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Company Info:

Rating: 4.12

Address: 135 Gough St, San Francisco, CA, 94102

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    Comments (41):

    1. a m.
    This is an amazing place. A hidden gem. I've stayed in upscale hotels all over San Francisco - All of the Kimptons (Union Square, Chinatown, Waterfront), Marriott, and a few others in Japantown. This is an alternative. It's local, nestled in a neighborhood, run by friendly people, and cheap. Think B&B meets euro-hostel. The owners also run the restaurant downstairs, and you can tell they love what they do. Not full of frills, but clean rooms and a nice common space where you can watch movies or snack. A chill place to spend a weekend while visiting SF. Note:  It is on a main drag with parking restrictions and there is no parking; be ready to search for street parking or ask for directions and hours for street lot.

    09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Chris A.
    We paid $150 for a Saturday night stay.  For San Francisco that is a very good price, and the location (near the Opera House in the Hayes Valley) was convenient.  This is more European guest house/hostel feel than boutique hotel, for sure.  They are eco-conscious with soap dispensers instead of individual bottles, and don't have a formal check-in desk.  We were short a towel, but they accommodated us for an early check-in and the room/bathroom was clean with free wifi and a nice clock radio that charged our phone with its ipod connection.  They do not have a/c if you happen to be there on a warm night (which ours was), but the fan and open window did the trick.  The great-room breakfast area was cereals, breads, coffee, tea etc.  Common closets for ironing board etc.  Decor and furnishings were fine in a small-sized room with a queen.  Overall, I believe we got what we paid for, and liked the unpretentious and somewhat hipster feel of the location, with some cool little shops and eateries nearby.

    17/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Mark H.
    So, there are a lot of places to stay in our great city of San Francisco. One of my favorite things about the city is that you can also get lost in this little town of SF and find gems like Sleep Over Sauce!

    Yeah, its the not the W, but that's a good thing! It is a charming little spot to rest your weary head, get an amazing "home cooked meal" (not like my Mom used to make) at Sauce downstairs, enjoy the deep wine list, and most importantly the local charm of hardworking people that actually own the joint and put their blood and sweat into it every day.

    Between the big hotels, little boutique spots and Sleep over Sauce?

    My vote is with the people that make this city what is and actually give to it rather than bleed it. Thank you Sleep, I look forward to the next time I get the opportunity to rest my weary head from all the fun in a real SF neighborhood! And the beds are comfy, the rooms quaint and charming, and a great value to boot. I recommend it to my family and friends that visit from England, New York and LA.

    24/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. robert k.
    My parents visited me over Thanksgiving and I suggested Sleep over Sauce since I live in Hayes Valley - they LOVED it! Sauce is one of my favorite restaurants and having them in a boutique, comfortable and reasonably priced Inn worked out perfectly.

    Highly recommended!

    30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. L M.
    Sleep Over Sauce was an excellent choice for us.  We got into town early and they kindly stored our luggage until we could check in.  The room was spacious and wonderful and the bathroom was fabulous (recently redone).  The great room was outstanding with the large TV and the fruit, coffee, and other amenities available 24 hours a day.  It is conveniently  located in the middle of everything we needed for the trip and the owner was wonderful.  How wonderful you ask?  I lost one of my diamond stud earrings while in the shower. Of course I was really upset as they were a gift from my husband.  We were in such a rush to leave and catch our train, we didn't have time to talk to the owners about the earring.  My husband emailed them. ( I held out no hope.)  They responded that they would check out the trap; they soon sent a followup email saying that they didn't find it.  I cried.  They sent another email a few days later saying that they checked out another trap further along the line and found my earring.  They FedEx'd it to me. They went above and beyond and I can't say how much I appreciate them for taking the extra step.   I will recommend them to everyone and I recommend them those of you reading this review.

    01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Elaine P.
    I stayed at Sleep Over Sauce with my husband and 3 kids.    My husband and I got the Haight room which has a king sized bed  The kids had a 2 bedroom suite with their own bathroom.  

