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Metro Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Metro Hotel in San Francisco, CA


The Metro Hotel, San Francisco is the place locals recommend to friends and family.  We're a clean, budget friendly hotel located in the heart of San Francisco's vibrant Haight-Ashbury and Castro neighborhoods.  We pride ourselves on making your visit to San Francisco special by guiding you towards places locals love to eat, shop and play.  Stay at the Metro and experience San Francisco as its meant to be!


Company Info:

Rating: 4.23

Address: 319 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA, 94117
  • Mon: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tue: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wed: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thu: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Comments (121):

1. abby c.
AWESOME dinner; their prix fixe (avail sun-thur) is a three-course delicacy and very affordable at $15. try it, you'll love it and say hi to benjamin, the cutest frenchie waiter you'll ever meet. oh-- and don't forget the wine list!  :P

03/10/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Carlos C.
I haven't seen the rooms, but I have to disagree with Gourmet G. on the location . . . this place is right between Haight Ashbury and the lower haight and within waking distance of GG park, Castro and Civic center. How much more of a central of location is there for an SF tourist?

03/08/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Jude F.
Great location, extraordinarily reasonable prices (think Kansas City, not the Haight). This hotel clearly used to be Something Else, and the bizarre room layouts show it. My Dad stayed here when he came to visit me and I think his room was taller than it was wide. However, loaded with personality.

26/05/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Catherine D.
This hotel is a great place to have friends and family stay if your guest room is already full. Friends of mine stayed here and found it really friendly and affordabe. It is close to the Castro,Haight and Mission.  There is also a great back patio & good french restaurant next door. If you have friends in town that are too hip to stay downtown and take the cable car ride, I would highly recommend this place. The rooms are not huge, but your not in Kansas either.

06/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. scott c.
have stayed there several times most recently to see ufo. proximity to the independant and several good restaurants and bars is excellent. hotel staff is always freindly and efficient. not fancy but clean. hey for the price $87 for a queen is wonderful. i can only give it 3 stars on account of the noise level. the front rooms face divisidero with all the street noise untill 3:00am. the last time i was there with the wife we stayed facing the back garden. anything but tranquil. i think the restaurant staff or house keeping was partying  it up untill the wee hours of the morning. all in all i would stay there again.

25/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Pinchepartygirl G.
my boyfriend and i stayed here for NYE week.  $350 bucks for about four nights and you get your own shower. (we had shopped around before and there were hostels with shared baths that were more expensive than this!) Yes, the room was tiny, but i dont come to SF to spend my entire trip in my hotel room.  It is very basic, but very clean.  We had nice, friendly neighbors.  Our room was facing Divisadero and was a bit noisy, but we loved that! Nice outdoor patio were you can eat (its huge!) I think they usually have a cafe, but i think it was closed during our stay, which was okay because there is two yummy quick bites on the block: bus stop pizza and kk cafe. Great location in lower haight.  Walking distance to shopping on haight/ashbury. nice lil bar scene on Divisadero. if you must, bring your own hairdryer and iron (they dont have these standary at the Metro hotel)  VERY friendly staff!  This is my stay from now on!

27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Metro H.
A great discovery!  its a small european style establishment. All the rooms have private bath rooms and its very clean and affordable. The location is excelent very central and easy to get to all the attractions that make san francisco beautifull. The manager is so charming and helpfull its a pleasure just to be around him with his wit and wisdom beyond his years you cant help but to keep coming back and staying at the best little hotel in the city.

02/03/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Jen B.
It was very basic. It was clean. It was in excellent proximity to the Independet and Haight Street shops. It gave me the creeps when it came time to use the bathroom or change my clothes.

My visit to the Metro Hotel could have been much, much worse.. so please don't get me wrong, it was better than a lot of places. However, my room had a medium size hole ripped in the wall with a piece of computer paper taped over part of it that said "don't look here" on it, and this hole had a direct view of the shower and the bed. I've seen some 20/20 shows about hidden cameras and people putting footage of the unsuspecting and naked on the internet, so I was really freaked out about that. My room was also very hot with the scent of lemon pledge, and the fan made a horrible amount of clicking noise. The bed was hard, but again.. san fransicso and less than $200.. so not bad.
We actually left around 11:30PM and did not stay the night because the noise/hole in the wall were just too much for my mind to relax. The guy at the front desk wasn't nearly as nice as Jessica O's experience and when I went to check out, he told me he couldn't produce any paperwork for me because it was "too late." I assume I paid the full amount, where a larger property would have charged me for "half day", but whatever. I understand.

Very odd place. If you're not easily disturbed by holes above your bed and shower that nobody told you about, this'll be your place. Hell, it was extremely clean and that's the best thing I can say about it. If there weren't holes in the wall, I'd come back to see another show at the Independent.

01/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. a a.
Good rates for the location, but not for the size of the room.

My girlfriend and I got a room with a queen sized bed for a week while I was looking for an apartment last Winter. This place was around $70 per night for our room with queen size bed, but the room did not have much space to fit anything else besides the bed. The people at the front desk were extremely friendly. The hotel in general was clean and comfortable. I don't have anything to complain about besides the small room size... but everything else this place offeres definitely makes up for it. I should mention there is free wifi here, which you get a code for at the front desk.

The neighborhood is one of my favorites in San Francisco... I liked it so much, I'm actually trying to find an apartment in the area.

For tourists, I think its actually a pretty good location.. right in the middle of SF. Next door to the hotel is a French resturaunt, there is Herbivore nearby for a taste of all-vegan cuisine, there is a decent taqueria, a couple of Thai places, some bars, Ethiopian food, a cheesesteak shop etc. - fairly diverse, which I think is essentially the SF experience (forget Fisherman's Wharf and those damn sourdough bread bowls). If you want to get out of the neighborhood, the N-Judah is nearby (Castro, Downtown, etc.) and the Haight is a short walk away. Japan Town is just to the north (accessible by the Divisidero muni bus, the 33 I think) and GG Park is a little to the west (~20 minute walk, or a short cab ride.. there might also be a bus running that way, but I'm not sure). Also, Buena Vista park is close by, the top of which is good for a picnic and a beautiful  view of the city.

If you want a good deal (i.e. cheap) per night at a hotel in a good location, I would say check out Metro Hotel. If you would rather have more space, but a less desirable location at roughly the same price, I would say look at the Geary Parkway Motel.

14/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Nora S.
My parents always stay here when they're visiting me in the city (my old apartment was just over a block away).

One room (small, with a window overlooking the airshaft) did give my dad claustrophobia, but the staff was friendly and helpful, and juggled reservations to get him a room with a slightly more open view the next night. The prices are beyond reasonable, and the cafe downstairs sent my mom into paroxyms of joy.

10/08/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Jennifer W.
I have to agree with Miss K.Y.  I consider myself to be a savvy traveler.  I don't recoil at the thought of urban environments, and figured the loss of perks was worth the price in such a great location.  My room, while advertised as "clean," was not anything like the picture.  Not to mention, a first floor room really means a room two flights of stairs away.  While this may not matter to most, for someone with a handicap, this is important information that isn't included on the website.  I tried to be adaptable, tried to see it through, but in the end, the complete lack of parking (what is this free parking mentioned? I suppose it's free if you're willing to drive around the block for 3 hours to find it!) is what drove me away.  I ended up out near SFO, and lost a night's rate in the process.  I was not impressed.

27/10/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Jackie O.
I have never stayed here but I have sent 3 different people to stay here while visiting. Most recently, my brother and his girlfriend came up for a visit and stayed 3 nights here. You really can't beat the price for the central location, free overnight parking, friendly service, and clean room. Yes, the rooms are small. But who comes to San Francisco to hang out in a hotel all day, anyway? Its a place to lay your head after a long day and for a price that won't use up all your vacation money. My brother and his girlfriend loved it, especially since they had more money left over for food, drinks, etc. than if they had stayed in a touristy area in a fancy hotel!

02/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Miriam W.
When three friends showed up unexpectedly from my hometown at 10pm on a Friday, I booked them here. And it was cheap. I visited their room (it faced the sreet), and while certainly not plush, it was clean and not too terribly small (but then again I live in a 410 sq. ft. apartment, so keep that in mind.)

22/09/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Mai T.
This place gets 4 stars, for cleanliness, friendly staff, cheap rates, and location.

It's located in Lower Haight area, close to everything.  We had a concert in the Civic Center area, and drinks near the Castro, so it was great to have this hotel so close by.  The staff is super friendly and we only paid $77 for a room facing the garden, private bath, queen bed.  The room is modest and very small, but a full weekend in the City never entails spending more than just shut eye in the hotel room.

The hotel is clean and smells clean--linens don't smell like the gross Best Western linens, but clean and crisp.  

Best of all, there's parking available from 6 pm to 9 am, and all day on Sunday.  So party on Saturday nights and sleep in.  I would definitely stay here again!

10/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Mike E.
Great spot for a stay in SF.  The room and architecture is reminiscent of a boutique hotel in London. The people are super nice and very much local San Franciscans.

11/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Andrea S.
This was the perfect budget lodging! The staff are always asking if you want help/recommendations.. and seem genuinely curious about what you've been up to/ what you liked during your day. Clean rooms, nice location close to transportation (one short block to bus stops).

24/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Susan D.
Great bargain for the neighborhood. Clean, neat.  OK, no luxury -- no little shampoo bottles, no blow dryers, TV is tiny. The staff is VERY PLEASANT, always greeting us with a smile and offering assistance.  I've stayed 3 times in the last year, and I'll be back!

17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Jessica O.
If you are going to be traveling to San Francisco & aren't necessarily looking for 5-star, fancy-schmancy accommodations, I highly recommend the Metro Hotel. We had a small bed in a small room with a TV, a dresser, and a little private bathroom. But what else do you need while staying in an exciting city like San Francisco?!

The staff was very friendly; upon our arrival, the man who checked us in insisted that we eat a Newman O, and fresh, organic strawberries & oranges were always available by the front desk. AND, they have posters about "going green" plastered all over the lobby, which is reflected in even their toilet paper: it's made of recycled paper.

Since the hotel was so inexpensive (especially compared to some other places), I was a little nervous about how clean it would be... But it was really very nice, and we had our own private (and spotlessly clean!) bathroom--as opposed to some other cheap places that have "communal" bathrooms. No thanks!

One word of caution... The place doesn't have an elevator, and the lobby is the only thing on the first floor, so even though our room number was 102, it was still on the second floor. So, if you're not excited about hauling heavy suitcases up several flights of stairs, I recommend rooms in the "100"s for convenience. It's just one easy set of stairs that way!

