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The Tuscan - Best Western Plus in San Francisco, CA

The Tuscan - Best Western Plus in San Francisco, CA


We are located in the heart of San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf and offer newly renovated rooms, courteous staff and a concierge service that can fulfill all your needs.  Our guests often comment that the Tuscan Inn is their "Home Away from Home".  We have a wonderful gathering from 5pm to 6pm for a complimentary wine reception by our cozy fireplace in the lobby. Many hotel guests meet individuals from all over the world and share their expereinces of San Francisco.

Right next door, is the neighborhood famous Cafe Pescatore, offering a comfortable atmosphere, delicous Italian food with other options, friendly service and quality wines.

Also available are 4 well appointed banquet  rooms with catering available from the neighborhood Cafe Pescatore and a Conference Services Manager to assist you.

Around the corner from us is Northpoint Center which houses Safeway, Walgreens, Postal Annex and 24 hour fitness with discount passes available. Trader Joe's is also one block away.


Established in 1990.

We were built from the ground up by Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant group and have renovated several times since 1990. Our style is a European bouquet hotel with comfort and class. In 1995 we added the Best Western flag to our hotel.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.83

Address: 425 N Point St, San Francisco, CA, 94133
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Comments (138):

1. e a.
We stayed on an extremely busy Saturday night and with the exception of a cranky front desk clerk, we had a wonderful stay.  Is it ACTUALLY a 4-star hotel in the Zagat sense?  No...but 4-star in my appreciation of the experience:)
As for the room:
We stayed on the 4th floor for about $160--the room was neatly appointed and well decorated.  We had a queen-sized bed as well as a seating area with a couch (it had a fold-out bed).  We had free internet access and a lot of nice magazines in the desk.  The mini-bar was locked and with a card-key we weren't able to open it (not very important for us, but could matter)  
Extra points:
*We brought a pet with us and this was more than fine with the hotel--we have a house rabbit which didn't phase them at all.  We didn't have to pay extra, but did have to sign a waiver.  The room didn't have anything that was dangerous to pets--very few exposed cords and no furniture that little animals could wedge themselves under.
*The complimentary receptions were really nice!  In the evening they hosted appetizers, beer and wine and in the morning they offered tea, coffee and mini biscotti.
As for the cranky clerk:
We booked our room with a group and then called a list of the individual names.  Our name had been misspelled and so when we tried to check in, it wasn't immediately obvious which name we were under--not a big deal at all...easy misunderstanding.  The woman who was helping us consulted her fellow clerk and he was very terse with her.  When I politely interjected to clarify and assist my clerk, he flatly ignored that I'd even spoken to him.  My clerk merely shrugged and redoubled her effort--bravo for her, boo for him.

25/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Zaya S.
Location - yes. Clean and updated - yes. But this is where it ends. And here is where the nightmare begins. Number 1: if you anything like us (a family with a young kid) you probably like to get a good night sleep at night. Well, that's just not going to happen at BW. The walls are made out of paper and you will hear everything that's happening next door. There was a party in our case. Number 2: hidden charges. We booked our stay through Priceline and thought we got a good deal. Not so. Nobody tells you there is a $45/night valet parking charge (with a $25/ night public parking located within two minutes of walking distance) as well as there is a $50/night charge with no real name. They just refer to it as a "hotel fee". Upon our check out, our bank account had 4 different charges, none of which has matched any of their fees or parking. Location is good for walking to the overpriced nearby restaurants, but it really is a VERY noisy neighborhood and if you luck out on neighbors, the street noise will surely compensate for it. Oh I  almost forgot: beware of the bathroom floor as it is very clean but did I mention it was GLASS TILE? I strongly recommend you taking your socks off before entering. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this hotel to families with kids or just people that enjoy good night sleep.

08/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Kara M.
The location is AMAZING and the rooms are clean and homey, but don't expect any service here.  The bed is hard but mostly comfortable, the room is clean and the in-room coffee is drinkable.  Just don't have any needs or requests.  I accidentally left my toothbrush in the last hotel i stayed in and the signs in the room indicated that i could purchase a "toothbrush kit" for $4.95 from my mini-bar.  There wasn't a toothbrush kit, so I left 2 messages with the front desk.  2 days and one toothbrush from Trader Joe's later, I still haven't heard back.  I called the front desk to request a late check-out, which I do at every hotel I stay at, and the "gentleman" I spoke with seemed quite annoyed that I was even calling.  I guess he had better things to do than speak with a guest who paid  too much money to stay here.  Maybe this was not his career choice, I don't know.  I won't stay here again, even though it is a WONDERFUL location and the rooms are very clean and have free WiFi.

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Kara H.
when my husband said he booked us a room at a best western in San Fran I must admit I considered divorce.  a best western??  really??

But the Tuscan Inn was nothing like I imagined.  The Rooms are small - but what do you need a big hotel room for?  you sleep and shower there - you don't live there.

the decor of the hotel is Italian inspired (obviously) and very quaint and charming.  

they have cozy couches and chairs surrounding a fireplace in the lobby.  here they have nightly happy hours with complimentary wine, Italian beer, and appetizers.

the staff was friendly and accomodating during our stay.

25/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. stacia r.
I've stayed at the Tuscan Inn many times, starting in 1998 with my first trip to San Francisco, continuing as the hotel my work would use for functions when I lived in San Francisco, to using it as our choice now when visiting the city.  The service has always been top notch, and the amenities truly a bargain for the price.  The wine hour is perfect to begin the evening, and the morning coffee the best way to start the day (I seem to remember biscotti, though, and was sorry not to see that on my last trip).  We brought our dog with us for the first time ever this past weekend, and it was a great experience.

08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Carrie S.
I have nothing but great things to say about this hotel. Due to an unfortunate and inadequate hotel situation in Santa Cruz, we arrived in San Francisco a day early. The staff was totally accomodating, found us two adjoining rooms for our stay early, gave us great directions from Half Moon Bay, and had lots of recommendations. The parking is a bit high ($28/day), but we figured we'd park the car for a few days and not bother with it. The rooms were comfortable and clean. Will definitely stay here again.

08/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Victoria M.
My friends and I stayed here for New Years Eve 2011 and the hotel was mediocre at best.  The rooms are decent.  Not necessarily the biggest but it could have been worse.  The bathroom was actually more spacious than the room itself. Another minor issue is that there was only one working elevator for the entire hotel.  I would think that with new years they would have planned construction better.

My real issue with this hotel is the valet parking service. First there is no sign that states that it is valet parking service only and to not enter the parking garage, which is a small issue.  But the problem I found with the parking service is that we were told valet parking is 42 dollars which was typical.  However, after leaving my room and walking downstairs I found my car parked across the street in a public parking lot in a public space while the valets continued to park other guests cars in the hotel parking garage.   It seemed a bit odd that they charge 42 dollars and not even park my car in the garage while they had more than enough space.  I went to the front desk to ask to have my car removed from valet service which wasn't a problem until we actually dealt with the valet people.  The valets weren't even attempting to retrieve my car for me, in which at this point I asked for my own keys back.  The valet then demanded I give him back my keys when we had clearly explained that we were no longer going to use the hotel parking service.  He did nothing to apologize or recognize that they should have not parked my car there.

Overall, my stay at this hotel was barely decent.  I will not be coming back due to the shady parking practices of the valet.  The room and front desk service were just ok.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Sarah F.
I was really surprised by this hotel.  I did a Priceline thing, and booked this hotel, for a really inexpensive rate.  I had kind of low expectations (Best Western?), but was really happy with my stay here.  First of all, they have a wine and beer happy hour every day that is complementary for guests.  Second, my room was really nice.  I liked the carpet, the bedding, the wallpaper- it reminded me of a boutique style room.  The location is really good too- it's close to the Wharf, the Aquarium, and other shops.  I would definitely recommend this hotel to others.

21/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Andrew D.
I've stayed here twice in the last two months. Very close to Fisherman's Wharf (only 2 blocks). Comfortable rooms. Free Wi-fi in the rooms. Tons of restaurants and shopping nearby including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Trader Joes, Hooters. A great time.

08/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Keeler C.
My husband and I loved this place! The management was very thoughtful, helpful and kind. They gave us champagne for our 2 year anniversary, plus they have free appetizers and wine for hotel guests every night. Everything in the room was clean, stylish, and new. Super close to the pier 39 and fisherman's wharf attractions. We will be coming back next year for sure!

20/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Mari B.
A best western is a best western. we got there checked in and was told to take the elelvator to 1r. well guess what. 1r is LITERALLY 4 steps up from where we were. we fussed with the elevator, went back to ask the chick what elevator to take.they spent several minutes working on the elevator, we get in and go up literally 2 feet. WTF. why didnt the gal tell us to just take the steps? we had 1 suitcase and two strapping young lads who could have handled the task. the desk people we not very friendly. out room was so so.pretty small but ok.the bed was really comfortable but the tile in the bathroom was FREEZING cold. the hotels facade really put me off thinking i was staying at a swanky 5 star.if only the story was the same about the inside.the only parking they offer is valet which is...hold on to your hats...44 dollars a day!!!! that is almost as much as our room!!!!no joke. i was like what the hell! i did NOT like that AT all. our parking ended up being 100 dollars.who can afford 100 dollar parking in this economy?surely not i, i almost took out a 2nd mortgage on my home for it.jeezlouise! last day of our trip on our way home i remember i left my adorable new necklace in the shower.mother3&^&*^&*^. i called the hotel, spoke to the maid and they shipped it out to me the next day. i am SO thankful for that and that was probably the best experience at the hotel. it was a great location close to everything but not somewhere i would stay again if i had a choice.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Jess S.
I agree with "Hiker Chick a." that $300/night is too much for the Tuscan Inn, but then again I've never had to book a room at that price.  As "Gourmet G." points out, you can always find great deals online, and at $99 a night, this is a great deal.
This is where I stash my mum when she comes for a visit, and I can't imagine a more finicky woman than her.  And I get no complaints about this hotel!  She really enjoys the free coffee and mini-biscotti. And you can't beat the location if you're looking to be near Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach.

17/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Hiker Chicka e.
Yeah, this place is somewhat "upscale" like the previous reviewer stated. But the rooms are really tiny and awkwardly shaped.  I realize that this is San Francisco, but for $300 a night, you expect something bigger than a space that only fits a queen size bed.  The designers did an awesome job of trying to make the rooms look spacious, but if you barely have room to put your your carry-on luggage down, you have a problem.  

This is a cool place to stay if you plan to do lots of things on your trip and just want a place to crash at night.  But then, you maybe better off at a Comfort Inn or someplace like that.

