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Welcome to the Alura Inn, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. From our warm hospitality to the modern comfort of our spacious guestrooms, you will feel like royalty. Perfect for the vacationing family or business traveler, our convenient amenities include complimentary WIFI, secure self-parking, and an onsite restaurant. Within easy reach of San Jose's many attractions including Silicon Valley businesses, the San Jose International Airport, and Great America, we're the perfect home base for your San Jose adventure. Come see for yourself how we put the "allure" in Alura.


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Rating: 2.34

Address: 1378 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA, 95112
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Comments (32):

1. Liani L.
Very private and clean. Really good deal for the price! The manager and staff are great!

27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Kay W.
i loved this hotel ‼‼‼‼ it's a diamond in the rough seriously . i will be back actually i'm on my way there now ‼

05/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Special P.
I actually returned to stay a few nights. It kept in great shape, plenty of channels on DirectTV. Fridge, microwave, and some rooms even have a stove. Good bang for your buck!

03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Glenn C.
Not bad for the price in the Bay Area. Shower could be cleaner and heater/AC didn't work in my room.

03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Minn L.
Looked for a cheap place to stay while my SO was in town. I don't know what other reviewers are complaining about, but I had a pleasant stay for my 2 nights at Alura (previously Horizon) Inn.

I booked online and chose this hotel/motel/inn due to price, location (near freeways) and general reviews of the place (no cockroaches, thanks!)

It's really difficult to find: there's only one entrance/exit but that makes it a little more private. I had missed it 1-2 times before finding it, and it's especially difficult at night, but look for the sign with the arrow: it's after the mobile park and before the Alura Inn sign that is lit up. If you go past Gish/A-1 Storage, you've gone too far!

Anyway, checking in I saw the owner overseeing the associate helping me. The owner was making polite conversation with me, and I had asked about the name change (changed from Horizon to Alura the past 2-3 months) and he also asked why I was staying there- I know he was trying to make conversation but I didn't answer. Got my keys and checked out the room. Air conditioner, clean bed, hardwood floors, ikea furniture. But, also a kitchenette: sink, microwave, fridge, stove. Someone could definitely live here for awhile if fumigating their house or something. Ooh, and DirectTV (TV was a little small)! I called and asked for another pillow, which they delivered immediately. My SO, who kept sneezing outside of the room due to allergies, had no issues inside the room.

The blahs: Room didn't have a 'Do Not Disturb' sign so had to say 'no thank you' to housekeeping at 10am. Small TV. Bed is on wheels so it kept moving. A/C is on one side so the room gets warm easily when it's off and only one side gets all of the air blown at it. Small parking lot and since they're doing some construction folks hanging around looked kinda sketchy. The blinds aren't very great and our room would get really bright in the morning. Bring your own blanket to make it more comfortable because the comforter provided was kinda thin.

The yahs: Staff is nice, you can tell the owner is making an effort for customers to have a good experience. Room had great amenities and hardwood floors. Slept very well in the king size bed. Good price.

05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Chanel S.
The Indian man who works in front is very rude. I told him I like to make a reservation, I thought I was disconnected but I wasn't I called back and right away he put me back on hold for 15 minutes?  So I checked into a different room you get what you pay for. Just wanted a room to rest in but I would honestly say it's barely worth 80$ for the fee. If your paying more then that you will be disappointed seems sketchy and more like a motel glade I went somewhere else.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Peter B.
As soon as we walked in we thought, "oh this looks ok." When we continued to investigate, we found a small shower, some damages to the tub, some pain issues and a FUCKIN uSED CONDOM underneath the bed at checkout!!!!!

01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Michelle V.
Seemed clean, minor chips on furniture but that's what happens to furniture that's being used, not a big issue people. My bf and I had a great 1 night  stay here but like any other hotel it doesn't matter if it looks clean I'm always wearing sandals and I always bring Lysol to disinfect everything.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Gail D.
This place is absolutely disgusting.the headboard all chipped painting is falling off.the floor boards are coming off I don't think The floors have been washed in a week.we stayed here for one night because we had to fly out of the San Jose Airport.we also foundsomething so disgusting I won't put it on here.

05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Erin S.
Well this hotel had some potential. If the heater was working and other clientele wasn't so noisy it might have been an ok experience. It was sad that there were multiple rooms that were noisy.

