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WorldMark San Francisco in San Francisco, CA


WorldMark San Francisco occupies a historic building dating from 1908, a short walk from Chinatown.


As the world's largest developer and marketer of flexible, points-based vacation ownership products, Wyndham Vacation Ownership develops, markets and sells vacation ownership interests and provides consumer financing to owners through its four primary consumer brands,Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific and Shell Vacations Club.


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Rating: 3.74

Address: 590 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA, 94108

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    Comments (58):

    1. C C.
    My husband and I stayed in a studio room.  It was on the corner of the street.  Our room was on the second floor.  Even with windows shut, we could hear the noises outside.  Across the street there was a night club.  At 1am there were people yelling and screaming outside.  At 5am there were construction workers working on the street already.  By 9am we could hear cars, people, constructions, etc.  No wonder there were two sets of earplugs provided in our room.  We asked the front desk if we could switch rooms, they said there were no vacancies, and that why don't we use earplugs.  The second night my husband and I couldn't stand the noise and decided to use the earplugs.  Then it was a bit better.  I think they should use double-paned windows.  The room was OK.  The toilet in our bathroom was the kind used in a public bathroom.  There was a sign saying that too much steam in the bathroom would trigger the fire alarm.  To silence it, just open the bathroom window.  That was quite amusing.  We stayed there for two nights, and we didn't get any housekeeping service.  However, there was an envelope for housekeeping tip.  I thought that was funny, too.  My husband and I usually take pictures of the places we stay at.  We disliked the place so much that we didn't want to take any photos.  The only good part is that it's close to China Town and the shopping areas.  The staff was pretty nice also.

    13/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Wenzel A.
    Stayed here for 5 days.  The staff here is awesome even with the remodeling in progress.  Made us feel welcomed and special.  The location is centralized and short walks to all tourist spots in downtown San Francisco.  If you were to visit this location, I highly recommend picking up a Muni 3, 5, or 7 day pass.  Definitely would come to this location again.

    16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Bill B.
    Very satisfied WM owners. The rooms are small more like a hotel, but in exchange you are in a awesome location. The top floor views are great but you have to walk up a flight of stairs. Don't sign your proxy to Wyndham, assign them to WM Owners, Inc.

    02/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. amara k.
    The location is great! The elevator was out for our stay which involved walking up 8 flights of stairs, which the first few times is all right but gets old pretty fast. The day staff is very pleasant and efficient. I'm guessing the night staff is a bit different. Around midnight when we got back to our room (climbing 8 flights of stairs after cocktails in heels really didn't endear me to the place) and asked for an extra blanket, we were told we would have to go down to reception to pick it up! What the heck?????

    30/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Tia V.
    For Worldmark standards, the room and bathroom is a bit on the smaller side - definitely a no frills hotel, but the staff is very friendly and helpful.  Having a mini fridge and microwave is handy too if you are going to be staying for any length of time.  The location is awesome - you are minutes from Bart station, bus stations, Union Square, Chinatown, the Financial District and Nob Hill.  All in all, it's a very good value, especially if you book on bonus time.  Also - better to be facing the inside of the building - no view but much quieter.

    09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Krissy A.
    Stayed here to celebrate a birthday in the city.  If you're claustrophobic don't stay here.  Suites are really small and as soon as you open the door you may run into the wall.  Bathroom is even smaller with a poor shower head with low water pressure.  Old SF hotel with old fashioned decor.  Choice in paint is down right depressing.  No windows and only window that could be opened faced a brick wall.  Hated it so much, I only slept there one night.

    30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Emily S.
    My dear friend, Anna, took me here to stay Sunday after the race I had just participated in.  The idea was to just chill out, maybe do some shopping, get some dinner & drinks & RELAX!  We did all that and more.

    Now, I don't own any timeshare, but if I were going to buy into one, I would choose Trendwest.  They are ALL over the place!  I been fortunate enough to stay in quite a few of these timeshares and they are always perfect!  It's like staying in a fully furnished apt. almost anywhere you can think of.  They always have coffee & tea for you in the morning (much like a regular hotel), internet access, a gym, dvd rentals, popcorn & they are usually located near popular attractions in the area!

    This one was near Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach & the Financial District. Pretty much close to all the places we wanted to hit up!

    I don't know how accessible staying here is if you aren't an 'owner' or know one, but it's worth checking out!

    23/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. shirman i.
    I'm a local so staying at the Worldmark SF just seemed like a convenient and non-stressful way to deal with getting around NYE and avoiding the rest of the drunk people on the last 3AM Bart train home, so needless to say my expectations were not that high considering what I had previously read about this location and comparing it to the many stays I've had at other WM locations but...I was pleasantly surprised.
    The reception was very warm and inviting, and most importantly fast since I was running late for dinner. No lengthy 15 minute check-in that I'm used to being a WM owner. Yes, the room is small but - IT IS IN SAN FRANCISCO.
    If you're going to compare it to the 3BR penthouse in Windsor, then you will be sadly dissappointed. It's very typical SF with the one elevator and the narrow staircase but I thought the building to be very quaint and charming.
    I found my room to be very comfortable and clean, yes, even more comfortable and clean than said Windsor or Angel's Camp or the brand spanking new LV. The bed was definitely more comfortable than I've experienced and I would've loved to have laid there past the noon check out.
    Although we didn't have a full kitchen, we had everything we needed, including a mini fridge, coffeemaker, and microwave. I would definitely stay here again for a weekend away.

    03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Maria R.
    This location was built after Wyndham took over. Its not as nice as other Worldmark locations. All worldmark owners should check out wmowners.com its a site that is not owned by Wyndham!! but is for us owners where we can learn about our rights and not let Wyndham build other crappy resorts and still charge us parking.