21/05/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Lori K.
My family and I were so excited to come to this hotel.  It had such amazing reviews and pictures and it was our first stop of our 10 day vacation.  It was a complete splurge for us and we even upgraded to a suite since we had our young children with us.  The hotel was just as beautiful as the pictures, extremely clean, and had super comfy beds, BUT I feel we overpaid enormously.  My single complaint here is the noise.  I understand this hotel is in the city and I am not usually sensitive to noise.  We even brought a noise machine with us for the kids just in case there would be ambient noise that might disturb them.  However, this was beyond normal.  We arrived late our first night with two overtired kids (from airport delays over 8 hours).  We were so anxious to get to bed and settled in by 10:00 PM.  The noise was deafening.  We were facing N. Point Street which is very busy.  In addition, we were on the second floor so any passerby sounded like they were literally having a conversation in our room.  At 11:00 PM, a garbage truck woke us all up and sounded like it was backing into our bedroom.  Emergency vehicles and motorcycles were impossibly loud.  This continued the second night as well.  Nobody in our room got a wink of sleep either night.  I could kick myself for paying so much money - especially after seeing postings of the bargains people have gotten from Priceline.  We stayed in 5 more hotels on this trip in big cities and never experienced noise like this.  After reading these reviews, I can see the noise might be isolated to our floor or the street we were facing, but at the time, it never occurred to me that all rooms weren't as loud.  I just have such a sick feeling about paying so much money for something I was not happy with.

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. wonderland s.
This place is great! Perfect location, everything is a block away, clean, remodeled... friendly... we had a blast!! Valet your car, and walk everywhere!! Free wine tasting at night too...

07/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Reggie A.
Good "Best Western" hotel. Great location if wanting to be away from the "hoop-la" in the city, i.e. China town, union square, etc. Very close to the pier & the Alcatraz pier, if going that route. Disappointments would be some of the more expected things such as a microwave or some way to heat up meals. They themselves provide this service if they r nice. No gym/workout facilities if u want to stay in shape. But the substitutes would be the kool wine tasting? But good hotel for price in this area.

04/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Pepe L.
I stayed here for one night, becase we arrived at SF a day early, so instead of changing the plans with my aunt (where we're gonna stay the rest of the trip) my mom decided to just get a room.  It was my first time in San Francisco, well actually my first time in a hotel.  (I just turned 1 yr old, you know.)

From when we valet our car, the attendant were already friendly.  They asked for my name, so I barked at them, then my mommy said, it was Pepe, they then started calling me Jose, so I barked at them.  They seem very nice.

The reception area was inviting and the staffs were friendly.  

Our room was very nice, it's a decent size (for me), but it was nicely done.  (It had that Kimpton Hotel touch, since they are managed by Kimpton).  I was very happy about the room.  I was so excited to jump in bed with my mommy, but I dont understand why I fell when I did and didn't make it.  My mommy picked me up and called me shorty.  I had a very relax stay, so thank you.

I had fun at fisherman's wharf, just walking, since I can't have clam chowder.  

Next door to this hotel is Petco, for emergency things, such as bags, treats, no, not food, mommy brought her own :D

21/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Meghan L.
We did get a great deal on this hotel so I suppose I should not have set my expectations too high, but we did spend the first leg of our trip at the Clift Hotel so this felt like a BIG step down.  The room was clean and comfortable, albeit small. The lobby was pretty corny and definitely filled with 70 yr olds wearing fanny packs (funny and kinda cute).  The nightly "wine reception" they advertised served bottles of two buck Chuck from the neighboring Trader Joe's and limited you to two per guest. No snacks or anything as offered. None of these were really a problem for me. What  determined my rating here was the customer service. On three occasions we sought help from the "concierge."  Two out of three interactions were awful and RUDE. I asked about transportation for a last minute trip to meet friends in Healdsburg (north of Sonoma) and he laughed at me when I asked if there was any public transportation.  I explained that rental car services were quoting us $165!!! for the DAY and asked if he knew of any alternatives. He said " supply and demand. demand is high, they'll charge what they want" so I said "is that it? no other options?"
What the hell does this guy get paid for? Ten minutes later, my boyfriend found an enterprise car rental in the yellow pages about ten minutes away from the wharf and we got a car that day for $65.
The other instance was equally as rude. We stood in front of the desk while the woman looked at her computer and took a personal phone call before asking "what do you need?"
All in all, the hotel itself is fine and location is good IF you want to be by the wharf (which again, I don't recommend. filled with overpriced chain restaurants, etc.- there are SO many great areas of San Fran that are preferable for my taste) but the customer service here killed it for me.

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Eric B.
The location was great and the service was good. The free-wine offering in the early evening was a little on the cheesy side with 2-buck chuck being served as the red, but it was good seeing other guests of the hotel. The place is within walking distance to many places both local and for tourists. My only negative was the $40 / night parking charge, but heck, there weren't any other places to keep the car overnight.

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Heather C.
I can't say enough great things about this hotel. First of all, I arrived early, around 9:30 and they had a room ready for check-in. It was in a prime location, so getting to the wharf was easy, there is a Safeway right across the street and an ATM, and everyone was very friendly. I forgot my toothbrush/toothpaste and they sent someone up to my room immediately with two kits. The room was much bigger than I expected. I didn't have a view, only to facing rooms, but there was enough light to let in that way. I would definitely recommend and stay again!

08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Theresa C.
When planned our Alaska Cruise leaving out of San Francisco I wanted to make sure I got to see Fisherman's Wharf.  I chose Tuscan Inn based on its location and the reviews on line.  I was not disappointed.  They had exceptional helpful and friendly service, the room was above average and there was a nice fire with sofas and chars in the waiting area.  Since we could board our ship as late as 3:00 p.m. we took advantage of a greak breakfast downstairs and the concierge provided us with a map and some suggestions.  I would highly recommend this as a place to stay if you visit San Francisco.

05/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Tiffany L.
Came here and stayed one night on New Years Eve. Have to say, it looks cute from the outside and in the lobby, but janky inside the actual room itself. Coffee pot was not user friendly, and the walls are pretty thin so you could hear people talking down the halls. Very pricey as well - a little over $300 per night + $40 valet parking fee. Not sure if this was all due to NYE, but I don't think I would even pay half that price for the rooms. Gets a little more stars for the convenience of the location though, less than a 5 minute walk to the piers.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Jessica E.
Stayed here back in March for 4 nights or so. The location is great, although a little touristy at times but what do you expect. For a Best Western it was way more than I expected! The room was a little small, but didn't bother me much because we were always gone for the majority of the days. VERY CLEAN! Free wifi, fridge, coffee maker, etc. Never used the coffee maker since they have free coffee every morning in the lobby. Very helpful front desk clerks as well. I'd recommend staying here if you ever visit San Francisco.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Ryan C.
Great location, perfectly priced, and a helpful staff. The decor of the hotel is a bit dated, the bed could be more comfortable, and the lack of a flat screen HDTV is a bit odd. All that being said, I'll say it again, great location. I would certainly stay here again.

20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Jessica A.
I'm a Best Western Diamond Plus customer and connoisseur of Best Westerns. I found this hotel to be A-Ok. The customer service was good from check in to check out, the concierge was helpful with everything from hailing a cab to valet parking my friends truck. The room itself turned out to be larger than I expected, knowing that SF would be some tight conditions, but just know that when they tell you it's a queen, it's really a full size bed. The room I had looked out onto an interior courtyard which was pleasant and allowed for natural light to enter into the space which can be an awful lot to ask for in an intensively urban environment. I didn't take part in the complimentary happy hour though my friend seemed pleased with the coffee offerings during the breakfast hour. I left a midstay tip for housekeeping and a note requesting additional towels which they supplied with no issue. I have no complaints about noise or thin walls, it seemed to be a pretty peaceful environment throughout my stay.

18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Lauren D.
This is a very nice (pet friendly) trendy hotel. Rooms are a little on the small side but very clean and tidy. Great location for walking to the Wharf and cable cars, Ghiradelli Square etc. Also close to a Safeway, Trader Joe's and Walgreens should you need anything from there during your stay. Tasty free coffee served in the am that will save you from running to the Starbucks down the street. Didn't get to go to it, but they have a free wine reception at night as well that is offered.  Would definitely stay here again if in the area.

13/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Ethan U.
Not a bad hotel, clean and comfortable.

Initial staff member on reception was a bit mardy when we arrived to check in but everyone else was really friendly.

Complimentary wine hour seems to draw most guests out into a limited seating area but it is still a nice touch.

Great location, we walked everywhere from here and its surrounded by plenty to see, do, eat & drink.

31/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Dahl R.
Stayed here during Labor Day weekend.  Reservation was made for 4 people - 2 Double Beds but when I arrived they could not accommodate the reservation and only had 1 King available. They offered a roll away for an additional fee.  After having to demonstrate reservation email they offered the roll away at no add. fee.  and the attitude from the girl at check in was also free.
Rooms are quite small and offer no view for the price.
Hotel is pet friendly which is a plus.
Not sure if the weird smell was because of the dogs that were around the lobby or if they just cleaned their carpets and were still a bit wet.

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. luv Y.
The location of this hotel was great!! It was within walking distance to Alcatraz and all the piers. The rooms were small but clean and comfortable. The 2 buck chuck wine at 5 pm was nice.
The guy that works at the little desk in the lobby was VERY helpful with telling us what buses to ride to get to the places we wanted to go.
Now, I doubt I would stay at this hotel again due to the HIGH price to park...It was over 70.00 for 2 night's was there in December and it wasn't very busy so I feel they could of given us a better parking rate...I did see hotels that said free parking. So, with that said...I will find a hotel with free parking the next time I visit SF!!

21/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Ricardo H.
The only thing that sucked was the parking fee. stayed here for two nights, a great place to stay as you can walk anywhere, we never had to use our car. The staff was really nice and pointed us to god restaurants. Overall great.

05/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Melissa M.
Well we chose this place based upon the fairest rate for a decent hotel.

Rooms: Good size, very clean and comfortable. Rooms have coffee and refrigerator. Air/heat all very functional.

Location: Very close to the Wharf shopping, dining, and the embarcadero area. Street noise may an issue if you are a light sleeper. There is also a Safeway, Starbucks, Walgreens, a bank, and Trader Joes all within one block!

Dining: The restaurant next door which works in conjunction with the hotel is good food also.

Perks: Free wine and App's from 5-6

Staff: Very nice and attentive!

Parking: Pricey-$40 per day.

Recommend? YES.

20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Crystal C.
Great location. Nice rooms. Free wine from 5 to 6 in the lobby. Also they are a pet friendly hotel. Bad thing there was only one elevator working. Also the light and fan for the bathroom is where the sink is outside. Room service is not from the hotel but from an outside restaurant. It took over an hour to get french fries and garlic bread. They also forgot to soda that we ordered. The day after we checked out the hotel had informed us that we were charged for taking a hotel map which of course we didn't but they took off the charge.