So first off it was FREEZING in our room. We went to turn the heater on and  it wouldn't  turn on unless you turned it up to 80 degrees. Which, it NEVER got to. The warmest our room got was maybe 68. So with no extra blankets it was not then best night.

Then at 1am we are woken up to yelling and slamming doors. Call the front desk to complain. He looks around and can't find where it's coming from.

At 2:30 woken up again to loud music blasting from a car, honking and a cars skidding around the small parking lot. We had to go check our car to make sure there was no damage.

At 3:45 woken up to more doors slamming and drug deals going on in the parking lot. At this point the night manager started patrolling hotel parking lot. Something that should have been done much earlier.

When we finally got some rest at 4:30 it was great until people started leaving at 7am. I would have slept better in my car.

In the morning at checkout the front desk clerk couldn't even print me a receipt. I complained about the experience and he told me he could do nothing about it since I booked through Priceline.

We will see if Priceline will get me better results.

Priceline was unable to get any results or even an apology. Priceline told me to contact Sam the manager if I had any issues. I have put a call in and still have not heard back.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Richard T.
Move to four different rooms due to smell of marijuana and me being an unsatisfied customer. I am giving it a three stars because the managements was very nice and proper and catered to my needs and my wife. The room we are in will do for the night. Thank you management for your awesome customer service and attitude when we were not satisfied.

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Rachel S.
Hubby and I stayed here on a last-minute decision since we needed to finish some business the next day in San Jose.  We were looking for something lower priced but still nice looking (somewhere between Motel 6 and the typical downtown chains!).  Online this hotel looked like it fit the bill.  The hotel website had the same prices as hotels.com , so I booked a King room online right through the hotel's website.  About 30 minutes later we arrived.  There was a huge line and only one girl working the desk, so we waited patiently.  It took nearly 30 minutes before we got up to the front to check in (and meanwhile we had to watch multiple painfully-awkward exchanges between unhappy guests and the one girl running the front desk).  When we started checking in, it turned out that there were no king rooms available although the website was still allowing them to be booked.  We were offered a two-queen bed room at the same rate we had booked the king-bed room at.  I asked if we could cancel and go somewhere else, but I was told very quickly that our reservation did not allow any refunds.  Honestly this was the point where I was the most perturbed.  Out of convenience (and not wanting to wait ANY longer) we took the two-queen bed room.  For future reference, the pictures of the rooms on the hotel's website are VERY strategically taken, so it looks like a nice new or remodeled hotel.  Remodeled is probably being too generous.  The rooms have modern colors and modern-looking (albeit cheap) linens and furniture.  But they are clearly slapping a little paint on an otherwise old hotel.  The rugs on the floor of our room were spotted and stained all over; it was so gross we didn't want to walk on them bare-footed.  The wall where the TV was had stains streaking down like someone had thrown a soda on the wall or something.  The bed was very uncomfortable, and I assume also old based on how much it caved toward the center.  We ended up putting pillows down the middle to keep us from rolling into each other!  Overall, it wasn't the worst place I've ever stayed at, but definitely disappointing based on the way it was presented online.
My tip to the OWNERS -- Please don't leave only one poor staff person at the front desk with no other help on-site!  Although I got annoyed with our room-availability issues, I honestly can't blame her.  She was working her butt off, by herself, with a TON of people checking in Sunday evening.  She was on the phone with a manager trying to get them to get the website to stop allowing king-bed rooms to be booked.  She was super nice and never got irritated or short with anyone.  I am seriously shocked that she didn't burst into tears at some point, because if it was me, I probably would have!

24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Brittany K.
Does not look like the pictures....do not go here. The only good part about the hotel was the staff was nice and they gave me a refund

04/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Julie H.
I unfortunately left a very expensive sentimental ring on the bed stand and the scandalous hotel staff stole it and when I called to retrieve it the front desk covered their tracks.  Don't stay at a place that allows thievery and lies.  Enjoy the giant tip I will never be a back to a place that I stayed at several times a month.

24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Chelsea D.
We booked this room last minute on a Wednesday night because, once again, the plumbing at our rather old rental home was non-functional and 2 days without a shower was pushing it.  We paid $119 after taxes, and the only room available was a double.  (Be aware, full-sized beds are SMALL for two people.)  

In one way, the Alura served the purpose we needed it for--we took showers there.  Then we left.

Now, if I were rating this place on the front desk staff and room cleanliness alone, I'd give it 5 stars easily.  Beyond that, I have very little positive commentary.

