I checked out of the Hotel Triton.  

    If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.

    Live like a local in San Francisco and stay at the Hotel Triton.  It has a rustic, funky vibe that reflects the older Bohemian era of San Francisco and makes you feel that, for just a few days, you are a resident of this fabulous city.  As befits the name, the overall decor of the hotel has an aquatic vibe; the flowing furniture, bright blue hallways, multiple shades of aqua and beadboard walls throughout all invoke the Age of Aquarias.

    Being an old hotel, the elevators are small, as is the lobby, in comparison to modern grand hotels, whether belonging to the Kimpton chain or another.  But you are staying here, after all, for the charm - a chance to soak up the city and all of its temptations.

    If it is available, I strongly recommend staying in the Kathy Griffin suite.  Quite in contrast to her stand up personality, the decor is restrained and tasteful, with crisp hardwood floors and off whitewashed walls.  Most importantly, the king bed was very comfortable and made for a very relaxing stay.

    Even if you opt for a smaller room, I can hardly imagine it being an inconvenience as you'll hardly spend any time in it.  The Hotel Triton is in a beautiful location, right outside the gates to Chinatown and a block from the French Quarter.  While there is a French restaurant attached to the Hotel, I strongly recommend walking over to Belden Place and trying Plouf and Bastille, excellent French options in one of the many restaurant alleys in this part of the city.  If you crave Italian, North Beach is also a short cab ride, or walk, away.

    The staff was friendly and helpful, and the wine hour was fun.  Sadly, there was so much for us to do during our visit that we made it for wine only once over our five day stay.  Damn you, San Francisco, for being so fun!  

    We will definitely be back.

    13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. C.M. C.
    I'm a huge fan of Kimpton hotels. I usually stay at hotel Monaco for my staycations in SF but Triton was cheaper this weekend (Pres day, V day AND Chinese New Year parade weekend all rolled into one!). I was late getting started driving in from the East Bay so I called the front desk to get advice on how to try and avoid the traffic. ADAM directed me to a back way. Although I hit downtown 1 hr before parade started, I had no more than the usual weekend traffic! It was GREAT and amazing. They weren't annoyed at all when I called a couple of times on the way to clarify; they're very friendly.

    The staff as at all Kimptons, is very friendly. The front lobby is great for sitting and reading by huge windows looking out to street (Monaco doesn't have this) Decor is quirky and fun. If you like ostentatious and grand, Trump style, don't stay here. 4 stars instead of 5 because they could keep up rooms a bit better. NOT update or remodel, but for example, the bolt on door is hard to turn. Carpet is a bit worn. There are a bunch of dents on molding. Hallways are cute and charming but a bit more rundown than Monaco.

    Also- walls and ceilings are thin. So if you're on a staycation like I am, you can hear the thumping of the cleaning crew and motor of the vacuum above and to each side of you. Windows do not keep out any noise; 6 floors up I could hear the trash collectors at 5 am and horns very clearly. I put my earplugs in and it's ok. But if you're running out each day to see the city, then it would be fine I guess.

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. Jessica G.
    Well what can I say? I was greeted with a glass of wine and a smile. The staff is super nice. Very helpful! I forgot my key in my room and when I went down to get a new one the staff asked how I was, how my trip was, great food recommendation, they even remembered that I had an interview and asked how it went. Just a great bunch of people.

    The room was nice; the ac was a little tricky, but overall a nice comfy room. I called it home for 9 days. Great location no noise the room service was super yummy as well. If you join the kimpton program you get $10 to raid the minibar.

    I would recommend it to friends and will stay here in the future.

    28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    215. alyson h.
    i LOVE this hotel.  

    for my boyfriend's birthday, his sister offered to get us a hotel in the city for the night.  he didn't care so much as to where we stayed, but i wanted to stay somewhere fun.  i literally googled 'funnest hotels in san francisco' and this one was the first that popped up.  i saw photos and fell in love.  upon reading reviews on yelp and hotels.com i knew i had chosen a winner.  

    my boyfriend, being skeptical, didn't think the hotel would be as good as the reviews were.  he was wrong.   we arrived just in time for the wine happy hour.  not the best wine in the world, but totally acceptable.  the atmosphere was lively and fun with interesting furniture and colorful paintings.

    the room was comfy and felt pretty large considering there was a king size bed in it.  in other reviews, people mentioned that the a/c was not working.  we were there on one of the hottest days sf has seen in awhile and our a/c was top notch.  bed was soft, duvet was perfect, and the pillows were soooo comfy i almost took one home with me.  

    the location is great.  plenty of things in walking distance and plenty of neighborhoods in short cab rides.  

    i can not wait to stay there again the next time we are in the city.  i can not recommend this hotel enough.

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    216. Joanna F.
    This may be kind of a biased review after spending a week in the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at, but we showed up at Hotel Triton after a longish flight from Hawaii.  The front desk people were very nice.  Our room was rather small, smelled kind of funky and had a really quirky decor (which is their "thing".  I knew that going into it).  It didn't feel very homey to me and was kind of dingy.  We also found a note for a different person when we entered the room which kind of freaked us out.

    They slightly won me back over by bringing us a free bottle of champagne with a nice note on it for booking with them.  They also have complimentary cookies and a nightly happy hour with free wine.  The location is spectacular and the front desk was very helpful when we wanted to book a rental car for the day.

    All of that said, I would probably not stay here again.  I just didn't love the feel of the place.

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    217. A. T.
    Stayed here last night with my boyfriend, and we both had a great experience!

    The hotel has very unique decor, its definitely different but pretty cool. We got to the room, and it was pretty neat. It was very clean, had a desk, tv, comfy bed, and a good sized bathroom. Since the room was small it got a little stuffy inside, but I just opened the window and turned the fan on so it wasn't a problem. The location was awesome too, walked outside and China town was to the right, shopping to the left, and only a couple blocks away from Union Square. They have complimentary wine from 5-6 PM if you're into that, I'm not a wine person but the lobby was pretty packed during that time. I did the valet parking for $40, which was awesome that I didn't have to worry about my car!