27/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Marnie B.
I loved it here. It was a bit small, but I have read that most hotels in San Francisco have small rooms. The room had everything we needed, including a fridge. The only complaint I have is the light switch for the bathroom also turned on a light outside the toilet area. So, if someone used the toilet in the middle of the night, the whole room illuminated.
The manager's nightly reception was fine...they served the wonderful "2 buck chuck". But hey...free wine. They also had a yummy pizza you could snack on while sitting by the fire.
Location was AWESOME!
Would stay again and would recommend.

13/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Shaina C.
I booked a stay at Best Western Tuscan Inn and the hotel was booked the night that I checked in.  The manager on duty told me that I can stay at another hotel which was much smaller for the same rate.  They also said that I would not be charged for my stay.  I was charged and I am very disappointed by the customer service in order to get this situation resolved.  I am STILL trying to get this situation resolved.

update: the manager was able to resolve this issue and was very prompt.  so i've increased the amount of stars since this incident.

10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Katie B.
I'm surprised...but I'm giving a Best Western a good review!  I'll admit...when my boyfriend told me we were staying at a Best Western..I had my doubts.  It's right at Fisherman's Wharf and it's super cute!  They have free wine and apps in the lobby every day from 5-6 and the rooms are clean and comfy!  
I'd totally stay here again!

13/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Jeff J.
So far so good!  They allowed us early check in so big bonus there.  Average accomadations, close to the wharf and the sights.  They are doing construction so lobby is not accesible, check in is in a confrence room up stairs from lobby.

12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. K P.
We just got back from a weekend stay here and we loved this hotel. There isn't anything fancy whatsoever. It's clean, nicely decorated, great housekeeping, and customer service. The best part of this hotel is the location!! It's 2 or 3 blocks from Fisherman's Wharf. You can walk everywhere and it's great! Right next door is a Safeway grocery store and walgreens. Extremely convenient. Around the corner up the block is the Powell and Mason cable car that takes you through North Beach (Little Italy), Chinatown, and ends in downtown.  

The evening complimentary wine from 5-6pm is really nice even though they serve Charles Shaw wine (cheap $1.99 wine from Trader Joes).

The room is small, but we loved it. Really cute and intimate. Plus, we were here for vacation. We just needed a bed and shower. We will be staying here again for sure. We got a really great package deal on Travelocity with airfare, so I don't know how much the room actually costs.

18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Lance L.
This place was an excellent place to stay for wanting to see the sites around the Wharf.  It is a 5 minute walk tops.  The rooms are a good size and comfortable beds.

I got this place for a steal from price line.

Pet friendly hotel with complimentary dog treats at the door.

07/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Justin B.
My rating of 5 stars means that this is an excellent 3 star hotel.

The rooms are spacious (for San Francisco) and well appointed.  Free WiFi.

The hotel is located 5 min. walk from the wharf.  It is also bordered by Safeway, Radio Shack, FedEx,Trader Joe's, a parking garage and several restaurants.  Extremely handy when traveling.  The price was right and the lobby is warm and inviting.  Will definitely stay again.

17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Brad S.
Despite the smaller rooms, $6 bottle of water tempting you on the night stand, and $40 parking (though unfortunately comparable to other restaurants in the area), the Best Western was very accommodating and the location can't be beaten, especially when considering I got two double/double rooms for $90/night on Priceline. Free wifi and a block's walk to anything you need means I would return again if I could get a similar rate.

11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Jennifer D.
We had a very nice stay and will return.  A area of improvement...small fans in room needed,very stuffy which lead to poor sleep. The beds were comfortable beds and pillows.  The restaurant has a great breakfast too.

03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. kahee y.

i was pleasantly surprised by this Best Western; the only reason we chose it was because of the specials they were having that week.

boy were we glad we took up the special.

Well we chose this place based upon the fairest rate for a decent hotel.

Rooms: Good size, very clean and comfortable. Rooms have coffee and refrigerator. Air/heat all very functional.

Location - really convenient, we walked or took public transportation EVERYWHERE.  it also helps there's a tj's a couple blocks away.
Parking - they have a special for $20/day, rather than $40/day, just google it and im sure you can find something.  It's valet so that was nice too.

Staff - very professional and kind

would i go back - yes

22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Chrisy C.
Excellent location just 2 blocks from the water and tourist activities.  Stayed for three nights and enjoyed my room. Had a view of the roof of a building but could also see the homes in the hills.  Room was spacious for just one bed and amenities were nice.  Had issues with air not staying on all night (the fan) but was able to use a sound machine to block out the garbage trucks in the middle of the night.  It was also odd to look out your window and directly into someone's apartment.  Wifi access was excellent and the staff was helpful.  Also liked the option to not have your room cleaned and receive a $5 voucher to the restaurant.

09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Bonnie O.
Had a last minute appointment for business for the next day so picked this BW for my stay. Booked online at a very decent price. The front desk person was very friendly and very efficient!  Being a Diamond member she upgraded me to a king suite from my original resi of a  2 queen beds. Just a note:  BW is suppose to upgrade on availability their Diamond members but it seems lately that many other BW hotels I have stay at have not been honoring that procedure. So I was happily surprised!  
The room was extremely clean, nicely decorated and well appointed, great bed , lots of pillows, no funny odors, pretty much soundproof from other hotel guest!  All in All a very nice room .  I did not see a microwave or refrigerator. There was two locked closets which may have held a refrigerator along with a mini bar, just guessing as I could not get the key I was given to open them. No be deal as I did not need to use either!
The only dislikes I had about this room it was on the second floor street side. One of the advantages of San Fran are the nice cool evenings and fresh air. The people traffic  was so loud outside that I  finally gave up and closed the windows at 1230 am and turn on the AC (low cool)  which was a bit annoying as the air ran constantly and the AC would kick in once in a while.
The location is great , walking distant to the Pier 39 and many other attractions.
As far as parking goes, I do not like to take advantage of Valet parking, prefer to park my own car. After inquiring when checking in I was pointed towards an alternative parking lot that is very close by  with in and out privileges for about  $25 for 24 hours. Pretty good for SF!
So would I stay here again and recommend this hotel,  Absolutely!
I also had dinner at the restaurant downstairs which was a surprise. See my review under restaurants.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Kellee K.
A friend recommended this hotel to us for our first visit to San Francisco. We had a great stay, excellent location (when using Muni/Cable Cars) and comfortable accomodations at a reasonable price. We returned  recently and our stay was great, again. Even better, really, because our room this time faced the courtyard. It was much quieter than a street view room. We'll return again on our next visit. It's a wonderful homebase.

17/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Janis L.
My family and I stayed here for 4 days during the Thanksgiving weekend last year.  Price was reasonable considering the holiday, just be sure to check online for any special offers/discounts before booking (We were able to book $99/night via Travelzoo).  As with most hotels in SF you have to pay for parking, and of course this one is no exception.  Parking is $45-50 per night , but you can get a discounted rate with AAA or if they are having a promotion.  I believe we paid about $28/night during our stay, but considering their location....WALKING DISTANCE TO THE WHARF....and how much it costs to park for even a few hours through-out the city, it's reasonable.  

And seriously the location of this hotel is VERY convenient....only 2 blocks from the Wharf, a 10 min stroll to Pier 39, and a 15 minute brisk walk to Ghiradelli Square.  It was nice to be car-free during our stay and we trekked everywhere....including up to Lombard Street, through North Beach, & even to Chinatown.  Around the corner you can catch the cable car if you need to get around further. I also read a sign at the reception desk they offered free shuttle service to Union Square.....so really you can give your car a rest and really enjoy the city without the hassle of city traffic, having to find reasonable parking, or rechecking your parking meter every couple hours.  Why risk getting a parking ticket on your trip??

Room was a decent size, clean, and modestly decorated.   I have allergies and get bad hayfever so I was a little worried about this being a a pet friendly hotel, but I didn't find any problems with odor, dander, or uncleanliness in the room we stayed in.   The hotel itself is fairly quiet and the staff there are very helpful and friendly.

12/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Summer C.
I stayed here a year ago and had a great experience at this hotel. My boyfriend and I arrived early (10am) and the other party in our reservation wasn't there yet, so they let us check in early so we could drop off our luggage. The front desk was so nice about it and made sure we got our luggage taken up to the room promptly.

Room was clean, the view we had was into the little garden/terrace in the middle of the hotel, so really nothing to rave about. But who spends time in their hotel rooms staring out into the windows anyways?

During the evenings there was like a wine tasting social hour in the lobby, how cool free wine to get ya buzzed before dinner. :)

The location is convenient and just a few blocks from Fisherman's Wharf, great shopping, a Borders, Starbucks, yummy restaurants, etc. All within walking distance!

Recommend this place if you are on a budget but prefer nice amenities :)

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Sherry M.
Our room was nice, albeit quite small for two people. Would have been okay for just one. Nicely decorated in the tuscan style. Very soft and comfy feather pillows and super soft bed sheets, but the bath towels were thin and very scratchy ... almost painful to use.

The in-room complimentary coffee was the usual crap.  Free wi-fi was a nice touch though, since so many hotels are going the way of the airlines and nickle and diming us for every little ammenity or service.  

Overall, a decent place to stay at the Wharf, and I would return.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. May C.
It was my first time visiting San Fran a little over a year ago. Found this place on priceline.  It was an amazing deal for flight and hotel stay for two. I was a little skeptical and Yelped this place and it had great reviews.  So we booked it.

We got there early and they were so great to let us check in early. Staff was super friendly and they were very informative.  It was so close to Fishermans Wharf and walking distance to plenty of other places. I was worried at first that we did not have a car, but I was so amazed at public transportation there.  We definitely did not need a car. We got a City pass and that paid for most of our sight seeing and public transportation.

The room was clean and nice but a bit on the smaller side. I was not bothered by the size of the room.  We did not really have a beautiful view but it wasn't like I was going to sit near the window and stare outside. I was ready for adventures! =)

Overall, we were very happy with this little Inn.  If we are ever in the area again, I would definitely stay here.

Side Note: Parking your car is not free here.  Some hotels offer free parking. Call ahead to ask for pricing. I think it changes.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. A Z.
The location was decent enough. In about 10 minutes, you'll find yourself in the midst of the hubbub of Fishermans Wharf.. or you can walk to North Beach, take a trolley and go to Chinatown.

Our room was nice and clean. Small(ish) but not New York City small.  Price on hotels.com was good, but $40 parking for your car is a total rip off. But that's what you get when you use a chain hotel I guess.

I found everything to be pretty quiet (though we weren't facing the street). Walls seemed pretty thin because we could hear our neighbors kids playing all night.

I probably wouldn't stay here again because there's nothing particularly special about it.

13/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Brian M.
With so many choices for hotels in the area, there is no reason to stay at Best Western Tuscan Inn.  They screwed up our room twice (causing us to shuffle around from front desk to room to front desk to room to front desk to room), they overcharged us, they lied to us about having microwaves on the premises ("we don't have microwaves, but we can check around to the neighboring hotels"; "look, we know there's a $20 surcharge and we don't care, just give us a microwave", "oh, ok, here's your microwave"), and one of the reasons we stayed is they have a restaurant in the hotel which was closed this week which would have been nice to know when we booked our room earlier today.  Terrible value, terrible service.  The location is good, but so is my car when it is parked out front and I wouldn't want to sleep there either.