    I have to say that the accommodations were perfect for us.  The beds and pillows were so comfortable.  The sheets were the softest I've ever slept on.  I have a lot of difficulty sleeping at night, but there, I was able to get a good night's sleep despite the 3 hour time change I needed to adjust to.

    Pros - Very comfortable beds, pillows and sheets.  Delicious orange juice.  Nice great room with lots of room to relax.  Fruit for snacks.  Everything was very clean.  The staff was friendly.  

    Cons - Bathroom was small and needed some updating.  

    It took us a while to figure out where everything was in the neighborhood, but once we did, we realized it was a great location.  There is a bus that will take you along the waterfront and there are great restaurants nearby on Hayes St.  Not to mention Sauce, which is also fantastic.

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Andrew M.
    Not fancy.   Not immaculate.  But a fun place with great value.   The staff is what makes it.

    26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Jessica W.
    I concur with the majority of reviewers here in that this place is an amazing San Francisco find. It was ideal for our needs -- we are Bay Area residents who occasionally plan a late night out in the city and need an inexpensive place to stay. Sleep Over Sauce is the best place by far. Comfy beds, fast wifi, directly above a fantastic restaurant (try the bacon-wrapped meatloaf), a good continental breakfast spread, with nice tea and coffee, and a superior location overall. The great room is so nice, you just want to hang out there -- not that we ever had time. They have a streamlined system here, making it a breeze to book, check in and out, despite how weird some people find it that you check in at the bar. We will absolutely stay here again -- out-of-this-world value!

    02/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Linda H.
    Spent a long weekend in SF and stayed at SOS.  Very clean and perfect spot for navigating the city.  We stayed in three different rooms, due to scheduling mishap on my part.  The Presidio was our first room, it overlooked street.... Great people watching point and not all that noisy.  Our next room was the Mission room.. My least favorite, small, private bath across the hall and not a lot of air flow.. Still very clean and you can't beat the price.  Our last room was Haight Ashbury .... Again  ... I loved it.   Make sure you check out restaurant downstairs, Sauce, it is delicious.  Hayes Valley has lots of great dining spots and is only 2 blocks to Van Ness muni station... Btw if stairs are hard for you to navigate... This may not be the place for you

    24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Sonia H.
    I stayed here for a two nights this week and loved it. This is _exactly_ what I look for in a hotel:
    - They let me check in 2 hours early without any problem.
    - The room faced Gough street, which was surprisingly quiet. (I worried it make it noisy, but the double-glazing took care of that.)
    - The heavy, cream-colored, high-thread-count sheets were incredibly soft. I've never really understood the high-thread-count obsession till now, now I want them.
    - The bed was solid, comfortable and didn't squeak once (a first in my personal hotel experience.)
    - It was spotlessly clean and tidy, had recently been painted a soothing, neutral cream color, with new, solid wood, custom built bedside tables, desk, and new carpeting.
    - I liked the chocolate-colored bamboo towels and robe, they were absorbent and soft. I'm considering buying bamboo towels myself.
    - There was a clock radio which also worked as a speaker and charger for my iPhone.
    - There was free wifi, which was handy.
    - There was a big flat screen tv which had a lot of channels, including HBO.
    - The private bathroom was bigger than I've experienced in other (more expensive) hotels.
    - The soap and shampoo smelled really good, something herbal without added colors. Nice stuff.
    - The walls and doors were heavy, so although the hotel was fully booked, I never once heard any neighbors.
    - One night I ordered dinner from Sauce downstairs and it arrived in 20 minutes (and it was insanely delicious, from the carpaccio to the smores.) Unlike other hotels, where the kitchen usually closes by 10pm or 11pm, Sauce serves till 1am and has a much more interesting menu than hotels usually offer.

    This is an old building, so unlike a lot of hotels in San Francisco which are newer (and cost twice as much a night), the doors are heavy and the bathroom was quite big (so you don't have to deal with feeling like you're peeing in a cardboard box.) The neighborhood is great too, Hayes Valley has so much to recommend it. Excellent coffee is available from Blue Bottle coffee a block or so away, wonderful chocolates from Christopher Elbow on Hayes, and even comic books from Isotope on Fell, if your tastes run that way. On the more practical front, there is a Walgreen's on Fell and Gough if you need Tylenol or bandaids.

