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Prescott Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Prescott Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel in San Francisco, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.55

Address: 545 Post St, San Francisco, CA, 94102

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    Comments (199):

    1. Anita C.
    honestly the worst shower pressure on earth. the staff is great and helpful. the rooms were nice and clean. the price for my room was extremely reasonable as well.

    14/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Wakako U.
    They use Aveda bath products (but the smaller stingy version).

    03/04/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Imran M.
    Good service, friendly staff, free New York Times delivered to your room plus a complimentary Wall Street Journal. Can't complain. The rooms are comfortable if not spacious. Prescott Hotel has this old fashioned 1920s feel to it. I didn't have any expectations when I got here and I was pleasantly surprised. The location is ideal , just a block from Union Square.

    09/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Kane N.
    Okay... given the room was the size of a postage stamp... mind you a LARGER postage stamp, but a stamp nonetheless... the bed was amazingly comfortable with down and cotton and comfiness all around.  Other than the comfy bed, it was a relatively forgettable experience... even with Postrio as their restaurant.

    09/05/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Michael A.
    I'm a little surprised to see Yelpers rated the Prescott in the mediocre-range.  My wife and I have travelled extensively throughout the world.  We took a little jaunt to SF for 5 days to see the sights and we found the Prescott to be one of the better hotels we have stayed in (within the top 10 of our experience of 4-star hotels).

    The reception staff was wonderful.  Very pleasant and truly hospitable.  We felt welcome the moment we walked through the door.  The room was adequate and nicely appointed.  Hey, it's not the Ritz-Carlton, but that was not our intention on this trip.  We wanted a home base centrally located with enough restaurants/shops w/in walking distance, comfortable bed, privacy, quiet with a little lobby to hang in for an hour each night.  We got exactly what we wanted.  

    A plus is that between 5p-6p there is a free wine/beer tasting in the lobby.  This became a focal point of tranisitioning from our day to night tours.  Very nice.

    Overall would recommend this hotel heartily.  At $125/night in downtown SF you cannot go wrong.  Enjoy the red carpet service (literally)!

    08/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. A M.
    This hotel would really be a 3 star not a 4. I've noticed if you are shopping around for hotels in San Francisco, whatever the rating states, go 1 star lower. The location is ideal, you are right downtown by union square. The room is decent but tiny, nothing fancy, no flat screen tv. The bathroom is suboptimal and cramped and they are extremely sparing and cheap with giving out their Aveda bath products. They won't refill it unless you ask.  The room overall is quiet and clean, and average. They really don't need doormen because they never once opened a door but they do greet you in a friendly manner.

    22/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Jennifer H.
    beautiful lobby - yes.
    beautiful rooms - yes.
    helpful staff - sort of.
    good customer service - sort of.

    I just had my bridal shower here and it was a blast - but not really because of anything the Prescott or its staff had to offer.  

    We reserved the penthouse suite, which supposedly had a hot tub on it's private patio... um, no hot tub.  No mention of it being removed.  grrr...

    We arrived early, having previously secured an early check-in.  Not only was our room not ready, but they had us stand around in the lobby with all of our decorations and food  - without offering anything to appease the annoyance.  They even had the audacity to tell us that we weren't allowed to bring our own outside food in - when we had already cleared this with them previously!  Double grrrr...

    Ordering ice buckets?  It literally took FOUR phone calls to the front desk before they arrived.  Triple grrr...

    The only reason this place even gets one star is because it's gorgeous.

    12/08/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Joshua M.
    This place should have gotten four stars from me.  It started off well enough, the staff at check in was friendly.  The hotel is smallish but has an interesting style to it.  The room was also small, but clean.  Wireless internet was a major plus, and the bed was comfortable.  Having to call the front desk for ice was annoying.  But our major annoyance came when we went to check out.  We called to have our car brought up from their garage.  My wife spoke to someone over the phone, but after being out there for over twenty minutes the doorman had to call again to the valet again at which point the valet claimed they had never received a call.  So we ended up having to wait another 10 or 15 minutes.

    30/08/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Miller A.
    We booked a Club Level King Suite at this Hotel for our Anniversary weekend after researching several boutique hotels in the area.  The location is super-convenient to Union Square and the theatre district.  The suite rate on the internet was already relatively low in comparison to comparably sized and equipped rooms. The online pictures are very true to the real life appearance.   In the box marked, "things you'd like us to know", I  off-handedly entered "we're celebrating our anniversary".  Upon our arrival the staff was super-friendly and attentive and immediately wished us a "Happy Anniversary" even the valet parking attendant had a big smile.  I soon found out why as we were upgraded to a much larger suite.  The room was fantastic, featuring 2 fireplaces, hardwood floors and even an outdoor deck.  It felt as though we were renting a small flat for the night.  We also dined at Postrio on the ground floor of the hotel and enjoyed both the service and the food tremendously.  In the morning we enjoyed the continental breakfast and also found the chilled lemonade with mint in the downstairs lounge to be a great touch on an unseasonably hot SF day.  I highly recommend this hotel for their friendly staff, great service and beautiful rooms.

    07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Ian S.
    The Prescott, though not Kimpton's best effort in the city, is a fine little hotel. If you prefer to stay in Old-World European boutique auberges, the Prescott is the hotel for you.

    First, I love the tasteful decoration of the place, from the warm lighting to the period furniture to the heavy drapes to the quirky wall of mirrors behind my bed (I still don't really understand the purpose behind these mirrors, and I'm not going to ask). The hotel manager left two bottles of sparking water and snacks for me upon my arrival, and nightly turn-down service provided each evening's chocolate dessert. The shower head was elevated, which, for someone as tall as I am, is helpful so that I didn't have to stoop down to wash my hair (the beauty is all in the details!). I came home each evening to the soft accents of BBC World, which Housekeeping helpfully left on for me in accordance with my preference for NPR. Toiletries were from L'Occitaine; towels were large and plush. And it doesn't hurt to have room service from Wolfgang Puck's Postrio at your beck and call (at least until 11:30 PM).

    The downsides:
    - There's no denying that the Prescott is an older building, and my room at least could have used a bit of touching up around the seams. Other signs of age included a bathtub that could have used some Drano.
    - There's hardly an excuse anymore for having a 21-inch, boxy TV these days when everyone else has upgraded to flat-screens.
    - True to the Kimpton line, the Prescott's rooms are small and can feel cramped; although I did appreciate having a separate seating area with a side table in addition to a working desk area.
    - For some, the room might feel like a womb or (for those not so maternally inclined) tomblike, as the one window had trouble illuminating the whole room.

    This isn't a young-person hotel. But, if you have an old soul and an appreciation for yester-year, the Prescott's the place for you.

    20/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Mike M.
    Nice place with a very friendly staff.  The rooms although small are very comfortable.  Some of the furniture was a little worn and one of the lamps did not work.  You could also hear every step from the floor above.  Not bad.  I'd stay here again.

    10/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. STEVE L.
    This review is pretty biased as due to an Orbitz error we wound up staying here for free.  In an upgraded suite.  Big living room, big bedroom, big bathroom (2 sinks!).  Lovely view of th' ass of th' building next door.  Staff was so-so.  After booking snafu we were told 'You're getting your room for free, so what's the big deal?'  Kinda snotty but whatevs..Parking garage next door was a bargain compared to what th' surrounding hotels were charging.  My advice?..Book a room at th' Sir Francis and when they bump you to th' Prescott tell 'em upgrade, UPGRADE!

    24/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Mickey Z.
    Nice spot with tons is of good restaurants in walking distance. Concierge Jill is very helpful and offered great info and service. Lots of banging in the morning I think they were doing some work on a room but they could have waited until after 8am.

    30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Syeeda A.
    Don't do it! This hotel is nothing like other Kimptons. Everything is old: paint, carpet, fitness center, furnishing. I realize, sometime older is charming, but not in this case. It's smelly & musty too. The bell man was very nice. If you're looking for a SF hotel convenient to union square, etc, then you have many better options.

    29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Jen K.
    Self-proclaimed 4 star boutique hotel, I'd say it's more of a 3 star hotel.  Nothing too fancy about the hotel, but comes with so many perks that their small rooms didn't bother me at all. Staff members are extremely friendly, they provide daily 5-6pm complementary wine @ lobby (they're cheap wine, i didn't finish it) and morning coffee, L'occitaine bath products, and they're located 1 block away from Union square!  Our room was comfortable, and it was so convenient to go back to our room for an hour to rest after intense shopping spree before going out for dinner :) For its price, I'm very happy with this place!

    16/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Marilyn B.
    This was my third time at the Prescott, and will probably be the last. Their food service has deteriorated markedly - Postrio is not nearly as good as it was a few years ago. Some of the employees at the hotel's front desk were a bit uninformed -- didn't seem to know how to quote prices on town car to the airport and apparently neglected to write down a car reservation I'd made by phone from my room. One woman at the desk behaved like a rank amateur; I almost told her to go enroll in hotel management school! My room was very pleasant; everything worked and the bed was comfortable. But I can have just as nice a room a few blocks away over at the Washington Square Inn for less money and be right across the street from all that good food at Mama's!

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Joe S.
    OK, I might have only given 3 stars otherwise, but I feel that I have to counter some false and misleading comments in previous reviews. To get those out of the way first:
    You definitely do NOT have to pay for regular TV. It just starts you off on the pay menu. Read the instructions on the screen, and you can have all the free TV you want. And as for the towels, read the sign holmes. If you want them to replace your towels, throw them on the floor...it's not that hard. If you leave them hanging, they let you reuse them. That's one of the things that makes this hotel a green business, which is part of its appeal to most normal people. And of course they charge you for the stuff you eat, it's called an honor bar. There's a nice sign explaining that, just like the one explaining that the socks and the lingerie are not complimentary. No hotels just give you free clothes to wear (other than the bath robes, which are free and really nice here)...c'mon folks, what's next...a bad review because they charge you for room service?

    OK now for my review: while I might agree with some previous yelpers that judging the rooms alone, this is a 3 star hotel, the ratings must also factor in the service. And the service here is stellar, and therefore makes it a solid 4 star hotel.  Sure, the TV's could be upgraded, but if you're staying in your room for the TV when you're a block away from Union Square in San Francisco, you've got bigger problems to worry about. And yeah, the place is old, but again that's part of its charm to some.  The bottom line is, for this price at this location with perfect service, there's really nothing to complain about. I've stayed at numerous hotels in the downtown area on business trips, and I almost exclusively stay at Kimpton hotels now, because the service is always fabulous. And the Prescott is near the top of the list. Stay here, and don't be nit-picky about stupid things, read the instructions on how the place operates, and get out and enjoy the city, and you'll be happy,

    08/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. JOSEPH L.
    All suite rooms large flat screen tv in bedroom and living room, concierge floor offered great complimentary hors d'oeuvres, lovely continental breakfast included,great location, helpful staff

    14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Jane T.
    So, just returned from a stay at the prescott last night.  I am a kimpton intouch member, so ive stayed a quite a few of their properties. I love this hotel group...always have a great experience, and the prescott wasnt an exception.  ps. i'm SUPER picky!
    Pros:-- Super friendly staff-really exceptional customer service
    --Was upgraded to club level for no reason
    --PERFECT location...steps away from shopping and awesome restaurants.(right next door to westin st. francis that is 2 times the price)
    --Free wine hour(all kimptons do this) free breakfast
    --Clean comfortable rooms(beds are great)
    CONS: Room could use some updating(old school tvs)
    I think ive found my new no-frills hotel in SF.  Cant be beat!!!

    14/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Emily C.
    We stayed at the Prescott Hotel for three nights, and although it wasn't the most luxurious place to stay, our experience there was pretty pleasant.  

    Yes, the rooms are small.  And, yes, the walls are pretty thin.  However, the staff there was INCREDIBLY helpful, and the location was perfect.  

    If you're planning a day trip to Napa, make sure you talk to Michael, who is one of the bell men at the Prescott.  He suggested some outstanding wineries, and really made our trip out to Napa absolutely wonderful.

    13/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Kirsten O.
    Ohhhh Valentine's Day.  As much as I dislike "Hallmark holidays"  I am still a girl, right?  Well, my wonderful man and I decided to take advantage of a special offer (as I am a Kimpton member) and take advantage of a lil night away in the city.  I am SO happy we did this.  We were upgraded to the Club Level and had an OPEN BAR happy hour with hors d' ouvres from 4:30 till 6:00 with delish food from Postrio.  Free alcohol and yummy delicious food.  Big fan.  The room is clean, and we had a great view of some typical brick SF buildings.  It was nice and quiet, and we had complete privacy so that we could leave our curtains open and enjoy the rain and sunshine that were coming through.  The bed.  Ahhhh the bed... it was so comfortable and I really enjoyed it.  Great, great, bed.  ;)  They left us little goodies in the room because of my membership and that I love too!  Bathroom is normal, nothing to write home about, but was spotless.  I just loved how close in proximity we were to Union Square, everything was right there!  

    Staff was EXCELLENT (with the exception of one overly worked bartender at the Club Level happy hour, he was annoyed)  
    Location, Location, Location
    The bed.  And I am a picky bed person, the amt of money I spent making my bed at home the way it is, I would be embarrassed to say!
    Club Level happy hour
    Postrio..... read reviews, its good!
    Clean, Cozy, Comfortable

    Free continental breakfast.  I was so excited as they have my fave type of breakfast... fresh granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit.  Their granola was supposedly made in house by Postrio.  So excited.  The man wanted meat with this meal (go figure!) and they didn't have that unless we wanted to add a fee of around $15 on.  hmmm.  Sit down, go to get food....."Hi, can you show me where your granola is?".... "We don't have it today, I am sorry."  What?!?! noooooooo!!!  Well needless to say, we each had a "free" bowl of cereal and a bit fresh fruit and went on our way.  At least we were able to fill our bellies until we found a good, cheaper, breakfast w/ meat please.  I am sure if we ordered, it would have been delicious though.

    All in all, we were really happy and left with that whole feeling of.... God, why do we not do this more often?!?!

    24/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Joshua M.
    Summary: The Prescott Hotel claims four star status, but by even the most generous of reviewers it doesn't deserve anything above a solid three.  

    Staff: The staff was mixed. Some were quite friendly and helpful, and some were brusque.  The maitre d' was courteous and semi-knowledgeable, while the woman at the check-in desk was curt.  The maid was VERY friendly. There is also a mystery doorman.  The mystery being that he is there, white gloves and all, but he doesn't open the door for people...

    Rooms:  The rooms were small with torn carpets, shoddy wall papering, and bathrooms designed for Umpaloompas.  The furniture was nice; the bed was comfy.  The temperature was good, but it lacked in air circulation, always smelling stale upon entering.  The TV was from 1989-ish, if i had to wager a guess.  

    Location: The location was ideal. The area was safe-ish, and there was public transit and plenty to do within walking distance.  

    Bottom line: I would stay here again, without qualms, however it is NOT four star as described, but still charges a four star price.  

    Insider Tip: There is free, decent tasting wine every evening from 5-6 in the main lobby.  No joke. Go down there, fill your glass several times, tip the guy a few bucks and start your evening off with a free buzz.  However, if you miss it, you miss it. The iron gate of Mordor slams down come 6:01.

    20/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Kate G.
    Had a great weekend stay at this hotel. Bed was incredibly comfortable, room was modest size but adequate, and it was a great walkable location for a couple of tourists from New England.

    We took advantage of their happy hour, which runs 7 days a week, while most other spots in the city are M-F only. Breakfast was apparently free, and although it was substandard (strawberry French Toast had no strawberries), we would have eaten there more if we knew it was included in the room price before checkout.

    If I ever return to SF, I'd stay here again.

    25/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. C T.
    Good solid hotel for business travel.  Rooms are small and a bit dated, but relatively quiet.  The hotel staff is extremely attentive and add to the overall stay

    11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Scott V.
    Let's start with the good points first--Great Location, Club Level suite, good price, and free drinks.   Now everything else- When we checked in our reservation was wrong it had us checking in at a different date, however, the receptionist corrected the mistake and was friendly, so we thought it would be a great stay- Boy we were wrong--The concierge gave us incorrect information; resulting in a 20-25 minute cab ride to a sold out event on our first night in San Fran.  When I phone the hotel to speak with the manager, one could not be found---lol --Then another person who was suppose to be in charge got on the line and tried to assist with making us dinner reservations at a upscale restaurant. That was a great help, but they acted as if the whole poor communications and not securing the tickets for the event in questions was not of importance ( $25 ride each way) I asked them to purchase on my card wasn't their fault...lol that is what a concierge does at a upscale hotel they claim to be! The hotel is very dated and you can't use any smart phone (I phone) in the building.  The room is the size of a large walk-in closet, well not that small, but you get the point.  I found the sister hotel the Monaco was a lot BETTER.

    After checking out I notice they also charged my card twice, when I called them, they didn't know why and it must be the bank's fault... OMG really the bank takes the money without me and gives it to them? Really, it had THEM-- their hotel name next to the charge I paid in advance a month prior and they charged me again on check out seemed like a simple mistake, but I am still trying to reach the accountant to correct it.  What I thought was a great deal is a scam...you pay for what you get! I would never stay here again.

    29/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Tamiko J.
    I love the L'Occitane bath products.  Fabulous choice.  Shea butter makes everything better when you have to rise early for a work meeting.  The down comforter and comfy sheets put me right to sleep.  The 5-6 wine hour was a really nice surprise as well.

    Here's the deal.  Perhaps, I'm not into "boutique" hotels.  It just looked...old to me.  And the TV was circa 1980.  Seriously.  Some upgrades are needed to the furniture, carpet, and tub (is grout and caulk that expensive?).

    It's proximity to shopping is great; the valet parking price is ridiculous; the staff was very accommodating and my room was ready far earlier than the official check-in time.  All in all: a mixed bag.