    I checked out of the hotel at 12PM, and three hours later realized I left my blanket in the room, I called the front desk who transferred me to Housekeeping, and the lady told me she had my blanket and would keep it at the hotel until I could retrieve it! All the staff I communicated with from check in to check out were friendly and helpful. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

    18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    218. Jennifer K.
    The staff was very friendly & helpful. The hotel is really eclectic and quirky, in a great location. The rooms are a bit small, but for a short stay it is perfect. I definitely recommend this hotel if you are going to San Francisco to spend time in the city and not in your room.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    219. Carrie S.
    I really enjoy staying at Kimpton hotels.  They just have a funky feel and vibe, and its really refreshing.

    Front desk staff was OK.  Valet was fantastic and friendly.

    Rooms are not spacious, but nicely appointed and fairly quiet (way more street noise,,,get a room further inside if you need peace and quiet).

    Of course, in typical Kimpton style, dogs allowed, wine hour, mini bar, and free internet (if you are a Kimpton member).

    15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    220. Christina P.
    I was teeter-tottering between three and four stars after my stay here, but I have to say the exceedingly friendly service and the fact that they have a dog on their staff won me over.

    I had a kind of unique situation when staying here where I needed to split my stay up between two different sets of booking information, so I called far ahead of time to make sure that all of the payment information was correct. Though they assured me it was, when I arrived in SF I had to do it all over again. Luckily, the front desk manager was super nice and apologized for the inconvenience and it was sorted out pretty quickly. Besides, how could I be in a bad mood when I was greeted by the smiling bell man and his trusty canine sidekick, who was wearing a doggie polo shirt with a nametag on it??

    As for the hotel itself, it's colorful and fun in the vein of lots of other Kimpton hotels I've been to, but unfortunately suffers from the same small room syndrome that plagues so many SF hotels. The elevator is also tiny, and kind of shaky and scary. It didn't make it better that a couple of the floors were being remodeled and sometimes the doors would open to a crazy scene of dust and construction.

    I had one of the newly remodeled rooms, so new it still smelled of fresh paint. The decor was cute but some of the pieces of furniture were still super outdated. I crawled all around the room looking for a remote control when I first got there, but when I called down they delivered one right away, along with a bottle of wine.

    I had some really good nights' sleep in the bed (especially crucial since I was really sick for the beginning of my weeklong stay), and I appreciated the CO Bigelow toilettries in the bathroom. Weirdly, the mini fridge was in a different position in the room every day I came back, and it was weird that it was a little dorm-style cube fridge, but I guess it did the job.

    Overall, I had a comfortable stay there, though I wished it was a bit more spacious and streamlined. But as others have said, you can't beat the location, and the service is top notch!

    13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    221. Eden R.
    This is a hard one.. The rooms are tiny, tiny, tiny. That said, the lobby is roomy and there is plenty of seating if you need to get away from your miniature room. Also, most of the staff is really nice, especially Joe. We liked the hotel well enough and the location was convenient, but we won't be going there again with our family of 4.

    1. We asked for recommendations for restaurants. The staff suggested Kimpton (hotel chain owner) restaurants. We figured that out after following up on two of the suggestions. That's just weird. Just tell us where the decent restaurants are. No sales pitches. Joe did suggest a good breakfast place, non-Kimpton, on the last day.

    2. I read a review while sitting in the hotel that said there had been bed bugs in the hotel. I didn't see any.

    3. They didn't provide enough towels or products for 4 people. We had to request them. Twice.

    4. I asked for a suggestion on where to get a massage. The desk clerk didn't know of any- a) why not?  b) later I saw on a flier that in room massages are offered by the hotel.

    5. The tile in the hotel room bathroom was chipping off. The air conditioning/heater was noisy. The beds were firm, not cusion-y, the pillows too soft. No extra blankets or pillows were stored in the room.

    6. Again, the lobby is big, fun, and friendly.

    7. To get free WiFi you need to sign up with Kimpton. That's fine. But.. why?

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    222. G K.
    I've stayed here before and the rooms are awesome.  Very trendy and hipster but loved it.  Service here is amazing.  I came to the city for a meeting further out and they let me store my luggage for free (even though if don't have a room).  I'm waiting for my über and they even offered free wine.  Beyond hospitable.  Would definitely stay here the next time I'm staying in the city.

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Tom P.
    Way overpriced for what you get.

    Even for San Francisco, I think you can get more for $250/night than this. Small, cramped rooms that are old, rundown and dirty. We had mold in our shower, missing tiles around the base, bobby pins from the previous occupant all over the place, lots really long, coarse black hairs on the bathroom floor (did they even clean the room?), and it was either blood or nail polish stains on our sheets. (ew.) The pictures of the rooms and the descriptions are VERY misleading, so buyer beware. You are probably better off sticking with a more conventional chain hotel in this area, rather than this Kimpton family of old rundown overpriced hotels. Every one we've stayed at has been a huge disappointment, and I've always wished I'd chosen a different place to stay. Very little bang for a whole lot of buck.

    Also, when we called down to complain about the dirty room, they said it would be taken care of while we were out having dinner, yet when we came home three hours later, there were the bobby pins, the coarse hair, the pocket change on the windowsill and used lotion tubes still on the floor by the bed. Gross! So I called again and the "big" solution was to offer me $50 credit at their vegan-unfriendly french cafe, yahoo. No one ever addressed the room condition while we were there.

    Add on: no A/C in the lobby, extremely loud road noise (and we were given a "quiet room" on the 6th floor), and dozens of pushy, cursing vagrants all over the place, and you're pretty much guaranteeing that I'll never be going back here. Smells like an old-folks home as well, out in the hallways, and the elevator is really slow too.

    So there it is.

    27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    224. q b.
    Stayed for a night in this hotel. My boyfriend and I weren't too impressed. Our room was extremely small with a view of an alley and windows. The bathroom was super tiny. The stand up shower was so small that my boyfriend bumped his elbows on the walls while trying to wash up. The water was either scorching hot, or cold. There was no in between. There was only one robe in the closet and one full sized towel in the bathroom, when we clearly booked for two guests. We originally booked this hotel because we were tired of the same ol' hotel feel.....we wanted something more modern, colorful, and upbeat and from the pictures online this was just that. We were just disappointed when we arrived and barely had any space to move around, we tried to stay positive but things just seemed to go downhill from there. We wouldn't stay again. The location was great and the front desk staff were awesome, but we paid well over $100 and that's just not enough to say we got our moneys worth.

