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Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, CA

Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, CA


We're in the heart of Union Square, just steps away from the Financial District, world-class shopping in Union Square and cultural attractions such as Chinatown, the Moscone Convention Center, and several world-class museums. The hotel is also just a short train ride from AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi (3mbs), personal MiFi hotspot rentals and guest services via text. We won the American Hotel & Lodging Association's 2014 Innovation Technology Award, and we are a San Francisco County Certified Green Busines.


Established in 2005.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.18

Address: 8 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105
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Comments (353):

1. Kurt V.
Stayed there in June for a Friday night.  Been there many times for social events on the terrace (5th floor), so decided to try it out.  Nice boutique hotel, great location and views.  Great deal on rooms on their website (Friday night specials for ~$200).    Best price to room quality in the area.  Room overlooked the Embarcadero and Bay.   Warning:  If you get a room facing the bay on a Friday night, the bar below is very noisy and the outdoor seating makes it almost unberable, even 5 stories up (I'd hate to be on the second floor).  Bar closed the outside seating at 1pm.  Other than that, its a great hotel, nice window seating, ok bathroom (not a fan of the ceiling mounted rain shower head) and very comfortable bed.  Saturday morning farmer's market at the Ferry Building is the best in the Bay Area.  Lastly, I'd suggest not staying on the 5th floor as events on the Terrace means lots of foot traffic in the evenings past your room if you don't face the Bay.

04/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Curtis Y.
i have to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for quite sometime.  ive watched this monstrosity go up on the old muni parking lot for the past year and half.  i was hopeful and optimistic that something beautiful, arresting, and challenging would go up next to the waterfront, but to my dismay, we not only didnt get what i hoped for, but we actually got something ASS UGLY!  the rotunda with flip up green glass awning has been done WAY too many times, the slap on faux brick sheets are cheap looking, and the pale yellow plaster is just shockingly nauseating.  this type of shit architecture doesnt belong here.  the restaurant americano looks like more bar than restaurant.  lets hope they understand that this is san francisco and not nyc and that for us, dining comes first, being seen comes second.

14/04/05 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Snowtea G.
We spent our July 4th at the Hotel Vitale.  The hotel staffs were so friendly, I reserved the water front view room but it's on the lower floor.  I ask the front desk person to switch up to the top floor which is 7th floor and they were willing to do so without charge extra.  They use "Fresh" for the bath/body collection.  I love Fresh so much, it's a pricy brand and I was surprised they offer it here.  The room was clean, comfortable bed and great view.  There's nothing I can complain about Hotel Vitale.  We even watch the fire works at the roof balcony.  The roof balcony also have the sofa and lounge chair.  It's really cozy and relax.  I will recommand this hotel to anyone.

20/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. courtney W.
beautiful, modern, sleek interior with classy service from everyone that works there. the rooms are comfy, quiet and really clean. only thing is they're pricey. locals can get a cheaper rate during the week.

01/10/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Joyce S.
My husband and I stayed here on a Saturday, Feb. 13. When we showered Sunday morning we both had lukewarm water...Brrr! When we went to check out, we complained about the water temperature in the shower. We were told they were fully booked and everyone must have showered at the same time. Ridiculous that they hadn't allowed for that. Then we wanted to check out and get my car from the valet. We were told it would be at least 1/2 hour wait since there were so many people checking out. We gave them our ticket and thought we'd have breakfast/brunch in the hotel restaurant. Come to find out breakfast ended at 10:30 or 11am (it was 11 am). This was Valentines Day morning. You couldn't get breakfast anywhere around the hotel. You would think they would have had a special brunch planned or at least later hours knowing people would want late breakfast on a Sunday. We went back to the room, got our bags and came down 1/2 hour later. We proceeded to wait outside for our car another 45 minutes. My husband and I were furious. We have been to many hotels and have never had this experience. We were told three times by different departments that they were slammed by having the Hotel fully booked. The Hotel Group sent us an email questionnaire asking about our stay, we replied with our unsatisfactory impressions, but do not have any reply, which judging by the experiences on Yelp is  about par. Not impressed nor satisfied with our $300 expense. We will not add to their fully booked problems in the future.

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Jean C.
The hotel's exterior is very bland, but the Americano Bar is an unexpected contrast.  Of course, it has quickly become another meet market, but the drinks are bangin'.  I think the food is yet another "fusion" menu that tries too hard to appeal to the palate.

20/08/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Michael G.
Hotel Vitale's opening was nicely orchestrated by an attentive but "green" staff. The location affords stunning Bay views and a number of fantastic restaurants within walking distance. The roof deck is spectacular and where I am planning my next fundraiser. Dishes need attention and refinement. I was disappointed by the "Ian Shragerish" decor; while stylishly minimalist, moderately functional, and clean in its' simplicity, I expected a warmer scheme to a beautiful location. Again, the views from the roof top deck are gorgeous. This hotel will gain its stride in time. I will review in again in a few months.

25/04/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Travis B.
One of the nicest hotels in SF~

17/03/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Albert C.
True, typical SF planning dept. safe formula building with standard Heller Manus massing and design(turret knuckle thing) but the interior is well thought out. Kuddos on plant selection at Embarcadero planter and they said Nepeta wouldnt work in SF Bah!

20/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Mike C.
Stayed here for one Friday night stay...great hotel!  Wonderful service, great location, comfortable and CLEAN room! The people that work here and for the other Joy D Vie hotels I've been to are very service oriented and friendly.  I will go back to the Vitale in a heartbeat!!

26/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Tanger T.
Attended the grand opening of this property yesterday and I was amazed.  Imagine if Aveda opened up a hotel right by the bay.  Serene is the best way to describe the whole property.  Just looking at the spa's rooftop deep soaking tubs made me want to jump in.  The Embarcadero waterfront location is wonderful and right near all the great restaurants in the area.  Even though I live in the city, I definitely plan on staying there for a weekend. Check out the website and you'll know what I'm talking about:   hotelvitale.com/hotel

10/03/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Erik R.
Like being snatched from an enchanted forest; Hotel Vitale's patio, on the Embarcadero,  is a whimsical journey into the unknown. A Kaleidascope of palletable concoctions to satisfy your inner-most being entice you as feelings of intense mirth encompass your soul.

09/08/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Bob G.
Good for groups!

11/07/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. chris p.
Think "dwell home" and you're on the money. I discovered a whole new personal product line - "Fresh" products via this hotel. The owners have nailed the notion of the perfect stay. The management is exceptional. Chip Conley knows what he's doing...I've heard he's re-doing the Jack London Square Waterfront hotel in Oakland...and get this people...if you remember Miss Pearl's Jam House in the Tenderloin...Jerk chicken/pork, red stripe, jello shots etc...that same chef is opening the hotel's restaurant...needless to say I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! What's taking them so long?|$%") Bad economy is NO excuse.

27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Michelle C.
one of my favorite hotels before I actually moved here.  the rooms are comfortable, although they can be a bit loud if you are over Americano (hotel restaurant and bar).  the gym is really tiny, but complimentary water is appreciated.  they use Fresh bath products, which I love, and usually take home with me.  rooms aren't huge and the wireless was not great in all the rooms.  but very nice hotel overall.

25/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Todd S.
Pretty decor, but a bit minimilistic for my taste.  What happened to fluffy beds?  The bar was excellent and the location is super.  We enjoyed a run along the Embarcadero followed by a night on the town.  Great weekend getaway in our own City.

14/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Niko V.
this hotel is just gorgeous on the inside. slick, stylish, sexy and oozing new-age cool.

the rooms are roomy and minimalistic, clearly designed with some kind of feng shui in mind. high-quality finishing touches, like designer soaps, an unusually well-stocked mini bar and fantastically soft duvets make chilling in your room an enjoyable experience, rather than the utilitarian exercise it is in most hotels. i tells ya, sleeping on that bed is like floating on feathers - one of the best nights sleep i had in ages!

the restaurant and bar are, as could be expected, expensive, and not really worth it. in a city like san francisco you're much better off going somewhere else for your food.

28/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Yan M.
Love the interior setting of the hotel, from the pictures hung in the hallway to the fresh stalk of lavender hanging outside each guest room to ceiling lights - artsy, unique, trendy, versatile pretty much summed it up. Checked out the pool/patio on the 8th floor and it overlooks Embacadero and the beautifully lit Bay Bridge at night. The outdoor deck area as well as the lobby have tastefully designed furniture.

06/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Rosella S.
When we were still living in southern California, we had the opportunity to stay here during a business meeting.  We found it to be on par with the W Hotels but maybe even slightly better.  The hotel staff was friendly and cool but not aloof.  Every time you passed them in the hall, they would greet you with a smile and say hello.  The decor had a very at-one-with-nature feel with pictures of water, leaves, and flowers lining the walls in the hallway and in the guest room.  Outside each room, next to the door, a small sheaf of lavender decorated a small box.  The bathroom was stocked with Fresh products scented of lemon and brown sugar.  The bed was super-comfy with lofty pillows and comforters and there was a flat panel tv, a cd alarm clock, a cordless phone, and high-speed, wireless internet connection.  The entire hotel offers wifi, even in the lounge area - which is so convenient when you want to get away from the room for a bit.  Don't miss the Americano Bar and Restaurant near the lobby - the food is excellent.  The Ferry building is also across the street, the streetcars are right next to the hotel, and the ballpark is within walking distance.  I highly recommend this hotel for it's service, amenities, and location.

03/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Wakako U.
They use Fresh bath products.  The pomegranate hair rinse is fabulous.  The rest are the lemon collection.

25/03/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Chris B.
They use FRESH products for their amenities set. Very good product. The Restaurant Americano is great! The hotel has an urban upscale feel to it, without being pretentious. I had the City View room and had a good view of the street and Bay Bridge. Very close to the Ferry Building. Great amenities such as yoga classes and spa.

22/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Jeanes V.
What a great place to stay!!! The staff was excellent and always attentive... My fiance and I stayed on the 8th floor facing the bay bridge and the view was amazing... And the room was cute I LOVED the bathroom...

26/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Jill k.
shyam reserved a room for us here on a certain special night, and it was so lovely...

we had a corner room on the fifth floor, which meant one window looked onto the bay bridge, and the other onto the ferry bulding.  the room was a comfortable size, and the bed was luscious, but what i loved the most was our "rainforest" shower!

in the morning, we ordered breakfast, and everything was surprisingly well-priced, and very tasty.

the service was superb, and the bath products were also quite nice (from fresh)!  highly highly recommended for you and the one you love!

28/06/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Jenni D.
Caveat: This is a review of Americano Bar, not the hotel.

Decided to stop in for a cocktail or two after work with a couple of friends. It looked like a cool place, lots of comfy looking areas, etc.

The crowd is overwhelmingly yuppie and middle-aged.  This worked to our detriment, as none of us were dressed in suits, ties, etc. Even though we CLEARLY sat down at least 15 minutes before two other groups, the two groups were served first (we can only assume because they were in suits, they must be marked as "big tabs" or "big tippers"). Finally adknowledged, we ordered.

Drinks were nothing special, but were around the going rate of 8-10 (going rate in SoMa).

The real bitch came when we ordered the check (which took 20 minutes to come) after finishing our three rounds. Now, I had ordered a particular martini, listed as $9 on the menu.  I noticed that on the bill, I was charged $11 per drink, and politely pointed it out to the waitress. Now it's not about the two dollars (although over the course of several drinks, it adds up)... it's about the prinicipal... The waitress immediatley snipped "oh that must be an old menu..." I asked her to check with the manager. A few minutes later, she came back and informed me that none of the outside bar menus had been changed and that the martinit was indeed $11.  I pointed out that it would be good customer service to give the customer the advertised price, and asked to speak to the manager... to no avail. This sort of snotty attitude, disregaurd for the customer and mediocre drinks makes AmericaNOOOOOO a fitting name.

12/06/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Betsy K.
oh my god!!  the beds here are the friggin' best.  specially made mattresses that are soft, but not too soft.   they must iron the sheets because they are soooo crisp and perfect.  i love the modern decor complete with flat screen t.v., inviting chaise lounge, lovely lemon scented body and bath stuff, plush towels, good water pressure, decent size room, attentive staff, and best of all was the location right across the street from the ferry building.  their are 2 decks for guests to use with awesome water views and comfy chairs-too bad there isn't a pool on one of them.  the spa apparently has big deep soaking tubs with views, though. the restaurant/bar is super cool looking, but didn't have a chance to try it.
the only complaint is the walls are thin, so you do hear the hallway activities.  
if i could afford it, i'd be a regular here.

21/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Kelly A.
Definitely a great boutique hotel.  We live 40 minutes north in Fairfax, but decided to have a romantic weekend away for my birthday this year.  With the "Locals Only" price, water view rooms are reasonable and you can't beat the location.  Directly across from the Ferry Building and Boulevard (a wonderful SF restaurant).   Rooms are simply and tastefully decorated, very clean and services is great.  They evidently used to have "Fresh" bath products and I was most disappointed to see they've switched to another brand.  Only a couple of complaints, one minor, one major.  The minor:  no turn-down service?  Also this is sort of silly, but they knew it was my birthday, but no extras in the room or otherwise.  The major:  NO HOT WATER this morning.  That's completely not OK, and sort of ruined the morning actually.  We called the front desk and they sent engineering who said they could turn the water heater up and we'd have hot water in 15 minutes, but by then it was too late, we had to check out.  Still, in spite of the few problems we had, it's a lovely hotel and at the Locals Only price it's a worthy hotel for a weekend away.

06/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Mariangela S.
Perfect location, great entrance, hopping bar (almost too busy for its own good), and beautiful, serene rooms - many with fantastic bay views. Love the fact that they have Fresh brand toiletries and room service with champagne is a must. Next time will check out the roofdeck soaking tubs...

27/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. T-Bone L.
Sure the outside aint pretty, BUT the spa, the views, the three Fs (furniture, fabric and finishes) ARE pretty.  I would love to stay here.  It's the details, people.

20/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. sarah R.
Silk pillows, puffy beds, dried lavender lining the hallways. The outdoor patio-bar faces the water, bay bridge and the ferry building. I love this place...can't afford it but I got the gift of one night there and it rocks. Very modern and eco-friendly but elegant at the same time. If you have $300 to drop on a night in SF, sleep here.

05/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Sean S.
Friday night happy hour is becoming quite the scene and the place to be seen..if you're into that sort of thing.
The group I went with was very much into being seen but then that got old, it got cold and we managed to cajole a lass waiting for her friends from pinole to give up the couches she was coveting for those friends that hadn't yet shown.  The couches are lush, the food seemed adequate.  Fries, tasty.  Pizettes, pricey but flavorful.
The decor is top notch, thoughtful design.
The bartenders, well this isnt "Cheers" I suppose but they could be friendlier though there under a wonton crush from a dedicated "We work hard" crowd.

23/10/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Lija H.
Haven't stayed in a Vitale room yet but my two visits for lunch, cocktails, and hanging out on the roof deck have been fabulous.  Great service in the restaurant, an attentive staff in the hotel and a great view with comfy outdoor furniture have won me over.  Just booked a room.

update july '05:
just stayed at vitale for a saturday night fun date.  the rooms are great -- spacious, CLEAN and love the minimalist but still warm/cozy details and trim.  it's all good quality (unlike some high end hotels we all know that provide hostel chic for $400/night) from the furniture to the blankets to the buttery robes.  obsessed over all the somebody branded products in the bathroom.  am still obsessed and want to smell that good every day.  room service was a little slow but the guy made a great joke so all's forgiven.  
in all, such a great addition to the embarcadero.
only one question:  why doesn't the hotel management capitalize on the ridiculous roof decks and get some cocktailing going on?  next time you're at vitale, go on up to the roofdeck (take your drink from the bar) and soak up the sun and the sick views.

03/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. jane t.
Extra points for the conservation notes everywhere (sheets/towels), but serious minus points for the sound proofing -- hearing my neighbour's TV and the coathangers rattling in their wardrobe at 6am wasn't fun. All in all, this isn't a terrible place to stay if you are looking for a convenient, non-chain like atmosphere, but for $329 a night, I'd expect the valet chaps to spend less than 15 minutes getting my car (or at least warn me it would take that long). Oh, and the bar is great any other day than Thursday, when it's full of wankers.

09/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Bridget L.
I loved staying in this hotel.  We had a small wedding in SF , and stayed here with our families, so booked a total of 5 rooms.  The service was great, the rooms were very comfortable, and the location was convenient for all of our weekend activities.  Brunch in the restaurant was not anything special;  it was convenient, but I always feel let down when I have a meal that is not fabulous in SF because there are so many wonderful choices around.  Overall, though, this hotel was fantastic, and I am looking forward to spending my first anniversary staying here as well.  Highly recommend!

23/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. YL L.
We stayed at Vitale on our wedding night because it was close to our reception location.  It's super expensive, but it's a great location.  The panoramic suite is gorgeous, but was over our budget.   So we booked the family suite for over $300/night.

I liked the fact that they let us look at the rooms before deciding on whether we were going to book with them.  Everyone at the hotel was super nice to us, and they even gave us some complimentary champagne and chocolate.  The terrace was great and we took some great pictures at the hotel and along Embarcadero.

19/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Tracy S.
4.5 if I could.

Last minute getaway to SF with my boyfriend for his birthday... I'm from the Bay Area originally so wasn't super excited about spending vacay time in my own backyard but thought I'd make the most of it by booking a nice hotel and having a great SF themed weekend.

Since I'm not big into the large chain hotels, I threw around a couple of boutique places in SF before deciding on Hotel Vitale- unfortunately "boutique" in SF is often synonymous with "old" and "small"; Hotel Vitale seemed to fit the bill, though.

*Great* location across from the Ferry Building (great eats, coffee, gourmet goodies all in one building).  Slanted Door (Vietnamese) and Il Cane Rosso (breakfast and lunch) get props, as does the New Orleans style iced coffee at Blue Bottle.  Boulevard restaurant is also across the street.  Farmer's Market on Saturdays can be crowded but is a definite plus.  Easy access to public transportation, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square...  It's a lot quieter than some other neighborhoods (read: no clanging cable cars) which I liked since it was supposed to be a getaway and we live near all the bars and the beach in LA so we don't need all the late night shouting and drunkeness from home on our vacation.

We were there 3 nights, first night the ocean view room wasn't available so we stayed in a partial ocean room on the 3rd floor.  Not bad, but didn't have that 'wow' factor I was looking for.  You could see the Ferry Building and some ocean but also some alleyway and Astro-turf covered roof.  The room was comfortable, nothing out of what I expected for a higher end hotel.  When we moved into our full ocean view room the next two nights, WOW.  The room was pretty much the same layout and size, the bathroom larger with a walk in shower but the view of the bridge was amazing and made the room.  I was pretty pleased.  

Only "negative" is that the 8th floor suite at the end of the hall is often reserved for weddings/receptions so there can be people walking in front of your room and you can hear the heavy door open/close.  They shut down by 10, though, and the rooms are pretty well insulated (not true of all SF hotels) so you don't hear too much noise.  There seem to be a lot of complaints re the valet but let me just say you would pretty much have to pay me to even *consider* bringing a car into the city.  There are few places to drive and even fewer places to park.  I'm sure all the reviewers who brought their cars had pressing reasons but there is enough public transportation and cabs to make a car virtually unnecessary; leave it elsewhere and it will greatly enhance your experience!  A MUNI pass for the day is $13, including the cable cars and Light Rail, is relatively safe and runs til 1 am.  Cabbing from one end of town to the other is still less than half of one night's worth of parking.  If you're a Bay Area local spending the weekend in SF, I have one word for you: CalTrain.  

Oh, and the TV could have been a little larger.  Nitpicky, I know.  Besides, I just stared at the great view of the Bay Bridge.

Bottom line:
It's in the Embarcadero/Financial District so if you're looking for easy stumbling access to bars/clubs/restaurants then you may want to move closer to the action.  It's great if you want somewhere new, quiet and near the water.  And it's SF, you're not really that far away from anything.

If you can swing it, get a full ocean view room or circular suite, it will not disappoint.  The views of the bridge and bay are amazing and definitely worth it.

12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Bernadette D.
My "city-view" room on the second floor meant that I was staring directly at the roof of Boulevard. What is with that creepy chef statue anyway? I don't get it. The hotel is designed to be very chi-chi zen spa, but to me it just comes off as self-important-financial-district-bachelor. Modern furniture, wood laminate and plasma TVs... very Brady hipster. Not my first choice for the city. Great water pressure though. Ahhhh.

09/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Emily H.
love. love. love.

Nice without the snobbery.  Posh without the tacky.  

I loved this place.  I find the most telling part of any high end hotel to be the contents of the minibar and the "security" with which it is affixed to your room.  What is with the beautiful hotels that keep their crackers under lock and key?  This place was quite the opposite.  Our room had a well stocked fridge and a lovely basket of edible treats and foof, including a wacky round tin, housing an emergency sex kit containing two condoms, "personal lubricant" and some other item that I can't remember.  I managed to put away a third of the package of assorted black licorice after returning home from dinner and a show which sadly sent me reeling into sugar induced nausea that could only be quelled with slumber.

I've already recommended this place to several friends and will definitely visit again.

03/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. laurie c.
A great location and hip little spot. Stayed first for work, then for fun. I loved being able to walk everywhere and especially enjoyed being so close to the Embarcadero where I could get my run in the mornings. The hotel staff was great, the concierge had excellent recommendations for what we were in the mood for and the rooms were very clean and the decor fab!  They also had a very helpful booklet in the room with places to go, all of which I would go if I had more time! The only reason they didn't get 5 stars was they are a little pricey (but what isn't in SF?) and the yoga class was 'canceled' b/c I was the only fool who showed up. Boo hoo. However, the instructor and I did have a lovely chat.

18/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Aly D.
if i ever ever need to stay in sf and need a hotel, hotel vitale is ALWAYS getting my business. why you ask? well, let me tell you a little tale.
it all starts with a lovely lady getting engaged to a very nice man. hooray! so of course, with engagements come a slew of parties: wedding shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party... so forth. well, it was time for the bachelorette party and the lovely bride to be's sister had to plan it. she searched high and low for a reasonably priced suite or two that she could shove some 16 very rowdy, very alcoholic girls in to and not get into too much trouble. you would think that in san francisco, this would be achievable in a matter of minutes. nooo way. apparently hotels have this issue with drunk people and bachelorette parties. well.... almost every hotel except hotel vitale. they were super accomodating!!! not only were they all for the bachelorette party, but they made sure that we had early check in, the rooms were stocked, party bus was coordinated, and that the front desk knew it was a bachelorette party where the details had to be kept secret from the bride. they were awesome.
the whole decor of the place is fabulous, very new modern/simplistic. its just damn streamlined and pretty. the rooms were great. we had one regular room and one suite. the regular room had two king size beds and ample room for at least 5 - 6 of us (although only 3 of us ended up in there) and the suite was GINORMOUS. a huuuuge king bed, a dining table for 6, a couch, two loungy chairs, a couple of tables, and a bar area. huge. perfect. absolutely perfect. the staff was ridiculously accomodating. they made sure that our bags were taken up immediately. they checked in on us to see if we needed anything. they brought us toothbrushed and toothpaste!! even when we left our alcohol in the taxi cab to asia sf, they tracked down the taxi driver and him bring it to us!
but... the bigest thing of all... not once did they come up and tell us we were too loud. not once did they tell us to knock it off... and not once were they rude to us even when we came back obnoxiously drunk. they were the nicest, most polite, most accomodating hotel that i have ever had the pleasure of staying in. hmmmmm i think we need to have a second bachelorette party here :)

16/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. K D.
Great centrally located hotel, friendly and helpful staff, clean, good amenities like iPod docking station and free internet.  Just a 3 minute walk to the Ferry Building where we found cool and exotic shops.  The only drawback to the hotel is Americano bar downstairs, not very good service, generic beer selection, and loud for the number of people in the bar.  Regardless, I don't pick hotels because of their Restaurants/Bars and I would return if I had more vacation time.

07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Lisa H.
Loved the complimentary wifi, and business center with free printing.  Rooms were beautiful and clean.  Awesome bathtubs.  Americano restaurant is such a treat, we ate their twice!  iPod docking station!  We really enjoyed our stay.  The front staff gives you hot towels upon your arrival, felt nice, but I'd say their demeanor is a tad stiff and snooty.  Concierge gave some really good recommendations on place for hair and spa.  AVOID: massage at their hotel.  Not really any good.  We did a couple's massage and felt like we wasted our money as the masseuses were mediocre.  RECOMMEND: the weekend retreat package.  funky reverse convex shaped room.

29/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Arlene L.
I had my husband's 60th birthday party here, reserved the largest suite and three other waterfront rooms for family, catered food and alcohol and spent over $3500 for one night. We had to wait over an hour to get to our room,had made previous arrangements to arrive at 2:00 and was guaranteed the room would be ready, tried to explain to the front desk that it was surprise and had to get into the room but they were just extremely rude and could not find the hotel manager (?). Catered food was terrible, service was worse and when I complained, they never responded to me. I loved this hotel, but was extremely disappointed and would NOT recommend to anyone now.

01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Leslie C.
I LOVE this hotel!!   I tarvel often to SF and probably have stayed here more than 100 nights.  It is a fantastic location, perfect for exercise along the embarcadero and ventures to ferry terminal, gives free passes for day use of the Embarcadero Y, where you can choose from lots of classes, has great service, gorgeous rooms (many with fantastic SF Bay views), cool outdoor spaces where you can read or have a snack, a good restaurant (albeit too loud in the early evening).  The staff are great and professional, especially the doormen, the valet parkers, and Monique the bellperson.   The rooms are really comfortable and luxurious in a clean, minimalist way that is plush enough to be comfortable.  The Fresh bath products are great (though only the better rooms get them--other rooms have a lesser product).   I cannot say it loudly enough--while SF has many fine hotels, and i have stayed in most of them, this is THE ONE!!

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Steven S.
This place made me feel great!  Amazing showers, comfortable beds, a great view of the waterfront and lots of good tunes ready by the cd player/i pod dock.  We enjoyed the roof top baths surrounded by bamboo jungle and then enjoyed a terrific massage.  They treated us like a king and queen and even brought us complimentary wine.  There were lots of little things that made it special... check it out.

20/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Kathy K.
Great hotel!  I joined their Joy of Life Club to get half-off parking (which is usually $45/day plus tax), a free split of wine (which ended up being very good - Matanzas Creek), and complimentary room upgrade.  I paid $199/night and got a waterfront king room on the 8th floor (room 812) with a fantastic view of both the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building.  The bed was comfortable, the room was quiet, there was a little settee next to the window, and the bathroom was really fabulous - nice bath products.  We tried the outdoor lounge on the first floor for drinks - expensive, but nice, and the bartender poured us huge glasses of port.  It was basically a full size wine glass of port.  There was another bar/sitting area on the top floor of the hotel outside, which would have been a great place to watch the sun go down.  We also tried the spa for the lavender bath treatment in an infinity tub - $60 for 30 minutes, but it was very relaxing and came with fruit and tea.  It's totally private, so we went naked in our respective tubs, but you can wear a swimsuit.  

For food, we went next door to the fabulous Boulevard restaurant; that place is an experience, seriously.  It's not cheap, but every dish was amazingly flavorful, there's eye candy galore, great ambience, and it was easy to stumble back to the room afterwards.  That place was definitely a highlight of our trip.  Foodies will love it.

Hotel staff was nice and helpful.  The valet was prompt enough; you just need to call down 15-20 minutes before you need your car.  The only problem we had was the bill.  They didn't give us the half-off parking, so I had to have the guy do it again.  So don't let them just e-mail you the bill.  Check it before you leave.  Also, check the specials page on the hotel website; I saw some good stuff on there, especially if you're local.

I also stayed just down the street at the Harbor Court Hotel also on Steuart earlier this year.  I prefer Hotel Vitale - very nice!