    02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Jason R.
    We stayed there last a few years ago and boy had this place fallen from a service standpoint.  Postrio closed and is now just a pizza cafe.  We stayed on the Club level and went to the free Club level drinks that afternoon (What a disappointment).  It was packed and hot (can a brother get some AC?) we opted to pay for own down in the bar much better choice.  Great bartender downstairs a real mixologist!  Room was very small, nice but small.

    07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. John D.
    Perfect location a little away from Union Square.  A hotel with history, nicely restored and not cheap, but not outrageous. We had a good sized king suite with jetted tub, which was a little disappointing, but for good service in a great location, well worth the price.  We'll be back.

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Holly B.
    I stayed at the Prescott for business - I needed a nice, low-key place to have appointments in the lobby throughout the day.  The Prescott is the perfect place to do this, as the lobby (to the left as you enter) is warm and inviting, with a fireplace and free coffee throughout the morning.  It's a great place to relax before you head out for the day, and there were enough different places to sit that I had no trouble spending all day in the lobby taking care of my business.

    My room was fine, though I did issue a few complaints when the hotel followed up with an email survey.  As soon as I sent off my survey, I was emailed by the hotel manager, who, while not offering anything free, did apologize for the minor inconveniences - the blanket on the bed seemed old, as if it had been washed a million times, and the air vent in the room emitted some strange smells (including smoke, in what I was told was a non-smoking hotel.)

    All in all a nice place - stay on the upper levels for nicer concierge service, including breakfast.

    18/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. E M.
    $143 a night and you can't even get a cell signal for your smartphone, but they do offer free internet.

    17/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Scott M.
    The rooms were dark, the leaked and made noise the entire time and while the bed looked lumpy...it was actually fine, but the pillows were completely flat.

    19/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. Sandy S.
    The Prescott is a classic SF boutique - Its no Campton Place or Four Seasons but I would have no quarrel staying there again.

    -Excellent Union Square location
    -Brilliant, helpful, kind staff
    -Room Service from Postrio
    -First class bathroom amenities
    -Club level happy hour and continental breakfast is a great bonus
    -Comfortable beds
    -Classic lobby

    -Small bathroom
    -Mirrored bedroom walls....really?
    -No flat screen tv
    -No i-pod dock
    -No ice vending machine
    -Hardly any decent views from the bedroom windows

    The cons really are mimimal.....I liked it here for the $99 price I paid. I'd stay again.

    21/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Taylor M.
    Don't go here service is bad ruined the reservation and the room was horrible and the pull out mattress was worse than sleeping on the floor

    10/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Samantha G.
    I was in San Francisco on a business trip and had decided to stay at a Kimpton Hotel since I had such a good experience with them for my honeymoon.  Boy, did I make the right choice!

    I had been awake since 5:00AM that morning and had been in a very dry conference at the Federal Reserve Bank that didn't let out until 5:30PM, so by the time I got to the hotel I was rather exhausted.  I was greeted by the friendly front desk staff and they checked me in with no problems.  They even upgraded my room (a regular queen room) to an Executive Level Suite, which I was totally surprised and grateful for.

    The room was nice.  It was a bit small, but still comfortable.  I suppose if I had someone tagging along, then it would have been cramped but since I was by myself, it was perfect.  The bathroom was nice a big too.  The complementary breakfast on the Executive Level was yummy.  They had pastries, cereal, and fruit, which is all I eat for breakfast anyway, so I was happy.

    When I got back to LA, I had forgotten that I needed an invoice to claim the room as a travel expense so I called the hotel and they were able to e-mail me a copy of the invoice, which I thought was rather nice of them.  Service is definitely a 10 at the Prescott.

    13/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Scott R.
    There are so many solid hotels in the Union Square area to choose from that it's hard to really have a favorite.  That's why I Hotwire it, request a 4 star hotel, and take my chances.  My last spin of the Hotwire wheel landed me at the Prescott Hotel and I was overall pleased (for $119)...

    Very comfortable bed.  Not that TV is super-important but they could use an upgrade (19" old school TV).  Nice bathroom w/ fancy soap.

    Free coffee and tea in the morning - what, are pastries that much of an imposition?

    Valet parking - like most hotels in the area - is ridiculous.  $45 a night is insane.  Follow my lead and spite them by parking in the 24 hour lot on the block.  $32/day and $27/12 hours.

    I'd choose this over, say, the Hilton (too big) but would lean toward Westin St. Francis or the Donatello if prices were similar.

    03/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Li E.
    I stayed at this hotel on a business trip and was just so impressed by how nice the staff was and how beautiful this nice little hotel was.  After staying in the big chain hotels (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott) this was such a welcome change.

    One of the best things about this hotel was when I came in, there was a personalized card printed out for me, with a bottle of wine - complimentary.  I called down to the desk to check I wouldn't be charged, it was such a nice touch.  To even further this touch, the bottle's purchase proceeds go to a local SPCA of the winery.  This really went a long way for me, as not only a dog lover but a "greyhound rescue" owner.

    It's little things like this that show that sometimes smaller is better.  They add so great personal touches at this hotel, and I highly recommend it!

    If you aren't at the hotel for the TV - you'll be fine.  The staff is gracious, the rooms are superbly cleaned, the decor is beautiful and the "perks" are just right - including FREE in room internet access.

    13/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Maria K.
    I booked this hotel through Hotwire.  I booked a 4-star hotel and had secretly hoped I got the Intercontinental.  Oh well, I thought, this is supposed to be in the same class, so how bad could it be?  Let's just say I'd bump it down to 3-stars like some fellow yelpers.

    The good:
    - Location: 2 blocks from Union Square
    - Service: several additional free services like hair straightening irons, femine packs, umbrella to use during your stay, music cd, Aveda products in the bathroom, etc.
    - Staff: very professional and attentive
    - Cleanliness

    The not-so-good:
    - Room size: small
    - Sound insulation: could hear the neighbors loud and clear
    - TV: 19" CRT? seriously?
    - Price: deluxe rooms are supposed to start at around $180

    The price we got through Hotwire was got was good so we can't really complain.  Would we purposedly book this specific hotel again?  Not really.

    17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. J. E.
    I signed up for Yelp just to write a good review about this hotel. If you are not used to living in a major city the rooms may feel small. However, that is the only downside.

    Service, Service, Service!!! From the doorman to the Concierge, to the front desk. I've never felt more at home in a hotel. I was there to run the Nike Women's Marathon and everyone was so supportive!

    Here are my tips: If you are looking to make a day trip to Sonoma or Napa talk to Mike. He knows what each winery is up to and can give you good up-to-date recommendations. If you are looking for the best breakfast within walking distance, ask for directions to Dottie's. It's small and there's always a line, but those were the best pancakes I've ever had, cinnamon and ginger give them a wonderful kick.

    22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Mark a p.
    So i got the reservation through hotwire. I got here and was greeted by the entire front desk. My reservation was there and I didn't have to go through process of confirmation numbers etc to find it. I was checked in two minutes. The place is across from the JW Marriott. The foray was very welcoming. They have a "livingroom" where a wine tasting is hosted each night starting at 5. The place is small and one can walk up to your room. Yes the stairs and floor creeks. I am sure the walls are thin enough to invoke a funny scene from "Secret of my Success." Look it up. My room was small but it was comfortable. Everything was working. The bath was not lacking in size. It was comforting also. Like staying at grandmas. The room was dark the next morning also. Plus in my book for sleeping in.
    The amenities were good and modern. Wifi, exercise room, in-room spa, Posrtio restaurant next door and a great location. Getting a cab was easy through the doorman. In all it was a great stay. I was up for Union St fair and the night.

    03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. E H.
    This self-proclaimed "4-star hotel" is merely 3 stars in my opinion.  Although the staff is friendly, the bathroom did not have a fan and they did not give us clean towels until we threw them all on the floor.  It comes with lingerie and socks in the closet (see photo), but you get charged if you use them, much like the basket of candy.  There is no pool, parking is valet only and about $50 a night, but that is San Francisco for ya.  It is, however, walking distance to a lot of places, like a 24-hour Jack in the Box.

    28/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Jim P.
    excellent service and a great location.  the building needs a bit of updating and the elevators are slow.  it's charmingly off kilter.  love the staff and love the free drinks on the club level.  rooms are clean and well cared for.  beds are comfy and they stock la crema pino noir in the mini bar.  

    i love kimpton service and will continue to stay.  

    i would recommend that they improve the breakfast buffet (and decor of that kitchen).

    26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Curtis L.
    DO not let the entryway photos fool you... THis place is ran down on the upper floors...

    Recently, I discovered Kimpton hotels on a few trips and was a bit impressed by the boutique and sleek style establishments they offered. So I was excited to visit this property in SF. However, it turned out to be a HIGE disappointment and waste of money... First the hallways were awful and needed fresh paint. The carpet was worn out a bit. The entry and lobby is nice.... However the elevator takes you to land of the dirt ball... Our room was cold, outdated and SMALL with a view of a brick wall. Funny, I asked for a great view and large windows and this is what I got... LOL An hour or so later, I brought these issues up with the front desk and the clerk stated it is the room I booked meets the class level... I thought to myself, bummer me- I prepaid for the entire trip at this place, I would had checked out. I often travel and love unique hotels, sadly this is a HUGE disappointment, waste of funds and time.

    I emailed the company to bring this to their attention, their basic reply, we will address house keeping with this issue... HOUSEKEEPING?????
    House keeping, replace the old ragged carpets, paint the walls, paint the dirty doors, and fix the rattle trap of an elevator??????

    I also emailed the CEO of the company- no reply....

    This is a joke....
    If YELP had a negative star rating--- I would had clicked the lowest number

    10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Victoria S.
    It's been a while since I was in SF...and thinking about going back for a visit and I was reminded how much I loved this hotel. I never did a review! It was back in 2006, when I was in SF for a work conference and I had the opportunity to stay at this Kimpton hotel. I love the boutique feel and the committment to environmentally friendly products/service. The staff was very nice and the room was clean and enjoyable. It's older but they renovated it. Perfect location to walk downtown to all the shopping and the convention center. They had a small bar in the hotel which was perfect for a early night or late night drink. It was central to all the SF hot spots and tourist attractions. Since then, I have always looked for the Kimpton brand of hotels, I love the modern twists to the boutique hotel. You get that personal feel with the modern luxury. Plus, the rates aren't ridiculous - I am a Kimpton loyalist now!

    10/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Prescott B.
    My peeps have been coming here for years on and off.  Two weeks ago they stayed here again.  Exceptional,,  From their check in to check out.  Makes me happy cuz Christmas 2008 they had a little extra wine at the North Beach Restaurant and adopted me from the Macy's window and named me after their favorite hotel:  Prescott.

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. anil b.
    Great rooms, great people at the front desk and great location, and I'm not just saying that because they upgraded our suit to the penthouse. The only gripe, when does the maid service knock on your door at 8(freaking)30am!

    07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. sherrie n.
    i love staying at boutique hotels when i go to san francisco. this one was pretty nice and had great reviews so i thought, why not?

    i got there, and they were super confused about my reservation upon check-in. i was pretty appalled to find the reason for confusion was because my last name was Nguyen, which is the most common last name in the vietnamese culture. they kept asking if i was 3 other people instead. then they figured out they checked someone else in to my room, so they did have my reservation. i finalyl got a key to another room and went upstairs. i opened the door to find 2 other people were already staying in the room (they weren't there, but their stuff was), so I had to walk all the way back down and sort it out. and yes it's concerning that they gave me a key to an inhabited room, great security measures.

    Regardless of all the mess, it's a pretty cute and small boutique hotel off of union square and within walking distance from tons of shopping and food options. like other hotels in the area, it's kinda old, and you can tell it's gone through some wear and tear.

    the pluses: free wireless, small, complimentary items like curling iron and sewing kit, and Aveda bath products. also concierge is helpful.

    20/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Alex P.
    This was my first experience with a Kimpton Hotel and it was quite pleasant.  We started with a last-minute reservation while driving to S.F. on our way up from L.A.  They were easily able to accommodate our group of 6, with 3 rooms for two of us each all on the same floor.  And when two of us checked in, they upgraded our rooms to the Club Level for no extra charge.  

    The Club Level rooms include more features like flat-screen TV and complimentary continental breakfast, which was pretty good for the selection.  The rooms were small, but very comfortable and nicely decorated.  A great bed and very soft sheets rounded out this great room.

    The location seems to be one of the best in the city.  We were only 2 blocks away from Union Square and it was quite easy to get around.  I would definitely stay at the Prescott Hotel again.

    04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. B B.
    The Prescott is a nice hotel in a good location.  It needs a little TLC, but for the rates they charge (I paid 250+/-) I don't hold it against them and it is worth it.  It really is a matter of needing a little paint, some new upholstery, etc.  The common areas as I saw them were fine.  The lobby is beautiful.  When we stayed we wanted something SF-like, with character.  We got that.  Our king suite, while not very large, was certainly good enough for the kids to be on the foldout couch in one room, and the parents to have some privacy in the other room.   I would stay again at this price.

    26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Rob P.
    My Fiance and I just stayed here in Union Square, we checked in on Sat for two nights, we absolutely loved this hotel and would come back again. the staff was very helpful, great customer service (Thanks Tom) and very nice boutique hotel. The rooms were awesome, very nice, they accepted dogs which helped us and they treated us very very well. Thanks for the beautiful hotel and great service, hard to come by these days!

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Dina J.
    I had a great experience here.  I booked a standard room & we ended up getting upgraded to a King penthouse suite with club level extras.  The extras were great -- free happy hour with snacks & a really nice continental breakfast at Postrio.  Our room had a jacuzzi, fireplace, 2 rooms.  

    Service was great.  Doormen were always there, helping us with cabs, luggage etc.

    I think some of the "shabby" complaints are a bit off base.  This is an older hotel.  The rooms are smaller than new hotels & it definitely has an older vibe.  However, I found it extremely well maintained.  You get all the extras in a 4-star experience (great service, robes, extra amenities etc.)

    The location is fantastic.  Right in the heart of Union Square, you can't beat it...and reasonable deals are offered all the time.  I would recommend the Prescott and would stay again anytime.

    30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Eric G.
    Great place, good staff and location

    06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Susan H.
    I love this place. We always stay every January when in town for a trade show.  The location is great, just off Union Square.  The rooms, although small like all old city hotels, are very comfortable and reasonably stylish.  What really makes the place stand out is the staff, and if you are lucky enough to stay club level, the fourth floor happy hour.  The gentleman who always has my gin and tonic and a slice of pizza ready is so welcoming and it's amazing how he remembers everyone from one year to the next.  Room rates are very reasonable and free wi-fi (if you join their frequent stayer club which costs nothing).  Highly recommended.

    05/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Saski D.
    Our experience at the Prescott was nothing short of amazing... Since Our trip to San Fran was soo spontaneous, we didn't really have a place booked for the weekend.. This was the only hotel in the area that was offering a room at the time. The room was definitely pricey, but since we were running out of time and patience, we decided to just reserve the room. Upon our arrival we were assisted by a receptionist named Melissa, she was extremely sweet and helpful. By the time we got there our room was already booked and taken. She was kind enough to upgrade us to the club level.. We were defintely excited about the offer. when we entered the room we were in for a suprise, the room was spaceous and in addition to the room there was a huge living room. Flat screen TV's in both rooms, Bathrobes etc.. Room service was prompt, we asked for toothpaste and they were at the door in less than 5 minutes... They also offered a complimentary Wine tasting hour from 5pm to 7pm....

    In addition to all of that, the location is convenient, it's right next to union square, walking distance to Chinatown, fishermans Wharf, little italy and about a 10 min drive to the golden gate bridge..

    The stay was defintely worth while... if you have a few extra dollars to spend, you might want to consider staying here :).

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Grace S.
    Cute hotel right off of Union Square, nice comps (happy hour and very nice continental breakfast), but best of all -- wonderful helpful staff!!  Would definitely stay here again for the added service.

    12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Chris C.
    Great location, but our stay hasn't been amazing so far. Our "club level" room is decent, but I expect a bit more from a Kimpton. The mattress is a little creaky, and the valet parking turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Not a great value, even considering the premium for staying for New Years. The staff was welcoming and quite helpful.

    31/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Shoshana g.
    I have to agree this is more a 3 star hotel than a 4 star.

    Firstly, customer service brings them up to 4 stars. We originally booked 4 nights at the Triton, but there was apparently water damage, so they paid for a cab to take us to the Prescott. Once at the Prescott, they upgraded us to a King sized suite, which had a jacuzzi bath and an additional living room. The room itself wasn;t that amazing, but the fact that they were so calm, happy, and accommodating throughout the whole process really made it wonderful.

    -location is PERFECT. 5 minute walk to the Bart and Powell St cablecar turnaround, 10 minute walk to Chinatown, in the heart of Union Square with all the shopping, and close to some nicer, lest touristy restaurants as well.
    -Our room was HUGE (we had a suite) and the bed was super comfortable
    -Free (cheap-ish) wine in the evenings and coffee in the mornings. Coffee is definitely better than the wine, which is nothing to write home about, but still is a nice way to relax after walking all day.

    -room was a bit shabby, with some of the posters hung crookedly, and a very loud heating/cooling system (although bonus points for allowing us to set the room temperature directly_
    -sub-par electronics: CD radio when all other rooms had an Ipod dock; crappy outdated TV; no clock
    -You apparently have to pay to watch ANY TV, not just pay-per-view
    -Hot water wasn't too hot, although I think that was part of their new 'green' energy-saving kick. Personally, I'd prefer hot water
    -Final, nitpicky con: The doormen rarely actually opened the door. Often they would stand next to the doors while we would have to push them open (and they were heavy!)....Now, I don't mean to diva-out, but if you're a doorman, isn't your job to open the door??

    Anyway, as most of my cons were nitpicky, we were definitely satisfied with the hotel. Probably would have preferred some of the more interesting/modern hotels, but for  under $100/night in a great location, I really have no major complaints.

    19/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Michelle B.
    I read through some of the previous reviews and I need to clarify a couple things -- because I did enjoy my stay here very much.