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. Maria a.
Thank goodness we only stayed here for 1 night last March!!!  Who would have thought that those beautiful pictures displaying Tuscan feel comfort and luxury would actually be a façade to hide the lumpy, squeaky and smelly beds in the room!  I could hardly keep my eyes close out of paranoia that bed bugs are creeping around and they are just about to bite me anytime.  This place has tons of potential, but the management will have to BUY NEW BEDS.  Until they do so, I am sticking to my poor rating on this place.  Oh and btw- the 2 stars is because the hotel is in a fantastic location-that's all!

19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Janny W.
We got a Queen bed with a courtyard view. The bed was comfortable, but the room was on the small-side. The courtyard was not anything special, there was not much to see aside from a few (maybe 3?) potted trees.

The proximity to the Wharf and Cable Car line was wonderful! If I remember correctly, the Wharf is about 2 streets from the hotel. The hotel is also located next to Barnes & Noble which was great for me as I was able to find a book to read on the plane ride back to Seattle.

The parking for this hotel is sorta ridiculous--our compact SUV cost us about $44 per day, but you do get in & out privileges.

27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Rani C.
Location is great. Next to safeway and trader joe's. Parking was a bitch though. Almost 1/3 of what I paid for the room a night!!! Decent room. Not as small as NYC, you can move around. Don't see why people keep saying it's tiny.

Wanted this location cuz its close to North Beach. Just bar hop and walk down the hill to hotel. Area is actually pretty quiet at night.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Laine D.
Stayed here Jan 2011.  Great hotel!  Would stay here again.

We stayed in a few different hotels in SF this trip.  After staying here I would have prefered to stay at this hotel for the whole trip.

Slept great.  Minor noise issue,

Friendly helpful staff.

Close to great attractions, restaurants, and transit.

Modern, clean, well appointed rooms.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Joseph A.
Stayed at this location using my free voucher, good decision too not cause of the hotel but cause of the price was 275 plus parking fee of 45 for a king premier room. I've been to many best westerns and this was the first to have valet, so I felt weird at first, didn't like the fact that they have to keep your keys and you had to keep asking the valets for the keys or to bring your car up and of course they expect a tip everytime, understandable.  So the room was a decent size for my lady, son and I, bed was a king size with a fold up couch. Room had a fridge, flat screen tv, room was well kept, bathroom was smell but nice.  What I didn't like was the A/C didn't work at times, the blinds didn't have curtains so in the morning the sun was shinning in our eyes, the room had a big mirror that covered the walls, guess they put that there to make the room look bigger.  Surroundings were nice because cause we were close to most of the attractions in sf, but for the price there charging for the rooms not worth it plus no pool or free breakfast.  Most of the staff was nice and helpful, I'd like to come back one day, maybe when I'm older, this best western seems like a place for older people or people on a honey moon, not for families. They also upgraded my room for free, compliments from the manager for free, $60 difference between the king and king premier room.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Rachel P.
Check in took over 30 minutes and is very awkwardly set up. The last thing you want to do is stand in line waiting to check in after you have been flying all day. The check in girls seemed to be answering questions on where to eat, what tour to take, what to go see. Isn't this what the area labeled CONCIERGE is for? The noise is very loud due to jack hammers. Plastic is hung up everywhere, so you must walk through stairwells and such to get to your car. Elevators were working fine, but they had to post signs as to where to get off to get to the "lobby." The wine hour was nice, but I was a little upset that I had to go back up to my room to get my ID. Don't you have to be 21 to get a hotel room anyway? They did put out some little pizzas, which was a nice addition to the wine. No breakfast in the am, which is disappointing, but they did offer different coffees, teas, water, and mimosas, so that was a nice added touch, but not good on an empty stomach. What really gets me is the $44 a day parking! YIKES!!! So even if you think you are getting a good price on the hotel, if you are bringing a car, make sure to add that in with it to really see how much you are paying. Also, the rooms are very tiny. We have had bigger rooms in NYC! We would look elsewhere if we went back to SF again.

05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. John H.
Would have nice if they said something about the renovations. We got here and the lobby has plastic on the ground. Walls not fully finished. Then they put us in a room next door to the 1st floor restrooms that they are working on and promptly start working on it at 0800. Bang bang bang is what I woke up to.  Beds are lumpy, blankets look like they need to be thrown away, no vending machine, so bring your own water or be forced to drink from the tap or pay $3.50 for a 12oz bottle of smart water.

14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
59. Barbara D.
I was going to give it 3 stars mainly for the location....right smack in the middle of the Wharf, within walking distance to the piers & dog friendly.

Cheap-o complimentary wine nightly by the fireplace was a sweet gesture.

But, here's the kicker. They charge over $43.00 for parking per night (and that's for a regular sized vehicle...$53.00 for SUVs). First they conveniently forgot to mention this to me when I booked the room. Second when these charges showed up on my credit card AFTER my stay they said they charged $38.00 per night for parking. The charges still weren't adding up. Finally when I called their headquarters they said that they not only charge $38.00 for parking but tax their parking $5 bucks/night so the total ends up being $43.00 nightly.  

Glad we got that cleared up! Glad that my car was staying in such a classy hotel for the night as to be charged a total of $172 bucks to sit in their garage. That's more than what it cost my dog to stay here!

I'm so pissed I'm thinking of calling the BBB.

06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Katie W.
This hotel gets 3 stars not because it was not a good hotel but because of the front desk. The hotel itself is very nice and clean and a great location if you want to walk everywhere. The staff was not as knowledgable as they should have been. We called twice about how to get there from the airport and neither response was helpful, fortunately the airport people know how to get there. Then we asked for restaurant recommendations and of course they suggested the place next door to them.

I would recommend staying here but you might want to research getting around on your own.

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Ed G.
Me and my GF stayed here on OCT 17th & 18th. The service was great we booked our room on expedia.com for 2 night it came out to $422.The only down fall on staying at this hotel was they were having outside construction in the morning going on.The first morning we got woke up at 9am we wanted to sleep in till 11 or 12 that sucked. Then same thing friday after a long night of partying at the Janes Addiction show at the warfield we wanted to sleep in, but we could not due to the outside construction on the building. I called the front desk and ED was nice and said he would take care of us on our next stay which was nice. They have wine tasting every evening which was cool. The rooms werent that bad. the beds were comfortable the showers were nice and I felt my room was secure with there in room safe. The lobby is nice and has a warm feeling. I would like to stay again!

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Andrew C.
stayed here for our wedding.  great place.  epic location.  staff were pleasant and very helpful.  ask for the room with the fireplace...so nice.  thanks to all for making it special!!

14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Corie J.
My 1 yr old son and I stayed here for 2 days in May and it was awesome! We took a shuttle from the airport (very easy, even without a reservation).  We were the first stop (thank goodness, cuz the driver was making me a bit sick), the bellman took our bags for us no problem.  Check in was really easy and fast. The lobby renovations are done and its beautiful!  I'd payed thru Priceline and they had all our info and the pack n play was already set up in the room with a cute Winnie the Pooh blanket too.  
The room was on the 4th floor on the inner circle. it was really pretty and clean and spacious.  I couldn't find one corner that I was worried about my baby getting into.  I didn't hear any of our neighbors, although they might have heard my baby cry every once in a while.  The king bed was really comfortable (and i'm picky).  The tv had alot of options, but the remote needed to be aimed really close to it, so i downloaded the app on my iphone and then controlling the tv was easy.  The key to the fridge area was a great idea, so that only I could access the snickers and juice.  
I didn't realize how close of a walk it is to Fishermans Wharf and all the attractions!    The concierge gave us a great suggestion of the Hop on/Hop off tour bus for the day.  There is a Safeway on the next block, as well as Trader Joe's, and Ross in case you didn't bring a warm enough sweater!
We had the greatest time, it really felt like a treat.  I will definitely be back!

22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Karla S.
Great location- Front desk wasn't too helpful when I asked for a recommendation for a walk-in (ended up with a sinus infection) and had better luck finding one on Yelp.  Parking is $45 ( which is out of control)  a night  so we opted to park on the street. Meters are free from 7p-7a and we found parking spots with no problem. IT WAS A TON CHEAPER to park on the street. Walking distance from the Wharf and the Cable car turn around.

20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Samantha H.
Stayed for two nights to visit family and do the tourist thing with the boyfriend. Here's my list:

- Pet friendly  ( no extra cost, treats in the front and great rooms in front)
- close to everything I needed ( walk to fishermans wharf
or North beach, 1 mile to Chinatown)
- clean
- good service in the morning ( with great, personable manager )
- biggest room i've stayed at in SF with a comfy bed.

- Pet friendly meant a small patch of grass in front of a business building for bathrooms breaks
- arrived at night to angry/tired valet
- was skipped when going to check in although the attendant saw we were waiting there first. I understand that the guy was standing in front of you but good service means that you acknowledge the gentleman rudely invaded my bubble forcing me to stand off to the side.
- lack of privacy ( due to thin walls)
- valet = $44 ( Be sure to call first  to get your car or they get irritated)

Here is my advice. If you want a clean, traffic free place to stay, this is it. Even so, do not expect great service when the manager is not there. At night, when I am assuming the smiling manager I saw was not there, the service became quite questionable for me. Perhaps people have other opinions but this was my experience. All in all, it was worth the money and A-Ok. I would go there again for a casual visit to SF.

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. Cheng X.
The interior was great and valet was pretty quick. It is in a convenient walking location to all the tourist hot spot by Fisherman Wharf. My room was cleaned too.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Sarah A.
My husband and I absolutely love this place! You just can't beat the price and location if you want to play tourist. We also have two large (60 and 110 lb) dogs that we try to take with us anywhere we go. This hotel has no breed OR weight restrictions! It was fantastic and they we so inviting.  My husband had left his iPad in a drawer when we left, and they promptly mailed it to us. Great place and well definitely be staying here again.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Aaron W.
Not a bad hotel by any rate but its not that good.  The rooms are small but nicely decorated and modern.  The lobby is nice.  Valet parking is a great touch.($45.00 great I don't think so) But the beds were hard and my back hurt so bad the entire day while I was exploring SF.  The location is perfect for touring.  So buy some nicer beds and you would have 4 stars from me.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
69. Jessica J.
This hotel was GREAT. The location was perfect for us...I wanted to be touristy and walk around the Wharf and be able to walk to North Beach for the bars at night. Perfect. We got there early because we weren't sure about the check in but figured we needed a place to park and we had a lot of bags. **Mandatory Valet is $50 a night, butt raping ridiculous but right across from this hotel is outdoor parking for $35 overnight if you don't have a lot of luggage...saves you $15)

When I walked into the Lobby, it was nice, warm and cozy with a big fireplace, sofas and chairs to curl up on. The man that helped me was soooooo nice! He was energetic and making jokes! Loved him! He was very helpful in asking questions to make sure we had the best stay.