18/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Ambria S.
My girlfriends and I wanted to stay in SF for new years, and looked for the cheapest place. This was one of them, and though we had one more person along with us, we figured we could just ask for a roll out bed for her. When we got to our room (one with a queen size bed), we realized there was nowhere to put a roll out bed. In fact, there wasn't much room for anything but the three of us. It was very small...not cramped, but just a little beyond cozy.
We spent most of our time out of the room, so it wasn't bad. The bathroom was dinky but very clean, and the sink was outside of the bathroom, but it didn't really pose a problem.
The three of us ended sharing one bed (haha, don't recommend this if you've got issues with personal space), which wasn't too bad. Sharing the mirror between three girls was the hardest part!
Outside is a pretty little courtyard, and I was able to use it for some alone time in the morning, which was much appreciated.

In sum : Small but neat, EXCELLENT location (right by haight/castro), don't try to pack more than three people in a room.

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Kathleen R.
this place is very charming and the customer service is superb.

07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Pink T.
reason for the trip to sf, gf had an interview. we were looking forward to a fun extended memorial day weekend road trip. we booked two nights at the metro hotel due in part to the yelp reviews and price.

unfortunately i fell ill and we had to leave a day later. gf called the hotel and informed them we wouldn't be checking in sunday night but we were hopping i would be well enough to check in monday night. they didn't charge us for the night we couldn't make it! amazing customer service! i was blown away!

the hotel had a hostel feel. i love that sf keeps the historic integrity of the buildings but makes comfortable updates inside. the room was small yet had enough room for the two of us to maneuver around. the tv was small and the batteries in the remote were dead but who cares, we were just 6 blocks to haight ashbury! the bathroom was remodeled and modern but the shower was tiny and the shower head was low. the closet had sufficient space for our belongings. the walls were thin but the neighbors were not attempting reproduction so i didn't mind the background snoring or the tv next door . the garden area is cute and i bet a ton of people use this space during the summer. the wifi is spotty but it gets the job done. the cell phone service struggled but calls were made outside on divisadero. the adjoining restaurant was delicious!

the four stars were for:
jason - customer service
overall feel of the joint

we'll be back if they'll have us!!!

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Chris D.
4 is the average.

3 stars for anything over 2 nights as you'd like to spread out just a little bit after trekking all day and night.

5 stars for the price, location, design, and staff friendliness.

3 stars for the cleanliness.  It could have been better and could have been worse.

5 stars for attached restaurant and deck out back.  Brunch with visitors couldn't be easier and it gives them a feeling of having you over to their place.

3 stars for difficulty getting a room.  Book ahead...this is not a best kept secret.

5 stars for diversity of patrons and staff.

Good for parents on a short stay or friends who like to git in the mix of it all for a longer stays and don't mind the slight inconveniences.

Like I said..it averages 4 stars.

20/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Miss K.
I really wanted Metro Hotel to be clean and cheap. I didnt care how small the rooms were. I didnt care if we had to walk in the door and roll onto the bed.

We just moved here from across the country, so god knows we have troops of guests that just wont fit in our apartment all at once. Because its so close to home, we stopped in one day and asked to see a room.

One star for the location (close to us and lots to do)
And thats all the stars I can dole out.

I am torn because it seems like everyone else thought it was clean? I stepped into the room and recoiled as if I had just seen my parents having sex. I wouldnt walk barefoot in this room if you paid me. The picture here on yelp looks great... where was this room? The room we were shown had no bathroom, wood paneling, and a bed that looked like hundreds of illegitimate babies were both concieved in and born upon. Stains and all.

25/06/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Laura A.
this is my go-to hotel when i visit san francisco. it's nice to not have to stay in union square, and it's within walking distance to good food & shopping without being super touristy. oh and did i mention the price is insanely cheap -- 2 nights will run you around $130-$140, and that's including a private bathroom!
it's no frills for sure, but i don't have any complaints at all. this is the kind of place you use as a crash pad. the staff are very friendly and even held onto my keys for me when i went for a run. bring your own toiletries, hair dryer, etc cause those aren't included.
*oh the only thing i will say is that this place is not for those who have trouble climbing stairs. i don't think there's an elevator and you have to climb a flight to get to just the first floor of rooms.

ETA: okay, so my most recent visit i was not as impressed. i guess the rooms must vary a lot in size because the room we received was a bona-fide shoebox (it didn't even have a closet, just hooks on the wall) and it felt kind of dirty and worn out. i suspect because of bay to breakers going on during our visit maybe the housekeeping was a bit overwhelmed (they were sold out). also our room faced divisadero and there were NO CURTAINS on the windows so despite the blinds the sun was waking us up every morning at like 7. not fun. metro, do me a favor for my next visit and splurge on some freaking curtains!!

12/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Brad J.
This hotel truly is a disgrace. From the outside it looks very trendy and hip. The lobby hides the reality as well. We stayed in room 115 and checked out after one night. The room was filthy. Cobb webs on the ceilings. My wife did some dusting and the wash cloth wasblack. It looked like a storage room with some office chairs thrown in the corner. The headboard was not even attached to the bed or wall. It just banged around. The bed had to be 20 years old. It was completely collapsed and stained and you literally could not move without it making a loud abrasive noise. And, there is no parking. You are told to drive around the surrounding neighborhoods. Good luck!

10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Lisa W.
My mom wanted to come up to San Francisco for a couple of nights.  She usually visits with her boyfriend and they stay over by Fisherman's Warf because they like to do the touristy stuff.  But this time she was on her own and would be hanging out with me most of the time.  Since I live on the Panhandle, I have walked past the Metro Hotel a million times.  I decided to book her a room there.

The place was perfect for her.  The staff was super friendly and let her check in early.  The room was just right for one person and since it was in the back of the hotel, it was quiet.  She told me that she slept like a log each night.  It was clean and comfortable and easy for her to get around.

It's not for people who can't do stairs or have to have posh surroundings, but if you want a simple, clean room with friendly hotel staff that's in a location that can get you almost anywhere... check it out!

20/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. H R.
I loved staying here. GREAT location.

Pros: Close to transit system. Walking distance to lots of interesting places. I loved this quirky kind of inn/hotel vibe I got.  Cool Patio. Oh and cheap!

Cons: Small rooms. Like, the bed fits in there and that's pretty much it. But I only stayed a night or two, so no big deal. For a longer trip, I'd prolly want more room to move around. Parking... well I got lucky and found a spot on the cross street. I was smart and left my car there and used the buses instead to get around. I knew I'd never get so lucky again.

I'd stay here again definately.

25/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Crystal R.
The Metro is a great boutique hotel for the price. Yes, there are no elevators, no iron, and no refridgerator. However, the front desk staff are extremely helpful and will allow you to leave some leftovers in their fridge and are more than willing to help you find activities. The location is convenient and the garden outback is very pretty.

17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Amelia G.
I miss living in San Francisco more than anything so when I decided to book a hotel for an upcoming visit, I knew I wanted a place that felt local and genuine, not some soul-less monolith out by the Wharf. Metro Hotel was the answer to my prayers!

Staying here really did feel like living in the city again, for better and worse. Yes the rooms were small, and yes we had to walk up several flights of stairs, but that just made it feel like home! Everything was clean and comfortable which is really the most important thing. The staff was just like the hotel itself; quirky, friendly and helpful. The backyard patio is adorable and a very pleasant place to enjoy a book or have a few drinks with friends.

The location is of course one of the biggest draws. Divisadero has plenty of quirky shops, bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. It's walking distance to Lower Haight as well as the more touristy side of the street and just a block away from public transportation that will take you anywhere from Market to GG park. Parking is an issue, as is the case anywhere without a dedicated lot so just expect the headache from the get go.

For under $100 a night you get a private bathroom, clean place to sleep and access to some really cool areas usually not included on most tourist maps. I give it 5 starts because it was everything I was looking for, and nothing I wasn't. It was the perfect hotel for a "real" San Francisco weekend.

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Terry P.
This is a gem of a hotel. Desk clerks and owners are very accommodating and the hotel is in the heart of the Haight with all of its sites and sounds and restaurants. It is the only place we stay when in San Francisco. We hear that it is going to be closed in January to do some freshening up of the rooms and remodeling of the foyer. We will be anxious to see it. The amenities are lacking, because it is older but the friendliness of the folks and its location make up for the slight inconvenience.

20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Crystal R.
Close to Hyde and Ashury, bus stops, Castro, and everything you need. staff was very helpful, took the time show me a map and help me navigate through out the city without having to move my car. Parking is tough so if get parking on Page, stay there, dont move your car. Hotel is very strict on no smoking but small garden in the back where u can pufff away.

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. David C.
This cozy place has lots of style, very friendly service and great location. It's definitely is not cast from the usual hotel cookie cutter. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that the rooms were a bit small, but this was very reasonable for the price. I would totally stay here again.

20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Amy R.
I was hesitant about staying here bc of some of the negative reviews so I went ahead and called to ask some questions before I made arrangements. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very assuring that the hotel was clean and I would not be disappointed. She made a lasting impression on me and made me feel like I would not regret staying there.
As expected, I was very impressed I stayed in the room around the corner w/ its own little kitchenette and I loved it. I loved that I got a little taste of what it'd be like to live in the city. It made me feel like a local. The staff was nice and the room was great.
I also loved that there were so many cool restaurants and things to do in the area. I was able to walk all around the city with the hotel feeling like a center point. I like where the hotel is situated. Feels like it's smack dab in all the action, but also feels safe, and not too noisy.
I didn't experience any problems with Wifi, and I found the room to be clean.

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Aisha K.
Sigh. I really wanted to like this place. I don't need much when it comes to a room in a hotel. Luxury is nice, but when you just need a place to stay, the Metro Hotel seemed like the perfect fit. And for the most part, it had everything we needed in terms of the room itself. Small, but clean, and with some standard basic amenities, we were pretty pleased with the room itself.

Here's where it all went wrong. At around 1:30 am, when we were trying to get to sleep, it seemed like the people next to us were having a barfight and then snorting coke together, the people across from us were drunkely stumbling into one another's rooms, and that any second, one of these crazies would barge into our room mistakenly in a drunken/coked-out stupor. I understand that it would have been noisy in general because we were in a room that was right on the Divisadero side, but as for everything else....WOW, really? And the sad part is that we really tried hard to like it, wanted to love it, and the place just fell short of the mark =/ So that was our adventure. Maybe it was just an off night. But i'd just say beware the thin walls for noise issues and the potential crazies that might be in the room next door!

