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Hotel Union Square in San Francisco, CA

Hotel Union Square in San Francisco, CA


Hotel Union Square a Personality Hotel, San Francisco's original boutique hotel, is located on the famous historic Powell Street cable car line, steps from Union Square shopping, restaurants, theatres, art galleries, and a short walk to Moscone Convention Center and Financial District.

Renovated in spring 2008, the hotel remains faithful to its Art Deco history fusing contemporary with classic San Francisco - exposed brick walls, mosaic murals, signature staircases and opulent moldings are complemented by a warm color palate. Highlights include platform beds with custom-made tufted headboards and 300 thread count bedding, velvety chaise lounges, flat screen TVs, air-conditioning, iPod docking stations, drop panel ceilings, and custom lighting.

We offer on-site valet parking, room service, a 24hour business center, complimentary morning coffee/tea and afternoon wine reception, and complimentary wi-fi.

Come stay with us and experience classic San Francisco in style.


Established in 1982.

Founded in 1982 by pioneer Yvonne Detert, Personality Hotels is San Francisco's first boutique hotel company. Personality Hotels is an affiliate of Engage Hospitality, the management company of its four eclectic San Francisco boutique properties: SEXY Hotel Diva, GRAND Kensington Park Hotel, AUTHENTIC Hotel Union Square and TIMELESS Steinhart Hotel; as well as the SERENE Mariposa Inn & Suites in Monterey.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.53

Address: 114 Powell St, San Francisco, CA, 94102

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    Comments (174):

    1. T-Bone L.
    My parents stayed here.  Colorful boutique hotel for under $100 right in the heart of it all.  Exposed brick in their room and some glossy magazines, too.

    10/04/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Tracy M.
    I wish I could write a flattering review for this hotel, yet bottom-line is  Buyer Beware.   In reading the other guest reviews, you'll see the experiences have rated from abysmal to great, and it appears your experience will vary based upon planetary alignment, when you stay, what room you stay in, etc.  

    The good part:  the staff for the most part was pleasant, a bit hit-n-miss.  The decor in the lobby & my room were art-deco-quaint, my room was clean & medium-sized.  The shower had great water pressure, hot, all that.  My bed was cozy, I'd even say plush. Convenient location near Union Square, for shopping The Usual Suspects:  Macy's, Sak's, etc.  

    I stayed in mid September '07, and while I'm not sure the Major Remodel is completely done, the lobby & my room decor looked just like the web photos.  

    Now for the Bad News:  I stayed on the 4th floor, on the Powell Street side.  As I checked in, another guest was at the front desk desperately insisting she be moved from her room facing Powell as it was unacceptably loud.  I had read bad reviews on Orbitz about the noise in the Powell-side rooms, but I can without exaggeration say I have never experienced noise like this!  I had 3 nightmarish nights of torture where I never slept for more than 5-15 minute intervals.  The windows are single-pane, the trolley cars run until midnight and start up again at 7, but that is not the worst of it.   The surrounding shops take deliveries all through the night, you hear every back-up beep, beep, beep alert, every truck braking & shifting gears, every delivery lift raising & lowering, every drunk or homeless person's loud ramblings.   At 7 AM you can hear your fellow guests showering, & walking around above you.  

    I was in San Fran for business & pleasure; even though I got good-n-buzzed every night, the booze still couldn't make me sleep through the noise!    I don't even know that 20-something partiers who paid under $100 a night for this room would feel it was a value!

    I would have been happy to go through the inconvenience of finding & moving to another hotel, but with a huge convention in town this had been the 39th hotel I'd tried before I found an available room!

    Oh, when I mentioned to the front desk staff that my room was freakishly loud, the 2 gentlemen launched into a lecture they've clearly given before about how I'm in the City & I should expect it to be loud.  There was no attempt to sympathize or certainly no attempt to rectify.  FYI, I live & work in-city back home.

    I loved my stay in San Fran, but whatever you do don't stay on the Powell street side!  

    And if you like Sushi, go up Powell to Ellis, take a left one block to Cyril Magnin.  There is a tacky big red Sushi sign, go upstairs to Hana Zen.  We spent about $60 for 2 people for drinks & sushi, not too bad.

    22/09/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. melanie b.
    I went for my birthday, we stayed in the penthouse. it was very nice, we had a patio that was great, because the weather was perfect to spend some time outside. i absolutely love, love, love the bed. and the shower head in the shower was great too. the power went out around 11:00 pm, the hotel was full, and the circuit breaker had over heated, it was out for a little over an hour, however upon my request they did comp part of the price, which i appreciated very much!

    20/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Bel R.
    You get what you pay for....This hotel has a great location for the price and depending on the room you get it could be a wonderful or horrible experience...We had both during our visit so I'll tell you about both....Just be sure to bring some disinfecting wipes and some candles for the musty smell in the rooms

    We originally booked a room with two double beds room through hotels.com and since we had a discounted rate they gave away our room preference and we were stuck with a room with two twin beds on the first night. The manager Peter, who needs a lesson in hospitality and tact explained the policy of room availability to us in the most condescending tone imaginable when we asked why we were not getting the room we paid for. The rest of the hotel staff was wonderful, helpful and friendly.

    First the unpleasant experience......

    At first we were given a room that they already had given to someone else and it was an unpleasant surprise walking into a room that had someone else's belongings and seeing firsthand how relaxed their security was.

    The first night we stayed in room 228... You could probably get a better room at one of the local hostels...at least it was not the haunted room (according to the rumors, it's 207). The room was extremely small and was part of the fire escape route so in the event of an emergency people would have to run through your room, but on the bright side you'd be the first one out..... The bathroom was extremely small (about 5x5 or comparable to an airplane bathroom with a tiny shower) and if you are any larger than a size 10 good luck getting into the shower. Also, the sink was so small that you could not place your toiletries on the sink. There is no air conditioning so when we turned on the ceiling fan it wiggled so much that it looked (the base of the fan and the arm holding the blades looked as if they were going to separate) and sounded (squeakiest fan ever) as though it were going to fall off the ceiling right on to your bed directly underneath it. If you want to leave the window open ...since the fan is so loud and squeaky....you risk having someone from the next room or someone coming in through the fire escape into your room....since we were two women leaving that window open was not a viable option.  Also, this room has a door or half door since half of it is a window, which is covered with white paper and white blinds so at night the room is illuminated from the lights in the hallway....I would request this room if you are afraid of the dark!!

    Now for a somewhat better experience......The second night we stayed in room 325. This room had two double beds and it was a huge improvement over the first room. The bathroom had a bathtub and the sink had enough counter space to accommodate your toiletries. The only complaints about this room is that the fan in the bathroom didn't work and they didn't do a good job of cleaning the bathroom floor, which still had small hairs on it and a few Clorox wipes took care of that

    26/10/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Aaron C.
    Prime Location. That is definitely what you are paying for here. It is the cheapest decent hotel around this area. Right outside our window was Urban Outfitters. It was pretty loud, but we didn't mind since we were prepartying for the night to come anyways. The rooms are really cramped and the bathroom is smaller than most walk in closets. Despite the small room, everything else was fine and I would stay here again for the prime location and low price.

    03/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Dena P.
    I'll admit, it's still an adjustment to me every time we stay in San Francisco.  We always stay in Union Square, and since the hotels are older, the rooms can be very small.  Hotel Union Square is no exception, but their renovation in 2008 definitely makes them a nice place.  The room had what we needed, and it was clean, which is THE most important.  The price was affordable, and the staff was great.  Every night, there was a wine social hour, and that was nice.  In the morning, they always had coffee available, and you couldn't ask to be more in the middle of the action and convenient to all the transportation options you'd ever need.

    29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. T N.
    Again.... here for a convention at the moscone center. The hotel just sucks...really no two ways about it. They call it a boutique hotel, but all it really is is an old pre-war building with new paint and Wi-Fi. The place is always loud at night and the housekeeping stole my cellphone that I left accidentally. After repeated calls they told me I was mistaken and that was that! Guess who wont be staying there again!!!

    29/01/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Alli D.
    Oh yeah this place sucks.  The USC trojans were in town, staying at this hotel, and the walls were so thin it was like I was part of their lame midlife-crisis mating dance party at 3 a.m. What else... Oh the bathroom:  wow.  Tons of "freebie" shampoo like the little packets you get in magazines and a half a harlequin romance novel (so that I would become so engrossed in the story that I would buy the book).  Oh and the bathrooms are so small and the staff are equal parts incapable and unapologetic.

    17/07/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Gabby K.
    I stayed here during love festival weekend when i was still living in los angeles & my boyfriend was living in reno. i found the spot online, as i prefer little boutique hotels to the large, cookie cutter (and more expensive) big name chain hotels, yet also despise the crappy (yet still somehow expensive) motel 6/travelodge type digs.
    im not looking for an amazing hotel experience, generally. i want a nice bed to sleep in &  decent room without rats or roaches & a shower & a toilet is a nice touch as well. my needs are simple & this hotel was on par.
    in the bathroom, rather than some generic soap & shampoo basket was a little drawstring sack filled with an awesome free razor, a handful of emergen-c packs (awesome for that love parade hangover), candy & gum & condoms & a few cliff bars & coupons for random things.
    the hotel itself reminded me of my old apartment, brick walls & cute lighting, the room we stayed in was delightfully smoke free with a funky decor & wild pillows. the staff was friendly, helpful & trusting, as they allowed me to enter our room, as i arrived a few hours before my boyfriend, who had the credit card to pay for the room.
    my bf drove in from reno so we got the parking & gas package, which offered fee parking at the hotel's lot & a daily $10 gas card for shell.. we stayed for 2 days there, so that was quite the treat! the hotel offers free wi fi & also has a downstairs "business center" with a whole nifty little computer/office set up including printer & fax, for those like me who need to print out their southwest boarding pass! yay!

    the only downside really would be if youre night time folks, as we were, that the neighborhood dosnt offer too many late night dining options, tho theres a great thai place & indian spot near by in either direction.  and during the day that damn cable car & flurry of tourists gawking at the gap can be overcome just by hopping on the bart & heading in any direction!

    13/03/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Mukul S.
    The location was great, and the staff was friendly, but the room was tiny (barely larger than the queen size bed, my wife and I had to walk sideways to cross the room to go over to the closet).  The only means of air circulation was a solitary window, which was facing a wall and could not open more than a few inches.  We stayed 2 nights and felt totally suffocated.  I would not stay there again, and would advice any friend against going there.

    29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. L. D.
    we stayed 1 night on a Tuesday in April.  They gave us a room on the 4th floor with windows to the alley.  We heard garbage trucks at 1:00am, 3:30am, & 5:00am.  I thought a hotel was for sleeping !!!  Otherwise clean and modern and a good location.  Request an inside room !

    06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Blake O.
    I stayed here recently to show my girlfriend around the city in anticipation of living here starting this summer.  We've been doing a lot of traveling lately, so we decided to stay in what I would call a "budget boutique" hotel.

    First off, these guys do a great job with making the place look great on their website.  The lobby is really nice, an art-deco feel.  Although I had seen reviews on other sites like Hotels.com and Travelocity regarding bad desk service, we never had any problems.

    Somehow our reservation got lost somewhere between our online booking (not through the hotel) and the hotel's reservation system.  They put us in Room 628 which seemed to be the room they give you when they don't have room to put you anywhere else.  While all other room doors are solid wood, ours had a window which (although covered with shades) removed a bit of privacy.

    The room was small and was a smoking room.  The bathroom was equally small and the shower was so tiny that it was impossible to use without bumping the shower door open spraying water all over the bathroom floor.  Oh, and it had the smallest sink known to man.

    On the upside the staff was attentive and the location was great.  We were in the back of the building so the street noise was never a problem.  I probably wouldn't stay here again, but I've become a hotel snob in the last year.  If you just need a bed and have fairly low expectations, this should be fine.

    16/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Jeff G.
    Sadly I have to say I can't even give this place a single star.  We booked based on the website photos, which showcased an eclectically designed boutique hotel...
    We quickly realized we were in for a treat when we saw the neon lights of tad's steakhouse and the currency exchange window connected to our hotel.  First of all, the lobby's a total joke...they really must have hired a fantastic photographer to shoot the photos for the website.  The pre-pubescent kid working the front desk clearly had absolutely no clue.  Our second night at the hotel we asked for a recommendation for token pub food walking distance from the hotel, the best he could do was a Thai food place that closed 15 minutes from the time we'd asked him for the recommendation.  Unfortunately since the hotel is located in the "tenderloin district" AKA the apex of hell, we were unable to find anything open past 9pm that didn't involve a flashing neon light sign.  For the price we paid we were expecting a much larger room, air conditioning, and adequate water pressure...not to mention the dude on the street imitating Jason Maraz until midnight or the 3am trash pick ups which we heard crystal clear thru the paper thin windows which we were forced to keep open bc the room was lacking ac or a ceiling fan (mind you, this is mid October).
    If we could do it all over again, we would have stayed in the mission or in wine country...if anything, we strongly discourage anyone from staying in the uber touristy union square.

    11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Lisa F.
    Ugh!  I really had high hopes for this hotel, but a bunch of minor issues added up to a pretty mediocre experience.

    The first impression of the hotel was pretty good.  They have a dedicated parking lot for a reasonable price (yay!) and the decor is kinda funky and fun.  The room itself was a good size (executive king) with modern appointments, but the bathroom was small with old tiles, and not equipped with the jacuzzi tub we were expecting.  I wasn't too upset about the tub though as we were just heading out to a spa appointment and I knew we probably wouldn't use it anyway.

    That evening we attended the wine reception which turned out to be more awkward than relaxing.  Nobody was really mingling and there wasn't enough room for all the patrons to sit, so people were standing around talking in pairs or reading the paper, checking email, texting, etc.  There was also nobody manning the wine station and so my boyfriend had to open two bottles of wine for the two glasses he drank.

    After the wine reception we got ready for dinner and decided to drive to the restaurant.  When we went to the parking lot to get our car, the valet told us it would take 20 minutes and that we were supposed to tell the front desk BEFORE we wanted the car (would have helped if the front desk told us that upon check in).  We decided we could take a cab, but the concierge told us that it would probably take the same amount of time to find a cab than to wait for our car (especially since he couldn't call us one).  So we went back to wait for the car.  The parking lot was a disaster with four cars trying to get in and the same number of cars trying to get out.  We finally got out after much maneuvering.

    That night after we returned from dinner we were confronted with the same problem as many others - the temperature control.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very hot and thirsty.  I got up and turned on the A/C and fan, but that only succeeded in making me more thirsty and no less hot.  I tossed and turned the remainder of the night because the room would not cool down.  I can deal with all of the annoying hotel issues that come up, but if I don't get a good sleep I won't ever return.  And while the room itself was clean, the bed was not as great as some as the reviews here had let me to believe - the mattress was average (no featherbed) and the sheets were pilled (which means bad quality).  As much as I hate typical cookie-cutter hotels like the Marriotts and Hyatts, this experience makes me less inclined to try out the smaller boutique ones.