28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Lauren P.
The best night of sleep I have had in a LONG time! The pillows and bedding were heavenly. Such a splendid hotel with a beautiful view and an amazing staff! Each staff member was professional, courteous and friendly. I am looking forward to going back very soon for another weekend stay in SF.

20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Sarpreet G.
We stayed here on a weekend trip right after it had opened.  It was so beautiful and the view of the water was really nice.  The service was great, the rooms were really nice.  I loved the limestone bathrooms...funny how that became the highlight of my stay there :).

Its in a great location as we were able to catch the trolley to Fishermans Wharf, and were able to walk to Union Square.

31/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. jamie g.
I am a local photographer and have shot at almost every venue there is here in San Francisco, and i have to say that by far Hotel Vitale is one of the best spaces in the city for a wedding or an event.  The rooftop terraces are picturesque with close up views of the bay bridge, ferry building and trolleys.  For an outdoor wedding or party in SF its pretty ideal.  A rare setting in the city.  Not only is the space visually majestic, the event team there is one of the best i have worked with.  i have worked especially with Sunna Yassin, who is devoted to her craft and pays attention to every single detail.  She is truly a joy to work with, one of the best i have yet to meet.  She is kind, efficient and also very assertive - you are in excellent hands if she is planning your event.  i highly recommend having an event at Vitale and working with Sunna too!

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Aimee C.
Go to the top floor and down the hall to the right... all the way past the spa... what will you find? An outdoor plaza terrace with grass and comfy chairs...

what does that mean? A pleasant view of the bay... and perfect sunny days...

shhhh, don't tell everyone...

05/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Steve L.
Stayed  there for an evening with the wife.  Great view of the bay and of the Ferry Building.  Room was modern and mininalistic.  We did the Park-n-Play package with parking included with the room (overnight parking is $42).  We had dinner reservations at Michael Mina that evening, and took advantage of the hotel's complementary limo service to downtown.  Limo also picked us up after dinner.  This and the service from the Vitale staff made this stay unforgettable.

15/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Lisa C.
Stayed at this great, posh hotel recently and loved it! Met some friends in SF for a night out.  We prefer to stay at JDV hotels as we find them smaller, trendy and personable without all the snobby attitudes.  Their customer service is stuller.  The rooms are spacious, comfortable and very relaxing and pleasing, plus their rates are more affordable than the snobbier places.  Their cocktails and food were delicious in their restaurant as well.  We had a georgous view of the Embarcadero and Bay!  The Ferry Building across the street has a wicket Farmers Market Extravaganza on Saturdays till 2.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!  After dinner, late evening, we took our blanket from the room and enjoyed a cigar and wine on the 7th floor outdoor lounge!  It was so serene and romantic.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here!  Can't wait to go back!

06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Bobby T.
best hotel in sf!!!! what now!

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. gary p.
I have stayed at this hotel 3 times so far, mostly because of their being dog-friendly.  The staff and management are so over the top with giving attention to the pups!  A truly unique hotel--beautifully constructed and decorated.  The rates are kind of up there, but for what they offer, it is truly worth it.  Clean, cozy, quiet, and very convenient to anywhere you need to go to when staying in the city.

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Rojon H.
Hotel Vitale is our favorite hotel in San Francisco and we have stayed there numerous times.  I took my sisters for a girls weekend a few years ago and enjoyed the hotel & spa & restaurant.  We just returned from a weekend at the Bay to Breakers with our daughter and grand-children - the location is ideal and the service and atmosphere is comparable to none.  It is the most comfortable & pleasant place we stay anywhere and we particularly like that so many of the employees have been there for so many years - particularly the doormen!  We love this place!

26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Joel A.
Our friends had an anniversary party here. They stayed at hotel for the evening and rented one of the outdoor patio areas adjacent to their room. There are several patios staggered on different floors, so you can be a voyeur and see how other people are doing it up. Incredible views of the Bay Bridge, but be warned, it can get really cold up there with the chilly waterfront winds. If you have a party at Vitale, spring for heat lamps or lots of liquor!

In general, I love the modern furnishings and sleek design. All in all, a lovely hotel.

23/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Erica S.
When you get upgraded to one of the best suites, you can't help but fall in love w/this place. We booked a regular room on the Web, but probably due to the cold weather/low touristy season(Jan 05), there weren't a lot of people there on a Friday night. We got the circular suite with a view of the Bay Bridge. Definitely the best hotel experience I've ever had.

Great freestanding tub w/views of the bay, bridge, etc. Excellent quality linens and robes. The bathrooms (it was split between a shower room and the WC) were exquisite.

17/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Deanna M.
I wanted to stay in a hotel with a good view near the downtown and close to Fisherman's Wharf for my husband's birthday.  A friend who lives in the city recommended Hotel Vitale as a good place to stay, she was right.  We had a great stay and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. The location was great right across from the Ferry Building.  We spent one day at Fisherman's Wharf and the next day we walked to Union Square.  We live on the peninsula so it was a great mini vacation and I hope to do it again soon.  They also have a special rate for local people, which makes the choice to spend the night in the city rather then drive home when we are tired much easier.

08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Candace F.
This is a small and quaint hotel with an awesome view of the bay. I was here for an event that was held in the penthouse suite terrace. I was sitting on a bench enjoying the view of the bay from the terrace. They had a bar set-up on the side near the entrance of the terrace with one bartender serving drinks (wine, cocktails, and sparkling water). Near the bar was a long table full of crackers, cheese, chocolate, etc. There was an inner room that was large enough to display the company's products that was sponsoring the party. This was a nice space for a small cocktail party. It was windy and chilly in the evening but the view remained spectacular.

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Katie S.
Despite everything I'd heard, from the looks of the exterior of Hotel Vitale I couldn't believe that the interior would be any less drab.  I was pleasantly surprised when my parent's stayed here.  While the rooms are very simple, the attention to detail and quality is all there.  

My favorite thing about Vitale, and the reason why I'm going to recommend it to everyone who ever comes to visit me in SF, is that their complementary bathroom products are all Fresh brand.  I love Fresh, and promptly jacked all the products out of my parents bathroom (hope you brought your own shampoo mom!).

21/05/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Gabby M.
Beautiful hotel, great views, great amenities and really nice staff.

24/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Shyam P.
First of all, it's an absolutely great location for a hotel.  Views of embarcadero, the bay bridge and the financial district from every room so you're guaranteed to get at least something nice to look at.  The rooms themselves are very luxurious and comfortable.  We had a deluxe waterfront with a rainforest shower (awesome!).  The room had lots of space and a comfy king bed.

The service is attentive and fast too.  I liked the hallway and lobby decor, very modern yet relaxing.  The hotel also has various decks on the upper floors with comfy chairs and sofas.

09/07/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Billy A.
Nondescript exterior belies a swanky boutique hotel inside. The halls are dimly lit and spotless, the rooms are calming neutral tones. It looks like a West Elm studio. Great touches like flat screen TVs, free Internet, and Fresh bath/spa products abound. The turn-down service includes a Delicious piece of chocolate, bottled water, and turning on the CD player to play soft fusion jazz. It's a nice way to come back each night. The service throughout is impeccable.

Missing the last star for the attached hateful Americano restaurant lounge, a wasteland of expense-account hetero-boy idiots and women poorly dressed for an Oscar party. The actually have a line for this crap, and a bouncer! These infinitely better restaurants and bars are steps away: Shanghai 1930, Ozumo, and Boulevard, for starters.

30/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Erin J.
whenever i can, i stay here. it's clean, the decor is amaing, they have 'fresh' products in the rooms. lavendar sprigs by the door, fantastic lighting.
restaurant is pricey but fantastic, the bar is always hoppin' too.

16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Andrea R.
I visit San Francisco pretty frequently for work and have stayed at this boutique hotel about 5 times since it opened last May.  It is one of my favorite hotels because I love the decor of their modern rooms and the staff is very friendly and helpful.  I got pretty sick during my last trip to SF and had to check out early and they didn't even charge me for the night (many hotels would have0.  The only reason I'm giving this hotel 4 stars (instead of 5) is that they have raised their prices almost $100/night since the new year.  Unfortunately, the increase in price has forced me to find another hotel in the city.

12/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Matt S.
While at night this place turns into a scenester's nightmare of Marina meets Downtown, in the morning it's a rock solid place for business breakfasts.  Instant seating, mellow atmosphere, great food at reasonable prices, this is a new favorite.  I crushed a dungeness crab omelette with potatoes and bacon and washed it down with some fresh squeezed.   MMMM.

05/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Deidre C.
I love SF and I love this hotel. Next to the St. Regis, it is probably my favorite in the city located on the Embarcadero across from the Ferry Building. You can catch MUNI outside & ride it to the ballpark or take it all the way to Golden Gate Park. You can walk downstairs & have a drink at Americano or have dinner across the street at Boulevard or eat at one of the many great places in the Ferry Building...and after you're done eating your way through SF then you can take a run/walk along the Embarcadero.

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Nathan J.
Tacky as shit. That bar downstairs is about as close to hell as you can get. Not overpriced tho, the rooms are nice when your eyes are closed...

14/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Anita B.
I thought it was time to update. I sometimes come here when I just need to unwind and get away in the city. The staff is lovely and the location is still convenient for me to get to where I need to be. I would seriously move in if they would let me.

22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Greg S.
I will make this simple.

Coolest place to stay in the City.

Best location in the City.

Great bar program in the Americano.

Can't beat being next to Boulevard and the Ferry Plaza.

Farmers Market on Saturday is awesome.

I love this place!

16/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Dave S.

a monster was born when i stayed at the morgan in ireland ( designhotels.com/hotels/… ). staying in a design hotel was so cool that now, when i travel and am feeling like treating myself, i search for spots that measure up to that experience. this particular trip called for a nice room so after some research i booked the hotel vitale. great move. great hotel.

kinda spendy, yes, but worth it - i liked it so much i almost stayed an extra night. i had the deluxe waterfront room.. the view of the bay bridge was amazing, the bathroom and amenities were awesome, and the staff were ridiculously on point. if you're looking to impress you can do it with a word.. vitale.

03/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Juliana X.
I had my wedding here and it was amazing!  Very classy place without being over the top.  We had the ceremony on the 7th floor balcony and cocktails on the 8th floor balcony.  They have packages where all you have to do is pick the food and you get the night in the penthouse suite!  It was pretty hassle free, they really helped me through the process and views and food were perfect.  It's a treat if you have people coming from out of town.  The view really showcases San Francisco.  I would have given them 5 stars if they had heat lamps available on the balcony for dinner outdoors.  They said this was coming soon though!  Love it!

27/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. AC R.
Location is great, design sleek and they try to to be customer service oriented.  
I ran into more than one issue issue while staying here, and even though the staff was kind and tried to make things right, in the end they still messed up.  
We checked in at 6pm and the room I had booked ( a superior 2 queen room on an upper floor) was not what we were given.  It was a celebration weekend with my sister and we ended up getting a room on the second floor with one king, that smelled like smoke.   The hotel was 100% occupied so they could not move us.  I was extremely disappointed- especially when the front desk told me I should have  called to confirm!!!  I did receive a few calls after this mess up, trying to make amends, but since they were booked, we were stuck sharing a bed.  I would say for what you get the rooms are a little over priced, but it is San Francisco.  
Upon checking out, it took the Valet an HOUR to get our car.  It was not that busy and I kept asking where our car was, especailly when people who came after us got their cars prior to ours, but they kept saying "yep it is on its' way."  Finally they realized something was wrong, apologized and did comp our parking, but we had already missed our lunch reservations....

11/03/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
73. Erica Y.
Being a SF resident for 2 years but a perpetual tourist at heart, there's nowhere else I would spend a night on the firm's dime (or my dime too).  It's flawlessly clean and the hotel is pretty small, so instead of the ritzy hotel chain treatment you get special treatment w/ unique character -- a free paper and yoga in the morning (which I didn't go to), and fresh lavender sprigs outside each doorplate.  And the mint shampoo, pomegranate conditioner, and lemon lotion are a definite plus, along with the flat screen TV and CD player / radio / alarm clock with ample collection of mood-setting music.

Location is perfect for easy walking access (across the block!) to the Ferry Bldg and farmers mkt on the weekend, which makes up for the fact that I got a city view staring down at MUNI lines.

Overnight parking is obviously rather pricey at $45 or so for valet, but you can self-park in the same lot for $27, which is only a block and a half away.

22/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. James M.
A friend hired a suite for their birthday here recently.  The suite had an excellent view and was very open and airy with modern zen interior design.

This hotel does what chic but cool hotels in NYC and LA do well, cater to people who like aesthetics and luxury.  

Highly recommend for special events or for friends/family visiting.

Bar Americano downstairs is nice but not during happy hour when it's packed and too much meat market...otherwise it's great.

20/06/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. James T.
Some friends and I had some drinks here on a sunday evening.  The outside sitting area is amazingly fun and our waitress was super nice.

16/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Ayelet B.
So this hotel has the most amazing beds.  If you want to get a great night's sleep, this is the place.  The rooms are modern and up to date.  The pillows are the best.   Room service is also great.  I also love the location, especially on Saturday's when you are right across from the Farmer's Market.
I used to love Americano, the restaurant and bar downstairs but lately, it is just mobbed and the waitresses have been rather rude.  If it's not crowded then it is a great experience.   There is a delicious open tuna panini, which is fantastic.   The only better one I've had was at the Four Seasons hotel in Budapest but don't get me started on how great that hotel is!

24/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Anna D.
Awesome hotel, prices are high but worth every bit of it. My boyfriend proposed to me on the 5th floor terrace facing the ferry building! Beautiful, breath taking views on the bridge, very friendly staff. We bought their "Hotel Vitale" CD to keep the memories!

03/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Melisa B.
Usually I read other people's reviews of the places I love but in this case, I don't care. Of all the hotels I have stayed at all over the world - and I am a first class hotel bitch snob - Hotel Vitale is the very VERY best. Okay wait, I just glanced at a review that says the restaurant downstairs isn't that great - it has crazygood fries and beer and a yummy jalapeno pizza but yeah, it's way too crowded with desperate singles. Anyway, I was looking for a new boutique hotel to surprise my husband with for an anniversary overnight and I found Vitale. I booked a waterfront room - the one with the entire wall of windows overlooking the Bay Bridge. There was a bathtub in the bedroom! What?! Fantastic! There was music already playing, and a bottle of champagne cooling (because I told them it was a special day and all that). They leave chocolate (which I promptly ate all by myself) and I roamed around and around the circular space just loving it.

Every single thing about the hotel aesthetic is my favorite. I wouldn't do W over Vitale for anything. We had such a great anniversary. Drinking our champagne from the tub, taking in the nighttime view of the bay was too romantic. Who wouldn't love that?

I have also gone back for the the Japanese soaking tubs on the roof. Individual tubs full of warm water, laying back under the stars surrounded by bamboo and skyscrapers - I'm in Blade Runner heaven! God I loved it.

You have to go there. Right now. Make a reservation!

07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Nenette Y.
I love this hotel!

I had a friend visiting from out of town one month and recommended this one to him... he got the corner 1 bedroom I think on the 7th floor? (or was it 17th)? in any case, the corner units are particularly nice because of the huge curving windows they have... it overlooks the streets for a beautiful view of the bridge.

Bathroom was spacious with Japanese influences... large shower and separate soaking tub with a toiletry stand... really love their Fresh bath products.

The Americano is surprisingly good and fairly priced... also enjoy the cocktail hours at their bar (mmm kumkuat mojitos).

18/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. tania t.
Hotel Vitale is a perfect choice for a traveler who wants to be treated like a person, remembered and cared for at every point in your day as a guest in the hotel.

I stayed for three nights in January and was not only upgraded to a room with a view of the Ferry Bldg, but given wine upon arrival. I recommend joining the Joy of Life club, because these are some of the perks. and it's free!

The Fresh bath products made me addicted to Sugarbath Lemon now. I love this hotel and the service was impeccable. I think they've made some tweaks since previous yelp reviews, because their service is flawless, from the housekeeping to the bell hop. I loved the details here, like the canvas box they put your decorative pillows when they turn down your bed.

I will definitely return to this excellent hotel. Plus, the location is great; easy access to BART, MUNI (esp my favorite, the F train), walking along the Embarcadero, and cabs!

25/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. Emily L.
Good things:
1) Location
2) Views, if you have one - my room didn't - I was looking at the building next door. So try the terrace.

Bad things:
1) Expensive - not really value for quality. It's a very basic room.
2) Poor customer service - I was waiting in line for 15 mins just o checkin and checkout
3) Poor valet service - it took forever to get the car and it was $42/night!
4) Noisy - with the bar downstairs and my room facing the streets - it was just a noisy atmostphere.

27/08/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. Amber P.
Definitely on my list of the best hotels in San Francisco. Small and swanky, great food (shocking for a hotel!), and helpful staff. The rooms are beautiful and many have fantastic views. The location is great and you can check out their attached restaurant (Americano) for some really great food. The people here tend to be on the younger "hip" side but I think people of any age could enjoy it here. I think just staying here makes me feel relaxed.

14/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Rod P.
Stayed in Vitale this Saturday and it was awesome.  I had a 3rd floor room looking out on the Embarcadero with awesome views of the Bay Bridge, Embarcadero, the bay, and the Ferry Building.  The bed was awesome, and they bring in a box of blankets with the turndown service.  I have a very nice bed at home, so cheap beds in hotels wreck me - this bed was very high quality.  The window seat is very nice for sitting and looking out on the activity around the ferry building. The rain shower was very nice - there was a cutout in the shower wall so you could turn on the shower without getting a cold soak beforehand - sweet, even though it did allow the toilet to get wet.

I loved the concierge staff - very professional, thorough, and knowledgable.  Front desk was very good as well.

We did the spa bath ritual; outdoors under the stars with a bambo barrier.  A very nice way to end the evening.  Spa staff could not have been better.

08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Kristinamarie S.
My boyfriend and I stayed here and it is one of the best hotels we have ever been to!!!

As we walked in we were greeted by the front desk with warm towels. They smelled amazing! We  went up to our room and ti was playing some relaxing music...

I love the products in the hotel...AVEDA! Those products are amazing. The room was very relazxing with teh decor.

I loved this hotel's lobby as well. Lemon water was so refreshing.

And of course the location. You can't beat the location adn view.

Amazing i will come here again! =)

13/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Bonnie Y.
I've never even heard about this hotel until my company hosted a party here and I must say I loved it!!! It's perfect for parties!!! Situated right across from the ferry building and adjacent from Boulevard, this hotel is modern and chic. With a rooftop patio for an open bar party that overlooks the bay bridge and ocean, what more can you ask of out of San Francisco? The bedrooms' decor has a calm clean serene feeling to it -- its almost as though you were walking inside an aquarium. Aside from the rooms. There is also a comfortable trendy bar and lounge downstairs called the Americano where young hipsters chill and conversate indoors and outdoors.

Bottom line -- the best hotel in San Francisco!!!

21/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Ashlee C.
Amazing hotel- modern room decor, extensively clean with great views of the City and the Bay Bridge! In my opinion, the bathrooms are to die for and I wish my own bathroom could like the ones at Vitale.

An A+ hotel in the City for reasonable prices, great rooms, & great views!

07/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Katherine N.
Hotel Vitale gets high marks on alot of levels. The Americano Restaurant serves very good food, I like to go there on a special date. The outdoor bar is lovely with the bambbo trees and cool but low furniture! ..hey I'm 5'10",.. and when my girlfriends come to town they always get a very sweet little room with a great view and a great weekend price as well. If your LOCAL  they have a weekend special. Ask about it.
I always take my friends that are visiting two places in the area,The  Ferry Building first to shop and nosh then Vitale to sit outside for  'Sunset and Martinis Time'
Does it get any better!

24/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Nicolas H.
Very nice attention to detail and service. The next day's weather report is waiting for you on your pillow upon return as well as some interesting music softly playing on the cd player and a hotel vitale branded water bottle on the nightstand. The bathroom is definitely the highlight of the room. Also, the roof decks are a nice quiet place to relax and have a drink...

04/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Ali A.
Five women and a pickle jar full of vodka. That's how we roll. When someone in our group turns 40, we pull out all the stops. Fortunately for the birthday girl, this time we decided to enjoy our jar of vodka at the Hotel Vitale.

What an amazing place. All hotels should be like this. Seriously. The staff is ridiculously thoughtful and friendly, but as far as I'm concerned, that's just gravy. I'd love this place even if they were total a-holes. The real attraction is the hotel itself. It looks just like my house would if I had super-duper taste and an unlimited budget. Think modern-yet-comfy decor, high quality materials, amazing attention to detail. Cushy beds, great bathroom products, an iPod stereo, groovy light fixtures, cool wine glasses...the list is endless. And just when you think you have seen it all and it can't possibly get any better, you find out that they have a rooftop patio with a view of the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge. That's better. And this patio has couches and coffee tables so you can enjoy the view from a reclined position while you munch on a croissant, drink some OJ, and re-live the silliness that ensued the night before from all those pickle-jar cocktails. That's more than better.

Visit once even if you think you can't afford it. And if you can afford it...go now. Stay as long as you can possibly justify it. Use the bathroom products, sleep-in in the amazing bed, enjoy the view from the patio, empty out the pickle jar. I guarantee you'll have a great time.

26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Nick K.
The place is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and inside and has a great view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island.

The staff there-- not so wonderful. To make a long story short, my party and I had to visit the front desk 4 times during our 1 night stay to try to correct issues that had already been agreed upon when we made our reservation-- months in advance.

The staff either didn't care or didn't communicate with managers who could have corrected these problems. Their motto seems to be "the customer is always wrong!" Too bad- the hotel has lots of potential.

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Tricia R.
After an issue initially booking my stay, the Hotel Vitale General Manager and her staff made my wedding weekend fantastic. The room was beautiful and we were made to feel like honored guests even though our wedding wasn't taking place in the hotel. Room service food - delicious. Got me swiftly into a cab the night before (pouring rain) so I'd make it to my rehearsal dinner on time, and saved the day by finding the veil in my room and handing it over to a friend who brought it to me at the church! I just can't say enough great things about the hotel. I can't wait to come back and stay again for our 1st anniversary!

28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Michael H.
In my opinion, there are only a select few Hotels that can actually justify their daily room rates. Hotel Vitale is a member of this elite group. This hotel is trendy, without being gaudy, and offers a wide variety of amenities to keep your senses stimulated. They feature a heated outdoor patio, a multi-tiered rooftop bar, and an upscale lounge which contains unique and hard-to-find spirits. Whether you are looking for new dining spot, a killer happy hour location, or a night away from home in a chichi hotel, Vitale should be on top of your list.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Jessica F.
Don't get me wrong, panoramic suite with a view of the bay bridge can't be beat, with a locale close to the Ferry Plaza, but hey, if I want a burger from room service at 11:59 pm, don't tell me that the kitchen closes at midnight and you won't make it!

21/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
94. C. W.
The staff is warm and gracious.  The rooms are tastefully decorated.  The views of the bridge are spectacular- worth every penny of the extra $ for these rooms.  Room service is great (the eggs benedict are fabulous).  Overall, I think this is the best hotel in SF for the money.  And, unlike every other hotel I've been to, they do not charge a fee for bringing your dog.

05/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. S J.
*** UPDATED!  Scroll to the bottom to see the update 11/20/06 (much has been snipped due to yelp's length limits ***

Professor Ngugi wa Thiong'o is one of the most celebrated Kenyan authors whose work explores issues of Black identity globally and in the U.S. He came to the Bay Area as a guest of Priority Africa Network and the African American Museum and Library in Oakland. The story as the Professor tells it, is that he was staying at the Hotel Vitale in the Embarcadero on November 10th on a visit to promote his new book "Wizard of the Crow".

After a relaxing morning of a walk and breakfast, he returned to his hotel to sit in the veranda section of the Hotel restaurant reading his newspaper.

What happened next could have been a scene from a pre-Civil Rights Era of a Black man caught in a "White Only" section of a hotel.  A hotel employee approached the Professor and said: "This place is for guests of the hotel. You have to leave."

Handling the matter calmly and intrigued by the assertion of the man, the Professor asked "How do you know that I am not a guest of the hotel?"

The man continued unabated "You have to leave. This is for guests of the hotel."

"But how do you know that I am not a guest?" the Professor asked again.

"You have to leave."

"But you have not even asked me if I am staying in the hotel"

'Okay. Are you staying at the hotel?' The tone and demeanour was of
man who had made up his mind that the Professor could not be a guest.

"Let's us go to the reception desk," the Professor told him.

"It is not necessary," he said. "Just leave."

Having told accounts of this incident to many Black friends, a most common response has been "I'm not surprised." Black men in particular are daily subjected to taxi's not stopping, questioned for being in certain places, stopped for "driving while Black." So, they ask me, why is this story any different. Because it happened to a distinguished Professor? because it happened to a Kenyan man? because it happened to an elder? All of the above, but mostly because it happened to a Black man period.  A Black man who was invited here as an honored guest and has been treated with utmost disrespect. A Black man is what the hotel employee saw and all he needed to assert the Professor did not belong there.

Angered by the treatment of our guest we decided to make the story public to ensure that PAN members and supporters know about it and do not patronize the Hotel Vitale. The Bay Area has a proud history of being part of the anti-apartheid movement against racial segregation in South Africa. Many of our members are activists from that era who were part of that movement for change - we did not think we would be waging the same struggle for equality in the Bay Area in 2006!

What transpired next did not end the matter. The hotel employee (who remains unidentified) walked to the reception desk along with the Professor. Once he confirmed the Professor was in fact a guest of the Hotel, he simply apologized and left. Not one to let matters go so easily, the Professor insisted that the matter be addressed appropriately and the Hotel Manager was called.

The Manager, clearly failing to understand the severity of the situation and the utmost disrespect against the Professor apologized for the "misunderstanding." He kept referring to it as a misunderstanding which shows total lack of sensitivity to the gravity of the incident. Going even further, the Manager offered the Professor complimentary Whisky.  Yes, an apology worse than the insult.

The Professor made arrangements to leave the Hotel Vitale immediately.  His publisher (who booked the room) has received a formal letter of apology from the Hotel. Such simple steps by the hotel to put closure on the matter are unacceptable to us who are deeply offended by the incident. We are demanding a public apology by the Hotel, to be laced in a Bay Area newspaper, no later than the end of this month.

Please contact the Hotel Vitale to express your sentiments on

Feel free to pass this information to other groups and publications.

*** AN UPDATE 11/20/06 ***

Because of the level of massive response our community showed, the Hotel Vitale management requested a meeting with the leadership of Priority Africa Network last Friday evening, November 17th.   PAN  requested the following, which Hotel Vitale agreed to:

1. publish an apology in the San Francisco Bay View newsletter expressing their sadness and regret over this incident

2. conduct a diversity and anti-racism training to all staff

3. provide a grant between $5K-$10K to a grassroots organization in the Bay Area working on anti-racism education and advocacy.

The leadership of PAN believes therefore it is appropriate and necessary for our community to move on.  We respectfully request that no more e-mails, letters, or phone calls be directed to the Hotel over this incident.

16/11/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
96. Joshua W.
I recently came to SF for a job interview and the company put me up in this hotel.  It has a very nice boutique hotel feel to it and the attention to detail is fantastic.  The staff are both nice and professional and seem to go to great lengths to ensure you have a nice stay.  The valet service could use a little work though, as I shouldn't have to stand and wait for 5 minutes for them to take my keys and get my my valet ticket.  They also failed to get my car when I called ahead 30 minutes early one morning, making me wait an addition 10 minutes or so one I arrived downstairs.  The rooms are nicely furnished in a minimlaist style, and are full of nice nice little touches such as an LCD television and a great local culinary guidebook.  The bedding is top notch and the bed sleeps really well.  
All in all, this hotel only needs to go a LITTLE further to bring themselves up to the level of other top notch boutique hotels such as the Driskill in Austin, TX.  I highly recommend a stay here if you're like me and are staying on someone else's dime, as I believe my rate was around $350 a night.