    Seriously, I realize that this is a budget hotel, but the energy that the new owners have put into all of the new furniture and details make this a truly relaxing place to stay.

    08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Vivian V.
    Albion House Inn has been taken over by the folks at Sauce. They are calling it Sleep Over Sauce, I guess. Now, Sauce is a lovely restaurant, but the owners don't seem to have any clue as to how to run an Inn. As I live in the neighborhood, on two occasions in last four months, friends of the family have come to visit and stayed there. Both had absolutely awful experiences, from check-in to check-out and every detail in between. The last time, our friends actually left the hotel to find another place to stay. It is completely disorganized, guests are poorly accommodated (no clock, no tv, no radio, no newspaper, no way to get information, for example) and the overall feeling is of staying in a place that is closed...or should be!

    It is too bad, as it is such a nice central location and nifty old building, but customers should stay away until they get it together or give up and sell it to someone who knows what they are doing.

    25/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Angela C.
    I stayed at Sleep Over Sauce with a couple of friends when we were in town for a wedding.  I absolutely loved the beds - it was a true Goldilocks moment when we first got there from the airport and I sprawled out on it.  "Just riiiiight."  The pillows are also the perfect amount of springiness.

    What Megan said is right, if you're looking for a hotel where you expect to be waited on hand and foot, you'll be disappointed.  If you're looking for something more casual and a giant step up from a hostel, this is an amazing deal for its price.  

    The part that really suck with me: After my roommate and I checked out and were walking down the street, some strange homeless man started to walk behind us shouting.  Trip (one of the brothers that owns the place) was heading back into the restaurant and saw what was going on and ran after us and started a conversation just in case Mr. Homeless Man didn't mean well.  He stuck around till the homeless guy had moved on and then returned to his own thing.  Thanks, Trip!

    03/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Megan B.
    Sleeeeeeeep. The final frontier...

    I really like this little inn. Please note the descriptive noun: INN - NOT hotel. If you're looking for a boutique hotel with an over-eager concierge that wants to plan all of your activities, this is not the place for you. If you are interested in staying in a room with very little interruptions from staff or other guests, this is The Spot for you.

    Sleep undoubtedly has The Most Comfortable beds that I've experienced at a hotel. (No, seriously, I mean it - and I've been around!) It has all the usual amenities, as well as an iPod docking station for an alarm clock! :-D   I really like that the inn has a lot of San Francisco-bound history - one of the rooms used to be a favorite of Janis Joplin! Its my favorite, too, with a rooftop balcony...

    Another feature I really like is the great room - kind of like a large rec room or living room. Huge TV, a long and low game table with couches on both sides, a huge dining room table, and various other couches around the room - not to mention the complimentary hospitality bar with little snackers for the guests.  It would be a great place to have your friends gather before you went downstairs for dinner, for example, or hang out and play a board game if the weather got crappy during your stay in town.  I heard they've even used it for live music performances. Also, because it is small, centrally located in the city, and the prices are great, it would be a prime spot to rent out exclusively for a gathering of some kind - with 9 rooms, you could have the place to yourselves!! (heh heh, my naughty plans slowly take shape..)

    One of the things I like the best about it is that there are no fluttering attendants waiting to *do* something. You are rarely bothered by Housekeeping, although the housekeepers do attend the property appropriately. And the solid construction gives it a quiet feeling in the midst of a busy part of town. There's a small room with computers and phones, phone books and information in case you need some help finding your way around the city. Also, the fact that you have the owners' person cell phone numbers in case you need something or have an emergency, is totally sufficient to my needs as a traveler.

    I'm usually in town to visit my friends and have a constant barrage of plans. Its been really nice to  stay someplace quiet and comfortable and off the beaten track of tourist hotels.  I've stayed there twice now, and I'll probably stay there again the next time I'm in town. If you're a low-maintenance traveler looking for a sweet spot to lay your head when you're in town, located above a restaurant that serves late and has a kickass bar, I recommend Sleep over Sauce.