    01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Ande H.
    First time I stayed here was for a good friends 30th birthday city celebration.  We had about a 1/2 a dozen rooms in the hotel and the size of the hotel was perfect for this reason ... we weren't far from one another.  The location was ideal for hitting the night scene and if you drove into the city they've got a safe place to park your car.  It's very clean, not over priced and the staff is professional but not stuffy.  The second time I went was just as memorable.  We went to Le Charm for dinner (review to follow) and walked to the restaurant and back to the hotel.  With the crisp night air and the electricity of the night life surrounding us the Union Square Hotel made our evening in city one we'll never forget.

    11/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Darlene G.
    This place is perfectly located, the bart and the mall are both down the street. The staff was friendly and the decorations were nicely done. It's not the typical looking hotel, it had its own personality. I stayed on he second floor of the hotel and didn't have much of a view. I stayed here with 2 friends so we grabbed a room with 2 beds. the rooms are kind of small but not too bad. The only problem i found with the room was the sink. It was tiny, every time i brushed my teeth or washed my hands i would spill water on the ground, no fun! This is why this place did not get 5 stars from me. They offered complementary coffee int he morning and wine in the evening. My friends and I were not up early enough for coffee but we did grab wine our first night there. There's a centralized stair case where you can see up and down all the floors, i thought it was nice but it looked a little creepy. over all i had a good experience staying here and would stay here again the next time i'm in SF.

    29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Rosie T.
    I LOVE boutique hotels. Not hustle or bustle except for the people and the cable cars outside. But inside! It was modern and sophisticated. We stayed in the kids suite. The kids were entertained even when they were sleeping. NO REALLY! My son was laughing in his sleep.

    The kids side of the room had a trundle bed, mac mini, lincoln logs, and a long ass table covered with butcher paper. (Miss Julia Mermaid was created and then protected by an invisible force field so sharks would not eat her, with a pump just in case). There were books to read, color and do activites in.

    The grown up side of the room: very nice decor, tv. we got jipped!

    Downside: the loud cable cars at night (they should invest in some double pane glass) the bathroom is old.
    Overall, this is a real nice place to stay. We'll be back

    08/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Michael H.
    I really liked this place...stayed here in December 2006. It's comfortable and fits into the neighborhood perfectly. The lobby is modern, and the rooms are minimalist with a gritty, next-to-the-tracks, urban sort of feel (yet immaculately clean).

    The rooms vary in terms of size and access to light. I had an inner room that was very quiet, with no street noise (although the walls/ceilings are a tad thin at times). My bed was extremely comfortable and I slept wonderfully. The wi-fi in the rooms was not free.

    The concierge wasn't terribly friendly when I checked my bags, but the front desk staff were quite helpful and always tried their best. I believe the wine reception happens every night from 5:00-6:00--and by 6:00, they whisk away the glasses... probably not worth coming back if you're out exploring the city.

    And you step out the door and you're steps from BART, from many bus  lines, from the cable cars, and from an amazing amount of food options... including Lahore Karahi (which, at the time of writing, has 135 reviews--you San Francisco folks are obsessed with Yelp).

    10/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Sarah C.
    Despite what others have said, My friends and I really enjoyed our stay here. I'll admit the room was a bit small, but the atmosphere was very cute and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

    Came here with some girlfriends for a 'girls night out'... When we first got there, the light in our bathroom wasn't working but someone was there to fix it very quickly. Also, the front desk person and concierge that we interacted with were fantastic (Adam and Matthew... super sweet and very helpful in recommending places to go out and in getting us cabs etc.)

    Also, it's very close to everything! Shopping, restaurants, you name it.

    I'd definitely stay there again!

    18/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Elizabeth R.
    This hotel's location is great if you really want to be in the thick of it.  Hello?  H&M is literally 15 seconds away.... (dangerous).  The front desk was very agreeable and cordial.  This hotel feels a little dark and maize like, both qualities that I find most comfortable.  Because of this I felt quite at home here.  My only complaint was that my room was not exactly what was pictured online.... I suppose that is pretty typical.  That being said, my room was very clean, modern and the bed was extremely comfortable.  This place is perfectly sufficient if you're in need of a place to crash at 4 a.m.  I would stay here again.

    19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Tracy H.
    Aiight, so I'm from yuppieville (aka Pleasanton) and the club scene here is you know ... pretty much non-existent. Randomly, I got in a weird antsy mood, where I just had to get the HELL out of P-town. I wanted to get CRUNK.

    I don't know enough city dwellers to stay at their places, and boozing it up and shacking up with a stranger isn't really my thang, so I opted to book a hotel room with my friend.

    I booked here. It was cheap ($70 for one night with AAA discount), clean, in a GREAT location, and best of all - they have free wine. Free pre-drinking while chatting with European tourists? Supah.

    Mission Accomplished.

    28/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. David C.
    1. The location sucks. There is nothing in this area except for the same bars and restaurants that you will find in any downtown area in the world; San Francisco has so much more to offer. 2. Noise pollution. Even though I was on the third floor I heard everything happening on the street below me. Most of all, the simple road work that went on everyday that somehow sounded louder than airplanes crashing into each other. 3. Price.  What they were charging for that tiny room was a crime, but I guess this is the case in most places in SF. 4. (and this is what heats my hateful soup) They charged me $35 for getting a small (size of a quarter) stain of highlighter pen ink on the bedspread!!! I've toured a lot of places and stayed in a lot of hotel rooms where me and my guests have left many stains of many different natures all over the place but usually the hotels are accommodating enough to run the sheets through a washing machine before making you buy it. In the end, when they told me that I 'ruined' it and had to pay for it I demanded that I be allowed to keep the bedspread. After one wash the stain was gone. I guess $35 isn't so bad for a slightly used bedspread but I would at least enjoy a choice of styles. I find their taste rather tacky.

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Kim W.
    I rate Hotels on my own scale: Comfort, Cleanliness, Service, Location, Price

    Comfort: Trendy, but Smallest Hotel room I have Ever been in. Took some real persuasion to keep my large Midwestern husband there for 3 nights. Terrible lumpy pillows. You can hear EVERYTHING in the next room/hallway
    Cleanliness: Very clean, hallways smell weird but hey - we don't sleep in the hall.
    Service: Check in girl was very nice, the Concierge was curt bordering on rude to us and other guests.
    Location: Best location we could have asked for in reference to public transport.
    Price: Yikes!! I know that SF is expensive but Ouch.

    11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. DJ G.
    What a lovely boutique type hotel. Remodeled, modern, clean, friendly staff, great parking deal for Union Square area, it's right were you want to be for shopping and nightlife.  We had the pleasure of staying in a suite and I'd say ...it's well worth the money.  Great customer service will get my business everytime.  The owner actually called me to thank us for our business based on an e-mail I sent regarding our stay.  Impressive!

    11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Lei L.
    I have to say this line of "personality hotels" is dandy becauuuuuse they child proof the corners of the beds. A Plus for that! The rooms are small, where it almost felt like a bedroom-ish environment, not a hotel. I got the double queen room. We stayed to get a hotel feeling, and it wasn't too much of that. It wasn't bad, I'm digging the modern steelo. Because it's in the heart of downtown, it's a tad bit noisy, but if you can sleep through it, book a room. The room I was in was probably better for a booty call, not too much a family, hotel getaway thang. Pricing is not bad at all, I'd come again!

    05/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Stephanie D.
    When I first arrived, the room I was given (no frills Queen) smelled awful.  My friends room next door (no frills Queen) was just as bad.  The front desk was nice enough to place us in a room that smelled better - our theory was that it was the air conditioners that smelled since the new rooms didn't have them.  Seems like thats something that could be fixed pretty easily if they wanted to.   The room was also so small I couldn't even open the bathroom door all the way because it hit the bed.  The new room was better and slightly more roomy, but street side and LOUD.  Based on the reviews it sounds like an upgrade might be worth the cost but I certainly wouldn't recommend the no frills rooms to anyone.

    25/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Caitlin S.
    Boo hiss Hotel Union Square.  But I'll be nice and throw some props your way before pointing out your various shortcomings.

    The renovations created a beautiful space, my room was very impressive for several reasons: cool, modern upholstered headboard which probably also helps with acoustics, wall mounted flat screen TV, lighting installed in the moulding, and amazingly large rain shower head.  

    Why did I give this hotel just two stars when there are so many great amenities?  First, renovations are in progress.  I received no advance warning, no discount, not even a sign saying "excuse our mess."  There is only one elevator, and one stairwell.  The stairwell had carpet tacs just begging to be stepped on for several flights.  Hello...lawsuit, or at the very least, bitchy guests, waiting to happen.

    While the rooms are very attractive, they are tiny.  I stayed here for 4 nights, and did not even have a dresser or any drawers...my clothes stayed in my luggage because there was no place for them to go.  The bathroom is incredibly small.  No spot for a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

    The heating system isn't so good.  There was a radiator in my room, with no instructions on how to operate the thing.  I know it shouldn't be rocket science, but I had a hard time turning on the heat without being run out several hours laters because the room had turned from chilly to inferno.  The window was dewy and drafty, so the curtains had to be down at all times.

    The staff weren't stellar by any stretch of the imagination.  Front desk folks did not come across as friendly.  Housekeeping did not replace soap or shampoo over the course of my four night stay.

    I would be fine to stay here for a cheap weekend trip, with the expectation that it nothing more than a place to rest my head.  The Union Square location is very nearby the Powell St. BART station, and some amazing chain and department store shopping.

    24/04/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Jonny C.
    My wife and I stayed here for New Year's 2010.  The staff was very courteous and helpful.  The rooms were very clean and cozy.  I really liked the "home" feel that this hotel had.  The location was great, because we could walk to pretty much everything downtown.  We will definitely be back.

    13/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Lynn H.
    ok so before people who think this place deserves more than two stars, i probably would have given it more. however the night before arriving i called the number listed inthe website was redirected to some  forsaken voice recording that to me two try to actually speak to a person even then they were extremly unhelpful and i couldn't hear a word then they transferred me to someone who worked at the hotel i got the same thing. so i gave up...all i wanted to know was where to park which would have been helpful because the next day when we got there -_- couldn't find the dame place and then couldn't call to ask for help so we drove around in tourist filled one way construction zone street...when we actually got to check in the staff quickly tried to redeem themselves by upgrading our room which eh we were only there one night so. nice place great location just wasn't the best experience would recommend it though might come back if the was another offer on living social or something

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Stephanie W.
    I see what everyone is saying about Hotel Union Square, but I personally really enjoyed my stay there. The color scheme was inventive (love the grey/yellow/rust combination) and the rooms were elegant in that nouveau chic way. Ultra yuppie, but just the sort of place we wanted to say.

    There were 6 of us staying in the room for ETD Popsicle rave in Daly City memorial day weekend. We got the Suite for a reasonabe price with a king size bed. It was supposed to have a queen size sofa bed, but they put us in what was probably supposed to be a disabled room (chase lounge and an open shower... now that's interesting...)

    But no problem. Even though we reserved the room for only 2 people instead of 6, they brought a roll-away up to the room in no time at all. We had plenty of sleeping space for the 6 of us, and an amazingly comfortable room for myself and 5 very great friends. Down comforters, a view of Powell street tourists, friends and a great place to celebrate the end of finals pre and post DJ Tiesto. How amazing is that?

    Also, much love to the staff who knew there were lots of us staying, but left us alone since we were quiet and didn't break anything.

    26/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Lena B.
    have you ever feared for your life in an elevator other than that ride (something terror or terror something) in california adventure?  squeak, squeak, ding, ding, thud, thud...so small and slow and all that noise?!  after having a near death experience, all i wanted was some peace and quietness in my room, but as it turned out, my cardboard size room had no sound proof walls.  i could hear someone taking a shower happily as he was humming a barry manilow song.  speaking of shower, the bathroom was so tiny i preferred using public bathrooms while staying in sf.  unless you are on a serious budget, avoid this hotel (i can't even consider this as a hotel).  i guess you get what you pay for.  the only thing good about this place was the location, right smack in the middle of union square.

    this hotel is categorized as a boutique hotel.  HA!  i would not hesitate to put motel 6 in the same catagory as this one (if not better), if boutique meant "dirty, smelly, old and cheap".

    17/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. Elena N.
    I've stayed here many many times.  It's in a great location and the rates are fairly low for San Francisco.  It's clean, cute and quaint.  The staff is pretty friendly all around.  The only drawback is that since it's such a small hotel, they normally have one or two people manning the front desk.  So it may be a bit of a wait when you're trying to check in or out if a lot of people are showing up at the same time.  I would definitely come back here again.

    24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Stan L.
    maybe i got lucky.. but my room was pretty large.. it came with a nice clean king bed.. 2 couches.. a desk.. and plenty of space.. the only downside is that it can get a little loud.. but what do you expect being adjacent to union square.. they also could use a bit better lighting too.. overall.. if you're not going to spend a lot of time in your room.. this is a great place to crash..

    22/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Gary C.
    Stayed here last weekend, and the staff was so great!  Everyone I dealt with was so helpful and friendly.  I arrived at the hotel at 8am, after a red-eye from Honolulu and didn't sleep a wink on the flight.  Check-in wasn't until 3 (standard for most hotels).  I was planning to drop off my bags and chill out somewhere until check-in.  The front desk guy was so helpful- he found a room for me and I checked me in at 8am.  I was so happy to be able to take a nap.  

    The room was small, but very cool, and very clean.  The hotel's location is perfect.  A few steps from Union Square, and Powell Station.  

    Any hotel staff you passed in the halls were always so freindly and alwasy smiling.  They also have complimentary coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon.  Free WiFi in the rooms, and a computer in the lobby if you forgot to bring your laptop.  

    I will definitely stay here again on my next trip to San Francisco.

    23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. sean N.
    First of let me say its a good location, and great staff, but the walls were to thin and not sound proofed.. I didn't mind so much hearing the couple having sex the other night, and you could hear everything, I mean, just about everything.. but the guy that was snoring the other night really bothered me and I couldn't fall asleep.. I don't know why they would make hotel room walls so thin.. Also, any door closing in the hall makes a very loud noise.. which was also a problem..I would never stay here again because of the noise issue..

    03/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. James C.
    Great little hotel in the heart of Union Square.  Stayed for only one night while on a business trip, but was pleased with both services and amenities.  No fitness center on site, but they let you use the one at the Hotel Diva only one block away.  Enjoyable stay.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Dannah S.
    Huh. Why is this hotel getting such bad reviews? I thought that it was really good. We  stay here whenever we're in SF. I have girl's night here with the girlies as well. Tom, the concierge is awesome! He's such a sweet guy. The front desk service is really awesome. They always upgrade us whenever we check in. Everyone is so sweet and helpful. The staff is super friendly.
    The decor is awesome :)
    The hotel's location is superb. RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF UNION SQUARE! So if you're visiting the city for the first time, this is prime location.

    02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Brandon M.
    I met a friend here. It's a hip design type hotel with contemporary furnishings that I like. Though the room itself is small, just as small as the one smallest room I've had in London. Space is a premium in these cities ;).

    22/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Cheryl L.
    Hotel Union Square is my favorite place to stay in the city: a charming boutique hotel just steps from the bustle of Union Square, the Powell St. cable car, the BART, buses, Chinatown, the Metreon, and the convention center. This hotel started out as the first boutique hotel in the city, and was revamped recently into a hip-yet-fashionably-old-fashioned modern boutique hotel. The location and value are hard to beat.