01/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Marie U.
The hotel and staff are great.  They even take dogs!  Definitely splurge and get one of the rooms with a bridge view.  The only downside is the restaurant.  I personally found the menu boring and the flavors to be a bit on the bland side.  We did have a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and shaved truffles.  The cookies that you can order through room service are also great, nice and warm right out of the oven!  

Great place to stay if you are locals and want a mini in town vacation.

25/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Stephanie C.
This hotel is awesome, great service...great food and it's green!

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Carl S.
Great location! A businessperson's  boutique hotel. Views are amazing and the service is super attentive. The in-hotel restaurant sucks, but there is lots in the nearby Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.

26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
100. Stephanie D.
Eco friendly, great staff/concierge and so refreshingly beautiful! Upon your stay here, I would highly recommend getting a bottle of wine (from the Ferry Building or Farmers Market right across the street) and enjoy watching a pastel sunset from the rooftop! Definitely one of my San Fran faves!

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Claire D.
Every element of my Hotel Vitale experience was really wonderful. My room looked out over the Ferry Building and it was a pleasure to watch the Farmer's Market set up on Saturday morning. The Ferry Building has amazing shops and food and if you came just for that you would have a great trip. The location alone is worth the visit but inside the hotel has beautifully designed appointments and fine finishes. My test always comes with the sheets and the towels and both exceeded my standards. The bathrooms are roomy as are the entire suites and I enjoyed the Fresh products. Overall the experience could not have been nicer and I won't consider another hotel for my next visit.

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Akiko T.
Hotel Vitale!  One of my favorites in the city. Both the bar and the rooms are awesome. I love everything about the interior design. Very chic without trying too hard. We were upgraded to a suite (cuz they were sold out on regular rooms)  Woohoo! The room was out of control - there was a stunning view of the bay. What a wonderful surprise!

I loved everything about the room and its amenities. Soft pale earthtones with a pale blue made this room feel like you're in a spa. Very relaxing. Very tastefully done. They even provide you with bedroom slippers that read, "Slow" on one foot, "Down" on the other! How adorable is that. And the icing on the cake ... their bath amenities are a line called "Fresh" products which I regularly use & love, especially their Sugar Lemon body lotion.  Just writing this makes me want to go back. Soon.

07/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Kathy T.
Breakfast in the Americana Restaurant is great. I didn't stay at the hotel, but at the restaurant and the oatmeal was wonderful. We had a bridal shower there and the staff was very nice and accommodating. The food was so good at the shower, I ate there every day that I was in SF for breakfast. They also had a nice selection of teas.

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. J. C.
We stayed here two nights, went to the Spa, and ate a few meals in the restaurant. Overall, I think the Hotel is overpriced and the service is mediocre at best. We won't go back.

The Bad
- Room are trying so hard to me minimalist chic that they some times are not very functional or comfortable.
- Not every room has a bath tub, so apparently you have to ask for one. Strange for such an expensive hotel.
- The toilet in our room was broken.
- We requested and reserved a room above the 3rd floor, but ended up with a 2nd floor room despite this assurance at reservation time.
- Don't use the Valet service. I took us over 90 min to get our car back when checking out on a Sunday.
- Concierge seem to be either overly busy, or on break all the time. So we booked dinner via Open Table instead.
- The Spa is small and lacks some the things one would expect  like  Sauna, Jacuzzi, nice pre/post relaxing room etc.

The Good
- We both got good messages at the spa
- Good location
- Restaurant is decent for breakfast ( menu for dinner looked over-priced).

14/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
105. Sara L.
This is my third or fourth stay at this hotel.  Stephanie checked us in and she was delightful and helpful.  We got upgraded to the 7th Floor.  Nice view of the Bay and Bridge.  Ate a late dinner at the restaurant Americano in the hotel; fabulously fresh, in season baby green salad and house-made ricotta with dates and pistachio bruschette then amazing cauliflower soup.  Quiet room so I was rested for my seminar only a half mile away which provided a lovely walk.  After the seminar the Concierge was very helpful with helping me ship the books - the post office is so close.  Beautiful room.  Hope to bring the Saint Bernard next time; pets are welcome -- even a Saint Bernard.

05/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Maritess Z.
Spent New Year's here because the New Year's party was cheap ($40) and it was fun because we had a great view of the Bay Bridge and saw the fireworks from a clear tent pitched outside which was surprisingly well-heated inside, and it was across the street to the restaurant where we ate dinner.

Why was it so cheap?

The DJ SUCKED, the party ended at 130am, the crowd, a mixture of square to suburbanite, to out of towners staying at the hotel, but we still had a great time. It was a nice hotel with 1970's high end basement chic.

I don't recommend their New Year's party, but it was a nice hotel in a great location, walking distance to everything.

01/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Monica T.
Service: First Class.  Very polite and attentive staff.  Concierge was awesome!

Hotel:  Clean, chic decor, our room had a king bed, views of the Bay bridge and Ferry Building.  The bathroom had Aveda and Fresh bath products (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!).  It's a non-smoking hotel; thank God!  Also, the rooms came with flat screen tvs, iPod docking stations, complimentary wi-fi and high-speed internet access.  The Americano restaurant, bar and lounge downstairs is great as well.

22/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Fred L.
I am a regular business travel and have stayed at a number of hotels in San Francisco (the Nikko, Palace, Westin St Francis and many further S. in the valley).  My wife and I stayed at the Vitale for a long weekend as I have never really enjoyed the location of other hotels in SF and the amenities looked nice.

Good things:
1.  Room.  The room was well appointed, had good business use (desk, internet access, etc) and also had a little sitting area.  
2.  Location.  As mentioned by others, it is right across from the Ferry building and there are a number of great restaurants nearby.  Tough to beat.
3.  Lobby.  The lobby is very nice and the restaurant in the hotel had decent and quick food.
4.  Yoga.  They have daily morning yoga in the spa on the top floor.  My wife also got a massage there that she enjoyed.

Things that kept this from being 5 stars:
1.  The gym is lousy.  Interior room with no windows and limited equipment.
2.  The walls are paper thin.  Great if you want to get to know your neighbors, not so great if you want to sleep through the night.
3.  Concierge.  For a boutique hotel the concierge service was mediocre.
4.  Internet service.  It was spotty, down a few times when we needed it.

I'll note that if you could combine the good things about this hotel with the good things about the Palace, you'd have the ideal hotel.  Maybe someday!

17/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Emily M.
My bro-in-law and I stayed here the other night after the opera -- it was super duper pleasant. We got a really cheap rate, the service was very good (except for at Americano) and attentive, and the common areas and rooms were very well styled. Love the brownish color palate, and the vibe is cool w/out trying to hard, like the W or the Clift. It's a very cool big-kid hotel, and y'all already know the bar scene at Americano is substantial (if you like that kind of thing). The location is really the Vitale's strength -- especially on the weekend, the proximity to the Farmer's Market, and to Embarcadero running is ideal. Am looking forward to staying there again, and you should too.

30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Anika K.
I don't know what to add other than this: I travel to SF a lot for business and tend to try out different hotels each time.
This place is by far the best. The location, the service, the access, the amenities... color me impressed!

24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Lisa A.
I've had the pleasure of planning 2 events at this hotel and the staff outdid themselves this time. If you're an event planner you want to work with Ramone. He's effing awesome.

The food is very good. The location is beautiful and the hotel itself is still very pristine, having been open for only about 3 years now.  It's pricey than most but it's worth it. It really, really is worth it.

Most fav part? Fresh products in the rooms. Nothing relaxes you more than rubbing lemon sugar lotion all over your body after an amazing shower.

Vitale rocks.

22/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Johnson H.
This is a great place to have a meeting out on the balcony with views of the Embarcadero Promenade and the Ferry Building. Catered w Bar + great service.

04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Derya A.
This is such an amazingly gorgeous hotel. It's right by Fisherman's Wharf and the view is spectacular. I recommend heading to a terrace at night for a beautiful view. The restaurant and spa are top of the line as well.

13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Joyce O.
very modern hotel!  all sf hotels aren't always luxurious in size, but this particular hotel room was actually very spacious.  [one of my best friends had us bridesmaids & mohs shack up with her the night before the wedding because
all of us lived in sj.]

the set up and decor is very modern and minimal.  we had 2 queen beds, a couch.. a sitting window [that became a  bed] and a large table.

we were 7 girls total.. and fit perfectly!  

the bathroom was a good size and not to small.. and on the big day there was just enough room for everyone to have their hair and make up done.  

the location of this hotel is primo for tourists because it's on the embarcadero and close to the piers, downtown sf, and AT&T park.  

the lobby is beautiful.. so beautiful that we had our pictures taken in it!

21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Audrey J.
Refreshing in all aspects, the Hotel Vitale is a cute waterfront hotel with thoughtful little details that made my stay very enjoyable. The bath products by Fresh were fabulous (I fell in love with the lemon body lotion), and I found the tranquil seafoam green of the rooms incredibly relaxing. The decor is all about clean lines and a minimalist "be-one-with-nature" type attitude, and they pull it off quite well. While an admittedly biased tiny part of me thought it lacked spunk and personality for my favorite hometown city, I also see the benefits of having an oasis-type hotel in the middle of bustling downtown.

The turn down service was very effective, and the most awesome part that I liked was (shocker of shockers) the MUSIC that they had available. There were CDs in the room for you to play on the fancy CD alarm clock. The CDs were part of the "Elemental Chill" collection. Seriously, I shit you not, that's what they were called. Anyway, the free wireless meant I had my computer with me, so I ripped the CDs right then and there. (Shh...don't tell my copyright friends...)

The bath products were delicious, the light and airy rooms were relaxing, and the rooftop views of the Bay revitalizing. Again, the key word for me that comes to mind is "refreshing."

08/05/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Elyse K.
Not cheap, but worth the price.  Pamper yourself and get a higher level room with a view.  I got the cheap(er) room during one visit and was trapped with a frosted window with no view.   It was an amazing room, but a little claustraphobic.  So if you can, splurge an extra few dollars for a room with a view.

The property is great, with a spa (haven't been), morning yoga classes (always too hung over), a roof top view complete with patio furniture perfect for sharing a bottle of wine and a view of the Baybridge, a downstairs restaurant and bar with outdoor heated seating, Fresh bath products and a mini bar with Dean and Dulca goodies.

Make sure to cross the street to the Ferry Building for breakfast, delicious olive oil to take home and if you have an evening free, The Slanted Door restaurant.

Stay at the Vitale and feel yourself unwind.

04/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Julie L.
Election night partaaaay in Hotel Vitale!! *Woo woo*!

My work purchased a suite with a flat screen TV, wireless, and unlimited booze to celebrate the culmination of a hectic campaign season.  Hotel Vitale was AWESOME!  Good food, spectacular view/ outdoor patio, great drinks, friendly and attentive service.

2nd best part: I didn't have to pay for it!

Best part: Seeing Obama's face emblazoned on the CNN screen as President-elect!!

What more can you ask for? =)

20/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Tyler G.
Attending open bar parties is what it's all about, so my review is a bit skewed because I didn't actually pay for anything... but our service was great.  They had an excellent liquor selection (Basil Hayden's is my man), and an adult-themed view of the Bay Bridge and SF skyline.  Word.

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Kate N.
Super nice hotel and awesome location. 5 stars from me because of the amazing location and roof deck. We stayed here the first time we came to San Francisco and loved it. This hotel is located on the embarcadero so the area is expensive but the quality is awesome. The feel of the hotel and property is spa-like and modern. The rooms aren't huge but they are fresh, clean, and more than sufficient. We didn't eat at the restaurant downstairs but have gone there a few times for drinks. Great place to go for happy hour and has a lively, young crowd. Really the reason to stay at this hotel is the roof deck that is available to guests. Only a few steps away from the bay bridge and ferry building the view is amazing. It really is a perfect, relaxing spot to enjoy San Francisco at night. It's pricey but you don't feel cheated at this place.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Kissy S.
It was an INSIDE job!! My husband and I came for a weekend stay 2 weeks ago for the Black & White Ball with 2 other couples. Got a phone call (on hotel phone line asking for us by name..only way this person would know who we were was if they worked there and that we had two rooms booked under our name) at 7:45am from a so-called shady sounding "hotel manager" who said our card wasn't working and that we needed to read them all our credit card information. So we did...fast forward 4 hours and Amex calls us to ask about some fraudulent charges being made. (in the thousand$!) When we confronted to hotel manager he was surprised, but told US to be the ones who should file a police report. We thus told him it was HIS JOB to do this, not ours. And the manger never followed up with us or filed a report. I strongly feel it was his responsibility...we were the customer and feel completely taken advantage of after that experience. We've stayed at this hotel on 3 separate trips and we will now find a new favorite. I am still floored that the manager didn't offer a better rate, a complimentary stay, a profuse apology or anything. BEWARE...your personal information, security and info may be stolen as well!!!

13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
121. Nancy O.
A perfect urban oasis.  Customer service is out of this world.  The spa is sublime, I highly recommend the Bathing Ritual.  Rooms are good sized, amenities are fabulous (all Fresh products), beds are very comfortable.   Had a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge and waterfront.  I look forward to staying here again.

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. K T.
I've stayed up in the city at a couple of places including Palace, W, Sheraton, etc...but this place was one of the best places that I stayed at. It's really close to Embarcadero and the room is really cute! The room had a waterfront view so you can see the bridge and it was well kept and clean! The rooms are spacious and the lobby and the walkways to the rooms are spacious.

LOL I'm OCD so that helps! They have a rooftop deck that you can go hang out at, checked it out but never made it back in the evening to see the view! BUMMER next time. Staff was nice and friendly also :)

07/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Helen L.
Came here for a bachlorette party and spend the day in their suite.  The suite had a patio that extended from the room and had a great view of the ferry building! Very relaxing! Clean sheets and comfy bed

01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Sarah H.
Stayed there one time when it first opened, but here's why I'm writing.
My daughter got a job there, she was so excited.  Then the management/staff treated her so badly she almost had a nervous breakdown.  They wanted her to use her PERSONAL credit to buy stuff and didn't offer up a business account.  They ran her ragged.  She was underpaid, as are the majority there, over worked, ditto, and the place is cold and basically over priced.  I have a feeling that a lot of hotels in the City are run like this place.  Maybe no one cares.  All I have to say is, its a snake pit.

19/04/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
125. Arissa C.
My friend and I just finished a wonderful dim sum at Yank Sing when we decided to walk over and check out the new Ferry Building.  On our way there- we saw this hotel- and we were just amazed because we had never heard about it.  We found out that it had just opened and so we decided that  were going to get a room there on one of our friend's birthday...
The hotel is modern and sleek- the down beddings and pillows, toilletries provided by Fresh.  Enjoy the views at the terrace watching the sunset, drinking cocktails- or stop by before your spa appointment.  Im still thinking about the open air bath ritual...dont know who to take yet ;-)... I also have yet to Americano restaurant but other places to dine abound in the area...(Slanted Door, Boulevard, Salt House, Town Hall etc)

04/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Anna L.
Stayed here one random mid-week night while in SF for work.  Rate was $269/night.

I thought the rooms were quite nice.  I would totally stay here again.

My only complaint was I was dragging a large bag and a overstuffed tote bag and the staff by the door felt no need to open the door for me even though he wasn't actually doing anything but standing.

14/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Esther L.
My boyfriend booked Hotel Vitale with a small comment: "It's Valentine's Day, guys. Take care of us." We'd stayed there before in a basic room, and this time we wanted one with a tub.

A few days later, he gets a call. Turns out, Vitale gave us a complimentary upgrade to a penthouse suite, complete with champagne and a few chocolates (that paired, yay!).

The suite was gorgeous, complete with floor to ceiling windows with views; two bathrooms, one with the rainfall shower head and one with a tub; a separate sitting room with a dining table that sits four and an oversized desk; a bedroom with sliding doors and a chaise; separate heating/cooling systems, LCD televisions, and sound systems in both rooms (Bose in the bedroom); toiletries from Fresh; and for the pièce de résistance, an outdoor patio with seating and heat lamps. If it wasn't a hallmark holiday, we'd have thrown a party. ^_~

There was only one real negative: the god-awful entry. Trying to get in there to valet your car is like playing chicken with every car on the block.

All in all, nice boutique within walking distance to some great restaurants like Boulevard and Ozumo's, and with contemporary decor and beautiful views of the bridge.

18/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Annette M.
Went to a business offsite here recently.  Great hotel and location - no doubt.  The room/facilities for the reason of business - mediocre.  Terrible AT&T mobile service -fyi- and none in the meeting room, which was 'ok'.  We had dinner upstairs outside on one of the terraces - and the food was good, albeit cool/cold but what do you expect for a dinner for 40.  Overall - would go here again.

03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Beach Seeker T.
We loved Vitale!  This hotel was immaculate, tastefully decorated, and meticulously cleaned, our rooms were done twice a day.  My boyfriend treated us to a romance package- when we entered the room there was music, champagne, and 2 bday (mine!) cupcakes waiting for us.  The staff was helpful, and while they did make s few mistakes like most people do, (forgot the rose petals on the bed....totally  forgive-able), the perfect setting made up for it, as well as their willingness to fix anything that wasn't right.  I cannot BELIEVE the negative reviews on this site, I am shocked.

Sure, it was expensive, but if you're going to treat yourself to a weekend in the city, what better place than a chic, modern hotel on the Embarcadero with a spa and landscaped rooftop terraces?  I'll tell you what, there was a wedding going on, taking place in the terrace on our floor, and we didn't hear a peep.  We could see it from the OTHER terrace, but even being a few doors down from our room, we did not hear even a celebratory whisper.  Quiet, relaxing, beautiful, refreshing, and p.s., if you do nothing else to pamper yourself, go for the spa mineral tub.  Its in a little bamboo jungle, rooftop style (bring a friend, there's 2 tubs!).  We didn't eat dinner there, but breakfast with the SF Chronicle and their rocket fuel coffee was awesome, bar menu out on the patio was good too.  

Honestly, unless something truly horrific happened there, I can't imagine any normal person not loving this place.  I mean come on, are you really that picky?  Get over it and enjoy life

17/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Lauren L.
My husband and I were recently married at Hotel Vitale - amazing! All of our guests raved about how good the food was and how beautiful everything looked. The staff worked with all of our requests and stayed within our budget. We had our ceremony on the 5th floor terrace and reception on the patio, it was the perfect setting for an urban - chic event. We couldn't have been happier.

27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Runt T.
It's basically a very earthy looking minimalist modern upscale hotel.  you get wet towels at check-in and if you valet your car, someone will give your name to the front desk.  - it is more or less a boutique hotel.  there are aspects of the service that, although they are aiming high - it doesn't seem to really hit the mark.  I don't know how to really articulate it but maybe its the ultra cool (also as in cold not really warm or inviting) feel you get from the staff - they're not really snobby, they just don't seem that interested in service... except the guy who gets your taxi.

the up side.  the patio/bar (Americano).  it really has to be one of the most relaxing places in the city to go for lunch on a sunny day.  it's spacious w/ unobstructed views of the bay bridge.  breakfast is good.  i tried the crab omelet one day - which was a little shy on crab (unlike the palace hotel which loads it up).  i also had a ham and cheese omelet on a different day - this was tasty (but i substituted ham for prosciutto and added basil.)

the little extras are nice though.  the free in-room internet is refreshing considering most major hotels w/ charge upwards of $10 - $15 for a 24 pass.  also, when they turn down your room, they fill your ice bucket (1/2 way) but it's such a nice gesture... especially after working a full day and coming back to a tall glass of water (or whatever) it's nice.  there's also complimentary water w/ the turn down - another detail that some other hotels cheap-out on.

11/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Molly B.
Our firm-wide meeting was held at Hotel Vitale and the even put us locals up for a night.  
Starting with the positives, the staff did a great job for our social event on one of the rooftop terraces and for our meeting itself.  The waitstaff for our buffet lunch were very efficient about clearing plates and things so we could get back to work.  The conference room for our meeting was fine, but the removable walls separating the spaces do not keep out any sound, so it can be hard to focus.  Also, its right on the sidewalk and apparently the structure provides for a little alcove right next to the window.  We're in there having our meeting and this guy in a suit and this woman start making out pressed up against the window!  The windows are tinted so they couldn't seen the room was filled with a bunch of people. That was pretty funny, but we only let it go on for a few minutes before knocking on the window as it was getting pretty hot and heavy.  Heh.

Our hotel room was in a bad location - 2nd floor facing Mission Street, just across the street from a bus stop.  I definitely locked eyes with someone on a bus when I was in the room.  Yuck.  The dumpsters are apparently kept just below the windows because at 1AM I was jolted awake by SLAM! SLAM! SLAM!  of a dumpster being emptied into a garbage truck.  The bed mattress was incredibly cheap and uncomfortable - hard, springy and transferred motion.  Some folks would complain about the 14" TV, but as I didn't watch it I didn't care.  It just seems like they put all the money into making it look stylish, modern and au naturale, but comfort was definitely an afterthought.  Word to the wise - ask for a room on the higher floors!

26/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. Lee A.
My favorite hotel EVER!!!  My fiance chose Hotel Vitale for our post-engagement weekend (we met for our first date at Americano downstairs) and booked the waterfront room on the 7th floor (8th floor is the spa). GORGEOUS room - I love the modern yet comfortable aesthetic and the bathroom is to die for (they have Fresh products!) - GORGEOUS view, and great service.  It's also across the street from the Ferry Building, walking distance to many fabulous restaurants & bars, and a hop/skip/jump away from shopping in and around Union Square.

If our wedding was smaller, we'd definitely hold it there for the ambiance and location. Alas, they can only accomodate 80 people, and we're looking at a guestlist of about 150.

And if I could live there, I would.  *sigh*

01/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Jim P.
it's fun.  funky.  a bit douchey.  the restaurant didn't impress me AT ALL.  but it's a JDV, i love their properties.  i don't think i will be back despite it bieng the sf flagship.  i just like some of their more affordable, less lounge lizard joints better.  

that said, if you are looking for a good hotel to wear your designer jeans, drink champagne and get very naughty later with a loved one, well, this would be that place.

26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
135. Nathan O.
Very Nice Boutique hotel with a lot to enjoy. Parking wasn't the best but they treat their guests kindly.

02/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Clayton P.
As much as I don't like the scene at Americano I really like Hotel Vitale - - - keeping in mind that I have never stayed here.

Lately my dad has been staying here when he comes out and it has been perfect for him.  He really enjoys it here.

The people in the hotel are ridiculously helpful and friendly and the location is perfect.  You can go for a great stroll down the embarcadero and have a host of amazing restaurants within a few blocks

30/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Regina Q.
so fresh and so clean clean!  thats so appropriate to sum up this boutique hotel because the rooms are very clean and they use Fresh  brand bath and body products which is a bonus. good location, near the ferry building which has a lot of good organic restaurants.  Really felt like we had our own place in san fran! would def stay here again.

05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Kelly C.
I came to an event here and was so impressed by the space! Our event was staged out on the terraces over looking the most breathtaking view of the embarcadero, the bay and treasure island that I have ever seen. I was surprised that the terraces were smaller than I had imagined, and that each level was separated by a rather large distance. We were so fortunate to have beautiful weather, but when the sun went down, the heating lamps were abundant. I never wanted to leave!

Hotel staff was accommodating, but not invasive. I overheard them speaking at the front desk, and as someone who used to work in special events, was so impressed on how on top of things they were. Even the bellman could name different events and basic stats of the party going on that day. They were professional, congenial, and knew when we needed help and understood they weren't needed.

All in all, a gorgeous setting for a special event, but very pricey!

02/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
139. jade j.
Nice Ritzy hotel that i cant afford to stay at, but nice happy hour at Americano with great appetizers and get there early for seats. It's also great because it's right across the street form the Ferry Marketplace i didn't know about it until my cousin from out of town showed it to me.. It's basically a indoor farmer's market

15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
140. Rick P.
This review only pretains to my hotel stay on New Years Eve, which I attended for the end of 2008/start of 2009.

In case you haven't seen the pictures or visited in person, Hotel Vitale is extremely nice, well-designed, a fresh breath of class in a city that overall is pretty gritty. If you are hesitant to book because of the price, I urge you to go see the hotel in person, and you'll know that you're getting your money's worth.

The service I received in the course of making my reservations, staying, and leaving the hotel, was relatively consistant, and overall good. A lot of the employees were good-humored and seemed happy to assist.

If there's one thing you must experience in your life, it's new years eve at the Hotel Vitale! They threw a party at their restaurant downstairs, which included a DJ, several bartenders, a dancefloor, and here's a curveball, a Nintendo Wii. The party was an interesting blend of people, but my friends and I were so drunk we didn't really judge, we just mingled, drank, and danced.

15 Minutes prior to midnight, we went up to the rooftop terrace. The embarcadero is completely alive on New Years eve, there had to have been at least 10,000 people on the ground, maybe 50,000, I'm not sure, I was hammered. Either way, on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Vitale, we had front row seats to the spectacular fireworks display over the embarcadero. In case you're unfamiliar with the show, I believe it has been voted The Best Fireworks Show in the Nation at least once. It was truly amazing and bringing in the New Year on the roof of Vitale was exactly how I wanted it.

The rooms were excellent, the service was great, and the party was really fun, I will definitely return to Hotel Vitale next time I want to have a big night in the city!

28/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Eric A.
Awesome Hotel. My Company was hosting an event on the 9th floor and we had access to the patio and it was amazing. The view of the City and the Bay Bridge was beautiful.

21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Jennifer L.
How I have yet to review my favorite SF hotel is beyond me.  I'm shocked that some people have had such horrible experiences at this property as the staff has never been anything less than amazing.
From hosting business meetings, or surprise bridal showers to birthday drinks at Americano and over the top weekend stays; this hotel has always been absolutely 5 star from start to finish.
The rooms are gorgeous, the meeting space light flooded, the restaurant above par.  If you ever have the chance to get up to any of the balcony areas overlooking the ferry plaza, I highly recommend you take advantage.
I only wish the hotel was a little larger so I could have all of my meetings here.  Or that they'd let me move in.  That would be even better.

18/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Karen B.
Imagine a suite with a huge balcony overlooking the Embarcadero, with the Bay Bridge to your right and the G.G. Bridge to your left...imagine a picture perfect day...and out on the balcony is a bartender and a dining table...this was my experience for my bridal shower that my wonderful sister and awesome cousin threw me...the hotel is gorgeous and the rooms are very nice...BUT the fact that I had the most memorable bridal shower at the Vitale makes my review very biased...I would totally come back and stay at the hotel...I love it's trendiness

EDIT: I uploaded a picture of the set up on the balcony of the suite where dinner was held...

24/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. Pete J.
Could not have been better.  These folks give platinum standard customer service and have made me a loyal StayCation-er at Hotel Vitale.  Kudos and gratitude to the General Manager on personal touches that went above and beyond.  The entire staff is obviously committed and connected to the guests.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Harley M.
The hotel is lovely & the location is fabulous!  At the end of Mission, it's right across from the Ferry building, where you can get your morning latte at the Blue Bottle (after quaffing a free cuppa in the lobby)  go up Mission, Market, take ferries, trolleys, busses, metro, whatever all at your doorstep.  But why leave when you can shop & dine at great spots all  in an easy radius, from the Green Market to excellent food trucks to great restaurants (Boulevard, Slanted Door to name a few).

Have had rooms facing the bay & the view is spellbinding & magical.  Small but adequate fitness center (usually no one there, so small size not an issue) & they will give you a pass to the nearby Y, where you can Exercycle & look over the bay, take a class or swim laps.

The downstairs bar is a major post work meat market, which makes things lively, but the hotel itself is understated & elegant, beds comfortable, rooms have often had divans & nice work space.