    30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    225. MissM R.
    Colorful, non traditional, swanky, eccentric and unique indeed. Booked this hotel room through Hotwire. Smaller rooms without much counter space in the bathroom, but the bed was comfortable and the Bigelow products were a nice surprise! Our view was concrete, but who cares you're in SF to be out and about anyway. The customer service is fantastic and you couldn't ask for a better central location. I didn't think that the carpet or paint were in bad condition like some of the other reviews mentioned. I've never stayed in a hotel like this before and the price was right. I would stay here again.

    14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. Joey D.
    I really have to thank the front desk manager Scott Rahbeck for an amazing stay at the Hotel Triton. Was my Wife's birthday and Scott made sure we had and amazing stay. The front staff as well as housekeeping and valet were all so professional and courteous. We had our mini poodle with us and he loved the room as well. Perfect location to union square as well as north beach. I cant be more happy about this hotel and we definitely plan on more visits here.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    227. Alexander N.
    I was lucky enough to stay at Hotel Triton during my girlfriends business trip to San Francisco.

    For two weeks I woke up in the same hotel room and developed an intimate awareness of the amenities on offer. The room was cozy and surrounded in wallpaper strewn with excerpts from Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road'. Our bed was a great big king size that enveloped me in comfort every night (and daytime snoozes!) Minibar items range from Nantucket Nectars to Pirate's Brand gluten free goodies. Products from C.O. Bigelow, the oldest apothecary in America, line the bathroom and shower. I draped myself in one of the plush robes hanging welcomingly beside the shower and nearly left the room wearing it.

    When I finally got around to leaving the room, I discovered daily wine tastings in the fashionable lobby designed to engage like-minded travellers and provide the home away from home feel. All the staff (before AND after the free wine) were very pleasant and accommodating. As I was a novice in San Francisco, they helped with directions and recommendations which played out nicely for me.

    Quite nice location as well: wedged between financial district, Chinatown and Nob Hill. Easy jaunts to all of our engagements while we stayed.

    Highly recommend staying at Hotel Triton.

    26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    228. Colleen C.
    Notes: Great location, not quite up to the Kimpton standards that you'd expect. It's def low budget Kimpton. Rooms are small, decor is trying hard but falling a bit short.

    I can't really complain too much. We stayed one night at the Hotel Triton...and everything was...fine. Just fine. I actually redeemed a free night through my credit card rewards program (Chase), so for all intents and purposes...I stayed free. Kind of.

    Even so, I've come to expect a very high standard at Kimpton Hotels. I've stayed in them all across the country from SF to Chicago to Phoenix to Dallas. Always a good showing.

    Hotel Triton just felt a bit...off. The staff seemed...beleaguered. A bit downtrodden. Barely anyone smiled, though they were efficient enough. The Continental Breakfast delivered to my room consisted of two OJs, two waters and two dry muffins. I'm not even sure why I got this to begin with, but frankly...if you're going to do it, do it well...or just, don't. It was lackluster at best, and I couldn't even figure out why they'd offer this service.

    I stepped out of the shower...no towels. C'mon people. TOWELS! No one wants to wait even 5 minutes soaking wet with a hand towel.

    The room itself was efficient. One small window. Again the decor a bit outdated. The whole building is obviously remodeled and painted over. It some places, it shows. It's a wee bit crusty. The iron fell off and dripped water all over me. Etc, etc.

    The complimentary coffee is always a perk at Kimptons and this was no exception. The location is great (just outside the gate entrance to Chinatown and very near Union Square). It's right smack dab in the middle of great shopping.

    Kimpton Rewards program (free), gets you:
    *free internet access
    *$10 mini bar credit.

    All in all, it's totally AOK.

    05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    229. Kate N.
    Excellent service, fun hotel and conveniently located! The eclectic rooms were on brand with the "fun and colorful" style of the hotel. They offer complimentary morning coffee and have a wine reception from 5-6 in the lobby each night. Conveniently located next to the China Town Gate and a few blocks from Union Square, the location is amazing and surprisingly quiet in the evenings! MANY restaurant choices close.

    The price was a little high, but the location really was quite convenient. The rooms aren't spacious, but you don't really need that when you plan to be out and about exploring the city.

    Beds were comfortable, rooms were decorated very well, and I loved the chalkboard they included in the room as part of the décor. They don't provide mugs or water pitchers in the room - and if you call room service for hot water (for tea) they will promptly bring you an entire pitcher of steaming water, but no mug... so remember to ask for that one.

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    230. Liz J.
    We spent Chinese New Year's here. Parade was awesome! This place is like staying with one of my artist friends. A little bohemian, a little boozey, and right in the middle of it. Drama may follow and you hope it does. I love the location. You can walk to anything from here or get a cab. Come morning, there are three coffee shops within less than a half a block, if you don't want free coffee every morning at the Triton. Two of them have outside seating. You just can't walk far without passing a restaurant. Don't know what you could want that wasn't a short walk away. My favorite dim-sum snacks and pearl tea are just a short walk away.

    The staff is professional and welcoming. Join their Kimpton loyalty program and you get $10 worth of snacks and free wif-fi. They also list their room discounts on the Kimpton website. Parking: Sutter garage is a half a block away if you want to self-park and save a little to splurge on dinner. I do recommend it. Just get there early-ish or you will have to park 8th floor or higher. I also love the funky design style and I think for the location it is quiet. Just turn on the window unit to your comfort and pull the lever to draw in air from the outside. (But what are you doing hanging around the room!) I am happiest in a place that looks and feels creative with a clientele to match.

    25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    231. Stella M.
    Wow! I came here for my first trip to SF on New Year's Day (my boyfriend and I drove up from and down to LA just spending one night there). I know that I will ALWAYS stay here for future trips! I literally see ZERO downside to this hotel.

    Location: Perfect! Right in the shopping district, just one block away from Chinatown. We walked through Chinatown to Little Italy.

    Room: Impeccable. Fresh everything, clean and really fun mod decor.

    Customer Service experience: Amazing! Tammi was sooo helpful and gave us some really AWESOME recommendations. We had THE best dining experience at Calzone's, amazing food, intimate and cozy setting... pretty much everything I wanted in an SF restaurant. Then we headed next door to Stella's cafe (my name, cool!) and ordered the most amazing tiramisu-inspired desert ever! (also Tammi's rec) Not only did she tell us about the best spots, she also sent us up a complimentary bottle of champagne!? Omg, who does that!! It was pretty much icing on the cake at that point.

    Price: I booked my reservation through Orbitz for about $130 and I think I saved even more with my Kimpton Rewards membership (a free club you can join on the Kimpton website and use to save money with their hotels). The membership also waives the wifi fee.