    31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Tammy C.
    Location:  Not much right next to the hotel itself.  The block seems pretty safe according to staff.  Thou while getting food, saw homeless loading their crack pipe.   But is right downtown.

    Food:  The Mexican place right next to it had ok food.  Normal authentic Mexican food.  Also a convenient store opposite corner.  As well as a bar which seemed busy on Saturday night.  

    Parking:  There is a parking garage across from hotel be prepared to pay for parking hotel does not have its own parking.  

    Room:  I got the one bedroom- living room 1 bathroom room Rm 303.  The tile in the bathroom looked to be new, with I believe it was granite or stone counter top in the living room.  The carpet was older.   Not a typical resort, this is just a room hotel basic needs.  The city is your entertainment.  It was very cute and nice older building.  Way worth more than the $150 bucks I paid for the night just for location.

    08/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Hans T.
    The WorldMark SF is in a cool, early 1900's building and has just been recently updated.

    We got a couple nights as a wedding present from some great friends and did our homework on WorldMark. While we'ne not interested in the whole timeshare schematic, the staff was welcoming and had plenty of suggestions on where to eat and drink nearby.

    For folks planning a stay longer than a couple nights, there's a laundromat and a market across the street - which comes in handy with the mini-fridge and microwave in the room.

    Like anywhere in SF, parking is at a premium and the hotel doesn't have it, so don't drive if you don't have to. Public transport is great - get yourself a multiple-day MUNI pass for the bus and cable cars - it's good for both. Plus the Powell St cable car is a block away.

    One downside - they don't clean your room daily during your stay, and when I'm on vacation, I refuse to make the bed.

    The hotel also has movies to rent ($3 a piece) and even hosted a wine sampling one night in the lobby - free of charge.

    Not the hippest of places, lots of traveling retired couples, but always friendly folks to chat with.

    23/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Melissa J.
    We booked this place using my father in laws timeshare so i am not going to be too picky here. The location was wonderful, staff friendly and helpful. The noise level was the worst. We were facing the street and it seemed like a garbage truck came by every 5 minutes for an hour in the early morning. The funniest thing is that in the hotel nightstand is a flashlight and several sets of earplugs!! Yes, we used them and they helped a little. There is a coffee maker, small fridge and utensils available. We did notice that our wet bar was look tilted due to the floor being off. Probably because of the buildings location close to a very steep hill. China town is right around the corner and so much to see and do there.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Meg L.
    This Worldmark has a great location in the city. Beware there is no parking, and the closest parking garage is $30 per night... but, parking there and taking a taxi around town is more cost effective than driving and parking in SF. Super small rooms with old tile and dingy bedding. We were afraid to walk without shoes on. Staff was friendly and resourceful.

    With regard to the company, my husband and I bought the "experience" package, and boy did we have an experience. I have been ignored, treated rudely, and regularly lied to when it came to my contract, scheduling, etc. Most frustrating to us was seeing nearby hotels offering specials at less than half of what we paid to "experience" Worldmark. Just say no to this time-share. It is a rip-off any way you look at it, and was a waste of our time and resources.

    08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Eric M.
    This is a hard review for me.  The hotel itself isnt all that great.  It is small, they dont have their own parking lot, only one elevator for the whole place, and the rooms are pretty compact.  

    With that being said, its in a great location.  It is literally a block away from the main entrance to Chinatown.  Space is at a premium in San Francisco, most hotels arent all that large, and the rooms certainly reflect that.  Worldmark has great placement, its within walking distance from with a few tourist traps and bars.   Most of the time your going to be in town you arent going to be in your room.  I myself only spent time in my room to sleep, otherwise i was out and about.  Its a hard review because all the other Worldmark Resorts are quite swanky and really make you feel like your at home.   Compared to that, this place isnt that great.  But considering where you are, and how your probably going to spend your time i dont think amenities and room size is a huge issue.  It San Fran, get out.  Live it up kiddies.

    28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Mike W.
    This is a downtown small building. You'll not be cooking and lounging. You're in San Fran for goodness sakes. Enjoy the town not the resort. Staff is awesome. Will be back.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Karla P.
    We are brand new owners and we were excited to stay at the SF location. being that we have stayed in Windsor, SD and Angel's Camp, the rooms are just regular hotel rooms. It  does come with a microwave, mini fridge, paper plates and utensils, and items to make coffee/tea. Our room was very clean and well kept. It even had a nice smell to it (sorry, that may sound weird). The weird thing, was the bathroom was HUGE! I wish it was a bit smaller to make the room bigger.  Overall, we loved our stay here. The beds were SUPRISINGLY comfy!! Which is a shock because most wyndham beds are so firm! I slept quite well! MY ONLY gripe with the room was that there was a big gap between the front door and floor. If someone wanted to peek in, they totally could. I was pretty irritated with that. We stuffed towels in the gap. I don't think most of the rooms are like that though.  
    Another thing I loved that there was no pushy sales rep either. I came equipped with my best "no" and I didn't need to! The front desk was beyond helpful and I loved them all! They were so sweet and ready to assist!  
           The location is incredible! Walking distance to everything! Parking is pricey and most people suggested parking in the parking garage (esp. on the weekends) as from 6pm-8am is a mere buck. However, that leaves the problem you need to move your car after 8 and then what? What we did  (because we are cheapos) was we would try and find street parking after 6. I will say that route wasn't easy at all! Overall, we had a great time!