    09/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Jackie D.
    Sleep Over Sauce came into my radar after researching places to stay in SF for the weekend. After seeing that many of the bigger hotels were sold-out for the weekend (probably due to the SF marathon this weekend), I opted to settle and book a room at Sleep Over Sauce. I have never heard of it, but my honey thought it would be fine since we would essentially just need a clean room with a comfy bed.

    We arrived in the city and checked in around 4pm. This place is seriously no-frills. I wouldn't recommend this place to folks who like to be warmly welcomed by an over-eager staff. We asked a lady (who I believe was housekeeping) to be checked in. She called someone and a guy came up the stairs to give us keys. We were given keys to our room, called 'Chinatown'.

    The room is simple and clean. The bed is comfy and the TV only has 3 or 4 working channels. The room is older, so insulation is unheard of because we could hear people in the room next to us and in the hallway. The noise from Gough St was unbearable while we tried to sleep with drunken people and fire trucks blaring their sirens. Although we closed the window, we heard everything.

    It was a good place to stay despite the noisy streets and lack of wall insulation. However, I'm not sure I would come to stay here again...

    25/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Mary G.
    My husband and I stayed at Sleep Over Sauce this week and really enjoyed our stay. Super friendly staff and loved the relaxed nature of the place. There is no stuffy reception desk; anyone working can check you in, from the bartender to the housekeeping staff, and each one of them is super. Rooms are clean and although small (what isn't in San Fran) are well thought out in use of space. The common room with complimentary breakfast foods, coffee, water stocked 24/7 is a super  addition to help defray costs and a nice opportunity to meet others staying here. Sauce, the restaurant downstairs, is awesome. We had a really good dinner with friends, good drinks. Our last night we had to move to a semi-private bath, which meant our private bath was across the hall from our room. Not our first preference but also not too much of an issue for us. We would definitely stay here again.

    20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Easwud C.
    Overpriced and a little dingy.

    While the concept, location, and staff were great, SOS really needs a makeover. For $160 a night one should expect a carpet without stains, grandmother bedspread/furnishings and scratchy towels.

    $100 it would be worthwhile, but on price it really cannot compete as it really felt like being in a hostel or an old lady's house. Clean carpet, freshen up the comforters and a few other details and it would be fine.

    Negatives aside, the concept is great. Having the restaurant/bar downstairs with the staff is convenient and it does allow for a much better vibe than a big impersonal hotel. Please just drop some money into it to justify the price, otherwise negative  reviews (unfortunate but a must) will pile up and there will be no repeat business.

    01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Jenny J.
    Even better than I expected!  Comfy beds/pillow, clean, very roomy and a super helpful, friend staff.  Right in the thick of things in the trendy Hayes Valley.

    13/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Frank M.
    I love this place.

    I stayed here with my younger brother and sister over Christmas weekend, and I was not disappointed. Beds were comfortable, and the comforters were amazing. The room we were in had a private bathroom, which was nice, and it also had a HDTV with Direct TV hookup, also very nice.

    i really dug the bathroom situation, great towels and body wash.

    I gotta say my favorite part was the massive common room. Very cozy and welcoming, lots of comfy couches, TV, stereo, cable, DVD player, even a Wii. The room also featured a fireplace, and books and board games. There was juice, milk, water, cereal, coffee, bagels, english muffins and bread available 24 hours a day as well, which was amazingly convenient.

    oh yeah, and the free wifi was insanely fast, which i'm sure will go unnoticed by the average visitor, but it's there, and it's damn good.

    I hope i get a chance to stay here again.

    26/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Duygu A.
    Amazing place to stay whenever you are in San Francisco. Walking distance very close to subway/bus stops. Easy access to anywhere in the city. Our room, the Presidio, was very nice, spacious, and the bed was very comfortable. There is a room called a Common Room, where all the guests can enjoy watching tv, playing wii. Also there is fruits, cereals, hot drinks, orange juice, and bagels available through the day and night. There is also free wifi in the rooms. So it was a great deal!

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Sarah T.
    Great location, quirky and fun hotel. I loved the great room!! It was a really nice addition. Our room was spacious but the water in the shower was never more than tepid. My main complaint was the noise. People were super loud in this hotel and there is pretty much no sound proofing. I even saw a bottle of ear plugs on the office desk so must be a pretty regular complaint.

