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The Andrews Hotel in San Francisco, CA

The Andrews Hotel in San Francisco, CA


The Andrews Hotel is a charming, European-style hotel centrally located in San Francisco's renowned theater and shopping districts.  Union Square shopping and the Cable Car are just steps from our front door.  Our small size - just 48 guest rooms - allows our friendly and courteous front desk staff to give you individual attention.

We offer a complimentary Continental breakfast buffet each morning.  Later on, if you need a break to catch up on some reading or check your email, we offer complimentary Weaver's coffee and tea in our cozy lobby all day long, along with free wi-fi throughout the hotel.

Then after a long day of sightseeing, we offer an evening complimentary glass of wine at Fino Ristorante & Bar.  Fino is a popular gathering place among locals and visitors alike.  Fino's highly praised menu features many finely prepared Italian classics along with an assortment of innovative daily specials including fresh fish.

You will find that the Andrews Hotel offers convenient, moderately priced lodging for your visit to San Francisco.  Enjoy your stay!


Established in 1981.

The Hotel was opened September of 1981 after being closed for over a year during which time it was completely renovated. Since that time, the hotel has grown and changed in many ways. In the summer of 1984 the entire hotel and lobby were redecorated and upgraded to reaffirm our commitment to be one of the best small hotels in San Francisco.
Part of this commitment was the planning, construction and opening of the Post Street bar & Café. After nine months of construction, the Café opened in March of 1983. It was an immediate success with the public. Initially, it featured simple salads, sandwiches and soup for both lunch and dinner.
Conceptually, however, a change was needed. In the spring of 1984 the decision was made to be a great restaurant rather than just a good restaurant. In April 1984 a team of new talent was bought in along with a new menu. In July of 1984 the Post Street Bar & Café was well reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle. Later that year, it was names one of the 1


Company Info:

Rating: 3.66

Address: 624 Post St, San Francisco, CA, 94109

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    Comments (35):

    1. Malika K.
    Gourmet G and I slept here. Yes separately!

    25/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Ellen D.
    My husband and I stayed at The Andrews for 3 nights of our honeymoon. His parents stayed there a while back and recommended it to us. The hotel definitely wasn't very "honeymoon-ish" (not very romantic or luxurious). However, we still really enjoyed our stay. Our room was tiny, but that wasn't an issue because we spent our days exploring San Fran (and taking a day trip to Napa) and our nights trying new restaurants. The Andrews is in a great location- we walked everywhere or used easily accessible public transportation. (We rented a car towards the end of our stay in San Fran which we used to drive to Napa, then on to our next honeymoon destination.)
    The Andrews is definitely an older hotel, but that adds to its charm. It is also kept very clean. In addition, the breakfast was great & each floor has their own breakfast buffet in the hall every morning (juice, coffee, pastries).
    Great price, great location.

    05/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Alyssa V.
    Stay somewhere else!!

    My boyfriend and I arrived a little early to the Andrews. Upon arrival, our room was not yet ready. This was completely reasonable because we were so early and had planned on just dropping off our bags and starting to explore. We were asked to fill out a form before we left, and that's when i noticed it. We had booked a deluxe king and on the form, it stated we would be staying in a standard double. I pointed this out and the lady at the desk explained that there had been some water damage in some of their nicest rooms because of the recent storms. This is understandable, and had I been told about the damage and the room change up front, I would not have been disappointed. However, she tried to hide it. We were moved into a queen and eventually a king. Our queen size room was still very small, so I could not imagine how tight a standard double is. The bathrooms are also very small, but reasonable.

    When we got into the first room, an entire wall of the bathroom was covered in HAIR. It was absolutely disgusting. We also got no sleep that night because the room felt more like a sauna. There's a furnace in each room and you control whether it's on or off. Ours was off, but it was still heating the room! It was in the 40s and we slept with the windows open and it was still too hot!