    10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Marylan S.
    I truly enjoyed this Worldmark while in SF.  Having just checked out of the Bass Lake Worldmark which was huge in comparison, one would think that being stuffed into a tiny one-bedroom with 4 people would suck.  But I found this location to be charming and the actual hotel to be rather nice.  The lobby is small, but there's free coffee, tea, and hot water for guests.  The sitting area near the fireplace is nice.  There's a desk with a computer for guests to use for internet access and printing.  There's also a tiny gym and the plenty of tourist maps, brochures, and coupons.  The staff, both day and night, are friendly and helpful.  

    One of the days we were there, there was a manager meet-and-greet with wine and cheese.  Unfortunately we missed it as we went out to eat that night.  We stayed in rm 612 "less desirable location" and it was perfectly fine.  Quiet, away from the elevator, tucked away at the end of a corridor.  The room amenities were sufficient.  A fridge, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, dishware.  Just what you need for a few days.  And the sofa turns into a bed.  

    I would stay here again the next time we're in SF.

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Debby F.
    Third stay here. We got an one-bedroom with a living room.  Everything was clean, and we got an outside room, facing Bush Street. Know what? It's much noisier than the inside rooms!  Sweet Lord, the room was hot!  It was foggy, and we even had a little drizzle and I was roasting hot all night long. I finally turned on the A/C, which sounded like a 747 taxing down a runway.  Toss, toss, toss.  I was ready to strip naked and lay on top, but I didn't want to traumatize my son-- who was sleeping on the hide-a-bed...which, he says, was a "lung collapser". The metal bar kept poking him all night long.  
    The location is awesome though-- close walk to all the events in Union Square, where I attend my annual conference.  My advice? Pass on a street room-- especially if you're from the 'burbs (like me).  San Francisco doesn't sleep until the wee hours of the morning, and it will keep you awake. Oh, and bring a quiet fan, if you're post menopausal like..ahem... someone I know.
    One more thing! Worldmark, have you heard of iPads? No? Well, let's just say that you can' plug in a freakin' USB port to use your iPad!  C'mon! Are you that greedy?

    24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Chong K.
    I may be a bit biased since I'm an owner. I've been to many of the other locations and this really cant be compared to those. This place is all about location, you really shouldn't be coming here to do laundry or cook your meals in your unit, so if that's your complaint, then you're really missing the point. It's San Francisco, get out and walk around, explore a bit!
    Location is perfect, right next to both Chinatown and Union Square. Parking garage is directly across the street. The building is old, really old, but that's part of the charm.
    I've stayed at this location dozens of times, usually last minute on bonus time bookings, its perfect for my needs and I'll continue to book this place as long as I'm a WM owner.
    Now a couple things that I have to take a star off for:
    -No kings beds, only queens but I'm sure do to the size of the units thats something that really cant be changed.
    -No blackout curtains, this would really help with getting a full nights sleep. Combine the hard bed with the sun shining into your room at 6:30am isn't too pleasant.

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Erika G.
    I am an WM Timeshare Owner.

    For a timeshare in The City this was alright!

    It was a last minute booking, which I did online and they only had a one bedroom w/special needs available.  But I wanted to stay in SF after seeing Jo Koy at the Punchline then drive to HMB Pumpkin Festival the next morning and didn't want to pay for a hotel!  So SCORE!

    Service was great! The person who checked us in was nice and polite and it was easy!  The night shift person was also nice.  I asked about the Nike Marathon and he looked it up for me to give me my answer.  Just wanted to make sure i wasn't gonna have a hard driving out in the morning and dealing with the sporty people!

    The room - was as I said Special Needs.  So it had all the ADA things inteh bathroom and around the room.  Which was fine.  The bathroom was kind weird though.  The fold down seat in the shower.  The Wanded shower head and the bathroom floor was tile but there was no seperation from the shower area to teh rest of the bathroom so the floor got pretty wet - and so did the carpet right outside the bathroom.  Wands fault not mine! But hair was washed and I was happy!  2 flat screen tv's - one on the bedroom wall and one in the livingroom/kitchen area.  The Livingroom had a mini fridge, microwave and sink/bar area.  There was a fold out sofa bed and a table.

    Location was pretty much on top of the Stockton Tunnel to and from Chinatown and Union Square. Kinda Skeevy walking up the stairs at night to Bush Street.  But it is pretty much close to everything - within the Union Square area. The street wasn't to noisy.

    We parked in the Stockton garage and for 14 hr and 29 min it only cost us $11!  Sweet!

    We'd come back here again.  Nice and easy for us to get to from the East Bay for a quick get away!

    19/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Mrs A.
    Being a Worldmark owner, this was one of the smallest rooms we've stayed in.  However, most hotels in the area are "boutique" style and probably smaller than here...so it worked out.  If it weren't for the staff, this location would've received 3 stars. Phine at the concierge desk was GREAT!!  This past weekend my fiancé and I eloped and had a small ceremony across the bay in Sausalito.  She helped with finding a bakery and was EXTREMELY informative.  The manager, who's name I can't recall, was very sweet as well. The entire staff made the stay enjoyable for my now husband and our 6 month old daughter.  Being on the 9th floor, you will have a few steps to climb.  All rooms have queen sized beds.  Great location!  Clean environment (as usual). The salesman during my update (Doug....and his counterpart, who's name I can't remember) were very personable and polite.  We enjoyed our stay.  We took a cab from SFO to the hotel, $50!!  Definitely have them schedule the shuttle service for you which is $15 per person.  Everything is in walking distance and very safe.  The rooms come with everything you need!

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Roxanne S.
    I've stayed at this Worldmark multiple times in everything from the suites to the regular rooms and every time it's been great. I love the location, the rooms are spacious, excellent customer service. They can usually get you in before check in time, have great valet parking and a good parking garage across the street. Centrally located to some bars, Union Square, Chinatown, and grocery stores.

    26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. John M.