    The staff is fantastic, friendly and helpful, and the hotel is decorated in a lovely combination of warm hues - mustard, eggplant, burgundy. Local artists adorn the walls, and if you're a fan of "The Maltese Falcon," consider getting the Dashiell Hammett Suite. Can't bear to leave your pooch behind? Hotel Union Square is a member of the Personality group of hotels in San Francisco, which not only welcomes your doggy friends, but helps pamper them!

    Complimentary services include: WiFi available throughout the hotel; business center; safe deposit boxes at the front desk; nearby fitness center. There is on-site parking with in-out privileges (a *huge* plus in SF) - with parking and a gas card being included in some of the room rates - and they have a currency exchange right outside the front door.

    If you're a light sleeper, ask for a higher level room or one not facing the street - the cable car that passes out front can be loud. (Note: there are a couple rooms per floor that have windows that look into an air shaft instead of outside; take a look at the floor plan when they give you your key.)

    Rates start usually run $99-199; keep an eye on their website and sort through the different rates to get the one you want. The less frills you need - ie. their gas/parking package; some specialty packages like 'girls night out' - the cheaper a rate you can find.

    Great hotel, and one I love to return to.

    17/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Meghan C.
    So I read some of the other reviews and they were pretty harsh. I was in town for the weekend with a friend and we basically were exploring San Francisco and wanted a prime hotel that was within walking distance of everything. It was pretty minimalist, but had everything we needed and tried to be very modern - looked like some carpet had been freshley replaced and there was new furniture everywhere.   After we checked in, the person at the front desk told us no fewer than 8 times how nice our room was and when we got up there and opened the window, we found it faced a brick wall and directly into another room. Yeah.

    Only a few cons:

    No air conditioning - that was terribly, only the poor ventilation on top of it made it worse. It was really only liveable after 7 pm when it cooled off.

    Creepy concierge who tried to convince us to stay 2 nights after telling us we made a bad decision staying at Fisherman's Wharf the next night for a change of pace. Way to insult us 5 minutes after we met.

    The automatic bathroom light. Kept coming on during sex (which was weird) and would shut off while I was in the shower. Not cool.

    15/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Ali H.
    Before I even stayed at the hotel I was unhappy with there service. I was with a group of people who had swtiched hotels, but within the Personality Hotels company, yet they would not let me transfer my reservations online. Not even willing to budge a little bit. I then called customer service and they said they cannot switch my hotels but that I was in an "upgraded" room and it was a nicer hotel anyways.

    When we arrived there was a sign out front that said "Valet Parking" so we stopped and looked around a bit and no one came out. We were in a rush so we just left our car and ran in. The front desk attendant told us that someone would be out. So we went to our "upgrade" room. The feeling of the hotel reminded me of the tower of terror. Dim lighting through the halls and tall brick walls were not helping the disneyland horror ride effect. The "upgrade" room was tiny and the floors were sloping. When we had came back from our first outting that night, we once again waited for valet and no one showed up. We asked the night front desk man and instead of saying "hey its smaller font but you have to drive 3 blocks for VALET" he gave us attitude like we were stupid for not being able to see that while frantically driving through the crazy streets of SF. One plus, the valet attendants were very nice. Finally that night when we came back around 2am the front doors to the hotel lobby were LOCKED. I understand its late, but WHY would you lock out the guests?

    I think the whole experience with the hotel and their extreme lack of customer service definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. And unfortunately I have to stay at another Personality Hotel next month.. Lucky me~

    02/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    42. Steffi H.
    I stayed 2 nights in this hotel (weekend). As I came by car it was a bit difficult to find out were the parking valet was, so I had to call them. The room was actually really small but the bathroom was fabulous. Everything was newly renovated. Also the room itself was nice, but it was a little bit dark. Especially the walkable wardrobe had no light. When I wanted to use the hairdryer the electricity broke down in the room. When I explained this at the reception it seemed as this was well known. They fixed it immediately. They have free wireless what I appreciated. What I really liked with this hotel was that it was sooooo centered. Everything was easy to reach by bus or even by walking. The guys from the parking valet (right around the corner) were very kind as I was allowed after checkout to park up to the evening without extra paying (ok, the fee was generally a bit high - 30/day). At all I had a great time there and I would definitely come back.

    12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Janie B.
    LOVED this hotel!  It's a redone old buiding right on the trolley line-one block from the turn around. We had a street view and you can actually open the windows!  Quaint, romantic-fabulous consiere (sp?)....you CANNOT go wrong here!

    17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Ellen M.
    I've been at this hotel all weekend and my spine feels perfect!  Good beds and pillows.  The basic rooms are pretty small but not cramped.  Old, cool building.  Nice style...modern classic era furniture, drapes and bedspreads, some rooms with exposed brick.  I also like a good shower - no such luck this time.  I'm what, 5'5"?  I had to duck to get clean...oh dear...and hardly any water pressure.

    Helpful concierge will lead you in the right direction.  Wine reception Friday evenings.  Free wifi, computer in the lobby if you didn't bring your own.  Also a great office center in the basement with a printer and fax.

    Right in the heart of downtown.  Tons of shopping around, but not the cool SF kind...malls malls malls.  Nearby BART & Muni will get your poor tourist ass away from all that.

    If you call the hotel directly and find them "booked solid," check hotels.com - there might be a vacancy.  My room was $179 nightly Friday and Saturday, $139 on Sunday and Monday.  Four stars for being clean, cheap, well-located, and with a great bed.  If you're fussy, stay somewhere else.

    09/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Josie B.
    Great location for shopping downtown SF.  It's 2 blocks to Macy's, 2 blocks to Westfield Mall, 2 blocks to Union Square, etc.

    The Dashiell Hammet Suite gets a "10" because it was big, comfy, clean.  It gets a "7" for dim lighting.   It gets a "5" for street noise.  However, if you have insomnia, happenings on the street can be quite entertaining.  

    And...the staff gets an "11".  Overall, we enjoyed our two day stay at The Hotel Union Square so much, we will return annually for our after-Xmas shopping spree.

    29/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Mae Y.
    We were very disappointed by the size of the room.  We paid so much we were expecting something fabulous; when we walked in the room, which two of us could barely fit in, our hearts just sank. It really ruined our trip feeling like we were robbed. This room seemed to be worth about $79 a night.... not the $295 we paid!

    But, to their credit, it is in a fabulous location and the service at the front desk and concierge was very good.

    Still we will never stay there again because any other place you would likely get more for your money.

    09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    47. Aisha I.
    This spot gets major kudos for its location and the people who worked there were extremely nice and helpful which I appreciate but otherwise this is really just a souped up Days Inn. The walls in our room were dirty, the furniture clearly worn and raggedy, and some strange stains on the carpets. Its very overpriced for what it was but then again you have the location and I guess when it comes to real estate be it rental or ownership its all about location location location.

    18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Giorgio B.
    Very nice hotel, friendly staff. The rooms are a bit small but they are very comfortable and have everything you need. Very pretty decor as well and we loved the free wine tastings at 6pm in the lobby.

    21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. B K.
    Really nice hotel.  I stayed in the penthouse and it has a awesome roof patio with great view of surrounding city.  
    Overall, the nicest hotel I been at in SF

    The onsite parking is a pain in the ass to find,  but does exist.

    25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Tara K.
    Rented the penthouse suite for New Year's Eve/eve of a 40th birthday party. The suite was spacious & stylish with a nice deck outside, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the location convenient for our guests.

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. William X.
    Great location in downtown San Francisco. However, its an old hotel with small rooms. The worst parts are hearing the neighbors 1am argument through the paper thin walls, and listening to every step as the occupant above you walks around.

    09/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    52. Lisa M.
    We stayed here for a girls night in the city and were pleasantly surprised. We weren't looking to spend a ton, just wanted a place to get ready and then eventually crash in, and it definitely served it's purpose and then some.

    They had a free wine hour, which we were sure to come back for before dinner and aided us in beginning our night of debauchery.

    The rooms were adorable, though small, they had clearly been updated and they did a very good job making them modern and tasteful. The bathroom was still a little old-school, but I had no complaints.

    There is a certain stuffiness smell throughout the hallways, but who hangs out in the hallways anyway?

    The staff were great. The location (right next to H&M) was insanely perfect for us, and they gave great recommendations for breakfast. Total fan.

    19/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Kwame J.
    As good as it gets.
    Walk right outside and the action is alive.
    Walk 1 block away and Union Square is right there.

    Hop on the trolley out front and your at Fisherman's Wharf in 15 minutes.
    Make sure to jump off at Lomard Street and take in the view.

    The actual rooms were nice.
    very nice, a place where you wanna bring in a different chick every night and

    26/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Steven S.
    We stayed here for six nights and chose this hotel based on previous reviews and location.  

    We got a pretty good rate here and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of this place considering that.  The location is great in terms of proximity to public transit.  It's in the middle of the big downtown shopping district, so it can be pretty noisy.  However, we got a room on the 6th floor facing the street and the noise really wasn't that bad.  The rooms are fairly small, (though not exceptionally so) but we expected as much staying in a hotel downtown for less than $100 a night.  The decor is fun with a retro feel and it seemed that it had went through a fairly recent renovation.  (within the last 5 years or so)  

    The staff was very helpful and friendly.  The Concierge was quick to help whenever possible.  There's no breakfast served in the hotel, but they do have coffee and tea in the morning and complimentary wine in the evening.  

    We will definitely come back and would recommend this hotel to anyone coming to San Francisco for a short visit.

    12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Hammer Time H.
    the rooms were so small that we had to bail.  ate the $190 bucks and went to the nikko around the block.

    the staff was super friendly and tried to be as helpful as possible.

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    56. Peach M.
    Great stay in the city of snakes...

    Pros: great location, affordable, very clean, nice rooms, free wifi, classy retro hollywood-theme
    Cons: no pool/hot tub, no mini bar (in our room), room windows don't open (at least in our room)

    We booked a queen size on hotels.com a few days before flying up to as Eddie Izzard calls it "the citaay". On arrival to the SF airport we hoped on BART and rode up to the Powell St. Station where the hotel is a short five minute walk away. The hotel sits right across from a DSW and is pretty easy to find.

    They have a small coffee/tea/juice bar in the lobby at breakfast time and some sort of wine ordeal in the evening (which we did not partake in). Our room was a good size but we weren't in it much. There's an iPod/iPhone charger/stereo alarm clock next to the bed... useful if you forget your charger. The bathroom was nice, with one of those huge rain shower heads. One crap thing was our bathroom door latch would get stuck occasionally so I'd have to do the jiggle dance to get it open.

    From the fifth floor we had nice view of the street below but couldn't open up the window for some air. Therefore it was a little stuffy at times. But... we could still hear the soft ting of the cablecar bell as the prison transportation carried prisoners down...down... to AL CA TRAZ.

    Last time we visited the citaay we stayed in H.U.S.'s sister hotel, the Diva Hotel (another personality hotel). The experience at Diva was nowhere near as good with a booking mixup, a crap room, and not the best location. Hotel Union Square was a fantastic deal and we'll definitely be staying there when we visit next time!

    08/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Erika C.
    Solid place to stay. We stayed in the cable car penthouse suite. The hotel is very  authentic old San Francisco and decorated well. Feels like you're in the 1920's. The room also has a private rooftop terrace, which is very cool. Location is central, but you are in the hub of touristy shops ect. We liked it a lot, but we enjoyed shopping & dining more, closer to Valencia St.

    13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Katherine A.
    A cute little hotel right alongside the famous cable car line on Powell. The hallway's decor is cute. The location is great. Downside? The size of the rooms can be inconsistent (from my experience). I've booked Double Double rooms on two different occasions; the first time it was a decent sized room for the amazing price we paid for it (for four people) and the second time it was really, really small (for the same four people) but it's still cute nonetheless.

    It can a bit noisy since the cable car runs right in front of the hotel but I didn't mind. I booked the room for that reason; to feel like I'm in the city.

    06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Laia B.
    Located  Powell Street . Easy to get everywhere and the cable car line is right outside the door .
    Rooms decoration is more than cool, nice and modern.
    The service  is  excellent, all the staff were really helpful, friendly and kind.
    Many amenities offered:  wine, free wireless and business center.

    I recommend with no hesitation Hotel Union Square to anyone looking for a good hotel in the heart of San Francisco for a reasonable price.

    19/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. E S.
    The hotel itself is in the perfect downtown location. The room was just ok, very narrow and no windows! The bathroom sink water wouldn't go down smoothly, but other than that, the bed was comfy, and the maid service was mediocre. The concierge folks are friendly and the morning coffee is delish. I'd stay there again, only cuz I was never in the room and the location is perfect.

    04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Rachael G.
    Top Notch room !!  Decor was ultra modern and chic.   Fabulous location.  Bed was super comfy !! Could not have asked for a better room to stay in for a weekend get away !!

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Jeff M.
    I think by now I am able to call myself a "Union Square Personality Hotels Connoisseur," as I have stayed at the overwhelming majority their boutique hotels in downtown San Francisco. My first experience with the company was this establishment, Hotel Union Square and it still remains, by far, my best experience.

    Yes, the hallways smell like cats + cigarettes + Chinese food but oh well, look past it. This hotel has an amazing central location (just one block up from Powell St. BART station) and wonderful modern décor-two huge pluses for me.

    Actually, let me tell you about the décor because I like it that much. Very few hotels seem to be able to pull off the hip contemporary look naturally but Union Square does it. The bed was enormously ginormous and came complete with a padded headboard (!), blue LED lamps, an iPod stereo and the softest absolutely softest down comforter. Still not enough for you? The room (Number 405, for you Death Cab fans) had two full sized sofas and a chair, which were all legitly comfortable! The walls that were not painted in beautiful gun metal gray or wine red were wrapped in windows that looked down onto Powell St. and the Cable Car turn around; while the ceiling was covered with some crazy awesome oversized bubble-wrap texture.

    After typing all of that, I just realized this hotel takes the cake for the best hotel I have stayed at in San Francisco, boutique or otherwise.

    26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Stephanie B.
    I would give this place a 2.5 if that was possible on yelp.  It was OK given the price ($300/night). We stayed there on a city reunion with 3 girlfriends.  When we booked our junior suite on-line, we stated there would be 4 of us and yet they seemed surprised when we checked in and recommended 2 hideaway beds instead of the sofabed, which they said they get complaints about.  Seems to me for $300 a night for a room that sleeps 4, all sleeping accommodations should be comfortable. The room also wasn't set up for 4 people (two towels, two glasses) so we had to call and get more stuff sent up.  The hotel staff was friendly. The room decor was contemporary and nice.  The location is noisy as to be expected on Powell Street in Union Square.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. April Rose D.
    We stayed here for New Year's Eve. We booked through hotels.com , and our room was small, as expected for San Francisco hotels. The best thing about this hotel is the location, it's within a block of Union Square, the cable cars, and bart. There is an inexpensive thai restaurant next door for a quick and delicious meal. The furnishings were modern, but the bathroom was a little worn, it could definitely use some updating. The bed was very comfortable with good quality sheets. I thought it was rude of them not to offer late check outs on New Year's day. I've never stayed at hotel that didn't offer a late check out, even on New Years day. I'm sure a number of hotel guests would've appreciated an extra hour of sleep...I would choose a different hotel if staying in the city.