    The second room (the king) was much more inhabitable. However, there was hair in the bathroom sink! We couldn't believe it! Needless to say, the entire trip, I felt dirty and uncomfortable. One night we decided to stay in and pick a movie from the hotel's library (we had a very early wake-up the next morning). The selection wasn't great,  but thats not a big deal. However, we went through THREE dvd players to watch the movie. Just before we left, the radiator started leaking all over the place. Not a good experience.

    The location of the hotel is great, and its only saving grace, It's very close to all transportation and great walking distance from a lot. The restaurant, Finos, was absolutely awesome! I recommend making a reservation. though. These two are the only reason I'm not giving the hotel a 1.

    01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Jessica K.
    Lovely little hotel right downtown! I was just on vacation with my best friend and this was one of the few hotels that had two beds available. Although they were only twin sized, it worked out great! The hotel staff was very nice and helpful and the restaurant in the hotel, Fino, is fantastic. Even when we were locked out of our room due to a broken door, they put us in another room and comped a night for the hassle. Things go wrong sometimes and the fact that all the staff was informed of our problem and more than helpful, it definitely helped us keep a good attitude about it. I would definitely return here!

    15/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Michelle B.
    I love the andrews. Well, I'm kinda biased, since I used to work here. Memories.

    Location: It's a couple of blocks away from union square, close to shopping and theatres. Perfect to catch any transportation (cable cars, bus, taxi) Not in the tenderloin - (good Stars) but just be aware that since it's so close to the heart of the city, there's lots of cops, ambulances and fire trucks that fly thru.

    Accomodations: The rooms are cozy - I mean seriously - cozy. I would def recommend getting an '03' (can't remember what they're called it's been so long) room - not the petite suite. The 03  rooms are much bigger one connected room while the Suites have a separate living area. If you're staying in San Francisco, you won't be stuck in your hotel room anyway - so I can care less. Beds are good enough to do what you do in bed. Housekeeping keeps the house clean.

    Perks: Affordable rates for Downtown SF. Wonderful Staff.  If you're a repeat guest, you'd get a bar of chocolate. Oh. . . . me and chocolate!

    03/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Chris - Ali C.
    My husband and I stayed here over this past weekend and can't say enough about this. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The bed was comfy, the room was clean, the breakfast (right outside your door on your own floor) was great.

    I would have taken half a star off if I could, but only because the shower was so tiny. My husband and I aren't very big people, so this really wasn't an issue for us at all, especially since there was always nice hot water and fantastic water pressure, but I'm not sure I'd recommend this for some of my larger friends. Although not all rooms have stall showers, many have full size showers.

    We didn't have a refrigerator in our room, so when we had leftovers one evening they let us store it in the staff friends in the basement. I totally recommend this place!

    01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Jean B.

    I was very impressed by the Andrews Hotel. I was a little worried because we had booked our room through a very inexpensive priceline package. Reviews were pretty good, but I could find minimal pictures and wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. The hotel was just as great as everyone had written about. It was a very quaint hotel a very short walk from Union Square. It was about a 7 minute walk from Market & Powell which was where you could pick up busses, trains, and the BART. The room was pretty small, but perfect for what we needed it for which was sleeping after a long day of traveling. The staff was incredibly helpful and nice, but my favorite part was the continental breakfast. I hate how at most hotels I miss the continental breakfast because I'm too lazy to get out of my room so early and go downstairs. At the Andrews they have a cute little continental breakfast set up on each floor. I'd pop out of bed, grab a croissant and tea right outside my door and go back to bed until I was ready to eat it. It was perfect!
    There are two things that I think might deter others from staying here, which didn't quite bother me but I feel like I should forewarn about. 1) Our room faced the back of the hotel. It was pretty noisy out back so if you're not a heavy sleeper like me, I would recommend closing the window. 2) (And I had read about this and didn't realize the extent but) the bathroom is very very small. I didn't really mind this but I can see why people would not like this. It was a little uncomfortable sitting on the toilet because the front area of the toilet was definitely under the sink. If you can't picture this, think about it as if the side of the sink was a desk and the toilet was your chair. If I had long legs I would have not been psyched on this. However, the water pressure in the shower was great, so the bathroom did have its upside! If you think you can handle these two things then I say go for it!
    It's a great hotel, and very inexpensive considering the location and what it's so close to. If you're looking for somewhere to sleep after sightseeing and not spend a ton of time in, this is perfect for you. Definitely a great bang for your buck.

