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The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square in San Francisco, CA

The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square in San Francisco, CA


Luxury lodging, hospitality, and meetings.


Established in 1904.

More than just a hotel, The Westin St. Francis   on Union Square has been a celebrated destination since 1904. The historic Magneta Grandfather Clock located in our landmark lobby has been a popular gathering spot for generations of travelers, white marble columns, ornate balconies and intricate woodwork transport guests back to the elegance of yesteryear. Discover the allure of the city's most charismatic and vital setting offering the grandeur of the past, coupled with contemporary luxury and style.


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Rating: 3.51

Address: 335 Powell St, San Francisco, CA, 94102
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Comments (890):

1. Scott R.
This is right across from Union Square and close to the Sir Francis Drake. You will problably get the best veiws from this one or the Marriott. This place is close to all the shopping and public transit lines. Pretty much anything in the Union Square area is fine, especially if it is a brand name like Hyatt or Hilton (both really nice too). You are close to Chinatown, North Beach and the Financial District.

17/03/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Sam K.
We stayed here for 4 nights for Christmas the past week.  As far as location nothing tops this Hotel. But we had to change rooms 3 times. The 1st room: we had paid for a partial view, we were in the older tower and our view was  the roof of a building, so we moved.  The 2nd room: still in the older tower, we had a view of the Union Square and the Ice Skating Rink through a small window.  It was truely beautiful and we had the advantage of seeing what us going on. But unfortunately the room was very old and small and our main problem was that the bathroom was freezing and the heat would only warm up the room and not the bathroom. So for a small child it was way too cold to take a shower. So we chose to give up the view and move to the newer tower for comfort.  It was my first choice but not my hubby's.  I like the modern look better. The service was excellent.  Got what we needed in a flash.  Definitely will be back, hopefully they will renovate the older tower and update the rooms and fix the bathrooms to todays era.

28/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Michelle I.
i stayed the night here a few nights when a friend from out of town came to SF. this hotel is fabulous! the room was on one of the top floors so the views of SF were sweeping and just gorgeous. the room, although small, was set up with not the typical hotel furniture and very soft sheets. i would recommend this hotel to anyone. oooh, and the cool glass elevators!

14/05/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. alexis l.
the hotel is expensive and worth every penny.  it's in a great location off powell street--perfect for shopping around union square.  the beds are so comfortable, much more comfortable than a usual hotel bed.  i only gave it four stars because of the internet situation--you have to connect using a cord (no wireless) and it cut out a couple of times, so i had to call the desk for assistance.  but it's the best of the three hotels i've ever stayed at in san francisco.

25/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Yelp Sucks Y.
great place to stay.....if you like ghosts....have too many ghost sories to tell about this place...must stay in the old part of the hotel, not the new part, which was built 14 years ago...the old part which survived the earth quake..and check out the clock in the lobby.

29/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. john h.
The St. Francis has one thing going for it--location.  It's in a killer location if you are interested in the Union Square area.   Beyond that the rooms are spotty.  I am sure that if you pay more than I did you can get the view, but I just saw the people in the next hall.  The worse part is that the room is rather stuffy--old hotel=old ventilation?  Then they nickel and dime you for everything, including the use of the internet and the use of the exercise room, which was really not that great.  Another big negative was the staff arguing over whose responsibility it was to arrange water service for the meeting that I was attending.  I'm sure that there are union rules about who can serve water, but if a hotel wants to get more stars, they need to make sure that the staff is happy to earn those stars.   I really ought to give the staff some credit: 90% of them were very good.  But still, there are enough negatives to make this less than preferable.  A year ago I stayed in the Omni, and that was a great hotel.

20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Nadav N.
Ask for the new building. The old one has small rooms.
Great beds...

13/08/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Meredith E.
In terms of customer service for group events, I had an exceptional experience from both Westin hotels in the city - specifically, with Amanda Cruz, Group Sales Manager for the Westin St. Francis and Supna Dhami, Group Sales Manager from the Westin on Market Street.   I have never organized an event and was put in charge of planning a meeting in the city for 150 people--both women were extremely helpful and informative.  Unfortunately, the organization for whom I was working was not quite as on the ball as either of these two ladies and changed the location from San Francisco to Berkeley at the last moment.  I wish we could have taken either of them up on their great offers, as I am sure that we will not be met with such exceptional service at the new location-from the detailed proposals that were promptly provided by them, it is clear that the Westin provides you with top of the line amenities, as well as service.

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Natasha F.
def. the nicest hotel i've ever stayed at. it was valentines day and i hadnt seen my boyfriend in 3 months, so yeah...some good times were had. the staff was nice and we got a room up on the top floor facing union square. the glass elevator feels like some sort of a ride at a amusement park [i like little whimp rides, ok?]...it goes super fast and when it's going down, you feel like you're going to run into the ground.

03/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Michael H.
My parents stayed here when they visited last year... I went to check out rooms before I booked it for them and they gave me a key to a beautiful spacious room in the Union Square (front) building. I booked the room, specifically a rate and a room for the room I saw. When they arrived, they ended up in a much smaller room in the old building. They ended up fixing this issue, but the room they ended up in was still smaller than what I had  been shown. Views are great if you're on the front of the building, but beware that many rooms have no view. Rooms in the main building (old/front) are decorated in a red and yello victorian style, while rooms in the tower (new/rear building) have an earthier color palate with asian decor accents.

12/08/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Big headed P.
The reception room on the 25th floor is absolutely amazing.  We have looked at over 30 wedding sites, and this is bar none the best view for reception.  It directly looks down into Union Square, and if the fog is not out, you can look across the entire city.  The only issue with the wedding here is that the ceremony site (on the 1st floor) is surprisingly not that special.  Just a room with a pillar in the middle (so you'll have to be creative with that one).  If you're getting married in a church or are planning on having the ceremony at a separate location from the reception site, then you should take a look.  Neil Patel, the catering sales manager, was very courteous and always gotten back to us promptly to answer our questions (can't say that about a lot of places).  It is pricy, I must warn you, but it might be worth it.  At least go take a look at the room.  It is unbelieveable.

02/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Patrice S.
I give it 4 stars purely for the glass elevators. I did not go aaaallll the way, but if you are in an exhibitionist mood, and you like elevators, I Highly Recommend a leetle  excursion with your lover to the 32nd floor and down again. Patrice's challenge: how much can you accomplish before someone else gets on board, at, say, the 14th floor?

05/04/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. T-Bone L.
My flight attendant friend stays here on layovers and the rooms can be small or maybe the barter rooms are small, but they feel classy.  If I am out shopping and I need to tinkle, I go to their bathroom because it's clean.

31/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. O K.
YEP!! Riding in the glass elevators is really fun. I even saw the KFOG KABOOM fireworks from up there because the tourists pressed all the floors from 17-31 going up AND down. It was just awesome. Views are spectacular... but once I got off at the 31st floor and there was some Jewish hoe-down going on, so I was promptly sent back down. So sad. mm... fun to run around in the grand staircases hidden at this hotel too. HOTEL EXPLORING ROCKS

18/06/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Dan Y.
Do they still have the glass elevators? I'll never forget the time I was riding in one with a friend,and the car stopped and (I'm not making this up) a horde of blonde Swedish girls,all about 18 and all wearing beautiful evening gowns,crowded in with us. And I do mean crowded in--they were pressing up against us from all sides. They were giggling and whispering all the way up,while my friend and I struggled to behave like gentlemen. At the top they got out and we were finally able to exhale. That's my memory of the St Francis. The hotel gets three stars. The five stars are for the elevators.

05/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Josh M.
Twice I've called the concierge at the St. Francis to ask for information on behalf of out-of-town relatives who were staying there, and both times the concierge, (perhaps because the call was coming from outside the hotel?) was unhelpful and supercilious to the point of being obnoxious. Weak sauce.

12/06/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. vanessa a.
got a deal on hotwire I would never pay full price to stay here. the room was nice we stayed in that back tower  the room was big the lighting in the bathroom sucked i've noticed this is a trend at westin hotels. anywho minus 1.5 stars because parking for HOTEL GUESTS  is $50 not cool especially for those people who paid full price for their room that's absolutely rediculous. thank the lord my traveling companion had recent ankle surgery so we were able to find free street parking with her placard. but yeah $50 for overnight parking no way no how that's a  reason for me not to stay there again.

10/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Kirsten D.
Ive always heard gret things about The Westin St. Francis, but when i booked a night to stay i was somewhat dissapointed. Although the hotel was beautiful and the service was friendly, my room was comfortable, but had a muggy smell to it. Would stay again, but only if the room was a bit cheaper.

29/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Lauren G.
This is a review based solely on their wedding planners/facilities, not the acctual hotel itself.

My parents were in town this past weekend to look at different venues to have my wedding.  I set up appointments at 9 different hotels  in San Francisco and up in Sonoma/Napa.  I confirmed with every single placce two days earlier.  When we arrived at the St. Francis, the wedding planner who works for the hotel, Natasha, was not at the location we said we would meet up.  I called her and got her voicemail.  The concierge tried to locate her for nearly 10 minutes before tracking her down - She was with another client that she had booked for the same appointment time.  No apologies from her, simply a "You'll have to wait until I'm done."  Seriously?  My parents fly across the country to look at places to have my wedding, you confirm an appointment, and in less than 48 hours you have forgotten?  Yeah, I really want my parents to spend $25,000 + on a wedding at a place where you can't keep appointments straight,  How do I know they won't book another wedding at the same time?

But the complete lack of apologies on the part of Natasha was just disgusting.  Even though we looked at the space with a different person from the hotel, I did it more because we had to fill time, not because I would ever consider having my wedding there after the way they treated us.

Natasha sent us an apology email later that day, which I'm sure only happened because my mother complained to the manager.  Anyone who is looking to have a wedding at the St. Francis - beware the customer service!!!!!  You are spending too much money to expect nothing less than the best!

15/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Sharona L.
I am not one to complain about anything never!!! however I think this should be heard... I stayed at this 5 star hotel sat night 09-12-09. I got a room that was dirty, (hair in the bathroom) the tub had 3 layers of dirt on the floor! ewwww. The pipes made noise, very loud noise it sounded like a woman screaming. I also found an old shoe under the bed. I called the front desk to get another room but they were sold out. Hotels are never completely sold out. So I finished my stay in this gross room that I spent $300 for a night! I called the manager of the hotel Monday after, I told him my story and he told me that he will give me a credit for $9.00 for a drink from the mini bar I had during my stay! I said WOW THANKS. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS HOTEL! my uncle ownes a hotel in Santa Monica and I know the business, so its sad to see the way people get abused with their hard earned money.

14/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Helen Y.
Ride the glass elevator and get an awesome view of SF!

12/12/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Jane Y.
the hubby says that i only like or want NEW things but au contraire i love the old world charm of this hotel! my friend had asked me to attend a black tie gala here and of course i managed to rummage through my closet to find some old dresses from the college frat formals days. surprisingly it fit - well the stretchy dresses that is! =/ i'm glad i was able to cover my porky self up with a pashmina!

the food...well, what would you expect from hotel food? But the dessert was a neopolitan ice cream bombe - never seen that served to 750+ people...quite impressive! we actually mosey'd on over to michael mina to see what fab food everyone was eating. i actually told the hubby to hurry and make reservations here for our one year, which is in half a year...but hey, something to look forward to! *wink*

04/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Tinou B.
Location, location, location.  I stayed here for a weekend, and my friend forgot something and walked 2 minutes over to Macy's to buy it.  Right in the heart of Union Square, great for shopping, eating, people watching.  Our room was very nice and classy.

18/03/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Aaron C.
Since I live in the east bay, I've stayed at a few hotels so me and my friends don't have to worry about a DD. This hotel was by far the best hotel we've stayed at. I actually got this place at a very good price. I got a two double bed room for 114. They even gave me a free upgrade to the Reebok room. It was bigger than the normal room and had exercise equipment in it, including an exercise bike! Too bad we didn't use it. This room was used mainly for prepartying and crashing out. The hallways are super narrow like most hotels in the city. The bathroom was large and it had a walk in closet. The only complaint was that the walk in closet wreaked of cleaning supply, so we never put our clothes in there.

03/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Nicole R.
Want the best views of downtown San Francisco? You can get them for FREE. Just ride the elevator at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel!

Okay, so I've never actually stayed here. The inside is nice, nothing out of the ordinary as far as hotels go. But I will review this place for the elevator ride.

This is something all kids (and apparently grown women) like to do.
If you walk to the back of the lobby and find the elevators (you might have to ask the concierge if you really can't find them), and hit the number for the highest floor.

The elevators are on the outside of the building, so you can press yourself against the window while you ascend above the city.

I always take my nieces and nephews here when we are downtown SF. It's just a fun, different sort of spontaneous thing to do.

I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it already. :)

But if you want a "real" reason to go here, you should check out their dining room (I'm sure it has a name-but I can't remember it) for the high tea.

Another very fun thing to do with family besides ride the elevators is to stop in for some tea and mini sandwiches.

They also have very nice, comfy bathrooms.

01/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Anna b.
... the elevators, haven't stayed at the hotel. Take the tower elevators for an amazing view of downtown San Francisco. FOR FREE!! Go up to the top, and down, then up again, then down, until you get sick.

13/06/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Grace R.
This is a San Francisco classic.  The people watching in the lobby is priceless.  As usual, the Westin Heavenly bed is lovely.  The room was larger than I expected, and had fantastic views.  I was disappointed by the $14.95 internet fee.  The hotel overbooked and sent me to the W the first night of my stay, but was very nice about it, and I didn't mind.  When I returned, the Front Desk Manager graciously apologized, and I had a great stay the second night.

06/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Will C.
I spent a weekend here a month ago and really locations don't get much better than this.  It's like the experience of trying to make your way through the crowds on Powell just to get something for dinner that isn't room service is included in the price!

Anyway, we stayed up on the 25th floor with a room that had a pretty awesome view of the Golden Gate all the way towards the Bay Bridge.  That and a few hours could possibly be passed just going up and down the glass elevators as no one really cares who gets on those things.

The room was clean and all so I don't have complaints there except that I want that showerhead like Star Jones misses cake.  (Ugh those jokes are so hard now I really dislike this whole weight loss deal)  The only thing is that the area in front of Michael Mina was usually packed to the gills with people and is just kind of a hassle to get through.

If you need a place to stay that's pretty much in the middle of EVERYTHING.  And everything in this case is defined as Union Square.   Which is obviously not everything.  Anyhow, this is a perfectly decent place to stay if you're visiting San Francisco -- however I would try really hard to stay in the tower -- I have not read much good about the Old Building.

05/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Fatty A.
This place is old and haunted.  I was scared to walk down the halls by myself.  I was so scared my fat would jiggle as I was walking down the hall to my room.  The room was small with a window facing a brick wall.  It was a magnificent view.  I'd rather stay at the Palace down the street.

25/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Leslie Ann R.
I'm sorry, but I miss the Compass Rose. It was lovely and elegant with a wonderful high tea.

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Dan W.
We stayed for 2 nights during my brother's wedding last summer.  The first room we got was in the old tower and we had a broken TV cabinet and a broken cabinet door in the bathroom.  After calling the front desk, they were nice enough to upgrade us to a room in the newer tower.  We were not disappointed - the new room was amazing with modern decor.  Plus we were on the 23rd floor and had an amazing view of San Francisco.  Since the hotel is located on Union Square, this is a great hotel not just for the comfort but the convenience.  We also tried the restaurant in the lobby (Michael Mina) -amazing food!

27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Peter N.
Put the rents up here 2 Thanksgivings ago. Great price. Perfect layout. Awesome "Heavenly Beds". Get a place with a view of Union Square. Lots of history and updated furnishings.

05/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Amanda L.
Snooty to the point of being ridiculous, security stopped my friend and I on our way in (we were wearing pretty grubby clothes) and asked if they could HELP us. The large man demanded our name and room number, and called it in to make sure we weren't trespassing or some business. I've never been treated like this before in my LIFE, but then again, I've never stayed in such a swanky hotel.

On a positive note, he got a free upgrade to a suite on the 31st floor (the very top!) - possibly because of complimenting the man who checked him in on his 'fro- and we enjoyed amazingly breathtaking views from the room and glass elevator rides all night.

12/06/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Ashley H.
this is the whole reason why i am in the industry.... i love this hotel. i can never get a job there for some reason:( ne ways. this hotel has so much sf history in you can just walk around it and feel all of it in the air. i love the lobby which is big and spacious and then the elevators. the glass elevators in the back. love them. such a great view of sf. ive taken many boys up and down those elevators. its a test of true love. if they wait to kiss me after we hit the top and starting comming back down they might last the rest of the night.... maybe. ne ways. i absolutely love this place and always try to go back every time in the city. and maybe one day they will actually hire me... lol

09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Imran M.
5 stars for the location, 3 stars for the rooms and 4 stars for the lobby area and the lounge. Like other reviewers have pointed out, riding the glass elevators is a requisite. You will enjoy some breathtaking views of SF in the evening from the elevators. In my case I got 'stuck' in one of the elevators and rode it up and down at breakneck speeds for a good 15 minutes. Needless to say I was pretty woozy when the ride was over. The rooms themselves are small and remind me of the Waldorf in NYC. This hotel was built in 1904  as was so conspiculously pointed out in the pamphlets provided and therefore the word ' modern' does not fit in when describing the general features. The most enjoyable part of my stay was lounging in the chairs by the Union Square entrance and sipping on cocktails while people watching.

05/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Erica G.
The rating of this hotel depends entirely on which room you get.  I've stayed in suites there, which are beautiful and wonderfully decorated.  However, last time we were there, we stayed in a standard room.  It was small, mildewey and really loud on our floor. They accidentally gave us a wake up call at 7:00 am (on a Sunday, the night after a wedding) and housekeeping was vaccuming by 8:00 am.  It was a little ridiculous.  Service was pretty bad last time too.  The bell desk made us stash our own luggage in the luggage room instead of taking it for us.  I've never seen that kind of service in a nice hotel before.  So if you are going for a suite, you'll get good service and a nice room, but otherwise, there are better hotels in the area.

12/05/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Courtney P.
Three point five stars, to be accurate. The hotel is old and works very well within those constraints. The rooms are smaller than my studio back in NYC (read: VERY small), and when I'm in bed and the door is even slightly opened, the super wide, old glam hallways have a big fat view of my tush. Overall it is pretty clean, and well appointed. I would imagine, like NYC real estate, it depends on your room and your view. (Though I personally don't want to be walking down the hallways and see my, or other people's, derrieres.)

01/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Anya B.
Every time I enter the hotel's lobby, it's magical.  At times when the piano player winks as I walk by, I melt on the spot.  Every time I take the glass elevator up to the top, I'm reminded how beautiful the city is at night or day (and how much I'm scared of heights) :-)    Every time I run down the steps when I leave the hotel, I fell like there's a limo waiting to take me to my castle.  Experience the magic for yourself.

19/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. adrian c.
Ride the glass elevator. Up, down, up down. They don't mind. Go. Again. Repeat as necessary. Fun. Fun. Fun. They don't mind. Really.

30/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. twinkal d.
we stayed here for one night. the room was clean and had a very cozy touch to it. the only thing i didnt like was the noise from the traffic!

10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Emily S.
Location, location, location.  Hubby and I stayed here as we were i town for a concert.  The service was superior, the room was nice (kinda small)... probably the standard.  Linens were right up my alley.  Did someone say... shopping?!  You're right in Union Square ~  Ahhhhh.... heaven, I'm in heaven!

20/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Myra F.
OK, my family of 3 got a good Priceline price, but I felt like I was in Las Vegas. Way too many people roaming the lobby. I have stayed here before, but won't again, if there are other choices. 1 of the 2 wine glasses in my room was used. There were 2 bath towels in a 2 full bed room. I had to ask for more the first night, and "borrow" more the other 2 nights. My husband used the computer, fax, and printer for less than 30 minutes and the charge was $82!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The room was nice and quiet. We heard nothing at all outside our room and our room location was perfect. Parking was over $60 a day. When I was moved from a 1 bed room to accommodate our grown daughter who agreed to stay with us, a bellman moved my luggage, even though I insisted I could do it myself. He walked off in a huff when I told him I had already paid to have my bags placed in a room and I would have happily done the 2nd move 2 doors down by myself, as I told him I would. I had a better experience the first night of my travels in a Portland Sheraton 3 star hotel, with free computer and parking included.

28/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Yujin L.
Stayed here once and the room's very big and the bed's really nice (heavenly bed) so I slept well.  Not a big fan of the building, though, or the elevators (they move too fast), but otherwise I'd go back.

07/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Thony Y.
From the moment I emailed Natasha, the catering manager, I knew I was in good hands.  She was thoughtful and extremely accommodating.  We weren't sure if we wanted to have our wedding ceremony at the Westin St Francis, but after many emails and phone calls we knew that the Westin St Francis was the best choice for us and having Natasha as the catering manager was an additional bonus.  She made sure all the details were perfect and answered all our questions.  She was by far the best vendor that we had.  If only all our vendors were as good as her!  On the day of the wedding, we had some mishaps, and Natasha was so calm and tried to help us as best as she can, which we really appreciated.  The Alexandra Ballroom was incredible and all our guests were raving about how beautiful the room was.  The attendant also took very good care of us.  We had hors d'oeuvres after the ceremony, and the food was divine, coming out just on time.  The front desk concierges were also super friendly.  Overall the Westin St Francis is not only an amazing hotel, but also top notch in terms of service.

30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Robin S.
Ah, the Westin St. Francis and their glass elevator which gives you a view of the Union Square downtown area.  Nothing quite like it.  

The Compass Rose used to be located in the lobby of the St. Francis but now no longer exists.  I used to meet my friend every Sunday for high tea and listen to the live piano music playing the lounge classics.  You could request a song and he would be able to play it on the piano.  The service was awesome and the choices for afternoon munchies were excellent.  I still don't understand why they had to close it down.
And that's why they get four stars instead of five!

12/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Karen C.
I've stayed here twice, with two completely different experiences, which average out to a 2-star. Let me explain why.

My first time staying here, we booked it through the priceline name-your-own-price system.  We got it for $100/night.  We unfortunately happened to book it the same day as the Chinese New Year parade.  BIG mistake.  I never understood how someone could get trampled to death during those crazy black-friday sales, but I now understand.  It took us 30 minutes to "walk" (aka shoved) 20 feet to the entrance of the hotel.  Grown men were crying, people were screaming. This was serious, folks - it was pure madness out there.  When I finally clawed my way to the entrance, which was blocked off and guarded by hotel employees, I asked them to let me in. They refused. I said I need to check-in, I have a reservation. They said show me your room key. I said are you deaf? I need to check-in - how can I have a room key? They refused.  Now, there was no way I was going back into that grown-adults-crying-suffocating-to-death mess, so I threw a complete hissy fit and demanded they let me in and told them to look my name up on their guestlist.  The guy refused.  I refused to budge, screaming that there was no way I was going back in that crowd and that I can't believe they treat their guests in this manner. Finally, some other employee came out, checked my name on the guest list, and let me in. I don't know why that other jackass was being such an, well, ass, but at least I finally got in.

My other friends had just as much trouble trying to get in (we all got separated in that 20 feet), some of who weren't as demanding as me, and actually got turned away and forced back into the madness. and when I finally made it to the check-in counter, we complained. They looked at my reservation, noted that I booked it through priceline, and said, in the most condescending voice, Oh, I'm so sorry. And that was it. We complained some more, and they said, well, sorry, we can't do anything about it. It already happened. And, they even asked us, what do you want us to do about it?  Seriously, can you turn your noses up at us any higher??

My second experience staying here, I stayed with my family, and my dad booked it through their normal reservation route. What a world of difference. They actually had customer service, we got a room on one of the top floors, and they were actually nice.  Only thing is they let my dad make a reservation at one of the restaurants, and then when we get there, we find out that the restaurant is actually closed for the day. what the hell?  

So, a 0-star and a 4-star experience average to a 2-star. That first experience, though, has left a total bitter taste in my mouth. Beware if you book this hotel through other means (priceline, expedia, travelocity, etc) because they treat you like crap.

14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. sally s.
Just returned from three days at the Westin.  Do yourself a favor and stay away!  The room charge is ridiculous for the old rooms   They are dirty and the staff is rude!  We were on the 21st floor and our room had yellow stained marble around the toilet, dirty room and the hallway made you feel like you were in a prison.  In addition, we were jolted awake Friday, Saturday and Sunday with yelling from a bull horn.  According  to the bellman this has been going on for 6months from the hotel next door and the protesting workers.  Not sure if you could hear this all over the hotel but we were literally jolted awake at 7am each morning and it went on for at least two hours.  Westin did nothing to correct or help with the problem.....how good can the beds be  when you CAN"T SLEEP!!!!!!  Too many other hotels in the area....after years of going to the Westin....I will choose another hotel in the future!

04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Jan C.
The old hotel is the an experience you must try at least once!! The fact that it is a Westin is a HUGE plus! The Heavenly beds  are so comfortable!  The central location to everything in the union square area is the reason to try this as an overnight . It would be best to find a safe place to park your car other than the hotel parking garage, because it is very expensive!  They Do allow dogs, and treat them very well besides!  The view from the upper stories is fabulous! We love SF and since we have been going there , we have always looked at the stately, beautiful hotel, and wondered what it would be like to stay there.  Once my hubby graduated from college, a pharmacy group had a holiday party there we attended, I was enthralled by the Jeweled formal wearing women, and tuxedo clad men going to and fro through the beautifully decorated halls! I thought... One day this will be me, I will stay here one day! It is a beautiful historic hotel very worth the reservation!!

26/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Mich l.
Not very impressed.  Pretty old rooms.  Sound travels from the other room.  Heard my neighbor throwing up all night at 5am in the morning.  Must have been drinking too much.  Lobby's nice and location's great.  But the rooms suck

07/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. michael b.
It doesn't get much better.  First of all this hotel is 104 years old, and they don't make them like they used to.  From the crown molding  to the marble bathrooms to the 42 inch LCD tv's this place has it all.  Yes the rooms are a bit pricey, but you are in the heart of Union Square with shopping (Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Gucci, Brooks Brothers.. too many to count), great food and great entertainment (the Orpheum is 5 blocks away).  The Westin St. Francis  is the perfect place to get away for a weekend, or spend the week in luxury..

22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Herbert S.
Once again, Glass Elevator.  It's one of the few left in the city that still allow you to go up and down without a key card.  If you want a great view for no effort, or if you want a bit of exhibitionist fun, there is nowhere better.  

And Patrice, you'd be suprised how much can happen in one of those.

PS, i can not attest to the rooms or anything else

21/09/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. will p.
Stayed here twice, i would give 5 stars for the modern renovated rooms and 4 stars for the older rooms which gave me visions of redrum. Price is right if you get a room on priceline or hotwire. Great location for shopping Union Square and powell....

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Linda L.
2010 La Paulee wine tasting. dark, old, moldy...

20/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. Haz O.
Pssst. Here is a secret: Don't rent a room. Just take a dame to the elevator, hit the 29th Floor button, and let yourself float high above the city.

15/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. brooke h.
its all the things you want in a hotel ..great service...room... amenities perfect location friendly people

29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Lily L.
we repeatedly called front desk to request for a million things and they were very prompt about it.  Clean rooms, heavenly beds, great view, awesome location, roller coaster elevator rides equates 5 stars.  Thanks for hosting all of my friends for the halloween party!

29/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Chocolate P.
We got our room on Priceline.com . Priceline rate without the token Priceline attitude thanks to the kindly gentleman checking us in. Flashed him some pearly whites and we were upgraded to the Starwood Preferred Guest floor. I love the leaf shaped soap in the bathroom. So much that we called housekeeping for more. They're in my bathroom cabinet at home now. This hotel has a lot of history which gives me the heebie jeebies.

15/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Christine N.
Review for the hotel restaurant: 2 stars
Review for the hotel suite: 4 star

Average: 3 stars

Restaurant review:
We went there for new years eve with a group of friends since we were staying at the hotel that night anyway. We had reservations at 8:30 but got seated past 9. Despite the fact that the place was packed, the service was extremely slow. The manager was a  very young guy, probably lacking fine dinning experience. could have been a bit more professional but pleasant.  Waitress service was aweful, wasnt knowledgeable about the food or ingredients, rude and slow to bring us even our wine and bread.

shrimp bisque: very creamy, rich, delicious
Tuna tartar: simple, nicely plated,  the white horseraddish sauce on the side is not needed and doesnt do anything for the dish
calamari: probably the best dish but how can you ruin calamari
crabcakes: not juicy, lacked crabbyness, nothing special
Steak frites: lacked flavor, needed to add salt and pepper.
risotto: served cold..
clam linguine: fresh clams are always nice and juicy.. could have had something a lot better in little italy for 1/2 the price.
desserts: bleh, had better at the cheesecake factory

hotel suite and service: wonderful view of union square from our 17th floor windows. staff members were very nice and extremely polite. The rooms were a bit old but it had a uniqueness, sorta antique in a way.

I would come back to rent a room but will never dine there and spend that much money ever again unless they change chefs or just a makeover of the entire menu.

01/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Fay O.
We recently stayed over the weekend expecting an exceptional room, but much to our disappointment our room was at the most, average with a view of a brick alley.  The air conditoner fan was beyond belief, so loud with no other setting.  The bathroom was below average, the bathtub small average shower size.  The bed was nice as was the bell service and valet service.  The oak room staff was disorganized.  We paid well over 300 for a room that gave us the unbelievable parking rate of $58 for overnight parking which ended at one pm and went to hourly rate of 10/hr.

06/06/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. David J.
I think everyone should stay here at least once.  It is a very historic hotel and if you get a room in the front,  has a great view of Union Square.   Good places to eat and great bars also.   Shopping nearby makes it a good home base if that is your purpose in town or in life.

28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Graceypoo M.
Love the glass elevator and the view at the top.  Love the wooden floors on the 32nd floor.  Love the Alexandra ballroom--with all the gilded decor and fabulous draperies.  Love that The Westin St. Francis is hosting the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards on April 28th!  The bathrooms were alright.  One star off for not dispensing my emergency tampon with the cardboard applicator.  Y'all owe me a dime.

08/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Katie F.
By far the best hotel in San Francisco.  Stay in the front, old school part of the hotel if you're there for the experience.  The back, newer tower was built for business people who don't really care about their room.  The suites are pretty reasonable.  Try to stay there during the holidays in a room overlooking Union Square.  The view of the Christmas tree is truly magical.

28/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Minnie E.
This lobby is so nice!  It's a great place to have drinks and just people watch.  It's very quiant and comfortable.  I could have sat there for hours.   There's a great jewelry store to window shop.

11/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Jessica Y.
Um, $56 for overnight parking (I know it's SF, but still) and you gotta pay to use the internet? Maybe I'm just complaining since I am crabby after having terrible sleep listening to sirens throughout the night because of the poorly insulated walls (I stayed in the new wing, so no excuses). Other than that, to be fair, it is a nice, typical Westin.

05/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Sandy L.
My husband and I decided to stay here for a kid free night on the town.  The hotel was nice, the bedding soft and fresh, and the staff was very friendly, but I had a terrible night because the elevator was very loud.  I woke up several times because of the rumbling of the elevators.  When I mentioned this during check out, I was informed that it was probably the service elevator and they would check it out.  I hope they fix it for their future guests, but it ruined the stay for this guest.

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. David G.
We stayed here last month for two nights.  Most everything was excellent, as expected.  I am giving this location 4 stars because of the several times where the service was not polite nor up to their normal "St Francis standards".

02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Kristina M.
After spending hours trying to find the perfect place to stay while visiting san francisco, I decided to choose the Westin St Francis based on the pictures and got a room in the original part of the hotel. For the price I paid, I expected a more spacious room and bathroom. It was difficult to move around the shower because that alone was so small and forget about trying to get ready in the bathroom when another person was in there with you. The toilet wasn't your typical hotel toilet, it was more of a public restroom kinda toilet (the kind that looks like you would wanna flush with your foot). Our view of the building/rooms next door forced us to keep the shades down the whole time we were there, which is good if you like to sleep in because it literally kept any signs of sunlight out. Parking was an arm and a leg, costing $50 + tax each night. The only thing that was great was its location, which was walking distance to all the shops and restaurants, but I'm sure I could have found something else close by for much less. If I decide to stay at the Westin St. Francis again, I will be sure to stay in the newer towers hoping that that will make the experience better.

27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Veronica G.
Do yourself a favor when you check in here. Demand a room in the modern section! Why oh why? You naively ask. First off the rooms are bigger. Secondly, the beds are nicer (despite what they say. Liars!) Third the views nine times out of ten are better (and face it if you are staying on Union Square and you care about the view you want a good one right?).    
   Another quickie piece of advice (and this is top secret-shhh!). This particular hotel is on Hotwire A LOT! It's considered West of Union Square (which by technicality it is-it's across the street on the west side) and let me tell you I stayed here for under $100 a night PLENTLY of times via Hotwire (including an ever so cool deal of New Year's Eve for three days at $78 a night!) .
   Room service is ok. They have a Kobe beef burger that is worth the "$17" (figure add on an additional 10-12 dollars for taxes and tips) especially at 3:30 in the morning. The soups of the day are worth it (plus they give you a sourdough loaf!). I SO recommend the SF Giants special of chowder and an Anchor Steam and the breakfasts for the am after aren't too shabby (post nooky bliss). I don't recommend the pasta though. Yuck.
    Security is nice (especially if you happen to be noisy or engaging in 420-ish activites) without being too "junior high principal" on your ass. (Not that I would know or anything). Plus the hotel is nice about later check out. In fact the people at the front desk were more than happy to share that you can check out on the TV by noon and hang around your room until 1 or 2 ish before someone really cares (just drop your plastic keys in the little box on the way out). They're also cool with you leaving luggage at the conceirge desk for almost an entire day too.
     My major complaints have to do with the historical section (which they are oh so happy to place your ass in).  It's from the turn of the century which after five minutes, wears thin with a girl like me (I like museums; I just don't like to sleep in them). Yeah unless in your reservation you specifically say "modern section" they will try and put you in the historical (my friend who travels a lot and doesn't have to be frugal with his hotel room stays complained to me about the same issue).  I also wasn't too jazzed with my $13 Bloody Mary I sucked down waiting to check in not too long ago. Coupled with one particular young lady notorious for an eye rolling attititude, I was not a happy camper (hey I had to ride Bart a whole stop a way and had to drag my bag up Powell damn it!). Other than these little inconvient quirks I highly recommend this place

13/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. nazy f.
Had our wedding here a few months ago.  Food was awesome, service impeccable all night, the views are exquisite!  Our suite?  AMAZING!  Love it!

25/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Carla C.
Take your crush (who, unlike you, isn't a native) on an elevator ride. Trust me.

13/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. David C.
Typically, I'm a huge fan of the Westin.  I broke about 3 piggy banks to stay here and I was a little surprised to see how tiny the rooms were AND how old they were.  I heard they had a new wing, but I guess they put the colored folks in the old, back side or something.  Anywho, the service and all that was fine and dandy.  They didn't overtly state that I was a poor, broke-assed individual.  But they could probably guess that when I didn't park in their $40 per night valet.  Anywho, I'd stay here again, but I think you can get a better deal on rooms at the Hyatt and Hilton where the rooms are a bit more updated.

18/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Joon Y.
Stayed overnight during a Synergy Halloween Party on 10/27/07. The view of Union Square on the 30th floor from the grand deluxe room was awesome and the service there was next to perfect. Would stay there again in a heart beat.

06/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Robert M.
I was involved in planning a rather large event and booked a block of rooms at the St. Francis. Since the group was already there, I decided to do the first night's dinner through their catering department. At the last minute (and after I had been driving the coordinator crazy with details and last minute changes) we got "bumped up" to the St. Francis Suite. This room is awesome; feels like a time-warp trip to a private club circa 1915: wood paneled rooms, a library, study and large dining room with their own entry and restrooms overlooking Union Square. You almost expect Fatty Arbuckle and that Virginia girl to come strolling through. It was a perfect setting and the food was excellent. I work for a public institution, so we were limited on the budget side, but the catering staff worked with me and planned a great event. I may have to revise this when I get the final bill, but right now I am basking in favorable memories of a great evening.

25/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. frisco j.
ok, i have never stayed here cuz

1. i can't afford it.
2. i live in frisco. so i never have the urge to stay at any frisco hotel.

however, when i'm in union square and i have the urge to pee, st. francis hotel is where i go to pee cuz i like to piss in style.......and that's gold if you know what i mean.

oh, don't worry. you won't get dirty looks from the staff. they just look the other way.

02/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. natasha z.
After a longgggg crazy night of partying my boyfriend and I realized that we were both way too intoxicated to drive across the bay bridge and home. Well at times like this you're pretty much S.O.L. considering a lot of hotels are pre-booked.  We stumbled across The Westin St. Francis and thank god they had a room available...Turned out to be the most romantic night/morning for us.  The room was the traditional room and very victorian style and the bed was...well, heavenly! We had breakfast in bed and it was just divine.  =)~

29/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Tammy N.
just experienced the tea service.  great waitress but not enough to push the rating above 3 stars.  the food and tea was on par with other tea services i've experienced at the great tea rooms in the world, however there was one major component missing...the tea room!
the oak room is where they serve high tea but it also where they do a lot of other things and you could definitely sense this.

15/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Diana O.
The hotel is beautifully decorated BUT they nickel and dime their customers. Our room was nice but tiny and the window looked out at a wall. Good large TV though. Minibar is priced pretty average but $15 bucks a day for interent, WHATEVA! And thats after they charge you $50 to park. It is in a great location though and the clock bar was nice for a drink or two before we headed out for the night. Staff was friendly and hotel was pretty quiet. Overall a good stay but better deals/options in the area.

03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. Stephanie B.
Stayed in the "landmark"building.  Nice old room, great view of Union Square.  Loved the wide old hallways, marble bathrooms, beautiful molding on the walls and ceiling.  Strange that there five large, really beat up old tables lining the hall.  Kind of wrecked the feeling of dated elegance.  Service was fine.

03/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Rita H.
I love the Westin St. Francis.  My first experience was the reception for my wedding.  Our suite was kick ass and the service was impeccable.  The staff was always friendly and ready to help with whatever we needed.  At the time, I figured this was just because we were dropping bucco bucks at the place.  The only thing that I was sad about was that the service staff accidentally threw away the top layer of my wedding cake, along with our very cute and hand painted Pez bride and groom cake toppers.  They offered to pay us to replace it but I never did.  However, 4 years later, I had a whim to stay there for my husband's birthday.  I called them hoping for a discount on a room (because of the cake incident), instead, the comped us a room for the night.  That means free, to those of you that don't know.  I was ecstatic  - our room was awesome, great view and same great service.  Later that night, after we had gone out to dinner and a show, we came back to find a message on our phone from the hotel.  I called them back and they said they wanted to deliver something to us - about 10 min later there was a knock on our door.  One of the service staff was standing there with a tray containing a bottle of champagne and a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries - and a note, saying, thanks for staying with us, we hope you enjoyed your stay, happy birthday.  Totally awesome and unexpected.  If I could normally afford it, I would stay there more often.  Great place, great service, great location and for me, great memories.

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Mark K.
I stayed here for two nights while in SF for a friend's wedding.  The lobby area is very nice and luxurious.  I didn't get to check out the bar area but it seemed like it was more for the older crowd (mid 30s+).  The rooms are a bit small and old fashioned but the flat panel HD tv was nice, especially during the Olympics!

24/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Cole S.
What a great place!!  This hotel is filled with such rich history that you shouldn't pass up an opportunity to visit.  Presidents and royalty have stayed here, along with the occasional movie star.  The lounge is lively and serves great drinks.  The location is also a wonderful starting point for exploring the city.  I would definitely go back.

29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Troy S.
Love it, we were there a few months ago and its great and cheap too! Its kind of hard to find the parking entrance but other then that its great!

12/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Annie M.
Love the building, inside and out. Small but comfortable rooms. I love the fancy details, like the double-headed shower, glass door handles, and elegant valances and window-coverings. The bed was super-soft too!

04/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Heather S.
Meh.. Stayed here twice now.  The location is great - right in Union Square, near Macy's, and other great shopping - and a block from Sears Fine Foods.  There are 2 sections of the hotel - an older section and a newer section.  I've stayed in both.  The room we had in the older section was larger, old fashioned decor - the bathroom tiny, with old fixtures and a leaky sink.   It looked out into a 'courtyard' which was basically views of other rooms.  The beds are typical Westin 'Heavenly' beds - which are comfy, great sheets, lots of pillows.  Recently we stayed in the newer section - it's an average modern hotel room, everything about it was average - size, design, amenities.   We had a bit of trouble, the tub and sink wouldn't drain, but they came and dumped some draino in and it was fine.  House keeping was pretty lousy - occasionally they didn't actually make the bed, just pulled the comforter up, and they didn't clean up and replace all the towels.  22 Floors up and we could still hear people carrying on outside, partying from St Patricks day I think

Parking is ridiculously expensive.  They charge $15 if you have a package shipped to the hotel - just because they can.  They do give you a goody bag if you have a kiddo - with a Westin Rubber Duckie, outlet covers, night light and mini first aid kit.

Agree with the other reviews about the elevators - it's a long wait to get one to go up the newer section of the hotel - and they are colder than outside.  Its seems a lot of street kids like to come in and just ride the elevators up and down for the views.

If we find ourselves in SFO again we are going to try somewhere different.  There are many hotels in the Union Square area to choose from, so I think we'll try our luck somewhere else.

20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. digamus disguise e.
Here's the gist- if you think you're getting a great deal on a 4 star hotel on priceline ($100), remember that you get what you pay for.  I figured that on a Wednesday night they could spare a room with a view of the square... not a chance.  The old rooms are pretty musty and ill-cared for.  The mini-fridge let out a belch of rankness when I peeked inside, we had one working phone and one dead one, only one bathrobe, and the door had only half a security latch.  The bathroom was recently remodeled and of a nice size.  The room itself was cozy (tiny with thin walls).  Redeeming qualities- a service call for a toothbrush was answered promptly, and the location is great.  4 tourist books about sf in your room and an interesting looping channel on the big flatscreen tv also nice for visitors.

17/01/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Karin C.
My most favorite hotel to stay in San Francisco. Great room service, great concierge, total San Francisco style and FANTABULOUS LOCATION!! Some of the rooms are quite small and I mean really really small so try not to stay in the older tower and spend a little more money for the nicer room and you'll enjoy your stay even more!

25/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Tina B.
Arrived on Thursday for the buy 2 get one free.  I haven't slept in 3 days.  We stayed on the 27th floor facing Union Square in the Modern towers. We stayed there about 8 years ago and the carpeting, bathroom furnishings, bedroom furnishings are the same.  The carpeting was stained, the bathroom was not very clean and the toilet was one like in the bus depot.  Gave us 3 towels, and 1 lotion. I don't know if it was a concert or there was a really loud band in town but the bass kept us up until 1 am on Saturday.  The walls are really thin and I could hear every footstep above us.  I would never stay here again.

17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
88. miriam b.
Location is prime. Mike Mina's restaurant greets on the left side. Ticketmaster? in the Lobby. Rooms in the front are old, creaky and kinda sad. Ask to be in the "Tower" or newer side of hotel.

what do hotels do with
23 year old scam/criminal as reported on June 19, 2006 by SFGate.com :


Saw Richard Branson of Virgin fame grinning in the Lobby hoping for a shag, but man is he NOT my type.

02/06/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. John-Michael C.
I can't comment on the the rooms there....but I can comment on the ballrooms there since I had gone to a large black tie affair there. It was large...large does not do it justice.....but the hall of mirrors was a nice touch and the food wasn't that bad. I do like Minna downstairs and the rest of it was so sososososososo....It seems that the rooms are a hit or miss type thing, but again I can't comment on that. I do remember having a great time in the hotel otherwise. Valet parking was great, the service was great, everything else was great.

20/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Mark W.
Only top floor for me in the new section.  My favorite SF hotel

30/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Katy O.
We took a little stay-cation here this weekend after finding a great deal on Hotwire (about $100/night.) We were in the old section of the building overlooking Union Square. (Well, we were across the hall with no view.) The room was small and charming with a nice, comfy bed. I would give it three stars, but they got a bonus for quickly and easily moving us at 11pm when we returned to our room to hear a wedding reception blasting out of control beneath our feet. If you get a great price, it's a cute hotel with a great location!

12/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Sharon S.
I absolutely love the St. Francis! All the detail in the rooms. The comfortable beds with the down comforters. The lobby is beautiful with the huge chandeliers & the  tall clock . The concierge are amazing. So helpful with anything you could want. Great location. Only a block from Bloomingdale shopping mall & Macy's is just across the street. They have some great shops in the hotel, too.

15/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. ABBY A.
"Let me tell you...for my cousin's engagement party, we stayed in a suite that was, no joke, "X" thousand dollars a night!  The room was HUGE and included a kitchen, living room, dining room, private bedroom and guestroom. Whuuuuuut! The hotel itself is kind of dark inside, and you might get lost in the lobby, but it's a nice hotel.  Very friendly and knowledgable concierge team.  Close to BART and shopping. Shout out to my cousin JEFF at the concierge desk, a.k.a. MR. FRIENDLY!  He's the BEST! Very business-friendly, elegant hotel with professional and courteous staff! I'd shell out the extra bucks for this place, and if there's no availability, I'd call the Nikko, the Hilton, Parc 55 or Intercon."

04/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Becka D.
Comfy bed, HUGE room, nice bathroom goodies, awesome location...BUT the in-room internet didn't work for 3 out of the 5 of us staying there, the staff in the hotel lobby/bar was rude and inattentive, and everything was over priced. Luckily it was a work trip, so I didn't mind as much, but I doubt we will be going back here.

11/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
95. Matt K.
I am a big fan of the Starwood Hotel Group so when I stayed at the Westin, I expected excellent service and great rooms. The Westin St. Francis kept up with my expectations, although my view left much to be desired. I stayed in the tower, even though I wanted to stay in the historic part overlooking Union Square. The room was big, 2 double beds with plenty of room all around. The big bay windows were nice, but it overlooked the roof of the building....nice view of some gravel and dirty skylights =( The service and staff was nothing less than purely Westin. Elevators give you that funny feeling when they start and stop, I like it, but others think they move to fast. Haha.

Overall, good hotel, good price, excellent location!

05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Andrenaline R.
St. Francis known for its rich history and ambiance.
Great location for being right in the heart of union square.
Step outside of the hotel and go shopping or site seeing.
Blocks away from Chinatown.
I thought our room was really small. A full size bed, which was 2 feet away from the bathroom. Looking out of our window, we could see the other wing's windows. I guess that's what we get for doing priceline. I must say the heavenly bed is awesome, although small, but quite comfy. The dual showerhead would have been great, if it worked better. Half of the water didn't flow up to the showerheads.
The elevators were really slow. The hotel needs to upgrade.

18/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Miki M.
Our stay at the Westin was wonderful. From the staff to the valet service, everyone was professional and helpful. The bed in the room was nice and soft. The rooms were a little small but we didn't mind. Valet was pricey but it is SF. Hotel location was close to everything and cable car pick up.

07/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Michael B.
Heavenly Bed!  Heavenly Shower!  Not to mention the Heavenly Views of the city!  Remember to ask for a high floor when booking a room.  Trust me, your face will be plastered to the windows.  With an LCD TV w/HD in every room, they have all the modern amenities.  You don't even have to walk far to shop when most of the mainstream department stores are at your doormat.  Want to get your girlfriend, wife, or yourself something nice like lingerie?  Vicki's has a backdoor dedicated to the hotel's guests.  We stayed at the newer part of the hotel and thought that was awesome.  Next time, we'll request the more classic part of the hotel -- I heard those rooms are elegant.

26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. L P.
Ok so I was checking in with 300 other people for the Avon Walk this year and forgot to tip the person taking the bags out of my car and valet to park my car. It's their policy to have you wait in the room until the luggage arrives. We waited one hour and 20 minutes, called twice looking for our luggage which consisted of a pillow/suitcase. We were basically punished for not tipping. The room was sheer basic and the bathroom had mold in the tub area. For 200.00 plus for I'd stay somewhere else. I travel for business and stay in many places. This place is so overrated.

11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
100. Ryan W.
The Westin St. Francis is a classic, and in almost every respect is starting to show her age.  It all started with the front desk clerk who checked me in.  His tie was undone and his collar was rumpled - it looked like he had just gotten up from a nap and slept in his uniform.  (I can't remember his name, but his "passion" on his name tag was "Chicago sports."  It certainly wasn't personal appearance.)  That kinda set the tone for the whole stay.  My room was average with the bathroom needing a spruce up.  They were really skimpy with the towels. One hand towel?  One wash cloth?  I was in the new tower, so the view from the room was great.  Elevators took a while to service my floor.  Most of the lobby staff weren't particularly friendly.  The tried to charge me $12 for a gym the size of a closet.  The gym is so small that nearly every piece of cardio equipment was taken when I first went down there at 6am.  When I pointed out my SPG platinum status, they said I didn't have to pay.  I'm surprised anybody does.  Would I stay at the St. Francis again?  I don't know.  Maybe.  But I'm sure there are other nicer places in SF where I can earn my SPG points.

04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
101. justin v.
I've stayed here for New Years Eve on a last minute trip to the city.  Normally I like to stay at the Clift or W; but, I found that this is also just a great location to hit up shopping in Union Square for a day trip.  I've even just rented a room for the day here when I came up to the city (from Monterey) early in the morning and planned on staying late for dinner and what not so that I could have a place to sit and relax for a few hours or freshen up between shopping and meeting friends for dinner.
The rooms have a balance between modernity and the orginality of an old SF building.

12/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Michele R.
Stayed here recently and had excellent service and food.  Rooms are a tad small but well appointed.  Couldn't ask for a more convenient location.

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Kimberly C.
Margie B. beat me to the punch regarding the elevators. I've been wanting to go up in one of those glass elevators hanging on the side of the building since the first time I set foot near Union Square. Last night, while killing time before my friend's Mac store "Genius Bar" appointment (where geniusaholics go to drink?), I dragged him over to the Westin to find where we might catch a lift. The whole experience is a little disorienting, but breathtaking. It reminded me of the old parachutes ride at Knott's Berry Farm and probably made me smile as big as if I'd been on an amusement park ride. It would be great to do that once a week!

05/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Steve R.
Excellent hotel.  The staff was very pleasant the entire time, from the front desk to housekeeping.  The rooms in the new part of the hotel were certainly much larger - while the old tower was recently renovated and is fine, the folks in my group that ended up in the new rooms had much larger rooms.  Somehow our rate included free breakfast each day - a full breakfast, not a continental, and I probably would have paid for it anyway.

One thing to note - we called ahead and were assured that we wouldn't be charged if we had some boxes FedEx'ed to the hotel, and then at checkout I was charged $55.00 for "package handling."  They ultimately agreed to waive it, but that shouldn't have been a problem.

11/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. W Y.
This is a nice hotel.  Great location.  Not the nicest in San Francisco, but a good place to stay for the price.  The glass elevators are fun, too.

The lobby area always seemed to be filled with people.

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Helen L.
I remember riding the glass elevators here a few years ago with a friend and I really wanted to go back with my bf but we just could not find it. I tried to find it again with a friend a few days ago and turns out we did not walk far enough. The elevators are known as the Tower Elevators and they're located towards the end of the hotel where you make a right and then a left. In the elevators my friend pushed the button for the 33rd floor which is the highest floor but it does not light up for some reason so we went for the 32nd. It was nice seeing union square at night with the ice skating rink all lit up in colorful colors. We got off at the 32nd floor and looked around. I could here another family having gone up the elevators and then going back down doing the whole elevator touristy thing we were doing. Haha. The ride up reminded me of drop zone and on the way down I was expecting an uneasiness to creep into my stomach but that never happened since the ride down was pretty gradual and slow. I would like to go back with my bf during the day.

28/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Andrew L.
I guess if you get a really good deal and don't mind staying in the most tourist-infected block of real estate in the entire world, this is perfect.

The rooms, for the most part, are tiny, and the smugness of the other guests and staff would make you think you were staying at the taj mahal or something. It's a halfway decent hotel. Period.

29/05/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Anika K.
All about the location. Rooms can be small, and dark - so it always feels like nighttime if you're inside.
The lobby is gorgeous and lively, it's like staying at a museum. If you're into the victorian style hotel scene, this is your place.

11/10/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. David C.
The Westin St Francis was my home for three months while I was on a work assignment. I got to know the staff pretty intimately and I have to say, they made this place my home away from home (back on the East coast). It was such a warm welcome to the city of San Francisco that I moved to SF permanently afterwards.

03/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Warren R.
this place is pretty cool!! great location in heart of Union Square... right by  LV, Tiffanys, Mall, Macys, etc.... tons of starbucks all around...

opt for the new tower... its nicer than the old side and the views from the elevator are incredible...

this is a great place if your traveling for business or just wanna shop a lot

about 32$ taxi from airport....

oh and really good sushi place about 3 blocks up street ;)

27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. Carol C.
I attended a wedding here in 2000 and it was by far the most expensive and opulent wedding I have ever been to, not to mention that I met a really great guy here.  You really can meet people at weddings!

Really comfortable beds.  Excellent service.  If you can, take the elevator for an awesome view of the city.  As you descend, look down until you reach the floor...it's pretty fun....yes, I am not telling you -- it's a surprise!

14/05/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
112. Wendy L.
One of my friends recently got married and had a cocktail party for some of her guests the night before the weeding.  They rented two suites - one for the groom and his groomsmen and one for the bride and her bridesmaids - and they used one of the suites as the cocktail party location.  The suites were both amazing - huge with tons of space and great views of San Francisco.  And she was able to negotiate a great room rate, so it was a steal.  And, really, it's all about the elevator ride...

24/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Maybeth F.
This was our second visit to the Westin St. Francis and we LOVED it!  Our fir sit visit we stayed in the old tower, which has way more character. This visit we stayed in the new tower.  The service there was excellent.  The fastest check-in and check-out we've ever had at any hotel. My husband forgot his razor and they brought one up for him. They house the great Michael Mina restaurant.  The Clock Bar is pretty awesome, really good Mojitos.  And the door men are the most fantastic thing about this place.  They seem to know everything about the city.  The location is perfect, we practically walked almost everywhere we wanted to go without any problems.  We will surely make another visit here when staying in San Fran.

28/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Caroline L.
I got to stay here with my mom while she had a work conference, which meant FREE, FREE, FREE!! I can't imagine how much it was to actually stay there per night, but I hear it's somewhere along the lines of $300 a night. Yikes!

I thought the room was pretty sweet, especially the really comfortable bed. In my later years, I have forgotten what it's actually like to sleep in a bed (I sleep on a couch/futon deelie). But sleeping in that one actually made my back feel better.

But the thing that really bothered me was the bathroom. It was really nice, but some of the paint was peeling and the wallpaper was peeling up as well. It's probably due to the fact that there's no fan when you turn on the light (ala Holiday Inn?) and the window didn't seem like it could open until one day I came back to the room to find housekeeping had opened it.

Other notable: they give you a cool robe to wear in your room, which is a nice alternative to an extra blanket in the closet. However, I found a lack of an extra blanket in the closet very disturbing. I think I've been staying at Best Westerns too much. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that they had writing tablets and pens (which I took, along with the soap and shampoo). Cried when there was no stationary. (I probably had to pay for it ... which, by the way, they offer a numerous amount of things for you to use, but it "may" cost an extra fee. Boo.)

Other than that ... very classy establishment. If you can't sleep some nights, there's an information channel which tells you the story about the St. Francis Hotel. Interesting if you like SF history.

12/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
115. Mary C.
i am writing this review purely for the sake of bragging.  
i went to michael minna the other night for wine and cheese.
it was fancyyyyy schmmmmancy! i was little miss fancy pants!
my date was a sommelier at another restaurant in sf so he was treated like royalty  - and he treated me like a queen.
we were given a taste of an ungodly ridiculously expensive glass of wine.  it was delicious, of course.
the cheese plate was great too - lovely presentation.

22/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. vivien c.
This is my favorite public restroom. It has great lighting; it is clean, and convenient to all of downtown. The lobby is also a wonderful place to sit and do life drawing. I've never been bothered, no one seems to mind if you sit there for an hour or so.
I did stay here once, the room was nice, and the bed was luxurious. However, I do admit to being less excited about the St. Francis since they took away the tea room, it just makes me kind of sad.

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Chris R.
The only reason why this hotel is popular is because it's located on Union Square and it's in the heart of downtown SF.  Their rooms are like any other hotel rooms, nothing special.  You're over paying for the location.  If you have the money and wants a real SF experience, go stay and Mark Hopkins.