I'm not going to go too in-depth with the cosmetic issues, because there are more important issues at hand.  I will say, they tried to give this place a "make-over" and they partially succeeded with pretty comforters and modern paint colors, but underneath it all, this is an old motel, undeniably.  The bed was uncomfortable, the walls were paper thin, and the shower, which had a peeling coat of paint over the old porcelain varnish, wouldn't stay hot.

More importantly, though...I did NOT feel safe here.

Upon arrival, we realized parking was a nightmare.  I believe there are around 40 rooms, and it appeared that there were EXACTLY that many parking spots.  While you're searching for a spot to wedge yourself into, you might notice that half of the occupants of the downstairs rooms leave their doors wide open, late into the night.  You might question why they're doing that, and then you might realize that there's about a 90% chance that the scantily-clad women loitering around the parking lot are, um, "door-to-door sales women".  My boyfriend noticed this--and he, a man who is rarely critical about the condition of lodgings as long as they're "cheap", immediately mentioned that he "has a bad feeling about this place".

We decided to get our keys and visit the room anyway.  I was already feeling mildly unsafe, and then I entered the room and noticed 2 major safety issues:

1. There are no indoor hallways--all room doors lead to outdoor walkways.  I could immediately hear my mother's voice repeating "Avoid motels like this!  They aren't ever safe!" in my head.  And then, this: the only lock on the insanely low-weight door was the standard room lock, the kind that unlocks itself the second your turn the door handle.  No deadbolt, no chain lock.  Frightening.

2.  The windows don't have blinds or black-out curtains, and the curtains don't fully close.  We had to cleverly fold and tuck and secure the curtains with a TV remote to make sure they were peek-proof.  More frightening.

Couple all of the above with the fact that the room next door to us sounded like it was full of men singing Mexican karaoke and loudly sharpening knives (could have been the TV--unsettling either way), and I realized the moment we shut off all of the lights that there was absolutely no way I'd be sleeping if we actually stayed here.  So we took our freshly-showered selves back to the safety of our own bed, so quickly we never even stopped to ask for a refund.  Sigh.

30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Riana O.
This place is old and beat up however it was clean and comfortable. All the room amenities worked.  The one staff member we encountered was friendly and polite.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Marica M.
Little hole in the wall inn. I had to switch to 3 different rooms before I settled into one that didn't have an acrid stale cigarette smell. Decent for the price, room service never replaced towels, just picked up trash. Never made the bed either.

Several times I had to contact the front desk for towels and each time, I had to physically walk down the inn to pick it up myself. Bit of an inconvenience if your in a rush. Stayed there for about a week, what I loved was the Garcia's Cantina restaurant on the premises. Best Chavelas. Service was mediocre but I know on such short staff there is only so much they can accomplish, the place is always extremely packed especially on the weekends.

The majority of the temporary residents at Alura Inn were road side workers or truck drivers. Whenever I got back from work, half the room doors were open and a small army of men and beer belly's drinking 40's and bud light on the parking lot. Parking was horrible, I couldn't get out of my drivers side door, had to crawl over to the passenger side and suck in my stomach to squeeze out. A bunch of huge trucks that took up 2 parking spaces was extremely inconvenient. First night there, the whole interior parking are was littered with cops, 5:00 am. a girl was crying and screaming in the room above us, and a man yelling. Turns out domestic violence was in play so when I walked out in my business suit at 6am theres 2 cop cars writing reports right outside my door.

Walls are thin you can hear everything by the way, I tried sleeping in on Sunday and every sound, step, whistle and fart could be hear from a mile away. Overall the experience was entertaining, somewhat annoying, should've been S50 a night, but what can I expect,. Its an inn off old bay shore, the area was closest to my company and the week I spent there was spent entirely in my room anyways. Still 2 stars!

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
18. Barbara W.
Blind booking on Priceline for $90.00. After reading all of the scary  reviews on yelp I contacted priceline to see if I could transfer hotels anywhere else. They said they could call the hotel for a refund. I consented. Mainly because we were worried about the health effects this place may cause my boyfriend who is having cardiac catheterization in the morning for his failing heart. The hotel refused to refund any money due to their 24 hour advance cancellation policy. Even though it was impossible to cancel before yesterday since I booked the hotel today for the same day stay. They could care less about his health concerns. So we are in room 118. Its nothing like the pictures. The sheets have hair on them and are stained in several places. I'm glad I brought our own linen to sleep on. I also brought towels which was a good thing because there is no bath towels. There is, however, one dirt towel hanging over the shower door. And one clean hand towel along with one clean face towel. The curtains are very thin and do not close completely. We used the comforter from the bed to hang over the window for privacy and so we could sleep. The only positive thing I can say about this room is they have DirecTV. But the tv is small and old and bottom of the line. I will not stay here again. Nor will I use priceline again.