    Let's start with the person who said you had to pay to watch basic television -- WRONG -- I freely was able to watch 100+ channels w/o a charge (there was a little asterisk on the remote control that exited the pay per view screen and onto cable). Second, yes the TVs were freakin' small, WHO CARES? You're in San Francisco, get outside and walk around -- far more interesting the cable!

    The rooms are small, but let's face it -- they have a work out gym, if you need to do aerobics you can go there. The bathrooms are a bit of a squeeze, but that's cool because if I'm taking a deuce -- it's not really a spectator sport.

    Super perks -- club level includes a super nice continental breakfast. Cocktail/Open Bar for two hours (unlimited drinks --everything from mixed to nice champagne). Oh, and ice cream in the lobby during the afternoon.


    We landed the deluxe King for $125 -- which was leaps and bounds over the Great HWY Inn I stayed at last year for the same amount of $$$ that had bed bugs --ick!

    Like this place, may return, but SF has a ton of hotels -- I'll probably try somewhere new, but I would definitely recommend to others, especially for dog lovers.

    01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Christina A.
    Anytime I have an opportunity to stay in a Kimpton Hotel, I do. My recent stay was at the Prescott Hotell. The staff really makes you feel special, the rooms and overall hotel atmosphere have a nostalgic charm, the fitness facility is slightly better than other hotels (excluding expansive resorts), and the location couldn't get any better for San Francisco visitors. Most of the City's best shopping and many tourist attactions is within 5 minutes walking distance. I also personally appreciate the, "you forgot it, we got it" mentality at all Kimpton Hotels. The list is all-inclusive for anything you may have forgotten. For a frequent traveler, like myself, this happens occasionally, but only Kimpton Hotels have what you need: designer flat irons, chargers for all sorts of phones, fashion tape, contact lense solution...you name it.

    22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Sean B.
    Hotel was nice for an old quaint boutique hotel. Not quite my type of accommodation as I prefer a more modern style hotel. Great location, one block from union square. Hotel was clean, the staff members were great and familiar with the area. Valet parking is $44 +tax so look around for parking.

    01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Nikki S.
    Okay so it was my birthday weekend and I wanted to stay in the city.  I found this hotel using Expedia and was able to reserve a Deluxe King room for $100/night, not bad at all.  The location was perfect, right on the corner of Mason and Post, we were right around the corner from Ruby Skye.  The room was larger then I expected for a Union Square hotel, very roomy, clean, the ambiance was on the older side but it gave the hotel its charm.  Nice Aveda bath products, and you have the option of room service from Post Rio next door.

    Staff were so-so, we didn't have much interaction with them but they seemed kinda tense all the time.  Could be because it was a Saturday night but then again who cares, we aren't the type of guests that nit pick about every little detail.  Basically for the price, the location cannot be beat.  Will be back for sure.

    Oh, we had a lovely view of a a valet parking lot and brick wall :)  Again, who cares, I'm not in the city to hang out in the hotel room.

    24/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Miriam W.
    The Prescott is part of the Kimpton boutique hotel chain which began in San Francisco and now has properties in a dozen U.S. cities. The hotel is dangerously close to the endless shopping opportunities in Union Square. Rooms are tiny as one might expect in a dense, urban city but they are also well-appointed with L'OCCITANE en Provence bath products, down comforters and high-thread count sheets.

    We had a room on the Club Level which gave us access to a generous breakfast spread (pastries, fresh juice, coffee, cereal, fruit, etc) in the morning.

    So long as you're not planning to spend the majority of your time in the room, the Prescott is a great launch pad for a stay in San Francisco.

    04/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. T S.
    This place was okay but I would never pay full price for a room here!  I think I got a price of $119 on Hotels.com and it is my first stay at a Kimpton hotel.  

    I'm not sure if I was on the old side or the new side (didn't even know there were two sides until reading the review below).  It seemed old as it seemed like an old boutique hotel that had been reimaged.  It was a little rough and not at all what I expected from a Kimpton.  There was some peeling wallpaper, some dirty corners in the bathroom, someone else's trash in one of the trash cans, and it was sooooo sooooo tiny!  There was barely enough room to walk between the foot of the bed and the armoire/TV.  

    The view was other buildings windows so that was a little annoying.  I had to keep my curtains closed the whole time because I felt like I was being watched.  However, there was very little noise during the night.  I've stayed in a few places that were an absolute nightmare!!  

    I was on the 4th floor near the breakfast buffet.  It was nice to sneak out and grab a bagel and then take it back to my room to finish getting ready.  Although the hallway floors were extremely squeaky - my room was not.  The bed was okay but I didn't sleep well for some reason.  

    All in all I wasn't impressed and I probably won't stay here again unless I get a great deal.

    27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Martin P.
    I have stayed at probably six different Kimpton properties and have come to have pretty high expectations of this boutique chain. Generally top notch throughout - from design to amenities to service. I recently stayed at the Prescott Hotel in SF on business and brought these high expectations with me. Sadly, it was a disappointment for a few reasons:

    (1) The building is dated. Kimpton seems to be all about restoring old spaces and so let me be clear that this isn't a complaint about creaky floors, irregularly shaped rooms, or other inevitable artifacts of a historic building. The rooms themselves were badly worn. Dirty floor boards with scuffs and luggage marks. Dated furniture that was probably hip 10 years ago. A 20" TV that I thought only existed these days in grandparents' basements. Worn carpeting. Old bathroom tile and fixtures.

    (2) Less than stellar service. I received a wake up call (which apparently isn't automated at this property) at 4 am on the morning of my departure. This would have been great, except I DIDN'T REQUEST THE WAKE-UP CALL. I called down to the front desk to let them know and the same wake-up guy said, "Thanks for letting us know." No apology, nor any hint of genuine concern. I mentioned it again at check out and the front desk woman seemed more concerned, but sadly had nothing to offer but a waiver of my mini bar fees, which were going to be waived anyway since I'm a member of their loyalty program.  I'm not sure what she could have reasonably offered me, but it fell short.

    I understand that mistakes happen, and won't hold this unfortunate service shortcoming against them. That said, even with 5-star service the place would have been a disappointment due to the badly needed renovation. On a 5-star 'hotel' scale I would give this place 3.5-stars at best. Feels like the sort of "4-star" property that you'd win on Hotwire or Priceline...not quite 4-stars, but "ok" given what you paid. I expect more from Kimpton.

    11/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Paul S.
    We stayed at the Prescott during a vacation trip to San Francisco.  We drove from San Diego to Pismo Beach then to San Francisco.  It was a long drive on the interstate 1 but the view up was beautiful overseeing the Pacific coast.  Having good directions into downtown we had no trouble finding the hotel.  We took advantage of valet so there were no parking issues.
    The hotel is very charming.  It had the old school look yet had many modern touches.  From the furnishings to the decor, the hotel had that upscale feel.  Our room was small but nice.  The bathroom was actually good sized and again was nice.  We didn't have much of a view from our room.  It outlooked another building so all you saw was a brickwall.
    The staff was very friendly and professional.  The hotel is pet friendly and treated our pets very well.  We have two boston terriers and they seemed to enjoy there stay with us.  I have to state some places say they are pet friendly but are not.  The Prescott is very pet friendly.  They have treats for your dogs when you check in.  I thought that was a nice touch.  The surrounding area was very easy to get around; even though downtown was very crowded and busy, so walking our dogs were a breeze.  If it was 6 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon or 9 at night; it was no problem walking our two boston terriers.
    As I stated earlier the staff is very friendly and professional.  The front desk was very helpful in finding points of interest.  The hotel itself is located near the fashion district so we were near the malls, restaurants and china town.  So everything was in walking distance so we didn't need our car to go to place to place.  When we didn't feel like walking anymore we took a cab or bus.
    My wife and I plus our dogs loved this hotel.  Our room could of been bigger.  We could of had a better view but the service was the best.  I would stay at the Prescott on service alone because the staff is just that good.  Bruno and Bella gives the Prescott four stars.

    17/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Ellie C.
    Overall, I thought this was a great deal for the price -- we used Priceline to book this hotel (shh), with a named price of $75.  It came out to less than $100 for the night, which was the Friday of Valentine's Day weekend.  And obviously, they're right in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

    The check-in lady was helpful and appeared to have no qualms whatsoever that I had booked through Priceline, which I liked.  They served free hot chocolate that afternoon (from 3-5 I think?) as well as a free wine happy hour from 5-6.  We helped ourselves to some hot chocolate when we checked in, and it was delicious.  We had dinner reservations at 5:30, so we had a glass of wine right at 5 and then just walked over there.  Um, pretty awesome.

    The accommodations themselves were fine.  This is definitely a more old-fashioned hotel with heavy drapery, so not exactly my style, but everything was in place and nothing was messy.  The bed was comfortable and there was free wireless! which was pretty great.

    The bathroom definitely wasn't the newest and the water in the shower was both weak and not very hot.  The fitness room is a pretty pathetic affair on the 8th floor, consisting of 6 or so very old cardio machines, an all-in-one weight machine, free weights, and a pretty nice flat-screen.  But hey, at least I got my workout in.

    21/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Justin L.
    I had a mostly good experience here.

    Good: Great staff, very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. Great location, convenient to the business district and main shopping areas, also pretty easy to get out of SF. Huge room. Huge, comfortable bed. Clean. Free coffee and NY Times in the morning. Big closets. Big, clean bathroom.

    Bad: Drab, frankly quite ugly interior in the rooms and hallways. Very odd layout means taking multiple elevators followed by a long walk to get to my room.

    I would stay here again.

    13/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. B S.
    You're paying for the outstanding service and amenities, not the actual room. Their rooms are pretty basic for a luxury hotel.  It is very clean, but the A/C is extremely noisy.  I find it odd to offer robes and a fully stocked min-bar, but no coffee maker.  They give coupons for the morning continental  breakfast served downstairs which is a gorgeous seating area. TIPS:  Use the town car service to the airport; it's only $3 more than a cab.  There is free wi-fi if you create an account (which was a little buggy on my phone).  It took three tries for it to load and log in.  Conveniently located near many diners, restaurants,  and shopping.

    27/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Lan G.
    I cannot wait to go back there again!

    We stayed there for one night and it was a very comfortable stay. They have a special section of hotel only for Kimpton club members. It seems to be renovated recently. I believe they gave us a free upgrade to a suite upon our arrival. There are two rooms. One is with tv, bar, coffee table, and sofa. The other is bedroom which has a very nice bathroom. The location of hotel is great. It's only blocks away from all the shopping. However, parking was a pain. When we got back to the hotel after dinner, we found a street parking after at least 10 times of driving in circle. We also get complimentary breakfast, which has many healthy choices.

    19/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Serena C.
    I didn't get a chance to actually explore everything the hotel had to offer.  Really, I didn't explore much outside my room and the fireside lounge on the first floor, it was NYE after all and I was trying to spend most of my time exploring SF as much as possible.  

    From what I can tell, this hotel holds an older, classic feeling of luxury hotel living.  I can see how a person who is used to staying in a 5 star hotel suite that is complete with large LCD flat screens above their bed and bathroom hot tub would be slightly disappointed, but frankly I think taking a step back from those kinds of hotels once in awhile is really nice too. The rooms are small but cozy.  And yes, the television screen was rather small but not a big deal to me. The more important aspect was the bed, which was a nice and firm king sized bed with 4 super comfortable down pillows, all covered in high thread count sheets--absolutely wonderful!  I thought it was extra nice that the hotel shampoos and soaps were Aveda products--my favorite!

    The concierge was extra extra extra helpful in suggesting places to eat dinner around Union Square and a place to ring in the new year (though in the end, my friend and I ended up deciding to wing it when we realized how impossible it was to plan either of those last minute without reservations).

    A couple of other things that I think are worth mentioning: There is no such thing as an ice machine in this hotel, you have to call the front desk to ask them to bring it to you. Also, Prescott doesn't have a self-park lot, only valet, which is kind of a bummer. This place is pet friendly! I passed by several other hotel guests who had brought their dog to stay with them in the hotel rooms.

    Great stay overall.

    02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Viola C.
    Came here because of the expedia deal and i think we got ripped off. The picture and the room was not what I had expected. the room was so small that im thinking expedia marketing used a different hotel to advertised their deals. I guess i should've done more reseach. They had this spacious room with a wine on the bed and this was what i was expecting when we arrived. Instead we got a room with litle room to move around. An old school TV - which you can find the picture here. The room was dusty, the bed frame and the bathroom. Everything just look old. The bed was OK. It came with two soft pillows which were nearly flat. Sort of glad we only had time to sleep.

    The only good thing about this place was the location. I really can't say more other than this. I think if our time wasn't so pressed, i'd been able to appreciate what the hotel offers - they had a free wine at the reception and free wifi. But i'll never really know now since i don't think we'll be back here again.

    25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    71. Amber M.
    This is the worst hotel experience I've EVER had in San Francisco, CA. The staff was LESS than helpful and incredibly disrespectful. The rooms were horrible considering that this is SUPPOSED to be a 4-star hotel. I will NEVER stay at this hotel ever again. I'd rather sleep outside in the cold than stay at this hotel.

    If you have the opportunity to stay somewhere else I highly recommend Parc 55 - AMAZING!!! :o)

    21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    72. Art P.
    Stayed for our 30th year anniversary from 7/4  to 7/6. We were greeted by Mike the bell hop and he was very nice and helpful. The valet person was also very helpful and courteous. The room was small, thin walls,  but clean. Would have liked a  coffer maker and small frig. but they did make coffee right outside our room. Happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30 was nice with pizza made fresh. Guzman the bartender was really a nice guy. We got to meet other ppl their that were very nice. I would definitely stay here again as all the employees made it very accommodating. This place is like way cheaper then the Westin which was our first choice, but The Prescott was just as nice and the  parking was $48 versus $59.

    07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Christopher Z.
    pros: friendly staff, beautiful lobby, free wine and coffee.

    Cons: the structure. Small rooms, drafty windows. Didn't enjoy being in the rooms because they are so small.  It was clean, but just old

    14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    74. Coco M.
    I booked The Prescott from Hotwire because I thought it was a four stars hotel as Hotwire describe in their website. When I got there last weekend, I found out it was an old hotel, front desk was nice, room was small which I was ok with, bed was comfortable, comforter had yellow stains which I should had told them but I was to tired from shopping, bathroom was dirty. Anyway, I fully understand that it's an old hotel in a good location. But I think Hotwire and the hotel itself need to be downgraded to a two stars instead of four stars hotel unless they could maintain the hotel's appearance as a four stars hotel. Just because its in a good location, they could market it as a four stars hotel. The Prescott is so far away from being a four stars hotel. I was so disappointed.

    22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    75. Kate M.
    We stayed 1 Sat night and had a very good experience but consider this an old 4 star hotel, so it would be more accurate as a 3.5 star place.  Rooms are small like other reviews say and I couldn't figure out the TV.  Bathroom door hits the toilet but serves its purpose.  Wine hour very nice and folks there - both other customers and workers-were friendly.  But elevator is old and slow and there isn't anything special about this place.  I'd stay here again if in a pinch but would first try someplace else if we had more time to plan.

    07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Jodi B.
    My boyfriend described this hotel perfectly, "Elegant dilapidation," and that's exactly what it is.

    We stayed at this hotel for a mini getaway/business. The area isn't the greatest, as it's right on the outskirts of Union Square, but it was centrally located to catch the BART and the trolleys. Great shopping just a few blocks away too.

    The check-in staff & concierge were friendly and helpful. The rooms are small, but the beds were comfortable, there's a HDTV, and the basic amenities. The showers had a tendency to flood the bathrooms, but I'm going to blame that on the shower curtains, which weren't weighted down and allowed water to get everywhere!

    The restaurant service was TERRIBLE!! Slower than a snail's pace and the server had to come over multiple times to get the order right. When she finally did, then the busboy would forget to bring us water after he had asked us if we wanted more water. This wasn't only in the restaurant proper.. this was also for the working lunches we had for the business part of the trip. The food was "ok" but the service made our experience less than memorable.

    The mornings were provided with complimentary coffee and tea, but no muffins or fruit. The same with the evening wine hour.. complimentary, but no cheese/crackers to spruce the ambiance of the event.

    I know boutique hotels are supposed to have an antiquated charm to them, but this hotel really felt dilapidated... Not a horrible place to stay.. it is clean and has a charm to it, but it didn't really fit the bill for me.

    25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    77. David G.
    Consistency is key. This is a great place to stay!  Stayed my second time....

    05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Ann S.
    We were there for our anniversary weekend, and the staff went out of their way to make it special for us.  We were greeted warmly upon our arrival by the reception staff, who wished us a happy anniversary.  The lady helping to check us in was also a concierge, and she offered to give us recommendations for dinner or assist us with any other activities that we might be interested in.  There was a bottle of champagne chilling in the room, and the room was very spacious.  The interior, with the beautiful stairs and décor, was warm and inviting.  We also really enjoyed the location, as we were able to walk to everything around Union Square.  I will definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and family, and I would like to stay here again.

    12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Aaron S.
    Nice hotel overall. This is a hotel that has been redone. It has lots of character.  I tend to like Kimpton hotels and this one keeps my interest.

    Walking distance to union square and lots of restaurants.  Slightly off the main area, which is good.

    Nothing negative I would say. I had a pleasant experience at this hotel overall.

    07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Leah K.
    I stayed at this hotel last weekend with my fiance. We booked the reservation through priceline after looking at the photos on priceline and on the actual hotel website. We were without our 3 kids for a post Valentine's Day evening out, so we wanted to stay some place nice. I chose this hotel because of the location and what the photos looked like and it seemed like a quaint boutique type hotel. I was in for that, as this was my first trip to SF. Big mistake. The location was awesome and the employees were very nice, the rest of the experience was awful.