16/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
118. Gabriel B.
This hotel to me best represents San Francisco. It has a great look, old world charm, centralized location in the city, and offers a range of room pricing options. The older part of the hotel is more charming, at least to me than the modern building they attached to it. This is what you would expect in San Francisco so if you're from out of town check in here

13/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Benjamin N.
We stayed here last weekend. We were really excited to see what the rooms looked like. Check in was great, went to our room 2790. Here's where the problem begins. The room was half cleaned. It looked like they just rented the room by the hour. The bed was half made, there was a pile of towels in the bathroom, shampoos were half used. I called the front desk and asked for another room. They said only the small rooms in the main tower were available. No thank you. The other option was to wait for the room to be cleaned. Nope. I went downstairs to talk to a manager. Surprise, a room became available. We moved to 3087. Very nice. The only problem is the room is attached to the elevator. So we got to hear all those people taking those elevator joy rides.
We asked the concierge for a recommendation for a good Mexican restaurant. He was very rude and unhelpful. His name was Nate. The location was great, the bed was awesome, but I would rather stay at the Hilton and walk the couple blocks.

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
120. tammy m.
okay: I stayed in this hotel a grand total of ONE time. I live in The City so it's pretty pointless to spend an extravagant amount of money on one night. That being said, here's my review:

I love the glass elevator. Actually, I love any glass elevator, but the fact that my boyfriend nearly threw up on it made my night. After a while of riding the contraption, we deduced that the middle elevator goes the fastest. Maybe we were just drunk off our asses and that's not true. The room itself was [...]. I don't really know how to compare it with other hotels in the city since I haven't stayed in one before. To be honest, for $250 a night I think I was expecting a bit more. Still, the room we got was pretty nice and had a great view of downtown. The bed was fantastic. I'm not sure why some people got the shit rooms but mine was very comfortable and did not smell of dog piss. Maybe I got the tower room. I do not have any clue.

The only complaints I had were when I woke up, I had three mysterious bites on me. I'm not sure how they got there but I know for sure they weren't present before I went to sleep or before we checked in. Minus one star. ): Oh and they tried to charge my boyfriend for using the minibar which we didn't even touch. Would minus one star here but since they were understanding (they should be. we didnt touch it!) and didn't give us attitude, i'm not docking a point.

Beautiful hotel, beautiful room, great views (both from a meeting/dance hall and from window in room), beautiful city. 4 stars =)

05/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. virginia C.
Excellent!!  The landmark building (which is the old front building with all of the history) has been refurbished and is great.  But, you will want to pay for a room that faces union square.  It is worth it!!  And, if you can get a corner room even better because these have windows all around.  High ceilings, marble bathroom, walkin closet nice amenities.  Have stayed in the landmark bldg before the "freshing" of the rooms and it was just O.K..  Much much better now.  I read alot of reviews after I book the St Francisc on trip advisors and was very worried about staying here.  not good.  BUT, now I think that competing hotels must have written the reviews......they are not correct.  THIS is a first rate hotel with excellent service, class and wonderful Westin rooms that feature the Heavenly Bed with clean fresh white linens, great shower, space and wonderful views of Union Square.  Today our treat was watching the USC Trojan marching band perform in Union Square during their pep rally for the Emerald Bowl Game.  The music bounced off of all buildings surrounding Union Square.  We have enjoyed looking down on the lighted ice skating rink every evening.

We will ALWAYS stay here for the location, service and comfort.  
Be smart about this and please be specific when making your reservations.  
#1.  Landmark Building
#2  Union Square View
#3  Corner Room if possible

It will cost more but is well worth it.
Happy Travels.

26/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. Colleen C.
location location location.

in the middle of union square, you can't go wrong.  friendly staff.  spacious rooms, and a great deal on priceline!

03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Eric S.
The hotel has the perfect location if you're a tourista (which we were this particular trip) and want to see the sights. We mananged to survive without using a car for three days (which is amazing for us being obsessed southern californians that need a car to go a block) We eneded up in a deluxe corner room in the new tower (thanks SPG!). While the view was wonderful there were some issues with the room. The sink stopper was broken, so in order for it to drain properly we had to pull it out. It wasn't a big deal for us since we made sure any expensive jewelry was not put near the sink. You can also hear the all the street noise in the particular room we were in (mind you we're on the 24th floor!). In fact we had live music every night from the corner bar. Fortunately this ended around 10:30pm. Last thing, wireless is S-L-O-W either in the lobby or in the room (which i coughed up 14 bucks one night). That's something they should defintely look at/fixing (especially with all the tech companies nearby :P)

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. M. R.
Love this hotel! My boyfriend and I stayed here recently  4th of July weekend. The hotel lobby is so lush and elegant. Our room was great. It had a nice king size bed. The bed was so comfortable it was like sleeping on a cloud.  As soon as I laid down in it to take a rest, I ended up sleeping the rest of the night and I missed the fireworks!!!!! Parking here is expensive it is like 50.00 a day ! We parked at union square across the street. There are lot's of places to shop near by such as  Louis Vuitton  and Macy's so that was cool.  However, not many vegetarian restaurants around this area.

20/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Jesus L.
if you go to San Francisco this is the Hotel in Union square will get your atention quick, this place look, feels,youre in San Francisco with a luxurious Victorian look decor, this is how you never will wish leave san fran. exelent De Luxe rooms, build in 1906  this is one of the best hotels you can enjoy. like i did 3 nites. its wort every penny because its the St. Francis Hotel powered by the Prestigious Westin  Signature hotels. yes ,yes yes, you going to love it.

24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Amy A.
I must be on the good list in someones book... came back here several times for fun and work, and each time I would get some sorta perk. Ice cream and cereal for a room full of rowdy girlfriends. And another time wine and cheese? Keep it up and I might move in.

21/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Ty W.
Definitely a nice hotel.  I've stayed twice on two separate business trips and enjoyed both stays.  The old-timey feel of the lobby and hallways is really comfortable, though I have noticed an odd smell in the hallways from time to time.  The rooms are very clean, and they have the Heavenly beds which are truly amazing.  Flat-screen's in every room, and smack in the middle of Union Square (which is a hellhole in my opinion, but uber convenient for cab access).

07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Ryan S.
Overall pretty good hotel, great location. The hotel itself was enjoyable but not fantastic. I was in one of the older rooms out front, so it was kind of small, but I like the history so I didn't mind it.

The bed was great, my bathroom was good sized and whenever I needed something the staff was very helpful. Being able to stay right on Union Square was great and having Michael Mina in the hotel was fun.

09/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Amy Y.
I have never been so disappointed in a hotel :/

Pros: LOCATION! The tower rooms or so they say... and great public areas.
Cons: rooms in the gorgeous historic part of the hotel are teeny and in dire need of updating! POOR customer service and hotel management!

My husband decided to surprise me by booking us a room at the St Francis (Westin) for our 26th anniversary, how romantic right? He paid 274.00 for a room in the older part of the hotel which is waaaaaay more than he should have but...he was romantic and wonderful so :P We arrived around 2:45 expecting a line to check in but yay we find no line! The lack of line is due to the fact that there has been some sort of communication breakdown and they don't know which rooms are clean. Can they call us when they have a room? Sure, we're in a great mood, feeling romantic and happy, we'll kick around and come back. 40 minutes later we get that call and go up to find our room. Did I mention that it's our anniversary and hubby made sure to tell them that when he booked the room and we talked to the guy at the desk about it that afternoon as well? Well the room is a teeny which I  expected (ok even I was shocked at HOW small LOL) but the view is of the rooms across the way and we could almost step out onto the roof the lower floor to walk our way across to that room, not ok unless it was a regular day and we'd paid 100 dollars a night you know? I called the manager and she offers a room near the elevator but with a better view, we think this has to be better and it is a better room although it could have used a coat of paint and new carpets, but the view is GREAT so we are happy. We drop off the bag and are out the door in two seconds. After a most awesome romantic dinner and stroll back from North Beach to the hotel we go to our room to find out just how LOUD the elevator is and yes it's directly next to our room, it's SO loud... it's like being on BART when you're going under the bay kind of noisy! We could have been mad but instead we just laughed and went to sleep, because lucky for us we sleep like the dead! The Westin needs to get it's customer service together. A local couple calls more than a month in advance to plan for an anniversary and you offer them your worst room at a high price to boot! We will return to overnight in SF as we do several times a year (we're locals!) but will stay elsewhere next time. We are sorry not to be able to add the St Francis to our list of recommended (and repeat stay) hotels.
PS...I know you have to sell these elevator and or windowless rooms in the historic building so why not do it at a cut rate and leave a nice note acknowledging that reduction with a smile and sleep mask or earplugs! If presented in a nice manner it could be a great way to sell those hard to move rooms and make it a POSITIVE experience to boot!

18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
130. Eileen H.
My husband suprised me for my 30th birthday with a night at the Westin St. Francis, and it was sooooo wonderful!  Their "Heavenly Bed" is exactly that- HEAVENLY.  It consists of a pillow-top mattress, like, three sheets, a down blanket, down comforter with a crisp white duvet cover, and about five or six down pillows.  *SIGH*  
It was right before Christmas, and the lobby was decorated beautifully.  When we were checking in I was just standing there in awe.  I almost cried.  (I know, i'm a dork).  The room we had was on the 25th floor so we had a nice view.  Unfortunately, it was before the new Union Square was finished, so all we were looking down at was basically a construction site.  anyway, I love this hotel, and if i never get to stay there again, I will always remember that Heavenly Bed.

14/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Sean M.
Very nice hotel. There are two parts, the old which is over 100 years old and a newer tower.  I recommend staying in the old ( Renovated) section.  The have left the old appeal of the hotel and added a few features for convenience.  This has a great location on the cable car line and is right on Union square.  There is plenty of restaurants and shopping in all directions.  Hotel can be expensive, but this is San Fran!

03/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Suzanne B.
It's two weeks before Christmas and at the time I live four blocks from the mecca of consumer spending and prime people watching known as Union Square.  My friend calls me up on a Saturday morning - "Let's go to Union Square to see the holiday lights."  Okay.  Heck, it's downhill!

We meet at Borders and start around the Square.  It's cold, little windy, tons of people out, you can hear the Salvation Army bell-ringers.  I love the holidays!  We come around the corner and start up Powell - I'm talking about the Westin hotel and the earthquake - yada yada (history major = dork sometimes).  My friend says - "You know, they've made this HUGE gingerbread house right in the lobby.  Let's go look."

I had never been inside the St Francis before.  Four blocks away, and I'd never been inside.  Idiot.

We admire the truly enormous gingerbread house, ride the elevators (best ride in SF), wander a luxurious hallway or two, have a drink in the back lobby bar and start to head back out into the cold.  Next to the doors, right at the edge of the lobby, there's a little kiosk/stand selling hot beverages. Did I mention it was cold?  We all stop and I notice one of the items on the menu is mulled wine.

...you must be kidding.  I love mulled wine.  Upon inquiring I discover that why yes, they would be happy to give me some mulled wine in a to-go cup.  I love luxury hotels!  I walk out of the Westin St Francis with a 20 oz styrofoam coffee cup (with lid) filled to the brim with warm yummy winy goodness.  Cold, who cares about the cold?

If they had been offering Irish Coffee it would be five stars.

24/07/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Alexis A.
It was ok.  I love Starwood hotels because the beds are amazingly comfortable and I love the duel shower heads.  They also take dogs which is wonderful.  It is centrally located so that is good when, like myself, I did not want to drive.  Other than that - well that is all the compliments I really have.  The staff was nice.  The first room they put me in was a handicap room, so I went to the bathroom, made a phone call and went downstairs - booo I had wasted too much time and now there were a lot of people checking in at 4p.  So I moved across the hall.  Then realized that room had a broken lamp shade that was teetering on the lightbulb.  Combine that with the fact that the woodword could use a good painting and it just started to see shabby (I was in the new tower).  My only real complaint was that I had the "Do not disturb" sign on my door and yet the maid came in and cleaned my room.

04/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
134. Karl F.
The common defense - but it's old and has a great history.  Yeah, that doesn't cut it.  

The staff is very nice.  They're friendly and helpful.  That doesn't resolve some of the big issues with this joint.

1. Paper thin walls, plywood ceilings, single pane windows and ill-fitting doors mean every sound of everything that occurs everywhere around you comes into the room.  The person above you flushes the toilet...well you're treated to the entire event.  Someone walks buy discussing the Giants game...chime in, it's as if you're right there anyway.  Want to know what people are protesting about in SF?  Just stay at the Westin St. Francis; you'll hear every lovely chant.  Turn out your bedside lamp and the entire door is framed by the hall lights...it's like a horror movie but the horror is the price you're paying for this kind of shoddy quality.
2. That bathroom...wow.  The toilet might have been stolen from a subway.  The dirty tub had a shower curtain that didn't reach any end, so no matter what the water was going somewhere outside the shower.  Hey, notice that soggy feeling in the carpet?  Yeah, the 3 foot wide bathroom might be draining into the room.
3. $50 parking.  'nuff said on that one.
4. Elevators that don't work.  Press the down button and begin praying.  Maybe an elevator would show up.  Don't bet on it though. More than once we meandered to the end of the hall to exit onto Post street rather than wait another ten minutes for the elevators.
5. No HD?  When you put a wide screen TV in a room it becomes crystal clear that the vast majority of channels are not HD.  It's 2011. Who knew in 2011 TV still arrived in non-HD?
6. Closet light stayed glowing always.  Did we miss the switch?  Nope, the switch is embedded in the frame and depends on a tight fit from the door but like the door out of the room, this one was too small for the frame.

As Starwood Preferred members we've stayed at their properties all over the world.  This ranks lower than the Sheraton adjacent to the SFO.  Or even Aloft in Rancho Cucamonga.  And that place was only 90 bones a night.

I haven't stayed in a hotel this ghetto since I had the misfortune of traveling through Oklahoma and ended up in a motel near Durant.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
135. Mark S.
OK, we went on a last minute trip and found a United vacation package deal where we got a room here and a rental car for like $100 more than the cost of two airfares alone.   So staying here was a no brainer!  This hotel is very historic and located right in the middle of all the shopping and a bunch of tourist stuff, if that's your thing.

The package deal paperwork made it pretty clear what to expect- "traditional furniture, no view."  Yeah, I expected a broom closet for a free room.  You should know the place has the 'old' part and a new tower part, as well.  We were obviously in the 'old' part of the hotel.  

Once we checked in, the girl at the counter gave us the somewhat embarrassed look and said, "uh, um, we can offer you a room upgrade with a king bed for just $40/night."  Thanks, but no thanks- I'll take the free room.  We only needed the room for the weekends, and left it empty during the week when we headed up to wine country anyway.

So the room wasn't that small after all- not compared with rooms I've had in France anyway.  The Westin bed was as expected- GREAT!  The shower was awesome- two heads!  The lower one was set to massage and the higher one you used like normal- it worked great!

So, I knock a couple stars off and here's why.  First, there is nowhere to pull up and drop off your bags!  Oh yeah, you can pull into their jam-packed garage, and then make a fuss and have somebody get your car out of it, but come on.  Pain in the ass.  I knew we didn't need the car while staying here and wasn't about to spend $50/day to store it when I could take the MUNI or BART back from some neighborhood with free parking, duh.  But there was nowhere to load/unload, so -1star for making me park it for a night (and deal with it the next day).

Second, the newspaper was left at our door only sporadically, and the room had no coffee maker.  Those are knits I'm picking, but if you want to bill yourself as some great Westin Hotel, get that shit worked out.

When we were there a Harp player convention was going on and all these weirdo drunk harp ladies would ride the elevator with us.  That was weird, but kinda fun.  People really love places like this, but not me.  The price was right, but I doubt I'll be back- I rather find a hotel with a location more convenient for what I want to do, instead of all those tourists who've never been to a city before.

05/10/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
136. Cee N.
This is a solid Westin property, located in a very convenient area.  I stayed in the new tower, which had a partial view of the city.  The room was very nice and the bathroom was sizable.  Unlike most Westins, there were no bathrobes.  The amenities were also rather sparse.  No qtips or cotton balls.  It looked like they were doing renovations to the lobby area, so perhaps the rooms in the new tower are next?

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. Artsy S.
It's not the same without the Compass Rose bar / afternoon appetizers, caviar and champagne service.  The Compass Rose was so memorable for many reasons.

The Michael Minna restaurant is excellent - we have been there. It was a wonderful tastings menu of seven courses!  But it doesn't have the atmosphere that made the Compass Rose such a destination meeting spot.  Who can forget male servers in "harem pants", the piano bar with a live piano player, playing songs that you could request?   Ah, it's not same.  

I live in San Francisco, so I can't say anything about the hotel rooms.

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
138. Hasham Y.
On my recent stay they gave me a room in the new tower with union square view. New, moderinstic, well furnished rooms with excellent views. i will highly recommned staying in new tower. It will definitely make your S.F visit worthwhile

13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Jasmine L.
This hotel is probably popular because of its prime location.

But other than that... I'm not feeling so fond about it.  Elevators are super slow (a fit for the Slowskys), rooms are really just all right... some of the towels had dirty stains on it, and looked like they were falling apart, I had two guests in the room but they only set it up for one, furniture looked OLD...

So, I probably won't recommend staying here unless you plan on not having a car while you're in San Francisco.

03/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
140. Brady L.
I give this hotel a 3 star rating. They are normally very friendly but being SPG this hotel NEVER has any of the upgrades I am suppose to be entitled too. I have but basically in broom closets were there is no room to even move. The staff however is very friendly and smiles whenever they check you into these small rooms. The beds are comfortable but too me it just does not have Westin standards like other properties such as the one down the street. I understand it is historical but there are things called renovations.

11/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
141. Vanessa L.
I've never stayed here, but friends tell me the rooms are just ok.

I have been to a wedding and a luncheon/meeting on the 32nd floor (Victor and Alexandra rooms). Like everyone says - amazing views, nice decor. But the food bites! Just your typical hotel fare-  hockey puck chicken and wilty salad.

Come on, St. Francis! You're a landmark, act like one!

15/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
142. Holly S.
The Westin St. Francis is amazing.  We stayed one night (Sunday) over a busy, 3-day holiday weekend.  We were celebrating my father's 80th birthday, and after a day of jostling around town (fleet week, Italian American day, and a bluegrass festival), were SO ready for some pampering and relaxation.  This hotel did not disappoint.  We checked in at 4 p.m. without problem.  The desk clerk (Jill) was gracious and accommodating, and when we asked for an upgrade to the tower, she found two adjacent (and connecting) rooms.  She also sent a complimentary fruit and cheese platter to my dad's room, which really made things special.  

The rooms were beautiful.  There was a comfortable chaise lounge in my room, and an armchair in my parent's room, and each had a good-sized desk with internet access (which I didn't use, so can't comment on).  The bathrooms were fantastic...spacious and elegant, with recessed lighting, plenty of fluffy towels, and the famous double-headed shower (aaahhh).  There was a single-cup coffee maker, with Starbucks coffee packets.  My folks ordered a pot of coffee from room service, which arrived promptly, and which they said was very good.  Each room had a large window, with sheer and black-out drapes.  The linens and bedding on the heavenly bed were soft and luxurious.  I was a bit disappointed in the mattress (a little firm for my taste), but I slept like a baby so can't complain.  I was also surprised there were no robes provided.  From reading other internet reviews, I  knew the maids start early at the St. Francis, so I put the do-not-disturb sign on my door before going to bed, and had no problem.  There was a complimentary USA Today newspaper outside my door in the morning.  

We used the entrance on the Union Square side of the hotel, which meant a mandatory spin through the revolving door (a bit daunting with luggage).  The valet entrance is on the other side of the hotel, which I think most hotel guests use, but since we parked in the public garage below Union Square (to take advantage of the reduced Sunday rates), we entered on that side.  We took the glass elevator to the 31st floor in the morning and enjoyed the spectacular view, then walked a block or so up Powell Street to Sears Fine Food for breakfast (Swedish pancakes and lingonberries - yummy).  The wait for a table was only 5-10 minutes - you don't check in, just stand in line outside - and service was fast.  

Checking out from the hotel was as easy as checking in...took less than a minute, and there were no surprises on the bill.  Because we stayed in the newer (tower) section of the hotel, I can't speak to the rooms in the original wing.  I can say that our stay was thoroughly enjoyable, in no small part due to the great customer service.

14/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. James J.
I've never stayed here because I live in SF already. But going up to the 31st floor on the elevator is awesome....you can see a lot of san francisco and beyond from up there. If you live here and you haven't done this, well, I just gave you something to yelp about now didn't I?

5 Big Red Ones

29/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. K W.
This is the perfect place for a local's mini stay-cation.  It's definitely more fun during holiday time with the bustle of shoppers and decorations.  When you can shop at Macy's until midnight then just cross the street and crash out in your room.  Then simply grab a cab home on Sunday with all your shopping booty.  It's a different feel in spring.  It's definitely emptied of people.  But, still a nice quick get-a-way, without having to catch a flight or drive very far.

26/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Lana H.
Had a turn-around trip to SF this weekend and got a great price on a room here because I have officially hit the age where it is no longer cool to sleep on a friend's couch.  

Basically, I was looking for a good bed (hence Westin), close to BART for travel the next day and central to Union Square.  

Got my needs met, but none of my wants were even addressed.  For example:

I want phones that work in the room (neither one did, which I discovered when I tried to call downstairs).

I want shampoo and conditioner and that fancy little tube of toothpaste to come in a room already, without my having to call for it.

Finally, I want to not find someone's pubic hair on a rolled up washcloth in my bathroom.  

I wonder if some employees had a little tryst in this bitty room and left a bit of evidence behind...

In any case, I would stay again - because I have a feeling that my experience isn't exactly a typical stay at this hotel.

07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Jessica M.
I can't be too fair yet since I haven't stayed here... and likely won't unless something of a sordid nature takes place (I live nearby).  But I have attended a conference here, had their foodstuffs and some drinks and whatnot.

Here's the deal - it's a hotel and overpriced.  The regular coffee is... regular.  The lunch pasta was kinda soupy and soft... the dinner beef and shrimp was good.  The venue is pretty good - Grand Ballroom is set up well.  1,500 people is about it.  A/Vs are good.  The meeting rooms are a little confusing, so map it out.  The mints I bought in the store were 3.99, but with a street value of 2.50.  I don't like their lounge very much because it's... not laid out well.  It just wasn't comfortable.  And their lobby has some crazy velour sofas that remind me of the couch I made my boyfriend throw away.  Yeah, I think there's better in the square.

26/03/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
147. Ian S.
The Westin St. Francis is also my hotel of choice in San Francisco. The rooms are spacious; the beds are uber-comfy; and the hotel is located in heart of bustling Union Square with shopping and dining aplenty. For exactly that reason, I would recommend asking for a high floor, as various shenanigans on the street have a tendency to reverberate to as high as the 10th floor in the concrete jungle that is downtown San Francisco. Plus, the nighttime view of San Francisco from the higher floors is breath-taking.

The good:
- Impressive address and building.
- Friendly, helpful staff: For such a large hotel, the staff is really quite responsive. I forgot to bring toothpaste one week, and, minutes after calling down to the service desk, someone was at my door with a week's supply of toothpaste packets.
- Spacious, tasteful rooms.

The bad:
- I'm not sure when lighting went out of style, but the room isn't very bright even when the assorted lamps and lights are turned on (note to designer: please don't make me spend 5 minutes walking around the room to turn on lights), which can frustrate productivity when working in the hotel room at night.
- Internet is $14.95 per day; in this day and age, that's a little outrageous.
- For whatever reason (old plumbing and pipes), the shower runs scalding hot whenever someone flushes the toilet on your floor. Not so heavenly bath. And you might get assigned one of those weird bathrooms that has a triangular quasi-tub tucked into the corner of a bathroom.

27/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Annie c.
the location is great! right across from union square.
i stayed here twice, the last time was for the nike half marathon. i enjoyed both stays. the room seemed more historic and older but still nice the first time. the second time, the room was more modern like the other westins - i'm not sure if they updated all the rooms or if the location of the room mattered - they seem to have a lot!
the lobby was very cool with super high ceilings - michael mina is there.
parking is expensive! $49/day with in and out privileges

26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Courtney R.
My totally sweet Fiancee got us a room here on the night he proposed.  I'm writing a review for those who are luck enough to stay in one of the executive suites, the Shanghai in particular.

The suites are totally worth the extra$$$.  Each on has a theme, and they are "executive" suites.  Marble entryway with inset crown molding, Living Room, Dinning Room, separate bedroom, and marble full bath.  Marble 1/2 bath in the entry wall.  Corner suites get you a view of the entry city, from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge.

WORD OF CAUTION:: These suites are all on the 31t floor.  A little hard to swallow if you are afraid of heights ( yes I am).  Oh and there's a GLASS ELEVATOR that goes up the OUTSIDE of the building.

29/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Daryll M.
The positives:

-awesome location, close to shopping, BART station and reasonably central to most of the business I need to do in town

-friendly and attentive staff.  to a person, the service experience is top notch

-sweet LG 42" plasma (though it would have been nice if it were wall-mounted.  yea, I'm picky)

The negatives (God...where to start):

-my BIGGEST complaint was that neither the tub or sink would drain.  I've stayed here twice now in two different rooms and had the same thing happened.  I had 6 inches of water around my ankles after a 5-6 minute rinse and the sink was nearly overflowing after my shave.  :(

-the food from room service was less than marginal--especially considering the pricing ($34 for an omelette, croissant and glass of milk)

-cheap, crappy iron that leaked and left schmutz on my shirt. I know to expect the schmutz (I always iron inside-out for that reason) but this iron was SERIOUSLY crappy and old.

I'm usually a fan of Westins and trust that I am going to have a good experience but I'm officially writing off this location.

29/02/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
151. K C.
The place to be for location, location, location. The Hotel is historic ... It is in two parts the old and the new part. I'd stayed in the old part. I was welcomed with a full staff front desk line. Very nice place. Oh. the bed felt like Heaven.

20/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
152. Nathan J.
I always like traveling to SF for biz because the hotels are usually good and the eating is usually good, too.  I had a rough time with both the last time I was there (see El Sotano).

The St. Francis was a bit of a disappointment for me.  I stayed in one of the old-style rooms.  Aside from the fact that there was this dank smell in the place, particularly in the halls, the room was tough to relax in because the lighting was really harsh.

I like to go back to the hotel and kick back a little bit, but it's tough to do when the lights flood the place like a supermarket.  I fiddled around with the various lamps in the room, but couldn't reach that calm, warm hotel room lighting I like at other joints.

A little tip: run the water for a little while before hopping into the shower.  The plumbing's a little old so you have to purge the rusty water first.

The downstairs and lobby areas are cool, as well as the service.  No complaints there.  The Oak Room is pretty stuffy, but I like the feel of Caruso's and made it a daily stop for an Illy latte on the way out to catch a cab.

With so many other choices in the vicinity, I doubt I'll be staying here again in the near future.

27/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. JERRY B.
The westin st francis is a san francisco landmark.    The hotel is in prime location.   The center of union square.   Walking distance to shops, restaurants and attractions such as the cable car.

The hotel lobby is beautiful.   Nicely decorated with chandeliers, grandfather clocks etc.

Some of the rooms on the other hand are old, from the falling wall paper to the wear and tear on the carpets.   Thats what I experienced.  

Future travlers, be sure to ask for a newer room,.

14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
154. Morgan W.
I've stayed here several times and each time I'm not disappointed. The views are stunning and the service is impeccable. The beds are wonderfully comfortable, and the terry cloth robes are complimentary. My favorite thing about the hotel is the easy access to Union Square shopping, restaurants, and sights. The cable car passes immediately past the front door and you can't pass up the singer on the corner that was featured in Will Smith's "Pursuit of Happyness". All in all its a great place to stay, a bit pricey, but well worth it for a special occasion.

07/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Grace C.
Decided at the last minute to go into the city for a quick getaway and boy was I pleasantly surprised!  Our room was beautiful and had a lovely view! The front desk staff was so accomodating and gave great suggestions for drinks and dinner!  I love the lobby of the hotel because it reminds me alot of the Waldorf-Astoria!  I would come again for a quick inexpensive getaway!

13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Rachel G.
I got my freak on here once.  

And if by "my freak on" you mean that I got to sleep on the cold ass floor covered in a towel, while my date was passed the fuck out, and another couple was getting buck wild in the big comfy bed, springs popping, head board banging, while I sang to myself, with my fingers in my ears, silently taking sips off a small bottle of Absolut...

well, then you know I had a great time.  Nothing but the best for Rachel G.

4 stars for the Elevator.  It is one of the best views in the city...

27/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Kim l.
My friends talked us into coming to the Westin for the Thriller Halloween host bar event. I am not a big drinker, but my friends like to booze things up a bit. We hopped into a taxi and arrived at the Westin around nine thirty. We walked around the corner and saw a huge ass line for will call. Wow so much for planning ahead. We ended up waiting about an hour to get our freggin tickets. However we did see some interesting costumes as we were waiting in line. Once inside, we checked in our coats and went to the bar. $60 for all you can drink all night...but here is the catch Long assssss lines and mini cups.  Anyways the venue was pretty big, I think there were three separate rooms. The dj played some good songs, the costume contest was a bit lame, and the girls restroom was flooded by the end of the night (gross!). Take care of that shiet! Literally! But all in all I had fun even though I have very low tolerance for booze and high heels.

02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Jeff W.
the 360 degree views of SF from the 32nd floor of the westin st. francis hotel are spectacular. i had the pleasure of having cocktails and dinner on the Imperial Floor which encompasses two private rooms - Victor's and Alexandra's. The opulent decor was the perfect setting for the corporate event celebrating sales achievement. But sometimes when you're enjoying the ambiance, the view, and the amenities, in a place like this (think Carnelian Room)  you are provided the dinner and you are somehow figuratively "b-tch slapped"  in the face back to reality with a bone dry piece of steak. NOT the case here. The extra star here goes to the catered dinner presented by the westin st. francis. pumping out 200 perfectly cooked entrees is not easy, but was pulled off with style last night. al dente vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes complimented a tender flavorful cut of braised beef short rib which melted in your mouth. Leo Leong's kitchen staff is to be praised for impressing every one at our table of 10 (and I would bet a dollar every diner on the 32nd floor that night) with the food.
a grand evening for sure given the setting, the celebration, and the meal.

consider this spot for that special event - wedding, banquet, or party. you will impress your guests without a doubt.

26/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Shiho F.
By far one of the most convenient hotels when staying in the city.  The front door opens to Union Square and there is a BCBG on the street corner!

07/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Amy S.
A beautiful classic hotel, right in the heart of the city, enhanced by the Westin heavenly beds and showers. Only wish I could have stayed for more than 9 hours! Maybe then I'd have given it 5 stars.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. Stawan K.
Great place for a conference. Great location and fantastic service..

10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Emma B.
One star for the beautiful building.
One star for the convenient location.
Minus three stars for the staff.

I am so very disappointed with my stay at the Westin. I stayed in the city last weekend for a friend's bachelorette party. I booked the room on Priceline and got an amazing deal ($94 with tax!). I called ahead to request two double beds (actually I accidentally said queen and got an earful about how only suites have two queen beds and since I used Priceline that was out of the question). When I checked in I was informed that if I wanted two double beds I would have to pay $35 extra. Why???

Next, the elevators. I use elevators a lot. That might sound weird, but I do. I know how sometimes they take a long time or seem bouncy or weird. The elevators at the Westin are like none I have ever experienced. I think the shortest wait for one we had was 4 minutes. They took an insane amount of time. And, if an elevator did actually come, it was almost always full or nearly full. Trying to take the elevator down from our room (only on the 4th floor...the floor of the poor) was a nightmare. By the time the elevators made it down to the 4th floor they were almost packed, and when the doors would open not a single person would move to let us on. Now, I do know that this is not a reflection of the hotel itself, but these are the types of people that stay here. This little half full elevator schtick happened at least 5 times. I am not sure why people felt the need to be complete assholes and not let us on, but it was extremely frustrating.

Now, the taxi line. When my friends and I were ready to leave the hotel for dinner we decided to take a taxi. We walked out the front of the hotel and saw the huge line of cabs on the street and walked up to one. Well, little did we know that there was a man with a big whistle and a funny hat whose job it was to get your taxi for you. He informed of us his duties by shouting, "LADIES THAT'S MY CAB!!!" down the street fully embarrassing us and himself. There was no sign indicating there should be a line forming to wait for a cab or that there was some asshole with a whistle opening your doors for you. Once we got in line and he got us a cab he was still unfriendly, unapologetic and just flat out did not care about us as customers.

Now, the room. The room itself was nice enough. Not as nice as I would have expected based on the full price or the attitudes of the other hotel guests and the staff. There was only enough coffee for one person too....in a room that slept 4.

What else can I bitch about? Oh yes, the stairwell was covered in cigarette butts and trash.

Also, no sign or indication as to the location of the ice machine. I had to go hunting for it and ended up in some laundry type room that smelled like urine. Pretty awesome.

Last, but not least, the valet. I will say that there was one gentleman working on Saturday night that was perfection. He was friendly, inquisitive and helpful. Had all the staff been like him it would have completely changed our stay. But when we went to leave on Sunday, they blocked our car in and we couldn't leave. Ehh I could go into details but basically they did not care that we were there and trying to leave. When we asked if they could get the cab driver to move they hardly even acknowledged that we were speaking.

Overall, the Westin St. Francis is a beautiful hotel in a great location with a terrible staff. I will never stay at this hotel again and I will share my experiences with anyone who will listen.

I really expected more and I am so disappointed.

13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
163. Sylvia C.
We snagged a room here for $90 plus taxes/fees on Priceline and couldn't be more pleased with what we got for our money.

The room was a tad old (but it's an old hotel). But the bed was delicious and I had a wonderful night's sleep. I took the best shower I've ever had in my life, thanks to the double showerhead. The bathroom and main room were spacious and had lovely morning light. There's even a roomy closet with a safe in it. Great location and it was done up beautifully for the holidays. A very satisfying experience.

Cons: The garage is $50+ a night. Skip it and park in the Union Square parking garage for $20 less around the corner. The hotel also charges for wireless internet and its gym. Gimme a break, the motel I stayed in a few days later didn't even charge for those things.

02/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Vik S.
My wife's company was holding a Clinical Studies Investigator Conference (whatever that means) so we had a chance to stay in the towers for a two night stay, on the company's dime.

We had the newer look room, with a fantastic view from our 26th floor room.  

I have to say, the employees at this hotel are customer service savvy.  I'm just a regular Joe, nobody would mistake me for having piles of cash....I look more like the guy that rolls in to take multiple glass elevator rides to the 32nd floor for fun.  But I was treated with great service and high respect.  The doormen, conceirge, bartenders etc. were all much nicer and conversational than I expected.

The room itself was very comfortable, bathrooms well above average.....
I enjoyed eating at Michael Mina's restaurant last night...an unexpected surprise...I'll write about that one too....

02/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Dun C.
Compared to other Westin hotels this sucks. You can tell it's an office turned hotel kind of drab.   I don't get that you have to pay for using the exercise room.   I'm not coming back for the price.

02/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
166. Jane P.
i've never actually stayed here, but i am an avid rider of the glass elevators. come here at night with someone to whom you're physically attracted, go up in the elevator, stop it at the top floor and make out with that person.

it will be the most romantic, sweet experience of your life. it really will. even if the person is some scuzzy douchebag you met in a bar who has "the shocker" tattooed on his forearm. it might even open you up to scuzzy douchebags and their undiscovered potential as ideal sexual partners. who knows? it very well might.

08/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Jennifer H.
The walls are so thin I could hear other people's toilet flush all night long. And the doors slamming in the hallways. The location you cannot beat.  We ate at Micheal Minna for dinner. Tiny portions for a lot of money. The complimentary breakfast was good. All I can really say is the location is great for San Francisco visitors.

03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
168. Rosemary D.
Union Square - need complete address

In my opinon this hotel is the best in Union Square for families and couples alike.

Transportation   to the hotel is so great with easy access to BART ( 3blks), parking garages located across the street and valet at the hotel for a reasonable rate comparitively.

Accomodations  are always clean and very comfortable. You have a choice between vintage or modern towers with rooms representing each era. Most rooms have great views of the city depending on your price range.

Room Service delilcious, quick and has very nice variety of food to choose from and available all hours of the night.

opinion: 41/2 *

20/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. John O.
I have to admit, I am a sucker for historic places, and especially if it is a hotel!

I stayed here for a couple of days July, 2006.  For some reason, I just love Union Square.  It is pretty much the only hotel fronting Union Square, so when I checked in I crossed my fingers for a room facing the Square.

Well, my wish came true.  I was in the original historic part of the hotel.  The room was larger than what I expected.  The furnishing were classic Victorian and had the awesome Westin Heavenly Bed!

What I like best about the hotel, other than the history, was the location.  It was in a central location so you don't have to hike up and down hills to get to your hotel.  Although I enjoyed my stay at the Fairmont, it was a chore just to walk around the neighborhood.

For those history buffs, they have this channel on the t.v. that plays a nice bit on the history of the hotel and the San Francisco earthquake.

10/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Erin J.
It's a very old hotel, but it's still a Westin. You get a heavenly bed and a rockin' location in the city! steps away from fantastic shopping and some great restaurants, this is the perfect place to stay.

28/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Johanna W.
Beautiful place for a wedding.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Mare C.
Reviews here may be mixed since there are two different towers (new and old).  The new tower looks like any other fancy dancy hotel.  Nice, spacious, and extra fancy.  The old tower looks like an old apartment building.  With so much paint on the walls, you'd think the room lost a few inches from all the layers of paint.  The bathroom's smaller and the old tower is just.....well...old.  Request for the newer tower when you check in.

Lots of history with this hotel...one of the meeting rooms even has a back door hiding area during the prohibition days.

Hosted meeting and I was treated like royalty.  Greeted with a treat every evening!  First evening was a basket, second was a platter of mini desserts, 3rd was bottle of wine to take home.  I love this place and the rate that was offered to us was crazy cheap.

02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Benjamin G.
I just returned from an "Email and File Archiving" seminar at the Westin St. Francis.  I snuck in through the side door off of Geary (just behind the "dirty 8" stop) and walked towards the elegant main lobby.  On my way, I walked straight passed Jacob from Vintage 415 (first indicator that this is a definite cool spot to be) and onward towards the "tower elevators".  The tower elevators are the ones that you see flying up and down the side of the building from Union Square - pretty spacious elevators that are effectively 98% pure glass - awesome view.  

When you get to the 32nd floor (the "Imperial" level) you are greeted by a beautifully designed Renaissance theme - well maintained marble floor, statues of chubby little naked people, etc.  The ceiling is super high and there are windows surrounding the entire floor - they really used the least amount of space possible between the windows for the necessarily implanted structural beams holding the floor together; lots of light and you can see pretty much the entire city from this floor.

On the "Nob Hill" or North side of the floor is the conference area.  Above the speaker podium is a Zeus like marble cloud piece accented by just the right amount of dramatic back lighting.  From the high ceiling above, the room is lit by amber light fixtures that have a swirling pattern and look like a rose bud by design - very nice.  Because the windows on the Imperial floor are double pained, you don't hear a lot of external noise - only the guy who forgot to turn off his phone and decides to take his "important" call and from the other room still manages to drown out and distract the speaker...  They have a rockin JBL speaker system powered by a Mackie Mixer and a TV screen like projector (perfectly keystoned and fully aligned - aka, the image on the screen is not projected by a hot DLP projector).

I speak directly of the entrance space (2 main lobbies) and the 32nd floor of the Westin St. Francis when I say - NICELY DONE!!!  If I ever have to present the IT Roadmap to our board of directors, I'm demanding that I get to use this space.

24/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
174. brewgirl b.
Great place to pee.

15/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. Ifeoma W.
I just got off the phone with someone named Jesus Diaz during which I attempted to get a quote for a wedding reception there.  Major FAIL.  He stumbled over my name several times, and was rather snotty and dismissive in tone for my liking.  Particularly, when he asked me "what ethnicity" I was and mentioned that they would not allow outside catering unless the caterer could show $1million worth of insurance.  Dear Westin, you need staff with better customer skills manning your phones.  I felt disrespected and I just quickly hung up.  Too bad, not only would the wedding reception had been held here, I would also have reserved a block of rooms and used their catering in addition to my outside catering.  From the photos online, this looks like a wonderful place, but I just can not abide rude/snooty staff.  Take heed, a little more politeness and respect should ensure that you don't lose business in the future.

31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
176. Alina M.
Went and stayed here for a NYE party. When you get here, the outside exterior and lobby area are easy on the eyes. I went up to my bedroom and the elevators are a bit old fitting in well with the history of the hotel. I can appreciate the age.

However, my hotel room was a hole in the wall. The decor was nice, but not something I would expect considering the price I paid. There was a huge crack on the tile of the bathroom floor and I accidentally tripped on it and nearly hit my head on the toilet. The bathroom is kind of scary. It's a little too old fashioned for me. the windows made me feel like I was in a mental institution and there was no view. I got in the shower to wash off and low and behold the tub was not washed. How did I know this? Because there was hella hair in the tub! EEEwww! So I called the front desk and complained about the dangerous tile and the uncleanliness. The desk manager said she could move me to another room but I declined because I was already unpacked and getting ready for the NYE party. She aid she'd send someone to clean it up so I was okay with that. So I took my shower and I swear to God I felt some scary presence in the bathroom with me! Like a ghost! I kept imagining that scene in The Grudge where Sarah Michelle Gellar is showering and this hand comes out of her head!!! Ugh, scary...

I went to the NYE party downstairs and it was an excellent party btw. I would suggest this party for you Yelpers in the future because they throw it every year. It's open bar and they have bars everywhere so there's no wait at all and there's like 3 or 4 rooms. Make sure you get the package where you stay in the hotel and then you don't have to wait outside because I saw the crowd outside and it did not look fun! Haha suckers. Anyway, so yah, nice party.

I got back to my hotel room early morning and low and behold, the maid NEVER CAME.  So I called the desk manager again but she was off duty. So I pretty much gave up. I went to bed and the bed is oh so comfortable! When I checked out, I made it a point to go to the front desk and complain about the shitty service of the staff. The manager on duty was sweet enough to comp like $120!

I would say go here, but if you're going to go all out and stay here, then might as well opt for a better room because the standard rooms aren't all that. And if you have a problem, go to the front desk and speak with a manager.

31/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
177. Elizabeth C.
We stayed here over the weekend for our romantic wedding anniversary getaway and it was FABULOUS! The bed was so comfortable and the sheets were so soft!

The hotel is located in Union Square and is decorated for the holidays. The Oak Room is yummy while Burton's Steak is to die for!

Their staff was courteous and professional and well trained!

We will be back again for sure!

24/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
178. MC B.
We stayed here in the "historic" hotel. The hall to the room was somewhat spooky and made one feel you were in a long ago era. We found the room to be very small, old and extremely basic. The bathroom was tiny with very limited shelf space. The bi-fold closet door did not shut so it made the room feel even more confining. Fortunately we were there for only two nights. On the second day upon returning to our room mid-afternoon our room had not been cleaned and there did not appear to be any visible housekeeping staff on our floor. On our way out of the hotel for the evening around 4:30 pm my husband stopped at the front desk to request our room be made up. He was told it would be taken care of immediately, however, upon returning at 10 pm it had not been cleaned. The staff in the hotel didn't really seem to care about the guests and the hotel atmosphere was rather impersonal. I appreciate history but this hotel management is using the "historical" theme to keep it looking old and tired. Both nights we were unable to stop in any of the lounges as they were literally packed with people. Each time we went outside the hotel (no matter which exit) we were approached by bums and beggars. Our room faced Geary St and about half way down the block was a loud protest outside another hotel which was heard clearly in our room (on the 11th floor) every day we were there. As a frequent visitor I can honestly say this was the worst hotel stay we have even had in SF and we were so glad to leave. I would never return nor would I recommend the Westin St Francis.

23/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
179. Lisa G.
My friends & I stayed here for 2 nights last month, during the President's Day weekend. The location was great and I was able to see the Chinese New Year Parade from our room. We had a great view of the city from our room. The room service we ordered was decent and came within 30 mins like they promised. The food at the Oakroom was so-so. We did run into problems with the heater not working but it was quickly resolved. Staff was friendly but there was some confusion about our reservations. We had reserved a suite for our stay but due to a mix up, we ending up in a standard room for one night & then moved to the suite the  next day. As a guest here, we were able to get in free to Vessel nightclub (recommended by the concierge) Also, Victoria's Secret is right there at the hotel & my friends & I love to shop there.

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
180. tkincalifornia k.
Good beds, terribly long wait for elevators, did not mention auto charge if movement in mini bar, super shuttle a rip off -- lied about time when booked w concierge, and no one would resolve..

16/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
181. Carl F.
Excellent location, clean, great bed, friendly responsive staff. No lobby but I think this is typical of city hotels that worry about vagrants taking over the couches.  Also tons of breakfast places near the hotel as well as a Walgreens on almost every corner. If you're traveling to SF, have lots of change ready for the beggars and buses.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Ben H.
I enjoyed our stay. A bit old, and I think it still needs to be rennovated, but over all a clean place. Of course, our ice maker on our floor was broken, so i had to go up the stairs for ice which was kind of ghetto, and there was no fridge or microwave to store refreshments...

of course, there is a mini bar lined with sensors so you cant remove stuff otherwise, u are charged a restocking fee of 25 bucks...

also, in the front door, there is a plaque that says the hotel may contain chemicals that can give you birth defects and cancer.. nice

but union square is a great location

02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Jill D.
I'm into it.  I mean into it in a kind of "once or twice a year" kind of way.

By "it" I don't mean staying at the hotel (have not done so) but the Michael Minna lounge (great for people watching) in which I had drinks and dinner.

The atmosphere is rather refined in an old New York kind of way.  I was half expecting a piano bar.

Dinner is pricey and prix fix ($99 for three courses, plus supplements, or $139 for an astounding six courses) but worth it.  I mean I say it was worth it but my date paid.

The food was divine.

I had the three course menu - tuna tartare, the beef plate (3 kinds including kobe) and a glorious cheese plate for dessert.  

My boy had the shabu-shabu (beef and foie gras), the Lobster pie (very creamy) and he skipped dessert (precisely why he is skinnier than me).

A definite for a special occasion....  Thanks honey for making it special!

21/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Jean W.
Let's start off by saying- I went to Junior Prom here. HAH. Ok, now that said, I've never stayed here but am reviewing the bar. Which I first went to with my guy during the daytime while shopping. At this point, I had also not slept for 30 hours cause I was out dancing all night. And when I eventually stopped dancing, and went home to sleep, I closed my eyes and saw this neon colored dude dancing in my head. So basically, I didn't sleep.

Anyhow, I don't know how I made it through 2 more cocktails that afternoon... (And drinks at breakfast) But stay away from any concoctions on their drink list that sound medicinal. Cause, yes, they taste medicinal. And it's great that the bartenders are in that old time bartender white suit get up, and you're in jeans and a t shirt. It just makes it extra funny.

Also, the place is a good people watching venue. Cause it's tourist central and everyone looks like they're from the mid west and out of place. High entertainment value. And lastly, the bar area has some longer sofa seats, which is great for snuggling up to someone- cause I really like sitting next to people as opposed to across from them.

04/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
185. Dan G.
I have only stayed here once, and will probably not go back. The first room they put me in was next to the elevator. I called and complained and was told that they could shut down the elevator next to my room. After an hour of no change in noise I called again and was told they could move me to another room. The other room was below grade level and had a steady vibration like I was next to some big machinery. In the morning I asked them if they were full and had no decent room. The person at the front desk said no, and promptly gave me another room which was acceptable.

I have no status with Starwood, but it will be hard for me to stay there if this is what I have to endure. Maybe I just had a bad night, but I have had much better experiences at the Hilton on O'Farrell nearby.

06/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
186. Stanley C.
Obviously great location on Union Square.  We used Starwood points and upgraded to a deluxe room on the 22nd floor with a view of Coit Tower.  Room was adequate, although I expected better out of a Westin.  Housekeeping was friendly though.

What you really get with the hotel is location.

07/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
187. David W.
Coming into the City during the Chinese New Year Parade - we found it difficult to get to the hotel, but one call to the hotel gave us the most accurate and direct route to bypass the parade route.  Upon arriving at the hotel, not only were we treated like royalty, but each member of the staff acknowledged the accomplishment of getting there with a knowing understanding of the difficulties and trials we had to endure.  Although this was a short visit, the entire staff was outstanding in their service and dedication to detail.  The result was our ability to wind down quickly and feel rejuvenated and truly have that surprise of comfort that only the Starwood properties (and specifically The Westin) provides.

12/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
188. Lauren L.
On a whim, I decided to bid on a 4-star room on Priceline.  Having never used priceline before, the entire process was somewhat nerveracking but very worth it.  I ended up bidding $112 for a 4-star room in Union Square east.  On Priceline, you pick a star rating, you pick a neighborhood, you put it a bid and don't find out what hotel you are staying at until your card is charged and you are locked in.  To our delight, with taxes and fees, I ended up paying $136 for a night in the main hotel of the Westin St. Francis.  That's less than I usually pay for the ghetto Holiday Inn Express off Market a few blocks west!!  

The staff was excellent, professional, and friendly.  The room, although it was in the original building, was cozy and a fine size.  I don't really care about the room at the Westin - what I care about is the bed.  Truthfully, I would take a small room in the St. Francis over the last Westin I stayed in Dallas.  The character and old world charm is amazing.  

After reading about the tower elevators on the reviews, I decided we absolutely had to seek them out.  Take the ride to the 31st floor - it is definatey stomach dropping.  Honestly, this place is definately worth the $250 they usually charge a night, and well worth the half price I paid!

13/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
189. Rebekah K.
I've never stayed here but I had sex in their meeting room once. The sex was good & pretending to use the bathrooms nearby was gooder..I mean..clever..as a way to not suspect the sex thing.

I've also "borrowed" low ball glasses & bought a bottle of wine from that store on Powell & just hung out at Union Square.

Wow...I sound like an awful person. I promise I'm not.

Please like me......


06/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
190. Joe H.
mediocre hotel and very average room. 3 stars is generous for this place.

07/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
191. Laura E.
Hotel is in a nice location but be careful if you book a room in the older tower. The rooms there are pretty small, which didn't bother me since I live in an old home with small rooms as well, and the bathrooms are just downright tiny. The walls are white and really kind of remind me of being institutionalized...not that I have ever been institutionalized. Only received two towels in the room which seemed a little stingy. Also, the bottom sheet kept coming up on our Heavenly bed making it a little more like purgatory instead.

14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
192. Lubs Y.
There's something very endearing about this hotel. The older rooms are a bit dingy and can even seem creepy in the dark...I was afraid of my room being haunted or something, haha. The decor is unique and gives you the feeling of being in another era. And like all Westin hotels, the beds are extremely comfortable! They don't call it "heavenly" for nothing. The best thing about this hotel however is definitely the location...right in the heart of Union Square :)

27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
193. steve B.
Great value alert at the The Westin St. Francis. We stayed Friday till Sunday morning for just under $290.00. Perfect location to enjoy downtown SF adjacent to Union Square. Nice room great view with drum roll king size heavenly bed man that's one comfy bed. Only drawback as mentioned by other yelper yes elevators are very slow and scary as shit definite E ticket ride but for the value, location, view and Heavenly Beds 5 stars baby, I will be back - you bet!

26/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
194. Carlos V.
Good Hotel. Too uptight.

29/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
195. Juaniesha D.
What a relaxing way to bring in the new year! I chose to stay at The Westin for 24 hours of pampering and relaxation. I loved my King sized Heavenly bed and the service that I received throughout my stay. The rates were pretty fair, however I did appreciate my AAA discount.

I initially upgraded my hotel room, so that I could have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but to my surprise the view was blocked by a 30 ft wall! The Customer Service Manager Jennifer was very understanding and refunded me the difference of the upgrade. As far as food goes, I was a little disappointed that neither restaurant in the hotel offered room service (Bourbon Steak Restaurant wouldn't even allow me to order takeout!) So I opted to order filet mignon from the Oak Room restaurant and let me tell ya....apparently to their chef, medium-rare means well done. By the time I picked up my dinner and took it all the way up to my room on the 26th floor, I realized that they gave me a dry steak & a dry potato to go with it (no butter or sour cream), not even a pack of salt & pepper! The breakfast buffet was much better, but nothing special.

I did, however, enjoy my wine tasting experience (located right in the hotel lobby). So much so, that I purchased & drank a bottle of wine that evening all by myself! Can we say...a little tipsy???

All in all, I enjoyed my stay and will return, but will definitely be prepared to leave the hotel for meals and entertainment.

05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
196. Cynthia H.
I am a SPG Gold member. This is the worst trained SPG hotel i have stayed. (oops..correction..booked) The story traced back to the VMworld 2010 last week...In town for the conference, after long day conference, i confirmed before hand for the late checkin, the gal picked up the phone confirmed everything is fine and ready for my arrival. I got there at 11pm. The hotel was over sold. They gave the room away. The hotel manager "offers" a room at Hyatt near the airport. Hack..i am shocked to even hear the airport....The hotel staff is poorly trained just like the dated hotel and give confirmation without even knowing what's available. This is a prepaid room. Yes, i did get my refund. With the other SPG like St Regis and W. You have better options else where, or, just need to check back all the time to make sure they dont send you to the Hyatt by SFO.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
197. Marc W.
I must first preface my review by stating that I have been a Starwood Platinum member for over five years and most Starwood Hotels - particularly Westins - are outstanding in every way.  HOWEVER, the St. Francis falls well short in every way.

This is a place that is surviving on location and nostalgia.  I was disappointed with my stay last year and even more so this year - in fact, I was cursing my poor memory and the fact that I booked a room in this dump for the second year in a row.  The lobby is beautiful and the location is unbeatable.  Those are the nicest things I can say about the place.

The rooms are crap - particularly by Westin standards and especially for the prices they garner.  They are in desperate need of being completely overhauled - not just redecorated.

The valet service is a nightmare - at one point it took 45 minutes for them to find my car - and yes, I literally mean find it!!  They could not LOCATE MY CAR!

The front desk was not particularly helpful and when I complained to the manager on duty, I was extremely disappointed with the response I received.  

THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTING!!  If you are going to San Francisco stay at the W  or Le Meredien - awesome hotels and only a few blocks further away!

09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
198. Cate F.
Agreeing with Margie--this is a great activity. My daughter (3) absolutely loves it, and the guests and staff are totally cool with you going up and down in the elevators (which also take a plunge into darkness at the bottom couple of floors, very thrilling).

20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
199. Rebekah S.
We stayed here when we were brought to town to do a photo shoot, so it was chosen and paid for by the sponsor.  We could not have chosen a better place to stay!  My previous experience with hotels in this area was not so great, having stayed at a place on Geary where there were constant panhandling problems every time we stepped outside to wait for our car.

The Westin St. Francis was an entirely different experience.  We stayed for three nights, and everything we experienced was amazing.  

The room service food (although pricey -- but that is standard) was excellent.  Every time we ordered it, we got a little something extra -- extra juice, a coffee carafe we didn't order, an extra dessert or fruit bowl.  The food was fresh and served with gusto by very friendly staff persons.

The concierge and "on-call" service was terrific.  Whenever we needed something, they came right up with it.  We hadn't brought a stroller, and realized we'd need one for our trip to the Academy of Sciences; the hotel actually has strollers you can borrow for free and we got one!  It was almost brand new, and still had a tag on it, and was perfect for our use.

The valet parking was excellent.  The guys there were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.  Once we even left something in our vehicle and they went down to retrieve it for us!   When we couldn't figure out how to fold up the stroller to put it into our van, they actually figured it out for us!

The front desk and concierge desk staff people were also great -- very friendly and good-natured.  They didn't seem bothered by my kids, about whom I was nervous in this high class place.

About the amenities -- where to start?  First of all, we got a crib for my daughter.  In most hotels you can expect a grungy old Pack 'n' Play or portacrib.  Not here!  The crib was a very nice, clean one, with a mattress nearly as plush as our full-sized beds.

The beds were amazing.  The mattresses were just firm enough, the pillows were for once nice and plump, and the sheets and comforter were amazing.

The bath amenities were top notch -- great lotion and shampoo, not the usual crummy stuff you get at a hotel.

The temperature controls in the rooms were great -- very accurate and it was easy to get the rooms to the right temperature.  This is not always something you can accomplish in a hotel room.

One very minor complaint, which turned out okay.  The website for the hotel states that you can get free wifi in the bar and restaurant(s?) only, and that there is wired internet in the room.  They fail to mention that the wired internet is $14.95 per DAY.  Hello!?  The GOOD news is that they seem to have unadvertised free wifi that you can connect to in your room.  Whew.

All in all, our experience at the Westin Saint Francis was my best hotel experience *ever*.

07/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
200. Anna L.
I stayed here this past Sat-Tues and I was not impressed.  While it's a nice building (and I enjoyed the glass elevator ride immensely), my room was so disappointing (so small it barely fit a bed and a desk) and warn that I will not return, at least not at $299/night.

The bathroom wasn't even that nice as the shower head was not movable and I had to position myself awkwardly (and I'm a rather average height).  