Have returned many times & continue to be delighted.

08/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. Jim C.
Hip hotel in a very convenient location and terrific place to grab drinks with coworkers and friends. And they have this outdoor area that is perfect for renting out for special events.

Bottom line: Hip. Definitely will be back.

28/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. Jill D.
My friends from Hawaii were in town recently and I met up with one of them here to jointly commiserate on failed love and how fucked up that is.
WooHoo! Jill S. writes yet ANOTHER cheerful review!
Pipe down whiners. Here's the skinny: Awesome beds (I didn't do anything scandalous you jackasses...we just watched a movie and NOT a dirty one you perverts), complimentary waters bedside, great flat screen TVs, quick elevators, amazing views of the Embarcadero skyline, the Bay Bridge and beyond, convenient location, great room service and great service in general. I didn't have to pony up the cash to stay here (and since we all know how cheap I am we also know I'd be spending my money elsewhere) but I have rich friends and they thought this place was a deal.
If I end up with a sugar daddy (or mommy, I'm flexible) I'll be sure to purr this location seductively in their ear.  What?! Like YOU wouldn't?!

14/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Steve L.
I am a frequent traveler: single, male, adult. I would give Hotel Vitale 5 stars on any stay/any day....hopefully others will agree and hopefully Vitale will continue to shine.

With this particular review, however, I offer 4 stars. This is, as others have written (and I hereby attest) - a younger-crowd property. Arriving and departing via taxi or personal vehicle, it is a bit of a grind to get in and out. The property entrance is relatively small based upon the volume of traffic (by foot or vehicle). Once attended to my staff, however, all goes smoothly despite the comparatively small guest reception area - and restaurant bar/area adjacent. This may be the only downer.

Rooms are spacious, with fantastic bay views (most) and lavish bathrooms complete with 'rain showers'. You may not want to leave the room but rather get your favorite books and enjoy sitting on the window-front lounges and turn on your favorite classical FM station or Ipod.

I did enjoy the spa, complete with soaking tubs on the roof, teas, and fantastic massage treatments. Like one other reviewer, it is a shame this property does not have a gym, pool or steam/sauna area. Fortunately a proximate YMCA offers all of the above and I got to go there several times. Who would not want a massage, steam or sauna after a good work out or lengthy business day?

The property is pet-friendly! Very rare for a sophisticated SF property.

Equally accessible is the Ferry Building (2 blocks away), with great shops and dining, access to the Ferry boat system.....and the street car line(s) that run the Embarcadero from AT&T Park, past the hotel and on to Fisherman's Wharf. Public Transportation in/out of the hotel is the best.

Enjoy this property; I have often.

17/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
149. Karin S.
I stayed here with a group of friends for my bachelorette party and we had a fantastic time. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the decor was sleek and modern, very clean. The location is just perfect. Our room looked out onto the Embarcadero, Bay Bridge, and the Ferry Building. The terraces and outdoor space are also beautiful.

My bed was super comfortable too!

23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. LuLu M.
Absolutely, positively loved our stay here! Upon arrival, we were greeted left and right by the bell boy, the valet and the hotel agent. He then upgraded me to an ocean view - which I didn't even request - at no additional charge. After walking down the beautiful hall to my room, where they place a fresh lavender sprig next to your hotel room number, I was immediately called by the operator to make sure everything was going well in my room. The bed was super comfy and the walls were thick enough that I didn't hear any hall way noise the entire night! I am looking forward to staying here again.

17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Sara W.
Had a very nice stay at the Hotel Vitale on a recent trip to SF. It's in a wonderful location right across from the Ferry Building, which means a very quick walk to the Farmer's Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Our room was immaculate and pretty spacious, with views of the bay. The water pressure in the shower was good and the have a gym, albeit a tiny one.

One of the best things about the hotel is their bar, the Americano, which has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (which is gorgeous) and a great happy hour. One of the worst things is the difficult and expensive parking in the area.

11/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
152. Wil R.
Hotel vitale has to be one of my favorite hotels anywhere, and I travel a decent amount.  The staff is very very friendly.  Sure the hotel is very expensive but if you are looking to treat yourself this is the place to do it.

The terraces off of the hotel floors are amazing, head on over to the farmers market on Saturdays or just chill and walk around the port building.

Valet can be a little slow that Is my only complaint.

19/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
153. T C.

So i've stayed at other Joie Di Vivre hotels and I must say Hotel Vitale has got to be one of the nicer ones.  Besides the fact that it's in a great location on the Embarcadero, the staff was exceptional.  

As we arrived, the valet took our car without a hitch.  Check in was even better when they for some reason upgraded our room to one with a room.  I not big on decorations and all that, but the place was clean and their was staff there when you needed them.  

Our partial water, city view was quite spacious.  We didn't hear too much traffic from the Embarcadero.  It was big enough for my wife and I, 2 kids and a dog.  Which leads to the best thing about this hotel.  They allowed us to bring our dog and were extremely accomadating to our little guy.  They had dog bowls and treats for him when we asked.  Actually they offered..  All and all, great hotel, would love to re-visit.  

Check out the terrace upstairs.  Nice place to read a paper and drink some coffee in the am.  Only complaint I have is the bartending staff downstairs at the restaurant.  Tad on the snobby side for whatever reason.  I guess I'd be pissed if I were still 40, losing hair, and still bartending.

They allow dogs
Location, location, location
Spacious room
Happy hour

Valet can be slow

30/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Annie W.
We stayed the night here before running the Bay to Breakers race. It was so convenient because of its proximity to the start line. This place is so sheik, stylish, and contemporary. I loved the relaxing muted colors, clean geometric decor, and the up-lighting in the floor. I was very impressed with the outdoor patio of the Americano. I could have sat out there all day long, the lounge areas were so comfortable and it was a great place to people watch right along the Embarcadero.

The room amenities include a flat screen, Bose Ipod player (which we did not get, but was in another room), goose-down pillows, robes, newspaper, and everything else one would expect at a nicer hotel. I was a bit annoyed by all the crap they are trying to sell in there. Prior yelpers mentioned things like the hangover pills and such but those are not free! They have a basket of snacks, CDs, pills, etc. but it was all for sale. The worst was the oxygen for sale in the bathroom for $69.95. Imagine if someone's kid opened that thing on accident...that would suck! I could have done without the little store in my room. Many hotels I have stayed in for a lot less have some of that stuff and it was complimentary. Parking was a bit of a pain and quite expensive. $50 a night is just absurd.

Overall though I had a nice experience and it is indeed a gorgeous hotel. I had a chance to hang out on the 7th floor terrace before we left which has a great view of the bay bridge. I would definitely recommend to those who want to have an relaxing weekend in San Francisco.

19/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
155. Jeong K.
It is no surprise to read that many Bay Area reviewers stay at the Vitale for a weekend of rest and relaxation. Not only does this hotel provide peace and comfort for the tired and weary SF natives, tourists can also enjoy its proximity to the Ferry Building, the Embarcadero, Giants stadium, Justin Herman Plaza, and the waterfront.

Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable without being pretentious.  The hotel feels urban hip (techno music was left on in our room by housekeeping). Typical of most boutique hotels, the Vitale provides free Wifi, New York Times, and coffee with modern amenities like a rooftop spa, flat screen TVs, and a business center.

The suite is much bigger than the typical room and I would recommend the upgrade if you are not traveling by yourself on business. The west facing rooms have no view (office buildings) and are situated above a bus stop and loading dock, so it can also be noisy. I recommend the upgrade again.

Hotels around Union Square may seem fun, but the mayhem of shoppers and panhandlers is no fun. I like the Vitale for great views and service, and lebensraum.

(note: Valet parking is $45 + $6.30 tax/day and the lot must be far away since it takes 15-20 min notice to retrieve your car.)

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
156. Dave B.
Great location and views. Good price for such a nice hotel. The staff is great. The hotel is close to everything you need or want to see. This was our second visit and we are sure to return again.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Nicole T.
I stayed in the Hotel Vitale for 8 nights for a business trip, so fair to say I had plenty of time to get to know the place. Originally I was excited to stay here because I heard great things, but upon arrival I realized this place really isn't that great.

First of all, the rooms are WAY too expensive for what you get. You can spend less money and get much nicer rooms at many other hotels. My main complaints:
1. Stains in the carpet
2. Some outlets didn't work
3. Cracks in the bathroom wall
4. Walls so thin you hear EVERYTHING

I wouldn't recommend this place if you're looking for an upscale hotel. However, the staff were very friendly and the location is great. It's right across the street from the Ferry Building.

26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
158. laura c.
This was quite an expensive hotel, and wasn't really up to par in several areas. But I have to give it three stars because of the fabulous location. First, the bad. We were in city-view rooms on the third floor. The street noise from Spear Street was extremely loud and went on all night (some of it sounded like people emptying recycling bottles, some of it was the street cars which park on Spear Street, etc). I have stayed in NYC and it was not nearly as noisy--we all literally had to wear earplugs all night to be able to sleep. My mother and sister were facing the Ferry Building (paid more for their upgrade), and they said it was not noisy facing that direction. In addition, no coffee maker in the room, no clothing dresser in the room (just some tiny nightstands, and a single drawer and about 10 hangers in a closet).  So my husband had to live out of his suitcase for 5 days after I filled the single drawer with about 3 outfits. Also, we asked repeatedly for turndown service for my daughters' room and my mother's room, and it  never happened over a 5 night stay.  The concierges were terrible. Repeatedly gave us incorrect information--don't rely on them for anything.  Also asked them to call a cab for my 70 year old mother so she could get to a restaurant on a cold night without walking up a huge hill--they were unable to hail one for her after 15-20 minutes! So she had to walk because she was afraid she would miss dinner.  

The good: free yoga class in the morning was nice. Free coffee and tea in lobby until about 9 am (after which you can go into the restaurant and request it). The location across from the Ferry Building was fantastic--we went there every single day. And the hotel was pretty central--we walked to most places. The rooftop terrace was unbelievable--incredible view of the ferry building, the bay bridge--gorgeous! Of course, we were never told about its existence by anyone at the hotel, so we didn't even know it was there until our 3rd day in the city. We wish we had spent more time up there just lounging and enjoying the view.

Not sure i would stay there again--I might try the club level of the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero next time...

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
159. Lisa N.
Great view of the bay from our room. Bathroom was nice with a 'cool' factor.  Valet parking was poor - we waited over 20 minutes for them to find the car in the morning.  Rooms were standard hotel-style rooms.  Nothing to write home about, and, unfortunately, I don't think the stay was worth the cost.

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
160. Alexander M.
This hotel is in a great location, has very reasonable prices, and is managed by the boutique but increasingly well-known management company Joie de Vivre. I stayed here for my friend's 21st birthday party and we almost got kicked out like 3 times for noise complaints! In truth there were like 8 of us staying in one room but I don't remember being very loud... The rooms are pretty small by American standards but that's something you have to get used to in San Francisco. The staff are all very friendly and professional and the bar located just off the lobby is really fun. The whole place has a very clean, modern and sleek decor. If you plan on hanging out around the Embarcadero, AT&T Park, or the Financial District, Vitale offers a great value.

Cool, clean, kinda cheap SOMA boutique hotel.

15/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. mindy s.
Fantastic hotel...great service, amazing food at Americano, ideal location...The Ferry building across the street has some incredible food, and the T,Th, Sat farmer's market is remarkable...walking distance to AT&T park, and many of SF's best restaurants...Beautiful view of Bay Bridge...no need to stay anywhere else in SF.

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Annie c.
I have not stayed here. This review is only for the bar and the private function rooms. It's a modern/intimate hotel right near the ferry building. The bar has a great space - really nice for meeting friends for drinks. They also offer a nice private room for meetings.

The private function rooms on the upper floors are really nice! They are attached to an outdoor patio area with furniture/heating lamps/etc. Typically I don't expect much from hotel catering but they provided wonderful tasty selections for both events I have been to.

If you valet your car, be sure to call them 20-30 minutes before you leave - they can take a loong time,

21/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Fred W.
What can I say, best place I have stayed in years.

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
164. Adam M.
I love this hotel. Its the only place I stay now in SF.

I had a bit of a rocky start with the Joie de Vivre Hospitality group but I'm glad I didn't give up on them. A friend pointed me toward their other hotel, the Hotel del Sol in the Marina. It's is exactly what its billed as; an old California motor lodge with a new coat of paint. It wasn't really up to the standard of their other properties and I asked to be moved. They courteously switched me to the Vitale.

Its got everything you could want in a hotel. Great location, spacious clean well appointed rooms, courteous staff, gorgeous roof terraces with awesome views, a tranquil spa and a good restaurant with a happening scene. The only thing its missing is a decent gym. But it does offer complementary day passes to the Y down the block.

Rates are reasonable and internet deals can be found.

I've been back at least half a dozen times and it doesn't disappoint.

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. lindonesia s.
So we stayed there around the time we got hitched and our reception was at the ferry building.
In case you haven't seen the pictures or visited in person, Hotel Vitale is extremely nice, well-designed, a fresh breath of class in a city that overall is pretty gritty. If you are hesitant to book because of the price, I urge you to go see the hotel in person, and you'll know that you're getting your money's worth.

The service I received in the course of making my reservations, staying, and leaving the hotel, was relatively consistant, and overall good. A lot of the employees were good-humored and seemed happy to assist.

The rooms were excellent, the service was great, and the party was really fun, I will definitely return to Hotel Vitale next time I want to have a big night in the city! Enjoy it cause it don't come cheap but a great experience!

05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
166. Joel S.
Very, very nice hotel with excellent, courteous, and helpful staff. The room is appointed perfectly, the bed very comfortable, and the location is also excellent, in the Embarcadero area and close to shops, bars, restaurants, and BART.

One my small criticism would be that the workout room is not at all on a par with the rest of the hotel. They do offer free passes to a nearby YMCA, which helps, but I wonder why they'd have such a lame gym in their own hotel.

21/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Genevieve Y.
Date & Time:  Friday February 13, 2009 @ 7pm
Stars:  3.5
Company:  Michael & Jack
Crowd: 20-40 Something Professionals & Attractive Couples
Ambiance:  Urban Oasis
Decor:  Contemporary & Zen.  Comfortable, Minimalist Rooms.  Pale Soothing Palette of Pale Grey & Taupe w/ Light Woods.  Comfortable Beds w/ High Thread Count.  Chaise Lounge & Sofa w/ Waterfront Views.  Stone Tub & Fresh Brand Soy & Lemon Toiletries
Service:  Welcoming Yet Professional
Total:  $186.75

Name:  Americano
Location:  To The Right of The Lobby
Scene:  Bar is The Happy Hour HotSpot Swarming w/ Bankers in Dolce & Gabana Suits Sans Tie & Gorgeous Girls w/ Sleek Blow-Outs in Fitted Tops & Jimmy Choo Heels.
Decor:  Sleek Exotic Wood Bar.  Lounge Area w/ Low Sofas, Chaise, Coffee Table.  Roomy OutDoor Patio- The Spot in Nicer Weather
Imbibe:  Winter Mojito & Pure Energy
Total:  $24
Restaurant Adjacent to Bar
Time:  8pm
Crowd:  20-50 Something Professionals in B&R Type Attire
Decor:  Contemporary.  Pleasant Taupe & Green Palette.  Banquettes w/ Very Tightly-Packed Tables for Deux & Quatre.
Service:  Nice & Professional
Imbibe:  Wine
Devour:  For Starters:  House Marinated Olives & Antipasto Misto Salumi. Entrees:  Risotto w/ Mushrooms & Lamb Sirloin.  For Dessert:  Warm Chocolate Cake & GoatCheese & Berry Bread Pudding
Total:  $105.38

13/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
168. Connie C.
There's always something indulgent about staying at a hotel so close to home. And Hotel Vitale is definitely a place I wish I could call home. Everyone we encountered, from the doorman to the concierge, to the bartenders in Americano and the housekeeper, was extremely welcoming and hospitable.

This weekend, we stayed in an amazing room with a breathtaking bay view on the 7th floor (there are 8 floors in this lovely boutique hotel). Although there was no jacuzzi tub, there was a huge shower with a rainfall shower head and the bathroom was stocked with Fresh products - my favorite! The bed was super comfy with pillows that I wanted to take home with me.

The concierge booked dinner reservations at Chaya for us, and although it was just across the street, it was pouring rain. Luckily there was a umbrella in our room. Also in our room: fun snacks and handy items like an intimacy kit and hangover pills. They really thought of everything, didn't they?

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Susan W.
I selected this location partly because it's a part of the City I'm less familiar with. I couldn't help worrying how I could keep from looking like a tourist. But that's what the hotel biz is about in San Francisco - one of the top tourism destinations in the world. So as a local, you gotta get used to the idea that some will think you're a tourist.

I went home to pack right after work and drove into the City. This was the weekend the Bay Bridge was closed, which complicated getting there but what a pleasure to be getting away from one's familiar stomping grounds but know enough about where you are to be able to adjust. Lots of cars waiting to be parked but the drop-off was smooth. Check in was smooth. A scented candle stepping off the elevator on the 8th floor was nice.

Brian the concierge got my Saturday night tickets at Davies Hall and left the receipt in my room while I was out to dinner.

I expected to stay in my room a lot; I can see San Francisco anytime, and I do come into the City nearly every weekend. But I don't get to hang out in a nice room with a view of the Bay much. The decor is simple and relaxing without being too precious. I did think the bottled oxygen posted on it's own lighted shelf in the bathroom was pretentious, but the rest was mostly real. I liked how each of the four pillows offered were of different density and filling so I could choose what worked best for me.

My only quibble was that I had to remind the desk at checkout that I had asked for the Locals Only rate online, and reminded them of the features of the deal. hrm. I expect to return, nevertheless.

04/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Maggie F.
I absolutely love going here! Have spent a couple of times in the suites and it truly is the best when visiting and enjoying the comforts when coming back from playing.

25/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
171. Tracy K.
My first trip to San Francisco was made even better by staying at the Hotel Vitale. My friend, who lives in SF, recommended the hotel, and after finding a great weekend deal on their Website, I decided I'd give them a try.  I was not disappointed.

From the pictures on their Website, it seemed Hotel Vitale exuded a certain spa-like feel. And, when I saw it in person, it was exactly what I had imagined.  The atmosphere was calming, and the decor was soothing to the senses. As we checked in, they offered us warm, damp hand towels to refresh ourselves after our travels. Nice touch, although a little odd. As we strolled down the hallway to our room, the scent of lavender followed us -- each room had a sprig of lavender on its outside room number plaque. Then, inside, a lovely appointed room, with soothing blues and wheat-colored walls. They even had a mix of Cd's to put you in a relaxed mood.  And, finally, the bed, ah, the bed -- the sheets were so soft, they felt like butter. So comfy!

Hotel Vitale is a fantastic boutique hotel in the Embarcadero area of SF.  Their rates are decent, especially when they are having specials, and your stay there will be nothing but relaxing and enjoyably.  I know the next time I'm in SF, I'll definitely be staying there again.

20/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Terisa J.
I love this hotel, very professional hotel ideal for business even if you would like to get away for a weekend a get a piece of mind. Breath taking views, roof top terraces beautiful view at night. The staff is very accommodating and friendly, customized services bell desk, valet, and the front desk are extremely knowledgeable. I had my son with me and we received milk and cookies as a welcome amenity, did i mention they were warm!! Now the spa services were well overdue and much needed i scheduled the stress buster and the soaking ritual its roof top outdoors and soo peaceful surrounded by bamboo and the stars Loved it! I will definitely return it was well worth the weekend, i had a great view of the Bay Bridge from my king room 42inch flat panel TV just like home :-)

26/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. J S.
Stayed here a month ago and the room was ok. overpriced for what you get. The concierge was rude, he would not help with suggestions for my girlfriend and I to plan. The restaurant has ok service but, the food is grossly overpriced. The bar has a view but, you pay dearly for it. The bartendar was too busy talking tohis co-workerto even serve us our overpriced martini's.

Skip this place....San Francisco has too many other great places to sleep,dine and drink!

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Emily S.
For my 500th review.... may I present to you.... drum roll please.

The Hotel Vitale.  Very nice digs... perfect location.

Definitely five stars.  My husband and I ventured to the city for a friend's birthday.  He was not happy with my last choice for accommodations (the W)... saying that it was too 'pricey'.  Give me a break... I'm just trying to show him the finer things in life.  

So I kind of 'lowered' the price per night when he asked how much this joint set us back.  He knew I was lying when I said fifty.

When we walked into our top floor room, with its view of the bay and wonderful bedding... he was speechless.  He was so happy with this little gem... that he wants to stay here the next time we're in the city.

Every little detail was carefully thought out.  The choice of CDs on the bedside, the slippers, the robes, the reading material.  I am so in love with the fresh products in the bathroom.  The lighting, the perfect choices of linens, the pillow library.

Thank you, Hotel Vitale.... for bringing sexy back!

p.s.  sorry for the pillows, bedding and mattress being in disarray.  =)
wink wink!

02/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Madalyn F.
My mom came into town, and three weeks before most hotels were already booked or $400 + a night. She decided to splurge ($ 265 per night)  on this little gem. What I noticed was how quiet it was for being close to so much. The tubs are HUGE, water pressure was divine and the view was to die for. To this day my mom talks about how she thought spending the money for a nicer hotel was all worth it.

Aesthetic note***The decor is intended to make it feel like you are in a serene place all the time, so it's not's very energetic and kinda blase', but the rooms are very comfortable and there aren't any tacky flowers all over the bed spread either...

14/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Stacy N.
This review is only for the valet service - hotel and food are great.

The valet is a disaster - I parked here for lunch today. As I parked, I told valet I was only here for lunch and would be back in 45-60 minutes.  When I return 50 minutes later, he tells me my car will be ready in 30 minutes!  Insane but that's not the worst part - he broke my key  to my car - and when I said something - he said too bad and laughed... the dealership told me $250 to replace my key... ugh - DO NOT VALET HERE

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
177. Jamie M.
The hotel was fantastic. There is a great deck with a view of Treasure Island and the ferry building. We got the room on hotwire for our anniversary.


The parking howerver was irritating. It is $50 including tax per night. When I got my credit card, they had charged me for three nights parking even though we only stayed one night.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
178. Sarah C.
Despite living 20 minutes south of the city, I've had the opportunity to stay at several hotels downtown. Hotel Vitale is lovely as any, and the location cannot be beat- two blocks from BART and right across from the Ferry Building. The people at the front door and lobby reception were very friendly, and my room was comfortable and nicely furnished. Lovely bath products in the bathroom, always a great sign, and a Chronicle in front of my door in the morning. I also attended an event on the 8th floor terrace- what a view!

Start to finish a lovely stay. Next time I want a quick SF getaway I will remember Hotel Vitale.

09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
179. Joe F.
simply not worth the price. When a hotel goes over $300/night plus $50 for parking...then it has to do a better job. The Hotel Vitale just isnt up to the task. Great locale, snooty service. Nice view from the roof..but the suites have all the charm of a hospital room. Oh and beware...any room that is labelled SUPERIOR KING WITH BAY VIEW is likely to be looking at a huge billboard that is illuminated all night long. If you squeeze yourself into the corner of room 728, I think you can see the garbage and the Bay Bridge base with pigeon crap. Thank goodness we went to Boulevard for dinner.

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
180. claire s.
My company recently had a Holiday Party here. We had a 5-course, sit-down lunch on the 5th floor terrace in a clear tent. Although it was cold that day, we still enjoyed the views the Embarcadero, Bay Bridge, and Ferry Building as we waited for the space heaters to kick in.

All the food was delicious, and the wait staff were great as well.

10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Jackie O.
Stayed here for 8 nights for business - honestly, I wouldn't be able to afford this myself, but my company paid for it so woohoo!

Gorgeous little boutique hotel.  Service is friendly and prompt, from the folks at the front door to those who deliver room service.

I actually had to work in SF over my birthday, so my parents got me a gift certificate to the spa, and it was great!  I got the deluxe stress buster treatment - half facial, half massage.  It was great!  It's not often that you have spa services in a hotel this size - it was a great way to relax after a long day at the office.

Bathrooms are huge and nicely appointed; rooms are comfortable and spacious with very comfy beds - not too soft, not too hard :)  

Beautiful views as well, and the restaurant on the main floor is great (didn't have dinner in the restaurant as I was working late, but got room service and it was delicious!).

If you can afford it, this place is wonderful for business or pleasure!

12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Adrienne S.
My husband and I love this hotel!  We stayed here on our honeymoon night and returned for July the 4th.  There was some confusion about whether we would be able to see the fireworks from our room or from the hotel viewing deck, but in the end, we just walked down to pier 39 to be safe.  There is a curve to the coast which most people said would obstruct the fireworks view, but I am really not sure if that was true.   The view from our deluxe king room is amazing!  The room looks out at the Bay Bridge and is across from the Port of San Francisco.  The staff was also wonderful.  We mentioned that we had our honeymoon here, and they unexpectedly sent us up a complimentary bottle of champagne with a handwritten card to welcome us back.  Everyone was courteous and helpful even hand delivering our jackets that we had forgotten in our car.  We also ordered dessert from room service which was very yummy!  I'm just thinking when I can justify staying here again since we only live about 45 minutes away!  Avoiding 4th of July traffic was a great excuse this time...but what can I come up with next??

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. Mary F.
I stayed here for the San Francisco Marathon and I could not have asked for a better location.  We were able to see the Starting Line from the hotel lobby!  So exciting!

The workers were very friendly and helpful.  We received a professional letter when we checked in apologizing in advance for any inconvenience caused by the marathon.  The worker warned us we might hear loud noises started at 03:30 in the morning.  We assured him we would be among those up and making noise at that hour so we were not concerned.  They even offered beverage service starting at 03:30 for the runners!

The room was really clean.  I loved the decor.  The mini bar and snack options were the best I've ever seen - I didn't dare touch anything for fear of the prices - but I was impressed all the same.

My sister loved the sheets - she said they were a high thread count.  I'm not cultured enough to understand stuff like that but they felt 'slippier' than the sheets I'm accustomed to.

30/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
184. Peggy K.
Spectacular views. Hotel staff was very accommodating. Luxurious. Great location.

24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
185. Leleh M.
Note: Writing this review while still staying here, will check out tomorrow.

Decided to go for a mini-get-away from San Brunto celebrate our 5-yr anniversary.

Looked everywhere, Monterey, Napa, Half Moon Bay, etc...And finally chose San Francisco.  We have stayed in several hotels in San Francisco before for mini-get-aways just because previously.  This time I was open to venturing to other places.  But San Francisco just has so much more to offer.

I compared all similar and some a bit upgrade hotels.  We were specifically looking for the best deal in room rates plus a spa treatment.  

I picked Hotel Vitale for their Locals Only package.  For a superior room with water front view, I believe it's about $250/night.  The spa treatment prices are average and not overly priced.  

The room is modern and clean.  Staff are very friendly.  A big plus is located across from Ferry Building.  We got lucky with this weekend's weather of sun and warmer temps.  Walked to Noah's Bagels to bring breakfast back to room.  After breakfast, headed to Farmer's Market in Ferry Building.  It was great!  Plent of samples too, fruit, meats, cheeses, bread, etc.  Should have gone here for breakfast and would have costs me $0.

Location of hotel is ideal, at the end of Mission.  It's quiet compared to other hotel locations.  We have a grand view of the Bay Bridge and sunrise/sunset at the bay.  Absolutely beautiful.  For dinner, we picked an italian restaurant with live jazz music near Union Square, a 7 min drive by car.  Valet is half price as part of package.

Our stay at Hotel Vitale is exactly what I had hoped for: a nice, relaxing time away with my partner of 5 years, and appreciate simple things of life.

During online reservation, I noted in the comments the reason of our visit and how I look forward to celebrating our 5-yr anniversary during our stay at their hotel.  On our first night, the manager sent a chilled bottle of champagne.  