    03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    65. Aubrey J.
    the rooms are a tight squeeze, but you have to stay here for it's location. the rooms are designed really cute which is always a plus for me. you are probably a block away from the bart station which is awesome if you are coming straight from the airport. you don't have to catch a taxi or lug your suitcase through town to get to your hotel. it is conveniently placed in a great area near the mall, clothing stores, cable car, union square, restaurants, cafes, etc. after staying here, i will never choose another hotel whenever i'm in downtown san francisco. great service & clean hotel! great wine hour when we were there also =) free wine! & we were able to check in our bags early so we could start exploring the city before the official check-in time. don't miss out on this gem!

    09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. John S.
    The location is good because It is right in the heart of downtown. If you are looking for a modern, resort style experience, this isn't the place. It has more of a retro-classic feel. The standard rooms are a bit small, dusty, and have in window air conditioning, but we stayed in the Dashiell Hammett Suite (yes, he did stay here) which was a real treat. The room was decorated by a local artist and had a lot of personality with corner windows that looked out into the city. The staff were all fantastic. I would recommend asking for the Dashiell Hammett Suite.

    21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    67. Joshua S.
    This place was great. The bed was super comfortable, the staff were helpful and pleasant and the hotel was clean and welcoming.

    We were only here one night, but I would go back in a heartbeat. Close to everything in Union Square. Shopping, Restaurants, Bars, you name it. Wonderful place to stay and it is remarkably affordable.

    10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Alesia i.
    Cute hotel almost in the heart of Union Square. Walking distance to stores. Kind of loud if your facing the cable car area. Small bathroom. Small room but cute decor.

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Simona D.
    Clean, comfortable.  The staff are all AMAZING!  Everyone just keeps asking if there is anything they can do for you, as you walk by.
    The street is quite noisy - be prepared for late night/early morning happy tipsy people streaming past hollering at each other.  The "ding ding" of the trolley car is great.   Just remember, you're in the center of everything....  
    Would definitely return here.  And don't miss the little hole in the wall Thai restaurant next door - Bangkok.  We liked it so much, we went back several times.  Craving it right now.....

    11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. dan b.
    Don't be fooled by the website pictures.. Our room had a hole in the ceiling and foam taped with electrical tape to the corners of the bed frame. The furniture was beat up looking in general. The bed literally fell apart while in use and I had to lift up the mattress and put the slats back in. The room smelled so funny we had to go buy a candle.  The floor lamp didn't work. The comforter didn't have any covering on it. The provided glasses were too gross looking to drink from. The TV was weird; once you get to the highest or lowest channel, it doesn't loop around it just stops responding to the buttons.

    It was loud! We weren't even on the street and there was a humming/vacuuming noise from the "courtyard" all night and a loud pinging/clanking sound coming from the A/C unit.  The doors slam constantly.

    Lastly if you go out of the room anyone in the hallway has a full view of the bed.

    19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Julie M.
    Found this hotel through Travelocity and was incredibly happy and surprised by the service and the hotel itself. Easy access to the cable car and very friendly staff. I would stay there again if ever back in San Francisco. The rooms were a little small but for me it was perfect. I was out exploring the town and only really used the room for sleeping and showering. Very clean and well maintained.

    15/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Karen E.
    Would stay here again, but would bring candles or room spray next time. Very strong smell that never went away... Kind of nursing-home-esque?? Would have been 5 stars if not for the smell.

    Stayed here 3 nights in a deluxe queen room. Surprised how small the room was when we first entered, but it was enough, and the high ceilings made it seem bigger.

    Lots of cute details in the room. Bathroom had the best conditioner I've ever used in a hotel and super soft, fluffy towels.

    Wine hour from 5-6 pm. Never went because of timing, but a nice touch.

    Amazing location. Walked to conference at Moscone center in under 10 minutes. Walked to Ferry building on Saturday morning for farmers market/brunch in under 20 minutes. And walgreens right across the street if you need essentials (diet pepsi run!!)

    25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Erika F.
    I don't know what the other reviewers mean about the room smell...Mine smelled so fresh and so clean.

    This is a perfect place for business travel. I wouldn't stay here for a romantic weekend with someone special, but it's right in the heart of union square, and the decor is totally what I would expect from a boutique hotel in San Francisco. The front desk staff is really helpful, and although they don't have a kitchen etc, you can order room service from the restaurant next door. Next time I'm in SF on business, I'll definitely stay here again.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Andrew W.
    Great value for money. Well designed rooms that are economically priced, helpful staff and perfectly placed in the heart of town.

    Every bit as good as a five star hotel at a fraction of the cost. Don't expect frills though, you go out for food and drink - and are spoilt for choice in this area.

    16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Kathleen C.
    For the price we got (about $100/night) it was a great hotel. I wouldn't pay more though.

    There's a small parking lot at the back of the hotel.

    The rooms are extremely small, but also extremely neat.  The walls are rather thin, so expect to here you're neighbours talk.

    There's nothing that can beat this location.  It's across the cable car platform which will take you right to the Pier.  Actually it's easy to navigate with all kinds of public transportation from this hotel.

    08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Elaine K.
    Got a room here in January for a getaway and it was great!  The location is awesome, right in the middle of everything.  The only downside though is that it gets noisy because the cable car runs on the street outside the hotel.  But that can also be a plus because you are within walking distance of everything downtown.

    We got an upgraded suite with a king-sized bed because no one travels in January and things are pretty inexpensive around that time.  The room was like a rock star room with mood lighting and a huge bed with mirrors everywhere....I know what you're thinking you dirty bird.

    They have a little cocktail hour I think from 4-6?  The front desk people were great, really nice and friendly.

    A tip if you are staying here, upgrade if you can.  Space is scarce in San Francisco and we saw what I think was a basic room and it looked like a dorm room/jail cell.

    31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Cara Mia D.
    +1 Star for LOCATION.  So nice to be in walking distance from everything in Downtown.  Didn't have to take a cab so as much as we expected.

    +1 Star for SERVICE.  Everyone was super friendly and the front desk accommodated all our requests.

    +1 Rooms were clean and newer than I had expected for an old small hotel.

    +1 Smoking rooms!  Mainly chose this hotel because after doing some research, found out that most hotels in DT Frisco were non-smoking.  Yeah the city is old, but stop marking every single building as a historic landmark.

    Only downside was the noise level.  I can hear when nearby rooms were showering and people were walking through the hallways.

    15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. jay a.
    Stayed here for the first time. Loved the room; large with amazing decor. Very friendly and outgoing front desk staff.
    Stayed here a second time, this time on a budget. The room was barely big enough to fit a bed with maybe two to three feet to move on two sides; and a small bathroom. Don't even recall if the room had a window.
    But, here's what happened. I bought a bottle of wine, which I finished over my short stay; loved it! I had the best Vietnamese food I have ever tasted in my life; fantastic! I woke up at 3:00 in the morning because I couldn't sleep, and read (in bed, of course; there were no chairs in the room); loved it!
    This second stay may have been the most memorable stay I have ever had. Loved it! Oh, I love San Francisco!

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Dan L.
    So much negative I do not know where to begin. My gf and I came here to celebrate our two year anniversary. Unfortunately, the best time we had was when we were away from the hotel. Room was dirty, half eaten food sitting on the counter and lipstick marks on the wine glasses, and dirty pillows. When I brought this to the attention of the staff, including the manager, they brushed it off and that was that. While we were at dinner they went back into our room and "cleaned" it without our permission. Moved our clothes and other items off the bed and desks to top it off, which is not okay. The one nice thing is the location, but that is all they had going for them.

    The next day at check out I tried to talk to a different manager about the issues so he at least knew what was going on. He also brushed it off.

    Honestly I felt like we stayed at a cheap Motel 6 on interstate 5 on my way to LA. Never again.....

    18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    80. Sandy C.
    I swore I already wrote a review for this hotel...I stayed here when I came to visit San Fran. This hotel is so convenient from the BART and all the stores around the area. The hotel staff were really really nice! This place is pretty cute. It has a very modern theme/style to it. One thing I didn't really like were the hallways, it's bit scary because of the lighting and the walls were dark. Yes, our room was small, but it was good enough to rest up for the night. I mean it's not like we're going to do cartwheels in the room, so even though it's small, it was good. One thing I do have to complain about is the sink in the bathroom. It's the tiniest thing ever. Let's be warn if you turn on the faucet at a higher setting, you'll just end up getting water all over the floor. The place does come with toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and a razor (interesting).

    But when we left the window open there were so much noise coming from the parking lot and on the street, that we had no choice but keep the window closed and turn on the ceiling fan. I do love their beds! It's the most wonderful thing I've ever slept in. The comforters and the pillows...oh man it felt like sleeping in a cloud and made us don't want to get up in the morning. Another thing I didn't like was the window only cracked opened like about 6 inches and the room did get stuffy. A funny incident happened at this hotel. We came back from our day of ventures and the room was tidied up by the maids, but we lost the remote control. We looked for it everywhere, even in our bags, but we weren't able to locate it that we called them and explained to them that the remote has gone mia. They came and gave us another one and found it really strange that the remote was gone too. Then at night my friend went to sleep and found the missing remote hiding out in the comforters the entire time, which the cleaning people just made the bed with the remote in there. I guess the beds were really that comfy that even the remote wanted to stay in there.

    04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Amanda B.
    Stayed there 4/18 for a night.
    -price $190/nite
    -location close to bart stop & union sq shopping

    -front desk talks me into an "upgrade" upon check in for larger and quieter room. Turns out to be weirdly long room with small windows looking out to blocked wall.
    -Fire alarm went off 2 times in middle of nite prompting guests to evacuate to lobby. No explanations nor apologies given.
    -No smoke room smelled like smoke.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    82. Luisa B.
    Hotel Union Square was exactly what I expected and so much more. The room was small, but cozy and efficient. The large closet was big enough for two suitcases. Perfect size for a five-day stay with my husband. The central location was as convenient as it gets. Hotel staff was beyond helpful. Happy hour an added plus. Just loved it and can't say enough about it!

    05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. shivani b.
    I stayed in the Dugout Suite at this hotel the past weekend and it was AMAZING. The staff is so helpful and courteous, and the suite just blew me away. If you're a Giants fan- you have to stay here. Nathalie Toribio is a WONDERFUL sales manager, and if you have a special requests for your stay or are planning a group trip she is amazingly helpful and always makes you feel special.

    02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Jessicka L.
    Stayed here over the weekend for a birthday party.


    -Location: Powell St. Bart. Cable Cars. Shopping! Union Square.
    You can't get much better than that.
    -Price: $246 for a Friday and Saturday night Deluxe Queen Room.
    Unbelievable in SF, right?
    This was after taxes and booked through hotels.com about 3 weeks in advance.
    -Lobby: Modern and chic. Very boutique-y.
    -Staff: Pleasant and helpful.
    -Noise: Next to nothing if near the courtyard and above the 4th floor.  
    -Walgreens: It's right across the street.
    -Free WiFi: Except it kinda sucked. :/


    -Room Sizes: Remember my great rate for a DELUXE Queen room...?
    Well I figured out why: Smallest room I've EVER stayed in.
    Been to boutique hotels and knew what I was in for since space in SF is limited but holy Hell, this thing was small.
    -Odor in Room: Really stale odor that doesn't go away unless you light a candle (which I did). Buy the $4 Gardenia one at Walgreens. It's a huge help.  
    And keep the air circulating.
    -Do Not Disturb Signs: They didn't exist in our room...and housekeeping didn't even come until after 2 pm.
    -Fridge: There isn't one. And there aren't ice machines on every floor either.

    I'd stay here again and pay more for a decent sized room just because the location is pretty rad.

    The photos are not entirely accurate though so do not make a decision strictly based on what you think your room -might- look like.

    For those wanting to be downtown and have access to everything -- this hotel is where you want to be.

    28/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Liz C.
    Great boutique hotel in a great location. I had a room on the fourth floor facing the street and didn't have trouble with the street noise.  Lots of great restaurants nearby within walking distance.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Darrell B.
    Nice boutique SF hotel. Great location. Our room overlooked Powell St. cable car, but what little noise came through was masked by the continuous running AC unit. I would stay here again. I think most of the negative reviews for HUS are from those who don't understand what a boutique hotel in San Francisco is like. There are better ones if you want to pay more and there are much worse ones as well.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Christophe J.
    Great Location, I give you that much.
    Don't take the pictures for granted. The rooms are extremely small.
    Check the dust before turning on the fan.
    Cleaning: I think the Cleaning is not up to par.
    If you don't mind smelling Chinese food all the time, great because that is all you will smell.

    But again the biggest disappointment is the pictures which makes you thing that you are getting in this hip, cool hotel with decent size rooms but at the end, its really a shoe box.

    12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    88. Briget P.
    Cute boutique hotel located right smack in Union Square where all the action is. Very convenient location right off the Bart station. I heard the single rooms are very small but we upgraded to a suite which was the perfect amount of space. The decor in the room was stylish and chic. The hallways were vintage looking and had cute characteristics. The service was very friendly and a major plus -- complimentary wine hour!

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Ravi M.

    I was able to stay here with a special rate from Hotels.com ($180/night).  However, for a regular (without window) or deluxe room (with window), I would not pay any more than this.

    There are small perks which you may enjoy if you have the time:
    - wine and live music in the lobby in the evening
    - complimentary wireless internet access
    - rain shower faucets

    The hotel is quaint in that it feels more like a house than a hotel.  The hotel staff is very nice and accommodating.

    Do not park here unless you plan to park overnight.  If you want to park only for a few hours, there is a parking lot behind the hotel with an entrance on Ellis Street.

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Silvia M.
    Friendly staff. Close to market street. Has complimentary wine 5-6pm and coffee in the morning. Is tiny but enough space for one.

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Rona B.
    I stayed here for one day because I was going to a show at the Warfield. The employees were extremely nice which made me enjoy staying at the hotel even more. They even gave me an upgrade by surprise. Location was convenient as it was walkable distance from everything (the mall, the park, the warfield, and many places to eat). The only thing I didn't like about the location was the noise level (all from outside, esp. in the morning/afternoon), but that was tolerable on the fifth floor. There was no fridge (which was upsetting because I had some water I wanted to keep cool). The bathroom was a bit small, but as long as there's a toilet and a shower, it's all good.
    Overall a great place to stay in the Union Square area.

    09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Bobby B.
    Stayed here last weekend. Although located right in the middle of Union Square, this place is terrible. The rooms are tiny, studio size. There was no refrigerator in the room. The shower leaked all over the floor even if the door was shut. No vent in the bathroom. The bed was extremely squeaky and woke up my gf every time I laid on my side. I can go on and on. For what I paid, it was a ripoff.

    Bottomline: I won't stay there any time soon and I hope you won't too. AVOID this dump they call a hotel. What a joke.

    Overall: F

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    93. Gino M.
    I think if you read the previous reviews you'll get the general idea about this hotel -- it's a boutique hotel with small rooms.