The meeting rooms are quite nice, as I was there for a conference.  I had a chance to sample their food at the conference as well as room service.  It was just okay.

18/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
201. John H.
Location location location.  I spent the night here using points and the only good thing I can say is at least it was close to the restaurants/bars I wanted to go.  Otherwise, the room was incredibly small (to be expected from a SF hotel).  The walls were paper thin.  You can hear doors shut, TV from other rooms.  At some point in the morning (or maybe it was middle of the night), I heard someone complaining over the phone from another room!

The WORST part was this non-stop sound that would go on every 30 minutes and stop for 30 minutes.  It sounded like a laundry room or dryer was going off in the room next to me.  So I decided to get up in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep and took a shower to relax.  When I got out, there were no bath towels!

If you are looking to go a lot of places near the Union Square area, this place could be good.  But don't expect a luxury hotel experience.

BTW, if you come with a car, you should park in the Union Square garage across the street.  $31 for overnight.  No in's-out's, but then if you needed your car, you should stay at a different location.

22/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. WHATS g.
ugh...me and the boss stayed here...yeah,thats her..anyways
starwood gold members..we paid 429 a night..we stay in mad hotels
trust wtf we sayin'..

This place suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

The only thing good about it was the fact its in union square
and we could quickly leave to find something that
didnt make us angry abt wasting 429 dollars a night here...
...It was either that or the magical elevators that started
out in the lobby of this Hotel,but then dropped us
off what seemed to be a Best Western 22 floors above..


***Highlight: 10 people waiting for 5 elevators A B C D E
We rolled up laughing as usual,to a tough crowd of overheating car salesmen meeting goers..
and sure enough she barks out "A! A! A!" and we stand watchin' the lights like we are at OTB ..the now 18 people behind us are mad as fuck abt our winning elevator declaration being over dressed not to mention hating our half buzzed guts for cuting infront of them all
DINGDINGDING....sure enough its A,my better half proceeds to scream
YESSSSSS!!!! and pull in the fists,like our horse came in.
  ..god damn..the GAS FACE she unleashed upon these people was kiiiiinda sorta worth staying in this dump.

we are gonna stick to the W.
you've been warned.

09/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
203. Kirsten G.
Used my Starwood points for two nights at the Westin since I'm Platinum at SPG.
First room we checked into was basically windowless. Went back downstairs to the front desk for a better room and was moved to a smaller room with a better view -- which was an improvement but not by much as this room was in the "older part" of the hotel and they did not have any "tower rooms" (aka - the newer part of the hotel) available (not even for Platinum members). However they did compensate us with Free Breakfast, which was nice.
Our second night we go moved to the "Tower" (20th floor) to a much much nicer, newer room. It was like being in a totally different hotel.
At the end of the day, do NOT stay at this hotel unless you get a Tower Room.

17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
204. Robin Z.
Oh the stories these walls must hide. Having stayed a few times over the years, I've made some of these very same walls quake (no pun intended) in shock. Like that time on a cocaine-fueled private jet party and the wreck we made of the place back in the 80's. The hostess of this party (not me, btw) continues to examine her past from a prison cell. The St Francis is like a tired, old prostitute who continues to reflect some rouged class onto a long-debauched city. I've matured and so has the hotel. It's creaks, groans and age show through while still exuding an air of honor, respect and elegance. It simply oozes early San Francisco charm. If you can afford the high-end rooms, you won't be dissappointed. If not, well, expect old fixtures, simple bedding and no view. But the location...ah, the location.

20/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
205. Megan C.
Beautiful Hotel - you definitely get more than what you pay for.  

Beautiful LARGE Suites, not sure about the standard rooms, soft linens, comfortable beds.  Right in the heart of one of the best shopping areas in the city.

Macy's, Cheesecake Factory, Saks 5th Avenue, Tons of other great stores and Boutiques Nearby.

Good Service, room service is decent, great restaurants in the neighborhood.  Walking distance to the Clift Hotel's Bar and Asia De' Cuba.

Romance Factor:  7
Hobnob Potential:  3
Destination Rating:  7

Lovely little jazz quartet in the lobby lounge from time to time, and exquisite choice of desserts and specialty drinks. *drools*

12/05/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
206. Vanessa T.
A charming and historic hotel in the middle of downtown. A must stay when in San Francisco. Lots of dignitaries, political leaders and Hollywood stars have stayed here. We stayed in the older side of the hotel and it was quite charming. We were there for our wedding anniversary so they brought up complimentary champagne and strawberries for us. They also have the famous Michael Mina restaurant inside the hotel. Lots of history and awesome view on the new tower elevator.

21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. Dessa R.
This is a very busy hotel-with lots of local & international traffic-it's located in one of the corners of Union Square. I would definitely stay here again.

Rooms: There's actually two sides of this hotel-one side is the historical/antique decor while the other half is more modern, contemporary w/ updated amenities. Although it can get very busy in the downstairs, it's still quiet in the room areas. It can get a bit confusing to get to some of hotel wings because there's a few different sets of elevators, but again, this location is great!

Meeting Space: I had a meeting in one of the small meeting rooms on the 2nd floor-it had a great view of Union Square outside! This hotel is great for meetings.

Special Events: I attended an event on the 32nd floor of the hotel-they architects sure knew what they were doing when they made the top floor for an event space-what a beatiful space w/ spectacular view so the city along w/ sunset views with windows that line each wall of the floor!

31/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Edward T.
I don't think I will stay in any other hotel in San Francisco. This hotel is centrally located to everything and you will never get bored here. Very nice old classic look with a grand lobby. I stayed in the historic building and I really enjoyed the style and feel of this classic hotel. The room was a very nice size with a good sized bathroom. The internet was pricey it would be nice to have free wi-fi and free bottled water with your stay which are not included, also the use of the refrigerator is not included since your room will be charged if any of the contents are removed. The employees were friendly and helpful and valet always asked if I needed directions anywhere. Came across a really cool glass elevator that has views of all of union square, key card required. Housekeeping was very nice and left the room very clean daily. I very much enjoyed my last trip to San Francisco and strongly feel the hotel had much to do with it. There are two bar/lounge areas and one restaurant in the hotel and the lobby is always full of people. Very nice place to be! I can't wait for my next trip to San Francisco and I will definitely be staying at the Westin St. Francis again.

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
209. Olivia J.
This is a very nice place to stay...very close to everything in Downtown SF.  It's right accross the street from Union Square and walking distance to a lot of eateries, shops and the mall.  Our room was kind of small but for an older hotel, it was really nice.  The staff was super friendly and everything about the hotel was really good.  So why not 5 stars?  Easy. Parking. Valet only. $50 a day.  wtf? But hey, that's SF for you!

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
210. Danny M.
Great looking on the outside, really majestic once you step in. Check in was great. Then I wandered up to my room. Now I understand I got the room at expedia and they hold a block of rooms aside for people like that. I entered the room and was just blown away by how dinky it was. I looked out the window and could see bums doing the rock in the alleyway. I looked across from me and looked right into another guest room that looked just like mine. I felt like I was going to get robbed. The television choices suck beyond belief. The one thing I do like about the room is the dual shower head, that is awesome, almost like I drenched myself in the ocean. Room is unusually warm, even after I adjusted the temperature. I have three more days here and honestly will spend most of it outside, this place gives me the creeps.

06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
211. Alicia C.
3 stars for being convenitely located in the heart of union square and all the great shopping and bars.

Wasnt too thrilled about the room, because they were pretty small and a little dirty under the bed!

Don't touch the mini bar unless your POSITIVE about getting something because all the drinks are on sensors and will come up on your bill as if you bought it.....but I guess this does happen a lot and didn't ask twice about it and took it off our bill.

The showers though!!!! GASP!!  I could have taken a shower forever!  It was a double header and is nice to have after a three and a half hour drive!

I didn't pick this hotel, because I went through priceline, but if I had a choice next time, I wouldn't pick it again.

27/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Joey H.
we stayed here for my bday last year. its a nice hotel located in the perfect place to walk everywhere. we used a parking garage for the car since it was 50 or 60 bucks a day for parking at the hotel. it felt like we went back in time here. its nice to see places like this still. the rooms were clean with comfortable bed. being an older hotel the walls are thin, we heard people in the hallway and the guy talking on the phone next to us. maybe the new tower would be different.

16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
213. Scott T.
Great location  -right smack in the middle of Union Square, and the cable car turnaround is a couple of blocks a way.  

I stayed in a King Size bedroom located on the corner of the newer addition.  The air conditioner is amazing (quick response), the bed is definitely 'heavenly', and there was also a flat screen TV.  The service was amazing.  We requested a stand-up fan for noise to help us sleep, and they brought one up!  We were also able to get internet for two computers for the price of one.  Very helpful and understanding staff.

WORDS OF CAUTION: be careful with the snack bar.  Just moving an item from its location will be an automatic charge.  

Although a lot of things are pricey here - the history and location of this hotel makes it a great place to stay in S.F.  Great place for conferences, as well.

23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Randy F.
I went to a quinceaneras here, which was held in the Italian Ballroom.  The ballroom was beautiful, and the dinner service was spot on.  There were probably 30 tables in there, and when the army of white-topped servers entered with giant platters piled with steel-covered plates, like stacked unreasonably high on each platter (fuckers must've been heavy!), everyone was served in precisely synchronous harmony.

Spinach salad was first, then chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, mushrooms, and some delicious mild cheese I couldn't identify, mashed sweet potatoes and broccolini were the main course, and a small apple pie-ette with 1/2 a large strawberry and a small dollup of fresh whipped cream with coffee (and every table had a large carafe of its own) was dessert...delicious, and served in perfectly-coordinated succession.

Maybe I'm easily impressed, but they really put on a great service for 200-250 people.  Service throughout the rest of the quinceaneras was attentive and unobtrusive; very professionally executed.  A great success overall.

18/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
215. Kimberly L.
Absolutely phenomenal.

Beautiful, grand, and luxurious, topped off with absolutely astounding views (from the higher levels) and fabulous location, the Westin St. Francis is truly a San Francisco gem.  Beyond the appreciation of its aforementioned qualities, every little detail made this my weekend here amazing and unforgettable.

We nabbed a suite on the 27th floor of the new towers, and I am so glad we did because it was absolutely breathtaking.  It is modern yet classic, intricate and simplistic, at the same time.  The rooms come with every amenity imaginable; their florist is amazing and of very high quality as I've truly never seen more beautiful roses.  Of course, who needs a view, amenities, or silly flowers when you have the most comfy luxurious signature Heavenly bed waiting to eat you up with its snugglicious goodness.  It took quite a lot of effort for me to not buy the entire bed set as I have literally never had a better night's sleep in my entire life.  
The customer service was wonderful and friendly, very accommodating to fit us in for massages at the last minute; excellent efficient room service, delicious food.  (*I should note this complement does not apply to the lounge downstairs, which I was not impressed with whatsoever; this, unlike Michael Mina, which is just utterly stupendous).

Our stay here was so amazing, being we had the time off we asked if it would be possible to stay another night (at the rate I booked months earlier), and opps if all possible can we NOT move rooms?  This is typically unheard of at most upscale hotels at 90% capacity, but they just replied with a smile and a no problem asking us if we wanted complementary champagne sent to the room for our patronage.  WHAT?!?!  Thank you Westin for a beautiful, absolutely perfect weekend in San Francisco.  I can't wait to see you again.

20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. Jane T.
Here are the pros.
-Perfect location for shopping and walking around. This is the main reason i stay here.
-The bar is fun and has a great atmosphere
-Heavenly bed

Here are the cons
-Always crowded
-Feel like its a cattle call at check in
-SO many tourists
-Long wait for the elevators
-Room is boring,  but they do look like they have been updated
-Parking is $50 a night

Its a decent stay for the quinessential sf stay. I prefer small boutique hotels, but this does fine in a pinch.

30/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
217. Aaron W.
I know this place gets a lot of mixed reviews, but i had a decnt 3 night stay here recently. You can't beat the location if you want to be right in the thick of Union Square, which to me is fine, but i could just as easily be in another part of the city. The elevator ride is very cool - being on the outside of the building. The room was clean, but the bathroom handles were loose and hte tub handle fell off a bout three times. WiFi was spotty, but decent I suppose. You can see the wear and tear in many places in this hotel, but it still holds up well. Fromn what I've heard the lobby and restaurants have been updated, although I never ate in the hotel. Staff is very friendly and always willing to assist in any way. I would come back.

05/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
218. Sara E.
When we first arrived at the hotel we thought it was very pretty. I was a little surprised that they did not have an airport shuttle, but luckily it was a very easy trip from SFO on BART. They bumped us up to a tower room (since we read many reviews recommending it). The room was very clean (or so we thought!). The bathtub was very big and the bed was incredibly comfortable.
We were definitely surprised at the lack of amenities offered. They literally charge for EVERYTHING. Things that are normally free at most nicer hotels were not. They charged for the gym and for the internet. Like I said, there was no airport shuttle. No newspaper at our door- nothing. Surprising since we paid a lot and have stayed in nicer hotels where they offer such things.
The other problem came when we got home. During our stay I noticed some marks on my arms but thought they might just be the product of a detergent that I'm allergic to. NO. Turns out they were bed bugs. Both myself and my boyfriend came home with bites on our wrists and I had bites on my stomach, hips and thighs. They were itchy and painful. I called the hotel manager and she said "Well, you should have said something while you were here so that we could have taken pictures. There's really nothing we can do now." How about check the mattress to start with? She was incredibly unhelpful. I currently have a call in to corporate to see if they can resolve the matter... but based on the reviews about the customer service I'll be surprised if they do anything. I was definitely surprised by this outcome because I have never in my life experience bed bugs and never thought it would happen in a hotel with supposed star rating in a popular city.


25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
219. Lisa M.
My husband and I stayed for a week and i have to say the room was not clean.  The lobby area and hallways were kept pretty clean but our room was not.  We are not complainers (usually) and weren't in our room all that much, but after spending a week in that room and then  spending a weekend in a Best Western in Florida where the room was positively immaculate, I had to say something here.  Sorry Westin your maids need retraining.  Dirty tubs and hair on the floor are unacceptable and I am sorry that I didn't tell you when we were there.  Front desk and concierge were very helpful and friendly.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
220. Amazing W.
I was visiting on business and stayed at this hotel. Room was small but nicely decorated witha cute chandelier, crown molding and Victorian decor. Enough for one person but would be too small for two. The room I got did not face union sq so I was not too happy about it. Lobby area was a bit confusing with the front desk ppl talking about the new vs old building and what goes where....don't know anyone who would care to waste brain cells on figuring this out when they are in a hurry to get to a mtg.

07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
221. Le D.
This place is completely backwards. Horrible service, people at the front desk are rude, and the rooms are dusty as hell. Spend your money at a better hotel.

07/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
222. Mike L.
I had read all about how Neil was such a great assistant to so many looking to make their special day perfect. So, I was excited when he was helping me put things together. Much like Jeremy C's review of the hotel itself from 3/19, the entire process was mismanaged.

Once, I was called back and told that the room had been sold out from under the five day courtesy hold they had on it for me.

Then...I get another call saying that the second room we wanted wasn't being released for us because our group wasn't large enough.

We go back to the other room on a different day, and we're told that the hotel is holding out for a larger party to book the space, unless we can guarantee a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR f/b minimum, up from $3500 the day before.

In the end, I was fed a line of corporate crap instead of being dealt with in a manner befitting someone trying to secure memories for their wonderful day.

04/06/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
223. K W.
We treated my boyfriend's family to a room here over the holidays using SPG points.  Asked for a view room and the friendly night manager, Lisa, obliged.  What an incredible view of Union Square, the Christmas tree and the ice skating rink!  Their rooms were huge, clean and well appointed.  The bathrooms were also large and they said that they had a great night's sleep.  Checkin/checkout went smoothly and staff was nice.  The view rooms are definitely worth the price at the holidays to see beautiful Union Square!

27/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
224. Stefanie E.
Though Union Square is really unappealing for me due to its insane tourist population, I recently stayed there as, well, a tourist. I was attending a conference at Mark Hopkins up the street, but got a good deal here. I liked nearly everything about it, save for the incredibly thin walls between my room and a gaggle of twenty-somethings who were squealing about who was wearing what dress and what earrings went best with the ensemble. Barf. I mean, I could hear them as if they were sitting on my bed. It wasn't bad when they left, but terrible when I had to wake up at 7 for a big presentation and they came in around 3, all drunk and ever more squealy.

The location really is perfect, the beds were indeed heavenly and the crew was gracious in giving me the 700 or so bottles of extra soap I requested. Even room service was quick. The buttermilk pancakes with bananas inside were addictive! Terribly expensive, though, but this is the price a tourist pays.

One major gripe, though: when I found myself in a pinch and had to print out several dozen sets of material for the conference, the business center nearly sent me over the edge. Already on deadline, I discovered a charge of $10 for 20 minutes to use the computer in order to print, $1.50 a page for black and white and $3 a page for color! I would've been paying hundreds for something that cost me $12 at Kinko's. Only I had to walk through the Tenderloin to get to the only open Kinko's. Not fun. For a hotel that charges as much as it does, try not to take even more...aren't $18 pancakes bad enough?

07/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
225. Patrick C.
I stay here occasionally because I have a relative with a Starwood account who is gracious enough to let me use her points.  The rooms, obvious remodels that could use another update to mask their "updated-ness" are nice enough.  Comfy beds, flatscreen TV's, everything works.  Staff is competent and friendly, if not overly harried by the sheer volume of clientele circulating through the place at any given time.  The lobby is a palatial zoo, and this time of year feels like the ultimate Christmas-In-The-Big-City cliche replete with school groups, awed tourists primed to pig out on the consumerist paradise that is Union Square, and a gingerbread house that could feed half of Botswana.  If anything, its lively, and promises good people-watching if you've brought your football pads, helmet and pugil stick.

If Times Square NYC is all booked up due to martian attack and you're ready to leave the sticks and see the Big City for the first time, this place will leave you satisfied like Tad's Steaks next door, but will leave your wallet similarly Hoovered.  Unless you don't fall for the extras.  Hint:  Everything's extra.

Buffet:  $26 without tax.  Expected.
Gym $12 a day (Never heard of this anywhere else.  If you want to work out, do some pushups).
Internet $15 (a !@#$!@ affront in this day and age).
In-room entertainment:  The dregs are 4.95, and most of the new releases are 16.95.  Seriously, Westin?  That's the price of an actual DVD.  
Parking $51 a night (hint:  park at garage on 525 Jones.  $20/night)
Minibar:  Who knows.  I didn't even take one of the Starbucks cups when I couldn't find a glass in easy reach.  I'll bet they charge if anything whatsoever is moved.
Lobby restrooms: $3.00 for 5 minutes (kidding, but I would not be shocked)

After returning from a day of paying top-dollar for stuff you could get at your local outlet mall for a third less, you're going to want to go out.  Prepare to stand in a half-hour, half-a-block long line to get a cab, unless you're savvy enough to walk around the corner and catch one in under a minute.  Then hit up one of the many expensive restaurants you've been funneled toward by the concierge.  Or stay in and kick it at the crowded lobby bar, a heady mix of SF's thirtysomething aspirational set and the bolder more "stylish" tourists dressed to impress.  Or stick the place up and come away with fur coats galore, Bulgari watches and enough gold cufflinks to save you from our worthless dollar.  Douchebag repellent is a must if you do want to enjoy the cocktails (while they don't rate on any mixological scale, they ain't bad).  I bet Michael Mina's restaurant is amazing, and about as expensive as the one in Vegas.  Haven't been to either, don't know.  I haven't rode the glass elevator either.  After reading other reviews this time around I regret that.  I heard its free.  I would do your own homework on this.

13/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
226. Donna Y.
I end up getting a room for the Holiday Yelp party.  Since I decided to take the day off on Tuesday I thought why not just stay in the city.  The room we got was small but for the price we paid it was good.  Plus it was just for the night and I knew we would not be in the room to long.  Overall its a nice hotel consider how old it is.  The beds were the Heavenly bed, so comfy, and it literally wraps around you.  I slept pretty good.   Overall not a bad place to say and plus its all about location.  Right when you walk out it is directly Union Square.  Valet parking was not bad and the service was nice.

14/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
227. Chris D.
I've been here just one night so maybe my rating will change, but I've quickly found out being a SPG Gold member is worthless here.  Pay for the gym, pay $19.95/night for high-speed Internet.  No room upgrade because they're "all sold out."   I guess everyone else is Starwood Platinum?   Meh.

The W was a much better experience.

On edit:  They did *not* charge me for Internet or gym after all.   So why did everyone say I would be charged?  Some internal story-straightening appears in order.

15/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
228. Tom L.
Great location, it's close to transportation and shopping. Service was good.
The rooms were good.

13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
229. Philip G.
3.5 stars but rounding up to 4 stars for the awesome location and the glass elevators that are on the outside of the building!

Staying here over the weekend for a personal trip booked on points. With my Starwood Platinum status I was given a 28th floor room in the "new" tower with a wonderful city and bay view.

I was debating staying at The Palace near by but the prime Union Square location was what sells this property! It is right on the cable car line that you can catch at either end of the property corners. Add to that the rich heritage associated with this hotel and you have yourself a fantastic location to stay.

My reason for rating a 3.5 is that the rooms and common areas in the "new" tower (built in the 70s) are in need of a remodel. The decor is 'modern' but visibly warn.

I have stayed in many Starwood properties around the world and can assure reviewers who are concerned with the internet pricing, at this specific property, that $12 per day is actually a deal.

05/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. Ben H.
Excellent hotel.  Very spacious, nice and modern (I stayed in a corner room, 19th floor).  The elevators are pretty nice since they are glass and very fast (you can see a nice view of SF as well).

**Make sure you book yourself in the NEWER wing of the hotel.  Apparently, there are two different wings in this hotel.  A good friend of mine booked a room at the hotel, but he ended up on another wing where it just felt very ghetto and old (some people may prefer the vintage and old vibe).  When he came up to my room he couldn't believe it!  He actually felt like a second class citizen.  I didn't believe him when he told me until I visited his room and was pretty shocked.

14/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
231. Jen D.
I didn't personally stay here, but I visited a friend who was and I was very impressed with this hotel. My friend stayed in the taller, newer tower in a standard king room. The view was terrible, but the room itself was very nice. All up-to-date decor and furniture, including a 40" lcd tv.

But what stood out the most was the rest of the hotel. It's a beautiful hotel in a FANTASTIC location. The ballrooms are grand and gorgeous. I would love to have a reception of some sort there.

Guest services were very prompt and polite. I'd recommend this hotel to any out-of-towners.

24/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
232. Dan V.
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a Starwood whore. I've spent many moons in the San Francisco Starwoods -- mostly Le Meridien, The Palace and here. This is my favorite of the three, mostly because of the location but also because the beds and showers are as Westin says -- heavenly. If you can score a room in the "Tower" on a high floor (let's say 20 or higher), you will be treated to an amazing view, but you might need Starwood status to get one of these coveted rooms. Even if you don't have a room up there, just ride the elevator all the way up -- you won't be disappointed. Even though the "Historic" wing is charming, it's old and can get loud due to street noise -- I vastly prefer the Tower.

My only gripe (and it's pretty big) is that it costs $12 to use the fitness center, and it's not even that nice. If working out is a priority for you, Le Meridien has a free fitness center and The Palace has a pool.

28/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
233. Bryce W.
The front desk was exceedingly helpful with some tricky reservation issues, and the Clock Bar was a favorite nightly ritual. Great location right on Union Square, within walking distance of the BART and a short cab ride to great restaurants and museums.

22/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
234. Liz T.
My sister got me a room here for New Years Eve for X-mas present and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was then in school in So-Cal and made it a habit to celebrate New Years Eve in SF and I really wanted to stay here for some reason. It might have not been the best time. We had to get special wrist band to come in and out of the hotel due to their parties and all these people were yacking outside the hotel when we got back from our outing.

I stayed in the older wing, it was reminiscent of the classic SF rather than their modern rooms but it definitely had the charm factor going. The view was nice, bedsheets had high thread count and had multiple towels. That's all you need for one night stay. Couldn't really rate them on service b/c I didn't really use them. Although it was right in the heart of union square it was surprisingly quiet at night. I would absolutely recommend this place.

20/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
235. Dee C.
The St. Francis is one of my favorite hotels in the city. The location, the service provided, the Historic Ambiance, and of course the shopping in Union Square.

If you are an out of towner or even a local looking for a night away from home, this location is by far the best. There are numerous hot spots for nightlife for all tastes, shops for all ages, and famous restaurants all within walking distance. For ambiance, the cable car goes directly in front of the building and not only do you have a view of the city, but a view looking over Union Square.

The few times I stayed here and only had one issue. They put me in the older side of the hotel, which was smaller and I feel it was a little creepy. Their impeccable service was able to accommodate me immediately into a nicer larger room. But I had no idea you could get a bad room in the St. Francis, but you can.

03/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
236. Christal T.
The lobby looks very fancy and I'm sure it's good quality... Maybe I shouldn't review this because I didn't really stay there but I went in there twice now just to play with the elevator =P :x hahaha

Basically, it's 32 floors and it has glass elevators that shows all of Union Square. It's GORGEOUS. Day or night. And the best part is that if no one calls the elevator, the speed is so exhilarating. It's like a ride haha your ears pop! It's good clean fun :) Just make sure you don't get caught ... sooo act like you are staying at the hotel or something haha

24/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
237. Andy R.
Top class hotel with great mixture of history and recent renovation.  Room was spacious and very comfortable.  Great views from top floor, worth the fast elevator ride!  Disappointed gym didn't open until 7am on Sat am.

22/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
238. Cara W.
I live in the city and my mom came to do the Nike women's marathon and we stayed in the hotel together. I seriously hate going to Union Square because tourists don't know how to walk, so a warning to everyone: going to this hotel is walking into the lion's den of annoying tourist bullshit. However, it was a really pleasant stay. We had a huuuuge king size bed and the room has all the amenities you would expect from a pricey hotel. The concierge brought us mouthwash and towels which was rather nice even though it's their job. Nothing super out of the ordinary happened while staying here but nothing horrible happened either. The place was an absolute zoo due the the marathon and after Friday the craziness of the elevators and such died down. I liked it well enough.

20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
239. Bj L.
stayed here over the memorial weekend last week.  Best bang out of your buck.  I was surprised how cheap the rates on their room for its location! for only $140/night on expedia! place was nice, the area seems to be safe, your right by union square (bars, clubs, restaurants and stores)

but I agree with Anit S. the walls are pretty thin, its probably because the hotel is old

PS dont forget to check the elevator at the back then ride up to the 31st floor, view is awesome especially at night time.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
240. Matthew P.
Great historic hotel in a central location.  Chinatown is just a couple blocks away, and the cable car on Powell Street Will take you straight to the fisherman's wharf. My wife and I stayed at the St. Francis for our anniversary trip.  Our room was in the new tower and was recently redecorated. The first room didn't have a view as booked; however, when we called the front desk they immediately moved us to a room a view of the Bay.  The room was spacious, clean and quiet.  We had a great experience and would recommend the St. Francis.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
241. Sheila P.
Wow! Have I've been spoiled! The Westin St. Francis is the nicest hotel I've stayed at by far! The beds are so comfy I stayed in bed till 4 p.m. one day. All though I didn't go to sleep until & a.m.  but that's besides the point. Anyway my friend had a hookup so are room was pretty cheap but I'd be willing to pay full price to stay here again! Also go to Lefty's around the corner... fun bar and awesome bartender named Frank.

15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
242. Kim S.
OK, I need to qualify my "a-ok" because it's sort of a mixed message.
  My hubs and I got a gift from my BFF: a night away from our son. We took BART into the City, jumped off at Powell Street station and walked to the hotel. It's right on Union Square so if you want to be central, it's perfect. We checked in at 1030am and to our surprise, they had a room open for us on the 10th floor. We went right up, got into our room, were surprised to see we had a view of Union Square. But we also got our first taste of the reason why you may not want to stay here.
  Our room was quite nice. A king sized bed, slim bathroom (shower tub combo), flat screen tv. It was open, bright and surprisingly cozy (in a good way not in the tiny way). But as we were sitting and absorbing our room, I heard a sneeze. I said "bless you." A couple of seconds later, another sneeze (very clearly) and I said "bless you." It was in the room next door that we shared one of those 'adjoining room' doors with. The walls are super thin, which makes sense of an old hotel. But isn't very good when you're wanting rest.
  The TV was another problem. You turned it on, it took about three seconds to finally roar to life. And I do mean roar. It starts out at about 37 on their loudness scale which means you can hear it probably down the hall on the elevator. We turned it down and found a quiet but listenable level of 6/7 which was good but I don't think everyone gets that. Certainly not the people who traipsed into their next door room around 11pm flipped on their tv and had it on until about 130am at full volume. I hope they weren't upset by the alarm that went off in our room at 730am so we could leave to come home.
   On the plus side, you do have the Michael Mina' Bourbon Steakhouse downstairs and a nice coffee shop in the lobby. You also have those amazing Heavenly Beds (which I did get a great nap on Saturday afternoon). The staff is very polite and cheerful. But if Westin wants to make the hotel really welcoming, they will consider putting in some sound baffling in the walls next time they do a remodel (if the historical commissions allow them to do something like that).
  If you want to stay in Union Square area, you can consider going about a block up Geary to the Hotel Frank. It's quieter and I enjoyed staying there. But if you want the historical value and a place to stumble up to after a great dinner at Bourbon, stay at the St. Francis.

24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
243. Marina P.
Three stars for the extremely convenient location.

We stayed here using starwood points so it was certainly worth the price we paid (less than $60/night) but otherwise I would not pay anything more to stay here.

First of all, the check in desk did not ask what type of room/beds we wanted and as a couple we ended up in a room with two full beds. The rooms were quite outdated and small for a "4 star" Westin. The bathroom was in serious need of renovations... the tub was spotted dirty and the ceiling paint was pieling. The maid service knocked on the door in the morning in spite of the "do not disturb" sign. To give them credit, the heavenly bed was pretty amazing.

20/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
244. Dorothy F.
Beautiful hotel in a great location.

We stayed here for NYE and I was impressed.  They throw a great party, and while there's a ton of people and it gets super crowded there's free alcohol ALL night and different DJ's in all the banquet rooms.  Worth the stay for NYE and close to all the shopping for the day after.

The rooms are modern in decor and the beds are wonderfully comfortable.  We stayed in the newer building so I'm not sure the difference in room quality between buidlings.  Helpful tip: the elevators are scary fast.  I felt like I was on a vertical roller-coaster ride.  Doesn't help when you've had a few drinks.

Valet parking is pricey (but hey all hotels charge) but worth it.  My only negative experience was with the Concierge, he was not helpful and very rude.  The guy should be fired, JK.

06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
245. Sam M.
I have stayed here a few times now, when I first decided to move to San Francisco, and later when I was between apartments.

The staff is nice, and they don't bother you for much. The rooms are pretty nice, not huge (unless you pay for it to be huge) but not bad. I did not have any noise complaints, but was also off the street.

Room service is extra redic when it comes to cost, but then again, IT IS food service. They also have a parking garage, once again, it is expensive, but well worth it when you constantly leave/come back in.

The lobby and all the common areas are VERY nice. Also, while your there check out the glass elevators, they take you up pretty high and its an awesome view of the city (even if your room is not in that wing). And its free to ride that thing!

15/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
246. Kacie C.
I have no complaints whatsoever about this place.  The location is perfect and the hospitality is warm & welcoming.  What else could you ask for?

03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Wendy F.
I was excited to stay here for a conference. After my three-night stay, my enthusiasm for the place is slightly dimmed.

After a friendly check-in and a lengthy wait for the elevator (as were all my waits for the elevator), I arrived at my room on the eighth floor of the older section of the hotel. It faced Union Square and Powell Street. At first, I was pleased with this. Once I'd heard the ding of the cable cars about a dozen times, I was less charmed. At least it was still visually pleasing.

The room was small and oddly arranged, but very clean and comfortable. There were a few signs of wear--my door, for instance, was chipped, and there were a few scuffs on the baseboards--but the bed was awesome. Also, big bonus for the dual showerheads and the ample supply of towels.

For a business traveler who scarcely had time to leave the hotel, the location was great. There were plenty of nearby restaurants, shops, and coffee places within a few blocks. This came to be crucial, you see, because dining in this hotel is terrible if you don't want to spend a fortune. Even the cafe in the lobby was charging around $15 for a salad! Room service, too, becomes a total joke after 10:30 p.m., with only premade dishes like chicken wraps available at similarly outrageous prices.

I paid a reduced conference rate, and for that price, I'd stay here again. For full price, I'd think I'd find somewhere else to sleep.

24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
248. Susan Y.
A Great place to be when your in town.

People are soo friendly and helpful can't ask for anything more.

The city is fabulous!

23/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
249. Kelsey S.
I came here for a family wedding, and we got a great deal on priceline.com .

Here's what I love about the St. Francis:
- Great beds. Seriously, I have never slept better!
- Its gorgeous. The lobby is chandelier-clad and is very chic.
- There's a great bar/lounge in the lobby area.
- Michael Mina. The restaurant is FANTASTIC. The best service I've had in a long time.

Here's what was so-so about the St. Francis:
- The service was not so great. I have worked in hotels for years, and I know what it takes to uphold a 4 or 5 star service.
                   - Story behind this: The elevator was broken on the 8th floor (it
                     was stuck open) so we had to take the scary stairs. When we
                    got down to the lobby, and talked to the front desk, no
                     one seemed to give a shit. Also, even though there is a
                     revolving door, the bellmen just stare at you when you go      
                     through the normal doors. It's their job to open them.
- TV Menu. Okay, I know this is being a little nit-picky, but it is seriously annoying. There is no menu on the tv showing what is showing on each channel. There is only a list of the channels, and you have to just guess what will be on that channel. If you don't like what is on, well, you have to just guess another channel! It's really obnoxious.

All in all, I liked the feeling of this hotel (the marble floors, the history), but there were a few things that made me not LOVE it.

08/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
250. Cathaleya C.
We were on a walking tour with ourselves and remember that one of our books recommended taking the Westin elevator up to the top floor for a spectacular view of the city.  We took several photos.  It's definitely worth the ride.

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
251. William L.
Incredibly convenient location to everything in downtown SF. Great restaurants and bar on the premises and the rooms are roomy and well-taken care of. The view going up the elevators is amazing. Went to a friend's wedding here at the top and it was great views all around after sunset. Definitely would want to stay here again... if the price is right!

04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
252. Gerald L.
Talk about a fun weekend!!! We got an upgrade as it was my friends bday and he is a Starwood Gold elite member, and the room was awesome.  I love historical properties, and this was amazing.  We had ajunior suite and it was tastefully appointed with marble, a fireplace and an amazing bed with the most luxurious bedding.

The staff was very professional, and accommodating, and Frances at the front desk was so friendly and warm.  We just cant say enough about how great the stay was.

03/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
253. Gabriella G.
My husband and I stayed here for one night.  We were in SF for a conference and so the room was paid for through my husbands job.  So I'm not too picky if the room is free.  BUT this is the Westin St. Francis so I was expecting it to be more on the nice side.  The lobby and the hotel itself is beautiful but the room we had was nothing to get excited over.  We were in room 1778 so BEWARE.  The bed and tv were great.  The bathroom is where I had my horror.  It had this god-awful blue lighting that made getting ready really hard!  I think it was the light reflecting off of the blue wall paper!  Other than that though no complaints.

I've stayed at many hotels in my past, cheaper ones at that, and never had any issues with bathroom lighting.  This was a new one for me.

28/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
254. domini a.
when i give my SF Disneyland tour, one of the non negotiable stops is the Westin St. Francis.

All that those glass elevators lack is a vernicious knid or two... And if nobody calls them, you can sit cross legged on the floor and just survey the city.

When we were finally going down on ride number one ( i always take two rides - on one you look right, on the other you look left) some guests at the hotel came in, and the daughter accidentally leaned on the button plate.

OMG we got the stop at every angle ride on the way down ! how fun.
Made all the more amusing by the fact that THEY thought that we had pushed lobby, and WE thought that they had pushed lobby ( no, actually, she only leaned on buttons 12 through 27)

so we hung out halfway for a while, wondering if the lift had taken the whole thing personally.

I finally pushed L

we had to look left, you see, and for that, the rules are, you have to start from the bottom.

it's also so gracious of them to provide clean lavatories to all of the freeloading elevator riding junkies, so close to the lifts.

I'd give them 3 extra stars for that but they've already got the limit... could somebody else do that for me?

20/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
255. Roni L.
I'm yelping about a corporate function hosted at the Westin St. Francis.
Cocktails + dinner + dance...  I saw 2 people bring by appetizers over cocktail hour, and 1 of them we had to flag down.
Dinner soup tasted canned, salad was ho-hum.  My chicken entree was overcooked and dry, my wife's veggie entree was sized for supermodels.  Dessert "buffet" ran out of the "good stuff" fast and was replenished with crappy costco-like pumpkin pie and black-forest cake.  Starbucks coffee...  I would have expected Illy or Saeco...
Dance was alright, DJ was trying to be cool when he wasn't.
I'm sure the company paid an extravagant amount for this unfortunate less-than-run-of-the-mill function.  I've been to functions at smaller independent hotels that were much better.

15/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
256. Scott M.
Note to self - stay here sometime. The joint looks nice...Oh yeah, and make reservations ahead of time for Michael Mina.

09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. Tim S.
My favorite place to stay in my favorite city in the World. For the ultimate SF experience, stay at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. It has it all.
It has the classic old hotel with high vaulted celings, the old glass door knobs, tile floor bathrooms, old time charm, which happens to be my favorite part of this place.  And it has the new wing, I haven't stayed there but am told it has a little larger rooms, and is very nice. I've stayed here about 4 times now and have had a great time each and every time. The beds at this and any Westin are pure heaven, clean air systems about at all of their hotels as well. Located right across the street from Union Square, one of my pastimes is just to sit on one of the benches and watch humanity go by.  Humanity of all kinds, art shows, music, etc. And then we take in Giants games as well, walking the mile or so to AT&T park is part of the experince as well.  I go stay here once a year, have my Giants weekend and fall in love with this city again each time.

13/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
258. Julie M.
This hotel is classic San Francisco.  Beautiful old construction and details including high ceilings, moldings and what I call "jewel doorknobs" (since I don't know their real name) mixed with modern touches that don't take away from the historical feel.  The beds and bedding are wonderfully comfortable... "heavenly" indeed.  Looking forward to my next stay!

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
259. Aliyah H.
Location! Location! Location!  Close to Mall, all shops, the huge Macy's, the BART, the trolly & China Town. Very busy and touristy. Staff was very friendly, rooms were clean. I read a review about bed bugs there a few months back. I was kind of paranoid about this, but things were very clean and no itching here! THANK GOD! I would totally reccomend this to someone who wants to explore San fran!  Go to the Westfeild mall and get the Korean BBQ from the food court....was AWESOME!

12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
260. Sam L.
I absolutely LOVE the Westin St. Francis!!!!!  The rooms are comfortable and very clean!  The in-room dining is delicious & is delivered very very quickly!!  There is so much shopping in the area, which makes it a very easy spot to venture out for short periods of time if you only have an evening or so.  There are some good little restaurants around, also.  Truly a historic building & the employees are fantastic!

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
261. Tina L.
Will definitely visit the next time I am in San Fran.

14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
262. F K.
I didn't stay here but one of my friends did.  Like any reasonable person, I went in and jumped on his bed like a little kid.  Good bounce.  Five stars.

The Clock bar downstairs was ok (ambience, etc), but the dip plate was not very delicious.

06/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
263. Art T.
This historic hotel is very convenient and centrally located in all the great shopping stores. They have friendly staff and the place is maintained very well.

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
264. Jose G.
Wow! This place is uber-swank! Well minus the Starbucks in the lobby... When I walked in, I couldn't help but feel like a lot has happened in this building, a lot of history. The decor is very fitting in that it captures the essence of its past. With all the paintings and displays it made it even more fascinating. It felt like something out of a really good Travel Channel episode.

I had a conference here, in the Alexandria ball room and I was captivated as soon as I walked into the glass elevator. The ballroom was on the top floor (32nd floor) which enhanced the unique experience.

While riding up, I enjoyed the pleasant sights of Union Square all the while thinking Christmas is coming soon and how cool it would be to see the Union Square Christmas tree from here.

Now I've been to quite a few different ballrooms for weddings and such but this ballroom was different. It was very classy and breathe taking.

Upon walking in, my eyes grew big in amazement. What caught my attention first was the view! The Coit tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica building, and Union Square all in the same view!!!! All I had to do is turn and there it was!

Once I took in the view, I turn my attention to the room its self. It was very royal and grand. It reminded me of the elegant ballrooms of the French/Austrian 1700's. From the floor to ceiling windows and the well-designed columns, this place reeked elegance!

I walked out very impressed and will definitely remember this experience. Im definitely going to impress my girl by bringing her here.

10/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
265. Kenneth P.
Unless you pay for 4-stars, you're not going to get the quality.

My boyfriend and I stayed there over Valentine's Day and bought a room through a 3rd party website at a discount...well because we paid a 2-star price, that's what we got...a small room in the back of the old wing...our window faced another room's window...the walls were so thin that we heard our neighbor cough all night [however, she probably heard things from our room she didn't ever want to hear - hey, it was Valentine's Day!]...the decore looked like my grandma's place...

The common areas are very nice, the location was great, and the old wing has a certain charm, but in order to have a 4-star experience there...be sure to pay out that much.

18/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
266. scott p.
My wife and I stayed here during a recent family/work cross-over trip to sf.  They put us in the recently (last week?) re-done old wing of the hotel- the original hotel, I believe.  Holy cow they did a great job- our room faced Union Square?  I felt like a railroad robber baron for sure.

Here's my advice: Beg to be placed in the "old" wing- beg!  So worth it.  It makes the newer rooms look sad by comparison.

05/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
267. Stephanie R.
I'm with Mark!  I also pricelined this hotel and got a great deal.  they charge a little extra for a double bed room.. but i wasn't too surprised as I had read other reviews mentioning that would happen.

The hotel is beautiful!  comfy beds and a great shower.

Not to mention the clock bar with its awesome Rum and Ginger!!!  i know its because i paid double for it than anywhere else... but i no longer want well rum because of them.  : D

The restaurant across from the Clock bar is awesome too!  they have a bartender who is so educated on his craft that we left the bar with knowledge on Absinthe, Tequila and Lemoncello!!  rad!!!

I also requested a couple of forgotten items from the front desk and they were promptly brought up to our room.  What a great place!

11/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
268. Nikki M.
I got stuck in the elevator here and it was the scariest thing ever. That aside the hotel was lovely. A great concierge, amazing rooms, and a beautiful view! I would definitely stay here again.

If you don't stay at least ride the elevator for the view, and be sure and visit during Christmas time for the Giant ginger bread house!

16/08/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
269. A D.
I stayed in this hotel for 8 days [ **update** came back the following week 3 more nights but this time was in a standard small room] as it was paid for by my employer. The local musicians ruined my stay with their unreasonable, inconsiderate performances late at night on the streets of San Francisco.

The problem is extremely LOUD rock bands who set up with huge amplifiers as if performing at concert stadiums at the corner of Geary/Powell in front of the Weinstein Art Gallery.  If you stay on that side of the hotel, or even face Union Square towards that side of the building, be ready for some annoyingly loud street rock bands playing until 10:30 p.m. on the weeknights and weekends.   I was on the 7th floor and the sound amplifies the higher you are.

The loudest rock band has three large amplifiers that play for a handful of onlookers every Saturday night for 4 hours until 10:15 p.m.  They're also there every other Sunday night.  You walk into your room and there is no way to drown out the extremely loud rock music.  If you need to get your rest for the next day, don't plan on it under these circumstances.  There's a window facing Geary on that side of the building.

The hotel could care less about these rock bands and doesn't want to be blamed for them saying it's beyond their jurisdiction.  This isn't true as they could work with the local police and government to ensure disturbing the peace of their guests isn't occurring.  It is "unreasonable" for a rock band to be playing on the weekday nights until 10:00 p.m.  with such amplification.

There's a horrendously bad Chinese sax player who takes over when these bands finish.  He has a 3 song repertoire and likes standing at the corner forcing his "Theme from Love Story" song dozens of times until you have it lodged in your brain that you hear it playing when he finally stops!  If you experience this lousy sax player trying to force his playing on St. Francis guests such as yourself, simply go up to his face and tell him he sounds horrible, that's he's annoying people and that it's too late for him to be playing saxophone on the street (he usually comes from another location to Geary/Powell at 11:00 p.m. whenever the bands are done.)

As for the rest of this hotel, I felt it to be a 3 star hotel with potential to be more.  The staff's isn't customer service oriented.  They automatically tack on 20% gratuity for room service. They don't let you know when you add a gratuity tip to the signed receipt that you already paid them for their gratuity.  

One night I had steak dinner, a bottle of wine and appetizer and it came out to $200!  That's right, one dinner, an appetizer and their cheapest bottle!  I added a $25 tip and they didn't bother to tell me the gratuity was already in the bill.  

Another example of room service, our group ordered 5 small bottles of designer water from Italy and 5 cookies for a whopping $70!

No pool or jacuzzi.  They BLOCK liberal political web sites for their standard room guests.  For $14.95 a day Internet access they don't tell you they control what sites you can visit - no access to PrisonPlanet.com at this hotel!   Extremely slow elevators and 70's carpeting.  There are better  hotels in San Francisco.

12/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
270. Nancy D.
The valet parking is bad!  It took me over an hour to get my car and then they double charged me 57. X2 114.00 for less than 24 hours of over night parking.  They told me they would credit me for the 57.  To date it hasn't happened....and they have never called me back.  Love the hotel...hate the parking.....park in the Union Street garage you'll pay less and get your car much sooner.

31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
271. Christy J.
Clean, historic hotel in the heart of Union Square. It's close to shopping, restaurants and great city sights.

I've stayed at many hotels in San Francisco and I definitely don't think this is the absolute greatest in the City. However, you can't  beat the price or location.

Location - Union Square
Charm - building dates back to 1904
Taxi availability - they were always waiting by the curb

Elevators - they take forever to pick you up!
Service - not the kind of service you'd expect at a Westin. But heck, I guess if you want better service, you'd pay more and go to the Fairmont :-)
Some rooms have absolutely no view, like the one I had. If this is important to you, make sure you request a city view room.

23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
272. Jeremy K.
Perfect location to the midpoint of all your shopping needs.  Service is great..rooms are a bit small but with high ceilings.  Some rooms have windows facing a brick wall but were are spg gold members and were able to get free upgrades to see union square.  Great place for drinks at the bar too at clock bar.  Have been here at least 6 times...will always come back here if staying overnight in sf.

31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
273. Laurie W.
I had a very enjoyable stay here. We were in the "remodeled" or "new" tower (I heard it called both) and after visiting other conference attendees' rooms in the old tower, I was glad and would request the new one again. I got totally confused by the elevators and hallways on that side.

Our room was very nice, large and very, very clean. We were hardly there, but the conference itself was held in the hotel and it was a great facility for the size and type of event we had. I didn't like that some of the workshop rooms were split down the middle with big columns that blocked your view. That was silly.

There is a really nice Clock Bar on the Powell Street lobby side - excellent mojito. The coffee bar/regular bar on the other lobby side serves a nice latte and you can get wine there too. The food selections were overpriced and limited there. They could do better.

The staff was very friendly. Check-in was PAINLESS, which is a huge bonus given that usually that's the most aggravating aspect of hotel stays lately.

Also, this place is HUGE. Just really really large. High ceilings, big rooms, cool stuff to look at in the lobby. I'd stay here again (for a conference rate.)

02/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
274. Diane G.
I correct myself... there IS art in the room.  In the dressing area & bathroom each are small 1' x 1' drawings, quite nice... but mysteriously, nothing in the main sleeping/ sitting room.  Nary a dish or vase or picture or ?? anywhere.  I just found it strange and empty of personality.

Check out was a breeze... just leave keys in the room.  And John inquired about the charge for parking, and found to our delight that the conference would cover it.  BUT, only by asking for it is it given.  There were probably close to 300 people that didn't ask, and paid that high $49/ nite rate.  So there's something wrong with that setup.

15/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
275. K F.
Iron doesn't work. Deadbolt and swing over lock are broken. AC doesn't work so they lower thermostat. Closet door stuck open.  Room rating 1 .  Meeting rooms and food very nice and well done.  Food excellent.  Visit, meet here but don't stay here.

04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
276. Sophie A.
Good hotel, what you would expect from Westin/Starwood.  I love the fact that they have embraced the history of the hotel, however, the "time" bar with the huge, non-antique clock when you first walk in - bummer.  

and then the  lobby area with the starbucks and the tourists looking at their maps - ever bigger bummer.  the lobby should contain a bar, with swank seating, dimmer lighting and no women in zip-up fleece jackets, you know who you are fashion-offenders.

24/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
277. Erin O.
4 stars alone for the best free way to entertain your kids: The glass elevators! Get in, press the 31st floor, and cross your fingers that no one else gets on between the lobby and the top floor. You'll shoot up past a wall and then get this glorious view of Union Square. At Xmas time, you can see the Union tree and ice rink, all the decorated Macy's windows, and the giant tree in the corner Neiman Marcus store. When you ride down, your stomach will literally react as if you are on an amusement ride. It's great fun, and great view, and it's free. Oh, and trust me, you won't be the only non-guest doing this. ;)

11/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
278. Nikki W.
I spent the weekend in San Fran a few weeks ago and stayed at this hotel with my husband.

First of all parking is $50 a day so if you live in the Bay and can stand to be without a car you may want to consider public transportation.

At booking my husband requested a room with a view of Union Square and what did we get? A view of the side of the building across the street.

We didn't make a fuss because we just wanted to spend some alone time in a nice hotel.

The Westin St. Francis is full of history and it oozes out of the walls.

The lobby is fabulous and the chandeliers are grand. The room was nice and the bed was very comfortable.

The bad is that the lighting in the room sucked but when you are with your mate who needs good light anyway.

The heavenly shower was not so heavenly for me. I am on the short side and I swear those damn shower heads were trying to drown me. I had to turn one head off.

The other not so good thing was when I bent over to plug in my cell phone charger and looked behind the TV stand and it was SUPER dusty back there. No one has cleaned back there in a long time. Not what I expected from a top notch hotel like the Westin and it made me question what other corners were cut while cleaning. Not a good thought at all. It kinda freaked me out for a moment.

When it was time to check out we noticed they had charged us for an over priced beer that we did not drink. My husband called the front desk and rearranged the beer and the charge was taken off after he explained he may knocked something out of place when he placed his left overs from dinner in the fridge. Then when he checked the bill again they charged us for a over priced candy bar this time. Once again he had to call the front desk and shift the items. the front desk did remove the charge without hassle which was very much appreciated.

This hotel is grand and you can feel the history when you walk in. The staff was VERY nice and attentive. The one thing that the rooms in the older tower should get a touch up.

Our stay here was great but I will admit we have stayed in better hotels.

The great atmosphere, ambiance, rich in history and perfectly located near great shopping and dinning.

03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
279. Mike R.
Great location.  Very fancy.  One of my favorite hotels in SF.

27/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
280. Erik R.
Stay away!  The rooms are old, musty, and cramped.  The hallways are downright creepy at night - this building has been around for over a hundred years.  The lobby has a very frenzied, hurried feel to it.  4 stars?  Hardly.  I give it 2.

25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
281. Darren S.
This Westin has the best taxi cab bank that I found in the Union Square vicinity.  Trying to find and flag down a passing taxi up on Bush or Sutter was difficult.  They really didn't come by the boutique hotels.  Further up on Nob Hill, they were nonexistent.  Even the bigger ones like the Marriott on Powell and Sutter weren't that good for a quick pickup.  For the physically able in need for a cab, walking down Powell to the Westin will save you time.

29/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
282. Tess T.
It has been a few years since I stayed here. I'm here tonight, hence the review. I like the new bar downstairs, I'm in the older part of the hotel still smells a little old, like an old library. But my sniffer works to well. I love this place, close to all the good stores. Tiffanie's here I come.

03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
283. Bill P.
I love this place.  Stayed here only one night (meant to book it for three but booked the Westin Market Street instead) and it was great.  We got an upgrade to room 809 overlooking Union Square.  The room was AMAZING!  Great view, high ceilings, king size bed, and a chandelier.  It was perfect!

Why not 5 stars you ask?  Housekeeping came at 8:30 and then an hour later while we were trying to chill...yes, a Do Not Disturb sign could have worked, but it was EARLY!

Great place overall and better than the Westin Market Street.

25/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
284. smlyc s.
I'm a big fan of Westins generally.  This isn't one of the better ones -- the service gives off the Disney World plate-spinning mad out-of-control feel that most hotels its size do, and what a bummer they got rid of the wonderful big soft sofas they used to have in the lobby! -- but the room was comically enormous and I got an unbelievable deal considering the location.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
285. S L.
I've been going to the Westin St. Francis for many years attending rubber chicken luncheons and galas as it was a pleasant surprise to get a chance to see another side --- the 32nd Imperial Floor in the Tower Building.

This space has the most breathtaking view... definitely rates up there with the Carnelian Room in the former B of A Building and Harry Denton's Starlight Room.  Why don't they host more rubber chicken events in this space which is probably more fitting for a wedding party. Guess the only drawback is the seating only holds a little less than 250 max.

29/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
286. Mike F.
A little dingy considering what you're paying, but the style of the place, the location, and the elevator once you get past the 20th floor give it an extra star.

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
287. Christina C.
This hotel is located in a GREAT location, right in union square.  We had a view of the park area (across from Levi's) from our room.  There are two parts - the new side and old side.

Although the room was old, it was still had a lot of style and luxury.
My recent stay was over labor day weekend, in the older side.  It was still very comfy!  The bathroom didn't have ventilation and we had the old-style toilets with the bar handle flusher.  BUT the shower had TWO shower heads!

Because it was older, it had the vintage chandeliers and door knobs.  The king size bed was more comfortable than my own!

The walls were thin... I could hear my neighbors TV on all night.  But that didn't bother me since my trip to SF was not centered around the hotel room.

Aside from the room, the lobby is HUGE with plenty of shops and restaurants to visit.  The service is great!

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
288. Carrie R.
I stayed here the week of Thanksgiving and it was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. It was stunning, in fact. The staff was very polite and helpful. The concierge was of great help when selecting a bus tour for my family and I to take. The room was very nice and spacious. The only major thing that I didn't like was the lighting in the bathroom. It was so dim and strange. My Mom and I both were disappointed that we couldn't get ready in a nicely-lit area. Other than that, it was a great place to stay if you want to be right in the center of shopping in San Francisco! Hop on the cable car right outside the front lobby.

03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
289. Ruth K.
This hotel is one of the better San Francisco hotels. The price is right and the service is spectacular. We had a great view of the gardens and city. The bed was also very comfortable. I spent most of the weekend in the room. It was to comfy to get out of bed. They also serve a great breakfast. I ordered room service most of the weekend. The rosemary potatoes were so yummy.

23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
290. Rada I.
The Westin St. Frances is soooooooooo overrated. Starting with the abundance of dishes sitting in the hallways, obvious that service is not very prompt. Next, the room service menu is poor and they even have Campbells soup on the menu.
The rooms are small. The furniature is old.
Extra star for the glass elevator in the new wing.
For the "image" they try to portray and the prices they charge, this hotel should have more quality. I really felt the rooms were a bit like a glammed-up Holiday Inn.

04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
291. Emily T.
Stayed here 3 times over the past 6 months. Disappointed in service and the size of the standard rooms. Towels are totally bleached out, the boyfriend had his towel around his waist... and when he bent over.... it ripped.... right down the crack line! It was hilarious but sad.

My friend got on the phone to talk to the front desk regarding a 1pm check out (we were still drunk but hungover at the same time). The haughty front desk man cut her short and insisted a $30 charge. Pissed off me screamed across the room: 'I'm GOING TO YELP YOUR ASS' and guess what, we can check out at 2pm as a 'courtesy to us'

location was amazing, but i live in the city so it's not big friggin deal.

26/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
292. Tom D.
We went to this hotel after checking out of another hotel nearby because th walls were paper thin. We got a room immediately (at 8:00 AM) and a complimentary bottle of wine when they found we were celebrating a special occasion.  Get a room in the tower as they are of a pretty standard hotel size vs. the smaller rooms in the older part of the hotel.

Their concierge service was super human, getting us reservations where we had struck out repeatedly, I really felt like we had a personal assistant. with those guys.

Beautiful room with a great view. Excellent service. Wonderful ambiance. Grand Lobby pulls you back a century.

Seems like for the price (near $250) you would get free wifi tho......

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
293. Abhinav S.
I spent about a week here. Be careful about the room - there's a significant difference between rooms in the original building and the ones in the new tower. Get the ones in the new tower. Yes, there's a lot of history in the hotel, but the old rooms just don't cut it by today's standards, and upgrades to the new ones weren't very expensive when I was there, so for an extra $30 - $50, the new rooms are definitely worth it.