    28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Katie G.
    Stayed here last week.  Such a great place.  The complementary breakfast section in the common room is worth it for me.  The staff is really great.  Clean, wi-fi, great restaurant downstairs (you HAVE to try) and low price is well worth it.  It can be a little noisy at night because you are in the city but that's to be expected.  Definitely would stay again.

    18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Alison P.
    Booked this hotel because of the good reviews, but was less than impressed. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it's crazy loud at night time (luckily, the staff gives free earplugs... but still.) Beyond that - there were tiles missing from the floor in our bathroom, the towels were scratchy to the touch, we had a few cold showers, there was an inconsistent cleaning schedule (what maid comes at 5:30pm?), and the printer in their "business center" was out of ink/paper the entire 3 days we were there.

    On the plus side, they had a 24-hour breakfast bar that included fun cereal like Cocoa Puffs. It might make those 3am times when you can't sleep from the noise worth it... almost.

    14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Madye C.
    This was such a nice, quaint, inn.  My husband and I stayed here on a anniversary trip to San Francisco.  Sleep Over Sauce made us feel like we were welcomed guests in their house.  The location was great.  We were able to easily walk to the Van Ness rail station, and get anywhere in the city.  Also the streets around the hotel, Valencia, Market, etc., were packed with great places to eat and shop.  The Common Room was very comfortable, with nice complimentary breakfast items.  On Sunday night we wanted to watch The Walking Dead (favorite show). When we put the tv on AMC, we found there was a parental block on that show which required a passcode.  I called the help number, and that person had someone else contact me back. Long story short, they quickly searched until they found the passcode, called me back, and we got to watch The Walking Dead!  Score for Sleep Over Sauce!!

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Jen G.
    This is a great place and it's right over an awesome restaurant too! We have my parents stay here when they come to SF for a visit and they love it. The rooms are themed on different SF neighborhoods and decorated with cool pics taken by a local photographer. Very San Francisco!  I definitely recommend Sleep Over Sauce as a nice place to stay in SF.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. A. Jacob F.
    Sleep Over Sauce is one of those gems that you hesitate to review or even tell people about. You want the business to survive and thrive, but not to the point where you can't get a room in the future.  

    I love this place.  We've stayed there once or twice a year for the last the years or so and always hav had a pleasant stay. The location is awesome for us, besides convenience is has a great neighborhood feel.  If I had a bazillion dollars I might make Hayes Valley my permanent home.  

    It's important to hav your expectations calibrated about Sleep Over Sauce.  The value and atmosphere is 100%, things like the hot water in the shower is less than 100%.  The feel is just like it would be if the warmest, most comfortable house your ever lived it was turned into an Inn.  

    Thanks as always for Sleep Over Sauce crew, they bring sanity and a really pleasant pace to stay in the otherwise crazy San Francisco hotel market.

    oh, and I almost forgot, Fruit Loops (and other continental breakfast items) available 24hrs a day!

    11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Aaron M.
    Kind of great, kind of weird, good value, super clean, great location, what can I say?  I booked this after seeing the good reviews on Yelp... It's (one of) the only hotel(s) near the Mission in the $100 range without bedbugs.  Kind of a series of contrasts:

    They have a very friendly staff, but no front desk - the front desk is the bar downstairs!

    The rooms are hotel-like and all feature private baths, but if you're staying in the room called "Mission" (we did) your bathroom is across the (public) hallway.

    That room (Mission) had a window, but it looked out on to a light shaft, not the street (which at first I thought was weird).  It let in light (good) but not noise (even better).

    When you come up the stairs and enter, you'll see the "business center" which It kind of makes it look like a hotel, but the whole place has only eight guest rooms.

    The guest rooms are tiny, but there is a massive "family room" that looks more family ski cabin (or epic hostel) than budget hotel.

    I think their wesbite says you can even rent out the the whole facility.

    In sum, it's kind of a weirdly unique experience - either by design or by accident - that gives one of the best values in the area - but try to avoid the Mission room.