    First off, our room was small. I mean really small. It was so small that the television had to be off to the upper side of the left hand side of the bed. Unless we were on our sides, there was no television watching. Truthfully, this probably wasnt the worst part of the experience, cause it's not like we rented a room so that we could stay and watch television in it, but it was small.

    Second, it was freezing. Our room was absolutely freezing. We turned up the heat as far as it would go, which heated the room up slightly, but it was still absolutely unbearable. There were no extra sheets or blankets offered and what was on the bed was pretty thin, so I ended up sleeping with several layers on.

    Third, the water temperature in the shower was luke warm, at best. No joke. I learned of this when I was trying to warm up from the cold room. I attempted to take a shower right before mid-night, so it's not like they ran out of hot water. My fiance attempted to take a shower in the morning and it was the same story.

    Fourth, the bed was noisy. Every time you moved on it, it creaked, loudly. This (along with feeling frozen) pretty much killed any anticipated Valentines Day romance ideas. (The floors also creaked in various parts of the extremely small room).

    Fifth, we could hear our "neighbor" coming and going in the morning, loud enough to where it sounded like they were trying to get in our room. Not very comforting.

    Sixth, it just wasnt that "clean." Carpets were dirty, wall paper was coming off, bathroom didnt appear to be all that clean. However, they did leave us two trash cans next to the bed.

    Seventh, there was a constant metallic humming sound the entire time we were in the room. I dont know if it was the fridge or the heater or what, but it was loud and wasnt exactly "white noise." If being cold hadn't kept us up the majority of the night, this would have.

    I would never, ever classify this as a 4 star hotel. Not ever. The only thing nice about it was the location and the fact that the staff was friendly. Spend your money elsewhere. Seriously.

    19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    81. Amy B.
    The two best parts of this hotel?  The location and the staff.   If you are looking for more than that, you probably shouldn't stay here.  The location is pretty good because we could walk to most everything in the Union Square area.  

    The staff was excellent.  They were very accommodating to any request and helped us find places to go.  The place the concierge suggested for dinner ended up being our best dinner during our stay!

    The hotel was clean which is always top priority but seemed very small, outdated, and not a single thing special about it.

    The beds were absolutely AWFUL!  I don't know how I slept at all!  And I should mention I was actually sharing the bed.  It was more like an extended twin size bed than a full or queen.  Not only that but they barely had anything besides a sheet to cover up with and the beds were extremely uncomfortable.  But I always think a bed can make or break a stay, so maybe that's what "broke" my stay, if you will.  

    There is fresh coffee, tea, and water each morning and as I understand it, a free wine hour every evening (we never made it to that).  They also have 2 restaurants on site which we also didn't try.  

    I feel it was completely overpriced for what you get --not much.  There's no way I would have paid that in any other city for this kind of hotel, but I guess that's the price you pay in San Fransisco!

    29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    82. rhonda s.
    Meh (!) to infinity.  

    Underwhelmed from the moment I was ignored @ check-in to the moment they charged me for parking (I didn't) and took 3 calls/4days to get it credited back.

    Caveat:  if you can get a deal on Priceline for really cheap, the location makes it a decent deal.  If, however, you're paying rack rate (~$200/night), there are MUCH better boutique hotels nearby...see my review for Inn @ Union Square.

    First, there are two distinct classes @ this hotel, in separate buildings and not outlined by staff.  My 'standard' room was in the old building with a nightly 1 hour wine reception in the lobby.  (It really is just wine...nary a cracker or limp veg in sight.)  

    The Club 'level', however, is a separate building and also where the health club is located, although none of the "please, please don't bother me, I'm doing important things on my computer" front desk staff will tell you.  (Mercifully, a housekeeper who barely spoke English was kind enough to graciously escort me to the correct floor, across the unmarked hallway, and to the other elevator to get there...)

    Once I did, however, it was no great shakes.  A couple of pre-historic Precors and an equally aging weight machine.  I did, however, work up an appetite on my way back to the room...got lost wending my way back to the little people's quarters and found myself smack dab in the middle of the Club level happy hour.  Oy, the sweaty humiliation.

    Not to despair, though, my tiny room with scuff marks all over the walls, tiny old school TV, and floorboards that creaked every time I moved, kept me distracted from the cellphone chick.  This chatty creature was very proud of herself for completing a marathon two days prior.  For real!  She parked herself in the comfy chairs across from the elevators (two doors down) and was dedicated to describing the experience (loudly, is there any other way?) to all who heeded her call.  After three hours, I stepped outside and asked (ok, begged) for a reprieve.  She shrugged and loudly declared that it was a "public" space.  No sympathy from security/front desk, they concurred with Chatty Cathy.

    Couldn't even console myself with minibar voucher like the luckyy gal below (didn't get any) or retaliate on my own cell phone.  I had to walk outside the hotel to get or make calls (T-Mobile).  I know, in the middle of freaking San Francisco!  

    I did, however, order the best room service ever, which is why they get 2 stars instead of 0.  Let's just say that there are advantages to being co-located with Postrio.  Divine and the only bright spot of my two-night stay.  That and it was (chatty phone chick aside) very quiet, since I was in a room with an "interior" (drain pipes and fire escapes, anyone?) view.

    Don't be fooled by the Kimpton moniker--90% of Holiday Inns have nicer furniture/furnishings.  Do yourself a favor and check out a small hotel that actually delivers (for less) what the Prescott promises--Inn @ Union Square.  3X the space, full wine reception (yeah, food...duh!), full breakfast, flat screen TVs, robes in room, luxury bath products, and staff that can't do enough to make sure you're having a great time.

    28/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    83. Christine D.
    Can I do 0 stars?! I mean this place was absolutely HORRIFIC. So bad that it prompted me to reactive my yelp account and warn people.  This place had mixed reviews, but we decided to give it a shot because they offer in room spa services. However, our first night was so terrible, we will never know how the massages are! I've stayed at all sorts of hotels (Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Omni, Four Seasons) and can't believe this place is a 4 star.  The service is terrible, I wasn't acknowledged at all when I walked in and the girl at the front desk started giving me someone else's charge summary. The valet guy was worse barely saying anything to us and had an attitude. The rooms are tiny, cold, and noisy. And the worst part was the beds! I was tossing and turning all night because the beds were so hard and noisy! The pillows are uncomfortable too! The rooms are small, but understandable in San Francisco, but the set up was awkward to lie in bed and watch TV. When we complained, the girl at the front desk seemed like she didn't care. So we said we just want to cancel the rest of our reservation (3 nights) and they still charged us for 1 extra night because it was their cancellation policy. I wouldn't recommend this place to my enemy!!! Our happy ending was we ended up at the Westin St. Francis around the corner in a much bigger, nicer room with super friendly and nice staff.  Priscilla at the Westin is out hero!

    UPDATE! The general manager has since contacted me and helped rectify the situation.  I would give the general manager 5 stars!

    21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    84. Peter G.
    All the Kimpton hotels are very nice and the Prescott is a real nice hotel too. Nicer than the Serrano and the Sir Francis Drake in my opinion. Just a little quieter over here than those other ones. The staff is nice, rooms are small unless you are in a suite but the Kimptons are always a nice stay.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Marevie T.
    This place is fancy! Love that the bathroom amenities was so Bath and Body works status and that the beds were super comfy! Only downfall... the shower was cold! Good lord. I love that everyone that worked here was super friendly and very classy. I'll definitely visit again!

    29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Kelly P.
    Not the nicest place I've stayed. Kind of old and smells old too. Small room but you shouldn't be in your room much on vacation. I'm giving 4 stars because of the nice and attentive staff and the free happy hour at 5, along with the great location.

    06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Ursula J.
    Slightly older hotel but rooms are roomy and clean, staff is friendly, and location is great (1.5 blocks from Union Sq). Booked through a Southwest Airlines travel special but my room upgraded to a suite when I checked in because I'm a Kimpton Hotel rewards member. I'll definitely stay here again.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Mark Y.
    Spent a Sunday night and Monday morning at this hotel. I was sent on work, and this hotel was close by where I needed to go. I am only writing the review about the room and hotel. The attached restaurant was such a dismal failure, I don't want to dilute the hotel review.

    Room was incredibly small, and the bed even smaller. $195 for the night. The only saving grace, was that they allowed our two chihuahua's without fee or deposit. The telephone did not work the next morning, and I was charged $5.00 in local calls to call down for room service and to tell them that the phone was not working well. I sweated all night, because the air conditioner would not stay on. It kept resetting itself every hour, so it was like a sauna. Upon letting the front desk know of the problems as I was checking out, I was simply told "I'm sorry, please let me know how I can help you next time". Well, there will not be a next time.

    Overall, I will go back to either the Mariott Marquis for business in downtown, or the Radisson out in Milbrea for south county work. I will not return to this hotel. Very disappointing.

    25/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    89. Rhonda B.
    This is our new favorite hotel in San Francisco. The rooms are large and very nice. The bathrooms are especially spacious and have very nice amenities. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Perfect location for shopping on Union Square.

    27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. Janine E.
    I don't know how anyone can give this hotel less than 5 stars. I was thoroughly impressed by this hotel. The rooms were really nothing special, a bed, desk and bathroom, but the service was outstanding! Everyday they offer a complementary wine hour from 5-6 where there is wine and sangria availalbe. The chef from the restaurant attached to the hotel even brought over homemade pizza one day and it was amazing! There are also freshly baked cookies available to all guests around 4pm and they are simply scrumptious! The front desk was extremely helpful! THey provided us with numerous maps, directions, they were able to get us into a restuarant that didn't take reservations in 5 minutes as opposed to the hour wait time all the other people had to wait and they even provided us with a scale to weigh our over weight baggage. Overall, I would give the Prescott 2 thumbs up. I would definitely stay here again, there were no issues what so ever, even the eifi was good! Amazing hotel!!!!

    26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Simone M.
    Great staff, that is the best bit about this hotel.  They can't do enough for you. great location too!

    17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Wendy N.
    The Prescott is fabulous! The rooms are wonderful, the staff is caring and the food is delicious. It is like coming home except that your bed is super comfy and you don't have to make it! (Oh and the food is much better than home too).

    13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Tricia S.
    When you land a hotel like this for $100 a night, it is all gravy. Add the inviting lobby, the clean and comfy bed, a kick-ass fitness center, etc etc etc. We were quite happy. Joined the KImpton loyalty group too, we are never disappointed by a Kimpton Hotel.

    03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Oscar B.
    Great place, great value. Very clean hotel with a helpful staff. Restaurant and bar in lobby. Wifi available and complimentary wine in the wvening and coffee in the AM.

    Rooms are clean and comfortable. Ask for extra pillows, though, pillows are small.

    Will definitely go back.

    14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    95. J S.
    Older hotel with simple rooms and pretty nice lobby.
    Rooms were clean.
    I have a hard time calling it a 4 star - maybe more like a 3.5
    Good location near Union Square.
    The lady at the front desk was nice enough to give us free wifi in the room.
    We got the parking package which was super convenient and not too expensive for the City - you just pull up to the front of the hotel and valet with in/out privileges.
    The Club Room level continental breakfast is pretty good and well worth a slightly higher room rate.

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Debbie W.
    I really like the Kimpton Hotels.  Prescott is located near Union Square, which is very convenient for shopping and eating out.  I was able to check in early and  was upgraded to the Club Level, by a friendly front desk person.  But in order to access the rooms you have to get off at the 4th floor and walk to another set of elevators which is kind of weird and a time waste.  On the positive side, they have a wonderful happy hour with complimentary drinks and snacks as well as a very nice buffet breakfast.  I liked my room; it was nicely appointed, clean and comfortable and quiet as it faced the alley rather than the street.  It is an older building, probably converted apartments so there isn't much of a lobby, but I would stay here again.  Note: you can park around the corner on Mason Street for $32/day rather than pay $48 for hotel valet.

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. J B.
    This place was pretty nice. We stayed on a Monday night.

    Got a free upgrade to a suite with a jacuzzi tub. It is older but it is still very well put together. Beds were comfy and large.

    The linens were fresh and clean.


    Go to the lil suhi bar down the street- SUPER good RYOKO
    Go have bfast at the Crepe House. Also super good!

    Walking distance to alot of great things.

    They have you by the balls with parking. Its San Fran- what do you expect.

    Front desk people are super nice.

    Free wine and spiked or regular apple cider down in the lobby every night. Very good!

    No views for us, no big deal. Free wi-fi that was great!

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. A S.
    Fabulous hotel from the hotel itself to the location to the staff to the reasonable rates.  Tim Hammer in Sales and Marketing was a real joy to work with he should be president of the company!

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Ken E.
    Old, beat up hotel with an unbelievable location.  The rooms are nothing to write home about. I got a suite and my view was of the alley between the Prescott and the building next door.  Steep stairs, so be careful if you aren't an elevator rider and prefer to haul your own luggage.  The front desk and service people were average at best. Don't go out of your way to stay here, but do stay if you get a great deal, are a Kimpton loyalist and want to be near great shopping. I'd give it 2.75 stars at best.

    18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    100. Enza P.
    My boyfriend and I had plans to go to Ruby Skye and decided that a hotel would accomodate our drunken behavior.

    We parked at the garage basically next door to the hotel. They give you a discount if you stay at a hotel. Note: bring an original receipt because and itinerary or confirmation isn't good enough. It also must be a print out, not a screen shot on your phone.

    We checked in at about 8PM. It's a small hotel but it was very fancy inside. The staff was incredible. Literally every staff member we came across asked us how we were doing and what we had planned for the evening. We needed ice and someone came up with a bag of ice within 5 minutes.

    We stayed on the fourth floor. We had the small size room (200 square feet) with a Queen size bed. It had everything we needed and was very clean. Our room had a TV, mini fridge, etc. I can't find a single thing to complain about.

    We were both extremely pleased with our stay here. It's really convenient if you're going to Ruby Skye. I was especially thankful because I was wearing 6 inch heels and I was not sober. The fact that our hotel was barely 50 feet away was a blessing. I would definitely come back!

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Shiho F.
    We got a suite here for one night last Monday and it rocked.  The view wasn't the best but the layout was perfect and spacious for two. Nice sofa and tv in one room with small dining table as well as a work table, the bedroom was solid and the bed was nice and firm but not too firm.  Nice bathroom too, only wish I had time to enjoy the large bath.

    We enjoyed the complimentary drinks, cheese and fresh out of the oven pizza was passed around to us as we lounged in the reading room on the "Club" level not sure if you have to stay in certain rooms to enjoy this perk but it's there.  They were also serving what looked to be complimentary wine to all guests downstairs during HH as well so there is something for everyone here at the Prescott.  

    Afterwards we were off to Postrio (next to the lobby)  for a little happy hour before starting our evening out.  

    It was a perfect little mini get-away from the Monterey Peninsula.

    19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Sophia L.
    4 stars only because the location is easy. The room was clean but there was a noise issue. The hotel stay was unmemorable, but that might be a good thing when you travel as much as I do.

    24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Seth G.
    Maybe its really like 3.75 stars, but I'll round up because they checked us in at 11am when we arrived super early.

    Stayed a couple nights when I was in town recently on business. Can't beat the location for ease of walking to a bunch of great stuff to do (oh yea, and to visit clients..right..the whole purpose of being there)..I can't really speak to the price, since I didn't pay for it (and haven't looked at the bill yet actually) but I recall it being on the higher-end of the kimptons in the area when I looked for a personal trip a while ago. The service was friendly and the place was mostly great...my room was clean and the bed was comfortable. Unlike a bunch of other Kimptons I've stayed at, my room was not smaller than a shoebox, so that was nice. Kimpton's theme of turning old historical hotels into boutiques is cool, but definitely leads to some akward layouts and small rooms at times... for instance, my room was on the 6th floor, but to get there I had to take one elevator up from the lobby to the "club level" (where the exercise area and suites are) cross over a skybridge to another building and keep going up a second elevator. Strange.

    The typical Kimpton wine happy hour was better than average (since they're close to wine country they must have realized they have to serve something drinkable at least ;) and the concierge service was super helpful, holding my bags for me while I went out to explore for breakfast.

    Definitely a sweet spot amidst the bustle of the union square neighborhood.

    03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Michelle W.
    Read as 3.5 stars
    Room 3 stars
    Service 4.5 stars

    Stayed here for an overnight date with my husband.  We had tickets to a show in the evening and a museum the next day and this hotel was between them, though I booked it more for the price than the location.  Gotta love Priceline.com .  I got a room here for $105 + tax.  It was an interesting room (502), with lots of nooks and crannies.  One nook had a twin bed that we used as a luggage holder.  Another (converted closet) had a desk we didn't use.  It is the room right next to the elevator, but we didn't hear it once.

    The bed (queen) was comfortable, but slightly lumpy.  
    We had a grand view of a conrete wall.
    The TV was miniscule and not directly across from the bed so we had to crane our necks to watch it- though the TV wasn't realy the point so that was ok.
    The staff were all very friendly and seemed to enjoy their work, which is nice to see.
    I enjoyed the complimentary wine reception in the evening and coffee in the morning.  My husband liked the complimentary newspaper.  
    Bathroom was way too small.  You couldn't open the door if you were sitting on the toilet.  I will upload a photo that shows exactly how small it was.  

    The wall behind the bed was covered in mirror.  It was a nice effect since it made the room look bigger, but... a mirrored wall in a "4 star" hotel room?  A bit cheesy.  

    This hotel is rated 4 diamonds by AAA and 4 stars by priceline and it probably was once deserving of them, but everything was a bit worn.  My husband said, "These chairs must be antique," by which he meant that they wouldn't keep them in the room with the amount of wear they had on them unless they were antique.  The wall paper was peeling and there were cracks in the ceiling, but none of that detracted from our experience.  It just wasn't what we expected by a place that is so highly rated.  But then we didn't pay full price, so whys hould I complain?