19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Jessica T.

the Metro Hotel is no swank, bubble bath, conditioner, shampoo, chocolate on the pillow, blow-dryer in the drawer, 20 towels, pay-per view, hotel stationary,  free tea, kind of place.


It's basic.

Slightly worn around the edges.


for a full size bed, in a safe convenient area, complimentary oranges at the front desk, with a long-term door clerk, back patio, off away from the street noise, with a private bathroom/shower, 13 inch TV,  FREE wifi, soap, heating, water glasses, three towels, extra blankets, fluffy pillows, and near a plethora of affordable cafes and restaurants -

kind of place,

All for only around $60 (with tax - it's around $70)

You cannot go wrong.

My mom is visiting from England, and this place has been amazing and quaint. I don't have to stress how she's going to find her way downtown. I'm close-by to her. She's surrounded by many of my favorite places. And most importantly I know she's safe and not spending half of her vacation money on a place to stay.

The bed was a little hard for my liking, but I was so enamored by the quiet, small room, that I was even tempted to book myself in here sometime.

Seriously. (I have a suitcase packed and everything)

Just be sure to book quickly. The weekends fill up fast, and the room rates go up, according to the size of the bed in each room.

16/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Victoria G.
Clean and super friendly! Sweet Shaina at the front desk! Great prices. Only complaint... the street noise. Thank goodness for the ceiling fan which enabled us to shut the windows ( to shut out the noise) without roasting to death. Also, we had a bed frame that stuck out wider than the bed... in a small room... makes it hard on the shins. Would def recommend, great location. Thanks all.

25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Monica S.
I don't understand why this hotel gets such high reviews.

Walking to our room the first thing I thought was, "Man this place is freaking haunted I know it..." As I open the door I was immediately stunned at how small the room was. I understand it is San Francisco, but damn! It was basically 1 full bed with about a foot of space around each side of it. In true San Francisco like fashion, the window the the left of the bed gave clear view of somebody's home. I tried to get some sleep, but the walls are so thin it's ridiculously impossible to get any when you hear conversations of everybody within the floor (or was it a ghost...) On the bright side, the bathrooms are clean and the towels not so dingy.

This is okay for one person who doesn't care about space, but it could get claustrophobic with even 2.

25/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Etienne L.
25 March 2010

RE: Yelp Review - San Francisco - Hotel Metro

The Hotel Metro is a small boutique hotel situated in the lovely neighborhood of Lower Haight in the great city of San Francisco. If you are looking for a place to stay in the city for a couple of days without the angst that comes with bumping into tourists fumbling around with their digital cameras and shopping bags every second, the Hotel Metro is the place to sleep.

My friend and I were visiting San Francisco for the weekend and wanted a place to stay that was clean, cheap, and close to everything that San Francisco has to offer. We found all of these qualities in the Hotel Metro. We stayed in Room 107, which is located on the second floor and is furnished with a full-sized bed. The nightly rate for us was $76.00, which is a great deal in the overpriced hotel market that seems to afflict San Francisco.

One thing that should be noted is that there are no hotel rooms on the ground floor since this is where the hotel lobby and reception area are located to warmly welcome its guests. Therefore, guests that are disabled or are unable to walk up a flight of stairs should be aware that this hotel does not have an elevator for you to use. Honestly, if you are not able to walk up a short flight of stairs, I really do not know what you are doing in San Francisco. Welcome to the "Seven Hills of San Francisco." In reality, there are 46 named hills in the city. Please use this information wisely as you prepare for your gig as a contestant on Jeopardy with Alex Trebek.

The following is a list of positive aspects about the Hotel Metro:

* Members of hotel staff are extremely friendly and welcoming.
* Free wireless Internet access for all guests, so bring your laptops.
* Complimentary tangerines placed in the lobby for guests to enjoy.
* Clean and spacious bathrooms in each hotel room.
* Free cable access to an array of television channels.
* Cute garden terrace for guests to hang out and mingle.
* Close to public transportation with easy access to the Golden Gate Bridge and Union Square.
* Walking distance from the Castro and Haight-Ashbury neighborhoods.
* 10 blocks away from all the museums in Golden Gate Park.
* Many trendy cafés and restaurants located all along Divisadero Street.
* Free parking located near the hotel on side streets and all along Buena Vista Park.
* Ceiling fans and heaters are located in each room and are fully functioning.
* The beds and pillows are cozy and comfortable.

The following is a list of negative aspects about the Hotel Metro:

* No toiletries are provided other than liquid hand soap, so bring your own soap and shampoo.
* The room is on the smaller size, but there is more than enough room for all your luggage.
* The blankets and bedspreads could use some updating.

25/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Jordan P.
My mom just checked out from her second stay at the Metro, and I've got to say, it surpassed both of our expectations. The place offers small, simple rooms at an affordable price in a good part of town. It also offers the best front-desk service I've ever had at a hotel - every single staff member was super friendly and really, really helpful. They helped my mom book her shuttle to the airport, print her boarding pass and check in for her flight on time, and did it all with a smile.

The room itself was clean, and the bathroom is modern and spacious, there was free wireless, and there's also a person at the desk from 7:00 am until midnight, which is great if you need a late check in or early check out.

Thanks, Metro, for another great stay for my mom!

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. danielle b.
Never wrote about my stay here.

Everyone talks about how LOUD it is off the street....Not sure what youre talking about AT ALL. The very faint sounds of cars driving by put me right to sleep.

For what we paid, this was the best hotel imaginable. We were on the second floor, opened our windows at nice to get a nice breeze going. Yea, the room could probably be updated and yea, I didnt know they made showers THAT small, but it totally served its purpose. No real complaints. Its pretty central IF and ONLY if, youre NOT doing the typical tourist thing.

We were within five to ten minutes walk of food heaven in every direction, multiple bus lines. close to alamo square, buena vista park, the mission, lower haight..

I cant get enough of this location....im getting second home sick thinking about it

28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Kelly N.
This is one cute little hotel. Gives you a good feel of the San Francisco vibe.

The staff was so helpful and kind, held our bags for us while we trucked around the city, let us use the restroom (even though the first day apparently there was a New Zealand band member sleeping in it) which I thought was absolutely perfect for our rocknroll weekend.

The room are quaint and tiddy, which was fine because we really only need a place to crash and shower. And it's just a short walk from Haight Ashbury so i'st a great location.

This place has some real charm and excellent rates, I will surely make this my second home in San Fran from now on :)

09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Maronita I.
Boy did we have high hopes for this hotel...

The location is great. The people are delightful. The rate is outstanding in a low price kind of way. The surrounding area is a great place to visit. Haight & Ashbury are right down the street. Great place to stay if you don't care about how run down it is... We actually found 3 bed bugs in the spare room of our hotel room. Room 110. I DO NOT recommend this room to anyone....it is the largest room they have which also means it has more traffic.

The housekeeping lady, Blanca, was extremely kind and helpful.
They have tangerines and donuts in the lobby which is very nice. But I'm not sure if it makes up for the lack of cleanliness put forth in the rooms.

We had a grand time despite the hiccup. We even climbed out the window from our room and sat on the small patio there and watched people go by. It was awesome. I just cant get over the bugs. I was disgusted and made sure to wash everything I had there twice in HOT water. Not a good look. Hopefully the owner will read this and revamp!

21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Ben S.
My wife and I stayed here for two nights during our 8 day trip to CA. great place. the room we stayed in was in the back, over looking the garden/rest. area. The room was a bit tight as well as the shower, but we knew that going in. Great customer service the entire stay and free parking around the corner (did have to move it the first morning due to street cleaning). Good resturants around the area and good location. great place for the low cost. would certainly stay there again!

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Joseph M.
We loved this place--it was a bargain the way some hotels in SF were thirty years ago.  Being a short walk from Nopa and having a great gourmet market around the corner helped it along.  I had to move our car both mornings by 7 a.m. but the fact that I could still find free parking in the neighborhood at all was wonderful.  This is an especially great location if you're heading to the de Young for a show, as we were--the shower was tight and there were some odd architectural decisions in the rooms, but if you want a comfy place to crash and if you've got a car in SF, this is a great place! We also much liked the staff!

19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Dawn R.
First the good..... it's CHEAP! It's CLEAN! It's been recently updated.

Now the bad. NO ELEVATOR. We stayed on the second floor. I'm not sure how an older person would be able to get up and down those stairs, especially with luggage. The shower is teeny tiny. My husband says it is the size of an airplane bathroom. I'm not sure how a large person could use a shower that small. The room is tiny also and the sink area is right next to the bed. So if one person wants to get ready in the morning the other person will likely be woken up by the light and the noise. No Kleenex in the room, no hand towels, no desk, paper or pen. Our room has been super noisy because of people slamming their room door in the mornings and the restaurant noise in the garden area at night. Our room smelled like Italian food much of the time. No darkening curtains on the window, so it gets light very early in the morning.

Better bring your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap while you're at it because you won't be finding those little bottles in your room waiting for you.

All that being said I would stay here again because of the price and how clean and nice it is.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Jenn D.
Metro Hotel was the perfect place to host my family and wedding party for our special weekend this June. Shaina took excellent care of me and the rest of our guests. She is a ray of sunshine and really makes you feel at home. I really appreciate the hospitality and special treatment on our wedding weekend. We highly recommend this hotel for your wedding plans in San Francisco. Skip the chaos and price of Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, or North Beach. Divisadero/Lower Haight is a great treat for visitors of San Francisco. And Metro Hotel will make you feel like your money was more than well spent. Thank you Shaina!

04/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Renee B.
It is not cheap to stay in a hotel in San Francisco. Granted, it's not New York, but I am lucky to find a room under $150 near Union Square, even in crappy 2-star places it's been more difficult, regardless of the time of year I'm going.

Thank goodness for the Metro Hotel. I stayed here for a night in August with three friends and had a wonderful stay. We had the room with two queen beds and a double bed and it was a hell of a lot roomier than I expected it would be. There's a separate room that houses the double bed, which my friends and I dubbed the "sex dungeon." It doesn't look like a dungeon, but it looks like a room made just for "private times." The whole room was very clean and I was even surprised by how nice the bathroom was too. The front desk staff was very nice and were fast to respond to my emails before arriving. Free Wi-Fi here too!