    14/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Courtney S.
    Still under $100 for being in a perfect area and the 4th of July weekend so I can't complain too much.
    I live in an apartment in San Diego that was built in 1920's and this hasn't been updated too much since 1906 so don't be surprised.
    Upgraded to the queen bed and the room was decent size, don't really care for space, just there to sleep and :ahem: other adult activities...which brings me to noise control. I always saw on tv the whole squeaky bed deal but always thought it was an exaggeration, until now, sorry neighbors!!! I brought earplugs for the street noise and I was set.
    It has a very family-own feeling to it so the front desk people were very nice. And since it is a small hotel the travelers seem extra friendly!! Everyone says good morning in the halls, thank you cute elderly couple!!
    Now I don't have to worry about a hotel to stay at when I come! Now if the airline prices will just stop rising....

    05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Jeff G.
    A (real) hidden gem in San Francisco.

    The Andrews Hotel has all the atmospheric charm of a Chateau Marmont without the pretense or the price.  I had none of the trouble with noise (either from within the hotel or from outside) that the other reviewers had.  Slept like a baby.  The bed was fine in both size and feel.  The bathroom is small but so what?  You're paying $85 a night!  And just because they're cool they serve guests a complimentary glass of a California red or white, from 5:00 to 6:30pm, every night at their restaurant FINO.  And they don't disappoint there either.  FINO serves up terrific Italian cuisine and is (surprisingly) quite the scene for power dinners.  Who would've thought... a great bonus.  The continental breakfast on every floor is a nice touch.  The wifi is zippy, clocking in at 3.5 Mbps.  They have a DVD player in the room and a selection of DVD's you can get from the concierge in the lobby.  The TV is small, but so what?  You're paying $85 a night, buddy!  All and all the place is just cute and warm and the staff take pride in their work.  Downtown San Francisco has a bevy a terrific five-star hotels. If you want to stay in one, without paying $400+ a night, book at The Andrews.

    17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Kaarina T.
    Absolutely LOVED this cute, boutique hotel.  When going to SF, it's no fun to stay in some chain Marriott hotel, this little hotel is the true essence of vintage San fran.  Every morning, starting at 6, you will find on every floor a buffet of breakfast, from maple scones to muffins, fresh fruit, coffe, tea and hot chocolate. It's so convenient having it there right as you open your door rather then having to haul down to the lobby.  They serve wine during happy hour each day too! We will DEFINITELY stay here again! The comment about how old the place is, ignore if you are an adventure seeker!!!! Love this place!

    26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Brian B.
    We booked a room here with getaroom bit.ly/l3aVjS and found it had its share of pros and cons.

    Reasonable rate
    Great location just 2 blocks from Union Square (nearby shopping and dining)
    Free internet access
    Complimentary coffee and tea available in the lobby all day
    Cozy bar

    Rooms are small
    Decor is plain outdated
    Kept hearing noise from the hall at night (Paper thin walls?)

    For the affordable rate, I'd consider booking here again in the future. Mind you, this hotel does not have the bells and whistles of other San Francisco properties, but it's still a good place for a short stay nonetheless.

    07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Jessica C.
    This place was great!!  My husband and I were looking for an affordable hotel to stay for one night near Chinatown.  We got their super early (10am) and were still able to let us check in.  They even brought us a complimentary bottle of champagne since we were there for a second honeymoon.  The rooms were small but didn't bother us.  

    A few little reasons I didn't give them five stars:  bed was too soft, lightswitch for bathroom was in shower (not safe),  view out window was of building next door.