    Definitely the place to stay in SF!

    24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    232. Kait R.
    So Kimpton likes to say that "every hotel tells a story." Well I'm somewhat afraid of what story this hotel would tell. The coat of colorful paint and kitschy furniture does little to mask the fact that the building is very outdated and the rooms are supremely small for what they are trying to charge.

    First and foremost, I am finding it nearly impossible to get a good nights sleep. The bed is uncomfortable and the pillows are TERRIBLE! If that wasn't bad enough the room has a musty old smell to it and since its SO small gets very musty...so I have to run the A/C unit all night. The AC unit is one of those old window units that simply has an ON switch and just runs all night and is extremely loud. Its so loud in fact that I can hear it through the bed when I lay my head down.

    Second, I don't like to have my room cleaned every day...and sometimes not at all if I don't want someone else coming in and moving my stuff around. So typically I put the do not disturb sign on the door. Apparently that doesn't deter the staff here (maybe the LOVE to clean?) but they barge in anyway and put my do not disturb sign in the room like I have made some type of mistake...so I've given up.

    The room is so annoying in different ways, that I've taken to escaping to the lobby to try and relax...there are just a few problems with this. During the happy hour, people flock in from all over to get free wine. While I was sitting down there I saw people walk in off the street, grab a glass/drink it and walk out. Not that I really care but when the TINY lobby is crammed full of people its hard for the actual PAYING guests to enjoy it. Another thing is that their "funky" furniture is really uncomfortable. Its like the people who designed this place have done everything in their power to try and keep you from staying too long..."Well they can only be comfortable for 1 MAYBE 2 nights max before they go somewhere else..."

    Seriously...I'm never staying here again. That's MY story and I am sticking to it.

    08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    233. Suzanne K.
    The best thing about this boutique hotel is the location. It's close to Union Square as well as Chinatown. It's also dog-friendly (side note - if you bring your dog, there is a park with grass up the street as you walk into Chinatown). The rooms are small unless you book one of the suites. We stayed in the Kathy Griffin suite and it was perfect - hardwood floors with a nice area to lounge. I've stayed at most of the Kimptons in S.F. but I prefer the Triton because of locale and large suites.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    234. Molly C.
    Not the hotel I expected when I think of a Kimpton property. I will advise my corporate travel team, as well as advise my sales team to stay elsewhere when visiting clients in the city. It's very old with small redone rooms, yet the rooms lacked a polished redone look. It's a bit too DIY in my opinion. I'm giving two stars only due to the service, which I was impressed with for sure.  If Kimpton would update the property, this hotel could go a long way.

    24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    235. David D.
    My girlfriend and I stayed at Hotel Triton for our 2nd year anniversary. The place is in an older building in downtown, which I like, and it looked pretty fun and funky. I mentioned in my reservation the occasion, but didn't expect too much besides maybe a congratulations card or something on the nightstand.

    We arrived, and I left my car with the valets, who promptly whisked it away (more on this, later). Checkin was fine, breezy, and the staff were pleasant.

    Our room was great. A cool view right down Chinatown, and the room's styling was fun. Much to my surprise, the hotel provided us a bottle of champagne and a very nice note on the chalkboard in the room congratulating us. They also provided $10 in snack credits, but I think they do this usually? It's a small gesture, but it's fun to actually be able to pick out of the snacks for once.

    All good, right? Well...

    We slept soundly. The next day, I picked up my car from the valet, and was still a little hazy from the night before, and didn't check it as closely as I should have. Later on in the day, I was walking back to my car from the store, and noticed an enormous scrape on the rear driver side bumper, like someone cut it too close to a pylon. I was furious.

    I called the hotel promptly, who referred me to their valet company. Given the valets are not run by the hotel, this seemed like an appropriate handoff, so I called the valet company. It was very difficult to reach someone who could help. When I finally did, they told me they have video, and they'll review. The first time they called back, they said they found the video and didn't see the car getting damaged. I said I'd like a copy of the video, and they said they'd oblige. Then I got a call back from them saying it wasn't my car they were talking about before, and I asked for the video of my car, at which point they started becoming defensive, saying I should've mentioned something when I picked up my car. Then they stopped returning my calls entirely. I ended up paying for the repairs out of my own pocket, and I'm hoping for recourse perhaps in the form of a small claims suit.

    At any rate, I informed the hotel that they might reconsider their contract with this company. They were very apologetic for my experience, and as a consolation, offered to compensate us another night stay. Given the price of staying at this hotel, it's no small recompense, and it really wasn't even their fault.

    I definitely plan to take advantage of the coupon, and would happily recommend the hotel to anyone, but I'd probably leave the car at home.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. Leanna G.
    We stay in San Francisco about once a month, always in Union Square and we always try a different hotel. This weekend we stayed at Triton . . . Everything was fine but the experience was soured by an excessive parking charge. We parked at the hotel for less than 24 hours and were charged $60.42 before the tip. Trust me that's excessive for San Francisco, most hotels in Union Square charge $30-$40 per night and if you find parking on your own it's around $25 per night. I felt very taken advantage of, if you know your parking cost is excessive (believe me they know) you should warn guests before parking.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    237. Vanessa S.
    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place! I booked a room here last week for my boyfriend's birthday and it was an amazing experience. First, because of my AAA card, I was eligible for a deal that included free parking which in the city can easily run you anywhere from $40-$70. Second, the hotel is really artistic and cute. The rooms and the lobby have a really fun aesthetic and make you feel like you're in San Francisco. Third, they are ridiculously nice here. Everyday the offer a hosted wine hour in the lobby. And it's not $2 boxed wine. They had some great sangia and merlot. They also go so out of their way to answer questions and make you feel welcomed. It was my boyfriend's birthday so they left a bottle of wine, chocolate and really sweet card in the room for him. The guys at the front desk were also so nice and gave us the best restaurant recommendation in the Mission. We would have never found that place on our own. Finally, the location is great. It's the touristy part of San Francisco but if you're staying in a hotel you're probably a tourist so it's nice to be able to walk to Little Italy, Union Square, etc but at the same time only be a $15 uber ride from the more local areas like the Mission.

    Overall this place was great and I'm glad I booked our San Francisco stay here.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    238. Emily H.
    If you're looking for a cookie-cutter hotel with a feather top mattress, beige walls, unremarkable furnishings, a spacious resting area and the same comforts as home -- this hotel is not for you.