If you're looking for a place to stay near Haight & Ashbury and don't expect Marriott/Sheraton/Hilton/Radisson quality rooms choose The Metro Hotel. Save that extra $50-$75 and book a room here so you can spend that money enjoying San Francisco's nightlife!

11/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Alyssa G.
Neighborhood: Lower Haight only a few blocks from the heart of the Haight-Ashbury district. I lived in SF for a short while, and my friends were thrilled that I'd gotten us a hotel to close to such an awesome part of the city. As always in SF, beware of hills. *ghost noises*

Building: Charming inside and out. An old house complete with large, bi-level patio under Christmas lights. This is not a fancy hotel. It's a well-kept bed-and-breakfast type minus the breakfast.

Staff: Everyone was wonderful to us. Funny, prompt and smiling.

Room: 110 is a dark rose color with white wainscoting comprised of 3 rooms:
- 1 large bedroom with 2 queen beds and a bay window.
- 1 bathroom off this room that is small, but pretty. You will think you're getting clean. :)
- 1 smaller, rectangular room. The full bed is raised up a few stairs and backed by a window.

Furniture: Pretty and comfortable

Cleanliness: No visible signs of nasty except for the pattern on the comforters... but that's not really what we're talking about.

Noise: We were on the street and didn't experience a problem. It's not the high traffic, though a bus stop is in the beginning of the next block. I live in NYC, though, so I'm not used to dead silence anymore.

Would I stay again: Abso-freakin-lutely

17/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Cindi W.
Great! For what you pay for it is the best place. Clean, small room, but nice. Friendly staff. In a great neighborhood with many things to see and do.
As far as noisy, well, hey, it is San Francisco, but, we slept a good 8 hours. Especially since the restaurant next door throws bottles in the can outside for about an hour. Well, hey, they are a restaurant! But, really, it wasn't noisy that bad. You will love this place. And the restaurant next door was pretty good too! next review.

Thanks to all the staff for making our stay great!!

08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. jae f.
We was kicked out for drinking til the early hours, sorry about that....

08/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Ann Marie H.
For a hotel in the heart of San Fransisco, this place is a steal!

The rooms are simple and the building is older, but the it's clean and the garden area is precious.  The staff is friendly and personable.  The best feature is it's location.  The hotel is in the middle of the City:
- so yes, it does get a bit noisy especially on weekends, but if you want quiet - well maybe the suburbs or the country would be more appropriate;
- but it's also walking distance to half of San Fransisco

You'll easily spend twice as much anywhere else.

06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Jackie S.
Will definitely come back and stay here. I hate dirty restrooms but these were really nice and clean. The restrooms seem remodeled like new. The beds were comfortable and our room view was nice:)

Great location! Bar in front, coffee shop on one corner, Thai restaurant in front, and about 6 little clothing shops and Thrift stores around the block. Castro district 10 minutes away walking distance:)

Free oranges and apples in the morning:)

14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Meg r.
Loved the location and the room size. What more do you need than a place to sleep in a neighborhood you can walk around in.

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Donna L.
The Metro is a hidden gem!  The neighborhood can't be beat; so close to great restaurants, Golden Gate Park, bus lines, shopping etc.  We knew before we came that this was an older hotel and came prepared with our own bath soap and shampoo.  Our original room had a problem with the bathroom that was being repaired when we arrived, so we were moved to a larger room, facing the street.  We loved the extra space and the alcove.  The accommodating staff moved our luggage to our original room the next day while we were out.  They were kind enough to hold our luggage on the last day so we could finish checking out the neighborhood.  We will stay here again for sure!

03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Danielle M.
Friendly staff, newly renovated room, great location.  For the price it was definitely worth it.  A few downsides: no refrigerator, the shower was very small, and finding parking was a hassle.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. jey o.
Family and friends have stayed here a bunch of times. Nice rooms (even if some are on small side), awesome location (close to a ton of stores/restaurants) and very affordable. Love the fact that you get to really experience san francisco if you stay here and explore the cool neighborhoods within walking distance (lower haight, upper haight, divisadero has a ton of cool stuff, golden gate park, etc) rather than the 2,000 room mariott by the "tourist shopping headquarters".

08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Erin C.
This hotel is perfect for someone looking for a super affordable room but is wiling to give up the perks of a 5 star luxury hotel.  In reading the other reviews, we went in knowing what to expect.  Clean and simple, no frills but great service.  We got exactly what we were expecting.  The room was small but clean.  The staff was super helpful.  The area is great and surrounded by a ton of great eateries, including the pizza joint next door.  Would definitely recommend to someone who is looking to spend their time exploring SF and not relaxing in a hotel room.

18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Kathleen R.
Reading the previous reviews, there is little for me to add. Friendly and helpful staff.
Clean room. Comfortable bed. Small room but efficient space. Great, fun location. Very interesting to stay in a 'neighborhood' with great access to coffee shops and restaurants, Haight Ashbury and Golden Gate Park. No need for AC - San Francisco temps are perfect. Rooms on the garden side of the building are very quiet. Bring your own tissues, shampoo and lotion. All in all, a perfect place to come back to at the end of the day.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Brad G.
Clean and comfortable accommodations and a super friendly and helpful staff. I mentioned in passing during check in that I needed to find a Tmobile store to get an American SIM card and later in my room I got a phone call from the front desk- he had found several Tmobile stores and had recommendations of which one I should go to. It made me smile. This place is too good and too cute for its tiny cost. Well placed near great districts and one block from the bus to take you downtown.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Eric W.
What a lovely surprise. On a tip from a friend I stayed here for a week.

Great location close to food, shopping and transportation. Front desk folks are dynamite. It's a straight forward joint; if you want little bottles of shampoo and chocolates on your pillows go somewhere else. If you need a place to crash after roaming the city, that's clean and priced unbeatably this is your place.

It's a neighborhood spot, so you'll get the sites and sounds like you were living it. Perfect for me.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Sara R.
Wow! What an amazing find! After trolling the Internet for a decent place to stay, everything was either booked or super expensive. Now that I have found The Metro, I will never stay anywhere else while visiting the city.

Are the rooms ginormous? No, but it wasn't claustrophobic either. The room had 2 queen beds and was super clean and modern. The cute little sitting area in the window was awesome, and the windows actually completely opened.

Front desk staff was amazingly nice and super helpful. They called cabs, offered recommendations and were able to answer any questions.

I cant praise this place enough!

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. John P.
When I come to SF, i don't like to stay in the Union Square/Downtown area, I just don't like the area and it way to close to the dumpy Tenderloin.  So i decided to search a place that is off the beaten path and found Hotel Metro.
I loved this hotel.  We got the largest room which was around the corner from the actual hotel and it felt like we had our own apartment in a great neighborhood of San Francisco.  The room was really clean and very spacious. This hotel is in great walking distance to a lot of great bars and the N Line is a few blocks away so getting anywhere around the city is pretty easy.  I am going to definitely consider the place again in my next visit to San Francisco.

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Jennie W.
The Metro Hotel is an absolute steal.

It's small and the rooms are simple, but it's clean, well-kept and the staff is incredible.

Both Shaina and Matt were super helpful by calling cabs, suggesting restaurants and making sure we were enjoying our stay. Initially we were going to have to change rooms on our last night (and go from a queen to a full-size bed...total bummer) but Shaina noticed a cancellation and we were able to enjoy our entire stay in one room.

The location is perfect if you're looking to get lost in the many neighborhoods of SF. You're walking distance from tons of a amazing restaurants including suppenkuche, The WestWood, The Little Chihuahua & Magnolia, and only a short cab ride from Downtown shopping, The Golden Gate Bridge & a ton of other great spots.

While the price is obviously a huge selling point for The Metro Hotel, the location and staff are unbeatable.

Odds are if you're traveling to SF, you're not spending hours on end in a hotel room. If you are, or you want things like a mini-fridge, room service or complementary toiletries, then The Metro Hotel might not be for you.

For us, saving cash, meeting great people and staying at a spot away from tourist traps was totally worth packing a few trial-size shampoos.

12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Gourmet G.
This former apartment house was reconfigured with capacity rather than comfort in mind, so many of the twenty-four rooms are extremely small and/or oddly configured, as witnessed in the photo I've provided - the room is a hair wider than the bed, above which there's a bare, oddly off-center window. Front rooms tend to be slightly larger, but unfortunately they overlook a heavily-trafficked and therefore noisy four-lane street. Clean, cheerless, but very, very cheap - well under $100 per night - it's in a location convenient only if you live nearby and your apartment is too small to provide enough breathing room for yourself, let alone out-of-town guests. Otherwise there's no reason to stay on this unattractive strip of Divisadero, far from anything that would appeal to tourists, unless you're on a strict budget and don't mind a schlep-and-a-half to see the sights.

22/07/05 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Jenny H.
Stayed here for 2 nights to attend a wedding. Parking is about a 5-minute walk to a DMV parking lot, I believe it was around $7-8/day. It will say it expires the next day at 6am no matter what time you buy it, but apparently it doesn't mean anything.

All the rooms in the hotel are unique, and it feels like you're staying in an apartment. The area is nice, not crowded, friendly front desk staff, GREAT location in SF with still having reasonable pricing... It's not one of those fancy hotels for sure, but it has its own charm and other nice qualities that make it enjoyable to stay at.

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Stanley X.
Eh, it was a room. And it was the last room. We managed to get a last minute spot. It was a box. That's it. The only window looked over the loud court yard of the adjoining restaurant. It felt very claustrophobic. No ambiance. One chair and a ceiling fan that was not calibrated so if you need air, they thing made a clunking noise every full rotation. It became quite maddening in the late morning hours. The bathroom was a bathroom. We expected more but it was a roof over our head. We'd probably stay again if promised not to have that room.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. Daniel K.
First of all really great location. Room was cute, with tall windows overlooking the street. We stayed in room 101. Only 100 bucks a night! Awesome start to our vacation. Will/would def come back.

14/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. AJ J.
I stayed in room 110 with two friends. The third bed has its own little room making the space comfortable enough for three people. The room was small but not tiny, and everything was clean. The street noise is an issue for light sleepers, but it would not stop me from booking the Metro Hotel for a future trip. I can't emphasize enough how great EVERY staff member was. They were so helpful; be it a request for an extra blanket, a recommendation for dinner, or help with the bus schedule, the employees were happy to oblige.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Jy B.
Yes, 5 Stars for this amazing find! This hotel is very reasonable, inexpensive, small hotel yet very very clean. I got lucky coming across this hotel. I trusted the yelpers that wrote a good review about this place and they were absolutely right! You get what you pay for as to how i would put it. The rooms vary. The one i booked was just about right. The bathrooms were newly renovated. The bed was clean and comfy. It's very minimalist which i think is great. I would definitely come back here. It is located around cool vintage stores and hip bars and restaurants. Take my word for it, this place is a gem!