    07/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Judy T.
    I originally got a room at the Fitzgerald, but they had a busted pipe and so moved us next door and gave us the same rate. =) Great staff, everyone is friendly and non-obnoxious. It's tiny and slightly cramped, as is the charm of San Francisco; they make good use of the space.

    The rooms are a bit outdated, but homey and cozy and clean. I checked for bed bugs, negative. The ceilings are high which makes the small room seem bigger and not so cramped. There is a little tv monitor on the desk, a small armchair and a bathtub / shower. I like that there is a basket of apples in the hallway, and you can walk right out of the room and grab a continental breakfast in the morning.

    The location is awesome, a few blocks from all the excitement, especially the dim sum in chinatown and the biscuits and blues, which is where I went  to see the Jane Doe's.

    Good hotel, good prices, good staff. For what I paid I couldn't ask for more.

    12/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Free L.
    Good location, our room was a suite. It was nice.

    12/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Molly U.
    Go somewhere else.

    The first room we had was the size of a closet at best.  Usually I don't mind the size of the room, since all I want a hotel room is for sleeping and showering so clean and quiet are usually all I ask.  It was fairly clean (although housekeeping does not do a good job of cleaning each day....) BUT HOLY CRAP WAS IT LOUD.  and I expect street noise in Union Square.  but not front row seats to a domestic violence exhibition in the alleyway at 3am, nor do I care to hear our neighbor peeing and flushing and showering and their conversationin the middle of the night either.

    The bed would tremble (earthquake?!?!?!) if we even thought about twitching a muscle.  Their "queen" is barely a queen (more like a full size bed) since two small people like us were crammed.

    This place would have been one star if it weren't for the staff actually accommodating and switching our room.  The continental breakfast is a plus, as is the free wi-fi.  The TV is stupidly tiny, you might as well watch Hulu on your laptop.  Oh, no hair dryer so bring one if you need one....(ding).

    OH, and my sister checked in and had prepaid, and they gave her keys to a room that was occupied (good thing the occupants weren't IN the room...can you imagine?!).  And they didn't have any open rooms.  They got her a room next door, made her leave that room the next day, then put her in another room at this hotel at an upgrade.  Too bad, the damage was already done.    

    I'd rather dish out a few extra $ per night for some sleep and peace of mind that you're going to get a room when you make a reservation.  Just sayin'.

    13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. rebecca k.
    The hotel was nice, tiny, quaint, good location.  Price wasn't terrible.  The kicker was when we got our bill and it said that it costs 20 DOLLARS to check out the movie we checked out.  It was never mentioned that there was a fee as we were asking about the movies and chose one to check out.  It's not the biggest deal, but just shady that they won't be upfront with you about something so simple.
    Also the 34 dollar parking is per night, so that's 70 dollars right there if you stay two nights like we did. Overall, would probably find somewhere else to go next time.

    15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Steph H.
    For the area this hotel is a great deal. You are walking distance to Union Square and the BART. After taxes our room was $125.  It includes a little breakfast (fruit, pastries, coffee, juice) on each floor which was a nice touch. As others have mentioned the rooms are extremely small but we were barely there so didnt mind. Our room did have an odd musty odor to it and also the walls are very thin so you can definitely hear others' business. Also, the pillows were not so comfy and made out of some weird plastic. As far as parking, there is a lot around the corner that charges $25 a day. It's the city so paying for parking should be expected. Apparently the hotel offers a complimentary glass of wine at 5pm but we weren't around to take advantage. All in all for the money it's a good deal.

    20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Amber N.
    I took advantage of the LivingSocial.com deal - 1 night for $75.  Kind of hard to pass up that deal.  Parking was $33 a night...didn't realize till I got to my room that I could have saved $$ by driving down the alley next to the hotel to a parking lot that charged $25 for overnight.  Note to everyone if you stay here.

    The room was quaint...bathroom, well, lets just say it is a good thing my girlfriend and I are petite...otherwise, sitting on the toilet would have been a challenge.  The elevator is the orginal which was pretty fun and spooky at the same time.