    I don't necessarily say the above in a bad way because you're getting a lot of what you pay for.  This hotel is in a prime downtown spot for San Francisco.  The BART/Muni station is less than a 5 minute walk away.  Places to shop and eat are plentiful.  The Moscone Center is a 10 minute walk away.  Busses, cable cars ... you get the picture.  

    As for the interior of the hotel and the staff?  I couldn't complain.  The room was clean, the staff was friendly and the price was right.

    13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Hila B.
    Loved their kind service, the room was really nice for a small hotel and the location was PERFECT for everything!
    Make sure you get a room with an air conditioning otherwise it may get a little too hot and make your stay there unpleasant.
    Would stay there again for sure!

    15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. Kris S.
    Clean room, great staff. Request a quiet room. If u open ur window beware of the small flies that swarm around that area. Watch out for the homeless late at night they can be pushy in that area. but thats the only downside of the location. lots of restaurants bars and shopping within walking distance. Overall nice boutique hotel

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Sherry C.
    First time staying at this property and for sure we will be coming back.  Perfect location right in the heart of Union Square with the cable car at the front entrance. Clean rooms, comfortable beds, very charming decor and great attention to detail. From the minute we parked and check in, to when we checked out, the staff really made us feel at home.  Really a great experience!

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Gourmet G.
    A sophisticated yet casual boutique hotel a short walk from Union Square. Newly renovated guest rooms, many with exposed brick walls, are decorated in shades of burgundy, eggplant, gold, and green and feature modern cherrywood furniture. Amenities include direct dial phones with voicemail and cable TV with newly released pay-per-view movies and super Nintendo games. High speed wireless Internet access is available in all rooms for a nominal fee. The rooftop penthouse has two levels with a wet bar, full living room, and a private redwood deck with a city view. Request a room in the rear if you don't want to be awakened at dawn by the clanging bells of the cable cars. Rack rates start at $99.00.

    07/08/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Lucian H.
    Great boutique hotel near Union Square and Moscone Center

    I have stayed at a number of hotels in the Union Square district, and this is one of my favorites.  Some of the rooms are quite "cozy" (as with most older hotels in SF), but the corner suites and some of the other rooms are quite spacious.  Bathrooms are clean and nice, and towels are fluffy.

    The hotel is on Powell, so cable car and traffic noise can be loud, especially on lower floors.  On upper floors street noise is barely noticeable.

    Staff are very accommodating and helpful.  

    Good coffee in the morning and nice wine hour in the evening.

    I've stayed here several times and will be back the next time business brings me to the Moscone Center.

    09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. TR S.
    This hotel by far is the worst hotel i've ever stayed at. The price was ridiculously expensive. For another 30$ I could have stayed at the Mystic which is one of my favorite places to stay at. The rooms were literally 10x10. The bathroom was a quarter of the room. There is no air conditioning. It was more like a hostel than a hotel. If you like small, cramped spaces, by all means, this is you choice. lol!!!

    01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    100. Joe D.
    Feel like giving it a single star.  Got a Hotwire deal, which I never check out except one other time.  Last time I got the W for a deal.  This place was marginal.  A closet standing in for a room, not enough towels. flying insects in the room, crappy AC, just not good.  You could upgrade for significantly more but instead I chose to spend the money and just go to a regular hotel.  Done with Hotwire and this place for sure.

    08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    101. Danny B.
    I stayed at the Hotel Union Square from Sunday, 8 December, until Thursday, 12 December, while I attended a conference at Moscone Convention Centre.  

    Check-in was efficient.  The room (on the sixth floor, street side of the building) was on the small side but certainly adequate in size for one person or a couple (but not a family).  It was quite clean on arrival and kept up nicely by the maid each day I was there.  The carpeting was a little worn, but I did not consider that a big deal.  

    The perks of the place were the daily complimentary wine hour (5-6 PM) and the free wi-fi access.  An improvement would be to offer a continental breakfast, as even a simple breakfast is very expensive in that area of San Francisco.

    13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Sean T.
    Central location,concierge is great at helping find stuff too!  Deaf and hard of heading friendly!

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Wesley S.
    The hotel is super cute! The ambience and vibe is so sleek yet trendy. The personal and authentic design is pleasing to the eye. The classic and edgy decor is just the touch for the get away experience. The staff here really goes the extra mile to make their customers happy. I am very pleased with the front desk representative, Gregory, for making us feel extremely satisfied, welcomed, and comfortable on my visit here in the middle of the city.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. S. A.
    This hotel is conveniently located in the city. First look of the entrance I was very weary of staying at the hotel, however my 3 night stay was comfortable. They even provide coffee and a happy hour with wine and live music at times.

    For the rate and the location, this hotel is a good choice. If I need to book travel with little notice and avoid high hotel rates in the city, I will definitely stay at Hotel Union Square again.

    26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    105. Jeanette K.
    Let me start with the good stuff...They serve wine at night in the lobby. It's also RIGHT next door to a yummy dumpling soup place called Bangkok Noodles and Soup--perfect for winter. And, they're open till 1am. Even the locals come.

    But, overall, it wasn't a good hotel.

    First, the staff is incredibly nice, but hotel operations are very slow. It's probably because they are still fiercely understaffed. For example, I called front desk and no one picked up. I called bell desk and front desk picked. Everyone is on double-duty. During the evenings, the bell hopper is also your concierge.

    Second, their maid/housekeeping team is super duper nice and friendly, but they go home by 3pm. So, if you have cleaning issues or you decide to have your room cleaned later in the day, you may have to wait until the next day.

    Third, their rooms are horribly small and ugly.  I think that the rooms with king-sized beds is probably the best way to go. Unfortunately, they ran out of those and my boyfriend and I were stuck with the 2 doubles. Wow. Small. There's no room for a desk and chair so they converted half of the closet into a desk and stuck a stool in there. As for the bathroom, it's so small that you can sit on the toilet and turn on the sink faucet AND turn on the shower water.....AT THE SAME TIME. The sink is about 6 inches wide. Seriously.

    Fourth, if your room is facing the parking lot, be prepared to....NOT SLEEP.  It's got to be the loudest street/alley in the city. People have parties down on that street or something.

    The only reason I gave it two stars (as opposed to one star) is because the staff was so incredibly nice and the location is pretty central.  

    TIP: Valet parking is in the back on a different street. It's in an open parking lot next to Ellis Parking. Hard to find this parking lot.

    14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    106. Tony C.
    Great boutique hotel in Union Square. The Executive King rooms are good size, with huge bathrooms. Staff is very friendly and attentive.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. George F.
    The rooms in the is Hotel are so tiny. No desk, 1 small lounge chair, a small flat screen TV that sits on a two draw dresser. Hallways are narrow. One elevator with 1000 lbs capacity. Great location, but no parking.

    09/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    108. Lee S.
    We stayed here for GDC conference, it was close to the BART, market street over all close to everything!

    The hotel rooms are simple, but have a modern style to them.  Its a simple hotel that has a unique style this is it!   There's local art on the walls in the bedrooms and in the lobby and floors, the building as built in the 1900s I think and has been renovated into a hotel.  It's privately owned, Tom and the front desk staff were super friendly! and there complimentary coffee in the mornings and wine at night.  Our room faced the street, we could hear the cable cars at night and its in a great location to union square and the convention center.   The wifi is super fast!!  I got great results on speedtest.net  way faster than the Grand Hyatt a friend was staying at.

    We were happy to get up and out and sample the many local food places for breakfast that are around near the hotel.  Other comments complained about lack of fridge or other amenities, but really if you staying in the heart of market street do you plan on living in your hotel?  We didn't have a car, so not sure about parking for those that need it.  

    We will definitely be staying here again next time we are in the area.

    29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Laura B.
    -Free wifi!
    -Cute decor
    -Free tea and coffee
    -They have their own parking lot
    -Room service was nice.
    -Location, Location, Location!

    -Dusty! I woke up with a clogged nose (yes, i am allergic to dust)
    -Hotel.com told us we would have a roll-away bed, front desk staff said the room wasn't big enough and would not do anything for us unless we paid more $.
    -Room was small, but it did the job.
    -Noisy, lot's of drunks spilled out of the bars in the late hours of the night. We even witnessed an INTENSE fight that occurred in their parking lot from our window.
    -Parking was pricey $$, but much cheaper than other overnight lots in the area.

    I'd come here again though because of the price and location. I'd also bring my netti pot so I could unclog my nose the next day.

    28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    110. Mike B.
    We stayed for 4 nights January 7-10, 2014.
    This is a very good hotel. The location is excellent, just a short walk to the Moscone Center and just a block from Market St. It is smack in the middle of excellent shopping and dining.
    While the rooms are small, bathrooms smaller and there are window air conditioners, these standards are par for a 100-year old hotel. The place is very clean, safe and an excellent value. Our one suggestion-more hangars.
    The concierge and front desk staff are very helpful. The place has a cool vibe and has complimentary coffee in the morning and wine with live music in the evening in the lobby.
    Some reviewers have mentioned the homeless concentration in the area. This seems to be no different than the rest of the public areas of city.
    The nicest Walgreens in the country is directly across the street and we used it daily for snacks, drinks and miscellany.
    Finally, we used the BART from the airport and the Powell station is a block away-a very easy walk with our bags to the hotel.
    We will always look here first when returning to San Francisco.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Lee D.
    It is centrally located, close to lots of shops and restaurants, clean, quiet and comfortable. What more could you want? The rooms are small and the halls / rooms are dark.

    12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. C C.
    Modern hotel in the middle of everything. Close to all the major attractions. Helpful staff. Good service.

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Cassandra E.
    You pay for what you get with this hotel. It's right on Union Square, yet it's not the fanciest place you're going to find in this area. It's a personality hotel.. it's an older hotel that has been redecorated with modern furniture and lights in each room. I would stay here again, if I was staying in SF on a budget. ;-)

    There isn't valet parking, instead, there is parking around the corner off Ellis, with a parking attendant. There is no central air conditioning or heating, just wall units and ceiling fans. The noise level is loud-- unless you BYOEP-- Bring your own ear plugs.  Also the rooms are very small-- so this is the perfect place to stay, if all you want to do is sleep.

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    114. Lora J.

    This was the first time I've stayed at 'revamped' old style hotel. They fixed up the interior so that it's pretty 'swanky' and modern. I thought the decor was really cool.

    The hotel is small but it is in the 'heart' of union square in San Francisco. This place is SHOPPING CITY. It's amazing. The hotel is literally right across from the UNIQLO  clothing store, which is one of my favorite places to shop at in New York. Since there is no Uniqlo in L.A. (LAAAAME!) I stocked up while I was here :)

    The hotel rooms are very small. And I mean 'SMALL". If you're used to the commercial hotel chains, you're probably used to the unnecessarily big rooms you get. Even though the rooms here were tiny, I thought it was quaint with nice modern decor.

    After exploring The Wharf with my boyfriend, we headed back to the hotel and lounged. I was trying to watch some Discovery Channel but the TV ended up busted. I called front desk and they told me they would fix it in the morning since IT wasn't there at night.

    The very next day they did fix it! The front desk was very polite and overall, I had a really nice stay here with leh bf.

    Basically, this hotel is perfect for anyone who is coming to SF to see all the popular stuff. Union Square has some of the best shopping places I've yet to come across. It kind of reminded me of Vegas, but with better stores! The stores range from average priced, like Forever 21 and H&M to much higher end things in the mall. Did I mention a 5 story Nordstrom??? There's a Top Shop up there as well!

    There's also an H&M store conveniently located a few steps away from the hotel.

    Beyond shopping.......the trolley stop is literally a few steps outside of the hotel entrance as well. So you can go to the famous Wharf and sight see, walk around, and get awesome bread bowls.

    Honestly, despite how small the hotel was, it was one of the best locations and prices I've experienced in a long time! Everything was just so convenient! As an LA native, who has only been to SF once before this time, I was afraid I'd have to get lost a few times to find out where everything was. NOPE! The BART tram was also near where all the shoppin was, so getting to the hotel and going back to the airport, was easy as pie. Will definitely stay here again.

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. christy l.
    This was the second time we stayed here. This time we upgraded to the PENTHOUSE SUITE. Huge space(700)sq ft and had a porch. It was very spacious and comfortable for the most part. The "living room" has a huge couch that folds out into a queen bed,and a small bar in it.Huge flat screens in both rooms! As you go up the small steps there's a desk for you laptop,love the free wifi! After that it leads to the bed room,has a door for privacy from the rest of the suite. There is one bathroom with 2 doors (entry through bedroom and desk area,both lock).

    -best beds!
    -cute decor
    -free tea in the morning and free wine at 5pm!!
    -parking lot in the back
    -close to the tour buses
    -Loris diner is right across the street

    -bar area in horrible condition/cabinets falling apart
    -a large bulb was broken on our porch,there was glass everywhere. After I called to notify them they never sent someone up to clean it.
    -views are not that great from the porch area ,unless your into views of only the roof.
    -porch furniture was horribly uncomfortable and table was broken in half and held together with wires.

    Overall it was a great stay and more than likely I'll stay again when I re-visit:) Best beds too!!!!

    20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    116. Linda B.
    In love w/ the new upgrades shower head was to die for the whole rain fall atmosphere very relaxing but still have the little ghost feeling walking through the hallways but that's what I love the most about hotel union square. A regular at most personality hotel and always had a wonderful and friendly experience here :)

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    117. Jay H.
    Classic, Location, Historical, Location, Charming, Location

    These are the words that best describe Hotel Union Square. My first tidbit of advice, if you are traveling to S.F. for a vacation this is a prime location spot. It's in the middle of everything, in addition, a street car line runs right out in front of the hotel, making city travel quite convenient.

    The hotel itself is great and has a lot of hits, but it has its misses as well. I love "historical" hotels. Hotels that have withstood the test of time and are still standing to tell you stories through their architecture and folklore are gems. This hotel is definitely a gem. Concierge Tom Steele is awesome. You will find him when he is on duty, in the lobby. He will tell you so many stories about the hotel..when it was built, the haunted room 207, the speak easy stories that took place during prohibition, and several Dashiell Hammett tales as well. Tom Steele is a huge part of the greatness of that hotel. The rest of the staff was very nice and accommodating as well.

    The only part of the hotel that I didn't particularly care for was the renovation of it. I like the idea of a classic hotel having a modern twist, but the furniture that was used didn't work in my opinion. It just doesn't fit for some reason. Especially the bed...watch your feet because you will kill them on the legs of the bed, I guarantee it. This happens to everyone, I know this because they have taped foam padding to the legs of most of the beds!

    I do recommend this spot. It's convenient, it's nice, and you will have lots of stories to tell for years to come!

    13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Jane B.
    I would mark 5 star, but people expect certain amenities for that. but this hotel was fabulous...it was a slice of SF life. It's a boutique Hotel, allot of character & flavor.  It's just a couple blocks form the trolley turn around....100% enjoyed our stay....staff VERY helpful...it's right on the street; the windows actually open and pigeons will come sit on your window sill. At night you can people watch out your window. Our room looked onto the street which we liked...if you need uber quiet, get one away from street. You can also watch trolleys to your heart's content from your room if you have a street view room.

