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The Red Coach Motor Lodge in San Francisco, CA

The Red Coach Motor Lodge in San Francisco, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.05

Address: 700 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109

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    Comments (22):

    1. Stephen D.
    This motel has CHARACTER.  I'm a fan of the phoenix hotel just down the street. But this place rocks!  The price is great, its safe, garage parking.  If you're going out on the town what really more do you need?  Place isn't super clean but its not dirty either. If you're lookin to go out and have a place to crash at afterward this is the place

    31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. David V.
    It's met all our expectations: reasonable pricing, free parking, central location, big enough rooms. The only drawback was the WiFi. If you're staying close to one end of the hotel, you might not get a signal. We used someone else's open network. Problem solved. ;)

    20/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Carolyn S.
    It is not in the best neighborhood, but you would be paying more if it was. Friendly staff, very clean inside and out, comfortable bed, very clean, free parking on site. Did I mention very clean? I felt that was important to point out. No frills, but if you plan on being out most of the time, who cares? Noisy street corner, but I was so tired, it hardly bothered me. Best to bring some earplugs.

    04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Rav V.
    Under typical circumstances this is not the type of hotel we would stay in. We picked this place because it was cheap and close to the Civic Center. We were here for LovEvolution which meant we would only be in the room for a few hours. We didn't want to take a cab and we just wanted to be able to walk close since we would be drunk. This worked out perfect.  Outside the hotel looks a lot nicer than it really is. Once inside you realize how grimy it is. Then again it is located in the tenderloin.

    We all went in knowing that we were pitching in for a dirt cheap room that was only 2 blocks from the event center so most everyone was ok with it. One of the couples couldn't handle it and ended up going home.

    Free parking is a plus in the city and our rooms connected which was neat. Interestingly one of the guys thought the room was ok he even took a bath! Then again he is Canadian.

    The lady out front is strict but nice. You will need to take the creepy elevator up so cross your fingers it doesn't get stuck. No Internet reservations but they have Free Wi-Fi.

    I don't see us staying here for anything else other than if we return to LovEvolution. Again don't expect finding anything nice here because you won't find it. Why 3 stars? Because we knew what we were getting into and we got it at a cheap price.

    13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Jeremy Z.
    I'm not sure why everyone points out that the staff is friendly. The Asian woman we dealt with was quite rude to us the entire time, perhaps because we're 20 year olds and she thought we'd be a nuisance (we went there for Outside Lands music festival). I still couldn't help but like her.

    Anyway, the area is kind of sketchy with bums doing their best to be as cliché crazy as possible (kicking over big metal bins outside). Going East on Eddy is worst - the bus stop in front of Ken's Kitchen reeks of urine - all other directions were fine. Free guarenteed parking was definitely one of the biggest pluses with this hotel (having last year paid $20 or $25/night at The Opal!)

    The room was perfectly clean with really nice carpet. The maids did a great job each day getting it back in tiptop shape. This really isn't a trashy hotel. It's kind of quaint, actually. I can definitely see myself going back... Recommended.

    17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. T L.
    For the price, this place is excellent.  Secured parking (which is near impossible in most other SF hotels), controlled-entry access, large spacious room, comfy bed and linens, clean bathroom (complete with soaps, mouthwash, even toothpaste) and city-savvy yet friendly owner, this place is your best bet for staying in SF if you want to be central. It only took us about 15 minutes to walk to Union Square so no cab needed. Also, a quick drive to everywhere else, like Pier 39, Nob Hill, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

    Of course, don't get TOO excited--the area is not the best and the hotel does look a bit shabby.  Certainly you wouldn't expect a 5 star hotel in the tenderloin district.  But use common sense--just don't wander around at night or make too much eye contact haha.

    Definitely would stay here again.

    25/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Seb S.
    This was the first time touring in San Fran, and this was right in the heart of everything.

    Free parking was awesome (as later I found out how big of a pain in the bumbum it was to find public parking and even drive around).

    The room is simplistic, but not dull and painfully generic like other places that offered rooms for around this price.
    Free wifi with its righteous guidance will save the lives for those like us, under prepared and ignorant about places to dine and shop.

    The staff is more than friendly, basically pointing out all the hotspots, which places to look around in, and even the streets I should avoid. And the maltipoo that greeted me, wildly wagging its stubby tail is an extra star given for housing this cute dog (Homer was his name I think lol).

    There are Vietnamese restaurants a block away, a KFC in plain view for those willing to miss out on wonderful food, liquor store also in plain view, and walking distance to the Cali line tram, gas station a few blocks down on Van Ness.

    Location: perfect.
    Service: Surprisingly friendly.
    Room: Cosy and adequate.
    Price for Quality: Excellent.