Our room was great. Clean, newly decorated and spacious(esp in comparison to other SF hotels.) We had a big window that let lots of light in. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi. There was a coffee maker which made us so happy because the motel we came from was a dump and didn't have any amenities. Not to mention the FREE Wine Reception in the Lobby from 5-6PM. Yes its Charles Shaw varieties but free is free and getting buzzed for free is RAD. Speaking of drinking...we did too much of that so the next day when we called for a late check out- no problem, check out at 1:30. Thank god.

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Robert M.
The Tuscan Inn was the Best Best Western Hotel I've ever stayed at. Fist off, I got the room for a whopping $60 a night through Priceline, which is my best bid to date. I was a little worried before getting to the hotel because of the accepted bid and being that it was a BW but I was sure surprised upon arrival. The location could not have been more perfect. It's just a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Fisherman's Warf and North Beach. The room was also great. Very clean, currently decorated and came with a mini fridge and free wireless internet. There was even free happy hour in the lobby every day. Our housekeeper was fantastic! She was very sweet, greeted us in the hallway throughout our stay and even asked if we needed additional supplies outside of attending to our room. What a gem!

I would definitely return to the Tuscan Inn and wouldn't even mind a paying regular rate considering the accommodations, location, and service.

20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Sukhraj B.
We've stayed at so many Best Westerns that we're now part of the Best Western Rewards program so when it came time to pick a hotel for the race: Best Western it was. Luckily enough, we found one that was 3 miles away from the SF marathon start line, within walking distance to Fisherman's Wharf, and near a grocery store so I could get my Gatorade.

Our room had comfortable accommodations and a great view. Unfortunately the walls were paper thin so we heard street sounds at night and if you're trying to sleep before a race, forget about it.  They also have an in-house restaurant that allows you to order straight from the menu and they'll deliver but we don't really do room service too often considering we live for our adventures.

Parking is valet or you can park in their lot across the street for $10 a day. You can also park on the street and pay the meters but somehow we lucked out and didn't have to pay any fees at all. Probably because the cops were distracted by the race event. Who knows? Either way, I would consider staying here again because it's so conveniently located.

12/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Averno V.
The best guest experience we've ever had. My husband and I were in SF for the World Ocean Summit held at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. We opted to stay in the city and took a risk with Expedia's mystery hotel booking procedure. From the moment we arrived to the Tuscan, to the time of our departure (4 nights), we felt like their most important guest. We can honestly say that we will forever be their most loyal customer. Every time we arrived back at the hotel, the valet instantly appeared to take our car, and the doorman always held open the doors to welcomed us inside. The front desk staff anticipated our every need: brand new umbrellas appearing as we were about to head into a rainy day. The food was excellent and well-portioned. We were given free continental breakfast each day, but this was no typical fare. Big cups of fresh fruit, croissants, jam and real butter, drinks and fresh squeezed OJ. One could substitute other items on the breakfast menu that were of equal or lesser value at no additional charge. We were able to use the free breakfast coupons ($12.00 each) for any breakfast item, only paying the difference; including their generous and delicious omelette platters. Service was impeccable.

The most special memories made while guests at the Tuscan were made when staff overheard us mention that our 14-year anniversary was the week before. That night, a chilled bottle of champagne was waiting for us when we returned from a long day. Beside this was a lovely card wishing us a Happy Anniversary, with free drink tickets to a local watering hole.

It gets better...everyone was so friendly everywhere we went in the hotel, we felt like we were special guests and couldn't imagine that this was standard procedure, but when we observed other guests interacting with staff, they were treated with equally gracious hospitality.

The best part: Oxana Chernyshova, the Tuscan's Executive Housekeeper, really elevated our experience, from well-kept guest to that of star status by her professional attention to our comfort and relaxation while staying at the hotel. She is a very sharp manager who runs a very tight ship when it comes to excellence of hospitality. She  made sure I had everything I needed while my husband was away at the summit each day, which made me feel so comfortable and looked after, and less lonely. She made me feel like the most important person staying with the hotel. She and Tom, the guest relations manager, shared an insiders perspective of where to eat, to shop, to have a drink, which museums were of most value for experience, and which neighborhoods to check out. Their advice was spot-on, as everywhere they suggested was an excellent choice we won't soon forget.

I ask you, have you ever been so well-kept as this at a any hotel??

When we left, we went directly to the Ritz Carlton for the final day of the summit. While there, the food and valet service were equal to what we had experienced while at the Tuscan, which speaks to how meticulous the Tuscan is at five-star accommodation service. As we were waiting for the valet to bring our car round that afternoon, suddenly we were surrounded by Secret Service everywhere. Then, an entourage of SUVs, limousines, and police cars pulled in (our car was the caboose!). We didn't know what was happening or who was in that limo, when, all of a sudden, the SS men in dark suits and earphones opened the doors, and out stepped the President of Portugal! The, another caravan came with the First Lady. We stood in awe of what we serendipitously were witnessing. The hotel staff greeted the president and first lady, and as I stood there, I felt such satisfaction and pleasure, because, as well as the Ritz was receiving Mr. Silva, my husband and I were treated the same way by the wonderful staff at the Best Western Tuscan. It just goes to show that a five star hotel experience is made by the people who love and care about what they do, and that it doesn't matter if you are at the Ritz or the Best Western, it's the people who make the experience top-notch.

Thank you Best Western Tuscan for treating us like a President and his First Lady. We are forever and always your returning customer-family.

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Jenni L.
I stayed here with a few friends on a roadtrip down for Coachella recently.  There was three of us sharing a room and I had done all the work of booking so, naturally, I made the other two bunk together so that I could enjoy a bed to myself.

The rooms were modern, cute and clean.  They weren't huge by any means but they definitely served their space well.  The bathroom was nicer than most, and larger than most as well.  Overall the condition of the hotel was great.  The location was superb as well.  We were only a few short blocks from the pier and alot of the touristy shops and restaurants.  We were also just a few short blocks from the trolly pick up, which was convenient.

My only qualms with the place were firstly, the absence of breakfast.  The only brunch place super close that we knew about (right on the corner) had really bad Yelp reviews, and it took us forever to figure out which stops went where on the trolly for breakfast.  It would have been nice to have a small breakfast there before we set out for our day.

Second, the concierge was the worst ever.  I went down in the morning to inquire about how to get to Union Square via the trolly and what restaurants were around there, and although he handed me a map and outlined our route to the general area, he replied with something along the lines of "I dunno, there's like alot of stuff there."

Thanks, you could have atleast googled it and given me a better answer.

I expect that a concierge is going to be able to rifle off a few choices and tell me where I can find them.  Isn't that their job?

Thirdly, after tax, parking was $50 a night.  Are you kidding me?  I understand that most hotels in the area charge a parking fee, but this seemed a little high.  We weren't staying at the W, it's a Best Western.  Fail on that point.

01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Tony T.
Clean and cozy place to stay. The services of their staff are excellent.

The only negative thing is you have to pay $45 for the hotel parking!

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Michelle M.
Clean, modern, great location and friendly staff. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make the most of a short time in San Francisco.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Rebekah T.
Great hotel to stay in if you are visiting San Francisco. I called the hotel directly and the Reservation Specialist found me a room on a Super Saver deal. Staycation in Fisherman's Wharf? Sounds so touristy for a local.

I had a great time though, very cozy, close to Fisherman's Wharf and nearby restaurants.

The hotel staff was friendly and made transit accommodations for us including a shuttle back to the airport for $15.00.

24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Nicole N.
Perfect location and walking distance to everything on Fisherman's Wharf. The rooms were being remodeled while we were there, so they will have new mattresses and furniture upgrades. I had an interior Deluxe King on the third floor with a window overlooking the courtyard. It was very quiet and I didn't hear my neighbors.
There is wine tasting in the lobby at 5pm. Parking was expensive, but our group negotiated so it was included in the room rate.

25/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Gourmet G.
This upscale four-story Fisherman's Wharf property wasn't built by Best Western, but when they acquired and renovated it they wisely maintained the luxury atmosphere. Designed to resemble a villa in the Italian countryside, the lobby features a fireplace, an inlaid marble and brass design in the floor, alabaster chandeliers, wood wainscoting, and upholstered furniture in rich shades of hunter green, burgundy, and gold, with accents of navy and beige. The elegance carries over to each of the 221 guest rooms, which feature a fully-stocked honor bar and refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV with pay-to-view first-run movies and Nintendo, direct-dial phone with dataport and voice mail that can be accessed while off property, complimentary local calls, hair dryer, iron, and ironing board. Interior rooms look out on a beautifully landscaped garden courtyard and tend to be more quiet than those facing the street. Unlike most city hotels, the property is pet-friendly. Complimentary features include Italian roast coffee, tea, and biscotti every morning in the living room, a fireside wine reception each evening in the lobby, and towncar service to the Financial District Monday through Friday. Cafe Pescatore offers indoor and al fresco dining with a menu featuring fresh seafood, grilled meats and poultry, hearty pastas, and pizza baked in a wood-burning oven. Rack rates range from $169 - 269.00, although surfing the 'net can find you specials as low as $99.00.

27/07/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Bonnie M.
Location, location, location.  Close to everything, we were able to walk around Pier 39.  Quick cable car to China Town. Short walk to North Beach.  Rooms are on the small side and my friend and I did not appreciate the Queen bed we had to share, but we stayed during the American Cu.  Hotel was fully booked but they did try to fix the mistake  by changing to double beds for one of our two nights.  Tom at the Front desk is so fantastic you would think he is the concierge.  Will visit again

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Gabriel G.
So you wanna stay here a little while... I would definitely recommend it. The hotel staff was very nice, had prime location, and the hotel itself looked recently renovated and very fresh. The room I had was okay sized and was filled with some very tempting looking snacks for sale. My only unpleasant experiences with this location would be the construction that was taking place on the street, the alarm clock that went off at 7 a.m. and wouldn't shut up until I pulled the plug out of the wall and the batteries out of the bottom, and finally the price for parking (You can park overnight in the Ross/World Market parking garage for about $15 less). Overall I enjoyed my stay here.

28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Julie J.
I was nervous when I saw "Best Western" in the name, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Great location, clean and updated room, comfy mattress, and a quiet room.  My room was on the "courtyard" side of the hotel which was nice and quiet, but I had friends with a room on the street side who said they heard noise all night long.
The parking situation seemed crowded, pricey, and disorganized, but I took a $15 shuttle from the airport, so it was not an issue.  I would stay here again.