    04/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    119. Stephanie J.
    I hadn't been to San Francisco in such a long time that I didn't know where to begin as far as where to stay.  I looked on Orbitz.com and came across this little gem.  The price was great and the room accommodated what I needed.  You could tell that it was a refurbished hotel but it was quaint and cozy.  The front desk staff is amazing and I have to give a shout out to Coffee, who remembered our room number when we went back the next night to ask a question.  I wrote a comment card for her and hope she received some well deserved recognition!  

    The location itself is perfect...it's right along the trolley line.  So if you're a soft sleeper and like to hit the sack early, the constant ding-ding-ding of the trolley may be a little tough for you to handle when you're trying to sleep.  For me, when I'm tired, I knock out so it wasn't a problem.  It's right in the heart of Union Square, across the street from Uniqlo.  Need I say more?

    I almost with I frequented this city a little more often, just so I could be a regular at this place.  But in the interim, I'll have to settle for being the Duchess until someone ousts me.  ^_^

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Paul M.
    Hotel Union square was our first stay during our honeymoon in California. Check-in was seamless, location was excellent, however it is also easy to miss if you are looking for the building.

    Lobby was small, yet clean. They host a daily wine reception which is nice. Our room was on I believe the 6th floor. While there is an elevator, there may be a few more steps to bring luggage up depending on where your room is. Ours happened to be at the very back of the building. The window was actually a fire escape. If you have a hard time with stairs or are disabled I'd recommend making this clear as the hotel is at times full.

    Our room was very small - typical for the city. The only thing I would complain about was that the Wifi in our room was pretty spotty, but it might be due to the fact our room was pretty much in the furthest corner.

    The room only had a fan which was fine - no A/C. Our room safe and television remote control were not working. We let the front desk know of this and both were repaired immediately.

    Beds were comfortable, our room had a shower stall which was clean.

    The hotel itself is about a block from the street car turnaround and Union Square. There is a brand new Walgreens across the street which was convenient. We got a bottle of wine both evenings and some snacks.

    No complaints - great stay. I did see some other reviewers got upgrades and or other small perks when visiting on their honeymoon. We told them the occasion for our stay in advance, but it didn't result in anything - (you gotta try!) Obviously this was fine! We would stay here again!

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Lina D.
    My family and I stayed for 3 nights in room 224. The room had a strange odour and had very few amenites. Valet was $40/night which was really expensive and most I've ever paid for valet at any hotel I've stayed at. On the other hand, the room upstairs (room 324) kept us up all night with heavy steps, stomps and loud conversations. We had informed the front desk a couple times but the noise still continued. However the hotel is a very good location in the heart of union square, surrounded by pure retail and steps away from the BART, Chinatown and Market St.

    23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    122. Orry D.
    Our stay at Hotel Union Square was phenomenal. We were lucky enough to stay in the penthouse suite and greatly enjoyed the rooftop balcony. The contemporary decor was right up our alley. The little window in the shower provided an awesome view of the city. The staff, concierge, and hotel manager were all very friendly and hospitable. The location of the hotel puts you right in the center of everything you want to see in the city. All this at such a great price!

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Monica T.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here on our spontaneous weekend trip to SF. Found rate on the app hotels tonight. Loved the location it was right in the middle of shops, bars, restraunts, etc. Hotel had complimentary WiFi and a room safe. The room size was perfect for the two of us. It would have been nice to have a fridge in the room. And parking seemed very expensive ($45) considering the amount we had already paid for the room. Overall we enjoyed our stay. We would come back here in the future.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. James L.
    This hotel was better than the previous one I had stayed in, in terms of cleanliness. The room was modern, loved the lights that were bordering the crown molding. The elevator seemed a bit slow, even for only having 6 floors.

    When you check in, don't try to park in front of the hotel as this is the same street where the cable cars are. One of them was coming toward us while we were checking in and the jerk of the guy was continually going forward while we were trying to get out of their way. Their parking lot is off Ellis St. The staff seemed to make us less upset about the commotion of this incident, which was much appreciated.

    14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Liz H.
    Two blocks from Powell Street BART station, two blocks from Union Square, phenomenal Walgreens with deli, coffee bar, juice bar, fancy wine & craft beer selection across the street.  This location is hard to beat!  Yes the room was small, but was manageable.  Decor was lovely.  Everything was super clean.  Staff very friendly.  I was asked if I wanted to stay in the quiet side which I gladly accepted as I was running NWHM the next morning.   Was still slightly noisy because it's on a busy street, but with a set of earplugs (remember Walgreens is across the street) it was perfectly fine.  Mattress a tad too hard for my liking, but the pillows were sublime!   I slept quite well!  Docking a star because I paid a pretty penny for a one-night stay and there was no budging of check-out time.  For what I paid, I think 30 or so extra minutes for a quick shower after running a half marathon would have been reasonable.  Other than that, very satisfied and I would definitely stay again.

    30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Kristen M.
    If you're looking for a cute "personality" hotel in the heart of San Francisco's downtown hub, consider staying at Hotel Union Square!

    + LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - really close the the BART and the shopping areas of downtown SF
    + Really CLEAN (great for OCD people like me)
    + Caters to couples (*wink wink*)
    + Also family and pet friendly as well
    + Complimentary coffee and tea daily (7-10 AM in the lobby)
    + Complimentary wine daily (5-6 PM in the lobby)
    + Modernly decorated! It's not your typical cookie-cutter chain
    + AC and heater available

    - No refrigerator or safe available in rooms
    - Cozy rooms (really .... really small spaces)
    - Walls are sorta thin. You can hear your neighbors snoring =X

    FYI =
    *Check-In time starts at 3 PM; Check-Out by NOON
    *Pet fee $25/day
    *Parking attendant available 6 AM - Midnight
    *Parking fee $40 (in/out priviledges); $45 for larger vehicles
    *Option to request a "quiet" side of the hotel if you want to avoid the "noisy" city area
    *Ice machines on 3rd and 6th floors
    *SF Chronicle available upon request
    *Same day laundry services available (just call guest services)

    I wouldn't mind staying here again. It's very convenient to everything I wanted to access in SF. Despite some missing elements, it wouldn't deter me from recommending this place to others as well. Happy travels! =)

    Yelp 2013 100+ Reviews Challenge (going for 200!) - Review #101

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Sam B.
    I stayed at this hotel the weekend of Valentines day this year. The room for two nights was way too expensive. I could of paid an extra $50 and stayed at the Marriott!
    When you walk in the lobby is small but nice. Once you get onto your floor its a completely different. The hallway is dark and cramped and reminded me of a horror movie.
    Our room was way smaller then we thought. It smelt extremely musty and I could physically see all the dust that had collected on the walls. They obviously hadnt cleaned that in a while...it doesn't get like that over night!
    The bathroom was so tiny as was the shower. My boyfriend and I had to take turns using the mirror. I could barely shave my legs in the shower in was so small and the lighting was horrible!
    During our first night a fire alarm went off in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and went on for about 20 minutes! They did not apologize or discount our stay in any way!
    The photos online and even talking on the phone with an employee is totally misleading. I will never go back!

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    128. Clayton C.
    Location was fantastic and the room was nice and spacious. This is a boutique hotel so it is unique and quirky - which is a great fit for my wife and I. Shower was hot and had a great rain head shower fixture. Nice basket of goodies and sodas and the room prices were not outrageous. Concierge was extremely helpful- which is vital in a city like SF.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Vanessa V.
    I stayed here for a few nights. The bed is awesome. The bathroom is odd since the shower has no door so water will spill all over the bathroom if youre not too careful. There is no air condition so if you have a window, open it since it can get really hot. Staff are also very friendly. Excellent location to financial district, high end stores like nordstorm, bloomingdales, macys and more. Downsides are: the door knob  to the bathroom is broken and kept falling off the door. There is no fridge if you want to keep some drinks cold. Also I was in the back "quiet side" of the hotel. But it wasnt quiet at all, since they were doing construction there. Not the hotels fault but still. Bathroom sink is also tiny. Will go back but the door knob issue must be fixed!

    04/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Olivia I.
    Stayed in the penthouse twice. First time was great, one of my friends even helped the maid vacuum in the morning when she started cleaning before checkout. Second time was awful. Our door came off its hinges when we inserted the key after returning to the room (did someone try to break in?) They told us if it happened again they would charge us to fix it. WHAT?! We used our key to try to get into the room, maybe if it happens again check some surveillance for foul play?

    And make sure you take out your own trash or you'll get hit with a DEEP CLEANING FEE if it takes two maids to carry out the six grocery bags of garbage you picked up after yourself before you left.

    They call themselves a "personality" hotel, but its a pretty rude one on the phone. Oh, well. Plenty of hotels in the city for a girls night out.

    21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    131. Jessica M.
    Super cute hotel- location location location!!! You are in the center of it all! Front desk was nice- I felt it was odd that our room didn't have a window, but it wasn't a big deal. My room was really warm too, but we had a fan/cooling system- if it weren't for that I would have died.
    I don't know if I would pick this location to stay at with kids... but it was great for just the hubby and I.

    15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Christina P.
    The pros definitely outweighed the cons during my stay here. So what are they, you ask?

    Pros: Really clean and well-kept rooms and about the most accessible location you can think of if you're visiting SF as a tourist and want easy access to all of the city's downtown attractions.

    The main pro: EXCELLENT service. Super professional, helpful, and friendly during the few days that I stayed there, from the housekeeping to the front desk to the bellman. They were all just lovely people!

    Cons: Pretty noisy due to the very central location, in the path of the cable car route and the busiest shopping area in the city. Really small rooms (though this is quite common in the city), and the TV had pretty terrible reception/quality... I was there during the summer Olympics and felt like I was watching the winter Olympics because of all the snow on the screen!!

    All in all, a reasonably priced choice if you're looking for something convenient and small-scale and aren't expecting a luxury experience. I would recommend!

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Rebekah P.
    This hotel is right in the middle of Union Square.  It is an older more boutique hotel.  The staff was great, room very clean,  and the location was perfect.  They have a wine reception every night and coffee/tea bar every morning. One downside is that parking is somewhat difficult if you arrive during rush hours.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Shea H.
    Staff was extraordinarily nice.  Like crazy nice.  And the hotel was centrally located for where I needed to be.

    I did not like much beyond that.  The halls had weird lighting and the rooms, while roomier than I expected, were just poorly executed.  There was just a basic mattress with no box spring so the bed was weirdly low to the ground; meaning that my sheets were touching the floor until I tucked them each day (gross!).  The air conditioner was hard to access because one of the beds was so close to it and getting around that bed was a challenge (because IT was so close to the desk).  The curtain, when pulled down all the way, covered the air conditioner (which was a box unit) so you had the keep the curtain up if you wanted air but you also had to go to the bathroom to dress (or else people in the neighboring building would see you).

    The bathroom was larger than expected.  Rather comfortable for the downtown of a large city.  

    The linens were kind of dirty.  And my iphone did not fit into the little alarm clock dock thingy.  Perhaps it's only for ipods...

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    135. Angela D.
    Went to SF for a business trip and ended up here. SUPER convenient location and cool perks like wine hour and coffee/tea in the lobby. They even have SF Giants themed rooms :)
    I liked how they provide makeup remover towelettes, don't see that very often at hotels. The only complaint is that it can get noisy (outside noise from being right in downtown and I was at the corner room) so may be advisable to bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.

    14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Victoria S.
    What a wonderful hotel for a weekend away. Very convenient in the city with easy access to public transportation to anywhere else in the city.  We took our daughter to San Francisco for her eighth birthday and, Tom, the concierge made us feel like family from the get go. We arrived to our room to find a birthday surprise from Hotel Union Square for our daughter(thanks Tom!). It made her feel so very, very special.  Always helpful and courteous, the front desk was wonderful as well. The rooms are beautiful and exactly what I'd hoped it would be for such and old and historic building. Hotel Union Square helped make our weekend to remember even more memorable.

    01/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    137. Tracie L.
    LOOOOVE this hotel!! It was my first time in SF & this hotel was definitely a good pick. It was literally a 5 min walk from the BART station which is really convenient. It's smack dab in the middle of everything! Very safe area and it's near all the shops. Uniqlo and H&M are litereally across from it. Surprisingly there wasn't much noise coming from the trolley at night. My bf & I came here for our anniversary and Hotel Union Square made it so memorable :)

    We originally booked an executive king, but got a free upgrade to the junior suite. From the outside you might easily miss the hotel as there is no big sign. Just know it's right next to this thai restaurant (which we were tempted to try every time we walked back to the hotel, but never got the chance to). The inside was really nice and chic. When we arrived they had the table set out for free wine get together tasting.

    Anyway the suite was AWESOME. A lot better and more spacious than any vegas room I've got (well maybe except the Wynn, but it came close). The bed was comfy, we had no trouble sleepin at all and sheets were puffy just the way I like it. Bathroom was huge especially the shower. What kinda sucks is the bathroom has no suction vent, you gotta use the window, but most hotels are like that. We got a wonderful view of the powell street cable car line and stores since we got the highest floor. I swear this room could have easily fit like 8 people especially w/ the pullout sofa bed. TV was a bit small, but we were barely in the room to watch it anyway. Ok so the funny thing is you know how you see in movies where there are mirrors on the ceiling on top of the bed? Well, our room had these cool lights instead arranged into the size of what the mirror would be. At night, when you turn off all the lights, the lights on top stay dimly lit which made it very calming to sleep with instead of having to leave the bathroom light on or something. Very clean hotel, no bed bugs at all! Everyone from the maid to the front desk were very polite and helpful. OH AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION, another plus is that for our anniversary the manager surprised us by having Ghirardelli chocolates on the bed arranged with a note signed by him. It was a cute note, I'll have to post it later. Talk about customer service at its finest! By the way, the internet in the room was really fast surprisingly.

    Overall one of the best hotels I've stayed at. Next time we visit SF again, I'm gonna book this place or maybe at one of their sister hotels that have a gym. Yeah that's probably the only downside that this hotel doesn't have a gym. However, they do have a business center which we used to print our alcatraz tour tickets for free! Another bonus is that we had to check out around noon, but our flight wasn't til 5 and we wanted to explore more of SF w/out carrying our luggage around so the front desk was nice enough to store our luggage for us free of charge til we got back. I can't express how great this hotel is in terms of accommodations and room.

    13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Melonie G.
    It is a perfect location right in the heart of shopping in Union Square. While the hotel was recently renovated, its elevator, hallways and room contained a dank, old, dirty smell. There were very few amenities.

    Even the valet parking is a misnomer. We parked in front of the hotel (which we passed up because it has such a tiny entrance) and waited for "valet parking". Valet being the only parking option. The bell desk directs us to drive our car around the block to a small parking lot behind the building where an attendant stacked our car with others.

    The number one reason I give this a low rating is the room size. The room was so tiny it barely fit the bed. It allowed for just enough walking space around the bed. We were bumping into each other. The closet was disproportionate to the room, large full walk... With no lighting inside. There is a weird space in the middle of the building where it sounds like machinery, vents or central AC is running. It buzzed all night outside our thin glass window and we were woken in the morning by metal clanking. (Number two reason for low rating.) The hotel and rooms are clean and newly furnished. The bed was very comfortable. (Those two reasons plus location earn it that third star).