    We stayed here and loved every minute of it.  This building it full of charm and history.  We walked to both Union Square and China Town.  Parking is a bitch so be mindful of that but where in San Francisco is it not a pain to park your car?  Answer; nowhere.

    My wife bought into this Worldmark before I married her and I used to be skeptical, but not any longer.  WorldMark is a pretty sweet deal once you get where we are in the game.

    Good Times!

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Rene L.
    i'm truly torn with this review...  don't get me wrong, it's in an excellent location- only 3 blocks from Union Square, Ruby Skye, diners and restaurants all around, etc...

    BUT the property itself and the rooms are bland and mediocre compared to other locations (Vegas but i know, no comparison).  like others have said, there's only 1 elevator, a very minimal lobby, and pretty shabby rooms.  we stayed in 201 (i think) and had the pleasure of hearing everyone entering and exiting the elevators.  the bathroom was so so, and the room itself felt cramped.  2 people were supposed to share this?!

    like i said, the location is great, so tire yourself out in the city and pray you're so dazed you don't realize you're staying in a blah room.

    09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Lisa D.
    Location Location Location!!!

    As others have mentioned, the location just can't be beat. The staff was fantastic and the building had so much charm.

    We stay here all the time - we just LOVE the San Francisco Worldmark. We usually try to get a 1 bedroom hotel unit because they're much larger than the typical San Fran hotel room, and have two rather large bathrooms. The living room has a flat screen TV, microwave, mini fridge, coffee pot and pull out bed. There's also a nice sized closet in the living room with a plastic 'dresser.' The bedroom has a queen size bed, TV and small closet. We are usually lucky enough to get a room on the outside of the building that directly faces the Sutter Stockton garage with a view of Union Square. Sometimes when we rent a car and park it across the street in the Sutter Stockton garage, we can see our rental car from our window. The garage costs $8 to park overnight because we didn't pull in until after 9 p.m. and leave a few minutes before 8 a.m.

    There is wine tasting in the lobby one night a week (Friday I believe) and coupons with restaurant discounts are available. There is a tiny gym available.

    The downside is the noise at night - I am usualy woken up multiple times by sirens, loud music, and yelling, but my husband slept ok, so maybe it was just me???

    Great place and we loved it!

    01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Norris B.
    Stayed here via time share and it was a GREAT SF stay. When booking this room I already knew what I was getting into, realize it was a hotel made into a WorldMark, which is no biggy, since I already went into the situation knowing this. If there was one downside it would be the parking system. I called down to get my car to drop my friend off to the airport, and when I went downstairs there was a car, but it was not mines. They said they'd rush it but I didn't want to chance not getting him to the airport in time, and 30 mins would leave me with only 30 mins to make it to the airport. So other then the parking situation, which SF is known for, the stay was great.

    02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Samantha T.
    You won't have nearly as much space as you will be used to and you definitely won't see a big kitchen like you're used to staying at other Worldmarks... so be warned However, this is a fun little resort in a great location of a beautiful city.

    I highly recommend you avoid bringing a car because they have no parking. There is parking across the street, which costs $34 for 24 hours.  They also use a private 3rd party valet service which I believe is also around the same price. The staff is extremely warm and welcoming. There is only one way to your room and that is through the lobby and up the elevator (thankfully!) as this is a 9 story building with upwards of eighty units. You can check in at 4pm and you need to check out by 12pm and the lobby is open 24 hours so no matter what time you get there to check in or you come stumbling in front the bar at they've got you covered! Also, there is a small convenience store across the street if you need milk or snacks (and they offer discounts to us!!).

    I love the interior color of these rooms... it's like a pale yellow. It's a pretty and cheerful color. The rooms are clean and in good condition. These units have a lot of the common amenities you are used to staying at other Worldmarks... dvd player, cable tv, hair dryer, microwave, mini fridge, phone, internet (which costs at this location, btw! 4.95 for 24 hours) but remember, although it's not as big as you're used to... the location makes up for it because you're in an awesome city with tons to do. You're within walking distance to tons!! You have Chinatown within a block! You also have Fisherman's Warf, Union Square, and the Embarcadero close by! Oh, and whatever's not within walking distance you can take the bus or Bart to. I believe the closest bus route is 30, so keep that in mind!  Overall, this is a great little resort for us owners to share and enjoy.  The location is perfect with tons to do and I'll continue to come whenever staying the night in SF.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Liz C.
    Located in the financial district, right by China Town and the French District, within walking distance of the trolley, great restaurants and theater. Very safe, and a parking garage right across the street. We've stayed here twice and will come again and again. The rooms are on the small side, but you wont' spend much time there anyway -- the City awaits!!

    Very helpful staff, too. Top notch.

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Jill P.
    We are Worldmark owners and have been to many of their locations.

    The San Francisco resort really is one of my favories, simply because the location is awsome. On The corner of Bush and Stockton between Chinatown and Union Square you can walk everywhere! There is a parking garage right across the street if you choose to drive, but that is not necissary because there are also two bart stations within walking distance (4-5 blocks).

    Now for my standard complaints of ALL Worldmark resorts... 1. WHY no curtains on any windows??? You can go to any cheep-a$$ motel and get black-out curtains, but not at any of the resorts? That has always bugged the crap out of me! 2. The shower curtains... They are always hung in too close to the standing area in the showers and they are a flimsy matirial that sticks to you if you happen to brush against it; then a fight between me and an inaniment object breaks out and no one wins, it's sad really.

    A couple disclaimers about San Francisco Worldmark- It is a very old building; a converted hotel. It creeks, the sound from outside is maybe a bit more than it should be, in some of the rooms you are looking at a wall, and they are not gigantic house-like rooms that you may be used to at other resorts, but again the location is so great that I don't mind at all.