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Tiffany L.
I wanted to update my review, to let our Yelpers know, that if you ever have any problem or concern, to contact the General Manager, Jan, of this establishment. She was extremely courteous, helpful and full of class.

Last holiday, we stayed at the Tuscan Inn, and left a bit ruffled (see previous review) Jan, herself, contacted me. She let me know that she would bring up some key notes at her next staff meeting, and gave us another chance to check out a Best Western. It really means something when an employee of a business reaches out to you, and wants to make things better. Thank you to the staff of Hotel California, and to Jan again for making us feel comfortable, and Best Western fans for life!

17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Amy K.
I stayed here over the weekend and i was pleasantly surprised.  The staff was super friendly, always greeted us and even went out of their way to open doors which was a major plus.  Also, this is a very dog friendly hotel!  We brought three small dogs that were welcomed by all the staff and even other people staying at the hotel.  The room was a little on the smaller size but for the location and considering the city, i couldn't complain.  The room was very clean, very comfortable and quiet.  The hotel is located right around the corner from a Trader Joe's and a Safeway which made it super convenient to grab some groceries to eat in the room.  The only reason i would take one star off is because i noticed I had been charged for using the mini bar, which we didn't.  If anything, I remember joking to my friend that we gave them a few unopened beers to add to their mini bar.  I made a quick call and I got refunded but still a little bit annoying.  Overall a really good stay.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Salim G.
This is a very cute hotel that me & wife visited for valentines weekend.  It's located perfectly near stations and all the piers.  The hotel is kept very clean and our rooms were a good size with a very comfy bed, coach, roomy bathroom and flat screen.  

The staff was very friendly and they offer a wine tasting in the evening which we didn't par take in.  

The only - was because your are in busy part of town, and the highest floor is 4, you get some outside noise.  It's not terribly bad, but still disturbing.

11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Lisa M.
The boyfriend and I were looking for a place to stay with short notice! We needed to book a room for one night within walking distance to the warf. Best Western Plus Tuscan Inn meet all of our needs!!

I have to tell you, that part of the reason we booked with this hotel is because it is a branch of Kimpton. I have been so pleased with passed Kimpton hotels, that I decided to give this one a go! And I am so very happy we did! We were immediately upgraded to a King room when we had originally booked a queen. Another upside was arriving just as the wine and appetizers were being provided in the lobby. We enjoyed our wine in the seating area. It was especially nice sitting there and admiring every detail of the decor. =)

No complaints about our room. It was spacious, bright, clean, and modernly decorated. We had a view of the pretty courtyard in the middle of the inn.

The only downside was the amount for parking. Too bad we didn't find any good deals that included parking. I would definitely stay here again next time I am in the area.

03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Diane C.
this was our second stay at the hotel, second year in a row to celebrate hubby's birthday. bed, bedding, showerhead, towels, room, decor, lighting...all awesome. our room overlooked north point and it was a bit noisy w/all the bus traffic and the windows were quite dirty. the coffee in the lobby in the morning was delicious. all the attendants are eager to help.

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Jenna L.
Thank you Tuscan Inn for an awesome July 4th vacation!  Due to a mistake from Hotels.com (never book through them) the room I was told I was booking was not the room that Hotels.com booked for me.  I was on vacation with my boyfriend and 2 kids and instead of a room with a separated sleeping area and living area, we were given a regular room with a King size bed and pull out couch.  We were staying there for four nights and this was not going to work!   Hotels.com was USELESS!  They did not care at all that they made the mistake and refused to help out at all other than a 10% discount!  Totally unacceptable!  However, the Tuscan Inn and specifically the manager, Ed Sincoff were AMAZING!  They were sold out of the room we wanted and felt really bad for the mess up by Hotels.com .   cancelled my reservation with Hotels.com and received a full refund because The Tuscan did not charge any cancellation fee!  Then they immediately re-booked our room to 2 queens so that we were more comfortable and even though they were close to capacity, discounted my rate to match the discounts would have received had I booked 2 1/2 months ago when I originally booked!  It was so nice of them and saved me 50% off my original reservation!  We checked in, went to dinner and when we returned, there was a bottle of wine, apple cider and cookies waiting for us in our room!  Talk about hospitality!  After the first night of all sharing one room,  we decided to put our reduced cost to use and booked a second room for the kids.  Again, The Tuscan Inn was fantastic and gave us an extremely fair rate for the holiday weekend!  We were so happy with their service, kindness and understanding!  To make things even better, the beds are super comfortable, free access to a 24 hour fitness gym, great toiletries, free wifi, we had a view of the fireworks from our room, the location was amazing (just a short 3 minute walk to Pier 39 or Fisherman's Wharf) and every night at 5pm they offer free happy hour to their guests!  

We highly recommend this hotel!   (Just do not use Hotels.com )

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Stephanie A.
First time staying in San Fransisco and I'm glad we decided to stay here. It was so close to everything we hardly drove around. Loved their wine and cheese hour. Definitely recommended.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Gabe P.
Recently renovated, has a luxury entrance and the rooms are new and clean. Underground parking if you drive, we came from the airport via BART and Tram F to Bay street or Pier 39 and then there is a short walk. If you have a lot of luggage take a cab. It's close to Fisherman's Warf/Pier 39 area, 10 min walk to Pier 33 for the Alcatraz boat. Close to Powell/Market Cable tram or Embarcadero. Service was great too.

08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Tricia W.
Things I loved--the fact they let us check in two hours early,  walking distance from Pier 33/Alcatraz (the point of our visit :), unbelievably comfortable bed, really classy furnishings

Not so great--maids were a little chatty when we checked in, the view left a lot to be desired since it opened to a skeevy looking condo/apartment complex, pretty small room for the price

But the location can't be beat...we're definitely staying here again next time we're in SF!

10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Jeff G.
$45 a day for parking?

Water Heater in our room barely worked -  water was warm for 3 min of a shower then turned cool.

Room had a weird layout - to open or close the bathroom door no one could be using the sink in the adjacent area

Shitty mattress

Free wine happy hour was nice, but at $2 a bottle quality of wine, they are only serving up $0.50 worth of wine per glass

Not again!

07/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
92. Cessalee S.
So I went back to SF this week for work and Hugo wasn't there, BUT here's what happened. So I got back to the hotel for happy hour..but I was late by like 45 minutes. When I made a comment (not a snide one, just a "Oh, I'm a lush/free booze" sort of joke) the desk clerk immediately asked for my room number. I assumed she thought I didn't belong there so I totally when all Pretty Woman on her ass and was like 346, why do you ask? And she was like, because I was going to send some up to your room. Now maybe this was because the restaurant was closed or maybe she really did think I just walked in off the street for free booze and felt bad, but either way, fifteen minutes later a guy comes up to my room with a bottle of red wine...Granted it was $3 Buck Chuck, but still...that was really nice!

They still weren't at the desk when I wanted to check in, but they arrived within 4 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes I have to wait, and yes, the mattresses do suck, but other than that, it's a perfect location and I'll probably stay there every time I come for work. I got a pretty good deal from Orbitz, but that means I can't get frequency points :(

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Tiffany P.
My favorite hotel in San Francisco!! I have stayed at many hotels in San Fran but once my Fiance and I found this hotel a couple years ago this is the ONLY hotel we stay at. It is within walking distance of Fisherman's Wharf, Little Italy, China Town, the Marina District and Ghirardelli Square. The Cable Car stop is a block or two away.

The rooms are airy and nice, the service is the best there is and the nightly free wine reception is amazing. After a day of sight seeing it's perfect to go back to the hotel, relax and have some wine, then head out for dinner.

The staff is amazing. Tom one of the managers made our last trip exceptional! He knew us by name as soon as we went to the wine reception the first night, always asked how our stay was going, and went above and beyond along with the rest of the staff to ensure our stay was memorable and nothing short of perfect. From finding flatter pillows to send us at 11pm at night, to a toast and bottle of champagne to celebrate our engagement over the weekend.

As far as I'm concerned this hotel is the only place to stay when visiting San Fran.

Thank you Tom and your staff for going above and beyond.

11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Alan J.
Stayed here overnight for our anniversary and lets face it I was wondering (it is best western) about this place but got lucky its wonderful. It is really nice when you walk into the lobby it looks like intercontinental  or something. The rooms are kinda small but not bad for SF. The bed is amazing the bathroom is a good size considering its in SF. The parking is $45 a night added to your bill (isn't that sweet of them?) but overall average for the area. Its right within a block of fisherman's wharf  and the cable car runs really close too. You can actually get around without having to use your vehicle. Very very nice but not cheap by any means. Worth it for the area.

27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Heather A.
Excellent front desk (Jose ) and Matt at Concierge made our visit fantastic. Lovely room, delicious and convenient breakfast at in house Pescatore. Great directions from all staff- friendly and fun but still an elegant hotel close to all the fun.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Nikki P.
Great location! Close to everything! Small but nice rooms. I highly recommend this place!

20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Nick V.
Great location if you want to be close to fisherman's wharf area. Within walking distance to the pier so it is very convenient for Alcatraz tour. Easy access to trolley to take you to union square area. The parking is expensive and the bathroom is too small and has no air conditioning in it. Also, no area outside shower and toilet to get ready. With four people in the room this was a challenge. The hotel was very nice and had happy hour from 5-6 with free wine. This was a nice opportunity to meet other guests   Another plus was free wi-fi in the rooms. Overall I would probably stay here again.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Richard R.
cheap for San Francisco.   also dirty.   pubic hair and contact lens in the bathroom.   what else didn't they clean?

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
99. Carol R.
Incredibly kind and  helpful staff.  Great location.  Clean comfortable room.

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Chio G.
I had an awesome three night stay here!! The staff was all very friendly and helpful from the valet to the front desk employees! We came and went at all sorts of different hours and the hotel staff was very accommodating with our valet needs. We stayed in a room towards the back and it was super quiet! The room was clean and the shower had awesome pressure! I had food at the adjacent restaurant (Pescatore) and it was very good!! I loved the wine reception in the evenings. I was very skeptical at first staying here because I am so sensitive to noise but no problems here!! I would definitely return to this hotel!

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Kellie R.
It's in a great location for tourists or people departing on a cruise from Pier 35 (only a few blocks away). Ask for a non-street side room if street noise bothers you. Small lobby and no outside patio to enjoy...but you're by the Wharf...get outside and see the sites. Also, the rosemary infused water in the lobby is refreshing and a very nice touch. There is also free coffee in the mornings and a wine reception in the late afternoon (that packs up the very tiny lobby). Did I mention the lobby was small? But overall, good place to stay.

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. R B.
We have stayed here three times.  Each time it has been clean, comfortable, and quiet.  Friendly staff.  Wine reception is nice (nothing fancy, but what would you expect?)  Parking is very expensive -- if you are willing to walk a few blocks, you can find a much better deal, but we were lazy and paid up to valet park at the hotel.