I highly recommend this hotel for locals looking for a quick and easy, hassle-free get-away in beautiful San Francisco or for anyone visiting the Bay Area.

Haven't tried the restaurant in the lobby....look out for the next review,

15/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
186. Nikki c.
I stayed here during the company holiday extravaganza, so I have no idea how much the rooms cost.  But I did get to explore several different room types when I was hanging out with my co-workers pre/post party.  Some of the rooms have GREAT views.  The beds were comfy.  If you're looking for a hip and comfortable place to stay south of market, this is a great pick.

PS - the staff rocked!  They were very friendly and accommodating of our eclectic group.

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
187. Jonathan H.
I booked a room at the Vitale after reading the reviews on yelp and looking at the Vitales website. It was the great looking design that won me over.

So many reviews have already expressed the great things about the hotel already. I'll say the staff was great, friendly, and helpful.

The only negatives I found were a sliding door over the bathroom, and thin walls between the rooms. I was kept up by some loud neighbors, you could hear people talking and slamming doors fairly easily. This will happen at most hotels, so I did not let it effect my rating at all. As for the bathroom door, if your sharing the room a sliding door does not offer that much privacy.

I had a great brunch in the Americano, I would definitely stay at the Vitale again. It was a splurge for me but worth it.

I loaded some of my photos of the room and lobby. I had a room overlooking the city.

23/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Betty L.
A nice memorable stay at Hotel Vitale.  It's situated just right across from Ferry Building.  The rooms are really nice, modern, clean and spacious.  Not many hotels have rooms for two queen size beds.  For such an expensive place I thought we'd get separted bath and shower.

The hotel staff are really friendly and courteous.  Brian from concierge was really helpful.  He helped me book my rental car and suggested places I could do activities during my stay.

They letted us switch rooms because the TV wasn't working properly.  In the end, we stayed on the top floor.  How nice!!  I also love their turn down service which included chocolates, bottled water and a little card stating the weather for the next day.

My only gripe is the parking rate.  Thank goodness I only used the rental for a day.  Otherwise overnight parking is $45 plus taxes for each night.  How expensive!!

A really nice lovely hotel.

25/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
189. Hillary B.
This is an amazing hotel!  The staff was great and very friendly.  I went as a surprise for Valentines day to the spa at the top of Hotel Vitale which was amazing.  It had incredible views and was simple and delightful.  We got couples massages that were incredible.  It was both our first times and we were very nervous, but Josiah and Carrie were amazing and kind and had a calming vibe about them.  The massages were amazing and we both wish we could have stayed longer than an hour.  There was no rush to get changed and leave.

 When we went to pay the girls at the front desk were amazing as well offering us water, tea and cookies.  They showed us the baths outside and we very kind.  Totally recommend this to couples or anyone it was GREAT!!!

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. MissJennifer L.
Awesome location, beautiful decor inside, very nice view of the bay bridge and so close to the ferry building.  The front desk was very accommodating and friendly.  The valet service was kind of slow, it could have been because there were only 3 people working at that time... but for an upscale hotel like this one, this shouldn't be an issue.  

The room we had was a suite and it was pretty big... for an SF room ;) The bathroom was supplied with Fresh products (and I'm a HUGE fan), and super soft, plush towels.  The only downside is that you can hear everything out in the hall but I thoroughly enjoyed everything about my stay here.

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
191. Ann T.
wedding coordinator/catering manager review only -

hrmm... 2 stars? only because i think the hotel is beautiful. anyway, the person i'm reviewing - i completely forgot her name. all i have to say is RUDE. obviously, i'm sure you work with a lot of people and deal with a lot of questions. but if you don't love it, this job truly isn't your forte. all other coordinators/catering managers i've dealt with, have all be really nice and pleasant to work with. yes, i wanted to hold my wedding at hotel vitale. but because i received such horrible customer service, i'm not going with the omni. hotels/location do matter, but service comes a long way. you're planning the most important day of your life, and you definetely would want to work with someone who seems to genuinely care. just saying...

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
192. Claudeeyah L.
I've stayed at several hotels in the SF area and this hotel is my favorite by far. I got an upgrade w/ a view of the Ferry Building -- best view of the house. I would normally not be able to afford to stay here, but I had a 1-night credit from another booking and got a good deal online for the other night. Convenient, walkable, clean, really great amenities. Best of all, the triple deck view from the rooftap is unbeatable. Parking is pricey. Pretty good service overall.

13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Craig W.
A great, great "boutique" (God I hate the word) hotel.

Outstanding location literally across the street from the Ferry Building.  Terrific attention to detail.  The food at Americano, its restaurant, is also outstanding.  By the way, this restaurant is quite a "scene" at night.  

Make sure you go up on the top of the hotel to have a look-see at the view.  One morning I went up there and it was rainy and chilly and very windy and the sea was incredibly choppy and it just felt surreal...

It's pricey but worth it.  In this instance, you get what you pay for.

24/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
194. Ernie K.
This place was highly recommended so stayed here for a few days and at $350 a day rate, I wouldn't stay here again.  

LCD TV was so tiny, I actually went elsewhere to watch my football games on Sunday and although all the amenities were there, I was not impressed by this place at all.  

It's close to some nice restaurants so that was a plus but nothing more than that.

07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
195. G M.
Our wedding here was great! Sunna, the head event planner there, was AMAZING, so understanding, caring, experienced and professional; she knew little tricks and details that were oriented towards our wedding.  And don't be fooled at the expensive-looking ambiance; Sunna negotiated the prices down without any hassle and made the prices fit our budget.  The only caveats were that the catering manager was the one who ended up being the one executing things the day of, and we ran out of plates early on in the dinner service and the cake/ice cream were not served the way I wanted... I guess there were some details lost in translation.  But the food was AMAZING (Chef Corey is sooo nice and his food is so good!) and I have several friends that can't stop raving about the fish we served.  Did I mention the beautiful views of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building??

As a hotel, we enjoyed the relaxing luxury and top notch service.  Pricey, but well worth the experience!

15/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
196. Jessica J.
How can you not love the Vitale?  Here are my high points, with almost zero lows:

* Gorgeous lobby with excellent natural sunlight pouring throughout the room - beautiful, well designed rooms

* FRESH products in every room - my hair has never smelled so damned delicious.

* Outstanding view of the Bay Bridge from Americano Restaurant and from the roof vista.

* Fresh sprigs of Lavender adorn the number markers for each room - you can imagine how this makes the hallways ooze calm.

* Free bottled water in the gym as well as lavender scented herbal anti-bacterial wipes (hurray for the germaphobes of the world!)

* 7am yoga classes in the top floor workout studio - watch the sun rise to light up the Ferry building - UM,  can you imagine a better way to start the day?

* FAN-tastic room service menu - super fresh veggies, seasonal & delicious.

* Turn down service with Evian & organic chocolate on the bedside table.

* High thread count sheets making for a restful, peaceful sleep.

* Location, location, location!  On the corner of Mission & Embarcadero - literally across the street from the Ferry Building, one of my very favorite places in SF.

My only gripes with Vitale was the incredibly spotty wireless internet access but they do have a handy business center with free printing.  And the gym is an internal room with no windows/view and only 1 treadmill, 1 elliptical & a handful of weights, there was always a wait for a machine - not handy for business travelers.

Other than this - it was a perfect stay and I will do my best to never have to stay anywhere else but here while in SF.  Great location, great design & all the amenities & service you hope for while traveling.  Worth every penny of the pricey, pricey stay.

21/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
197. Kerman L.
This is a great hotel in a great location.  Get a waterfront room and you'll be enjoying some amazing views.  We stayed here for one night as a mini get away and we weren't disappointed.  The rooms are clean and modern with a nice feeling of intimacy.  Service was fantastic and you can't beat the proximity to the Ferry Building and the Farmers Market.  Parking was a bit expensive and what's up with the television in the elevators.  Seems like there are far better uses of it than showing jelly fish and a beach.

20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Jenn N.
Gorgeous Hotel! Everything is so spa-esque! Super Clean! The staff that checked us in was very friendly! They offer complimentary coffee in their beautiful lobby in the morning. The theme of the room was contemporary, very elegant and trendy at the same time!.

The doors to the bathroom have no lock! So hopefully you end up sharing a room with people you are comfortable with. We got in pretty late and were starving but needed to go to bed so we could wake up early the next morning so we decided to order room service. You had to use the tv to look through the menu so it took forever! but the food was worth the wait.

Theres only one bar/restaurant/longe there with horrible service but I'll blame the resturant for that, not the hotel.

FINAL ANSWER: GO! STAY THE WEEKEND! but don't go to the restaurant!

05/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
199. Karen Z.
Ooooooooh. Okay, must organize thoughts.

1) Nice room and a DREAMY bed.
2) This is a big deal for me: the biggest, thickest towels I've EVER seen at a hotel. The bf, a world traveler, confirms. Excellent towels.
3) Prompt room service.
4) Fabulous couples massage.
5) Perfect service. The valets, doorman, front desk and concierge

service were all perfect. Perfect.
6) Very polite housekeeping. Someone passed us in the halls and thanked us for our visit. And I swear it seemed genuine.
7) Cafe Americano is just an elevator ride away. Woohoo! Have the Joie de VeeV. Yum.

All in all, I highly recommend the Hotel Vitale, and the location is freakin' unbeatable. We went to the Ferry Building twice, Rincon Center once, and the Embarcadero shops. All without a long walk.

28/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
200. Mike P.
Great location, modern and clean rooms, cool restaurant bar with outdoor patio and area outside of each level to hang out outdoors with. Nice view. $48 for overnight parking is only negative for me.

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
201. Clara H.
Great little luxury boutique hotel off of the embarcadero with stunning views of the ferry building and piers! Hotel Vitale is a contemporary, green and chic hide-out that proudly boasts their prime location.
Service and style is good but occasionally miss a spot or lack a sense of warmth. Still, we were upgraded to the 8th floor suite with patio and had a very enjoyable stay. (Note, there are only three rooms in the hotel with the outdoor patio terraces. Other patio terraces are for public use or their spa.) Rooms are spacious and bright. Several seating areas for working and outdoor lounging. The bathroom is large and features a open-glass door set-up that I love as well as Fresh toiletry products. Mini bar is stocked with Voss sparkling/still waters, Dean & Deluca snacks and the like. Only downside to the room was the size of the bed which we were surprised was a Queen mattress that came out of a murray wall bed.
Apart from that, the amenities and room was nice. Service was decent. Style is chic enough, although you can occasionally notice furniture is not in mint condition.Value of ~$400/500 per night was not unreasonable for the great view & outstanding location (though what we had been upgraded to was the $800 deluxe panoramic suite). Americano bar and restaurant on the bottom floor is a nice plus as well as it has a large al fresco section that faces the embarcadero and is quite popular on warm nights.
In the end, I would put this on my list of SF hotels to stay at but not exclusively the only one. My rating for 4 stars comes mainly out of the upgraded deluxe patio terrace perks, the contemporary fresh style and prime location.

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
202. LEE-JOHN S.
Although I have not stayed at this property, I was introduced to it by a friend from Los Angeles while staying there, who invited me for drinks in their bar adjacent to their nice looking, cozy restaurant on the ground floor. It was very nice and, at the time, the dining room manager (British I believe) was manning the bar. Very pleasant and made us some lovely martinis.

Our goal for lunch was Yank Sing down the street for Dim Sum and the hotel could not have been nicer about giving us directions and a good reference as well as telling us they hoped we would enjoy our lunch. I like that kind of spirit.
I will definitely return to Vitale the next time I am in the city.

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
203. Brenda P.
My fav boutique hotel in SF.  Staff excellent, and rooms clean and  modern.  If looking to be in the Financial District, a great hotel option.

29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Brad M.
Paco in reservations and the entire team at Hotel Vitale are great!  They do what it takes to ensure your needs are met and exceeded with their great service!

21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
205. Sara P.
Excellent hotel with great attention to detail and outstanding customer service!

Only stayed one night and wish it had been more.  Great location in SF right by the water across from the Ferry Building.

Found a great rate on their website for a package that included and upgraded room, valet parking and $50 credit for their restaurant or spa.

Nice comfortable beds with good pillows which sometime seem hard to find at hotels!  Turn down service where they left bottled water and chocolates...that never hurts!

Breakfast in their restaurant (Americano) was OK.  Creative ideas that just sort of missed the mark.  Food was a little greasy and underseasoned.

Would definitely stay here again!

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
206. Pamela K.
Excellent service, spacious rooms, comfortable beds, rain shower bath, Fresh-branded bath products.

The hotel price skews higher, but the service could not get any better. Great amenities, convenient location, walking distance to public transit.

Valet is $45; call down at least 20 minutes in advance to get your car. There is some street parking near the hotel, you just have to read the rules to confirm parking hours (try the blocks west of the hotel, in both north and south directions).

01/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. Beny R.
My wife and I just got home from a great few days in SF for our anniversary. My wife is 7 months pregnant, so we were looking for a hotel that was fairly quiet, on the contemporary side, and near the water. Hotel Vitale achieved all of our needs and some! The week we were in SF happened to be very busy with conventions, so vacancy was limited in the city. HV had no availability the first night we were there, so we stayed at the Mystic Hotel near Union Square. Very mediocre, tiny rooms, and not cheap. As soon as we woke up we headed over to Hotel Vitale, we pulled up, it was overlooking the Bay Bridge, the staff was there to greet us, all very nice! Our room was not quite ready, but they were very accommodating, and even switched us into an even better room than what we had reserved, so it was worth the wait. William at the front desk took care of us, super nice guy! Once the room was available, we headed up, it had a great view of the Bay Bridge, very clean room, good size, extremely comfortable. The following day we wanted to take a walk and see something close by, that wasn't too touristy, we headed to the concierge who recommended we visit the Exploratorium, it was fantastic, I highly recommend going, with or without kids. Later that day we arranged for a lavender bath and a side by side massage. The baths are located on the top floor, outside, surrounded by bamboo so it's super private. Then we headed in to our massage, being that wife is pregnant, she loved hers, mine was decent, not as aggressive as I would of preferred. After a great dinner at the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building, we headed back and got room service for desert, amazing soft chocolate chip cookies and milk. We left the following day, and were bummed to leave. Can't wait to get back to Hotel Vitale, we have plans to visit their other sister hotels as well in the near future.

13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. Steve T.
My Thesaurus says of the word "beautiful":

-Part of Speech: adjective

-Definition: physically attractive

-Synonyms: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful

The Hotel Vitale is all of this (except the word pulchritudinous, which I have never heard of and certainly can't even pronounce) and more.

Across the street from the Ferry Building, are you kidding me?

Rooms with views of the Bay Bridge, really?

A great bar with a street level patio to watch the world go by? No way! (yes way)

Multiple roof decks with amazing views of this wonderful city? Incredible!

Walking distance to so many great restaurants and bars! Hell yeah!

I would have stayed longer, but they told me (very nicely BTW) that I had to leave...but I'll be back!  


27/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
209. Bill H.
Fine hotel on SF near waterfront. Bigger than boutique but not mega. Been there 3 times in 2 years, everybody was pleasant and helpful, the Wifi is free, and I've enjoyed walking into the bar and feeling at home. Rooms are modern. Last trip I got a second floor room, low enough to jump in a fire, but on this trip low enough to pick op street noise.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
210. matthew r.
This is really just a review for the bar. I work down the street and a coworker's going-away had me stopping in here. I can tell you that they make one of the best old fashioneds I've tasted to date, good enough to almost make you forget how long you spent standing in an obnoxious pushy crowd trying to get the bartenders attention. (This place is packed with the same crowd you'd find at any other FiDi bar on a Friday evening, only they're perhaps a little older on average and they don't say 'excuse me' ever.)

You'll have to read the other reviews to find out about the room service and the sheets and all the other parts of a hotel stay that don't involve bourbon, but if they can do a classic cocktail this well I'm sure they can get all those other things right too.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
211. D W.
Room is nice, staff is great, location is perfect for my needs (across the street from the office). In-house restaurant is nice for when you don't feel like going out.  Unfortunately, for a business traveler, the wifi was terrible - losing connection every 10-15 minutes requiring me to go through the log-in process over and over again. If they fix this I'll give them 5 stars.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
212. Fred M.
I would give the Hotel Vitale 5 Stars had the shower been big enough for an adult male and the toilet has been more than 12 inches above the floor. Aside from those two not quite minor annoyances, the Hotel Vitale would get my 5 Stars.

Coming to SF several times a year just to have fun, the location couldn't be better. Walking distance to AT&T Park, the Ferry Building and it's amazing Farmer's Market, great restaurants from the Ferry Building to Yank Sing (best dim sum on this or maybe any other planet), close to cable cars. Just ideal for views, shopping and eating and more eating.

Rooms are gorgeous, service is outstanding, views of the Bay Bridge sublime, valets are great, roof decks might be the best place in SF for a picnic, late night drink, or just sitting in the sun and soaking up the essence of the Bay.

Hard to find anything better, especially for the price

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
213. Flavia H.
I love this hotel. My friends and I threw a bachelorette party here.
It is very cutesy with little details like lavender everywhere and Fresh bath products.
They have top notch 5 star service!
We had reserved 2 rooms, Terrazzo and Superior, but they weren't ready when we got there, So they offered their terrace to have lunch (which we brought). The views there are AMAZING, you can see all of Embarcadero, Ferry Building, & Bay Bridge. While we were having lunch they brought up ice buckets, and all the stuff we needed for lunch. When the room was ready they called my cell. All our stuff was ready there.
The room is cozy, and comfortable. The terrace was really nice with heated lamps.

Splurge a little and get a view and/or terrace in your room. The views are worth the price!

Cons: Hard to find, sign is fairly small and doesn't look like a hotel from outside. Valet area is tiny, hard to drop off. Rooms are small, but it is SF

01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
214. Thomas M.
Very poor service for a very expensive hotel. Every request was handled politely but then was mis-handled. We couldn't even call the front desk without being placed on hold repeatedly. Housekeeping was very poorly managed.

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
215. Cee T.
Stayed here last weekend and loved it. The service was excellent, the whole place looks newly decorated in a zen/spa natural motif, and the room, although smaller than expected, was clean and beautiful. The bathroom was roomy, and the beds were super comfy. They gave us free bottled water every evening. There's an honor bar, but as with most hotels, the prices are ridiculous for the items. Easier to walk down the street to the store and get them for less. This place is close to everything in the Ferry/Soma area. We took the Megabus, which dropped us off at Caltrain Station on 4th and King, then we walked about 28 minutes to this wonderful hotel. It was expensive for us, around $329 per nite, but so are most other hotels in SF. We saved money not having to take public transportation, because so many attractions are within walking distance of this hotel, so long as you don't mind going a 1-2 two miles on foot. We walked to Pier 39, the Galleria (which is one of the best malls I've ever been to), and of course we walked across the street to the Ferry Building.  I love that this hotel doesn't have lots of floors and seems a little more quiet and special than those places with lots of rooms and lots of hotel guests. I will definitely go again.

24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. Tsuni S.
Easy fast check-in with welcoming staff, beautiful pristeen room and amazing views. But would it kill them to have Americano open at 1 pm so I could get a glass of wine while waiting for other guests? They don't open until 4 pm! It was mid May with beautiful weather when I stayed --- and you can't get a drink at the hotel you are staying at. They referred me outside of the hotel to Perry's? Yuk! I'm not a Perry's gal.

28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
217. Rita A.
Such a beautiful hotel I loved every single detail!

10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
218. Melisa E.
Only stayed here for one night in a water view room. The view is exactly as claimed with also a great view of the ferry building.  The hotel is right across the street from boulevard, one of SFs most famed restaurants.  The valet was friendly and effecient and so was check in.  The room was clean and tastefully decorated, with great "Fresh" products  (I love those)  The major downfall of this hotel is slamming doors which is one of my pet peeves..  When I go away for a get away I dont want to hear slamming doors of people going in and out of other rooms.  I sleep with ear plugs so it didn't bother me too much but others in our group would consider otherwise.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
219. Raw Chef Christina B.
Ok, so we pull up in a little Honda....get out and the Bell Captain treated us like princesses! We asked for a tip on a Japanese restaurant and he directed us one block up the street. Best and most elegant Japanese food we have ever had. The Sushi chef made our rolls to order...vegan of course! But I digress...

We checked in and were warmly directed to our room by the oh so nice staff. The two valets that helped us with our bags garnered a remark from my bf..."wow they must only hire nice people here!".  We knew it was going to be special when we spotted the sprigs of lavender in a wooden block with the room numbers on it.

As we entered our room is was very zen-elegant with special touches everywhere. The lux spa robes and complementary slippers. Eco products in the beautiful bath. Did I mention the view? Bay Bridge and the Embarcadero Plaza. It doesn't get much better, be sure to ask for the view rooms it is so worth the extra $$.

After our 90 min evening spa treatments that included rose petal scattered rooftop spa tub soaks with a little plate of tropical fruits and berries we had wonderful massages.

After we rested the view was so inviting we walked across the street with camera and tripod and got some amazing long exposure pics of the Bay Bridge at night.

Wonderful Boutique Hotel with lux amenities, beautiful bar and a restaurant (not open on Sundays). Great location for shopping at Pier 1 for organic fruit, chocolate and all kinds of specialty treats, its a bit of eating heaven especially when I spotted the Dragoba Lavender Blueberry chocolate bar as a treat and tiny organic sweet wine grapes.

This is a very nice place to stay and there are lots of things to do and places to eat within walking distance.

Oh..did I mention we were advised on check in that they have a Pillow Menu! Oh yea...you can have feather or memory foam...but hey it is a JDV property....expect the unexpected and always be delighted!

25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
220. Kristy W.
I was excited to spend my wedding night at this hotel, after looking at how beautiful the rooms were. My husband and I checked into the room that was in the mid-$300 per night range in our wedding attire (dress and tux). We inquired about an upgrade, and the front-desk gentleman said he had a room that we could upgrade to, but that he had to check with his manager to see if it was okay. He returned and said that no, we were not able to upgrade. It was 6:30pm. Not like they would have sold it anyway.
We got to our room, where they had been told that it was our wedding night. We expected something nice to recognize that, and found a card welcoming my husband as a member of their rewards program. Not mentioning me as a guest at all.
They had also put us in the version of this room that has the worst view. Street noise, nothing pretty to look at. We hung out for a while and then got a half bottle of wine out of the mini-bar. It tasted terrible, and when we finally got up the nerve to glance at the price? $35. For a half bottle. We left it mostly full.
When we left the next day, we checked out with the front desk and were never asked how our stay was (we planned on saying something once asked). They took our room key, said have a nice day, and that was the end of it.
At least from my experience, this is not a hotel to go to if you want to be made to feel special or like your event or experience matters. For beautiful views (maybe), it does have some nice rooms and the beds are super comfortable. But I think you can get the same for cheaper elsewhere.

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Chester W.
5 stars. I've stayed in the finest hotels in many great American cities and this is my favorite.

Excellent architecture & interior design.

Excellent, friendly, attentive service - BEST SERVICE I've ever had in a hotel. Well thought out room offerings including furnishings, snack bar selections, and most importantly the small details are what you really start to notice in the rooms.

Restaurant & bar was not an afterthought like many other hotel's I've stayed in. Americano restaurant on the ground floor was delicious, and full menu is available in the rooms - which I suspect leads to the FASTEST ROOM SERVICE I have ever experienced.

Best location in town, great views of Bay Bridge & Ferry building from rooms, short walk to some of the best SF has to offer and location has good out-routes with low traffic to anywhere in town if you play it right.

22/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
222. John B.
It was me and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary and we wanted to do something special so we chose to stay at Hotel Vitale.

It was the best idea ever not just for the amazing room but for how nice everyone was at the hotel and how helpful they were.

If I could give them another star I would!!!

08/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
223. Ken O.
An absolutely terrific hotel in a great location with a friendly, professional staff, good rooms, good not spectacular beds and not-so-great free wifi. Overall, my first stay here was great and I'd recommend Hotel Vitale in a second. One of the truly spectacular features of the hotel are the terraces that grace several floors. The view of the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge is incredible at all hours of the day, but the night view is crazy beautiful. My gf and I had a great dinner near by and then went up to a terrace for a little fresh air one evening and it was wonderful. The hotel is about a block from the bottom of Market street. Buses, trolleys and a BART station are all right there.

Wheelchair access: Terrific. Terraces on 5 and 7 are accessible. My room was on 6 and had a great roll-in shower, good amount of space and accessible desk. 5 stars here as well.

17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
224. Ashley T.
We live in San Francisco and I wanted to surprise my husband with a 2 night stay at a hotel in our town. I found Hotel Vitale through a friend who is a San Francisco native. She stays at this hotel anytime she has a special occasion. I checked it out on-line. I wanted to make everything perfect and had only 48 hours ahead of time to do it. I called the hotel and the staff was very helpful. They were also extremely helpful in helping me pick which room would make us happiest. After two recommendations from two different people at the front desk, they said I would like the partial city view/water view room the best out of my other choices. The room I really want had been already booked up for months due to America's Cup happening the same week. I even went down to the hotel to take a look at my options and both rooms I saw were beautiful, but I went with the recommended room. Dan was at the front desk. He showed me the rooms and was very helpful in my indecisiveness. I mentioned that I was surprising my husband for his birthday. And the day of check in, Dan and Hotel Vitale surprised me with a Giants shirt, Giants beanie, card and bottle of sparkling wine on ice. AHHHHHMAZING!!!
Thank you again to Hotel Vitale's customer service and beautiful hotel for the best stay I have ever had in my city.

07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
225. Saunders C.
Quite possibly one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in. The Hotel Vitale is an unassuming building just across the street from the Ferry Building, but once you walk in, you'll notice that the modern design is both soothing and clean. The front desk staff were exceptionally friendly and accommodating, and even gave us a room with a nice view of the Bay Bridge.

The room: Spacious and clean, luxurious sheets with soft pillows on the bed, and modern amenities like flat screen tv and bedside clock/radio with CD player. The view from the room was amazing. The Ferry Building and Bay Bridge were right in front of us, and you could look across the water to Treasure Island.

The hotel: There are rooftop patios that you can enjoy during nice weather and breathe in the fresh ocean air. Valet parking, I think? Yeah, it squarely falls into those three dollar signs, but I think you can get good deals off priceline or other travel websites. I'm assuming kids would be ok here, although I felt like the overall vibe was more yuppie-ish.

Nearby: Uh, I mentioned that it's across the street from the Ferry Building right? If you visit places just to eat, then you'll get to stroll over from the hotel and buy some bread from Acme bread, cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, meat from Boccalone, coffee from Blue Bottle and gorge. The Ferry Building has so many great food (albeit expensive) options that you may not have to travel far to get all your meals taken care of. But if you tire of the Ferry Building, don't fret, the Hotel Vitale is located within walking distance of so much other stuff: AT&T park, Union Square, the Embarcadero.

Whew. I feel like I'm pimping out the Vitale hardcore. Must go shower to wash off the cheap feeling.

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
226. Nonie A.
I am a former Four Seasons Hotel employee and must say that The Hotel Vitale is right on up there!  Easy SFO airport bart ride into the Embarcadero station with the hotel right around the corner.  Excellent location.  The staff exceeded our expectations.  Room was fantastic with the deep soaking tube and great view of the city.  Room service YUM!  The brussel sprouts and artichoke dish! We indulged in several menu items and they were all delicious!   The Ferry Building convenient across the street.. We had the gluten free organic curry potato empanadas with salad.  The ahi fish tacos, organic vegan donuts OMG .. We brought a dozen home.  

This is our new favorite hotel and will bring us back to SF in the future.  The only negative we could come up with was seeing and smelling tons of cigarette smoke.  Everywhere we walked and from our room view, soooo many cigarette smokers.  Ultimately hope for the day when cigarettes will be banned from public air sharing.  So unhealthy..  Smells terribly toxic..  Smokers... please don't burden others with that scent..