    But if you're in the mood for something a little different, an exuberant room, a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that gets a lot right though leaves a couple amenities wanting -- then try the Hotel Triton.

    While Hiltons and Marriotts may fade into the background, you will remember your stay here.

    But to help explain my rating, let me separate my thoughts into two lists.

    + The fun vibe. From the colorful, kitschy lobby to the rooms, with their chalkboards, yellow headboards and "On The Road" on the nightstand, it just makes you smile ... or at least it made me.
    + The friendly staff. They were always helpful.
    + The communal atmosphere. The hotel serves free wine every night in the lobby to encourage guests to come down and socialize. They also bring in a tarot reader. It had an upscale hostel-like vibe.
    + The bikes. Guests use them for free.
    + Their attitude toward pets. They are known for being Fido-friendly.
    + The location. It's in the middle of downtown, steps from the gate to Chinatown.
    + Other touches. My room had an iPhone dock alarm clock as well as outlets on the nightstand.

    + Like another reviewer mentioned, it felt a little like the crazy aesthetic was an attempt to distract you from other lacking areas. Hotel Triton is an old hotel with some new skin, and sometimes the old parts show, such as old window a/c units.
    + I found the beds to be uncomfortable, too firm. And by contrast, the pillows are too loose -- more air than stuffing.
    + Housekeeping came knocking early, around 8 a.m. So if you do not want to be woken up or bothered, be sure to put out the Do Not Disturb sign.
    + The TVs have only a couple dozen channels, many of which are fuzzy with terrible reception.
    + The rooms are rather small.

    But even with these cons, I would stay at Hotel Triton again.

    08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    239. Aaron B.
    Hotel Triton was a fine place to stay and served it's job well.

    After a 5 hour trip to SF it was nice to get offered wine by Triton immediately after stepping out of my cab. As I was checking in and sipping on some wine when I became quickly enamored with the lobby. It's so quirky and fun. It gave off mega loungey/bar vibes.

    The staff were all super helpful and friendly when checking in and out.

    My only problem with Triton are the rooms. They try really hard to go for that boutique-y feel but really they come off as cold and uninviting. Overall, they are rather small which wasn't a huge issue for me because I wasn't in there much. On the top part of the walls they thought it would be cool to put quotes all around the room...

    It might be cool for a photo shoot but not to stay the night at. Not to mention, the quotes were kind of creepy. Additionally, the overall decor was very "bleh" and unwelcoming. I'd much rather walk into somewhere that feels luxurious. The walls were relatively thin as well. I could hear people walking in the hallway.

    Anyways, Hotel Triton isn't bad but it's not on the top of my list for places to stay.

    19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    240. Andrea R.
    While I love visiting SF this time of year (during their "summer'), booking a hotel can be challenging. This was one of the few hotels available during a meeting I had to attend last week. I'm usually a fan of Kimptons so figured I'd be a fan of the Triton, but just found it to be A-Ok.

    The good: the location, the free food/drinks in the lobby several times throughout the day (bfast, cookies, happy hour, etc), the friendly staff.

    The not so good: My entire room was the size of my closet at home (& I wouldn't mind a bigger closet), the dark and somewhat depressing decor and the lack of cleanliness (one of my pillowcases was noticeably dirty- ick).

    If I had my choice of hotels I wouldn't book this one again, but if choices were limited I'd be fine with another night or two at the Hotel Triton. Definitely not for a vacation, but certainly adequate for a work trip.

    11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    241. Joi B.
    I'll be honest and say right off the bat that I've hovered over the 2 and 3 stars for days now and I'm going to leave it at two. You know I'm all about starting with positives and this time is no exception.

    At the Triton the staff is pretty friendly and accommodating. Thank you, Kimpton for insisting on superb customer service no matter the level of property.

    But, the sad news is my tiny room was so dingy and depressing (looked out over an alley, had stains on the carpet, peeled paint, unpleasant odor in the room that was part mold, part perfumey cleaning supplies), I'd be hard pressed to ever consider staying at a Triton again unless there was nothing else available. Full disclosure, I did not pay for the room but did go and look to see what the going rates were and was rather appalled, considering.

    Decor: Really couldn't figure out what they're going for here. The lobby is kitschy in a pop cultured way that isn't my thing, but I didn't hate it. Truth: I expected the Muppets to come running out at me at any point. The rooms are already so lacking in light and the paint didn't help. Most disturbing: I like the words of On the Road as much as the next person but I don't need wall paper that starts at eye level and finishes at the ceiling with words words words coming at me so much so that I started to get a little cray cray in there.

    The bathroom... so tiny. Let's start with the positive: Bigelow products are AWESOME. That said, on to the overwhelming negatives: no counter space, so I kept my stuff on the floor. The shower offered bad water pressure and temperature control and again with the no shelves to put your products on. I found a blonde hair on the soap dish. I'm a brunette.

    Don't expect a decent array of channels on the TV, either. I mean, they didn't even have Bravo or FX. I don't watch a ton of TV, but I kind of wanted to unwind some evenings with some Million Dollar Listings or American Horror Story.

    I worked out in the gym that's in the basement. That probably says it all right there. There are two ellipticals, one treadmill and one bike. Free weights and a machine that allows for multiple lifting/strengthening. I was thankful each time that I was alone in there b/c even two people in this tiny room would have been too close for comfort.

    Kimpton ammenties like morning coffee and wine hour that I did take advantage of and cookie hour that I did not take advantage of are also present here (the tarot card readings are a nice touch!). Each room comes with a yoga mat and while I've practiced in many a hotel room, I didn't want to get near that carpet as it was stained and kinda gross.

    At this price point, there are better properties in the area (Hotel Galleria Park, for one). On that note, I do love this area, AKA the French Quarter. How can you not like that you can stumble out of the hotel and into a wine bar where everyone is speaking French. The surrounding blocks contain more of the same...

    15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    242. Katie Y.
    Our rooms weren't ready on time (one was; one was an hour late) and it was kind of a big inconvenience.  The manager brought us up a bottle of wine (a nice one, too) and apologized--super cool--all was instantly forgiven.

    - Great location
    - Not as loud as you'd expect from the location
    - Interesting decor
    - They allow pets!
    - Warm chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon

    - No breakfast in the am (but Starbucks is right across the street)
    - Rooms are really small
    - The snacks are shockingly priced, even for a hotel.  I think it was $7 for a bag of M&Ms or something.