    Location was ideal for walking to Union Square.  Also, another fun point was the complimentary glass of wine at Fino...however, the hostess at Fino, Nicole, who kept trying to get the bartender to ask my girlfriend and I to leave and drink our wine in the hotel lobby in order to free up spots at the bar, she can SUCK a big ol TIRD.  Talk about RUDE. Nicole didn't bother to try and get any of the other patrons sitting at the bar to leave, so, why she singled us out is BEYOND me, but, we had the last laugh.  We sat there for a few hours and enjoyed our free wine, and then ordered a bottle - mainly out of SPITE to her.  

    All in all, I was happy with my stay and would stay here again.

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Lani B.
    This place is full of charm and cuteness.  Historical detail was beautiful and place was very clean.  Staff was so great and loved the continental breakfast on every floor! Awesome touch.  The rooms were just the right size, comfy bed. The pillows had that vinyl feel but i didnt mind because I knew it was for hygenic reasons.  And at least they care! The bathrooms are definitely tight but its a historical hotel so I wasnt expecting anything modern size.  Store and late night food places open within walking distance and I didnt run into any scary people.   Overall, happy with our stay.

    27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. C H.
    I wish my experience had been a good one.  I was hoping it would be after reading the Yelp reviews (which was one of the reasons I booked this hotel).  

    I knew the hotel would be old, and took into account previous comments regarding rooms/baths being small, etc.  but as we only needed a room for a night and we are pretty mellow folks, I figured that would not be a big deal, and it wasn't.  Our bad experience stemmed more from poor service and poor room maintenance, than the less than comfortable accomodations, altough, I can't remember sleeping on a lumpier bed.

    I booked the room for New Year's Eve,  I expected to have to compromise, since hotels in the SF for that night are expensive.  But I didn't expect to be disapointed from the get go.   We were greeted by 2 people at the desk:  one who knew nothing, and the other who was so rude, he didn't acknowledged us for a while ( a long while).  Their computers were down, which contributed to him being flustered, with his co-worker and with us.  

    I paid extra for a King Size corner room (ha!)  the room was small, though not uncomfortable.  The bathroom, however, was so small, my husband and I could not be in it at the same time.  At 6'4", the sink came up to my husbands mid-thigh.  The shower was about the size of a towel.  Again, we were just looking for a place to sleep, so no big deal.  

    We returned to the hotel to find that the radiator was leaking.  The thing spewed water (not quietly) all night, add the considerable street noise and I can honestly say, it was one of the least restful nights ever.  To top it of, housekeeping started banging on our door at 8 am ON NEW YEAR'S DAY and when she was told to please go away, saw it fit to return 20 MINUTES later.  

    I mentioned the radiator to the nice, but completely unengaged front desk person who simply smiled and told me to have a good day.    I know these sorts of establishments rely on transient customers and it is a good business strategy, becase I cannot imagine them getting any repeat visitors.  I really wanted to like this place, and it is possible my experience was a fluke, but just in case
    I for one will not be returning.

    04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. David O.
    Really nice place to stay, walking distance from Union Square and shopping. All the staff was sooooo nice, which made my stay pleasant. Rooms were perfect for me. Lots of places to eat near hotel. Bus stops and Trolley near by to go anywhere. Breakfast, Pastries coffee, orange juice in hallway on your floor every morning. Looking forward to return again very soon.

    02/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Gourmet G.
    With only forty-eight rooms, this is one of the smallest and least expensive of the downtown boutique hotels. Somewhat compact accommodations are decorated in cheerful pastel shades; amenities include cable TV with VCR (there's a film library at the front desk), direct-dial phone with an answering machine, iron and ironing board, fresh cut flowers and, in lieu of A/C, a ceiling fan. High-speed DSL access is available in all rooms. Each morning, a continental breakfast buffet of freshly baked croissants and muffins, Graffeo coffee, assorted teas, and seasonal fruits is served in the hallway on each floor, and complimentary wine is available each evening in Fino Bar & Ristorante, the in-house trattoria. The property is located just short of the seamy start of the Tenderloin, a few blocks walk to Union Square shopping, dining, and theaters. Rates start at a very low $99.