    08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Sue H.
    We were attending a function at the Phoenix down the street and it was booked solid. They recommended this place  but I was extremely skeptical considering the location and the low price ($100 ish per nigh and free parking).  
    Like other reviewers, we found the rooms to be very plain but CLEAN. The secured parking is priceless. But it fills up. If there was no room in her garage I probably might not stay the night as one of the cars out front had been broken into the night we stayed.
    We liked the Asian lady and her dog. The dog is NOT mean, it totally ignores you if you don't try to pet it. Listen, look at the neighborhood this dog works in. Would you let randoms touch you? I sure as s**t wouldn't.
    You will not find a safer less expensive option in this neighborhood. Period.  Hence the 5 stars.

    24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Jaime G.
    SO, I chose this place for three reasons-
    It was with in walking distance from my Yellow Card show, it had free parking, and it was 99$ a night on priceline.

    In regards to the asian owner everyone writes about, I have to agree.  She is a little weird, and her dog is mean.  My boyfriend thought she was very helpful, but he likes everyone.  I don't know why everyone says this place is super clean, because I found it to be very poorly decorated and creepy.  The area it is in is full of homeless people, just don't look them in the eye and they will leave you alone.  

    My boyfriend and I decided we did not want them to come in and clean our room (I never like when they do that) so we hung the do not disturb sign up.  She cleaned anyway, which pissed me off because I had a lot of things about that she didn't need to see.  The balconies are all connected so I also had little asian ladies walking past my door all day.  The screen didn't lock, there is no ventilation, our cable TV was broken, and I was scared the whole time.  
    I would stay here again though, for the three reasons above.

    13/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Shereen R.
    Here's why Red Coach gets 4:
    Budget friendly
    Good location
    Secure elevator
    Free garage parking
    Friendly staff
    Spacious room
    Easy online booking

    Not the best neighborhood, but it's a quick drive / cab ride out to some of SF's hot spots (e.g., Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, etc.).  Within walking distance to some great restaurants and music venues.  After the night on the town, this is a great place to lay your head and rest up to repeat the cycle.

    Other notes;
    The TV remote is bolted - Bolted, I say! - to the nightstand.  So if you had any ideas, throw them out the door.  Tsk, tsk.. ;-)

    17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Ashley M.
    Yes it is innn the tenderloin...but I will have to say that the service and quality of the rooms for the price and the location you cannot beat.

    I came here for my birthday weekend and spent two nights in sf. everything we wanted to do was local and not a far walk away from. Yes it is in a bad part of sf, but its not too bad walking at night. Just keep to yourself and have company and you'll be just fine. If youre looking for a great breakfast/ brunch place.... got to Brendas. It's right across the street next to the KFC/ Taco Bell joint. The food is amazing there!!! be sure to get your name on the chalkboard walk and you can just go back to your room get ready and go back to the restaurant when the wait is up. It's absolutely perfect. Need I mention, there are a ton of bars up this street... you're definitely in for a good time here.

    You can't go wrong!!

    13/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Boran L.
    The location is very convenient, many restaurants around, just a few blocks away from the city hall. The building looks a little bit old, but the room is quite big and clean. If you just want to have a place to sleep over the night, really a good choice for your money especially they offer free parking.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Eddie M.
    I'm visiting the California coast from Brazil and have planned all this year's trip on Yelp.
    From Long Beach to San Francisco, I have spent one night in Atascadero and one night in Santa Cruz.
    I have to say the best hotel so far has been The Red Coach.
    The room I'm staying in is huge, the bed, gigantic and very comfy.
    Everything is super clean and looks recently renovated.
    There are certain sketchy types around if you go west on Eddy St. but I have walked there at night and nobody has bothered me.
    I've lived in NYC in the mid 90's and Alphabet City and the East Village were kind of like that back then. No biggie.
    The staff at the Red Coach have been super friendly and helpful.Parking is a HUGE plus in SP.
    I would recommend this place to a friend and would stay here again for sure.
    Great location and reasonably priced.

    07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Pirate R.
    Room was very clean. Parking was very easy at 2pm. The location is very practical.
    The neighborhood is full of weirdos and homeless people but they do not seem threatening at all. It still feels safe walking around (the latest I did it was 10pm though)

    Check in time 2pm. Check out time noon BUT:

    On the last day I asked the Asian lady at the front desk if I could leave my car in their parking lot until 2pm when the other customers are supposed to start showing up. She said no, even though there were plenty of spaces in the parking lot available and my car staying there 2 extra hours was clearly not a problem...that was lame...
    Minus one star just for that.

    It's in a big city so you can hear the cars and trucks on the street all day and all night long. Not a problem, you can still sleep ok.