    Oh--and Google maps will take you a pain-in-the-neck way.  The entrance is actually on Grant.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    243. Spencer G.
    This is a really lovely hotel-- very cute, boutique and homey.  The location is as good as it gets, right in front of Chinatown and 5-10 min walk to all downtown SF hotspots and shopping.  The front desk staff is wonderful and they really care about their guests.  The beds are wonderful and zero complains with respect to the room.  My only complaint is that my room key never seemed to work and I kept having to go downstairs to get it re-programmed.  But I was only there 2 nights so wasn't worth asking for a relocation.  Hopefully they'll fix the door.  But I highly recommend this place, Kimpton is one of the best if not the best chain of hotels out there.  Their hotels are always boutique and art/deco creative, they take great care of their guests, they make you feel at home with daily NY Times (even Sunday!!!) in addition to local newspapers, tea in the morning, wine in the evening (although they never have champagne so I never take part)... I love them.  You can never go wrong staying in a Kimpton.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    244. Elke M.
    So annoyed. I was told the Kimpton Hotels would match any online rate. I am a loyalty member. So I called them and told the reservationists the rate Id found. She put me on hold for 10 minutes without ever coming back on the line. Finally she came back on the line and told me they can't match that rate. What a crock!!  I am now rethinking using any of the Kimpton group hotels if this is the treatment!!
    I have stayed at this hotel at least 3 times in the past and had good experiences.  Maybe management has changed

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    245. Lucy P.
    My boyfriend and I stayed at Hotel Triton for 3 nights this past weekend and had a pleasant experience. We were on a very tourist-y trip as I had never visited the city before and the hotel was central to all the great attractions, neighborhoods, shopping and restaurants that San Francisco has to offer. If you have a car like we did, parking at the hotel can get pretty steep but we found some reasonably priced 24/7 parking lots less than a block away.

    The room itself was clean and we loved the quirky decor. Contrary to what their website says, we got access to free wi-fi which was great. The hotel also provided an umbrella for us to use as is was raining during our trip which we really appreciated!

    My only complaints are that a few things need updating, like carpets. There's a musty smell throughout, but it's not too bad. The tub also did not drain well so we were sitting in several inches of water after the shower. All small details, but overall we had a great experience and would definitely recommend this hotel.

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    246. Matt K.
    If you are into the boutique, hipster hotels, this is your place. I, personally, don't care about decor or room decorations when I'm at a hotel (especially on business). I only care about 3 things: comfy bed, good shower, stable/fast wifi.

    Comfy bed - Check. My bed was fantastic. Reminded me of a W Hotel heavenly bed. Abundance of soft, fluffy pillows, great sheets, and a not too soft-not too firm mattress.

    Good Shower - Epic fail. I know the hotel is older, but their recent renovations should have addressed the shower. Almost zero water pressure, shower head at mid-shoulder level (I'm 6'3, not a 6'10 giant), and temperature adjustment that floated on the razor edge between Alaskan winter and surface of the sun. I've had better showers with a garden hose and spray nozzle.

    Stable/fast wifi - I'll give them a pass here. The wifi topped out at 1Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up, but the signal was strong and the connection was stable. Took me a little bit longer to do what I needed to do with large files in emails, but it was serviceable.

    So, 5 star bed + 0 star shower + 3 star wifi is enough to garner them a 3 star rating, solidified by their location close to Chinatown for some great Dim Sum.

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    247. Adam L.
    I haven't been to most hotels in SF but this one turned out to be interesting and neat.

    This hotel isn't your typical Holiday Inn where all rooms are similar and alike.  This hotel is something different.  The main lobby is all decked out in "gold"(fake), which brings out an interesting taste to the hotel already.  The guys in the front were very helpful and nice.

    I believe each room was decorated differently. The first thing that i noticed when i walked in to the room was that it was very colorful and unique!.  From the bathroom to the bed head board, each little prop was assorted with a variety of colors and interesting designs.  

    Im not saying its the Best hotel, but if you're looking to spice up your hotel stays, i may suggest this one!  This is why i gave it 4 Stars, because of its uniqueness

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Moozhan T.
    We stayed here saturday night, and we truly enjoyed ourselves.  The hotel is pretty much placed perfectly at the "gateway" to chinatown, and it's very close to the union square.

    The hotel is very unique and quirky in a wonderful way.   If you forget anything, there's no worries.  They have quite a few complimentary things available (including curling iron!), and if there's something that they don't have, they WILL go and get it for you!

    The only complaint I have, (and I have this complaint often), is the lack of complimentary internet.  I really don't understand why pricier hotels don't offer internet access.  Other than that they were thoroughly cool! ;)

    06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    249. Nikki W.
    I was pumped when I found out this was a Kimpton Hotel. However, upon arrival I discovered this San Fran location is kind of the redheaded stepchild of the family.

    Pros: Location. Right next to the gates of Chinatown and near some great shopping.
    Complimentary wine hour. White and red. No bubbly.
    Friendly and helpful staff
    Free Internet with Kimpton rewards program
    Free coffee in the AM

    Cons: Lower quality Kimpton
    Small rooms
    Outdated decor

    Staying here kind of felt like being in someone's old apartment rather than a hotel. Granted, maybe if I had never stayed in a Kimpton before... I would feel a little differently. But, I hold Kimpton to higher standards. This place could use a little love and a face lift.

    A-OK is a fitting description for the Hotel Triton.

    09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    250. Jason W.
    Really great vibe here! Love all the colors and personality. We only stayed one night during a road trip, but Anthony at reception made sure we got treated like VIPs during our short stay. Definitely will be back!

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    251. Laura M.
    Enjoyed a 5 night stay at Triton. The hotel had no problems, staff are all so friendly and we ended up with a King room having actually booked a Queen. We arrived to a complimentary bottle of champagne as I had noted on the booking that we would be on our honeymoon. Much appreciated!

    The location is perfect for most tourist attractions and close to shops, but without feeling like you are right in the middle of a busy city. We even walked one day from the hotel along the Embarcadero, through Fisherman's Wharf and the Marina, and back without too much effort.

    There are buses (5 and 5L) nearby that go all the way to Golden Gate Park. BART is an easy 5 min walk.

    Wifi is fine and easily accessible. Wine hour is a great idea, though it gets a little busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Would definitely recommend.