    Now for the WORST part of this particular resort... They are THE hardest beds I have ever encounterd at a Worldmark. They need to be changed ASAP! How can you enjoy your vacation if you are exhausted from lack of sleep?

    18/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Alexandra D.
    The minute we walked in the door we were overwhelmed by friendliness. Very impressed by service so far

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. michelle w.
    We loved our cozy little hotel room here! We were warned several times that the room would be small but were surprised when it was bigger than we expected!  We were on our honeymoon anyway so we didn't mind a tiny room but seriously, the room was not small at all, it was just perfect.

    We loved how centrally located the hotel was. We were able to walk to Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, and China Town. The trolley runs on the next block up...it's so easy to get to where you want to go!

    The office staff were so friendly and offered any advice/help whenever we needed it.  We even got a free movie rental our last night there but were too tired from sightseeing to watch it.

    A huge bonus was the laundry room.

    There's a very secure parking garage across the street or you can use theirs. The prices were comparable. We paid less than $100 for parking across the street and we parked for three days total.

    We hope to visit Workdmark San Francisco again very soon. Thank you for helping make our honeymoon so lovely!

    03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Ruth M.
    We stay here a lot! and am totally satisfied except some times the rooms smell of strong cleaning products. The resort needs to try eco-cleaning products!

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Hion L.
    I am truly torn trying to determine what my favorite thing about staying at this Worldmark location was:

    1.  The funky 100 year old smell coming from the 100 year old building
    2.  The unusual odor coming from the air conditioner/heating unit in the room.
    3.  The waxy residue left on my feet from walking on the carpet barefoot
    4.  The squeaky sounds coming from the elevator complemented by sudden dips at every floor making me feel like I am going to plunge to my death soon
    5.  The noisy drunks from the bar across the street yelling and fighting at 200 am. why sleep? I should literally enjoy every waking moment here to take in the sights, sounds, and smells
    6.  The funky smell coming from the grating right outside the door of the building
    7.  The unmistakable fragrance of old and fresh urine pervading through the parking garage
    8.  The convenience of having, not one, but two massage parlors nearby that offer a "special massage". Why oh why does it have to be called the Green door?
    9. Having to unload my luggage onto carts that have no brakes on the wheels as my car is parked on a 45 degree incline.

    Some of the owners may describe it as having charm and history.  I call it odiferous. I just haven't been exposed to such strong scents since I toured a ferret breeding colony. Ok, maybe I exaggerate little.

    The rooms here are similar to what you would expect at a standard hotel in terms of size for the studio units.  There is no kitchen and washer/dryer, as noted in the site description when you make your reservations.  There is a mini fridge and microwave in the room, almost like a consolation.  They even give you a set of silverware.  Unfortunately, these have to be washed in the bathroom sink.  So I wouldn't prepare to cook anything, but rather you can bring your leftovers back to reheat for the next meal.

    Overall, you can now understand why Worldmark doesn't purchase property in major metropolitan areas.  It doesn't translate into a great value.  The plus is that you can at least visit San Francisco on your Worldmark points. They are also located next to Chinatown and Union square, and Ferry marketplace is a short walk away. Location is probably the strongest point of the unit.

    05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Anson G.
    Bottom line: a great and convenient place to stay in the heart of Downtown San Francisco.

    Here are some of the major perks of this place:

    1.  Super convenient location.  They're centrally located just a few blocks from everything downtown, chinatown, little italy, russian hill, the financial district, and of course union square.

    2.  They have the Stockton-Sutter garage right across the street for parking.

    3.  There's a convenience store located very close by, and they offer discounts to Worldmark guests.

    4.  The place is clean, and the rooms all have utensils for you to use during your stay.

    5.  The staff is friendly and helpful.

    6.  Free laundry facilities on-site.  Even the detergent is free.

    OK, the bad parts?

    1.  Depending on what side of the building you're on, the street noise from the school next door could be a little loud, preventing you from sleeping in.  If you're not a light sleeper, or you're out of the room earlier though, it's not a problem.

    2.  The building is a bit older, and the room floors are thin.  If your neighbor upstairs has heavy feet, you might notice.  I was asked not to do Insanity while in the room (thankfully, there's a small workout room on the ground floor.)

    We've stayed here several times on our visits to SF.  I recommend it!

    19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Jaci R.
    First of all do not I repeat DO NOT try to compare this resort to the others!! Its in San Francisco for goodness sake, space is limited & costs $$$ with that said let me continue my review.  The resort is in a great location, in between Union Square and Chinatown.  Plenty of museums nearby, as well as the Ferry building which is under a mile away. There are shops, restaurants, bakeries, farmers market and vendors on the street selling paintings, pictures, and crafts.  If its baseball season and Giant's are home playing a game the park is within walking distance.  If you are up for the walk, take it to the wharf or Ghiradelli square. I've done it plenty of times item nice.

    Parking...well once again you're in the city where parking is a premium!!  Use the valet parking from the resort it allows you in and out privileges whereas the garages nearby do not. Yes, you have to wait for your car but call in advance it worked out fine for us. The lobby is nice, we relaxed there a bit while waiting for the car. On the day of check out we were able to leave our bags with the front desk while we enjoyed the city for a bit more.  Car must be picked up by 6pm I thought that was great and wanted to mention to others.

    The staff was great, this was my second visit here and would definitely come back to this resort, despite the noise from the street and the small rooms.  Beds were comfy, but I don't like a soft bed. It seemed like the others to me I was in Windsor a few weeks before and the bed felt the same.

    Mini kitchen, no cooking here ...remember you're in the city, enjoy all that it has to offer!!  Have a great time!!

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Jenna D.
    3 stars if you don't have to spend any time actually IN the room.

    tv's are tiny, no room service, window AC units, u get the picture.