13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Kathy W.
Has potential. With the "remodel" I can see it being a cute but it's not quiet there yet. I mean I do love how the room is decorated, I can see my house decorated like that.

We feel ripped off by this place!!

Here's what I noticed, pictures online did not look like our room, as they do sometimes but it's like our room was half done with renovations. The "kitchen" area has a small fridge that keeps things super cold which is a plus but the sink.......... Well the sink is non working since there's no faucet just the drain and tub part. The smoke detector has no batteries in it and is open, the black out curtains well they are black but very thin. Complimentary breakfast well
We went and asked and there was nothing but coffee even though we called the night before to make sure there was something, we were told
Pastries, juice and coffee, so when we went to grab a pastry and juice but we were told they decided not to put anything out...... So false advertising okay!
Wifi- we had to ask multiple times for the wifi password why advertise it if you don't want to give out the info?
Finally we requested a shower tub combo ya that didn't happen either I know it's a request but when your not fully booked and you give a verbal confirmation that that will happen you kinda follow through with it. And a 1oz shampoo/conditioner combo for two people, maybe people don't really wash their hair here?
Oh wait one more thing we saw the front desk guy be extremely rude to the server at the yummy Mexican restaurant next door.
--- food there is good and priced average it did take a couple mins for us to be offered help but there seemed to be 3 employees a two in the back cooking and a nice lady serving, taking to go orders and bar tending.

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Derek L.
The desk staff are great. But they should hand out ebola suits with the room key. My room was disgusting. One pillow was so stained it should be in quarantine. The bath was peeling and rusted and had a piece of rubber stuff glued to the bottom.The shower curtain was stained, the shower rod was rusted, the top sheet on the bed was stained and had to be removed, there is a soft spot in the bathroom floor that is patched and obviously dry rotted. I have pictures of all this too if any Santa Clara county health officials read Yelp. All this luxury for 109 a night plus tax. I am going home to do laundry and disinfect. Oh and ironically they have a sticker on the front door that claims people love them on yelp. Hmmm...

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Danielle W.
Pissed off! They accidentally charged me an extra $237! Called to resolve this and was told could take 10 days to get the money back! That does me know good when I'm at Disneyland with my kids and could use that extra money! Ridiculous!

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Betty N.
Due to a wedding I had lots of relatives flying in, but no where to stay, I booked this place last minute. But before I booked it I needed,to see the hotel for myself first. The entrance is small, I missed it at first, because I thought it was a Mexican restaurant. Apparently they share the same entrance. The front desk work was extremely nice and gave me a tour.  I booked two rooms.  My relatives loved it, they said the rooms were very nice, for the price I paid. Maybe we got lucky and got nicer rooms, some peeled paint here and there. But overall nice rooms!

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Robert R.
Stay FAR AWAY from this dump.   Rooms were filthy and smelled god awful.  

Went back to the office to get my money back and was refused a refund, even though I had JUST checked in... so I was also out of money and still  had to find another hotel to stay at that evening.

Worse experience I've even had with a hotel.    Thanks Alura for placing deceiving photos on your website, and then keeping my money after presenting me with a very subpar, dirty room.

review should be zero stars.

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. LaDarian D.
I would give the place "0" stars if possible. This place is got grand theft auto written all over it. At check-in we had a prostitute pretty much speaking over us trying to make sure she got her room before us. Then we walked into a room that somebody a pretty much took a dump in before they tried to straighten up a room that was obviously reprehensible. Dirty toilets broken dresser drawers coffee stains on the table in the study begin to the bed feel dirty just walking in that place. Not even going to get into the pillows. Gross

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Maria Y.
I am reviewing this based on the non-renovated room. We stayed here for a convention & it was the worst stay I have had in years!!! First, the room's carpet was disgusting, stained & dirty. The maid didn't come back to give us our extra towels we requested, and when we asked the front desk for towels we were questioned why we need so many (we asked for 4- because there were 4 of us)?! Then, the bathtub had paint that was peeling when you take a shower. There was a fake window in the bathroom?!