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    252. Carly B.
    Walked into a smelly,outdated, loud with street noise, and tiny room while travelling for work. My colleague's room was much the same (if not as smelly)  Despite complaining and told there was no other available rooms for the night, we decided we couldn't take the thought of staying the night in the rooms and I called  to see what we could do (i.e move to another Kimpton property)  I took it upon the both of us to call and explain our unhappiness to management.  

    They miraculously found two suites that we could be moved to.  Nice gesture, however when provided the room - they specifically gave me 220 (are you so and so, here is your room) and her suite 320 (the Haagen Daaz suite)   They gave her what apears to be the best (and only good room) at the hotel. Hard word floors, updated, clean smelling.   You would think Anthony the manager and Oliver at the front desk would want to go above and beyond to make me, their loyal long time previous inner circle member happy?  Also considering I was the one to lodge the complaint. Not the case.  My  Jerry Garcia suite was not sweet at all.  While a slight improvement from the original room, it had chipped pain, dirty old carpet, no real desk to work from, dusty, and I cant stop sneezing.  

    Stay at any other Kimpton property and you will be 100% times happier.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    253. L S.
    Looking at all these reviews, I'm thinking maybe I just got a bad room...? (Room 217 I believe.) The room was small; I would have loved to take a bath, but the paint in the tub was peeling;  the snacks were overpriced ($5 for a bag of Popchips); and my blanket wasn't nearly warm enough... I turned off the AC, but was still very cold all night. I'm not a terribly picky person and though I wouldn't mind staying there again, there's no way I'd pay $300+ dollars per night again to do it.

    Other than my room, I found some aspects of the hotel really cute -- like the clever signs you can find throughout the hallways and stairwells. And the folks at the front desk were very nice.

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    254. Jonathan T.
    The winner of most eccentric hotel goes to.... Hotel Triton!

    I don't think I've ever stayed in a room with walls that literally read like a novel, a headboard that looks like a condom, and light fixtures that resemble modern art. While I do appreciate the Triton's efforts to be original and fun by incorporating Dr. Seuss inspired decor, I wish they spent more time cleaning their rooms. For example, when I would walk around barefoot, there were times when the carpet stuck to my feet. This made me a bit hesitant to put them on the bed. (I'm very particular.) Another thing is that my desk didn't look like it had a proper wipe down. I think I cleaned it myself before sitting down to do some work. Ehh, both of these things were a bit off-putting.

    However, there's much to love about the Triton. I for one appreciated the free morning coffee and tea, daily wine-pourin' happy hours, friendly and helpful staff, and the complimentary cheetah patterned bathrobe. Unfortunately, that's not enough to convince me to return.

    17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    255. Brittany N.
    Quirky and fun hotel with some of the most unique decor I have ever seen!  At times, I wondered whether I had stepped inside of a funhouse instead of a Kimpton Suite!  Honestly though, when it came down to the basics of a hotel, the Triton fell short.  

    The walls are thin, the rooms are on the smaller side, and the place has a decidedly aged feel to it.  The room had a book passage that was repeated over and over again across the top portion of the walls - a little strange, but kind of cool, I guess.  The colors in the room were all over the place - blues, silvery greens, bright yellows, and reds - not the most soothing sleep environment, I'd say, but hey, I can live with it.  The thing that got me the most, though, was the bathroom sink.  In an attempt to be artsy, the sink sits about six inches away from the mirrored blue tile wall.  With my poor depth perception and terrible eyesight without glasses, I was dropping everything I put on this tiny counter top.  Pretty counter top?  Yes.  Functional counter top?  Not so much.

    Oh, and did I mention the Dr. Horrible-esque music that plays in the technicolor-lit elevator?  Yep, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind hotel!

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    256. Amanda D.
    I traveled with a bachelorette group of 10 girls and we all absolutely LOVED this hotel. The staff was exceptional and accommodating- special shoutout to Joe who helped us out and send goodies to the rooms. We'd all go back- love the wine happy hour too :)

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    257. Rachele A.
    Our experience at this hotel was AWESOME. We visited in August (2014) and everything that I'd want in a hotel experience (and more) was granted to me.

    We made it in time for their complimentary happy hour with free sangria and wine. The sangria was tasty and it was nice being pulled out of the isolation of our room to mingle with fellow hotel guests.

    The room was very CLEAN and plenty spacious for an urban explorer such as myself. The bathrooms were kept nice and the free wifi was handy (yes, there are plenty of hotels in SF that charge for wifi). We were never bothered by any of the other guests and the hotel staff were professional and accommodating.

    I have to say that the gentleman who checked us in, Oliver, was amazing and made our visit really special. He learned it was my birthday and when my guy and I came in for the evening there was a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and a birthday note waiting in our room. It was so nice to feel like we had a truly kind and benevolent host in the midst of the cold and corporate hotel industry.

    Check-in and check-out both went smoothly and there were no surprises on the bill when we got home. The cost was reasonable for SF and definitely worth it for the quality of this hotel. Thanks Hotel Triton and THANK YOU OLIVER!

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    258. Jessie Y.
    If you are into hipster, boutique places, then you'd love this hotel. the room had random things like a chalkboard, yoga mat, a leopard bath robe, jars, definitely hipster.

    If you are into luxury hotels, this hotel is not for you. I made a reservation for 3 nights but only ended up spending one night here and they were able to give me a refund.

    This hotel is definitely not for me, but the staff is super nice and would be great for someone with a different style than me.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    259. Alex A.
    So we were in SF spur of the moment trip we made no reservations anywhere, we walk into the tritons lobby , we ask if they had any rooms available he tells us rooms start at 259 a night and then tells us to get the hotel tonight app so we could find a room somewhere else, we didn't ask how much they charged a night, just asked if they had vacancies. I guess he thought we couldn't afford it so the grand Hyatt SF got our business. Would not recommend this place feel like they pre judged us by our appearance and made us feel un welcomed.