15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
294. Suzanne K.
I really wanted to love this hotel.  The history, the location, the old world charm.  First, if you are going to a play at The Curran Theater then the location is 5 stars!  A must.  Otherwise, not so much.  I tweeted beforehand asking about an upgrade - I was staying in a Grand Deluxe room.  The tweeted response said I would be hearing soon about an upgrade.  Never heard.  Never happened.  I am a Gold (almost Platinum) with Starwoods and the line at the "special desk" to check in was very long.  One of the perks is the free cocktail - it was offered at Curruso's - a set of seats in the middle of the the lobby.  No thank you.  Our room was large.  We joked the closet was so large that if an apartment it would be "an eat in closet" - but the furniture was sparse.  The sink leaked, the walls are thin, the curtains did not fully close and let in light and the housekeeper came in early while we were sleeping.  The welcome packet says they are happy to provide many free ameneties including phone chargers.  I called to ask for a charger as I forgot one and the gentleman responded as if I was crazy that they do not have any, of course. Parking was over $50 for the night.  I could go on but ultimately, the location is terrific.  The hotel is not.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
295. Margie B.

Best FREE thing to do that make you feel on top of the world, at least for a few seconds. I go up those glass elevators every time I want to feel like I own Union Square.  I press on all buttons to stay up there as long as possible.  It's the perfect day activity if you have visitors in town or at night if you're trying to impress your secret crush.

I guaranty you'll get to second base. At least. If not, oh well, it sucks to be you!

03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
296. Bianca L.
My bf and I wanted a mini-getaway at a near by, but nice, hotel. We stayed at this hotel before but we had a suite last time.

We did expect it to be as nice and spacious as before but unfortunately, the queen room is a little...compact. The place just seems a little old, especially the bathroom.

But the bed. OMG Westin beds are the comfiest beds your body will ever be graced with. The blanket, the pillows...one day I think I just might have to steal the bed.

Anyways, I give this place a 4 because although it is does have an elegant and classy feel to it...if you dont get a suite, you'll end up in a cramped room.

Also, the housekeeper kept coming back...literally every 20 minutes. But I suppose that was my fault because I failed to put the "do not disturb" sign.

04/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
297. Heather B.
My all time favorite hotel.  Of all time.  (Yes, it deserves to be said twice.)

The first time I stayed here may have been the first time I have ever stayed in a hotel.  So am I biased?  Maybe.

First, the glass elevators give you an amazing view of Union Square, one of my favorite places.  My best friend Alison and I went up and down in them a dozen times.  I would almost stay there just for the elevators.

But the rooms, the rooms are what sell me.  The beds are so incredibly comfortable - totally the opposite of the typical hotel bed - with the most AMAZING linens.  The bathrooms are huge, the showers are perfect, and there's even something wonderful about the toilets that I just can't quite put my finger on.  And the views!  Even if you get some obscure view of a parking lot, it will be the best view of a parking lot you've ever seen!

The only downfall is the price.  You are definitely paying more for the location, but it's so close to EVERYTHING that it's totally worth it.  The cable cars stop right in front, Neiman Marcus and Saks are just a block away, and if you don't want to leave, there are even stores (Goyard, Victoria's Secret) attached to the hotel.

I got married at the Wynn, but my heart belongs to the St. Francis.

Bottom line, I would live there.

08/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
298. Deven B.
This is THE classic, aristocratic San Francisco hotel. Probably the most famous hotel in the entire city, the Westin St. Francis is what you'd expect a five star hotel to be.

I was here for the opening of the restaurant, Michael Mina, a few years back and can tell you it's definitely one of the many culinary gems that call SF home. Of course, it's absurdly, if not offensively expensive.

The rooms are well done BUT what I've found from my own experience and from other yelpers - the hotel tends to try and short change guests who book using points or book on-line at a discount. If they know you got a good deal on your room, be prepared to haggle until you get a descent room - with windows, in my case.

The most shocking thing about my stay at the St. Francis, and I don't come here enough to know if it was a freak occurrence or a regular habit, but our bath was NOT CLEAN when we checked in. There were things in the trash and on the sink - EWWW!!! We were given a new room and complimentary brunch, but still - the memory remains.

Great hotel; will always recommend.

20/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
299. Eric K.
Stayed here for Valentine's weekend using the Friends & Family deal of $99/night.

Even with the discounted rate, we had no problem getting a tower room rather than the traditional room that I had been assigned to online. I also asked for and received a late checkout, although that only get you until 1 PM. The only limitation was we got a 7th floor limited view room (we get to stare at other hotels and rooftops).

Overall, an enjoyable stay. The bed really is as comfortable as they say, although to be fair, the beds at Hampton Inn are equally as comfortable. The TV is good but with so few HD channels, the LCD TV does feel like a waste.

The toiletries are nice, but there aren't enough towels. What's up with one Heavenly bath towel with a second crappy standard hotel towel? That just means that someone always gets the shaft.

The dual-headed shower was pretty special. I have to admit that I thought it was stupid in the photos online, but it really is nice having to streams of water to cover your entire body in the shower.

The tub also has a wide border which would theoretically leave enough room for you to sit down or rest items on during a bath. Too bad the tub itself is too small for that and hypochondriacs like me don't take baths in hotels regardless.

To sum it all up, it was an awesome experience for the price. The building itself is beautiful and historically appointed and its location is among the best you can get in downtown San Francisco. It was great to stroll into Union Square and turn into your hotel room a few minutes later.

I was afraid that I would get screwed for getting such a good price, but I'm glad to say that it was a very pleasant stay.


Rubric: 5 = Mindblowing 4 = Excellent 3 = I see the charm 2 = Disappointing 1 = Never again

15/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
300. Dee D.
For a historic hotel, it's got all the bell's and whistles of a modern one -- except for the room size.  A tad bit small, but I requested a room with a view of Union Square, and at this time of year, it was AWESOME.  Especially waking up in the morning, and brewing the complimentary Starbucks coffee and just people watching until I felt ready to start the day and spend more $$$.

Okay, the view and location were PERFECT.  The service was quite good too, from the front desk, to the room service.  However, I did have a few things to say that detracted from the overall experience.

First, the room wasn't THAT expensive, especially given the second night stay 50 percent off promotion.  However, for the price (California resident after tax, 370 for two nights), I would have expected a few amenities to be thrown in.  

I guess cheaper hotels I've stayed at have spoiled me into expecting a lot from a more expensive location:

-free access to the hotel gym?  nope -- 12 bucks a day per guest.  
-free access to wifi -- 15 bucks a day.  
(On the eve of 2010, we are still paying for wifi, are you kidding me?)
-no promotions/coupons for the hotel dining, you pay full price, just like anyone else from the street
-beds were large, but mysteriously lumpy, and like other reviews, the pillows were... er... definitely from the underworld.

All in all, a great place to try once for the historic experience.  Again, the location is wonderful.  However, next time, I think I'll try one of the other half dozen hotels that are merely a block away.  If you ARE staying here, pay extra for the room with the view (especially around Xmas) or else it may not be worth the money.

31/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
301. Cara M.
Had the best time here! We booked a room for two nights since USC was playing Cal for the weekender.  The location is amazing.  We were right in the action and in walking distance of all the wonderful shops and food places!  

The Nike Marathon was the same weekend, as were a bunch of conferences at the hotel so it was a bit busy but we enjoyed the atmosphere.  

Had a wonderful room right near the elevator, the man at the front desk was hesitant to give it to us since he said it didn't have a good location but I love being close to elevators so I don't have to walk as far haha.

They have a cool program where if you don't get housekeeping services you can have a $5 voucher or an extra 500 starwood points.  

The only parking they offer is valet and it's expensive - $50 a night!

Overall great stay and had a wonderful time.

22/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
302. Karen B.
IF I could give it 10 stars I would...BUT that's only because I got married here and LOVED IT!!!  Our hotel assigned wedding coordinator was superb (I should have fired my hired wedding planner who SUCKED...BUT that's another story)!!  We got married in the library of the St. Francis suite in the older part of the St. Francis and then headed up to the 32nd floor to Victor's Palace for the reception...the view from that place was phenomenal...and the room itself was gorgeous and elaborately decorated..it was everything that I could have ever asked for and MORE...it was my dream...if you are getting married and want an absolute San Francisco jewel this is the place.

Because we had a small wedding the minimum $$ went far...and was well worth it...the service was impeccable, white gloved waiters making sure everyone's wine glass was full...the meal, in my opinion was just right; the venue itself, Victor's palace is gorgeous and elaborate.  You enter from the elevator into a "reception" room with gorgeous wood floors and an antiquish looking bar...the decor is very Russian...through some french doors you enter the main room...god i wish i could get married again!!

21/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
303. Carrie B.
Needing some "me time," I booked a room here online through a 3rd party company.  I was afraid I might be booked into the closet since you usually get the cheapo rooms on this particular website, but I was thrilled here!

I had a gorgeous room.  It wasn't a "suite" or have much of a view, but that didn't matter because my room was just beautifully appointed and the service was magnificent.  

I could get Delicious room service anytime even at Vampire O'Clock, and the staff was extremely courteous and accommodating.  

No loud neighbors, no rude phone calls or room service vacuums running early in the morning.  

I've been to many different hotels on vacation and for work, and I have to say I had the best service here by a landslide.

14/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
304. White Devil C.
While the location is central, this Westin is very challenging to arrive to by or depart car with so much vehicle traffic on Union Square, hundreds of pedestrians and the trolley lines going right by the front of it. The Westin on Market Street is more accessible, less stressful, has better views, and is just as convenient to shopping and BART if you're exploring the city.

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
305. David D.
Great lobby, great Christmas displays, great restaurants!  


This review is about the banquet facilities.  Last night we attended a Christmas Concert and Dinner for the University of San Fransisco Presidents' Ambassadors.  The rooms were large and ornate, reminiscent of Europe.  One room looked like an Italian opera house, another like a Roman villa.  The ceilings must have been 20 feet high, and they were covered with copper worked into an English angel motif.  The carpet was not enough to keep the noise down, and normal conversation among 350 people became too loud to hear more than the two people closest to me.  

Service was very good.  All the courses were served in minutes, which is a miracle in the banquet business.  I was reading a libretto when coffee was served, so the waitress didn't ask me whether I wanted any.  Oh, well.  

The menu:  
   Butternut Squash Soup
   Chicken Heritage with Wild Rice Medley
   Apple Rhubarb Crisp in Shortbread Shell

The butternut squash soup had allspice in it, and I kept thinking "pumpkin."  That was good, though.  The chicken heritage was a boned chicken breast wrapped around the wild rice, with a couple of very short bones stuck in it to make it resemble, what, a squab?  Very tasty.  A glass of chardonnay turned out to be bright and crisp, which balanced the chicken well.  The apple-rhubarb-shortbread thingie was delicious; I would order it in a bakery now that I've had one.  

The concert:  Dan Schutte, eight singers, and a bassist brought us 90 minutes of some of the most lovely devotional music I've ever heard.  When he got to "Here I Am, Lord," almost the whole room sang along.  Several numbers reminded me of the midnight masses I attended with Catholic friends in the 70s.  Kudos to USF for having Dan as an artist-in-residence.  

Happy birthday, Father Privett!

09/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
306. Alexis B.
My daddy paid for a weekend here for me and my hubby when my hubby had the prefix "new" and not "ex". But nevertheless it was a really nice treat and wedding present. Nothing like the treat of luxury sheets, room service & on demand porn to get a honeymoon going.

After said honeymoon and the ensuing shambles of a marriage, I've been here for various different reasons. And almost all of them involve the glass elevator.

That thing is where it's AT. Be prepared for your stomach to be behind you about a second as you zoom up to see all of Union Square. The cherry on the top is the Alexandria room where you can see more or less the entire city. If you have the chance to go to an event up there, go. Or else I'll take your spot because I want to go again!

21/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
307. Penn T.
I normally don't rate chain hotels because for the most part, you know what you're getting yourself into when you book at one but I just thought I'd add my 2 cents about this one.  Based on the reviews and their website and all that, I thought it would have been nicer.  I mean, I know it's an older hotel and all but with the way they sold themselves as the place to stay when in SF b/c of all the history and stuff... it didn't quite live up to the hype.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special.  I mean, their maid service didn't even do that great of a job at cleaning our room each day.

One of the good things about this place is the locale though.  It's right in the heart of union square so definitely a plus there.  And it wasn't terribly expensive but I'm not sure I would return with all the other options in the city.

30/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
308. Michelle F.
I used my starwood points to book a couple of nights at the Westin St. Francis. It ended up being a great deal which is probably the only reason I would stay here again. A few highlights:

- GREAT location. It is smack in the center of Union Square where all the shopping madness is located.
- Professional, friendly staff. Although the valet overcharged me an extra night of parking (which is $50 btw), everyone was friendly and helpful.
- Lobby looks really great! It's not quite the modern look (like the boutique hotels), but it is nicely decorated in an upscale manner
- Dual shower heads, good water pressure

- Rooms are a tad small, but I suppose this is to be expected since SF only has so much space
- Shower  head was spraying water everywhere at the top.
- Iron and ironing board wasn't that great (for a nice hotel)
- TV was too small
- There was a missing remote
- The toilet had the industrial flusher!!!! How does the WESTIN have an industrial flusher? I thought this was odd although I suppose it's good for the big dumps
- Free internet!!!!

So if you want to stay at the more traditional, high-rise, nice hotel, then this is a good place to stay. It maintains the standards of the Westin and is a safe place to stay if you can't decide. However, I don't think I'd stay here if I had to pay over $150/night.

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
309. Dallas T.
DO NOT STAY here. There is some sort of labor dispute going on right across the street from the hotel in the area and they did not tell me this when I booked the room or checked in.  I hadn't registered the noise when I first checked in. I think it was blending in with the common city noises.  When I got to my room there was a letter on my desk from the hotel manager explaining the protest.  When in the city it's nice to open the window and hear the city noises.  Not possible, but even with the window closed the noise was so obnoxious.  There was some guy on the corner with a make-shift drumset made out of the type of plastic containers you buy large quantities of paint and other random devices. The guy was out there till 11:00. Not fun. According to the city protestors have until 10:00, before the noise is considered a violation. I could handle that and I'm all for expressing your civil liberties, but when I called at 10:40 for the second time to ask why he was still out there I was put through security and the guy was extremely rude. And acted as if he had no idea what was going on - as there "had been a shift change". Really?  Perhaps the Westin needs to give their shift employees a copy of the letter that was in my room when I checked in indicating the protesting.  Great location awful stay.

19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
310. Katherine T.
The location is unbeatable if you are spending time in Union Square!  

The hotel is okay for the rate.  The rooms are reasonably clean, but is definitely showing it's age.  Even remodeled...it's looking a little worn.

The room service is EXTREMELY slow!  Our kids were eating their hands after waiting for an hour for the food!  The manager was really nice and sent some cookies after we complained...

The staff was very nice overall.  The bell person could have a better attitude.

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
311. Melissa H.
As an SPG Platinum member I would have expected more, way more from this place. While its big, beautiful , and impressive, it is also hugely dated and in need of some serious renovations. The hallways look like they haven't been touched since 1963. They are really ugly. The room we are in right now,2196, is a decent size, but again, it is so dated. The wall paper is peeling from the walls, the light switches don't work or the light switch is broken off, remote control sucks, etc.

Then the bathroom...

You can not call a hotel a classic or beautiful hotel with high school locker room style toilets that haven't been replaced since the mid 1980's. Its just low brow and not classy. Again, the wallpaper is peeling off the walls and dirty. Blue specks of toothpaste or shaving gel and blacks scratch marks in weird places aren't cool at all. The sink handles are wobbly and loose. The marble is discolored and the grout looks rusty there are patches of mildew in the tub area which I consider the ultimate deal breaker. There is never and excuse for mildew,ever! That's what bleach is for.

Our room has two double beds which are nice Heavenly beds. I own one myself so it is comfortable, but this room can accommodate two queens. I would love to not be squished in bed with my husband in this double. I don't know why we can't get two queen's. Who sleeps in a double bed anyways?

I will be staying back at the Westin Market Street where I always stay. It's not glitzy or glamourous, but we get our Platinum SPG upgrade every time and two queen beds. Its a bit cheaper and isn't dated.

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
312. Noella G.
Spent New Years at the Westin. 145 each for tickets.....maybe cheap for the city?  So many booked it was impossible to move from room to room. Wonder what the fire Marshall would have said?  Seemed pretty dangerous ..... poorly planned event.

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
313. Laura R.
I only parked at the hotel for an event and will never park there again.  It took 45 minutes and asking twice where my car was.  It was a Sunday afternoon at noon so I will acknowledge them being busy.  The problem was that both times I ask about my car they began searching thought the stack of tags like having me be there was new.  Once my car finally did arrive I had to ask that they move the car in front of it before the people started loading so that I was not there another 45 minutes.

Park across the street at the Union Square garage instead at leas t then you are not at the mercy of attendants that do not know what to do.

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
314. Martina B.
When arriving to our room right after checking in, there was a bunch of used dishes in front of our door. I went ahead and moved them to the side and hoped my room was clean, and it was. BTW, the rooms are really small.

Day of check out housekeeping wakes me up because they wanted to clean my room. Really? Waking me up on my day of check out to clean my room! Check out is at noon!

The only reason why I gave them 2 stars is because of their location. We were able to walk to restaurants and the bars.

30/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
315. Jen W.
I cannot even BEGIN to express how grateful I am for you, Westin.  I'm staying in SF on business for the next 7 days.  Because I booked in a rush last minute - my company booked me at a hotel in the tenderloin area of town.  Having some misgivings - I figured - hey it's just a place to crash after work - how bad can it be.  It was BAD.  Worse than bad.  Stayed for 2 days and then called my company and begged for a hotel change.  After explaining to my travel agent, all that i'd been through and not sleeping for 2 days, he booked me a room at the Westin this morning.  I packed my stuff, checked out of hell and hailed a cab.  Not even knowing what I was going to walk into when I arrived.  Talk about NIGHT and DAY.  I walked in and felt safe, warm and welcome.  Knowing it was way too early for me to gain access to my newly booked room - i decided i'd at least see if i could check in and have them hold my bags.  The ladies at the front desk could tell I was stressed and I told them a little of what i'd been through - they gave me a free room upgrade, pointed me to their spa with a discount coupon and found me a room that i could go to right away.  Didn't know whether to sit down and sob or just laugh.  All I can say is that I am so grateful for the kind staff, the amazing showers, the beautiful rooms and all that they have done for me today.  

Hands down - will recommend this hotel to anyone/everyone because of it.

02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
316. Johanna D.
Love staying at the Westin as the hotel is beauteous! Location is perfect for shopping as well but what I really want to rave about is their Spa!

I usually request a female masseuse ahead of time and for some reason, I assumed that that was exactly what I would be getting.

When I learned that my masseuse was male, I was given the option to wait for a female but that would not be for another hour and I needed to get ready for dinner. I was tempted though.

The result?

I received one of the best deep tissue massages ever! When it comes to massages, I am pretty easy to please but this massage felt incredible!

And no, nothing freaky or inappropriate happened. He was an absolute professional and ensured that I was comfortable at all times.

I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep towards the end. Falling asleep may sound like a bad thing but when you feel that at ease and tranquil, than the massage was a success!

Okay so maybe it was more of a deep tissue/swedish massage - a little pain in the beginning that ended with pure satisfaction and tranquility in the end!

I enjoyed the pedi/mani as well but the massage was unforgettable.

14/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
317. Princess P.
How do you please forty 14 year olds?  you give them pizza, wii rock band, ipod, and let them dance.  

My sweetie pie daughter had her 14th birthday party there.  And I believe K and her guests had a swell time.  We used the Oxford and Kent room that overlook Union Square.  The food was ok. But the service from Leopold and the head guy on staff that night was stellar. They kept the food coming and the kept the kids in line.  

Tracy Grove who works in catering was extremely helpful, and made some great suggestions for menu and followed up with me.  She booked our over night hotel rooms as well.  The only not so good part was our hotel rooms were in the second building which had a really slow elevator service and it was really cold in the hallways.  But the Westin should pride itself in having amazing customer-driven-service.

Also the best Manhattan in town can be found at the clock bar.  THe food not so good.  And the Minna Resturant needs to rethink those yucky lobster corn dogs.... really yucky.

12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
318. Joseph D.
Usually spend Thanksgiving weekend here and it is the perfect time to stay as the atmosphere inside and out  is beautifully decorated. Great location but parking is expensive for guests considering what you pay for stay.  You have Union Square and the ice skating rink and tree that can be seen from most of the windows of the hotel. Some rooms are bigger than others depending where you are located for all standard rooms; overall very nice stay!

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
319. W M.
I would venture to say that i have stayed well over 150-200 nights in that hotel and to be honest one of the primary reasons i did it was due to the Starwood affinity program, in the past there werent many options (prior to opening of the Westin on 3rd and the easing of rates at the W).  If you are a business traveller that enjoys more modern luxury stay in the tower (that's technically an upraded room).  The old side of the hotel has a musky smell and the floors have older carpeting and are not so quite when you walk on them.  

The primary reason I am rating this hotel a 1 is about a year or so ago I was staying there and during my sleep I awoke to a choking sensation where I could not breathe anymore, I ran to the window and opened it to get some oxygen.  Turns out their was some sort of electrical fire/malfunction in my air handling unit which was just pumping smoke into the room, no alarms or anything of the sort went off.  I am very tolerant to many things at hotels (i travel quite a bit so I take it all with a grain of salt), but when it comes to safety I have zero tolerance.  I did get a call from the GM of the hotel, but to be honest I got no reassurance that they really planned to do anything about things systematically (perhaps it was a freak accident perhaps not), so I am voting with my dollars and now stay at the westin on third and the W.

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
320. Sonya O.
Was concerned with all the recent negative Yelp reviews!  Should have known better!  This place is still a fabulous hotel!  The location can't be beat! The room was large, clean and the bed was wonderful--- oh yes! And the rainfall shower head was pretty cool too! ! Received an unbelievable AAA discount! Enjoyed the Irish pub next door.... Enjoyed Bourbon Steak inside the hotel,  and the location of the hotel was an easy walk to the Warfield where my daughter was attending a concert!  Shopping in the immediate vicinity is all you can hope for. We stayed in the new tower.....it's about a $45 taxi ride from the airport.  And it's also right on the Cable Car line for classic access to the wharf area.

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
321. Sara W.
So I've never actually stayed here, but I just love the glass elevator! Now I guess you have to dodge security, but you can take the elevator and get an amazing view of San Francisco. Just don't get off on a top floor because they may be having an event and more security will come after you. Also, during the holidays, the lobby is decorated beautifully, with trees and crazy gingerbread houses and more. There's a bar and restaurant that you can visit if you're not staying... and actually, the price for a room is not that bad!

19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
322. Leila R.
I was so looking forward to staying at this hotel and unfortunately I was disappointed. The location, lobby, staff and amenities were quite nice but the room was extremely sub par. This is a very expensive hotel $350+ per night. The room was small, old and the bathroom was horrible. Not only was in desperate need of a makeover but it was quite dirty as well. Not a great example of a Westin Hotel.

01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
323. David W.
I will give them a five... for all the rooms above the 25th floor ending in 91... for the granola pancakes... for the overall comfort-ability of the place.
The excellent location and the staff are great.

27/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
324. Mrs. G.
We love to stay here when we are coming to the city to shop! It is a great location for shopping, cozy and clean rooms and it is a must to pay the extra money to get a room with a view of the square and little more sq. footage.

I also paid for the best facial I have ever had there in the spa in the basement. Everytime I go back I book a facial, they really clean every single pore on your face...

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
325. Sharon H.
7am Sunday morning we were jolted awake by the 2 bullhorns and 7 protesters marching in circles on the sidewalk below our room. Apparently the protesters are having issues with the hotel next door and how they choose to run their business. We called the front desk and were read the SFO noise ordinance, put on hold 5 times when we asked for a Manager and then finally told that a Manager would call us back. That never happened. This was not helpful and only made a bad situation worse. GIven that the noise was so loud and annoying (we were on the 7th floor in the tower section facing Geary) we decided to just get up and go home early. No breakfast in the City, no more shopping.........

We stopped at the front desk on our way out and did meet with a Manager who was professional and apologized. He tried to convince us that since the hotel had no idea when the protesters were going to show up, the hotel had decided not to alert Patrons to the possibility of such a rude awakening.  On one hand  that is understandable but it was a really horrible way to wake up. He did credit Starwood points to our account and his apology seemed sincere.

We HIGHLY suggest that if you plan to stay here that you ask for a room that does not face Geary.

19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
326. Connie Z.
Be warned: take some extra cash for PARKING! It's $50 bucks a day to park at The Westin's parking garage. NOT COOL. I had not planned on this extra charge so it really put a damper on my fancy dinner plans I had for that weekend.

Wherever you stay in SF, you're going to pay for parking. Parking garages everywhere! And I thought L.A. was bad!

So...did I pay 50 bucks at The Westin? HELL NO...I went down the street to a parking garage that was 27 bucks for 24 hours...WITH in and out privileges. Much better than $50! Wish I remembered the name of the garage though...

So now...on to The Westin. I stayed in the older tower of the hotel. And like most have mentioned, just like "The Shining." Just as creepy and just as old.

First room we got was so small I thought I was back in my dorm room in college. Except I had a bigger tv and a much comfier bed. Then we had brown water coming out of the faucet in the bathroom. *UPGRADE PLEASE!* So we called the front desk and asked for a better room. The people at the front desk past 10pm were very friendly and immediately upgraded us. No questions asked.

Second room had a view of Union Square, plenty of floor space, a big bathroom with no fan, and the comfiest bed I have ever slept on.

THE HEAVENLY BED: worth mentioning a thousand times. Feels like I was sleeping on marshmallows. I melted into it. It knocked me out quicker than any sleeping pill could. AMAZING.

As for the rest of the room: bathroom was clean. Dual shower head was like a heavenly waterfall. Hairdryer included of course. TV was a huge flatscreen. Mini fridge with expensive treats. Coffee maker. The usual.

I think what really made my stay at The Westin (other than the bed)was the customer service we received. Everyone was very friendly. As for the hotel itself, the old tower is definetly OLD. It's the new tower that has the rooms you see in the pictures online.

If you take a chance on this hotel, you got a 50/50 chance of staying in an antique room with some modern touches (ex.flat screen tv) or a modern room with a view. So take some money for parking and expect to sleep comfortably. It's definetly a classic San Francisco hotel worth visiting.

23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
327. Dung N.
I stayed here after a night out in the town. We got to the front desk and asked about the 'heavenly' bath. The front desk clerk informed us that each room had a 'heavenly' bath. I got to the room and lo and behold!--there was no 'heavenly' bath.

I had no idea what's so special about the bath, but I've heard about it and was quite interested in seeing what it was all about. Humbug. The room was really small for $229/night. They have a nice lounge on the main floor called the 'clock bar'. On the opposite side, there's also a fancy restaurant which looks quite interesting from reading the menu. Overall, nice hotel and it's walking distance to do some shopping in the morning!

23/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
328. Lindsay H.
Stayed for a weekend and that was long enough. The hotel is historic, but it had that old hotel smell...I guess my taste is more modern. But if for those people who like old architecture, then this is the place for you to stay  in San Fran!

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
329. Mell B.
I would like to share with you the experience I currently had at The Westin St. Francis in San Francisco over the weekend on Nov.17th. It was my husband's birthday; I decided to surprise him by reserving a room at the St Francis. We had dinner reservations and then Broadway show tickets. My husband has never stayed at the St. Francis before so he was quite excited when I told him that I booked a room. I reserved a Deluxe Grandview Corner Room in the Tower Building a couple months in advance. When we arrived at check in at 3:20 the front desk woman told us that our room was currently being cleaned and it would be about 20 to 30 minutes before we could head up. She said she would give us a call when it was ready. After about 45 minutes and no call from her, I went to the front desk again. The lady I first spoke with was no longer working. I spoke with another woman who then told me that the room was not ready and that it was next on the list to be cleaned. I asked her if there was another room and she said No, there were no other rooms. I told the women that I am celebrating my husband's birthday and we have a dinner reservations in less than one hour. At that point, she then offered to put us in a Landmark room and told us it was not comparable to the room I booked but we could look at it and see if we liked it. The room was ok but did not offer the view we were looking for like the one I originally booked and was much smaller. I told the women after going and looking at the room that I would prefer not to have that room. Especially, since the room I booked cost much more. She then offered another room, we said that would be fine and carried our luggage to the room. At this time, it was past 5 o'clock and we had missed our dinner reservations.  We decided to unpack and order room service. I went to go make a cup of coffee and the coffee pot was dirty. (Gross) Then, when I went to order room service the phone in the room was broken. We grabbed our stuff and went back down to the front desk. At this time I asked if our original room was ready since it has now been two and a half hours later from the time we checked in. The room was still not ready. I told the lady that I would like to speak to the manager. The manager came out and quickly offered us another room. He did not want to hear the fact that I was celebrating a birthday and we had just missed our dinner reservations and we were supposed to be at the theater in less than two hours. From the time I checked in and 3 rooms later, my husband and I were exhausted.

What was supposed to be a great evening and birthday celebration turned into a horrible experience. I felt like the service was unprofessional and lacked compassion for the fact that our night was ruined. We were so excited to stay at such a well known, beautiful San Francisco landmark and so disappointed to get treated so poorly. I will not be returning to the Westin St. Francis but wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that it may prevent this situation from happening to somebody else.

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
330. Purvi R.
I thought this place was exceptional. And with the deal they were running last weekend, it was worth every last penny and then some. ($139/night for a king!)

I stayed here for 4 nights last week - 2 for business, and I had decided to stick around another 2 nights and make a mini-vaca out of it; the bf flew out too. Since I was staying so long, I asked them for a room with a view. The check-in lady was happy to give me a room with a view...sweet. But, the room she wanted to give me wasn't available, so she called the manager over...who then upgraded me to a much better room class, which means I was on floor 17 in a corner room in the new wing!! SWEET!!!! (my coworker was so jealous she asked the front desk for a room change, and they gave her one as well!)

This whole experience was one word: awesome. I mean, seriously the nicest room ever. Awesome view. Awesome bed. Great desk for working. Awesome TV. Awesome shower. Awesome elevator. Awesome (and trendy/chic) bar. Awesome location (AWESOME location). Awesome concierge. Awesome front desk staff.

Here are a couple of (minute, in my mind) things that were less than awesome.
- I asked to have a curling iron sent up, since I left mine at home. 30 minutes later, no curling iron. Once the bf called down, they said they were behind. Another 10 min and it finally showed up. Too late as we had to leave at that point!
-Come on Westin, $52 for internet for 4 days? Freakin' ripoff. Starwood needs to change their policy on that, it's BS.

Overall, I was very happy with this hotel and would definitely consider staying again the next time I am in wonderful San Francisco.

03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
331. Tiffany H.
Great location but horrible for everything else. For a company holiday party, I blocked out 50 rooms and was promised the world prior to arrival. As I checked in, I had to insist and remind the counter girl on the upgrade to my room which was included in the contract. Employees had to wait over an hour for their rooms "to be ready," even though they arrived after 3:00, the specified check in time. Employees claimed of dirty and dusty rooms... so much so that one employee and her husband had to leave at 4:00 am because he had an asthma attack. As they informed the front desk of this, the hotel did not offer to help them in any way and the employee also had to wait over an hour for their car to be returned from valet because the staff couldn't remember where they placed their car. For such a historic hotel, they just continued to disappoint over and over again. I will never stay at this hotel and will advise everyone against it.

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
332. Helene H.
Stayed here one night with SPG points.  Wow!  what a spectacular hotel.  As soon as you walk into the lobby, you feel rich!  Beautiful chandeliers, crown molding, dark oak/maple wood, curved marble stairs and elegant iron rod banisters.  They had a shopping gallery, wine tasting room, and a note worthy gym that is open 24 hours.  The gym has two floors with plentiful treadmills, bikes, weights, room for stretching.  One of the nicest gyms I have seen in a hotel.  They have pocket sized card that gives you a 3 mile and 6 mile jogging route; and you can rent work out clothes and shoes if your luggage did not have room to fit some.  And for you coffee lovers, there is a Starbucks in the lobby stocked with pastries.  Location is key, union square is accessible to shopping, great eats, and bars.  And our room was quaint, but again luxurious; I especially enjoyed the rainfall shower head.  Cannot say enough good things about this hotel.

14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
333. Lee R.
Last night we stayed here an it was very nice.  The other times we stayed here, we were in the original part of the hotel. This time, we stayed on the 30th floor of the tower. My daughter loved riding the glass elevators. She had a blast getting to our room!

Our room was fine and it had a fantastic view.  It was great to get up early and enjoy Union Square before it got too full of tourists.

After a little ice skating and some breakfast, we were off to some shopping. This location is perfect for shopping. We had a lot of fun pretending to be tourists and doing all the touristy things.

We Love San Francisco!

17/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
334. Bryan W.
My friends and I decided to stay here for our trip to San Francisco in 2010 christmas. I was told by my gf it was luxurious and better than the hotels that we normally experienced in vegas. On top of this, we were able to get a good rate since my sister was an employee for a sherriton and we received an additional discount. Granted it was a good rate. This hotel wowed me when I went in. Found a lot of decorations. Had a castle sculpture made of sugar. Christmas tree with fake frozen ice that lights up. So at least this is one of the hotels that tries to be in the christmas spirit

So our hotel when we went it was ok. The beds however was small for a queen size bed. I know I heard right when they said our rooms had queen size beds but seriously, it seemed like it was a smaller than a fullsize bed.  I mean sleeping wasn't comfortable at all. Unless I had the bed all to myself, that would have been a different story but because I am sharing it with my gf, thats a big no-no. The beds were so uncomfortable, its like they need to replace the bed because the springs were so bad. Granted I know I am not fat, so as I lay on the corner of the bed, I can feel my gf sinking in towards me like shes con-caving into the a ditch next to me.  -1 point

We found browny crums near the crevices between the bed and the center night stand. Disgusting as in knowing that the cleaning lady or man probably just vacuums what they believe needs to be vacuumed. but I figure since I didn't find any stains in the sheets, my gf let it slide. - 1 point

When we decided to leave a tip on the night stand. I told my gf. Maybe we should leave a dollar on the night stand and one on the floor where the cookie or browny crums are laid so that way they will see it and clean it. Now some of you may think that it may be hard to see. But guess what? I literally moved the bed so that theres a 3-4 inch gap between the night stand and the bed. HARD to miss if you ask me. So when we came back from our festivities, I was not surprised that the tip on the night stand was gone. What I did find surprising was that part of the tip money was still flat out on the floor and yes, the cookie crums are still there!

So in all, i am a little dissapointed in this hotel. I mean you would expect that they clean this place up but I am guessing they either don't care or whatnot. Judging by the other people who posts reviews, I am not surprised that they will end up being a 1 star in the near future. My suggestion for them is FIRE AND HIRE NEW MAID WORKERS! obviously the ones they have now aren't doing squat.

11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
335. JP A.
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - in the heart of it all. Adjacent to SAKS and Union Square Shopping. Within walking distance of lots of great places to eat, drink, site see, museums, etc.

Excellent valet and front desk staff - super attentive and remember your name after only valeting twice. Staff greet you by last name, wish you a good evening, ask if there is anything they can help with - EXCELLENT customer service.

Beautiful views with floor to ceiling windows in many of the rooms.

Starwood hotel - part of the luxury collection. Points and upgrades given for SPG members.

The building and rooms are a little outdated and old. A coat of paint , new carpet, and updated fixtures would go a long way in this hotel. The curtain pulls in the room were off track and broken, the toilet seat was loose, and there were two lights out in the room.

Expensive (valet is $50.00!) - but again, location and service are worth the price. Safe area is a bonus too - things get shady and rough outside union square and the pan handlers can be very aggressive near the Clift hotel.

17/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
336. Sue Ann D.
For Valentine's Day weekend, hubby and I decided to stay at The Westin for a quick, getaway :)  

Besides the super convenient location of this hotel; right on Union Square-and a two block walk from BART, this hotel is just really beautiful and really historic too.  

After our quick walk from the BART station, we got to the hotel and walked up the stairs through the revolving door.  We headed straight to the check in line passing by Michael Mina's restaurant and little gift shops on our way.  The service at this hotel is completely wonderful and non pretentious.  

We got to our room on the 6th floor (and I have to admit I was a little bummed out that we didn't have a room any higher because the elevators in this hotel are fast and so much fun to ride up and down!)  Our room was one of the new contemporary ones in the main tower and we were pleased overall by the room.  Great view of Union Square, a cute lounge chair, fully stocked mini bar, amazing heavenly bed, huge closet, flat screen, and a big spacious bathroom.  My only complaint was that it was slightly dusty in the room and in the bathroom (clean overall, but just not dusted as well as it probably should've been :(  

We ordered room service the whole time we were there (we just didn't feel like leaving the hotel due to the horrible weather) and we were not let down there either.  Three words; sweet potato fries.  MMM!!!  Both room service servers were extremely sweet and the food did not take that long getting up to our room either :)  The servers set up the table for you, present you the food, tell you about all your condiments, sauces, etc, etc.  

Overall, a great hotel for our V-day getaway.  The location, the service, the room; everything just wonderful!  Will definitely be back, especially for those sweet potato fries!

16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
337. Raider J.
I stay here for business quite often.  The rooms in the Tower are modernized and updated compared to the original building.

The hotel staff are wonderful to work with and always offer me great service.  The MacArthur Suite is a beautiful room with a huge living room, kitchen and bedroom.....

The State suite is a little bit larger and has a very trendy modernized look.

Stay at the St Francis and re-visit old SF history...Plus you will be staying at the heart of San Francisco close to world famous Union Square shopping and restaurants.

26/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
338. J R.
The St. Francis Hotel will definitely make you religious: just take a ride in their outside/inside elevator flying up 40 stories, and you will be saying some Hail Marys in no time. Actually, the elevator rides were the best part of this hotel for me as you can see San Francisco from a totally different view. The skyline, bay and Golden Gate Bridge views from the room are spectacular as well. The rooms, however, are a horse of a different color. The guest suites are paltry and worn (and not in a good way). For the prices one pays to stay here, I found the hotel was in major need of room renovations. On a positive note, the lobby is quite lovely, and has a fancy couches to sit on while you sip your single malt. Good atmosphere.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
339. Quinn F.
On our way back from Novato my husband wanted to stay at this hotel a night before heading back to LA.  We were recently staying at a Best Western which I actually preferred over this place.  Now I must explain that my husband is boojie.  He thinks spending a lot of money on fancy hotels is the only way to travel.  First off, it costs like a million dollars to park here...I understand it's in the middle of everything...but $60 to park over night?!  Jesus.  Anyway the good thing is the location.  So many stores to walk to...I was just excited about the niketown.  A lot of food options.  The room was eh.  The two bed room option offers you two full size beds.  That is not adequate for two adults and a child.  I had to share a bed w/my 3 year old.  They have one of those snack bar things that my son ran to immediately and grabbed a $7 small thing of chips off of lol.  Everything is overly expensive here which would be fine if I felt I was getting what I paid for, but that wasn't the case here. Not worth the money you pay.

20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
340. Larissa L.
Days stayed: Weds-Fri
Two beds in the old tower

Absolutely loved the location that allowed me to finally check out the Union Square nightlife without worries for parking/taxi-ing/or bussing it.  Great view, good food, and great customer service!

My friend dropped me off, but we also had a furry doggie in the backseat that refused to stop shedding on my clothes I was going to wear to the conference!  Luckily the front desk had lint brushes along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash for my friend.  

For anyone who is traveling to Union Square and you like heights/vertical rides, take a free trip to the top floors of the new tower in the back of the Westin!  OMG I screamed my way up as my ears popped...it was so fast and it was my childhood dream to go on those elevators.  Yup, those sci-Fi looking elevators, seen from the Square, that go up and down.

In the old tower, you can hear people right outside your room, including the occasional door slamming.  The hallways remind me of the back stair well of creepy City Hall.  Plus the Westin has those staircases like in all action films with men being thrown off the 25th floor to go splat onto the 1st floor lobby.  

Room service forgot to empty out the fridge, as I debated eating the Max's leftover from the guest before me.

Price was crazy high, and in comparison to what I pay and get at Vegas, this place would be a 3 star...but the people there are so darn nice I had to give them an extra star.

26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
341. Nori S.
Beautiful hotel and the employees were over the top nice. One less star because the housekeeping was pretty lazy food and trays left in the hallways for days.

30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
342. Sheena M.
One of my favorite places to stay in the city.

One, you cant beat the location or the history!

Two, since its a Westin hotel, you know it has certain standards.

Three, big beds, mini bars, room service- everything you would want!

07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
343. Mary B.
i paid almost 300 dollars for my room here...and was less then impressed. room was small. i figured for that amount of money i'd be stepping into something that resembled a suite. not so much. the room service prices are a crime! (can you tell i dont stay in upscale hotels very often?!) when i informed the front desk that we were celebrating my sisters bachelorette party, the woman behind the desk informed me that they would send up champagne. for 60 dollars.

maybe im just not an upscale hotel kinda girl. i'll stick with embassy suites and sheratons.

21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
344. Dean G.
Amazing place to stay, great history, and the food was awesome. You CAN NOT go wrong at this place.

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Vernon M.
This is the second time I've stayed here, the first was 5ish years ago.  My impression then is magnified now.   Despite that this one of San Francisco's flagship hotels, and a Westin, the rooms are distinctly dingy.   I know it's an historic building, so I expect that the rooms will be smallish and oddly shaped with lots of old touches like mouldings on the walls and ceilings etc., and that the bathrooms will be small.  What I don't expect is that the carpet and furnishings are will be old and worn.  The carpet on the way from the room's entry to the room itself is so trafficked, that the pattern has been worn completely out of it.  On the  chair in the corner, the fabric is so worn and faded that I can see the pattern of where people sat and where they put their arms on the armrests.  Places on the seat of the chair are so threadbare, they are almost worn to the padding underneath.   As others have noted, the walls, in the old tower at least, are thin and noise from other rooms can be heard.   Even some of the 'modern' stuff leaves something to be desired.  When I checked in, I found an obvious stain on the turned back portion of the bedsheet on the made bed.  It makes me wonder if they washed the sheets since the last guest.   In a cheap motel I might expect this.
I'd honestly give this hotel one star except for the location, and the fact that the lobby is beautiful and the service and  food are good.

I'm just going to add the PS that the parking charge is outrageous!  They charge $51 per night for hotel guests to park their car - the same as they charge for someone off the street.   While I'm mentioning gouging - the $15 per night for WiFi seemed a bit high as well.  Motel 6 charges nothing, and the room was nicer.

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
346. Alexa B.
This place made me feel fancy.

I think if I had to live in a hotel, this would be very "me": it's a hundred-plus year old SF landmark that has been updated and fine-tuned to give just a hint of contemporary boutique hotel. It's a luxury hotel, but you don't get that obnoxious feeling of "look at me! look at me!" that comes with most hotels with a $300 a night price tag. I don't really know how to best describe it other than I felt like I was Kate Winslet in Titanic. Or Eloise at the Plaza. Just really old-fashioned fancy.

The hotel has really expensive boutiques in the lobby, including one of my favorites, Baccarat (every little girl's wedding fantasy maker of crystal decanters) as well as a fantastic restaurant (I didn't try it -- can you believe it was $200 a head!!! -- but I jealously listened to richer people than myself exclaim that it was "devine").

I think my favorite part of the St. Francis, aside from it's central Union Square location, is the external glass elevator ride up to the top floor. You have an INCREDIBLE panoramic view of San Francisco from that thing. Stunning. And this was my first SF trip so it was especially breathtaking. I had no idea how much I missed a real city since I moved away from Manhattan.

Based on the other reviews here I'm a little suspicious of what the hotel used to be, but I can assure you... if you're staying in the newer wing of the building you will find it worth your big bucks.

01/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
347. Julie C.
I stayed here at the Westin on April 30 - May 3 on the 14th floor on the newer side of the Hotel with my boyfriend. It was our first trip to SF and we wanted to stay in the heart of Union Square.
I loved the fact that we were walking, taxi and trolley distance of everything. Fisherman's Wharf, AT&T Park, Chinatown, Ghirardelli square.

Quick Tip: Overnight parking at the hotel is $50. SAVE YOUR MONEY! There are plenty of overnight parking structures around the Westin that is within walking distance. Take your time looking for the cheapest / Safest one. I found one for $27 a night. If you carpooled with another guest, just drop them and your luggage at the hotel first so you don't have to haul all your stuff around. It is totally worth saving that extra cash and use it for a nice dinner. =)

-The beds are really comfy and roomy
-The duel shower heads
-Glass elevators are fast!
T-he door men are very nice and knowledgeable.
-The hotel smelled nice
-We had a corner room so the noise level was minimal.
-They allow pets
-Never got disturbed by house keeping. They always came at the right time, when we were gone. For a moment I thought they had cleaning nomes, until house keeping left a bottle of cleaning spray on our table. LoL

-Every time we flushed the toilets, it sounded like thunder. LoL
-The bar at the hotel is a little to fancy for me, they didn't have the normal Vodka or my Malibu rum. Most of the alcohol they had I never heard of.
-No Vanity
-No free Internet =(
-The rooms didn't seem that "clean"
-Where's all the outlets?
-Boring View

Visiting baseball teams come here to stay. Ran into a couple of the Colorado Rockies here.

04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
348. Steven L.
April 2010,we lived in this hotel for five days. Everything OK except the lift moves too fast and not suitable for person with fragile heart.

14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
349. Kristen S.
Loved this hotel - we had a city/bay view room that really hit the spot. The Westin heavenly beds are enough to choose this hotel - the location and the hotel itself are amazing as well.

First of all, if you are visiting and not staying here, please do try the glass elevators for one of the most amazing views in the city. You will be absolutely stunned at the beauty of the city and the bay from this view.

If you are lucky enough to be staying at the St. Francis, enjoy! The rooms are great, the view is amazing, the amenities are wonderful.

I used the gym every morning before my work conference here, and I had to pay for it. It was still quite crowded, though. Pay for the gym - they give you cold water and a nice towel. Great service, nice machines.

I also had a nail appointment in the spa - it wasn't my best but I needed a nice manicure for my conference meetings.

Did not eat at the restaurants, but we did order room service. Lovely all around.

Recommended and I look forward to staying here again soon!

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
350. Richard P.
The Westin St. Francis is a wonderful hotel. It has beautiful architecture and is conveniently located in the Union Square area. There is plenty of things to do in the area. Plenty of shipping, dining,  and bars in the area. The staff is very kind and they make sure you have an excellent stay. The rooms were also larger than I had expected. I have gotten accustomed to the large sized Vegas rooms only to be disappointed when I realize that not all hotel rooms are that large. However, the Westin St Francis rooms are not bad at all. I had booked too rooms and was lucky enough to get adjoining rooms. This was more than enough space for the 8 people in our party. Everyone was able to comfortably sleep with out feeling like sardines. Our rooms were also located on the top floor near the elevators. We had a great view. This Westin is not a bad place to stay. If you appreciate architecture this is the hotel for you. However, if you want a more modern style room then the Westin on Market might be a better fit.

Note: Parking is also very expensive anywhere in the city. We found the best option for parking was the Sutter Stockton Garage ( yelp.com/biz/sutter-stoc… ). Its only about 2 blocks away from the hotel. If you don't mind walking this a an awesome option. Unless you want to pay $50/night at the hotel.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
351. Liane E.

Bed is soooo comfortable.
Location is prime.
Staff was nice.
I liked the gym (modern equipment)

Not so much:

I wish I had read the yelp reviews before and asked to stay in the modern tower. The classic rooms were too old for my taste. Peeling paint. Chipped walls.

Bathroom wasn't as clean as should be. Much of the peeling paint and chpped walls were in the bathroom. I'd take a shower and it would take FOREVER for the water to drain. Turns out there was a LOT of hair in the drain. Ew.

Gym charges $12 p/day or $30 for your entire stay. I know they say it's for the use of the "spa" facilities but I've seen better. No slippers. No eucalyptus scent. The steam room was small and dark. It was also so loud (old plumbing) that I left because I thought a pipe was going to burst.There was hair all over the shower drain first thing in the morning. Gross. Their "relaxation lounge" was two chairs right next to the entrance. Also, their treatment rooms are located in the gym. Strange.

Parking was $57 p/night so we parked around the corner across from the JW Marriot for $32 which covered 24 hrs.

I'll probably stay at another hotel when in the area again.

08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
352. jose p.
too fancy for me, I swear I saw a kid in tha halls riding a big wheel, or reminded me of a good movie.....

Overall this place is really good. Rooms were comfy but the beds were too squishy for me, I like my beds firm

17/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
353. Ashley M.
My boyfriend decided on a nice weekend getaway to San Fran so he said pick any hotel you want to.

So i went with the Westin because it is literally in Union Square which made it easy to get to everything! It also had great reviews on all the travel sites and on Yelp, so I figured why not!

We got one of the Deluxe suites which meant it was in the newer tower part of the hotel and it was a corner room with an amazing view! The TV was HD which was really sweet and the room was really big. The room wasn't as modern as I thought, but still really clean.

In the end I would definitely stay here again! The only down side was the elevators were extremely slow. We would wait about 5 minutes or more just for one of the elevator doors to open!

14/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
354. ChiYan T.
Located right next to Union Square, the historic Westin St. Francis has always been one of those landmark hotels that every local admires but doesn't particularly want to stay at.

After all, it's OLD.

From Union Square it is an impressive sight, with the older historic wing in front and the much taller, contemporary wing in the back. The contemporary wing has glass elevators, giving guests an amazing view of Union Square from the upper floors as they go to their rooms. At the lobby is the famous old grandfather clock which was a common meet-up location for everyone. Michael Mina's flagship restaurant and his neighboring Clock Bar are beautiful elegant spaces to dine or grab a nightcap. The bartender's "Hot Buttered Rum" is a closely guarded secret and utter evil deliciousness in a glass.

I thought I was staying at the Contemporary wing but was anxious to find out I got stuck in the Historic one. However the room was surprisingly comfortable.

Marble floors in the bathroom (nevermind that one tile against the wall that kept falling down), the Starbucks coffee amenities, fridge fully stocked from mini-bottles of Grey Goose, Anchor Steam beer, to sodas and... $25 for a mini-bottle of Clois Du Bois? Note there's 10-second sensor for anything you take out, and the prices on the bar sheet? Add 20% service charge + 8.5% tax to it. Still, everything felt surprisingly elegant but not dated. Furniture, curtains, and paint in very good condition.  

They had a big flat-screen TV and it was close to the bed, but the reception across all the channels was horrible. Static dots and wavy lines across every single one.

Despite this being the historic wing, the rooms' windows could open and they had ventilation (heat and cold air, not sure if its AC though) but when we used it the noise was loud and it turned on often.

Room service menu consisted of sandwiches and items from The Oak Room, the hotel restaurant that somehow never seems to hit the local foodie radar. Children's room service menu was hilarious. Spaghetti O's, Campbell's Chicken soup, and Kraft Mac and Cheese?

As for the service itself, front desk was prompt and although we didn't want maid service, they were ok bringing us a load of fresh towels and refills on amenities.

For the location and convenience of knowing exactly where I can get parking for much cheaper (almost any garage further down Geary Street from Union Square), this is a good spot to be in the center of it all. For those that don't drive this is a good taxi pick-up/drop-off spot no matter what time of day or night you're coming or going from here.

4 Stars.

31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
355. Lindsay S.
Staff was great. Stayed here for sales kickoff and the staff were very knowledgable and have great recommendations for local cuisine. Hotel room was classic and historic with a modern bathroom thank god. Got lost a little bit and the elevators took forever but you can't beat the location and sushi boat around the corner

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
356. Michael G.
I wish that I could speak to the beautiful view from our room, but, unfortunately, we didn't really have one. Our window faced three other brick walls, which together with our side of the building formed what I guess you would call a courtyard. Since I got a great rate using Expedia, I didn't feel that I was in a position to complain. Although there was nothing to look at outside, there was plenty of activity inside the room to keep one entertained.

Contributing to the pleasure that this entertainment provided was the romantic history of the hotel. Built in 1904, it still holds the charm and elegance that must have been enjoyed by its guests more than a hundred years ago. Walking down the hallways I half expected a scene from The Shining to play out in front of me, but alas, no ghosts of the past were witnessed.

After I learned that we could not get a table at Restaurant Gary Danko (my favorite restaurant in the whole world) the evening of our arrival, I was not dismayed because I knew that Michael Mena's was located in the St. Francis. To my disappointment we arrived to see that the restaurant was closed for renovation. With the help of the concierge, we were able to locate a nice restaurant (see my next review) that could accommodate us early so that we could make it to the theatre on time. By the way, you must catch Dreamgirls if it comes to your town.

The location of the hotel on Union Square places it right in the center of everything that is important. The Curran Theatre and some very fine restaurants, are within an easy walk. The mall, including the 5-story or so Macy's and a Cheesecake Factory, is right across the street. The nearest Bart station is only a few blocks down Powell. Also, we found the walk to the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf quite scenic and rather easy.

I give this hotel 4 stars, but only because I have witnessed better. From me a 4-star review is something that must be earned, and the St. Francis made me quite happy. I will be back.

21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
357. David N.
The place I called home for 4 nights was the Westin in Union Square.

We were able to get a steal on priceline for 75 bucks a night.  However, as I read more reviews on priceline, basically anyone who books through a discount site gets placed in the "older" portion of the hotel.  Also if you want 2 queens instead of the 1 king it was going to be a 20 dollar increase per night.  We had 4 people in our group so we needed the 2 queens of course.  But at $95 a night it was a still a great deal.

The room wasn't huge but not small, just enough room to put our stuff down and catch some rest.  It's located on one of the 4 sides of Union square.  We chose this location since basically all of the night clubs/bars were within walking distance.  Also all of the shops surrounded us.  

We didn't spend a lot of time in our rooms but when we did we laid in comfortable beds and soft sheets while enjoying HDTV.  The cleaning crew made sure it was really tidy.

I was going to give this place a 4 star but when we checked out I forgot my watch and ring in one of the desk drawers.  I realized a couple of hours later and went back to the front desk.  They were really nice and helpful by giving me a key to the room to go back up and get it.  She gave me the key even though my name was not on the room because she remembered my face when we checked out.  Remembering a face is just a little extra touch this hotel brings to the table.  I will stay here again the next time I am in SFO.

27/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
358. Katherine W.
NOT accommodating of food allergies. I was staying on business and my boss wanted us to meet in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. When I asked the waitress what oil they cooked in, she told me that it was all soybean oil and looked at me as though I had to leave at that second before they killed me. She was 100% not helpful in offering to accommodate. Luckily the soy industry hasn't figured out how to put soy in fruit and boiled eggs, so I had something to eat, but talk about 100% not accommodating of food allergies. Won't be staying here again.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
359. Nadia V.
Knock. Knock.


"Can i come in and check your minibar?"

"ummm- o-kay?"

Who does that when someone is still in the room? I'm sorry, i've stayed in some pretty nice hotels and i've never had anyone do that. Ever. I know this isnt the Fairmont but, give me a break. There's something called 'service' that i think people should have if you are in the hospitality industry.

28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
360. Cara Y.
Smack in Union Square.

Great place to catch a cab.

Endless fun riding their amazing glass elevators.

12/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
361. Vanessa W.
A couple of my best girl friends and I decided to get a hotel room our junior year in high school - just because we had finished finals and summer was about to start.

We went to a fabulous dinner in Union Square one night and went back to the WSF to go back up to our hotel room.

My two girl friends and I were wearing little cutesy, strapless summer dresses and needless to say - we looked good. As we approached the elevator lobby, the girls and I were giggling about something stupid and all of a sudden -- we stopped.

Three gorgeous, beautiful, sexy BIG, 6'5 tall black men were waiting for an elevator -- and they all turned around when they heard us. I was momentarily blinded by a big phat ring on one of the guys' finger and the bling bling BLING around their necks. They were all sporting some fly, flyyyyyyy Italian, custom made suits, and they all had Gucci luggage.

They all smiled at us. I remember I had to crane my neck up to see their faces. I didn't say anything - "Damn, I wish I didn't have braces" - I thought to myself.  As they got on the elevator, the girls and I just stood there.

"Well, are you girls coming in with us?"  one of the men asked.
I nodded shyly.

Two wrinkly cougars on the prowl with their saggy boobies decided to bum-rush into the elevator with us. They stared at us and smirked - then looked up at the guys.
One of them gasped and said, "Ohmygoddd." She nudged her friend who also gasped and put her hand to her mouth.

I have never even seen a cougar speechless.

The men got off on the fourth floor -- and one of them winked at us as they left. The elevator door closed.

"Who were they? I liked that one guy's gold necklace." I told my girl friends.