    HOWEVER. it was clean, the staff was helpful and nice to our consistently drunk asses, it was really close to downtown, cabs pass the front of the hotel often.... and pizza orgasmica delivers. $.

    just for sleeping and showering, this place was not too bad.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. arti n.
    3 Stars for the service. Very run down, sure it is a historical building but the inside needs TLC. I heard upgrades are coming later this year. Very small, the master bed looks like a twin. Not comfortable, not cozy. Heater did not work, we followed the instructions but still no warmth. Garbage was not taken out even though we paid for the room service that's required when booking the room. No room service was done. Sales people are ok, lack of communication among employees. Oh!!! Why I am writing this review...never use their VALET SERVICE!!!! Not part of World Mark, it is a private company, 4 out of 5 staff members I dealt with only spoke spanish. Long story short, my key was lost at 1 am, found a hour and a half later. Then I was lied to 3 times, oh yea....my key was found in the middle of the intersection on Bush st!!! Push start car, remote left on the hood then smashed by another vehicle. And I was told by management, "It's just bad luck." Really!!!! I tried filing a innocent report, the company tried telling me it was not necessary, that the damage wasn't too bad. it's been a week, and I haven't received any contact from the corporate office yet. $39 a night for valet, plus 30 mins to receive your car, then now we know how careless the workers are including management. Never again!! Best part, World Miark employees just watched as we waited at 1 am for our car. World Mark didn't have the information about the valet service when I asked for it. I was told, someone in the morning would get back to me. I wasted 5 hours of my vacation with this mess. I surely will stay here, but never use the valet parking.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    38. The Serious Yelper K.
    I had a great experience here!

    I stayed for a week in a studio room and even though it was a little small I was more than comfortable.

    I was on the 5th floor and I do recommend that if possible because it had the ice machine on that floor which was so convenient for me. I think the only other one was on the first floor. BUT I do think it was a little loud where we were, on the street side facing Bush it was a little loud at night. but I sleep relatively easily and even though the sounds were kind of annoying at first when I laid down, I passed out in the same amount of time and slept well. So if you don't sleep easily I would ask for a room more on the inside of the hotel.

    The location of this place is incredible! by just about everything and being san fran if you buy the public transit pass it is very easy to get around.

    The staff here was very helpful and friendly as well.

    Very pleased with our stay here.

    14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Lou D.
    Worldmark San Francisco is a great place to stay when visiting the Bay Area. It's conveniently located near Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Chinatown and North Beach. This converted hotel is unlike any other Worldmark resort in that the rooms are smaller than the new places. The resort is still a top notch place and is well kept and clean. You will hear the typical city noise outside your windows (sirens, horns, etc). The lobby hosts a few events like wine and cheese tastings that are a fun way to start your evening in SF.

     Parking can be a bit of a hassle as the resort doesn't have its own garage. We always use the Sutter-Stockton St. Garage which is located directly across the street from the Worldmark. The rates are pretty reasonable at about $3 per hour, but if you park after 5PM and leave before 8AM it's just an $8 flat rate. You can't beat that.  There is a small workout room, but no pool or hot tub (you're certainly not going to the Bay Area to swim are you?). The building has only one elevator which can be somewhat inconvenient during busy times, but in a historic building like this you can forgive this small issue.

     If you're a Worldmark owner with plans to visit San Francisco this resort is truly a hidden gem.

    21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Joe S.
    I stayed here for my second time while visiting San Francisco and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The staff is very friendly and the rooms were great. A little small but still very nice.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Gina K.
    We stayed for 4 nights.

    The location is great!  About 2 blocks from the cable car and just across the street from busses.  Right on the edge of Chinatown and walking distance from Union Square.

    The staff is really friendly.  From the time we checked in until we checked out we were greeted everytime we entered or exited the building and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be working there.

    The room, while small, was clean and had everything we needed.

    The one bad thing - the shower! Clean, yes but low water pressure and it was short.

    I'd totally stay here again if I were to go to SF, though.

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Dev R.
    Excellent location (despite the many homeless you'll have to encounter to get anywhere in the city, and the need to where COMFORTABLE shoes to encounter the hills), 1 block from a cable car stop, 3 blocks from Union Square, 1 block from Chinatown, 2 blocks from Walgreens.  Leave the car at home.

    Great rooms.  Tiny hallways.  S-L-O-W elevator (--but taking the stairs is good for you, no?).

    Friendly staff.  Don't get suckered into the timeshare presentation.  Just say "no" and enjoy yo'self!

    01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Darlene P.
    I've been to a few different world mark resorts, this one is not for families. well, the studio isn't. they are kicking my family out for their next night.. it's okay if it was just 1-2 people.