12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Vlren P.
Great Location, just an uphill walk to Haight-Ashbury area. Close to grocery store, gas station, liquor stores. Nice hipster neighborhood. Street parking only, watch for signs. We were in Room 109, 2 twin beds, only room with little patio, away from all street noise. Room was very clean, fresh new paint, 2 flat screen TVs, bathroom with standing shower, couple of big windows with blinds. It was $100/night for non peak weekend.

Room was ready for check in on arrival. Person at the counter was very helpful with lots of tips & restaurant options. They have bunch of books to read in their small lobby. I loved their creative idea about writing weather & current events information on a big black wall. Taxi call by hotel arrives promptly. 2-3 minutes. We tried calling overself, didn't show up even after 30-mins. $45.00 for taxi from SFO airport. 45 min drive, oneway. Its worth it for 2 or more.

Doesn't have elevator. Stairs only.

15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Jon B.
Our mission for our '12 vacation was to explore the place were the hippy movement settled and after watching the movie Sweet November we saw scenes of victorian style houses , so we wanted to find a hotel that was within the vicinity of Haight Ashbury and yes indeed we found it.

First day of check-in, this place is clean and it looked as though they were doing final touch ups of renovating. The lady that checked us in seemed to be the owner or manager of the place and she was pleasant/friendly. I was hoping to get a room with a view of the street but we ended up getting the backend were our window just gives us a narrow view of a side pathway, but who cares! the room we had was superb! it had a bit of a modern feel to it rather than an oldie room. There is a flat screen posted on the wall facing the bed, which I found the TV a bit small on lots of wall space. Lighting is great here, when where reading our iPhones at night before sleeping there is lights that go right above you on the ceiling that you can utilize when reading a mag or something.

I'm gonna go back about there customer service on this one, on our entire stay here, there was maybe two different front desk people that were helpful, they even hooked us up on district maps and had cool personalities.

Parking, If you get lucky and can find curb side great, both blocks in between this hotel is uphill, a reminder for outsiders to make sure you angle your wheels. The Metro Hotel offers special parking at a DMV parking lot about a block away. The hotel provides you a special code for overnight parking at a discounted rate, I highly recommend it when there's no parking available or when you are making multiple stays.

There is a place called Delessio market and bakery, right across the street from here where locals go as well, we haven't tried it but that place looks enticing. Comic book geeks that stay, there is a comic book store next door.

Overall nice stay here, it feels like pure frisco, right down to the boiling pot of one of the interesting districts to visit, victorian style houses on this block makes you wanna take pictures. When I think of the unique Divisadero street name, I think about our stay at this Metro Hotel.

18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Shelley P.
I've seen better accommodations.  It's very, very small.  What can you expect for a room as inexpensive as this one was.

The wi-fi didn't work during my stay.  Depressing.

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
73. Jon A.
I took a 25 day trip in March around America. There was a random night in SF where I didn't have booked, and a friend flew in from Kansas that night -- and while we spent money on a trip to Guerneville, I wanted to save for potential wine & boozing in a hot tub, so up cropped the Metro for a short 12 hour stay. It had everything I needed & wanted: a cheery front staff, a standard bed, a bathroom, and it simply isn't dingy. And the location is excellent. Maybe prime location in fact. 10 years ago you may have felt far away from everything... now... there's no reason to leave this neighborhood if you're staying for a day or so, and it's central for all touring needs. You may say, "oh the rooms are small." Oh, are you in the best city in the world for your room?

The Metro is the first & last hotel I always recommend for anyone staying in town.

19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. April N.
I really wish there were half stars because I would definitely give them a 4.5. Everything about our stay here was amicable and the location was perfect for our itinerary. Metro Hotel is a small, cozy and warm nook amidst the very busy Haight area of SF. Right away I felt welcome and the woman at the front desk (I forget her name) made us feel comfortable and at ease. She even later brought up water and ice to our room when I was intensely hungover the next morning, what a gem! Our room was no frills, but clean and open. The big window that overlooked the street really took the space to another level and was so nice to watch the sunset with a glass of wine, which later turned into a people watching freakshow in the late hours. I would definitely come back again when staying in the area and you can't beat the price either!

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Matthew M.
For an inexpensive hotel the Metro is a good place to land when visiting San Fransisco; what this place lacks in amenities it more than makes up for in Service and quaintness.  We stayed five night, everyone was great to deal with and our room was always well put together.  Keep in mind there is no elevator and rooms in the front are right on the street so they are a bit noisy.  The big windows with the view of the neighborhood made the noise bearable tho...  We look forward to our next visit to San Fransisco and will probably choose the Metro Hotel again.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Katherine N.
This is now our favorite place to stay in San Francisco. Front desk is extremely accommodating and helpful room was modern and clean over looking a back garden area. Things to keep in mind are that there is no elevator (so travel light) and rooms are "tight". I completely accept these concessions since they fit everything I ever needed into the room - a comfortable plush bed, dresser and added plus of a ceiling fan. The bathroom in our room generous and pleasant as well. Each room is a bit different but Metro Hotel was exactly what we needed at the end of a long trip and in a perfect location too! Thank you Metro!

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Camilla B.
We stayed for two nights and loved it. We would stay here again hands down.

The Short version:
-very clean
-charming, stylish
-very nice and helpful staff
-comfy beds
-fun neighborhood
-small basic rooms, all you need
-heads up no elevator
-cheap but not free parking

The Long Version:
The price was very reasonable and the rooms were impeccably clean, especially the shower. The building is old and charming so yes the rooms are small and basic but they are updated with new paint, flat screens and linens. If you aren't spending too much time in the room, you don't need much more space. The beds were comfortable. Be aware there is no elevator but we didn't mind the exercise. The outdoor common area is a nice bonus. The neighborhood is full of great places to eat and drink walking distance. The staff at the front desk were very friendly and helpful and even worked out a way to save us a little extra on our booking by switching rooms the second night. The first room had a street view with big windows facing all the shops and lights below, which we loved because you feel more connected to the city, though we were told the noise level would be higher, we found it exciting. The second room was and interior room, less light from a smaller window but also no street view or street noise. We always look for basic accommodations in the city, comfortable and clean with nothing fancy in the $100-$120 a night range and this place far surpassed our expectations. We really enjoyed our stay and look forward to our next chance to stay at the Metro Hotel.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Alex K.
I needed a last minute place to stay, and this hotel was recommended by a few friends living in the city.  It's an old school hotel: narrow wooden staircase that leads to the rooms upstairs, a simple sitting room in the lobby with a few books and magazines, and the rooms are very small.

inexpensive, and a step up from a hostel.
center of the city
access to public transit
great restaurants nearby (NOPA, Bar Crudo, Nopalito)
friendly staff

tiny rooms

If you're visiting San Francisco, unless you have a view of the Bay from your hotel room, you shouldn't be staying much in your hotel room to begin with.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Stephanie M.
Love the hotel!! The young lady at the front desk helped us with checking in early after a horrible day. She made my day better! Rooms are small but it worked for us. Very accommodating and I appreciate it very much! The get 5 stars! Area is also good local bar is great and you don't have to worry about a bunch of drunk kids either. Great place! We will be back :)

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Perry H.
Another great stay for me.  I can't speak for my coworkers who didn't sleep at all due to the street noise.  We booked a triple room this visit which put us along the front of the hotel.  We were kept up at night due to street noise and restaurants putting out trash, then unfortunately, the trash trucks at 4AM.  Not good after a long flight and a upcoming early morning.  

That said the room was great and a good value for three beds.  The main room  had two doubles then there was another room (separated by a door) with another double.    In the past we stayed in a double room and got a rollaway.  In the future we'll do that again instead of the triple room as those are along the front of the building.  

All in all though, love this hotel and will return.  Just be sure you're in the back of the hotel.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Ashley M.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Metro. It is the only place I stay in SF. I can stay in any Hilton or Marriott for free and still I pay to stay here.

Reason #1: Location. The Metro is central to everything. You can walk or take transit to any major neighborhood in a very reasonable amount of time. The bridge and the wharf take a little longer, but you're only going to those places once anyway. You want to be where you can experience the shopping, culture, and cuisine each neighborhood has to offer.

Reason #2: Value. OMG, you are staying in the heart of SF for $88-$150?! Unbelievable! Still, a low price means nothing if the accommodations are dirty or uncomfortable. Here you will find basic rooms that are exceptionally clean and well maintained. The rooms aren't miniature and the beds are very comfortable. I can't speak for all the rooms, but I have always had a ceiling fan. I stayed here for the first time because I was looking for the cheapest place I could find that was not gross. I figured I would just keep my things there and crash at night. But I found a great place worthy of more than just crashing. I'm happy to spend a morning in my room with a coffee and a book, or nursing a hangover, or for a midday nap after walking all over the city.

Reason #3: Staff. The staff here is awesome. They treat you like friends and are happy to help with anything. They will hold your bags before or after checkout, call you a cab, help you get an airport transfer (and even get a deal on it), and they are super knowledgeable about the area and can make great recommendations. Also, they go above and beyond. On my last trip, I left my iPhone charger there. I spend a lot of time in hotels and have done this several times. I don't even contact the hotel to ask about it anymore. Within a few days of getting back to Raleigh, I received my charger in a padded mailer with the nicest handwritten note on a Metro Hotel postcard. THANKS SHANA, YOU RULE!!

Reason #4: Charm. I always get a room on Divisadero and it gives me a feeling that I could be living anytime in the last 100 years. I like to lay in bed in the morning and look out the window and imagine all the years of change in SF, and people from each period of time. I don't know the history of the building, but what is in my mind is probably more colorful. And it's the little things that add to that timeless charm: the 80s punk neon sign in front, the cute little unexpected courtyard in the back, the fact that they still use actual keys.

When I stay at the Metro, I feel incredibly welcome - like I'm visiting friends. My room feels like my own little flat. I like to come and go and speak to whoever is on duty, the other guests, etc. I have rarely gotten this feeling in the US, it's very much the feel of a small hotel in Europe. It's my special little oasis and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Hope to see you again later this year, Metro!!

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Sue C.
Love love LOVE this gem of a hotel in a great neighborhood.  Been there so often I think we've checked out every room!   rooms are small,but bathrooms are fresh and new, linens are crispy clean, and the staff makes you feel like you are " coming home". Just can't beat the $.