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
227. Julie K.
I decided to treat myself to a stay at Hotel Vitale for my birthday, since friends were taking me to dinner at Boulevard and I'd been wanting to stay there since I first heard about it.

Things got off to a bit of a rocky start when I was taken to my room--which had a view of the Ferry Building, but was on a low floor directly over the far-from-scenic HVAC venting system for the hotel. A phone call later, I was moved to the top floor, this time with a view of the Bay Bridge. The room was quite nice. I loved the decor, but there were some signs of wear and tear, like a rent in the drapes. If I'd been in town on business, I would have been very happy to spend time in this room. The views are amazing and encourage just relaxing on the lounge chair by the window.

I was most pleased by the little touches the hotel staff provided though. When I stopped back in my room after dinner before going downstairs to Americano to enjoy the cake my friends had brought, I found they'd provided turn-down service--and left me a birthday card and chocolates from Recchiuti at the Ferry Building!

I enjoyed my stay, despite a few other minor hiccoughs, but I'm leaving room for more stars after my next stay--hopefully a romantic weekend this time!

20/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
228. Juliet S.
I recently got a waterfront room at this hotel for my mom and sister. It was an important trip, and I wanted it to be special.

I was so pleased with the hotel and service. Everything was better than I expected. They gave my mom and sister a beautiful, corner room, with spectacular views of both the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.  The room was very clean and lovely. There was a sofa at one window and a chaise lounge at the other window. One could sit there for hours, just staring out at the beautiful city.

The hotel is beautifully decorated and in a spectacular location, right across the street from the famous Ferry Building and farmer's market, and right next to the F-Line Museum and stop.

All hotel staff were so courteous and helpful.

Also, the hotel has an amazing multi-tiered roof-top terrace, which has great views, and would be wonderful to sit out on, on a sunny day.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
229. Cheryl G.
This hotel is pretty amazing. Our room was modern, tastefully done and spacious. The linens are lovely and the bed was unbelievably comfortable. The Fresh bath products smell so darn good too. I think it has become my new favorite SF hotel.

There are a couple of little things that don't make it a 5 star review for me. One is that I find entering through the valet circle a little claustrophobic and not nearly as grand of a entry as this place deserves. The other is how incredibly loud the lobby can be from the restaurant attached.  It's quite a scene over there at the Americano.

24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. David D.
We're celebrating Margaret's birthday by touring our own city.  This is a nice little hotel on the watefront.  The interiors are very Japanese men's club, reminding me of "Lost in Translation."  Nice, spacious bathroom, with a stylish toilet and a glass paneled shower, with little wooden stools.  A big sink.  Not much closet space, and the picture window is smaller than I expected.  Very chic lighting; the lounge downstairs has a Murano chandelier.  

Margaret found an internet special at $289/night, with the 3rd night free.  

The staff is very attentive and responds very well to command tone.  Margaret says the morning yoga class rocks.  The Embarcadero is noisy as hell, but the view of the Bay is heavenly!  

ROOM SERVICE:  Is there anything more entertaining than breakfast in bed?  OK, besides that.

26/11/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
231. Anne D.
The streets of SF on a Saturday night was crazy packed which made valet a little difficult, plus the fact that it was Valentine's day. We pulled over and stopped behind several cars that were empty and had their emergency lights on. One of us had to get out of the car to find a valet attendant. After that was taken care of, the rest of our stay was wonderful!

We stayed in the Vista Studio suite which was on the 8th floor. It was very spacious with a living room. We even had our own private terrace. The view of the city was very pretty. Unfortunately, it was too cold so we didn't hang out on the terrace too much.

Overall, this place was beautiful and fun to stay at. They even gave us complimentary champagne and valet parking (parking would've been $50 bucks or so)! I definitely want to go back.

p.s. check out the photos!

25/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
232. Michael T.
Love this place! Great location right across the street from ferry plaza, near AT&T Park, great walking/running area. Great rooms, smart design, nicely appointed. Great staff!

24/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
233. Campbell K.
So almost every time I have been to San Francisco in the past year, I have rented out a little apartment in SOMA as opposed to a hotel. It's not that I don't like hotels, I just see them as more appropriate for relaxing trips, rather than those revolving around business. Alas, I had almost no notice of my impending departure for the more westerly coast this time, and in a rushed tizzy, I chose to stay at this particular hotel.

From the moment I arrived, things were wonderful. Getting out of the cold snap that had overtaken Manhattan was wonderous in its own right, but this hotel made the short stint in SF so very enjoyable. My room's window had the most amazing sunset this side of Maui, and the room itself was also quite pleasant. I normally don't go for the trendier styles of hotels, but when in California, I guess it is the way of the world.

Embarcadero just down the street was fantastic - wandering around looking at the silly buildings (the purple ones made me think that this was all just a set from Scooby Doo), smelling the local...herbs...wafting in every direction, bemusedly observing the hippies and hipsters as they wandered by. I should mention - my East Coast demeanor (probably mostly in my style of dress) always draws just as many looks in San Francisco as you would probably imagine.

The staff was wonderful, and the bed was the most amazingly fluffy cloud into which I have ever curled. I even did what I would imagine to be a bit of a Yelper-taboo (ordered room service) which was actually an amazing grilled chicken breast. My apologies! No wait, it was good, I won't apologize. Thumbs up Vitale.

Let me say this to the citizens of San Francisco - You guys are awesome and hilarious. California seems to be a place where nobody realllyyy has to grow up (this is not directed at the Vitale staff, they were all perfectly grown-up), and while this is nothing I would like for myself - cynicism runs deep on this side of the country - but going to the Bay is like taking a break from having to take yourself seriously. This, when combined with that bed, the views, the area, and the hotel overall made what was supposed to be a business trip rather relaxing afterall.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
234. Loida M.
I would rate this hotel ZERO stars if I could. Warning! Don't book here esp. for NYE if you are planning to hook-up with fam or friends as the hotel is on a lock-down at 7pm. Only registered guests are allowed in hotel. No wrist ban means no entry. Rep didn't bother telling us anything about their special rules so there's our $530 mistake! Feels like I'm in a college dorm! The room is so tiny! The closet fits an iron board, the fridge is so packed with alcohol and other drinks there's no room to put your own items in there. We can hear the loud DJ music from the ground floor even though we're on the 4th. Mind you, we are not here to party for NYE... Was hoping to kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone.. spend time with family (and we have lil' kids) celebrating birthdays and additionally were hoping to get a good feel for the hotel for future leadership meetings. Scratch all future plans! Not a place for family ESP with kids and esp. not a place for Executives!  Great location, convenient to Embarcadero however it is LOUD!!! Street noise/sirens/music and top it off Valet is just as awful. My family waited for nearly 20 minutes for our taxi. Were promised by one of the guys we were next to receive a cabby and they allowed two other parties to cut in front!!

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
235. Frederick F.
This is absolutely, positively a 5-star property at an affordable price in San Francisco.  The rooms are super modern, spacious and clean.  The staff is incredibly professional and out going.  The food in the Americano is first rate.  I wish I had a chance to try the spa.  I will definitely stay at Vitale next time I am in SF.

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
236. Jenn R.
I have lived in the bay area for more than 5 years now, and within that time span I've traveled all over the world for business and pleasure. Last weekend, one of my best friends was visiting SF. She was staying at Hotel Vitale.

- Valet Parking
- Walking distance to the Ferry Building, Embarcadero, and other restaurants
- Accessible to public transportation - MUNI, BART, and cabs
- The pillows are comfortable
- They offer good toiletries
- The CDs are great! They have a few mixes of music CDs which I liked.

- Valet Parking for less than 2 hours was $20, overnight was $45
- Valet parking takes at the minimum 15 minutes to get your car
- Room service food was awful. We had the pastrami sandwich which was cold when it got to our room, not to mention the portion was sub-par. The brownie was nothing special... we didn't even eat it all. How can girls say no to chocolate?
- The view of the room was the middle of the hotel. They put in some fake grass or turf which I thought was strange. I guess they tried.. anything to make it look appealing?
- My best friend forgot her toothbrush. The one they brought her fell apart after 1 - 2 brushes.
- The decor was ok. I've you've stayed at the W or some other high end Marriott chains, you may be disappointed

23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
237. Nancy M.
My husband spoiled us for our wedding night by booking a Panoramic Suite. Spectacular!  

Corner suite, designed in a 180 degree circular style, facing the Bay Bridge with view after view after view.  Breathtaking.

Soaking tub for two.  Delish.

Plush king size bed.  Heavenly.  

Dual rainforest shower heads.  Luxurious

Waking up next to my husband for the very first time.  Perfection.

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
238. Jessica W.
This hotel has an amazing rooftop view, but has extremely rude and misleading staff. I just celebrated my husbands birthday last night with a group of friends, and the night was botched up b/c of the bad information I was given by the people at the front desk.

I came to the hotel IN PERSON to inquire about Americano bar/lounge hours (since the website just says "until close") on the exact evening of the birthday gathering. I also inquired about the availability of the rooftop patios. I wanted this birthday gathering to be a smooth and relaxing evening, so I spoke with not one, but TWO people at the front desk and was assured after my many questions that everything was fine. I was told specifically:
- Americano closes at 1 am... Perfect!
- I did not need to arrange for an event booking to use the rooftop patio, a question I asked several times.... Nice!
- the rooftop is always open 24/7 except for cleaning... Great!
- it would not be a problem to have a group of 20 plus people gather on the rooftop after spending plenty of money at the bar downstairs... Wonderful!
The front desk even told me I was free to check out the patios, and sent me up to the 7th floor. The patio looked perfect! Before I left, I checked AGAIN with the staff that my plans would be fine. They gave me the okay (with an annoyed look, but whatever, this hotel seemed to offer what I was looking for). So of all the evening options I had, I chose this place as our post-dinner hangout.

Evening was going great until we (20 plus people arriving around 11pm) showed up at hotel vitale. Then:
- The bar tenders at Americano tells us they are getting last calls and closing at 11:30 pm... Uh... What happened to 1am close??
- no worries, let's roll with it, so we buy a bunch of drinks from the bar and head upstairs to the patio. The view is beautiful and space is perfect. We are mingling and enjoying the view when 10 minutes later, a very rude woman from the front desk shows up and tells us the patio is closed and she stands there with hands on her hips like an angry mother scolding children, til we leave... Uh... What happened to the rooftop being available?
- I explained to her my earlier conversations with the front desk, and she continues to stand there, hands on her hips, repeating the word NO, NO, NO, like a broken record. she then follows us to the elevator and watches us get on. There was no apology as to the incorrect information that I received from TWO of the hotel front desk people.

So by midnight, we had a bunch of people standing in the lobby of the hotel, still holding drinks from the Americano bar, wondering where to go. It was a disaster for a birthday gathering. my poor husband was a good sport and given everyone made the trek to be there with us, we ended up heading to someone's Condo a few blocks away....

I'm fine if the hotel has policies and set hours that dont meet my needs- I would have just arranged for the group to go somewhere else, one of my other options. But they should not be misleading future patrons with completely incorrect information. I get that the economy is still struggling, but does the hotel staff really need to lie to make an extra few hundred bucks? I definitely won't be coming back to hotel vitale. The views may be nice, but the people are terrible.

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
239. Jessica W.
Deluxe city view? Why, YES! i DOOO!

Hotel Vitale managed to surpass my every expectation for a one night stay at their hotel.

To sum it all up? Every person we encountered here was impressive! Devon who took my reservation talked to me about all my options and what worked best for US on a pleasure stay... Edward answered my 2 phone calls before check-in and that second time KNEW my voice and said "This is Jessica, correct?"  From those who greeted us upon arrival, checked us in, delivered the paper version of the Menu because they had "just added some new fun things", served us our cocktails and dinner on the patio, brought a bottle of wine to our room, hailed us a taxi to the club, made us customized Mochas in the am & brought them up to the chaise for us while we snuggled in their plush robes (deep breath) to the check out experience and THEN concierge holding our bags while we walked through the Ferry Building Farmer's Market before heading home???!!!  


I was WOWED! This is what I will forever expect in a Full-Service hotel! Uhhhh-Mazing!

I could go on forever, but one little experience that just made the whole thing over the top was the morning coffee. We woke up and looked at the breakfast menu - then we gazed across the street to the Ferry Building that was already hoppin and felt like it would be SOOO good to have a yummy mocha and look at the water... But we weren't ready to leave the comforts of sitting around in nothing and the cozy bed. So I called down to ask if instead of the "small pot of coffee for $10" could they possibly make us a mocha??? I could hear the woman on the other end of the phone SMILE as she said "Oh yes, Mrs. Jones What kind of milk would you like?" My grin was priceless and my face lit up like a kid at Christmas! I said "Soy?" Half expecting her to laugh. but no, she said they would be right up! Soy for me and Nonfat for my love! This place is THE BOMB-DIGGETY!

i love it. love it. Love it!

21/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
240. Tom E.
This hotel was outstanding. The front desk, doormen, valet, housekeeping, and room service was amazing. The concierge service was the only thing that kept me from giving this hotel 5 stars. Very cold and not helpful which was odd seeing the rest of the staff were amazing and friendly and super helpful. Hotel's car service was great as well. The driver was amazing too! Views of Bay Bridge with the lights at night is a must see. I will be back again!

06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
241. David B.
We recently had a work event there and the staff was wonderful. The Banquet manager was super helpful as well as the entire service team. If you are looking for a good place for a work meeting they are a great option. Parking is a little high but super convenient. Appetizers were excellent.

05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
242. Sabrina A.
So I'm going to give the lowdown.  I got a room for my boyfriend's 30th birthday.  We live in Oakland.  I was told check-in was 3PM.  We get there and and they cannot give us the room at 3PM because it is not ready because I asked for hypo-allergenic. I called in the reservation days before. I'm told it will be another 30-40 minutes.  I booked a couple's massage at 4PM.  I thought we'd settle in and then go up.  The receptionist told me for 200 dollars more she could give me the panoramic suite which had the same deep soaking tub (which is why I booked the Studio Suite over the Waterfront room to begin with).  But HELLL NO.... you're making me wait 45 minutes and instead of rectifying the situation you want me to pay an extra 200 bucks.  I already spent 530 bucks for a room, fruit plate (which was very nice by the way from the Ferry Building that included an asian pear and pluots), and a couple's massage.  So we go hang out on the roof which was nice too but I was still annoyed so it was hard to enjoy what was going on.  

Then we go to our spa appointment which was very relaxing, they sent our room keys to the spa because they were basically ready at 4PM.  I would choose another spa.  The receptionist was extremely friendly but for the amount you are paying which is like 125 per person, there are no spa perks... you're in and your out in 50 minutes.  

Overall the location is convenient because I didn't want to stay in Nob Hill.  But I'm wondering if I could have given almost 600 dollars for a 24 hour period to another business because there is no pampering at this hotel.  If you just want to be left alone this is the spot for you.  Housekeeping did offer us bottled water which I really appreciated how friendly they were. Just generally I wanted to do something a little more special because it was my boyfriends 30th birthday.  The only thing worth it was the amazing deep soaking tub.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
243. Meghan P.
I have never stayed at the Hotel Vitale but have visited the very popular Americano (a hip & happenin' happy hour spot; though I don't think they have any happy hour specials...?) and their gorgeous terraces. The Spinsters party that I attended on their tiered terraces was amazing. The view of the Embarcadero and water was INSANE and I felt like I was in an outdoor paradise. I would definitely rush back to an event on the Terraces before another cocktail at Americano...

P.S. On Bay to Breakers morning, the Hotel Vitale set up "bouncers" to make sure none of the runners or walkers tried to use the fancy hotel bathrooms... funny stuff & a bummer for those of us who needed to use the porta-potties instead!

12/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Jill S.
Great service and great location.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  The Americana also has great food and is very convenient.

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
245. Gina B.
I really wanted to fall in love with this hotel, but there were some really serious flaws that I just couldn't overlook. First off, the location is excellent. Really clean part of town and fairly quiet. A couple minutes from anywhere you want to go. The staff is very friendly. The hotel is very clean and well kept. Ambience is very calming and the decor is tasteful. The room was a really good size and I specifically picked a room with a deep soaking tub. This thing was huge! Probably my favorite part of the whole room. It's so hard to find a hotel in SF with a separate tub and shower. One of the walls was completely windows. The biggest thumbs down was the bed. Super uncomfortable!! What's a hotel room without a comfy bed?? Very firm and the pillows seemed kind of old as they were not fluffy. Definitely order the milk and cookies from the room service. They were delicious! Not so sure if I'll stay here again, but I can say it was not worth the $350 I paid for the night. Not my first or last choice when staying in SF.

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
246. W. L.
Went here for or 3rd wedding anniversary.  Same hotel as our wedding night.  They let us bring our dog for our stay.  They've exceeded our expectations which was already set high to begin with because they went above and beyond the first time we stayed here on our wedding night.  During the reservation we added a short note letting them know we were going there again after how much we enjoyed our wedding night there, when we got to the hotel this time, we walked into our room and they had laid rose petals in a heart shape on the bed.  It was super cute.  For our first night's in room dinner, Pedro, our room service guy even gave us a complimentary gelato for the both of us after hearing that we were celebrating our 3rd year anniversary together and that we stayed at Vitale on our wedding night.  He trekked all the way downstairs to bring us the gelato for dessert.  Very sweet staff!

This time we stayed at the Cityview room.  Partial water views and view of tall office buildings, not shabby at all for getting a cheaper room.  

Loved the staff, extremely courteous and made you feel welcomed all the time.  Loved the room-service dining, prompt, tasty, and reasonably priced as far as room service goes.  The room service from the American restaurant below, was tasty and was such a wonderful way to enjoy your room without having to go downstairs.  Just a nice quiet meal with a city view, it was so relaxing.  I love the fact they let your bring your dog, if I had to bring my dog to a kennel instead of taking her with us, I would not have been able to relax so well.  

Hotel Vitale is so conveniently located to everything.  For the dog, there is a big patch of grass across the street from the Ferry Building.  The terraces at the hotel are not grass, instead it's turf and your dog will stare at you confused as heck when you bring them there.  A very short walk to the grass patch across from the Ferry Building next door to Vitale, will sure to be a relief to your dog and also for you when there are trash cans conveniently located around the area.  

Don't miss the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building for fruits to snack on while you're at the hotel.  

We had breakfast at the Marketplace at the Ferry Building, although decent in taste, we still enjoyed our breakfast more at the Hotel as far as price and taste.  

Love this hotel and hope I will be able to arrange for more relaxing weekends here.  If you live locally and haven't been able to enjoy the city much, this is the perfect mini vacation for a weekend.

01/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Michelle T.
Best boutique hotel in San Francisco...hands down!  This hotel is conveniently located in the Embarcadero walking distance to the Pier and AT&T park. The meeting rooms and guest rooms are exquisite. The beds are super comfy and the decor is sheik and modern. If you have family coming from out of town, this would be the perfect location.  You really get a good taste of San Francisco.

From the decor, to the amenities everything seems well thought out.

This hotel has gone ABOVE and BEYOND to fullfill all of the guest needs. The bamboo floors, the cleanliness, I think is the cleanest hotel that I have ever seen.  I stayed at the hotel for business, but I do hope to be able to have the opportunity to stay there for personal use in the near future.  =)

06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
248. Yen P.
Fantastic service from valet to front desk to room service.  And the room service food was actually really good!  Rooms are very clean and nicely appointed.  A great little retreat and walking distance from many good restaurants in SOMA (Ozumo is just a block away) and the Ferry Building Marketplace where you can treat yourself to fresh oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company!

19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
249. Stella N.
My daughters took me to this wonderful hotel for a Mothers day weekend.  View, modern decor, very clean, wonderful staff, delicious room service.  Loved the location.

What is not to like or love. I would stay here anytime.

17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
250. NM J.
Beautiful hotel with a spa like feel to it, reasonable pricing, and unbeatable views (for the waterfront rooms).

We came for New Years weekend and attended their party on New Years Eve. It was a wonderful time. We didn't find it to be the usual crowd of half-naked 20 year olds hooking up to rave music that seems to typify many hotel New Years parties nowadays.

We started watching the fireworks from the party downstairs, and then went up to our room to watch the last half of the fireworks show from our room. What a fantastic view of the show! Will definitely be back again whenever we're in the city, and will make this our go-to spot for New Years from now on.

If there was one thing I could change though, it would be the ingredients in the restaurant and room service menu: For a place that seems to pride itself on natural elements and sustainable practices, I would have expected more on their menu in the way of "free range eggs and chicken", "sustainable seafood", "grass fed/ pasture raised beef", etc. The food sourcing here does not seem in keeping with the sustainable sourcing practices that prevail in the neighborhood.

12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
251. JJ L.
Chic rooms. Excellent location. Great views.

I hear you can check out the roof top for an awesome view of the city.

As for Americano downstairs, It's nice to sit outside near the outdoor heaters and people watch the Embarcadero and talk over wine, olives and cheese.

13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
252. Sparkely K.
This review is for the spa only.

I've been waiting a while to enjoy a soak in one of the rooftop deep soaking tubs (think deep bathtub) and finally did during my weekend in SF.  Unbelievable.  For $60 I had an incredible soak under the clear blue sky while surrounded by a bamboo garden and the high-rise buildings at Spear and Mission.  Wow.  Great service in the spa, beautiful deck area, clean, soothing, and fresh.  Nice fruit, tea, and water await you.

If you're ultra modest you should know that anyone in the office buildings surrounding the hotel may very well be able to see you through the trees as there are gaps between the branches.  It didn't bother me but may bother others.

Worth every penny!

04/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
253. Joel V.
I stayed at the Hotel Vitale last night while on a little "mini-vacay" with my wife for our anniversary. It is in a great location, just a across from the Ferry Building on the corner of the Embarcadero and Mission Street.  We were able to walk to ATT Park, Fishermans Wharf, and everywhere in between.  

The hotel is decorated in a modern/sheik way.  Everything was modern - from the bathroom amenities to the LCD tv.  We did have an "inside room" facing basically nothing.  So the view totally sucked. That's why I gave 4-stars.  If I were facing the Bay Bridge, I'm sure I'd feel different about it.

27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
254. Christina S.
Amazing feel and details.  Love the decor. Everything is so yoga-like.  My room was next to the rooftop garden and patio so I went outside each morning to read.  Lavender sprigs on my door and left on my pillow.  Just a wonderful hotel.  A little pricey but all of San Francisco is.  Great location across from piers and walkable to trolleys heading in all directions.  A far walk from Moscone, but worth it.  Near piers to Alcatraz and Fisherman's wharf.

30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
255. JD B.
Me and the fiance have stayed here multiple times.  Its a few stories tall, and only a small amount of rooms.  You don't get that huge hotel feeling but that intimate one.  It had the best views I think in the city.  The bay, the bay bridge, the bustling Embarcadero and the Ferry Building.  

It's just an excellent place to feel like its just you two, even though there are a million things going on outside.  The service is great and I'd stay here more often if I could afford it.  The bar and restaurant "Americano" is excellent and convenient.  I love it here.


08/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
256. Andrew S.
Don't you hate it when a modern hotel is let down by poor customer service?

Sam (front desk) was such a great guy, but ended up having to apologize for his indignant, couldn't care less supervisor who just made our first impression of this hotel one we'll never repeat.

26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
257. Henry F.
I travel to San Francisco frequently and have stayed at virtually all of the hotels in the SOMA & Financial Market areas. This place is right up there with the St. Regis Hotel. My room was on the fourth floor and it couldn't be any nicer ... it was spacious, had an updated look and feel, and the restroom was nice and big enough. Most importantly, the room was very clean, which is one of the first things I notice when I check in a room.

You can routinely find a deal at the Hotel Vitale on the Hotel Tonight app or getting it on Hotwire. Plus it's only a two-block walk to the Embarcadero BART & Muni stations, so it's easy to get to if you're going to and from airport via BART or if you're looking to head out to Union Square.

If you're a runner like me, it's also one block away from the Embarcadero path which is where you'll find runners, walkers, and cyclists.

Finally, it's just minutes away from the Ferry Building where a lot of restaurants and shops are located. Quick tip, the Farmers Market is on Thursdays and Saturdays - bring your appetite and some cash with you.

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
258. Matthew B.
This was one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. My family had three rooms, which were actually quite nice, but the staff was so rude and snappy throughout our four night stay. We ran into attitudes everywhere except for the maid. No eye contact whatsoever from anyone even when we stepped inside the main doors. A simple hello would suffice.

You will never see me in a Hotel Vitale again. There are so many other out-of-this world places to stay in San Francisco.

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
259. Andrew Y.
When I first went to book a room for the Hotel Vitale, I saw that there was a Bay Area discount, but turns out that this discount was the same as the regular rate for my date. Luckily, I have my AAA discount which offered a real discount. Then I decided to select the upgrade upon arrival if available. I was not impressed with the upgrade that I signed up for and was given. We were placed on the second floor with a fabulous view of the street banners 'SUPPORT PUBLIC HIGHER EDUCATION sfsu.edu' and 'For The Strength Of Our State San Francisco State University'. And a view of the Boulevard sign. I was able to see the top of the bay bridge though. I guess this all qualifies as a 'City View'. Anyway, the outside staff was great, but inside, wasn't terribly impressed.

Bed was nice. Bathroom was nice.

29/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
260. Josh G.
What a horrible experience. Stayed at the Vitale Hotel last weekend for a good friend's wedding. With the group discount, the basic room was $219/night (not including taxes, etc.). The valet parking was $48/night. I don't mind paying for a hotel room in an expensive city, but this hotel is managed as a cheap motel.

Upon arrival, after leaving the car with the valet, there was no bellhop to assist with the luggage so we carried it ourselves. I can handle that. However, a few hours later we called the concierge for a large taxi as the majority of taxis can only carry four people. The front desk agreed to call our taxi for the rehearsal dinner, but upon arriving downstairs, learned that a taxi had never been called and no one really cared that we had been misled. We ended up being late to our event and had to take 2 taxi's....

The ceremony was held off site, but the reception was on site. It was in an outdoor patio that had been closed in for the winter and only provided minimal heaters. It was freezing and the majority of women kept their winter jackets on all night.

Later the wait staff, while bringing out the hors d'oeuvres,  managed to spill an entire tray of soup (held in tall shot glasses), with the majority spilling on my fiancé's dress.  No apologies.
The next day upon check out, again there was no service to assist with the luggage. Then the valet did not pull the car into the hotel driveway/entrance, although there was plenty of room. The valet parked it on the street, and we carried our luggage to the car, only to find the valet using super glue on the car key. They did not come up and apologize for breaking the key, instead they were trying to repair it and not tell us. It seemed to be a freak accident, but the valet managed to break a key (one with the electronic system). Not sure how it happened, but super glue does not seem to be the best fix.

In the end, we finally told a manager, who apologized but did not seem to be overly concerned.

24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
261. Linda B.
We didn't stay there, but we did attend a very elegant, beautiful wedding last weekend. I couldn't help but appreciate the ambiance, excellent service by the staff, easy and efficient valet parking, cleanliness, and delicious buffet and appetizers. We loved the location. The wedding ceremony was held on the outdoor fifth-floor terrace. It was a perfect vantage point to see the Embarcadero, Ferry Building, Bay Bridge, water, tour buses, old streetcars still in service. Then we had our own room for the reception.

I so want to stay there now, and it's on my bucket list. Can't wait!

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
262. Sean L.
Note: I didn't actually stay here -- this is mainly in reference to having an event hosted at Hotel Vitale.

I came for an hour-long networking event and asked about valet parking.  We were told it'd be free for the hour, given that we were attending as part of an event, so we decided to just leave the car there instead of driving down the street (sounded like a win!).  Except when we came out later, they mentioned it was a mistake and actually we had to pay the $18.  Talk about horrible service.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
263. Donna S.
Great service. Fantastic location. Good food nice linens , quiet.  Small closet space, small gym, but passes across the street at the Y... Kinda sweet and gentle .