"WHO WERE THEY?!?! Those were players from the NEW YORK YANKEES! DON'T YOU KNOW THEY'RE IN TOWN?" yelled one of the cougars.

"Whatever." I said to her. We went back to our room and I immediately looked up, "NEW YORK YANKEES."

Oh. That's cool that I stayed in the same hotel as them.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
362. G K.
Location is conveniently located right across the street from Union Square and close to the powell street subway station allowing easy access to SFO or Oakland.

The hotel markets itself as quite upmarket but nickel and dimes their customers at every turn. $15 for wifi is crazy! Especially in a city like San Francisco where you can get free wifi on every street corner. Though there is free wifi in the hotel lobby that you can use, and no you don't have to order anything to use it.

Micheal Mina's name sake restaurant is here and that obviously adds to the price gauging of the hotel, clock bar is an interesting bar but again, quite over priced.

The rooms are nicely appointed though on each of my three days I arrived back at my hotel at around 4pm with my room still not clean. Kind of annoying, though I understand that this hotel is huge.

Great views from the hotel elevators with views of Union Square and the surrounding bay area.

Overall a decent hotel in a good location but you are paying a pretty penny for the history of the hotel. Not worth it for what I paid but would be worth it at the $130-150 range.

27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
363. Mary F.
I had straight up sex with this hotel

Not *in* but *with*..... um wait I did that too

From start to finish, this hotel was like the finest piece of a$$..... er I mean, sweet sensual lover. I walked in and the place was stunning, old school charm and glamor but still elegant with places to explore. Like when you first get a glance at that special someone from across the room and your sexy bits tingle.

Then Westin (we're on a 1st name basis now, that's just how I do) teased me with a little waiting. There was a bit of a line to check in but it gave me time to oogle, ohh and ahh at the surroundings and squirm in anticipation for what was to come.

And then the moment finally came, the eagle had landed... it was time to unwrap the package, seal the deal, the big hop on pop, rock the kasbah..... I opened the door to the room and.... wow.

I spent the next 5 minutes literally exclaiming to my boyfriend "IT IS SO BIG! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS SO BIG! HONESTLY, OH MY SHIT, THIS IS AMAZING" (um.... hello. I'm still talking about the hotel room, perv) The corner room was HUGE! It was the biggest non suite room I had ever seen. There was a living room area, flat screen, 2 walls covered in windows, double headed shower (hey heyyyy!).

Plus, there was this crazy ass 'refreshment center' that automatically charged your room when you picked up things from the mini fridge because there were SENSORS in there! It was like a mix between mission impossible and Indiana Jones. I wanted to replicate that scene where he tries to steal the fertility idol by quickly switching it for a sandbag.... but that would be doin too much for a snickers bar.

God, this place was packed with pleasant surprises. Like the perfect lover, just when you thought it was great, it gets better.

Oh and that bed...... mmmmmmm.... I'm going to melt in place just by thinking about it. There's nothing better than rolling around in fluffy pillows and swimming in a sea of sheets all night.  I just could not get enough. You know when you're at that point of doin it where you get kind of lucid with a mix of sexy and goofy?? Like you're not really sure where you are, you drink out of the actual bottle of champagne because you can't be bothered to pour it into a glass, you taste colors, you feel like you're on a boat??  (Um, that happens to everyone right?) Yes, that was me ALL NIGHT in this bed.

Best thing of all, I pricelined this fucker and got a blow my mind kind of deal. EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS! And on Memorial day weekend to boot! It was my boyfriend's last night in civilization before he lives in a hut in Uganda doing aid work for 3 months so the good girlfriend in me wanted to go all out... but the Asian in me would rather kneel on rice for an hour  than pay full price for a hotel. The Westin was the answer to my prayers... that is if God answers dirty,  whore-ish, filthy, raunchy prayers.

04/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
364. Olma M.
I am a huge fan of friendly, competent and professional service when I have to pay to spend time away from the comfort of home. The Westin St. Francis delivers!

Honestly, I have to admit I can't even remember the last time I stayed here, but I was recently reminded of positive experiences when I had the great fortune of attending the 2009 Yelp Unwrapped event here!

I have it on good authority that their event managerial staff are top notch and that Guest Services stepped up and helped out to ensure the event ran smoothly. That's a huge undertaking considering this particular event had the largest number in attendance in Yelp history!

Additionally, I know, firsthand, that employees in guest services, from their concierge desk, bellmen and housekeeping have stellar work ethic and job knowledge. Their HR and Shipping/Receiving departments have also employed some real high caliber individuals.

In recent years, I've visited the hotel to take nieces/visitors for the infamous glass elevator rides and to check out their Holiday displays throughout the lobby (pretty spectacular and worth a visit into Union Square alone).

I can't wait to spend more time with you in the coming year, St. Francis! I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful landmark so close to home and to have been able to revisit and experience it again, recently, with one of the biggest holiday events of 2009. Admission, food, drinks and entertainment were free. AND I felt like a million dollars having access to the hotel's beautiful spaces.

12/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
365. Jessica S.
If you love classic and old hotels you'll love the Westin St. Francis.

Highlights: Dual shower-head in the bathroom! Automatic closet light (unexpected in such an old hotel), REALLY comfy bed, and piano bar across the street.

Downsides: Lack of outlets, expensive wi-fi, and the abundance of homeless in the area at night.

Room: Simple, appointed mainly in white with an extremely comfortable bed, nice antique desk for working, and a dresser/refridgerator combo that is quite classy.  A flat screen TV and two cup coffee maker were expected and presented well.  Dual shades for the window helped provide privacy and light, however be sure to ask for an outside room, inside facing rooms have a window but you end up facing a brick wall.  The bathroom was fantastic with plenty of mirrors and space for all my girly amenities.

Location: At Geary and Powell you are right where you need to be to grab public transportation.  A perfect hub with plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby.  Can get a little shady at night, but nothing you can't handle.  You might get approached by homeless or street performers.  On a positive note, across the street is Lefty O'Douls! Read my review and check it out, you bring the fun so don't be a disappointment!

If my budget will allow, I would definitely stay here again as a home base and as a welcomed treat!

27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
366. Sharon E.
Expensive, but great service. Got a room here for my best friends bachelorette party. Invited all the girls for a get together. Brought in a ton of alcohol into the hotel and our bell guy was such a help
Offering an extra mini fridge. Lol. Not too sure if I'll return but never say never. The price of the room and parking got me I  think. Oh well you only get married once right?!  I hope! Lol!

06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
367. Brandi G.
I stayed here as part of a wedding and was amazed! Obviously, it is a Westin so I had some high standards set in mind. Well, I'm happy to note they surpassed them with flying colors. The service was impeccable and all of the employees were always friendly and smiling. The hotel is also a historical gem. I enjoyed reading about all the tidbits of history nestled throughout the hotel.

The room was comfy, clean, and modern. The bed was the BEST I have ever slept on, I wish I could afford to buy it! FYI, they DO sell their own Westin Heavenly Beds by Simmons. Some day!

The location can't get any better, situated right ON Union Square with tons of shopping and great restaurants nearby.

The prices can vary dramatically depending on when and how you book. (phone, hotel site, expedia, etc). I got a killer deal so don't let the Westin name scare your wallet. Do a little research and you might be pleasantly surprised that your wallet isn't as flat as you thought it would be.

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
368. Corinne M.
Got this room with my dear deal finder: Hotwire. I LOVED the St. Francis.. the 'old' part of the hotel was amazingly beautiful and full of history. The character at the hotel is very unique, which was coupled with the corporate-ness of the Westin, which brought a welcome comfort and class.

I'd definitely recommend staying in the old tower if you get the chance. The bathrooms in the old tower have been rehabbed very nicely and the charm of the hallways in the old wing, and natural light in the rooms, make it a comfortable and happy stay.

I agree with Purvi R.'s review.. $50 for 4 days worth of wireless is completely preposterous and totally price gouging business customers. This can't be taken as a knock on this particular hotel. as most all corporate hotel chains practice this miserly and consumer-unfriendly policy.

In my opinion, this is the best hotel to stay at in Union Sqaure, at least that I've tried so far. (Better than the Intercontinental and the Parc 55). This hotel is now tied with the Hilton on the edge of Chinatown, for my favorite place to stay in SF.

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
369. Bobby S.
When you first pull up the Valet is not always on the curb so you might be stuck out there for 5-10 minutes.

The rooms are actually pretty spacious (probably because for some reason I was put in the handicap accessible room) bathroom was very spacious too but it was very old and dated and not decorated nicely at all.

Since I was in the handicap room (which i was not informed of upon check in) I had a doorbell, the doorbell when rang actually triggered the fire alarm in the room for several seconds so if somebody rang the doorbell the alarm would go off and the siren would flash in a crazy manner.

When I opened the minibar there was a few drinks already missing!  Housekeeping here obviously doesnt pay too much attention.

Very nice hotel but very sketchy at night and terrible rooms.

18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
370. David O.
I actually booked my room at the Westin St Francis via Priceline, so I have no problems giving them 4 stars.   I think, though, that if I'd have had to spend more than two bills on my hotel room, I'd be giving them 3 stars instead.

I stayed in room 768, a small room with a queen size bed on the interior, which basically means that I had no view whatsoever.   Not that I really gave a damn since I was just there to sleep.    They have a nice 40" flat screen LCD High Definition TV, which is nice to watch porn on...   Mini bar... check.   I didn't use it though since the prices are way steep.   Now the bathroom is what I found seriously disappointing.   Turn of the century charm indeed, but I think they should have bigger bathrooms, end of story.

The service was impeccable and the gentleman who checked me in made a point to tell me I'd been upgraded to a queen size bed and he got me to sign up for preferred Starwood membership....  Great!  More crappy correspondence with beautiful pictures of places I can't afford to go visit!  

All in all, it's a nice hotel.   I'm just not sure I'd pay the premium to stay here when I could stay at a much more luxurious Hyatt nearby.

02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
371. Caitie K.
Another GREAT Westin experience - This hotel is actually where my Starwood Experience began!  

Right on Powell St @ Union Square Park - perfect location!  Awesome to head over to the Park to check out the various artists & wander around to check out their work.  A short walk down to Market, with numerous opportunities to stop into a shop or cafe.  Had fun exploring San Fran with the Westin as my hub!

As for the hotel specifically, it's a old building with lots of character, but the rooms are large, cozy, with extremely comfortable beds.  Visited one of the hotel bars & had some appetizers & cocktails - pricey, but well worth the hilarious bartenders, and creative food & drink!

Would give this hotel 5 stars, except they lost a package that I had shipped prior to my event.  No worries, the disorganization of determining whether the package was there or not took almost 24 hrs, and therefore was a little discouraging.

OVERALL 4 well-deserved stars hotel & in-hotel dining!!!  Would stay again and will recommend to others!

30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
372. Huy T.
Some of the best nights I've had began and ended at this hotel. The hotel is an SF landmark. Tons of history throughout. The hotel is older but up to date and nice. The rooms are a little bigger than what you find at newer hotels. The views, if you get any, are of Union Square. Great service at the hotel if you want. Plenty of privacy if you want it. I will be back (or at least hope to be back) many times in the future. Parking is valet only and is pricy as noted in earlier posts. Convenience is key here. If you dont want to pay $40-$50 as a guest, there is a garage 2 blocks down that will charge you $30-$40 (depending on day). No big deal I think.

08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
373. Linh L.
THANK YOU for being friendly to my puppy! :-) It had been awhile since my husband and I had been to the city because it's hard to find a dog sitter at times, but the Westin made our decision quite easy--let's take a weekend trip AND take Kobe!!!  

They gave us a Westin Heavenly Doggie Bed, an oversized stainless steel bowl, a bag of doggie essentials, and the cutest little "Puppy Sleeping" door tag to hang from our door handle!

5-stars for amazing service, amazing location AND for being so pet friendly!

23/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
374. Susy C.
If i could leave them with zero stars, I would. I am outraged at how my friends and I were treated this past weekend.
First of all, everyone got trapped in one of their elevators for over TWO HOURS. They weren't released till nearly 3am.  While this was all going on, I had nowhere to go but to sleep on their floor. Is this acceptable?? NO. I went downstairs to complain, but did they do anything? Of course not. All they could tell me was that they were fully booked, which is absolute horseshit. They should've given me a free room OR AT LEAST PAID FOR OUR PARKING GARAGE TICKET.

So after learning that they were TRAPPED in the elevator around 1:20am (they had already been stuck for 20 minutes.. BTW, the security guard hung up on them 4 times before realizing they were actually trapped because he thought they were prank calling. I'm not even lying, I was there when he apologized for it) I went to the 17th floor to try to talk to them. When I arrived, 2 hotel staff members were already there. We were sitting around for 30 minutes. Someone finally came with a crow bar looking object and tried to pry the doors open. After that didn't work, they finally decided to call the technician. I'm sorry, they've been trapped for well over an hour at this point, shouldn't this have been the very first thing they did?? SO THEN they say the technician will be arriving in 40-50 minutes. At this time, everyone stuck in the elevator needs to use the restroom or smoke from being stressed out.
As we sit around and continue waiting, i'm nodding off on the floor.

This was DEFINITELY not my idea of FUN on a saturday night. And no, we were not drunken idiots trying to ride the elevators up and down for fun. We attended a party on the penthouse floor.

13/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
375. Scott H.
Nice hotel with a lot of character.  The single queen room was VERY small (similar to many European hotels), but met all of our needs.  Location was perfect for a 4 day / 3 night long weekend in San Francisco.  We would go back to the Westin St Francis.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
376. claudia y.
so this review is not really for staying in the hotel .  but 1.  a party in the alexander and victor rooms and 2.  also a wedding in the same rooms.

for the party, the elevator situation was just a disaster.  people would cram into the elevator and in cramming, they would accidentally push almost all the buttons going up.  so the elevator would then stop and take forever to make the roundtrip.  

the ventilation was also poor.  the place got so hot, the windows started steaming up.  i felt like i couldnt breathe.

for the wedding, i dont know why the staff was in such a rush.  did they have to go home?  the salads were literally thrown in front of us.  one guys salad was rotating around on his charger, they had thrown it with such force.

dont have a wedding/party here!

07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
377. Fred L.
We checked into the Westin St. Francis early on a Friday morning.  Our room was ready and available.  The lobby was beautiful and the staff were quick and attentive.  We were checked-in and on our way in under 3 minutes.  The front-desk clerk also added my roomie to the reservation to ensure that he could access the room if locked out.

Were we given a room on the 29th floor - a spectacular corner room with views of Union Square all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.  The room was immaculate and homy.  

We quickly left the room and headed out, asking the concierge for directions to a restaurant.  They were very nice and accommodating.  

Overall, a wonderful experience.  Stay at the Westin if you can - mix your SPG point and pay little for the room.

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
378. Holly D.
Do not stay here if you don't like PROTESTERS waking you up in the morning.
We were on the third floor and were facing Union Square. 6:30am Sat and Sun
morning there was chanting with a loudspeaker for over an hour. It sounded as if
they were in our hotel room it was so loud. Also, the band that plays at the Irish
Pub across the street is LOUD and you hear it in your room on weekend evenings.
JUST AN FYI! We actually took videos of how loud this stuff was and were in shock
that a "classy" hotel turned out to be like this. Also, we smelled cigarette smoke in
our non smoking room. Who knows...prob from the street smokers outside? Don't
stay here. You check in and the place looks amazing....but then when you get to the
room, it's another story. Bathrooms are tiny and terrible. The bed was the best part
of the experience. Nice pillows as well. Don't stay here. Stay off the main streets if
you want peace and quiet.

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
379. Michael E.
Great location, once you're there.  Fighting the traffic to get there is another story, but if you'd managed, you've then got the cable car and the glories of Union Square.

Here's your tip, if you can be out by 8am, park at the garage 3 blocks away for $6 instead of paying $56 at the hotel.

21/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
380. Hilary B.
This hotel has a lot of history and is centrally located...and you pay for it!

The location is truly wow!  You are in the middle of Union Square and all of the shopping you could ever want.  The people watching alone was pure entertainment.  The lobby was pretty amazing, and the ballroom was gorgeous.  Our room was large & beautiful.  The bellhops were all very nice.  

The front desk staff was a little less than attentive.  The doorman in the parking garage was unclear with his directions to us on where our luggage would be taken to.  The staff standing around in the lobby who look like they should be able to help, but kept sending me in circles to find my room.  

The rooms are expensive per night.  They charge you for local calls.  It is $14.95+tax for wi-fi per day!  The business center is $10.00 for 20 minutes of use.  The glass of prosecco that I got in the hotel lobby bar was $16.00!  The cup of chowder & glass of sparkling wine for room service was $33.00!

Ouch.  Once time was enough for me, next time we'll stay at the Hotel Monaco down the street, where the people are nice, the wi-fi is free & the proximity to shopping is just a good.

10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
381. Steve M.
Fantastic location and attentive staff. In town for a conference but hotel has all the features you'd want for business or leisure. Room was spacious enough and quite comfortable.

09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
382. Katie R.
We stayed here 1 night for a wedding we were attending back in May of 2012. The bride & groom booked a block of rooms for the guests. I found the staff was very friendly & helpful. The valet personnel were nice, too. The building is very impressive & I enjoyed the historical artifacts in the lobby. Very interesting to read about the history of this hotel! The room was very nicely appointed & had a great city view. There was a desk & chaise lounge & plenty of room. The bedding was lovely & had good pillows. The bathroom was nice except I will say the lighting should be better. Our room had a mini fridge which came in handy. The location could not get any better! The price was a little spendy under normal circumstances for us because I love a good deal but it was well worth it to stay here! It is a large hotel so I found it a little difficult to navigate around.  I loved the glass elevators, too.

23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
383. j k.
This hotel is gorgeous and in an amazing location!

Checkin was easy and the employees were super friendly (quite welcome after battling holiday shoppers to get to the front door). I had requested a roll-away bed and was given a "family" room (larger to accommodate the roll-away) with a City view. Awesome size room with walk-in closet and sitting area in the corner. But our roll-away never came. And the bathroom left me disappointed - it was a regular OLD tub. Maybe the Westin Dublin spoiled me?

I would absolutely stay here again! Fantastic location, clean hotel, nice peeps. For tourists and also for locals who need a good location.

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
384. Juliet G.
I came here with a few girlfriends and we reserved two rooms that were identical, however we were charged different prices. Upon reserving the rooms we were also told that we would receive a special promotion which we never received. In the end we paid over $300 more than what we were quoted. Overall, it's a beautiful hotel with yummy restaurants and nice big clean rooms. The customer service on the other hand is just "ok".

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
385. Steph M.
When thinking about this establishment, the phrase "Nickel and Dimed" floats around my little noggin. Picture a holiday inn, with a beautiful lobby, an adventurous breath taking elevator, with overall strokes of class. Then tack on the overpriced parking, the overpriced drinks in your fridgey-fridge ($4 for a can of soda, please.. or the $25 charge if you use the fridge for anything else), $15 a day internet access, minus a pool (hi spa fees) and minus the uncomfortable beds(they were in fact "heavenly" /cough)

First time in San Fran, I went for the pretty hotel and the pretty view. Hey, you cant blame me, I AM from New York. I won't trust something that doesn't have name value.  However, I figured that best value, of course would have been a smaller boutique hotel with breakfast, free internet and whatever cute perks come my way. With the downfalls, It's still an experience I refuse to forget.

24/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
386. Henry L.
Never stay here if you plan on checking out either on a Sunday or the day after any holiday.  The valet parking which is ridiculously overpriced as it is, gets completely backed up.  We were fortunate enough to enjoy over an hour wait for our car to show up.  With no organization whatsoever, people just backed up right at the automated revolving door.  Complete disorganization -- and this happens every week?  The "automated" revolving door right there is also a total joke.  It stops revolving anytime there's somebody right at the entrance -- which is like all the time when there are 100 people standing right there.  We watched as people would get in and the door would just suddenly stop and lock up all the unfortunate people trapped within its confines.

The rooms are really so-so.  I'm sure the place was really nice and grand when it was built, but in 2007, the rooms are half the size of any other modern built Westin.  If I had to stay at another Westin in SF, I'd go to the one just south of Market.  That one was recently constructed.  In terms of the "heavenly" bath, that's another joke right there.  All it is is a shower head.  Hardly the quality of a Westin that I would expect given how much money we paid to be here.

Next year, W Hotel.

02/01/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
387. Nancy L.
Stupendous beauty and location.  Cannot be beat for proximity to Financial District, BART, cable car, Chinatown, and flagship-sized stores of every shopping emporium imaginable.  You'll feel the beat of the very heart of San Francisco in the lofty lobby which loses some of its elegance to the bustling Grand Central vibe.  The concierge was always swarmed, and despite a huge bank of glass elevators, not many must have been in operation because lines developed - not a pretty sight when composed of tired tourists, but very festive when wedding guests.  Plenty of good breakfast places nearby, but late risers can expect to wait.  Loved the view towards the bay and the building where my Dad worked for 25 years, but despite the negative comments, I'd like to stay in the original section sometime.
Too late did I read the tip on parking in the Union Sq. garage; due to lack of parking attendants/signage, HG didn't see there was no self parking, and had to circle the block to regain the valet area.  No big deal you'd think, but an unhappy beginning for a driver with road-rage tendencies whose aggression triples in city traffic.  The exorbitant fee includes in and out privileges, and call down 5 min. in advance when you want to use your car.  Because of the hassle, but mainly because we couldn't tear ourselves away from the stores, we sent SG to the airport on BART - she's a Manhattanite - give me a break!

01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
388. m m.
This place is 3 star not a 4 star.  They are not the same heavenly beds, sheets or pillows like any other Westin.
Very old hotel that claim there tower has been renovated but this is not a renovarion. The toilet is similar to the ones you see in a public bathroom.
Staff was pompous and not helpful.
Never again!

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
389. Female C.
If anyone would like to stay here, I have 4 $50 gift certificates that I can sell you for a discount. Contact me at kamebear@gmail.com Thanks!

Stayed here 04/16/11-04/17/11 Sat-Sun for 1 night. Valet fee is $50. Exceptional customer service all around and SUPER comfortable dream beds! I wanted to sleep forever, so I called the front desk and got an extended check out time till 1 in the afternoon! :D My room had two double beds and had vaulted ceilings. I used $50 gift certificates during my stay so I didn't have to shell out cash! Oh, internet is NOT free. Ultra-high end hotel. Everyone who walked through the door was a business owner or some kinda rich.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
390. Sam V.
Stayed here 2008.  It's everything you would expect from a grand Lady like this, except the bathroom was the size of a broom closet.  Bedding,  heavenly, just as they say.

06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
391. Heather R.
Overall a great room and great location.

In the details, a little dim (dark) in the bathrooms and the elevators are very slow compounded by the fact that they don't make a noise when at your floor...so it is very easy to miss the lift!  

I have stayed in this hotel many times, and it continues to be a fav for me.  Last moments in the hotel on my most recent trip were disappointing. Joy at the front desk was very rude when at checkout I asked for a copy of the bill that represented just new charges (the room and other charges were pre-paid)  She just said, I don't know why you need it differently, you have it all in the summary.  My response -- I hate to be a pain...but these are the necessities for my business expense policies. :)

In all...I still recommend the stay.  Great hotel...awesome location!

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
392. Kyoko B.
Stayed for two nights.

Nice atomosphere with art deco, and clean room. But  the walls are so thin that I could hear every word from next room. As other reviewer said union protesters started to shout on the front of the hotel from 7am in the morning of Sat and Sun. Also, at night of both Sat and Sun, there was an amature band on the corner of the hotel played for almost two hours. There is no way you can have a quiet night at this hotel.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
393. Amanda S.

not only does this hotel LOOK yummy, it SMELLS yummy too! their signature green tea scent is EVERYWHERE!!! yummmm.....

yeah, you have to pay for parking, but this is LUXURY. be prepared to splurge. it's so so so worth it.

their "heavenly beds" are oh so nice. their service is excellent. hell, i had a freak-out fight with my boyfriend and spent hours sobbing in their lobby at 2am and their staff kept checking on me, LOL.

try to get a room with a great view. you're set.

27/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
394. Natalie T.
A wonderful stay at the Westin as expected!  Everyone here was very nice and helpful!  I stayed here for a wedding and because the wedding was held here, they gave us great rates as well.

The hotel itself is very beautiful and of course, excellent location in San Francisco!  

I did knock down a star because I was surprised at the bathroom!  It wasn't as nice as others I have seen.  

The hotel was very accommodating to us especially after an incident that made us known that night! ;)

I would definitely recommend staying here if you're going to be in the San Francisco area and want to be near everything!

19/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
395. Byoung Kyu S.
Awesome comfy bed!  It's like sleeping/floating on a pile of feathers. Awesome service. Plenty of hotel employees everywhere.  Cute rooms; fairly roomy; large closets; nice bathroom with plenty of counter space and a dual-shower head.

Large lobby area with plenty of areas to hang out for drinks and/or food.  Michale Mina is definitely a winner; just remember to bring plenty of dough!

Location is awesome if you like shopping.  Hotel is a short walk from Union Square and all the shopping.

28/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
396. Brandon L.
My fiance and I stayed here for her birthday and were pleasantly surprised. Had a wonderful large room facing Union Square and almost the top floor. Bed was amazing, bathroom was classic elegance and room service was very helpfull when we called and asked for an ice bucket for our Moet champagne. I also wanted to get a little more fresh air than the limited space you are able to open the window... I easily took the window off the track and had an amazing open space to sit and look out my window and enjoy the fresh air...SSHHHH, I dont think the hotel would like to hear that part :) The only negative was the family next door that  woke us up and we could hear every word they were saying at 7AM!! This may be something the hotel needs to work on..sound proofing the rooms with attached doors.

02/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
397. Stacey H.
When I was instructed by good and trusty friends to book my room at the Westin St. Francis for our couples weekend, I obediently did what I was told. No questions asked. Walked by the Westin many, many times for lots of visits, but have never stayed, so good or bad, it would be a new adventure.

I thought this would be a long romance with the Westin that would carry me into old age. Alas, I believe it will be short and not very special.

Checked into our room on a Friday night at the height of the holiday season. Front desk was pleasant enough. Paid $169 ++ in advance PLUS another $49 per night for parking. Room was on the 14th floor. Front desk said this was the highest floor they had available. Tired and hungry, I'm not pushing it. View was completely obstructed by neighboring buildings. Not planning on spending a ton of time in my room anyway, I guess.

Housekeeping was my biggest issue. Heavenly sheets had a huge tear in them that wasn't discovered until we were climbing into bed. Too tired to wait for housekeeping to replace them. My question however, is how do you make a bed and notice something so huge? Seriously. Not very heavenly.

Door hook on the back of the bathroom door was coming off and the bath mat to step onto out of the shower was nowhere in sight.

Three items on the nightstand that required a plug: lamp, phone and alarm clock. Outlet only had two reciprocals which meant I had to choose the two items I coveted most. (I opted for the phone and clock.)

Room service was pricey and was out of some menu items at 8:00 pm. For the record, room service is ALWAYS pricey but running out of menu items made me a little irritable. (Ok, a LOT irritable.)

Several items of trash were in our hall and near the elevators and weren't picked up over the three days we were there.

Speaking of elevators, only a few were working while it looked like a construction project was taking place which created long waits.

On the positive side, location, location, location. Directly across the street from Union Square, dropping off bags between shopping and eating and drinking (of course!) was easy and convenient.

Ahhhh, dear St. Francis...that aforementioned love affair was not meant to be.

13/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
398. Joy P.
Pretty much all of the positive reviews of the 300+ that touch on impeccable service, great amenities, comfy beds, killer location and wonderful restaurants = my review.  I usually like more modern styled hotels, but the service of the Westin St. Francis can't be beat.

Case in point:  I stayed the weekend at the WSF for the 2010 SF Marathon.  Upon my return to the hotel after the race I opened the door to my room being cleaned.  That wouldn't have been a big deal but I was exhausted, extremely sore from head-to-toe (I think even my eyeballs were hurting) and drenched in sweat.  All I wanted to do was shower and sleep.

So I proceeded downstairs to get a pastry and a drink in the lobby area to wait it out.  The coffee bar attendant and I made small talk and he felt sorry for me, which wasn't difficult to do since I looked like a wreck.  He then put my order on the house and kept checking to see when my room would be available.  It's the little things that go a long way.  Thanks, WSF!

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
399. Britt W.
If you haven't figured it out by now, let me inform you that I am a huge geek when it come to history and pop culture. So when it came time to book a hotel for the 2009 Emerald Bowl, imagine how excited I was that the legendary St. Francis hotel was one of the most affordable hotels in the city.

Yes, I was going to be staying in the same hotel where the Fatty Arbuckle raped and murder scandal occurred. The same hotel where Al Jolson had a heart attack during a poker game in the 50's. And most importantly the same hotel that my beloved USC Trojans would be staying at for their Emerald Bowl preparations. For a guy like me, this is as close as you can get to having your stars align.

The St Francis is a nice hotel. I wanted to love it but I couldn't. It has a lot of history and tradition, is conveniently located and boasts a lot of great services. But when it comes down to job #1 of being a comfortable place to stay it leave a lot to be desired.

The girlfriend, J, and I stayed in the original towers, AKA the really old part. Grant it, these rooms were from the turn of the century -the 20th century mind you- so things like bathrooms, sound proofing and general comfort were not as important as they are today.

To put it mildly, this is one noisy hotel. I can only assume that at the time it was built in the early 1900's that people had better manners in the hall and didn't let their children run wild slamming doors. And there probably were not chain smoking old hags in the next room shouting into their cell phone that they weren't going to bother showering before they went to the airport. And maybe back in the day, flush toilets were quieter or at least the business you did before flushing wasn't as loud as it is today. That's right ladies and gents you get to hear what your neighbors had for dinner the night before as it is returned to mother earth. Oh and don't worry about missing the homeless guy blowing on a bugle at 3:00AM because your tightly closed windows will let that sound in along with every car horn and cable car bell.

On the bright side, the rooms do offer Heavenly beds. Unfortunately the pillows are straight from that other place where it's really hot that Lucifer calls home.

And the bathrooms are huge if you compare them to airplane lavatories. Otherwise you probably have a half bath in your home that is bigger. Yes there is a tub/shower combo and we had a decent dual head shower fixture that was nice. But I would have gladly sacrificed the tub for a stall shower just so I wouldn't have to contort myself like a Cirque du Soleil performer just to use the toilet.

Even if you discount the rooms as being part of the historic hotel experience, there just seemed to be a lot missing at the St Francis. For an old grand hotel there wasn't a real sense of grandeur. The first lobby you enter contains the famous clock, the Michael Mina restaurant and a spiffy little bar. But there is no place to just sit and hang out. In the second lobby you will find the front desk, bellmen and a lounge where you can order expensive drinks and snacks. But again there isn't a place to just hang out and relax.

There is a newer more modern tower attached to the St Francis that might offer more of what I was expecting. In reality I got what I paid for and to say I have stayed at a famous hotel is something I will always cherish. But I think I'll try another hotel in San Francisco before I return to the St Francis.

30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
400. Cindy C.
Super disappointed with the Westin St. Francis.

We stayed there for NYE, so that we didn't have to trek back to the Peninsula after a crazy night of partying.  

The place was being renovated, so it was rather noisy.  Negative #1.  But since I didn't book the hotel I don't know if we already knew this prior, so I try not to let this affect my review too much.

To be honest, the place would probably have received a 3 or 4 star easy if it wasn't for the parking fiasco.

Apparently, this is a normal thing, but around check out time (12-1) everyone is trying to get their car out of their very EXPENSIVE, $49 overnight parking lot you should expect to wait forever and not have an issue with it.  We waited more than 1 hour for our car after we checked out and ended up missing brunch with family - ON NEW YEARS DAY!

Lesson learned, stay there, but don't park there.

01/01/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
401. K P.
(5/28/12) A clean, very large (strangely square) room.  The hotel is old, but has been maintained and renovated.  The layout is a bit odd as the current hotel has obviously evolved over time.  Overall a very nice hotel located within easy access to all the major San Francisco attractions.

We had no problems at all with noise and the service throughout the hotel was excellent.

20/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
402. M Y.
Second time a Starwood property has disappointed me.  This property is extremely old and isn't maintained well. I stayed in a room in the new tower on the 29th floor. The views from my room were disappointing given the rate I paid.

The Pro's:
-Heavenly Bed.
- Michael Mina's restaurant is in the lobby.
- Lobby check-in can take awhile.
- Water pressure sucks.
- I had a joined room with another guest in the other room. I could hear everything he was doing in the other room.
- Wallpaper was peeling.
- Staff are thieves: I was 100% positive I left my sunglasses in the room and was told I didn't leave them in the room.

If you have money to waste, stay at this property, otherwise stay  at the W or the St. Regis for a few extra bucks.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
403. Naomi Y.
Charming, classic, and offers a little bit for everyone. A nice little escape.

This is a vintage hotel with a nice touch of contemporary upgrades. They are in the middle of remodeling so you can get a room in the tower where the rooms look modern and roomy or you can get a room on the opposite side where the rooms are classic and intimate. I personally prefer the newly remodeled rooms. Plus you can't beat the views of the rooms from the tower. Any room on the 20th floor and up give you a panoramic view of the city- a pleasant breathtaking view to wake up to in the morning.

I'm not a huge fan of hotel food but the lunch and dinner meals were better than the double tree hotels I've stayed in previously. Breakfast will always be crummy though... The coffee is good.

The best thing about this hotel is the location! It is right in Union Square! There is soooo much to do. The Daily Grill is right across the street and the food and service is phenomenal! Much better than the Cheesecake factory--- AND I love the Cheesecake Factory food...

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
404. Tiffinie T.
Today's Yelp newsletter giving a shout out to the cheaper side of SF made me think of this lovely old hotel smack-dab on Union Square.

While I've never actually stayed here (hence the 4-stars), this place boasts the best elevator ride and view in all of SF. A free, cheap thrill, the glass elevator zooms you up to the top if you're lucky enough to be alone (though, I suggest bringing a date to squeeze onto!), and BAM! Union Square, SOMA and the FiDi are in full bloom right below & around you. But please be discreet. All it takes is one bad apple to get an elevator guard on watch 24/7 to spoil the ride for everyone.

Another high point? The bathrooms. If you're ever in a pinch, they beat those street corner numbers the City offers. Old marbled loo's at your convenience whilst you shop away the afternoon on Union Square or have a cocktail @ Michael Mina.

On a personal note, please take care not to trash the place or disrespect the guests and hotel in general while taking advantage of this free SF fun zone. Gems like this are what make SF such a special place to live in and visit. Let's keep it nice (and free! weeee!) for everyone. :)

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
405. Veronica P.
Set in the Union Square area, the Westin St. Francis is surrounded by many things to do.  Although the hotel is older, it looks like a renovation was done fairly recently.

Michael Mina has a restaurant here, a prime destination for any foodie.

The hotel lobby is very clean and elegant.

Rooms are spacious, but decorated in very dark colors, which seems to make them look smaller.

The main drawback that I noticed is that the housekeeping/cleaning staff doesn't do a very good job.  There was a beer bottle by the elevators for two days, and some of the couches in the lobby had napkins, and candy wrappers stuck in them.

16/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
406. Jason L.
Don't see what the big deal about this place is. Sure, the location is prime and the elevators are more like a ride at an amusement park, but everything is over priced and just mediocre. Front desk staff was nice enough to upgrade us to a corner room on the 24th floor... but honestly, there was nothing to "WOW" about.

If you look at the pics other members have posted, we stayed in the room that looked just like the one Thiep N. posted. You could tell it was an old room/building that they've added little modern touches to.

Cons: Shower was small, toilet flushing was a total waste of water (seriously was flushing for a good 15+ seconds), all the lights were off when we walked in and had to feel around for the lights to manually turn on each one, shower didn't have consistently hot water, there were only two bath towels in our bathroom, closet doors were just like the bathroom doors, etc etc etc. The heavenly bed was NOT so heavenly. Usually when I go to bed drunk, I sleep like a baby...this was not the case. I got a total of 5 hours of sleep, tossed and turned trying to get comfortable, only to be woken up to honking and sirens (city life and sounds). If you want to sleep in a "Heavenly Bed", go stay at Aria in Vegas and you'll know and feel the difference! Valet is a RIP OFF! $50 to park your car at the hotel over night. If it weren't pouring cats and dogs, we would've parked at the Union Sqr parking garage since its only $27 there for overnight parking.

Pros: Being upgraded, location, beautiful christmas decor and trees lit up in the lobby, bar looked like it was crackin, spacious rooms, flat panel tv's, and the fun elevators!

I wouldn't stay here again... its something we wanted to experience, but I think this one time was enough.

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
407. Olivia L.
I was lucky enough to get to view San Francisco from the 23rd floor of the old tower of the St. Francis. It makes you realize the world (Ok, at least SF) is a very big place, indeed.

The view and the I-want-to-die-and-be-buried-in-this-bed, bed make it difficult to leave your little bit of heaven. Good thing the in-room food prices are like a foot on the ass, kicking you out the door. It all evens out in the end.

Down side? The elevator area is under construction and it was perhaps colder inside this part of the hotel than outside. Also, the whole place (minus the rooms) kind of needs an upgrade, new carpet and a little TLC. It's a little run down, yo.

For fun, try looking at the closet objects to you while riding up the elevator. It'll make you lose your balance a little.

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
408. Jimmy J.
I booked through Priceline at a ridiculous low rate- they accepted. First stay, I had 2 beds and an enormous balcony all to ourselves (I think it was on the 4th floor?)- very private, excellent room, clean and everything you needed. Second time was a really nice room on the 6th floor- very nice room, HUGE and came with everything we needed.

If you are staying in Union Square, this hotel probably has the best location. Very quiet, but right in the thick of it all.

Conscierge was incredibly helpful, as was the rest of the staff.

I recommend this hotel with a 10.  A+!

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
409. Christine C.
Stayed here, for a work function.  A beautiful hotel!  Loved staying here!

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
410. Connie C.
I think I love the glass elevator ride more than anything here. WEE! It's almost as thrilling as Drop Zone at Great America.

The hotel is going through some renovations, so it's quite dusty and the elevators in the old tower (or is it the new tower? NOT the main tower) are being worked on, so it's a little frightening to step foot into one.

I stayed in a rather spacious room with a Heavenly king sized bed (the bed is on my Christmas wishlist). Not the most beautiful Westin room I've stayed in, but the view of the city was quite stunning. I was disappointed that there weren't as many toiletries inside the bathroom, and no plush bathrobes. I don't know, maybe my expectations for this 4-star historic hotel was a bit too high?

Nonetheless, the staff here was awesome, so major props to them. When there was a horrid noise coming from the pipes in my bathroom, an engineer was sent over right away and fixed the issue instantly. When there was a huge, disgusting mess (thanks to my overly merry other half) all over the bed and carpet, someone brought up new linens, a new comforter and hauled away the gross ones quickly.

The location right in Union Square can't be beat, and with $55-60 prix-fixe dinners at Michael Mina, I can finally afford to dine there. Oh, and the event managerial staff is excellent to work with. Just in case you ever want to throw a big bash here! ;)

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
411. Jodi A.
If you read any reviews on this site that give  all five stars they HAVE to be plants working for this property.
The first time we visited the Westin St. Francis was in the mid-eighties. It was an elegant hotel that was first rate. The Compass Rose restaurant/lobby lounge was a treasure. The staff was superb. The rooms were clean and beautifully appointed.
Fast forward to the new millennium. We have visited the property over the years and the most recent was the final straw. It begins with the valet area; completely disorganized and stressful situation. Once we finally entered the hotel we were "greeted" by a sour faced small older woman who scolded me because I didn't produce some sort of ticket from the valet. She grunted and complained all the way to the check-in area. Huge lines. My husband had to attend to some business so I was given the keys to the room and headed up to meet the bellman with our luggage. I entered a room that can only be described as a crime scene. Over-turned floor lamp, and table with strewn magazines, unmade, dirty bed with BLOOD all over the sheets.
It was horrifying.
To their credit, the hotel changed our room right away although the bellman tried to convince me to stay in that room if I would just wait for housekeeping to clean up. wow.
New room.. you'd think maybe an upgrade may be in order here? No way. Tired old room and carpet. Slower than you can imagine elevators, and a breakfast dining room that seems like you are on the Titanic, or before electricity. Average food and beyond slow service.
Never. Going. Back.

04/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
412. Lisa J.
Location, location, location.  The big rooms, comfy beds, and friendly staff also help.  Love the door man in front; he was so friendly to my kids everytime we pulled up!  I also like that they have seperate recycling baskets in each room -- makes me feel less guilty for all the plastic bottles we go through while on vaca.

The only complaint I have is that during our entire stay, the Nickelodeon channel was not working.  It's in the channel guide but when we tuned in nothing comes on the screen.  Hmmm...conspiracy to get me to spend $$$ on pay per view kids shows to entertain my kids while I'm trying to get ready?

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
413. C S.
Due to the nostalgia of the building and the attention at check in 4 starts, The rooms (I had a suite in the old section) are spacious but I guess the furniture could use a revamp. The location of the hotel parking might be better indicated (I missd it but parked on Union which is only 100 meters away from the entry @34$/day). Think next time I will use the market street alternative again.

05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
414. Citi G.
Stayed here during the Memorial day weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  This was the BEST location!  Across the street from Union Square and in walking distance to everything.  So many hotels claimed to be so close to Union Square.  None could match the Westin St Francis.

The history in this place was awe inspiring.  Classy details everywhere.  Very shabby chic inside most of the rooms.  

I was in room 824.  Right by the elevators.  The nice lady at check in told me that I could move if the noise was too loud.  It wasnt.  The ice room had a cute little door that for some reason, impressed me.  

What I didn't like was the Michael Mina restaurant (too expensive and too little portions).  Also didn't like being told and reading that the secondary set of elevators by our room were blocked from being used from 10 to 5.  That was definitely not true.

The lobby stayed crowded.  I got the impression people just come in to hang out.  Which I would understand; it's just that cool at the Westin St. Regis.

And yes...the bed was Heavenly.  So was the Heavenly double head shower.  And the green tea lotion/shampoo/conditioner soap!

Even with the grumpy old (very old) man at check out...our stay was simply wonderful.  Will stay again.

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
415. TASTY P.
I've always wanted to stay at this hotel ever since the first time I visited SF. It's a great architecture to just stare at from the outside and it certainly didn't disappoint on the inside either!  With its historical decor and grandiose entrance, it almost feels as if you have walked into a live history book. The room I had was very spacious with soft and comfortable beds! Amenities were what you would expect from a 4-star hotel. In addition, I also visited the bar area to meet up with a friend in town. It's such an lively area, with crowds of people even past midnight!

With that, it did have some downsides.  While the room was spacious, the bathroom was small in comparison.  Service was slow and staff wasn't very friendly at all.  There is also a steep parking fee (which is common in SF hotels), but nonetheless, something you should consider if you are driving.

Overall, this is a great historic hotel with an unbeatable location! Definitely would consider it for future trips.

27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
416. Ben G.
Clean rooms, great location, friendly knowledgable staff makes the decision to stay at the Westin St francis a non decision.  Just stay there, you will be happy.  

The hotel is divided into two sections, the original hotel and the newer towers.  Having only stayed in the towers, I found the elevators a little scary.  The elevators are on the outside of the building, and with one side composed entirely of glass it provides a great view of the north/ east side of the peninsula, albeit a little scary.  I have an irrational fear of heights.  if you do too, you may want to request a room in the lowrise.

My only compliant is that it was very busy the few days that i was there and having to wait  for an elevator was somewhat fristrating.

I had breakfast in the Oak room which was decent.  Nothing too noteworthy here.  For the 25$ spent on the buffet breakfast, i would have been more content to stroll over to Dotties and enjoy my meal tenfold.

23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
417. Meredith K.
I travel to SF frequently for work and to visit family/friends. I always like to stay in Union Sq. It's central to most of the city and there's plenty of shopping nearby. (Saks, Neimans, Nordstroms, Macy's, BCBG etc etc etc) You can walk to the Ferry building, Chinatown and some many other areas.

This was the first time I stayed at this hotel (I normally stay at a different place). But I was traveling for work and this is the hotel they picked for their conference. We got a great rate (probably since we had so many people staying there).

I've stayed at other Starwood/Westin hotels and as far as that goes - I don't quite think they are up to par, but it's an old historic hotel - so I don't expect it to be super modern. I stayed on the original/older side - which is charming (loved the chandeliers in the room), but rooms are small and unfortunately for me, didn't have much of a view (obstructed mostly by the building). The bed surprisingly wasn't that comfortable and I did not sleep well. The bathroom was strange - narrow and very long and the shower/tub had seen better days. Why doesn't the Westin have the Bliss products like the W has??

What I really like about this hotel is the history (watch the 20 minute video on the tv in your room - it's pretty cool). I'm not sure if I'd give this 3-4 stars if I had paid more than $200 a night though. It's irritating SPG doesn't comp internet for their members (Marriott always does) and the internet was ridiculous slow for people that needed to get work done.

However it's a cool place to stay if you are visiting San Francisco and want to learn about the history.

13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
418. Thu N.
Let's cut to the chase.

-It's a beautiful hotel on the outside and in the general common areas
-It's a prime location if you're into shopping...with Saks and the infamous Tiffany's building just to the left.
-The decor in the modern rooms are really clean, and well... modern.

-Small details that made it fairly obvious that this is an old hotel.  Every now and then, you'd turn the corner and will see chipped paint/walls (i.e...the closet)
-The hallway is creepy.  It reminded me of that famous hallway scene in The Shining.

--- but worst...the smell.  I gave this hotel a 3 if smell doesn't bother you too much, but a 1 for me since I'm never returning because of it.  It wreaked of mold/mildew...not cool if you're allergic to it.  I'm not a primadonna by any means, but I have to hold my breath every time I enter homes that smell like this (which is okay).  But for a hotel that I'm paying for?  No wayy...

14/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
419. jac n.
There are better starwood properties in the area. I've stayed at this hotel dozens of times. And when compared to other Westins, it gets literally everything wrong. Check in takes an insane amount of time and there are no plugs in the rooms that are easily accessable to plug your phone or computer into while you sit in bed. I mean, this is such an easy thing to implement (hello lamps with outlets like every other hotel in the world) and still they just let there be one plug behind the bed you have to do gymnastics to reach.The gym sucks, there are no weights and it is so loud outside in union square it is difficult to sleep. Also the maid service is the worst I've recieved at an SPG property. They take the towels/robes and don't replace and did the same thing with the glasses. The cleaning is never really as good as you would expect from a nice hotel, they dont really move your stuff to clean under it.

It's just not worth the price.

Not to mention, the old building is straight out of the shining. This place charges so much and offers so little. The location is good, but might as well just stay on market for a nice westin.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
420. Monique T.
I am slightly disappointed with this hotel.

I checked in and when I went to the room, it was not ready...in fact it was pretty dirty. Mind you, it was 4:30pm.  I went back downstairs and they asked that I wait for it to be cleaned. Fine...

I walk around the lobby and notice layers of dust all over the hallway furniture, including phones...I actually touched it and the dirt stick to my finger. Don't get me wrong, I am no neat freak, but the standards of such an expensive and traditional hotel should be a bit higher....

On a positive note, the bellman and the park garage attendants were all a sweetheart and extremely attentive.

Unfortunately, this hotel did not leave me with a good impression, so I would not necessarily recommend it....unless you don't mind the dirt and want to be centrally located and close to the shopaholics' heaven.

18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
421. David M.
I am a regular (typically alternating weeks) at both the Westin St Francis and Westin Market Street in San Francisco. I must say that the Market Street property wins, hands down.

The service at the St Francis has an aire of "we're a 100 year old hotel". Snobby may be a bit much, but definitely something similar. Wait times are long and front desk staff are less than attentive. Even when I recently reached Gold status, I experienced a similar check-in process.

A con for me: the St Francis is a constant hub of activity, hosting conferences/events nearly every week. It's rare to return from a day without having to wade through a large group of suits with name tags (at pretty much anytime of night).

The rooms are small and noisy (thin walls?). For example, last week I had a family next to me in an adjoining room being obnoxious until 1am and then more noise at 6am.

I've got a few more stays coming up (because I'm unable to get the necessary rate at the Market Street property), I'm hoping my opinion improves.

To add a caveat - I've only been in one of the "classic" rooms and not the modern tower - I may have a different POV if I get the chance.

01/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
422. Steve A.
Regretted staying here form the moment I pulled my (new) car into valet.

The valet asked if we were there to check in, and I said yes. he infomred me I cant park until my registration is completed and bring him my room number. He said there is parking 4 blocks away that I could park, but I couldnt park there unless I was an "official" guest. I showed him my confirmation email on my phone, and he wouldnt accept it.

I had my cousin drive the car around the block, while I went to check in rather than park it 4 blocks away. Whe we did try to park, he wanted prrof of ownership, as the car didnt have license plates on it yet (new car). So, I had to untape the paper registration fromt he window and show him my ID to make sure everything matched!

We then emptied the trun, and by now, it was my cousin and I. We had 3 bags and 2-3 backpacks and a few misc shopping bags.

We were never offered any help by the valet staff to unload or take the luggage up to the rooms. We STRUGGLED to get the bags together and find a way to carry everything.

As we walked inthe lobby, a family member who previusly went up tot the room, was coming back to tell us that the room key didnt work.

Again, waited in line, only to find that though we were given a key to the room, we werent officially checked in (?). I again checked in and gave my id and credit card info. Also told them that I have a car parked in valet and to add to my room charges.

again, continued with our struggle to get the bags up to the room.

Upon checkout, we again struggled with our bags going down, as we were told there is no bell service to get our bags.

As we had 2 rooms booked, we got charged DOUBLE on valet and internet. They could not comprehend that we had 1 car for 2 rooms and only 1 internet connection.

Trying to get my car out of valet was a treat as well. After waiting in line for 10 minutes, I was told I owe $104 for valet, i told them that i paid it inside and it was added to the room. I was told to show the bill.

Car finally came out from valet 15 min later and they parked it at the entrance of the parking area from the street. We were loading up, when the valet guy said I am in the wrong way and to move the car. I told him THEY parked th car there, and he told me it doesnt matter, we should be ready to leave when the car comes. (I guess, we cant take a few mintues to load the car).

I usually stay at the marriott moscone, the palace, or "W". Thought i would try this one, as it is a westin and in a great location.

This place sucked beyond due to the rudeness of the front desk staff, lack of bell service, and the hassles with the valet.

So much for being a starwood preferred!

03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
423. Christine C. M.
We stayed again a couple weeks ago.  The St. Francis is quickly becoming our go-to place to stay when our friends can't put us up for the weekend in SF.  We were in the Tower this time, rather than the Historic Wing; I'm glad we stayed in the Historic Wing once, because it's pretty, but we'll probably stay in the Tower from now on.  Being on the SPG floor, I think the 24th floor, was nice too.  

Highs: Great view of Coit Tower, Ghirardelli Square, and the bay; the Heavenly Bed of course; they sent up a fridge on request; and comped bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for our "anniversary" (we *always* say it's our anniversary--you never know what they're going to send up!!).  

Lows: the damn $56 valet fee.  But, it's my choice to park there instead of the Union Square garage.  I guess.

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
424. Mr F G And Ms M S.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We stayed in the traditional room for 2 nights. Friendly staff! The room were pretty clean. Beautiful too! Very comfortable! We love the hotel's appearance. We had a wonderful experience here. Great location!

21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
425. Fulgencio M.
Whenever I visit a city, I try to sleep as close to Neiman Marcus as possible.  Usually that means a store.  Sometimes a person.  Personally, I'd sleep with anyone named Neiman Marcus.

So when booking my San Fran hotel for a recent trip, my decision was easy.  Either I can stay in a loser hotel (coughStRegiscough) or stay in the Westin at Union Square.  Obviously, I chose the Westin.  As if there was any other choice.  For a gay boy in a strange city, it's refreshing to walk out the door of your hotel and see stores that I can't afford.  That's what it means to be gay, after all.  Once you can afford those stores, you're no longer gay.  You're just John Travolta.

I was given a suite at the Westin.  No view, but a large bed, a living area with a sofa, and a tiny bathroom.  There was also a complimentary tray of fruits and cheese, which was perfect, since every time I'd invite a guy over it would at least appear that I eat.  At least until the cheese started to turn green.  Luckily I just fed it to the birds in Union Square.

Speaking of Union Square, aside from fabUloUs shopping it's also uber-historical.  A pleasant homeless man told me that it's where the North defeated the Confederates in 1775, right after Lincoln was assassinated.  It must've been by all those Mexican immigrants who keep crossing the border into California.  When are the Republicans going to DO something about that?

So back to the Westin.  The gym is fine, and the guys who work out there are finer.  I only attended because there was a convention for doctors, and I was shopping for my next husband.  My last was only a physician's assistant.  Tragic.

The Westin in Union Square is a huge hotel, with the fabulous Michael Mina restaurant in its grandiose lobby, and several stores and bars on premesis.  If you like that whole old-world thing, check it out.  Especially during an MD convention.  And when you pass through Union Square, say hello to Jingles Chamberlain for me.  He's the one with the orange shopping cart.  And say a prayer for Lincoln.  Those Mexicans...

This has been a Review by Fulgencio

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
426. Sunie Q.
Just returned from a long weekend in San Fran and this time around I chose the St. Francis for my little getaway lodging. I LOVED the hotel! Simply great and wonderful old shabby chic decor. Our room had a sofa and couch which was a great added bonus, it helped us be able to sit and relax after tons of walking and sightseeing. The location is perfect, its right in the middle of everything (coveniently located accross Saks..) and just minutes from all the main streets that will get you anywhere.

Parking is quite pricey. $50/night with in and out priveleges. The staff are simply wonderful and very helpful. All was great.

With that said, the cons I encountered were minimal but something for consideration. The hotel is VERY crowded, lobby is constantly bombarded with individuals some of which are not hotel guests and just choose to hang out in the area. We did run into long waits for our car and problems with the one way streets surrounding the hotel.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our stay and I think that if I were to return I may just skip it and check out another place just to be able to see what other places may offer.. However, our stay was pleasant and fun.

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
427. chris c.
I wish I could give it 3.5 stars. I think I'm really spoiled with all the cheap luxury suites in las vegas. To me its a good hotel for something back in the 90's. I think that's when this place was last renovated. Me and the GF came here for a little get away for our anniversary. Getting here during the chinese new year parade sucked.

The most important part about a hotel is the bed. It was good a bed but nothing spectacular. If you only have a few hours to sleep it better be the damn best 4 or 5 hours, good bed but not heavenly. The shower was a nice touch. I definitely like the dual shower head. Nice marble and a big mirror so we could get ready.

what I didn't like were the amenities in the room.  Guys are always faster getting ready and what do you do while you wait? You get to sit around all day in old furniture and watch a small tube tv. C'mon gimme at least a 30in flat to watch something and a nice comfy chair to kill time please.

10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
428. Richard C.
Everything said about this place is true: it's perfection and magnificence cannot be overstated. I stayed in 1109.

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
429. Darin A.
This was a really disappointing experience. My fiance and I had a gala at the hotel and decided to make the weekend a bit more special by getting a room so we could just roll on upstairs after the party and have room service the next morning. This hotel needs new management.
- slow check-in
- Room service button calls through wrong
- Midnight menu week
- TV without menu
- Deluxe room was small
- Voicemail from a previous guest not cleared

It's a beautiful property and located in the famous union square, but just off the mark somehow. It's the little things. There are plenty of amazing hotels within a block of here, so I'd recommend to friends to try elsewhere.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
430. Kevin P.
This is a nice hotel.  It is very well situated, that's for sure.  If you were going to SF for vacation and had some SPG rewards you wanted to spend, I would definitely recommend staying here.  Even for business, staying here is good since it is close to some pretty darn good food.

- Amazing location for shopping, BARTing (5 min walk), eating, etc.
- Enough elevators.  Don't have to wait forever.
- Good service at front desk, room service, bar area
- Good housekeepers
- "Old feel" in a pleasant way

- Room size is a little small
- No special hookups for TV (as opposed to a lot of the fancier Marriotts)
- Carpets are a bit old
- A little musty smelling
- You are closer to a lot more noise than other nearby hotels
- Full price is pretty pricey
- Ghettoish in the nearby area  expect to see bums sleeping outside the BART station

I listed a lot of negatives.  They aren't all that bad.  Still giving this place a 4 for sure.  

Definitely head downstairs for a drink.  The bartenders at Bourbon Steak are good.

16/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
431. Chris H.
Allen Feaster will tell you that he is NOT a shoe shine guy.  He is a Shoe Doctor!!

And you better believe it.  I was at a conference at the WSF and I heard about Allen. I don't have a shoe shine guy anymore in my home town, so I stopped by for some much needed care.  

I'll be honest with you.  I didn't expect much.  My shoes were on life support and I was just hoping to get another few weeks out of them.  It was to the point that I was embarrassed to meet with my clients.