I think We slept a total of 2 hours, if my friends and I were not tossing and turning on the bumpy and old mattress that we paranoid had bed bugs & blankets with holes in that we couldn't even imagine actually throwing it over our bodies to keep us warm! We all slept in hoodies and so sky to try an avoid skin contact with the sheets.

Although they did provide a microwave, mini-fridge and direct tv in the room, there was an extension cord with power strip that had so many plugs in it, I was afraid it would start a fire.

Our other friends that were also attending the convention & their room's heater didn't even work! It was 35-40 degrees at night that weekend!!! The entire motel had 1 blow dryer & 1 iron to use.

I can't believe there are accommodations like this in America. The owners need to hurry up & renovate all the rooms or close half the rooms off from people until it's complete because it is pitiful & disgusting.

Do not stay here until they finish, but if u don't mind staying at a roach motel, feel free to throw away your money.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. K R.
This was one of the worst nights of my life. Stay away from this place!!! The website is 100% deceptive-- It's a filthy, unsafe DUMP. It's deplorable beyond words, and I had one of the "remodeled" rooms!

Couldn't use the covers on the bed, wrapped myself in my sweater, and rolled up a shirt to use as a pillow. Couldn't breathe because of the pungent mold smell, and the windows didn't open an inch (which was probably a good thing for my safety). Left the lights on for fear of bed bugs. Didn't get a moment of sleep.

Dirty underwear were found on the shower rod. Prostitutes hung out on the balcony. Fights in the parking lot at 3am outside my window; Bottles, etc., smashed all over the place. I thought for sure my car would be broken into during the night.

It is NOT clean.  It is NOT comfortable. It is NOT safe. It's a scam...total bait and switch from their marketing. RUN AWAY.  Wish I could give it zero stars.

08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Melissa R.
I have to say, for being off the beaten path, this small hotel was a good deal. I stayed here weekly for almost 2 months and I have no complaints. Mishel who works the front desk was always so friendly and professional and always checked in on me to make sure I had everything I needed. The rooms are like mini apartments and the decor is nice. For the price of the rooms compared to others, Id definitely recommend staying here if you're looking to stay somewhere nice and cheap.

24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Van D.
First off, my aunt's experience was way above expectation (I found this hotel for her). This hotel deserves at least a 4 star; I guess only those with poor experience rated this hotel, but even then, I don't think how anyone can have a poor experience here. The girl at the desk, Sophia, was more than accommodating. My aunt only spoke Vietnamese but good thing Sophia speaks the language well. She taught my aunt how to use the heater (there is a button on the wall that is easily missed, my aunt was trying to push the heater to get it started haha). My aunt also had no trouble asking Sophia for more amenities. We will be back. Thank you for a great stay!

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Christy H.
This hotel is gross filthy dirty windows don't lock pictures look nothing g like it and they kept my deposit I am still fighting to get it back
It deserves no stars but I guess I have to give it 1

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. John M.
This place is the pits.  The only good thing about it - is its web site - which has no connection to reality.  

This place is a tacky motel at best. Check in at night and you go to a window where the clerk peers from behind blinds and passes the key through a slot under the window.

It is in a sketch part of town. The furniture is beat up and stained. Don't look under the bed, after all housekeeping does not.

You hear everything that goes on outside as the smoke drifts in from the staff and guests smoking outside your door.

What a disgusting joke. Yes, sometimes you get what you pay for, but even at that price it's far from worth it.  

Next time, instead of being sucked in by a very deceptive website, I will check reviews  

Lesson learned. There is no allure in Alura.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Murphy F.
Clean. Nice staff. Nothing special but not falling apart.

Would stay again if in a tight spot.

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Alexandra K.
I've been staying here for 3 nights now and the room is beautiful and spacious and clean. The management is super nice and all the maitenence staff are quick and friendly.

I'm inbetween living situations and have stayed at motel 8, motel 6, vagabond inn, and bella vista inn in santa clara. Bella Vista is definitely cheaper by about $15 but the quality is crap compared to Alura! Even the more expensive ones like vagabond and motel6/8 arent as nice or accomodating!

I just wish Alure had continental breakfast, but good thing theres a delicious mexican restaurant in the same parking lot ;)

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0