    23/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Alisa R.
    I was so excited to be staying at this hotel.. I visit SF 1x a month and try to stay someplace new each time.  I originally booked my reservation through Travelocity for a Fri/Sat stay.  Changed it mid Aug to Sat/Sun.  Went to check in Sat, and was told that my reservation was cancelled because I didn't show up Fri night.  I explained how I changed it through Travelocity, the hotel clerk called them to inform them that they had no rooms available.  I was then rebooked at a hotel down the street.  All this took about an hour.  I do not feel that this was entirely Prescott Hotel's fault, but I do feel that they could have accomodated me better than they did.  Never was I offered a room, only told they had none available.  My sister is in the Hotel Industry, and has told me that each hotel always has ablock of rooms for emergenices, unexpected "guests" etc.  I think in this situation, to appease a possible long-term customer, they could have done some accomodating & given me a room.  Instead it felt more like this was Travelocity's mistake, so they can fix it.  Very disappointing.  I will not be booking any future visits with this hotel chain.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    106. Tara F.
    To be fair, if this one incident did not occur, I would have given this hotel 3.5 stars. I booked my room here for two nights for my big 30th birthday! We brought our dog, and that's one of the main reasons I booked here, because they are pet-friendly! They have water/food bowls, beds, poop bags, and they can arrange pet-sitting/dog walking if needed (at an extra cost, of course). Pretty awesome! We had the club level, queen sized room. I'm not going to lie, for as much as I paid, I was expecting a pretty luxurious room, but was surprised to see a very tiny room and bathroom, with a mini-fridge full of their sodas and booze, which you must remove if you want to use the fridge for your own belongings. The fridge itself wasn't very cold, either. I guess the size of the room is what you wold expect in the city? (SF) (Our heater seemed to not be working well, either)! It was a nice hotel, though. Kind of reminded us of old-style homes. They have an awesome open bar for guests for two hours in the early evening, with free alcoholic beverages and yummy pizza!! I have to say, I think that was the best experience of this hotel. It was awesome!! The guy hosting it was terrific! Super friendly and attentive! I feel like he was extra nice to me because he knew it was my birthday! :) Anyway, onto the negative experience. I do not know the city at all. I relied on the concierge to guide me in the right direction of where ever I needed to go. The night of my birthday, unfortunately, the Chinese New Year Parade was going on, which made it impossible to get a cab to our destination, so we decided to walk the mile and a half. (I had google mapped it prior to even making the dinner reservation to see how far it was from our hotel). I was in a fancy dress with heels, brought my flip flops, thank God, because the concierge directed us into the COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!!! We literally walked around the city for an hour and a half trying to get to the actual destination once we figured out we were going the wrong way. Now, again, the Chinese New Year parade was making it EXTRA difficult for us to get to our destination, having to take longer routes to be able to avoid cutting through the parade. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! On top of that, my other friends were already at the restaurant, sitting there waiting for us for an hour and a half!!!!! I felt horrible, and honestly, I just wanted to go home, I almost started crying, I was sooooo upset!!! Talk about a crappy birthday! Luckily, the restaurant I chose had extremely nice people, and they let my friends who were already present sit at the table. They held my table for an hour and a half!!! They were busy, too, and could have easily given it away, which I would not have blamed them for. I will be writing an excellent Yelp review for them next!! Amazing people, and they made the rest of my birthday awesome! (Unfortunately, due to this issue, my sister couldn't even join us for dinner because it took too long and she had a long drive home, and needed to take care of animals, and my boyfriend's mom had to leave as well because she needed to be up at 4AM the next day for work). Luckily my friends weren't upset with me, either. I still felt extremely awful, though, for having them wait for me for soooo long! That experience has made me not want to ever go back to that hotel again. I know it was an honest mistake on the concierge's part, but that mistake made my birthday a living nightmare, trying to get through the crowds. Ugh, it sucked. That is why I felt compelled to write this review. Lesson learned, double check to make sure they have the correct restaurant or just find directions yourself!

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    107. Millard Z.
    Convenient location, decent hotel, so-so wine for an all around rating of somewhere between So-So & Fine.

    The Prescott is (moderately) clean, the locale and service are good. The door man is nice and the concierge, Jill, is really nice, fun and helpful.

    On the lame side, it is the fact that they charge for Internet. All hotels charge enough, or if they don't think so, charge me a few $'s more and stop with the nickle & dime routine. It is so ghetto. Really, charging money to those who are most likely to stay for business (and review you) for something that costs the hotel next to nothing. Lack of class. The cafe next door offers free WiFi and that's a $12 tab with good food. TIP: Breakfast next door @ Honey Honey is a must.

    24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    108. Jennifer C.
    Prescott Hotel...our digs for 4 days/3 nights in San Francisco earlier this month. I'm giving a thumbs-up!

    To get the negatives out of the way: our room's view was of a brick wall and I found it kind of annoying that signing up for Kimpton's loyalty program was required for "free" wi-fi. And if you're going to put a "$5" sticker on the room's bottle of water, just don't even offer it. Oh, and no ice machines on the floors...which I understand is intended to reduce noise, but having to call room service for ice just seems silly.

    Those things aside, we had a very nice stay at the Prescott. The staff was consistently friendly and complimentary wine hour from 5-6 pm is just a brilliant idea. My friend and I shared a 2-queen bed room and we had plenty of space. And speaking of the two queen beds...SO comfortable. They've made me reevaluate my own bed situation at home! Aveda toiletries plus a great shower head in the bathroom, which boasted bathrobes and plenty of towels.

    The Prescott is located just a few blocks from the Powell Street BART station and various MUNI stops...overall, it worked out great as our home base for an extended weekend in SF.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Desire J.
    Very very good location, plus friendly staff and clean rooms. Not the best view, but didn't matter because I didn't spend much time in the room. Restaurant is good too.

    19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Ceasar B.
    Someone else was paying the bill for me, so this is a review of the experience rather than the value.

    The staff were all incredibly friendly. I felt like I was really being taken care of, which was great.

    The room I had was very nice. It's got a nostalgic charm to it. It was perhaps a little smaller than usual, but honestly one doesn't need much space. It also had a huge flat screen TV, and an interesting tub. My biggest complaint is that the wifi is somewhat unreliable, but it worked well enough.

    The continental breakfast they serve is honestly not very good. They only serve various baked goods-- bread and bagels-- but eggs and meat cost extra. That said, the bread and bagels are quality.

    There is free coffee for the early risers in the lounge. To be honest, it's not great, but it's free. There are also cocktails in the evening for those who are interested.  I didn't check it out myself as the guests seemed a bit older than me, but it looked lively.

    The location is great as well, being only a few blocks from Union Square.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Stephanie S.
    We were only here for 1 night and I was kinda glad about that. The hotel is old and I could see it being nice back in the day, but they really do need some infrastructure improvements.

    Anyway, the staff was really friendly and helpful. Our room was spacious enough, no view. I would have liked complimentary water, $5 a bottle is a little much. The bed was good and since we were only there a day I don't have too much more to say about the room. Although the bathroom did not have a fan so when we took showers the ceiling literally dripped with water. That was kinda bizarre.

    The location is right by all the shopping in Union Square. I can't decide if this is the best place to stay or not. Definitely better than Fisherman's Wharf though and if you want to shop it is great. Right near the cable car stop as well.

    It was really pricey for what we got. It reminded me more of staying in New York where a 4 star hotel is really more like a 3. I would say this was more of a 3 star place, which is no problem as long as you know! We were in town for vacation during a huge conference so our options were limited. I'd probably try something else out next time! Oh but I also really enjoyed the happy hour on the club floor as well!

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    112. Mr K.
    This is a nice little boutique hotel.

    The room we had was nice, but tiny.  There is no pool so the kids were disappointed.

    The location is good with a ton a restaurants in the area and Union Square down the street.

    26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    113. John C.
    Reasonably priced hotel with a decent location and the famous wine hour.

    ...Or at least we thought it was a famous wine hour. It was a Saturday evening and only a handful of people showed up... FOR FREE WINE! I'm still baffled. I never once saw anyone else in the elevators or hallways, so maybe that was an indication why. I've stayed at a Palomar in Philly and the same wine hour brought guests in droves and it was fun to socialize a little. The chef of the hotel restaurant came by with a sampling of pizza which was delicious. Nice advertising! We would have totally went if we didn't already have dinner plans.

    Our room seemed a bit dated, the floor was creaky, and we had a view of other people windows. There was an eerie howl in the hallway outside of the door of our room, which was kind of off the beaten path on the 5th floor. couldn't hear it once we were inside though.

    The pillows/bed were amaaazing..best sleep I've had in a hotel. I was hoping they had a price tag on them like the water bottle did, so I could take them home!

    After a night of drinking, we came home at around 10 or 11pm (Saturday) and was hoping to sit at the bar for another round and some grub, but unfortunately the restaurant closes early. that sent us out on the abandoned streets of san fran looking for an open place to eat (which is really difficult to do, apparently!).

    12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    114. John B.
    We had an awesome stay here for the weekend. The staff was extremely accommodating, and they make fresh chocolate cookies as well. I would definitely stay here again and recommend this hotel.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Jenn G.
    The Prescott is conveniently located in Union Square.  The staff is very friendly and provide excellent service.  I also love that Kimpton Hotels are completely dog friendly and there are no additional charges for having a pet.

    Upon arriving at noon, we received early check in and the process was very fast and easy.  We also received a small goodie bag for my fur ball that contained a toy and some treats.  These extra touches deifnitely made us feel special.

    There's also a wine hour every day where they hold a wine receiption free of charge for hotel guests.  I can see that patrons definitely take advantage of this.  On the plus side, they even passed around freshly baked margarita pizzas!

    The concierge was helpful in finding dinner reservations for us on short notice.

    With that said, for over $300 a night in a standard room, the room was quite small.  The bathroom felt cramped and the bed was also a little uncomfortable.  I understand that this is SF and Union Square but a room like this realy shouldn't go any higher than $150 a night.  Furthermore, valet parking is $50 a night on top of the expensive room.

    I'd stay here again if I had to be in Union Square with my pup as they are very friendly to pets.  However, this hotel is highly overpriced for what you get.

    01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    116. Jenna S.
    I do not know what the other reviewers are griping about - this hotel was absolutely excellent!

    The hotel itself is beautiful.  Recently renovated, wonderful lobby and great guest rooms.  The bed linens were probably my absolute favorite part of this hotel.  Awesome, fluffy down pillows and a great down comforter.  

    The room is a bit small, sure, but how much time are you spending here?  There's a desk, arm chair, dresser (with built in fridge), flat screen TV, closet, complimentary robes and a decent-sized bathroom (only one sink in our regular room).  The queen bed was comfortable and the thermostat worked perfectly (it got a bit hot in there during the day).  

    The staff of the hotel were really pleasant and helpful.  They remembered us, greeted us upon arrival and departure and helped us out when we needed to find restaurants, learn how to use public trans, etc.    

    There's a 5:00-6:00 p.m. wine reception in the lobby every evening for guests at the hotel.  Free wine!  The lobby is comfortable, there's plenty of seating and a fireplace if you want to get comfortable.  There's also Wii if you want to play if you're just hanging out at the hotel during the evening.  YES!

    You can use the business center to print boarding passes for free (and check flight information).  There's pay Internet available at the business center but you can just access the free WiFi if you become a Kimpton In-Touch Member (which is free on their website).  The WiFi is also available in the guest rooms.  Connection is good and fast.

    Room service is a bit pricey, so just go down the street for coffee and pastries for breakfast but the mini bar is reasonable if you're going to use it.  Or, do what we did: buy your own beer, wine and snacks and store them in the fridge.  Yum.

    The hotel is two blocks away from Union Square Park and all of the shopping you can dream of.  5-7 minute walk to Market St. and all of the trains and buses you can imagine.  The proximity to a ton of stuff to do couldn't be better and you're far enough from the Tenderloin to not feel unsafe if you're walking back to the hotel late at night (which we did a few times).  

    I absolutely loved this hotel.  We stayed here for seven comfortable nights and would definitely stay here again when we visit SF in the future.  I highly recommend the hotel to anyone visiting SF.

    09/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    117. Ryan M.
    Great Location, Helpful Staff

    My wife and I stayed in the Prescott Hotel for an evening in early August 2013.

    A block or so from Union Square makes the Prescott's location hard to beat. The front desk staff, valets, etc. were all very welcoming and gave good suggestions for sightseeing in San Francisco despite our constrained schedule.

    Our room was smaller and a bit dated and the interior hallways on our floor would have benefited from some minor renovations. Judging by other guests' reviews, we should have stayed on the "Club Level."

    However, overall, given the hotel's location and staff, it was a good value.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. The DC V.
    Enjoyed my stay. Very accommodating staff and strong service. I was pleasantly surprised after reading previous reviews. The club level is a nice feature that includes  breakfast (sliced fruit, granola, coffee, oj, pastries) and excellent comp'd drinks.

    16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Francesca S.
    Easy to find with fantastic valet parking. At $44 a night with in/out parking it was a steal for city parking. Great deal on a room with friendly staff  and fabulous room service. Easy check-in and check-out.
    The breakfasts are incredible and hot to your room in 15 minutes although they state 25 minutes.
    If you join their free reward scheme you get free $10 to use in the mini-bar and free wi-fi.
    Rooms were spacious, quiet and great decor. Bathrobes available as well as a free umbrella to use. If items like hair straighteners, razors, cotton and needle were needed the staff would deliver to your room. Useage was free.

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Sergio S.
    This was hands down the best hotel experience I've ever had!

    My fiancee and I decided to spend our anniversary as tourists in San Francisco and I booked at this particular hotel because of the awesome reviews on the friendliness of the staff.  A week before our stay, I received an email asking if there were any particular requests I had, so I requested a dust-free room, a window view of the city, and jokingly asked for a live giraffe.  I also mentioned that my fiancee and I were celebrating our anniversary.

    Check-in was easy.  The front desk attendant thanked me for being an Kimpton InTouch member (totally free and comes with some nice perks) and she gave directions to the room (a little weird since it took two elevators to get to the 7th floor).  She said my room was made sure to be dust-free and that it had a view of Post St.  She also apologized for not being able to provide a large giraffe.

    When we opened the door to our room, we found some assorted chocolates, a bottle of champagne, and a creatively handmade "Happy Anniversary" card with two giraffes on the front.  There was a small stuffed giraffe doll on the pillow.  About 10 minutes after check-in, I received a call from the front desk asking if the room was alright.

    The particular room we stayed in was on the Club Level, which included a continental breakfast (cereal, yogurt, fruit, bagels, etc.) and a daily wine hour with an assortment of complimentary drinks and appetizers available.

    Being a Kimpton InTouch member also came with perks, including a $10 "Raid the Mini-bar" credit and complimentary WiFi.

    In all, the entire hotel staff was just awesome to my fiancee and me.  We will definitely be staying at the Prescott Hotel during our next visit to San Francisco.

    12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Lauren H.
    Was very cute and quaint and loved the drinks during cocktail hour. Especially loved the front desk woman, Maribelle, because she noticed my voice was a little scratchy from a cough and after trying to find an available humidifier and not being able to, she made sure they sent tea and honey and a kettle to my room. That made me incredibly happy!

    15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Dustin R.
    A little pricey but its in a great location. Room was very nice but the bed was a bit smaller than I expected and there was no view. The hotel offers plenty of complimentary commonly forgotten items (such as razors, cell phone chargers, toothbrush, etc) which I thought was cool. There was also a concierge that was super helpful when it came to directions and setting up our car rental. I wish we would have tried the complimentary wine they offer in the evening but maybe next time.

    I wouldn't be against staying here again.

    15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. ShopperLA D.
    The reality is, this place is a 3 star hotel. It was advertise as a 4 star hotel.

    I'm giving this place 4 stars, b/c the service was prompt and courteous.

    However, the hotel is old, the wall paint is cracked, you can hear your neighbors' conversation, and if the bar is open, and you happen to have the room right above it (which I do!), you hear EVERYTHING.

    My toilet starts making strange sounds every hour. It doesn't flush properly.

    Is it clean, yes.

    Is it modern, no.

    Is it a large room, no.

    Large bathroom, no.

    Old all around, yes.

    You are in the heart of the city, which means it's also very noisy.

    But if the outside noise wasn't there, the building itself has a lot of strange sounds coming from it.

    The previous Kimpton hotels I've stayed at, have had great service as well, but were exception in interior design. I'm not sure how this one obtained the Kimpton title, since it's more like a simple, 3 star, old building, hotel.

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    124. David L.
    I travel 20-22 weeks a year, and I rarely have had such a great experience as the one my wife and I have had at The Prescott Hotel. Having only been to San Francisco a few times, we're not real familiar with the city.  The staff members have been so helpful answering our many questions, and doing everything to make our week-long visit here a great experience. Two staff members should be mentioned specifically, and they are Marielle (front desk) and Josh (bellman). They both really went out of their way to be kind to us, and take very good care of our every need. We will definitely stay here again!

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Erica S.
    This hotel was fantastic. A great location, excellent customer service, and beautiful (if small) rooms. Unfortunately most of the rooms don't have a view (except of the side of the building next door) but we spent almost the entire day outside anyway. Clean rooms and bathrooms. Another small but nice thing is that our wake up calls weren't ridiculously loud like at most hotels. The phone rang at a reasonable level, enough to wake us up gently, but not too much as to scare the shit out of us. Did I mention they have a free, all-you-can-drink wine hour? And the wine is absolutely delicious? And it's in this warm and comfy seating area near a fireplace? I curled up every night with a nice glass of wine in the corner booth. The front desk was accommodating upon our early arrival/check-in. We didn't like our original room because the bed arrangement didn't fit our needs, and they immediately switched us without a fuss. They were great about recommendations for food and attractions. They also held our luggage for us after we checked out so we could spend more time in the city unencumbered. Unfortunately, the wifi is not free. And it's expensive to pay. Great experience, would definitely come back.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Suzanne S.
    I came to San Francisco for a conference and stayed at this hotel.  The customer service was outstanding.  We were helped immediately by front desk staff who also informed us by joining their loyalty program (free) we would enjoy free wifi in our room and a $10 credit toward things in our mini-fridge.  They also offered "happy hour" to guests between 5-7 PM with free wine and sodas.  Woo hoo!  