All in all not cheap but a solid value, especially if you park elsewhere.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Debbie S.
Great place to stay, clean rooms, great service.  Love the free wine bar from 5 - 6 pm.  Nice comfy bed.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Matthew P.
All I can say is for $265/night plus $45/night for parking, this place is a total rip off! Even for San Francisco. Let me begin by saying that I don't mind paying $200 or $300 a night for a hotel if it's worth it. The hotel room is tiny, dated, poorly decorated, and has no view! Also, there is no pool, jacuzzi/steam room or any where nice to relax. And finally, for over $300/night, the place doesn't even offer a free continental breakfast. So what is the difference between this place and a Motel 6? The price! And even some Motel 6's have a pool!

If you're looking to blow $300/night on a hotel in San Francisco, don't do it here! There are plenty of other very nice hotels for the same price, or cheaper, that have much better amenities and that are in the same area or other great SF locations. Save your money, go some where else.

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
105. Jody B.
This place is ok.  Myself, my husband and 2 teenage kids stayed here for 3 nights during Christmas in a 2 queen bed room  The room was clean, but SO SMALL!!  I have stayed in NYC and had bigger rooms.  The real complaint was the bathroom.  I wake up earlier than the rest and start getting ready for the day, and the bathroom vanity area is bright and close to the beds.  This makes it hard for anyone else to sleep in!  Also, we had 4 pieces of luggage and we hardly had walking space in the room.  Its probably fine if its just 2 of you staying, but beware or get accompanying rooms if more than 2 in a room  The location IS GREAT!!!! So, clean, great location, but small rooms.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Holly C.
Stayed here as part of a package from Priceline. Through them the price was good, not sure how much it is without the deal.the hotel did what it needed to do. I slept well.The bed was super comfortable with tons of pillows. The maids were very respectful and good at their job.

The WIFI was great! I had a stable connection for many hours and even streamed Hulu over it. A lot of hotels have terrible connections so I was so happy to be able to work while on my vacation which I couldn't avoid.

16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. M H.
We stayed here for a last minute getaway, and we are so glad we picked this place! They are in a fantastic location and it is very well appointed and the staff is wonderful!   Thank you to Tom for helping us so much on our first day checking in early and getting settled in. All of the staff is incredibly nice and helpful. We would definitely stay here again!

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Surfdawg M.
A bit expensive for what you get. Stayed here about ten yrs ago and pricing was much more reasonable.
Maybe due to a high event weekend on Fisherman's wharf???Plus $50 a nite for parking. OUCH.
Nice wine + snacks in evening though.
Probably will not return.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Erin B.
The location was good, the price was reasonable and the room was clean. The layout was kind of awkward and made it challenging to have more than one person get ready at the same time, but we made do.  The view was also kind of weird because it looks right into someone's condo but since we really only spent time there sleeping, it was ok.

While I'm sure parking comes at a premium anywhere in this city, I think we actually spent more money on valet than on anything else we did in SF. Cripes.

Wake up calls are impossible. Like don't even bother. They got our time mixed up and then proceeded to call our room 4 times between 11pm and 3am. Annoying under any circumstances but inexcusable when you have to catch a 6 am flight. Get yo shit together BW.

The lobby was the best part - it looks recently remodeled. They also seem to be pet friendly so that's something to keep in mind. Apparently they have some kind of happy hour with free wine? We didn't attend but that is a nice perk.

28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Nate A.
Very clean, best valet customer service worth the $50 valet parking fee! Gentleman have us water for the 2 hour trip to our next destination. Very close to pier 39 and shopping all over. We recommend the little cafe down mason, great breakfast if you don't want to go far from hotel

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. David J.
I tell you what, this is a nice little place.  Tucked in comfortably just off Fisherman's Wharf, this hotel makes San Francisco your oyster (ok, so I'm corny).  No really, probably not the fanciest hotel on the block, but it has everything needed and you just can't beat the location.  Quaint, clean, comfortable rooms, free lightning speed wifi (itself worth $20 bucks a day in this town), apples in the lobby, you throw in the free wine tasting hour EVERY DAY at 5pm and you'll be entirely satisfied with this place.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Brenda P.
People giving this place 5 stars need to get out some more. Seriously? This is 3 stars at best and only because it was clean and spacious.

It looked really promising upon arrival. It was walking distance to Fisherman's Wharf (overrated) and close to the restaurant where we were dining that night. That was good enough for our one night in San Fran right? Well, not for us. I was counting the hours until checkout. I would have gone elsewhere but given that hotels in San Fran had been mostly sold out for this weekend, I had to stay and suck it up.

The lobby is really nice. I think it has just been remodeled and you can tell. I was excited for the niceness to continue into the room. It did not. The room smelled musky and the AC was not working. It would not turn on. Frustrated we called the front desk and they did have someone there within 5 minutes. That was really great I must say. The technician messed with it for a bit and it finally kicked in. The AC units are wall mounted per room. It just never got cold enough and the room was just one big ball of humidity and muskiness. I felt the sheets sticking to me the entire time.

The view of the room was really bad too. It faced other rooms and a cement pit which they tried to beautify with some plants. Had my windows been open, you could see clearly into our room. I mean, the closest room to my window was close enough for me to knock on their window! Check out my photos. What you got by having the windows closed during the day was really dark, depressing lighting since the lighting in the room gave a yellow tint. I hated every second of being in that room.

Staff was cordial during check in and the location is good but never again for me.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. Jason F.
I stopped by here a couple of weeks ago with my fiance for two nights.  We arrived at the hotel around 1 PM which was a little bit before the stated 3 PM check in time but had no problem getting into our rooms immediately.  The rooms here were a bit smaller than your normal hotel room but seeing how I don't spend too much time in the actual hotel room whenever I am away, this did not bother me.  The highlight of the room for me was the shower which easily had some of the best water pressure I have ever had from a hotel,  Beyond that the rest of the hotel was really nice with a large courtyard area (I don't know that it was accessible) done in an Italian style giving the hotel its name.  The lounge was also nice with a large fireplace and many seats and was the location for the evening wine reception.  Every night from 5-6 PM they have a wine reception where you are able to have your choice of a couple of different wines, sparkling grape juice and some flatbread pizza for free.

The bottom line for me is that I would stay here again in the future.  It's location on Fisherman's Wharf was perfect for what we wanted and although our rooms were a bit small, the shower pressure and wine reception more than made up for it in my book.

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Elizabeth H.
Stayed here for Dreamforce. Check in was friendly and fast, I arrived at midnight so was very grateful. The hotel feels old and I love that! My room was small and I didn't get the best mobile service and I had a weak wifi signal. It was difficult to get work done from the room. The restaurant on site was super good, huge portions, and inexpensive. Ate there nearly everyday. Very close to the embarcadero so I was able to get some really beautiful runs in! Would stay here again but not at the rate I paid for Dreamforce and not for business again.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
115. Tina H.
Excellent hotel..rooms are very clean and the beds are super comfy! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They offer a wine social hour every night from 1700-1800 with free wine and a chance to socialize with other hotel guests or you can take it to your room if your feeling anti-social! They also offer a $5 voucher to the restaurant that's attached for everyday you don't have your room serviced which is an awesome bonus, especially for people who don't like to have their rooms cleaned anyway! Most importantly this hotel is a 5 min or less walk from fisherman's wharf and pier 39. I will definitely stay here again and recommend it to friends.

23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. jean g.
I decided to stay at this hotel for a business trip since it got such good reviews and is very conveniently located.  It is still conveniently located, but I have found the staff surly and unhelpful and the hotel is noisy - the doors to the rooms on the first floor are thin and do not block out sound since they are about an inch off the floor.  Parking is $50 overnight, there was no one to help me carry my luggage and the heating/ac system is very old and also noisy.  It seems that this is a cheap hotel that got some new-ish furniture and now calls itself a mid-range hotel.  I will not stay here again.

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
117. James J.
Great value. Excellent location. The wine service was nice also. Our next trip to SF we will probably stay here.
We were traveling with our 3 year old son and everything he was interested in the city was close by.
The staff was very friendly, parking was easy and hassle free. Of course they charge too much, but everywhere does. And the cost is worth it.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Dan F.
Clean, modern room with all the amenities.

Staff very helpful.

They even have free dog biscuits by the elevators.

Was a bit suspect because of the Best Western name but it completely surprised us. We really enjoyed our stay.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. B F.
My overall experience was a ok. Valet guys were awesome, very friendly!

Parking expensive was quoted $45 and charged $50. There is in and out privileges.  

Very clean overall. Good location.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Terry O.
This is the sweetest, warmest, most charming hotel I have stayed in -- in a long time. You enter into a delightful, welcoming reception space (cannot call it a 'lobby') with fireplace, various comfortable and well-designed sitting spaces for you and friends -- or just you.  Has a kind of European/boutique hotel feeling.

Reception, concierge, all staff are kind, careful, and seem to really want to help you enjoy your stay in a gentle way. Rooms are absolutely up to par and comfortable, clean, full of thought --   with everything you need.

I (and 3 other colleagues who all work as travel providers) stayed here for 3 nights and we all agreed if we could find a small hotel like this in the areas we work, we would stay there in a heartbeat.

As someone who has had to choose many hotels for our travel programs, I wish I could find something as wonderful as this place. It starts with the amazingly sweet staff, the care they provide, and ends with the yearning we have to be back there in that unique hotel.

There's also an attached restaurant that, fortunately, does not seem like a 'hotel restaurant' (it may not be).  The food there is pretty good (though they could work on their menu) -- salad is fresh and tasty and ambiance is not like a hotel - cozy and comfortable.

We all just loved it.

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Jules Y.
Lobby: Not too bad. I felt good about the place, it was clean and it was obviously updated. I had a warm feeling

Staff: Very Welcoming and well organized.

Room: hmmmm.....this one is a bit difficult. I understand that the building is old but would it kill them to put in a fresh coat of paint?There was also dust on the tv counter, mirrors and stains on the ceiling. Yes! I saw what was probably dead insect stains( I hope) Even with the A/C unit on the room felt stuffy  every time we walked in.

Restroom: Tub with shower and a plastic and cloth curtain ( sorry but that is disgusting). I hope the plastic is replaced with every new guest. Restrooms needs to be updated!!!!

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
122. Vanessa J.
I'm in love with this hotel. Within walking distance to the pier and great places to eat. Will definitely stay here again!!!

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Opinionated B.
I would have given a 4 star review :-(.

The hotel is beautiful and perfectly located to get to fishermans wharf and pier 39. We were greeted and helped with our bags as soon as we pulled up and all the staff seemed happy to accommodate us. The hotel is beautifully decorated and with a fun twist like a lot of kimpton hotels. Our room was very tastefully decorated and spotlessly clean. The mattress was very comfortable and I thought the mini bar was fairly priced.


Parking at 50 bucks a night is a little steep but the price of the hotel I felt like made up for it and was a good deal.