    29/07/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. mike s.
    Just got back from a short stay at the Andrews Hotel.  This a great small European-style hotel.  Great, helpful staff, and a nice continental breakfast.  If you're looking for a nice change from the ho-hum hotel chains, this is the place for you.  Can't wait to return!

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Devon F.
    My husband and I road tripped from Texas  to California and were looking for a relaxing, quiet stay. If you are okay with city noise level and steep parking rates, then I do think this hotel is a good find. Some pluses and minuses:

    -Central location
    -Continental breakfast each morning
    -Hospitality staff (she left a flower for us!)
    -A female staff member who explained everything to us in detail.

    -Low water pressure
    -Noise level
    -Dishonesty at check in: the man wasn't up front about parking fees and he did not tell us the amount of hold he was putting on the card. All he said was I shouldn't have put it on a debit card, it was a bad idea, and said he couldn't do anything about it.
    -No help with bags at check-in: there was a man using the elevator to carry out trash, which he knocked over our luggage with the trash bin while doing so.

    15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Ray D.
    They CENSOR their Wi-Fi. You can't watch youtube or any other video site!

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. John D.
    This is a boutique (i.e., "small") budget hotel 2 blocks from Union Square. We've stayed here several times and always liked it.

    The rooms can be small, but they are very reasonably priced. They serve a nice continental breakfast laid out early every morning, self-serve on your floor.

    A lovely place.

    31/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Cindy I.
    This hotel puts you in a great location to get around.  The hotel is small so not over crowded.  Very clean and comfortable.  Coffee, rolls and fruit served in the mornings on every floor.  Coffee and water in the lobby all day.  Complimentary glass of wine from Fino's connected and right next door.  The staff is there 24/7.  They are all courteous, helpful and friendly.  My special thanks to Frank (afternoon-evening) and Mary (morning-early afternoon).  And by the way, Fino's is absolutely excellent!

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Roman D.
    I've been coming here for over 25 years.  When I spend a few days in the city, I always stay here.  I prefer the location, close to all the action.  Never had a problem.  It's quaint and cozy and has the distinct feel and ambiance of the way San Francisco used to feel before the hipster and techie invasion.  Rooms are very comfortable and I feel embraced when I stay here.  Breakfast adds to the special mood of the place.  Bed is always comfortable and room is always clean.  Truly old world charm here.  Great place to stay alone or with someone special.

    31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Brian H.
    The service was great. The bathroom is VERY VERY SMALL.... Do not hurt yourself brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom OR taking a shower. The room is nice and quaint but the bathroom is not enough room for 2 people together AT ALL. The free breakfast could be better. However the Fino restaurant and the Vietnamese place called The Colonial are worth checking out. Its not bad if your on a budget. Location and staff acceptable. Oh, did I say how bad the bathroom was????  Lol.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Amy S.
    This place is small and quaint. Exactly what I was aiming for! They have an awesome historic elevator! The staff is very nice and informative. We had SO many questions about the public transport and how to get to all the tourist places. They dealt with our questions efficiently and didn't get annoyed (I would have gotten annoyed if the roles were reversed) We felt safe as well!

    The rooms are small, but who goes to SF to stay in the room? You go out and explore. You simply need a place to lay your head. That's my thinking on the matter.

    You get complimentary wine every evening in the bar downstairs. The place downstairs, I think El Vino, or Fino (not exactly sure) is small and intimate. The bartenders are nice and friendly. Hell, we ate appetizers with our free glass of wine every night we were there. The pastries in the hall with orange juice is a nice touch when you don't feel like trekking through the rain to grab something small in the morning.

    We went during Thanksgiving and the staff that worked that day we so nice. It was almost like a family gathering itself. Working together to find a Thanksgiving meal to go! :)

    The only thing that bugs me about this place: The pillows are literally wrapped in plastic or rubber. And you can't really sleep like that. You will sweat and your head will stick to the pillow. And the walls are pretty thin. We could hear the guys football game blasting from across the hall (But there isn't anything they can do about it; the walls)  

    We would def. come back here again. We would just bring our own pillows!