    This particular hotel is in an area that is on the edge of a sketchy neighborhood.  Just make sure you head in the right direction prior to leaving the hotel otherwise, a few blocks down the road it can become a bit rough.  

    The concierge was incredibly helpful.  She provided us with maps and many recommendations.  Additionally, she gave us prices and suggestions for transportation (i.e. the trolley, the bus, average taxi rate, etc.).  Housekeeping came everyday even if we didn't leave until later in the afternoon.  Just pick up the phone and let them know you want service and it's no problem.

    The rooms were clean but small.  We didn't have a great view.  In fact, it appeared to be a brick wall to some old building but we could still open the window for some fresh air.  All rooms have flat screen TVs with HBO and complimentary robes which was a nice touch.  

    Overall, I would stay here again but a better location and bigger rooms would make this place 5 star quality.

    11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. kati m.
    Beautiful hotel. Rooms are a little narrow and are a tight fit for 4 (2 queen beds). Very friendly and helpful staff. Hosted wine bar was a great perk (5p - 6p). Asked for a cab to a club, staff offered to take us in their SUV. The price was a little much to take us less than 2 miles away ($30 - caught a cab on the ride back for $11, including tip). But the driver was nice and we appreciated it. Couldn't get Wi Fi to work, even after staff helped connect it. We got a great deal thru Priceline Express Deals and I would def stay here again for the Express Deal price ($170 compared to $264+).

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Ashlee L.
    Review is for Christmas Eve. This is the 4th Kimpton I have stayed at (3 in SF and 1 in Aspen) and so far my favorite. This Kimpton is dog friendly like all of the others. They had healthy treats for the dogs in the room which they loved. They were also welcome at the "happy hour". The "happy hour" at this hotel is actually longer than an hour AND "full bar" opposed to wine and beer at all of the others. The bartender was beyond nice and loved his job. Union Square was also within 2 blocks so it was easy to take the pups potty and met other doggies there as well. I love the Victorian feel of the building and the layout. The room was pretty standard, however, don't get an interior room unless you want a view of a dirty lower roof and other people being able to see inside your room across the breezeway. Only downside to this place is that valet cost $50 and if you don't want to wait after checkout, you need call ahead to get your car because it takes around 30 minutes for them to grab it. We were ok with this but there were other irate customers.

    08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Ellen C.
    I recently stayed here for a week and I can certainly say it was mostly a positive experience.  It's an adorable boutique hotel, but not extremely limited in number of rooms.  Per the reviews below, you can lock in on some deeply discounted rates if you use expedia.com and the such.  

    The Prescott definitely has that aged elegance kind of feel, but it's not too extravagant that you're left to feel like a chump strolling in and out, doorman obliging to your every move, in your semi-faded black hoody and faintly mud-stained Pumas.  It's attached to a Wolfgang Puck's Postrio perchance you desire a fancypants meal in the restaurant or via room service.  

    There's wine hour for all the guests in the lobby - all you can drink wine in that hour (but tighten up, keep it classy!  This isn't a Motel 6!) and they periodically circulate Postrio pizza.  For guests enrolled in the Kimpton rewards program, there's cocktail hour on one of the upper floors (not that they actually check your credentials?) - your choice of beer or cocktails along with the wine and other snacks.  The bartender is extraordinarily lovely and friendly (I may have fallen in love with him a little bit), so don't forget to tip him handsomely.

    As for the other staff - all quite nice and accommodating.  A couple of the days there, we lingered in our room longer than the usual and the poor housekeeping staff kept checking on us because they were insistent that the toiletries and clean towels be restored, linens refreshed, etc., even after I insisted it would be fine if they skipped a day.  

    The room was comfortable in most regards - the mirrored wall was excellent for make-up application in natural light (hah), everything was at least superficially clean and well maintained.  I can't say I really have any complaints, but I'm not the most finicky hotel person anyway.  

    So essentially I would gladly recommend this hotel to anyone wishing to be in close proximity to all the happening San Francisco spots.  Tada!

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Sylvia K.
    VERY CUTE boutique hotel in the middle of the city with a perfect location to all the local sites.  My boyfriend and I came here on a getaway vacation to San Francisco.  From the moment we stepped foot out of the car, we were greeted by the bell man, helped with our bags, and lead right on into the reception area.  We were checked in quickly and were off to our room in no time to unwind.  Just our luck, we arrived around 4pm in time for their special happy hour for guests... complimentary wine and cheese/crackers on the VIP level!! WOOHOO!  Great way to start the vacation!!  There was also a complimentary lunch hour where they passed out fresh made pizza... and even afternoon cookies were at the front desk each evening!  Anythign we needed or could ask, we were assisted with promptly and with such excellent service.

    The only complaint I would have is the CRAZY parking prices... it's like $40/day since there is no parking in the city and everything is metered.  Good thing for us we arrived after the meters were on vacation time, so we were able to find free street parking most of the weekend.  There are cheaper lots around the area around $20/day which we had to do on Sunday as that is when the meters went back to charging, and they aren't the cheapest either.  But overall, awesome hotel!! I'd definitely come back.

    17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Brandon W.
    Not what we expected. Hotel had an off smell to it. I would not stay again but alteast sheets and shower where somewhat clean. Towels in shower reminded me of 5 year old towels.

    25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    132. Lam T.
    On priceline, they advertise $109 per night. When I came, they charge $50 per day for parking. This is so ridiculous! If I had known this, I would have booked another hotel that charged no fee for parking. Since I already paid on priceline, I got no way to back out...

    25/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. Elyse S.
    I'm not sure how valid my complaints are because we did the whole "travel site mystery discount hotel" deal. You don't know where you're booking until after you finalize plans.

    You're supposed to get awesome hotels for awsomely cheap prices.. right?

    I don't think I would ever pay full price for the Prescott Hotel. Sure, it has it's old hotel charm. I also don't care that the rooms were small. We weren't visiting SF to hang out in the hotel room.

    We also don't wake up early enough to even consider the breakfast/coffee downstairs because it ends super early. The showers were icky. That's a deal breaker for me. The concierge was nice enough and very polite.

    Overall, it was just "meh." It's not in the best part of town, either.

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    134. Anthony S.
    Infrequently do I rate hotels ... but I need to warn people about this place.

    All decent downtown hotels are very expensive.  But that does not mean they are necessarily overpriced.  The Prescott is a bad value given what they charge.  I think Prescott survives due to the common situation of the major hotels in Union square often being booked.  Its just not worth it.

    Its an old hotel, which is fine.  Tiny rooms (even the penthouse double suite).  My floor smelled like cat litter the whole stay!  Elevators down for maintenance.  NO COFFEE MAKERS IN THE ROOM!  Lobby coffee not available until 6:00AM.  And after 7:00, most of the carafes were empty,.  Breakfast totally overpriced, slow service and not good.  The continental selection was more limited than what you will fine at a Hampton Inn.  Room windows had no bug screens and rooms were very stuffy.  If you want you air out your room, you have to battle with pigeons from getting inside.  Front desk staff seemed to not want to be bothered.  Takes 45 minutes to get your car from the valet.  Forgotten wake up calls.  Good grief.  

    Sure they have a free wine hour for 4th floor quests.  But the wine is the $4.99 bottle stuff, and there is nowhere to sit.  

    My advice is to make your Union Square hotel plans a few months in advance so you spend your money more wisely.

    27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    135. Farheen Q.
    I disagre
    Charming, historic smaller boutique hotel- if this is what you are looking for this is the place. If you are looking for a large overly done impersonal chain monstrosity, those are available in SF too. This has the added benefit of some of the chain benefits like a loyalty program with $10 minibar credit, and things like a club level. Something most larger hotels don't have- you get free wifi with the loyalty program! Yes it is older, but it is certainly clean and appropriately updated in keeping with its charm.

    My room was not huge but appropriate for a queen room, with an appropriate size bathroom. Nothing was super modern, but again if that's what you are looking for a historic boutique hotel is probably not for you. Everything was clean, well appointed, nice TV, comfy bed and pillows. Didn't have any problems with hearing neighbors. Scuff marks on floor boards but no peeling paint, etc. Bigelow products-quality- and clean bathroom.

    Prime SF location by union square, cable cars, lots of great bars and restaurants. The BEST part was the service. Very attentive concierge and front desk, nice and quite knowledgeable.

    Perks we didn't have time to take part in but are available: free bikes for use to see the city, gym, evening wine happy hour, bar and restaurant on site.

    Negatives: PARKING. None available. Basically have to valet which is I think just less than $50/day, and super slow bc not on site. No designated place to stop your car, valet was never available outside when we needed him- BF always had to jump out of the car and find someone to help us- and when you came to pick up your car it took 20 minutes (no not due to the marathon. 20 min was baseline- with th marathin it was 45). All in all the valet was very frustrating and I think the main thing this hotel need to work on. I know it's offsite bc it has to be, but they could at least be more attentive when you show you show up at the front and they NEED to block of some space for valet only so you don't have to just stop in the middle of the street! We shouldn't have to jump out the car and search for people to help us in a 4start hotel- if it dropped, this would be the reason.

    20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Maurice D.
    Great location, great price, great people!!!!

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    137. Angela L.
    Hotel staff and decor is nice. Service was great. The mattress sucked. I'm sore. Overall, pleasant experience but my sleeping was screwed bc their mattresses are worse than the floor.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. Serge B.
    High crime area

    I valet my car with Kimpton hotel and they left car outsite. My windows were smashed.

    Never again I would stay with Kimptons.

    05/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    139. Lani F.
    Prescott provided a great experience and were very accommodating. I was skeptical at first because no one had helped us with our bags and greeted us at valet--But we gave them the benefit of the doubt because we know how busy Fourth of July weekend could be. As soon as we walked in everyone was great. The room was clean, the bed- very comfortable, bathroom immaculate! Take advantage of the free happy hour downstairs. The rooms are pretty small but it is a great San Francisco experience. Well worth the money!

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    140. Tony J.
    I took the convenient BART from SFO to the Powell street station, which cost $8.25. Kimpton's Prescott hotel was about 5 blocks away from the Powell street station with a cost of $263 per weekday night.

    As a Kimpton "InTouch" hotel loyalty member, upon my arrival to the Prescott hotel I was immediately upgraded to a king multi-room suite, with a $10 raid the mini bar coupon. My suite #205 had two 46-inch flat screen TVs and even had a jacuzzi jet tub. I liked that fact that I could walk up the lobby staircase without using the hotel elevator. I am the happiest guy in San Francisco.

    I love Kimpton hotels, which are boutique hotels. Kimpton's Prescott is a great example of such a modern and elegant boutique hotel located in the theater district and one block from historical Union Square. Union Square offers designer boutiques, major retail flagship stores, and cozy cafes. Chinatown is also within a short walking distance.

    The Prescott offers complimentary wireless internet access, a hosted evening wine hour, some mini pizza slices and even a morning coffee and tea reception. A complimentary fitness center is also included. I especially love the 100% non-smoking hotel policy.

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff are also an asset to the Prescott.

    My business was at the nearby historic Westin St. Francis hotel overlooking Union Square. The Prescott is only 1.5 blocks away from Union Square.

    17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. Sophia M.
    We stayed for one night at this property. We selected it because it was right downtown and because it was pet friendly. We have a larger dog and many hotels put a weight restriction on the size of dog. I appreciate that the Kimpton family of hotels are pet friendly. There is a patch of grass at Union Square (1.5 blocks away) if you pet needs quick relief, or a larger park several blocks away up a hill.

    Check in was a breeze. We pulled right up and were greeted by the valet. We made our way into the hotel and I was greeted by name. Its little touches like that get your stay off to a good start. Our room was on the second floor and was a good size. This is an older hotel but has been maintained/remodeled so it feels well-kept, but still has character.

    Wi-fi is free is you are a Kimpton In-Touch member, plus you get a little credit on the mini bar. You can sign up for free online before you make your reservation. There is an evening wine hour social. We came back just at the tail end. There were quite a few people in attendance and having fun chatting up with each other.

    The highlight of this property is the people. Everyone I interacted with (reservations, concierge, housekeeping) was friendly and helpful. I would certainly stay at this property again and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. diane s.
    Great Hotel. We got a room on the Club Level which came with Happy Hour and appetizers in the evening and continental breakfast in the morning.

    It was a last minute reservation and the staff was accommodating and friendly. Check out was Sunday at 11 which was smack dab in the middle of the Bay To Breakers race and the staff had great family friendly ideas within walking distance to keep us happy until traffic calmed down.

    We ate dinner in the restaurant in the Hotel and had a great meal. Great wine and signature cocktail menu and the food was delicious.

    The only negative was that the hotel itself is old and navigating the hallways and 2 separate elevators was a little tricky with all of our luggage and a 3 year old. We were not offered help getting everything to our room, but I am sure if we would have asked they would have had no problem providing assistance. And, the view out of our window was of the office building behind or next door. Not much can be done about that, though.

    We had a problem with our remote control and the TV and called the front desk, the problem was solved with a new remote within 15 minutes.

    I will definitely go back again, but request a better view room.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Jolie C.
    Great hotel. I truly enjoyed my stay here. I was surprised to see that my double room was actually more like a suite. I stayed at 3 different hotels during my week-long California excursion, and the service here was by far the best. Staff members are super friendly and helpful. I would definitely stay here again during my next trip to San Francisco.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Pam M.
    Great, smaller hotel in a wonderful location just off Union Square, with all its galleries, shops, and restaurants.  Our suite was large, nicely furnished, and clean as a whistle.  Nice toiletries, great linens and the best pillows I've had in a hotel in years!  The staff was just lovely, particularly Jonathan and Mike.  We arrived just after the free Happy Hour had stopped but Jonathan promised to stash a glass of chardonnay downstairs for me to come retrieve later.  We hadn't been in our room 5 minutes when he tapped on the door and handed me the wine.  You don't get service like that at a large chain hotel!  Everyone else was very personable and helpful as well.

    Just a note:  Beware the Town Car service that hangs out at the curb in front of the hotel.  The evening before our departure, they quoted us a specific price to take us to the airport.  The next morning, our luggage was loaded and we were in the car and down the block when the driver informed us the cost was fully 50% more than they'd quoted the night before.  They claimed it was a misunderstanding.  8(  Not the Prescott's fault, but be aware.

    We would absolutely stay here again, and will recommend to friends.

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. Bonnie C.
    I would stay here again. I loved the quaint, old, charming character of this hotel. We were upgraded to Club level and had a suite. The rooms are small but it is an old hotel. I can't say I was wowed by the room but I love the location of the Prescott on Post Street. It is only 2 blocks from Union Square's shopping and close to restaurants and theater. I walked to Union Square, Chinatown, Embarcadero, and to Pier 39. Great walk and then rode the cable car back to Union Square near the hotel.
    Club level is a great perk- nice breakfast in the mornings with pastries, hardboiled eggs, and fruit. Coffee and tea in the club level lounge to read the morning paper with. Then starting at 4:30pm they offer wine, mixed drinks, pizza from Postrio and cheeses. It is worth the upgrade if you are going to use the club level.
    The staff was friendly here and I had a great 3 night stay.

    04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Jonathan M.
    Two days into my stay I would have told you it was 3 stars; decent, clean, quiet, a pleasant albeit unremarkable experience.  Sure housekeeping had asked me to fore go cleaning so they could leave early on Mother's day, but  I'm sympathetic and readily conceded. Then on the last night I was told that my debit card, while already billed was not going to be accepted. I had to pay two prior nights a second time in order to get to my possessions and while admitting they had made a mistaken in taking my card (magnetic strip had been damaged and I was awaiting the replacement which somehow differs from a faxed CC number)) they were less than accommodating and frankly very rude and downright unpleasant. I am out $600 for two weeks and so I'd say to steer clear unless you have the convenience of paying for your room multiple times and do not expect hospitality from your hotel staff.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    147. Susan F.
    This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to San Francisco for one night of pampering and relaxation. What better place than San Fran? Great food and amazing sites. When I came across this hotel's website after searching Google, I thought I struck gold. The pictures of the room looked immaculate. Spacious, clean room and bathroom as well. The bed looked comfy. Also, the hotel was located right downtown next to the Westfield mall, minutes from the wharf, as well as by most of the best restaurants in the city. Plus it is pet-friendly and for us that is a huge deal, being pet owners. The price of the hotel was reasonable for what was being advertised, so I booked it after I took a few extra minutes to read reviews to try and make sure I wasn't being swindled. But if something looks to good to be true, then it definitely is.

    We arrived Thursday around 2 pm. Check in is at 3 pm and they accommodated us being an hour early. The valet was helpful in unloading our car and helping us bring our belongings to our room. After receiving the keys we went up to the room. Once inside, at first glance it appeared as the pictures. The valet quickly unloaded our cart and told us the car would be safe in their hands and when we were ready to get it from them, allow them 15 to 20 minutes to retrieve the vehicle. Then he wished us a great trip and was on his way.

    My boyfriend and I sat down upon the bed and at the same time commented on two things immediately, the smell and the room temperature. It was hot as hell in there. So I checked the thermostat and saw they set the temperature to 64 degrees but the current temperature was 85 degrees.

    The smell was the other issue. It smelled of musty cigarette smoke mixed with animal urine. The air was stuffy and thick of that horrid smell. So I started investigating the room to see if there was something that wasn't thrown away etc.etc. I noticed the carpet had huge stains in it and it was very old. The wall paper was old and wearing away from the wall. The furniture and lamps were all falling apart and discolored. The bed smelled of that horrific smell as well. It was at that point, that reality hits you and you realize that they took a picture of the best rooms they had, their deluxe suites, and not of the regular rooms.