13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
264. Amie S.
We stayed in this hotel back in 2007, and it sold me on the chain of Joie de Vivre hotels IMMEDIATELY.

Everything about this place is relaxed and luxurious. Huge, comfy beds, giant spa-like bathrooms (with bliss products!), and those plush white robes w/matching slippers that have "slow" and "down" embroidered on them.

We didn't get a chance to check out the rooftop terrace, but the room was perfect, the attached restaurant had good grub, and the staff was very accommodating. Plus, it's just steps from the historic Ferry Building and an easy walk to shopping in Union Square.

I LOVED this place and would definitely stay here again!

06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
265. Andrea B.
This is a beautiful hotel near Embarcadero.

Service is lovely, and the lobby restaurant is very snazzy. Had a work meeting here and had two super expensive green teas, but that tea kept me wired all day! It was great.

I wish I didn't live in Daly City, so I could have a reason to stay here one day!

21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
266. Troy P.
I stayed here for about 33 days and think this hotel is perfect.  I literally have nothing bad to say about it.  The service at the front desk is impeccable.  Hotel Vitale get so many little details right, including complimentary umbrella and complimentary shoe shine.

This is place to stay for business travel in SF.

27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
267. Nicholas Q.
Worth every penny!  Service was perfect.  Staff was very aware of our needs and provided sincere service.  Yoga in the morning, I highly recommend.  The location is prime.

28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
268. Kosmo Z.
Friendly and helpful staff. They offer Fresh products in their bathrooms. You will like the view.. You definitely have to check out the spa if you are staying at his hotel.

09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
269. Katarina H.
We had our wedding and the reception at the hotel Vitale on the rooftop veranda with gorgeous bay and city view. We also spent four nights at this upscale boutique hotel located downtown San Francisco.

Service was exceptional and my husband and I were treated with special care as newlyweds. Our room had breathtaking bay view and we took lots of pictures of unforgettable sweet memories.

Food was exceptional  with upscale presentation.

Would recommend this hotel to travelers and guests who appreciate unique upscale boutique style and downtown location. Would love to celebrate our one year anniversary at Vitale next year!  It's our special place!

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
270. Cynthia C.
Super impressed with the service and fabulously priced gorgeous rooms:

*Fresh products!!!  
*Family studios are HUGE especially for SF standards, just shy of 500 sq ft
*Two robes
*Fluffy towels
*Limestone bath
*iPod docking center
*20 FREE web browsing mins at the biz center, b&w copies $0.29 ea.
*Lovely fresh lavender decor in the room and in the hallways
*Newspaper in the morning
*Houses a HIP resto, Americano

ONE downside: super difficult to catch a cab at 12AM.

13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
271. l N.
Very modern, very clean, very nice personal. I gave it 2 stars because it was a very noisy room. You can hear the traffic which was not bad but the bar noise was really loud. For a very expensive room you would think it would have some sound proofing, but this one did not. Also there was a lot of mechanical noise. Think that was from the trolly house right out side the window.

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
272. Mia N.
This is one of my favorite hotels for a home away from home staycation in the city.

We bring the doggies here (very pet friendly staff!) and they love the healthy doggy treats included in the pet package. Only bummer is they don't have pee pads available.

The eggs benedict is one of the reasons we pick this place. Super yum with a generous portion of proscuitto (instead of the traditional bacon). Sometimes the english muffin gets soggy though :(

+ 24 hr room service from Americano downstairs
+ High quality bath products (I'm addicted to Fresh Pomegranate conditioner).
+ Pet friendly
+ Lots of different rooms & suites with great views
+ Gourmet honor bar snacks!

Check out the farmers' market next door if you are there on a Saturday morning.
Or walk across the street to the Ferry Plaza building the next morning for a cup of Blue Bottle and some breakfast.
Boulevard or Ozumo is super close for a yummy dinner.

04/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
273. Alyx K.
I attended an event here, and the roof deck has truly magnificent views of the Bay Bridge. Their catering, from which I enjoyed duck confit, shrimp, ahi wraps and champagne shooters, was also top-notch and served by very friendly staff. It's a great venue.

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
274. Stephanie L.
I had a hard time finding a hotel to stay in for the weekend but luckily Hotwire directed us to this place! Parking is hard to find in the area but we got lucky because we stayed here on a Saturday night.

The lobby smells wonderful when you first step into the hotel. While checking in, the receptionist offered us warm scented towels to wipe our hands with. Perfect because it was so cold outside! Our room was located on the 5th floor and while we did not have a view, the room was very nice. It was spacious and included a desk, sofa, and couch. The bed was so comfortable and the pillows are perfect for propping you up when you watch TV. The bathroom was also large and the toiletries provided smelled wonderful! Even the towels were very soft. We were also offered a free SF Chronicle (Sunday edition!) in the morning.

Overall, I would highly recommend a hotel stay here! The rates are high but hopefully you'll find a good deal on third party websites.

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
275. Diana S.
My partner and I recently got married and spent the evening at Hotel Vitale. I thought the experience from start to finish was superb. We stayed in a room with a stunningly beautiful view and were treated extremely well by all of the staff. It was a fantastic experience all around. Thank you for being part of our wedding memories!!

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
276. Chris G.
Whenever I come to San Francisco, and I do frequently for business, I stay at the Vitale.

They have:

1) A great staff. Super friendly and helpful
2) A great location - right across from the Ferry building / in the heart of the financial district / on the water
3) Their rooms are neat, well appointed, and clean
4) They are very reasonably priced for 1-3

I look forward to a stay hear every time.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
277. Chris L.
This review is only for the Americano.  Came here for tea/drinks and the ambiance is nice.  There's a heated outdoor seating area that had cozy chairs.  The service was excellent.  Furniture and decor is modern black/brown - only thing is don't sit next to the food service tables or you will smell meat while trying to enjoy your drink.  

To the older African American gentleman working in the front who directed me to the hotel - THANK YOU!   (I was lost after I parked closeby).  This place is right across from Boulevard.

18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
278. Denise L.
Charming hotel in a great location near the Ferry Building! Love the natural accents all over the hotel, and although the rooms are not huge, they are quite cozy and cute. Staff are all courteous and friendly as well.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
279. Sylvia Y.
I stayed here one night with a offer I bought on Jetsetter.com . It ended up being a little cheaper. The staff was friendly, and we were able to get early check in around 1:30pm.

Rooms: Chic, fresh, zen design. Had all the necessities for me: spacious bathroom (shower only), comfy bed, large desk, and large windows. Bonus: Free Wi-Fi. If you are going to be doing a lot of work, I suggest not getting a corner room. Our internet was a little spotty.

Bath Products: I have to rave about these. Originally I thought they had Fresh products, and was a little disappointed when i saw "Lather" instead, but like the ambiance of the hotel, the products were natural and refreshing. Big bonus: the bar soap does not make your skin dry and friction-y, and shampoo did not smell like old person shampoo or pet shampoo. Yay :)

Parking: $48 dollars for valet parking for 24 hours w/ in and out privileges. You have to allow them around 15-20 minutes to get your car when you need it.

Room Service from Americano: We got the dessert and wine. It came extremely fast probably within 15 minutes. They do run out of drinks, so have the menu handy when you order. You can also order items you see on the Americano menu online.

View on rooftop: There are a lot of different levels on the rooftop, it is a bit of an odd set up but regardless the view of the Bay Bridge is nice, and they have lounge chairs.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
280. Thad B.
Stayed here in a waterfront room with views of the bay bridge (the embarcadero is actually between the property and the water). The manager worked with me on the initial price as it was priced out the same as the Ritz or Fairmont. The view of the lit bay bridge was amazing at night.  It's also conveniently close to the Ferry Building marketplace (fantastic gelato shop found within). We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and glad I didn't bother with the five-star options at Union Sq.

Another tip: sign up for Uber which is an affordable black car service. Our fares were less than can fares and no money changes hands (bills directly to card). Set pickup on your iPhone by placing a pin on the map. So easy!

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
281. Gary B.
I have stayed here many times and the best part is that I never paid for it...my work did.  I got so spoiled staying here that I flat out refused to stay anywhere else.

The staff is very accommodating and friendly and very knowledgeable about the area.  First visit we asked for a dinner suggestion and were told if we could wait until 9:00 to eat they could get us into a restaurant with a 3 month wait due to a cancelation.  We certainly snapped that up in a heartbeat and really enjoyed the meal without the 3 months of anticipation.  While my travel there was not frequent, many would remember my name and those that couldn't probably remembered me from some antics/hijinks that may or may not have occurred during previous visits.

For its size the hotel is very quiet and has several amenities.  Some rooms have good views and others not so much but I don't hold that against them as there are only 4 sides to the hotel and not all of us can look out at the bridge.

I highly recommend staying here.

03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
282. Eugene M.
A great hotel! We have been staying here for seven  years or so beginning shortly after the hotel opened. Each visit is fresh and enjoyable. The staff is extraordinarily competent, friendly and attentive. It is no accident that we see the same employees here year after year. Management has it's game on.

Location is great: restaurants and shopping within easy walking distance; Ferry Building across the street; and Americano Restaurant for close-by meal or cocktails with friends and business associates.

I cannot leave out the rooms. All rooms with which I am familiar are a very nice size, well laid out and with great amenities. I take up a lot of room and really appreciate the space and planning.

I am not employed by or associated with the Vitale in any way other than as an extremely satisfied guest. Enjoy.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
283. Marina C.
3.5 stars
Stayed here for a week when it first opened in 2005, the room was modern and spacious, but it didn't feel like a 5 star hotel. Perhaps the service has improved since then, but at the rates Hotel Vitale charges, I'd rather stay elsewhere the next time I travel to SF.
Being located near the Ferry Building was a plus.

18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
284. Stevie W.
Hotel Vitale is pretty pimp. The rooms are clean and modern and either view (city or bay) is great. The Embarcadero area was perfect. We were able to walk to Fisherman's Wharf then thru Chinatown down to Union Square in one afternoon.

There were tons of restaurants and bars nearby. The restaurant  in the hotel was good and was pretty packed - Americano...I think.

Expensive yes! but worth it.

12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
285. Susan S.
flying up tonight for our 30th anniversary.
called and asked if they could set up something nice.
felt like I was asking for way too much.
offered 2 pieces of chocolate and a card and wanted to know how I would pay.
typically stay at 4 seasons and nice hotels and always expect great service.
hope this is not going to be a warning of things to come!

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
286. Chers S.
Nice boutique hotel in a great location. Walking distance to the ferry building and your choice of delicious restaurants.

Clean, modern and comfortable. The walls are a bit thin though.

11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
287. Cristina C.
Beautiful hotel alongside a beautiful view of The Bay Bridge. Perfect location on the Embarcadero strip - being only a few minutes from Fisherman's warf.

Everything from the lobby to the hotel room ambiance to their cafe feels like a spa. Room service was also very respectful and considerate of my valuables and made our room so clean and organized, it looked like we never stayed there in the first place.

Joie De Vivre Hotels really goes the extra effort to make sure you're exceptionally comfortable.

09/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
288. Christine P.
My husband and I played tourist in our very own city this weekend and had a great time.  We checked into Hotel Vitale and then walked over to the Ferry Building to enjoy dinner.  Everyone we met at the hotel was so great!  They know customer service and coming from someone who was trained to provide first class Nordies service - these folks really know what they're doing.

I love that the room is stocked with Fresh products, which I have never tried before but am now a fan and am heading to the closest store to stock up on their products.  

I love their mini bar which includes all different types of drinks.  We stayed on the 8th floor which was great because it was right next to the spa and the entire floor smelled wonderful!  

I am so glad I planned my event for our company at this hotel.  The actual event will take place next week and I'm so excited for it!

Only thing is that parking is pricey but in this town, it's expected.

If you're a tourist visiting from out of town, this place is definitely worth your money.  It's close to the Ferry Building, walking distance to Pier 39, Union Square and close to the cable cars.  Highly recommend!

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
289. Laurie H.
Absolutely loved this hotel.  Saturday, right at noon, I went onto Hotel Tonight app to find myself a room in the City for the night. And BAM! Hotel Vitale pops up with a $209 rate.  Wow. Steal.  I'll take it!  

You see, I was with a group of 25 women hiking from the ferry building in SF to the ferry terminal in Tiburon.  Yes, we'd been planning it for months and months....but I had too much going on to firmly commit to staying the night. So I put a lightweight change of clothes in my nylon napsack and figured that if I stayed overnight, any hotel would have soap, lotion and a bed - the things I really, really needed. What did I forget? My phone charger, of course.  Now, here's the bad and the good all rolled into one. Their clocks have an iPod/iPhone playing ability - but not a charging ability. So no charger in the room.  But the very friendly desk clerk let me know I could charge it behind the desk.  So there you go - I gave it to them when I checked in....went up, showered, got ready for dinner, came down, got my phone, went to dinner, came back in, gave them my phone, went up and watched some t.v., back down for my phone, etc.  He mentioned that they're looking to put chargers in the rooms - look hard, my friends - it's 2013.  I need a charger more than I need wifi in the room.

Anywhoo....I had a room that was for handicapped (handi-capable?) customers and I gotta say it's the way to go.  Everything was a little bigger and wider - sweet.  I didn't have a view, of course, but the Steuart side (or is it Spear?) of the hotel is nice and quiet - especially on Sunday morning.

Hubby and I stayed here years ago when they first opened and enjoyed it as well.  I'll definitely stay again - just hope to get the Hotel Tonight rate again!!

19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
290. Carol K.
Hotel Vitale creates the getaway before you enter the sleek & savvy rooms. Front Desk offered warm towels after holding our luggage until our room was ready. Every time I check in, the information is current with efficient check in & help with all requests. Location is unbeatable, especially with the laser light show on the Bay Bridge. Somehow, traffic noise is barely a whisper. Out the door & you are in the midst of some of the best sights & activities in the city. Folks at this property seem happy, smiling & welcoming just passing in the hall. Room service is great, local restaurants terrific. One of our best dining experiences was buying stellar food & wine at the Ferry Building, then laying out the spread in our room -towel over the lovely bed linen, of course -then supping under the glow of the Bridge show. Stay here is memorable way to treat/thank friends & family. Perfect for an experience of one's own.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
291. Tracy S.
Great location, magnificent views, comfortable and stylish rooms. My husband and I sat out on the 7th floor terrace at night watching the bay bridge lights and listening to seagulls. The next day we had lunch with friends in the Americano restaurant. The upholstered couches outside are so inviting. Perfect proximity to the ferry building for breakfast and a walk.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
292. Dave L.
Great stay; very quite.  Professional service, clean rooms.
Waterfront - fantastic view of the Bay Bridge - day and night.
Modern/zen type vibe.
Competitively priced.
I would definitely stay here again.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
293. Jacob R.
Friendly staff, beautiful rooms, views of the bay bridge, and across the street from the ferry building. Vitale is my forever hotel for San Francisco.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
294. big T.
Second time at this hotel. Still nothing but good things to say about it. Would recommend this hotel to anyone and will come back to stay when we can. Great service and the suites are some of the best me and my wife have stayed at.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
295. Ivy C.
My wedding was held here in August 2011. The rooftop wedding is very unique and memorable. All the staff here are very helpful. Especially, the price is very reasonable.

It is a very beautiful hotel. All my guests lived here said they had a wonderful experience. Me and my husband got chance to use the panoramic suite. We love it and even asked our wedding photographer and videographer to shoot the room (and the in room bathtub) in our wedding photo/video :)

We will definitely check back, also we are living in SF.

17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
296. RYan H.
Great room 24 hour room service right near the bay water staff is very polite and helpful.  It was kinda noisy like mechanical other then that i will defiantly stay here again ..............

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
297. Marie F.
If it were up to me, I'd set up office in the Hotel Vitale and work from one of the suites every day. For business meetings, it's hands down one of the best locations in the city. The views are terrific, and the service and catering is top notch. If you're lucky enough to have them bring up the sundae bar with all the toppings, you almost forget you're there to work.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
298. MJ S.
We were looking for a romantic, cool hotel and this was perfect!  We upgraded to the bayview room and it was spectacular of the bridge and ferry bldg.  The staff was extremely helpful and pleasant (loved Brendan at the front desk).  Enjoyed a massage at the spa with a couples soak in the tubs...soooo relaxing!  Great dinner across the street at the Boulevard and very tasty b-fast and drinks (Moscow Mule) in the hotel.
It was an expensive few days but felt like a million bucks afterward.
Wanna go back!!
P.S.Don't take a car-you don't need it!

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
299. Doug G.
Our home away from home in SF.  There is not another place we would consider!
Highly recommended for any length of stay.
The rooms are very comfortable.   I even LOVE the odd corner rooms.  (Bay view is pretty fantastic too.)
A glass of Prosecco on the terrace in an afternoon sunbeam is a slice of SF heaven.  
The location can't be beat.  Great starting place for walking all over the city.  And transportation is available just steps outside the door if your feet need a bit of assistance.  
The staff is absolutely wonderful!!!  They have been extraordinarily kind and helpful in unusual circumstances as well, and we can't be more appreciative of all of their kind hospitality. Thank you one and all!

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
300. MJ B.
The best thing about this hotel is the location.  It is right across the Ferry Bldg and  our view was the Bay... beautiful!  So ask for the Bay View when booking.
The rooms are small but well designed that it does not feel cramped.  They are clean and modern.  Then the bathroom amenities are "Fresh" --- love it!
Service staff are friendly and helpful!

16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
301. robert k.
Really enjoyed our stay here.  Happened to come on a cold, wintery weekend and the rain was plentiful.  We got in our room and were greeted with a nice towel to dry off with and water to drink.  Front desk staff was very nice, and after we got into our room they even greeted us with a fruit basket and some bottled water since I am a JDV preferred guest.

Room accommodations were great - I don't recall what type of room we got but it had a gorgeous bathroom with a huge, deep soaking tub (worth every penny), and the bed was very comfortable and big.  The desk area was nice too, and the room had a great corner view and was fairly quiet.

We had a great time in the city and coming back to our room was a nice highlight as well.  We enjoyed the view (lots of people watching since it was a busy corner), and I definitely loved the tub and the robe!  

Room was very clean, very updated, and very comfortable.  Loved all the guest services, down to the complimentary umbrella they offered us the next day, as well as late checkout and bag storage, since we were walking around all day before returning home.

Only downside was a lot of the businesses near the hotel, notably Walgreen's, closes very very early, like 8pm.  Weird.

Oh yeah, LOCATION LOCATON LOCATION!  Loved being right near the Ferry Building - Great brunch the next morning!!

29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
302. Aura J.
This is a late review, but my husband booked a bay view room for our 6 year anniversary.  That was last year and I still remember the room, the views, the hospitality, the modern & sophisticated decor, and the location.  Nothing beats staying on the Embarcadero!  I absolutely love this hotel and can't wait to stay here again!

If you happen to stay at Hotel Vitale, don't forget to visit the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building.

24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
303. Amy J.
Have stayed here many times - very dissatisfied that the bar was closed to all patrons including paying hotel guests and the room service menu was limited due to said party over extending service -  I paid for a premium room and was excluded from service that I would expect from any standard room in a random reasonably priced hotel.

22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
304. Trueman B.
I haven't stayed at this hotel yet, but just wanted to say that the person who answered at the reception desk (woman with very heavy accent--I forgot her name) on June 10, 2014 at 3:15 p.m. was so nice to me. She took time to answer all the questions I asked. You can bet I will be staying at this hotel in the near future.

10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
305. Will S.
Just the best hotel in SF. Right across the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building (best chocolate, cheese and FOODIE heaven) and a boutique with a capital B. Luxurious Spa, beautiful rooms, GREAT service. Where else would you want to stay in such a great city? 10 minutes from the superb opera and symphony and shopping (if you even care) and a lovely train ride to Chez Panisse (where sales would you want to eat? -- well actually a lot of places right in town, now -- the Slanted Door, again across the street is no slouch) and wake up and walk over to the Farmers Market on the weekend for great everything. Seriously, this hotel is a joy. I would go there very weekend if I had an excuse and the discretionary funds and time to make it happen. You'll love this place. Oh, maybe ask for a room away from the great bar which is loud and fun if you also want to party.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
306. Joseph Y.
I used Hotel Tonight twice to book at Hotel Vitale, for the past two weekends. The hotel has a few terraces to hangout and relax at, while overlooking the Ferry Building. The late night room service ravioli was excellent, the phone chargers at the front desk  made it easy for last minute phone charges, and the spa services were very relaxing. Be sure to try the bathing ritual (milk bath), especially at night, when there were lit candles, rose petals, and refreshing drinks (cold water and hot tea).

The service from the front desk was excellent during my first stay. but during my second stay, the front desk hostess wasn't as accommodating.

Turn down service is always a plus, though I wasn't offered this service during my first stay. The TCHO chocolates and weather note, is a nice touch.

During my second stay, I didn't need a bellhop to help with my bags, so I hoped into the elevator. Yet when I was in the elevator, a hotel staff member offered to help with my bags, and just made it easier to get to my room.

The hotel staff was professional and really helpful, and what you would expect from one of Chip's hotels (even though he is no longer directly overseeing Hotel Vitale).

25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
307. Bartholomew K.
You just go the 4th star because of the 'fresh' amenities in your bathrooms.

You also remind me of the Gansevoort hotel in NYC when it opened in 2004. You're clean, cool and together and no longer that modern. Sorry...

I loved our little room because of the view, the price was right, the bed very comfortable and the free tea downstairs was my favorite brand.

I watched 'The Bling Ring' in the room and while the movie was decent, I felt ripped off. $16.99? Seriously? No wonder you're on Hotel Tonight...

Don't worry. I'd come back. Big kiss. xo

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
308. Monish D.
The Hotel Vitale embodies a very quiet, exquisite, Zen like sophistication. A very San Franciscan style one might say. This opposed to the in your face, douchey vibe that so many "boutique" hotels present across the country.

I enjoyed my 4 night stay here immensely. The location by the Embarcadero was one of the best things about this hotel. It also presents a wonderful view of the Bay bridge. Many times during my stay here I was compelled to take a walk along the Embarcadero through to Pier 39.

The facilities were modern & clean, the service was personal & polite and the location was exquisite. Definitely recommend this hotel.

28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
309. Jojo G.
You can do as well at half the price.  But this hotel has three important elements.  Location, Location, Location.  Unfortunately, it's not worth the added expense.  

CONS:  No coffee makers in the room, small rooms, poor communication when getting our car from Valet and only glass cups in the bathroom and bedroom.  

There aren't replacement glasses on the maids cart.  This means, the maids are hand washing our glasses.  Ever since I viewed the hidden video of maids (in a different hotel) washing glasses with the same gloves with which they cleaned the toilet, I can't abide by non-wrapped cups in hotel rooms.

PROS:  Location and the feeling of superiority you get when emerging from a hotel such as this.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
310. Andrea H.
Hotel fees were not made clear (until billed - it's $30 a day!). For what I paid in fees, I would have expected to have really enjoyed the amenities but hardly noticed them at all.

Reserved a superior King and room was extremely dark/cave-like.

Cleaning service did not come on second day.

Walls let a lot of sound in.

Would probably not stay here again. Expected more.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
311. Gabriel C.
Absolutely a must stay.  Caitlin and staff did everything to make our anniversary weekend special (and make me look good w my wife).   Champagne,  rose petals on the bed, upgraded room.  Perfect location, gorgeous rooftop terrace.  I will never stay anywhere else in SF.

12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
312. Pandasitswhatsfordinne R.
This review only relates to events, I've never personally visited the hotel, but BEWARE if you are in charge of booking events here.

I attempted to book an event in one of the Vitale's conference spaces. I have, in writing, that the room would be held for us while I figured out what menu items we would be ordering.

Unfortunately when I  went to pay for the space, I was told that--OOPS--the space had actually been given to another group. No notification whatsoever that they were going to release the space--I would have paid for it then and there if they had let us know they'd be giving the space to another group.

So now I'm stuck weeks before our event looking for an open event space in downtown SF. great.

I get it, mistakes happen, whether it was the fault of their events coordinator or the fault of the hotel's computer system.

But since the error was 100% their fault, you'd think they'd offer to at the VERY LEAST hook us up with another hotel that could accommodate our meeting.

Completely unprofessional, I would advise not using this establishment if you need to confirm an event ahead of time.

14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
313. Efren G.
Stayed here for the weekend. Excellent hotel. Has style, very clean, modern and attentive staff.  Location on the water is great. Great place to stay. Also close to many restaurants in the area.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
314. Jason F.
When I checked in I was given handicapped room.  I was quickly able to fix and get a much better room.  This hotel has the best room service I have ever had !!!

29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
315. Paige X.
I surprised my boyfriend for a surprise stay and couples bath at Spa Vitale for his birthday. Here is where I place the five stars:

1) I included in my reservation a note that we were celebrating a birthday. To the kind staff member who upgraded our room to a seventh floor Bay Bridge view room -- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. While I can't count on being so lucky with a room upgrade every time we stay in any upscale hotel, I am making mental note for my next stay that the Bay Bridge view rooms in Hotel Vitale are entirely worth it, and will be booking accordingly. We had to leave our curtains open all night so we could fall asleep to the sparkling view of the bridge. Amazing. You can't beat a) location like that and b) service like that. Thank you, Hotel Vitale for that amazing surprise.

2) We were gifted a bottle of complimentary champagne, delivered to us in an ice bucket and a card for my boyfriend. Wow. Hotel Vitale, I thought you were spoiling us already with the upgrade.... Now this? Amazing.

3) Room Service (and overall guest service) -- FANTASTIC. We ordered a pizza, burger and fries and caesar salad for dinner, chocolate chip cookies and milk, and brownies for late night dessert (my ONLY complaint is that we were so full we couldn't finish them, such a waste because they are honestly so so delicious), and finally eggs benedict and smoked salmon bagel platter for the next day. The food was delicious. But beyond that, the service is incredible. Food is delivered promptly, and the staff is full of the nicest people around. I felt truly humbled and grateful that I was receiving such kind and friendly service. We needed to wake up early, so we ordered breakfast the night before to be delivered in the morning -- what a great service and extremely thoughtful accomodations. We definitely took advantage.

4) Spa Vitale -- Of course I had to treat us to a bathing ritual. You get 20% off by being a hotel guest which was an added perk. Deb at Spa Vitale got us started with super comfy robes and slippers, and a new bath she was trying out and oh my goodness, it does not disappoint. The aroma, atmosphere, and experience is all one-of-a-kind. Only complaint was that it had to end! But I will definitely be coming back with friends in tow to get other services.... or maybe even another bathing ritual. Amazing. We, of course, ended our bath with a walk along the rooftop terraces. So beautiful. How can you not take advantage of these views?

5) Staff -- You all are immaculate. From the very start, we are greeted with kindness. Front desk staff, you are amazing. From check in to check out, we could not believe how friendly and helpful you were. Guest services - I can't say enough. Thank you for taking our late night orders and your prompt and friendly service. Housekeeping - I can tell how fantastic you are by the cleanliness and pristine of our room.

Let's quickly talk price point -- We personally got a deal with all the special accomodations. That being said, I would have gladly paid for any one of those accomodations. Extremely worth it. I see some complaints in the reviews regarding the Urban Fee. I think it's completely reasonable and competitive with the SF Bay Area. We didn't take advantage of the other amenities included in the Urban Fee (gym, YMCA, business center etc.) but we did use Wi-Fi, which we found to be fast and reliable. I don't love the Urban Fee (I wouldn't love that no matter where I go), but I understand it and it doesn't hinder my experience.