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Jennifer S.
I'm tempted to not review this hotel because I don't want anybody else to know about it!! For years I've stayed here each and every time I come to San Francisco. It's clean, inviting, the perfect price no matter what day if the year. The rooms are small,definitely no-frills - but you don't go to stay in San Francisco to sit in your room.  Love, love, love the Metro. Oh, no parking and it can be a rough neighborhood to find it. Oh well! Have a beer at the Page across the street and dinner at Little Star Pizza. Yum!

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Adeline A.
Not bad to avoid this place for a poor cost at the place. Good location and five star for their food and three star for the other service average four star and not I think injustice with you. Loses one star for a indifference with me.
Yet I be back at the place.

23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Claudette B.
As a college student, I wanted to stay somewhere that was priced reasonably and.. not a shack. I guess that I could not be choosy, especially when visiting San Francisco, but I lucked out with this place. The staff members were really kind and accommodating. Our room was perfect, simple and clean. It is walking distance from USF and Golden Gate Park, which was really nice. There is Wi-Fi for guests and you can park your car in the DMV parking lot after 6 P.M., overnight, for $7, which is convenient.

If you need a place to stay, go to the Metro Hotel. I highly recommend it!

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Amanda R.
This hotel was small, quaint and very affordable. We were actually in two different rooms because of our own scheduling. Shana and the staff were very accommodating and helpful. Both rooms were very clean. We stayed in one room towards the back of the hotel which was quiet and nice. The second one was on the street side. If you are okay with noise, this room would be okay. Both my partner and I don't like a lot of noise but we slept pretty good although we heard the traffic. The room was clean and it was nice to watch the city go by.

I can't say enough about the staff. Shana was so awesome and helpful about what to see and experience the non-commercialized part of San Francisco.

We will stay here every time we visit SF!

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Leah L.
This is a 5 star hotel for someone visiting San Francisco, wants their own bathroom, and would like that to cost them less than $125. Unbelievably rare in this city and this place makes it happen. Awesome location. Nice rooms with comfortable beds. 24 hour checkin with really awesome staff. Not fancy so don't go and expect the royal treatment.  Just a solid place that deserves a good reputation. Love this place... Will return.

23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Missy L.
We grabbed a room here for a one night stay because all of out other favorite places were booked.  What a great surprise!  For under $150 we had our own little studio apartment with a private entrance.  I almost don't want to review it, because I want to keep it all to myself.

We arrived late afternoon on Sunday and had to hunt a bit for parking.  There's a DMV lot a few blocks away that allows parking during the night, so we started there.  We noted 4-5 piles of fresh broken window glass and decided to move the car after check-in.  It took less than 5 minutes to find a spot on the street, less than a block from the hotel.

Check in was easy, although we missed the door to the lobby the first time we passed.  It's painted the same as the restaurant next door, so keep an eye out.  Check in was seamless and easy.  The young man on duty walked us around the corner to our room, 1010 Page.  It's a studio in the same building, but with a separate entrance.

The foyer serves not only 1010 Page, but two other apartments evidently occupied by non-guests.  It's a nice little entryway, and makes you feel like a resident, not a hotel guest.  The room itself is a studio, with a bed area, large comfy chair, kitchen area, walk in closet and large bathroom.  The picture window opens onto the sidewalk, making for some fun people watching until it gets dark and people outside can look in at YOU.

The space is efficiently used, albeit a little dark.  There are two other windows, one in the sitting area, one in the bathroom, both of which open onto the garbage/backstairs area for the building.  They're frosted, so you don't see out, but they both open for fresh air. The little kitchen has a sink, microwave, and fridge, along with some random dishes.  There's a stool for sitting at the small eating bar.  Directly off the kitchen in is a huge walk-in closet.  There was a rollout bed in the closet, and it was so big that my teenaged daughter opened the bed in there and used it as a (very cozy) room.  The bathroom is huge, although the ceiling is low, with a large shower, good water pressure and lots of hot water.

The room is basic, not fancy, and definitely old.  The floors slope in weird directions and the woodwork sports layers and layers of paint.  However, there are some nice things to make it comfortable - two ceiling fans, nice blinds, HDTV, great linens - so it's well worth the price.

We walked down the block to dinner and had our choice of a number of restaurants.  Everything from burgers to gourmet is available within a short walk.  Be sure to drop by Bi-RIte Market for ice cream afterwards.  There's nothing like it.

Check out was just as seamless as checking in.  I dropped off the key, had my receipt emailed and was on my way.  One caution - they use real keys here, not magnetic cards, and there's a $150 fee if you lose it.  Keep hold of it!

All in all, a great stay and a fun boutique hotel with a some character.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Matt E.
Everything is relative, and while Metro Hotel is definitely not as luxe as some hotel in Union Square or SOMA, for my money staying at the Metro Hotel is one of the smartest decisions a San Fran tourist can make.

For under $100 - which is just unheard of in San Francisco - this is what you get:

- A simple, no-frills but incredibly clean hotel room. The bed is comfortable, the paint is fresh, and the bathroom is clean. My only room complaint is the lack of black-out curtains. The room has everything I need, at least when I am planning on really only using the room for relaxing.

- A ridiculously friendly and helpful staff. They are great with recommendations both general and specific, and really love the city. They're also great about volunteering info about where NOT to go, which is something I appreciate.

- A great location. Typically I am in SF for business and thus have to stay in filthy, sad downtown. It's so great to be in a neighborhood like Lower Haight, close to fantastic shopping, restaurants, parks and public transportation.

While I can't choose where I stay when it's on the company dime, on extra tacked on vacation days you will always find me at Metro Hotel.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Ben M.
Great place to stay if you want to be in a pleasant neighborhood that people live in.  Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

They are not joking when they say the street side rooms are loud, I got some earplugs and it all worked out.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. P. L.
We're a couple from NYC area and decided to stay at Metro Hotel for part of our vacation when we visited the San Francisco area.  It was immediately apparent that the front desk attendants truly love the city that they live in and are there for their customers with information, advice, and, in our case, parking spots that they would give up at the end of their shift.  Throughout the week, we discussed proper parking on the streets of San Fran, public transit, the graffiti found near the hotel, the pains of living in a city and making friends, and the quaint neighborhood the hotel is located in.  Being from the East coast, we are used to a sort of "figure it out and take action" attitude, the hotel clerks were the complete opposite and very helpful and full of tidbits of advice on the best options for visiting the city.

The accommodations are great for a couple or two couples; our room was on the second floor, a little bit of a walk because there is no elevator.  The room was equipped with two full beds, one of which had just enough room to shimmy into one side.  Don't plan on getting a cot into the room, there really isn't any space.  There was a nice sitting area by the windows at the front of the room to look out over the street.  The commode and shower stall are separated to save time in the mornings, the shower head being a little bit short for the average guy of 5' 10".

Take heed that rooms can be a little bit noisy in terms of the traffic noise as this slightly rustic hotel does only have single paned windows, but for those who are used to a little bit of traffic or are deep sleepers, this shouldn't be a problem.   The location is a great area with free parking around the hotel, public transit a couple blocks down (Market Street), and just blocks from midtown San Francisco, the painted ladies, Union Square, and right down the street from two coffee shops, a comic book shop, a game shop and a couple bars.
Overall, we would stay here again without hesitation.

14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Lesli B.
First off, my name is Lesli, and I am a moe. fan.

We (fans of moe.) have stayed there two years in a row because moe. played across the street at the Independent. The location couldn't be better, close to the venue and in the middle of my favorite parts of SF - Castro and Haight!

Admittingly, I was one of the guest labeled as the "bad ones" which is very uncommon for me except when I go see moe. at the Independent, and then return late at night to the Metro.

And even with that label, I write this to say that this hotel and their staff are some of the best I've encountered in all my years of travel and tours, not just moe.

Specifically, Shana (sorry if I spelled that wrong, it's pronounced Shaaaaaaana not Shawna)!

She, despite our late night rude awakening of having too loud of a good time noise making, was tremendously gracious, helpful, understanding and kind.  

I would love to return next year and greet her kindness again if moe. decides to do another three night run there, but out of respect for the hotel and it's non-moe. fan guests, we will take her advice and explore the option of renting a private place nearby.

BUT if you are looking for a clean, nice, quite, super helpful, friendly place to stay in the best heart of SF, I highly recommend the Metro, and I will be truly envious of your welcomed stay!!  I do love this place.

Thank you Shana and the Metro, and on behalf of moe. fans, I love you and the hotel and I wish we could rent the entire hotel next tour to avoid all issues!!

22/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Patsy T.
The best is the location. Nice holiday decoration, rooms are very comfortable, but only theCA was a Little noisy so we turned off in the nights. The breakfast included in the rate is very good, and all the staff in the restaurant ver friendly ad helpful.Metro Hotel is a great.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Zack F.
Friendly staff, well decorated. Price is very, very reasonable.

Rooms are small, yes, but you get a private bathroom. The walls are not thin, I didn't hear a single person. It was an internal room so only one small window that  had indirect light.

I like the courtyard patio that you can sit in to chat or read a book and just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The place is staffed 24/7 which is a nice benefit and they were more than willing to look out for us in any way they could, including holding our bags for us after we checked out and while we wandered about.

The only complaint was that the room was warm all night. We had the window wide open and the fan on max and it was still too warm.

Wifi was not a strong enough signal in room to be of much use.

Really great deal for the money, but book early because they fill up quickly.

the woman at the front desk did recommend Nopalito which I hated with a fiery passion.

27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Karina H.
Let's start with the extremely nice people that work at the desk. Not only are they friendly, but they are personable as well. I never saw a single person walk through the lobby without being greeted.

Next, we'll move on to the rooms. I stayed in a room with a full bed. The room was on the small side, but there was a large window, and the bed was extremely comfortable. There was also a dock to plug my iPod into. This was the perfect sized room for one person.

The location is GREAT. It is near some obscure San Francisco gems, as well as some popular tourist sights!

I HIGHLY recommend this hotel to any out-of-towner looking for a nice place to stay!

02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Rebekah S.
Cute little hotel that the hub and I stayed at while on vacation. If you want a big room and luxurious perks, I would not come here. This place is as simple as you can get. The room we had faced the street and you could hear everything going on out there. This was not a problem for us and it was actually somewhat soothing in a weird way.

The front desk staff (both am and pm) were friendly and helpful. They held our luggage before we could check in and after we checked out too.