    17/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Sara H.
    I came to SF for a conference and needed a hotel close to Union Square but not extremely expensive. I found this hotel on hotels.com and stayed there for 2 nights. The building itself is quite charming but old. The elevator is the original side the early 1900s, and the interior reminds me of scenery from the Titanic. Lots of antique lamps, furniture and a tall, swirling staircase. The staff is great, they even moved me into a new room when my first room was too warm for comfort and they didn't charge me anything extra. The rooms was very comfortable with a TV and lots of windows. Bathrooms are a bit small but that's part of the original building. Their valet parking is convenient. They have a breakfast in the morning with coffee, fruit, and pastries. The location is prime since it is close to lots of restaurants and shops. I will def stay here again!!

    11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Luanna Y.
    New Year's Eve & last minute planning led to me booking this hotel at $250/night because it was one of the cheapest available.  Of course I checked Yelp first. Although some reviews were concerning, the overall 3.5 stars was reassuring.

    Boy was Yelp wrong this time around.  I could put up with the tiny old fashioned elevator, the dark, narrow hallways, the creaky floorboards, and the cramped room.  The constantly flickering lights in my room were annoying but could be ignored. But the bathroom was an absolute disaster - the sink was situated so close to the toilet that you can't sit down with your knees positioned in front of you; you had to angle them to the side.  There was also a shelf right above and covering half the sink so that I had to duck my head under this low shelf to wash my face. The shower also wasn't draining properly, so I was forced to shower in under 5 minutes or else water would start to slosh and overflow the bathroom.

    The nice staff warrants the 1 star.  Other than that, I would not recommend staying here if at all possible.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Jason R.
    Small tiny room. But not a big deal. You really only use the room to sleep, shit and shower. Bathroom is perfect if you have food poisoning. While sitting on the toilet, you can lean forward and throw up into the sink. Not a big deal also. Even my pregnant wife wasnt that bummed on it. The location was awesome, the staff was awesome. The breakfast was good, not great, but whatever. All in all we were happy with the stay and would proboably stay there again if given the chance, especially for the price. Made my first trip to san fran pretty awesome.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Steve A.
    I came into town for a business trip. Obviously, this means my company was picking up the tab, but I'm one of those people who doesn't believe that just because a company is paying for it I should be having a super luxurious treatment. In my mind, that includes any of the business hotels I would never pay for on my own.

    Naturally, I looked for places that were not too far of a walk away and still seemed like something I could work out of that were inexpensive. With those criteria, I found the Andrews Hotel.

    First, if internet access is a requirement-keep looking. This hotel has "internet", but it literally is the speed of old dial-up modems from 15 years ago. It's certainly not suitable for work, except maybe sending/receiving email. And if you want to catch up on netflix-no, streaming isn't even allowed(not that it would work anyway).

    Aside from the lack of internet, the place is fine. If you're visiting the city and not intending to spend much time in the hotel, it's a great place to keep your stuff and sleep at night. I turned on the smallish TV once, and the picture looked screwy, so I read my books instead. The bathroom was small, but that's not a complaint for me-I don't do yoga in there. The breakfast they provide is good, and I never took advantage of the complimentary happy hour wine, but it's a nice touch.

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Emily H.
    I found this hotel charming! The staff were very helpful and friendly (and one of the ladies was very patient with me when I was homesick one night). My room on the 3rd floor was a decent size as was its bathroom. It was a 5/10 minute walk to Powell street muni station which made getting around a breeze. I would stay here again for sure! I did not eat at the cafe so can't say anything on it but the breakfast was decent too. Orange juice, tea/coffee, fruit and pastries. Wifi was fine for me - they should just tell people that yes they log on in the lobby but each floor has their own login too which will make it go a little faster for your phone, tablet or laptop.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0