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Mac F.
    Great location and quaint rooms! Love the friendly staff and helpful housekeeping. We loved to be able to walk to Union Square, Embarcadero, China town with great ease.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Sandy G.
    I've stayed at this location a handful of times in everything from a studio to a 1br hotel (has 2ba). The location is excellent and I wouldn't change a thing about that. They do contract with a shuttle service, so a ride to SFO is $15, compared to taking the BART which is just under $9. The ride to Oakland airport is more.  I think it's a great deal if you don't want to take the BART or have a car in the city, even if you have to put up with a driver that makes you feel like you're on a roller coaster in a van.
    I love how they have coffee and hot water for tea 24/7 downstairs, and after noon they have ice water. The workers are very nice and make you feel welcome. There is a TINY gym on the 1st floor with one stairmaster, a treadmill, a stationary bike, and a machine to work other misc body parts. More than 4 people in here would be VERY uncomfortable unless you are all intimate with each other.  There is also washer/dryer machines on the same floor for the guests to use.
    A few things to clarify after reading other reviews. Some said the bathrooms were huge? Huge for what standards, a dollhouse?? In all the rooms I've stayed in, there's a toilet, a bathtub and a sink. That's all that pretty much can fit in, along with one body. Not sure if I've been missing out on something else?? There was also no wine reception on a fri night, which was mentioned in a review. Nor Wed-Sat night since that's when we were there.  Also, someone said there were dual pane windows?? If those are dual pane, then they were ripped off. Cuz I could hear everything that was going on outside from the 4th floor, especially after the bar across the street was let out at 2am!  I just returned from a stay there July 2014, so this would be the most updated review so far. Supposedly a remodel was done after they sustained water damage last year, but I didn't see any major improvements besides the colors. Also, someone mentioned the flimsy shower curtain. This seems to be the signature for Worldmark. The Kona location has the exact same thing and yes, it'll stick to your body if you brush up against it. It's kind of creepy.  The shower pressure is annoying, it's the water saver kind, but tell me how that saves water when what normally takes me 5 min to shower turns into a 20+ min shower because of the time it takes to wash my hair with that weak water pressure.  I've also been pretty unlucky to never score a room with a view other than the view of an alley or the side of a brick building.  For staying there at least 7 times, I'd think my odds are better than that, but I guess not.
    Anyway, I will continue to use my points in staying at this location. I love where it's situated, so close to everything and I like having a mini fridge in the room just in case... Yes, the elevator is slow but the stairs are such an easy, padded climb up, why not take them? If you are healthy, the elevator should only be taken twice- upon check-in and check-out with your luggage! 3.5 stars for mostly the location and convenience of a SF hotel!

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Jamil G.
    I absolutely loved this room! I wasn't expecting the most considering I've been to many of the larger Worldmark Resorts but I was caught by surprise. The room itself had the basics, the microwave, the refrigerator, and the flat screen television. The main selling point about this hotel was the location. It is just 3-4 blocks from Union Square and all the amazing stores in the area. The Bart station wasn't far and the bus stops on the next block over allowed you the ability to get anywhere without walking that far. The trolly is one block over too. I could go on and on. And there's a parking garage directly across the street! I will be coming back.

    I will say the room I was in didn't have the best view, but they may have just been because I checked in late. But that's the only con I could think of

    13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Maria C.
    Great place to stay!

    This timeshare is located 1 block from the Chinatown gates and within a couple blocks from Union Square. AWESOME LOCATION!!!

    We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite, which is accompanied by 2 full bathrooms, 2 queen beds (1 sofa bed), essential kitchen items (fridge, sink, microwave, silverware...). Yes the elevator is slow, so it's best to take the stairs.

    Upon checkin, you are then being persuaded to listen to their talk. SKIP IT, unless you have time to waste. The guy behind the counter was kinda aggressive in wanting to know my plans and trying to get me to one of their meetings. NO THANK YOU!!! Nonetheless, the staff is really nice and helpful.

    Safe neighborhood, spacious room and very comfortable. Given how SF usually has tiny hotel rooms, this hotel actually was roomy and had great space.

    Will def come back!

    Note: Use a shuttle service if flying into SF. Much cheaper than a cab!

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Lyn P.
    I've stayed here quite a few times and have always had good experiences. The location is at the top of Union Square and a block over from the Grant entrance into Chinatown. Super close to everything - BART and muni lines and quick cab (or as I do UBER) rides to anywhere you need to be in SF.

    The rooms are smaller than your average Worldmark but you really don't need the extra space or a full kitchen in SF. I've stayed in both the one bedroom and studio units. The studio is really small - if you have another person staying with you, I hope you really love each other or you might need to get some space apart during your stay. My friends who have stayed on the sofa bed have given me mixed reviews. I'm gonna say, avoid if you have any back issues.

    Other items of note: the elevators are slow, so take the stairs as much as possible. Instead of a washer/dryer in every unit, there is free laundry downstairs past the lobby. There is a good amount of paper plates and silverware in the cabinet in your room, but you can always ask for more. The front desk will also give you fresh towels.

    The staff here is super nice and I've seen them put up with a lot of crap so kudos to them. They are definitely one of the reasons I keep coming back here when visiting SF.

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    49. Suzanne B.
    This is not your ordinary condo, It is a charming boutique hotel that is perfectly suited for the heart of San Francisco!  I have read a few complaints about the noise - well they now have double paned the windows and frankly I found the soft, natural sounds of the city comforting.  I AM NOT EMPLOYED BY WORLDMARK!!  The graciousness of the staff is absolutely overwhelming!  The European kitchens are completely appropriate for this unique location.  We were able to "eat in" easily and with great comfort.
    This is absolutely my favorite place to stay in the center of the city!  My mother and I have stayed here three times now and it has been absolutely delightful every single time!   I feel very lucky to have found this place within walking distance of so many wonderful San Francisco sights!  Congratulations to Worldmark!   Can't wait to return!

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Nick S.
    Nice place but the other day when we stayed the electricity was out and the elevators didn't work and we had to walk up 8 stories to get to our room. I must have dropped my hat that was in my hand in my hall way and one of the bell boys must of found it and kept it . Bullshit they didn't return it to me. Watch out the staff are thieves. You know who you are you little pubk bit&@hes. The burgundy Brixton hat

    13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Andy L.
    Some good, some bad.

    The good:
    The location is great and convenient to everywhere.   Public transportation nearby is easy to use.
    Right near the Chinatown gate.  Great!
    The rooms have a mini fridge, micro, and they give you paper goods to eat, silverware, etc... Very handy
    There is a gym, lots of movies to choose from, internet computer set up in the lobby in case your phone is dead, etc...   That was all good.