    If I had to choose between this and Motel 6 I'd choose this. The price was right (booked on a whim using Hotel Tonight) . But it's not the kind of hotel I would select on a romantic getaway again.

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    139. Joyce L.
    This hotel definitely deserves a 4-star rating, a hidden germ located literally 2 blocks away from th center of Union Square! My sisters and I stayed here for the NWM 2014 (yay!) and were able to get to the race location easily! The staff are friendly and accommodatIng. We came back tired, sweaty and stinky, and 5 minutes before the checkout time. However, the staff were reasonable and allowed us to take shower. We definitely will come back next year if we get chosen for the NWM again.

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Mike C.
    If I could leave negative stars, I would.

    I have stayed in SF many, many times in the last 5 years.  I have stayed in old hotels, new hotels, ugly hotels & beautiful hotels. I booked this room based on the pictures on the website. The rooms looked very "hip" and modernized considering the building is almost 100 years old. I figured since i was taking my girlfriend for her first trip to SF, this would be a very pleasant place to stay. I even booked the "sleep and soak" room, thinking it was the nicer of the room options. and considering I paid over $400 for 2 nights. Upon arriving, the lobby was very nice and "hip" as the photos suggested. We were assigned room 619, but before we entered the elevator, the concierge stopped us and told us he was going to give us room with a better air conditioner (623). When we finally made it to our room, we were surprised to see that the room was very small and had NO windows to the outside world, at all.  Going to the Bathroom was another problem.  The neat looking sliding glass doors would not stay closed.  which made for a very uncomfortable time when trying to privately "do our business". There was a very sharp towel rack in the very small tub/shower. We both continuously scrapped our backs, arms and shoulders on while trying to take a shower. We both have the cuts to take home as souvenirs. The bed seemed as though it was as old as the building itself, VERY VERY uncomfortable.  I dont often have trouble sleeping or wake up with back pain.  but the first night,  i barely slept since the bed was so uncomfortable.  The second night I was able to sleep only because i was so tired from not sleeping the night before. but woke up with terrible back pain that lasted the rest of my trip and make for an extremely uncomfortable 8 hour drive home. I had to have my key re programmed 2 times in the 2 days we stayed there because it stopped working on my door, which was very frustrating because we had to go all the way back to the lobby after long days of walking the city when all we wanted to do was lay down and rest. All in all, I am very dissatisfied with this hotel. I will not stay there again.

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    141. Karla M.
    I love the location of this place. It is perfect!! I was nervous about the rooms since I've had bad experiences before in other hotels in San Francisco. But this time I was very happy!! I want to go back and stay there again. Very clean, smaller than expected but not bad at all either. Excellent customer service from all the employees. I am very happy with my experience.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Dr greg S.
    Let me begin with the RUDE, CONFRONTATIONAL FRONT DESK JERK...male AA who was more interested in checking out the people getting off the elevator than checking us in. I must have been speaking alien dialect because he was all about ATTITUDE as in I'm too good to be here. In fact after he begrudgingly gave us one of our rooms he was quick to let me know that he didn't have to because check in wasn't til 3. I then hit the oh no you didn't button and said "Do you want me to kiss your ass now" for giving us such a present? Oh by the way he failed to tell us it was a handicapped room 216 and it smelled musty and moldy. We have since moved OUT IF THE ROOM. I'm going to call corporate tomorrow and let them know what a great impression your FD gave. STAY TUNED

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    143. Melissa Y.
    Awesome hotel! We reserved two doubles and they had a junior GIANTS suite available so they upgraded us for free. The suite was so cool! They were very friendly and helpful. The only thing I wish they had is a bar! The location is perfect for union square shopping and easy access to bart. very clean and worth the money!

    20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    144. Olivia F.
    My boyfriend and I booked this hotel on an app called hotels tonight . We booked it 15 mins or less before arriving. The lobby was small, but looked really nice decorated with the Christmas tree. The lady who checked us in was very kind and helped us with anything we needed.
    When we arrived to our room, first thing I looked for was the view from our room. I was very excited about the view because the hotel is located right next to Union Square. I was little let down when I saw just a black wall as my view. The wall didn't even let any sunlight in. Besides the view, above the bed was a some padded thing on the wall, which was nice to lean up against while sitting in the bed.
    I gave this hotel 4 stars because it has an amazing location and friendly staff,but no view from our room. I would definitely return but request a room with a view next time.

    11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. Angel M.
    We stayed for a night. The room was clean and the location was great.
    I just felt claustophobic inside of the room. Too small. Glad we stayed just one night.

    16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    146. Jessica O.
    This hotel is lovely. A colleague and I visited during a conference - and were the perfect walking distance from the conference center, Chinatown, and plenty of bus stops to take us around the city. We stayed in a larger double room that had plenty of space for the two of us (whatever one is the next size up from the regular double queen).

    Free happy hour with wine and live music definitely doesn't suck. The rooms were super clean and kept up well. There is also a Walgreen's right across the street for all of that stuff that you definitely forget whenever you travel (this time it was razors and allergy meds). There is also free wifi that works really well, so I was able to easily Skype with the family back home.

    The only downside here is that there is quite a bit of homeless traffic around this area, so you have to be willing to put up with a little bit of local color. There was some defecation on the sidewalk just outside the hotel one morning that we were 90% sure was human...I witnessed two separate drunken fights between homeless men...and one man followed me for two blocks trying to get a dollar, and then a hug...and another preached on my corner for about 45 minutes about the end of the world while I was trying to prepare my seminar. Good times. But unless you are willing to stay in a different area of the city, you're going to run into this. Just be prepared.

    19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Dani S.
    Booked two rooms for $200 per night. I have NEVER seen rooms so dirty and filthy.
    Asked to switch rooms as the first two they gave us  were so dirty that you felt beyond filthy just being in them. On top of that the first two rooms did not have AC!! That's right- no AC in all rooms!!! One of the two rooms also did not have adjustable heat. You would sweat to death during the day and freeze to death at night. They switched us into two new rooms that did have window AC unites but we're still gross. No central AC - so lots of noise from the unit and dirty. There was hair all over the bedroom floor! I have stayed in boutique hotels in New York, Boston and Miami before and while I know boutique hotels are unique and different these were just unlivable!! Only upside was that management was actually nice about it and understood our want to checkout. I assume they get that a lot. I checked all reviews prior to booking and thought this place be great- STAY AWAY! Switched hotels and stayed at The Westin for $150 per night which was beautiful and cheaper!!!!

    Uploaded pictures to show the dirt!!!!!!! Ewwwwwwww

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    148. Karin H.
    We had suite on the top floor corner. The room was huge with floor to ceiling windows..lots of light. Thick walls, no noise from other rooms. Modern meets Art Deco decor. Really a beautiful 103 year old hotel. Incredible service, our concierge, Rueben, was full of excellent recommendations. Free, good wine at 5, which we took advantage of! The only downside was being right on the cablecar stop, so it was a bit loud, sirens, etc. As a tourist, the location was great in terms of getting around. Highly recommend!

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. J D.
    My feelings about Hotel Union Square fall smack in the middle.  Would I stay there again?  Only if the price was right.  Did I regret choosing this hotel? No not really, there were a fair number of PROS.  Would I recommend this hotel to friends, Yes but with a disclaimer.

    I originally had a room 2 blocks away at the Mariott Union Square for just $5/night more but decided to switch when i saw this hotel pop up and was closer to the BART station.  My main concern for moving was the convenience of being so close to BART and the shopping area.  I was with my 74 yr old mother and I didn't want to make her walk up a hill while dragging our luggage from the BART station.  So at the end of the day, I was happy with my switch because it was super convenient.

    The Hotel is literally 1 block away from the Powell Street entrance to BART and also the Cable Car turnaround.  The westfield mall is 1 block away and you are across the street from Uniqlo, Walgreens and next door to H&M.  Macy's is around the corner and Union Square is just up one block.

    As for the rooms... ehh.  The receptionist were all really nice I was given a room with 2 beds even though I had booked a single queen.  Which I was happy about. Upon arriving to our room... once we navigated through the confusing hallways, we noticed there was NO AC!  it was a little stuffy but luckily we were there on a good weather weekend so leaving the window cracked open helped solve this problem.  I just wished there was a screen to prevent any type of bugs flying in, but it really wasn't a problem and there weren't any bugs flying in.  The ceiling fan remained on throughout the stay to help circulate air. My main complaint about the room is the TINY TINY bathroom.  The door swings into the bathroom, barely missing the toilet seat.  There is absolutely no where to put your toiletries and the sink was so small that water would splash out of it. We kept the bath rug under the sink instead of the tub because of the spillage.  It was difficult to wash my face in the sink area until I figure that the facet swiveled to the side.   But other than that, the beds were comfy, the TV was OK, and the coffee and tea in the morning was nice.  I made it back for their wine reception hour and we grab a glass to take to our room.  

    So all in all, this hotel is decent.  I would stay here again if the price was right.

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    150. Pam S.
    I picked this hotel because of the location and the free wifi, both of which were excellant. I booked an executive room and it was plenty big for two people, we were on the third floor facing Powell Street. I was expecting some noise but my god, it was loud! I didn't mind the street cars much, but people talking literally felt like they were right outside the window...I actually had to check to see if the window was opened at first as it was clear as day....and we were on the 3rd floor! Another thing too that was really noisy...the pipes! As soon as another guest in a different room turned on the water, the pipes were so damn load! Seriously, it was unreal!

    When I first checked into the room there was a headband still left on the chair by the previous guest and some loom band thingys on the floor too so I'm not sure how much a clean the rooms got, it didn't look dirty to me though.

    Pros; comfy bed, fridge, recycling bin, wifi, location
    Cons; no main ceiling light, no tea making facilities (but a big fancy coffee maker!), lots of noise

    Overall I was happy with my stay and I could stay here again....will definitely be bringing earplugs though!!

    26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    151. Alton J.
    Oh my gosh, some of the reviews on this hotel are seriously ridiculous. If you think the hallways are creepy, you need to grow up, watch a scary movie, and reevaluate your life.
    The price for the Sleep & Soak was very affordable. The rooms were relatively small, but by no means cramped. Staff were very polite and accommodating (when I needed an iron, they had one brought up to me in less than five minutes).
    There are no windows in the room I was in, but it did NOT make me feel claustrophobic, as I thought it might. In fact, it was really nice to sleep in, because there was no light coming in through windows.
    Parking was $45 a day, valet. Not sure if there was a non-valet option, but didn't ask. The parking lot is immediately next to (not across the street, etc.) the hotel, and seemed very secure. In terms of "loading," which people have complained about, it was a 10 foot walk from the lobby to our car, so I'm not quite sure what people expected besides a conveyor belt to take you to your car.
    If you're concerned about the air-conditioning, as I was after reading some reviews on Yelp, don't fret. There's a very good working (portable) air conditioner. Looked up "portable air conditioners" on Home Depot, and the one we had in our room is a $400 one.
    10/10 would sleep there again.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Alma R.
    My first time in San Francisco and I must say I loved it.

    Everyone at the hotel was extremely friendly. The concierge helped us make reservations for dinner and told us where to go for some fun.

    Yes, the rooms are small but it's so worth it! Plus why would you want a bigger room? They are so so so cute. My husband and I enjoyed our stay. I'll definitely stay here again.

    They also have complementary wine at 5:00pm with live guitar payer and complementary coffee in the am. Parking is expensive but it's that expensive everywhere else

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    153. Candace R.
    I stayed here a few weeks ago for three nights and it was A-OK. It was my first time staying in the city and I was there for work, but the big name hotels near the office were booked and I found a good rate here and decided to go for it. It's right off the trolley line so I was advised to request a room away from the front, which I received. It's a nice hotel, "chic" lobby with fruit infused water and the staff at the front was helpful with checking in and out. I overheard the concierge working with a few folks coming and going and he seemed very kind and helpful.

    My room was shockingly small, since I am used to oversized rooms for just one queen bed. But for my purposes of sleeping and showering, it was just fine. I also believe I got one of their run of the mill rooms (no frills double). There was no closet which would have been nice but I survived. Everything was clean, though there was a little musty smell to the hotel upon first entrance that went away after I got used to it. It was within walking distance to my hotel and if necessary, I'd stay there again.

    11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    154. David S.
    Our family chose to stay in the Kid's Suite during our five days in San Fran. Absolutely amazing and a must for families traveling to the city! The hotel staff was amazing, friendly and incredibly helpful! We truly felt like we were enjoying a home away from home.

    The only recommendation we have is quite trivial. However, it would be nice if a microwave was included in the suite.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    155. Scarlett M.
    My husband and I stayed here the night of our wedding and headed off to our honeymoon the next day. We absolutely loved our stay and are planning to make it a treat for our anniversary. Every year. They had champagne and chocolates ready for us upon arrival. Everything was so romantic. Can I just say the shower was awesome and hella comfy?! Every single part of the penthouse sweet was gorgeous, comfy, and perfect for our style. I was tempted to steal the robes, but I refrained!!! Even the shower products were good...most hotels have shampoo that totally strips your hair and crappy conditioner that doesn't moisturize much, but Hotel Union Square's products that they provided left me feeling pampered! So glad we didn't skimp. Again, such a great way to spend our wedding night after a long ride from the Central Valley (where we had our wedding). I hope the pictures we post do it justice.
    Oh! And they even let us do late check out and leave our bags at the front desk before we left for our flight at SFO, which the hotel called a cab for us!
    Every one should stay in the penthouse sweet at least once for a special occasion! Love love love!

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    156. Bre E.
    We stayed here over our anniversary weekend, and didn't enjoy the hotel too much. It was a great location and the staff was nice, but the room wasn't great at all. The walls were paper thin, we could hear everything our neighbors were doing...& they weren't even being rowdy. The water pressure in the shower was extremely low, and the room was tiny. Not to mention, the bed was really uncomfortable as well. We were really disappointed. We won't stay here again.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    157. Suzanne R.
    Charming clean hotel for a quick stay, rooms are small and you can hear people walking in the room.

    26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    158. Jamie R.
    Spent 5 nights with my 3 children here. It was a great location, room was clean, bed comfortable. TV didn't work the greatest but we didn't go to watch TV anyways. We relied on public transit our entire stay and this hotel was close to all public transit as well as shops, fast food, sit down restaurants and etc. It would of been nice to have a continental breakfast as that is a nice perk but overall it was a great stay with a great price.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    159. Jon F.
    I had a wedding in Sonoma this past weekend and the wedding couple recommended staying at Hotel Union Square since they would have shuttles running from Union Square to the venue. Bad idea.

    - In the heart of San Francisco
    - Super nice concierge who helped me check into my room early to get ready for the wedding
    - Relatively clean hotel room

    - My hotel room had no real windows. Absolutely no natural light could get into the hotel room
    - The air conditioning was a space cooler that barely kept the room comfortable even when cranked up
    - The air conditioning unit drew air from a musty ventilation shaft giving the entire room a musty smell

    These cons were huge for me. I was in a one bedroom on the fourth floor and it was pretty miserable. I have never before been to a hotel that did not let in some form of natural light and the large space cooler (see pic) made so much noise that I had trouble staying sleep.