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Kelly B.
    Seriously amazing.  Great location, super friendly staff, ultra clean, fun and funky vibe  and all for only $110 a night? Unreal. And the wi-fi is indeed wicked fast, as another reviewer pointed out.  This place is just hands-down wonderfulness and if you doubt me, stay here and check it out.  

    The food from SAUCE (the restaurant downstairs) is worth the price of the stay all by itself...I am enjoying the Beet & Spinach Salad w/Crispy Goat Cheese as I type and its like some kind Heaven Sent Ambrosia that makes you wonder 'why can't I ever make food that tastes like this???" Bc you are not the chef at SAUCE that's why.   I'm considering a trip back to SF just for the food at SAUCE - its that good.  

    A cab ride to Union Square only took 10 minutes and cost me $10 + tip.  The Bart was a complete rip off by comparison - a lot of schlepping to get to and from 16th&Mission and then it still cost me $8.50 one way!  

    The owner/chef carried my luggage upstairs.  The flatscreen tv works perfectly as does the very nice ceiling fan light (I like having a fan on at night).  And they have HBO.   My bath was across the hall (the Mission room) but I liked it bc it was very Euro Student Hostel-ish but with none of the poverty or bunk beds.  

    The sheets are amaaaaazing.  I want them for my house!  Note to staff: start selling these sheets.  You could have a side business.  Yes you can hear your fellow guests walking in the hall (very rarely) but I felt it added to the nice communal feel of the place.  

    There is no coffee maker n the room but in the Great Room area (which has a tv and a Wii can you believe that?  Not to mention 24/7 snacks in case like me you fancy some cereal before bed or a nice bit of toast and fruit - love it).  At first it seemed odd to have coffee with strangers first thing in the AM but then I learned all the hotel guests in the great room when I was staying here were there for a wedding and the Bride herself was there, chatting it up!   We had a great time chatting and it turned out they lived on an off the grid farm in Nevada.  Ok seriously there is NO WAY I would meet such interesting fun people and have that good of a time before BREAKFAST,  if I'd stayed at the boring old  Omni near Embarcadero like work wanted me to do.    No way.

    Wonderful place with wonderful staff and cool fun guests  - I would not hesitate to stay again.  Highly recommend.

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Sandee g.
    Good value in a fun neighborhood. It would have been nice to know that we'd only have 2 min of hot water in the morning and none at night. Oh well, we're used to the hostel atmosphere. Nice great room with snacks available 24/7. Safe and secure location. Lots of street noise, but they have ear plugs, so you can use. Did I mention GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD!  A foodie's playground! All in all, we'd gladly stay there again (but we'll be prepared for no long hot showers and plenty of noise)

    02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Chrissy T.
    If you want to pay double for a boring, sterile hotel room without any character, there are plenty of hotels to choose from in SF,  but if you want a hip, urban guest house at a great price with character and a staff that is friendly and cares, then book a room here!
    My husband and I stayed here to celebrate our anniversary and to see the Phish shows this past weekend, and it exceeded our expectations. A great find in a great neighborhood, that's for sure.  
    I loved that they cared about the environment with their bamboo towels and sheets and their choice of cruelty-free shampoo and shower gel (Bring your own conditioner, though).  The bathroom had recently been remodeled, so that was nice. Very lovely.
    The restaurant downstairs was fantastic and everyone was so friendly!  I strongly suggest  the vegetable strudel. My husband loved the ham mac 'n' cheese.
    I loved the fact that there was breakfast in the common room 24 hours a day: cereal, milk, juice, coffee, bagels, fruit, and toast. We could sleep in and still eat breakfast!
    Great San Francisco theme and lovely pictures on the walls.
    Loved the common room.
    Not only were the staff great, but the other people staying in the hotel were all very friendly and cool, too.
    Some people might have issue with the size of the room (We stayed in the Hayes Valley room--one of the Queen rooms) and/or the noise outside. We did not have any issues with this.  San Francisco is a city and these are what you get in a city. Others reviews I have read here complained about the lack of front desk presence. My husband and I are pretty self reliant, so I didn't mind this. When we called their help number, they were always there and ready to help.
    If you are really into luxury and big rooms with mini bars and pools and what not, this hotel might not be your thing. But this hotel is definitely our thing! I would say perfect for vacationing couples and groups of friends.