    The NOT so good

    Small rooms
    No refresh of your room during your stay.  We were there 3 nights.  Hang those towels up!
    REALLY small rooms.  Did I mention that.  We were tripping on each other and our suitcases.  
    We had fruit flies in our room from the previous visitor.  Housekeeping didn't get rid of them before we got there, and we had some wine when we arrived and they got in it immediately.  Like 10 in each person's glass.  It was kind of gross.
    The Wyndham idea of selling you a timeshare when you arrive at their hotel is annoying.  We were forced to stop by a special desk for a "welcome packet" but it was a thinly veiled timeshare attempt.   Hotelshare.  Whatever.  It was still annoying.  
    In fact, that by itself would actually prevent me from ever choosing a WorldMark by Wyndham ever again.    Anyway, it's a 3 star mixed bag.

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Ramón Y.
    This place is nice and gives me a feeling of living in an apartment.  I like that feeling so it feels homey.  It is an old hotel so there is an air condition unit in each window.  The window in the living room where the air conditioner is in is loud from the street below.  The hotel gives you ear plugs for that but I never used them.  Over all I thought this was a nice place and I really felt at home in my room.  I would certainly come back again.

    The hotel is located within 2 blocks from China Town.  Parking choices are self park across the street or valet.  Valet is only $2 more than self parking.  I did valet but be aware it takes 30 minutes for them to bring the car so allow yourself sufficient time if in a hurry.  Why did I so valet?  Too many issues parking.  Plus if you have a suitcase you have to cross the street to get to the hotel.  It's uphill if your suitcase is heavy or you do not have too much strength to pull your suitcase uphill, good luck!

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Larry L.
    Is a great location( 3 blocks from union square) 7-8 to the ferri building. Service is really good and rooms ar well manteined, clean, quite, i come to tbis hotel 3-4 times s year and still love it. Close to the convention center too? So u dont need a car when in the city... Highly recomended

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Tracy K.
    Old quaint resort hotel.  Quite different than what your used to at worldmark but it's very very nice.   Excellent location.  Small rooms.  So personal.  John the front desk rep from Texas.  Been at this location since it opened.  Great welcome guy.

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Lizzy G.
    I would have given this place 5 stars if it weren't for the renovation noises right above our heads. While trying to sleep in the morning, starting about 7:45 am, there was hammering and drilling and large bangs of something hitting the floor aka the ceiling directly over our heads. It was pretty ridiculous. I even filmed it to make sure i wasn't crazy. We tried earplugs and pillows and white noise but none of it helped. We told the front desk and they didn't have any other rooms available... So we were tired most days while sightseeing because we tend to go to bed late and on vacation, like to sleep in until at least 9am, but that dream was quickly crushed by the insanely loud crashes above our bed. We loved the location and the hotel otherwise, which saved this from being a one star review.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    56. Jessica W.
    $156 for 2 nights on N.Y.E for a one bedroom suite. $1 an hr parking across the street parking lot until 9pm. Can not complain!!!! Need I say more? Time share hotel this is, we did try a yr ago on the wait list and never got off of it for N.Y.E.
    We have to always keep in mind we are in S.F. and hotels are half the size of your average hotel anywhere else not in the city. There are 1 bdrm 1 bth and 1 bdrm 2 bth as well. The couch converts in to a pull out bed for an extra 2. There is no kitchen,  there is a sink, microwave and fridge with a cabinet containing sets of plates, cups, bowls, salt and pepper, utensils and napkins. There is a t.v. in the living room and bedroom. The bedroom has a flash light and ear plugs. Air conditioner and heater are in both the bedroom and living room, f.y.i. it is loud when you turn it on!!! Ear plugs will be helpful then.

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Matt A.
    My parents are WorldMark owners and my wife and I stayed their for my birthday as guests. The facilities are not up to what I've seen at other WorldMarks, but they're not meant to; the building is older, the location is smaller, and the atmosphere is quaint. I found nothing wrong with this and my wife and I had a fabulous time. On top of that, it's in a great location.

    The reason I gave it three stars is because of my experience with the sales staff. Like most timeshares, they offer you a reward for sitting through a sales presentation. I have sat through these before and did not wish to do so again, but the woman was so insistent upon check-in that we ended up caving in. I told her right off the bat that we would not be purchasing anything, but she insisted and said it was not a big deal. Turns out it was a big deal. The salespeople at this location were among the most aggressive salespeople I have ever encountered to the point where they were rude and insulting. They acted like I was an asshole for wasting their time by coming to a presentation and not buying anything, but I only came because they wouldn't take "no" for an answer when I told them I didn't want to go in the first place!

    In short: stay here, but don't do the sales presentation for any reason.

    05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    58. Auntie J.
    Came with my sister's family, who are timeshare members, but had my own room on 3rd floor. All the rooms on this floor have their renovations completed by the promised 3/31/15 deadline. I think the room was done very nicely with all the electronics for entertainment brought up-to-date. An earlier reviewer  commented on old TVs with VHS players.  Those are gone with a DVD player hooked up to a big wall mounted flat screen TV in the livingroom, and a smaller flatscreen TV in the bedroom.  Also, someone complained about the "air conditioner" hanging out the window in both the livingroom & bedroom. Uh, that is new & a very efficient unit that also has a heater in (more important in SF where the chillie summer fog makes a nice heater desirable at night).

    The sales people are pushy, so if you don't want to hear the WorldMark timeshare rap you must be firm with people at check-in and be clear you will not be scheduled for a free breakfast & gift. There is no such thing as a free lunch (or breakfast). You will be grilled for 2 hours.  I took a star off for how slick they were in "ordering you breakfast & giving you a gift for their 25th anniversary" for what was just a sales rap.

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0