    Unless you're willing to shell out the big bucks for an executive hotel room, I suggest finding somewhere else to stay. The additionally high price for one night wasn't worth the inconveniences.

    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    160. Dan D.
    Dawn M. and I stayed here for NYE 2014.

    Overall, we really enjoyed our stay. There were a number of positives and only a few negatives.


    -GREAT LOCATION. Hotel Union Square is perfectly situated in the heart of Union Square. Step outside and find yourself in the middle of all the action.

    -SUPER CLEAN. Despite being an older hotel, we were both impressed with how clean it was. Zero complaints.

    -FRIENDLY CONCIERGE. We were warmly greeted, had our requests promptly attended to, and didn't have any issues at check out.

    -AFFORDABLE. Booked our room for NYE 2014 in December for around $200.

    -SURPRISINGLY QUIET. No idea how our room was so soundproof given the hotel's busy location.


    -Maybe not a "dislike", but the bed was a little lopsided.

    -No mini-fridge or clothing hangers

    -The TV was awkwardly placed in one corner of the room

    We would definitely stay here again. The room was TINY, but then again, most standard rooms in SF are. Check out wine hour from 5-6 PM!

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. Sunshine G.
    I just booked a room on accident for an Executive King instead of Executive Queen (2 beds) that I actually wanted.  Unfortunately it is non refundable and non-cancellation policy so I called the in-house number and they were so friendly and
    understanding and made the change for me.  So excited. All the reviews sound so good and rooms looks so nice, I can't wait. I will post more feedback later. :)

    Very Satisfied at the moment!!!

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Matthew M.
    Small, loud, great location, old, nice...

    The back and forths of this place are plenty, I guess the bottom line is if you're here on business and expect to get good sleep then you're not gonna like it.  If you're here for fun then this is the place for you.  Between the trolley dings, bell hop whistles, drunk kids at all hours of the day, trash trucks at 1AM, transients doing what transients do, etc.  It makes it hard for you to get good sleep and do what you need to do, but like I said if you're here for fun and you don't mind all the distraction I would stay here again.

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    163. Benjamin G.
    I was absolutely thrilled with our stay at Hotel Union Square. From the moment I reserved our stay to the moment I connected with them about our semi-late arrival on a Sunday, they were always eager and willing to help. We stayed two nights at this awesome hotel and had such a wonderful time.

    First, we weren't expecting to have such a late arrival (due to flight delays) but the folks at the front desk were so helpful. I called the hotel once we got to baggage claim to let them know we'd be arriving later than expected and they were expecting us as soon as we walked through the front door. Even at almost 130am Pacific Time, they were chipper and overtly nice to us. They made our check-in process super quick and we were off to our room on the 5th floor.

    The halls and rooms kind of gave me this "noir" type feel. I almost expected to see someone under a lamppost in a dark trench coat smoking a cigarette -- just as much as I was really hoping there would be a Murphy Bed in our hotel room. Neither came to fruition, but it was a fun to imagine. The old school feel really shows on the walls and in the general ambiance.

    Our room was so cozy. Quaint, with a king bed, the best shower head I've ever experienced. Seriously. It was like standing in a torrential downpour in a checkered bathroom.

    The location is great (about 2 blocks from Union Square Park) and is easy enough as any other hotel to grab a cab or Uber right outside of the front door.

    Each time we would return from gallivanting about in SF, the staff were always nice and willing to offer suggestions. Really enjoyed their attitudes.

    If we vacation again in SF, this will definitely be our first choice for hotels.

    23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Jacob C.
    My criteria for a hotel is pretty simple - I don't need frills or fancy amenities, so if a place is clean comfortable and quiet, I am happy.  I will stay at a Best Western as happily as I will the Four Seasons, as long as my needs are met. I travel frequently for business, and as such I am often at the mercy of my company's travel agency, which means I have to select hotels with which my company has an existing relationship. In San Francisco, this means I typically stay at the Westin Union Square, a hotel with which I've had absolutely zero issues.

    On my most recent trip to San Francisco in February, the Westin was fully booked so I was placed in an Executive King room at the Hotel Union Square. The hotel is conveniently located to Union Square and many attractions, and the cable car running up and down the street is quaint. The lobby was very modern, and there is a wine reception in the evenings. The room was spacious and the decor was modern. The floor of the room itself ran at sort of a downhill slant.  Given that the hotel appears to be a remodeled and older apartment building, I found it somewhat charming and amusing.  However, as I looked closer at things, I found that it was also dirty and poorly maintained and the attitude of the staff made it apparent that it was a systemic issue.

    Windowsills were covered in a layer of grime. The bathroom window was broken in the frame, making it impossible to open.  The other window in the room did open, but it was not working correctly and would slowly slide back down on its own. The bathtub had large chips in its finish, and a large, poorly painted over patch of rust.  The bathtub faucet was growing a healthy patch of black mildew. The trim along the tub was rotted away, and had been painted over rather than replaced. Wall outlets didn't cover the wall properly, resulting in large holes being exposed. The chair provided for the in-room desk was slowly shedding its faux leather covering in large patches, revealing the stuffing beneath. The bathroom mirror was spotted and had a quarter inch layer of dust along the top edge.  While most of this can be chalked up to poor cleaning practices and lack of management oversight, I have to wonder if this is what they allow a customer to see, what maintenance sort of issues are happening behind the scenes that we can't see?

    The attitude of the staff also left a lot to be desired. Each day as I left, including the day I checked out, the concierge sat in his little booth, ignoring customers and avoiding eye contact.  There was no offer to help with luggage, call a taxi, etc. While a relatively minor convenience issue amongst the abundant cleanliness problems, there was only one tiny bar of soap provided in the room, which meant that if I wanted to wash my hands and use the soap for a shower, I had to carry it back and forth.  I asked the front desk for additional soap and they never brought it.  After a second request went ignored, I gave up and went across the street to Walgreens to buy an extra bar. The room was also only provided with a half roll of toilet paper.  After running out on my second night and calling the front desk to request more, a staff member came to my room with multiple rolls of toilet paper, giggling as if running out was the funniest thing in the world.

    Of course, after seeing the problems, I called my company's travel agency and requested a move to a different hotel, but was told that all hotel options were booked. I had no other recourse, so I stuck it out for my stay.  However, on my next trip to San Francisco, I will do anything I can to ensure I do not end up staying at Hotel Union Square or any other properties owned by their management company, Personality Hotels.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    165. Caitlin P.
    We had a great two night stay here! The hotel staff was very warm, welcoming and helpful. Jewel remembered where we were from and playfully greeted us by saying "Good morning Sacramento & Indianapolis!" It was nice that he took the time to get to know us.

    Our room was beautiful - definitely what I picture when I think of a boutique hotel. Somewhat old fashioned looking but with plenty of modern touches. The room was clean and stocked with everything we needed. I called down to the front desk to request extra towels and they were delivered hot in about three minutes.

    The most notable perk for us was the location. Perfectly situated in the heart of the shopping areas, Union Square, etc. You can catch the famous trolley right outside the hotel door and Starbucks is on the corner. It's a two block walk from the Powell St. MUNI station, from which you can get anywhere in the city.

    We will stay here next time we visit. I do recommend getting a room with AC. Obviously it keeps the room cool but also allows you to shut the windows at night, eliminating street noise.

    Smokers be advised, you can smoke in the hotel's rear parking lot.

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    166. Maile N.
    This is a charming hotel on bustling Powell Street across from the Uniqlo store.  If you don't keep an eye on the address, you might pass the entrance next to the money exchange window, but once you enter the hotel, it is like a whole other world as it is stylish, quaint with friendly customer service.  

    Our room was facing Uniqlo and had wonderful modern furnishing, a comfortable bed, a small desk, a lounge chair, a safe, coffeemaker for individual cups, a small bathroom with lovely products (lotion, shampoo/conditioner, make-up remover) for your use.  If your room is facing Powell, you might want to bring earplugs as there is a bit of street noise - but I always bring earplugs when I travel for this very reason (I slept fine especially after midnight when the cable cars stop running).  

    I loved the location near Union Square itself, lots of eateries and shopping, there's a Walgreens across the street, Starbucks diagonally across, BART is a couple blocks away, and the cable car goes right by on Powell.  

    Check-in and check-out was easy peasy.  I enjoyed my stay here overall - thank you!

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    167. Eva Y.
    Growing up in the hospitality industry, this place is ranking as follow:

    - room size: small
    - design: modern
    - bathroom: very small but functional
    - location: AWESOME!
    - service: superb
    - breakfast: no
    - loading: no place to load or off-load
    - parking: around the corner lot which is not free

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Gil S.
    Here just for the last 15 minutes of a Yelp Elite event, I was surprised and impressed by how clean, well decorated, professionally staffed, and charming this is. Small hotels near Union Square are not exactly known for this but they do a great job.

    For the event each of the rooms on the second floor was taken over by a vendor or service provider: a catering company in room 206, a massage therapist in 205, a confectionary or beef jerky in another, a manicurist. A local whisky distillery took over another. It was a hodgepodge of closet-sized rooms and bigger mini-suites, some with no view but a light well, others with a people-watching street scene right outside.

    All of the rooms were fashionable, dramatically lit, and felt a little luxurious, trendy, and comfortable. Things felt more snug than cramped. Beds were perfectly folded even if not used, and there was not the slightest hint of old hotel about it. This is a hotel for people who are like cats and like to curl into tidy little boxes, not for people who are like dogs and need to roam free across the landscape. I'm kind of a dog, but I would enjoy staying here anyway.

    The location is more or less perfect, right off Union Square, Market Street, and the cable car turnaround, you do not need a car and shouldn't bring one if you stay here (though they do have a lot next door).

    It all depends on the price -- for $400 I would go ahead and try to find a deal elsewhere. If you can score a room for $150 or $200 or $225, do it!

    19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Aron Y.
    We got the Soak and Sleep room here for 1 night during the Yelp 10-Year Celebration weekend. The room was long but bigger than we expected. I feel like this place deserves 1 more star when compared relatively to the other options in the area (but I don't have enough experience to say that for sure).

    - Convenient location right in the heart of downtown.
    - Nice shower with excellent water pressure and temperature control.
    - Comfortable platform bed, which you can't even tell it's a platform bed.

    - Even though the lobby might look white and modern, the rest of the hotel looks completely different. The hallways are narrow and covered in red. Honestly, it look like some scene taken straight out from a horror movie. No joke.
    - Crappy air conditioning system, which is essentially a standalone space cooler. It was extremely loud and even though the unit is set to 62 (lowest setting), the room was still 75+. Turning on the ceiling fan and turning off the ceiling light helps.
    - There's this strange smell in the hallways and the room but we couldn't figure out what it is. Maybe burnt tires or some strange cleaning supplies. Either way, just like any smells, your nose gets adjusted to it after a while.
    - No exterior windows, which adds to the horror factor and the ventilation problem.

    Overall, this is definitely one of the worst (or most unconventional) hotel experience we've ever had. However, when considering how last minute we made the reservation and the fact that we got the room for less than $200, I think it's a win. The shower was nice and no, we didn't get any bed bugs.

    So if you need to stay in the downtown SF area and don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a "normal" hotel experience, I would actually recommend this place. DO NOT come here if you're claustrophobic. If you have a car, use one of the parking garage services near-by. There are many options within 2-3 blocks.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    170. Don B.
    Hotel Union Square is a strong four-star experience for me. In fact, I hemmed and hawed over whether to go four or five here, as it really is a nice hotel. As others have done, so shall I:

    -- Location is absurdly convenient - right on Powell near Market, in the middle of errything
    -- Staff is friendly and helpful, which is huge
    -- Rooms are clean, lobby is nice and decorations are chic
    -- My room (an executive on the 6th floor) was huge.
    -- I was welcomed with a nice little gift
    -- I like the style
    -- Did I mention the location? If you're a tourist, it doesn't really get any better. Same if you're doing business in SOMA
    -- Wine hour in the lobby with live music
    -- Concierge service
    -- Did I mention that the people who work here are rad??
    -- Wireless internet is free, and that's how it should be at ALL HOTELS (Westin, are you reading this??)

    Cons: With location comes noise. But it wasn't unbearable.

    Honestly I have had some higher end experiences in SF but those experiences come at a much higher price. The rates we got here during the VMWorld conference (when all those other hotels were gouging with $500+ rack rates) were fair. Hard to say what I'd compare it to with all rack rates being standard pricing, but really it goes to about a 4.5 star experience and that's solid. So I guess I should round up to 5. Can't say how I'd feel about it if I were in a smaller room and it were really cramped. But based on my one experience, I dig it.  

    I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

    28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Tiffany D.
    1 1 1 1 review (single ones) goes to Hotel Union Square!  

    Kasia, who was the lobby assistant during the time I was there, was very accomodating and friendly!

    The narrow hallways, reminded me of New York apartments.  Their rooms and decor are modern and up to date.  May I add, contemporary?

    I liked how they provided makeup remover wipes.  That was special.

    Located in the heart of Union Square, it is super convenient to get around!

    19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    172. Michael D.
    The only good experience was the hotel clerk who helped check us in.  Outside of that, wow, what a dive.  
    First off the parking was $ 45.00 per night.  I know it's expected to be expensive in SF, but the sign clearly stated $ 25.00 over night but because we were staying at the hotel they expected us to pay almost double because it gave us in and out privileges.

    As for the room itself, it was tiny (probably the smallest room I've ever seen) and didn't have Air Conditioning.  Only a fan.  
    Its 2015 and your room doesn't come with Air Conditioning?

    Either way, I checked us out within 5 minutes of seeing the room and booked a stay at Parc 55 hotel.

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    173. Roxanne L.
    I'm only deducting a star because of the decal on the wall. Surely I can't be the only one who is bothered by the decoration? I also didn't really find the coat hanger in the corner with a trench coat and fedora that nice because it just made me very jumpy haha. But aside from the decor I have nothing bad to say about this place.

    Service here was amazing. I arrived early on Sunday morning and since my room wasn't ready I left my luggages with the hotel concierge and Kasia at the front desk said they will let me know via text message as soon as I can check-in. Around noon, I got a text notifying me that my room is ready.

    Room was clean and had a lot of lighting. Bed is super comfortable! Definitely one of the best mattresses I've slept on - firm but still soft. Pillows are a bit meh but oh well.

    Bathroom was nice, had great amenities like shampoo, conditioner, soap etc but HUS went above and beyond and provided makeup remover :) Super nice, don't you agree?

    I didn't get to try the coffee in the lobby during my stay but they offer a variety of coffee every morning.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    174. Stephan Z.
    Good clean, sweet and hip hotel in the center of sanfrancisco! Because the enterence is small, it was at first hard to find, but likely the whole corner is the hotel itself.

    The rooms where new en comfortable. All cleaned well. Bathroom is a little bit old though but wal alright for its purpose.
    If you need a quite surrounding while sleeping? Choose a backside room. Frontview is nice but a little but loud in the evening + room was filled with light from the shopping stores.

    The location of the hotel was perfect! Next to union square downtime in the middle of the shopping area.

    Nice to see and go: evening - rooftop macys with cheesecake factory + sunset golden gate bridge; morning by car - lombard street + harbours at sea + financial district.

    24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0