    13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Chris P.
    Rated five stars for price and because it was better than expectations.  Free covered parking, staff was very friendly and helpful, even had jokes going with the cleaning lady, free wifi, rooms were clean and even had a pretty good view from the second floor.  No fridge or microwave, not at all surprised. Don't expect a 4 star hotel with a 1 star price.
    So the run down on the area...yes it is in a neighborhood with homeless people walking around at all hours (guess what, that's what half of SF is get used to it).  I came here with my girlfriend to stay a couple nights because it was a great location, walking distance from bars, restaurants, markets. The homeless people are actually nice for the most part, talked to a few of them one night for a couple hours just bs-ing and what not.  Never felt threatened or unsafe.
    Bottom line, yes I would recommend this place to a friend and we will most likely be coming back here the next time we visit.

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Mical P.
    The four stars are based on the price and integrity. It's not a fancy place by any means, but it was cheap, had free wifi, the staff were friendly and an overall good experience.

    27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Craig R.
    Fleet Week
    America's Cup World Series
    Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park
    SF Giants vs Cincy Reds playoff games
    SF 49ers Vs Buffalo Bills football game
    Italian Heritage parade in North Beach
    Castro Street Fair
    Cal Bears vs UCLA College football game
    Justin Bieber at the Oracle Arena (His angelic face melts my heart)

    On the weekend of October 5th-7th, all of these events took place in the beautiful city of San Francisco. SF is normally a very busy city but with all these events going on at the same time, the entire city was pretty much one gigantic fire hazard.

    I got free tickets to the SF Niners game almost at the last minute. Knowing that all these events were going down in the city by the Bay I knew finding a hotel would be like pulling teeth. After hours or web searching and phone calls I found The Red Coach Motor Lodge.

    At $129.99 a night there was no way I could turn this place down. Until then the cheapest I could find was $200 a night. Almost all the cheap hotels were sold out and the few that remained wanted way more than I was willing to pay for a few days.

    For the price and location, this place did just fine. It's located right across the street from Brenda's French Soul Food (SCORE) and just a hop, skip and a jump from the rows of bars in Nob Hill. Big Foot Lodge anyone?

    The hotel offered free parking. The rooms were clean. The bed was semi comfy and the people who ran the office were super nice. The rooms didn't have a fridge or air conditioning but since I was hardly ever in my room I had no problem with the lack of amenities.

    While I may not ever stay here again I'm thankful that the folks who run this hotel didn't jack up the prices like all the other hotels in the city did. Thanks Red Coach. I really appreciated that. You guys are awesome.

    06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Lucas L.
    Very nice motel ! The staff is nice ! The price was very reasonable and me and my friend spent quite a good journey there !

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Rachael S.
    While the location might put someone off, my one night at this clean (if sparse) lodge was better than expected. The security is notable and makes the stay even more comfortable. There are restaurants walking distance from the lodge as well as a nice little coffee shop called The Coffee Smith. The Smuggler's Cove (excellent rum bar decorated as a pirate ship) is a five minute walk away as well. The staff is helpful and sincere. I recommend it highly for price, cleanliness and accommodation.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Lucille A.
    It was our first time in San Francisco. It was the cheapest I could find online for my family with 3 young children. The parking was free, but quite tight, and location is good in downtown, next to lots of restaurants. The room itself was nice, the bed was comfy, clean and simple. The downside is there's no microwave or fridge, and the AC was hard to locate, so we couldnt adjust the room temperature.

    At night, the patrons across the street were questionable... it prevented us from walking around no more that a .25 mile, then we headed back to our room for safety ;)

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Sirley C.
    Was going to drive up to the bay for a concert with my friend that was last weekend and after about 3 weeks of searching we decided on The Red Coach Motor Lodge because of the price, proximity and reviews (finally, a hotel with no bed bugs).

    The front desk was helpful in all aspects (which parking space to park in, handling of receipts, wifi information, even offering restaurant recommendations, etc). We were out pretty late after the concert and went back and forth a couple of times yet someone was always there to buzz us up into the elevator so that was great.

    Don't be put off by reviews that say this is a bad area. You're going there to sleep. In all honesty, it's not bad. We felt safe going to and fro, leaving the car and also walking around. It is in great proximity to everywhere you need to go during a stay in SF.

    The room was really spacious and the bed was a huge king size. The chairs and table plus the PRIVATE bathroom were helpful for two girls getting ready for a concert. Nice flat screen tv mounted on the wall as well. The room had a balcony which was nice and we got plenty of sunlight during the day. The staff was quick to respond when we had trouble with the water level of the toilet rising after every flush and were scared of flooding the place haha. Thankfully it was easily and quickly taken care of.

    Overall, it was a good experience. Very clean, very easy, and great proximity to everything in the city. You won't get a hotel like this for the price elsewhere in the city. Free parking, free wi-fi. I would definitely stay again.

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Herman F.
    Enjoyed my stay at the Red Coach Motor Lodge.  Front Desk was very helpful and informative.  The rooms were clean and spacious.  And there is parking as well.  I will be back.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0