    We LOVED staying at Sleep Over Sauce. We will not be staying anywhere else when we come to SF, now.

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Angel D.
    Quant, cute, clean. Nice location and I loved the great room / lounge area with breakfast amenities. Nice touches and thoughtfulness throughout the stay. Rooms are small and the bath is private but detached which isn't a big deal to me. Price is on point. The only down side is parking. We ended up parking about 4 blocks away and had to haul around our heavy equipment through the city. Then when we got to the property there are lots of steps to haul your stuff up. If you stay at the sauce, I recommend you pack light.

    15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Steph M.
    My husband, my brother and his fiancee and I booked the "Bridge Suite" for the weekend of the SF marathon. We were a little bit put off by a couple of things in the way that you might be staying at a friend's old apartment: "Oh my god, why didn't anybody tell me you can't flush the toilet while someone's in the shower!?" or "Huh, these towels are a pretty meh brown color" kind of issues.

    It was also a bit agitating that there was no regular desk presence, particularly when we came back from a morning of wandering to retrieve our bags from the luggage room and couldn't find anyone to help.

    That being said, the beds were incredibly comfy, the staff was pleasant, the great room was, well, pretty great, and the location was fantastic. It was way cheaper than our other options, save for some motels. We would happily stay there again, and if you're okay feeling like you're crashing at a sweet, but kind of flakey friend of a friend's place, I'd say go for it.

    As for "Sauce" itself, it was nice for drinks, but their small plates were really overpriced.

    27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Andrew D.
    Stayed here Sunday through Tuesday.

    Its situated on top of a restaurant with access from the street - the owner met us as we were trying to figure out how to get in.  This part was a bit AirBnb-weird, but not sketchy at all.

    The owner took us upstairs and explained everything, and gave us a key and door code.
    Everything was self-serve as there was no front desk although the owner told us how to reach them for help.  This might bother some people, but I'm pretty easy going having stayed in many a hostel during my travels.  Just realize in SF you are going to pay for people manning a front desk.

    On the main floor there is a small DIY office with a computer & printer and a decent sized common room with self-serve coffee, tea, fruit & breads, couch, TV and plenty of room for 8-12 people to spread out.  I loved this room - it felt like something right out of college.

    The guest room was on the next floor (2 from the street) and was clean & cozy but small with an ensuite bathroom (some share a bathroom I think).  Other then that is was just like any hotel room.

    To my knowledge, there is no elevator so accessability would be an issue.

    Free Wifi extended throughout the place seemed to be fast.

    There is street parking but during the day you have to move your car into a lot.
    This was annoying - unless you need a car, take transit, cab it or rent bikes.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Alf O.
    This place gets the job done.  Yes the rooms are very noisy, and a little bit old.  But the location is great, and the breakfast lounge is cool.  The staff are all great.

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Mahmoud A.
    They are alright! I like the feeling there! It feels warm once you go there and workers there are nice

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Jennifer W.
    Yelp users, look elsewhere. This place is expensive and shabby. I actually wish I could give a 1.5 rather than a full 2 stars.

    I stayed on a Friday and Saturday night and was pretty disappointed. They sent me an email asking for feedback just after my stay, and I responded honestly. I have posted here exactly what I wrote:

    The location was wonderful, of course, and I liked the great room, but I don't have much else positive to say considering the price. Nothing was terrible, but everything was shabby.

    My boyfriend and I stayed in the Chinatown room, where the shower door wouldn't stay closed and one of the linen drawers was broken. Invest in some water heater work so your guests can get a warm shower, some double-pane windows so they can get some sleep, and maybe even some acoustic dampeners for inside, too. I heard every word the guests near me said and felt like I had to whisper the whole stay. More comfortable bedding would be good, too, and some paint touch-ups. And do you think anyone would eat at Sauce if it smelled as musty as Sleep Over Sauce?