    The bed was uncomfortable. Very lumpy and firm. The bathroom was gross and dated. The floor was the dirtiest tile I have ever seen. The shower's water pressure was unpredictable as it would be very low to very high. The wallpaper was tacky. I felt like I was on an old cruise ship. You take a shower to feel clean and after my shower there, I didn't at all.

    We informed the front desk before we went to dinner after waiting all afternoon to see if the room temperature would get cooler and it didn't. They sent maintenance right up to fix it. We went to dinner looking forward to a cooler room to try and sleep so we could get out of there first thing in the morning. When we returned, the first thing we did was check the thermostat and the temperature still wasn't cooler. Then I found a note on the bed stating that they couldn't fix the issue and that we had to call them to come to a compromise. At this time it was midnight when we returned from dinner, drinks, and downtown strolling. So we called and the man at the front desk asked if he could upgrade our room. I was like come on it's after midnight. I am not going to pack everything back up, pack up my animals and move to a room for just a few hours since we were leaving in the morning. So we asked for a discounted rate of some kind and they gave us 30 dollars off the room.

    That night I tried to sleep and there was constant loud banging going on either upstairs or next door. It was very loud to the point that I couldn't even go to sleep until well after 2 am. In the morning we packed and checked out as quickly as possible. We informed the front desk of all the problems, and the lady we dealt with seemed highly annoyed that I was complaining after they asked me if I was happy with my stay, which clearly I was not.

    I am extremely disappointed with this hotel. I will never book here again despite it's location. I will go across the street to the JW Marriott and I am sure have a better stay with an ac that works, a room that is clean, furniture that is functional, and doesn't smell like something died in there.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    148. Kris F.
    Comfortable beds, clean, nice rooms and bathrooms, friendly staff, valet, great service, super location.  I will definitely be back!

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    149. Mayra M.
    Booked a room here through hotels.com for the night. My boyfriends company was having a hoilday party in sf so i decided a hotel for the night would be nice so we wouldn't  have to drive home late and have to worry about drinking and driving . So the plan was to meet out there. I took bart to SF, got off on Powell Street. Had to walk about 3 1/2 blocks uphill to the hotel. Wasn't to bad of a walk, the streets were full of people so i didnt feel to scared walking alone.

    Checked in, the front desk lady was nice. I read some reviews before booking and one thing I notice were a lot of noise complaints so when I checked in I mentioned it to her and she said she would pick a room away from the street. When I entered the room I was pleasantly surprised. It was small clean and had a nice flat screen tv:)  just what we needed a clean comfy place to come to after a fun night of lots of walking drinking and eating :)

    Overall we really liked it. The beds were really comfy, I slept really well. The room had everything we needed. I liked how they had blacked out curtains so we were able to sleep in without out any bright lights to wake us up. I would stay here again:)

    15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Sonia K.
    We recently booked a night at a boutique hotel in the heart of Union Sqr, SF via hotwire.com . We were staying at the Prescott for a bachelorette party and the hotel was super cute and had a nice antique feel to it. At the front desk, Corey and Marie, provided us with exceptional customer service and really took care of us during our stay. They upgraded our party to a bigger room, which was awesome! The room was a little run down, but the beds were comfy. They had these awful animal print robes though...which amused us! I wish the quality of the continental breakfast had been better, but overall the customer service was exceptional! :)

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    151. J W.
    Clean, quiet, comfortable.  Thick, white towels.  The staff was competent and friendly.  All this on top of the great location and club-level continental breakfast.  We would stay here again.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Cheryl E.
    The Prescott is a wonderful Kimpton historic property and as such, it has character. Beautiful wood stairs, intricate molding and a somewhat slow elevator. The Prescott is also close to everything you could want downtown - shopping, walks, Union Square and the Trolleys.

    We were immediately greeted by the front desk staff who were both professional and friendly.

    We were on the club level - I would recommend this program within the hotel. The wine hour which is good in and of itself is upgraded with munchies and alcohol. There is also a continental breakfast that is served in the club level lounge. It was perfect for me - great coffee, pastries, cereal - including oatmeal and other yummy goodies.

    We were in room 700. This is a granddaddy of a room with a living room, dining room, your own outside private deck, 2 fireplaces and baby grand piano! It is perfect for entertaining and would be an fabulous room to have to get ready in and stay in on your wedding day. We were on a quick trip and loved this beautiful room.

    I have stayed at the Prescott before and love this charming oasis in the center of San Francisco's downtown. I will certainly be back.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Tracy G.
    The workers were wonderful but the hotel itself is not. It's an old hotel that needs to be revamped. The vents were rusted as was the shower head. When turning on the shower it would squealed if the water pressure was turned on all the way. And you could hear other people's showers doing the same thing. The floors and beds squeaked. I would not recommend staying here.

    20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    154. Ron K.
    We came to this lovely boutique hotel right in the heart of Union Square to celebrate my wife's birthday. Helpful Assistant Manager Tim checked us in early and upgraded us to the club level, cheerful Dave but aside our bags while went to watch the Giants victory parade (oh Dodger blue it should have been you) and concierge Allison got us reservations at a supposedly booked five star Greek restaurant. The accommodations four stars, the staff a perfect 10.

    31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    155. Chloe C.
    Don't let the pics fool you. The rooms SMELL & are tiny! I checked in & immediately called expedia & had them change my reservation to the grand hyatt

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    156. Staci S.
    An update on the hotel stay from HELL:

    Here's the short version: the hotel "accidentally" charged our cc thousands of dollars randomly in the middle of our stay instead of using the credit card auth our company supplied prior to our arrival. The charge was not pending, it had cleared. Posted. The hotel staff were outrageously hard to deal with, always giving different stories depending on the person/time of day. It literally took 5 DAYS to even get a RECEIPT printed. And it's not really a receipt, it looks like a ledger that the hotel room is paid for. That's awesome, glad you guys are cool on your end but I need a receipt that you credited my credit card. Now comes the fun part, no one seems to know HOW to give us a refund. We've been at the front desk every morning and every evening for 5 DAYS now. We've called Kimpton guest services to file formal complaints. We've called the Kimpton corporate office. A corner bodega can issue a refund. But I guess Prescott employees can't? Is this some type of weird money laundering scheme? At this point they've charged our company and us. They've been holding our THOUSANDS of dollars hostage for days with very innocent confused looks on their faces about how to help us with a credit. Our bank has advised to start a dispute for fraudulent charges.

    This place is a joke. STAY AWAY!

    19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    157. Christine C.
    Superior Customer Service!!! I cannot say enough good things at the staff of Prescott Hotel. I took my daughter there this past weekend for a girl's weekend to celebrate her 10th birthday and the service was amazing. They were attentive, kind, helpful and personable. After we checked in we went shopping all day and when we returned that evening there was a note on the table in the room wishing my daughter a happy birthday and they left a variety of chocolates and 2 water bottles for us! The bell hop even walked my daughter and I out to our car and opened the door for her and myself. They were very willing to bring anything up to our room that we needed.

    The hotel was clean, quaint and close to great shopping.  I will return to this hotel for sure the next time I'm in San Francisco!

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Holly H.
    A glorified motel at best. Shabby. Chipped paint. The other review was correct. The rooms do smell. Dark and tiny. I reserved a deluxe suite and requested that I not face a wall. When I arrived I was told that the suite was "in the back." When I protested, I was told that all suites "in my category" were in the back. I asked for future reference if there was a category above deluxe.  I was then informed that all suites were facing a wall in the back. Not up to my usual experience with Kimpton. Will not be back. Do not recommend.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    159. Valerie G.
    Stayed her while at a business conference over 3 nights.  I was as pleased as can be with the place.  It has everything you need and as they say on , if they don\they will find it.  The staff is very friendly and service oriented, the room was clean and comfy.  It is in an ideal location.  Thanks to them for being so nice and I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a place to say.  FYI I was on in 410, with no view, but since I spend time in my room either sleeping or changing it was perfect.  If I had to give any ideas for improvement (and this is just me), they should stock extra blankets in the closets, I know they would have sent some if asked but when you wake up in the middle of night you don't want to deal with phones, just a thought.

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    160. Heidi B.
    Staff are very friendly. Rooms are large and clean. Bathroom is old and needs updating. If you are a light sleeper make sure you don't stay on the first level. There is apparently a night club just below our room.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    161. Marsha G.
    Fairly good rate for downtown San Francisco - with the senior rate we got a king suite for $180. However the room is very dated. It has all of the basics - a California king size bed, TV in the bedroom and TV in the living area, but other than that it has nothing to offer. Staff are very friendly. Just not at all what I'd expect from a Kimpton hotel.

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    162. Erika M.
    Beautiful boutique hotel. The concierge was great and offered to move us when I made a comment about our bathroom.
    Perfect location for union square, 5 minute walk. We would return !!

    29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Carlos G.
    I had an absolutely amazing time here. The guest services supervisor, Timothy Erkelens-Probst was very accommodating with my difficult requests. I really felt as if they were happy to have me as a guest. I will definately be coming back due to the amazing service here.

    05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Terence C.
    This hotel was a jewel! The price was great, the amenities were excellent and the place was clean. I highly recommend their pizza... it was the fig and prosciutto, OMG delicious... and they also have 5pm Wine Hour also known as Wine'Oclock to my friends and I... FREE ALL YOU CAN DRINK!

    The only really bad complaint I have is the other occupants of the rooms, we stayed on the 4th floor and damn, she and her mate were screaming, banging on the walls and moaning.. my guess is that she baking cookies... but damn, their walls are a bit thin.

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. 'Eldridge H.
    Parked by 12am leaving my wallet in the middle compartment of my car thinking why not. Valet shouldn't be going through my shit. Checked out at 130pm drove 2 blocks looked in my wallet and $200 gone. Wallet empty. Went back around and hotel staff was sorry and got on it ASAP on who took my keys and contacted the parking structure. Said they will get to the video and play it back see who took my keys.

    It's a week later and there telling me they haven't talked to the guy who took my keys yet. Haven't seen any tape yet. And lastly they say

    "We can't do anything about it, we aren't responsible for belongings in your car. Only your actual car. the young man that parked your car I never had a problem with him" ridiculous.

    If you want to trust this hotel be my guest. I def advise you not to park your car here!!!

    08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    166. Sean B.
    It's quite a nice hotel. Very San Francisco. It's older, it's on a steep hill. It's breezy. It's small. The stairs creak a little bit on your way up them. You have to go up an elevator to the fourth floor then cut across the Club Room to get to the next elevator to continue up.

    Upgraded to the 5th Floor with "Club Room" status, so complimentary cocktails and cheese/crackers, as well as some pizza. The pizza was surprisingly good, though I think we only got two small slices in two hours, so it's not like you can make a meal of it (and yes, I'm that cheap, that I would have, shamelessly).

    The bed was awesome. I slept 10 hours. Which I NEVER do. That alone speaks volumes.

    Four stars instead of five because I'm slightly biased; I stayed in the W Hollywood last week and I'm totally about the more modern, high-end style. But it was a good place, and worth checking out if you want to be in the Union Square area. Just careful approaching from the south. The Tenderloin can be rough.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    167. Addison M.
    For me this was the perfect Hotel experience. Small enough that it felt homey and manageable but in no way cramped. The staff was great, very cordial, knowledgeable and on top of our every request (I had left my razor at our last hotel and literally less than 5 minutes after I called the front desk a complimentary razor and travel shaving cream was being delivered to my door). We had a great time at cocktail hour (also complimentary) and even struck up a two day friendship with another couple. The location could not have been better for us and my only regret is that we couldn't stay longer.

    We had one of the smaller rooms (which if you know San Francisco is pretty small) but it was big enough to navigate easily and since we were there to see the city it was exactly what we needed, a place to dress, undress, shower, unwind and sleep. They do have larger rooms with more amenities but for me the price for our room was a major attraction, more money to spend on fantastic food and my search for the perfect martini!

    It seemed almost like I had stepped back in time to a hotel in the 30's or 40's - from the comfortable old-school furniture to the atmosphere that lacked even the slightest whiff of modern corporate america (okay, I admit it, the animal print robes charmed my socks off, just the right funky,silly, touch) . This hotel is part of the Kimpton Hotel family and I for one would like to try them all, but I really felt like I found "my" hotel in San Francisco.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Ron H.
    I was in SF for a conference at the Moscone, this is a great affordable to hotel,  the rooms are kind of dated, and the room wasn't entirely clean (there was hair in the bath drain), the breakfast is very basic. I gave it 4 stars because the staff was amazing and kind, helped me with everything I needed, and there's a great little gym on the 8th floor.

    05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. David T.
    My girlfriend and I went here for Valentines and were very impressed with the accommodations and service. We will be staying here again soon!

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    170. Alex S.
    Absolutely DO NOT stay here. They erroneously charged my credit card thousands of dollars. Every day they said I was getting credited, was another day of holding my money hostage. It took almost two weeks for them to admit their mistake and fix the problem.

    It kills me to have to leave a negative review for anybody but this place gets a well deserved 1 star review.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    171. Erik S.
    The Prescott garnered my first non-five-star rating of a Kimpton hotel.  Perhaps the rest of them had been so spectacular that my bar of expectations got set incredibly high.  Or perhaps it was Kimpton touting it as "Named one of Travel + Leisure Magazine's 500 Best Hotels in the World."

    So, without further ado...

    *The Good*
    - Rates ranged from $95-125 a nite during my stay.  I went for the upper end of that spectrum for a "Club" room.  Try finding anything in SF for that price a night, and you'll be lucky to get clean sheets.  Kimpton wins!
    - The 2 Hours Of Complimentary Cocktails that comes with the Club level.  They even hired a magician to entertain us.  
    - Location by Union Square.
    - Top-floor gym, decently equipped with non-girly dumbells as well, and get this: a view!
    - Interesting layout with character covering floors in two adjacent (but interconnected) buildings.
    - Kind, as always, Kimpton staff.

    *The Bad*
    - The room had worn furnishings, like frayed carpet at the doorways, a finicky heat/AC system that required a window to be left open for comfort, and no bathroom fan, which lead to a more humid room environment.
    - There's a complimentary continental breakfast to be had for those in the "Club" section, but not if you arrive 15 minutes before it's done, at which time you won't get much except a well-handled bran muffin.

    *The Ugly*
    - Bathroom plumbing that backed up twice, leading one to desire that bathroom fan even more.

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    172. Sandy B.
    Valet service is terrible!! We came to this hotel for one night and gave the car to the valet. They did not make a note of any damage to the car when they took the key. And sadly to say neither did we. When the car was brought to us the next day it had a dent in the passenger side rear. Of course they new nothing about it.  The hotel who has hired this valet of course is of NO help and even though there are cameras (according to the valet and hotel) in the garage they do NOT want to allow anyone to see what is on them. From now on I will have any valet service used make note of any damage to the car before I hand them the key. Shame on this hotel for not forcing their hired valet service to turn over the camera footage, maybe it would have help maybe not. Go somewhere else and beware of valet services.

    23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    173. Patricia R.
    Small hotel in prime location near Union Square. There's no lobby bar and restaurant but again there are so many great places within walking distance. Surprisingly, we heard no noise from the street in our room. It's a very busy area and we have stayed at other hotels near Union Square and suffered through sleepless nights because of the street noise.  The only complaint I have that has a Karma member of Kimpton Hotels, I was disappointed that my standing request for extra pillows and towels was not completed.   I ended up having to place a call to the front desk to have them brought up.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    174. L P.
    Not quite what expected. Had a four star rating but barely rates a three. I wasn't expecting an ultra-modern hotel because it's an old building. But, I was expecting at least a good upkeep on maintenance. The rooms are small and bathroom even smaller by comparison. The door hits you no matter where you stand in bathroom so yeah, that small. Plus, there was mold in shower, peeling wallpaper, and a rusted light fixture. All simple maintenance fixes but I guess they don't care. Website says that this was the first hotel started by Mr Kimpton 30 yrs ago. I guess he gave up on it after making his profit from it.

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    175. Ute L.
    The best thing about the Prescott is the downstairs living room with the always burning fire place. Enjoy free coffee and herbal teas in the morning here, or free wine from 5 - 6 PM daily. It's cozy and relaxing, which unfortunately I can't say about the rooms.

    Our standard room was small, sparse and dated. It had that old building smell, didn't get good light most of the day and overlooked the tiniest of courtyards in the back of the building. Not even sure courtyard is the right term, it was basically looking at a dark brick wall.

    I would normally appreciate the yoga mat in the room along with the free on-demand yoga videos, but for that one would require enough floor space in the room to do a downward dog. Nice notion, though. Perhaps some of the higher priced rooms are larger. Might be worth upgrading, but then again I don't particularly care for this neighborhood either.

    The location is 2 blocks away from Union Square. Walk a few blocks south and before you know it you are stepping over homeless people who have lost their "marbles". Yes, that would be the infamous Tenderloin. Not very many good dinner or breakfast options in this area either from what I could tell. Good thing that the other neighborhoods are never far in San Fran.

    21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    176. Helen D.
    Brick wall view. You can hear the floor creaking when you walk but the shower water gets hot fast. Yay.

    Very cozy little room and the perfect feel for historic SF.

    Parking is pricey. $48 plus 25% tax per day. Generally is so in SF, I heard. I decided to skip the hotel valet and turn the building corner and saw a garage at $26 a day plus 25% tax. I figured that'll save me around $70 bucks leaving it for 3 days. Wow. Be sure to browse for two seconds for a better deal. Lol

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    177. Ali C.
    I stayed at The Prescott for a business trip last week and had a very pleasant experience. First thing's first - if you're looking for fancy, that it is not, however it's nice and affordable and in a decent location compared to other hotels in the city. Speaking of location, it's super close to Union Square - completely walkable. Pay attention to the reviews that say to watch which direction you walk in - a little sketchy if you walk a block or two in the wrong direction. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by some of the friendliest staff you'll ever meet. From the front desk to the door man, everyone was quick to offer a smile, hello or directions to us out of towners (even when I called downstairs with an early morning question). The rooms themselves are basic. A bit on the small side for two people but for one they are perfect. Oh, and there's a leopard print robe in the closet so don't forget to rock that bad boy! Complimentary breakfast on the club level, cheese and wine happy hour. Pretty darn good. I would go back!

