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Garden Inn in San Gabriel, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.50

Address: 5318 Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel, CA, 91776

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    Comments (4):

    1. Nick Q.
    This was the biggest dump I've ever been to! I thought it would be decent given the reviews on here, but it was horrible! Thankfully this was only a 1 night visit.

    I booked the room knowing I would be checking in late (around 4am from a 8 hour drive) and made note of it in my reservation. I received my confirmation from Hotels.com and figured I'd be good to go. I was so wrong.

    Upon arriving to the hotel, the front desk clerk told me that my card was decline. Hmmm that's funny since the day before I received confirmation that payment was already taken and good to go. He gave me my ID back and simply said "sorry" and walked away. I argued with him for a few minutes before he let me in the lobby. Oh yea, I forgot to mention most of this was through a little side security window. After letting me in, he finally was able to bring up my reservation.

    This is where things get absolutely ridiculous. Without him even looking at the computer, he says "I'll let you in your room." He didn't even give me a damn key! I couldn't leave my room unless I planned to prop the door open. Once I got in the room, it just got worse. The door lock on the inside was broken and wouldn't lock. When I called the front desk about it, he came by, checked it, closed the door, wiggled the handle, then used his key to come in and said "see, it locks" and walked away. It was bad enough that the door frame looked like someone had broken down the door and the paint on the wall was chipping.

    I then went to the bed, which looked fine and felt comfy. I picked up one of the pillows and there were strands of hair on it! Absolutely disgusting! Thankfully I brought my own pillow with me and did a check on the sheets before laying down for bed.

    Now this, this was the last straw. Almost an hour later, almost 5am, the phone in my room rings and it's the guy at the front desk. He starts saying "We never received payment for your room, you need to come to the front and pay it. Expedia didn't pay." I was already exhausted and pissed. I told him "Like I've told you AND showed you already, I booked through Hotels.com not Expedia and I have my confirmation that I paid. Good Night" and I hung up.

    The next morning I was woken up at 8am by the cleaning staff slamming the doors to their supply room, which was apparently next to my room, and speaking incredible loud. Seriously??? That was ridiculous!  I went to the front desk to check out and there was a new guy working there. I asked if he was the manager and he said "no." I expressed to him how upset I was about what happened and he went on to say that his coworker had informed him of what happened. Everything he told me was completely wrong and I corrected him and told him I would never be coming back again.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! Seriously, this place is horrible.

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Jeremy J.
    This is up there with the worst place I have ever stayed. It has potential but it is very dirty and needs to be cleaned professionally. I question if they change the bedding. The breakfast they advertise Is a joke. My family honestly slept in our clothes. One star is being generous. They need to hire more maids that actually clean and wash there bedding after every stay!!!

    08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Stephen B.
    At first I thought I was getting a steal, because Travelocity and Orbitz were booking for $105 on a Saturday night during teh summer and then I managed to find it for $78 through the hotel management site. Plus I thought anything over $100 should bring in like a mid-level motel/hotel vibe like a Best Western or a Comfort Inn. Well I realized I should have done a little more homework before I booked this...

    From the outside the motel generally looks OK with the plant life outside. The windows are double-pane windows and look like they were recently installed. So I expected to see relatively modern set up when I went in. Not only did I see something un-modern, but it was pretty prehistoric in so many ways.

    It basically looks like they started to renovate the place, but then just stopped. The only other new feature really was new laminate flooring and a flat screen TV. Otherwise, all the furniture was dated...but not just dated - scuffed, damaged, stained, scratched, non-functional, or all of the above. I'll let the pictures I post speak for itself.

    The room was incredibly dark because only one ceiling light worked, and the other ceiling light was just... not there. Either that or the room is missing a smoke detector. Also the bed lamp had one light bulb missing and did not work at all. So in order to get decent lighting we also had to turn on the bathroom light, The bathroom sink had no soap and the bathtub looked at least 20-30 years old... OH but they updated it by mounting a shampoo and body wash dispenser!!! Woohoo! Not...

    There's an air conditioner, which keeps the room cool, but don't even try sleeping with it on because it sounds like a wind tunnel... Oh and also let's not forget the mini fridge that hums like you're inside a bee hive. Also the door slamming that the other yelper mentioned, I was also 7AM unrequested wake up call. I thought it was my neighbor though, and it sounded like it was being slammed with extreme anger as it sounded as if someone opened our own door and slammed it with all their might. I say anger because around 8AM I hear my neighbor speaking loudly in Chinese (I work with Chinese companies and yeah, sometimes I don't know if they are talking in a normal tone or if they are pissed off at you), but it literally sounded like he was standing over my bed yelling at me. I was trying to figure out where the sound is leaking from and basically you can hear it right through the conjoining doorway. So privacy and sound proofed walls? Forget about it.

    Now the real kicker is cleanliness. My mom found clumps of dust bunnies in the bathroom floor and while sleeping, she woke to find a lighter and a "toy" in her bed. Basically the toy was a METH PIPE (I originally wrote bong, but recreationally inclined friends corrected me that it was not a bong but something more insidious). Besides what it tells you about who is patronizing the room, it CLEARLY shows that the maids do not clean the rooms!!! The bed sheets were probably the SAME bed sheets that the previous occupants slept in... DISGUSTING!

    The only props I will give is to the guy that was working the front desk in the morning. He was friendly despite being clearly overworked as the only guy in the office running around between answering phones and re-stocking the breakfast bar. Otherwise, I'll just say that I'm not a guy that needs any frills when it comes to staying in a motel/hotel. All I need is a CLEAN and QUIET place to sleep. Shouldn't this be the bare minimum that anyone asks for?

    19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Leslie A.
    eh...not too bad for late night rendezvous with someone. or if you're stumbling home from the local bar down the street. about $60 a night and i hear they get pretty busy on the weekends. i wonder why? maybe cause everyones out sluttin' around town, hmmmm...

    they also have jacuzzi suites which i think would be great for a party of about six, no? hahaha! but really, if all you need is a place to crash and burn it ain't that bad. you could always do worse!

    15/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0