Well, after about 15 minutes, a miracle happened.  I am not joking. My shoes were resurrected from the dead.  They look almost brand new.  I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.  

If you wear shoes (and I think that you do), then go see this man with your worst pair of shoes and he will make you a believer.  I guarantee it.

06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
432. Esther L.
Took family to stay here over the Christmas/New Years week.  Stayed in the newer part of the hotel.  

The pluses:
- Room was a good size.
- Beds were comfy.  
- Good location - Union Square, Chinatown area

This hotel needs to work on its customer service if it really wants to qualify as a 4 star hotel.

The minuses:
- Bathroom could have been cleaner.
- Only TWO towels in the bathroom (shower size).  
- One bar of soap, one shampoo & conditioner bottle, one lotion bottle.  No extras, no shower gel.
- No bathrobes or slippers (you usually can at least get one bathrobe at SPG hotels
- No extra pillows or blankets

- Came back from dinner at Morton's Steak House (across the street) and asked the concierge where to get dessert in the hotel. We were directed to Bourbon Steak. Walked in at 10 pm with a party of 6 (all staying at the hotel) and were told since we weren't ordering dinner they would have to ask the manager if they could seat us just for dessert and drinks. Came back and said "No"! No other place in the hotel was open so we ended up in the room just getting room service dessert.  (By the way the restaurant that wouldn't seat us closed at 10:30 and there were plenty of tables!).  

- No "do not disturb" door hangers in the room.  We had a late check out at 1 pm, but housekeeping still came and knocked on our door at 9:00 am.  Our family in the other room had regular time check out and housekeepers came by and knocked 3 times before noon. (Those door hangers would really help!)

31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
433. Crystal Marie O.

I stayed for my birthday weekend and OMG, LOVED IT! Very friendly staff; when I was checking in, the woman at the front desk was nice enough to send me complimentary fruit and chocolate for my birthday and also offered me a discount card for the spa.

The hotel's appearance is beautiful. I stayed in the tower with the modern rooms, glad I did. Loved my view, loved my room. Their elevator goes pretty fast as well; kind of reminds me of a ride at Great America, lol.

My room was clean with the proper amenities. Their bed was just lovely. Felt so comfortable sleeping on it, like heaven =)

Overall, would go back!

01/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
434. James M.
The worst 4 Star Hotel I've ever stayed at.

1 star:  The location.  It's right on Union Square in the heart of San Francisco
2 star:  The bed.  It was super comfortable, and did include premium linens- something that's very important to a bed snob like me.

Aaaand, that was about where the good things ended.

I don't think that a 4 star Hotel should nickel and dime, or in this case, $20 and $50 its patrons to death.  Clearly the Westin St. Francis does NOT agree with me.

Other 4 star hotels in the area do not charge for parking.  The Westin charges a hefty fee.  And, to boot they calculate it strangely (each 'day' begins at 2 am)- so even though we only spent 2 nights there, we paid for 3 days of parking at nearly $60 a day.  I cry foul!  Bad Hotel, no biscuit!

The Westin St. Francis is a dog friendly hotel.  Great!  We brought our 17 pound, well behaved purebred Manchester Terrier with us.  In the lobby they (the hotel staff) acted like I had Cerberus on a leash.  Supposedly, to get a dog bed all we had to do was phone.  We check in, go to the room, call.  45 minutes later, still no dog bed.  It was late, we were tired, we finally called to call off the dog bed.  We tried again the next day.  It took them an hour and 17 minutes to deliver a dog bed to our room!  And then, this is the swell part, the guy who dropped it off literally scooted himself along the wall in absolute terror of the tiny dog on leash and held in my arms.  He was so scared of the 'vicious animal' that he could barely grasp the tip I gave him.  IF YOU'RE A DOG FRIENDLY HOTEL DON'T HIRE STAFF THAT IS DIRELY AFRAID OF DOGS!  

Oh, and the room.  It was tiny.  TINY.  TIIIIIINY.  I know it's an old hotel but remodeling to provide guests with modern sized rooms is what many hotels have done over the years.  Here's a hint if you want to keep that 4 star rating (which, in my opinion this hotel does not rate)- people expect rooms that they can actually get dressed in. There was only space for one person to get dressed at a time.  The view was of a ventilation shaft.  Seriously.  A brick wall 10 feet from my "window"?
I booked a hotel on Union Square so that I could have a view of Union Square.  Just a view, ANY view, would have done.  I did speak to the front desk, but unless I wanted to pay for an upgrade I was stuck in the 'Broom Closet'.  I said yes to the upgrade- but there were none available.

So, my future plans for hotel stays in SF do not include the Westin St. Francis.  Go somewhere else!

21/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
435. Charlene M.
My husband and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. He surprised me with a beautiful room on the 28th floor where he proposed two years ago on Valentine's day. The hotel did a wonderful job on delivering my 6 dozen roses, the crib for Matthew, and our luggage and taking care of our cars in the valet. Service was phenomenal and the staff cater to the customer's requests with ease, courteousness and friendliness and prompt delivery and execution.

We ordered room service in and had:
French Onion Soup
Prawn Cocktail
Caesar Salad (1 star off for the too strong caesar dressing)
Filet with Demi Glace and mashed potatoes and bok choy
Iced tea
Whole Orange for me.
The food was delivered promptly and layed out very carefully. They did forget my extra bok choy and made this up by delivering a hot tray with extra bok choy (a massive amount at no extra charge)

The bed are lovely and have extra comfortable pillows and bedding. The bathroom is marbled with extra towels and a double shower head.

I was very impressed with the view and the fact that my husband and I are still newlyweds and have a baby boy.

24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
436. Chris S.
Stay at this hotel most every time I stay in the city (4-6 times a year).
Old School Hotel - one of the oldest in Sf.
Rates are reasonable considering the amenities - beautiful decor.
Typical 'Westin' quality - nice beds, well maintained courteous staff.

Hotel located in the heart of Union Square - you walk out the door and are in the middle of some of the best shopping in San Francisco.

There are better, nicer, more modern places to stay - the Ritz, Nico, Pan Pacific, the W, but for the price of a typical Hyatt or Hilton you can stay at a hotel that is far superior in amenities and location - the Westin St. Francis!

Meet me at the clock!

26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
437. Yuchi C.
Put my parents here when they were visiting. Their picky naggy complain-y mouths were shut and I was greeted with big smiles the next morning.

The newly-renovated rooms are elegantly decorated, the beds are heavenly, the views are spectacular, and the bathroom looks amazing with all the marble stones.

The service is superb, but the tourists can be kinda annoying in the lobby.

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
438. Amal Z.
I agree the location is great, right on Union square, very nicely located in downtown san francisco!

As for the hotel specifically, it's a old building that has lost it's character. The entrance is a goldish decor, in a very dark setting. The room was just OK, rather large. Our bed was Westin standard (heavenly), but the room lacked character. 1 chaise, 1 frame on the the  wall, a flat screen TV, a basic desk. The bathroom was clean and neat.
This being said, we booked a deluxe room with city views. On the 17th floor, we got to view the roof of few buildings and a tiny bit of the city. The rest was higher than our room. This, I think is  too low to qualify as a city view.

The personnel at the reception was a bit stiff but professional.

We skipped the valet parking and parked our car overnight in the parking under union square (which is literally across the street). We payed $32 instead of the $50 charged by the hotel.

There are other starwood hotels in the city that will probably try for our next stays.

30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
439. Derrick P.
This is clearly the best Westin I've stayed at. What really blew me away was how fancy it was when you first walk into the place, with the marble everywhere and the open lobby. It felt like an upscale version of a Meridian.

I'm slightly biased because they gave me a free upgrade (presidential suite), which was amazing. The elevator going up was incredible, it provides you with a view of the entire city as you're going up.

My room couldn't have gotten much better. A 360 view of the entire city and very spacious, especially for being in the city.

Being right at Union Square, you can't beat this place.

For someone who stays in hotels on a weekly basis, this was one of my best hotel experiences.

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
440. Robert S.
I got married here so this review is for people thinking about tying the knot here.
This is an incredible place for a wedding.  The view is amazing from the 31st floor.  The room is incredible.  It's elegant, modern and classic all at the same time. You don't need to do anything to it.  Most of the ballrooms in hotels around SF require a lot of decorating to make it nice enough for a wedding.  Most of the ballrooms in hotels are on the lower floors so you don't even get a view (we looked at 15 of them).
The catering was great, they went above and beyond to create a very custom menu.
The fancy Chavari chairs were included.
Open bar alcohol was was very reasonable compared to other places.
They gave us an incredible newly remodeled HUGE suite and at the last minute when my wife asked if she could get in early with her bridal party they just gave us the night before the wedding free.
Leslie and Natasha were our event coordinators with the hotel and they were terrific. They were easy to reach, very attentive, quick to help and were true professionals.
It's not the cheapest place to have a wedding, but there are many other places in SF that are more expensive, minus the view.
I've left out a thousand other great things about this place.  
The wedding was more than a year ago. I'm so glad we had it here.

07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
441. Dave M.
Westins are one of my favorite hotels... I stayed in the new tower as I was upgraded for being a Starwood member... The views were great... it's just hard to get in and out if you want to drive around town (which you shouldn't do unless you are going to the edge of the city). Parking is very pricey... I have a small SUV... SMALL SUV and was charged for an "oversized vehicle"

06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
442. Chris C.
Convenient location. Staff was friendly. Fast room service. However, rooms need updating. Beds were uncomfortable. We were placed in a handicapped room which had a shower design for wheelchairs...not comfortable. Stains throughout carpeting. Biggest irritant was that there were smokers next door to our room and the hotel did not toss the people out.
Taj Campton Place is better.

10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
443. Conway B.
Love this hotel!  The staff was outstanding and it's in central location.  We stayed in the tower and my parents in the original part of the hotel.  They had a nice room but our room in the tower was excellent.

11/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
444. Suz N.
We have dined at Michael Mina several times and decided to stay at the St. Francis for our anniversary.  We stayed in the tower, on the 25th floor.  Although our view was absolutely gorgeous with the city/union square/bay views, we were greatly disappointed with everything else about the room.  It was very old, run-down, and cheap looking.  

The toilet looked like it was from an old high school's bathroom.  Make that an old, **neglected** high school bathroom.  The flusher was the long straight handle kind that you normally see in an old public restroom.  You know, the kind you flush with your foot because it looks so gross!  The caulk attaching the toilet to the wall was dirty and peeling off.  

The bathtub was dirty, with its floor being a nice shade of gray (yuck!).  I didn't even want to step into it.  And the shower faucet handle came off!  It came off when you first turn on the water!  The faucet handle, along with the towel racks, shower heads, toilet paper roll holders, are all cheap and chipping off chrome.  It makes the whole marble-lined bathroom look tacky and old.  Why bother installing the marble?  Why not renovate the WHOLE bathroom??

The windows that show you the gorgeous views are probably not airtight or treated right.  When we woke up, the windows and the sills were completely wet with condensation.  Like huh?  I have never seen that at a hotel before, not even at a cheap roadside motel in the snow!

One more annoying thing was the mini-bar refrigerator.  It is rigged to where if you move (NOT remove) any of the items, or put anything inside of it, you will be charged.  We placed a cup of milk in it overnight and the next morning on our checkout bill, there was a $6.00 charge.  This is very tacky and classless.  Does the Westin St. Francis staff have nothing better to do than to hear patrons argue over $6.00 just for using the refrigerator as a refrigerator???

I couldn't believe we were staying at a 4 star/diamond hotel, one that is a historical fixture of San Francisco.  We will not be staying there again.  We will continue to dine at Michael Mina but will stay overnight elsewhere.

4 stars = the gorgeous views
0 stars = condensation on windows in the morning
0 stars = old, run-down, and dirty bathroom
0 stars =  technologically-oppressive mini-bar refrigerator
1.5 stars = Overall rating (though I can only enter a 1 or 2 on this UI)

22/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
445. Danielle M.
This hotel is in a great location, and has the best shops and restaurants in the lobby! The rooms probably could use a renovation and the elevators in the tower are a little slow, but the goods far outweigh the bads here!

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
446. Adam K.
What a beautiful building. Right over Union Square San Francisco. I'm from Australia and visited a friend who was staying the night. I was surprised because the Westin in Australia has a very high standard. The hotel was beautiful and clean and well appointed however the finishing was not that of a 4 or 5 star hotel. I am lead to believe that most Westin's are 4-5 star. I would say that this one is comparable to a Novotel or Mercure. However, that being said, I am speaking of the room. The staff on the other hand are DEFINITELY 5 star plus. It was a delight to see the memorabilia in the lobby and the doorman and concierge were always polite. Nothing was ever a problem. They do need to work on their rooms just  a little if they want to pitch to the 4-5 star group. Still, comfy but not value for money in SFO.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
447. OMG L.
Let me break it down for you: i am Gold Member for SPG - so i've been fortunate to experience many of the Starwood Hotels.  The Westin St. Francis - is definitely UNDER PAR

Stayed in the Grand Deluxe Non-smoking Room, Heavenly Bed, Tower Building, Bay And City View, High-speed Internet For A Fee + Free daily breakfast - Buffet or in room dining

Price 429.00 a night for 22nd Floor

Area: located in the heart of Union Square - which is great you can walk every where, shopping, food, china town..etc


1.Large and great heavenly bed
2. great view of the city and bay


1.DON'T LET THE "CONTEMPORARY" description fool you....the over all feel of the room -it was like a dorm room. like what? this is it? Bed, Table, Tv - the decor was definitely lacking in the "4 star experience"

you know when you walk into a room especially paying about 500 bucks a night  (even if you don't plan on being there the whole time) you want to have that ..." ahhhhh this is kick ass feeling"

yeah i definitely  DIDNT get that.

2. TV - Flat screen (cool) but the cable connection sucked. Remember when you were a kid and you tried to watch "free spice channel" yeah ...that's how it was for most of the channels.

3. Bathroom - EHhhh.. i don't know why the toilet in our bathroom bugged me. it reminded me of a public bathroom toilet

4.  Closet - ample closet size with safe but it SMELLED like old moldy
closet - i didn't put my clothes in there - fearing it would be consumed with this old foul odor.


The Staff:
Checked in with no problems. However, checking out i had called to get a late check out and the person on the phone was not helpful at all. BUT to balance it out we went down stairs and spoke with the front desk and the gentleman that helped us was great!

DON'T BOTHER with the "free daily buffet package"
Free buffet last till 1030 am M-F and till 1130 on weekends but really - there's NOT much to choose from.

Your standard run of the mill stuff. For the extra amount paid - you definitely could get a better breakfast elsewhere.

In conclusion:

Would i come back here: NO
Do i think there are other hotels in the area that are "worth it" : YES

09/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
448. Tina S.
I thought 4 Star hotel? awesome. I had high expectations of this hotel, but to be honest, I've stayed at cleaner and thicker walled hotels and motels.

Two nights stay.
Memorial weekend.

We check in and get a room on the 3rd floor. Inside, the room (Single Queen?) looks like an okay sized room, gorgeous molding, chandelier and high ceilings.  They get 4 stars for being fancy and being in  a great location in the middle of union square.  You could hear loud drumming from the outside because our room was facing the street.  Not good for those who like peace and quiet.  The bathroom toilet had residual dried up urine stains that weren't cleaned up. GROSS. They asked if we wanted someone to come and clean it up but we asked to change room.  They didn't send up another room key card for the other room so we had to walk down to pick it up.  We moved around the hall still on the 3rd floor.  This time we were facing other rooms and our window had a view of the roof. Apparently the whole weekend was sold out so we got lucky in getting that room change.

Anyway, so this second room has pee stains around the bottom of the toilet seat on the floor, and you can see dust collected on shelves by the side of the sink.  Housekeeping needs to do a better job of being more detail oriented.  It was manageable....

Around dinner time we hear loud music coming through the walls and vents. Turned out the ballroom was right below us on the 2nd floor where a sunday prom was being held. It was loud, I could sing along to the songs and feel the ground shaking under me. I didn't know people had proms on Sunday! I call and ask about that and theres no where for us to move. no more rooms available anywhere and prom was to end at 12am.  They comp us breakfast. Music blasting all night. I couldn't do a backpack full of work I was hoping to do....... eh o well.

So yeah, the walls are thin. you can hear your next door neighbors talking at a normal voice through the walls.

Basically you are paying for fancy decor, and a great location. Make sure you aren't living on top of a prom party and not facing the street if you want to have a more relaxing hotel stay.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
449. Abigail H.
My fist experience here was a 0 and the second was a 3 so the average is a 1.5 rounded up to 2.

I have no choice but to stay in this hotel when I visit SF because I go for the CALA show (fashion) a few times a year. The first stay was downright horrible. The room I got was a shithole. I literally did not want to be barefoot in the room. On several occasions, I requested room service and it took hours and several calls. I actually got hung up on 3 times and once by the manager. Hotels are suppose to have impeccable customer serivce but this was far from.

The second trip was just A-ok. Nothing fantastic, nothing horrible.

If I had a choice I would rather stay elsewhere. Only good thing about this hotel is its location. It's convenient to be walking distance from restaurants, drugstore, and shopping.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
450. Jon H.
This is one of the most beautiful hotels to stay in during new years eve...if you can afford it. Luckily for me, one of my friend's girlfriend used up some points from her job and nabbed a swanky room with some VIP benefits.

First off, the rooms here are beautiful. The single bed room is situated with the bed surrounded by two huge windows facing union square. From there you can see alcatraz to the right, golden gate in the middle, and union square right in front. Simply beautiful views and a great place to fall after a night of drunken partying.

One question: why do you have a 42" HDTV with a regular signal?

We even got invited to a free wine relaxation lounge as well, which consisted of 20 bottles of red wine and some breadsticks. Ordered up some of the lamb meatballs (at $7 a pop for four), which turned out to be a bit dry but served with an interesting fruit sauce.

Overall, this is glitzy and glamorous hotel with stunning views form the room and really great atmosphere - the food though, is left to be desired.

04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
451. Evy R.
So romantic here, very classy. Wine tasting, jewelry stores, shops inside. Perfect location!

30/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
452. Lori K.
Starwood member price for a deluxe room with a view of Union Square about $165/night (after taxes/fees)

Hotel parking about $50 with unlimited in/out priveleges. We opted for to park in the Union Square parking garage where parking is $31 max for a day and pro-rated for any other fraction/portion of a day.

Check-in was a breeze and the staff did a great job helping us get our stuff up to our room and getting us a baby crib and refrigerator.

We stayed in the historic (aka old) tower. It really wasn't as bad as other reviewers make it seem. Nothing was wrong with the plumbing, nothing was wrong with the furniture or doors, it wasn't smelly, it wasn't loud. The only thing that was annoying in our room was that our air conditioner was weak.

I would stay here again if the price was as reasonable as it was this time, because it has a great location, but with so many friend's whom I can stay with for free, if I'm paying to stay anywhere it better be a steal or a cute ass boutique hotel with a bomb ass location.

08/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
453. Mollie H.
We stayed here for a friends wedding. The wedding room rate was unbelievable - such a great deal.

We were given a room on the top floor - a hallway down from the newlyweds so we knew it'd be a good room- in the historic tower.  The room was beautiful. The view of Union Square was amazing.

I'd definitely go back here if I stayed in San Fran again.

22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
454. David R.
This review is for the lobby bar/restaurant only.  I had the option of staying at the St. Francis on a recent business trip but opted for the Inter-Continental instead.  Lesson learned:  Review all hotel websites before decided on where to stay for a business trip.  I loved the look of this hotel.  Then I read that it was the setting for the old James Brolin TV series (which I never watched).  I can see why.  It's a grand old spot, a throwback to a classier era.  The evening I spent in the lobby bar area was a highlight of my trip.  There is a wine tasting store in the lobby where you can sample Chateau Montelena wine.  A hotel from a bygone era, but with all of the modern technology bells and whistles of a new hotel.  I will stay here for sure when I return to this city.

28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
455. jubi l.
I've been attending parties at this hotel. Most recently, Halloween party thrown by( Elementsf.com - thanks Steve ^_^). My fav DJ's by the way, Kevin n Rich (yeah I'm that old...lol)

It's a nice hotel, security are friendly n some flirty, a big place to shake your tailfeather but I'm not cool with the stairs. Why because I'm a big fan of 3" inches heels and taller, my booty hanging out from my outfit and drinking is not a good combo. I can literally can picture myself tumbling and believe me I experienced falling from the stairs (K2/Sound Factory or whatever it's called now)

And speaking of drinking, they do not have a real bar so the selections are so limited. I'm no longer an alkie but it doesn't mean I'm down for some crappy drinks for $10.

so why I keep coming back, I get to hang out with my friends and I love hip hop. Toodles

07/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
456. Shradha A.
Stayed here last summer for a few days (the other few days I stayed at the Meridien). I much preferred the Meridien as a hotel for its cleanliness, spaciousness and comfort, but its location was a little off track.

Switched over to Westin St Francis for the next few nights and primarily because of location. So on that note, location is unbeatable! Right at the heart of all the SF action!! But the hotel itself isn't very exciting or welcoming. The staff is a little stuck-up, the rooms are way too ancient, the place is dark and stuffy. The rooms are much smaller and the view isn't much unless you get to a very very high floor...

01/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
457. Thiep N.
I got one of those expedia deals with my ex-gf. It included airfair and 3 nights stay and 3 nights stay at the St Francis from Orange County for around $600 for two people.

I really enjoyed the St Francis. The staff was very nice, it was very conveniently located, in front of Union Square.

Definately going to return.

Check out the photos i posted!

09/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
458. Christie F.
St. Francis Scroo(ges) SF's Christmas traditions

As of this holiday season, you can't ride the glass elevators to the top to view Union Square in all its festive glory -- St. Francis has blocked everyone but paying hotel guests from this decades-long tradition during the holidays. First the mechanical holiday scene displays are gone from the store windows, and now this.  Nothing says Christmas like a guy with a velvet rope saying 'not you.'    

Also, the sugar castle in the lobby was started in 2005. Eeeuuuu.

13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
459. Kirsten Z.
I've never had a bad experience in SF until now. We booked far in advance and when we arrived at 1 am, although we had a reservation and called ahead to confirm, we didn't have a room. 1,700 rooms and they overbooked. They put us in a cab to another hotel which was nice. When we told them we were staying there for the next night they said they would upgrade us to a suite and comp our parking. So back to the westin to the suite which was great for 4 hours. They then kicked us out saying they had made a mistake.  They sent up a bottle of wine which was a good thought but the wine was cheap, I think at that point they could have afforded something decent. When we checked out they hadn't comped the parking. On top of all this there were lines for everything. Lines to check in and out, for the concierge and for the valet and the common areas were always crowded. We eventually worked out the parking and received the first night free but this didn't nearly make up for the disaster of this experience. Will not be going back and beware of overbooking, apparently the airlines aren't the only ones doing it anymore.

30/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
460. Derrick G.
Ahh... So many of the amenities you've grown to love about the Westin chains - pleasant smelling shampoos to the irreplaceable heavenly bed!  My next bed for home is for sure going to be a heavenly bed!!!   This hotel has one of the most important qualities of a great hotel by being situated on an entire quarter of Union Square.  Had a corner room that was very spacious and overlooked Union Square so I feel spoiled.  Many of the SF hotel rooms are New York-esq and consequently are ridiculously tiny.  I ended up using hotel points for the nights.  I feel it was probably worth the extra Starwood points at 11k/nt vs the standard 10k/nt for the guaranteed room type.  

They had a sweet bar in the clock bar which I got to indulge in!  I wanted to try Bourbon Steak - which is a Michael Mina restaurant within the hotel, but all of the meals were already scheduled from the conference I was attending.  Definitely will do it next time here!

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
461. Michael G.
Great hotel; great area... confused why such a low score.  The hotel was classy and convenient.  Nice rooms; all kinds of elevators, and good service.  Thank you.

19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
462. john b.
Over priced, over rated, -old, smelly hotel. Valet/Bellman service is terrible.  The customer service goes downhill from there; Valet parking is terrible.  I don't mind paying, but it bothers me when the valet people are cocky, rude and have no manners.

Very,very disappointed. And I'm an SPG member;  WHATEVER!!

07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
463. Kristen K.
Clean rooms, friendly service, great location, in a beautiful building.
Rooms are fairly small, and walls are thin.  Wi fi and gym are extra.

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
464. Candid K.
My review of the catering staff and coordinator is definitely a 5! Natasha is an angel. We were married on the Imperial Floor just last month and Natasha was so easy to work with. She was always available to us via email or phone and even when our parents wanted to stop in to see the facility (without providing prior notice), Natasha was able to accommodate us. Guests could not stop talking about how tasty the food was and everyone was especially happy about the late night sliders, french fries and milkshakes! All the little touches she added were appreciated and thoughtful. I will remain not only a fan of her professional work, but I am also a fan of her personality. Natasha is a star!

I give the Westin a 4 because some of our guests had a few issues with their rooms and with reservations. We had to talk to the reservations people at least 3 times to let them know that people were unable to get rooms under our room block as it had not yet been properly set up and the reservations people at the 1-800 number were somewhat rude. Two guests had rooms that were not cleaned and when they asked that the room be cleaned, it was met with a little attitude.

Back to the good stuff now ... The bridal suite was sheer bliss. It was spacious and the views were sweeping. The views on the Imperial Floor in both Alexandra's and Victor's were so incredible. The guests were all wowed by the floor to ceiling views that went all around the space and were truly given a treat with the good weather. The views were clear and beautiful.

We had a magical evening here. Thank you, Westin!

11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
465. Adrienne A.
Over the years, we've stayed ta the Saint Francis several times and it definately gets 2 SNAPS, which equals 4 stars.  Really, this place is delightful and has earned the well-deserved respect of a many a loyal return visitor.

In its prime, in its day, this hotel was the be-all and end-all in luxury hotel accomodations. Is it perfect, no, but it must take non-stop renovation and work to keep that old gal looking as spiffy as possible.  Even with face-lifts, she's showing her age, but it's a graceful, natural aging, not a gnarly one.  

The location is fanastic, but all of downtown San Francisco is very, very walkable, so most locations are pretty well ok.  Plus, travel deals abound, so while the rack rate may be in the $300 and up range, savvy shoppers can book for much less.

As has been widely reported, the beds are comfy, comfy, comfy and has also been widely (and accurately) reported, the hotel has taken the green initiative a step too far with the stingy provision of towels.  Yeah, I get it, but if I reuse and recycle diligently at home throughout the year, give a sista an extra towel on vacation.

03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
466. Laura R.
My husband and I stayed in the Westin St. Francis this past weekend for his birthday.  We are local bay area residents and thought it would be fun to be a tourist for a weekend.

The St. Francis was a huge disappointment.  When we arrived there was a huge line to check in.  This was at 8pm.  One person was working the checkin in desk.  Since it was my husband's birthday, he went to grab us a glass of wine as I waited.  When he got to the bar, the bartender had a friend he was helping and never even turned his head to help my husband.  After 15 minutes my husband returned, no wine.  The person at the front desk was less than friendly, but we got our room.

We stayed in the tower.  They have 5 elevators; but one working.  Each trip was like riding on a crowded bus.

When we got to our room, it was less than exciting and by no means clean.  On the surface, sure; but it was dirty. Gross hand prints on the walls, MILDEW in the shower and all along the bathroom floor, the scratches on the wall just had a quick swipe of flat paint over them, and then carpet was less than clean.

The next morning we got up and ordered some room service, beverages only.  The time quoted before service would arrive was 30 mins, which was shocking considering they only had to pour something in a glass, but we figured it would get here within the 30 minutes.  45 minutes later we called and they responded "its on its way..."

This is a long story for a very simple bottom line - if you are going for a getaway weekend and want a good experience DO NOT GO HERE.  You will be "cattled" in and out and disappointed once you get past the surface.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
467. James D.
Beds are small and uncomfortable.  Parking is about $60 per night.  Wifi is another $15 a night and the bathroom smells of mildew.  Mold on the ceiling of bathroom.  Find another place to stay!

12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
468. Meghan P.
Sumo wrestling on the big beds, glamor shots of all the girls, exploring the hotel lobby, roll-away beds everywhere, in general, making a scene...

Yep, I celebrated my 16th birthday with an overnight with the girls in a St. Francis suite. It was probably a little classier than we deserved but we weren't complaining! Our room was so comfy and gorgeous and it was definitely a trip to remember! I still have a couple of my clothing gifts from that 16th celebration and we often reminisce about the wrestling competitions. At age 16, I earned my "Sumo" nickname and shockingly it has actually stuck!

We also used to come up as a family for pre-Christmas shopping excursions. We always laughed at the "Biggest Santa" convention and whether it was like a biggest pumpkin competition for a huge Santa or the most Santa's in one place. The huge gingerbread house displays were awesome too! While those were not nearly as eventful trips, they were still tons of fun. The location is ideal, centrally located in the middle of Union Square and near the Nordstrom Center shops too!

07/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
469. Jennifer C.
Stayed here back in 2007 on my first trip out West to San Fran.. got a great deal on expedia and chose the right place to stay.  This hotel is located on Powell street and is pretty much right in the heart of Union Square, which translates into convenience and great shops, eateries and attractions within either walking distance or accessible via cable car / trolley (located right outside the hotel).  

The hotel is posh and upscale.  Decor is not modern, but classic.  Rooms are clean and spacious... the beds are comfy and the views are nice.. you can even catch the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance (though when we were there, we woke up to fog nearly every morning).  

Best thing about The Westin St. Francis to my recollection was the concierge.  I should have taken down the man's name, but he was so helpful in my quest to nail a list of attractions I wanted to visit within one day.. he suggested the quickest routes and demonstrated his knowledge of the city which was a major benefit to me; I was able to see everything I wanted to that day because of his advice.  

If I make it out to San Francisco ever again in the future, I wouldn't mind pitching my tent at this hotel for a second time around..

04/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
470. Rylan C.
The St. Francis is so pretty and the staff is super helpful. There is always someone nearby to help and they don't mind stopping to answer your question even if it looks like they are obviously on their way somewhere else to do something.

In terms of the rooms and the interior, it's just beautiful. The views from the rooms are also beautiful and the architecture of the building is also beautiful.

This hotel is in an amazing location being situation right smack dab in the middle of Union Square, arguably the busiest area in San Francisco.

This is probably the best hotel to stay in if you're a tourist because it's near everything. For a stay-cationer, I would recommend a smaller, more local-ccentric hotel.

08/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
471. Kate S.
I love the appearance of this historic hotel.  Everything from the lobby to the rooms were fantastic. I was so excited when as my husband and I checked in a lady was walking around with a tray of bottled water and chocolates.  Loved the December decorations like the sugar castle and Christmas trees in the lobby.  Also, loved the Clock Bar though I was pregnant & only had water.

Problem I had was in the room. It was historic looking & cool. Marble detail in the shower, original keyholes in the door, etc. However, my husband is a platinum Starwood member & we were quite disappointed with the size of our room. it was very small & my husband described it as depressing. He looked out the window only to find a view of a brick wall. He did not want to spend any time in the room.

I called to the front desk to inquire about massage services. I asked the hours massage services were performed. The front desk agent told me that night, they would be doing massages @ the spa until 7pm & that after that a massage therapist could still come to my room to do a massage. I asked if they accepted Starwood points as a form of payment. They said they didn't know, but they could transfer me to the spa. I agreed.  When I got to talking with the spa rep, she did confirm the spa hours the front desk agent had given me.  However, she said, they would not come to my room after hours because some of the rooms were too small to accommodate the massage table (meaning my room). I was pretty disappointed.  Next I asked if I could use Starwood points as payment. Right away she said, "Of course!". But, when I asked what the conversion rate was (how many points = one massage) she said she had no idea and I'd have to ask the front desk.  WHAT!?!? The front desk didn't even know if they took points @ all and told me to ask the spa. How are they going to know the conversion rate? One hand did not know what the other hand was doing.

Trying to fall asleep was tough because of all the street noise.  Other than that it was a pleasant stay.

13/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
472. Chrystal T.
This is a great hotel, right in the mix of shopping, good distance to the convention center.  Really felt like the heart of SF.

Hotel was clean, front desk staff very friendly, I was not as impressed with concierge but only because they gave brief answers and really didn't offer new places to try or things to see.

Glass elevator is cool, the kids will love it

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
473. Olivia L.
As we were looking for wedding venues, the Westin St Francis was near the top of the list.  The spaces didn't work out for a group of our size (~120), but the staff were super professional and I would not hesitate to have a charity or corporate event here because they are real pros (communication, personal presentation, and follow up = all five stars).  The banquet manager gave us a tour on New Year's Eve (their busiest day of the year)!  

Here are your options:

For 70 people or fewer, the St Francis Suite in the historic wing of the hotel is fantastic.  FANTASTIC.  Think dark wood walls, views overlooking Union Square, and a fantabulously high cieling.  You get a suite of 4 rooms (3 rooms for your event [2 for cocktails, 1 for dinner], and 1 room for the vendors to chill-ax), your own suite of bathrooms, and it's closed off from the rest of the hotel.  There are also suites of hotel rooms in the back half of the wing, so you're literally cut off from the rest of the hotel and the hoi polli.  Over 70 people, and you won't have a dance floor to speak of, so if this is not a dancing event, the St Francis Suite can probably hold 100.  

For about 100, you can check out Victor's Palace on the Imperial Level (e.g., top floor of the new wing, comes with amazing views, but a separate menu from the rest of the hotel banquet spaces).  The problem with Victor's is that it's L-shaped -- with a fire stair at the corner of the L, so the dance floor will either be around the corner (problematic if you want to have the dancing be the center of the action) or some people will be cut off from view around the corner.  In it's defense, Victor's has some charming nooks (think bay windows with small tables).  Might be good for a dance (e.g., no dinner).  

If you have about 200-250, Alexandra's (also on the imperial level) has better views than Victor's, but the room minimum for Alexandra's (we were quoted $32k before tax+service for October 2011) means that if you have 120 people, you're not going to make the room minimum and will have to pay the extra in "rent" -- which might be worth it for the view (and floor to ceiling windows) -- but a little rich for our blood.  

Both Victor's and Alexandra's share a elevator lobby, but are at opposite ends of the floor with a kitchen inbetween, so your guests will not mix with the other event.  Oh, and the kitchen is on the same floor = huge bonus = hot food.  Yay!

There is a historic chapel if you want to do your ceremony at the hotel, but it has no windows.  It's kind of cave-like and has frescoes on the ceiling and dark wood on the walls.  It can hold --- maybe 100 people?  Comfortably?  

For a gabizllion people (like 500-1,000) there are some ballrooms downstairs, but I wasn't so keen on them as they were all interior rooms and didn't have any windows.  Boo.  For that many, I'd prefer the atrium in the Palace (it's called the Garden Court).  

I'm holding back on the last star until I actually have an event here, but they really do such a good job with sales (so professional!) that I have every confidence that they would get the fifth star.

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
474. Drew T.
Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is all about. The place is so busy that you don't get good/great service from anyone. You have to wait in a long que at times to see the concierge who, though good, doesn't really have eclectic recs for the adventurous traveler.

The experience was forgettable. I'll leave it at that.

too many pan-handlers and rude tourist people.
small room
no free wifi in the lobby

shower with a sit down ledge (for flexy sexing?)
location is great if you don't have a car
free wifi across the street in the courtyard

10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
475. X O.
Don't let the name "Westin" fool you.  This is a historic hotel.  Quite grand, actually.  

It was a weekend trip of business  and pleasure.  Centrally located - this is important in SF, where parking is difficult.  We rode the cable car up to the Wharf, stopping by Chinatown for lunch and shopping.  We rode it back to the hotel.  There is a Walgreens nearby in case you forgot a toiletry item.  There are several restaurant options around the hotel.

Valet is $50.  Wifi is $14.  There is a charge to use the business center.  But the rooms are reasonably priced and comfy.  Overall, a good choice.

08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
476. Anita C.
I attended the chicana Latina foundation fundraiser on Friday October 12. I only parked at the hotel and after my event I was whining about the cost of parking and Luis the parking attendant offered a complementary bottle of water. Even though it was a $24 bottle of water I really appreciated the effort to add value to my experience at the Westin. So thank you Luis for you're great customer service!

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
477. JW U.
always enjoyed this property in the past - great location, superior service and old world charm. now not so much - obvious cut backs have effected the overall experience and they are walking over $5 to get to .50 cents.

housekeeping says management asked them to limit each room to one shampoo a day as if I were going to stuff my bags with that crappy watered down shampoo.


29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
478. Sarah N.
Stayed at the Westin St. Francis for our engagement weekend and had the best experience! The ease of checking in to the complementary bottle of champagne to celebrate our engagement to the fantastic concierge... it all was top notch! The hotel is right in the middle of it all and your trolly car awaits you right outside. A few recommendations are... Spring for the higher tower rooms, you will not be disappointed with your view of the city and bay! Definitely eat at Bourbon Steak, the steak house in the hotel is amazing. Well worth the price...one of the best meals of my life and some of the best service I have ever experienced! The bar inside the restaurant offered some of the most creative drink recipes. My fiancee and I would most definitely stay again!

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
479. Amy D.
I am never one to stay in overly nice hotels... i am a cheapskate ill be honest.. but this was a birthday gift given to me and the convention i was staying at was in this hotel so I stayed here....
Most importantly for me the beds were amazing! the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on! and after dancing for a million hours it was EVERYTHING i needed. The view of the city was AMAZING ( we were on the 30th floor) The bathrooms were clean and everything seemed very fresh and put together.
I can see how people may complain but honestly that place was PACKED the tree lighting was friday night and there were literally thousands of people in union square... Yes we did have to wait an hour later than expected for our room but in reality what can they do? All of the people working in customer service were so nice and as accommodating as possible.
I love this hotel and I think the staff did as best as they could under the over crowded circumstances of the weekend!

25/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
480. Champ M.
Bar Review:
Escape the mad streets attend opulent bar enjoy the rush without the michael mina price and leave.

18/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
481. Riley R.
My boyfriend was staying here for APE (Alternative Press Expo) so he could be close to the Exhibition Center. First of all, they charged for wifi in the rooms ($12) and for parking as a guest in the hotel's lot for a grand total of $69 a night! This hotel isn't even worth $69 for a room much less to park your car at (as a guest, mind you). I wanted to call the hotel to see if there were any other parking options available and called the main line listed on their website. I was greeted by a very rude employee who basically told me that parking would be this much in any major city all over the world including the one I live in, which I know for a fact is not true. I kept trying to ask him and he literally hung up on me. I immediately called back and he picked up again. I told him that I would like to speak with his manager since he hung up on me and he gave me a smart response and transferred me to someone else at the front desk instead. I then asked them to speak with the manager and waited for five minutes before hanging up and calling back again. This time I got a different person and I explained I was wrongly transferred and would like to speak with the manager. The woman rudely cut me off and transferred me to the manager (finally) after being on hold for another five minutes. The manager apologized and assured me that things don't run that way there (though they clearly do) and provided me with information for alternative parking locations around their area - something that could have been easily solved if the first employee who answered had cared at all about his job and customer service.

What a nightmare. I've hear horror stories from multiple Westin locations and this just confirms them. My boyfriend and I will never stay at a Westin again (not that they seem to care). Way overpriced, shitty service, and not worth the price for the small and mediocre hotel rooms.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
482. Mike C.
Been in better hotels, especially for the price. Nothing is wrong with the hotel though, it's just not as fancy as I think it should be for how expensive and ritzy it appears. Perhaps its because it tries to keep it's historial background.

The elevators are really nice though and give you a good view of union square!

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
483. Mike V.
I've had many friends and family stay here over the years.  Recently my mother and her assistant stayed here to be close to a conference.  Sure,  it's close to shopping and right on union square and very close to many convention sites.  But if you'd like to avoid tourist traps, traffic and some very old and small hotel rooms, look for a more modern hotel. My mother and several friends all complained about the beds and pillows but unanimously loved the service and the downstairs clock bar and prime restaurant.

19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
484. mark s.
If I ever need a hotel, I go through Priceline and hope to get a fabulous place.  They didn't disappoint me.  Maybe I should write a review for Priceline?

I got a room at The Westin St. Francis for $80 (tax included) for a Sunday and a Monday night.  When I got there, I wanted a room with a view of Union Square.  I could get it, but it would be an additional $35 a night.  So the final total was $115 a night.

For a Westin hotel with a view of Union Square -- I will take it.

There was a bar downstairs that looked nice.  I didn't go in, so I can't judge too much about it, except that it looked like an okay place.

When I got to my room, I saw my room and it was nice.  Nice bed and tv.  Plenty of space to walk around.  And best of all, the room I got had a nice view.  Please look at the pictures I took from my room.  the bathroom was nice and clean.  I liked the double showerhead.  The water pressure of the toilet was strong.  When you flush, it seemd like it would suck everything in the bathroom.  I guess if you are trying to conserve water, that isn't the best thing, but I liked it.

The location of this hotel is perfect.  From the airport, I took the BART and got off on Powell and walked about 3 blocks to the hotel.  It is an easy walk from restaurants, bars, clubs and places to shop.

09/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
485. Robin R.
Nice hotel scored a deal off book it.com only thing I am learning is the more money you spend sometimes you get less. $15 for WiFi I feel is way to steep. I have stayed a nice hotels that cost less and get free WiFi. Otherwise this is a really nice hotel..

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
486. Richard C.
My favorite Hotel in SF, stay here and shop til you drop. Clean and Comfy.  The Restaurant downstairs is pretty good.

28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
487. Jeremy A.
I stayed here while in town for business, and the first thing thats great about this place is the location. You're close to everything from here, at least the places I wanted to go.

The hotel is very nice and the rooms were HUGE here. You could seriously fit like 5 people in 1 room comfortably with a rollaway bed.

Overall everything was very clean and the staff was really friendly.

This would be my first place to check upon returning to SF for any occasion.

06/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
488. Rob Y.
We have stayed several times at this place and each time its good. I like that they have a plasma tv and you can hook up your ipod or whatever on it. The bathroom amenities are superb, and I appreciate that they do have an iron and a full size blow dryer (not those stupid mini ones). The room was a decent size (for being in SF) and I would say about 400 SF.

The best part was the good view of Union Square. I was there on the 2nd weekend of Nov and you can see them putting up the Christmas tree and the ice rink in Union Square.

17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
489. Kelly M.
This is our go to hotel in SF.  I love the history, the service and of course the heavenly beds & showers!  I have stayed over 20 times and my only real suggestion is to get a view.  Both towers have their own advantages but unless you appreciate the history, I recommend you stay in the new tower.  Our last room was on the 24th floor in the new tower and our view was spectacular.  Only complaint is that television reception was less than stellar and the old video about the hotel is no longer available on their new system.

Banana pancakes for breakfast rock if you are not up to getting out and about in the morning.  Overall, I always recommend The Westin St. Francis.

25/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
490. Warrick P.
All things considered I enjoyed my stay at the Western St. Francis...  $50 for Valet parking is a tough pill to swallow, but this is SF so swallow it one must. Liked the Rain shower, wasn't crazy about the dust cloud released from the bed side lamp when my kids knocked it slightly, and pretty much everything is extra and pricy... add $100 to your bill if you want to park your car, use the internet, watch a movie and drink a bottle of water. But the beds are comfortable and rooms quiet, so four stars is my fair assessment.

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
491. Melissa T.
Oh, Westin, I love your Heavenly beds, but you always disappoint me in some other way.  I got a "corner room" with a view directly into another hotel room.  No, this was not the oversized corner room you typically think of.  Instead, it was just the opposite - the room was smaller than my bedroom.

Tiny bathroom.  It's obvious they are trying to preserve the historic feel of the building, but the bathroom could use an update.

GREAT location!  If it wasn't for the location, we would not have stayed here.  We were able to walk or catch a bus to all of our destinations from within blocks of the hotel.  I'd probably stay somewhere else next time.

01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
492. Michelle N.
I definitely have mixed feelings about this hotel - aside from the poor experience we had at their bar - there's a lot of good and bad with the place.  I think that puts me over the top and gives it the 4 stars is the location.  If you go to SF for the things that I like to go to - people watch, good eats, and shopping - then this hotel is located in a primo spot - right in the middle of union square! If you've got a good view, you can look down from your window and see the always colorful hearts that decorate the square.  That alone would say that I'd be back to the hotel.

The service we received from just about all the staff was great as well - it's definitely what you'd expect from the Westin St. Francis.  The rooms were on the smaller side - but I'd attribute it to the fact that it's SF.  

I definitely can't complain about the bed... tons of pillows (which I love) and the sheets were soooo inviting! The decor of the room also gave you a little bit of a modern touch without taking away from the fact that the hotel has been around for quite some time.  The restroom seemed a bit weird though - it was very narrow and went the entire width of the room.  Hard to explain - but... weird.  

Regardless, I'd definitely be back to stay because the location was perfect and the service was great.  I thought that I'd be a little loud because it was so busy outside, but I slept like a baby =)

30/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
493. Anne Y.
I've stayed at the Westin St. Francis several times for the convenient location. However, my last stay was a nightmare. Not only did they put me in a lower floor with a horrible view but they lost my garment bag with $1,000 worth of clothes! I had to go into the backroom and search through the entire storage area with no luck. They did not even offer to compensate me for my lost clothes. Instead, I had to ask and have them to write down each item of clothing and cost. Completely unacceptable esp because I expect top quality customer service. I've been a Starwood Preferred member for 5 years and have never had to deal with a situation like this.

I had to ask the guest services manager to provide me with an update the following day as well as the security contact. Neither of them contacted me so I had to call them both and ask for an update which they did not have. They told me that most likely a wedding coordinator probably took my garment bag mistaking it for their tuxedo bags. Do they not double check the tag numbers?!

This is unbelievable and I will never stay at this Westin again. I can only hope that they followup on this and find my lost bag or at the very least compensate me for my lost clothing and time I've wasted trying to track them down to get an update on the situation.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
494. Evan G.
It turns out the previous guest's phone message was left on the system.  Thinking I had a message, I picked up the phone, and here's what I heard:

"It's your wife...it's midnight...thanks for *texting* me at 9:45 to tell me you were having a drink with *Kevin.*  Where *are* you?  See....you know....this is why.....this is why..... I can't trust you.  Answer your fucking phone.  Answer your fucking phone.  [click]"

I'm really glad I'm not that guy.

Room had a great view of Union Sq and reliable internet access.  In-room honor bar menu had price errors.

04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
495. John G.
Think twice before you book a reservation at this hotel.  Great Location, friendly staff, but rooms are extremely old.  I felt like I was in solitary confinement while in my room.  I would reccommend staying across the street at the Sir Francis Drake.

18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
496. Damien F.
This is my 'go-to' hotel in San Francisco - right in the heart of Union Square. It's a very solid 'Westin'....can't complain about that.
What is challenging is the cafe area. It has nice space (never enough).  The servers are pretty mediocre and on a cold day (like yesterday), the wind sweeps through the cafe area every time someone exits to the west (Geary st). I wish they would do something with this area of the hotel.

01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
497. Yangfan X.
There are 2 towers, the newer higher one and the older lower one.

DO NOT get a room in the older lower tower.  The room felt like a prison and there is no view.

The higher floor rooms carry your typical Westin decor.  The rooms are decently spacious where you don't feel cramped and the bathroom is a decent size as well.

No concierge lounge for SPG Plat, nor do they hook you up with breakfast.  Though I think this is a trend in San fran.

Location is superb, though that means parking is $$.

01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
498. Leona S.
Best hotel I've ever stayed in! AMAZING!

First of all, the grand architecture itself is amazing. This hotel has so much history and it's beautiful inside and out! My BF and I got a SWEET deal on Expedia during the Xmas season for a very very reasonable price for 3 nights.

When we checked in it was like close to midnight but the staff was extra nice and still accommodating. She gave us a HUGE ROOM despite our booking reservation. It was on the 9th floor, last room on the corner, so it was quiet, away from the elevator.

We we blown away by the size and luxuriousness of the room! SO NICE! The windows looked out to downtown SF, the bed was huge, the room was nicely furnish and soooooo much space! It made our stay soooo lovely.

The lobby and other areas of the hotel were pretty luxurious as well. The location of the hotel was amazing, right near Union square. The trolley stopped right in front of the hotel, so convenient! I couldn't ask for better.

My BF and I still talk about this hotel, it is probably the best one we've stayed at. Superb style, service, and stay!

07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
499. Jason N.
On my 3rd trip to the Bay Area, I decided to try the Westin out since it has gotten some great reviews here. Location is great for a first time traveler to SF, it's close to the BART, the Muni and walking distance to all the shopping areas. Night time in the area is a bit more deserted. There are a couple of food places open a little later...when I say later - I mean till around 11pm. Coming from NY that is still a bit early. Good news though, is what appeared to be a 24 hr Walgreen's nearby. But I digress.

Once I got past the grandeur of the lobby and the friendly staff, I found the decor upstairs a bit more to be desired. I definitely would like to reemphasize another reviewer's comments about the stunning resemblance to The Shining - it was cool and a bit creepy at the same time. As for the room, the double queen beds were quite comfortable and the room itself has a classic look with crown molded ceilings which is expected from a historic hotel.

09/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
500. Bradford P.
Pay more to receive less. Only 2 days and have had to call over 4 times to have a window repaired (with a brick wall view), cable TV fixed, someone to clean our room, and an employee telling my wife that our daughter is too young to be traveling. Seriously? And by the way, a small box of cereal with a banana or apple is $10.00. One day of internet access is $19.99. No joke. Keep in mind, If you stay here, you are paying ONLY for the name, the novelty, and location. Big mistake. Last time we were in SF, we stayed at a Super 8 and had a much more pleasent stay. You don't always get what you pay for. Sad but true.

12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
501. Alice J.
Prices are steep but this hotel is gorgeous and has a lot of charm. The rooms are clean, spacious, and you can't beat the location. It's right by Union Square within walking distance to tons of shops and restaurants. It's also just a couple blocks away from the Bart station.

16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
502. H T.
The Westin St. Francis is an enchanting old hotel with lots of charm. They've done a good job on keeping the hotel updated so you can't tell its age. The rooms are huge by SF standards but the bathroom is itsy bitsy. There's a gym on site and is $12 a day. The best thing about the West St. Francis is the location. It's just steps away from the best shopping San Francisco has to offer. Not to mention tons of restaurants and cafes.

Tip: Don't forget a ride on their glass elevator!

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
503. L V.
It was adequate for my needs (had a conference in the area)--pretty standard business hotel room, view was nice, basic amenities, no more, no less. I don't know if the woman at checkin understood what I was asking when I inquired about an upgrade(when you have an ounce of status with any points program you might as well try), so while I think I got an upgrade by what she told me, this feels like the type of room I had originally reserved (or at least had expected). Ah well.
However I will say they have a great elevator system! You'll never have to wait long even if you've got 20+ floors to climb.

03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
504. Sara J.
Location, Location, Location!

This Westin is right across the street from Union Square. We were able to walk or take short cab rides anywhere our hearts desired, so if you are looking for a good central location to call home for your San Francisco vacation, this is the place!

It's a historical hotel, one of the nicer historical hotels I've stayed in - but older (obviously), so it doesn't have all the up-to-date amenities as other Westins. The price is less than the other hotels in the area, but then they charge $50 for parking each night, so take that into consideration when looking for good rates in the area. Request the highest floor available (the lower floors have views of the surrounding brick wall buildings...not as nice as the higher floors where you can at least see some of the city!)

I loved that they share the history of the hotel with pictures and displays! The lobby and entrance is beautiful. The elevator ride to the rooms is a treat in itself! Awesome view of Union Square - and even has it's own reviews! yelp.com/biz/glass-eleva…  The Clock Bar downstairs is a great place to grab a drink on the way out before exploring the city. You can grab the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf right outside the hotel across the street (AVOID the Market St. line! It's scary!) They have the signature comfy Westin beds, so we had a good nights sleep - Love those beds!

Overall, this is a good place to stay for first-timers to the city. Its central location makes it really easy to get around, and the comfy bed really makes a difference when you have been sightseeing all day. :)

09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
505. Anh N.
I should start by mentioning that this was actually my 3rd visit/stay at this hotel within a 3 year period and without a doubt...I will never return.

With each visit, there was a lack of service, we were never greeted by any staff members and the rooms had an odor to them.

My last visit was this last weekend.  We had an early arrival on Saturday and therefore did not expect to have a room until the afternoon.  So we decided to let the hotel know that we had arrived and store our luggage with the bell desk while we went to have breakfast and roam the city for a bit until our room was ready.  The reservations representative assured me that I would receive a call as soon as my room was ready as it was being cleaned.  He specifically took down my number for this reason.  We finished a 2.5 hours breakfast and walked around the city for a bit.  Since our friends had come the day before and had already had a room, they wanted to come back to the room to freshen up.  I took this opportunity to check and see if our room was possibly ready.  I was not greeted at the counter.  And to my surprise our room was ready.  I asked her why I did not receive a call when my room became available and she abruptly/rudely answered that it had just became available as she was checking.  Completely disregarding my frustration she handed me my room keys and pointed to the elevators.  Immediately after, she walks away.  She never acknowledged that I was an SPG member to assure me that my stays will be accounted for, she never asked me if I needed late check out, she never said thank you...she was there and gone in a minute.
On the next day, house keeping knocked on our door and we had specifically asked that they do not clean our room.  We went out for the football game and when we returned, the room was cleaned.

Besides this, my previous stay with this hotel, the bell desk accused us of leaving without a claim ticket when they never offered us one.  So it was a whole ordeal trying to locate our luggage and verifying that it was our luggage.  When I returned from my visit, I wrote a letter to the Guest Services Manager explaining to him my disappointment and he respectfully responded with an offer to extend an upgraded room at a great rate and a spa voucher.  When we came back this time, I had tried to email two managers to see if they would still honor his offer since he was no longer with the hotel and I did not receive any response.  

This review really could go on and on....needless to say, I will not be returning to this hotel.  Service is everything and they do not have it.

14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
506. Robin B.
Torn between giving this place a 3 or a 4.  Arranged for a late check-in on a Friday night after flying in; took a few minutes at the desk while they made sure the room was "ready".  After verifying that it was we headed up to our room on the 9th floor...only to find out that it wasn't ready at all.  Bed unmade, trash cans in the center of the floor, things piled up on the mattress and a lampshade missing in the bathroom.  Not a good start.  

Immediately picked up the phone to call the front desk, with four calls that were completely unanswered.  On the fifth attempt, prior to walking back down to the lobby, they picked up and made amends and upgraded us to a room on the 23rd floor - even brought the keys up to the room.  After getting to the next room I found that it was pretty much the same layout and furniture, with a little more wood decor.  Rooms appear to be about the same, so unless you really care about your view save your money and go with the regular suite over the premium.  

There was also a larger homeless presence *in* the hotel lobby and bathroom than I would have expected for a hotel of this caliber and price.  Otherwise it was an overall ok experience...I'll probably choose another hotel my next visit.

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
507. Cassie P.
We usually stay at the Palace Hotel for our S.F. Holiday shopping weekend but when I stumbled across a major bargain at this hotel...how could I resist.  We booked through Expedia and got 4 nights and a car from Fox for $550.  I thought that was pretty damn good!!!
So, not much else can be said that already isn't listed here.  Here is my brief pro/con list:
ON Union Square, perfect for shopping
Our room was very dark and quiet #651, made for great sleeping in!
The Heavenly bed and shower
Pretty big room

The room wasn't very "clean", crumbs and a few hairs left behind.  And...a ton of dust!
The shower broke the first day, the circuit overloaded and electricity went out in our room on the second day.
Not a lot of flat surfaces for stuff....food, packages
$14.99 per day for internet!!

Yes, I'll be back!

20/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
508. Jessica S.
Great location! Walk right  out of the hotel and you can walk all around Union Square. The inside of this hotel is very pretty ( there was a wedding even taking place here the weekend we stayed). The rooms are very large and the bathrooms are a nice size also (and even have a real blow dryer).  Two bed room and was more room than the four of us needed..which is always a good thing :)

06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
509. Pete J.
I am sorry so many other reviewers had such bad experiences here.  I booked on Thurs for a Sat, via the Starwood Preferred site, chose the cheapest downtown Starwood SF hotel I could find, ended up here on the 26th floor overlooking Union Square.  Beautiful view.  The room was clean, of adequate size, had a large, clean bathroom, and was quiet.  The "heavenly" bed was really nice as well.  The only complaint I have is the checkin was sort of slow.  By the way, on a previous SF visit we ate at the hotel restaurant, Bourbon, which was excellent.

I definitely will return to this hotel.

29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
510. Karin A.
I just looooove this hotel, nice, clean and spacious rooms and the entire hotel ist full of history which u can really feel. Something that can't be said for many US buildings in comparison to Europe.  I also love Bourbon Steak House and of course I adore the Clock in the lobby, it is beautiful and, tada, really old AND made in Vienna! ;)

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
511. Dave G.
You've been riding the famed glass elevators of this hotel up and down now for nearly three months, only stopping to use the lobby bathroom  when needed and to eat at Tad's Steakhouse once every three days. The city's greatest elevator is the perfect place for the world's greatest elevator pitch you have determined, and today is the day your perseverance pays off.