Overall -- if I could give 6 stars I would, because I believe the service and atmosphere at Hotel Vitale is just that unique and that special. It is quite possible that my standards have been raised so high, that no other hotel at this price point will ever compare. But, we are okay with that. Hotel Vitale, you will continue to see lots of business from us, our friends, and our family who we will all reccommend you to. And I cannot wait to celebrate many joyous occasions here. Every birthday may just have to be celebrated here. Thank you for a fantastic stay and memorable birthday experience.

Pictures hopefully to come. We took many.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
316. Shanna K.
My love and I escaped for a spontaneous overnight getaway here recently and it was fabulous.   We had a quiet Superior King room with a view of the ever popular Boulevard restaurant right across the street and at some point I will definitely come back and splurge on a suite and some spa treatments.  I think it would be absolutely worth it.   Not only is the hotel itself fantastic but it's right across from the Ferry Plaza and walking distance to Union Square (about a mile).  It's perfect.      

The bed in our room was dreamy, as were the upscale bath products.  Robes were soft and comfy and water pressure in the shower was great.  Soothing, serene colors and sleek, natural, minimalistic design is all throughout the hotel... and we had the best mini bar I've ever seen, including pop chips, luna bars, Voss water (still or sparkling), Knob Creek, upscale nuts and candies and even an Oxia personal oxygen dispenser.  

Service was outstanding.  Friendly, fast and accommodating on every level.  Great people watching at restaurant Americano also.

In many reviews people express disdain for the high overnight parking charge ($48) but that is to be expected in SF and for the quality of this hotel it was not something that I would consider an issue.   Especially because we were able to leave our car there until 6pm after check-out while we went and wandered around the city.  Can't beat that.   The last thing I want to do is hassle with driving and parking in the city.  I hate it.  So it's great peace of mind for me to know that my car is safely stashed away.   Cabs are also very easy to come by, you can use the "Uber" car app to find a town car in the area or the hotel can arrange something for you.  Lots of options.

We had a wonderful time and will definitely return.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
317. Duane H.
The queen bed looked pretty small. Bathroom is smaller than at newer hotels, but you can't have everything. The lobby is beautiful, you couldn't possibly build this hotel today. Had cocktails in COQ DOOR, very old school with great cocktails, not cheap, but good, breakfast buffet price is high, but you can order off of the menu. Parking like all of the other hotels down there is pricey. great restaurants. Will definitely stay there again.Hotel Vitale is good.

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
318. Tom A.
This review is for events - spoke to Al the events manager about my wife's 40th birthday party; he promised to send information.  Left another message; no response.  Kristin (another events manager) calls apologizing after my wife call the hotel manager.  She promises to be there the afternoon we stop to visit and lo and behold she is nowhere to be found.  Hotel Vitale has a great location; but what is location without service?

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
319. Ernesto T.
I've stayed here numerous times over the years. Absolutely love it! The location is great and easy access to the freeway. Hotel rooms are clean and very modern. My favorite is the rooftop patio. Only one negative.. They need to have a little store within the hotel to purchase toiletries, beverages, snacks and HANGOVER MEDICINE AKA ASPIRIN

22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
320. Victoria A.
Lame hotel. Horrible food and the rooms just have no personality or warmth. Way overpriced too for what you get.

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
321. Karen F.
Husband and I stayed here the night of our wedding almost a year ago. The waterfront view is definitely worth the $$ if you're looking for a special experience and memorable view. Since it's a boutique hotel they pay a little more attention to you and have pretty fantastic service: handwritten note, bottle of champagne... We're going again this year to celebrate our anniversary!

07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
322. Jordan R.
WOW, I cant believe how wonderful Jacques is in the concierge. Went way out of his way for me and the guests at the hotel. Thanks so much Jacques for making me look like a star. Great guy!

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
323. Lena H.
Beautiful hotel and fabulous location.

28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
324. Dave D.
Great venue for a meeting.  Get a mating toyon that had a view of the Ferry building and the bridge.  Staff is very attentive.  Food is great.  I highly recommend it.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
325. Irma R.
This review is for the spa. I haven't stayed here overnight but I definitely should. I've come to their spa a few times and it never disappoints. The last time I was here was in February and this tiny lady worked on me, OMG she was great! She made me feel super comfortable and it was worth every penny.

23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
326. Kelsey C.
Came here for the Searchmetrics + Search Engine  Journal event. Staff was accommodating,  the conference room wasn't too cold (a rarity!)  and the food they catered for lunch was really good.  Our rooftop happy hour had amazing views of the city and I would definitely recommend the hotel for an event.

19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
327. Sonia H.
Great view of the Bay Bridge from the terrace floor, clean decor on the inside.

Came here for a wedding reception recently and wasn't blown away by hotel vitale but enjoyed the visit. The staff is friendly and it seems to be a great location for weddings..but i'm not sure I'd return here in the future for vacay..

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
328. Joe G.
super location, right across from the ferry building. we walked to the giants game. Well appointed rooms, friendly staff, even the prices on the in room menu were modest. Our room on the 3rd floor had a king bed, comfy and clean.
So what could go wrong? The constant noise from buses starting and stopping ALL NIGHT, heavy Metal grates grinding under the tires of passing cars. It sounded like a garbage truck was emptying the metal dumpster every 15 minutes. No kidding. We paid over $400 dollars after city tax, for a 1 night stay. Maybe we should not have expected better. But we did. Next time I am in the city I wont be staying here unless they can offer a nights sleep.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
329. Helen H.
The hotel is centrally located on Embarcadero and is across the street from the Ferry Building. It is located on a busy street, so there was traffic noise. The hotel is modern and outside each of the rooms there are sprigs of lavender. There are two outdoor terraces that guests have access to. We could see the Bay Bridge from the terrace.

Service was impeccable. The bellhop helped us with our luggage upstairs and also retrieved a bucket of ice for us to put our drinks in. Free Wifi is available. Valet parking is also available but at $50 a night. Ouch. I enjoyed my short stay.

Oh... The bathrobes were so comfy that I didn't want to take it off!

14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
330. John F.
My partner of 15 years and I finally tied the knot, and did it here in the Landmark Terrace Suite of the Hotel Vitale at the end of June. The venue and our celebration was gorgeous, with views of the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.

We had a full service bar for our guests, antipasti trays, and passed hors d'oeuvres. The trays were beautiful. We selected five small bites to pass during the party, and each was delicious. My favorite was the tuna tartar in little gem cups.

Our guests, 70 of them, fit well in the space; chairs were set up for the ceremony facing the water, which were then cleared for dancing later. The views from the terrace are spectacular, especially since we saw the embarcadero and the bridge change from day to night as our event was from 5pm to 10pm.

Staff member, James, was there at our beck and call and provided us outstanding service, attending to details that we never considered when planning our event. Kristin, event manager, helped us choose food and other necessities leading up to the event; she did everything we asked for, and was so sweet and kind to us in the process.

We and our guests will never forget this wonderful day spent at The Hotel Vitale, and would recommend it to anyone considering hosting an event here.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
331. Nicole M.
Great location.  Had an opportunity to stay here since my gf picked this location prior to her wedding.  Kinda pricy, but great view of the bridge and right across from the ferry building. Lots of good eats near by.  

Room service is great!  Love them fries!  Beds are comfortable and if you need anything from housekeeping, just call and they bring it up to your room without any problems.  Service is also nice and very accommodating.

Pretty pricey for staying here.

09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
332. Scott W.
From the moment we arrived every employee we encountered seemed to go out of their way for us. Thank you for a great night in the city..our dog Greta says Thank you too!

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
333. Jack L.
We stayed at this Joe de Vere property for one night over President's Day Weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by the courteous staff and nice, relaxing decor around the hotel. Nice location-- The Ferry Building was right across the street from our room, and we had a glimpse of the Bay Bridge Light Show at night. We received a free upgrade to a "Partial Ocean View" room by the front desk agent (Glad we didn't pay for this-- not a true "ocean view").

Evening turndown service and extra pillows were provided along with complimentary bottled water and TCHO chocolate (a local gourmet chocolate purveyor).

The property certainly had some negative attributes. The parking was difficult (the drive thru area is very small, and it is hard to turn in). Also, I felt like the bathroom was "dirty"-- I'm sure the housekeeping staff does a good job, but some of the fixtures were rusting, and the grout was discolored. A deep steam clean would definitely help restore the place. I also thought the bathroom was somewhat small and definitely needed some more light (maybe add some frosted windows into the main room?). The onsite gym had a weird odor and was quite small (they hand out free passes to the YMCA down the street, which is pretty weird for a boutique hotel).Lastly, the onsite restaurant Americano was very disappointing for breakfast (see my specific review). I would definitely recommend going out elsewhere for most of your meals.

Overall, this property is a pretty pleasant "boutique" hotel considering the other options in the area.

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
334. Emily A.
This is my go to hotel while in the city!
It is high end, yet boutique like.
I always get the rooms that face the bay and the Oakland bridge. I do that because at night time you can lay in bed and watch the bridge light up, its like watching a show, absolutely stunning. Make sure your bed is placed in the correct direction in the room!
The bar is fun downstairs, they have the best french fries.
As for the staff, they are the best, so accommodating and nice.
The Spa is great, my massage was OK, but the bath was AMAZING. Do it with your best friend or your significant other. It is two separate tubs covered in rose petals and infused with a scent you prefer. You get tea, water fruit and a nice cold towel to rest on your face.

Next time, I would want to stay in the rooms that offer a connected terrace, but that is for next time.

See you soon Hotel Vitale, I love you! haha (But seriously)

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
335. Diana T.
This was the perfect place for a company training conference to be held. I came here for work-related reasons as my training was held here in one of the conference rooms. There is valet and upon waiting to enter the conference there is an open lounge area with sofas to wait in. While waiting free coffee and tea was available in the lounge. The conference room was clean and brightly lit with open windows. It is a nice hotel and a great place to be at to learn.

11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
336. Kimmy L.
Booked this hotel last minute and was very happy with my stay. Entering the room right away you could tell everything was clean and of best quality. The furniture, bathtub, mattress, bed sheets, pillows etc... I immediately started the bathroom jacuzzi and called front desk to bring in more soaps/body wash the make the water more bubbly; had a very relaxing time. They provided more than enough clean towels. In the morning I debated getting out of bed because I was just too comfortable! The view I had on the fifth floor was also nice. Once I got out of bed, I took a nice stroll on the rooftop and enjoyed more city/ocean views. My stay here will definitely be missed!

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
337. Yvette T.
Can't beat the location! A block from the Embarcadero, which makes the bay view rooms amazing. Perfect view of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. If you're stuck in a city room, you can still enjoy the view from the rooftop terraces with lounge chairs and space heaters--a must in SF!

Excellent service and amenities, including free wifi. They try to accommodate every request, including placing a complimentary mini fridge in our room (for all those Farmer's Market purchases!).

Not a perfect rating because the phone in our room didn't work, making it difficult to contact the front desk. And one of my towels had a spot of blood on it. Also, I could do without the exorbitant parking fees.

Would not think twice about staying here for a future SF visit.

29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
338. Matthew G.
I'm a Los Angeles guy... who is a die hard SF GIANTS fan....
( let that soak in for a minute or two... ) so, i pop up to the city as much as i can...
to see my team be the greatest baseball team on earth at the greatest ballpark on the planet! now that my rah-rah is out of the way....
I've stayed everywhere, and i have NEVER fallen in love with a hotel like i love
this place!

there is not a single detail that isn't perfect
( i take that back... the robes are one size fits all IF you are a no more than a large.
if you wear a xxl shirt,  the robe is just.... sad!
on to the good stuff.  the single greatest view ever from a hotel.   originally booked just a standard room... but the front desk was amazing and offered an upgraded view room for a few hundred dollars more a night.  in the big picture.... no one should spend this much money for a couple of nights stay.. BUT, i now think of the hotel  room as PART of the vacation instead of just a necessary evil.

1) amazingly fast elevator super quiet and efficient.
2) the room was perfect. gorgeous design, modern without being pretentious or kitchy.
3) the shower... omg two separate bathrooms... one double headed open shower that was just incredible and the other bathroom was the toilet with a separate sink. genius design. super heavy solid sliding doors were so nice also!
4) crazy comfortable bed.... terrific flat screen TV.   a couch and a nice chair along with a large desk with plenty of electronic hookups!!
5) the window shades were all electronic... just in case you wanted to block a window or two...!!

FREE WIFI!   are you listening Hilton, Hyatt, W, etc etc FREE WIFI!

there was a yelper on here... that complained that they only had real glass in the room... rather that paper cups.... mmmmm, reviewer, you are a moron. lol yes...
they have PROPER glassware..... as they should!

ill never be able to say enough about the panoramic view of the bridge and the bay.    just breathtaking! a walk across the street gets you to the Ferry Building... which every human on earth... needs to know about!

every employee could not have been nicer.  ill review the restaurant under separate cover.. but in a nutshell. it was world class.  the wine list and the staff and the food.... perfection!

i wouldn't even consider staying anywhere else....ever!

06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
339. Deena Z.
Awesomeeeestest location! Expensive for sure but worth it !! We stayed in 520 for 3 days and covered most places in SF. Reason: the hotel is so well connected to buses, BART is pretty close. Moving around SF isn't a hassle at all but you need to do some research in order to save bucks!
The hotel was v pleasant! The bad part was the bathroom which seemed to have a floor that wasn't mopped or something! The second day our beds weren't made till 4pm but eventually wen we got back late evening, the room was cleaned up.
The beds were the highlight. Slept like we were jet lagged ( even though we flew from Seattle)
The view had partial bay bridge view but looked beautiful! We ordered in house dining and loved it!!! The food was excellent!
Overall great stay!!if you want to be close to the ocean this is the perfect place!

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
340. MC B.
Since we frequently visit San Francisco we have stayed in most of the areas, especially SOMA and Union Square. We had discussed staying along the Embarcadero but never did until this visit. We heard a lot about the Hotel Vitale and the reviews are overall pretty good, however, between the cost and the "urban retreat fee" we never stayed there. I came across a hotel special for weekends that deeply lowered the daily cost and the 'urban retreat fee" was waived, so I tried to book our stay. In attempting to book online the bottom line included the "urban retreat fee", so I called the Joie de Vivre" reservations twice and they still couldn't get it right and told me it would be taken care of at check-in. Since this was a pre-paid reservation I was concerned. Finally I contacted the hotel directly and an assistant manager explained that the hotel had a very old computer system (not my problem) but that he would return the fee on my credit card, which he did. I should not have had to go through all I did.

The hotel has a fantastic location and very convenient to the Bart and Muni and within walking distance to many good restaurants. There are not a lot of homeless in the immediate area of the hotel and by SF standards the area was kept clean. It was a much nicer area to stay in for us than Union Square (personal preference). The lobby was very attractive and our room was nice, if not a bit small, but the bath was a good size. We had a sixth floor room overlooking several office buildings (hotel calls it a "city view"). The front desk staff was professional, although not always the friendliest. Several times we passed by and they didn't even look up. The bell and valet staffs were helpful and friendly and housekeeping did a good job in our room for the most part.

We arrived on a Friday and went to have a glass of wine at the bar before dinner and it was slammed. We could not even get inside - let alone have drink. We walked over to the Hyatt and although they, too, were busy they had room for us. On Saturday and Sunday nights there was plenty of space at the Vitale. I asked the bartender about it and he said that on Friday night the locals stop by after work and they are overwhelmed - so much for the hotel guests. We found the bar prices to be high and the staff was OK. Also we were informed that the hotel restaurant is not open on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can order a meal at the bar or through room service but not actually eat in the restaurant. We had breakfast in the hotel and it was good and fairly priced.

Would we stay here again? I would say perhaps, if we could get a deal similar to this time. I find the "Urban Retreat Fee" an insult and would never pay it. The only thing we used or would use is the complementary Wi-Fi, which is complementary in most, if not, all boutique hotels in San Francisco. I rather pay for what we use, rather than what we might use. I am sure most hotel guests share my feelings.

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
341. Sandra C.
This hotel was a splurge for us but turned out to be well worth it. The weekend special did help. The location is great. Not super touristy but good access to so many areas. Great transportation access-bart, ferries, busses, trolley cars, bicycle rentals. Beautiful walks in every direction. Many good food options both casual & more upscale. The valet parking was very convenient & not out of line with SF parking prices.

The decor of the hotel & rooms is both chic & charming. The rooms with views of the Bay Bridge are well worth the upgrade. The outdoor decks are very nice.  The room amenities are good. Some noise from traffic but quiets by bed time.

But the best is the kind, friendly, professional staff. They were truly wonderful to us from our very early arrival (6am) throughout our stay & in our check out. EVERY staff member we encountered was exceptional in their interactions. Cannot say enough about how their treatment of us elevated this visit to an exceptional experience for us.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
342. Cori N.
Really, if you're willing to spend the money in order to stay here, then go for it! I highly recommend the Urban Studio room because it has a unique design and the spa tub is to die for. This is the cheapest room that has a spa tub in it at this hotel. And that beast can easily fit 2-3 people. It also has a view which is just awesome.

The bed is also very comfy and the TV can be faced either to the bed and chaise lounge or the tub. But if you want it to face the tub you have to scoot the stand out about half a foot from the wall. Totally worth it in my opinion--just don't drop it! Pretty sure they'd make you pay for it. ;)

The shower is also ENORMOUS and could fit 4 people in it easily.

And the view is great!

PRO TIP: Don't 'buy' the stuff from the minibar. There is a small grocery/upscale convienance store only two blocks from the hotel. They have a large selection of wine and alcohol so go there instead. It's a nice walk and you'll get way more for your money then the Honor Bar provides.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
343. Nicole M.
This was our first stay in the city without our kids, so we really wanted it to be special. Hotel Vitale made us feel so welcome and definitely helped us achieve the romantic getaway vibe!

The gentleman who checked us in was so warm and welcoming and I feel terrible because I can't remember his name (he had glasses). We had a deluxe king bay view room. It was beautiful and, in my opinion worth the little extra expense. Very clean, beautifully simple and actually quite spacious for rooms in the city. What set Hotel Vitale apart from other hotels we have visited was the impeccable customer service and attention to detail. I had mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary when we checked in and that I had bought tickets to the Giants game for my husband for that evenings game. When we returned from the game we walked into our room to find the bed decorated with rose petals, a bottle of prosecco, chocolates and a hand written note from management and the concierge wishing us a beautiful anniversary! This is just something that you find many hotels doing, on their own.

We ordered some breakfast, it took all of 15 minutes to get our order and everything was delicious, including the latte. We were the annoying guests that called for ice over a half a dozen times and they were always prompt to bring us a bucket.

Not only because of their thoughtfulness, but because of the constant need to serve their guests is the reason why we will be returning to stay at Hotel Vitale and will recommend them to all we know, thank you!

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
344. Jamie V.
Sometimes it's worth splurging a little.  Such was the case with booking a night at the Hotel Vitale.

If you can afford it, take my advice and book a room here.  Pay the valet parking charge.  You'll get over it, really.  That's just SF.  Don't cheap out and stay at the Hyatt or one of the other two hotels with the 190 sq ft rooms.  It's worth the extra hundred bucks.

Get a reservation next door at Boulevard.  Get a bottle of Pinot Noir, get the pork chop, and enjoy your life.  Spend some quality time with the one you love.  No regrets.  This hotel and staff are world class.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Matt C.
Hotel was comfortable. Only interacted with the staff for check-in.

My grievance is the $30 per night charge *after* my stay for an "urban retreat fee." Serious WTF.

I have no idea what I got for that charge, and was not made aware of it when checking in. Why make this charge after the stay instead of before? This tactic has tarnished the hotel's reputation for me.

I can't imagine a single customer who would want to pay for their room in two installments! It makes absolutely no sense other than to frustrate patrons.

I was told on the phone this had something to do with a booking app -- I know nothing about this as the room was booked by my client while visiting for work.

After emailing my complaint I was refunded only $30 of the $90 penalty.

Stay somewhere else with honest billing.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
346. Mandie A.
Super cute! Modern decor. Superb dining and room service (24/7) . Pet friendly. Awesome & 5 star worthy if you have pets! I have such bad allergies!!

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
347. Charles Y.
Really nice and trendy hotel but I agree with numerous others who allege questionable billing practices. Expect a surprise on your credit card statement after staying here - there's a hidden $30 fee they didn't tell us about on check-in. If host is taking my CC at check in, 99% of hotels will agree that's the time to say "FYI, this isn't just for incidentals; there's a resort fee." The host has no reason not to mention it.

The hidden fee basically goes to a bunch of amenities with big exclusions:

Free coffee in the lobby (after 4pm only)

Free yoga at the hotel - actually, their website just says "free yoga," believe it or not you have to go to one of two gyms (0.2 miles or 1.0 miles away) to get it.

Free 15 minute massage (M-Th only).

Shoe shine service (this is one of the few legit amenities, though not many shoe shines cost $30).

Free urban walking tour of the neighborhood (never mentioned to us at check-in).


Beautiful hotel but they are really into defending their odd fee practice - they should just drop it or disclose it properly to people. I wouldn't go here again because it's not worth the stress.

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
348. Jamie J.
I found this hotel to be quite amazing.  We rented the urban room which had a spa tub. Which was much needed after the stresses of the week.  The bed was nice and soft and comfy. Which is a must for me. The shower is built for 2 quite comfortably.  
We had a view of the bay bridge which is to die for.  I will choose this place for all my romantic getaways to the city.

03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
349. Isabella B.
As the No1DP and I were curled up in bed Sunday morning, he said to me "I think I may have found my go-to hotel when I go to see you". I have to agree with him; this hotel has the right amount of charm that makes it stand out from the luxury chain hotels while also having impressive amenities.

With great reluctance the -1 is because the No1DP had issues with his hotel reservation. He initially was to check-in on Friday after arriving from Narita but due to some malfunction his flight got cancelled and he wasn't able to make it to the city until the following Saturday morning. He notified front desk about this and the hotel staff would change the reservation without charging any cancellation fees... only to discover that his reservation had been cancelled upon check-in later that Saturday.

When he notified the front desk Stephanie was able to rectify the situation but we weren't able to get our original room back (an Urban Studio) because the room was given to someone else. Instead we ended up having an upgraded room (Embarcadero Waterfront), which has a view of the Embarcadero but no soaking tub - instead being replaced by a rainforest shower head. As an apology we had complimentary bottled Voss water and two pieces of gourmet chocolate.

A day later we checked out and the No1DP got a receipt that the room was... quite a bit more expensive (2x the cost) than what he was told; they did not reflect the complimentary room upgrade. Later that evening he went back and notified front desk and Sam was able to refund the upgrade charges.


No1DP notes that the hotel looks excellent and does not look 14 years old.

ROOM: The room is spacious for a boutique hotel and is more akin to a standard room at a chain hotel. The sofa across the bed can turn into a sofa bed and the chaise next to the window can easily accommodate more people. Our room in the 3rd floor had a good view of SF Embarcadero, even if part of the window was covered in bird droppings.
There's ample closet space. We could also have used the robes to go to the spa.

BATHROOM: One of the better bathrooms I've seen in any hotel and this is considering we didn't get the spa tub! The water felt great as it flowed through the rainforest shower head. There's also a wooden stool if you want to sit as you lather yourself.
Special shout-out to the Lather bath products: hotels take note - THAT is how you do bath products! The products smelled really nice as I tried them on. No1DP was able to note the mint and thyme smells in my hair and I really liked the ginger smell on my body soap. If the soap was edible I'd eat it!

IN-ROOM DINING: Dining consisted of the pasta del giorno at the hotel restaurant Americano with the same pricing ($18)
No1DP got buckwheat spaghetti. He liked my dish better.
I got the mafalde with hedgehog mushrooms, bacon, spinach and a slow egg. Think lasagna cut into small strips made into a carbonara. It is heavy like carbonara but a tasty spin on a classic pasta dish.
Dessert was brownies with walnuts with a glass of milk. Excellent when warm. There's small chunks of chocolate on the brownie.

SPA VITALE: I treated the No1DP to their Signature Bathing Ritual at Spa Vitale, which I covered in a separate review ( yelp.com/biz/spa-vitale-… ). Spa is located on the top floor.

I would recommend the hotel to visitors that need a hotel accessible to the touristy areas of SF and to locals needing to do a staycation.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
350. Natalie B.
I was having the worst menstrual cramps and needed just a extra 10 minutes (after scheduled checkout time) to crawl into fetal position, onto my rooms bed, and cry.

Called up the font desk to ask...


Was informed any time spent in the room, after scheduled checkout time, will be a extra $100.00 onto the room.

Excellent customer service! :)

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
351. Erik H.
This jewel of the Joie de Vivre chain is situated along the Embarcadero waterfront overlooking the ferry building and the Bay Bridge.

Location-wise it sits across the street from Boulevard restaurant and steps from other great restaurants like Chaya and Ozumo and bars like Perry's.  The Vitale even has their own Americano Bar which has an outdoor seating area. Along the Embarcadero.

All of this makes the Hotel Vitale a great staycation hotel especially when there is a nice special you can take advantage of making it more reasonably priced.  

We chose to stay in the Urban Studio which faces away from the water but has an oversized and comfortable soaking tub that easily fits two. Note that this room is open concept and the only door is to the the toilet and shower so it would not be good if sharing with a colleague or older child.  The tub does sit in an open area in the room that allows you to see out of the room if you don't pull the shades.  These rooms have only have a queen bed.  It is an odd shaped room but still my favorite in the hotel.

I have stayed in the waterfront rooms as well but the bathrooms on that side feel tighter and don't have the soaking tub unless you get the 360 degree view suite (it was booked).

After dinner we went back to the hotel and had a drink at the bar and then decided to take another upstairs to the roof.  You can access the roof from the 5-8 floors if you are a guest.  It is one of the hidden secrets of the hotel.  It was empty and the sky was clear but it was a little chilly.  The heat lamp sign said to call the front desk to have it turned on.  We sat outside for 20 minutes freezing and nobody ever came (I actually think I caught a cold).

We decided to go back inside and warm up, enjoy the room, peace and quiet, and watch a movie.  

We ordered room service which came promptly at 8:15am.  Portions were huge!  We had stayed up late and decided to go back to sleep.  Around 9:15 we kept hearing a light knock that I at first thought was from next door asking for housekeeping but it woke us up.  As I started towards the door it opened (we had not put the latch on after breakfast, but the privacy sign was still on the door) and I gave the old lady a show.  Check out is not til Noon!  Why would they come in my room?!

Well that was a Sunday morning mood changer!  We did laugh about it thinking how we didn't get the service we wanted the night before and got a little too much service in the morning!

Still a great looking hotel that needs to iron out service.

Another note I should make is that if you want morning room service it is best to order on the door card in advance.  We once forgot to do so and it took a while to get ahold of someone ( the phone would ring theough to the operator).

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
352. Lorrie M.
This place is truly gorgeous and, as Connie C. mentioned, an indulgence in SF.

I'm not typically a hotel hound when it comes to San Francisco because, after all, it is practically my home town, so I have no need to stay in a hotel here. Recently I had a chance to check out not only the rooms but also the amazing roof-top views of the Ferry building and the Bay Bridge.

At night, this place is quiet, quaint and truly a romantic place to be. You can bring your drinks to the rooftop and enjoy a gorgeous view while relaxing in lounge chairs. The hallways are filled with smells of dried lavender in the holders of each room number.

The beds are fairly well sized as well as the rooms themselves, and the bathrooms are definitely funky with that spa feel. Recommended for a great location! Just don't try to park here ...

19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
353. Donna S.
Love this place! Can be pretty pricey, but they have good specials--always ask.  AND the JdV Club is well we worth signing up for. Free upgrades if available.

Rooms are VERY well done, contemporary & relatively new (as opposed to MANY properties in SF that are OLD  & revamped- read: small with LOADS of layers of paint.) GREAT BALCONIES to relax & watch the Ferry Bldg. & all its bustling crowds.

Front side has AMAZING views, but a bit more noisy, at least during day. PRIME Ferry Building/Saturday Farmer's Market location!!

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0