The rooms have an actual key to unlock them which I thought was really neat. It is an older building with absolutely nothing fancy but it is very clean and presentable. They lock the front door after midnight which is good to know so you could feel safe.

We loved the neighborhood this hotel was in. There was a lot to explore nearby and a concert we were going to was a block away. Great place to stay at and very reasonable with pricing.

27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Matt T.
OK, this is not going to be the nicest place you will stay in SF by any means.  However, the price was extremely good, not just for SF.  Room was clean, everything worked, everyone was very nice and considerate that worked there as well.

I don't know if I would recommend a long term stay here, especially with a significant other or group of friends because our room was pretty cramped, unless you get a room bigger than you need, I would likely pay more for something more spacious.  However, it's absolutely perfect for those who plan to spend little time in the room and most of the time out and about.  This room was perfect for that, cheap, the bed was pretty comfortable, and, again, you can't beat the price.  It's also in walking distance to many things, we saw a show at The Independent and were able to walk there, to food, and bars.  

Anyway, I was very happy with the service and quality of the room, even though small, and plan to stay again.  Much better than any other hotel in the same price range (and there are some other good options in other areas of SF), so that tips the scale from a 4 to a 5.  Just keep the size of the room into account as you can find places that are a bit more that have bigger rooms, but they don't have the same level of service, may not be clean as clean, and often have uncomfortable beds.  I would rather take the small room personally that is nicer.

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Karen R.
I was visiting family and I wanted something close by so I thought Id give it a shot. The staff was always super nice on the phone or in e-mail. The rooms are really tiny a bed, mirror, small closet kind of area,TV,sink & bathroom with shower and thats it. There is free wifi, loved that. The bed is comfortable and the hotel is quiet. Its in an older building so there is some wear but its clean.  Its in a nice area with a lot going on. I stayed 2 nights in 2 different rooms because I was traveling in between. The 2nd room had a bigger bathroom with the sink inside not in the bedroom, which made the bedroom even smaller, but the bathroom was bigger! I did have an issue with the TV in the first room it only picked up a few channels, I did think that was odd but didnt realize this until I had the TV on the 2nd night and got lots of channels but that was the only issue. Would stay again its a great value.

A tip...bring shampoo & conditioner there is only soap in a dispenser in the shower and liquid soap at the sink.
Also tissues if you need them none in the bathroom just TP

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. John S.
First time experience.

Metro Hotel is hands down the best place to stay at in San Francisco.
The staff is extremely friendly and it's such a charming place to stay in.
This stay is from a trip my girlfriend and I took late last year.
Most of our interactions while staying here was through staff member Shana.
Shana was very accommodating, personable and informative.
All the front desk staff members we encountered were top notch.

If you happen to arrive early, before their check-in time, they will happily store all of your luggage so you can roam about the city.

The rooms are very nice and cozy.
Some rooms have bigger bathrooms.
Even smaller rooms have gigantic bathrooms for its room size.
For the entire setup of the Metro Hotel, it's surprisingly and relatively quiet.
But we did have an inside room, so I really can't judge the noise levels
for the rooms that are located on the street side.

Downstairs near the front entrence are shelves filled with books that can be brought upstairs to your room to read. An abundunce of them are San Francisco and travel themed. Also near the book shelves is a chalkboard that has weekly weather info and local events going on.

The front staff are very friendly and knowledgeable on information on where to eat if you are completely lost on the subject. They will also point you in the right direction on where to go for great things to do in the city.

Another great thing about Metro Hotel, is that it is very close to great things to do in the city. So close by that it's a short walk or bus ride to where you want to go.
If you need to travel by the MUNI bus, the stop is just right outside the hotel.
Great places to eat are a very short distance away such as The Grind Cafe, Vinyl Cafe and NOPA. You also have the Bi-Rite Market for gourmet  foods and freshly made sandwiches and their ever favorite ice cream.

The Metro does offer free WiFi, but at the time when we stayed here the internet signal was very spotty. So keep that in mind if you need internet for your stay.

There is always a staff member at the font desk 24hrs a day.
You have your own key for the front door and going in and out is always safe no matter what time of the day it is.

Staying at the Metro Hotel really makes your vacation great!!

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Artemis S.
Given what some people were saying about tiny rooms and loud neighbors, I was kinda leery about going here; still, the location and price reeled me in.

WELP, wasn't disappointed. The staff was jovial and helpful and the area within which the hotel is located was perfect for being centrally-located and near pretty much everything; walking-distance near.

NO LIES, the room was pretty tiny. You're looking at 8'x9' rooms, but they are very nicely done-up to where you don't feel like you're in some old slum or whatever. All the lighting and bathroom stuff is new and modern, and accents on the windows and mirror are very nice. It's minimalism at its best.

I guess I can see what other reviewers were talking about with noise levels, as we could hear pretty much any and everybody in the halls when they would even quietly talk, but luckily the people around us weren't too rowdy; so, it wasn't an issue. As the hotel has no parking lot, parking is kinda hellish but hey: Welcome to San Francisco.

There's also a nice garden area to relax in downstairs, and an adjoining restaurant downstairs that looks pretty good if you don't want to leave to eat (though I myself didn't go).

In any case, you probably won't find a cheaper or better option for resting yo' head here in SF.

16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Linh T.
Such a gem - thanks Yelp!  We wanted to stay an additional night in SF before heading to Union Square for Fleet Week so yelped around for a cheap place.  Metro Hotel was the perfect find.  Small hotel but friendly staff and great prices.  The room and bathroom that we stayed in was small but the perfect size for what we were looking for.  We just needed a place to sleep after hitting all the bars in the Haight.  We will definitely be staying here again when we visit SF.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Hetty L.
This is a long overdue review. The Metro is a charming boutique hotel in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, and by far one of the best boutique hotels in which I've had the pleasure of staying.

The Metro was me and my boyfriend's original hotel of choice for the Outside Lands summer music festival but I, being a serial procrastinator, put off booking the room and it was all sold out for the weekend :(

However, we decided to head out to San Francisco a day earlier to enjoy the city and luckily, there was a room available! We booked it and took off.

We arrived around 10am and found parking less than a block away on Oak street. (I recommend arriving early to find parking as it filled up quickly and we only snagged our spot because street sweeping had just ended.) Our check in time was supposed to be 3pm I believe, but the room was open and we got to check in immediately! Music to one's ears after driving for 6 hours through the night.

Our room was on the second floor and was relatively small, but absolutely cozy. One queen bed, a television, nightstand with a lamp, two large windows, a ceiling fan, and ample bathroom quarters. Our bed and blankets were amazingly comfortable and very clean.
See for yourself! instagram.com/p/cyC1U6mw…

The location of the hotel is just about perfect - a short MUNI ride away from the bustling downtown but just far enough for a peaceful and quiet night's rest.

What is exceptional about this place is the service.
It was my boyfriend and I's first time in San Francisco, and we really didn't know where to start. Shana did not hesitate to help us out. We had told her we were planning to attend Outside Lands and she, being a veteran of the festival herself, gave us pointers to having the best possible experience. She then provided us with a map of the city and told us where to buy our MUNI passes, which routes to take to get to the most popular destinations and she even advised us on which locations to avoid. I can say without a doubt that our experience would have been a lot less enjoyable without Shana's help.

Overall, our experience here was amazing. Metro, we will see you again this summer!

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Vanessa L.
For the price and location this hotel is a great value. I paid just $216 for two nights (Saturday and Sunday). The staff are super friendly and helpful; they assisted us with questions about muni and one of the staff even let me use his phone when I got locked out of the room late at night due to miscommunication with my fiancé.

The rooms are very clean and neat but they are small. We stayed in a room with a full bed the first night and it was tiny, but we didn't plan on staying in the room often so it didn't really matter. We were moved to a different room (right next door but with a  queen bed) for the second night. They had warned me on the phone while booking that this was the only way they could accommodate our stay. The staff were apologetic about it and indicated they would try to avoid having to do the move if possible, but it really wasn't a big deal. We packed up our stuff before heading out on Sunday and when we returned later that afternoon, the staff had moved everything over for us. There's no toiletries out in the bathrooms like in other hotels except for a foaming bath wash in the shower, but when I checked in the woman did ask if I needed a hair dryer, so I think they must keep some supplies up front if needed. They are also able to get a $10 shuttle to San Francisco airport if needed, which I thought was a good value (unfortunately, we were flying out of Oakland).

Overall I thought it was a pleasant and charming hotel (much more character than a chain hotel) in a fun area and would definitely stay there again.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Gareth H.
I stayed here three days in mid December. I was in room 102, which overlooked Divisidero street. There was noise as advertised but not too bad. All the staff were wonderful. I was even shown how to do a customised city tour using public transportation. The tour cost $4.50 on the trolleys and busses as opposed to $40 on the tourist bus.

I strongly recommend this place.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Zoranna C.
You truly can't beat this price!

The staff is so friendly and nice!  She even gave us a map and went in detail where to go and what to see/avoid. Very approachable and as far as the room, it's the perfectly cozy room.
The hotel is very close by to bus station and in a great safe neighborhood, definitely coming back to this hotel if and when I come back! Thanks metro hotel !

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Kristibe A.
Had an amazing time in San Fransisco while staying here. Got directed here by a lovely couple in a bar upon arriving in SF without a place to stay. Really sweet staff and I love the hood. Will surely try to stay here next time I'm in town.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Michael L.
Cheap, clean, convenient for downtown, friendly receptionist. What's not to like?

Stairs are tricky with heavy bags, and I don't think there's an elevator. But that's gravity's fault, not this hotel's!

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Daniel J.
There was even renovations going on while we stayed at the hotel but it did not disturb us at all!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Rachel G.
Super convenient location, tidy and comfortable room and nice staff. We stayed for one night and were able to walk to dinner and a show at the Fillmore and run to Golden gate park for a jog in the morning. Can't beat the price for this location and room quality.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Milap D.
This place is wonderful.

Cost: Affordable. I booked a room about a week in advance and their rates were still great.

Rooms: The rooms have different vibes and the website describes the rooms so you can get one that best suits you (i.e. window and street side leading to more natural brightness and street noise vs in the back with a small window for those wanting a more quiet night).

Staff: Absurdly friendly in a good way. Monty? greeted me in the afternoon and helped me carry my ridiculous amount of luggage upstairs to my room. In the morning they let me store my luggage in the office while I explored SF. And,  while I was checking out,  this other guy was talking to Shana about how he lost one of the keys. She didn't charge him immediately and instead told him to email them when he gets home in case he finds it in his luggage. How nice is that?