    I think I read a review online somewhere about how staying in this style of inn was like crashing in an unreliable friend's apartment. Maybe staying at Sleep Over Sauce was a little better than that, because at least I had privacy and a private bathroom, which I know aren't guaranteed at a lot of places within the city. The unreliability thing rang true, though, as I pulled up to the building in the rain to unpack my bags and couldn't use the designated area that I thought would be available. I expected to have to park in a garage, but I thought I would at least get to unload my bags first without circling the block for a half-hour, and that was actually a reason I chose to book with you. It was nice to find out there would be water and coffee available 24/7, except the morning I wanted both of those things, neither was available. I decided to make toast, but the toaster wouldn't work.

    All these things are small, and none of them ruined my lovely trip, but it was frustrating to watch my boyfriend's face sink over and over again as each little thing failed. It was his birthday trip, and I paid upwards of $190 a night in an effort to stay somewhere special. Sleep Over Sauce was certainly not that.

    On a positive note, your staff was polite in the couple of encounters I had, both during booking and the actual trip. Still, I came away feeling like I paid too much for a below-average establishment. I won't book again, but I hope you improve. I didn't eat at Sauce, although it seemed nice -- like it had class and high standards. You will, indeed, have something really special if you make the upstairs match the downstairs. With that location, you've got such an opportunity for something cool. Good luck.

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. Erin W.
    Good drinks before seeing a show nearby. Nice Civic Center adjacent location. Didn't try the food but it looked good. Bartender was very helpful. Will be back!

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Squawkers M.
    Chose this inn based on Yelp reviews and the price (about half the price of a nice hotel room in the city). Had a few concerns due to reports of noise and lack of hot water, but these were not  a problem over our 6 night stay. Yes, the rooms are a bit small, but the huge common room makes up for that and is stocked 24/7 with fruit, cereal, juice and assorted breads for toasting. The inn was very clean and housekeeping was great and unobtrusive. The neighborhood is excellent, plenty of places nearby to eat and shop, several bus stops within a few blocks, BART station a short walk away. Would recommend to just about anyone looking for a unique and affordable place to stay in SF. However, be aware that there is no elevator, you must take stairs to the rooms.

    22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. wendy q.
    I LOVE SLEEP OVER SAUCE!! It was clean, lovely furnishings and beautiful bathroom. The continental breakfast was perfect and open 24 hrs! Now, I checked out reviews first so I was prepared for the stairs, no a/c, and separated bathroom across the hall (but still our private bathroom) the room is very small but being in the city, we didn't plan on being in the room much. For the price it was wonderful! My only complaint is the room we stayed in (the mission) did not have a window to the outside, so it got pretty hot and a bit stifling but did have a ceiling fan that helped a bit. Also, try Sauce downstairs we had a wonderful dinner there.

    18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Linda H.
    Found this place through yelp at last minute's notice. The high yelp rating did not disappoint. Staff was professional, yet pleasant. Since it's a small place, check in was quick. And since it's an older place, the rooms are small (plus it is the city after all - don't expect big rooms unless you want to pay $$$$). But everything was clean and in working order. The place is pleasantly decorated. What I really liked was the lounge with breakfast available all around the clock. It was nice to pad down to the lounge at 4 am when I suddenly realized that I hadn't had dinner. I had a nice bowl of granola and some juice. I will definitely stay here again, and next time, I'll plan in advance so that we can have time to have dinner down below. Note: some of the rooms do have their own bathroom. Our bathrooms were clean and modern.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Kim H.
    This is a great place to stay in San Francisco, especially for the price. I was a little wary of the "urban guesthouse", but not anymore. The staff was great - they were accommodating when we got in a few hours before check in, so we could explore the city without our luggage.

    It was nice and clean, has free wifi, and has free breakfast and coffee in the morning. It doesn't have the frills of luxury hotels, but that just made me feel more comfortable there. It is in a nice spot in the city that makes all places you'll want to go easily accessible.

    Overall a great place to stay. Highly recommended!

    24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Alan M.
    Live a block away from this place and was always intrigued by the name. After a year we finally went in and it was amazing. The fried chicken and mashed potatoes were beyond words. Will definitely be back :)

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0