"Air Bud, Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Air Bud: World Pup, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, Air Bud: Spikes Back," you rattle off to Michael Bay, who by the good graces of the universe is sharing the elevator with you. "Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, volleyball. Buddy has done it all, conquered all the sports. What's missing?" you ask.

"Yes indeed, what IS missing?" Michael Bay ponders, lighting the fuses of single Mandarin firecrackers and casually tossing them to the floor, a sharp BANG striking your ears, the smell of black powder filling the elevator.

"MMA.," you state. "Mixed martial arts. Cage fighting."

Michael Bay reaches into the back pocket of his jeans and pulls out a M26 fragmentation grenade. He begins toying with the safety pin. "You have my attention," he states while stroking the grenade affectionately, as if it was a small pet. His eyes begin to roll around wildly in their sockets.  You only have a few seconds.

"'Air Bud: Dawg Pound'. Think 'Lady and the Tramp' plus UFC plus 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' Maybe a little bit of 50 Cent's 'Get Rich or Die Tryin.' Buddy's girlfriend leaves him for a pitbull owned by Michael Vick, named SteakHouse, but she bit off more than she can chew hanging with this tough crowd. The only way Buddy can get her back is by beating SteakHouse in one of Michael Vick's famed dog fights."

"And?" Michael Bay asks, curious.

"And...we can have a montage?" you ask.

"AND!?" Michael Bay asks furiously, his finger now wrapped around the safety pin of the M26, the tension between the safety pin and grenade visible.

"And...explosions?" you venture.

"YEESSSSSSssss. Yesyesyesyesyessss."

25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
512. Christine P.
We rented a room for the night so we wouldn't have to worry about driving back home after the Thriller Bash this past weekend.  We stayed in one of their rooms with a sweet view of the city!  We had an awesome time at the party since it was all you can drink and we got there early before the lines got too long so we def got our money's worth.

I will definitely stay here again.  The beds were comfortable, they're pet friendly (a huge plus since I have 2 lovely pups).  

Would recommend this place for out of towners since it's close to everything in SF - shopping, Union Square, chinatown, the embarcadero etc.  

My only complaint?  One of their employees was extremely rude to my cousin and for the price we paid for the room, she did not deserve to be treated that way.  I'm still rating them 4 stars since the stay overall was fabulous and I wouldn't let one rude employee ruin our stay.

02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
513. Yennie N.
Right at the heart of union square, it is one of the best hotel around. You get a great view, steps away from some of the greatest restaurants and entertainment venues. The rooms are definitely on the smaller side, but very clean. The staff is very accommodating, you need only ask. Great beds, and the walls are thick enough that you won't really hear your upstairs neighbor walking around. Upper floors, the room has a spectacular view. Best things to do is go grab a cheesecake from Cheese cake factory, get a hot cup of coffee and sit down by union square and enjoy the night scene. Most nights there are live music drifting from the corner streets, lights throughout the city and people watching is always fun.

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
514. Ohnj A.
This review rates the Door Staff of this hotel. I have stayed in various SF hotels, I have stayed in the nearby Parc 55. I usually stay in either the Marriott Marquis or the Four Seasons. The other day I was hailing a cab on Powell Street at least 100 feet or more away from the hotel and the door staff actually berated me trying to shame me from hailing a taxi on the public street. I did not jump the queue or even go near the hotel and the doorstaff rudely attacked my personal character shouting at the taxi driver and trying to make an example of me in front of guests.

The hotel is situated right on a busy public space (Union Square) and as such the hotel ought to take stewardship of that public space more thoughtfully. I personally would never consider staying in this hotel based on my experience of the rude door staff. I even asked SF PD to tell me how to hail the cab, they told me it was acceptable to walk to the curb and hail a cab in front of any business. Sidewalks are public spaces, do not let the door staff intimidate you. I would urge those staying at the hotel to bypass the door staff, not tip them for their rude tactics, and simply walk up Powell and hail a taxi. It is one thing to offer assistance within a private business to guests by contracting taxi services, it is quite another to use strong men and door staff to disturb the peace and intimidate public citizens on public sidewalks to monopolize taxi services for private guests who are able bodied and equally able to hail their own cabs.

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
515. Ashley H.
I stayed at the St Francis last week on a business trip and thought it was beautiful. My room was TINY (I can't imagine 2 people having to stay in that room), featured lovely views of a wall, and didn't even have a bathtub the bathroom was so small. However everything in the room was gorgeous and I was surprised to see the other reviews describing the rooms as outdated. The wifi was $15 per day and yes it was slow. But the staff service was fantastic - very helpful and friendly. They let me check in at 11am without any fuss and when I requested some forgotten toiletries at 8am on a Tuesday it was amazingly delivered to me gratis within 5 minutes. Which was then immediately followed up by a phone call ensuring I had received it and that it was what I needed. I also had some suitcase drama (don't ask) which they helped me out with. All considered if I were going back on a personal trip I don't know if I could justify the price - but for a business trip it was exactly what I needed and I would absolutely recommend it.

21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
516. Mehran F.
Solid 3.5 but given i have stayed in much better Westin Hotels, including Westin Ebisu Tokyo with room much much bigger than here, and much better service, i rate this hotel a 3.

Front desk service professional but darn slow.
Rooms good. You are better off asking for a room in their new wing, and with a street view. Some rooms in the old wing are dark, and feel claustrophobic.

The area is touristy but many people like Union Square which is the main shopping area of San Francisco...with national/international (luxury) chains. Also close to shows, etc.

The area is a few blocks from Tenderloin where the sighting of homeless sleeping on the streets, or druggies and such are common. But you can find absolutely delicious ethnic food in Tenderloin.

I still recommend this hotel and will return.

02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
517. Jonah K.
Nice old hotel, on a great park. I have stayed here several times, and they have great service and good rooms. There are a lot of homeless people in this area, so you will be bothered sometimes. Overall I will be back!

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
518. jay v.
Beware expired food. I wanted a snack and had a mini snickers and some honey roasted peanuts from the mini bar. Everything tasted "off". I checked the labels and discovered the snickers had expired 18 months ago and the honey roasted peanuts expired 3 months ago. Management removed the charges and offered a free breakfast which I declined. I feel like they handled the situation appropriately. But still pretty nasty to have ingested expired good that tasted funny.

06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
519. Lorrie M.
I stayed here for three days when I worked for Sun Microsystems and I was so excited to be part of their Worldwide Edu Convention especially because it was held entirely in the Westin and I knew that the Westin had an extremely high reputation. Of course, it never hurts that the company is footing the bill.

I checked in on a Tuesday night and stayed til Friday morning. The front staff was friendly but it was confusing to find that the lobby was actually on the 'backside' of what I would call the main entrance (the lobby with shops connected to Victoria Secret and Michael Mina's). I got a standard double queen beds room which was supposed to contain heavenly shower, heavenly bed and heavenly pillows or something. I had great expectations for this shower, because after a long day at work and a long drive up from the South Bay I was desperate for a nice hot shower.

To my surprise, their heavenly shower was anything but. My version of an awesome shower is something with just the right amount of shower power, not the kind that wants to rip your skin off or the "rain fall" that basically forces you to wash your hair out for like 20 minutes because your conditioner just won't rinse. Their heavenly shower was much like the ladder, a slow, gentle fall of water. I guess its good if you're super sensitive but it did not do it for me because there was no pressure at all. I fiddled with the shower head quite a bit and got no results.

I then proceeded, after my long strenuous shower, I proceeded to the heavenly bed where for two nights for some reason I could not fall asleep well. Maybe because it was a company event and I was alone, but I had a lot of trouble falling asleep on their beds and I wasn't amazed by how comfortable it was which I was expecting to be.

Other than that, I think the reason for the 3 star is because it costs so much to stay there ($299/night at the time I booked) for rooms that I don't think are worth the hype. However, the rest of the hotel is extremely nice, especially their event rooms and ballrooms which I had the thorough pleasure of being in the rest of my entire stay there. They have fantastic catered food and fast elevators. I wouldn't mind staying here if only it were cheaper!

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
520. Louise H.
Overall, bad experience.  Staff not up to the challenge of being a "Westin" resort.  Even the Asst. Manager, Susan, was unprofessional and no responsive.  

Would waste your time or money.  Not worth either.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
521. Andrea R.
St Francis and I didn't get off to a very good start. When I checked into my hotel room the woman behind the counter informed me that I was supposed to have arrived the day before. I explained that I had actually called a few weeks earlier to change the dates of my stay and she told me I should have called to double-check it had been taken care of. Huh? Personally, I don't think it should ever be necessary to double-check such a thing, especially at a very nice hotel like The Westin St Francis. Fortunately, there was no extra charge for the mess-up and they had me in a lovely room within minutes.

This lovely room was large by SF standards and of course had the heavenly Westin bed (yay!).  My few gripes: the bathroom was a bit small, my phone didn't work and there wasn't a full length mirror so I had trouble telling if my shoes went with my outfit. Sigh.  

The hotel itself is quite large and I could spend days just wandering around inside. I'm a big fan of the Clock Bar, the gym has all the cardio/weight equipment one could need (although I wasn't a fan of the $12 charge to use it) and the banquet rooms so unbelievable that I started planning another wedding in my head.  And of course I can't forget to mention the all glass elevator, where I took in the most spectacular view of SF.

I'd definitely come back here for drinks and a few rides in the elevator, but I'd probably only stay here again if the price was right (worth about $200-250/night).

13/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
522. marlenee e.
I have had good memories here.  I stayed here with my family one year to watch the Christmas tree lighting when I was a kid.  In my twenties, I had a great birthday party with a friend in their suites.  And the tall, dark wood clock (circa 1850) sitting in the lobby always captured my imagination.  

Typical hotel in Union square.  The bar, Clocks (named after my beloved clock) in the lobby is overpriced, typical SF night scene.  Yawn.  As well as tourist coming and going with their kids disappointed they're in California and the hotel they are staying in doesn't have a pool.  

But looking past its mall like set up in the hallway leading to Post street, it's Victoria's Secret, and its innocent collection of Santa Clauses in December, this hotel is a spooky little place.  

The Saint Francis has a lot of SF noir history to it.  Like when Al Capone was held in one of it's ballroom by the FBI and he tried to escape through the vent.  (He didn't, he got stuck).  And of course the whole tragic Roscoe Arbuckle affair.  Read "I, Fatty," the author stayed in the rooms 1219-1221, the location of the crime scene, while writing the novel.  

I love staying here, it feeds my imagination as well as my much needed staycation time.  Or for you spoiled senior film students, awesome graduation party?*

*Please invite me if you get Arbuckle's room.  And throw a respectable party. This is not a place to be trashed, but holy grounds were talking about.

09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
523. Ken L.
Very nice hotel.  Has a lot of history behind it.  Stayed here for the first time at the Yelp Unwrapped Party.

I got a suite which was nice and spacious.  I don't have any complaints about this hotel except for one tiny thing.  They didn't have a complimentary toothpaste.  You would think that for $500.00 a night they would at least have some first class amenities like a razor, shaving cream and tooth paste, but all they had was soap, shampoo and conditioner.

10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
524. Lisa C.
I have stayed here several times over the past 5 years for weddings, business travel, and weekend trips. The hotel staff is friendly, it is centrally located, and beds are divine. The only drawbacks are they charge to use the gym ($15 / day) and don't have free in-room internet. The hotel lobby has free wi-fi, but I did feel a little strange checking email in my pajamas after a long day.

Tip 1: The rooms in the tower are newer and bigger. The older rooms are charming, but be warned they are significantly smaller.

Tip 2: Don't skip Clock Bar and Michael Mina right inside the hotel.

Tip 3: You can leave your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotions at home. Theirs are not too drying and smell great.

Tip 4: Get a good deal online or use any discount you can! My stays at this hotel have varied widely depending on whats going on in the city and weekday vs. weekend.

16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
525. Eileen B.
I have to admit I was pretty scared to stay here after reading the reviews. Our stay was booked by someone else, we normally stay at a different hotel. After staying at the St Francis on Sunday I have to admit it was wonderful. Louis checked us in and he was so helpful. While waiting in line there was a greeter asking if we needed anything. She was even doing some clean up to keep the place looking nice. We stayed in room 791. It was a corner room with a very comfortable king size bed. The room was extremely large and spotless. It was also very quiet. The valet was super quick and very helpful.
I would recommend this hotel to others. It seems like the tower rooms are much newer than the old original section. Just make sure you book the tower.
There must have been a change in management at this hotel. Everyone seemed to be very helpful and friendly (like you would expect at this class of hotel). We did not experience any of the problems noted by the other reviewers.

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
526. Michelle S.
So, I was not able to make it to Unwrapped this year because I got stuck late at work. It was a bummer because it sounded like it was incredible.

However, my work more than made up for it by hosting our holiday party on the 32nd floor of Westin St. Francis. It was nothing short of incredible. The last time I felt like such a balla was when I was at the fancy wedding in Long Island City with a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline. It was amazing.

The experience starts as you walk in and you see how they decorated the lobby for the holidays. Absolutely beautiful in a non-annoying way. I actually really hate too many holiday decorations; but this place had it just right. Then you have to find the special glass elevator that takes you up to the 32nd floor. I am a Bay Area native and I have never had such an amazing experience as I did when we ascended up the height of the building and watched the lit-up San Francisco get smaller below us. I felt like such a tourist! I loved it. Fortunately, we were blessed with no fog last night.

The dinner was on the top floor and the floor was almost all windows. It was so great eating next to one of the best views of the city that I have ever seen. To boot, the food was actually really good. Most places like that seem to get by with mediocre food because they know that the view sells the business *coughs coughs* Cityscape. Unlike Cityscape, St Francis had very delicious food. Especially the stuffed chicken. The service was stellar and our bartenders were amazing...though the drinks were pricey.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience this place without the craziness that was the Yelp party. I got a chance to see what they are really like and was quite impressed.

19/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
527. Katy H.
I felt really lucky to get the chance to sleep in this historic hotel. Having grown up in the Bay Area I've gone inside the lobby many times during the holidays to look at the Xmas tree and check out the awesome exterior elevators that give an amazing view of all of Union Square.

Just walking in the hotel you're greeted by any employee that is standing around or working as you pas by. Everyone is friendly and polite. Check it was a total breeze and I was given a room right away (even though I was checking in at 10am!)

My hotel room was in the old tower (phew!) and it had all of it's original charm plus some more modern furnishings. The bed was quite possibly the best bed I've ever slept in! I loved the crisp white linens and pillows. The room was expansive and the bathroom was equally large.

I love all of the old fixtures, crown moldings, and especially love the pictures of the hotel through the years. It was nice to wait for the elevator and see some old black and white photos of what Union Square looked like 75+ years ago. I'd never hesitate to stay in this hotel again. It was a lovely experience.

20/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
528. Michael H.
I came here for training and enjoyed my stay at this hotel.  The service was great and the prices were reasonable in comparison to the location of the hotel.  

The hotel was conveniently located near many bars and pubs which was an added bonus.

The only complaint I had was the daily $50 parking fee.

04/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
529. Pejman A.
We stayed here for a wedding. The place was nice but it sucked that their was no complementary wifi internet. The hotel is in a prime location on Union square right next to all the shopping centers.

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
530. Mark M.
So I stayed here years ago and once again very recently on business.  I really can't think of much to say but "eh".  Leaves a lot to be desired.  It's definitely old school---decently kept---but still needing a lot of work.  

It lacks the amenities that frequent business travelers need to travel in comfort and not loose their minds---like a comfortable desk and chair.

If you are going to San Fran for a few days and want to be in an amazing location---this would be ok!

08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
531. Yertle T.
Here for a two-day meeting, and stayed here too.  Overall a good place.  My room was in the older part of the hotel, and the room was fine.  A little noisy and a so-so bed and thus a bit overpriced.  In-room wi-fi a tad expensive ($15 or $20 per day, depending on what access speed you want - didn't do a control experiment to determine if there really is any difference...but I'm a sucker for speed so guess which one this sucker got sucked into purchasing?)  Plus the gym is on the small side for a hotel of this size, and there are only two weight benches.  Got there at 5:55 AM, and by 6:15 the place was PACKED.  Still had a decent workout even though not all the patrons had the same sense of not-hogging-more-than-one-thing-at-a-time etiquette that I aim to practice.  Hence only 3 stars in my book.  But not bad.  Would stay here again if I needed to be in this part of SF, but I probably wouldn't make a special trip.

I grew up in the Bay Area and so I'm pretty familiar with SF.  So one of the best parts is the location.  Union Square (not the one in Somerville, which is a 10-min walk from home and for which I also have a soft spot in my heart...) is a good central location for a big chunk of SF.  Plus the hotel is only 4 blocks from Powell St. BART.  So it can be as little as 30 min (but usually more like 45 min) from landing at SFO to walking in the lobby by public transit, which I consider a big plus.  The biggest plus was the room we had for our meeting - top of the Tower, 32nd floor, near-panoramic view of the City.  FANTASTIC!  Certainly helped defray a lot of the tedium out of sitting in the same chair for a total of about 20 hours.

Most staggering number:  $4.63 for a large Starbucks coffee (jus' coffee, not a latte, mocha, etc.) in the lobby.  Thus I limited myself to a paltry 4 over the two days...

Celebrity sighting - Madeleine Albright!  6 feet away from me at the next table in the lobby.

Unrelated Trivia:  Yesterday was my Grandmother's 95th birthday.  I'm not certain, but she may be my oldest relative/ancestor ever and possibly also the oldest person I've ever met.  But she's an extremely young 95 and has a great sense of humor (probably one reason why she's 95+).  I realize this is totally meaningless to nearly everyone else who is reading this (not to mention irrelevant to a hotel review), but it did color my experience here (for the better).  Plus I can't help but share because she's so wonderful and inspiring.  Wish I could have seen her instead of having to be at the meeting, but got a great fix talking to her on the phone. Two examples: "I gotta ask you, Grandmother, what's it feel like to be 95?"  "Oh, not too different from 94," she deadpanned.  "I'm going to do my best to live to be 100, but whatever happens, I promise not to haunt you from beyond the grave."

But I digress.  To get back on point and in summary, I can see why the reviews of this hotel are all over the map.  Maybe that's unavoidable for a place of this size.  Nevertheless, overall I had a positive, though admittedly not necessarily representative (meeting room, Albright, Grandmother), experience here.

21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
532. Matt S.
If I could give this hotel any lower of a rating I would.  On my previous stay a year or so ago, the hotel managed to double charge me for my entire stay AND managed to "accidentally" charge almost $500 of room service to my room and I vowed to never return however for some reason I went against my better judgment and gave it another shot.  

How wrong I was.  

All of the suites are on the side of the street where bands, buskers and drum circles are allowed (and most definitely do) play music insanely loud up until 10pm every night. It's absurd the price they charge for quite possibly the noisiest rooms on Union Square.  Don't even bother staying in any of the hotels on Union Square unless you don't plan on using your room until the wee hours of morning.

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
533. Kelly M.
Stayed in the tower side. Staff is very accomidating and friedly. Room was clean and well kept up. The heavenly bed was very comfy and I usually don't sleep well in hotels but slept like a baby for 2 nights - Only small complaint is despite the high floor and the cool security access elivators only allowing those with room access to enter the morings you can hear the doors slamming and sometimes others talking in the halls and such - and even hotel staff coming to clean rooms etc. I prefer more peace and quiet but it wasn't too terribly bad.
The location is perfect for those looking to be right in the middle of it all - We wanted to stay here with the Chinese New Year Parade - we could see it right from out hotel window. Getting a cab is east to do right on Powell for anywhere you may want to venture off to in the city.
The spa though small was very nice as well.  We had some great massages (75 min was perfect) and the steam room while seeming a little old was still very clean and relaxing.  There is no whirl pool or other spa amenities aside from the showers and the gym.
Speaking of showers - I loved the in room showers. they were the same you get in the spa with all the options for different shower heads and it was wonderful and relaxing.
Room service delivers in lightening speed - we ordered breakfast and it was cooked to order and arrived in literally 10-12 min flat despite them quoting us approx 20-25 min.  It was fresh and yummy and left us very satisfied.

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
534. Cory N.
Not bad but not particularly good either. Everything in the hallway and elevators felt sort of old or slow. Our room had a pathetic view of nothing and was kind of cramped. Location is good but parking is expensive. Service was solid but everything was pretty expensive for what you get.

08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
535. Maria N.
Let me say this: your experience at any hotel will depend on the room you get: ours was really small and dark, so we did not really like it.
The hotel is very conveniently located and is pricey. Having stayed at many different hotels in the area, I did not feel like I got my money's worth: I prefer the Intercontinental so much better and their rates are pretty similar to what we paid at the Westin.
Apart from the room we had, there were specific things I disliked:
1) The TV was placed to the side of the bed, which made it really uncomfortable to watch. The room is small and I guess there was no better place for it, but still. I am certain 99% of people love their TVs in front of them and not to the side.
2) The bathroom light turns on the ventilation, which is loud and, frankly, annoying. This drove me insane.
3) The view. I have stayed at different rooms, but this one tops the list as the worst view: we were overlooking the roof and the blinds made it seem like it was both snowing and raining outside (that on a really nice day). Since I booked directly with the hotel and our room cost us $360/night, I was really expecting something better.
4) Wi-fi. Is not free and cost $20/day. I know many hotels charge for wi-fi but this was an extra point of annoyance since our room was so bad. We could have gotten a much better room with free wi-fi for $380.
All in all, there's nothing wrong with the hotel, but you could get a much better deal and experience if you stay somewhere else. Or if you are willing to make a big deal and change rooms multiple times.

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
536. Traci H.
Location is perfect if you want to be in the center of everything.  It's also a historic hotel, so has some charm.

I was upgraded to the 29th floor, so had a fabulous view of the city.

My only complaint was the slow nature of guest services.  I was in a hurry and needed a shower cap.  It took them more than 30 min to bring it.  I let them know I was in a rush, so that was disappointing.

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
537. George C.
We came with another couple to play tourist in The City for five days. It is the perfect location to park your car and explore using public transportation or cabs. Our first room had a couple cleanliness problems so we called the front desk and were promptly relocated. The rooms are spacious with great views. The staff was accommodating and efficient. Doormen where wonderful getting us into cabs promptly. A great hotel in a beautiful city.

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
538. Arthur N.
I like this place.  Great location, within a short Muni ride or walk to most S.F. attractions. The rooms in the old part of St. Francis are a nice meld of old and new technology.  You need to stay in the old part to experience the comfortable feel of the 19th century.  When you go out walk fast to discourage the panhandlers.

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
539. Hanna Y.
Cousin's wedding reception was held here and the setup with the lighting and awesome view of the city were just beautiful.  

You cannot get up to the 32 floor from the main floors.

Servers could have done a better job when they went around to tables bringing coffee and cake.  They completely missed a table for coffee.  Had to tell 3 different servers that someone needed cake b/c they weren't keeping good track of which tables they last brought cake and coffee to.  It's a pricey venue and we expect good service.  

The bathrooms on that floor smelled because of the sewage drain hole thingee on the ground you see in all bathrooms.  The smells that emanated from it were just putrid.  

The catering manager however was there and did her best to accomodaate with the room temperature and other things requested by the bride and groom.

Elevators - FREEZING. Not sure how cold it was in SF but it was colder in the elevator than outside.  BrRrr! Wear a coat!

They will charge you $12/hr for parking even if you're there to just set up and go.  No in and outs unless you're an overnight guests.  Had to help set up the reception b4 leaving for the church and then come back.   Wasn't gonna park here again.  Recommend parking at the Ellis O'Farrell garage a couple blocks down.  $7 with validation.

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
540. judith s.
This is a statement to the Westin Hotel administrative staff to express my unhappiness with how the process unfolded to finally enable my family to stay in San Francisco @ the Westin Union Square for Thanksgiving.  The letter is intended to alert you to the reality of profound incompetence & dishonesty among your reservation staff, and further, to make you aware that this incompetence continued until the very moment my daughter checked out.
I think what makes this worse is that I have resided on Nob Hill, near the hotel  for 20 years and I chose to do something old fashioned-reserve a room without using the internet.  I pre-paid in person.

As the emails from the Westin indicate, I was promised a AAA discount, a room with a view, & great service with prepaid reservations & parking.
This is what transpired:  I  prepaid my reservation to Emi & Maya and I paid for two nights plus parking which was documented in Mayas email.
Early in November I received the 1st email indicating that the hotel had only one nights reservation paid -not two. After phoning -without my call being returned.-I went .in person to the hotel and I met with Maya who ultimately emailed my daughter & myself . The email indicated  that the two nights were prepaid along with the parking..

After completing our Hornblower Cruise Thanksgiving Dinner, I phoned the hotel just to reconfirm thanksgiving Reservations.   Reservations  replied glibly: no Thursday only Friday.  After spending some time with reservations on the phone-I thought this resolved and my conversation with the hotel ended.  I  went home.  My family went to the hotel -my daughter, my son-in-law & my grand-daughter and were prevented from checking in.  The front desk claimed that  absolutely no reservation was made for them for Thursday only Friday. This was turning into  a 3 Ring Circus.

This situation was finally resolved. I arrived at the hotel to  learn  that after 45 minutes they were given a room facing a wall.  A room with a view but not exactly the view that was mentioned when I prepaid.  If that was not enough, my family were prevented from checking out on  Saturday.  The desk clerk Max took my credit card to pay for 2 days parking.  This was Pre-Paid according to Maya's email.  Max did not return my credit card.  I went then to Wells Fargo & must wait a few days for a new one.

Using the Internet  to reserve rooms  may well be superior to in-house reservations at the Westin St. Francis Hotel.  Is this really the impression you want a customer to have?  I and my family have had terrible holiday experiences, at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square this Thanksgiving.  I and my family have been maltreated by staff in reservations blindly doing their duty by treating me dishonestly and discourteously and emotionally creating damaging stress.

25/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
541. Rob B.
Absolutely will stay here again.  They let us check in early, and the proximity to everything is perfect. Rooms were more modern and  immaculate with that historic feel to the lobby entrace.

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
542. Susana P.
I arrived at the Westin quite early hoping that I would be able to check-in.  The person at the check-in desk was really nice and let me check in early and gave me the key to my room.  I was on the 12th floor (room 1294) the room had 2 queen beds so it was quite spacious as it also had a desk.   There isn't a great view from this room which is a shame, but on the whole it was good, there was a coffee machine with Starbucks coffee that you can make, and they also include a selection of teas.

The mattresses are fantastic and the room can be kept at the required temp.  The shower has good pressure and they use dual head.  

Check out is at 12 which is a good time.  I left my suitcase with the hotel and walked around the city.  They have a shuttle service to the airport that you can request at only $16 which is cheap.

Top tip: take the lift to the 31st floor and you get a great view of the city in their Charlie and the Chocolate style elevators.

07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
543. Bunny G.
The lobby will blow you away, grandiose dark marble pillars with the a charm that takes you back in time.  I stayed in the old portion of the hotel and loved it, so nostalgic and historic.  Located in the heart of Union Square its proximity to all the shopping and restaurants makes this hotel a great choice.  I skip the hotel breakfast and walk across the street for an omelette at Lefty O' Douls (but they open at 7 am so if you're looking for an early breakfast skip Lefty's).  My husband would stay here every time he was in San Francisco so as far as a restful sleep and clean quiet rooms, this place had it.   The only reason I use to join him on these trips was to have afternoon tea at the Compass Rose restaurant which they decided to close (big big mistake!) I really miss the tea here, it was fabulous:( Anyway, lots to do in the area and the bar is beautiful just off the main lobby.

26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
544. Jonathan F.
Yes, go to the St. Francis Hotel for your winter season, holiday shopping outings.

The lobby is all decorated with a tree and snow castle scene. For those of us who were raised in the City and the SF Bay Area, going to Union Square during the holiday season is a tradition.

St. Francis Hotel is one of the stops along the route of viewing and taking in holiday festivities.

Ever since the hotel got renovated it has a very modern feeling to it. Yet I am happy to see that the clock and the Oak Room is still there.

When you visit the holiday tree in the lobby, take the time to notice the ice sickle lights. They are really cool. It looks like illuminated ice melting.

Also, check out the fancy desserts at the bar on the other side of the lobby. There is also a display of artifacts from the hotel's history and events from San Francisco's past.

05/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
545. Michelle Y.
Location location location. A fine hotel in every sense.

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
546. Mish L.
Stayed here for a weekend because work comped two nights for a business meeting. I loved it... very classy and appropriately dated decor makes you feel like you're in in manhattan or something. It's clean and the beds are ridiciously comfortable. I minused one star because a couple of the bell men were rude to me. They checked my room key, no less than 3 times, because I may have looked too young or ... not 'high class' enough... walking back to my room from a nice run in union square. Otherwise, everyone was very friendly. Room service menu is AWESOME btw.

26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
547. Jet E.
Reserved a room for gay pride. To room at a historic building & then to later find out at a historic moment in california. I hade made plans & reserved the room a month prior. Verified all details of my stay 2 weeks leading to the stay. On the phone it was very effortless. Their insterest was really your satisfaction. Very professional & knoledgeable.I had asked for a 1 room & 2 bed. In the weeks leading to the event i was was worried about the floor space for me & my guest. I called to asked if there might be a 2 room connect or multiple room suite but keeping the 2 beds.  Keeping in mind of my concern for space & with a can-do attitude,  they checked and double checked. They didnt have a perfect match to my specifications available. I understood being the time frame.

So I booked a room that had a 2  bed atleast so I had one reserved.
I called again to see if there is just any room larger then what we previously had. I was SOLD by a lady a better larger room. Not a connecting room or multiple room suit but one that has "100 square foot more" then my previous. Price was no concern. As long as me & guest was comfortable. Got email confirmation for the first reservation & the also the upgrade. Each time I told them on the phone they had mispelled my name. They verbally talked me through it, guaranteeing me it will be changed and apologized for the mistake. It was a beautiful day saturday, June 29th. I called while eating out with some friends. I asked if the room was ready & sorry i will be not making it to check-in on time at 3pm. I was told that the room will be ready an hour or so from now & said that will be fine.

At check-in they shouldn't have still mispelled my name. The error was still there after asking for my last name. The mistake was done to my first name. The room was satisfactory with a nice view. I noticed some space between the bed and the window and couldn't help but wonder. Was this "100 square foot more?"
No but look at the view. It was an amazing view of union square. Not to be unappreciative of this room and all its efforts to get us what we asked for, it wasn't what we asked for. My specifications were more space & it seems like she sold us a view instead.
To what was obvious 100 square foot should be a noticeable difference if it was an upgrade from the previous room. To add to insult and injury. If your minus 100 square foot to the room you get enough space for a bed and bathroom. Literally no space for nothing else. That's not even considered a room especially one that would be sold here let alone anywhere. Things were not adding up. I called downstairs and asked direct questions but in a manner of obtaining information so we ourselves can be educated about the whole situation. asked "what are your normal square footage for each room."(the difference of square footage from my original and upgrade) I got a long run-around answer that sounded like a really long excuse. At this point i really wanted to listen to some honesty. Even if it was "sorry we didn't get you what you wanted but I tried." So if you dont know the answer please just say so.

I went downstairs & see if they can maybe send us back to our original room. The room before the "upgrade." I told her my concerns and just really wanted some honesty. Quick, simple & Direct to the point & she gave us a different room.
Told me the reason why they didn't have answers to the square footage. I can tell she wasn't bullsh*tting. Historic building after the remodeling & aditional changes. That every room was different in its own specifications. Not a relieable source of information for floor space square footage was ever made that could be accurate enough or uptodate which can  be used. An estimate only.

From the person to the counter, the phone & the employee's, this is a well known loop hole. Good sales people use half truth to sell you a lie. Great tactic when it probably gets you good numbers. To simplify You can literally sell a room to someone & say it is in the "100 square foot" larger catagory but it can be the smallest of that list.  Which is what happend when the lady on the front desk admitted to me. I was actually not mad at this point of discovery. I just didn't wanted to be lied to.

After settling in for the second time this better be worth it. When we entered the room, it was clear the difference in size & space. No view but that was never my concerns in the first place. the space difference was noticeable like day and night. You can fit a third bed which is about the amount that was missing from the previous room. Lesson learned.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
548. Jonathan B.
Don't get me wrong by the three stars, this is a nice hotel with great service.  The problems are the size and numbe of people trying to get cabs and elevators.  You need to give yourself a half hour just roger down the elevator and catch a cab.  Too long!

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
549. Cynthia L.
As I'm used to staying in Hiltons, this was a step up.

* Amazing views from a glass elevator.
* Wii games at the gym.
* Heavenly toiletries.
* Comfy, soft beds.
* Central location in Union Square, plus walking distance to BART.

Many thanks to my Starwood Platinum friend who let me room with her during my visit to SF! Yay for free internet and gym access!

08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
550. Jennifer C.
Had a great stay as always when staying at a Starwood property (which we will now exclusively be staying at).

I was very impressed with the perfect location. The original building was built in 1904 so be aware that if you will be taken back in time. It has a charm and historic feel which truly is beautiful. We were booked in a room that did not have a view of Union Square but I was able to call the front desk and change rooms to get the fabulous view of Union Square!

This upgrade was $40 a night but worth every penny. If you are a fan of architecture then this is definitely the place for you.

The Clock Bar was a modern twist which was a great place to lounge and have a few drinks.

09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
551. Irina N.
A very mediocre hotel for a property of this class.  We stayed for 6 nights in December.  Here's the breakdown of rating:

Check in - 0 stars - long wait and snooty service. No upgrades for Gold Starwood members. No acknowledgement - nada.  While waiting 2 separate customers were complaining about their rooms at the front destk.

Location - 5 stars - very convenient... Next to shopping, public transport, Blue Bottle Coffee.

Rooms - 2 stars - large with tired furniture. Bathrooms don't have enough light - impossible to put make up on and my husband had a hard time shaving. Toilets are so low that you feel like you're dropping to the floor. Showers are either scalding or lukewarm. Paper thin walls.

Rooms had no bath robes, not even one bottle of complimentary water or a welcome note.  

Security - 0 stars - someone came into our room, left someone's bag wedged in the doorway and left our room unlocked and half open.  Called front desk.  The gal that picked up had no idea as to why the bag was there or who came into the room and sent a porter over to pick up the bag. The porter came and wanted to know what to do with the bag!  Security was supposed to come to check who opened the door and never did.

During the day, security was posted next to the elevators to check guest cards.  After 5 pm, no one cared and no one checked.  Strange...

The staff keeps referring to various unions and multiple employees having access to the rooms which seems to be the crux of most problems that they're having.  The right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing.  Pretty scary s**t. A bomb can be left here without anyone noticing.

Parking - 0 stars - $51 per night plus tax. Folks were waiting forever to
get their car. However, we found a great place just a few blocks away at 525 Jones for about $25 a night.  In and out service.  Word of warning though, you have to walk past pretty funky looking and aggressive hobos to get to the hotel.  Can be a bit unpleasant at night.

Check out - 1 star - for efficiency only.  Barely acknowledged with not even a simple how was your stay.

General Manager - 0 stars - sent two email with concerns to Jon Kimball with no response.

Will not stay again!

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
552. Janel S.
Staff was so helpful & went above and beyond to make our stay at the Westin pleasant. Could use some updating but this hotel is a great location in union square right near all the shopping and restaurants

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
553. Brad P.
We reserved 2 rooms in the tower when some family was in town.

The reservation process was a mess. Their online system wouldn't allow me to book 2 rooms under the names of 2 different people, so I called reservations to do it. Twice I called and their system was down. The third time I got a human who had a very hard time comprehending that I needed to book 2 separate rooms in 2 different names and pay for them with one credit card. I went over it several times on the phone with her and finally when I got the email confirmations it seemed like it was OK. Then when I went to check in they told me that one of the rooms had been cancelled. I pulled out my phone and showed her the confirmation number and how it showed 2 rooms with the two different parties but she said I only had a reservation for one room. She was able to get us another room so it worked out ok, but she kept asking us (3-4 times at least) if we needed to add any more names to the reservation, as if she thought we were trying to sneak people in or something. I had already done all of this with reservations of course, so it was frustrating to have to go through it all over again.

The hotel itself is OK, kind of old-money and snooty and a bit garish with the faux-European-marble-and-chandeliers look and not my style at all, but it was a convenient place to stay while family was visiting.

Some things to watch out for...parking is $53/day plus tax (about $60 total). What a screw job that is. You can park in some garages in the area for $25-$35/day, and of course I expect a hotel to be higher, but still $60/night (including tax) for parking is a bit much.

The refrigerator in the room is packed with booze and soda so there's no room for anything you might bring and you can't take their stuff out and put your stuff in because there's a warning there that if you so much as move any of the bottles a charge will appear on your bill within 10 seconds! (Seriously!) Some of our party who don't read or speak English pulled out the bottles to look at and sure enough there were 3 charges for $30 on our bill. The removed that when I told them we didn't use anything from the fridge, but still, this 10 second charge thing is pretty draconian. But I suppose if you're looking for a $7 tiny airplane-sized-bag of peanuts then you'll love their mini-fridge!

Internet/wifi is really slow. $15/day for 2mb, and $20/day for 3mb. That's really bad/slow--especially for the price and for this supposedly being a luxury place. But on the positive side, they allow you connect up to 3 devices at a time, which many places don't do. (Ritz-Carlton allows only one device for instance.)

All in all this to me this place is overpriced for what you get.

The Starwood/St Regis website says "Experience St. Regis 5-star, luxury hotels today". But let me assure you, the Westin St Francis Union Square is no Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton. It's not 5 star, not by a long shot.

It seems to me like their pricing and marketing is them aspiring to seem better than they actually are in practice, and I believe I will stay somewhere else the next time we need a hotel in SF.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
554. Eric B.
REVIEW #1800!

I was hoping that I would be in New York this weekend for the wedding of Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton. After all, Marc's father, Ed Mezvinsky, was born and raised in Ames, and he was my Congressman for a few of the years I was attending the University of Iowa. And I met him personally in Philadelphia around 1980. Isn't this enough to snag me an invite?

Instead, Gayle and I were privileged to attend a formal wedding last Sunday at the Westin St. Francis. It was held on the 32nd Floor and had all the trappings (and view) that you would expect and enjoy. The lucky bride is the daughter of one of Gayle's good friends, and both her and the groom were quite a catch. It was a beautiful wedding and a great send off for this lovely couple. But as our marriage isn't our first rodeo, Gayle and I couldn't help but wonder what else all this wedding money could buy.

There were several highlights including:

- Attending with Gayle's friend Lois and her beau Lee.

- Playing 2 ends against the middle in a heated and really fun political argument with a very Progressive Lee and an equally principled Tea Party wedding party member.

- Watching the groom really choke up when he repeated his very heartfelt vows.

- Listening to the best Best Man speech ever! His mention of having the Bachelor Party in Colonial Williamsburg brought down the house.

- Great service and attentive "care and feeding" from Westin St. Francis Staff. My only regret was not asking our waiter what his "Passion for History" meant on his name tag. That's my Dad's passion too.

Best of all and early in the event, Lois asked Gayle and me whether we were any surprises since we were married a little over 3 months ago. Our answer came on the Dance Floor and how much we enjoyed  moving together in harmony as the music played.....

28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
555. Wade V.
The Weston Sir. Francis is a great central located hotel.  Its not the cheapest, but is very clean, has all the amenities free wifi in lobby and 10.00 a day wifi in rooms.

What's good: good value for room cost.  Good bar and restaurant in the hotel.  Street car right outside the door, and conveniently located near other forms of public transit and shopping.  

What could have been better... the TV.  I thing they had satellite TV and the channels keep going black.  Meaning no signal.  Aside from that small detail all was great.

06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
556. Jeff F.
Stayed here this past week - if you're in the tower, it's good. If you're in the older historic building, not so much. Quick thoughts:
- gym is solid by westin standards (two levels, cardio and free weights)
- no exec lounge and no vouchers (sucks for Platinums)
- Heavenly Bed delivered great night's sleep
- weak internet .80 Mb/s down on a wired connection (no wireless) speedtest.net/result/103…
- sick location in Union Square

I would stay here again, but can't say that I highly recommend it. The rooms do show some wear and I know that's a deal-breaker for a lot of people.

21/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
557. Monica F.
I was lucky to be part of the AList Passport to the World NYE fashion show/party, that i was able to experience the most amazing and extravagant NYE party I've ever been to in San Francisco.

The whole mezzanine...with different ballrooms, fully transformed into real party rooms with different themes, and poppin' music. The whole set up...while the crowd wasn't there yet, while we were doing the rehearsal for the show, was just eye-droppingly beautiful.

Models and all part of the show were extremely thankful that we were able to party for free ala VIP style. the General Admission area was PACKED. 4000 people. But...that added to the fun.
VIP had our own photobooth and bar. Yay!

When the party was over, and the crowd was out, the models and the performers saw the left mess. Cups, puke, and popped balloons, and just a bunch of trash on the floor. I felt really sorry for the cleaners.

But it's just really amazing how Westin St. Francis is super awesome that it hosted one of the biggest NYE parties in the North Bay. It was definitely upscale and well worth everything. The crowd was awesome.

Oh...I agree with Connie... the elevator ride to the top ballroom (which is another pretty one) is SICK. I loved it.

03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
558. Jen J.
My reservation for a King bed in a tower room was meaningless.  The front desk informed me the hotel had oversold that room type and that I had only an option for two queens in a lesser room in the hotel.  Normally a hotel will upgrade you, but that was not the case here.  The front desk said it was "a zoo" there that night.  Very disappointing when a reservation has no bearing on the room.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
559. Raquel T.
booked my first hotwire deal ever 3 days before coming in.. i called in day of to request a king room in the modern tower.. upon arrival the hotel was 'overbooked' and couldn't accommodate my request anymore  =(  we were placed in the landmark building with double beds! i don't even remember the last time i stayed in a hotel wo a king, i love my room to sprawl out. i didn't have the patience to deal with the lady helping us bc i had to quickly change for a night out on the town (even though our friends were only a block away haha) i guess that's what happens when i check in at 11pm..

when we got to our room, we had a slight view of union square and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the room (the high ceilings def helped making the room appear larger). i hate that the toilets all have a handle and you can see the wear and tear by looking up at the ceilings. the shower head was nice but i saw hair in the tub before i got in! gross..also, the tv was placed on an awkward side of the room, you have to turn to watch tv instead of looking straight ahead when sitting up in bed..

overall, it was a decent hotel for a place where we stayed for a total of 5 hrs before checking out.. the beds were comfy and the bath amenities smelled nice.

oh, you can save yourself $50+ valet by parking your car at the 24hr mason/o' farrell garage a block away for $32

04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
560. Cody S.
Stayed here from June 26th -July, 3rd, 2013

Overall, I would recommend this hotel unless you have a heavy need for fast Internet access.

- Heavenly Beds and linens are superb.  As good a nights sleep as you will ever get.
- Close to shopping, dining, convention centers and every means of transportation SF offers.
- Walking distance to Embarcadero and AT&T Park
- Very friendly staff
- Room service food is good and the staff is UBER-friendly
- Rates can be friendly if you're watchful
- Nice sized rooms for SF, especially in the Towers side of the complex
- Quite possibly the fastest most reliable elevator system I've ever used

- As mentioned above (and by other reviewers here), tstaff is friendly but quite often overwhelmed.  In fact, more often than not.  Lines...long lines...are everywhere...concierge, front desk, SPG desk, and garage.  I waited almost 30 minutes at the Starwood Preferred guests desk while one agent serviced the entire queue...and this was only just to get my keys reset...which we had to do about every two days.  Meanwhile, 7 agents stood by to help other guests.
- Service in the hotel lobby bar is painfully slow and uninterested.  We ordered wine be the glass...that was it...took so long for them to bring it to us that we finally just walked out.
- Paid for room that included WiFi access and parking as part of the price.   The basic internet service is 2Mbps up/down but rarely do you get anything near those speeds.  I was still charged for parking on 1/2 of the nights I stayed. Still hasn't been resolved.
- Car valet service is again, VERY friendly, but often overwhelmed.  On our checkout date, when we had a plane to catch, it took them 34 minutes to bring our car up, despite us calling ahead from our room (as instructed to do). An extra half hour when your only taking a 20 minute ride is tough.
- Rooms are slightly dated in regards to power outlets, carpet, etc.

05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
561. Robert M.
$53/day for parking, really?  But it is SF.  The hotel had competitive rates for it's quality given the prices of other hotels in the area.  Overall was a good stay though.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
562. Erich V.
A lot of nice art deco scenes: a good wedding venue.

01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
563. Jessica J.
9 1/2 ft  X 16 ft, (yes, I measured) that's the size of a standard room, which by the way, comes with one full sized bed. Surprisingly, a full sized bed takes up most of the space. Then add a dresser and table, guess how much space you have left?  91/2 X 6' of usable space.

My view is of a beautiful brick wall.  And everything is white in the room. Feels like I'm in the psychiatric ward.  

Bath is smallish, but ok. Public restroom style toilet. Double shower heads.

Flat screen TV, in-room coffee maker with Starbucks coffee.  And the windows are removable, which is convenient for when you feel like plunging out the window after 5 minutes in the room.

Front desk folks are pretentious and snarky.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
564. Robert M.
We checked in w our newborn.  The gentlemen who checked us in was awesome so helpful and had many great recommendations for food and our son.  We got lucky and got the new modern remodeled room.  Great room, comfortable beds, and nice staff.  Plus my wife loved that Victoria Secret was attached to the hotel.   Cheers guys great job.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
565. Lisa H.
I am officially obsessed with this property. Hosting my wedding here was the second best decision to marrying my husband. The hotel itself has always been an icon for my life. I made the decision to move to San Francisco after a spring break visit back in college after looking out into the city views from my room. Many more good memories lead to the easy decision of hosting my wedding on the imperial floor. If you are going to be getting married in San Francisco, why not see all its beauty from the top floor with surrounding windows of the Golden Gate, Coit Tower, and much more! Although the hotel rooms are amazing, the venue is gorgeous, sometimes that means nothing without good service. The Westin St. Francis is the leading example of what exemplary service is. From the valet to housekeeping...all supporting members were overly gracious to my loved ones visiting. However, I want to make a BIG shout out to Lauren Schardt. She was by far, the best support for my entire wedding. When I needed something she was there. Out of all the stories I heard after the big day, Lauren's name was always mentioned. She is one of those amazing people you find once in a blue moon, where you know she is taking her responsibilities a step beyond and making sure your special day is more than you dreamed. THANK YOU TO THE WESTIN ST. FRANCIS & LAUREN!

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
566. Ally L.
Stayed here a few weeks ago and the check in process was great with the front desk agent Michelle. She was super nice and had a nice chat with her in the beginning. The room was small, and kinda old fashion. Not what I expected, because the outside of the hotel and the lobby was super nice. The only thing I really didnt like was my room service order inciednt. I was a starhot reservation and I did forget to present my card to get it 50% off but when I checked out I told the lady (not going to say her name) I forgot to show them the card but it needs to be reduced. And she said it should already be taken care of because when the restaurant looked at my reservation it says starhot. Now I also work at a Westin so I know the system. But what bothered me most is that she didn't even bother to check if they reduced it or not. So I walked out with them charging me about $80 for 2 omelets. So I called the manager and told her what happened and thankfuly she did change it for me. Just thought it could have been looked over when I first asked about it.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
567. Kate W.
The room was 5 star great. Comfortable, big and overlooking Union Square. My room was not loud as some others have mentioned but it is a city.

The service was really very slow, very very slow, though once you talked to someone they were helpful.

Great location.

31/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
568. Peter H.
The location of the hotel in the middle of Union Square makes for a strategic staging area for the shoppers in your crew.  I am not one of them.  

To me, this hotel is a landmark signifying a great bygone era in San Francisco history.  In each of our 3 visits here, we have been treated well by the staff of this hotel.  I'd like to think the hotel traditions of service have passed on in some form to the current management and staff.  

Yes it's old but I think the St. Francis has aged gracefully.

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
569. Debora G.
We usually stay at another hotel in Union Square, but thought we'd try something different. BIG disappointment.  We were told we were in a "suite."  We were on the 12th floor in a corner room (1270) that was barely big enough to fit the queen size bed, television and desk.  We had a view of a brick wall at ALL angles.  We were also told we had a quiet room.  Not so much.  For some reason we could hear EVERY noise from the streets.  The alarm clock went off randomly at 6:00 a.m.  Not very happy since it was a Saturday morning and we went to relax and get away for a day or two.  Then the union protesters started up at 7:00 a.m. on their bullhorns down below on the street.   I defy anyone to tell me that this is legal activity at this hour.  However, the operator at the front desk gave my husband (as he calls it) a civics lesson over the phone about constitutional rights when he called to see if there was anything that could be done about the protesters at such an early hour.

When we checked out, the person at the desk asked us how our stay was.  My husband told her our complaints.  She asked if he wanted to speak to a manager and he agreed.  She came back minutes later, though, stating that her manager was in a meeting and not available.

We will not stay here again!!! What a big disappointment from a historic hotel with such a good history.  We will go back to our tried and true luxury hotel with the king size bed and lovely, large, comfortable room.

I would have given in 1 star only, but the bed was tremendously comfortable, so it gets an extra one for that alone.

11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
570. Meesh G.
If you are staying in San Francisco and enjoy staying in the heart of all of the action.. the Westin is really the only way to go.

Went here for my birthday weekend and I couldnt be happier with the stay. *This review is for a stay in the New Tower*

1. Location, location, location- seriously you walk out of the hotel and you are right across from Union Square and from all of the action, restaurants and busy city life that makes SF so great. It is only a 5 minute walk to china town too and North Beach.
2. heavenly bed was in fact heavenly. super soft sheets and comfortable mattress. I slept very well.
3. the glass elevators go up to the 32nd floor and allows for exquisite views of the city that are hard to find anywhere else.
4. cafe downstairs if you want to grab a quick coffee before your day starts
5. great service that makes you feel very welcome

The only issue I had was that our room at first was really noisy and you could hear all of the hustle and bustle of union square but we called and were moved to the opposite side of the hotel which still was beautiful and the noise disappeared. Also, the hotel didnt provide a shower cap which I found to be odd and necessary. Nonetheless, a great hotel and I couldnt imagine staying somewhere else.

26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
571. Emi H.
If you're going to stay at the Westin St. Francis it is because you really need to be at the center of shopping in San Francisco. A perfect place to stay during the holidays, the Westin St. Francis is a beautiful historic hotel. When I stayed there they were in the middle of renovating but my BF & I got one of the redone rooms. Think of it as a scaled back W without all the cool bling and ootz ootz music in the elevators.

What I loved about the Westin St. Francis was:

-Location: Can't beat it and it's great seeing the Macy's Christmas tree when you step outside. You're in the middle of everything and that's fun because you're probably a tourist like me.
-The Clock Bar: I got really drunk there and I enjoyed every single beautiful drink. One of my favorite little spots to hang out in SF.
-Staff: Everyone I dealt with was very nice and isn't that how it should be?
-Clean: No bed bugs here people.
-Gingerbread Display: It's in the lobby during the holidays and it just makes you happy. I had a dream I was Godzilla and I ate through that entire candy village. Muhahahahahaha!
-Ballrooms: We threw the Yelp Holiday party here, and although it was cold as balls outside, it was an amazing venue! I particularly love the balconies.

The downside for me was that this is an older hotel and I think I'd prefer to stay at the W. Sorry, I'm still sexy like that and I enjoy the ootz ootz! I feel like the Westin St. Francis is where you stay when you're a senior. And those damn elevators are really drafty! I'm from Hawaii so we locals just can't handle anything below 65 degrees. I know, I know, we're spoiled...

02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
572. Shawn W.
(Originally my only 3 star review , but as of 12/30/12, I added Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego to this list)
I thought for sure that I was going to give this 5 stars and highly recommend this place. Stayed here several times and we were so excited to come back because we were celebrating a special occasion.

This is the first hotel that did not acknowledge our early arrival request . No acknowledgement that we were celebrating a special occasion. It is the complete opposite experience from the Four Seasons Seattle....(who sent up champagne and chocolate covered strawberries  for our anniversary ) We arrived at the hotel a little after noon as expected. We paid for an upgrade and those rooms were not ready yet. They promised to call us within an hour to give us an update. I had to call twice and our room was finally ready after 330pm. Most of the front desk staff was fine, except the young woman who helped us initially (who said that check in is at 3pm anyways- she told us that like 4 times).

1.) The exterior of the hotel and lobby area are very nice!
2.)The workout area had a lot of cardio machines- around a dozen downstairs and a dozen upstairs. Free weights but no individual weight machines.
3.) The Oak Room had a good breakfast and the bar area outside was perfect for coffee and dessert.  
4.) Our room was on the 30th floor and the views were outstanding. The elevator ride with glass windows was half the fun since the elevators overlook the city after floor 5.
5.) Room Service was good. The Kobe Burger is awesome and the staff was professional (from the phone call made to have room service to the delivery).
6.) Centrally located and can walk to many sites.
7.) AAA rates are excellent!
8.) Large walk in closets.

1.) $14.95 a night for wi-fi
2.) Rooms are mediocre (We were on the Starwood Special Floor). Basic amenities and toiletries.
Bathrooms were your typical Marriott/Hyatt/Hilton types....The bathroom door seemed to be made out of fake wood! Reminded me of a cupboard in a pantry....
3.) Windows are not sound proof.
4.) As opposed to the Loews and Four Seasons, you have to pay for an umbrella ($20), and then the charge will be taken off once you give it back......
5.) Even after waiting for over 3 hours, they still charged us for the upgrade.
6.) AAA rates- although awesome, I think you get what you pay for. I am not sure what the other rooms looked like on our floor but we were a little disappointed.

I don't expect to hear back from management. It is a large hotel that does not cater to individual requests and needs.

17/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
573. Jeanette R.
This is a lovely old historic hotel in an area that would be perfect if it were not for the noise! WOW. I guess I am not used to city noise? There was some protesting going on, and we were moved a few times to escape the noise - I don't know, it was pretty annoying to hear someone with a megaphone at 6am screaming about something that was apparently important to him. The second morning we were awakened to the sound of trucks and construction on a Sunday! crazy. I think it is a lively area of town, but with that comes the noise.
At breakfast, a latte is the same price as regular coffee - FYI. Otherwise, the breakfast was really good. We ordered from the menu and skipped the buffet. I don't do buffets. It was pricey, of course, so don't be surprised! It's your typical hotel expensive breakfast.
Beds were comfortable, amenities were lacking somehow - my friend is a platinum starwood and I'm gold, we had to call for robes and towels. The room was not turned down at night either. Service was not the best as I'd expect from Westin. Maybe you have to stay at St Regis to get the best service from Starwood these days...I hope that is not the case.
Otherwise, a good location to stay if you are wanting to shop and eat at the best places, it is all within walking distance and there is plenty of diversions for you to drop your money and say good bye! Not necessarily good buy!

12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
574. An S.
Thanks to Priceline for the flight/hotel deal that my boyfriend booked.
We stayed here for 2nights & 3 days, this hotel is very beautiful. The checkin went fairly smooth, we checkin our luggage first since We arrived very early and asked if we could check in early, we gave them our phone number and to call us when a room was available! We barely even walked a block and they already called, now that's what you call fast service. If you tip the guys who checkin/out your luggages they'll be extra, super nice (I'm serious).

The room we stayed in was pretty basic since I've stayed at other Westins hotel before I can actually say they do all look alike, I mean I know they're suppose to but they actually do.
I always get great service from this hotel and even have one of their CARDS. The best service is provided here. I definitely do recommend friends, family, and fellow yelpers to stay here if you want clean, a bit of luxury, and awesome service!

This hotel is not really located in all the mess of San Francisco's downtown, it's towards the end but a little walking doesn't hurt! If you're hungry and want some Food, there's literally a mall around the corner from this hotel or go to the California Pizza across the street.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
575. Jamie M.
This is a very beautiful and historic building that at one time represented luxury...Not anymore.
My husband and I recently stayed there and will not do it again.  First, when checking in, we were told that they were overbooked and did not have the 350-400 sq ft room that I had booked.  We were informed that all they had left were the smaller rooms, 200 sq ft, and that since I had prepaid for the larger room there would be no discount for the smaller one!
The room was barely big enough for the bed, at $249/night, that's just not acceptable.   Being parents of small children, we planned to just stay in and relax for the evening and order room service for dinner and breakfast.  We ordered dinner and about an hour later when they had not showed up, called and were told it was on it's way, then we called 20 minutes later and they had no record of our order and that it would be another hour wait if wanted to reorder.  We shared a $9, 3oz, bag of peanuts from the minibar and then went to bed.
Rather than try our luck again in the morning with room service, and order a $25 two egg breakfast, we checked out and cut our loses.
Even when checking out and telling the desk clerk my disappointment in detail, nobody tried to make it right.  Then they charged us $63 for parking our car there.