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    178. Stephanie I.
    I stayed here for the week while attending a conference to work. The building was a little old so I was apprehensive, but my fears were wiped away quickly. Service was fantastic! I was cheerfully greeted each and EVERY time I walked past an employee. I mean even the handyman at 1:00am. The bed was a liiiiiittle hard, but I'm a little spoiled. The sheets were comfy and the pillows were perfect. The thermostat was accurate and responsive-- and let's face it-- a comfortable room temperature covers a multitude of sins. I look forward to my next visit!

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    179. Joseph H.
    Read reviews before booking and The Prescott Hotel met the reviews just right. The Prescott is a great hotel that is close to Union Square & all the restaurants & shops you want to go to. I loved being upgraded to the Club Level and having a continental breakfast (hard boiled eggs, bagels, coffee, tea, cereal, & fruit). Enough to hold us over before checking out Dotty's & Sears *two breakfast spots I would recommend.
    *The only negative thing with Prescott is that it's an old building so the walls are thin. You can hear footsteps while your room is silent.
    The Prescott's staff is super friendly & very accommodation to anything & everything you need....even extra toothpaste.
    If you're looking for a great hotel with awesome service, located in the heart of Union Square SF, book The Prescott.

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    180. Oatmeal S.
    A hotel in the city and I expect my pockets to be empty. My stay at the Prescott made me realize how much more bang for your buck you can get with the Club level access. (Yes, that's a hint that you should book at the club level). I was expecting a 200sqft room, but was pleasantly upgraded to the club level king suite (a 500sqft room) and was in room 628.

    The complimentary wine hour made our stay all the more worthwhile! Free booze and pizza, how can you deny that? That in and of itself is a savings of at least $50, especially in the city. Free continental breakfast was nothing to really boast about, but the option is definitely a perk. The rooms were a little creaky, but the suite space made the stay feel luxurious. The view was kind of lacking and the parking was a bit pricey, so I suggest to book the parking package.

    Overall, this hotel is phenomenal in value, location, and accommodations. The club level was the icing on the cake. Hope to come back again!

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    181. Brittany N.
    My stay at the Prescott was memorable and fun.  Like all Kimpton Hotels, excellent service is the modus operandi.  We stayed in the Club Level, which is, quite possibly, the "suitest" accommodation available in San Francisco.  At 500 sq. ft. (bigger than my apartment in Berkeley, lol!), these suites feature a king or queen-sized bedroom with a separate living room containing a rollaway couch bed.  Every morning, we were treated to a complimentary continental breakfast with such items as fresh juice/coffee/tea, pastries, bread, and fruit.  There are also drinks and small bites at Postrio, in the Club Level Lounge, with nightly extended wine hour for those who like the lounge atmosphere.  Cookies at 9 pm in the lobby for the cookie monsters!

    You do pay an additional $30+ more for these amenities, but the peace and quiet and spaciousness of the rooms make it worth the cost for an extended vacation, especially if you are traveling with little ones, I would imagine.  The rollaway bed next to the bedroom is great for the kids while parents can take the bedroom.  Further, the complimentary continental breakfast makes it so families don't have to worry about the hassle of finding a place for breakfast.

    The Prescott Hotel is right on the edge of the Tenderloin, though, which is why they lose a star.  There are also no views of SF - only brick walls - but that doesn't really bother me much.  

    Pro-tip for the out-of-towners:  Walk along Powell (on the edge of Union Square Park), and turn on Post to get to the hotel.  If you come from the other side of Post, the area is pretty sketchy.

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. Jennifer C.
    Love this place! If you like the old world San Francisco hotels, stay here- nicely updated with great staff! I'm tall, so the raised shower head was particularly nice.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Anthony L.
    I stayed at The Prescott while attending the Dreamforce conference.
    The staff was very friendly and courteous.  The rooms however are in serious need of a renovation.  Dirty walls with chipped paint, dirty shower, hair that was still stuck to the shower wall and a TV where half of the channels had no signal.
    The bed was very uncomfortable but during my stay the hotel did replace all of the box springs.
    I've stayed at Kimpton properties before because they are usually modern, upscale hotels.  I realize this is a old building but the inside doesn't need to be.

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    184. Quoc N.
    I was here on a business trip and stayed 2 nights. I arrived prior to check in because I stupidly booked a way too early flight. The front desk gave me the option of a lower floor room that could be readily available or a high floor one that wouldn't be available for a couple of hours. Of course, I chose the latter and explored the city for a few hours and got my room afterwards.

    The room itself was small, but it was just myself so I didn't really mind. I would suggest asking in advance for a room with windows facing Post Street. My room wasn't and my only view was the large arse of another adjacent building. I will say the room was clean though. Housekeeping and the front staff made sure I had all my requested accommodations such as the types of pillows, sheets, and called cabs for me when needed.

    As for the location, it is very close to Tenderloin and that's not the greatest of neighborhoods for San Francisco.  However, if you're careful and try not to instigate, then there shouldn't be any issues.  Translation: don't try to act to cool and be too flashy; you know who you are. I dapped and pounded hands with the local folks a few times without issues.  Adapt to your environment!

    Checkout was a breeze and there's a BART station right nearby to get to your next destination.

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    185. Johnnie L.
    We've stayed at most of the hotels over the years in the Union Square area. This is the only one with Quiet Rooms. All others are made of glass so you hear noise 24/7 in your room. Three good nights of sleep--priceless!  Perks we enjoyed:  coffee ready at 6AM, warm cookies if you're lucky in the pm., wine happy hour, Irish coffee in the evening. Two blocks off Union Square is the historic Prescott. If you want big fancy lobbies and bigger rooms, don't stay here. However for a welcoming stay and restful nights The Prescott is your place.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. Jon B.
    Nice San Francisco hotel and is located in Union Square closer to the shady area of Tenderloin.

    We got a free upgrade to a suite due to regular rooms being all booked and we had a reservation prior. This suite consist of a living room, walk-in closet, queen size bed, and a spacious bath with a jacuzzi.

    The queen bed was comfy, I was sleeping like a kitten thanks to the cloud-9 like mattress. The flat screen TV size in the living room was ok, I was able to relax on the couch and catch a game of the NBA finals (Heat vs Spurs) one evening. Missed out on the jacuzzi though but that would've been nice, we just didn't have the time, we were always out and about.

    If your looking for shopping and pizza joints there just a few blocks away.

    We did have a problem with the front desk charging us standard rate when we were checking out, but we explained about our automatic upgrade and they were able to adjust or reduce the charges correctly.

    Our overall experience was cozy and relaxing. The hotel looks old but it's so San Francisco. If we have another opportunity staying here I'd definitely consider booking at this Prescott Hotel again.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    187. Josh E.
    Really nice boutique hotel close to Union Square. Don't let the "it's too close to the Tenderloin" reviews scare you. It's close but nowhere near the danger zone. The best part about this hotel is the staff - they are incredibly friendly and helpful. Special kudos goes out to the bellhop, Mike (and his dog). He knows everything about the city and will give you excellent advice on anything you want to eat, do, watch. The rooms are dated but they're good sized and the beds are comfortable. We'll be back here next time we're in SF. Go here.

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    188. Nicole L.
    I've been a Kimpton Member since 2008, and I've stayed at the Prescott, as well as multiple other Kimpton hotels in the area, many times over.
    This visit was the first that left me a tad disappointed.

    I know well enough to know what to expect with size- that doesn't bother me- it's SF.

    1) I had to ask the gentleman at the front desk if the "raid the minibar" policy had changed after I checked in, and let them know I'm a member. I write this up to being new. He also failed to tell me about the club level hour...again, probably because he was new. The lady next to him was possibly the supervisor? They were polite, don't get me wrong, I just felt...strange having to ask for stuff when I'm usually greeted very warmly.

    2) PostRio is closed- which isn't their fault, but I wish I had a heads up prior to making my decision on where to stay, since that's one of the amenities I had looked forward to. I love the juxtaposition of great food with their hotels. Yes, there are some great places within walking distance, but I like not having to leave the hotel if my time is limited and I'm there for business of any kind.

    3) My room had no deadbolt. As a single female, this bothers me greatly.

    4) I've never had an issue with my room smelling foul- but mine smelled like smoke- not cigarette smoke, but like firefighters had stayed there prior to me. My hair still smells like it.

    Checkout staff were lovely.

    I love the Kimpton hotels, and yes, I certainly got credit for my stay, but I didn't leave with the same "yeah that was awesome" feeling I usually have. I was treating myself by staying there, and left feeling like I bought a dress that had a broken zipper on a no-return policy- it's still pretty, but I'm sad I spent  money on something that turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

    08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    189. Jeneca K.
    An absolutely wonderful hotel. I have stayed in many different establishments but this one really makes sure to do everything they can to cater to your needs. They have the best concierge service overall and their staff is top notch. The rooms are very clean and well provided for. I would definitely stay here again and recommend it to any friends!

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. Owen D.
    This is a hotel that could be more than what it is currently.  The good: Everyone was very nice and helpful.  The great location.  Dogs allowed.  Decent morning coffee.  The bad: The place is shabby, and not in a shabby chic sorta way.  A bit depressing.  My bathroom had rusty pipes and random tape under the sink.  It didn't feel up to the standard of other Kimpton Hotels.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    191. DeBotnik D.
    My experience here wasn't very good.  I'm not rating it one star because the rooms were clean, the bed was comfortable, the towels were decent, and it had hot/cold running water.  But this hotel is very overpriced.  It is not a luxury hotel, like some websites claim.  My stay seemed to have a lot of issues that wreak of bad management:

    1. Nothing is more annoying than getting "not my department' from hotel staff:  I tried to get complimentary lobby coffee one morning, but no cups.  After getting shrugs from the lobby staff, I went into the restaurant and asked a hotel employee - who was standing in front of a stack of paper coffee cups - if I could get a cup for coffee in the lobby.  I got "need to ask in the lobby".  When I informed this employee of my previous lobby experience, I was told I needed to call housekeeping.  This hotel employee was also standing right next to a phone.  Oh, yea, at 8:30AM, housekeeping seems to have about 3 gabbing maids per floor.  Can't get one to look at the coffee at 8:30AM on a weekday morning?  

    The thought that runs through my head, why?  Is the accounting for cups different in the restaurant than lobby?  Will someone really notice the $.00001 shortage of that coffee cup?  Did the hotel just not want to give out coffee?  Is there some kind of bad blood between the restaurant and lobby staff and housekeeping that is getting taken out on guests just looking to have a morning with coffee?  If the people running the hotel can't manage something as simple and important as morning coffee, then they have some serious leadership problems.

    Anyway, I just gave up and walked across the street to get a cup of coffee.

    2.  The parking garage lost the keys to my car.  Seriously.  And when I talked with the the hotel staff about it, I first got the run around - "We are not associated with the garage!", even though this was the garage that the hotel sends its guests to and bills to the room.  Then they tried to tell me this was "the best parking garage in the city".  Yea, I live in the city.  Stayed at this place because my house was getting painted.  This is not the best garage in the city.  Not even close.  Never had a garage lose my car keys....

    3. 4,000K CFL Lights in the rooms.  Nothing says you're not at home like lighting fit for a sweatshop - way to bring that industrial look to lodging, Kimpton! Numerous studies show how humans react to lighting temperature:  4000K - which has more blue - is stimulating and makes it more difficult to rest.  2700K or lesser is soothing and relaxing.  There is reason you find workplaces with 4000K lighting and quality hotels (even most of the sub-quality) installing 2700K or lesser lighting.

    There is no excuse for this.  The lights are the same price...  Either someone in management doesn't know how to order light bulbs for hotel rooms, or nobody in that hotel is following up on what maintenance actually does in the rooms.

    I guess if you are the type that doesn't like to sleep in a hotel room, this place is for you.

    I have seen this hotel listed on certain booking websites as a 4-Star hotel, which is luxury hotel territory.  I don't know how.   The lobby is nice, as long as one is not looking for coffee, but the rest is certainly not a luxury hotel.  If one squinted hard, this is 3-star maybe, but there plenty of Holiday Inns that are just as good.  Whatever is needed to sell rooms, I guess.  The location is good, and maybe that is why they feel they can charge what they do, but there are a lot better Hotels in Union Square for the same price.

    Never again for me.

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    192. Mariana L.
    Good location. The hotel is definitely older, with crooked, narrow, maze-like hallways. Definitely pay the difference for club rooms that include breakfast and join Kimpton for free wifi & mini-bar privelages.
    The housekeeping staff were very nice. Though having ONE person man the breakfast service was a bit much for her to try and keep up.  Meanwhile, there are about 4 people manning the lobby and not one person every bothered to help with luggage, the door, etc. I waited around forever to check out and lost my UBER car because one guy was on the phone and the other 3 couldn't be bothered to help.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    193. Megan K.
    This review is a bit overdue as I stayed a few months back. Anyhow, the location of the hotel is nice. It's in Union Square but is right up against the Tenderloin which can be sketchy at night as a local informed me. Check in was easy, the staff was courteous. I headed up to my room via the elevator which is a bit haphazard.

    The rooms are very tiny, as in there is only room for a bed and a dresser and that's it. There was a bottle of water on the table which of course costs money but the disgusting this was the bottle looked all scratched up and the seal was broken, like they just refilled it! Gross, obviously I did not drink it. The bathroom was equally tiny and there was enough hot water but as others have mentioned, the paint is peeling and chipped. The carpet and flooring is threadbare. The rooms themselves are decorated in a very plain fashion and the mattresses are uncomfortable. At night, I could hear guests walking in the hall even though I was at the end of the hall. I could actually hear creaking from the people in the room on the floor below me, I thought I was going nuts or a ghost was cohabitating or something.

    They do not have coffeemakers in the rooms but they do have a coffee and tea bar in the morning for guests. However, if you want the "free breakfast" and " free wine hour", you have to upgrade your room package and in essence those things cost a lot more than an actual breakfast or glass of wine you could get nearby.

    Overall I felt like I was ripped off because this is not a four star property, anywhere near "luxury" and was not worth the pricetag. I've stayed at Holiday Inns that were nicer.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    194. Merly B.
    After a long headache they upgraded my room. Offered free breakfast and open bar. They also brought up chocolate and bubby. I am still upset I missed bay to breakers after they made me switch rooms and give me issues w/ my credit card. The manager treated me poorly and I feel as though I had to fight to get any accommodations.

    19/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    195. Ericka A.

    Well after the vandalism and jumping through hoops with the valet company. Never heard from the hotel like they promised. They denied the claim to pay for ANYTHING stolen. On top of it we were still charged $50 for the ridiculously incompetent valet service. Bringing out total hotel bill over $300 and more than that in stolen items. I don't know how businesses like this run!!! I will clearly be filing a claim with better business bureau and also look into getting a lawyer for further legal action.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    196. Allan D.
    DO STAY HERE. Mold smelly mildew rooms. I was told they are closing for renovations in November 2015. The board of health should close them down now.

    Here are some mold photos.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    197. Sarah L.
    I enjoyed my stay at the Prescott Hotel recently.  The location is great, with many restaurants, bars, and shops in walking distance.  The service is so great...everyone was accommodating, friendly and did everything with a smile.  They have bikes that you can use to ride around the city which is a nice touch.  Also, they have a wine hour and an Irish Coffee hour by the fireplace in the lobby.  Even though the hotel is on the older side, it is very clean.  Our room was very spacious, which included a desk and a small dining table for two.  The bathroom was pretty big but did not have much counter space.  Another negative would be the creaky floors...you can hear people walking down the halls.  I did sleep very well here because of the black out curtains and comfy bed!  

    For the service, cost and location, I would highly recommend this hotel in Union Square.

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Steve T.
    5 stars has never been so highly deserved! My wife and I came here for our "babymoon" (apparently this is a real thing, so says she), for two nights. Actually, I'm staying here right now and writing this from the comfortable bed. This is our second time staying here, and while the first time was also great, our expectations have been exceeded.

    Word got to Bethany (guest service manager) that we were on our babymoon (I guess it is a real thing). When we came back from the Giants game, a thoughtful gift basket full of baby-essentials was left in our room. With the gift basket was a hand written card congratulating us, an offer for complimentary room service, plus a bottle of wine with hand cut "dad" letters hanging from the neck. Our first reaction was who left this? It wasn't until we asked the front desk that we found out Bethany took it on herself to make us feel so welcome. Not only did she leave a gift basket, but we were also upgraded to a suite; score! Way to go, that's as good as customer service gets.

    I could go on and on about how nice the rooms are, how convenient the location is, or how friendly the staff is, but you'll read all that in the other reviews.

    PRO TIP- hit the hosted wine hour for some complimentary vino!

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    199. Lynn M.
    The Hotel:   The staff was helpful, and seemed glad to be there.The feel of the place is cozy. It didn't put off that "just another hotel" vibe. My favorite is the shower- with large shower heads and great water pressure. An excellent way to cap off a day exploring the city.  The bed... offers room for improvement.  They're way to firm.  Its like sleeping on concrete.  

    Parking:  Hotel parking is vallet, charging $50 a day - if you want to have access to your car or $30 a day - but you can't use it until you check out.

    Dog Friendly! A big plus in my column. There so sweet with the pups. For people traveling with dogs: There is a grassy area close by. Take a right out of the hotel and its about 2 blocks ahead.  All the staff told me that the closest was left out of the hotel, right at the light, and 5 blocks up hill.

    Besides that the hotel is great with pooches. They put the pets name on a board, and provide poo bags for outtings.  They even have little dog beds. So sweet!

    Would I stay there again?  Yes, even with the firm beds. Good location. Lots of places with in walking distance. Helpful staff, knowledgable concierge. Lots of puppy love.

    I really enjoyed my stay.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0