    24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    260. Kristen M.
    I never would've booked this hotel based on Internet pictures. It looks like Austin Powers designed this hotel, however, I loved this hotel and I'd stay here again.
    If you're okay with charming & colorful (like your quirky Aunt Edna) then you'll sink right into this place like an old velvet arm chair.
    This isn't a huge sprawling cookie cutter Marriott hotel. It's cozy, it's got a few layers if paint, and it's extremely friendly.
    After a bad experience at the Palace Hotel a few blocks away, we booked a room here in desperation. We arrived with no idea what the place would be like and were a little concerned when we saw thee...uhh exotic...lobby. But the minute we began to check in the staff put us at ease and we realized that the other travelers were regular people like us, not Austin Powers entourage that the purple interior elevator implied.
    Evening wine reception, morning coffee & tea. An adorable attached cafe. PERFECT location in walking distance to Chinatown, Embarcadero, the Ferry Building, shopping on Market Street. I wish we'd had more time to stay & savor.
    A special thanks to Adam. We were very flustered after our other hotel lost our reservation, leaving us in the lurch in SF with one hour until our event. Adam was reassuring, friendly and efficient at getting us settled & on our way. AND when we returned there was a bottle of wine and chocolate waiting for us.
    I would definitely recommend this hotel!

    07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    261. Lauren N.
    Such a fun hotel with vibrant decor! Loved all the little things from the doggy treat jar to the bucket of selfie props (mustaches, glasses, etc). Yes the rooms are on the small side but I wouldn't go as far to say that there's no room for walking or moving around. I'd say they are typical/standard SF hotel sized rooms. Besides, who wants to hang out in the room all day when there's so much to do nearby?

    The front desk staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. One gentleman even went out of his way to print out a Google map for us when we asked for dinner recommendations.

    They have complimentary wine hour from 5:00-6:00 and even had a tarot card reader there during it!

    Parking can be expensive ($60 for valet) but if you drive up a block and half, you can park at the parking garage at Sutter & Stockton for $41.

    07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    262. Elisa D.
    I stayed here for one night. Was supposed to be two but shortened my trip even before arrival. Thank heavens!

    I arrived and when I stepped foot in the lobby I was overcome with the smell of awfulness, almost like death, or old things. It was even worse in the hallway (no fresh air)? I'm a member of the rewards program so I got an upgrade to one of the "celebrity suites." I went to walk in and the hotel cleaning staff was in the hallway, and they insisted on walking in with me "to check." Not a good sign.

    The smell in that room was awful. I turned on the AC to try and get rid of it. I'm not sure the last time someone was in there. Who knows. I spent much time at Starbucks.

    Had a drink next door. Bartender pushed the potato vodka. Not good. Coffee in the morning next door like mud. Best part was getting "FRED" water with my $10 "Raid The Bar" credit. Never again.

    04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    263. Keri A.
    The hotel was Clean and we loved the atmosphere there!
    We stayed there couple of years ago and enjoyed it so we came back
    They serve wine at 4 pm and all the stuff are very helpful
    Took longggg time to get our car from the valet
    You should park yourself at the Sutter/Stockton garage near by

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    264. Antaash U.
    I really enjoyed my stay at the Triton last week.  The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.  Without them, we would have made quite a few misguided choices about our time in SF.  They helped us plan a few great sightseeing adventures and made solid recommendations for food in the area.

    For starters, the hotel is ridiculously close to a lot of great (world class) shopping and dining.  It is in walking distance to Union Square, Chinatown and North Beach.  If you opt to use the hop on/hop off double decker sightseeing busses, most of them make stops right in front of the Triton.  

    Because this is a boutique hotel, the rooms and bathrooms are on the smaller side but well decorated and cozy.  For those who enjoy wine, they do a complimentary wine and mingle hour in the lobby, which is a fun idea.  The only reason I rated the Triton with 4 stars is that they don't have any luxury amenities or a swimming pool (I guess swimming pools in the SF area are a rarity to begin with).

    Other than that, I truly enjoyed my stay at the Triton and was happy to experience yet another Kimpton property.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    265. Brittany T.
    Hotel concierge was very pleasant and helpful. Rooms are small but very well kept and clean. PERFECT location, super short walk to restaurants, 3 Starbucks - one open late, and union square. Will definitely be staying here again.

    27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    266. Hannah L.
    I. Love. Kimptons.

    And I love them even more when I walk into my room and there's randomly a bottle of wine and two tiny glasses of M&Ms and peanuts for snacks, bookended by two handwritten notes from two different staff members.

    I don't know what I did to deserve it, but that is a lovely, lovely surprise.

    In SF for work and fun, I wanted a place that was city-center accessible, and Hotel Triton was the Kimpton that best fit my budget. The room was perfect: king bed, great bathroom, good desk for getting some work done, and a nice view out west to some city skylines.

    The staff is excellent, as I've come to expect from any Kimpton stay; friendly and always happy to help. Hotel Triton doesn't have an onsite restaurant or bar as most of them do, but you can go out the door and/or around the corner to Cafe de la Press or Rouge et Blanc for anything from breakfast to wine. The Chinatown gate is right out the door, and North Beach a mere mile walk up the hill. I knew I was home when I spied the lululemon directly across the street....

    You can't ever do better than Kimpton service, and each hotel has such fun personality that you can't help but enjoy yourself. The citrine headboard and printed excerpts from Kerouac running across all the walls kept me brightly entertained, and I can't wait for a return visit.

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    267. Daniel O.
    Best hotel experience I've ever had. Period. I stayed here with family, and we had a great time. The hotel has a wine hour, and we kept missing it. We asked if we could buy a bottle of wine, and they just have us wine and glasses.

    The rooms are perfect for a city. Not too small. Loved this place!

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    268. Denise J.
    My stay at Hotel Triton was my first time staying at a Kimpton Hotel and now I'm hooked. If you're looking for a place to stay with your furry companion, this is the place for you. Our dog is a large malamute chow mix and we didn't have to pay extra to have him there with us, huge plus!
    The rooms are comfortable, well decorated, clean, and can't go wrong with a place that has a wine hour and awesome staff.

    I can't wait to check out other Kimpton hotels across the country!

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    269. Victoria C.
    I'm a huge fan of Hotel Triton (and Kimpton Hotels in general).  I stay here whenever I'm visiting downtown SF for the annual Photonics West conference in February.  This place rocks.

    Highlights include:

    1) Location, location, LOCATION! Right outside the Chinatown gate = excellent food options during your stay
    2) Complementary coffee and hot chocolate w/marshmallows in the morning
    3) Happy Hours from 4pm onwards (your choice of white or red wine, hot toddies, and cookies)
    4) Leopard print bathrobes... so luxurious
    5) Chalkboard doors
    6) Eco-friendly and friendly service
    7) The prices are fair for downtown SF

    27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0