I do have to say that the bed was VERY comfortable.  If they understood customer service, this hotel would have potential again.

20/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
576. DN D.
I will start by saying, had I visited on a day other than the Friday a week before Christmas  they may have received a third star. That did not happen however.

The good- Location for shopping is great. The view was great. The elevators are fast.

The bad - Room was not clean. I had  house cleaning in for a once over just after check-in. Parking and valet was incompetent. The staff seemed completely unprepared to handle the increased number of guests for the holiday. Assistance was weak and not helpful.

This din't stop us from having fun but it could have been better.

You can do better for sure.

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
577. Erin N.
1.) great location in the middle of everything
2.) beautiful historic building

1.) LOUD! you can hear pipes, toilets flushing, people in the hallway, people in the rooms next to you. It is so loud that I couldn't get a good night's sleep.
2.) no service. For a Westin this hotel was pretty atrocious. They were slow, non-responsive, and sometimes rude. From checking in to calling for extra towels, it seemed like everything was an inconvenience to the staff.
3.) Showers and sinks don't drain well. You end up standing in a full bathtub by the end of your shower.

Not the worst hotel in SF but I definitely won't be staying here again.

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
578. Alyssa R.
Terrible customer service. I was transferred 3 times to different people about a very simple cancellation question and once I reached the person who was supposed to be able to help she was extremely rude . My credit card was charged the full price of the stay and she said they did not have a room booked in my name in the last month. When I said thank goodness  I didn't show up to a hotel that charged me over $400 and had no room for me, I was hung up on. Unbelievably terrible service for what is supposed to be an upscale hotel. Won't be booking a room here again!

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
579. Bob K.
Stayed in the tower which was first class.  Rooms were very clean and the bathrooms were perfect.  Elevators alone were worth the stay.  They are highly automated and never waited more than 30 seconds for one.  This hotel is centrally located and you can access everywhere on public transportation.  Staff could not have been nicer or more accomodating.

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
580. E A.
I am currently a guest at the Westin St. Francis and I have had a terrible experience.  Upon check-in at 1:30 am (4:30 am my time) I was informed, without any apology, that the hotel had given away my room and was oversold.  They tried to make me move to a new hotel and then offered a "parlor" room.  I agreed to a parlor room which they told me is a room with a rollaway cot.  I figured for the first of five nights, I would survive.

Imagine my surprise when the room was actually a huge six room suite with a grand piano, couches, a table with seating for 8, and a full kitchen.  I changed into my pajamas and realized I hadn't seen a shower or bath.  I called downstairs where the same clerk who had unapologetically informed me I didn't have a room, told me that yes, the parlor room only has a half bath.

WHO GETS A HOTEL ROOM WITH A ROLLAWAY COT AND NO WAY TO BATHE OR SHOWER???  I can say that unless the hotel finds a way to make this right, I will continue to write scathing reviews, as I have NEVER been treated this way at any other Starwood hotel.

29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
581. caroline l.
Hard review to write.  I am a very loyal Starwood guest, and in particular at Westins.  I am a Gold member (will be Platinum in a week) at Starwood and usually upgraded upon check-in to very nice rooms.  When I checked in to the Westin St. Francis, they had me on the 3rd floor - I asked if there was anything higher and they said that there was but they were interior rooms and that my room had a great view.  This was perfect for me having only been to San Fran a couple of times.  (I was attending a conference at the nearby Hilton which was I chose this hotel)

I am SO happy they thought of my needs and gave me a great view.  Because the view of the EARDRUM BURSTING Jimi Hendrix cover band outside of my window was just awesome.  And just when I thought the daily three hour concert couldn't make my stay any better, the concert was followed by someone banging on plastic drums as well as numerous homeless people simply screaming.  I mean seriously, what better way to spend your night in San Fran before a large conference and very early wake-up call?

But it's not like I had any trouble waking up because the chanting from the protest out my window certainly did that for me!

Seriously - nice hotel, fine rooms, HORRIBLE surrounding area and noise.  While there was a note on the desk in the room explaining the protest, nothing was done about it.  And this hotel is not cheap or a great deal - it is in par with any other Westin in the country, which is ridiculous.

Honestly, when I attend the same conference next year, in the same area, I will do absolutely anything to stay far far far away from the Westin St. Francis and the surrounding area.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
582. Liz P.
If you want to be woken up at 3am to the retched smell of marijuana wafting into your room, then this is the hotel for you. If you think Security and Hotel Management will call the Authorities when crimes are being committed; don't count on it. Instead Security will ask the perpetrators to leave the hotel and turn a blind eye when the "guests" light up street side in front if the hotel. The hotel will not remove the disruptive guest, but rather ask that all her friends leave. They will allow her to stay in her hideously smoky room for the remainder of her stay. This is the worst night away my husband and I have ever had in the City!

I've changed to 3 stars from 1 star as a result if hotel management profusely apologizing for the less than favorable night.

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
583. Derek N.
Met a few business colleagues at the Oak Room Restaurant last week. So, this review is only for the hang-out time I had waiting for them to arrive. Walking around, one definitely gets the notion that this is an ancient place. It feels old and dated. There are different entry points to this hotel and it just feels confusing. However, the hotel workers smiled easily as I walked by, so bonus stars for that.

23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
584. Darcy H.
My friends and I stayed at the Westin St. Francis this past December 2013.  We enjoyed the Union Square location for its close proximity to shopping and the giant Christmas tree display in the square.  The hotel is very grand and the holiday decor is beautiful and festive.  Our check in was expedient and the front desk and hotel staff are very accommodating and pleasant.

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
585. Eli A.
I travel a lot and this is not one of my favorite properties.

For me, the location is too touristy, but if that's what you're looking for - then it's great. Be aware that just a few blocks over is the tenderloin neighborhood, not a place to go late at night, at least on foot.

The room was only ok-no free water bottles here as I've had elsewhere and I'm a Starwood Preferred guest. The tub did not drain so we took our showers standing in water.

Other than that, the room was nice and the beds great.

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
586. Patra B.
I came here for the NCSDC Awards Gala last week.  Our company was a sponsor, so we got a table for ten.  I got to eat and drink on the company!

This was my 2nd year attending the gala, and the Westin always puts on a good event.  They are very well organized and their staff is always friendly.  They had plenty of servers so the hors d'oeuvres were easy to get.  Pama Liqueur sponsored the cocktail hour, so I couldn't say no to the Pama-tinis.  

Usually, mass-produced hotel dinners are not very good.  Food is usually overcooked and dry, but the food at the Westin has always been very good.  The theme of the night was "Bollywood", so I chose the chicken and shrimp tandoori( static.px.yelp.com/bphot… ).  The chicken was moist and flavorful, and they actually used jumbo shrimp which were super succulent.  They served a chocolate dessert( static.px.yelp.com/bphot… ).  It looked like a cake, but when you cut into it, it had somewhat of a mousse texture.  Whatever it was, it was delicious, and I cleaned my plate!

This is a very nice venue for a banquet or party.  I'll be back again for next year's gala!

27/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
587. Amber P.
Excellent five night stay at the Westin St. Francis!
Standing in the SPG line at the front desk always led to prompt service that went above and beyond.
The housekeeping staff greeted me as I passed in the hallway.
The bellhops were very efficient with handling bags.
Packages that arrived to the hotel were delivered to my room promptly.

I had a bad experience at this hotel 6 years ago, but I am glad that I came back and gave them another shot because they blew me away with excellent service!

17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
588. Ryan L.
This is a historic hotel, unlike most Westins, with a great location (Union Square), excellent staff, and great meeting/conference facilities.

The rooms in the old tower are substandard, but in the newer tower, pretty decent.  Still not huge, but well furnished and comfortable.

All the standard city hotel issues apply (overpriced parking, expensive Internet, food, and other amenities), some of which are lessened if you're a SPG Platinum.

If you want to be in Union Square, this is a solid pick.  If you're running an event for 10-500 people, it's also a great choice (although I have no idea how expensive it is).

13/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
589. Phong Q.
Historic hotel and a very beautiful property in most ways. The lobby and ground area is upscale and gorgeous and I've always loved the giant clock they have hanging from the roof. I understand the grandfather clock they have in the corner is the original one and also very historic.

The bar and restaurant are both lovely, and the free luggage check and large check-in area are extremely helpful. Once you get to the guest floors, I was really impressed by how spacious and charming the hallways were. I felt like I was walking through an old Victorian mansion complete with antique furniture and oil paintings.

The rooms themselves were just a little bit underwhelming, however. Mine was very spacious, but the design was simple and not particularly impressive. There wasn't a closet and it just felt very empty and lonely. I'm not a designer, but maybe it was just under-decorated.

All of that aside, however, the best part is the amazing location. Right across the street from Union Square and just a few minutes away from Powell bart and the Powell street cable car sop (the cable car actually stops in front of the hotel too), the hotel is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. If you're visiting the City and have some money to burn, this is one of the best places to base yourself out of.

28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
590. Stephanie C.
The Westin St. Francis is a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Union Square. It's very old San Francisco and I love the rich red and gold colors that adorn the inside. We went to a wedding reception over the weekend and it was held in the Italian Room/Grand Ballroom.

The Italian Room was the perfect size for the cocktail hour and held all the party-goers comfortably. I loved the dim-lighting and the rich colors, it had a very old hollywood kind of feel to it. I also appreciated that there were tables and chairs for us who were in 5 inch heels all day ;) The Grand Ballroom was spacious and had beautiful crystal chandeliers. The gold and red colors that were chosen for the wedding perfectly complimented the decor of the ballroom.

Usually, wedding food is just okay but I was very surprised with the options the Westin St. Francis offered and also their execution. We all had the beef filet with potatoes and vegetables and it was very tender and juicy. The salad and pasta in the first two courses were good, the salad I really enjoyed.

I was very impressed with the service - the lady who was in charge of our table was very sweet and attentive and always kept bread, water, and wine coming.

This was my first time going to a reception here and I've never stayed here before but I will definitely consider it for a staycation in the city :)

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
591. Nicola P.
Just stayed at the Westin St. Francis on Union Square for the 4th time in 5 years while attending a conference. The newly renovated rooms are (finally!) up to international-class hotel standards.  Beautiful.  Conference food (provided in our meeting rooms) was also excellent.

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
592. Joshua B.
I stayed here for almost 2 weeks on a recent business trip so I feel pretty darn qualified to write a review of this place. Overall it's quite a nice hotel, especially the rooms in the "newer" tower. Right off of Union Square so it's easy to get to (bus, cab, cable car, BART, etc) and plenty of things right nearby to see, do, or eat.

The good: Awesome beds and large bathrooms with great showers. Seriously, best of nearly any hotel I've stayed in. You can decline housekeeping any of the nights you stay and get $5 to use at the bar/restaurant or better yet, 500 Starwood Points. For a long trip that can really rack up the points, esp. considering you're in your room so little it doesn't really need cleaning every day. There's also a pretty cool bar (Clock Bar) and Michael Mina designed restaurant (Bourbon Steak) which are both a step up from typical hotel offerings.

The bad: They charge you $10-20 per night for Wifi. When you're paying this much for a room that's just ridiculous. And being right next to the stairwell meant some noises at odd hours (I think from maintenance folks). Kind of annoying.

The ugly: Right now they're renovating the elevators in the new tower which means like 2 out of 5 elevators work. I waited in some long lines to get to/from my room. This is hopefully temporary so I'm not deducting anything for it.

Overall, definitely recommended, especially if you can get one of the deluxe king suites (they're a little larger than the regular ones).

07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
593. David C.
This was a really great hotel, but I feel like you have to work for it. We stayed for two nights. The first night, we requested to be in the historic building because we read that it was more recently remodeled and nicer. Our room sucked. The right side of the bed was broken.

We called and requested to be put in the newer building and were upgraded to a deluxe room. It was absurdly noisy at night around 2:00 AM (I think construction or something) - to the point where I was ready to wake my girlfriend up and switch rooms again.

The next night, I called again and they moved us on the other side of the building and it was quiet.

Through this process, and our problems and requests, every single person was super helpful and friendly. It was just really great polite and understanding service that turns a "never again - avoid at all costs" to a really positive experience.

The location is awesome, too. I think the moral of the story is that this can be an ideal hotel as long as you communicate with the staff.

10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
594. Michael M.
Be warned to those under 21, they will not let you book a room. While checking out online,I find a hidden policy mentioning you must be 21 years or older to book a room at the hotel. I called the hotel to find out if there was any way around this policy and the gentleman at the front desk informed me that it was indeed the policy and that if I do book the room, when I come to check in I will not be able to get my money back. This struck me is a ridiculous policy, what if I had not seen this fine print?I then got in to contact with the manager who told her that this policy is in place because of the mini bar and that there is no way around this. When I asked if they could remove it or the alcohol content inside it, I was told they could not,with no explanation as to why. Most of you may not be in this position, but I find it a real indictment on their customer service that they were unwilling to accommodate me as a "unique customer". If they cannot do something as simple as removing a mini bar with months of notice, I cannot imagine their accommodation and customer service is good as their prices would indicate.

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
595. Kat Q.
I recently stayed here for a Fri - Mon trip and I must say me and my boyfriend very much felt spoiled.
I had always wanted to stay here & it just so happened that we got a good deal while searching hotels for a Niner football game we were in town for. Even though I deducted 1 star because I agree with some of the other reviews I read before booking that because it's such a huge hotel they aren't the most attentive, I emailed twice before my trip requesting info and NEVER recieved a response back. BUT when we arrived they let us do an early check in around 11 am even though they weren't sure they could until 1 pm. They also upgraded our room to the tower, not sure why but we weren't complaining lol The bed was HUGE (I still don't believe it was a king), the view was amazing and the small details in the room were great! The parking there is definitely pricey, we opted to park off site and paid less than half the price we would have paid staying at the hotel.
Everywhere we went all weekend though and everyone who we met that asked where we were staying was impressed we had a rooom at the Westin. It is also so conveniently close to everything in walking distance from shopping to food to trolleys, trains, etc etc we didn't use the car from the minute we parked it until the day we had to leave. We agreed we don't think we could stay anywhere else whenever we go back.

19/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
596. Gourmet G.
Merely two-years-old when it survived the 1906 earthquake, only to be devastated by the fire that followed, the hotel was rebuilt within nineteen months and remains one of the city's grande dame properties, despite its acquistion by the contemporary Westin chain. Rooms in the main building are small but reflect the grandeur of another era with high ceilings boasting ornate chandeliers, elaborate woodwork, and more traditional decors. Those in the tower are considerably larger, modern in style, and feature bay windows. All accommodations include comfortable trademarked mattresses, cable TV with in-room movies, mini-bar, safe, iron and ironing board, and updated baths with hairdryer and private label toiletries. Upscale dining requiring business-casual dress is available in Michael Mina, named after its chef, more casual fare can be found in the historic Oak Room Restaurant and Piano Lounge, while Caruso's specializes in coffee and pastries in the early morning and salads and sandwiches later in the day. A gym is available to guests for an additional fee - aggravating given this isn't a bargain-basement property - and spa services are available daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm. 2006 spring/summer "sale" rates start at $259 per night.

04/04/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
597. Kristen K.
The reviews for this place are across the map, and I have to believe this is due to the difference between the two towers that are available to stay in.  While I was staying here I read some more reviews and came across one person that mentioned to AVOID the shorter older tower.  Unfortunately I was already staying in the shorter tower and wished I had seen that review sooner.  The review said something the point of the lower tower being like an older prison cell.  That person couldn't be more right.  I stayed in the basic standard traditional queen room that was pretty small.  And the view from the window was into the other tower like 200 feet away.  The close proximity of the other tower allowed almost no light into the room.

I'm not sure if there is even a difference in price between the two towers. I would think that the lower tower would be highly discounted, but I have a feeling it's more of a luck of the draw, but never checked so not sure.  But I know for the price that I paid I would definitely not stay again.  I would definitely stay at the Marriott or Hyatt around the corner if I ever wanted to stay in Union Square.

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
598. Lay S.
By far the best customer service I've received staying hotels... I want to mention Calvin Chanmany ( sorry if I misspelled your name ) thank you for such great service you are awesome thanks for the quick and friendly service you and the rest of the valet guys provided.... So if anyone goes say hello to friendly fellas at the valet

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
599. Monica R.
The rooms are decent, personally I think that they are over priced for the quality of the room. My company party is held at this hotel yearly, I have stayed here twice both times the employees were VERY rude. I have not been happy with the hotel service, I definitely think they need to make staffing changes. Our company party is amazing thought I must say the ballroom I think it is, is very nice and the food is always yummy.  But this would not be my choice of hotels to stay at for a vacation.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
600. Tim K.
*****WARNING****** We booked 3 nights with double beds here through Hotels.com on 5/23/14 to 5/26/14.  We arrived on 5/23/14 9pm with our two kids.  Went up to our room and found out we only had 1 bed.  Thomas at the front desk tells me there are no more double beds and that we shouldn't have booked through Expedia.com because this stuff happens.  So, we haggled a $ 150 credit.  Credit means credit right?  We come to find out this credit is only good for their hotel and NOT added back on to your credit card.  We called the hotel today 5/27/14 and spoke to Leo and he said he would honor this credit if we return in July and booked another room.  Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.  Here is my hotel confirmation #116602174791 through hotels.com so you know the details are true and Leo, Thomas and upper management at The Westin St. Francis can all read this review and think again about Customer Service.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
601. Nicole L.
For $180, we were put into what I would refer to as a dungeon. It was the smallest, darkest, and most claustrophobic room I have been in. Amenities were old and the room was not as clean as it should have been. I expected a lot more from a standard queen room at the Westin.

Will never go back. Awful.

08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
602. Ani V.
Elevators are a bear ; rooms a bit old. Location is unbeatable.

28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
603. Kevin M.
Great Location, great atmosphere, and close to everything.  The rooms in the older part are just that and I found them very inviting.  I love the architecture and the old bathroom tubs and sinks.  The only issues that I had were:
1.  Slow check in
2.  Charged $8.00 for each of the two days for "snack bar" expense and I never even opened the cabinet door much less the Frig door.   I didn't go to the front desk to dispute the charges due to the poor check in service and the large lines of people checking in the following day as we were leaving.

08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
604. Ashley Z.
Nice, neat and fun! Make sure you walk around to see all the hidden areas!

21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
605. Greg C.
Absolutely beautiful hotel! Had Thanksgiving dinner at Bourbon Steak. What an amazing restaurant! The lobster Corndogs are incredible, along with the burger on the bar menu. Highly recommend a visit to the St. Francis and Bourbon Steak!

28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
606. Nicole G.
Don't listen to any of the homeless comments- you're in SAN FRANCISCO!!!! HELLO!!! There are bums everywhere in this city...

You cannot beat the location of the Westin St. Francis. It's conveniently located in Union Square (tourist central), you can catch a cable car, if you so desire, on every corner of Powell, so you're good there otherwise everything else is a walk or short cab ride away.

Yes, the hotel is old. But, isn't that one of the many charms of the hotel? I personally love it. I have stayed here for years whether it be for business or personal purposes. The staff is friendly, the rooms are clean and SPACIOUS (remember you are in a city), the room service is good, and one of the best hotel bars around. If you want entertainment, leave the hotel and take in the city!!! You can walk up the street to the sir francis drake and hang at the starlight room, or if pubs are more your thing check out lefty o'douls (you may run in to porn star Amber Lynn), otherwise visit bourbon and branch or one of the many amazing mixology bars in the city, shopping is right out the door....endless options...china town.......or if you are in super tourist mode bust out the camera and head to the tenderloin....;) ;) JK don't do that...

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
607. Andrea P.
Great location. Decent customer service. The room and hotel as a whole had the old world charm and the bed was comfy. It was a little awkward trying to find our way to the NYE party but I understand the reasoning - upscale hotel + drunk party goers roaming the halls = not a good mix. Overall it was a nice experience and if I want to spend NYE in style, I will def do it here again.

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
608. Zahra C.
Fancy place.
High ceilings and a chandelier in a small space.
Workout room was nice to have.
Service was good.
Parking is $53 overnight! Paid it because parking another lot and walkin in SF with bags would be a nightmare.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
609. Colleen B.
Location, location, location.  This hotel seemed to be in the middle of a ton of Downtown excitement.  

Upon arrival I felt like I was walking onto a movie set, everything was so grand about this place.  Everyone from check-in to room service was so nice, it was a warming touch.  Unfortunately, the people were the only warming touch.  Everything else seemed to remind me of the shining which was really uneasy when you are staying alone in a hotel =(

The room I was in was all white and that was just kinda unsettling to me, don't get me wrong, it was gorgeous, just too fancy in the "don't touch anything" sort of way.

The bed was SUPER comfortable and as soon as I hit the pillow I was out. The bathroom was nice, roomy with a huge tub that had a duel shower head, it was a delight and def helped wake me up in the morning.  The walls were all bare so that was weird.  The huge windows were lovely but they looked directly across into other rooms so no real use for them.

I had a nice stay but I was literally only there to sleep and it did the job so I am thankful for that!

22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
610. Tony J.
The Westin St. Francis  is the only hotel located on Union Square. As you enter the lobby you will notice the historic Magneta Grandfather Clock. marble columns, ornate balconies, and intricate woodwork with the elegance of yesteryear. I did not stay here, but, all Westin's feature the Heavenly Beds, the Starwood Preferred Guest rewards program, which I am a member. Union Square and a cable car stop are outside the front lobby door. BART is only 12 miles from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and 15 miles from Oakland International Airport. I was here for a conference and meetings on the mezzanine,  2nd floor and hospitality on the 32nd floor over looking Union Square and downtown SF.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
611. Julie P.
The Westin Saint Francis is a beautiful place to stay for a night in the city. We have been coming up to the city for many years now. It provides great views of Union Square and gives you the feeling of historic San Francisco.

27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
612. Cegan D.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. Great facilities and very caring staff. Bianca in particular was so warm and helpful, A++ for the St. Francis team! Would absolutely recommend.

13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
613. Nani P.
Excellent stay!
On a road trip with friends this Labor Day weekend, we stayed here for a nite on our journey up the California coast & it was a perfect choice! Running ragged after a day's drive, this place really hit the spot for us to lay our heads. Although our GPS initially took us to the one on Market, we were so happy to finally check in here at the St. Francis.
The beds were so amazing! I brought my own pillow & didn't even need it! The valet were welcoming & funny so thanks to both places for taking care of our car & putting up with us forgetting things in the car a few times!
The key entry for the elevators allowed us (ladies) to feel so secure about getting to our rooms safely & the bellhop gentlemen were really kind in giving us ideas on where to go in a new town; as well as making sure to grab us a taxi quickly.
Thanks for an excellent stay! We hope to visit you again someday in the near future!

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
614. Michelle L.
There's something weird about this hotel. I can attest to this because I had two different rooms in two different towers during a recent stay and things were just a little off.

While it's a pretty hotel on the outside and has some decent qualities on the inside, I expected a lot more from a Westin. Perhaps it's on me that I didn't know there was a historical tower and a modern tower. We were first put in the historical tower (not knowing this), so we thought it was somewhat outdated. The room was tiny and the bathroom was freaky with its 2 ft. sink shoved in a tiny corner.

I know it's a big deal when my husband complains, so we switched rooms and were put in the modern tower. Much bigger, more spacious, king size bed, but again, an awkward bathroom. A commercial style / public toilet was in the middle of the bathroom. Seriously, in a Westin? They were cheap on toiletries, the hair dryer was broken and there were random construction noises coming from the hallway/wall all night.

The price was really good - we stayed there for $155 +taxes. But if you like a large, modern hotel room, make sure you ask for the correct tower, as they likely won't be asking you.

23/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
615. James B.
Awesome hotel with great location. The customer service is top notch and my GF and I can wait to go back. Then newly renovated rooms are fantastic!

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
616. Natalie B.
We were in SF to get married over the Thanksgiving weekend. Our initial room was in the tower over looking Union Square on the 30th floor, however, due to heavy 'smoke' permeating the floor (literally), we requested a room change. The staff was immediately accommodating and we ended up on the 31st floor instead. The room was amazing, the view unforgettable, and once we were situated, the front desk sent a complimentary bottle of champagne and plate of chocolate covered strawberries for the inconvenience. We then settled into our 5 day stay.

We ended up with 3 rounds of champagne and berries throughout our stay; 1st for the room change, 2nd on our wedding day ("Congratulations from the Westin St. Francis"), and again the night before check out, and again, complimentary. It was amazing!

From the Doorman, to the front desk, to the parking staff and concierge, everyone was courteous and professional. We always felt as if we were special quests, though we were only two of what was clearly a full house that weekend.

We will return to the St. Francis for all our San Francisco trips. The location overlooked Union Square, such that we were able to watch the lighting of the Macy's Christmas tree from our room.

We not only recommend the hotel, we actually suggest it. And, if you're driving in, it's worth it to pay for the daily parking; your car is always ready at your whim.


05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
617. Ann N.
Very nice hotel with friendly staff. Awesome bed's!!!!! Didn't have the best of rooms (view of a wall from our window and small room) because we bid on it from Priceline. But for only $130 total a night we got a great deal in a great location. Didn't expect the $60 parking tag especially with my husband being disabled but it was nice not having to look for overnight parking in San Francisco and to have our car ready for when we wanted to come and go.
If I would have paid the original price my rating would be less.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
618. Jenn M.
I preface this review with 2 caveats:  
1.   I was working more than 13 hours a day at a conference and
2.   I understand that it's challeniging to offer superior service when 40,000 people have invaded your city.

Bless your heart, Westin St. Francis.  (Which is Texan for "I'm about to say something kinda mean")

I was staying in town for over a week; so I had a ginormous suitcase, computer bag, and all big airplane lady bag.  My cab deposited me at the Powell entrance. The one with no stairs. Or doorman. And a revolving door.   And no one to tell you to go around the other side where all that stuff exists.  

So I slugged my bags up the steps.  Checked in.  And arrived at the elevator.  Where you must first put in your key (the one you've conveniently stored in your purse because your hands are full) in order to access your floor.  Praise for the security, but a heads up from the front desk would have been useful.

My room was gorgeous.  The two-headed shower was relaxing.  Bed was huge and I had everything I needed.  Even a live street corner band that plays amplified tunes outside the window. Every night.  Yippee!

On my 5th day, I desperately needed a foot massage and was ready to pay any amount of cash to get one to my room. I asked the front desk about getting an appointment.  She didn't know the hours. Or have a brochure with information. Or if they offered massages.  And she seemed a little surprised when I suggested she find someone who did.

For your information, they are only open during business hours from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Which, if you're in town for BUSINESS, is a tiny bit inconvenient.

Then there's the room service. I'm prepared to pay through the nose for convenience, but a pizza with fairly uncooked cheese is wrong. I never, ever return food. I returned food.

23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
619. Laurie M.
This place is like staying at a high-interest credit card company where they are tricking you in to paying for things you don't really owe. (You open your statement having signed up for 8% interest only to realize they changed the interest rate to 46% just because they can.) We pre-paid for a two-night stay with the family. Got a pretty good deal ($220/night for a two-queen room with no view). You hear rumors that parking is expensive, but you don't realize they mean it's $62 per night. So there goes your good room deal. Then you have to pay $18 ($15 + tax) for internet access. The lobby is always packed like an airport/bus station with tired travelers and their suitcases. All in all, don't stay here unless money is not a remote concern. Don't fall for one of their "sales." It's a scam.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
620. Blake D.
Great staff and hotel!!! A beautiful lobby and wonderful staff at hotel bar by reception desk. Great room overlooking union square. I am a SPG member and this is one of my favorite's.

15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
621. Nixon L.
Best location in town for business meetings and shopping.  You need to ride the outside elevators if you can - however mostly limited to guest only but doesn't hurt to ask staff. Room service is excellent....very attentive staff in housekeeping and maintenance.

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
622. Mo F.
I'd stay here again.  Good value, paid $130/nt. (not incl. taxes) in late December for downtown San Francisco.  Parking is an additional $57/nt but we came carless then rented from Hertz housed inside the hotel.  Clean!  Great central location!  Walked from hotel to China town, Little Italy and the Wharf.  It was a ways but very doable - not very hilly.

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
623. Brittanie M.
This is by far the worst Starwood property I have ever stayed at. To the reviews stating this is a luxurious hotel, where have you been staying? Motel 8? If so, then maybe this is an upgrade. For me, however, this was not on par with other Starwood hotels or Westin hotels I've stayed at. I was in San Francisco to run the Nike Women's Full Marathon and race day central is right in Union Square with the starting line being off the side entrance of the hotel. As a loyal SPG member this was a no brainer for me since this chain of hotels have established a high standard for me.

First, the lobby of this historic hotel is gorgeous. I love how they preserved the look and feel from it's glory days. That's were it all ends. Getting on the elevators you feel the worst draft since the elevators in the tower are on the outside. The room is spacious but tired. The carpet is old and stained, the drapes are hideous, the chaise looks grungy, and the only nice thing is the signature heavenly bed. The bathroom has a rain shower which was nice, but the toilet looks like something you'd find in a high school bathroom. It also had awful lightening.

Service was spotty. Called service express for things and after 30 mins nothing had arrived. Called back and it was magically "on it's way up" and arrived 10 mins later. Yeah, you guys forgot. The housekeeper never bothered to clean my bathroom sink my entire stay. I know because things were in the exact same spot they were in each morning i left.  Nothing was put away, cleaned up, just a complete mess.

What was the last straw for me was after I left. I'd left my 26.2 finisher jacket from the Nike Marathon hanging in the bathroom the morning I left for Napa. I noticed the following morning and called the hotel around 6am to let them know. Almost 24 hours later and the jacket had not been turned in to them.  Things that are left behind should be turned in immediately! I called back at 7:30am to speak with the housekeeping manager and she said she'd check with whoever cleaned my room the previous day and call me immediately if she locates the jacket. I spent the day winery hopping and at 4pm I still hadn't gotten a call about my jacket. I called back again and this time the front desk girl cut me off and transferred me to security and they had it. What happened to housekeeping calling me as soon as it was found? Security tells me they need a CC to charge me to send it back to NYC. I have forgotten things at the W and they sent them to me free of charge. I also mentioned this to the front desk of the Westin in Napa. The guy told me that they don't charge guests to send things they leave behind. So why does this Westin do that? So I decided to swing by and pick it up on my way to SFO the next morning.

When I went to the front desk around 5am to get my jacket, the girl couldn't be bothered to call security and directed me to some phone in the middle of the lobby to call them. Keep in mind there wasn't a single soul in the lobby at this time!

I did let them know how upset I was with my experience and the manager apologized and let me know they plan to renovate the rooms next year. I'll be back to run the Nike Marathon in 2014, but I'll most likely stay at the other Westin right around the corner or the W. Service is lacking in this hotel and they don't live up to the Westin name. I'd suggest you skip it.

28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
624. Shannon L.
Staying here in December is like a scene straight out of Home Alone 2.  The lobby is decorated with a lavish amount of lights and bustling with people all dressed up for their holiday parties.

I only stayed here for one night and I'm somewhat of a local.  I think because of the time of year, it felt like I was in a completely different place.  I liked how busy the streets were with shoppers and I liked looking at the Macy's window displays!  All the shops are within easy walking distance.

Our stay was straightforward without any complications.  There is an extra security measure that I've never seen at other Westins where they ask to see your hotel room key before entering the area with the elevators.  I guess you never know.

We stayed on the 15th floor and a couple on the elevator said everything above this floor is $100 more per night, like they were royalty.  Freaks.

12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
625. Ada C.
This is probably my favorite hotel in SF! I stayed here for only three days, but it was great. The front desk was very courteous and they even allowed me to check in two hours early. The room was huge and perfect for four people. The beds were really nice and comfy and everything was clean. The shampoo and body wash smelled nice. Plus, they had a coffee brewer in the room and complimentary Starbucks coffee. Housekeeping was great and friendly and greeted us every morning without fail. The elevators are really quick and efficient. The lobby is gorgeous.

Also, I got free macaroons and a card just for uploading a picture to Instagram. They accidentally charged us for the refreshments and I didn't notice it until I got back home. I called up the hotel and they refunded me without any questions. Would definitely come back here.

03/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
626. Haley W.
The heavenly bed, oooh the heavenly bed.  Oversized ceilings, quiet quiet quiet.  Gorgeous entry way.

3PM LATE CHECK OUT on Sundays YES!!!!

30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
627. James D.
This place is great. Perfect accommodations in a near perfect city.

I worked for a company and had to stay at this hotel quite a few times because I am successful. Deal with it. I have stayed in the tower as well as the restored historic part of the building. The hotel is in city centre and you can't miss if you are traveling and desire success with your tourism negotiation. Good restaurants all around that by the end of assignment I had become somewhat overweight yet still successful.

I was solicited by a prostitute one night however I declined her services.  My room was very high in the tower and she could have experienced a success that many women who are not prostitutes wish to experience. She seemed very kind in her effort. Bonus points for some of the bums out front because there are many. The one who did frozen statuesque poses on the milk crate, you will probably not read this but that doesn't mean you should not be recognized for your good effort.

The beds are great. Westin calls them 'heavenly' beds if I remember. They can call them what they like. I like to wind down the end of a busy day with healthy masturbation and a warm blanket

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
628. Raina S.
A great location with lovely views if you happen to have the right room.  We lucked out with one on the 26th floor facing Union Square.  I was a little depressed to be up at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning, but we caught a stunning sunrise.  Actually, views at just about any time of day are nice from here.

The staff here are friendly and helpful.  The rooms and everything associated with them are expensive.  The walls are a bit thin.  Be sure to heed the advice to refrain from touching ANYTHING in the minibar unless you want to pay for that item.  I tried to jam a bottle of champagne in ours, and was charged $9 for my efforts.  No, I didn't take anything out of the fridge, and no, you can't fit a champagne bottle in there!

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
629. Karen J.
If you want to experience the whole SF touristy thing then I highly recommend staying here, a beautiful historic hotel in the heart of Union Square. Booked 2 weeks prior through the Westin website for a Saturday night stay on the newer tower side. Upon check in got upgraded to the 28th floor with a breath taking view of Union Square, Coit towers, the Transamerica building and the Ocean. Friendly customer service upon check in and we checked out through the phone. The room was quiet during our stay and clean. King sized Heavenly bed and double head shower was up to par with the reviews. Bathroom was quiet spacious with marble finish. The glass window elevators facing the city at night was nice.

If your driving your own car and is picky about where you want to leave it instead of valet I highly recommend leaving your car at the Stockton Sutter garage 2 blocks away. The walk is not bad at all and from Saturday 3 P.M. check-in till 12 afternoon Sunday we only paid $18 total!

I will definitely stay here again.

12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
630. Jennifer L.
Spacious room with updated furnishings.  Great big shower head.  Clean.  Comfortable beds.  On Union Square so walking distance to most things in downtown.  Reasonable price if you get the right website/time.

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
631. Veronica D.
My buddies picked this hotel because of it's location.  The Westin  is in the middle of Union square, the heart of the city.  The hotel itself is considered historic and charming which translates into old and small.  The hotel was very well kept and clean, however my friend's room had a few issues such as a lack of light in the bathroom.  I found our accommodations extremely small, the room gave me claustrophobia.  The hotel reminded me of the movie the shining, "redrum" just kept on replaying in my head.  Anyways....the hotel did serve its purpose for a quick one night stay.  I definitely would not stay longer than that.

21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
632. Marie S.
The most unreasonable and rude hotel I have ever dealt with. I had planned trips to San Francisco for two different months. Accidentally booked a room through a third party website for the later month instead of the earlier month since I had been researching both months. Immediately called to address this error, literally within 60 seconds of completing the purchase. They refused to make any changes, even though the earlier month was much more expensive than the later month at the time. They would not change the reservation even though it was the exact same dates, but just a different month due to a typo! Everyone I spoke with on the phone was rude. One person said that they don't make any itinerary changes because they are full every night. Now I am forced to stay there for a random half-week so I don't waste the reservation. When I called again to confirm this reservation, they continued to be very unfriendly.

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
633. Teejeronimo D.
We have a tradition to go to this hotel every holiday... We book a year in advance and stay in the old part of the hotel with a view overlooking Union Square.

It is a bit nuts at the hotel given its the holidays... Extremely busy.  But this year, they really messed up.

Don't want to bore you all with the nasty details but net net, they messed up our room availability.  They seemed so disorganized.  Not what I would expect for the Westin.  We are Starwood folks and frequent Starwood hotels.  We are also Westin resort owners.  This was NOT Westin service.

At least the manager compensated us the parking but the entire experience was not up to par.  

Lets hope next year will be better.

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
634. Colene C.
I frequent San Francisco for Business trips and I think I've finally found my go-to hotel! There are plenty of things to rave about so let me break it down for you:

-conveniently located. It's right in Union Square, steps from all the major shops and near many transit options.
-the heavenly bed. Need I say more?  There's a reason why they sell this bed to people for their homes!
-Perfectly anointed rooms with a spacious, well laid out bathroom.  Love the handy dual-sided face mirror for those close-ups to put on make up.
-the 'famed' glass elevator for those amazing views!  I keep playing this game with myself to try to get higher and higher up for the best views. But beware you need a keycard because otherwise you're only going to your floor.
-Awesome gym with tons of machines. Even better is the deal they have with New Balance. For $5, you get *everything* you need to work out -- clothes (even sports bra!), shoes, socks (you keep 'em for free afterward). This makes packing a LOT easier.
-Restaurant, bar, and cafe, plenty of amenities right in the hotel itself.

The only downside I can point out is that wifi isn't included but since I'm travelling on business, work will cover it for me.  

Pro-tip: make sure you sign up for their rewards program (SPG) and start racking up the points!

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
635. Michael A.
There is a difference between "historic" and "old and busted".  This hotel, while certainly historic in some sense is also definitely old and busted.

Musty, depressing, old rooms filled with dated furnishings.  Bathrooms decoration inspired by the YMCA (not that there's anything wrong with the YMCA but you're not paying $300/night to stay there).

I would not recommend staying here.  A better choice, especially for business travellers is the Westin Market Street, which is very mediocre, but significantly nicer than the St. Francis.

I am SPG Platinum and no upgrade was available, although I don't think they actually bothered looking.  Overworked and tired staff, which is almost understandable, due to the place being constantly thronged with tourists.  

This is a hotel that is clearly focused on quantity and not quality, which is all too common theme for the Westin chain.  It has certainly lost its luster in my view.

09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
636. Don G.
The lobby and hotel bar were real nice, but otherwise this hotel is like any typical downtown hotel. Slow elevators, small rooms, high prices.

The nicest part of the room was the chandelier. In hindsight, I should've taken a photo.

01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
637. The S.
San Francisco has so many faces, depending on what part of the city your in.
These can range from 300 lb Midwest tourist to antagonistic Humboldt County junkie.
Then there's the in between and that's SF in a nut shell, in all it's splendor.

The Westin St. Francis is a classy old place that is definitely a throw back to hotels from the 30's and 40's.
The area is Union Square and it is tourist hell or heaven depending on whether you like bright and shiny things with crowds or slightly worn originality.
Far be it for me tip rip on this place for it's location as I give Westins mad props for letting dogs stay.  Any self respecting dog owner is going to be proactive with their considerations for others in this regard.
Dogs are provide sharp insights to the humanity of people, leaving the hotel I was either greeted with disdain with a "too busy for dogs diaper face" or crouched welcome from a new friend who simply wanted to pet the furry traveler.
Definitely the most convenient hotel for the touristy Union Square area of SF.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
638. Uni T.
Decent room however if I'm going to be picky I hate when the shower temperature is either hot as hell or colder then a mfer!!! Anyways nice walking distance from restaurants, shops and site seeing.  I was not impressed with their service it was ok.  The best service we received was at the bar/restaurant and the level is what I would expect.  The rest I could leave bell boys sucked as we had to run down our own taxi after he ignored us and finally said he would and didn't.  Not sure I would stay here again unless I got a great deal on hotwire... Ohhh and they need to update their slow ass elevators talk about waiting and doing the stairs was not an option as they keep the lower floor entrances closed.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
639. Katelyn A.
Maybe it was just the love in the air but my stay at the Westin St. Francis on Valentines Day weekend was phenomenal! Luis, at front desk, was so kind and generous. We were upgraded to the top floor with an amazing view of Union Square. It was our anniversary weekend and they made us feel so very special. The hotel itself is beautiful. There is a Victoria's Secret inside! I love San Francisco, can't wait to go back, and I will definitely be staying at the Westin St. Francis!

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
640. Ben H.
Yesterday, I was hovering around four stars.  At my request, they put me in a quiet room in the older part of the hotel.  The room was quite nice with a large bathroom, paneled walls and a comfortable bed.  The street sounds that others have mentioned were noticeable but not too bad.  Yes, the restaurants are overpriced, but everything is in this part of the city.  The staff were friendly and helpful and gave me a free toothbrush after I left mine at home.

But the four stars vanished at two in the morning when I was wakened by yelling outside my room, accompanied by loud crashing sounds and the rattling of the wall next to my head.  After fifteen minutes or so of this I decided to investigate and discovered that a crew of several men was setting up a banquet hall.  They were moving racks of chairs and hauling palettes of materials around and literally yelling to one another down the halls.  I asked and was told to expect another hour of it. They were using an elevator that shares the same wall as that directly behind the head of my bed.  This elevator has a sign on it indicating that it is out of service from 10:30 to 6:30 every night, presumably so that the tenant will not be disturbed.  Apparently that doesn't apply to several guys hauling chairs around at two AM.

To their credit, when I called to complain, the manager asked the workers to be quieter, and they complied.  But there is only so much quieter you can be when you are breaking down a banquet hall.

From my perspective, the central clause in the contract between hotel and guest is that you will be able to sleep undisturbed.  That contract and the trust that goes with it was violated and I will not be coming here again.

26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
641. Mark S.
As a frequent business and leisure traveler (and having worked at the St. Francis one college summer), for me, "hospitality" begins at check in.  I've had some very enjoyable experiences (ranging from the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo to even the Best Western in the Seaport District of Manhattan) and I expect the same from the St. Francis Front Desk staff, but I instead was provided disinterested, mediocre service - "I need your ID, credit card, please sign and your room is X".  The room itself was a nice size, with updated furnishings very clean and the infamous "heavenly bed". However, check out was brutal as the web check out was unavailable, there were only 5 front desk staff for 20 customers (checking in and out) and nobody to help with the PC that is provided to print airline boarding passes.  To add further frustration, my AMEX bill indicates that I was charged twice...however, the valet, bell men and housekeeping were all gracious (and very helpful)..Ps: please be sure to tip housekeeping..they all make exceptional efforts to ensure that your room is as clean as possible..

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
642. Janet O.
A room facing Union Square high on the 10th floor was awesome.  Definitely a favorite hotel if I want to walk everywhere d/t.

A mecca for shopping and people watching. The day we were here a lot of French people was in town. A lot of smoking going on too. Bleh!

This hotel is definitely not one of the modern ones as far as decors and furnitures are. It's very rich in history and definitely very charming. The lobby alone is huge with a small bar perfectly stationed where you can't miss it!

A Michael Mina restaurant and bar food Michael Mina style is in the hotel itself. Tried both. Definitely worth it.

The awesome doorman is so refreshingly helpful and very friendly and funny!

Valet is not bad at $50+ tax/day. Efficient staff. Upgrade given without asking. Late checkout for 4pm honored well.

Union Square right at their doorstep across the street.

05/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
643. Danny P.
The Westin has pictures in the lobby, and in the hallway leading to the elevator, proclaiming that the Queen of England famously stayed there, as have celebrities and even Presidents (Reagan, specifically).

That glorious history, however, and its location is primarily what the Westin has going for it today. It's not so much that the rooms there have fallen into disrepair, but they're worn, and old, befitting a hotel that has been around for decades that never really full-scale renovated itself.

You can end up in one of two locations, the new(er) Tower or the older room section which doesn't have as cool of a name as Tower. Neither of these places are new and pretty and shiny, and there's the distinct possibility that you'll get a room where the tv sits off to the side of straight on from the bed, which makes it hard to watch while you're falling asleep. There aren't a lot of one-bedroom rooms, meaning if you're here on business you're going to have your choice of double beds.

The Westin encourages you, with a bribe of 500 starwood points per night or $5 at one of the on-site restaurants, to go green by refusing new sheets and towels. What they don't tell you if you choose this option is that no cleaning person will enter your room at all -- isn't half the reason to stay at a hotel that they'll come clean it up during the day while you're out?

Otherwise this hotel is totally fine; I found the front desk staff to be completely pleasant and the location is tough to beat if you're coming in from out of town and want to shop at all the stores that are in every city. It's a BART ride to the Mission and the closest "cool" restaurant, Jasper's, is usually pretty crowded.

But that said, if you're here for work or because you got a good deal, by all means stay here. It's perfectly fine.

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
644. J W.
First stay here.  We had a classic room (old).  The rooms was older, but clean and the bathroom was updated.  The bed was classic Westin - nice....  We had a view of the city - not a view of someone else's window as other stated in their reviews.  We were in room 804.  Once the drummers in Union Square stopped playing around 10 PM all was quiet.  We did not hear any neighbors - as others noted.   We had street noise but that is expected in the city.  Overall a good stay and would return.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
645. Michael L.
Great location, beautiful hotel...just don't plan on using the internet. Speeds were incredibly slow and I never got my iPad to connect.

For a business traveler, a fast internet connection is a requirement.

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
646. Bradley N.
Candles, cake, and the Coit Tower, seen from 32 floors above the city: that's what a wedding here at the Westin Saint Francis can offer. It's a unique and rarefied view of the San Francisco downtown and of Union Square, for those who can afford the spectacular views and sophisticated elegance of the Imperial Room (decked out in late Romanov Russian glory). It's an impressive place to celebrate that special occasion, if you are into the glitz and glamor of such an event:


And if you get bored with the scene inside, all you have to do is get lost in the impressive views beyond:


There is a lot of room here for guests to mingle, for music to play, for food and drink and dancing and just having a good time. You are so high above the city and isolated in quiet, pampered splendor hundreds of feet above street level, it's as if you are floating in some sort of penthouse palace outside of time and space during those few precious hours in which two lives, and two families, are joined in matrimony. It's hard to be cynical about it all, you just want to drink it in and then, when it's over, return to the din and dirt and deflating ordinariness of daily life. It's a real-life Cinderella moment, for when the clock strikes, normalcy returns with the crushing force of a speeding freight train. Only the images - and possibly a hangover the next morning - remain to remind you of the improbable events that unfolded.


Was it really a wedding, or just a deluded fantasy? In any case, if you happen to get the chance to experience it for yourself, I'd recommend that you do it. In a heartbeat. The Westin St. Francis will never look as good as on a day like that.

17/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
647. Jb B.
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! And this is coming from a local resident from the Napa area. To call themselves a 5 or 4 star hotel is far from it. a 2 star hotel is more appropriate. Here were the following issues:

1. My sister already paid for the room with her credit card with a room upgrade. However, when we checked in, they asked for another credit card. I explained to them that the room was already paid for, BUT they were adamant that they need a second credit card.

2. They charged us twice for the so called incidental deposit ($80 each time). When I asked the front desk, she said, it is per day, umm....I have never heard of that before. Then when I called back a few days later as more charges came up on my credit card, they said they only charge one time for the incidental deposit...wtf is up with the discrepencies???

3. When I checked out, the front desk said I had to pay for the room upgrade because my wife was the one who upgraded the room....wtf!!! I told the front desk that my sister was the one who upgraded the room and that the charge needs go on my sister's credit card. But the front desk said, "Sorry but the card needs to be here physically in order for us to charge it." Dumb ass!!! How are you guys able to charge her card the first time?!?! Because I was with her when she called you guys.

4. Then they charged me twice for the parking ($58 per day) wtf!!! and I even made sure that they weren't going to charge me twice when I checked out by asking them.

5. Then I called the hotel about the charges and he said, "Sorry but we charged you twice (No shit Sherlock!!), but you need to call on a weekday and ask for accounting and explain to them that you need a refund because we cannot reverse the charges." Really???!! You guy know how to charge people's credit cards left and right not knowing what the fuck you are doing, and yet when you realized that you fucked up, you cannot reverse it!!!

Then the front desk said, "it looks like we got confused because there were multiple cards in the system." Then why the fuck are you asking for multiple cards in the first place if you cannot manage it properly!!!

WOW!!!! Un Fucking Believable!!!!!

Then....the day of check out, the front desk said, "You got a really nice room....it is a $500 dollar per night room." Shit!!!!...I wouldnt pay 200 for this outdated place. I got a nicer room for less with superb customer service at a Ritz Carlton.

Simply put, do NOT stay here unless you are a tourist and have absolutely no other place to stay at for the night. This place needs a new GM and plenty of training for their employees!!!! PERIOD!!!! No IFs or BUTs.

27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
648. Shea H.
I was in town for a conference and a portion of the conference events were at the Westin.  This is sort of an old-fashion looking hotel.  While old-fashion can charming there are definitely disadvantages with the main one being that it was just old looking throughout.  Things didn't look as pristine as I would have liked.  There was plenty of water and notebooks to go around, so that was nice.  I just think the hotel in general was small and could use an upgrade.  Not really worth the price, in my opinion.

21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
649. Krizelda M.
This review is super limited as all I've experienced at this hotel is the lobby and the NYE party. In my short stint at the Westin, I can say that it is very grand and a beautiful hotel. The party is a nice experience: ticket distribution, coat check, and overall organization of the event is well run. For the ticket price, I recommend experiencing it and enjoying the open bar! Wait times can vary, be smart and choose the lines that aren't close to major areas.

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
650. Sean T.
Service and hotel are more like a two star hotel. The room was incredibly small.  The hotel valet was completely incompetent for 55.00 a night.

21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
651. Nam H.
I would like to thank Moe, a front desk manager who took exceptional care of me. I told him I am on leave for deployment and am only here for a few days. I mentioned to him that I wanted to impress my wife and surprise her with a very nice place to stay for the night. Moe gave me an amazing room with a grand view but unfortunately the room was in such a mess that I thought someone was already in here. I go down to Moe and let him know. He said he will take care of it right away. After saying that he said he wanted me to get the nicest room which was room 416 as its view was directly of union square. He then proceed to let me know if there anything he can do to accommodate my stay for the single night before I leave for another 6 months on deployment. I said its OK but he insisted and decided to buy me a drink at the bar and even offered me food which I gladly declined as I was not hungry. Exceptional guest service. I knew Westin sf was nice but they really went above the call of duty. Thank you Moe!

02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
652. Christina P.
I actually booked a couple of nights at the Westin St. Francis on accident - I thought I was booking a room for the Westin Market St. on Orbitz but showed up to check in only to find that I actually booked at their Union Square location. Airhead moment! At first I was really disappointed because I always thought of the Market St. location as much more well-kept and less touristy, I ultimately was totally happy with my stay at the St. Francis.

Although the rooms are old and not very updated in terms of decor, everything you love about a Westin is still there: the amazing Heavenly beds, really strong double shower heads (I hate a weak water pressure!), and friendly and efficient service. It's a great spot for those who want to take part in all of the touristy delights of downtown SF.... even the lobby holds a treasure trove of options from Clock Bar to Bourbon Steak to a Victoria's Secret!

Though I prefer for location purposes to stay at the other Westin, this location definitely won me over... which is no easy feat!

14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
653. Carol A.
I am staying here right now.  The hotel was built in 1903.  It shows.  The rooms are tiny.  They are old looking.  The walls are so thin you can hear the people talking in the next room.  The doors are super heavy so every time someone closes their door down the hall it bangs shut and wakes you up.  It's really expensive and definitely not up to the quality of the W or Hyatt or Hilton, which are all close by.  The location isn't even that great unless you just want to shop at overpriced designer boutique stores.  They charge 14.95/day for internet, even to SPG members, which is pretty sucky.  When I called downstairs to see if there was an access code for preferred members, the man said, No code.  Before I even finished my sentence.  I said, Not even for SPG members.  He said, I say, NO CODE, really rude.  I travel to San Francisco frequently, and I'm completely disappointed and won't stay here again.

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
654. Mike S.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

No, wait. That's a Tale of Two Cities. This is a Tale of Two Hotels.

First time I stayed here, I was in the newer tower. Gorgeously appointed, spacious rooms, top-notch everything.

The most recent time, however, I was in the cramped, tiny little prison cells in the older tower. Seriously, the room was so small that you have to go jerk off in the hallway to keep from bumping your elbow on the wall. You have to take the toilet paper off of the roll to be able to open and close the toilet. (No, really.) The ceilings are really really high - which is cool, until you're laying on the bed, realizing that the ceiling height exceeds the length or width of the room by a good 50%.

So, stay in the newer tower if you can, 'cuz the old one.... shudder.

16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
655. Lyndsey F.
I stayed here during the second week of June 2013.

Overall, I would recommend this hotel unless you need Internet access.

* convenient to shopping and convention centers
* very nice service people who tried to take care of us.
* good rate.
* gigantic room with high ceilings! Beautiful.
* very nice entrance to lobby.

* paid for room with special that includes WiFi access. Upload speeds when you could connect we're less than 500kbs/second. Often you could not connect. Tech support unable to resolve problem.
* outdated carpet. Not a deal killer.

16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
656. Geoff M.
Staying at the Westin St Francis is an exercise in contrasts. Here are a few ways they describe themselves:

* "a landmark among the city's hotels"
* "fresh from a $40 million restoration"
* "modern luxury"
* "an elite hotel"
* "heavenly bed"

Now, here are the facts:

* discolored and worn carpeting in both my room and the hallways
* musty, "old" smell
* the type of toilet that flushes only when you hold the handle down for 10 seconds
* loud, weak air conditioning
* only 2 of the 3 primary elevators working; no explanations
* a bed that makes a clunking sound when you sit on it

I wonder where the $40 million restoration went; I also wonder where the Westin brand went. There was no evidence of either at the St Francis hotel.

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
657. Val M.
The $299/night (corporate rate) room was disproportionally small. The window was facing other unhappy neighbors and the view was non-existent. In-room breakfast is advertised as $25, they presented a check for $38 ($25 + various fees and charges that are not stated anywhere). The room was partially cleaned one day, looks like somebody was in a rush. The bathrooms is small and extremely outdated, with very noisy plumbing. All around me suggested that this place is run by people who don't really care. Recording my thoughts here so that I don't forget to avoid staying in Westin St. Francis next time.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
658. Aisha H.
Very nice hotel! Beautiful high ceilings. Rooms clean, waterfall showers. The elevators in the new tower are outside the building and give you great views of the city. We were on the 20th floor so our view was very nice. Helpful staff. Nice location for shopping in union square.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
659. Eddie O.
Wow what an amazing and unsuspecting surprise.  While I did expect the location and hotel to work out nicely for my plans when I checked in I was greeted with a free upgrade.  I am a Starwood Premier member but I was blown away by getting upgraded to the State Suite.  The suite boasted a full dining room, living room, kitchen, study, foyer, 2 bathrooms, grand piano, high ceilings and an amazing view of Union Square.  My friend and I were literally blown away at the opulence and we loved it.  While I am sure this will not be the norm for me it was still a very awesome experience to have.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
660. Jill M.
Guess I shouldn't have expected so much since my room was so cheap. Was pretty underwhelmed.

- $15/day for interwebs. Sad.
- $6.60 for a bottle of water in my room. What do Starwood Preferred Guests get? A big heaping plate of Jack Squat.
- While the lobby's pretty cool/impressive, the room i had was VERY old and not what I was expecting.
- Great dessert/coffee in Caruso's in lobby downstairs
- Very nice and helpful staff
- Yay on the Heavenly Bed and Shower
- Great location; central to city and you can catch busses and cable car right there

Room #1594
- Dirty tub floor
- Very old cordless phone; I'm pretty sure it was made in the 80s.
- Pieces of plaster falling off the wall in the bathroom
- Fan not working in bathroom; room got very muggy
- No fridge for restaurant leftovers

Probably won't stay here again. While I got a great deal, it just didn't live up to my usual Westin expectations.

13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
661. Fred W.
Frankly one if the worst beds we have ever slept in. Decent room, quiet, great location. Bathroom weird, toilet made a sound like it was dying when you flushed and it was really loud. Internet was not free, had to sign up for their rewards program to get clerk to waive the fee, one we got it was good wifi. Service was fine and building is ok, just wish that bed and room in general wasn't in such bad shape. Booked through hotels.com so not sure if we just got put in a crappy room because it was less expensive or not.

09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
662. Jay K.
I've stayed herre many times and always had a very nice time. this trip I got an 'upgrade' to a room that had a closed off door to the next room. I could hear everything that the people next to me said, everything including her never ending cackling laugh. there was absolutely no sound barrier. What a waste of my frequent stayer points.
If you get a room with an access door to the next room, march right back down to the lobby and demand a new room.

To the Westin's credit, they moved me to another room once I discussed the situation with them, so kudos to them.

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0