The rooms are very small, my husband and I didn't have any issues but our view left something to be desired and no room for a porta crib if your traveling with a baby.

I hate that they doors for the rooms swing out instead of into the room. I feel like they did that to make them seem bigger but I don't at all like it and it's awkward feeling.

The hotel boasts about room service from their hotels restaurant "pescatore". The actual reality is that you can only have room service from them for breakfast and the place for lunch and dinner is a restaurant called north beach pizza and it's all pizza and pasta and not awful but not good either and an hour wait.

Finally, when it was time to leave my car pulled up with a screw in the tire, I just got all brand new tires less than a week ago and I don't live more than an hour or so away from the city so while not positive I feel the car got a screw under their care. I was disappointed at the lack of friendliness from the staff at that point. They never even went to look and just handed me am incident report.

I would have stayed here again as most of my complaints were small and I really loved the hotel but I will have to see what happens with the tire issue and I am a big room service girl so that's a bummer.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
124. Mason V.
Always a great time! Staff is friendly, location is convenient, and complimentary wine hour is ideal.. What more can you ask for? Top spot if visiting the tourist pier area of San Francisco!

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Sugean P.
I had my doubts at first seeing that it was a best western hotel. However, I was surprised by the niceness of everything!

The hotel staff was extremely helpful and friendly. The hotel itself was clean and comfortable. It is a dog friendly hotel so they had dog treats out :)

Prices were fair, there's always some sort of deal going on if you find the right sites. It's also walking distance to fishermans wharf and a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops. Definitely will stay at the Tuscan again when I am in San Francisco again!

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. George K.
Some excellent features, and some drawbacks.

The plusses: Excellent staff, great location (1 block away from the end of the cable car line), clean rooms, quiet. Most important: excellent free WiFi. We went straight from the Tuscan to a Hilton in LA where internet was not available in your room, at any price. Nominally, you could spend big bucks and get it, but the horrid routers were simply maxed out and you could not connect. Made us appreciate the Tuscan very much, since you got free service and good speed. The Italian restaurant was also very good. I normally dislike Italian food, but had no problems with Pescatore.

The big down-side: Room was the size of a walk-in closet. To boot, looking at the floor map, it seems like it was one of the bigger ones. If you come from a country were miniature hotel rooms are the norm, you will be okay with this, but for an American that is a limitation.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Diana J.
Love. Love everything about it. Rolled right in and they just took care of us from start to finish. Took our bags and offered wine. Treats set out for the puppies. Loved it.

1) Room was very cute, clean, and updated. Fairly quiet and great service from all who worked there.
2) **LOCATION** Awesome. 2 blocks from the Warf. Literally 5 blocks from Ghiradelli's Chocolate. Walking distance from everything fun in SF on the pier.

$50 for parking... yikes. But you can take your car whenever and overnight it.

I would definitely stay here if you plan on dropping your car off and taking in the sights. It's a great location and the price was very reasonable.

Loved this hotel and the city of Sf. Great stay!

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. Cesar B.
This was a very nice hotel.
The staff here are excellent, & helpful.
The rooms are clean & comfortable.
The beds were a little firm, but still comfy.

Two blocks away from the Wharf & Pier 39.

Dog friendly, with near by grass patch.

I very much recommend this place.

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Aaron T.
The Tuscan is in a good location about 2 blocks from the bay and all of its attractions.

In the lobby, they have free coffee in the AM, free fruit infused water all day, and free wine for happy hour.

They have wifi, you should get an access code when checking in. Overall, the performance of their network was fast during our stay.

The rooms are small, but very comfortable. The beds are firm and support a good night's sleep.  You can also set the room's dedicated air conditioner to your own preferred temperature for maximum comfort.  If you're OCD about germs, good news, the remote comes in a little pouch that says "fresh remote." The remote worked, so they likely disinfect the remote separate from the laundry.

The showers have low pressure and the towels are coarse to the touch. However, they both get the job done!

It's a nice hotel in a good location. Works well for a stay in the Bay Area and keeps you close to the "touristy stuff."

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Cyndy M.
I will only stay here from now on in San Fran. I made the mistake of trying to find something cool and different so I originally went to Cova Hotel but after being scared for my life in the first 10 minutes I left and will never go anywhere near the tenderloin district again.

I thought it first may be I was loving Tuscan Best Western because I was just so relieved to be away from Cova but it really is a great hotel in it's own entity. The only thing I dealt with just to get away from Cova was the parking price and that was because we were only there for one day. When I stay there again and it's for more than one night I will be parking elsewhere and walking to the hotel. The price for parking on a $50 per day rate is crazy. And I can see it being a big deterrent for other people coming back at all.

However, that will in no way take away from how nice this hotel is. Overall, it is very warm and cozy. The beds are big and comfy & minibar prices are not the kind of expensive I was expecting.

The staff was so so great to us. They were friendly without being fake. The valet/bellman - Marty - should really be my new best friend. Everything was always very quick but not rushed as in "get out of our door right now".

The location is perfect for all the touristy San Francisco stuff near fisherman's wharf. Make sure to eat breakfast at the Hollywood Café just northwest of the hotel. The mimosas, French toast, & crab omelet are DELISH!

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Sarah V.
My husband and son are just back from a trip to San Francisco.
He wanted a place to stay near the Fisherman's Wharf and found an offer online.
Good location, very friendly people. The valet parking - paid beforehand - was very interesting.
It was a standard room, but just enough for a sleep.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Shawn T.
We enjoyed our stay here during Thanksgiving week.  We opted for a suite on the 4th floor and it was perfect for us.  It was a very small suite but with a pull out in the sitting room and 2 TVs, the 3 of us had enough space.  Front desk and door men were always helpful and courteous.  The social hour with drinks and appetizers was well enjoyed.  Highly recommended!

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Zaida C.
We loved our stay here. Very nice hotel with an amazing staff. The hotel is in a very good area of Fisherman's Wharf,  we had everything  on walking distance from it. The concierge Aiyaz was super nice and helpful, he helped us get great tickets to Alcatraz, got us a car for us to go to Napa Valley and helped us get a hop on hop off tour bus our first day. The hotel is very pretty. They do free wine tastings every day from 5:00 until 6:00. Oh the beds are sooo comfortable!!! I even took a picture of the brand of the mattress to buy one for our home Lol. Loved it. If I ever go back to San Francisco you can bet I'll stay here again.

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Jim W.
This is a very good hotel with a great location. Thanks @KimptoninSF !

Clean, tastefully decorated, great service and walking distance to lots of great stuff...like many reviews stated it is close to the pier and waterfront and lots of swanky and pricey dining options.  

For me the even better fact is that it is a quick walk to North Beach.  I end up in North Beach almost every time I visit San Francisco...kind of like I ended up in the North End nearly every time I was in Boston. Go figure.  Seriously, go ahead. I'll wait.

13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Paul B.
Yelp's 365 Review Challenge 2015 #23 - #365

Just footsteps away to Fisherman's Wharf is this not to shabby hotel that delivers excellent service and accommodations for the San Franciscan tourist. Its a bit smaller compared to the bigger hotels in Union Square where we usually stay but the most important factor is the location. It doesn't get any better being a few feet away from the tourist action.

The rooms were compact and filled with amenities like a mini bar, in room movies, wifi and the most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep in. It feels people like you're sleeping on a cloud. The front desk clerk was super friendly and made sure our stay was adequate.

Down in the lobby is a fireplace to warm up from the chilly San Francisco weather, free morning coffee and fruit infused water. Overall I give this hotel 4 stars, especially for their prime location.

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Andrew B.
Ok, this is an older building and a boutique hotel so if you are expecting 699 sq ft rooms with super large bathrooms, probably need to look at the Oriental.

We have 2 kids (toddler and infant) and are on a budget.

This place has killed it in every category!
The service is TOPS. The rooms are very clean and well appointed. The location is SECOND to none.

We did request a quiet room bc of the kiddos and they were able to grant that request.  They hauled all our bags from the shuttle to the room while pointing us to the restaurant since it was a long day of travel and the kids and wife needed food like 30min ago when we arrived.

The restaurant is ok, nothing amazing but did fine in a pinch. Wish I would have ordered the white pizza, but life is full of regrets. ;)

Across the street from Safeway and Walgreens AND Trader Joes. Worth gold with kids in tow.  

Starbucks is around the corner and the ENTIRE wharf is less than 3 min walk away.

We go out for awhile, let the 2.5yr old chase seagulls around the pier, if one kid starts to melt down, we are back at the room in the blink of an eye.

Get the kids ready for dinner, BAM, at a fine seafood restaurant overlooking the water in a flash.

Love it.  

Trolly is close and easy to use.

I have stayed in fancier, but nothing beats the price, service, location, and cleanliness of this hotel. We will be back as soon as we can. This is now a family favorite.

Simply put, they hit the nail on the head. Everything they need to be and nothing they don't.

(Giving our toddler a little surprise toy at check in was a nice touch, he won't separate from his new little teddy bear!)

11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Lanc L.
I came here on a weekend night with family. Our room was a suite with a king-size bed and a sofa bed.

I would like to give a 3 star for this hotel.

The staff gave us a warm welcome once we arrived. The front desk person let us check in a few hours earlier than 3pm, the standard time. Free wifi was offered in the hotel room. And of course, the location is nice with close proximity to Fisherman's Wharf.

However, there were several down sides of staying at this hotel. At night, the temperature dropped to quite low in SF. So I turned on the heater, an old one. The heater started to make very loud sound that I was not able to fall asleep. So I had to turn off the machine and put on my jacket. What was more, our room was located at the corner of the second floor. Which meant constant noises of all kinds coming from the streets. Well with a combination of cold room and noises, I only slept about 4 hours in total. By the way, the price was not cheap, in the higher $400s after applying AAA discount (partially because I did the booking the day before).

Overall, I would not recommend this hotel if you are a light sleeper, or your body doesn't resist low temperature well. I hope that this hotel will upgrade the sound insulation and the heater in the near future.

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Shercole K.
I really liked this hotel! When in San Fran again, I would definitely stay back at this boutique location.. The location is in a pretty safe area, as well as close to public transportation and Fisherman's Wharf is about two blocks away!

Service. Upon arrival, the staff was professional and just friendly. Giving me advice about the area, the weather and everything. They truly made my trip pleasant... And a plus to making sure I knew about the wine hour.. He must have saw the wine love in my eyes. I truly love the staff!!!

The room was cute!!! Very clean and comfortable. No issues. The bed was comfortable and no issues (because I fully examine beds). The bathroom was wonderful as well. The window led to a cute little outside scenery they set up and I just thought that was so cute.

I truly was comfortable at this hotel and felt this was a good choice. I highly recommend this hotel. Note. It's close to the Wharf and Pier 39, but keep in mind to get to other locations you may be interested in, may be a little ride and would require public transportation or my favorite... Uber!!!

29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0