03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Cheryl R.
We were planning a road trip and need a place to stay in San Fran that wasn't going to break the bank. My Fiancé found this place on yelp and the reviews sounded great, and as a super added bonus it was cheap and in a great location!

We arrived fairly late in the night and our room was held for us. The front door was locked but we just knocked and the man at the desk buzzed us in. Checking in was no problem we got the keys and headed up to the room. The room over all was small as opposed to your standard Super 8 motel room, but really all I needed was a place to sleep, shower and store my luggage. This room had all of requirements. It was very clean and the bed was comfortable. The pillows were a bit flat but whatever I can deal with that. The only down side is that the room doors slam shut if you let go of them so there was that noise but who cares it was super quite the rest of the time and the price and location was worth it.

Just a heads up they don't have a parking lot but there is a public one just a couple blocks away and with a code at the front desk you get a 50% discount on the parking rate. Our vehicle was very secure there.

I highly recommend this place to everyone and if I'm back in San Fran I would stay here again! Thumbs up all around.

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Donald H.
I was staying in Metro Hotel on business and needed a place to stay. This Hilton was a good choice; the rooms were well done and the staff was efficient. Food was affordably priced and tasted rather good. Overall, a very good value.

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Paul C.
Overall the hotel was nice, but is showing its age. Staff was courteous, room was clean, but AC is definitely in need of something.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
114. Justina L.
***This is the best place to stay when in San Fran.***

The Hotel is located in a great part of the Haight District, close to parks, restaurants and bars. The hotel itself is a boutique hotel and is very cute and classic looking out front. Inside you are greeted by the owner or her staff who are all amazingly sweet. They will sit and talk with you and direct you anywhere you need to go.

The place is ultra cheap stay at and when you get to your room you don't feel jipped in any way. I had the queen room, with a view of the street, it was lovely. At night you can see the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood and you feel apart of it. The room was small but the bed was comfy.

My only complaint, and why it didn't get five stars, was the bathroom. It is extremely tiny. The shower is tiny and for some reason our bathroom smelled like piss. Pretty gross but it could've been just a fluke and for how cheap it was and in such a good area i wasn't complaining much.

The hotel is ran correctly, you feel like you have been treated like family. But if you are driving, beware that parking is a bitch! My bf and i parked on haight and kept it there for the three days we were in town. READ ALL PARKING SIGNS, they love to ticket.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Vilay S.
When in doubt, trust in Yelp. I booked the Metro because it was ridiculously cheap - half the price of any other hotel (and those only offered shared bathrooms). I wasn't sure what to expect with the mixed reviews, but when I really looked at the sketchy bad reviews on TA they were pretty old. I couldn't believe my luck because it was an excellent value. I had room 206, which I think was described as the smallest room in the hotel with no window. It was $88 ($101 after taxes). I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did have a window! The room was definitely tiny but clean and adequate. There was a full sized bed and maybe 2 feet of perimeter space around the bed, and that's it. I am a small person and I found myself bumping into the wall all the time.

- So, so cheap
- Location; The neighborhood is charming and safe, with lots of markets and cafes nearby. It's also close to GG Park, Haight St, Castro.
- Friendly staff. I had to borrow a hair dryer from the front desk and they delivered it to me
- Outdoor patio
- Free wifi
- Private bathroom
- If you are here for work, the 6 and 71 bus goes directly from Haight St into Union Square

- No elevator
- Small. If you are here for business, you might wanna spring for a larger room or go somewhere else. There were only 2 drawers (nightstand) and my husband needed all 7 hangers for his suits/work shirts. If we needed to use an iron, I have no idea how an ironing board would fit. On the other hand, there are 2 cleaners nearby. If you are tall or large, maybe don't get room 206.

Book early because a lot of people are in on this secret! I booked at least 3 months ahead and I got the last room available.

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Max G.
For the price you can't beat the Metro Hotel.  The rooms are small, but clean.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  It's in a good location.  The problem is that the rooms are not soundproofed and it is very noisy.  We were in room 111 and we got noise from Divisadero St., the restaurant next to the hotel and the guest rooms above and to the side.  Any time someone walked down the hall, it was as if they were walking through our room.  Other family members staying in room 114 did not have the same problem.  At a result, we had a poor night's sleep.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. San W.
For our first trip to SF, b. found this affordable and conveniently located hotel where we booked a room (one full bed with a private bathroom) for $88/night. Score!

As other Yelpers have noted, be realistic about your expectations. This is a no frills budget hotel suited for travelers who are planning to spend most of their time exploring outside and not lounging around inside. Now moving on to a description of Room 112...

Website description: "Room 112 is a full room on the 2nd floor. It is one of our interior rooms with a window opening to a light well. The bathroom is generous in size and the room also has a desk & chair so, it is slightly more spacious than other interior rooms." (Me to self: What is that comma doing there?)

We weren't quite sure what to expect by "light well" but our large window faced an outside entryway to the back garden/patio area. A door on the left looked like it may have led into Ragazza? I had raised the blinds and was startled by a girl wearing an apron exiting from that doorway. I then turned frantic when I couldn't lower the blinds and was waiting for the girl to return and see my deer-in-the-headlights look on my face until b. took away the cord and calmly lowered the blinds again. A sucky thing was that the window did not have a screen! So we couldn't open it to air out the musty smell in the room. Boo. As for the desk and chair, there were none unless you counted the wall-mounted night stands on each side of the bed and a tiny ottoman stool thingy that had enough space to accommodate one butt cheek. As for spaciousness, there was maybe about 2-3 feet of space on each side of the bed with one foot of space at the end of the bed. The bathroom was brightly lit with plenty of space although the shower stall itself was somewhat cramped. The room also had a large wall length mirror and a small closet area (no door) with hangers, a luggage stand, a space heater, and an extra blanket.

Other things to note:
- Bring your own toiletries. There is only liquid soap in a bottle by the sink and in a dispenser that is inside the shower stall.
- There is a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall with basic cable.
- Free wireless. Front desk staff will provide you with the code upon check-in.
- You can borrow a hair dryer from the front desk and keep it for the duration of your stay.
- There is a large ceiling fan above the bed that can be turned to different settings. The fan's light is the room's main source of lighting and can be dimmed to various settings. Our lighting was generally pretty poor and one of the two recessed lights was burnt out.
- Room has high ceilings, which helps with cramped quarters.
- Daily cleaning service that will provide you with fresh towels.
- There was some construction noise that we couldn't quite tell where it was coming from and that started around 6:30-7 AM. Seriously.
- There is an alarm clock and a thin guidebook to San Francisco. Lobby also has plenty of books and maps to check out.
- There is an airport shuttle that the front desk can help you arrange the day before your departure flight. The shuttle will take you from the hotel to SFO for $10/person, not including tip. No deal for SFO to hotel. Note about the shuttle: It's a 12-seater van that appears quite worn out on the inside. Smelled like stale cigarettes. Note about potential passengers: One of ours had camped out on the whole backseat with her blanket and was rolling a joint when we climbed into the van. Then laid down and started "secretly" smoking. Then kept complaining to the driver about how hot it was and then climbed to the front of the van and proceeded to fiddle with the controls herself. (Me: Girl! Oh no you didn't!) Then kept admonishing the driver to slow down when we were barely going 60 mph. Yup. Note about the driver: Older man, softspoken, and friendly. Incredibly patient with the passenger noted earlier. But dude, seriously?! Girlfriend was all over yo' dashboard! Oh, and he put on some Chinese opera music halfway through the ride. Awkward and weird. Thankfully, he switched it to a less painful radio station soon afterwards.

In summary, an old building with cramped rooms but clean and affordable with friendly and helpful staff, and is conveniently located in a neighborhood with character. And ride the shuttle at your own risk.

Whooeee, this must be the longest review ehVAH.

19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Ian P.
Truly a hidden gem of a hotel in San Francisco.  The Metro Hotel is a great value for clean, comfortable no-frills accommodation.

The ROOMS:  They're small, but sufficient.  Very clean.  Quite comfortable queen-sized beds.  Ceiling fan and good lighting.  We had an "interior room", which basically meant that the window faced out onto an interior courtyard.  Nothing to write home about for views, but light during the day, good ventilation, and a lot quieter than being on Divs.  Free Wi-Fi was not quite as good as I would have liked, but adequate.

The STAFF:  Shana at the front desk was our favorite.  She was so cheerful, friendly, and thrilled to make recommendations.  I wish I could remember the other staff person's name, but I needed to print something.  I e-mailed it to her, and before I could make it downstairs, she had already sprinted up two flights of stairs to deliver it.  Awesome!  

The LOCATION:  It's almost at the intersection of the Haight and Divisadero.  The Lower Haight neighbourhood has a good selection of restaurants and bars with plenty more in walking distance.  Both Divis. and Haight have quite good bus lines along them...don't be scared to take public transit.  Short walk to Toronado, which has one of the best beer selections in the country.  Easy walking to the Castro, Painted Ladies, Hayes Valley, etc.  

OVERALL, at $100/night for a smallish, clean comfortable room, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this.  In a place like SF, you're really not going to be in your hotel room very long...mostly to sleep, shower, and send e-mails.  If that's the case this place is ideal.  If for some reason you plan to spend your vacation in your hotel room, you might find this a little less satisfactory due to the room size.

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Nadine S.
If I could give 10 stars - I would.

This is the cutest little hotel, it is super clean and modern, its basic and the location is close to the bus and muni lines. There is lots of little cafes and restaurants near by.
The staff was super nice and helpfull with directions.
The prices are fair and totally acceptable considered the location and that it is in San Fran.
I would stay here again in a heartbeat and recommend it to everyone.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Bob S.
When I'm in SF, this is my go-to.

Rooms are surprisingly reasonable price-wise. The singles are a little smaller than your usual hotel room, but the high ceilings give the room a feeling of being open and expansive. Decor is minimal and simple, but very clean. The bathrooms are bigger than you'd expect and outfitted with clean, modern fixtures.

The staff here is super nice and accommodating. Location is another big selling point. There's a ton of great shops and restaurants all around.

06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Johan V.
Stayed here over the weekend.  Had a small but nice room with a bathroom.   Was super clean and the staff was great.   For the money this is hands down the best value in SF.

The neighborhood is great, and away from the throng of tourists in Union Square.   It's obvious many guests stay there a lot.

You have to book the place early but it's worth it.   This is my new SF home!

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0